Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 25, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 25, 1864 Page 2
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? "" ? ? ? 1 Financial and commercial. Trs mi, Mm t( ? ? P Tht ?to-k ic-irVe' opeaei c.i 1 In tbi* morning bat rather mi* e t>u-u.e ? ?- s irwiMiwl than ou Woodsy. Compared w.lti tU* sales at ih? fi ll board yesier.lav, JE:;?i prelerred advai.<u! 3^, Mi aatkea ai.d Prairie du Cbloa 1. Utchigia Oeti tral ?-,ilw:eBi 1, Michigan South ? n 1, Cleveland au.l I'ui j ir. M . Chicago and N'artb lre*tert X, Pacific Ua<i i ?i*.r Mming *H< "u<1 klanpota 6. Ill lun i L-.'. ir.. Cevelond and Toledo, aud I iltsburg , Fort Way no u d t fcicag b 'id the same. New York Oitlra! d*tr triad I, ;ercott.IL e Ileiaay l.V.Hud Bon iver C r? , 1-'- '?' * 1, ud Chicago l hicago ?od Ro?k Isluii I U -;?l aud U'.-eour. 1*, and Cumbei i_oal X. In the ai tcmo.iii lie *'ew Vo-k^tats rosds rallied a little, a?d tlit gw er mar. i . .? si?.*dy , without anina Hon Ne* Ycr* <>n! >;r. d at XC4;i , Hudson River Hi, Erie 1J5'?. K-?. *2?I. Reading H8>i, Michigan Central ^Ichig'a s> ifcorn I'.oij, Illinois Central 132,Y< Cleveland ! Vtsbnrg 116'i, Catena and Chicago 1ST, Cievi 1 i ' ,-t.ii i), (bic ><0 ana Bock Inland llTAf.P -rt Wi-.yi e U7>, . No thwesuin 64\ , Paciflr Mail S34, Quicksilver Mining TV1* .iua Cumberland Coal "litf. Coup-n 4-S:o s cl< . ed T.SO's Mill, and one year certlBcat%s e' There vr ,B >? me <. !<"i r: t la the gold exchange to day on account <i? a ; dv.Hjoe In tbe premium, and the cti.'*d at I.,.:.;-. ;--i .ime quite dense. 1 be Lamar tjuculutoib wri ? ii ? ei'tL - iv jr the strong upward tone which tl.e mail t'. n. ?< !?. a; an J tie rebel sympathizers ? of wh m ibe. j aij ,uite a number alwi.ys to be found utn i.g i be crowd ? u-d the flu gimblors generally, wh -e Ids * re e "y tod :n sordidness, and who care but Utile bow the . aiu u progressed or wiiat Is to be Us fHte, we.o : ? &.i d > like bi.;;,"',rs ftr tbe ud rancemont of tbe r inter. wis and Uvblgr,?. Tbe market opened in the moruti g a is jv. wheu ibe manlpultii ;ng i- cbinerj- was j-et iu i erauon, una before o'cluck the preait.ira wi s run up t'.'o per oent, and by two o'clock ieac'i-..I 180. It subsei'jcntiy ffc.iaed oue pir cent The valre i f a cttrreocy dollar at the presout pri-miom on g >ld i& f5f vo centa. e'torlirj cicbangi *a- ' .n to a frr.ttfon over 200 in the ttrt-et, but iij? AE -Is taut Tretsurer dt'fKised of the amotiui limited f >r tLo i-te^myr to-tnorrow ut 199. "ft" /ss niaut Treasurer reports to day as follows:? Amouut i c baud $23,651 .700 ""iecoiHi1- from cut-t I.'i6,000 jrooi other sources 9V2.428 Total 124,700,188 Payments 1,219,464 Balance $23,480,7124 Tbe aggregate value of the exports of produce and merchandise, exclusive of specie, from the port of New York during tbe past wack was $3,736,032. Tbe Comptroller of this city advertises for a loan of two millions of dollars? the bonds, which are to be de nom.nated the Boldiers' Substitute Bounty Ue'iemptiou bonds, to bear stx per cent interest, and redeemable in annual iusialm- nu ol l!vu hundred dollars each, com cieiiclng on tbe 1st d>iy of November, lb73. Ibis loan will be applied to the payment of the bou Is of the same doecrii t:,.n which fall due on tbe 1st of June, 1894. The b.ds will be opened on Saturday next. The Ninth National Pank or this olty, which bos an authorized cajital of two millions, will go *nto operation tomorrow (\.'edues.lay), with a paid in cash capital of one million or dollars, under the presidency of Mr. Jo seph tT. Orvis, uud h. M. Humphreys us cashier. It has been designated a dej<obi;. ry uf the public moneys ana government agency, and is roudy to receive subscrip tions and deliver bonds for the ten-forty two hundred million loan Tho following namud corporations will hold their an nual uioctiugs fer the election or directors on the days de signate.; ? North River Binte, Monday, June 6 Atn^rluan Exch iu?o Lank, W?duo#duy, Jane 1. Norm Auiericun V :e iuturunco Company, Holiday, May 3u. Greer ,vlch IrsurnDce Omiwriy, Monday, Juno 6. Klver Railroad, fcouday, June 13 Chl< ago and Nortt.rfe>le 'a Rai rotd, Thursday, Juue 2. Pi Louts, Alton and Terro Haute Railroad, Monday, JuiiO 4. Indianapolis and MadtBon Railroad, 'Wednesday, May 25 Cumberland Coal Company, Vonday, June 8. Tbo following compilative statement shows the ave rage coudition of the* leading itoins of the Philadelphia baukfi I or the past and previous week: ? Lost Week. Loans $40 fli!4,4?7 6pecie a. 187 501 Lok'.?l teuder..- 11 #47 Ji-9 JDepo?ltf 3i> "4U.2-''2 Circulation 2.191.602 ? The a vein n of the past week show a strongly down ward tcnueucy of ail the le.idtng items, the loans hare fallen off largely, and. as a natural conse juence, the de posit? are correspondingly lower, having decreased orer a million o' dollars. The tpecie and legal tender notes to gether aro nearly a h .if mil] in iess. Thii Wetk. 80.009.430 3,9f.7,2C,3 l*.i:o 134 37,400.311 2,HS2,K27 Stocw Bxelianfc. Tl**dat. May 24? lu 30 A M $2200* ffSO, ?BL reg. 114 SOOOt't 6 a, 81.1011 .. l'*>4 ?7-0 Uft I. a, 5 '20 s cou li*.-* &UU oo 1(7 laoti' I'S 5',, i yi e.-rt.. < iii>) Virginia ii * ? OUO Mi??onri 6's 7.1?[ 5??* d>> 71 (tn OMoi.'a ia? toPa. Kit tiCK) Ohio \ Mia> ceri. 5.) , li*K) do 03 (ft- "JO do Si 2UU 1(>0 do .. .... 5 "i 1<W 25 Martelta*CtaJdpf (Ml SiOO i rie . il mi* . . lit 2 (M l.ri* at lutf tide,. I >4 40ii" H ud on a: tg. . 10 5 0 Ait .n?T il 1 lu 1'.) O Gbi A > ?V 1st mtg 5 1U)0 A ?(?Wlai!ii il i it 1 0 town M (-? Mo land gt 1 200 i il MtJASCOBV a* 0 4??Mi'h! HA<ii'..i? 12* b, el.* I'lu-un Bilk.. I o 10. Ational Bau .. .... Hi I'M baufc of Comieice U<i 1') IS 10 Ocean Hnnk. loo &i Kourii .Va Ban* .10 5 Del A Had <'a? o. 2.5 tU'DuoC.iro .if '.;j. S2? 10 1 Awnc-in C al Co MO Cunih ("oal Co pf I 73 luO uo hi it} <\a a n 74 auosla Lrn- HK 116 ii5%; 100 no alS lis , 100 Eri" pref JO.-* 100 Hud River KR 147 !?? L J uo *15 147 do. I4-"* 11* 2S 1 MS 100 ?J*) 2 JO 100 100 liM 100 ??m Harle.'n KR . 13". M.cbOn KR. 1201 .Mien So A N 1 KR. 1 "0l, do 10','. do blO I ?>.. , 2i?' Ml' h s . A N I (,u?r I4'l 10 Heading KR 146V MA: uo 146 ' '! Ill Central KR acrm 1 2 7iO do *:}; 100 nn b7 13 \ ? WClev.-A Pitta KR . Hi So do 1 fi', 1 o do 1 '?>i 15 O'.cve Col A Cin HR I'JI -i 167 B?i (lal A Chic KR l.<4% 10j do lH', )0>l ? o biS IV 1^' do '..3U IJ51; I <> ClfTf .t Toledo Rlt 151 S' ?iiO lie . 152 2tV Chic t Rk 1 KK.. 117 i <l C. o 11. 1, 4 ? <1o 1 17' 1 il do 18 1.7 il" Mil ? Y du 4, hi RR 71 u? ?JO do do. a 0 7 i oxi Pitu, rt * Chi . h .?I0 >?<1 (J?4i- **llrer .m* JOS do 2 ?i 1o *0U do l'?0 tie 6Jo <io .... ,b3t) lftl Wlnn-aou .n?Ca . 10) Cf n A'' Transit 4;o 100 Ca:.kdi? Coyper Co. 1(? do ft lUOOopakr Ircm Miott. 11 2"JU Wyoming V C Oe. . 73 60 s?n Uana ft M Co . 7 10 O Mar .I'O -a M Co. . . 42 VH 7S , 7 do. do ... do do.... ^o ?9 4 6, 4'J 6 -a 70 HTh IliiV ii y. ?16 , 1IB', (7 2<*? do 43 MO oo MO 4:^, 8o0 do 4:>J 1110 P-iClfir Man 8.-I Co . 2?t ' SON V Central KR . . )M 10 do i:.?H |I W' PB 9 s 8-IO's.coni li). 4000 '10 lix ??0Tr T 8-IOHO. OtAf 111 >0J l/H < s. I yr cer . i??? 1<M. l.aPumKf'nal r.ri 1 0 Alton A T 11 ItU 4t>> C biea o A l? W RR. 1 So Uo ...... . .... do '00 do eau 4S ' do. 10 do alf 2o0 do loO de 100 do 30 MChi A nm p ret. i()0 do bK) 9.", 10 do alO 92 100 Chi A Aitoa RK ... 9t 1'H) do 030 94 100 do b30 ?4X Id Miaa AHu RR. 40 ?BO IMP B" At'.TI, HaLr farr Two o'Cioca P M. r, 6 66 ?44 \ 64! % bid i j all 1.4 04 % 92 1000 a>is MlchS\N I Kit 100'i IjO Ml'-h H A MKR K m 1UV 6VUICen RB 13. u . . J' 0 CleMl A Plus KR . 11'JiT li*) iia Ouinb Coal pref 7. )t 40C' OaO-na k ' bl RR . 8u< U 'i kallvpr Ms ? o. 79 . ."'?i do 137 CO Pad 6c Ma ' sb <;?. . 2*< ?? CI SIM) > V Central RK N. ion do >1 h Six <1o I?4K 2 <> Hud Ki>ei KK..b3 Bcr.1 de.... ivj Sim do 13 .4!'* t*v Krlf KR lie t N* )t?adlng PR I46H Bo" ilarleot RR .... 21 f?o Micbluao Cen RR n't 8 0 do, * I4'i)< 10J0 Mich So A .N Ilk! I! K I'll too do 1>'X . Wv* A Toledo R P.. 180 l:?s 201.' CbieafO A RklaIRR 117 I'O do 117H 100 do.... II ?iai do 117)4 L'O Cbl, Hor Agy.RR 12S 16 do ........ 129 2 m Pitta Kt WAChlRK 117^ U>?) do .bj 1 18 6 <0 Chleaeo A 1* \v KK re 2'M do... b20 65 2(KI do 64V 3 0 do a3d 64 CITY COMMKHCUL IlEPOUT. Ni? Yokk, Mi?) 24?6 P. M. Anna' ?Receipts , 2'' bfcb S-uali sales at |9 &0 for pots. Pearla were ?ut<reiy nom tial BEkanaTtim.? Rrt> is I D '2 bbls. flour, 1 C4T do, ud 1,411 bags com n-.a1 70,180 buxheis wlieai 90 do , oore, 13, lux do oais. 4 *? do barley, and f.&S do. bailey malt. With unripe u?J hunt receipts and considerable rise In gold, the Cower rai.rgi>t was a shade firmer, some deMriptlona advan. lag 6*. Ttje demand was, to a lair Mtent, for homo e>nsumpti,n, with sales of ISfiOO bbls. HUU aod Western, 1,600 do. Southern. 700 do Canadian, and 600 do. rye Dour. Corn uienJ was "rtn Md In good demaad, with i>. <<* et 600 bbls., at $6 76 for Jersey and tT for Brandywtne. rum boous sold In a gmtll way si 832 CO. We quote ? 0iiperOne ?iate a&a Weetero Btiuf j7 oo B t 15 KstreHUte 7 26 a T 36 Soioe Bute . 7 40 a 1U unto* to medium 7 So a 1 40 Bud to choice do I4?a h M iraSL f/MlS 7 7'S a 10 75 Common to god 8o? there,.... 7 Mi h oo O?od w> eboice extra 8 06 a 10 74 Oimmofi Canadian 7 26 a 7 4'0 Oo? Hi lonboloeeirira do 7 45 a 8 80 Rye (lour, eti|>erOoe 8 76 a 8 75 Coru meal, bbls; 8 76 a T 80 Corn meal. porcfter.i'S ...82 00 a St 88 v-Vie wbeAt market advanced 2c. a Sc. la aymiietby yrltb the rise In gold, a ferlsk demand lor ei port flse arrival* ware to a nwxieraie ectent, yel ike Supply ?m -t- - n"i fir w in '?? ?iti? iwi k i arrive Fvkto 900 <MtO hn-hela, iaclndlat ffftoc Ch? 4a club at fl 6!>. ' biMM???|in?#, fl 67 a $1 64; Milwaukee club ?l a $1 "*? "in her apnng. $1 63 a $1 #6; r?d V estera, fl W a fl 71 ; uaber Michigan, W white tt'.f fii fl H6. aud Interwr red Helawara, SI 60. Kv? w*? o miliatly fl 5?. ?oro was quiet auJ toe iu*r g i mice i led ~mm 20.060 bushels uew W astern uil \oa ai ? I 40 a $1 41; o d ? lomii.aily $1 60. Uati w?r? (lull hi t witOoUl decided CO IB *alUB, the range bvlli* 64c. ? 87c i,k?? ax.? 1,000 lbs. mild at >9 Kc. a Me. rvu. m.? Mantel Urnier, aales ware 3,200 baiea. We quote:? Dplortd. Morula Mot* If, N.O.<tT. oiJunry 61 62 M 94 Miidim* 67 87 68 68 (JortU midallag 6:1 6# 100 108 Midd lt;g fait lr.j 102 1?>3 103 Coat quint Hy miction 1 0O0 long New Oaatte gas. .iiora or ieu'. *o:d at $1S 60? lea |ht oent cask t day and ti.? ual ?uce <<n dellvry Ibe co?i Is to be de livered at any w barf wlirre ItK-re Is water enough, and Hie puii-t> Mr m ?" i?y ? eigblng expenses. Ihislstbe lot pres I) ted by (.luss, i lllt'tl & l'? . of J.lverpooi, t?> the ftaiiitary ( o-umi-xioa. Ituutti >ujrh: by Ur. C A. Town send for ilia Maubati n Cas Company. Tue coal of im p irtiu.' tbis c ni if $14 '.1 ?<- ton. Iaji ik. ? iho tut: trot w?s quiet and prirea were en tl-c > nominal: an- 8 oi 3U> b.,g? at Douiiugo, Id bund, oa private terms t .' kr wa? fl-roer, wlb sa'es of 6(i0 000 lbs. .part to arri' e, ut 4-"<\ o 4* ),c., im; ? dins; Baltimore and I/ike. I'kvwoo. 8.--10U tons at. l> uimgo logwood solU at $ 29 ? f :-0. J-iiki trre were firm To Lver,x>o! i<er American ffac, <10.000 biuhc-iti whoiM Hi I J iu It :ltc 200 ton* lo wood^nl 17a. ?d : per neutral, *0,000 oushelH w nest al 6)?d. a 7d. all tin- week C>uO Heron la' d at ,2,00t' I'b s Hour at la. 2d. a 1h 4d. to till i?iid jut f-'P wor 260 l??Ms cn.tou at *fl d. , aiiit D * i. t>u. e - wlji-fci at :d. To Loudou, per A tu or 1 caB,l,.'i00 low iH'iroli'um ra fa. 1,000 bttls (.perm oil at 3 )8. , 100 t"o? oil c ke i:l 2ca . aud por neutral, 100 tierces la: d .?t 2- To Glaaiow. jx" ueutrfil, loO tierces lard and 100 bb Is tallow ?t Si's.Miid per steamer , 60 tiixrs baoou ki ..C/a a..d 7,0 KJ b .alieis wheal at 8d. To Bristol, 1 10 bhla II mr at ae. lo Havre, per Amerlon, l.K> t"?r' os l?r f trd f'O niiJa. tallow at '^d. j>er lo. , aiid per lie 'nil, Jt'O i'ack%'0? lur- > at 60f. lo Kotter .im, (.00 Uik " >jr at C;?. 8(1. To H> mburg, 100 o i-es |f>b 'cco ..I Me., m*aaarcO:ent, and 100 ioiib mer chnndiF? ut 2;,h To Antwerp S, 000 ga loDB booey at 3o. ;it>r gallon, iro hh'!g villow at fid. a 25s. , 26 tr>ns nio.ti .irot&eut gi ? ? at 25s. . and 1,800 bbls petrolcamat 6a. 9d. aOi. An ilalian brig, 18,000 bushels wbaut to Cjrk for orders, >t 6s. k)d . Ck 3d. if to a direct, port, with ten per rout addiliainl if to the Continent, a Hrilish bark with 2 000 bbla. Il ur to Jfieey, tnglaixl, at 2s 2d ; two Carman urlgs to 1'eitiambuco, fli ur, at fl per bbl. , part gold a I!r!t;ab burk with GfO tons hemp to Liverpool, at ?750; a brig, 315 tons, to (..'icuniegoa and back, suijar, 65o. . aud mo! -sses oti dock $8 75; a loreign baik to a port on tbo l oiiunrnt, petroleum at Cs., and a British vcasol to a d;/oct Eisgliab port, vritb wheat, at 68. per quarter. l-niH ? Vie beard of gales of S00 quintals codQsb at $0 75 * $7. in err, ?2,000 lbs. driod arpl-^e sold at 10*^c. a 11c., a-.'d by auction 2,041 boxes ijiuilv oranges at fri'ta fl 80 to 25 60, and 1.404 do. Iccuons at $4 86 a $6 26 '1 ay. ? Wo heard of 1,200 bales for ablumeut at about fl 50 Hons ?110 bales sold at from 12c. to 17c , as to quality. I.eah was steady; oOO tons foreign told at 12, ^o. a 12 >4 c Mo;a rks.? The market was quite active sales were 100 hbdtt. Cuba musoovadM at 78c. , 100 hhds New Or Icaua at 95c. a fl and 68 hhds. Porto Kico at 88c Provisions. ? Receipts, $25 bbls. pork, 142 pkgs. beef, 211 do. cut meiits. 381 do. lard. Provisions wero mixed to day , tiiero bciDg a ^ood inquiry fur certain article?, wbi.w all others wure i egiecied aud nearly n' miu il. The activity in pork continued unabated, and large sniea wore made on speculation for futuro delivery and en ' ho i-lnU, to fill maturing contracts, while prices adv 'iicea 50c. h fl i er bbl.. as may be seen by the sales below. Beof was n limited demand and prices remained about as on Monday llecf bams were dull and nominal. Bacon was also dull and pllcea wero rominal. Cut ments were decidedly dull, but prices wero with out noticeable change, l.atd was fairly active at yoster ilay's prices. Butter soid at ;:>c. a 38c. for Westera, and 35c. a 42c. for State. CU^e Bold at 12c. a l l>-ar. The t= ?les were: Pork ? 6,700 bbls., before June, at $31 50af32; aud the sites on tbe spot wore ' ..",00 bbls. at 25 a $-7 37 ii for old mess, (3u a $30 25 for new mess, $24 76 a $2< 81 hi for old prime, $28 a yj8 50 lor prime mess, and $2> 50 a .|2: 1 26 for thin mess. Beef? Sales of 21 0 bbls at $ 15 a $IS 60 for me?s, and HO a $20 25 for extra mesa Pctbojjm.'m. ? Receipts, 6,008 bbls. There was a good deal of excitement in the market to-day, especially for relived, bond and free, which sold largely for forward de livery at higher pricss. Crudo was quiet but firm at 39.'ac. a 40>- oil the s).ot. Tbe large receipts exerted do influence whatever. Tho sales were 1.200 a 2,000 bbls. crude at 30,'jc. a 40<v ; 12,000 bbls. rrflned, at 61c. a 62e. for prime liuk t straw to white on tbospot. 62>4c. a 03 y,c for Juno. 63>jc. a 65c. tor July aud August, including some 4,000 bMs. to Philadelphia for June al60c.a60c., and for July at 60c. a no kc. ; 9,000 do. tree at 08c a 60c. on tbe spot, 70o. for all May, 72)ic. a 73c. for June, 74c. a 76c. for Julv aud August, and i:>() bbls, reflued ban '.iue at 35c. "Cells" for .June, July and August, to a larpe extent, were done at even higher pricca than lb use quoted abovo. 1'kaS. ? 1,000 bu'beis Can id a sold at f I 24 a $125 Kirs. ? Market quiet: the paleg were 860 liagB llangoon, In l>ond, at 7^c. , and i.'>0 bags Patnaon prtvaio terms. SnijAR*. ? The market was steady, with sales of 921 bhd Cuoa muscovuoo at 17c. a 18c., ami 200 hhds. Porto itico at 17, Sc. a 18)<c 8rn;us. ? 160 bags African ginger sold mostly at 42}{c. a 4"'c. , and 300 do. black t opper on p. t. ?ai.t ? Sales 1 ,wv .bushels ht Martin's and As b ton 'a Liverpool, 10 a rr ?, on private terms. Sirt.tkr was .<?(; small saloa were made at 13c. for SiJeMtia aud Lelii. b. 7'sluiw ? 210,000 lbs. sold at 13<^c a 13 tfc. for Western, and 13*i,c. for Kasiern Ton ?' oo ? Tbe marvel was steady: there were sales of 441 blxls Kentucky at 83-jo to 32c ., aud 150 cases seed nt 22c, Tea was q liet, and p'i':es favored the buyer. Bales were 277 half chests green oa p. t, 'I'm was dull. We quote Suails at G0c., Bancaand Eng. lif-.b ai 63c. Vui kky ? Receipts, 90S l>blB. Market a shade easier and dull with s dee of b00 bbls. at $1 25 a $1 28 lor SUte and w esiern. , W ii t.EHosK. ? There was more activity and pricos wora higher, 3,000 lbs. Arctic sold at about $1 62. Pa>ea at Rrnl E?Ot?i Tbe following doscribod real estate was sold to day by Miosis a.J. Hisocxor, Hw tz Oo. , by order of tbe Su prctne Court and under tbe direction of Philo T. Buggies, releree: ? St'>ne street ? Premises No. SI $10,000 l'loe mreei? Premises No. 68 lfl.oOO Washington Street ? Premise- No. 188 13 000 Wutor street ? Premises No. 87 1 ? -i0'? So.ub siroet? l'reini-ea \'o. ISO 24.;o0 Front street? Premises No. 219 7,300 Baxter gir-et ? 1 remises Nos. 5i, 00, f>2 and fl4, sold Separately Rsfo !?wa: ? No. 5H, $4,<OD, 00, $0,660; 02, $4 .200 ; 64 , ?H,T00 18,460 Thouj|'H'U.cirf?<t ? Premises No. 66 l),IV26 Ify Messrs. A. II Muller, P. R. Wilkin* it Co Bcntc nnd lot No 40 l^onard street $21,800 lii iiteand lot M>. 71 West Broad**)' 6,200 House and lot No. 73 West Lfro?d*;>y 8,276 The Sa-vy. TP". I.ENAPK BOri.Btt CXPLOSrOH. Tor prv.prfct rsof ttie Washington lion Works, at New burg, N. Y. . state th it the boiler of tbe gunboat I enajte, built by taeic, bad been subjected to a cold w.iter pre* sure of slxiy pounds to tbe square incb, and tbe Mi<l b' ii?r di ! (tot ex lode, as was reported a few d.iys ttoee I ! <.' works Are controlled by Hanner Ramodell, President^ George M. Clapp, Treasurer, and Joseph Belknap, Super intendent. OKuni. throe guns.? Tbe bomb veesol Orvelta, R O Adan<3, acting mmter, commanding, arrived yesterday, having left I'ensao'.a *kay 9. She reports tbat when one hundred mi'.es south of Hattoriui sbe p*s?ed tbe bomb vossoi O. H. in tow M tbe gunboat Vioksburg Abe ?ii<t> Hed ' We bare sprung a loak." Annexed is a list or tbe Orvptta'f officers:? 4 rimy MiitUr Commanding? E. O Adims. Acting Ewipn an d Bzecu'.int O/fktr ? I h>mas 8 Russell Ac'iny MaiKr't Mat*; ? lubn Broe and John Kennun Onmt.v? Tbe iron-clad Oneota was lauucbed from tbe Nile* Works, Cincinnati, on Saturday, 21st Inst , at tbree o'clock P. U Tbe launch was in every respect a success Coroners' Inquests. Fatal Aocttokt at ns Saritart Fair Btildiku ? Cor mer Cni'in veaterdAjr held an inquest at tbe New York Hospital oa the body of Christopher Miller, a carpenter, wbo di.d ju M nd n night. A few days since, white do wm. rogatied tHking down the Ssnltnry Kair bin ding, iu S-?v?.ct?enth o.reet, he fell from the roof to tbe pavement, fraoturtag both arms, the pelvis and hi* lett eye. trnm t:ie rNctsuf which death ensued The Jury rendered a verdict corresponding with tbe foregoing facta 1*T-H?ed llv d In Thirty ulntb street. neur Ninth avenue, where be le<t afsiuil#. Mr Miller was twenty seven years of age aua a r, alive of Germany I*at? rsu* IHRSS.? Mary Ensls. an Irish woman, thirty-eight years of age. wbo live* at 00 Mott street, died yesterday, in the New York Hospital. On Monday ovet. inn deceased stmck a match to searob foMi b..g in the bed. when her clotbea caught Are. nrd before assist snce reached ber she was most terribly burned over bur entire b dy. She died soon after admission to the bo# in tal. Coroner Collin held an inquest, and a verdict or acci dental de.tb was rendered by the J try. Drowxrp Bot.? The body of an unknown boy, about sight years of age, was washed ashore on Governors Island yesterd iy morning. Deceased was thre# feet ten Inches in height and had dark hair He whs drr??.>d m a biack coat, spotted chIico wanK, unbleached muslin shirt. Cray iisnta, ?nd sh'-es. but no stockings. Tbe body bad een in the water about three davs. Coroner held an inquest, and tUs Jury returned a verdict of "Death by drowning." ?worst for MrClellna. TO TBI BB1TUR 07 TBI DBRALD. Nsw York, May St, 1864. Kncloetd please find five dollars to be used in tbe pur. chase of a (word for M^Jor General George B Model las FIVE M (CI .ELLA N MEN. Personal ^nttlll|sst?, A meeting of the mends or General J. H. Hobart Ward will take place at tbe Astir House to-morrow afternoon, to taks Into oonsldsratlon tbe recent oharges made against him. _ T>r*Aiit>?s re Fisshrq F'stooim*? Ten Ashing sohooners, which set sail from Gkmoeetsr. Mass., are supposed to have been lost off George's Bank ..In the late eovere sterm Tbe value ef the properly thus destroyed amonnts to nearly $?u,000. Bat what Is Infinitely worse Is the loss of the Uvea of ssvsoty -eight men, wbo leave b hiod then Wnw wjOwi I mi siti ramrti <iiidr?s. IJTERESTI3G FRO* THE SOUT1 Prli-? or PriiTitlunfi The CbarUitl'-nvtii* CkrtmieU ??>? that corn meal, which tlM Wild ?S bi?'h tu It. tl Cltf. >S b ild *t 638. Hvjr lin laUeu Irom $276 to $ MO. Chick* ? (ruu (!OiuM. hut'er Iim laden irum 110 to $4. I"U to. n $10 to $fl per b'i?nnl lhe C'Mum bus ((;?.) 1\me? suite* that at an buciIob tu city, on tba "d alt., two or tkreo liVnly tie^r??? were ??> a at on average of about (3.00D; by <ne *?jr, a giaat falling of from tb? prices ruling soma three mmittn e?i?. AM#' salt wan Mid at ttOo. jier poUud, flour, >1 1*>; Bug ir. *6 76 a $? 26. Ibe Atl am* a ? f*Qt Mys? The butchers in market this morning were aeiliug l?e?f tt 61 a fi per pound? a <? u slrterable declii ? Small biuiche* ol radlrbes and out"'*, C ntniuiBg abo it ono do, en each, s Id Um $2 (ier batch. There i> a very gcm-iat desuue in all artielcs. Fn.ll In Gold. ' The brokers were offering gold yesterday [Richmond, Way rt} at teemy dollars for < ue, new currency. hi- is a d"' 'in^ o' one per oout, and a be.'iuiiing, we hope, of a -'turn bio" to the precious metaiS. The Present Session of Coi:(rrli. Tlio Petersburg i'xpr,-n say a:? We are gl ?<! to see indications that fA' lr ??>? tet7f (* 0 rh'Tt ne, We see no reason why the b ifli.e s that will eiiga.e its atteutiui shou >1 not be despatched In three "r tour weoks, utiles, indeed, some new occasion should turn op in the progress of publlo everts during trial period lequlriug or just dying a more protracted tiit.u*. Inddrnt of the Bum jardmrnt of (harlei tun? A Rrl<le Killed at lue Altar. | Irom the Ch irlestou Mercury, Apr I .4. J The Y nkees, from tune to time, throw a shell into ibe city and nobody seems to in nil it. Hut mi-fortune willed that yeetsrdaj a shell should throw the entire community into mourning. Mb# Am, a l'ickt'DS, Ibe daughter of our rrrmer Gov ernor, never consented to leave tba city. I>es,)lte the representation of General lieaui et' .rd, sue reta tued, bruvmc shells aud Greek fire, teudn g the wounded aud cheering all w ith her presence. Atnoi g the wounded officers uudor bor ministering care was Mr Andrew lie Rochelle, a descendant of one ofvthe n< b' ?t Hujuenot families of this city. This young tn.-n wa? full "t the liveliest gratitude lor bis ta.i i,ur;e; gratitude gave birth to a more teniler sentiment; bis suit was listened to; Governor Picke s gave his consent, and the inarrlige was flxeo for yesterday, the U3J of April. Lieutenant Pe Rochelle was on duly at l'ort 8iimter In the morning, and it was determined the ce.em ny should lake placo at the rostacnce of (>euer^l Bonha u. tu the evonlu<: at se\ en o'clock. At the mouiout th' Ki'is c. pal clergyman was a-klug the biide if she was teidv a shell fe I upop the rool of the bni'dioff, penetrated to he room where the company afernb.ei', burst utid wm ded nine persons, and among tlie rest Miss Anna Pickeus Wo cntiuot descilbe the sc-ne that followed. Order was at last re established and tbe wounded wore rem >vcd, all except tho bride, who lay ni tionles^ upon 'hecat'iiet. Uer betrothed, kneeling and bending over her, was weep'ng bitterly and trying to staunch the blood that welled from a terrible wound ucdur her lett breast. A Burgeon cime and declared that Miss T'ickeus bad not longer tii&u two hours to live. Wo will paint tbe general de.<p iir. When tl.e wounded girl recovered bor consciousness, she a< ked to know her fate, aud when they hesitated to tell her ? "Andrew," she said, ''I beg you to tell tne tho truth. If 1 must die, 1 can die worthy of you." Tlio young soldier's tears wero his answer, Bud Miss Anna, summoning all her strength, attempted to smi!e Nothing could be more heartrending to see the agony of tbis brave girl struggling Id tbe embrace of death and against a terrible mortal pang. Governor Pickens, whose cmrnge la known, was almost without consciousness, and Sirs. Pickens looked upon her child with the dry and hagcard eye of one whoso reason tottert. Lieut. To Roche le was the first to speak. ''Atica," hecricd. "1 wi'l die so .c, too, but I would have you die my wire. There is yet time to unite us." Ibe young girl did not reply ; she was too weak. A elijjht'l'ush rise for aa inntant to her i ale clieeic ; it could bo seen thut joy and i*iu were struggling in ler spirit for tho mastery. Lying upon a s>U, ber bridal dress all staiued with biood, her hair dishevelled, she had never been more benutliul. Helpeies8 as she was, Lieutenant Le Hocbelle look her hand and requested the Kev. Mr. IMckwson to proceed wiib the ceremony. When it was time for the d*ing girl to say yos, ber lips parted several times, but sho could not articulate. At tsst tho word was sooienn, and a slight foam restod on her lips The dying asony was near. The minifter sobbed us he proi^ei'd' d with tbe coremony. An hour afterwards all wa? over, and the bridal cham ber was the chamber cf de.tih. Lieutcnaut i e Rochelle h"S sworn to perish in battle ugaiu^t the Yaukoes, and we are sure he will keep his oath. He has now a double motive to hato them and his own sxistooce. The Turf. A trotting match for $2,000, mile heats, best throo In Ave, will come off this afternoon over ts? Veto n Course. Tbt Medical Department of tike Army. TO THB BD1TOK OK TUB TIKKALO. Ds Camp G?mal HoevnAL. David's Iw.a*ti, > Nmw Yobk Hakbor, May 23, 1*64. j 8ir ? TI living Just read with much pleasure your ro marks lu this morning's Issue on "reform Id tho medical department of the army," leuclose bcrowlth tho copy of a memorial on the subject tbat will shortly be submitted to Congress, signed by many of the best acting assist ant surgeons or contract physicians in this jinJ other military departments Hoping It will moot with your approbation, and secure the aid of your powerful In Quence, I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, HENRY SANPKRP, Acting Assistant Surgeon, U. 8. A. To TUB IlOMOBABLK TKK SK.fAIE AND HOtSB OS Rk'TE sasTAtivfc. or tub Unhid otatb* of Auskic a hi Cox okks AHBKxm.r.n. ? The undersigned, acting salstant surgeons, United States Army, respectfully sulm It the lollowiug memorial, and, representing, as we do, * majority of our professp n in tbe service, trust that it w il maet with due considera tion Bud atteulion from your 1< norablo hod. eg. We are privalo physicians ernp: yed. under contract by the Medical Director, to perlorrn tho d'llies of medical officers on tho transports, In ibe i cld, regiment, post and general hospitals, or "wherever our services may be required, lor aud in consideration of J100 (>er month,1' less one and ono-baif per cent internal revenue (excopt in the caso of th we sent into the Jieid, wbo are puld $1!B 83 por month) and this '-in lieu of all alio wanccs and emolu ments whatever"? as mileage, rations, forage and servants' wager. We are obliged to assume all ti e responsibilities and j>?rf"rni ell tho duties of commi?1-! >ned oflcers. according to army regulations, and are subect to strict military discipline. We ?re frequently ordered s*ay from our posts or stations, at s moment's ntro,?n detached s rvice, in moillonl charge of troops lo diPtn.t plu os, and for such service receive no oxirs payor compensation, l>ut are compelled to defr iy our owi> tr'velil'ig expenses. with the exception of transnortatii ti in kli.d which Is tut - uisiied by Mie 'luir'crmaster. ^io are ct'<03od to all tbe dcn.o- J. r tigue*. onrdshlps Rl<U privations of war; to tlie nmif mmifl influences of nnhftUtby com .le*. and tbe perils of the ecean msny eonimct stirgeo.s having been killed, wound d and captured Py the enemy, to cay nothiu;- of those who have died 1 1 their posts irom sick Bess or been lost at fei At the i sue t me we arc de? iod nearly all the honors. pr viUg' - i nd i'omunitloi of Din cars - among others, rant rnd ibe fkbt to demand a court of inquiry or trial by court i artiai. If charged with a'iy hr<acb of military Uw We aie also liable lobe drafted Imo tbe miul'try oi the I u.ted States. Our p sltion is anomalous, inasiLUtb as we are neither Citizens nor soldiers. A large proportion of contract surge ns omplOT'd In our i.rtny are men "f great profcs-iooal ability B:.<1 expe rience. with lamilies to maintain, who h:?vo lelt tbnlr bom s. and In many cases a lucrative practice, to serve thoir country. In tbe beginnings? the rebellion, when tbe army was paid in c. in, $100 or $113 83 p< r month was i eibJp* a fair compensation tor our sorvaea, but, owing to the present depreclution of the national currency, and the cossequent increase in tbe cost of all tbe necessaries of lite, it is not so now. In view of these fscts we pray that by an act of Con gress our i>*y hereafter may be I'.crevpod from twenty - flvfc to ibirty three and one third per cent, tbat we may be allowet mileage, or ut le?*t our actual traveling ex penses when oil detacbod service, and also be exempted from conscription Obit nary. CAPTAIN T. COLDKV COOIBK, HIITY SKTKMTn HBW TORE VOLUNTKkBS. Captain T. Cotden Cooper, of tbe Slxty-soventh regl ment New York Volunteers, died on tbe 6th of May, ?t tbe battle of the Wilderness, while gallantly command (tbe color cmpany of the regiment) in the, charge on tbe enomy* rllle pits. Captain Cooper was born In the city of New York, but at a very early age was deprived of bis paresis' fostering care and guidance atW left to tbe guardianship of bis uncle, wbo endowed bim with a classical education, be graduating ut lolum bla College. At the commencement of the r< hellion he pres dad over the llmd Institute, hut immediately left civil lire to entur tbe ranks of tbo a my In tbe battles of I redericksburg, Gettysburg and Mine run be gave evidence of endurance and cmrage rarely equalled, and witb tbem the prooil>e of a brivbt future bad be lived. OArrtma or Blocsads Hcsnikm? a Larch Rkhkl Mail Bkikkd ano TUB I.K1VHI Kx ??issn.- f or several weeks past Col<*e| John Woolioy, Miliary Trovon M>rsb<l, has received informal on of stub a character as t ? h duoe bim to Iwdleve thni ? regular communication Is l>< ii g mamUined between ceriniii parties ritidlog in Richmond sod llaitlmoie, and he set .rd.ngly employed sti ei?l ? 'ga motis detectives to dfie,;i Wid arret-l th? gultypirlios On Saturday ?f:erni?>n tlie men sor.< <ede<l Is the s>resi of several biocksde moners In a small b >at, ab ut thirty mlh-s aw \y from b>rn, on Lha I besipe ke Ray , tr* her Into custody ?nbtbe crow, whose name* tbe I'eovoSt Marshal re<|ueiu not to he mentioned. w>on ?e ths nien, howver, perceivod they ?ere discovernd, the* threw overboard a lurgs rebel mail which c ntsi e?i more tliao a thousand letters, as w?u a a a cu y oi the rebeJ army re gu attons, snd rnlht ry order* of late dtte. Attact ed to the large pscKsgo was abalfbriek. but tbo di tecltves wsre so qmcB lb their movements thst they suec ?ded In scouring the pa* gage bt fore It went below. ILalotU'rs areadd't*rsd to many prominent | ersotiS, but It is uot prudent at present to publish asy uames. Anmng tbs document* found is s irinted bill of fare of tlie Pailard Hotel, under the proprietorship of J. C. Istleaforn. the ch?rg?s of which wers as fWlowa ? ASt>ar??B> ier i-mis, %i: veal, $fi. a chicken, hol ed, flA acinoken. siewsd or broiled, $16, a fried eblctea. $1ft, boiled egg*,f>. fj"1**' or omeiet, $*; omelet with sii(iar.$4: sturgsoti , $7 ; s BMWfteret, $?; perch. $4 Bait bfrrlrsa, $6 shad. ?. shad roe, $5, beef steeh, ffl; pork Meak.fC: veal cutlSt.K; beek >tnak and onions, $0 bam and sgfs.fB kidneys, $8; Irish potatoes, fried, $8. boiled do., $$; os ma*, $3, tried ao., $8. rsdishee, $J, rice, $2. fe^mmy,l$: oup of Ooflse, pare, $8;oupo< tea. $1 milk toast. *4 battered toast. M: ooftse aad bread, ?$; lea and bread, $*, and Ut ii #?BtM Hi BH?sHHf >Bl?a*i't immnmm Minn. CHf Iatrlllc?nci. Rji?a-s op tbk Offiok v tss ..otnjtim Tkisokakh ("ompa?y.? lhe < ihce of tht luditf^uueui letsgra, b Com pany, which bad b??B uuder uwi.iasy coo p aiua evor sine# I lie bUpptoMslon ?[ ihe H'.i ? and Jen ;ni i of Cot* menr, ? as agitik iliM*n o; <mi t> Um pu'ihe yesterday. I Ibe niSMgSfll ol the iiaa received on M iiny evening a letter Ironi c?crct try htmton uoUvlng Main tluit they wiTi) tt lbeuy le res'iu ? oper (ions; tha) no onmnltoity Ui me prcclani .lion linux wu proved a^ lUeta, anil tttit ilie ffi'veriiMii . t m Teover h id tbe 'i.yosl oonll J. a.;c u llieir lou-y >ty nil jwirlotiH'n. An e\ir ifll troio lua letter whh (xwt. d on bun*' in of the company FM erday , aud was road by thousands. Thb Qi'ktx'a H!HntiMY.~>Yoflerd<ty ?u the anniver sary of tho bt,tb ? Qu.ten Vi ;U>rla; but fur tao fliat time In no my years it passed entirely unnoticed, or at Irani an-e ebrutod T'ltro w?re no salutei flrinl.Hd no ban quel was given by ihe Pritlsb Consul or by any of the F. ujlsh Lit iK-vi'lcut as^'Ciatione that flour i 1. In this c.ty. It ao happens that no British ma are in our bar ber at preseut, ami tbm perhaps explain* the fact of no salutes b?vluir l>ein tired by V'-ssels of alter nationalities or by the 'oris around the metropolis. A by the con toiru y muupiet Was not tiven Is not so r* a ' y accounted fur. iVe x e e tiveu u> understand >-y pnni(< vii.>ouuiit to Ituow that it was not d '< mo 1 i?>ltt|o to i ??e t my m;<-ti deiuoustratious at present. Curious people wanted to know wbyr OlfTKACTB IS TI1B CROTOH /Q'-'TOtJCT PF.P ' nrM~*T.? Th' following contracts wore awarded by the CoinraiMi murs of the Cruton Aqueduct, at noon yesterday, for the cum struction or sewois: ? In Third avenue, from 118th street to 12 >th street, to P. M. McCafferty; in 129 u aireet, from Fifth to Sixth avenue, to J. Moore; in Orchard Street, from II mston to Slant n street, to 0. Farley; In Fiftieth stroftt, from Fourth to Lexington avenue, to Wrn Baird; lti t-evon'h aveauo, t'rotn thirtieth to Thirty first street, to L. Bock; lu Tenth avenue, from Twentieth to Tutrty llrxt street, Hcnooi CoLuutio* fob ttib Panitart Coitjriss'ON.? The children ot the ?ch >ols < f the First ward havo contributed tho bat dsome sum o,' $",06 ">0 towards Mm fund lor 'ho beni'M of thu ban It 1 v Commit- ion. Ihe amount tin be?n handed o<i-r to Mr. Thus, tiuibe, Ireasurcr 01 the Committee on Schools. Tor Aaim of tbk 1 oal FROM E.\ola.vd ? The coal which lately arrived from Enslimd as a contribution to tbe sanitary Fair was told at p.iblic auction, at the Mer chants' Exchange, No. 60 William s'ree' , at dcsu ye.-ter day, by Mr E. H. Ludlow, the auctioneer. Mr. CLarlos A Townsend coal broker, the tii;.!i*st bidder, ?nd hud the c si k 11 i lce I down to him at $13 60 per ton. The gross umuunt realized, 'herelore, by thW F.iie is $13,500 lor tbe oueihousuuii 'ons. this is dear protit, as the ?e' vie s of the auctioneer were given lor nothing. Mr. Towufend. it Is said, bought the coat for the Manhattan lias Company. Court Calendar? Tills Day. Sctrems Court ? Ciaci'iT, ? Part 1 Court opens at sloven A. M.? Nos. 1011, 1303, 1199, 043, 1831, 1835, 1837, lb39, 1841, 18*3, mft, 1847, 1S49, 1851, 1863, 1-65, 1867, 1850. 18 >1 . 1803. Part 3?73 Duaae street. Court opens at ten A. M. Calendar anrhanged. S rgrttoR Court ? Trial Tkrm. ? 1'nrt 1.? Adjourned for tbe term. Part 2 ? Nos. 3772, S31(J, 66'S, 3312, 3T12, 2048. 2908, 3858, 3S..U, 3760, 3121, 3708, 3008, 3bC8, 3S70, 8872. t outT of Common Plsap.? Equity casos. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Murrlcd. F arrkn ? Van ArspoL. ? on Monday morning, May in, at tbe residence of llie bride's brother-in-law. Mr. E. E. C. Swift, Mr. R. P. Earrks.oi New Voik city, to Misd Ori iia U. Van Ausdol, duugbter ot A. W. Van Auedol, of Cicciu nati. No cards. Gray ? Cowi'KRTTiwAiT.? On Tuesday, May 24, at tho residence of tbe bride's lather, by tbo Kev. W. II. Tomp kins, Koubkt H. (iRat, of Toronto, Canada West, to Mart Isai'IO., socoml daughter of & N. Cowporthwait, Esq. , of Brooklyn, E. D. (Jrkgcry? Eii-mai kr ? On Monday, May 23, in Phila dolphin, at the residence of tbe bride's fathor, P. C. Ell mitker, Esq., M ijor Bvnjami* Ghb>;ory, U. 3. A., to Fanbib N., Hi'V. Kingston Coddard, D. D., officiating. Mkiv wobk? Fowleb. ? In New York city, on Monday, May 16, by tbe Rev. Mr. Tompkins, Hb.nbv Mutziacsh to EvMA J. EOWLBR l'hihdelplna papers please copy. PARKrr.? iiicM/aox ? At '/.ion cliurcfe, Madison avenue, on Tuesday , May 24. by Higbt Kev. l;i*bop 8outhf:ute, Forrist 11 Parkeb to M. Evku.vk Girnby , only dau^bter oi Rev. 1) It fhouiaso i, all of this city. Huston anl I'hilatlelpliia papers please copy. Palmrr ? Wii.kin ? In English Neighborhood, N. J., on Monday, May 23 , at the residence of tbe brido's mo'iior, by tbe Hev. A. B. Taylor. Captain D. W. Halm ; As sistant Adjutant General, to Miss Salljk S. W imttk, youngest daughter of tbo lato John C, Wilkin, formerly ot Orange county, N. Y. No cards. Wood ? Wnx'N ?In Brooklyn, on Monday , May 23, by tne Kev. G. E. 1 brail, (?. uutdRTr Wood to Hknvibtta A , )ounir?*t daughter of tbe late Jamoa Wilson , Esq., all of Brooklyn. Wiwnry? Caiu-sntbr ? On Wednesday, April 8, r.t tbe parish church of JHtwlisb, Pevou, Hoghnd, by tbo Rev. Thomaa King, unc.'e of tbo bride, mlas Krssai.L Whiiwbt, Esq., youngest son of W. S. Whitney, to Marima Char mt-k, third daughter of ibo lata Ms,or General Carpenter, or her MnJwSty't Madras ar.iay. Died. Brown.? On Tuosdsy, May 24, Mast, wile of William Brown, aved 32 vonr?: au^.'i m u.t lis. The t?iat>\ en and friends of lb' fimily are respectfully Invited t? attend tbo funeral, 'rom hor lato residence, lit We t I'birty first Htreet, on Thurnlay morning, ai ten o'clock, without further Invitation, ('ooan ? on Sunday , May 22, Patrick Cogan, tbe be loved son of Peter and Catharine cogan, of the parish of IWiliiiegoe, county Cavun, Ireland, iu the 20th year of bis age. The relatives and friends of tbe family are respectfully Invited to attend tbo tuuerai. this (\Vedu??d-iv) a'tornoou, at U>o o'clock, from hi* late reb'.?euce, 70 Pitt i>trcot Bulfaio |itier?i pleas ? copy. (allaoiiax. ? On Tuesday, May 24, J tilt oaijaiiun, aged t>4 years, a native of cburcbtuwu, oouuty Cork, ire ! land. The rrlathes a- d rrlendf of the family are respectfully invited toattend tbe iuternl,tbi9 (Wedticvday) Mtoruoou, at haif past tweive o'clock, Iroin her i.te raaideoce, Sev eny-nunl. street and Third avenue. Duncan ? In New urioana, on tuudsy, May 1, the Rev William ('. I.t ncan, D. D., in tbe 41st vear of bis ago. Euan.? On Sunday morning, May 21, .ux^ Euan, in tbe GCth \ . ar ol his age. Th" relatives ami friends of tbe family are Invited to attend the tuners!, from St. 8tejh?n'B church, 1we..t; -eigntb st eft, this (Wednesday) m. rning. at ten o'clock Tbe ri-matt't will be iulerred In Calvary ('erne tery. 1-Lt. orr.? On Monday, May 23, Jons Eluott, aged 80 ye? ? The friends nnd acquaiDtancesof tb- ftnlly are Invited to attriid ua iuooial. tins ( ednesdat) nfi noon, at two o'clock, from bis late rosidotiee, fA 7 1 bird nveuiie. Ei.T. ? In Now Kocbelle, on iaesday. May 24 Eri?KiA, of .lonathan H, Kiy , aud dai.j;iitor of tbe late Jobu U. ilicks 01 tbif city Notice ol funeral In to morrow's pai>or.? FAKOUim. ? in Newi(.n,N .J., on Moiidiy, Mny 23, of e"Bge*il< ti o< tbe brain. Cluklb CLar^nck eldest mm of tbo isutUeioge EX Ikircbiid, of New Tork, aged 25 ye<rs aid 2 uiontbK J be remains will be lntorred In (.grange oounty, New York. Ktnamk-Oi fundny, May 22, MimAtt, Ft.r.imiNa, a native of coi.nty Kilkenny, lieland, aged 43 yea'*. Tbe friends ana relatives of the 'itmly are respectfully Invited to attend tbo funeral, Irom tbe residence of his inOJier No. 6 Congress place, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o clock (iiiant. ? on Monday, May 23. CaiRUB Grant, or con lumptton, aged 21 years, a native or Kilkenny, Ireland Dublin paiiors pieat-e copy. t.R OAN ? im Tuefday morning, May 24, aftor a long and paiorul illness, (isusua, In tbe 64th jear of b :s age lbe relatives and friends of the fsmlly , also tbe mem bers 01 Z^rubbabel i.odgu No. i'i'J, F. . nd A. M., and tbe rratemity In seueial, are reapectlully invited to Attend tbefuoeial, from hl? late rcaidonce, 661 Second avenue, ou Ibursdiy at twelve o'clock. (iiu.? on Tuesday, May 24, after a long sickness, TnoMAe Oill, 'ate of Lisgi bblu, county Roscommon, Ire Isna llln frienda and relatives are particularly Invited to attend the 1 utieral, Ibis ( Wednosdav) alternoon, at two o'clock, Irom bis late residence, 21 Cbe ry street tUnruMKa.? n Brooklyn, on ihuisdsy, May 19, Jawcs T. GAttnniii, t-ou of (.'attisnne and Lawrcnco (>ardpnisr, aged f years, 4 mouths and 24 days. Camhi * - tin ticHda) . May 24, at tbe rosineuce of hor son in-law, Kaaiuel Wnnn, staieo island, Mrs. Jans Qamiii b. late 01 Itollam, Ireland Ni'tica or internieut In altemoon papers. Giuian.? Hudoenly, on Monday, May 23, Thomas Gil (ian, aged 2d years, oldest son ol I'eter aod Mary tillgan, of liromard. county Sii*o, Ireland. lbe mends ol lbe larnii) are Invited to attend tbe fune ral, Irom tne re* ueuoe of his 1 arente. 46 West ibirteenth street, l.etween i> lliii and ,-lxih avenues, this (Wedneti dayjalterno n. at tw? o'cl ck. HiWM ?On Monday, May 28, Eusarbib A., daughter of the late iohn and Ann Higgles lbe irit-i.da of tite famoy and tlioee of her brothers, John '.eorge. Joseph and Wi Imm G. Iiiggins, are respeet folly it viteil 10 .itiend the foneial, fr< m hor late real detn e 2 1 7 Won lhirty fourth (.-iieet, neur 8even(h ave nue, < 11 Tli< raoay afterni 141, at hsll p?st two o eli ck. JIaihih n (Mi H.ondav, May M, Jons AUnMwa Hamil ton, of Hanbrldte ouuuty Down, Ireland aged 27 years, V niuiifli* ..nd 4 da\s 1'be relatives and li lends of the f'xmi'y are lespecifully Invited to i.ttend the funeral, fron, , late rexdeMce, 121 West Twenty-iirst street tins ( WTeuieada) ), at two o clock, w ihout fi riher inviiam u ilia remains will be faksn to 1 ie(?w<iod lor to torment I r 1 ort ?Killed ? n l-fid y tiny 20. In U>* .KHh year of bis aire, durma tbe late battles in Virginia, whi'e sal la t y leading his company into action, (iaoscs la Fort, Captain of (Vmpany H, lourtb rsglmcnt Excelsior Bri gade. Evenly third N Y V. lbe relatives and iriends of ths family . also tbs mem bers 01 the eventli regiment National Gu rd are reaped fully Invited to attend ibe fwneral, on Thuraoa< aiter n>Kin, at three o'cock. frotn tbe Middle Re. n mod Datcb chun k . o >rner m Harrison street end Tom 1* ids place, Bro kiyn. , - -)o llro klyn, on Towday, May 24, Emiu Jabb, wlf? of Henry M. lee and daughter of tbe late William Glaseey , tn ber 3M year Fmierei notice te morrow. ftmt ?At ?ticbabne, We* lobes ter oounty, en Sunday, May S2, after a N ag and p.inful li neas. lUUffri. founsHtt daughter of Abraham and Catharine Lent, aged 81 ye?rs 0 B'>oiba and timers. Tbe <rtends and lelatlves ? r tbe taniiy are reapMtfally re ureted m sttend tbe funerat, rmoRbe reeleeace er bar fatksr. at ftgafcof, at tea e'oiock. e^ at m Epl??or>?l church In Tuok*hoe ll eleven o'clock this (Wtxin?*4?> ) in rohif. Carriage* will be m attmiiUuue at thv dttixii 10 meoi iliu quarter-past eight o'clock train from New York. Mi'iaikt. ? On M'fidiy, Msv ^8. of outicKstkw of the braiu, j'ail Mci.irxt, ??*eJ iS years. Jt?? re'?t ve? and friends el' the family are wt-ectfiilly ItiVii'ni t'i an?ad the tu eal.froiu me residence of bis mother n law, Mr*. Hi d.'et Mciieiturso, 8;;3 Kast Six tocutb Hi: eet , ibis ( Wednesday) half yaat one ?'cl"ck. Philadelphia papers ptessa oopy. Mahikb.? lu Brooklyn, K. P , on Tuesday, M r 24, after a s-liort and K-r? e ulu ??*, Adeunk JT' uugest ii? .'g iter ol l*?'i* ar.d Catharine Mather, aged IT years, 11 months ami 21 any*. The relatves and friend* of tbe family are respectfully Invlt d to intend the luuural, tilts (Wednesday) aftor ntHiii, at half itiist .'lie o'ol eg, from the residence ol !?.' ptreot*, 129 North (-evenih street. Ma i.lik.-0u S.n day, \lay 28. after a lot** and tedious illness, life. Marik, v idew of John P. Mail lie, native of Ira ce, a^ed W year*, 6 months and 7 diy?. The re aiives and fneutiu <<i the family are re?y?^tfir'y Invlti-d 'o Httetid t h?? i.ucral, thfb (Wednesday) a'tar noon, at two o'uiih Ic, fmui ber late residence, 4-3 Kar.t Houston street lie- remains wdl be takeu to Cypress Hills Cemetery fo; interment. Albany papor* p'euse ciu>y. MoCkmkkt ? On Tue-itiy, May 24, .fostra UoOlOWTT, only sin ?' tellx aoo Maiy sic loskey. The funeral w II take place this day (VTedne-atav), from the resWeuoe <of tug ji.irouU, No. ol South SlUh street, Williamsburg. O'Matuh. ? '">n Mondav, May 28, Mrs. Ant? O'Marah.a n .tivoot Castletown ltnaoh, county Coik, Ireland , aged b 1 yens. Ti e friends and relatives aro respectfully Invited to attei I the funeral, from her lite resident?, SIo. HO Ka&t ilro-idway , thin ( WeJuesday) afternoon, at UUJ o'ciock pre ciaelv. f t'ork papers please copy. Brru-.AM.? Ou M-nday, May 28, Haschah Buiaita* aged ;;S years, a native of .county Kerry. Ireland. The relative* and friends of tl;e family are respectfully Invited to utcud the funeral, this (Wednesd -yi aftor noon, at two o'clock, fr m her l ite residence, 31 Hnx'.er street. IIoi ro nau.s will b4 takon to t ulvary Ometory. EIbamax In thu city of Sacraiueato, tailfurnia, on Weduesdayv March 28. Mrs. Luor, widow of Isaac Sea. maa, of this cily, age.i f J jearg anu 7 toontha. Her tll noaa wa<< long and tedious, w hich she bnre Willi irreat pai'fiice and regional, on to tae Divine will. She ale^g la Ju .us. Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleen, Vrom which none ever w in to weep? Asioep Id Jeans far from ibee, Thy tn?thor end lior grave will be; Securely fhai! her fshos llo And wait tbe sumnv us from on hlffh. H ariho.? M/ry Waking, relict of Stoiihtu V\aring, cf QreenwU'h, Conn., in the 88th year of her iijro The friends and relatives are res-wclfully invited to at "teiid the toueral, without further Invitation, oa Thtivg. day afieruoon, at two o'clock, from the Co\j;re?ivtl"iial church at Horsotieck, Groenwlch, Conn. The 11.30 A. M. HCtHiiumodation train for New Haven will convey passoivors to tbe Groonwich station in time tor t)io services. SHIPPING NEWS. ALVA a AO FOB m* TOSK? mts DAT. snx sidles... 4 SSI moo* uisKs eve 10 59 st'K sits 7 191 uiiiii wateh morn 11 IV Port of New Yorfc. May 84. WO*. CI, RAKED. 8team*hlp Heel* (Br), MoCauley, Queenetown and Liver p0Btw,Slp BUiWa Clyde. WlUetU. Wa. hlDgton-Jamei BSh?p Prima Donna. Herrlman. San 'rancl?eo-B* Cooler. Bliio Americm Eagle. Unuhart. London? BE 8h:p Ell a Marv (Br), Ingrain, Muiquaah. NS? AUanllfc^ Bark Dodo (Br), Uuaeman, Bremen? Punch, Meincke fKai"k Pellicano (Ilel). Buffo. Oenoa-pomei. Walll. A Co. Park Fanny Ea'or, Ferkins, Now Orleans? N H Br.g.iam. Barn M St-iver. St over, Elizabethport. Wpincke Brig Oerro (Ital), Lon^obardo, Bristol? Funch, Meinc k Brig Sootia (Hr). Co?fc-John Jack*pn A Co. Brt* Calypso (Iial), Longobardo, Oporto-Funeh. Molncke ' Brig* Stockton, nichcomb. Plctou. MS? Walsh A Carver. Rrii/ I'oiiv jotieu ( Hr). l#eot? Halifax? -K R Liverin )re. ScbrM S K Thome (Br). Chamberlain. ban Juan del N'nclifr? TinJrrMBr). JohnsoD, San Juan. Nlo? J F Whit n"s hr J?\T Uonsdon (Br), Simmon*. St Pierre, Mart? H A V tkt^r Ge??Putnara (Br), Sharrctt, Drummo.-dtowB, WI '^SU-hrGazelle (Br). Swain. Halifax? J F Whlto ?yA S* Schr (Juickstop (Br), GuMtn, Cornwall!*, NB-P I Nenua k 8r?hr Hannah Matilda Price, ^ni|;'n^2"~ijfu?L,|jmitb Bchr Sarah Lavmla, Parker, Waabltiftton? Beutley. BmiiD ^ScVir Ann O, IT*l?ey. Washington? Rentier, Smith A Oo. Bchr Andrew Stewart. Abram*. Balttmore-HentlC/, suilth *Schr Ann. Bedell, Baltimore? Ablel Abbott. flcbr 8 A Boyer. Boyei, Philadelphia? > L MeCreadT * wo, Schr Leon lloaa, Philadelphia? A C Haven* MaVh?w Schr Martha N icbol*. Small, I T M May hew. Schr 8 T Kins. Clendenrtn. Cala ?? Jed 1 rye A Co. .scl.r Ben. is-nin, ? , East port? Jed Fr>e A Schr Wru C learn, Tarr. Port* mouth? Jaa A Bte ?on. Bohr H Baker, Jr. B.Uer. Gloucester? ,1a* A SWUion. Schr Firing Fiah, Thompson, Gloucester? Ja* A 8let.,on. Steamer.) ThomP*on. CundlfT. Baltimore. HloaTnt-r M Maundy. Smith. Philadelphia. Steamer Saraii. Jones. Fhll* ie ohi*. akkivkd Ship Co*nrro^ 1** Oaulktns. Liverpool, April 5, with tna?# ,08hS Wffl?bli# Liverpool. 52 day* -1th "ar., with W?ulrk? A^M^We, Bremen, 4? day*. J 1 mdte and HSI passeugera. to II Koop A C". ?l?l Jnat, o|r ' ,a' tn.l.ct Shoal*, paw Hr bark Columbia, N. Hark loU..iry (Norw) Tnme^n ( et e. 74 day*, with wine and nit to Punch, Me noke A Wendt. liark France** (Ital). Volla, Havana, 14 Jayi, with eu;ar, ^BngHaTon '(*T), Green. Malaga, 4S dafj ."J* K OrpfDc. A Curry. Bail light E winds and fogi for the last ?BnK Elleda (Brem). Holiubert, RIt Janeiro, IS day*, with f#iiiTii Vla'inaV Vol' bhe;burne. MP). Allen, Bio Grande. A Brig1 IdellMo ' l^ci *u i. fr ? .Jri p, dad. 23 d*y*. with mo i aiittt u to <;^o 8 P.tophf tison <% ^o. u r ; ^ Flash (Br), i>oaue, atJa^o. 15 days, with sugar, to 1 r|fnu r,r"'h Bernlce, Cilllgan. Fortress Monro# 3 day*, to l*hr ui Tutia, Acting M\*ter E O Adam* oomroandlnf, r^"hr,Kn1Mm5(?:ortl. Hllra. St K'lU, 15 days, with mola?*c* in I "2? ?<*?? n ""r* to <! A de Sou** Kcbr Fram. ? Harriot (Br), Iugall*. Grand Kenan, KB. with ft?lu t" Jert frve 8 -hr S T Hater, Price, New Orlean*,^ 15 day*, wilh mgar. I ^Hehr'UmliMi, B>'*?ton. Charleston Bar. 7 day*. Bchr Sen Bird Melt, Georgetown !><?. 4 days Bchr J <> II niillnxton. Lovell. Rll/.ah<'lliP"ri for Koiton fcchr H K rtnnton Jaino on Newark Tor 1 rovldonce, Schr Bel c <'f Ihe Baj, Crookcr, Ocor??f_Ba;ik*. Bclir.iuli* A Kloli. Lcland Mnchlaa, lOoaya 8ch> ha^ie Mali. Rockland, 5 d*ya Schr Pauline Hull. Rchr l^-o ad a Small Salem. Bcln S. r?, h. Ryder, New Bedford. Schr lleVn (new). Perry. New Bedford, g. hr Ada Herbert, Crowe!!, Gloucester. Scht 8arnii"l (Hlioan, Crowe'l, Bo*ujd, 5 dara 8c'>r Ki*. IHne ley. Beaton. Schr Plyinou'h Ruck, Parker. Fo?t(p?i H i r New v.rk Sealuity. Itoiion dare Bo' r Tr.i ph?n * Nieker*on, B?>eton Srhr A' ti Amr'ia llallock. Lynn. 1,11, rt BchrA''*">lc Wa* Providence for Bllf*!??thport Behr'l' Benedict Clark. I'rovld noe. Bchr J ? Co l?er ll? Wt. Providence. yehr Fair Wind, Woodh lll-Piovidence Sehr yieeiwood, Gardner Warren. .41 Bchr Win Boardman BHWrd. HartloiA 8lao Black*i?re. Allen, Provldoir-e Bteamer Kranklin Voonf. Baltimore. Hteanier Briei i|. Charlea. Ph.ia leinhia Bte .o er Mon'tor. Jonea. Phlladelphta. Btenmer HI*' k I) amond Meride'h. Pltlladelphl* Bteamer Delaware, Aaiiwood, TienWn. NJ ?Usamer Weetcneater, Baker. Providenoe BKI.OW . Bhlp Be*eai?h. from London. Bhip D 11 Watjcii, 70 da?* fr"m Maraelde* 8AII.RD. 23d? Steatrer Th*me?; hark* Wal^rom, Allantlo, Lore# to llobomok: brlga B Orummond. Nile, eohra J W John. ?ton. Jame* J Hoyt. Wind at mneet RBK. MiKcllaneoai. There l? ?ow building at David Blackburn'e boat yard, at the foot of Grand atreel, a email boat, altteen feet long and four feel ?? Inche* beam, to be brig rifged. It lathe Inteo tl..n of the owner, J C Donovan, to aall to Koglaad In her when finished. New Gurrae Snir? A betntlfu! new clipper ehto, called the Araoery. I* now lying at pier 11 Baet River, lo*dmg fo? Ban Francieco. She waa oonetruded by Darle, of War ren Rl. the builder of the celebrated elipper ?hlp Lookomt. Lnd irom her model great .peed I* eipected Bl.a * ef 1041 t,?re n'gKter, ao?t l* l??adl*ig In L Comalock A Co e line. Bmr PaiariKLP ? Melboarne, March M- 8hlp Falrleld, of Philadelphia, ha* lam^iged her cargo ol lumber Rmr J*c* Fropt? Mel bon rne, March 24? Rhlp Jack Frj>?', which hn* been 'lading l>etween tbl* port ?nd Zealand i* \ery much out of lime, and *he I* fearel to have foundered in the late heavy gale*. Bmr (lotuaw Ana. I0? toae. built In Malne In ItW, pcw at Ijondon. wa* *oid In a damaged ooDUltlea on the 1. k* tost, at auction. B iDK Raw*** ( Br), J ?hn?oa, from Liverpool for P?ltl more urevlonaly reported aahore at Cape ? Henry ha* l*ea (Oi oil, taken to Norfolk, aud will proceed to Lallimore for Si'ua J L OaatTT. of Jfew Tork, WC ton*, boll' at BalU more W 1WI. coppered sr, I coop ?? fastened, ha* been sold lo Cap" II A Bri^nlnian, of Newport, on private term*, *nd will hereafter halt from that port. LACKCHan? At . ortamomh Mar 17. at Marei'e ^Ip.vard. v.* Mr n n Hh<I er m ;,oon??r F-mnit a nam r 'Tne nne *h*p tiydone of I00U ton. bnrthen, wm f.HT launchen ai 11 o'clock Monday rorenooa. from the ?ard ol Mtasr* Brtggs. of Bo?ioi. A fine *hlp of about +<*? Vae to I* "auaehed on Monday afternwo from ti.e yard of* Ooger. A Reed, of Math Whaltmfn. Bark Cleone, iAtce, e'd ai *ew Bedford Md ln?t for At to?a?k ' Bai1'1 m?' Jer^m"", eld from Bag Harbor *)th Inst for ^Ha^kVlu" on ?H**er. of HB. wa* at Btinburr, New Hot land fn Jsn. r?M. with ?7n bbl* *p oil. ?paktn, At*. Bteamihlp Bt Aadrew, from N Vork for Olaegow. May 1#. ?Bhip>7'?hn Btnart, from Liverpool Dee 18 for Bombay. *B^IB r'oreila PeabodV. from NTork March 8 for Bhang AniiM lat 3lMnU? x. Inn Ift W, .. t . Hark M?r'ha, from Philadelphia for Quebec, Mar U. >?t tfBa'rkTwi IgM, of Rt John. NB, from RTerk fer Matamo ?^^V.VrTm^moXK. for NTork. Ma, !?. ^ M, Ion fit i?. Brtg BajrleL Terrv, frot April t, lat Ml 87 B, Ion IVl n Bueno* Ay re* far Ma Janeiro, K. ftreifi ParM. AtoMtitii, Mat ?? *rt bri. Black Bwaa. Pad fer, Cardiff. ^ Aaacito. PB, Map f-Aid brig B*#ler ( Br), Redding Maw ll*w*Mar 7. brig J ?*??, tnm ??JUmara. *rr Bno"WlMHAru, *?; 10? Bid Nederward. Terragt. *?? York. Cin Toan, rOH. Ap?il 7? 1? port bark Fason Tai kV from Ko?t?n irr V arrh 11, dlaa. C?>i<? Mav lt?? . rr t raia.iuuan, O'aea. NYork. C .OJSTAif V l> 6? Air Persia Holia, NY. rk. OlHi iN Mat I '?Sl4 John iitMtranv. Kuudare VWwK Cav *????, april Ti~ N? * m ?>"?! 'a unit. Uu ag in a Br bark, a ipp "eiJ the Kant til.- pberd. Friable, !rom !\ York, bid Zia', aehr Vnuog Ainetlctt, Ptirtiauiba. BnnrsroM! May .0? OJ, H laaaoka, Kater. from i> f ?rfe for Amaterdam. Fujsiiisc. May 10- Hid J A Rioting. Klcha**, KVorV Kay vi.. A. ril 13? In mrl kIiIik Hf Msr!? rri. Loteagrlga, from New V erk I'm Havre, arrytb lea'ir. Carolns M?ca<u^ Aali'oy, from C?! law lor London rfdy; bark Lena l'aine. tram Lcndoa for NVo>k. la bit'ssi O i h halt a ft, Ma 5? Arr brig Kauatf-na (Br). KotaagfL NYork; 7th. bark l??i>Hr, IMon. do. W;nrt Last 7ih. OorisH.icitc, Apr.! Ti Arr AU?and>ina. Huow, Dim kirk. H urAj. Mar W? Arr tchrs Lone Star, F?rr:il|, J\Vnrfc| Lord <>f Hi* 1 l>>(. Oouuisus do for Harbor Oik e. LivKurook, Mar 8? Air pi tit of iltfi Titan., An'VrMO, Fo.?oliow; ilth. Blw Stanley, -Yates Maul-.ta.*; Ktnn. wmir, 1'aridton, ,\York; ll'th Isaac Webb. B*s'nia NYn-fc Kill Ut. Westminster (si, Giorar, Ne v York' "no. tiklfl. Wells, do; Hamplen. MfiOauaid, Cnk'ntU: Qu'ieo, Ore ig, K York; Van, louver. t.unl; i^hum Pbilade Ljia; II tb, jia?. ?of (?). (Mil. NYork C d,ilth, Prop ?s. Woodward, NY :rk. lu the 'l er outward bound )2ili. Ouu-t-lUtlon, WnFtntr, City of Mirer:.!* (s). .fo.ieg. In 'uttry, Ltnoell; London <*\ Couch; T Harw*r<\ 0.11, and Ylctorf. Thomaa, lor N Tirxj Martha, Km*. to- Hoin o '. Y'stMia., for 8 Prau<-t?M, Mrs-ika, >ii> I ? trr bark btaaabout, Maton, dmyrua lac Palermo to li,a4for Ho ion. M Ml'.*!! "! "HJ 9? ,ir I.?'u?, L in !. NY irk. MnuaocnNS, Marafa lo? Arr ship rairflald, P?l?e, J'hl* delplila; I71U, bariit Emilte, Arlaatit, .NVork, 2Id, Chat*, ton Hill do. Ma: IT t, March lf-8'J Willy. Rnnfeldt, NYork; 17th, B* loo i'arker do; Argonaut, Norton do. In imrt March 2:5. o ?> a.t Ei^lr, Omam. 'or "NY..rtc, re?}| Pour U'laLMiSK.*, M.iri-U 4? Arr Aniflo NYork, Ri ? P'.ifnx, Apnl 14? In port bug Aniv*. l.u i l?, ttf NYoi-t t daj?. Slil Ith. sohrn Pvnf Jut-.'b (Uuteb), nid * v clio'an (Dutch), KYork; I2tli. brim l.?rk. liullo-k, tlarha d??; 14th, (late Lucy Dnrllo^', NYork. ^irKoiKLAND, Mny 6? Arr Wlnte Mom ta n, lUrtu'.on, A? twcip. Pt .lonn*. I'R, May 8 Tn t?.->rt hr'g Hypi olive Oralikn. for Niio. lt 2 d>ivt; *chr Ckh' or, NotTI*, for Baitauora. Anturle kit Porta. /.Pl'ON AUQ, Jtty 21? At ?e!ir JoUn Manlovo, Arno!#, R)!/?btflbport. . BOSTON, .tiay Arr sleatoer Orient*', Oardrcr. "orV rm, Moniue; k:i'p Mtnnear'i (Hr), I'.uttbb^s, Llrerpi^tt l?Mk lewet*. W? ?->n. Itn?n?? A>r"a; ?vhrs if Tllioti T%h ton; K> Sc.ltli, Hitjith ; Claia, C'T n; Tirimaa .It. ', t n.Uk I oni; Mure O Farrar V?i'o?; Alert. Y:.ti?, and Wn It Ociu, farkc-r, Phlb '.plnlila; It. -ex Oiljiatnok.; An CrowoU, and L>e<vie Wall h. Eaton, Kli>i'b?tU|<ort' l.u'** n< (ho Oecjii Cbaoman, Ivrt Kwen; Ilalnia, Huff N^ork. Old ehlr* QO?th? ( Ham ). .looea. Hong Koug; lolxni (>rr?a, Honolulu ; brig Loranu. Hapenuy, ITavana. u lna W m Htrk> ?r:ng, Qulnn. (leor etov?n, DC; Ilelle Blanehard, Plii.a-tal phla. 81d ship hirlvla: burke H K rthaw, OhL nplon, aalk I'? a>ara. U S steamer Circassian sM on Huadav ZHIi? Arr st"?iu*r Bax ui, Pliiladelphia: sh p Loch l asnar, 8 I'u.aals^o; bari.s Ada ( Br ) . I.lyi r,Kiu ; Sutiia. Alg.m Hat) Starllalit, Palermo: SBvanirih Leghorn; Jane Ross. YoUo oa'd. llava.ia; bilg Str.i.iR'T (Kr). (^a npliell, do. AUo a.r 'Jlin, ship Oououot.t, Liverpool; bark M llroufh ion, Knrlnsm BALTIMORE, Msy 21? Arr bnrk I<nbellt C Jonss Hhaw, Rotterdam; brl^s A P L, Ijindray, Turk' Island ; Kdunr-ao (Itil), OherlO", Palermo;/; Hraushaw, Fisk NYorU; 'eh-f Alien. Hall' tt I'rorldeuoe ; L A Kdwsrd^. Lin.-, do; Ma-ta Jane. Jo ies, do; W Preoman Freeman, Portlanl. St.i bark Pdward Lverett, Uurdlng, Bo-ton; acbr Cbartur Oak. Ha ker, do. 24th? Arr hark* Flora, Colling, St Johns, PR: May Quaaa, Plilnnev, Arecibo. K A LL RIV 1 R, May 21? Arr s.ilir* Robt .1 Mereer. Burner*, and Win f. bteviison, Mears, Philadelphia; Mauiia'i vrtt. litis, I'ars.ins, and Ele 'ric Plash, Arey, do; Cllmon. Rar i:ni Ell/ahethport; LtlUe Saunders, do; Spy, do. Sid (loof 1 H Boraen. Oolliu , NYork. HOLMES' MOLK, Muv 22? Arr brig Orison A da ma, Hopkins. Kll/.al>ethport for Balem; sc'.ii Nortnern Light, Stone, Norfolk for Boston ; J O Bahcock, Hirbeo. Phll.ideV plila for do (with loss of fore?iill, fore Rat!', nod jta spill); L I' Pharo, Allen; Sidney C Tyler, Connover: # Looter, Laws; Oriental, Thompson; I Lake Jeffjrs; A ? Wetmore, Kdwardu, and White Squall, Adams, do for Sullie T Obartro, Smith. Philadelphia for Lynn, Ann Oar* uei, K aowles, uo for Salem ; Pl\, Oh?e-euian, do for Naa liieVet: Seven Sinters. Or wle?, Eli.abetliport for l'oitlaad; John E Pa: ten, Doane, do for Bevariy; Flyaway, Dana Delaware City for Gloucester; Hoekanom, Siaptee, Ne? York for Banfior; M W W llingtotigton, Wi lls, Calais for Philadelphia. 8!d brk's Abncr failor, O W Uart r. Re* Foam ' *oh* John Rtieeles, Hampfleu Belle, William Hutmaa. Hov llurton, A Hammond, CI >ra W Elwull, Fanny Keatinf Day. son, Tr.umnh. Ida / Wlieeler, Usury Strah Ciarf, lllavyatha. CO Smith, Tahmtroo, Ben> "nTllsh, Ea^aatk Helen M' Leud, Alexandra, U.-oim Warren. Sarah. J 1, H P Otishlnn. Bolivar, Q.ieen of the Wait. B'npresa, Prank Maria, Melbourne, Andes, Ruth, Thomaa, Diaitem, A < * t ti i zar. D It Arey. Henry Perkins, Ma.-la Ronaoaa Kit*, OtTls, Frarol", N"'d Sumter, William Arthur, Otter Rook, Philanthrope. Planet, Mary R Pearson, Judita Tenney, Oanovs, Convoy, Maine Law, Com Ketrney, Ariel r<CT?i Dak, 8 D Hart, George P.mlly. Mary Ann, Trad* Win*, ' ?ay 23? Sid bark Laura Ru?s, br1tn< Surf, and Orlsea Adaint, <ehrs Charapioa, Northern Light. J L Ba>>c.t?k, L f Pnaro. Sidney 0 Tyler. C Looser, Orient*.. T I*ke, A ft W ctmore. Wn'te 8.|itall, 8allle T Chsrtre. Anna Gardnw, C 'nnectlcut, Soven Sinters, John K Patten, 1 lyaway. ana 3 okano n. NEW BfDFORD, Mar 21? Arr tchrt Thorn at R Rmttk, Keliey. and Mary Francea, NYork; 2?d, Milton, RaymM4L do; J Mctt'cr. Brsdbnry. Haverstraw; 23d. Horace Staplea,*. and Monterey. Delawaro City; Mary Anna. OlbkC Phil' lelphla for Oohawet Narrow*. Sid /id, gchrt SaraK Beiihon. Philadelphia, H S Barnes, Doane, and Thoi Bllia, Keller. NVork; 2ld. Seraph. Benjamin, da NF.WBl'KVPORT, May 22? Arr achr Emma V, Hearty, NY >rk. Sid schr Huntreaa, Howard Philadelphia. NEWPORT. Mav 22? Arr solirt Rodman M Prloe. Keliey. Philadelphia for Roeton ; Charles II Moller. Baker, do fm Portland; Billow. Emery, Rockland tor Philadelphia; tert, Shaw. Eli7abethport for Boston; Sarah Bll'abeth, KM* lev, Philadelphia for do: Mary Ella, Taplev, da for buryport; Ssrah Moore, Herrlek. K <f ab^thport for Hoato*j Forest, Conary. do for Portsmouth. NH; Juno, Mllla. do tm do; Cherue. Hatley, New York for Oirdtner; flnsao A Man. Hall. Klt7abet'<poit for Portsmouth. NH. Sid. wind RN|? btlg Oneen, Dickens. F.astoort for Philadelphia; R S TwH den, Oha?.e, Botton for Washington DO, via Fortrast Mta ree Ketnrne,! ai hr T) I, Hiiii-vm. Llnnekln. frnm knau.a turn NYork with main boom broken. 23d. 8 AM? Arr In the night brig* S D Hart. Hart, Par ian.) for New York; I. parry, Prmv, Calais for Philadelphia. Alio, ateamer Trl'iain Shandy (of Llrerpool). from B"?i fort RO. for BoMon; Nleanor, Hmk*. Sagua: K H Daly. SMiiuU r" Philadelphia; Tira.le (Ulai* for Philadelphia NKVV HAVEN, May H? Arr aehr* 1 W nine. Mitngea, Oeorgatown. 1)0: S J Hovt Cramar, Plilladelohia; Frank Pleroe, Hall; J M Warren. Clt?>man; O.'d Zaok. Burnett; Foam, ; Ent>rprlae Martin; Trader, Be*r*e, and Oea I Conover, Kllrabethport; 0 Law won, Snow NYorfc; f Otrdle*. Ola'k; I Downing, Hhgierty; aloopa Cabot, HiuC and Snfl'olk Foa'er. Pini.AOHt.rH i A, May 23-Arr ahip Tuacarora, Duala", Liverpool: ateamahlp Norman, Raker, Ronton ; bark* R?? lyn, Patieraon, Clenfnegoa; Ada Carter. Kenror, NYorfc| brig* Ca'O itie (Ital). Oknto. Medina; Ercole (ftai). Bat tuna Palermo; Charle* Millar Hrewer. MaUnrni; Ttaae^ I'm". Nrw Or>atia. Su an. Lubken. NY?rk: J M K?w>*f, Fotiroc. Now Oncana; Jobanna i Dan Obr iUa'-'on, Saw York; Oeo Amoa, Coomb*, do: aehr* Teleura h, Nlrk?raoa> do; fl W Hyomn Shi*. PnrtRnral; 0 Carro'l, Meha'et, M'ddletown, C I! R'gera, Langley, ran* CavaHa: Pnooa Moot* Allen. Fcr nandlna: -John rompton YFoollord. Proaa do on; A I Ru??ell, Ilod aa, Poy'ati i, (loon rid abta WemfleM, Treveti.-k, Quebec nark Hrl 1'ant, Coll nrn, Bew Orb ana; Wln'low. York. Caiie HaTtlrn! hrlg* U Ainoa, C<*mb? Ro?trn: Romer, Rowden do. Tangier, Rnwyaa, NewburypTt; J Cr"*br. Parker. do; ohra *Vf P I m mooa, Oonfrii, Salem ? 8 P<?T*on. Rrvnn'. Providence; C Fl"mln? Richa:daon. Sa>J): Ahacn, PendletOM Camhridgepo'l W ? p. ii ii la. Luke. Fill River ; PHot'a Drlda. Coker Newbnry. port; RvpedU* Baaha, Pawtncket; Orlana, Hlgglna. Mia i llchead; Laruot D"Pont, Coreon. Boatoi; Adrlanna. WIV j llama, All(>i"*; R??au?. Rel'* t'roTlrtenee; Ocean War* Turner, Halem ; V* Banlabury Bioieraon, Provldnnca; ? Hmmona, Smith, Roa'on. 24th? Arr bark Dhr atian. Hfffll, .Ta. I'ORTLAN i). ? Arr 21*1. Hark O-rtruda. Ohaaa Matan'aa; brlK Voitng Republic, Llbbt, Carrl-naa. Old 2gat karka I Chilton. Peine!!. Bagun; Alb on Mncola. Bibber. Haraaat I N M Haven. ilail, i;anl?naa; brig Martha Wa?bmgi?a, I Lelaad, Havana Kl<l ?2<1 hafk* I .a Clgnepa, Chilton, N III llaven John AtII?*. Al'lon LinrOn; i<rla? Klla Marta,[ Martha Wa^hin :lon Rpeedawar; ahr dtarllg <t, and otkera J 74tb ? Arr brlw Harriet RteTana, Corbatt, Kanedloa. C.j, brig Antlllea, liavaoa , PORTSMOUTH, May 20 ? Bid aobr Wm .Tone*, Jonea, PS Ud?'pb a. PROVI DKItCR, May 2S ? Arr aelira Ad'latde, Crowell.i H Ourtl*. Haakoll. Plil adelpblaj Rll/abeth, Prown. a Plaien lalaivler Palmer, PhMa'le phla for Pnwtnnkai: Joh| Ro.'pra. Ta lor. and Charlie and Willie Kmery, I'hilatM phla; Kmellne R Potter, Terry, and Roiannn Burloy, At tin. Mirabel" p?rt PA W'OOKKT, May I1? Arr aehr S T Oarrlaon, BUa L worlK, PhPadeiiiliia. K d aehr* Lady l,nkc. Tilloltatoa, aadl O W Mp*neroie. n*h >rn N York. ,| RAN FRANCISCO? Arr May 19. >hlp* Vlrtoi^ Punka* | Colonel; Rattier Almy Boaton; Fli et Wing, Keller. Rk Janeiro. Bid I9ih, ihlpa Haxe, Foray lb, N*w York; luto, Prince, Raker1* Taland. Arr 2i>th? ?klp< Vllle de Tolon>e. I<abAn|lfa Rordeaai| Heat win t. Rio Vlente Oal'ao Dublin. Crowntl, sUanghat ] 2l?t Oa per, Androa, New York; brig AnMope. Luat Raifcl burg. Bid *Hh, ahl|ia R Ru'kier, R?ae, Port Aag*tMj Brrwtter. Boaton; 2lat. Black Ilawk. t'al'at. 8AI-RM ? Arr 22d ?br* Union, Pinkham. Oarnina^ Cb*rl?* A llivkaher, Kniltli: D 8 Mention, Al en ? Wheals Wheaton and Montaren. Canklm. Phl'adelnh* Ada'lne (lllmnre. Jaraer Cltr; Ma'eppa. Yonag. and HaaJ nab Meana, Bllzabathport ; LlirM W Djtr. Sumner, Mf* for "angor. BTOWINOTOW. May CT-Arr acbr* Florida. Kellay. NT I for Salem, having apllt mainaall. jib and flrljg JHsIa I heary iquall on Saturday night, near Point Jiidlib: Praat dant. Ilail Kll/abethport; D T Wtllata. Brown, do , ROMBRWKT, May 21-Arr aehr J R Cow perth wait. RM aera. Oeorgelown, DC; *loon Oak. Darl*. Rllrabetlifortl S2d, aehr Arg'i*. Crowley, NVork. I WAHKHAM. Mar 29? Arr aehr* Monitor. Meaaa, M* " tan; D B lre?. Cobb. K York. SITUATIONS WANTRO-FRNJtliRt ARUMBBR OF WFT.r, RICIIMMFNDRD tiKRMAI female* want altuatlnaa aa cook*. rlu;mber>naida aa launireaae*. nuraea. girl* f >r general houaea-ark, ,1a. Mra. LOW K'B Oarman Initltuta, IT Bianton at, naar r" Bowery AFIRKTCLAHBWAITRRBS IB A privath family; By a rery competent girl; take* the en'lr* care at allrnr. Be t city referenoe. Call at Ltg Gib ar. ABITPATION WANTF.D? BY A RKPPROTABL1 I teaiant girl, fi do waiting; liaa no objection to the Mm?| trv lla* the l-eai af city rafaranca. Call fnr two day* *! >i2 Rait Slat *t Am YOll BO OIRL WANY* a aiTCATTOM AS PbAl cook, uaalierand Iruner. Oaod oily ralaienoa luq* at 490 tsth are room Bo. 7. m ARRSPRCTABr.B YOCNO WOMAN W1RHR8 'A H uatlon aa chambermaid and waltreaa; la wlllln make her*' If generally ua-fiil be *een for two taj at :<l.1 llleka at, betaarn Auiliy and Congrea BraHlya. A SITUATjrtK WAViF.D-BY A RRSPKOTABL yonniglil a* g nd plain i, ok na-leraiaad* her bm neaa; hat .ood oily rotercn -e. rail at Ml IHh ar , aea floor, front room y AftBSf ROTABLR OIRl. WANTS A HITl'ATfOB do chamherirork airj trke cara or children ar ta light liouaewoik lor * l:nall f.iinlly w*ee* not ao mneb object aa a ?o hI home' b"?t o( olVt rafaiene* given ?" for two dava al K9 Wo?t th at. Akrhi-bctablb yocjio nnti, wibhfs t wrrJ lion na ehambermaid or waltra?a; I* Wlllln.' and ohllj Inr ean do al'kinda "f onihr n.l?rv, and H a goad ?ewer Can giva ?lt? rnlarenee from hat kaal plAoa. be aeen foi wo day* at 2?7 F.a*t 2uth at AYOUNU RRBPht'i tHT.K W.?M AN W BIIKH A 811 atlon a* wettinrae, ran *lve eitf rnrarrncA A| ply at 4)> fc'M *U , between 4 . h aad Ath *?? ARITUATION WANTPP HY A BP trF.CTAB ' * Wf niMn, In a amaii family, a* coot .? **har an<4 lroa? olty referenoe. Uallror I we day* al 2IM ff?<l lath at. A SITUATION W AlfTKD? HI A KP.flrKOTARl R?oirh rv. to 4o oh*mh?rwork and mw\tw or> # work for a aiaall M-tTata family; elly lelaiaaee (iw . . la <t plaea.' Call at ?7 lat a?., betwaer tsth aad Mtk aeoond floor ARRBPROTABLB MARRIRD WOMAM, who h loat liar eblld, and would lika to nurM aaatkar la plaoa, nar apply tkl* 4lay to Mra Jaartaa, raa? Bo. 1, QraanalC. ta iFa raar. A SITUATION WANTRD? It A BMPlOTAa a is i5* ^ ?

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