Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1864 Page 3
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Man trmm Ikt ? ta rtfl0B? to arlUla two feci at Um waier'i ?Ik aad four feel of ? al r In her h. Id She waa lakea la to? by the X B Mahooey and taken to Baltimore. The u-ew fcaa atuoe arrived in New tort Baiu Moohtai* Bicli. built at Rack laud In 1863, ha* been ?aid at Philadelphia for I River, 4dA i below Kil a , waa eat through by the chain bolta of the l ie. ao t sunk ui atinm 10 feet of . loaded with ooal rro n Klixabeibp'-rt where ah* bow la, Um Cornelia, ?kh< Bob. of Newport, and Cornelia, #f fall 1 ?4 together while lylug a- anchor about S mliei 1 bataport oo ibe I nh ult. wbeu ibe Gornetia waa fcy the chain bolta of the 1 water. They were boib loi Mia Z, ?. lor Provldeue*. far Fall Kiver, Bona John Snow, Cola, from Philadelphia for Boa ton, with coal. ? pruug aleak In the bay. and waa run aabore on Henlopen Beach 3 in ulL She was cot off after dlacharglng it) tuna coal and taken back to Philadelphia. 8< ti u Hudson, before reported aahore In Hell date, waa not lull of water, but baa been gut off without carnage. B?k Wm Colltib, of Portland, Ct 170 lone, built at New Tork In 1*4*. haa been pureba e l by partlee la Kaat Green wich and Providence for $^500. She will hereafter hail bum East (jieenwico. under command of Capt Qeo Taylor. Hciik 8 T lit km noN. of Ba.ounc. NJ, 156 tona. built at Ooehen NJ. ui I85> now at Pawtiioket. baa been purchased by M'-axr* Smith. Orant k Co and othera, of that place, and aartiee in Proildencw, for $700<>, cash. She will hereafter aall from Pawiucket, under command of Capt Daniel G Taurgee. Launch? A steamer of 10110 tone will be launched thle Kk at Richmond. Me, from the yard of Mr H 8 Thaer. venael Is named tiie Raid. leu. Bhe la owned by the bonder and partlea In Pror.deuue. Launched? On tbe 26tb lust. from tb* yard of Cbai Ma1 lar., Ha j, at Myatic Ct. a Bret oiaea irrew glea ner, of the follo?> inu dimensions ?'O-Meet lu lengib ? feet In width, and 23 I eel depth, and about 1 it>< tons. owned bv the builder and other*. Her inacb nery la furnished by the Mystic Iron At Rockland 21st ult, by ft 0 rhomai. acbr O W Kimball, Hobr Glacier, built at Blaekler'e yard In Palrharen. was laiHKiiiMt on Tuo day afternoon last. She Is owned by 8) !? vaniis Thomas and others of New Bedford, and la designed for tbu Hudson'! Bay whale tisberv. Notice to Mariners. The Buo' s on Round Rock, Point Le Ige, and Webber'i Sock, at the entrance of Ulouoeater harbor, have been inia aiug for some weeks. U'lialrmin. Bark Java, Phlnney, arr at New Bedford 28th nit from lnd an Coeao, Mauritius Dec6 Ai eosion A 1*11 6. with 1350 tibia sp (lo0 bbla taken sinne leav.nj Maur tlua), 276 do wn ?II anil ItiuO lbs bone. Reports spoke April 13. lat 0 25 N, Ion Z2 14 W. btrk Union. LndUiw 811, 70(1 bbls, bound home; Mil IS, lat 30 II N, Ion ti'i 08 W brig Falcou, Holmes. Salem, luO sp. Hhip Conitreaa. Caaituo. old at Mew Bedlord 30th nlt for Kortli Paollic Ocean. Bark Ocean lof Sa? Harbor), Osborn, aid from New Bed ford J9tli ult for Pucilic Oeean. Mars. Napoleon, Fuller, s d from New Bedford Silt ult for Alla-itic snd Pacific Oceans. Brit; Kscbol. Robei taon. of Beverly, waa at Inagua April 9, with % i bb a blktlsh. bound to Western Ground. ?clir Tlirlver Holman of Beverly, waa at Inagua April 9, ao oil on board, bound to Western Ground. Brig Falcon Holmes of Salem was at Mntlhewlown, iBagua. Mav 13. 101) sp bound 10 Western Ground. Bcbr Wm Mai tin, of Bos on, waa at Cape de Verdi April 11 with 400 bbl oil. all told. At Barbados May 10. b^rks J Rra 'don, Childs NR. bound ?a a cruise: Alto. Nye, Fll do; Willis, Brings. Matt, froui a cruise, arr 6th, with 200 bbla oil. Spolcrn, die. Rhlp Bernno, Hnrd, from Boston Feb 8 for Mauritius, March 22. Ut 25 S, Ion 25 W. Bnlp Rochambeau, from Trapani for Portland, May 24 lat M ?u Ion 42. fcbtp Vickaburg, Boyd, from Lamlaah for Otngo. Apjll 18, lat 2 N. Ion 21 W. Hbln Kllr.a?ieth (Dutch), from Rotterdam for NTork, May 13. lat 48 II. Ion 7 36. Bark St Andrew Harrington, from Boston for Cape Oeod Hope, April 27. lat 25 N. lou 2ti W Bark Chief, from Boston for New Orleans, May 20, lat 23, ton 71 Brltf Fortuna (Dan), from NVork for Pernambuco, April I7jlat -? N. ion 35. The Anionio loiwll, from NVork for Shangliae, April 28, tot 2b N, Ion 37 W. Foreign Port*. Antwerp. May 20? Below. (>inr. Van der 8teene, from ? Tork; t: W Winte, Grtflln, fr m ("a lao. AiOoa Bar, Mav ;il? Arr Orac ? Klrwiin. Baltimore; April 1, Falcon, Taylor Boston. Bid April 4, Kcho, Dent, NYork; Btb. Volatile. Fuller. Boston. BmraKKHAVKN, Mm 17? Arr Krneitlne, Frerlcha. Sink lid 18th. Neptuu. Relim. NYork. Bak. ki on i. Ma 1.? Ait C/ariua. l'inkham, NYork. Bui nos Atkks, Mireb 2(5? Arr Concordia. Lsnrltzen, NTork Apnl I, Champion, D 'Vie. Bo ion Sid 27. h. Aus tralia, H"pkins. Mou.iiieiu; April 0, Kiuma. llerlKJib. New York; 8th, Dorothea Henrietta. K mil. do. 9tii, Katberine ?slide Anderson, NVork; St )>ominn<iie, l.nn ?s. Boston. Ba;:i a, April 25? Arr Emsnuel. Breckivoldt, NTork Sid 18th, Henry. Ters, NVork ; 25th, Fr Oersmcker. Haye, do. BuKMt'Pi Ma 10? Arr a ea ii, r< Tlili'le llora tVelnilna taa. NC; C ty of I'eter bunj, Fu ier. Ilalifai (and cb^ 1 1 in for 8t John, NB); lltli Atalanta. Horuer. Wilmington. NC; 13th. sc'.r Agnei. Stipiea, ho ton; Ititb, iteainei Helen, Les lie, Wilm ni;ton. NC. Courts. Mav 9? Arr Bremen (?). Meyer, NYork Ci?in-.tuh May '4? Arr ll< lre-<*, Clsrk. New Vork. Oirt Hin m, M?. 12? In port scbr Planet, Powers, for Boston nest day. Dkal, May 17? Arr Herolna London (and lid for Newport W aot New Tin k as b fore reported ). Dsw ? it a k a, May 12? In i ori lirias l.ark. from Bo Grande, Ju tarr; Circassian, from NYork, do. Fatai Mav 5--ArrFreiercs. Bir ke, Boston (and sld for Tenerid'e). Sld Hth. Jehu Smith. Palei mo havinc.r. pd, la port May 4 bark L >ne S,ar Paine for Boston r?in. Fai jioittii. May 18? Arr <lnls"ppe. Remeo New Vork. O'.AsGi tW, Ma\ 19? Arr Alex Mi liken, Mllllken, Cardenas. Hav k. Mav IS- Sld Lalour du Pin, Galilot, and Goacheu, ^ro' ?t. New lTork Hauh'.'NO. Mav ? Sld from Cuxhaven 18th. Emma Ivei, Waters, New Vork. llBi.voKT. Ma. 18? Sld Minerva, Von Ommeaen, Boston. Ln BKrnoi.. May 18? Arr Neplune's ( ar, Kirby, Boinbavj P rnche Peterson, San Francisco: 21st EillnUur^li (sj, Hoi kail. NYork; Daina-cui is). Bowe-, 1'oitlsnd. Sld 19tb, tlolumbla. Stowell. New York- Kangaroo (I), Bridgmiin. NYork; S.iranak, Ronlim Is, Pbl.adelpbia ('Id 'JOib AuhbikiIii, Pickett, Baltimore; htta, Morgan, Philadelphia tni out I8lh, Jas Foster, Jr, Abeel; II A Stevenson, Prln. (le an<1 Cynosure, Oram, for NYork; Derwent. Fennlon, torPoiiand, Me; 19tli, <!o!(leo Hind, Orr, Boston: 2oth, ?in a IS) M Gnlgan. NVork: Albert the Good, Fraser. do. Lbuhok.n. May 12? Sld Ma ealic, Armstrong, Boston; 14th, Mary K Laild. Kills. NVork. Montkvi 'ib'o, April 8? Arr Frank, Wright, Boston. Makanhab. M.ircli 17? Arr Muria. King NYork. Mava.ckz. Ms 18 -In port ??rl>t.? ft' we way Bell (Br* Ml ler. for Baltimore ne?i day; Tboa Turull, from New Haven, dlsg; sohr Robt Treat fordo, ld?. Ka' Ifs. Mai 17? vrr Goethe, licet en NVork. til ls a. Mav In? Sld Doroiea K?|?oaiio, NVork. Fo^C"' May 19? In port brig Danl Trowbrltige, from New Tork dlsir; s<hr.C A Farn-wort i fordo 15 dayi. Paka, May 11? No re s?l? n port. I?brna?bi'CO, A ril 15? Arr Lady Donslas, Romerll, New Tork 2Mb. Traveller Handle, do: -'fith Belle, Walker do Qfik.NJToW>. May 20? Off Cape Clear, Peauaylvaula (?), gjulaj May 27? Arr ship Maid of Orleans, Linski 1. New *Ttio Grandk. April 2? Arr Nancy, Splessen, NVork Sid Bd. Nieoiaus, Jurger-, NY. rk; lit.., Sophie llenrletie, Hans aen do; I'tth, Hannah. Al fVi do. R O Janeiro, Apnl 10 Arr Ida. Co. Ins, Philadelphia; lith Undine, Wl'suo, NYork' 12th. Ksgiet, Terrv. Buenos Aires, U:h Elvira Owen, Oliver, Cardiff; 22d. Berksh re. Yd p'lh'. Stadt Basel. Wallrabe. NYotk: Christina Maria, A de Veer, do; 12th Kc a fie, Adauj-, Baltimore: Agnes, Eh mpson, da, ISm Carl XV. Normauo, NYork; 2iub. Dan, Bhvtt Ho. Amor, Devoid, do; 22.1. Ak era, tiardberg, dj; _ .. .- .... ? ? ^ lie, for do; do, Ida. lor April 15? ( Id bark Aonite (Dan). NVork; brif B?1/.abeth (Dutch), do. Bt Jo ini. PH. May 15? In port brig Harvest yuaeh (Br). ''iSt'l'icia. May U? In port brig Althea (Br), from Haiti ""sHlnoix. Mav 21? No vessels in rvnt. '* NB. May 27? Arr nhr Mattliei- Kenny, 0<ier. Baltimore. . ? Turks Iii.anbs. May 21? No veise a iu port. Amerlean Port*. BOSTON. May Ikt? Arr neaiuer Nonnan. B*':er. Plil'a lei phis bark Mone olek. Smith, Ooorvetown, DC; brlcv Ru? Btan.'Tooihiik' r. Cardenas: <?eo K Pre cott. Milts; Poinsett, Ai.denon and t emanlhe Hopkins. Ilamor, Baltimore; J Means Wei i; Princeton, Wells, and Matiliui. Norton. Phila delphia: Moonlillit Small. Port Ewcn; Adclrna. Jon-'S, Ell; Babetbport. iclirs M H inter, Orr; C L Derrick. Pertina: J Paine Ma. o, and Itarb'Bger. R der Georgetown. Ot; K t EnUht T? lor: Win Gr-uorv, C.tltrell. ami Fulb n Beadier, Baltimore J C Baxter. Brower; Samuel Castner, Robinson; Ann Carlett. Adams; Trad* Wind, Corson t R Tuniueon, Bharn; Vandalla. Saw er. Ja*on. Spru ue; K ? i la i.a, Tarior; Denmark, C' aae; Ann S Cannon Hale ; Pl ,nerr, Ta ix'T L S Levering. Coi ?on, and Fran es KdwarJs. Bab coo*. Philadelphia : Tlenrv Ja nes (08). Clarke: Om-tU (118' Adumi, and Ba1- State llallett few \ ork Cld brig Anita On en. Frisbee, Waahlngt"n; schn M Fillmore Chase, and On.ttlvia. Jameson. NY tk : Mosos i4 Leonard, Lenvlit, ? " 1 1 oik * A R Wetntore. Kdward, wa bngton: Oriental, Thompson, Philadelphia. Sld ship Washln. ton; bark Cn ^'jUi-Ar^'iJi'ks Genesee, Nieholi. NOr'ean* via Havana; Hariest Moon, lle.ttnn. and J C Nickels. Blanchanl, Pailadelphla; Ceph.n Starratt. Psckard Port Kwinj Orchllla. Havener, Kondiut, brigs I^urillia. Bolton. Cape Ha\ t en ; Helen. Saulnler, Grand Turk, T I; isai-eTa "Jewelt, Reed Georgetown, P C: Abby Thaiier, Coombs, and Budoras, W lson. Philadelphia: Loeh Lomond, Bla k Biixabetiiport; Ur acl r Clara Jenk n ? ?ic.\ 8t Martins, schrs My-tery, Kelley, Port Rova , Ben But er. Hul-e, Nenbero. NC; Anl, Ireland; Lauto, Diipnnt, C'TSon, F F Arihemiul, Collin. LAR Smth. Bmiti; 8a wa. Jasper, John McAdam, Pearson, Hartier. CoOm a. and D 8 8tner, Mav, Phi adelph a; Ottoman Bll Ings Msrv R Smltli, Smith, and l*dv Kl'.en Iioiuihiy. Philsdelplt a: Msr etta, do; Moves Waring. Wids.ow. Atlantic. Wass, and Oialoo, B< nt hII abethperl; Melford. Hopkins, no. Fanny leru. Coob, ?taat-burg NYork*, Chief. Crow '11. s?n?l t'uam.a, Sleison. Bex Y ' rlt. In the hav, ^arks lampight-r from Ran_a; aod TOushinu from I'b Ik e'lihia. C I ehrs.l I'Cske, Rn, dicoti, and Mfilanr,. Cstbiart. Wa hlngton DC, Good ?peed. Baxter, i'lil ad -lpiila: ;ui?in, Sean. Norfolk; Olsra Crovell, I'h ladelpha. SldnhlpllMM Daring barks Mo kswk, Gsmanli. SetiecA. hrltt ArnU Owen. June l ? Ar bark Lemuel. M sina : ichrs Myatery, Port Boial, Cosmos, NYovn. ... . Baltimore. Msv 'lO-Arr ?chra .tas Ho'ue, tingi Pol. rm 8 Pr-h K. motaiB. Port Ro al; Julia K (Ian ag-. Black* oin Lookout. c*id Br nip Mo in. Smilh. An ste. dam; ?ehn I hantom (fr). Coo' Antigm rivoRroth'rs, MiCut filn N s mi; Sea Flower, t'hise. Portland: 8 A Hammond, ainc. an I Free an Frennan. Boston; Ida La r*nler, Oolenmn New Be 1ford ; Jno Crockfoisl ones, 'rorldeno-: Xnlerprisi, Green >(? w Haven. M Bc.iell, SIOl mion and M poleon, Soper N\ork. A Stewart, Abrahams, Jersey Cilj ; M Ciill'O , Bonner. Port Ro al HUt Arr birks Wn? si. mn < Hntch\ \on Drlm NYork. ?ed Rpltralm Wlllla. is. II e?(ier. Ill* Is and; hi 1*1 A B PhL terson, Rniiiht, Mayuuet. f R *o.l Benj in lauo, Baxter, Port ess Monroe; ichrs Sarah Mcllooa d Vork. NYork Re beoes. Smith, de; Mais* Uv. Amesbury. Cslali. Sursb L B owns Studlcy. Portland . laaac Morse. Bradford. Buigor; John I, Wrluhf, Lyman ; K.l Mill el Ke| e . NY rk Oil. r ?m<. Tho paon. Bangor. CaatortDsn Noiris t.iohns. Pit; Alfred K smjrii Jones; D i- Foster. I'ownaeBd tfce. ?ene. Skinner; Jna'H lloyt, Lvon, NVork; L W Peine, l<or tug, Bangor. ,T me I? Arr tiarV Glullo (Hal) GralT, Palermo; schrs Mil ehiel B; . St l< tela: Reindeer fBr> Hi' fax; Ann lie lell, anil Flotilla, lascdon, NYork; M B Mahouey. Georaelown, pC, or I'o ts l outli. Ml. HATH, May 2s? hrlsri Tangent, Wille. Waahlnglon; B0' li Hlonrande ilreen.eaf do BANGOR, M y 28? Old schr Tenas Ro-? NVork. |it> VKliS, May 25? Arr si br Rsehal ^<ais, Moure, Phlla ' TON, Mav 31? Arrsehra O W Ctimmlntn. ttnnlt; R W sill urn, Hire )iei and CR Viekerv, lint. lilit, Phila l?l? ha, R'ncuia Lincoln NYork; Nian'lr. WIMnins, Ki|?? iprjrt s'o.itis J lla I Hlake do. Mount Hop? Sulnan, BV . k. s d aclir W I' Cox, UotieW .,nd J Gorham, diuitli, "l a*L RlVfcU. Ma* 8 v? Arr sfhrs 'ssM FlanlganCaln, mill inn. I . e in Phi a lelpha S smith, i <?? Rlit* hp .r?: M *lei\ iri, llo^an N Vor'<. Ml 'ehrs r Bocoen, fTrglit 11 -ton, Philadelpliia, A PancOM A G tt neaion, Cbrli. i,eAl;? n'r 30|h. schra N'ortk Paeitl' Wa b, Ph'ladelp It; Dab lot lli.riik. is Vork SI. I achis IIVNilieits I'ar.ons, an ' i rsn'ivivine. t or on. Plu sdeipii u i-RKFN ?; LANDINO Me ,M? 25- Arr ?<br Commo dore Mitchell NVor, 'or Pombnise; Hdlh, Aloe (Br), M fi er I r SI Jolin, N B. HOLM!.-' HOI.'-. M iv ?*. I'M? Arrhri^-W Nlck?ls, A-nes, B.i i'oi rclnrsa n anhta H ,l V ? uu' n . Marylo iisn I- ?s. an l T ,t".to .on i o.i. lloat 'O for i'oi e le phui; j, juilcti Baltim iro lor iW; Haitier. rrftt laiperndor Powell, do; 2 d Ca me H i. lc port 2"5d. tdt \alkjrlen, for NVork; J nil Oolnmba. fordo; undine, tor do; Eaglet, for d ? Ml, PhiUdelphla f?r do; Cbarteatea. fH<M'*t ??'fiE? C.ty fnr do! uralo Beck and M Waring. W maHiw. K u?? ben>i">rt fur do; Huh and. CMef. fi aouUkk Pro moetswn; Fljini Klah rlottfoai. do tor Otonuea1 fr. Quickstep i Br). Go user, an tor Corn ? all le.Bea ? ?T lor Kastport. Ji Shir I da, do l"T Gardiner; Vivid (Br), ana Alice I- (Sr). do for 8t Joh., MB: Wa.t Otoaw. ?o for mouth; C Knight. I'll Udeljihla fordo; Mary B rleror ana Constitution, if. u>r Newhnrvport: H FuU?r, de ror Muein , J Flan, and Corinthian, BlkabeUipori tor do, D U Baldwin, da for Newbury port - Sum ? Arr larks Trinity. Nlckersen, C B Hamilton. Blekford. Neuvlias lor do; ee? >ra J Holme", Baltimore for Boston : Red Jaoket. ??* York for 1 4o. ??et>eU la Thompson. Philadelphia ler Saugu-; ?*?J? for Portlsnd; W n Audenreid. and <? 8 Bdwardo, Boatoo lor Philadelphia; B W Perry. Lynn fordo. PM--Arr brig Humboldt. Cobt* FkHaAelphfc for Boston , schrs W 0 Atwater, do for do; J W Hall, Cain , C Lo. aer Law., J Porter. ri.iiroii?ba; GO Morm, A rim; Udj C Babcock, Higbe*, Boston/or Philadelphia; K<>a ulh, Bun Iter Franklin for N lork : U D, Flowera. Belfast for da bid bark 0 B Hamilton. Portland. Slat? Arr and aid scbrs Snowflake, Nlckerson. Boiton for PhUadelp la D B Wolf. Dole Salem tor do: EIU, Marat on Rockland for do; Hiawatha, In<raham, do for NY ark. Bid bark Trtmty. Portland | and other*. No veasel In port at 8 AM N K\V OKI.K A N8 May 34? Arr a!i Ipa Narragaueett, Hamlin, Portland: Grahams Polley Norton, NYorkjbrig Fannie, Dare. Philadelphia: a<b Daniel Simons. Hal), Kuatan Island. Below, coining up, ahlp Mayflower, Goodwin, from Portland, Me.; bark Genesee; brig C P Glbba. Tapley; achr Benja min Willis. Old U 8 Mail Steaiush p Mataiuas, Llesegan NYork; iiblp Flora Southard. Gtlea, Boston; itiamnn Sonnra. t Mexican), Good- peed Tanipico. NEW BRDPORD May 2H? Arr achra H Glbb?, Snow. New York; 2yth, Nightingale Beebe, Philadelphia; E Rodman, Bowman, NYork; D C Ives. Cobb, Wareham for New York; SiHh, B M Sm th. Child*. NYork. SM iMtb, achra II Staplea, Globs. 1'hlladelpbla; 29th, Dahlia, Adains, and Planet, Grant, NYork. 3mh ? Arr schrs C Thomas Pri>Kcolt. and J .? N Rteelman. Nlcker-iou, NYork; Cobaaaat. iobey, Philadelphia; Slsl, J H Bu lift', Merrill, do. NKWBURYPORT, May 30-Arr aebr M H&ll, Gllchrlat, Chester Klier. Sldsohr Mary Itlla Taolev. Plilladelpbla. NK tVPORT, May St? Arr aohra C M Rich, Brer, Boaton for Philadelphia: J I. Gorily Rider. Ell/abethport. NEW LoNDON, May 28? Sid ahlp Peru, II empaled, Band w oh Isiaud-.. I'.ith? Arr sctir L M tttacey, Dolblar. Port Royal. NEW HAVEN, May 30? Arr bark Frederick ijcalla fPru), Waack, Sh.elda: *chrs Celeste, Tnylor: Emellne, Griffeu; M A Bromley, Munsev; George A Edgar Selleck. 31st? Arr sclirs Sarah Jane, Rogers ; ,1 Lawrence. Rogers, and New Mexico, Reeve-t, Elizabeth port, sloops Bupbia. and Ran I ill. PHILADELPHIA, May 30-Arr Kteamahlp Saxau. Mat the wh, Boston; bark. Nordnaes (Nor), Grow, do; brhjsCou tlneuial (Br). Rons. MA^siaa; Nellie Move. Pike. Porio Ca bello; L M Merrltt, Berry, t'ardena*; Daren. Hart, and G Mer illth. Bnow, New Orleans; Triad, Miiehell, Calais; Vln cennes, Hod^don, Ne? burvnort; Shibboleth. Higgins. and Memento (Auk), Barharovicb, Boston ; sohr* Marcla, Moil rue; S N Smith, Studley, and H Perkins, Uavm. do; E Tal hot. Packard, Camden; NAM Gould, Crowell, aud Lady Ellen, Flaher, Portsmouth; Hiawatha, Disney. Newbtin port: Sarah. Benson, New Bedford; Aeklam, Hooper. Pro ?tdence: M R tJarllsle, Sheldon, Bristol: S Colt Colt, New York. Cld brlga Clio. Graut, Havre; Geo Crump tBr . Au der on. Clan f u egos; Rookinsham. Monroe, Salem; J Free man Crowell, Fall River; t>chrs Gen Scott. Dana; Defiance, Hammond; Al tui-ar. Walls; Aruienla. Cavalier: Governor, Freeihy: Velma. Stnnwooii and Mary A Bliaabeth. Cordry. Boston; Triumph, Watson, Cambridge* ort ; W Jonea. Jonea, Ruxbury; Saratoga, Adams, Revcrly ; HlacK Diamond, Dan versport; F Benedict, King, Kail River; C Smith, Williams, Lynn; X Stralton, Terrell; J S Watson, Little, C L Ba.vles, Vroiuan. and Pantbea Terry, Providence; Glcnwood, Bay les, Newport; Kssei, l ost. Norwioh. ilKt? Arr barks Tecums'h (Br*. Simnagle, Liverpool; Petrea, Sturnes Matan a-i; Linda, Hewitt, Clunfuegos; Ed win Allen, St George, NH; brig- Landora(Br), Howard, Genoa; Prince Alfred, lliggln-, Barbadoa: Oneep, Htfgtns, Eoatport; C Eddy. Stnltb. New York; Kennebec. Blair. Newburyport; chrs Fred Rccd, Friend St John. NB . Jane Smith (Br) Kam ey. Isle or Man; 8 A Boice. Boloe. NYork; Ned Sumter, Tiiorndike. Portland; E A Glover. Harmon, Key West S Sotners, Somers. Charleston Bar; H V Wi llinu ton. Wells Calais; J B Austin, Davis, and Belle, Rlanchard, Boston; C Wllliains. Goidiug. and C Merrick, Moulgoiuery, Lmiii ; C Beale. Hankelt. Providence; S Selsey, Carroll, N- w haven Cld bark Blon iell, Sherburne, Huston; brig Na mi ang. Davis, Beaufort: stir s i^ueon of the South, Corson, Port Ruyai; Lady Suiiolk. Fri-bee, I'ortirnouth; Hiawatha, Dl-nev, and J H Alloo. Lebr. Newburyport; A Edwards. Somers, Talem : H Perkins. Davis; Maria Roxana. Fosse tt; H N Smith, Studley; Marcla. Mnnroe; M Nickels, Smith; J Lincastur, Wil lama; A M Aldndge, Cinlen; S Wilson, No well aud Northern Light. Ircltui Bo ton; Mail, Merrill, Gardiner; A Hammond, 1'alne, Nepouset; C Beal. Haskell. R xbury ; A rtartlett, Burt ett, Beverl ; P Armstronf;, Dri.s coll, Pmvtdenee; A S 8 tnpson. Churn, New llaveu PORTLAND May2* ? Arr chrs ? hailcnge, Taplnv: C 11 Moller Baker, and C L Van ervoort. Baker. Philadelphia; Seven fc'ist rs, Crowley, Kli/.abethport. Cld Brsbip Virginia. Araistrong. Glasgow; bri^H U Boone, Tucker, and Proteui., Mahoney. Havana; scbis H Westbrook. Littlejohn, Balti more: .1 L Mather, Wirarrt. Philadeli>hla: Honest Ahe. Co narv. NYork. Siil brigs J D Lincoln, Proteus; and others. Also arr 2^th. schr Leesburg, Blake Philartelphia, 30th? Arr schr Geo S Fogg. Paine Phi adelphia. Cld bark Mary Edaon. -Si kerson, Fortress Monroe; -chra P Herbert, Crowell. P:d!ade!p'ila; Francisco, Kilb?, NYork. 31st? Arr brigs Mun/oni. Carlton, Mayagiiez; M Tratib, Mttc ell. Malanzas. OU1 brig H Wheeler, Tarr, Cardenas; schr Julia Ne ell. Philadelphia. PORTSMOUTH. ,M*y 2/? Arr achra Forest. Conary. Eliza bethport; -Mth Oregon, Pratt snd Juno Mills, do; StiHun A Msry Hal! and Win I'etin. i'h.Mp^do. Sid 27th, schr Mag net. Snnboru, Philadelphia. PROVIDENCE, May H '? ?rr schr* Reacue, Keller ; Wm Colyer; Taylor; G Green. Weaver; W U Rowe. Harris, and New Jersey. Morris. Ph ladt'l. hla; H W Benedlra, Ca e, do for Pantucket; U Lewis, Th. lor; T Ro llne, Bunee: Is,iac P Ha ard, Saun.ier-; Lady Lake. Tillotson: Clo-ro, Wixoti; M Natt. Ultven: Ann Eliza, Caswell; Texas. Chanpin. and MAlc >m. .'atiies Kll/.nbethport; sionpa lemporancn. Davi-, and Rhode Island. Wirht'nan, NYork. Sid schra Geo Ed ward. Weeks, and M Wrlghtiogton. Baiter. Philadelphia, li K Dunton. Sherman and Antelope. Morton. NYork. 3ist-Arr s:e imers Sea Gull, Kenney, and Warrior, Mott, NYork; achr* II B Metcalf, Hull and I* F Itandolpb Risley, Georgetown, D<2j OuickKtep, Wllse ; Josephine, Bradbury ; Amelia, Beehe; T I? French, Newton, and Ro-ton. Bruwar, Phllacielphia; Washington. Carr, and Caroline. Rosrern, EH. /abetbpoi-t Sid schrs G Falos, Nlckarsoa, Philadelphia: C Columlms, Bacon, llaverstraw; Neptune. Rulings; CIiusr, Mill-. B A Conklin. Norton; Mo eile, Y"Utig; Niuetta, Wil son ; I P lla/ard, B lunders; Davison. Ackerly. and Fashion, D?v s NYork; -loops Co nmerce, and Sophia, do PAWTljtJKKT. Ma* 30? Arr chrs Josephine. Waterbnry, and R I, aw. Vork P I'ad -lphla: H S Barnes, Doane. New York; 3iat. H W Benedict, Case, Philadelphia. PORTSMOUTH GROVE, HI, May 30? Arr schrs Voita. Dcnlson. PMladelnlila; Lucia, Greenwood. BUza bethport. SAN FRANCISCO, Mav :i0? Arr steamship St Louis, Hud aon, Panama. SAI.KM, May 30? Arr achr James H Stroup, Wllletts, Thl ladeipbla. SOMI.R8RT, Mav 2S? Sid schr Argus. Crowley, NYork. WOODS HOLE May31, 11 AM? Passing bjr, US gunboat Albatross, lor llostou. WARKHAM, Mav 27? Bid schrs Helen Mar, Wines. New Vork: 2-Mb, J M llayles, Thompson; Monitor, Besse, and D 8 Ives. Cobb. NYork. ?ITCATIOIfS WASl'KD- FEMALES, A PROTESTANT 01 BL WISBBS A SITUATION AS at:amherii>aid ami plain seamstress or waitress. Apply at 211 Weil 23d St., near 7tb ?r. ATOUNO ffuMAN. W1SHFS A SITUATION AS mine and snamstiota In ? private fi.inllv; baa Roml city reference T in be seen foi two (lay* at 126 Wea'. 2 let at., corner of 7th are. A MIDDf.l! AO ED l'ROTKSTANT WOMAN, WI8IIKS ? \ a sUi i.tlon as p ain eooc, in a small famllv; in a good washer aud iruaer Apply al US>t Amity St., in tbs .store. A STEADY, COMPETENT WOMAN W WW A MTV* Hon to do general housework for a small family. no ob eetion to go a short distance in tbe country Can be aeen at -j7 Wmi 19: ii St. A COMPETENT S! AMKTRES8 WANTS A SITUATION; tinder* ands 'Uil!ng ami lilting nil es' and childien s ilresse- C it references. Call at 7< West 19th at. * 8RSPBCTASUI WOM4N WISHES TO TAKE IN . \ ladie*' anil gent.eraen * was'ilnc by the dozen and tarnllv wimh.n, by imh week o- uionth. Call at 1(W Wot | 1Mb at., >n the rear. A COMPETENT Wt'MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS cook n k tint aaslaral'v: understands soups. merits, gaum and dea ert?; ? % g. o,l lwit"r of bn-ail and pasti, . Gu" l reference troni last p. ace Call at 3.1 Mb at. A SITUATION W ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE i irir as waitress or chambermaid; no objection to go in i the oountr lor tbe summer. Eight years' city reference fruu last ctnp oyer. Cau bu icon fi.r two d.?j ? at li.1 Last | -Uth at , near av. A SITUATION WANTED--BT A REKPECTABl.R T ung flrf. as Bnrae anil to do pla n sewing and I glit elia i.brranrk; ?o obJect'On to go a llllln ?h> III I1 I'COnn try for tbe summer, host of refcrebce eun b?' tv,cu In i her last plec w here she has lived live years. < 'a I at 46 Perry at., in me rear. ALADT WISRB8 TO OH TAIN A SITUATION FOR an exce cut laundress ami chambermaid; ah* "in seen at her present employer's, M West >lh si. A BESPKOTABLS WOMAN WISHER TO TAKE IN ,\ ? ashing. Has a good place for bleaching. UOud re ference. CaTrat 340 West Slstst. A RESPECTABLE GIBL WANTS A SITUATION TO J\ do churiberwork and waiting, or would <!? tne gener*! housework of a s.aal private iauii.y; good city re<ereuo> . Ced at b? L?ewls 't.. fur two day ?. t A situation wanted-by a able girl, as nurse; c n do plain sewlnc; be-t city re er ence; has lived eight tears In her laat D ace; no objection to the country. Uaii at 4^3 4tb a?. ATOUNO GIRL, I?ATBLY LANDED, WISHHS A attuatlon aa eamatreas, and Intake charge of grown children; la a good, uulck sewer, willing and obliging. Can b? seen at 174 weal *0th at., near 8th av. AHUl'ATIOS WANTKD-BY A YOUNO OIRI,, AS nurse aud p it in seamstress; baa the heat city refer enres lor three years anil a half irom her last pla<>, II Lon don lerrare, 23d st. , can be seen Irom 9 till 12. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE /\ youtu woman ns chambermaid, or at general house work. In a small, private family; haa city references from her Mat place, ("all .it 6hl Hudson St.* A YOUNO OIRL WAN 18 A SITUATION AM PLAIN Jt\ Sewer; has no noil to Uke care of ehlldren or suing to the , uiri rv. Apply at the coiner of Bergen aad Bin rum ats , Brooklyn A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A VRRY COMPETENT young wo nan, aa lady'e mailt or thorough seamstress understands a good deal about drrsatrakmi; can eut an i nt cbildr-u's iduilin s ami is a mo t beautiful tine s-w*r The vert best ot city reference can be g vou. Call for two days at "Si tith av , near 21st at. AS OflVl.RNBSS OR HOU8F.RERPBK-ALADT WIIO la lolly competent desires a iltua'ien in either cap? city, or wuul I tal i tbe rharuo of a house dur ng the family 's absence lor Hie aunimer. Co up nsstioo uot so mui b an ob oei as a borne. Addi'uaa Mrs. Lee, boa ."?J Herald office. Be i-i eichanged t COMPETENT WIOMAN WANTS A STTI ATION TQM j\ d > ctiamaerwork and waiting. Call at No i, Ess? 3. at st. AllMPRCTAftLR GERMAN OIRL, WITH Ot)OD reeoinnn nilsthins wishes a situation In a respectable Amerl, *n irtmllv. aa uhaml > rma d, also % Oernian girl, to ttse . i>e ol a child. Call at ii4 Moarue at. comer of Ooi leais-l. ? BF.SI'BOTABLR r.IRL WANTS A SITUATION TO A mum, ? is ii and Iron, or to do general boueework in a ?mall fam lv ; would go a short dfstsnce In tae country, iiood reieienocs. Cati at ?? ? Eaat 2Utb at. All KU?Mii,it houses, waterino placbs, 'Osr.llng bunaes and lanilles waulini; ro'npetnnt j l'Uiisekeapers, cooks, c avh Is, waitresses, laun I dresses, -earne r* ses nur cs or belo of sny kind finr e tt or JWttii are pr.mipi y supplied at the largest employment j hoiisi* in the t*n t?t| Stales corner tith av. and llth -l. . v n x ; ? v .1 t?oi. h s (j a iui(*r iiai/1 ii ii <1 wft or c.hAmbei , ?nn to <lo t?n? wnott n?: i?t??r / ?t? I? r tirds h#f h'i t hMN . ? <iU t ciii.M. t > III,. ,'Q Btr v . rn>M'n ? fr??m h r .? i nn >?? fol two .tuvHAt A KKH1 Kr.r%HLK airib WANTS \ 8iri \TION AH rhnifl'mrntft-t! Utifl to f'? H ,?* vt J - ? ? i 11 - - ; * irnitft* " t? ?' " t''U" O thn ??>nnir^ ?o t?,. m ... n>o?u>?; I rei, r, JUi V.'s't '* '"'J HIT (J ATION WANTKD-rBMALBfl. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISH KS A situation aa good plata aook <nd u> analst IB w^slung and Ironing; city reference Cad for two day a at MB Bl dridge st, seootd Usui1. A situation wantrd-by a *00*0 GIRL. TO do chamherwork anl ass si la washing and Ironing. or to do beiMework Id a small family Can be Men for two daye At SOU 3Mb ?l, coroer of Sd av , top (lour. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WASTS A BITI'A A lion aa ebani tier maid or waitress, or would take care of children or do plain sowing. the best of city and country refereitoe oau bo gives. Call At 220 Weak iilh at. lor two days. ~~ ABKSPECTABLK OIRL WIS II EK A SITUATION TO eook, waali aad iron ; ban five veara' reference from bar I Mt place. CAI) for two days at 130 Wist -'7th it. A WOMAN WANTS TO TAKK IN A LITTLB WASH log And Iroottng; gentlemen's or families'; reference required. tail ai 351 32d ?t., between Mb aad 10th at* , rear boaae. top Hoer. AS CHAMBERMAID AND LAUNDRESS IN THIS city oulv.? Situation wanted, by a competent woman. Appeal ber present place, 127 5th at., between 1Mb and A RESPECTABLE YOUNO QIBL WANTS A SITU A Hon, to take care of children And do plain sewing; no objection to travelling. Can be seen at 62 21st it. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AM chambermaid and waitress; no objection to the country; city reference. Call at 131 West SStii at. ABITUATION WANTED-HT A WELL EXPERI enced girl, to conk, mush and iron. Call at 479 7tb Av., between 39tb ana 40tli at* A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION. A8 ?\ laundress, or to do housework in a small family; no objection to tbe oouutry, city reference. Call at 119 West 1 Mbrt. A TOUNG WOMA? WANTS A SITUATION IN A RE epectable family. ascoiik; is a first rate wa-her And Ironer. Boat of referenoe. Call for two da\a at 250 DeKalb av., between Raymond and Navv, Brooklyn. A 8 FAMILY SBAMSTRESS-BY A RESPECTABLE woman, in the c ty or country; is a good cutter and litter of children'* drcH(u<n; would go ax housekeeper la a ur v a in family or bote). Can be seen for two days at 413 6th ave. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WISHES A SIT. nation to do eharnberwork and pi an .tewing, or chain berwork and waiting; good reference can be given. Call at W st 3<Sth St., tli Ir J lloor, back loom. A SITUATION WANTED? BV A RE8PBCTABLM 1'rotestant girl, to take care of children or to do plain eewlng ; Is will and obliging; good city reference. Call at 123 Wert ~(th St.. for two days. AN ENGLISH OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chAmhermald and waitress. Best of reference. Call at 2U0 Bant * I st Ht. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES a SITUATION AS CHAM* beruiald aud wait re <a or to take care of children; tijn e years' reference. Cm be seen at hor last place, I59S 4th av. No objection to the country. A OIRL, LATELY LANDED KROM TUB OL1I COU3 tn . wi-hes a situation at housework, in a small family. Call at 10 I'aion court (University place), oortier cf I2tli at A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUA llou to do chatiiberwork and to assist in the washing; understands taking care of children. Han good city reler ence. Call at 27tl 3d av.. secou il lloor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A BESPECTABLE GIRL, as cook; understands her business In all its branches, meats, poultry, ga me, ,Vc; best of c.ty reference. Call at hor present emplo> or s. ll Wnst'JSth st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, .19 waitress or chambei maid and waitress: pcrlec'ly un derstand* her business; hest of citv reference from her pre sent employer. Call at 11 West -Nth st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE (J I RL, to do ctiaaiherwork an.l waiting. Call ai 247 311th >t.. between M and 3d avs. ARKSPF.CTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL W1PHE8 A situation to <10 lioufeworkr ix a nooj plain cook; goml oltv relerenae given. Apply at ti4 East Warren si.. .South Brooklyn A RESPECTABLE WOMAN \\JSHES TO TAKE TWO children 10 Hoard; lives all alone by herself. AppU at 184 East Thirty -sixth street. * SITU U ION wanti;i>-by a bespectablk J\ young woman, as good plain cook; is wi:iiu^ asslsi m the waslilni;. and is an nice Jem baker; best of city refer en< o. Call at 118 West 31st at. ATOUBG RL WANTS A SITUATION As FIRST class waitress orchambertniild; good city rcl'ciences. Call at 119 West 26th at., near 7tn avenue. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN -f\ a nrivale family as waitress anil to assist lu chamber work; nas uo objection to go Id the country, can be bvu or two day* at he:- present emplov er's. No. 19 West 3yth at., where she will be highly recommended. AMIKIILE AGED WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as cook and baker of bread Thoroughly understands her hailltest: is wil ing to wash. City reference, (-'all at 1KJ 7th ave.. near 23d st. AV RNiiLISIl PROTEST \ NT WOMAN WISIIBS A situat on, elitvp as nursery covernes* or nurse; s aecuMomed to children; s|ieak French; no objei lion to the eountry or to trave:; has good city reference. <^all for two da><i ai 145 East :)lst St., between Id and od aves.. basement do r. for Mrs L. ASlrlTATlDN WANTED-BY A fOtTNQ ?URL. TO conk, wash and iron In a small private family. Call at llu rth ave. AX E A T. TIDY. SMART GIRL WANTS A SITU ATiOM to do chaiuberwork and jila n ?ewing or chamlierwork in > small fauill, ; Is w Htm: and obu?;lug; haa the best re ference. C?'\ be seen at lii Eat.t 29th ?t. A YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHIL dren's nurse end seamstress Hest city references. Can be seen for two days at lil)S West 27th st. A RESPECTABLE TOUNG GIRL WISHES A 8ITUA tion ss rood plain cook; Is a (list rate nastier and Ironer. Good city refcrcncc. Call for two days at 113 East ISth otreet. ARKBPBCTABMI yoi'S'u MM WIS'IES a ritua tlon to do chaiuberwork and waiting; >;ood reference; the country rr>*: erred. Ai ply atK West Tub st. A SITUATION WANTEt)? BY A YOl'NO PROTEST. A. aut c rl. a* chambermaid, waitress or t" mlm! chil dren; no od lectmn to go to the c mnirj ; good city refeicnce. Apply at 28 1 West. u7tli St. A YOUNG OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS cn \\f berma u and ws Ircss. o- would do the lioii" work of a small family; 0MM1 reference from her last pU c; has been only one year n the country. Call lit 16' Smltli St., top lloor. back room, corner of Wyckofl', South Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A ' RESPECT ARLE J\. girl, a* children' nn#se or lady's maid ; is <apab!e of taking chare or an Infant :r m ts Birth; haa live eight years a het last piac--. ('ail a; >" 6th av. V YOCNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS \ good plain eon r? a ? >d washer ?nd ironer; I1.1- ao oli 1 etion 10 Ui . a short distance In ttie cnnify; ba* good reference. CuM for "\oila>s at 132 West .ltd st. A VOl N.i WO.'i AN , WISHES A ^SITUATION AS >ei nstres- eliambrnnall wwnltre?s; undec-tsnds all kind Of la nn'' :<? by hand or machine; no object o" to the coontu . good city re ci-en -e Call for two day ? r. -T Slth at., mar 2d ave. 1 OKRMA>" GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK A and 10 . <*:? in t ivn ig and ironing, or as chain berrraid. Ca 1 at 1*0 Esat h st., near ^dare. ARESPBCTABLF gtkl wants a situation AS pia n cook, and 10 a slst In " isliiu., ami irou ug. city refer 11 ?s Ca 1 at 125 W est 3,'ld st A Sitl'M'ION WtNTKD? BY A PROTESTANT OIRt.. i* to -?S' 01 ? .lirtren and Mw, or take carl of chll rtrcn r.n t rKi It 1' ehaiAbefwortt; Would go to the i o'intri for the no., er; ha good reference. Call at 220 West 2;db st between s'h a t ! '.?0i ave. APK'.lTIlSTANT YOtTNG WOMAN WANTS A SKTU at i 'iido coo!, a : t>e t of city ret ereni es. < all at 126 West \BITUATIOV WANTRD-B* A YOUNG WC>M'*N. to do enamber-s . md walunr. or as e'itld'< n rae and U do plain sewiug, md stands euibroidcnng; bestot mtyirefetenees, Call at 1J5 West 24th at. a DllBSSMAKKR WISHES A SITUATION TO i\ travel with a lady f?r the summi" months; goad refer en<*. Ad 'resi Miss E. Howlli, sttitlon P. J SOB EUROPE -A PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES to take charge of a lad# orehddreu during the voyage for her psssa/n; doe? not get nea-lck : can furnish best te tomiueadatloao. Address bog 1, 400 N Y. Post otlce. NUBSE -AN EXPERIENCED AMERICA* WOJbAN wants a situation to tajtc care of an Invalid or an in fant; Is willing to make hertelf useful. Cttv r -fereucrf giv en Call for three days, from 9 till S o'clock, at 240 West 14th at. SITUATION WAITEH-BY A BESrkCTABLB OIRL, aa cbauibermald or waitress. Apply at her present em ptnyeraH Weet 1Mb at. CTTUATION WANTED-TO do GENERAL HOUIK t? ?ork. good city referenaa. Call at <? Weit Soth ?t., in the rear. QTTUATION WANTED -TO DO CHAMHERWnRg O and plala sceflng; no objection to the rouatry. or tra rellng or the care of children. Call all the wee* at north west corner rC lleyt and Dutiglasa au. Best of city reler encee can lie given. SITUATION WA*TF.D - BY A RBSrECTUILE voung girl, as child's nuise and to do p<ain ?ew ng; would ilo chamberwork and malting In a small family . good c ty reforanee. Call at 128 Eaal 49th at., between 2d aad 3d avea SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPBCTABLll AM TBI ? O esn woman, as elnld'a nurse and seamatreas. Can be eeen for one day at 57 Cannon st., third lloor. SITUATION WANTED? AS COOK. BY A WOMAN, who understands all kin Is of cooking, baking ami d"S aerta. Rest refeicnce Call at l<k? Mulberry at,, between Broome and (iraa'd sis., rear building, room No. 1 fPWO NEAT, COM I'RTRNT OIRLS WANT SiTUA 1 lions; on? aa iiood 000k washer and Ir. ner; Ihs ot er a? chaiuhsrn.ald and waitress. Good city re.ereuces. Call at 23S 16t li *k. west of 7 Mi ar. TWO GIRLS WANT SITUATiONS? ONE A S PL4IN C.IOI, waher an I Irorer, or would do housework: the other aa chambermaid and wa tress or as plalo sewer; no ob ectlous to the toButry, Best city refereBues. Cal. at 2(6 W o't .'6lh at, rpwo bespf.ctable oirls wish situations? Chamrerrr.ald and waitress; both IborBogh f un ersti.nd Ihelr business am reapestlul and obliging. References given. Apid> at their preseDt crapl lyer'a, 146 West 49lh st.. near Broadway. tl; ANTED- BY A RESPECT ABLE OIRL, A SI10A. y ' Hon as ohnm'iermaid, nurse or seamstress, in a respcrta ble faml y. Addrcse s. M., or can be see a at b.3 .J av., be. iw.'.mi jstn and 2?th ate. ? W AJ?TE 0-A SirUATlON. BY A RRPrECTABI v * y yonn ? ?. od pU n cook or 1 1 do uener?l Jons" a 0 , in s - ilf family. The b^st of t llv rafcrenee c in he 1 veil. Csn be seen at Mre. Borne . fur two days, 2..4 9I tuts. * w A N T M) - p, Y \ R! (Pl.CTAtH.E TOtNG W a at ii. ion to d- n* II ee?lng IB famine tf t; t.hii is > on 1 jt tuieu da> * at 4 jj ,.d ave. MWATIONM WARTKD-MCMALKII. WANTED? Bf A* \ M K K l< A N LADY OF fcXPK rleu> ?>, a sun*. on an umuuHptt. Call at or addles* far two daya ISO We?i I2ih a. WANTKI>_A SITUATION, BT A BE<I KOTAELR young girl, U> do genera' bnHoework; she Is 4 food washer aud Ironer, A|>p If >t 93 Ohr. sue it. WANTED-A SITUATION. IN BROOKLYN OK THE country, for a resswotab ? wall recommended girl >a plain cook, ?t her and Ironer, or as chaintMTiu.n l aud wai tress; la an excellent. reliable girl. A nnl ? to Mr. MANNING, 15 Coon si.. BrookUa, epp alt)* City Hall. WANTED-A HI rUATlON, BY A YOUNO QIEL, TO do housework i-nok. wash and Iron, In a private family. Good city reference. Call at 14!? Bad tflh it WANTED? A SITUATION, B?* A RESPECTABLE Frolosiaut woroau. ax wet nur a; would go out or take tbe baby t<> her own resideaue. Call for two daya at Bast 11th at. T17ANTED? BY A RBrfPgCTABLE WOMAN. A SITU t? ation i an cook iu a private fanillv; has a thorough rn?r business o Apply at 44H Cth ava., between knowledge of her business; can aim llu; be l of refurenoe " n 29(n andBRIi gle. WANTBD- by A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation u* seamstress ; has uo objection to travel or no In the country. Call for two daya at her pi-.seni emplover'a. IB Weat 3rtih nu Can give tbe Tory bent of ctty reference _ WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE girl. a situa. tton a? ebsmbermsid anil wsitresa or to lake care of children ; has no objection to the country ; has the beat o ty reference. CSn lie teen at No. 4 Prlnoe Hi, near Bowery . In tbe hoop akirt more. TITANTRD? BY A NB AT, TIDY OJRL, A SITUATION W as waitress or ebaiiibermaol; tbe boat city references given. App y for two daya at 126 East Houston at., near 3d av., third floor, front rooiit. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE Kin; la a imoiI coo;, washer and Ironor; can make good bread and bioull. Good city rufercuocN. Call at 26fi Monroe at., front baaement. WANTBD-11T A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation to lake care of children and sew; la willing lo make beraeif generally useful. Reference If required. Call al M Elm sU_ . Wanted? by a rebpectablb woman a situ ation in a small private family, ax g >od plain cook, washer and irouer. Call al 336 East 3Sd at., top lloor. WANTBD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, with the beat of city reference, as nurse and chambermaid, in a private family: no object on to plain sew log. Call at 228 West 25th St., between 8tu and 9th a\'B., tlrst lloor, trout. WANTRD-BY a RB8PECTABLB YOUNG WOMAN, a situation at* cook and to assist In tbe washing ; has good city references. Can be seen at 260 Delancey st., rear building. VTITANXBD? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND Vl waitress can do 'tlljcluds of family wvmit on Orover A Baker's machlno; no objection to the cam of clulilren; bestofcit* refereuce. Can bo seen at-16 7th ave . between 2ltn and 25th st*. ANTED? A SITUATION BY A COMPETENT PER son aa conk; la n food cook mid a tl ist rate washer ami ironer; good relerenoe* oan bo given. Apply at 111 West 15th at., in Inn basement. WANTED-A SITl' ATI ON* BY AN AMERICAN PRO teatant woman, who is capable of taking charge of an Infant from Its birth and has no objection l> > the care of two small children; will go to the eountrv If desired. Can l>e aeen at her present employer's, 74 Clinton olace. WANTED? BY A NK AT AND TI1)V YOUNG OIRL, A situat on as sewing slrl, either in Brooklyn, or up town In Now York; would have no objection to chamber, work or the care oi children - can give good referenoe. Call until engaged, at 290 East 9th at. WANTED-A tSITUATlON. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman as good cook; excellent waaher and Ironer; beat of cit? releience. Apply at ?2 West 20th at. WANTED-HY A RESPECTABLE YOC7NO WOMAN, A aituatlon as ? undress or to do chambcrwork ; first rate reference will be given. Can lie seen for two days at 7 ti West 24th st., b?tr. een 6th and 7th a\ s. w w ANTED? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ENGLISH . girl wants a situation to ilo the general housework of a small oriv.ite family, nr would do rhaiuberw .rk and wait ins; la ver> fond ol children. Best of city reference can be glv?n. Cail at >66 Euat Vth at. w ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RBSPaCTAB EE WO man who Is a uood coolt, washer aud Ironer. in a small ]irlvatn family; hai no objection to una short dlxtance In ihe uountry. Good city referenoe can be given. Call I n two days at 115 Concord at., Brooklyn. W ANT K I)? BY A I'UOTRSTANT OIRL. A SITUATION as chambermaid and waller or to tako cart; of chil dren. Good city reference. Can be seen at 370 Atlantic st., Brooklyn. ^ IITaNTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN. A SIT II uatton as nurse and seamstress; can take -barge ol a baby from its b rtb. or tiring it up by the hotUu; nt a gi.od e.iniutiess and erubrolders well; no objection to the conn try. Apply at 37 Weat !2th st. TITANTED? BY A. SCOTCH OIB% A SITUATION TO Vy <lo the geueral housework of a fatnilv o' two or three persons Call for two davs at 341 West ?>4llt St. . between 8ih and :'th ave. 11/ ANTED? A SITUATIOI. BY A RESPECTABLE I' voting girl, as chambermaid ami waitress or to do plain se'vloi' noobieclion tooitv or country; ha- good ci iy refer.uce irom her last plaoe. Apply at 409 W est 26th st, rear house SITUATIONS W A NTED-MA1>EB, A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO was dlxable.l in tin: war , U a good penman and V>Mt alflRUres. wages not so muoh an oh]ed as a good heme. Address ,1, R , Mr Aiirud llockwcll, Harlem. t nSPBOBABLB TOURO MAN OF EXPERIENCB, Jx wants a situation as n-aiter, in a prlvaie '?mili;'esi of elly reference can oe giveu. Call lor two days at S36 Broad way. ASITt.'.i TION WANTED? BY A YOUNO MAN. 18 years of a?s. In a who e-a a or eomnilai.un house; la willing to raalt? himself generally ureful. Addrcsa fur three d?ya W. Fellows, 62 Columb a xt., N. Y. AYODNG MAN. Jl YEARS OF AGE. U AVIKil JUST finished his education, wi-hes a situation as clerk In a law illn-e. where he will have access to the lilimrf? morn In s snd i veiling s; ss ary no ol>|e t The best of lelcrenoe oan b1. i- en It required. Address tor three days C. A., He rald A BE3PECTABLB MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS ^'\ cos hman or grootn; perlectly understands both ; best of reference; country preferred Applv to Chaile^ Watets. hernessitnakcr, Btovdway, curoei oi 13th st. \ YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION? AS RAR. ten lei -. an n person wunttng ki -Ii w ill .ind a sober, at adv man by sddt es?lng .1. 11 , b .it 146 Heral 1 olhce. A SITUATION WANTED? BY AN ACTIVE, EN Kit \ ? uc oum; man, an American, twent- .six year< of s;;c. to t:o to So tU or Central America, Mexico or the W'st Ind c s. a pet' .? and writes Trench and German fluently; has sor e know.edjo of Spanish, is expert at tlguies, a good sbl?- 1 an, we : acquainted w ih tnerchandl ?? gencrallv, and r sly to devute htauself unre-ervodly to bis >;tnpln)et s In is; i? sceustomed to the manuemMt Of w .rkioe men, oc would engage in a wholesnle bu -lnesa In this dry at ii .o? sa'ar> . (tool city reference. Address, for two wet. G. B I'., bo* 174* Her.t il o'Jlce. AN FXPKRIBNt'BD MAN WISIiRS A SITUATION as coae ? an; understands the care of horses, or as er In tn i a drv goods store. B.-xt of city references given. AiWress.t. W H.. HeraM oflice. t TBAVtLLlMO SALESMAN WANTS A SITUATION !\ in a dry goods or notion house, to sell fro'n sample; ) ?. ' een coc stomed to 'he business the last Sve years; bent ?l r le ence from laet emjloyeis. A tdre ? Commercial, llera! i Oil ee , A YOt'NU MAN, WITH CITY REFERENCE, DKSlftBS r\ a stnalion in wholesale house (drv foods or >? >nert prelum d) aa salesman, buyer er bookkee|>er or in -mne l>anklag, insurance, law or commission otfoei refe. r. ii given; terma fin per wi ek. Addrees Encrgj . Herald ?fllee. _________________ A SOBER, STKXDY YOUBO MAN WANTS A NITPA + \ tiou as eoncliman snd ur'Kim and to wirti some In a gsrVn; it od leteieuce from .ast place. Address S. K., box f?. Ileiald oflice, Ic.r two tlaja. AiJKNTLKMAN, RECENTLY FROM TUB SOUTH, >vltb set en or eight years' siteeessful builnexs expert ,:i . ). .t,.* miiis of obtaining a situation in some good mer ami e est sb Ishmenl In th scltv, a assistant elerk or aal>-?. man. at a sa'.arv suBlciently rcmnnerative fur active Indus ,rv snd e i.eleni eerviees; can give excellent city reference*. Ad .1 ess for this week B. box 14) Herald oflice. Coachman -wantbd. a situation As coaCh man by a man who esn give the be-t of clt> reference; n n<* but those In want of a li rise class man need apply. Ad dr<.*? Coachman, at K. Campbell's, SO 4tb are., for a few day* I'MPLOYMENT WANTRD-BY A TOUNO MAN FROM j the eountrv ; Is a good and rapid penman, quick and correct at figures, speaks Knsllsh and German, an l Is not afraid of work Addre-s J. Decker, Jer ey City. CITU ATTON WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN. AS HALES k" mm n a grocery or 'provision house; he t- well vexed in ihs abic e Hue. hiiv Ing a hrat rate Roowledjuaof the huai. ni? tfc all its branches: speaks the EogllsHnd Herman Ma- kH>it" t neatly ; salaV.v not so muoh an object as a good, primsnent situation; beat retereuoe given. Address C. C., Iltrald oBoe. SITUATIONS WANTRD-rORTHOROTTORLY COMPK k tent coa hinen, wa ters, gardeners, farm hands, grooms, I r'cr-. servant", ?e , men latelv landed, and help or every 'l? , rtrHoe. Apply at CARPENTER S Large Employment IIouM, come: of nth av. and 11th at. rpo NKWSPAPRR rROl'RlRTOR8.? A LTTRfURY I gentleman who be* been connected with the press :n I fig and, Is deatrotia of obtaining an appointment as editor i.asaia ant editor of an American journal. AddreaJ. W., Post o t oe. _ rprlB ADVERTISFR WISHES A SITUATION IN SOMR I tea fci>-ng craft, at a small salary. Good city references. Addrees U. Y.. station D, IV ANTED.? A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED ? v r?. p ? w 'hont neumbrance (EpiseopsilausK w?hto take charge of a gentleman ebon- a, or employmant; ?sit of My references. Call on or address W. K... 240 Beat Preedway. . it' AN TBD? BY A THOROUGHLY EX I'BH I F MCBD V* man a sltual -n as nianeger lo a *IIV throwing Arm; ist arr.< ad from England. Amlreas E. B , box 189 Herald otke. _ VV ANTKD-BY A YOUNG MAN. A SITUATION AS If i ro:e?a >r of chemistry in a private school or -icademy, I New Tork or Hto iklyn; salary no object. Address W. U. U, <)j ild's music store, 11 Court St., Bro<iklyn, \V ANTED-A SITUATION AS TORTRR, FOR A II yourg run used to work, juat arr.ved Irom Ireland and Ii ghl recommended *v a getitb man .n whose- employ li- b* be<-n t .ijro. App y to If. Arthur, t, 9 Hold aL WANTED-A SITUATION AS POETKR AND SHIP pmg ob rk, Is a good marker; can give the best o( re ference fr m last and present emptnyeis. Addreae C II. B., Herald QlUc*. tv VNTED? BY A MAN OF 15 VSAIIS BXPKRIIRCE, IT a slluat on to manufacture line white a'llrls In some ho t?c n N' w Yor r ; also wanted, ono operst >r oo Wheeler A w l son s ma t Ino and one buttonhole maker Call on or eddrtoe P. Pierce. U7 Bieeckersl, xeeond tioor. hiek rt in Yl A>TID? SY A RESPEPTABT.R MAN AND WIKS, without euflMtn' rai ce, s tuatioiis, Tim ma i tin i?r dx i be tiMt.i .? ? ?*iit of hdfses and driving, an.: would " i ns (cueNUiy useful ; the wife ax eo . ( and to ?t.? ?rai > S 'worlt. A ldfe*.- i Rait 2lat st. can be sec u ?ITOATIOSS WARTCD-MALM. WANTR* B? A roirvc MAN. WHO 1IAB KBt'RIV ed it cood aducitoa asd la wlilmL' U> make b n:iwlf Snerally uaeiul. a aliiiailun iu aome whoraae bu?lne?H m In city? hardware pitltrroi. s*i taitory referenoaa can bo giren. Add raw J. A. U , Herald uiiim. WANTED? A SITUATION BT A TOONO MAN Of 19 a Canadian, aa clari Id a wholeaala or oomujuiaum bouao, or Id an olltoe a* ti??leiaut hook keep ' r. Heat of rrf - erencee give* AdJreee V. M Shaw. 1W Canal al. 1 1 K I.I' WAITBO>rEMALU. Alakgi niimbkk or wbli. rkcommkndrd chambermaid*. W-iltro -sea. n irtaa, xe.iuisti *>*??, lad lea' maids. laundreaaea. housekeeper*, croftum-d conka and oilier cooks. 20 lor housework wauled immediate!*, at RAV MONO'S, til B -ecker al Removed t'roiu Bookuam'a old office, 14'J Grand it ANK AT AND TIOY OH A M BK KM AID WANTKD-RT a prlTuie family ; aha niuat ha a good una !au<ir"?? and have city references. A|>ply at 1M Rart 1 4 lb ?t., near 2d a*. A GIRL WANTRD-TO DO OKNKllAL IIOIJHE WORK In a aniall fain ly. Apply to Mr#. Nam, Uotu ill . south ?Ida, Soooud ,ou? wuit or ath uv. Ak'IRHT CLASS OI'KRATOR ON A WllKKL.hR A Wilson machlns ffHiiled, on ijood work. App y la Ad ??., two d>>ora h-low ijth nt , South Brooklyn. A -W A NT 1. II IMMr.OIATKLT, AT 1.128 HROAIlWAY. a uoud onok, washer and Ironer; also a smart, active I rl for ctiambcruiirk and thecals at children, uiual bare good ruterenco from last plarn. and will receivo jjoOd wacea (TOOK, WASHKR ANO I RON I R WANTED.? ONE ) competent and tid\ In !*rw>n. ma) apply at bil 7 th ar., third dO'ir ? o\ o 4<>th at. CIOOKB. KIRST CLASH. ALSO COoKS TO WASH ANI> J Iron, Uundriae*. wu treweii. kttenen aula lor lintels, houaeworkem, -malt clriH and cirla lately landed, wan'.ed this day, at the Larg - Kinploymout Uouae, corner of Olh ar. and lltli at. , /IOIjORKD COOK WANTKD-TO COOK. WASH AND lion for a private family; al?<> a young colored girl. a? chambermaid and to take care of children. Apply to Mr*. J. Steel, 73 Wtat ItitU si. DRESSMAKER WANTED-BY THE DAY OR WEEK, in a private family ; iii'iu be a good cutter an t inter Apply at. IfM I'Jth t. , noar 2d av. DRESSMAKERS WANTKIJ-TWO GOOD TRIM M BBS and two finishers. Waxes no object. Apply thin day at No. 3 Amity at.. before 10 A. M.. or after IP. M. CIOOD DRESSMAKERS WANTED JM M K DIATELY? X AI?o good pain towers, at U7 luth 6L. between it road ??: and University phice. CBRV ANTS. -WANTED, THIS DAY. AN BXPK rleuced nurse, to care odd chi d three \ ear 1 old ? alio several eipcr (invd cooks, chambermaid", waitresses, imrni'ii and girl* fur housework; excellent n tuut on anil the highest wii ;cs In the It ret fam lies, without w. tiling oik; mo ment. Applv to Mr MANNING, 15 Court street, Brooklyn. WANTED? A RESPECTABLE GIRL, WHO CAN o ik wi'll recommended, to do chain berwork and ss dint In I lie washing and Ironing Auply in Washington av., third house north of Pulton av., east side, Brooklyn. WANTED-A HOUSKKESI'ER, POB A HOTEL IN tho ciiv ; she must understand the pare of 1 nen and give her time and attention to her duties. Ad. liens Hotel, Godfrey '? Union square Pout ollioe, Mating where the par tie* may be eeen. WANTED? IMMEDIATELY, 100 TOUNO LADIES. TO wor* on jet bead braids. Deposits required. Wort given nut. Apply for one week, between 9 A. M. and 12 M., at 273 Pulton St., Brooklyn, tint floor. Wanted? a young OIRL, to no genibal housework for a email lam ly ; he a good waeher and Ironer. Apply ai Mi we t 43d *t WANTED? A FRENCH NURSE. APPLY IMMEDI ately at 29 Bast S7tb at. WANTED? A CTUMBBRMAID; ONE WHO UNDER aland* her business, with city reference*, may apply at k5# Henry st. WANTED? A WOMAN. TO OOOC, WASH AND iron, and to make her-elt every way useful. In a small private family. All" a seamstress. accustomed to drone making and ail klmli of family rewlng. Inquire at 19 Ra^t 33d at., Drat house east of Madison av. WANTED? A NEAT GIRL, POR GENERAL HOUSE work in a private family of two: must be a good oook, washer and Ironer. Apply from 9 to 11 in the morn IBg at 24 West 3otti at.. between 5th and bth avs. T|7"ANTBD? A GIBL, 12 TO 15 YBAR3 OF AGE. TO vv lake cure of a child ami asslBt in light work. Call at | &CS J^delphi st., Brooklyn, before 12 o'clook. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WOMAN, young or middle aged, to assist In bousekeoplog, in ; tui American famllv, of man, wife and child; a good home to one that suits. Apply for two daya at 93 Platbuah av., I Brooklyn. , VI/ANTED-A PROTESTANT GIBL, AS NURSE AND I' seamstress; must come well recommended from her last place Apply at room 23 Grameroy Park Hetelfto-day, between 9 and 3 o'clock. WANTED? AN ENGLISH. WELCH OR GERMAN git i, about 15 years ot age. to go a short distance In the ooantr>, In aa English famllv. Apply for two days from 9 to 12 A M.. at 31 West 32d st. WANTBO? A GOOD PLAIN COOK, WHO IS A GOOD washer and In ner. Also a good seamstress. Apply at SH West 2t)th st. 7 ANTED? A MB AT, TIDY YOIJNG GIRL, It OR 15 yeaiso d, to tak* care crt ehl'dren; must be willing, obliging aud kind. To such a one a good home is offered and fair wages Applv at lJrt lOtb av., near -<!d st. WANTED? A CAPABLE NURSE. ABOUT THIRTY yoam old, to lake cure of young ehllrtrnu , go> u rater encPB required Apply at in Ka t .'Hsi st , b?fore 10 o clock in the morning, or in the evening. WANTED-A YOUNG WOMAN", AS COOK, IP WII ling to go in the country for the summer months and understands uie manai.'ement of a small dair.. Apply at j 56 West 37th ?t from It to 12 A. X. None need apply with I outgoodc l.i references. tTTANTRD-A FIRST CLASS COOK; ONE WHO UJT ! v v derstands waking pastries, soups, Jtc Also a latin dress and chambermaid, vpplv at 147 Amity st. , Brooklyn, between 9 and 13 A M., for two days. WANTED- A MIDDLE AGED AMERICAN OR BNO llsh woman, as scamstre ?? and to do I ght chamber work >n a stiia'l fatally AtMros- Beamstrea-, Madisuu s iuare Post otl:ce. with reference XV ANTED? IS A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY, A "T K r asehiol's nurse: mint Liu a good aearu stress Apply at ill' Raymond St.. Brooklyn. ANTED? A GIRL, TO DO ? HaMBI.RWORK \ND w% ting ii a li house ; one n t at raid u? wora. at 2- H ?.'v 'h st between th* ho ire of ') and 11 or 2 w Apply and 5. YV ANTBD-SKYBKAL GOOD AND EXPERIENCED .1 . ua-nias"i s at No ?> < lluton place. WANTED-A XOU.NO OIRL. PROM I# To 10 YEARS o< tge wlio understand takmi: 1 are of a small child and doing fil&ia sewing. Must be ell tecum mended. Ap ply a' 4o t'larksou et. Vkf ANTED ? VI I, LINERS AND TRIMMERS. NONB T? bill competent o?e<1 *;>ply steady empl y ment and ttie be<t a f wa?c? paid. Apply at No. 1 Divi sion st WANTED-A SMART, AtriVE GIRL, TO GO A snort tmianoo in the country, to do iRtieral housework in a tiia.lfuiu y; must be a good eooc and laiindre?s; the best ol city referent ?? rS'iuirct. Apply at 127 Lenngion av. \]LT ANTED? POBTY HJCJBT HANDS. POB TIP.D Tv sk rt?, twenty corset tasters and ten ooys: good wages and steady work. Apply to a Bowles, 477 Uroa I way. U 'ANTED? A FIRST CLASS COOK, WITH GUOU city relereuci. Apply at 435 Jtli av . bet ?een 3Sth Mid S9tU t>U. 1?r ANTED-SEVERAL GOOD HEWERS and an er TV rand girl, at Mine. k. Lc.uovre s, dressmaker. 42 West 4th sk, old nutuher ,l(>2. WANTED- A WOMAN AS CHAMBERMAID AND TO assist 111 care of children: must be wil Ing and obllg lug. Apply at 1*0 lOtb av., between 22d and 23<i sts. WANTED-A i?O0D DRESSMAKER: ALSO AS AP. i reutlce to learn. Apply at No. 4 Carrol place, Bisect or si rset. WANTP.D-TWO YOUNO WOMEN TO ATTEND IN ice cream and Oystei saloon, must bo good at mak ng change; goo<t refersn'-e P iulred. Cai for two days at Wn?. Hatbeld's, 3d av., near2lth st.. Greenwood Heme tery. Pultou ferr . cars. Court st.. stop at door. WJ ANTED? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, TO DO THE TV uenrral hcosework of a small family. Apply at .it Jora emon st.. Houtn Brooklyn. WANTED-A PROTEST ANT COOK. WASHER AS D Ironer, tor Bridgeport, Conn. Also a i'rotesiant waitress ami rhamberm.nd for the same place. Apply at 10 Lexington av., from 9 till 12 o'clock. "lA' AN TED? FOB A DININti BALOOB, ONE PiRhT TV else- ooak and oae gen tee < gtri to wait on tab e. App.y ?t No. 8 Ann st. WANTED? A flIRL, BETWEEN TUB AG Rs OP 14 and lt>. to take care of a baby: one who will go home at night. Ca I on or addre i Mrs. .John stou, 101 Ea t i.itii stnet. WANTED? A OIRL, FOBOENKRAL IIOUBKWOBK; German prelerred. Apply at lt)l West 30th st , near 8th avenut. WANTED-A PLAIN COOK, WABBBft AND IRONBB. to go a short dlstauoe in the aountr. . Apply at 41 West 3ftth st. WANTED-TEN flOOD MTLLINtRS AN.? ONE *P prentiue, and a g el to do boii-eworfc. Apply at jit Bth avenue. WANTED? A OIRL TO Do (iKNERAL HOI SEWOSB In a priva e family, with ??.! refeience, st o.^ Aasli lagton st. WANTBD-A SMART, KXPEKIF.NCED UIKL AH nurse and Chamborna d . n.ust hire Imn ctn refer ence. None others need apply at 31 Latayite av., Brooaijn. HELP WAKTBD-NAbH. AT TDK COMMERCIAL AOBNCT, NOS. .try, and 299 Bn>adwsf? wanted, to day. a ynung i???, to go to Ha vana. ta> >lkee|ier travelling agent, salary and commii is* on ; clerk in wiiolosale hou-e, timeseeper, foreman for aetore, entry e|prk, lirfht porter, hosiery sa esman, hardware .?,e?. man, clerk for so insurance office solicitor, small boy for an oiiioe: other situations open. Orgsnlxed 1SW, OSCAB k CO. AT Till! MBRHANTILK AGENCY WANTED, TO DAY, dry good-> sslesniaa, bookkeeix-r, drug Clerk, hotel <N<rk, timekeeper, conductor cashier B<iT'<rilslng s.eut, inn an laucy itorn, ooi htnan, wa ters, ut.rse*. Kesj ectaole men nan s ways 6nJ employment by calling esily; inereh tats supplied with help srat t; oi lers sbou d tie -ent In bn.oru 3 P. M.i only reliable oilice ntbeelt*. Rstab Uked IV'.'. MONGOMKBT A CO., <?? l)i?aUway. i GKNTS CAN MAKE fit IN A PEW HOURS SELLING oi r ^rest new and extra large tee Prtie Pa'ksges. f 19 l^r day guaranteed. I'.rrr do! sr lnve? e.l in n totn doub ed. A splsu id salld goid or siivxr iever a stc presented free to S in sgent. Hi iart ? anted to e taidlsh a^-n isi 'n every town un t vi lage Co nty rig, us fr?*e. Bate tiiiltiensB! deu and Incraaslng KurfMny biijl liiem. Send for our great n? \ ct.c ; ?r f r h I rontali nig eMra new |t-fnlui?> Ind iqein'nH, tre?. M. C. RICK \KIM A 4'iy, to2 .Nsij.ii st' ert, Me v > or*, largest an 1 oldest prize | i ^e i.iitiw in ti,e w.tfM. \ FH' tT CLAMS iti.iiHA.1 iiAUUMAN wauwd, st .'<0 K ;wer?. \ 'O'a-ii boys. WASTEn-MAUM, QBMTri WanTKD-to HHI.C tiIK LaK>4I . 1 lb. Ilrwl H?|> ei, plxii) 1 cii on-il I .t ' h'l. i ? | 'ii ir. ir, t ,lf 1 ... ??( KoiiriV u? uf Abratiam I. in- .'n * Qema f k* i 4 b nna. new .in ? d? * ite ijn i*.l HUM amy kii'1 i t iu*et I T . "1 . untr.i kUM tr>of Diploma. Ac., i ? p , , k * N??u<l for circular to JOHN (IIMkjn, M UtMuium,, ? *! AOKHTH WTAHTKD -TWO OR TIIRCg a< P. NTM ? Hilled l' namaa- ><?? *i,r, hr,M,k?, PBr. u.anuut utiM'loii' an I ^o. i| ?al?ri.'? to smart ai'liva man Call at ?i W a* In lun av. W?vni,n-M, ? 4U?Wb??h Ui m)*1jd; ora>Idi?aa 8. A M boa 1A7 Brooklyn Com oin.*' VF A RM Kit AND WIPB ? INTEIl ON A faKM \ ?hurt ilulanoe in lh?? iwnutry. II. ? nan lo inanan ? ad work tlin lai n, and Ilia wiir la do taneral hnu>nwor< To tho** f>'U auail >*il and oMi.'hW* Ipwl nnt p?rman?a? home l? cllerea. Apply at 418 Brnadway aar.imi uor. AOOOO OHANCB FOK ON B OR TWO BOYNWIIO ran a?l typo, or a youug lo Improve tmuaeif al jorttilnit al 510 Hroariwav. AriKHT I'bAIR (MIAOiiMtN WavTKII- IV A PRl vat" tan. II . muit tnora i^'i'y til* Imnlnma .uid l>r ns i;.<od ruferenei** ir oil ma la t mnployera. Call ?l Mr. Tiaianr'a atara corner Allot place ana briMtUwaj, tiki* ?lay (Tinin ilajr). al II n'elook. A N IRISH YOUNO MA* WABTI I>? 18 TO 20 TKAR8 *\ old til Ink.- car* of a Imrw ind mTl In a atoro. Auply to I W. 1). A Ce., Wu and MM Oreeaw.on al. W f fl pel iveak. A TOl'NO MAH-ABOOT 18 OR ? YBAH8 OP AOB, s\ to work In a nonfxrtfeuery alore, la wanted, by Wcl.ef k Htidiou. (WJ Hroa.lway Aii\kkrki*i:r W\NIRI> A* A HS r 8T.? NT ; ONH win. can lirinu tha b ?t of city n-'Vrmic* a "ni?K nan praferri-d. Apiilv ai 107 ?|>r ng at.. .? r?.<r of Maropr, A B MAM AND BOY WANTED ON A FAR*! VKBT daiiirablo alluationa ^ RpKD ? row, ,oonB J|. _ tTov wanted -an intelligent boy. prom 1# wiVf r.\V;trrr:.,h tr :r* ful en <on<e , w.ll * ? ?th cli?D<4of ailvaaoo. Miimn apply to Rule A Curlier -H be/ *l IJOY WANIRD? BIHONO, A<TIVK AND 'N^' Vt II M#nt ? lo <?n?' wtlliBtt to ai?pW a innonp "t ? nil* in offered, wlili ? peroian ill ultuatiou AppIV at oi.?? lo lluivg .1 llanipdmi, yfl Ma den lane. nv waNTBH-TO Of) Mil - IT WORK I* A DROO .tore. ' Ai>p y ?i ?>? Bowery corner rtpr ?K at. .?w.v WANIKD-A KMART, ACTIVE HOT IS A Boien^^uh nu ??. i Willi hi* parent" preferred. Apr"/ win. Wo Broadway. .... pLEBK. AC.-A v> In tbl.countr , X**??'' ?? ab e par i loo <>f lb'" ??lj. IISHSS'S PiSBSi/SSs!S&!XM roy^V wIII find It to advantage to call Vi^jaMKR corner or Albany. &jMW W\ol^ir.\Z^^r? turl? J!K -CO. box UMPwto#* __? ? SLSwX ??? Fulton .1., Brooklyn. SIk?S?^SH5S from ^aRD TILDBB. ?? Broadwar. won Mo 4. ?^rr iuTitn TWO OR THRBB BTOUT MBN, WHO CIJ* WAK5^?v?T-^ *??< ?<?""*' "'iul"a Addre.0 O. VV.. bo* 1.*? 1 o?t offlco. The Store for auto; a ?<>"d ,'\r T?,!dYua no?a. Oa.l ?? a well o?t*bll.U*'l 'tore. h- Broo. vn, I" the I*"1* the corner of Court ?nd Douglaa?.to., ?Wj _ ^RroRD. ?lore. ' ? ? - - VV VTKI>-.LK,i". t, irTi-'K. V." s- 'ffviss? ?'?" ?'? ??' ?""? """*" J. B F.. Herald olttce. .iriNTFD-A MAN TO ROW, UP OOODS AND HBLF Ssssss 3-1 av . H. Y rm-r i iti'd w vfiTl'D ?NONE 'NREO A^PLV BUT Willi hliipnf I*, preferred. appx atW ifroaiwu. wA.n^oV.KT^-A" can l>e made by IndoMrlotia and capab o perione 6X7 Uroalwar, up *ia'r*. antkd-in a DiwiwMMoy A^SKftf1 AND wnlier. Steady ? *" '???!' W Y ?t 4<1 dprmg at. . Wantf.d? a stout boy, about i? or i# tkarb of a e U. taleoiro ot a horae. and umlit In a icrwry ?ore ApiSi W McNeliy A Briber, Vh Ion. av , comer rtlh et. _ WANTF.D-TO.DAT, 15 MI.N rOR A WHA1.E FIHH. In? vo*Mte f e v month* will I* homo bv Nov m'.er i .1 , rr , > ?s?? t i for the mi>, nurt f '.unV "^ANOa'lL.v C01RI J.KY, l^o Wen et , corner of R?a.e up etii r<. W illiam, ilornld offlce. a| |>i' 'ant. ?Ut u? alary. Ac antpo-an intbixiuknt younu man about V\ 1,7 of 1 K in H retail n.H,.*tor?. ot.e who Uaaaom# kVowli'lr^. V-e < \?"\ru r^wlTh" ref" i.^ iu A\TPl)-\ SMaUT. INftLMOKNT !.-.!? 1 ? T. ? IS W ten.i of ?Ke, to wt.iH ?n.l k, i?t In tbeollice, on" who write* a Rood 1 hu<1, ?n.l I* willing and ?jui?fc ?t lig'irea. dr? *H Dry Ooo?U, li?'.raul oilicc ?? ? a? ?NTHl?? A t-LlillK IN A OROt'KRY; ONB W'^ W nauquiiinted w th the fcuMne** *nd can bring good reference - I nijutre oorner SOtlt ?t and M n*. WASiiB.^tb? .I. dr? ii4 and itflet'#noc. ? -- T-tFD-A COHI'RTFNT maw to TAKK THAROB of a ram nrar tl.e r.ity one acuoalnf "j* mirket tr ick preferred AdJre.a A. C. 11 , boi KM Now York ro?t oil. oo. WANTKD? A PROTKRTANT MAM. OR MAN AND ? lie l'ie man to take - ?re of a v*?etal.l? if*r.len and of a bo"?e and ?.^ASudi^r com* ??ll re-otmneaded t all at IB namion ar? iram to 3>? o'dnefc. ? - **J aNTKD-A MAN TO TAKK C A BR OF flOBHRR, W A!If2? to male hl.nMlf u.efol about the h-** 1. .tu re at l.?7 l'.a*t IHUi alreet, boiwoeu 7 an 1 8 onok the evening. ? air ikTI'll? TWO OOOD PRACTICAL KAKMRRH TO W wor^afarnln New Je.iy Apply, with reurenoe. at <4 Stone ?t ? ll'ANTKD- IB A CLOTH I NO RTOBB. A YOUN?l MAW VV and a b,. . one ncM-iainted w.U tn. bu.ii.e-. vr*f?nd. I M 31 ttouth ??. w. n w?w ttf isreil-AS ACrfvE YOt'NH LAD, 11 YBARH or \\ ,..r oo" who ran writhe a ?ood p'ato han.r andwlll Bg to make hltn.elf gOuornUy App.y M Bead# it, up .tairt ... WaVtoD? TOUBO MKN, WISHING TO OO ON HEA Vovanet to all p*rt. ot the world. In ?h'P* ?nJ *Cul ll'lM.l . We*t *L. .-oriier-f He^de. up *l*>r?. ii-AMKD-rwo bovh or yo' n?? \V ?o a bill an. root" Kh V "^4 Hroad '?> ? we w U~ diug. 3*r J o Cock, aii a ?"?-?> '? OHNIII. W w I1T ANTED? A SrKADT, IN017H TRIOCH MAN TO f T dri.^sart. I n?M"?b or Anierioau preferred. Itiqiiipe ot W. II. Prtee, carunan, II Mai len laoo or at &2A Wnt 'iSd *1 Tt/AN'TBD-A HOT, ABOUT SBYBNTKKR TKARR 11 Id. to tallTer ^O.^l* and w irk a oil the "tore, ho malt ho wii ok lo work, .mart an I clean. To soon a lo?><1 plaen l* n ft artd at H?i or* A Co. * b*k ry, oxrner ol l ilk .L Cad J4 a*. _______________________ WABlBD-flVB OR SIX YOUNO MEN, IN A MA an'nft .Imp. Apply at l'tilnam Mauufaoturtna Com imny, 19 l*ia?i ?l. WANTBD? A 8TKADT TO UNCI MAW. TO DBA W ?oil a one awa.tonttd to HowV i e cream fni.num ere. erred. Apply between 8 and ID o clock at 3<> L teuy ?! AN T K f>? A OOOU DB1VKH. . INQl'IRB TH1.4 morning of CMe. A Ferr v 2<;7 Rrnome < . w Tt' ANTED? A YOUNO MAN, AS AMtHTAWT HOOK II k'ec?r In a dr]t gorxia eniitioiiMon hooM. m i*t b a good writer ami qnMB md correj' at 114 uo<. Ad4re?a. wiik nf'fence, .'atlng age, *alary eipjcted, A'.. 0 U., lloralJ outt a yyANrsiv-Twe ob thrkk oonn stablemen at VV w VV 100 a ..(II (.'ail O 1 ,1 I.I re*a witu *i .1(#. ? M. 13 Cedir tt.iM. Wra " 1 Aluugdon (tablea, nd and <"<> llant at. AN BD? A YOfNO MAN. iOATri.ND BAB AI'PLT ?' cherry it *NTHD?A WKLL KKCOMMKNUKO BBLL BOT, lor a hatel. A( v<> *1 'liiaiul^r < at. anted? a Tni wn *?v. To attkno bah. ae pif at 41 Hii it ivrlt at. c ner of Itaiivia. AOENTB WAWTBO. ? RARB rn A ff'f. fOR BIVB .. < ? 1 ' 01 oiiroi 1 ark

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