Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 30, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 30, 1864 Page 3
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Agents wanted? to ini. rui u?fl?w As sortment of Lithographs of lk? Great Battle*. Fl**n and entered Lnhoaraiibte ?i trait* of General*. ? opiendid Steal Riigravtig a? AtnUm Lincoln, ? ae 26*96 ; Oeme fur the Albums net* Ho. ne-a Signs, the Un ted ?UW Aruiy Diploma Ac.: a large aaaortinent at very salable i?oa*. See* for circular to JOHN GIBSON, M Beokmaa at.. B. I. AGENTS CAM MAKE $500 A MONTH by selling our OKBAT PK1ZB PACKETS ALSO SPLENDID BTSSL fNUBA VINOS, and iba Portrait of . GENERAL OHANT. SPLENDID GOLD AMD 8ILVBR WATCHES given la uur agent* free. . Full particulars In circular, mailed free. O. 8. HASKINB A CO- S? Beekman street, 0 . T. A GENTS CAN MAKE $23 IN A FEW HOURS SELLING A our great o?* and wonderful aura larga size Prize Fackagea. Sift per day guaranteed Bverv dollar inveaisd more than doub ad A aplenrtld tolld gold or diver (aver walc'i presented free to s&cn agent. Smart man wanted to e>tabllab agenda* In svery lown sad village. County right* free Bale utirneuse. demand iacreaalng Everybody buy* them. Send for our great new circular for 18ft*, containing aura aew premium Inducements, free. 8. C RICKABDb m CO., 103 Nassau street, New York, original, largaat and eldaal prl. a package house la tba world. A T COMMERCIAL AGENCY, 297* AND ?M BROAD. A way? Wanted to day. oaptaln's clerk for steamer. Iiolal dark, young man to go to Havana, dry good* ealeeman, betel clerk, entry elark. shipping clerk, hardware salesman, hospital steward adjuUnl'* clerk, oorraspoodina dork, aa Blatant bookkeeper, (ravelling agent, receiving clerk, teachai far urimary school, clerk In broker'* ofllce, ligbl porter, hosiery sale-roan timekeeper far manufactory, railroad eierk. Other altuatiox open. Owing to tba Iacreaalng da ?and for help msrebant* muet podtivaly send In their or der* before 3 P. M. Organized 1856. 08CAB A CO. A T MRS WHITFIELD'S, S97 4TH AVE., BETWEEN A 28th apd 29 tb sis. . are vvanted, thla day. several farm Mild*, at Jl* per mi>aih and board and washing, also, twa hoys. between 14 and IS rear*; one for * saloon nnd one for a board kg bouse A IOUNO MAN WANTRD-AS INDOOR SERVANT; A ha must nndtmtund perfectly bla work and bow to wait upon the table. L beral wages will be even: personal reference ie absolutely accessary Apply at 811 Broad way , near 12U> at SALESMAN WANTED-IN A BOOT AMD SHOB store. Apply to Daniel McAdam, IS Carmine st. A A N ASSISTANT BARTENDER WANTED AT 1ST Madison st. Must be well recommended. A BOOKKEEPER WANTED; AL80 DRY GOODS A clerk, hotel clerk, hardware salesman, dflig Clark, a nteward for a steamer, a man to so to Oalfornia, light porter. barkeeper, oanvassera, entry olerk, travelling agents, eaach man waiters ofllce boy , farmers, nurses. Other sltn-' ationx open. Merchant* supplied with help gratis. Orders for help should be sent in before three o'clock P M. Call at the Mercantile Agency of MONQOMERY A CO., 260 Broad way. up sta rs, room No. 4. Bookkeeper -wanted, in a domestic commis. slon house, a bookkeeper, salary moderate first year. Address Bookkeeper, box 2,387 Post office New Tork. Boy 17 YBARS OF AGB, WANTED-TO CARRY BAG gage and to attend to bell* In a hotel, he mud be will, tag to Hiske h'meeif useful Inquire at the Anson House aorner of Spring and Cro.iby ste. VtVRUO CLERK WANTED?ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS J U the business perfectly Apply at J. O. Klppg' Fbar mac j, between 86th and 86th sta. , on 3d av. Drug clerr wanted- to a competent one a permanent situation and good salary, city reference! required Apply at SIS Pearl si., near Centre. Farm "hands wanted-six, to oo short dir. tanees In the country, wages (13 to $21 per month and found; also men lately landed wanted. Apply at the largg employment house, oorner 6th av. and 11th at. 08IBRY AND WHITE GOODS SALESMAN WANTBD. A man fully competent to lake charge of the baying and selling for bis department Apply to Peyton .A Johnston, 274 Bowery. H Salesmen. ?wanted, three first class men, aa salesmen in a jobbing, bat, oap, fur and atraw goods house on Broadway. To parties who can influence a first class country trade, liberal salaries will be paid. Engage ments from July 1. Address Straw Goods, bo I 464 Post ?Dice. Salesman wanted-in the domestic liquor trade; must be competent and be acquainted with re tailers. Address S. W.. Herald oWce. r YOUNG MEN-TOHSE WISHING TO JOIN THB nary or army, or ko oo abort or long South sea whaling voyages, will find It to their advantage to call at 87 West st , corner of Albany. H J AMPS. WANTED- A FEW AGENTS, OF THE RIGHT KIND, with moderate capital, to sell the Rucksieper Oas Re. gnlator. Offica of tha company, 446 Broadway. WANTKD-A FIRST CLASS SALESMAN. ONE WHO can Influence a caah and abort time trade can bear of a desirable and permaneut opening by addressing Clothing, Kg 8.132 Post office. * WANTRD-A YOUNO MAN. FROM 14 TO 18 YEARS of age; mast be a good penman, quick and correct at Sguree, and reside with bis parents; the beat of references required. Address box 6,834 Post offiee,.N. Y. WANTED? IN A HOOD FURNISHING STORK, A boy from 14 to 16 yean of age. Apply at 161 Fulton St., Brooklyn. TTARTKD-TWO OOOD, TEMPER ATM DRY GOODS vt sa'esmen. Those having referaaoe may apply thla morning before 9. at 343 8th av. flTANTED-A FEW SMART SALESMEN; THOSR WHO V Y are acquainted with the wholesale grocery and liquor fcauaae preferred. Apply at No. 4 Dey street, third floor. ANTED? A GOOD. STEADY OFFICE BOY. RRKBR enees required. Apply at 81 Maiden lane, between 14 12 o'clock A. M. w WANTED- AN OFFICR BOT; ONE WHO RESIDES with his parents: sa.ary $IOu to $124 per annum. Ap ply at Stavert. /.igomaia A Co. 'a, 84 Reade u. w ANTED- 26 MBN, FOR A VOYAGE OF 6 MONTHS to Hudson Bar and Davis' 8traita aea elephan^ hunt ?eg and whale llshing. Will lie home by October. The voyage will pav men from S100 to $S00. Outfit found. BAN 9a?L A COURTNEY, 186 West st, corner Reade. up atair*. WANTBD-BY A PRODUCE COMMISSION HOUSE, an Intelligent and active boy, who la not arrald ef ?rerk and Is willing to make blmielf aeneralW useful; satla factory references required. Apply te Miller S Carr, 36 Pearl st. WANTED- A BOY, IN A LAW OFFICE; ONE WHO oan write a good baud. Apply to H. R. Cnmmlngs, No. S Naaaau st. WANTED -A FEW YOUNG MBN WHO HAVB 8OMB littlo knowledge of chemistry. Apply between 3aad If. M? at 194 yulton st. WANTED?A BOT WHO CAI< SET TYPE WBLL. A steady situation and good pricee given; en a weekly paper. Apply u> day at 201 Wl liam A, top iloor^at9 A. M. TE7 ANTED? IMMEDIATELY. MEN WIIO WISH TO Yr engage in a legitimate business. In which they can pMke from S26 to $jo everv day by a small Investmeat, from $20U to $m HOWARD TILDEN, 609 Broadway, room No 4. WANTBD? YOUNO MEN WISHING TO GO ON 8BA v oyages to ail parts of the world In ships and steamers. Also, wanted, man for fishing and whaling voyages and for (be U. S Navv. BaNDALL A COUB1NKY. W4 Weat Street, corner of Reade. up sta'rs. ANTED ? A BOY TO HELP MAKE ICE CBEAM. Apply to W. Taylor, 666 Broadway. ANTED? AN OFFICE BOY. INQUIRE AT Ma 87 Maiden lane, between 10 A. M. and IS M. ANTRD-A 8RCOND HEAD WAITER. APPLY TO W. Taylor, 656 Broadway. A1TRR8 WANTBD.? APPLY TO W. TAYLOR, 166 Broadway. HALING VOYAOBS, WHALING VOYAGES.? MEN wanted this day and to-eaei row, for the following voy E ? One to Hudson Hay. one te PaeiDc Ocean, one te d's Island. Indian ocean. Come and get your chance, ly at 67 West street, oorner Rector street, to D. L. Peacl> WANTBD? A MAN IN A PROVISION ESTABLISH men t ; one acquainted with the business preferred Apply at 3J 1st av. WANTRD-A MAN WHO UNDRRSTAND8 OAROBB Ing and taking care of a horse for the summer season lathe country Go >d references required Apply at No 188 Raat It ih st , near 3d av., this (Monday) morniug, TIT ANTED? AN ACTIVE, OO AHEAD MAN. WITB YY tl.OO1, or more. In a very profitable manufacturing business. A very liberal arrsngsmeat will be mart*, Address J. H. King, station O, N. T7 WANTED-IN A PHOTOGRAPH OALLRRY. A young man who wishes to learn the photograph busi ness; he must be of very respectable appearance and good address, energetis and nations to learn-, references re quired. Apply at tha G*m gallery, 559 Broadway. WANTED? A YOUBO MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS driving a wagon and la not afraid to work , one from therountr. preferred Add eaa N S, Herald office. ANTED? TWO ORMIRKK WAITBR8 AT THE OYS ter House, 1(18 BSfcery. 5 w w w w w WANTRD-A BOY ABOUT 16 TO ATTEND IN A grocery ; he must come well recommeuded. Apply for three daya at 442 2d ave. WANTRD-A TOUNO MAN. IN A GROCERY STORE; y" 1 ne who can tnke care of horses and make hlm>ell rinerally useful. Apply to C. C SLliuanfer, li'J Bridge St., rouki.n. ' WAftTRD-A YOUBO MAN To ATTEND A LlqUOR store, 1G or 17 years old. Apply at 87 James si., eoraei af Batavia. ? fX/ANTRD? A T OUNG MAN TO ATTBND A LIQUOB Vi store. Apply, before 10 o'ulock A. M., to Peter Me Cullough. corner el 41st st. and 7th ave en LABORBBl WANTED-TO GO A SHORT DIH UU lance In the country, wsgea $1 6' a day; ltl lnurs; board $2 7A a week. Apply, between 8 and 12 u oloek thla Say, to Vuuns. 47.1 Kaat Houston street, oear East Fiver. AGENTS WANTRD.-RARR CHANCE FOR LITE men ; no oomp>-tlt '?? : eontrol of oounty to each Can oe or address, with stauip. N. M. Shafer A Co., Cedar etreet, room J, loo K7. >OLlTICAfct MB?J'52?Vr *5E WARD DEMOCRATIC (MeKaea ) AaeeelaUea wtu "be held, en Monday sre Jrtng. M*y ?*' atthe Bigtb Ward Moval, corner or Duane and Centre street*, at 7 o alack, for ibe purpose of electing delegatea to the Oeneral remnsittM for the ensalng year, ? o MICHARL DUNN, PreefdeaL Rnw*?n B. Cvmtio*, Secretary. FJihei HR RLEVE*TH WARD CIT1SRN4' ASSOCIATION, President. t. M SANDS. will held a mass mssi ag at No. 21 avenue D, on Tuesday evening, at 8 o'otoex, J. M Sands, los. Wanglo- Robert Grsgo y, J. A Hay mr4, J. Oiynpjct, R, IteTa Morita*tie?. J. C^ ftaun, J H. OftTII WARD-IN PURHITANCR OF THR CALL OF ?l\f the New York Demoeretlo General Committee, ef Which Hon. John McKeon is r.balrmsn. the Twentieth ward uttsr.i George 0s iter, W. H Ulldeiaee s. Ph. Arbogast, H Carman. besaooratle (McKeoa) Assodstion will meet at their rooms p4# Bighth svenu*. *n thts (Mondavi evening, May SO, at ?'?Inef, In nrder lo "eet alna members te the General CM galtiee for I ht enjuiBd >ear. _ _ JOHN MACDOMALP, FrggMtak A*4l *sw, t, B. MABtiea p DKY ?HX>IJS. At nam BANiUIIlOVtaTWUl l AUCTION SALES STRAW GOODS BEU>*LAgT mr| PKICBa. *? luOO NEAPOLITAN BONHBTS, Mo. 7fc , fl. MOO Br LIT STRAWS, 26c.. We, 60c , 75a. CACTUS BRAIDS. NBA POL1TAN8, ESf$AV*? Bg&F* Bf LIT STRAWS. iVKlS8' mn SATIN BRAIDS, M1LAN8, AMD FANCY BlUlDS OF EVERT DRSCUIPTION. 13,000 FINE BONNETS, 75c. to $5. 1 HATS AMD BLOOMERS. BLOOMERS, at 10c., 15c., 2Uc, 26c. 31a, S7& J.800 pedal BRAIDS, at 1 5c . 36c ?0c. 3.000 LEGHORN BLOOM ER8. 50o 63c. 76c.. up. 1,800 FANCY BRAID BLOOMEK8. 37a. 50., 830., up. 3.000TR1MMED BLOOMERS, 37e., Sue , 7?c. (.SOU FINE BLOOMERS And TURBANS. 75c. to 9*. 5 000 BOYS' 4,500 MEN'S STRAW HATS, STRAW HATS, All styles. All etyles. 6,000 SHAKER HOODS, 20c , 28c. RIBBON DEPARTMENT. THE LARGEST AND BEST STOCK IN THE CITY, OVER 200,000 YARDS OF EVERT WIDTH, EVERT COLOR. EVEUT STILE, ?ommenclns In BONNET RIBBONS, at 6c. up. FLOWER DBPARTM RNT. BVERTTHINO IN FLOWERS. 280 different style* of FINE FLOWERS, So. spray to 92. _ ? MILLINBRS SUPPLIED AT LESS THAN JOBBERS' PRICES. BONNET SILKS, LACES, ILLUSIONS. CRAPES, TARLETONB. CAPE NETS, Ac., Ac. FANS, PAKA80L8 AND SUN UMBRELLAS. BUOLB TRIMMINGS AND ORNAMENTS. BARGAINS TO BE FOUND IN THE LACE, EM BROI DERY AND HANDKERCHIEF DEPARTMENT. GLOVE AND HOSIERY DEPARTMENT. FULL STOCK, ALL STYLES AND QUALITIES. LOTS OF CHEAP GOODS FROM AUCTION EVERY DAY. The eare from the Aitor Houie tad Canal street, and ?taxes from Snath ferry pass the door. Along Broadway, take Twenty- third street stages. From Fulton ferry, take Seventh avenue stage to Twenty -second street. WM. K1NZBT, 321 AND 22S EIGHTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWBBTT FIRST AND TWENTY SECOND STREETS. ANKW DBT GOODS 8TORB, AT 767 BROADWAY. Between Eighth and Ninth street* WILL BE OPENED MONDAT, MAY 90, with a new and elegaut stock of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRV GOODS, by J. ft C. JOHNSTON, long connected with UB8DELL k PBIRSON, who rec recently retired. A NEW DRY GOODS HOU8B, AT 767 BROADWAY, by J. ft C. JOHNSTON, long connected with UB8DBLL ft PIERSON, who raeently retired. Our stock being pureha-ed before the late advance on goods, we can offer an extensive assortment of Housekeep ing Goods less than regular prices. Also choice selections of GRENADINES, FLORENTINES. PRINTED ORGANDIES. JACONETS. MOURNING GOODS, LACE MITTS, ENGLISH HOSIERY, ftO., ftO. Black mantilla silks, DRaP DB LYON, DRAP BB FRANCB. TAFFETA PABIBIENNR, AND FA1LR, Without lustre. Jut received A. T. STEWART ft CO.. Broadway and Tenth aueet. CARPETS AND FURNITURE COVERINGS. AUBUBSON. AXMINSTER, WILTON, VELVET. BRUSSELS. THREE-PLY AND 8UPERPINE INGRAIN CARPETS, In one piece and by the yard. SAtIB DAMASKS. BROCATELLES, DELAINES. RBPS, CHINTZES. Ac.. f Of Curtains and Furn lure Coverings. BUGS, MATS, DRUGGETS. CANTON MATTINGS, of the most celebrated brands. A. T. STEWART ft CO., Broadway aed Tenth street. /1HARLOTTB G SMITH, . VJ baa reeelevd from Parle an elegant assortment of Summer Msntlllas and Scarfs, in SILK. BAREGE AND GRANADINE. 1.142 Broadway, one doer above Twenty-sixth street D BBSS GOODS FBOM AUCTION AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. ENGLISH BAREGES at 10c. and la. a yard. CHECKED and STRIPED LENOS, at 20c. and 22c. a yard. PLAID VALBNCIA8 at 3lo. and 28c a yard. New Stvlee CRBPB DE PARIS at 86c to 60c. a yard. MOZAMBIQUE8 (double widths) et end 60c. a yard. SILK STRIPE GRENADINE8 at 45c. to 80c. a yard. Broche- Figured GRENADINES, at 86e. to 60c a yard. Black aMTWhlte GRENADINES, double fold, at 800. Mourning Hernanls. from SOe. e yard and upward. All Widths and Qnallttee of black. White and Colored BAREGES, TAMART1NBB. CRAPB D'ESPAGNB ABD HERNAN1S. PEYTON ft JOHNSTON, No. 174j Bowery, near Houstoa strMl DHRESSK8 AND CLOAKS. tf BONO 8TKEBT-MRS. fARHAIN. fron Paris, offer* to l?<tlea, who will honor her with their patronage, ten year*' experience aa cutter In tho Brat droaamaklng establishments in Parte. Bmxclusively prsnch fluting onbtotwen ? tj inchee wide. All materiala fluted In aa anaurpasaed manner, at Mr> OOLDBN'8 French Flottng Betabllah menta, 18 Amity atroat. (H. B ?A tblock and a half from ?roadway;) 127 Blcecke rstroet. below Wooeter street. and >61 Pulton atreat. Brooklyn. N. B.? No machinery uted in tho genuine Prench fluting. Gebat bargains IN CLOTH AND BILK ? ACQ DBS, BASQUhS. CLOAKS, MANTILLAS, AC., NINS DOLLARS UPWARDS. Leas thAn thooootof U?e?aijrt* ? A. T. STB WART * CO., Broadway aad Tenth etroot. "MANTILLAS. MANTILLAS. AT QBBAT BARGAINS. ALL TBI LATEST PARIS BTTLB8 MANUFACTURED. RICH OBOB GRAIN 8ILk! CIRCULARS^ACQURS.DBA8<1CII(EB BBAyV LYONS "FFW^ILE _ AND CIRCULARS, MAGNIFICENT BRILLIANT LVSTRB QBOS PS RHINE. CIRCULARS, SACQUB8 AND BASQUES. HEAVY MOURMIhG SILK MANTLES. Al.KO THE CHEAPEST STOCK OF MANTILLA SILKS TO BE FOUND IN THE CITY, HAVING PURCHASED THI M BOMB MONTHS AGO. ' PEYTON k JOHNSTON. 174 BOWBRT. PARASOLS AND SUN UMBRELLAS. THE VERT LATEST STYLES. A. T. STBWART k CO., Broadway and Tenth street. R. ? *ACT _ HOUSEKEBPINO GOODS. LINEN OOODS AND HANDKERCHIEFS. BIEBONS AND STRAW GOODS, F BENCH FLOWERS AND FANCY OOODS. FAEASOLS AND BUN UMBRELLAS. BOSIBBT AND UNDBBWBAB. LACES AND EMBEOIDBEIES. CORSBTS AND YANKEE NOTIONS MAOY'8 tELBBRA*ED _____ FBBNOB KID GLOVES. X* and SOS SIXTH AYBNUB, TWO DOOES BELOW FOUBTBBNTB STREET. CHAWLS. SHAWLS, SHAWLS. ALL TBB MOST FASHIONABLE STYLES. JUST RECEIVED PROM AUCTION. AT A BBDUCTION OP 26 TO M PER CENT. BROCHE SHAWLS. GRENADINE SHAWLS. TH1BBT SHAWLS. LLAMA SHAWLS, BAREGE SHAWLS. CHALLT till AWLS. PBYTON k JOHNSTON, Wo. Z7? Bowery. T?. Wts&rifc M,oM- ? 1 ? .. |i ? *nd?V,iip vard; "iVTluil >0; v?l? woiWb ?.;* vs Rg" sar "? ? ? u i)t eS, rep omsnoa. HOH AlH?^ oOODl, r MILLINERS AND COUNTRY STOREKEKPBBS AT GRAND STKRBT OHEAF STORE. Ktaminc STRAW goods Rian.tne BONNBT BILKS R amine R1BHONS, RIBBONS. Rxamlne MILLINERY LA< BS and TR1MMINOS. Examine our STRAW and FANCY ORNAMENTS. Examine our FLOWERS. W* cut engine cheaper than down town jobber* aall whole piecoe. Call RDWARD RIDLEY, Not Sll and $11^ Grand, and IS Allon etreet. ifth block em from !)?? Bowtry. Broadway. ^Ha^S^ MOUKTAR* AMD HAVAL, A LL DISCHARGED SOLDIERS FOR WOuVds RE A. calved In battle, one hundred dollar* la now duo yon. We collect or purchase. Aleo officers' par rolla, prtae and other oialma. BROWN k SHELDON'S MlllUry Banking o?co, No 1 Park plaoei A FEW OOOD MEN FOE AENT OB NAYY.-THB A hiahosi bono tie* and the beat of reflmente aelected fix eubetitutee tlile morning Sntwtltutoe faraiabod without delay. United Btatea General Becrulting Oflloo, No. 1 Green wich street. ARBL1ABLR snBSTITITH. NOT SI R.I ROT TO draft, ran ho bad by addreeeing Ulrtok Stahn, Herald oniot SUBSTITUTE WANTED FOR A DEAFTRD MAN IN Broobiya; a liberal price will be paid to a good ntM. ? I At the office of the Howard Belt Company, AM BiSM way, N. Y., eaoond floor. Four substitutes wantbd-for gentlemen who are drafted In Brooklrat DM cash will bo pall to eaehmaa after paMng tho aurgeon. Maa can take choice r*j???ls. MSlr st UQ Csntrt Uriel earner Walker *4. Caii ? MIUTABT AID ?AIU? ASUB8TITUTB WILL BB PAID *100 CABn.-WAMT ? ? mntdiiui;; oh go m the arm* or M>r *'cri U lor heavy arti ery and fra?t4 litdi MM Washington a cents please apply. 80 Llspeuurd etreet. Captain COMBS. ? "* * "" New york count? voluntrrr committbb Orrics Naw Hinmm.s, ) Coftjiaa Cuambkiui 8th ht and Baoinwtr , > Entrance on Broadway. J W 000 VOLUNTEERS WANTED. *JT^,!i>,503?'n* *r" 'be pecuniary inducements offered^? ?i)liiTV ???'? ?"now UNITED states BOUNTY, additional WO 00 Total o oo oommiuee?B* 10 ^ mMe P*raoiuuijr *ai iba office of tha Any person bringing a recruit for the army to thla offlc win receive a Premium of tM C OODFRhY UCNTIIBR. Major. Matthew t hrknnan, comptroller. ORISON BLUNT. Supervisor ELIJAH K PURDY. Supervisor. WILLIAM E. STEWART, 8uperviaor. WILLI VM fc TWKRD, Supervisor. GEORGE OPDYEB. Auliilary Membar. County Commute* - B?w You, April 4, 1864. <*-"-*? QUB8TITUTE8, 8UR8TITUTE8, SUBSTITUTEB.-GBN O llernea wanting 8ubatltuie? oan be furnished, on reason# able tsrms, and And honorable and reliable parlies to deal with, by applying at the naw Recruiting office, 17 Broadway, Bear Bowling Green. T HE DRAFT POSTPONED. _ TWELVE BUNDBED~VOLUNTBBBB WANTED. A CBANQE FOB PATBIOTS. u It haTlnc been determined that the city of New York la deficient oaly TWELVE HUNDRED A NO SEVENTEEN men, la ita quota under the President's call for 3U0 ,000 men, tba draft ba* been poet do tied for a few day a, in order to en able tba filling of the quota, if poa lble, by volunteering. The County Volunteer Committee now appeal to the patriotlam or the ciUzena of thla couaty to aid them In ralalng the twelve hundred and seventeen men needed, and thua aave the country from the misfortune (if a draft. The County Volunteer Committee will pay the following bountlea until further notice ? FOR ARMY RECRUITS 9300 FOR MARINES S00 FOR NAVAL RBCRUIT8 FOR THREE YEARS 300 FOlt NAVAL RECRUITS FOR TWO YEARS 300 FOR NAVAL RECRUITS FOR ONE YKak 100 A county premium of $10 will al*o be paid lor bringing an army recruit to this office. In addition to the government premium of $10 and a county premium of (20 wIU be paid for bringing a naval recruit. Let the citizens of New York make one grand and final rally to tare ua from the Impending draft. a- GODFREY OUNThRR, Mayor. MATTII KB T. BRENNAN, Comptroller. ELIJAH F. Pi; ROY. Supervisor. ORISON BLUNT. Supervisor. WILLIAM M TWEED. Superviaor. WILLIAM R. STEWART. Supervisor. OBOROE OPDYKE, Auxiliary Member. ORISON BLUNT, Chairman. Nrw Tons, May II. 1864. NITED STATES NAVY^^^ MARINE CORPS. NEW YORE COUNTY VOLUNTKBB COMMITTEE, OFFICE. NEW BUILDINGS. CORNER CHAMBERS STREET AND ^ROADWAY. FIVE THOU8AND RECRUITS WANTED FOB THE NAVY AND MARINE CORPS. COUNTY BOUNTY OF $300 AND $100, CA8H DOWN FOR SAILORS, $300 FOR MARINB8 AND PRHE MONET. Tha United States authorities bavins. In order to All np the Navy aod Marine corps, authorized the ralalng of re cruits for that branch of the servioe. and guaranteed that recrnita for the Navy and Mar ne corps aliall be oounted <>n the quota of the plaoea where they elect to be credited, tha same as If they were recruits for the army, the County Volunteer Committee have resolved to pay racrulta for the Navy and Marine corps the following bounty, cash down, upon being duly mustered Into the service:? When enlisting for one year In the navy $100 When collating for more than one year in the navy.... a*) When enlisting for marine corps 300 ANY PERSON BRINGING a RECRUIT FOR THE NAVY OR MARINE CORl'S TO THIS OFFICE WILL RE CEIVE A COUNTY PRBM1IIM OF PAY OF THE UNITED STATES MABlNE CORPS, euna First or Orderly Sergeant $20 00 per month. All other Sergeants, each 17 00 do. Corpora la is <0 do. Drummers and Flfera 12 00 do. Prlvatoa in barracks at Nary Yard IS 00 do. Frivataaataea 14 90 do Seamen ana ordinary stamen, who will be shipped for two years, will receive. In addition to the above bounty of $3M. throe montha' pay in advance, and three montba' e* wapay as government bounty. The rates of wagea are aa follow* First claaa firemen .' .$30 par wontb. Second do. 25 do. Coaipaaaera 18 do. Bhumb S 18 do. Ordinary seamen 14 do. ^adamso. 12 da 10 do Boys wilt nut tw taken unieee they are 10 years or sgo, Moat, la good health, and not below 4 feet 8 Inohesln height, la all eases the consent of the parents or guardians must bo lia obtains*. v The county bounty ana the three montns- advance par will be paid to all reerults irrespective of elaaa; and half monthly pay can be left at homo, by appllaatloa to the paymasters of the vessels t<> which tha reorutta mar ba aa rtntu. All needful Information can be Obtained by applying at the Naval Tent In the Part; and persona can be enlisted and sworn In at either of the following rendezvous, which are the only ones authorized tar the Navjr Department la this city. All recrnita thus enlisted and receiving the bounties aforo aatd will be credited to the quota of the oily and couaty of CAPTAIN OSCAR BULLUB. VVoWn,^ CAPTAIN EDWARD THOMSON. U.^N^ LIEUT. COM'Q J. McLEOD MURPHY. U. 8. 14 HtatO Street. ACTING MASTER JOHN W. OOIN. U. B N-. _ 106 Mouth street. CAPT. A M. BREVOORT. U. a. Marine (forim. . No IS Bowery. EDWARD P. MEEKER. liniMa States Marlnee. Oorpe a OODFEBY GUNTHER,1 Mayer!'' Matthew t brbnnan. Comptroller. ORISON BLUN^ Superviaor. WILLIAM M TWEED, Superviaor. WILLIAM B. STEWART. Supervisor. ELIJAH F PURDI, Supervisor. GBOEOE OPDYEB, Auitliary Member. Ceenty Volunteer Committee. - - . OBI SON BLUNT. Chairman. NlW Yoaa, April 8. 1864. WANTBD-A DRUMMER AND FIFBB, FOR 100 days' service. Apply at the headquarters of Pavonia Rifle Company, City Hall, Jeraey City. 1/4 Q? EBGIMENT NEW TOBK VOLUNTEBR8, 423 Broome street. Now York.? A few more m.-u want ed to Sll np thl- old regiment, doing garrison duty. Highest bounties and premium paid. Promotion to good mea. Call for the Captain. OA8H IN HAND FOB GOOD MBN TO FILL $425 C. M ROC a country quota, or $500 for the city. Apply to P. FLANNAGAN, oornerof Bowery and M ft OO NAN or Canal street, under Citicena' Bank. ?J cn CABH IN BAND? FOR TEN GOOD SUB8TI VlJU lutes and $3&o for volualeere. with choice of aer ?tee and Slate aid to famille*; also men waouid for the Navy. Apply immediately at 03 Weal street, eorner Cedar, np stairs. , ?/t X.R CASH FOR THE COUNTRT, $378 FOE THB oily; relief to famlllee.? Any one brlnglnc a re. erult will reeHve the premium. Apply at the eorner of Oliver street (3 New Bowery. Atlantic Hotol. ? C/?0 BOUNTY -WANTED, TBN MEN. TO PILL VuUO the quoia of a country town. Apply lo Captain KINO, Day Street House, Dey street ACAA CASH IN HAND FOR TWELVE GOOD MBN $OUU for Infantry, cavalry, light and heavy artillery, or for home acrvloo. AUo, men wanted for tha navy. Apply at once at 17 North William street. -St* MEN WANTED THIS DAT, FOR GAB ?Ot)U. rison duly h ig heel bountlea. Relief tickets to Apply at 75 Cortlaadl street. ? 7% CABB-FOR EIGHTEEN BECBUITS, TO FILL 9 I ?i\J a country quota; choloa af regiment, re I ef sent to famlllee aad good treatment. N. B. ? A cents get $40 cash. App y ntPresoott'a liquor store, 148 Chambers street, below Olrard House. 1 1\ nnn VeLUNTKBBS WANTED-FOE THB BEST lU.UUv regimenu in the service. The v?in highest bounties roeotved are paid by tbl* office. Belief tickets for lamllles furnished. Oho ee of army or navy given. Nairn pee tlon allowed. Apply, before going olsowhore, *t No. 17 Broadway, baaomoat. in nnn becbuitb AND BUBSTITUTEB WANT 1U.UUU ed? For army and navy; $S0 hand money paid to runners er* brokera and $30o paid to reerults. Ap ply at th* UbIMkI States Recruiting and Substltuts Agency, 347 Broadway, room 2ft. N. B.? Hub-mute* furnished. l^VAI^PRI T HJION EY.AC. AHOYI-l'Riy.R MONEY TO BAILOES-BOUBTT asoney to soldiers discharged for wuxts rei-"lved (a battle, Ae. Discharged Navy or Army ofllcers, sailors or sol diers. their widows or hairs, PROMPTLY PAID their PRIZE and BOUNTY moneys, BACK Pay, Ar . by ? ? ? F.DWARI) HI88KLL,? ? ? Army aad Navy Banker, sod late Purser IT 8. Navy, 371 Broadway, corner of Chambers street, New York A DVANCBB MADE TO OFFICERS ON DETACHED A service or loavo. and furlonghod men and all oth rs bar lag just i-iaims on the loverament. BROWN A SHBLDoN, Military Banking olT.c^. No Trark place. A NTONA, FOR POCAHONTAS. IB RRADT FOR A payment at the office of WALDEN A WILLARD. IM York street. Brooklyn. The shares are as follows ? First class $!H3 ^ Secanrt e ase firemen 444 *8 Seamen aod coal hoavera...., STO .11 Ordinary aeamen !..... U9 14 Landsmen 213 S3 All pbizb monbt now - ?w? payable can be obtained AT ONCB BY APPLYING, IN PERSON OR BY LETTER. TO WALDBN A WILLABD, ? _ LATE U 8. NAVY. 188 TORE STREET BBOOELYN. BOUNTIES. BACK PAY ?ad all other claims _ ADJUSTED WITHOUT DBLAT. Alb PB1KB MONBT. NOW PAYABLE. Can be obtained at oona, Br applying to J O. DICKEY A CO.. Uf Braadway, Naw York. EB SOTO, IROQ0OIS, SANTIAGO Dl CUBA AND others have pruee now ready for distribution, which wBl be paid at onoe by WALDBM * WILLABD, lata V. 8. Wavy, 188 York mreet. Brooklyn. Yf BNYDRR, JR., IH . Late ef the United Slate* Treasury Department _ ARMY and NAVY AGENCY and PRlBR MONEY OFFICB, 30 Nassau street, opposite the Poet office New York. Officers' Pay Aoeounte odahed in advance. Claims for Prise Money, Arrears Of Pay, Ac, collected and purchassd. E NITED STATES ARMY AND MATT OFFICE, NO. ? Blaecker street. ? $100 bounty lo wounded soldiers paid; k Pay, Bounty aad Prlso Money collected. Pensions pro cured. Information given. Claims ? TT ? NAVY PRIJB OFFIOB.? CIRCASSIAN FOR V ? Minnie, seamen, $190 Pocahontas for Anions seen $330; cai>tors of Baas Atl*n hk. soMMa $880. $100 bou for soldiery wounded In battle Widow* of seamen can ? THE TUHF. IT AB HI ON PLEASURE GROIND. 1 TROTTING. THURHDAT. JUNK 2, AT 3 O'CLOCK P. M. PURSE AND MTaKE or t?M P. P., _ MILK H II ATM, BB8T S IN 9, TO WAQON8. Mr. Walker names g. in. Lady tihannon. D. Mace names b. g. 8hark. H. Woodruff ianiM b. a. Dexter. D. Ptlfer uamn br. m. Emi ran. H F. Jouen narnos b. a Haiibietonian. Owner nainea br. g. General Grant The boat leave* Jaima allp ferrv at 1 o'clock P. M. , eon nocu with the car* at Hunter's Point at ZK o'clock P. M. for tbe C urac. Boats leave Thirty fourth -treat ferry everv Ore minutes. JOSEPH CROCIlERON, Manager. UNION COURSE LONO ISLAND TROTTINO ON TUEH day, May 31, at 3 ijolock P. M. Batch of ? 1.00(1, mile braU besttliree in Ave 'in harness. H Woodruff names hay stallion . Carl Burr names b it. General Fremont. Roth of tha above horses are from Columbia county. Cars leave South ferry at one o'clock^ 8 II AW A WHITE. Proprietor*. UNION COUHttB, LONG I8LAN D.? TROTTINO, ON Wednesday. .'una 1 at 8 o'clock P. M; puraa And stake of gLSOU, mils beats. Mat three in five, In harne*?. James 8. Turner enters s. g Dau Ma.e; John Turner, of Philadelphia, entars b, m. May Queen; Samuel McLaughlin enters blk. g. Lancet; Hiram Woodruff enters s. m. Lady Bnma; Dm. Mace enters b. g. Keystone (has died since entering). Cats leave S*uth ferry at one o'clock. SHAW A WHITE. Proprietor*. ST A<<1<IONS. ^ TUPITER, TROTTINO STALLION. WILL STAND AT O 9ne llker'g, near Union Course. Long Island. At $60 the season, in advanoe. Jupiter I* the air* of Lady Emma, Major Anderson, Juplt*r, Jr., th* PeAraall Colt, Ad. TROTTINO 8TALLI0N WILLIAM M. FATCHEN.? HH is a mahogany bar. IBV hands high , Ave years old, slreu by George M. Patshen, cam by Abdallah. out of A Lib erty mare, win serve ten mares, at the nrem ses of th* sub scriber. Terms $90 to Insure. WM. WALTBRMIRB. Fifty fourth street and Fifth Avenue, New York. IPOKTIIO. AS BARLOW SATS HE CAN BEAT MB FIVE MILES, I accept his challenge for #2, Oft) a Hide yoUNO SPORT, or Dover street. New Tobc, May 29, 1881. A RARE OHAtfCB FOR SPORTRMEN.? FOR SALE, the fast-sailing yacht Wm. Walsh, 28 feet long, oom piete In every respect aad 1a tip top order. Can be seen at D the foot ot Nlnetv-alxth Mart, East river. For pellicular* apply to THKODOBB TOOK I B, Herald office. OAS FOR SALB.-ONK LARGE NEWFOUNDLAND Dos, the handsomest In America, well trained ami a good watch dog; one large St. Bernard Dog. Bull Terriers, Spit/. Dogs, 'mall Italian Greyhounds, *mall Black and Tan Terrier*, small Scotch and Rkye Terriers, nil genuine and good raters; rats on head to give * triAl. Apply at 1 1 Rose* velt street, first floor. JOHN GRAY. Francis butler, no. s peck sup, has all the choice breeds for sa'e and stock. Butler's Infallible Manga Cure and Flea Exterminator, 75 cents per bottle. Butler's new Work, $1. Dogs boarded, trained, Ac. Medi cineH for all dla SLOOP YACHT FOR SALE CHEAP ? THIRTY FEET Ions, oentre board. In good arder and everything com plete. For further Informat on apply at NO Wall street, room No. 1, or at BOMART BRATTY'S. Newtown creek, Greenpoint, near Tenth street and Thirty-fourth street fer ries, where the yacht can be seen. HORRBS, CARRUOE4, AC. A VERY 8UPBRI0R PAIR OF BAY MA RE 8, NBaRLY 16 bands high, can trot In 3:20; one cross match Team, trot In 3 minute*, and aeveral single Nor-rs, just arrived from Livingston county. Call at the Metropolitan Stable*, corner of Prlnoe and Crosby street*. Arrived from Canada on the 24th inst.. one of the finest matched Teams In New York; 18 hands high; price $2,001). One splendid bar Mare. 16 bands high: can trot inside of 14, 6 yean old Also one fit Law rence Horse, can trot in 49. The above are aound and young. Call at the Metropolitan Stables, corner of Prince and Crosby street*. A CITY BUILT COUPE BOCKAWAY. IN GOOD order, Pole and 8h?tt?; price ftfHl: one shifting top, half spring Wagon, made by Watson; price $126: one no top full spring Wagon, price $t6; alio a variety of line top and no top Wagons, at the corner of Baoadway and Forty- sixth street. 8. B. BATES. A GOOD CHANCE ?FOR RALE, HORSE, PONY AND butcher* Ca?t; also a Newfoundfarid Dog. pup, four month* old, cheap. Apply at i Second avenue, between Thirty -sixth and Thirty seventh streets. A FINE BLACK HORSE, NINE YEAR8 OLD. CAN be used as a family, aaddle or work liorse, to be sold for want of work. Price $190. Inquire at No. 297 West Twenty eighth street, near Ninth Avenue. A FIRST GLASS FAIR OF WELL MATCHED BAT Horse*, of verv extra (tyle, young, sound and kind; Top Wagon, oy Stiver* A Smith ; light Double Harness. Ac., for *Ale low. Address, with name, do* 4,297 i'ost oflV *. GENTLEMAN OWNING FOUR BEAUTIFUL young carriage antfeadd'e Horses, will sell one o? two. leaving tbe choice to parties calling at private *table, 30 Kaat Fifteenth street, corner Broadway. A FINK-BAY ROAD HORSE, SPLENDID UNDER THE ?addle. Also a square box Top Buggy ; is not hurt 810 by wear; will sell for $100 discount. Also a light coal bo i, ope a in rear. Also a fine Louden Uarne>* Apply at 71 west Twenty-fifth street. A SIX JEAT ROCKAWAV CARRIAGE AND A SET ot Double Harness for *ale. Price $890. Aijplv at 26 Cort'andt street. B. FUBMAN. CARRIAGES FOB SALE.? ONE SHIFTING TOP* FOtjR seat Depot Wagon aad one Top Bugijr. Jwith built by Miner A Bteveof . Inquire at KIm's stable*. Baat Forty tlrst street, near Madison avenue, of Tho*. William*. Carriages for bale.-onb eleoant six seat Rockawav, platform spring*; Park Phaetons. Victo rias, four seai Rockaway*. Top and no top Buggies, four seat Dopbt Wagon. Dootor*' Phaeton*, and large assortment ol sty lea will be sold low for cash at 64 Cedar street, oppo site the Port office. 0MBAP-FOR BALK. A CITT MADE SQUARE BOX leather top Wagob and set of single light Harness, both In good order. Inquire at the stable*, No*. 68 and 70 Bank street. . Fast trotting horse fob sale-sbten years old. sound and kind, never been trained ; can show a natural gait of 2 40 per mile. Sold enh tor want of use. WSL L TURBfcL. 403 Broadway, from 8 to 12 A. M. For sale? a splendid ret new double har ness. sliver mounted. maAe by tip top maker, hss breeching complete; *1*0 second hand Saddle and tfrtilie aad Shaeta. CHARLES E. MILLS, 34 Cedar st-ret. irtOB SALE? A TURNOUT COMPLETE. COBBIhTINO F of large st lish coupe Heme, 163% bands. 6 yeara old, perfect! v sound and klad. together with a Park Victoria and Haraesa, nearly new. Will be sold together or singly. Can be aeeirat Edward Kelly'a livery stable. 18 West Thirteenth street. Fob iale-a fair of stylish bay horsbs, with Harness aad Open Carriage; good bargain offer' I to purchaser. Inquire of Mr. HOLLAND, Bradlew* stable*, Noe. 8 and 10 Ea?t Thirty- first street, between Madison and Fifth avenues. For bale? onb or two sorrel horrrs w\ hands high. sound and kind Also two Rockaways, one light Wagon and a doctor's Gig. Apply to J. F. BTllCKK, Hot 7 and 9 Jackson street, near Grand N Y. rR HALS? ft BUGGY, IN OOOD ORDER If ADR BY Dnmburt. Apply at Mulgrew's stable, Bait Twslfth street, uear Broadway. For salb-a btrrl roan mare. 7 ybarb old, li\ handa high, a fln? driver and perfectly gentle; can trot close to three minute*, luqulre at 804 Grand atreei, eoroer or Sheriff etr#et. For ralb-a bat mare, 8 ybars old, sound and kind. at 9U But N ineteenth street. CR BALE- BBBTTR. PARK PHAETONB. TOP AND no top Buggies, Rock away a, Road Wagon*, El press mis, Harness iwl Baddies. DWIVBS A CO, W Liberty street. Fob sale? a bplbndid shifting top waoon. square badv, round corners, made by tbe b*?st city raakers; o?at $SS0; will be eold for $SflO: been need bat s'z times. Can be eeea at Polhemus' stable. H5 and 87 Broad way, between Fourth a ad Fifth streets, Brooklyn, B. D. TpOB RALK-A SPLENDID PAIR OP MATCHED CAR X" rlage Horses, with super or ?tyle and action : dapple grape, Messenger ?tock. 18 hand? high, att years old this epr ng, and wai ranted sound and kind Can be eeen a) the Mansion subles, corner of Seventh avenue and Forty second street, for a few days. For bale? a bplbndid pair op bay marks. Bthan Allen stock, from Northern New York. They ars M handa high, 7 years old; sound sad kind la double or sin gie Harness; warraated to trot a mile In 8 minutes to the pole. Can be seen (It not previously disposed of) for three lays at the Mans on atablea, corner of Seventh avenue and Forty second street. |7tOR BALB.-A VERY IIANDSOMR. BRItlUT SORREL r Horse, 18)^ handa high, square built, with dag tall; la sound and kind and trot* fast Mold fur wanl.of use. re be ^een at Mtirrav Hill s'tab'.es, eorner of Ruth avenue and Thirty stith street. For particular* apply at 74 Duaue street L'OR SALR? A ItADY'S R \DDLB HORRB; COLOR r nan. long, tall, canters under the saddle, trots to wa ?on. genua and free full 4>* handa high Inquire at No. 2 university place, near Fourth stieat. or at 336 Fourth <treet, near Itroadway. For bale? a touno chestnut MtRB. fabt and very styllsY Can be seen at 18 Ferr. street. In quire for JOHN C. KENNRDY. For salr-togbthrr mr sr.PARtTf, two \ rrt bsnd'ome. long tal'ed and fast black Horse* May bo aeen at .fAMBR R RBLDKN'S stables, St West Twenty, fourth street, near Riith sveoue. For bale-bt a orntlbman having no fi r ihar u?o for them a pair of bay sty l?h Carriage Horses, perfectly eouad and kind In all harnees; also suitable f r eoupe or saddla. Apply at private stable No 3 Ea t Ta mtr, eighth street. ' Fob balb~a paib of very stylish yovno Horses, jnst from the country. Apply t? JAMBS McCULLOH, 100 Paarl straet. litOB SALB-A BBIOBT BAT HORSE RANGER r built, slitnea hands h gh, long tal and black tegs, la sound and kind; tr??t? a natural gait of thr?e intnnt-s and cm he made ta go muebfaater, Is a good family or road tyree. No objeatioae to take half his value In trade for tegs aad augars. Apply at SM Broadway, np sialre. fron#t> ta ? A. M. POK SALB-A STYLISH BROWN R\Y BLACK r hawk road Mara eight tears <fft, full mane and tall ta the ground, perfectly gentle, a vary pleasant driver and speedy For further particulars inquire at 23t Howsrv. I? OB PALE? ONE PAIB OP BROWN HORMKS. 8 AND ? f } ears old, Mt( bands h gh; long natursl tails: ?osnd and kfn<; said for want of use. Apply at Jaa kalcltuni a stable, Love laaa, Brooklyn. POt BALI-TWO HOBRES, TWO LIOHT WAOONR X aad Harases, Whipa, Ae,, complete; In good order Frloe $178 each, Inquire at 2M Weet atreat. corner Beach. Fob bale-a bbown horse, oybb u hands, perfectly kind and gentle In every leepect, about IS yeara old; will stand without tying, a flrat rate horse for a phys'Ctsn or any one requiring a horse for altv nse. Ai>pl / Before 10 A. M., at private stable. Id Bast Tweaty seventh si, Fob bale.? a shifting top road waaon. nearly new. made bv ana of the bast a ty makers, w ll be eold tor half af what ft la worth Apply at the pr vate stable, (S3 Seventh aveaua, two daars above Party -OTth A ITOB SALB-A BBOWN HORRB. BIBTRRN HANDS, r good family or buslneea florae. MQ; also brown Mata, nouia, cakkiao?i<, *c. 1P0R SALB-A BPLBNDID TBOTtlBG WAOOM, I" we aht about 190 pounds, and Is almoat new. having Mm uHd but a fair Amw. II laaultatite fur a w?!t or doubie (nam. The prsaout owner aella 11 mar# If because ha has no further uaa for it Tho above can be seen for three day* at 87 Irving f lane. Fob salb-a lioht wagon, with shiftino top. T<> be 'ran at J Gardener Flaet'a liver* auble, Hamilton at reel, near Market For balb-vkry stylish roim ahdrix seat Phaetons; alsoooalbox Wa.uot, square bos. top and do top Wagoos aud eecond hund Hug*ina. Call on WI BOEL A OAKY, carriage uuieri. Ht> West fwuuty fourth atreet. FOB 8ALE-A COMPLETE GENTLRM AN'H Tl'RN out cons at ok of a atyliah roan trotting llorsc, I4j< bands klgh, perfnctU souu i and klud, and nnajr under the rarldle: can trot a mile Inside of three mini ilea. Also a 'In gle Harness aud hau'laniue light top Wagon, oity make. Will he sold singly or together; price of all. $6u0. Apply at IS Grove atreet. Fob sale-first clahs top hoooikh and n but . claaa Rnckaways. Ai.o a light Eipre-s Watr>n. Ac. Apply at #4 Weat Tweuty ninth street, between Higth and Seventh avenues. For sale-ore handsome young mare, r yeara old, U hands high, a goo.! traveller; would make a splendid family mare; alao a sorrel mare, i! years old, 181* hand* high ; can trnt in S minute*. Both warranted. Apply until sold at 71 Myrile avenue, Brooklyn. IfOR RALE? THREE LIGHT TOP WAGONS, NEARLY J sow: alao one Spring Cart Can bo seen at 40< Weat Twenty fifth street, near N nth avenue. Fob salb ciibap-two bubo carts, two Butcher ( arts, three Spring Carts, sis Be* Carta ami a wagon. Inquire at 162 East Forty.flfth atrert, near Second avenue. Hobs es and wagons for salb? a nbw fikst clas< Express Wagon for sale; alao three second hand Wagons anil two useful Horses The lot or any portiou will be iold on reaaonakle terms. Apply at the tub lea , tea Mer oer street. Horses fob salb? one paib matched H nines, suitable for gentleman's driving, roadsti-rs, trotters or the carriage, of surpasxlog beauty, jet black, long tails sound and kind eight and alne years old. Price $3,000. May be soen In 18lst street, between Tenth avenue and Broadway. J AGGER TROWINO WAGON ?FOB SALE, A JAOOBB Trotting Wagon, very little ueed. Price f 174. Cm bo seen at 42 and 44 Greene atreet, N. Y. Must sell this' day at a babgain- two splendid light Road Wagons, full spring, dtv make, and latest style , owner must sell fsr half their value. Call at 100 Weat >'orty fir t atrert, ui-ar Eighth avenna. Nbw yobk tattersallb-sixth ayenub, cor ?er or Fortieth atreet. Great sale of fine Morses at auction, without reserve. On Wednesday. June 1. at II o'clook a number of very superior Horses, being a snlei'tion from the i-toc'* of Henry Llovd, of Lloyd's Manor. Long Island, bred and ralaed br him An opportunity seldom equalled Is thus given to obtain Roadsters and Saddle Horses or the first class For pedigrees see bill at TatterKslls. PARR PHAETON WaNTED.-WANTED TO PUR chase, a Park Phaeton; new stylo, hung high, in good condition, been used but little. Address, with descrip tiou and where it may be seen, bog 2,027 Post olllco New York. ROOKAWAY FOR SALE? A SECOND HAND ROCK away, capable or carrying threo persons and tlio driver, in KOod order, with Pole and Shafts, for sale. Can he seen at Cleary's livery stable, ID and 21 East bl^btuenth >treot. <J?ff ff -FOR SALB, A LIOHT ROAD WAGON. FULL ijiiJu. spr-ng--, in perfect order, built by one of the best city makers; sold because the owner leaves the oity to day. Apply at 10(1 Weat Forty-first street CCll A WILL BUT THIS DAY A BPLBNDID LIOHT ?plXU Road Wagon, dtv built to order, co?t $ 1 8ft, latst style, has run only three times. CaU at 100 West Forty first street, near Eighth avenue. BFECIAli NOTICES. Anew dry rwoDs store, at m broadway. between Eighth and Ninth streets, will be opensd Monday, May .HO, with a new and elegant stoek of Foreign and Dunieetlc Dry <iood?. hv J. A C. JOHNSTON, long con nected with Ubsdell A V ierson, who recently retired. A MEETING OF THE ARB AND DIRT OARTMBN OF t> e 6th , 8th. 9th, Ttth, 16th. Kith, 17lh and 18th wards, will be held at Montgomery Hall, No. 7* Prince street, this (Monlav) evening, .Villi inst., at 7 o'clock H. order J. Hackktt, Secretary. P. llcNAB. President. BS. OF THE UNITED 80NS OF BRIN.-THE . memben of the above aoclety am requested to meet ?t National Hall. Forty fourth (licet,, between Eighth and Hi nth avenues: on thla day (Monday), at 12 o'clock, to attend the funeral of a deoeated brother, Jamea Sweeny. 1'unclual attendance 1* requested. Br order of JOHN GARLAND. President. Owe* Ooxif AUGHTOX, Secretary. Notice to clothing cutters. -all members of the Clothing Cutlers l'sotectlve Union are requeued not to work for the Arm of Tweedy A Co , corner of Church and Duane itreets. By order of the Socleiy. JACOB DANTON, Secretary. Notice is hbreby oivrn that all claims against the firm of M. V. N. Drake A Co. are to be pre. sealed for arrangement to the undersigned, at boat. No. 3 Oliver slip. Now Cork. HENRY M. DRAKE, May 25, 1854. Assignee of *ahl Arm. NOTIOB.-THE REGULAR WEEKLY MEETING Of the Clothing Clerks' and Cutters' Early Closing A*socla tlon will be held this (Monday) evening, at 8 o'clock, room 24, Cooper Institute. As questions ol the most vital liferent to the earl? closing movement WU1 be discussed, a large attend taos te vs<itts?lsA< J- M. HARNKD, Secretary. Operators on sewing machines arb in. vltad to attend a Public Meeting on Monday evenlug at 8 o'clock, at 185^ Bowery. Presentation.? on Saturday the employes of Messrs K. S. IligginsA Co. s Carpet Factory. Fort* third street. New York, presented their late esteemed super intendent, Mr. William H. Cheatham, Jr., with a very handsome Clock and acoompanying Ornaments as a token ot their friendship and esteem. Paymaster Mr. B L. Le Breton. In a very appropriate manner, presented the testi monial, expressing the unanimous regret of the donors at parting with one whom the\ had learned so highly to es teem, and thai r arden t hopes of hi* success In his new enter prise as manufacturer. THE 'LONGSHOREMEN'S UNION PROTECTIVE AS sedation No. S will bold a meeting o n Satuiday even lug, at 8 o'clock, at Jackson Hall, corner of Greenwich ave uue and Horatio street, by order of Committee. P. Custrs. Secretary. P. SULLIVAN. TtlE MEMBERS OF TIIE WAITERS' PROTECTIVE ami Benevolent Assoc at on are requeued to aaaemble at tbelr meet ng room at 13 o'c'ork M. ? n Men day. Ma. SO, to a: tend the funeral of a deceased brother member. By order of JAB. RODDY, r resident. Pirates Dal*, 8ecretarv. The journeymen of the fur skin flesh/.rs are requested to be present at a meetlo* which will be held on Thursdsy next, at seven o'clock P. M. . at 132 fleeter street. THE COMMITTEE. TUB BANKRRS. BROKERS' AND MBR0HANT8' Club.164 Fifth avenue, two doors above Union Club, between Twenty -Hi it and Twenty-second streets? Regular sales of Stocks and Gold. ? New Evening Bit change will be opened to members and the public on Wednesday, June 1. There will be a regular call or stock* nightly. THE BOSS FA1NTBRS OF NEW YORK AND VICINl ty are Werebv notified that the standard wages of je"r ne. men painiers will continue to be per day until further ?notice, any action of the bosaes to the contrary atanding. By order of the Painters' Umea. TT70MEN S PATRIOTIC ASSOCIATION FOR DIMIN VT Ishlng the use of Imported Luxuries.? The above as sociation. so successfully Inaugurate, 1 last Monday. May 111, by a mass meeting at the Cooper Un ton of over*, ami women, held an adjourned meeting oo the following day at No. i Oreat Jones street. Various oom mil tees were appointed upon manufactures, correspondent's throughout the States, Ac. The pledge, a- finally adopted, read as follows ? "We the undersigned, during the contlnuanon.of thla war of rebellion, pledge ourselves to refrain from the poreliass oflmimrted arileTes of luxury, for whloh those of home manufacture or production can be substituted." To this the following names, taken at random from among several hundred, nave been attached, and we publish them to show the Interest with which ths movement Is regarded Mrs* Laura W. fllbbs. Mrs. Alex. Hamilton, Jr. Mrs David Lane. Mrs. Daniel Le Roy. Mrs. John Jay. Mrs. Jas. B. Colgate. Mrs Morris Retchum, Mrs. Benj. Nathan. Mrs R. M. Hunt. Mrs. Henry A Colt Mrs T. F. Meagher. Mr-. Willlsm E. Dodge. Mia. A. V. Stout. Miss K. Hone. Mrs. Gordon Buck. Miss ?a?b. Mrs. A. Sehermsrhsni. Miss A F. Carey. Mrs. Marshal O. Roberts. Mrs W. P. GrWln, Mrs. P Billings. Mrs. T. d Oremleuig, Mrs. Vsnrten Hanel. Mlis Ellen Celllns Mrs Oeo J.Cornell MissLnirsa Lee Schuyler, Mies Mary Maria Hamilton, Mrs. S Weir Roosevelt Mrs A guess N'oyes, Miss Henrietta D Haines, Miss Gardener Miss Harriet R. Woolsey, Mrs. Qen. de Troliriand. Mrs. J. A. Dirklnson. Mrs Moses II (JrinTTell, Mrs. James A. Ruthren, Mrs. Oeorge II. Bowdoin. Mrs. Nathaniel Robinaon. Mrs R. M Blatchford, Mrs. Joseph luslee, Mrs Frederick O. roster, Mrs. Com. Ragle. U. H, N, Mrs Drake Mills, Mrs. Wm A. HloodgooU, Mrs. H B. tkliefle'.ln, Mrs. Wm. H. Allen. Mrs J. O. Courtney, Mrs. John W Chauney, Mr?. Francis Lleber. Mrs. Wm. B. Meffat. We would gladlv publish all the names attached tothls pledge. If our means would allow. For this, for distr'b'iiiog information, aud for other pui poses, all person* lut-reste! sre requested to aend money to Mrs. OGDEN HO''"FMAN, Treasurer of the aaso> isUoa, No. 3 i.r-at .hints street, where the register of names Is open for signateres from 10 A. M. to 4 !? M. Signatures will be recelred by letter Retail dealers in American fabrics are ?i o requested to send to the on. re their names and a hlresses. with a deecrlp* tion of ths goods sold by them. By order ANNE S. EDWARDS. Secrelaiy. I *BW PtBLK A'l H?N?. _ A PHTSIOLOOlf \J. VIEW OF M \RRIAOE-CON taitilne nesrly 3<*) pages and IIV? fine plates and en gravmgs of the aaa'omy <u the hitman organs in a state or health and disease, with a treatise oe early errors. Its de plm-able consequences upon the mlud and body, alth the author's plsn of tieatment? the only rational ant suoceeefni mode of cute, as shown by the report of esses treated. A truthful adviser to Ihe msrried and those eontem placing marriage who would know their physical condition Sent fro* or nee' age ts snv address on receipt of 15 cents la stamps or nostal ourisuey. Address Dr. La Crots, Si Maiden lass. Alhanr N. V ___ . /"SOODYBAR BEFORE CONGRESS -THIS DAT 1?UB (jT I shed -Till- seasoaa da new Book of IWI Pase? ls for sals by the American Haws Company, 111 Na ?eu Mreet. New York It will be found Intensely Interesting to all persons interested ili|Indla rubber. May SB. 1864 J HIT PUBLISHED? TBI LirrLB JOKF.R. FULL OF ?S Wit and Humor Bent lu sealed envelope ou re< etpt rf live cents, or with an exquisite Photograph rer H6 oents, by F. O WATSON, Publisher, N. T. XftER OP ADVICE FOR LADIES J FIVE ANATOMICAL KKGRA VINOS. aa information nsver been published . ... as imormoi ? (n ^ ^ B?T?lone for 10 cents. Address Qr Bauford. box 4,552 New lork.l'ost o?ss. MATRIMONT.-WHY EVERY man SHftWUD MARRY Why every women should marry, all may marry. To know load "Illustrated Marriage Guide and Medical Ad vtser." by Wm. " ' " "T? ? sealed envelopss New York tstratsd Marriage Guide and Medical Ad Bari. M b. 24b rp Mailed everywhere In for it cents. Address Ne. l> whits street. 1'HB TB"0L.0^L%R^Sb00FEG, di^ngtheniyster.^ ^ snd ths splrl'.uAl sense of v THE nOLT BIBLE. For p4* Si rsos* to Omsk insMtute. Or KIlL lfTiTI. ^ A 1!.*2Lu?R,, 0r *? ACR - S rOlTurLlT AT mot Nation. Ik l, about Si mi'u from tM e?j ; fMd mpro*?l UM?rl; a good ember 4; 14 a< r?e In rorn, remainder D?M?r /nLV, T.-rm. Or to aicbaaf* for ??P property. Ainrti to Mr* C BRUIT, at MS Km tVatflh *t A lrfAu? ^.?1B4LK-pttICB coNSisnNf ?\ of 1 00 icrei.1 aevfti roi*? | hail from ^4TIMb * ?Q*oeautlf si dwelling tan r?oau), iImmE -Ajffy. ? *? ?'tb two young orchard* af ebole* i?w? l? iw.1V? ' woodland. For particulars ad MJ- Wwion, lOri^r i ^ Ti^n I'mmiv M Atr *?[*-_ No eiefaange of propert,-. coualy. ??W ABvROAIN-A t'OOD 1MVRRTMKNT. I7S acrb r.irm on tna Hudaon Hirer Railroad quarter of a ?ulle 'rom Cruger'* station. Kor partteu ar* ar,i.l> la a W PITCHETT, Ma 2 New Chamber* *, rto.,r. At morrisania? handy to tub city houses from |800 to SSn.OUU. ?? ba'galoa. good a enlmanu. Applv to 0. W DITC1IKTT. Weat.:li?-aier Land cIDce, No. S Ne.v Cnambcr* aUeet, ooraer of Chatham, aecood floor A ORNTLRMAN ABOUT LRAVINO THB COUNTRY | J\ will aeli blaParm, of s itv aeres, with all theatock. aad erops? r?o, corn and potatoes? la ground: I0U Delaware vinea aad line French fru t tree*, good Hou-o, b?m and other outbel Mings, convenient to railroad depot; twenty tulles, Long Island. Pr oa $4 VAI. " J Otflf FOBOIi, Wo. Bfr Pino street, room 18. ASPLBNDID PARK OB COUNTRY SB AT, IS II Lift in New Jemoy; line water riew and front; largo aad food buildings. frulta. Ae. ; near village and depot; f 18.000. tta<re* In Bergen oounty, It. J. , eioellont buildings and frulia; stock, crops, Ac. , Included; f 110(10. W tt. MEUOK. 421 Broadway AVERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY RBBIDBNCB FOR Hale, altuated In *4araar>neok, Westchester county, aboot one bout l>y Mew ll.tvea Kal.road from tbaoity It eomprlaeo aftteen to twenty acre* of land ; a good, roomy, comfortable home, with lawn und ahade treea; barn, oarriaga houee, ata > bio and outbuilding*; two garden*, atoaked wltb eboleo fruit tree*: and. being adjacent to Long Island Bound, flak ing and aalt water bathing are available. The plaeo la iu cloao proximity to churche*, schools, steamboat landing and railroad deoot; locality healthy; society unexceptiona ble. Will h? (old at a bargain, la tha awnar leave* (ooa for Europe. Apply to A. JOUBNBAf, Na. 9 fine street. A SPLENDID HOUSE AND LOT ON THIRD AVB ?ue for sale; rents for $J,W: price $34, (KM); term* U? milt. Alan two load* House*, at flflOOO. Corner* on ftoooad avenue vetv low Three Tenement Han*ee; rent for S3,lfllv price $17, 100. A large nual?r of Private Houses and Vacant Lot*, Farm* and Country Seat* for Mia. Apply to JOhB FhTTtUcTCH, 418 Third avenue. _ A SDKRIOR RESIDBNCB POR SALE-SITUATED A within ten mlloa of the city, oonvealcat to dopota* aplendidlv invated; large donhlo man (ion. with every mo dern improvement ; between two aad three ncvea of Uronnd,. elexajilly Improved. It r/nuiirlse* averr ndvantage of boMk city and country. Will be aofd low to cloae an eatato. Ap ply to JOHN FORUlK, No. 6!i Pine *ti*at, room IK Alaror AND VALUABLK FARM, undrr pair cultivHtlon. wood ami watered. 80 milea from Mow York, for sale or exchange. City and oouotry property al wayaon hand, by RICHARDSON A PL ACT, 186 Broadway. AN OLD ESTABLISHED BURIN BBS, LOCATBD UP town, valuod at $12.0iN) for sale or exchange for goat) real estate, citv or country, lots ol diflerent boalnaaa gumm by KICHAItOSON A PLATT, IH0 Broadway. Abaroain.-thb following HOUSES BTTSt BB mid ?One on Hecond tvenno four etory aad baaomonl, rents for $7.10; price fti/K'O. 8i? in Th rty fifth atroaL four atortet, rent for p'-'ca t >.400. Apply to WB. PBTT RKTcn, 137 Kan Thirty m-cond street, near Second avenue. A LARGE. FINE RESIDENCE AMD OUTBUILDINGS, 3^1 or 73 seres excellent Land, abundance of fruit, large, line atiada. lawn. Xc , choice looutlon? Waatcheatar eouniji one hour from the city . For aale or eichanjre. W P. SKVMOUR, 171 Broadway.^ T CHEAP SHORB FEONT FARM OF 100 ACRBS, A including Stock, Crops and Farming Toola, fortrflvo mi oi on Long (aland ; good building*, abundance of fjull, Hiir.nit* of water, trniu poud, beautiful aoenery, good Mh Inir, fowling, Ac, Price for all only >5,000. * E. A. BUNCK. No. 7 Chambers street. Brick buildins? 401112. with a lots, for bale, In Brookh n; hits bran used far an oil raflaery, hut ? suitable for ?n> manufacturing purpose. There la an en gine and engine house, an abundant supply of good wall writer; win be sold with or wltheut (till* Apply to H. A. Warren, U Old slip. /COUNTRY SEAT OF THE LATB f. K. PAULDINO, V J at Hyde Park, for sale; one of the moat beautiful on the Hodaen river, about fifty acre a, large mansion house, two cottages and spseious outbuilding. For further par ticulars applv to J. (IHEKN PRAKSON, No. 8 Wall street, or to J. N. l'AULDINU, 30 Broadway. (CENTRAL PARK PROPERTY? BK?T LOCATION FOR J view, ucd convenient; cntranee northwest corner of Seventy first street and Eighth avenue; SI by ICO; litre* story i'raiue house, 16 rooina; house desirable for ladlaa restaurant: House to rent. Immediate possession, and pro uertv fur sale. For particulars apply to THOS, 8CANLAN. 10 West Sixtieth street. CENTRAL PARK P RO P B K T Y? DECIDE D LT THM beet location on the Island; House and Lot. three stery and basAuv nt, IS rooms, marble mantelg, sliding doors. ga* and Crotou, ptazxa> garden and grapery; a tacrine*, MA good lareatment; title good, and in food repair. %f.2S0? lee* unclaimed mortgage, JS7V1. No. 14 Weat StitiWi street. Suterb view of the Para and Hudson. Half on b??4. If wanted. THQ8. SCAN LAW. 10 Weat BlAtleth street. IflOR SALE? A DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE, 1 situated in the town of Wlltou. Conn., four mllee from Norwalk. and within three minute*' walk of the d*pot of the Danlmry and Norwalk Railroad, which connects wltk the New York and New haven It si ' road. conslstine of ? doub'e House, Stable and Outhouses, together with *0 aerea or Land Will be sold at a ba the jM-ejnlsesJor to CHARLES Ings, New York. FOR hALE-THE BLEOANT three story high stoop brick House 36 Wesl Foi-ty-iifth street, in perfect order ; immediate possess on. Pi-ti e ?15,0j0, free and clear. Apply ea the premieos, or of J. AUOUSTUS PAOE, 388 Broadway. I?OR BALK? A COUNTRY HOME, NEAR THE OITT, L oaly five miles from Pulton ferry; a beautiful Cottage, ouutatuio? eleven rooms. In perfect condition, wHh thro* acr?s of garden Tall of the choicest fruits, shrub* end flow, ers: and outbuildings, consisting of garde Bar a honae, stables, well, Ar. : located in a positively healthy ne ahborbood. In ' jbuM5Ba*.w?f 55%-v7 For balr.-city and country rebidbncb combined, oonslsttag of a splendid d*ubl? brtek bewa*. with all modern Improvements. eight lots of ground baaoll fully lal I out in flower and vegetable gardens, fruit l? abundance, brick stable, with henn*ry attached, situated an Washington avenne, Lafayette, Hfteen minute* by hers* car. from the Jer-ey City /errv. Must be a*ea to be aoora ciated. Inquire of 3. C. FOLJjl R M Warrea street, iPy", or C. A. FULLER, on th* premises. For sale-one or the Itost beautiful and productive Country Seau on the Iludaon. at Rhine beck, an old family residence, containing 174 acres, highly cultivated, well onder dr*ln*d, *mbraomg aaveral Tin* building sites besides ouo occupied by uianalon, naarly half a mile river fron', good landing deep water, with water grant to channel, affording on* or th* Mat l*eatloae on the rlv*r for an ice establliihmeut; mansion large, thorough ly built, of the best materials. mostly new, plana 70x12 , views of river extensive, mountain scenery Imports*, law a* and walks beautiful, shade trees In abundance, Trait la , variety, garden unsurpassed, a'tuatlun eminently healthy. A large part af the purchase may remain on mortgage Ap ply to FREEBORN GARHHTHON RhtnebeclrDuU h*e* count/, or to FRANCIS T. UARRKTTSON, M Wall street. New Yerk _ For sale-pretty cottaos house, with ux city t ots (11 rooms), M minutes' rid* from Twenty seventh street; good stable beautiful fruit, shnd* traes and shrub*; communication with ih* city every IS miant**, day and night Apply to HOMER MOROAN, No. 3 I'lae street I^OR BALE. AT TARRYTOWN-A FARM OF ABOUT F luo acres. It la under good cultivation, wall fenced, ptef aotlv situated. In a good neighborhood, with goad river ana Inland views; Is well calculated tor sabdlviaton, and will ba sold altogether or la parte. Price t&" per acre Terms favorable, For furthei nartie lars apply at U4 Slsth avenue, on and after Mondav, NOth nut. For sale or to let-a business place, at Sheepshead Bay, Lang Islaud, auout five mllee from the ally line of Nrooklvn, direetlv on tba shore. The place roalalna about two acres oi the b*at quail tv of land, with two bnlldlngs Uiesaon. The plaee awards great opportual tiee f*r finking, bathing, clammlag Ac., Will ba said law. Cars leave every few minutes from Fii'too and Catharine str?ei ferries, fare 19 oents. Possession immediately, Pnce (SOW. For partlooiare lni|Ulra of WILLIAM CONROY, ? Henry street. N*w York. ?0R SALE OR TO LET FURNISHED? IN THE VIL Isge of Babylon. L. I ,40 mllee from New T*rk by th* ig Island Railroad, a large double house. In eoap'et* or der, with three aoea of land, beautifully situated; the lal* residence of W. W Robblaa, deceased. The laada Include a Isrge garden, well stacked with fruit and vegetable', and all necessary outbuildings. This property will he aenlait fur nished, from June I to November I, fer $200. For Mrtleo lars apt ly to Dr. A O THOMPSON. Babylon, L I., or I* WM. M. BOBBIN'S, Sn Broadway. New York. For sale or leas b-yalu able dock proper. ty at Oreen[>olnt, oppoe te Fourieeath street, New York, ISO feet front on river by Son deep deep water aad right to pier out 3U6 feet. Inquire of PROVOST A FISH It R, Attorneys, corner of South Seven'h and First streets, WU lanisb iry, between 9 and 10 A. M. H~Ur>SON RIVE E> RO PB RTY~ FOR 8ALB OB eT change ~ u to 40 acre*, de ightf nily locate^ on the eaet bank of the Hudson, about half a mile above Sing King and commanding an expensive view of the river, north and south. Wil> sell low for rash or exchange for cilv propertv. App v le II. A. SPAFABD, 13 Wall stmt, NY, or 140 Rem sen street, Brooklyn. IH AVp. BOMK FIRST CLASS LAND8 IN IOWA, ALL or part of wh-rh I would like to exchange for good secondhand parlor or din ng room furniture Title to lead wairanisd. Ad lies' box 79sistleo L, New York. I JOCK COI NTT WISCONSIN LAND* FOR SALE BT J\. auction ?Will be Bold by nublie aoctlon. on fhm sday, the ^3<l day of June nest, iu the city of ,I*ne-?ill?. Back seonty. WI*e*o-ln, thirt^ eight hundred and forty (S><40> acres of the finest agricultural Lands ta the State. Ther are situated about teu ml'es from Janes' Die, sad adjoining the village of Footville, with tbe Belott and Madlsou Rsll? road running through th*m and the Milwaukee snd South, em Wtaronsru Ra,lro?l na their bor.l#- and are comaosed of about an e'|iial quant tv of heavy timber and prairie. They were selected for their present owner for Inveetment, nearly thirty years ago. a< tbe best lanas in all reepecta. In Keek Ouaty. and this county. It Is wall saown, la the earde* of wiacon in They will (?? sold In farm par ela. aad th* purchase money, less twenty or twenty Ave per cent, which must he paid In sash, may rem*. a >n mortgaga at seven per cent imerest, for eeven or tea tear*, executing timber lots wb'ch must bn sold for cash. There will be sold at the same time aad place, and la the tame manner, but wholly force-ill. twenty two hundred (2.2W; aire* of prime Lands In Marathon county, near the loam of Wanssn. seleeted aiiout eight years ago A mora eligible opportunity for farmers to secure meet deelrabl* farms or for thd inve?t mrnt of capital could not be oflered For further portico lar applr pereooHlly^r by letter, io Mr. DAWSON rbonlt Bank Wall etreat. New Tort, who will he in Jaeeswlll# ten nays before the saie take* place, to J R. PEASE Bsn. , rounseUer at law. Janesviila, or to Mr. JOHN HOWE, ea tbe property, at tootvtli*. BOY A HOUSE AND LOT ON tTO.JUU Qreenpolnt. L I. Hou-e nearly new. For paiticnlsraapp'y to If. s. ROWLAND. 119 Pearl street. ?^nnn*Ti?L ?nr A rA,|,| ?r imagers, in V'JiUuU South Oystar Bay, L. I.; A large bone*, barn and outbuildings, a great abundance of fruit; A pleaaaal lo cation. lymg a ear the railroad, on a main road, a few mllee from the shore. Free and clear Will take part eaah. (Ap ply at lit) Chatham street (o:4 number!, room 1 REMOVAL?. GEORiJB LBV IB. 4J7 BROOMB STHBBT, WILL RE m 've telM Biosdway abtmt the let of June. H^BMOTAL BY BUSINESS tXTEBSION W. DARTOIS has reraoved to Ml Broadway his Fran** jP tabllshmeut and stiAlsh sloe* of L^lea| Fren?h Tr mu^f* Among tbe Nove 'ieeof this season will he r^ad -roetn Ions and Habits a la Fraaoalse. selJ Tri ? MalnteaonA Bpasrte^ee dee peal SC5?SfrwaS?vsr ?gAin, If Applied ror moo, on Touts, Kaq.? Molly Balld

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