Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 31, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 31, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. M s:-4T, May 30-6 P M. There were a number Ol ruusurs lit the vtotnty or Wall ?t eel to day referring to the pnbibte action of r'ocre la ; rbuc The gov erunout, ll ap; ears, is like y aooa to exigence i. Unancial atr<s*, unices relief Is obtained I r>>ui the commercial rules, aud Ui.> m .inner In which iba tuuda are lo ba raised if eugrutsuig the alteuli >n of moneyed niua Various melbods have bten foreshadowed but nothing denuite, we believe, has yet been settled u|k>?. Tbeae rumors. (i>getbcr w ith the reports from I he arm r, tended to further uusuttlc the s.ock market and tdi] woiknoni to its iinbusiQ^ji liko ipjxitr auce. CmjAred with the highest oa^h sales at (bo Ural b<>ard on Saturday , New York Central declined S l>er ?ont, Frio Railway %, Krie preferred Hudson Kiver2'?, Heading 1^-, Michigan Central 5 >i, Michigan Southern l?i. Illinois Central 1 '< , V eveland and Pitts burg 1 , (ialeua and Chicago 2, * lncago and fl*>ck island 2>f, I'itUbutK and Port Vt'a> ue >?, Chicago aud Sorth western 2, Cumberland (oil 1. Quicksilver Mining and Marij-oiu V l>elawaro and Hudson Caiial rose 3 per cent lucre *u a better feeling prevailing In the afternoon. Ni?v< York Central closed at 1337?, Hudson River liti, I rle Kail road 114?^, Reading 14t??i Michigan Central 14S S. Michigan South -rn us, Illinois Central 129 S', Cleve I ind and Pittsburg 1U\ , Galena and Chic igo 139, Civic igo and Rock Island 114>?, Chicago, Durlmgton and (Juincy 127 S, Pitlstiurg and Fort Wayue 11G , Chicago and Northwestern 61, Qui ksilver Mining 74V aud Canton Companjr 4 2 >4. United States coupon 6's closed at 10G?;, and tho ono j-car ceriiflc.iics at 98 Nearly all govcruiueut securities were a fraction down. Another day or excitement was experienced at the gold csehnnf!*, and Tor a time the street in front was blocked up to a degree that demanded, it it did not recolve, the lit tout iou o. ihc police, lhe Uudeucy of tho mark. 'I was upward during the morning, and tho lAtuar g imMors ,or secession coteiie of the gold room, were in high glee over the prospect of the premium soon reaching their cher ished figure of one hundred <>er coat. II opeoed in the morning at 188, and before half-past twelve it touched ly'A, It then drooped a little but toe rebel sympathizers again rallied, and by half-past two they had forced it up ?o 194", , the hfgbapt point ycl attained, lbe premium men gradually dropped, as will be aeen by the following quotations, and c lotod rather dull at 10 o'clock A. M. . , .188 1:55 o'clock P. M.....1M',' 10 10 o ciocfc A. M....189 2 o'clock P il 193 10 l.i o'clock A U 188*4 2.15 o'clock P. M 192.V 10 40 o'clock A M....188** 2 26 o'clock P. M 191', II 25 o'clock A. M 189^ 2:27 o'cl ck P. J1 1U3'? 11 30 o'clock A. M .... 189 2:?0 o'clock P. M 194% 11 45 o Clock A. M .. 189 2:45 o'clock P. M 1?:> ' 12 o'clock M 189'i 3 06 o'clock P. M 193 '. 12 03 o clock P M .... 1 90 '4 3 10 o'clock P. M l?2'i 12 12 o'clock P. M ...HO1; 3:15 o'clnolc P. M ... . 191V 12:15 o clock P. II.... 101^ 3 20 oM? P. M. .. .190'i 12 30 0 clock P. M... 192 3:30 o'clock P. M 1'JO'," 1 o'cl ck P. M ...191V 3:45 o'clock P M 191 1.30 o'clock I*. II.... 191 Y% 4 30 o'clock P.U .191>j lha following is the report to-day from the Sub Trea sury ? Amount m ban* 921.331,419 lleceipts trom customs W5 UOM liom other sources 4,921 547 TOUI 126.398, 016 Payments 5,101,339 Balance *21.290,677 ?ubscriptl! as to 10 40 loan 17,000 The subecriptious to the ten-forty loan last weea reached the sum of $ti,057,2<0, und the whole amount now taken la 9<30,127,750. Wlian about half of this loan Is absorbed It will probably be sought after with 1 he e?;ne avidity that greeted the llve-lwenty bonds when osly a couple or millions of them rom.i ned to be taken. 80 great was the rash for the balance of that loan that buiore the announcement could be made, even by tele graph. to the country that it wis c osed, over ton millions of dollars were subscribe! In excess of the stipulated amount, and the 1 remtuM on the bonds immediately ran u,< three to tlvc per cent. Ibis will probably lie the case , with the two hundred miltton lo?u. The follow ing table stiows the totals of (he statements ! or tbeisporiated bnnks of this city at llie c'-mmer.eemcut ? of the pre.-cnl year, with those of lbe ten past weeks: ? j I.onnt. Spfci '. Ci citation . Beptti'i. Jan. 2.$174.7l4.4i>5 25.1al>35 6.1U3,:J31 140. 250 ,?.'?? Mar. 20. 19:-i.372,439 20 42"..5<J4 6,814.135 Itti,?.i5 904 April 2 . 203,993 131 19 627 660 .").7? ..ajS 171.1M.2U7 April 0. 204,333,192 2t?924,2i7 170.A13.0i9 iipril 16. 1UH.703.CVW 2\.'jS7,GTi) 5 779.450 16S.lnl.7Sl April 23. 196,2X6,723 24 JO* ,20:1 5.679, ->47 l?l '.i7S,I01 April 30 194, 157 ,495 24.087 343 5 026 #7 4 164 57S M9 Way 7. 192,??S1.246 23.0S2,')2S 594 S3J lA4..rM>2 197 May 14. 194,17(1.921 22.o3.'.,n.? 5.4?2.X'.7 174 420 682 May 21. UjJMM 23,t9l .".'l 5.367.3*6 173,111.884 May 28. 195,813,462 21,973,180 6,240,812 171,706,?96 ? lbe rarialictvi Trom the sialemenl of last week are as follows ? 1 l>ecre?se m loans. f 1,543,477 J'<Kreaje in specie 118,.' Wl I ecrease in ciicu'sfion. 126.543 ' l>ecrease in depc^ifs 1,341,188 j A despatrh from Wasbiugtou, p'ibll-hrd fo-dsy, slttes j that lbe government desift's Issntcc fl'iy to jereuty fl\e ' millions of bonds of tho loan ol 1^81. This is the loan into which the sever thirty Treasury notes ars to be funded, and the bonds new besr a premium in this nisr- 1 ket of fourtees aud a half per cent, ll should not be pre I sumed lhal (he Secrstsry of the Treasury will i?Mie these bot.d.? at par. Ue will cither solicit bids for llie whole 1 ?mouut be designs (0 offer or they will be Sold st the | market value from day to dsy, wbicli will probab'y ai do i time be less ihin 114. 1he earnings of the Cb: tgi ind N'oilhwrsterii Hal!- 1 road during (hs week ending on (be 21st of May were as ' fo'lows Week ending llay 21, 1*64 $40,934 Same time 10 1863 23. '.60 1 Increase *17,374 j The earnings of lbs Milwaukee aud Prairie dn cbieo 1 '.ail road during the third week la May were **/uilows:? Third week In May, 1S64 $13 i?t">,! tame time in 1S63 21.42-1 Increase (80 per cent) $lim 1 ?The receipts of the above road siu< e the 1st ol lauuary ? show sn ioerease over the earning* lor tbssim?(imt ? last year or $223,672. or about t.5 i>er cent. 4**rl?ftr ItoJofSU 3*U.cO. *Sj*rican h?cli. 10. .??>(>, ~.:v 1. 23,i20 Iteft urk C'ltjr biuL, Mitjr til. Banks. 1& ji;. .<>?'?<?. Virrvln'r. 6,n-yi 31 999 na;?i:a :su-> I4?,( 0.*. 27,417 1,234,947 ft;a i icv ?J.:, 91,: 99 5,142,0?rt 1 i,i 4,9 :6 lT,s:>fj:6 i,ui> in Atlantic l)rr*d?ay ... Dutch k Drar Hull k HMil CbemlcM. ... cbatbim .... City .... 4.171,461 (it /oil* 1,247,047 C\>ruiiiorc? .... Urn hicbange < onlluotita! . . . Urfomonwealli Iff ! ock . .. . F*<t P. vcr Vultno <>raaowlch .... Cixocar*' Hmover ..... Imp * Trader*' Irtrot JLaatber MauuF. Manhattan Hark, t Mario# llaau*. 4c Mercb W?lropo I tati Morcbama' Wacbaeica'.. Morctiaota' Kuh ,197 Mara k Trad. 1 M6.0<4 Mercantile .... 3,77* 247 Marl. Kk| Am n 1 698.M1I 1,494 443 863 11 2 062 Ml MS >42.434 47,i:,j 7;-\'.U4 lov.b : ~ Ni National New York Swrtti ? m*rica Nona Ktvac . . N. V. County <?o?ran < triaatal Vaik. I'aatfl. ...... laoptea.. fbatilt (Ufutiltc.. 8?vaoth Ward Baoa k leather Hate ti WkBolM. 1 radeamon n lata* 016,324 .*? 411 229 a,7jri,iav 312,441 8'4 T'.'l 1 40'. >7 1 714,019 i:: 2 ;.2i "Hi i,W?1,65S l .31W. Mi sfit tl* 9,97,906 2,377 475 1 ?73,<mJ I ftT".402 10,?JS? 772 10'-' 136 7.71'i,4H4 1 4.4 755 4,349,703 644 044 201,234 141. 902 412 676 151 hit) is:,iw 4 6,?4 232,471 170 v et ;>,io7 ei .7w 82 '.<57 466 4T? fco 37'.* :;u 019 12 :.:i? m4. '7 M ,003 2"* <166 s 1.0S2 inn *90 ry.fto 127 ,072 2. tit 1.729 2.742.21# 7,492.647 1.203,003 3 .fl.T2.UO0 103,664 1 341, UO 727.H60 2.011 934 4K649 10,9*5,677 1 601,741 1 .IS-. <44 4, .,70 .442 4 ? 17 ,447 1,774,692 3,141 HM) 6.616, 6H1 . 1 46i,4.v. 2 943 941 4.Hti*,ll40 62,964 21,100 143 45T 18,426 ?'93,471 114,916 47,376 193.162 2*0,029 '14'! 174.460 711,130 1 1 7 Oil 179,736 322 24? 121.<"6 1 , . 05 13;; rwi 26. 7 M lJ?.(J3."i 28, 114.4 > 44 I9< ;:2,6::i 6.739 104 >20 1 77 04J2 9v.lto 40 ?r,\j .'>4,944 71,418 147.340 2.1' 0 614 <!47 131.767 116.729 25 .029 209 *7* 6,244 17.124 6,807 21,761 6W.494 131 .?? 34,404 9* .244 107,4*9 16'' 947 344,449 94 Sll 15 474 26.133 29 OK 28,939 547, 043 43,934 60,907 3.14 *21 24,306 1 *)tl I . U /?. If. . . Ii,.:u?.',?j tt 6it.;7i'+ 1,e ...4t?; 6,s:4 :;itt 1 I 7 .\;it7 f 6.704.*, 2 1,62 .1.7 I 4 ,'*<) - ,433 1.1 >2. 2*9 9.3 54 431 2,t.7 l.tXJl 2. SO ? 3 M 2,61.' .733 49>.01u 646 *41 2 483,313 fi47,!li 476.031 1 ,431 946 3.:i47 s<>7 1.1 v. ,640 2 7ii0.' 43 6,2>0 ill 1 ,443,714 2,4 ??> 334 1 ,22 >,998 t'.,9i? 2?9 ?Ml 6, 19?,iii 1.444.667 1.669. 70! 3 684.031 l,74<,J-.0 2 ,*>42,444 1 .TOO ,9*2 4. M.l-4 2 949 02 1 1 ,23->.6*2 t J'\ : 4t 1,767,:. 7 7 463,626 10,762,724 1,729," 14 1 ,229 ,362 4,494.273 3.170,062 1 ,9 1 8 .600 2 972,620 ft, '202, '..-.3 1,410,144 2,116,267 4/480,222 Tot?) (195,813,442 21 .973,1895.249,412 17 L704,494 T?a Bt*9i!4aw? ai ra? Citaais.. Hor?? C'4ari?|9 far waak aad May 21 $tan 184,114 86 dn tit. 2" 4 tO ,972 I9(> 47 ?BtatM 9o dn (to. do. do do 21 24. 1? **0,286 42 17 139.'' 84 !0 U4 4 ?. rrg ?>? t'9 4' , 5 4'. aou ?? .. 4<??i 4? ?*?Vra7.n 10 %tA?i n UR4 a.l r'a* '"?rta ?M do T ?<9 *?< 6'? la? vora^RR 1'MR) * i?a i I 4 ? '. <w J'.f. 4 Ml ao*rt* 4 ??y ?'? 7 ?? ? r?i a 4' H ><<i -d a. '| ? I "> t ?i I ' I Wat. W mf| aalfl IW Mai * j a I at hi ?? ? lock Eiclianc Hi.vniv May "J'-IO 10 A 1 417', 100 an- Erie RH 197 1H" 10 .... . M do his l'?f? i?l <10 no. 100 Br (a i>raferr*4 (M , a>' lludaon RiTarKR 91V 199 do c 7?'4 10" d.. .... 71 I'D! do 54 4ix?i H i I Ri? BR aorip ,'4 70 Reading RR 111 4'J? do ... . 1.1 Wo do.... *7 <0- do.... ?r ?>' v h 8o a 4 i kh ?> M. I'** " '? Jf", ;!|b iivj 144^ l4;.' It.', 144^ 111 >?. , 97 4 J. ?. h.Olvte.k '*? l*>?lrti8o*IIICt4. }?N Sa-SM-K. takW *??" O.KK arrip M ? i < "" , KR ,,v. ?|^1 * l...<?-.n.U? MH WCIM JUM ?* ?? > ? ft- ?? b aim Ankb'iii'w Coal Ce. *> *1J do J"/ !;'j,,,"5.r.'..""a !'?. a?i*?ri? ?js? ? 13a,'!rtg:!r"SJ lliCi'iiake Tron Mines 12 "i? PlIU KtWACbi It* IJS , rW> W.?iwiuni:V?CoeH?e 6G ISO do ,,? , ? K) MartpotaMiniagCo <1 5S* iu) 2i>0 do bl$ JtMChl A N W RR ^ <#>> <l? 44'4 10 ? do ? jut Coti Coal Co of Md 75 500 do JO 4 .VI Con 4>*l Co of Pa 1? *)' Chi A N W RRvr,f SI IJi Pacific Mail 88 Co W tW do.... *7 Srt do tVX W?i do ?? J; >0 do .257 a>? Mar A Cm Im pref. 73 5S) ? V Central KB... IJS 100*41 A I'duC RK blfc 70 101 do lJ2-i 10) <10 ...... blS r.9\ MTKrieRR 113 101 Mls? A Mo RR ** SECOND BOARD. U*i riA?T T-vo 0 OtOc* P. M. ?70.XI r 8 6's 5 20 eou.. lo'.', SQu ?!?? Ilica2#cr?pb30 131 "oon do 106', *10 a? b? wok IMODIliN l \rcer. 98 *?> do I*), yvo i SMsa^ui 6'* 71 I1).' do 1* J flu T. n ?? **?<? ?a. 'fl) 57 10i do U*-, SOOOOOhio A Mlw c?r.. 54V. *0.1 do........... . lj?\ 500 alia Ceoion Co ... SO; Clevo i A 1 .Us RR.. 114 Mlluu'Ck'r Mm Co.... 75 200 do 1 1 * - ? 501 do 74V 8? do :.. k ,V>| do alO 74>J W) dn 114 i jnH T C?n IIR 183-? 1<? (Uiena A Chi RR.. NO Hud Riv RK 146 200 do........ 1J9 100 Kne R* 114 5.4) Cbie A R I RR Il?". Sll do ....114'.,' in<i Cfclc.HurAQii nHR. I -J, *00 do 114?-, StWPlH*. FlWAChlKR It? > :too do 114'! w<0 do 2-1 Reading RR. ....... 143^2 90U Chic A WW R It ?S *? Jff 143* i MO do ?'U SOOMIeliCen RR 145? 200 do.... .. .. . ?! :-'0O Mich Ko A N 1 BR.. 93 10.1 Ohio A N W RK pief 3t>j? lit) So A N I guar 142 OITT OOMMBRf llli RE POUT. Mojcdat, May 30 ? 8 P. M. A.<uk?.? Rocelpts, 10 bbl?. Market buoynnt , with ea'es of 60 bbla., at $9 76 for |x>tg and $12 50 a $13 for pearls. BurADSTDKni. ? Receipts, 20,188 bbls flour, 1,048 bbls. atd 21 bigB corn meal, 58,856 bushel* wheat, 7,300 do. rye, 12,448 do. malt and 128,821 do oat3. The market for State and Western floor closed full XOc bettor, with an Increased demand, chiefly for home consumption. The arrive Is were rather larger, but there was continued scarcity of some of the standard brands. Sales 18,008 bbls State and Western, 1,800 do. Southern and 1,700 do. Canadian, the market closing very strong, and with no sellers at tbe Inside prices Kyo flour was decidedly ' higher ami more active. Sales 1 500 bbls nt$7a$T 75 tbe latter, however, an extreme price. Corn meal was ! also firmer and scarce. Sales 800 bbls. , at $6 90 a $7 for Jersey and $7 2> a #7 40 lor Brandy wtue. Wo quote ? : SvnierCne state and Western flour f7 25 a 7 40 Extra "Hate 7 50 a 7 80 C bo toe State 7 05 a 7 70 : Common tu medium extra Western 7 55 a 7 75 ; K.xtra ronnd liooo Ohio., 7 P0 n 8 05 ? Western trade brsnds 8 10 a 0 50 ; Kxtra St Louts 8 20 a 11 00 Common to good .-out hern 7 80 a 8 20 Good to choice extra do 8 25 a 11 00 : Common Canadiau 7 35 a 7 C6 ' Cond to choice extra do 7 70 a 8 f>0 Rye flour, sunerflno 8 50 a 7 76 Corn meal, bbls 6 7o e 7 40 ? Corn meal, puncheons 33 00 a .13 60 i ?The receipts of whent were light snd the supply on i sale very small, snd prices advanced lc. a 2c , with an \ ae.tive business for oxport and on spcculsti-'n. The sales font up 215.000 bushels, part to arrive. i'C'tidtos Chicago spring at $1 r,2a$l fis, Milwaukee 84 a $1 69, in'enor red State, $168; amber sprint, fl 88 a $169; winter red Western, $1 TO a $1 78. and amber ilo.,$l 79 a $1 *0. Rye was sc:irre and held nt $1 55 a $1 l'0. and 1.200 1 bushels sold at the Inside price Corn was 2c. a 3c dearer, but not active, sales 27 .000 bushels, at|l 55 f. r new mixed : Western. and $1 5(J a $1 59 for old do. Oats were a rhade Urnier nnl in brisk demand: sales at 86c a 89c , including .TO.O'iO busliele Western, m store, at the inside price. ca?h . Barley and barley malt remained inactive; a sale of 2,000 bushels of the latter at $1 60. Corrox ?Market Arm, with galea of 1,S00 biles. We quote:? X O. <f Up'ttnii Hnrida Muhi'e. Tan'. Ordlna'jr {>? <tn :>7 97 Middling 107 107 108 10S Cno.1 middling 109 109 110 110 Middlinc fuir Ill 111 112 1M OotFhK w;ig quite active and a cood inquiry prevailed; sales of 300 bugs st. I omingo, in bond, on pi Ivate terms; also 100 do. at 37r.. mnstlv for export Cocoa.? 250 bajs ft Iiomingo were sold, mostly in bond, st 17c. KiiRiiiirni were d ill and for the most part nominal. In the ab?enee of business. To Liverpool, t er .steamer, 150 bilea cotton and 100 do. hemp '?d The uomiual r*tes for wheat by sailing vessels wore 6d a 7d. by American and neutral (lags, nnd nour Is. .Id. a Is. fd. "To l.ond n, per Auierxan^. *,000 bushel* wheat, 0\d . in buk; 100 lihds tobicco, 30s ; per liremen 100 bbls. flour. ?*s. ? a-.d per steamer, 1,000 birs eo!l'?* and 100 <:?>*'< indigo 40s.. and 6,010 lihds. staves at 60? To das ;ow. per ste n?er, 50 ilerccs 'aid at 30s l'o ttrl*t>d. i?r American , 75 hhd* tallow at 2s To Pre. men . per Hreiceo , 400 b%rrols shoepejs at 2s. A Russian b.?rk was chart -red with 21.000 bushels or whe it, at Us 4'^d. to fork Tor orders a I'ruFsisn bark, same voyage, clnrtered on the oilier side, on private term" an It .lian brig. 1,100 barrel* petroleum, from I'hiladelphii to Rot terdaoi.os 6d.* wa? <<t?ady, with sale* o' 2?0 hhds. I'orto Rico, at 04c. e98o. Psovisrojra ? Itecelpts 5,220 bbls. pork, .176 packages beef, 15?(lo cut meats, snd 917 do. lard The s;>ecu'a tion which his frerailed f?r some weeks iu pork contin uej todsy, when, owi.ig to the r.'io In rofj, somewhat ! hit-her price* were |ie-.i than tho?e qnot?d <m Ssturdsjr. ' lhe saie? were to some extent restrioie l by tbeextrnue views of holders. There was neverth"le s a lair busine.-* ?ton*, chleflv "D specuhthn, but in turt t ) till roatraois. The confluence of tbe dealers in the future c <nt nues un ahstel ivef was steady. Itacon continue 1 du't. Reef bams were quiet i ut m"*ts wrre in mo !er?te demiud and prtos tirm. I.srd was t airly active and prices were hither Rut'eranJ cheese wer* flrin. The sale* were ? Pork, 2 AM' bbls., *t $28 25 s $2s 50 for old mess. $."0 75 * t'A for new do. *2 5 2"- for new | rime, and $29 50 for 'hin mess; al*o T 000 bi?!s rev me**, tor lune d -liverr, ? seU''r?" option, -it f32, ^nd 5C0 do . saw delivery, h ij>rs" ' cptlon. at $32 0 Pee*? 3?!cs 6.000 bhls . at *15 a f n ;.o f' r plain kk, #19 a $2! 25 or cxlfa d'j. tut rncatg ? Sales of 2"0 oaekaijcii. at 11 ",e. a 12c. for shoulders, jiii! 15';c. for ircJde ' n?ms Bswi? Sile= <?r 115 boroisiioit ribbed midd'es. at 15'.c l.ard? Sates of 3,000 bb's and tierces, *t 14 ;e. a l*'4'c. for Vo. l.and 14 a 15 '4c. for fair to prime He in ketil* rendeied also io t Jo., for Jure. 16*^. I Pnr.01*' h. ? Eec*i|i4s 1 835 bb!?. The continued ri*e in goM had the ,,f m i ^ h dd?rs to rails their ; views ana n. snd Uiither price* were deinandc I (or bo.h crude and refh.ed bend at- <1 :ree I here w s a fair nc mand bjt the high prices demanded interfered with the tr*r.aictior?, wiitcb were mo?1erate comi>ri<ing -.bout 8,001 lib ?. c-ude 40 a 47 gravity. ?t 40r her*. 37 ';c in Philadelphia, *nd 41r. deliver <hl ? hero iu .lone, buj ei.s o-ition . ;t,2')0 do., leaned, In . at 62 ',c. a H4c., , on lhe *pot, *r.d s P"c., tor Jt:ne. 2,000 do , fre*. J ^t ???< c a 70c. foi I:^bt strsw to whi'e, and 72>* (or a choice brand o( iirime white. Benzine na nomina'. Itwr was n?let. with saie* of l,".',o bags Ran^oou, in l*o_ ?J , ou n; irate tcrius sn ks ?Market dull, with *ales of 25 b*cs <ini*poro I epp^r. In tmod, at 20c . 30 do pimento at :>5c. . and 15 C4>i-ia on private terms. <; ? b , ?1 he D2 rKCt W*s ins' iive and prices were a Irlr.e iojvr la'es 0: T.'? nlnl* Cuba muscorado <25 hhils. ol hu h were iu bond, at 11 ,c.il7c.. and 15 > bhd*. nnd 20 at 17 ',c a IS 4c. Tai low was finu and 10 talr. request; sales 100,000 bs.. at 14e. ? 14 ',c lor good to prime WtlirtfT.? Receipts 1.057 bbls. Maiket Arm. with -n'as of 3,000 bWs. . at >1 30 a $1 32 SHIPPING NEWS. alMinae r?a Tn?? rn<* oar ?C!? DlfU ?Ml KOdJi nun* . .. morn 1 M m'.n ??T* . . 7 -A i Mil. II w?T*? .... eve 5 09 Part of New York. May 10, 1*04. CLKARKD. Ship Varrirm. IHg.Mn* Han Iranoia-o? W T Coleman A Cn. B* i k ijucen of me Saa? (Brs Bo?t, Sliangbaa? K HMaa Bark Be* 'Br*. Duncan. Havre? Boyil A Hlnckn K rk Pv oz Oacar ( -'ere .OVri Anl" erp? Knnrli, Meln'-ke I * W-n<?. Hark Ann A Al oe Hr M< Co:in?I Antw<rn? W F Scbruljl i A Co. It i ? Avon > Hr . t.'vkiiart, 8' .luhti. NB? D H D?wn t. Bark It B Walker, Itayne . Philadelphia? Killer A llongb t I! Ra-k D1117. ff jm??. Bo-' .n ? K r B A Co Baik Aberdeen, Cochran. Boa'un? R I' Buck A Co Bug Ida Abboti illr) Cooper. st Tboniaa? WhitniOM A j Co. Brig Amelia (Br . Dunr, Po< 1 Med w XT? Maltlanil, Phelpa ! A Co. Bi tg I.aura 1 Bi l^ang'J orne ita'l aT? 1> R De>?olf, Brig keok? Brj, B no-. Il< iU ? It R Ilewolf. Kchr.l H 8'MftiTBHI (Brv Tbnmi? <n st John, N B-.P 1 j Nerlua A Son. Se'ir Dnka of NaweM'H (Bi Fln>y. Si John NB? A Bniltlx-ra A S lir.t Bitlti . I.> ont. Furtreai Monroe-F.f Campbell *clir K Mavin. Cook. AUuaudrla ? M B?del' "ckr 1 .*parka li mtn, Waahinfton? B K Bma'l A Co KokrJ Itrkarsoa. Sleight Hkli .more? Baker A l>ajrton. S.'b r 8 U Ml e Lit' Imm Her m? A C lla*?na. Srir Raw Ha>en Olavar, I'bllade pbia? II B Racket! k H >11 Hchr Ct >?>. I'h inner. Botlon? Renl ej, Bmlth A Ca. t)"ltr I aion. l'o?', Boatoa--.! r Haviland Hrhr Umti' if. Uuraav. Ware htm. S>amar F 1 ?dwal:ader. I'earaon, Baltimore Scatter C.CunWo' k Drake, Philadelphia. ARRIVED Bleamalup C,;? of Baltimore (Rr).f Mlrebouee Liverpool. May Id, anu queenaiown I :??>? . ft .'ft I'M. wltn nadaeanfl 1.17 pal en^rra. ?$ .loi.a <i I>a:e ln??. M PM. "0 Fainet, ?aw lieiua lp Koinbuif hence for Llroipo-'l, .'ttb at i> I'l CM, lat <4 40 ion 47 Am -hip Kae*iamM?u. i>o md W 7 >? PV, a Fr hark b-vm.l K, ?liow.n?' No? 7?li ' I dlkt pdt : iMtb, al noon, lal VI 1ft. m* Br ?lup l ann* Keirlt, 7 IS I'M, Am l<ark Annapo ia-b <ll> Uonn l R .M;b, < ?'? A >1 lat 41 10, Ian 40 JO, itaam bi;< 1 itf uf Man h'l ? ? r nance for Liverpool , al noon, aaw a !nra ti??a*Mp botu<<l I n.pp?aa<l to be una of 'be National Oo> ?b in u 49 III and il loa #1 11} U, aair .teerral an<al> Ichrg Blaaniablo Kn^ar tBr). M?)r. Mec^i-nnl, M*.?17, via {JntDaalA^ IWIi. nltn intae ani VI p^wafara. t# ? Cu Mnl Idlh Inat. ? AM aaw ?'?atnablp Moroooa , t> 10 A M . abip Virtorj. (orReefeTark. 24l'i, a no?n an Inmaa al?am er kound K, Alb, 7 AM I*' 41 1', lou 4.i t?, Am alii u II og ley, bound W. Rte?inahii> Havana. 'ttMne, Be ? Ur>ana Mar 21, andjle Bar 'wheV^abe waa lf> bp n agr > uid' r.'d, r|a MarafflT 4 dava an>l >' hoiira '1Mb, 11 AM 1, wnh mlae and ptayn^eia. to Thf>? Aa -ei.elo A Co 2S4 lo-'l. aaw atoairaulu Ma'aa/ia. an I ak p Orahaiua Collet-, ifr.lng 'i? t'te rlrar St?a M"rrHna<- (tl $ tfanavort) ^a npaon, New Or If-ana aad ib? BaM'e?4tl n4i? an ! paaatrngar* tu I" 9 tertnaaier s ea t'abif 1. aaaandra : l' S ' HoMawa*. Mew "r i?a i? Ma? ti 4 1 tli itl'i ar 1 >a.#e>w*'4, i> I; B ynar ei tuao ?r B'aaraaiiin I nr< ?? V i* M Pen an 1. with md4a and pa??n|r.? t* ? U r- ?mwV'l M W<? 1,1 ! njt '* ' ' .*"?? Iimi 1-^ 4'.' 4a a ? 1 n ??i l? .nl in 1 > iaT A B 1|? a i a > .. . /it, , Se^i.Ak, U uya ' with so?ar. to N??m tfc A Sons ttth '??I, olT Del iware, ! ? tale fro:n NK ami ?''ifi?.t a?ri:n. I Bark tlnntrnsry (Bri Chip nan. l.on-1>n Igda?s " J md*e. I ? t: L WruM Had 11/ h ?v wiu a mo t of ps?s?c<'; | ha* Iwfn 21 ihvi *V if I ti ?? H mas. Bart Pre Kin (Jlri, iicutt ArJ'M nn 4U >)?/>-, with j4if iron to Bo?d 4 Hlnckru 1 III) Ink , Ial 42 42. Ion 51. aiw ? latr' frf |<V* BsrX Junto fllaai). 7 wanrh. Cant IT. ;.J da * with ????*! ?o orilor. lTiti iu?l ial 11 i i. luu GJ, aaw a lar^a t?crtar ale.uimr, ?itm??oe.| ><o io<l K. Bark Ann* k Charlotte, Toffjuaeti Cardiff. 5) da; ?. ?#? coal, to or.!rr. H irk I*aii uurcli Samhlri (Dut"UV !*'<>?. Rotterdam. 4',',a*?. with nvWe. to Be'il, Vmi l.-ili#. at % (To. ITlli mat. Ial 43 Ion 22, spoke abip l?out<-a. 41 day* Dow Itu Janeiro I "i" Qtirbec It ir* volunteer (of Botttu). Gorh xra, Wraaina.'Varc'i )>. flt' April 9. wl'b Irnil. to order lllh In at. la' V? V> Ion fift :tt, apnk* I'rus I ark Johanna Martin. from ft .Mm. Nit, IMh Ial tO OG, ion '3 MI, Bus bsrfc Oatterlna 17 <l.iv* from Ma' ?n /a* for Crpnsta II ; I'iiIi. dnrln ? a thick fo; and ralm. w as in contact. w'UU silir Belle of Boston, ?o l carried a>v?? lioVtaya, startod cutwater. .to; the tchr wra? ilia>i.'jr damaged. ftark flea Roiteer. Jbtvno, Mosiina, 61 Jay ? with 'mil, <o Mn'llnr, Iiord A Qierran Bark vr:in* fof i ur.tcoaV Alk'ii??o Ouraena Marl-, wtih a* it. to .1 Kmilt.-i' S-i'i<! 2.1lh 'nat. tat V J', lou 72 -V ??'? a Hr ' lockade runner (propeller). bo'inil W Bark .lohn Or ffin (Krl Olissr, liostou, 10 da,vs, for M* tannic. I'm In for me.Hc?< awUMJh're. Bi it; Christina Mnna i DuUUj. Dmlroer. Rio Janeiro 60 data with roTee. tn Win Salem * Co Hr:? v_ariA Louisa fl[nn>. Semmolhack, MontorWeo 7(1 data. with 4nd<*( oril<*r. Brie NorWrt'on , *0 font Las^on*. 31 Jat?, with roflVe. ?tf> Ristn? A Co llnrk Hesperus . Itrl. Waj?>V, Ma'glK**, 14 Jays. Willi *'i g-ir t" lolin Ho n! 'D ? Sin. Brig Maple* (Brl Ke'ddim; JrWti. 21 >1 a a Willi mo!** ses, to T .'nnies. '.7tU Inat, lit 33 k*. ion 72 27. saw l<ri? Sa i rali I'elera. liontut !t. Krle flen , w (Tlr> WtUon , Cardenaa, 12 dayii, W'll? siii.'?r, In II l; R .nvna A t o. Uric i.ucieiia. Wa lace, CienfuMoa, 2Kl?vs wUlLiiigar. to CAIt MVtrr*. Benr Kriuuts i Rr\ O'DotikVi. nrpyt Hvn, Sir. 80 nan wl"i lilileit. to Krs Morrla Uitli Inat. k.iw a t>nrk asliore on ll?c W mil of I'll ha (, ap'Anlono Light tearing Nil. with a para standinc, appnroiH'v iifit 'out r,n Srhr lleliul -h ( Hoi), Sl-al, 13 daya, wllh lionrv to It M Rioniar A Kdirr, Srhr (' <; It i Rr), Ffatiff, Port Anionic. .Ta, 89 ilava with roHrr, In A II Solo on. ljtth Ir.nt Ui 20 23, ion 73 6i, BpdkC tttu: AlTlue X* Jat? fcpnre f.otCiil a ^ Itrhr llnlitla < v r>. Hai'Mrlr, An oyp. 21 days, with sngar. tn P T1*?>i '* A-Sn' ' Sclir J A Woc lli^iuse. Tlio-raa. Ragua. Mojr IS. Willi mo hiRsen. In .1 R B;ici n SUI in r? \Wth bavlcs Tjinpllgl'lrr, and Pilot Kisli, furRoatant Yo?i?ka> i Br1?fut> Now Vurk IHlh mat. Ial 23 3J. Ion 7'.' 4*1. apokr ?ehr Orrnn Rmtpr for !tr mriliia; 2Ut, iat VS0I Ion 79 40, waa board from US rimi 1>o:il riolenB, rrnlsinir. nnd received li-llpra; same <l?y ??' \ brlc Viola, of Dundee, bound up thndulf. Itth. lat 2lt. Ion 77 Dm. apohe I S tunliimt Vtck-sburg, Unund Si 2Cth. Ial 3G SI. Ion 74 41, *aw bark lontc. bound H. Srhr Hpra* f Br*, TrSaV. VHttthor. MS, 12 dar?. with plii ter, to It Prwolf. Prlir -i K Doii.heriv. Smith. J', rt Ro *1. Sdkya, Srhr D S IT llia*nv Chamberlalit. t:?ori>#town, 4 <!??? Srhr I.amarllne Johnson. Philadelphia for New Bedford. Schr W MrOobb. Ohlpnian. Bangor, 10 daya. Srhr Marletla flcrhitm. Harwieti. Schr Senator. Faulkner. Iioalon. | Scl^r Olivo Branck. lllgKins N aw Bedford, *ohrS \T Ponder, PWHtpa. Tatiolon for AltMn/. rlir Perfert, f*oo iib1i. rrorlal'nra. I Srlir.T Nelson. Nelson, Bridceport. Srhr R Thomas. Dean. Brldtaport. Schr I'nion Po I. Rondont r.r Boitrtn. Steamer. I Thompson. Oundlir. Baltimore. Steaniri Saren. times. PhiladoUibia. flteamer Dnvld I'llev. Phillip*. Philadelphia. Steamer M Masaey. Smllh. Philadelphia. Btoamcr AlnM. Llnnejr, Pnl'adelphia. BFXOVf. Brlc Isahella TTunter. Two barks and two brigs, unknown. SAIf.ED. 20th? Sleamera President. Paiapaeo, Ohaa Thomas: ships W'Jard gtioen. Baltimore, Melbourne; aokra R Fowler. W O Irlah. Wauponsa. John Twa jr. Wind at sunset SW. Miscellaneous. Pur er .1 ? FuerUs. of thaeteemeblp Ravan*. from New ? ** * !Uran? w"> P'e-ee accept our (bank, for full le* of papori aud v?1u?bie prloe* currant from tbote cilie* ;? ' J?" ??5ir V.u ^ V.W*?XVa. D and owned br Falei * Co, Ko ion 1 IB ,ow? Al ? Hmp IikMarik? Ka??l. Aiwll 2*? French *Md Tie M>ri? from New York for Havre which put tn here AmilS S!C\-' ! as been condemned, her timben being rotten p"19,?*k>' topi'rtle.'i^fbt'.^!^ ?Ar*i5"lford' v5"*?! i"??- ?>m been .old term*. lU1,c,t'' for lhe merchant eo-ivlce. on private Bl*on. from New York. at (lihraltar wa he?S??K p'e? ApTf?***1 * P*rt d"flng ? is? c&?; r?^ra,ino.n,,S ^ s8?i?, he .of l^in; tt?!Ju j m ab"nd,^n ihe S2.,*? ^ I wfthr?ar^r^rf- ?&h^ir?tenfsr ^okport ..bore on Hog'a Bar),. Wro'et ^^'ful. of w'.Ve,""4 Tn&wXlh?w'^~lo"?rr72r nZ~ y"k" "1" 'tr* o,r &SSS^^B?SSiS onT? ireT,Hh >U^h .2^ffV'^;;r^ f?. bbhTnT* r^rt ,h'lt wwtsi-S^-ssa fr*S'.,eni of a ve-ei ? n,m,-B?l? ?j-, e *>""<??> ?!<? m ,|g r?n?I pai1< b?mr, with mm* ! ilt'u.';ioolng ,'?nld ,M! ?"* ^^^.'?' o7'hV?dtnt;r^ J , _ Notice to Mariners. f.i?nT?o. hb Orru r. l9Ce.l?r*r. N>-, y?rk y,T m Iwu all i!C? i4,lnrn " Robb'"? ?'?'?'? X.i?btho?.o hHnr w M ,? h?. ' br " new onr-' Maatliead J.en. l.anfern will !>? .hq?, I ... t' e ?"?tittjii.e until (he work f? completed. j 1 1 Kf-L, L8N. r.ftrbrhotiftf rfi?jeo?r -3d dM. I viLV ','"sur,-1 of the *c!ir Nlnefta. at Provldeac* from Vew I i t". # Bearer Tail Llchlhonte went w?. n1.?:",; !V" "?.c nck ? Siturda* nlfM lait aad * n '' "-''WHsl UF toSo Clock oa Sunday morning WKKCK1* III* *|il*TOI. V . ? , ? . /?Witt Hnr?r. l.n^oo*. Maw 1.1 twt< ? i .? * "? 'by ?Iven thai a i"!r?en Huov. nia<ken whii ilia word \\ ro, V," baahecn la d ?il fathom. a '? - * - '"fi J"u r ,!"i Worm' ilr? H 'he Bristol Channel ? L .u JT "In" 'alhom* at low water ?rr!nr tidea ?a i? fojowtn* mark* and rori.paif beartnm ? ' Ho* llr ctnire!., N bv K';K wearing. ? Port!. Finon Head. SK bv r'4F, dintant 2?.10mllM Worml fJeaU SyW?. W (tutint 2 In ,?|le?! I ne mast of Hie ?\re'"k sUnnnst liw water By or ,*r- F H BERTH OX. Secretarr. Whalemen. f >cei nV a 'ta bvic i.eon*ida " " ' "'d f'0n8 U# :Mh fo'' AtUnllc '.'?l k "* p-'ead. ?M ,'r .m \>iv J ond.,n I'tU for IIo ?? Wiott'-e n a wba'jnj rovas? t.> S Parin^ p,nne er'- xewb"r'- ?m e?HsS^V5S;V?n?S? "" ",okpn M>rch r? Spoken, dir. 'i? nP2T,M!?'.'- r?*? Cf.r Ban Fran i.r Md near nat* e n'.C, " "W " ("eforo r'pa""1 ??"'? e.^,Vi,rM,Meu,!T4;ni T'nM* ff0W C*n,,fr for S?n Fr?" loBht?* 8h*k*S*re* lrj " f?r New Tork, May 7. !al l?, L.rerpoo. ea, fat IS ?i 18 Jljr* rron> ?"*'?? f"r Lo?n.^ if J v"i7, n!r c.*rtefd,*' ,!#t!** ror 4 Koreltrn Pert*. ? d'? N Z. Matrb S-Arr Trt. ate. Sewell s?n Tran ciacoand O'.eo. rrau An aoro. Mar ?? In oort toll? Adelt.hi, for NTork dt In t.r*?t. .Mar 16? Arr Sorte, XYor*. n? i?roi. <|M|i. *ar 17? *tr I'Mndualtlr. Kvnne Work Ru-a*t>(M WtrJI- *rr brlta fa?o>it Trindle >ewYork "ape l#'insil. K-a'p. P'. tM-tf.hla: shin I Mo? , merr Hamilton, fall*". S;d i.h. a. |.r Ti Wi iia>i'? Th. t". deipbii.'"1* br'8 AI'r*-!? H I'Hila rkl'l(- S&I iT.Arr Mar "rei a, ?owrr and R-,a* mmtd. N York : loth. Ktm car . I%ven>sn to (|tto> Ma* ,~Arr P. rla. Helm. MVork . Ma l.-MI Anr?i,i!a ?. char ??. .VV?rr for an"'NY?Kk ' Kn|1"r'" >'Oit an I'riB e JT-JTr " r **>*? *? > c Fot, Roea. P inland 1'Hga Mary I, tbon.; on tn'riiiher Ke- M". ?? .1 \v<-ai T.. e i!l\ f?V P^f.r,t , l'!l'? """ '?t d?U pbui : 'jtsttb H JettuMr * VTnJ"' P' ** Por ^ MiViJIh"?.'.?-": ;V*r ,'"r A?rr ' r ? "h firV Kohl. Work XI I l?th. brig* Para ion II atcn: K1 noch. PhHadeli.Ua. Ut Ma; 17? On. *.,.er?-lT 1'a ei., rah.. pi *t , Ma 17? Arr B. rvin ?. I.ou. r... and aid f r NYerk ^ DfttM, Ma |ti_on. H von Kiandt. Ree'.nif. ir?'.i !\ V.ipk for Antwerp. * " Fot.Kr-roxr. Ma. Ifi-O" n r. ^iwailnr Rover f #. , MsraH'eafori fonatalt: I7tb Charlotte W White cijlffn from < allao to Autwr^p. " John'TJ^rNWftviJ^iV' 5tT g,Mr F!,,?W(f- NVork 17fli. 16? SUi Artel. NcDoboiI], ffVork mifi Hoi ? ita* < i TaR. Vav I?? In l or'.bilc 4i -o Rren. Van l*e. i from Meteelllea sri S.h. f.r N.? "ibST^WViW; b*t ft .fn?|ir*r. I?ii ti t i rout Sen- Vork). M .i't una PiVrmA (are Mleoeil 1.1(1,1. W wind Mnca 7tb. rm0 '?i '?oa. Mar I.'? Art t'n'eo. I?o.|ern and Tlntree R <? NYorb. Cordelia> PMUdelpb'a "P"*?. ? *? be'lii'iir1 P r< ,hl,> Vorlck"' fr0D' Mel llavHt. Mav It? Sid Frega llellbe, KYi.rtt ? II anal H'. Mav IS- Arr ?aioi. a (*i Irantinann VTork IlBt.rotT. Ma* 14? Arr Ueotea W llfett! Phllad-'Shli. Ilanai an. May 16? Mid Kn.ttia l?e , Wa'er- N1m k I!a^ an j. May K"?Aff 'fHiUfr K^ttfr Serta, Jt York hrlaa I'm. o Kr.,|r,a pVr ' land, JJd, ""_! ?? Kfed, ?n<l 0!1I> .min nn flti i, Hat^h do Anna Mmh fflol;. \ ant. ek'U|( Bo.|oa Kll .laksna, Tl^C^Lo*rt.fc4Li:ett <Brl- "??' ?iVo'? = I Rid ;M, til(f haftii Ceetine. Ha k? . a p, rt north ef "?:<? 7*:*!' Nr|? -**ll Rr)! Rtown NT?irk Y'lra Uelier), Ma l.j-\ri Coortd, A,f.'t?Kv.TVJf Vrstoker. KYerki n" . 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JtVork. ? ?",1 Bsifli l IV- An Dirigo H - tctt .>t . Liverpool; 17th, Ocean Hello llarrlaon, Bombai In |e-il Ma.r'.i MO, ntr.g. R jckmlneier, for 1'nited King dotn. d* Ms|> t r0 dodi. M*tAb**'> *t?i li>?i? wr\ fr. tg 1 hoe Tvrull'T hoi^i ?w ' from and for New Haven. iu.i air; ash? A Treat, Kenaart. for <1i> row dx \ ?? n'f Am vease a. Miumm Mav ! i? Arr >m> k Marr Bentley Clark Key *'?: t'4 brk ft P Brown. Whalev Carden?a KM MKh, ? brig ? > C l' ?r . Pj ki-r Koa'on nuhrs A F. Wi lard. Crow ? lev Hovso. .1 W Vunneman Sharn. Holmes' Hole, 'ilat, I lir K? ?! M carver. P?n limit Ha II nara; I I'ollcdn (Br), Marulak, >?<l ?n i HI. bait KroliaMte. Norton. ?Twin 1 ?chr 1'raato, lat'hrop. do. ? Km'i'ORT Mnv 1 1? Sl<1 Carrie Bell. Taylor NYork. Oihiiii, lla ? Arr Auiauda. Eilzeu. NYork. 5tU, North Point Nl'kerm-n. iln riU'iiutKN May 1*? Off, ( >?\r Vna dar Bteene, from NTork for Am* r-v I'ai.k mo. k?i * ? Arr birka Fury Kay. Ha'ta; Zephyr, Sm'ill. Halt*. KM 7th h?r'< ar1o<to fltkl). Lanro. NYork KorrKHMAM. May II? CM Min?r.-a Vob OnMueroo, Boaloa. H-ivayi Ma" r>? Ave L o-i?n? Take, Naidea. Ht II ? i.k\ 4. Marah ?>? Arr Alice Tai uler, Barnab , Bhaaf liae (and aid for Liver '-ni l Saoim. M<?> II- Arr b ?* O Mntthews, Ma'thews, Carde naa I Ih, Nab-i'a lleans.inaa Kmal . do: IHIU. Alice Mamie (rtr> P ne Philadelphia; 2Wt. achr F (1 Koight (Br), Ileus Havana. Slit I7ll>. Imrka Lamn'ichter, Marrl*, Itoatoa ; l#th, Pilot Kieli, Ijnok, NYork; VanekVe fWri, taw, and Hilda (l)an), V e? en, do; 2tHV Yumnri. Ander.ti?o, and 1 F ttpencar, 8;pea?er da; Aim ra C umin IMikvater Ho?tou. < lo port 30th. hark Vi ton, for NVn-k 7 or * davs. rfr J (in n. Nil May 2D? A r Wij l'" Muuro, New York. Bid 'lOih, nolir ''asifnn. NYork VoKO'iam, M ir li 1 ?In port bark Maryl-nd, Bnckroln ?l'?r. tnb> sold at an lino I9.h. brt>; Mary Oapen, Abbott, tiom Sliaiuhae arr Sth, diu Am?(luait Porta. BOSTON Mayan IMI ? 0 ' Hm ks lismmll. ficrr* Havana an I lukt; Mol na. Kvl ". 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Mar 27? C| | achr A V Howe, F. ilN, Waalif'inlon. CA8TINK, Mav lit? Arr ^hit> Anatralla Ranklii. tire* pool. I) 1(1 II TON, M-.I 2-t-Sl 1 brW Volaul PO^e. Phi a.Mnlia; ecbra 3 Bll?<i. llato'i. do: Paithfnl, Peter.' n, and Martha Ann. Rarrent. Ni-w York. K AHTI'OItT? Old brig Trenton. Atherlon. Philadelohla. KIiIikWORTII, V.ay 21? Cld Yjlant, C'ouiuia, Now York HAST ORFK^VfrOH. Mav Sl-S'd from Baker'* Land tnor. -chrlaa'-el Alberto, looker NVork K VLL KIVIvR, May !* ? Arr ac'.irs Wm U Deunia, Lake, Phlla lelplila: Thnma* Porter, Ttaekett. do. ObOUCF.gTKK, May 2. -Arr achr Mary (Mark. Olaaey, Philaieljibja HOtVHff HOLK. *af 27, P *-<r?brl;a Man?oiM. Tar Ion, Mavasuat, P ft. for Portland : Kronl'ei. L'Mlefleld, fieor*elown, 1)0, Ti>r do; achr< Oeein Traveller. Newball: Wm Crawford. Haffdon, and Kullnn Bradler. Bnltimore for lloalon ; O il Thomnaon, Calala. for New York; ?' B Allen, Caae, Nanliifltet for Piiliadelplili.. Sid brl a Cb'c >pee and Relief; arlira Deborah Jonaa, Samuel Caatner, Mary P Hud goo and Jana N Baker. Mar J*? Arr aehr Ophir. tJrana, Port RenoMt, Md, for Bowdo'nhaia SldbrlyaJ Meana. Manila*, Yarfto. Adeima, Manrnni. Pi-ootler: aoSra !9 M WykY?l-.* C?M, Isabel. KftiO CarlelQO Elisa WUli|m(, While Foam, William Oresorf, J C Baxter. RtrharJ Tluiltip^in OaHand. Jaaou Chtloe. .lame - 11 Stroup M A Kliropdilre. Cnli orn ( Br). C Ii ller riok, Med ford Ida L Howard, Knl?ht Mara Hill. Minne haha. Kendrirk Fish, Byr.anilinn Adalioe, Ocean Trate'lor, William Crawford Fi.Uon D P. .1 B Alleu. Onlilr NANTI'OKJST. Mav tft? Sid achrv.TlY. Oh-e-man, Phila d'-lu'la : Daniel W cbsiar, I?ofell. NVork; 77tli, Joaae B Allenrcaa*. Pupailei ph la . NEW HAVKW, May 49? trr bn<(< Nnevltaa, Wrifht. Ma yaruez; i'rederlo KiifetiS, Crockett. Ita timore; aenra Mi randa. Dill. Mnyarne*. PR; Sarah Elizabeth Smith NYork; Itergea. Klrbv, Baltimore: P K Ilrad/. Variin, Bll/abeth port: 8 P Oodwio. Hobble, do; Wm Perm, Rhodea. do; Quaker City. Newton, do; C lladdeit Forbea, do; Neptune. Kondln, Trenton; F.di ton, , Rlirabetbpori; Mary M Bralnard. Clark, do; Iaaar Merrl't. Unci, son ; Hi/a .laae. Doane: Lewi* Caw, Rrofleld; kloona Phenix, ftheuark; Hen ry. Ilubbell. Kll -atx-thporti Luey \Ya<liinstnn, Davia. PHir.ADBI.PHIA? May 2". P M-Arr K iq Abb dt Law renoe. Culler. Bo ton; aokr Wm Arthur. Haaklll, Portland; arr yesterday, bark Oak. Ryder. 7 dnya Irom Boston, nllh nidae to Twel'a A Co. Cld achr* Anna B Hayes, F .-.her, I'rovttieuce; Mary llaiev, llalev. Koatan: K Rnelitli. Somera, dn; aohrs Carrol', MehalYer, Newport K (i Porter. Towasan-I. Boston; .1 Wll'lamson, ,lr, Wlasmore, do; ,1 C Baker. Jones. Kaeo; A C lleevo*, Toun:. Providence; llomp, Rl?h, Rmburv; II Mauton. Cruwell Breton: Polly Price. Adama do; A J Itu^nell, (lode*. Neivoort; R Sea man. Seaman.. Salem; Hudsiu, (Jrl'Uu, Newburyport; Boston Mrnwej; Prov'den -e PROYIDBNCE. Mav 2<? Arr atra Sea Gull, Kenuay, N York; Tellcan. Wald"n. NYo-k; W'irrlor. Molt, NYork; achra.Iaa Martin. Hardlne. fleorcetown; K iltloiore. Frank. Baltimore; I C lluavon. Matlila. Baltimore; l.onlaa W Rirdaall. Trlbble Baltimore; J B .lohuaon. Smith, I'hilade'. ihla; Rlrliard Law. York, Phlladatphla for Pawtuckel : Alithia, Jones Eli/aliat!i|ioi L CM M:hra Adelaide. C'roweH, fij'ad'IpMa: J Ooodane'd Clark NYork ; S.unnel Na h, Thoittprin; W*I-a-"J, Xl> rston, nnd Now Regtilna, Crowson, do. May 29? Arratnm CinglUVer. N/a. aTork; Osuraf. AM rich. NYork; aslira Mary ralterou, Oulfrey. Pniiadelp la; Joscrhlnc. Waterbury. Philadelphia for I'au-luckel ; Sea Ranger. Wlg?ln.?, Delaware Citv; C II llal'ort. Petty. Rl'/a betliport; Eva. Northrup, Flirahe'h|iort: Ariadne. Kuhin son, EliifAliet'iport: Snccesa Klaiiard-. l'.li/al>ethport; Tren. ton. Martin. Kli/abet'iport; H K Duaton. Sherman New ark; CUa^e Mils Itondnitl; Vernai ion, Davis. Port Ewen; Aiuar ca. Revnoid*. NTot k: H S Barue*, Doane. VfTorL; Aatelo|>e, Morton. NYork; Conr. Kelle>'. NYork; Mary K I'ahe'.h, Cba?e. N Tork; Moael'e, You >g. N fork; aluop tVnmeioe. Tyle^. Ell/aheik|>ort. Sid arlira Allan Dowulng. Rica. Tliiladeiphia; Mary k Pearson. Cochran; S?waa?ett. Hope", and II Curlia. Ma kell do; L O Foster, Kldridge Roval Oak. Benson; FINha Holmes, Ilall, and En n e, Kinnler. New Tork; Meile ?,; Petrel, Sears, S'laiuer, Sraltb. and Knxanna B irler. Anatin. do; Ori'lon. Kliodea; P. Spiagne, Uibbs. and Pointer. Nichols, Naw York. ROCKLAND. May 21? At s.~1?'k Qentlle. Oatahell. New York; Ll/rtc. Clover, do. Sid Stl, schr Mabel Hall, Ilall, NYork. KOMHRSET. May 2*? Arr schr Art 'st, Forrester, Amboy, N l WAREnAM. May 28? Sid aehra Helen Mar. Wine-, New York: 2"'h. J M Hav Ie?, Thompson, do; D S Ives. Cobb, and Monitor, Hesse, do SITUATIONS UAKTKD-FKMALKS. A SITUATION WANTKD-BT AN EXPERIENCED woman. ai cook and laundre". Call a'. 2tt Went 26th it A SITUATION WASTED-BI A (.ERMaN PRO testant girl, to do tkanaberwork. Apptv at :SI.1 Eait 13th at , betweer^are". B and C. la the rear, firm I'oor. Abespectahi.e cirl wishes a biti ation. tedo general homework io a email fairrflv: good ref eranne Can be aeen f.> r two daya at itd WeeCKd at, be twer? 9tb and loth area. A situation wanted-as I H?HRKR?AIR AM) waMreaa. or to do srn?ral Lo'i-'-work. in a tmall family: coo, I Hit refereti<-?. Call at 157 Court at.. Brooklyn-, in Iks-bat more. Tor two 'Iey>. ? ACTUATION WAHTEO-TO DO ORNERAL HOUSE work, m a anall faaarflr; mideratanil* cooking. waohrng and lron*a(. Call at 3?*) Be<anrey at . la tl a rear, for two ilajr*. ? TOONO WOMAN WISTIES A srtUATION A8 .\ nnrae and aeaiaatr'-aa; has no obi>'rtl-<u to ge in the comity;! ranaljie of cutting aud fiulu* for children, beat of ctt> reference. Can l>e aeen at >-4 Win JOtli at. a SITUATION WANTUD?-BT A RKsPECTABLE ;\ Tonne leoaian. a? co k in a iraa'l family; I a< no ob jeiilnu ta go to tbe country. Ceil at 7V Vandam at . In the ?tore. . 1 M rt: A 1ION W.?NTKT>-RT V RKDI'H'I'iKM A \oung girl, e? <-?ok. waalier and Ironer >ii i >nul pr. ?*te fartii* : <an si' i" Koi!l r t? refereree. Cell at iMWeet 27th at. V'wfn . tn aa 1 7th *???. , \n".sr clash coos wants a situation in a hotel or rea'virant. Real refetenee can b.? glv? n Can lie eeem for two <la) * a- hi fffit l?<tli -t. In the VTO0 Nil tiliKMAN liiKI, WANTS A SITI ATION AS tirat c'a-a ?'ititreaa or f' a u mo.i .1 no uh r ln>* lo a nla're ,n the c.-otitrj-. City referenda. Call at ||;> Weal 2Cth ?t . rear 7th *v. a SITftTtON W*NrF.D-RT A respbctabtib voona Ctrl, a< cham'wrmaM ami war rem or chainb r ii aid and fir i rate plain *>?er- w.jn'd ha ? e no on :e<-tton to (?k? ea-e of eblMren, Call at 142 1st It at., near 3d av. . far twotlftja 4. SITUATION WA.N/ED-HT A YOUN'C WOMAN. AS ?et nma ; bat j aix week* old (Jail at t~ Waah IrC -n ?? ___ \ VOl NO OIRL WFRIIEB A SITUATION AS SRAM \ >t wi. uni'iT* ami* ilre-amacinit anaaunk as ln d iM'i ?? allies ami w iUI wall ' ? a la<iy. < a. at 3> Weal K'tU ?t. a SITI AT! ON WANTED-HT A YOt'NO CIRf. AS eh mbertnal.l a?d lo a?alat * -be <i e or rhl ilrrn o to help In tin-. -radian and rrnint iiaa th?i heat of Ci'? relerfiice. Can be *#e., at IS It " n|ton ar t OREdSMAKKR WisHE9 WORK BY THE MONTH ,~\ M a private Tamil ? ? ? !'ifc| la a?eeae<t" n? r IwoelilUlreu: ha? no -b r; tlon to fi to tUt atinlry; oan fit anil i t lajl". a- i eiii ilren-* <ire-?e?: haa the l,a*t of citv reference*. Can be irn at !>j We?t ;?t'' ?t * SITUATION WANTFt?-BT A RRSPRC IABI.K ;\ n 'in.ii. lO'.cdk. Kmli ami frV). < all !oi twit d*> ? at Urt Ka?t .'it La:. IN AMEBIC \N LAUt W!<UK- lOOET THE PI.AIX ewintn' a (ew pi ?a c femlllet . nee ;ly ami yii. i'r ei<eutei|. t a. on oi a ?iew llr?. !?te'n, T* EUlrldje at., roe .ii No A COMPHTEXT BEAMSTRKKS WtM- A SITI'ATIOB; ?\ MB-.Iei ? and* tut; mint fi'tliic la I'm an I eh idre.a'a drea*e?. no ob ? n u totrtit n a iaJ< ma Hula g n . cliy raferea c* Ca ' at 77 Weat I9tb ?t. A SITt'ATION W AN IEP ? B\ * RESPRCTAILB OfBft. J% aan ir-e can ilo |i aln aa?iri(. I aa lived e (hi yenra in that ci|)?c(lT ; haa <o I t'ty ralerence: na ohjei t. in lo iha oo ntry A|>pi> at 45 ! tali ar A SITUATION WtNTED-if A RK9PRRTAR I.B yo"?u *ir . aa cbainhe' niaoi and to taVe rata ?<( a ch id . Mat ot cltv refereme. Can b< aeen fo two ila ? at .19 Weat 1Mb at. A SITUATION WASTKD-RV A TOUXO C1RU AS wa ire?* and c>BTber.)iald . ia wiling to go in the oonBtr.' for ilia ? imattr. Call at Mt Id are., firat ffaor, hai k r?m. A SITUATION WANTBB-BT A BESI'RCT ARI,B to ng girl, lo de housework, ia a "ma;i fa i?i: haa no obje !ona ta tie eoantry, baa the hfai nr clly relaran'e iron erlaai p|a>? Call at ?.S8 Wan Ktli -I , between fth ?ad imh are*. _____ I ASirU*TION WAN'TED-BT A TOUNtl WOMAN. AS lanadreea Or chambermaid, and to do In* <*a?li,?t; thoranghly uailrrcanda 'Idlng np flna miialia> ami I're'nTi (liitlna, g' od ''ity reiereaea giren. can l?e aeen uatil fnlted at !? Bank at , beiw en Hieecker and 4th at*. ABBSrRcTtKI P. WOMAN. WHO HAS BERN OPT aa !aundret< in ibe beat of famllhMt w abe? to?Mn? ladlai' or geat amea waahlng Call at or addreaa a9Ktn ar. . A SITl AtlOK WANTED-BT A BtSPKCTABI.E A TOitng woman, n* ehaajbermaid can aaal?t with waal, nig and Ironing. can he aern for twe daje at SiVAtb ar , in tin a tore. ARRSI-RrtABLR W OMAN WANTi A RITUATION In a prl ate fann yi l? a tood eool an I a good waahcr and Ironer; haa the bea! of <-ltf re'ereai-e can be aeen fot twe dara at 199 fca?t ^Sd at., between let and 2d are ABESPBCTAHLE TOl'Nd UtRr. WISIIE-* A Rill' atlon a* ' bamliermald and waltreae. hae no nh,ectl u to ge la the co-ia'rr cau b? ??en for two daia at her present e-nnioyer e. fli Beat llth at. VRKSI'Ei TABItR VOl NO WOMAN WIHIIRS A SiT Matlon it a jirlrate family. i? a good i-aok. flrai ae waafeei mi ! irea*i U*'i He aBen far two da >* la CarltuNi gr three ?? o?? * 'Jli'Av*' " 'RJ P?ct**: *V ? imfunomr wARTEO-raMtLM. Ayouko film- wisnss a situation as nursk aa .t lo do plaia tawUs*. or aa chambermaid ; liu vi yars' rttr refervnoe from bar taat cplayw. Ob It at IM Vwi 3*d at A TOO Ma HEALTUT MABBIED WOMAN. HAVINO lost her child, ia an&tou* tOfb'Min a child to wet nunc; tha brat of city ro'etenae can be giien. Apply at 1*7 (ww number) or M (old number) West ltd at. A SITUATION W ANTED? BY A TOl'NO OIRL. TO CO to Washington a* nuraa or chambermaid. Addroaa for one weok Aaua Derow, bo* l?9 Herald oftloa. I ARRSI'Rt 'TARLE YOCN3 WOMANWIS It B8 A StTUA , Utn u> do cliambei work and mind children; ia a UCSU <awy. Call at S9T, corner of Bleecker and Bank att. ^ Ayovno woman wants a situation to tab* car? '4 children aad aaar. or to do o masbarwoek aad light waabiu*. C*a 1* aeen at ber prewnt plane. 41 Went l .Lh at. Would like to ga with a famuy to Calitorma or K? rope, ACTUATION WANTKD-BV A RBSP8CTABLB young woman to da up stairs mrk and general hattae * amali fainllv. Call at 801 TtK a?r., between 40tb and 41 at ?i a A OIRL W ARTS A SITUATION AA CHAM BRUM AID aad ? a tres?, ar to do platu .-awing; food city refer enoe. Call #t 2.15 8th are. A TIDT PROTESTANT OIRL. LATKLT LANDED, /V withe< a situation In a small i r raid faintly ta da general houaowotk #r would likn to do chamberwork a*4 m nd ch '.<ir?a. CaU for three Jay . at HI Ka-t 19th at. A RESPECTABLE OIRL. WITH TUB BK8T Of referwieca la desirous of procuring a Mtuat on In a re^nn table family. Tan do all Wind tif work, either down stair* ar up alalra. Apply at I S3 J'.nt iTth at.. Ar t Uoor. AS KIRST CLASS COOK? SITUATION WANTED* BT a rhap'CUtiie pers"u. iu a private family. Ua? the best of cl'.y rerercnce. Call tor !-*o Jay* ai 'ft west Ski at. AS PIRST CLASS WAITRESS? SITUATION WANTED, by a competent young woman. willing to gain the country for Mte summer. Wie foe*' of city reference bo piven. Can be seen at her pronant employer's, ho. 76 Eaal lid I. A TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AR /A chanibnrmsld and to aaalat with the washing nnl Iron liiR lias gool recommendation from btr lilt plac?; Is willing and obliging: wlahes lo go to the country for tha mium or Cull this day at 197 3d ar*., between 31st and-32d six., id tlie bakery. i ? ? i SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE young clrl, as waitress. Can giro the rev be it of city reuoe. Oau be seen at 196 Sa av? . between I6(h and st?. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION In a r*<pe<-ui> e private family aa oharaberinaid: can do One washing mid ironing; ean saw goo I; wou'd have no Objection lo go lo the country for (ho summer mouths; liaa good rtTeren c; can be seen till suited at SU East 10th at, lo| Uoor, front room. A SITUATION WANTRD-AS BEAMSTRRSS; CAN eul ami IU chililren'a rireaaai; end da all ktmla of fami ly sawing; win do a.liU'n clinmiter-roik If required; cap baa to grown chi dren. Apply at No. 6 Kast HU? at. . A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE A toons woman &9 wwher an1 ironar, or as cook fnl wtlh (lie wa^'ng; !iv| both etty and coutrtry reference! bft aTiJom e:: ts i!;? S.iufiifTrr be saen at 18s Isl a>'., second floor, float room, between M** I 1 1th sts*, for tiro daya. A SITUATION WANTED-AS NURSE, BT AN BNQ. lisli Prot-'vtlant wa uan. tboraughly eiperlenoed in the < arc and management of young children; coinpeiunt to take the entire charge of an infant; ean glre unexceptinuab'e citv rufer^ncc. Can bo aeen at 1M West 35th at., between Bioadwav and 7tb ar. _____ AHEhPRCTAHLB TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A hi nation as chambermaid and to assist wtlh tlm wash inc. inrl ironing, or as waitraas; two veara' reference from I ar last j?' ace Call at 424 Bast 40th st , coruer 3d are., sea ond floor front. A SITUATION WANTBO-TO DO CtlAMBEi'.WORfC A. and wait ng md to take care of a baby; gaol city refe rence. Ca l at tl Woodier t-t. lor two days. A ARESrEOTABLB TOUNO WOMAN WARTS A SiTU atl*n aa chambermaid and to awl-t ? itlt Uie waslilrg and ironing; will do pla'n eoolc'tig if required: good refe rence. Can be -eeii at Iter present emp'oyer's, 318 West '/2>1 al . between 8th anil 9tU avca., for two daya. A SITUATION WANTBO-ItT A BESPECTARLR young womaa. a> oliambermaid and nlain a?anslro-s nr chambermaid u nd waitress. Call at5U> U'tli ar. . between list aud 4 "d -t ABKSPRCTAni.E TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU atlon aa Keamatre s in a revprctalile family, or to da cUauberwork; is willing logo a *>hotl d ataiwc iu tlieoouu. try. Call for trro da> J at 117 Uit?! Br ad way. A SITUATION WANTF.D-BV A RKSPKCTABLK WO man, ai aiirae; ean tak? the onlire charge of a baby from iia birth. Caa be eon at bar present Bilutlion, 2tf West !(Kb si. SITUATION W A NTKO ? B V A VdU.Vll WOMAN TO __ do general houaework iu a ama'l family; Itailhebe-A of city reference. Can lie aeen for one dsr at 2<4 We t IS' hat. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A SMART. TIDT OIRI., to do the h<?Ti?e vnrk <?f a amstl ramity. or wo ild like to do up alairs tvurk and atlrnil children. Can l?e aeau for two daya at 1<M I.aurens 1,1, n^?jl?nalon, ia the store. ARBSl'P.CTABLE Toino ?IRI. wants a situ a Hon to take eare of children: is kind and obliging Ca't a 39i> 7th ar.. between SJd and ata.. In ihe atora. AREHPEOTABLP. WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as nur -a aad lo do p alii aewlsg; la oapabla of taking care of an Infant from its b r(h: oi" to do cliambei n ork aud Tiia washing and Iron'ng: no olilertf .it t.. the eountr*. Ap p'r for iw.i uars at 4!. Jacob'a fauor store, 1S03 1 ave., be tween IMh aad I7ih ata City referenrs. A SITUATION W ANTEO ? BT A COMPBTKNT laundre-aaml cbamberma d; liaagvntf cliy re I a re nee. ('an I s seen lor two da' a at I'M 29th at., l?etween 3d and 4th are*. a STBADV VOnNO (JIUI, WANT.-I A BITt'ATlON AS cl:?nbermald ami wa'tre-s; the beat ef cil* reTerent* can l>e tlvi'n. Call *t Til lai a v., Aral floor, fronvrennt ARESPeCTABf^ WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION a* rook ; n<> oi>?ev!!?f> I ? the oo'iutrv. (food reffemira will begivon. Apply mt 41 Madison St.. first floor. A OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHILD'S NURSB, or t* take eare ofgrowtBg ' hlldrea and ?tw. Left la?t E are on a<?onnt of tbwlanrly going to Eitrape. Call M 134 tat 'I'd at, near ."M ?*. A RKSPECTABLN f;T;irMA7l OIRL WANTS A SITU .'\ ation n? ass slant in' a familv; nnderst inds dre* mak iag;ean also take cur* i-r eh dren, Ac.: nook, waofa and hoa. I'a'l at 131 Clinton at'., <rt the drug store. A SITUATION WAKTRD?BY AN BNOLISH trOOK; Jl no ob (fct on to go a ?-lir>; t d -taaca ia the count' y; will cook for a pi irate b oardinz home, or cook, wash and iron' In a -.nta!! orlv:ite fam'Ty. Tbe best reference. Cal > at .MO I'eari at. corner or t entre. aecairtJ flaor, back loom, for two' da? ?. AICKSI'FCTAPN K OIRL WI&I7KS A SITUATION AS good pia u eook. warier and in*?r. Tha beat of c tr reference can be gircn Iro n her last o'aea. Apt>lyat32S SM at., I?e:?een la' and '.'d ava. flrsfflaor, front room. * TOUNO WOMAN W t NTS A SITIATI?N AS : - * wMtreaa or cHainiwtnald and seamairess. Baa over | tbia* yeatu' refei-enea. Call al 3i'l 3d ar? Ural floor. I 4 RESPTcT * HIE i;IKL WISHES A SITUATION IN . J\ a prlv*ie fam!:? : 'a a E?a I ?'iok ,in<ta Urst el*- a washer j and Ironei ?; or wou'd <lo limieowork In' a *ma!l family. Is ' we 1 rrrommeniled Call at 31 West If?h si. 4 fflTUATfOK WAMTtU? TO rOO? WiJU ' * 'i> ?i<j? i; o ob 'iion t?> to t?? ts * ' ' AND ?td ar. iw, d ,ori I| oin 4;w \>a t<-?H wry. Ca.l at 6Kg A *k^heVaB.V*au?B as". \?,^T' ? HKTW"r^ TiTTvo ence. ffM a: >?7? jrf 0 * fl"'<Irait s nar ?. (;ooJ rtftr. \ SITUATION. AK 1NP*N l"S Nl RSE. WANTED-BT a i'lOteMsat woman of ioug exiier enee n tha napac tt . I- aocu?lon ei| i i liriaglni; them up liy I. and. and Irmiich alts'be I I > cb Mien: be?t ISkt'niouiala as to c^aracar ainl cat i* city, tis lie aeen unt I sultrd at '.'33 We?i Hih at . near Vtb a?. t H4T(IV*40N WANTRD-BV A BESPBCT A BliB .V young woman, who * a goo<l plan rook .washer aud roner; op mi- ;hree re?ra' ieferenoe from her last place. Call at l.'fi We t 13, h ? lietween ftih and 7tU an, t -roviv WISHRS A SITUATION AS CHAMSER J\ piaul an.I to .to fln? ws?liiiig or pi a .i ?ew inr : no oh ee |on to go to the ' o talrf. S'treaia' ref? renoe from her taaiplwa Cal: or i wodara M 224 West ITth St SITUATION WANTE0-BT VMv??. Av WAITKP. i er*:t','l? liH bus nes? t.oro uhly sad ean g re the cliy r.'f,'r<m.? CAH at Mr. Naey'f gwtery, corner of 2Ttt ?t and Mil ar. V SITUATION W V N I'KIl? B V A PROTMSTANT OIRL \ a- nnr^ and ( lain ewer, or as chambermaid. Cal! a 491 fb It ar., i at ne:' "f Wlh ?t. t R1 HI'KI rASLli WIDOW, WITH ONB I Hll,l>. A * ri fo r yea ~s of age, ?> iahe? * all lailon In ty or r<>' i ni r > , aa > a ? iea? nr irir?e; ? oonifortah'e home mare ot mi o\>,"ct ibbn w nirrn a i?pi . *i her present eni I ,i'tei ? IS L't'llow teira'e, West JXd st. 1 UUI OK KiPINEMRNT WISHES A~Slff AtToN J\ a? iea'1'r I" a adi or housekeeper fur |?-r?on? of we&li >i as ' retnemmtb Addreaa Mrs u^ui-. -'atn^wh'n and ?l eie an mi'r' lew ean be bad. araiTOi D B.l'le Hotltr, A >IT A 'in bflit ot ( \BESPRf r^BLE TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A alt nlon a* eook, washer and Ir nar , has the b?s' ot city reference, fan he ?-en at 147 West 27lli st. A SITUATION WAM EM-BT A RRSPECTABLR i IRL to dn chs ntier* e ? and a-sls1 In ->a?lilu? and Iron, mm. or to at* csre d! "luldren an<i ss-lsl In chameerworif 4'ountry preferred, t'au be ?een ai her prea?ni i mp.oyer'a 13V Vast llth st , for two dais a YouNu Woman wishes a siti atiiw as J\ goi'oek; a n IMin* to a.-lst la the w*-hl?f and- Iron ?ng . ns onp'Ctlon to ha<oitSlry: good . itt reference. Can be -e?n fbr two ihi * st SI Marlon St., in the tea . \YOfM. WOMAN WAMTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermaid and to da hne washing or aa lannrlre a, has no ob a, lion to elit or enanfr: the '>est of referetoe. ? all for two days at 3T.1 ?lh ar. eerond floor, iraal to -in i SITUATION Wa>TF.d-HV a KrsPBCTASLB \ wuman. In a prlva.e samilr. a- good ceek anil to ass at. In i ha waahmr and Ironing; ha- ft re rears' refei eiv e from her iss' race: is wiling ta go In the i on n try Cal. at lid * eai l?th ?t i'"#m No. 4 v S1TI 4TION Wa\TED-?T A COMPETENT filBL. ,'\ as cHamberfi'aid ann plain sever; nndat siands Whee et A Wilsons -ewlng inacltines: or as < Mid s nurse; under stands the esre af c.hildr'n: wruld ha?a no oh)?H!on to the countr- tha I -eat of teferanees be had tell fai two day at ISA Kast /?tn st. >econd float frant to ie AVOUNO WOMAN IS DRSinOt'S OI OBTAIMNO a sit nation as gnsil rook, washer and Ironer the he?: of ct(? reference ean be had from her last p ace. Uafl a .'If Baat i3d - ARESPBCTABLB voun<? wo*** wishes a sit uail n as aeAo.slreta or to assist in chsmberwoi k an>t ? i sing. fa:i st 1T2 BIi>abelh St., twodoors fmin Hleecker. A SITUATION W ANTBD? is PIRgr CLtAB COO* In a hoarding house; no ob.eelinn logo ash" t dl? lauee In the >o iiiirr; snod ie'#renca Irani .ail plat r i't ? ? l 23-' Mwideriy st? in Ihe rea . Asiti atios W ASTRD-HT A RKNPKl tajii.e . young woman as eiismhernts I sn<l wmres-; ha* so obieelton lo go t# the i^iinttr, < ? for two da s at 370 Vandsm St., n tha rem A SITUATION W a NTED-BT 4 RBSPBCTABLE M\B I te-1 w 011*11 as we n"ae, w|i0 lias lo.l her own h*hy* g.sod rt'y refetenee; niobj^etlbn I' "ie Oi,tint. y Ca'l ?at '?-? ly. ? ?* '? b* , '""t 1 l'?' t NOTATIONS WANTED-PKMAI.KN. A HIOOIIIIMORD gkriian n females want aituatiooa a* cook* cbambermaida sad lanadreaeea. annH, girl* for general housework Ac at Hn. LOIfK'H Cleruiai) Institute, IT Btauloo at. near the Bowery. ^ AYOUBfl wo*vn wants A BITFATION AH cook and lnundress. or aa chambermaid an I to a?si>l with the washing and ironing, good rtlv rofereuoa Kivea , u? oh Jcction to go In the country. Cm be aeon (or two day ? at nor preaeot place 179 Ma<lmoa are., come of MUa at. AN ASSISTANT UOUBEKEEPEB OH COMPANMN'I ait > at. on wauted? by a middle aged Amcr.cau womaa, ha* bee? living mau> ?eara in one of the first faml ies m thla cur flood references Call lor two days at 1Q| Weil 1 4th at., from 10 lilt 1 o'clock. A PROTEST A NT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and aramatrt'ti or chambermaid and Puree; oo objections to the country. Call at I til Wrat 17th at. A SITUATION AS KIRST CLASS WAITRRS8, IM A J\ private family, lyr t?H alio perfectly tinderataud* her business In alt ita branchee: beet elf reference. Can be k-ru at 23.' 01 it uv . uear 1Mb at. A SITUATION WANTED? AS CHAMBERMAID. CALL at lilt Ttli a v., iu the tear, A SITUATION WANTKD-HV A RKSPBCTARWI youtw ttlrl, aa fust cla^a we trees and c hambermaid: best of city refeiouce. Inquire at ltfl Bast 31ti? at., first Km r. ; ''It ABEAMSTBK8S W A NTH A 8ITUATION-UNDRR mauds dreasoiakin:: and all kind" of eewiug. Apply at fclSIOtli at., below 7lli ar. ACTUATION WANTKD-A8 SALESWOMAN, BY A ' thoroii^ly Mmp-t?nt |ier*o*r; wall ao-piainted with I ices, trimming*, embroideries, millinery and fancy ^oids, ?i'C.i,.? French nnd I iicltsh. tiitoxceptiotiab'e tefereucce. Addiesi V. A. Johns, slat mi K A^COMPKTKMT .18 A M STilKftfl ? WHO UNDER stand* dtt-ss 'Making an Jail kinds ef Dim Iv wwnj. de aires s sitastwTii a private fhtnily; gool ri^reaee. Ad dress 12ti Jt!i at.. Clinton | >1 tee. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SIT nation, m lv;:idre?s : lias no objections to the c-onnliv; th ? be*t "f rtJkience. Can l? aeeu for two days At iJti .ld nv., entrance in I4t!i at. A SITUATION. WANTED? BV A YOUNG WOMAN OK excellent character to lake care 6f two chlMfen; do ob jection te leave ling. C'a'l at lo8 3d a". A lady wis'ues TO OBTAIN A SITUATION POR A respectable middle ngerf wormrn as cook In a private faeiilv: na objection tvito into Ihaoouuuy, city reftrcucea. Ca'l at 72 Ea t 23d at. A COMPETENT WOMAN WLSIiKS A SITUATION AS cook in a 'Tat clam family; understands soup*, meats, game and desserts; 1* a good baker of bread and nastry; K<x>d reference front Uer last p'a^a. Call at 7i Wrat 20tu at. A SITU \TION WANTRD-BY A TO UNO OIRI,. AH cliamberm il l and waltreM, or would do the house work of a small private family K \VlTTtr?(f nu f nlillj; n;; Kood referencra Riven. Call for two daya at 153 West JIMh st., between 7th and tfth a*^.. In the rear. AYOOO OIRI. WANTS ? SITUATION IN A ptlrato family, aa nurse nod ecaustrtae ; c?a out anil (H children's drei-cs. Apply at A SITUATION WANTRO-BY A YQVNO WOJIAN. ma '-liii 'reu s nurse; a'ie is capable of iakinCcVarga *t . an Infattt from Its birth; ha* Ilted eight years In her |n'if gaiut ivi W??I 2 j?'? ?<? A81TCAT10N WANTED-B* A ^tS^BCTABLB yoitns woman, aa chambcrmald and wiltreaa; W#uld asslal in the washing and Iroulng. C^u be seen for IWi daya at her lunt place. 137 West 49th st. AYOUNt; GIRL WVN1S A SITUATION AS CHAM bermald. C i.l for two Java at 315 Illcka st , near De Rraw. S.'Uth Brooklyn. ASItT.VTIOX WANTBO-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, to tl<> chamherwork an I s*wiog, or to cook, waah and i raa In a small prirate family : no objection to the oountry. 'three years' cty reference Can be seen tor two daya at 249 77c a*, corner of 2'H!i ?t. ARBSPEC'TAHr.R flTRL DESIRR8 A SITCATIOIf In a genteel family as chambermaid er unrse. or would do genera: lion ework in a small family Q .o lre I eretice I com her last <>Iace Ca'l at 90 Atlantic St.. Brook Jvn. ? ?" ' CtOOK AND WAITRESS SITUATIONS WANTBD -A adv losring town for the summer desires to ohtala Kituat nns for two servant*? one aa cook, the other as o'.ians bern a d and waitre**. Apply on Monday and Tuesday at 1S3 Amity at., Brooklyn. (COLORED WOMAH AS NURSR. WELL E1CPB J riente I, would like a sittisttnn Inquire at 247 Thomp son st . coruer of 4th. at Tim*', Tor two days. Hot SRIWBI'KR -A WIDOW LADY OF Ml 11108 ?st rcjpcoabilitf would lake a posit on aa hoti-ekceper, e ther w th or without her daughter, who would beoraa* a stance >n *. \t 04 and rar oua other household dnties: are fullv rapa te AdJiess or apply to Mrs. M.. 109 2d ar Refe rence* exchanged. SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUR? girl; food reference. Apply at 473 Broome st , room ? Situation WANrKD-BY a tocno amkricav girl, to do rliamberwork a?d aewltiT or take rare of growing cHi:dren. No objections to the enuntrv for the aut* mer. References tf required. Call at 447 3d av. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A KESPHCTABLB OIBIa, O aa cook, good washer Mil troaer; has the beet af oHr reference, t'ail at 393 racltt.- st., rear curt. QITUATTOjI WANTBD-BT A PROTESTANT WOMAN, n to take charge of ?in*!J children; Is hone t and faithful, ttad opernteson Wliee'er t Wilson's marhhie. Can fee see* at her present employer's, M Irving plaee. SIIT.tTIONS TANTED-?Y TWO YOUNO WO 14 BIT. ?neeki-eek, wa<her and noner, the other a* chamber maid and waitress; la witling te ssst*t with the washiM; lieal i 'tv referenue. Call at IWWeat 25th si., between 9ta and 9th sn ea w 81TUATICR* WANTBD? TO CfWK, WASH AND I ROB. tlood cite relereaoea. Cal. at 7'J Atlantc at.. Brjoklyta, SITCATION WaNTED-BY A RBBPBCTABLI TOUBO gir', as '???sTwhr'ititlri or rhl'dren's nur-e Ooedelly reference C* I *t d> West Uth St.. tM the baseaant. SITUATION WANTKD? AS HOTBL C04IK BY A sj>ei tab'e woiMin; tinderetands her Stistaaas thoroughly, both meat and pteelrf; i? capali'a of cnoklng ter saav On* class hotel in the wumnr. Apply at BB?BLC'B. Stl 4th ar SITUATIONS W A.4TRD? FOR A l.tmR NUSIBKHOP feum ft servants, cotttpe aot te d? anjr ef the dilTerVBt brani hea ef housework ia private fami ler. boarding ho*iaea or hotels. Watering ptacn. atwnaaer boueee, Ac., auppileB with everv deacription of help, both male astl female. Ap plv at thn Large Employment House, oomer 0th ar. aa# 1 lib st. ' f ?> SITUtTION WANTED*? BY A BBSPECTARLE OIRL? a* eeamstrcse sad cbarnbermald ; haa a Wheeler A tftt sub machine Apply at 2^7 West 27Ut st SITt'AT16N?l WANTBl??-BY TWO GIRI/B; onb a? ^ki ; p aia - ook washer and traaer; the other aeebam oermaid and eraltreae: wo I'd'bo h do tbe wortoof a smalt itml y: bo.h have tbe best nf city referenoe*. Call at MY 7th ave , between S4th and 5MSat-. WANTKD-Bf A KESPBC#ABLB YOUNO OIHL A ?X nation as good cook, in- a small private frailly, or would do ehamberwork aud aaslot In the washing aad {rea lm; ucterstand* her btiaineae. Ilaa pood city reference. Oat 1 1 mr two daveat 183 Baal luth ef. BT NI'RSE -WANTBD. BY A RF.8PKI TABUS ?man, a situation a* net aurae. Loet her iMth f three month* old. Apply at I?4 Laurens st. WA*riSD-A SITUATION, BY A YOCNO WOMAN. an "Sambertnaid and plain sewe'-. ar to ilo wa t ag and astisl with waaniUK and iron ag; w|U be found willlag aad obd^ing; beat city reference Iron Jaer last p ace. Caa ha aeen at 1 1^ 7th ar., between I7tli an- 1 14th ate. rir ANTBB-A srri 'ATION. BT a COMPETENT YOUBO VT noinui. aa nurse aod aeamatre**, to go In tbe country for Iheaii'nnier wits a family. City reference. Inqti'reat 1(2 9 it St.. between ,t<l and 4th a vs. WABTED-A SITUATION A^ CHILD S NURSE ; MAS c ty rsfrrcticss; would de p'aia sawing. Call at Mi ? 111 ST. WANTBD-A SITUATION AS PLAIN took. IS Wil li UK t" he p <?a n aad iron; c ty refereaee Initrre ta tbe store .'Si-tiib nr. VI* ANTKIV? GENTLEMEN S OB FAMILIES' WA8IIINU *? und Ironing. I<v a reapet table woman having lately lost her bus' and. Call at 111 West 31st ?t., betweeolih and 7th ava.. far tine* days. \t' \MI l.-HY A ToUNU Ul B u~ A SIT V ATION AS ?? eiiaoil*riuald or < ii^mbermsld and waitress in a re si?ctati e laatlly No ob|?'tloas to the rm? otry for the ?utn wi' lour tear-' eltr reterence from ber laat p'aoe. Call at 17^ L?si Slit *t. lor two daya. Wanted? a situation, bi a rbspectahi.b ro"#g woman, a* good r, ok and to assist a little with the wastiinc ?n.l ironing. Can be seen at her rte*eni em P over's, it, y Wt st 2ith -t. Wr ANTKDs-a situation, by a RRSPFOTABLB young woman, a* haiu list maid and ualtres* or roam ijet tiiaid mid cbt dren'S nur-e; haa no "bjeetion to go to the '? laity. Caa.gtve good cltv taferenee. call for two days at the Tirat looi from Lsfayetls at. in Ksjrnoud, and a*k for Mr-. Kartell ttT ANTED? A 81TI AT10N, BY A RE8PBCTABLB ?? *irl of (llteen to ilo ehamberwork In a small private family, or to atstst with li<M>M\iork. Call at 300 Hicks St., Sooth Brook 1 > n . AS! ED? BY A YOUNO GIRL, A RITCaTION A? shatnb> rn.sitl snu waitress la a small private family; w tie otvre'lon to go 11 the countrr. Oood vit\ tefeieace fi last place. Apply at 118 West 1 Vth St. fVANIKD-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Tv sin I. aa rhauibermaid an I wattresa, hss no ohie'-tio^ ;o the t oon'ry> t aa be seen for two days st lft? Weit /7th. St., nes Stli ave A NTKIi? A SITL ATIOH, B Y A BRSI'BCTABLE v v woman, a* >;r-t e a?a cook; perfectly understand* hsr letalnesa 11 aim bramhe*. Has the heat or city refer ence: a <ms ss long as seveu years, call lor two days at M Bsst l'u It at , second root-. MLT ANTED? A SITUATION AR Nt R*B AND CHAM fY bet msld and to, assist id plain sewing; city or ceaa ti can ntr< preferred Best <d citv refsr? nee Call U her In et emplovsr a, 204 West 3tth st. U^ANTED? BY A BBSPBCTA Bt<B PROTBATANT vf girl. 11 a tnat on 10 take eare of children and do plsia sewing or sa ? bambsrtnald. Call at 3M vih areane, ha t<*een list and Sid ate . In the store. WANTED- A RITI'ATION BY \ KKSPBt.TABLB girl, to do rootles, washiag and Ironing in.a private fam1 y I he b?at af c tv reference from tier last place where she has lived four snd a half veara Caa be aeen at 2<t't Moaree st |>t floor, haek room. WANTV.n-A RITt ATIOX. BY A RBBVBCT ABLP. girl a nurse and seamstresa, or weulil be wl'itng le do upstair* w. rk , can cut and fllchilrirm a clothos, neat citv rcterencc : ae ebjectloa togolntlie country. Call fiw two days at 101 Weet tetn at , second floor, hark rmMB. rtf ANTBD? A BlTCATMIN, BY A RKM'BcTtBLB Tv yeuag womaa. as anrae and eliamberimtld; rtly rsf* I ranee can he atven. A'ldre** Mrs. Ureenau, It# West l"t*H ' at , between nth aad 7th ava., third floor room No tf \t7 ANTED - A SITI ATION BT A YOUNO (II HL, BR TV cmily arm ed, to attend children. Is a good team aires*; willing to aealat ta ehamhevwktk. (Mil at 13ft Henry st fourth door from Amity, Bonth Bmoktjrn WANIlD-BY TWfi BBSPBCTA Rl.B OIRfJI SITUA tteifa tu.a to ?nd saatst in the waatitn*; tli.i 1 th-*? as Ohanibeni aid ao l waJtteaa. whloh she understand* thn roughly Bast, olij '?!?? ?t?<-e? from thslf last vl* ea whets they .tred ro |S? ? (!?tl ?t |? W?t tfttk ?. 'it

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