Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 24, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 24, 1864 Page 3
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llfPATKnil WAHTBD-WAf. A BB8PKOTABLB WOMAN WISHES A SITU ATI OH A. as ouok iHliar and Irons r or to do general housework ?SB email privam family; no objection toco In the country | feed refsrcuos it ulrod. Pali fO two dsys HM Allen St. A COOK ? SITUATION W ANTBD? BY A BSHPBCT ?(>;? Prole taut womaa, In a prl rale family or re spectable boarding house: understands Booking, baking Sad p e?er*lug; no objection to a abort distance Id tha Cntry; go?, i city reicreuce glrea. Apply at 118 14th at, ween let and id a*a. BF8PECTABLE YOUNO OIBL WISHES A 8ITUA tion as chambermaid and t<> as-lst In the washing and log. (be bai >o on eotlon to the olty or country for tha aam iier months: baa over three year->' e ty reference from War tan plaoe. Call at 116 Waat liwh at, trout basement. A SITUATION wanted? by a youno woman, J\ to do cliamberwork or waiting; best of city reference. pall thl? dav at <1 Sulllvau at A SITUATION WANTED-BT A NEAT, TIDY. SMABT girl, to do cliamberwork and aewlag or chamberwork tM walling In a araall family, or tu take care or children; la Willing tnil oblgiog. Cau be aeen at her preaent employ ?r'e, 230 M est 34th it. I 81 RKSl'ECTABI.R GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and to In the washing and Iron has tbe best of city reference from her laat place. Call U Wem istti *t , llrst floor, front room. , A SITUATION WANTED? IN A RKRPECTABLB J\ family, by a woman with a breast of fiash milk. Call MM*. t>, ave. A, up stairs. AIODNO OIRli WANTS A SITUATION IN A SMALL family, to do general housework; no objection to city ST country. Call at 281 West 32d st A WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS NURSE; CAN do plain sewing or chamberwork. or la capable of King care of a child from Its hit th, or do line wash log and ilnu: bo objection to go in the country; can give olty Cerence Can b? Keen at the fancy store No. 168 3d av, wean 16th au J l7ib sis. EMBROIDERY. BRAIDING OR BEADING WANTED by a young lady, from a private family. Address J ulla, >01 16 Herald ollice. Family sewing, tucking, fancy braiding, in. fsnta' and child en's clothing made up from ladles' own Klerial; operators to go out by tbe day, with or without ring machine, at 135 Amity st. gOUSBKBEPER'S SITUATION WANTKD? BY A competent, middle a:ed, single American lady; an erican family preferred; either In or out ol town. Ad a, for this weel^ A Housekeeper, box F, Herald office. TLTR*. LOVBLL, LADIES NURSE IS NOW nOME AT JnL 784 Third a?' n ue, between Klfty second and rlftv bird -ireets. Has been educated In two of tha first lying In ?capitals In Europe, and liaa bad 25 years experience. Terms Very moderate. N. B.? Can be heard of at 41 King street, ?ear Varlck street Matron or companion and housekeeper to a lady ?An educated lady of respectability wishes the Mere position ; would not object to make an arrangemeut far the tall as matron In a school. References uneicep Mnable. AddrrSH M. Oruiaby, S3 Hudson terrace, Hobaken, I. J. , for one week. SAN FBANCISCa? A RR8PECTABLE YOUNG WO man, accustomed to the sea. would like to make ar (angements with a lamiW going, an nurse: I" tit ly qualified Iter the position. Address K. A. Cook, Williamsburg i'oat ?Sm CITUATI058 WANTED-BY TWO BBSPBCTABLB V aa nurse and seamstress, or chambermaid and Mamstrece. Best of olty references Inquire at 116 Weat ?Ha at., top floor. CITOATION WaNTKD? BY A YOUNO GIRL. TO AT Attend either a bakery or confectionery : satisfactory re Gh^t n s6en *or lwo ***? Van Taaael'a, 670 SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. _po"lt.ry ?,lrt game; will Ctobi MM4 1MB. 1 the very beat city reierencea -f} w laat place, where she baa lived a lon? time. Call 544 oth are., between 21at and 22d ata., aecond floor, front (SITUATION WANTED? BT A RE8PKCTABLE WO h* " "t?,?65 chftr-? or a baby from it* ?mo, and la willing to do light chamberwork. Boat city jnereace. Inquires! 219 7th ay , between 24th and 25th ats. CITDATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A8 P. r*t* 'aundres : has five years' reference from her Eff - k'ino rcl on tolhe country Call at 649 West Wat., below llth st . one door from the ferry, second ?Mr, front room, for two daya. CJTUATION WANTRD-AS NURSB. BY A COMTB tent woman; would take the entire charge of an infant ?r growing children. Satisfactory reference glyen. Can be ?Ben at West 27th at, first floor, room No. 3. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO YOUNO GIRLS; one aa cook, wnaher and Ironer; the other as chamber. g? tor* wo'fet OT $ i*?0* W lh# ??Unlr' u'n be SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLB OIRL, P to do general houaework. or aa cook. Call at her pre pB*t employer's, 40 4th place, South Brooklyn. 'ITUATION WANTED-BY A RESl'ECTABLB OIRL, 1 aa chambermaid an I to aaalat In the wa hlng and Iron g: baa no ahiectloa to make herself generally useful; four ?are' city reference. Call at 12a 10th ar., between 18th and Hg*- ? JWDATION WANTED-BY A BESPECTABLE YOUNG 7 woman, aa chambermaid and waitress, or would aaaist ? the washing or Ironing; no objection to ?o a short dia yea lp the country Call for two daya at 349 6th aT._ BITUAT1QN WANTBD-BY A TODNO WOMAN, AS J ohamoermald and waitress, or vhambermald and to Ikl oara of children ; Is a good plain sewer; no objection to IB In the eonntrjr with a family; la a neat, tidy girl, and of ?I obliging disposition. Best city reference, fan be seen w two (Tsts at 118 Smith at,, one door from the ourner of lea a, Brooklyn. SITUATIONS WANTED? FOR THOROUGHLY COM patent female help of all nations? aueh as first elssa Mnka, chambermaids waitresses, laundresses, seamstresses, parses, c?oka to wash and iron, err all girls and girls lately ks4e4. Apnly at the Large Employment Huuse. eerner BS av. and llth st Also, male help. SITUATIONS WANTBD? I* BROOKLYN OR TUB D country, for three nt|.erlpnred flrat claaa ee rvan la, frote?iauia, one aa cook and Brut claaa waaber and Ironer; ?M M aiperleuced wanreaa and chambermaid, and the Khar aa nureo and aeatnetreaa; are highly recommended. A#ply at 16 Court at., Brooklyn. CATION WANTED? BT A YOUNO GIRL, TO MIND oblldian and make aei-elf uaefut; guod ally reference. at M3 Kael iXh it . corner 01 3d a*. ft J ITU ATI ON WANTBD-BY A PBOTK8TANT YOUNO woman, lo do cbamberwork and walling or chamber and lake oare of children ; wlahea to so In the country Call a " C5ITI Kr* the Summer: k>k>u city reierenoe. Call at 178 Waat lilh St. aaoond Boor, boak room. THB ADVERTIRER, ABOUT TO BREAK UP HOU8B keeping, li aniloua to aecure iltuatlona lor two glr a; ?Maa ebamberniaid and waltr'aa, the other aa chamber id or nurse, or nuiaeonly; willing to go to the country; well re ? imraended. Apply for two daya only to the r it employer, from 11 to i, at ?8 Waat Warren at., '**? ?Aid a ?| T O BISTERS, LATKLT FROM THB OLD COUNTRY, want attuatlona; one to cook, waat) and Iron; the other take carr of chiuiio > and do cbamberwork. A| ply In the o t M7 Weat liih at., third floor. w M1WO SISTERS WISH 8ITUATIONS IN THE COUN X try, a abort dlaiance. one aa oo k, waaher and Ironer; ?be other to do chambarwork and waiting or naralng. call ITWI Baal 17th at ?rrwo otRLS want situations? onb to cook, X waah and iron : the other to do cbamberwork or houae wrt. Beat city rrferenoea. Call, for two daya at 312 At pHa at. Brooklyn ANTED? BY A RRSPBOTaBLB OIRL. A 8ITUA tlan aa fir- 1 claaa walirrea or aa chambermaid and to Bnawaahing; haa no objection to the country for the ?mer; haa beat of city rafefeuca. Call at 233 We-t 2'ith at r ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS aurae anl >eametre*e; la capable o f taking rare of aa ?t from in birth; would he willing to travel with a _ily ; o*o ahow city reierenoe. Call for one week at 321 i ??., between tfth and 80th ata. r AVTKD? BT A MARRIED COUPLB, SITUATIONS; ?Y the man aa good coachman or etud gro<>m: perfectly ?Bdaretaude hreedlng and training voung horeea: the wire ?a apper houaemald or ladr'a maid ; la a good needlewoman, ??at arrived from Rng'and. Addreaa for twa daya Thomaa WUUaiaa, It Oreenwleh at Vbtantbd-bt A BBBFSCTARLB MIDDLB AOED Wf woman, a ntuation aa nuree; la capable or taking grgaofan Infant from lt? birth, or an inralld lady; h*-. objection to travelling; la an experienced pera<>n in -..I 4a of alekneaa; eity reference- given. Inquire at 131 ?t diet at. . between id and Sd are. ABTBD? A SITUATION AS Nl'RSE, BY A OBR man girl, In a family going to California er Burnpe. good city reference. Can be ?ean at har preaont em er'a. 82 Irving place, from 10 to 12. w m ANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A RBSrKOTABl.15 young girl, aa rook, waaher and Ironer, Beet city ?*? Can be eeen at 79 Went 2?lh at WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER. EM piovment by the day or week. Call at or addreaa 170 ??at 2? th' at , eeoond door from 8th *v. ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLB young woman, luat landed from the old country; la ?rBllna to make hereon generally neeful and go under in ?toMtfoaa. Can he aeen for two daya at coraw of AdalpM B. aad riuahlng av , Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A YOUNO LADY, A POSITION AS bookkeeper, eaahler or copylit S?ll -factory refer ?Maa will be given Ad<lre?a K. C. N. atatioa O. AVTKD? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLB yonng woman, to take care of children an'i do plain ig or to d? light cbamberwork. Oall at tfri 3d av , la fancy atore. W ANTBD-A SITUATION AS OH AM BR I tMAlD OB waltreaa; haa no objection to do senera houaework ha email private famllv; rood raferenoe. ,:all for two Myeat ,VKi Svth at , betwreu ?nh and 9th ava., ' ir?t floor. BX7 ANTRD? A SITUATION. BT A B? ISPECTABLB VL^-PL*!? ^?k.,ng waging ai ,d Ironlnn, In a ,h"rt dlatanne J'n the country. ?r, aM??d dooT ,,T"1' al h 38th ?i" uelkr * "Wl cs ANTED? BT A PROTBSTANT OTRf ? ,.< ? ? If from the Old Country, a altiuti _ LATKLT rlodoebamberwork and plala aaw ~ ""!!** doya at 80* Waat HHh at ?*n *???? for itf ANTED? B? A BB8PBCTAB ta WOMAN A SITL'A ?Jr?irtl?,fi'?Sli?MI wattreiaiB or efcamhermalri ; haa lived ll-^y .-"ll11,**-.?"'1 .the boat of cltv reference. {? ?1W eat ?t /at **u*lr7 Cti to Men for twa daya W 'P.ATION, "inf A RRSPBOTABLB jw *cm? JWfet " PBOTB8TANT lamatraa*; good yth at. room 14 ?Bmmi glraa. Call at ?) " W J t J1.? MOTABLB BBOLIsn PRO J1 Ba1?? a iXX ?' *aamatroe?', boat hUi 7imi 7Lj AltL *1' i f eti ambers aid and waltreaa. ^jWat^lt MllM m., t , ?lTtATIOJJWA!ITKD-r?BAl<*i: arANTEO-BT A OoMPBTENT LAUMDRRBB. WHO _ T , wiorou- Sljr udnMmli her boiiitu. tn? wa?kmg and iron in 4 iIk tinting sad lieei oone equal to ?>(; b??l ?*d *tKhVl^IVea" 0-4 44 m *4w'- raoak*> *???????** U7AKTFD? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID OR T* vaiiar, or aa one willing to aaat?l IB vub if and iron I n?, by ayouag woman 7 year* In lha coumrj, and who ?an lire the moat r?-veuabta rafereuoa from bar laat plana. APW for two days to Bra. Hamilton. 571 6ih av., Al>t Beor. WANTKD? BY A RBKPKCTABLE WOMAN, A SITU A tlonaacookln a private family; ?be thoroughly un derstands her bualuea*; baa aeven yearn' any relerrnnet ?be win go in Uta country It required. Call at du Waal 17U Mi act WANTKD ? A SITUATION AS OHAMHBRMAID OR waiter, or as one willing to assist In wssbinn snd Iron log. by a young woman aeven years la ber laat place, aad who ono give the moat respectable reference from ber la?l SI ace. Apply tor two day* to Mr*. Hamilton, 602 6U> aw., rat floor. WANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A TOUNO GIRL, TO do ehamberwork and aaalat with washing and Ironing, or ta do Uie housework of a small family; good reier?m?a from ber lust place. Call at lflu Smith at., corner of Wyokoff at., Boulb Brooklyn. WANTBD-BY A NICE YOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION to do ehamberwork and to assist with the washing; beat reference" from ber laat place; she will be found houeat and obliging and is not afraid to work. Call at 237 Baal 24U? it., for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A BEHPBOTABLE German girl, to do light housework or ruu on erraoda. Call at 33 (iauieroort at. WANTKD? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation, In a private family, to do ehamberwork and waiting or fine waalilug and ironing; la an excellent plain sewer and willing to make herself generally useful; baa no objection to go with a family to the country for the Summer. Call for two days at itfd 7th av., near 23d si, In the lauoy store. WANTED? BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN, A PRIVATE House to take charge of for the season; no objection to a irenteel tenant house; reference If required. Apply at 176 East Seventeenth stieet, rear room. No. 7. WANTBD-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION IV a good steady family, to cook, wash and iron; Is a first rate cook and makes excellent bread and pastry; is fully competent and obliging; oan give three years' referenoe from last place. Call at 220 West -5th -t., top lloor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tlou as nurse and plain sewer, or nurse and chamber maid; no objection t<> go In the country. Can be seen at ber last plaoe, 14 Bast ltith St., for two days. WANTED? BY AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN, A SITU atlon as child's nurse. Apply at 86 West Twenty* fifth st WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A FIRST CLASS laundress; has the best references; no objection to the coi niry. Call at 1 13 15th St., near titb ar WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as cook, washer and ironer. Call at 379 7th AT., near 34th st. WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION as first class waitress; she perfectly nndersiands her business; private family preferred; best c.ty reference. Oan be seen for two days at 66 SUth St., between 6th and 7th av*. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as cook, washer and ironer or to do general honsework In a small family; best reference can be given. Call at 125 Warren st . near Bond, Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as first class cook; perfectly understands her business in all Its branches; has no objection to go in the country with a family for the summer; site under lands the care of milk and butter and all kinds of preserves, and Is an excellent baker; has the best city reference. Call at 86 Bast 16th st, second lloor, for two days. WANTED? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND waltiess or nurse, by a capable girl; will go in tbe country. Can be seen at her present employer's, who will give three years' recommendation. Call at 184 West 21st st. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A RE8PECTABLE girl, an child's nurse and seamstress; Is a i;ood opera tor on the machine. Apply at S3 University plaoe, beiween 9th and 10th sis. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO GIRL, TO do ehamberwork or walling and aaalat with the wash ing and Ironing If required. Can be seen for twe daya at 32 Lewia st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO GIRL. A situation aa nurse and plain seamstress; no objection to the country ; beat of City reference. Call at 634 2d av., be tween 34th and 34th sta. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOSNG WOMAN, aaltuallon aa chambermaid or waitress; has no ob iection to go a short distance In the country. Call at 70 vandam at.. In tbe store. WANTED-A SITUATION TO DO GBNBBAL HOU8E work In a small private family; beat city reference given. Inquire at 261 7th av., third lloor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa chambermaid and waitress; no objec tion to aaaist In tbe washing and Ironing; has good city referenoe. Can be seen for two daya at 609 7th are., near 41st st WANTBD-BY A bYsPEOTABLE OIRL, A 8ITUA tion u good plain coos, washer and lroner. In a re spectable prlvste family; good city reference given. Call at SI Allen it., room 4, for two daya. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT Mrl. a eltuatlon to do houoework tn a email family; good rcNrence can be given. Inquire at 86 Front *1., rear novae. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RF.8PECTABLB young woman, an chambermaid or waltreea: no ob jections to ssslst with the washing, Can be eeen for two dayi at 74 West 2tith at. Tt'ANTKD-BT A PROTESTANT OIBL, A SITUATION TV a* nurse or chambermaid; can do plaia eewlnr, baa tbe beat of reference; no objection! to tbe country. Call at her present employer's (where she baa lived tbreo yea re) , M l<Kh at, near &b sr., for two daya WANTED? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitress. by a oompeteat young woman ; understands all kinds of family sewing, run* Urover A Baker s sewing machine; no objections to take rare of children ; the best of city referenoe from her last place. Call Tor two days at 113 want SPth it., between Broadway and 7th av. TV ANTED? A SITUATION, BT A VF.BT RF.SPECT. Tf able voting woman, as chambermaid and wattreea baa lived in her last place five years; tbe best of city reference. Call for two daya at <43 3d ar.. between 43d and 44th eta. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A VERT BB8PBCT. able young woman, as fltet c'ass cook tn all Its branches; first class reference given. Call for two daya at 643 3d av., between 43d and 41th sta. Wanted? situations, bt two youno cikls; one to do cbainberworlc and walling, and tbe other to take care of children and asilst In plain sewing; good city reference can be given from their last plaoe. Call at 262 Patide st. WANTKD-A situation, BT A RESPBCTa BT IK young girl, to cook, wash an "iron m ?Driv.tii.m,i.. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE girl as eonk and to assist with washing; rau clve good city reference from her last place. Apply for two days at 48 East Baltic st, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A TOUNO OIRL. A SITUATION AS chambermaid or chambermaid and seam^treea. Ap ply for three days at 104 Wast lVth at. In tbe rear. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A BBSPECTABLB girl, to do seneral housework ; good references. Call at 66 Mott sl, in the rear, third door. WANTED.? A YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION to cook, wash and Iron In a respectable private family. Best city reference. Call for two days at 33 Munroe st. WANTED? BY A MOST RESPECTABLE PROTER. tant girl, a situation as chambermaid and waitress; would go as plain cook ; good referenoe. Call at 19 44th st WANTRD-BT A PROTK8TANT OIRL A SITUATION a? c< ok, washer and lroner, or to do housework In a ?mail family. Can be seen for two days at 71 West 17th it. WANTED- A CHILD TO WET NURSE, BT A healthy American woman, at her own bouse, having lost her own baby. Apply lor three daya at No. 198 Bast Kd st WANTBD-BT A RR8PBCTABLB TOUNO WOMAN, a situation as chambermaid and waitress, or to take care of children ; has no objections to go In the oouniry. Apply for two days at 133 Wast 22d st, corner oflOtheve. WANTBD? A SITUATION. BT A SMART, ACTIVE girl, as chambermaid and waitress: good elty refe nrace. Call at 222 7th ave , near 26th it, third floor. WANTRD-A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID AND waltrese: good reference. Apply at 169 West 28th st WANTED-BY a RESPECTABLE TOUNO OlBu A situation aa chambermaid, nurse or xeamstreea. Flret class referenoe. Can be seen st pr addrfH 8. M . SQ5 2d a?., between 28th and 29th its, second floor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE woman, aa nnrse; Is capable of taking charge of a >aby from Its birth; best of reference given Call for two lays at Mo. IS Morris at. opposite the Stevens llonse. |IT^ATIOSS WAHTE EK-K ALES. A YOUNO MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS ASSISY ant bookkeeper In a bank or Imuran a office, or aa entry clerk In a whaleaala house. City refers noe? given. Address A. Osborne, (46 Chrvstle st. A YOUNO OBNTLKMAN, OF OOOD ADDRESS, IS DR sirous of meeting with a situation In sn oWeo where bo could mako himself generallv useful; has bad eipo. neno*. City referenoe given. Addrese C , Herald oflloe. A^m YOUNO IAN. AOBD 26, WISHBS A SITUATION a? porter In a ?tore or wharehouae: Is not afraid te work: will make himself generally nsaf'iL Call en or address J. M. C., 241 Centre st A^HN BNBROKTIC, HONEST. BDUCATRD PRFNCH gentleman, conversant with English end shie to keep books. ofTers to do anything and so any w be * for a email ?alary. Best elty referencoe. Address, until enj .ged, J. tj? nation D, N T. AH SITUATION WANTBD-BT A TOUNO MAN OF goo<l edunatlon, who write* a good hand and Is qulek at marking goods. In some wholesale b-isinesa. Can bring good reeommendatlen. Address 0. H. D , care of M. Booh, 120 Ludlow ?t AI^H SOB SB AND INDUSTRIOUS TOUNO MAN WISHES a Kltnatloa ae sawyer In the oonst y ; will run a saab, circular or moisy. or an angina. Aditreaa for throe days 787 Waahington st. AMI AMBBIOAN EOT, 19 TEARS OLD, WANTS a eltuatlon to toad bar. or a a oeehman la a private fa mily; understands the care of hrr'ee:.sail?fse?ery reference gven. OaU at ar addreee S. B , 89 40th at, coraar Lax la g 4 TOUNO MAN OF TWO TEARS RXFRRIRNCB IN A 'h a photograph and ambrotype bualnoee in lie different branohee wneld lute a rttaaUon la tbe smpo; would not obiaet togoont of town. Addraso Jamea, Wyoming Hotel, Mt Oraeyrtob ai. A TOUNO KAN OF ?OOD ADDRESS WISHES A rtUstlon as entry or shipping dark, ar bookkeeper or MMtnat bookkooNsr. 'or any etW good bueineaa; w Jl give C1 r,f*r*? * Addiasa^areaatlieTlwil Broadway. A ?.**? w TUU or AOS wants a situ. t? wrwyusMKiffS!' * W?ATMWI| WnTtP-?*t1. ABTKirrri.r ,,, " * "*? ** ? mi ?r a >.*r M ? r? * * ?M? lid ?ii a|; rmm vm* f an 4 ??!*?? i>>* ? !??" I . ? 1 Au*r? 4 rn . *???* l#i A. " V !^,r J,*^*,w4JLl^Mr ""lc" A ?!??')!.* Toimu mat UTttr i.amord trnm ?in Will Dirot te > ir|atl atrra ?a tM <IUI oaa ?>??? Mile, f??rh ? ?H<h . i..t Miw frvtaki i""* ataada boekkaeulag *y ?(>!? ? ur ..... t,,? *,.1 y . M e?ae a?A coriwt at ?|iirm, aa ' haian'?*< ??.>??? h??J?rtum, M ? ii In* la mala kinwl aea?<?..| ?* ?Ajp?BNM (A gain lb* tnmin. KM M nhrHn |i>M. iMim ctoUl*. Wlradvif A *IilI0Brdii'.!L.W.k"T* * JMTV *? m* cm 7 *n {lpr . % 2S -V '^T^tT^Sl Atohno m ?n latri.t rmi tor ?u? rotiKlrf ?. ft. . la pnMK * n- <a aa lain# ?? ? g> Btleiaaii s (*>? ? imcIim l??Mi L?u< ? ? < r<i<iim?au?f rr?t.rh K?rar?e. m gt.ea u r+tmirmd Ad dra.a A. L. H , l?C||>4 AYOUNO MAN FROM Ml m?r ?MMflBi ?uuaiion tn ? <??? kaaaa m aka?B m U.!-tlnlliivnl"l?r nil".' i at?**. AMll Rudnay, boi 1(1 Harald atw BARTRNOKK-A TOVMO MAN, tWO rilHtl lita ln>al< ?aon a al?u?i?? aa ka? ??Arr g"?d referaneea, Ac. Addrvaa boi S.TII 1 f. faat (lOACHMAN.-A RIT&aTION Vlftlll R? A ttl K J man. aa in<t ? ..?.?? la a |n?a>e >wr>; A ?ohar. airadr man an I ?arafil d' ? ?r , haa MfSI y?er*?Np relerence n >, hi* laat BMl ??< ? e? Ckaa ? harnraa mak' r MO Broad aray Coach mans kituation want*!*-!* a ha* who I competent and tuMf kaa full IMWpV and |a wtttllf i" Aa bte i, (Ml at M aMrraa. (? three dan, ai the ala''le of >?? iraaaai ami i?yar, H Wee* 40th *k, between <lib a*, and Hroa 'way CIOACHM AN'H 81 TP ATlnN WA?T*?-lf A RR ) speetaMB aingie man ?> ??<>? kadwiMa mM rate gro-.iu and a i r.'>. ..m?, a? ?R|*?ti. n i.? ,>.? n?ia try. Inquire al Mr Taylor i aiabi*. Qiaal J. it. fa# Broadway. . Coachm an now oikknoacko wr-HRg a ?T*a*V. rni-ppciahln place; the Im*i af Ion* axe ?ua reference. Call at or a<idr< aa 1 M ? ?? ?. ?aa u> :?a'a eaddlery store, corner Rtercki-r M aa<l Br*? 1?a< Emplotmbrt wartrd-rt a mar or ovr? thirty yearn' bualaeea rilierirn v aa ar M^IK tendent preferred; la a g<Mtd buukker|? r. nanu?<iury re ference. Addreea J. W.J. Herald tilDea Hardwarr and ironmowurrt -orR* n>R am engagement, a ynuag man who k.a had t*?l*r yrare' eiperlence la the BBglU? A Apii'T at im twiBBlA A HARDWARR.-RlTCATtHM WANTRD RT A tOOMf mnn. thoroughly proHrleni In ih- kaaiMM '??? tad eWen jeare* e?perlence In the ?kol???t~ aad rata ll?? , flrat claxa referenoe furniabeiL Addraaa C B hot IM Ha raid oflloa. IF ANY ONH WANTS A OOOD *01 NO M*N TO TRNO bar. let him apply for tare data at tka LetloglKii Uotal, northwest corner of ?Mh ?t and l^iui*i<'a ay. SAI-E8HAN? WANTRI), BV A lOt'Mii MAN. OM manding a larne rlty tiade, a attnailra in a ? h ? raal* liquor honae. aa outdoor aalaauiaa. Addreaa fur ihraa de>a box B.361 Foat oBce. SITUATION WANTBO-RY A YOUNG FRENCHMAN. jn*t hack from Franco, with nine j?u? ? this country. a* gardener and tiorlet ; wi he- to flu I a gen tie. Neman's place: no objection to takn are of on* knr a n ?. ami to go in the country; Amerle-tn fmntlv preform! Call On J. P., Sa Llspenard at, N. T , lor two day*. SITUATION WANTBD-BY AN Mmmn, RENPBCY able middle aged German, aa light poller la a whole sale atore. Addreaa Porter, 2A0 / tit et. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG MAN. A'lBD n (American), a* clerk, salesman, or anythla j tierful t? employer, in more or warehouse; wnnM n. t object 10 drlvn a horse and rarL Reference from last place. Aldre*? N. B. Y., 17 Bid ridge -t SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECT A BI.E VOI'NG O man, as porter or ll^bt porter, In an* ? hn e or re'sil hou*e or furniture atore; nould make hlmse ' generally uaeful; good reference given. Oall at M Croe'.iy at SITUATION WANTEO-FORA MAN nn HIS WIFt, to work on a farm. Apply for tlita week at 34 Kw< u at., between Varet and Moore ?ts., Williamsburg. SITUATION WANTBD? AS taWIIMW, BY A young man who understand* the business; r" <1 nty references. Oall for two day* at 240 10th a?., thir l ilnor, front. No objection to the country. Situations wan ted-for a nitmhivk of scotch farm worker! (aoine juat landed i; also for English. Irish and American coachmen, naafat men, umnm*. csrdrn era, Ac. Apply at the large Employment Haute corner of 6th av. and llth it. TO PAWNBBOKBB8. ? WANTBD. A SITUATION, BT A ateady youne man who haa been for the l int ten rear* ?t the pawnbroklng buslneas in Dunlin ; la a Mr- 1 class aalea man. alaoa good a countant; would m ike hlmaelf tenerally naeftil. Good reference given. Addreaa J. Granger, 79 Carmine *t TO WHOLESALE GROCERS ?WANTBD. BT A HM ART young man. 22 yeara of age, juat arrive.! Irnm Ireland, a iltuatlou In the Above trade aa junior clerk. *al''*msn or traveller. Address J. Foster A Brother, conacr of "Hub at. and 2d ar. The advertiser, aord za. is desirous op obtaining some employment to octupv hla eventnt*;?ls a fair penman, Ac.; will do anything and only small i*v et pected. Addreaa for one week J. T., bo* 129 Herald oflke. WANTBD? A COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER WANTS a situation aa principal or aasiatant In any buslnee where be can make himself generally useful: a.ttsrv moderate; good referenoe. Addreaa "Employment'' Herald eflloe. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNQ MAN. 21 years of age. Id a retail grocery or tea and coffee store. Beat of refersnoea oan be produced. Address D.B.. care of John Lougblln. llth are., near 41th *L, N Y. WANTBD-BY A YOUBO MAN IS TEARS OP AOE. a situatloh In aa office ; beat of references from last employer*. Address L. E. C., boi 120 Herald o(Hce. WANTBD-A SITUATION AB PORTER OR PACKER la a wholesale or retail dry goods bouse, bv a man who haa bad twelve years' eiperlenre, and is willing tn make hlmaelf generally n?efnl; reference* given. Address or apply to J. D . 144 East 37th st. Y*7 ANTED? BY A SMABT, INTELLIGENT MAN. A VV situation a* out door clerk or porter: can mark Oral rate; good penmaa. Aa; beat city reference. Address J. T. Q., Herald oflloe. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION AS FOREMAN LINEN AND v V cotton bleacher, by a person who haa had a long prac tical ei perlenre |n Mevhlng all kinds of the abuvn an' 1* In Ireland and on the continent; ran show natlsfactory testl. monlala If required. Addreaa Bieacher, 14J avenue C, Dry Dock. New Tork. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WAITER BT AN EN. gliahman. In the country; understand* his business. Addr?>s J. W., Herald e&lce. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO MAN. IN an ofllce: I* a food penman and has h*1 cno?| lersbl# etperlenoe; good referencea furnished. Addreaa W. C.t Herald office. WANTBD-A SITUATION AS ASSISTANT B'X.fc keeper or M<oiintant by an active man. lately err. vet from Ireland, would be found generally useful. Haa the t>l> best testimonials, Ac. Addre** far two day* T. Coi a-ly, 288 Mulberry et. WANTED-A 8TTUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN, AB butler; no objection to go to the country If wanted ; can give good references. Inquire for two day* at SOJ East 12 Ih^t W) ANTBD-BT A YOKNO MAN. A SITUATION IN A vV first class grocry or tea store; understands the bust ness thoroughly. Has reference from first claas houses. Call on or addreaa Advertiser, Sift 1st av., la the store, for two days. WANTBD-BY A MAN OP BORER AND CORRECT habits, a situation ae porter, or In any permanent end respeetaHe employment; la willing to work and make him eelf generally useful. Oood refsrenoe or security If required. Oall on or add rose Vigilant, 74 Monroe st. YX7ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A MAN AND WIFE, TV the man to take eare of horses and work In tbe gar den If required, and the woman to do general housework In a email family; no objection to the country. Can be seen for two daye at U Mulberry st, la the rear. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG AMBBICAN, aa head bookkeeper ar assistant or aa entry clerk ; la a good writer and good at figures Csn give good reference. Address H. C. P., boi IS" Uerald oilice. IIKL.P WANTED? MALRS. A GENTS CAN MAEB *?*) A MONTH GBBA PACKBTS A, so SPLENDID 8TBBL RNQRAVINflS, and the Portrait of GBNRR AI< GRANT SPLBNDID 001.Ii AND SILVER WATCHES given to our agents free. Pall parfcufars In clrr ilar, mailed free U H. HASK1N8 A CO., Stt Beekman street. B. T. Agents can make ?2s in a fbw boubs fell Inj our great new and wonderful ettra large sue Prtzt Packacee. $15 per day guaranteed. Every d dlar Invested more than doubled. Aspendtd aotld gold or silver lever watch presented free to each agent Smart men wsnte l to enaMiab sgenclee la every town and village. County rlirU* free. Sale Immense; demand Increasing. Everybody buys them. Send for our great new circular for 18K4. ooaltlnlnf eitra new premium Inducementa, free. S. C. RICK *RI"< A C<?.. Kit Nassau street. New York, original, largest aud old eatprt.e psokaje ho'iae In the werld. _______ AT TnB MKRCANTILB AGENCY. NO. 2?fl FRO AO way? WantedAto day, a traveling agent, condnrto*, shipping cl<-rk. grocery clerk, cashier, hotel eleik. t me keener dry good- salesman, light pnrtw. hotel porter, crncl: man. rr^o-ris gardener*, waiter*, bar keepers book ke*r*r* Resnecteb^ m?n ra'i always And employment hytea;'l*g ?srly. Van l<aats snd otherg needing aee stance oan be sup p' e.| nmvftlv without the etpeaae of advertUlsg, by leaving their ordeis before S e'elock I'. M. MONTGOMERY k CO. T THE COMMERCIAL BMPLOYMENT AGEN' Y, it 297 ' , s i.t tn* Proaoway? Wanted, Immediately, a e erk la a ffitDltnre store railroad elerk. grooerr elerk. tio?e keeper, man to drtre a wagon, elerk In gun itor*. drv good* ?alnsman losnranr* elerk. eut-door *ale*m*n trs's ing agent boo* ? It -s per, sssl.tan'. bartender, hotel elerk, *t?ward on Meaner Uakt porter, eltv eol lector, yonng me a a* general elerk In an of ee Aces good* aaleeman. other *itoatten? ?pen; *ae list of r^-\njiee. No eommiaaloa in advannn charged. ?*UbU*h?d aader pairs n age .f msrrhaate. Aa. Organ t/ed IMA OSC ABA UO.^ APORTBB WANTBD-IB A ?BY GOODS STOB* Apply te J ante* Prey**, M Catherine st ' A BOT. FBOM t| ?S YBARB OLD, WANTBD-TO A. Mlp at tBe mtlk Vwieeea. Affty at Si Berth Maore et BOY WANYRD-?NB ABOVY IS YEARS Of ASM. . ?Sjr5Sr2r?.^ A STOUT IHUH BOY, ABOUT IS YHAJUI OLD, ^xx\Y&rsnzLx: r*w^ W AW R BRAND BOY WABTBD-AT 117 tfTH ST.. B? I ween lwn4wn> mA OelsngeHs JMSM. frem III* 11 I mrssrscB ??LT WAITBU? MALICt. A* tETPf.l I'linf HOT WANTKD-IN fHK WHOLE. . . ' aaac. Bu-liaaa: aa 4ml U-an pra<*rraxi, who MUM (lu yanu't Ann - II *u<t ISA. X. (i 4. H a>K1Bi* A CO., SO Hi?km>n IL ABOT JO*. T. V.ODOWSLL B URO ?*y- IW a.i4 Ml MA a*. >1 rn ?v r*V-?|TWf en TUB AOS* or IS AND r ??? ra ?fa ? < an wrMa ? goad hand, niuat ba wall re aad k> <i4 with in ?apl>'v?r. JACOB L PHILLIP*. 48 r?th*'lBn at. ABOT WAITEO IN A MBAT BARKET. ttO U> AV fr-.i* ts to * a** <>??? wfto riui MM well rr. tTn M ***"' **"' fc** In il>? kuiiiuii lira Am n P ? *TKl> IN A BROBSK B OPPICK. U i'lNB Art?? atraM 14, ?>fBl> ?T A PMVmOUN. ATi'LT AT NO* b?v friz: WmWk*Tnn~wrrn ooon rrprrkn'*B: orb U ?ka laaa -aa ? ?.? >(M in i"i? np .rat ti iainaaa prefer ?4 A|fl} lu Iwtil IrMkmn, IW Broadway . R ot wabtro-i* a wholesale nmr hoods alar? aa.ary f kW U a lirat ?aar. AAdmaa kot 781 I oat B D ?* WtlTETI-A ONAET AfTIVB BO* CaN FIND ?a|n>i i -at H r aa !'??< at U Naaoait at., ro?ui Hit 3, MB* tfta kuata M ? An J IB A. M. (1LBER4 BAKtun r<i| l?R* OOODB, O ROOK El I rlaiaa ?. <i?, aauara tx rl ra iar n wrftuli, Ac. Apm> ' altar ma ? , at t? Mr a-l*ay. rami l&. n?UO rt.RRK WANT' II -ONE WIIO UNDER ???<? i- .? * I t ,. ? in .? b.ialnoa*. ai.d .*n roma MUAMwalr HI Ii >??), adbnatj Aa. AM/ *1 tb? ???war a? Ot ot a?4 li ?*. DBR .4 ft HE t RETAIL. I>RU< '? ''I.ERK W AHTKD, la fa a ab.o 4iaiao<ai Itt t ? ci'Uirj; two or thrra awar? a-e? t a. <? a lit# Ii ,?ior.? narataaary. A<tdia<a atat lag ??* ?' " aiarj aat*" t.-4, rafaiau a At C. K. E . bui 1-1/ Cu., J)*1'" CLARE WANTK0? AT Ml AT O. DMBI'tJ Ct ERE WaNTEi' -??1 Tilt a wtn aa bad two >r i i?? taara in lli? ra ta I 4r I b>i ? ?*? ill I ai ruma wa I ni-omiirtnli'd ma< ?f."? at 1 1" Pa- 1-a . a? Jrr?t I 'll. Iw dook. Ona wka ? aa ?: (??>?a? a* all aitd i.r>?ut v>r? ci ij li aa yra #arr*4 Cat' I?aaat t a it 4 10 A. M iRI'O ?*| P iB WtkTPD A TO mO BAR. HAVINO ? iw>it ?r?aK?Vai? 'fti'aal < Mm r at iba <r?t at*r? t aa Rnatt atrwet, krtwaau Ring aad aulil MMIMM ik.utn Br.atalfS. ?11 tMMlM IAI.CHIN WANTRD-ONE IIBEO TO ^?t? t'?aa AHi'r la U P. Ciapp A Ca.M aa.l BO h'A B N HAED4 WABTEO THERE BCoTCII AND ORB ? a* I "k r i*?r" ?a t *a a ahoit i.itan ? n tua ew iit trr taira (ram $t$ n? $rz I<mr m?aik a>fl lot.nd. 4|m-I? at <fea U tr?* fca>|) ..f i. aal lloaar. cur aar at otk af aa4 Mih ?traat TARD OIL TACTORT -A r?t?EM*?? tt t J Iar4 at I Iar4wf . A aatrl aaa, w>.a tkarancklr na 4*r>lao4i iha a oiaaa*. n>a> arflraaa. gulag rrfan>nf?? and datiM al?rr? la?t au?}?oya I, R. W . baa li4 l*o?l ullca. AN WtETKO TO A* T A? i OACHRAN AND OAK" ?iaaar far a g? ail* ? *a hnaa a aliart 4iataar* in tAa air jr. Arptr ta A. B Ck. >M-ra, U*i Wall at r?>Hi Rl. I'R?RS WARDB Ron TRR ARE f TOI? AKR ?aiiftM to aO ai nut En. I. ?' lama Hall v.i r a tt.t* (fa? -<tai > a*?ala?, al at?fel u rlask. Lr< turn : j MCBAllR AB Ha taritaA. ?ABOI'T BIXTRKV u orraat at Rg r??. ta l IW Waat at , Ua.'ora 10 rtEB | EDEBTIffB-WARTO TWO ABKIET4 %T?; O" R ? to ouarai' ata4 ta? at' ar to A* w>?<-tan watl AaattaMf. trpll.wau WI'I g.ia I ?tr aga k w I utg d>'ni at* and tb* ? agra wantad Adaraaa firima Mr.ith ra I4g Itaaa-r WARTRO-A WELL BRAD ROBBtlPAftlO PIITHI claa I* Ik* Waat lar.a prani** aa I g'?t pay , mnr -4 Uir boat ia??atiaa?4a ta tor ruaatr> P r i?arn.-.. an ta ra |M4 ta lataaA'P ia^uEra ml O i. Agaaaa A ta> Uaaaa, B. T M N C"AHT ACTITB BOT WAMtPI?-4 t ' yaa i a' ag? wka la ftisaelt au l rorra wiltaa a ?t> 4 k *a>aaai kauaa. Ca.. at 144 ' WAMTKO~4R A '^Bl "TiNT RoOEEP P.PP R IN A 4r? M?td- i mttlaaw No. ?? o-.? nav ug aataa ntpa tl<-a > Addiaaa bot tag I'oat a aa. WANTED? PtJR TMP RAW 4 M> BIIOUT ABO I.ONO Baatk lira ?k?Ra^| raikgaa AIM aaaa- at>4amaa aa# Brut, a "U*a* aud alow.r la ?'ail brl .rr II . | iir ?g riaa ? uaia la tka agaai. |." Va 1 at . ear oar af * i>aa, . aira, M J ABBA. WlRTIIWIM am avrn-l a kwarm-TANtB ? youth ? k > mh ?m? well lit-* M ? ?ao4 *| -ning for ? ?"<ith Addr-a kr l?fr Mai ag a* art ?>(<?>- ad. bo? i.ZB i F H II'ANTBD. IHMKDtAVBLT -NBB WH'? W>-<H TO TT Miafr in a ?.'ii. i ? hi ?? ? 'i ??.! t. f? ran make from g '4 !?> > ?' -r? r ta* H* ? *?**' ui??- aaoai fr a ? ?Mtn$Sti. IIOWaKH Tl I.OKtt ? Kr.?l*<i NMi n/MTRD-A HOT TO t?<l?T 1 W TM h B\R AFFif IT ai Mw. 9 Bow Bmmmrt \ >r, II ei Wabtbd-a to* iimas with tiik ? ?r-trr rrtmam. k .h?i<i man pralarrad. tp| > at -I Fifth avail 'i* ___ Wixnit-i bo*. in a pwhw* ??omhib?ion II to nee, nae ? h-> ran ?????* w^u ta. i >?a ?? ? ? $2 frl par ai't *Mf'lf al M l?aaaa ai I- l*Nt (?>?<! It A. M. WANTKO? A NOM M All o* nwt II >T TO AT tenil % g*<ieer* a* or- [ a ? ? mm* t ? dri*a and kwte aar? af a h?r?e ami laak Mm ell I'vii r wafui Oawd ilf reference ra |ialr*'l Oali ai Si'* apr-u. at WANTBU-A lOI'Ril HA* T<> ATtRID HAH MI'<T ha wall manual trim 'ail |tl .<? *? a'h?? ?aa I apply, at the Wa?rr.aj llwu-. PMk at. aad Mi?oaila#d*te road WANTKD ? A NAN Tip OO I > r- > TflK MMiniT KB a faw at an (Ilk ta lata rttrf* <?' iwo k raa? a?<l a irar dan Oaa Willi tr<x?l raforae-we mat apply al ?? I i arraU Park. Booth Bruailya. WANTBD? IN A BOMIFBT mU A UOHT FOB tar, alto a lunik * k? write* a |c d aaud, A Idraaa lloalarjr, boi ITS Herald offlOO. WANTBD? A SOT. M TBABB or AOB. TO *MK AT pianoforte action A|if f to Ua'id kiuiil>. It Amur place, tklrd loo. ' . | WANTED? A toono man in a obotbbv utorf, IT ona wko fan i?- ?? rata of a home ia I a<i> kin i t general y iiaefuL Apj f at IK Bridge at , mum nf Prwe pact. Rruokltn __________ '? "? 'MBI, WANTRO-AN A MB 1*1 ? n f HO kkBRFSB. IB A ftrei data retail gro?ai? etnra nna aeiueintod ? >th tli* tnnioaaa : bud* othar oaaii app y. Addroae B.. lloratd ofkoe. vT T ANTKD - A COI .ORF i> N AN AMD WIPi tfCOACB man an.1 ouk. in ika euy ; anlj two in rfcmlly , MM* arad kpplj wl'koul tka br>| ?t rafaiauraa Ta in*a raaf kpplr kaiwaaa anil < , I* M il I ?>' Braadway. rmmi. nTANTRD? A MAN TO TAKK CARH Or IIORII!-.? TT aad io wort in a gardaa AUa -.a a<aka kiaaa.f gai. arallr unfit, mnat wal raeontaiaadad Appi/ al 17* Oraaawlck kl. kalaraan 10 and I k'Maafc. TIT ANTKD? A MAM TO WORK IB A OABDRN AMD TT fli walk* la tka couauy Applf al Madiaua M?ara Baul, Slat at. aad Broadway, thla day. WABTBD-A TOtTNO MAN TO ATTRJID A 1 OWICB TT aad maka klmaaif s?n*ral:? uaaful Maatka wall ra ammaadad Apply al *i M?ifla? at. u; atatra WAMTBO-A MAN W At TK H IB A PBITaTB FA mi i : y ; mn?t umlamand hi* bjaJa*" a aa 1 iinai ? ""I rafaraarafc Ai'plr al ?7 W*?t Warraa at. kalwara Hanry aad C'.lotan. Hauih Hruaktyo. WABTBD-AN F. NTK.RPBIBINO MAN TO TBAVRIj and aall tka paiant riglii uf tka Oaai ariNila af Ika kind In tha world, dalvlav an ownipatlliaa. Ul?a aa a aall. J. C. ?Ut?n A Oo . Broa<lway. WANTKD-TWO <;d<?D WNIH "1 ' INK TIF TT work; alao, ? hor id raan af a?o. ta work laalli ?hup. Appljr at MS Faarl at. ___________ WANTED? A STOUT BOT, FBOM It TO TBABS old (Amarli-an preterre-D. Mual coma well raoum man. led. Apply in ika grooary alar* aara*r af 4tk aad Uraene ?t*. WANTED-A MAN WHO DNDBRKTAND^ TRB HBAT and grocar* ba?lnoaa to go to l'r??ita?>a It I a * <>, tb?T wliohti *ar^ed *oma .tlina at Ika ur i^ry l>a?lnaaa The bent reference requtra.1. Apply al U Marrtaon at., fruia 8 io llj o clock T ie?dar morning. Wanted- a youno mab. fbom i? to b>, to watt on tahlaa and maka klmaaif generally imM. A; ply after 9 o'clock at SIM Uioadway. ouruar of Walt*, at -ANTKD-FOR A OKNTLK VAN ? FAMILY A F< OT man a waitar and a cachm an , Uarti au breach or Bngll-h preferred. Call at S7-4 ?th aaa. WANTRD-A COMFBTKBT TIII KU MAN. TO KBBP a *ei of book*, ona amployad ia a bank r a ??* l"i + net* tkat glra* him tliaa t < Attaad in th--.. ?n'.rnsng ar afternoon Addraa< Time l- Manay, Herald adra Wanted- an ACTtTB todno mab. am a falbb man In a whola-ale ooltar huiinm.anei a*ln with the ki-nllamen'* fiiralaklng tra-1* j refarra-i audraaa for tkree day- vt'aliu Barr HeraMoAdB TtTANTBD-A HAI.ESMAN, IN A CU>TBIBa NT ORB. TT Apply to P. C. Barn no A Co.. tw Chatham ?*. XJtr AKTBD TO DAT-MBN FOB TOTaOBS TO rOABF T? of Africa, R'iropo. I^a.lfoinlk an I ? th Amar a in ?blpe and ateafner*. alao wan-a-l, man f r fl? ng aa I wkai lng?o?i?aa. RANDALL A I'OIATNBT. I v. W.-.i .1 ? per of K**a<i0, up ktalra. Alao ? anted, uien far lualaita l Bute- no*/. AVTFD-A MAB TO MABR ICR CRKAI. APPLT to William Taylor, MA Broadwar. WANTKP -a TOCNO MAX VtlO CKDBBITABOI making ready on a cylinder pre*a -aa 9a I a da rat a aitnat 'ii by applying at Di ana at Alao a yanng maa who uiider*tand? making raady on k Rugglea P'oaa. wood hand* only need apply. A 1TB D? R I OUT OR TBM VOVM MRS AT IM Watar a W w w Wantbo-two FIRST oi<ab? salbbmbb fob the clothing batlneaa. Apply to fmeiaan k Burr, earner af Fulton and Naaaau att . appoalto itaa Ruitd a a. WAFTBB-A BTOOT. AOTITB HAN. AB FORTBB IN k wholeaala urooary hnu-a. o?a who I* tirk lly kon?*t and rodablo1 may find k pormanrat nidation iy ad iraaawig T. L. 1 .tHoraid offlio, wUA .aawe aad raiaraa aa. n other* will bo noticed^ TBTANTRD? A BOT THAT CBDBBMTa NOB THB < ABB TT o' horoaa. Apply al IS Haodoiigal M., katoro 14 o'clock H. TTJT ABTB D? AB AOTITB TO0BO HAH AB FOBTBB, TT a?d to *aak* klaaoatf goa?iaily aaa?nl Alao a young ?M ?f boataaaa haMia, to travoi on Apply aftar 10 A. Sl. at II Dey at. TXTAHTBD-A HAH OOOKl TO OBB WHO DBDRB tmmt. HAH TO 00 IkAOOHlHO V0B?, AF TIT ABTBD.-A TODBO HAB WANTBO, IH A LIGHT, TT poadlabto. oaah huMaeoa, a* will take a partita* wlik a ?mall amwaut of money To aa MU?f paraoa tala la aa ?% H?l%OWltoM?. AUVif M m FUMB li. IfMWtl w Wi HELP WAHTBO-KAIiEI. ANTBD-TWO WAITERS, AT WADE'S DININO mioiid, (ifl Ludlow at., near Grand. 'ANTED -A MAW AND WTKH, TO WORK OW A amall plaen tn the eimntry; tan man must be a good plain gardeuer aail take rare of a I ont and cow , th?- wife nii'St o? a g'iod general doint-wiirker and do waahlng. Iron in*, In. Apply al 4M Uudaou at, Id the aeed ktore, after 11 o'clock A. M. Youth wanted? iw a commiamiow bouse, raoatlT thu hardware line; ona having audiet l? <ifc keeping preferred; t-alnry Aral year$iuti; a I ho young inAn t<> drive a borae aud work id Uie atom. AddrtiM W. A. 0'., Herald oflice. ANTKD-FOR \ LIQUOR STORK, A TOUNO MAN. Apply at 77 James at. W ANTKD? IN A OKOCKRY STORK, A V Oil NO MAW aoeuatomed to the e u a of ft norse, and who 11 ellllVX to make tnmaelf generally ueoful. Apply at joH tih ?v? oornur of l-tb at. w W ANTKD? BY A DENTIST, TWO YOUNH MEN OF good andiosa, to wlioiu tin will teach dentistry and give H'O'I wa?*n Aa aoon a* competent Address lat in! tk? and profeaaluU, Dttnllatry. No. 4^>? !! road way, l'ost vv ANTKD-TWO OR TURKS BOTH, TO WORK IN A Milliard room. A^ily on Ilia corner of nth at. aud Broadway W'ANTKn ? THIS DAY (SHIP SAILS TO-MORROW, Wednesday), four seamen and a cook, to Sandwich la Hilda Apply tliia day at 57 Went at., coruer of Hector, to D. U Pearl. HKIiP WANTRD-PKM \ l;KS. VOIRL WANTRD-TO COOK A.NI? HO GENERAL Ihhmwoh. Apply for two day* at 73 Macdnnxal at. ANRaT AND TIDY CHAMBERMAID WANTaD? BY a genteel private fvnlly; ahi* tnuat be a 400 .1 line laun dress an I have city reference*. Apply at lit bant Utti at.. AUOOD LAHNDRRH8 WANTED FOR Til R COUN try. Apply at 161 West 25tb st., with city reference. A RSBP ROTABLE WOMAN WANTRD-AS 8BAM stress, to aaal-t with children and to go to the couutry. 1 a I at til '.'(d au. corner M av. Am, "English, RcoTon, grrman. frknch, Welsh and American Protectant and Catholic cook*, laundreaaeg, aeainatresses, nurse waitresses and houno workeraran And nood -tit nat ona. In tirat class families, by apt !)ii.g ai Employment Uouar, corncr 8th av. and lllh at. ALAReiK NUMBER OF FIRST CLASS SKRVANT8 warned Immediately.? I'rnfa-sed cooka and other rook a, lanadrwa n, chambermaids, waitresae-i, nurses. itlrl* fop housework and thoaa lately landod. at HAMMOND'S, 61 Bit'tvker at oemovud fio:n I4? tirand at.) flOOK WANTKD ? A OOLORRD WOMAN, A8 COOK. V Such a peron. with good recommendations, may apply at l*i St Mark a place, between 5 and ft P. M. flORiET MAKKR-A rOM I'KTKNT PERSON WILL ' ' find |>erniane?t employment by apply lug at 12 l-.ast lUtb at., at aiiy hour between 8 and 11. ilnilK WANTBD-IIWR WHO UNDERSTANDS HER \J busia s In all Ha branches; none other need apply ; m -t have cliy refi-rcuoe<. Call at 40 East 2tltU al. , between ti e hour* of II) and 12 o'clock. DRESSMAKERS WANTED.-TO OOOD IIANDH THR b ?t of va.Ti given; alao wanted, an apprentice that will auri around 1 <? houae, to whom bar board will be gl.en Applv at I 111 Spring at. / 1 1 RI.H. IK Y'tl' WANTTIIR BEBT SITUATIONS, FOR "r anv liraach of hnu*e vork you like, in Ural fani lllea, hotels 1 r u>? ting hou-ea, with good wa?< a and comfortable him ?a. la i n f or couiitrv. Call Immedlateli- at tlia large I- > . ? . meut Ho t e, corner of 6th av. and Uih st. (KMID l>RK AKKRS WANTED IMMEDIATELY? 1 at 117 lOih at., betweea Unlveralty placo and Broad /"1IRLH LRARNBD TO OPRRATR ON BINDER'S MA \ T ,- i net f 1 (I. ?n I giria learned to make pant topa at 37 l: ? 1'nrner UtiHiie. Work ulven when learned. HOI UK RI'PBR WAWTBD-A RESI'ROTABLE WO. man. without children, or an elderly man and wife to am of a hou e for the ao'iimer. None need npply who ea .t ? , goo 1 recoinmendattana for honeaty, deanllneaa and aobt mmjt Addreaa b.11 til 14 l'oat olllee. 1LI.IMRRT.? WANTKD, A OOOD MILLINER, AT 291 eenwlah at., betwaaa Chamb?ri Bud Warren. MRS. RBRD, Agent. M'o N- II H*K WASTBD.-A OiMBLI WOMAN WANTKD, aa aiiraa ta a aiuail ? y Ai p y, wuii refereiicaa. at H at TMti, at. I? rKSf ANT Nl'RXK AND < 1 1 A M It R It MA I D WANT e' t {>1 a ah. rt dUlanec In the 'ountiy: nnnebuta anioa tent airl n?e4 aj |>ly ; to auch a good place ia offered. C . . a' W? 1 Watt at CI A?*rHR'?a WtNTKD FOR A MONTH OR TWO, >' 11 Hr" k if 11 . an - ? bo raa < iii and 1.1 lor rhll lren, and da a 1 t ada at family arw ug in a neat and qntek inannrr. Apfdv ?? A.' tf?i I7tn at Hew York b" ?eeu 1 au I ii P, 9a ; r-'- ? ? - re Ala ? at? e'd 1 r lad v. n ho would tie wl.l ?< u> >nake N?r*?|f u?-f it among ehlldren, iiieadlng and aAu< tfht dutiea far a ao>n' 1 iab> home. (JiX linOD ri. >AR MAKERS WANTED -WON* ? ? ' a, . at r: Attorney at .( >! ner of tirand. ll'ANTK'l ? HKIItT HANPN; KP A WCLRRS, WOVEN V> 1 ?? la* paid hand- H CARrBNTEK A CO.. 540 P . 1 1 at 1 ?e d <ra ? a?t ol Broadway l!l?, T'? root WAKII AND IRON; ? hot ? ? > i ??? ?. ?. Apply, with ?l?nw, at M ii., BtMkl)ii. from 10 till 3 I ? ? k IV *MT?Tt A <iO'? MILLINPR OB STltAW 8P.WKM, I *T rt . *n i the country Apply at 321 ( am! at {'<? ?> lit to t orlw-k lhi? dity UrAWrt?n-A rkimhtrkxi PKKNARRXTLYt 0*8 ? r?a em ? d ftt ? ' H 1 1 dren ? dra A|i>jratll V A A*., from 'i lilt 1 o'clock, ta tiAJ and ku M "? ti'A?r*n-*n RNiiLfMii or iicotuii woman am " ???? aal e*a .etrre?. ti?> id oitr r-fnrrntm required. I iiptr. kotawaa ? uj I o'clock, At M Weat S:'th it. , btl?na ?ma And niii a>a WAN I P,'?? A OO'lD COOK WARHMM AND TRON'KR, titk cHjr r?'?rr?-*. Apply At \M Rail Itith it., near 9d A' WkNTRD-A TOONO WOMAN, TO DO (IKNP.KaL honwwork In at ?A'h And Iron well, unl'mUiil plain naokmj. Ha willing to do her Work A1 r ? i* ' And ha?? go d Mtidllvn r? f?*r?'n?a ; ?????* App y At 100 Weal lu .ic *1., hn??n Hmry and fit ki. BrooUin. WANTKD.-A OO'iD HARD WOUKINO. HONFJT ? "man. to alaap on tha pramtaoa. 1a wanted tu ? can, arr ib. w?ati wilinnara. anM do the central wor* of a large li it! In* ftllad with oM<?a; tha w irk will be morning an I nlghl, *i*?l n>f<tr*nc ? required. Addr<-ia, with wag' a re i . M i ' rta Union ? )'irr'' rjitoil i-. Wf ANTRI) -A RALRH LAD*; ONP. WHO CAN A SHIRT M at ?oi king nn waiata. Ao , pralarrvd Inquire At Levr nbtf| ? fancjr ?tore. <94 Howry. WANTPD-A HOKSKKRKPRR; AN AMERICAN widow, not nridar W jrc?r?. preferred, to take eliarre of ?. a -i i I ? ?k. a ad who o>a do plain aewteg: Mil i>r>?li ?| at retarcn ea Apply at 'M Amity place, sua door from Bieoctar at. . from S to 4 aVIuok. \lfARTBD IMMEOf ATP.l.T ? A CAP AND EX. TT ? eri?n'-?d NMe to a ? e raee of young children. ?ha mut b? willing and obliging aad hare good city refeieneea. Appi> al I ' Kaat .llat at . wf ire |o o ' loek la Uia morning or ta Ik* a?enlitg. IV ANTP.D IMMP.UJ kTtl.T-A fjnoD PLAIN COOK, TT waaher and ir<nir^j> uh a recommendation from har laat nlaoe App ? at MM weal Itlli ai. Magr>9? MTaXTKD-A rtOM Ol RL POR I'P MAI RR WORK TT and * at iuf . miial he awnatnaMri to elilldrea. Ai.d he Wllllk# t? f? to tke enuit'ri for two A nrimer mnn'h*- *o<x1 refe?ea<? r*<|uirad. Apply at M Maodoogai at ketwaao ? aad II A . ?. WANTND- A PI MT CLARK VKRTANT AR CM AM* barmaid and ?.awlataiit lanndr ?? One wttllrg to go t? tko rnaalry f-'T lha A.ifnmar aad with ana* rafarauraa, diat apply al KJ Irrlog p a <e, from 10 uald II ty antsm-a will kicommrndrd rorwo wo. TT inaa. a* -han bermaid aad ??!! ??? , rlty r?'ar?e "a rmnlrad Cat twlvoaa iha i.?ura of ? aad MA M At Ra. f Woat smfc ?L WAIt'D-A RBiPRCt A RLR r?M>nWTA?V OIKL ta da fan^ra ha ??? r* , to a ?orni'leat And da-tr A' 1* perann ?ac-? ll'-rai etty rar?-em?A tr > r?d AMlf At It e r UA?e knu a ho. AU I'Kilu >t a-*? i ar.taa afa., Brwnklfn _________________________ W AHTKIi-ARTP.RkL UOOD DRAWMAKBU. At ?? CiualaAT, up 4MR _ _ __ __ WA.orPD-M PIMT RATI CLOAK ARD MANTILLA tt.akera, aoa* Nl ae wtomad to it" at k ?"f| ??ad apply. OMk*. CMll T 1 aad * t aaal ?|, TtPANTRM-A PKMALM CAOR . POM OMM WHO PRM TT faatly <adamaad? Mr kwataaaa a- an a Mar ??% M % re??a". i a>-i a %0tm are aa A. ply at tAa atUot at Pra'oafc ? MaAaT ll'AWTRD? A CAPARLM UIRL. A* Rl PAR AMD M WP*lM; aa* aka ?ad?raiaa4< IM aara of aa la fkat . gaod r tf r?klTWI l?i -li?A App ? Mil Kfl ft. H. WANTPD-'A MIC* Till! OIRL TO PAR P. ?' kRM Of rhiidrao Aad la rtaivtafa. fi , aa* aka ia aaior ?a -ad and -an gi*ai?a Matrf >wfa*?oaa naay apf tjr at it/ Ba*t tl'ANT?D-A OIRU TO DO ORlRPAt. B0t *K | TT Wart . wa?ra |( t pa?p at IM Kaat ilu at, I WlXT?l>-t 0?RL TO PA MOfMMWORK ?rif RM I a road aaafcai aad traaar aat ????? wen f?-a. a>' ?a l j ?d a Pr ? ??ia ii |.i-'?ifat 0| ka ar* It .? ..^.a. a* kaaa id aat dear Bt MaAlaaa al , M TT I U' kNTRD? A M' tAK AND t*M DMRVtlli f??>?R wka tka>a iffcly aaaaaakaa t r * ?Mea aat ap i P'U'H Mawry at r*a a is i*a kaaa < a?A. '^toaa* Id aad I ? atarA ARTRD_A UACMOMMfR, MOOC, ftltWM ANM aar'emad ?iit a.'tm * a eoai eaiaa ? f%a?nr In tka aa<iairy . taa kaat <4 i? iMaoata a aa 'a akar. rt an) a pa. Ill rant, rat Aj i i ? ?id U a uiMI a? Ka. 7 ? aai iha kL. <wra?r af Rraadw?? UWAKIID-A il')0B<0o> ?aaiiri? AA'I |r< > tr r Aadl?daf?n raJ i-at*l tAw d wty rafare ,<w ran aired ' ?>aiW ? aat Apt ?i . katwaaa ?tk aad 1j?A a>k WARTIP-A tIKL PORf iltMl RaL R i ARW iKR laa waaAlag aa I lr?^iad * pi aSnrt ? a>a a ta Iha eaaalry tea Ika -aatiaar aa ?al ha a a rat 'ate a*aa a I It* area^aa r? 4 ?<??*. OMR MR Mf ki W Meal HldL WaXTRD -A T a?* M "" Of BMAf M OM fkealat * Wltaaa ? aawlag ai*rllla?a aaa wha par faatly aodarakanda drea.iaMiac prafarraA Apply at M Mail tT?h at., aaar dtk a* TTTARTPD-LADIkM TO LMA.KN A IX mUl O^ TT aal? phat grat ?>? rarkaa la ?ia a "KryRMwaad Katkar My aa ?T drawlnpk aad paiai i<a ?'?rytAtaf ?ad AiipratNltiikttit atrial a?. HfHiiMcfci malmI If aaM SaeCk HM kaawtedia ?? tha laaa aad darr kuataaati to mm* A lakiiam ainiatioa will 1 Apoif ia wjdar. Maaya lira.. MM AUaaUa Mt. Kp fJJTAKTMD?A LADNMRMM WHO PMMPMC TT daralaadM bar OaatMaa taclndtag lat ag Ml rml hanae kprtaat, wka M RMkad y<aln anaki aoad fly wttbaal yaaj Wfi?IIWA?T|a a*iaa? k IP Fr ^ Mv* W' wA-:r,E; HKLH WtNTKn-riH ALBCC. ^SE&^2K "JTr?47-2* * ? fffff dnaimwr in l-oala-a. n.? share a .. ? "?* *' * " * ' ptwlh'f -- ?MT? * 0 yik^^? .\rj?i? at 20 M ?? iljiti at. I to a i < m M *t?f :d? a oo< i? c v , , M ? , irking In aa oi?l?r ?*?>? mays; T ence, to Jos-ph Pieo ! ? ' ?. IVAMTID-A R rni'K <'T a b ' ?, aw * ~ ?? Ilsh fScelehoid i .? 1 . . >i . , for n p yslc ao who la a si igle I ornood, s<> > au go bo iu el nt^Ut. k| . i . Street. \|>"ANTKD? A PHOTS >TA NT V I W W ?? yv plain c 'lk, washer M>1 lron?r in a an Kit pt mUt faintly. City retersnors re tuirwd > ? ? i> ? t? ij second street. between Ltglnftan en! a??i >?? ?' ANTED? A t i B it M AN OIRti A1 < ?> > <T A U?K ?? nun family. Krcumnenta > Hinuti <i <-1 wanes will bo {aid. Call at 139 West 44th aL WANTED? TWO NKAT, CAPAHLR UlkMi tO OO lo Orange, W. Y. : on* aa oook. waaher aa<l ir?-?-r r ? other an chambermaid anil wailres ? ? 'IF re rriw.s rm quired* C ill at 311 Hoary ?t. . Brooklyn, fur two day*. WANTED? T'VO PROTESTANT OIRL'; <>NK ?4 gbol cook . must ho a good baker and know ''?w I make butter, the ther us I ?u n ? 1 ? a, DmicI or ? ferred. Apply, with reference, irom In A M. to 4 P M at IBS Lesington av., b?it.vuan 3-d and 33d Ma. WANTED-A OIRL, WTTH CITY KEFRRBNCBB, TO dA general housework ; m stheag?><t H'hi-r ir ?>r and plain oook; n ?t<wly p ana ind uood wages toa tidy girl. Apply, utter Uo'olock, at 115 tin av. Wanted? two women to oo in the odobtrv for the iiiumer; one a? laundress tbe ir tier a > chain. tHtrmaid. Call at No, S ha.t 27tn at. between 9 an 1 It A. M. WANTED IMMEDIATP.LY? A FIR8TCLIHH FITTER; French preferred ; on# who thoroughly oader<tand? making tip udlea and children's undei 1 n>'n and iscapi blti of taking tlin entire charge of a workroom; ??,"> n-i object to a competent hind Apply for three day* at *37 4th ar., between 27th and 2Hth at*. WANTIvD-A YOUNQ WOMAN WHO UNDERSTAND* cu tli u if and littlnv lndlea* dresses, an^t wholsatlrsl class operator on Wln-eier A WIImi t sevytng machine. Aj> ply at Nl 2 Uramercy Park. WANTED-A WAITRESS, OH A M HKRM A I D, COOK, laundress, nur e and *eaT?tro?A. for a llrat flami prl vatc family, who pay good wat es. Apply at No. 7 Went lllh at., between Broadway and University iplaoe, from 9 to 4 o'clork. TIT ANTED? A OIRb IAS CHAMBERMAID AND Tf wultress; lx"st city reference re julred. Apply, from 9 to 12 o'dook, at JS32 5th uve. WANTED-A IWtrMAN WHO 0MD BBB TANDS A LTj kinds of hoiaework and seorlng. middle aited. One who wants a good, atoady home may apply to Mrs. Camp, bell, 41 Mangln at. WANTED? TWO FIRST CLASS SERVANTS; ONB aa cook aftd laundress; the other aa chambermaid and waltreaa. None need ?|>piy except they have good refer ence aud are tidy la their appearance. Apply at 103 Weal 36tb St., near 6th av. WANTDD-AN OPERATOR, WITH A BHWINO MA. chine, to work bv tbe week. Call at Bedford ar., ?or> ner Madl on St., Brooklyn. WANTED-A SMART, STRONll OIRL FOR THE OEM. era! housework of a private family. Apply, with good city reference, at 211 28th at., between nth and lUth ava. WANTED-AN OPERATOR, TO MAKE FINK SlIIRTI on Wheeler A Wilson s machine; also, girls to make buttonholes and bast; steady work and good wagea. Apply at 20 Oreenwleh av. * WANTED-A OOOD LAUNDRESS. TO ASSIST IN Chamberwork. Only a capable per?on. with i<ood city references, need apply at 31 West lbtu at., between 5tb and litb ava. AKTBD? TWO FIRSX CLASS MIUMW AT CSS Broadway. w WANTED? A TIDY, HONEST. PROTESTANT OIRL. not over 16, In a small American fam'lv. to a'aist in taking rare of a child and make lierseit |tcu> rallv u>eful; city reference reiiulred. Apply alter V A. M. at 655 Hudson vt WANTED-A YOUNG OIRL, TO ATTKND A BAKK. ry: one who l< a lit' le acquainted with the business preferred. Apply at Mi 4th av. IIT ANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO OIRLS | vv one to cook, wash and iron; the other as chamber, maid. Inquire at No. 2 South Dili St.. Williamsburg. WANTED-A MIDDLB AOED. SMART WOMAN TO attend oil Indies at the riding aca>lemr corner ol Thirty-ninth st. and 5Ui av ; must hace good city reference from her late employer. Apply at the private entrance foi the proprietress. Likewise, a good and Industrious girl foi geneial housework, washing, - Ac., for a stuallifamlly; mual have city reference. Apply as above. \\f ANTED? A COMPETENT OIRL FOR OENERAb Ty hou cwork: German preferred; wages $8; olty refer ences r?'|ulrsd. Inquire at 216 West Hid st. WANTRD-A LADY, TO LRARN TnE ART 0? coloring Photographs Alter two weeks' instruction, ol one hour |wr day. woik will be given out, or situation will be given. Call at 713 Broadway, room 19. O. KONI(>SBERO. THE TRADES. A MILLWB1GHT AN?) MAC1IINIBT WANTS A PEBj !\ nmnent situation to take charge of machinery mo keep It In repair ; nueiceptlunal reference Klven Addreee Millwright and Maehlnlat, 41 James at., Hrooklyn. A DYER WANTED.? ONE WHO UNDKRBTANDI English nn<l In competent to take charge of a dye house; practical workman and good i ecommendations rw quired. Apply to E. Corson. 181 EajHOth at. _____ a GOOD ROOFINO HARD WANTBD? ONB WHO 0Bi f\ deratanda central work. Apply ?i M 3d ar., oomer ol | 1 1th at. ___________ AN ICR CRKAM MAKER WANTBD? MUST BB A firm clau workman. Apply to Weller A Radeon, Con fecllotiere. 8 n9 H road way. CIRI'CIBLR MAKERS WANTRD ? ONB TO TAKS J oharge of ah op, inlilnf and burning kiln aod (??pot milker* to turn pot?; none but practical men need appiyi good wages will be given to competent men. Addreee be? T&7 lierald office. I^NOINEKR WANTRD.? A SOBER, INDUSTRIOUS J and competent peroon can iiikI employ mrnt at the brewerv corner of Oreeuwlch avenue and Hammond street A!?o a few good laliorera. Tit ACT A RURSBLI*. YOHN HILL WANTS A situation as PAINTER el ornamental palntlug. tie ba- nerved oaarearai tM business; would ille to get a respectable shop where ba can nerve hi- time out. AddraaaJobn Hill, Wltllnmabnrg pan eral Post oilioe. IITHOORAPniC PRINTRR WaNTED-THE HIGHBB1 J wages given to a first clasa workman. Addreee box Ml Albany Post oilioe. New York. OPEN FOR ENOAOBM8NT? A THOROUGH, PRACTIi ral heed gardener, with tbe boat of refereneo. Addreto Duoloith. Herald ollloe, this week. PAPER MAKERS WANTED.? INQOIBB OP F. GOB. t?n, Hoyuonock, Hartford eounty, Conn., or of John ?. Andrews, Hi centre ?C, New York. PAINTERR AND OLAZIEBB. -WANTED, FOB CITY work, first clasa men; per day Apply after 10 A. M. to Mead A Woodward, architects and buUdera, 17 Pari row, N Y. PAINTERS -WANTED, TEN PAINTKRB, ON NBW bouses In Hamilton Park, and for painting a <|nantltf of blinds. A i p'y on the premises, at Now Brighton, B. I., close to ferry landing. TO FEATHER MANUFACTURERS AND DYEBB. Wauted. In a feather manufaci ry a first claaedyer ant eolorer. To one who understands tho business thoroughly eitra Inducements will bo offered. Also wanted. In the aame establishment a capable woman aa forewoman. Apply to Newell, Smith A Co., SA3 Broadway, or to J. B. Smith, No. ? White au TO PHOTOGRAPHRBB.? WANTBD IMMEDIATELY, ono operator and ooe printer, at 419 Broadway. Tt those who ooine weM recommended liberal wngeo will bt paid WOOL SORTERS WANTBD.? WABTBD IMMBDN ately, feu a (4) or flro (S) wool sorters for* mill In tkt CO iBtrv A , p , 1 1 Joseph Rlplejr A 8on?, 88 I'lne at. U' AT< MM 4KER ?A FIRBT CLASS WORKMAB CAB bo had by <a ling on Fellow* A Co.. 17 Maiden lane. Nona but th i?e wining to fire steady employment and good aaiary see : apply WABTKD? A FIRST CLASS DYER. IN A FEATHER manufactory : moat have ?i ; er enr? In this line and bo wall renmnun led no others need apply; beat wageo wlQ be pai 1 Apply at M* Broadway. ?p stairs. WASTKD-TWKNTV FIVE SAKE MAKEBS, BT BD wards * Kershane Boston. To gOo4 workmen ?tea-ty en.plorment an 1 higheat wages given. Apply aa akult. Oora t> oc* If pealto ilevere Houaa, Boston. \\* A NTF !? -B ANTMI TO M\KF. COATS AND YBSTI. vl in 4 iUe at Id * arron at., up etnlra. WARTtD-TWo fm.r orinderb, to whom thb very beet pr ea will be mven. and a good and ?tea<ty jos we have all new toola and a very plaaaant ahofb Apply to h t ward >. II olden A Co . No 4 Liberty nl. Newtork. If A*fED-THRRE OR fOI ROnOB PLUMRRRS OH If aew wort. Apply St Leelle's Plamblng Establish merit New Brighton. * I. Wa*e? 93 U per d ny. WANTRD-tMFRICAN C A RPENTRBS, FOR INOOOH ? >p work toady Apply between 8 aod 10 a olook A ? or v ween S and ? o dock P. M.. at 4M Broadway, M A W Raalta W' * 1 1B l' ? A ?Af WHO ONDER.-TANDS VRGBTA* Me ga-?-n ic ?n 1 wbe can milk and do general farm watt to < e a ?h rt iutaare from the city. Apply to John I hi, }4 a eery. ____ WA^fBD? FOCR (JO?i|> I1RINDRR9 A1?D POLISH ?'s. i? go o Chi a e Lihla. Tuoae naod to working on tnfeto kntwao tfeferrod 0'?-l *a?ea and nonatant employ ?tent ? he aivea tog* I Workmen. loqutro al J. Stoia ?rt a IU ' "ha > ?rt st , sec >04 floor, from S to ? P. M. W,nrBD-A BATfRRBS MABRR; ONB WHO THO. re . i ondersunda hi* bualneos can have constant eiar ?>ei?at so J good wafee, Apply to B. Drew, in Foi tea a?. Iieetya. W4HTBO?A PHOTOGRAPHIC OPRRATOR OF EX. per ?a e To one who xtro satisfactory rofsrenrea aa to k < ^naUfleaiioon a liberal anlary win he given. Ad. ? M. atauag part .j :ers. Artiat, hot 1W Herald effiee. WANTIfh? A LOOK SMITH AND BELL HANOBB. A#f>f to Barmn A llagertv. TTO "?f HH at W*mn0?A CABBIAOI TRfBMBB, ALSO A CAB MMP painter Apply at M i?j Hali vlaen WANTBD- A MUtBV'dASINBTMAKBR. W) WORK ?a a piaaoforve shop; to a fo^ workman food waseo a*4 stondy work. Apply ni MA wtet MR it, WWM IU and into a vs.

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