Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 26, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 26, 1864 Page 2
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FINAftCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wid<*!WT, May 15 ? ? P M. The qv.iet wh cb has ruled id the stock market for some days pa?t was not disturbed tc-lay, and the transactions mere again upon a Tory limited scale. In m at cases loirer i' rices mere snbm '.ted lo; but the geueral mirket was ste.dy. Compared with the silo? at the firtt b.wd yes erday, N'< w York Central declined Hudson River ? , Illinois Central Clevelu d and PltUburg 1 , Owe. land nu 1 1 ledo 2, Cb'ago a; J Maud % , Pittsburg and lort Way o Alton aud Terre Haute V > Chicago and North wet tern 2Jtf, a i Cumberland Coal )i. lu^e Kallroad, Krie preferred, Harlem, Michigan Contra! ftnd Mkbigaa Southern sold the jiqic. Reading advanced , l.^'eua auJ OI|Mgo 1 it vj lk^iiltrer Miuiug aud Mari na X. The foil -ivlng were the < losing (juotations: ? New Yorlt Central 14. I r e 11/*',, J '? referred 109, Hudson River 147, Read in. 144 ? Michigan Central 145, Micbt. fian Southern i . Co!c^? pnd Northwestern 63\', lilinril t ? ii 1 1, '?>? >'id ;and Pittsburg 115, Gala ii i md ' I '-ago 13*, Cleveland and Toledo 149',', Chica f ?Ld T; ck 1 'and 116, l ort Wayne 117 Tolelo ar.d 71. "actio Mull 236, Quicksilver Mining 82**, t m'.e-:. d Coal 75.4, and Canton Company 43 i.c radical share* at tuo first board today, com - 1 are I wi >i tu >. e obtained on Wednesday or last week, ore as follows ? A lav 18. Jfay 25. l ew Y rk Central KU',' 133% Krie 115X 116 I ie preferred 101 108?? I I .c u K.ver 150 148 Uatlen) ibl 2hl 3 :?di K 1-0 140>i M.rbigan Central. 145.'{ 146 1! cbiguu r utucru 9!) 100K 11 luoisO trat 13i7< 132A; C ovoiund aud 1'iusburg ..117 115*4 Galena and ( hlc .go 13tJJf 136^ C eveland ana Toledo 161 160 i uieagcand Koek Island 119 J10 V >1 U.aiikee and Prairie du Cbieu 7i! 71 Toledo and Wabash 73 73 Pittsburg and lort Wayne 1-1 '? 117 A to. i aud Terre fiauta 05 0G*( Chicago and Northwosteru CI Chi .go and Alton 07 ? } kcitlo 1)1 til 2 il S234 Cumberland Coal t>l>^ 74jtf ? auton ompany 47 '4 48)4 Quicksilver Mid og 73,l4 SO Tbe foil 'wing were the quotations to-day for govern mo; t securities:? Five twenty coupon bonds, interost on 107 j ive-twonty regstered bouds 107 '4 Kexen and three tenths Treasury lotos 112 heg is tared fls of l&ul 114>4 I' upon 6's of 1SS1 114 I'ne year currency certificates 9S*4 1 ives of 18 5 175 jfixesol 18t>7 118 fclies of 1808 120 Tbo excitement in the gold market was not renewed this mo. niDj , and tlie rebels and iittlj gomblert sott ed dawn ;uto comparative quiet. Tho premium was started j t 85>?, and th" quotations during tho day wore between that figure and &i%. Ih^doaiand Tor sterling exchange was limited, and tho ^notations 202 'a a 203. Tbe money market was without material change, the dema-id being light and tho r ue of inter'-st barely tip to 6ix per cent. Under tbU state of the case the prevailing inactivity iu the bharo markat elicits the wonder of suine of the old ttreet operotors. In formar time^ It was safoly calculated that an e^-y working money market, or, when c.pital was forced to seek investment at rates o. interest un.'er that prescribed by law ns the maximum, a steady rise iu slacks would take place, and be likely to continue u i til a change in niL,ji?kaiy aflairs should produce a reac i >n. The bUsts of war have cow, however, prostrated uil the I I guideposts to financial speculation, and the wisest have no clearer view of the future than tho novice iu si < kjobb;ng. Hie ropoit of the ?nt-T;ec?iircr to-day is as an rcxcci:? Ainouct on hatid $23,480,124 J. toll U from. custom? 164 000 I'rum oflicr Biurets 270,417 Tut&i $23,915,141 ray men Is 1,920.496 Balance $21 ,994,646 Sub?cri,>tion? to tic ten forty loan 104, 360 lbe suuuiship iiecla, for' Liverpool to-day , took out <-c!y 1105,690 lu specie. lUo small fbipmont was In cou pe reuce of the sale yesterday or bin* of exenango by toe Assisi.iut Treituier tor tt>e fcovernmeut. 'l'Uc cow sis per cent Interest bearing Treasury notes which Uic govemmeut propo.-es to is?tio, if nece sity re quires. wll uot iailale tLo currency or add to the vilumc of lbe freseat circulation, but will s;m;<iy absorb the Ave j or cout uot?s which arc ro*r o itstand'nj, and will be bitardei by rbo.-o into wl.ase ban Is tboy may fall for o i a tore j I They will be lejal tonderi for tbelr face, bit ibey will not be likely (o ba offered as such after tlx m ;Dt lib ' interest has upon tbein. The c m l^UDil interest on on ? h mdred dollars at the expiration o' tbreo years, wbou the nolo )? pajablj, will amount to nt> >ut uiuet en dollars and forty oeotr. lbe wliole number of uatioml banks authorized to tho 2ltt inst was four bui^rei and thirty-live, with an ay gre^Hte rinitii of i >7,040,200. 'I i,o jjr- a carom S fcr April of tbe Obk> and Mississippi r..i'.!roal c iiipare is follows ?itU tbe receipts during the Faro t rao last J car 1S83. 18C4. I .stern drvisitn $118,273 IK! 448 Hi1- cru div.siou 100,419 IOj.MS 'I tal $246 6s<2 2U,Si4 Increase 10,074 The lo 'on exports last week were $27.'i .316, against $Ss4 '>17 3! for tbe ? rict; o ding week in 1863. The im jmri- w.-rc J -4 10 777, :ig*i .st $ .62 tW .or the sum? p?: I d in ltu3 Adriaa fl Muler, P P. WilK.ns & O. ?old today tie following bonds, by < r<'.er of Jeste K. I>ubtis, Esq , An ditur ol lha v late of Illinois: ? ?4 000 Illinois 6 | jr cent oo ipon l>r>ods of 187.', lilleriwa Nos 84, 278,803 and 3'i9 $1.0(0 Mch 100 $1 (XX) Illinois 0 per cent ct i.poa b ud ot 1?7U, jlter 1810 K > 41k 1C2 V i : .ooo Norm (fioim^ 6 |*r rent < uup^n bonds, d'ie 18- ' N ?- 2T2 asd 31S, ?1 ,000 eacU . . , . . 5f.'4' lb ? b md = were b ?' I by vi t :e of ?n act o: toe Gene ral Assembly of the t.iteil Illinois *ntit>d "An Act to } stale. ?.b a . ytteu cl Lankiug, .\men<!nii'ots tbefet".' said stocks long tho asicts of tba Uaui; of /.shlan I, cow in IquUatl n. Stock Liohanffp 51 1 IK 9s> TV $:0-i0 t'S C ? 5 !0'?, i*k :07 MMt' ."> I im 1?'7 1 00 d, lots ? co*) <io . ior jui'li n 7 Z-iO. O .Va ill ?.00 I U 8 S o, I jt rcrt I'll ?"> ||?)I Nort:i Cam i .V 1:0 f M ? - I* KK VO O llig t > l? I'prt. J.OUI In t !?<> drt AXMObio k MU? lit cer 19> . Krw I'imM. . 1 l? I A I M 'I i t Jd :n pri 2100 t'ln H S W 1?( til loan <it M 7 ffl (I llAsi 'o KHiai in liio ?)i> M ,? l?itiii:ii 1*1 m 1U 1000 PttM VWARIst m 118 ffl*l I'itU 41 id in ItS r>'?) A ."iVVi-tuiO ill* |r |(>? I'lii A Alt lu !>?. 'H ]<nil Amerlraa go d . . I-l'? ji.OXI do. ... 1 ? I ? It tli* l<* Rm:c of 1*V U'l StOCumbCoai pref. 74 ?Jim do . bl 74 }i 10 Ocean !?*? 20) f%u o,i Cnmpany 4" j 10 I'enn I'oal i'.? '? yulcHm tcr Mg twviO do JUI rti' 1(M do c. Mlanetoia Mg < o lOd <lo 1911 <5o I fi('o|?kf I on Mln<-? lll4 S*iW|ru nfwgVaK'oaK'ii fi ?>i dn I>t J M M ri;?i ? Mg I o. Jfny 1'i-iO .'OA IU> ill. rar Mall *8 t'u 2 0 .N V Central ItK :oj -in x) ?ri? BU y-> co 4i 0 i!o . 1|| j 100 I lit KKp e. ! '*? IlllUIOH Hi', i 1 KH ? d? . ? 0 Hn.l It BR ?crt|', ; >10 0 so 7k'' Oi ?9 M 3JW C i . . 4i ? d ? ??oi IN H*t L4.V Mln^iji'Co tmiiiU (io. 4.t 41' ? 4 <0 1 Iiarieio Rli. 2 1 <10 ? | ,. m i ?'* trading RR..:;,!u 14,:, ? M*' do I Hi fiii ?*" KR ??? "? |4; ' <lo . . 1 45 1 ' [ 0 111 Cetaa^rip bt 112^ -n'lLi J'P. ?"1' b J e l&i l<?Cle? A Piu. RU I15VJ o"' do 2" oij hi ' do...... lli'. I wtS1?'' Cl? 1 57 ? ?JOaieDH-* Cfclc UK l.M 0) do is, I* f'.1" <j? bio 157' rfo bio i*;', r. d0 -- 13?'4 WClevj, TolBR J??* -0" do I4'J 2^'Clil A rtk I KR 11;'. M do lid a!'.' i 5"r * KR 121 ?i!n u, . * "a"te KR 6 IV ????? ? iWACIilr Kit 117 lOOM li !'? .? ,\W UK . ?? I <|o !<5J l-ifi V do.... 1,0 6''. }^J 2? ? SO <>JK d"|' Ohii- cl HW ,V.f W I* do jw',' ?8000 I'S ? - 1 -Ml r0i MMIU Lb'il ( ?i u. , ?<&?< * do lono CH Hi I <r*. r r Ifwi Ml ?onrl t, t I'OiOOIi oA Vie in. MWdO do. IM l-LCOKD BCARD. llAtr f/sr Two o'fio'K F 114V fi >0 *'u* Rrad ng HU . . i' 7 , 3 0 11 I h Cent a' J!R 17, lr0 do 98 10i M rf, Ro AKIKH.hlO MHI i 7"K I ? do blO liO In d M 144V 1 li'J 14(1 HV Cli <mgo i!(f Mk. 0|H l& wn do r,.>. vm in aVi 1?,! sh* ?ir "" ( ? j, ' S>1 Centrii 'RR'.'rrp lai'J JW ???? ,.A ?'* ?l Co ? 131 4 jn ?to Ciimb Coil pref |'?i <d<> *>10 IVrtO Quicko lirei Mgl o. 100J ?. XI do. g* Wi jo |0 1 1'ac.ldr Man H8 < ?. . t t II V <;i n RR IM 8 ? Kr a lik Ml do . . . Il? do . . . iMBrt' KR iirel 1U? Hu t Rlf KR MO Roattiif krt JW do iJ; 131 1 ?> I. ?r A Y tin RK 115 ?0 0 do US ll>' O il I Chi I!!! | j ? Oil Cie? A Tn'.e lo UK. I4'i 7'W flo ns,v t'?4 SOuCh cago A It 1 iVr." ilru ? 0 do blo II. S ?'? ?o llVi? 300 do llg _ 1? Chi, ki * V? ?RR 118 ?*) IIW 10" do i? lUf iau P IU. HW Hit 117 147 2." do. ... 1 17't ?>To A WabasU Hit , 71 I.M i 1191k 3t iiafl i M 141 CITV CUHMBRCUL MPIIRT. Wrdmmdat, May 2>? ? p. m AM ? RoooipU 106 bblA. lbe market wan quoted a ?M4o ?rsir for pota, with small Mt? "at $i M a $0 7? ^MfH ooolnutd 7 H2M ? |U ' .-IUcHph 11^13 bb id. tew, 1T? pR0k I ages corn mml, 14t .150 bushels wbeat, ?,8? do. earn' do cat*, and 22,100 do. barley malt. There was a brisk tioiue trade demand for Omit, particularly Slate and Western, and with continued ll<bt receipts, and { business of gold and eicbauge, the market ?u Arm at yosterday's prices, there being no margin on 1 stui meats to Kurope, and tbe Kuglish advices being leas < favorable, there was nothing of moment done for export. iuclude 12,000 bbls State aud Western, 1,000 do. Southern and 8(H) do. Canadian, tbe market closing quiet. Bye flour continued Arm, with sales or 160 bbls., at $6 60 a $7 for comtson to cbolce. A good Inquiry prevailed for corn meal, wiih sues or 600 bbls., at 96 to a $0 76 foi Jersey aud $7 a $7 23 (or Brandywlue, the latter an ex treme price. We quote- ? Super Hoe State ana Western Oour $7 00 a T IS Extra Stale 7 26 a 7 86 Cbuico State 7 40 a 1 tc Common to modium Western 7 2j a T 41 (<ood to choice do 7 60 a 8 6( Kxtraft. Louis 7 75 a 10 7( Common to good Southern 7 65 a 8 (K Good to choice extra do 8 06 a 10 7( Common Canadian 7 26 a 7 4C Good to cbolce extra do 7 45 a 8 SC Byo llour, supertlue 6 60 a 7 0< Corn moal, bois . 6 76 a 7 2! Corn meal, puncheons 32 00 a 32 6( ? Tbe wheal market was without decided change, though at tbe close the reeling was scarcely so strong as at tbe opening, in view of the less satisfactory ad vires from aoroad. Tbe receipts were to a liberal oxtcnt, but as a large proportion of the wheat has bee a sold previously, iho sample tables were rather bare of supplies. J bis to some extent restricted buslaoss, though a good demand prevailed for export, and tbo day's sales foot up 180.000 bushels, Including Cbioago spring at $1 fll a $1 04, Mil waukee club at fl 63 afl fl5. .umber Milwaukee and Iowa at fl 64 n f I 65, winter ted Western at $1 68 a fl 73, am ber do $1 75 a f 1 78, white do fl 85a fl 86, of the above 26,000 bushels Milwaukee club weie sold lor delivery l>? t \ een tbe aoth of June to tbe 6th of July, at $1 63. was firm ly hold at fl 60: but we heard of no business Corn was entirely inactive and prices nominal. Ihere wore very few samples or old and none of new, ui d tbe former was held (or $1 60 Oats opet.ed d ill and rather heavy: but at the closo of the m uket there was a rather better feeling. We quote Cana dian 84 lic a 86Xc., State 86c. a 86c , ami Western 86c. a 87c. Barley was dull, a sal ? of 1,000 Canada East was reported at fl 86 Cottov.? The market was very Arm. Sa'es wore 2,200 bales. We quote:? r plind, florid* Mobile. A 10.4 T. Ordinary 93 03 94 94 Middling 100 100 101 101 Good Middling 102 102 103 103 Middling fair 104 104 106 105 Covfhc.? Tbo market was steady and prices wore nominal A sale of 100 bags Maracaibo was mado at 42 ','c a 43c. Casdlks ?There were small sales or adamantine at previous priccs. ? Drugs> line* The sales wore 15,000 lbs California and yellow mustard Bced at 18c a 60c for bags: 600 kegb bicarbonate soda at 8\c. a 8?4'c., 200 casks bleaching p wders at 9c., aud 26 tons caustic soda at ll^o. all^c. Quinine sold at $3 25 1>yk Woods. ? Sales or 10 tor s St. Domingo at f48, and 25 do. Lima wood at fl46, cash. Freights were tirm but quiet. Tbe soarcity of avail i. ble wbeat and tbe firmness of holders interfered with business to some extent I here was a demand Tor nou tral vessels of about 15,000 bushels capacity, at 6s a 6s 3d. ror direct ports, and 6s. 6d. a 6s. Od. for Corlw aud orders; but we heard of no engage ments in that direction. A vessel was report ed at 7s., but tl could not be authenticated. To Liverpool, per American (lag, 60 tons provisions on p. t. ; per neutral, 20,000 bushels wheat at 6 ,d In bulk and 7d. in bags; 900 bbls. reported at Is. 3d., which is considerably below tbe markot: 100 tons tallow aud lard at 20s.; 95 bales hemp at Sd-> and 100 tons provisions at 20s. To Loudon per American, 7.000 busbols wbeat at 6',d. In bags, and, per neutral, 17 hhds. tobacco, 32*. 6d. , a: d 600 bbls. flour, 2s. 3d. To Ula-gow, per steamer, 14,'iOO bushels wheat. 8d. , In bags 60 boxes bacon and 50 tierces lard, 3>s. To Bre men 600 bbls. sboo pegs, 2s. ; 150 bbls. oil, 2c. per gal lon. To Bristol 10 tons tallow, 20s. To Hamburg 60 tons measurement goods, 20s. To Amster dam 600 bbls. flour, 2s. 6d , and 60 casks ashes 25s. ; an American brig was chariored to load 1.800 bbls. petroleum at Philadelphia for Cork, and a markot, at 6s , and 10 per cent additional to t'.ie Continent; tbu foreign brig Maria from same port to llavre, 1.6C0 bbls petroleum, 6s. 6d. ; a bark, 359 tons, hence to Cette, full cargo, provisions at J*c. per lb., ond 5 per cent primage; an Italian baik to Gibraltar aud Genoa at a round sum; ar, American brig, 270 tons, at $940 per month; a British bark, 414 tons, to Havana, about $1 700; a bark, 460 tons, to New Orleans, f2, 000; ship Statesman, Searsport, Me., to Montevideo, lumber, about $14 Firs Crackers.? 7,000 boxes Canton, 40 packs, sold on private terms Ht. iT? We notice sales of 30 bags Plcily walnuts, 12c.; 15 do. nuts, 14c. ; 110 boxes layer raisins at $r>. and 2.MJ bbis. currants, in lots, at 10c. a istj^c. Him. ? 13,000 pounds Uio Grande mixed horse sold on private terms. lt?*p ? V,? hw no sales to report Manila may be quoted at 10\'c. a 17c. lliDi.e ? Males of 000 Matamoros, 21 Iks., at 2SS,'c., and 3,000 Buonoa Ayres, 21 lbs., in bond, on private terms. Iloittr. ? 'be rales Included HO tierces Cuba, at $1 15, in b -ml, ami '20 bbls. St i orriugo at $1 37 , cash. r.\Din<?.? The market wm firm; a sale was male or 15 CiKsts Madras at $1 30 a $ I 85. ci.-fi. Ik i.v ? fnles tvei o m.i'le of 00 tons slab, delivered on Morris rami binic, at 90c. Lath ?920 COO sold at (1 85, three months. I.kaih: k was in moderate demind Nailo wera steady at 9c lor cut, forged horse. S2c. a 3-c. . c ieb ycl ow metal uails and spikes, ;.0c l.i m kr.? 15,000 toet luistorn spruce s Id at $21, 3 mouths, i-n l 120,000 foot pine shipping boards at $20, cash. Moiassia was inactive, and prices were entirely nominal. i hah ? Sales have bccu made of two leads Uitadian at $1 C4 a $ 1 26. I'r v wo, xs.? s 3.*l*> bbls p< rk. .08 packaxos l>et*i, 134 do. cut moils and 0o8 do. lard. 1 hero ? as u i lung new to note in the market lor provisions, which were agno buoyant. 1 he ?|>enulatton la poik continued, ar I wc bate to quote another slight advance iu prices, both tor lots on the spot and forward deliveries. The trarsactious were irett.v heavy. particularly for lorward delivery. Ileef was without appa cut change. lieaf bam? were dull and nominal. Uacou was du.i, and pi see* romt nally ur rhau^ed. lard was in better demand ccd priccs rather hlgl er I- utter and cheese were the same. l!io sales were Pork ? 2,000 bblr at $27 7- a f 2S '.'5 for oil mess, $30 2.*> a $30 37 f( r new Jo. , i23 76 a $'25 for o.d and t ew prime and $24 a *24 lt"> for priase imn; also 1.00>bb..- primem sslor May, buyer s optica, $2i .r0; 1 000 bliU mo-s for June, at $1A 6'? aud l.i.OO bbls--. t:cw di>. for Jni.hayer's option, $ ;2 lieef ? .Sales ;>00 bills', at ft? $0 r??r country tries*. $8 a $7 tor country prune, $lti u $10 f r tepackcd m<ss. and $i'.? !0 a $2i) 26 u rexira mees. (.'at meats? ,-mall sa es at ll)?o a l'.'c for should e-s st d 14tfe. a 15c. for liams. Biicou sides ? ^alefl IftO b"'.e? Wfsletn snort riltbcd at 12>4'e. 1 ard? tales 4 61 0 lib s. at lo\c. a M \c., the latter an extren.e | rice I or a stria. I pir<ol cho ce kettle rei.dered Hu'ter ? '280. a 38c. for Oliio and Z'.v. a 42c. fur State. Cbec-e? 12c. a 17>., \ foi common to i rln o I'rtiMi.niM.? Ike act.vity nolne! in the trinket >eg. Ifd'y c ntmaed to day, ard with quite heavy salos. mostly for expert 1'rice for retired in b -nd rul'd higher CruCo was active, b it no hi^lior. I' icq ml was KirMtv (w fitm lie f/i!e* were about 10, (-00 bbK crude (part late .'n>t n yht, itttjtt. a 40c. on the spot , and 40c a 41c f. r .law. nearly all :?>r export, 6 ooo do. ro fin-d. in bond, at r.?e. a f2!;c. , on the spot ,c:>'c ai.4c lor June. 4,rto do., free, at 87)?c a O.ic. on the si<ot, 73, ',c. a 74ft lor Jrne, and 7. c a 76c. for July. lien i. re wns lominal Kai a tale of 16.000 lbs. was unison private te-i"s Kick was quiet but Orm. with sales of 160 bags Raa (' on at 8}<c. SfKi s were a little timer, and but little b sines? wss di'tn* f i"v r, 11-\c. a 12',c a-kliiR pri?se. t mothy at t2 W; a "7,!^. Klai was active ?nies about 2.7C0 bushels at $:i -in a $3 4ft, and 100 bbis Cameron city mi Is ;cc>ini'd. $13 75 cash ? I eer ?a? in active re jurat. Sales of 4,000 lbs r? a and :i.0C0 lb?. 1'orto i n hello ou p. t. Si'KHMAcni ? A sa'e of 2 600 lbs retloo I No. 1 was made at 38c., c tsh. .-ri n>.? lb? sales were roo bafts pepper at 41c. . 30 do. p memo at :s3S,e s34c,ai<d 60 cases cmbI* herry cn pri?ate t< rins Sait was very r.rm, and the bnlk of the receipts arc gome intohond Wn note salee if 4,100 busheis lurks Island* it about Mo. M-i '.n was quite active. lhesa>? were 1,200 hbds. 1 orto Hico at lSv.c. a 19c., and 1,000 do. Cuba musco vado from l? \c. s 20c. Ta'uiw.? 'ihe demand was very active and with a re dnced simply tb? m*rk?i was a shade firmer. 8alos 40 ? V 0 II*. st i3?ic al4'tc. for com'iion country to prime city including 100,000 lbs. llutcbers' AHSOciation at the outs de pru e>. Woot. ?The mirket emtmaed verv firm, hot quiet, pending tke mem or the taritl. ihe sales include 150 ooo lb* d?me tic flaeeo m 7r?. n S7c, . voo b lies pulled at 78" a for extra and super, I6,0"?u ibft. ( all orma at 4T>fc. a Sic., 100 balna I'roveoce at 42Ke , 100 do. white IHmiMM tit Mr., 138 do hl\ *. tie . co do. Angela . 40 do. Crimean, 100 do. Rio uraode Vii > ai;T.? Beiclpts 6C3 bbls. Ibcmsiket was with cut decided rbanie. wstb sales of l,MJObbls at $1 '26 a 91 21 for State, tod $1 27 a $1 28 for Western? the latter an extreme prloe. r silled Circuit Ceart, Before Judge Neleon. RKVfNUI CAKK. Mat 28 ? O w MoH r*. Hiram Barney.? The plaintiff brought this action agalast the Collector of the Port to reeovor moneys paid, alleged to be charged In excess of dut es without protest. The case waa (ally argued and decision reseived. Kor plaintiff, A R. Culver and O.T. Cart is. I'nited Htstes District Attorney K. Pelellcld Mm ith for defendant. Police isste lllgesice. At i.Roan Robmirt or ak Emigrant ?William Weaton, a boarding house keeper at No. 8 J Greenwich street, was yesterday arrested by officer Hey , of the Twenty seveuth i precinct c.harged with robbiog John Dole, a recently ar | rived enilgrent, of $300 in Kujtllsb gold. In his affidavit hoi ore Justice Hugan Bole swears that while paasing the I prisoner's bouse, on Tuesdsy, the latter csatc behind tutu and pushed him Into lb* b?semeal of the premises. Wss ion then sammooed his wife to help him, eod while they bold Hole on Uie floor be*elle$es that by force and violence they rilled his pockets of the gold and turned h m loose again, there waa a discrepancy In the oom plain ant s testiuKNiy , owing to the fact that be waa much in ehrlaied at the tlsne of Ike alleged robbery. Juetioe Qao committed Weetoo for examination. My tkia Inas i is left aimust pobuUeas m a strange city , srltb ? wue aod Ire ehodrea laeklK t? My Iff ||?Ht NEWS FROM EUROPE. The Asia at Halifax and Glas gow at Hew York. TWO DAYS LATER. 1 * e ?#? p .. The Admlssien ef the Privateer tieergia Id the Mersey De nounced in Parliament. Lord Lyons' las tractions Relative to the Kidnapping of For eigrners in Sfew "Cork. THE DANISH CONFERENCE. Difficulty as to tho Future Position of the Duchics. France "Can Do No More for Poland." A United Policy for England, France and America in China, JfcSaf to"! &6t ! The steamship Asia, from Liverpool at two o'clock on the afternoon of the 14th mat ., via Queenstown on the 15th iDBt., arrived at Halifax at twelve o'clock last Tues. day night. Her dates are two days later than the bo already received. The Asia has seventy passengers for Halifax and sev enty-six for Boston. Tho Asia reports:? On the 14th, passed ships Koh-i noor and Martsban, going Into Liverpool: on the 15th, passed the rebel pirate steamer A. D. Vance, off Tuskan, bound to Liverpool. The Asia sailed for Boston from Halifax at nine o'clock on Wodnesd.ay morning, where she is due this afternoon. The lnman steamship Glasgow, Captain dill, which loft Liverpool at one o'clock oa tho afternoon of the 11th and Qneenstown on the 12ii? May, arrived at New York eirly yestorday mornlnp. Queeu Victoria arrived at Balmoral on Saturday after noon, 14th inst. The weather was very tine In England. The Princess of Wales held a drawing room reception on Saturday afternoon in behalf of the Queen. TUo London Gazette has published despatches from Lieu tenant General Cameron, containing details of the military operations iu New Zealand. Tho steamship Nova Sc>tian, from Portland, arrived at Londonderry at nlue o'clock: on tho morning of tho 13ih lost. The steamer Australasian arrived at Liverpool on the 14th or May. The India, China and Australia mails had arrived in England, and wore forwarded to Halifax and Boston by the Asia. The date* are Calcutta, April 9;Sbangh=e, March 21, and Melbourne, March 26. The news generally has been anticipated. The American steamer Wyoming was at Hong Kong. The American Question. TITR FR1VATKKRS. The ship Excelgior, from Al<;oa B.av,at Plymouth, re ports that on tho 7th cf April, lu latitude 2 north, long! tudi! 27 west , fell lu with tho rebel steamer Florida. The chip Walsoken, at Liverpool, reports: ? April 4, ten milt s from Cuba, use boarded by a ecrow war ste>mer representing herself to be the Plo\ er. She examined our papers und If it. We supposed her to be a rdbo! steamer. TIIE (TKOitOIA IS THE MKI18KT. In the Ile:ire of Commons on ttio 18'h of May Mr. W. T. Baring brought up his motion relative to tlio admis sion of tbo r..'bol steamer (Veo'gia into mo .Mers y. lie complained io strong terms of tho Inefficiency o* the l'o.'Clgn Knit -t men t net. and nrged that steps be taken by the government to amend it. Tho .Utorr.ey Genera! said that tho government hsd endeavored '.o vindicate the law, nnrt at the snrao Hmc to preserve Strict neutrality. He said that In the c 'So of the (ieoipit it bad hem found impossible tostoptbe I progress of tho ve.-ssel, iter charade,- cot being ku>wn until after the sai'ed. Ho polutrd to the c?tc of the I'ampero as evMenco that the government ha 1 siicces? fully vindicated the law, and had ellcclually chocked tin sj s cm of litt i g ' ut vos-ots for the < onfc.ierates. 'Iho government would not attempt to amend the fwilti l n..f:mcnt act this sexton, believing it would yot prove efficient, l-'e deni> d that ves#e!s fitted out in I ng lai il ctuld he regarded as British pirates, f'uch a desig nation was uutrue iu lac' ur.d dishonorable to the country adopt in j it Hie Georgia was u Invited into Liverpool uuMer the order of tbo Omocil which pormiix belligerent ships to im'. in fur repiirs. and as it was understood thit she would be dism?ntled and mid the government had I not considered it necessary to ui'e.fere He pointed o ' the federal enlistments Id lrelan I as that the federals al o were not free blan.c Mr. Cobden ex retard the tear that the poii -y of ths i government hod produced such a se-se i f ariev n io in tbo American mird that it would be d: . cult to disabuse it of It. II- loltited to tie ItMrariits of the American mair o by the Coo edomte cruisers, snd predicted slmi or re suits to England by federal erne era it she breams a belli gerent. lie contended tint the Georgia, 1-londa und Alabama were net rao i of war. ncd o igb' to be exclmWd from Briii^h i*>rt*. He warned 'be gov* rument that tne:r |ioiicy would rec li on England bcrealter a , tb disastrous e ect Lord R. Cecil put io a plea for the Contcderates. lie pointed to the imment-e shipments I arm .iad ammun - tion tirm Knghud for the ledei n's, ar.d asserted tha*. Me srs 1'arlng HS< tbers had been laigely lus'rumentsl la i he > ame. Mr. .-haw I-efevre r 'arettod that tbe government were not procured to exclude these privateers from Br liih pori ?. ? Aiier a few ob.?ervati ns from others the subjcct sag dropped. JitDKAPriNO F KFIGN'KR* IN KFW TORC. In 'bellou-eof I.ord",on tha 12th Instant, Farl Kllen bor ngb ' tiled at mlion to certain caces, u hu h he de scribed as well authenticated, of ki'lnapi ing ot forclgne s in Hew York for service In tfie lederai a'iny. He a:s? asked If ste;>s hnd been taken vj ootain tbe releuac of those a ready entrapped. i.arl Kussoll said he bad no doubt that tho high bounty ofe ed by the American koveroment at Wssbtngt n or recruits bid Induced unprincipled perseas to lurpuea system ot ktilmi pin::. I/ird l.ycns bad innds repeated complaints to the United -tales government; but hs w s scrry tu say be had received no p itMstlorf answer. LINDSAY'S RltcdOMTIOH MOTION. It Is announced that when Mr. I.lndssy brings forward hH mmi< n fcr the recognition of too govrnment of tlo Conleder.tte slates, Mr. i'axter will move tbe '-previous question." The Danish War. The Conference met sgsMi In I ondon on the 12tH inst Tbe t/)inlon A't*? rays tint tbe QMiferenee approached tbe <|uesti?>n of tbe political future of tbe durblea. Tbe discussion which kk^Ic place, however, did snercely mi?io th m make ovldent the imrnrn"e divergence of tbe views ot the several I'owsrs, and the difficulties which would attend the arrangemont of acreptable terms of peace. A tor sitting three hours tbe Conierenco adjourned till tbe 18th day of May. The I lantsh government have officially announced tbe raising of tbe blockade of toe German porta. A Copenhagen despatch says that the oond.tions o( truce are as follows ? That the belligerents sre to give not'ee of their inten tion to renew hostilities one week before tbe expiration of the moo lb a.'reed uion. The AliteH will remain in pot;ess:on of Jutland and tbe Panes of Alsen. 1be Allies sre not to Impose my further contributions in Jutland, nor interfere is the civil government ef that provtn e. In addition to tbe ministerial resignations previom'y reporte 1 at Copenhagen, it is rumored that tbe Minister of War has also tendored his resignation. A teiegram from Heligoland says that In tbs recent naval ei eac-mciit the Austrian dm mandor attacked the I)anl-h fleet most bravely and d< te' ininclly, and did bli utmost to w la a victory hut that tne Austrian fieet Wjs finally m" 1 thoroughly disabled. The ultra conservttl ves In Prussia have signed an ad dr. ss to the Klrg nrmng him to erect tbe dutiee Into ao lndy| endenl State or to annex tbem to Prossls. It was rumored at Paris that Austria and Prussia, In tbs Conference, had declared lhat, uuder tbe events of wsr. they c tisliiered thom -civs released from the tria'y of 1862, ard it u said that llussia and England will main tain that treaty. Three Austrian war vessels hsd srrlvsd at Cb^flHh A Ifam urg telegram aays that It is gsnerali/^BWr stood that the pruposeo visit of the Crown PrinctM of Prussia to tbe seat of war will not use place. Oreatt Ilrltitln. In the House of I/irds, on the 13th of Ma f, Earl Ellen borough strongly denounced the conduct of the German Powers towards Denmark, and especially oondemned tb* exactions levied upon 'Jutland Karl Rasseil explained what tbe Conference bad dona relative to an armistice, lis also condemned tbe piac tire of levying l oniributtoos, sod said that tM spirit of the agreement by the conference waa that ao oeatribe lions be enforced daring tbe .suspension of boatllltlas. flmiisr exulanations were saked and given hi tbe U'Ntee M CoaiUI^LS Ms. i*cacd. ik r?ir ta an many, ?acikiad ? dace a despatch respecting the joint poliey which the Mluisters of Russia, Frauoe <md America agreed to pur sua Id Chios. Hoth bouses of Parliament have adjourned for the Whitsuntide rocesa. lbo boultb o: Lord Palmerstoa U Improving, but be la not yet attending to bis duties. The return or the liritisb Channel fleet to Plymouth Is regarded ss an evidence ihat their aervlces are not likely to be rejulred in l>t?uo Uermaolc affairs. llr. Gladstone's imiortant "reform speech" in Parlia ment continued to be the theme of comment in political circles, and occasioned mucb excitement. The London limn is astonished at Mr Gladstone's ultra democratic views, and believes mat the mass of the liberal parly will hesitate to follow him. The London Newt says that the reconstruction of parties Is one of tbe consequences of Mr Gladstone having token ibe leadership of Parliamentary reform. Tbe London Advertxter bails Mr Gladstone as tbe com ing in an, and predicts tbat he will soon be Prime Minis ter of Kiih'l tnci, Otber liberal Joimals are exceedingly enthusi Stic over tbe position now bold by Mr. Gladstone. Franco. In the Corps Legislate M. Rouber spoke on tbe Danish and Polish questions He showed tbat it was Dot toe policy of Franoe to go to war on boh a If of Denmark; but she, nevertheless, would do all in her power to bring about peace. As to Polaud, be said nothing further could be done, 'i be solution must be left to time. The bullion in the Bank or France has increased twen ty-tbrce ani u balf mil 'ions The Paris Br urse cloecd firm on tbe 13th Inst at 66f. 60c. for tbi routes. Italy. In tbe Italian Parliament ttbo Minister for Foreign AlTairs dofended the policy of the goveftiinont, and Buid tbat the prinolple of non intervention formed the basid of negotiation upon tbe Roman question, lie denied tbe vassalage of Italy lo Franco, end asserted that she was on most excellent terms with both France and England. Russia. Tbe Russian government has prohibited the export of horses from its southorn provinces. * Commercial Intelligence, T U ( '.ONDON MONSY MARKET. London , May 14, 1864 In the London discount market the demand for mouey is moderate, and rather easier term? are accopted. First class bills are at 8>f a 8S{ per cent discount. ibe funds are firmer under favorable returns from tbe Dauk of Eng land and more pacific adv ces Trom tho Continent. Tbe West India mail steamer brings $1,120,000 Id gold. Consols, after official hours yosterday, 00>? a 00 X. liONDOS, May 14? Evening, Corsols, 91?? a 91 >; for money. American Stocks ? Illinois Central Railroad, 2? a 27 discount; Erie Railroad, SA1.. a 68'i. Baring Brothers report tbe market uommal, with small sales. I/i.vnoN, Sunday Morning, May 15, 1864. Consols, after official hours last evening, were at 90s, a 90*. Toe markets all around are Arm. Tbe discount market is decidedly easy, and tbe supply of money has 1 irgely increased. It is expected that tbe settlement wi I piss over io a more satisfactory inauuer than was at one time anticipated. Till FARIS BOURSE. PiBH, May 14, 1664 Tho Bourse is Arm. Rentes closed at C6fr. 90c. L1V..KPCOL ODTrON MARKET. [Tbo weekly cttton market was received by the steam ship I'eruvian.] TRADE REPORT. The Manchester market is quiet and Arm. LIVERPOOL BRRAD3T0FF8 MARKET. Tlio breadstuff's market has been generally du'.l and inactive Messrs. Wakefield, Nash h Co. and others re port ? Elour Hat and declined (id. per bbl.; extra State 19s. 6d. a 20s Wheat vory dull and declined Id. a 2d. per cental since Tuesday; red Western 78. 8d. a 7s. lid , red Southern Ss 4d. a Hs. 0J., white Southern 8s 6d. a 9s. 6d. torn downward and declined 6d. per quarter; mixed 28s. a 2Ss. 3d. LIVERPOOL PROVISION MARKET. The market is generally dull Messrs. Richardson, Spencc i Co. , and Bigland, Atbya & Co , report beef easier. Pork quiet and steady. Paeon dull and declined Is Lird vory dull and declined 6d., quotvd at 42s. a 43s. Tallow dull and declining, quoted at 3t>s. a 41s. LIVERPOOL FRMUCE MARKET. Ashes quiet ar.d steady. Hugar active and advanced Is. CofTee steady. R>co quiet and steady. I.iusL>ed oil quiet. Rcsm steady. Spirits turpentine very dull at 80s. for French. 1 etroleutn quiet; roUned 2s Cd. LONDON MARKETS. Breadstuffs flrmer. Iron dull. Sugar buoyant and ad vanced Is. Co.Tee Arm and advanced 2s. for Ceylon. Tea steady. Rico quiet. Tallow Hat at 40s. Spirits turpon tine quiet; quoted at 81s. for French. Petroleum qul?t; crude ?19 (is. a ?20. Linsted oil tlrmer at 39s. 6d. Cod oil dull at ?53. Grovers and Todd report rosin Arm and upward. HAVRE MARKET?. Sales of cotton for the week 23,000 biles. The market oj>cned active with un advauco. but closeJ llatand easier. Orleans ires ordinalie 3G0f. bas 352f. Stock in port 41,000 ba'es. THE LATEST MARKETS. Liverpool, May 14? Evening. Cotton ? Sales to day 10,900 bales. including 4.000 bales to speculators and exporters. The market is Arm at un Ch nged prices. Breads. ufls. ? The market is Inactive. Provisions. ? Tho market is quiet and stoady. Lard easier and declining. lYcduce. ? Ibe market is steady. NEWS FROM ST. DO Ml *00. The Monte Chrlatl r?xprdttfow? Reported Cnnntrr-Mrvolutlon. 01' 11 HAVANA CKBRK-rONDSKUB Havana, May 21, 1H04. Drptrufo ' the Mont' Ch titi SapeJi'ion?ltt Siren h and Comjwiti* M ? Reported Counter- RecoWion Among the lnturgutt ft . A length of time has el&pecd Biace wo bave had any news fr ni St. Domingo, and even now tbero I* nothing to communicate in relatiou to that island beyond tbe do parture of the expedition intended to operate by a march from llMito Christ! on tbo coast to ibo interhr of (ho cilmr, the point alnr.ed at being, most probably, tho n\er.t city of Santiago de los Cabailero'. The expedition which has long been prepirirg and much talked ot Ont 1 y silled from Santiago de Co 'a on tbe 13tb instar.t, ommandod by Ceo . Ton P.ifiel Trlmo da K vtra, and contused or i tbe following fore- ? Forty live principal ofDcers, three bundrrd ard twenty line officers, seventh uM.imttwn b i id red and twenty-two con c mmis-lonol oflic rs and privates, will) tiirce n ndtel cavalry and I ouol pcrlc of artnlcry. Tlneo war fteamorr? the j Babel !a Cat 'lies, Cllea and ltla?ci do Carav? ten I steim transiMMis and Ave eat inie ve rein, munber log hi all Mtbleeu s formed tbe naval port of tb? cxp"<litlnn, tir.'l- r the < o nu an< rtf C.oceral Herrcrn. T' 1 ' am not mistaken. IM 1 in<t 'o.rIB, on bit lying at M nte Christ i. wi.l be taken rhartre of by tieiiwal (iauJara, the pie ont ' aptaiu General ol the col< t.y . In the month o' Jttne. then those ro^r fellows will he '?machine al"nsr'' through that frightful country , ami many a r- o will dcv< r reach haatingo I i!id not cxjuct tti t a cani;>a:i;ti in the trishlful hen of a i omlmcvi sninmT w ul ! be ? overtaken but to It , i>. Tbe i tixieiy on ihe i art of Spain u> finish this war H so that net a day c m be sparer. I find tU?t two t riou and more men aro to be tent be-a from Spain imme diately, and w!kd tney arrive we ah II hear of more to toliuw A letter from St. I>m.ngorf (be 31 lostaut, put I shed in a Kar-ti go de Cuba paper, 8>ys it is |>o;|tiva that a co u'er-revolul on has broken < at in the province of 'Ibno, ?tni tig the insurgent* themselves; t int the ."'pit Isb Hsr h is been hoisted to places and a number of loenrgw.t loaiers shot hv the r own men. One ?r two moro small vo.-scls, with arms and lirovlsi 'lis lor the insurgents, bare been cajftucd by the gftatiisli cru sera 1 be telegrap'i from htnnllagn de Cuba to ITavant being ?ow nearly csmpleMM tiiro gh>ut its wh"i? length, we shall have the advantige of helling news from St. to min^o mil' h more frequently. SHIPPiNG NEWS. a (.Milt as rea taw rosa? ? ran n*r. srn nuts 1 35 I MO'iit mans eve 10 no suit sari 7 I'll man w*t?b morn U IV Port of New York. Hay '45, ISO*. CT.FAKED. flipamalilp Brlltama (Hr), Ye. trier, Glasgow? F Maodo na'>l A i o. Micainslitp W ust Point, Hoffman, Portland? II B Cmm well *<'o. Bark Pocabomaa 'Br) ArehboM, London? .las McMaster, Bark II Mlirpell (Br). Ilarfied, Copenhagen. fcr* l liomaa Terry illr , Matoucy. Matanoros? B A Ilua sey * Co. Brig Perilla ( Br j. Graham, Kingston. Ja? John Jackson A Co. Hiii Ri'-clalor (Rr). Pruddea, Bermuda? MeCol A Frith. Brg llauilt, Weeks, Beaufort? Mm ray A Nephew. Brig Loch l.nm>in j fl u'e. Bo ton? K I* H?ek A Co. tolir W il Clearev Be) Hall. Drumnioadiowu. Wl? Jokn ?chr Vivid ( Br), Tbompion. >t John, MB? P I NctIus A Sons. Brbr Chlngarora. Madison. Fortress Monroe? B 11 Kree ?Mr. flchr Sarah Bernice, Caliean. Philadelphia? T M Mavhew. F.ihr Marl* f>0'i ix*. Na*h. Portland? VF 8 llrown A Co. Hchr .loela.i Achorn. Hat. h. balein? B W Bnpeii A I o. Bcbr ro^al Kent. Boston? Joan Born ton* Son A Co. BcbJ Comma Bo t"on Bniltn ? J V ?! . B'lir Bed .laiket, ? Boat on ?J V lla wiod. H.ilir Ante opr. Morion, I'rov ilnnt"? W H Brows A Co 8? hr.l U (Irrlly, Itlder, NMrpeVt. Uieamer Mm Um BMvena.Cb.iiue. Itnli ruie. 8'ciimer T) ItlVy. fui|iip? Phil i Upti'i ?leamerTacuny. Picrc I'hlla'lclp'jia. AHHIVKIl Bieasasiiin nia'gow (Br). QUI. Liverpool, Mar 11. aad Queenntown Ititi, with wit*e and mm naaasngcra. to John it Hale I itb tnat, pitHai'd atom kip Citr oi Baltimore, bound lOifi'th. p?*?et several leeliciL's Btram*n p Kagle. Aiiamx, Ilavanv'Mnr II. iH I'M, wltn M(t*c and ptiMcngcri to Kpofloid, Tlleaipn A Co ;'4th Inat. tat M IU, oa 74 Su, pa??cd bark K H Rhiilt/., bottnd N. l'ne H wa< 'tela nert nil. hi., the Hook by fog* hour* Hfamhiun \ragn (IfB 1 1 a i- ? port t , (Tadadcn, Port Rovat. May 21 and charieaion Bar, tl PM, with pa**eng?r*. to C 8 yuartcrmnatcr fltcarnahlp Paiapaeo < U 8 transport). Neff. Fortress Men - roe.tetl B Quat termaater. Ship PraiHia l' rtage, Btevena, f.lvorpoo', 3& days, with milM and 4V paaaengera. to Lnwieri'*, OHe* A Co find light wind* and rog* tbe whole iiaeaage. Ilad one btrtk and three death*. Hhip Auxtralla. Towsrt, Liverpool, April IS, with md*e aad 7M paaaengera. M William* A Union, loth last, tat 41 W, loo U, saw ship Hemisphere, bound W. Br g L D Hart Bart. Portland, with spare, to master. Bchr Arrow (of Nax*a>0. Holtliueea. (1Kb lelaad, M Aaya. With mola*se? to K A U"ddefre* Bohr LoN Maratent (Br?. MsOuM VP <TalSb. If iMStlO WMB.X OBMII Ratir Albert (Br). Cornwall. 94 Andrew* KB, IS fays, With ra Iroad tie* to II J AO A Dcwoif. Bohr Col Kllxwo'ih. Crow, tkiuiwitet, P1I, U days, with oata. to Baker & Co. Hulxr Alesaudr a Ilea mind. Calais, B day*. Bcbr Eugene, Sprague. Oala a. Bcbr Cora Kearnev. Huberts, Calais. Schr Camilla, Appleby, Ka ipjrt. Bchr Crusoe. Keller. Machtaa. Schr Sarah. B iblnxon. Tremont. Bcbr Me oourni'. Mar?ou. Caidtner. Sc'ir Prank Mara. Barber, Baugor. Bohr Philanthrop at. Ho ner, Bangor, 4 day*. Bchr C ty f o ut. Mathews, liaugor. Kohr Andes, Cnrll. Bangor. Bchr Planet. Dermott. Rockland. Schr Sarah II olden, ltoek land, 5 daya. Sohr Bin pre a, Emery. Kockland. Bcbr Cbailotte, tirarea. Eookiand. Schr Trade W nd. Portland. Bohr Cordel a. Howard, Ueoraaa Banc. Sohr D H Baldwin, Dolton. Willeit'a Point Bcbr 8 Tuylor. Lor ng. Gloucester, 8<-hr A Barrett. Corn ah, B iston for Albany. i?. Ur Empire, (Jro by, Boston for Albaut. Behr Palfndtuin. Wider, Ronton Bohr Seneca, I'h nna , lio?wu for Albany. Schr Jul et. Crosby, Boston for Albany. Schr Diadem, Benjain n. Mew Bedford. .?? 8, ur James k Lucy, Chase, Fall River. M Schr Corinthian, Tsplev, Fall Slyer. Schr Eva. Northup, I'rovidrnce. Schr 11 E Ma o, \Vo >1. Provident*. Schr Essex, Post, Providence. Bohr C cero. Weeks. Providence. Schr'Auu El *a, Caswell. Piovidcnc*. Schr M?r> Kl'rabetli, Chase, Providence, Sohr Wm E lush War well. Bristol. Schr Leading 8tar, IT owe* Block Island. Schr Evergreen, Potter, Newport for Philadelphia. Bcbr Mart KatU B1 vcu, New London. Schr Pawnee, Chapman, New London. Selir Bela I'eck, Da\ is, Mew London. Schr Washington. Smith, Mew London. gohr Jane, Oorham, New London for Klizabethpoit. Sohr Hudson, Cook. New London. Schr Yorktown, Gr swold. Norwich. Kehr Haxnn, Cass'dy, Mystic. Bcbr Mar a L Hall. Lawrence. Portland, Ct. for Troy. S 'hr U T Willcts, Brown, Ston ngton for Roudout. Pchr Delphi. Bmlth. Fa rhnven. Sloop Isaac 11 Bordeti. Halle tt, Fall River. Steamer Albanv (U 8 Iran port), Deslsles, New Orleans, May 5. via Key West 19th, with passengers, to U B Quarter master. Steamer KW Brune. Foster, HaUlmore. Steamer Vulesn. Morrison, Philadelphia, Bteaincr Hope, Warren, Philadelphia. Steamer C.Comstock. Drake, Philadelphia. Steamer B C V'siker. Sherman. Philadelphia. Staamor Trenton, Wilson. Trentoii. Steamer Warrior. Mott. Providence. Bteamer Sea dull, Kenney. Providence. 8chr S T Barker, arrived .ves'erdav from Mew Orleans, re ports:? 18th Inst, lat S i 12, lou 75 3<i . spoke U 8 steamer Key* mono Stale, crui-ine: 20th. Iat33 30 Ion 75 32, waa hoarded by anolicer from u B steamer Kmlly, on a crnlse, all well Arrived 234? Schr Kstelle, Conk, St Domingo City, May 3, via Turks Islauds 13th, with salt, to Dewey A Cuillns. 8 Alt. ED. 24th? Ship Isabel: bark H Buck: brigs Webraaka. Maid of Erin, Olga, Koaa Abbott, J W Harris, H Havelock; a; lira Isle of Pines. Maria Pickup, (Jen Putnam. W ;ud at sunset Bti, with a dense fog below. Miscellaneous. Tnr Wrather? Last evening, a dense fog set In, with the wind southeast. Navigation to and from sea was somewhat Impeded, and the ferry boala to the adjacent cities made rather irregular trips In consequence of the density of the fog. A large number cf outward bound vessels are now anchored io the North River awaiting an opportun ty to pro ceed to sea, being detained by the unfavotable state of the weather Snip Avon (or Bo*'on), Howes before reported, was burnt on the 30th of March, in 1st 14 10 M, Ion 33 w, bv the rebel steamer I'lor da. Snir Lobklay? ' The mlzenmast of the ship Lorelav, from New York for Liverpool, wlixh put nto Fayal in distress, bas been found defective. Siiip Santiago, 420 tons, bu It at Melford In 1815. has beeu sold at Melbonrno for ?210 ', and her r : m ' has been changed to Collingwoo 1. Bshk Palmyra (Br) fron New York for Glasgow, was hovo down nt i'a- ul l'.'th u i. and thr>e pieces of iocs found Imbedded in her bottom. She would so u be ready to pro ceed to her dentinal on. Scim Sauaii J Vauouak, at Qulncy from Philadelphia, re port* on the 2-'d Inst, at 5 AM. off Block Islml, in a sudden squsll, she saw the schr Clias Ferguson. ot Philadel phia founder and link. She could not rcach her In time to save the cre-v. Schu Bh'k Jackrt, Bnker. of and from Banzor, for Ha verh II, Mass, with acar^oof iumlier, waa ditmisted in tbn squall on Sunda morning la?u a' out I o'clock, oil Capo Elizabeth, and was towed into Portsmouth harbor on Bun. da eveuing by icbr V ctory. Whalemen. Bark Oleone. Lnee, sM from New Bedford 21th Inst for Afnut c and l'aoibe Ooeins. Itar? Sarah. Handy, of Matt, was beard front no date, Ac, with 400 a,i all told. Notice to mariners. OOAKAHTJNK NOTICE. Anv pilot or enptalu of any r sscl arriving in the port of New York, subject to visitation by the H-alth O'Tlcer, who shall roluse or iiegleet to detain nis ves-a l at Quarantine until releasfjd by the proper authority, will de dealt with ac oorUiug to law. JOIIM 8WINBUBNK, M II, Health OCCcer. We bar* received the following proclamation from the Danish Consulate In this city.? According to communications from the Ministry of Pt nancesL dated 9th April last, tt has bean ie?olve<i tbat utitU lurther notice merchant vessels -ailing under co'ors hitherto acknowledged bv the Danish Government, even If belon^in* ta those States which, at the present time, are at war with Ueo'uar*. fhall be a'lon ed to enter into and depart from the Danisliiah West India 1?lnnds free and unmolested, sub ject only tn the laws and regulation uiihcrto In force, and orders will be given t" tlie effect that men-hart vessels sr.ll ing under the above mentioned color- shall not be overhaul ed orcaptuied in the West India scaa by Danish ve scls of war. Should any change in the above mentioned rcspo-t be re solved on. timely notice will be Liven thereof, -o that the parties conr erncd may be enabled to :ake ? uch precau'lons as they may decui neoissary. The sovernment of t'.e Danish West India po sessions St Crois. May .!. IS .4. W B I K II. CARL. UATTENSEN. Spoken, iSf. Brig Eaji'et, rrporled yeelerday, vi- an error. roreisa Ports. Ajuimi, March 1.1? I'aaaed b . *h p Roaoiute. Mcflilvar', from Hong Koiv or MYork; 171U, bark HaverUatn (Br), Penrre, 8ti inzhae for do. A mot, Msri li S! i? Sl(l tbtf Hermann, (for* N York. Atijo* H?v C(JH March In port :<r barki While Wing, Roa?, for Bo-toa ? day*; Pardean. Darle, for do 10; Br brig Volant Fuller, une Ahi>ko**a!?. M>r II? Sid Erie. McKen?ie, and Henry Coo*. Morgan, NVork. Hiiimol (P.ll), ,\la 10? Bid Aid, Kdwarda, CarJilT and NVork. Hh ii ivhh, May 8? Sid OMenburc, Wracje, N Y.irk. Rathi-iist lt(j, April IS? Arr Florenca Nightingale. 1'r.d Bott'o. B ?*o? Atiib*. Aprt' !)? In port bark l a Plaia. Crowe'l, for NVork abt JJili . brlj; lia^k't, Terrv, from do, 46 dava pua as*. Bitkvia, A; 111 1? Arr ahlp Agno*. Uaaaett, Baaton SM Marihlfl, rblp S)> rprUe, rtatilott. .Work. l!K"?iTi>i. May W? \ir l.rga cunki, and Henrlclta, N York. CM May G f*lir E VV Kvana. N York * Cnwrs, M*y II? Air Saxon a (a). Trautmann. NYork. C?i run >? 11 ? Arr Ocean IVarl, Newcomti. 1,-niloo. 8 d ;tth. Suanit Mowlam!, (i Hint. Niork; 10th, Sea Lava, Ba'l. Uallao; Miry Ilang^ Ha:iK- Rl > Janeiro t'nxiitvix May |0- Sid Joi n B"rtiam, liming (not K'.'i<iscn SVorK. Mohawk, Davit, Sun t'ran<t o Cawuth, Api il 9? In )<>rl ?hip i utivaler. Height. for NVo k proceeding down the river, bark I'atiuaa. llano, lo Rofl 'ti .-Id : roni .' ausof Apr 1 3. si. Id Onown, Howr <, M i trlma ('?M>.na?. Ma? t? Air tatk Sarah B llrle. Portlan:; bllkil! M tlln w?, Mat.hewa, do (and a'd 12'li for flag'ia). llolun . K il inan, hrunkfort; relief. Brcwn, Boaion 7thd Mecbaa M ara. Halt! i ore llth hiri^na. Mean , Setra Mori na land eld for IV rt'and) : !?ib. l.aik Sailor. Pilnce, ( Hr Troon, N lork; 17th, bit,;* Dannie, Uoo.aie do; lfjih. Itrown Whaley, do: < alnimk, Per.tetigll!, Ur nt Morcna laud aid fur 1'ortlaud . S d I It's br n ,i lialfh. (iArdner, I" r''a;id; 8 Pa aon (Br), Dakin NYoik, l-th, Inrk B Oo eord, i'olcnrd, do; lir c K'1 1 . o Hi nt, Ita'i m ire I3tli baik U II Kn tlit, far rr< m ii . NYoin: br ca li La dlow iBt i. W iaon do; Rua* an. Tooiliaker. Notion; acbr ()??tina, Jobn-<tt a port nortli o( llatieiai; I t i, bark lrluliy, ?N>ckor(On, 1'oriiaud; brig J Datia, Slaplea r'o. tlFvn rn a Mav S? Arr carki Ladr Frank In (Br), Uili'lia I, Bn-ton ; S VV llo b o<<k, Sinai. Port %cd; brig > I'aracno (Ri ) Well', Bo*toa;4lh Marine. Cook, ?:?; ?Hh. H i.o I (Hr) Delap, NVork; lltli. baik U A A leu, Wagnrr, NOrleana s'd Ctli, brla Lnerella, NVork; 7'b l.ark "BoaeTe't." do; llth. bark l.tnda. I'll ladelplila- i'rlja Ui-nmark. NYork; SI! Mliuw (llr) and rvpie?< Br*, do; l?!h, art. f.eiMy, H'l'.nn; In i^a 8 Hrria r llri, I'b ladduhla nienkhoa (Urit Mork; Ilili. I li.N'?vlni(Br), Foo now M rrh S3 ? In pori abir>? Oeorrea, Wl lama for Rhancbae; 8t I'a'il Oro-veii, for i!o; bark< Br ief* tor. llerr , fir NVork; Ira , i?r >, for d"' Forott Pe e P?rr *a'. fur TonT?ln; Itovrr, Sttrer, for Shanghap; feiigu n Hr?>retnn. Irom do, hoc. Onan .i-MorTii. Ma II? Sid Drllil Hurkn, NY.irk iIi.immh. Mr, II? Sid Pac lie, Morgan. Ko-ton, Belle Creole, Corba-n. Ardroa<an Hi'iii; K1.1G, Manh .1? in r?rt. ?''Ira D^fl) ?, Allen, for San rraii' .a o; llel>oa, Wel?<trr; V'orae. I.awrei c*. and John I. l> m mock. Il?r??rd, for d? log; War Hawk, Seuddpr, lor Fan.'ki'k; lllark Pr n n. t baae; Oen Noaall. Ilnllik^ii; (let Pealieil .Pane; Kalb*' . Ktod larJ ; Mala., llutcU nain, an I Sliiilev. Mullen, ur.c; barke ffnapdiagon. hr aid. for Analralla Ida. Ifoni'ia. f'artwrialit from Hew York, arr March iS| Hen>'fa -ire?a, Eldrldse; CarlotU, ; U.lm, dude; Hartv R id. Took, and Mara Barllett. O I rhrat. unr; lion Pedro I (Prn?, late Am), for 8ual. bat bo< n old for g'J.'iOi. 8 d March 15. ?hl|>a Si?a S?rrenl. P ke, Jlanl a. to'oad fer New York or D> ion; '.'7th. Windward, Srnilk, Tol o; Slit, Uaahlni; Wave, L-'craw, Singap ne. April 7? Sid bark Arctle, Harrmond, Roatoe IIatama. May 7? Air atea ner Alaia.'oida (r?oel). Mmilh, OalveKton; br ?Le4a (II')l', F alman, Hn' n;Mh, tnrk Prin cena (Br), Rian. do; hrlc Brilliant (Brl. I^ad. llYo k;0tli, barka F Nighlincal" (BrJ, Heard, do; lotb, J Uodfrer. U n enln, Kev w?ti llth. iteamer 7>' nb gh (reiTl), Godfrey Mo bile land aid IMkfor Na aau i , echr t'ectl a ( rebel), McK u, do; l.llh. ?tr Uourgal (Brl. Smith. |do. br'g M en Barnard. Col lin*, Penaaen a; llth, ahlp Oneawe, N? hol?. NOil??na (and aid IHtli fur Boaton ; IGtb, ?n ame a Mary iBr. Tay lor, Mobile; Ilcro'ne (pbH), Will a. Naaaau; aclir .1 w Miner. B?rrr. NOfloina; 17t?. b.irka llo .ian i Br). Hlf-key, NYork; E It Fi?k, risk. K* y W?t (and aid 2iltU lor Nana v taai; I'M h, it'am?-r Suaana (reh'l1, M<-roBii?r. Tetaa. Sid imli, barkt lullana Franplaca :( Ual?. Bella. NYork; 12i h, Shi m>ild (Bi), l?cin i ne, d,i. lltV Koain' * ( litem >. Hmrlce, do; It k P Larrahee. Unit N<-n*itaa; Ifitb kirk* Oen Itcrrr, Coojier, and Zlngare la. rtti-?ena NYork; Kith, I rig' Kev na. l.ald, \ era Cr'i/; I9tlt RHen Barnard O'J I na Sag a; inth. bark John 8 Harrla, Harmon, Trinidad, brig J We?t, Hiiiiibniaa, NVork via Careuaa liAiinon Uhaci, N r, April 16? vrr bri^ Myrtle, Congdon. N||" u'rA*. NS. May ?-Arr brig Otipen of Ollppera NTork Kaiauawa, March II? In pert bark Oabome (Br), for II Turk direct. . .. , ? I<ivmtrooi., Mn P? Arr 8 don ?>. Mart n. NTork; J II H ntdou. rntt'Tion, no; llth, (My of HtUlmoro (?), Mir# NVork. , ?? .si'l 'Mh K <;*<*<*!? , Cutter, Mflhourn#; W F stor#r. Rr an< NYnrk; |i?h. Thomtou (not Thornhltl), Weila, #0; *ic torli Me er. San I ran |wo sld loth. Ylarata, Uruminond. San Fraec'aco; lllh, Mar tba. Blue. Boston. . . Knt out tub. Oil. of Limerick (a). Jonea. HYork lA>KVon, Ma. Il-Arr Maitha ftldeon. 1 wir, Mnulinoln. I'ld I'th, Ata'anli, P nkbam, New York (?nl lot from Oraveaend lllh); La?anU Feraa, Boa ion Lmnici, Mav !t-Atrr?roi,na. Dodero. BTort M maaii.i ?a, *?' T-Arr | p) pnrell. LMek. MYork M*i.hoihh?, Mareh ?-Arr ahlp KiDgflab-r, .Freeman, Ota no N/. (and ild 10th* to l^'urn); 5th. hng R??llr*?. Smith Hoelon via Inreroarg II: Stb, ?hip J W Paine. Burke, IMaen N/. 'nnd aid Ifith lor B' lff Harbor. lOlh Paiiflekl. l'.one Philadelphia 17t!i. bark Finiil#. Araana, NVork. Hid Martih (. >hip U P Palteli Mit>b?||, |.,r Calrnlia; lftlh. baik Japan, 8m lh, Newcaaile, NHW . ltd ahlp B'andtna Dtidler Barrett, Auckland Ofl Port Philip lleadeiM, bark Caatleton llill. rrom New ^ >l!iiii?A,'8iaroh ?? ? d baik Panima, f it flan Prsaelege; lllh. Breaieii aklp Wl l??, New York; Mm, Br brig Balve. dare Saa Franelaau; 17th, abipa Holo (Ham). Mew York; Oc'M Bag'a, ChMm, po, Buene Viata, Ay ara, iea Teaaa, tfnrlM. NOreana; Paaatina. Will, nilMnl tfrti iTwedmo*; f???i, tfcZn '? MHl ver M lok.^ d?- Jo*ia^ Gooding K*"* Oru*; I'll, H t! Breokl. Mmir loIyllEi? 15th. baric fc?*% 8.V'je."!jNo''?*a? i??4 ? d IBtl^rer Pho! adelphia): brig C * O'Crtaa. Vera brut; 17th J?f ffSf Urtiiths briininl<..,,^> NYork. * *** ? ? Sid ISth, bark U^P'riu (?|rt. Wareolt. NTork Three Sister*. Stone, do; 10th, bark 1* C Altiui ?r MaSHT man do: brig Minna Tratrt, Mitoheil, Portland- sch'r ??I~ eonla. Ho t. Phi adephla. "**' , ?"VVA' port brig Albert Adams, rer Pfci *. delphia In * few dava. * Palmhio. Apnl*)? Old brig Don redo (Ttal). Aiirlemna NYork ; 25th. scbr Giovatiniao (Ital), Luise, do; 17th, barka Kdntn. Llndse). do: mh, La Felice (Ital), I^auro. do; brim Bedulno (Ital) , CaTero. do; 30th, Ocorglana (Br), Tetem, do* SiKaarowt. March 27? Arr ship Archer, Ores*ey. Hon* Koug (and proceeded for Calcutta): 28th, bark Annie ? ffi52'2o4k. 1 oniP*?u. Sbanghae (and sld Slat for Calcutta), ftla 48th ships odeasa. Nichols. Akyab, to load for Kurope; (jonrf0r0 Calcutta; Slat, Horlenaia, Drtyor, Haa isl5.Wl ^.K." ii "^'P* 5 A from Cardiff, arr March 2i, una; Ceylon, Sampson, from Batav a. arr 281*. for BWonj a t*enau?: Reynhrd. 8evmour, aodOoeau Hum* Mv ;i, rlii Jr0ii Hamblln, for Manila, to load for NYurk, Conil lent, (lowland, unc; Peerless. Roberts, da; bark Ariatide* (Nor). Heckuian, from Boston. arr April X NYork? rr'^t h Vnloaa (Br), busker, fra* Siunouak, M nrch 15? In port ahips ? F Willeta (sold); La M>n(llr) and Cornells (Br), for N York: b.-irka Hiawatha. R der, fi .:n Poochow, arr 7th; Li 1 1 ie, Knowles. from do. an Vtb ; Nestor, Cioutman, from do, arr lftih; Star King. Smith, from do arr 16th; Pacific, Morse, ao'd for $10,000; Sea H rd, Weston, chartered for 4 mos, and others. Kid March II. sh ps Kiogaan, Willa, Foochow, 17th, 81 Paul. Crowe'!, do; bark Penguin, Breretou. do; 21sL shia Sarah Newman. Cobb, do: Kid. bark Lucy K AsMov, Maw' auhwang, tCean (ltr), NYork. Alao aid March 12. ahipe Volunteer (lir), NYork; 18th, Fe.irics*, [Ionian, Manila; 17tli, bark Harvest Queen, Gllery, San Prune seo. SvoNKir, NSW, March 9? Arr anlp Richard Buataad, Milafc. ell. PiiKet Bound. Surinam. April 25? In port bark Surlname, Tucker, unci brig Fred Wording, from Baltimore, arr 24th. Sauua, Mar 3? Arr brig Fannie Lincoln, Hendison. Ha vana; 4ih, bark Ocean Eagle, Luce, do; schrJAWood hmun, Thomas, do; 12th, brigs, A J Rosa, Small, M alamos: A D Torrwv, OrifUa, Mariel; 13th. barka K Ginn, Glnn, NOiw lean ; Villafranca, Hill, Cardenas: Jas R Brett, Iiunoa, Key west; Conqueror, Niokereon. do; 8 B Carlton, OrnntA Havana; bil ;s On Maraliall, Staples, do; F J King, [)>>ana, Re. W?at; achr li Harwood, Harwood, Havana. Rid 0 h, bark Mar.v Kllzabeth, Noyea. Boston; brig Hima den, Snow l'Ui aJc phia; 10th, echr Baltic. Urant. 1'ranK fort; I'll", bark Sharpiourg, Wendell, VYork; brig f'e.leiiea (lla ). t'o- uriillii, do; 12th, achr Fanule, Vanc?, l'bl'adel phin , 12th, brij Chas Wesley, Ford, Baltimore; lltii, bar* E Sc!i ult/., Howard. N York. St Johns, N'P, April 25? Arr brlga A F floodlme, Paaaer. NYvtrk; MavO. St Vincent, Oaulon; Victoria L' ran la Lenoir; Villi e Belle, Taylor; Maltha, Oaulon; Advent, Claw, and Balfllntlia, Bnwden, do. Kr.Ionn. NB, Mav 24? Arr brigs Avondale, and Zebulloa, N York ; sclira <3 Parker, and Harvest Queen, do. Tubes Islands, May 12? Sid bark Weilapoed, Taylor, Maw York. Wn ampoa, March 31? Sid prevloua bark Sophia, JaeotaL N York. fP?i SntAVimr Asia, at -t Arr from NVork May 10. Hermanoe, off Rddystone; I lib, p.'undia ut Folkstonf: )2th, Krnestlne. at Dover: 14th. Ark wii ,lii, at Liverpool; March 5. Anttclo Jaaon, at Otago; lMk, Magnus, at Melbourne; 25th, Albort the Good, at Sydney; 2U li. Australia, at Woosung; 26th, Hou'iua. at Hong Kong. Sid 'or NVork May IS, Wld Hunter, from Deal. Hid for Bou'.ju May 12, J Evart. from Gr.iveaend. fi'.iip Joslah Bradlee, from Boston, has been damaged at Calcutta by lire. The Ran Francisco, from Ban Francisco for Saigon, waa totally lost oif Cape St James. The crew ware saved aa* landed at Saigon. Ship W F fitorer, from Liverpool for Ji/yv Tork, pat bMk 14th, having been In collision. 'r* (Latest via Queenstown. ? Arr from KYork, Navigator, at Byde; Wisconsin, at Uvw> pool Arr from San Franc'sco, Lawrence, at Liverpool. Arr Irotu Callao. Shoot ng Star, at Havre. American Porta. BOSTON, Vav 24? Air barka Llbertas (Prus), BranbaflL Lv rpoil; Jane Rosa (Br), Brash, Havana; M otan% Htm cy, Uatiruore; X<aura Ruas, Long, E l'abethportx briija L i?a (Br), Dov'e, Kc ?e 's Cove; R M llessea. .lone.''. Ba'llnnre; A1 ce Lea, Herring; Warren, Sm th; J W 1> rski Buck nam; Centaur. ReTton; Euma, Parsons; Aurvte. Lyarh, and Wi'b't' r itclley, Brotvn, Philadelphia; Surr. Hweetland, and Snwunnee, Cobh, E'lzabethport; whra John Farnhaui, Kellev, Baltimore; C arabel, Bturgei; V8 Audenre 'I lie we'.t; Sarah Elizabeth, Kellev ; Active. Fisher: A thea. tiodl'roy; R L Tay, Freeman; Paran, C ark; 8 0 T er, Connors; O W Wh stier, Phlnney; Eloulse. Thacher. It M Oyer, Rich; Oriental, Thompson; R 8 Miller, Cor lory. Fisher: C W Holmes, Cranmer; Revenue, Oanay; Ouivard. lli^ins; J McCloskey. Crowell; Alice B, Chase; Sallia B Batemau; A E Clark, Lane; Qeurgla, Hwett; Bouudarv. Johnson; M A Magee, Ay res; D M 1'rcook. loucs J W Hall, Cain; C B Edwards (larwood; C W Locke, Huntley, and Ll/zle Muni, Frnmbes, Philadelphia; A J Oyer. Itozers; Rising Hun, Smith; Fakir, Hawes; Sarah Moore. Hit; Bangor. Ougtin. And Zicavo. Murch, Eitzal>elhpor^ Ctd Br svamshlp Afi lna, Andorson. Liverpool, via Halifax; iir snip Dolphin. Humphrey, Valparaiso and a markai; baric Ui.diue (Pr), Clover, Rlen'uegos; ic'us JV Welllng t m Chlpinan, Washington; Granite State, Hallett N York; E P tloi\ur<l. Hopkins, Nassau, NP. Bid, wine BNE. ehlp lolinl; brig Lor an a. 2Mh? Arr bark Transit, NOrleans. Below a Ruisiaa frV ^ RT ROYAL May 14? Arr echr Sprar. Adams. Phila delphia; l*th. steamer Trade W.nd, Babb.dge. N York; 20tk, ? hr Flatten S.-a, Daggett. Boetftn. Uld 14th. solus A M Aldridge, Cullin, Philadelphia; Oaa W II nson. Shaw, do (and both std same dav); sloop Ha> c ftc, Appelman. Myst c; 16th, brigs Harp. Are . , Fulls ita> &hla; C V Will ams, Thompson, do via Mt Johns. Pta (a ad oth aid 19th); sohre Commander. Pedrlok. NVork; Oil** Ha ward. Bartonr. do (aod sid 17th) ; Joseph Reed. Gtbb% Nns*au, M'; Lewis Chester. Soui6rs, Philadelphia (and sm 17th); I7'.h. L M httcv, Dolbenre, New I^onnon (and sM 19th ) : ISth. brig John Freeman. Crowell, Philadelphia (aad all same dav); A B Cook, Speed, New Tork (and aid sana .la.'); achrs Jameatown, Megee, do (and aid 19th); Govern nor. Freethy, Philadelphia (and sld 19th): Sally Oav. Ht?4. a n. N York (and sld 2itli ) , 20th. J U Wan wrlght, MulfoWL and Sophia Wilson. Now all. Philadelphia; 21st, Sarah Pat Kouataia. and John M Brooniall, Dougiaas, do; Joba W D 'U^htv. Sinllh. NYork. SAN FRANCISCO, May 19? Arr ahlps Maggie V H uga. 11 a nes, Ba tlrroie; 2Sd. No-utan. Lunt. and Gardlaar Cm b , M'Lellan, Boston; bark Albers, llong Kong 'WARREN, May 24? Arr achr Commerce, Mulleo, 1 bath port. ROYAL HAVAlU LOTTMaY. OOYAL IIWANA LOTTBRT. OPMCIAL DRAWIMO Or MAT 10. Ho*. 3 41 I l? 1 17 1.',? l.ti 5.17 g re M-' 711 782 7i !>:?i .Ml, J 102 ?157 27s {.472 '4<is. I4'1 l?7I. Prl*r?. ! Noe.Priip*. I Noa. Prlapa. I No? . Prize* I Km. Pr 1j)J. .$200,1 ?SS.$IOOOO|3ilJ?9. . Ii_ }~7i |l I) ?hm Mil I 2.1 s A-ICI -'262 T:,! 240 isoo 2542 SIM IS 42 t?C g;o2 2"4 I 31 J * 31'.% 82.16. 3.45). 3379 .1175. 55 IK. 38tJ M 77 at./ j .1 ra ion 4(1-17. 4271 411*. 4461. 4 M 43 4 tfM. 47?) 4745 0?2 si ;.-j 5319 . . . lOU 20' ... 40.) IUJ .300 ....V" ...10 KH 300 ? tiw 304) inn ...200 2* ...a o ...50>) 2110 ...44*' .mo ...20 ...4 1' .. 40 ...00 ...a* ..40b ...10 ,.?0 . . .400' .. ..'?J0 .. JO ...303 ...m ...2W"! ,i.?0U .2* it) ...400 m ...sop ?5* . .tab 20i 101) .30 . 30" ..I1" . .AH , 3t?: . . li>' . 21*) n?i>l .. w A? 20 L2M 51,9. 51*0 0M3. OOM. 53 ?. a8J. I'.IWI. 0230 8VI. 6381 04 4. 9C9A. 6784. It -'A. 891 ft 491a or*. 0317 037). 7151. 74f>7. 72 8. 7247. rm. 74.11 7M5. 7CU. 7611. 78U7 7-1.15. .919 1 75 fe03 S27ft 84 7. <111 S4.ll . ?<? BOM 1731. 8*4. 8809 'JOir 90 JO. %"Q. p. 93 .1 '. AM. 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Punctual altemlanoa la d>airei. * P. or Kim AIJKKBMAH, PraatdaM. Oaoaoa 8011411% 8p< retary. 141TII WARD ^!TT*1^!?II? AWOriATIOW -A MAM J tL meeting of thin aaaoclatlon will 4.ike place IhU (Thara dayj pvpulng. at Brait'a llall. Manhatiaorille. for 1 ha par iki?- ?r (iring glaring fapta rerardlng miaknial ' orritpUaa, and nraiaf * raiorm ta 4Ua m .de of citr ABllTlA* R. VaS REST, I re.ldeat Jon i? ? ?rtr?o*, Secratar j. flic kXCTVRB IIAIOI. IMPORTANT LROTUKRR DA1LT, KOR (JRNTI.RMBM only, at Uip New Vark Mtiapiim of Anatomy, 618 ftraa^ way rartlea nnable ta ai4ead 4he?e Inpture* can have tbea for^Klpil on nw-pipi of 4en cM?4a by aadraaalng SpcriOwy ol Rew York Muaeiim of Anatomr. ?GUARS AND TOBACCO. CEOAHH-AT TIIR LOWEST POSSIBLP. PRICKS, At 17 the New York Satpir Mannfaet'irlna Company A CI! BEKS, Agent 70 Murray atrpeL 400.000 llarilt, taaa and Havana and Seed Sagara In atoek. Thoracoo -por salr, one or roorrs- cuttir* ? ? 1 mil. up*. 111 1 onipletr order. Can l<a run by hand a? 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