Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 23, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 23, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW Y NEW YORK, ORK HERALD. MONDA^, MAY 23, 1864. PRICE THREE CENTS. TUB ARGU?*L1?I?S CASE. ' Important Diplomatic CorrtsponJence Lcaiing to tile Arrest TS2 B3ASCWS FOIl THE ACT. Au&lo- American EtTorlf to ' HuppresE tlie Slav? Trade. ? ) Izitrftgtisg St*.!cnrnts sf t&J De cresc* *; tLs Traffic. Tlt? Intli ^latent of Dlarshal Murray9 Jw?j He., Ii. bcrbtary t (p-^irD to district ittohn** hall. Dmi art utitrT or Btatr, Washuktw:*, May J5, 1M4. i. Ohjt IL* ml, Esq., Now York ? ?j?? lna\ e4ho honor to transmit to yoa tho official ?f?ra in t to mw cf Don Jose Augustin Araueltes. By tone pape m you will torn that tho proceedings of the larthnl of /tho Southern district or Now York In that case |w#ro lal mi fey direoltun of the President of tho Lolled MM. lano, |tT your yerj obedient servant, WILLIAM H. SEWARD. "MR. flAVAGl TO MR. SEWARD. [No. 107.] _ Cim*D firms Cohsclat*. IUvaha.Nov. 20, lfi? |M Wim-um H. SwiiiBi Secretary of State, Wat>b ?_X>70r one thousand African natjroee^ were brooRM t*tt ire citv a few days ainco. It is reported that they wwt e las "d from a aieamahlp (who?o name and nation r ire unknown), In the noiehl. >rhood oT (ardenaaor L* ua. Vory prominent ai d wealthy porsonu are said to W? imllcttco in this butino-s j bftve tue biuor to bo, ttth gro:tt resect, your obe iL.Tr,"'" THOMAS AAV AGE, V. C, G. T. p. The i' oatner was not captured ; it is believed that | ? be went to Nassau alter landing tho negroes. t* o. Mtt. SKWA11D TO LORD LYONS. Dm'AltTNBNT ok Stats, ) WashiRUton, Not. 23, 1863. J lit Lor.i>? It arrears, from Information this day re SCvcd frm the t'ousul General of the United states at Man* that over ouo thouaaud African nog-twa *?re fweoily' bi o j ?ht to that .y. It is reported that they Wire landed from a steamship fwUoto name audnation ?!Sty ure mdrnown), tn the neighborhood or t aruenad or S. B.ut that very promlueut aud wealthy persons are SffwbJ. innate! in the bnaioM. The steamer was M captured. It is believed that she went to Nassau at tor tending the negro?. Ibis intelligence baa been com* kmiiui'il to the Navy Department I h tvo the honor to be, with high consideration, your obedient servant, & LORD LYONS ? "rosGTO^Nov. 80.1SC3. fta? I Ttavo thH morning had the honor to reccive your ?sfct of tho day befo re yesterday, Informing me that taore than one thousand African negroet *ere V4??" ? Stvaua, i d that It is reported tbey were landed from a ?i?aiDsh.'.' which afterwards wont on to Nassau. I will without ni.y 1 'is or time, coinmontoate copies or gr?ote to her Majesty- guv, recent , to tbe Oovernor of Babfttua laUuds aud to the tonammder iu*Cbiof of her 6tiy 's naval forcci ou tho North American aud *e*t I UvoMm honor to be, with the highest consideration, ?r your mcst obedient, humble servant, LYO.ns. Xta* Hon. W* H. StwaKD, 4c., fcc., Ko. LORD LYONS TO MR. SiWARD. Washington, Fob. 4, 1804 aa>_l hastened to communicate to her liberty's p>v? Moment the note dated the astb of November last, in Mieb you did me the bouor to mform mo :b.u you bed S?r ?d from the United States Cocsul Gonoral at jRjana ttai more than one thousand recently imported African wm Md boon brought to thnt city. ... r ||- ,>^ty s government hud already r?oeivod m. JKe of V itVm Twei having lett tho At rlcan coast IStTa cargo of upwards of one thousand ?no bunde d 2l.?! on board, aud also of these slaveo having bejn Mod' d In Cuba. Thoy have since been informed by her SSliX urnsul (ieneral at Havana that eleven huodr.d SmTovo of the nowly imported slaves have been seized S-SlAw 1 zjt ^ ?V?^rMd"'eV"^ her pro !*"!t , i .(,?? W|il be very much obliged tr me rov vho I mt'd Mates will communicate to tUew r."i? ,?s.? ".?? ????' *??? Hr your most obed.ont bumble bCi vaut, LAOS*. Tfa Hon. WjUJi* H. S*w*?i>, Jtc , Ac- * c. LORD LY05S TO MR. TWARD. WA-iniiKiT.^.Fch 4,1864 w. n_,B b,i_i did not rail to forward to Ix>rd Ruspni! Vl?r of the i8th Nov. mber last In which ?Mdid me t^e b. nor U> Inform me that, i( hi-'- |nr^*h'l CTt,id i rroaro Uio draft of such a c mmunlcatton as ,MJI1 in hU Opinion, properly be addribfed to ^ the Cr.?i?h cabinet with a view<to procure an amendment af tLe laws aflectinR the introduction of slavee into (-aba. fc.Trw.deut of he United SUtee would authorize you to ?^??wl!h the government^. -pain n the same ? Cm and spirit with thore ?Honed by ber >njetty s ^^^rd^KuRseil has desired m? to thick yi u Tor taking t iko I'resldent's ioitructWot on this ui?tter a^ a tlme -luu, r ?>u?r nr?^?)oc affairn niiiBt havo ocoupicd atteii tiaj aino authorized ?ne ftA aominuutcata to you tho encU*e1 coplii of a doapatch i Mlmder at Madrid, aLd of a note In- , Skteh, in execution of instructions fr^u he' . 14 that MtowU'r i>o,atcd out to tho govern Eart of wpaln the measures which, In the opinion of her fixity 0 government, sre required for the suppression do uot doubt that a similar Har Majesty I overumeot of ^pam by ^^w SSStir at k..drld would have great i^Lht With the Hpanish CaMnflt. and they would learn 115 -uio sallsfaXa that the Cuited States repress? has been directed to make a oommuniwlK?tothe y*] " i umMtrr for Foreign Affiirs in the same sense aa Ct n> ?ie by her Majesty s Minat. r In the now of which my Kl? ^rr <"-? "K'lh^'WBiAAM . *"? Tka nrraent Captain lienoral of Cuba has acted in good K^lo cTvingCt the treaty ot>}l?.?tloos of ^ Bpjm ^ . J...,i.r?^-lou of the siavo trade, and tbe bpanieh v?rnm< nt r\pi<iars to h .ve U.tb^to appr.ved the pro 17 .. . .> th ,t ..filter I ho result ha< been that tne Z^Mr ofshves introduced Into C?ba within tho twelve ?MHths eadlrg the HOth of last ."eptomber i? ostlmaied at B^rVveu to eight thousand, as compared with eleven ^nand two hundred and flftv four, tho number mtro I tn the corresponding twelve months of the preci-d ^Thia" iiminntloD in tho Cuban slave traffic would be Lai^to^ If It w"re not that It Is mainly owing to the rS^,^or one individual alone-.ieneral Duloe, tbe 212^ CavUtoUweral of Cuba-who, It must bo b?,rne CTon.l Is liable to he removed at any moment, when, I 1 1 probabi Illy > lh# would a?aiu roaumo Us ^Te^rll'Cioo complains bitterly of the ???** ^ *+\it Diitver couierro i ui?ou b?m. and of the loadequa y tf tbe urovlelooa of I bo ?|MUiteh pcual code for i?Prfw* the Cuban stave tr v'.v and If an omcer so well dls pwel as is tbe present Cawtain Goooral of Cuba tods It <0 P"i * stop to tho importation of ?teves Into Cuba. It may .'aetly be Inferred that a less honorable o f m r would A ii<> ampio excuses for the no'i performan< ? oi kit duties In this respect. . ... i, i? Jo ordor t" put an end to the slave trade in Cuba II Caesary ?hnt the Spanish government shonld take stops am^odlng the laws pr.*lblilng the Introduction of uto that iclaod. The existing laws r ro admitted the Spanixti authorities to bo irsu.'llciotil ror tho pur a m for which they were passed, and until they ara rTrpj-d the niocerliy end good faith of tbe !<pauish ?o-?rtiin"nl will be liable to bo called In question. the l< nrth and thirteenth artkiies of tho penal ooda a protection t.^ the slavo doalers. Tho i", \r of tusM artti'le* prohibits the seizure by tba n.rii, s of stiy nowly lmi?rtcd siavea, no matter n? notorious wav h ive been tho violation of the Fpan L, laws in introducing tbe nogrooa, If onon ihe slaves iiecn convcyed to a property or plactatlon In tba Til' th rte. nth article, on tbe other hand, provides that aJ iL.l pSo.ent of 'slave dealers and thrlr arrom S?W^i? only bo inflicted In v.rtuaof a sent, nee oT tha r.H. ,aV Ar.dionria f'retorial," but in cooseiueme of uriv ti n whole Of tho popnlatloo of Cuba, an wall aa the -Toidlnat. authorities, being more or less mixed up and iiKK^t'vi in the slrvvs trade it Is Impossible to proenra JTi-oco to convict the parties engaged In tho traffic, and 2 w articie remains therefore entirely Inonaratlva. F'even hundred siavea have, aa ta wolf known to USe C.ernment of the Dnlted States, bean raeantly seised by kTiioaln (ieneral of Cuba arter they had- been sno .MIT anded sod oonveyed to a planutlon in that 2lTd Attempts will doubtleoa be made to procure their Sstlulll>>n ST5* ground that they have b?n Illegally 2^d bv tiTcapU,n General ; bnt If one of theae negroes antxed oy ?ne ^wp dealers sllher by tbe orders of i ?rnmcut of the Catted ttteW wtll u&Hte with ber K^Mty ? gov- rnment in ad'lrt'&uiag a aerloua remoowesw on the | subject to lbe Spaulab government. L'gu A 1HJ4 ' MB. V. V. en w A ED TO MA. IAVAAI. I NO. ?.] DiriRm o? Stats, \ ] Wasiiisuton, Mb. ft, 1804. f < Tbokas H*i.t (Jolted Buuea Vice Cougat General, | Sm? Yovr dee. tehee frtm No. 114 to 118, both Inclu- , aive. bun been received. Referring to your despatch No. 110, relating to the landtag or certain negroes from Africa, I bavo now to traasait herewith a ropy of a note from Lord Lyons, frotn which you will pereaive Uru the govornment of Great Crlulu de-Ire* further information m regard to the name or lbe vo6*el and the parties implies' ' I in her pro oeciliuj~. You will base tba gaodaees, I'. eieforo, ;. .n aeavor to obtain ftnrh fnrthor Inf. rmaticn as you t -n, and j communicate it to this department. I am, nir, your rb-ii u'ol servant, r. W NEWARK, Assistant Se< retary. MR. HEW * 11 1> TO LOUP LYONS. Dkpa< mbnt or *rATf, I WAMUXurosi, Feb. 0, 1804. J Mi llasa Ubrd Ltoss: ? I have the hunor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 4th instant, communicating the copy of a despatch from her Mit oity'a Minister at Madrid , and of a note fro-m-d under tbt instructions of her Majesty's gov ernment, pointing out to I he government of Spain the measures which, In the opinion of her Majesty's govern ment, are required for the suppression of the Cuban slave trade. [n reply I bare the honor to aoqualnt you that, IB con formity w^th tho suggestion contained la y ?ur note, the Minieter of ibe Uaited stales at Madrid baa been Instruct ed to address to the 3 pun tab Minister for Foreign Affairs a rep's'^iiMtion in the saint Bonne as tbat made by bar Majesty's Minuter in the note above referred to. 1 uta, my dear Lord Lyons, very truly yours, WILtJAM H. SEWARD. The Right Honorable Lord Lyons, tic , tie , be. P. B.? I enclose a copy of my instructions to Mr, Koer nsr. MM. 8BWARI) TO MR. KOBRNBR. (No. 07.] VxvAtmtm op st?T?. > WA?HW<;tWl?, 1-q b. 8, 1SH4. j (ii WAvrs KocuNnt. Ksq., &o , Madrid:? Sm?.?y the ninth article of tbe treaty of Washington of the win <>i Augu-ti, 1842, between tbe Tinned States and Great Britain, it is stipulated that tbe variles will unite in all becoming representations and remonstrauccs with any and all Cowers within whose dominions such market* |for Alrican negroes] arc allowed to exist; and Ibat tticy will urge upon all such Powers the propriety and duty of closing such markets effectually at ouoo sad forever. Spain is believed to be tbe only Christian State Into whosu dominions African negr< es aro now introduced as slaves. Sbe has a treaty with Ureal Britain stipulating for tiio suppression of that traffic. The instrument was concluded at a timo and under cirsumstanuee wblcli, as it fteems to us. imposed a pectilinr weight of moral obliga lion ou Spain to Boo tbat ber stipulations were carried into full effect. It is understood, however, that the just expcc'iuiuns of tbe liritish government in tbat respeut have been signally disappointed. This has, no doubt, been mostly owing to tbe fact tbat a great pirt of tbe public revonue of Spain bas hitherto been dofived from Cuba, the prosperity of which island has, iu some quar ? tore, been erroneously supposed to depend upon a con tinued sapply of Imported siavo iab ^r. Thli is believed to be the source of tbe disregard of Cuban slave dealers of tlia banana policy of tlie bome government, sr.d tbe alleged lucillcieacy at times of die colonial autborities. We have no treaty with Spam on the subject of tbe slave ir.iae, but. v> t:.e 1 iws of the I oiled States charac terized it as piracy leng before our treaty with Great Britain above referred to, wo thiols ourselves entitled to consider that trade an offence again* I public law so far as to warrant our faithful compliance wiui the stipulation contain*'1 in tbat treaty Herewith 1 transuii: a copy of an informal note ou tills subject, of tbe 4th instant, addressed to me bv I.ord f.yous, ami ?< the p^pera to which it refers. From these it '?ppems that, thungb tbe number of Africans introduced iDto Onbu Ih diminishing, yet that tbe municipal laws in forcc there require amendment before a stoppage of the trailK! can be expee'ed. Tbe peculiar relations of Great Britain to Spain, with rc.'orence to this topic, may justify to the full oxtett tbe toil of the uote of Sir .lohn t ramp ton to the Mar in Is of MlraQores. lbe relations of the United tiiaiea t > S| am, how* ver, are of a different character, but tbe I "resident and directs you to address a coauuuniealion in general terms to the Spanish Minister for Fore Affairs. setting forth tho treaty stipulations between tbe United Suites :<nd Great Britain on tins mb.ict, and siatlng tbat It would a.Tord the utmost satisfaction in this country if any obstacles existing iu Cuba to tbe complete suppression of the African slave trade should be romoved. 1 am, &c.. WILLIAM H. sr.WARO. Mil. KdURKIS, CNHKD STATES MINISTER AT MAURtU, TO TBI SCCRBTART PF 6TATB. M-tuair, Fab. 28, 1404. , (ijttrac.1. ; a a a ? a a Some time previous to the recolpt of .vour last Fir John Crampton hnd called u; on me, and bad explained the grounds and tbe obje- t of tbe remonstrances waicb his government bad felt itself compelled lo ru<>k? to the Span ish KuverumeDt respect :ng certain failure* in the proper eter.utiud o) treaty stipulations existing betweea Great Xrita n and Spain as to tbe suppression of tbe Flava trade. Ha also informed asa of the PiaiMail'l promis e to sup Dirt the British rs' lamation. ac'rdlcg to the Wasinogtoo treaty. Subso<tuent to the receipt of your despatch upon that subject 1 bad another interview with Sir John, In wbich he informed tne of tbo conversations and the cor- 1 ret?|>oadcuce which be bad already bad with ihu Minister of Stato on tbe question, and of bis prospects of auccaat. I * ? ? 0 ? ? GUSTAVU8 KOCRXER. Lroaho!*, rrr, , MAoam, Feb. 27, 1#64. To bis Fxi?ilency Senor Don L. Asp.a.ola, Mlolster of vimis of ber Cktbotic Malesty ? Sia? Tbe sub ect of suppresjing tbe Inhuman African slave trade bas bee.i one of deep anxiety to the gov era mnnt of the United btates from the time of its foundation, j Tbe United Slates bave baon among tho first of nations, II not the first, that bave denounced ibis traffic in humus beings as "piracy," and bave visited their own citizens imniH-ated in it with tt^e severest penalties At very heavy tocuniary sacrifices and at the risk of the lives of their own naval oflicers and scaoieo, they have lor m >re than twenty years supported a squadron on the western ) coast of Africa, in a must destructive climate, iu order to prevent the successful carrying ou ef tbis nefarious trade. Ibev have, a like view, entered Into stliniistior.s with the government of hor Hntanuic Majesty, In tbe | ysar 1M2, conuinrd In what is called tbe Treaty of Wash ingtoo, the nintii article of wblcb is as follows ?[Here follow* tbo article entna.] lbe aiteution of lbe President of tbe United States has Istelv l>e?n directed to certain difficulties which bare pre si-nted tbemselvee, snd which appear to prevent a com plete suppression of tbe sisve trade iu tlia colonial poses I sloes of bar f'atholie Majesty, and more egpecla'ly in tbe [ Ipiand of Cuba, which dfltlciiltiea do not arise from any ilecua of the Spanish colonial authorities to favor thaaald trade It is well koowu that tbe e lorts made by tbe Cap tain oeneral of that Ms-id correspond entirely to the wise Hod bumane policy which tbe home government of ber tat holic Ma'est v has adopted m regard to the subject ia quoetion, snd wbich is thoroughly spprcclstad by tba 1 resident aud lbe |>eop{e of tbe United statea. Tbe difficulties spoken of seem to be inherent in tbe laws and regulations in existence, which are snp;<osed to give room to Interprets! ont by which their force may be evaded. la view of tbe general policy of tbe United States , wbicb locks u|>oa tbe African slsve trade a* an offeree agalnal the public law af nations, and bas denounced it as piracy in visw also of tbe treety stipulations existing iietween tbem and tbe government of ber Britannic Ma Jaaty, tbe I'reaident of tbe United Statee hss lustrneted tne to rtgpectfully call the aiteatloa of he^Catbollc Majesty a government to this subject, and to suggest sucli a revision of the existing laws and regulations con cerning the anlawful Introduction of slavee inte tbe island of Cuba ss will bent accomplish tbe object which her Maiesiy's government bad iu view when tfcoeo laws aiid regnii.tlmut were euscted. It Is hardly necessary for the undersigned te assure your Kxcuikucy that these suggestions arise from the purest motives, and VHld not bave been made iiulese the l'resideni had considered tbe very friendly and cor dial relations existing between tbe I'nited Statea aad Spala as Justifying tbi< application, and bad ha not bessi bound to snotber friendly nation by engagements which it is his duty , aa well as his pleasure, to carry out faith folly. It Is slmost equally uonecessvy for aa to inform year Excellency tbst it would afford the utmost satisfaction to the Preeident uod the people of tho United States ir nny obstaclsa existing iu the Island of Cuba to tbe complete supprss siou of tne African slave trade should be removed by tbe considerate action of lbe government ef ber Catholic MajCSly. Tbe undersigned lanes great pleasure to assure, kc. GUSTAVUS KOKRNKR MR. BATAOI TO M*. F. W. S&WARU. [No. 127 ) Ukitbd Statss Cowman Uiwiast,, 1 Havana, March ft, 1884. j lion. 1. W ,"a?ARn, Asslftaut Secretary of State, Wash ington, P. C. 8ts <n reply to your despatch of the Sth ultimo, an. com puny h k a copy of a note from lord Lyons or tbe previous date, I ha\eto state Uiat. notwithstanding tba tnost diligent iininlnes among mr frlenis, I bave been unable to ascertain tbe name of the steamer that brought tbe large lot of Alrican negroes (upwards of a thooaand) 0'itored by the Spanish authorities. Those negroee were ?edeu in the district of Colon, on tbe south side of this Is: -id. Tbe steamer bad been originally English, and osme from Fnglatid to Cadiz, where sbs wss put nndsr Spanish colors, fitted out for lbe slave trads, and c'.eared osteneiblv for a lawful voyage to Fernando l'o, aBpanlah Inland on the coast or Africa. The negroes were captured on shore bv the Lleutonaut Governor tbs district, and 1 am eonfidenrtally informed tbat the stosmer proceeded again to Africa for another I. ad of tbe aame kind, the neoeeeary stores havtag been placed on boerd immediateiy on tbe discharge of her eergo. It is said that Den Julian Zalacta, Don Salvador Kama, Marqula of Mariano, the Brigadier ttarcta Munos and ether prominent pereone? amongst whom General Concha la mentioned? were interested ia thai expe dltlon. Several sieve expeditions havs been landed for tba same psrtles. but two beeldee tbe shove have been cap tnred? one of about atx hundred negroes snd the other at about two hundred, most of the cargo d tbls latter hav ing been leaded . and the veaaei eanveyins tbem hsa tba appearance of being l-nglieb bulh. Don Jaaa flerreraa, a partner of Mr. a Heme, baa been foe anme tinte pest la ronffnement, ? barged with balag implicated la tbeae Tiolatioos n f to*. ***** s?s umw mmiswi^i i% fnrHiAtion roach me I will Ml fail to transmit u at Ike earlioHl opportunity. 1 uq ait, will! great reepeet. year obedient servant, lUtJK HA V AUK, Vice Oouaul General MR. BgWARD tO LOU> LYONfl. DaPABTHKNt OV ST4TC I WAXHnuruN, March 11, 1*?4. | Ml Heourrlng to your note of the 4tti ultimo respecting tbe arrival lu Havana of a thoosaod import"! negroes, In which tbe dealra of her Majouty h govern ment lor any Inloriuatmo cm the subject is signified. I have (tie honor to enclose a copy of a despatch or the 6th mutant from I ho United stales Consul General at (hat port, which relatoa (o tbe matter. I have the honor (o be, with htgh consideration, my lord, ymir obedient servant, WIIJ.MM 11 fH.WAKD. The Kiglit HouorabJe Lord Ltonn, Ac. , Ac. , Ao MR. P. W. 8BWARP TO Hit. BAVAttK. [No. 72. | IlKVAltTWKRT Or *?<?, I Wa.huincto*, March 11, 18', 1. J Thohaw 8ayj?s, Ksq, , Vice Consul o( tlio United wtes Havana Sir? Your desnatch So 127 lias been received, and a copy Kent to Lord f,yons, her Hrltaunto Mammy's Mu ster, for bio Information, in regard to tbo landing or Africans In Cuba. X am, sir, your obedient servant. V. W. SKWAKD, As?in?nnt Secretary. MR. SATAUK TO Mil. bkCVAKD. f No. 180. | Goran-its Gsnsrai or nw Ustntu Statrs ok Amkrica, I Havan*, March 27, 18?i4. f Don. Wn.LUM H. Skwarii, Secretary of St.ite, Washing ton: ? Sir? 1 have fit'-t returned from an Interview b.vl with the Captain Goueral by bis request, tbo object of winch was to ascertain It' t he Duitcd St nice authorities Can re turn to this usUmt tho person or :in olilcer of tbe Span I h array nainel !><n Augustiu Arguelles, who is b ? lieved to bo in?New York. This of Deer wnn, in November last, the Lieutenant Governor of tlie district of Colon, in this island, and effected tbe capture or tho large expedi tion of Afrie m negroes, re|>orted by mi? to tho depart meut on the 20th ol' November last? despatch No. 107. The government wa3 Ui'jbiv pleasod Willi b.jreil, and paid him $10,000 for hi* share of the prize raouey usually allowed to csptors of sucb expositions. Tho olilcer sub sequently obtained s leave of ahi-nco of twenty days, upon his representation thai tho object of bla journev to New York was to purchase tbe Spanish journal there pub lished, called Ka Ctwiiea. Ho hvi not returned, and since bis departure it has boon discovered that he and other officers of the district of Colon retained and sold into slavery one hundred and forty one negroes captured by tbem Some if these negroes were sold at $700 aud otb era at $760 eicb. The Superior Court of tbe Island, ha\l ng exclusive juris diction over such causes, has taken coxni/aoce of this case, nnd requireii the presentation of Uou Jose August in Arguelles before it to insure tbe prompt liberation of these one hundred and forty one victim1?. Tho Captain Geucral gave me to understand that, without Argnelles' presence, it would bo very difficult, and at all cvor.tH it would require a Ion? time to attain taut humane object, liis Excellency pronouueed Argualles to lie a scoundrel worse than thief or highwayman, Inasmuch as be took advantage of niu poaitlon a< tho local authority to com mit that outrage with little risk to Uimsolt. I told the Captain General Hint in the ab?en?e or an ex tradition treaty between the two .rovernuioius. or of any law, public or municipal, authorir.tue tbo rendition, o\ir government could not grant tbe roq' est. but promised to lay the matter, in tUia confidential way, before von, which be desired mo to C.o by tbe earliest opportuoiiy. 1 bog of you to consider the subject, and to advise u.c at an early day of your views thereupon I have the honor to be, wilb respect, yoiir obc* dient servant, i Hos. saVAGK, Vice Consul Ceceral. MK. TAS8A1 A Tr> V*.#B1WABD. 1^< A' lON l>S r.SI-AMA r..V WATINOT"*, 1 j WASHiNOmX, April 5, 1^04. |" The undersigned, Envoy Extraordinary aud Mioister 1 Plenipotentiary of her catholic Majesty, has received in formation of the arrival in this country of an oncer of tbe Spanish army, Jion Jose Augostln Arguellei. escaped from the Island of Cuba, usi Jvr tho chargc ol having fold &egroe.i int'? slavery. lhe circumstances of tbe < a*e seem to be ss follows - The above named oniner was. jii Norembc-r last, I.iou tenant Covertior of tbe District of Colon, and effected wbtlst In this capacity <be sel <ure of a large expedition of African negroes. The g -verumcnt, pleased with bis real, paid him a lariresnra as his i hare of tho prize m< ney usually allowed to the captors of such expeditions, lhe officer subsequently obtained a leave of ab of t wetiir days to proceed tt> New York, Uiion le^recertin^ that the object ot blf ionrney was to pi:rrha?e s Spanish jotin ai published to that city but mnuu his departure it has been discovered that ho and other offlc< rs of tbo District of colon retained and sold inl-< sUvery one hundred uud torty-oue or tbe nocroes cap 1 1 red by them. The Superior I'ourl of tU? island, btvlni; exc.)u?tv? jurisdiction over ?ncb eao.seB.h.1* t ik"'! ifoknizaseo 1 1 its case, and requires tbe presence of Arg rile* lmioro il (o Insure lhe prnupt liberation of tbe oue hitndred a d torty one \lctuus. Without suob j>rw 'uiation u wo*il.| be v^ry di'Uoull, an<l, at all eveuts, >1 voultt rc<- .re a lonj time to attain that hutnni>? 'ibject. The undf-nnufd is well aware ttiAt no extradition (reaiy Mali between the United States and i'paiD, in \ irt-ie of which the *ur render of Argaelles to tbo authorltlss Of < ub? might be I'Mitned Yet, corsldering the crcte *n4 scandjiloii* onl rage wbinb haa beea c lum tted , as well ay tbo later**!* of bin ii an Ity at stake in tbe r>r m;>t ieselution of tbie mutter, h-i has not bv 'Uatcd in submitting tbe case m this con Aden tial way to tbo consideration o? >ho tinted Siatea, i'i ?rder to ascertain whetlior an in* eldont so ?x> eptl >oable could not be luet with excep tionable me;iaui?s. l^e underai^ned has I eea ih m ^. e induced to take Ihln -tep that? he ba.i good rea?<>n t.> be lieve a similar applicit ion to aavo liern ui ulo, alao, in a oniidentlal form by lhe Captain General oft uba. The tinUersnned avails hltn?etf or Ihts iM t-sslon to renew to the Hon. Pe? rewry of State tbe assurances of bis bigbest consideration. GAURlKt# G. l'ARSAIlA. Hoii. W. H. ?kwari>. MX. F. W. g(WARI> T1 MP. SaVAUK. I V->. 7ft.l iHIPAHl MTM Of ^TAIK. W ASH'Hr.TOX, 1 Aprli 14, lsw. ( Thomas Savior, Teq. , Vice Consul General of the United States, Havana ? flu? Your despatch \'o. 1?(! ha.? b?-sn received, In wlitcb yon call attention to tbe ca?e of Dm .)<?? Aupi' tin Arguellse. I am liistrialod to Inform you tuat, if t&e Captain General will ?( nil to New York u sunublu officer, 1 steps will, If i>ossible, be :a?eu to j.laoo in his charge tbe above named Individual, for toe purpoat indicated in yeur destwtcb. You will immed lately communicate tbe idirport of Ibia Instruction In conQdeni e to tbe Captsin General. I am, sir, four obedient servant, F. W. SEWARD, Assistant Secretary, MR. a* WARD TO MR. TASSAP.A. Kriart* axr of Si ats, 1 | Wasruiutiir. April 10, 1M54. i To Senor Pern Gauriri Garcia y Tamara, Ik., Sic . kr ' Washington:? 1 Sir? In acknowledging tbe reeeipt of yonr confldsntlal communication of tbe sth instant, I have t ue honor to inform you that ths < onsu I (3sueral of tbe t utted .'jtate.* at Havana has been iiii'ructed to state to bis I'.xcel loncy thefCaiitaln General oi < 1>? that, if suitable officcr be sent to New York, such Mtnpa as may be proper wi:i t>e taken to place in his chargc, for the purpart indicated in your note, the Spanish officer Don Jore Agusim Argucltes. Re pleased to accept tbn renewed assurance of my very bigb consideration. Wilt I AM H. SKWaTU*. MR. SAVAGR TO MR. SIWARI). I No. 142.1 Cow lais Grotrai or ton form* 8tatr* or awsrka, \ IIavaia, April 3.1, lt>64. j Hon. Wm. Fl. Srivakd. Secretary of State. Wsebington;? fh?? I hare the honor to acknowlddgd the r>c?pli0i pf d?n patches Iron the department Nos. TO to 77. twth in clusive. 1 also received jreaterdny the despatch No. 79, signed hy K. W Bernard. Assistant Secretary, and Im mediately communicated tbe purport thereof, la cea fldence, to tbe Captain General. lie had likewise a despatch from the Spanish Minister at Washington, ad - vi'in c htm of the Interview tie bad bad with v>u on the subject of the rendition of the Spanish efflcer Jose A ' gust In Arguelies. Ills Excellency whs very much pleased, and very warmly expressed his thank* to me for the promptness witb which 1 had atteadod to his re quest In this matter. He read me theHpanisb Minister's letter, aad said that he would tend a proper to ?irfnrm tbe service, who will probably proceed to New ork, by tbe steamer Columbia, on Monday next, aad on arrival Immediately reirtr to Washington and place blm. aelf under tbe direction of tbe Spanish Minister. In tbis connection, I deem it proper to make known to you that the Captain General is under tbe Impression thai ArgueUoa will bo surrendered as accused of crime, to ba subjected tq trial here. In which rase, from what I can learn, be will certainly be convicted and sentenced to the chain gang, which will be the fate of tbe cerate of Colon and three or four others who wore accomplices, alders and abettors of Arguellee ia the nefarious basinets. I did not say snything to lUi Excellency to tbe contrary, not reeling authorized to do so, The one hundred aad forty one nesroeg gold tot* glavery by Arguelies. as alleged, were represented by blm aad bis aooompilcee as having died of disease aTtev lending, and the curate of Colon Is charged with having made a new register of deaths, wbereln those supposed deaths were inserted. This new register supplanted tbe regular one, wbloh the Captain General says Arguel ies took away, and now has in bis poaseaaloa. Concia slve evidence or this fact Is before the Court. I have the honor to remain, with greet reapeet, your obedient servaut, THOB. 8AVAGK, Vice Consul General. The Indlrtmrnt ef Maribal Mnrray, Ctif and ( nuniji ef Ne\ o Ttrk, St.? The Jurors of tbe people of tbe State oT New York, In and ror tbe body of tbe city and county of New York, upon their oath pre sent:? That Robert Mnrray, late of the fifteenth ward of the elty of New York, In tbe county or New York aforesaid, and Cbarlee McKay, late oT the same place, and Daniel Young, late or tbe same plnce, and Iben 8. Poor, late of the eame place, and Samuel P. Jones, late of the same place, on the lltb day of May, In the year of our Lord 1M4, at tbe ward, city and county aforesaid, with force and arms, la aad upon one Don Joee Agnstln Arguelies, tben and there being, did feloniooaly make an aseaait, sad did then and there wilfully, relcnkmslf , and unlaw reliy take late tbelr possession as a prisoner, end did tben and there wilfully and felonluslf kidnap tbe eaid Don Joee Auguetln Argneliee. with the felonious Intent te tben and there canae tbe eaid Don Jose Auguetln Ar guelies te be tbea and there sent out ef the State of New York, aad agalnet hta will, and that they, tbe said Robert M array .Char lea McKay, DaaM Young, Rbea a I'oor aad flemuei P. Jonee, in the unlawful aad felonious premiers aad aeta aforesaid, then and there, by them done and committed, aoted therein, then and there ss aforesaid, wjibeal RIT lawful author l IT, aad warns! tbe will ef ihr id Don Jose Angunlto Arguet'ee, and against **? f. n o' iho iu such case in ?l i provided , i ??'? mr uuii the pe?co "I the l^ople of Iho State of Ne.v Yark IL^rdtouUy. A. OAKKY HALL. * * District Attorney. ADMIRAL LEE'S "FLOTILLA. ,UiaM. ml (he N?*a> Oi?*t*??oo?i on (l?? Jamil ?>*?'? MM. B. B. 0PB0N'? Ml' ATf'fl. Jahm Rum, Va., May 19, 18B4. Tue fleet which has boen clustered at Newport's Now* for a ??e'' or more, 8?t ,n reikdlueee on tus 2d to m >vo on .(a sppolnted mission. The day was spent in making preparation, and tho number of vessels was lnor^u^.1 Uy the addition or *ome of the doobla-cndera. Acting Roar Aduilra I*? bolsled his llag on hoard ll.o steamer Mal vern vt?ich has b-en put into oomplote order t > be t"o u:w um*Mp In pla?'0 of tho Minnesota, which na* moved down iuto Ilainpton Roads, to bo a sort of receiving ship lor the translcr of men Into the navy trcrn tlio army. rho fleet off Newport's News consisted of tlio iron clad Roanoke. the now Qtilulard battery, called the-Onon dsua " And having two turiots, in aaoh of w'uirt M? ftl'teen Inch fun and a two hundred-pouoUer ; tba Tecumseh. ono turret; the Cannoulcus. one turret; the Saugus, one torrot, and the Atlanta, Ibc Mackinaw hutaw ?md other douhlo-eiidors; tho gunboats (Koola, Pawn Comnwdore Jones, Commodore Morris, Sbuw.iuoao and a nnnAar of powerful armed luge. The order was given to get underway that evening and . , respective pl.tces in line, for the morning s movement? l.argo numbers or schooners arrived, and tho anny transports and steamboats #J?0 cm.e I Inlaro noiobors, most of item !U:;;d wrthuoow. The river" off Newport's News was filled with the loot .. ..7k?Mil thero. Ttr araiy vcceU, with tli- ir uuhU d unlay ed, mido a xno*t beautltul an i '""jrestin^ . hl The tvies nt-aaiolDif around witU tlidir lilo*liko ninvenoei is; tb'o bustle about the landing tho drum and ato sounding tattoo ou tho army steamers; the whole assembling of tlio accumulating steamers, lortr.od asMue and aflbrdad a pleasure whi..h ?n? doos memory! and which oncoseen Is novor eft ic l rein tl >uiemor>. Tho Admiral at tho head; tlto oflicers In <jbnr;,'e of their .^e.iective steamers : tho zeal which inspires all ban, Is, UM iJWPer emulation wUU h is foil; the prize which it is Mugbt to ga in. niako this gathering one of intense slg n iiicwce t and we trust all loyal may have an onoortuuity to mjulee at the success which all so earn estly hope may result from the cinuleuoy of this gathered i'lie fleeti which on the evening '( tbe 4th nuietly lay oil' Newport's News, w:-s at anchor above t ity loiut, t 1 a SESvt: luit iust well broke, and one of tlie m<>st beautiful anil .ulet morning* I e> -r saw. Tho river was without a ripple, and lb-: air mild yet Invigorating, and the ?"??? iiigm m' slowly M.d gracefully risiu?' from ovu the land. rt.e iio< i sailed in ID- ioUo.vlug order;? Inst, the tr^u clad Teci"n#"b, then iheliationic'is.lrou-clwi.tUj ? ai'g i^on cliul utiti llio OuooHifn, Rua ou <>? ido Monitor Rolilud cam# tbe Atlanta ? ormerlr he rebel ram. and capturod ?>v ( apt. Jo^.n .T'' thass Mouitor Wcohawken, in .Varsaw siou.?a. (..i. ' iV?U 1 IBese V 01 e artneil t'.i?? suit double enders, and then C''"?*? boats, and a line o? tuc-s .iea.n ^is. sc^nertu eloone, and all ^rts and slaes, and via of veb., JSS, so l.iug a ute i bat wo -aunot see both enus : on alter live o'clooltwe V tii i a form-vlv owl e/1 liv the n-bel pirate John N. MiHU, , a pleabaut larui nojse. with adjoining oi.tuui lum -s n. , . o quarters, AC. !h. Admiral then came a < l ie ,ne n h.s (taglbip, tU Malvern, pa& cd oy and ap tho line out ?fKi -vho ran now see the whole line, It forms ao In te-o-Hn-: and im|?slug sigiit. 'be iron e aos iu adva k , ?r,?r rrf; - - ? bouseliohi WJiUi. the Uetauiura, lbs .^yivan sud "^CTVSs. lb. ?? romc, ?.? Ihut, and at #:lft It slowed down a few miuutea at '''^"ic^'itassed ororewbarr where waa encamped a v tt;on trvij. t pin, lfce hne pas-ed the Tud a: nv He ba-aks a -eriss of e: r. tonsive earihv*?r ss of ^fun^o'c^T^U d the < id ch ;rch on .T.m.^town ii nud .'i;d ?? the Mine thro ?he steamboat Greyhound, with c'uuoral Jtnt' r and st?T on board, pasftol by and up ?? *4.'sssk. would , a *: e it She seen- to beon Hi- own U^k.1' Tnd remimls me or tbe liu o bur whicli move ever the ?ur-a-e C the wstar, shootlr'^ BO.# b?re and tbe' e, drop ?in- behind tl,e fleet, and ngaPi cora!r.g up by, and uow she' is awav off toward tbe month ot tlia ? hiclubomlnv li i -h se are passing. lh? river oj-ens out into the lainrs Its bank , are frini<ed with ?a?ft, green foliage, iniumv as It would seam, too peaceful to be the stream to which bKlory will give a name wb'ch a 111 recall the " wt^o^^a^md'plantation. tt-e chief bouse of winch stood upon tbe bank, though, wi-t. windows and W^?tCrwenc^ae" At or Cwiersl Sutler's boat w,,l a uumber of other army ste.miers ai"l transi^ias which hid gime up during tbe n'ght and were new along r ^ Wilson's ?b irf, the name or the locality. Tro or ttires canal boat*, a number of bar<ee and iteamer* were .mloadlnc solders, who were formic In the bank two batteries of artillery hod dWembai kod !0'l there were others afloat. <ien . Bv. ler s boat pushed (>n and was agaiu moving up tbe Ktreaoi. llio [argo ? .rsaior Planter alw came by, loaded wi-h colored lrWtTson's wharf was eo?n left In the distance and ,h,. i>r i .-oottniwd its way up unmolested and noletiy. TIm ucuro wbe l^nde<I ?t Wilf^n ? R'? already pt' ko'iug the bank, of the river abo,e the land ,r^. t?il na o'cl-cfc Fort Powh itan came into jhie or' is situated on tbe southw< si bank ot tbe where It rnnkes a bend to tbe northward, and on a L7uff'r*m which tbe wood, have been cleared. It to an ,v? ^.ork an I. with a snll'eient force for Its de "Ubt make a stubborn fight. 51111 have eace or twice driven i?? garrlrnn out ol the fortlii the U.e of tbe bluff forme a steep declivity r*, mTh, river to the top,, close to whieb Is ibe f???of from t ? tuifrow DAlfcwiT only IcaU^ up from tbe Plact?r and <lr^yht"ind ir? alonjr airterilie base o( the bluff, and some of the men 'ande-1 ?! Ji^f aiiytbiug could be diacernod in or from the fort rh.^u < ame back to tbe .hips, aud tbe -learners WVt we came in sight of the advance vessels of the fl Ai stopped, and off Windmill Toint. We soon ?riJ2i at tisrr son s bar, and tbe iron clsds also passed arnTtfJ^?yle and safely. At the wharf (Harrtoon'? 1,1 c" 1 ? - bavliig been the point of em we HAw aroiitiil Mid ander Ih. mrtiroof a floe raaoslon a jroup ot meu, who had tbep^ri toenailing to some one in a hous>e on tbe K - ba7 Vor tl we have seen fu.icb slg Kg'romthe elevated points of land aloig tbe river r^ionbtesiy the information ot eur approach ? lbu? ! trrtn pomi to p-'lnt to tbe rebel f*piul. ^t tbre? o'clock the vessels arrived off Jordsn'i Point, ^\??%rslf are putting off from the diflerent steamers rf h^ rar 's p, and In hair art hour they return end ^. vs ^s a^in gei nnder way, (teaming up the river. VJtZttadUrf us Is City point, tbe place of exchange for ns ion and rebel prisoners and tbe point towblch the ofTruce boat New York makes ber weekly or trt ?ikir tripe ftom Kortresa Monro* The point makea well oat into the river and ia at the junction or l he stMnomaliei and Jamea rivers, aud also the eastern *2mu!us or the Pst? rsbur| a?d James River Railroad, ihe land at the I'olnt rises quite abruptly to an elevated oufteeu upoB which are a number of houses and a eigiul L .fl 'whicb wltliln tba bour artev we came n si;bt, ,ted iv otr Signal elllcers. Troops are len.iiug W^T thor* is covered with them, army w??a, and all iho parapbernlla of war. ITosi alter --J-r,s up V* the landing, until they eome far out into the river *nJ other vessels, wllbtl.e.r l?>ads. are obliged J bv the Appomattoi and move to tbe hank of the JsmeOb' ve'wheie they .too, are beginning to disem- j b*TbolA* uiirwMn iba Iron clad Tecumseb, ceotmnaa on, thl olhe iron clads and naval vessels following . snd all ~ m. to anchor About two milea ab-ve tlty Point. Maamboate from tbe harbor and rivers of New Tort, . ??, asters, propellers and canal boats move up V) the shore . with their living loads, and are quickly etnp U*!lief Spauldlng naw moves up, crowded *ltl ""sight rs la on the scene, and tbe quiet of (veiling ^aV M* ea"y 'bour^'on1 tha morning of the ?th a s.i of true* came down tba river in a steamer, i ? b at witn an oflloer put off from her 'm, alongsi'ls the Tecuasseb with a me?saga l.?T\or ilie Admiral, that as a subter Tnco W gain information concerning tbe fleet. Soon fuge to gain .? iron. ciads aud navsl sfter seveo o cwji "ting ander wav, and by eight T, '*!**? w"re off up tho river, the New York, flag of trnca tho white flag flying, forward, and a Tsw other bo*1, ?. foliowTni Tbs Naw York baa received a smash ! "hOT starbosrd qusrter from collision, which hsa made In her starooaruMu ininon and appev worka. ? ?i!nslv proceeded np tbe river, the New York ?* beat SEfng by the remainder of the line. _ flag of truee paw ?bere on the wast bsnk of the r'v errand tw Troopa^ ara ^?l?t.y moving np that b*"J" . ?.n miles below fort Pari lag a plckst came down r^.^b ^lS wh.7 running' ~t m? tha rlvar fr? m vn.< ??l'? . h % onnUahand with ami haiied be fleet and wWiM^u ^ w||h valuable ("n . onl).'#r fb,, tr<'0 olsd Onondaga, belna ? bim?.?4u*3?M waa over In 6se ?yle and safely. barfailcfi (7 rm tbs renlhswa, on b ard and in a few minute* aent to tbo fl ?*blp. ^fter I lb) <M|iiruiion of a Utile wbile algnnU ??u f> u ? tho and tbo Heataame (<> anchor. The bl ik man , remained a few lumutoa on tbo iKjsni;) ir>d then w..a acnt to Ibe Jrbnwiheen ? gunb< at, winch look bun up ttte river. 11 appaari bo was familiar with tbe location or the tor. pedoes which bad boou placed hi the river by ? lie reb"l?, and wanted to give information wlncn would prwt-nt ; any uccldent to tbo fleet. lie tuid about a mile ibovn i win a torpedo, which wad to bo fin >1 by a wire lioiu '.he ! shore, aud be could Hud it. Ho ho was n i>4 up in the . Hlinwrtioen, .ind the gunboats coinmcnced drngilng for ; them, though finding nothing. I he Commodore Jotica, , tho Kunboat? ferry boat stylo ? was abend and very n?-,?r i whero tho negro aid tbo torpedo was placed. 'Hi n J Beaumont, oommii'iding tbe Unckmaw, n'vUod Opuin Wado, of tiio Jonee, uol to go III tbat vicinity , and tbo contruband ;?id, ?? Massa < tptam. if yon yo i in*' ' y> u got biowed up " Hut ( apuiu Wade wns oul. 'U to go In order to prevent bin vjsoI from getting aahore. and In huf a moment tho torpedo oip'> led, hi ?< the lonea out of tho water , breaking liar iu the middle, bursting , tho boileis and blowing tbo vend ii.ti ten thoi .t.d piecoa. Indeed , rflii Is now, wh'.t th th ii !. it of her, bottom up, while the vicinity ik strewn fragmenta A coli, um of water, of pyramidal form, wa* lifted Into tho o r til ty tosuty 'cot, and iho vo??el bo; no up it'i it. The Captain and Executive OfliMf Acre on deck, a d not materially injured. Manp of tbn other oflicera wero killed or ure ui smj. There woco about ono hundi"l and tweuly ?ouIn un board, and out of them seventy-live or more arn killed, wo itidod or misslntr. Itio lo*i ? f I We end limb wus (currul. About thirty like to til ty wore kn.'ed or wounded, and nono of tho dead bavo bceu found, lbey are either gunk or covercd in the debris and rnia of tho veaael. Moit of the wounds wero contuftloni and severe The wounded wero nearly all taken on l*o-rd tho Mackinaw and cared for. Iho man wlulliol the tor|iedo immediately run to m ike his eacai>e, nd wan Hliot liy one of the men on beard the guu|> ut I'otrwiiodoro . Morris. Ail olBccr of tbo Mackinaw, with a number of incn, went immediately on shore and found the w ires which ccniiuimicfetod with another tori odo, liy widt h the Com aindore Jones bad pataad when she km blown up. lie tr iced tbo wirolrom tbebosoiitouliox like excavation in tho "horn, from which two in. u imtnedlatoiy apr.iuv and endeavored to enrape. Tbo .Unckina>i s m?inv!fiired them, . and it was with dilllcully that the "Ulcer la Ul.iii;<} pre < vented tho aornploteumohilntion of thei=e cuivaii lc nona of Virginia. \ Tho cave In tbo bank was oonnjuted with tbo torpedo by i wire nicely loinlated in gutt.t n< ' b'i tut. inc. and running from in oldntylo ''iJrovo'' battery, which wnn In tlie cave with the iuou,and they oonnected the uuireot with tbe acldtt immediately m tbo vageJit pM<ied over tliom. I Ibe men who were caught ware a young tr.un, who said his ntimo wag ^mlth, auii that iio w..s In tbe rebel navy. l"he othor was n middle a^i'd man, who waa much lo?a frightened, and who immediately < uimed t<> be a prisoner of war. ltoy wero eeut on tu tbo (lug ship and put iu irons. Tbo meii from t>ie Moeklnaw then emaed 'ho river to cut tbe tolflijrT.ihlo wire, with which tlij rc'ieW <'0inni!i nicnted with JUcbniond, and. going up to the elevated b ink, ifiind and out tbe wire in two place*. i'h -y also ~,aw a company of mouute I nuerilla.''', who hud evidently been wat< binir tho performunce, aud, though tbey wero rumilnj; away, tbo geutnen flrod and jbol ono of thorn, and gceured ibe body. ? Although tbe loss of life 13 to he much lamented and aoreiy regretted, yet if it I' ad be u one ol' tho iron clmii, and bad b^en destroyed, th n 'h it la a (in'.stlou whether a torpedo would deatroy one ot tbo heavy Iron clada, tho ch.tnucl might have been blocked and tbe ueot unable to pa <t up. At dark nome of the iron-cludi withdrew low miles down tho river to a plaeo cuHed ? 'url's Neck ; but I underalaud it is only for the purpuac of cealli g. Some of the lleet winch cumo down the rhir lact oven lug are above here a short d! stacca coaliug. n tbe 7th the river is tilled with the floating remains of tho tlUlatcd C'ommodoio Jone?, Scarcely a pitx-o whe'ti hrni eomo down is larger than a man's leg, bul most of it Ib in small bits and fragment.). For an hour ibis morning no board heavy and rapid firing over the euiterti hank of iho river, and apparently ft'oin tbe direction ot Wt?l Point, though sometime*; it wus near, aod ugain dui.uu, like tbo evolutions of a ll^bt battery. Wo hnve not lesirned tbe ev ?e, but premise It may bo occasioned by 'be force? advar' mg from tho dirtvi ion of Westl'oint. Tho day la clear and bright, the ro id* are duo, and everything ia In good sbapo tot a forward ino\ o mcnt. The news of the detraction of the -haw seen and tho army guuitpai lire water will havo readied yon through your otbor corre?[K>ndouts, so I will not bjrtlen your co iumna wlib .the deuiin an 1 learn them. Mallei ? ot lm por<.anoo are to transpire uuorily, but to ine public they niuft remain a socrct for a 'aw days, iiverylhing la working well? ta fact aplendidly. 1 FR0?fl WASWHQTO?!. 'WAWliMiroa, VUy 22, 1864. DESTRUCTION OF BAbT WOHES IN SOUTH CAROLINA. The Navy Department has received a communicntior from the Uuilod Statca bark Ethan Allen, blockading oii Murrell's /nlct, B. C., reporting tbo destruction of valu able aalt work*, I q format J on being given (hem by con tra ban da of tbe location of works, which were at a pi. ice called Cane Pitch, twelve miles from the iulet. Upon reaching tho works an armed crew was seut ashore, who succeeded in destroying thetn and bunting tbe buildings. Extensive arrangements had been made for extending tbe works to dciblo tlieir el/e. Tho pans were of can Iron and easily broken. There were four works, each containing twelve large pars, the water being raised from tbe bench by horeo power, lending Into a cistern large enough to contain 100,000 gallons of water. The salt was mixed with oand. When returning to the station a man wag taken off the coast wbo made signals to the Ethan .\Ileu, Hcgavo bis uume ax Allen Jones. He said be was of North Carolina, and ?w a comm . ary sergeant m the rebel army. Till ur EDITION VV THE ST. JM1N9 HIVEH, PI. A communication hie been received by the N^vy Pe p.nrtmcnt from the Pawnee, which s tya that an cx;>edl ti n was seut np the fct. Johns river, Florida, under Gen. Rlrney, and has been vory NceeitftL They did nut, however, meet tho enomy, who were supposed t>) have crossedat Fort Yates to tbe east sldo of the .it. Johns. One thousand head of cattle, some horses, ami other valuablo property were captured. The expedil.on bad not re turned to Jacksonville at last advices, but was exacted soon to do so by wry of St. AuguStloe. TUB TKN-PORTT J.OAH. The subscriptions reported to the Treasury Department to tho ten-forty loan for (he last weak amounted to $6, 600,000. Tbe tola) subscription! to date are | $.<4,000,000. The subscriptions on Saturday were $734,000. THE REGISTER TONNAGE OP A rj?90SL. A law of Congress just passed provides that the register j tonnage of ? vessel shall be ber internal cubical capacity ' In tons, of one buadred cubic feet each, and speciScally points out the node of ascertainment. PAT MINT OP DDTISS AT BILIBI, HONDURAS. Infcruativ'B has been received a' be Hate Pe;?'tm*t)t from the Consul of the United h tales at be lire that the colonial authorities have determined to allow invoicos of goods shipped from tbe UnlioJ Jtete* to that <v louy to be made out in sterling money, or Its equivalent in the gold currency of tfce United States, and the duties will be col lected upon snch a basis. CONCERT AT TDK BBAWtKCB OP SBCKBT JLKY C It All. A grand concert was given on Friday night, at tbe real dence of Pocretary Chase, by tbo child artist, Teresa Carreno, on the Invitation of Mm. fcenator Spragne A large number of foreign mbiistcru aad members of Con gr ns wore present. General Kllpatrklt'i Mevtmtnii. COKIRBAT!, May 22, 1^04. General Bilpatrick jeavea here to night, via tue New York Central Katlrond, for tho hast. He is -lo?jig well, and hopes to be In t?o raddle again In six weeks. The l(uakeri In ' eini. PUBLIC WORSHIP? BXBORTATIOBS, tVC. Act< rd'ng to a long eetablishod c thi rn^ obere of that Interesting eect known u tho "?? 'T of Friends'' asrerab'ed from various i*rts>'f tbe cr'.ry In the city yesterday, and at half post teu In tba morn1 g a meeting for public worrhip was Jield in tbo Q'liksf church in Filtsenth street, near Second avMuo. ins church was crowded with tbo brjlbreo and sisters, who seemed to be Btore th*p usually zealous in their exhort ?? tiocs, which nere very tofVSSflV* and Istorosting. Tho sisters occupied tbe pr?s on one sli!*, the oilier sldo being set ay *rt f"r tho rethres, and about twenty brolb.en an i sisters took seats on u?j raised pjat.'orin, whseb serves the purposo of a de j?, and from whl u the congregatim was aMeseed. . . The eTb'-riatioea wife short bnt pithy, and *(re lis* ten-d to w itb marked attention. Hie poeuiitr r-igto-ii views of Ihese g"od people w?? very forciNy presented by several Of th > fj?:nkers, w Bo hel l that ro l-lon oon sisted In tbe relations of rbrlst, communicated iir^c'iy to the heart and uot through the teachlogl of man. wfcow oarnal nature precluded 'he fclea of bis ability to revel the word of Ood.or to be the meJiuni through which Divine revelation could be conveyed to the human heart, whV'ti, according to tbo Quaker theory, U tbo teal of irue r#l!tfioo. A meeting for worship was also held at fonr o'clock la tbe afternoon. and was largely e'?ei dod a emsidsrablo G lion ef the congregation Ming mssnbers rw other ro ous denominations, wbo went through curiosity "At teu o'clock this morning a me.t og will he held Tor the transaction of business conned > t with tbo church. This meeting will not be publlo, and will be attended only by SDembers of U.o society. Wednec \y w.n be dsVbltd to the eloelag ooremonteo. Publlo worebin will be held, at which time th? Hitereettn* ceremony of tbe brethren gad tfatora oiithatsiM ?eowUmoata wtU toko oiecs, AST! An Important Strategic Vlc? tory Gained. Successful Progress of the Flank Movement of Friday Last. Longstroet's and Ewall's Corps Kovfog Southward. Hie Entire K*lcl Array Believed te Dave Fallen Back. No Severe Engagement Since Thursday Last. Additional Points of Importance Occu pied by the Union Forces, a*., kifi a* Secretary Stanton to General Otx< WjIR Dkimbtmrvt, 1 Wl'-HINGTO.V, MiJ 'Ur~ 10 P, M. / r<> Major General Pa:? un Friday evening General Grant commenced a move ment for the purpose of compelling to abandon bis position at ?pollsyivanla ithe detutla of wbicb, for obvifus r>j.? 'oua, should not bo made public). It bos tbua far progrossed eucc? isfully. I.ou^trcet's corps startoJ ?outh at one o'clock Friday night, an Lour and a half after fTaucock moved. Ewall't corps followed l/inyatreet laat night. 1 bo Indications are that the rebel army baa faMes bac* beyond the North Anna. Holto'a brigrado has joined lee. The moveaeut of General Grant baa thus far befto accomplished without any sevore engagement or aarloua 'nterruption. ? We now ooeopy Guineas station, Mllford Statioa, and south of tbo ilattapouy on that lino. No de?patoUc3 have b' on received to-d ?y fro* General Uutler. Despatches from Kingston, Ga. , state that General Sherman's for^s aro resting and replenishing their auj^ , plies. EDWIN M. BTANTON, Secretary of War. Our Spcclal Wa*hin(taa Deipatehi WAsnLVOtoa, Hay 23, 1804. The Kirs I Miasa. husotts regiment, Colonel Mclaughlin, arrived hero this moro'.nic from Spoltiy'vanla, en rouia for borne, Its time of servlco bav.n* expired. This regl mont entered tbo scrvica one thousand strong, and baa since recruitcd an equal u umber. Jt bit part cipatod la all the battle* ol the Army of the Polomoo down to urday, when it received ordtirs to report at Ifirbingtott, to be mustered oat. Of the two tbousan i ioo who bar* belonged to the organization but throo buadrod return. General Augur rcturnod Irom the arsoy of the Potato* o last uigbt. The l' Dr ipatehe'. WAsmraroif, liar 23, IM4. Sixty hot tagm who w ro arrost.-d In Frederickabarg arrive- 1 In thsa city thia morning, and were committed to the Old Capitol prison. Kigbt bundrsd more wounded arrived bare tlilfl mors* mg- v The Uiuik of Laarel Hill " OCR AHiir COCIfK? P! 'NDB>CB. "* Arjct or rnt Porojfao, May 17, 18d|. Wo aro now quietly lying la front of the village of Siottsylvnnla Court House, w hich is still in tbo posses sion of t&e enemy, with their emips In fall riew. Wf bare bceti thus Idle for three dsys, but expect soon to sg iln move forwird. A great nomber of the men haro been sent to th? rear with soro I ?et; but relnforcvmenta aru continually writing. The three days' Sgbting which ended on Urn ci.<ht of iLo 10'h of May la called the bat tle of Laurel Hill. Arrival of Wauadtd Officers at Waste* la^to a, B i-mnr.t'i*, May 3 J, 1IM. The foliowiug woocd<v| oi:;c-ts arrived bora to-4ay? Col. Rabbltt, D?h Now namp?hlro. M v)or i nandler, nrti New Humrahire. rapt, (?'racdaoo, 140tb New Yorlr. i Kj.t. ricBtou , in JfJcsoc hunt its artUJcry. Capt. Mercor, 1st Marylaed. I.leut. y ills Icy, 871 h Micfc an. Meut Murphy, n?h MaxKachnsetts. Lhmt HJct, Oth New Hampshire. REBEL ACCOUNT8. The Battle with Slgel? Rck?l Loiim 1i the 3atiies with th* Army of the Po* tonaac, &c. Wmhinoto*, May 23, 1894. Tbs Ricbincnd papers or tbo run instant claim ft great victory over .-'igei it Now Market, and ?ay tbey woulA hive captured Ui? army bvl It not bean 'for our oavalry, Ac-ordtug to th-Mr accounts, St.-el raa twenty mile* with, out stopping, abaaJonlng his hospitals, burning trains, Ac. Those pipers rtaie their losses at twenty (booms* ft tbe tallica with the Array of tbo Potomac, but clalssn ?Ictory every time. Tbey acknowledge losing twenty gene, but ore *il?in> an to toe number o f prison erf. Trains wore ruon ug to Culms Station during last wetk. 'J' lie (iold Operators In Wall Street. ro Tits aoiTuit cp rnx herald. Xtw To**, May tl, 1?M. 1 not It: e ?tnr>ng your editorials of tbis morning a para graph referring to "rebel financiers In Wall strssl,'* %hl< b ccntalus soo,e good artr'te. Wblle tbe eyas of ii| loyal moo are stralrsd t'. wards tbe rebel forces ift Vf^ gin I*, nr.d tbo wh^'e ererc et of ibe government art belr* winded to rejcl the design and a??aults of lee't ai my, oar caus a If belrg nsiiilsd la tbo North tn IB# most form d il .'e m-u ner. As you propose, let Mr. Cheat go or tend ?< mr one to tlie gold room In WUIIUB street, a> d l.o mil lucre ?re men wboaro dealing mot* deadly blows a d are Uulnt greater damage to tbe Northern oa'tie than ' ?r y a rutel general In the Held, let bh> u-ic the ill iu 'ti of tble rooji to point out 15# men fwirrh orery sue can do) wbo are dally at work, (rota ''oarly worn to dewy eve," availing them* Bclvrsuf j l the tricks or the trail* and all the ipao'pan* lions so well to tbe old stager* of tbe street to ad* v.u; o i''o of gold, an t thereby embarrass tM resources and tbe eiti i ui of tee government, these par ti'.* sre well knowu to every fr<v:enter of tble room,tn{ taavo maujr a tituo cau<ed tbe bioou of every loyal man te boil wnh louignu'.ioa while watching their detestable na* buuvree. II. aftur he has learned the truth of this itatemwt, tt can And oo means to stop tbsee assaults, st least 1st Ma cause to be pooled tbe nimos of all sued thinly rtlagnlMi ssceeslonlsts, that they stay be branded wit* tbe lefaBB they deserve, and that tbe linger of scorn mar he rout si at t.'.em wbersur ttsy go. A LUTAl MAP* Arrival of Rebel Prleoaera* I XVIAJIArOLS, Msy TJ, IMA 3t* hindrsd rehel prisoners, captured by <H#sra| ^boiiaar, arrived bero ibir mnruu.c.

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