Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 1, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 1, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. M?) 81? 6 P. * Tbe Block market <u we*k H-ala to day , and a farther decline ?a prtoM took place tt>tn|>areJ wilh lM a'" * U? Brst btard >*eurd*?, New YdllllWl ??' fc.lcrte Hallway K.Hodfoe River * ? B~Jm* * * ' ' viukM tad Pr?lrie du Cblea 1 Michigan 0?(f? . ^ |U Southern 1H M;noie Cectrs! \ Pittsburg 1, Cleveland ?oU tUedo *,l U^*?(^.?_o ^ bland m,PUt*tourg i??*4 Fori Kortbwastern IX, Castoo CWW ^ Coal ?i- Oalsaa ?" ^ '!**?? Wis preferred edv^oad K,<umberlaod ^ silver Mlntnr V M< Martp^a* 1 Sfc Z mark* 5-U? ?o droop I. ? Rallr ad oioMd l'lnola SERE S ?J!T 5? ??? ?-? ST?b 70. 4a>en. sad Oblcsio 18TS . Cleveland and To ledo 147* ChiMT??d R0f,t ,B|M* lU*? miri dt'cU ?. I'ltteborg -d Fort Wayne 114*. Uikwffo aod Northwestern 68*, Quicksilver Mining 78, sod Cumberland <OaI T4. securities ire a fraction lower on near'y all description* The coupon five- twenties closed at INK, The oeoeeekw gold gambled were In a measure kept down to day, and the exchange remained calm. Whether tbe excitement of veaterday overcame them to such a de gree at te cauae a nervous reaction, or whether tbe fixed 4teter?atnaUon of tbe bear* to keep the premium from reaching ooe hundred per cent had tbe effect of driving the rebel sympathizers from tbe tleld, we are tot prepared to aay ; but we rejoice to being able to record the fact that Ibe market was weak during most of the time, and tbe quotations ranged along the fractions above 190. The money market is less easy. In sntioipatlbn of the reuewed government demand, aud the rato of interest I* fairly above *lx per cent. The supply, however, mora than equals tbe demand. ? Tbe rumor in relatl ? to the Pecrcisrv of the Treasury be.rg forced to call on the bnuks of this city, rbiadal phta and Boston 'or a loan of fifty millions of dollar? has no foundation. \V? learn from responsible authority that tbe necessities of the government are not so pre-, ing >.t present as to require bim to resort to such u measure. The ten forty lorn new yields nearly a million and a half ? dav, and wbeo the liabilities of tbe country have accu mulated in excess of that amount to eucb an extent as to demand a sadden aud extraordinary use of fuud3 be has the proposed six per cent leu-il tenders wiih'.n his p >?er to issue, as well u* the rifchl to throw addition^ bond* of the loan of 18S1 or the seven-thirty Treasury notes on the mirket either of which description of securities would coumiund a premium ol twelve to fourteen per ceut. The rebel currency, ir we may judge from the latere port of tbe ro? el Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Mem mincer, to tbe Richmond e< r.c.'ave which tne traitors denominate a t'ourres*. is just no currency at all. There is not ?uircieut left of it t > form a shadow. It will be re collected that the body above referred to passed a law last winter which was to have, and has bad, the efiect of wi; mg out the whole of tbe seven hundred aud flity miliums ol rebel treasury nates. This, it was stated, was lor the purpose of roetoring their onrreoay to the specie basis, when a new bsuo should be made. Their miserable government, Id the mean time, was auth'-rUed to lesae bonds to the amount of five bundrbd mill ons of dollars, to meet expenses, the loan wss to bear six per cent Interest, which, together with the principal, wss to be free from taxatlou. Tbe coupons of the bonds were nude, by law, equal to coin In all ca<-es, and to secure tbe payment the sot provided that the entire import and export duties, in cluding all that mlsht be leved on ootton, tnbuceo and naval st *rea, should be pledged. Immediately after the bui passed the loan vis offered to the publiO:but tbere was no reaper. ne. As this was about the last desperate string 1? to rob the people and to bolster np tbe rebel eause with a show of credit, tbe traitorous Secretary of tbe Treasury offered all kinds of inducements to bring up subscribers to the tonu. Hut .failing in hid endeevors,a3S last resort, be advert .aed a portion of the bonds to be sold at auction to Kicnmoud on the 12th of May Inst, for what they would bring, the success o: tbts flnarclal move inentof Mr. Memidiniier we flod recorded hi bl? report te Congress, d*icd ei^'ht days eubso<tuest to the lime at which tbe sals was to uke place. He says "military necessities prevented ths sale snd required Us vomtptne mcnt in oou -equeiioe of wblcb he telle the ? onjjresj that other means must be reported to to get money. What they now propose to do we have yet to le^rn; and, in the meantime, we solicit the attention or the EoRlish and french cspltaliau who bsve investments in the "Oon. federate securities'' on tbe other side of the Atlantic to tbe sbove facts. The following table, showing ths n .tional a bts of dif ferent countries, ws tako from Kuyll.b journals ? C-wHrif. ita ifnal D&. foj ulatwn I'er If'aS railed Kingdom. .?196.000.000 United Sutos o< o N'cth' rlands O't O' O <*'" Hamburg 4,MOO.flOO France 400.000.000 Portugal 3o,o >!i 0\>0 gnaln 107 000 0C0 Austria KM?00,000 Belgium ao.iioo 00? Btvuria 2U.OOO,'iOO Hanover .......... 7 iW0,W0 Bruns wick 1 .ftOO too gaxjoy ?.50ti.tW Denmark 12,000,000 Greece 4,000.000 Busiia ?1, OOP .000 Prusfla 42, 00". 000 Wuitemburg 0, 000, 000 "**?tit;urg f^yijilQQ ? yr.j-u. ir,,SbJTT6o i;<oo.'?? Chile.. . . oo .'00 2S2" 1'700 ,XK> _n?0 llgures set opp?M? the Ohlted Subs are larjely In excels of the preset actual debt of this country. Onr liability ef ^PkX,.'"u pounds a teriing debt of Groat ritaiti i , ^Tuis O', er baif the amount, and are only about squal MS cund.tlon of tbe items ol tbe ibuado.^ia Unks (or tbe l^t and prevlo* week - l/l 'l M ffm* M9.00V 4J? i- ... 3,?r,T.2? BumM 20 OOO.O'JO i."3 000 000 t,B00 1100 SS2.000 SC,600,uno 4 .Oil ) p00 18.000.000 36,<K>0,D0# 4.MKt,ti00 4,000 000 l.wo wm 273 000 2,100.000 2 OOO.lOO 1,070,000 TS.OOO.orO 18.000,000 1.700,000 294,000 7,700 ?<0 1,400 Jpo J>a M'O 3.700,000 ?27 6 26 14 26 11 2 0 IK 11 0 7 10 8 13 6 8 6 15 b 14 3 15 A ft 4*10 4 ? 3 U 3 1 a 7 J 1!> ?i? 1 2 I 9 0 y 1-41" t?oder 14076, 13? 3' 4 ?"""'J Circulation.... S, 152,827 Tku Week 30.882 M 3 994 ,.'-22 n . yi i. r 3 a* .*38 S14 2,1*1 Alt Ibe annual mnc'lng ef (he atocaholders ol ths New Jeraey Railroad and Transr>ortati n Company for tbe elee tlis of directors will take piaoe to morrow ( Wednesday) In Jer ey City. The folio wirg were the esrti tngs of tbe Illinois Central Railroad during '.be third week in May:?. Third wok In M if . 1804 $114 .938 Same time in 1363 83 .".66 Increase f31,670 The etrnlngb uf tl>e Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad darinf th third week Id May compare as followl wltb the receipts for tbe same time In ISoS:? 188?. 1884 T'..*sfi gerg. ll^ir i rei^ht n.ocv e r,n Mall- , be 7M 1 10" Total ....|7,038 18. I .cr ate fl],W( Brock Ftehsnat. Trno*r. Bar 31? It 10 A. M. fUOMV 8 6 a. -81, rag 118 >.?0 .h? JtV JJcstral BH JJI 40 CO -OM 113 6. n> BR Ill\ 8<W 4) t .-l 4*?, ? 30 ?<n lOTi ? 74> A) do 'OS | HV V H O s, 6S KM ItaWO Ti i a 7 S O b* A 110 !<>? tg,..rtkttn| 1I0S ti- 9n V H '? ?, I jr '?? W l-a? d? -i. Ji M ?jw jr. 'Boon ??? 71 mora- i^lilnsMlat cen .. M* 10 <10 9J'? ? US 4? nl? 63 ? IO"? do. .. 88 lfr?1l Krle 1 1 innTtfaae I IS 4M> Hu- bt %K If.' sa 112 ?'KOK'CbC^ flmift l*i ?**-' I boir e?"Bi M I '*> 10 0 Alton *TH le? *1 ill* liairi ? I \ 1 H -4 p-?f tonocbtc A WW lai mt jooTo ?W?b latmea |08 )t> oo i! eve > In ?f v. its M0 .a'"i> f til ?4 * IU IOMI fitu. ?iWdf'.'diu 114 ??) C *t iHa '>?' m IU 000 1 ?:hi A *lu?? at ?a lie MWAaertoax K aba Amer Bi Bana. la \o MeW^ baa Bank t? m . .... lUm !^i <b? 11*% ieo oo bio lis ;?? do..... sie Hi' , mo do bid 1 1 - a *01 Brie nr' '?*** i'S 10V %m Hud '<? mm rh u?>< ?m uo 1*4 h?j do I OK v* do It? i JUU do...,. 149)4 108 Harlem RR alt) IMi'i 400 To'#lotWif??hRK 7if NIKJ central Bit ... 171 Reading KR .. . 14ir? do 3U 140 da 140 do 1W^ do bl" I3? , da ivi do W* da IMatJ 4u, ;..blO l? WO 3? 'WO ? 4"0 *on too ill W> ''' 0 M ? k ( *ntn? RR. HIM IV do HI 10 >Ml?Si o A N I RR 96 X ION .to hiO 94 ?: 12A 4 I/-V r> oa ?? 50 M rh M A.s 1, suar 141 MlCaatoailo 4.'H SOU 11. Cent RH i r p 1/6 I fl fenti t'^al < o .. *b? ??l ler^ttk Nauoaal Bt 100 ?ai do Ill de lu*'. 1*0 de . un T?0?a^ i^a rref 76 1 08 da klo l-HS J5 7??d 00) Clava anJAiMitoBU lUi* ??? do 74* 400 do IU ? M do 74 IW?J de Ill do lt<5 74 W U>>naletiadcst<a?aRK 117 |MQ'k^.*arHlDia(Ue 74jJ l(? do 137M M *? 70< Ifr) * 1* B5- 78 6H0 Olsea A Toledo BR l*i>i iOOOopaka Ir n M n. 14 >4 108 *0 I4T BtsSrrciik J r 50fctatr*lu-.!.!?Sii g IU5 bl TO Hi ^ii karipM Ml alas Oe de .......... aJ4l I Vwrs Blh it Ca ' 4?- ...4f?a'w BlidiVsfchJlB'Kl) '(ii " Pitta-? t Wd Ch RR UW <#>1 ?? 4? llf,V ik f 100 Mia ^ Mochia. ??' * **' * T It,, do IUD ?? ;ui E 50 ^ W pref MK>rr? Hilt r*?t Two I'OUMX P PW Dg?? 5 20'a rou 10t\ 4>?aka> 111 UN KR Mr. MtivOhtog Mas. oart. "A?i do lll(> aiu Cuinb Coal prlf 70i lit *?.... 74 100 Quick* far Mining 7'i'i UOu do Tt 10U Erie KU blO UJU 2U> da Il.-vj Mti do II JS ino do a30 111 2"0 Budaon River RR Ml 3*' d? 141 1 tl Mich Out RR UJ lm< Read.a* KR 1V>^ 100 do 137* fc?t da 138 100 do aio 13?? M.) Mich So A M I RR . 95K 300 do 96> UOMlckSANIgugr.. 141)2 M) d I'JOCl* a* rituRU.. soft do Mu do.... 3 Hi Tol * Vkabaalt KR.. HO Ualroa ft CBta RR. Ml do hSO 2-11 Clare A 1 uledo KK. 200 dn ftMt'bk ?* Rk IKU..,. 100 M. K* 15(1 Mil A Pr du Ckira . 100 # do blO 100 PUU. Ft W A Chic. soil do I 12 Ml Chic A N W RR . 800 da CITT COMMERCIAL REPORT. ToK-'DAr, May 31? ? P. If. A* am.? Receipt* 02 bbls. Market firm, but quiet sales of pots at 9ft 76 ; pearls were nominally $12 M a $18 ' BRiADaiDm.? Receipts 14,831 bbls. flour, T18 bbla, and 1 ,39r. bags core meal, 86, 423 bushels wheat, 22, 3: 2 do. corn, 120 642 do. eats. The floor market waa without decided change, aad the demand for home use continued active. For export there waa little or do Inquiry, the current price* being above the limit! of (kippers. Re ceipt! moderate; sales 17,000 bbla. State and Western, part to arrive, at $7 60 for extra State, 1 .600 do Southern and 1.000 do. Canadian. Rye flour con Mrued flrm, with sales of 300 bbls. Oorn meal was well sustained in price and the demand fair, resulting In sales of 500 bMs. We quote:? Boperflne Stat* ana Western fleur $7 2K a T 40 Fxtra State 7 60a 7 OS Choice State 7 40 a 7 fi5 Common to medium oxtra Western 7 60 a 7 76 ' Kxtra round hoop Ohio 7 90 a 8 05 Western trade brands 8 10 a 0 60 Kxtri. St. I.ouis. . , 8 20 a 11 00 Coti i in on to food Souther*. 7 80 a R 20 i;o<>d to choice extra do R 25 a 11 00 Common Canadian 7 6ft a 7 fit Good to choice extra do. 7 70 a 8 00 Rye floor, miortlne 6 60 a 7 '5 fv>rn meal, bbls 6 76 a 7 40 Corn meai, puncheons ....33 00 a 33 50 ? Ibe supply of wheat on Bile was stfoin light, which neutralized the cfToct of tho drop in gold, prices beig u i thou I chaise, though the iow trade* were depressed at the cl<*e (iood and prime mm pies commanded full price*. (air, cbieflv for exj>ort . the day'? business Rmoi.ntire In the neyrecote to 160 000 bushels, m r udin? ( ti rago pprlig at $1 61 a $1 67, Milwaukee ctub$l 63 a $1 68, amber spring $1 67 a $1 70? the lat ter an outside price; rod State $1 70, wit. tor red West ern 11 70 a $1 70 and amber Ac-. $1 77 n $1 82. The ni .'kft or rye wag lirru at $1 60 a $1 66. Corn con tinned <circe and prices were again 2c a :.a. higher, hales 46,000 bi.ehels, at $1 60 a $1 68 for row Western mixed, #1 04 a $1 <56 for old <*o. , and $1 66 lor prime new yellow. Oats uere .'tgftiti flrmerarul In brik demand. Closiug at 8?c. a 8B}?0. for Canadian. Stato and Western atlo.-.l, and Oir cash in store, for Weatorn. Barley and bar ley malt continued dull RitANt ? Sales '260 bblg.,at$2 C5 a $2 76 for medium, and $?- #0 a $\ for marrow BwtSrt ax ? 1,000 lb*, sold at 69c a 60c. Corr*.? Market flrtn, sales were 1,600 bale* We qnote ?? Upland Fioritla. Mobil*. N.O iCT. Ordinary .j? gb jj 9r Middlicn 107 107 101 103 Coed Middling 10H 108 10O 110 Mhidling fair Ill 1U 112 113 Coal ? At the auction sale to day .prices were about 60c. per ton hip her, us compared with last month. The coal was sold t>er 2,240 lbs., deliverable at Hl/aboth port , and the freight to thin city would make it about 60c. biphor. '7ie sale waR u? follows ? 3,000 tons steam - b ?at coal at $g 60, 40,000 do. lump nt fl# 37U a $8 45, 4,000 do grate at $8 66 a $8 76. S.000 do. eg g at $8 66 a $s oo. 4,000 do. gtore at $0 a $a i>5, 2.000 do. eheatnut at $* 30 a $8 37 Owr* ? Market quiet but firm, with sale* of 287 bags St. l'omingo at 37 Xc. a ?8c., and 2. 000 bags Rio at 43c. Frrn.itt* continued dull, to [ iverpool, |<er American flag, 1.600 babe's wheat at 6d , In bags- per neutral, 14,000 bushels wheat on private terms; 800 tierces lard, M*. . end ?1 oaskso'l, 25s. ; and per steamer, 28,090 bush els wheat. 0d. a Td 400 boxen bacon, 35s; 2.000 boxes chec-e, :;,*!. a 40s. To I/isdon, 800 bbls. flour. 2s. # and per neutral. 2,000 bbls o'l cake, 20b. To Glasgow, per American, 60 tierces lard at 17s. 6a. and per steamer, 600 bbls flour at is. 10M&; 7,000 bushels wheat at 8d , and 00 boxes bacon at 30s. To Antwerp. 200 boxes baros at 2S8. 3d.. and 100 tierces lard at 86s. A Norwegian hark was chartered to Cork, for orders with 14,000 bushels wbeit ?t Gs. 9d., or fle. 3d, if to a direol port in Ireland; a birlc to a nort in Wales. 20.01.0 bushels wheat, at .r>?. , a British baric to Havana at 70r. per bbl. an Italian brig to Mar-eillee, 1,600 bbls. petroleum, about &?. Hrxs. ? The market vras exceedinsly.quiet. The eal?s were 4,000 Central American *t 2?c. and 1.400 Rio Grand* on o. t The Bales have been (or the past week. 4,0JtO dry Buenos Avrea ut Slc.,ci?Rh, 3.^00 do., in bond, a* 2*c. , cisb .2.fl0O dry < entrnl American at 26c. .ce-ih; 500 C.r.y ; Matarnoros. as they run, at 25!?c ,caaU; 316 dr? Tsm- 1 pi.-o. at auction, w d. , at 16>t'c .cash 1,000 wet salted Rio I i. at 16c , cosh , GOO city slaughter at l?^c. Total, j 11.776 Mm. i LKiTHEit.? The market was dull, with sales of 2,600 | sides heml ok leather, on pifvate term" I was quiet, but firm, with &ale* of 206 bbls. t New Orlaa' * mo.'n.'sesnt ?4c. a t?8o. rsoTTUw,? The irV^et wa? less buoyant to <]ny, and noirly All n: I ; except bee( farored the purchaser, l'be speculative ilemmd for pork which has prevailed f<r tome time past experienced some abatement to day, aad jrices were barely sustained. Beef wan steady, with a air demand. Beef were steady, bacon was ia nodernte detr.ind at about yesterday'.-! prices (.ut meats vore dull aad heavy. I^rd was less active and prices ?erc firmer. Butter sold from 2rtc. a 44c. for Western ind rute < lie ee ?"lri at 12c. a 18c. The sa', as were X'Tk. 2,500 bbls. at f 2S 50 a $20 for old $30 75 a (31 lor new do and $24 60 a $26 26 Tor old and new irltne. $30 60 a $31 fer prime mets. also 600 bbls x:w mess for July. & O., $32 50. B<?r? Sales 1 .000 bbls. at $16 a $18 60 lor mass and $10 76 a 121 50 for new m?ee also 600 tierces India mess at $.11. Reef hams ? v. lee 100 bbla. very choice, at $28. Cut moats-'H'-a'es 176 packages, at 11 'Zc, a 11 'jc. for shim1 let*, and 14^0. for hams. Baoes sides ? ?a es ubO boxes, it litiif a 1 6 v,o . lor Western short dear and short ribbed on p. t. I ard? Sal?-< 2 oOO bbie. at 14c a 16c. * ?" p?s 3,466 bbls The market for jK>tl] crude tuid refined opened very bnoyaot and Arm rTiy"5n3 with a gfOd inquiry, higher prices were de manded nnd paid. The '?ales wo$a greatly restrieted by the scarcity of tlia r ii and the firmness of holders The salts were about S.50O bblp. crude at 40c. a 40ljC., on the Kjiot: io'^o a 41c. (or Jnhe, and 42Sc. f'T July 6MH) do reflnei, at 64c a 66c. , on the spot : 64<\ for June, and uAc for duly ; but moatly in I'biiaJelpiva ; at68< . on Uiei-pot.62i/c.for.Iune and ?3v;c 'or July; 'i.80# d >. free, ?< ;c. a *tlc. on ihe.pat. There w<re set?loic.enta ol coatracu at still higher figures Ben Ine r. as quiet at .KV* besides the ab-n c tbere were unset 'Jod parts of contracts for erode to the oxtcut ef 16,000 hois, (ah It.ter State afiair) on the ha 's of 400., and 5 000 a 7. OoO d -. refined, in bond, on p t i'ea- ?I urther sales of 7.00# bu?he:s Canadian at $1 25. If r was quiet but firm, w tb sanll sale* at previous price* Krt< ? Tl s market was a tittle more active, and a go .d luqsiry prevailed . sales of 360 ba^s black pepper at i.tO bags *cd 70 bales cloves, bi'th on pn va'e lenos. 8'" tm was inactive end prices were without decided change sal^e were ?6 hhds aso 0 tu reel Cuba nmsrova. do at isc. a ls?Hc Reilt, ed wae ?Uad) sales ot 250 bbls. Soft r bile at 2 W aud 100 do sort yelb w at l?;jc a 20c. 1 a*:ow.? Market oootinue* strong witli ? lair lwnand, part fo export Silos 140, f)00 lbs. at 14c. alt ,e. fur country and city. fgt.? The markrt was quite active andn ;ooJ demand prevailed the sales weie 1,200 half chests Oolong, and 1,0<?0 do. Souotaong. at full prices, aiso 150 hill cbeeis I green m.d 100 do. jspat., at reduced i#?ee? and GO chf'ts t green <ei p. t ' To' uoro.? ' The market was qalts ;?ctlrs and prlcet wsre vervflrm aa'es of 1,M? hbds. Kentucky ai7'ic. ?K\'c.; sKHk about 16,000 hbds. Manufactory fjrm. Ibe ao | tivity in the leaf market late, and the htgn prlceg paid 10 the J)Te?t an$ tn New York for Banafar.tntiiig d^rlp- J 11 us , have stiffened j rices, and contract f?>r new st?ck bbrk $ens snd ball poends, which cookl have been | placed at -lie. oa b' nd a week ngo,cat.n<>l now be made . ui der 60r. At pro-ent, homever, exporter* pay ing tnch sdn.nce, and, considering the lnrge stock held | by Hjiecniator* sufficient for home con*' mpiloo for :->ow>e ( month* bence), the possibility of a decline in fcld anil oxi !>aage, arji a verv lirr. ed proepccthe export trade for some time to come, tbey prefer taking their chalice i ?? tbe market Tho exports for the moath from New ork hive beau ngbt, v r ? 57 ,131 \ad 1,077 pack agef. Wih.'ip.- RocelpU . 1 ,020 bbls Market (MM ? ""lit is eauicr. toiies of 3, Out' bbla. at $1 U0 a $1 32, closing at tUe inside price. Males of Reel Rsiate. By Mes?m. A. H. Mniler, P. R Wtlkind A Co. Oue ot S. s. 100th at . 825 feet wr?( of Ktn av $1,076 One lot sec*. Pth av. acdlOOlbst ,23.11x100 ft 1,1^5 One lot w. ? 8th av. 60 ft. n. 9!>lh*t.,25xloo ;t . ?,660 noARuinn and luouinu. AKICfl.T rrRSMllRD ROOM ON SBfOWD FtOOR. . ia a modeur boflt lieu#e on* block Trin Klfih Avenue lluta: a IS' n e $1 .10. App t at ('U Wetllwea. ty aekTuth street. = * pkivati. PAMUfV WWUL f.KTA K4UMRT naf K i\ I'ariei , f uruisbed or uafurni.*lH!'l. to a gentleman and wife or two s^gie r*eoeenen. Location plea snt fa I at auo Wi?d Tbirtr Mioofirt street bctwnea MgMfe ml kieth ?venues, i* a'Uin si l?iv 2.406 1'o-t o" ee. A SMAIL (IfMiaSR* ROOM TO l'?r-T(IAOBN A Uomvi. ln.(?lrf> at 44 Cn'ir'.k avenne A room to LiT-rmNisunn or lmrtRNHHiD. to ene ot iw?i Mutlemen. oa semnd Pom wl?h large pantry aud gas. witl Breakfast and l>iun*r. it wanted, (n a p Irate femHy. at B6 Jorsieiun* xrnM near Ifirk*. St* mleutes' salt frem Wall *tre-t feriv Terms ramterate. PR1VATF. FAMILY \TOt LD LI KB TO HKNI TO one or two genkemeo. a rlouss'it ft/St Kue o wlil oard, and all b'ime o^mlAH* on MCwiivaole tsnna, hoe** aad n*tetib?rbood ftr t otaas; ree'ement to the Fifth Avenue HotM spr'r at i?l We*t Tweatr tnird atree: Re< erenoe* esskeegni. AHf THf P0ARMR? AOWfOT, M Bf.BKt KRR *tree<? Be*ms to let, fsrn ebed or eaft rat?ne4. with ami waa it Hoard, In all pai is of lb* oltjr, rarstog >a pries from $2 te |tW per week. _ IDUAI A LAWrfTgNtV.. AFRIVATB FAMILY IB DR"lBOi;g OF LRTTfNO a Suit of newly Fomlened Spartmeata. leer doom* M'?nd floor and Keoiaa on tblrd. wit* or without ?. to a geotieinae aa<i wife or *'ng e goauaatea tines wptlonable refereaie* given and required. Apply at 7V Waai I .. 'ia*Mi street, sscvaddoer wast <W 9tUh areata. A ?OAaOW ? AWP LOPWItft AT Till FRANKFORT HOCSB. ONBRL00E BAST Of the Qjw Hall, earner ?f Frankfort aud W Milan IkMh, WTBekUf turalohed. Urtt Boonaa A room in oue pernoa. 26c. ta Mo. par da? ; $1 U U> S3 per week lleuae open all night. At m new bowbrt? board ts per wrke-re tween Chatham eiunre and i'kambert street (ire m . ?ales from Rroeitwa : centra; local on ; Romas US rt-aia te CO >?ula per da ; $1 U to SS per week. Open all Bight. AT 174 IT? AND 1TB BLRBCEI R RTREFT. SIX blocks we?t of Broadwov. ttuunl Roo-us with eiooi leal Roar it. from to (In per week, families acordtncly Also, at rliffwood Hotel Eeypirt U.J. $7 to $111 prr x*eek; rami ina aoc ndtagly ftae graves, sp lead id ana lalhlaj, liahiog and stabling, A MOST ELEGANT PARLOR FLOOR AND SOME very fine Rooms on the third (too* te let, with l rat elss* Rnaril, In Prenck and cerman styles. at No. 18 Ninth at met, between Piftli and SI ih aronuea. A German family of ike k gbeat respectability keeps the hotuie. ISHerenass tnkupd. A PEW FURNISHED ROOMS? AT BBASONABLR prices, Ineln.llue caaaud hot and eeld water and bath room. at 10(1 West Thlrtv. fourth street. "?nbwest rjrncr of Rmedwajr. Ruth *v,oue and Thirty -fourth street, wltli or without full or partial board.* < A SUIT OR BINOLB ROOM. FURNISHED OB t'N J\ furnished, wtu. Hoard. oa purler, seeond. third or fourth flooi . p'easanl locatUa, near Fifth avenue. Mo. 1 Boat Tweolletb xtreet. A GENTLEMAN AND LADT CAM BR ACOOMMO dated witk banrtfcotnelv Furnished Rooms Board for the lady only, Address H. V. D., Madisea squats Post offlce At ih? Bast fourteenth htrkkt, opi'OSItb the Academy of Music? Several Tory pleasant lUiora*. In suit or eeparate?y, hsvng Urge close's, ?.<?, bsth. An., can be had, with Board. Dinner at &K o'clock. Reference exchanged APBW CHOICE ROOMS, HANDSOMELY FUE nl-hed. to let, at 19 Abingdon square. to gentlemen only Bleocker street atages and Eighth avenue cars paw the door. A Avert pleasant front and back room, on second lloor. w-th wardrobe, closets, batli &<? to lot, to?etlter or separately, furnished, with Board, m the Hr?t cJaxa house No. 3 Asbi&od place (Perry street), near Green wich avenue. At thb first glass private house, no. so? Broome meet, are three Furnished Rttoica to let. to Slng'e gentlemen; the best location for businnsa men Ref erence" exchanged. APURNIBHED FRONT ROOM TO LET?TO GIsNTLE. nen on'v, without hoard, at 89 East Thirty-fii?l tieut, with privilege ol gn? end bath. A PRIVATE FAMILT, AT 48 WKiiT TWELFTH ulree'., between Fifth and Sixth avenues, ran accom modate a C'-nt eman am. wifa or two single gentlemen with plea nut Turn sued Koonv am! drat class Boaid: rcfareuces required. Servants and cliildrca not taken. AT 25! FOURTH BTRfcBT.-A FURNISHED ROOM to let uatli or without partial Re. rd, to one or two single K?nt.emaa or a gentleman and wife. Looatiou very pleasant. At ho ninth strbbt, between fii--th avf.nur snd UBl^ersitv place, two au'ts of handsomely fr.rnts.h ed Reoms with Plyniuton bedstead, hot and co!d water, also R'ligle Room'*. Dinner at 0 o'ciock er ebangeu. ' FOHNISHRD PARLOR AND REDROOM, AND A Room, lor two slnjie gentlemen, lo let. with Board, al 74 F.ast Twenty thiul Ktrett. near Fourth aven ie. APRITATE FAM (I. V, RESIDING AT NO. 36 BAST Twelfth street, a Tew doors west of Hroadwnv, will let a fcult of Rooms and also a single Hull Room, to ger-.ilomen, wuh Breal;fd-t. Would give private table If desired. A WELL FURNISHED, SECOND STORT R A C IC ROOM to Ift. totv , single gentlemen, with or without Roird. Apply at 280 West Nineteenth street ADEB1RABLB SUIT OF ROOMS, ON SLCOND tloor, w ;lk Board, sult.i'ule for a gentleman and wife or two or ihree aingle nentlenieo. Also a aing'e Room. The house la first ciaas. Reference given and tenulred Tr.m ?lent bosruers would he taken. A;n>iv at 121 Nia'h street, a few doors west of Broadway. ? AT1-S ST MARK'S PLACE (EIGHTH STREET ?GEN tlemen and their wives and single aentlenien can he see .inmodatod with ezce lent ltoard and newly furulatied Rooms. Kroadwat stage* pass the d?or. AT DBTO'S HOtTflflL 103 BLBECKBB STREET. TWO blocks from B.oad w ay, furnished Rooms, s ugly and iri aulta for sentlemro ami families l>y the day. we^V or month TheRosmsaro airy and thohouso thor.m-h'.y re novated AT >S CHARLTON STREET. NEAR MACDOUOAL V. >caat!v fnrn shed Front Room1- and Hall Bedrooms tnmy l?e had with Board, bv gentlemen or g-nt emen and the r uma* Nstgkborbuod unexceptionable. Tflrma mode rate "a GBMtLeMAN AND I.ADY OF QUIET f f ABIT K ol nan obtain tiestlr furniahed Rooms, tn s small urtvate family r no boarders I. wl'h Board fur lady only, within two bleaks of Hroadwav and West Washington place. Ad tress Home, station D. Al'RtVATE FAMILT IIAVINQ MORE ROOM THAN re nired. would accommr date one or two gentlemen wltii Board. Terms moderate. Apply at Hi Hammond at. APW'.ATE family OB I NION SQUARE WILL rent Aim, airy Apartment*, wltb Board, to a gentleman ami wtle or single gent omen. Apply at corner ot Broad way and Fi'teentU street. AT l'? E VST FOURTEENTH 8TREET, ONE HLOf K ftoni Uniou square, a cholee of tine, airy and hand somely i tirtilshed Koomf, in an It or ? nclv. are to let. with or without Hoard, to families or slntfe gentlernen. AL\RGR HANDBOME FRONT ItOOVf TO LBT- WITH Boar't A|ip| - at 5'.' West Fifteenth street. A Handsomely furnisiikd parlor avd 'arue Bedr<v>rn. in a private house, for ?entlemea, with .'as. c ooets sod private liathrom. Terms moderate to oste^d. person. No t East E er/uth street ' A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE ONE or fvo -ingle gentlemrn with a pleasant Rooui with out board, on moderate terms ; h m -e has a'l the n:prove mei.ts, Apol' al IW W^st Tenth Street, near Biee.-ker Apartments to i.rt-fiirvishi-.d or unfur nlshed with or without Board: gas. bath. Ac. 61C Sutli avenue, between Thtrtlelh and Thirty first streets. A PRIVATE FAMILT. LIV1MO IN THIRrTFlRgT street, iietween Marl : .on and Fifth avenues, aro desirous ot let tin.- a Suit of Roouis oo second floor, with Board. Ad dress Bridge, station tl, for two ilava APLEA6ANT DOUBLE ROOM TO LET-WITII Roa d, 'n a small Amerieaa famllv. Also) a singta Roam, to a gentleman, at Mo. 26 Fourth street, two blocks wee', of Broadway. A LARGE f KONT ROOM. KICBLT FURNISH ED. TO toi. with Board, to two rentlecnen at $10 net ?e?k. i'or the summer. Also a Hall Ki o.n. Diaaer at8't. Call at No. S7 Bank stieet, near Fourth street. A"~ SUIT OF PURMSHKD ROOMS TO LRT, OR A SIN gle Rootr. at ii2 West Eighteenth street, between > tfth and Sixth avenue.. ANICBLY FURMmHBD BACK TARLOR TO LBT? with or without Board, in a private French fatully, 192 lludxr.B street. Reterencea fcivon and required. APLBASANT ROOM TO LET-TO a LADT AND GBN ttemau, furnished or onfumt bed. Locat.oo No. 30 Varick street, opt os'to S'. Jelm * Park. * Board.? at ir wateuley place near wash lltfton ire, su entire Second Foot. ?: b ample cl<>-"ti. Ac also an entire Urst Floor, w to eiten-'on, *lth Board or wltbo it; all iar?.e and airy rooms, no oilier boarders Board? a new, and commodioub house at Katenah. upon (he Now Yort and Harlem Railroad, snd near CroK.n rner. Is now open for bourders. Boons large an<l ? ell | urnts'ied. Reterenees exrh??j.-d. Address 3. h Whltio'ik. Kutonsh. N. Y.; or R. .1 Koitiu.ore, Esq., ! ulteti street; or A. A. Cuitls. E?t|.. 7S Dusue slre?t. X|OARD?A GBNTLVMAN AND WIFE OR SIMILE D get 'leu. en enu lie seoomin dated with line Rot>o?, havinu ail conveniences; location eontenleni ; dlnne at -it, App> atr-i Lst-* Ninth street, near Second avenue Board? furnished parlors and Bedroom# tn let. wIRt Board, to taulilr* an 1 sing a gent emen In the lir<t c:as? house 4T West Twent nmtk otrr t.t a few door* west of Broa. 'way. Te rns mod -iats; dinner at 6 o CiO< k. ? BOARD.-OBNTM.MKN WIfiBlira 10 ECONOMI8B in l>'..?rd wilt 'ma clean, airy oiugle Rrvims..?ith l?oart?. very cheap, wer ft.fn . lied liy calling al ?Ai Itodson ttree'., iocat tin centra., s.i . lam: y pleaaaut. Call and see. BOARD-143 riitST R'UIEET, NEAR BBi'OND ATE. nite ? two targe Koornr on second 1 >-,r with Boa'd. a so a Hail Itoom sultah'e tor a <eat eiaau D uner at dt. Kelerenoes giten and I*] aired. Board. -GKNfLBMBN asd their wives or V!..'is fentl"?aen, Wishing to room together can be act. tr.n.'Hla'-d w th -arge Fnrn tie i and Boarl at | moderat* terins. Apt?i; al MB We*- Tweaty-slxtk street. OABD? \ SJORV PKO^f oR HACK PAB. . ioit tPwiy to !?t (??|^iiknian wiibo>?i | ir<T, or ia kwi wife, with front u?> urai*h?*l UiemeDi *f de?*red. Apply at !1M Bleeclter ?tre?U Bt" meat ?ulttkWi for an ofRrr B OARU-A FBW KURMSHBD ROOMS TO LET, IN i s splendid lois'iou, iaeing the Washington pars 10 ground; the room' are Isrn *nd alrv , p esfrom 94 to M per week; *at and bath. Apply at 30Weet Washington NW?r?t 'orner of Wi'erlO) p aoe. /t~ . .-*??*==? DOARD IN a PRIVATR FAMILN? LIVING IN iEC XI ond avenue near E glith streei third - lory llooni, fitflilso. d. to let to one or two s ogle genttomta, with or without B'jord. Address Mr*. Wilson, statioo R Board in jbrsbt city.?plb ibant rooms. with good Board. ' ?r. be olga ned at l<l l'svonla pla- e, ta Hou'li Filth stroct. Jersey City. OARD IIP TOWJC-FlRrtT CL\P8? NO #S WEST i'or.y-flrst treet. Lsrge Parlors. Itedi ooms attaclied, with hot and eold water; bath and gas. Bicellcn; labia Terms quite low. Apply soon. BOARO V* VNTEn-ATINBW BRIGHTON, S I , TOR the soy tner months, by a lolysndhei son, where there are vonngfu ke In thshs . e M make It Lies <nt pieiorrel Address lor one n-cek 1. A. M , hot J.W ptis* ofti*. N. Y. Board wanted.-a tiPNTiiiMAN wishes to bb gs?e permanent Board for blniseif wife ehM ami ? nrs* for th" -<i!iimer snd ? later In New Tork B'ootlvn or Ilobnken . tw. d looqi re<|ti red. Terms to he mods rate. Address le t i.Oir ra,t, ? B Board w\*TEiv-Br a gentleman, aodbbbs. "'Sting trrtns, location, to . R. B boi RS? New Tork l"oa< o'li. " Bi.'AtUJ WABTBD-roi \ TOI NG LABY. IN TnB J-f ti? Af ffiiUi nvfBue. hetw#'#*? Koirtb Twentieth streets AtMreos u< eai: on L M. D . 17B diith ?venio. BOARDING.-TWO OR THREE FORNIBilBD RoOMB in a ornate family, no -htnirea rartl*?tar pains wiH be '*S ssi to matte H,.-m note, fort a oa. Oat' a* 1M Eighth av . Board in broorltn -two Mail (.entlemkn or a gentleman ant wife csa ee areommodatOll with A uiee Room and goed Board ai lit Put tea street. Board in rrookltn? a hall booh, wrll fortusliod su the modera coaveateeoos, within flva minutes' walk of Sooth ferry fji Hoar/ straat fuirtfc Boar f roas Amur ovaek ftggM BtMrrtt. BOA aMIfO ABU LOjPOIHB, Board wanted in brooklyn?a parlor and Bedroom, for *eoU<*aian and wife; beard lor lady ooIt; privale mini j prefrrrad, near Ftillao leny , tarnis made rate. Address Willie W. A.. Herald offiae TplJlU ANTI.T FURNISHED BOOHS TO LET? WITH Hi Hoird, l*i (i tilleinaa aud wil? or ? party of three or four g-ntiemen, ho<',i*e *trict>? first OlMS *"l" ?" modern inprniMStuU. tl6 Wast Thirty fourth straet, near Seventh HMua POOR SINOLB OENTLKMEN MAT BB AOCOMMO dated with Hoard and pleasant Rooms at 40"flecond avenue. U^ORMI SH'VD ROOMS TO LRT-TO RESI'BOTA BLR r familial or gentlemen. Apply at 210 film turret. sear Spring. C10R.NI8IIBD ROOMS TO LK'r? WITH BOARD. TO I1 v-uitemen, at U0 Wost Fourteenth street. Reference required. TT^UKNISHRO ROOMS TO LET-IK THK ELIGIBLE >. , fcou"* I l** Broadway, two door* b* ow the St Jam** Hotel. Kefeioiice* given and required. CTURNTSHKD ROOMS TO LET? IN A PRIVATE FAH ' ?y to eeallemen, without Board. Appljr at 76 8b Mark'* place. tfURNIBHED ROOM TP LET? TO ONE OR TWO A ?loam gentlemen, at 668 Broadway. Inquire of house teeper, room 11. PURNI8HRD ROOMS? FOB GENTLEMEN, AT NO 834 Broadway; terras reasonable. Furnished rooms to let-to gentlemen, at No. 8U Weal Houston street. Furnished rooms? on second story to let, together or separably ; bath room on same floor: loca tion very (desirable; ; amity private. Apply at 67 Amity M. Front room, bedroom and pantries, on second Moor, with back Basement. $18 per month; fur nished if desired. Also front Room and Bedroom on top floor, turnislied. Reierences exchanged. Apply at 469 Sixth avenue, sb ri store. (GENTLEMEN AMD THEIR WIVES AND SINGLE T nentlpmon rati be sccommodnted with excellent Hoard and nenly furnished Rooms, at No. 08 St. Mark'* place, Eighth street. Gentlemen will find newly furnished Room*, with or without breakfast, at 193 Weht Twrntv eeventh strent, between E gbth and Nin'.h avenues. Bath In tlie house. Handsomely furnished binole and double Ko ins. on lirnt and tluril floors, for gentlemen, with or without break Sat, at 29 Fifth avenue. Hanosomely furnished rooms to let? with Hoard, in a private family, at 117 Waverley place. Re ference exchanged. Handsomely furnished rooms to without board, n a small private family. Apulv at 834 Wo t Twenty-seventh street. HOBOKBN.? TO LKT. BT A PRIVATE FAMILY, back Parlor, furnished. without hoard, to one or two slni;> gentlemen; gas and bath in the house. >ithin live minute<' walk of the ferry. Apply at 38 Fifth street. IN HARLEM? A GENTLEMAN ANDWiFB CAN OR tain Hoard n a h ghlv resi ectab e family; bouse with all modern Improvements; m'he Immediate \ ictmt of the boat and car. ( all at ISSth. street, .second door from S cuud avenue, north aide. MRS ARNOLD, AT NO. 75 AND 77 EAST FOUR, teenth street hag very fine RooAi loiet, with Board, Hou-e Oral class. References exohnnsed. Rooms and board on Murray HILL? ACCOM modat onp for a gentleman and wife or two slnsle gen t emen with full or partial Board, in a di-IlgliU u! location on Murray Hit!, with a strictly private family. Address A. D., Post office. PLEASANT ROOMS. WITH BOARD. MAT BB OB talned at 6S Warren street, Brooklyn. Location pleas ant. and convenient to ferrie->. References given and i quired. CINOLR GENTLEMEN, OR GENTLEMEN AND C> the r wives, can get larj-e, air> Rooms, with nood Board; Khs, bath. Ac. Aprly at CUt Second avenue, between Thirty seventh and Thirt) e^ht'.i streets. TWO GBNTLBMKN OR A GENTLEMAN AND WIFK can have a large Room on eeeond floor, well furnished, hot and cold water ami fa*. (Jood loeatton for those in pur. auit of a good home. Call at 162 Wrst Tweoty fourth str.-et IiIIRBB 8INULB GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO dated with Board id a private family. In one of t'.e most desirable locations In >ersei Citv, witbin ten m.nutea' walk of the ferr>. Address J. C.. Herald ohioe. TO LET? IN A PUTVATK FAMILY. HANDSOMELY Furnished Rooms, to gentlemen only; hreakfsst if ,ie '?Ired. References re iulred. Apply st 31 West Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avouues. TO LKT ? A SUIT OF NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, ?n second and third floor-., with or without board. w ih all modern Improvementa. In a pr <-ate family. References ? equired. lift) Ninth street, a few door-. west of Broadway. TO LET? A FINE, FURNISHED ROOM. TO A SINGLE gentleman. Inquire at 83 Grand street, first floor. TO LKT? WITH BOARD. THE FRONT AND BACK Rooms on -econdlloor; law pantry. j.aa bath, Ac., to a gentleman ?nd wife or stng.a gentlemen, at 84 Jaae street, uear Abingdon square. TO LET ? A FURNISH BD ROOM, TO TWO OFNTLR men. >rithoiA hoard : a'ao young lady taken to Board. Call all this week at Ko Hammond street. TO LF-T-A LARGE FURNISHED BEDROOM ON THE second floor, lor one or two (reutlenieo. Appiv at 1.216 Brian way, betuncn Twenty n.nth and Thirtieth stri-eta. ri'O LET? A LAR(IE: EAWDSOMKLY KUKNISHRD 1 Room, on (he flr-t floor, with water, to a gentleman and wife. Inquire at 62 Sixth avenue. TO LET-A FURNfSilBD ROOM, TO A GENTLEMAN, w th ga- and batb. Inquire at 83 Grove street, near Fourth. LKT ? WITH OB WITHOUT BOARD. ONE OB TWO R'?ms. suitable for gentlemen, or gentlemen and the r rjn? wivea, in a small privale'famlly, where econom\ and tho eomtort* of a borne are combined. Apply at 238 Ea>t Thir tieth tret rRBNT? WITH BOARD, IN A FIRST CLASS PRI vate family, with all home comforts, throe very plea sant Rooms on second toor, to ?ne or more pari es? to gen- , tf**i 1*1 ties. Apply at l<!? West Twenty-fourth street, east of Klghth avenue. r?TRANGKR8 A1H? OTHERS -AT St NINTH street west side of UaWerslt p ace, elegantly Fur nished Room ., without Board, suitable for families or gea Uemen. House first class. VERY DFSIKABLK ROOMS, FURNISHED, WITH OB without Board, at l-<7 East Twentieth street, at moder ate rates, i'ereons of r^li^lous habits preferred. ANTBD.? A SINGLE GENTLEMAN IS DBSIKOU9 vv uf obtaining, either in New York or Brookh n, a fur nished Room wltb Bo. id. in a family whore there are few boarders Term- must he moderate. References exchanged. Address Winslow, box I'M H?r*.d office. Wanted? hoard vor a lady, in a quiet, rh spectable lamilv, where she may nnd rhe comforts of a homo on moderate terms, and where few or no other hoard ers are taken. Address M. N. T , Herald olilea. Wanted? plain BOAKD in an amkritan fa mlly, havjnif few or no ?Khor boardoro. within twenty mlDn lets' wa k oi the As'or IlO'.se. Price noi more lha-> fift weekly. Address, with particulars, Frank Allard. box 1M Herald office. WANTKD-A FURNISHED ROOM WITH BOARD, for a iting e uian. In an Rni'isli lamilv; .oration d"?n town; reference given. Address A. B box 141 Uera'd office. "tJETANTED? BOARD FOE A FRENCH LADY. IN A TV family shaking French. AddteM bo? 3.317 I'oal offloe. Xk; ANTMD-BOARD, BY A LADY. WHOSE HUBRAND " <? absent at the war. In the vicinity of Sevonth or Rlci ih street. Addtc??. -tatitig tonus. It. K., box IZU Her ald odi< e 0*1' TO *ln PBR WHF.K POR HOARD. WITH Rtn.MS <J)"Jst Dupont Home, rorn^r of Hudson and Laloht ureet*. Aim Hoard without lodging. Raoms to let. without Boaid. Transient pei ton* *. per day. Watohman all n>Kht. 9 0BEAT-.10NES 8TRKET. ELEGANT APARTMENTS TO LET t<> single gentlemen. ?1 A PKR WEFK-FOR A l'AETLY FCENIS'lED ?IPlT seeotid story Koom. with full Board, to a [,-ent ensn ana wilo. lu a first cissi bouse: also on- for $6 (o- a unii tl-uian. Cal at ICi West etiiy -txti street, neat iti avenue. QU WFCT TWELFTH STREET ?NICELY FrRNI?n jG'J n<l front and buck Room on sec :i<t ami tlilnl o..r?, Wlet, wiln i rsl ela , Board, lo and tb< r n- ee or sum e f ?ntl?aaca, liiciict M six o'olick BefarencM ?*ehap;;efl. on Of Tlac e'-riiit of rooms on fiiiht "r "??'.nil tloor to let, wltlt Hoard. I'MttN Syl' ARK ? I'CRNTSO BD ROOMS TO t'v rent with Board. 13 Q7 B'FHT TlltRTIFTH STREET ?ONE OR TWO Ml 'aleft and three or fottr gentlemen an ..nd good Bosrtl with rnr#ly furnished Rooms, hy s p'v ru fmnnv) ,u"ly. Situation delightful, between Fifth Minim and Brosdaai Keferesee lequued. ??Q HOED HTRI.HT.-ROOM8 TO LET, WITH BOARD. Reference er -hang< I. OiTl WEST 8IXTF.EN1H RTRRET, BETWEEN FIFTH 0?7 and Kit'li av. aues. Iiand-omely Famished Ro .nm to |e(, with Botrd Sult ible for Irtdifleman nnd wife or s ngle gentlem ?!i. luneeratfi. R<<fWeneM required 1HK STREET, A fKW DOORS E ?ST OF JL"m? Broadway ? To l<s? , wltii Ho;ir'l one large It -ion, n the -?<con I iloor, t. a gentleman and wife or twa sniji'e ^en tienien Kefersnce Dinner at 6. ?^7 MADISON AVENUE -A ROOM ON Fi i(fU I ' .or or a > ngle getiHcmna, v nn Boanl. COniTRY BOARD. AFI V PI U80NS CAE BF. ACCOMMODATED WITH ?oari at I nfsrlng, iha Ale residence at Mrs. C Si KirtJ Usu i. App y on tht prmiift, rtag rstrood. one u> u fiom Perth A?no> l-ndlng New Jersey. AI'/i -I1L7, OCCUPriNO A PIOTUALSQt K nr 44^ ?n tb^ an iiii Htuirn wl\l a'-^hh. or t*n for tht pif<u?t < i.i i re| lorntiitftri o* fruit, mi vent ^ ???. A el ? h<n 1 17\)* fir w York fost ofijrn a vfiftSW La ir, orrrpTiNO hbr own husk J\ a' N J., woiital aecoinmo late two genii- u-si wtth n ?> ms and good eubilin4lai Beard. LicatMa plea ? i.t, . aocaaethle b? boat ar cars. For partic i lers a ? L'y ts t. T. aiNN, i Am No. I, bank oflloe, 4V B\t ',ar -e pss<h<, batw ' a M aud | o -.look. AlI'l.tMdl) LOCATION FOE SCMMEE B<>ARI) Ing ~*j*rf) and row in odloos Suite of Ro ins eleg m| If fereiirtiikl, at the !>.? l^aeae llouai 7X West Nlin itreet. Irvintig the Reservoir Far*. Pereens visttiuv i(ie otty trai win Had tkia a moat desirable laoatiou Table d ota Board -onr or two familirb oAe obtain . attmaaloe, airv Rooma wliA good Baard, la a im*. ,i.t i ooaatr. iiouue la the taw n of Eye, Weatokeater roitu,, N. I T., sa ' 'lie in le from Nie New llavea itallroad drpoi, ar.d 1 ah >ut the *i<n? dieuucs irom the beaeh eti the Ea-t rl?er i far pariMviar* ?m/? Era at N Mald?n laaa. cmvavmr board. BOARD-ON KRII BIlUOtD, raOM/ULT fl -eaten >Mi| the hula delightful; anaoioua mm, hariBK very lar gr kala. aurlers aad room*, wall ruraiahad. luquraat BAAKH A GOBWIN'K, ever the Tribuae olttea. BOARD-AT NT AO*. ON THE HUDSON, WILLOW plaoe, South Nyack. will be opeu fer the re epilou of aunmer boarders on June Id. Par ne? willing t? rtr liba rallv for tir?i c'.ss* aooouin xiaLaa u>v apply a* tl>e urecui sea. Reference T. J. Oruwaa, II Broad street, room M. Hoard ?a family or riYB or art can find three Bine Horns at a farm houae at Korwalk. Cofxit . use and * half bour'^ from New York. Far further particulars appl, at 1 Blower atrg-t^ t Board in abtoru? families or MNe-fo tlemea can to aoooiumodaied with Rl1om- ?nd Board, bv apply o| at the WOK *"*_uui,'aud Ueu.oa streets, Aetorie. ~T~ ' y ' ? - ?? ! Board in Oranob, n. j.-a gentleman, in buslnesa m New York, desires to fet a tnr? Kornn, with break am and tea, IB a private house; lunation to be near the railroad etatloe. Address, with particulare, W.. box 1,61* Po-t ollloe. New fork. Board in thb oountrt.-wantbd, boarb fob five persona; alao ambling far two horaea and cai riages, and board for e>*ohmaa, wlihin I hour's ride by yUlroad. Would prefer bearding with a farmer. Addreaa T/B. 8., box 2.632 Poat onlce. Board wamted-in thb country, by a okn t'einan. ladv and etna' I child, from tbe middle of June to September; mut be withla two hour*' ride from tha cit/ br railroad. Addreaa P. A. B. , box <2f Post affloe. C'fr??m*oJkf^.^-AT A FARM HOU8B, TWO MILK* /COUNTRY BOABD? AT NBW BOCIIRLLB, TBN MIN \J utea wa'k from depot and oan haur irou New York. Tbe houae I* plemait * located aud well furn ahed; lias a Ane piavground for children For further Information ap ply on the premisea. Centre street, next houae to Mr. Hor lon'a. or to Mr. Atwood. at tha At wood Horn, near the da P?t. or 2nd Wert Fertr -second atreet. Bew York. C COUNTRY BOARD-AT THR RINOGOLD HOL'HR, J Bergen Point. N. J. Kit e airy rooms and go .d bed ding. Bath ng snd fl hlng within one hundred rodn of the hou e. Aoces lo thee tv four or Uve tlmesa da?, by steam boat, from pier No. 2; ais" every hour front Jersey Oity bl ears For particular apul on the premlaea. or at BKLL'?, 2 i Fourth avenue. New York. pOUNTRY BOARD.? WKKITAWKKN HKlflHTS, IN A " ' commodious house, ful view of the Hudaoa andua surp?s.rd tor hesuiy of scenery w th twelve aero- or lawn aii'i abundance of elegant shade and fruit arbor*; large stable and carriage house, and surrounded by the residences of New Tort merchants. Terms moderate. Addiets L. 1. A , Po t office. New York. (COUNTRY BOARD ? A FEW BOA ?PERS WOULD BE J tal^en for the summer, at a retired country place on the west s de of tne Hudson, thirt live mile fn m the city ; a line, healthy, mounts nous locality; communication with cl' bv boai morning and afu-rBbon ; accommodations for carriages uud hoi sea, If desired. Addt ess A. A., box 479 Post o lice. COUNTRY BOARD IN FLUSH INC.? A SMALL PRI vate family can oi'are three or four Rooms to a family without cli ldr?n. Acc?<* hourly. Only a few m>nute-<' wa k from depot. Suthliug for four or live horse*. Address Uamiitoo, Herald oflloe (10UNTRY BOARD AT PLAINFIBI.D, N. J.? A PRI J vate family can accommodate a rev bonrucra. Th* house 1 ? near the depot mid one hour and a quart' r from t lie city. < all at 17o Broadwa, . room No. 3, third lloor, or at t cket agent's o lice, Plsmiield station C COUNTRY BOARD AT SHERWOOD, NEW JERSEY, J two miles from Jersey City ferry, in a delightful bouse, commanding a fine view of New York Bay and the Mat t-own. Inquire :or Mrs. Rhoades, or address box 196 Jersey City 1'ot oltice. References exchanged. POUNTRY BOARD FOR YOUNC CHILDREN? WTIKRB they w<1l ham a mother's care atid aitention Address or nquire for Mrs. 0. Bennett, Newtotwn, L. I., within live minute V walk of the Flushing Railroad depot. (10UNTRY BOARD MAT BE HAD AT A FARM J house In North Bslem, Westehastor county, 4 miles trom rttrdy's Station. Harlem Ra road; location pleasant; house 'arire; good fare and reasouabe terms. Apply at 74 East Twentt third street. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED? FOR FOUR ADULTS (three rooms required), In the vicinity of the city and e?si accessible bv steam or cars. Address, stating terms, locality and all particulars, II. box 434 Post ollloe. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED-FOB THE SITMMEE months, by a family of 'Ire adults, four children and t vo nurse , within one hour's ride of th<? clt . Will ray a liberal price for Rood hoard and accommodations. Address J. U. G., box 4,y76 New York Post oilice. C10UNTRY BOARD WANTED? ^OR A LADY. N C'RHR > aiid child ?i I year* old, within two hour*' distance of New York. A good table and plenty of fruit indispensable Near the water preferred. Price not to exceed $16 for all. Address R. H., station D New York Post once. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED? POR THE BUMMER, IN a mountainous region near the water, for a ueatleuian. wKe, lour children and nur-*. Mo t have <"->oi board. Ad dree*. stating location. Ac., box 5.5S4 Post office. 4 MIMES DESIROUS OF OBTAINING BOARD FOR _ the summer a: Tarrwtown cj.u be aceO'iimc>4al* in a prl' ate family with flrst Cass Board and hand 'ome Apart menta; an >m Ave mtnutes' walk from the depot. Address box 16 Tarrytowu Post ortico. QTATRN ISLAND. ?TWO BOOMS TO LET TO RINGLR U gemlemeu. with breakfast and tea. Apply to Mrs. H. Wl K1MJP, Fort Hill, first landing. CTATRN 181, AND -FAMILIES AND SINGLE GEN O tlemen can have first c!aa-> Board; house ne ir the wat er: ample -rrouuds. fruit regetah oa and pure milk. Inquire at 842 Broadway. Gibson's Building. , STATEN ISLAND.? GOOD BOARD CAN BE OBTAIN ed on Castlatou Heights, with pleasant Rooms, tea minutes' walk from landing, by applying to D. R. Hitch cock A Sou. No. ? Wall street, basement. F YMr ANTED ? FOB A LADY AND CHILD. AN UNFUtt it nished Room and Bedroom, w'lh Board, iu the coun try convenient to the liorse cara. not far from the city; good plain board Is oxpectod. Address D. R.. box 127 Herald ollke. SIMMER HKSORTH. At cliffwood Hotel. keyport. n. j. i<? hour fro ii New York, bv steamer* foot of Murray street at IX P M, good board from $7 to $10 per week, families accordingly. Hoe gnves splendid sea bathing, fishing and stabling. Apply at 17* Bleeoker street, or at the hotel. Belmont hall. Srhoulsy's Mountain. N. J.. Will be opened tor vialiois June I _ D A. ('ROWEI.L ^lATSKILL MOUNTAIN HOUSE. Th's favorite Summer Kexort will open .Tune I forth* reception of guests. Visitors will rtna at all times an author ?ed areet with badge, st the rataiclll steamboat landing and CsUklll tatson. Hudson Klver Railroad, to as sist visitors, provide conveyance, take charge of bag gage, Ac. _ _ _ Half wat house, eisicatom. Halfway be te een t ats . Ill and MounUin House, beautiful loca tion. Roar.l to #lo per weak. Re;'er?nre?. ,tc . T. Man ion, dentist. 1.225 Broadway; II. Dlion, ft) Broadway (Adams' Express Co). D. BLOOM, Proprietor. Mountain house, sorm orange, n. j.-Tim d?itg;ufnl Kitmoier r"?'rt having <?! anted hands, lia be?n thoroushl- leuovsted and.newT'" tarnished. and will 1* epen':d foi i.he reception of (pies:* on the (ilh uf Tune. Trains leave liaicay troct b\ Muin- acid lC?-e , Rtllt j.\U. almost lioirl.i . R. A. TALTAKKUKO. Mansion house-long branch, h. j is now open It oan accommodate Six hnadre.l attests H. LAIRD, Proprietor. MOHRUAN LAKE.? MOUNT PLEVSANT not SK. near Peetskilt. is no* open lor the mention of boarders. Apply to W. JONES, PaekskllL STERLING HOUSE, D RIUGRPOET. ? T H E ROOMS la tills bouse ha\ e been pewly pi;>0i"d snd pamled. sndnreln perfect order: parlors and bediouns c-/nrect; the price of Board will bo liberal. W. n. WILSON, Pioprietor. Q HADED, OPEN GEOONDE, W lTIf PLAIN BOARD, O ? .thin aa hour of the ^Jtv, wuued for the tumraer for ? K' litleman. wife and thr^e rhi:drfm*-two, f re an ? rcn years of age? for #18 or thereabout* per wrek. A idr( ?s 'tore I. US Broadway, K. Y. tyiHE LA TOURTETR HOUSE? BERO KN POINT, ON .1 the K'll Von Kull, N. J ? Tht< se oct f.imiy hotel will onoo for th" season Jonel Brats from iter No. 2 North river, at 9 So, I2;4S. 4 SO and !> Hi; front loot of Key 'trret at lOH A. M. and 4 ? P.M. Rteara raliroad hourly from Jersey City. ? W ESLEY W. HILL, Proi Hator. Till RIVERSIDE nOUSE. RED BANK, MOSMOfTTH oounty, N. J , win te opon for the reception of gutatt tn ihe 1st ol June. Partis* wUhlng to secure roiMis will pleas* address C. G. A W. A. FRENCH, Proprietor*. VOXKBRS.-THREE LARGR ROOM 3, 20 t'El I I sqtisre, lo let. with Board, eight miiiut4?' walk from deoof snd eambnat landing; oca'ion upmi passed : also gmxi stab log. Apply at Ho- Mansion House. ^ ^ HOTELS. ATLANTIC HOTEL. CHATHAM SQUARE, CORNER rt .New Kswery aad Ol ver street ?To let, li*i splendid It-nrni par day, w**k or month. Payn s prmg beds Iluuse open ail afght. VI/IUTNET H0US1, BROADWAY. CORNER OF *" f we Tth street (entranee on Twelfth alrwti ?On th* Mnretw ai pla*. Meals furnlstod bv the week. If desired, l'orter m attendance all night, a. E, MEAD, Proprl*l*r. HOUBBty KIMIIII, ?C.; TOjilit/" A COUNTRY EESIDRNOE TO LET- AT MORRIS lov'u, N. con*lrlini( of a larne mn<lern house partly !* irniu e<], (t, water, Ac. : 9 seres or land, laid out with ave nue. and walks, ani shade d wltb enolce ornnmsotal trees; a roat abundanee of fruit; garden niade and liehoiis* li'le l; location near depot. S. EDDY, No ? Pine sir**i A A PARTIALLY FURNISHED BACE w theut besrd. t* >euT?y a strletlr prh at* fhmiT.v . ha* the in d- rn improvmrnts. Is in a healthy, respewalil* iMlgfeboi h*od : well adapted fVirono or twoeliyii*W?t em*n. to I (en it will be lot for f3 per w***. lUUreno** i ?*? r' F?r pftiKmlftri mi f4 Woti Twealr t?r#iith N t^ren Hi tth and i? rinth IfittW* t COfNTEY R E 3 1 D F. N CE TO 1;"-' () R * J\ months or a year, a? T^ksrs a mlie sod a * "_sr ' or from the depot; a good h,0"'' ,f nd ill'^L .i j n o M land puntv of frulf of all hl?<t* Inquir**f #. B. W.. 22 tfiuUi stroet a svtiu, COTTAGE AT AETORA TO RENT? CON A taielig six rooma. handsomely (fnralehed. Tvtth blark wiht \t and eoMag* furnltur*. Aliont ten minnto* walk from tli farrv; or waind Mil Ui? fnrf itiin; rviol IflOl) piMP JaST*E E ?D? AEDS. 27T West Tw?nty BgWm *I~0?BAT BARGAIN -TO i-ET. IN ONH OF THB A largest hotel* dewn town, a Eestanraat and Billiard Keom, eomptoU Five hundred guest* t* vIMaal Apjdy I j i mq!uately. *t lh* Fmukfort House, corner of VrMklwt and W riliam *?reet* AT tH THIRD AYBNt'E-YOU OAXGRT HANOSOMB Floorv *' ??' ** r*oins to l*k with modern Improvement*. Also Tarts of Hi>u*o* aad I ot nbsbel Hons**. Awl/ to JOME FBTTEETCH, FUfiEIEtJBB ROOM TO LET? E'lTnOUT BOARD. Wa;rr*ridj*A Afjily *f 88 Oreenwich ai enua. _ ?O-i T? M?C AH forkiibbi boob to LRT? without ioaiIl oaly at 12 K??1 Kourthsirael. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LBT-A THKKR iraM ? ud baeemaai high stoop Han*. ueaur rumtahat I throughout, would be let to a |>ri?aU' family , no ob ouUbuZ to Uk< a faw first ciaaa boarder*. Far puucultn anni.^5 It* Waveriey place. N>IW " AHOUbE TO LET? KOR BOAROIHO ; HAS OTBB twenty rooms, good conditioo, only Mo par ? Applv ta ALLKN U MoM?mmv Jtraij OttyTeua block and a balf (ram tarry T\OOBl|B HOOSB^^UT ONI SIDE COR TRAIL li ? bath. Sal Of . or ? <le, haadaota*! J rirlil5fe? '<* ??? SUmroor. Htut low to ft amnll, geo|M| r4IU'!y DAV ISON, betwe.-n K.lty econd and FiyXwii ?tr. au. NorT* <y If J ok a street Furnished rooms to lbt-without boars. pleasant, single aad double Room*. Apply at 74 Uah varsity |>.ace, oue bocA from Union square. Fukmshed housr to let.-a handsomely furniohed high stoop House, >>lt-a <antly and convenient ly attuated. in 'eraarCttv, ta rant, iroiajuyl until Oete bar], at 9100 for toe three months, payable la adrsaaa. Ad<lra.<a boi 4,851 Po t oflioe. Furnished housr to let.-a first class three alary high atoop House to let, oempletelv (i? af?hed for housekeeping: pleasantly situated, near th* PariL Rent $soo Call ta Eighty brst atreet, tnt house waat at Third avenue. ' Furnished rooms to let-also a la rob alrtd front Room, with Bedroom adjoining. suitable tor tbrae or four geatleuien wbo are willing to rooui taga> tber. Apply to Mrs. O. , ISI Lexington areuue, ooraar m Twenty-ninth atreet FURNISHED HOUSR TO LBT.? A OENTLEMAB. going to Europe will let hie etegsetl.v Kiiruuhed Hone* Central location Moderate rent. Immediate po-inlwa given B. H. TAYLOR, No. 8 Pine street , I raURNIBHSD HOUSES TO LET-IN THB VIOINIT* r of Fifth avenue, $75. $160 an 1 $200 per month. Pa? particular^ and permit* apply to TOTTER A BRO., S3 PlM aireet and norlltweat ooraar of Fort> -aaoond street and Sialh FURNISTIBD OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LET.? Locatlou sp endid . atages and cara put the door evary three mi ii u tee. Apply At Na. 1,267 Broadway, near Thirty* tirat street Hastings upon-hudson.? a furnished oot. ta^e to rent, eight rooma. Agent at depot will Uescrlba locality, Ac. IOFTS TO LBT. -TWO LOHT8 TO LET CHEA*. J far light manufacturing purpoaea, 25 ? 7#. Injure the premises, aoutbeaat corner of Thirty -fourth atreet M XTO 93 OREENB 8TRKKT.-VKKT NIC8LT FUR Xi ulslied Rooms, to small families or gentlemen, wltbaB the conveniences for hoitsftiieepliifc >?< -iu eOOQomiMl man ner. Has alia Crotoa water In the rjoiua. Rooms to let.? a splendid suit op unfvb> nieliel Rooms consisting ?f frsnt and back par Iota, on second Htorv. Also furnU >eil Room on third story; houaa witb a I modern improvemaats beautifully located. Call at 190 Daat Tenth street, between Second and Third avcauea R OOMS TO LET Ai V'i% Second avenue. Splendid location Call before 10 A. M or after 1 P. I CTBAM POWBRTO RENT-WITH LIGHT ROOMS. OB O f -onn Hour, in buil<lini| Noe, 145 and 147 Bank sti?aU roonii 80t60 eel slid ^tlK 100 feet; boutway in room, Ap#lr toEBEN PKKR, 14'J Bank straeu STEAM POWER TO LET.-ROOMS, WITH STEAK Power. ?ell lighted tlin power ateady, to ront. In bul * lii>{ Nos. 63 and 65 K Isabel i nlreai , oarnot ot Hest<-r.atr??k Apply to the KH;! nicer, oa the prenu ei, or of THOMAB MORTON. No 96 Maiden lane, up stairs. gTEAM POWER. ___ Om to twenty horse, on Otul street. near Broadway Aid a liabt Basement Inquire of Mr. IN3LEB, 102 WMfcer street. 8 TEAM POWRR. NEAR BROADWAY ?NOB. SS !>? 88 Prinoe street. To let, laree Kooms. with extra tlgb% Power Steam, Iloistway and Heating Pipe*. A lane Bat*? merit id sauir. building, 80x1 W) feet, lighted wllb slcyligbMk Apply to B. O. MOORK. on tbo premises. STEADY 8TB AX POWER TO LBT.? BOOK 7M| well lighted. Steam hoUtway. No. 199 Water street between Pike and Rutgers slips. SMALL STORE TO LET. AND FIXTURP.8 TOR SAL* at 8<) Baat Twelfth street 100 taut we It of Hroadwnyt oecupicd an a ladies' 1 urn I hiug store. TO LET-ITVB BOOMS. ON THE SECOND FLOOB or a pleasantly situated two story cottage, at Meual Veinen. on UieNew Haven llal 1 road. r?-nt per fear, to a respectable party, man and wife- without children pan feired; an li our and a ha.f from the Cltv tlall. Addraai Cottage, Herald oflice. TO LET? A LA ROB BOUSE, NO. 42 MONRO 8 8TRBBH wRh store,, 48xU leet, f ton ting Hamilton and Men in ?2 irai k streets, well calculated for a first class sailor's l><ierd bounj The store will be let separate If required; an r~ lent aland for grooves and liquors, at a moderate Inquire of II. METERS, 174 Madison street, in the store. T O LET-IN NEWARK. N. J. (POSSESSION OtTWi immediately). the well known public house called tk Punch Bowl, to Railroad avenue. To a Rood. reapoestnH man a good ebanoe ls-offered. For further particulars ap ply on the premines. T SMITH. Proprietor. TO l.BT? FOR FIVB MONTHS. A FOUR STORY UNO lisli basement H&nse, furnished or nefnrnlahed. Mb 236 Went Twenty eighth street; <11 modem improvements^ TO LBT? ON FOURTH AVENUE, SOUTH OK UNION square, a Room on mtlc floor, uufuruinhod. to one do two resuectab e men. location airy and pleasant, family small Inquire at S86 Bowery, near Fourth street TO LET-FOB MANUFACTURING PURPOSES Ml storage, the first Loft, 28 bv 80. No Si Park street, neat Centre and Duane. Apply to WM. H. ttCOFlBLD. 91 Broadway, third floor. TO IJBT? ON STATES ISLAND, A COTTAGE ABM three Lot* ot Ground, pleasantly situated near tbo tm? ry; a well uf water and fruit, all in good order. Houao ha< eleven r oma. U. P.. HITCHCOCK A SON. No. 6 Wall t.. basement TO LBT? A COTTAOB BUILT BRICK HOUSE, THB last of a row of live on Tomp~in? avenue, two inte rnes' walk north from Fu ton avenue, Brooklyn; a ret* convenient house and pleasantly locate.!. Will be renioi Inn or leased loa good tenant. Mar be seen and the own rr'? address obtained by applylug next door; Or addreM cottage, box 143 Herald oiliee. TO LET-TO A SINGLE GENTLEMAN. A HAN* eera*ly furnished Parlor and Bedroom, io a private famil without board, at 399 West Twentieth at rest, betweea N<nth and Tenth avenue*. r LBT? PART OF HOUSE 116 HAST FIFTIETH street fTVO LBT? SECOND AMD PART OF THIRD FLOOR. TB J a ama l family, at TTfll Bast TwootUth street; rent 930B Inquire on the premises. rno I.RT? UNFURNISHED, LOWER AND UPPBH i F'oor* with Front Basement, of a liou ? e with nil the modern Improvements, on CI titan street, between Third and Fonrth places, south Brooklyn. TO LET? THB SECOND FLOOR OF A AaNDSoS house. ? itu the owner, to a family of not more tha* lliree persona Immediate po??e?nl?m gh-i-o For further eirtlcular apply on the premises, 25 Heery street, near athar itifl, New York. To be >eea from 11 to 4. rLtT? A LARtiB FURNISHED HOUSE. AT CAB manrtt lie, C' uta.uing 111 teen roo.ns, fall) furnished; good kitchen garden. ?U>-ked with vegetables ar.d fruits; silutiiou for a summer icmdeuce utt urpaased. three ml* iitrs iroui depot Alro one very cheap Reetdeaee to ?eB A| ply a' No 9 Bire'ay street, or to A. B. MILLS, Agent 1ju.1i street and Tonth avenue. rpo LE I -TO OENTLRKEN, A FLOOR OF NK'BLV JL furnished Rot.ins, it ugly or en suite, Call a' *.'& f'ourtk avenue, war T went . llrst street bstwern 8 and 8 P. M. UpO LBT? PART OR HALF OF A THRF.F STORY KBIOC J. Hmisc in t e Tenth ward, near the Howary; referent required. Call at the store tM Grind street rpo L 1 Hot LET -FOB SF. VIRAL MONTHS. A FURKISHBB ?use in Brooklyn, inelpdiiu a 'Ins I'.nno and a tnlseel lane .us I.lliran of Wo voltrfnea. App > Is Mr. THOMPSON, cloth store. No. 7 Kranklls stree'. near Broadway. fpO LET? THE SMALL FOUR STORY BROWN HTONB A fr' iit House, Willi basement and underce iar. No. 71 East Thirtv-iifih >tr?et, between Fourth and Let ngten av? nues. Apply to FBAN0I8 BYBNE, ISi Nassau atret, third story. TO T.RT-TWO OB THREE BOOM8. AT NO IP WB?t Kteventh street, four doora west of Broadway, far* nished ; i. a*, hot and cold water, TO LET-MODERN FOUB STOBY HOUSE. PAHTLT furnished, liolow TwentF third street Blltk aad Seventh avenue*. I.ady and vouug won wl'l rrtatn thwi Door, with Board AI*o, seveml nice parta of 1 o isei ADA Mh A CO , MB Hrosdway TO LET-BILLIARD SALOON, WITH TWO TABLB% or Tablet sspsrately. to a re-ponelblo portv- A frajn harg.iln a o'lered. For particulars inquire of J. $. HODtt^ 128 Maiden lane. TO LET? IN A PBtVATR FAMILY A iBOOHH ?torv Front Room and a third Morv Bark Boom, autt* b e for a g><n Neman and wife or two alngle gent omen, will or without Board. Hones has all modern tmproramsnia. 132 Macitoogai street To Tbt-thb oppbr part or hopsb m bab* Tenth etreet, furaisbed or unfnralshsd. Family a C three parsona m othor part. Po*anasion Immediately mo LBT? IN JBRIB* CITY. WITHIN FIfE H1B 1 nte?' walk of the lorry, the Second Floor and one Ro?? on the third, with all madam improrsmei.ta. Inquire a* the promisee. M Bs si street. TO LBT OR FOR RaLR-A NEW AND MODERH brown stone House, near Thlrtf fourth atrreiaud ihletf avenue, m elegant wd-r; parlors fresroed; rent 1900, aa will soil this day for 97.00O, and $3,600 can remain at 6 pee *"'? B. H. TAT LOB. No. 8 I'lnr meet. rBKNT-FIRNISBBD. FOR TI'E SIMMBB months, a moderate sl/od four story, he l weak Msd'son and Feurth avenues ' three writer closets. tiaS room and all modern imtiret emauts; p ate and UneB if dB~ (Bed. Addre?? box 10 Madteon s^uur* Pest odiaa. TWO ROOMS TO LET-IN RBAB OF ST1 PEAR* street, with or without steam j? wer; ahaftlag aad rsl loy* all up; rent cheap. Apply at 871 Pearl alfK rpo BE YACATED OM THB SD OF JUNB. AN RLB. JL gajil Suit of Rooms rm tha seoaad floor of a ho se hulll In the modera style. The loosdion la daaurabla n<ol aad r*. t red, yet raadtly aeeeas ble. fa^ulro at Re. I Butberfori plaoa, ooraer of Seventeenth Street. TO M ANUFAOTUREBS ? TO LBT. WITH STB AM power, froas the Tat of .lone, the flv* story hriefc BeiU iag No ? Baiter street, Bear Chatham; alsa Floors lo N?l 11, adjoining building. The premises bare been long ooma pied, aad la well adaptad to the nioture frame bus nea^ Appl* to THOMAS BBOWN, I0r Attorney etreet. oe te TfroMAfcn. doerek rtreet. it to.#. CAB HI N, eerner Sprfng and Woootor strseta. WITHOUT BOABD-A PLEASANT Sl Tr OF BOOMB. wMh bath aad water alaaet, oe saeoad floor, to let !? gantlamM, in ? small family without ohtidren. ea Thlrtf aixth street a few doors west ef Broadway; private We*. fa?t If required Address L., station <1 ?JD FLOOR TO l.BT? NO. ?* SECONO AYBNUB, BH O tween Twenty ninth and Thirtieth streets; parlor, thrse beiroetas, kluhen and font si see 14. |M *ud Uroie* wBHr. mvm s om ttuest |?er.

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