Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1864 Page 5
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HEWS FROM WASHINOTOII. Final Passage of the National Bank Bill Ja Both Hmses of Congress. Motion of tbe Senate on the Tax Bill. ' *b? Bankrupt Bill Etported to tb? Soot*, Mo to Wianoni, June I, l*t f? NATIONAL BANK SILL. Tbe disagreeing amendments <rf ths tsw honsss of OSB ?(press to the Mat tout Boik bill haw been adjusted Sbroagh a joint oommlttee of euoferenoe. The 8hm tousled from ta aseesdmeot limiting tha amount to thras tond.ed millions of dolt .rs to apply either to tha aotaa ? fcr oiroutatiou or to tbe amount of capital ?took. Tha fcrmer breach at tha proportion only ia therefore ra> tained. the city of Washington la tneiudod among U>? y acee of redemption. The oiroulatioa of the banks , ta Riau of all exUtiog taxee, Is taxed one half of eue per oeat b ?a<t dei>esMs one-quarter of one per cent tieml-annnally , " <ed a glmltor tax ia Imposed on oepital in exoeee of U ailed Matoe benda. ( NoUtmg ta the not la ta b j comtrued to prevent all the 4 bares la tdjf to the tjidctaito s. held by any |>ergoa or body oorporete, from benj Included In the valuation of fhoir personal property in tba assessment of taxes ira tpodfed by or under state autborfy at tbe place where the ? baafc to located, natl not elsewhere, but not at a greater fate than Is assessed upon other moneyed capital in tha hands of individual oitto na sf suoh State; provided th?t the tax Impossa by the laws of anv State upon tbe shares Of any of the associations authorized by the act shall not ?cooed tha rata imposed upon the shares in any of the banks organized under tbe autho^ty of the Stats where ?uoh association Is lootied * The assendod Malt nal Back bill having now passe 1 fetth ho pass will undoubtedly receive the signature of ("resident. Its mat a features are the same as thoae I 0t the original act. The principal changes are:? Jirti? No hanks can be organized with leas capital than f 100,000 in small towus, and 9200,000 in cities with b population of over live thousand. Second-? Banks must redeem at par at national banks Id ceruii designated pUoea regarded as commercial , oeotree. e THird? Mono but rogis tared bonds can bo received as Mourity for circulation, and tbe necessary memorandum so these ean bo signed by aa offiuer oi tbe bask or by the Qomptroltsr. Complete forms of all kinds to correspond with the new bill will bo Immediately prepared by the Comp troller. tUMCBtrriONH TO THB 0OVKIOOMWT LCUNq The subscriptions to tbe ten-forty loan reported at the Vreasury Department to day amounted to $907,000 THB TAX BILL IN TH SHMATR. tbe Ta* bill still drugs in the Senate. Some of the oaost Important items will b< loft to bo adjusted by tbe Qonference Committee. The final dljp i.-Ihuu oi the tax so sptr'ts to atl l a m liter or much doubt, and U is cottO I Gently asserted that tbe committee to be appointed on I tbe part of the H>uss will insist upon Mr. Wa-hburoe's I tax eo the stock oa ?.<nd. I Mm. CHAW'S MOTRMBXT3. I Notwithstanding the rumor that Mr. Chssa is about to I vtolt New York, to create another stampede in Wall I street, there Is no prospoct that he will leave Washing I too immediately. His presence In New Took will not b o I retired In the eegotiaUon of the new six per cent loan. I TBI AAQORLLBg ARREST. I tbe President, In reepooge to au inquiry, to day sent I lo the Senate nil the papers in the Arguollcs case on file I to Um Mate Department, and also a letter of Secretary L Seward, la whioh tbe latter says:? "By the act or 0 >ngre?a | mt Ma r U, 1810, the African slave trade b declared to be Craey . end by the treaty of 1812, with Gre\t Britain, it stipulated that tbey will invite and urge upon all Few I en Use propriety and duty of effectually, at onco and for I orer, closing all African slave markets.** The sjocretarj I laya There being no treaty of extradition between tbe I VJnited States and 8paln, nor any act of Congress direct ? feg bow fugttivee Irom Justice in the Spanish I dominions shaU be delivered up. the extra Ij dltloo tn the Arguollee ease w uudsrstoed I] by the State Department to have boen made in virtue I ?r the law of nations aad the oonrtitutioa of the I Waited State*. Although tbere Is a conflict or authorities I eoooerning the expediency of exercising comity towards I a foreign government by surrendering at its request one I af lis own subjects charged with the commission of crime I WltMn its territory, and rltbocgb it mey be conceded I that there Is na aat'onai obligation to make such a sur I fender upon a demand tiiersfor, unless tt to acknowledged I by treaty or etitute, yet a nation ia aever bound to fur. I a sh asylum to diDgerous onmlnals, who Jure offenders I against the humea race; and it Is bel:eved that If li any I |us the comity ocild with propriety be practised tne I ens which ts understood to have called forth the rosoto I Moo of inquiry A tbe Senate furnished a Just ooc iaion for I Us exercise " I Our Cotaul at Havana wrote to Secrotary Seward, on I M?y a, that 00 the arrival of Arguellos he was iiuoe I 4 lately lodged in jail, and the next morning was conveyed I an Moro Castle, where he (till remained. I tub KAsKurrr rill. I The ifenkrupt law was reported to-day by Mr. .lennkes ? wbo made aa able argument tn support o the law and I ?x plana tery of its obiecU and provisions. Mr. iioias*n, I wf Indiana, moved in postponement uutil the n?f seas I -a, I feat this waa aot agreed to, and there is a fair proepsot of I us passiga by the H.'use tn the course of the seat fort I night, aa tt rotates priority during tbe morning hoar uaui ^ I ?SUmoi#d Of* I tHI MI380CS1 OOimMTRD KLWCTtOX. I The proceed legs of tbe II juse to-day were considerably I sallveoed by tbe discussion between Mcsers Ring and I |*r oh. of Hleeouri. Tbe personalities indulged in at one I gat ? r'"| quite a eerions character, Mr. Bireb, wbo I ?,1rr.. ibs ssat of Mr King, alter a protracted speeeh 1 giedvocaeyor hto cUlms, wsa cut off by the exptratioa I sf his time, wbos, after seme filibustering en the psrt of I feto rrteods, Mr. King gained the floor, and proceeded to I gaactaee hto opponent, impeaching his veracity, honesty, I toraUy end respeetabU.;. 'mmseenred terms. More I bbtsr densselattons have r bsen heard In this Con I mm, and It la believed tt leoUlatoa would have en I oMd had net tbe rales d* marred Mr. Birch from reply I m' HOB AO! ?MULCT A MOW TU DEMOCRATS. I Mr Oreetoy sarrsndered ?o-day , borss, foot and artll I g,ry,ie thedsmeomts Upon visiting tbe flevof tbe I jju'r ? tew republican members surroandsd him, when I Mddsnly Mr. BrMks tod blm ever to tha democrat* side, I ml u a most fraternal manner commenced a I wpon eseef tbs softs. Shortly after, the Boo. Fernando I Wsed latrsdaoed tn him Mr. Loag, of Ohio, who took a seat I friLk Mr. Greeley on the left, while others eat down I |,in blm. the party frateralmd most significantly I ft, Marly so hear, evidently In elose enneultntlon upoa I ^ m port aot snbteet? it Is rumore<l tbe Oerslatvl noml I Batten*, finally the partv dispersed In wnndeefiilly I gesd baassr, to tha apparent ehagria of republicans geae I Mflf' . I RR-ILBt rtON OF gRVATOR ASTK^WT. I fte reoeptlonsf the news of Senator Anthony's revise. I toeo has been the oocsai m of quits a reunion Itere te . I pigbi on the part of his political aad )>areoaal frieads , I arhooailsd upon blm with ooagratnlatioos I mrxBgs una ro citArLAiwt*. [ Bf recent legMaston or Oengrees ohapUiaa ere aot re I ,,nr?.i to runsMb oertlflcstss rrom other officers that tbey I feavs been oa doty la order te draw thstr pay, but tbey I keve been plated en tha eame rooting with eiber eilieera I en that reapeot. M I THIHTT? K I'H rotoittsv I T1B8T BBMIO*. I MnmBtn. I Wtnimmi, Joae I, ISM. I ran SiitoiiL iusk stit ras<ao. I gr MMHaaus, (rep. i of Ohio, from lbs Comatiltee of I N gtoale eaoe on tbe dl**<r?elng votes of the two bouses I ttt the Natlooai Bank feMI, ma-'e a report. He explained I ttka* there were only sis i?>iats of dilSsreace between the riate and the House, tt.e latter hsv tag generally agreed tin lotDier'H lli? nn<M?4 Biitorltl fwt was to ess utre all bents, Bs"t end West, to redeem atrriirrsney at per ie New York, insteeli of allowing mKi beaks a saarter "f one p?r oeat dlsooent on their I to> tee redeeuisbie In New Yort. I Mr Ifsm (rep.) of N. U .eeked whst was the dlfibr I y ^.i!Vu.t-.xsti?n bitweea tbe aatioaai aad State I ' tta? tn tbii ??'i tae wbsto ta> relates to national banks the Stat* bank wknel being left to lb* Tax Ml lb* rat* liapiiaid by tlk Mil are one par aaot aa strouiatiua, two par oeat oa beneaite and one per oeat aa oapiial not tavestod la Urn beads m tta Uoited StatoB; sad mate tualiaa oi obaree aa* beaBalB par m Iliad m lbs hoods of iba bolder to bo pn?d nt l** plaoe whore the bank n loaatod. Tbs report (?l agreed to ooaaaata wrrn ih Barrow iwmno* Mr. Soma*, irap.) of Mast, from the Ouasmltoes sa foreign Afl.lrs reported bytlbs bill permitting the H periatk* Of gooto rrM ?rarftt?h prtviooes through lbs Umtsd Ulatos. with ui?S t tts cx^oa asa ba (? charged from lt? furtlj??(Porelioa. Agreed to. Mr Aram, (rap | {[ *? !?? ?'?? ?*? QptoBrttto*** Printing, reported the H?ua4 bill to aaasadfhs aoi reto tive to pub 1(0 printiag. and It wu passed Dwiim ooorm. Mr. Howsan, (rap.) of Mich , froai tha Judiciary Oem mlMee, raportad back the bill extondlog tha jurbdlctloa af diotriot courts. with a reoommandatloa that it do na? pass. UAW9 WHIM, WK Mr. Hablab, (rep.) of low a, froai tba Committee M Publto Loads, reported oa several bill*, ssklug to ba dis charged therefrom, including one to exclude disloyal par. bobs from laada of (be United Stalea, wuioh ilia oommit toe rsosmmsndsd to be referred to the Oommlttoe oa tba Judiolary , all of which waa agreed to. siuat rort wiscoshib. Mr. Hbnuuoks, (epo. ) af Ind , called up the bill fbr Um relief of tbe suta of ftuisonsin, paying bar five per oawt oaibeaaleaof public landa within bar llmlta , and tba bill waa discusssd until tbe clone of tba (naming boar abmv mtwa wAirrait. Mr. Jramoir, (opp >of Md., Introduoed tbe following, which wu adopted:? Bosolved, That tbe Becrelary of War ha req seated, aa aoon aa ba receives Informatloa from the arm lea af the United State*, to ooiumuuioale tbe aaaae to tbe Benale. wbea, In h la opinion, tha aae eao be glvea without tajury to tbe public (ulereeta. ' aarrLBirxHT o? obrtsib claw Mr. JoaireoN, from tha Committee on tba Judiciary, ra portad a bill authorising the sotiiement and payment of certain elm ma against tba United .States, with aa amend, meat simplifying the mode of attaining a sett oment homoks to limit. ooiabsi. hailbv . Mr. Wilsom, (rep.) of Mass.. from the Commit toe on Military Affairs, reported back the joint resolution tander lug the thnuku of Congress and awarding a gold medal to 1. leu tenant Colonel Joaepb Bailey, Acting Kugineer of the Nineteenth army corps, for bis servioes in reaoulng our gunboat fleet (Wm peril In tbo Ked river, with aa amendment as a substitute embody lag tbe same reoom meodation. m RSrxxtri hill came up in order. Mr. Wilson offered tbe following amendment: ? That a tax of one half of one per centum upon the gross amount of a* i sale* of goods, wares, merchandise, prodooe. lire atork. sailing ' nd aieam vessel* of aJJ deacr pt one. ana of other arlictSM o) commerce or trade, whether foreign er domestic, excluding corn and gold and ailver manufactured, and no^iding real eatate, whether auch sale be judicial, puh lc or private, except ug the aale of personal properw less than one hundred dollar*. Mr. Wiiaox said it was absolutely necessary to bare more money than the bill would give us. It would give no inure th in $22.'>,000,000, when we n coded $.'{60,000,000. His amendment.would *ccompUh the purpose. Mr. Sunns \s characterized the provision of the amend ment us cumbersome, inexpedient and expensive Mr. I KRMtunni, (rep.) or Mo. , sstd it would caune the bill to fail. Mr. Wiu*o* then withdrew it. Mr. Wiuwx pro(>of<od an amendment to section 116 ? to strike out all alter lite word"tocome" In tbe ninth line to the word ''and'1 in the twolfth line, and insert tbe words "d>> not exceed the sum of six hundred dollars, and be not derived from compensation from actual personal labor or aervices personally rendered in mechanical pur s'llts, a duty of three per centum, and on tbe exoees over six hundred dollars , and not excoedmg ten tbouassd dol lars, Ave per centum." Ibis waa re;ectod. Mr. V ilsow moved an amendment, decreasing 'be saia rles of the assessors, as follows:? Wbere the receipts of ? collection district Khali exooed tbe sum of ? too ,000 annu ally, cne hair of one per eent upon the exi e?s or tbe receipts over $200,000: where tbe receipt of a collection district shall oxix-ed $400,000, and shall not exceed $600,000, one foui tb oi'one per centum upon tbe excess of receipts over $400,000 where tbe receipts shall exceo4 $600,000. one tenth of one p> r centum on such excess; but tbe salary of no assessor shall in any cute exceed tbe sum o: $4,000. Which waa agreed to by '21 to 8. Mr. Guimks, (rep ) of Iowa, offered an (intendment that titers nhall l>e no further direct tax whatever collected uader this or any other aet till Congress shall ve enact another law making an assnasmout oi direct taxes. Mr. Fntsc.xi'itN bodied tbis amendmeni would not pass, as it was calculated to array tha K^stern and Western it toreata against each other aad delay this bill. Mr. Osimsr had no each motives In introducing tbe amendment now: but be considered tbe present law use less aad a dead letter. * Mr. Davis, (opp. ) of K y. , denounced the injustice of tbo direct tax ou tbe Western and border states Mr. Witaon wanted tbe rebel estates subjected to this direct tax. Be understood that Beauregard, Forrest sod tbe renegade Governor Harris, o! Tennessee, had recently paid their taxes. Whother it waa under tbe amnesty pnclamatiou. wblcb had douesomucb mischief, he did net know, but if tbis amendment were adopted it would be interpreted by tbe administration s s a rebuke to the administration and its previous acta of confiscation and sales of rabel property under tbe present direct tax law. Tba amendment was adopted, 21 to 16, aa follows Ytii-Kta>ra Rr.>wa, Buckalew. CarMe, Chandler. Davis. )H>olitile. liriroea, Harlan, Henderson. Henoricka. Howe, Lane of Kaunas, Lane of Ind., Pomnro>, I'owelt. Ramaey, Klcliardson. Sherman, Trumbull, Wilkinson and WilS'ia. _ . _ . _ , N AT!>-Jtessra Clark, Conne??, Peaaeadea, Foster, Hale llarr *, Ricke, .lohoaoa. Morgan. Morrill, Suinnir Ton Kyca, Tan Winkle. Wade and Wlllejr. Mr. Davis moved to amend the 100th section, by insert ing that notes or bills of* issued before thi? sot goes Into oporstion shall not be liable 10 any tr>? whatever. Mr. Davis supported bis amendment at some length He believed that If the government of the United Staled were to give notice that In six or twelve montus It w. uld resume specie payment, not a bank In the Union b it would place itself lu a position to de the same thiog. '1 he banks in Kentucky were able to redeem every dollar of their circulation in gold, but were uot permitted. Mr. fiBSKMAR would suggest thai f<ome such remedy as thit adnptod by tbe rebois in timi:ar canes, and that a t ix be laid on tbe holdors of these bills according to tbe time they are withheld. Tbe amendment waf> rejected. An amondmeU ol Mr. Clark, (rep) of N II , was ad> /pted, Increasing the tax on i ne Mt tobaoco, said or delivered loow in bulk, packages psp'>r?, wrapper* or !>.j.\es, from thirty Ave to fo>ty Ave reots. At * quarter to live o'clock the Sonata adjourned iioase of HsprteeatBtlvsi. Wamhinotob, Jnus 1, 1804. tub HAKxaunr Kin Mr. Jbbi n>, (rep.) of R. 1., from the select coiumlties en tbe subject, reported back the bill to establish a unl. form system ot bankruptcy throughout tbo United State*. Mr. Jck: sbs congratulated tbe House that this was a sub ect entirely disc onscted irom tbo political and parti san questions or the day. it related solely to business men of tba nation, t he pfeffags of the bill was demanded by every biivmcw interest. It wss s subject which cou d be discussed wiUiout acritnOBy. and upon which all could diiTbr wltbout an?er. Ilie ouactment or surh * law was ailed tor by tbo direct language of the constitution. I tie bill formed tbn ba?i* of a permanent aad uniform system, s ? tlist no iuager there muv be one law in Maine and aa otBarmWlKConsla.bat a uniform law fbr all. Tbe sys tem now propped was a tboro.j^bly [iractiesl one. It dealt not wltb theories, but with tbe fact called bank ruptcy. The bill contained provisions for both voluntary and involuntary bankruptcy. It brought tbs falling dsbtor and nt< creditor to a pottlement equally beneficial to each. It discharged tbe honest debtor on tbe surrea der of bis property, and protected tbe creditor against the fraudulent practices and reekless oonduvt of tbe debtor, aad secured what was never before attained? aainely, a complete uniformity le tbo aiodeof proceed ings. Corporatioas are included in the provisions of tbe bill. Tbe measure bow propossd was adapted to ?on of business in tbeT present condition. Thousands wsre waiting Tor tbe passage or tbis bill Tbsrs never waa en occasion when Its paaaage was so asosasary and tba demands so urgeot. No ameadmaot or tbe coastitu t|oa waa aeoeesary to deolars their easanoipatioo. that Inatrutneat already provided for liberating thorn from the bondage of debt, la order that tbey might exercise tko righto wbhsb tba Wa mortal Declaration of lade pendeaee asserts ss iaalieasble. la ooaclustoa be said tbia is a measure of unquestloaabls good. It is demanded bv tbo people aad authorized by tbe onostltutlM. I?t It thsa bscoms a law, Mr. H oi?as, i opp.) of Ind.. movsd that tbs rurtbef ooasideratieu of tbe bill be postponed till tbe lesaa Tuesday la Deessaber. Tbia was disagreed to? M sgalast T4. There wore no farther proceeding* on tbs bill, tba morning hour baring expired. BBtMiwa tub Bcnnnir bits* av albakt. Mr. Dsns, (rep.) of N. V., introduced a bin for tba ooaatracMoa of a bridge over tbe Hsdson at Albany for mdltory and poaWI pur pones, which waa referred to tbs Committee oa Commerce. ran bstiobal sask mat. lbs House coacnrred is tbs report of tbs Committee of Cootereoce on the 0:sagreeing amend meet* to the Nn ttoaal Hank bill. rus mre i ai coirrw?iBC blsoios Mr. IUwbs, irep.) of Mass., msds a report in tbs Mia* so iri contested election csss of lurch contestmg tbs seat of King. He said the oommlttos had come to the earns conclusion tber did in that of Bruce a?alei.t Ia*u? that ueitlier waa elected, but, baring no desire in rn oiien the dincueslon. snrt still adhenog to tbsir oumion, tbey ac< eptod tbo rots of tbe lionee m the latter rate ss a settlement of this one lie Mierslore moved that Um pipers bo laid upoa tba table and the oeamtttsa be discharged from a further ooasideratlon of tbe aab " mV. Hms, lbs sonleetant, addressed tbs Manas at iMgtb sa bis on# boiwK. Mr. Kiw, tbe sitting member, rep'ted. when tbs qoes Hon wss taken on laving the whole subject on tbo tsbi* end decided lu the negative Mr. Kisnswoam, (rep.) of III , oflbied a resolution that neither Mr Kirch nor Mr. King is untitled to ajpeat in tbo Hoass as repn senutirs of tbs sytlbdistrlctbl Mi s?uci, n hick was disagreed te - tu rty-nme sgsii^et seventy two. Tbe Ooinmittee on UsattoBB wen di?ohargs<l from any further oouaideration ot tba subject. i?<> Mr. blag retaias bis seat Adjourned. Attain ta Cslersdu. Dmi vbs iwr, C. T. , Jnos 1 , lMd. Tbs relief sommlttee fbr tbe suifsrer* by lbs late lloed bava raised nearly tve tbousaad four bondrod dollars. About tbe same aosouat la to bs raised In tb? -aouauia towns Groceries aad provisions are exorbitantly htgh here. Tbs following are wholesale priose ? gugar, 3Hs.a40s., rolTes, 09c. a T?c.; Dour, $1$ a $U par 100 las., " 40a. , other tbiaga la proportion. Tbs mining prespscts sra gssd, but npsrmsaw srees abruted bf MtoflMM c^panp ?r laftes SHOCKING CALAMITY. AccMeoMl Explosion of Four Monster Torpedoei Near Newbern* N. C. Over Forty N#w York Solditrs Instantly Killed. Th# 01*1*1 Tmr Blown Kigfet Hu irei PhI lit* Cfao Air. NAMES OF TNC KILLED ARB WOtfNDEO, 0?r BMk(lM*l Creak Ovtron, Cur QUttar, J lit* Xwiur Saw to** Intmr, V BinaiMt'H Cum, N. C. , May 11, ISM J At fb*r o'otook yaslerday antrawn, M Ik* arrival of tha Irtli U this station from Nswbnrn, i terrible ex pi* sioa attended (be removal of roar tor po loo Aw lb* am to the platform. f orty odd ooldien ut negrooo war* blow* lot* eternity in an Instant, while between twenty *od thirty person* , whit* end black, war* wottlot nod mangled i? * meaner frightful to beh*M . no Aoaumrc em rus civm. The trait which toft Newborn m tbre* o'clock la the ?rtertio*a brought t* the outpoaU Ik* remaining fear of thirteen torpedoeo, of monstrous weight end proportions, Intended to complete tb* btoukado of tb* Neue* river I* the dircotien of Klnston. The last of tb* four wo* about reachiag to* ?Uti*o platform wh*a aa eocid*aUl blow, from a log of wood striking upon the cop, *iptoded the torped*. Tbe cooous?lon woe so great thai tb* otter tbre* followed on tb* explosion of the lint, and a* quick u to mak* but on* mighty report, lik* the oreab of a thousand piece# of artillery Bred slmultaaeausly. Tb* disaster was one of the moat appalling and h*a*tr*uding that haa happened in this country la a nor tee of years, woldiere wboae gallantry haa beeu displayed on battle fields, and whoee eagernma to bear the navrs from lh*ir brave comradea in Virginia had brought then* clus tering artmad the station, were burled, mangled and torn, into oMrolt y in a moment's time. Heads, bodies and limbs were scattered for a quarter of a mile around, ana in many initauoeti it was iound impossible to re cogniza the remains of tb* unforlnnato victims. Tbe signal tower and a commissary building, twenty foot by eighty leet, built of logs, were throw* into tha air a dis tance of eight bundrod feet, and strewed Mi* country Ibr a great distance around with tbe fragments. THC OJ.RU AlTtm. The greatest suflbrer by this terrible caiastroiifce was the On* Hundred and Thirty-second New York, stationed for the last twelve ninths on (hit front, and whoa* catnn is adjacent to tbe railroad station. >or the information of tb* friends and relatives of the killed and wounded , whose homes are mostly la New York and Brooklyn, the following list of casualties is given, and caa be depended u|ioo as correct: ? omh Hi'inaio A.VD niiart a*co5D miw roan roM'Ristaai Commissary Sergl i lavitl .lone*, killed. ttmiumg A. ? Killed ? Nun*. Wouruls'l? None. Company H ?K tiltl ? Bryitn Carney, Pirtnck Jasjwrt Wounded ? Corp. John Farrell, band and leg, seriously. (wif drttj C.~- KiiUti? rtorift. Sabdford, Xvmcs Burns. Cimrxtnf i> ? Hath. Woimiini ? Mieliaal Brown. Company K ? Killed ? J. denreiche. Henry f'etertosa, John [flack, Tboiuaa Connors, Arthur Hc.Nansman , Umrlc* Mumpton. Wvumbd? Fraud fowl*. William Browne. C<<t*iany F. ? A'i/iad ? Henry Mok'arlaud . musician; Stephen Pine, wjgoo master Uicbnrd Washburn, James Mc tVoumdM ? Kaatel Murphy. John 'fxnilt*. Mints Ualtlgh*r. Companf Q.?KHUti ? William Maariows, Patrtek Nolan, John Rogers. R'oumlrrf? Martin H. tattoo, severely. Ctmnxinp H. ? K1II0I ? Michael Briscoe, F*t c iilbboii, James llami!. Horatio Nekton, Win . J. Kury. Ifv?n4e4? Thomas Klixalmmot)*, Krancir MoGovorv. C'ewiwMty / Kittni? Tboina* Muliigaa. nimjm. iy K. ? A' tiled ? John nb'uetts. A'owidal? K*. tban Kolijui, laaac 8. 1<ewls, l>avld Mc .nqn*)!, loha H. Leonard. oss <iiTifUKsn> iire itrrv-auuvH nsw toa* voi.mri anax. Thrm privotea (namee unknown) killed . buigeaui Wis tor evt?r wid |>ritata .lr?epa Itevls severely wouuded tUTWUTH KKW TORS OaVSMtV. Kine*:.* 'bi'^ier in I apUin West's company), kili*d. Lieutouant W. W.We;l?, fifty-eighth rennsylvmis fsp* cial aid tft Co. Kiel l\ J. U?aas**>, severely wo?ud*d; l*ft foot aincs uiuj ulated Tbe killed and wmimted ef toe coatr*ha*ds will nuoa b*r between twenty aud twenty llv* This sad incident, enuiiing such fearful e?ese<;aer?on?r, hs* cast a gloom over the aoldiers of tbe outpost* which will req'iire a (on* flnie for them fully to ovorcorhe A number of the wounded of th*Oo? Hundred and Thirty Hecund New York are badly tunneled, and will probably die. K very; ti ini, however, thai rare ?nd skiH can ac complish will be done to save Life aud ease the scCbring ot tbs^e unfortunate noldiors. THE PRESIDENCY. Th? Cltviiand Ctavtatloa. CuivinuNrt, Ohio, Jun* 1, 1KH The controversy la the Convention yesirrday on ths ?tirfxce wai to all uppoarnaee between tho (rtoadt or i re ntont and Orant. In that soaa* V'rnmoot was ahead : but onderneatb all tbls. Had, in Isct. U>a real iootruv*rty, tbe real point that the striuglo was upou, was wheltmr the action ot this ( Jon v<vi lion should be managed with a view for operating upon aa<l with tb* Baltimore Hepubll enn < on vent ion or (neChieairo Democratic Canventicw This is tha secret point, and tbe point of all the prouoed Ings of tha Convention and the manipulations of tu* poll ticians. Tboa* oper*tlng in view ef tbe Cbiutjo ooavenlion car ried tbeir point by at l*aat(nii>*l*oa tw*ntieths of lbs i^nvsation at their back, la this view the. *f (set and ibe result of tbir gatb*nus is y*t to b* seen. If Graut meets witb h <lecl(W suscnas before tba 4th of July lh* frietida of Lincoln, including the Blair family, will hear >if proceedings ind comblnst'oas at Chiosgo that the* little imagine. Now, thoae who look part In tbla Con vcutton with an *y*oa Bv 1 1 mora have ail ^onehome with decided *nre beads. I he squad o< I. In coin oflicehoidort who nam* here to disturb tbe proceedings w*re irightenod out of tbeir project by the circulation ot a rnmor thai there were severaJ bush w barkers here from Missouri, who bad all tbe name* of tb* ofllc*bi>lder* **nt her*, and In too dad to asssMinal* them il they appear** in tb* Convention. Tb* office holders w*r* noliQed by tb* detective p*uce or thn tact, and tbey kept esceadiagly qnl*t all day yrslerday. Tb* gatharmg vras aot as large aa *x|ioct*d, but mad* ?P ?* onthusiMin and gabbl* by lb* old orgiaal poiitu stags. Tito Main* Oaneeratl* 11*1* 0*avsaltsa( hnuis, J an* 1, 1MI. Tb* f)Ms*oraUe Slat* Co*v**Mo* n**t at rorllaad t* day. four buadr*d dslsgatas wer* prs**nt. Kvary county bat Arocatook was rsprsaaaiad. Tb* following delegat** at larg* t* tb* Cbloag* CoavsatMo ware obo s*n:? Ho*. Orohara L. Beynto*, of Bangor, William P. BMdefbrd; Joba W. Kryaburg; U tab ard D. Ma*, ef Aogoeta. ??tiara la b? Taksa as lnb*tltal?. Kvary oa* liable la draft, sad wb*. If draft** aader tba new sail for assa, which It la gaaarally kalievad la likely sooa t* be isaued, wb* vnM daalr* to farniah a en bell. t*U, la lat*r*atad la tba fallowing:? [Rztract of IMtar from P reveal Marshal G*:ier*l.| Wasanwima, May M, ISM. Rear Admiral B. ? Pallors caa be taken as substitutes for drafted mea , such sailors to go Into tb* naval servlc* for three yoars, pr.ncipals not to rsoeiv* exemption papos* nrtj Uiiy bring I* board* of enrolment oertlfleate* from tb* an (horlr-od asval recruiting officer*, that tb* substltaUs have been actually accepted and received tote the nary. I would' respectfully raqosat thai y*? notify tb* officers of lb* nsvy concerned ! am, very r*Kpectf*ii, v , youv obedient servant, WILLIAM HaYH, Itrig. (i*a Vols, sad A. A. P. M.?t?a*ral. MAIM foe the pacific. T1i? mall Mi imffhtp Cbamptoa.CaptaM Jaaab, WiUlaara Ik M port on Friday f?r Aapmarait. Tba mailt for Central America ?M iba Hontb PaoiAn WHI cHmo M balf|>e*i I?d o'ctoo* to-morrow nornlog. The N?w York Ummjj? CUtlton loc lb* Plu-.lflc ? will be naij it half peat Din* o'clock lomorrew awrolng. and will eontaia:? Full and reliable ac. o;nU of iba Uut? nmif of i ho Arrar tiM?v (toneral lirut to ward* lttcbmond, V.c , with doUita irom our own I'or reepondenU of the Rattk-e fought, the Vtctorle* (third, tod of Ilia preaent poettlaa wUbln *l(bl of tho Ri'bei Oapltal, illniiraiad with an ttoellent Map of tha Scene or Operatlona; Tba latoat N?wa from Oanaial Rutlar'a (H vlalon an tba aoalb aula ot Uiubmood , Vull acoonute of tba brilliant Mwrrooota of Oanaral Htaernv.aV *rwjr in Georgia, \?ltb tba Uteat deepetr.baa fnm bii haa.I^, artera, j wltfela flrtara mllea ef A Mania 1*a lataat Newt fro n th? ( Uomm Army I* diilbrenl parta at tbc memr ? ; I . ta atvi Important Intel ifeene Treat tbe Rabat 3u<oa; tha let* 1 Nawa from Earope, ul r^parU af all imp rUat effete af the i?at *ajre | MqflMBVMk tal r* . at* THE SABI, ^AIS AFFA,R Int.raetl.r Vmm IM. .r ?li. Uvanttr 1 *"*-????*?? ?' ?>?? Captmra of the Ur. *?'*? ?'*' ?,l W?V?? Mtl PriitMeri ** tor llouaton, ftr. Ttk# following lotWr VII r?ot(r?4 */ % "* t'tm, Tim, Ms "? )(*!>?*? ? I am uader the pala'ui oeoeaaitr *f taformiaf . TIT. J vm aaptured at Catcuieu I'm* oa the aiming JT* Otliu The Ware ?m aiao oaptured at th* him time. fought for mi liour mo fori y miimM, but Me enemy ? j akar putoootei-j pioknd efT aar oin mm Mat wa oauld am I keep our (una Utalr battorli* huliod w ??err e*01 The Craoito City bad alcteeu shot kalea la her hull, M<r tke water line, two oflloera wera wounded, mm as rerelf? ao badly tbat bie right arm waa obliged to he taken off at the ahoiilder Tan nia TWt vwmM; two alooe dead. the eaaair'a nknr; ahcotera aaaoyad ua moat, aithoagh are ware pretty well cut ap by ahot and ahelL I am uaiiuored ami in g<?od beaith I hare met ao far with tiifM toned, |?iitie offlaor*, wuo have akewa me every proper atteotlou Wa jo from here by ateamhoat and railroad to Houa too. Our deatiuation from there la aew to me aakaowa. a w. i.amson, Oomman atng tJaltad gtatea ateamar Utaarte U?r GRANT AND VICTORY. A Naiioa'i Orattiud* u ?rant. MAM AH8RK8LAOK of loyal citixew, without dintiontintt at party, at Data* ?qui* re, oa tfeturday, June 4, at sir o'clock P. M A)l cillxrna who denim t ? maintain tna linlm eatine, to gtipporl the naWonai government, to etimuiate recruiting (or the Union araaiee, ami abei to reader grateful *o fciiewitdgroauta f ?r wvlem on maiiv n battle Held, for gioriouft victonee Kolneved and lor protection (Ivor, tinder Providence, to to* tile of' the nation by LlEDrCNANT GKNKRAI. 0 8. GRaNT, are invited to give the beo?flt of tbnlr pre-eooe and in fluence tuob.ioriH ?n deeply intereminir to the country Many dnftlrig'ilsoed apeakarg will take part in the pro eeedingi wboee naineg will be publialiart hereafter. Firework* wM; be displayed during tbe evening, nod II i* expected tbat many private rnaideneea and public build* Inga on tbe square will he illuminated. Should tbe w<< alter provo inclement the meeting will be bald oa Monday, or tbe next fair day thereafter. roa run comimKB or AftnA*?aifa*in. JAMKS WAD.sW.jHIU. KRFJI'K A. WNKJJNO, chakucs p. j>aly\ jamk* t. iiKAnif, R. H. MoOUEDY IS. I) I.ATHROP, HENRV CI.BWfl, MHUt'SKRI) KNAPP. M. T. BKKNNAN ?M K STRONO, BK,VI. P. M1NIKRRK, WM. UEUGMAN, W M. VEKWIfTK, El .UAH f. fUHDY HKNRT K CI.ARKK, JOHN H. WHITS. SMITH Kl.TT, Jr., CHAKLKS 0. CORWEt.L, WKD W. CLARK, BHWARD P. CUWI KS 5ATHAKIKL JARVI8, Jr., b?;cretsry. Why <? tftf Aroma oi Pimloii'a Night BLOOMING OK K HI) 8 on ? ladf handkerchief like braa4 Mat upon the waftrrsf He. ?u II la found after many days. Whv la tbe voluptuoua ecrnt of I'HA&ON'B NIGHT BLOOM IKO CKKKl'S lite lb>: face of an oid frteodf ' Be cHu^e you can easily dlatinguieh it 1'ioin every oiUer. Alurre ??, Kclny ft rn?CevingioN, Ky. Knnyut'&r BxtkA Xii?J jan 1, 1UL 43. ?<?. IS. 15, 74. lift. 7ti, ft, 7, 54, 8?. KamTDi.'ar, Clam MgWund I, iMk i, BO, 18 , 38 . 46, 'J9, 34,, 33, 02. 40, 46, OT. Z. MS. Btmmorie ?V Co.?revlnKfnn. Ky. SHKbar. Run* Olaix 2#l~Juoe I, IBM. 68, 55, 74, T'J, ?<i. 33, JO, 4!>. 36 . 60, 7, 16, 6fl, 29. Cimu Z -'?I una 1, 1MI. ?4, Ttf. 30, SB, tiS, I, 74, 48, ?, 17, 7ft. 311. Pihiiee. C'.li la St Ce.?SIaBagari. Li?K*.?r. Rim OlaS* 10 ?? furm I, u;t. 30, 43, *4. 70. 2*. 4K. ft. 41, 11*. 4. 3ft, '23, 61, 31. Or.4*A l'*?? fitiiel. IMA 17, 12, 34, 'J3, 41, 2f?, 64, 24. 7, 48, W, 6?. Ptlv* Caiheil ta All LeaalUad 1 .toxaad info. malloa (Irea. UAt.l.AdflKB A BBVJAMItf. Uroko.a. no Gbaatnnt atrfet, I'hllaulelplila. Moral Hatana l.eltery.?l(lgh*?i Vrm? mlum vald 'or prt/ea reformation given, ftoubieoae ?ranted. ALKCK * CO. Hrukera, M and 'J* C'oe at reel. Prli'f t aahad la a'l Lrpal liottrrlee.? Information glreu ar aeni. J. A. Ol,* ICTON" k OO. . 10 Vfali itreet, ; eo''i o. Maw Voi k. Meyal Havana Letltry.-M for Cmt ptemlnni paid for pri/fld; information furntahed. Tlie hlffh aet rate* paid for D?iib!ouu.? and all kinda of Ool<l and Mi rer. TATLOB A OO . Baaaara. IS Wat aAr??l, M. T. (Iffirial f lrcelari in Hh'li>ytell?gt 1jO?? lerr furntahed by 8I1IMOM8. ROuRRS A CO., Mew York foet a'lHte. Pritre I'Mhtd In Alt 1>ogalltr4 Lottf rtM ami InUrmaAiea gt?a? Kaebango e?ne. 174 Bread way. >?w Totk. PrtMa Caahfd Iti AH l.m'alltad I<ntte* rlea. C. r. JOHNSON, 140 Pilnoe *tr <*t, briweea Lauretta and Wooatar. Iietlery Tlrhr'a t'athad.? 1 afbruiatlnn giren. JOSBFII BATRS, Broker, II Walt atrrtt. room lie. 1. A Plain Pari.? 4 Jlafrhat Pacad Chap | dee? not re'iixre a broad hrlm med I. at and a dumpy Indi vidual. if i r itoee not wiab to ba rrn<l*rrd ??pneinaly rldl. c?tlo i?. mual at .id llir outraKeoualy tall article- tbat roenn ir ra lore to imlil ge In. To p-hmiiI ?nlalakt". It la only nece atari to at KM O X H,2I'J Hroadway. TUore you wilt et|wrli>ni!e no ililt\aulty iu uroeuriaa ? boooinliiK att rle at a n.' ce. A IHitera W Itlch la Itittora and itolhlng elae, If bo wl 'I be troubled wit . agun ei<IHa, ferar. dlnrr n . a. ai.tnmnr d ..'wdera. w a.c*nn?*. d Hentry. and a! 1 otbrr rllnaatologirai ?niii?plamta. wli.-o t e Kfaach i:ognae. Diii^iaot h. nTKINFl'LU 7u uxwii * iert Mew Teik. will aaauredlv prevenloi <?' adlft'i'a rai-li and .'Vorr ef thee* dla KMT.po.ri! T'.rto Kiiut-< aro th? milii iniporte.J article >u lue Ameil an aar^rt britig made b *b? TV'rie Orow?ir'? (to rtely <?t I'ognao France and aiwaya Impruved on I evoy H4'? llundreda of |iest:ui nl.t .jin M iwen at the Ai;eul a olll a. a* the Coguae Hitters ?rT ft>a| alroil iced durinx Ui? ef.olern of i%S He part.?.iilartv calls a'" etlon to liio ti'it - mooia la of in*'.. efBeaey in tlie rsac of feraa.a debility, weak ? nt?a. Ac., of which they are \ cer.a n cure. A'litrrnN fo ^mokeri.? Poliak iV Kent, Mccai'liaiiru Mannfaolarera. r-mov.'d fr.ta Rruomn atrrat to<i'.' itroadway, n. ai tuortn a re?t. WhoU-te and retail. I'lpea cut to orilrr and repaired. A Beautiful Completion ,?lialrd'a Itinera <if Tnuth miH>?a*e? etervtl'lng for nrO'?rvia? and beautify iaa I"' comi'lcitoti and akin. 4B*t Hroadarny and dr 'tgi-aia everywhera. Amarlran Manolaciaraa. TflB BISHOP OUTTaTkBOHA COMPAWT '< tap aoly A'nnri<an luannfai-turcra or pure llutta Pereha 1. <, i;a'.?d Te'r.^rap'i Wire r?r eubmannn caitiea. OlTlre Wire Rlecirl*. Cerdage and Mlaiamg and Blaetlng ir<e. tc . i??p.<tfuliy inform ihe'r America a friend, and their cu'i'.ewera, the flegraph eoniri.nlty of the United Statna. that that arp fully r Hpared with ampin meane and inaio ril l In ! uriil-b all the StJl'.MAKINK. ANB OTMRR TRI.BORAPH WIBB. iiiioilaixd with puin gutia iieiuha. that 'nay tie reoulred for ii>4- In t>ia countrr. and ou term* aa retainable aa ear in? Ign luAnuracterora. ^ BAMUBL a BI8H0P. tiantrel Agent of tko Biahep Uuita Pereha Compaay. OSoo 301 Bioodway. llfenl lo 1 PM. Aefktaa anal Djrapepela Cared w fa l b? Or MAR8I1 ALL. 7R Broadway. Heure 8 I A Thsataad Rafrigeratora, Prom ft M -never Plated Ware. Table Cutlery, Cookiag r tea alia. ir at lea* prima than any other autre, at B. 0. >114 r<>RP'4 Cooper fnatitute, AMer ploeo. A Mo?v Trail Air Rnptnre. Vfe are new offer ng one of the greateat MeeoittRn '.o aaf ferns humaaltv that baa ever been nv ented. WHITB'8 PATENT LEV RR TKL'SR laaM'haeage It ie oonatructed no a dilforeet prlaelple oa tlrely from all nthere, inaurlag peeon aad happtnoaa, cna fort and cartel n aura Light, elraa and eaar, so praaturo ua ?*? taak or ehord, preaeure fa inward aad upward. Rup Kmara and Rkoul?er Hracea unrivalled. Pampbteta free rarniiiA UBIUWBt A OO . *09 BtoaBwar A Wort to >'lm?hart."-'Tli Mel Oar laianiion to preach o reform agaiaat the growing aa4 eoeithla uae ol the weed, for It la a lusurioua eomfon. Wba (entleman. woaak. old or young, who ia addicted to thia baa t of enjoylug hlmaoU behind a good Uavaaa, par ncuiarlv after a hearty meal, a lit diepitle ua. We apeak fre>? errerleane for we efteu Indu g? ia a gowl eega ? oer an r*a: but what we wieti t? auggeat m, try thai juatly popu lar fru rant. r?n>?n|cnt and e i eanlona denti rlrc goiodoat; |?M he thing after amokmi; r'enove Inwmtlv tbe ua n ' .aal ia?t? and odora alt"i.|*ni on the na? of t. banco: U? rofrcab'agly agreeable an-'earm the mouth cool ana (wrct Bold by a. I drugg.ali, an* by llALbi BHCKKL. i'-?ne?ar?, il? Oreenwleb e'reet. Bow Terk Prtce T4 ean'.a nor Kttle. nramtllan I'tbhle lai?tarlta and Ey* pre-ervera? Ta atrengthen aad lmpreva tbe eight of eld aad joi og by day and night, witbnut pala or lattnue. HUh.y r?/.mii.end*d b? the medical faculty. ARVMOMR. Or.illaU' OptlHon, dtt>H Broadway, oppoalte Road eiteei. BHiltant and Pewerfal Day aad Nlflil R,.,ihie Penapenilte Olaeaea. fur the field, aeo. opera aad tnnria'e ate?eAmpaci portaWa and afl.acnt. A eideadM a?ee.-tnieiii ?A MIHOII' OoriMeta' MBM Bread nap. nadir Lefarge Mowaa. II??te and khuea,? The liargent A??urt> la-at la lb* elfr a? ge?d Boot*. Rhooa/Ae for I ad lee. r a tien cn aad ehlldree al BROOEB' g^l Hreadway aod 1M Pulinn etree', ^ Banlular'i Hair t>ye-Tne Bent i? tig* wrr'.l Hafwleee. ?? liable, laatanianeo >\ The eate oaa lee' tr*. Bald bf all dnifgata laeierygt Bafdaratragk Cedar Cla ua ptntr. ( ami HHfcT POR M'lTMB Kvert dtHuAiu eaU it. HABEIR A CHAPMAN. Beaton crtemdarw'e Hate llpc, 1'reiarvallve and wig ''epntyWhotcyla And roiatl?Ba ? Alter Ha t* fke dye ep-rtle* by etllfnl arfieti. Came, Itauloan, invtvicd Balii, I'n larred .loiat* and alt dieea-?aa M tbe Pent nired wltho'it gain nriiioonvcnlenro U) the tt.cnl by Or. BAORAEIE. Bnr l^ie Cblropodia, TBI Ri.Oadwny Hi. Iluj-lrr'., odlt-e U at Ke. 3 Oivlgten rtrret h"W VorV e'?y. Tf* ni ^tber -<fl|ne. E?l?d>li*hed ifll. Kieht nmm; and % povn'e en'oane He earve ebn.nle ci ii i'ii -.ini'iJ 'p'^te nt4 i .e ? in. uur? of a.; kinda. tbe mnrt nMennnn* Iropiinlr if Ihe Win? Catt le ill ria-eiti eeiwuiiing t? /ie n? inai ? ikki a. rn nntettam Ac Wnrlt ir Hume i fralliv, fi -.u i t I'll . Ra^l; i.idkc aUtfi| 'VwuitatMe real'A Jfoura la fnam 4 A. M. MUJ 9 e'ei^ah Or. Ofc?Ni?aa>| Vataala E*|alatla| ruia m ??'??( haadrada ?T iwaa, aa? raUaHag oala'd aaf IHHag MM| tha feaaala Mi T|? 1?b4lfUtag girt n r?rf a? froai k ?<traai-*g trO*m, nnt knawtag tha ?auaa af bar te "*aamg nil, ph> uax proafcau?a aag law aptftM. ak??M latra bafora Mr 4tttaalUaa aag la oaaauapUoa vkora aha May fl i*l a Mat far bar aafTanag u4 4 ?ara mi? fba? bal?. that aura la ta b* found >a OB. OHBKhKlf AMU flblS. a*4 la aa aUar *ret?*raU?a baiora lha ?ari4 ra ua jH4i af Ufa wkMk praaadaa, aa weM aa la (hat whiob fallow*, ? ttv-H/, (bar fWlf fballktate (ha oh*a?i ttkiag piaaa la tha , a?4 Itrlati <naf"" while thsr ?r??aot pala. g ?U by 4ragg(aU ge a a rally Ham praapUf br uiL 91 pa*ta.*< at &'( far 9& All ardara ?ld' H .?UT<jniNuii~i-iut,LTK*, fm^aiim 91 ? >edar rtraa*. Hmw Tort. OMftWM, ft,Ta??lrad^ Sight, BOTV% '? tw T"W 0AT4BUAU 2X1???** ? *"? ^THKOiT, oMN^um. ifiriftRH ov thk ttmpamio ?oootra OC/bA* oifofi* *r? (mi*f0WTn'*Bk* ?* And every Amm of tka B?e a\ .aLr,,<)."lr*BS. ""fl* m<-dlcal pr anrgiaal aid attended l? Jf. fr ?OM RIKRR. ? KRO. at kia aaeaulUag rooaut *'? B?n?dwer ana* Tenttfle ItlVMi ItetftiMi, Catarrli, and al. ' Kf Rar. Throat and Air re*aa?oe. Mnaii tfullf trtaladi f DBS. MOUTIIItafa. Jt Hi, Mark's niaoe. DfafMNt, Oll??M of Cite Rr?< ??< Ca tarrhal aflTtuHiftua roeeiro tha tint at wndlrhled atleatloa of Dr. CADMTKltL. Had auriat. 'Vt Clinton i ?l?oe, Ktfhtk atraat, rraaa 9 U 6 e'otonk. Croaa eye luotanily . *?mtjTod Dr. Klag'a Hal rattan Howdart Hail tl?el> cure Drinkenneaa. Olren unknown to the a *tiaitt in aoythinr. Price tl a boi. Seldenlrat 4?rt I In dan ? atraat and at 4 <tf Mxtb amua, N. T. Rmptltni. Vrackiat, Plmplei, I'an, ?unburn. Ktevt. Wor*?K aad all Rkta DefermtMe* ean*d bv OOlKAtflVh Italian Medicated goap. at hU 4e?et. N?. 4U ? road rr KJ. KMtptlr Mitwiag Hadkl?M. TSry are the heat. Sen tbem beforn purrhaalog, OIBca SSI Broadway. For IB I'eata tit* January. Kebraarf, March. April M?r and .lime nuntlmrsef the IIiLURTBATRD rHRRNOMKHCAI. JOURNAL will bo Mil bf return IVi aocure tho l'k'tar al Doublo Numbers with rhrsiug noiav P.tbnotogv. Pby?lnJottT ?ml Psychology. >and at MM to POWI.RR A WRLfjS, 3M Broadway, Haw York. Pani- -Vault? Mn w Stylus, Jnat lerelred from Para, from one dollar te twaatyflre dollar* td oh.fer aa'a br a. 0 Al*f*SM, il) Broadway , ana daar below Canal atreet Oil* Comhl? H?W Rtyl??, ' Jti at received from Parti, from two dollar* ta Bflaea wk, for sale by U c. A CUt 3. 416 Itroadwnjr, oua door W?w CauaJ at rest, tlrnvrr A Baktr'a Ul?h?tt PreaataMh Elastic Stitch Hewing Machines 4K Rraadway, It. T. Oanraad'l faudrr Habtllit llproota Hair from low foreheads or any part of tha body. Warranted, at his new depot, to* Broadway. Oardf ta Ad?rani?ata, Vaam, Vounlalaa, Ohaira, rtetuiea, Kustr Heats Trellises. Ac., at CHARS A COL'S. S.'A Broadway, opposite tKa Ma. Nloholaa Uoiei. l,H?r NajMtjr" rhimpafar ? 1 '1'Ma Ray. al wine of Buf iaad Wu par aaaa. a f (juarta. WM. H WARD ?T Ktokhngn place, naar Bread. Hlflktat Prrialnm Lark Btltrh Irwlnf MaoUIni* WHRKI.RK A WILMOH. tUi Hreadway. IC f?? W ant to Know, Ac., Heart MBItlOAI. COMMON BKNRR, A aurieua book for enrtona oeaple. aad a taad book far a?ery oca. Prleefl To i* hud at ait eowsdepoi* Ooa tauta tablaa aatlad fraa. Addrow Or. V.. B rtxtfB, 1,130 Broadway, R. T. Jewelry and Halrhn or a i.i. oRRCRtrrioRR Rar Mir by tJKO. C ALI.BM. 4? Broadway, ooa daar to low ('.ana' ?tr*at, formarlr II Wall atraat. l>a?lfca Attcatloa-? Fiatlng. Any WldtK, So. per jard. frenob riottag Couipaur 92T Broadway, ba twa?n Twan'y Aral and Twauty aaoond atiaeta, ay >tatra. Rtyatartaaa Phenoini'na af Real Vatai 1 and vita impa' tanro dall- at t'oapar TnaUtota, roan M. Dr. I IVynoldaon taya, "< 'onia aad aae. " 1 1'ruadrs, Rlaa'te Htarklaga, Aa.?ffariR A CO.'H Riadleal Cora Tmaa OOToe enty at Ra. t Ta?ry atraat. iad> aiteadaui. Wtfgm, 1'oapora, Hair Dye, Hair Djrelag and Mold** la ( 'ream, for been wry In# tba Hair, at V. A. 0A1 i. ilKLUB'ai. 16 Bond atraat WMta Back Vetta, |A. Daakl* Hraaat ad Mautt itlea. ft. Sine in It Kaney Coat, Paata and vaat, *14. CLARK ?. IIS aad 114 WiliUua urea'. I n A H 2 . Ut R. A RUBRA A OO.'R lOUIRB WATRR aru upoa the Beart, Ltrer. Kldnart, Dtgaatlra Orfaaa aad Qlaivliilar tf>a'a o. The ?oceaa> which baa atteaded tha ?*e af tht? renie ly, aad '.ba rndarM<u.>rt ol medtc?l authority enables ms ta ra oomneed It feeltnk oanddent that with a fair trial It wtA aitrtt IU awn eicallenra la the aara af Chri'Bia l>laaaM(, >nnh u Bri-ofnla Hr?meh ui, Rkla Riupaloaiv Heart L rar aad Kldni v T) Karrou* Alfaotlona. Naora <ta. Kna i maC?m, Uynpapala.> . MyphtlK Ac. fr>c? ana dollar per tioiile. oa*wetptof Are do,.ar?. ax boui>. delivared fre<> bt eip.eaa to an? a Mrroi Sowari: ?' o<iiiiitarf).lia arid nnltHtiona. which napr net pied ilaalara etidcanor to >IUi?ae <?r on our refutation Hea o :r ?l.;n*ture *od irauo mai?. (tha Orrek#ord t.e?>li if ihi* adierti em nt) upon tba tafjal* aad wrapt era af each battle. o :r al .oetu'-e. and irauo majt. ( ilia Or. ek#ord t.a?dl i; bi? >e i 1>R H AHI'RRtl /tlO. . Pli?*letanH and Chewilata, Ma. 4A Breadaay, New T. rk. marriages and deaths. flarrM. BaMMB? Pa?*r ? OB Tbur*d?y , FVbruary It, I4A4. At Mobile, Ala. I; Ik* K?t. Mr. B'irfau, Mr. Wu> Hmr Buiniw lo MM* M?ar K., eideet daagbtar of Caieb lr*w?, Kaq. Bctim ? Oam.? Ob Wednaedair. Jun* 1, at Trinity chapel. by tbn Kay Or. A B. (>uUf, t.uAMum C. Hvnn W) Kim, oaiy daiigMer of Dr. H. H. UilM, of flea tr? 4imw N? e*rdi. Hnn KrMritCO papal* ptBBBB copy Hi ri-aa? Tatumi.? ua Wednaeday, Jum l.attbar?*l don?n ol tba hrld*'* parsuu, by lb* U*t. Ur. Hmteo, Eowabo D Kr riaK t* Abpi*. tAughUr of W. 0. Taylor, Kaq , kit of IBM r.llr. > AMPiotiaB- Wabiiw.? Ob Wadnaada y, May S, tl K Miubaai * ohurob, Broadway. by lk? Rbt. T. M. later*, C ?. CAarwrrioi to Cvrmna, oaly daughter < 4 Wm K War lag . K*t , all or tblB city Ma curd*. CAkB- a*i?m<*.- o* Wadaaaday, Jnaa 1, bf tba Rrr. Dr. Ilogwa, at lb* Duteh BafaraMd ahutcb, rifth. areaua, W. 8. 1'a*k. to Mlaa Mabt L. Abmmbob, daughter ?f Jeba Aodaraoa, Kaq. . of tfela oily. Crum? MeMi/trr.? Ob Wadaaaday, Jaae I, by tba Rat y MoOartby , paator af tba ohurati af Um Holy Creaa, Mr. Patbica Cvi.ian to MM Aaa fc Mv.V< ltt, all af Um atljr. Uiw-wt? Oi-B.? Ob Taaadar amlag, May II. at n t'atar'i ahuroh, N?w Brigbtoa, 0. L, by tba Kar. 7*ther (xxiaoa, Dabibl Lib* war ta taB<i, youngeei daughter of Tboaaa aad Mary Caa. all af Factor; villa Na aard*. (.<*>i<wn? Wbmutt.? Ob Wadaaaday, iunel, at tba real daaca of tba brida'a paraata, by tba Rat D. t.M. Jobu ? aon J ? I> , Habbt D. (Jnonwia, D. S. N , to Janata, *aiy dang b lor ot thief Kngia**r W. P. Wrlgbt. No earda. Hc.1T -R|. .an ? (Hi Wadaaaday, Juaa 1, at tba rael daara of tba brida'a lather , M Staatoa atraat, by tbadUr. J )*auad, K. Mvar to Mlaa Olaba ?. Ricabu, daocbtar of Dr Kioatd, all of tbu city. Mr nan ? 1 1*< 'at. ? Oa Sunday, May M, at lb* Tetania tfruanel, by tba Raa Dr Adlar, Lava a. Mraaa ta tf*b ua IIxht, all of lb la elty . Baltimore p*.para please *opy. M ta i*b? Mobwxb. ?Ob W*dn*aday, .luaa I, at /loo a cbnrrh, by tba Kiyht Kar tloratio Mooibgate, I). 0. , Mr. W. H. MtaviBi to MtBa A*aT, daugbtar <x tba lata Judgo M'flwn. both of tbis city. Mk.imui- Dmmam ? ^ Oa Taeaday, May tl, by tba 8a v. I W. halwaaaBAtaar, W. B Mti. W.Owmn B- aldm da?gbt*r of Jara bm Doabardt, bath af tbta oliy. Nn? !,aw ?o.-"b t%?May arouiBf, May ?t, at tba Unit Haytlat oiiurcb, nnwBm atraat, ty tba R*t 1 a Aodaraoa. Ji-ax M m to lai wa r*. u?a. all of this *Hy. Pombb? I'aiont. -oa Tuaaday. May SI. by tba K??. Horatio M?bbioa. lUiar RuatBT I'aaTaa to Abba Vm iu, yuuagiat dan.iit*r ?( lb* lata Iraaem Itvight, ot Alb*?*. I ?ith.\ -(J* a**.-!* Tlrai-blyu, aci Tbaraday, April ??. by R?v. flnary J. Vaa Dyka. J. alaxahi'Bb l'*rra?. u< Brooklyn, to Mrs. Baba* L. Owaia, lata af Maatgoaa^y, Ala. Nooarda. Dltd. Uoi-a*.? Oa *rfflfloa<?ay. Jum* 1, Patwo*. ?a at Ml ebaol noorb. m<wl 19 y^ara, t montb* aad -Jt daya tbo rrlatiroa and triaadB art raqua u>d to nttaad tba fu *ral frvai hit lata raaioaae*. corrur m HirtiaUk ali??< and At. lb av*uu*, tbiB (Cburaday) *rwnx*a, at two B'OaOOk. 1U oa ?OB Wadoaaday, Jnoa I. afua a abort bal ?arm-* iliaa*B, luaa Raom, la tba Md y*ar if h?r n?* iaa iriaada and aorjAluiAno** ar* raaiHMMtnlly l?vlt*>t t > a t*an *1 ib* fwoaral from bar lau r*atd*nM. l<? aranua a, an KriA*y AUAruoua, at two * alvoa, witaiai tar tbar BBtiea Haaoi".? Ob WMaasday , Jan* I, attar a aaort and ?? vor* Hi***, '"-a*., lb* b*lorad vtfaof JnMMargia, ir i1?> M )>v*r at u*r af iba MaadB 4 tba (aiatjr *r* r?p*otlaUy brltid ta aUMB um (IgMMM, 1Mb (Xbarafcw MUraaaa, a* t?a t* om the ***???? * >?* h?oba?d. *?? U Etoi **,t 4t| TuialiT i** H. ion fitMi, ?M n^^TLd"!*.''* te *? ?lB '* * ?? ?? .f r "**U?"0 "X I IK* '?} y 4r* J**UJ5*?_i5 jsVaStA;; r~- ?? ?? <ra5ui?ja Twenty e.gbt* *tr*et, Iiiu , . a. tww ?'oiook ^ ._ - ooMQiif. lOauMU* ? OB *IOOday . *1 J 4 I after a UoftdriuK Miieee. iu lb* 47ta y.?i? ' h'* Tit* friaada ?*? rob* tm of tbe f???y ???*??<=? loatteud the fuaerai. from bio late m^wot, M? W Woit Kor? y -aeeoed eWroa4,\bta (Thurada)' ) a/u>roeae. ** wlfa of Rodger ? 7*"/ n"4f? * par>*b of Drioaoltef . OBUBty f The fileede <>r lh? famiiyare lavlied nerai fr?w bar lale reeldeaoe, eoraerTaaBraM SZuWMU, Steutb ?.Boklya, *? Krldayaftaraooa.* ^mr2?f.-?i?*?/c of ""?0"'*? '* f*J"u? on wa<?*^4f. i?M ?j g ' ?* .K^ JTlL!. tMial ikHonai Owl* w (irlwrtgH, w ^ The relative* and fiieada Of the faaailr 'LjXwB lUMt Mi* fBBeral, I*>M *? t*4 T?"y JJ2 atreet, Newark, K. J. , m *rt4?f afuraeoa. ?? e'ohwfc. Hoatna ui 0 nada papero ploaoe cow . C *Nau.-Of oonauasptloa, aa Tuesday, MF 1Z( CoNMBI h, ft Oatlve of OOUBty waato?eetb, lr*Uad. The (uMitl will take place this (Tbarsdmrf ??***1 at balf-P**t ??? o'clock, from ibe mMmn* of brother, Patrick coeoall , 101 Walker etreet. Oobbbu- -Oa Wa4aeaday morolag, ?!<?** '? ?"* ? onv *!ld oalBfui ItliMO, l*o?li* II. OOHHBCA, *aa ? Tbomaa W. u( I f*rl?a? Israeli. kM 14 yaere, I ?*4Xl W) lAfl. Afflkttoa fere long tlmo h* bore, roys o.aas trved w rftln, rut d<xl (nought hot* l<> K'v* HI* r?? And w* hi* *f hh |?l? Tli* r*lftlivM ftad IrWuiU of lb* I ami If ftr* ytyMw inTil*4 to fttund lh? fuowal, fro* hi* < r?* i done*, 40 lie Ton ?tro?t, Brood I )ro, R !).,#? IrMbf *lt?r 1 noon . ftt two o'ol'iclt, WIlbKUt lurlher uotio*. Hii *?" 1 Dtaiof will bn takftu to Newtown, L I for tn>arm*M 1 (X>ma. ? <>o W*du?*d?y moroloi, Jum I, Ooahuw UW Conriif, in'ftnt child of ('hiri** tv and Plw?l?* rt. !>??, ?m4 7 moo tn* mD V- ***? _ __ lb* rcifttivaa hhj iriaoavot tin f ftu???r ?'* i**paotrt?fr luviM>4 to Ktlrod the ruiwral, from tkn rrtlMenn* of Mf pareou. 1ST W**t Uiiteeatb rtrMt, thl? Tburwlnf *Aar ?oom, it two o'atack. . . CtiK**. -At New Brl|bUB,9. I 1, w ?".*??, aou of I.iouleoftut Wtlllft* M. ftM KM M Clark*, ftgod 1 y?r, two mwitha aad T <?*?? (llftaiow ?M Kdlnburg (io ??!??*) P*P?'* J)ft?(A??rr ? a? Cjr.omnftti , Umy ?. of i '?**! Miaa Vioi.4 V third d't?*Ut*r of Her <? U. *M Klixa a ixinmre*t, ftged 1# TUe remelos uro to bo iolorroA !? 0 and luoerui oer??o?* wUI b* heW *? IbO Uo?y?raft*?* oburob ib WIlliaMMbttrf, on Frtdof nwrulnf? ?* n*-* ? I^rooic-? Bhrlr ob WodooBdtr moralnf. Jw? t< (iHAKIK l'in? f>? M'*' >M Tlio frieodi^of the hmlif ?re ryu??< t? fuooral. Irotn Uti iftt* realdono*. No. U* HolxMea, thl* ( l'hur?d?f ) ?tt*rn<^? f?ir'' ol_^lr On wpdneaii?7, Juno 1, If l*? ***"??*? It free, "twn fwJrtd will tm*<?*pUP0 from l*rWe rosldenor , ia*( r>?by atreet, tbw (Iharadftf) alforaooo. at tw* Monitav May .'10 of woiiode r*o*iv?d tn l??tl? on tho l?> laat.. ?*..ten?.t Davit. ^ I?, Hixth roginiont artllie?y, N. V. T , ago? J" y tarn tam b "lieVrieni* of lb* fft??lT> ?ta? hks fMhcr ? *" ^ Sawyer, and meml^rn <M Lady Ww>l' uanr. N >. 1, 01 Morrlftinia., and tha !? ire l>q>.trtme?t k? t? i oral . are mrltort to fttteo* ^ f,)?l.l?boe. Kulfcin nrenae, b^^eeo^v^h^d K.?M? it roe t^ , tkto (I'huraday) aa..roln<alw?'>..o?k H On W?4iioM(l?f, juo? l, Auc? Hauh,i (We m Cftrrick, county rMrijJ, lw V r,-w,tr?Hr Tb? rrleodx ftDd relative* of th* Cftmtlv ?-? r?ai>?otTaiTr luvlted toftttnud th* fi?n*, from h*r Iftte reaolouoo, l>T Wtt-b.nglon at reft, thl* (Thur*d?yi ftftoroooB, at IM ? Himckixt.? Ob Wodneadfty, Jnua l st hlk rejrt.i^, JUW.iRt Thirty fl'tb n?ra?t, of typhoid fa*ar. Usu R Huirii!.?i,a?ed49yew-*alMl????0lh?. Tba remain* will bo taken to aaadwtab, fuc to ??fiuHSSw -?>o Titonday eronlog, May ?, Cr.A?a AK only child of William and Catharloa Ualnlnf, M?d 1 ""^iatlreaaod frlead. Ad to attend I ha funeral, from iia i.atxieu atreat. S^eo N.T tUU < Iburaday) atur-ooa, .t?a?'?, without fortbar notloo. Tr ,o. Tuooday, WT ?1 W?. ua^mu Howxko. lot* fjolt^t waua Moor. to attood the funeral, from Cb^mt ehitroh, Hud60B, ?? (Thuradayi afleroooo, at taro a oiocb llia.^ ' "ko'k.h-Ou Wodooaday, jan?^ tSTugb, HWS Dt;h:r,r: ssttr I'iutd IbofuDoralT J.^rn^? 'iJl i'JLTTiST o'clook. irom bar lata raaldeaoa. No. 481 ? ??" thanca to OWTarr l'wna'ary. nlanaa codt of Hio iftte Toraoca and KViWabath Koan, agad I yaara * Tho'lneod. af tha family and tboaa of hi. 11 Mnmaa and Wl!li*m Lnrkin , ftre raapoctftt-ly lutltod# r.^nTtba .uaeraT from Mr. l^rkm'* raaldeooo. aor Mr of ibird avahua and 1 wenty third street, Ihtt (Itmradaff afternooB , at one o'clock proclaeiy. K m. m UramT? Oti Wodneaday, June t. ja?M Bobfh*, m (lie Ulh year ef bio age. . v Mb jfc-Basrj??5s !?'ssr..;-ss South Brooklyn, on t rlday aftornooo, at half pjat two # MT*ma.-Oa Tuesday. M'y ||, <UUr a longaod ee roro illoea*. rmHKa K. IUv aki , tbe beleved wife "I Mw> Magulre and aldeat daugbior of jamea klO(, iQ 'ha tbd ^r^ffwadTW th* family are invited to attend U? F uanr itl Irom her late rwldeace, Cayuga Hotel, KighM atroniM* and I44tb atreM. thla (Tb:,r?Uy). at twl ? M?Ki*1ir?.? 00 Wodn.>adaf , JuaO lloKuMr, K??,ofe'r*e. and fr.ooda of th. of hb. ua., ranias laaac nd John, und ol his aona in law , Wm Ww tola ,'iiaao Nawby and flao taaa, ar* rc*i ectlnliy in?iM< Wi niu-t. l th* funeral, from tbe re?id?ioce of r''H' law Wdi K. llrower, No 90 I'roapaot atra*t, BrooblyB i. ??? "? - a" ?. -ri;"' rrj: ttten<l the Mieral, tl.lo ilhuid y) aften^. at half pant one oVtoca, from bw late rao?iln -a, i37 !? tf ty dlr ? '^VfiJuor.-Oo Wednesday, June 1 . C*TB*aiw O Oaawr. ? aatlve ol tba ooonty Mayo, lreiiwid. age I 40 >?"?? Ihe friend* and raUtlvea are reape. tfillylu^Mid Uao tend the funeral, from her late raaldeuoe. TT WaadiBftM atrA^t on I rliiiy aAwriMH,?o? n two o clock. i^ai^'mTuc-day.llty 31, at White Pia.oa, Ouot. J, B.ii.\^, a ?ftt.V. of Kranco, in tba ?f Th5" fuMral will ?take place oh Friday U twota* u'Rliii'k frcm hie recldaoie at that place KtukB. ? At tha raaideoce <X hera^ilu-law, r.... ;ta Mabih avonue, ?-B Moaaay, May ou, itaav, widow' 'if iJominlc* Kyder, In ?be ^8tb year of bar "d* Tha^redatlTM aol frU^'ofl lb. ^?Uf *? iBvlted to atleBd tbe funeral, from tbe Cb?rob of 84 Kraucla Xavler. tbl* (IborwUr) moroin?, at Ualf t*** BMB o'clock , where a mas* will be oaored "f Kftr ainI wifi4 tbtne# O ilwy t'tniMfff Tor int#r flMAi CaUfornla, liaada and Irtab Kxtaum. ? On M-nday QTMiBf, Mg lag lllnMO, which be. b 're wlth ^"W*1 rwigiatloo, JoMfii* 1 ' ? a*"Bi b the Htl year of MB *fto relative* ?d frloodo of*bo jg? "?J't ..~i attend the fuaeral, tbl* (Thureday) ariareeoB^M r.r -rsirr EMlaad . aged ? year*. SSf.'S1 \SSXA'?T' - So 4 Now Howor^?tb?B (Tb?r*4ay| aiieraaoa.aa %?*??'*?'"?? ZZZ lata lacob Hoom, Philadelphia. . bBBrraBO.? Oa Tueaday , M?y ?1 , J Jl .HHTiSSC joha W. and CBtharia* Hb^pard, ftg-^l ? y*aro. ? "-irT ? aad 34 day*. . tbs i,?ik ar* Invltod 4k > Tho retell rM *od Dooa. at ?wa attend tba bl# p**al*, Hwkory oUMt.^ o'cieok, froaa ?be reaweaoeoi ?? ^ho raraaiaa wld ba. aaar FrankLa ??""??.?i2Srr l0SLr.!rt^ 7r wrt^ <uT^ bay' 8t. 4 year* and 14 4ya ? faaaUy are reapooUuHr "Sttlw ra-ay) morotog. invivd M. !'^um 'too Kaa4 ivty third oteoak. at hali paat nine o dock, from c >g*?. Dm reeldoore of N IV IJal ??. "t- " ^ ^ memte#, Jaaa ?, >t bte teOa NO 4 Nbot ^M4y?bird 04TOB4, af tfftoaM rBB^IOnee. ^ ^ y#?| ^ jh, fi* er**B?r?>ra* to bald at tba Cborab of 1*0 The funeral a* ^ avaaoo and Taotb *tr*e4 aa ^"daTw^id. ?? ^ ??>aok- H" ,rl*n-' "4 STnM JfX f*?H? -? ?aat^otfally *vttad .a aUaad. The body wilf be taken te Tarry town for Mi^raieoi "ra^-OB Wodueeday, Juno J. paiBi'ul iIIiibm. IWI TafU*? ???* " ' -d rjjUUTM ^ log. M eight a'cloek. Iba rwaaia* ? Y*>ker?for iatarxneat oa the *%.?? 4. M. traia na rrt a* m^aiBf. H.r H| Ft.ui Ru?woara. ttea jxz-jsjrs&s? 1 T^uuV^^T-iendaof ib.m?.ly.Me_roBpaotar ln riled to atMBd tho fuaatal, thi* IharadafJ B?oniia|, ,*% ten drclook, Irom tha raafcieoo* of BIB paraaia, ltd. We* " ?'M?cti\ atreet. _ , . WBJRBMK-la Braeklya M WadBOBday Jwie^ ]'?*' mbmi WikKMBoa, ibf bolorod *on of Joha aaa 4riy

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