Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 25, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 25, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,113. s NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MAY 25, 18(U.-VV1TH SUPPLEMENT. PltlCE TUUEE CENTS. SHERMAN! His Glorious Victory at Ressacca. romplete Rout of the Rebel Army. Magnificent Fighting of Gen. Hooker's Corps. Details of the Battles of the 14th and 15th lasta&t. THE REBEL EETREAT TO ETOWAH. INCIDENTS OP THE CAMPAIGN, ^ Mr. Thomas SI. Cook's Despatch. Kingston, Gs., May IT, 1804. ! Tbe earilsr features of the exciting campaign which baa brought the victorious army of General Sherman to this advanced point have bean detailed to you in the voluminous despatches uf Mr. thanks, which were trans mitted several days since. Tbe movements from that lime to ihe present have been s raj < id succession of glo rious results, In which tbe boastful rebel ohieflain of the Vest Das been del en led at every point, and bis dispirited army vanquished, brokon and routed. Let It not be la- I f erred from this tbat the campaign In Georgia is ended; hy so means. What 1 would say is this : thus far we have dereatod the rebels at every point, twice havir.g pot them to an Inglorious retreat. Ihey have not L. yet reached their last ditch, but bavs a tingle step remaining between them and It. In tbe ?ountalus at Etowah, which lie just ID front of us, tbey win make another desperate stand , at at Palton and Essences, but, being driven fr m that position as tbey have tMO driven from equally strong positions above, Atlanta j becomes their last resort, and in the interminable fortl- ! ?cations slrot. hlng along the series of lofty elevations I Mai surrouud tbat placo the fin ti btruggle will be fought. ansitiUM's plan or campaign. Sherman's plan for the present campaign was a most j admirable one, ai d that any portion of tbo rebel army j MOceeded In escaping Its meabes is aitribuUble not to i My deect in the plan nor any lack ef enterprise or j ability on tbe part of tbe subordinate generals of bis ' army, butsoloiy to the sagacity and military skill of bis Mtagomst ? the wily Jobustun? wbo, by avoiding general battles, succeeded Id withdrawing his forces before tbe Onion troops oould completely envelop them. rosass accounti. The accounts of cperalloni in this quarter which have teen sent yon bring the details of movements down Id Ibe evacuation by tbe rebels of Dal ton ?an event Which occurred on the 12th lust. , scd was compelled by ?eneral Sherman's tactics la maeslag the bulk or his army tfalntt Rassacea. aamacea Is a station on the Western and Atlantic Railroad, aavaa aasa miles soutb or ballon. It is located ea the north %aak of tbe Oostensula .river, at the point where the railroad crotwet tbat stream. As a Iowa, or even a station, it is unimportant, the only Interest attaching la ft being ths railroad bridge, tbe timely destruction of which would have severed Johnston's communication with his base, eat blm off from all supplies, and driven Mm to the elternatlve of a battle at all basards, and a! any disadvantages, or an inglorious and precipitate Ntreat. As if f reseelng this, tbe rebel general bad mken advantage of the natural poeltloa or tbe place, to taled in tbe midst of an endless suocessloo of bills, wKh Me most commanding elevations immediately surround ing Ibe town, and bad strongly fortified aH tbe ap preacbee. and kept a respectable garrison on duty In tteee fortlOeatloua. WHY DALTOR WAS SVAOCATSn. General Sherman's first demonstration against Ressseca having railed, bocaute of the iuci^nlOcance of tbe force ?eat oat, and considering tbe importanoe, strategically considered, of this position, General sberman bad matted fete entire artsy In Huake Creek Gap, with the exooptloa t f Utntral Howard's corpt, with a view of maklag a de " ^r mined descent upon Kassacca, occupying it si all ha ear da, and than lighting the enemy from hit rear. 1 Johaetoa quickly discovered thit Intention, and, at It had yrogretted so far, ht had aa other meant of preventing it \ Maa by abandoning Dalton aad ooneentratlng hit entire p three in front of Retaaoca, which was dona on the nlcht af the 12th, end on the morning of Friday, the 18th, jtasral Howard, with hit oorpt, occupied Halloa without WlMUUMWa BATTLES IT UTVKB1T, III M. MUTitmn comiKtonvo. U aa snrty kHr on lb? morning or Saturday, the 14th, tbs bolt of bis army, aa mentioned abort, being massed ta Snake Croon Gap, Oen. abeimso ordered aa advsnoe. Son. Ki'lpatrlck was ordered forward, with Instructions ta olaar all tb? road* leading towards Reaaaoca of rebel car* airy and oooceal tba adranoo of oar Infantry, wblcb waa ar dared to follow M a oonrenlent dlatanca In his rear. KMpatrtok met with but llttla difficulty In steadily ad vaoclog until Im reacbe-i tbe range of hills bordering on Oaasp creek. At tba waatarn base of these bills the rabala bad constructed a Terjr One military read, which, aa tt ran parallel with their poaltioo, became desirable far tba formation of our line, and from It it bacatna neces sary to dislodge tba rabala. On approaching u Kllpatrxk met a bo 'y o ( Polk 'a infantry m iving to oppoae him. Wttb tba aam? aooon^uarnola aptrlt that bos erer as I mated thla dsabtug Immediately pat In poolti'n Abe flaw cavalry who were at the moment at hand, de termined, by a hold ebar jo. to eurprlse and rout the enemy The charge waa made with tlatteung success. Tba enemy fled in terror before ihe tmputuo .? horsemen. ' 6oemg his SdraMage, KUpatrick ibrew himself at tba A*a1 of his men to Inspire them with renewed courage , ?ad eathuilnam, aod hi tbe running fight that followed. kif.ravai<m wo?vnstv While pursuing tba enemy, having drlrau ibsm to tba faint where General I>odga bad baited on the previous ?day, tbe woods ana h lie were found flHod * th rsbel whsrpehootcrs, wbo kept up a mcrderoas Ore upon the C vanning aqiadron. mill the brave Kilpatrtrk pteeaed until wall up ia the gorge of U>s hllla, whan a Wisle W"! struok him in the fleas of kla tblgb, narrowly escaping it>* hone, and, paeaiag through , wounded b:a horse. Tbe anMsal reared and plunged with lbs pals of tbs wound, hewing almost unmanageable, aod rendering tt sx trsrnrly difflcult for th* wounded rider to retain Unseat. But, o?mscjous that tba syne of i,M men asri upon bim, srdlbat i the wo fasof the entire movement would he ?rape Hisa abou'.d It bc.<>me known ibat he waa wounded t an Intrepid oouimsndar retained ht* jtoaiiiea at IM head of hi. >?aa until t!,s profuse hemorrhage from hla wound Ssiran lo wiru hira of th" dan/or be Incurred by itafsr .-log the a^rvioee of a surgeon, whan he oeat for his e-nior otficer, and. touring the uommaad with him, re /uctsatfy retired to the rear wacasmv or nasi* from prisoners captured hy Kllpetrlsk's sdvaivs m whs above brltliai:t aSair, aa wail as from the report*' of jii a own scouts , <.eoeral i-hormdta rcoe<vsd the nrat loM ligdnco that 'he sn^my ware evacuiumg Daltou and falV lug birb on Kesstcca, w th a slew of making tHat tho hat ilia ground. This miormstion came to bim In the Cidst of bla ?d vance, and admitted of no doubt, it rather uM>M*ttated the eipr lit Ions formation of bla Usee about BsMMia, ho might expact t? gain poet S uons with Ihe Inast opposition, aim orders wore therafore ~ wsued to c ri-a commanders to press (their columns far ward with tbe utmost harts n'r.'r sos is retino*. With Uerhorscn the orriera were unueoees iry. I ogan's sorpa? th? KirtAontb? Is ai ready close at bond, and, fol Jgsnna aa i^tirwlms W jptlnainnfc, drives US THE CAMPAIGN IN GEORGIA. Scene of Sherman's Brilliant Battles at Ressacca on the 14th and 15th Instant. TILTON A.H/CKS* 'InfAY-: Isa-ta y*j* ? WATEFiS SON SUr^ JQ Se f < F OriTl FICAT10NS THROWN UP RV GEN MS P?EB5bN wm^rw ? wfo?&fJr ^ mif, w^iaD^s&JfffLL filled m. RPJ}H00 TCRS RECJOUBTj mi ritSERVF^J Of rkMSSeM&M ysv AferflerAr // NEWTI LPWSCNS - FERHit I?1 Z ONGS Tfltt T S MILL ?. rebels back to hot baste to (to right took or Damp emit. Onr Infantry ?u then moved to the right, Ukini np a Kilt Ion on the bald bill occupied on tbe previous day by dga At t b Is moment tto enemy began to afaow bin tnctioa. Oainlng experience from bla formar let eon*, to bad maaaed bl* artillery opoe every belgbt from which II oonM bear upon tbia elevation, which ?u also rwept by tbe guna In the fortification* that mrronnd tto towo, and for two boura a moat terrific oennen adlrg wat kept ?p-more noisy, however, than damaging; for by elvanclng ear men a ibert dlatanca en the "asters alope of the bill tbey were per fectly sec are from tbe eoamy's mtaei'ee, wnicb whltted and sputtered andjrbletled harmlessly ovsr tbelr beaia, the bllla on tba opposite bask ot tbe creak sflectually ooeermg them, heme little tklrmiehlng occurred 10 ar?ur.i.g tbls covering, but nothing of oonaaqtience. And so, amid tbe thunder of I be rebel artillery, < ur men stored forward dowu the valley of Camp ere?k until tbelr right reetsdon Oottomula rtvr. Tmmadiateiy a halt was ordered, and is aa incredibly sbort apace of time tse nut were intrencbel in their poeitipot? the timber, with a light covering o? eartb, forming aa admit ab:<? itf?nne Mcfbrraon't whole com mand? tbe rtiteenth and two dUwions of the Stateenth? was formed in of l>sttle in th la valley before night, eecureiy potted behind breest works. >n?.ttiriON 0/ las t r>*. Palmer's corps wm north o: the gap, tbro tgfc *bl h IfcPberton hid enter*>i, refusing tho dlreetl n of line taken by Mrl'hsreon and i?ia<i;ig a wide angle nway from the poaitton or there's .?cb, fl id being ttm in ihe rear of Palmar, and Houfcrr in reserve to M. I hereon. A considerable liiitut exmeit bi'tween the left a f tin rtMn>n'? and the right of rtlmer'e line, into wiu-.b RmteifMda division, if Hooker'* corje. *a.? thrown, and so the lot gi ty of tbe line waa completed. oo vrtnot ot valwm. During tbe night General I'oward advano* 1 b't corps, with a small body ef osvalry, tto enemy having with drawn from bla frost, and at ? very early hour on Satut day m iming occup ed Helton , elthout the eitghtoet re alat*n<-e The snemy 'tad withdrawn with their entire supp ft and e^nlpaitn. leaviag us a barren victory B?it the most singular fact wtt that they had destroyed noth ng. Not a twitch on the rellroad sas dls t'irbe.1 their ?rmy bttilJlngs were all Intsot. kvary I thing nbowt tbe place waa found la at perTeet a condlt.on aa If tbe rebels contemplated immediately retiming to It. ? We ware thna en*' led, without an hour 'a delay for repairs to tbe track , 10 w ve trains of oei t directly to and through Palton, an.t ?e far down tto road as It waa ta f# to vont< ra without rial ng a taptura by tto rebels. RilWtRO rttMSS M)l*t?l) tJeneral Howard makes no halt la Dalton, but acquaint lag tiensrai Sherman by courier of his movement, prsssas en down tto railroad to TIImb, where be halte, and. for the Ortt time, communicatee with flenerai Sherman on tto east aide of the rbattoogate M tm taint _ . raa snsi. rp amoi. ThU paper la aeoomptaied by a aomprsheaslve map, sbowlsg tba position of the ism armies at the different r V?**' lb# evacuation of I Hilton to tba eveonstloo ef ,>aeacca. On it wiu be teen . eiearly traced, tto Irst post th? Mmes hp the enemy efter tto evnoo*ion of Paltoa , his lift reatlng at ftsnseocs, forming at bartend or carve ImnVrtlataly to ?to right of the t?wq aud following the ^eat of the ridge, oppoelte MoPhers< o's y?l 'L00'.1?. - ? ,n <-hmp crcei, then rtMtlng to tbe right .tonk of tto stream, and croatlng and holding tbe totgbin tbars. as both aldea of tbe atream. nnd foi !)win( tba ?? inter dl|t raad ? ? umnum gggriy parallel with tbs trlbutarlss of the stream te t&e vicinity of tbe point deeignated u Msrtm's ?t"re, on the bead water* of ftwamp creek. Tbelr entire front wae covered by Genera) Hbsrmaa's army, with oae oorpe in their rear at Tilton. II wap an eitremely faulty line, they being inferior Id number*. Following Its aogiee, It was searly ten miles In Isngth? much too sitsndsi ground for the forcee at Johnnies'! diepoeal to oover. He undeniably committed a grave error la assuming eo long a line. He wae, however, probably Ignorant of Howard'! poaltion, and, supposing Swamp creek, on which hla right reated, to be impassable, oooaidered hta flanks secure, and ao felt safe In hie poeitiou. We will aee how eailly he wae deceived. enaeMAH'a rosmoa. Rconnoissnncee that had been made had discovered tbe military road built by the rebeia at the western bjse of the bills that border ramp creek on tbe right, and ?a this road Ceneral Sherman had determined to form hie line of battle. MePbereoa bad followed It through the gap In tbe hills, at tbe Sugar Valley mad, and had se ?nrsd a posit iOS oa tbe eastern slope of the bills, ss seen above. Tbe other corps, swinging sronsd to fsroa a oon tmustion of the lino, had met with oons derable opposi tloa, and bad been ussbls to reach the positious ass gted hem S'Ho? *i.b> noi ' Hn asoacsn. (Ssneral SchoAeld, In moving out on the extreme left, escouoterel tie enemy at about noon, nearly m'dwajr beiweec Ft-gtr Valley I 'oat (iKce and Martin's store. At first tbe esoounter wsa a more aklrmlah. tbe rrbsls giving wa? before ua with but slight rsslstauca. But after fall Ing back a ooupie of miles they sudaenly ralllsd in .arfe foroe, and fell wllb treat ftiry upon our extreme !eft flan* Tbe roe<- of musketry in this engagement wsa perfect ?v deafening but the character of the country was nun. i being dor,?ety wooded , that but little artillery could he . SMS, an! what *n -ight into play was of bat trifling good to either party But for two hours the contending , ocliimns swayed te and fro, ths tide of battle flowing I flrst to one side and then tbe othsr, neither gaialng any i vry decided sriventsge; when bchodeld withdrew a Short 4 1* la nee and maa?ed bis men, wbea, the order being givsn, with s cheer tbe whole oolumn started forward oa s oliarge. The movement wsa nnexpected by the enemy, who had been sheering snd exulting over tbelr supposed victory, and, siv prised and overwhelmed, despite the efforts of their officers their men gave way and fell bark from tbe Srst Hue of breastworks they bed Ihr >wu up asufromnnana. At this opportune momest General Stanley's division, of Generel Howard's corps, cams up sod took position c s tobo field's loft, swinging arcnnd towards the railroad so as to sxtend oar line to tbe Del ton road. Tbe efforts of the enemy to turn oar position in this direction bad been such that General Sherman at onoo perceived the neces sity of strsngthenlng tbe linn, and, in addition to tbe supports ordered from Howard, bad also dfreoted Hooker to move tbe two dlvislsns of his corps that were la re serve to the support of Bchodeld TfS BAfRJ imtVD, After the Irst repulse of tbe enemy, snd elmest Immo d lately on the sssamption of bis position oa the sx l?f* by General Stanley, the enemy again ralllsd in foroe and loll upon that division. Sua toy'! men made a desperate resistance and fought bravely; but, overwhelmed by snmbsrs, they were ?rodonliv losing ground, wbsn Ueneral Williams, of Hooter's oorpe, osm. ap with his division? a parties of Ms old Twelfth oorpe This division, since Its advent in tns WnM. has been kept to a large etteat to tbe back ground ; but tbe I n Ion array boeato no better men than JbSr TS?' ?g?m''?8r U?$r 1 tbe heroee of Lookout Mountain, WlllUma' men, could not have bm batter plowed tb?n when this opportunity *ii given them to light. With a about of defiance and RitUt'actlon they threw tbemaelvee In front of tba ad vanclng column* at tba enemy, and apeedily put an end to tba day'* ward, triumphantly beating tba enemy book with heavy slaughter, and reclaiming a buttery that tba partial retirement of Btaaley'i dlvialon bad lart lo tba virtual poaaeeilon of tba euemy. ?i oaa or tit ictioj. This gallaat affair closea the battle on th? left for tba day. It bad bean a dlaa*tro>ie day 'a work for the enemy. Along tba whole left of our Hue they bad beeu driven back, ?tap by atap, their lina re?tuig at night on tba btlla Im mediately bordering on Camp creek, while we bad galm-d our coveted poaltlon, tba military Mad above refarrod to, and bad gncceeded in swinging our left flank around, i rowing Camp creek at the head of the hllla showu on tke map, aad reatia.* oar estreat flank on the Oo<tea?ula I river, tnua aureiy preventing any further au-mpi on our 1 fUnki la that direction, and completely hemrolDK 'he eno my in on the vary aboit liaa to which he had txen'oom peiled to retlm, an ixw* ot ma right Wbt a tba above nperattnna ware in progree? on tba !aii, Jioi'heraoo had not been idle on the right Keeping coo?t?ntl.v hi view the Import, in< o of tbo iiatmotlou of the railroad bridge tcroes :hnOo?'',na','a, belo* tfessoc a, General McPbereoo, midt>r cover of t eneral debnfleld'e bat'la on the left, bad thrown i ogan'a corpi aaroaa (.'amp i cr?ek and occupied the heigbta ou ifie e >st l>an'.c of i tfjAt atreem overlooking the loira Thia movement had not beeu a<-rompliihed without a desperate efloi t. Tba i ret>?l battertea on tba hetghta about tba town oi e>iod a galling Art <>n l.ogta at the nutaot . but Moi'lim >n , hav Ing foreteen thia, aul planted numerous hatter ee ->n the bplghta on the weat bank of tbe e<r?, im. diverted the Are of Ibe rebel butteries by hte own flerce reuaonadiog. I to wbiih they were compelled to reapond in the hope* of eilenomg our guns, wblob were rolnmg a tomb'" atorm of iron apon them. And lo. whl e the ?rtillnry duel pro greened, I 'gaii made a gallant charge aoroaa the little atraam , and a< on bad pPueMten of tbe ridge oommtndlng the entire rebel poaltlon Immediately at Raenacca. tbua virtually turning their left flank *nan.T!?. , Tbe reeulli of the day'a work m*v be brlofly Hummed np aa fotiewe:? The enemy had attempted to turn ?ur left flank, but inatead had their own left turned. The important poelllona on their left tbey had I oat, while oa their extreme rlaht tbey bad been crowded baok rally rear mi lee Their killed and wounded would Dumber very nearly two tboueand, beeldaa oLom flva hundred SL ?*wnl aS?od?ld, With Stap ler 'a d I via I on added, had loet abomt a tbouaand men In killed bm wounded, whleb constituted tbe bulk of our **? ?'?ItblblCr aommanda were very light. BITTLBI OV IIRU1, IAT It. The aoralng of Sunday, tbe 1Mb, opened with very Im portant ohangee la tbe extent, poison and formation tbe contending line#, n iuoeinot Men of whloh will bn gathered from the accompanying map, which will alee ataow very olenrlf the progrew made by ghermau'e army on the prevleua day. aawroacuaaie ron ran nwmr ]t la more than probnble that early on flatarday aorn jM?port?9ffr<?i*'t trooaMtt* *?!??. err tied ettlw scene of action, and that during that da y and Saturday night these veteran rebels war* arriving, to strengthen Johnston, aa rapidly aa I ho moans of railroad transports Hon at the disposal of the rsbols would admit ot * tvs mil msiiios os scwDiT Monrnro. Tho poll lion occupied by the rebel army eo Sunday morning was, notwithstanding Sherman's tneeesse* on Saturday, altogothor more advantageous thin thai of tho previous day. His troops wore ooacontratod on a short line, strongly intrenched throughout Its length, with s broad stream with marshy banks oorerlag his oontro, which was posted on commanding height* beyond this stream, while his isft flank was norersd by tfa* strong works that bad bo*n conatrsctod with great oar* and time at Ressacca, and his right resting against the river, after erossiogn raujeol hills fully fortiQed with redoubts, masked bsttsrles and rifle pits. The river la th* vicinity of Rttnicca ma*es a deep b*nd to tho south, forming a perfect cut dt 10c, serosa tbe mouth of which tho rebel line extended, i'ho position was such thai Johnston's army of e!ghiy thousand men, at an estimate, waa thrown into a liue of bailie but little more than two miles In length Of course, in a line so ocmpact'y fanned, a weak spot would b* difficult to Ind. wuMiTt's una The operations of th* previous day, in which General Hooker h?d born* a conspicuous part with portions of bis | oorp?, hud convinced that officer that tho key to this strong position was 'in tho heights on tb* right of th* rebel line, on wbioh tbef had reited on the previous day ^n camTuuOicatlog this Impreision to General Sherman, ?Hooker was directed to storm and carry tbese heights ' As on* of his divisions, that or General Butterfleld, was dulached at this time. General Ifeoker asked to hav* th<U division returned to him as preliminary to this sssauit, n re most that was promptly granted, and lb* gap formed ! on tho right by Butterflald's withdrawal was fllied by no ! exUtnsloa or Pslmers Use to the right. This position virtually gave Ho*ksr the i*fl *T the line, with Howard's ?orps as a support, The rest of tho lias remained sub stantially unchsog*d. tbs roeifiojs. The position that Hooker was to.oarry wlU be r*sdily ?eon oq the map. It waa aot a rang* of hills, but rather a collection of dsusbed emlsen**s of sonslderabl* aiti Ind*, th* Intervening hollows h*lng flllci with a d*DS* growth of timber and underbrush almost Impassable for horsemen, sad traversable with great difficulty by la fan try. Tbs turnpike road loading fro? Daltoa to Res sacca passed through tns** hills, a portion of them ly lag oe the right and others *a th* Isft of t&al road. On both sMes of the Nad in front of th* hUla the orantr? wa* rolling and denaaly wooded. In front of tfe* rebel Rtion was a lofty elevatWD, oovered with h*avy tin Oiled with their sharpshooters. Our Ita* *t baltl*, ?BPrgKbing frwn (ft souUiwaa*. h*nUr Un*h*d tbe western base of this ht'l, and th?a crosael, In a more nor-n^riy iIir^ottr>n a nar row valley int^r v eolog lu another cm mandiB* dcvatiou that bed been i? -rt- fil by u* on mo previous day, aud on whi It w< bud (Muted batteri.s nu in* ihe night. The rebol Hue of ban l? extruded 10 a eircul'oua fcr^i around th<' clueter of hills (llrecily back of those p .rtintilarly noted, Hie n.terveuiDg speoe between their llnua aud ours bring cleared of ita timber. Ira ne diately back of their line, on tf:e rcht of the r >id, ??re two hl.i , ? tbe wood. d u 1 uoncealitig a oattory. .he aocoud more remote aud cleared at lie mm. out. aod hav ing a carefully built redoubt, mount lug four guns, whieh aweut the Pulton road with tt rribie |>reciaioo. On the opposite aide <t (tie road (root tbnae height* waa another elevation tbat had beeu overlooked at (tret. It was oovered witu thick wooda In front, but cleared on ita rear Mope, ard waa command') by me rebel marked bittery a< well as by th< irreioubt. On tbM hill a Ur?e body of ?barpchooter* wu.e ooucdilod by tUj enemy. biapoairitns. Whl'e wo have b^Hii muk tins haaty and Imperfect surroy of ihe lleld , Honker h ie berq employed In mass ton hia troops under c v> r 01 tint bill I have luentioaod aa hi our pm Ion. The I v i<>nx of Williams and Geary are reidy ; b it Butt'Tiio'd haa n <l yet arrived. Everybody is Impatient and inderln* *t i lie deliy. But preseutly the puspen' o Is en<' ?! ?. ttn- "k-d 'or divlaioa emerge* from the wo d? and mow-t aica'ily down, the ?oad It Is now n ion, aod uo more time is to be 1 ut. to D .tterlleij, hou g already In line. In directed to ointmua bis m ircli uutll within, (iud tbeu deploy hiadlvl ?i n in e lumus, br brigades, and make the charge at tbe e iemy'n position, Geary'* uad Williams' divisions to a import if needed. M'Wionmiin. On receiving hi* insiruai nm <;enoral Rutterfleld, who was riding at the bend of by ? >iutnu with bis staff, dashed ahead to survey tbo g.' uud upon which be wat |o fight Aa he proceeded bu round the country aovored so den-eiy with tmlicr und enrolling that be wis pi '.fled to detcmiue wi.ioh wore th? bills upon whlrh the enemy wore png'ed. Hfiltir.g Iiih u xnmand, he galloped bark to General II" kor to i. k hia :iid in n trie 1 1 log him from hi.- -mbHrras m ut. iho latter officer oppressed somo impatienre at the delay, and started down the road to p lot out the obioetlve polot, but on ?caring (he ground wa? a* much eiobanarsed ns hm aub ordinal", the face of ibe country was so alngularly deoep t ve The two with their at'iiA rode on, b .wever, until they were ana tiled by rebel bulists from the left of the road, when tbo bill in tbat direction waa flrat dla c vered. At the aame tune the sharpshooters on tbo hill on tbe right disclosed tbo object or the search by a brlak Are rrcm that direction Tuua having discuverod all that waa dealred, the two officers started bat k, when they were met by Oenorul ?Sherman himself, comlug up to ascertain the cause of the delay. th? Anv**r?. Having now a clear undersiai.ding of the work he bad to Derform, Gen. Buttcrllold was not alow In eutcrlng atKJD ItH performance. Entrusting to the brlgn-w com m>nded by Col. Wood the work of takiug the hit. on the loft of the road, Ward, with bla brigade, was order* to charge that opou tbe right. Col. Co bum 'a brtgaiw to act aa a resorve to Gen. Ward. IbuFe dispositions brought on two separate battles almost simultaneously, both or thoni rjging throughout nearly the remainder or the dav with great llercnoas. We shall characterize that in which (ieueral Ward ted o(T aa the battle on the right, and Cof. Wood's aflalr aa the battle on the left. Tiia fiqiit on hookrr's nitiw. ...... General Ward aoon put hia brigade iu order of bitt le under cover or the advanced hill occupied by the rebel sharimhooterB, and theu ordeied an advance Up the hill went llio column steadily and bravely, while the rebel abarp-hootera went d wn the opposite aido less 8l"adl V and ba k to their works. Crossing the ?umm't 01 tbe bill Ward led hla brigade oo a double quick down the rear slope, aero*' the valley intervening to tho base of theoDPoeito hil'. ibis valley was awept by the guns of the rebel redoubt on the remoter height; but so quickly i, crosaed by these ea^er Wosteru troojw that the ?rape of tbe enemy had but little effect. \ et their gone were play od vigorously and oaroeetly, and continued rolling their Iron charges through the valley ?l ter the whole column bad passed. On gaming the base or the onnonlte hill the charging column began to lee I the^ebol bullets flying about them, aa volley arter volley wm poured down upon tbcm from tho rifle pits abov? nothing daunted, tbe brave rellowa plunged into the w^oda tbat covered the face or the hill and began the t/kiiBnme ascent Tbe roeerve brigade, under To). Co burn, had In tbe meantime croeaed the first hill, and were waltr lngln line of battle on the inner slope ror the mooieut when thoy should be needed. 1'reeently the time aeemed to have come. Ward'* brigade, having app. oached wi?hm eaar mu?ket range of the enemy, began returning the mmniimcnii tbey had ao modestly received. The rear ot m^skeuv . wholng rrom hill to bill, and reverberat ing through the wooda, was intenaely Minted m though Ward had encountered the eotire rebel ^Tv To add to the effect, the rebels at thlajoncturo nnmnaktd a battery of four pieces, planted behind an earthwork on the summit of the hill, and bega*. hurling can later at their aaaalianta But, nothing daent ed tSf wlumn moved on. firing rapidly aa It advanced. a msnar. , _ ? netbthe brliiAN oC General Ward and Cokaael Co burn though old troope, were now In tholr Brat action. \ Their duty had hitherto been to garrison poate or protect ' UnTa ot railroad, upd, although two years In ?*rvice, to moat ot ibein tbls was tbe tirat time tbey had been nniier Are It la proper to mention this faet In exteoua tion of a mishap that occurred at the orltlcal moment to which I have brought tbe assault, and which came very near proving fatal. The reserve brigade, hearing a few bullets whistling about their ewe, and somewhat Oon fused with the deafening roar of t be raging battle opposite, fancied their companions eut to nieces end that the rebel hoele were oomlog down u^nihem Determined not to give wey wlthcit a etrnggle. they levelled their pieces and began Bring wildly Inte tbe woods on the oppoelte bill. Ward e brl Mile being thus aasallod In front and rear, were oa tbe K&f or retiring, when tbe Stafl of Oeneral RutterBeld, bv riding in front of Coburn's men, succeeded In per auadtnc them to deelst irom Bring Another round would probably have Dnnbed tbo work for tbe day. ab iTwas, tholr Are had been nearly as deatroollve as Utat of tbe enemy. m nnn oobs ow. oeneral Ward had not been seriously disturbed by tbia mShaD Apprehending the cause, aud coo fldeet tbat It w'uld be quickly stopped, be bad succeeded, with greet Mertiob, m holding h a men up to tbelr work aed now mAMd them directly up to the rebel breaetworke. Here, oiu b bio ? the I r bay one ts , thev fought hand te band wltb ?bi diperate foe, utterly foarlese tbemaelvse, eecb e riving to mount the works beiore hie comrade. Tbe ...iJi> roaiated nobly; but tbey were overmatched and ?o?d \T'X ??rf "retiring ? their battery of lourgune In our possassiee. ocrnuL ward wotwn?o.| IB leading the final m the arm, and wee eerrle<l rrom too neia, SSSK brigade la oommand of Celoael Harrtsoe, the senior field officer. anciw or ro mraos. The rebele retired but a abort distance fro? the* worts when they were rallied by their officers, and. receiving reinforcements, returned to tbe fray, delerj mined to retake tbelr poaitton. Our men were now too uible to bold the work against the anpervor nuaabers tbe MMnvbrouibt agalnat It, and tbe leee eo becanee or tte vaiiiar artillery are tbey opened rrom tbe redoubt oa tbe hill in the rear. Colonel Harrison, therefore, wlwt? beat a mtxtnt loft itDftll elevation . eeparaied from ^be mi ooe only by an indaaUtwm M the bUl "ketbe . oMB.i'a bMk. Tbe terayl work wee see* wee *. ST -po-ibu ?r ? ? ??? * ?? www o? muskete swept tbe rebel work eo aflbotW tbat they could neither occupy tbem nor get away tbelr I guns. And thus our men kept goard over tbey VophieB until night, when an opportunity wee aflbrded tbeaa of bringing mesa off the field. inciDKUT <v TM A fellow oorraepondent voue bee for the tru thfa loeee ot w.' S3RTBS iff ! \?*5EtZ noon tbe rebela, thinking we Mbeenn^ leed, cheered arus1 v h th rougtTt b a'bee r t! Ther.' SS5U biSMo ir-p the^ flag, and it came back only Voraturnand wave Irom the very a pet where IU former bearer fell. 0A8CALTUN m WA1D I aaKJADB. Tbe deaperatioa of thle little ftgbt le attested by tbe ract that tieeeral Ward'a brlgade lMt n*rly four hundred men in killed ana wounded in tbe actum Ntp piciHT Of BO^KKK S |?WT. While tbe fighting abeve described a? the right of U-q/o^ abaUl^even raging on tbe left of the seme n deUll^| w atorm Wood, It will ^^(.o- Wood met the heights oe that aide of iM tb# hiU of rebels, with but buk reetstanoe d the timber oa tbe bat oo gaining posaeeswe ? |{| Bla poainoo open bsok 01 the bi l^at away . thus ^ rll^bl so often t0 the of *fc*",,*twepl ill bill wltb He mentioned ah?** ?? ? ""JJ \ v#ry ^ loca. ?ol,,, A In oe tbe rebels left tbe.r tioo. and U wo? J? tbto # oould make artillery commeved itt i vol rk. WJi n?,( (.0|0D4| Woo<1 no reply, naving M i gunb lo i poaMWJ M M mk| tnd( ^ P^'?g, .r^ and the rebels were permitted ^dsaTayun'thaysmptled tbelr ma.aelM. or ea Ususted tbelr petlw^. ? w(j ^ TH, iarT. _ ,|J!Ited poaitloa, during Ute one sided 0|ht rrom hie slevst poe^ |bc|r ariiiiery, Cotoeel Wood Urea eiiesae of rebel Infantry moving acroee discovered Isrse mw , road and tbe t%\b lb!eCWJSS? be made to oank us. m fn^rmation waa quickly eoovevedto Oen-Bookar ?f rebel intaetrr ^ Wltb tbe peouhar yell I Tor wbteb ^ gp tha VSSX2&SXft*?*< M- : - '-?"f-1 aallanta were well Hi raage, tbe isssmaad wy g^eb te fire, and a mofe murderoue volley waa aeyer discharged from an equal number ef mnskete, A bobdred rebels went down at tbat flratdlscbarge; bat Mitt the*ohwij| advanoed, and, nearlng tbe crael lef tbe h 111, Mjey begao to return tbe ftre tbat Bad been tolBgrechfa^ewu lion in their raokfi. For a time foloaol Wood'a men at^ ^ their ground wltb ? berolsat tbat would have deoe eredii ooxtuivsb ?5"ii?n* ?ao*

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