Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 22, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 22, 1864 Page 4
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j?Tett^ ?oww 1 A. _ FOit THIS CJEBK, , lteck On* da Rh]?? BUka, AStlT up? Hla*k 1? fT?l. Bilka ??>. <f 5 , Slut and White Sllhs. ftt 8a ??*?* 9mm Mto <j A KMtwd), m na. Mantilla bkpaatmbkt. BLACK SILK SACqUBS, from $3 gnjj BASQUES, from |10 60 111) ward. BLACK BILK C1BCCL1BS, at |t and upward* B10B GBOfl DB LYOM BASQUB8, CIRCULABB Xm UOfVpk PARIS GRQ8 GRAIN BOTONDBS, CIBCOLABB AMD ?aperbly adorned whh the ta'wt PAK1B ORWAiMKW IMPORTS IX As heretofore, the ladle" will find the price of onr Gar ments from 20 10 SO per cent lower than Broadway or Canal ?treat houaea. ""SM'SW1 WO ahal) offer an entirely new dock of LIOIIT BUMMER DRESS GOODS, sod of which have been withdrawn from the cnstom bona* Aaring the week, and arc the choicest and moat desirable fabrics fur summer wear. ek am! Colored Hernanls, aM width*. k, Colored and Whtto Bar ??gee, all width*. , Colored, Whl ~ Colored and ' Black, Colored, While Crrpn D'hspagne, all width* Black. Colored and White Tiunarilnea, all wldtha. Black, Colored and White Alpaca*. ALSO. SOtpiecea of low p?l?*<l Dre*i Good*. Received from Auction, ' At 18c.. 20c., 22a, 25c. and upward. SHAWLS. 8HAWLS. 8HAWL8. Ousel*' Hair. Broche, Grenadine. Tissue. Caahmtra, Chally. Zephyr and Mourning Shawls, Dress Goods and Wantle*. PEYTON A JOHN8TON, No. 274 Bowery, near Houston street. A* *I*ZBT 8 EinnTH avenue CHEAP STOKB, BARGAINS FROM LAST WEliK B AUCTION BALES. ?nuw GOODS BELOW LAST YEAR'S PRICES. ?M8Q BOKNBTS, BLOOMBRS and TURBANS, All ibe new ahapea and color*. X000 STRAW BONNBTS, tc . 10c., 16c. M00 BONNETS, new shapes 26c.. 97c., fiOe. 8,000 NEAPOLITAN BONNETS, 60c., 78c , $1. 1,000 8PL1T STRAWS 25c., 37c., Mfa, 70c. CACTUS BRAIDS, NEAPOLITANS, PEDAL BRAIDS. DUN8TABLE8, CHINA l'RARLS, LEGHORNS, ?PUT STRAWS, TUSCANS, SATIN BRAIDS, MILAN8, And Fancy Braid* of ere rt description. 1*000 PINE BONNBTS. 75c. 10 *5 HATS AND BLOOMERS. BLOOMERS, M lee., 15c., 2dc.,Mc. Mc. 37a, XM0 PBDAL BRAIDS, at 16c., HBe. 60c. ?,000 B1IAKKR HOODS 2TC. MOO LEGHORN BLOOMERS, fiCc , Mc., 75c , and W. 1,500 FANCY BltAIDS. 17<* , 50c., "6c AOOO TRIMMED BLOOMER8, 60c. *000 MENS' AND BOYS' HATS CHEAP. 3,000 FINE BLOOMERS, BB the new shape*, from 76c. to $4. RIBBON DEPARTMENT. _Tha largest and best stock in the ?ver ago, 000 yards of Evert width. Every color, Every style, Commencing in BONNET RIBBONS, at ?e. up. FLOWER DHl'ARTM RNT. BverytMna In Flower*, 160 d.QereM styles ul line Flowers, We. spray lo 52 MILLINERS supplied at lees _ _ than jobbers' price*. BONNTCT SILKS. LACES ILLUSIONS, CHAPES. TAKLETANS. CAPE NETS. Ac., Ac. __ . parasols and sun umbrellas, BOGLE TRIMMINGS AND ORNAMENTS. Bargains to re found IN the lace, em BROIDERY ANIl HANDKERCHIEF DHl'ARTMBNT. __ GLOVE AND HOOT BRY DEPARTMENT. BVLL STOCK, ALL STILES AND QUALITIES. . LOTS <7F CHEAP GOODS flOM AUCTION evert D\T. The cars from th? Autor House and Canal street, and Mace* from South ferry pais the door. Along Broadwuy, take Twenty third street itage*. From Fulton ferry, take ??rasih arena* atage to Twenty eecond street. WM. KINZBY. 221 and 223 EIGHTH AYENCE, fEEN TWENTY FIRST ANIl TWENTY SECOND STREETS. At MOWBRa.Y'8, JO. 189 OR AN I) street, corner of Porsyth, 114 BOWKS V. between String and Prince streets. ?UlT OK bH.K CLOAKS. AT old prices. SILK CLOAKS, FROM f !0 TO $26. CoKDKD SILK CLOAKS, FROM $20 TO 9100. CLOTH CLOAKS, PROM 96 TO $18 CHILDREN'S CLOAKH, PROM $3 TO $10. ALL WHO WISH TO 8AVB MONEY lUV AT ONLY ONK PRICE. AND PROM TUE LARGEST STOCK III AMKRICA; BE WAITED ON BY FOLITK AND OBLIGING GENTLEMEN ( HATE ALL THE ADVANTAGE OK OCR LATE PORTUNATK PURCHASES, AND THE PLBASI7RR OP VISITING OCR NEW MODEL WAREHOUSE. 214 BlMTbRIT, ARB RESPECTFULLY INVITED *0 CALL BEFORE PURCHASING. O. A J. MOWBRAT. A ATTRACTION THIS WEEK AT LiQRAIN'S. ?OHO KOHG, A new material for dreaees, 2 yard* wide, worth $4 for $2 per yard. TKLOURS DE B1 A RITZ.'l yard and S Itch for Ma Shore ?nits, st 1178. worth $3. ALL SILK GRENADINES, Ac , st $1. worth $2. RA NEW Jf ST RECEIVED AT 92 * $3 PER YARD. ~fi| LK MOt'SPTLINE DE S0IE AND ORBNADINB eer.ts, f?r young lsdies dresses, cost $1 to land. RAD1NR MOZAMBIQUE AT 3S CENTS PER YARD. ic plain, 1 yard wide, Is worth 65 cents plaided, 1 yard wide, is worth 76 cents. BLACK AND COLORED FLORENTINE, BAREGE GRENADINE AND HBRNAINB, at Half co?t nf importation. Also, L1N1NUS IN COLORS TO MATCH. VLAIN AND STRIPED CAMKL'S HAIR, ALL 8HADE8. COLORED TARAMATINE. R 4.wide, with fineet quality* ever Imrorted at 91 per yard. WHITE AND COLORED ALPACAS, IN ALL WIDTHS FRINTElT~'ACONETS Just landed, In ail ceiicns aid tingle color*, ElCn PLAlDED ORKNaDINE MOZAMBIQUE, red ccd from 91V. t ) St,?. per ysrd. 90WE8T1C PRINTS. SnTivnNO. Ml'SLINS, WHITE GOODS AND CLOAKING, AT COST. LEGliTlN. 729 Broadway ?lC No. 1 Waverey place. j^T JAMES MOONEY S, 100 end 110 Slitb STf Br.e. A PULL LINE OP BLACK SILKS, From $1 tip. FULL LINK OP COLORED SILKS, Prom #?. fid. tip. PULL MWK OP DRE88 GOODS. CLOAKS AND SHAWLS, in treat vcr.sty. Mi ar.d eiamine our stock. CARD. MM P.. nrP.RSTBL, NO. 89 Bl. BECKER STREET, |Mi leave to inform her ladr ratrors ihst she has a se mi assortment of Dreetee and Drete Good- , suitable for the Alee the latest novelties in Paris ahapee In CLOAKS, is A* early inspection Js solicited. S9 Bleecker street. .TDK PBRCIVALS. W BROATWAT, ALL KINDS of Children's C os*s snd Stilts. Dresses. Blaafcete, euee, Corbels, Chemises. In! ants Waists. Aprons, Bibs, rt?,Ao.; L dleV Bn broldered Chemises, N ghtgowna. ?*; Ladle*' Readf Made Under Garments, Fluted Hand hfefs, Ae. Initials and costs nf arms embroidered on kerchiefs, taMs linen and bedclothes. Braiding, Cot Ma and Bilk Kntbro dsrles made to order. SlaaapTag fos embroideries and braiding executed perfectly. A T. 8TKWART A CO A* bar* uisdo Iar;e additions to their POPULAR STOCKS FANCY DRESS STLKS. Sim snd $1 #?> per yard . mine 91 7B and $M, ^ i^,! i.a kt> bilks in . BH<1 ANHIKR HARBORS QKOANIUKS, BAEEORS. FLORENTINES, ALPACAS. TRAVELLING DRCSS GOODS. AC. AC. B'oaawsy una Tenth street. If RUSSELL'S, A 202 BOWERT A LAKOE ASSORTMENT OF FURNT8H1NO GOODS. H"8IEKT. GLOVBS. TIBS, SCARFS AND POCKET HANDKBHCH1EF8. "" ME8H 8"1RTS' * VJkA|tEE. 92 8C TO ? FANCY TRAVELLING SII1RT8. ARM V, NAVY AND FIRS SHIRTS. ? H B. RUSSSLU k - ' Importer end Msnufsctuser. Mi BOWBRY. ?ERICAN PRINTS, DELAINES. CHALLIR8, [lETlNGS, SHERTINGS and DOMESTIC Q00DB Of ere ry kind, AT RETAIL. Cord a tatlor, 151 10 IS7 ?roadway, MR to 2fii Orand street, ?7 and 49 Catharine street TEA. PIRRCS'S CHILDRREN 8 CLOAK STORR, _ 104 Canal street, lseies will find a too l a sertment of ildren ? and Mlseei' nice Sarnnes, Basques and < tr. eaters. neatly trimmed. at tery low pr icrs. E A. PIERCE, 334 Cans', street A T BO. 1S1 BIOHTH AVENUE. A DKK88 GOODS AT OLD PRICBS. 0<ir Immense stock of new snd faahionat >e 8ILKS, SiIaWLS. CLOAKS, DRESs GOODS. H08IERY AND GLOVES, Weeing been jx-rehaaed In Immecse 'inantlt'ea under the senst favorable citrumatanree, tbe ladles of New York, by ?M*r liberal #B? ?TOT' " Onr ?cch conuinsih. la^d^Mh^iyM^ BACQl'SS AND MANTILLA^ * The rtehfst and most r laaant RII.KS AND SHAWLS, And the gre#est rsriet* of _ RICH, PLAIN AMD PIG (*RK9 DRESS l?OOl)8 Mrtr sffared in the Sigtith ateoue, i*** Justifying wit oaiUnc ?t the L tRORST. RITHFST AND CIIEAPRoI stuck 6f Pltv GOODS ur TO?t? H B0UERT8, J* >?j RtaJ'Oi ?T?6ti9k ?t grand stbbbt chb at work. PL ? ,mlSf?'ca ZZ*Z\ ' TiA'tlnU^ ^nJwrfsHa, laMari*!*, and wiier braids, mWMui*4yumm\amjml*9*iM?. I uBiir l&Mowra. ?tea * ?? mtMi, " ??*? ?* BDVllff mWRV, " "J ^aa^ift^rongST,. a1 ffiBftftcsw VMDB^Pla^T WRBK^t^iUCEfl.^^^^H ^^^^^?KBWAKD BIDLBY,^^ 111 and 311)* Grand street and 66 Allen (treat, ^ JK I r t > I kloct saw from the Bowery i at JV HcW rRoFfUH rLUW ISKBi DRE8S TRIMMINGS, Endless Variety of STRAW ORNAMENTS AND TRIMMINGS. EDWARD RIDLEY, ~*irr ail ud sn'i Grand and 86 Allen atreeta, Fifth bkwk east front the Bowery. AT GRAND 8TRBRT CHEAP STORE, FROM AUCTION, HEW RMBROIDERIKS. MILLINERY BILKS, MILLINERY LACKS, Lace, Thread and Gauie Veils, KM move*. Hosiery, Ac. TOWARD hidlhy, 311 and 311>? Grand and OA Allen street*. Fifth block eaat froin the Bowery. AT M. ROBERTS', MO. 181 BIOHTH AVBNOB, SUB UMBRELLAS AND PARASOLS. PLAIN AND BKADBD PARASOLS, ALL COLORS AND LATEST DKSJUN9, WHOLESALE PRICKS. Black silks-so pieces, with and WTTnouT Inatra, from t< to 36 inches wide, good quality, xnltahle for mantles and dreises. bought at ilidbuctlon sales of thin week, and 26 per cent lens than Bronlwav pi lees. OKORGK KI-.SKS, 348 Righlh avenue. CLOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS, AT DAVIDSON'S ??BOWBRY CLOAK STORE." IK Al.t. Til R FEWEST PARIS BUMMER FA8UJON3 FOR LADIES MISSES AND CHILDREN. Ladlea' Cloth Cloaku, from 57 50 10 $&J. Ladies' Silk cloaks, from {10 to $80. Mtraea* Cloth Cloak*, from 89 50 to $10. Misses' Silk Cloaka, from 98 lo 913. Children's Cloth Cloaks, from 83 to $?. Children's Silk Cloak*, from ft to 910. Black Silk (oil boiled) Jjroui $1 to 93. SHAWLS OF BVJORY DESCRIPTION In the greatest variety. Ladlea from the country will Cail here the tnW extensive and select atock of CLOAKS IN THE BOWBRT, equal and In many Instance** superior in linfsh and design to the be-t Broadway nou es, and at two third i ihu price. Ob'erve '.hat whether they pnrcbaao or not, ladies are po> lite 'j tvauod upon. C A. DAVIDSON, Bowery Cloa'c Store, 2 M bower* , New York. CARrETS AND CURTATN MATF.RI A?,S, A I) BUHStJN A X M INS fK It, ENOQii liTTH, WILTON. Vlil.V IiT, BRUSSELS, THREE PLY AND INGRAIN CARPETS. 8ATIN DAMASKS. DELAINES, REl'S, CI1I NT'/.BS, AC., for curtain* and furniture coverings. Alan elegant LACK AND MUSLIN CURTAINS, OILOLOTilS, CANTON MATTINGS, RU(?s. mats, ac., for tale at piicca be ow Lhc present cost, of importation, A.~T. STEWART A CO., Broaduiiy aud Tenth tree*. ^JLOARS AT REDUCED PRICES. ON AND AFTER MONDAY, MAY 18. LORD aTaY LOB, 481 lo 167 Broadway (corner of flund street), will offer rit re'. ill, at reduced or!ccj, their ontlre 'lock of cloth and Ilk Cloaks anil ManUHav al o. elogtnt LUma and Fiench Lace Points, Circular*, U imo js, Ac. also at Stores 285 to 261 Grand street, au 1 4/ and 49 Catharine street. c ARPETING8, CURTAIN MATERIALS. Oilcloth*. |8tair Cnrpctlnjj*, Prufcgets, Rups, Lace Curtains, Window Shades, Blankets, Sbue^fug* and House Furnish ing Uuoua iu treat ta.lcly. LORD A TAYLOB. Toi lo JG1 Uraud street CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS.* ARNOLD CONS I ABLE A CO. ? nave now ready a very superior stock of Cloaka and Man tillas, in cloth, ailk land other material", suitable fur this season, to which they luvite special attention. These goods, now In stock, will be aol J at prli vs mu -h less than the same can be duplicated. Canal street, corner of Meroer. CLOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS, At No *50 BOWBRT. CARTAN, PLUNKETT A McCPLLOCGH bate new open a splendid stock of NBw SPRING AND HUMMRR CLOAKS. FRENCH CLOTH CIRCULARS AND ROTONDBS, NEW FRENCH SACUUBa NEW FRENCH LOOSE BASQUES. The above beautiful styles, in all the choice colors and beautifully trimmed, from 97 60 to 918 3,000 NEW SILK CLOAKS. IN CIRCULARS. SACQUBR. BASQUES. AND MANTILLAS. BICilLY AND TASTEFULLY TRIMMBD, FROM TEN DOLLARS UPWARD. WATERPROOF CLOAKS, from 93 to 910 60. CHILDREN'S CLOAKS, in ercat variety and ev?ry sire. CARTAN, PLUNKETT A McCULLOUGH No. 250 BOWERT. D BC1DED BARGAINS TN CLOTH AND SILK SACQUBR, CIRCULARS, MANTILLAS, BASQUES. AC.. ? from 99 'o 925 cacb. (leaa Ulan the value of the material \ Will be offeied only the remainder ol it la month. A. T. STEWART A CO . Br< adway and Tenth street. E LEGANT WHITE CAMEL-HAIR SHAWLS. FOR OPERA AND RECEPTION. so. GUIPURK AND POINT CHABTILLY SIUWLS. C. O SMrfll, No. 1,112 BROADWAY, One door above Twenty-sixth street. IjiXCLUSIVBLY FRENCH FITTING ONBTOTWEB 'J ty Inches wide. All matenaia (luted tn an unsurpa aed manner, at Mr-. UOLDEN'S French I-'luliug Katabllah meats, 18 Amity s'reet. (N. B? A |b!o W and a half from Broadway;) 127 Bleocko'r^treet. helow Wooster street, and ?1 Fulton street. Brooklyn. N. B.? No machinery u ed In the ceaulne French tlutlng. F~ LUTINO. FLUTING, FLUTING.? THE CHEAPFST Dr?ss Trimmings. J. DARTO?S informs his cn?tomera that be has removed his French Fluting Bslab.iihmeal, la consequence of buslncaa exlcnsloa, to 651 Broadway. jjjUSHIOBABLB DRESS GOODS. CHALLIRS, CREPB piTcHINBS, GRENAD1NBB, ORGANDIES, EMBROIDERED MOHAIRS, BARKukS, JACONETS, PARIS PRINTS, ALPACAS, Ac. NO CHARGE IN PR1CBS. LORD A TAYLOB, Ml to 487 Broadway, corner of Grand street. Aleo at stores 255 to 2ol Grand street, and 47 and 4!) Catharine street. G BRAT BARGAINS. ARNOLD, CONST ABLB A C<* irtn. or*i? at RETAIL ON MONDAY, MAY 38, G - ^ ?k.aDIR? CAB^ilH^ ?TvvortatioR -^rjno J *l*ir of TASCt ?* #01*^ oROASB^&BRt^^,^^ ^ooh 1ATrsiA* YRRKCB notgftavfr w.( ^ oCT^SH-l^o* At)tANcm -mso T^V^d' oOLD r BTRBRt. J^OBIEBY, UNDBR GARMENTP, SCARFS, Tie*. Oloves, Handkerchief* nnj Gtsilenieb'i FurnUhlMi Article* in treat variety, at retail. LORD A TAYLOR, 4ffi to M7 Broadway. 256 to 36\ Grand si reel 47 aod 4) Catharine atreet. JUST RECEIVED FROM AUCTION, TEN OASES OF NRVV DRKSS GOODS. whlek w* will offer on Monday ami the following dayt AT O III' A T IIABuAINS. CARTAN, PLUNK BTT A McCULLOrOTL No. M> BOWBBT. [?AMES A. BBABN A SON WILL OPBN. ON MONDAY, AN RLBGANT ASSORIMINI OB Paris i MLt MaNTILLAB CLOTH CIRCULAR* ?'ao, j , ^N 1NT01CR QV ViiRY R LEGANT LLAAtA AND OKANriM.Y 8 JlAlT LB. 776 BBOa DW a Y AHIIV It nin;u siri ct, mir goods. i a. hka$VbI WILL OPEN A OBBAT YARIBTY OP , nv dress goods ON HON SAT. v UN AM ELEGANT AS80RTMBNT 0* . aUhtiKHlJUUi, for ' msniiua and ebessbs. m BROADWAY. ABOVR NINTH STBBRT. OLOTH CIRCULARS #8 AND $10, A cheap wrap for travelling and country wear, AT TUB METROPOLITAN CLOAK BOONS, 498 BROADWAY, Entrance through Orover A Baker's salesroom*. LATEST BTTLBS SILiTaND CLOTH CLOAKS. Also Children's Oarmrnts in Clolh and Marseilles, Embroidered ta entirely new designs On the Orover A Baker Machine 1IKNIIY MOORE, Agent. T A DIBS' AND CHILD SEN'S FURNISHING DEPARTMENT, AT LORD A~TVVLOR'8. <151 te 467 Broadway, corner of Grand street. LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S RKADY MADR LINEN AND UNDER GARMENTS, BREAKFAST ROBES, ROBES DB OHAMBBB. Ac. _ LOYAL LADIES, WISHING TO PURCHASE rCOMBfl, Brushes, and other toilet articles of American raanut'ac tare, will And Uiem at the Comb Store. 947 Broadway (en trance through lloral store), au<l 177 Kll tU avenue, between Twenty. second and Twentv-third Greets. M OURN1NG GOODS. AT LOW TRICES. GBBNADINB BABBGES, TABD WIDB AiJd TWO YARDS WIDJfc PLOKENTINES, ALPACAS. BOMBAZINES. CANTON CLOTHS ' AND DELAINBB. BYZANTINES AND TAFPETA PLORBNTINBS. Both new articles. And other. Mourning Gooda in great varleiv, at Low 1'ricca. JAMES A. 11EABN A SON, lli Broadway, above Ninth street. Mrs. tooth aker'S SKI KT AND COHSRT EMPORIUM. CALL AND SEE THE PATENT ELASTIC LI l*'K PRESERVING SKIRT AND PltENCH CIRCULAR GORE CORSET; AlKO, 3. W. BRADLEY'S NKW DUPLEX ELIPTIC SKIRT. 2S8 BOWERY and 279 GRAND ST. Mmb. p. pinohon, bus received from Paris, by last steamer, A CAS * 0' "MOLLETON" SACKS AND PALETOTS i suitable 1'or country wear), to which ihe c ilN the a! ten' ion of her customers. Those ladles who have not received A CARD from Mme. P. Pinchon, advising thein of the arrival of the "MOLLBTON'5 SACKS from Paris, will plei .se consider this as notice. 06 Bloc' l.< r street. ?JI^EW LACES AND EMBROIDERIES. BLACK AND WHITE LAtTlTsnAWLS, BARBE3, SETS, COLLARS, COIKKUrtKri. PAItASOL OOVRK3, Ac., IN NEW AND ELEGANT DESIGNS. "iTTFlD A TAYLOR, 4(!1 to 467 Broadway, comer or Grand street. Alto at stoics 255 to 201 Grand street, anil 47 and 49 Catharine street. NOVELTIES IN EMBROIDERIES AND LACES. Pans maito CHILDREN'S ALPACA ROBES, BABIES' PEOCKS AND CAPES, Elerantiy trimmed LADIES' NIGHT DRESSES. BRAIDED ALPACA JACKETS. ZOUAVE JACKETS, CORSAGES, SETS, BREAKFAST SETS, W Ith and without Habits. ALSO, LACES, SHAWLS. POIVTES, TLOUNt'lNOS, COLLARS. SETS, AC., AC., Just received per iecent ?teaim-rs A. T. STEWART A CO.. Broaitsray and Tenth street N EW SKIRT FOltim A new and (treat Invention In HOOP SKIRTS. The " Duplex Elliptic'' (or double) 8trel Spring. J. .1. A J O. W BST, 97 Chambers street. Ne-r York. tie the owners of tbe patent anil the exclusive mauu'*? Hirers or this. J. W. BRADLEY'S Patented "Duplex Elliptic ' Steel Spring SKIit'lT This invention consists of duplex (or two) elliptic steel spring*. Ingeniously braided filthily and firmJv together, edge to edge, making tbe toughest, most elastic, flexible and durable spring ever used, enabling tbe wearer, in roose. qiience of Its great elasticity and neslbl?nes?, to plsca and fold the skirt when In use as easily and with the same con Ten i nee r.s a silk or muslin dress. It entirely obviates and alienees the onlv objections to hoop skirts? viz. theanuoy. a oce io the wearer as well as ihe nuhilo. especially In crowd ed assemblies, carriages railroad cars, church pews, or In any crowded plnce, from the difficulty of contracting tne-n and occupvln^a suimII sitae*. Tins ei.titrlv removes tbe dtf. (lenity while Riving C>e skirt the usual full and svminetrieal lorm. and Is tbo lightest, moat sivlish and graceful appear ?nee for the street, opera nroineuade or bouse U. ess A lady having eo joyed the pleasure comfort, and great con venience of wearing th? Duplex Elliptic Spring Skirt for a alngle day, will ne\er afterwards willingly dispense with the use of them. Thev are the tiest quality in everv part, and hv far the lightest, most durable, comfortable and economical aklrtmake. Merchants will be supplied as above, and la* dli-s io most first class retail stores In this city and through out the dureriut Stale*. Inquire for the DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SPBlNG SKIRT. N EW DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SPRING SKIBT. N TUB MOST POPULAR AND FLEXIBLE 'N USE. A. T. STEWART A CO. Broadway and Tenth street N'EW DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SKIRTS, VERY FLBXI hie: folded easllv when in nse to cc tny a small apace, making tho mosi agreeable skirt worn. For sale by LORD A TAYLOR. Nos. 461 to 4w Broadway, 2,Vi to 2GI Grand street. 47 and 49 Catharine street. VTEW PATENT DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SKIBT, A.N Combining e epance. Ilghtae.?t. comfort wm! ecooomy and uni|"estioaably tbe moat datsirable ariicls made. Porsa.e by ARNOLD, CONSTABLE .1 CO., Canal street, corner of Mercer. EW PATENT DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SKIBT, Combining elegance, lightness, comfort and economy, and nnquestionrtly the most desirable article made. For aale by ARSOLD. CONSTABLE A CO , ? Canal street. eo: nor of Mercer. EW DUPLEX BLLI PTIC SKIRTS, VERY FLEXI hie: folded esstlr when in use to occupy a small apace, making the most agreeable aklrt worn. For sala i by LORD A TAYLOR, No?. 4f.l to 4?7 Broaiway. to Ml Grand street, 47 and 41 Catharine atroeL T. UAZBLLL. AUCTIONEER _ ~~ . HARDWARE, CUTLBBT. AC. Tt'BSDAT, MAY M. at 10)< o'clock, at our salesrooms. ?S Liberty street, HKATY AND B1IBLF HARDWARE, Is lots to suit buyer*. Also, FILES.? 712 dozen English and American Files, as<etUd. MASLIlf KBTTLK8 -S28 Maslln Ken lea, assorted Jfea. RtK)KING PAPER.? S tona Tarred Roofing Paper. HEMP snd SASH CORD.? l,l?0 I bo. Hemp and Sash Cord, ssoorted. ALSO, SILVER PLATED WARS. ?7S dorea Spoons and Porta, foe Pltch-rs, (Mm Caps, Catalogues and samples on morning of aalo. ^ WHITTSMORB A HAZBLL, Anctloneera p H. MAOT. >ow -p_ OUR SPRINO IMPORTATION Of KID OLOTE^ ELEGANT H HADES, BES+ QUALITY. AT LOW PRICES. MM and M SIXTH AVBNUB, TWO DOORB BBLOW FOUBTEBNTH ST. T) B. MACT. HOrSEKEBPINO GOODS. LINEN GOODS ANcThaNDURCHIBFK RIBBONS ANdTtRAW GOODS. PBENCH FLOWERS AND PANCT GOODS. PARASOLS AND BUN UMBRELLAS " HOSIERY AND UNDEBWBAB, LACKS AND EM BROIDERIES. COSSETS ASD YANKEE NOTIONS ? ACT'S CELEBRATED .,???.?. PBENCH KID OLOTE0. ?M and sTxTh AVBNUB, TWO DOORS BELOW FODRTBBNTB STREET. Cn7 BROAD WAT, CORNER WAVBRLRV PLACE Largo assortment of I7AC HH ami BM BROIDBBIES, AT TUB OLD PRICED. REAL LATE VEILS. AT TUB OLD PRICES. jrOiNT and every j\?fCrlptlra of"LACB COLLARS, AT THR <)LD PBrCiS. CB CAPES New patterns in ft**"'' ^MijiNOS In lU the tvw stylee. rsATj1 3lw a^.^"a Ai<XSm? y* JjfiSJC * n . f, r, BRtfADffA' A.N D DRY GOODS. gmjt* AMD COLLAR DEPOT* 41 FOLTON 3TRBKT, Cornet of Pfar) street. Mertno Cot toe, Linen, Moalla Undershirt* ?4 Drawer*. Bngiish and German Half Bow. Hew *UlM Scarf j and flcs. irmj and Nary Shirts glik and Unen UanJkei^nef*. flint and uiAfffeam Umbnllas. |Mii0 made in order TtlEODOftR C. GRANNIS. A??dI, A nauNBHT. LAROK AND EI.EQANT ASSORTMENT OK SPRING and Siimrafr Millinery and Straw floods, of the newewl _ - uiost ?!>! ros ' t shades and huIbh, tu all Ui? BOWest shapes and color*. BIMMONS, 857 Broadway. BONNETS. Cil Al'Ii AND IlL A CK LvOE-AT L. BINN8' Milliner.', 377 Broadway Straw Bonnets r??. tailed at wholei^Vo ptmi Jockey Hats near stylos; Chil dren's llats, Travelling Bonnets, Mourning Bonnet*. Trior mora wauled; als<> a premer. BAROAIN3 TN MlLUffBRT-VTimr PER CENT, cheaper than any other place ; ladles' Bonnets, all Kind". 811k, Crepe, Straw. Ac. ; an a^sTtment of Jockey Hats, at MHJi U1NNS' Millinery, Ml Broadway, opposite TIITany'. Jewelry store. Panama and Straw Bonnets cleaned cheap. JJIRENCH MILLINERY.? MRS. DAVIDSON RKSPKCT I fully announces that she It now exhibiting at h <r new ehow rooms. 38 University place, between Tenth ami Eleventh streets, a largo and ebolee ff'eetlon of Paris mini Boer Millinery, Opera and Round Hats ol tho latest designs, at very moderate prices. THTMB. B. WILLI AIM HAS NOW ON nANF) TUB 1*1 roost elegant assortment of From h Summer Bonnets, Round Hats Collllire*. Flower* and Ribbon*, at very reasonable pri es, 12V Ninth street, a few dooia we*t of Broadway. STRAW BONNETS AND II \TS, FOlt LADIES AND CHILDREN, Id great variety, TRIMMED OR UNTR1MMED. AT LOW PRICE.S.X ALSO, a line Block of MILLINERY and MILLINERY GOODS. RETD A BROTHER, 307 Bowery, cant side, near Fourth street. Two blocks from Broadway. WHERE DID YOU GET SUCH A LOVBLT BONNETt Why at Madams HARROMNE'N, .'/75 Broadway. Sho doe* dressmaking too. Every lady should go there, for It is the olioapest pi, ico in the elty. Everything in the he it qual ity and the latent fashion. Don't forget? 375 Broadway, over Brooks' shoe store. ^ CliOTHIHO. A 1TENTION -AT TIIR NEW STORE. 114 THIRD AVE A n ue, ladies anil gentlemen aro guaranteed 10 iscelve the hlyhe't prices for e xch article of ca-t oil' Wearing Ap parel, Furniture, Carpet.-, An, for tiie Southern and W?-t em market-. Please remember and try C MIS1T, 114 Third avenue, near Fourteenth mreet Ladlus attended by M ?-?. Mlsb. Broukljn orders attended to. AT 353 B0WERY.-1I. ROSENTHAL, I1AV1NO A great desire to purchase a laui? 0 lantliy of east oil' Wearing Apparel. Furniture, Carpets. Jewelry, Ac., by call ing on or addressing him ladles and gentlemen can obtain the utmost vane lor cacli article. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Rosenthal, Please remember, and try 3W Bowery, op poslte Great Jones street. A TTKNTlO>. -HARRIS IIART, 27.1 SEVENTH AVE, between Twentv seventh and Twentv eighth streets lias an o der In hand from California for $2D,Uui) of Cast Oil Clothing, which be wishes to fill immediately; therefore will pay more liberal'y than any other dealer. Address or call on Mr. or Mrs. HART, l~!!> .Seventh avenue. IUISCICI,LANKOl!S. A GREAT KAI.E OF FRENCH DECORATIVE AND plaiu Paper Hangings, Window Shades. Oilcloths, Mais, Ac. A line assortment of velvet an<l gUt Papers, at 75 cents per roll, us tally sold at ?l Ml. Satin Taper at 'ill cents per roll, rood 1'aper at 12 and 1% cent* per roll. Otlt Shades at ?Tcat bargains. Also a lar^n lot of b'lfl' an.1 white Holland, Oilcloth. Ac., at low prices, at i'OATP.S' nlil stand. 314 Hudson "tree! above Spring N B.? Plain and decorative painting and paper h tnglug executed by practical workmen. All work guannteed. ANY ONE HAVING A V Al'I.T OR TOMB, OR PART of one, or half u let. will bear o a cash purchaser by addret'lns R II L., 183 Water rtreet for one week. ALOVR AMULET.? TURKISH PERFUMED LOVE Me Kver isscluates and secures me aTeotlons of the opposite sex. Unsirpai'M! 1 perfume ami eosmetic Price SI. Send stamp for particulars. Address Madame Marra, box 3,780 N. Y. Poet office. Artists on photographs and AUBRoryrKs. A Class of pupils is now forming to learn these art*, which an; to be taught in thirty days, on reasonable terms, at HOLMES' Br >ad? ay Gallery, Wo. 3t?, up town. Bowling alley-wanted, a sbt of balls aud Pius, In good order. Any person having the same may hear or a cash customer by addressing a n de stating quantity, quality and price, to H. II. T., bo* l(*) Herald olTice. Divorce ? having made this a special stupt during many ycais' pi acute, the undersigned holds private consultation-ron the s ibiect, either p?vsonallv or by fetter. F. J. KING, Counsellor at, 3115 Broadway. I ENGINE LATllK WANTED.? A SECOND HAND I Engine Lathe, from Rto 12 feet shears, that w!ll swing from 12 to 18 inches. Apply at office of Harlem Gas Light Co., 76 Nassau sneet. Grains? BREWER'S grains.? parties can be supplied regularly every day; or these wishing to make a'rtm^ements lor t' e sea?on etui do a<>. l>y applying to SMITH A BROTHER, Brewers. 16'J West Eighteenth street, IMMENSE PRICBS PAID FOR OLD BOOKS -10.000 Theological Hooks almost nlveu away; loo,'),*) Scientific, Historical and Biographical Books cheap. LKQGAT BRO Tlll'.ns. 119 Nassau street, near Uoekman. Letter writi.vo agency and confidential Correspondence Of! lee. lit Bteecker street ? Private Let ters, Advertisements and Documents ol all kiuds written io order, Copying ;<!one, and manu crpts {revised. Letters written by a lady of ed literary oualitloaUona Con sulfations unon personal correspondence and literary affairs. Cnargcs u odernte. N. B.? Letter boxes tor correspondence by the week or month. MiNBOOD and TnE vigor of toirrn restourd in lour weeVs by Dr. KICORD'8 Essence of Life. This wonderful agent will restore mahood to the most tere I constitutions, wheiber arising fiom excesses, self abuse, the eTects of ellreate or natural causes The lime required to cure the most Inveterate case is four weeks Failure is impossible. Dr. Rlc <rd's Es enoe of Llfo Is sold In cases, with Instructions for use. for $3. or four quantities 111 one for I). Rent carefully packed, on receipt of remit tance bv his accreBleri agent. Circular sent free on receipt of lour stamps. PHILIP ROLAND, No. 417 Broorae street. New Vork. one door west of Hrosdwav. Marble mantel* -thr best placb in thb cltv to purchase cheap and well finished Mantels is at A KLABER S Mantel Manufactory. 100 Fast Eighteenth street, near Third avenue, New York. Cut tbie out. Marble mantrl.3WI rtsm selection ok moi ble Mante s on hand, and oflere I cheater than any where else, at S KLABKR'S Marble Ysr I. 21 First avenne, ne:ir'i4ilrd street, New fork. Call and examine for jour self. Machinery ?ant person having a pour or live foot bed Planer for saie. will find a ca h customer by applying to E. NUGENT, If. \Vat"r MtCOt, Brooklyn. Ttpk metal and old lead wantfd -cash will be paid for a few hundred weight of Type Metal andold Lead. Apply at the desk of this oTTce. u THB THB AMERICAN JAVA COFFBB. On'y 25 cents per pound, liny t A re' lab' e and healthy beverage, nearly oqual to tbe best im j. oiled article. Manufactured by WRIGHT. GILLIES A BROTHER. 233 to 237 Waebington street, N. T. WHITE SUGARS, fl 30 POR REYBN POUNDS.? V T Iirown Sugars $1 23. seven iioueds: good mixed T' as >l per pound; est Butter 36c io 38c. . Btsrch 10c.. Extra a nlly Floor $1 i 'ft per bag; licckcr's Floor 31c . anil a saving of twenty cents on tbe dollar, at 111 Vartek street, corner of Broome. RHBRtVOOD'S. W ANTED-A STE AM TABLE. SUITABLE FOR A HO tel. Alno Bar counter, from 30 to 33 reel long. Ad. dre<? George Jones, Herald on ee, for three days. TV ANTED TO BUT-A 8TBAM ENOINB. <>P 16 On V\ IT hor-e power, in good working order. App'y st 82 Walker street. ^ TTANTED-A GOOD SECOND HAND llolST WHEEL. >V Apply to HAWKINS * HOMAN, bul'ders, R East Thirteenth street. W~ 1 N DOW CURTAINS.? MADAM B ROBERT Con tinues Io receive and do up Window Cii' t ins equal le new st her establishment en the river, at Will amsbridge. Window Curtains taken charge of for tLe season. Apply at Ko. S lia*t Bieventh street. 17T OLNTS PRR POUND PAID POR OLD BOOKS, 1 1 new.papers, oaniphleis, Ac. Call b' fere you sell eleo where for we Mill eonltnne t* pay more (as we always have done, regardless of all advertisements) than sny other hense In the city. Parties -ending to us may rely npon full aeght vslue. le _ MANAllAN A M 1LLAR, Wholesale Paper Warehouse. lOlpr ic" street. N. T. mmamsm ? # ^port. * ~>X tZ7?'r,? Irn thful adviser ?? tbe married snd those contemplating mairlsge who would know the r physical condition. Bent rree of pos'a^e to ony address on receipt of 78 eents In iii* mi s or postal currency. Aadress Dr. La Crols, Jl Maiden lane, Albany. N. Y Jr?T prni.isnBD-A bbw series (FIvb yol. of eeiri>rate4 . FRBNCU BOOKS. *1 N JUCH. Tbe J can be soot by mall, closely seaJH, CARTES DE VHITB. RUBBB< fOODS, AO. "iafaiij{? r,., B. B? Tbe trade suppled at a large d lacy at. Tt'ST PI'BHSIIKD? THR LTTTLB jJImR. FULL OP el Wit and Humor. B< nt in sealed (rc.o[e en receipt of lee een's er wHb an exn\ii?iie_p>M|j|rrpk for 16 cenCi, by F. U WATBOW. Pubilaber, N. T^ LETTER OF ADVICR FOR LADIES. FIVE ANATOMICAL BNORaVINGS. Has Ir/orn all u n*ver before rutin!, ed. Sent free, la s staled envelope for It cent* Ad lrcso Dr Sanford, box 1 632 New y or< Pott ofl e. MH ATRIMONY.-Wnt EVERY MAN SHOULD MaRRT; I why esery woman *bouW sar.rrj all mar mar-y. To krew i-ead ''liluofra sd Matrlago tiuide a 1. ! Me Ileal Ad "ser.'' by WM. EAHL M. D ; 240 page*. Maile.1 every, where for 25 ceu'.s, Ht sealed OLve. po. Address 12 White street. New To^k. >'HW BOOKS. NF.W CARTB3 DP. TTSI TE AND STB ^Bl reosccblo Views, colored snd j I*. a, 26 wcqU ea.h, or rnve for Jl. Slereoscopic Views. 8t> routs each, or ft per dofctj- W?tcb Ctirms snd 1'ias. new st>les. Cafauegues free D'eennnt to the trade, snd e. c. <lpere*rre?. Ad rt r* S* 1 as. P. Attwood A Cu, box 3^> Posl^sSka, H. T. r js; sissies I Bend sddiees on a et? aped enteitpe for dialar Toucan get the DCbks by mail ot at 3?J Ann street. Ill I. Li \ it DH. BILL! AaDA-TWu IbLU fotel vl (Sri IIL IHiT nwWI faVssftw to tilt/Tort ? hvmisijiF pa'7. AuuU at >*7 Puluia stCStL luuith Uwt. jru iinur. _ j UNION GOV MS, l? I ? TRfTTTINo" ON W?l)W*M . V* J* ' * ? ?**?? tor f2.0M.w 1 1 la Beats bait three lii Ive; wagon ?n.| driver U> wel?n 778 pouMte a Woodruff iiu b. m. Bob/ Mite; B. refer wiuei 0. mx. Bui pre a* Car* leave South ferry tt I o'clock. SHAW k WHITE, Proprietor*. irAbLions. TOPTTBB, TROTTINO STALLION, WILL STAND AT el Hnedikcr's, near Union Course, Loo g Island, at (SO the season, in advaneo. Jupiter Is the -In- of Lnoy Buiuia, Major Anderson, J uglier, Jr., the Tear-all Oolt, Ao. HFOKTiioT "~~ JIB BUTIKR, NO. 3 PECK SLIP, II IK ALL Die choice breeds for s?v and itoi-k. It il'er'a InfRl!!bl<? Mauto Cure aud Hok Jt Uci initiator, /5 uinta |i t iiotil". Butler's new Work, $1. Dogs boarded, trained, Ac. Medi cines for all diecaoe i. llOKHRtf, OARRIAGR4, AC. AW ENTIRE TURNOUT OF A nBNiM'XAN leav in* for Europe lor salu? Consisting of a very stylish tialr uf llorscu. lit bands high, perfectly sound and kind: ? teaullful set of ILtrnuas, buiil by Qibson nearly new; also a four scat Depot Wugou, Irulll by Miner .t Stevens, In floe order Will bo sold low. Can be -eon from II A. M. la t i . M at 1 4 Cedar treat, opi oiite the Post ofll, e GENTLEMAN'S COMPLETE TURN OUT? CONSIST lint of it fine pair of llnr?n*, Harness and Phaeton, A Wood's uu|k^. Apply at Wibtoa'a stable. Tenth airtit, be a tweco lTuf7?j?lF place au<l Fifth a venue. B A BLOODED TROTTING AND BROOD MARE FOR sale? CUcstDiit, seven yeais old, 16 | kuuda blyh; aired bv Bthnn Allen, dam Nellie Blossom. I>v 1 1 Ik)> Inn-lrrr (dum Of A lid raw JackHOu, (li?cu Muiiuuiu M?r?>n, I'alfcandei ). She fa A beautiful animal, can trot in about three mtnutea without having bctm trained. Bound, kind. biiii.Io or double, and good under the suddfo. Price $000: Inquire Of Bio tar, at Ssuiii' i Ht iblec. Atlantic avenue, opposite Fort Green place. Brooklyn, before two o'clock P. M. A MORGAN STALLION BLAOKHAWK NAPOLEON lr>Jt I u?nds hltfh. jet black color, pedigree recorded In I.lns'cy s "Book of Morgan II one j ' page 269l sound and kind, a very stylish driver and fast trotter, and a superior stock bor-c. lor sale or evchango for a pair of lior cs Ap ply to A BENEDICT, Post k Nichols' stables, li 2 East Twenty fourth street. A COMPLETE TURNOUT FOR SALE ?CONSISTING of a Bay Man;, tllii hands hf^h, perfectly sound and kind, aud can trol in 2 60 Also a Shilling Top Wagon , near Iv new, city made. Also a Road Wa.",nn. writ it Harness, Blankets Ac., Ac In<|uiio st the oibco of the Mansion stable . Forty-second atroet and Seventh aven'te. A FINE NORSK FOR SALE-BAY; 15* HANDS; f ix year- old; for style, action or endarancn la unsur pas ed; wnrran'.ed ? itliout fault or blemi h; anv parson maklnz up a team would do well to exntnlno ; price $W0. A splendid Carriage will aI?o be sold for want of use. Prl vate stable, 114 East Thirty ninth street. ANBW THREE BE\T TOP OABBIAOB FOR BALE? For very much less than its value, as the owner ha ? no use for it; Is a well built article, aod will be sold cheap. In.i'ilie at WALTER'S Carriage Factory, corner of Uenry and Poplav streets, near Fulton ferry, Biooklyn. A SUPERIOR LOT OF HORSES, JU3T FROM WEST ern New York? Four pairs of very fine Carriage and Coacb learuH, several s nut'! Roadsters, and live youui: and fast TioHe.r*. Will be ready (o show on Monday. Call at Metropolitan stables, corner of Prince nud Crosby streets AROUCHB FOR 8ALB? A VERY FIIEITY LIGHT open Barouche, for four inside; una bo entirely c'o ed when desired; made by Mott and Co. It Is n'?r y new, having been run but four months. Can be seen at the Man ?Ion xtablcH, corner of Twenty second stieel and Seventh avenue Inquire In the o(Ti< e. BUHINEHRWAOONSOF RVBRY KIND CONSTANTLY ou hand or made to order In the best manner ; you will Drill tliW place as favorable as any that can be found, and every'lo warranted ns represent d. STKWAUT'8 Wagon Factory. Fifty iblid street, between Broadway and ktn'iitii aveiitie. Blood stallion, suitable fob a cavalry oil) cr perfe.tly vonnd and gentle, for sale by A. R. B MOSES. 52 Bi avor street. CARRIAGES. ADAMS A CONE, Corner of Third avenno and l?'th streit, Mnnnfncturcrs of first class i .'arrlages of every description . Purchasers are requested to eiuinlne theii stock oo hand and in process of completion. f Dapple gray horse fo;i SALE-ii'i hands 111, h. fi years old llils spring, long whl'e flowing tail, very handaonte, perfect style, sound and k>od In harness \ery rcsjieet ; cannot do surpassed nnder tli" saddle. Apply to 'UKORUE W HHOWN, No. V Fine street, second floor. L>OR SALR-A SPLENDID THREE QUARTER BRED J" Kintn:ky Saddle Mare, warranted sontid and kind; sjitable for wa^oii, also a line Wagon (built bj Brewster .V t 'o. J. Ha1 ne-s. ie. l"rM,e $71X1. In'jrcire at II. h'LDKKD'S Empire Stable*, S-'o. 4 Ea-t Twenty eighth street. li'OR SALE ONE SPAN OF SORPEL nORSKS, SE VEN r years old, 19', hands hl'th, good tra\ etlers soifnd. kind, and good style; suitable for a gentleman's carnage t am Also one black llorse, veiy fide and stylish, si i years nd; sound an 1 kind, and a good saddle horse; and one sorrel llorse, Ave years old, sound, kin 1, and a line driver; can trot well? all of which must b?? sold In a few da?s The above horses can be seen at F. J. NODI.VE'S stab' cs, 128 Pierre pont street, Brooklyn. FOB BALE? CARRIAGE HOUSES. A PAIR OF young bay Horses, which have t ccn used in the city one year and are otfered for sale by a gentleman removing to the country, luipitre at private awb'.e No. 7 Collage street. Brooklyn FOR SALE? a pair of VERY HANDSOME LONG tailed aud fast back carriage horse p. Apply to JAMES RF.LDEN. livery elables, H2 West Twenty -fourth s'reet, near Sixth avcn ie. For sale-two thoroughbred fillies over fifteen bands high, will make fine saddle horse , four fears old. sound and gentle; full pedigree can be given. '? be seen at private stable In Fifteenth street, second stable below K/fth a< enua. Fob salb-a labgb bay hobsb. stxtbbn hanils high, six yeais old, perfectly .ound and tend; also a Coupe, with Pole and Kharts. and aet of ainglo Har ness, all having been lu t little used; will be sold together or separately; Coui4> built bv Lawrence k Co, Apply at KBE< LI. It M (tables, 61 West Thirtieth street. TTIOR HALE-A PAIR OF BBOWN HORSES, 1#.^ r hands high, well matched an ! very stylish; sound and kind; together with a Carriage, almost nrw, Harness Dress Blanket*. Sheets. Nets. Ae., the complete establl lunentof agentleuun iiut returned fro n a country residence. Ap nly to F A. KNAPP, .leirerson Stables ftl C-.rlftophcr sircct. Carriage, Ac.^grlll be sold separa o If desired. For balb? a first class wagon, with shift ing top; In use tut a short tin e and is sold on account of the owner having left the city. Can he sron at private -table ley West Twenty-tourth street, or addie.->s box 1.V07 Poet office Fob balk? an open carriage, at private tale; jus^as t,ood as new; ? ill be s lit cheaii, as the own er Is giving up housekeeping. Inquire at the Union Stables, |,*3# Broadway, between Ibutlcib and TUirly-hrst streets. For balb.? a fine pair of black noRsrs wlll te sold separate or together. Inquire at McKay's Stable, Twenty third stre?t, i ear Sixth arrosie. JjlOR SALE? ONE 81 COND HAND EXTENSION TOP r Baro'n be, on platform springs, l'ola tnd Shafts; made by Biewsier A Ha'dx In, In t;r?t rate order May be seen at C.LAPP k OWBNS*, corner of ll >vt and Atlantic si**et?. Brooklyn, or iu<(ulie ol GEO. JENNIKON. 12 WhltcUall mm, n t. F*OR SALE? A SPLENDID GRAY HORSE. 15 IlANDB 1 inch high, traioed for the saddle, for lady or g? n'. s man: eiiually good tn harness; a l>a<rain. SAM M CREKltT, CO Henry street. tfOR KALE-A CLOSELY MATCHED TEAM OF F His k Marat, w.'l. I0:i ? <?? ing tails: nan tiot together in S>? minute-; tbey are eight years old. amlsound and kind In every respect Can be seen at John W. Callahan's stables, li?.r- West rhirty Ulrd sireet. For salb-^good, easy saddle horse, about fifteen handi high, hn^ action, warranted sound and kind, accu-toined to harnrsa: sold only for want of use. In quire at siable. No. y Weal Forty fourth street, any tune dur ing the day. For sale-a black pacing horre fifteen hands hlgn. su year- old; has paced a mile in 2 40 th s spring; sound and kind In all harne>e. Also, a three romth ? at Hoa I Wagon, been used out a few limes. A 'so a set of light Hsrness. nesrly new . will be sold together er slngl". Can be seen al B itler'a stables. Atlnnl a street, near Net ins, Brooklyn, from 8 to 12 o'clock any day. rR BAI.E-A SUPERIOR PAIR OF CARR1AOR llorses, dapple grays, if, hands. T years old. very gen tie. sound and kind; one a SLiendld saddle hor>e or a lady or gentleman. Inquire for Lake (who has owned Iheui ?1H years in the o .n'ry), at Seymour k Co. s, comer of Butu avenue and Foru lbird street. Foe bale-a splendid new park phoetan, made by one of the best city makers, has four springs; seats for ro>irprr?ous: will be sold reasonable as the owner has no use for 1L Apply to Q. N. GSBOUNE, .194 Broad war; th# carriage ean be seen at Wllllami k Co.'i stable, comer court aod I ulou str.-e s, Cr oklyn. FpOB SALE-A VBLL TRAINED SADDLE HORSB. sorrel oolor, -lx years on, and 15', hands hl^U: has splendid action: a perfect baamy; warranted perfectly ? o no! and kin i in every way. Apply at atable, 01 West Thirty first street Fob sale-a splendid gray horsb. buttaelr for a light wacou. Can be seen al tha stable, ou Chris topher. rear oft)* Foirth street. FOB SALE-A LADY'S SPLENDID SADDLE nOBSB. 19V hands high, parfectly sound, kind aad fentie; e> ren years Old Price t27fl. Apply at Underbill k Fleet's livery ?table, iMt ijette plaee, near Blflilh street. FOBBALE-A vp.ry finb, wem, tbaineo black Newfoundland Dog (very large), twenty months old. Apply at 421 WeVl Forty-fourth streeL Fob salk-a oiiebtnit mare. ? ybabs old and ii l.aae- high; sound and kind In single or double barnea : owned by a lady for three vearn: Is used for the ?addle; eaa trot in three mlmitas. Also a Top Wagon and act of single Harness In utre at the corner of Forty aiith ? tree; and First a enue, In the ^roeery. FOR SALE-A TOP WAGON. Clf* MADE; WILL BE ?Old cheap If api lied for Im mediately. Can be Men al Merchant atablea, ii and 97 West Twenty ninth street. Fob sale-onr pair of brown lom sand 9 years old, l?,'i baad? high; long naturaltail : >onnl ami kind Sold for want of u?e Aiiply to JO*. TBBAD WI LL, at ketchum s siab? Love lane. Brooklyn. OR BALB- A VI'.RY nice team of bay marbs. 7 years old 1 '? har<ls high ? ean trot together In Cirea m antes, and uutmiued. CaU al SELDBN'd, 80 Weil Tnsn. ly-foorth ureei. F~0* BALK CIIBAP-THE OtfNBR HAYING NO further 'i?? for I. a One Ray Mare. 7 yeais old, 10 hsndsh'gb ; win moke rn aicellent BkmllyjiarTlage or truck horeej, Of ?IU enchant iur a ?Ing e T. p Wagoiy Apply al the Metropolitsn Eiprcts oUce, 140 Vartck street. r>OR SALF-BR8TTJ 'PARK PHAETON", TOP AND r no lop lluotie*. R<*k??ny?, Road Wsgons, BxprtM Wki< os Hirucss an 1 Snd lies. wak ns, D. W. 1 VRB A CO , M Liberty s'rret. For bale-a gentlkman s turnout, consist ing of a b?a?tif?J Bay Mare, six yeais old. lone tall, esn trTln three nilntila*. and warrsnfei perfjKrt: Olio fta^ aj.vsr plefd Light ilafnesa, and one c>al tei< Trotung ? *. g5n ne.? slvli. Prloa for tin wli-de IW-'. L* 1 MmUiHI'i suiti.e St Weil fwcatf foorlh slre.t F~ oR "ALE- A VETY FINE MARE, B\Y IP HANDS b ili. ran IT1 i in i.KX sound, kin 1 and denihun alt hnr* neei and und ~r mid V; ?h4 Is beautifully for M . r?-! at? II b, h.*j oft fap Wi CM, 1 ill w w thout to.', MU uui?u> >*f "I i uitlile si it o?i# sei >" eln^le lliruesa Jt, uRr l? } \% ' P, IM Ufc? 61 IUiit> t>r*l ?baafc I rinRuoei, Wf. ffOR SALE-ONE gOOWn .BAWD rLOSH^CARRIAOlT, *? W"0*?" Frio* $10). Apply to WM WaLFVIL MIRK, Fifth avenua and Fifty, fourth street. " P)R SAI.F? A SJICQND II All D FAMILT ROCK Aff A Y pole an'! shafts Can bo elu at * ? LaLSi mi tt7bi?' 1ST West Twenty eighth rti3t, near Eighth even !a * FOR SALE? A PARK VICTORIA; ONLY BEEN USED four time*. Apply at the ii.aan fecturirs, J. V (jt'IMHY, WO Broadway. FOR 8ALB CHEAP? TWO HORSES, TWO DOUBLE Trucks, one single Truck, two leta Uamo i ArpTf to DAVID, iti 'lie stable corner of Bruauwa) and Thirty eiith sire t, neit door to liquor store. For salb Low-rp applied for at oncb. a beautiful Park PbeaUtn, a very tine Victoria, two jag ger Wagons. two top Boggle*. three low priced KockawaM; also four flue Doctor'; Pbaeious; all built or the oast lualr. rial anid warranted. Can bo aeen ut 61 Cedar alreet, oppoaite tk? Poal ofDee. FjUST TROTTLVO HO8SB~F0R StLE-SBVBN TEARS ' old, souniMnd kind navor keen trained: can show a nut mil knit of 2.40 per mile; sold ou.y for want of uaa. W M L TPRREL, 4'? Brpadwuy, from * to III A. M. Horse*. coaches. wagons and harness. - lunmriaut to liver* stable Koepera and others.? will ? a ? >lil ut iuintlou . on Monday, 21 1 Inat. at IT o'clock, the largo an<l sulec'. Nti'ok of Horses. Wagons, llama**, Coaches. Ac , nf the well known livery stablo ami SO Monro* *treet, aa jier auetion notice in lleiald The horseo are eaeeiJeqt hark or for | rival" use; many fait and stylish trotter*. The *? cons In good orcuu ; ciiv mad. Harness slmnst now, Tkla sale I* luipoi tan i t* ha kiaml hone t en Sa'e free Must liquid without Hunt, the proprietor getting out of tba light buck bu iocs*. ICiCHARD WALTERS, Sheriff a Auctioneer. HOOVER. CALHOUN A CO. HAVE REMOVED TO No. nnOADW \Y, southeast corn r f Franllln street, whore they invite the atleull u of purchasers to a very large and elegant a<snrtir><nt of SADDLI.KV, HARNESS. BLANKETS, SHEETS, PLY NETS. Win IS Tit A V ELLI NO BAGS. *0., AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Particular attentb n will b ? ulven t'> FINE IIARNF8??nd 8ADL)LERY, whb h will be kept ou hand or made to order promptly, and In the best manner. UORSIC8 AND WAGONS FUR SALE. -A Kl ItST RATE Express Wagon for -ale . also second ban I Wagons, and two useful Hor*o<; the whole or any portion may bo had cfie.ip. Apply at the htiibi? n M Mercer street. HOB3E8 FOR SALE.-ON MONDAY, MAV 2.x at II o'clock, at ail' tton (as per auction notice in Herald), at iH and M Monroe Ktreet, a fine team 'if well mulched dark brown klarcs fal-ters), warranted sound and kind. RICHARD WALTERS. Sheriff a Auctioneer. IIOHT WAGONS FOR SALE? A Nl'MKhR OF UOIIT J Wagons, with and wllhout top*, city make: a!a<> two light second band Coaebea and one Brett, In good order Inquire a*. Cooper's carriage factor/, 'Ji and UU Charles street. ONE HANDSOME BRETT POR SALE AT JOHN C. PARKER A CO B, 62 Ba t Tweniy-Afth street, be tween Third and Lexington avenues. ONE LIGHT EXPRESS WAOON, MADE BY ABBOTT, Concord; a numlier of light top and no top Cast ate el aile Buggies, one square depot Rockaway. one tight gro ser's delivering Wagjn, with top. Appl^aj 1^4 S^ltniai^way. The entire stock of horses, carriages, Ilarnes-, Ac., the property of C. S. HAINES. Elizabeth. New Jcr ey, will be sold ut private aile tht week. Any gen tinman wish tug a line fair or Hor-es, a Coupe. Rnad orSndale Horsu, will do well to uaJI and examine the stock:? One liroivn Stallion, Jersey KeTpae, 18'.| hands high, fiynfrs old, can trot in Ml; one pair of Havs. Id IiviTi, 7 j ear* old. black points; uuc pair of brown llorses. Iri', hands high. <t and V years old; one pair of brown Hlittrk Hawk Mares, 15 baud)', it and 7 years old; one sorrel coupe llornc, IS hands, H year* old: one luowu Dor e. la', hands, !t years old, short tall; one dapple gray II orae, lS1* l aud-* S year* old; one sorrel Saddle Horse. 1 3 \i hand<, A yuars old; one dark brown Hoise, IS'? hands 7 year* old, suitable f >r saddle or harncits ii ,e; one browa Trotting Mure, fust, 10V band*, 11 war* old, short tall; one bay llorae, last. IS band*. 'J vear* old, sh'Tt tall; one thoroughbred Imported Mare, 7 yi>ar?ohl. 1V4 Viand?, suitable for saddle or harness; one uruv Trotting Horse, 1* hand*. 5 years old. short tail: art?o three Work Horse : will be sold. The large na o her of horses in llil* advertisement will notarlral tnf givin? furtl er desrrlpllon. One Nanoleun Iliac ton. made by Wood, n?vv ; one Top Wagon made by Lawreneo, nearly new : one Top Wagon, run 11, r. e jcara llrcwster's make; one Coal Box Wagon nearly new; mi; T lotting Wa^on, nearly now. woli<hs 14 i pound*; oue et of gilt mounted Brett Harness, new; one set of light Slnglo Hnrne.*s new, one **t of light Doub'o Harnei*. nearly new ; one ?et of very ll<{hl Poubla Ilarne s, nearly new ono et of very light Single Harne**. Pur particulars apph to P. A. BAM,, fi) vail street oflice of Wnin ,t Hike, betu een the bours of 10 A. M. a. id 12 M. and S and 3,'j P M. rilWO 8T COND HAND OOACHB8-ONE COACH 1 Rockaway, two four seat Phaetons, one nearly new; one new fo:ir eat and tv.o Coacd Roekaways, built boforo high pr.ccs, will be so il ircordinaly. MUTT A CO.. No. 18 West Fourth street. fpo LET? IN UNIVERSITY PLAHE. BETWEEN TBI II X i ??until and Four;o?nth street', a lar^e, eomiiiodlou ? rr - vate Sja' If. Inquire at H o clock In the morning at 33 East i'ourfflnth - treet. WANTED TO EXCHANGE? A VERY FINR CLOSE y? Carriage for a fion pair of Hor<ea, from UK to ISK bands bigh; a kind, atyllsU pair. Apply at Mr. Dull 'a -table. 211 Wooster street. 'ANTED TO HIRE BY A RESPONSIBLE PARTY, A sK seated Kockaway, to'bc used in the oounln during three months from July 1. Addresi U. A. W , box 3,2J0 l'osl ollice. ltORSICR ? AN ASSORTMENT OP CARRIAOB, X ' / eart, sincle and saddle Horses to be sold within a wees, ou account of closing the business for the summer, at Nos. ti and 10 Boerum street, near City Hall, Brooklyn. WJ FINANCIAL.. M A LI. PERSONS ABB HEKBBY CAUTIONED AGAINST A. purchasing or selling a lot of Georgia Stale Bonda (sixes;, $.v i > each, niiniberrng from 980 (o '.WO. the same bar ing keen fraudulently obtained, together with a lot of South ern Bank Notes A* means will be takna to render lb* ? b'i?<f? useless, a suitable reward will ba paid for any Infor mation respecting theiu by WILLIAM B. 8CB.VNTON, 114 Pearl street. AMBBTrNO OP THE STOCKHOLDERS OP TUB New Jersey Consolidated Copper Company will tM held at tha office of the compaay on Tuesday, ibe Si*t Inst, at one o'clock I". M., lor the purpo e of (-lectlog ollleirs ar>6 Irunsactliig such business a* mav- cotne before tba meeting. WM. R. TRAVKRS, Presldeat ININO 8TOCK8? AS WEM. AS ALL OTHER KIND9 _ _ of securities bought aud sold at all (be Stock Boards In New Voi k. Boston. Philadelphia, Ac., or otherwise on commission, by ALBERT II. MCOLAY. No. 52 William at. NO * NEW CHAMBERS STREIsT, NEW YORK T iter Count*- Fore t I rnpiwveiuent Company ? All per nns holding share* In this company are respectfully re quested to send their nsmes. together with the number of shsres hel 1 by them reip-cl ively to thl oflee, wh"re they may learn all the pur:lc i ars In ro.-sri to their title to th? same, an l also the title t > the Ian 1 1 so held by smld compa ny, as the sun.*' riber fas coiiiisel lor several so khoideiai ha* eiamlned the same, and it Is the Interest of tbu stock holders to attend lo thl? mattor without delay. J. R. DICKfeRSON, All y for s 'veral sto^ k', older*. Offlce No. 4 New Chambers street North Carolina statr sites, iifc lab ok Irregitlsr, wauled b> WILLIAM B SCUANTON, 110 Pearl street. Proposals for ?*> "NEW YORE IQiyTY CQCr.T DOUSE STOCK." SEALF.D PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED at tba Comptp ller'? oTce until Wednesday, May VB. 1R?4, at two o clock P M , when the i-au e \v ill be publicly op ncd, for the whole or any part of the sum of Two Hundred Thousand Dollatsof " I I e New York County Com t House Sto -k," au thorised by chapter 212 of t' c law* of 1 v.t and by an ordl. nance of i e B< >rd of S'-pcrvissra. appro e<l by the Mayor, Mar 5, ISM. The :atd tock la to provide additional means for the con struction an i completion of the new county Court nou?o on Chambers street It will i?ar Intere tot kit rale of six |?r seat per annum, payable seml.atiniu.Ily on tie flrsi d?v r.f May aud November in each year, and tLe prin ipal will be redeemable a* follows? vi* One hundred thousand ilol'ara on the flritday nf November. UU5, and one hundred thou sand dollars on the flrst day of November, ISM. proposals will state the amount of sioeA desised, and the price per one hundred dollar* thereof ; snd the per*one whose proposals at >' accepted wtll tnereupon be required la depos't with the County Treasurer the sums awarded to them re*|iecti>*iy. On presenting to the Comptroller the reoelpts of the County Trea?urer for *uch deposits. Ih* par tie i will be en titled to re. elre certificate* for equal amounts of the par value of the sums awarded to them, bearing intersat from the dates of paymenta Each proposition should be stsled snd endorsed, "Propo se * for ?li.- New York Counlv Court House Stock," and enclosed lo a see -ad envelope, addressed to the Comp troller. The right I* reserved lo reject any or ail of tba bids if the Interests of ths county require It MATTHEW T. BBBNNAN, Comptroller. CrrtorNrw To*?. Drr tarvaist or Fmascs, ) Conriapi-Lrn'a Orrica, > Saw Yoaa, May K, 1864. ) OFFICE OP THE PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM pan*. New York, May 10. IMt. Notlca I* hereby given that the Board of Director* her# this day declared a dividend of live (6) per cent oat of tba net earnings of the last three months, pajable at the onion of the oompany, on Thursday, the loth Inet The transfer book* will clo e on the l-ih mst, snd reopen on the ?3d lost ?y urderof the Boardof Direoiore. TIIBO. t. JOHNSON, Seerelirr. S0CTBEBB BASK NOTES WaNTKO.-NORTH CAR tilln*. South Csroima Geor.-la, Alabsma. Tennsense. Virginia an 1 New bauk nets<. by MANB1BO M DB FORBST, banker* and brokera, I'j Wall streak OOCTHERN BANK NOTtS, SOUTHERN .STATE O Bonds. Southern iaanrW*. of every deeerlptloa, wanted by WILLIAM B. SC it AN ION. 110 Pearl abeet UNION PAOIFIO B4ILROAD OOM PANT.? NOT1CB le here y a.vea 'a ihe Subscribers to the Capital Swch of the I' ii. i.o Pacific Railroad Bomia iy lliat a call f ir a fur ther pa>ment of l?a percent upon the amount of their s ib sorlpttOfia ha* bean made this dey. payable at the ofBoe at the company. 13 W. Ilium si eet. Sew York, an or bafare ilia ? lh of Jnne n?xt By oruer of Exacntlv* Committee. _ . ' JOHN A. Dll, Praaident Jonv J. Ci* co. Treasnrer. Nt w lou, May 10. Wlk (CI 9 nnn wantbd-o* FIRST CLAMS PBOPBR ?T Lii'/lJv rn in "'OOl'rPj by# y?\re, ate per cant No broker* need answer. Addfaaa A. B , Herald ofl-e. (BOn nnn-*0 L0A* OM impeovbd ?ty pbo pert y at sit per ocnt, for fl*e year*, moia or less, in one m n or *raallar auina. Apply to P. BENJA MIN. 7S^Veat Forty fifth street C 1 OR nnA T? loan-atsix pbrckbt intbb ?IfcU,lH/U est, for ten yirs or leas, on bon>l and mo~**feon reel eatato in thl* city or'Hrooklvn. Apply In the ufiioe of Uta Vaople's Fire lueori ce C mpanv. JOHN F. C0MBEY. tiCWallatrcat BPF.CI AL NOTICES. rBESCO PAtNTBRS ASS0CI AflON.-f HE B0SPBB are herewith respeelfull# Informed thut the msmlara the Fresco Pa!nt?r*' A soclatlon have resolved n l lo work for H?s* than par dnv, on and atter Monday, tha Od ef May, By or Jar. A. TOUK. Secretsry. LACNCH.-ON MONDAY MORNINO, AT HALF-PAST liotl'Mpci from Hr. R, Boole's f%r>l eortterof ??<?! una Sortb Ritfhth ilfrK Jei mr Ciir, ? 'ii*11- SlSUfSi acht ?lr! be aunched. N. S. "Visile ?* ' Wfll^ be fnrn I*fe4 w Ui p p< s anil tobacco, V? ? F ' ?'*?! ship s ) ftiv ilk iW COBNBt JVfl GRjN.sELL

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