Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 27, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 27, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW 1 WHOLE NO. 10,115. NEW Y ORK HERALD. YORK, FRIDAY, MAY 27, 18G4. PRICE THREE CENTS. BUTL E R S Additional Details of the Proceedings of His Command from the.Cem menct mont of the Campaign. Tie Capture of Fort Darling Not In the Programme Nor Intended. What Rebel Deserters Say of the Fight at Proctor's Creek. Additional Particulars of the . Fight Between Ctan.Fitzhugh Leo and the Colored Troops. Guerillas Making Their Appearance on the James River. SEVERAL TRANSPORTS FIRED INTO. Affairs on the James and York Rivers, iik. *?., as Mr. WlllUm H. Blister's Dup?(ch?i. BUDQViRlM OV MaJOB CbnkRAL BCTMR, \ In thm Fibld, May 23, 1861. J * fmoaracnvt raw tr mi "socthsidb" campaign. ?Bring the period of oomperatlvs lethargy la the ope Valtooa of our army, awaiting the developments of Gen eral Grant's forward movements, 1 propose to give a Sties pec t of the proceedings of the command of Ma)or ??Mrs! B nhr,from the inception of the campaign until mm present day. TBS nitai FLA* OT TBS SPJUXO CAMPAIG*. ?b tbe let of April last Lieutenant General Grant, ac Mmpmled by Major General W. P. Smith, Brigadier Gen ? <t Robinson and Ra* lings, arrived here from Wash m. ?), to consult with General Butler as to his views of %ynMhlog' movemente, aad remained several days, i Mlo| to the fevere equinoctial gate prevailing pi Ike time, lb as having ample soope to mature tay plan hit upon It wu at first proposed '?M General Batter, with a heavy Ibrce, should move Ipas Golds boro, M. 0 , via Newborn, and drive the tBamy towards Richmond. This pian, howovsr, was mm after rejected, and that of General Butler adopted, fUoh was the present operatlcas on the south side M tbe James river. in mpAKARon. . ill* coooootlng the mode of procedure It beoame gsary to provide meana to carry out the scheme; and General Butler broached tbe subject of transports to Geaeral Grant the latter* promised to do every thai Waa required, aad that all a Is requisitions ?fcoaM be duly honored aad complied with. To organise Bateaatvs campaign U requlrsa competent chiefs 5 departaseata, aad la this respect General Butler 1s ?MaBats is having surrounded himself with s thoroughly 5$5het staff Bavlag dscided upon a "base," It now be ame occssaary to have a force, aad, after having secured i adequate number of ssea, trsasports were needed, " , as only a very abort period oould elapse before ope Sit commenoe, everybody was sajolned to nerte la carrvlng oat the orders Issaed, so I to t# rsady at tbe earliest possible momeai. f ??>> JWOCUKKB1WT 0? SHirriXO. PTobablf no department of oar army depending up an i^sisf transportation for supplies Is or has been better with boats of svsry class than this command; |M with all Ueoo advaotagea our moaas of traasporta |QB were comparatively meagre for tbe monster ope VjfeM about to be undertaken. Quartermaster General fi %s at onoe sent out his agents to charter, boy, seize BBd obtain, as best tbsy could, all tbe available steam gMpe, steamboats, tugs, barges, schooners, and, in fact, tsrarts ss were needed In ibis department. in a rih. rt time Hampton Roads wns alive with shipping, r mem bled mo.-o New York harbor than tbe key I to the bogus confederacy. Time was tbe 8rst point jeefully ialned. The trausportc oa arrival wore at i turned over to Lieutenant Colonel Herman Biggs. 1 Quartermaster at tbe Department of^Virgmia snd I) Carolina ? a most energetic, faithful sad competent ths fksding or Air amt m aeat to traaaportlng them, and this branch of tbe fc nun was entrusted to Lieutenant Otl >noi .-mall, Chief nmmisSary of Subsistence of this department, assisted few I Us able Depot Commissary, Captain Jamre Curry. Boasaods of ratloos were required and obtained. A feBprly to lant our entire army In (He Held for months was BfWe' here on receipt, aud on the score of providing far tbe suetenaooe of oar army General Butler was con futed that be waa most amply made secure. TBS OBDMAKCB OBf ABT MBXT, tbe eTclent management of Cnptaln Edson, sited States Arm#, waa also largely tasked to con i towards the apprueohing campaign, and millions _jds of ammunition (or oanuon, muskets pisto's j made reedv for tbe Immediate use of tieo. Butler's sy. Tbe clerical help of all the dep-irtments sbors Mentions* was d ubled, to meet tbe requirement* of im gliding sveots, and everything worked to a charm. aaricAt raspABATioxa. After furnishing conveyances for ths troops, then food fer them, forage for their horses and missiles of d?ath for Be foe, It became necessary to provide it last, though by Emestis least, proper conveniences in case ot their be Eg wounded. To srrange so Important a department Botlvely It requires a master mine and great ex;*'l Mee, end a men who thoroughly understands bis busl l 8ucb en offloer General Butler lound in his Medl [lirector, t)r. t harles MoCormick, a surgeon ot many s' practice in tbe army, a most com;oie;it physic' n. rt chemist and flu shed genilemau. Thoroughly sversmt with tbe treatment of woutide ar.d ras<*e Inborent to a Southern cllrao, Dr. Pormlck wss exactly the man, above all i to suporvlse the medical department of a army, while acting as Medical Director, Dr. ^rta ck is like .',se charged with tbe purveying ol the ?y, In this branch ho has two valuable ass si.iuta, ar*. Howdeti and Hrown.wbo ll^ht n bi labors in 1 department. Abundaut store-i of mod < mos were lined snd msdo re idy tor immediate sha ping as soon i tbe army was reidyt- move. abkitai or ai'irvonrtmwm ?bUe ths extensive operations were progressing on* ?rmy beg in to iaoreaso Trojps fr^rn remote pari* of 6a South began to arrive daily by thousand*. Our i nes i drawn In oloself , and all the avai.ab.o loroos re I trem garrison duty ? veterans h?v?ng tho'r pi * _ by recruits Maj r Cl?"cr>?l V', 1 . Smith, who w s . to ibis department shortly after thevioitnl srt GsBeral uront for duty, wns ordered to Yorktown lasiumi' command of lbs trooim mn<?lu^ il ? ; o pin r in toward movement. Ihua the reorgaul/at;on of r.ur army souttnued, and when a iocwd corps commander ?rived every th ire was la rcndiness for Maj >r Uoberal Better to take tbe Sold in person. MMJSIViao IBS BHBMT. lay ths best man win " Is probably a very excelleot s for bruisers, who merely run the risk of having sir eyee blackened, but not death sta: ing tliem tn ttie With armies ths case Is different strategy often jpUshss far more than aumbors , and with tteneral ?tier the last assertion Is ampljr borne onl lb gain a I foothold on rebel territory It beoame accessary to Sirs tbe enemy In regard to tbo locality where ths _i blow wss to be struck, and aubsequent events demon rale bow troll we have succeeded m OftAlin BOTSMRftT. ne army, bavlag been well organised, were assembled a Torktowh and Gloucester Point, aad transferred to ths g. A feint waa ma<te towards VVtute House, jdlng a full brigade at West Point, on tbe river, who commenced to construct wharves repair tbe railroad* ibe enemy watched closely : aad, flud iral nutter's msvements vsry closely : snd, nud throegfe their spies tbst tbe advaaoe radicated a i'tjf '?ir r .od the White Efe??P ? OUpoj* ??r ad |os At rebel capital. WbiletBrfeBemy WasB>aklc| I prep^rsiloos Ibe order for our srdty r> novd after BJZt^Leait. Prery steamboat esptatn had sealed BHscnuTtllnl 10 report at leitress Moarod At He furthef order! were Mood. The sum total it _ m vemsnt ouimWe4 i? ?.*neral itmier by onA tbe sbiset Strokes Of StrVegy known In this war, I Ml eolumn around, lb ifeort |B?C? o( twelve hours, mm lb# York to tbo Apoomattoa rlvsr, ? distance of one Hundred and twenty -five miles. and obtaining a arm foothold oa rebel ground without the slightest moles tut ton. Tbe navy oo operated In this movement by advancing wltb tbe Iron-dads, followed by a number of sldewbeel and other (uoboata. stupe ear army, baa been lo poat tton tbey bar* occasionally abelled Uie river banks, and they ara acting at present as Qankers. But durln* tbs progress of General Butler up the James river not ft single shot was fired on sllber aids. WUil rOLLOWBO BPU8SQ01W* to oor occupation of Fort Powhatan, Wilson's wbarf, City Point and Bermuda Hundred Is too woll known through tbe columns or tbe IUrald. as portrayed bv jour correspondents In the field wltb tbe army. Nearly every day a buttle of sowo kind was fought, witb v*ii lug BucccBH, We gained and lost, and ao did tbe eo?m\ but we stand best aa a whole, as we maintain our po j sltlous, strongly tor tilled, and are keeping a large rebei i force from reinforcing Lee. tbs cimju or roRT dirijhi was no ptrt or General Butler's Instruction* fr m the higher authorities, and his advance In that direction was merely a letnt to cover other and more important opera tloos. The grand battle of tbe 16th Instant, when the brave Hecktnan was captured, was tor tbe pur pose of relieving tienerul Andrew V. Kauts from boin,: overwhelmed by superior numbers, he navlng startxi out tu saver the coratminlcatioos of Rkiimond with the S' uth, via the Petersburg and I.ynohburg and Petersbur.; and Danville railroads Prior to that? In fact, while { General Butler wan preparing fur hln sudden asceut or I tbe James river? the Norfolk and Petersburg Railroa^ bad already beau destroyed. nmnm* stiutbgt. In order to keep up tbe deception of tbe eneni\ and convince him tbat our movoinonts were via tbr Cbick-diomlny river, General Butler ordered Colonel : R. M. West, In ommand of two regiments of colored cavalry, Co.ooels CVlo and Garrard, to j force tbat stream and endeavor to roach the Jame? rlvor In the neighborhood of Turkey Bend, or Har . rlson'a landing. This order was most Implicitly obeyou I and succesefuily carried out Colonel West crossed the | Oblckabomlny at Jones' lord, skirmished wltb the enenu i all along the route, and arrived at Harrison's Landing > ? | good condition two days aftor General Butler owupif Bermuda Hundred. Thus rar in our operations everything worked well Oor oolumn was pushed forward to seiae a penlnuulu | between tbe Appomattox and Jamos rivers, throw up in trenchments, and if possible take possession of tbs turn pike loading from Petersburg to Rlchmnd .which we ac compllshed. The tapping of the Richmond and Peters burg road required a great struggle on our part: bm Genoral Ilcckman finally succeeded, and performed th work of destruction most thoroughly. Tbs subsequent battles and final falling back to our Impregnable de fences have all been duly chronicled, and need no repeti tion here. tbs aasisTAim or oiwsiul ?cti.*b deserve tho h gbest meed of praise, and tnelr names wil here iftcr occupy a position on tbe roll of honor Inscribed to our brave^henes In the brightest page of this wai history. First and foremost is M^Jor Ceneral W. I Smith, who seconds every effort of General Butler obeer j fully, willingly and with great skill. General God j Weitzcl, one ol the most accomplished officers of on army, who is In charge of all the defences oo the sent i side, !<) well worthy of tbo Commanding General's fill confidence, tienorals Broom, Heck man, Ames, Turner. Foster and others tu responsible iiosltions deserve well tbe praises heaped upon them, and have earned addition), laurels by their meritorious conduct Special mention howover, must bo maue of Captain Francis U. Karquhar, United States Army, Chief Engineer or the department, whose skill in planning and superintending one or the finest lines of Intrencbuients has evinced tbe practical acquirements or a brilliant education and closo applica tion to bis study. Captain Farqutmr graduated in the class of 'St. and has, in less than throe years' service, earned three promotions. Tho |iersonal and department staff of General Butler are also entitled to gr. at credit, and each and every one or them has raced do itii repeatedly on the bloody field or battlo, without fl inching. Tbe following gentlemen compose the staff of tbe Com manding General, with blm in tbe field: ? Colonel J. Wilson Shatter, Chief of Staff. Colonel C. J. Paine, Volunteer Aid. Lieutenant Colonel George a. Kensel. Inspector t'eneral. Lieutenant Colonel K. V. H. Howard, Inspector of Ar tillery. Llantenant (Honel Lndlow, Inspector of Cavalry. M i jor K. S. Davis, Assistant Adjutant General. Major J. L. Stackpole, Judge Advocate Doctor Cbarlch MoCorwick, Medical Director. Captain F. vv. Furqwbar, ChlaJ Kngineer. Captain Mordecal, chief of Ordnance. Mvior Teier Ha?^erty , Atd'de Camp. Captain Alfred F. Puller. Aid de-Camp. Captain 0. C. Clark Aid de Camp. Capla'n Fred. Martin, Aid de Camp. Captain James Shaffer, Aid-de-Camp. Captain John CasaalMtatd-de C.mpnnd Provost Marshal Lieutenant Sydney DeKay, Volunteer Aid. Lkutenant Fred. L Manning, Acting Aid and Secretary. I .leu tenant John 1. Davenport, Acting Aid , in charge of Bureau of Information. Lieutenant Sbeppard, Eleventh Pennsylvania cavalry, Acting Qnartermaater and Commissary. Captain Osbonrne Watson, Third Pennsylvania artil lery, commanding headquarter* guard. Urlgadier General Godfrey Welti el, who it la Charge of all the defences . Is at the Commanding General's head quarters. Hie sta'lf is composed or Llentonants Fitch and Graves, the remainder baring teen transferred to his successor. ret HMD, FORCB OrFOSSP TO r?. General Butler hat the Boat perfect systira or f?lP}nj Infcfm ilion. in 4 knows almost ti a mm who ana Whfl (brces he h? to fTglil. I have obtained^ be loll owing list from the General, composing the enemy's oolumn ? Commander in .Chief, 1'. T. Beauregard. Kcntrm'i Forty-ninth North Carolina, Colonel McEfcy; Twenty-fourth North* Carolina, Colonel Clark; Fifty sixth North Carolina, Colonel Mayeon; Twenty ftfth North Carolina, Colonel ftudlich ; llilrty fifth North Caro i Una, Colonel .lours. Z/um'ow'i (o#? O Briwie- Eighth Virginia, Colonel Berkley ; Twenty eighth Virginia, Colonel Allen Nlneteonth Virginia, Colonel Uault; Thirty second Vir glnin, Colonel Montague. Harum'i (late ArmifUad'i) Brigade? Ninth Virginia, Colonel Owens; Fourteenth Virginia, Colonel H dgei . IWrt) -eighth Virginia, Colonel Fdword?; fifty-third Vir gin la, Colotel Aylett, Fifty seventh Virginia, co'.ou?l Dyer. I/o"ood't Erigiidt? Eleventh s?ontb Carolina, Colonel ; Twenty Are t South Curoiln.i, Colonel Graham. Twenty flflb South Carolina, I'oJous: Tressley; Twenty seventh South Carolina, Colonel Jones Cent's Hriuaitr? Kiftoenth Virginia, Colonel ? . Pev en teen ih Virginia, Colonel Mors* eighteenth Virgi i?. Colonel Carrington iTrontyninlb Virginia, Colonel Her bsrt; Thirtieth Virginia, Colonel Curey. Tei ry'i ,1 at* Kemjtr'i Brigade)? First Virginia, Colonel Williams: Third Virginia, Colonel Mayo, Seventh Vir ginla, Colonel rattan; Eleventh Virginia, Colonel Jones Twenty fourth Virginia, Colonel Tury. Ho\r'$Vld Brigade, note cnminand?l fcy lifuUnanl Coin net /.'wU ? sixth North Carolina, (this regiment now holds Plymouth, N. C.J Tweoty first North Carolina, Forty third N' rth Carolina. Fifty fourth North Carolina, firty teventh North Carolina, Twenty first Georgia Zjui.' E. J oh won't B'iga'le? Seventeenth Tennessee, Twenty-third Tennessee, Plxty third Tennessee (Colon I Farquson), Flxty fourth Tennessee. Wise's ('id Hi ijitide, commanded ly Co'onel Tabh ? Fifty ninth Virginia, Clingman'a North Caroltaa brigade, Gre grie's North Carolina brigade, Walker's South Carolina brigade. The four latter average, as in fart alt do, three thou tand eich. To every brlgnde la attached the usual complement of artillery; bnt we have not ascertained thai the ttuemy have any lorce of cavalry opp< sed to ua ma i:onnt4L hk?rtms>t, as organised by Dr. Charles McCormlck, Medical Director, is, as mentioned above, the bast appointed branch. not only of this commmd.but of the entire army. The wounded fire treated with the greatest skill, and care and comfort are lavished upon them by a competent body of surgeons and nurses. The head garters of the Medical Dlrecicr are at bermuda Hundred, on hoard the One transport steamer Matilda He is ably ambled by Dr. l*arby, of t lie Twenty fourth Mai-saciKitaUe Volunteers, who I? eonsta-itlv with him To lHntor Mickl y , Mi ill cal Dlracior of tho l'wbtcenth oorpe; Dr. A. A. Woodhull, Assistant iledl -al Director of the same corps, and Dr. Ely McClelian, Artir.g Medical Director at Fortress Monroe, Dr. Mccormick cxprespes blmseir greitly indebted, for their skill nod hearty co-operation in cartng tor the wounded. I ho supplies for the Medic 1 Department, consisting of delicacies, fr .its, lie, lemons, oranges, Ac., are most abundsrt, and tqpesports sre constantly plying on the Jamee river, to carry the sarno. tho Sanitary and Chrw lian < omnVesluiis have wailed opon the M?-dio?l Pirec'or, were very courteously reeelved by lnru.and ex tei.d to nlm great asslsUoce. Dr VoOortnlck has re coived f'ooi don. I'utlar all tho facilities he defied, and lias a wharf at HeimuiU Humired exclusively for the bnepual trscspiris. Cnpt. Orlando Bro*n, of Norfolk, has been detached temporarily from his post and Is tne A ? i it> j; Qiiirtcrtnsstsr snd Ctmmis?srr ?>f the Meriicul IVn>artmrot The following steain uisaptru hove feen as?lg:.r-d to Dr. H c' ormlck Tor the conveyance of sK-k atid woanded ? t teeners Ntw York, Captnln rhlahr'm. n?ro r>f rt?y, Cnt.iuin Hnncox : Exprsss, Ciptaln i lurk; Manilla. < at Uio Wardj Monitor, sylvan Shore, General Wocl, < tjrge ljS.iry and Wyoming. Altai hed to Captain Brown's olT.ce ts a t .sekimttfii sbep, h r the rernlring of ambuianeo* e'.H n ; of i.crse# ami such other work as Is required Irotu" i.r y. tub i^i ARif n*i."tKa's mteAfttMSST it ski "IVi'S iii .wsrn la in ch.nge of LteutSosnt (Mooel F-.IIer , ..h ? his imong his assistants Csptain (George a Dcdg... tho H'clSSt Mar Urmaster, late of Portsm"Uth, but well ka wn as chief Suarterm ster at SufT-lk under M?Jor (.er-ral 1'e. k. antalu lio.ig" ism charge or all the water irsnM'WUIIcn, and ha alone Iswies orders for sn?h. MAsraa o? i?.*Kai"0iiTiri0S Captain Andrew Alusworth, Captain of the pest T Fortress Menroe, has taken up h s temporary re- idei-re at Bermuda Hundred and la exere'slng similar functions there aa at Fortress Monroe. No msn In the army his done mors real bard work than Captain Alnsworih. and by bis heron lean eierttose our army, alter being rapidly ttanaported. was as quickly landed. oner wMoMMAsrta. Captain Jocaph 0. Pulton, cflief Wsgonmaeter of tbe Eighteenth sorps, ia also occupying the Sime position with U? amy la the field, and manages his department with great ability and to the satisfaction of evary body. nns aniHs ax est ess cohpait have opened a branch offloa at Bermuda Hundred for the coaven tepee of the army. Mr. Fred. Coulter la ths lisel looaltd t hers, while on aeeb mail beat a ta"i?aager bis eh*i<e W th? frSftM. Hundreds of lockages ara dniiyTeceireq si (be irool thrflffih this pfres. tn? o*rfral o# tbs aanni u*?sn*t w a aed Gebfral Sutler in p< ssetwion o< some vor'y f'LisblS rmatii A. wiict Js Udrdly susesoted bv the i ebels. BfUnUL TALK J AG MOUNT MlCKO&Y\ JASPER SAjVC/A KARMA6?V/LL?< SVJLIE, HAfiD/t CA5SVILLFJ ^iNeSfoN' SJ f CANTON fowrrjcsr rAfTTEPSVILLE .TOON ft ACKWOBTH B1Q 5HKNTV MARIETTA^ SPAULDINQ' A/fiWQfJABYlDi lpawoe/t mpw/vs TAL i A POOS A OECATU i l&n/rcDM/EB ts/M o r/iiefc^PAT LA r> c ill \\ LAST POINTM wi'jr. a&y lev?L SHERMAN'S ADVANCE ON ATLANTA. The Reported Flanking of Johnston at Atlanta-- -The Route of Sherman. /V ^CEDARTQWN / I DALLAP^ ?m& B / / Sm <c/*s m/hs FIAT SCO will stand the heroic commander In food staid In b>s fu ture movements. How be obtained this muPt not bo made pablio, an 11 might tend to pat them on guard against a similar contingency. It may , however, be ?eome s.-?iis faction to the rebels to know that General Walker knows not bow we obtained it,' as he bas been observing a high strung dignity ever since his capture. This prisoner, mi nus a lag, was yesterday sent to Fortress Monroe to be oared for by Dr. M&'leUao. Dll 1UVT, AS A If ACXTtHRY, bas been or great service to General Butler. The beet of feeling exists between blm and Aoting Hear Admiral Lee, and the latter is disposed to render every assistance pos sible to the army. The presence of an immense number of torpedoee in tlie James river makes the progress of the war vessels net only slow and tedious, but very dan serous, and the utmost ear* tan;*, be observed Is flatting up tbeaa Infernal machine* sun Thus have 1 endeavored to give a retro* pec ur? view of our operations Id this department , Cor the divers oo or General Lee and the Army of the Potomac. To Oenoral Butlsr belong the tbsnkg of tbs country ror hi* great aod successful enterprise. He accomplished all he prolmsed, and a great deal more than was required. It Is conceded by tbe most competent military authority that General But ler's plans of battles and sieges nave been made with as much skill an l,preotal>n as could have been done by a thorough educated soidier . Quick to perceive an ad van tsge, and hastily following It up, give him tbe confidence of bis subordinate?, and his great coolaess under fire has won for blm. tbe unoballeuged admiration of tbe rank and file. Tbe campaign of the "Boutbelde" is one of tbe most important o' the war, and will be so declared whoa this wicked rebellion is over. run kvacvatjok or wasbihoto* , n. c. Although this subject, at this particular period, ha* no thing whatever to do with General Butler's gigantic cam paign, still, wbllf I think of It. I must mention tbe true f?> Ti connected therewith. 1 have been Informed by tbe Commanding General, that Washington, N'.G, was evacu ated by express orders from Lieut. Gen. Grant, and that every dollar's worth of property belonging to the govern ment and soldiers enlisted from that vicinity was brought away safely , the assertions of several newspapers to the oontrary notwithstanding Every man, woman sod child ueeiroua of leaving with us was taken away, end when tbe place fell into rebel hands we had not left the "lighten object f value belonging to tne government Tbh correction i* due to General I! u tier, ?s he baa only carried out tbe orders of hi* superiors; *Ld ,he troo|? u.-aJ for garrisoning that place were needed more else where. tosrssas Motraoa, May 26, 1464. ms jaucs rues on>iRctT*D vr srrtis. What has long been expected by ut from the rebels hat at lengtb oome te pans. The enemy has taken nr a line ou tbe benke of the James riv er to annoy our shipping, thus sndsavoring to cut off our supplies. Alung the James are several points where vessels in order to keep iLi- ch innel are compelled to go very dote to tbe rh re i bis of course Is known to the rebels, and they take a I vmuge of the fact, and post tbeir sharpshooters to pick | off tbe helmsmen of tbe boats. TBS FIRS I REPORT of the obstructions existing on tbe James river w?* ; brought to me st two o'clock tbla morning by Captain Littleton P. Cropper, commanding the hospital boat Wy osalng, wbo also kindly dsllvsred to me tbe other de spatches for tbe IIbsald from the front. CspUln Cropper stated that as be passed aetr Wilson's wharf bs round tbe gunboats engaged in shelling the euamy. He was hsl'ed snd advised to keep well to tbe starboard out of range, and, having wounded men on board, It was hardly 1 prudent not to follow snob advice. ST> KRAI. STBaVSOAI CAIJ/1SS WOCHM:r. Csplaln Irasc Robinson, ef the steamer May it o* er, and bfs brother, Go >rge Robineon , were both wounded? the former in the breast, the bsll pissing out at the shoulder bl ile, and the latter through the band, the ball having struck the thmnb obliquely, and pes*ed ont at tbe wrist. Captain Robinson's wound leseriw, but Captain C 0 Atberort, one or the Arm or T. Clyde ft Co.? the owners of the Mayflower? did everything in bla power to caro for tbo wounded men In his employ, snd ordered that no es pense be opwi'd to make tbcru comfortable. Captain Ingraliem, of the steamer Goorge Washington, was like wse wounded In the iresst by a nuiiot from tbe aceur-<d rebel sharpshooter* : but it Is hoped that It will not prove eorious. T-tio eteimer 8u?*nce bad more thau one bun ded shots fired nt her, but no one was hurt. Colonel Rice piloted the b >at. rrrzHrca in* mins ors cotoani wooes. About eleven o'clock yesterday morning a body of rebel cavalry, tn command of Htrhngh Lee. made tbeir appear ance iu front of Genial Wild's brigsde, near W (Ism's wbarf. Tbe robel t;e..cral sent a flag of truoe to Wild, demanding a surrender, and If It were,ref'ised be would slaughter and marsncre the entire anrr son. General Wild returned a reply that be would defend bl* pi fit ion at all hazard*, end es loof hh he had a n>a.' left. I repa ration* Tor n battle were at (, nee made, and hardly com pleted before tbo rebel cavalry eanie dashing up en a gallop. a srars sight a?to rast vtCTowv. Tlie colored ir.iops reserved their Are, and *s so^e as i th? enemy was wltbiu oasy range fired snd emptied j alien t me hundred raddle*. The ftunbosta lying Bear ?lsn opened with trspo and canister, and ma<!e farfnl havoo in the retml ranks. A number of. the deaii aod | wounded of tbe eremy fell into the hand* of Wlid'i command: but 'ho vnflant toe, finding bis bombaailc m?s.<?^c of ' butchery snd ma.?*cre'' e??ior to write 1 than execute, drew oil w.ip his bloodboimds, and for | t'unntsly the vilor and rleady hearing of the colored | troop* prevented a repetition of tile Kort i'llio* tragedy. Home of the rebd wounded in this Qgbt wer? broiigui down here oa the Mayflower tbls morning, aod turned over to Dr. ilc< lellan for treatment. DBATtt or 'ooumnt SAS*T*m?. Tbls brave CMonet, who commanded tbo galliet Ninth regiment of New New Jersey Volunteers, and recehe<l hli mortal wound on the loth Inst la tbe terrible bsttls of Proctor's creek, died lest evening, at half past eight o'clock, at the Chesapeake Oeneral Hospital, surrounded by many frleods, aod also his venerable father and , brother Tbe wound received by OdUroI Zabrlskle, we* through the windpipe, snd it Is smgulsr how fee survived sa loog as be did. Bla remain*, em balmed. will go North per Baltimore m ill boat tbla evsoing, in shsrgs of Ms father snd biotber. I.ieute sot Colonel fiieari, of tbe asms, regiment. Is slso wounded, having been shot tbroogb toe left leg, and la an inmate of the heepitat , aa also the Ma^or of thssreg tmeat, < aptaln Uwrenoe, UeviteoAol Brown and othosa. aoABcrrr oo ooksoais on ni jamss sivsa. hi peovlo* deapatobee I bavs endeavored to Impress opoa tbe aatsl entborlttee the fact that tbe euarcitr of auaboata on the Jamss river bas smboldsned tbs rebels In tbatr kssrandlog expeditions on oar unaespectirg traaapwria. At fust hardly a shot was llred Into them ft tbe river below ntvj'oiat. Vut, sucourig d by the absence of a proper fieot. the resets made tb ? tbr ie above reported yesteidsy aftern on, anil will 'ontlvno to pick off tbe pliote of the tran*p> rt* is I sg sa ws allow Mr. Wallas should at od?s send half s dozen or more rver boats up here, which are worth more to us at this time than so many Monitora at any other. AX KXPHDITIO!* TO TH* WHIT1 HOUSB. During th? temporary stay of General BbeNdan'e oar airy at the White Hon**, awaiting foraee for Uie boraee and rations for bis men, Lieutenant Colonel "H. Big?*, Chief Quartermaster of this department, despatched hI* transports np the Pamnnkey river, on the 80th Inst., with supplies. The unarmed vowels could not proceed np the rlrer without an escort from the navy. Conse quently- Captain Charles A. Bibcock, of the United Slates fuuboat Morse, commanding tbe York river flo tilla, was requested to furnlfih a convoy. At the earnest solicitation of General BlierMan, the Morse, Captain Bab cook, and Mystic, Captain W illiam Wright, preceded the supply v exacts, and carefully picked their way up tbe winding stream. General Sheridan sent assurances to Captain Habcock that he Iia1 ordered a picket along tbe banks of tbe river, guaranteeing that no sharpshooters should m lest tbe fleet. The euppUoe arrived safely . and tbe naral offcers received tbe thanks of the cavalry corps. On the return of the gunboats Capt. B.boock stopped at West Point, and the c'tlrens of that place were rather astonished that none of the vessels were blown up, ax ihe rebel authorities sent down three oartloads of tor pe rils. numbering some thirty , only a day or two before. TUo fact Is, however, that the presenile of the cavalry hindered lb ns from planting tbe Infernal machines. RTFJ1MKR FOR JIW YORK. Tbe Ubited Plates transport Moonlight, Cant. Doyle, v^ill leave here for New York this evening. The Moon light arrived yesterday from Newborn, and, having dis charged ber cargo, proceeds to New York for stores. This vesael has made tbe fastest irtpe between Nawbera and New York on record, and Is a favorite steamer of tbe Quartermaster'* department. Mr. John A. Hrsdy'i Drepalchte. H*at>QtaBi kbs, KomssNrn Aur Cow*, 1 In tbb Kiklu, Msy ?4, 1604. j Bvaavinino is goicr along our front this morning. Tbrougb the past night eomi- pirket firing caused an alarm; but, after a few vol ley* from the advance on both sides, slleuoe was again restored, and remained unbroken until daybreak. 1 SKIRX1 H. Yesterday a parly of about two hundred men. under command of Lieutenant Wesley, of tbe Second New Iliiupeblre Volunteers, was sent outside our lines to at tempt tbe capture of a rebel picket, at an old mill about two ml'os from our front. The rebels received notice of our approach, audjwere rea*iy to receive us with a regi mont of Infantry and battalion of cavalry. Finding It useless to po; severe In their euterpriee, o ir force return I ed after flrln f fifteen rounds of emuiunitlou and empty ing nearly two dozen rebel saddles. MtSKKTRK*. Two iloserters *rom tbe Eighteenth Oeorsjfs regiment came inside our lines to iiay. They io;iroetDt the enemy ar daily increasing in for?.e, ana still in expectation of h??vy rein'orcements from Richmond. These men art both yo<-ojt, and, o>mpared with tbe ordinary run o? ' rebt.'s, are rrmurkably Intelligent Roth these men | were in ue battle of Proctor's creek, ou Monday, and represent lbs rebel loss ss frlght'uL They state that I aiVr the wounded bad ail been removed it was possible to walk trom tbs robel works to tbe position we occupied j by stepping fro* Me dead body to anotuor. HianQraBT?s?, Kmtrmrm A rut 'ones, \ Is ms Kiki.ii, May 26, 1814. f Considerable Incoorenienoe was experienced yesterday by lbs delay In tbe arrival of tbe mall boat from Korlrets y r,v.e. and a tittle excitement was caused when, In eon ncct.-<n with tbe delay, heavy firing was reported from |.elnsr,m> the James river. The' mail b at. however, fv ctaal.y arrived with Intelligence of an attack upon tbe negro f rce stationed at Wilson's wharf. Frnucctt is ibr nei n. general Fltshugb has turned up on the north bank if tbo James, snd signalized his appearance by an sttark to force on General Wild's colored command. Kvery boat passing the point at the time was Bred Into, and quits a pinic w is excited among that numerous class of non combatants engaged In government service to navigate the river. General was finally convinced, bo* ever. Ihst ho conld make no Impression en ihe eontr bsnd soldiery, and, his conviction bring somcwhsi he xhleoed by the appearance of several g'tnhoxff and the ?xploel n of ?me hundred pouuder Tsrrott shells, he retrested in si'.' b good order as to enable tbe Richmond j ap rs t? an iioiiDte snotiier aurceae of the a* class its they have lately been achieving over Gr.m and Sberiuin. MWrvRcMtNIt were sent from several points, by order of Genera Rut ier, to Wlid, and reached him early enough this morn ng to Insure the repulse of Lee In ca#e be ebuuld see Dt to repeal bis attack rn? Roans The nail! ab.-uit hero have be?n eomr 'etety dried ip by the late exec-slvoly nbt weather The ? rly thing to r mp'ala of is that they were badly cut np bv tbe ln'iinr>*r.ih'e tram* passing oyer thrm during ths rains of list tvi *k that they present epe< mens of remark il .y Intrh ste loprgrapB>, and are nod lubtediy the mo t . b j, vi "liable roids for transportation that tbe country airords. ini ser ais gt irr. TTte ehe's r-n our front bave been for the 'sat !>w days com st'vcy "met even picket Bring has proved too lab -rlo i? for this hot weather Ihe fearful Shooting of Csjta' i F ?ur'S gunboat (Ihe CommoJore I'erry) lr.s le i tha rebels to hell?ve Ibet II Is much more advantageous 1.1 i em tin In their intrenrhraeuls than to again end. av r to turn our left. The troops are Muttously boplog for <n attack Iri in tbe enemy, and have no doubt of the result ]t|r. < Hnrlee II. Haanam'i Despatch. Bean c 04 Ocsnasn, Va., May U, 1VH. nt em i Las on rue /a use sttss. Tbo mall stoamer Thomas Powell, Captain Lynns ?om mat . did not arrive here until aevea o'clock last evening, being three boure later than usual. She reports' that on tearing Wilson'* landing, on tbo north side of tbe James river, abont one e'olock yesterday, she P und that the gunboats were shelling tbe bluflb. About an hour paevlone the trsnsport steamer Mayflower bad been Dfeit into by goerlilae, when the oaptnln ins abut In (be broast and Uie male In tbe band General Wild If lq com mar d at Wilson's landing, which be bold* with a number of colored troopo bnring tbo early part of the day It it reported tbet tbe rebel Gooera) rittbugb bee sent In a leg of tru?e demanding the nnbedlate snr> render of the po t ; that be bad two ih^Deabd men wltb him, and that If his Cemand were oemoiled with tbe gar rison should be treeted as prlooMra of war, hut If oem psiWwi to storm the place be srould not bo OMworahl* for Ibe treatment they would recel^ from bin son. ?ene. ni wild replWil thai "lh?y m'ght try It, and h? would take the ensneee." Immediately after flring ecm I esneM tbe !)?' ieu sedt$tttir~r.TT* its part ffr-f? ' a<t!on. and ?omi male the w<od? t<?a b?t to bold lis rebel shftrt?h I'otere. ffur lose l? Inerwislrterab'o. nm. assn to waamNOT 'Jt. I] ana rale Melae and Harasrd relurued 10 Was h. anion I thlsmornlnn Tliey arrived here on Morvliy morning In Ihe stomv r Uiawatid. ' luce which time thoy have b<-on to the f. out ? till iuk?t)0' <1 ihe do onces and oporaiWus aloof our lines. Uur Forlrtii Monroe Despatch. Fok thksh May 26? 6 P. M. The steamer Thomas Powell, the mail boat from Ber muda lat.Uiuir, lu ? ju?t arrived, ndieports nil quiet at 1 the trout. The oaptan, mute and unilinear of tb? Powell were ar reeled yesterday a tor noon on the npw \rd trip, lo oou^e c] euro of mViiaderntaudln,' I'io orders of an excited naval olliter *lw had charge o f Ihj gunboat which weut up mm convoy The Pon oil <*own In charge )f Cat tain Richard Wail, with a volunteer mite and engineer. Mai of Sick, Wntuidcd ?nd Dtad at For tici* Nuiiio?. FoBTRta Mohboi, Wiy 2^ 1M4. lie (oil wlBg la a 11*1 Of the sick and wounded ad m It ted into the Mo< lel.'an Uospltai yoflerday from Bermuda Hundreds ? ? 91 OK. A. Seely, 2d Pennsylvania. W. H illt. ly , Old New York osvalry. ,t hn West, Oth New York cavniry. .! mo* ni?rk,0th New York cavalry. ; tinea Cllflord, Oili Now York cavalry, hotnas D. Phillips. let Connecticut. !' Tucker, 5th Michigan. <lng tirlsw Id, 10th Nov York 'otporal A. \V Hays, 10th Now York. luhn Ryan, 4th Mat sacbuietts. i,oorgel? Osgood 4ih Massachusetts. William 11 Walker, 4th Massachusetts. WutTNDFD, Wm. fl. Barto, 10th New York, hand. J. L. SAtidoreon, 4th M'>*Knrbu*ott*, kne? amncl Thompson, 40) Massachn-etts, hip. llonry Fault, 4th Mus-acbus^ttH, buck. The following were received Into the Chesapeake Hoa nltal:? 'apt. S. W ^n\der, 169th Now York, shoulder. i apt. T. M. ?uss,97th Pennsylvania, knee. ?'apt. 8. D. Llngerlettor. 11.1th New York, auoatrok*. Oapl, fc H. Reynolds, Kth Mnlne, &oeL ''apt. C. Porry , 8lb Maine, ankle. I.leut. A. V Keyes, 8th Mo , thighs. Ueut. F. P. 8napp, .'?fiti? Pennsylvania, tbigha. Ueut. H. Pease, 117th New Y'rk. arm. l.ieut. L. D Kidder, Both Illinois. leg. Ueut. 0. II. Foster, lltb Maine, breast. L out A. GrllUth, ?7ih i'euusy Ivanla, arm, l.iout. 0. S. Colbath, Bth Maine, arm. colonel J. M. Wl'aon,13th Indiana, arm. I. lout. G A lewoHter, 97tli Pennsylvania, arm. Fife Major John I'ar.Ons, 'J7th Pennsylvania, obest. Captain J. Townley, 9th New Jersey, arm. aptaln J. M c. Savage, 07th Pennsylvania, abdomen. l.iout. C. R. Johnson, Slst New York. l.ieut. J. Cochrane, 6Tth Ohio. I. rut C. K. Minor, 67th Ohio. I.luui It. smith, bth Maine. <;<plaln A. [). Mt'lott, Bth Mfline. ?iptiiln J. Small. 8th Maine. C iptaln J Hathrop 13th Indiana. aptain W. N. Carey, 10th New Hampshire. Captain B. 13. Mitchell, lltb Pennsylvania cavalry. Captain A. Mclaughlin, filth Now York. Capt'On G. a. Forb tsh, 13th New Hamimhlre. Lieut. P. Palmer 1 lib Pennsylvania cavalry. fc. D. (J. Morgan, lltb Pennsylvania cavalry. H. N. Paiker, nth M ine. II. F. Fozier . Rtb M .Ine Major S. B. Vinton, 331 h Illinois. Lieut. K. Hall, Bth Connecticut. Lieut. A. Clark, 11th Maine. Colonel O. I'. Man,U9th Illinois. Captain H 8. Ransom, 118th Vew York. Leu'. William B. Stearns, 4th New Hampshire. hleut. n. H. Hendricks, 13th In-tlana. Lieut. J. W. Brewster, 1th New Hampshire. Rebel Brigadier Getter <1 Walker, Icot shot off. Lieut. Wni G. .M<?re, fi.'.tb Pennsylvania, arm. L. Aiford, 8th Maine. Si CD. im his nupAnuKB uosrrrAi,. Colonel Abrain Zabrlskie, Oth New Jersey, May 24. I.leut. Win. II. S?abrook, 28th Kouth Carolina, May 21. J, L>. Miller, 27tli Massachnsetts. May- 21. F. McCraw, 4Ctb Ma-'sachnsetta, May 22. P. P. Pope, 07th Ohio. May 22. Capt. Ceorge rmerson, A7th Ohio, May 22. W. 0. Wliiuarth, 4?)tli Massachusetts, May 23. J. Irish, Otb Maine, May U3. J C. Moore. lSftth Peniisytvarla, May 23. tt V. Van B. Campbell, hlai New York, May 2>. IS IBS II4?7rOM BOariTlL. Martin Went*, lltb Com ?' -iut, May 25. l>avtd P. l.mgai, l.nb Indiana, May 26. H. W. Fogg., 9tb Maine, May 28. J. A. Hamilton, 4th Masaschnretts cavalry, May 80 William PoucJber. Sd Now York, May 28, Robert Miller, I8?tb Pennsylvania, May 2ft. Abraham Vre<'land, 40th New York, May 98. O. F. Sleeper. 8th Maine, May 28. 0. F. Poke, 18th Sooth* Carolina, May 38. REBEL ACCOUNTS. 1 From tbe Richmond Fnqulrer, N?; 20. ] prom rni sooth nidb. Tbe enemy ?h engaged < n yesterday In ahelllng at onr position on tbe James, from (beir gunboats in Putcb Rend, three or four miles below Prury'e Bluff. Home benvy metal wit thrown about miteellaneooily, but to no purpose. (Ue shelling continued nearly all day, a great deal of noise was msrie, but nobody hurt. Tbs land forces of the enemy are still lying behind tholr Tor UScatlons. In their precipitate tilgli\ on Monday they left any number or spide?, pick? and other digging mate rial, which ov.r troops bar* turr.ol to g'iod purpose since then. The rumor was revived yesterday that portions of Ibis force were crossing to tbo north Ud?, bnt no official Information bus h>en received to that effect Porter's Red River Fket. THB PASSAO* OVER TUB PALI.S? TBE BtTRJflN'O OP ALEXANDRIA, KIT. On tbe 12th lutunt the t .vo tuub^ats I^xlngton and Uonr.d < ity pa-ted below b th fa. is, wbeie tLey wore ordorod tcromalo till they should be joined by the reit of tbo gunboits and trinsp^rla. On tbo morning of the l: ibthe dam at the lower falls gsre way, whioh ueci-ssitHted tho building of another dam between the two rtiU was c rupletod on tbe even ing of Hie Sttiuo day, wheu all the gua boats wit *1 the trunfp rts, passed diwn. When we arrived at Alexandria we found that sirro pert' n had set (Ire to tbe build init on Front st -eel, sod that the whole town wax id uinos, Wowo aud ctil'lren wore running fiaut.cally tip and down tho rlvir bank in great distress There were a great many shell nod iari.e quantities of powder, grape, A:c., en the bank n?ar the Are. Orders were Jvcn to all tbe men to assist In removing them to a place of safety t' I'/inks and ^mlth were b?th present, and did everttbinc to check the r?r0gr-'ss of the (Ire, but wltbont avail. Alt ?r a t:tne tbe lie?t frm the burning buildings hoc-me 'O in'eote that ill theehoata were obliged to drop some distance diwn the river, where we awaited or.'ern. At Ave s'dock the on'er rum* to get under way We pas?ed di.wn tho r n liuuauce ofxb nt e pitt miles, in sccor Vice with the loliowiug order rrom Rear Admiral D. !>. porter. twk mt^istin r bquamkni. Ft AiiPH'f ' si' Ktr. 0?r Ai.ttiNMiij, I j*. The gunboats ar.d transports will proceed In tbo to. low lng order In poing di wn lite river ? The Oroe'l'ci:! will attend 1'nlted Ftatet steamer Fort Hlndman Win. L Kwlng, Oaark; South wester, M >ur>d rity; Fmt rald, < ar'.ndelet ; ltn uia Hell, Pittsburg; Dei Mo wet, (.hllllroth" Cboteau, llti^e Mars, .Vcoalio, eioux City, Ijossinwllle Tlr mssJC. Tut t, Lexington. I hese steamers will dn>p in it ter the gunboatt which tboy are to sreoi, and keep the.r p iIkts. TIio trtottortt "<tir;> ?.t, l.ioticto, Bed Chief, Oils Creel*. Po!? Roy f'lMla I'tiina, vume tkiA nt, Arizona, Ci l m s Ivei Wise Adri .tic. I lailem . l.-b'-t tv vrl'l take the middle U lbs e v <y. If altsokcd abea i th y will drop hack ?nd ad the steam its piss on to the bitterle* 1 14 \ 111 |1 I'< U TKIt Hoar Admiral, 1tw> (? ii-wibg wtie the signal* employe! ?Cue long wh'tlM, v?b?o lied up, to get cider way ; whto ind<r wny, otis li ug si hi.-: tie t<> tletip to lar.d, I'ltea wli .sties, to clost up. lour, to o,.*? order Qve, I wist) t?> c^mniuul eate; sis , let me go and ree< i>nciHre: me gi n, uncmy in ?lg'it; tw< short whit Cos ard one long one. 1 detlre aeaittuMe, three al< rt whisti t, eceisy hove a battery f ur abort whistles sod <>pe l-ug one, tbe troopo wlli laud . on ^un and oac lot.g w '.little, all clear, yo i cun past At seven o' ,|f? k on tbe m^rnlo * of ?bc 1Mb we ny-nn stirted down tb.n r '.var. Ft e?vr nothine n' rterlth s t If eiev'.o o'o. ck, sljrg we were flred frit' 'r?m tne le t ba-ik ?f IBe rlrer. wi retw c?t tftsir are br t > , snd t' cceei!e?l in driving tlicm off. We then shout tw?"ity mils'* from .r?r ttr'rtt. P'e h.?J priceeded sixi'it ten mllce fu.tUrr wlum we wen mrsfn e e: ed open. Ih.j (Iring wns kept r < fcr t' i or fl i. fn n r-s. We rep'l-d pt' mtitly l?U I'd rot s-xr-ed io 'rl? uf them el 1 wo mlleii be rw ihe whist's w?e S" i o< 1 ro tie up for tbe nlgM At hstf [>.i*l l* o'oioek a steam teg esrre irp wf b nrdsi s t" tff t ? idsr wsy st duili t. On t? e m rninj of the Ifiih, fesriof '.h it torpedoes mlgbl bavs bee? plseed lostho srnr. the giinh iats f ar'.ndi'let, l ojitvll's and 1 nt.rfion wtnt down some diet- uce to reeonnottre, whuh ?o detalBi d us that we didntt gel order way till about no.>0. From Bia^sy 1'olut down, for a dlstsiic vof si* miles, wo wiro tub ect?d to a cm. tlouout ad destructive I'rt of mmketry from tbe ene my. who were ooncsatrd In tbe buthee. Ab at dve miles belli* Suutr 1'otnt we were Bred Into by sb. ut two b lc ' ed guerillas Five bills pst'ed througii the Miltle bieveia (Joe mm wae killed sod several wotinded. Kg were not sgtln moletted till wo were sb ut sight n.rse sboverortDo Rns*y, wbeo wo wsrs tibeetnd to s galling ijro for upwards of hair so hu if Wo were not fired up? o t orn any batteries. tk>ne of tbe gunbeatt were left at Fort Do R?ssy, and iome earu* dona at f*r at tbe month of Blaok rlTtr. Pertonnl Intolllf ence. Major General John A. McCleruand it lying daogeroutly 111 at Ne# Or Want. Mr a. Qenorat 1*. P. Raokt to now oo ker way t? sttead the H Loult t-anllary Kstr. Brigadier General Mom (bow CoIoboI ItoM) wo# hi Cairo oa tbf U<f l%|S Brigadier flsnerali Olbhoo std rodgo kayo been mmW nateo m\l"r genWslt of volontoort. Molor Oonerhl K * by btk restored st.d Ma .?r enorai B?oi| bat beyn wt t,<?.ersl i y ' * - 1 f has tftodertw hil rdl^* n,.tli>n thr?e ' im?o, and It s s.cpted now tor \b?< put p..te oi makltig a sa<anoy i?r u< ihVuI UudwO. (leusrat ltneil wuh ro. tWt I Out (or rdf??ine toaceeul * com mind under MMieral SHERMAN 2 Deport that Atlanta, Ga., is Flanked, tc?i &Ci| Ac* Louikvili.e, May 2rt, 1864. Yesterday's Nas'ivillo Union nays that <ieneri?l SLorman has flanked Alia fa on the went, taking the roa:l to Dallas anJ I'auldJng. The Univn has no particulars of the movement. NEWS FROM NEW ORLEANS. ?'aiko, May 25, 1*04. Now Orleans dates of ths 10ih aro received. There is no news of Inaporttnco. Tbodcm ind for ootton Is h irli^d, but only a limited amount offering; sale.' 000 bales, it 71c. a 77c. for urdl | nary to good, 80c. a 82c. for low middling, and 84c. * 86c. fjr middling. Thero |g some Inquiry for sugar and molasseB, ?aloR 100 bbds. sugar; Inferior, Iflc.; fuJIy fair, 30o. ; 2&0 bbts. molass'w; (K)o a 80c. for Inferior to good; old and now , fair. There Is a quantity of sugar oo sale, but 11 tils molasses. K mancipation In t.oalilann. [From tho Now Orleins, May 12.] Tbe Constitutional convention of Louisiana passed ths Emancipation act yesterday by a large majority Ths set, as Dually pureed, contains two articles, as follows:? We, the people or the Stale of T^ulslana, In convention assembled, do hereby declare and ordain as follows:? Sec. 1. Slavery and lovoluntary servitude, except as ? punishment for crime, whereof the party shall have bedd duly convicted, are beroby forcvor abolished and pro hibited throughout the gta'o. Hec. 2. ibo I egula'ure hhall in Ice no law recognising tbe right of properly in man. SALUTE IN U NltR OF Till! EVKWT. At preclsoly noon yesnerday the deep bo.-m of eanooo attracted ;t large concourse of peoplo to the foot of Canal street, where, us per announcement In the Era , a salute was Or od In honor of tho abolition of slavory in this bUM by the Conrl'tutlonal Convention. Tbe salute, which was ordered by Governor fiarin, 'con sisted ol thirty live ,;uus, and was tlied by the I iltecntb Massachusetts battery , raptatn Poirgon commanding. Arrival of the " raaaport Liberty. Th" United States steam transport Liberty, Captain Wis n, from Now Orleaus .May 13, and Ave days sad nineteen hours from Pcasaco's, with passenger*, malls and cotton, arrived at thl.-? i-ort yostenlny morning, Tbe Liberty was detained twenty hours by the fog off Sandy Hook. She brings a numbor of passengers, in cluding tn<! So- >ud United States artillery, who wers stationed at Fort rickcns and Barrancas for over three years. Tb ? following is a l!?t of hor passpngers: ? Captain Frank II. I.earned, commanding Second Unlfd arhileiy; ( ai'tain II A. Huialljr and wife. Second Unio d ?rtil|pr>; Lieutenaul J. N. Uruith, H-'c nO United States artillery: Captain T E. Boyd, O. II B?ntley, tie irgr E. Jones, A. At. Franklin, O. M Titian. B L. Fowere. I.tnitonant ?. I<. Maritn. ivowen, Mr. Martin. Mr. O'WIel, Mr. Moorn, Oapta n Hniler, Lieutenant Clinton, Caftaln Wair. Lieutenant t.andla, K Cromwell. F. Marble and wife, I* H. Dillon, U. Bi eat ?? and oue hundred and ten In the steerage. Reported Capture of the United State? Uunbonli Oranlte CItjr and Wtvii Oar New Orleans correspondent titled a few daye since that a report had reached that pUce to the effeo* that tho gunboat Granite Cily and the Iron clad Ware had been surprised and captured near Sabine Pan, Texas. At the date of hi* writ ng no details had bean received , and we were locHied to think that possibly U waa only a rebel ward. We were aware, however, that a anal) expedition had t?-en planned to capture a lot of cotton la that vicinity- We now bsvw what eeema to be a oonflr matlon or tbe alTalr. It la a telegram to the Richmond papers, dated "Mobile. Nay 14, 1HM. The Iroo-oMpoB boat Granite City, gunboat No. 46. and a transport, ware oaptured by the Confederates al Sa bine i'ass on the 4th instant." The robe!* are mhtalfn lo reference to the Granite Cliy being an Iron -c ad. the la an iroa side- wheel steamer, raptured on the J2d of March, 1303, at sea, by the foiled States steumsr Tioga. She was seat to New York, ml was fined out a., a gunboat. She nailed from the Brooklyn Navy Yard on the 27th of July, IMS, end joined the West Gulf blockading squadron Tbe following is a !l?t of her officers:? A* ting Ma ter Commanding? C. W, t.imson. Aetiny Ahiitant Surgei'i ? E C. Yeimulen. As ui A**it aitf i'dv/da-'T ? .1<>Un Ke?d. At itifl Hatt-r ? A. II Atklnfron. Ac'<m i 8. R. H rrell and A. H. Perry. A ug .VaKr't K. Marshall, J. K. Asbmead D. Hall. Kvgi.iert? Acting Secant Assi ttnl, 8. Grcone ; Act lug InlrU Assistants, D. II -cbryior, J. II. Rollina, R. H. Ciordcn PaymasU.r't Clerk ? H. II. lariaj. Her crew was ma le up from the paroled *nd exchanged crew or the Ul-tatS'' KUi.b at 1 1 alt' r as, which was suuk off Oaivtst< u by the isbel prlvtiieer Alabama. Tbo Wave, or No. 43, ti the rebels call ber, was one or Admiral i'orter '? g .uboati originally, and waa protected by a slight iron armor to protect her crew from riflemen. She wis put In c mnal;a >n at New Orleans on the l3 of April, lb64. Ibo foilnwlrg Is a list of her officers:? Acting Volunteer Lir\t'.r?"nl ? B. W. toring. Ailing .taWa.i! {'cyniatter ? Alirod (1. Letbrop. Aclinj Lntignt?t" . J. LaiUaiu, Peter Howard, W.lllaiB ? Mellon. Actrvp M/uIt'i Mate? ("has. Camenn. t iigm eti? Mrst Assistant, John Thompson; Pecnnd Assistant, M. F. Kilzp.trick; Third AsttsWnla, John Rudders, W. H. Wilson. / a^muler'i Clerk ? Charles IL Grace. Police Intelileeaee. Pia pi t A'SICI.T OS A Pour* Ornrra? He n OiJfosa ottir TD ?On Wednesday nl?"bt, shortly before twelve o'clock, n* nffier Cornelius Murphy, of tbe Four teenth r'ee!n< t, wo* on duly In CsnsI street, near Motl, be had cecation to *rre?t one lb mas Godfrey, a harness n. iker, for iiisordurl.v c niuct. The prisouer, who was nmoh intoxicated, r- siated, snd declared be would not b? I 'led up: b it the prisoner was forcibly taken a block or two, when he drew a knife and stabbed offer Mtlfpby In the lett thigh. Inflicting a very d ng-rotn wound, Godirey then renews! his struggle wltu the, .?nd. breaking ixse from him, ran owty. the alarm rap waa sounded, and after proceed ng two or three b'o ks officer M< 'Uiude, of tbosarno precinct, overhauled Go Itrey ;;n1 t"ok I, no to the station bouse. * here he was lork'd up Tho fr'e-ds of tjie wonnded oOlt'.iai convoyed him lo tbe N>w York Hospital. Juat ro llogan yesterd iy cetnroiitcd tbs pi ?>u r Godfrey to the ir>mt?, to iwjII Ibo re u t Murphy s Injuries. Tbe prise 1 er is i married uia;i and lives ai No. 40 < bryatie street I ftnoiyri.w Arrrar Bsr^ia* Rorvrr nitons*".? Tbe re crui: ' g o,Ti<e So. 14 state str eet wm yesterday tbe seen* 0f p. * d rab ? eTe,'em-ot,o ng 10 a collision between t.*o toMDty bn'kers n?ine| M ? h el Ifinmhsn iod Mel< on? It up( art Ih t they became involved in a o'lairci core rri t/ so-ne ru*tl?r at l?? j" h.'tiveen th-?in , win n Ilvirolisn p rdmed s trvelver aed II red at Walla<>e, tbe bt:iir>l taking e ct > he arm a; id inlltctuig a very trr in * md. lie 'nngbr igbl oiilcer MuiUdy, of tha Mr?< pree'rri, to the sput, Sbd, ienraiof (Ue facte of tba ( !?<?, hi irn |ml H-'MvMn. Jiteiioe Hosaa aoomttted their- er '.o the To i * !' r tx ..n nation, oo a charg-s o( shooting w lb lilts it to U I. Wallace, who livss at 31 1 kast Twouly f h tfc sliest, la under trotUmeut in the New York ii ?.'p.tai. Tii* Kis.ti C-i'S Usnot ths N- w Fsinrmnrr Ac*.? Mr. Thomas I, Of W3 West Hons ton street, rtrently apissred bef^s Justice Ledwtlb sod entored a complaint siftltTSt Jesse Barber, Peter McPermotl^and William F. Godliey, charging tb< ra with violating the new eaiist nieot act passed at tbs !>Il rs*si'm of tbe I^glstatura Tin o< .upUlnant makes oalb that h?s brother. R rrsuklia MoDougai, waa taken to Tammifly IlsM by tbs de fendants, and there examined by a surgeoa, after which b? waa removed to Bctoa and aoiisted In the Sixteenth Masserhueetta b?avy artillery. Tbla step on tbe p**t of tbe accuse J parties Is la violation ot chapter two ef the act to amend ths sot to promote en. lament la Um service of the United 8tst*?, the tbir4 section of wbloh provides that it sbsil be unlswful for any ooetfl take a recruit ont of this S(5?t? andenllat bim la any ether State under a penalty of II .000 One. or Ins prwmment. or both. The persons ftofcplalned of were mUrdAf irroiltrtl tod bild to btfl In lb? turtn of 960# eeoh to anew sr. This M said to he the Aral turn whioh km Seesrred as dor the new law. Coroner's laqveat. A Urns Box fiisuT Dcairr>. ? Coroner Ct>l1m ysstef dsy bold an Inquest at 2M* fleerk-r *tree? en tb-bodjr 0(RirMf( A. striker.* little I'Qj , three ^ 1"'|! t was burned to death by tim tas* niayhig wi?b ws?. bee taet Monday e?esna I rendered a verutcl uf aot ldeatal J*?tb

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