Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1864 Page 6
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I fliGMTBSSf ROOISi 10 LST? Hp. wv - ?good B0U8B. BXOBPT DENTAL ROUMH, 8ITC ? tied In lnxMMMb rtrert tolWMi B roe I way till th avenue. to tea. famiebcd. far the auoi, and butu* KmI Twenty third atreet nlahtd two aad a j* j^jqq1 A1 4 FIRST CLASS FOU. RIBBD HOOBB TO L*T IN (A furtr*a*>ad etiwei, near Birth tvrnue- h'our etorjr Sigh stoop brawn Mom Bona*, containing all the ??Ur? IBptovfMtti. Diwlm ImmtduUlji. Apply to JOHN 1XUVD k BOMB. U limit a tract. k TWO BTORT fCKNlSIlRD HOUSE TO REST. A tm> the tat June, tVi Wooater alrect. for pari oulara ?5!i tbepremlaea K?ni $tJO per eaonth ATTENTION IB CALLED Of TBOSB LIVING IN JcV hotels and boarding hottees to an eatabl thmeni opened *1 110 Bbcdoi.m: etrcwi, aad furniahoJ averjth ag 1W 17 for he-, te keep-ag, la ordar thai* family may A HANOBOBKLY FURNISHED AFABTMBJIT TO JL tat? In a prtvate botae, for gentg.nen. *lth gaa, ?Me taaad nr. rata bath io >m Terme, $55 for two g"btle Mi or $33 for ooe. App f at No. 5 E?* K 'uventh BiretL AFVKKIbURD HOUSE IN Tl?? VILLAGE OF Fttiabmg. I.. I., to et for lb' summer, with amble. aa4ah<wi iwe arrea of land well shaded with treea. Ac. ; ?beboiree newly furnwhed throughout. for paitlculnra, 1MB! Sc., apply to 8 8. El It Bit, IM Naaaau atreet AFUBNISHBP COTTAGE TO LET? ON THB 8BA <borr a de.'ghtful auiumar residence. a mated on tbn ?hp Thame* a-ar New London, Connect out, a quarter of % Biff aborr the Unean House, aad near y oppoalte the Pe a?M Hon**, a aplead'd v ew; nine ligbthon-tea In eight; tha bmi harbor on the coaat; boat ag. Hah ng. bathing. Ac., ?aoeuaied. heu a a rary large. 18 rooms ; surrounded by trm < and ornamenta treee. Dowers and aiirubhery : honey ?netiet an 1 roaet In abupdaaee. Inquire of WB. T. LiTI ? Bit, 11 Naaaau atreet, baeeuient l T HEW BRIGHTON.? TO RENT. IN HAMILTON L Park, rev oral tw Hoiiaaa. delightfully legated and ?taw aaaarpaaaed. "Obtaining raa and all the Modern oon nantencea; parttcolarty adapted to gentlemen doing bualneaa In tha eitj ; perfectly healthy. T. BOND, 131 Broadway. AT Ha 5 UNION SQUARE- A PINB HIGH BA8E ment tn let. far a ph aclan'a "Sice. or patent medic .ne, ?ran y light bualneaa | urpoae. fine, airy Room a, (nafcing on the a^nare, in au ta or a ugly, without board. jk TAB1LT OOINO TO TBR COUNTRY WILL BENT A their Apartment*, f unit- bed. atu table for bousekeep. lag. aoaa ailngof three Raoma; modern improvement*; in a ?aad neighborhood 7S Waat Taoth atreat, near Keurth. Poa anaaoo lat of June. UBHTLRMAN, WHOSE fANILY WILL BE AB aeat far tha eommer. will lot to one or a partv of gen on a handsomely lurnlahed Parlor Floor, for the auni aaar, wltboai board: hot aad oold waieronaame floor; rooms #? laat deop by 2u wide; piirilege of l>aihioom. Au. : location Mnrteeath etraet. near fifth arenur; biuae brown atone, A ltd ram f. O. O., Union eiuarc Poat olllue. R WIDOW LADY WOULD I.ET TO A GENTLEMAN A a naatlv fnraiabtd K' o n, witbout board. Addre^a ?ra J , aiatlon D. a TWO NTORT rPBNI>'HKD BOUSB TO BENT, Jk from the 1-t of .? a rm. IW Wooater street For par tic 'J ianapi I < a tha pre mite* Kent $IUU per month. HOTEL TO LET.? "TIIK RAMAPO VAL1.EY A Ho'iae ' N J A miinmer retort In the mountaina, b >nr friiio >ew T'?rh; sp..etout grounda, a rare course of large ? ire ??it with ? ui abi- atable areommodationa: a beatitl fa' lake on t^o cremitea Marked with flah. the rirer and nn'aln atraam tllt<-d with :rnut;tbe ent re p'nw la skirted by v e i.i*i > tt nnne af tap Bamapn; with magnlfloent aoen* e?. App) ta W GKIOO, IK Broadway, and A. P. BO ID, ?8 UU.tan plae* A NEAT TWO 8TOBY fUBMSHED COTTAGE, ON t>>* Mae of the Huth avenoe rare, within ihree bio ka a# Central Park, to let fur four or Are month ?. at $<0 ?ar month. Immediate poa?ee ion. DAY A COBB, 319 Heart It avenue. A PLEASANT HONE IN AN AHERICAN WIDOW _A lady'a family, irliere fier# are no ch^Uren.? Two or Wiree Imm. furntthad or unfurnished, with or wlthoat Board : hotire hat till the modem Improrement-. la at riot 1 tr pmnte an . in a quiet neuhberhnod. wli'.i good air from the |l%or Ai f r for > oe week at 1M Monroe ktiaei, ? enter of CUoton. near Rutsera p are. * FEW f! OOE* TO LPT? AT ?M. ?I5. $13 AND $30 JL oacb. A -<? one l>canUfi.l tult of three Rnonit In a Sr><? It ?<one ho'if T95 feeond atemie. with thaudellera ard Pflitaret, at girt, 'er a t ? all familv. App v toAUNER ELY. Poiiitli atrnue, co nerot Kortv-flrtt atreet. ? ILLIARO ROON TO LET. ON SHARE 8, WITH new raiilea in i?rfect order. Apply at SO Weat Uoua atreet, from li to 3 1*. U. COUNTRY SEAT TO I.EA5E-FOR FIVE TEARS, TO a flrtt claat tenant, he h-g'ttrni Country Seat of Jut Ikn John Eh'era, on We -hawkeri Hel;hla, two mile* ftoni Ue Hoboken .errr. b? (.ore* t-ar railroad orery 15 mlnutea ; Bee eerea of highly cultivated and. < hoi -e fnilta of all klndt, ne? house niodera ltn| r .vementt. pentyof onthotiaes, atab'es. earnaje bo ite. ta The Ineniw.a It >in<nrpne?ed for beanty of arenerr. l'o-te,?.*n given immediate!*. Kor par WenUrt applv t > .II I I K N CKEViBR. K nod' 85 Duane ?treet, or W Waahiogtan atreet. Ilobokea. SOUNTBV SEtT TO LET-rROB THE 1ST Of Jl'NE t?> lat af September, at Hackeeaack. N J , oa the bank the river; cool a r, tba<te trees and pleat- A fruit; flab In abundance: balf mile 1 rom railroad depot; Ira'.ua rnn to Cbatn her* atreet '.hree ime?adayln thtry ml a it tea; rent BMB In advance Apt>iyto II A E1DD1.R. lui i'U .ml>er? ?Met jnOCNTRY PLACP. TO I.ET AN11 FURMTUi'.B FOR \J aale.? Inlet, a verv prettv p aee. sitnatei oa Ki;i .abridge Sand, four luloutoe Irom Too' H?u\ tt?ii u lloute hat 4 Mou: commaride flne vlrw of llarlem an t lludton r.?*-rt; barn and tec re- ofgrouad. beautifully ahadrd: pasture a cow, and rei.-et.ble carlen alreaJv p'an ?d Rent L Pottrttlon ltiiiaedla'< lv. 'I he Fornitiire. ront:?'inj CaMnet. rntevood s?d b ark ?a nut Pol's H naae ? Car ?eta aa i f tie Bedding. ha> been la titr bit; twu weeks, und li ao'd br? tuae tbe nwnoi losvea lor Rur<-|>e Ini'itre ot <l<a Bta te i Master >x Tubby llook, or addraaa K U . Tubby Book, New York. wm* ra f^OCBTRT RESIDENCE TO LBT? FL'BMSIIhD. FROM V/ fie Ll <f June uutll their of D? fm!?r Rouae baa )n rootnt r>4c* aard?-, -t ? 1. 1 with choice fruit* ; carnage Mr : Jtievl a bur' dletanoe from iitinl leatnbo-l?. x Tarrjlown. un n.e llmlaou Kc? S'aju 6. BMhERSO.V. 42! Eighth areu te fTOTTAOE TO LBT-rABTLT EUBKIRHFD LO< 'ATKD KJ al KlrerdBle. a ahort dl-laoee frarn d' pot. m for mimtll fatal r; plenty of abade; oo rl'??r elaw. Nioo'm Mantedlat* Real o? Will be rented far the n.m n?r Mlti or by (be year S. EMBERAOM. 421 F-Ubth area a. eESlHARLE SECOND FLOOK OK FO'K <?R FIVE RO' m < to let, at lnw rent to a ree|*<-tabto fan m. m prWatti i onae. Ji.'' Etat Trnia street t'e.,irai .o a on. ?Mr ?? I all cNtMtncH. , 1PCBB18HED COTTAOIiS TO LRT-tT TtRHTTOWI. ?alba H nd -on. for t ti* fumioi nmatua ? Itu ntre Da. at eked w th chore rultt ?fcmVi~rr and (hade _ Alto t?r?ra' for a ale. w lb Immediate |M???oa.inn .1 rlrrr Tiawt abort dittair* fr^m **ra and Mearufc >ata 8 KMHEK80N. 421 fcijbtb a- cn le. Sr? FtKBIftllfcD IIOl'SK at CATDKILL IO LET-FOP. th' summer months. A plea auilt laoa'.e<t II. ..if ami Garden la the rlllag* of Cat?k(lt will h? let 'rjT lun? 1 to October I. Inquire of I1K.NKY B. MILL CatskCl Batik QptefclU. B. T. Furnished hocie to lkt.-for one ye*r to a prlvaie i auilly on'y, contain ng leu roous bath, gat. ?rand all the mo lrrn Impr-Tr menie; bou?e ti complete PI. -W a. id fuTB^Ii'd handtonirijr 'hro'ighoiil . !o a in one W<?k from ?' >of-or lustiiuto. For particular! allre.t W. a. W. box 104 Herald office. ECBBISHBD HOl'BE TO RENT FOR THE 8CMMBR Tbe 1 tbree afore. n?at'y fnrn ?be I Home *1 Fa i ?If t h etreat near Fourth areo* will b? re Me I a: a low ???t to ? eailafaetorj tenant. I'l.eicepiieuabla reieiemea wl : be m nil ?d. Apply oa U>e pretnltee. FURBISHED HOL'fcB TO LET.? TilE HANDSOME Hit e Uoune 667 Heeond avenue between Tbli.t-auib ? Thirty seventh streets: three (lory. high stuau. n p. r order, all iiaproremi'Srs. * e.l furo. u?l. 1. ca |1?' pat month. Apply on tba premlsa*. E^HVBBIBIIBD HOUIB TO I.KT.-A OEKTLF. M ? n ,.> to Europe will let hit complex!? m l ''?j?>ii!ti ral*be<t Hou-e lint I ne?i Na?. Central loralon, ? *d? Ma rant and lrame uat* i>oaae?? ??? c ven. B. H JAVLoU, .No. < Fiaa it.*?t. Ol) MUSHED HOUSK TO LET? IK PROOKLV.N. XEi R f Fulton IM Wal foirr? ? n ilBiSg l| rnom VHk modern Impro^ meuls and rrer/llno( < omp.eti- lor lmn?d aia hou-ekeejuii*. Seat $100 m < .h u aJrant a. | Apply at M Sand* tlroef FCBNISIIRD ROOM^ ?A FRIVATE FAXILT HATIB 1 mart' room ttaa the. re.uire, al!i la: ta Ma *t irra (?Uaua. witbo .t board, two roomtog I < IM'iire al Bo. 121 Fourth annua, bctirecu i acirtli a id nirteecth atreel*. KBI4ISHFD ROOiH TO LET -A ?I IT <?K Fl*? ? lahad Room * nonmlele for lionaekeriiln; ta let. at -4 t Jon?? atraet. Kcal |5'i | ar monva. Call ? tar 10 ?Vtoak Mon lar L"T-WITn0UT ??' a?d1 SAST1NO* UFON-H' DSOK.-A FCRNISHED < r tac^ in real. at( it roowi. Agent at d?r>o. will Jea.-nb* ^?lltj. Ac. ________ T^O ? 'JRF.F.NR HTRKRT ? VERT NK'M.Y Hit II Blah l lUXMBa to au.all liuniliea or gemt>?en. withal Ma ooo*onM-n?sea for uouaakeovu.g In a? ce <u jnn. al own Mr. Oaa ana Croton water la tUe rooms. Part ok a fi bbtaiied hoi sb to let-to a amall famllr of a<! ? Ita . hauae haa innderu ? p me ?aenia; ai-liEliborli Kid uue?ci t onablo . r?f r?nea i 1 en mm4 ra i u i red Ani> y al 41 Leilng oa araaiw. OOMS TO U r-A BEATi.Y rt RSMBMWfiARr Frort Room: ? too il<wk Boatii. will. ?inal'-r aide Uoota a' nr.* nr raiahed la aaaMil Mieato family, wtl o t r. la the vlcinitv ol Tnant ninth air>-m ?a l HH.b | ? ua Aiidriai ?fl:,iata? lioi 210 Btra'd olica. O'iBB. KITH FOWKR? 190XML LOUT, Wkl.t . lirhlet eailre len?Ui and olbrr Ron- ? wl'li ?t??iy p lamr. io U-l l"W. I t ?w v IMin In ? ,f | oa (?4 FraiikHa t'r^ia or corner Jlancnv l> . St.! OF BtJOMR WITHOUT BOA BO. OJS 1 III: FI R8T ?aar. ekigintiy fartiiahad, caarailtig of don.,- ar|ir R R er, s?l b*droa-ri, wltli all modern ronrrnieora*; ala iSi t of M aa aaoaod ' oai. baautiiulir furalaba l,< >aa*(ii* ol ?? u>d bedroona; or tha rnomi on aaeond (lour ?.;)?? alaglf Aay pnrtr ar<?btn* Oral rlaat aa"oniiuada'.iuut aw aav y at M Blath atract. katwaen Mfth a>?a ia Uatoe?a.i? a'aea. !T?AH POWER f <j REMl ? WITH LIOHT BOOM*. O.M .In buildiaa Boa. 145 and lt<" Bank at ret; i and *??HO fnei; bolatwajr m roan. Aiiuly 14V Bank atiaei LET -ROOMS. W 11 II STEAM the po-' e- Itea4f, la reat. IB bll t ? ^ SMrabath atraat. earnar at Ua?t*r atraei, ?AfcMMatAa f! '? pr<n" * ? " 0( rUOBAS Bumi. Ha ll Maiaea laoa. ua auira. <]TtAM FOWEB BEAK BBOaDWAY -N . VI A^I> a3 M Fr tone atreei. Ta lei, large Raouit with e.tra light fe'-'ssMss' sisxrr (xt, 4?b-'' "J Jjppfr wig MOOBE, ap Uto ywHat CWAM ? EZsw CTSAM row BE TO t 4 p rawer vaii MgktoC tk< <H? Ma* fi ia4 MBMzabM Splr?a4ba Earmear. ob I with ikyligiila. BTBAM POWBE TO LET-BOOM 7M ? i tad ?t?aai bol'itray. "Ba tft Wat^r ?ira?i, aad B'!tg?r? ?)lpa. LIT? A COUBTBT BEAT. AT rELHAM WBsT IAT-A COtrnTET HEAT. AT FELHAM WF^T ?efcaat?ro?u??r r malalng filly twoaeroa. ar?ah r?J Bare* all raaewar# L .theildinga. Ac. Will be |i- ??. la* lot g^Jieaant Ap^at75*TTVhlrty faurtbalreet 1 Ml j BABEMEBT, WITH UB WITHOUT l";W I ? JT a oa^ .t^ ^ ,r i^ r ^ B road w a/ Ia-j^^^^ HOVIEI, ROOJU, M, TO LIT. mo wt-from tub 1ST or jiinb to tbb i? or 1 December, a ttratci?? lArse xocy town aton* fr?n? IIoum. la to fa aerenibetreet, bttwMi Fifth and Sixth tniHi, including iba Carpeta. OiMotha, ?u ftiluwi aad Window Sbadea 1 be kouw U In due order throughout, and trill bo rented right to ? mil immcUM family. A*"?f * JOHN KAVAN AQII, Northeast eoraor Fartyiecoad MM hMi? irtm rro LET? A FURNTSHBD ROOM ON SECOND J foot UiW. lb a private famllr, to a gentleman, w ab out board ; term 95 per week. Apply UR Dom.atck itreM, near II lld*0*. TO LKT? FRONT BASEMENT NO. 173 TTIOMPMM atroet, suitable for aa office. Apply lo Mrs. BURMCH, the preua -as. TO LET-HALF OF A GENTEEL, HOUSB. IN 1BNTH avraua. nnur T?eot>flr? at reel; gaa and w*ter; objec tlou M children. Apply on the pretmeuaUMa. 179. Term* moderate. rpo LBT? FRONT ROOK. BEDROOM AND BASEMENT;' J. a ko two Kootne np atair*. partial Ij furniabrd. If dea red, for he i tan beeping, In a reapectable honae: referencee re quired. Apply at 409 Sixth arenue, in the-ehiit autre. rLRT? THAT FINB, LAROR 8TORR ONB DOOR from Sixth avenue. In Tweat yeecond (treat, auttabie far Mght buaine?a or profcaelonal jmrpoeea. A One oppor tunity. Kent $MW. Apply to T. MILLER, ?a the D remise a. r LET? LOWER AND UPPER FLOOR8 OF HOUSB, with a l modern improvement*; ever/ accommodation ; eultali e for housekeeping; amat fanny on y C>lntoa T atreet. S.uth Brooklyn; (xU^nThlrd and J?UJu Hamilton aveuue ferry, or addreee s. u., aoa an i?e?u ofliee. Front Room on the ****** ???J* J* T." ? " Reference* ei I) b, mlauM' w*Ui tr?m Fuium ferry. *eier? fbattgftd. __ ? ? TO LET? TUB FIRST LOPT OR PART OF IT ALSO I two Urge Counter. and three large .arm ?ale, 1 B?. 4 Pey atreet, up ataira. _ rrio LBT-AT 817 AND 819 ^{^."I'JFbtSl* 1 Twelfth *tioet, Vryad/* An^ ? the janitor, fourth SS?S!k^ o^JoHN S. ?eLS* 86 C. dar street. __ _ ? ? foLET-roR ON. OR TWOVRAR^ A WELL FUR fimb^firS^^Vth and Sixth avenues at only SUM ptr annum to a 'eaooDdb^jjarty.^ arenue^ mo LET-NO. 57 WKST FORTY FIRST STBItET BR. 1 tween Sixth avenue and Bra^way. Apply t? BAKER A CO., corner of Broadway and Fortyflfth atreet. mO LKT? FIRST CLASS FURNISHED AND UNFUR To L.RT-ONB FURNISHED ATTIC ROOM, SUITABLE for a ? ngie gentleman in a house with a PJ)Ta1t? |,li Apply at 29 iflxtbavanua. Reference required. Embioideter* wanted. - SHT OF HANDSOMELY FURNISHED T. Ro> rat, m an excellent netghborh -od, with Ras holatid rrii<t water to s nele aentlema or to a gent euiaa and w fe, ?ood dty referenre g ven and required. App.y for three day* at 156 Bast toi-ty-nlath atreet nvTVcT A HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOM, WITH T aU c ..ven eu.e- for one or two gentlemen, at 9J Ka.t Alrt> aico " Keleranoc* given and required. n LKT? IV \ FKIV VTB FAMILT, TO SINOLB GEN tlemcn only, a Parlor and Bedroom , alao a Bed room, w i lb aa the modern lraprnvementa. Appl> at i4 We?t Twenty- fourth ?treet, between fifth and Slith a rennet mo I KT-TO G EN T LEM EN ONI.T. WITHOUT BOARD, T handaoir.e'v fnrniahed Aparirafn's, in 1PrT,''< ^ d"n<f mtnai on aow*??ll?l? ?nd lllniCUT?. oear Madi?>n gcuaie and Filth Axenue Hotel. A?r?aa Rooma, box l,ll? New York l'o?t off eg. T~ O LET? A LARGE CORNER STOKB< , ' I N Fl RST ,,rdtf?r withoal fixture*, well aduptod for a ftrst ..^r^rv haTj wail^ketV. tea or aboe atore, ot any e*l"''v? bnaiuewt; on ftebe?t'aveone anl lo_auon in the >?nth .treet, corner of Ftrat arenue, In the atore. ? _ ""l^n^u^ofTri ' 6 mTk. 1RKLAMD M Pine atreet, loom H rpo LKT OR LEASE-FOE A TERM OF TKARB, THE ^?et. arTHOB. SfctMOUR, 10 Q^'cfc atreet. T?oldEStaU0dBonfhAc8fo7.1?Nr "wT^fu\Vamtu''[m'po"n^apy'>^ n?sT-THK RNTIRB SECOND FLOOR T niahfd^T No S CHntoi pla?. Eighth atreeL Apply en the premiaea. n RVKT-1S A FIRST RATE LOCATION. IN T1IE ? S 7t Cold Spring, a firat rate Baking Oven; bake. . DweiliBf Houee, containing nine mentt ta' Mam atreot. Fur further paUicu^M ^PP'" '0 THOMAS FEOAV. 2 27 Firat avenue. New *or*, or FAT RICE Mt-0 UKE, Cold Spring. Rent >300. . O. IIOLIa ft CO.. 273 Keart^treeu rnn n iNF FL RNISHBD, FOR THB SIMVBR r'h. a m^r.te M.ed fonr story Ilea,.. 1 between M a<1is?n a'n.l Fourth arennea: *'?W cVU, ' rooni and all modern Improvement. ; plate and linen ? ?irrd Ad* r's b x VO rfad m .qnare Tost o ce. SSS sj I TII'?M AP H SBTMOl'R, 1" Ooerc* strfet, or to J. CAB , KIM earner Spring and W poster atreets. rpwo FURNIBHBD FRONT ROOMS 'N) ^e^'lni^irt aiTonUt>lvcr.Uy'place, ne ir Sftuth street at 1J Johi. - bouao west of Broadway. ? - _ . VTktb ?TREET. BETWEEN B^OADW^T AND 149 F^trih av^nne -io let. two h.rc'swniely furniebe# Par.or. and Bedroom. Refereaoe. eicoaogeA. HOt'KEB, ROOM. ^'ASTBD. pURNUHKD ROOMS WTBBjIiJB* COUKTBT. New lork Foal w ? VT Jf' TO HIRE? WITH IMMEDIATE JlnJe* U . u ADAMK A CO.. 1W Rroaduav. irrni rTp^ iSSZ 5r. ? A' ,ut"g reut.Ac. " "" **- A\TFO-FROB JCNB.l. A SMALL W ra.tof alio i* for a gentleman *? 1 ? ^.e,l5' borheodtn ?t be ?o. I and tent moderate. Add**, ?'* hi ummTw II. O- Herald etfi-e. , ? - I ttiANTID-BT A SB ALL TABILT. PART OF A W itu iar- O, Hill: of KjiM, f.ti aia ei. wUh rd f?r ' ? lrfaffk iiB u).?t be In ft reipoc au c ?e ?JBw"1'1 andataiood.ratf,?t. we' t _?'??? ST, V^h'^M oIT.c-.' W AHTKO-PAHT OF A F1EST CLASS ITOUSF, IN 4 FT g * | lie. Illy. Wt a faa.Uv of adoiti. net abote fblrty. f*inih aueel. Addseaa box J.J.iS Paat Oit.?e. WAIN. -? SMALL FAHLOR. Willi BEDRO- B f r a amfle gent ema t; sltuat on | merred betwera 8tk and 3A h ?ti?et*. Addiesa B. B Il*ral4 "fll-e l\'AM! ? It v A SMALL QUILT FAMILY. IN A TT pleauni lora'i ??. ?Mhio aa i.e ir and a ba.f tide by railroader ate^mlsnal af <be t it* llati, a fnrn abed Conn try Kea^eace. ?e?t ef re .'tic ace groa Ad<lr aa <?( I.7J9 P *? .iii ? 117 ANTKD? A Fl RNIgllBD HO IBB, IN THE COl' *. " 'V MS ? n l aeae Iffsa. IsraHin tamil . lor the antmuer ohm. In?l>??t of rff.rss'"' go-en and ga?l eare o ? ho as and tire u ?? | tsrnierd. Addrsa- 1 care 01 LeRoy W Fairel.i d * < e , I lu W . an atr>*t. w ?ASTBK-A MEDIUM SIZED ROOM. FOB STORWO I ho?iseh >1 1 fare mrs. nat'l Ma'. 1116. in tbavleitniy Tli rt eeuad street and J< it a. ?a .*. ia tress Fuia ? e box 3. j't' 1 jat o.i: e a.nied-bv a obntleman avi? wii r ?mi two cbtMrea sMaat fuer mars . a ar tlili d door, unlotnl berf. la a4-eai<e tab s nn ?#. Ad<< re ?, stai n g rent and jia- liculata, M C. U., bva t.4W l?w lei Peat Xioa \\; .4 NTED? IN A NICB, BR*FE?"TABI R IIOURr. T? lurul-'i^d or otberwiee. two R >ewit or n?* wi, prl.i'ege o' a Recepnoa Roam Tot a lira* c . s - a ?r, Ad Uea. i i iiedtateiy, A3 M.xia a eaue. 1. ao> MM wo-i d hire a I'loar. __ -\V vMBb T I rrk'T? A WBt.L FCRNIJtllEO, ftioil < ? a. o p Ua ?e. lor a i .-m ef ait ad>i is: be* t?eea Waal, agmo j ?ae and ro mecalb s ieei .ad lir?ad wa* ami Alitb arenue ff>ate Ik.i s ??lprn?. 'n etter addresaed unine Itate j to B. box 2,t77 1*0'' ?#< ?. N V W^HAKTBD TO RE N'T ? Pf OR Tf Til) NFIOflR S boml el tl?e e Is . Lots and But ding*. ? d'e* g? 4 i-eVare. f?i mauolai.un ig pnrpasas Add i ess a ? , bn( 215 Herald <)???. FlSfB* ARTS. I) AlsL# BLACK A 00*8 IB THB STBBBOBCOFB. Jj The beeuUlul Wareroema ef he JEWR.LBT AND KILVBR WaBB tJSP ? R I M?.*ft OWJtlfB. BRONZRH, STATU ART A"NO FINJp ARTS. CIMNURLIEUS AMI) UAS FlXTl'ltES of the moot ikaale effect In the aiet' ?ecoie are ina I p b 1 1 abed and lo M had for tt?eau each or in se a af tweatf five dlflaieo. viMr. f<H ft ?u fl. BEERS, Fbe.egratiher. Ml Bnadsay, aeai Prince mtet. r^m TUB PLOCLR OF STATBN IKLAND ?TO F.NRt II (be eol'ec!' a af my ceiebiated sieree oopu p ciures, I sha'1 '?ke Vi?w? at dlfferem point* on Slatea 1 !am1 la i mrae of thl. week. I net only take ru b Views ef Biiihlingsand l^tud??M Sneaery ,)? ?? laipeaved ead tar jiipenor w?y. li it Mae eneh Vwwi t lewtrtam, Pariere, bran inc. nining Rooma. *e? wMleh are uasnrpaaaed and woaderinl in usie. detailed eiaetaaeis'?Ml full repreaeau lion. Pri< ate order* aoon given at Wl? aar a RefreahmenL Dial landing whore (nrihar particular* a.'* ha haard and aantpies shown, will meet prompt eiaoutio** "fi HI 'ar AMm mimic. 1 * ?*?*S?3>ET HODIlOIB BLOCK BAM A Oltr Hart, oorner rf miltfcrt ul Wllttsm *?oeta. JKJ neauj furalsfead, light ? items, A room to one SETa^Syt"' P" ** Hou* AT 41 NBW BOWBRT? BOARD 18 PER WBEK-BK , ttMt Chatham iquri and Chamber* atrect. Ave ?Qtes from Bro*J*? ; central loeatioa; Rooms 28 ceol* 10 Weenie ptrday; tm to $8 per week. Opan all night. AT 16 WASHINGTON FLACB, Mil BROADWAT In a Brat otaaa Souse, eeveral vary aire y furnished ma and Hall Bedrooms to let, with Board. French apoken. Referoncea exchanged. At NO. SO NINTH 8TRBBT, BKTWBEN FIFTH AVE ? ua ai>d University place?' To let, two Suit* of hand aoinelT furoiabad Room*, with flrmntai bedstead. hot and cold water. Also, Single Rooma. omiar at all. Reference exchanged. Avert handsomr suit of newlt furnished Rooma to lat. at 30 Weat Twenty-fourth atreet, near the Fifth avenue, to one or two gentlemen only. Can be eean from 10 A. H. to 4 F. M. An elegantly furnished suit of R00M8. with all modern Improvement* and superior Board, at the flr-t daaa bouae U We i Thirty aixth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, alao single Rooma. Reference* exehaaged. t TOUNO AMERICAN. BDUOATBD IN FRANCS. A jn?t returned, dba'res to dad a comfortable Room m a private bouae where ha would be oonsldered ooa or the family. Beat of reference given and required. Address Y. C . Herald offlce- _ A PRIVATE FAMILY, HATING MORS ROOM THAN required, would lat two or three furo ehed lodging rooma to gentlemen oaly. Inquire at M6 Bleecker atreet. An elegantly furnished farlor and two large Bedroom* to let. with or without board. In a Brit rla?s house near the Fifth Avenue Hotel. References ex changed. Apply at 47 Eaat Twenty- third street A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING IM THIRTT FIRST atreet, between Madison and Fifth nreuuea, have an el>gaut Suit of Rooma, on eecond floor, to let, with Board. Address B. , nation U. A PLEASANT FURNISH BD FRONT BOOM TO LET, te gentlemen, on second lloor of 31 Clinton place. E ghth atreet; houae newly titled up, all the modern It.i Sroveincnta. and near Broadway ; ears and atagea puss tlie; good neighborhood, and near Washington I'arail* Ground. A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM ON SECOND floor to let. to a gentleman and wife or two gei t einen, with Board. Apply to : 97 Fourth street. A FRENCH LADY. FROM FARIS. DESIRES BOARD in a family where instruction in the French laug'iaae would be taken aa equivalent for board; aatiafactorj refer prices given. Apply at In Eaat Tblrty-nlntli atreet. ACOUPLB OF GBMTLBMEN CAM BB ACCOMMO. dated w ith cood Board and pleasant Room* at 26 South Sixth atreet, Wiiliam-buM, witliiu two ailnutea' walk or trie Rooaevelt and Grand atreet, ferries. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE AND TWO SINGLE gent'emen can te mcemmo lated with p easant Rooms, fnm shed or nnftirn alied. and Rood Board, b. applying at llOCiiuton p'ace. between Fifth and Sixth aveuuea. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN BB A'COMMO dated with a n re p easant Room, or two a ngle gentle men, on rea- onab e terms, at 64 East Twenty-seventh .-trcet. between Lexington and Fourth avenues. A SUIT OF ROOMS ON TIIB PARLOR FLOOR a bo a large Reception Room are now vacant, at 108 Bnat Fourteenth atreet The rooms are handsome y fur n ahed. have every conren ence, w.tb abundant c oset roo u, and w'l i be let w lb Board at reasonable ratea, for Lhe um mer months. AT IS CHARLTON STREET. NEAR MAC DOUG A L E egant y furn shed Front Room- and Hall Bedroom* may b? bad with Board, by gentlemen or gent en. en and the r w.vea. Neighborhood unexceptionable. Term* muile rale. A AT 21 WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET, A FBW DOORS from Filth avenue? llandsomn Apartments, elegant.)* Furnished Rooms, to et. to gentlemen or gentlemen and the r wives, with all the comfuits at a neme. Reference* exchanged. A PRIVATE FAMILT, OCCUPYING A FIRST CLASS bouae, have two large and two small Rooms, which the .- would let to gentleim u, Board. Inquire at S28 W. -t Thirty-si -lb atreet, between Seventh and Eighth ava. A FEW ROOMS WILL BB LET-TO GENTLEMEN, furnished, with or without partial Hoard; er two fami lies would be taken for fllll Board; looms large and airy; prioes moderate. 1?> Prince aircet. near MacdougaL A GENTLEMAN AND LADT CAN BB ACCOMMO dated with a neatly furnished Room. In a small family of a widow, with Board for the Inly. al 37 West Washing ton place, near 8 xtb avenue; bath and gas in the bouae. A BEAUTIFUL PARLOR AND BEDROOM. SRCOID l' for, front, aau good Board, in fine brown atone bouae. with modern improvement*; other Rooma, \aiying frem $5 upwards location unexceptionable. No 115 Weat Thirty - eigMli street. AT 174. 176 AND ITS BLEECKER STREET. SIX blocks west of Broadway. pleaaant I'co na. with eicel lent Board, irom $r> to $1 i per week; fa-nllies aoordimly. Also, nt CltlTw ood Hotel, Keyport. S. J.. $7 to $111 per week; lamiliea according'y. Fine groves, Splendid aea tathing, fishing and atablin..'. A SUIT OF FIVE ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR TO let, together or aepaiately, wivh Board, alao Rooma on third floor, at rtasonable riles, in t'liuton place, between Fifth and a xtb avenues. Boarders' Directory, No. 3 A?tor place. ANWV1.V Ft" KMSIlf.i) FRONT ROOM. WITH UAS. bath and water close: aitlotatng. to let. to* gentleman only, at No. 2 it Raat Thirtieth aired, near Third ittnur. Famil pilvate A FEW GKMLKMBN AND TIIF.IR WIVES AND A. s nuie gentlemen cm be "W~Ja tad with oseel ant Board and newly Furoiut- : it ?>m<, in the tirst elaaa brown Btoue trout house!*} bi. Mark a place. E.ghts aueei; cou renient to cara and s:sge?. A FEW ROOMS TO LET? NRWLY FURNISHED, w ith hath ami gas, nn teasonah e .eius t > sing e gen tlemen only, at No 4 Lerey ji ace, B eecker aireet. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY DEBIRK TWO FUR nlltietf Rooms with Board for ladi only; with quiet pie, who have no other bourAers. preleried; genteel par ties. who will le permanent. Addrets Herman, Hrra.d o"i:ce. ?' ' ' j FEW FURNISHED ROOM 8 TO LET-TO GENTLE men. at 14 ta t Twenty fourth ?tieet. A N AMERICAN WIDOW LADY WILL LET TO A J\ gentlemen and w.feor single gentlemen, with Board a large simIt rurn sbei hack Parlor, on Fir?t Ruor latge pant- tea at ached, with hot and old water i O'i>e biann atone, wltn all modfrn iinproreiueota. Apply atrtSWt-st Tlnrty tiiird ?tieeL AT 84 NINTH STREET. BETWEEN UNIVERSITY pi .c? and t ilth avenue, elegantly Turn hai K on a. wlthonf hoard: gen'leman whn?e famine* ?re eavlng the city, will end IMS a desirable and ventral liMetlnn: heute hi at clas-. A LARGE AND SPKNDIDLT FURNISHED KiiDM TO let, with )8>i Rlee^.er aneet, suitable for a g<-nt:eman andawife or siugle geatleuian. A T 25 WKST WASHINGTON FLAt V. NRAR THE A Park. In a fir -t olAMS bouae ?Two u Cfly friuiaUed fron* Rooms a til lis I ReJrooii to let. with li nd. to tig;e cnt.eriien or gantl m?n and their wires. Reft relicts ei thUfviL t SMALL FAMILY. OCC0PY!X<i A llOVHB PLEA . \ santly situated ?n Murray 11 1H will let a haedso'iiely 1 i.i nished Room on the second lloor. to genCenftn or a f. n liman and h!a w fe, w th Board. Itefer.-ni-es re iuired. Ann v at iKi Ltt a^'on avenut, tb rd bejie abtie lUiity tightb atrec. * A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET? TO A LADY an1 jentlemao . Boar i for the lady only: hone has modei n iiH|>i ovr ii"u.<; lamtiy small aed quiet. A.t ir??s Mrs. J a keon, taiioii E. A FEW YOUNG MEN CAN BE f,"<myol>4T! O with Board oa reasonabie term* at 2/7 Wen Thirty third stiest. K iiiUf? V FPW SINOLK OBNTI.PME.S OR A OF.V ,*i tlemau and wi.e c i ii be *0C< minoilated with H art n a lamiiv * here al. the i omrort- o. home can lie cu io)ed. by sr>; lying st *0 Eaat Fifteenth street. References Ji ha.igti. A FRONT FARLOR. FCRNISHtD, WITH BOARD A in i the use ot' a jdano Also Country Board. lo'iUli's at IX H M ktr atrtti A FPW R1NOLR OF.vTt.FMBN CAN BE ACCOM modaied witu good Hoard mid ti"n pleaatnl K'Kxna, will use of iS'li. A a *3 Broome strcc. i i-asmode rate. t touno Widow has a parlor *nd rbdroom j\ to 'et, I MidSMn# T f i*a I - bed ItlH pI'MISt kolM to a cenimoda s a rem em .u aod wi e; eenreinent to ears snd stscs ?' CO xih nrenue, uearTwent. eighth street, thiid door. Call for two da s. iT tl L! MNGTON AVENUE? HANDSOMELY FUR . ,'\ n'?' e I R , ms, ell ? I , te IW sepM *i " jr. ? h or with ? t | f il or partial B srd. te single tenHetMB er te families ad lit*;, re fere u<. ei aua?i, b? se n.edetu. ueigbboi hned mtttreptl >nsb.e. A T NO ? ASIILtND PI.At'R, REAR <;KKhMWIt!|| J\ aitnue, a yenllemsii and ?. e on fin I n nnnat fr>">nt It > n a d RedfOO*. ?-en I i'(k? 'infurnis'ied or fwraiabeds al <o Itoooi, .or two single gentlemen oi inlet babit*. t?iuu' s at si .. AN AMERICAN FAMILY. HAVING MORE ROOM kn, thev i*i,n.r' would s f 'mioitate two er t irei < m< ii er a ;eSi, -?e.i Ml I wile with B?.i? I. Apea aeai. i.i I noma in*' I. Ii i Gland ?.iee-. east us and near BiSMwa, One si two Da) Bo* i t ? wuuM btso Ik .sVtn. a I "t thuit) nrni srai ET-si-.rwLP.n A Fifth a id H x'h a'tnijetA. r dtsrsmn Rooma 'S !' ?, wi ' Boifl. sis id ftrge Pallor, nsndsemely h:rnl-li*d, ? n t!-s llfbt lloer; h" st ntst HMs: fsimir ^riratt; dinner at all. ? ' ? * I BMIMrilM RRWLY KURNIdll hO II iNuAUMl Ko i ?, en si.i o ?? ? nit. at 1ft Irri, g pla e. corusr of Flf'teuth >t te . I^OAED -WA^HINnTOS ^gUARS-V FAMILY AND eownodetleaa wPFii nil at 108 Waver t ~>;see. e egant sad owe ' two s ngle gt it -Dieu dtsltlug verv su|ierlr<r a?. wurasd It l? Wavsre |.;see. e egant sal a ry apersi'n ?. enaiiteer s.-paiste. te let. wrh Srat i ' -s Boats Uatxieptioasbis rtft.e i s? on. he g.vrn aad id qu.rtd. a lar^a fa nil> ?i h prteete take tieaaafed. A*d Ire** w.'h aaoM> aul ea lesce R oias. Union square Post ot ot. for '.arte ia*s. HO I ItD ? A OltVttMAB AND ilI8 WIFR AND A> stst's gen'.'eaiea cm fe* a oonulalsd wub a lee II fu' ii she I Rooms, * Hi firs'. ' a ? 'labls |by *pp y)*g St 4 West SU??eet?' e?rtti sttweta Fifth and ftisth aienuta. BOJJtD-WIYII GOOD ACCOMMODATION*. EITHER tor alnt ?* seutlemen or genttmen sad their 'wttrtft, eaa bt had at -1 VtrU Moors street, itefersaces required. TJOA RD - 1 SECOND STORY BACK ROOMj ALSO A J# room en th ul "oor, ?o et, with or without aoard, In a private noaee. with an tbt marTvemeets. Is<|are at 78 mew. I d) weat Twentjr-seoond atreet Beferenoea ra %a red. _______________ ' BOAED.-Nr W AND HANDsnMBLY FUBNISBBD Roams to it?, to gentletnea aaA ladles; Board fpr ladles eal' ! transient or permanent; louse quidi. Apply at 330 Softftsu ane^f, near Amity. Board m jersbt city-labor and bmai^ Reouis, either alaalt er eomrniinleatlp|j eoel and plea* far A| i jwk?, Tjffi * **** ?? firm | tjoabd wanted? by a mtddlb aobd obmylb B HOARD WANTBO? BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIPB ? la * prtvata family; require two room*, hot and opia water; will pay $13; lefhreacee witinl Art drees row ler, box 123 Herald eBce, Bmoabding-a private family hatb a largb ? back Parlor, w th Eitension (im< water and doeet a the 'alter); alee, a larfe Boom aaaOloset en third floor, to let tu tingle genlleeseu. with Breakfast and Tea; moms pleaeant and newly furnished. Inquire at No. 3 Kaat War tea street, near Cunrt, Brooklyn. Refereaoee exchanged. TJOARDING.? AT MO. ItS WAVERLEY PLACE. NEAR I) Waehiunion square. a Beeond Ptoer, with all ?en?o aience-. furnished; a Parlor Klaor, with extension, fur nished or uoi arnlehed ; all large and air/ room \ No other boarders. BOARDIMQ.-A OBNTLEMAN AMD BIB WITH. OR two tingle gentlemen, oaa be aooosnnodated with a Fnrn shed Room and Board In a private American family, where there are so children. Can at 570 Blghth avenue. Boarding. -a widow lady, living plain and family email. wHI accommodate a single lady or a sin g e gentleman, or a gentleman and hla wile, with a pleasant Room, furnished or unfurnished, with or without Board. Also a gentleman to room with Mother. Apply at No. IS Wooster street. Boarding.? yrry pleasant booms to let, with Board, at 'ItO Second avenue, to s ogle gentlemen or gentlemen and their w.vee, single gents preferred. Hoase and tattle fret ciaea. Brooklyn.? desirable unfurnished booms, with Hoard, for a gentleman and wile, la a private family. Apply at 63 SL Felix street. Bbooklxn board.- dbsirarlb booms can bb obtained by applying at No. 242 Clinton stioet, be tween Harrison end Degraw: they will bo vacant In a few day a. BeJ'erenoea exebauged. Board wanted in south brooklvn-for a family, conNlHt ng of two adulta, sun (nineteen), lour daughters (sxteeu th rteen seven and Ore veers of a ?e re spect vely); will want four rooms: also place ferone servant. Board and accommodations mu t be first class and at reason able rates. Address Wayne, Herald offlce, rlv ng loeation and price. UOARD Iff UOBOKBN ? TO LET, FURNISHED, O Rooms, wiib partial Board, iiy a private family, (<'er man), the view fronting the river; cat and bath In the huuse. Apply at 17 Newark street, ouraer of 11 odeon ter race. Back ^rmr and extension room to lrt With Hoard, or Room* on bp onil lloor, to juntlnnon or : en leu an an t wife, In Truth street. near Second avenue. Appij at itio Boarders' D reotory. No. 3 An. or place. / 10M FORT ABLY FURNISH GD ROOMB. WITH GAS. \j bath, Ac . to let, in a <ma>l private family. Terms mo derate. Apply at 234 Tweuiy seventh street, near Ninth avenue. UOICE UNFURNISHKD ROOMS TO LET? WiTH J Board, to gentlemen and their wives: alao tiimlshed Room* for tingle gentlemen, at 609 Hudson street. Abingdon a iiiare. House lias all ihe modem improveanenta. DESIRABLE SUMMER BOOMS-VJTS OR WITH out board, ?Ingle or en suite, can be found at the cor ner of Broad wav and Twcnty-DUb street, entrance Nu. 7 We*< Twenty- fth -licet. 1 EXCELLENT BOARD-CAN BR HAD, WITH WEI.L j Furnished Parlor Floor, or whole Second Floor, in prl vata liouso 5.S Eaat Twentv-0 glith street, between .Vado on and Lexington avenues. None but responsible and very re spectable parties need apply. 17IRKNCH BOARD.-A RESPECTABLE PRIVATE . famllv will Idas large, well furnished. front Redro nn, with exec lent Hoard, to two centleiuen desiring a comfort*. b? home; house and -Itiisiion lirst cla s; foreigner* pre ferred: references exchanged. Address 162 West Twenty fi. th si reel. I/UKST CLASS ROOMS AND BOARD CAN BB OR. " ta.ned at 30 West Baltic street. Brooklyn, by gentlemen anil t elr wives or single gentlemen. Front and back room to let? with board. at 99 Kast Twe fiti ?tre?t. on the eeond four, wiih gas anl bath, for one or two single gentlemen. In an Amerluan fain i y where there are no other boarders. Terms $.0 per wee*. Furnished back parlor and room to let? In 2.'3 Madison street. The house conUtni all modern improvements. Furnished rooms to let? parlors and bkd rooins. on sac ml sod third floors In the Itrat class four storv brown stone ho 'se 122 Ea t Thirteenth street, oaly two blocks from \V attack's theatre. Furnished rooms to let? with or without Hoard; a large Suit of Rootns on thir l floor; alio an elegantly lurnishea Mack Parlor, entire; transient or per manent!*. house Iris all the modern linivoremen's. APP'J at 6" Kh veath street, one .loor cast of F:ith aveuue. |/,URNISIIBD RObMS TO LET? TWENTY-THIRD I street, in a pr vale fam ly. to gent emen on y; a few n cely Furn shed Roams, with all the modern improvement*. Address or ci I on A O.. 45 Jar r treat. Furnish t-'D rooms to lf.t-to respectable families or geutlemen. Apply at 210 Elm s. reel Bear Bpring. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? TO OENTLEMF.M only. In a first class house App'y at No. 1 Brevoon p aae ( Tenth stieet). mar Broadway. Reieranueeasehan^ed. Furnished rooms? for orntlemen only, at 17 East Twelfth street, near Broad way. Furnished rooms to let? With hoard, to a gentleman auJ m,a nr sn.l* gentlemen, at 31 l29tb sireet. between Fourth and Fifth avenues, Harlem. Furnished rooms to let-in the elioiblr house 1.137 Broadway, two doors to ow the bt. James HeM Refeianees given and requited. Furnished rooms? can re had ry oentle men. Krihout hoard, In a private famlit; gas. hath. Ae.; handy to caiaaad stage*. No bill up. Na 1 Second ?licet, urst house from the Bowery. Furnished booms-7os broadwa*; a most db a table location. Two Itrct and two small Rooms, aeatl. furnished to let. separately, on reasonable term*, to gentlemen oalr. References required. Furnish kd rooms-with or without board, at 19 Second avenue. Dinner at sll. GtmmiBD ROOMS? WITH OR WITHOUT HOARD r a' INJ Eli/abeih sireet. with an Am*i can family. Nice room ?, bath A<\ Nona but respe table inrtl-s need apply. EjlURNISHID ROOMS TO LKT?1R A PR I VAT K ' nous", with or wltnont partial Bo.ird. House has all the mode n I'liprovemeuis. Apply at iii Kast Thlriy-elath street, Mar Third avenue. MmmnRD ROOMS? SINGLY OR IN SUITS, For P gcatemra aad families, at lirro* House. 10H Bleerker si reel, b the day.'wcek or month. The rooms are airy and the hams tho.oughly renovated. FIBRMXftHED ROOMS.-TO LET, TO OENTLKMEN oul , a Back Parlor and ibres Attic Rooms; also a Front Hasemeut, su table for au eUce. Appy at No. 3^ Last Bleeewar etieet. FIOR a SINflLR QRNTLKM kN? A PLEASANT double Front Room newly furnished. Apply at No. 45 West twenty third stieet. HAHMOMELT FURNISHED SINGLE AND OOI iiLR Ro uii*. on i.rst suit third (loirs, for gentlemen, with or without break:* t. at 29 Firth avenue. 1 ARnR AND COMMODIOUS SUITS OF ROOMS lJ e eg antl.Y M >+# M': r ?'"*?' : Faril# h ' " " " " - ' tk. i lie eiiy t aim . uny w: i nnd l j s a iu?st des rabla sum aicr I neat aa. table d'hote JlrR'Y FURNISHED KOOMS? WITHOUT BOKAD, f. r geatiemen at ~M Amity st. eel. Ons, bath Ae, I'O. 6 LUDLOW PL \CE. WEST HOUSTON STRKF.T ? lietli furnishe.i Rooms to let. to slajta gentlemen asiy. without board. Reiarrace repaired. ONE OB Tt>0 OENTLEMBN CAN II WE TWO nASD some Fori i>hed Rooms on secoo.l floor 1a a lirowa atone ho i*e without boa d, in a private fumlW In Lerlngtoa avenue. Addre<s lor tw > iisys Llvlngstoa. Hi ra'd ofllce. OWN FIRS OK A HANDSOME HOUSE WILL I^T A large Room, with Hath roam atu lied, t ?> a gentiWisn . with or w.tlinut Hiet^iai'.. neai Cooper lustitute. Broail way t'.aites jiass the dour. Apply at 43 at. Mark's place. DLEA'AKT ROOM"!, WITH BOARD, FOB SINGLE i een' en.en or seat emsn and wife App > at 168 South S^eoa l Sireet. Hroatlyn. F. I)., live m nines walk front Urutii, Uuuston oi ^oossve t stieet ferrHfc PBIVATB AND HANDSOME BOOMS TO LET? WITH or without bi eakfast at 97J l'.roalway, allonoilern lun arov?m?ntl; everything new anl nt.e: oue blo.k ahove L'aien square, the v"ry location lu the elty. DOOMS WELL Fl RNISHKD, WITH BREAKFAST. JV lur ingle gen' town msy lie ob'.ilneii In a splendid Mttse, at I tn East Tnelfth si reel. Beat Second arenoe. I'.e feieai e? eiihauged. T>OOMS WVNTED-FOR A OF.NTLEMAN AND HIS Jk, wtie; a rn alehed Roomer Rooms, With all lb* conve u ere s atlsehO'i. wl'h H< srJ for the Isdv only, la the aeiiiiiboi ii "1 o! i uioii s'|iiaia. Addreaa box U.KHi Tosl eftit. ijiinil- WITH BOARB.^nd F.vRkT RtQIflSTTB \T It leiuiou 'or .sdMe iu com. tie. i em, furni-ticU, by Mrs, V\ OKUfcSTIlR, M D at M9 Huilson street. ?#OMS TO LET? WITH OR WITHOUT HOARD, TO i g< a lie ma ?ni| Uieli w y* or s ugle gentlen <-n . the hoiise eonttlns sll m the mo lern fmproveme?i?; convenient io ''?t? an.i s!sge?; references g.ten aad re'ju red. 13?> ha>i ThT ' e ilk sir et. r|K> UBNTLEMEN.-NIOF.LY FURNISHED AND I p'xsa it R , nu ran ae had at 99 Frlnee atrett, *n? b'ock Weef of Breal** . mo stMNISI! OINTLBMF.N-A YOUNO WIDOW JL lad . ia good oire>imftatie?< ee- upilng a arge three aior> houss, near S*vi>Mtli avenue and Elghieeatti street, .would 'ike ta rent one e twe i*rj? Rooms, handsomely for. ?atsbeit to oae or iwu ?eatiemea. win or without Breekfaa' Addrv* Viih re* aaai and sslltuoe, Madame emei Herald oliee fO nEN I'LkMF.N ? A PRIVATE FAHILY DESIRE TO let a few well furn sk?d Rooms satiable for,t?o or moie, terms S* to ttii i>er week; ne'?t doer to the Bt. .laaas lloi'l. Apply fr?ei ? A. M u 1 f P. M at I, ill Broadway. Re'erenoes eiehaeged. TWO OBNTLEMRN CAN BR PLBABAffTLY ACCOM modatel with lodging, without board, la a private family, oa reasonable terms at (1 Soeth Seaend street, Braok'yn, B. D. [_ mWO SIBULB aRNTLBMEM, OB OBNTLRMAR AND JL wife, oan be m eomeio^aied with a pleasaat front Boom and SaaM at It Kast Th rteeath street, between F.fU ^avenue aud L n vere ty place. TWO BICBLY FURNISHED ROOMB, WITH BOARD. wanieJ. b? a gentleiaan aad wife; private fam .y pie. feifd. Address L . boi M4I Feoi efaao rnwo OB TflRMB VERT DBBIBABLB BOOMS, FUB X KeM or aafaratsheS, to rent, wftlf Beard, la a small rrUB BNTIBK BBCOND FLOOR TO LRT-T^OBTHBB rpQ UST-IN A r*XV FAMILY, A FBW NICBLY 1 Furnished Rooms, with all modern Improvements. Be (erstfces required. 129 Hint* street, n few More west of mo LBT-ABVBRAL EOOMH, Jkltld NfWLY FOR A nUhed. to gentlemen only. ?? * Fienoh family. Apply at 280 Winthrop place (Greene street), near Cilston plaoa. fTO LET-IN A FBBNCH PBIYATB FAMILY. BBV X eral handsome! v furniahed Rooms, with adjoining Bed room a. ?o first sod eeooud floors with or without breakfaat, to (Mi eaau only. App y st M Clinton plaoe, Eighth street, between Firth sad Sixth avenues. rLBT-IK A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAND80MBLY Furnished Rooms, to gentlemen only ; breakfast if de sired. Reference required. Apply st 81 We*t Sixteenth street, between Firth end Sixth avenuee. TO LBT-TWO UNFUBNIBHBD ROOMS. ON SECOND floor, suitable for s gootlemsn snd wife, with Hoard ; terms moderate; _at 91 South Eighth street, WlUismsbtug. _ rpO LET? DE8IRABLE ROOMS, FURNISHED, WITH * or without bosrd, at 24 West Twelrth street TO LET? IN A BTBIOTLT PRIYATB FAMILY OF two, with or without Bosrd, to geatlemen or a gentle man audwife. elegant new furu ehed Aj?rtment*. sa suite, on .-econd floor; beslthful locality for up town; four dory biown stone front; sll modern improvements: references required. Inquire at 189 Bast Fift'eth street. TO LET? WITH BOARD, FROM JUNB 1. A LAROB unfurnished second story Front Room, w th water. gss and pan iris*. A small Room ean be bad also. References exchanged. App'y at 197 West Th rty second street. TO LET? URFUBNI8HED, NO. 4 DEPAU ROW. Bleecker street, first floor. Suit of R'oms, parlor, bedroom, library, wslsr closet, hot and cold wster. gas, and laandry attached: $00 per month. Also, a Front Room, f missed, Hoard for two, at $14 per week. Apply as above. rl.ET? FDRNI8HKD ROOMS, TO SINOLB GBN tlemeu, at 33 Ba^t Twenty-fourth street, eorner of Fourth s venue. TO LET? WITH BOARD. IN A FIRST CLASS PRIVATE family. three line second story Booms. Pa fng for a tirst eias< Room csn hsre one by applying st 179 Weet Twenty fourth street, east of Eighth avenue. r LET-TO TWO GENTLEMEN, OR A GENTLEMAN and lady, with Board, a Urge, hands 'mely furnished front Room, on eecoad floor; gss, bath, Ao., at IDA East Tweut -ee oad street. rLBT? TO GENTLEMEN ONLY, TWO VRRY pleasant Furn shed Front Rooms Apply at 179 Bast Tenth street, corner of Third avenue. WANTED? IN BROOKLYN. NEAR WALL OR AT I nn e ferry, a ? omtonable Room, with Board, by two is portable young gentlemen. References given. Ad dress G: L., lierald office, stating price, winch should not exceed $12 to $14. WANTED? BY A QUIET FAMILY. FIVB OR SIX Rooms, with Hoard, in a pleasant location in the coun try, within one hour and a half's ride by railroad or boat rrom the City Hal. 'i'be best of reference gi\euand re quired. Address box 1,739 I'oat office. WANTED? BY A GENTLBMAN AND WIFB, BOARD, with sec md story front Room and B>-dro"m attached. None but lirxt class accommodation* desired. Locmlon I e t* eeu Fourieeoth and Thirtieth streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues. References required. Address R , box 4,2tU Post oflice. MRAST TWRNTY-EIOHTII STREET. BETWEEN Fifih and Madison avenues -very desirable Kooms to let, wuh Hoard, suitable for families or single gentlemen. Dinner at six. References exchanged. "I K WEST TWENTY FOURTH STREET.? ONE OR TWO 1U very desirable .suits of Rooms inn now be bad hv ap p ying us above; a so two or three single Rooms. Dinner at six. unquestionable reference given and required. OQ WEST TWELFTH STREET.? LARGE, PLEASANT ?i O front and back Rooms to let, with Hoard, on ^oond ana third floors, with large c own ; hot snd co'd water, to a Sai t or single gent emen. or gentlemen and Uie.r wives. 'Inner at all o'c ock. Reference exchanged. CHIIYSTIE STREET.? FURNISHED BOOMS TO let, with or without board. 1/1Q WAVKRLRY PL ACE.? TO RENT, WITH BOARD, ITU a Bank Koom and extension, on sec >nd floor; also a Hail Boom on the third floor. THIRD AVENUR.? FURNI8HED BOOMS FOR genilemeu. from $1 to $5 per week. 129 251 SmuiBR RESORTS. At ci.iffwood hotel, kbyport, n" j. hour rrom New York, by steamer* font of Murray street ?t :',ii P. M , gsod board from $7 to $ld per week, families accordingly. Finn groves sp'.ecdid sea bathiug. Ashing snd stabling. Apply at 17ii Bleecker street, or at the hotel. Belmont hall, Sehooley's Mountain, N. J.. Will be opened tor visitors June 1. D. A. CBOWBLL. Bath hotel l. i.-hatino bebn thoroughly repaired, repainted and refu rniaued, will be open about the first of .lone for the reception of permanent boarders and transit guests Mr. P. O'Ursdey, formerly of the Stevens House, will be associated with the Cropletnr In the management of the homo Accessible by oner Island. Bath snd Greenwood Railroad every half hour; fair lite. Good stabling for horses GBO. SHIELDS. Proprietor. /1BOFT HOUSB-ON THE HIGHLANDS, GARRISON \J Station. Hadaon River Railroad, oupoa te West Point, opens Mav SOL Carriages for exprees l'-*- - * in lulre at MS Pearl street. J. H. CLAY, Propriet or. f1LIFF IIOCiK, RYE, WB8T0HRSTRR COUNTY, WILL \j open on the 1st June. For particulars apply st No. 9 Great Jones street. (1LENCOVB.-THK TRITON HOUSE. OLBN COVE. W will open on (he 1st of Jnne for the reception of guest*; good bstlrng. boating and fishing; parties wishing board at the commencement of the reason ean make arrangement* en ravorable terms Addre-a J. M Her, Proprietor For further particulars inqu re of 8. Cooklm, Pearl Stieet House New York. Heath house, schoolbt s mountain, new Jersey Stir. ng-.? Heath House, Sehooley's Mountain Sprlnsa, New Jersey, will bo open on ibe 1st day of June; d Islanon iS miles; it Is reached by the Morris and Essex Rail road. leaving fool of Barclay street. Now York, at A. M. and 4 P. M. Information may be had by addfvaslag too sub eerlber, or by calling on lilm on Wednesdays, between 12 and 1 o'clock, at tho Astor House, New York. B. B. COLEMAN, Proprietor. H Hotel? national hotel long branch, n j., will open .tune 25. This hotel i( for sale until Sl-t dav of May: if not sold then will he sold at pohlic sale on the premise -. on Tuoedav, 31st of Ma . This Is the finest and beet located hotel at Long Branch. Terms easy. Ap plv to D P. PETERS, Madison Square Hotel, Twenty tirat afreet and Broad wav, H. Y. Madison S mare Hotel Is ?pen upon the Knropean plan. Restaursni at aohoj. Fine law Of Room* M let, ALK-WAT HO'JSP. KI9KATOM. HALF-WAY BR tween Cstsslll snd Mo mtaln House; beautiful loca tion. Boar 1 $H to $li) per weak. References. Ac.. T. Man ?on. dentist, 1.225 Brosdwsy, H. Dixon, SO Hrusdway (Adams' Express Co). D. BLOOM, Proprietor, JEWISH HUARD.-Mrt. ISIDORE KAISCR HAS opened a private boarding house SI Far Ruckaway, Long Island where he Is now ready to receive transient or )>eriiiaoenl boarders The sliuatlou Is ras> oi access and pieaaant, near tbo Patll'on Hotel. MOUBTaTM HOUSE, SOUTH ORA.NtlE, N. .1 -THI8 di'llal.tfii! snmu.ur resort having changed liinda, bs< been HionJushl* renoraifd and newly f uriilsbsi. and will be opened fo'' the le-eptlon of gu^s's on flic Cth of Trains leave Baic'ay street b> Morris snd Hasei Railrosd, a'luost hourly. S. A. TAL1AKKRKO. NEPrUNB HOUSE. NEW ROCHBLLB.? THB UN derslgned will open this b< tel on ihe first <iar of June. I I'arMes In !lie . ity desirous of engaging Rooms ts ill find Br I Fish st the -rf'T of ^??man A Co., !tll Broadway, lro.11 J to 4 o'clock, on Saturday and Monday afternoons. WM.j7.FISH PACIFIC HOTEL, ROCKAWAY. L I. ?WILL BB opened on the 1st of .luue for the sccommiMlHtion of Bosraers. C W. SMITH A J. A. ALLEN, Proprietors UBA SIDE SUMMER RRSORT.? FAlRFIRLD HOUSE, D ran i e.rt. Conn.? This favorite summer resort I* now open for visitors. Only two honks from New York via the N"?' Haven Ksllroad. Eai ly spptlcstlon neuesesry to ercite room*. V. D. CARRlijl'E. CtTMMBB BOARD.? BAY VIEW HOUSE. TOMPKINS I' v lie, H. I., is now open to receive transient or perm* nsst bosider-; (h rtj minutes from New York by boat every li ur ; Rooms sing v or In suit. Tern.e moderate HE WINDERMERE BOU8B, GREENWOOD LAKR _ Orsnse county. N. Y . la open now lor the isception of g iesls. liav ug chaiiged proprietors, perfect satisfaction, will be given. Flshlsi. bost nr snd -hooting. F01 further particulars iniuira at No. 3 West Twenty fourth street. The la tourtete hourb-beriien point, on the Kill Von Kull, N .t ?Tkl- se>ct fsmilr hotel Will open lor Ihe season Jnue 1. Bosts front pier No. X N rth river, a' 9 sn, I2:4!i. 4 SO and 5 .10; froti foot Of Day rtreet st 10" i A. M. snd 4's l'.M. Stssm railroad hourly from Jeiseyilty. WESLEY W. HILL, Proprietor. J" ' ? .1 T1.A&T1C llOTEN CHATHAM square' corner .V >ew Howerv snd Oliver street.? Ti let. 10 > spl'iidiJ Roams. |>er Jay, vtes& or month, l'ayn s spring Usds. House open sll night COUNTRY BOARD. T A FAMILY, OCCOPTINO A PICTURESQUE COT ts*e on the sautli shore of Htaten I -land, will aecosi 111 Jsie sight or ten Rosrders for t e summer. Rooms plesasni snd well furnlshsd Abundsnes of fruit, milk and ^egetslfie*. Address boi 1,793 Nsw York Post oflice. A PRIVATE FAMILY. RF.SintVO ON STATEN it I i.sp 1 1 Norih SltorrK have two Tery pleasant Booms to let. W al'ilts onl-. References requlrtd. App!) st 47 Esst Thirtieth Mnel. N. Y. A T S1MV1T, N. ,T? ONE HOUR FROM NBW YORK JtX. by Morr ? sad Kssex Rs lma<l, a row desirable Rooms ran '<e hid m the s.imm 1 House. Ale 1 Ace immo 1st oas rtr a srg* ism ly in s spaelnus cottage, with ptlvate table 'f ues red : ioest on uusurpsssed.pure mvnaialn air beau4i- I ful > ?nsr ' line drives. Ac. House pleasantlv situated, I wuhin wo minnies' walk of railroad depot. Apply at or I addiesi Stiminit House. ______ ________ I Ah i.*dt occupying her own house, with. I Mt'lam ly. would acenimodate s gentleman or gen I i"nan and wife. *no sre w li.ngte psy uhorslly for every ? luiurv snd boms romfort. House short drrfe from the 0 ty, I nesr Wa h niton Heights. Fins greufids. besatlfully sba- I deif : fruit, vers ables. Brtrr aeeommodst en lor itaWlSf I an 1 grown. Aaire?s Lyons, fcot m Herald omse. I BHO^RD -one OB TWO FAMILIBS CAN OBTAIN I I agre?ab e airy Rooms, e^th good Beard. In ? pleasapi I CO 111* I T Emm in the town of ByeTw estchesuw o^unl .v, N I Y., sa- one m le from the New Reread depoi, and I a host ike same dtstaace (rem tWehyneh on the Bail river. I For pariicnlars Inquire at 1$ Maiden laae. I B HOARD IN ASTOBI A. ?FAMILIES OR SINGLB OBN I t toman ran he s<?ei??^o-te4 with piessant Room, sn 1 I apply . og at the cern.ref Waliiussnd ?essseo I IstrestsAstona. I The henee u m hour sH every hear. Kreomfl la ailaebed m tkeB to or nddreea MrsJV Bmoabd at nbw briuhton.1 ? geutlem*n-fcna WTfBT or iWo \ pleasant horn* la a private family,! M to M per week. Nine traiiu eaob waydally fNo iorarr Twenty tilth Street tad F?drtB avenu?. Dinner <fc o'clock. (JW BOARDi-PABTIBS DESIROUS Of TU1T. eaentry tkroagh lb* hduw saoaihs saa find excellent accommodations at the Stohuii Hotel, tea GSb s?s 5?3Jr a awe rvsrcr trout Hsblng ground* in the Stale. Carrla#ea for the aooom m idailon of guaal* in cuBalaot readlueat. and at a reason* able ehargee . Addreuor apply to FLOWER A POTTER, Pfoprletora, porifTRT BOARD.-PLBABANT ABB DELIGHTFUL. M Raoais can be obtained aL Lt Boy House. New Boebelle. seventeen in Ilea or the Maw Haven Railroad and fivw minutes' walk from toe depot BANES, Proprietor. CIOUNTBY BOARD.? PBKSONB ?BSIEOUS OP OB J tain ng good Board, at a gentleman'* country Mat. ?ao be accoatmodatyd by apply lag at room B, 171 Broadway t ? ?y acoeag; rsfsranoes required. COUNTRY BOARD-OA N BB HAD PROM JOLT ? to. middle of September, Tn a boat delightful and healthy location, two hour*' r do from the city, la lmme d'ate vie nitjr of Naur York and New Haven Railroad: charges, $10 per week. Address Beekman, box 146 Herald oBoe. pOONTBY BOARD-POR FAMILIES OR BINQLSI \J persons, la a p easant. bea'thv locat'on, oae and a half hour from the city. ? Address M. O. Brooks, Njack, N. Y.r or No. 3 Hanover place, Brooklyn. POUNTRT BOABD-FOB FAMILIES AND BINOLB v gent'emen; the housx s large and p'eaeantly located, about half a mile from Annandaie itatioa, Btatea Inland Bal road. For full part.cuar* app'y at lit and 121 Na??a\a street, room H. ^ COUNTRY BOARD? FOR THE ENTIRE REASON, FOR three ladlee; two Room., communicating, required. Answers must state lowest terms, locality? which nuit bei ? within ISO milea of New Yon. in mountain air. or at th? seaalde? and all particulars. Addraaa A. R., S3 Rait Twea. ty ninth atreet, N. Y. city. (COUNTRY BOARD-IN MORRISANIA, FOR GENTLE. J man and wife; nleaaant local on, bouae neatly fur nmheJ, terma moderate, ai mlnutaa' walk frem a team cara, plenty of freah milk aud ve^eublea. For further particu lar! addreaa D, box 223 Herald office. COUNTRY BOARD ?A SMALL PRIYATB FAMILY can a pa re two or three Booms, with Board, about 40 minutes from New York (acoeaa hourly) and four or liva minutes from depot. Audres* U. E., Herald olllce. COUNTRY BOABD-AT TABBTTOWN, CORNEB OP Broadway and .Main street. Tbe situation Is good, with smple shade snd fruit; depot quarter of a mile; post office a lew rod ; accommodations for horses and carriage tf de sired. E. N. BEDELL. lillRST CLASS BOARD ON THE HARLEM RAIL r road.? A large Farm House, B rooms. Lake, with boats, and dslrv on tbe farm. Address J. II. Green, Kato nab, Westchester county, or Doctor Sabine, 46 West Twenty third street, or J. Toon, 96 Howerr. HARI.EM.? NKATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LBT, with or without Hoard, at lUSth street, Second avenue, oppoeite the Red House. PRIVATE BOARD-IN A FINE COUNTRY REST, deuce; line Inland snd water view; one hour and a half fiom tbe cltr by New llaveu Railroad. Plenty of fruit, cream, vegetables, Ac.; family 'mall aud private; no cbil. dren . would accommodate four adults; none but those will, itie to pay liberally need appl jr. Address box 4,183 Post oiiice. ? , WANTED? COUNTRY BOARD, IN A FARM HOUSE, for ene gentleman, in the vicinity of the Wh te Moun tains, Addreaa X, box 130 Herald offloe, stating price. VYTANTRD-WITHTN 75 MILES OF NEW YORK. AT TV some first cla * farm houso. or where there are no - other boarders. Board for a lady, three children, a?ed nine, seven and three years, and nurse, for tbe summer. Ad dress. giving name, location, accommodations and terms, D. P. 8 , box S.OM Mew V ork Post Office. FINANCIAL.. , All persons abb hereby captioned against purchaalng or lulling a lot of Oeoreia State Bonds (sixea), $>*) each, numbering from 980 to 090. the same aar. Ins been fraudulently obtained. together with a lot of South' em Bank Notes. A" mean* trill be taken to reader lhn<? bonda useless, a suitable re w aid will be paid for any isfor loaiion respecting them by WILLIAM B. SCR ANTON, 119 Pearl street. CTTENBERQ FERHY COM TAN Y.? -ACCORDING TO IT tho resolution adopted at the general meeting of Feb. itfi 188S, by the O. F. Oo. the company wa< dissolved on M>r 1, 1064. The board have examined and paid every aecount. and have resolved to hold ? mooting on Mboday, 30?h mat., between the hours of flaad 7 o'clock P. M., In Pyttkagoias Hall. 134 Canal street, to dispose of the balance of 7ja eonM per share. This II tho result of the examination. B PETERS. President 8. RIBDB, Vice President. D. Si EIL, Secretary. J. goMMtv, ) W. STBIL, Treasurer. W Mvlijw, i Trustees. H. Itswiorr, ) INTERNATIONAL FIBS IN8URANCB CON PA NT OP NEW YORK. Office. 1I3~ Broad way. CASH CAPITAL, ONE MILLION DOLLAR* Tho International Piro Isanranoo Comnu, having ? cash capital of tl.OOO iW. all paid In and securely invaated. Is now prepared to Insure every kind of property, losludlnff ships in port and their cargoes, against loss or rtamaja bp Are. en the most favorable Term*. WILLIAM E. WARREN, Presidiat HAMILTON BRUCB. Vice PreoldenL Gcosot W. Sataox, Secretary. 1NINO STOCKS? AS WELL AS ALL OTHER KINDS ol securities bought and sold at all the Block Beards In New York. Huston. Philadelphia, Ac., or etherwlee o* commission, by ALBERT II. NiCOLAY, No. SB WUttam rt. pROPOSALS FOB ^ VOLUNTEER BOLD^sjl^FAMILT AID FOND BONDS. No. 9. Scaled proposals will bo received ol the Comptroller's oil'ce, until Saturday, the 1 1 th day of J uue, 1864, at 2 o'clock P. M., when the fame will be publicly opened, fo? the pur chase of the whole or any part of the sum of five hundred thousand dollars of the "Volunteer Soldiers' Family Aid Fund Bonds, No. authorized by an ordinance of tho Cor poration. passed May 2>, 1864. and an act or the Legislator* of Hie State of New York, paaaed March #, IMS. The said bonds will bear interest st the rate of Ml per cent per annum, payable soml annuallr. on thn first day of Ma jr and November In eaeh ' Osr. and the prlndral will be re deemed November I. 1973. Tne proposals will state the amount of bonds daairod, and the price per One hundred dollars thereof, and the persoaa whose proposals are accepted will thereupon he re tuliod to deposit elth the Chamberlain of the clly (at the Broadway Rank) the sums awarded to tnem respectively. On pi-evening to the Comptroller Um receipts of tho Chamberlain for such depoetis, the parties will ba entitled l? receive bondi for equal amounts of the par valua thereof, bearing interest from ths rates of paymenta. Eac!i proposition should be sealed and Indorsed "Propo sals fur Volunteer Soldiers' Family Aid Fund Bonds, No. 9," snd enclosed 1s second envelops, addressed to the Coaip troler. The right Is reserved to redact any or all of ths bids If th* Intet eats of the Corporation require it. MATTHEW T. HKKNNAN, Comptroller. Cur or Nsw Yona? Dkpaiitskhv or Fimakcb, i CoarrBOLLsa'a Orrics, > May tOtlSM. ) SOUTHERN BANK NOTES WANTED ? NORTH OAR olin't. South Carolina. Oeoreia. Alabama. Tesneaaoe, Virginia and Mew Orleaus bank note*. by MANNING IDS FOR E.ST, bankers and brosera. It Wail street SACRAMENTO. CALIFORNIA.? ALL KINDS OF PA ? 7 crsmento city and oount - Honds wanted. Apply to ' B, 0. llALLlDAx, No 6 Wall street, basement. Tiib interest doe on the bonds of the new York and New llaven Railroad Companv, Juae I, IMM, will be pa'J on presentation and snrisnder of the esapons St ths o!Hre of the company, corner of Fourth avenue and - Twenty ssventh street, or at the Hank sr the Republic. W. BEMBNT, Treasurer. Union pacific railroad com pan*.- noticb is hereby liven ts the Subscribers to the Capital Stock Of the I ntos Pacific Railroad Company thai a call for s fur ther payment or tea per oant upon the amount of their sub scriptions has been made this day, payable at the office of ' the Company. IS William street Now York, on or before ths ftttb of J une next By order of Executive Committee. . _ JOHN A. DIX, Fvssidsst JoBif J. Cisco, Treasurer. New Toss, May 10, lWt. 10-/10 LOAN. -THE CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK iu TU tne Oil* of Nsw York, having been designated a government depository, will now receive subscriptions to the 10-40 Loan, offe ring the best terms and facilities. W. U. FOSTER, Cashier. HENRY A. BMYTHB, President <51 nnn WANTED IMUKniATELT, BY A BISI ness man, for whleli fl.SOO sill l?a returned In three months. Good security and bS'tol references. Addirss Contract, box 120 liars d oOloe. CL1 nnn WANTED-IMMBDIATBLY, ON IAN AP ? proved note which matures In ?omi'thlng Irsa llian a year; fl,l<00 at ?even percent lntere?t snd a hand some premium in addition. Addre?? X. U. W., No. ft Paclflo placo, west Twsaty-nlnih street, N. Y. Mnnn -wanted, on second mortgage, ? V/l/Vr* $4 OJO, of a substantial man or men, as soon aa possible, on flrst class property worth four tlniss as much as we wish to borrow on It situate In tha Fifth ward. Near York city? largo dwelling hones and lot half the depth of block. Full aud satisfactory particulars given by addressing letters io Sard, box 1*1 Herald o(l)ee. _ dMJA A/\n W**TKD? TO MAKE UP A STOCK JoUiUl/U Commission and Banking houss. A flrst >>'?>? house i< beinn surfed by parlies having abundant conversant sod desired will ba< box 1M Bsrald TJILU A EDS -ALL WHO VIM TO iJ eiaae Tables will Bad It to their examine wTj?. OBIFFITB'B imprev^^^^^^H Cushions and i?nr packet American only original and ooirsst Tables now made lihtbs world for corset aaas aad durability. Six flna saooadT bftad Tahjee fan tical billiard table maker In tha United Btstss, IMFalton street W7 .1. SHARPS RUPBRIOR BILLIARD TAB JT . with Sharp's patent eashloas Four and HxH T*^ee, constant!/ on hand. Ralls, Cloths, Cnse aal

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