Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. WwiimtT, June 1?4 P. M. Mock MrkM ww mm mum tb's mormcg ibu It the cioee Ikti evening. Omptno ? lib the sales at the Am hoard rater day, KrM preierred nock iltucwl K fcw Mat, Mtobtgan OmmI lit, MicbWaa S>eihem 1, lilt (iota Oeatral 1)4. Cleveland Mid Pittsburg 1, Galena and Cfcieege l? tfcieneo Ud Rock Inland * . Pittsburg and fort Vi|iM *, Cumberland Goal l,aad Maripora 1 V j New York Oaatral declined X. Erie Railroad 1*, Uadeoa River I, Reading %, Milwaukee aad Prairie da Cbiea *, Cbie t*e and Northwestern *, aad Quicksilver Mining *? Harlem Railroad aold up to 3 St. There km material change la the market In the aJVrtiem. Nat York < entral closed at 132 * . Erie 11 13* , Hudson River 142* , Reading 138*, Mlcbigaa Central lti, Michigan Southern 96, Illinois Central 127*, Cleve (aad audi Pittsburg 112. Galeae and Chicago 138, C ova tea d aad TMedo 149. Chicago aad Rock lBland 112, Chica go, Burliagt<* aad tiulucy 128, Plttaburg aad Fort Wayne lit*. Chicago ?n* Nortbweetern 58, Pacific Mall 235*, aad Quicks Ivor Mining 74*. I'rloes of railroad aad miscellaneous shares at the drat neeetno o f the Bierd of Rrokora to-day c mpare with the quotations oa Wednesday ol last week aa follow*:? Man 26. Junt 1, Aitm and Terre Haute 66 V 64 Cwvei i ml od Pittcburg 116* 113* Cievel >nd and Toledo 160 147* * aiicago and K ck Island ?... 116* 112* Ciim bo a d Nortbweeiern 63 68* t .hMMIgO Hid Alton ... ? ? Uiulwrluid < oal 74* 74 < antoa i nn ?nv 42* It ia?ar? u>d Hu laoa Canal 2:tf> 2.'W fcite ^aliw tf 116 111* t>ie i ra e tod 108* li?a * Galena and l bICago 131. ^ law Hude-u Rivet 14S 141 S? H rlem 381 2N5 llliu<4? Central 1 i'l ^ 128 liicbl.itn <eulral 146 143 kliMiigau >-uut iern 100* Srt'i Mil* Nukeo and I'rai' ie du Cbien 74 es>* Vi-.b>k?U>i.I and Misaouri 61 4S W?ri|t k? 44 t'.V New York Central . 133, '4 132 P oilie Mail 234 235* Pennsylvania Coal 210 210 l'll< - bur* and Kort Wajrue ,...??????> 117 116* Quicksilver Mm ug 80 74* Re?di. g KallroaU 140* 189* tiMdu and Wubaah 73 70 7 he following were the quotations to day (or govern* went securities ? Five twenty coupon bonds, Interest cm 105* Vive-twenty registered bonds 106* t-aveu ai.d ihie- tenibs Treasury notes 110 Beaiete 6 i 6 8 of 1881 112* t o ip>-n ?'s of 1881 112* Cue year curreooy certificates 98 State stocks were quoted to-day as follows: ? Miaaouri sixes . 70* 1aimee*eei>ixee 68 Indlaua Uvea 87 Wtinu sixes 61 N?rib aroun* sixes 68 Caiilornia sevens 140 The gold market was weak again to day, and resisted ai the spasm >dic efforts of the Lamar gamblers to create an excitemeut. It opened in the morning at 187*, and by the aid o a false report from Washington it was raised to lae*. Marling bills were firm at 205 a 206*. The loan m irket was rather easier to day, owing to the two years five per cent legal tend. rs. wbich have been divested ot their lirst coupons, going Into circulation. The s loams Lip Persia, for Liverpool, took out $602,104 in spec e. Tbe segregate value of the exports of produce and mer chandise, exc usive of speoie, from tbe port of .New York during tbe past week was $3,387,911 I<eai?icbaa from W>?bington, published to-day, sute that tbe ijecretary of tbe Treasury designs to put on the market fl'ty to ne hundred millions of six per cent bonds , redeemable after 1681, and that said bonds will lorra a part of the nine hundred million loan authorized by tbe act <>f March 3, 1863. Two hundred millions of tbe amount provided for In that law has been taken from It, and now lotms what is known aa tbe tea-forty five per cent k>?a; the balance of seven hundred millions reman s to be negotiated in any manner the Secretary may determine upon, provided that tbe interest ?ball not exceed 6 per cent, and that no part of it shall he paid la less than ten years, nor any promts* given that ^ne bonds will be permitted to rua a longer period than orty years. We have semi-official authority for ptatintr that tbe idea Intruded to be conveyed tu tbe denpatch ubove referred to la not in accordance with the (act. and that Mr. Chase has no inteution (or tbe pre 8i at to interfere with, or take any advantage of, the act of Mxrch 3, wbich authorized a loan of nine huodred millions, tie will not disturb that law onti' a'ter tbo tan- forty loan, which is now oa the market, is abstrbei. We are satisfied that the Secretary is In im medi .te want of funds, aad that the necessities of tbe government are sorely pressing him. He will, therefore, be lorced to resort to i-ach means ae promise tbe most Speedy returns. Two propositions have been presented, el i her i. which would be likely to serve hw purpose, and one of them will must probably be adopted. 1 be first is to lebue three years legal tender six per cent Trea?ur> notes, inter i?t compounded, and the whole payable when tbe s u* mature: and tbe other is to offer the re Dimrtng ?lxty -eix millions, wnicb he is authorized to en gran on tbe K>-.n of 18-1. tor sale through the Assist <nt Treasurers aid the cat lonsl banks at tbe market value of tb ei * ng, which are now quoted at twolve to K*-iee p*c cent p easiutn PiaciDg the premium at an averag- of twelve pe.* cent, the new bonds would yield the foil wis* amount:? Bonds not is?-ued $tS6.6*.1 000 Premium, twcive per cent 7 Total $74,653,800 Tbe subscriptions to tbe ten-forty loan received by tbe Ninth N itiiiaai Bank, of thi? cuy, since May 36, amount t $4*0.000. The tastituti >n has paid government drafts this week to the extent o $000,000. 1t>e 1 omtnhi n Marine Insurance Caaspaey, of this city, have in< raased their capital stock to two millions <H dollars. Che Assistant Treasurer reports to dsy as foilows: Bec>'ii>ts from customs $144, 000 lotai r? elpts 3.1K6.3I? Psymente l,3fi2,lM> Balance 33^)62,136 Bubacriptions to 10 40 loan ft-MOv ihe receipts of the Dubuque and ^lonx City Railroad during tbe week ending May 21 compare as follows with Ike earnings far tbe same time last yeer: ? Week ending Mxy 21. 1864 $6 308 flame time in 1863 4.97T Tacreaae $,331 ?The receipts of tbe above read from tbe commence ment of the year to the 21at of May amounted to $ ou.ati, whieb is m exceas ot the earnings daring tbe same period m 1863 ot $34,070, or 46* per cent. ?toek. Rxehaage. WsusaaoAV. June 1?10.38 A. M. $W?tT art 1*1, reg. 112^ 30u shff Br? Kit pref. .. liw<< J*T., JS-"SUi 113 ll'fl# Hudooa B * BR., lil* ?' Wtl ?4*. 1881, eoa. tu* *>. Harlem Kit tm } '??.. -it- toe beading BH 1? UW 8 a. mt 10* UM) do U,v tl4k? 08 8a, HJa, can 18}* lOo hi \w iwiw do vxt Co.... itV'k .7.00 do 108?? 5#? do pw^w ma >???"" "* 00 ell ISPV H4M OH 8 ? lyiire*. M W0 du M iS?S ettl do . ff'i 1110 Mloh < em RR IW? ? 0 iod'?na war tomt 80 40u do.... 148 JikKi >ortlj. aiulMf's 88 pto rio ... ell) |<S m m ??'?** T.T. mi ,5*? '* SOO Comb Ceal pref.;.. ^ Xt o ?? M* MWl 2? * " *> * ?>hlotMisees?bW * im) ae n ^Yi'/We t? 400 -10 ? B??J ?4 Juteraea ? d, iu bfil 11 1" -'I 10.10 M oh rt_e_e f bends t w ? - ssa ?j aw .? is !:!?? .? i -fss1" i,!'' tiSl&'SXSVSr i" JS lg ,? R"aa ... W v?o CM* A Puts It k ii?u 8(H,nUD?*UI Baak. 144 !(*? do I* \Sn w!T!L" '2 wo do. ...... ii? aa T\ T J'iZl ^ 48 M> d? Ilili M o<mi? id-JefV oi |'a 181 wo 4? j * '' 4 4# Oieve Coltr n BR i07)i K 1: ? & ..3 r?:::::: "" Viw '(WCh' 4 Roc* (old Kit 112* rS iii i" "?"*s ? Vr* !? 4? blOlii^ ?hU 2* 19 de. e 0 112* I 12 <?"Ch RR 64* [88 do.Trr^^*!.' HV liw, imprf lit p ftfKjrK'.iyiiBu in* .... in* 8o, S3 t ? lllJj liPS^r 20 Brie BR preferred. I1*'* 100 60 do 18 78 n*Ht JaeephBaprf $9 $IOOKT BOAR*. ma.. .. Ra?.r ra*t Tne> o'Ct-oet p. n. i. O *W ? "on Mi? B*' *b? B??4 ng KB |.?M( frVI HM?. 8i'\, im lUk?, ?*< Ml-S gar f>rt RR !t? |i?bi 0 SB S, I ft nt.. 8B Sp) MUk BA II 1 BB Mt BM8 da tpf mi de alt 14 J*!2 ?'4 HWMBAR I KRgiar. 142 ir-une Obk> < onr . m fW' III I 'eat BB eeria . )W-i l >?8 de..,. ....... &!?( loo "lere 8 Pitts lift 11* i? aks f an ton 0' . H3MI 43 1<jii Qa 8 Cblc BB *10 l.t) M-'Q iletMlver Ms t^? 74'{ ?i da ... I!W l<? do.. .... b:8 ;?* TuuClera a T<l KR . J4V ? Psatgs Mali 86 Oa 8Mt. 8(81 Clnaft A B I BB.. 112 AUo?*TnV*MO Mil MPklt. krtOsKB l? N Y Orolrai Bit. ... IS2 8 > 1'ilta. 9i W AC Kit 1I8K d? IS.'W luu do llfttf BrtellR III*? few do UMjJ [V M / ? 1 luu Nil Brie __ 2*? do IIIV M>< Chlo tit RK. ... 88 Iff do bSU 111 it? Cto.e A NW KU pref W *?Hudaou Hirer HH.. Ut mm ?o hJ f 8 ?? 11W do 141* ~ C1TT (OMMEHl'IAL REPORT. W iDTnoiT, June 1?0 p. H. Asm? R?o?lpu.lT bbla. Market Ang, bat quiet, at $10 for pou tod $13 lor pearls. BRiADcnma? Recelpu, lflMJ bbl?. flour, n bbb and ?o ba#? corn mo* 1, 13, 168 bushels wboat, *1,180 da. core, 36,?26 do. oata, 1 .216 do. barley, and 8,800 do. malt. Tba floor market opened datl and depressed, and some aataa wara effected at a slight redaction of price*, bat a better fee ing aupervraed with tbe rlea In (old. aad the cioelnf quotation* are suh.tantitlly as yesterday. Receipts mo derate, and demand chiefly for tbe home trade; sales 10.000 hbl?. >tata and Weetera, 1.800 da Southern and 800 do. Canadian. Rye flour ?u In fair demand and tba market flrm, with sale* of 400 bbla. Corn meal was firmer , with *a>e* of TOO bbla. at $T a ?T 15 for Jersey. $T 60 for eliy (Atlanti Mills) and $T 80 a $T 75 for Bran dywlne ? til* latter aa outside price far email parcels. Wo ouote ? ? Superfine State ana Weatern tour ST 2ft a T 40 r*tre State T 60 a T 80 Choice state T 86 a T 70 Common to medium extra Western 7 66 a T TS Extra round hoop Ohio,. , 7 00 a 8 05 Western trade brands " . 8 to a 0 60 Rxtra 8t. Louis 8 ?) a 11 00 Common to food Southern T 80 a 8 20 Co?d to choice extra do 8 26 a 11 00 Common Canadian T 65 a T 86 Good to obotoe extra do T 70 a 8 60 Kye Hour, superiiue 8 60 a T 76 Corn meal, bois 8 76 a 7 40 Corn meal, puncheons ..33 00 a 33 60 ?The wheat market opened dull and In favor of the buyer, but olreed with more tone with the rise in jjold The receipts were extremely light and the bulk of tba sales were to arrive The day's business foots up 100,00(1 bushel*, including Chicago eprinfr at $1 80 a $1 8T, Mil waukee club at $1 fll ? $187, amber spring at SI 87 a $1 6S, red State ?t $1 73, winter red weaturu at $1 TO a S', .7?'?^"tob'? at ,l 77 #*1 SI, handsome white Mii.biican at $2 a ftj 02t{, and white Genesee p. t. Rve r?i fis lded chan*e in,price. and quiet at $160 ( aniulUn ft'oSI' *2.aD(1 'D ?f00d request, With sales WeMisfTi Rt X'tr un * ? VC ' at H8c and J**; '"eluded in the sales were a c irgo JLJta f? MwardaIslaDd(2ti.OOObushfl8)at88c. Corn SwinE i Icyce ?nd ,ir,ces w?re decidedly higher; saiaa n^ivMrt ?1 vnV ' "i? * " 72 fCr Dew and old *?*tern "''*1?^; *' 70 r.or yellow and $188 for white Southern. Barlej and barley malt continued dull. flpL^^hiTT^f m*.rket was I"'*'- and prices were rather ?mb'!*ce 100 St. Oomingo at 3Tc., 200 bags Rio at 44c , and 95 do. in bond at 44c cash Sro k a Kkw York, jim i. Bra*il, baft.... loi ^10 Si ^3 \ "arft ... 4,586 ?? ? Maracnlbo 6,180 10,791 3,700 10 ,>33 ter.v.:::: 7% S-SL6 *? ? Ceylon, mata. . . 2 600 Singapore, bags 2,212 ' ? Java mats' 860 ,3 000 1-847 l.?0? i.I i w ~ 16.SS0 IS, 007 _ StflU 837 130 815 Torto Rico.'.'*'* ? 7^ J*? SL Domingo, bag. 620 2,679 103 sS Co*u Blc? 1.038 2,881 ' 621 2 6i8 acT^riTflm. (,m6t' and Pr,ce8 scarcely as flrrn. The sales were fiOO balei We quote ? Ordinary Vp^Sd' flor^a- MM''; "?<>?<** Middling fairT. 111 in ,?? "? ? 5SS.1C otio the" w>'"iM*'v>r*' ">8- Portaca at 43c . and .too - W0 M>s. Baltimore, part July delivery> at ?c ?. 0 b; generlil/^n.1^8 ~Tbe mark*1 ?? dull, and holders ShiLsuwofieaTm^? or,20'?00 l'???d8 American 1 CuotZhi!!! ' l?ostly on speculatloD. at 30c. a 32<;. ? cKr M ?^C 2?000 ?,J*C " 8SC. 6.000 pound.' tons crude brim.tonf in *' * *0> 400 bunches Barar^h bUt wit'1 8a,MI of 1>W0 ? ? 7?. 60,000 Malaiv r~T.* 'u<T ?l boxes sardines at 43c a Air rrtr Ki'sh? L^T0" cocaButs, in lots, at $45. ca?h. and o' iceTwero'a mtMrh1rk ^ * IUtle wo"' act-ve. 1 -l,? bl"bBr- and a good Inquiry pra. a $7 We" 2i000.quintals George's sold at $6 76 wSAJVKMS'~ 1,000 P00*"1" Pure we?tern .old at 74c , "*M were firm, with B&Jes or S fioo L 40 packs, at $3 50 a $3 80. cash 6 fRfaiiBT. ware exceedingly dull, and rataa tendad . wn *ards. To Liverfiool, per neutral vessel 200 hoi m SwA and ltvTff8 "d ZXLZfm ?!? ITSl100 ll*roe' Urd- 30a. ; 3011 h xes cheeae U*rcJ?l,r(l '2^, ^ *?ooo andfo ?<? ' d Per steamer, 2.000 bbls flour 2s ^hZ^r V"?"' 50 . ?22* hair, 3??. lo Bremen, 110 hhd<. lohicoo, fail niv.n Bremen bark was chartered, with a er l l ^ 000,' 10 Brenieo- ?? 17s. 8d. ton h,.??k < 7n".? notices tbe following char ~ J B bark, 428 tons, to Hone Kotip at i"m*? goMo t'^i0atBntterh fbS" '2-?* 'S,*UdS t0 ''ork f?r ordor** ^ V p' l'S ">l"' rrnm Bhltodelphla to lJ?alr? ?? ?r ,??'"? P0""0'*1"". ?*? if to Great portln Gn?at C?ot'DeT,t < <* M. If to a direct rw orders M ^ h... hi Bnip- r'M Uon' 10 ??rk tor oraers.^s .000 bunbeis *he?t, ??. 8d. a schooner DO *'!o low to' Matin"0 'a", m*' 1, 200 " BrM teh "Cl.oo.iVr, rnm p,' J? Matanz ?s, $1 ,800 gold: a schooner, 147 ton., L>n? fp'ilm ri r> 10 RoDd?ut coal, jw ? brie, 257 tons, from Glace Bay.C B , to New Yorit. coal. 46 76 a achootier to Kewbern, \ C., cemprewert bay. $H STi" #P^? " W- ",ld r,>r c,tT *1 00, cash. Haw ? .Salot of 6 090 b^les at 18c , cash ??>OK I* MEW roax JT7KK 1 Amer. undressed, bales . W&. ^ ^ . leased o|, ^ 1^1 ' ^ ' 47.#M 42 01# 19.^72 12,43.' C.:::;::: ? garn?^r^0?^ """? w"^ of "? l?0f= r.ien V O J! -f? lons American No. 2 ut $5T 150 do No 2 at #54 ? $65 and 126 do. white at $S0. cash. mon.hT. W6rP '' W'lb * RaJe ^ 40?.W)0 ?t 1 75 3 Lxan ? Sales of 60 ton. snper fjigliab at 12Vc. and American at 13o. , c-rh ana M"t^?.-?H._ ibe marset w;? inactire. and pritc vari a?>le 'he sa e. inclnde 25 hbls. He'ran's XXX ut SO. .nd 100 Milr. New OrloaoK at 90c. a 96c ? ?d WOCS IX ,N?W YORK CK* T Muscovado, hbds 8^74' ^ ^ jwtoR^:*:::::::::;:,S tJS ?S5 ?iS Muscovado, bbls l.?45 753 New Orleans 2,228 15 "si d nai lifbt"but "nr^ ~Tb? Wn:k"t f"r Sp'r,U at 6310 lor IfT,W*rn #r,ner; sales of 90 bid*., *,Jr i?J ?"d fr. -or French. Koeins were In Sb lm w J ,?P.T ".rUm: ? of 800 bbl.. c?ociDoim was made on p. t , anl a small lot al .mi. dip f.rpaatme at $38 per 2?0 lbs " T'rg,n Nana? Clinch were very firm at?c.. cut Tc cornier ".I" n^'u<> w 3?? a $63 'cUJ,"M l?0* WeiUr" "?' to arrive, at $S2 ?u *8? "* ? 16c. par gallon hither for orude snarm do atiii*oar^'?Ke bb *? N,w Medfurd at $1 80. and 160 for export. Mb. tie was bis tier with a VmuuL ^ 14 a$l 18; aia^|ini> bb'a' *rima * eetern lard, for export, at $1 17, 60 do No 2 tl >?? 1 -oo.hi olive $6 TS, and 80 c.aaka cocoaaut at 20c' cash ' PaovmKWj.-Ke?.,pt,, 16B bb? pirk| beaf. 1,166 do. cut matt., and 800 do laid The uork b 0 r? er ? wlit> ? ^a!r demand. fSes 2 o00 bbls at $29 76 a $31 for old meaa, $31 a $31 26 for iTsaVj?4,60 * 926 * ror "nd ^ m nf h .0f pn,n* m8"" *?" hbl?- ???". for "U;0^ ?* 1 ,0#0 do . aarae delivery 1864 4 28 JM htS? ^ i" 8luck. ?I4 and new June I.^^.^ . ,"'1 W?'"h. 93.190 bbla. armer and more sctiva. saei 2,3' 0 bbls. at 1 1 v) a til ?T'1 ?,B 60 ? 122 or extra mVm. Total x ^ J Bew' Juoa 1, 18A4, 40 387 narka?>w j .Sale* I MW tiercM /"? ,,B*f Wa" m b?t?er demand ,n~m .. fi ^Hl h.n. * * ? Bl"? ??c|ud?d ii. India ?27a ttt Qtitnu ^ w,r" wnh ""??? "t MM M l|?.?ii el'.? ^ ' W"h "f ?? I'^k r.rrrfst"^ jst AFH ,;r ssp.'rria;' teriiil chao?e. Hales at 12'-. a 18c 1 ra*' 1 I Receipt* ? m bbls. Tlie market con tinned Jlrm, witb a stead/ ?ood d-mttxi for b,tti cr ude ^h/e! axport. The Stock ;? kP'.WL to be very ?"? ?*? of the durm? ,)Mlt nKmih. bofb b ere and in l bila<lelpli|*, having (.eon for export wl,il?a stood many of the sale* for future delivery have also been for export ? rop..rted fr-m tine to tWin tbe ltaa*i n The ealea of luflnod to day wer" agi'u restricted by tba Brmae*a of holder*. Tba sales wer?' 6 oou bb s crdeat 4?-.. a 40><c.,on tbe spit, 41c a 41 v c.', free all 43 ? t?r July 1 200 do. relinei MMMe *0^o, on the .pot. 8?c for July and ?H lor i?"" . 'ree. TOc. a Tic., on tbe npoi, aud '2c. a 82 He 'or ..urnat Bonrine was nominal Rk* ?A M'o of 300 bag* ftanguo* wai en board at Sffjaaa ?There waa not mocb activity in tbe markat, but pricna were I. Mly held, sa e. 01 bhd* <;tana mtu aavadb at lie. a 210., and loo do. 1'ort ? ttico at lT'<c a l$c tiooa u? ST-T tom, jrwt 1. _ . ... 1W1. 1 8<J2. 1M2 M?4. . J? M.64I 3<l.T2l 83,118 4f 64.: Porto* loo.... $,W>5 2,P41 8,170 4.C70 Knrlisn I* awd. -Kg hew Or lean. 4 0",? ? T.13T l,(*2f) Te**s 30 ' ' 193 ? 13$ v3mS.S2:.v.v:::.v V2 ? ~i S v' M "" tblne 22.7'ja T xm 16^(0 ^ 42.374 9.8H0 - UIM i*rii .11 *????????*.* P,4i X 1 ? ? ? aii? - 3,Ui S4KT ? MObbti OruMMM al 04S.OL . 4 month* #?* ? TUt market mm tfntl. e*p*cialljr for tten >thf. Oorar wu quiat, with small mim M II V* a H^o.; aalea of 8,000 boaheta rough tax, at $S SS a $3 45 , and J ,008 bags Oaleatu linseed . Id Boatoa, at $4 10 a $4 It. Ski*" ?30 bal?a Vera Cm*. 18 do. Payia and 70 do. otter Mexican sold oa pr irate Uraaa; also 18,000 lbe.P?m Cabal I o (Dou ) aotd al 80c , oasfa. Brim waa qutet, with aalea of tt tow Yelila ?(* tafne at tt%&, Md 11 too* Biiaata at ll^c., easb. fii-Buuosn ?A aal? of 10,000 Iba. relined , at S4c. a 16c. caib Xauow wu dm, bat lea aettTt; aates 60,000 bbla. at 14c. a 14 Xc. for enmaoa to strictly p< Ibm T>s. ? The buslneaa waa somewhat iimitod, i?nd prloae ware held firmly by tba bolder* Small aalea of Strait bara been made at previous prtoea Plataa were active, with aalea of 1,000 boxaa L O. ebarvwl at 118 10, and HO boxes choice 1. C o?ke at |1T Wun.aari.NK. ? IS. 000 lbs. Arctle (Old at tl 60, kd4 1,000 do , Inferior, at $1 63. Wool baa advanced under tha proposed lacreass of dot lea; tbesa'ea embraced 160,000 lbs. domestic fleece at 80c. a H6c. , 60 000 Iba. pulled at 78c. a 86c. lor saperBne and extra, 10,000 lbs < aliroruia at 60c. a 66r, , 2.*00 balea Cape at 48c. a 52c. , 400 do. African at Mo- a 37c , and 100.000 Iba. Kiisal in ou private terms. Wnmrav. ? Receipt* 560 bbla. ; market firm, with Ralea of 2,600 bbls. at |l 30 a $1 82 lor .<*ate and W astern, ia eluding IfiM bbls. C. and D. at $1 83. IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. The Australasian at New York and Nova Scotian at Father Point with Three Days Later News. GRANTS CAMPAIGN III ENGLAND. Reports from the Battle Field to the 7th of Hay. Fall of Three Per Cent in the Rebel Loan. Ifapolton Operating fer a Change ef Ministry in England* No Result from the Danish Oonferenoe. THE POPE'S DEATH HOURLY EXPECTED. dM., Ac., 4m* The Cunard Rteamshtp Au?tralasisa, Capt. Oook, which toft Liverpool at ten o'clock on tho morning or the 21st, and Queenstown on the alternoon of the 2M of May, ar rived at this port yesterdiy afternoon. The steamship Nora Scot i mi , from Liverpool 19th, via Greencastle 30th of May, passed father Point, ?ti reui* to Quebec, yesterday. The news is three dtys later. Great anxiety was felt in England to learn the result of the battles In Virginia whnn the Australasian sailed. The very latest news by the Australasian reports the steamship Kuropa, from Boston, via Halifax, with A me rican news to the 13th of May, arrived at Queenstown on May 22. - The report that General Grant had defeated Lee was the only topic of conversation on the 21st of May, and caused an unsettled feeling in commercial circles. Fatterthwalte's circular of May 20 reports a continued duineas in American securities, operators awaiting the result or the battles between Lieutenant General Gnat and Lee In Virginia. The political news is unimportant A prospectus bad been Issued tn London of a company to Introduce floating telegraph atattoos end light ships near the ordinary track of steamers , such as o(T Cape Race, the vicinity of Scilly Islands and the English and Irish channels. The capital Is ?2M>.000. The Prince of Wales made his first appearance as e public speaker at the annual banquet of the Royal Lite rary Fund in London. Be acted as chairman , and ac quitted himself crodltably. The London ffeva points out that if the Prince of Wales is permanently to perform a large portion of the duties of royalty an increase of the settlement made upon him will be necessary to enable him to bear the burden. It also praises the self abnegation of the Princess of Wales in this hour of trouble to her father's house. ix>rd Palmerston made his reappearance in the House on the 20th , and was greeted with loud cheer*!. The Marquis of Hartington stated in the House of Commons that two battalions of Guards and one of in fantry had been ordered home from Canada without relief. A block of warehouses and oonnting houses on Gor don street, Glasgow, was destroyed hv fire on the 21st of May. The loss is estimated at one hundred thousand pounds sterling. The Ixtndon Timet of May 20 savs it appears that e convention has been signed between the French, Portu guese, Italian, Ilraziltan and Hiytlen governments for the establishment of telographic communication between the oontlmnis of Kurope.and America. A total subvention of about ?180 000 will be given jointly by the governments, who eusranioe the neutrality of the line. The ministerial crisis had terminated In Relglum,al| the ministers havlog withdrawn their resignations. The session of the French Corps Legislatif was pro longed until May 25. The Rank of France haa reduced its rate of discount to seven per cent. The Madrid Xpaca Says that Spain will appoint a repre sentative to Mexico as aooa as the Emperor Maximilian shall have notified the Spanish government of his eoces . sloa to the throne. A letter from Robm la the Cologne Osteite states that the Emperor of M ex too, before leaving the Roman eapl Ml, paid to the run* of Peter's Paaoe a sum of 90,000 francs. It Is stated that the negotiations between England, the Porte and the Viceroy of Egypt rsepecting the transport of British troope to India through Turkish territory had been satisfactory concluded. The steamship Ediaburg, from New Terk, and the Damascus , from Portland, arrived out on the Mth of May. The steamship Kangaroo, frum New Vork, reached Liverpool at nine A. M. on the 18th of May. She left again at nine A. M. on the 10th, having discharged aad taken In oarge in twenty-four henra The Bremeo arrived at Bouikaaptoa al about eleven P. M. on the 19th of Msy. The Pennsylvania arrived at Queeastown about mid night on the 20th or May. er*?t'a Caaipalgn. ENGLISH OPINION OP THS OPlUtATIONf Of HO rmsRAi. a kmy in vinoim*. IFrr-m the London Globe (a Cabinet organ). May SO.] At length we have something like euthestlc report* tlist General Grant had pat the whole dlaposable feroea or the federal government on the move, aod had opened th? c.mpnijo in earnest at the end of April and the begin ning or May Hut that is nearly all we know. If we advance a very little way beyond this general statement we soon enter upon dark and doubtful paths, a wilder ness or rumor and coujnture For oeoe a roromeo de tile secr<-?v hag been maintained? commendable at ie?st by th? military mind, hut somewhat locontement for the journalist, "nly very rsndi m guesses have been made at in* prohibie strength of the rival armlw. lb tht vfnit (tut yAt Vtnerttl Grant' t ktadi/uartm, al lea*, no Ainy it knovn of :ht jionnen or the ftrvttr Ointr at Lf. except that the first was somewhere south of the R?pld.n , na : the second of rci>ec table magnitude. That very ler* ? and complex operetloaa were In progress at the end oi the finrt we<k In May Is plain; but It would tax thi sbrnWdest nlwerver to nick out of lbs telegrams, ami the journals which have com* to hand almost with t.iem. the muter lil* for a satisfactory account el the tr laltv.' positions ol tlm belligerents All we uaa do If ta i try to tire ent an intelligible ststnsnent. a glance tt the news ?b ws th.t General Great nmat have ii ? ew a very rompiex plan of campaign. Beiore n? ir..,ved at al.. Ins mam >.rmy, under Meade, was on the north bisk of Uis Rappananrw^k, and between that river a?<i the Rspidaa. fie had also a strong fxoe, under Sigel. at the roeutf of the Rheaandoeh valley, an ther for^e of aonte ooosiderabla streyth unde<- <,enerais llutler end W F. tsrnlth, about F'M'l Mon.- ?. and an army of rseerve, under Bamelde, around the capital. At a given signal ail these tro p wc-e put i motion, thonfh ujt altogether. In order to dlsWai.t attention from his mala ehjeo!. General ? F Hn.i'h seot a reneunoluirtag party up the Yorkiown pen wule, and pushed U aa far sa Bet* u>m s Itri.'re on it*- cbicksbernvnv, while at the saiM ? ne net<-M.,?|ousiy occupied Weat Point, at the BMMth of the I'smunkey , *? ti he were about to reaew a aseve n.-et on tticbm ii * m McOellae'e eid line. Whether the 'km rfl'-rntes w?re deoi-ired or not we cannot sey. Rnl '??.in boi u<r Mineral Itesuroyaid is reported to be at i'm Mm | ?ii|, i inn y tivjiisaud mee, thus eppereetty aotwt >.i ti ins leal teUrjtlona O t I Great. Whiah I wefts U laad i hiM at Oily point. oa tbe right twit ef }**? Jsmes, an(l move them or tbreatea to mere them on I eterabuig, with ItM double object of outline tbe di e 4 communications of Richmond aud Charleston ant taking Kurt Darling to reverse. lite Oder tie, u M luM kJ? "*** before Um OUt of Hoy landed at City Point. But there was Beauregard en tlx watch. At the tame time, we are informed, Hlgel be gan te march up ike Shenandoah valley, and oa tfcs 4th UT ma4" *"*'? creeeed ike Raptdan by the fords a few mliss a bo re its junction with tha Rappehannook, ana took ap a position in the tangled country known aa the Wilderness, and hsvtng a vlllsgs of that name In its depths The uoviMtt bed beee pre. ceded by a demonstration upoe Orange Court Haase. Ib order apparently te draw Leo 'a aueetloe to that side, and if possible koep nim there. But. accord In* te the re ports, Lae was not deoeived : for when Moid* tried te posh through the forest Into the more open country ho mot with the Confederate right uader L ogaireet. and both sides suffered l'-asrs by fighting in ths rough brakes of Spottsylvania. Oa ths night of the 6th Meade U said to have bold a line stretching from the woods about tbo ruined bouse at Chanoellorsvilie, through Wilderness to Herman la Kord, on the Rspidaa. On the morning off the nth ? but here i he Intelligence breakB short off with ths announcement that a cannonade bad begun. Aasamiug these statements to be correct, it i, plain that General Grant u jpJavmi a bold gam* for high ita' et. With his main army in the centra of Kastern Virginia he strikes directly at Rlcbmood. To facilitate this, bis chief object, he had set in motion two columns on his Hanks -the right column in the Shenwdxah valley, while guarding that road, ia visibly depended for Its aaetv on the success of the mala army; the left column, on the right bank, of the .lames, at preeent Independent or the main army, would no less be compelled to retreat by any failnre in the ceatre. Supposing the mala army to bo successful, then .Nigel and Smith's columns may become sharp and destructive weapons. What General Grant aimed at was, probably, to fight and dereat General I-ee as soon as he could In Hpotteyivanla, and drive him to retreat. not upon Richmond, but upon Gordons vllle; then to more rapidly over the North Anna upon tbe Cautral Virginia Railway, thus Interposing between Richmond and Lee, and, trusting to tbe activity and skill of Higel and Burnslde to hold Lee in tbo m?nutains, then to attack Richmond oa one or other bank, or both banks, of the Junes, with his own and Smith's troops mast be oonfsased that General Grant has entered up m a large and periloiu ??? (Urtaking. Whether It is correct, bow far it Is correct, bow the Confederates fared In the sction which appears to have begun on the 6tb , we shall not know for some davs But so rar as ws can read tbe meagre information supplied to daj , such aro the impressions it laavse on our mind Nor is It from Virglnis alone that we obtain news or the maitoh of armies. General Graat seems to favor simulta neous attacks on all points, and accordingly (ienerai Sherman was to move out from Chattanooga at tbe end of April with the double purpose of preventing the despatch of reinforcements to Virginia irom tbe Confederate army at Oalton, and to push that army be:ore him to Atlanta. Sherman is not deficient in daring, bat it is questionable whether he can have the means (or a camp ilgn of this | magnitude. That, if ordered to do it, he will try bard to satisfy Grant, we have no doubt. Mill, with Forrest hanging on bis right flank, and probably by this time threatening the road from Bridgeport to Nash Tills, unless he hid been called to Join General Johnston, and was swooping up federal outposts on his way. with a difficult and almost exhausted country before him, and perhaps soma qualms about tbe safety of Hast Tennessee, it is doubtful whether General Shermmi will see Atlanta this summer. Over the Mississippi tbe check which bud soldiership brought upon Goneral Banks hag forced Gene rat Steele to retain at full speed upon Little Rock in Arkansas, with, it ia ftaid, considerable loss? a statement also denied. Tbe low water ia tbe Rad river has obliged Admiral Porter to sacrifice gunboats and transports, and, deprived of these, Banks necessarily retired 19 Alexan dria ?> hetber he would slay there necessarily must have depended upon tbe depth ot the river, because with out the water way the army could not be red Prom tbe Iondon Post (Palmerston organ). May 21.1 * On the morning of the 6lh the federal forose occupid a position, tbe right or which rested on the Rapidaa at Germanna ford, and the left on Chancellors vHie. the Confederates being In their immediate front. On this morning heavy cannonading ia teiwrted to have been heard; and it is not improbable that the next mail will bring uh the intelligence of what has proved to be a gene ral engagement. The advance of Meade'a army la. however, only one of a series or simultaneous operations which have boon pro jected by the federal Commander- In Chief. A column, un der the cm maud of Couch and Sigel, has pushed forward rrotn Winchester along tbe line oi the Shenandoah val ley, with the intenti'-ii, doubtless, of cooperating with Meade on's left aod rear, in the event of that General being compiled to retire before the advance or the main body of tbe redoral forces. At tbe same time a demon stration has been made in tbe l*eolnsula by smith, wba has occupied Weal Point; whilst a large force, under the command or Butler, has boen landed at City Point, ofl the riguibank of tbe James river, with tbe intension of threaten ing Richmond from tbe southeast. General Grant has evidently resolved to turn to account all the available military strength of bta government, and, if possible, by a bold civp to scire the Confederate capital Every thing, howevor, depends upon the success of Meade, and the accounts received from his headquarters up to the present are far from encouraging. Lee Is clearly aware that if Meade Is repulsed the tactics of the North em generalissimo win be rendered futile, and he will doubtless disregard all other considerations in the pre sence of tbe paramount necessity of defeating him. Meanwhile, however. Richmond ia la no immediate dan ger from Butler, aa Beauregard baa occupied Petersburg with thirty thouaand men. The rederala have once again pursued their rormartactica of dividing their forces lor tbe sake or simultaneously threatening d liferent points. Ws have do precise Information of the respective strength of tbe armies which were engaged near Cbanccllorsville but, a tl ough numerically Inferior, the Confederate forcw will probably be found to have been amply sulficieat under tbe generalship of Lee, to inflict another damaging' dereat upen the graud Army of tbe Vorth [From tbe I .on <lon News (Kxeter Mall organ), May 31 I | * * * It is perhaps somowbat premature to specu late with any confidence on tbe campaign which has just opened. Fven some 'of the principal facts seem to be doubted. Thus, whi st on tbe one haad the landing of Bullsrs troops at Ctty Point is slated as oertaln by some ou the other band It seems to be believed bv others that Butler is advancing from Gloucester Point, 'which is on the north bank of ihe York river, upon Loe's communion tions lhis latter conjecture seems scarcely probable for It Is utterly inconsistent with the intelligence that Beauregard is at Petersburg with thirty thousand men lor auch a fotce in such a position woaid be absolutely useless. The probability it thai Grant ha, ini^u,otiail\ tpi ail all tor s of taltt rumort, in nrd-r to iteeivf the gap ino puMir of New Port and hu adx narirt. T* judo* from Lie nmupaper account*, he ha, admxrabU tue'eedtd ?n ku d ttgn THK rrXI.IKfl IN 1.1VKKPOOI,. I From the Liverpool Journal, May JH.1 ? ? * Although everybody has arrived at tbe oon elusion that ma battle in Virgiuia has bee u fought ad body bis made up bis tnind as to the result, ihe'talk on '(Jhamre vesterdsy was, that if the federals have been tmequlvocably triumphant, tbo war will soon be over but that ir the < on ederato.s have won the grrat fight, < r even bel l their own. tbe war will go on lor a few monibs longer, when, irom confessed exhaustion on both sides, a compromise will be inevitable; that the worst fear, however, is generally the strong one and that the lug tear is that Grant will win that in tbat case sun<iry peoplo will have to put their boustts in order, that reaction is always accel eraled by unfounded apprehension : that vague reports about the quantity of cotton in America will at first I* credited, and that impatient sellers will throw down the market, tbat bankers will look grave and proceed to re allze; that creditors will be nrgeot and suspicious that apeculators will shun the Flags, or sll that Is left or them and that tbe depre?<ioa will be unnatural; that on the' other band if tho chaoce of peace retiree still further in tbe distance, spinners will become venturesome: that the speculators will take stock of eircumatanoes, and arrive a? the conclusion that the demand for cottoa will exceed the supply, and that prioes not yet dreamt of will be re ornnov is MAwomrriB. Som the Maaohesler Examiner. May tl. I we have news of the aotual commencement of tbe great coo teat which haa been so long preparing oa tbe banks ef the Rapidaa. Tbe forces oi General Graat and General Lee confront each otner, and have had a severe skirmish, preparatory to the more important en cakemeat which by this time haa no doubt been fought, fhe news, aa nana!, breaks off at the most intareating point, we aae the flrat bloody eseay, we witness ths mutual recoil or the two armies at tbe approach of ?ight, and we hear in tbe dlstaooe the heavy boom ef artillery which weald lead ua to infer tbat the battle was reoewed ia eome shape tbe east morning. How tbat second day's {or tunas wsat? whether tbe Con federates msds a ssonnd attack, and with what result or rht"?!T' frtm and poaitioa eT the federal army, they reU bsok upon their intrench meets at Mine ma, ara points a poo wbioh ws must wslt for further information. ? ? ? jr bow aver, ws would do full justios to tbe strategy a t General Grant, jotmmtlotkhtyemd ISemrtcincii of lit rmm?kair tottUJeld. IU hot tolled U ku Kdf m ryOrm of combtrd m Jtl ******* ?wh far the CtmftderaU* ?? 4?*?w ?oVre the main dtdd^l. Mm Ik# riMrvt, under Burns Ide, forty thoiMand strong, Is slrn..dy across the Rapidsn, ta the nelgbb?baod of Germanna ford, we may rerar? tha? body ss dsfloiteiy oommKied to the opera of ibt main ifmjf, 11 ia clear, bowerer, tbai itie this formidable force on Grant's sort re me right will secure him from aay flank stuck, and compel the uwfederatse 10 he very cautioua Te guard bis communications, and render impossible sny sr tboss winged mancmivres towards Waeb log'-m which ths Cooled erstes have of lea at tern fied, General Grant haa posted a strong v tf irooV h? tbe Mbensndoab vslisy. Tills rsme, under Sigsl , was marebing up the valley from Mar Una burg, sad may be intended Iwaot offensivsly lu tbeduec tl- n ot (irangs Court lions* A still mors formidabls divemon ? l>eing made by General Butler. Forty thou. Mitd mas under his onmmand bare lauded at Ciiy Point, ^the ^ih^. bsafe of Jamse rlvsr, and within twsn<y '"Sleraburg, where Beauregard is said to be awaiting him with as army thirty thousand sir ng A couple of davs' marchtsg enght to bring Ibeee t <vtouht sbisoommatider* wHhia figbMag dlstsnre, a* I ths ssa Diet must bs a naistls ons wbsasvsr it takes plans. Vha Oast la K War. llTTti PRnoKR.HH tuba uf Ttu COKPTtiiiyar - JtAPOLSOK L'MHIN# PUR A CH AMI* OP MINIHTRV ik iD<auNi>-*Kty;t?d op thr okhmams w JTTTLAWD AMD DtpirMATinM Of THII OMAnea 09 rm asraiMs* invot im lokdow Tfta av?mau <M?VBRjnf*fT, rrc., rtvj. Kolbing of noAnt had trios sired as tn the r^n s fnce. Tbs belief aa ths Parle l>aires waa that it did not <t baa alsa b?'t#?ed that the r reach fovsrament regard IMS siau ef Ititgs with ssnefarthw 2L ?r n"n*"*T m Kig and, wbsa pis sew cab Wet wit tnve eordlsl tsppert from rrance. ? rt?wasteb says tbs ?-ru?ian? is Jutland J"?asa?a pay ?ar aseaasanas of llie snrlng tt?e trans . *"* lo imals demand th iss>>nipii..o of J*J^blo?had? as s r sprue! fer ibis brnsi h of thj srm?s A Vienna telegram says that st ths sitting of the f'nn rereece.eti tbe Itth oi May, Amlru and Pr iasia demanded lie compete tuten- n / or tjje dticMef, t N^ir i?or* nniuni r with Itsomsrk . material guar. mires an i en <v lailt tbo ^Ssamtsnsuee of tUe r Mint ?f ?iet? i vi/1 br iq* >e<l4fa! i rial n I be Huoewrtoa qoaatl?a Th?? latter pohii la duoMt tlen>o Voo Bouit W> dive nia ailhaalou to ma Gar" man prufMwiU a. UM aaaertad that Ruaaia la not attiM to this proi?e?l. The Sweiltab Minister of RnreUa Affair* charra tbit ?rat laetruethiaa aeet by htns to I fee bwedah official la London ware opened la Oonnany. Kranc*. Aa minora of Intended mlnUterlnl changes ara den lad by the Paris MmVtt tr. The K reach eqaadron In the Mediterranean had reoetved ?rdara to hold itaotr in readme** la go lo Tunia, tta praa Moa being neoeiaary to aolve cortalu dlffloaluee that had tba Boon* waa firmer. Kaotaa 6C.I0 on Mar W. _ Ohlaa. The ImparlallaU had been repulsed at Ktntan*. M ?J?" Gordon waa woundnd aod loat aovaral ot bla odicera. The Im-iertaltau wora, however, again moving to attack Kin Ung with large reinforeaaaota. The rabola war* re portad to ho luaaid la. ? , Shaiobab, April 9, IBM. Exchange 6a. 64. Ten? Notbios: doing. Silk lower. Ca arrow, April 16. 1864. Bhtrtlnga and twist higher. Tea unchanged, ex change 4a. ?X?L India. CoaovrrA, April 31, 1864. Cotton gooda quiet. CxcUaoge 2a. \d. Freights Im proving. Bomb a*, April M, 1864. Money tighter. Sxohaage 2a. lXd. Commercial ??ulllgeM*. THE LONDON MONIT MARKKT. [From the Maucbeater Guardian (city article) , May 11. ] All the markets have (Mav 2ii been inactive and heavy to-day, chiefly from a general absonoe of business, but partly also from persiatent rumors that, owing to ibe ?on-auocaaa of tbe Conference, Cabinet changec are Im pending. Console for money opened at 91 X *01 St.* fractional recovery from the depressed prices of yester day, but soon relapsed to 91%, and the Onal transactlona were at 91 H a 91 K for money, and 91 *91% extra divi dend lor tbe 8 th of June. Tbe sum of ?73,000 in gold has been taken to the bank today. Tbe discount demand at the bank has been moderate. Foreign securities show average further fall of nearly one-half per cent, with the exception of the Con federate kan, which is one per cent bolter, at AT, and Russian scrip. Mexican cloned at 44. Railway stocks were very flat Funds. ? Consols, money, 91% a 91%; consols, account, 90% a 90% consols, now threes, 89 a 89%; Indian loan, 105* a 106 S: Exchequer bills, 16, 10 discount for March; 9, 4 discount tor June. The weekly bank returns show a gala in the bultllon of $562,195. AMERICAN samntrmn. Raring Bros, k Co. say American stocks still continue neglected and quotations are nominal, almost in all cases. United States five twenties, 63 a 66. Loxt>on, May 21 ? Evening. Consols for money, 91% a 91% ; Erie shates, 64 a 66; Illinois Central shares, 28 a 29 discount. London, May 22. 1864. Consols after official hours yesterday closed at 91% a 9W Tbe Stock Rxohange and markets yesterday were gen erally Hat. A neneral impression prevailed on tbe Stock Exchange that 'tie re is solhe truth In tbe report that General Grant his won a victory over Lee. Tbe rebel loan has declined nearly three per cent, and wa? !ast quoted at 63 a 64. Tbe Hank of England yesterday reduced their rate of discount to 8 per cent. PARIS BOUB81. PARS, May 21, 1864. Bourse dulL Rentes, 66f. 05c. MK8S&3. RICHARDSON, SPKVCS AND BOM PA NT 'a CIR CULAR. I jrnrooi., May 20, 1864. Cotton.? The market has been quiet this week; but prices have been steadily maintained until to day . when Americau descriptions have been pressed for sale In one or two quarters, on rawer easier terms; all other kinds are unchanged. , Middling Orleans. 28 %d per pound; do. Mobile, 28d. per pou nd. do uplands. 28d. per pound. In Manchester this week, being Whitsuntide holidays, there is very little doing. BRSADCTurm. ? With remarkably flne warm weather, the trade this week has been exceedingly dull. At Tues day's market wh--at sold only in the merest retail, and, in absence o any transactions of importance, prices were nominally without shange. -Klour was quite neglected. Indian corn dull at 28s. per quarter for mixed. At to day's market business was again exceedingly limited. In wheat so little business was done tbat prices are almost nominal, but generally tbe rates asked were about Id. a 2d. per cental lower. Flour neglected at a reduction of 6d. a Is. per bhl. Indian corn very slow of sale. We quote wheat, red Western. 7a. 8d a 7s. lOd. lor Chicago; 7s. lid. a 8s. Id. for Milwaukee and ainber Iowa; is. 9d. a 8s 2d. for winter; Southern. 8s. 2d. a 8s. 4d ; white. 8s. a 9s 3d; California, 8s. gd. a 9s 3d. per 100 lbs. Flour? Extra States, 18s. 6A. al9s.; Extra Ohio, 20s. a 21s. per 196 lbs. Indian Corn ? Mixed, 28s ; white. 32* a 33a per4S0lba. Dkr? very little inquired for, and In absence of basinets prices are unaltered. Fork slow ol sale. Bacon In most limited request, except heavy boneless middles, which are still taken to a Talr extent for export, Ilams aealo is. a 2s. par cwl. lower. Shoulders dull, and easier in price. Cm <ss la a 2s. per cwt. cheaper. I.aro. ? The demand has become very limited, being cooAneu to the immediate (requirement* of buyers, and with sales of barely 100 tons) prices are irregular; at tbo close ihe nearest value Is 41s. a 42s. for good to flne quality. Tai.i.ow continues vary dull, and sales are small at nbout late rates ? say 37s. 6d a 40s. 6d. for ordinary to flne city rendered; 41s. a 41s. 6d. for Butcher's Associa tion. QntRcrrsoN Bark dull; Philadelphia at 7s. a?d Balti more at (is. per cwt. 8SS1IS ?About 1.000 big* have been taken for speculation at 32s. fid. a 3fis fld. per cwt., according to quality. Nothing done in timothy or flaxseed. PrtRot.crw. ? Re lined F'enusylvanian dull at 2s 2d. a 2*. 4d. per nation Of crudo about 1.60# bbts. have been sold, it is believed, at ?18 7s. fid. per ton. U AVKH MARKKT. Havrr, May 19. 1*84. Cotton? Sale* of the week: only 1.000 bales; marks quiet and less Arm. New Orinaa* tres ordinaire, 368 fr. do. bas, 350 Tr. Stock 44,001 bales. Hreadstull* dull and teuding downward. Weather favorable for erupt;.. THE LATEST MAREKT8. LivRRrooL, May 21? Kvening. Cotton? <*ale* to day R.nOO bales, of which 1 .000 were to speculators and exporters, the market closing qaiet aad unchanged . l Broadatuns flat. f Provisions dull and tending downward I Produce quiet and steady. Arrival of the Schooner O. H. I<e?. Tbe United States schooner O. II. Loe, I). O'Brien com manding, from l'ensaoola May 7, via Beaufort, N. C., 27th, put into the latter port on account of a leak. An* oexed In a list of her officer* ? Commander ? I). O'Brien. Acting Hauler and Her u't>? Officer*. Wm. R Cor, Acting Matter' g Mate? <Jeor*e Spencer. Surpenti't Steward ? Wm. Wood. Mtuitr't Steward ? Danlol T. Leach. United States Dlatrlet Coart. Bofere .ludge Belts. OOWDRlf NATION OF A PRIZI. Jokr 1.? l\e United Stntri rs. Sloop Jftlli* and Car go ? K. Delsfleld Smith, United States District Attorney, entered a decree of condemnation against the above named vessel and cargo in the District Court. The Nel lie waa eaptored in March, 1863, off Port Royal, by the United States steamer South Carolina. The prlae was taken to Port Royal, aad, being nnaaa worthy, was abandoned. Tbe cargo was seat to New York tor adjudication. The cause waa heard in October last, and the Oeurt, not considering the avidenoe than ad duced sufficient to warrant a condemnation, directed a decree to be entered giving tbe llbellants six months' far ther time to produce proof ss to tbe criminality of the vessel aad the voyage . The cause came oa lor rehearing on the 28th of March last, and a deal decree of condemnation wa ordered. Tbe cargo, which consisted of sea island cottoif. haa been sold by the Marshal for 120,643. A decree of distribution will be entered in a lew days. Pollen Intelligence. Cnksows AsaAasif ? Two May D?m,nnr?ir St as sen ? Taa Prri-rtrator sot Arrswkti.? A tragic affair, result ing in the stabbing of two men, one of whom It iv feared will die from the effects of his Injuries, occurred m New Dowery, near James street, shortly before twelve o'clock on Tanadar night. It apjieara tbat at the time named two men, named Thomas Norton and John Smith, In pass ing through New Bowery, saw a man lying tinder a ootin ter which stood on tbe sidewalk. Norton asked tbe man what be was doing there, which led to some Sarah words between them. Dnrlog tbe controversy tba stranger Jumped to bis feet. Bud, drawing a formidable looking knife, plunged tb? blade into Norton's brnast, inflir.itug a wound which there are great Tears will ri? uit fatally. Tbe assass a then ruslted upon *ailth and stabbed him through the hand, after which lie escaped, and lias not yet been arret ed. Had tbe alarm been promptly given it is probable "the fugitive might have been arrested, but, a!lhJugh|U.e stabbing was witn^ses by several men. not me of them called for help. Both Norton and Smith were conveyed to the New Yerk floa. nltal. Norton lives In Dlvhlun street, near Market, and the resldenco of Smith la la Fortr eighth street, near H*cond A partial dw,rlptk>n of ib? mm who wed tbo knife has been given to the Fourth ward police, and tliey are supv0*'1' tube looking lor him. A Pot.trcMAN on thb RAMvans? fit Ai-sahiw ?Iw8rr? won Derma and Grrs arsrtro. ? !ohn P, Frank is a policeman, attached to the Twelfth precinct, and on Tuas itsy evening Sergeant rblliljw discovered him In the lager beer saloon corner of Third avenue and J2fUb street, sip ping beer with a nnmber of Hermans, ihe Sergeant's presence in the saloon at that time ?*?med vet t annoying 10 H?e ilolln iiietit po' ccman, who Instltilly ran to the atreet, On reaching 'he sid? waik 1 rai a struck out right ant left al -ergeant Phlllij- ai d de al! nltti several lienvy how siMMit lite h"ad srir* suit bertr , after whhh he fled He w?-< arre?t?J s oi alirr wards by SeTK?'>nt B?tes. and, a'ter lielnii detail ? ' In the ?tatl"n I os?e over night, notive?e?t be1 r- Justiie 'onnoiijr, who held him In j i.o ba I lor "xatoinatli.n un ihe charge of a?<*iilt and h'?iii r?. Thero are tilreadv t?-.> (i"jripln-nv?. for ^?'ng ofl his ir vt nendlar jhs-"?t t'r>e'. C?r on Kaq.MUt A Wok i* Riw 0?*? in Kjixsb.? a womaa, efcaat thirty years qf age, wto we aaraa a unknown, wblie a? teraotlnji to croe* Hroailway , at Grant aueet, on Tuaadaf ereelnf , waa ran orer by ? ipm or bora* and a la?av bear wagoo. drive* by Own Lynch, It tb? of Duitl Street*, resMinf at No. ?l Seeond street. Tho woman waa ao severely Injared that aha died boob afurwarda, In the New York HoapitaL UBear Mo Arthur, of the Broadway squad, arreatod I.yneh.Maf be ta detained to await I be reault of an tnrentlgaUM, which will fee Inatltated to-day before Ooroaer tUanay. Deceased was apparently a German. She bad an a brew* yellow dress, with mixed stripe; drab eloak, atraw a?t, mixed with green and a red rose In tbe top. sbe bad a (told ring oa one of ber flncera and a two dollar bill In bar pocket; also two Brooklyn ferry tickets. Daan nos Fojaus Coroner Nsamann yosterday held an Inquaat la Ural arenue.^iear Sixty-aeaond atraat, on tbe body of Mary Rlcktey, a little jlrl three yaa rs ?t aire, who died from tbe eiteotit of acai<l* re oelred bv Mia aooi'lenu] upsetting of a kettle of boiling water on Tuew day afteraooa. SHIPPING NEWS. IUUIM IM ?* TMt? Wt. a mm * SD | Boon mora t U ?or T *1 nn ?" ? w Port of Ktw Tcrk, Jim 1, 186*. CLEARED. Steamship Glaagaw (Br). Gill. Liverpool via Qaeenetorwa? John O Dee. Kteamehtp Rvenlag Bttr, Wlnnepenny, New Orlaa nm Jtmn 4 Raynor. steamship Katfa. Uvrnea, Havana? 8 naff ord. TQaaaaa A Oa Ru-amahip Empire. Hunter. Alexandria? J aa need. Steamship Potomac, Sherwood. Portland? H 8 CramwaB A On. Bark Onward (Br). Tretry. Marseilles? Baatjer A Ot Vertu Hark Omen (Ital), Cotter, Gibraltar aad Malta? Cham berlain. PbeTps A Co. Bark New Orleans (Brem) Handera. Cadlx? LullagA Oat Bark H U Brookmaa, Cheeney, Malatiiaa? tl B Hraafc roan A To Hark Charles Edwin. TibbctU, Cow Bay? Miller * Hongh ton. Brig Para ( Br), Alexander. St nailer, Jeraey? J 0 Meir tbur. Brig Wllnelmlna (Meek), Enaaok. Quaenetowa? ffnaah, Melncke A Wandt Brii Ideal ( Br). Banlirie Palm>uth? O P Buller A Oe. Brig [> R Dewalf (Bri, C -rert. King-ton Ja? U B Dnwotf. Brig Tahaco (Br). Hacbthora Klnimton. Ja Briu Maxeppa (Brem). Htrnnbeob, 8t J\za, Cuba? H Bam dorff A Co. Brig (Br), Jeaa. M Job as, MP? Gordon Bruce A MeAulifT. Bcbr Ajmee 'Br). Milla, Bt Mara. Ha^tl? P B Dewolf. Sobr Anna Sophia (Bp). David -oa stMartlhs? J H Lewla Bcbr A P Howe. Roper. Torktown? B F Small ) Co. 8chr Addle B Karne Uwatn. Washington? C IT Florae* Schr Southerner. Darling. Waablagian? Murray A Ma pbnw. Schr Sarah Helen. Stewart, Waahtngtoa? Bentley, Baal* A Co. Bohr Roland. WesteoU, Baltimore? t A Wheeler A Co, Schr Union, Stnlrti. Baltimore? Mott Beddi Schr WHAT Hewlett. Hhaw. Wilmingioa? .1 W McEeat Schr Messenger. Hill, Rllrabethport?O L Hatch. Schr Leocadln. Small, Salem Schr Abhy Bracketl. Aehnrn. Boe'an? Mtwalf A Duaow Steamer J Tbomuaoa. Cuadlff. Baltimore ARRIVED 1 Italian steam transport Volturno. Capt Ptola. Genoa Aprt 91, Gibraltar 29th, and Paval Mat IV. The T hat a crew fat the new Italian war vessel now In New York. 8teamahip Auatralaaian (Bo. Cnok Liverpool. May n *bi Queenstewn 2_d, witn mdae aad pa?sangen* m R C<iaa*4 2 2d. 4:10 PM. pas ?d steamship Europe. hound In: 8 15 PM steamship Olvnpua. hound in : 23d. 'atSI iM. Ion IS W a barf rigaed ateamer with red funnel abaft the ma nmaa bouad R; aara* day. lat SI (W. Ion IS 87. exchanged a'snala aid bark Sophia (Brem), bound R; 2Uh, lat 81 IT. Ion SI M. aUs nall/ed aMp Marianne Nottehnhm, hce?a. boMnd R; same rtav. la ?0 1#, Ion S'? 12 area naelp Bavaria h-nce fo* Ham burg: 27tb. lat 45 1 1 l?n It !0 ateamahlp City of ManeHe* ter. hence for Liverpoe' ; Slat, tat 40 51 . Ian 67 46 'paaaed ah if Nonpirell, from Liverpool for New York Steamship Cahawba (U 8 tranaport). Bakar. New Ortaaaa Mav 25. and th^ bar With. 1 PM with troops to 0 S Quariar msster. May SI 145 mllea R by WT of 8aady Hook, signal ixed bark Sarah R Hale, "f *ew Tor*. Steamanlp Virginia (U 8 transport), Snyder, rortresg Monroe, .10 hour*, in It 8 Duartermaater Ship Jane Adela (Pr). Rerort Maraeillea, 49 day* art* mdae to Raotjer A De Verto. Bark SilTar Orai? fnf Liverpool). Cohn. Bhanrhae, IM dava. Stralta of Munda Feb 26. Cape Good Pope April Ml with teaa, la Napier * Welaford. 29th alt, lat S5. Ion 70, aaw bark Mlna, steering 9. __ . Bark Argua (Meek), Torek, Cardiff, IS day*, with coal ta order. Bark Oolden Fleeee (of Barbados). Rhodea. Ponea.PB, Ma* ?&, with sugar. *o, to H Trowbrldge'a 8?m. at Haven. _ . _ Rark Sarah B Hale (of PortUnd), Crowther, Cardeaaa, M dava. w th an gar, to maater. _ Bark O W Rooaevel . Herrlma*. ClenfUagaa. !? day* w??l augar, *c, to Jaa K Ward A Co. Sailed In aompaay ?nk hark Llada, far Philadelphia, and brig Denmark, for Bear ?ark Tempest (of New London). Hlnoklev, THnWad, n daya with augar. to Metealf A Dunaan. Sailed la camnay with harks P Pendleton, and Malta*, ""ar New Tort. Mar 16, o? Ca'? Antonio, spoke echr C Paadlaton, for TrtnidaA Bark International (Hoi. of Curaooa). Km 01, 81 Jaga m Cnha 16 dava. with sneer, to Theodore Ponlka. . , . Bark G HattUte (Ital), Panola, Baltimore, 6 day*, la ha* last to order Brig Begma del Marre (Ital), Bavareaa, Messina <7 passed Gibraltar Ap' l S7. with fruit. Aa, to ardev. Brig PavoHta (of New Haven >. Prtodle. Barbados. 17 day^ with mola-afa, to N Trowbridge's Boas. Bng Queen <>t the South. Groasatof, Demarara. 19 dd^, with sogar. to Willntt Rowe. Brig Nellie, Staple*. Rt Croix, 10 days, with augar. Aa. aa Roche Rroa A Co. 27th nit In the Gulf Stream, paaaed a / quaatltv of cotton: Slat, off Capes of Delaware, paaaad a boat bottom up. paln'a i black. Brig Lilly tot P K la and), llobba. May agues. PB, 18 dam, With aurar, to Tvnes A Smith. Brig Delphln (Bram), De Haaa, Gonalvea, 17 daya. wH coffee, An, to HO Schmidt M Co. Brig Spartan (of Halifax). McCulloch, Tnrka Islands, M dava, with aalt. to 3 V Whitaev M Co. Brig Celia M Carver (of Sf a -sport) Pendleton. Malaaxaa, II davs. with motsases, to Walsh A Carver. Sailed ta tmm panv with brig J Poiledo, and achr Abbla Wlllard, (or Baa ton. BrigJCBkaw (of Tarmouth, NN), Shaw, Ctenfnagaa, M days, with motaasea, to Thai .lamea. B in Henrietta iof R-rmuda). Hodgdoa, Bermuda, 7 daa% with potat es. to McCall A Frith BrU Ke ief. Crowley, J oons port, 9 daya. with spara, la HolyogeA Murrav up achr OH (lee. D O'Brien, commanding, Penaaaalk Msy 7. via Beaufort. NO, S7th. Pat into the latter port m amount of a leak Hchr Horace E Be'l (Br). Hagcerty, Para. 20 day* wM bides, rice, Ac. to Miller A Hournton. Rchr Danl W'lllaiia (af Rockland). dava. with sugar, to Metealf A Duncan Rehr Brothers (of Nas?au). Russell, Abacoa. 12 daya. wMk aid Iron. Ac. to ilsmes Oouglaa*. Schr l.ady Kannerman (?f Nassau). Hlggs, BleutAeaa, I day?, with pineapple-, to Ja* Dnag>aaa. Bcbr My Rover, lluvlies, Alexandria, 4 daya Schr R .1 Waring. Smith, Alexandr a Hchr Gages Amos. French, Georgetown, DO, 4 daya Schr Laura Oertrude. Campbell Baltimore. 5 day* Schr Jane P Dnrfee. Dans, Baltimore. 4 dava. Hchr 8 J Llndaav. IHaulns MUlbrtdga, 10 daya. Bcbr Granite State llallett. Boatoa, S day* Hchr Montaxuma. Hall, Providence. Rainbow, Fletcher. Provldeaoe. Rehr Rami Nash Thompson P'Ov'nata, Bchr John Rugalaa. ? , Providence. Schr Oanova. Fullertoa. Newport. Rcbr Florence. Pe kham, Norwleh (er Rlixabethaari. 8ehr J E Pott*, Harvev. Rrookhaven S<-hr Wm Boardmin. M Hard. Newburg for Hartford. Sloop Harvest Corwin Providence. 18 houra. lamb paaaad sloop Pointer, off Black Rook, goiag la oa seaoaat at al ram of wea'h r. Meamar Franklin Tunac. Baltlmera. Steamer Novelty. Shaw. Philadelphia. Steamer Bristol. Charles. Pktiateiohia Steam >-r Prang. Rhropablra. Phlladelabaa. Btearre'r Kmef-aer. Nve. ProvMenea. Steamer Warrior. Mott Providence. Slaaiaer O spray. Aldricn. Provtdeoea. BELOW. Ship London, from London, with i Bark Theresa (Brem). from Bremen. Bark Soil Deo Oarl (Proa, of Daatale), fNa a part la France RAU.nt. May M? Steamers Moonlight. TlIHe: ships Piluuaaa, Bsaa ranca: bark? Uaeen of the 8aaa. Aberdeea. Luqy Blag. M-ry B Rich, chantle eer. Fanny Baler; brigs Nana PeleTOoda, Jeaaetla; achr Alice Hardv. Jtine I? Steamship Persia. VM atauaeat SW. J X Aaiartsaa IblpmaiuaC AaiMlstk% Ba 81 Wiu Siaaai laawB, tl ua sr. The fellewlf appeared Meetara aad OBcera have laaatiad nam m I aa oa a freas tWa Asiaslstlaa >? Rautaln. Wm C Kdwants Jostah P Hies born, beta Staefe laa; Henry PTrelghton. echr Kllen Forester. Jaba ? IMaba, achr J W W abator, William M Reed, achr Mary Eallay; R Fisher, ateamer Promise; Frank Logan: Charlea T JaMaag Orenvllle P Claim bark Mary B Rkih: Harmaa A Buttaae. bark Kaasa: Jehn W Covert brig D R Dawalf; < Jaba r vidaoa. bark Pamallai Jamea Rio* aohr Aaaa Saphla; Bvaaa, achr Greaalaad. MlaeallMeaai, iTtiaiair Pansta, Capt Lott, of the Cuaard Una, I yeaterday for Queenstowa aad LIvarpaaL STaaasHir Raui.b, Capt Lawraaaa, eatled yeaterday fba Havana, STxaasmr Enrinao Bran, Capt Wlanapaaay, aallad yaa lerday for New Orlaana ' Bmsstrrixa Bot-tvaa, whl-h cleared froai Uila port IW Asplnwall on Tueaday. the property af a Colombian gentle man, went otit under the Cotembiaa Bag, aad la tha Bret vesael wh'cb haa done ao for several yeara? a V realign, ft fe hoped, of an Increaeod trade adtfc a sister rapnblie I oat emerged into profeuad paaaa after aeveral yearn tnede against a cauae'oea rebellion. She waa cleared by Meean El boa A Munox, of ihla city, an emlnaat honaa in tha I American trade. flrviMonie* Mivatssirn and CAfiiiinBA are on lb* dock a for repairs. RvriMSN Pro aias (Br). PMier. far Savtaa, re ta reed let n?t, In t<iW, leaking badly, Bnir flasssgg (Br), 4*1 tons, Milt at BalCioore la 18901 has born sold en private terira. Bair CnvraoMua. A3. 7<M t-ina, bollt at Marlilahaad In If'*). Iia- i -eon sold on private terms. Rmr r. 7.. AT. ?7S teas, built at llobokea la 1847. *aa >a? ?old on pritaie terms. B*as Dtvi,n Lirsi.aT? The repor'ed llnmlagof 'Ha bar* David Lspsley by the Florida, Is no doubt la correct Tha Florida touched at Bermuda en the 1 2th nit. and reported hanng destroyed but noe vc?s?l an her leterr-'ise, and that Was the ship Aven, from Ca.lsu. before reported. Kai:a tt inn-rsnt-a. K!H tona, of New Bedf.ird, bag been SO1,' 10 I er?la A Co. of New Tork. en private terms, ta be employed In the merehaat eervlea. B -,na Wa A Putwim, A144 <tM teas, bnCts! PrrvUeoee la 18V has been sold on privatti tarml 8?ta ftt.liof C Cd*M?, of New U-ertftWd. 2W ton<. bnilt at dartmoiith la lxfta, wasaold a' auotien el 'New fedford t-ih io it II )'lrande:to, of New York, far lU.tM. fee ertll f>, into the merchant service. Pete Ajara (Ital). Rspoalte, fm?e New Vo'k W 0 porta " SS. laalry, e'tb pnmpe (wheat), pill into 8t Diloliania Aprl Si. laaky. *'th p?miia elioled and one third of her caigo thman ove/board. She wa eurveved and e dered to IA dlrohgrMi. At a eeeqad nur- ?v a quantity of wheat aaa feuud to l? da whicii has t?een landad and eoodemn^d mother wps he d on the AJace Mav S, and aha haa been derlai neeworthr and condemned. ^ Bsio ' s wo GntaiA (ItalV prterlouslf reported Itito In the Cli<"tiiieake, was fallen In '<-Uh on Sundi b, grbr M * Mebonev Bba Iftrlg tef

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