Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 1, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 1, 1864 Page 3
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UMM OW RBIt KOTAT1. V E*** consisting A ?t m.MWtlt *f mles m4 a half from Saratoga KSP' ^-^S* sBMllfcl dwelling (Ma ????). nlno oat E"". M?, with I wo f?M? Wkuti ef iMkH yttil IWHj fifteen kih of weodleaa. For particulars ad y*" ft Neleon, Porter's Coroors, Im?II|| county. Hew Mo exchange of property. 4 dbsibablb coubtby bbsidkbcb bob salb ^ eheaa.? 30 mles from Jerser City. quarter of a Mil* *Hi too Asm, with aa sore of choice Lano laid out m gar Baa and fro Its of ali kind*, with a handsome two story Cot 1Mb Boiim, filled la with brlok. kitchen attached. well waded. oootafmag thirteen room*; Barna, Carriage House, #*; all In order; near ohurohee, schools aad ? to ret Looa Baa healthy. Taraaa easy. ______ A. SBBQBABT. U Wall sreet A BARGAIN.? FOB HA LB, SITUATED OB NBW ^^?Bowery, aad running through to Mo?. 22, H, >i, 28 aad over four full _ ; street, containing over four full iota, suitable far atorage. maaafaeturtag or other purposes. Apply to A. ? LYON, 23 Wall street. BABB CHANCB BOB A OROCERY BABBB ABD kk * A.b Batcher.? Three aew brlok Stores for ulo, prices from KMU to $3.?00. terms from $90' to $1,0110 down. the ba Itnce from $300 to $900 orr rear. Also three Cottage Iltu ea; ?nee $1.9C0. A poly to DANIELS A HOOT, corner of Fifth avoauo aad Ntaih at rest, Brooklyn. A SMALL FARM OF FIVE TO TBN ACRES WANTED Well Improved, wMh good buildings, within 2u or *> Miles of the eity. on either the Harlem or New Haven Rail fad. Apply to W. B. PEYTON. 374 Bo wary. ABABOAIN TUB FOLLOWING HOUSES MUST BB sold:? One on Second avenne. (our story and basement, ?eats for $790; price $6,000. Six In Thirtjr flfth street, four atorte*. rent for $660; prloe $9,400. Apply to WM FETT. KETCH, 187 East Thirty soooud atreel, near Second avenue. A VERY TAI.UABLB FARM FOB SALE-FOUR A miles f ram Chicane; 76 acres; high, rolling, rich prairie mad; a.) fa beat order, buildings, reocee and oultlratou ; abuadance of fruit. Ac .offered at a bargain. SOUTHWICK A WOOD, 18 Pine street. A FABM FOR SALE? WITH ALL THB CROPS, XL Slock, Ac., containing :Bl> acres; 90 acres in wood, balance In Meadow and under cultivation aad pasture; will ?at from 80 to 100 tons hay ; a good sawmill; about 1,100 app e tree-; every field has a running stream of water through It; la beaultrullfylooated at the heail ?t Greenwood lake, Orange county. New York, and within sight of the Windermere Hotel . will sell Tory low or exchange. Apply la JACOB B. SCII ENCK. 83 Maiden lane. _ A DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE cheap.? Twenty miles from Jersey City, one- quarter aaile from railroud depot, near a thriving village; a good aeigliboriiood, churn' ic? and schools; with ao acre of choice land, laid out In garden and fruit, and a handsome two sto ry Cottage House. kitchen attached, thirteen rooms; barn, carriage ho use, Be.; building! all In order. A. SERGEANT, 16 Wall street. A LAROB. FINB MODERN RESIDENCE AND OUT ji buildings, 15 miles In New Jer-ey, live minutes' walk worn depot, grounds finely laid ont. la roe shario trees, ever. Sra-ns, lawn. Ao , with 30 or 1S? acres excellent and highly cultivated land aud first class farmhouse; neary 3.UU0 benr. lag fruit trees of the choicest varieties, extensive graperies, hothouses. Ac., watered by A beautiful stream through can toe of farm. For sale at a great bargain, with stock. (Tops. Bsl Owner going to Europe. W.P. SEYMOUB, 171 Broadway. ALARQB FRAME HOUSE AND THREE LOTS OF land. North Shore, Staten Island; plenty fruit, line water. Ac. : sold okeap for cash, on easy terms, or exchanged Mr a good business or a farm. RICHARDSON B FLATT, 180 Broadway. A LARGE FARM OF ABOUT 300 ACRES. IN FAIR order, two complete sets of buildings, Aa. will be sold tow fer cash, or exchanged for any good properly near this Wtj. Other good Po>p<>rt> to exchange. RICHARDSON A PL ATT, 180 Broadway. 1 II OLD ESTABLISHED BUSINESS, LOCATED OP ?*? town, to be sold or exchanged lor property in or adjoiu Bs this city. Alio lot- of business chances for i*la by BIOHABDSON A PLATT. _ A BEAUTI?UL FARM FOR BALB-AT SOOTH A Jamaica, L. I., the property of the late Stephen Weart ; ISaerea. all under the highest (late of cultivation ; substan tial farm house and splendid outbuildings of ever? descrip tion Price $12,000. Tenni to auit ptiroh??ers. Kor lurthef ?artculars apply to JOB BPH MASON, No 5} J Plmt street. -FARMS AND COUNTRY SEATS ON THE HUD ? sin river. Cornwall. Grange county, near Newburg.? i acres, * 1,500; ID, JT-.OOO. AO. $3,500: A), $4.liOU: 70. M.0U0; 7. liOf O; ICO. $8,000; 82$, 340. $14,500; 6. $2,100. ' lod Houses aud Gardens, $1,500. $3,500. $3,000, $TO.OOO; Bit oa the place*; ateamboals and mlreads. Also fifty I la New Jersey for sale or exchange. P. ZBGLIO. 12 Centre street, corner Chambers. SOUNTRY 8 EAT OF THE LATH J. K. PAULDING, at Bvde Park, for sale: one of the most beautiful on i Hudson river, about fifty acres, large mansion bouse, two cottages and spacious outbuilding. For further par ?oolarsapplv to J OKBEN PB ARSON, No. 8 Wall street, Br to J. N. PAULDING, 30 Broadway CORRKB STORE FOB SALE OR TO LET. -HOUSE four stories, supplied with water and gas; best stand Swgreearv or other business at Eihabethpnrt. N. J. Apply fCOOLET A HEIDRITTKB, Ageut?, El zabethporl, or to R- KBLLOGO, owner, 139 Pearl street, N T. VXTRA WIDE THREE STORT AND ATTIC HOUSE, with four Lot* of Ground, No. 168 President street, Brooklyn; built in the most thorough manner: has all the Modern improvement*;. would bo -old without the adjoining Bta If desired. Apply to B. B. KELLOGG, No. 139 Peart atreot, New Yorx. Farm for salb-in Westchester oolwtt. conulniag about 95 acres of prim* laad, new double two atory honse, large barn, outbuildings in pcrloct order, almn Saooe of choice fruit, and plenty of wood and water; ou)v m? niilo from depot. *8 miles rrom New York; price $9,000. Worms easy. Immediate pea session. J. A. KEN YON, 83 Nassau street FARM FOR SALE? 25 ACRBS OF LAND AND BUILD JP Inge; h gb, elevated lanil, situated within one mile of the Summit depot of the Morris aud Essex Raltoaii, lie* jersey, a oar the lata residence of Cbanocllor Kent. SAMUP.L D. WILKINSON. fOR BALB? A DBS1RABLE COI'NTRY RKSIDF.N'CB, situated In the town of WUtoo, (Jouo. . four miles from rwalk, and within three minutes' walk of the depot of i Danbury and Norwalk Railroad . which connect* with i New Tork aad New baron RaJ'road, consiatiou of a ible House. Stable and Outhouses, together with 10 acres 6 Land. Will Ik. sold at a bargaia. If apDllad Tor soon, on i premlsesjor to CHARLBS JONES. Esq., Trinity BVld ja, New York. * IOB SALE-AT FAB ROCKAWAT, L. I.. A NBAT two atory Cottage furnished: splendid well. u?ar the jb; would exebange for city properly. Apply to W. SLY, HuJsoa at., N. Y. _ 1IOR SALE PRICE Ji.Mo-SBASFIORK IIOMR - J House aud barn, two acres of land. Sao garrt-u. This Maee is oonvenlently located, has a beautiful, unobstructed Esa view and good bathing and fishing. For particular* apply to A. O. STBVBMS. 216 Weal Forty second street. Bow York. For s'ale-on north bbobe, staten island, a vary desiraole Cottage House, conta.ung nine rooms, with gas and water: bam. Ac. ; well i locked with fruit and ttimda trees ; neighborhood very des rable ; wlthlu ei^ht Rlnntes' walk of ractorvvllle Landing. Address W S., box 7 Beta d office. Would >elt pari of Kurntture. F? Mao! SI ?OR SALB-ONE OF THK MOST BhAUTTFOL AND productive Country Seats oa the Hudson, at Rhine ik, an old family residence, contalniu* 174 acres, highly ealtlrated, well under drained. embracing eeveral linn (?ildlag sites besides one ocuupied by mansion, nearly half m mile rtrer front, good landing, deep water, with Pier grant to cl.annel, affording one of the best I orations on river for an ice estacluhmeut; mansion large, thornogh bnllt, of the best materials, mostly new, pia^/a views of river est?nsive, mountain scenery lmi-osln;. lawna Mid walks beautiful, sbade trees In abundaaoe, fruit In variety, garden unsiirpessed, s luatlon eminently healthy. A large part ef the purehaee may remain on mortgage Ap at* to FREEBORN tlABRKTT80N. Ublnebeck, Dut.heea aoantv, oa to FRANCIS T. GARP.ETTSON, 54 Wall street. Bow fort. For salb? on statbn island, a small farm of ?k acres; will be eold cheap, with or without stoek ; Meaty of fruit and ever> thing in order For particular* In (alro of THOMAS TATTBBSALL, S? Canal street, N. T. 1 T7>OR BALE-ON BKJluKN HILL, ONB OR TWO r Dwelling Houses on Academy streat^oue block from harae railroad. Terras easy. Inquire of dAMES DORAN, earner of Academy stieel and Palisade avenna. Fob salr-on sixth atbnkb, hablem. a choice Store and- brown stone Dwelling, on the south eat corner of 124th street: a aupenor business local ou; kon*e 36 by its feet, with v.aler aad gas; tba only roas' a for aell'og is tbe l lness of the proprietor. Apply on the prem ises. or to fc. H. BROWN, III Nassau street, from 1 to S o'eioek P. M. FOR SALR? AT A BARGAIN, FIRST CLASS RE8I d-.icc, 17 niom>; water, batb, gas, Ac.; outbuildings aamplstet five acres choice land, great abundance of fruit, far shade, evergreens, lawna. An Forty inlnutca from city ; |ia.a? tO'lllV. W. P. SEYMOUR. 171 Broadway. FHOR SALE? AN 1MPROVRD FARM OF NINETY arrea with 1< al f a nulo of water front, less than twenty Btlcs from Nsw York, oa south side ol Long Island: stoek ud Impicnenls: crops in. Fer partiou'ars anplv to THUS M. FRA> KLIN jl William street, oorner of Pine. WOR SALE-A flANDSOBE COTTAGE, STABLB. AC JP and about one S' ie of ground, all In splendid condition, gttuatsd at Irving on, N. J. Ilor e tars from Newark pass the door every hal: hour. Fnca $5,000. Apply to H. ORR I B Jlkl street. Fh or sale -a rarr chance FOR a MAN WHO. wants a l-ome to eome to? ground 100 feet s<(uare, - S a leasa lor thirty oue ye^rs; properly situate at eo' .'""i fc th street and Klghth nrsnu-? A good frame ' Ki, two stories high, nine roms.-nad well bi' . ,*> T.' I she whole house, with the Crolon water fcu are in (Ton and leok the best sr- . J't vo k w ".I!*???, ireaa. "c : a lot of , fe! 00 ibal"olsU which arc'siur'unueil *y w** ? UQW9I gArdcDi th# f)n8*l loll oi\ MctiiiAlUiii aalsnd It Is said the Kighlh avenoo i;ars will hia past -ne ?roperty in thi?e or fanr month* TliO property I* n*ar the Linn House, where the fas-.esChorscs In the word po?? eve- y Wur la the day. for patllcu'ars inquire on the premises, taiw> en the hours of Ibree and seren P. M. (jV)R SALB-ON MURRAY HILL, TWO FIRST CLAIM P modern bmlt four ?o?y high stoop brown stone Hen #s, ?tlhi; lot* 100 feat; la perfect order Imtnedlste pgu.'fr 8sn. Price $US,ug0. Fermlta of A. JOURRKAt, Xl. I Flae street, 1-lOR SALB cnBAF-IMBRDIATE POSSESSION, p f,,0r ?iory brown i Mne front Hause, la West Thirty. Snth street, near Firth ??nans: also a high aioop i.rlt k Bouse In We?t Thirty aereath street; price ft. too Anulv SjOSBPH MASON, No. 6srina?t^0t ' *PU" K- R ?AjtE <flBAP-IN BAST FOURTSKNTn street three five staW dsub>e Teaeaeat Mottaea tai now rented tor $3.*n par anangi. Pr oa PKI.UOO; ?2? mi remain ?n mortgage One ISI+e story brisk Houso/khd Ct .118 Stanloa siract Prlaa $.1,000. Tan Lota oa MSane JT and Tenth at red t Tsrms ess*. Low oa Bleeanth, fweiftb Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets. Price M.Ooo aacb A ppl y ta LOEW BROTH BBS, 104 avenue O, frnaa T to 19 A- M. and from 6 to 7 T. M. ijtOR BALB OR LBASR? YALUABL1 DOCB FBpPBR. i r ty at Oreenpolnt, oppoa'ta Koortaealfc straet. Maw fork, llrt feel front an rtver by SOI) deep, deep water aad ?tght to pier nut soil feet Inquire rf FROVOST * FlRflRB. XtlomeTS. eerner at Sooth Keren ib aad First slraaU, Wll leieabirrg, between ? aad Ifl A. M. ??>n SALE OB TO LBT-THR THBBB 8TOBT AND basement huh sliep Philadelphia brck Honsa. with ? n stone trtmm ng*. and Furntlara nearly new. Poaaaa Ci given Immediately This hause It situated la Vast oat) third street, near the Central Park, aad In a first alas* neighborhood. The hause aad farallure win be sold far $10, MID: apart of the pnrehasa meaar nan rentals en . ssliifga. 1 ha hoaae has all the ssodefn improvementa. If soM. the Home and Furniture will be let to a first alase .MS. Rest $100 per moath. Address C, J. JL. for two 19^ ?asai$ 4?ia F?\ SAL.KS OW MTATBi 3K Uli OB TO LET-i THKBB BTOBT AND _ basement brown stone Boom on Ullnlt?" aveaue, earner of Fortv tiret streot; ku all modern Imptpvementa oomplote. Apply ?t 386 Broadway, room X. or aU Fourth avenue. Pimi AVE HUE.? FOR SALB. IN HTH AVENUE, near Twenty-sixth ilrMt. a #rst sleasfour story English butiuil douM. heauttfaily fitted ep. hrescoed, and in ale rM order tlireu#hoav Berlv neaaaeelon given. Apply to H LUDLOW A CO., No. Srfnselreet. HARLEM. -WANTED TO BOW, A COTTAOB, FOR cash, location from 110th to 124th street. and between Second and Fourth aieouea Address for two davs M.S., Herald eflk?, stating terme, location and olbor particular*. IRON FOUBDEBS AND MANUFACTURES DBS1R ous of chancing location or waiting anew.? Your aitea tton te called to Biuabethport. N. J., aa Mine toe best point near New York, on account ef the low coat uf coal, iron and lumber, low taxe?. aad offering all the advantage* of the e.ty. Please examine the place before locating eleewbeie. Lets for sale on very favorable terms For particu ara apply to COOLKY A HK1DKITTER, Agenta, Eiiiabeibport, or to B. B. KELLOGG. 1M I'earl atreot. N. T. IHAVL SOMfc MKST CLASS LANDS IN IOWA, ALL or part of wta:?:h I would like to exchange for good ?eeonq hand parlor or dining room furniture. Title to land warranted. Addree* oox 79 station L, Mow York. Rarl chance.-for salb. a kruit and con fectionery Store, with Soda Fountain and Paper Stand atlathed. In one of the heat hualneee parts of Third avenue. Apply at W4 Third avenue, uear Twenty second streak Must bo sold to-day. ^TENEMENT FROPBRTY FOR BAIjE--PIR8T AND I second elans, paving 12 per cent. A good opportunity for Investments. For partu-ulsrs, location. Ac., apply at tne of CART hR ,t BERTINK, Third avenue and Twenty-tilth street. Bull's Ilcad Bank building. WANTED?A COTTAGE, IN A GOOD LOCATION AND immediate possession ; Bast Brooklyn preferred : price not to exceed $J,t*W. Address A. W. b., Herald odlee. fl?l -MR SALE, ON 8TATBN ISLAND, FIVE v I ,ul/u. minutes' walk; from Annadaio station, a very comfortable Cot(age, with ljj acre or garden, well i-tocked with fruit trees or various kinds There Is a barn and good well of wutsuon the promises. Appy to WILLIAM DUNNE, 224 and 226 Wa-hiugton Market, N. V. <t/| nnn ? A GOOD THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, wTt.l'UU. in the tinrst location in Brooklyn. Will eg change for a farm on Long Tsland. or near Now York. Ap ply at I7? Chatham street, old number, room No. 3. -FARM IN HUNTINGTON, L. I.. CNDER . aliigbstatn of cultivation; good buildings ; 40 a. res of land. One of fit) acres, crops all in. uear h arm. inrdale village. Price $3,600. Apply at 170 Chatham street, old number, room No. .1. ?7 flftft FOB A FARM OF 135 ACRES, INCLUD ?p I mil all tlio crops, only 36 mlinn on Long liland. near the depot; good Buildings, fruit in abundance, excellent water, Ac Terms easy. E. A. BUNCE, No. 7 Chambers street. AQAA nnn -MONEY TO LOAN on BOND OR mortgage, in sums to suit, ou city or country property, for ten years or loss. Alco, wanted to purchase, .-ome uoil Tenement Property. W. K. MITCH l-:LL, 77 Cedar street, upstairs. $4 000 FOR, SALE. A CANAL BOAT FOR SALE? IN GOOD ORDER with fnll inventory. Apply on board, foot of Fifty third street. East river. A RARE CHANCE TO INVEST A SMALL CAPITAL. For sale, oue of the best paying Bars and Restaurants in the city, with Lease Fixtures. Ac. ; everything complete; situated at tbe < oruor of Fifty-ninth street and Eighth ave nue, opposite the Central Park entrance. Apply at tho Union Photograph Gallery, 391 Canal street. Hvery reason given for selling. A FIRST CLASS BAKERY FOR SALB.? AliBO. A -p'endid Restaurant and Barroom, doing a tine busi ness; aUo. a Hotel and Restaurant: also, corner Liquor Stores, Billiard Saloons. Groceries, Milk Route and Depot. Drug store, Meat aud Vegetable Market W. H. MITCH K LL, 77 Cedar street. A FIRST RATB BAKERY FOR SALB? WITn A Lease, doing a good business, and nearly root tree. Inquire at 10H Bleeckfr street. A RARE CHANCE.? FOR SALE, LEASE AND Fix tures of house and store 4f> Centre street; has been occupied tor tbe past 18 years as a new and second hand furniture and clothing store; will be sold with or without 11 ji tires, cheap. BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY FOR SALE? NOW rioiui a successful business, centrally located; cash ?ales $1(10 per day; baking SO barrels of dour per weak; eveiv facility for dolnz a large business; fine store, two bakehoirses. horaes, wagons. Ac. Inquire of JOHN HOP PER. l:? Broad street, from IZ M. to 1 P. M. only. Bakery and icb cream saloon.-for sale the old established Bakerv and Ice Cream Saloon ?30 Hudson For particulars inquire ?n tbe premUea. Mo agents need apply. J. L. HOFFMAN. fOAL YARD FOP. SALB OB TO LET-A FINE YARD, s l doing a good business, long established, with Horses, Carts. Scales, Ac. Inquire at No. 6 Trinity Building. DttfO STORE FOR SALB? BEAUTIFULLY LOCATED, completely lifed up, well stocked, and doing a .;ood business. The premises can oe leased or purcliasod A rare ooportumtr. Inquire in Third avenue, near LMhh street, opposite Harlem park. FOR 8ALB? NEW MARINE BOILBrtS; ONE FtFTKBN ftet wide; one six feet wide; one new Double Hoisting Kngiuetand Boiler; Hittiager A Cook's make; one upright Cylinder Boiler, "k feet dUuioter. DKL^MATBR iron Works, foot of West Thirteenth -t. FOR SALB? A OININO ROOM, WITH far and about 111 tr Ijodgiag Rooms atta -hed, in the uwt: part of the city and doing a good trade. CHAKLKS P BUCKLEY, 39 Naasau street. For salb-in socth bergkn, new jersey, a good Milk Route and seven Cows, in fine condition : lood llor e. Harness. Milk Wagon, all in good order: also a Wagon for bsutiuggrain and feed: an excellent chance for a goo I man to make money ; a lirst rate route. The reason lor sell ui: the owuer going 'ato other buk nea-. Inquire of JOHN COLLINS, milkman. South Bergen. New Jar ey. FOR S V t,K ? A SNUG. WELL PAYING CONFBCTION erv. Fruit and Ice Cream Business of longxtsndlng; reasonable rent; rooms for family. Call at Xi6 Fulton ave nue. BiookTyn. FOR S VI.::? A BAKERY. DOING A GOOD BUSINESS; rejson- for selling, !i?s other husittesa to attend to. Appiy at 36 Hamilton stie-t. between Market aad Catharine. For salk-a second itand steamboat Bo >r, suitable f.r a 9) inch by 11 foot cylinder. In quire at 2t Mau^.u street. For sale-a desirable, large and old bs tab'isiu'd Gte?ery Business, situated in ona of tba largest Western cities. Tt lias been establl-hed over twenty vesrs. is doing a very extensive and satisfactory trade, being done eroli.sivelv caah. For one or two energetic young men whonlsh to ;;o iutoahu ine^s already made, this la an ooportunitv -eirtom oTered. f r partlculurs apply to BARCLAY Jk LIMNOhTON, Bearer street. Now York. OR SALE? A CORNER LIQUOR HTOUE, WITH A _ f ,?ir years'. lease, at a very low rent, we 1 sv^k" : *vith a'l kinds of ::quors, >e;ara and ilxtures. together with a large st'H-k uf nTe. m the Nineteenth wariV inquire of TAUSSl'i A II Bo . No. 9 i'eiar.cey street, or M. YASSAB A CO., llti Warren street. FOP. SALF-A LIQUOR STORE, IN A GOOD LOCAL itv; larg" ln>c< r>out and gooa l-agatelle board ; doing a good bus. ness Will sell cheap lor cash If applie l lor tnia week, as the present oaner baa other business aud cannot attend to It. Call at 114 avenue D. ^ 1POB SALE? SLOOP JOHN COCiC. 110 TONS Bl'R ' than. Csn be seen by calling on the owner, J4MLS, Sit Bast Thirty third street. FOB 8AI.E? THE LEASB AND FURNITURE OF A flrnt clsu Hotel. In one of the most desirable locations la the city, doing a tine business and containing 1?3 rooms. Address a. B ?., Herald office, giving real n .me and ad dress. For salr-thb stock and fixtures of the old establish*! Milk Depot and Grocei-v 424 Atlantic street, near Nsv ins. SeSU irom 90 to 90 quails per day. For sale-a splbndid nearly new ten horse Engine, ad ju-table cut oir, and msdebvoneof tba lie-,', makers. Price $700. Call on or address R 3 STBNTON, 24 CHIT street. For sale-a rare ?ch ancp-a bar and bii^ Hard Saloon. Appiy on the promises. 146 Hast Twentr fourth street. OB SaLB-EIGHT HORSE BNG1NB. WITH TWRLYB hoiae hni.or. In good order. Appiv at .John street. LIOR PaI.E-A BOLT OR SCREW CUTTING MA J? ch in*, cspsb'e af cnlting from one-half to two and a quarte; Inchea d atneta^. Inqulra at B"*A and a04 West trret, N. Y. For salb-a meat market, will be bold cheap, as the owner wishes to leave the oily.. For par ticular* Inquire at. TV . A. CaM1"S, 222 Third at tone, cornar Twentieth street^ F F V'OR CHB \ P FOR CASH, ONE OFTIIB BEST ? ''nr <ter Liquor Stores in the city, on on# oi the mo<t prom ^tfnt loriinis iu the Si veutb uard. For furtb>-r psr .noulfe of D? rOUflUERTY, ?oO Ba?t Broadway, jnn.-tiofi pj or?*a ft aSl. For sm,e-a liquor stobb, On west street. wit i. the a^sriments o\er liead; first rate looatloa. Call at 237 West at; ce?l I"hoR SALB- An old ESTABTiIBHRD DOOT AND 1 Shoe Irt rears In one loestlnn ; I nvin.; fir t class e\j -oi i tr.^de .%n 1 splendid transient bu megs: pro pr emr ft'ri s iron, tae I'' ?s. Apply at HO Priaee street, tire door from Broad" a*" li^OR nALK-% SIDE WALK BLHVATOB; A1JJO A " large Mrale: will r eigh W0 |iounda; bot>l for anle cheap. Apply to CHURCH A i'OSTBR, oomerof Broadway aud Thii iy-fjurth at' >*t. ?LPOR SALE-A COUSRR LIQUOR STORM, WITH A J; three wears' 'ease at a verv low rent, wall stocked with all kinds o! L' litrrs, fegarn and F x, tires, uwetaer with a large siook of Ale. n the Eleventh ward. fn<r.iire at 367 stauluu stt jet, or of HERMANN A CQ,, AttcUoueer*. YjlOP. tlAl.I AT H ALF ]1? IrALUfl-WATKh BOUffB, I1 llorse s'art and a l,.45>mpt?te Ininira at DODb'S, Jamet slip aad Soutli ??'(!??. fOR SALB C>TBAF-TWO HTBAM TAHLBS. THRF.B r Copper f^.Teo aud Tea Boilers, three Iron Vegetable lleiltrs. ore steam Batl*r. one Hot Water Boiler. Steam Plpee, Y'i.vei. Aa . on* Ale Pump (will be sold eeparsleor together soluble for a bote: or restaurant AddreaaU. O. I 1st Wl .? Pest office. VOR SALB OR TO LET-A FnOTOGRAFH GALLERY I? ia Broadway, very neatly arranged. The whole, or apart er none at al; ef the Furniture and Apparatus may ha bought. A good oharioe if taken Immediately. Apply at U9 Broadway. T IOUOM STORM FOB SALB-IN AS GOOD LOCA lJ tien as there i? la tho ? tt\ and a th.ekw populated nelchborhoM, with aver fort? famll'es In the ho use; an ea allent place for a good grocery For further partlcuiara apply at ?7 Movt etieet. _ T IQtTOB STORS I -FOR KALE. AN OLD MSTABLISH J J ed Stand, with stock and Fixture*, and a tjeaaeof uve years from date of aale. Addresa No ifi.l avenue A. IATHE FOR SAltS.? TMRKB ??OOT PHBARS J ewlaga shout 10 inobea, salf.feedlng (Mule rest screw gear, hanil.rests and ohueks: prv, $i6n, worth $200. Also smaller Bead Lathe; price $2Awi\h feot wheel. _ ^ J. O. w II u COMB, SU Elm atreot. PAINT STOBB FOR SALR.-AB OLD BBTABLISHRD Palt Store with Skxtk and Fkgturee Complete, two years' unexpired lease, sl?am power and mills for grinding ba t and eolors; sire of -tore and oetlar, tlsM lngalre th.s wees oa tua aramUea. Ml Oaaai atreet, n?%r Centre JFOR SA.I..B. ONE 3? IN :U o. W BROWN'S I'OBTABLS fbbmch burr Flouring Mill, new, In oomp etn order, w II be ?old at uld price, u> olosa an rittio Also. email Derrick And Shafting. fu leys, Ac. Apply ?.i 84 John itreeL TFLIOTOGRAPH OALLERY ON BKOAOWAY IOR A Mle.? An old esuolUhed ga !ery in a good location, nicely tilted up and (loin*. a good trade. W 11 aril pari or . whole Address Artist, Herald ofliee fur throe days SLOOP KOR BALK-A LIGHT DRAUGHT SLOOP; earres about Ml tonei n well found n ever; respeet Ioqureof P K, CRAMKR, Poughkeepale. or of BbNJ. BKMNBTT, 30* *est street. TO Bl SOLD? PRH'B $?t?-A FOUR HORKB STB AM Engine. complete. nearlv new made of the best mate rial*. and highly finished, ha* only been in use a fow weeks Apply at 8u Maiden lane. TO OIL MANUFACTURERS AND REFINERS.? FOR ?ale at a bargain. 4 cast and 3 wrought Iron Bill la. 4 Wortblngton Steam Pumps. 1 Boiler. 3x28 feet; I six horea burden Knglne. 3 cnat and 3 wrought Iron Kettles. 3 wrought iron and 2 lead lined Tanks, lOcoppor Condeusers and Tuba, Shafting. Belting. Piplnt. Cocks. Yalvee. Toftls and Fixture* nonnested with a large refinery. Apply to or addr??a J. C. BUHDICK. No. 117 Maiden lane, N. T. _____ d?10ft -A LAUNDRY, ESTABLISHED OVER FIVE veara for sale. Oood reaaon /or aellimg, Apply ?I 17 Walker street. A ehanoe aeldom met with. A7W DRY GOODS. I1B SIXTH AVRNUE CHHAP STORK. ~ ARE RECEIVING BARGAINS FROM AUC TION EVBRY DAY. LADIES. CALL RBFORK PURCHASING. WB SELL AT PRICES PRKVIOU8 TO THR LATB ADVANCE. Ton oan always And an excellent as?ortment of Hosiery, Undergarments. Gloves, Mitts, Handkerchiefs, Ties, fancy Flannel whirls. Ribbons, Velvets, Trimmings, Collars, Em broideries, Linings, Buttons, Braids, Soaps, Brushes, Ac. At full 26 per cent under Broadwav prices. A full line gents' fancy Flannel Skirts, from $1 up. Oenta', ladles and children'* Genre Merino Vests, cheap STRAW GOODS, STRAW GOODS. Ladle*. we have added largely this week to our stock of cheap Hats. Examine them before purchasing. Ribbons and Velvets, ail *tvle?an.1 colors cheap. SMALL WARBS. TRIMMINGS. AC. We keep immense stocks of these goods at low prloea. 18, (XXI yards excellent Paper Muslin, IHe |>er yard. .10 000 do'cn Clark's Cotton, biack, white and colored, 3c French Working Cotton, 3c. Hooks and Ryes, 2c. per card. Best Needles made. So. per paper. Best I'tns, Sc. 3>'<) Morocco Travelling Rags, $i AO: worth $3. Paper Muelins, Wan t Lining*. Buckrams, Ac . cheap. RONALDHON A MEARK1, Corner Sixth avenue and Nineteenth mreet gABGAINB, BARGAINS. GREAT 8ALE OF DRESS GOODS Wo shall oiler for sale Tnla HUKBIHU, TWO NEW INVOICES OF BUMMER DtTliSS GOODS, PURCHASED AT VBRY~LOW PRICES AT AUCTION On yesterday. Ladle* will find our price* at cheap a* last vear. PJiYTON A JOllNKTON. 27-4 Bowery. EXCLUSIVELY FRENCH FLUTING ONE TO TWRB ty Incbea wide. All materials fluted in an unsurpar'Bed manner, at Mrs. GULDEN'S French Fluting Establish moots, IS Amity street. (M. B ?A tbiock and a half from Broadway;) 127 Bleeelte rstroet. below Woonter street, and 201 Pultou street Brooklyn. N. B.? No machinery In the genuine French Outing. I^ANTILLAS, MANTILLAS. GREAT BARGAINS THIS WEBK. OUR IMMENSE 8T.OCK OF MANTILLAS TWENTY-FIVE PER CENT LESS THAN WHAT WE COULD MANUFACTURE THEM FOR AT THE PRE8ENT TIME. Ladles ahould avail themselves of this opportunity to make their purrhaae* while we are telling at auch low prices. ALSO We In rite special attention to ou r large mock of Mantilla Silk*, of all the beat brand* In the market, most of which were purchased In the month of February, when the prtc?s were 20 and 30 per cent lower thnii at present. PEYTON A JOHNSTON. 274 Bowery. TO MILLINERS AND COUNTRY HTOKE KEEP BBS. AT URAND STREET CHEAP STORE, Eiamlne STRAW GOOD* ! Examine BOM NET BILKS' Eiamlne RIBBONS ' RIBBONS! Stamina MILLINERY LACKS and TRTMMINCS! Blaming our STRAW and FANCY ORNAMENTS I Examine our FLOWERS 1 We cut length* cheaper than dnvrn town jobltere -?ll whole piece* Call. EDWARD RIDLEY. No*. 311 and 311'.; Grand, and No G? Allen streets, Fifth blo-'k east from the Bowery. TO UNION LRAG UK LA DIBS.? ' TICK CHBAPEST Dress and Manttila trimni lit is l'rench Fluting, nut Im ported. but made here. All material tinted, without machi nery. at .1. DAKIOIS' Frencu Flitting Establishment, 661 Bruadway. . KILLINBRT ? MA"DAM HARRIS HAS NOW OPENED I1BR NEW E-iaMi*liment,|No. 7 Brevoort plac<\ Tenth atreet. a tew door* from Broadwav, w.tii a new',.. iu;pm ted-stock oi F.owers. Rouud Hats and bounete. CliOTHlN O. Attention.? at 2w seventh avenue, h. rosrn IlKKii. the C:iliforoii and Western agency atorc. re oetv?d large orders to pur hase $75. nW worth of Caat Off Clothlug These orders must be fulUllod In a very abort time. Ladies and gentlemen, I wis.l rou would tak* parti cular notice nn.1 look over vour wardrobes, and sea ifvou have any clothing TOM do not need For your eat faction I will mention some of the prices. Silk drexaes. from ttl. to??>: eoaia. from $6 to tin; pants, -from $3 to *7; sis*, woollen and muslin dre^es. carpets furniture, jewelry, <frc . by calling or addressing H. R^BBJIBErirt, fl! Se-eirli nve. nue Ladles attended to by Mra. Koae lUerg. in and out of the city. _ __ _ ATTENTION.-AT THE NEW RTORS NO. IU THIRD avenue, ladies nnd gentlemen are guaranteed to receive the higiieat prieee for each ai ttele or Cast Off Clothm;', Fur oitmu. Carpet a, Ac , for '.be Southern nnd vi esicru markets. Please remember, and try C. WISH. 1 14 Third avenue near Fourteenth street. Leu u s attended by Mra. M'ah. Older* from Brooklyn and vlciuity aitend'-d to AT 142 SEVENTH AVENUE. CORNER OF TWl.NTY. sUth street E. HART will oav the highest price* for lsnlcs' and gentlemen's Cast Off Clothing, t'a'peta, I'urui lure, Ac., by calling or addressing a note, attended to by Mrs. Hart. ATTENTION'-' THE VKRY lllP.NTICAL PLACE TO get the full value for your Cast Off dot., .ng Carpets. Furniture. *<? . Is at tha new More, BIO Ninth avenue, LEWIS M Ladie will b attested by Mra. Maser. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING -LADIES AND gentlemen having any Cast OR Clothing, Furniture. Carpets and .Jewelry, will recrae the hlahesi. prices bv call* lug on or addressing A. HARRIS. 951 Third avenue. i>? tween Tlilrly eighth cud Thirty ninth streets. Ladica at tended to by Mrs, Harris. ATTKNUOS.? AT 222 SEVENTH AVENUE. NEAR Twenty-filth street. Ladles and gentleman, 1 have the plnaaure to announce again that I have received a large order from California and the Western matketa to pav tha highest price < fur ladles' nnd genlicmoa's Wearing Apparel, Cari>ets. Farulture. Jeaylry. Ae., hv paying 9" per cent mere thnn any other dealer in the city. We guaranteu te pay for ladiea' Hllk Presses from S3 to S40; Wool en, from A- to $lii; also Calico, IMlamo, Muslin. Ac. Gant'emen <s Coats, from $8 to S JO; Pants, frotn $2 to ST. Ac. Ladies and gentlemen, don't forget the right number. M. MaRCKS, 222 Seveutb avenue, near I wenir-- *th street. By railinr on or addressing me yon will 1>r dealt ?'th honestly. Orders will l>e a' tended to frum Kronklvn. Me w Jersey, Hotiok-:), Siaten island, Ac. Ladies punctually a.tsu led to by Mrs. Marcta. A PI liER PLACE.? AT ?? SIX I II AVENUE LADIES and gentlemen will tlnd i he tairand honest dealer. R. MINT/., to whom they iau .llnnoneo' their Caat Off Cloth lug. Carpets, Furniture and Jewed v. at .'>ti pei cent more thau bv other dealers in ttie citv I ri omlao to pay U>a fol lowing prices:? Ullk Drosses, f rom %H to *t'>; I -oats, ti to SlSjP 'nts $2 t'i $7. A'^n for Woollen. De:Hi'ie mi'! Mus lin Ore-sea the liiithext cadi price will he paid. Acs. lorn not" hv pout will tie ptiuoiually aitauded !o ladles attend ed toby Mrs. Mmti Rememoer tl e oiljjijjsl B, Mtatr api the number, 29.1 Sixth avenue, near E igli teen in llieat. Or oeiafrom Brooklyn and Jersey City punctually attended to At the NBW store, iw carmine street-la dies anil gentlemen i au receive BO per ceil.t rn^re for Cast Off Clothing, Furulture, Carpets and .leercTiV hy calling on or addressing H. HAKT, at the shove nuint>*r. will le punctually attended to Ladtei stleudetl t . bt M". Hail. At in seventh avenue, between nine tecnth snd Twentieth streets ?Ladles und gentlemen will rece v? the highest prh-e for tbsir (!sst OI ('loihlug. Csrpet*. Furn ture. Ae..hy calling on or addre ,*lpg K. MIL Ladles attended lo by Mrs. Miliar. AT 137 SIXTH AvhSck.-L\DIKt< A, NO GENTLE men. if you wish lo rece ve tiie highest ?:r ce or jour Cast Off Clothing) C rfts, Fnrnl ore. *i; the Vest yon do is to csll on or send a note to E. MINIi.ntNo iji'butli nvonua, two dltSors from Tenth *1 eel T .1 ? s'teri Mia. Mint*. Trna, you will bo dea't with to your iflJSrJc lion nn'i tiencllt. t.843 BOWKRY.-K. ROSBNyilA^ 11 AS A GBEAT A des re to pnreliaee n large .luanfity bf Cast, off Wearing Apparel, Furuitnre. Carpet*, l?we>v, tr. B enlRngm or nridresiing h m lnd it and i;rBtVfiK'n can obtain ih< almost vai te f ir eaeh arth le. l,?iVe? s!te:ided to h I .ai. Plea* remtui'iet, an l tr Bower* , i Jones street. A TTENTIOSl-M. EONW8KY. M 111 J\ nti%Cav* the very highest pi'oee for Is t!emen'sCa-i Oir Clotnlng, Carpeta, Ae., nso> SRVFNTH AVE Indies' and .m our tarre ordert from the West eompe s to |<n? higher tlmn elewlier?-. I'leaae cn^ on or ?Alre?s a note lo M. KONINHKY. tM Seventh avenue, ladies attended to hy Kr?. Komnsky Ord r* from nil adjoining eltle* promptly attended to. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CIXITIIING.-LADIF.S AND gentlemen having any C?"t Off Cloth. ng, Kurn ture. Carpeta and ,??welry, will receive the highest prices bv ca |. Ing on of addreas ng n. COHN, 240 Seventh arrntie, near the drug si ire. MM MMN to hv Mrs. t'Ohl, GENTLEMEN'S NEW AND LEFT OFF CLOTH I NG put cha?ed for the We*t. The fall enluo will he d, without eeekmg to impose. Call el the ato . ?? ornddie.* THOS D. CON R??Y, WH Pearl ttrset, between Centre ?treet nnd City Hall p!noe. ^ LCASHBF.Ri) FAYS THE HIGHEST PRICK FOR . ladles' and gentlemen's Cast OI Cloth iik. Partu s waited upon by nddreening L t'ashberg. 4S East Tweluh ?treet, near Broadway. Ladles waited upon by Mrs. C. REMOVAL-OEO. LEVIS HAS RK MOVED FEOM 437 Broome etreet to the Broadway Clothing Store. op,*?. elte St. Mli-lioh* Hotel, where clothing ean be had at the fat low ia| price* ? Black FrookConts (flne), from *5 to 120 Business Oeote, English and other etylea, fmm it to $IV Ltnen Doeters, from i.' to S.V A pars coate. from $2 to $?' Caastmer* Pantaloons, froot jw to SWV Satinet Pentnloons. from 12 le t ) Satinet (fniiety). from SI to 94? *10 nMtti Or CLOTHING WANtrO -I ?rll/.Ul/V wIM par the hlgheet price for Caat Off C'otli'ng, Carpels. Faro'tnto Call on or address H B STRAUSS. W Seventh aveneo, between Thlrtv third and Tlilrty-t nnrth streeta. Ladles attended by Mra. Suauon. REKTAllRAHTR. rflHE IINDBRSIONSD, FORMRRLY WlfrTTIlS LATE UCRAU -.flrt.St, ? TMIB TPTBiy. A GREAT trot AT HARTFORD. ? JOHN MORGAN and Prince These famous bor-ee trut at Hartford, Coan , ou Fn lav. Au?e \ beats, ben three in live. in harneea, for 92 500 a aide, a great rata I - sure 10 be bad between them. Tha raoa between Prinoe and Barrel Dm aat week ba* done the former ? deal ef good. H?> ban ma la bin aula ill 2 mluutaa ;MJ? uc Jolio Morgan I- going wall, and there will be grtwt tnicreatln seeing bin) perform, in v ear of hi* engagements with aod Butler on tha 10th aa t 22d of June, oo the Fashion Oouraa. Tbe rata ta carta i a 10 ooiu* ou . ?. u. PKliKINd, 1' ruinator.^ f1 ALBION PLEASl'RB GROUND. T ROTTING. WIWRSOA*. JUNE 2, ATSO'CI.OCE P. M. ?.P.PKSE AND STAKE OK %'*?. I'. P., MILK II BATH, BUST S IN 6, TO WAGONS. Br. Walker name* g w l ady Shannon. D. Mare names b. |. Shark. U. Woodruff names U c. Dexter. D Pilfer names br. ra. Empreaa. H. P. Jon?? name* b. a. Harnblr.tonlan. . Owner name* br e. General Grant. Tha boat leave* James slip tern at 2 o'clock P. M., eon ae-na with the. art at Hunter's 1'olut at o'clock P. M, for tbe Oiorie. Boa la tea re Thirty-fourth street ferrv every Ave mluniee. josara cRooiiKuoN, Mu? ?r. S|-R1,G RACE UBKTINO. ,, PA TKRSON. N. ,T., TUESDAY 7TB, WKDNISHDAY MTU AMD THURSDAY 9TH OP JUNK. Plrat Day? PURSE Sauo. mT7e beata. THE JERSEY DKKBI of $1, 000. tbO *ni.. p. p., 1M mile dub. 'O entriee. POST STAKE of $500, $100 ent . D. p , two ml* beat*, 5 sub's. Beoond Day-THK UNDBKWOOD GIFT of $a00. mile dash. THE NURSERY STAKES of $>00. 9100, half IX. 7 entriee. PCRSK oi' >400, three mile daah. BELLING RACK at 9300. mile and quarter daah. Third Dav? THK SEQl'AL STAKES or $.100, SluO not. half ft., two mile dash. 15 eutriea. POST STAKE of $#011. tlnee inlle heats. $100 rot., p. p.. 4 aub'e. PURSE of 9200 for beaten boraaa, mile and a quarter riasli. Kiceilent accommodation* for ladle* hare been provided N. B.? No gambling will lie allowed on the course Mo liquor* Mid, and oo Intoxicated person admitted en tba ground*. Hedge* entitling the'holder to anv of the Club Stand*, and Quarter 8 're telle* $5 for tba meeting, or $2 for one (lay. Ladies' tickets to Ohtli Stand isold oit I v to member* and bad' e holder*), $1 each day. Visitor* can reach the cuur-e by Erie Railway trains, loot of Chamber street. The KXTRA train a' 11 4.1 A If., rune direct to the eoiiree, ret irnlog immediately after the race en. h dav. R. K. OH1SWKLL. Secretary. Ill Main street. I'aterson, UNION COUP.8R. LONG ISLAND.? TROTTING, ON Wednesday. June 1 at o'clock P. M. ; puree and Riake of <ll,*40?i, mile heats, best three in live, in barnea*. James S. Turner enters *. g Dan Mar; John Turner, of Philadelphia, enteral), m May Oiiecu: Samuel McLaughlin rntera bll:. n- t.aneet: Hlratn Woodruff enter* a. tii. Ludy Kntmii; Dan Mace enter* h. g. Keystone ( died >ltii'0 rutrring). Tar* leave South fei ry at our o'clock. SHAW A WHITE. Proprietor*. ITNIOK COURSH.'LONG IRXiANT).? TROTTI NO-POOL J Belllnc by ARMSTRONG A SOMKRIN DYKT5, at iha Union Courao. lor itie trot lira day, at '2 M., upon tbe ar riral of tbo oars. SVAI.MOKS. 1 UPITER, TROTTING STALLION. WILL STAND AT rJ Huertiker'x, near Union Conine, Lone Island, at $60 the ?r**0:i. ill advance. Jupiter in the sire of Ladv Emma. Major Audoriun, Jupiter, Jr.. the I'e.trsall Coll, Ac. HI ROTTING STALLION WILLIAM M. PATCT1EM.-1IR 1 i* a mahogany l av, Ift'i hauda high, lira venra o'd, aired by Georj'o M. I'ntetien, i^ttin bv Abdullah, out ot a Lib eity mare, 'sill *"rve ten mara-i, at t! ?prnn ?r* of thr *nb ?criber. Term* $50 to ln?ure. \VM. WALTRRMIRE. Plfty fourth ?treet and Filth avenue, New York. \rOUNO TROTTING STALLION MAJOR ANDERSON 1 will stand il e |>ie*snt *??*on. on Wednesitav * and Krl day*, at the Wyandotte tlotel. Flatland*, Lnne Ulan i and tba a irrnate '!??. s at the farm oi Mr. Z. I! Van W?ek. in the village of Platbush. Lon j Island. Term*. $f>0 to Inaure a foal. Any further inf. i in.ition will be furnished by Mr. Van Wvr*. or Hie ?iih?rrihrr, SAMUEL T. i'AYSON, lit Wall street, New Terk. spoitxirso. IfTTH ANNUAL REGATTA JRVf YORK YACHT ?J Club.? The steamer Meta. provtded by the club tor the member* of the pre-*, Ac., will leave thr foot 01' Clni topher street ou Thursday next. June 2. at 10 A. M. precise ly, and the foot of Seventeenth *treet. North river, at Ju-Cfl A. M. Ae.ommodation upon this ocatian ha* been pro vided for ladies. Refreshments served on hoard. Ticket* 91. to he had of the Regatta Committee or uuon application to HAEWELL B ROIH BBS, IHOWest street. A BOAT CLUB WILL ADMIT A KKW UBS P EOT ABLE young men Tne Club Is prosperous, conducted erono Tulcally. lecnted on wen' gldr of toi- n, own* two fine si\ oar boat*, aud pra' tiue* morning* and eveuings. Addrea* B. C , bo\ l.:?S4 I oat olDce A KARP CHANCE FOR SPORTSMEN ? FOR SALE. j\. tbe fnit-liillng yacht \Y'ii. Walah, 'JS frrt long, com pletje in rrerv respe t and in tip top order. Cull b<* xt-en at the foot <>t Ninetv-eignth street. Ka?t river For particular* apply to THEODORE TOOKI R DOOS FOR SALE.? THREE BLACK AND TAN TBK rier* to lie (old rheap ln>iuireat Thompson street, near ltleecker, .mm sold 8. DAVIS. L1BAXCIS BUTLER, NO. S PECK. SLIP , HAS ALL X* the <J:oiee breeds for s.Vo ami <ioel,. B t!rr * lufallii. e MaritaC'ire and Klei Exterminator, 75 -ent* p?r bottle, Butler * new Work. $1. Dogs boarded, trained. Ac. Medi cine ? for'a'l d ?eaj?es Fine new yacht for sale jurt finish i-:o. 25 tons minheii; vrr* fa*t sad-r, the ; acht can be eeu at N?*ck luquiieof ISAAC 1*. SMITH. For sale? a pair of VEwr ooNnLAND dogs. the ha:id?ome?t in AineifA, well iralne<t and gi?od ? atoh dogs: Bull Terriers, one 8plv I>o$. a pair"' a, nail Italtan'OrayhO'ind*. Newfoundland 1'oui. siuail Blac* and 'I'ao Terrieri. auiuli Seotrh and Sk -r 'lerrirrs; all of ibe pu;e-t breeds, and ^ood rattei-a. A ; air trial uivao. Apply at 11 lloosrvelt-*treet. lirst lloor. JOHN GRA?. PIGEON*.- 9*5 PT'R RrNDEFO WILI. BE GIVEN for l.uitl;ii il bird -, tor ir*p?a >ot ug, by JOFN TAY LOR. 'I'avior * Hot* Jr. i?y City. QLOGP YA<~HT FOR SALE CB EAI" ? TfllRTY FBKT k leu. oeolre board. In good ord -r an t evervibinz rem. pietr. K..r rtntber Information aoplr jt Wall street, room No. I, or a: BOO ART UK \Tl 1 ??. Nrw.'.iwn cieek, fireenpolnt. ri 'ar Irnth str'ol and T.iiit7-fourtb itredt f<r rie*, * ,'tere the yacht ran lie sera Stt:.\m r lb abu re yacht wanted.? ? small ?teatii nlensiire Va :tt, not over 40 fe 't ion ;, an I not ui Boat m .rn than twelve bund re i do 'ars i$1.2'W). 8end parti cular* to box .1.39'' l'o*' o tica. Uf ANYKD? A THOBODGHLY BROKEN SETTER OR vT l o oter. Anv one hav ng a :'r*t ratr '.oj mav a i ilren W II. R., 2, Cannon atreei, Poushkeep*.e. stauug age, ter'iis ,te. "f^ACHT FOrtRALR -THE SLOOP Y ACITT FANNY; *5 1 feet na de k, draws#1 . fret. ro<ni.> oaiun and well fouuo; in r"rfect order. Mav he *een at anchor north of Hoboken ferry. Apply to K. H. WlliTE, 10R B.o.d st^*:. HURRE8, CARRIAGE'' &C.~" 4 GENTLEMAN OWNTNC FOUR BEAtTtlfUL . euu^ i"irriajr and taddie Hor*e-, wil m.' one er two. 'eavlng 'he choice to par les .a'. iu^ at private stable, JJ East 1' ii leentb atreet. corner Br >a may. a COOMMODATIOK FOR A FEW MORE LADIES' AND .' V gentlemena Riding llorees at N-'. 1.5 0 Broadway, pirasant'.y aituatrd nenr the Oentra! Park, and cenven ont to the Seventh and I.i;r. t . avenue caii ? a FAMILY HORSE FOR S \LE.? LARGE IIAV /\ llrne, 16 band* blgb. pood *'.?!?? and frntle sutiah.e for a coupe, sold ior want of usa. tfmiv to JOHN M BU, 4 1 rj an d 401 Atlantic street. Br ioxlyo. AHAMPLETONIAN COLT FOR SALE-FOUR YEARS old t)' J;- 'prlng. tirOTVii. tifteeu hand* oUe inch hlth. long tail aii'*. very feat. Apply at tbe pr.vate stable No ft West l orlv flr-t street. A N ASSORTMENT OF ALL STYLES OF FIRST CI.ASS i\ I glit aud famllv Carriages, tor city, I'ara and ri-untv dtiving; ?? "rnaltf of torn an 1 sli seat Phaeton*, at MOTT * CO N. i .uufa'.turer*, 16 Wed Fourtu *u ret, out block trom Bl .i way. A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT FOR SALE-CONSIST . in" oi as handsome a brown Mare a* dri?ss nntef thf* city. 14 hand* liith nn.! great st le and speed; light Vrt oti hv g wt ritv m .ker: Harnes*. Blank*'*, ^c. Ttie whcir ?HI b" * >td for $i.iW, or. If, t!ie mare will be sold I rar.i'rlv Ca i b>- *ren at J W. ^f'lson't it*1'!*, Tcuth rrt" ', bet* e - ii Fifth aretmeaul b'nivers.t p'.ace. ? OCOO, STRONG, SOUND YOUNG IIORSF, FIT iV let b ;W 2J ?> B'jJflj li* *?'" or exchange (? r secmd hand T di ^'.nila." H luelurn ture store. 60o L'guth avenu' above Fort., sc>.ona *trcct A(i3N TLKMAN S COMPLETE TuRXOi T. CONSIST. J ii 4 of a fine pair of Morse*. IIarr.en *nd Pl.seton j fWo s make). Apnly at W I u a stable*, Tenth *tr*c', | Htm lirenit place aad Fit tb avenue. i T i ft ORIFICE. ?A RAY HORSE. 9 YEARS OLD, . J\ 1^ bands high. In rood condition. t 'Ots in-ld" of tiiree I iv.lnt'l 'Sj mitabli! Inr any b'nin. s . Wagon :< -id Harness i f? ?a ?? Muat hr so'd Call *1 I.rlanU A Wright'* terd ? Mo r h ii. av nor iirar I oitl tb street A; I'LL BLOODED SOIUX .VI IKK, SOUND AND I l id. 'v? year*, old. IS 1 mils Mjh esn trot in th.ra t m'nt '**? her value Ap ril MlrlSi c tlo' , of '* 'h it-eel aui R(ftitti ! ? - ? ?- ? I "IN? Larue BLACK aORNE, SIX.VEAItS OLD. I f hi. 'Is h;?hi *l*o atiearl. re>v half apt nig t'nrt and ' I*: iiiy lc n usud a ! cw v.eek ; ic*t $ .j0. App'.. at?j a\ rn A I'Al't OF BAY HORSES? ALSO A ORKAT . 1 1 Win na. Kockawav*. Pro' . two * -land ?-??rn auction Bale*? at 1,401 IroMivay, ioir it nt. I a iKNTi ;M*M WISHES TO PUM1RA9E A Sr,\.N I A .. Bore* and a OonverMe*, * nub a Im- carrying ] p.fni eia iii nod li ooi 'i.hotrl In the e ; intry te ateavi!' at 'and Apply at I7? B!er? Iter atreet. . .. R tL'-A LEATIIRR TOP WAG< N, CITY \ alter*, and Ilsmesa: also a fr?*p Rna ; Wa ton mil Harness and Cellar Stabla wnb sit stain to let. Apply at II Aeestrr mreet. strf't r^W light wagon harm: A^lv(toM. URiEVBS. |4V Flank la HI vcit SOUSE for sale- ABOUT It HANDS h'ib. Ion J fall aeind andstyllaht wrm'# meteh well f ;t ? i ? U I'rice $..)?.> at lower italoe, No. 11} La.t Teci'thth street. Business waghns of eybry kind constant. v on haad. su. b a* groeera', baker* , mineral, milk, ll.uorand e* pre**, lift; t ar heavy To i will tmd ihLs place n* faveraMe as any thai can be f -uad. and eveiva ttcte war rantc.i *s rrprrser.rrrt STF.tVABTS Wa ' oa, Flft tblid street. b?twe?n Hroaaway and Etghtb avrone / 1 A Itni Aii KS AND V'AUOVS FOR KAI.B.-A LARGE asvirtment of 9ni n*r.oi*hea, Br?u*. riiseton* Book, a; a *, Psrl and Depot Waion?, lop and open B'lag.e*; alo,. ?* -ourt hand Carnage* ?r Aii ainda. Apply at 1S4 Ful ton avenue. Srooklya. T^t'T TROTTING HORSE FO* SAI.fc'-SKVtN Y R A RS f old sound and kind never bean trained, can show a nan. rat kail or 2 4q.?r mile. So d onlv for want af u*e. WM L. TURREL. Br adway, from S to IK A. II. liteR SALB-A PAIR OF BTTLISH BAT HORBRS, r with Karnes* and Open O trvisf*: gtni haraaln oflTer-d le pan-bMer. Inquire of Mi. HOLLAND. Bradley's atab.ea, fo*. Sand 10 Bast Thirty. nretetreet. between Madison and Fifth avenue a. HMJH fALE-A BROWN HORSE. 16 BANDS HIGH; A good family horse, anltabie for any bualne**, ecnnd and kind. Price 9W. Also a brown mate, I year* old, land* high: good family beast. PrMa tSU. App'y at 118 Eaet Tweatf -aavenih imm. nimSKI, CAfiRlAGBM, M. 1jH)R SALKL-BftKlTtf. PARK PltAKTONB. TOP AND no top Hogg lea, Rnianiiri, K<m?1 Wagons. Espraaa Wagons, Hai'Msa and laddie*. 1). V. 1VBS AOO.MLIbartgr alrtM. IpOB SALE? IffR ?T0MSg TOP BtJOCTK* 4*0 EIEBT 1 class It<?Jk?w?>a. A. o * light Eapiv s Waj?a. k? Apply at 'H Waal Twenty alath street, betK aeu Sixth ?n< Seventh ??suues. 1|X)R 8ALK? A TEAM OF BLACK PoNlEg, UK hands high aoui <1 * nd kind In slagla and doubt* Us aei<s:uita trot a mile in three ui umer. nu t be uutsiylad. Can be eeea at W Kaat Nineteenth street until sold. ff?OR SALE? ONK HANDSOME YOUNG MARli. 7 years ilit. 15 hands nU'h a good traveller: would ,nak ? a splendid fanaUv man; *lso a eorrel mare. ?> year* old, IS!? banes high; <au trot in i m lumen. iiolh warranted. Apply autil aold at 71 Myrtle avsuue, Brot Lb n |j>0B sale-two houses, carts HARNKSP, AC. P The work of eevei *1 stores and ef a stean.ah:p I ne jaa alM bo obtained. Addisae C. W . UrralJ oilue. POR SALE-A GBAT GELDING; BOUND AND KI*D, thoroughly brnkeu to the saddle; baa an aaav gilt. and Is very *tyli?h ; -uitable for an oi' oer taking the f eld, si he la accuatomed to being with troop* and to travelling on ?teauiboaia anil b> rafl; would also u>**? a liue ouui>e borne. Apply at Dlckel's atab'es, Thirteenth street, norm aide, jiui w?ai or Piftb avenue. For balb-a sri'Eiiron wr.u, bred saddle . *? ^ fori week at Dtakle's uttbtas, N?. i Thirtaauth street. To b* sol i as the owner is goiug ?broad. FOB SALE? a trah op IRON GRAY MARES, 15 hands high, sound, kind and well broken to either double or single harness; looa Mils, full inane* and a perfect match, and .ire sood steppers. Can !* seen at C. AOS Carlls livery stable, 22 1'e.lton street, Brooklyn. POR SALK? A THOROITGHBBED. DARK COLORED chestnut Hotse, alt years eld; a beeiitlfril and nylian saddle Horse; alos tine driver. Any gentleman wUhmit ? splendid Horte In every r?*pect may apolv Tuesday and Woduesilajr. from ?) A. M. to 5 P. to Mr. VAHlAN, *t Jannsnn's stables, Twenty se< oud street corner ul Seventh ?venue. F>OR SALK? A GttNTLEMANs" TI-BNOUT, COM nl"te: a si?l> -ndi'l Uoi'^a, 5 years old. fast, kind, sound and very stylish in hai neiw: also Top Hngwv and Harness, ii} osa oiie liiitun.rtr. Odu ita nana a' Wait's atahle Kourth av uiie and Twenl itv utli atreel. from 4 to P. M. |M?R SALK? A ,TST BLACK HASHAW HORSK. 15? 1 hand- lilgli, aevqn y??.s old, Ion..' tlotrins niano and tail; warranted aound ami kind in harnflas. ami one of the best ..addlu horses tu the city Any |>crsou in want ef such .< horse would do well to call an 1 <eo liim at stables 187 West Thirty-tbird street. L OIt SALE? A BAT HORSE. 17 HANDS HtUll. WAR r rant*d, suitable I'nr coaeh or ' onpe. Inquire si private Stable l.'l West Thirteenth street, .klsi a family Carriage, clean or oren, will be sold '-iienp. E10R <?ALr-A LVRQ7". B*V HORSE. Id VIANDS I' liixh, <i years old, perfectly sound and kind also a ITotipu, w th Pole andSiiaim, r>.n'l set of Hingle Harness, all having been but "iff e used; will bo so d together or sepa rite v; online bull;, by Lawr -nui' A Co. Apply at Keeter s ?tables, 61 West]Thirtleth street. FOR fl.VLIi-A HANDSOMK BAY MARK, 15\ HANDS lilgli, iv ir, -anleil souud and vcfi gcul e. seven years old. Sold only lor wsn' of use. Apply at stable in the rear of 101 Wi -st Tweuiv iourih street. For sale? a pony wagon, but littlk itsp.d. built l>y John C. i'ai .er Jl Co. Apply to 1' DU itOId, 202 Greene ?iieel. EpORSALE? BY OSGOOD A COOKM, lt> DfiY sr EST, r al!gbtai\ snat Coaeh. nearly new: wl i he sold ehesp. IjlOR SALK POLUAMUa' PATENT SADDLE A.ND Winih. Iieri'totore manafartnred and cold at .fselt on Iron Works The patent eo* oeen e*tended ;or ail years Thero Is a very large demand for these Sa i ile*. aud the - pay a i-ond prellt. Applv ... SNYDER A WALTKK. ijfl Jtroailwa\ . UOR KALE- A BROWN HORSE. ABOUT HITTERS V bands higii, per feet I Kind and genile In ever* resoeuV: ?tan l< witliout tvma < an be seen at private ttable l<i E?at Twenty-seventh street, beiore 11) A. M, FOR SALE? A GEBTLE MAN'S COMPLETE TORS out. tlio party leaving for Europe? A V toioria. aesriv new, built i v Hreivster; a Coupe ii. good ordet, binli by I.awrenee: a line ?rav -onnd and g-n'.l? IT '<a?ds hijb;a lady's saddle 1! rse, bay, IS,** bands Inch au 'ah t tine Matter; hss some ap?ed: Ko-t in iniria andilo1 Hi ne.n Also an imported Eagliah Lady's rtsidle aa( '. .t> Ae. To be seen from 8 to III A M. at MiN'. d's ?i> "? llast Twelith i-treet. Inqnlie for ('lir'.*iopli?r OR SALK? A SPLENDID FLYING i'L0FI> MAES, ayearsolrl. B. T. BLANC!!, stenmer I. P Km lb Uairnon ?tre?t pier. N f. F F FOR SALE? A FJNB PONY FOR A TOUXO LADY OK gentleman to ride or drive. SI.VJ; would change for a low price I liorse. at 19't Weal Twenty.Uflh ?tr?et. Number on ;?le. F?OP. SVI-F, CHEAP? A BROW!* HOR"H. ABOI'T Id hand* high, true and Iciii'i. Can be imii nrD?r of 1'ourth sueei ami Meseiole avenue, Greenpoiut. B rook I . a, E. D. _ _ ? has w. pease. F10R SALE? AS TI1K OWNER 18 OOI NO TO EUROPE, it apicudid pair of Carriage H or see. dark ba.a, 'fi hand- ; very tree and at rllah drivers. Price Can ba Been before 1 and after 5 P. M. at atable rear of SO Rem sea street. l'.;ooi>uu lleuuw. near Wall street fairy. fiox SALE? A PIN* DAM BROWR SADDLE HOUR, lfi band* high perfectly ?ound an 1 kind, well broken lor the road and cavalry, unlet under lira: baa ??wr W* in harness. WH be sold cheap. IS War Thirteenth street. Ask I >r POU SALE? A PAIR 17 DARK BROWN HORSRS, 15', bands, tt ear* o.d kind aiyllsb and warraat>> 1 narfectl sound; juat from the country ; an table for a gen te'naa'a lamil.. Carriage and Hor?es a so for sale, to gather or separately. Ap|ii/ at 4H West Forty. fourth street For sale? a rise little makf. for till sad die. J ' i>? -eeii at KldridgeN stable, East Thirtieth street uuar Madison aveu'ie. For sale-a strbl ora v hamhletonjan Mara, life year* old. warranted sound and kina In ail harness: a ?p:endtd traveller under saddle or In barnc-.-. Sold only i or the warn of use Can be aoen until sold "ne door from tbe i oi ner oi F it tesalli ?treet and First avenue, east LU>R SALE- A STYLISH ORAV SOUL. Ij HANDS r l incn tilgii. trained to the saddle for ladv or gent a mau: e (tall/ go.d In s njle or double harness A bargain. A. FIELDS. M street Fr>R SA I.E ? A KRT HANDSOME IMPORTED CP ton 1lor?"' black. 7 year; ol t, 14^ haids lilgh: Is kind and sonu i. lo be aeau at Underbill a su'j.b, La.ay<-.:? pia -e, near Aatur place. B10R SALE? A BRIGHT BAY COLT. B TEARS OLD. 16 handa hljjb, so'ind and kind, and n vary promising an ma : wed suited .'or a 1 o.. r.r or to be drl an double. Can In' seen ou app nauoa at 41 P.aat Tlfietut' street POP. SALK-BY A "iEVi LRU AN* HAVING N<? FUR ther use for tlietn. aj air <>r slnjlv. if dealred) of bar s.y:isli Carnage Horses, |ierfa?i y sound and kind in all har tie?i. also aulrable for '-oiipw or sudd e. Apply a; pr rata slabie No. 3 Bast l>eni -d'hlti atr at. EH)R SALE? THE MOST ELEGANT PAm OP ALL r blaok live vear old Mor a* In ilieclt . In bands long ascks. manes and tens, i'ureuu -Urst strict. nea.- ibe corner o' Fifth avenue. F IjlCR -ALF.-TWO HORDES. HARNEY AND TRUCKS; have he'ti rm eljlu, all in so.'J order and oom. plete. Inquire, ftftar ? > 1*. M.. of Mr. DEMAHhST. Bleackar s'reet. F'Or. SALE? A FISR PUR OF BATS. TOCjmtP.R or arpsra'elv, uftci n hau.N. soun I an ! kind, InnjiiaU, ona Is from Varmanl, lis vearsoUl, and can trot ,n 1h ee nilo'iics without tiululuj, tha other is tour yearsold, jy Rttreka, aire o: Eiupraa<s ,:ust from thr rountrv; alma Biewrtrr Hi .eton, with po.e :m<l Abatis, .md double and m a.'lr tmrness. luuv re a: H vLS'i II AD'-S staiila, Fo-jrtrcnta a'.reet, near Fourth aven ia. EPQB SALM? A FAIR |>F B \T MARES, JtTST PROM r Varraoiit, r> and ti ears old, Iftjj hlg.i. very nj. lish, k nl an I loua l. Will be exrhanged for horaei or less va!ue. Can be ?ren for two days. If nut ?oll,at 3i ?.'ost Twa'ity-nlntU street. OR SALE? A FIRST CLAfS J'aIR OF COAL HLACK _ lioraas. full IS hsnds high, all year old. perf-i-tiy soiipd klitd an I j,eatle; wnl he sold or e'.;hjui j? l lor Ho ?es or less value. Caabeacea for two days a ft West Tuenty nintu street. nOR SALR-A MOI1TTOP BUOOT; AMO A LI'iHT i I' nr> too H?m<: a ?o a 1>"| at Wsifrm. tonr seat, a'liuiflt bv M -iet s StevSna. nearl . now will ho oM !o v, at tbe er has no nse tor lh?-n. t'a:i i ? seen at king's llv er. ?h.n|e. P.??t Pofty-lirst street, near MsiJuou aieuue Tlonias WilUams, coach <.aa. E^OR SALE-A VERT NICE SADDLE MAP.E, SEVEN rii'?old. :9 b#n1a high, oond nnd ver g?at'er :''e can trot in :tj? : afraid of notli'nr. and was tised b ala<>y; or would esc: 'nge I or a IATiu llorae; uo fault In Ixr. ti:t she Is loo tight fir me In?,-!re on tli? corner o* Forty- aUth me"t and Firs' arenne. ID the aiooury sioie, this day. FriOR 8ALE-^^E^P. A rovi^f'.n WAOOV. SUIT 1 able for < ipreis or ei o -r'a sufit. In ?oo I order. Can be at' B a tne tlahla, 35 East Tblrtl Uftb at. cut, i sar k' arcn-i . Vpply nt N". 'ifi P' ek a'ip. For sm.l-a aENn.EMAjra ri;a*oirr, com plete. a>>nslat:nf of a Isrre styllah ha? tio'sc Wj'hanla hlgl , sit yi-ai o it. tog- ier vriib a rark V?. :oria, Brriv. mi r1-1 ???-? k ? . and Ha; ne**. imi v new. Csn b? seen at 11a!. st?a "? J- r.a.t PourtcCRln tioet. tv ' SA! F.-A VI RV If IJUMtOME BAV M \BK. KIND, ?. ad aud gentle a* % kit tn-% i??rfe-? pelihaatio n haa Witter, n - ' in now ti.n in 3 tolnn es. si' d . n'? u.i nant ol u?". < H> i-e ?e' ? it J. D. Dayton ? an'e nurnerof Pn' n a.enus and Cumber and eircct Hro' -!? n. to; i - o da> i mJy. _ T old : SJIU L^iOR SALK-A VI.RV HANDSOME PONY BC1L r Hose, inaho. or, I. ; hsnds ll?h. ? years nH s lillle itora lu forvaet : p'i<y }l 'i; ?ort'i ft I JO; wl!i 'm iji ti.r'ivsnt .f us Itaqi e at MB West ft urto sreM. KntR s* I.E? A GOOD, LAlltlR. f'AHT IK'RSli. AL.sO. P af.'iiih Pony; will be sold cheap, t an fee seiu at c.'j I'earl street. L'OR S A I. F, ?VERY fiTTLISH r< ?4 K AND MX SEAT r 1' iietous. Alan, r >sl bo\ Wagons. i?)>'are lio> top at"7 no ton s-on* a sreond liai rt uu -enhurv ii's^on. Call on M ll't.KI. a ?'AUE\, UanlAgt makers. West 1 went) ? tO'irU I ' ? I. OR Si IjR C1ITAP -A GOOD TOUGH CART HORS", I1 ? ? f \ ant tit. In i'i re at 1*6 West 'iweaty 3i?t Si-eet. i [ ?ie 7 A. M of sfierft P. M. UAMMI ETONIAN MARS -FOR SALP. A "ROWX lla'lil/ >> 011. in Ma.?, ?\ vesra old, tetfe lly -ound and no in.ies ^ical ^j'-ed S.'.awll! be '.old uli ap. Ap,>if to Mr. llAWId'i'' " in i Stajlrs.eornrTe: I'my .second * .i n 1st eat ? en ? lerw aba csn be Msg. H O.TIN, JIAfUfSl'S and bi,.h;y FOR SALK? i'ltlCS l lie l|or?e is notiy tnttt heiwern s' i and seven rears of ?fs, wsrriuted so'ind an t kind, tands wltl.n n tyln* a d lor i i vrtrvlna l? 'iuS'irp?. e<l. Api>ly at I1K> Chrys l'- lireel. Can l?e s?en aftei i P. M. HOP.riS FOR SAi?E? PlV'R YEARS OLD. 15 HANDS liah, sei'Dd Slid ? lid In 'I'ibkle ir singln harness; wr i d make a nu'? ?a<1 ii"ln?r?# tor a fsreth In'tNre of W. LINlft-'Lh.T. Ulas-on avnoe, three houses from Butter airei't. Hniokita. HORXR W?NlP.D-l DARK MAYOR hRnVfK, FI'LL Id band* lite#, on* t? ! and -tyltsfi action, suitiil 'e lor lam Is use. A'v 11 I'l-ate staoie, Unai Juaea airact, a lie >r r*irnf d?H Hr<M I i-av, ? ' TP.'Ti WAGdM -FOR SALE. A.IAGWF.R lrviut'k, Wa?"ui, i?rv little need, Prloe $171 Can ha aeen at it anil U Orxeae strset, N. Y. Iinirr top % ? On and harness roit bale? j wairsn oiade bv H*ew?lsr of Hixime street, and In good order ins ire si t n on I'lve fd?erv Stahlee. Si baa. Fiiur^ smx>i> strt't. HOI Camuoh, m, NTe?? VZ^SiFtffSi iTJ^2L??? ?ntlOD. Within raw.. On ? nnJEfJ" I " iTT f? o'nlock a number of very ?ui<irt .r Mora** beina a - ? from the .to'k rf Beary Uoyd, ? Lierd . Janor LoSS la an I. >>red and ralaod br hina \a rl>>| ,, e'jim lud t tbusglf-n tooMaiu It. *ad4i? Ho,aal ?f toe lint cum*. For |>e<U gre*? soo olll M laueraalte. New yokk tattkiis ali/s. hixth avenub ?,or_ ner of /ori . ? b air*"'! ?Auction ria'e oa Wadnaedaj J' ue I, *1 II o'clock ?Una pair >oog tail bay Huree*. ?ua Or. in wn < air-ail n>*d? by Watgnu, uod one Double llarnfi?H. t lao a beautiful btur.k Morgan Marl aanantod In evnrv rr(|M-o' wtib 11 hi fane; Wagon ao-1 Uaroaaa. Will b?> ootd'vepai ate or together Nrt.W YORK TATTERSALLS, CORNER PORTIBTH tr-?i?n<1 Sixth avoone ? On Wedaoaday. lima I, at tl t M 4>i mediately nftor Ilia wn of Mr. I.O?d'e mark, ? lit be i-)!d ;o tne iiighcat bidder ike ruw trotting horao Waveriojr. _______ POXV W iNTBD? SUITABLE FOB A BOT, BIOHT Vf-ar old; pr>-"er anal' ai'O, and mnat b? aound and pet-feet >? gentle. Addroas Frank, Herald ollw, STAOB LINK FOR SALE. -A BTAOB LINB, WITH a I tlio liorana Sugoa. Uood Will of llna and Bool E>< at*, o i lu v a pai tncralilp, will b? aold on accoaiMO da'.liiK teriM Apply to .lOHBPtl CUDLtjPf, Admialatra tor. coram of Hiny 'ninth air net and Tooth aveano, or to R H. Ol'DLIPP 1 10 Nuia i turret. QTAB1.E AND CaRHIAOE HOUSE TO LET? FROM 0 Juae 1 to Nov. 1, al-o, .'or aal?. leather top Bum 7 an4 ?Ingle IUi n??. Jtll nearly now. little u*?d. aod ?oM ror laaal at ua . Apply at 113 riacond avanne, or 131 William atroct. STAKI.P TO LBT? lOLBT, FOB KOUR MONTHS, A new br! k Stabls, with four atal a and pl?n?y of ooaeh room, ni'tr I'oruor Broad way -.n* Thirtieth alrnet A|iply at tirihama *i iblea, I.JS7 Broadway. It-nt ffU> per month. TO RKNT-A MTA BLK AND CARHIAOE ilOITfiB. fr mi (oar to ?li month!. Call at 92 Kaat Twenty aooond iti?"t. W'ANTED-A UflUT SROON D n AND TWO HEATED Kocltaway, for <n<i home. Addrcao box 4,707 Poat sill re. WANTED-A 8RCON l> HAND DRPOT OB ROAD A n^ou, In K'""l orrtcr. arranged for ona or two aania. Addjp* for tUrM >laya, a'anog prlrce, arblch niuat bo low. Wa^o'i. olllco lir ASTI5D? jT LIOflT TOP ROOGT,~ni FTUBT Rati? ft viinnmj order, la exchange Cot ftirmiare. Inquire at itiJ Pearl street. FINAICC1AU. /ll.M iy\ATI AND ZAN'ESTILLE RAILROAD COM pany.? "I'ho Truiiee* of the l!r?t inort*nKe of the ?'ln rinnnti and /.auo^rllle Railroad <Jompanr are now reaily la Inane ih<* I'onrla to the partlea In internal on thn retorn of ? h I r receipts tn ihe auhsrriot'r. Tli^ coupoua ilm nn May 1 v, 111 bn tiaid on tho laatm oi the bon is. ouarles moran. Kur Vo i*. May 2d, 1IW4. No. 10 Wall street. Mining utockh?as wki.l as all othr?kindi? of :rriirltl< a bought ami n>id M all Ihe Wio -x Itoarda in New Y0' Boaton. Philadelphia, Ac., or oilM^rwIao on oom minion, br ALBERT II. N1COLAY. No. M William at. rpHE INTEREST DDK ON THE BONDS OK TUB NKW J Y oik and >?w llavo'i Railroad (.'ornpanv. Junn I, l>C4, ? ill he l aid mi pre cntvum and ?oriouder of the coupono ?t the ouii e oi the coninan/, corner of Fourth avenue and 1 wetuv ie/euth atreot, or at tho Bank of the Republic. W. BKMENT, frnaaurer. rHE KIOHTB NATIONAL BANK. 650 BROADWAY? will hi eu for buainena on Wedneaday. Judo 1. at tho I r n?w hanking iiouae. No ATiO llro.ulwav, three door* abore i!!er ?er atrai t Bill* oytll National Baukfrecolved on do posPAt^ar UnoiirroMPriioni v at ilis naual raiea Sub !.ci IplluitH received for llio United Stales ID to loan E 0. ROBINSON. Prraldent Oinr Htjniow, Caahler. 110 CAPITA LISTS.? A tlOOD INVESTMENT 18 OF . r-rod t" a iew reapOMibln partlea 10 aulmcrlbe aod aaolat in or.ratilziax a stock < ompany. flntl*liu:lor} purllculart gi'.en. ft ililneo final IWt Ml TlnriM HIH 1 "NION PACIRIO RAILROAD OOMPANT.? NOTICR (J is liernii* ?i?eti to tlio Sutwcribers to the Capltul Stoch or i.lm Union Pacific Par, road Company that a nail for afur t'l-r pavincut of '.oa per cpoi upon the amount of llictr ?ub art i|Mloae haa beon made tbie day, payahln at Ihe ofllm of tin- Cuuipttuy. IS William street Mew York, on or bofara tho anil] of .lime next Bt order of Executive Committee. JOHN A. DIZ, PrealdeuL Jon!? J. C.s o, Treamrer. Nk? Yokk. May 10. l*?l. 1 1 rt LOAN. -THE CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK J ' ' .1:1' ttic City oi Now York, having been deeignated a iv,)rMiuout depevllory, wi.'l now re vive fubeerlpUoae to ILr p' (i>Ix>*ri. ofTering thn hi'M '.errni and faclllllna \r H FOSTER I a bler. HENRY A. BMYTIIB, Prenldewt. toon nno ?this amount to loan, at six 3>?Jv'v?\/UU. per cent, for a term of ynara, onNow York i:ity property. In euai < to entt appllcanla. JOHBPB MASON . No. .'>){ P:ne aireel. room* 10 and II. CUPA RTN KRNIIIP. AN ASSi )CI AT8 WANTED? IN AM OFFICE BUST. nc?? ; m<iat be a ?ln*le young man. of ahrewdneaa sail adticalioa. mud of a prufes* onal turn of niad. Addraaa M Broadway. room 17. APAP.T.NKP. W.lNTRD ? IV A SEAT. OBSTEBL BIT. sine-*. with a capital of |?ki. Reference gleea and r* quired. A jeatlemiiti of good address wilt find a" above. R1CBARDBOB A PLATT. 180 ?roadway. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICB. ' The name of tha lirm of Jamei O. Moras A Co. , baa been chanted to Jautaa O. Mora# A Ulllla, and will ke eon turned bv ihe same partners at the old ataud. .1AM KB O. MORBE, 1. 1M4. CI1AKI.HS J. OILLIS. .IAMBS O. MORS? k All, LIS. Engtaeara. Maehlnleta, and Bran Founders. Manufa< Aurora af wrought 1 run Pip*, gteaia Valve-- Cocks, Water Oauges. Btaam WMatlee. Oaa and Steam Fitters' Tool*, An , 70 J oh a itreet, 2V, Stand 81 P1MI atreet, New VorL NO. 51 WALL STREET, NKW TOBK. MAT SI. IM4. EIjWAK!) O' >D<i K lias (h la day retired from tba a? partucislitp of CLABJC. DuDOK A CO. I. V. CLARK, HOWARD DO DOB. .?0HN D. Maxwell. UAVIO CRAWFORD, J a. Tin 'la.teraiCDSd. remaining partners In lb* said Bnn at Clark. Dodge it Co., all raeldlng In tba City of New York, will |n uccordanoe >*ltii the piorlalons or an Act of Ihd Legislature of thia Stara of New T<>r?, oaa tin tie the uaa of th? name CLARK. DO DOE A CO. In their futuie bueine?e. Mr. Edward Dndce i? not liable or respons ble far any debt*, t /Oti* a, er ua'ili.tiei hereafii-r made or incurred. HTHKB C. CLAKK, .lOIlN D. MATWKLL, DAVID CBAWPORD, Jm. NOfTCF. -TIIE PARTNERSHIP HERICTOFORg EX. BUM ketwr*n T It. Ball. Kltcl A Co. la thia dav iliaaoWc.l (it milt lal consent. T W Ball ret i mg. tiie buaineaa of tha lata Arm will be cl'iaed by A. X A J. Rlack. w!io are autborl/ed la #o'.>ct and scttie *i uutat-tnding olaluia. T. W BAKU. A S BLACK, .friag I. 1804. ?. BLACK. Thr undcnUgaad hareby give notioa that they have thia day tunned a copartnership, under the nam* <> r A. H. A J. Had. for the purpose ol manufacturing stee* umnrc'la and iar*?ol frames and ?tret -ber?. at the oM eilublish. tueui. ITS, 177, 17V. Heater Htreai. New York. A STB W ART RI.ACK. Juue 1. IA61. JOhEPll BLACK PARTNKB WANrEO-WITH FROM TO $2()t>? In lb* | ra I tea and ;>rovlsl n business, a ir-itd . esialj, I'shed. Addraaa. witl> real num. B.. bai l&) llerahl ottica. PARTNER WANTKO-WITH ?4,i?W, TO TAKE AN interest In ibrcr different patents, and so go into tba manufacture of the articles, wlileh are of a r-mlay aale and cash at thai Addl e in J P. W? Herald office. PARTNER WAS I ?.D- A Rl'-'I'RfTABM'. MAN. W1TR Hirca or lour hnodred iol'ara. In a lucrative an ra and permanent km n .i Addr>-a? (J. L.. be* 94 Herald KA max COPARTV f'RaRIP HERETOFORE EXIBTINO X h?Hv<-un Piter Ma< !<? Uudniph Kan* and .Toeeph Maria, tinder air1 ilnn of Marie A Kan/, is thia day dl-ialred Iw mntiia cmi sent. Bhhcr pa. ly will aigu the aatne of (be lira in llqiiidauim. New !<?** Mav .11, WW. PjpUE ( OPAnTNEIUSIUI* HBRRTOrORB BXIgTfBO 1 hetwean fhe nnder igned. under tha name of Piaatan A K-j'.iie^, U ml- dar itianeltad br mutual ornaent All c ?'ra? III' the tinw "III be selilad br OerrH Planten. *M a:oa? i? a'i'iioi-)/e<l to tn?" tb? name or fhe Arm In llniild* tlan. WUi.-am 1'. til u; ler will ont ntie the tmataaaa fdr hit own a.'wint <1. I'La n n.'N, NkW Yoke, Vi^SI, MMk _ W. P. KltCLDBR. WANtBD- \ PARTNER I.V A SILK OOODB MANU taeuirln^ i> ??ne??. pnrtu e?'*b I had. To a p*rtf wjt'i Siu. niO to iJU.lAi ufe. ral arraoicemaata will aa ma le. lor rartlnilar* addrt**, v Itk natur and wbera to ba aeeo, o' k < iooda, box 4,7Wi Putt olDi-e. lIMNti'D A PARTNER. WITII ft* 0"0, TTfTAKE AN ti Inli , eat in u patent that will ??nure a pridliable and )?? mitpan! burineu. An 'y at aid iMnal atreet from In to 12 v if. (BO ^n -PARTNER WANTED, IB A UOB1 AND p|en?'ifjt h"s ne?? pn*ln? large profits ihe year ion !;w:'t.^n !!???: >ae st tnvestigaiian. Par partirn'ar* loqiuif it 49'j We t i wulf eighth aiK-at, eornar of futh IWWitI 1 -A VARTN*: rr WANTED, TO TAKE ONB ? hilf titere<' In Mil's' I'aian*. Wln-low R levator jit I' t?ncv. ?ur I'.lcai' n l? arary hatiaa. A eamtal change. Cprau 'i ? s:".all n rouut. T'i? i i a"<-st ^tate worth four N iwaltis aatannL BaaufantWInf to eeinmance al Me*. Fori rih i particulars I aq ulre at Um mAihloa aiiop, rtar. 43 C?nt id atreet ftrsi t. nor lor K MfLLK. 4,Q,WI .COMMISSION BROKi-RAOB.? AN E'Jl7 * L PtfteershW l< offered to a:i vt ??, t el ia'>f? iomm rngn. wlio Jtuiaaada t:te ahova aatlal. The oflk-o * I ere ted le one o he brat 'usinoM th> roughi'araa and wail I ted ij\ A.Mies i Cnei ml ' on IfeptM OW. PAi'.TNKR WaNibo, in a s-a. pieasie'. legltltna'e and'm mejr mat. t??: s'-o one ilt $.**) i?ady ra..h, r?re oi'Jmmiii ?ing luiini meu. '.|>ply to J. C. BILTON $* !o; ' -. .r ntt? frr "t *co. >' i Broadway. ?T I n/Uk ro IUCRoTII ADVERTISER WOULD JlLUUv/ l k-" tu lnvent one nr two tbouaaud dnl'ars In siartlaK h chare Iral <n mechanics! manufactory promising ? i" < ?s. V tout | ,t est a laiiter -apuAi la aarne soeti bustiMM auradt |,?tih,-si'ei tddr#?i CajMull't, boil,S7U Postodiaa, Neft (Taveii. Conn. ____________ if i :nn hattno ?i,m?want. JM OUU. e I ?* partner. t<? aet ae eaahler for a Mtr t?n. r - Ins i. Itsa. pariBg al >ast %I.OA? weakly prugt No po'tlble lisk. .1. w. rnl'TKP. SSR Broad wav, room S9. -TlUt ADVRRri -ER WISHES TO BBKT wi'ii a vattftft man wltk the atmve amaunt o!n kltri as equal j ?tii|.> in Ihe shirt Mftaufaeturiag and ? atlaatea * FucBBhing On- ds Business located on Br SJLOOOrJi?. war. eei*h la^r.l tl -?<? iaarA fhls ts sa atce ent ehaee* i. r a 'pan n lit rugate la n good, profitable buaiaaaa. for pMtl* .'ars andrfg* U. B. P , Herald olTlca. HArt !0 *'0.1100.-4 SILBHT PARTNER WITH tiie ain-ire a no int wanted, to Invest In ? lu bns'Mga, Juet eatai>ll?had; best or retereacae gtvea ??Kl rr^utrtni Afldrt n with real narafj ippolnr'ng a pl*c? o: iitfific#, k D., PMt lor*. Anil TO t!0ar?*>.? A PARTHBB WAWTEDINA JutVvU i:r?i and Jf'JP. &Ti?i Add^tti or applf lo O. HAkAlSft 27 Hmamn *trte?, bM^utat fit IWWI ^WAffTKP. A fARTKlll, WlTfl A ?!>?). UVKI. mall ? Ihe etorM" bii-d?eae. br ? |euUatiia? hs ln* two lsre? ,ior?e and thonmgbty ac^uala*. f<l wtih the bu*4n?*?. A ^drt? J. Rt, ?Ill linn -kxtnaorptnart OPPORTl Nirr as 55 HJ.l IUUs partner In man afkctvr i ag artMlas af a? llmlted ilrman i. whoh-ale for oaab. at Immaaea brr^rriiis' vrwaaa,* vssxss -?-eet, star BroadwM.

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