Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 10J.17. ' i fii Vf/ T ? P <*?*?? t ?in f a JKAi r. u **! ' 1 *51/10 C f ' f YORK HERALD. YORK, SUNDAY, MAY 29, 1864. BEMEfiAL CROOK'S EXPEDITION. Addttknl Bet till ft tke Iveeit beat laid Vy fiiiertl Gmk Ytaigk weiUr^ 'irgtibk Largi iMTjlKmpirtj 9?Kr?je4 . ail Captir?4. Th^ RtMl Position Pieroed in a Vital Point of the Great South* w catena Railroad. M>a^ Aooovvvi, A#?| #?? Amy OwmfMdnM. Au>aneo**8 Fnurr, "> OimHlin Rivaa, May it, 1864. J titknrliji ef ?Hilary blondera u4 Mm moves U to wtth tncreaaed aatiafactioo that I m( myself to reoord theeuoCTBafui termination of on* of the moat daring tod ?t raida which baa been yet oonoehred aod oarrled 1 apeak of the reoeot raid of Brigadier General * Crook through Southweetern Virginia, which cer Mlirty"haa no precedent la lla daring and success since )Ma<lnaaguratlcn of thla fratricidal and unhallowed re omaii caooK'a oovum? nr auit Ma command of General Creak, cooeisting or three Mrlgadea of lafhntry, natfer his Immediate supervision, dMi two brlgadae of cavalry, wider General Aver III, ?aft Char lea ton, Kanawha, on the 2d day of May, ?M task up Ha Una of march far tha Virginia and feaaeasaa Railroad at Dublin depot, via Raleigh, 9ttncetea and Rocky Gap. From Raleigh to Princeton the roada were completely blockaded by means of failed 'Maker, fee., and. the services of two hundred pioneers ?farara kept in oe eaten I requisition ? to remove the obstruc rMeaa ef the enemy. *Bun m oombsi? m ?* rotm*c*i>? raa arrant wrra The rebels were drat eneoantered at Princeton, two 1 aom ponies (one of Infhntry and one of cavalry) being left ? at that place after ita evacuation by Colonel IfoCansland, i Who ware gallantly charged by Major William P. Rucker, ! of Geaeral Crook's staC, at the head of about one bun- . dred of the Second West Virginia osrvalry, and apeedily ' >?m Into confusiaa and routed, with a loss of two Mad and several wounded. Marching theaca through Mocky Gap, without farther Interruption from the rebels, aave aa occasional at ray ahot from buabwback an, tha enemy ware for tte drat time encoun tered, la force, near lite aonthwestorn b.tae ?: ?ayd'a Mountain, about elx miles from I*nb'in leyot. The rebels, about four thousand strong, under ?Moral Jenkins, had bare selected a position naturally ?aud advantageous, wbtch they bad rendered sa by varioas Hoee of fortiOcatiooa, made of fence i traaaveraely planted, aaaaatbtag la the shape af a ~ *e fri#, whteb proved aa azeallant protection 1 small r = A boat elavsa o'clock A. M. on Monday, the Mb, Ike battle opened In earneet. the various regiments of tha first and Second brigades deploying In lines of battle in ipsa Aaida, and moving ateadliy forward to the atteM with all the precision aad ooolneas af a general review, tbay ware la fall range, aod the rebel batteries I apea them; thea neadden, blinding blaao of light rm along the whele rebel line. like a gleam of lightning toftog the boraera of* thunder cloud, and the loud Oooa which fe' lowed announced thai the battle bad apiasfi las narveet of death bad barm. Proudly aad aafn:it?>rfcitflv, w ith a sUldydM-of voaget ul dale nee, rushed fbrweni onr Kall*at hoys to the en<"?iy 's,worka. They ?rasaed tha later vernng fields at a double quick, reaobed Mm foot of i he bLto ea whsai or eat the rebela ware poat ad, gabied tbe plateau immediately la trout of their verBa, and then commanasd a Oerceiy contested nod tor atble aeaaa of earnega. Vullay .after volley waa poured in ia both aides at abort range, aad with deadly preeiaion, while whale platoons ware aeowed down by that wither tag ire. | a run novmmrr? rr> srraas. General Crook eow dele mined on a flank movement, (ad tbe Sacand brigade snovad off lo tbe lei l for that pur aaaa, ecreened by a akirt of woods, whilst a feint waa hade on tbe right by a pert on of tbe First brigade to draw the eaemy'a attenttsa. Tbia manoeuvre was drowned with complete success, tbe flr^t Intimation eh the eaemy bad ?r It being a aharp volley poured their ttaak, while thousands of bulls dealt Ueetrucii n and death among them. And now commenoed tbe Wtldsst scene of coafeoton and dismay, tbe eaemy tying la every direction, like a frightened flock of aaeep before a pack of bloodhounds, throwing away ti their wild terror every thing -which impeded Ihe.r Igbt. They certainly foonbi bravely ; but Like tha leavaa of the foreat when aummer la greaa, Tbia boat with their baanera at sunset wsa seen . l ike tbe laavea of tbe lorast wbeo autum batb blown, ffcat boat ea the morrow liea withered and atrown. clotd's swmiK? nti ix>mbs . Far the number of troops engaged, and tbe length of ttaee occupied, the battle c f tleyd's Motinuia waa oer talaiy tbe moot fiercely contented and bioody oa record, tke enemy's force waa about 4,000, whilst tha Unionism dM not bring aear tbe aame number into action; and oat af tbia aamber, darlag tbe apaoe af two boon and a bad, ear kaa la killed aad wauadad will probably reach ? MO, while that of the rebela In killed, woauded aod >, wlU not fall abort of ?00 The kas in tbe so Although the pursuit waa immediately oommeoced. and aaehed forward with all tbe vigor wblob the eahausted| Stale of tbe men would admit of. fat, auoh waa tbe nim-l I Oaad brigade of Geo. Crook's column was eapecially beavv, iMe Nlath Flrglala aloaa lea lag about 1M men. We I Jsat etily one Bald officer , Colonel Woodward, af the I fcnrth waaaylvania rsaervea, aa brave aad gallant a I aetdior aa aver draw a a word team tbe scabbard or stiser I ad aaaa ea la victory. I aumui jamaa, I wsaminll-g the rebel forcee, waa asor tally wounded, I and fell a priaooar into our baada, whilat their leea ia I Meld aad line offloera waa vary heavy. Jeaktaa baa, 1 I aadarstasd, alace died ef bla waaada. ^^^^m twa rvs-niT? s-vsk- inonin noiir. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Mnmedlately oommen^^H vigor wblob tbe exhausted I of. yat, auoh waa tbe nim ? ofroot exhibited by the enemy, to whom terror ? geemed to have riven wings, that oar forcee failed to I ewer lake tbom until within two mi lei of Dublin, wbera I they were relaforoed by a tbouaaad fraah men from John I M Morgan's eommand, but were not able, to ehcck our I eaward march more tbao aa hour, when tbay again fled I aad did aot atop until tbay crowed Naw river, OB the I taraplke bridge , which iboy burned after them. I On tbe oppoelte bask of the river, >ust at the railroad I bridge, tboy again made a stand? having fear large siege I geaa.and numerous flaid ptecea lo poaltlon? and during I (he greater part of the succeeding day (Tuesday ) a fierce I aad destructive artillery dael, accompanied at suitable I Intervale with musketry Ore, was kept up? tbe excellent I guaaesy oTbur artllleriats dismounting two of their ile^e I yleeee during the Agbt, and goally, lowarda evening, I M'wstng every rebel gun, when they withdrew Irom tbe I eouteot, falling back on tbe Una or tbe railroad ia tha I direction of I^rnchburg. I oa aoain? muowall ;irx sow arr aan mnniTan. I Having aafely crone ed bla forcee tbo night p. eviou*, I Geaeral (?ook moved off frem New river eerly Wednen I day moral' g, with banners etreamlng out g illy on the I morning air, aad the eoul thrilling strains or martial I mnalc flatting away over th? distnnt bill to|? and rever I beating through the valleys of secession, and took up line I at BMu-ch via tbe Blackbery road for Chrietiaosburg, wbsie I wa learaad the enemy had received retnlnroemeeta, and I would agam give us battle; but oa roacblag Blackbnry I onr scouts brought information of the enemy's retreat to I the 1 >oeg Tunnel. I From this natal until the command got to Greenbrier I river ffTom wheuee I write) nothing of Importance oc ??W to break 4he monotoay of the mar eh except the ^^^?riagef Oeienoi Mad wall jaokeon, In command of fifteen bnndced men, and th i taking of one piece of artillery aad a aeod portion of bla traneportatWu. Mil Whole oonimand.htnsaelf In tbe laed, fled In leas than I <aa boar, Isaviag at ma. kaapaacks, haversacks, he , | iitrewa ea the road for BMiea. aaawr aaacanm. Tha leat a ve deya af tbaoiaroh waa marked by almoat aanataat aad dradebtna rains, wnloh have rendered tbe peed a almoat impaaaahte ?r artillery aad axceedlsgty (aUgalng for Infantry. Yo4 diotwitheiaadlag all tbaee dldkeUlea aad drawbacks, tha command asoved ateadlty forward, aad would ore tha baa# beaa ea'ety aaeamped la our knee bad It oot boon for the swollen cone lima ef Greenbrier river, dt whlcb wa ban' alroady beaa two days In dnaatag (he fbrasa, and are Ilk "If to be another I ?rsaume srbaa wa are agabt lo our owh' "ooa the moo will be allowVd a abort reoplle from tbo ardh'oua dutiea or tbo Mold. I hey have trail earned auoh an ladf'goi.oe by tboir aheerfal afasritr and anmurmurlng ebedleh o* under the nseat trying dMMaaltloa oammti. oueog. By tbo snoseaa with which tha raid haa b*V erowaed Geaeral Crook baa oerUlniy proved blmeeir to bo * axaader of no ordinary ability and sagwlous foN"*1!!*1* aad haa glorioualy won the promotion which wh > ?? doaht be given blm without delay or beeltaacy. Of the aavoral expedltlooe, having In view fK" aama ab)eot, which b>vo boon planned emoe tbe eulhroafc of tbo reboill n, hp alone, tbo youngest ? man who has nadertakeu It. haa been auooasa'ul. I Ve oaa not actually prseeat eaa. form aa Idea ef thai red obalaatsa which war o over niaaa. Tot ha aaoat eau I Haas prudence aad skllfbl goooralgMf aaaoeaataUy ever I pam Ihsai all, and marked him as oaa MM taaayl wir|niy, ton taken aa his own Um oombraled awtto of Warren Hastings ? Mtm tqva im nM, Tbe th?roogh knowledge of tbe country p?e MNi by lUor Booker, who acted as (raid# to tb? expo Allien, im ?< hi in He service to um General , and en* Mod klm to ink* many Uruttfti of routes which he could not otherwise ktn 4om. Tbe mmtom aquade of bushwhackers along tbe root# bed Um Geoeral and Major Rueker particularly marked oataa victims, tbelr horses and persons minatoiy d? scribed. and ibetr positions at Um head of Um oolamn noted. Near tbe Salt Sulphur Springs one of tbene vll lalne waa taken, with a gun In bis banda, wbo had started out wltb tbe avowed Intention or murderlag one or both of' them. Of oourae be waa aummarlly abot; and aucb aboald be tbe fate of all like Murder en ? lor tbey are nurnna mrur-nro on tww mmu. It la Impossible to eatlmate correctly tbe loss of tbe rebels by this raid. Tbe Virginia and Tennessee Rail road baa bean moat effectually destroyed aa a means of transportation tor montba to cone. And when we take Ma oanaMaratioo the fact that tbla road was the con a eel lag link? tbe main artery? tbrongh which Virginia draw Mr auppllee from the South, we cannot place tbe daaMM at too high a figure. Besides, tbe moral effect of tbe raid will bo very great. Tbe fact of so (mail a furoa traversing, almost without aerloua opposition, a department so largo as that of Southwestern Virginia, aad deetroying Um moat Important railroad connection and telegraphic common loot ioa In all tbe rebel territory, oanaot bat raault moat beneficially to tbe government. I had intended In tbla communication to have given yon an account of tbe part performed by Gfen. Averlll and his daabing cavalry eorpa, but shall have to reserve It tor another letter, aa tbla is already very long. Below I annex a list of tbe various brigades and regi ments comprising this command, that tbe eountrv may know to whom tbey are indebted for such a brilliant com moo cement of tbe campaign:? Firtt Brigade? Colonel R. H. Hays commanding:; com posed of Twenty third Ohio Volunteer Infantry and parts of Thirty-fourth aad Thirty-sixth Ohio Volunteers. Seeond Brigade? Colonel C. H. Whit? commanding; compoeed of Ninth and Fourteenth Virginia Volunteer In fan try and Twelfth and Ninth Ohio Volunteer In'antry. Third Brigade ? Colonel H 0 Sickle commanding ; com posed of Third and Fourth Pennsylvania reserve corps aad Kleventh aad Fifteen th Virginia Volunteer Infantry. Artillery ? Flrat Ohio batttery. Captain McMullln commanding and Chief ef Artillery ; Flrat Kentucky bat tery, Captain P. W. Glaasle. I cannot oonolude this letter, however, without bearing testimony to tbe efficient manner in which tbe whole of General Crook's staff have discharged the delicate and arduous dutiea devolving upon tbem, among whom I will particularly mention Captain Craig, the efllcleot Hi vision Quartermaster; Captain Allen, Division Provost Marshal, and Lieutenants Moore and Patton, two <lt tbe cour teous and gentlemanly alds-de-camp. It aflbrds me plea sure to render tbls Just meed of praise to worthy officers, in those degenerate days of staff delinquencies. REBEL ACCOUNTS. [From the Richmond Examiner. ] 01 VSR A L MOI'OAN'S DSFK4T OP AVKRIT.L. The tale achievement or General John B. Morm. b his defeat of Avertll, la South wen tern Virginia, is said to have been one of the moat brilliant of the war to rapidity of movement and mddenneea of onset, while the enemy "were twice the number of our forces, and had, besides, artillery. General Morgan s command was separated, the two portions being about thirty miles apirt. lie called them together, and sent Ave hundred men to Dublin depot, to assist General Jenkins, where tbey arrived In time to save oar stores at that point and prevent the enemy from carrying off the prisoners tbey baa taken. Upon their arriva', and without a moment's rest, tbey stubbornly met and resisted the enemy, nntii tlte re maining force of Colonel McCansland (who commanded after the wounding of General Jenkins) could rally General Morgan, with the rest of hie force, turned forward, marched thirty eight miles came up with and immediately encaged the enemy nndor Avertll. wbo.four thousand strosg, fought hiss four hours. ao<l Anally charged him on foot, General Morgan at tie head of the oolnmn, driving blm from bis gvns and pursuing him, still on foot, for seven miles. Bet for the nlgbt okwing in upoQ then, and the high water In New rtver, be wools have oompleted his victory by capturing the en tire fores. Avertll destroyed Mm ferry and the pontoon bridges over New river, thus preventing pursuit m that way, aad the river rose so during the night that it was afterwards impossible for General Morgan to cross. The celerity of Morgan's Movements took tbe people com pletely by snrprts*. The cttinens ot Wvtbeville, know log that there were ne Confederate forces within thirty miles, and that the enemy were advaneing towards that Sace, were moving their effects, when tbe news of Aver I's defeat reached there. The people of Southwestern Virginia are loud in their praises of tbe gallant general aad bis soon. Tbe Confederate loss In the attack npon Averlll was ten killed and flrty wound ad Twelve dwad Yankees and a number of their wounded were left on the field. Tbey carried off most ?T their wounded, among them General Duffla. Rebel View ef ? ?>?? Affair? How -? lie "Yas. fct'et" mere Driven. [Correspondence or the Richmond Enquirer. 1 Wmrsvn le, May 11, 1864 Since my last letter we have had stirring times in tbls *RetlYankee Generals Avertll, Lovell and Duffle have been making desperate attempt* to occupy tbe country, and, I regret to sa^ with too mock sneooxs. I have no doubt that their itfVaslon was bassd upon the certainty of Grant's succom before ldrhmood, which would thus have enabled them to talcs full and entire possession of Virginia at one grand blow. General l?e. hjwever, has bad something to say in the execution of this programme, and tas, fortunately, very sertouslv interfered with it. Your readers have no doubt beard all atv.ut the eapture of Dublin, and the subsequent movement or the enemy on New river bridge, and. as 1 kaow very little of tbe particulars, I will not attempt to relate thsm. On Sunday sight last General Morgan left Saltrille Tor the purpose ot occupying lAttrel Creek Gap, and prevent the approach of Generals Avorill aad Duffle, who were re ported to be at Jeffereonvllle. His command reached the gap after a very fatiguing march over a rough and difficult road, about two o'clock on Monday morning. Scoots were despatched townrdg Je.lei sonvilie, who re ?turned ab 'Ut three o'clock P. M. and gave the luforma 4ton that tbe enemy were moving npon Wytbevllle. It now iKO.ime a matter of the utmost 1m; ortance to reach there in time to meet them . and the command was or dered 'to. move. They reached a point about thirty two Bailee from hare by eleven o'cl ck P. M. aad went into camp. The next morning tbe column was put in motion and arrived in town at three o'clock. A camp was se leoied, sn<1 the order given to uussddle and feed I he boraes, wbi'-b by ibis time was very necessary, as tbey bad not been fed but once since leaving .-altville. Awaaiacn <?r tub rxiow rsoois? tbs " nxnaa^" rft*?it. Scarcely had tbe saddles been removed before it w is announced that tbe enemy were approaching in strong foroe through Crocket's Gap. Crittenden .with tbe forced ofCokmet Af ?oo aad Llsateoant Onlonel Cook, wss order ed to Occupy the gap and coatest their advance. Colonel Gilmer's brigade and (ieoera! Morgan's old brigade, under the comaiaad of Lieutenant Onlonel R. A. Alston, were ordered to move rapidly by a clrrultoni rants through the woods aad attack tba enemy vigorously In their rear. By tbe Uae they had remaned a position ta command tbe ea trance to tbe gap, tbe eaemy bad fallen back and were drawn up in line of battle oa a vary high bill la an open field, which commanded tbe whale country in tfaelr front. Tbe ooaatry here M a succession of high and beautifully sloping hill#, and In fine cultivation, la a few aiaalao after tbeir arrival on the ground in rront of tbe enemy, Gilmer's and Alston's brigades were d amounted aad formed In hae of battle, and the order to advance wu given Tbe men responded to it by a tremendous shout, which made tbe Yankees tremble. Never erera aav troops known to adaaoce with more ateadloeoe and determination. Their officers, Instead of being required to urge them forward, were obliged to check tbalr lmpa:uoatty, to prcerre the line Never was there a mars beeutlful sight than was exhib Ited by those brave ama, marching with eager imp* teooo to attack an eaemy who were so strongly [o?teJ, and could be plainly aeon greatly to outnumber tliern Not a man faltered, but all aeem?d to contend who should be in tbe lead. As I geaed earnestly on tbe short distance that Intervened between tbe two hostile columns uu-1 aaw U gmwiag lees very rapidly . the anxwy end suspense was painful. Who among (hat noble band was [to be tba first to fallf Directly there Is a tremendous roar of mnsketry, which Is followed by a vot'.ey from the earbinee of the Yankeee, which dors not, how ever, check tbe advance of our lines in tbe least. Volley after volley are fired In quick succes sion . and the sound reverbretee through tbs long chain of billa. Tbe Yankeee saw we were 'going for them." aad could not atand It, aad tbeir hoe bruins to yield. With a wild about wa preee forward, and poon tbrlr whole Ilea la In retreat. Finding that we could not press tbtm as fast aa tbey coule retire, tbey wheel and form again. With another of those sboute, whim ibo Yankeee hare beard no often that tbey kaow what it mean >, our men continue to advance: tba enemy 'e line is again broksn, aad tbey Call back to a aether b II. a rum tfovmntirr. About this time Colonel Critic den's force, which was commanded la peraon by General Morgan, la seen to emerge from tbe sap, Juat In front of the left flank or the enemy, la aaother miaate the souad of artillery Is beard aad a shell explodes right la tbe middle ot the Yan kee linen. The enthusiasm of our mea on the left was now unbounded. Lteutsnent Duval, whoc mmanded tbe ertillery. poured abell after shell into their retreating column, and if the difficulty or climbing the steqp hUls bad not prevented a rapid pursuit, the retreat would eooa have become a rout. The Yankeee, beiug dismounted in froat of their b<>rsee whenever they ware driven beck, would mount aad go back so rapidly that they weald have time to tora again before wo could get ap with them. Alter driving them in ibis moaner for aearly Ave miles, ws saw, with sorrow, thai the ana was decHniag. Never did I wish so earnestly lor two hours more of daylight. J set two hoars, sad weeonld have ceptared the entire foroe or cut them np vary badly, for we were rapidly getting thsm into each a poettt >a thai It would have been [aapoaaible for them to escape. About sundown our last line was formed and a halt ordered, as it was ev idem we ooald gain nothing by pureeing them .after daik. Maay of the man erted out, "Colonel, Jnsl permit w to charge them eats mora, and theu we will be willing to quit." Prudence, however, required of General Morgan that the pursuit ahoald coaee, ead the order being given to return In camp waa quietly aad regr?tf>Hy obejed. Our command hod now marched thirty Ave milee on bores berk, fought five hours, end had to march sight miles to camp. Notsittxtanding the great fatigue the men and boraca had under* - *** tbe fad that our horsee had sot ?a fad for two days, tisnerai Morgan determined to sdvantsge ef this victory, end before the eaemy ha rStaforved at llerfcy Gap is sssd su expo dittoa Utsir vtinttiiMt plate. M?tcrQu> Mil, with kit battalion, (M therefore ordered to prooeod at nn to that point and capture Uie wagon*. He ard bla oemmond cbeerfu'ly obeyed, and 1 bop* when we ?ezt bear from hlsa tbat be ban mot wltb success. Owr K>as In tbia engagement was small? not more tban forty in killed and wovnM, twenty one ?f wbieb were of Al ston's brigade. Tbe loss of the enemy was much greater, as they left upon tbe Sold, In billed alone, nearly ss many as we bad In killed and wounded. Generul Aver ill, Mu of the Vanket ft* trait, mat wnmdmt it* tkt heat 1 1 we nr? lnforme<l by a lady whose house was la the rear of the Yankee lines) ssrly In tbe flgbt. It was Gen Morgsn's purpose to tenew tbe attack at daylight; but tbe enemy, taking advantage of tbo aigbt, mads tbeur sseaysb TMHMT. This Is a rery Important victory, as It was evidently tbe Intention of tbs Yankees to destroy th? lead mines and salt works, If they bad suocee<led In getting by tbls point. TWo In tbs testimony of all tbe prisoners, a few of fbom vtri takeo. It Is a singular ooinoldsao* that thin flgbt took plaos cm tbe anniversary of tbo battle of Greasy creek, hi Ken tuoky, wbero General Morgan defeated a vastly snperior fores of tbe enemy, driving tbem so rapidly over tbo Cumberland river that mmy of tbem were drowned. It was rough i also oo similar grwnd, and tben wo would bave captured a much larger number of prisnoers but for tbe difficulty of pursuit on aoooont of tbo steepness of tbo bills. Avnuu.'a DiMca. As soon as wo can got something for oar borsoo and dm to oat wo wtll again take after Mr. Averlll, and I am mucb mistaken If bo Is not made to regret that bo evor came Into tbls country. Ho will think It is a long way back to whore be started before be gets tboro. Tbo citizens of this plsce are very kiad to us and give o? alt they oan spare, and I hope tbey may bo spared fur tbe futnro from any further Incursions from tbo bar barians When we arrived bore tbev were In a great state of exoitement and all wero preparing for a general Stampede, and we did not get bore a minute too soon. Speaking of tbo kindness of tbe citizens reminds me of an occurrence tb?t 1 witnessed on tbo inarch to this place. Colonel Alston's brigade camped on the plsce of a man In moderate circumstances, and the Colonel went to tbo owner and told blm that be had no axes in his com mand and bis men bad therefore been obliged to burn a few of his rolls and be wished to pay for tbem, and also for pasturing in bis meadows. I!? generously replied, "Colonel , I can well spare a few rails and a little grass If you wWI keep the Yankees sway. I know very well If they get bere rails and grass wflt be of little value, and therefore I do not want any pay." Virginians have a right, to brag on old Virginny.and 1 think hereafter the resit of the Btates will submit to It without Irritation. THE NEW SENSATION. th* Bankers*, Br?k?r?' ?nd M?Mh?nt?' Clak-The BalMlai. tlw AppM?tm?*U, tk? H?mk?rikip *>*? Dwlg* of th* Inatttastlois, Jw. Amerioans, whoea mission ww to be to Improve everything, bar? now made up their minds to improve upon the foreign Me* of a club. Our people cannot con tent tbemaelvee with a mere restaurant and lounging place. They hare neither time nor Inclination to display tbemaelvee In dub windows and ogle the ladles who paas by. They mn<t mingle business wttto pleasure and proOt with amusement. This peculiarity sufficiently explains why the ordinary kind of clubs hrvo always been com paratively unpopular here. At last a company of gentlemen hare organized and established an American dub, to be conducted up^n American principles. It la located on Fifth avenue. 'be tween Twenty-first and Twenty-second streets; and a brief description of Its Internal arrangements and the purposes to wbleh It la to be devoted will convince the moat skeptical that its originator, Mr. H. St. C. Fytiuge, bas hit upon a decidedly novel, original and brilliant idea, and that New York is about to bare a new sensation. The w*" Club House is of 'brown stone, fire stories high .twenty -eight feet wide, and one hundred and twenty reet deep, with a bay window fronting upon the avenue. On the rear a large building hie been erected, with two entrances on Fifth avenue and one on Twenty-second street. This rear ball Is to be used ss a bourse, or evening exchange, and will be accessible both to the -members of the club and to the (feneral public. A regular call of stocks will be made there on Wednesday, dune l.and on every suc I ceeding evening. But, to begin at the beginning, let us enter the Ctab Boose from the basement Here we find a telegraph office and an elegant smoking room. A wide hall peases tbeee departments and leada back to the ale and wine room, which Is to be anperlatended by Cbria. O'Connor, Kaq. , and so upstairs to the Bourse AH of taeae rooms are large and are to be splendidly furnished. The articles for sale In Mr. O'Connor's department wHI be of the first quality, selected with the grealeat case. The specious kitchens are not 'yet fitted up. Mr. A. stetson, of the Astor House, is entreated with the' Im mense responsibility of selecting the artiste in thia most Important portion of the establishment. Passing up stairs to the Itouree, we enter aa Im menso hall, which will accommodate, with tbe sa'ont. a thousand people. Wbtte was the architect of this hall, . and has vestllated it perfectly, and In every way fitted it for a first class evening stock exchange Here the ster ling moneyed men of New York will meet nightly to gain fortunes upon st' eke and transact all their privMe business. Commerce and business are not the etiquette of other clubs; but they are of Ihis. The bankers, the brokers and tUe merchants are all most eemforub r pro Tided for, and none of tbem should fall to avail th?m?el??e of these advantages The Club bulletiD will hourly an nounco the exact state ol the markets. The arrivals and departures of ships will be recorded. A banking fond I will bo kept In the Club sale to change che.-ka lor mem bora after banking hours. The large windows of tbo main whs open anon the Bourse. This mien consists of three Immense rooms e* tui'e. These are all sumptuously furnished In di;T?reat styles, but with exquisite taste and barmoolou? elle t. j Thesalow will bs ihe reception room of the Club, and li brilliantly lighted and aapplled with every possible cou venienoe. It ?pens upon a magr.lflcent hall, thrash which n wide staircase leads to the second story. Tin whole floor la thrown Into a restaurant, aeatlag abo jt two bendred persons. The ssrvlce of silver and crystal for this restaurant is most cost'y. Here members will be served with all the delicacies and substantial of lbs season, at the simple c;st or material, and with wines or the rarest vintages. A hair dressiag saloon and bating room are upon each floor. Indeed, nothing Is wanting which the moat refined taste and lav-eh expenditure can "PPlX. Ibe third floor le divided Into apart mente for priv-te parties, whist, chess snd dressing rooms. These may be thrown en iwtf e for s large psrty if required. K<cb of these rooms is furnished In a style contrasting with the others, and it ia hard-to say which is the most beauti ui. Tbe large rear room, however, Is the most gorges?. Splendid dormitories, for the use of members , are also upon this floor. All the standard Journals or the world will be on file here. All or the Fumpeaa languages will be spoken by the servants in attendance, as many of the foreign Cin?uls and of foreign residents have aires 1y > incd tbo Club, snd the diplomatic corps will bs very Tjliy represented iu the membership. In this ir all ethers, there appears to be the utmost solicitude t provide for the comrort and convenience of tli?se on nested with tbe institutes. Tbe ro'ifth slory consists or a spsclons hall, entirely devoted to a billiard sa'ono. 6lx large tables will be setup. A well ksown professor of the art will take charge of this saloon, so l It will certainly be sups: I >r to almost sny other billiard room In tbe cl?y. Altb u^b tble la a secondary feature in comparison with the Stoc* Exchange, still the ssass car* la evident la all lla appoint msnts. The ooat of tbe Club House, with lis peraj beroalia. bas he an about f 135 ,000. The coat of the silver alone amounts to $40,000. The annnal Suae sre fixed at $100. Tbe local Ion la tho best In tha city, central, and easily accessible from down town of up towa. Arrangements have been made (or carriagsa for ihe ate of ib4 Club. The membership la si ready very large, and Is rapidly Inereaalng, as lbs deslge of tbe Club and tb* perfection of Its details become better knowa. Tbo number of members Is limited to als hundred. Tbe atrlcteat Inquiry aa to character and ataadtag determines tbe appitcattoaa for membership; fbr It la ene of the lew* of the Club, a* unalterable aa those ef tbe Medea aad rerslana, that no Irresponsible peraoa caa bs admitted Perbapa thla leal u re, more than any ether, baa drawn together the loading bankers, mar chaste aad business men? the true repreeeotstlvea of the metropolis? In ths organisation of this Institution. We predict for It re markabl* aucceaa, and expect to aae H outlive all of tbe ?ere imltatioaa of Ruropeaa cliques that have hitherte usurped aad monopolized tbe aame of club la Ibis city Obltasry, Faraa B. Ssaw, a Revolutionary peas loner, living ?i? [ siilea asrth ef Nashville, died on the ?Hh Iset. , at tbe grass std ago of oos hundred aad owe years, one mama 1 ?nd twsaty days. Be was peesest at the snrresder of obovkUV J SHERMAN' ?wrtUry lUalaa to General Dli. WieuiNOToit, May 28? 9 60 P. ML to XV* CtoMral Da:? A deepatch from General Shermaa, May 28 , tlx A. M. , ?Mr Dalloe, reports thai UM enemy, discovering bis am lo torn AUoona, moved to meet our forces at Dallas Our columoe met the enemy about one mil* east of the pumpkin Ttno creek, and we puebed tbem back about throe mttee, to tbe point whero the road forks to Atlanta and Marietta. Here Johnston has ehoeen a strong lino, aad mail b&s*y hot strong parepeta of timber and earth. Sonera! Sherman's right la at Dallas, the centre about three mUea north. The country le denaely wooded and broken. No roada of any consequence. We hate had many sharp encounters, but nothing d?cl ain. id Win m. srANTON, Secretary of War. NEWS FROM THE MISSISSIPPI. QMrrill* Attack the Steamer St. bonis? Rebel Rttmen Up Rtd River? H*t?r? o t Qtatnl NeArlhui'i Com* ?Md to Vlektbarf, 4te. Cairo, May 37, 1864. The tlesmer Hill man, from Memphis yesterday even to*, ba. arrived bore. She baa fifty-nine bales of cotton lor St. Louis. Tbe rebels flred into bor ai Island No. 10. The steamer 81. Louis, on ber way to New Orleans, was flred into at Tunica Band. Tbe rebel shells struck her and expl oded near ber boiler; but, fortunately, no one wan injured. TIM rebels are said to have twenty-five steamers up tbe Red rlvor, above tbe farthest polut reached by our amy. Tbe steamer Silver Moom, from Memphis for Cincinnati, baa seven hundred and seventy -tbree bales of cotton ?nd mm General McArthur's command returned to Vicksburg on Ike aotff Inst. He had no engagement with tbe rebels o any importance. Great excitement existed at Vicksburg on tbe reception *f the news from General Grant's army. GENERAL CANBY'S NEW COMMAND. What It Coaslsts of and How it Affects Utncrat Banks. OKNgmkL ORDERS? NO. 192. Wan Deimrtmbiit, Adjutant finrsRAL's Okfios, 1 WasHisruTOK, May T, 1864. J By direction cf tbe President, Major General C. R. S. Cauby , United States Voluntesrs, is assigned to the com mand or tbe Military Pivislen of West Mississippi, which will include tbe Departments of .Arkansas and of tbe Gulf. by order of the t-KCUfeTARV OK WAR. t D. Terns bnd, Assistant AdJutaulGsueraJ. General Banks uot IlelUved. (From the New Orloins True i)elta. May 21 ] Finding that much misapprehension existed as to the position to be assumed by <;eu. t'anby, we have, at cm uderable pains, asceiUlusu tbe facts from offlcla! source", ^?sse tine ago it was l<uud expedient to organize geographical (not military) divisions, competed of two or more depart men la, as tbe I'lvi-lnoi the Mis sissippi ts composed of tbe Departments of Tennessee. Mississippi and Kentucky, which was originally created for General Graal, but is now commauded by Cenerai > Anew division has now been created, called toe West Mississippi. Ibis is ths command of Gene ral Can by. lis etael boundariee have not been <?m muotcated farther than that tbe Department of tbe Gulf will be included. General Ra> ka continue:* Hi bis command, but will report to General Canby just as Gene ral Thomas reports to Genersi bberman, Instead of send lug direct to General Grant. We cannot see fr??a any intelligence that we have that tbe status of oeaeral Banks m a fleeted to the slightest degree. THE INDIAN WAN. Organisation of a Fores for the Prose* eaatlon O t Another Campaign Against Ik* RnvagOf In Minnesota, ?fcc. [>rens the ft. Paiii Frees. | the pre pa rat (owe tor tbe Minnesota branch of the to dim expedition are brtag made as rapidlv tu> possib.'e As we bavs previously slated. tbe forces from this Stats will be usder tbe com mar d of Celooe! Thomas. of tbe Eighth regiment, until a junction is formed ou thi Missouri with General Sully. Ihey will consist of the Hrfhtb regiment. a i>ortioa of tbe 6eeond cavalry, under Ilie command of Cotooel McUrra, an I two seciem- o ( aplam Jones' battery. Tbe tirst eignt companies of the Second cavalry are tbe eaes design ued , as follows-? lompmy A,Capl>lo.J. R. Jonsa ; Company R, Cat tain II. Jones; Compear C. Captalo A. 3. i veret Con. pant f>. Captain James Main; Tsnspsny K, Captain R F. Siaugb t?r, Company K, Captain Thomas H. Smith; t'oaapmy u, Cepum Jaeob N'tx Company H,<aptaln I' n I'avr. ltwMtbe intent ton te ba-?e coo-entra?ed the Eighth regional and tbe companlee of (be e< ond caralry In rbe upper p" Hon ki. tbe State attain Centre, eereral days sgo, but ine delay of Maior Hatch s eipediliou in reacn ing Fort Abercroinbl" pUfSQlSt I to m'>tinl itv tafantry were sent up sons time Mnce. sad were expect ed to leave batik Centre .'or fort Wgely yesterday. C npsny P, Capt. Payne, a tb.-a)y com^soy of the ?'ecomi cavalry at tbe fort tbst belongs' to lb'* sx~>? Ution. Tbis oompauy , together with t wo % -ctioua of Capl. Jones' battery, will leave Fort Sr.el a; - .lay under ord rs to reoort at FOrt Pidgely m the 3Mb, at wa ob im.e tbe force freei Sank Centre n aKo ex|H?r'e<i to arrive As the drAoghl has prevented tl-s growth of gra*f, it is <inl*e possible the eavoduku will er^auoe at Fort Kid^ely instead of at Camp Pope. .-u far as we are informed, the plan for tbe campaign is similar to tbutof last year. Colonel Thomas is expected to unite bis farces ?itb Central u.iy at .t given point on tbe upper Mies wrt. It is reported that this point is a short distance l.e'ow Perl Pierre, and that after tbe innction the oon.biaed |i rces will nwveuitt.a mom a of Heart river, a distauee of one hundred miles aouth of Fort * lark, and erect there a perms cot p?it, leaving a garrison in charge. Tiie Indians are to be cbs'tHco whenever sad wherever found; and if not met with be'ore reaching (hi* post, tbe e^fedittos will coaiinue its onward and upward pio greas. Minaes U wMI also be rep'e<en'ed by Bracken's bat talion. which ta now in 5ious City 1.' the presort dro glit coatln :es, It w>i:td seem e'ruoat impojslb e for t!ie ex|>editioe to proceed ss much dilB cully was experienced last year and II fs far woree new. fn s.oa after tbe departure of tbe expedition force* ss ro Ible tbe rdxth reg taent will be ient to tbe bend "f ihe ' olea-i. 'Ihey wi?? build : o-t? on the .Tatn-s river and ?t Devli's lv?ke. Tfie rr!?ain<ng fnemt-era of ttte Sec ond rivalry will be n ed to garrtsoj poets already e t.bUhed. Death of Colonel Fellowe. 0VR KgT WEST t ORRHPO??DltNC*. Kav WfST, M iy 13 IVN. Tn oo^ueute of an ace'dent to th<> Ml ,<>lssippi ?be has b^en detained nctil this m raing :or repairs Ituson ab'os n-e ta ann uace tbe death of Colonel felii-wa. eom mind ng the Pec ond Uaitd States r.elored ren>m?ot vibich melancholy event occurred last ofjht, at tbe r<<<! deuce of tbe poet surgeon, wbltbee be had boo remoted from tb < fort. Col. Fellows wss a native of New FTamptbire, and ?radu an d at Weet Pomt ; abtrtly after which be was appointed < olonel of thla regiment, whlrb he was tr?tr"meutal in raising lathe Diet'lct ofCoianihia. C?l. Fellows vat very HUle over twen'y. three yeara oi l at the tune o( hie lentil. He was remarkably Una loik.iiff. and bis manly apt'Saran e seemed t < denote a longer t< rin et life than ba had atlalaed at the tiiue of bis death He poaeeaeed in au enur.ent degree tbe esteem of h ? ortir- ra aud men. Tbe efi'cieney sad perfectw n of drM towbi'-hth'1 re-l meut ha- attained under h m evinred b's rapacity lor tbe poeitien he so worthily fliied. Ilia Dollar ksberrlplloa Sword for Me Cleilan. TO 1RI EDITOh or THU K*ot s I'Bai^r JStrne, 1 Mott?mua,N. v.. May tl.l^ i P'esse find sacleeed the sum of one dollar town ds pur tfett'ai a twoid far tbe hr?r? Little Mao. GEO. C. MORTOX, Captain, Lai# of the Firth Mew Tork eavalry. t oroasr's In^nesta. Tst Meant* e> Oi? osn Dcatxa.? Coroner Maanana yesterday concluded tbe toqntsltlsa in tbe cess sf stScsr Pur yea, of the Nineteenth prectoet, whs was Bordered by an unknown rowdy on the corner of Mxty thtrd street aud secoodsvsoue.twowseke sinee, aa pre v lonely ro ported. T*o or three more witaeeess were examined, but their teetlmony failed to indioale ths sense sf ths naa whs flred ths fatal shot, or develop any ether Im portant faota connected with the murder. Tbe oaae was then submitted to tbe jury, who rendeaed tbe following verdioi ?"That Georse w. Duryeaeame te ba death by a pistol shot wound at the bende of a asm whess name a unknown to Ibem, on the 16th day of May, 1M4. They further Itod job a t onaelt, the prls?ssr, an aocea sory before ths fact." CbnneU was then committed to the Toinbo te await the action of the Oread Jnry. He le twenty-two yeere of age, was born ta I solas d, art ||vee at No ?a Fast Nineteenth ?treet. By eeeapnttoa he ta a sioee cutter The nrieoaer ef eoures pleade not gallty to IMS <A>rte TERRIFIC IXPLQSMJ AT DETROIT. Tho Propeller lilt Blow* Up? Rcvta Ki lied Fifteen Injured l'lic VfMi-l a Total Wreek-ller Cargo Blown Into Al?in?? Th? Boiler Throws One Hundred Yard* ap First Street? Iftavf Timbers Hnrled Through Brick Walla and Roofa off Rulldiagra Several Hundred Yarda Olataut? A Man Blown over an IBntire Block or Bulltiinge? I'lat of the Killed mmC W O (I M?te?t , Af ? [From the Petrolt Free Prang, May fi.] One of the moat terrible explosions etar witnessed bj our cill/ens occurred this morning ab>ut half- pa* I seven o'clock . at the foot of First street, at Wllllama' dock. The propeller Bile hail already steamed up, and witb freight and pasaeagers on board. w?* about Marling for Milwau kee, when her boiler an Idenly hursted , and blew the oraft into a thousand ple<?s In a moment's time. The whole city ? as startled by tho shock, and wn the streets lead log to the scene of the terrible accident were blocked with eager thousands anxious to know the result and fearful for the worst. The scene In the vicinity of the doct was Indeed a frightful que. The wreck of the shattered steamer lay strewn about for a distance of several blocks, places were floating down tha river; the greater portion of the boiler Itself by la the middle of First street, a distance ef ten rods from the water 'a edge . buildings in the vicinity were torn lo pieces; large and massivo brick walla were perforated by large timbers driven through them like forest laavw riddled witb bal lets. For miles sr?und the fragments of the wreck were hurled through tho air and soma of tha pieces, we are Informed, struck the roofs of boaasa In the neighboring town of Windsor, in Canada, damaging them to a considerable extent. For Me space of an hour all was excitement and enfnslon In the Immediate vicinity of the cUistrophe, For a time It was next to Impossible to get anyttiing'like * detailed and accurate acc nut of the accident, but from tho different statements obtained by several of our reporters we are enabled to furnish the following detailed accouat: ? Albert W. Racon, nephew of Judge Rncon, of Monroe, a merchant of Grand Traverse, was Instantly killed. His body was tbrqwn over ltlsaon'i w?r?liouse. and fell on the pavement on Atwater street. A person who wit nessed the accident says ho saw tho body some thirty feet above the warehouse. Peter Sclioll'er. a shoemaker, at work in the shop of McAfee At Kawcett, wag struck by a stick of timber from the wreck, and .instantly killed. He was at work upon his bench and a stick of timber came through tho rear wall of tho building and struck him upon tho bead. Thero were six other men at work In tbe shop, none of whom were luinred. The steward and cook. Christopher Wayiand, of Lancaster, N Y.. was blown upon the roof or a warehouse, and was very se verely. |f not fatally injured. Among the passengers were David Walters i.nd wife, of Lancaster. F.rie count* , New York. Mrs. Walters was sitting In the cabin. Tbe chair on which she sat was blown to fragments, and she was burled violently across the cabin : but, except somo alight bruises about tbe bead, escaped serious injury. APPEARANCE OF TBI WRECK? FORCE OF THg KX PLOSION. The entire after part of the vessel Is blown to frag ments. About tortv fe?t of her forward cibin is 'e't standing. The forward deck stands ah >ut eight fent out of water, the after "part is completely submerged. The boiler was blown about three hundred feet up First street; heavy timbers were scattered ia all directions, and crashed through the walls and roo'* ol many of tho neighboring buildings. A stick of timber about fourteen foet io length, and tea by sixteen ia. lies square. was blown aboit four hundred feet across Woodbrldg street, through tbe rear walls of the shoe at re ol McA:eoh Kawcett, ana Instantly killed a shoemaker at work no b" bench. Heavy timbers aad masses of iron . belonging to the boiler and.eng'ne. were hurled an Immense distance. Masse* of the bolter struck OpoH Jelftrion avenue, abova Antoine street, others near tin (irsnd cirrus, while the walls snd roof* of bnild!n;s in the Inime dista vicinity were perforated in a wonderful manner The walla ol tbe building In which the snremaker was killed are completely riddled, leaving tlie building It. an unsafe condition. The friem^nts around tbe ?rene of je atructlon cive unmistakable proof of the mighty power which hurled tbe boiler from It* place, persons in tbe neighborhood wera more or less injured. TBI KILLF.D AMI) WOUNDBD. Killed John W. Walters, first mate: MIchaai.RIng, first engineer; Owen Tumble tv second dnglneer; two Are. men, names nuknown; A. W Bacon, passenger, and Peter Saholier, shoemaker, at work in his shop. WnumU'l ? Rokert MoCu'ley. second m ite; 0. r. Way land, eteward; Thomas Mailon* snd Philip Hulbold, wheelsmen; Jacob Sittsl, watchman: Peter Trikna. lira man, Agnes < arson, chambermaid; Christopher Swoeney , Mrs. Pavld Walters, tloreuce Nighells. Jane Tanner, pas sengers K. W Oiilett, Richard R urk, William Helf and , II. r. Preston. The wounded , so far as is known, are all doing wall and likely to recover. Tki KohnUmm Cm*. pxited stairs crmcrrr coci>r. R?ror*Jod|H Neleon and hhtpnrun. nonoit m iiimir w jrr*!?i?iT. V iy C. ? nil awning, in pttrsuanoe of aa order of I lb? Gwrl lihif i A17 for bMrlif t motfmi f >r an trrMl I of Judgment In Ibe cm* of Solomon Kobaetamm, 'oood I guilty of deflraadiog the govsraasocl b? mm of fa lee I certificates tad vouchors, tbe case vu brought up. Iba pr sooer waa la court, end was represented by bis coonsei, I Messrs. rvirti, Brady and Dean, the government being ' represented by lb* Tailed State* Ptetrbt Attorn*/, Mr. 1 -Smith, and Messrs. Pterrepooi aad Sedgwick Mr. Fvsrts, In moving for arrest of Indgmeat, (aid ? be tlrst consideration ia support of tbe application was pi ??<"? * e<! ia tbe statutes of HOT and 1*68; the latter, ba eonten ted, rep** -ng some sections of tbe former, besides m*itsinlt>? certain saving clao*e? wbicb did not em brae* tbe present ens ?. Tbs sarin? clauses provided, Aral, for Heading suit* a -id tbe rights and claim* of lb* govern ment, but all of a pecueia. y ch > radar rue case of Kobnsiamm did not come un<l*r tbis clause, a? it waa aot pe ding wben tbe art wis passed, and waa aot of a pecan sry natnre. It wns n*ee*ssry to prov* ?r?ry lineament snd feature of . 'be fi'flemre charged. , Tl?e :ndlc:mejt only charged tbat KobnHatnm presented t cf'ti'n fa'sn r*!v>r, In whlrb it wis listed tbat tb? gor 1 ernnvut was a debtor to l-ewle I'feifler iu tbe *um of Sl.oO1'. This wis admittedly a fa'se statement, for which tbe prisoner waa not r*suons bie. If p.elffer, who. It >e-m?, hi owe. I some HOO, made out a bl!l for St.MO against tbe government, tbe olfeuoe could not come un der the pre - n ion* of the act. which only covered the act of forcing oi counterfeiting falsa papers, tbe bill not bo ng r.niil?rl*iled from any ml?r, Witb reference to bt* Honor's chirge f Judge Neleon), bs contended tbat there wan no proef tbat Koheatanm present od the bill, altboogb tb* cbarr* to tlie Jury won id load them to be lieve otherwise Tbe oaly eviiiauc* waa tbat on tb* 3d Augnst took, by power or attorney, the avalla of tbe bill ef Ptotfler , wbicb had beea tbe ea^ect of previous artioa, aad tbe oaly ground on wbiob a con etction cool j be a?V*d was tbat aa order had been made eubee i ently in favor of ?ohnsuram. Tbe defendant mfch' have beea lmilcl*d for obtaining money ender false prctsaeat had be presented toothers for money knowing th?m t? be fa lie. tin tbe preif of preeeotMI -n tbe gov ertim-e t ba i failed there wae no pro* that be preseated tiia bill, wblrb in It^ef besra of b*ing dialneated after piraenat ;oo. Would toe I'letrlct Attorney sak a v*rd cX ? Uktj would b^rt ID; half ? f * d is on pap rt aad bills wblrh gar* iuh? ont evidence that tbelr Aral phyni ?*1 cotiilUl' n was altered. If a man was convicted on ' tnh evidence, no n*e was safe frm proeTutiou. 1 K> Judge Pierre pent opposed 'he motion on the part of th* governme ii. The set of 1S4I be f*u leaded, did ; aot a iinfjr tbe act of 19.3, under which tbe amendment wae trac ed. iTwoiriJ not be deputed that tb* Inten tion of t ofigrss* was not to sliiel j o 'eudsrs by tb* pas I **k*<>f H>e more r* *sit act. The nmo* h*d greatly altered 1 s!0<el*23. lb* government was In lb* midst of a war, sod t on greee fonod tbat numero a (raids were com | milted oo the United Stales, In this city, In Washington and etner ntere*. and It wis in order to punish these olTon< t- tbat the act of 1W- which waa simply an addt 1 li n to tbe nrcrtor.* act? was adapted. and which became arcefrMry bv *be lacrense of tbe Crimea which H waa da sitae I to noiKb. The art provided not merely for the pre-u'ai-uinn of a hill, hut it also covered the caae of a Brty who e?m*d any such presenlatloa of a false bill to m*!e f?>r the purpose of defrauding tbe government. FvHenre bed dleti irtiv proved tbat Kobnstamm himself p essnted the bill ai d tevelved tbe amount Mr .limes T. Brady followed oo behalf of tbe prisoner, and conunded principally tbat tbe Indictment waa no* va'ld In ?np|M>rt > f bis argument he cited the first **o ti?n the law of eialm*, which provld** tbat all trans fers and aMifnuenis hereafter made of any claim made npea tbe l'ntted States or any part or share thereof er Interest therein, whether absolute or conditional, shall b* null and void, unless the same aball be mad* in tb* presence ef at lea.?t two aUeetlng witnesses *ft*r tbe sl lowsnc* of sueb claim, tb* aMt-riainmenl of tb* amount d- * and tb* iaaulng of a warrant for tbe payment there of. There waa only one witness to tbe asslfnment offered in *vk!?ac?, and It waa mad* befor* tb* claim waa al lowed, aad h*oc* tb* caae against tb* prleoa*r could B*t be lustalned. 1 be Court took ibe papers, rs*ervlag decialoa till Mob day aest. Dealh ef Jssbaa H. Olddlagi. Boeroe, May tt, 1M4. A Montreal d* patch giv*a *om* parUealara of tbe death ef Joabaa R. Giddlnga. He waa engaged IB playing a gam* *f billiard* at St. Lawreaoe Hall witb Mr. feld maa, wbea be suddenly complained aQwsa basse, and aat dowa *u a aafa. Or. Tamer, of lb* toeta ruali**r Guard, and Dr. Pnlloo, both living at 81. Lawr*oc* Hall, aad Or. But her lead, ware prenvtly by bis aide; but ba at ence became laaeBclhl*, aad *zplr*d in a few ?lautea. Pwllce Isitelllceace. Bote Roaacav st a Ptcarocaar.? Yf slerday aTUraona Mr. ret*r r*t*rsoa, realding In mirmeuat, Wsstcb*st*r eeunty, stopped la Tront ef tbe Wtrli newspaper offlee to r*?d tb* bullatla, aad whll* ther* a thl*f relieved blm ef bie gold watch, valued at I1M. Turning suddenly around, Mr P*t*rson saw bin watcb chain In tbe heads ef * young man giving hw nam* as Thomas Foley. At the sams tlm* Mr. retetano discovered that bla watch had b*?n ?r*oeb*d from tb* *baia. Foley waa seised, a*' I some eae ia the erowd saw aa aeeomplie* running off with tbe mot** tim*pi*e*. officer Read, ef tbe Be eon d precinct, toea charge ef the primer, aad Juetlee Hog as committed blm ta the Tom be tor trial. Foley la well **?wf te WHJ ?f W mm "?a*nk GRANT! Our Army South of the Pa monkey Hirer. 0CC0PATI0I OF BIIOVEITOWJL Lee's Army Largely Rein* foreed. OCR TROOPS lH FINE SPIRIT!* ?(??(oil to Major Geaeral DIju To M^Jor General Dix:? ' I WiMiiratoy, May 160 P. Jt An official despatch from the beedquartsra at tfca Army of the Potomac, at Magablck ehurch, (# g)ll?9 from Hanover town, dated yesterday afternoon t) (ft ??'?inntr. baa lust been received. It states that oar army waa withdrawn to tbt BOrt) aide of tbe North Anna on Thursday night, aad ^rt4 towards Hanovertown, tbe place designated for crogtlng t tbe Pamunkey. * - At Dine o'clock yesterday (Friday) morning Sheridan, with tbe First and Second divisions of eavalry, took pos sesion or Hanover ferry sad Hanovertown, finding there ooly a rebel vidstte. Tbe First division of lb* Sixth corps arrived at ten A. M., and now bold the place, with sufficient force of cavalry and Infantry and artillery to resist any attack likely to be made upon tbem. Tba remainder or the corps Is pressing forward with rapidity. Weather One and porfe t. A later despatch dated at teven o'clock (bis morning (2Mh), from Headquarters, Magahlck church, has also been received." It reports everything goes on flnolv, weather clear and coo; ths troop* cum# up rapidly, ant la treat spirits, and that tbe army wUl be beyond ih? Paniunkey by noon. Breckinrldse is at rianover Court House, with a forcn variously reported from three thousand to ten thousand. Wickbam's an I I.ontax's brigades of cavslry sre alsp there. Tbe despatch farther st ites that xfter peizlnrf Hanover ferry yesterday, General forbert captured seventy-live eavalry, Including six officers; that tbe rebel cavalry Is exceedingly demornllzed, and flees before ours aa every occasion. No despatches from any other field of operations buve been recoired to day. WjWIN M. STANTON, Secretary or War. Tits Washington Telegrams. WasxtsoTos, May 28, IMt. Advices, via Tort Royal, on the Bappehaanoi k, (rum tbe Army of tbe Potomac, are op to Thursday night. Ihe rebel army were busily engaged in intrenching <>n tbe north side or the (tenth Ansa river, and apparently expecting os to sttack them in tbeir works No battle had taken plsce up to tbe time our informant (aa officer) left Our left had crossed tbs FMmnnkey river east of Sex too's Junction. Oar whole army was la glorious spirits; aod ware' it not for giving asws of s movement before It was com pleted, we eould send you some cheering news. It Is believed that lao is being largely reinforced frets Beau r eg ird a aod other armies. W*sn:*^Tos, May 28, 1864. Parties who readied here from I rederictcabarg to day report that guerillas continue to hirer arotmd tbe town ia considerable number*. Ilaay of them are also to bo seea along tbe banka of the Rappahannock. On Thursday evening tbe gr?ri las, supposing that Fredericksbnrg had been evscuated, made a dash up to where some or oar troops wors In the river bathing and flred upon tbem , killing one and orounding two. They soon diaoovered that oar forces held tbe town and they Imme diately retired. A detachment of oar cavalry were sent fn pursuit, I t they were onable to overtake the marauder'. The steamer City of Albany arrived at Alexaadrte t n. day from Port Royal, with seven hundred wounded on board. These men were woanded oa Tuesday and Wsdassthv last, in ths lighting an ths North Anns river. To facilitate tbe transmission of medical suppltse to potato developed by emergencies, aad to secure tie proper distribution and presence of medic >1 officers and their sasistaots whars their services sre most require ), sod to pre ride ceaaf or table, aboadaat aad availab e hospital accommedstloa far the sick and wounded sf (be West sad Southwest, tbs efflae of the A.<"ietanl Surgeon General has besa established at Louisville. Oar Woaadtd All Rsasved (o Wath Ingtea. WAsmwaroK, May flg, 1M4. Tbe iteamert Keyport and Llnle Baker arrived bore this morning with flva hundred wounded, beiag all that were at Fredericksburg. Tbe woooded brought op oo tbess bosu are ths moat aertons em see that have reached here, nearly all of tbem having lost limbs. Some of those oooee were foand to be so daagaroua that it waa taapoa sible to remova the aafbrtnaate men from tbe litters on which they were brought up In tbe boats, aod, aa they could not bear the JnaUing of the ambalaaoee, detachments of the Reeerve Corps were engaged for several hours In carry lag them from the wharf to the hospital* 8U died on board of the Keyport on tbe apward trip, aa did also quite a number oa tbs Ltmsls Baker. Fire died en the Wharf while wetting their tnrss to be removed, snd others breathed their last while beiag conveyed from tbe wharf to the hospitals. Washington's Q aid Medal Preeeate4 to PnuMimi, Key 9$. 18t4. Tbe gold aisdal presented to General ITaahlegtea by Goagreee on tbs evacuation of Boetoa t?y the British, aad tbe saly gold one ever presented to him, baa been purchased by a few gentlemen of Delaware, aad wig be presented to Lieutenant Seaerel Grant. The Sam paid for the medal Is over Ive thoasaad dollars. Poraoaal latalllgaaee. Earl Cowley has (April 96) Ml Para for Eaglaad. Tbe Grand Duke Ooostaatlaa of Rusata arrived at Ber lin, April 24, ead alighted at Urn rsaHiacs of the Raeeisn Ambesssdor. The following It t llat of Americano rsatslsrod si mi dee brock Brothers, No. tt Baa Chaassa d'Aetia, at ?h?r belts, Kane k Co.'s, No. t Plans ds Is Bsorss, sad at John Moaraa k ua.'a, Na. ? Raa da la Pals, Para, for the weak ending May It, lttd:? Joba Cot toe Hmilh, Wmiea Has tags, wife aad disaghler; Bageoe Taomsoa aadlady. Mr. aad lira D. T. Albertaoa, Mr. asd Mrs. r. B. Fswte. , W. J. Banker aad family, from New Tort; Abrsm r reach, g. Waldo Freach, C. W Cartwrlght, ttr. fcai Mrs. 8. a Bh allies. Cbarlss C. Smith, J. F Cum, Marvus M. risk, 1. F. Bowditeh, from Boston; tterlse Osgood. Portlaad; Mr. C Peaa log too, Baltimore, aad Mr. George u Pot tt, Philadelphia. Corneal m S*s raa.tcjsco.? FnatwiciTios at Bmi ?? Pourr,? The works sre processing rapidly. A be te^y of tea or more eleven aad tblrteeath iaoh guas wUibe mouated ia a few days in such a v attloa aa f tsawaa the Golden Gate. There will be gnae in an when ihe works are eomideted, and theJrtol somber of guns oa all our harbor dweoces will ma few moatha be inwrly flva huadred. *"thVh* JSCTl Cwnaecbe watcbiag tea .otraaee, aided byl ih^uobeel Water sa, which a aaw oa her way hither, gaa rrs clean eea saap bar flagere at the ?sours against aay fovalga fleet aea or Hhejy to ?o oa ?b* coast. ?.San /raianco #all sW*. 4 prii It.

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