Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 28, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 28, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. KUDAT, May 27-8 P. If It w:!l be noticed that the share market opened with an taaproved fooling this morning, anJ the transactions we-* larger than uti any jvevK'Ut day ?>< the week. Com pared w .th the snlee at the first b ard yesterak.v, New Yonc Central advanced Krie Railway , Krie pre f erred J(. Hudson River 1, Heading X, Milwaukee ana Pra.rie du Cbien Michigan Central 1, Michigan south ern H. lUinpis Ceutral ?4, Cieveiaod and Pittsburg %, Catena and Chicago 3 ^ , rieveland and Toledo 3, Chicago and Unit lslao t 1, Pit=burg and Fort Wayne 1 , Chicago and Northwestern Mia.-iBsippi and Mua^iri 3, Pacific Mail 1!^, Cumberland C0.1I 2, and CUnton Comi*oy IV Delaware and Hurts * sold the same. Jlarlem declined 1 per cent yulcKflivor Miuing ?X, *"<* M"n: u,i& *? The mark* hera?K> we?k m the afternoon, as iudee 1 it did before the close of .he call a? the first board, and the advance ot the morning was almost entirely lest No? \ur* Central c..-ed at 1S4, Krte Railroad US*, trie 1 referred 106 -t, Hud, on River 144 }i, Rt-a, ling 142.^, Michigan Southern 98*. Michigan Central 14*K, Chicago and North western 61 Jj. Win is Central 129 ?*, Cleveland and Pittsburg 114 X > a'ena and Chicago 137H. Cleveland and Toledo 148 1,' . Chicago and Rock Inland 114 ^.Chicago, Burl Kgtou ana Quiucy 127K, Pittsburg and Kort Wayne 11 ?'?>?. l'aciiic Mail 238 , Quicksilver Mining 757{, Cumber land Coil 70, and Canton Company 44. The following tablt compares the quotations for the leading rnilroad shares at the first meeting of the Board or Brokers to day with the prices obtained on Friday of last week;? May 20 May 27. New York Central 134?? 134 Erie llty% 116 1i Ei 10 preferred 10ft ?% 109 Hudson River 1^4^ 146 Harlem -80 2?0 Reading 146 144 Michigan Central - 14t? 146 Miofcucun southern W*? St' llUuoia Central 1S3<? 131 Milwaukee and Prairie du Chlen. .... 70s C*evelund anil Pittaburg 115\ 114 , ulan 11 and Chicago .....133 138 Cleveland ana Toledo 1 ?'"? 1 Chicago and Rock Inland lift 114i Pittsburg and Kort Wayne 118 117 Alton and Terre Haute 66 *t> Chicago and Northwestern. .......... 62 <:>?? Toledo and Wabash. ^2Jf TO 1 aciflo Mail 2S3 237 Cumberland "9 Pennsylvania Coal Company ? "14 Delaware and Hudson Canal... 230 236 teuton Company 4f>3< 44 Quicksilver Mining 74 79 The following were the quotations to-day for govern ment securities: ? Five twenty com -on bonds 107'f Kive-tweuty registered bonds li'7,l? Coupon C's of ism lM^' Registered 6's of lft^l 115 One ye tr currency cert idea 98 Sevon Nnd three teutDs ireasury i.oies 1U, '4 Coupon 5 '8 of 1805 165 Very little was done in sterling exchan ~e; the selling price being 204. Money continues easy. nnd. as the supply exceeds the demand, brokers find no difficulty in negotiating loans at 5 and 6 per cent. Gold was rather active to day, and the premium ad vanced three per cent over the quotations of yesterday. The socess on sympathizers spread their suspicions of approaching disasters to the llninn arms, which caused the market to open, under some excitement, at 186J?. The premium subsequently rell one per cent, but again rallied to the neighborhood of 87. The comparative shipments of gold from San Francisco from January 1 to May 1, this year and last, were as follows: ? Shipments to May 1, 1*64 $21,893,228 Shipments to May 1, 1863 16,892.103 Kzcess this year $6 201,125 ? Of the above amount the following sums were brought to this port: ? Arrived at New York to M?y 27, 1<*64 $5.091 .617 { Arrived at New York to May 24, 1803 6.231,957 Decrease this year $1,190,340 It is estimated that tbe product of the Pacific gold mine^ this year will be sixty nitliionsof dollars. About $376,000 in specie wjs landed at this port to day, $275,000 of which came from ? ai if orb la, and tbe balance from England. The transactions at tbe Sub-Treasury to-day were as follows Amount on hand $22,181,887 Receipts from customs 174,000 From other sources 6<>4.61& Total $23 li20.3?>6 Payments 1,190,100 Ralancc $21 ,*30 .2.15 Subscription? to ten forty man 7*.9iO D V*. Vaugban, of Providence. R. I , lias accepted tbe office of casbler of the J- ourtn National IJunk of tills city. The Comptroller of tins citj will open the bids (or the county luan of $2<0t 0,000 o tnidiers' substitute bounty re demption bonds to-ra rruw (Saturday), at two I'. U Tbia loan will bear aix per ccut interest, and is intendod to redeem the fame amount of timilar bonds wo cb fa j due ( n tbc 1st of Jure next. The movements of f.rei^n dry poods at this pori during tbc week ending lluy 25 may be seen in the fol lowing table ? F.ntrrta for <01 avrnption. J' (lr I "pn. Va!w. Manufactures of wi oi 413 $14?5 9^2 Manufactures of cotton i'.?2 6.1.227 Mam larutrcs cm silk V 9 202. 336 Maiiiiluotures of llax 1')0 97.103 Jfliocelaceovii 151 18,114 Total 1,689 $517,702 Tfiltu'irawali. Manuiaciures or wool 9S6 $318 572 Manuiactares of c dion 203 67 Mau'ilacture* or silk 63 7H 869 .Manufactures of tax 497 ]0 i,067 MloGUllaLC us t9 14,997 Total 1,908 $582,540 H'arrhnw I. Itnnutactures of wool 87.1 $"56,215 Macvtactares o( coitou 15# 4fi f>55 Alan. 1 al lures- of silk 119 175,4<ki Maou!a<'ture.-? o. llax 6.<5 15>),2&J Miscellaneous. 64 G.99tt Total 1 .924 $734,405 The returns of the Btnk or England for the week end ing May 12 compare witb the statement of the previous ween a- follows : ? Mm 5. May 12 Public deposits f6.P81.132 7,299,494 Oih^r ? e;?*lts 1 _? 278.903 12.001,160 t.overnroent securities. . . . 11,072,267 10 7*5 2>;7 other seeorltks 20.901,160 21 .n.'.o.t*;:} Notes In circu lation 21.491.250 $0,9514.860 eci? aod bullion 12,4 4,2*4 12 70*>,251 The i np.wh official r turns of tbe iin[K>rts and exports' of bullion and specie lor the week ending May 11 show that there were Imported totu tbe United Kingdom gold valued at ?573,216, and silver ?32,028; together, ?600,244 There were ex ported (fold valued at ?144 812, anl silver ?211,70-1, tttgttiurr, ?356,546. Tbe imports, therefore, exceeded u* exuoriR by ?24'\<;.'8. A Lcuidet OlrOCMtr or May 14 says:? V\ e have had n very dj:l market la toiut lor American securities during tUe past we*?, wltu great doslre on tbe purl o( holders to i res sales of ali clasps of bonds or shares; but even at reduced rates buyers hesitate to come (or ward, lience the 'quotation in many canes are purely nominal, the decline in Illinois and Erie shares has been $4. Stock Hiciiance, PiiipaT. Mav 27-10 y> A. M. *5000 r; Fir*. *1, res 115 3?.sh- 11 ud?on Kir KB 143 7MiO US ?>. 5 20S cou 107 i I0J do 1 ? ? ' ? (twi do. IU7'4 JW0 Harlem RR 1UU0 V S a. 71, ret; 103 Id Sixth Avenue KK. iJO 4i??'Ti. 73 1 . OcAAP 1111, 4(1 Norwich * Wor IlK 110 |i?? Jo 1'ob.vAiiK 1111. 5 ? Head t.g 1?R 144 IM O0 UM's l jr certlf V* , 50U do bio 111 IiKUO Ob lo .1 Miisveruf 0 1 do II .1,' >W0?i Co 64 , 6.10 do bJO US', t oo do 65 A.?) do I .54 14)0 N Y Central U'a lli 4 "? *? 00 in. 4<>< Hurt 2d ml:* "f l> 1-3 2 4) d>. ..<!'> 143:4 6?H? 1! udftn bds, '67.. !i# 0" Jtioh Cent RR ItA &"0<;iii \ M \\ lat tr. 10 do bill 145? ! lono Cbi ,v n w ai bus l 9 ? 200 do 1 ir.u 6 Oi rilU,FlWA< II in lot link Mlcb tkilNI Kil. '.fj mokii uv?.ri\v .( ^d m Mi a-m do mo W SOUCi'l A It I bouds. I h 2Jtl 00. P4". "?**'?<? Mol-'ii.l itrt 66 230 do...... VS-, ajMIAtlA-.WlstmO'l.v O' 2')?.MIcbHoANl RRstd 14.1 *?*??. Ima.okA II 1st m 110 10 d 1 ulO 14:1 Ametiran ao.d .1^^ IW 111 Cmt RR fulTatt 129 'if! '? ion 1U Cent lift acnp . l.'il 60 ?li Ha of. oinm.'nn 116M |U0 do IHt loo, Nation al Bs i,k . 1 li i\, 7"0 4 auion Company 44 1 <1 do I mu 10. dft .... 44U IPO So 12%. 106 penn C'.al Co. . V141, 40 U1?tp A Plita Kit 114 4 80 Dol? Hud I'anal Co 2S6 6 1) ifiu 100 Cuuio Coal pref . 74 uu 0 ii.** MO de 73 101 do w i'\ ?? dr.;;;. ; 115 ffi 2" M 17 riev. Onfi t-in |? Iflf an rtU 4* 100 (lilliiMC)itcK>oRl Q*< American Coal C . 10 1 .? ??.... ? rsH 100 Copaa?> Iron Mlues 1 1 * ? UW do " La im too do 114, 160 on J, I OonoolCoalCe of M d 77 IWOClete.andATolHR iM I WaioksiUnr MlnlLg. 7? 300 do 014 i I J" do 7H 5.i do | , i 5" IZK Jjf*' Chicago k R 1 RB l itS 2 }*???? 7 H v,y do ii3 ? 77 6"0 Oo * ^ 7 ?K >?>' do 115? H: _ , 7t> do 1 13 4<? - wx M 7V* , u d# ? 116*4 V Coal Co hf ?7 Cbl. Hurt Qcy BK. If 7W < o?a?a Coptmr C ? 4 )'? d?. 1171a Qpfct u( A Mineral 1 ? 6 fK MllAf'rd 'Cfeleo RR 70? UjOO Ma> JWMB Mf r*i 4A lifitio. ft W 4 Caie.. 117 feRnSSEJ s 5~;;i IM a- US 1*0 A lie* * *f? do" ttes 7uoCbioA H W *K.... };i m t? *? ^ 1 ii v T Cri B" 3? "W do....?? ?Sji V?'UM*?. Jg* J!5 2?? ;}? 61? livm do . 1 ??? lw ?" *,X ? * Yj? do bw IIS too *n -*S ?*., i1?; do 1 14 V IM do *5 a JS S? 114. lit do *M 6-H 6 0 do,.'.'.""...... .114* ;OJ Cbic * N W pref .. W i,H) d?? ,,,.blu H4S W'* do......... 4 1" Erie KK preter<ed . lost 2W Has A St J pref.... 6 S0 ' H ud.on Rl v KK . 140 , 100 ? ar A C? Hprrf 73 * i">, do ??MiusA HoM J? 2jo do bid 145 V, liW do ? ? j do M6* BHCOND BOARD. Balk past Two o'Ciooa P. M. $ 'OOOl'S 6"s,5-!0'a,<,OU 107 50 shs M rh SAN I RR V*>* S.M Trnt?.7*-luOAA ill* 1MX) J? 1 uiabeCantoo Co..bl0 44 ? 2?.lleh>euKK J? i 10UU Cuuib Ooa Co pre! 76 .v?) Mich S A N 1 guar.. 1*3* In <io etu 7C;4 800 do bSJliH 400Quiok? MugCo 7t> 2 O Ch. A N W Kit Mt lm do blO 70 100 do fs.i 10 do 7ft1'! ?? du *%*? 25 do '. 238 IM do 100N TCent RR. ?W WX W0 Iggft 30 do I'M iSO> t-lev A Pitta KR..., U? 10 1 Eria Kit preferred. Id* { loo 0*1 A Chi KR .... 137 2iO trie RR -3 > U3?? MO do. 1*7^, Ju) do b5 11 10J Clev A To KK 14. too d<> ill loo Ch .v Ilk I RR Ill', lOO do 113% 600 do in* 70' Hudson Kit KR 111', X4 Ch .Bur A y KR Iff 100 do 1.15 14. 60 .o 1*7- , 8<1 Keadin . KR 1111 5 >0 Pitts KtWACiii.. 115* 3oo do U2 & HW Alton 4TH pref. . . 81 CITt OOMB1E11CIAI. REPORT. Vbipay, May 27 ? 6 P. M. Asn*3 ? Recei; ts 36 bbls. . market firm at $9 75 for pots, with sales of 50 bbls Pearls remain uominal. L'readstoits ? Receipts 8,537 bbls flour, '.?o6 bbls. aad 405 baga corn meal, 1S2/101 bushels wbeat, 6 838 do. com, 100.069 do. oats, 350 do. barley, und 10.437 do. malt. The flour market wu active and prices advaucod 5c. a 10c., mainly on shipping grades, in sympathy with the rise in gold. The receipts were moderate, and the s ock of standard brauiis light. The day 's sales reached 24,000 bbls. .Stale and Western , part to arrive, Including extra State, deliverable last half of June, at $7 50; 1.800 do Southern and 700 do Canadian. Rye flour was Arm and In fcood request, with sales of 300 bbls. , at $5 50 a $7 lor inferior tine to super Of corn meal, 500 bbls changed hands, at $8 75 a $8 SO Jersey aud $7 25 tor Brandy wine. We quote: ? Sii|>crtlue State aud Western dour ,f7 10 a 7 25 Extra Stat* 7 4J a 7 40 Choice State 7 ft 0 ? 7 55 Common to medium Western 7 40 ? 7 50 Good to choice do , . 7 70 a 8 50 Extra St Louis 7 86 a 11 00 Common to good .'southern 7 65 a 8 05 Good to choice extra do 8 10 a 10 75 Common Canadian 7 40 a 7 50 Good to choice extra do 7 55 a 8 60 Kye flour, superfine 5 50 a 7 00 Corn meal, bbls 6 75 a 7 2# Corn meal, puuebeons 32 00 a 32 60 ? i be supply of wbeat offering was somewhat larger, but the quality was generally inferior, l'rime was about 1c. dearer, while poor wag dull and heavy at the close, i he demand continue^ active, chiefly for export. There were also a few purchases by local millers. The sales fool up 22-'>,000 bu-hes, including Chic 'go Spring at fl ?< <>i a fl 65, $1 64 a $1 6<> for Milwaukee club, $1 66 a $1 67 lor tml.or >pring,$l 70 ail 76 for wiuierred Wentern, $1 73 a f 1 76 for red Male. $1 76 a $1 77 lor amber Mi -hi, and $1 85 a $1 90 lor white do. , and $1 81 for white Ohio; included in the above were 21,000 bushels Mil waukee club, deltveraibo last half of Jane, at $163. Kye was scarce and dearer; sales 2,100 bushels, ai $1 53, wuh small parcel* at $1 65 aud upwards. Corn continued very scarce, active and 2c a 3c. dearer; Riles 90,000 bushets, at jl 60 for white Western, $1 60 a $1 53 for old Wester mixed, and one load rei>orted at $1 54 Oftls were tirmel- and in good ro quest, 70 000 bu3bels having cliaugc i hands, at 8'J? u 87c. for Canadian, 87c a 68 4c. f r rtate aud 88c. a 89^c. for Western. Hirley and bar ley mail continued (lull, hut without change in prices. Brass. ? Sales 250, medium at $2 6-> a $2 75; mar row were held a< $2 90 a $3. liin-swAx.? The market was firmer, about 500 lbs. sold at 6ic < on o.v ?The demand continues very active, and the markot lirm, with a higher advauce in prices. The sales were 3.00u bales. We quote: ? Upland. Florida. AliMe. N. O. (t Trx Ordinary 94 94 95 'J6 Middling 102 102 103 103 Go. d middling 104 104 J 05 105 Mi ldli g fair.... 109 108 110 110 Co> i>KR. ? Market firm, a sale of 100.000 l'ortage Lake was nmde, to arrive, at 43c., and 50,000 do , on the spot, buy ors' option. ? < ofkkk ? Market firm, aud a pood inquiry prevailed; a sale ot 300 bags Maracaibo wus made at 42 Sc. a 4'!c. Iiki n I'kuit. ? We i-oticu tales of 20,000 lbs. dried ap pies ..t 11c., and 20,000 do peaches on private terms. fi'Kl t- w?.-'e firm , hut ipnet. Engagement* to Lver pool, tier American flag, 20,000 buslieis woeat at 6*d. a 7d. , in nags, 7 300 do. tor next week. 7d , in bulk. I>er neuiril, t.00 ii .rces lard, 22s. 6d ; 100 hbds. tobicco, 25s.; l.-iOO bbls flour. Is. 3d. , which is an extromoly low low in e, aud. per steamer, 40,000 bushels wheat, 7d. To i/in.iou, per American, 14,000 bushols wheat ut ?'id.. In bu.k; 100 tons oilcake, 20s , and fxtr neutral, 100 tons hoavv goods, 25s, lo iirislol, 40 boxes bacon, 20^ To Antwerp 150 tous we ght, 25s A Biimh ti?rk was chartered for 1/n.don, wuh 27.000 bush els wheal, at 7d. , a Norwegian bark, with 16 000 bushels, to t ork w>r orders. 9 V,d per bushel; a Norw?gi ki ship, with 2S.OOO do , same voyaiiO, 6s Od per quar i>T: a Brit ish ti r it' , with 16,C0ij do. ,s line vovage, reported at 6'. 9d , or os. 3d. It' to a direct port; u n.'uiral vessm t . a port in B i>i?t CUuUael, mroot io GJoce liiy, N S., back coal, $.< 75. Momsms. ? Market active, with Rak.i of 30 hhds. Cuba at 8.u.'ib(l 142 bbls do hi 35c; also 130 hhiis. New Or le''L> hi i>6c u {1. aud 265 hl.ds. i'orto Kico al Site, Pro- :s,o.v .? lieceipts 6 000 nbls. pork, 1 000 pkgs. bee , f.00 do. cut meats, ai.d 1,200 do, Urd. 'Ihe mar^.'t for pork ?as buoyant huj firm undef an active demqn 1 and 1 r future delivery at full pricus: but ihe detnaud alter* irds tail on, nad the mar..ei* ruled lit ivv u: u re duel!' :i oi iiiN.ut 25c. per bbl., ne*' me-s clo^iug at ?30 62 aeatnst if31 at the opening. I.eef was stea-iy lieirf hams were nudtraiely active, lftcon and c:l meats were ?in I, but ti' 111 tU'i I ty no hanted lyird was lo lair demand, aud lull 1 rices were obtain d Butter and cbxese weie with 0 ii 'lectdiu ehai ge. Tbc ?ale< were* ? P?>rk 250 bbls. new metis, sellers' option utter 15th i>31 1,700 bois do. o, bu>ers? opti ;i July, at $32; 6j.i bbls it ? <!?>. . p irne ot>tk>o $32 80 Toe s ?!e^ on Hie spot were !i 000 hlii.s : iiie-s -.i$2S ' or new do. $30 02', u $ '1, $:6 t? prime and f .0 Kt prime inn^s. Bco ? s. c? 1,1 [) ?<> i.o - . at $!ft a Si-. . 0 lor me.-s. $1H a eji |?.r txtm do. ? eel llabts? Sales 90 btils. Wesie u ai ?2'.? Cat in-; t:. ? Iho P iles were 25" pkus romh si.les at 12c. and 100 tcs pickled h m? ai li>'A c. Hnco#? The rale* were 2.ri0 pkgs , rou-h ,idcs ai 12c. Lard? Si cs 4/ '00 bbls. a-.i1 ici. at 18J*c. ali'ic. lor No. 1, aud H ,c. u 1-i >,c. lor lair to prime Meant kettle. I'm: I k u ? Kecelpts 4.909 bb!?. Thore was a goid detnan 1 Pur reliueC oil to till contracts which mature be 1 >'0 oly 1; but eperauirs were ere tiy re-trici>;d by the li.mi.egn 01 holders, wlio denundvd 2c u gallon advance i e.. ti . ve made a p.eiiy i.o<mI ? .itiuinte of the stock t? id tn ri.'>tr*ct? matunof , und, oiier allowing lor liberal r?-c ii'is. t .ey conten i tbut there will not be i.rar enixigta i ii to ii;| the en ir .ci- lience tho high prnes dein lU'ied. < ru e w?s ji.iet firm. Hie s<tl a were 1,500 bbi3. crude, at 4CC. a 4!e. < n ihe f|*.t and |c r n<xt month also 1 .000 bbls. in 1'hlf .d'-iptoli, n>r June, * 40c , 4,000 bb.s. rclincd, in boi tl. ut ( 2'^c. u 03c. on tin spot; 64c. ? 600. tor June and July, with 64c demanded on ihe spot: also 2. 000 do Phlladeipbi i, fnf July, M 62c. a Ctc. . 3,000 do. iree. ut 6"Sc. a ? 3c on the spot, and 76'- a 78c for lorvvard delivoiy : 2'Jj libls. bvi. /.li.e sold ut 35c. or retiued. Pits.? 10,000 bushels Cpuadasold at ^1 2C Kicr.? lt.e iPirkei wasvi iy inactive, but prices were firm, wlili i-ulrs 01 AO bags kaugoon, ai 11 ^c. a 12*c. 8D0AR. ? 1 lie market wiu< quite aclive aud price.-, were firm. We nolo s.les.f WOO htids t bi ut .1 18c., ?00 bbds. I'orto Klco at 18c. a 19c., aud 1 237 ooxo* Ha vaoa at I7,l,c. a 20c. lteflned was aclive; sales ot 8 7.1 bbls. yeiluA at lac a 21c., and 100 bbl- . sott while at 22 , C. r ikaiunb ?Sales 20 000 lbs. , at 14c a 141 jc. for fair to prime. Tau>iw was In active demand, and the maiket^rulel firm Sales 20i' 000 ib?., al 13 'tc. u 14 '4c. lor common to prime ccntry and city. vvool.? 'iho market Las b.en raiber quiet this ween, comparatively -peikihg. I lice bueu, however, a fair den aod from consumers, but less dom.: in specula tiou. Prices are firmly held, 'the .ales reported 10/ il.e week are 100 b iles irovaucs,4<> do. iln.e 00 do <\n kola, loo do. Rio Griuide,38 do. biack Bmskoi, 70 do Eotre ttto*. 100 do. hast India, 30 do Crimea, 26 do black Sal uica.nli on private l?rm?, 100 bales white Don; km at 65<-.. and loo do. Smyrna bed wool ui 22 ?. ot domeatj# 50.000 ;bs.,fl nces, part Ohio, al 76c a 83c ; 130 biles pulled ?t 75c. a 85 ac , and 6,000 lbs. California at 62c. a 56c At Miction to day, by .1 P.. at Kenaen At 1 <> s, 3?, bales Scoured KuSSixn atfl 08 a $1 14 '.Moid 60 baiej uu washed Russian at 27 He u 33 :., UamagMl MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Tmror? On Tuesday, May 17. at "St. Mark * in tbo Howery, ' by the rector, ltev. a. ;i vititoo, I'. I? , Ravikji ph M. Ol JHK, ol Dohuiii, to Mart, youugcit dangL. | ter of tbe olllciatl.ig clergyman. CLARK? McUauk, s ? Ou Thursday, May 26, nt the l.e* Id cion aveou? I'mkfMriu aburcb. by Hev .laoeitk au ueisoo, Mr. Saih'KL (,'i.akk lo Misg Haras J M Dantkli Ki.o .-ak'> -I Hiura ? <?n Wedueeday, Mayas, by the R' v. \lr. Hougb, Kipwabd i h>?ami. to Han>a0 a . uaugo ter of the I >te John 1'billpa. Em. Ko carda > ck'.i no\? Van BokkHM.? Ob Wtd m: day, May 2". ' by tbe hov. J:r Eigenbrodt, CLaan I'KMiao.t to IUkt Va* Bokukucv, buib of New ^>rk. W'Hu? (? uhma.x ? 1 On Thursday evening. M.iy 2 fl, by t ibe Rev. (ieorge J Smith. Mr. FiisdkriO W. Fohh, of New York, to MtM C arm ik H. F*MHaV, Of l^ton, Mr?h H' nt? (Jrant.? ()o 1'buriday, May 90, at tbe ( burc'.' or tbe Holy ' onunuoioti, by the ltev. H. C lhrall, H*.?u?yG Uom to Cirrjr (J. . daughter of lb* late .'anus Grant, of I'cuglikcepeie, all of Una city. ? Lai'? a i.i.acM. ? on Thiii Mia j , May 26, at Graoe cburcb, Bro kiyn Height*, by the Kev N O. Alien, J. IU*ur Lap toJtrm 'loHHAM daughter ol' J. M. Allen. OD*r.L? (;?I'!?kv.? On Wednosda? . May fit, at the rati dene of tbe bride* pareota. by the Iter. William Roan. Mr. 'Viujam <i?nx, of Kye. New Vork. lo HAKRirr, only dauibior of John Gedney, Eaq., of the former place. No cards . Qvtnct? Phrrjkb.-? On Thtirriay, May 20, by tbe Her. Robert K. Ikiotb, Joti* W. tjcnrcr, ol Now Tork, to l.o CMtriA D rraxuc, daughter of tbe late Charles I'erktna, of Litchfield, Conn. DUO. A una. ? On Friday, May ST, alter aloof and aerore lUoeaa, Ciiarlbk Akkrr, la tlw J4ibyear of bis age. The raaeral will take place (ram tbe reoMoaeo of hi* mother, wutarlee street, oa Am day afteraooo, mom o'cloea WitUnoiir. Mar ?. *>? ? uwohm ?tow, Kama V. Rm, kelav* Wife of Jotm J. Bogv??H> MJ* M years ud 0 m?atha. IMe relatives and men* ef the raaaily are reapec-nllly invited to attend ibe fuueral en Sunday of ternoia , at hair-past one o'clock, from tor late reaideace, No 117 Ueraaont avenue, Brooklyn. iv-siou paper* pie*.-* copy . iiRiriT ? on Friday, Hay 27 , Martha Maroahrt BWfl, youngest child of Uusiua and Henry Bruit, aged # mo?*" and 16 day* The re.aiivoe and friend* of the family arc respectfully invited to attend the lunaral, on Sund.y uftern'oa, at half- past one o'clock, from the residence of her parenta, No. 285 Seventh avenue. The remains will ba ta^ea to Greenwood Cemetery for interateut Baknkt ? on Thursday morning, May 26, CoiUU*?"*r Ei>war? A. Barrbt, United Stales Navy, atfed +4 years. Hie trWcd* and tb so oi tbe family are luviwd 10 al lend the ! uuorul , this (Saturday) afternoon, ?t two o'clock, at the Church of the Redemption, Fouiteecth street, near Fourth avenue. The officers of the navy are Invited to attend tto fune ral of the Ute Commvudor i?. A. B.?ruet. I'nit-d -tales Navy, from the Church <>T the Redemption, l ouitceuth street. New York, opposite tbe Anadomy of MuW.this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Baumgakhu ? On Thursday, May 26, GostaTS K. Bai Mi ahth., aged 60 years. The iri nds i-t' the iiunily, also tbe members of Ve bJkke l/idge No. 202, tieo Masons, are respi ctfuiiv inv iei to attend the fuaaral. tr ni his late lesideiice, No. 6 iJayard street, on Sun lav afternoon, ?t two o'clock BrmmtaB. ? Killed. it tbe ba'.tle of tbe Wildern'ss. on, M iy 0, Lieutenant I'rank T. Bbrnnax, 0< the Ninety suveutb regiment New York Volunteers, a native of K. nmare, Ireland. Notice ?f tee tunoral in Sunday's Herald. Ci'S 'Mas ? On Thursday morning, May 26, Mar Ella, only daughter of k. Holbrook and Mary Cui>Umiin,a^ed 3 years aud 3 months. l'he r?latives and friend* of the family are invtod to attend the funeral, irom ttie residence or ber pareits. 270 West .Nineteenth street, this (Saturday) alteruoon,*t hair past three o'clock 1 h.ladelpbia papers please copy. Common. ? tin Friday, May 27. after a protracted illness, Aimioirr Co*ron, eldest sen of Lack (ouroa, docetsed. Notice of tbe funeral in to-morrow's paper. Daly. ? tin Friday. May 27,.)ohn, the beiove: son of Jobn and Margaret L'aly , ajjed 15 years, 6 moults and 12 (lays. Tiie friends of the family and tbe members of the New York Steam Boiler Makeis' Benevo em Assoc :?t ion, ?ro respectfully iuv.ted to attend tbe funeral, od Sunday aiteroooh, at half-past two o'clock, irom the restdeuue of his father. Fifth street, botweeu Meserole and Norman avenues. Greoupoiut. New Haven papers please copy. Dr. m.? On Friday, May 27, after a short hut sovere iiiuees, Kl,.kn Drum, u native of parish ot Sirech, qounty Longford, Ireland. The relatives aud friends of the family, aud ber son, Patrick Drum, aud her nephews, Joun M. Tbonvts and James I'iglui, are respectfully mv.tod to attend tbe fune ral, from 305 Kant Thirty-second street, on Sunday after noon, at two o'clock. Facav ?On Thursday, May 26, after a short an>i severe illness, of tbe oroup, Mart Kllrm, daughter of Tb?e. and Ann Fagan, ajed 2 years, 10 mouths and 17 days The irieuds and relatives of tho family are requested to attend tae funeral, irom tbe residence or ber parents. 271 avenue B, on Sunday afternoon, without lurtber notice Gunnini. ? On Thursday, May 26, Roco Giamkini, aged 21 years. The relatives and friends or the fumily are respectfully invited to attend tho luneral. on Sued iy afternoon, at two o'clock, from tbe residence o! his brother, 1'. A. Gl 'unini, 184 seventh avenue. GouRAtin.? At Key West, ou Friday, May 13, Win F Gocrauo, Capuin oi I nited Slates steamer Albany, nged about 43 years Auy Information in regard to his effects will be cheer fully answered by H. Harris, chief oillcer United States steamor Albany, or at residence, 17 Queen street, Phila aelphia. Providence (R. I.), Baltimore and Boston papers please copy Harris.? On Thursday, May 20, suddenly, Isaac Har ris. in the 73d y?ar of his ?j<e. Tbe relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from b>s late residence. No. 60 Grove street, ibis (Saturday) morning, at 11 o'cl c?. The ramaius will ou interred at Slag Sing, Westchester county Harrcon ?In Hnrlera. on Woitieaday morninz, M.\v 25, after a 8hort lili#>s, .Iambs L Harkiso.n, aged 50 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the it.neral, from me Second avenue ilelhodist Episcopal church, corner of 119th street, Har lem, Ibis (Saturday) lU'ternoon, at one o'clock, wil bout former r.ottce. Tbe retnaiiiB will be taken to Greeuwood for inteiment. Hail. ? On l'uesday, May 24. Ghoros B. Hall, la to Coloi.el of the Second regiment Excelsior Brigade, Sev enty-first New York State Volunteers, and Col mel of tbe Nmety-lbtrd New York Slato National Guard. Tim frteods and relntives are invited to attend the fu ner>?l, from the residence ol his lailier, ex-Mayor Geort:o Hall, No. 37 Living u street, Brooklyn, on Sun lay alter aoon, at two o'cWck. lJorT ? In Wrliamsburg, I. I.,on l"hursday, May 21, after a short and severe illuoss, K;iek n. Ho\t, a.'ed 52 years. the friends a-id relatives of- the decked ure invited f attend the funeral, irom his late residence. No. 10 Conselyea streot, on Sunday morning, al ten o'clock Hrwlkti ?On lhuri'day, May 20, or scarlet fever, Anna, daughter of Charles and Doruida Hew'etl, a,;ed 1 year, 7 months and 12 days. ICki.i.v.? On Thuryduy, M*y 26, Mini *m, nge<1 40 years, a native of I.mmore, county W a tor 'ore , Ireland. Tho rolxtivps and friends of the family are most re spec Holly incited in attend tbo funeral, from kin late res4dencM.No. 136 Mott street, on Sunday alter&o on, at bali-pagt one o'clock. Kk.vra. ? On Thursday, May 26, Jon* Kkmxa, In lhe44tb year of bis age Tho relatives and friend* of tho family are respectfully reiuesled to attend the funeral, this (Siturduy) nit r noon, at two o c'ock, from his late residence, No. 10 C'larkson street, New York Lbkiis. ? On Friday . May 27, TafoTST C. I.ickds, Esq., for tnorly of Hoston, aRed ">7 years. Ibe rolatires and fr.ends are rtwpeetfully invited to attend tho faneral, at tho residence of his Iroiher-in I <w. No. 10 Harrison street, Sout.i Brooklyn, ou Monday mora log, at eleven o'clock. Lats. ii. ? On Thursday, May 2^ . after a long and painful illnesp, which she bo:e wiili ChrPllan fortitude, Anm, the beloved wi.e of John Lattcli, in the 54th year of her age. The friends of tho fatrry ?nd the members of the Seventh I'rrshyieriin church, arc re ,>? ,;tlu invited to attend the ( i:;ierni, from her lat reside u ?\ N >. 83 C?a n n street, en Sonrtav a' terno" . at two o'ciock. I-o'nm ? <:n lliursday. May William il , n 'U of Cap tain It. k I i;*r,?k Philadelphia Ttn- relatives and (rtenils of ti o family are rosre-itftilly invited to n t;'ud the :nner?l,fr m hiF late rcsideuce, No. It 1 Kast sievt-ntecnth !>troct . on Monday morning, at soven o'cl c!:. i he remains will he aken* l < Philndelpliii for in torment. O'l) n .k.l.? On Thursit ir , Mt/ 20, f'sT-TRH NR, daugh ter of IVn i:s ac.1 Bridget O'lNitmei:, Br >d 3 years. The fneods or tho family, an" of hev u-icies, .John md Michaa! '1*1 oi.neli. are rexpec fnlly iaviied lo attend the iuoerni,fr tn thf rosldence <?i her pareats. No ?4a Hud son street, thus Saturday) aiterooon, it half-past one 0'C?'C'<. Paimi.rr ? Ou Frldsv oveninp. May 27, it the Vr.ion PI ach lintel, .1 . s. i 'a ?*; !k, aged i-' years. Fitriber nottro in the evening nod niiriMi 5 naper* l!a-D ?On Thursday eve"iii!;, May20,<?f disease of Ibe ti -rt. Mr? i'usimi ]! 'R iei;et of s.-imue: Reed age J 6'; yoirg, s 111 mhs >nd -JT da' s I i-.e relatives und fri"t:ds of the f iinii ? ire respect'oliv invited 10 attend tho funeral, in o?> ' ?y afierti ioa, lit two o'clock preciMly, fr m In r late re lor :o, 15 ^ e .ad avonue, Hoijivo-f.? lo Brooklyn, on Fr div, May 27, for.'s nomas in, need <.? vears. Th ; relatives and sr-etidt aie r Mi<i?r.trill/ Invit"! t > altom! the lucerai, frorn hl< la'e reiidi.?!i ?. Smith street, third h< ise aouthwest e: 1 hurcb, 00 SuLdav afte:ao>u, a? Iwe o'clock. Louden ; apers p!ois? copy. Romas? On TbnrS'' iy evening, Ma" 21, i>ftor a short rnd pa:n'ul lllne.-i>, Mrs. Janb Romas, rellci of William Roliitij. in tho 7?th year of ber age Her Iriends end ncpialntinces and those of the family are respecti ulljr invited to .mend tbe funeral, irom the residence of her ?on Inlaw, No ISO iUi'roid aveone, Jet Key 1 ity. Oils (Saturday) morulnc, at eleran O clock. Her remains will lie taken to Cypress Hills. SntNiUMt ? At Tarryp.w: , on Thursday morning, ?Tav 21. Mrs Ki IZA sniM.iRR, wile of Simon ra .dler, aijed 03 years sn 1 1 mor.tit. Th 1 relatives and friends of tho fam y are re>perlfully invited to ttiti-nd the fii'.cral, fr tp her late residence*, at Turryiown, this 1 SaturC ?* ) n'ternoon, at one o'clock Carriages will be in watting ;or the train Stm-ti x-i ? On Friday, May 27, ACdcsn-a L. STvr iBKs, only tieloved son of a 1.. and K. Stephens. The funeral will take place on S'ltirtny afternoon, #t tlir.-e o'clock from th re^tdeacp of hN parents 4-'<fi SiTih ? vet ue. I nends and acquaintances are particularly uiV'tnd to atn-nd mo tin ?On undiv.May 22. at r.iog Branch, N.J, John W. St.:*:' H ag?d 66 yeir? Svai/nt ? <?a Thursday . May 21, Coward W Struck, agen I') yeai ?. I- in thru! in us here, Me loved hlin unto the last. The relatives and friend* aro respectfully Invited to attend the fui eral, irom hi. late residence, 12 ih ftroet, near Tenth avenue, Manbattanvili". on Saturday after U' on, at two o'clock. T'iomimok.?, oti Thur?diy. May 20. Fraxos Tii"Mr.ov, a native n' the parish of Colnm Kill, county of LlMgford, Ireland, Hpe! (50 vears. Hit t'lerid* ai d r? at or", arc iov"ed to attend the Mao. rai. from his l ie residence, ttn. M Iterj-en street, rear -mi'h "iioet, Brooklyn, tbi? -aturdiy) afternoon, at two o'evek. ' 1 ; n ix. .? On Friday tnor litr , ','ay 27. of conjnnip t 00 Kr? w ? an .1 1 to* PS"*, the beloved husband of ' athv rma A. Cataohell, aged 24 years. mouths and 1 days I on '.viH takf pi fe on Hun lay nrternnon, al one o'clock, ft-om his Me rt mence, lli first aveou*. The frlenda, aodthn*eof hlslaoiily, and also tbe active and hon' rary membeiR or JetTersoa Engine Company No 2fl? arc re-pect uilv inv;t"d to ntfend his fuucral without further invitation. Vaj? V/i.vr. ? On Thursday mornmg. May 26, Patimic* Ma*ia Va,\ Vaikr formerly member of Hey Mr Wuo bar's Baptist church, Macdougal street, ?n?d B9 years. , The funeral will t ike place this Saturday) aftoroooo. at two o'clock. ir< m the ttsideuoe of aer son-in-law, (rwrge W. .1 i-herwood, No. |M Bleecker street. Relatives, mem hers and iriends of tbe above are respectfully In vlt' d to attend Watkr<.- <in Wednesday, May 25, Mart Attn, wife of Dr. .1 I". Waters. In the fi'U li year of ber age The funeral will take nlan- on Honday afternoon, at two o'clock, fromfher husband s residence, No ISi Sixth avaaue Youmo ? ()n Wednesday, May 25, Elmarrtb Yoriro, In tbe 75th year of her a^e. The relattres and friends of the family ere rospeotfully Invited to attend the funernl, froiri her lat"1 resiaooce. No. 424 West Thirty-nrth street, th:? (i^ffirdaj 1 aftrinooo, at one o'clock. /.Aiiitissia.? On Tueeday.M iV 2l,atOie??ponke Hnepltal, Hampicn, Va. , of a wound rcovved in Ihc battle r?i Prary's Bluff, Cokmal Ahr?* '/.amuiscik, of Ibe Ninth Maw .Persey volu aiders , ayed 23 years. Tb? faaerai wW take place from the First Refortard Dntah oLnrch, Jer?oy City, this (Saturday) Mternooo. At two e'ekx k. Tbe frieMa of the fMaU/aft lavl|?d to MteM wttfeevt fartfew lAftntMb NEWS FROM NEW ORLEANS. ACTIVITY OF THE REBELS. Reportod Concentration of Taylor's Troops at Blarksville Prairio. PLUNDERING EXPEDITIONS BY TEXANS, Hi tin Mi Tbe steamer Star, Oaptais Bell, from New Orleans 20th and Havana 23d Inst., and the Columbia Captain Barton, from N?w orloens 2Ut lust., arrived at this port yesterday. We are indebted to I'urser Phillips tbr the delivery or papers ana correspondence Air. William Voung'i Despatch. New OrlbaSS, May 21, 18C4. BOLD^fM OF RS1IKI (lUKHll.I-AB Some days since a clerk in some department at Baton Rouge, named Mushaway, said to belong in New York or Boston, visited Bruly landing, six miles from Baton Rouse. Ho was captured there by two guerillas or rebel soldiers, who carried him off, and it is said that he has since been impressed into the rebel military service. General Burge despatched a detachment of the Fourth Wisconsin in scarch or young Mushaway; but they did not succeed in recapturing him, though they returned with live ciUzon prisoners. Three of these were subse quently released; but the other two wore held as hostages for the safe return of Mushaway. TOT DASH UPON POUT UUMON. Former reports or this aiTtir may not havo statod that Df. Novos' sawmill was burned by the rebels, and two negroes wounded. About twenty white soldiers and a lieutenaut were captured by the rebels, who were shortly arter wards compelled to retreat, with a small loss In killed aud wounded. The lieutenant and his ?oldiera were not recapturod. CONFISCATION OF COTTON. The rebels are now confiscating alt the cotton that purchasers attempt to move in Avoyelles, St. Landry and other parishes above there. GKfiTIRAL BANK3 AT BIMMSPORT. It is understood and freely stated at headquarters that Gen Batiks' command reached Simmsport two or three days since, arter heavy skirmishing with Dick Taylor at or near Marksvllle But no particulars have yet -cached hor.' nor has there been any arrival from tbo front, ex cept possibly a courier, since tiie army leu Alexandria. btbccutions as to tiir skikmishdio. A reiugee from the confederacy, who arrived at New Orleans yesterday mornrag, was at Big Cave, thirty troui Marksvllle, Monday niotulng. He was awakened at dayUght bv heavy connonading. which was until r p u Tbis wis undoubtedly tne iionvy skirmishing and artillery duelling between General Hanks and jjismjfci AT MARKSVII.l.R rBAlIUK. A courier from the headquarter.-, or [tick Taylor repor e to the citizens that he was making Ins forces at Ma ka ViePrato, or Mansura. on Friday or Saturday of last wt-ok, with "the intention of ^ hanks. Some of MagruderV WhrU? c<?S istss&ssasiis^t^^s; bST. WW. 1} llencett. ^ ltLKfiU!)C|( AKI, repatriation. Kirby Smith has ordered nil pcrboiiR within bis lines ? ??;? ? M'rsNtaS: best ?- "? ??** "SSSiS! r'" T-irbv -niith has prohibited the circulation or grew b* les andmders that all pen-oos detected in circulating tbt-m he brought t<> his headquarters in ir"M itvnKiiivii KXPKornoN my undwcxpuntu thxans. About seventy five Texaus , formerly General tireens hr.iv eujrd under tbo oommaid of Captain MoNulty. i i??i * th?? r iiiiitrv from Mor^Jinzfi last 'I uesday JTrnma "n a thieving an? plundering expedition. lohhad every household where it was stis mJei tbeY had any articlos purchased from the KiJ a'd helped themaelve* to all fern I, tup m'Ttaev ?,|d carry off. They continued down to rnou urossetete, where, thore is a rebel rce esti mated at live bundled, winch tti.cnlens to -nako ? iiAin ivro PLAQomma am. iafocbc' and butcher all the Heroes they find in tluv ? parishes en.'iioy<-d on government plantations or otnerwisc by Uuion uien. ibese l'exau3 uro wholly undisciplined and Ver7 ^liBA^WSOJUraKNO ON nir /TTBAFALAYA. The heavy cannonading beir.i near tbe mouth or the r.<j river ou Monday evening. o-'iniiienciriK about throi o'clock aud continuing till dark. Is sui>|K)sed to have been tbc L-unhonts sheliles the bauKS or the Atcha.alaya. HKHJtl. I'l.ATIOATS M >VBI> PP THK ATOHAFAI.AYA. The rebel flatb oals <:u (he Atchalalaya were all re moved to Simmsport about a week "go, lrom whence t hey wero undoubtedly con vovwd to i :-'iter point, to prevunt their desti uetion by tho Cni' ii loicee. WHT 1HK HADH Ai.s ATI KM T 10 If. -II The radical priss every wl-.erc ? > xc ' -dingly r- in denunciation ot lenera: B..n:-,i ot besau^e <?. iucap'Wlty or military hi mde; s . but he aus* he ? sub stituted coin, tu >ry luh)r at a c.-rum llxed and mode rate com reuaat .u fo. the irvo'.uniiry servitude ? h ch beforo existed Jlsev <U forpi> ? I ir.i Tor cmip- .n,, the neuroesto work,' instead -.1 i ?? Hio" them Ca> not lu crime and ifl'e-.icas. Jeace tn. / improve ihe opj r tunny to make ci| U'l out of the di-istrou:- term.uatiun o the Red nvor e*ped'.i. n. <>,??. , t;<o l itter -m and moat prejudice* radt-. vs i the W v-M. tio-. corrosi-ond Sit * Ihi *pr;,:<lieiu wl^e letter re. tu :: t<> the .Rot r-v: ev;o t-.-n re,r . 1 -d in i Newr Y??rU copperlioid ; i\ l-1 in l,? ^ contain wreo' ? l".tii. All Itn.t ? ? ?;onerul A.J. .-<milh whipping toe rdu-.a ... ...e. . I .. s.?n? Ad!. purMMiic tueniMx inn ..^.d bomg ordered b .ck ??' ..list hi' Wi.l I.V Cjee-- il <? * . c? w ti.sre;au' ii that tienoral Bauk-. ?i?iw n.i..*n c.oi" r. M-Werrand with nt Hi" i-a at men r miug up to rriXr -e I iu. iu?. and l;o tory about the b ru ng oat ' set lire to bv Kd enia; d. a- H'.'/. d to have boon m-dor J byiie;i }r U Itotiw. ibo . ume-i ext.ngUHbed Z> c eral rtn.uo with two too iiatid men . %v n o then claim d the o?is as hie by rvlit fi ce: Hlon - a fobi i' ttioli. la ^rilily n e ram al i.i >111 " t> cru.di o.iie: ii i'.aiiKH by trie vve jht 01 tlioir cal iUibios Our Ki w ,)i ItanK C >rro jion .eiiee. H' w Ot; 1 e\>*, Mey 21 Noon Th.! rim Av^npcr and trantparl No v D .tlestli htvo (ustn rived f om S.uim-'pori, I. .. with M?."r Ov1 r?l Ba iks. Ge ier? :>?? ght.olili of .-la IT, and C. loo el Wttaoil ou tbo lormer. The N ;w*Dunleath briii^ three h indred prUo.xrs, capturod at the b.ttlo of Yellow Biyou, fought tn Woinesday, lS'-h ins'.. The enemy fol low<*d our fo.ces oa tha evacuation of Ale?. ar.drU Gn the 15th Inst, our army sepatst-d from the gunboats at t:herloe Bayou, ten mil"? from lort da i:u??y. On too 16th the enemy atlvked us and the batllo . f lf*nsura wus fought l'ho rebels had ).o'?. ?.- nm of a h'dt <1 wood* at ti e end or a plain. ..s our army adv ii.cel the enemy opened uti'-o it ulib twenty guns Our artillery wes lmtneoiit^ly placed in po*ition, .^nd after Ihree l eurs' firing the enemy s guns w< r ? -.lei.c-d. An adv ate of the wnoloarmy wm then ordered, and our eallaut nllov.i charged into to- woods, compel lira the enemy to retreat, with ere it slauth ter Our lo<s In the ciuoaetnunt was thirty wounded, t til'eus rejxirt that the e-emy carried oir several wa^ou! oJs of killed a d woondo l. \ kaitib or tm-iaw n.vYOt". Two dsys rtfior (Wednesday, 1-th) a second battle took pUce, two miles I rotn Slmmsiiort. Ihe enemy was drivon four miles, with great loas We caouired ihroo hundred pris-uo s. The onemy's loss la oatimated at four btiodred killed and wounded nlt ue. v> o loft aboui j two hundred killed, wounded and captured. ? o? terday, .\fciy 2?. the whole of our urmv, mclndiig ; infantry, cavalry and artillery, with their wagons j mid cmm sairy stores crossed the Atchafalaya on a brld,;e mnf e by our transports. To day thoy wou.d march i to the mouth or the R1 d river. .... Vho remainder of tieneral liank '' stall are on l''elr | way to N>iw ( r'rans ou tbe Luiverse. Caotaln !?? B. | Hall aud I.loutenant W. himpeon, bmh of (!?";orai '.inks | *talf. were captured by the enemy? the former on the 8tb tnstsnt aiol the latter on Ui? &th Inrtant -?n a gun- i boat, lie w >s bearer of des; atclies, which were, however, destro\ ?d Itfil.-iOilnVll \IU|{10% AT Til K TWKNTll'.Til srftT)KT UN! VKHSAMST ebur-ii, near S^vcutb avnaue. lt?!v T. s. ].;itlirop, of Krldgep'>rt, i^ona., wl l pioaoli to morrow, at I l>. A. M . and IJi f. M. ALL PAINTS' PROTK8TANT BPIItOOPAIi OHUI.CH, mi n r of l|. nrf im.l Hra ntnel Mrc. is ? On Ki.ii :??, May 2i the rector Kcv. S, .1. t.ornellle, "'111 pr"H' ii In the nfrnlu^ at hal ten. anil In the <'?enlng at ha.l- pa?t ?uien, MtrangHrs are rurdla ly Invited to att utd. A" LAN SON MKriloDIST F.PISOOTAf. t: II V K( II ." Wtlii fo Ii stretH. n. ar tiian l ? Thn ltev tv m. P Oorhutt Will pr?-ai:h at lllf A. M slid 7jM f. M. Seat* tree Anf.w episcopal ciu'itfH? ntriMK slrvTcr will Ix* h" d by the ilhuroh of the Holy Irtnilr id Rntgwr* Inst tute Kiftli avenue, b.'tween Kort- tirst and Port ond street*, on Sunday at ItiH A. M and 4 P. M. ihe iti'v. Sltphao M. lyag will proaeli In the after noon. ULlioKBR STRKBT UNt VERS ALIK r OIH . H<" ll. _ J) Her. Moaes lie lou praache* tto .nOiroW. morniiig and av. nine tn the evaulng h*? wlli consider the ftory of "Abiabam'n Sacriflce of laaae;"? Geneals, 'i3<l vbap'ar. (CENTRAL PRKSKVrERIAK OHO HOB. RR'.OMK J street, two blocks ?m<t of Broadwsy.? Prea^htna by tbe p**tor. Rev (James H linnu, at ll.^i. M. end 7>fev?a. Inf. Kondav school at 9 A. M and !l J*. M. C1AMP MKETfNOTO MORROW? IN LEFPBRT'S P tRR J Te-nuktoa aed Gate* avenoee, Brooklyn l.ove i???t at 10 A.M. Rev, Or Hmyti e t,?,n I/jadon will prakch at S?. * oativenleneee \m j i neat frein the ram ."?eene err* 'rotn Pulton ferry run n<ir the Park La Kalb * IfOW 0*P 1 "h COCHTRT BE EA VKOr* WILL BE 11 tb. eo'.j# ot * d.Mumr, * b? I. W leaanr, rm eenfay, Key n ?? tk? Milwtuti eveeee : la eeaa^nee | REUGIOC8 NOTICKS. Memorial chubch, h ammond.itkbbt. corner of Wavorloy place ?The Rev. John Murray Forbea. U.D.. associate recto of St. L ke's church, win preach to morrow evening. bervloes at 10)?, 4 h4 1\ o'etock ???ata free. MRS. CORA L. T. HATCH WILL STEAK St TltOOK l>n, is Clin on Ha l, corner of Atlauti ul llinton streets, to morrow (Sunday), at S and 7\ It. ? , subject chosen by the a .dieuce Keats 20 cent*. PREACHING ON PROPHECY ? S. S SNOW. I'ASTOR of the Second Advent church, will preach in Hope Chapel, Rroadwa . above Fourth street, <>n Suuda. after nuon, at three o clock, ou "The New Btspenaat.on." Sean free. Rev. henry blanchard will preach on "The Future Of Liberal Christianity In America," in the Churrh of the Restoration, corner of Monroe place and Clark atreet, Hiookln. on Suuday cveniui. Rev t d a lex an on it will preach in the Canal atreet church oorner of Greene street, lo-nior row at 10)^ a. M. Seat* free. AH welcome. ? RBV. MR. HFAT1I. OK MAINE, WILL PRE AO H IN the First Free Will Baptist church Twcnf eiglitth street near Broadway, on Sabbath morning at 1 1>4 o'clock and evening al 7'\J. Rev. c. c. ooss t. b. mkrwin. united states Army, and otoera. just from tlie front, w II speak in bebalf of tha suffer ng fam 1.04 of tho e who fell upon the butt e held, in the Calvary Haunt ohuroh, Twenty third sueet, near Fifth avenue, Sunday evon iig REV. DR. THOMPSON. HAVING JUST RETURNED from tli# battle field of Rensa-cit will speak of Chris tian and Sanitary work in the Armv of the Cumberland, at the Broadway Tabernacle, on S ibbath May 29. STRANGE 118 INVITED.? ST. STEPHEN'S BPISCO pal chur. h, corner of Broome and Chryatie streets. Rev. Dr. Price, rector. Services at 10)* A. M and 7 % P M. Rev. Dr. Uigbie, of TiinUy parish, will preach in thaeven ing. OT. ANN'S CHURCH, EIGHTEENTH STREET. NEAR O Filth avenue.? Divine service at TH and 10^ o'clock A. M. and S';. and P. M.. the afternoon being for doaf n.iite-. Tlie Hev. E. lleniamin wii'. preach n the morning and the Ruv. 11. W. Spuuldiug la the evening. Seats free. ST STEPHEN S EPISCOPAL CHURCH, CORNRR OF Broome antf Chr sue streets. Rev. Dr. Prioe, rector.? Services every Sundav at I ?')? A M and 7K P. M. On Sun day evening next, May 2?, the Rev. Dr. Higbeu, assistant minister of Trinity parish, will preach. rriHE REV. SAMl'RL BOOKSTAVBR bell. d. d., jL will preach fl). V.) in the Fiftieth street Presbyterian churcb, between Broadwav and Eighth avenue, on Sundav, Ma. Z'.i, at ink A. M. und 7'i P. M. Subject ol morning ser mon? 'The Baptism for the Dead." Of the evening, to bo announced in tne morning. THE SUNDAY SCHOOL CONNECTED WITH THE Free Will Baptist church. Twenty-eighth street, near Broadway, will bo d their month'v concert Sunday after noon Exercises to commeuce at two o clock precisely. The Rev Bel a Mart. n. of Great Br^a n ; Rev Dr. Holmes, of Fa rport, N. Y. : Luc us Hart, Eaq. ; Rev. Mr. Heath, of Maine , will address the meeting. The public are Invited. Seats free. <-rpnE FINANCIAL POLICY OF MR. CHASE" WILL A be the sub ject at the People's Meeting, at 187 Bowery, on Sunday. May V'J, at3 P. M. From 2 to S, "Taxation." UNION HALL. CORNER OF BROADWAY AND TWEN t' -thlrd street.? Suuda> sun ects? "Truth In Circles," at l?>i o'clock. Religious conference, "Shall the Rigbteoua Inherit the Earth,' at 3 o'clock. Dr. Barnes will give fifteen ) ears' experience as a medium of Spirits Angels, >tc., com mencing with Saints, explaining manifestations given through all mediums, at o'clock. HOUSRS, ROOMS. ?C., WAITED, A YOUNG MAN AND WIFE. WITHOUT CHILDREN, would like to hire a small Cottage, at llarletn or York ytlie: terms must not be more than $'J00 a year, or $WK), furnished. Address, staling terms, location, Ac., box b,M3 j Postofllce, New York. Best of reference given. Apartments wanted ?wanted, two m fur ni-hed Rooms, by a gentleman aud wife (no children), with conveniences f r cooking. 4c. Address A 8. O., He raid ollice. with full particulars, location, rent, Ao, A SL?LHnODBB W'\NT,ED-BV A SMALL FAMI ?k ^ flve. jnotns?); location between Second and ^ i j avenues and from Fourth to Twenty-fourth stroets Addresa box 2.109 New York Posiofflce. "roets. HOI. BR WANTED.? A FURNISHED. PARTIALLY furnished, or unfurn ahed modem House wanted de s ribly located, bv a responsible party. Address, locality and rent, Lyons. Herald offlce, for two davs 1>ART OF A HOUSE WANTED-UB FURNISHED. DE I slrahly located, lor a family of three young gentlemen and sister, compris ng a basement, with Ur t or ?ec >nd floor, say s x rooms. Address, stating terms, location , Ac., Grav, llerald otllce WANTBD-THE LOWER PART OF A HOU8B, ON the enst side of the city, above Tweuty-thlrd atreet Apply to E. I). C.. 1(4 East Fiftieth street, uear Third ave nue, with full particulara. __ WANTED TO LEASE-A BUILDING TWO OR three -tores high. Situated between t'anal and Four teenth streets and Womter and Elm. suitable for manufac turing purposes. Address W. H. M., station A, stating rent. -to. WANTEIf TO HIRE? FOR FOUR OR SIX MONTHS, a sin ill Plane >n the Ea-t river, with a good vegetable gardeu and a -tab.e, and within three or tour nillei of Har li-ni bridge. Address, staling terms and location, box 4,336 Post offlco. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE, WITH out children, part of a house, unf irnlahed, with con venience- for house keeping. Addreas, with full particulars, box 3 9 >!> Post o'llcc ANTED? FROM JUNE 1. A SMALL HOUSE OR ?? Part of a House, for A gentleman and wl'e Neigh horhocd in <ist be good and rent moderate. stating teuns. W II. G., Herald ollicn. \\l ANTED? BY A SMALL FAMILY, PART OP A Vt House or Suit of Rooius. fuinls ed, with conveniences for 'lousekeeking; must be In a lespecialie neighborlr.od and at a moderate rent, we^t side of town preferred. Ad> dtess. slatin; terms. Ac., Thomas W., box 22ii Herald oflico. WANTED TO RENT? A WELL FURNISHED, HIGH stoop lio ise foi a faml of six adults: attuned be tween ngionplue* and Fourteaatii street and Broad w. undsixtli avenuiw Ulaie l-x-^tio i and price, by letter address id linnie liate to II, box 2,677 Post oflloe. N Y. \i,' ANTED TO PURCHASE? A BUSINESS ALREADY * ? e?' .l> is ed, iu ue groceries, wines, liquors, Ae.: or would r ut sto-e n favorable location, for aatnc bu?.ne-.s, dt?t town. AddiCMC. A. W., Herald ollluc. \1TANTBD? A PLAINLY FURNISHED R'lOM AND I ?' Bedr< "i. suitable for hou ekeeptng. in the Se\ enth I or T nth wari. A J Ire s J. 8., box 20d llerald ofhee stating I r-nt and location \1/ ANTED? PART OF A BOUSE, BY A SMALL FaM ? ? ily, n a noud locat on about four rooms reqnlfed. with ou - fainlir. Possess on immediate Apply lo ALaMS Co., .?>< UroaJ.vay. VVANTBD? APARTMENTS, Of THREE OR FOUR ?? roo-n ? on the east aide of the Itow r?, not above Ho :st i n street, hy a geutlemitn vito and ehtld Addres-, with terms, D . box d,u6J Pott olQoe, or call at No. 5 Wall str-et, in fie -ta ion ato. e W tHTLDTO RENT-A KURNISIIED SITTING RO<>M v? anil Bedroom, wlih water and all conveniences for housekeeping. InifUire at 229 Sul.lran atreet, room l.V WANTED? TWO ROOMS. WITH OR WITHOUT FUR VV niture, in a ch?ip part of the town. Address, w tli pr ?'?. A. B Herald oliice. U'ANTI n- \ SECOND FLOOR AND P \RT OF THIRD, lo consist ol a x Rooms, reul must be uiojcrat'.'. Ad. drc>s Mrs. S, st itlon A. \1* ANTED? IN BROOKLYN. BV A SMALL FAMILY, Vl a sec* nd Boor, for housekeeping, wiut n fifteen or t ventV mnutM ride of Fu'lon ferry. Address, l.umcdlate'y, V llerald ollice. staling rent and partlcu ara 15F/WA?P?., I JIEWARD ?LOST, ON THE SlTII IN-^T i'KuM A Ult) rt t In tli ? North river, a ftlck of oak limber, which li s suppose1 v a picked tip by a tug'ioal otf (Jover [ not a Island, i he above reward will be paid for r-eovery i of the same uto i application lo 1'cck A Churcb, :J) Wail stivel, coruer ol South. Q - REWARD -LOST, ON FRIDAY. MAY 2^. A O' ? 111 ck and Tan l> >g. answering to the name of Prlnrn. lue i ndor wi'l be laid the above reward ami receive the thauks of ti e owner liy ret iming the dog to 13 Bond ureet. Q>,\ HOWARD.? LORT. ON THURSDAY EVKNIKO, V'J bctv.eeu Fourteenth anil Twenty ointh at Ufta, on I Fourth nveri lie, a lady's Po ketbook, containing some fifty doi litis ill bl s, aoialt currency aud few sainyic . of elbbona, j Ac The finder will r -C"ivo :at! aiir>vi- reward by iillliig at or | ending inlti East Twenty uliitb street. I RKVVARD WILL BE PA II> B? A WOM AN WHO i ???) . i i two Trunk . on the l?tli of PtlOTMy, through an j ovpre- ,iitu .n Smith street, who >ent ttnolher m i l< No. 4 ' Morris street and too* tho trunk-, uo I lie has nut de t-vred | them. i? no ahoiild have dutie, at tho corner ul' King and Yau Brunt streets, in the paper store. REWARD. ?LOST. IN OOINO FROM TIIK | ?P.l" Ito ery oppoite Pr nee sin' tt, thruujh Prince I street to \Y ooster, tnroii^ i Wo.wterto Spr'ng str 'et. through hpi n ; tn La irens at. oat. on Friday aiternoon. May :t7 i I 'll, one Twenty Dollar Hi I on the Mecu.iulc?' and Traders' liat:?, and $17 tn Gi e ui'. a ? s A. D. RKNTON, 112 t'.a>t Fortieth street. R I'. WARD. -LOST, ON SATURDAY, MAY 21 f i*i in ati express wagon, n ; 0ngtrom .' ort -lourlli i to FID ninth . t reels, In hr > i dwav a ! a.:, nta ,,i J tirluieil, [ comain n ; two Dels. The Under will receiv in,, nbovo re ward b leaving it at Ribiet's i-.npie a, OJ Wanen street. 5JI (\ II..WARTI -LOST. ON rii : DAY K WINING, i *i- IV' in Broad *v iy in front of Nriio's, a I'ocketboclt, contain 1 1 some ni ntjy en I Pajiers o' nu value e>,e,,i |,> l'*e own r. Tim a>we reward w il be pid to an - one le turning' ihe bu'ik aid paftera, wKImiui the mo1 ey, to J. Shove, Mi Nassau street, bssu.nent, and no vies; tun* asked. tjM/J RF.WA HIV? DOG L'isT, 81 IM'osKD TO H WE Vl" ci. -s d In li e e?en o e|,H!4 tioai from S alon Island, on Kitndav evening May 2.1, a Scute . T. 'trior, i.' ray Isli blacl., hair long sntl ? urly, m. ? ei's in the nnine of Fldo Apj l> t i. W. i lor.ioti, ill M all ati e?i i on n J;t, or to E. W. Parker, McLean's Co. tage. Siaplet.m Ian ling, a. I. C?'J ^ REWARD WILL BE OIVi.N TO WHOEVER V (j ' m III r ?tuin io .1 Sirit on, l In abe h stre t a gold Hum ir- Waieh. No. I.llift, about 2 lin'S re .eating Le pine nioMuoeni, ladiant faeo. ho <i leallons aste.l. Pawn brokers, take notiei. fat) r BEWtRD.? LOST, YESTERDAY, A COLLET ?p??) t on Hook ism tain inn about '.mi* ban* and legal lenJer not *s; also Mot/ A Co s onoek on the Pantile Hank for . sy i, . 'iii, j?Uov i-ieward w II be p?nl. an I no uussilons n ked upon returning the Qhove lo 7il vt ashlugton st , N. Y Ci f M REWARD -IP THE PERSON WHO TOOK A ?P ' ? lil Watch and othnr Jfwalrr from T\ North M on ? r -t wi'l return tho t lift to ?7fi Hmadway . the a ovo r iw ird will l>e paid, and no i|uesilous asked. WM. W PRATT, Third Floor. O - il It (WARD -LOST. A VALUAill.E OLUSTBB Jp?)U I) amond Ring The above reward will be Paid upon leav ng M with Heury T. Moore, im Broadwar. (?r[l BBWARD.? T<OST, ON THE MTH, IN OOtNO ?JOU from 87 Naaaau street to the World oflloo. a gold hauling ea?e Watch, with tha nume of the owner? J, Man ton? on tha Inside cap. Tha above reward will be paid Kn its return, ind no que.atlona aaked, by J. OAUTON, 87 Naa sau street. mct\ erwabp? loft, tbstrbday about noom. a ataxia rtona D>atnond Isru ' searf Pin, supposed in iVnrr*a <tr> ?? or Rrtw iway. The Andor will rooelvs tha , * - so f , n; IHftTKUCTlOK. ABU8I*BH?C0URaH0KB00K*KKPIN0\ WRltOI*. ? Arithmetic, and Spelling, taught for $i0 at M ruiiM 1 atraet. Brooklyn. La lie*. twelve legions iu Writing, $L Strictly private room* communicating from the hall fur day or eieuing Inatru tian. at IE! Bowary, ft Y. Colonel 4 PAINE, the well known teacher of Writ eg, la one of th* best instructors In the 8 tale. At dolbeah'S commercial academy. <u? Hi oad war, Uoys Utaru mare of business at!. lira in mm quarter than ia yearn at ordinary selnoli They receive pri vate lesson-, and become quick at Ujjures, rapid b i?me?a penmeu. ami practical bookkeepers. A HIGHLY EDUCATED EUROPEAN LADY DE s ran to find a a tuition in a re?pe< table family, for the summer season She a a perfect mm c au. and also teaches French and Qermnn ; best refeieuoes gveu and required. Addraas box 4,248 Post office. AT MANCtf A?3, 413 CANAL 8TRERT? 8TCDENTS receive thorough instruction in Bookkeeping mid Com mercial Arithmetic, for $* per quarter: Writing. twelve les sons. $1; Heading. Spelling, Ac., taught privately; indi vidual instruction givou. Separate apartments for ladlea. Open day and evening. AN ENGLISH LADY WHO HAH RESIDED SEVERAL ye.ira in Pnria. and who possesses a perfect knowledge of the French language. as af o understanding other Euro pean languiiges. I" deairoua of Riving a few bourn pri vuie tuition e&i'h day, Literature, History anil Geography, with every branoh of instruction can be taught1. both Kag li?li and Freneh languages. A note to M. J., Herald oilioa, will meet with attention. A BUSINESS COURSE.? BOOKKEEPING. ARIfH metic. Writing. Ac , for $15 at the Howards (Mercan tile) Aradnmv. 98 Bowerv, near Grand street. Any one of at of the Eug iah branches taught, without classes, in sepa rule rooms dav and evening Persons of neglected early education separately instructed. Twenty-five welting les sons, $2, or $5 a (juurter. A YOUNG MAN, JUST GRADUATED FROM CO!?. lege, and claiming hiuh testimonials as to moral, intel lectual and gentlemanly character, desires a situation aa teacher, during the summer months, In a family residing ia the oountry; along the Hudson preferred. Salary no ob i tect T ie thing desired, a pleasant place for study and agreeable association. Address Student, Herald office. AT 261 BOWKRY, (TOWNSEND'S ACADEMY). LA dies and UeuLlemen have over.' facility for acquiring a complete knowledge of Boo t keeping. Writing, Arithmetic, Algebra. Spelling, Grammar, vo. Thone wishing to receive private Instruct on may now engage fc>parate apartmeota, A THEOLOGICAL STUDENT WTiO HAS HAD 8EVB. ral years' experience in teaohlng. desires a situation aa tutor in a private family. Address Tutor, box 136 Herald office. A GENTLEMAN DESIRES PRIVATE LESSONS IN French trom a nat v? Par s an. Address, with full particulars, Mr. Weston, lax 130 Herald offloe. French language and literature lessons, by a Parisian, Licentiate of the Un verity of Paris. M. LANG U LLIEK, No. 6 Went Klevnth street, near Sroad way. G0YERNES8.-A YOUNG FOREIGN LhT)1, OF Su perior acquirements, des res a portion as dallv govern ess, frotu 9 until 3 o'clook, n a family or small children ; her acqu ruments besrdes Krenoh. are Eng. sh mu- o and Span ish; can ftirm-b the est of rererenoes, having taught for a long time In schools and fam Ilea. Address Mile. A. B. C., 18 Hanover place. Brooklyn. MISS YOUNG'S SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN AND young ladioa, 207 Bast Fifty-third treet. Course of Instruction? English branches, Mathematics and Latin. Music taught in the school. For terms, Aa, apply aa above, 207 East Fifty-third street. OIX MONTHS TO READ. WBITE AND SPEAK O Krenoh perfect! v, by a p easant and infallible method. Terms moderate. One hour and a half devoted daiiv for Board in a genteel family. Address J. Gerard, station D. TO CLERGYMEN ? A HOME WANTED FOB A BOY twelve years of age, where be could receive instruction .with the members of the family and have a mother's car* and attention; near the city preferred. Address, stating terms, 4c., Geo. Z liariholf, 80 East Fourteenth street. Teacher wanted? for a frw little girls, in a private family; short aistnnce from th.-citv; must be thorough in Engl sh French music and drawing. Salary $15 per month. Address box 2,4115 New York Post office. Wanted-a country boarding school, fo* a boy nine years of aue. Address, with circulars, torms, Ac., G. Montag, No. 0 North William street. N. Y. THE LECTURE SEASON. Important lecturer daily, for gbntlbmbii only, at the New York Museum of Anatomy, 618 Broad way. Parties unable to attend these lecture* can have them forwarded ou receipt of ten oents by addressing Secretary ot New York Museum of Anatomy. MEDICAL. _ _ A TRULY ASTONISHING MBDICfNB KOR FB men.- Nothiug more woaderlu , becau e as well in variablv certain as hea tli , has ever been discovered than the "Portuguese female Pi a" of M M. Desomeaux. They never fal , are away* safe and health., a though man-, dogrees strouger than any otaer. being aoienUBcaiy prepared and of tin- moot mir* and coativ ingredients Dr. A. M >1 A II KICK A U, I'lofi'ssor of Diseases of A omen, baa been ayent for upwards ?i twenty *ea a, and can testlf to their nstonlsliltig ellloacy. often In one or two daya I'rlca $5, Hole agency at bla office, 139 Liberty atreot. Sent by mail In letter envelope. Advice to married ladies.? mad am 3 bbs TL.LL. Kcmsie Physician and rrofessor of Midwifery, can be consulted aa nauaJ at it 'i Chambers street. But one Interview will lie necessary. No charge for advloe. Her In fallible medictnea can alao be ob talked at I27W Liberty street, or by mall : price $5. Ladlea who desire board and tbc beat medical attendance during confinement can be ac commodated. Her Kreneh Pill a, ,\o. 1. price f 1 a box. or No. if, which are lour decrees stronger tban No. 1. and can never ? all. are safe nnd heslt it; price $5 a box Can be sent by mail, with full directions. M B.? Madame Reatell deem* it her duty to caution ladles autilnsl Imitators of ber adver tisements, who uot only rob them of their means, bat their health. A WARNINO IN TIMB TO BVEKY LADY WHO DR J\ aire* medical advice. Kind out first wbal la the ail ment: sec oul. what in the remedy, huract of a letter trom m lady ???To A M. MAl KICtAU, Prolesaor of Dissasse of Women? I have culled upon many doctors and spent mush tuoimy lo. meuicine-, for no purpose, and knew not what to dn t ill nfter I obtained 'The toairted Woman's Private Medi cal Companion.' !>mi there I louud a remedy that proved certain am1 hea'thy." l-i Ilea, lake heed, and be wise la time. For rale at hia oiiice, 129 Liberty street, at No. 1 Ve-ey street and IS Ann street. AFFLICTED RKSTOREDI? IGNORANCE RXPOSKDI? Fallacies Unmasked ! ? Hlghlr imporiantto boih sexes, married or *irg|p, in h?a th or disease.? Dr. LARWONT's farm, Lioniniu and New York Medical Ailvmeraud Marriage Guide (!*?h edit'nn, tilt) pa^es, ID i llluslratio'ist. upon De bility. Urinary Allections Bladder and Kidneys, the author's uneouallcd Pari* and London treatment. Ac Al; should purctase tl, Is norkof E. WaKNKK. No 1 Ve ey treet, far $1 or consult the Doctor. 173 Brood war. up atslis, New York, iron 10 A. M. too P.M. "We concur with other papers in recommending Dr. Larmont and his work."? t'ourrer des hints Unls. German die Reform, Dispatch, Stoats Zeltunx. Atlas. Medical Review, Ac. ALhDVICR TO Til K AKFL1CTKD -M ADAMR DPS PAKD'S remain Pills ar" the only medicine ladlea can depend on with safetv and certainty Can be sent bv mall. N. B ? I^adle* wiio desi e to avail themselves of Madame Despard's valuable certain and *a(e mode or treatment, can do mi ai one interview. Residence 101 Sixth avenue, oopo alte Klijhtli street. Ladlss lain daritg con'itieinent with the best uiedical atteudanse. Othce hours from 9 A. M. lo f 1'. M. \ PPIiY TO Til R BURR PLACK KOR A SPEEDY /V car* without mercury. All unflartaMiMean at mice. Coniultat ona gratis. Dr. WARD'S old established ollico, 61 Franklin street. I ^ ,^3 ^jgu j**1 ?* ?* i Illustrated tbroi^hoi.t C ana^i^l'^i.^'^"^ J UBTWhH' f Confidence on diseases of a private 'rWaJl consulted with 1 lt"'f|Jr l"i,r years, three of w lilchh.?.?2?r. A practice of , OI fit w York ?tid Lyndon, enahi . *1" T? ,n ,h? hospitals ner-om n.,,1 geaerSrdeTMf ThVrlSJSi -7?1 wllh call on Mil! Willi the certaint* ir hi C m,)o"ll,0n <"*? no charm N. ? -Bri flr n'. H SSS* radicallr cured, or member of the New \ ork Unlverilt* MeiJ^t n4 Allege of Surgeons. London Medical Collate nnd DR. GRINDLE, KKMALR PHYSICIAN AND AC Couober. No. rt Amity place, three donra from Am ty I atieet msk s It his special practice to treat all fraaM ' ran i plaints, from whatever cnti?e produced. la sure to I give rcuef to the moat anvtous patient in twenty four hours. | Lleusnt rooms for ladies requiring nuraing. DR. WKST'H MONTH LT TONIC? IliK ORBAT KR male reinlntor. Keltef certain In all rn-e? In forty eight boul . OOice 27 Duans street, between Chatham and Cen tre streets. OR. LEWIri' MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSriTI TK, No 7 Beach street, three doors from West Hruadnay, Now York, lath* only place where ladles will receive proper mod cal treatment nnd apeedv reller. Separate rooma for tli? cspec al accommodation of lad ea. DR IIXLI'II. AUTHOR OF THB PRIVATE TR K A - tiar. Amity atreet. Tho -e ho apply In the early Huge oi c aeasn will be surprise I at the ease and rapidity of the cure 1 hose, however, who have suiferod long will best appreciate his set vices. DR WARD'S SPECIFIC AND l'RKVKNTIVE (OKKICB 61 Krsitklln street) nuret the worst caaea without tner cury or chance of diet. His Magical Invigorating Pills ar* per paekage T Alt. rtiWKRS. til KRANKI-in" STREET. CAN ftt I ' consulted irratia and with unparalleled succom on all I'omale ( omp amt?. Ills Periodical Drop*, ti per bolt e, e?pre I? lor obstinate casss. DR. OOOPER. II DUANK fcTRRET, MAY HE cov aniielon all dloeases Tiiirtv year" delusively devoted to dispuae. euablca him to wnrrant a cure In all ? ?sea. The victims of munla' ?d eonilSence In medical preienders ou call with a certainty oi beina radically cured, or no pay. 1 \R. JOHMIOK.U ht'ANE ST HE ST, HAS KOIt THE J ' las Hur.? years rtooted h s Httentton to an o era prac tice Cures gusranteed in ail cases or no c ksrye ru ido. r\R. WOOD CURES AIX KINDS Of DISEASES^ J J Erttpt Otis Uii'i r . Nervous D?bl ity. Piles. Kliooma tli n. IllSe.isi's of 'b" Ijl' er end Kidneys, K'n ale Com plsiuts. .c, Mouthlt Pitl-1. SI mid v ' per packst'-*, sent to order. Oiiice fm l.tapeiiard stiei t. Hl NI?nRlirt ARE RUIMKD BKi '>ff 1) KKDEMPTIOW in tins lile bv not ea liu on I ?r HUNl Kliat first bs hae lor thirty yesr? coo'tiieil l:is Attention to dl ease- of a certain eta s, in which lie haa cured no leas tli-n li'ty thou nsn.t citMM Ills reum l*? are mil. I and there Is no Inter rnptl n lo oji'lneS' or change of diet, Dr. It omer ia in con stant atterdHi.ce from s in mr m^rnliiB till 9 ai niHht, at his o d olhcc No. ;i Dl vIsbM sIichI, New V ork mn, since IA14 Coerces mode nte and :i Our- guaraateed HcnSraie r,Mim?, au tli .t ihe pitieut see* no one but tliv Doctor hiuistvif Ills wonderful modi al nl eorery. known as Dr. liu liter's ReJ Drops eure? certain disease when regular ' real men t ind all otner i*mo tl-s fail; ettre without diftmg or restrict oa In the habile of the patlnnl; cnr'S with ut the diasustiag and slckenin* etr<"cte or all other remedies cures in new caaes In less ilian six ho .rs; c res without tile driMdfiit eon se.|ti -tit eireet" of niesi'itrv . and posscssca the ti. > uliiirly va lualile pi oitont' of annlliliatlm; the rank and rotaonous talng that the blood la sure te absorb, un'ess hia reined ? 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