Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 31, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 31, 1864 Page 3
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HTPATIOIIS WAIfTRD-FEDlJItRI). WANTKD-BY A YOl'NO LADY, A SITUATION ?? r* woman tn a utillnt?ry c?UHItininent ei fl govdi ature. Addrc * N. K? station a. ugalreeL tir antk#^-?v a racut* aim. ? si*pa+i?n ah vv chambermaid or lo take care of chililieu ami do p ? u m-w ii ;. g od referent^ gueu, v. ail ?l lOv UM 2JlU iL. U? tweou ,ld aud Uib aTH. VyANIrtfl-A SiTtAJJU^n, ?? *? ? jr< uax woma.. a. oratvi oa? hai yxw , Uan?b*riuaid ; * a f i-j.Ci.anL i n.l for two dava at l^WeM ttty at. Vy ANfKD-BT A V<?tlN<1 wf)iwTf. a siHution ? ' .is chambermaid and waitress; la willing to ass:., t in wa?:.tu^ . good lo.rrtuce ?ivsu. Call at JZH Kant yth at 1*7 ANTED? KMPLOYMENT, 11 Y THE DAT, Wit Bit ' ' or umalti. bj a eo lAMMi ilrosiutaker, wl.o can ?ut and ill luittca1 an* ehudwn Vrttea-iM and Id *11V nrTn or la ml y cwli.g. 1 uiiuuc at Oj Mrth ?i., toruer ol ttb a?., ova* the |.:reeerv. f H ;? ?} J WAN TBD? BY A EXPECTABLE YOl/NU WOMAN, n i. nation a* g.x>l plain .-ook and loimil Id Wkatnug ami iromiiic. n a small American family : has lue beat re feivoce front her last jilaoo. Call at No. 24? Weal l(ilb at, an ouil ll.-or, front rooin. tyANTKD.?A YOUNG GIRL WADT8 A SITUATION ' ' aa latin lr?v? In a respectable private family. Can give tbo beat 01 c l> relervuce. Inquire unul engaged at 33 Mod ioc at WANTED? A SITUATICN, BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, ns chambermaid and waitreita, or chambermaid and nnrai-. ao ob i<'< ttone to the eouc'ry; food city rale'rente. Can 1 e mwi for two daya at Jttt 8th ave. WANTED? BY A RK8PBCVABLR OIRL, A SITU A l on to cook, wa*ih and iron la a private family. or wiuld do tl>o housework of a small family ; haa lived Id ber last p ace n lie year*. Uall in the grocery atore at the cor ner of Ueau at. and Klalbush ave. M7ANTED-A SITUATION AS CH AMBBBMA1D, IN A Vv tirat class hotel, by a Uai man girl; beat of relflrance gneo. Call at 475 Broome at., room II. WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE TOUNG OIRL, A situat Ob aa nurae and chambermaid; no objection to ds aeu ing, g.MKl city relerenoe from laat plaoe. Call at 228 West I'atii at., between 8th and tftb aves., first floor, front. WANTED-BY A YOUNG OIRL, A SITUATION TO take care of a child. Call at 287 9th ave., four doora from 23t ti at . "llfANTEO-A SITUATION, BY A TOCNO GIRL, TO TV i4 -i.ambenvork and waiting and aaafst In the wash ing and iruninn if required. Can be saeo at 111 Saat 28th at. WANTED-BY A RCHPECTABLB PROTESTANT K rl, a ailnatlnn as flrat class chambermaid and wait ress; has good refrrenee from Uer last piace; bo ojectlonslo tbe coun ty. Call at 41 Moaroe St., N. T. OTANTED-A SITUATION, BT A YOCNO GIRL, A8 ? ? chambermaid and waitress, or to take oare of children or do plain sewing; best city refareoce can be given. Call jKjtU West lOtast WANTED? BT A VERY &BSP BCTABLB TOUNO woman, a situation as c bam barmaid and waitress, or lo asMei in washing and Ironing; has Me beat city rafaMltA. Call at 128 West SOth st T ?- t | i*i? - I VV an<UP--A SITUATION AS PLAIN COOK, WASHER ? !L ?'?d ironcr. Is wllUng and obliging; good city reler t^-Ce. Apply at lt>9 Weat 24tb si. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG GIRL, AS chambermaid and waitress: has best city rererenoe; country prctrrreo. Call at 210 Weat tOth (t, corner of 7th avaa**. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A TOUNO GIRL, to uiind cbildreu and maka beraelf useful; no objeo tlon tn the ? ountry. Good city raterence. Call at 323 25th ai.coi ner3d av. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RFSPEOTABLR wo. nan. as l-o d plain cook and to aMnst in tha wash tng;.also? tiule isirl tu do ll?lit work. Beat ol city refer ence. Af p.y at 121 Kaat 20th at. WANTBD-A SITUATION BT A PROTESTANT GIBE>. as chambermaid ; oity reference given. Apply at 108 St. *?r? > place. WANTRD-A SITUATION, BT A R ESP ROTABLE young woman, aa chambermaid and waitress, or aa nurse; can give g o.l city reference from her ores ?at aitna Uon, where ?ie can be seen until engaged. Call at 61 Wcat S2d ak, near otii av. A\r ANl'BD-A SITUATION BT A RBSPROTAHLR Vv young Kirl, aaehamberma'd or amae None ae. d ap ply except a re^pActaiilu private lamily. Apply at 33 North Worth at. Wllliaat-biirg, E. D. \kl ANTE"? A SlfUATUJN BY A RKSPF.CTABLR WO Vv man, to do dhamberwoi k and waiting in a amall pri vate fami'y; best of city reference. Call for two day a at 118 KastCSth at . near 3d av., second llonr. WANTED-BY A MOST RBSIKUTABLE UIR^ A Htitntlon as nrofeaaed eook; can give the beat cttr re ferences; e*|)-cti liberal wanes Can be seen until stilled at ber present situation,-!) Sohermerhorn St., Brooklyn, WANTED-BY A RKSPECTAJILIi COLORED WO man, a situation as 'ad^'x maid and aesmstre<?; ?an divas half. Can civedly reference. Call at 34 Weal Slat *t. TTTANTBD ? A filTCATION. BT A EBSPFCTABLB M yomg girt, la a private fajtllv, to do general liouse work, or ta lake charge ot a kitchen . is a gooil cook, ?a her soil ironer Has the be t or uiiy reference from her last r>laos. Can '? sr?a for two day s a* .No. 8t) iienry at, room No 8, sceornl Door, front. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NG GIRL A situation as chambermaid or waitress; will as-l?t In washing aa* iraatag. Baa* city reference can be gives. Call U No. 2 UuuverneuriL WANTBD-A SITUATION, AS CHAMBBRMAID AMD seainsUess, or as obambenuaid mid wa tresa, has no >aiectiou to ?o into the country for the summer: good cltv tefercuoe. Call at 142 Wast JBlh -t, between 8tb and Tib eta WANTED- A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do geperal boueewurk ia a private la mil;, lu nUla ?Mk47S-ber and irouer. be ? of city re/ere nd. Pall at 7? taHght at.. cecond Uoor, front room. OrANtED-BY A NEAT. TIDY OJEL, A SfTl'ATION TV to do general houaework in a a?all orteate family ; >behe?l of eltv reference from her laat place. Call at IIS Saat 2Jd at. arcond Mar. front n out. WANTED? 11V A YOUNO FRENCH liADY, A BITUA Una aa re idem or travelling companion to a lady; ?peaka Engliab wall. Apply alter I'l M. at 08 Cth ar., In tbe Hare. WANTED? BY AN BXPBRIBNCBD WOMAN. A BIT iiation aa mirae and aeauv treaa; can take charge of A tab? Irom ita b rib. or bring it op- by tlio botue; ia a * .od ?eamitroao and en broider* well, no objection to the coun try. Apply ut 47 Wekt 10th at. U, ANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK, BT A RKHPRC ? table Pruaalan JbwIH Ctrl; a Jewish family pre ferred Maa Rood relatacr. Call at 164 7th ay., between Mat and TM *?., la the More. WAKTED-A SITUATION, BY A RK8PECTABLE I \uiiag woman, to do general bnueewnak, Haa rood ?Itr reference fi om ber laat jilece Can he aeen at 2W Weat tttb <?!., third Soar, front room, foe two data. WM ANTF.D-SITUaTIONB. BY TWO TOUNO 41IRL?i eneaeeook. waaber aad Ironer , the other aa cha in terna 4 aad vallnaa. Be t of rafereacea siren. Can be KM Tueaday and Wedneadav at their preaeut employer'*, IM Weal Warrta el. Brooklyn. Ttl ANTED? A SITUATION, IT A TOUIM WOMAN, VY aa cank, er to do jpneral haaenworfc in a email family. IMWroace ftoea. C aflat \W Baal 1Mb aw ift/ANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A GIRL, FOB OBltE. TY ral honaework In a email familv. Call at ber preeeat rmployer'a. 236 Weat 23d III. \A* ANTKD? BT A RS8PKCTABLB TOUNO GIRL, A TV aituationae plain cook, waaber and ironer, or would willing to do chamber* ord *n<taa*l?t In lb# waahingabd r nine; ean give ike beet of *?te referenda irom her la*t 1 *cK Call at 210 Weak Mm at, between wb aad Mb area., ? two day a. i AT ANTBD? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE VT girt, aa chambermaid aad wallreea; Uaa Utod ten Mara la ber laat idaoa; lie be<t of relVeace. no etnectioa g> lite oountry. Call at 1M Wyckoff at . Brook lyb, fur two WANTED? BY A TRUSTWORTHY WOMAN, A Situ ation aa oeofc. or would be willing to take fnlloara of a large place of bualneea In oily or country, ao mailer wfiat iiatance Kefaronce if requited. Call at or addreaa 2M 6th era., between 1Mb aad 16th eta. . tat da f>r. *JT ANTKD? BT A BBBPECTARLB TOUMO WOMAN, TV a alto* I ion aa ftrat rla-a raok in a private family; ao abieetloa to ga a abort dlaianoe In tbe country; beat city Caa be **eo at 1 24 Weat 1Kb at. ANTED-A SITUATION, BT A OOOD, 8TRADT to do general heuaework In a amall family. Apply it., third floor, froat room. Wanted? a situation, bt a rbspbctablb yoon < woman, to do general hoitaework and waab and Iron. City reference. Call at 138 Wtat KHk at., in the rear. ARTBD-BY A BEBl'ECTABLB OIRL, A MT0A. lion to do general houaewofk in a email i>r.r*te familv. Beat diy reference (kren. Call at 13 Forayth *t., room IA, for two day*. ? WANTED? A SITUATION, BV A RKSPBCTaBI.E young (trt, to do general houaework. or aa ehamber maid and do plain eew.n*; ba? good reference. Call At M Wi-at Homum at., room 14. Wanted? by a resMctablr touno oirl, a ailnatUm aa chamberma d and w^ltreaa. Referencee ucha%jad. Call for two day* at ? Mm *l a WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO KE8PBOTABLI young girl a. io do tbe entire work of a bouae; 7 taare refemo'-e irom their laat plasa. Call at 175 Weal 29th ?U, ?oar nth at., imi door, from ruoa. ANTBD-A BITUATIOW, BT A RRSPBOTABI.B J oung girl, to do chamberwork and aaaiat In the Hue waahlng anil Ti onlna. or ehambOrwoWt *N of city refereneo - -- ? nlnf. Or ehambtrwotk eiene ? H i. Can bo ?eoa at tt Weat I2tk at. ?Hwa.i Haa the beat WANrBD-BY A RBSPBCTABLB ? PAOXB8TAN/ young woman, a aituatloa aa cbamberutald lu a art rate family or lo aaai-t la taking oare o( chllijipn. Ckii giro i;eod refercdoe. Can be aeen for two at ttf<Hh ar., i o'-ar 77th at. WAXTED-tA SfTUkTrOlf 'iV A ElfcV 8 CT A B LE foulif ftiit, uoook, wifeher And ironer, ?r lo do gi?n? ?2??l%IWkl4?hbtSl.'$'K: Boon a?? llieaklyn. ? A SITUATION WANTKO BY A FIRST CLABS*1IUT. A ler. Haa tbo boat of refereneo front lile laat ntaen InqtMie at 170 Mb ar , nnttl engaged. p ' ASINflfc* YOBBO MAR, JU? ARBIVBD FROM Ireland. ? anl? a iltuailnn a* i'ldrk In a drat e'aea ?ri>? and lea Warehouae. be* bad faiir yeara' etparhmee la tbe OjW el DubMn. Aiklraaa Martin Sterena.. i?i M^fiaon at, a KK8I I < TABL.K TOUTH WISHES "corviitT TjM i\ to aaalat In accounla, hating lelaure holira dallv : niHrb and eorreri at fl*nrea, ftAae bftt reepeetable people seal ap? i S^ A4dr - lor two ilny* l>a?. Mo. i 2d m. a OK KM AN MAN WAKTB A SITUATION AimttU A int wboieaaie bualneaa; ralarencea jiren Call At JS forayth at _____ A RESPECTABLE MAR AND WIPR ARK WILLINO J\ to take charge of a bouae forlbe cummer; ha* hmn is ?i itf*. *4 i?ro* tr*t elaia h,.waeai haa been ioun<l tr uat wor thy an.l can come well reeommendeo. Apuly at 474 7U at., wear 37 tb at., t'lird Uoor, I rent-room YEARS OLD. WHO STFAKSOERMAB, . Fr?ncb. IlaKao and E?|h *b. wi*he* ( *ltaatlo? Ut any bdalMoa, AddrMeb B, Herald oSlee. e SITUATIONS W ;ng mXn wfsnR^ * pitua A respect* hi./. yor Itoo. in n pftvnft* fniiiiiv . ?? fry, rati work #11 a tar .1; has. tt-e be*i .il J ?? I ? ? e ' 1 f9!i'- . $i?C*uaWy C.iabateen at IM UTaM EOtb ?* - NtW Vori. ^ 'middle agmo ma* want* a situation as XX. porti:!'; iaca.i??j? Of kfcy.iit aorflunt* ?? >?>?? vmgo# itenrer e'eri ; .-on ma.i* hm?elf ewwrM'y usefnl, can obiue roll ro> chuiu* utiovl fiM?" hu la^I MUUkiHXIi t>f 1 leu j ?ear*' serv m\ t a frott- grit Olo^S teen foPt?fo day* (It lin. 2U Pkcucat. i?*?r guuib at., Jlroukiyu, thud i.oor, up 4*lm. R. Harriot a TOI'NO NAN Of GOOD REKHRKNCT! WIS'fKS \ fV ottu ? ii?o ao e<Mi v or ?li 1 mini e'ers cr a'$ stanl bo * to-ei or. On t ive the be?i of refo'tn es. ?.i;t? moderate. ^uArvoa for ouo week klercaulits. A-tt Broadway. ^ AIIKRYLKMAN ?> TEARS OP AOS, WTKHK8 A titjatlon as Unix ??*? of tuiulicit.r ?? ao ? <?i . I aom ? good *r<nel, or a? n?-t lam ?urr?fiii . < *n plvi* the ? of rtffer epooa. Addrets for mo Mey autiie. aki Hiaad*ay. A BK0PECTA.HLR VOI'N?J MAN. 19 YKaKS OK AUK. A want* a Nitua Ion an clerk to a Uw\er'? OtUce, or as llulil porter la ?ou>e wlioletelo dry good* sl"re; a ntes a good h?nd and li quick at flgtiren, saiOTV uo obeci, baa first c as* c|k> reference a. A?'dro>? W. H , Herahl olfloo. AK COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER, AT PRESENT EN gaged )n a who esale estab inument, civn ?i are a few hours daiiv lo keep books for coma morchant or manufae 1? r r|d offl r*' ClM( n:'e,eu<-c* S'*#u, Address Ledger, COMPBTRNT COLORED MAN, WHO THO I - .oughlynuderstands Ins laslncns, det-ltcs a situation wa ter Best c'ty references. Address C. V., at J. H. La rd'a, m till ar. Situation wanted-hy a rkspectabi.e young man, a* bartender; can give, the best of recoinmenda t ons fromhls ia*t employer Call for two day* at 24 RlUa beth at., room Mo. 6. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG NAN, AS SALE8 man In a grocery or provision house; he Is well versed In the above line, having a flint rate knowledge of the buat nesn in all its branches; speaks the English and German languages nuently : salarv not no much an object as a KOOd> permanent situation; best xeiereuce given. Address C. C., Herald office. SITUATIONS WANTED-FOR SEVERAL RESPECT, able and competent coachmen, grooms, farm bknria, Brdenera and useful men. Also c?u?tantly on hand hut 's, waiters, clerks, porters, servants: In fnet help of every description for city or country. Apply at the Large Em ployment House, corner or 6th ar?. and 11th st. TO IRON MANUFACTURERS.? WANTED. A SITUA. tlon aa manager In an iron work*. The advertiser has had many years practice as workman and manager In all descriptions of iron rolling and roll taming, three nigh rail mills puddling, Ac. Address Manager, care F. Langman, 1W Water st^Ncw York, mo BREWERS, WINN AND LIQUOR MERCHANTS X and other*? A ] had good experience It X and other*.? A young man, of respectability, having had good experience la brewing and In the management of wlneaand liquors, wishes * Mtuation ; Is a good satesman and good at accounts. Any person baring or knowing of al isoltaole place would oonttr a favor by addressing D. B , Brooklyn place wohIi 1 Poa^ofllca^ r WHOLESALE DRUGG18T8 AND fiUNDRYMEN. Wanted. a situation aa aaaiitant bookkeeper or clerk in a wholesale drug or sundries houae, by a young man who hu bad foor years experience aa bookkeeper wd *?lita?". in tbe retail bu-iness. and who would dtTOtft hitUseir unre mittingly to the Interests of his employ-era; salary not eo much an object as a permanent situation ; first class refe rence aa to character and Mblitty. Address J. W. W., Herald oflloe. XKT ANTED? BT A MARRIED MAN. S3 YBAR8 OF AQK, YT of sober and correct habits, a situation as porter, or in any respectable and permanent employment, can keep simple accounts; In willing to work and make himself gene rally useful. Good referenoe or security If required. Call on er address for three days Vigilant, 7t Monroe st. WT ANTED? BY A YOUNO MARRIED MAN. A SITL'A TT tion as general clerk; can make li mself useful in mo*t any position ; is by rr ifcs-Jon a civil engineer and nnrveyoV. Addrewn., box 5.CSI Post o:ilce, N. Y. 117 ANTED- A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO MAS, WHOSR VV engagement expires on the in of Juiia, an bartender, in a city or summer hntel. or llqdor store; ba? a i'erfHt knowledge or the buiincss; ban lived nine yesirn In his pro hc* nt p!ace. The very best of reference given. Address B ugh Mage*. Herald oilice. tlTANTED?*A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG MAN, Afl 1" traveller or salesman, in a fnnry goods ar pipe busi* ness, who has somo eijwrien'se In tho snme Itnej tliebest 1 frterence can he given. Andrews D. D.. Herald oilice. WAlrt'ED-A HOME FOR A LAD OF 13 IN A VY fumllv llvinj; In the country 'on a farm preferred), whore lie wl'i receive cood care and mora' discip.tue; or Boanl for the thinner at a reasonab'e price. Call on'or ad di-esaMarv G. HarreU. 1UI Eavt latb ?t. . Wanted?by a competent man a bituation VY as bookkeeper: has t:ad practical exper'ence: 'a a goo.l penman. Ac.; can correspond in Ci> rinan. andf unith une? ceptionabl* c ty referencea. Address C. F\ B., b?a -i ?3 New Yoik Post eiBce. Wantbd-by a young man. a German, a situ ai'on n a ho!e-;a'e grocery. Bc?t refereate. Addresi B. box 13uHcraid office. . j WANTED-A SITUATION AS ASSISTANT BOOK keejier entrv or Shipping e'erk In a me r cant le or Commercial hou e;' has bad eo -ue experience, aud cau give 1 the hiuhent references at to character and ability. Address C. Williams, liC Cbrystto SL Wantrd-a Situation as salesman, in a wholesale or retail shoe store, by a competent man; best of refereno* given. Addresa W. T., care of Abraham Biauveit. 78 Vandam st. WANTED-SITUATION-5, BY TWO TOl'NO M B V.; one aa a elerk In a hardware of grocery store; the other at bartender, good references. Audrees Frank. He rald office. TXT ANTED? BT AN BNGLIfiHM AN. JCBT ARRIVED. YV and who It dev.rou- <>f remaining permanently in this eountrv, a situation, an bookkeeper, or in any other capacity where good abilities can be of Address J. P., 41 South S3 st.. Williamsburg, N. t. -iitantbd-by A well KDUCATED GRRWAN. 38 W year* or aga. whe apeak t Kreneh a sltaaMon sa book keeper or c erk lo some mercantile bouse or hotel. Address K. L. K. , Menael'a Hole1. W Bowery. THB TRADRR. ATIN8MITH WANTS A BITUATTON-IS CAPARLB ?f taking charts ol~ room 96, French's Hole). Am elbcteo platrb and gilder WtNTS km. plo meal. I A(ldnM< Charlen Hfcmoim, itttlm F. ATTENTION, MACHINIBT8.-PIR8T CLASS VICE hands, iapert?ii<'<Mi in luol bmKlin^. wanted. to gi a snort dlntsnoe m the count r^.' Oi.od wage*. stcsriv woiV, cheap living. I moire at Union Iron Wnrks, KhuwNvk. Dulche** county, N. T. N B ? R?nt, home and garden, t96 par jt?r. A CIVIL BNOUfBBBOP EXPKRIBNCB WOULD KK g?tir a" railroad ? uterintemlent. or a* ch ef engineer, er m>M aade: lake Um maamiMnl<i( ? inauufacmrlnff, mlnniK, or agricultural enterprise la any part of the cemitry. Arowis MfmiM furnished. Addrea* Engineer, bo* H'l Herald oBicc. BRASS COCK MAKERS WA5TBD.-G00D HANDS can And ?Mt?dr won Md Pit be*t wtj<? by nd dreaaing W. D. Bruen A Co., H Hamilton it.. Newark, N. J. Alao a good ce ck moulder rlARRIAOB TRIMMER WaNTBD-IMMBDI ATELT, J in a good (hop; constant employment: to soa -hurl duu tance n the country. PWr particular* apply to C. Van Horn, 28 rwk now. . _ _ ^ _____ TKwnTiKM Wanted? omb accustomed to ? ft r4*?n *r^jk; aWa ? jp>o4 general workipan^aoil job)?r. nuaeirsxvftaf^j, 44# feMtlmr. T ITTTOGRAPHIC PRINTER* WANTRD.-TWO GOOD i J lithographic printer* wanted Wgn to ML lunula. Vo., to W how ntll be paid high w.i);en and a (.ermauetit altnatii'n guaranteed. Por further |n formation apply to Robt. Mayer G*. U Wilttam SL.M T. PLVWRRR8 AND HBLPBRB WANTED- APPLY TO PfcUMa k Wnta, SU 4 lit at , Mar Broadway. PBtitrrERn and plumbers.-wantei>. six noon pataten* and plumber*, on Mveral lew kowwi In Ham ilton Tark. New Brighton, Staten Island. Also a good K roller and Mind painter. Apply to the superintendent, M the pretnleee. SHtRT CUTTRRR WANTED- tT 14* CHAMBERS St, second Ufi; only those who are acewstomed to while good-, and wbe can rut wlfh either shear* or knife, need Apply. To esmpeteet men good wages will be paid. TO^AILORi.-WAMTKD. A PIRRT CLARE CUTTER on hoy*' eMMas, a per-oa ?M le willing to make him Mlf generally uMful and oan aire good reference may ad drea* A. R. r >*t A Ron, Kl Sth arenue. T1NIAN WANTBD-WHO UNDERSTANDS MAKING l?iUnl pall* and cans. Permanent emp'oyment given, Apply st lit Pultoa ei. THKPE OR POUR (IOOD MARBLE CUTTERS CAN heme steady emploviwent at the marbte mantel and monutiMot works, 71, 73 sad 75 Bast 22;1 st r CHRISTIAN CARPENTRY BMP LOT ERR, ? A Christian younR man wishes to engage as carpenter with a member of some Methodist society : wage* so object at greeentt the Miiatry preferred. Aidless B 8., til Etna rno photographers. -wanted. a situation, X by a first cla-s ojiet stor of tenrsart' siperienne In the business Address O. T.. Hsra'd office TVPB OA MB RB WANTED? AT BHUCB'S NEW YORK ?? Type Foundry, 13 Chambers street TWO YOtTNO M BN WA NTB#? ABOUT IT OR IS TBARt ul<L who oaa file stralfht, to be brought ap to ftaaand Wit* be?rst. Bruce s New Terlt Type PeiiWry, tITAjtTEft TWO STOUT BOT8 fro LEARN A TRADB r, A pp?y at 81 W eet tbth et. WANTED? A ^SITUATION Aft SALESMAN, OR AS. Aistartf'entMt ia a *'hole*ale hoot and *Hoe war*hin<e; 4|o abjeotiea to leave the rltv for a permanent s Huat oa. Apj Ty, for one we*k, In Ihe *hoe store No. ft) West 3Sth st. TIT AiMTBU WO WOOD JOl'RNETMEN BASH ABD WAMTKD-A ViaBTAIbf OARDRNEll Afl? LAt'M flree*. or eoAehihkn atw lanndreiB, who fulN nnder ?tand tbair bmlnea SMri.wtll be required to oume weH re commende'l from their last plaees. Apply from 12 M. to 1 r. ?. at M Mshfcwimkd. up ?tatr?. fAHTKD-A Man t6 BUN A WOODWORTH planing machine, it 144 Bank st, - WANTBD-StX PIRST CtAS? HOUSE tJARPBN terstA 1 toeehanlSs: highest watjea. Apply tmmedl aUly to W in. K. Morgan, 21 Wwt st , *h\p joiner. WANTMD? rOUR FIRST CLASS R A fRPRBSSRSH AT ScIiqI/.'* lia rdreMin* room*. 41 Cortlaudt *U, under ?etvhanta' Hotel; wage* >13 s wsefc. WANTED? OMR OR TWO GOOD WRITERS OR gla>s and one Mj to gild. Apply to 3. B. Adams 80 ?assau si. ? e*t? lillahmen t ef this kind. A good will betlver. Send refewncee with application. fcMI 4.SW N?W Torw r??t Hn|, {'?>, i liuguuf' t*. IV i n -v? HOPPKifj PMOTIMIRAPHIC OaV * ? !?*?? d.i BI'MUi at, corner of Caruuiui A.*?-"! pr.U? u r and tuaei or a good pr later. Nona uuifod wur*u?en need epib . ! j HtlP M'AKTRB-FEMALM. Arnw'fOT.AsTri^RBiVA.irrB. who THOROct'fHLY understand* ilie me or \*'hee 'or x W ilaow'K 'j??din'>, Mu fill 1 stea<ly i uii'ldj mcnl l>y arulyiD^at liil th nv.. v* in I C*od MfartiMM. I' A LARO^ Nl'MBER OF W# LL IROMKINBCB i\ ?sl.^iutiorni* da. ? .i <re*H(j, nurbt ? seamstreea*^ lades' run <1* lamdres-es, I# i*?*e*per<i prM>*ss>'<t eook? and olli it iOolc?, tr,?,.|y lor far .sniy irk, wani" 1 iuni.atl atoly ;?t K|A T"M ON IV S, tjt B'mCi er ?( , removed from Boimhain'e ofautUie, i*9 Uwu i it. A RttHPBCTAHLK UIRI, WANPKD-TO DO WAWI M. ing, au i keiifi^l housework ior a .small family. l| <i ill re at 1M7 West Wit fit , oear 9th ave. A FIRST ("LASH COOK WANTKD-TO 00 28 M1I.KH fiom the cilv, ii a pilia'o fapllv;? I'ro nsiant |>r? lerred; mnst come well recommended fr.m lur Jail place. Apply at 46 Weil tflli *1 , between 5tn au<l 6th av?. AT MRS. WUirKIRLIVS (KOKMKHLY OP TUB f\ Church Hnmei, 3'J7 4th ??.? Wauti>d this day, for city no<l oiiutrv, i-everal rook*, to w.iiii and iron; also chain barmaids and ? waitresses, general houseworkers. and girls lati' y laniieii who rail milk. All f.unUioa. boarding and summer horses and farmers sup; Mod at short notice wltn rel.ab fl help. (^OOK AND WAITRP8H -TWO ill Rt.H WANTKD: ONE J as cook and the other an chamlerina 4 and waitress; nmct 1)0 Proliant#. In a family of only three persons where, a good home may he found ; testimonial* as lo i arac t?T and rapacity requ red. Apply at 36 Livingston fit. , Brooklyn, L. I. ("t IRI.8 WANTED? WHO HAVE BEEN WORKING ON X pocket books. Bent wages paid, at 163 Chamber a fit., third tloor. GIRLS-IF YOO WANT THE BBHT SITUATIONS FOR anv branch of housework you like, in Hist cla s fami lies, hotels or boarding house', with good urates and com fortable homes, in cltv or Immediately at the Largo Employment House, corner 6th av. and 11th si. /-lOOD DRESSM AKKRfi WANTKD? NONE BOT THE vX very best hands ueed apply; also a respectab'c little firl, to learn tne business. Call at 107 4th av., near 12th st., private door. HOUSEKEEPER -WANTED, A RESPECTABLE AND ^ ^capable woman aa housekeeper. Apply at 40 East OPERATOR WANTED ? ON FINB CUSTOM 8IIIRTR; must fold and make bosoms. A flrst rate hand with good reicrenoo will find steady work by applying at 718 Bfroadw^y. P. BHORT^ SALESWOMAN WANTED? IN A BAKERY AND CON fcctionery store; must have ejperleuctf and good refer, usee. Apply at 67 4th st. Williamsburg. O ALESWOM AN WANTBD IN A SKIRT, CORSRT AND O lalles' underwear store; one who can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine, upon' under ? garments or corsets preferred: to suck a permanent situa tion Is offered. Apply at WO Caaal st. T^flRKE GOOD bUESSIIAKBRa WANTED.? APPLY at, ITi 6th av. TIT ANTED? A PROTESTANT OXBL. AS OOOD PLAIN > TT cook and to assist in washing and Ironing; good re ference required. Imqulre at ki West 83d st. WANTED? A OIRL, ABOUT 16 YEARS OF AGE; OMB willing to make herself useful; an American preferred, 4i<ply tube News and Advertising OOlce, cor ner or 19tn St. and Broadway. 1 1 ?tXTANTED? A WOMAN. TO OO IN THE COUNTRY, A8 VY cook In a private family; one who uaderatands liking charge of a dairy deaired. Call for three day a at 323 West 24th st., between the hours of i and 6 P. M. Good reference I requ red. WANTED? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, TO WET | mime a baby and take it to her house. Inquire at 325 West 27th st. WANTED? A WBT NORSE, WITn A FRK8H BREAST of milk, to take cbnr?;e of a baby two months old. Ap ply, after 10 A. M. at 222 Garden at , Uobokeu. N. J. WANTKD? AN EXPERIENCED GERMAN NURSIt; one who lanBrin / goo I rflt^oinme.inlal <>un as to char acter and cat a<' tv ; is a rood newer And capable or Impart inu the rudiments ot tl>e Uermau language. Oall at 176 2d av., corner of 1 1th st. WANTED? AT MR?. M. C. ORBEN'8, 9.H) BROAD vv wav, a healtby< resjircialilo w. nian, asi wet nurse, alio domestics of every call ng for the bo*t situations . WANTED-A OIRL. TWKI.VB TO FIFTEEN YEARS of age, to ass st In <ifiht work. Applr at No 6 Lewis place, 2d St., between South luth and 1Kb, William- lung. WANTED-A WBT NURSE. WITH A FRESH BREAST of nillk;mu*t be fully dompetent to take charge of an kifant. Apply, with clly.. rcfUrence. At 118 Montague st , Brooklyn. WANTBD? A MIDDLE AGRD PROTESTANT Wo man. b ? a lady and son. boarding; must be canable of readimr, plain sewhig, washiogand Ironing; wages |iio|IL Impure at 142 2d ave. WANTED-A SMART, TIDY PROTESTANT OIRL about twenty, to do general hou onrork in a small American 'auilly; must be loud of children, and be a good wa*her and iMWrt German preferred:.' eR? reference re quired. Apply at U5 Hudson street, after 9 A. M. WANTED? IMMEDIATELY. A TIDY GIRL. TO COOK, wash and Iron, and take charge of the lower part of a house, for a small family. Inquire at 166 Want 16th St., from 9 tuna o'clock. WANTBD? A OOOD DRF.SSMAR.BR; ONB WHO UN demand* cutting akid (Hung. <l..ort c ty references wanted. Apply at 60 West 16th at., frees 9 till 3 o'clock. WANTBD? THREE OB FOUR YOUNG LADIBS TO work at dre? making. April? at It Henry st WANTED? A TIDY PROTB8TANT GIRL. ABOUT 14 TV or 16 > ee>s of age, to tale care of cLlldmn and make herself generally useful. Wages 84 per month. Apply at SI North Oiford St., near Myrtle ar- Brooklyn. IITANTBD? AN BXPEBIENOBD DRESSMAKER; ONE vv who can cut by inessnre; must undoratand her busi ne-a; to inch a person the b' st wages wUl be given. Nona oilier need apply at 37 Bldridge at WANTED? A STRONG, ACTIYB GIRL, TO DO PLAIN TV eoaktng. must he a good washer and irooer. Apply at seventh liouse eastof I'latbusli av.. la Baltic st, Brooklyn. TV ANTED? A OIRL TO DO OBMBRAL HOU8BWORK. Ap 'ly at 19 North Moeie at. WANTBD? A YOUNG GIRL, FROM RTXTRRN TO tweniy years of age: one who ?a?ier?!aii<U taking care of children and doing plain sewing, godd city reference re quited. Apply as 4w Clarksou at. U/ANTED-A OOOD COOK; NOTHING BUT COOK Vv ing and waahing dubes Is re<tuired. Call at 16 West -7th st. between 9 and 10 o'clock A. M. \I7 ANTBD? A LADY TO LLARN TITF, ART OK TT coloring photograo ha After two weeks' instruction of nns hoar per (lay, wont will he given <>ort, or altuatlou will be givao. Call at 713 Broadway, mob 19. O. BONIGKBBflW. F.T NURSE WANTED-A HEALTHY AMERICAN. English or Brotr-li woniao, with a trea'i brea-t of milk; moat have good referencea. Apply at 1"9 East Mth a'. WANTKD? A MIDDLE AGBD WOMAN TO DO THE light chamber work of a vary email family; good references win be roqutreil. Apply at 273 6tb av., between 29th and 10th sta. lt?ANTED-TO 00 TO 8TATf:N ISLAND, A FIRST TT elassoook; aUo a goad launrtrssai bath iiui-tJmve the best city re ferenies. Apply at 43ft ilh av , between 3<th and 39th sta. _____ WANTRD-tA F1B8T CLABS WAITRR4M; MONB other need svii y. City references reanlied. Apply at IS West Slat at., before 9 A. M or alter ? IVM. Iff ANTED? A FIRST CLAM COOK. WASHER AND TT Ir.ner. Apply, with referencea, at ?e Bt Mark's plare, 8th st. "iitantbd? a waitress, ohambbrmaid, cook. TT lanndreae, aeree aad seaamirrse, far a first class an vate fsm lv. who pay goi.J wage?. Apply at No 7 West Illh at, between Broadway and University place, from 9 to 4 o'clock. _T ANTED? A OIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IRON; Protestant preferred. Call at *04 We?l 1Mb st WANTED-A SMART STRONO GIRL. FOR THE geaeral housework of a privute lauiiijr; apply, with IMog reference, at 741 Jflln st. between 9th and foth avs. ; wagei 99 a moath. Abo a amaU girl, to mlad a baby and aew. WANTED-A GOOD SERVANT, TO 00 A RDORT d i sta ace ta the country lo do general housework la a small private family; ahe must be a good wa<-her and iron er and ihiirtmshlv under?land good p alm cooking. No one need apply without a wr tten leferenoe- A Heotoh, English er America* woman preferred. Apply at SOB Weet 27th st w WANTBD? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY OF TWO PER inns, a good cook and lanndreoe; ahe will have a I the down ataira to keep aloe. The lilfhe?.t ufc/ea pe g 10 a a ee girl. Apply at 16 Wast 22d fit, front door bell, from 9 toll. WANTBD-A TOUNO LADY, TO ATTRND IN THE confectionery business 73 J Broadway, and a boy to work. WANTED-A OOOD PLAIN OOOIC, WASHER AND Ironer, who If willing and obliging; oaa who baa good city reference* preferred. Apply at 163 Wast 44t)i st, between 9 aad It o'clock. WANTED-A TOUNO OIRL TO TA*B CARE OF A child: none but those that are neat audtldt need apply Call at 139 West 25th *t, between V sad II o'd ek. Wages & , WANTED? A OOOD OOOK, WASHER AND IRONRR: also a competent chambermaid; references required. Apply al >1 Von roe place. Brooklyn. Wanted? a neat, clbanlt and economical girl to do tho cooking, washing and ironing of a small private f in fttftirt* tl7 ANTED? A FIRBT RATE COOK, TO GO TOBTATBN TT I-laod; must understand be> business perfeoily. aud havajaod cur refereaoea; also aHHt Maag wMtseea. Apply at M St Mark s place, f rom 9 1} I. ?yy ANTED? A KOEKWOWAJI: ONB THaT IS A_FlK^r MM __ Apply pensonalty or by letter t lg[Hl>? a USUI, uuanniii Aisif Ki7\JZs('MIt" A Ij girl to do tho cooking w ashing and ironing of a small le family, and also willing to go to the country for the hnr. Apply at lit West 19th at. class dressmaker; reoulsite i hat she speaks Franvh permanent ftgugt'o* and *- ? Applj re>|iilalte ibat she speaks Frenvh; \tT ANTED? SIX (JOOD Mn.IilRBRS; ALU a. A fllKL .1 J. JO do ho'i.swork ln a imall priy?tn faovliy. Call al MO 8th ?*., between Mth and IBth nm . fur i wo dava. W/ANTBD-A RK^PKCTAftLK dlRL, WHO CAN TT on me wel1 reoamtnewdeg, to do ehamberwork aad ss slst in the Washing ami Iron tng Apply In Washington av? third hiiive noith of Fuitou av., enstslde, Brooklyn. ?U/ANTSfD-A MIODl.E AdID PROTRNTANT WOMAN. .,Tf as nurse and seam "tress: none but those having ttm best of oltj refereniws oeed Apply at 3S Weet S8d at, to-dav. l>etween 4 gnd 6 P M. M ages ?ln. ftTANTBD? A GOOD OPERATOR OH GRQVI'.B A TT Bgksr's snWtng ma hlne. Apph' at Mhrsh Bros.' Tru s OHoe, corner of Broadway and Ann st IMS ANTBO? TO OO A SHOUT DISTANCR IN THB TT eoiintry. a goo.1, reliable woman, to do the <-nek ng, Waahing And Ironies of a email family: moat ome weil "wnmeoded. Apply W Mrs. Ormss..? if? id av. ^ i*km? w xNvun-D'Ky I VI/ Wf t* RM(. ? 1T \ NT i ^ V II* SLTMY fo'yir WO -f I* man. we i I'l'LUiu. lieu el. Villi alter 11 U' .. et A. M at 3 IS av., holwduu J.l mid villi via g-| ?? Jj lifTTT- mm, ~ -- " ? ? ?" ? ?? I WaNTKD-A SMART. ACTlYR Oltlt. TO cook. wa*'i uu*l if'To m t priests tginii , noo*l city n e rAurf re iiiU- 'l. App'y ?i \o. j City ilU *???. er ? ? iooui, o* fcoaday. : r in m u I a' loo*. lay ANTf- D-A GOOD DRKH8MAKBR, AT 777 BHdAD ?* aay. HPIiP VV AIYTKT1? MAI.II'S. a Y fiOH H BCI..L AGi'Nt'Y, |i?W AMD if> I KKOAD /a w ay ? Wanted. C4pi4in'a ?? .*? rfcc , for sterner; botei ?-l?*rk, young man lo go to lUruna, ilry g.od* seeamaii. eutry clora. ?j' 'M> ue .'TW. Uardwar.! alesman, ho vital stewai'4, adj tileel >? c *? k. c rr? o in line clerk a s'stant bookkeeper, travelling a :n.t, receiving c em te.icner lor piimarv acli I, Mfrk In br< nji s o ? e, light portei, hoslerv *a eamitn, time keeper ill OfcliiufHciory, railroad olrr<: ntlit: r siluiui >u* oi*u. O to the l icreamog demand for help, men hand n psi P"" theiy tend m ta. u order* before 8 1*. \l Org*. Hiked ISoti. OSi'a K .% CO. AT WiK MBKiCANTILE AOKNOV-WAN TKU. TO. day. a young man an advertising agent Tor railroad, IIM? keeper, conductor, travailing agenio ?t >ainer clerk, bookkeeper a?stttmt bookkeeper, hotel clerk, dry goods salcsinsu, dm: clerk, I ghl porter, b irkeeper, com limr.n. waiter ; oilier ? Huatloos open; respectable young men can alwav S find siluaiiou* by calling on ua early. Merchauts and others surplled with heip free of charge Ordcrf must b? sent lu belora 3 P. M. y eatabli?lyvi iXS'l MONOOMEKY A CO.. 26^1 Rn adway, room No. 4. up stairs. AGENTS ?'AN MAKE (23 1 N A FEW HOURS SELLING our r, real new and uondert'.il extra large -no 1 'tiff Package*. $l.r> per day guaranteed. Everv dollar Invested mere than dou'i e l A splendid solid gold or silver lever watch presented free to'i agent. Smart men n amed to e tabllsty agendej In every tovu ani village. l^w mtv right* freo. Mam imnieiiwi: dnmand ineieailtiir H very hod ? buya tliem. Send for our i;re*t new circular for IK 4, roiitainlng evtra new premium inducement*, free 8. C. hicKardsa CO., 102 N'avait utieet. New York. <<rigiual, largest and oldeai prize package house in lUe world. ACENTB WANTKD-TO SBLI, TUB LaROKRT AS ?oitment of Lithographs of the Great Hatt'e*-, plain and colored 1'ithovniplile t'o trait-' of Ueiietal->, a yplendld Mt<>nl Rnui av iik ol' Abraham ldocoln. a /.e 2."><85 ; Oetna for ilie Albuma new H\i? lie h Slt;ni, the l.'n ted Bute* Army Diploma, Ac.: a ao a large aHamtinent ot I'ri/.e fackagen. Send for circular to JOHN OIBSON, ''2 Beokman at,, N. Y. AflBNT WANTED-TO SELL NBWLT PATENTED articlea aud a line e avon Portrait of Lieutenant Ceneral U. B. Grant, Vrofta large. Call on S. W. Rice A Co , 83 Naaaau at. A YOUNG MAN WANTRD-A8 INDOOR SERVANT; ke must underktaud perlV.ctly Ida work and how to wa t upon the (aide. L boral wagea will b? given ; poraonal reference )a abaolutely necesaary. Apply at HI! Broadway, near 13th at. >_? A BOY WANTED-NOT ABOVE rirfEEN; HE HL'ST underaiand hnw to wall on tiie tablo and moat bo neat, intelligent aud w l ing Call Immediately at tlie ofDoe of the It?l in Ouuaui, No. 7 liroadway, third iloor, or at 100 Lex ington av. A LABOR HDMBBR OP YOUNG OR AGED MEN, EX perleuced or nit, wanted aa mu xes and to axaiat in mill' tary boapitala near ihn tit*. Goo1 wanes i;tven. Also a good waiter in a first claaa restaurant. Apply at 14 6th av, A FEW FIRST 0LAS8 DRY GOODS 8ALBSMBN may flud a permanent situation and liberal aalarlea paid, by applying, buiore 10 A. M. or after * F. M , to M. HoMrt, Jr., 181 Sth are. A BOY WANTED? AT M7 GRAND ST.. ABOUT 16 years old, to w ork at suimplng for emToli'ory ; per naneut situation .iod flood wa;es to an able boy. Also a boy, 18 yf^ars old. at 261 Ulcecker st. A BOY WANTKD? IN A LAWYER S OPFICE. WITO 10'ldes with bis paroats and \vr tea a good hau l Ap ply to flay to James M Shechaa, PONassau si., between 9 aud 10 o'clock. . AN ACTIVE LAD WANTED -SALARY FIRST YEAR (160. Apply to Jame? A. Ilearn A Boo, 775 hroa i way. A SMART. KNIiRGBTIC BO* WAVIKD-ONE WHO wr.te-' a good, rapid hand anil is coi reel at fiunres : also tlirec bo. s to work In a bcokUiudery. Apply at 27 street. Agents WANTED-tN rvery part of the vnwv ed states, to sell a lilpliiy useful article, universal!*' nee.lod, at great prolirt. Much money 'on be made in a sliort lime Kor pai llculnrs addreas Nathan E'ldy, station C, New York, A FIRST CLASS GERMAN DRY GOODS 8ALESMAN wanted, at 310 Brnnd'vav. Also cash boys. Boy wanted-to wore in a photograph gallery, to clean gla-s: good waees to one who has uorknd at the IxialnMs. Also a small boy for ciTaitds. Apply at the gallery. No. A Chatham s<iuaPe. Boy WANTED? IN) CLEAN KN1VRS AND MAlCB HTM me fgeuerally ueefu'. Apply at the De Solo, 71 Blecck ergt. IJOY WANTED? TO OO OF ERRANDS AND MAKR 1} himself teneraliy u-efnl. Apply to W. W. Mwayne, 2M Fulton at., Brooklyn. Wages $1 pci ?eek. Boy wan rBD.? one who cnderstanhs at. tending b?r may apply at 33 Cherry at., thie mora log, between 7 and 9. Drug clerk wanted? to a competent one a permanent eituation und good salary; city references re iiilred. Apply at 6IS Fearl St., near Centre. Drug clerk. -wanted, a young man or boy acquainted with tbe drug business. Apply at 61 8th avenue. RUG CLI'.RK.? WANTED. A FULLY COMPF.TEWT clerk. Appl> lo Ourrlnne A Kennedy, 81S Bowerv^ D F Drug clerk wanted.? onr who hah a good knowledge of l-.a retail and prescription business, and la willing to make hlmeelf generally useful, may apply at the ? orner of 41st st and Broadway. Best of city reference required. IR8T CLASS AGENTS WANTED.? MEN OF EXPB rlenee. of good adilreea and accustomed to the use of figures an make money. Apply at 213 Krnadway, room No. Si None olhera need apply. This Is no humbug. T' LMKI HANDS WANTRD-TO GO A SHORT DISTANt'R r In the country; waces. (IS to (21 per month and found. Also men Intel , landed. Apply at tbe large Kmploymsnt House, corner of Cth av. and lltta st. ROOM WANTRD? MUST BE A GOOD STABLE MAN T and liarne?? cleaner: single man preferred. Apply at private stable 117 Mac .ougal at._ HOSPI r AL MRN ATTP.NDANTS W AUTED? (Ifi PER inontb aad found ; an exee lent epportuny to get sm plo\ ment and a good home Apply any Cay Nil* week at the large Employment House, corner of <>th av an I 1 1 th ac mo YOUNS ME!? ? TOHSE WISHING TO JOIN THR L navy or arm*, or go on short or long Smith sea whaling voyages, will bnd It to their advantage lo call at M7 West st . corner of Albany. H. JAMES. TEN AMERICAN AGENTS OF OOOD ADDRESS wanted? to obtain ordrrs for a new artlo'e, of areat do mand in this city; can make from (10 to (.V) per week with out espital. Address box U'W Post oillee New York TWO BOATMEN WANTED IMMEDIATELY? AT Johnson's Hotel, Sheep's Head Bay, Long Island, to sail two y arli ts for the summer. Those fully competent can apply immediately as above. I ANTRD-A WAITBB AT WADE'S DINING SALOON, lift Ludlow at., near Grand st. w WANTBD-A PERFECT PENMAH AS PRIVATE secretary and ooiresuusdeat; none but accomplished gentlemen need apply. Address R. T., station G I'o t oilice. w ! ANtKD? A FIRST OLA8S PEDLAR TO PBDLB v^s aad fireworks !? tbe city; a horse and wagon found him. Apply for three daya. In applicant's haud writing, suting address. Address F B., Herald ofliee. r ANTRD? TW KNTT FIVE MEN FOR A VOYAGE OK ?it ibont ie to Bed'oa'e Bay Mtd Uayi.M Straits, so a elephant bunting ?nd whale Ashing Will be home by Oc lobar. The voyage will par men from (SW to (600. Outlit found. RANDALL i COCRTNEY. 186 Weat street ooruer oi Bea4e,.np stairs. _ WANTED? AN A *6'. 1 DRESS GOODS SALESMAN; also a hosiery and white goods mau and two print salesmen. Apply to Pe> ton A .?ohosten, 27< Bowery. ANTE1W4 MAN TO DO THB GENERAL WORK about vsaloon , must be willing aad obliging, and not afraid of work/ Apply, with reference, this dsy, at tbe Re veille saloon. 504 Broadway, from 1 to 3 P. M. WANTED? TWO FIRST BATB WAITRR8; NONE others need apply at tbe Warerley Restaurant, 607 Broadway, earner of 4th si WANTED-A BOY. ABOUT 18 YlARS OF AOB. TO a^lat In a liquor since; one aorusiomed to the buslne s preferred, must be well rsoommapded. Apply to Thomas Berry, coi ner of Grand and 7th sUk, Williamsburg Y1/ANTED?A BOY, TO ACT AS AN ENTRY CLERK TT in a wholesa'e drugstore: must be a good penman and correct In ugnres. Addreae bo* 4,664 Post oftice. AITANTED A SINGLE MAN, AS OOACXMaN AND >y groom; mint be wlllmg lo make himself genetalK useful, mustcoine wwll reeommended fAppIv st ltfu Iff st. I ANTBD-A TOUMS MAN. FROM 15 TO 17 YEARS of age, (or assistant bookkeeper: must be a uoo.l pen man, eorreet at 6gms?, and reside with his pareata. Ad dress box 4,646 Post ollicc, New York. WANTED? SOME GOOB, SMART YOUNG MEN, WHO have had some experience In a machine -h"p. Miles Manufacturing Oa, M Lewie at., thiid 6<xir. ur ANTBD-AN AOTtra AND ISTF.LLIGBNT RUSI T y ness man, of goo I addresi, as sale advertising agent for s New York efty dallv newapaper; one understanding a little Krennli or (hymen preferred Address, with refe rence. stating peat oeesipailon, experience. Me., box l.tcts l ost o'ljce. None need apply but ti ose thgrougbly and practically ac jnainted with the business. 11TANTED-IN A LAWYER'S OrFICE, A BOY WHO TY has nad some esperlenoe and can write a good hand; one who resides with hi-' parent', with Hie above qualifica tions, will reselv* good wasea. Address ib wilting af appli* cant, bex I.MMWew York Post eiUce. WJ TirANTBD-fir A LAWYBR. a CkMRK OF STEADY yy habit*, who writes a good hand and ia capable of rnanastneord tla^r baalneset aK Halloo i>ermancnt. Addrese L. K . New York Poet Oilice. box No. 2.8i9, stating age, country, whether married or sleglOt and What salary ax - \tr ANTED-A FKW AGENTS., OF THE RIGHT KINB. yy with moderate capital, to s?r thw lloeksleper Gas Re. giilaidr. U?ee of the eoWpaay, 446 Broadway. WANTKD-A YOUNG MAN, l?KQM 14 TO lit YBABS of age; must be a good penman, quick and correct at flgnrsia. and twsIM With hW parents; tbe best of roMreacee required. Address bo? 6^11 Post otfice, N.x. WANTBD-A FEW SMART flALRSMF.N . THOSE WIIO are adfulllnted Witt <Mi wholesale gioeery and Ibiuor hotisne prsfsrred/ Apply at No. iUty street, thirl floor. WANTRD-BT A PBOBVCB COMMISSION HOUSE, an Intelligent and ae(lreT?ey. wll<? la nit afraid of work and I wdlias lo make AttaSelf aensrallv useful, satis factor v references requlfred. Apply lo Mltwr i niri, S6 Pearl st. ANTRD? IMMEDIATELY, MEN WHO WISH TO engage in a legitimate busmuea. In which the* ran maire from (JS to |W svery day by a ana l iu?oswnsnl Iroin (2H < to t i"". HOW A HP TT LORN. SOP Braadwar. room No 4_ Tin?AT,l?tO VoYAi.RO. fKAIM VO V A<? K<? -M I- N *f wanted ill s da nod to-morrow, or the fo. ow ing vo ag' S -Orte to Hudson Hav. o is to 1 ufle Oeean. one io Mord s Island. Indian Iteean. Uoiae and gst your chance. Apl> y at >* Weat street Nfrnar Me..i.?e Mw tn t> I,, fear , . HEI.P W4lfTF,n>MALBI. activk mo aiifad mam. with ?' I 01*), or ti or> in a < erv profitable manufacturing bu-lni A very liberal ai r? jgemcut will be muue. Ad<Uu*a J. ii king stall. m C, N. V WANTID-A YOUNG MAM WHO UNDERSTANDS Uilviuga waguuaud 1| not alraid to work : one from the rcuntr preferred Addles* N H, Herald office. \1,' ANTRD? A BOY ABOUT Iti TO ATTEND Hi A '? nr-Korj, h>- iiium come well recommeo led. Apply (or three days at -M2 ii im, IV 4MTKD -AN UNMARRIED HAN, WHO UNDER ' ' hi tii<ts the * ui*! of lior>eH Apply to Diioa 4 Carson, II Walker stieet. v\ f A VI ISO- A COACHMAN. TO UO 10 TUB COUN try Apply at stal.le 6J West IHth at. \\i ANTKO-HT ONR OK THK LARGBST RETAIL ?? jeweir. and fanev goo la houses sitka Weal, a tiuod salesman, honest and tudustrtou .who baa had anmaaipo riitnue in the business and Ik willing to make ?uu.atf useful; if ? .tisranory wlN have a permanent situation, >ti Ii advam e In Hilary; undoubted references require 1. Addre*. box 2 OB1' New Vora i'oet office. 8lh u? , comer oflllh ai. ? nionlii. Apply at Ul VV^^-^BO^^rou M TO Ifl TEAMS OP A?.~ Bonded. Apply al 7m Nm?h* |f,r<S>SrJJ2r $uU we" '^ora' w W ANTRD-A YOl'NG MAN IN A LIGHT, PROFITA b e ' aah bmlm n or will take a partner with a aniall amount of money. To an active peraon this I* an unusually good chance. Apply at 131 Fulton ?t., room No 1 WANTBD-A TEA CLBRK, AT BALDWIN'S 241 Grand it reel, Williamsburg. Call ihla day between 9 and 11 o'clock. WANTED-AN OFFICE BOY, WHO 18 WILLING TO makn h raself gcnarally useful. Apply at 1S5 cl.ain. b> ra at, third floor. WANTBD-A 80BBR, STEADY MAN, WHO UNDBR stands the cara of horses and a amall garden. Apply at 60 West Stith at, between 10 and 12 o'clock to-day. WANTBD-A MALB NURSK AMD ATTENDANT. IN a private infirmary naar New York city ; alngie men preferred: muat have bad eipcrlenue in tbe oareof alok and nervous pat euts, aud muat nave undoubted relorenoes la regard to sobriety and goou temper. Apply at No, 4 tit. Mark's place on Tuesday, from 12 to 2 o'clook. WANTBD? FOR A SMALL FAMILY, A MAM TO wall ami be generally uxefnl. English or North of Ire and preferred. Apply at 378 6th at. ANTED-A BOOKKEEPER, FOR A NEW IN8U rance company, to keep tha books and do other wr ting In the offlie; muat be a good penman. Address boi 8,4*9 lost olll<e, with name and address. WANTED-YOUNG MEN, WISHING TO GO OR 8BA vo\?gea to all parts of the world. Id ships and steam ers; algi wanted, men for IMiiug and whaling voyages, aad for the United States Niw, RaNDALL ? COUNT NEY, 180 West at., corner of Rea'de. up stairs. ANTED-A BOY IN A SALOON; GOOD RBFBR ence required. Call at 118 South at for two <laa>s. W ANTED-A COACHMAN AND OROOM. A YOUNG man. who laa good driver and has experleoee In the care of ho- sea, and lui- good city reference, may apply, be tween 1 aad 2, at 120 9th at. WANTBD-A STEADY BOT, IN A GOAL OFFICE; lie must writ:' a good hand and lie good at figures; ?agc* $2 a week tlie first month; afterward, S2 SO. Apply, wltu recommendations, at 86 West 24th at. ANTBD-A YOl'NG MAN TO ATTEND BAR. APPLY at 16) Cherry sl, N. Y^ WANTKD? RE VISUAL GOOD WAITERS. KOR AN RIB craam saloon and restaurant ; good wages paid to ex perienced men. AppK at?21 Broadway, after 10 A. M. WANTED? AN HONEST. INTELLIGENT. WILLING lioy, 1.1 or li years or age. in an engraving otllee, to make himself genersily usofaL Apply after 5 o'clock P. M, at i '. l). Clayton's, 593 Broadway, up nturi. AN I KD-A SMART. ACTIVE BOY. ONB WHO 18 not afraid to work may apply at 126 Rivlngien st. w w w w ANTED-A BOOKKEEPER AND ENTRY CLKRK; they must write liand.onio mid very rapid hands, quick and correct with figures, and thorough'? competent tor the positions. Address Fsankilo, Herald ofllce, Willi refcrenecs WANTED? A FEW MEN IM M EDIATKLY, FOR LONG and snort wha ing voyages; <ooi>ers, carpenters, blacksmiths, cooks, ttewanls an I ir-en hanila; the itreatuit ehanc-es ever olierrd can be found by ca.liiig al 116 South s'. W ANTED-A YOi'MJ MAN ABOI'T 18 YE ARS OK age to attend a liuuor store. Call ai 6a Hamilton av , Brooklyn, W ANTED-A YOl'NG MAN TO DRIVE AND TAKIi rare o a horse and maks liimsel. general y use ul about n crve y store: ono usid t? thu husinssa prt forrcd; good reference re ittired. Call at No. 330 Spring hi. WANTED? A FIRST CLASS COOK. FOR A YACHT. Young msn fiom Kasl Broadway plea-e call. Appli, from 8 to 12 o'eloe.k, at 1 'J West 2tilh -t. WANTKD-TWO SMART WAITERS. THOSE WIL ling to work and who niidersiand checks may apply at-Keed s. 346 Grand >1 ANTRD-AN OFFICE BOY. MUST HAVE OOOI> lefrrence. Apply at 207 Broadway, in the basement. ANTED-A YOUNO MAN. KIGHTEKN ORTWKNTY i ears of aue. a good penman and of good ? location, in a mereantlle to make himseir generally useful: salary wll' 4e|u n<l upon meriL Bend name, address, references and full information to boi 705 New York I'ost W ANTRD-A MAR TO DRIVB A SPRINKLING CART; most be a good driver and understand the (am ol a horse well. App y after II o'clock A. M. at 449 Hudson sl. In tbo feed store. FaHNCH ADVEHTlMHlIKWTt. ON DBMANDK UNE BONN K FBANCAISB, l'ARLANT parfaitemsnt sa langne et saelian t e tidrr, pour prendre aoln de pettis enfsnts. 8'adresser. avee lea meilieure- re commaiidstloiis seiilemenl. au 4fi Sooth street, up stairs, ?utre 10 et 3 heures. De bons gages ser nt donnes. w w UNE JRUNB FILLK FRANCAISB D KM AN UK UNK ? ituation comine Itonne dan< one famlilw de premiore la sse: eile est c ip ibTe de setgner on on dettk enfants. 8 'a drei er au 128 West 26tb st. UNK DEMOISELLE DKSIRE SR PLACE I COMMR femme <le chanbre; elle est habituce au aervice; parle Frsncais, Ansla s et Ai:emaud; entires bonne eoi'leuse et fiilseuse de robe'. Kile i>eul lournlr de bonnea rec*>umiao dslions. S'adressar au IM 3d av.. in tbe fancy alore. THK LECTURE BRA ROM, IMPORTANT LBCTl'HKS DAILY, FOR GBNTLEXBN only, at the New York Musenni of Anatomy, 618 Broad way Pantos unable to attend these lectures ean have them forwarded on rereipt of ten cents by addressing Secretary Of New York Museum of Anaiomv. LBOTl'KB BY BARNL'M.-THB MEMBERS OF TUB Father Matbew U. H T. A. B. Ho icty. Branch No. I, respectfully Iwg leave to taform the public that the world renowned proprietor of the Anierlean Miiaeum. Mr. P. T. Barnuui, ba vulunieered to deliver a lecture for the bcitaiii of tkis -ocKtty. al C in on llall, Rtgbih street and Astor pin*, nn Wemeslav evening. June I, WA Rolijest ? ?'Aleoliol and its Properties. Artificial Apiwllies M< derate Drinkers, tbe RemMlv;'' inter iiersad with original anrc doles aod lllnstiatlniM Door- open at 7 o clock. I<eetui? to al 4. Ticket* of admlltancc ii cents . To be liad ?f the member* or at the door on tha evening of lectnre. WOMEN NURSR8 FOR 'THK ARMY? THK BBGU lur lectures tiefore the c ass of the "Assoc atlon of Army Nurses,'' wlhbegivsn this (Tuesday) evening, tbe Slst In-l.. at S P M., by l'r"feas ir B, K. Percy, at No. 1 CI ul .n llall. The public Are cordially invited to attend. ?XCDR810NS. ANK1T AND BKACTIFlTt, BARUK FOR EJCODR. slone? The Harvest Home mid the Rhiaetseok, with eteambiMt* suit grove* inch *1 de*lred Committee- fur nished alt information. Bi curs ton o'tli-e ,<KI Went street, corner ot Harrow. II. H. CKOttBfcTf. 1*XOIJR?tON8.-DOURLB DROK RAROBB AND MDR 5i wheel Hbamer* to let, with Riddle's and Dudley * Groves and Woodliridge Park. Coinm iteen are res|iectfully invited to Mil ?0 the proprietors mil ?. R. V. 1IONNKLL k CO., 153 front street rVRNITOftl. A RARE CHANGE I'HR IfOUiIKKtKPKRf.? Siri'BKR HonsnkeM FitTaitute for sale at a >a' riln r. A family w. II sell, In lots to suit ptirchmoTH. ?II the Furniture ?"cnitalne 1 in thrlr resident, IIS Wed Twenty tiitrd street, near riixtb avenue? Pianoforte, Parlor Suit'., Window Cui tains to mutcb, Bladen's. Painting*. Bronzes, Carpi-t-, Bookcase, Mirrors. Dku ng ISoom and Chamber Kurn Hire en suite; iu use saren mouths. A LOT OF KKCOSO HAND FURNITURE FOR SALR comprising rose-vool sofa sad sis Cnaits walnut B d steads, rosewoo I Centre Tab ?. rnsrl) n top mahogany Hu reans. Wsshsiand-, Mantel Olasa, to., for ea'e cbeap at 0t "edar (treat, eRNe t* Post oilloe. TCLEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE OF A PRIVATE Pj family for sale at a great saorlnce Ma-nilKcni rose wood Plan. dona. ?oat $'.S0 for tKXJ; a beautiful Parlor Bull, one Sefa. one Arm Chair, one ree><|>tlou and sii me dallion hank chairs covered with the rtclie-t French vatii broeatel; cost $151. for $170; one do , eight pieces, for $125; two mirhle top Tatila<, Btacnre. Bronne Clock, Oil Paint legs. I .nor Cumins, A<k Also Parlor, Bedroom and Dining Bo in Frrtilmre. Inquire at 119 We?? Blg.nh street, be tween Fifth and fll*th avenue* PIVlRNlTl RR. MATTREBSBfl. LOOKING OUVtrfl. Bedding and other Heiisekeepirg articles rheapci than eiee? here. Call, a ad save money, at <J. W. S> KDKN fl, 1&\ Buivrry between MU'iten and H iii t-.n street*. Note Ike ? 'imber. <)oods warranted. Bxtaasian Table* cheap. E1URMITCRB FOR BALB-f200 CASH A FAMILY JP leaving f"r Europe w shea 10 dispo-e of tbair Kurni. lure. l-a?ae of floor oocuided at pre ent by psrtv, cay be had at n very moderate rent. Irfaalily nnsiiri?ssed. Tn<|iilre for one dsy only at WBinh arsn ie, se oud Hour. FURNITURE WANTED? A PARLOR 8RT IN ORKEN F or darR broeatel. Addres? Cash, Herald efllee. T7I0R RALE-AN EL.RO tNT SUIT OF BLACK WAL " nut (IwPation meeweod) Parier Furniture, ceeere.i in broratel. oonsisting >f two Sp'_?? and at* Chairs, to be -old ri rap. To lie se'ii si J C. H UfN S Knrnltuie Warsrooins, J70 Kast Tenth street, between Arenas B and < 7. WINER, LlltVORR, BO. qiWENTV BARRELS MALT WHISK BT (FOTIIIRN) i (or sale.? Small Distillery an I Lescit Tubs, romp eie, to lease ai a low rea'. THOB. A. DRTVR, North Tenth ant First streets. R'.lliamsburg. BJCUAKR AND VOBACCO. Spanish ribbons to bind skoahh-ai.l kinds, from $11 M Ui $5 per niece. T> lisr. o I.e ?> f. Hegsrs and Spanish Oigsreu-e ffl> sale at store 111 tAsler street Tobacco -for hat.r, onk of roof-bs- curriNO inachmea. In ii>ni|ileta oriler. Can i? run by band or ateam |iower Apply at *17 and 'If 9 Wat?r ?;n-et CO A 1*. ^ ^ ^ >M)AI. -1 AM DKLIVKUINU DIAMOND VR1N BR D ??h snd up^ilor while a?h Slsive Krg and ruraa'ii ?ires, at t9ii |?er ton ; red a h Nut R t ?u i van. Lir lert by po-t 111 ed prnni! ily. THOU AH KTOh'KS ' oruer of rhin> -eecood street and avwnue. fl1 HMIf At.. ttfHK. f MlRlsrMA- Nidi IT, l;,; I.Y> w I s n H i II ?r ?J w il hr.rTru* hi" ^ ""*'4 OU,C* ,5* T!r.u^ ?wun *lr?d lo writo h m?* ant a<1 Irn ? 4 u,J.7 .: T **r* ?y* Krzutijv *_r ?? fNPORMATIOR WANTftO-UK MAHDARP.r DMVfoMD 1 from Che parish of Hollander. rn.ioty ,,f c,lrJ "L,, drn** her b> other Tim Dlsiu u 1, Ve u ao le u I'mnt olieater eouoiy. M. Y. 1 I gPORMATION WANTKD. -If W. ???>!'. ~H 1 atlli maiding Id Mr ciiv. ae will confer a favor t>* tt?l log hi* addroas to No. Oo Monroe sues t. J INFORMATION WVNTED-OK JOHN RITrtK K, Willi v\ hen last beird of, w as working luallvtrv ?'*>?!? |? orty tlrat street, lietween Thir l anl Fourth av<n ir< Any Information a. noemlng h m will he thane uliv reoeived ity hi* staler, Mary Burke, In Ninth atreot, betwcea Third ml Fourth *venne\ Bmth Brooklyn. IP TUB LADY WHO WAS LOOKING FOR tMDIHOW square Pott ollloo laat Tueedav, 2S.I 'net . would (end her addreas to P. Unn*Al??. Stilton D Post olHee, the would hetr suinethln* to her advaut*ge. IP PATRICE burns, who oamr in thr BHTP Res a nin Adam* from Liverpool last week, n i l coil at No, 117 Washington (treat, New York, be will ivul hi* sitter J ulta. IP ANNIE CARSON LATKLY FROM NJfWRY, IRS land, calla on or a<tdre.>o<ea O R , 119 West Twenty aiilb itreet, the will Bnd aomcthinsi to her advantage. ARY? THERE IS A LETTS R FOR YOtT FN TUB New York 1'oat oflloo. T. C B. M NOTICE. -JENNY. I HAVE Rt-.TURNBU, AND O/LL ed at Madleon ? mare Pu t o't ?e fur a let ft' and fouud none. If you are in the city answer tkiuusn perwitm a C'll A1U-.EY. VELVHT? JERSEY FEHRY, TAYLORS commnaleato with me. Post onico, Mew York. Satur ?r, M iy ?s, 18 M A. L L I1KKY. WANTKD-A URSPECTABI.B PARTY TO ADOPT A line, hea'thy male child, fo ir month* i>ii|, of \merl :an parents. Call at ti!7 Urand m,. up ou ? flight of stairs. COPAKTNICllKllll'. AORtDUATE OF THE NI'.W Klkt IIOM<KOI' VTHIO Medical is deairoo* of ent' itngthu n(Iice of mint respectable horn - opati.ic practitioner i'n me city, either a* an assistant or partner. Kor particular, address Jacob Heaklev, M. D., Orainercy Park House, or Dr. M FrellgU, 131 Ninth Htieet. near tfroadway. AN ARSOCIATE WANTED-WITH t'.-'OO CASH, im a In* rati re oflloe bustav; aun be s jrsnsc * 'Kie inan, of edncatl<in and energy. Addresi 335 Hiya iwav, room 17 A PARTNER WARTBD-Iir'A NRAT. ORNTEBL BC slnexs, with a capital of Mini. Reference tlvi n and re lUlred. A gentleman of address will llnd a< .ih n? RJCUAKD30N A PLAIT. 1*1 flr wlway. FOR BALF-T11E PATENT FOR WRTXBL'B ATMOS pherh: Churn and Butter Worker: awarded nrat me niluni al the Penn ylranla State Fair. Models, cer?lllcate< and testlmonlala may be seen st our office 6NYDEK k WALTRR. m Brosdway, N. T. SEVERAL OOOD CHANCE* TO PARTIES HaVINO from S!MIO to to Invent In maniilactnrinit or other k nda of business. Particulars of J. 0. HILTON A CO., JO# Broadway. The copartnership heretofore ExjariNo uiiif<ir tli? n?ii>? and itylw of Vil?nlin? Cook on?l XlohMl Kuhn, 1*011 rail n? manulasturer* at 76 West Fortieth ?tree'; Is this day dissolved bjr mutual consent All ?iei>le of sa d oopartnerehlp will bo paid by Mr Valentine Conk, who Is authorised toculleoland receive any moneva due *aM firm. Valentine Cook will hereafter eontluue the buslues* o? his own a, count at 76 We,t Fortieth yJiLKNTIRB COOK. MICHAEL KUHN. Dated N?w Yoitit, May 20, 1834. T II K COPARTNERSHIP IIKRKTOFORK KXINTINO X between the undcraigiied, und^i' the iuhho ? lintlieu herg, Salomon* \ Co., i- (his lav nlnnlve'l by innltial eon. aent. Creditors will preaent th< lr claim* to M. Sa otu ne, fl'J Broadway. THKODOItK HO Til B MtKRO MUSKS SALOMONS. May 26, 1864. ? .OLaRA BRL'CK.NBH. dt?J/va ? I'AIITNEU WANTED WITH Til If" AMOUNT. ?lP?y^M_F. In an e*tnbll?Ual, Inc ailvo Itnsitte*. Douhlo thin aiimtini has already been invested. A|)pt. atll'JNai nau atreet. room If. (flj ,".()/ 1 ?A PARTNRR WANTKO. TO FAKE OMK half In teiest In Still* Patent W ti low K'erator and Fastener, nnpllo^b e to ever Iioo-e. A canital ciiao o, for sui'li a email amount. The ?.. all. 'St StU i wortii lour tinica the h iiotint. Mun ifnet irni * lo INwnniOn ?<? a? once. For f't. ih"r particular^ ln<|ulr<i al the Ii.a:ulu? alinj), rear, 4J Centre street, Qrst :;oor. for H MILLS. -PARTNER W ANTEO. IN \N IILI) KST A B ?pOl'w. liabeil boalnea-. C.iil at Bro.iine itiaet, where partes can be ecu. -N'o agent* uce.l app y. ?ANY tJOOD PAVJNO BUSINESS THAT RB ?TO' i|ulre< $.M an I service* of a fine p mnan and buslueas man can addi'eas A. B. S., ileraid o nnn -A ORNtfrHWAN WITH THIS AMOONT. tPL.'MM/, wanted to manufaituro it ataplt .irikia of unllmiled demand lor cash; profits over percent; ne rlak Address W. M. Morton, bo* 116 Herald o'lioe. A neat a need not apply. -A CJENTLKMAN IIAYINO $1 IWO WaNT ipl i)W\". edaa partner, to act as raahler for a new Ira. ve'llni; bi.alneas. paying til 'ea*t $I.OOH weekly pnilit No po alhle risk. J. W. POIITRR, SS5 Broadwav, morn 39. $K T'-> $U),u(W.? A SILENT PARTNER WITH ? tiie ntvive amonnt wanted, to Itni-e in a lo eratUn hii^mea*. juat eatab'.Hhed ; beat of MtrmieH |l>e* and retired Aodre-a <alth real name, appointing a place of intciview, K. A D., Po*t otlle*. New York. IKWk -EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY Alt ?P I \ F.tyl ID, partner in inaunf?ctur ng arllelm ?r on limited d?man.i, wlioJe.alo, far cash, at I omeoae protiu, fectorv nt Harlem; .o?tly machlner.' an I ererrtlilng cin pl'te. Apply to OKU. P. OVEHIM, No. 6 East Houston street, near Broadway. <&mn nnn -A MA* or brain and neryp, ?PH/tF.lFWl/. wltli can tal, may bear of a fare ehaoc* by addre**ing P. P.nrlhus Dnurn. box 127 fferaid oilloe. ^ IMA If omen;*. T 77? MONV.Y LIBERALLY APNANCED AT 71 JX ON DIAMONI 3. WATCIIRB, JKWHIeit Y, PIANOS. KURN1TCKE, *<?. AT 77 PAWNBROLKRS*tTcKET8 WANTED AT 71 Of Dfamnnd., WstMiM, Jawelry, Ae , and 123 |*r cent more paid ilisn can l>e O' t i tied at say otht> phice III the eity, at 77 Weee<er street, op fair*. At hknrv hym\n'h. bboadway. cornIirof Bond aireet. room No S, up auna. tvjll psr the bUh et-t e*?h price for lFi>(fn?nda, set or unset : Wnteh-* snd all. v?r Ware or ndvaiK.-a made on the same, au1 also uia piano-, fifty Broad nray. w At 6; rassai; strekt. r<H?m no j? the morr. eat |)I lev* are paid for Diauionda. loose or est. lYatchss and .le??lry. Also Irt) ral adraneea made on consignments of the above articles, and Uic_hij;hea^|jn l<,gs realizeij H. HON I< I M AN, Dlamnhl l!rok?r. A T <3 rnAYHAM STREET. PAWNBROKERR' Tickets bii'igtit of D auiouds, M atchct, Jewelry, Silver Plate, Con*. Pianda, Silk*. Ac . and the foil ra'ifN paid foi all Ticket* oought at iS Chatham street, rooui J. over tlM hat atore. At Broadway-precious j-bwElsTwatciibb. Plate, Ac.? The hitiUest price paid for Diamond*. Watches. Plate. Jewels Opt cal Instrument*, Ac Ac, at Uia pnvate rnotiiv. Liberal advancss made. Ticasu of dla ilionds, wsli lie*. Ae., boughC J. n. BARRIN08R, 212 Bmadw.ty, room 13, up stalra, ooruer FtNtoa. A T 619? MONEY LI HEIIALLI ADVANCED ON D1A* inonds, Walchea. Jewelry, R.lvcr Plata, Ouas, l'1-tola, Ac. Alao Pawnbroker*' Tteketa wanted o( l>iamo?Kls. Watches, Jewdry, Ono*. Pi-tola, Ac , tor which 1 win pay 1. 0 percent m .re than can lie ((Main*! at sav other plaea la the eltr ti fl Broadway, comer of Uauston street, ap stalra. room No. S. PAWNBROKERS' TICKRTB PURCHASED OF CLOTH llW. Ae. A lame lot of Clothing lor sale. Huaineae Coals. ?n to (It); blsek Frock*. *6 to $iUi. Alpaca and Lioan Coat", $2; Cassiiuete I'snts. $2 lo $7. i?<i>. $1 toft. OI.O LEVIE, 4i7 Brooms straeL t ' WATCHES, JRWBLRT, M At 77 BLEECICKR KTRRBT TOO CAM OBTAIN 1* |iera<*iit mote for Diamonds, Hatches. Jewelr . 81 rer Plate, (leu*, Pi?tol* Dry Go ida, Ae. N. H. ?Also Pawn biokera' Ti?.ket? b iught for the above article a. AT MS. WATCH KB, DIAMONDS. JEWELRY, BILVBR Plate, Onns. pistols Ae.. bouirht.? t will oay I 4 par c at more than can he obtained at any ether piacs in ihe city N B.? Also Pawnbrokers' Tickets waate.l far tha sbove *rtlc>i, *t the wnne rate. Ai0 Broadway, covaer of Jlouaton *ti eet, up *biirs. roam 5. Amateurs of di \monos ahr invited to ir ?|)*et a bwenly traio brilliant (obtained fro nan aris tocratic t n in II v In old H|? pi. af abaohita perleation; lb a fmcat gem ever o'lered In this Counirv, H W. PLUMB. Diamond Broker, Ml Broadway. D OLD OOLD AND SILVER. DtAMONOH. OLD OOLD AND 8ILTER. Ptrnon* who wish to DlAtnouds. nt<l flold. af tn? kind of old lashionrtl Jrwt.ty, ** (o LOUUft A Mil <11. i?S Broari?rn/ A positive lutfi. par* 90 p or wntmorptma ?njrit Hp* pomon. K*Ubl?hod la tie w Yark s.nce *1 mmistraf ion >>t lh? Iota Martin Van ?wr?n Hoko no mtO liko? Ul HroadwRjf, uoJ?r Uio Now York Hotoi. W ATCM'KS ano jmwblry OK ALL DEaC'RfPTtONB loraale by QKO aLLRN, 415 Broadway, one door below Canal Mraat. loraaerly 11 Wall -treat. WILLIAM LEWIS, FORMERLY WITH AND HUO TY o> -S 'r to H. Solomon, Oold and fllver Refiner Av aoyer. Sweep Binallsr. Old Gold aad Klloer bought, Book, bmilera' Kaa< hHew lug* and Sweepa b-m^bt. nielte.i oras -a>e t. Remember the number, 11 Utaaibera Wreak tm tfta baaenieat. KKiYtO V ALU. SEMOVAI. BY RUMINfcSS KX TENSION ~4. DARToYs has removed to <>91 H oad?ar hla Bsanen FlntlB* ee il'hment srtd ityllsh atoek of tAdles' Preneh T? innla|s Aiimtiii the Nove lesol this s- aaon wiU be lojod? Poaul lomaod Halnua la Kranual e. *e'* Titmui'ngs. Kre'e l?*. Mallltenona. Epao et'.ea de< CasMXIsIM* .' Piastres daa t'ai ras-'era Dra|*rles I ui|ierati lea Eugaaia, Pciar.ue* E?ea Cherl, l>rea* Trtminiaga it la CarlottaPattl. Ae. Dot IOK a. MORTliUR PAJL ?Ua B8M0VED TO Klpgibrldge. Nfw Toyk, w^WsTj tronid be happ ta aee any i.f hi ? form* paMMa CatlMMN attralioo ss >-aual g tan to the ttaatnMn( af Consuuintion. a nte aad chronic RheuniaUam, generkl deWirtt ttah avery fori* of ranale compla nt A tliaMod. r uintier etf patleot* eau be aaoummo gated with Board, aad at! the lumr e aa.1 WBeflta nf enoA try 1 fe Actagva to and froii the ei? - evar?- half houf. Fia rai ttciilara taifgifgat DE. MeCLOMEK. US U i^laoa streak HATR1MON I Alao AYOONO MAM OF OOOD EDUCATION. FINE PER -oaal appearance, kind, gsncrous disposition aoma mesna and a ia<r pruapi i-t in li e. do'lrea M form Iho ao quaniian.nif a young lady wha is uious educated a fable, wealtlty and of 1:00 l at?ri.lluit n *<k lety w th a view I* tnviimonytf mutually plos? A Addreae laaloser ly. Phim, bo v I7U Herald u.U?? ________________ TMRFR YO0NO MBN IN THR UNION ARMY ARB 4e??iniisoi,i>peiilJi s correspondence n,i* H1"* >*"Ba Isdiea, mil a vte* t.n.ini ?<* I Iniprnvem'-al and lo r J lava I hi- dull mOn t"Of of earn > Itfe. A ,.>roaa W A. Ml lej^ .?? r e Kearney, Jaiue* hjloL Coiniiany <1, Fwt? flF't menl N?w Voik Volnm?#is. Mart'* Isisnd. Ma? Yot* "ae bar. N. ?.

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