Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1864 Page 7
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lAJbn at 4PCTIOV. DJOUBRED ?ALB. In aoaaaqawM ofths taclemsnt wmUw. rot Mali at Tug no Atrcnoir, By JAMKS M. MILLEB, Auctioneer, M F1m suaet, On TUESDAY- Mar 11. ISM. 1 o'clock F. ?., on th? prtmini, la the tows of SGABSDALB, WKSKUgBTHB COUBTT, THE HBBDSDALB TBAOT, ' containing about r\ UO ACRES Or CHOICB LARD. jtu parcels of from tan to fifty acres each, ou wai of which | ars farm house* end ou:buildlugs. tf Thla tract wai solscted by the subscriber with referenoe to Bis desirability far Villa sites aa wall aa far ttt productive jpcss aa a farin, and on which he has made Improvements mad arranged the plots to auch divisions aa will (ire to an oh ?area) a commanding v ew witt out Interfering with tt.e fibers. The altuatlon ia oa a ridge of table land, from thrae i Jo four hundred feet above the level of tide water, command Jog extensive views or Look Island Sound, with glimpses af Mhe Palisades, dlatani about one and a qnarlar mite east of ijka Scandal e station on the llarlem Railroad. Ttie whola < tract la valued at the minimum price of two hundred and ?My dollari pea aora, and eaah parcel ant up at an ipaal price corresponding with Ha relative value, eompar ia with the whole, ana eold on bide above auo'i luma. Fifty per coal of the purchaae money to re mala on bond uid mortgage fer five year-, at alt par rent In case tha purchaaero do not wt-h (o build or Improve the lir t ?enr, he subscriber will allow rtx pe.- cent, on two hundred dol ?rs per aare for agricultural purposes, for all parte. a a >ld ?K atatlon on tae day of sale. ' to meet the 8^ aud 10>: (. trelaa from Twenty-sixth street ve the average prloe. Couveyanoe* will be at the Scats n tha i * * m To ray p< Ps'l <? olty by the i:X or 6:04 P. M. M ain. L O. MORRIS IA? I For maps and explanation* upp'y to the auctioneer, No. 28 .fine aireet. or to A. Fln.av. Mo. HI Pine atreal. Persona de-Irons of vlewlr* the premises previous to the 8a i of aala, will find a convey ance at the Soaradale ?tatlon, b tha arrival af tha 8>i and IUVi A. M. tralna from Tn enty txlh atroet. LVaR o. bakbb a oo? auctioneers. 1. AI'BEKT HAT WO. )i>, AUCTION KKR JUCU ASSORTMENT Of hoi SKIIOLD furniture. PAINTINGS, STATUAUY, BROXSSKS, I RARE AND COSTLY WORKS OF ART. Ac., Ac. 1 TO MORROW ( At). MAY 30. -'At the elegant mauslon 41 West sixieeuth aircet. between Fifth aud Sixth aveuoea, Pale commencing at It o'clock precisely. The auciiuneer would ca" toe particular attention of hU ?friends and the public to th la *?> ; catVugne comprising a su :K>erb assortment of Furniture, Pluioforia. Paintings. French lM.rrors. 4c. Catalogues at the U u <? Rale pereiu p tory . Drawing Roo:n* ? Superb Sui.? ot Faru.lun', cotmcd with brotitel oT Holiest description ; til ^atit set- of Window Cur [ 'lulus to inula!. the suits: Etsyoi >, plate glass doors; Eu cotgnures, Secretary and Booiu !??>: ( eniro I'ablcs. .statuary "Garble top; Bronze and Orioo! i Ciisndel org. Cabinets 10 natch, Ormolu and Ohm !eti China Ornaments. marble Itatuary, Bronze i'lrures, Oil Paintings by eminent artist*, French I<lne I! n graving* HAQRIFICICNT 7 OCTAYB ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, fully guaranteed by the maksn Stool, brncadc Cover, Musdc TiiantT Books. Ac.; Hatttan I. I'hairs to match, oak BuiTet, Ixtensfon Table, Chair , So'r*. Cut and Engrareil Oliiss S-Tarp; China Dinner Bets. Imi orredi from Paris Tor piescut iwnvr; Sliver Dinner and Tea Sgrvice, Casters, spoons, ^orks. Urn, Cake Baskets. Uj'rflO'' Dish. Turenn, Tahle llyt err. Linen, rosewood and walnut Dressing Bureaus. Bed "Vleada.i Aruiolie a Olace. en suite; Hair and Spring Mal Aressns, 21 pairs Ltnen Nhnets. 21 pairs Pillow Ca?-s. 12 pairs French Blankata. Towels, Con nttc panes, Marseilles Ouills, French Toilet Sets, maho^anv Sofas, Bedsteads. Chairs, ?Itockers, Ac Also Fnrnltilre of servants' apartments Par ties wishing to attend this salettke b'lflh or Sixth uveuue ?"(Burs or sisges from the Aster. Hi Nicholas or Metropolitan 'botal, leaving at Sixteenth street, few doors from hou^a. ?I A UOTfON NOTICE -D. D CAULKIN8 * CO.. AUO 'iA TlONKEKS.- PtWITIVK ? i> VN RESERVED SALE O ' El. E<SA NT UOt;S8Mv>L" r ItNITCRE. ?On MO S DAT. MAY IK o'clock precise iy ail the superb and cosily I- in re, Paintings. St ltnary laud Works of Art, ro.-ewii.-d ' > Mng Room Sirts, lueaant ?even octave Pianoforte ton *'wvet Carpel , .lu.. <ou .gained lu the residence No .1 -"c*t Fourteenth siree', be Iwaan Eirhtli aod Ninth ?v?nn . The auctioneer calls 'lie a i>edal atientlon ot the pnbli lo this sale, as being .helarnevt ?ADd richest as. sortineH I of fl aiml.I Furniture oflVovfl at ^suction this casnn The F .rn -or* was ail made for the Jpresaaiawner, and Is in com) ? t order. The whola wi J bo Peremptorily and ab.-ol te v . ?? ohout reserve. DKAWIM; BOO >1 'I RN1TURE -epnslsli of carvad ro?ewo.>d k.tagnre:, marble lops anl JF reach plate doorlaad back; Ladv a Work Table, Inlaid with Enotbsr of pnarli rosewood Centre Tables, statuary marble flop; full suits of Drawing Room ParaUure ? elegant Tetn-a Acte Sofas, two Arm, two Reception aad eight Oral I'aqk ?phalrs, carved rosewood frames and oovarad in three color Rd satin brocade of the moai expensive rtesorlptlon ; two pConaole Tsbles, Inlaid with b-.hl and twrtoise shell; Broesde And Laos Curtains; Franch p ate Pier an<1 Mantel Mirrors, ?rith rloh alii frame.; super So v res and Drardcn China Brasas, richly decorated; Parian marblo Stat? ilea or taa Wessons, Aitlstic, reprn entlng Highland Morning, Vand<>ra Painting. Pootry. Must-, CrusRiere, 1c.; Antiqne Hjava rases, from Hercuianeitm and Pompeii: ebony Card gable Velvet Carpets. Ruga, Turkiith Easy Chairs. Bronte JCleok. runs one naoata; Oil ralntln^s. by Roassean. Inman. jHuutingtoa Cole, Legrande and other eminent artists. ! MAONIFiOENT SEVEN OCTAVE PIAMOFoRTK, P*,rv.e<* tags and oase, four roun.l oorners, finished aU round. Inlaid With pearl; Music Rack rote wood Stool oovered In iftrocade; embroidered Cloth Cover. Boks and Mu ic. Hall uosawood Bautaad. Oilcloth. S alr Cai-pet. Ac. Cbamb^ri. beoond story? Richly carved rosewood Bedsteads. Uureaus ? nd Commodes to match ; Wai, Drcallng and Tol'.et Tables, Shaving Slauda Bookstand. Couch, Arm. hairs, Curtains, Shades. Cornier*. Hair Mattrcasea. Beds and Bed fl'ng, a eco rate d China Toilet Sets. Mirrors, Diotug Room Turnttura of every kind. Tea Seja, Silver Wara, Ivoiy Tabla < ntlery. Dining Table. Ac. No Poatponemeut. A BOMB FOB MECHAM C 8 AND ALL WHO DESIRE There are no Lots with n reach of persona of m oderato (neans more dcs'rable for a resilience than the parcel of one ?iindrad Lots, to be sold at auot on <>n Monday. May 3". by ItLDRICH A SCOTT, Auct once.s. riud?on Oitjr, New Jer ?ev. Tbeaa Lois are all grade I on wide avenues, enrrotinded tree-, now g v. ng ample aha-le, in a neighborhood convenient to goo I aoboola aad asarkots, ? nd es naar t>> Wall street aa rd street. Every nan who buva these lots? all of which are on high Rrouna, with extensive view- wtil be sure ant only of * aafe Investment, bat of a eerUlnty of bHng able, bv the rise 5n value of the propertv. to live rent free ror eeveral > ears, {very man who ever Intends having a home of his own beuld not fat' to examine this sale. No better opportunltv ban be presented to obtain a lot all ready to be built upon, bad where the surrounding- are belter calculated to cieata b eon slant Increase In value. As regards distance, tie lots Bn be reached by night or da , st all boura, easier than dug from l'rin;ty church to Un on a<|oare. , The taxes sra not oaa-fonrth on the same value as on lots in Slew York city; and all aspen e- ot school*, ehurches. mar kets, Ac., aie below what oan be contemplated lu the ..Icy Eille the health of the loeat'nn cannot be aurpsssed, aa sre Is no nuisance lafthe vicinity. The present owners, vlag larse Internals adjoining, aro determined to Intro duce upon all thla property an Intelligent and defirable Imputation. I it- journbat, auction r e r^opficr noTs "pi NE \A ? atreet Anetloa sale of Beautiful Property at Chats avorth, Westohestar county, N. Y. A JQUKNRaY will ?ell on Thursdar, Juna 23, at 12 M., at the Exchange Sales room, No. Ill Brradway, acres of land at Chatsworth. Thl" valuable property, formerly owned by P. H. Murnae, >;s.|., and the Hon J. R.oaevell, situated between New Sochel'e aud Mamaroneok, on the Una of the New Haven Jtallroad will be offered for sale in plots of three to ten a * res, or more It has several miles or road latd o it and fworked, a depot built, at which the trains will atop when fcuslneaa warrants. Its elosc proxlmttv to the city (be ng tonly t*entv miles from Citv Hat1, with the New Uavan Railroad running through It) and the numerous command ing bulldidg sites, with a view o. Long Island Sound and Che Palisade', make It a dealraola Inveatment for pertl s wishing to get a choice location and have control of sur fro odlng Improvements Map and further psrt cntars st Ahoomoe of the auctioneer, A. JoUKNBAY, Bo 8 Pine st Auction notice. KXTRA ABD srF.OIAL SALE OF STRAW AND 1* A 1*M LEAK GOODS, TUIS DaT ( MONDAY), MAY 30, At II ?i'cl"C*. FOUR HUNDRED ( 4U I) CASKS ?OSTLY CHOIOK NRW GOODS, MANUFACTURED for Hi aaen one trade. ?n' suited to present sales, wTLl II r sold as abovb. Cata'oguea and good* on mn nine or a* 0 WM. TOPPING A CO., Auctioneer*. N'os 9 and II Part P ace auil No. 8 Hurray ntreet. *1 UCTION SALB Of~ " A HANDSOME HOrsRHOLD FUBNITURB. 1J AON I FKiENT ROSEWOOD PI ANOKORTE, CD8T t660; VMAKT. BRUSSELS AND INORA1N CAKPKTM. Br K. ROTH, Auctioneer? On Mondav, Ma v ?i, at 1 o ctrrk Crecleelu ai the residence II" 15 Inton place, highlit eirert, -tween Fifth and Sl*th sYvn-es. consisting ol BruseeK V?l?et and Ingrain Carpets; rosewond, b aok walnut and r abogan* Parlor and Ckamber Kurnlture: thr?? ? cgnnl Parlor Sulla, covered In lien P>?arh auln brooaicl and roue; l?ce t'urtalns and Cornices, Pier and Centre Tables. Turk ic Rat Glial ra, Lounp?? R.-cker*. OurUtd Uatr M?ttre set, JBed ?, Blankets. Cnickery. Gla*? and Ohlna Ware. Tab* Out Mir. and Hdrer Ware Ac AM. a ?"i?d Tar e.ty of House 1,014 Ooo l', to excellent ooadlU n. No poeiponemeut on ae ro t*i of the *reather. .? uc ykon salb-bt d. b. taylob a brother, A Namu atreet. New York, without reaer>e and with' ?Tt n>ghMto weather. On tueslay. Ma. 81. at 12 oclo;k 2t theTC*c' anac Fales oom. Ill Hroadway, hew York. 4S0 (lodrab'e Building Lola, beautifully located at Inion l'lare, near East New York, on the l!roy*lyn and Jamah a R*iu ?n?d Accessible at ail hour* br horse cars from all the Brooklyn ferries. Por aa*|>\ Ac., apply at th? oir.oe of the Auctioneers. A U0TI0K NOTICE.? CBOCRRRT. OLAR8 WARB, A de.-WILL.IAM W. SH 1 ItliKY, Auct oneer, en Tuee. da? Mar SI. at 10 o etok, at J?l I'carl atreet, by D. EM muRY Jr a Urge catalogue **le oil White Gran to and riD6f Dinner. u<l To H VYi**^; J um, I ftilM. 0. flp2d Ro.k. V el low Ware Ac n lota for c ty an.l conn IryreU lers.- Sake free for <?ah and guoda well packed for -uhlpplnf ? ncTION NOTICE-BOOTS AND SHOES. WM M HOLLINIIKII ? * D. AUCTIONEBB, 1 yrn ?i mitsiininrn?, ? ~ -Ml ? II. J. T. WHITBIIOi nR, Pa csroone 28 Cnrl an<it street. Pirjllae:i on We 'ieaday. .Innr I at I0X c Cork, about one (.housand Ca-ea of strrl y prune Hocta, Shoea. Hr^an-, O* iters, Ha morals. Ao. Also an ia?tfo* ef Stack Goods, In (ood order Cata'oguee ready am morning of sa e. SY B T WILLS. AUOttOVKKR.-AUCTION NOTICB Karihenware, lltau Ware and Parian Good". Hllrer ted Ware, Jtr. WeJoesday, June I, at II o'clock, at 7l M?rr?r atreet. Including White Ursnlte and onminon Joode, T'lmbters, An, worthy the attention of th<> trade. eW, IVF.8 Jk CO., AUCTIONEERS, SALESROOMS ? llroadwar ? The celabrated Gobelin Tapestry ? ? will sell at aiMtlea. o? Wrdeeedaf . June Its 18 4 at U .??elook. f'lur P^oaaof OoUeUn fape^ry One p eee was ea< * b tke fcnjUya jOw '.Ary Ka r and three p eree in thoMelreujIUjirtrof lf.? Vork. the Boyal Hunt <a valued aV|U00.i><L^?a?iin p-iei at t^BOD. and the two Poreet S<v>*eeat lifl00each. v '( ho .n eihlC t on at onr salesrooms not llh? day ol -ale fr?e ot charge. Dtaer pi 3alalo(ue? n a nw day*. mr^ t aaee. PorUMa Orfmn?, Ac , ?t auKlott pr oae at prirale ??al?. , TTk W. ITFR, AUCTfOJtBRfc-D W. 1TRB * OO x)% wm aair af tkelr Siorei ?? l iberty street, on Fri day Mit. at om O'rliclf, ltor?aa. I'trruf and llarneee. A auperfor span of dkrv awnH ? srrieg" Heraea, ltu bands hljh. 8 yafrs rtd, warmnUd a*aod,llnd and ?ent& la a^y haiaaee Ti e Haiaas nan He ???? kr applying to ike alio Moneera at any Uay pre r tens to ih# aale. t'S SALR-OB PBIDAT. JffBR I. BT M-xBSuZx&d lalbfrry ?fWi w ' I&L1I AT A0OTIOW. TTBN1T an^DiTiuo^B *Flk n The valuable hIim mIImIIm ?f PlofURKB. bateactag to the lata William ir?..dvlllfc ? HENRY H LEEDS A M1HKR. will #014*1. tbe ereninae of Taeadar May W. J "?* Ji at T o'olock ucli I'vxulog. al lb* Old Doeaelderf Ualtofjr. Ma M4 >m4?h, the valuable coUeotloa of P oturea belonging to the late Wm. WoodTi to, Baq., ?' Baltimore. ae octa l by h s sao, R. C. W**f7 lla. ooo of the first Atner oan artists of h ? -lay. Tbo Piotures wore all obi* uod from the .Studio* of the artlat* a Duaee dorr aad sloe whore, and oinUrtoe such splend d works of art as "The F oh of Boats at Haa not," by A. AcbeaWmii; Carl Hubner, Breyer, Camphaueeu Lachiawit*. the Laad>n?u- of Ger man*; HaeeocUver. Berg?uthal, Meyer. Von Bremen, Uange, M. Un der, and others. ... A i#o. a vary valuable eoliectioa of tlie Or t American and Buroi?aa artiau. full particular* of which w II be fbuud la the Catalogue. They will bo on eili.b tiou aa above, HEtfRT B. HRRT8. JR . AUCTIONBRR. TRUSTEE*' HALE OP A A LARGE AND TALITABLR STOCK or OOliD AND SILVER WATCHER SOLI I* SILVER WAKE, DIAMOND .TB<VEI.ttY, AOLD JEWELRY IN B VERY VARIETY, AO. AO., Being the ant're atnek of a Southern dea'er. Ta bo told positively witnout any reserve, for tbe benefit of the oroit tor*, ON TUEBWAT, MAT SI, 1**, Commencing at fU o'clock precise r, BY IIKNRY B. HERTS, JR . Auot oneer At bis ?a csroo'ns. No. IW BKOA UWAf CATALOGUES WILL BE READY ON MONOAT. Bjr order <<t HENRT RANDEL. of Raadel A B>remor \, A. W. SKX'fON. of Ba dwm tteiton A Co., J. P. FELLOWS Jr.. of Fellow* A Co . Trustee'! on behalf of Creditors. HENRY D. MINBB. AUCTION' KEK? SALESROOM ST Naaaau street. opposite i tie .Post offloe.? Sale of a splendid collection or Statuary. Carrara marble Figures and Busts, marble Pedesta a Garden Vases. Mosaic Inlaid Tables, Alabaater Group ? ?nil Figures. Ac. recently received from 1U1.. MINI'. R * KO.M RRVILLE will ae 1 at auction oa Tuesday. May SI, and WcdueadaT, Juno 1. at 11 o'clock each day, at their salesroom . 87 Naaaau street the above co.lect on. in which will bo found twenty -I :vv Figure^ and Buats ot Statuary (Carrara marble), executed in Florence and other pane of Italy: round and square Columns and Pedeatals, from the same; about fifty pieces of alabaster Groups snd Figuree. man .' of tbem entirely new historical subjects, from the beat studios of Italy: carved marble and alabaster Vanes, soluble for either parlor, llbrar or doing room, ot the ttomnn. Egyptian Florentine. tlothic and other anttiue styles, varvlug in atze from one to a^ven feet In hol?lit; Ta'/as Card Receivers, Groups of Animals, and m-iny other o e tsof ni* and boaotiful designs, the wlio e forming one of the largest and tine-t colle tiona o statuary ottered at public auction In this city for man-, yoaia. 'I h'e above will be on exhibition on Monday, May So and Is par ticularly worthy of ailention. Qojda purcha-ed for ship meat can bo packed in olir store, b the tmparters, in '.ha original Italian caeca, at asinMt expense. JOSEPH IIEQEM AN. WEDNESDAY. June I, At JO o, clock A. M., .at the reaidence of Cb*-'e* Power*. Faq , No. 13 Carroll place. corner of Smith s >eet, L \BiiK 8VLIS OK K1CII AND COSTLY KlIKNITb RB. of the vcr.- beet manufacture. In erC'dlent ordet . PARLORS.? Rosewood autte in crimson, maroon and ?old, with white linen damask rovers , elegant coutre table, Et age res; rosewood Piano, 7'i octave, by Llndcmau A Son; two cronze. ormolu and marble Mante! Clocks, witn Cande a bras: Dresden China Eitmcl act; large rich painted and gilt D'ca len China Vases Parian bust of Washington, fi'atu attea and Group-; rich crimson and maroon silk damask and embroidered La.ce Curtains, Ac., Ac. CHAMBERS? Marble top roaewood and walnut Suit*; wardrobe with mirror door, rcry rich carred and gjt't Eta ere, with French plate mirrors; silk, dama k and chiolr Window Curtains: Chinese ladies' work table, Ac.. Ac. LIBRARY? Oiled wa'nut Bookcase*. Library Tables and Dealt, Loun&e and Chairs In green rep'. HALL8? Bronred and walnut Hat and Umbrella Stand*. Halt Chair, now . liter p ated Stair Rod<. Angola and hemp Mats, Lace Vestibule. Ourtala* and Shades. DINING ROOM? E'cgant mahogany marb'e top Buffet, with Kxtension Table Band Chairs in halrc'oth to match; vory rich painted and gilt French China Dinner Set, made to order in Paris for $700; rich Sheffield Plated Goods: rich Crystal Cut Bohemian Ola aware, ivory handled Cutlery, White French Thina Dinner and Tea Seta. Toa Traj s, large wa nut Office Table, Ac., Ac., with au excellent assortment of Kitchen Furniture. Also, a number of yi-ev valuablr oil paintings. which wl 1 be fully described la the cata'oguea, with artist*' , names. Purchasers are respectfully Invited to call at the bouse on Tuesday, from 3 to A o'clock P. M. , when the oata'oguea will be ready and the furniture on exhibition. JR. HALSEY, AUCTIONEER? BT J. B. HALSBY . * CO. HARDWARE TRADE SALRS, AT AUCTION BOOMS M BKBKMAN AND 88 ANN 8TRBBT8. TUBSDAt, MAT SI, AtlOo'e'oct at the auction room*, BT CATAI<OGUB, FOR CASH ? A general assortment of foreign aod domestic H ABDWABK, Cl'TLRRT, FANCT GOODS, Ac., la lota to au'.t elty and country retail trade. Al?, Enamelled Maalla Kettles. Invoice Bead Planes, hollow and rounda, Ae. Invoice Match Plane* and Planr Iron<, single and double. Catalogues ready earlv moiuing of sale. Lewis e. wood, auctionrbr.-montagite til la.'Soutli Bergeb, N. J.. atauci on Alao three magoia cent Building Plota ad :olning, containing about twelve loti each. DAVID SCOTT will sell at auction, on Tuesday. Ma> 31, at 3 o'clock P. M.. on the prcm aea, the new and sn endld mansion, Montague Villa, Bergen avenue, Boutb Bergen, contain nj? parlor, dining. 1 brarv and reception rooms, ten bedroom*, bathroom, hot and cold water, gas. and every modern convenience for a first class occupant; In the vlclu ty of churches and schools, and one minute's walk from the cara, uh oh leave for Jersey Citv ferry ever ten minute*. The property commands a fine view (wh ch cannot tieob truaied) or the bay and harbor of Mew York. For maps and part on'ars app'y at Scott's Exchange, 83 Montgomery street, Jersey City. NO. 5 FIFTH AYR NUB.? WILLIAM KBNNELLT. AUG tlonoer, will soli the above House and Lot, on Sailor*' Sang Harb'ir leaaa, on Wednosday, June I, 18tM. at IS e'olock, at the Exchange salesroom 111 Broadway, uader the direction or RICHARD O'GORMAN, Ban., referee. Sale post tire to tbe highest bidder. PUBLIC ADMIN I8TRATOR S SALB. WILLIAM WITTERS, Auct oneer, will Mil, on T?e*. d ay, May Hi. at 10,'< o'clock, at 74 Union place, curner of Nineteenth atreet and Pourth avenue, alt the rich aad valua ble Fum tore. French Plate M rrora. Pianofortes. Carpets, Pa nllng* and art cle* of Virtu contained n the above man sion. consisting of rich Parlor Suits, In satin brocatel. w th Curtain* to maten ; S3 French Piste M rrora, of every des cr pt on ; Statuary, marble Buffets, Bureaus. Waahatanda, Tables, In rosewood, b 'ack walnut and oak ; reoewood Eta gerea, tnagn ftvent 7 octave Pianoforte, rich Bronxe and China Ornaments, rich Mantel Clocka, very valuable Oil Paintings, Kagrav nga. Ac. ; oak Extension Table aad Bof lett, r ch cut and ieujjraved lOlasaware, fine French D nner. Tea and Breakfart Sola; *olid a War Tea and Colfte Seta, Cutlery, allver plated Water F teher*. Ac ; very superior Medallion, Brussels and other Carpets: r ch roeewooa, ma hogany and black walnut Suit* of Bedroom Furniture; Hair Mattreaaea and Feather Beda. of the beat qual t? ; Bedding lad Table Linen, Kitchen Furniture. By order of B. B. BRADFORD, Public Administrator. PAWNBROKER'S SALB? TO MORROW, MAY 30, BY 1 JOHN MORTIMKR, 13 Bast Broadway, of a large and rery fine lot of 8 Ik and other Dreasea, Shawl-, uloaka. Remnants Underclothing. Med Clothing. Mea'e Clothing, tod a variety of other goods toonumerom to men ton. By irder of A. Lev , 10 Laurens street. PAWNBBOKRR'S SALE? J. AGAR WILL BELL, to-morrow, a very large and One as-ortment of Wo. men'a Wearing Appato a large lot ot fine allk and other Dreaaea. Shawls skirts. Remnant* and other articles too numerous to mention. Th'a sale Is serthr tbs attention of housekeepers sad buyer* generally. By order of J aha Lvnch. 730raad street. DAWN BROKER'S S4LB.? ON TUESDAY, MAT SI. 1 JAMES AOAIlwIl aell at 01 New Bowery, at 10V o'clock. I large assortment of Women's Wearing Apparel, Sheet". Bh rta. tjulits. Spreads. Ac.; Other article* loo numersot to mention. By order of J. L. Phil Ips, M Chatham atreet. 1> F. KEWIN. AUCTIONEER. ? LARGR RALE OF it. Ready Made Clothing, Dry Good?. Boots and Bhocs, tc. Monday. Mav SOL H?M, at 10 A. M . in salesroom No. TA Bowery, bv Julius G. SaA'ngen. thratock of a dealer do sliningfbtfsiaes*. c. mprlilng a general aaaortment of Read r Made Clo'hlng made up thia aeason : also a large lot of Drjr Joods. Fancv Goods. Boot?. Shoes. Ac., to which thoatten i on of the trade Is tnvlted as tbe goods will be sold without e serve. Coaaignments aolic ted. SOBANTOV CO AL AT AUCTION. Omcs or rnv Dki.awai>ji. LaocAwatrir* <iri> ) Wa^Tin.T Ban-aoan Coaraav, , Nkw York, May 17 MH. \ TfcH eamaeav will hold their sixteenth regular monthly taction en Tiareday. Slat day of May, 18 4. atl2o.etook M.. it the olica of the company. 5.1 William atreet. at wklch time ;hey will atrra-. by 8IMBON DRAPER, auctioneer, Bmbrae ng all the usual alias, aad deiivarable at their depot, RMrabethpnrt. N J., durtna the aaonth or June next. The sale will be positive Bach let put np wilt he sold to the hlgbeet Mdder; no bids In any form wh Merer, being made fbr account of or on hehatf of the oompeny. The terms and ooadUtoSM will be the aama aa heretofore, and will be fully made snown at Unie and plana of sale. Interruption* in tran*p rtailon oompels the company re luctantly to limit taa quantity to bo offered at thla sale to AJ,000toa<<. JOHN BBISBUf. Preaident. Sheriff s salf.-lmuorh Bum, Bren Jfea. Wlnaa, Bourton Whiskey an* other Llquom RICHARD WALTERS. Auctioneer. wl '. aell on Tna>dav Mav SI. at 11 o'clock, at 37 Raat Broadway. M nacka ea of Llquora. eoaaiatlng of one puncheon|Rum, barrel a Bourbon, '? pipe* Braadio* aod other Liquor*. JAMftR LYNCH, Sheriff, lluan, Dejtly Sheriff1. OHEBIKF8 RAliE.? BtCB AMD WALTBBB. AUO O tloneer, will sell ou Monday, May So. at I0)f o'clock, at l? Tompkins street all th* tight, title and Intrteat of Albert H. Wright, which he bad oa the rath day of Mareb, ISM. sr anv time thereafter, of, In and to the Rica Mill, SB Tomp kins street: also a quantity of Counting House Fum tarn, one lr>n Bare, a tnrua quantity of Shafting, Iron Wbee'a, Iron Pipe*. AO JAMB8 LYNCH, EhaotB. D. OiibRsnn. Deputy Sheriff. Also at same time and alace one Sorall and on* Circular Saw, with Horse Power. Sale positive. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER? OFFICE HO. 4 Baat Broadway? *ell? on Wedne*day. Jnaa I, *t I0U oVIook. the content* of th* (tor* IfH First avenue, eoa lat tag of Clothing. Furniture, Lounges. Sofa*. Counter*, Oa* Fit tares Stoves; also a Pawnbroker'* Ltoenae, with bra* a balls aad all fixtures for the same. iiwrvBuc ATiom. CAMPAIOM MAP OF VIRGINIA, ISM -ON A LARGR ?oat*, neatly colored; especially Intended for refereno* In reading our Potomac army deapatchea and ehowlnf the country between Waahlngton aad Petersb'trg Ms fMe hv \ CO., No. 4 Piatt ?tract. New York. SIOODYRAR BEFOBB CONOBRM -TI1I9 DAY PUB T 1 abed ? Thl^ seaaona la new Book of I7t? page* la for ? b? the American N?w* Company. Ill Na aan atreot. New forla ? It will ho found latoneely Inlereeilag to all pereea* lAter**ted Iftjlndla rubber. May 18, 1894. TiSt I88UED--TnB DREAM. ' A COMICAL AND ?I raes barroom onaravlng. 8x10, prloo T3 cents, carte* d* views, colored, M esnts ; Circulars free. Addroaa ?JCST Pl'RLIKHRD-THR LITTLE JOKF.R. FULL OF ?| Wit and Humor. Bent lo sealod MHaTRIMOKT -?HT >VB>T nun Bnonl.D vfl Why every woman should marry; sil may niar^^H ?> road "Ilfustratad Marrlaa* Guide aad Modt^^H iHipmB. orrr or limbbiok, of ft* u?e. wiu nlliiUMMiMiMr, Mi Tueadajr May SI. at mamm, ear Tm? Uiutteg number ?T itMrai* passengers, at redueed [?IM, payable la United stale* ourreuoy. JOHN e. DALB. Agent, U Broadway. BTBAM If E BELT TO LI \ ERPOOL. TOUCHIMO At Queouetawn (Our* harbor. i? Ine Liverpool, Hew Turk and PblladolpMa Steamship Omnpany intend despat< liiug tlioir full po w*re>l Ulyde built iron atearoahips follows ? (J I.* Si.O W Saturday. June 4 CITY or BALTlUOltB SututUay, Juuull btma "in m ?3mM and every aucoeeding Saluiday. el ouoo trom North river. RATES OF PaSSAOH. Payable in go d. or its equireleut in ourranoy. Pirslcabtu $'<01 Miecruge ....9?0 Fir-tcabm, toLi<H'!ou. .. 8">! file rag*, to Loolon . 31 Pi si cabin, lo Pail*. ... P6 Steerage, to I'arla ... First cab u to H am burg, . 90 [ Steerage to llHinbirg. . . . 87 Passengers alao lorwfrded t<< Ilavie, Brume u, Rotterdam, Antwerp, 4c., at equal.* In w rate* i From Liverpool or Oueeuelowa - First caMu. $75 $V>. ?,1UA. Steerage. $3i. Thsa who wish to send for thotr rleivl* can buy ti. kcta here at theae ratea These steamers ba*e superior accommodations for pea en geie are atrongly built in water tight iron am'tloas, and carr- oat nut (ire aunihilalors. liiperleuecd surge >tis arc atiaohed to eacb steamer. For further information apply In Li re r poo' to WILLIAM INMAN. aqont, 13 Water atroet; In (J labour to ALU. MALCOLM. N o 5 St. Enoch square: In Vnoeuatown to O. A W. I> SKYMOI.R A CO. ; in London to KIVKS A MACttY. 61 K ng W II um struet , in l*er s to JULES DECOUR 18 Rue Notre Damp des V ctores, PUoj de la Bourse: in Ph la delphta to JOHN U. DALB. Ill Walnut street, or at the oouipany's olices. /OUN^O. DALB. Ag?nt,16proad way, NewYork ROYAL MAIL STRAMHII 1 P PERSIA POR LIVER POOL ?The PERSIA. K. O, commander, will ?ail from the alieaiu ou Wednesday next, lal Juuu A steamboat will pi betwoen ttr t> coinpen v'e wharf, at Jeraev Otty. and the Per in. from 11 lo I2>? o'clock, to oon ve r passengers and bag;age on boaril. Nina but passenger can be taken on board. The AUSTRALASIAS will aall on 1Mb June B. CUNARD, 1 Bowling CJreeo BRITISH AMD AMERICAN STBAM NAViOATlOIf COMPANY. STEAM TO LONDON OIRBOT The flr/tt olaa* Iron steamship LONDON will Mil June 8. Paaasge payable in eurrencv. Cabin ... . .$100 J Steerage (16 Pa^cnser* forward -d to Havre, I'arta and Ocruiau porti, at rery lu'v rate*. Anplr to WILLIAMS A OUION. 29 Broadway. Notice -tiik stbam br atalantv captain Wm II Plnkliam. will le**e pi"-r 21 North river, .Saturday, June 11, at 1 I' M . prnct^lv. Inr London direct. HOW LAND A ASIMNWALL. Af.enla mUE LONDON ANDNhvV |ORK STR AMiJUlP CO* L pany will df?patch aeml-moDthly tlieir new uml firtft clasit Brlt'nh iron Rloamiblnn CRLLA, BKLLONA. ATA LAMA, IOWA, INDIANA aud MASH ATTAN, c i !i n.0(? tons burthen, between London ?nd Now Tork, calling al Ilnvin on the vovaje from London Rate* of n.'\^ll^a!;<,. liva ble In Ifnltcd Rtat^a c.tirrpni ? ? From New York. Firm Ca bin $00; Sficand CaMn, ff.'l; Gtoerage. $.1.1 Prom l.ondon or l'a?rn Flrat Cabin, *'"0 For pawnee anp'y to CH AS, A. WIllTNFT.ntNo '.!fi Rr^adwaT Knr rre'sht (i).ntT nt .14 South Htrnet Adrancea mado on mercltandln? conalRiicil lo tlie London agents nOWLAND A ASPTNWaLL, Agent* STEAM FROM AND TO (JlJKENSTOWN AMD LIVER POOL OUNARD L1NB. Prom New Yoik. S;!.1 currency i to New York. J35 goU, or ?'.ent in currency. IEDAR ^a 1st Wednonday, June 8. HI DON aa In Juno it For pawage ?pp'y to WILLIAMS * aUtOW, a? Broadway Tub hambukq amhrican paokbt oompaHY'B IRON MAIL AT K AMIS HIPS From Southampton From New York. TRUTONIA May 17. 1*1 June II, 1861 SAXONIA May SI, 18">4 .lone 25. l(Mi BAVARIA June 14, 18?4 July !>, 1?CI OKRMANIA . .June 28. 1HC4.... July & 18-34 BOBUSSIA .July 2. 18?4 ... Atli. 0. IST4 From Hamburg pier, foot of Third htrret, HnViken, taking pa^-on:er forllamburg Havre, London nnd Souliianipton at the following rates ? Fnat cabin, tlO'i; second caMn. $ti2 62; aieerage, $S7 50. parable in gold or Its equivalent. For freight apply to Kt'NUAltDT A CO.. 45 Ku-hangc place. For passage apply to 0. B. RICHARD A BOAS, 181 Broadway. Tiib north cbrman lloyd's steamship AMBRICA. H. We -sets commander, carryin? the United States mall, wt:i aall from the Bremen plor, foot or Third street, Hoboken. on 8ATURDAY, JUNE 4. AT 12 O'CLOCK M , for BRBMKN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking pu enge a to LONDON, HAVRB. SOUTHAMPTON AND BRI HEN, at the following rates, payable In gold or Its equivalent In ourrencv ? For tae first oaiiin, tidfi; second oakin, $62 DO; steerage, $37 ?>. The AMBRICA will be foil) wed by the B RE VIC N, June 18. For freight or patsace apply to OELRICHS A CO . 6H Bros.l alreet Anchor lisf. -stkam to Liverpool and . Cla^gow.? The fine, last sailintr, Al Clyde bmll atrrara sUp. CaLKDONIA, r.itilain CraU, la fntnnded to -nil on 8n:u-dav, June 4. fr< m pier 47 North river Thin gteamaMp la fitted in tve moat approved atclc. lo fnnne t' e comfort and a I'cty of passengers Raioa of passac#, including an abandant supply of well cooked prorlslons:? Csbins ffW and $70; intermediate. $45; slci-rige $35, pavablein rfir reney. Ap ly to FRANCia MAODONALD A CO. N >. & Bowling Green. National steam navigation company-to QUB3N8TOWN AND LIVK.RPOOL. Cab a. $1?C-. Slearage, $X'>? p*?able <i cm rency, WESTMINSTER Ha li SaturdHV. June I VIRGINIA suits Saturday, Jime 11 For passage apply in WILLIAMS A OtriON. 29 Broa.lwar FOR LIVBBPOOL-TnK PJMBAI BBITI?H STRaMKR EDWARD U A WEI NS H Pmoitl, Oommaudur, at pier IS North rtrer. having the largor part ot her cm go en gaged and go'ng on tMiard w II have qulok deapateh for the above pari. For balance of freight or passage, apply to PUNCH, MEfKPKEA WENPT, SI Bearer strew. Ij'OR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. J; A first class ateamer will leave New Tork oa the 3d, IJtk and 23d of each inotrfh, except when the* dates fall on Hun dav, when the day ot departure will btfon'the Montifcy f?l> ??wins. For freight or passage applv at the only efliee No. 5- Bowl totfOreen D^B.AtiLKS. Ag? POR NBW OBLB?N? DIBBCT. To aall on WBDNBSDAY. Jl'NF. I. 1864. AT S O'CLOCK P M" The United States mall aide-wheel steWnsbtp EVBNINO STAR. W. B. Bell, commander, ?n aall as above from pier 47 North river, foot of H.vf.oa street. Per freight or pa?,e W ^ ratnor 10 Barclay street. DM HAVANA DIBErtT r The United Stales in eide whee: steamsbtp Baqlb, J. J. Lawaaan, Commander . will leewe p er No. 4 North rlvw; o? Wednesdav. Ju-?et. at three o'el?< k P. M. precisely, for Havana direct. No freight received or bills of isdtng sign** am the dav ot aai:i.<*. AT letter* ranst pass through the Ptwt oOce. For Pre ght or P^p?,"nL?TON A CO . 2v Broadway. r?R NBW ORLKANS. DIRECT? THB riaST Cf.ASS I'nittrl States Mail steamship- Locust Point. Captato f HolTmnn, will !o ,ve pier 9, N. R,.oo Saturday . June 4, at 3 P. M. l'aaeage, with unaurpas-od acommodslions I si. For freight or passage apitly to H' BL CBOMWBLL A CO.. 86 Weet street. I.-'OR NOW ORLRANS DIRRC7? J? The Li tolled Slates mail aldewbeet atc*mah p COLUMBIA. D. B. Barton, Commander, will leai e jier No 4 Nort'i river, o? Hat'.rday, June 4. vt .1 o'clock P M. preclse'y, for New Orleans direct. No freg*>^ received o#> bills of lading sli<aed on thn day of sailing All letters moot pass through the Poat office Fur frei(0?t or unaaage apply to __ SPOfFoRD, TILKSTOH-* CO. N B-oadwaf. FORc HEW ORLEANS DIRB-OT.? THE UB1TBD Slates mail atcamer MATANZaH. Wm Lleteanig commander, will asil as above, from pter Mo. 4 North rlv rr, on WedneaAav. the ?th of June, at S o'clock P >1 F? freUht or paaaage apply lo THOB ASBNOlO A CO., 17 Rrosdeap. L'OR HAVANA D1RRCT. THE- UNITED 8T A 1 P S r mall, ste-imer HAVANA. M. R. (*reenn coinman I w will eaH as above, from liter No. 4 Nnetb river, on W >-<t n ? dav. lb* mt of June at 8 o'. lock P. M. For freight or |aa sage apply to TIKIS. AHEBOtO A ('(*-. 17Hroalway IiH)R B1WRKPOOU-OI.D BLACK BALL I, INF. -T.IK r sbla tliKXAM'KH MARSHALL will aall |>unctiiaUy ot) 8ATIRDAY. MAV t8 For pas sags In H rat or ancnml oibts aoaty on b'm- d. font of Meekmsssatreel, or to BOCHK BBOTNKBf! A COFFEY 69 South street. OR HVBBPOOL? ?T A I'SCOTT'MJMB. Khip ( )NT A HI O aaile .1 tine 1. F _ _ . _ t Rhl^RO .I.R A 11 K I KS sa Is Jtiae4. Bhla AN TAKCIIC aal S Juneti. FOIl LONDON? X LINB Bh?* DANIKI. W KBSTER -ails J ine 4 Fo# paKaaif 16 O' from the Old ( euntr., or draflajU the loweat |K>-*iolr rates, appl to TAMCOTT BROTHERS A CO., 8 i bonth stteet rCAPT. I. OLOYBE, 1ST B AM KR WKSTMIBSTK R, irotn Liverpool ?We the undNralgaed, -teerage paasen gars ot ihn at. niner WeflmiaaUK, desire lo convey to jou (eir hearu an.l sincere thsr.ks, inr your courtesy and clviii tv tu us during the voyave I'rom Liverpool to New York. We alai beg to return to \o>i >ttr sincere tnanka f?r the rare ?ml attention yon hare br?to?-<*4 on th?! vessel during the voyage As to our own know we have panlcii arly re maikeil tour )>cinc on d?. k lii-iiig the las< loar nijiu. In the loog'n weatbei an I lienvy f. %*. Wishing you lietoitl. and pro-psa-HV for the future, ? ?? re naln, Ac, JAK. A KEHWlcK, I V. RTAPfOMn, JNO O'N EI l<L , * Til 08. HOLLAND, E. O'LOI OltLIX. .lOII.S COON.- Y, F. W 11 EL AN. W,I. WALSJI, JNO. SULLIVAN. W. LOCKWOOBk. By unanimous w sh of a-serace pa"i Orr Bskiiv Hook. May 26, 1884. TBHTIMKIAh-WB, THE I'NDKRBTONED CARTS ? imaaengcr^, manv ol' wh on have anveral t'ssa* eroaae<l the Atunl'c and bellerlng we eipreea tbe general feeling of those on board, lake plcamrn |B te tlfyiag our gratitude snd thanks t? Car tain- (llorer and nmcers ef the atnemshlp Wettmlnsler. for the irentlemaaly and kind treat ment we have teoelved from tbem on this paaaa<* from Llvemnoi In New Tork, and for the display of careful and ?Me seamanship In oomluctln^ ua safely through t'.e perils of slorm and foggy weather t* fttir destined port , and far their health, longllfe and proeperity they will ever receive ?ur fen eut wUh. _ r. RRAST. Texas. . JOS OLAVTON. J HO PREflOW. Mew Tork. 8 ARAB BAXTP.B, ft. McORATII, Montreal. Mart CLATTON, Mre a BAQt.iT, New tort. 8. KENDALL, Mra RDIK1E, California. ?at $8, 1884. And other cabin paseen*erv VOTIOB TO OON8IOBBB8.-^Tm BTBAMBR ATA jn LANTA will commence to dinebarM. nader general order, at pier 21 North river, on Monday. May in. at f P M. HOWLAND A ASIMNWALL Aptih. TTBITBD STATES PASSPORT OrPTCB.-CITIZSN^ U travelling abroad may procure Passports from ihe Department of State, through A. 0. WILLMABTH. Onlted Stales Coart buildings, 41 Chambers atreet, ~~ TRAvilil-BBI'^JllDt >M RIVER RAILROAD. -TRAINS POR . Trey, the Berth and Weet, leave Chambers s > A. B. and A 8 and IU~8 r. M., and oa Bus Ate i street _ liiadays i Thirtieth street UW lOH. HARLEM AMD ALBANY BAILEOAD? Xl Per Alheay. Trey, North and Weet. leave Twentr H?V."Sr ^ 8uatla# train TBATBHEar OriDl, JORK AND FLOS urn a R Al lro ad.-b one*. 11. PWW tralua to riiiih u. On and alter Sunday, Ktr I. lWt W ?i W 1 eav# Hunier'a Point 'or Fibbing, W?at Newtown, w ni:e d and <!? vary Uaaaetery, >tl U *. n An . i, ? t*4 7 F. M. Returning, INHI F ?ak toe at 8 sort to A M i.ntf 1 4 and 6 P. M Fare 15 cent . Few fce?te lor Huater'a Po ut leave fool of Th rli fourth llTMt tturj Lfl ma minute*. , J. B. BOTTOBFF. Hu|>er mand.-m C MANOR Or UOUK-FOK KRY PORT. FROM TUB <imm of Mi:rr?) Kiteri T a fctrnaiboat MATl'iiAWAN, Captain! V Arro ? ?? nk leaiealhe twui u< Muir?> aireet daily Mtuidi.yn eko. piod, at l P. M. aud Key port at J A Jtf. FOR POlKlttjCRKFBt*? 8TRAMKR WM. KKNT AND Darce* REPUBLIC! an I IM'OHKSS minor *hCi leavee Franklin at reel pi ? daily (Sunday* excapied), at ? o'cioek F. M.. lor oanaen.nn aud Height. MORNINO BOAT K( lit A LBANT? (!H A NO 1? OP I' IKK. ? Hit* tJANiKL DKKW, Oaptaln Johu I1'. laliutou, will, on ami alter Wednesday. May 4, lu>g hum Detbr aae< aureet at 7 A. M.. ki pplng for laatengiirs at Thtriiellt atreet, on Monday? Wodneadava and Fridava; landing at Weat Point, Nnvhnrg Fougbkeepale, R'llnebeefc. Cal?kl:l and Hudaan On an I alter lueaday, Mru lt?. the AKMKNIx will run on alternate daya with tbo LiUJW loiiniiit a daily line. Tleketa sold on board aud baggage chucked in poiuta W?*taud Worth. _ MORNINO I, MB FOR PBRKSKfOL.? THR AURORA leaven Jay atrcct pier daily (without eicept on I at 8 o'etoek A M Liin I* at Thi Heth atr^ef, Timkors llaitmr, Dobli'a ferry, S ox Sing, llaveritraw. (Iraa.ypoiut aad Verplaiufc'. l,oavo? Peekitkill ati.M P. M. 0n >no Anna mat is tub stkamer tuos. r. HDLSB, Cain. George XV Annetl will lea. e, until fnfthef notice, as fol owe ?From foot of Spring aireet at 10, 1 and OV every <lay. Bun da a Included, eioept Friday. On Kr day leave foot ol 8i?r at atreet at 5 o'c om. landing atTwenteili and Tlmttnili ?l'eei? on the I nod J up tnpx, w?d Tblrt et'j atreet ou the 4J? "doo . rfuwu Up. CJIINDaT TRIP to NiwiOKQ -TMK ~NKW STBAM* O boat THOMAS COOLYBR, will leave the pier at the foot of Jav meet (Ml Sunaa morning. Ma M, at 7'i o rlo k. lor Newburg. landing at Thirtieth atreel, N. V.; Yonkeia, HaUing*. Uobb'H Kerr . Tarrvtown, ti ng sine l'eo< a dock (,II?ver..traw), H'eat I'olnt, Col i Rprlnu and Coruvrall. Ko to rning. \y-ill leave Newborn at m ie o'clock OTIS AM BO AT FOR NRWAKK.- Tllli STKAMKR CilT n COPKh leavea for Kewar'i from foot o| I o atreet at I0>aA. M aud l>, F. M. on Suuda/ and every day Id the weft OATH STRBKT FBRRY, RA8T RIVER ?Til H II A R UT lain Kuiirth avonue *?urt w ill. Irom aud a lvr tli a date, i ii i> Irum tbe Astor Hoime to Thirty- fmirtb atreet ferry, Baat river. < .'um etms with the Iluntnr a 1'oiut furry aud tbe lione island and Flushing rullroada. May 16. 18t*4 BYPRBMII. Exprihs for europe.? tub morris express, itu llioudu ay. fniodrU* UIIU cbaild<afl, lu^.age sJid pal celt by 0\ cry Bi.Hiucr to Europe Connscts Hith nil the ollu; * of Pi k I or I A Co , in Uieat IriUIn; wirh 0*ud"t ri*TM In Paris. Il*vrc, Boulogne. Ac., and is patroni ad by the l est buaiue?s Urnis in the oily. L. W. MOJtRIH IIXPEKSS FOR HAVANA. ? THK MORRIS EXPRKKS. J 60 Hum, win . forwards by every mourner merchandise, ItiieiiHS ?>"' Parcel* to Havana or any oilier p ?o ? on the t hluml or Cuba, L. W. MORK18. Bll n Nil AM M KUKNiruitK EX PRESS, BU II Ml A M H Knrn lure Kxprean, llurnnam'a Kufullure B* pies*. IIS Weat Eleventh sl.cet, b?l< ten F fth it nil Sixth avenues.? Furniture alore I A II kiln!* of Furniture i oxed a id shipped. Kurn Mire of famine moved in city or to country. BAR AND KSt'lUCSH MEN 1' STANDS TO LRT.-Tlllt T e exclusive ttr v eg" of Bar. Ico Cream, Cuke. 0>? lor and l-ruit Hlaud*. together or Hri'Arately. In the most poixilHrgro e tn-ar the c ly Apply to FORD A CO., 169 From ?treet DODBLE UliOIC BARGES AND BIDIiWHERlTsTKAM era to ct? witn K d'lle a mid Du Ucv's drove*, and Woodbr rig* Park. ?' mtnliteec ara respsolfull Invited to oal! on Ike propr etor- (in y. a. V BON NELL A 00., 109 Front atreet. NrtKOHti. ATOUNO LADY. FULLY COMPKTENT TO TRAOH d? iroa to obtain a ola?a for the piano or tnelodeou . also astuiiil&n as alio singer ia soute Protestant cliu c >, or to play an or melodeoo; lerui* moderate. Will reply In person to all com irti mirations addr-Med to Ann -77 West I h i tv-a i ond s rent I r.t i g name and residence, for a abort time only, A SPLENDID PIANO F0R#el5-0. A H RARMORB, man itHctu'er*. 348 Bl'-ecker street; 17 lint prize ined al-: WHirunted lor live years; without exception the lieat l'iauo made. Toatlmonla'.s from mo<t distinguished artiata. ATOUNO LADY, HAVING A STRONG SOPRANO voice an I a know edge of mnele. wishes to join the choir ol tome Catholic oburuh. In tbie elty or vtoiuity ; salary no object. AddrcaaC. B. M., Wllllamaburg Poet o.uoe. ALADV WOULD LIKR TO SELL HF.R PIANO. IT la nli oi tare, lOaewood, four round corner* in cool c ndUi'iti an I of goo I tone. Will be -olil ow Can be een any time Motidav or Tuea lay, at IH0 Weal Tenth sirea:. AMAGNIFICRNT 7'* OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO forte, made to order for preaent owner, tias nil modern improv-mems, rouud '-ornfra, eleg mt tutrre I eteund ia.>e, coat $0< 0 for >!U?. A ao Parlor Null-. rtyrered with brocage; con tJOU for fM5; Ete?eiTS. Carpet Palirtti?*a. Ac.. In >ia? aeven niontba: trl" Iw -o il at a aacrillce Imin re at 1U H'eat Twenty Iblid aureet, near Siitb avenua. Brooklyn -a lady leavino tow w will sell a inarnllicenl 7 ovtavo rn ewnoil 1' an<>; all modern Imarovninent ; ov -rKtrunK lM?a carved le u. Ac.. a> an luij tnenae Mtorillue. Inqnirsat 120 Nas.san atrrrt. lliookhn. bANiO AND JIO DANCINU? TAllOH f BV THE RE nowued J. BO. IAN. the oldcat teacher of the litmjn in the c:ty ; nuir Tears e .perlenee. Itanjoa of anixrlor wne. neatly flniahed. lor aa e. furl n t' e store . N?. ft 8c?on4 avenue, near Houatoit alreev Terma mo.ierate. Guitar and stnoino?hakoleon W. qOULO. aulo gnltailal and tenor. Sroadway above Union a tmre, enables lila pupila In a few le - oua to aecomiant aonar and play eiiect velv the men ad m red com posi lion* O uitar arrangowenta from Kauai, Ac., A* MU*fC ?9* FOR BtOUT LBMDN8 ON THB PIANO, by an experienced loncber. Fop la attended at llieir realdeaeea. flu to ?IA per quarter A&p ly at 122 West Twen ty eighth' atKet, aear Seventh areMC New mitsic-the popular bono, -dfar Montisr I've Come Home to Dry trmtwribed for the piano, by A Raiim'-ac'i, price S i eenta, the ' Ttrket nf Leave Polka," Irr ?). U. Mondcr, dedicated to Ibe Kloreuoea. priee ,Hl eenta: "Sleep On ray Darling" a beniitlful cradle aong. b? Oeo. Daaafcla. prlee .*1 centa; "Albeil; or Say not Adlen.~' * charming roman /a eH'i Hpanlstl and English words by Mme (!. M. Brlnkerhoff, prlee parent*. Any of the above ieul oy mail !>ee. on receipt of the marked price. mi. SON A CO. 56S 11 /fid way, N. T. N1 EW PIANOS, W*TH ALL THB MODERN IMPROVE menia. peyffcet in every respect, to let fln"$o per month, at '28$ Bowery, open day and erealng U A. WIN JAN IN. PIANOFORTE LBSaoMS-A YOUNO LAOY, THO lougiily matrreted. desire* a few more pupMe on the K" no'one Termrutoderate Applv to Brlstow A Harden k, pianoforte wsrerooms. )47Teath atreet Belweea Itroa'lw av ?nd Kourihavenifo. _____ PIANOS BOUGHT, SO Lit, RXCHANOED AND LBT oa the bast terma- in this citr at Dr BRONSON'S, room 26 or 89 Cooper IliatiUite. ar 2113 Waverley p:a?? PI ANOFORTBS OT EVERY VARIETY OF WYLB and pattern, warwntel of the liaat malarial ao<V w..rk raanaklp, iiaaurpaa-cd tnstneiiglfc and de tcac of me and etaotieuv of toiioli Appl-. at the manufactory of J AMES van RIPRR8 ITS Woeeter afreet, between Houston and atreeta SHM*OHA ELIZA VALRNTSNI PA RAVALLI, THO. leasar of Ringing ami 'l*iaao. teaenea and can 4* ?een at her x'vute realden<<e. S6. Kl?hieenth treei between ffUtk a ud Itiith avenues, from It ti l fr o'clock. ANT I' D? PI A NO FORT R PUkYER, AND AliSOTWO yoking lad tea to attend in aeatoon. Apply at NoelU7 (irandiai w 100 NEW AND 8RCOND WAND PIANOS. ME?> deona. Ai*>*ndrw- nad CaUnet Organs to lei and rent a'.owe i if purchaTeA Month)* pfiyn#iits received for llieaasie. Heemd hand Ptanoe at great bargain* for naali ; i ru-r I ?x>i t W o $^iin Naw -rven oetava PMnoa at $225, ii:m. ttfi and tXM. !'>.?**? aheaia ofnmaie a little aoile?l? at ic. par |Mge. IIOlnbON WAT RICH. Ml Brusdwajk ia gnu uc i ion . 4 . ,<>;i LV BDUCATBD hCRO PKAN LADY 3K A s re* to lind a a tua'. lon n a reipe. table fam iv for ti e iniiimrr waiim She la ? perfect mna c an and alao tench ea Kreneli amt German ; be't>rafeiencea given and requhai. Addreta-ix? |,MH Post o'JIne. t n e ng lis ii lady w bo has bbbidbd sevep-ai. jV y**rs in PaiU. andwvho j>oaaea>e? a perfect knowledne of the Krench 1ang> age. aa a. o ti-aderetand ng otiier Kmv pean Imcnagaa. ta deslmua of giain/ a few hours prt vsie II Itiea ea -h dav. Literature; llintory ami Gro?rapny, with e->?ry branch of i atrucilon nan be taught ? both Fjag l .ii. ,in.? Fiench laog tagca. A UMte to M. J., Herald cfliee, Will m.iM w I<h afeoi. a. AT BARI/>W'S rOMMEROIAL ACADKMT. *23 Benadway, pupll'kare apeadtty and thoroiu ily pv^ared for bead boekkeaner< la any bialne a. A beautiful buMtaaai ,an<l eriiina taushi by mathode>#acullarly hia own, aa4 ?u perinr to aay otaer. ITAKIIH LV3?Y WILL. CIIVE LESSONS IN flBB J language either at her reeldeaoe or that of the pupil. Ap;. y at S7I Kor.ah eireet mew No. 73). Tambiao dara eciMtea de Inglaa. ALADT WISHES TO KIND A PLACB FOR A FIRST class goverwex , whom she naa known nuay years, agad t.1: a|xtak? French aj>4Sp?ni?h. l>est nf jaferencee gj\ en and reqnlrod. Addrc e Nra. William*, bo* 19 Madi saa square Po kofnee. Any one DESiRiNf1, real and SOLtOk inetruc tlon sliould procure the ' Cauai' and Core," b wni<b he wi l at oaoa learn i^p nature ol hia oomplaint, and the mode of cure^ whether It proceed* from infest on. or la the result of early lndlei-re?inn The plate* are a very ? npe rior deeerlpMna. I'rica ft. Hold by MILLER A <10, WJU ( I'oat o'lintvl Mroadwrny, aad by the autlior. Dr W. WAT RON, M0 Broadway, neit blask above lAe Metropolitan Hotel Now fort. A A DENTIST OF 9RRAT F.XPKRIBNCR WILL TBAl li Daotlairy gratis to two voting nven. of good addreae. A'- a?d gl'? them good salaries aa soon aa competent. Addreae. eta llag age. profess tan refereaces, Ae , DaaitsMV. BroaAwai Poet e?oe, 4B,% Reoailwai . New Voork Soys PRR PARED FOR BUSINESS AT DOVBRAR'S I Com me ratal Aoadeay , 809 Broadway, can atwiyy^ oh i good places la etecoe, omeeaor bank*. They heenme qatck at flgaree, rapt* hnsineee writer* and oraetloal book kmpar*. (lentli-aaen can aecura private rcami ^LOCI IION. BLuCL'TIOK, ELOCUTION.? 1N8TBUC Pi tlen hv a ftr.t elaaa learher. aa maJerale tarina Ad Jre-? Eloeutlen ekatlon G. N. T. I GigOVBRNERB.-A PRUSSIAN LADt. WHO STATED | serea years aa auaoclot eeieweee In England and in Parle, wtobea an enga^amoaC ihV tear Flea Uerraaa frrneb, English, piano and elaglng, besides the uaual branehea of a good adaoalloa UneteetMonable rafereawa. Addre-? D? hoi 143 Herald ofQso "PAWCmBACADBBlM. J A. MAOPHERSOM'E RBOOMD SOCIAL HOP OF , the summer eeaaoa at hie Aoademy, Mllitaiff Halt. Utt Rov. err to-morrow (Monday) eveatng, May M. ISM. Al?o a eeleet private ctaae. for bog naera, every Friday even l Int. and private leaaan* given at all lime* Apply at hia SB SO, 1S2 Qrand atreet EBVOVALI. ? 1 > F.MDVAI, BY BUSINESS EXTENSION ? J. MARTOIS JV hae remqved to 6AI Rioadwa/ Ma French Ftutiag as uiiiteh moat and styllab aloek of Ladlaa' French Trimmlnga. A m oag tha Move i la* uf this aenaoa will bo feoad? Postil ion* aad Habits a la Fraacalae. aots Trlmm age, Brete lea. Mslnt'.noaa Bpau ettec <le* Cent Garde'. Plaatroa de* Cui I taa^ifr* Draperies Imperatrtee Eugenie. Prior net Rose QhagL Dme f riiaaina* a I* mad ATM Ntn.9'8 OARDBB. . . _ Commanoca t< U 8; Il?|tlill1l) > LNWHdllHMr Wi. WHIATLBT BONDAT BTh N i N1. My W, WM. TllIKTKKBTil MlOOr of th? eelab a led hrrto art at? M LUK. VN8TVALI. who ku >01 tWa b la baa i eiiemmoiu* far bar ?uM NM? f?> UcUuaaUua of ? AMU BU). With the aoii?a of ?? Von are tha 8 tar" (word* by 8 B. Flak*, I'a j t, and 'Mtrave Marc IN JOHN URoUUHaM'S ORAND SPR(TTACULAB UUAMA IN Kl V I. TABLEAUX, entitled DKL DEMON lO. iirououuoc J U? _ DENSELY CROWDRD ANO DELIMITED AUDIBNCBE AND THB I K14BS < IRNEK A M. Y, A BUfKRD AND PERKROT 1'RODI'OTION, WITH lilt SPLENDID N RVT HCKNEtt*. UOKUtUUS NhW CObTl'MPA. NOV Hli MRDHAK'iaM. RICH PU It N ITU KM AND APl'OI NT M KNi'8. COMPLETE (iRAND UALLKT. Original Mtnlo, under the direction of llnrrejr B. Do4#ir'.h. ORAND TABLEAUX. with auxiliary aid. numbering over TWO IICNDHKD PERRONS, and the folowlu. talnule.l anula ? ? Me i r*. 3. Kunan, J. *. Collier. J F. ITagan J. 0 Run uetl j. W. Btalxdetl, K. R Holmes. Ml??a. H?w Evtlag'. Vary Wall*. .sfct-rn it M .ore, UUe* Kalariua, Ella Kruger, Kua ua. hr. He. ?rim illuminated oar urn open EVKIIY KVKNINO. Seal* secured alt day* In advauce. WINTER QAUHKV ANOTHER TBfCMPItt MONOAV. may Sit. ANU KVP.RY KVKNINO MR ANU M Kb. W J KLnRKNrtB. MR. AND NHS \V. J. PLOKBMCM. MB. AND MR*. W J. PLORRNCR. Will appear In Byron's ce cbi ati'd Hurieaaue or KRA DIAVOLO. The oa*t eiWa?.'ag the name* of Me?ar? Vlntue Rower* A. 11. DuTenpWt, T. 4 Mov.h, Bbarle, Klely, Denuitou, Mia. Chanfran and Mrs. Klovd. Previous to the burtaMuo the charm'ng Coiuodietu of 11 IK J OK MARRIED FOX'S OLD BOWKRT. L,n no*, Director and Manager O. L. Pot AlONUAY AND TUKS0AY, MAT .*> AND SI. THK NKW MtKU.IMII DKAMA. HT. JAM KB AM) ST. MlLES. BT. JAMHSS AND St. aiLKh. Mi J It. Stn1 ey n ..Tim Hero Hilt R Donvll hh The Heroin# Other Cnaraeteni bf the Company My Ki'iiiK'Ht. CftLBSTK SUltEAf CI KOI, T'lK FRENCH St'V MISS FANNY lll'.RKINtt; In Three HplcnriM character* I1BNRI ST. ALMU, A KRbNUH OKMl.KK. IJAMlil, A. WILD ARAB. Matildc De Marie. Mr. U L Pox Tony Barard. To conclii Ir with JACK. RO BIN. SUN AND IlIS MONKaY. OLYMPIC THEATRE ti22 and 621 Broad way. I .ewe and Dlrectreia Mr* Tohn Wood Htage Manager J, U. Hohvyn Tlio Uuieminmi um on MONDAY KTBNINO. MA* 30, will imntnenco with POR THK I'lKST TI/BK THIS SRA80W, Tho Laughable and Inula v popular Comic Play, to Three Acin, (-milled THE Pl'T OK Til Is 1-KTTICOATS, on which o casion MRS. JOHN IV UOD will appear a< PAUL, aa p'ared b* lierlo New Vo'k with IMMItNSK HUOCVBS; ? and nlan (BY BXPithFS IjBSIRK), repeal her TALENTED 111 PlUlflQM AfipN KINKTTB. THE PRETTY BaIIUKK OP I8LINOTON, IV Bast biiavimo; ?upported In itoiu hr TBB ENT1KK BTKENOTH Uf I UK COMPANY. MONDAY BVbMNO. JUNE 0, after tnonlhao; careful preparation, will he produ< c 1 the Orand Romantic ana Kpi-ctacular Drama, ALADDIN, in which MBS. JOHN WOOD and tbo Entire Company Appear Doora open at 7'i; ferlormaacea commence at 7*. Si M secured three daya In advance. Broadway thbatbr (Lmu Wallack'a), Oorner of Broadway and Broome alrfst. SECOND W K f'. R O P Mr. V. S. ciianfrau, who bae achieved the roost PEONOUNCBD SUCCESS In bfa original Imuerionatlon of BROTH Kit SAM. in Charles Uayler * biglitv *uocea*(ul comedr, eatitlatf OUR AMKUICaN COUalN A'l' HOMtt. which I* tilgntiv rooeired with UNCO.NTKOLLA BLR MlRTn and the m<>at LAVISH AITLAU8E. II will be repeated MONIMT AND I', VERY EVENING. ontil furl tier notice. Lord Dundreary ftn(l Bi other Sam .....Mr. Cbanfrau WOOD'B MINSTREIiH, 514 BROADWAY. Oppuelie St. Nicholas Hotel. Hear; Wo-. 4, Proprietor. Honda . , Maj SO, and every evealos during the week, OTVkUio. Otbellw .Prank R rower Deademona. ...Frank Koran Broadniry Be le, Stock* Up, Four Crow a. Bevlrw of the Paat, Oo^b'.e Pamir. Honk Mania So oe, The Black Brigade. Ac , Ac., bp For, Bo. oe. Bud worth awd the entire trouper. Doore opon1 at 7; oommenee *A 8 o'clock Ticket* 2Aeanta. HOOLBY'8 OPRRA (lOUSR, BROOKLYN. M OttWfiY BVKSthO MAV?i. anil during the week, TRBMRPDOtfn AND OVKKHTflBbMlNa SUCCBBS of the Burioequo em tbe celebrated l*A PKNPO RT BB09BBRB, received n fhUy with r are of laugh tap. I Perat appearance or W R. MANNiie*!. th* great RCtito- I plan Comedian, ?ad JOHNNY ORTTIOOS, tbe young Terp- I althoreao artlat P?rat week of Ortt IM??a new aketch. eaOed TIM HKRlOUfl F.VMILY-THK SIKOtJ OP RICHMOND. Double Clog Medley, Jntiunv Sound Vmt Bugle, Ac., by Hugfcea. Purdr. Mmiu as. O'ttlng*. Oriffin. Herman, far kcrn-?, Smpeoa, ttaalam. Bwers and Levre. Doora open at 7; (fcaaeaaaoe at 8. Tichota 26 cent*. IRVIWO HALL? Til* ORKAT RXHIBI7I0N. Pa llom's stkrf.optico:*, THE MOST W9WDKRK0L OP TH K AGE. VUiL BR CONTIVDBD ALL NRXT WKBIC, KVKKT NlUHT AT 8 O'CLOCK. AND MTUttUAT AFTERNOON AT S O'CLOCK. ANOIIIRR NKW AND* BRILLIANT PROGRAMME. VIEWS IN THK NBW YORK SANITARY PAIR TUB WOW5I MONl'M KNT. VIEWS OP THE CITY A?M> HARROR OP NlMP YORK. BY BB^VBBT. THB WBaI TIPUL STATUS OP KVb HOThKlNtl. WASHINGTON, HUMORS AND TOMR together with-auty other ex nilatoe View*. Tickala 25 cjwia. family tickle, admitting ail, fi, T ITTLB CLV.BA FISHKR'* roNCKRT, POSTPONED Li on Thuradwv night, on aceoaat of the weather, will pneltively take giaaa aa Monde.* evemag. Mar ?i. at Niblo'a Baloon Ticketaat Pond a mown store, 517 Broadway Lotta, LOTTA, LOTTA, TUB ORBAT CADSPORNIA COMRD1ENNR. will op?n at Nibl*a Baloon Wednesday errnlng. Ju.*e I. Wanted, a drat low comedian, walking lady, lirat old wo man. light corned la? and a atage manager. N B ?No engagement* recogntrodi nuleaa made thro neb J A* CONNER A OOl, U Weal Uonatoo atreet. I/tLAO PRESENTATION OP THB NEW YORK RIFLS I" Corpa commando* hr H D. Bum*, at Jooea' Wood, on Monday, Mav .10. TSte Hag will be presented by the ladlex of the naemberaof the- eorp , anil wa? made by Mra. Krae raaca Klein. Several Singing bocletiea and Ride Corpa of tbe vicinity are Invito^ and Hill adea l.on aa to make th'a one of the largeat and taai festiraia of Ibe eaaon It will roncludo with a Moon:mht Peatiral. Tbe paMic are raapent fully lnvit>Nl to attend. The exor iaea wilt be:? At IV A. M., Prize Shooting; 3 P. fl. PraeenMilon of ?ho Flag. ADMISSION J8 CRNTB. In caao of bad weather It will take pladh the dap following. C10NCHBT OF SAOBBD MUSIC -IN JKBS :.Y CITT. ) mi . evenlug, at ^ o'clock- iliat nguUhed artlata and ainateurn w li give a rich treat ol choice selection ? fio n tbe moat eniiaent ?ork- 4 M?, Ac.. Ac, In St Pet*r'a church < .rand atreet. near tbe aquare. P^? programme, Ac. , ate ?mall bill*. Ttcket?*fir coal* each. AM'KOIiOQY. AH HAURIOR, (IRK AT AND RRAA ASTROI.OORR. . Te?adrlre of thinreal Aatrnloger, A* B. MaUKICK, la haoed wbollf on ocientma urlnciplea and waa never known to fail. Tbe hand of fata ha* marked out tbe path of each Individual, and the piaaot* are hourly pointing out the den tin* of mankind. Prof Maurlee ha* a profound kuo? lodge of the rulea of the acimco of the atara. and can beat the world la the above aetanee In regard ta-talllnc all that re )a' a* to the tiaup neaa or mlaary of one a whole life , and With *everal aeereu thai ne living mor'a:-ever knew before, he will briua aucce-. out of almoat acy uaderUklng. in caiiaing upoedr marria^aa lie never faila. lie <lr*rr<l<ea the inieudad btuband or <a|-a; telle tha vera dav you will marry and rbowa a llkenaaa inpri-aentinK thj true complenon of tho I Mended. He daaonboa four friend*, point a out your cnemie<, and wama ran of all ftttuie Sanger; goo. I lu< k ia ohU'jilng altuationa or In travelling by *aa or laad and the beat of health, loag lite and urooporHy to all who con*nlt him . Thoae at a dotaare mar aaa? Mieir ate and $i. and ad>lre?* A H MaurVae. hot 5.5? Nate York PoAt oiFre and get in return tbe autilne* of your whole Ufa. All honra tirail 7 In the eveniag. Otlloo IM Blaaater atreet. near Wooa tw Lad lea, M) caata. bbooklTb" claibvoyant-m aI'ami; CLii P< >RD. the greataat living American Nee-. i'?i A i anfe atr-et Brook I a. iletact* dtaeaae jxeat-nbe* reinedle*. flmla aheent Irieoda, aad eaoaulia on alfcira or life aad t"ialnea<. Chart* on daattay given. Head auamp for partleulara MBdFcJlL CLAIBVOYABT-MRS SI VMO'H. All dl?ea?M dlararerad aad cured. <f curable, at Mi Weal Piftaenth (treat oorner of Sixth avenue _ i CLAIRVOYANT. -IK YOI WISH THK I RUTH <it? AT \J once to Madam ROSS 3he *h iwa a Ukane?a f fsliiie huabaad or friend, and nave* fall* t-> bring thoae aeparated together. Bo Hi Weal Twentr-aeventti airnet, hrtween Slitb ahd Seventh ai-enana. Ring tbe haaetnei^ bail, Maura from 9 la lAo morn log Uil 7 la tbe even lag. Vf ADAMR LB OOMTB, SONNAMBULtST. CLAIRV0T HI aot and aeaiiag modum, the n ece of Mad"inol*eile Le Norman, advlaor of Napolooa iba Ureal, can bo conaultud during tbe day *t Raraum'a Mulinm, and la tbaaraalng at bar oMm, m Aaiy twi M" lit VAN imUUHTCMt THB CRLRRRATBD MIDI ca and Buaiueaa Clairvoyant ha* returned to tha city, and ca? ho ?oea at bar ptaua of raaMenoa. WM un Vweaty . aighU uroot, naar Tun areaaa. _____________ Madam bstrll, bevrntii dacohtkk. can hr eoaiulled for a lew day* only, on Love, Marriage. Sic una**, L"?""? Rualaea', Lucky Ntimbar*. Charma Call at IB Pur i ;h treat, near Oiand at rook O IMPOSITION -THB NRYBR FAIL1NO MADAM i STaBB, from Karopo. who woe bora with a anturai B.rt, tba groat Buainaa tad Medical Clairroyant. She eon. ?nit* yon oa the past, preeent and fntnre, hrlage together thoae long aeperated. eeueee epoe>ly marriagee, ahowa ?on a oorreot llteneoe of poor future buat>and Or aheent frloada. Her O'liial la not to ho foaad. Caution ? SAuOg r*. ward to any on* who <aa *arpa*a her In ber profeeaioa ar ?kin. She loll-, yju the name of the pereoa thai you marry. Th'? t* no hnmbng No. SIS Fourth arenne, between Twos Clhlro *nd Twentv fourth itreota. Name on tho door ntiemen aot admitted. Till SEVENTH DAl'OHTKR OP THK BIVMTS | >oa. oaa be roneuitod a few dara leegw oa all buetaaea alfalra. Loat er itolen gooda. lora, ?hrtMSM abooat AWPBKIMKMTa. WALLACC'S. " owmonbat atrv ?TnaV' :,jr ? *BSr riMK OX AMk A* entirely original D am*. ?r o?T?t cxiatr'KUaa lula# Cul'ar oUm la in ttmn aei? ?attue<i ? - . C4ITAIN It L \ M l>. *rito mw actnery. roa mum and ei ?>?iatin?au m ule, ilauoe 49 raRBPAT AND WH>\R?T>\Y (JAITAIN hland WiU Tnr*HhAT~TRI? Wfri'-fl skorrt >'B I DA V ?I2i?l njtbt of BoBfctiALB b.ATUUUAl ? CAFTaI N HI.AND. UW BOW BR* TfiBATKIC. Sol# i'ro^rietor . . , ..... Mr / W tMnr4 MONDAY Mar *?. WW. EngigeoHWl, fur fU u aw unit . of Mr. EtJWIN BI.ANOHABD >0(1 hi* wonderful iwformln* CAHLU MB I UdUllf. Tlil* evenlnff? The rouiantla <1 ama o' ran kohbht or bob or; 0". Xma Uo>. or Mu?t*bui? I.andrl .Mr, BlaojntrB Anbri Mr. Marten | Bcrlrand ... Mr. 0. Hi .oka* Ur?uU Mia W. O. Join.* | I a! K <a Ua.U???f N. B Clarke'* fJcotllah drama of KBMMBi U ; On, Tun Wb<hu Woman or ti*? Ol?i? Mr O 0. ...a* KauMfe TUo euuilu l?ru? of Til K W AXDEfU Jf<J MIW8TRBL. Mr. O. Ilr >ke* ...Jim Bap Mr. 0. Uu*arU at Uujert Car?| Miaa kata Nftwtuu . ... i>? J... fatf B AKNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM BARNt.'M. ERNESTINE ROffCVMUMt BPLBNDIDI.V BUOCBNBFl/L PRODUCTION SPLINDIDl.T gUOCKHrtFUL PRODKOTIOtf or BOUCICACLTtl (IKK AT DOMl.aTtU OKA II A, JANliT J'RIUt, J A MKT I'KrpR, Willi now an<1 elegant aoenery, < oninmrs and propertift* UUaryers Uv Musur* Nagle, lladawa) ari l Jam ?on, Km Prior, Ml** Alfor.t and the entire company ah kkniM(N a n i > U\ hMiNu, AT 3 ANl> 7VO CLOOK. KM HI rtlASTIC AND CONTINUED APrLAIHK OKEUTB 1UK BRILLIANT, BKAUTllTL. FASClMAtlN* MLLE. KRNRRTtNE. MLLK. KknKS'IINK, ill. LI', l'.KN ESTIN B, who anpear* ernrr afternoon ?n t evening " IN f>KW AM) CIlAUMlNli DAN. B? ILLtJMlNAlT.D FOUNTAIN Ol REAL W ATEB HP. lWl.l' V THH A< TB COLOSSAL GIAM'K AM) UIM1NI.TIVE DWARF** MONSIKI'R .loShl'II, its onicor of the French army, ih ANNA SWAK, til* NOVA SCOTIA 11 lANTKBS, Wli OfM eUlitfeet hmh. the ULLiprtrA* ktno and general grant, Jr.. tb?s?>ale tmnu llvin . TUREK ALBINO tailLDKhXV'^ : ' 1 ' >re?rf 4 monffli-NSVrR BKFf>?K RXlKHilhU Dully atldllionl of rarr and *rosd??/i?l liah t'? KK Al'TIFI' L AWL'AKIA, Phren?'og'<at Cum nation* am* t fagotti MINI ATU RR UKATiNO FOND. Tlire* lablt aiu of MOViNU WAJ I HUVBEa. BrM?l Orout?c of 01*3 TOM TTM'MH AND WIFE, 00* NUTT AND MINNII'. WARREN. in the o?St< lines WomM the U<'in ftti s wedding. an J oilier.-. TWO LIVING l'RAl HI r l>o<ts. from Colorado Ten* torv. Ihn onI> one* erer seen In tUn r<;aii>n. TUBKU Sl'KCKLKD MIUOK iUOUt. e?cU w >igl>las OVER IULR POUNDS. A MONSTER RKRPKNT, 21 feettoflf. B01IKRT HOl'IM N'H AUTOMATON W RITES. TH hi MU8ICAl.LV EDUOATBO BKAL At:d mnnmerablfc oilier curio itles. Admimon. J,? oenUi children under ten. l&ceuU, II KLl.liR'S ! UEIXKR'3! HELLER 9! IIRLLSm bALLE DIABOLIQI'E. 5JS BROADWAY. ?,umm L.LBB ,lr1 Moti?*y, May !W, and (for oat 'he w?? HKLI.F.R M VHtiliO". HF.LI UK I I.Kit JoK'h. HKli! II lil.l.i'.K Plays the I'lMto. 1IKLL l'e lorniH U'.uoluui UKLLU 1111. 1. 1 U Exe''1 te* PliiBi for i' HolH. 1IBLLKP HK1XBK PiT. atiat' Pun". HKLLR HI 1. 1. lilt li Always at Home HKI.I.R 1IKI.LI.K Cannot be Koiiml Out. HBI.I/Kl HhLLKJt M Auotlier lloiulln. HELLKB H KM. hit Ain. u ? W'iMl No i 1IK I.L.KK lll.l.l.l'.R I* IUa !jer^ ou Hro.d i*f. III.LLKB UEI.l.HR InQieat IIELLKB I1KM.KR Is rlood. NRI.I>ltB I1KI.L.KK Is tl l'.l.liRK so IIKLI.KB IIKl.l.BK euocessful HRLI.KB UEL.LKK diet liEKI.BB UKLI.KIt be HKLI .KB HKl.LER cautious 1IRLLBB HK1.I.KR the HRLLBit HKLLKR present II K I, LIB UHU.KI progcatnme OKUtlB Unors ooeo erarr ereolng at TV| . commence at 9. Box oillce open from It) till 9. Beets sUould be MOUH jafo.ehond. BR1fANT8\ MKOHANinS' HALL. <72 HROADtTAT, MONPAV, M A V S?, and evert ulglit dnrtnf the 1 HRVAMb M1NSTKKL9. _ MONSTER CONCERT. THE BKRIOU8 fiKUf. BUFFALO BOYS. BLACK CUEMIBT. rURI'.E HTIUKICRS NANCY FAT. MAC'8 ESBBVOK LF.8 MMKRABLRm. NowVoors. DanreH, Rayinicii. Borl-sine*. Beeentrloltleet mm. PLANTATION FESTIVAL, V ? O. Doors open at 7. Commence at a o oloclc TiokeUWetB CAMPBELLS MINSTREL8 WILL OPBN THEIR NEW TEMPLE OF M1NHTRELBT. BOWERT, OPPU8ITR SPRINO BTRBBT, ON OB ABOUT J V ME 10. WITH A BUPRRB COMPANY. BUl'RKIOR TO ALL AND KKOOND TO NONB IN THE ETHIOPIAN PROFESBIOW. For full particulars see Dally Herald. Full rebeamal Tne*<!ay, May SI, si II ercloefe CAMFBKLL, sole Lessee awl " HI C. Mr mo uaa. o vandenhoff will pre three extra Read Iocs with Mr. V't IMITATIONS OFFBOUTBR, at Dodwortfc Ha/I i?* Broad war ). MOM DAY, WKIMB&DMV. FRIDAT. Library ball, KB WARS. TUB ORIGINAL CHRISTY" MINSTBKL*. J. K. BAYNOR.... S I. Prtjw elor and MaoMRP PIr?t ippnnaN la this city, .looo IMr ml lira rtva rope, tflw an ab eooa of ?rr?n yaora. ?ha oalobratod eooo* pane ban iba honor to aonotince lo (ha iMiiam of HitM two of the r oolect drawing room entertainments. On SATURDAY and MONDAY, May 28 and SI. Mr. Raynor baa encaged the aorrloOo of (be celebrolo* George N. Chnaty, who will perform nightly lo aoojaaaMM with ihla troupe. ___ ! ftOOPEE INSTITUTE. i V THE ORBATBST WONDBB O T MODERN TTMBH MYSTEBIOUK AND INCO M PRBHBBBMLS PHENOMENA! For anrpanlng the aoit brilliant production* of mo^leloo-i commencing IVKHK KSDA Y EVENING. JUNK I. and continuing every evMi ng until further notlco; I? Htuioaoir* and other*, da m ng to pro luce I ke demot (ten', will b? totally ecllpeed by two young ladle*, a kI-i the Davewport Nrother- and Mr*. Lamb. The entertotnt gl ""Oti n their proeooco w til cunlound the w *e*t of and tar aurpa** alll piev ouh wonders olered to tkoc ti of N*w tovk Door* open at 7'4; commence at BJtf- A" ? on 50 ecu I*. Ch Idren under 1} yearn, 18 oeata. Beei aeatn, w thout eitra oharge at the office of the I no. from IU A M. ii (it I ? I< clock P. M. N B.? The hall la 1 late* by a large blower, wbioh can force &uXX)oubio foot! air in?<> t every minute. G H. LAOKT. Mai ClINIMtUKLLA? Every evening at 9 o'clock, ?/lNDKKKI.LA? Kvery evenlnv at 8 o'clock. CINPBRBLLA? Krery awn ng ml H o'clock, CIMJt.Rfc. l.LA ? livery evening atSo'clock. ClNL>KKhl,I.A? Kvery evening at 8 " clock, CIN1w.KI.LLa? l-.very evening at M o clock, AT M K8 IIoCmaN S, AT MBS. HoLMAN H, 7W HBOtDWAY. ACADEMY OK MUBir, 7-u It III i AD W AY. A I' A UK Mi OF MUrtIO, OPPOSITE THE NEW YORK HOTKL, OPPOSITE THE NBW YOKE HOTEL. 01NPBRP l.LA ? K.ery evening atit o'clock. CI MMiKi:lJ.t? Kvery evening alfto aluok. CINDBKBLLA? ery evening at ft o'cloak. CI N1>K KELLA? Kvery evening at So'oleck. CINDKUPLLA? Krery evening at8 o'oloek. CINDEKELLA? Every evening at8 o'clock. AAA ? AMBBIGAB TIIBATRR I 444 Broadway. f Broadway. Tbo o tiled ra'afclabed plare of amtiaooieat la Mow roth. THE t< RK AT IIALI. OP MIBTU. A ? oollotiod iticoeMion of noveltle* every nlgbl. MONSTER STOCK COMPANY. Laat wee* of rRorR8goB TOCNOf the gie*V Majldan and Necrununcor. The 4i>mr*t'<? Drama of THE PEOriJta LAWYER Soloa nhlncte. an ' Id Yankee. Mr. Joo-B. UB Kotwrt Howard, the people'. lawyer Mr. Morotaff Mr Wta.low, a merchant 9 w. A. BvrlO Chart e* Oti* PaoMf John El'aley Jam a a WatnbaM Judge Hone. bt Thaa? Mr* Oti* MlaeWhoipoQr OTHER CHABAOTKRR BY COMPANY. tony pastor. ton* pastor, toby pastor, tbe gie?te*t. II. a t original and p .puta r ootolc aiagar. J* anil Mump orator to the woitd C. WHITE'S Negro Sketch entitled THE MAGIC PBNBT. Pc'kj 3rm..., CVkelay WkM? Clem. ... .j . .J. Allo% Mephi.topb. e* ... ,.J- WambaiA Iktl'lf J.m . Billy _Bo?B^ Graad Mi jtary Dlvertu lament, arraaged hr Moo* Oreo* ?aimed NATIOMAL MBDLBP. bv M >e? tl'ile HcbitlUe. MtRlo Plora. A?n?tta La Polol, Ina Hone. Mai v Htalte. Lime Wh.lplev. Plorvnee WoU*. I.o'i e La f' Ini, Kmin? Bno?. Julia Mai ill la, JoatiW Lor AND v'OBPt DB HAI.IJ'.T. H, tb,? s"(e*la; peri< nuance oi. Baturdoy a/taraooa. I1E UUBAT PA 1NTING -INMKNU BUCCBSS. BVB IN THE BOH BK OP BDBB. i| O^^Ia^In^^e7iii^^CllTYO^CR^aulj!L8Wr^^^^^H 786 Brood way, earner of B*hU> atrovl, /"IaBD.? TUB Sl'BBCBlBKB KESPBCTPCLLT IMU' \ J vtte* h* fitteaila aad the n^bUo, wkoo t lolling Quaker city, to give him a call, al ike CoaampollUa Walnaw. aorthwe*! oiiroer of N oih and Choatnttl itreota, Philadel phia. 0| en .lay at?l night OEO. a BROTH BR TO IC , Proprietor, lote of t jinopoiiu* Muaie Moll, S34 Rood wop. t i New York. v / THIIK HUM"' iTII BATRON -NOTtUB -VHW BBW AW? ? epauloa* hailolng wm ho roa?o?. faoaa and after Mo*. day ner.t, .m-l I .r n| the inonUia of Juao ao<< Inly, tm nubile iNOatiivg*. ooororM, or oay u*peWakle entortalaaeoaA Tor twoi* apply a? the boo offloo Boll y, freoi 9 u>U A , L'UHIBITIOK OP ni BCMOLABB OP PBWPBBBC? ' I i5l PANOBMO, at Bowyoe A Thompoon'o eoroer ? aaJ rulton oroolk MruoU^ oo Wodaeeday avanlag, JQWBt | 1. at 8 o cloek, After tko oteoctiw* <<t ihe ?hoiv? o ?ow| at whloh a r%rto?v of fnu?i*al talooi hare voluofoeiod. ? Pur lurtkor portion era nee bffi of tbe ?''?Q'af- f UlAKBrBlltl DRAMATIC SOCIETY -LADIES ?Mk' t 0 geeUemoo Matron* of um ?g ? yort In Ue cowlog pW / roraanco may oddn u R. MlHo No 8 Boat P-Hhty tBIr 4LJ itfaot. or ctttkl Uta Ball on Friday aveolog. al 8 e clock. ~ BHANJO IRgtBPCTrONJi-I OI'ARINTEB ANY P fR. ? eon a wrrect Uno-le.lge of the Ban in to ooo eon m w three moo lb*' in*?rn?u>n. witk or wTjkout op ;?ro? koowbedBO of the inotroaoot. My method o oe oo?et lid ortcaoL wheh any pet eon ooo learo to 8 floor, aintea Boa >oe oi lie raont brilliant tonn furo abed tb'^ oup.l too pMeRo. H. C Do?!">*. 748 Broodwoy. ?'dtr BjgMkj*. _ BeABJOINSTBDrriOW-^BtOUB BBW, ANB Pt.BAd ? S method. It M on\<be lodlotM ey' eta ef ootoo tat He aut re, v different .Oka* hut ten m .a>iieM^^j|jM^Jk 1 thorough y We gtv.raatoe a porfeet koowt^^^^^^^^^H Ipapi *. In ^ botoflB VW

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