Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 24, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 24, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,112. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, MAY 24, 18G4.-WITII SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. WE-'S FROM THE SOUTHWEST. lecretary Stanton's and idmlral Porter's Despatches* )ur Fleet Out of the Red River. Ip'oadid Achievement of Zaeutonant Colonel Bailey. fxtensive Conflagration at Natchez. ctton of the Louisiana State Con vention, &e., &c.. Am. "?patth I'roni Admiral Porter H Secre tary Wellee. Washington, May 23, 1864. Tbo following deapitob was received at tbo Na vy 1>? irimeot this morning: ? Misswairn s<|tui>R' n, Flausbip Bi.ackhawr,") Moviu or Tilt Rfcb Hi\ KR,\iay 10, > Via Cairo, May 22, 18?4. J oa. G. Wellks, Secretary of tbo Navy; ? I have the honor to inform you that the portion of the uadron caught above the fills at Alexandria has beei* l.eved from Us unpleasant position, owing to the in ifatigible exertions of Lieutenant Col pel Bailer, Acting ijineer of tht) Nineteenth army corps, who prnp.iseil d built a tree dam i,f sis hundred feet across tbe river tbo lower fall", which enablod nil the vessels to pass er in eafety, tbe back water of the Mississippi roach I Alexandria. Your obedient servant, DAVID B. rORTER, Rear Admiral. eipatcb from Secretary Stanton to General Dlx. Wasui.khom, May 23, 1864. ijor General Dix:? Despatches from Major General Oanby, dated "Mouth Red River, at midnight, May 15." state that "Admiral rter has just arrived. The remainder of tbe gunboats II arrive to-night. General Banks will probably reach nmspott, on the Atcliafalaya, to-morrow. " A despatch from Admiral Porter, dated "On board tht gship Blackbawk, mouth or Red rivor, May 10," states at tbe portion of tbe squadron above tbe falls at Alex dria has been released from its unpleasaut p03i n, owin;; to tbe indefatigable exortious of Lieut. Col. Iley, Acting Engineer of the Nintcenih army corps, to proposed and built a tree dam of six hundred teet ross tbe river at tbe lower falls, which enabled all the ?eels to pass in safety .the back water Of the MISEiESlp reaching Alexandria," and allowed tbera to pass over tbe shoals and the otatructl n? pasted by tbe en^rey a point of safety. Lieutenant Colonel Bailey will be mediately nominated for promatiou for distinguished I meritorious services E.3S iTTTv ?*??>-? Lb unottiri il report from Cairo, dated May 22, slates it tbe army and gunboats were all r*fe at the month the Red river and Simni<po.-t. KDW1N 11. STANTON*, Secretary of .War. Mr. Wm. You iis'm Dc-patrtt. New Ori.iiss, Ia , May 13?5 1'. M TBI COWtlOAW OVKR THE FALLS. (fas latest advice* from Gen. Banks wore received hers tbe evening of Ute 1Kb Inst. All tbe gunboats but o wsre then over tbc Alexandria : IU. 50 naiiTiNa Jit ore has bo?D no general engago::unt with tbc enemy se tny la.-t report from Aloxandri i, and uone is appre ded at present. r0MM0\ir\ti0* to orwiro. Booremunicali )n up R?<1 river will beooctud n a <la j or i, sod 1 shall then be Hide to proceed to (be lroot SOT fSDBR ABtfiST ? r0CRT 0? JNQriRT. am authorized to say that Geu. Albert L. Lee, !ate i 0 too and of tho cavalry division in this department, er a?serte I that the Itod river cx:?dillin w is not Tor (btln:, but for thieving and ."peculating, and that he under arrest. <ien Lee. hiving beeu relieved frrm t ie nm n i of the cavalry, kM requested the Adjutant ^?frnl of the United State* Array to oraer a court of ;n In relation thereto, wtii 'h will Involve an invoatigu n Into the disaster at Sabine Crocs Roads Till niCXT AT (iflMCA MEND. (The grapevine reports t!iat Iran's reb?-l MMMM captured tha steamer KarU l'en.lng to transport his valry across the Mississippi, from Guinea Ilend to the ?t sldo of the river. ?lUGjD'En auicsiL uktos s been ordered to toko command of the Klr-t iiivHioii, Irtceutb army co-ps. MRS. B OKS* R Vf'Sr TTOJf, edneml.iy evening, w iv, a pUasant gathering of sociable lies at. I gentleman, a nonij whom waa tbe venerable :ob B >rker, tbe [amou'i banker. cp n ik river. m;s despatch Is sen by the steamer Julia, which ves for St. l-o u Is this afternoon. Ttie Call o Telegram. Canto, May 12, l*W Admiral Von?t'e fl ijfshij) bas arrived at Mou id City ^e reports that the out tro Seat is oat of tho Red river, ? dam" buvlng r??ched a beight on the 13th instant I enabled tTioin to oiovo. Our (orcos evacuated Alexandria last week, and moved rds Sh.ilhsport. EK officers or tho slssmer I.iurrl Hill, which bulur ?d at New Orleuns. state that t'>cjr distinctly b*frt! nonsdlng from the direction our forces had iokeu. Admiral Porter's fleet was greatly annoyed In pamog lor tl. i) Red river by the rebel guerillas, who lined i* banks or the river boiween Alexau Iria aud fort de My. A portion of Alexandria was horning vrhee the La irol III le t. Tbta steamer had two bun lied eiuk on hoard, id while (lying the bo?;iii <l f! a< w >? flred Into ten ?ow Alexandria. No injury, however, reeu lied from M tiring. <i?nrral McCIernand, who was serlittsly ill, wm on board. At tho time the steamer C:iv nolle MM captured and turned ry the robots, thirty m RM oefcw Alexandria. In looarly part of the moat i, Colonel Molt, ?r tho One undri d and Forty- ninth OMo, VHUM Many other Ifficers ? I rank were also killed, and tbe greater portion their *>ps wero slaughtered, of whom there were nve hundred "ii bo*rd. An extenslvo conflagration ri?centlj- occurred at Natebes, ascming several blocks of moat princely buildings. m Ore is supposed to hivo boon the work of aa Inceo ^lary. The (Manor Millie Able, No IT, arrived bore tbts voamg. Fourteen delegates to reprnseut tbe State of Louloiaoa |a tbe iialtim'ire Cont ention were oleaud by tbe State mi vent ion . Tin DtU<i sivys the action of the nn vent ton was har laonioiis, every member endorsing the general policy ? M* civil and mditarv? of the administration They ? approved tbe military and civil career of Genera iik* and the policy Inaugurated by Governor Bahn, aa faadin,: to put down the reneUtoa and restore ibo Union. __ jtoamsbip Geesaudra, fr m Hosum, Has arrived, k^odfo U ooooch, owe of the ooeot prtxnioeot llutou mm of Texas, had escaped from Rebeldora and arrived at Ui owubvllJo, accompanied by about twenty other*. NKW ORLEANS MAKKKTS. The cotioo market was quiet, wuti a moderato demand for lower middling. Nothing doing in sugar*. 130 bbls. uiolanses, all la ilrst hands, for export , sold at (30c. for Inferior old crops, common new, 75c. The quantity held by speculators is very light. Ntwi by Way of Cairo. INt. TBCODOlta 0. WILBONH UtSPATOn. Cairo, May 19, 1$64. ? KBKI. MOVEMKN1I. Information received here this morning confirms the rep"rt that General Polk bad detached tboat ten thou sand of bis force of fifteen thousand men from Mobile to operate agaiuat Binks. Granting this to be so, we may tbon expect soon to near of bir<l fighting and conildera blo trouble on the Lower Mississippi. RKUK.L IORM AT SALINE K>RO, ARKANSAS. lately a tlag of truce was brought into I.'ttlo Rock by Jobn Adams, who stated that at tbe recent battle in wliicb General Steole's command was engaged at Saline Ford, tt e rebel Generals Lowry and Randall were Killed, and General Wall, of Texas , wax badly wounded. Adams says that in that action the rebels lost Tolly two thousand me*. Thorn is positively no forago between the neighborhood of the Arlt ns;is And Wacbita rivers. This being the tact, as a couscquenco Price bis beon com|iellcd to return in tbe ilirection of Camden. CAPTURB OP COTro!* HI'ICi TLATORS. TAtely the rebels have captured qulto a number of cotton buyers ia Arkansas. It is approximated that nearly ono hundred thousand dollars have been taken from the "unfortunates" by their captors. REBEL ACCOUNTS. [l'rom the Richmond Examiner. May 18.) Yesterday was the most quiet dav Richmond has ex perienced tor tbe last week. Tbe news came in well from tbo Trans-Mississippi Department and other distant points in tlio tbeitro of the war, but the public mmd is so deeply absorbed in the crisis of Virginia that it fa>icd to excite more than a passing interest. The great demand was for news from Lee aud Beauregard ? upon whom now rests the hope of the country ? but nothing conlrt bo heard, f-'circelv a rumor circulated, nnd nothing could he ootained until night, when we were abie to g .tber up the following summary : ? OPERATION'* MKAB Vll'KSSUJtU. Operations seem to bo commencing anew between tbe armies in Northern Georgia and Mississippi. The follow ing official despatch was received by tbe War Department last oventng ? DEvopotie, May 16, 1.S64. General 8. Coops*:? A raiding party from Vickshurg, consisting of infantry and cavalry , moved on tbe Central Railroad, and while General Adams was fighting their main body, near Pickens' Station, a cavalry force burned Haughcm'u :-'ta lion and several incuisidcrable trestleB. (''apt. Younger, with rno hundred and fifty men of Wood 'h regiment of Infantry, from the railroad bridge, saved it The enemy retreated to Yazoo city. Tbe railroad is but sliphtly in jured. S. 1). LfcE, Major General. Banks Surrounded? The Gunboats and Transports. l)SM?POUS, May 16, 1804. A despatch to day from Colonel Scott, via Summit, con firms tiio account from Tram- Mississippi. The despatch stys:? General Tavlor has B-viks boramad in at Alexandria, and a battery below, siopung all communication by way of Red river. Said battery Is supported by Major Bridges and part of Polignac's infantry. It captured a transport, with a valuable cargo of commissary stores, and one hundred prisoners, and tbe ?'itv Belle, with tbe one Hundred and 1'wntioth Ohio, killing Colonel Mudd, Colonel B issett, of tbe Corns d'Afriqoe: Colonel Ogiel aud one lieutenunt colonel in the tight. On tbeSth thsy captured the Warner, also gunboats Eight and Twenty two, taking tVnm them tweniy one pieces, Including eight thirl} two pouudei 1'srroUs. Their crows were also taken It was rej?orted at ?brcveport that General Mnllli und the enemy had a lliiht at Jenkins' ford, in which wo captured several hundred prisoners and many small arms, their pontoon bridges aud all their traius. We lost General I.eary and Colonel Greenwood killed, and Gene rals W all , Randall and* larke jvo^uded. The Rebela Bee in to Doubt l'helr luc* <-ea?ea. [From the Richmond Sentinel, May 19.) The reader ijill litid a despatch relative to the trant Mi?*lsrtm>i operation* whltb will pive him c >tnft>rt a-c corHin , It his fai A, tor ourselves we conje's thnt wo S.rewaitins Tor its cooarimtton. IF* A a re be*~n delud.d 0 'len cnou ./? it ih new.i from thai t,uar *r to teach us oauti n. At tbe same t me the result nasrned :? uut to be considered ax improbable. (tank* was undoubtedly tn a iles; ernte situation, ?orronuded by superior forces, nod his navigation interrupted aud suspended. Hit pritie, how rrr.irouUl ma' < bin P-fc.St 0 .urmjki unitl ic<tu.:d tn txtr mlh/. lie ia ti^htiu^ I'm- the I'M-ideUcy, ana 10 surrender is not ibe road to it In rtf<rtnot 'oth; m.-rrn-.t r of Steel* to Price there ha- b *.< much cmtuthn ana tunny 1 mtfrndictiw. l'rotn acumparis >n or tbe several stor es we are inclined to the opinion t!iat h!s army htis i:ren oapturrd 'ust as Milroy'a was at Winchester oa ibe 14th 01 June last ? that is to ?ay. i-Uele with a mide bis e..r,B|>? while Ibe body of hi- io.ces tor! Iblooiir band). Lie pr>>h.ibiy Ion from tlx to niue ibou-and men. be. ulea bis trains "and artillery Steele, with about three thou Hand men, had a race wub MarmaduWs, whirb hiKMild ent^r l.ittle Rock tbe tirst. Steele, carryin^hut light weight, woo by a neck. NEWS FROM NEWBERN. Neatly the Whole or LlttlcjWaihlBgioa Drstroyei. The North Carolina Tim'* of tbo 41st last. is received. There is notbmr very new in it. ibe reb.'ls in Washington, S.C., -et fire to the l'?a ou the 11 lb mst , destroying a!l hat about twenty bousej, ?nd robbert ail the womon and children ia the puoe. Advices t'iom North Carolina stutn that the skillul sur geon. H. .1. Memin?er, or the Se. >nd North ? nroiina (loyal) Volnnteors, lias been detaiftd on special duty as Siirgeoo-in-i.bief, with several assistant surgeons to a.'?i8t hull Purgoou Hand, Medical Director, whose .idraitiisiratioa ol affairs hss been crowned with such success, has nearly relieved tbe department or tbe small|>ox General Harlard has been ns&i^uud to lb* command -.f the snb district of Kenbein It Page, of the Snnilary Commission, has started several vegetable gardens tor the use o( the hospitals and soldiers In camp Major H. T. lAw?on. Second Miesachusctts heavy ar tll'.ery, hi.' been appointed Trorost Marshal or Newborn Ibe i?or Union refugees from Plymouth and ton, whose bouses wrre burned over tbeir beads, are at Ncwbern in great numbers, in a very destitute condition. 1 hey are mostly women and cbildrea, without bed. ting or proper clothing, who are worthy object* or Cbr st .in cbarty. NEWS FROM SAN FRANCISCO. Ha.n K?anci*<0, llav 19, lS'M. The steamer Golden C ity has beea libai.ed for Uniiip^ goods without a pdrmtt. There have been arrivals of gonrnkl merohsnlise lately . _ " iiO markstfi generally are 9 it. Orala Is easier. urived, ahip Victor, Or*>m Coronel . Rattler, from Hos too, and 1'leet Wind, trom Rio .'aneiro. Sailed, ahi,? Ha/e, (or New York, aad Resolute, (or Baker's Island. San KlUMCtSOO, Mav 20, lt)d4. Ibe im|H>rts of general merchandise, both from ntreign and domestic |>orts, continue to pour In at a tearful rate of Incroaae, Riling our bonded and private ware h-inses to repletion, ?od rendering market* for tbe raoet part dnll and reducing prices far below tbo coat of im portation. ? \n eottusiastic meeting was held at Sacramento yes which a largo sum of money was realired. The Chambrr or Commerce have forwarded a remon strance against the mining tax. ArrVved, ships Vllle de Toulouse, Bordeaux , Fleet Wlog, Rio; Viente, Callao: liublln, Mhanghae. ^tied.sblp* R. B'llklejr, Tort Angclos; Brewster, Hoe ton. * ,S*:? Faascisco, May 31, 1S0C A severe ebockof earthquake last even lag shook U?e houses and frightened tbe people, but did no damans Tbe grain crops are more promising slnoe tbe rsine, which have been heavy, aad have reached more tban ball tbe crop, when It was thought It would only reach a quarter or It Money ie easier. Bullion in tte aaarket, 91 .309 ,000. Exchange for currency HiW Commercial bills ? a I premium Telegraph reaittaaee, ?H a T. Trade is quiet on account of bad reads In tbe Isterter lbo opposition steamer Amettoe sailed to dsy ?or Pan* ma. A leo asMed ship Rlsck Hawk for CsIIm\ Arrivsd, ship Ueapt* from New York, brig Antelope ?fr im Mamborg. IMPORTANT OPERATIONS ON RED RIVER. Release of the Union Gunboats ? Splendid Achievement of Lieutenant Colonel Bailey, of the Nineteenth Army Corj<fc. The banks of the river are fifteen feet high at " boating stages.*' Tho banks are generally lined with Cottonwood trees. Back of these trees, on b th sides of the river, the land is enltlvatod? principally with cotton. Alexandria Is built on high land, and commands an extensive view of tho surrounding country. The fulls are not as a body of water rushing over precipitous rooks, but rather as water parsing over broken ones, the descent being quite gradual. Seen from a distance they would not be noticed as falls. Amidst these rodts there is a channel through and In some instances over which vosscls of light draught can pass at high water siagoa ? SHERMAN. Secretary Stanton to General Dls. Wi?r?ij?Gro*1"May 23, 1804. Major General Du ? Major General Sherman, by a despatch dated half past eight P. M., last l ight , reports that he would be ready by thU ruoiuing to resume bis operations. Returned veterans aud regiments, ho says, hare more than replaced I'll losses and dutachmeuts. EDWIN M. STANTON, Secretary of War. REBEL ACCOUNTS. [From tbe Atlanta Register. May 11. | THK A KKAtK AT RKS-ACCA. A great deal has beon said here by Madam Rumor about tbe affair at Iteisacca last Monday, but it is vory dtrili iilt to get at tho trulli of it From a neut.' who was there et tho time we obtain tne following par ticulars:? AJotiday morning the enemy, in whit force our Inform j aut could not learn, approach'*! I!e?sacrri through Snake ? Creei ; ?iap. and about noiu came within three quarters of ; a mile of tho village where they were attacked by the | Thirty-seventh Mississippi infantry, commanded by l/eu tenant <'o one! Weir, i bi?s regiment wee faulted right ! and left, auj bat iu killed, wuuuded and missing | I event y one uieii. 1 A Mii'tU force of rivalry a as s?nt to the rear of the : ftwmy riml captured sixteen of them. I he .-ereoteeDtb and lneuty-ninth Alabama regiments engaged the aboi.i six o'cio.k .a the af- , ternooD. and repulsed them i lie enctny tell Ijai't on Monday night, and on Tuesday I morning wore pursues by oetreral regiment* and driven from the Gap, where thev had comra<*oced fortilying. A lew prisoner* were brought i r? .?n luesdnv. lieu let; ant General Hood, Sla'or General Clebrne and i Brig idler General l;eyii >id?. were at ou mesday. ( General t'aaity commanded the troo;>H eng.ged in tbe light ; on Monday. The forces that were in pursuit of the enemy < n Tne* day were inder tbe command of Oeneral Meburne, wbo?e ; prewure called lorlh a great deal of enthusiasm atnouf the troops. The oVIe t of tbe enemy In making a da-b through ^mke Creek <.ap wjs evidently to , d gtroy tile railroad bridge over <>tt*i'an?ula a xhort (list mi e tUis fide of Kee?S' ca. Tbe/ came wituiu ' rifle range of the village. i ?hotfr< m one of their sharp shooters, during the tight. ?e\.,re!y wounded a tine horse ' standing iimr tho church there [The Itoi 'l-r (Atlanta, < . a. . uf the 11th publishes a re- i port of Uic caaultle* in the Twenty -seventh Mississippi, j Colonel W. W. Wier commanding, at Ressa' ca. May ?. I he list contains <eventy-one name*? live killed, forty ' live wounded and twenty one missing.] / I j Correspondence of Atlanta Itegisler. | > I*?HT A1 DUO OAF? TUB r.NSMT LKAVK 1 lit II". I?r*D O* 1HR KIKLU ? TIIEV SroUM OVA WORKS AND AKI | DRIVEN BACK IN CONFtfSIOM- 0> E COLON li. AND I OMK HUNDRFD AND FIFTY FRISONKK9 CATrt RKD ? OCR Af MY SCOT AN T . Mill Cr.Ksn Gap, May 10?4 P. M. j 1'xitoRs Rk<! sriK ? Uur army lias beeu iu line of battle I for three dav*. On Sunday evening the enemy endear- i ornl to tiit' lUiou^h It.gGao, but weie g iiisutlv re- , pulsed by General McYnr'a bficado, aud General ? ? rig?* j by* dismounted cavalry. Our casualties r.ero yry ' fcmaii Ibeeceoiv l?it fliiv <tead on theflelj, ard Ti'd ] about two hundred woundei We captured about flfty pria mere. II tbey hart succeeded in driv ng us fr to tho Gap it would ba\e been au important (point gained, as Uiey woi-ld th?^inve beji al^? j_uyi 'Mir left Ounsg yesterday llit < I.e>ti v v'ero m.t**iug ueavy loft o* in our trout, trying to du.elop the positi"n *>1 our ithe?. a heavr trtl'i^; yj duel wiu toing the grrater portion of tbe day. About lour o'clock on yesterday evening tbe e>>egty uiide ihioe et^rts to storm our ntle pits 6a the l?r w ot the ridgoa facing Mill Cree< rap The enrmv ad\anoed in heavy eotniuii* around the polai* of tho hit's. Our odlrer* ordered ttieir men to re-orve thtir flr-s unt'l the enemjr should get in short range When tbey tot within seventy Ave yards the order to flro uau giveu, *hen voliey alter volley wan poured into their i auks, lbey broke in conlusuMi aud tell bock beyoud tue hill and :eteriued their line*, and again advanced to the > harne, b t the same hi "odr wel come waa tendered th -m, and again tn?-y sought siMely in tligbt. A third time ibey ein'esrered to turn our lell in order to euillade our work*, but tho movement was promptly mst by the flier- In command, and the enemy were driven in great coui' siou iroui tho held Many <4 the enemy were ?e?ii to 1*11 a? each volley was tired into them Our casaalttes are vurv sin.?ll. nerhape not mere tbm a dozen iu kl led and wound<vl Our rifle] pits were held by the Kitty fourth and thirty eighth Alabama, and thirty eighth leunessee regiments. Our artillery waa handled with r.onsiimtuato skill, throwing shells frequent ly into tbe rery lines of the enemy, there was < on?i derable skirmishing yesterday In tronl of Genernl fte renaon a Hues, hut no <dvantat.fe| waa gained by tbe ene my. Geneial Manors brigade, po- ted on tbe top of Rocky I ace Ridge, had several men wouuded by tbe enemy'* ahariwliooter*. General Wheeler bad a heavy skirmish wltb tbe enemy yesterday, on tlie tleveiand, roud, repulsing them, with considerable loss in killed and wounded. lie captured one hundred prisoners, among them a colonel commanding a brigade Kroro the enemy's demonstration yesterday even ing. we ex|iected the yreat battle to oome ofl Una morning, bat tbe quiet that reigns along tbe liuee ttus morning Is only broken by tbe noise of the sbarp s hooter 'a rifle or tbe thunder of artillery far o IT to the rtabi. The Indloailnua are that the enemy are endeavoring to get poesose**! ot the railroad In our rear, in order to burn tbe bridge at Reeaacea, and thus cut off onr communica tion with Atlanta. Geuernl Johnson la aware or tboir Intenixma, and baa made *nrh a disposition of bis force* aa to Insure tboir defeat. Never bare I seen aucb confi dence and sell'-poese salon by troops just on the eve of battl* ?HFATOBBS FROM ATI.ANTA AND DALTOF. (From the Richmond Kzamlaer, Mar 18 1 Ahatta, May 12, 1W4 The telegraph la again working to Dalton. The preea report* re eived state that the aaaault yea teriiay on the face of the ridge at Mill Creo* flap, at two o'clock A. M , waa tepu'Sed with grent slaughter. Die wounded of tb? raemy are unknown Private reiiorta from I'aitoa teoriwaat all euiet tbia tnornihg Am oof tlie prisoners brought here yeeterdny wee several officers ruccgnjyej as Iwloiiaitiif to Strelgbt'a raider-. SK. OM> DKSl'ATI H. _ rui.ros, MnylS, 1884. The ct'-niT iniide four RM.tults no oitr works at Mill Creek Gap vc terduy, and were handsomely repnteed by Stovalls bri ide, le.ving siT'ii hundred o! tlioir dead on tne field. I'Ijo enemy are routing a honvv demonstration upon tho Cleveland road this morning: but little lighting has been done. [Note.? It will be perceived dial th? aews was biz days old when published m Uilinnna and lad been rant pre vions to the ovacuation or Dalton by Johnston ~Rn. Hkrai.o.] SEWS FROM MEXICO. Bitter Keeling Ktlitlug Between the Sativri Nna Htvldrnt frenchmen Outbreak Between Uen. Cortina* and Nta* and tlie French? One Man Shot Dead and Anether Eifcatrd-Flglit Between the f'rrnch and Gen. Car v-ajal? Oatragti on American Citizen, and American Keeling ?A Call for the Application of the .Monroe Doctrine, dec. ft e have spci i?l correspondence and telegraphic news aud reports lYotn Msxico, d a tea at Tampico April so and May 3; Mcrida. May 3; .icap-ilco, May 12, with late ad rl'jjs from Uataraoroii, onr correspondent id Taut pro stales that the French i*rr son in that pl?ce was small, not well provided with monitions oi war, and ita elll.-era uneasy owing to the insecurity o: their position, revolting from Ibe hair s iod tod, yet sullen hostility of the inhabitants. Ib>! I rencb comm tuder lii . hirf took a force of about three hundred men from iatiipiro, with the object of oaotur ng Inepae , and thus prevailing (.ftieral Carvajal tr in uniting bis lore* with tbn=>a of r.eneral Caoalas. Alt r a fe<v days Csrvajal mot hiui, when a ficrce Qght en-surd The Mexican? stood tirm, killing and wounding over se\ enty I rnncniuen ? ?u . f them officers, two of whom di<*l. Th- French r>it?-.f a I over by force of arms a!one, and the I'ufct-i ofthe independent nations, a? well as those of symt itli'/.ing foroignern, were entirely snored. A uul ve j feeling in favor of the immediate application of Ibe V'i:i.-oe .'??"\ns b\ the United State! Cabinet pr ? vailed >n Tarapie.'. ili? United -t ?t'l steamer Kanawha bad arrived at tuni ico VI) opiH?rtunclv, with despatches lor the Ame rlcau oris I Ti e Fret.rli rebel sympathisers and friends of JeflT Dav V?ni M-xi-o w itched th. movements of tlio I in on . tr.*>j s in 1?*?k c!o j iv, and were sanguine thai .Vapoleoo I woo: I gain srw?t advantages if tha so es?ion Cabinet OOitld maiats n itself. From tb"id?, o ir correspondent reports the existence o. a state o iffhirs very nearly similar to that prevailing in tami i'-o French military repression, some Mexican corruption but a wide g| reid feeling r>r native inde pendent n e | MeriJitbe p^plo Unpad for aid from the b'aitod States Th* Reg- .fy uad passed a law describing the status of fortiKDer.* t Mexico, which leaves them entirely at the mercy of ta jfllcials appointed under Freocti army rule Ca ptain itnnbell, Or. fleary Tappan, Dr. Tappan's vt VI u I |>man, of Philadelphia? citizens of the I n.ted atit w tli Mrs G , an Fuglish lady, died in M<r da, a' <: ""re U-nled burial in tha consecrated oe me ter; on tb ground of their be ng heretics I he l.atrat Ifewa. ^a* Kiusi imsj. May 19, 14414 Acapuii o idvlees of the 12tb inat. say that tlie Froc< h oc. u^v but ? narrow line trotu fan iiiea to Vera Criu and Tarn pic >? li ,j Kurm ?ed tint tbo French Admiral doe* not v*u lure t' o ? ii y ai.y other PaciOc ports, because be would be unat'le i keep up conimiinicailoa wltb tbe Interior. Catto, May 22, lNfl4 i ate Dl ' nt'-iice f: >m Matamoros represent* tti.n^s ?.s being in a very unsettled ataie. The bad fee ing etlat og betwi-ea tlie native and French residents bad ripen" i to an actual outbreak (toneral f irtin is "<nd staff, while riding through the Street*, wern lasulied by tha Frenchmen. A gene al qn.irre ?o.-usd; weipoas wore lrawa and freely us d by ?oth parlwi. Qer eral CorUtMM' adjutant general, dur lag the awlee, shot one Freticbman dead, and another wia ?Tf'*ed, and aubt-nietiiijr executed on tbe neat day by Oortiaaa. Much rt' iteaient prevailed, and maey of Ibe I reooh rwidente were leaving tbe city. All waa q> ?t n> the vicinity of Brazos. One ef Hehel Blockade Banners Wrecked. B*i Tmoaa, May XI, U04 A lattar froia Wurtreas Monroe of the tlat atatee that tbe steamer Delator, fn-na Newborn and Hatteraa lalet, repot la that a 'Ottle was picked up off Hatteraa on tbe fOth, eooieiolcf a record of tbe lose of the steamer Man b* sea, roa Wihalngtoe, X. C., bound to Bermuda. A large lot of ? otton waa picked up off Hatteraa Inlet on the 70th aad 'ilat. Governor teymoar and the l?nte Arreate* Ai.aanv. May ii, 1VH. OoTcmor Seymnir baa written a letter to tbe litsir ct Attor av <?( V''? fork, direr.tinK turn to procure ludlcl ments against ail who were nug mad iu the seizure of too office* of ibe Jturnal of (Uw<rw end the Now York i, fforUL GRANT! Splendid Condition of tlie Army of the Potomac. Our Forces Stronger Than at the Be ginning of tho Campaign. REBEL ACCOUNTS TO THE 19TH INST. Arrival of Generals Seymour and Sbaler at Charlottesville, Gen. Seymour's Address to the People of That Place. He Recommends Lee to Burn Washing ton, Baltimore and Philadelphia. The Rebels Require All Wbo Do Not Fight to Pray. Reported Defeat of Grant at Stannard's Mill, 1 &e? ft* Secretary Stanton to General OU. WjsBnttiTOir, May 28, 1864. Major General Dix:? We have do official reports since my last telegram from General Grant or General Duller. Official reports of this Department show that within eight days after the great battle at Bpottgylvauia Court House many thousand veteran troops have been forward ed to Goneral Grant. The whole army bus been amply supplied with full ra tions of subsistence. Upwards of twenty thou aud hick and wounded have been transported from Uio Held* of battle to tbe Washing ton hospitals and placed under surgical care. Over eight thousand prisoners have been transported from the flold to prison depots, and large amounts of artillery ami other implements of an active campaigo brought away. Several thousand fronh cavalry horses have been for warded to the army, and the grand Army of tho Potomac is now fully as ctrong In numbers and better equipped, supplied and, furnished, than when the campaign opeacd. Several thousand rekuforcemonte have aU > been fir warded to other armies in the fleld, and ample supplies to ' all. During tbe same time over thirty thousand volunteer! for a hundred days bare been mustered luto the service, clothed, armed, equipped, and transported to their re spective positions. This statement in due to Uie chiefs of the army staff I and bureaux, and their respective corps, to woon the credit belongs. Kf>WIN M. STiNTON, Sco etary < f War. Our Waihlngioa Despatches. Vinnonm, May ii3, 1894. The follow tig wounded officers reported here to-day from the front:? Col. Austin, Soventysccond New York. Lieut Col. .-'avagB. Twclith Now Hampshire. Major Mutbews, First Pennsylvania artillery. Maior O'Bnau, one Hundred and Fifty aecoud New York. i aptain Harry, First Maino artillery l.ieut. Kiauk. .-'oventh New York artillery. l.ieut. P.lce. Ninth New York artillery. Limit. Maddel, Filth Michigan. Lieut. Mason. Twenty. seventh Michigan. Major Cutting, of en. Aogur'n sua, i?ft Wasb.ugton to-night for Celle I'lalti, for the purpose of facilitating ifce romoval of our wounded from that pluce. Colonel Green, Cbief yuartemuster of this department, has tilted up a large iimnber of the barracks In the (or tiiicatious for hospiUU. Tho arraiig.moatj are most complete, and hare been made In an incrodlbly abort space of time, considering the vast amount of labor oe cessary in tbeir traum rmation. Colonel Hull anil Lieutenant Commanding Hall, of tbe Slity-seventh and 8l*ry-?e^ond Pennsylvania regiments, died bcro yesterday, of wounds received in the rocent battles. Tbe rumor published that General < rawford, command UK the Pennsylvania R>? or vos, w.-ts wounde l and taken prisoner in the recent battles, In without foundation General Crawford's division is accordml high praise for its admirable conduct In tbe butiec of tbe .>th and 8tb inst , in wblch it fsto-td for a while the brunt of tbe storm and gallantly drove tbe enemy, but the ti enerai. although in tho midst of Hie Lray, is unhurt. THE CASUALTIES. Death or Lieutenant Colonel Tyler, of Vermont. I, euteniint Colonel John P. Tyler, of the >erond Yer moat Voluutoers, a!*! at tbe Metropolitan Hotel in this c.ty yesterday morning, from woiuiiU received In tbe battle 01 the Wi'derne<-?. Tbe deceased entered the ser viocof hs country on tbe flrit Cill for volunteers, an I enlisted n tne above reg ment at a private. On tbe l?ih o; liay, 1101. he was cUo^cb first lieutenant of Compmy C, and on the a^U of January , 180, J, became its captain. Within throe weeks from that dsie? February 9. 18t>3? be was promatcd to tbe majirit/ of bis regiment, and subsequently received the appointment of lieutenant colonel before be had reached bis twenty-tlrst year. lie bus participated in nearly all tbe prominent contests of tbe Army of tbo I'ftoma*-, fr tn Bull ruo to tbe Wilder ness Including the Peninsula. Marflatd and Ponnsylvinia ramna'gns, and was dlstinguulMsl on several occasions for his gallantry. In the stnsiiln?ry contest In tho wilderness he met with tfto^e wounds that caused his death lie his died luite young, having only attained the twenty flrnt veer of hia af? in April last. H?*n boru io Brattleboro, Yt. . to which pltw-e bis remains have beon removed for iutersnent. Additional Vamri ?l *???? Killed sinl Mounded In I he trmy wl Ihr Poiowae. Tti* ftrar ctviur uirimnv, v\tr '21. Sergt N W Sar'ore Mh N T, J"ho Vsnnermie. C. Sib NY, oi.r.^H.yoeck.C. JthSV. Isn^Jt ^mith. K. MM William Greenwood, C, 5?h ' ,M!l ?."itiiara'. ?.?? w.?.~jU.r ^ , V. wXb ?... It, l?> P., Arm wit arm WriKht. 0, *h N T, Dasld luer, C. 1st Pa left right knee lr? J Prtta, A, Mh Pa. hand rilK NINTH t0?pa, MAT JO. Wilson Alien. K. #lst Pa , Lev. Klmmer-r. 0. M H r Kamun'l Alirloh, H, Tili B 1 riSe* John H Hu-rh. K. MtH Mass REBEL ACCOUNTS. I,ee'a Claims fmr a Vlct??rr. iirom the Richmond F.samlner, May 1* ] *11 ,a still qu el along the lines of Spottsylvanta. Orant has ?Jn? oiesn sway from the eoene of the late slaughter, IravitiK hut dead and aylngnntho (l?M,witb five thousand stiDdol urn>H, many calsanna, (tun casri^ea, Ac. Ihe cuns were cenvcye'i away to make a vain trophy. Fut M "ll couoMracl tf ? <"? ratreat Lee re mtins on the flelcl. mast?r of the fleld: th?refor? the victor Of ib .1 blo xlv flol'l ft to possible umt i.rui'i army may tup awhile at i-rederioksburg to piaster an hu'ts tiratit has ttfinlr N(tir<4 Iao remjurcetneols, one of thirty and the other "f forty thou-amt lie ha* lost them , mid must h ive more before ti? cau Mm? up l" the new lines, which await him where tie will Ad<1 them. ? Kufe ??' Ornrrnli Nryntnor and Stmltr. I l i' in i he kialitn mil i.xaiuiuer, liny IV J No more pr?p<?ter< an ? xliibition has been sei*n in the course if tli !m war than iho town of CharlottoivIHe be held i lie ??' her tluy on the arrival of inn?e two iinv a brigadier g- nerals, who h ?l been raptured in the night alia k i y t o .ion's brigade, tu the Wilderness fhe two wonhie* ire nnmivt Shalerantt monr; the former ban visiteil Richmond before in his capacity as ctptaln of a company in the New ieveonj, when that dandy regiment of Cothnn cockneys w ?* entertained here on the occasion of tho Monr >e funeral ohseqiles At ttiHt time, oomiug aa i filend ?nd (in s> me sense) nompatrmt. bo !?ud hie c turtle* .ere received witb ail thocordlal, UuHUSpicloU.-j ho-plullty 01 \ ir inta Now, ad vancing with In* crew of cutthroats and Hri- rsi era, to burn and sack the city In which ha ban ii.-flo an honored though unw rttiy gucHt, ho experienced Virginia's other siv'o of receiving visitors, and Will hn vu all opportunity of tMH|itriii| the I ilibv with the Hulls'. I. This Shalor, however biw at lei**t kept Inms<-| quiet, and basin si lence I tid up all these things In bis mind, ami pondered them in hi* heart Not so tiio other redoubtable brigadier. Seymour h? the same commander who, at Ocoiu I ond, in Florida, burled his negro troops up against the muzzles of ' on federate gun.? if ha had been naught on that occasion, in the very not Of leading runaway siives to attack their masters. it it ;,r< I'wi-rt that he muni tut re I, rti hanyeit or th<r , ???? /<? in ? / "? i ?*< in .-ummotied from the extreme South he Is given n rem maud In Ornnt fl anny , una on the very Hi st occasion of going into action, tho uniuckv warrior of Ocean ' ond, lancylng hira-elf to ho pressing the rebel- mogt prosper ously in front, ulnriif with tho advancing now"* of Hed/wick 's corps, suddenly hears upon hi* right Hank, pealing through the woods, the long, tierce yell of Cor don's Georgian*. A moment mere, and the Seoond army corps ia In wild rout before tho swift and steady rush ?>i the Confederates, siul us to wh u bec imeof his owu special brigade, or any other, the hapless brigadier knows no more a storm of "rebels" hursts and rolls over him. and when it Is passed away he nod* himself without a sword, moving to tho re tr us a prisoner. One mUbt well stipiwse that this latter commander would imitate the reserve and silence ol his companion in misfortune, and not, ut toast, provoke any taunting re flections npon hta two abortive camnilnns. But this Is ? not Seymour's manner; it Is not prescribed In the school of taste in which he wis brought up and since his cap ttvlty he lias lost no opportunity ot creating ('Heel and tu iking an iinpregsloQ. It was the fortu e Of these two brlvud'Crs to be first marched into Orange Court House with about twelve hundred other prisoners. Ihoy were hnit.'d orpotite the railing which enclosed the Court House; but while Shaler stood lo a utli'tcnlly naturni manner, and with apparent unconcern, the other f urn shod ninn"' mei l to tho few spectators by bin stiidied attlttldes nnd highly etahorate glut ces. .-landing extremely erect, with one tnurnb muck in f.lar belt.Biul evidently lexardinK himself as an ob (>ct of in te> se interest in tlio yillage, lie tlrst looked up around tho windows to sue whether the women were peeping, and asking their own hearu who the proper young man in shoulder straps could be. Then looking down upon the sidewalk, where boim little boys, both white ami black, were (wo must con fess) ^nnuing. he tempered his t'amiliar smile with an sUHtero regard of control, and shot Inuignnnt Hashes from his dark eyes. This was apparantly all tbu notice he vouchsafed to go small a place as Oraugo. But now c uneS the absurd part of thealtalr. On arriving at t harlottesvllle, a larger town, able to turn out a greater crowd of spectators, this whipped brigadier bethought him of honoring the place so far as to i lilrosa his "l^llow citizens" at the railroad depot. The thing would seem Incredible, yet trustworthy gentle men avouch the fact that, by some uuaccountable but meet culpable connivance of the otlicer of tho guard, this creaturo was actually permitted to "make a speech" to the c Itiyens of Charlottesville. They even report tne substance of his stieech, which was to the following ef fect:? (ieneral Lee may possibly defeat General Crant and the federal army ; but wtiat of ttiaiT I trust that If he defe it biin he may follow np hhr succoss by taking Washington iDd burning it to the ground And let him net stop there; let bim capture and bum Itiltlmore, then advance on llllladnlphia nnd tnrrn that. Tlun, at (?w(, um ahiill have a united North , aavl ihaU begin to ih? to you what I tar is. This, from the ill starred brigadier who has nover done anything in the world but run away from Ftnnegan In Klorida and yield bimsell tft>, rescue or no rescue, at the tlrst veil of Ceorgiaus to the Wilderness. Wo Hud it bard to understand, first, why tho man w?? not "backed and gagged" bv toe guard -. and secondly, why he wax not hooted and pelted by the populace. The tr-ish that he uttered whs merely a sate piece of the most vu'.gar Yan kne braggadocio, virulent with all the spite which usually rankles in a mean nature. Yet we have heard Confeder ate citizens, apparently sane, absolutely compliment the "pluck" sud "dash"' of this miscreant's harangue Our i-eoftc, unhappily, have iu<b a diseased ap petite for oratory, aro so resolute to have every man "define his (Kisition," art to tan ft/ duped by the thnw of neri/thinfi spirited and piwky (in lavfjitaffri that they will eren /intern to the itnpmi-nt rant of a iteipicalU btinn like tint. If he canoot fight, he can at least talk His tongue is sharper than bis sword, if he cannot advance to the burning and plunder of Charlottesville, at the bead of his brigade, ho least, electrify toe cIMsens thereof by a small tirade ot delimit phraseology I On the whole, this whole scene is the acme of absurd Impropriety. The gnard who permitted it deserves pun iehment; and if tuch " tpeerhet " are to become a perma nent w't 'ii'ion, we do not see the use of buck and gag. More Prnyrrs Krqalrrd. [From tlie Richmond Sentinel, May 19.; Tbo Confederates And a sour.'.e of great encouragement and abundant reason tor thankfulness over their present prosperous fortunes. If we ran conquer now? and (Jod la giving us the promise of it ? our work will be (lone The re iRnnmgp nn I tbe lean of the rn^my assure us of tb In. Grant's army is tho Inst hp. id and trout of this horrid war. Ibis In tlie time, tboroioro, for every man who can strike a blow for his country to render his aid. I>ol every one assist m whatever sphere is open to him Ourselves and uur substance, let all be cheerfully and zealously reu ders#us may be needed or called for until this great Unlit is done. Tb* wcnk and helpless ones wbo cannot lift tbe spear of battle or as^iiit in active emplovirient, may do an lbs Irlends of Istber did when the fate of a nation bung on hor efforts. /A. y can bt*\ryt th* throne of Hrattm with frn-tnt. mtwi" atimit Ibat its blessing* may be upon those wbo, on tbe part of tbe confederacy . are conducting tbe great issue. We have much to stimulus and encour age ii" Thr nrwt of y?t atwtaer i irlnry hot jiut utmr dovnt hvin General l.rt'i arm y Butler h;is b?en driven to coverj Tue trans -Mississippi sends us cbeoring tidings l?t m ?triko on and strike bard, tor our deliverance draws nigh." Grant Said to be Urieaitd at RtMaard'i Mill. [From the Richmond Sentinel, May 19.) Tbe news reached us yesterd'iy morning that tbere had boeti more righting io Spoitayivaiila. lbs rrp >rta brought in represented that lirant bad mads a heavy sssault on l,oe'.i right at or near Si tiina-d's mill, and had tact with tils usuai success in bis Virginia opsratioos ? a vsry bsavy repulse. I he telegraph may bring as mors accurals details before going to press. Another Victory Claimed. [from tbe Rlrhtnoad Sentinel, May 10 J Wo had nothing offloi.ii from i.eneral I ,e? yesterday hot a private despatch from Milford siys Ibat General Karly luadn uii attack yesterday morning upon tbe enemy to the right of Spottaylvania Court Mouse, capturing nine p if i of artillery anil a nui*l*r of prunnri. later In tbo day the enemy made two assault upon our lines, neat Mtonnsrd Mill, on the To branch ol' trie Maltspony, both of wbiob were ropulsed, with severe loss. Per ons whs iei' Mil ?rd In the morning uoucur in saying that the (Irs was very heavy. Fire Sit W are. Mass. Bottnnt, May 23.1M4 A Are in Ware. Mas? , on Saturday night, destroyed the hwidint nwnet) by A id <nn Sandtord and Mrs Lyon, tnwhch were the Post Ollke and Masonic llall. Loss tJVOUO. partly insured Alleged Fraudulent Hale of Heal Ketate? ?:u)u,000 involved. Sl'PKKME COCKT ? CIRCUIT. Before Judge Foster. \t,T 3$ ?Hrfman X I. Price vt. 8. P. Cewty, Thco>k,rt pa. tM, Kia i-iut O K*ne? ami KUwanl .*??. ? Tbis ? an interesting a. lion, brought by sx-Govrnor Pnoe, of New Jersey l?rees>v#r I1M.000 (or lbs sale of certain pro perty "<?oi'd by him in FraocMoo, California, m frsud of bis rights. Ttie plain till alejes thai he owned certain properly in Km I'raac.HC and that on his return to New Jersey be iett captain f'.t i m I?. Keyes now mi|, or goneral in Ihe i; luted Matte army i as bis ' attorney , in racl, to di? ? se of ?nd ininago his eatate that Keyna eubstsiueotly, on coming Fast himself, left the property in rbaue ol Fdward Scott, and at Keyea re'iuesl tlie plairtlirt forwirded a temporary io*ir of attorney to rtcott, to he used until Captain Ke> es st. mild igaxi reiurti and re- <ttne his oillee of at torney ihi-t at ihe request ?f Ksyes, be'ore bis retire to diliioru * ,u . 1*03, the plamtiff out en a uMU ml ?wer of aitjrney , giving fuller power la Key>s? to act in the matter of the eatwie. That this power v u< fornnrd id by the stesmor whkih succeed e<t tbe one by whn b Keyce v "* bin depsrlure f?>r San franrteco Out alter Keyes' arrival in California he oxoepired with the .ither lelrndants, by wblr.b Soolt , wbo was still act. mg under the tem| orarv power of attorney) sold lu tba detendaiitt, l esev asd raine, tbe whole <?( Uie plamtilTe r-al estate. In iirona, for the sum of I1.16.00U. whiob w?? much bi-low its value, ibe property being worth $300, (MM. Hie defend nits, Keyss and Hcott. in answsr, allege that i ho sale of ibe property in queetk>n was ror the fair vela* thereof, aad that they were compelled U> make II, oa aa oonnt ol the preeeure of tbe plainlid't credltore la 0??1 fornla Tbe caee fer the plmlaiiff ems opened by JwtiT. Brady, alter which e*-?ioveroor rrlcetook tbe eland, ana was examined in relation to ihe allegations sel forth la the complaint. Tbo tvhl is e*peen?d to tact several weeks, and may prove quite Interesting For the plamtill? C immnigs, Aleiandsr .% Wrseo, Ja# T Brady and Caleb Cushiog For the ds(?ud?els-F r. Rvan, ea .lodge Woodruff, s H I sna *? l?iien<i? aud i'e Hn h Miller

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