Newspaper of The New York Herald, 24 Mayıs 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 24 Mayıs 1864 Page 2
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financial and commercial. Monoat, Mi; t$? * P. M. TTsr ?tock mcrkot wu without atutn iliui to-day, and tbe transact! ns wire bur bit suCiclent to mark quota to*. Tbe tbtMiH of exciting newt from in* army teemed to have driven all dosses of o|>*rst?>rs from tbe ? market, and checked business to an extent which has Dot been equalled for ?ome months pist. Prices, bow fver, were very well sustained, and tbe majority of tbe ra.lroad ai.aree on tt.e at advanced ibeir figuree o*er those of Satord&y. New York Central roee X, Krte Rail road 1^, Re>dii.g *(, Micbigau j-outtiern X, Cleveland and Pittsburg jk, Oa.eoa and Chicago ltf, Chi cago and Northwestern IS. Toledo ?r<1 w* b*?h and Mari|iosa %. ll-lnois Ceutra! aud Chicago and Rock Island sold ibo stme. Hudson River declined J?, Harlem 1, Milwaukee and Prairie du Vb'.en >i, Michigan Central . Cle??uud and 1 ledo l,, and Pitt- burg ana Kort **J e V lt,# ?JhcoVaneoue list wat nearly all d iwn. I'acillc tlail lall 4 per cent, Cumterlaud UMl I, Caut>-n Company 1, and Quicksilver Mining 1^. Tbe market continued dull in tbe a'ternoon, end prices aeeuied n:?re mt cd to ?.ive. trie Railway closea at 11.*.?, 1 Krie pr.ferred 10S '4 , Harlem 481, Hudson River 117*,, J>.' ins Hi.'*, lU.higan Central M'?, Michigan Southern Lliuoii Centiai 131V, Cleveland aud l'llls berg 114 \,Cr*l6ea and Chicago 138, Chicago and R> ck Island 115, MiUaikeo andl'tairie du Chlen 70, Toledo aud Wab > h 71S, Put: birg, Port Wuyue and Chicago 116*?; Chicago and Northwestern 63'i, I'acitic Mail 2 >4 , Quick Silver Siiuiag 76, Cumber, and Coal 74, aud Can loo Com pony 43 %. mere wu also a l?ek of business iu government seeu rues, but no change in quotations waa noticeable. Tbe registered 6's of lb81 wore <^uiet at 113 H a 114 and tho CouiK>i)H at 114X, Oregon war loan 110, seven thirties 1UX a 1UX. legistered (lvo-twenties lu6l^ a 106 S, aud the coupons 106?i u %. Currency certitlcates 98'<. Gold wits dull to day. It opened ai 181 and crawled up to 182% , but sales \.cro ?atise^ueutly made between li-2 and 182 %. The loan martet continues without change, the demand for money being very limited aud tbe rate of interest barely six por cent. The following table ph>>ws tbe totals of the statement* of tbe associated banla; of tb-s city at tbe commencement of tto present year, witb iho.<e of tbe cine past weeks ? Loan t. Sjieci*. Ctrcul Uion. Ptyotilt. Jan 2. $174, 714.415 25. 101.935 6.103,;i31 140.250,866 Mar. 28. 1?P, 372, 439 20*25,604 5,814 135 108,316.904 April 2. 2/1,993 131 19.527 665 6,79o.993 171.151,297 Xnl 9. 704.333,192 20 324.387 5.804,511 UOaU.OJO grille. 198, 703.t>99 21,6-7,870 6 779. t>50 16i.350.790 April 28. 196,256,723 24.S68.203 5.679,947 161 978.166 April 30. 194,i:>7 495 24.C87,o43 6.628.978 164 678.919 May 7. 19i,SM,24C ?.082y038 6 594 S32\ 16^,662.197 May 14. 194,178.921 23,685,15$ 6.4*2.367 174.426 682 May 21. 197,356,939 22,091, 691 5,3o7,3o5 173,111.884 ?The following nguree show the variations from tbe re port of the previous week:? Increase In loar.s $3,178,018 In specie 643,464 Decrease in circulation 115.002 Decrease iu deposits 1 314,798 ?Tbe present bank statement compires with tbe one made on the 231 of May last year at follows: ? Jpceaae in loans 516,037.088 Increase in specie 10,453,174 Decrease in circulation 1,413.323 Increase in deposits 6 466 2U6 Comptroller Brennan, of this city, will opeo tbo bids on Wednesday for the two hundred thousand dollars New York County Court Uouae loan. Ibis is a el.\ per cent stock, which, like those wnich have been prinausly ne goiiated, will no doubt be taken at a premium. Tbe Tolled Stales Sub- Treasurer reports to-day m fol lows:? Amount en hand $25,410,707 Receipts from customs 'l82.'oo? From olber sources 1,069,413 Total $.6,642,210 Payments 3,0W0 460 Balance $2^,551,760 Subscriptions to 10 40 loan 4 ">.65 0 Tbo earnings of tbe Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien Railroad during tbe secoud week 01 the prefent muntL am noted to $2C.927, wbicb is un. increase over tbe re ceipis lor tbe :ame period in 1?63 of $18,854, or 104 per ce:.'. Tbe increase since the 1st of Jamary over th j earnirgs of last year to the same date U $204,191, or about 64 t*r eenl. The Kross earnit g* of tbe Chicago and Northwestern Railway during kUe second week in May compare as toi lows with ibe receipts for tbe same time last year ? 1?63. 1894 Passengers, freight, 4c $20,539 31,939 Inoreasc $13,350 Stmrk Kirliangr 9'0-VCSV, V ,e, 1U i: JWOJ I *<,? '81 c u 1 1 4 >., Mii r<f rt rrei w J M '?! H sk"'HjU '"C !" '? S"" Js"" ??? K* ? ^ 5 ,,OU ,4> *'*'"?? * Hii ?c! I. : , ,, ,V? ?; '"??'? J?W llai.eui Kit ? . Ji> L S ?. I yr cert. j., >?r * W..- HU lV in i! v ??, 9?'? <"U It. ad n. KR lOO Ml koun !?*?? 71 7<><) , n , lO-xtl Ohio <t Mita ceri. 54'? so <t > , i*', j *?3> ?? m4 7?m a* ::: ;*:: ;: !:> ,,'J* B. r- ' , ? ? J J Mirh ?>nt ua . li. u ?? e"^ u>l?' 1?i JO ? Ml h so ?ic > 1 tl tr~/ ItttjOFrleUh mi* Uli H & * % a? 01 * 1 tl " ** 2W0. -'ui |..? o.m .|f, ' ' ].;>?! iwi' V ST^.' "' ?7 16 *?c;<S?A M KKgMI l? TO*"V?bV: ~ ? t;J ",c7o uii """wo w TUlit ' * ^11.^ JP '!a >" Clev A Pun RR iiv OW IM ,. ba *0 ;o hll II' **?? A ? km pt4 ., |?o du ? ,,A ?n?V 'I ?V- *'?"* ?? *t aiCloM-.c Cm Kit 1-7 ?J S( (?u^UuW.. in IlK.UndCl, .14 14 il2c?ntw, Oa.ii Jo."-. ^ ? "J Jt^ Cumb Cow pre: :? rr*. >* S::::::::::t5 |\ 83 ?o : ; ft4; f!Ch,rtort' KK-:": 18U American Co. Co. JO La & ' j f jf ?' V jirer M'd Co 7-H JtjOCfc.c Snti* ?Cal?i?Iru. Miura Vv', l?l ?*' '?.u Chw OKR JO? J/ ? ? J H SWTaledi A >V.b Hit . i |J| g^.Aju-Sy ?.* \1; 20 Pac fl Mxil ss >:o. zli * ii>- (ill " SiV ??*?>' ? kr. iv. ..cb.cJVWpv;". ?" <*? ???s w , .i? * ;??' ?'?>* V *ito . |. f. ; "? llWM Htltlig KH... 51 I MCOKO BOA. J>. i ? ?*. !lALr-r<n Two o'Cio.'B P M fi 4 ? 5S0 ? eou I#:; &r ?h* j rX' *??/) nil E'4 V.' J31 ? in ?? I ia . $14000 UB 4 fUUUU 1.0 M'US6? ?i e-rtif *<> ;??*! Hi Crii KK i^-rip 111 ?tk i an : in i i) 4i'j| >>? <lo lOOCumti t'u?! ,.id 7: , * ti Cle. e A . itt KK 1?*> do 7l -'0 on II.'. , , 7WI Uulck-liirr Vioiiifi 7l>. -J1 do lil t, iiW d" .'4-, 200 r*hi A N 'V ltlk,?U ?" 400 dc 71 t' (?. . A Chi It K. *0 do .hi. 7J>i ?ifl In 7tO <i? l* 7ti liaiCniA K I RK I )# Mi P?c.' eMail M W*. fll JV do...... Ilj.-a 8" do 2S4 lao <t" 1 161}' Erie KR r.6 ? 0 ao IIS 1&?> do lit ? Mil i >' afhirn RK 7> . ("i llark > lilt -?l <T'.?flo,? Nal'HK 7l)f a t.n? KR d .... I<*? nil Kt?r?<lhl HR I nS >?' <10. I M*t !'?' \lton .*1 |K1 pi.l hdT l"?i Huilaon Kl?*r 14R. 144 llHH.U). 1 A HR ?!() >? M 1<| 148 20i do f-4J 400 4* . ... I47W ti M CJii 1JJII Readins K K. \<0 -?M MO do I4i . VI dn ... 015 <A K>i H'clilar-i CtD UK.. UtiJ 2<M do ?l i <i4 J>1 do 14S UK OO ?lJ ftA CI'I V 303MEIIC1AI, RKPOHT. llo?|.*T. Mr.y 21 -? V 1* A^pim ? R?c.elp<a, 10^ 5?bl? M^ricet litm. but 'jmet, |? M) lor pout, aauU Hi or pearls Bkraik* ?'*ia ? K?(* pt?. JP.MI bbll flour, 131 bblt mi 1M ba^a curti 170,17. bu?tam ?h it. 21,152 Duahe a corn, 116 >>4* Ouiheis *ta, 6,&0K buabeta rye and tJUAi bu-bem fewrloy mail Tbe flour m.irkpt wax tieary { *Bd &C a 10c lower, ibeflytm Weiitaro bru'jd*. oodtr I DCr???ed rec?lr|# .ti(J iti>d 'Hle demiiRd nuatnr lor I iiof?e tiae 1b? t?'w con;<riMd ?> 6iX? bn'a *t?i? ai d ?t ^ -d, 1 .000 bbia ScutUer?. .nd r.oo bbla Can d ?o Hy hour wxf ?tlbo*H decided rba. j, , w in too tibia ?old, witbitj nor quotBtiotit ' orn iue?l ? ?* arm. wito ??.ie? of io o bblt ?t $6 "<> for Jeraey ?? t J7 for Brandy ? ue Ui. ..?UM001 -t tbo latter .1 (3x W? qi.u ? hui?r tin* Mai. uiu Keatero fkiur f 96 a 7 10 titia .-<1 .ta 7 3U * 7 30 .fjtc ica ?ute 7 3A ? 7 46 G niu on W riiad.nui V>m rtn 7 li. a 7 .'14 (MlUtkulMlt... . 7 .'4i a 8*0 r*ira Rl Uirte 7 \ a It 7.% mm?o lo *>>oa -^iutn*ro # . 7 * ti 00 f*K*l to cuoioo mira <U> K i>6 a 10 7,'. O tumor ? 440 .mail . . . . . ? 7 2ti a 7 <iw t.o .(! tncbi'to. eitra do 7 40 a * '.ft Kye flour. <uiM?fjoii ya t 'J ? ' Malt bbw a 700 CA?rt Hi'<ai, liultr.ii* ?a.. tl ?*) a H2 00 Tbe ?kin marke. dull, arid a toad* ?n ia> f?r ig. i.ate delivory, aud a, a3t~loaar fir I iter part of B. wenit. wiUi iMfMi4 reoatfla tb? a?l a Include U>m buiieia, m ti ID for amber tl 66 fur ? VOOi r?t Vrinrt .il *1 it |J d fora.itcr ftpriuf: Mtl m"Htr %c $1 wall 61 for Mn<a.uit*e cl.o, tl k'^. wl ' ChlcHO.'P'l"* W"1 tl TO^ for Barine apr ng t' f| ?*!'? atid Manual .1 $? 48 a $1 60 Con. Xf# # prioM irra4'!i?r naJae 40 ,00V buaftel* ??? ??? tower** f * Wm%tTXl m ? ??(1 ?* ** u II 60 ?**' fM.eeiir^f ooa oW Oala were alto fo, * ^ ** t|ilNca 17. for the wtanta rwi, j <??m ????? ** mm wer* dun 8,006 bMhel?of lb. Utter brwgM ??? w ??? dull. and without eh ?nge In prlcea. A nlo wat- iu?<ie of M hen1" Si 1 *?"""?<> ?l ;>H0> , , , ... tori on lite in* ket was #"?. w?U? ?*!?? 0 ? 'f[ bales. We,' jw4 florid*. MiMU 4 lata*. ^.oary tt M B7 M\ % ? 8 8 klltllliu. fair.... 99 99 100 100 thKf.iitv were quiet, ud fbr immediate shipment moa wrrr unchanged but ft* latter part of the week higher ft* < res were d.-ro laied, and In one Instance paid To L.veipo>ii, per American flag, 14.J0U busliett wheat at 0d , IU bulk, a li u of 14 0C0 do. , for all Ibis week, at 7d.,a*d MM) bbis. Hour Ht lt>. 2d at la 4d. ; |>er neutral, 1,000 lm-l e V ? beat ai 6',d , in ?hi|?' bsga, 60 toua illow and 100 liorces laid at lit. Od. '!'?> I.oudon, per neutral, ftnO In-rces lard at 2Ce. 3d To Glasgow, per steamer, 14 000 bosbeut wheat at 8d ; 600 bbls. U ur at 2* 3d., 100 boxes bacon at 30s. at d i.OO oars at He. per foot. To llri.-lol, per neutral, 20.000 bushels wheat on private terms. and 60 tibia, beef al is. 3d. To Bremen 160 huds tobacoo at 2i?. (>d. A foreign bark was chartered to fork or Fal mouth, for order*, wheat, at 0* M, 'erqua'ter. and V? ia now demanded. A Hritisb bark, w th 3,oo0 bbU. U iur to JMM) , |C ig, at 2k. 2;L per bDL Molasmkh watt inactive, mid prices uomin*l. Fkommom. ? Receipts, 2 SK3 ubl? pork, '-R- 'wrWaires bee;', 066 do cut meats, aud 772 do. lard Tbe activity and buoyancy id the provision market continued to daj , and nearly all kinds firm. The demand for pork was active, boib lor speculation and to Oil maturing contracts, and prices again advunced about 60c. a barrel, al which the etle.- wore pretty heavy. The movement was confln d almost exclusively to mess, the sales of other kinds very moderate. Beef was iu good demand, and prices were firmer Beer haras were quiet, but firm. Baooa was in uwderato demand, but the sales were light for wint of stock C ut metis wern in moderate demand, but the mtrkelw.u firm. Lard was without decided cbanxe. Hutier and cIu'cm* were steady I h? hales were I'ork? 1,700 bbls new liters. for Juue, (30 a $.:0 60. 4.i?00do. new mess, for July, at $.>1, all buyer's option; and 2.000 prime raesB, lor May, $27 60; for immediate delivery, O.OOO bbia at $26 76 a $21 37 H fer old mess, $2H a $20 #7 W for new do., |2i a $.7 ^6 for Western prime mess, and $i8 60 for thin inotts. Reef ? .-ales 600 bbls. at $16 a $18 60 for mess, and $IW a $30 60 for extra do. Cut meats ? sales 60 hlids short cut hams, al 14\c. Bacon ? siicst>4 boxes sbert clear, on privato terms. Lard ? sales of 1,500 bbls and tierces at 13SC- a 14c lor !? ai d 14c. a 14],e. lor fair to prime steam and kettle ren dered, and very choice at 14>?C. i'KTKOLKtiii ?Receipts, 1,951 bbl*. Tbe market was con siderably excited to day, and. with a gmd demand, prices were advanced ic. a v'c. a pa Ion for refined. Crude was nominal; ?ic. was at-ked, but SOr. would have bought it. Inure were uo sales of crude on the spot; but 1,00'J bbl?. for July brought 42c. 1 oe sales of refined were 5,600 bbls. lo bond af from 01a to 62c., mostly 010. a 61)40. ; 3,000 do., deliverable In Philadelphia In June, al 6tfc. , buyer's option, aud 1,000 do., do. do. in July,69!^c. ; and 700 bbls. free at 67c. a 6s\c on tbe spot, ti?c. for all Way, Tic. , 72>-,c. and 73c. lor Jure, and 76c. a 76c. for July, buyer's <>pti u. Beuziue was entirely liomn ai hit's. ? Tbe mavket whs quiet, and a sale of 120 bag* Rangoon was made at 11c. a 11 >?0. SnoAB was steady . with sales or 850 hhds. Cuba musoo ?ada (230 of which were iu bond al 11 ^c ), 17 1-4 c a 18 V, and 41 hhdn. l'orlo Rico at lbft; retlued was dull, a'jd quoted nominally at 23c. a 23 l4c. ' JtAihOw. ? A geod tiemand prevailed, and the market ??as firm, with sa ea or 125.000 Ids. at 13XC. a 13;tc. for country and city. Wuisksy ? Rocoipts, 1.209 bbls. Markot less active, acd prices a little lower. Sales 1,500 bbl?., closing at $1 20 a $1 20 for tbe range of Male aud Western. PRESIDENTIAL PIPELAYINQ. Oar Washington Correspondence. Wasiiixutok, May 6, 1884. Manirulaiiontof the PolUiciant?Tke Election of Morgan at .Senator and tht ir ithdriw il of IKmJ from the Rrpub lican Part j? Q iarrel Bc'm en Setotrd and Chats? The Cupperhea'U lire at up th- Xtio C inter oitive Part;)? Tht Her aid' t Joke in Nominating Line >ln frr Prfjid-nt ? Tl'etd Changa Pron! and Propo. e* to meet Lincoln Preti dent ? 7h? Htair family ? Cameron and Forney Knlitl i!'o Mrs. Lincoln, and HThat Happened ? j Carre?rondencA Bettnen Weed and Lifoln in Kegard to j yew Fork Patronage in -Vcio York City?lhe Cabinet Denouncing Hark Other, <!c. 1 Toe manipulations and the daub!* dealings of tbfc politician* in their managoraeat or tho Presidential q u es < lion, especially as far as It is connected with the renoinl I nation or President Lincoln, furnish the rn^t interesting purtloos of itte history of the times me ru t-se? bare bat Utile knowledge as to how tlie "un iji ig ,1 >| 1 1 clans bave been-pluytng thalr cards and what has ihj en d mo in tbe dark. The ?hiftings, turnings and twUtings or these men during tha I..-' twelve months aro almost incredible, ind would porbips be looked upon with considerable doubt were not the eviJsnco and corroborating circura stances so strong that they admit or uo misgivings, and place them beyond controversy. Id tbe Qrji plao the public aro well aware of the part played by Tburlow Weed during tbe tall or 1&02 and the winter 01 1R03. The success of tbe democratic parly at tho October elections lu 1902, culminating in ihe election of Horatio Seymour as Governor of tbo Empire Stato In Nnrcmbor, opened a new era In fwlitics. Everything at that period pointed to a revolution in politic* t,-nequ*lled lu modern times. There was a marked indication or a repudiation of the radical elem >n{ In the republican party and a deter minati'. : to place the reus oi the government as 40 m a* possible, through the ballot b >x, In .the bauds of a more conservative set of mea. The tem>v.?lof Mc 'Mian by tbe adnilQ^itratl jn, tne manipulations and tcisfortuues which attended the Army of tbe Potanajc uuder tbe management 0' the Wash iDgloii Directory, all slrcuclh eup'l th:.- movement. 1 huilo w We d, Hoping the drill of affairs. tacked sail to catch tbe tic w breeze, and under, toi It to nail tn a rpw direollin. thi.n preparing to stint bi? c .'-c i.e secured the eleciiou 01 ex Governor Mvritftu to the United Mates -ecale, who ' wis tc bo one of ilie leaters ? a *ort of prime miruRier ? tti the en .te tor this new o dor or things, lho piri ?o?i be was to pl >y wa3 distinctly marked out u.d p-i sib'e Hveiitv were p'.ividel fir Inline dmtely foiio? jag th.s cm-< V ed'a withdrawal irom the nianaoriieijl of the Albany Kitting Journal , and lis I'i'ii scvoranc-1 or conuec'inn with the repuh'i can ^arlv .t? tt was tVu organised. Next In ti ? was % series u .titers in tho Utemng Jn Tnal, ev?r V. -ed's own t rail ir -, on the po'itical condition of the ?ountry, which evi-ed n 1 ut e comtnoiim all over the onunlry . and mm . ice m ire so ttiiH m Waumngi n a' l e? ec ulv a' tho ft hit? rioi>?. it>ry ,V"nei tbe Spring liel 1 lawyer in the ftitef M? ristr mb's caur, ? h? 1 mm n.alo'v wro-c Mr Weed. <*rc1?r iiy tha' bWOMmpiM bin), and inquiring wbiilt m nut, v.-hli a Was followed hv n ?e!egrum Ir ni t.ininlo to Weed rejee.-Ulig the iatt r lo imam Irileiy to \W hraiton. ? niifi 11I tins was trail-Miring thi? Cira' Roird of the Stite <>l Ne-^ tork.a niaority ol wbom were re;iublt can-*, met in Aibao; a d apio'tited the army o cau-il 0111 iai?, a portion 01 ih? repul/ilcan men>l>crn anitiug u i'hllie le-noor?t?. re " ting all the r?die:li apiiiicinia sod ap|?> nt tic n-ei van vo repeb'icai and d?m >cra'8. thus giving lho oew < ovservativo pt:i> lint h?< . do a rucle f in : he Empire Slate, with the vast palr-iuge of tlj'i New York can in a i>a?ls 01 oi*r uii ns f or iing di d the aiitxiiiiiinetil uf II tatio ird ?? t onsul lo Hv v .ra was made se a rtrrompetwe for lie i?sn tu.4 he piayed in the canal api^.in menu. Hit u tin ! ?.?, how ever, tilll tioMe flro in .he it?. ai d " ill ird hn nut as vet paid a v:c.! to the sum y eh re. o ? j 1-lai d 01 Cu'is. Several other incident fn bebat' of th'a movement transpired ;it A'bi-iv h it more important inan all tiiese was the <|uairoi heiwei n -eward atj^ < b m wh n b tb tb eatenr'l to t'.irow ui' lh"u tairi o i<s In the ( ah net, aud, 1 believe, actually dsd -litid m their resign it ns Htil I.liic 4n, re?-Pug that if he let tlem go both wo ild rw? :i.s p^ iticil ooemiet. decried to reimn then, b ch.nod use ili> m, it Ibis row in the Piesidetii'a oflici il lamny is all the ra^re important when II is home m wind mat Seert r<r> Reward m [?.kiugop tbe fnrilolio of reiarv oi 8t?'e. tbrew up everything and devoted biins^f ejci islveiv to I'r aoteni Linc. lt), working lllm^ell into tbt goisl giave.-ei ( tie Prendent with tne idea of bein* ib crrai p. wer at lite ft lute II -use. rtit^.on me other hand, turnel hm exclusive attention to the two hoii"e-< ol f'ongre??, ? itli ins t?aan? i il Mpd re liy lie ante the i<iwer iheie. l ie con reuuebCe wa- lhat tbi* ? u 'rrci became one as between Set renry C'haf and ConKr. ?s on one, and retary ?e aid a d l.mnoin <n tbe . .t er. iUo r-- It is that inc polltiral mllue re .if cbai-e au4 Congress M tu Ibis a?v n o, [<wd I.incoln. I *? rytbiiig 'novel spuu pmnthlv for Weed and bis tie*' ootiservative party until tbo Brut raonibi fptlng, 1st,. 11^- Cjipeibvads 111 u,v dcri.o M.c I.a iy. iii nu h) U>? ,wu ,mn1s . H r > it ? , ? o l oih rs b ?'! all a. 01 g bc. n ti iunr.f tue ? o? the democratic p rty ibe (ail b^lure .* tbmr v,c ? ta?,. ti? ct-,)u to it,, maeive a, <1 by thia l ..)? became en.j< ' i-,. (i. and ?et a. 11, e man?ke in I' r I. re I m rv ''ir'.. o rule or rnm tt. Tliey ideege 1 1 o ail manner ,, exm-me- and 1,111 ' It"' rtun* ?lit a.*! i-ot up a t?iu '>t 11 ?'* ' ?? ? 'I " r* ? ? I. tl.eir ra'.lt PU'IJ ,, n, dft,io.r.l- ? *i had tn 11 eDuntad up 1 in,. , ,.w |,i|rty c ?? rv ai h .? it i t , a ? I Hiuoi'ti i neui 1 over .01 nS" r. Thi? lose. r was kept uv by :ne c p ?>r lir .t" . \?i,c tt> ina?e<; l? keep tie :i' I'lfS Ir liie ton 11 .... j.?r( HtJ,| ft"" ?? e t| ' eig tbe etlou 1.1 lh.. ,|?m' rratK- party, nonnnaliiig Vallaoc ham lor iJortrner m (?blo any >; 1 iu iiiunu all maimer u( e*eCs?es ,n si<eech>s and othe?wl?? in .1 er-nt Ifvsilties. J be rea.nt wa# that the pen .ie. , i-u w re anxious for thr ?? -dy sn<. P"' ' 1 ? md win. s.iw? a* .1 but the < p p?- he id o, tic- 11 - >?* that there was no mj of seu lung the ill 1 elf Out in croitbii g out l ie iritiiee itt ,?e t p.* - heeimeili.iiMi.,1. Ihey were rl)a .01 ibe new con ser?Mlne ; irty ,1 t, fa. . tin l-).l?-b arc uO| sir .ii< C'>ur?? ot tbe en; or bead* <??# .osred mat oven the ni w mtive ,wny *01. id be nei/ert by ibem and turned agarn- ? the war and mere ire reluctantly t imed to tho admmiatr*' mti wiib tbtir ?up|a>ft as I heir choice be twen tbe t ?0 evils The re?uit was <h?t ihe aHminis ?raiKin iarty carried eserytb og Weioro tftem M ih? ail elect io> ? <s ir nearly all if tbe lufal Slat**. Hr?| ??e his new i sr'y ended In rmoks il had a liegmnihg, bui on re <%niiio<i si the [mils, or and Ti e aopperh.-an '* '7 rt"? *<? r.rsve and 11 was buried eltbsul oeremooy In p>.litml dtrki.eas They rattled iw lion as Hastily ertbetiooM t" lie final resting place '?tiring tb? fall campaign tbe Huald trottod out Mr J.ioa. 10 lor renominate, mi it w^esui |ai*ed by many, aa -.T** tnl1* ?l *r. rtennett? aseconil edition 01 tbe joke J, .*< <ieorg? Lmw la 18M. Met although :r^TlL ,b4d y*T generously ap Fetiatert ?k?a, poer old Uuooln bed not the ?,??!., Hcnnetfi- -ijBcJtf lock 12L JS^L?L J"** ,or <M' mS kit Ma wtHjt-i n?v?i u b* tb? mi otvM* by mm, r* tbe l<otHloi:ioa did Dot take it in that light, and ii bad ibe ell -oi t< placing the President in ? strong position tor ro ?umtDMiio* It realty pat lb" idea ot another tern lato Ur. Line tin's head, and cuu-ed bun to turn bta atusi u n t? remaining id lb* While House another lour years. Tbe I lair family la the meantime began to brush Itself op, ut dsr the lead of the ten tor Blair, who suddenly ie mom tx?red the part be played ?? ibe re election of Jaekfon. lie brushed off the cobwebs and called upon the President, and fairly enlisted him Id the programme, aa the subsequent action of the senior Blair in ihe ? sbmet and Congress, and tbe oorri?-poodenoe of tbe president with Frank HI Ur, Jr., and the brigadier generalship, give 00 ilar proof, uiid as tbe volume of aeoret operations winch btu< come to Hcbt lully proves. Thurlow Weed, seeing tbe course of tbe Hmui-d Ii regard to Lincoln, followed by tbe result of the fall eleoti os, thought that It pl.ioed Mocota in a winning position, and Immediately ; ?nair-d to Washlng 1 id in sea the President, altar rein in. . > visit tlm tor fix months. Whilst at Wellington Weol takes back all that bo has said and dojM, and proposos to re elocl Mr Lin c in President. Trifronditlona aud programme will be fmiud a Utile further along. It apiioars tlso thai he proposed to call upon Mrs Lin coln ami pay bis respects to the wife of the I'resldent, and accordingly brus! ed blmasir up and called tor tb?l purpose. H a |<ear?, uowevur, that a abort time pre vious a proi>r,?M>r of one of tbe leading hotels In your Lcity, In Hie presence cf Weed aud three or four other /gentlemen, said, In a Hiking war. when asked If there was uny news, '? That It w ts reported that General Hal l?' k and t be Stfcr.H'?ry of War (Stviton) bad decided to remove Mrs Line nn from Washington aud send her b'<ine to Springfield." Weed replied "That he dtd imi know whether tbe report was true or uot, but she ought to liave been scntawav long ago." Mr*. Lincoln. It sewis, stopping at the Metropoll tan Hotel at that time, aud a |iersoii who beard Jhe stalo ment informed Mrs. Lincoln. the result was. when Mr. w eed ca i ?d upon lier ladvshlp, after his proposition to tlx* President, she accused bim of miking that statement, and refused to ail >w him to sit down, and turued bun out of the house. This Is the sequel to the Story that has been Industriously circulated secrotly la regard to Urn. Lincoln using tho broomstiek to Mr. Weed. Mr. Weed, b iwever, w ts bo succobs ul with the Presi dent. securing the promise of certain olllclal patron ace in the New York Custom House and otherwise, ibat ho rolled tip bis sleeves and went to work making his combinations lie enlisted t'ameron and Forney, ot Peon sylvania. and other manipulating and trading politicians In that section, ns well as (hose In other Northern Stales. In due tiuiec ime Ihe Sew Hampshire Convention, where Mr. Fogg, o( the National Committee o' 1860. flgurod.and, through postmasters, provost marshals and other rov eminent officials pelting elected to the Convention, the eudorfemont of Lincoln for another term was ob tained. Tuen came the resolution of the Pennsvlranla Legislature, (which Camer"n pocketed and too* In person to Washington, claiming It as bis special work.) and in dne time that of two or three other legislative bodies? where this trio, Weed, Cameron and Forney, ouuld operate upon the wire pulling politicians. Weed , on the other hatid. was not so successful with his -special work at home. Among his agreements was that bo should secure the endorsement ol the legislature at Aib ny, and that In return be should bavo under his control the entire patronage of the Custom House and several oiher fat offices in his own State In reierence to the patronage and tbo offices a long correspondence took place between the President and Mr. Weed. In these letters? for there were several? this affair oame up In se veral phases. Tho President took the precaution to re tain a copy of his own letters In his own hand writing, and to file them away with those or Mr. Weed, In a pigeonhole, where they are safely kept, until the present time. On four or five occasions Mr Lin cola bus taken this correspondence down and read it to s' me of his irlends who have called to converge with him In regard to his re election. It Is thus tbe points have leaked out and tbe particulars become known. These loners are decidedly rich and racy, and form an in (^resting sequel to the political movementa last winter. It Is to be hi'iNMl that either Mr. I.inooln or Weed will allow tbe letters to be published Ifso.lwlll guarantee th it you will give tbera a prominent position In your columns: for they will furnish ono of Ibe moat Interesting fend spicv chapter* of the times. At any rate, all who viav-' *eon ttiein declare them the most Important secret movements of the dav. I H Is well knowD that early In February Preston King f was announced as tbe man to succeed Barney in tbe Cus ' torn House, It Is also as woll known thHt be is and h*s been n?ed by Weed, and therefore satis factorily to him. His appointment was actually ? ordered by tbe President ; but the fact came to tbe knowledge of Chase, who flared up about It at d threatened to resign if be was appointed 1 h"ii came tint endorsement of the Alb my Le 'isiature of Postmaster Wakeman, and it wa? reported that he was the coming man. But no changes have beon made, and the correspondence between Weed and Presi dent Lincoln furnishes tbesejuel. Tbe resolutions endorsing Mr. Lincoln all this time hung Ore in tbe legislature at Albauy. Tbey bad be?-n introduced, but there stu. K. no effort was made inside the bails to pass them, wb itover wns done outside. In fict, several eveuts in that body bail shown to Weed that Ids power was g^ne. and that be was hot a Warwick, who had but to raise bis wand at tl.o capital of the Km pi re State to ha\e bis orders obeyed. Tbe hefflslaitire ad journed, and tho resolutions wore never taken 'rem the table. No successes wns appointed to Collector Farney, and Weed obtained no (urtner g vernment patronage in New York. He was compelled to couteut himseit with speculations in whiskey and Hai'om flock. Ail the mystery in regird to this will not be known to tho public until the correspondence between lresl dent Lincoln and Weed In regard to tbe offices In Mew York is published. What each bad to contend with will then he revealed. this tnoveioeat or 'dui and his friends for the Presi dency played no Important part In this programme. The taota'ed with the opera; urns have to a gre it extent been mitda public. Tbe war tbet wa? caused ?>n the appearance of Lbe Pomeruy circular and the pre tended withdrawal of ibuse l>"tn the contcat, wb'cb is gonrrallv be:iered to be Do withdrawal al all, are all .'ubiic history. The volume of facts that bis recently leaked out 10 rt'KWii t<> it, and what <ha?i* is doui* now. 'ire too leoi,'thv to enumerate la this already lengthv let tor? all or whicb h ivu p bearing upon me question at sta-e. The real result, aa we flod mailers bere now. ;s n gereral denunciation of each oilier by different members of the Cabinet. These trei tie men. although noting Id the positim of advtaere to tbe rreside- t. walk tbr"u ,h the street* dev.uncini; each utbor In biter terms. Were the public to take the Ter>l not the character el the members of the Cabinet f'Otn tbe as mrtl ios mado in tbe public street*. hotels anil private ir-uv uirrxoms, ihey would come to th' couclusnm that 'ne I' mi dent had al! the e?ct;>ed convicts in his abinet, and thai tbi v embodied alithai was evil in humanity and nothing that is good. Bow tboso gent etnen tueel to cviher <n ? ai>iu"t council without havw.n ? get,.-ral Cubt jHieyrnd human c nception Where this will all end I leave (or future events to deei<t?. contebiio? myself to c-c the history o! tbe facts as I flod them lbc b st -it! men I will be the ? pon tan r -vis elect;ou.f Ueneral oraul by the peopie next November. YJntteri Htntra Circuit Coort.! NO UNITIIl. M ATES T>!KA?UliY NOTES, liefore Judge Nelson. M.'r33.? The United Stain r?. Janut WaJfh.?lht prisoner wns arraigned and pleaded gut'ty to an Ijdict maul cbaigioi* blm with altcug and pasmrg Trvarury nates, with intent to desraud the United States. The Indictment la under tbo statute of February 25, 1P12, which prov:do? that any person or persons who ?h.iU falsify, m .It* counterfeit or causo t-> he couniericlted, altered, Ac , my treasury noies, bonds, ,oou;icna, kc., issu-d undir 'he suta<>rity of this act ot any other act t't irMie of Tre<sury ncles. A:c , or pass or h:ive it. his possession, with intern lo de i and any person, Corp'>ratl n. /sc., shall he deemed guilty o| fe "ii y ; and any person convicted of tbU nfiet oe rhall l>e fuh.acl to a Hue of five thousand d <i ars at < oo i Dement at h*r<l latior nut exceed tog HI teen yea , c .rdiug lo 'he aggravation ol the on ce The l otted .Stat -s District Attorney, Mr >'mnn stated to ttie Court that the er had pe<Ucd guiLy.aud lia<! thereby sated tin gMvo.M.' I 'ft linie and trouble , and as t'.is had been the lit t nee, and the party t,Jd pre viously borne <n excellei.t rtia acter, he thought the ei ds oi rh ice w' uid he >ati?Iif;l w|ti, the emalles. p'>n?bmcni. Tt t .i rt d treated that aii.davlU as to the priS' oer's pre K'iH coar icier i>c (M-cj ai ed and pteseu'ed od Satuc day ; ext CONVICTION or / BOCHlT JVM IKK, Tt if I'ni'fil .? . ? / it Al1it.ty4.~lbm w*spd e of tnose cusv* fri tu tbe iacii.ues for iriud wbicn tbe eLiistmeut of voluct ers has to irom the be glutting ot the v. ,r ut< to thu mome-jt, in cot'SK.p:eDce of thelsr^eh hi ottered by tue Oilleieut cities, town* and r.Mintie* of the State iho iicctircd is ? respectable l< ok dk young man, and car. I'.d on a j orter Uou?e ba?i< ess iu Wil'ism street, and sin chaigc i w*h h.irb"r.nn a deserter I lie principal w itness ler tue pros*cut oo, William lov, test. H.'d that, being induced to enl st, the defend. int Id due ihm ii go to urai';e|iort. CouBecucat, unaar pro h. M *f target bu> nty. ile accompanied toe deietidant lotD.tii'wn ??d i .ie enisled in the First Omuecilcut letrrment, then rtl'i'llltiDg a; d Iw.Tig rapidly tilied ut? I eieciiaiit S'-w witi.ess <nlist, wear the uniform and t .*? bis de|<art ?? Willi othar auid'ers to New Haven, wit ess leieved t. iU b <uniy, $76 or wh;ih b? handC' lo | Ali?ld: hr >m tbe reoder.vo-.s st Sew Raven w* .oss demerit,;, a-d b ought up at AJdritfge s honae on W liliatn stre>t the day alter h ? a< r.vsl "ind wbil* iu his (pns .nar's) c miMiiy , ai d speMins nioi.ey freely, the latin d< urn ded roots money, wliicbwu css refused to give lbc fain* evooiag, while In his fprixonei >) t u?e a jier-i n rep. r*?nting bimstll as a d?iee.ti?e aoci m :ia.. > d tne |>nsu?r, ?rt?o said to wituui-s th it, h a Ue * riur. he ? Mi.d d. liver bim v;r a- (u.e .1 ue dm not come ilu?u will Jk, Wn ies><, sa? nig you are I'eurmioed to bsve all.*' psi . the iremey ai.d tell. I tie ??Hi' ?i inert ol ibe witness, ib? |?rtiC'Patioo of lb* pr.'OOT! nit aud bis knowledge ol the fa. land of bis sum* ,ueut d- -e*iion and s sotoe pient re enlistmo it, under tbe ad vice and counsel ol prisoner, at (he IHpe | know iik hp i tc lie a deserter, weie so satisfactorily proveu that tbe iary returned s ef'u; ?f gmiiy. T e 1 1 ie ? r was ri mat de<i sen lir stidn s Asiistant laurict Attorney, conducted tbe taae for U ecution Dr. Ounocba city on Haiurdi been rend'riag, i , tbe wounded, 'i her of operi ion Hi n at tbe ii Ip j. jomte, with the I octor reports I! iiui siiKiitiy nsri, ,i ; again iu a lew d?< . lime. Meyerbet. - 1 j Jnst before her d, pi, leuoe from tbe J rior ? Tbe Prince end Pri i ??? '??eiii|[rnLe. i hi lie ' surgeon, relumed to the >? *Ocldfwbert be had or a. signal servioe to ot men .. ?esfuily * nuro gr?ste?i *111? ampul* ? - " t< not of tbe Urge ?liaiiero imb*. The ?? "* ti e wi i tided were it> ' ? jf W tet> Ibe OeM -e)f for '?ermany, ; letter U coodo ?f* ; ; i ton e. - - - - unviiie, *?lti tbfltr "?mlly, errived etOsieed Mh n, , ( anvhteo at th* Hotel *'A1 ?isgne, where tbe D?k? o? Nnreours wa>> eiAVlug, IV ^Pe baspoetpoe*^ his pm)eet ef (etag te ptm ?* wmta M ftrio d'*s>io, |> erier Ul?m ? r" 'WTWI ?? MltaMi SHIPPING NEWS. 1U1NI Ml TMI-m BAW. ?ri? ara?* 4 S3 I moo* >0 I? aim 7 Id J hium waxaa. mora 10 SO Pwi ml York. May ?3, 180*. OLEAKEOl ilteamahlp Northern Light, Wilaon. Aaplnwall-D B Allen. Bb p Wizard K. ug. Woodworlh. Kan Fr?a iaoo? B A llui ey A I'-o. Sbn? Carolina (Bremen), Striokar, Hoof Kong? Cieaar k Paul). Hark Siafa (Br), Brookman. Plo?on-0 L Wright A Oe. Hxrk Heory Buck., Baugor-Walah A Carver. Bi\c Leonard berry (Br;, titeuie, Kiugatua, Ja? Tucker k Liirlilbuuriie. Bug J W Harris (Br). Dawson, Clenfueg^n? D R Dewalf. ItriiS N' braa..a. Hau|>er. Svaoev, CB-ilaiur A Merr II ling jtatriever (Br), Bheliey, St Joans, NX? It M Uieene A Curry. Hn. Maple V alley (Br). WajCJtt, 8t Of orgs. KB? Miller A JJ. million. Hna Moonlight, Rmall, Button? Miller A Houghton. 8. hr Magnolia (Ur), Lockiiurt CoruwalUa? I) U Dewolf. Polir Petrel, KaU-nburg. Key Weal Hour T 8 Oiler. Houiall Camden Bear 8 K Parke, KHigeralo. Portsmouth ? W B Brown A Co. Kola L liuptlll, OnplTll. Porltiunuili ? W S Brown A Oo, BohrL*hanab. Wall )'or:imu itlt -U S Hitch. Bmaincr Win Woodward, Cmi'lifT. Baltimore. flAamar Aulnrac le. Janes. Phlle<l?mhiA> Steamer PlerponL Ure> n Philadelphia. ARRlVUl) Steamship Commander ( U 8 transport), Penrlck, Port Ruval. 4 Oats, In U a (Jnarlnrtna t?ir. S nanmmp faro Ion. Bolklev. Beaufort, NO, 54 hours, with milae auit |>ssaen*itr?. in Murray .? Nephew. Bt^aaialilD ?ity of Richmond (0 8 traniport), Aelly Foriraaa Monroe, la D S (juartrruiaxter. Maiuslnp Baltimore. Lewi*. Watulug'-on, with mdae. to J Baud. siearashln Locuel Point, nofTman, Portland, with mdae and pasaeugeis. ta 11 It Cromwell A Co. KOip S*ua|>*trell i Br I. licAipm> Liverpool. April 31. with mdae and 411 paaaeuger*, t > T Kirhardaon A Co. l<>th lout, lal 43. Ion 49, aaw an Iceberg an I nine drift loe; 20lh, off Nantucket, aaw ship Adler tmin Bremen. Ship Orient, Hill, Livcr|>ool. Apnl 14, with mdee and 807 paatengers. toSpolfoid. Tilealon j Co. 2 th Inat. lat 40 23, ?on u6 3A spoke ahlp Coinprdmi e, C.tilklna, from Liver ool April 3 for New York; 21st, lat 40 16. Ion 6?. -timaluad ahlp Philadelphia, Branlhwalto, from Liverpool March SO for New York. Soip Adler (Bus). Wenke. Bremen. 48 day*, with tndm and Soft paasenfer.>, to Uukart A Co. Had three deaths ?ad one btrlh. ship Talisman (Pr), Renter, Havre, 41 day* with mdae and 1S7 paasengert. to Boyd A lllnckan. l7th Inat lat SJ 8 Ion 71 50, apuke Bremen ship John Thomas Our, from Klo Janeiro tor New York. Bark Rudolph (Brera). Landers. Shanghae. Ill days, with mdae, to order. Passed Anjlar K' btf. Cape ot Oond Hope March 17. Rt Helena April I. No date, lat 0 i7 8. Ion IS03 W. spoke Br ahlp Tan iter. M daya from Liverpool lor Calcutta. Bark E A Bonder (of Yarmouth. N>), Denma Cardiff, 34 daya, with railroad iron, to TUpa Jamer. from 3d to nb mat. lal 4ti 12. loo 4SSO to lat 43 id, lou 60. w?t among a large number of icebergs and quantities of drift ire , loal cut water by coming In rontsei with drift Ice; 4th mat. la' 35 30. Hn 44 4s, apoke ahlp Village Belle, of and from Londonderry for Philadelphia, Bark hllsa A Mathl'de (Ruaatan), Nordenholt. Bremen. 42 days, with mdae an 'I 19 > paasenger*, to Unkart A On. April 30. lat 44 17. Ion S8 22. aaw Br brie Lverahire Laaa of Ar dro^ann. bound W; fltli in-t lat 43. Ion 4S pxa-ed evera1 lee ber^a. 21st, lat 40 23, Ion 70 36. aaw Hanoveriau ship hmll, bound K. liark Harmcn Bulkley, Trinidad, IS days, with sugar Ac, to 1 upper A Beattle. Brig Kmilia e Celestlna (Italian), Monte, Naples. 68 day*, with frnit. to order Brig Munarna del Mara (Ital), Oorejiulg, Palermo, 6S days, with fruit, to Chamberlain. Pnel- a A Co BrigUldeun (Swc). Mittopaua Klo Janeiro, March 27. with ooflTee, to J L Phlpna A Co. Sid in c-i w tb Br bark Tickler for New York. April 4. I. a 21 4 i 8. Ion 3< 0J ai>o<e Br bark Delphin, 52 davs from Liverpool lor Buenoe Ayrea; 8tb, lat SI 23 B, Ion X& 40, aaw Hrba.k R i?emnunt, bound 8; 12th, lat Id 36 8. Ion 32 18. saw a Br b* k ?bo-.vlng Not 7549. 3d dist D'-ndant. from Liverpool lor Valparaiao: 24th. iat 1 OS 8 loo 34 4", aaw Br bark Ueorglna. Si davs from Buenos Avret for Bo^inn. Bug Sophia Henrietta (Han), Jaijer. Rio Orande, 40 daya, with hl lfasnJ wool, to Kiuer Broa. Brig John Gedrtee ( Br > Mi'Le^n, Klngaton, J a, 35 days with tog? . Kid. to II J A C A Dewolf. 20th mat. lat 37 30. ion 74 15. tpoke tchr Dacoiah, 30 days from Clenfuegoi lor Port land Hng Wm Allen fof Montej-'O Ray Ja). Stubba, Black River. Ja IS da\t. with logwK>'i, ,tc. to He r de (lo dova t Co. Brig h aei (of 1'ortlaodl Bain, PR, 14 dtya, with su^'ar and moiaaaea, to Mil'er A Hn chion. Hrl^ r>e 'oe<i (Helg). Defiance. Matamat, 16 day*, with su gar inolaaaet. .tc. to O der, Brig Water Lily. Tliton, Portress Monroe, 2 days, In bat laat, to U 8 O'lartermaaier. I 8 ai-hr Heur.v Jaoea (mortar boat), Acting Rnalgn L B Xing. 1'enaacola. May 10. St hr Ouach.ta (Bri. Ooodwln. Frontera. 35 day*, with log woi-d, to l< K Brian ACo. April JR. lat tl 53 Ion 88 36 was l>o. idud Iroui U 8 schr bea Bird, 3 daya Irom Cain peachy, all welL Scbr E 8 Conant. Watt, Tar plco. 23 daya. with hMet Ae, to Hmpton A ? Upu. Schr Magnolia. Thaae, At Oroix. 16 daya with molataea. to D Trowbridge, of New Haven, jtitb Inat 'at ^2 id lou 73 10. apjkelimk L'oltiiabi.i, II daya Iron Pb..?delphla; 18th. 'St 33 < 2. loo 74 62. ajioke tchr J Fret man, ' days Irom New Br ?? 8-hr Hound (Br), Outerbridge. Bermuda 8 d?j?, with Ye geubiet. to MMdl*ton k Co. w fi' hr Mrii'-n *er <ul Yarmouth, Me), Hil). Baracoa 12 days, with fruit, to muater. ... t . . ... u 8 hr Wm Mazyck, Conklln, hleuthem, 9 daya, with frolt, Brhr B Hatjht, Baker, JackeonTllta, 14 days, with cotton, to mutrr. Srhr J W Mallland. Qarmow. Beaufort, NO, * ti->a Schr F ItoitrrH, Ro*era. Newbe n. 3 daya. Hchr B N Hawklne, Wyatt. Fortreei Moan* 2 da rt. 8chr F Nicker-on. Anderaan Fortreaa M.iuroe, 2 1ay?. rtrhr D B Warner. Tliompaon, '?'ortraM ilotr*. 2 '?J?. Schr Southerner. Darling. Ko.ireaa Monroe, I daya, 8. hr 8 A Hovcc. Boyce, Kortrg^a M nron. 2 daya. Bctir s?n Luis. bre'ner, Portree* Monroe. 2d?ye. Schr RW brown. Riaion for resa Monroe. Rent White Cloud. Leatllt. Kortreaa Mrnr >e. Bohr J P Anger. Aldr. I <e, Korirr?a Monroe. hchr D B Kit ea. .tayne. Kortreaa Monro*. i-cbr Ida de la Torre. Fiii-hett, For;reaa Moaroe. Soiir Mxrv Alienor. Denni-. \ rglna. Br'ir 8 U M' e?, L -tch. r, \ Irglnia 8<hr . mo 1. Mer.iug. Virginia Hchr Lodu .kia Smith Al ?! tn liia. 4 daya. Srlir B F*rren. Conllu. i>pork'ciown DC. Mhr K Haieb Wh tman Baltimore Hdir Ottoman, Bil.inu* f*l> ? la leiphlafor Boeton. fiohr Orlai*. Rhode*. Pfclla e ta tor Provide.iee. 8n!i- .M Warm/, (* Inslow. Kil *"ctbtiort for Button Schr ("anai \ . Pltch<-r. Cain la, 20 dave Rctir l)ol|>hln. Talbot. M*ehlaa, 10 daya. Schr b Ho.rrt Mm hit) Gardiner Sch. Cele4.a, !l inkin. P'.rtlatid 8 ir Red Jack'tt, Averlll. Harwich. Pcnr H W Merchant. Parker, Umnceater. Schr White Sea. l^e, New burvpaat. Schr Challr" 'tender. Ill .lilon. Schr ? i?nc >in Taunton BcnrUoea Oonley, PrcTldenoe. Schr C U im,, o*. Penny. Providence B'-hr hlon. Davie. Providence f..r Albany. Sclir ??e. Mill*, Provl ?m-e for Purl kwen gcbr K McLean. Iiallocit. Pawtu-KH for Philadelphia SoliroK Crockett New Haven, Sc r While Rork. K'.. ell. New Haven for Albany, Behr Ruece*a. Rich*r ?, N??- London for Port twen. Schr Jane Var *. p. ?hn?ll. Norwich Schr A M A. Iten. I(U>< Norwwh lor Albany. 8 hr Conneaut. Snw. -r >.-rwalk for Cluabethport. t>Chr Willi*. Myi.le. 8chrt:J Krickaon. Tuttle, itrookharen 8<-hrJ P <'^>llln*. Abrc?.v Port Je-li r "on Bchr E Hartie*. Clllord, Suini Point for Philadelphia. Sctir AraWne. l>onj|?a. Kondom for ve* Lon Ion. Steamer Charle* Ostiood It S trannportj, tieer, Fortrea* M' nnw, in U rt (iuartr-i oiaater. hieamer Martha Steven* Olmnee. Raltluiore. gwmr Nove1' Sh*w P illa elphut. Steamer Ann > i * Rieliarda. Phllade|-it%. 8te?mer Frank. Shru. ahire I'hradrti hia. DAfl.KD. 22d-8teamer? Krancle 'are (ieo Howard. Huron; ahlp C"<;rlnn^ll; brie- Kulmno. S T Re?*?. ?c , ? Am tNilllne. 8 llotc'.ki-*. Hai . i.ipple, Ann, A Mowari Klo Urande Prrsla. Maria i I.'iil? Steamer ;. .tuern Light. Wind during llie day KW. M ? srr i la nt ?>??. STinif'Air NoRTHKtJt Litiii, Captain Wilson, anlled yc? terday 'or AapinwalL Kinr .Ioiin Cor.i.FMm.t, of >e* Bedford. JS trna. hie be n volo to Mi l-rt Bcsuer A Brown, ol ihia city, oti prlvatt term*. j>i'H a Lrr-r Kii/?r?'?. of Varmoulliport, "um Boatoq jr 'n the cieek lemllri to I Mitk> r ? "*h rl olitl- of i8th inai a <1 aim ted a pi u* neat Hie ri,d.inr poa<. At hood tide the WHter tilled tne hold to lh<- i?bln ? ooi eom'ng In conia<-t ? ill. ? tne i ne. mi l aroitunw liecr*? . ftte w>.a kejii free until ?f.e ren-hed the whari and diechnrard cjtrgo. which m aamamd pt nasty to *.ne MMMM ol iluUO Nola ?mance on vckael ur cargo. 8c i ? IIUTtaa. R. ?er? Oiotioeater. while at anchor on (Jeoige* a?nk? evening o( 1 1 lb mm It hem* fo**v at t ? il l e. wb* nn Into iiv nrig ortolan, of PonUnd. and had ibt boMjirit troken and bow a?m-wtuti damaged. 8ch? H DOhiiipli loroer. ^l Demarar* <lat ult from B..i-ijn, when 7 da>* out lariled awai the i pt<er part ut ner rndder, lo-l ih 'i>in lib ore opmas and ot,' nail top gail. l^pt Turner made a leti-porar) ntnder with tniicli in i Jeo ttv. and o '.CltCfl I ai M*i n ji>|tie. where he remained one I ay and linn prceedeS , Sena C H Jomu,df Portland UM tnn* hnllt at P.<a*i In ISW haa be> n *oid (, H <" Kimit'. of 9louoe?ier. I A S'HK*> \ E3?at Hh' wing a w.,lt ? deck' ejie, rl* not aa : aert< ned, (>ui?..,t viav in. lat U ft J. loo 71. by bar? J I Malhewa, at Phiiadi lunu '.'Id mat. L*t'e< n*l)- At I'oriatnnnih 2l?l Inat. from the ahlpvard of ' f obey A Iiitllei ?ld the tern* man . - O-ti tira it. I'llllt f..r tl.e China ami Nan F?mi. |m-o trade. R..e la 2nl feel ioim, .14 H" beato. deep? iloni I4W tona; and la verv aliarp in iba litreiniMea 'mi ha> too i mid?Mp Ix anng* At ila' ?l. by A tl llaioorne. a barx of about ftVI tona, Satned Mi <?ei>. of He i aen owned by parllea In Norway, and to be luiiimanded by Capt Hill. Rotlre to fflnrlnerii LiotiTHut^k urrua, Ku- k'n UmTniar, i Piiilum I. lit* Mhjt 19. 1 8. >4. I The Five Fnthom Hank Ll?hl?e?.-I oaa relutne i 10 hnr ?thtion. off C*|ie M.iy. on Ihe III h in>t. Sy order of ih? Li hihoo-e tloara. JOHN I' I' Oil. I.lg'itbonaa Inapeci.w. aaiTmn on ?!?*? n?nno.t or ii*?**ABi. The follow li(< tmporiani Notine to ?. arinera wax la*ned by the iinorjieloWM P. I t??e Uooitniltee un Um lot I. of April a*t> "* A lant'e |r. i ."nov painted bla k haa been Inlddnap on the ?W n?n i hi nt:ai Ran*, u. Ill feet ow water aprlng I ir a. if ma *. ' Noiihaol ol the t^haiiiiei in ami from lie [ , a ,i t and (? ?-? ,n*i?, wlib tin ?? lowiag mm a* and rear I ,u i cornn*** - Llghihonae. H ly Kl*F Hit. ? on Red |t*iik. H tf P,;?E LfV an F'Me N W K VS Bngar B*nk Hracou. (? |Mik II. Ar, Bark How an.l, from Boeton lor hurloam, Mar 6. lal I., 4)i i n AO .Hi Hark T? lilgbl f Br), heaee lor Matamnr ? <lay ft. lal 21 M. lon "#41" W Hrlg Model, from Portland fnr Oardenaa, .*iay I#, lat 27, lOf 73. Fortl?n Peru. Buck id ma Ja. . no Am v,.,ael I11 port. Cara H*vik<< Mat In port UK naaa. r* Powhatan, and Neptunai brta I/anrilia, Bo um. lor Itoalon 3 daya. arhr 1 a net. Powera lor do do. c*araaa% May 10-In port ba k R II KnlghMBri, Car man for New Vork S daya: nehr Vilufrtnea lor Bagiia. Hid loth, brlf LT Knight Park. Pbiiade |ih a. |>Ba*ean*, April 12? Arr bru H I>*v|a Campboll, RVork; 2i)th. b*rk Anctkmeor, MoCulliHtk do. 21*1. M l> (inn die. Turner. Huaioo: ad. orig Hi?riau McCtMlunb, NTotk. EinrTNaa*. May IS? No ?e?eel n |?irl. Feotrrnna. April Ifl ? In port bark Illlnola, for Boeton, all Wfttl OiaaiLtan. April 29? Arr ateam tnnapnrt Volturnn (Ital), Slola Oenoa (anfl aid JOth for New York, ahlp Roohamrieau, ?now, Trapani land eld S'Hh for Portland); harka Indian Ball* (Br), Trimble, Meealna tend aid lor Philadelphia); audi. TarlM Jlui). Cuneo, Uenoa (and el<l for MTorkli W| nooa (Br>, Ftoketi, NTork <and*i4 May 2 foe Marwlllaa). Mi#XW$a&:rzsi"SSVii'2r& U ,M?^a e. l*tiv?kL?Mh?eTw?i?w" I RilMl Oua ir, April K? Air trif Myrtle. Congdo*. Mew Turk. Haurai. May 19? Arr brigs J B King; Comil. and Maria. M Tit. New York. L vaaro >l. Mar IS? Arr ?blp Thatcher Magoun, Dunbar, { Sou Frauciaoo. M w.auA, May 4? Old achr Mai A Emll (Meok), Rhode, IVorL M ivT?Tin?o, Maroh 17? In port bark Hlla Virginia, John a. D for ttufloo* Aviti- to load for New York. Pkknambuco April 27? Vrr bark Trave ler (Br), Rsndle, Mew York lor Klo laneiro: schr H lie, Allen dls{. 81d -'6th, bark h?<le, Garll (iro n Mew York), Talcahuano, having reualrsd. K'liilmiira, April IS? In port brlga Laoque (Brax), for MYorkaoou; lianuah lordo mad/. Bali >11, PR. May G-Nn Am ??? el In port. Br.lo<N*, NK April iV? Arr )iri?i A V Woodhne. Reiser Naur York. Mat 6, tit Vinoent, tiniuou, Victoria Urau a. Le N"ir, v ill iiciio, Tkv lor; Martha, Gam on; Baicluiha, Buwden aud Advent, Crow, do. brJnuN. Ml Mav i7? Arr ac'ira Mar.'aret Ann, Wbel'dey. New York: IStb. Venua. Oaorge. do. Old IBth. iohr Krle, Coombs, Philadelphia: laib, iMp Vaaco dc Oawa, Da Sllva, Liverpool. American Porta* BOSTOM, May 21. PM-Arr birk Laconta, Eldrldge. ueuigetown. 1j*J; ori*" lriuily (Brl. Hanson, Leghorn; lit- mirlok llUH.mau i Dutch i, HiK'nun Buenos A v ree ; scbrs.l H Cou:.ce, Coi aud Ricbaid BuUwIukle. Ftmish. Georgetown. DO. Thos U Seymour. Keilev. Eil.abethnot; M.Mii'f Boyd. Whorl J-rsev City: John O i reland, Kojera. Fort Lee, NY: Amt'btni C.fw.f?; Laura Franiea. 11 ulna, kuu Ooean Eur Orarittt I'ort hwen; B.?i,ort, Velner, No tlitort, LI. Old achrs PI -n, er M?r). Owlet, AlUln, 8t Domini, o; M udoia, Alien, l ort au liinoe: Ju'.ia Anna, Mardinj; Washln ;ton : lt> .in 1 1*1- 1, Stu'.-s. do; W W Hialn ara Pemi cton. NYnrC. t. n L'l.t, l> rk Aleiaudrlne. ."Xd-A-r brlc Mazgtlan, True. Cardenas; A ik <>u Saw\er, Georgetown DO: Liicf Ann C:.;e. Ba tlmorc; For. st Slat.-, Hiirrloian Poit Knaa; Wiu Maeon. Small, do; 8ain Saiai:, Torrey. U"!k Hatch am! J ? H Crowlev, Drlsko, Elizabeth port schra Su .an. lto?ers. Cape Havtlen; Pomona ( v r), Pnalli, Amii'ii; Henrietta Tin 'nr. and F ra Ulna MeFar land, Oecfetown. DC; Alfred Chase. Wixon. Baltimore; Hannah (J rani HonitH. do. fad win Reed, Ho.idapeed: Inlin Collins, Ernca-on ; Jo? Satte> th .. nltr Long aud Snow Flaku. Htcr<il s. Philadelphia; K H Atwood, Rich Si rah H Oib on, llarUett; Balpb llowett. Bliodaa; llurd fino?r and Bay State, V?>:itoa, Kondoot; Juatlna. ilr.'y,n? Counne.lor, wht'more; Allegban J. ue*. and I> H Ho?lrkln<, Kirliarde. Bll/alx'lhport; Saaan. Bea. t>c; Ai;Ja L nibcrt, and l'rlacraa. L" ell N York. Btrlnw a1 arn-^or a' nirmtlne, Kusaian ateam (iiHate Pei'PMvctz, Koii; teff. fr >rn St Tbniua. 2Sd? He, o<r bark Llbei taa brandliofl from L verpooL BALTIMORE, Mavll? Arr ' r n Acn?a (Daal, Thomp son. Rlo.lAoelro. Kl?et,vlng. lUrll. '>M Point; brl>(* llark. awiir. 'Vl'son ^t ,la;o. Mnrv Rowland, Ruwlaud, Old Point; nehr* Mott Bedell, Belo'.l; l,nira fiertrude, Camp. b?il, Old Point; Dlri'jo. Cook, Coi treat Monroe; ttavlla, Kelly. Port Rival; Rldcewool (Veek City Point; Heart vlile. Sear-. Port RotiiI: ltelle R Hull, llolmea. NYork. Old nark (llorun Battiata (Ital I Oiiglieliulno. N rk; aebrl Willie Htaplea P K * and Kl*i; Nleo'at Helmburger ( Dutch ), Mo. 'etna A'liatf-rditin' Charter Oak. Raker, ?>>?? too Sid b? ' ka Dela.var" ( Bo, Steed, Deaiarara; Adelalne (Ar<) Wl : ulna Kio Janeiro. BATH, AUj- it? Sid ablpa Lucy Malvllle, Portland; Ud. Tlma Lord, do. BRISTOL. May 31? Sid tchr John P CulHns, Parnum. BYork. DIUHTOM, May 21? Arr achrs ,T P Ro??, Ftaplei, Bllra bethport; Roanoke. Hearing, and Klanilc. Wllhatna, do; Wnlatler, Pr#?br?<y. and t'h ir e? Norrl . NYork KaRTPORT, May U-Arr ai:hr t k Bazlay. Crosby, Wind tor 'ana eld for Wdmlnuton Den FALL R1VRR, Mai 21? Arr schra Wm B Bird. Handy, Ellzabethport; Jauiea \ LiiKy, Oha?<-: Mlnerra, BrlRht'i an; Lailv Ada ? a. H idwln. and Choctaw, Parker, New York; Orlou Darta, and Cornelia. Beyn?ld?, do; a'0'<p? Ann B Ho.mea. Harding, uoi U-or?e, Brluhtman, Perth Amboy. Alan a "lir A nia O llin hll-anelhimrt. rtl.Ol'CKSTRR, May 2ii? Arr ?hr Cinderella, Fierce, MYork. S' : ilith. sciir O W Baldwin. Long, NY^rk. NUWBI i;Y "OKT, Mar ?i-Arr achra He aid. Knight. Philadelphia; Katl -r. Li-lglit"n. NYork. Rid bark Eugenia inew. BM) tona), Rofr?ra, NYork; hrtg? Vlncenneaa, Hodg don, Philadelphia', h-nncbeo. Blair, do. NRW BEDFORD, May 2 Arr a< l>ri T Bodlnt. Bodlne, Bllr.a'.iethport; Mary A Rowland, Fuller; Harriet Ryan, Know: Dahlia, Adama: Republic. Ch?ae. and Pranci* D Decker. Oliuae, NYork; 21nt Armadillo Chaae. NYork; E 8 Harnea. Uoane, do. Sid 20th, achr Helen (now of NBed ford "JUO ton<). NYor* NEWPORT. May .1? Arr achra Bver.raan, Potter. Phllft, dclnhia Billow. Rooaland for PhiladHlphm; Cbarlea H M.iller. do for do; Rodman M Prlco. Phllade tihla for Boa ton, Slsiera aud Sarah Elizabeth. E!iz.,bethpori lor do; Saiah Moor?, do for do; Buaan and Mary, do for do ; Juno, do for Portamonth. NH; Forest, do for do; Mary b lla, F lladelphia for Newburyoort; Cherub, New York for Gardiner. NKW HATKJf. May 21? Ait achr* Dr Power*. Muncey. Philadelphia' Oertrude. Hill; Sterling. Ooldamlth. and rah .lam-. Rosora, Rllzahethport ; H Lemuel, Jaivls. and W "enn Rhode* Port ?? wen smori Ph ? nl*. 1' II Hi A DKl.l'H I A May 21? Arr ai. amer Oor Chaae. Port Ro>al;*h n Tamerlane Jackson. N?w Orleans: bark* John Mathuea Keri'n. Peroamlmoo; Oan Eden Reed, New Or leans. brUs Fannie, Lunt. do, J H Kennedy Port Royal. Below ship* Westmoreland, Decan, aud Frank Ruult, Morae. from NOr'cnns. Lrwas. Del May 22 -At the Breakwater, brig Dalaey, Da vis, from Cubi lor order*; a deeply laden bark an<l two fo reign brlita. PROV|D6plOP, May 21-Arr Br shin Eliza McLaughlin, Raymond, Af'inU-san dobrs Hattie M Mayo, Ward. Balti more; Marv Miller, Davion; K^ln la. Uawley; Oeo Falea, Nickerfon;' Cordelia Newltlrk. Weaver: Suwasaett, Soper ; Soper Philadelphia: Perfect Low; Isaac P Hazard. Saun - ders; Ieaae Anderson Doyle. Kb abet h port Mary Eliza beth.; Marlon. Pryor; R >scoe. Eidrldire. New York. Sloops Speaker, Holt, South River. N I : H arrest. Oorwln; Prederic Bropn, Carr; Thua II ill Hull; Pointer, Nicliola; Oregon. Rhodes, New York. Sid achr Sea Nymph, Cooley, Philadelphia. May 22? Arr ateiemer Sea Oiill.?Rerin?y, New York; schra B A Conkhn, Norton, and C L Bavlea, Vro.nao. Pinladel phu; New Regulua. Orow-on. and /.<?!, Cottreli, E llza^eth Br>rt; Stranuer. Smith and Odd Kel ow. Dyer. New York. Id shr Sophia Godfrey, Mulford, and Atlantic, Waaa, Philadelphia. PAWTUOKRT. Mtf il? Arr ?chre Urbana, Wilook, Ellia. bethjArt: Lidy Late. Tlliots m. NYork. ROCKLAND. Mav t?' 8 .1 schra Convoy, Merrill. PorlreM Monroe; 17th. Orrii Francis, Hunt. Philadelphia; lbta, bark Epbm Williams, Sleeper, Baltimore; ilgth, tchr Lion, Furbish. NT ort. _ _ RALEM May K? Arr schra Union. Cayenne; LW Dyer, Bumner NYork for Bancor. WH'KFoRD. May 22? Arr achr Naiad Queen. Daniel*, Phllade phia. SITUATIONS WANTED -FEMALES. ARKSPBCTABLK PROIRXTANT YOUNG WOMAIt ?ll .ea a allua'lnn In a -ina.I private family to lo ^ene ral bouaewor*. or U> take ? barge a lad*, and in d" plain m>miik; fan g .od refer^ncea. rati be eeo at ber em ployer a. Court at. Brooklyn, three dnor- from Mill at. A: "UllKB OK WRI.I, RROOMMfcNDRD IIKRMaN remain'- want altuation* a* rnnKi chambermaid* and Unndre>Ma. nuraee. glrla f..r renewal liouaework, to., at Mra LDWn'S German Inililtlta, 17 Hianiflo it., near tbe Bowery y* Arbhprotaplr to ko wq?t<n wis'tfr a si tiKtlon a< rhambTmaid aR* w?ftre?% or nnr?e and aeam lr?aa. Haa Uie beat 01 Qtfy refer.u.ei. Can be aeen uu til a lied ai -V.i3 Xd ave. y ARKSPKOTABLE YOUNG OIRL W A NT? A SIT!' A t on. to do cbamherwork and waiting. City references Call for two data at lit r.aat .4 at AYOUNOGIRL WISH F8 A RITPaTION AS CIIAM brrmatd or uvallrea . or to do general homework of a email private family. haa iioq I reiairn -e Han lived tour yeara in b -r laat place, 3U Hic?a t. , Brooklyn. abereabe An be >eoa A8ITUATIMM WANTRD-i>T A GOOD PLAIN COOK; l? wiiltug t" a- ??' with the waa'iioi. Beat city rete renoe. Call at 123 Ka?t tuth at., near 3d av. AF1R8TCLAS8 WAITRE8P IN A PRIVATE FAMILY? By a eery romiieient girl : taken the ?ntir? care of tbe allrer. Be-teit? refercnoe Call m 232 nth av. A widow ladt, o f high k speotabilitt, having nn i with r? voraea, wt ?. d 1 ge a pnaition aa ho ili'keeper Partie? wta um a p. - on of t e above de ecrii'tlon -nay apply to or ad-'rraa We-t 22d at., far two daya. ? VOPNG OIRL WISIIKS A ritpatio* AS first l\ elaae wa'treaa or ri<ai >ermald; eon id like to fo to a ?*alennir i-la-e 'n the . oiii try. flood re -reni*. Call at 2V0 W cut 29tb *t., between Vtb and lOlti ava. Alaht wr" -q a rfifLo wet nurse, ap ply at 117 a. I lili at., rear. 'splCTAtlLK YOIJNO GIRL WISHFH A SlTUA n at unrae and rhaiol?r>oaid , can do p>aln aewlr. jm 1 ta' 21*1 ft., lor two uaya. AP'tlMjH, WHO I* A COM PKTKN T SR A M8T KK?.i, and can operate on A vtliaoaa maniitiie, I' wlahet emoo ment by the dav T month: l? a gniMl hlrt maker , eitv relereinie. Ca'l at I'. \V??t III! at., top lloor. i SITUaJION WaKTBIi- BY A RKlPRiTTABLR I J\. yomg utri, * chambermaid md wmtre?t m a private family ; 0?n gl>e lonr rear- rcc mimtmlv on. and can be I aeen at her preaiot place. Appu at 9t Am i - at, I A RSHI'KCT \RLS YOUNO OIRL W1SII< S TO OB f\ tain a aitoatlon aa ?altr-ea In a re-i>eciab e hoarding I home or hotel: i aa the neat of ony reli-nnee I rum her >at place. ? h< re ahe b > lived ior al< year* Can re aeen for l?oda>a If no' entaaed. ai 122 K??t '2 ith 4. f A rtlTLATION WAVTKD-BV a YOl'NO WOMAN, I A to cook ???h and teoo m a prtra e 'amlly; can give :o.>d , e'er-nee Call f. ? .vudava at tbe bakrry corner of InUand rtailtcita, B'ou* vn. iff ATOUNQ WOMAN WAMTH a SITOaiiob as c.tok . It wllllna to i>a?ut In waah ng and nouing ta an ejcell.-m baker; h?? me b-at oitv ie(eience troiu be. <?-t place. C...I at IIKI Hf I iilh at . aeeond i.oor. AVFRV RK8PRCTAHLB VOLNO WOMAN Wlsn?B i, ailuatiati aa i-'ia nher aid Oi walr-ne. laa the i.eai of oily rMerenuea, Call at H7H Weat ihi'< at. Iial?e?-n titb and 7th ava A^ITUATION WANTRII-BT A HI* I EOT A "LB woman tn nook ibi a annul lam' y or d" rh. mliei work and aaaiat ir tb?- ?almn<: no tibject'ooA to ydng a ahort dialance in the antmtrt , ia< tba best il e!ty rereieuca Itoiu be r laat p ace. Call a . 2S 2tth It. near "f ave AC'lMI'BTRVT TOIIvfl filMAM W .S'IKR A SITUA t <in a- cliainberniit'd and e aitreaa in a ptivatr - tmlly; haa the neat ot citt mi-r me; hna no ol'ieiiima to go in the .mry |i)r tbe aummer c,a|| or Hfldi-rM 1st, y tIt lit h 4, ARfvSIKi'TtHi.R TOU NO OI".L WIPHRS A SITHA lion a? < kanber tiaf, and *aiirM-?; no "Oj"ctioa to the O'MiBtrv; I atrliy i Irr- a e Can he -eea Inr two <iay? at ?i** Kaai Intb at . between I at ave and ave A Asi'Dation waited k? a yoovo ??? nt,t. as chain hermaid and "eematreaa, or ta -akt ,t?rje of Clii dren . i a , > it waifea haa tin onJr?IMna to a ah>rl distance m the fan try. < an be ?ee.i at ?er pri-?eni am |il?)er'i. haat l.-th . ARFRI'BCTaI-LK f|lr'. W-NTH a SITUATION A? ehambermalJ and aaa-lTr a. haa g9nd r t> tafereaca. API.' at I ? haai Mil kL. third Bm.r front room. ABITVMION WAMrfcl)-KJ A BCOTt H WOMAN, aa ta-ok a d to aaaiat with waalung an.l la. in n aa wo'k a- J wi.ulij ?.i M?<ii a amily 'o the oountry for tbe amniner Caa .-e aeea at Ml W ? t 12th at Asiidation wamtf.i? -hv an amrritaai wiiin*. aa Miae>e?^r nr In do Mi<> wark ?l a a. nail family Ca I at 33t llrtl. av . lar two day*. A situation wanted-by a YOPJHI oin, in a J\ pn ai" a ilti, aa eha. beimifld an.' rum -u -a?: can ent and Hi chl d en'a diea ea. la wliltan and enltging ao cb I no t" the g.iunliy tnr t e .ini.ner haa the b at >f cilf rnl"r?ni-ea Can b" aeen at her preirat emolnver'a. IW V eat 2Mtb at , . ?r two aaya, APROTEHTANT OlHt <H?MHS A HMI aTIHN as eon* ii( iiairytnilu. Appiv at sbJ Weat Sflth at,, roar. . A RKfiPKt) TABI.B V UUMH OIRL WIBil Rl A SlTIT* J\ a thin a* chaniberma^iL nad waareaa .?r ta aa tat la w? bing and .fnnitig. an ninee^nne to dn^oitevoik n a ((?all family. Ilae three j'eara refareuoe frmn er laat plane Add rata ?fl Wa- 1 IIKIk *k, a few deoia fratu 6tb av. ARRIPB(rr*BLB VOCNO Woman wiMIh* A SIT. iiatlnn aa imok, waabar ai traaei and to do kntiaa woek Oall at AIS IM at,, betweau tat and M a?a AUII WIBH B* TO VfTAdB A BITVaVION rOB A Praaak woaaaet. M UdMLe aaaM ana ?aamtraan <*e itfeVuT" im ^ M ?ITPATIOWB WAHTKU-rSBALBI. A YOUNG QIRI- LATRLT LANDED VHRU A HTt tiailori in a bak ary or oonteet oner* nun. having lira aecuaiomed toaucb: or to do rbamherwork tu l aoiat in iu carr of children. Oka be iwsi at DM Broadway, betwoM U*U> and 20tb ?IA AYOUNfl WONAH WANTS A SITUATION AS riMf cilia iiiiw ?nj uMiuium; can do all k'nde of a?w? 111 tsd ?mbroHerf ; ! u bwn ae customed i? * or ; . rs'o?4 or the care of ebildien, baa good olljr reference. Call ai U( Waal IHtb ai. A ,oo? xtetefS ? is Brut door, front room. bslweea &lh and M)Ui at*. A YOUNG WOMAN W ANTS A SITUATION AS NURBB or io do cbauiberwork; city re it re rice. Call at 1# Amity t)!aoe, rear ABB8PB0TARLR GIRL WIBBBS A SITUATION AS nurar or ch tinliermild and to do pioneering OH be seen until ciun^ed at Uu (Vest 2Utk at. A BrBI'ECTABLB OlBIi WANT# A SITUATION AS /v la rndrraa. one who und rmanda her bualnea* nnd ban the besi of ehy re erenee; u<> oiiiecilon to tbacnuutrv. ?a* be seen for t*o day* at hi West I9ib at ABRSPBOTABLB woman wants A BITUaTTOM uh rook. Call today ?t 4'. Park at., corner of Petri, Ural foor, front ovar tba doctor's. A WIDOW WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO washing and ironlnc a' her own residence. Call at 9CS 19th at., aecond U lor bark room. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A WOMAN. TO DO general housework. Good reference. Call at 70 At lantic at, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A BEsPBCTABLB t\. young ladv. an walie-n and to asalat in tho waahirtB and irouing Trie boat or r ty rcterence. Can be wen M two daya ai 80 West 17tU at. ARESPEOTABLR YOUNG GIRL. LATRLT LAN HBO wlabcs a situation to do genural housework ; Is a irtmd waahar and lronar. call for l*o daya at No. 113 Court ek. Brooklyn. ;Lsrr ?S"" ;?sn child re o. ' Call a, 609 Broad way .^lom'wo"!#0* SW? gr?"mt A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RP.SP ECTAFLB youiiE woman, to take care of children and do ulaM sewing or chamberwork and line washing; ilm lw?i of references; tho country prelerrod. Call for two days at 'Om Wcat 17tb at. A YOUNG WOMAN W1BI1BB A SITUATION Ai oliambermald; Is a good pisln newer: food referrnane( la a I'roieslant Can be -ecu uoill nullad al 12 Weal 33<l al A SITUATION WANTED-AS CHAMREKMAID ANB Que ironer or laundrena; reference. Call at .')? .s?ih ai A SITUATION WaNTBI?-BT A TO UNO WOMAN. IO d.i housework; city reference from last place. Call at 132 Weat 33d at. A YOUNG WOMAN. LATELY LANDED. WISIIBB A sliuation In a prieaie family ?? seamstress; can ?mt and fit ladies' and children's plain dma-ca; can do al ?nda ol family aowtn* and can embroider: ha- no ob eetioa to aee to a grow n child or a?*lst In llcht ebamberwor* If ra> Jul red. Can ba aean for two daya al 187 Weat Itfth st., mm ;b are. ATOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO M chamberwork. Apply at 177 Varlck at A SITUATION WANTBD-AB WAITRESS IN A PEA vate family Tnroa years' reference. Call tor l?* days at 139 Baat !6th at Arbspkctablb young woman wisiibb a altuatlon as cook, washer and Ironer. or t > do c. aim berwork ; ao oh lectiena to go to the country for the aummta Besi city rei-.rencea. Can bo aeen al 623 6tb nr., be twee* ,16th and 37tli sia. AOPRMAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO GO 4 short drstanca in tha conntrr Call at 27 Columbia at. 71 obJection, to l0?b'1 ? - s" '? <A? ARBSPEOTABLB OIBL WANTS A SITUATION Al '? "L"'?' 10 ?Ub tba wa^hlnt; i?U ironiu 212 i 8 i. y r*" nr*"c<' tr"m b,,r lMt Mlaoo. Call aS 212 Laat Hal st., between 8ih nnd tftb arr A SITUATION WANTED? BV A K28PEPTABU1 young girl. es chtmbernield and weiire * in a -mal pi Irate family; beat city relerence from uei la-l pleoo. Call tor two May* at 289 7th eve.. Mrs. Ritcberd's, top tM front, between Silb and 2'Jih >U A N BXf'l.HI BNCcD NURSE WANTS A SITUATION to take charge of ail Infant; three year ' refer eiic: from ber laat place; no obiecltan to komg !? tbe e*i? try. Can be e^en for two day* at 76 West 27 lb at. A SITUATION WANfKD-BT A RESPECTABI.R young t'irl. to Mo seneritt bousewnrk In a private fatuity, Apply at 79 Per tn. ue at., third uoor, foi two daya. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMA1 WISHEl A eituatlon in private family; U a ?ood plain wa her and Ironer: can ivr good eity reference, Cm M eeee for two da>* at lt)9 Bleeckar it.. In tbe b|i>Qii.eni. ASIT"AT10N WaNTKDtBT a to^no oirl. nurae and aul-t (ft lite onnmherwork , no objection t> go to tbe oountry. Ol'l at 1 1)1 lOtb at. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN WISNM a situation aa oook in a respectable private lemttyi under-tunds all kinds of conklne; do ob'ection to the coam try. best reference fr ? imt I'iKi. Uall at Mo. 8 HowaH at. Id tba be-emc'it, for one day. A SITUATION WaNTED-BY A PROTEST * NT OIBU k to do clivnberwork and wal'lrg or io si in wa'.hliM and ifonlnjf, W tfi Ma# care of abliilrea; b-.n ol oily r?ft rence. Oun be seen for two da.. ? at 121 .bit. el, bitweot 7tb and 8th ava. / \ RESPKOTA BIjR woman wishes a situation y\ a? chambermaid ; la willing to ssslet in washing Ircn n.'. or to d i tbe wort, tt emus'' I v. can pi good reference from her lest *liuell . ?'eM the baa urQ for a number of yara. Can bo ae n I mo days at JM Wr at Slat st., between 9lh and 10th ?.< ? A COMPETENT RRAM9TRKSS WANTS A SITUATIOBt understands cnttln and litUn. ladies' sno children1* dree-oa; uo ohjeciton to wait on a led? going to Europe m to * a aterlng place. City reference. Ce ?' m 77 West lOte at A young gbbman oiRu. or oood fa milt, wishes a ? luation In a private famtlr a? rhsmberrreH C-ll for two Mavs at KSKoisjtb at., near Rlvingloa, t rtt tlnor, left, front. A YOUNO germ an otrl wishes a situation as seamstress nndei>tian<l all tin i? of tatnilv n*iae ne> dleuork. oruchettmx or netting; Is wii Ing to make M ?elf generally useful. <?all el tit Broadway. Akespectablb woman wants a situation as housekeeper, or to do p aln sewing and lake ctergl of e baby. Call at SM Madison st. Actuation wanted-by a respeotabun you tig woman. aa utiambrrraaid and wallre*a;i an ttti charge of a child from ita infancy. Ca.l at 294 tt ? st llih A RESPECTABLE ORBMAB OIRL WTIRRB a S'TP ail hi to do general Housework or wttbitg end trout** Cell at 611 8ih ev. A SITUATION '.VaNTED-AB COOK; IS A OOOB washer snd Ironer. lias nn objection ie the clu ee i ountry Can be aeei. for two Mays at .No 3 Heater st. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION a.< COOR In a private fatnllv; no objrellon to asaiat to the wear ing: beat '?! iv reference oan be given. Call for two deys ? lv'# 21th at., conar of 7th av., nurd floor, front room A RESPECTABLE til RL WANT! A SITUATION 7? do p ain ewmg and to fake care of a rlnld fro?i twa yeT? uwird-. or io attend on an Invalid ladv. < all at H Carmine it., second floor front r mm. fr m 1 nil . A YOUNO OIRL Wants a situation \ DO f Hie is "0 K. be?t refereflcs. C*%l' . t? it si A SITUATION WANTElt? Bt A U). Hi, >. N, ? coos. In a private i.\ elly; she fully n*Je s> da at bn?lnrss best city referenca t'an ?r?n i t?- ey \t G6 3 ':b St.. between Mth snd 7f< ava. ASJTl' ATIi ?N WANTED? B? A KK*' r ? \oi nu women, is chanit?erineid end *o a<a<si ? h -'S wssbiug an I itHiniig' best env releretn-e from her ia? e^ ?|..ver. t;an be seen for two d?>s et We t Wib st , oe## lb ev. AsiTn? .tin wantrd-bt a youno wouan. a> chsm aid and fine ?a*her. has feur years' aMg reference. Can be seen at 112 East 26ttt st. \RB?l*KOtA?UI riO ksiant oihi, *1*9*9 i situsMon rhambern eid nr as ch.tu.hermald aoM Ie tekecaieof Ci.lldren; ha- no objee Ion n-u to t' ec untn for the uinmsr; best of clt> reference given. Apply el IB We i Jink el AN INTELLIORD1 (1IRL WANTS A IITCATIOI* A> nurse and chambermaid, nu nbjeenon to the one try i gtMMl city rei> rence Cell et KW uth t.. :iu ev. A RBSPBt'TA HLk OIRL WISH S A SITUATION to __ 0>??. wasL eoo ro? or <to aenerel h in a ?.~e6 private family tio oniect mi to go a hort Ml-tsm-e in Use country can he een for Iwe deye et No. 6 1st av . in rear A SITUATION WANTED-BV A COMPBTF.NT i.avr. I OPS who iboroiigbly under uads her business Mi flue ? a lung end nut ug; lies seven tears' rliv tei- leneei will g n i he coonirv If re .titii d. fell at mm ?.ct 17th et ABS?PBCTABI.B Oi,lL WISHES A S, ' ^TION ?| nnree snM hsittbermald tfss g>od > t? relereae*. Cen be s nn it 12/ Aa I liith at. between 1st ev end ev. A. ASmUAYION WAWTBn? ST A RlaPBCTARUI inonguoiuen In nook * tab end Iron. Al o e all lion for a ? .ung vuinun, to wi.efc ?n 1 do rhemi eraurt at ' nu 1 verk In e small feiuly. Add raes iM 6ih ev., neat ;Knh st. Avouno woman wants a fltYVATiOM to do gen>Tsl ho aeeorts. City relerem 's. ' Sil el (oinei of tlrrenwich s BE PKCTa|:LR TOUMO OINLWANTt A KfTUA A turn to no chxinb ? woik sed to ea?i>t In ihe wavblngi hPsgooM , n rale>euoa. 'v?n lie se< n for two dsvs. al B West 4 li t All K M i\H PR'lTP.STANT OIRi. WaNTS A SITU* I'on io do oiiamherwork Is at Sl.l ev B, in tba rear. i B BSPEUT A MLh. YOI'NO WOMAN WANTS A 81YU J\ st on as rhan'berr. aid and wittre-a. no ob eetlone le hPua nark m e small lemtly Oei> be aeen el lilt Res! ftflo st AS'TfiAtftoN w. NiEft? *v a PBOTBSf ANT mkl, as ieM\ ? meit! un iersisods beir li esaing. Cea aa seen ?? 47 ? tita ev r.?r 2Wb si. Aresprctabik psoyestant WDM an wishbb a ait-ai on aa iHIIM .nnrae and eenmatres ? Is rnpsb** of Aung i iiar^e of eit infisot t' ?m "i*- l?l ih. Three ye erV (I v rJ ere lira Irom leat employer, f.ea be seen al 1 14 WMI Unbat 7 _ Actuation wintr^-by a RRRrECTAsi.B ri? tee ent girl, to d- welting; has no objeellon to Ihe eona try lies the liest of oily leierenco. Call fnr two days at *17 Kaat 2lsl St A YOI'NO Oin Ij DESIKKS A mituayion in a small Half* to dn bousewaftlor np stairs work 1% sad eouon y refereaaa. Oell at Mt Nary el, BroaBiya A OOOD OOOR WANT* A SITUAYI0N TO OOOL A st-b end irea. ao ekMMa |a ikt no an My. ?? iNmim (M? Jlh Pilaff*. Vgiti* -

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