Newspaper of The New York Herald, 2 Haziran 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 2 Haziran 1864 Page 6
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IlOrSK*. WLOO f Tv&iis. js^^*^?<S535l ^txatrcss-V-S -?sraEi.srr"'- 1 JT^boa K ?w. m >? iu* m * Ji^T" ? ^ ' ?.. 4?d. Fm i*ri.tu -?r* immir? M M *"* ***r ?A.s txt-Ma siiU and >trr>i.m ????* * ABOUnB TO LBT7^i* ?pA^?am<3 : BAB OVBB MO par month. appi- t? ALL** HTNt, itnej 0?U. oa? kwl Mi a haMfWtm <??TS> / I * Bftlb&lNrLY TOJMtlBHRD FOVB (TOUT BOOM A thVt to Oevofesf I. war Bruadwayaad beli?e?B sma um> Jo*m str-au, wo ? pnt4i< (teasM? oaiv. Root |M par B. H. TAT LOR. Na ? H* A TW?CTOR* AND BASEMENT Kl KN1SHB0 COT A la*-* in fitly stilt llfWl, ??r Sixth a>?nUQ. toloj for ?ivit or t? vi* ruoiaha, * 1 Ut litimfd Mi p?fcM<*ioft? ft! flttpcf MiUi. b* DAY A ******* 7 nwiRiD *x>m *> ""ft-SMS IS?2 A lu??uiio at 74 Wool Thirteenth strwet, "em 8 xth ao? APiBT OF A nurse TO LET? A GOOD STAND FOB r.A.RJh?..d di* ?*?. IMuiro?lN* ?Cnrm..o MM, New Tort 7 L?RflB ABD NBATLT PUBNISBRD ROOB TO A l.t--To pattern? or a gentleman uOlt _ lk wavrilriroex <or cooking A ?n A Shop to let, n ZUrZ Z%? w '--v. W~t T-.BWf.~riu airoot, between Bi*i>tl> and Mo.h a?euuaa. a vpvnFR OF FrRNESHRD TlOCiRS TO LET"?TR A ci i v ml* ?""f ?? *? "? of thBm "P<?nd'd. One part al mil takrn is Board or a splendid kail of mou rested, ?Hlio.i bm.J Family only >hreo. N C. IlhllOF, 161 Broadway, first floor a tihRM'.N LADY Wl.-II s TO LET A HANDSOMB .A t> fsrnlshnd Keora. on the ftcst tinor without hoard. Ai'plt at AG r.aai Niueteeuth street, between Second and l'biru ?v?u J??. _ ASM ALL FAMILY OF ADULTS. It A V I N't BORR rv i thin ib<-? cm ooropjr. Mould let a ami of bund s?rrd luruU ed Ap?i imrnu ot the second tliX?r. cons hi fnt cd ? rar >r eud Bedroom. with wvnl large clo*?ts, balk ,a<, Ac , I ? one <r iwo piiUcnwii, without board. H .tr*' cintiim-' all tho koiprrTi menta-. ta in a delightful ?<?!? .hborhooit, ?:.!?? til l.cxliiiiloa aveiute And convenient to m - ami ? h ami but lhr?e miau'M' *aik from the Filth A--.?I II Hotei. None bul tkoac willing to pav liberally ueeil a, j'i> Ur-leren er mrea and required. For rArliculAra Ad ??> ;s9 T 11. C Herald oDi^ ANRATLY VURTtlSITRD FBOITT ROOM ANI> BED riv 'O let. conve.B'tnt for honackoeplnK. urn h ^ per week. At>i<l> f ir iwr ,ltt> e at 2*3 Weal Thirtiein atreci. bet < fen N' And Teatb a v en ilea, four doors from Niiuti 'Avenue. BK >ArWAT.-KINR FHOBT T VRLOR BEIIKOOMS ail n'ti nc; gaa, hnlh, elo-eta. Ac : pr.rate eniranv on Ninth ?tre t. al o ,nn-.ta.ied ami imturnmhfd Kooma. Itefa n'liee required. Apply to Bcntoi;. 76? Broadway, room No. 7 rm? ,. NT11Y PLACB TO LET AND VPRVfTrKB FOR Ml O -To 1-t a very ureiiy -p a<-e. "-tiiatf -1 <-a Klncs bri<l e r iad. foar niaotea from Tabby Hook sutien hmi e ha- ei irihMiii oommaadk tine new of liar em and Hufl mm river*; hn? nam aud h i aerea of f-rmmd; b. ant full* ?hnded im-tim: tor a eow, and veseiaWe *ai?en Alre? lf planted Kent f I ?>. Fo?-''?iPti imm?t ately The Kur ? it-ire ren?atM(of fab net r< oe ?ood and fclack wa'rmt gmt Brii-M la t' 'TOBla and frne Bedding, ban lieen in tmn but twe week* and l? -old b9i*U"B the owwer leaves for Bnni|ie In r. tre ol the Siatii, n*r. At T?bby Hook, cr ad n an K G . Tubb? Hook. M?w York. DE.MK^H-,E APARTMEKT8 FDRNI8HED OR VS furn ?fce,l. may l>e h?i by jrenili-tnen o! n'kpeclAfcillty ! in a private hrmie Appl? at 40 Irons place. FftURMRHKD HOUSE TO LET? A HANDSOMELY 'nrmahed high stoop 13 nune, li" an .1 oon -ec :,-i)t ?y fil iated, in eraey City, to rent, troni.myl untiiocto t-er I at S 100 Tor the three moutiii, payable in artvaucc. A'ldre ? t?ox ( \ S Tii t ofllee. FUKMSHKD ROOldf TO LET-TWO LA ROB ROOMP. on aeonmi t imr ha^danmMv turn^aried with <^s. at *S cer w.'ek oai-h '. at nlno large Rooms, on third tlonr. ai $2 l?r?? k, to us'ie geutltmen. Iniiolre at No. Ml Kiiogton atreei r^OUR BPLt NniD LOFT3 TO LET-15 BY *0, FROM P Ktrei i to atreet. Hour B 'oadwav anrt between Ve?ey and Readi Ktreeia. Would he rented ^efaraie ir wn.ied. and lit a o* pn.c. Ai'Pi.- tt N. C. BISHOP, 161 Broadvay, first Boor. HAPTIVOS rPOB-ETDSOK. ? A FURNISHED COT u.i- to rent, eigni rcouis. Agent at depot will describe locality. Ac. HO'JSK TO LKT IN BROOKLYN? NO. 68 WKST BAL tic aireet. fou* door-, from Henry street; 25J4I', and /a; three aiorie* tnd a half, basement and sub cellar; ai in }> rfeel order; furaaco. bathroom, water cli set. bot an t e i. water, washtubs set l!n- yard, grapevines, Ac , At Bent $ '00, Apply on tbe rrem ses. IOFTS TO LET-TWO LOFTf TO LET CHEAP. J for Mght nianufscturine purpoaeA 26x70. In>fii re on lb- prt mi?ea, souiboaal coi ner of Tbn ty fourth slroet and Be, nd avenue. VO L'3 UKEE.NE STRtiET.? VERT NICFLT FCR i' nlalied itiioms. to small families or gentlemen, with all the coi v-aienecH for tioiisekeeptr.g in an economical man- ] uer. 1 1 as ana Crotoa water ic tbe r >oms piEA8Unr ROOMS TO LET? FURNISHED OB UB I f : uisi e1 wtiboul b' ard. lu a pr vate bouse, with batb, r> ' Ac., ai iroui to $12 per lLoulh Apply at 140 Wen street. PLEASANT, AIRY ROOB^ TO LET? Fl'RNT SHED an I uoi nriilsked. wlt.mut boird iu a hmi" * itn n od srn lmpioveiiieui- . a Mu 1 Room furm bed ou second Uoor, with wa er. g^? and closot, al $3 per week. Apply al i56 # aver ley piae. ROOBI TO LET.? A NEAT. NEWLY FURNISHED, . fiont k .'iat- Room io let. wilho'i'. board, lo ^tn ? e gen Ueinen. also i.n unfumlakod aqnare Koom with smaller Root connecting, in a house occupied bv- a nnvate tamily. App y at WWi i Twenty ninth street, near Suth avenue. Rooms to let.? a splendid svit ok cnfi'r - n uned Kootns ??on?i?tiiig of frant and ba"fc parlors, ?n ?<? ind stor* also fnr?lshed Room on third utory : honse with a .odein liiiurocement-, )<oautlfu Iv located. Oali at tiki l as; 'tenth street, between Second and Third avenues. ROOMS TO L' T? FURNISHED OR I NFI RNISHED, to errlen^en. without b >*rd. Apply at 140 Ninth street, first nun e east of Kroadway. OOMS TO I.ET-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY HAND furui?hed b^si of relnences given and re quired. ;<7 B ee -ker -treet. T>ENT fin PER MONTH? TO LET. IN WILLIAMS It. i, ? ei suit?'! sx Rooms on mie t'oor contain iiver . C nveiiience water, gas Ae on fourth tloor. Cars pass e door. 464 Graa l stn et. Wi.liainaburg. ROO>' - WITIIOTT BOARD TO LET? FURNISH VD OR it'ir i 1 1 ing'e gent etuc.n oniy in a a i-.all pri rai'' is at 17# Wost Twenti first street I<?s-anon good aad ' M<e ? t to cars and stage . Term- moderale. CTK V* I OWEBTO BRNT? WITH LKiHT ROOMS. ON i i, m ' iiilding Kos. 145 aud 147 Bank t-treet; r?* m ? n i * * and :?i*IWt feci; hoistwuy IB room, Apply loK. li.> FKER. If Batik street. OTKAM POWER TO LET ? ROO^S, WITH STEAM Is In cr, w< !l mined, the puwer steady, to rent, lu l>ui d tm: No?. M and f>S B Uabet -troe'. come oi Hester street. / t.,< i ncineer ? n iIm ie;ui e , or of THOMAS 1 t ins No ?" Mat len lant. J( stairs. R ST> o&a to twenty 1 orv, na ('anal 9 reel, near Broadway. OTP An \ >t P... -rarat- In ilie of Mr INSLEE. mi; nwr, 10. ? <ik?ratr?et. *M POWER. BEAB BROADWAY ? NOS. N ANl> ? Pi i.i ' tir To tat, 'ar^e iUtmc with e\;ra light. Poo *r Hifitn, H'lliiwt; tnil Hatting Pipe* A Urit Bi ?. mpM .li>....' n i iding! jVs1< (i lact. Ughied with akjlitthta. Apply to K C MOORS aa the prenilaaa. CTRAOf HTKAM POWER TO LET -ROOM 75i?J, I m II 1 uli t* J St. am b. i-iway. Ma. 49.' Wat r arret, betworn Mke anl Rutgara all|>?. OTA'K.V ML \ \D. ? TO LKT. Fl'RNItiHF.P. A SMALL, O i-u ? ???< .!??? rc,> prattf < ottaga, with auout threw acrtx of a> <1 rtflnnitig to tt>* watar; tbe formar re ideo e of Mr l<i d up.naral i 111 be re-te<I oat* to *err de^.^ahle paitlia. K'-iil f fin. AH 're?- A B .)> n ?. il William a;; ret, ? uotii i >. < r at Cuf : ia, New Tin- k xeour., ft. I. ^TATF.V ISLAM* ?To KENT. Ft'K.VIfiHED. ONB OF 0 it.' i ?:.u? mjen I"r.'per'>* fr mug tbe ba- of .New Vork. an* *oni lining aliout 1:0 arret. la d la park, ha-fng 00 the | re iea?r ?.ihi*i?ai ?t;t , r i;?rle? iinn'irj a?-ed ,y ?rrjr ao e parti. * "mr af i r? to A }> JANIN A William mm rvtm 20, oratCllfl u h>'tr Vork a#atii>?. 8. I. Tt LKT-V. LaK .K HOI SB. NO. ii HON KOE STTU.RT, W'l - . -e . eel, ff Mthij; Han.i lou mi l Mw? atreet* ?el, ,.xuu?.?<t lor a writ claaa aatlor'a b '?r<5mg tu> I lie ?.ore will He lat pirate If rea red; an ei<-el len*. ? Bti f?- rTf -He a an! (Maare. at a modera'e rent la i lire of t! iMhYEU*. 174 Matliaon atraei. to tba atorw TO LET ? ?' )M> ADD PART OF THIRD FLOOR. TO ? ? ma 'u. II V, at I 1 Baal f wetitletb iiraai; rent Ufe'J. In ii r. '"1 u.a^remkea. TO L" r-TWO H1K4LK ORNSbBMBM <*Alf BK AC r ia- ?-la ? 4 wit FarnitM A part ??!?%?, vi' board . ? ? - 1 <?n * 1 net# the landtag AppW ia Mr . I hi HMj*. : irk a* fTM> LPT? IN Mi'tOMI'VM. (tROt'ND It TORT LAROR J Rn . and Ha teai>'n?nr!j?'!nin?. clreljr fu iii,? It! !?' i ni ? :neu e, >iDeii? ? lonanlr tiartcier vea i d buil i' Is a >eri j ii iet ?.Ov p.ea aut t oma Flrnt c a?? loeatl >n, tent a cut, fc& be j.'ea??4 t? '.ommunlcate with a fnvd par l'w?. HUB at on Ac'Arr-i M. J. B hoi 27? oat ? tll'-e. mo LF r? FOR ri?P MOfTHS, A CODNTRf RBt>F 1 il. noe at i.pnr? Vauar Ruck. arni ouBinr, N. V.j lar^e Ho ia* aud aba 'ad wit'i fruit tree* abuu' live ?nil. ?? w.tlk from <lej~i' oil Ma n "tree* In iijlr* <j1 J<. A. <? K S BP.. - ug ?-ai or (? ?. HO AO I. AND 119 Weat at \c* toft, uj. -talra fro l' r-i?i ihooki vjf. to a dkr.r?hlr riMi 1 I Hurt '?( a tirat e aaa . ro? n ?h.b? Ri'iiae ver; tell t t u ?. ?! it a'.l lk? farrma. aaouara ImpMa* i a r-ut low to a atniaule , arty. Addr*t-? far lbr?e dtja 2l. ? V. H'ra <1 oCna. ?; ?? i? ?a boom. rrBBiftRRP, ik a pi.itate Imbiij t a "ii r ? ti, mi board. R* erencea ai I n,rd ? I . r -.a I .1 ue.aeolh alreet. fr I.iT-l HH ' H' MDIM'I. <H,'ITA BLR FOR A ' * ' 1 I '? i' ? ?ua altop. with UM BUk'.iie ). >ii r h.,4. . ?i, I*r atcaiu paaai, at UV KM Tweatr # ilk -t at cpo i r. ? TB K TM,"AH??t !/>^ALtTT. RT it PUT I tai# it|i * i?ii ? fr, iM^nrniatKM: aad a- on I , I he. I rmiT I -r, ,e wltboui ?o?rd. Adiraaa Tita-naea. box New lark i <>at ?> ti . - . IIY LKT ?A BA?BMTNT lO lit POR A DOrTOR'i I o5i ne ? Jf re P?'' * let ain?-> H<? ?, a d ,rt? -ooia. r""are, aett t # kpi. gSaf Ho o?e. riv ,i irr two i ppf.r Lon-; ii tmr 1 aia.a 1*4 I'^ala a!f??t. ?r ftorat-e <1 'ljb> toad, woold tor la Apt r m tke atom, or laALBlOk HMiIh m ii- ?? . . i xi at. mu L T? T I RER ROf)M* AT In WF4T F.I," I'KST Ff 1 at ?? u ii ?aii of ilraadaaf. I%itn.bt4. . ,Mi koi a IMl 10 it ? 41' q-?? | ? f_f C KNItll I I) ? Nil t'NFIJRNIHHFD H'M'KK* I on n H ?<jn Bhd on t men lalan I. Mar tb# IBudinga ?. .1 ma I .taMf Paraalta of A JOlI KNKAY, No ? alwrtw i . .. Jl.PT-UPfER HAI.f OF JIOl'f-K NO. 1(? KOTT ?. i... o h ii .? I I ??"Ot'.n wait , Ihi <? i .j . ' i tl it, ?/ lauuediaiaif to I * 1 .L, tails. J Ti T* urr-rTJBinsH*p A owy Hmm*,t*iU fnr??ono*. ?r ? ei^www ^ szxi^fcSSTtoisritMi ?ui Tk m-mlm* **??"-__ ; _____ r! *??> THIRO FLOORS. IN A ?nT *? ??t?kk?rtkaod, of ??? !?????> ??*. with mirr a ?nd ebaodeliem. ttJ sopnrnJO uhtiifl flanr- ? to?Lo Mtl ?Uir> ftinMofce4> Htme but WiJ fimTes??U. S5l bM! of referenooo ?Md IffHUWH* rxmaiTCU. ?? Tktr* ?????. r*FWT-Fin?!?T?HBD, FOB THB 80B*RR months, ? moderate Msod four story Hflu**, between Madioou and fourth avenues; thrM water etoa'la, balk room and all modern tmurovements: plate and Hum If 4? drrd AdJrea* b?i 10 Madiaea aqoaro Foot ?dies. r REST? AT BARLBV. A VERT CONVENIENT three e'ory House, within one m nato'n walk of il?y|. boai landtag. Aveaue A, betwoo llttth and 120th MKkll. Apply nail door, w loli. MUMU8. tf Beavor ntfoet. ri B ANI'KaCTURRRS ?TO LET, WITH BTBA* power, front Uto 1*1 of J une, the fire storyferiok Ba>l<>. lag So. 9 Baxter ?ireet, near Chatham; also Floor* to ?j, 11, adiointng butldiai. The premise* hare fceeu luoi */? Rled, and is well adapted to the picture frame buair rss Anplv to TTIOMA8 BROWN, 101 Attorney street, or to THOMAS H. RRTMOPR.M Ooerek ntreet, or to J. CA8 B1M, corner Spun* and Wooeter streot*. THE ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR TO LET-TOf , RTH F. R. or sroarately, <? uh Board, In a private family, u Ho. 417 Fourth aveuuo. Dinner at 1. References oxchr ngptL T> FaRTIEB LEAVING FOR THE QOVT <try ?SRV er*l Rooms to lot, a* 378 Bowery, for at* ring furnlla re donnc the summer months. Apply In the 1 .are. C. BULLFB. WITHOPT BOARD? A PLEASANT ' ^Tjt OF ROOMS, with bath and water elow>t, ou >-? ?u i noor, to 'el to gentlemen in a smA.l family without olnldron. on Thirty sixth street a Tew door" west of Hroar ,way; private break | fa-t if required Address L.. station' tj. FURMTU Hfi2. A HARK CHANOB FOB Hot' SSKKBPIR&-8UPKRR fK nouKhoid Furniture for -* ,? a; a nac.ri ttoe. ? A farn Iv dec in 'Be hoii?ei eci lug will sa? , Id lot* ?o suit purchasers all the furniture contained la ih' ir residence. 113 West Twen ty third vim'l. mar Sixth ar ?ntte, Pianoforte. J'arior Suits, Vrin iow; Curtains, to niatof , ; Kta^ertK, Paintings, Bronze*, Carpi.'. s, Bookcase, Mirror *. Pining Kootn and Chamber Furniture, en mitt; In u* ? cev*n trimth*. C'^AKPET WANTED- SECOND HAND BRUS8EL8 j I'si pet; must bo in irood condition : between 40 and ft) i ard?. Address O. W?. C., Hroadwiy Po*l oUlce. FllRMTORE. M/aTTRESSES, LOOKING CLASSICS, Hedding and (V.her Honaekeeplng Article* cheaper than el'ewhere. Call ?.nd Bare mncvai O. W SNEDKN'S. 2K3 Bowery, betwecr, Stanton and Houston streets. floods v-ar ranted Not/ ? the number Biter sion Table* cheap. FOR SALE- -AN ELEOaBT SUIT OP BLACK WAt nut (lruli/iiion rosewood) Parlor Furniture, covcred In brocatti. contesting of two flafas atiil six Chairs: to be sold creap. To be <e> ii at J. C. R AHN'S Furniture Warereumn, 370 Eaat Tent h street, betwrun avenues B and O. OFFICE FURNITURE WANTED-ONE OR TWO high f leak* and one flitting Dealt or Table. Stools and Chairs. Mutt be in good order. Address Desks, Herald office. THE LECTURE SEASON., IMPORTANT LECTI'RBS DAILY, FOR GENTLEMEN on'y. a i the New York Museum or Anatomy, 01b Broad way. Parties unable to atten<l these lectures can have them forwarded on receipt of teu cents by addressing Secretary of New York Museum of Anatomy. WINKS, LlUtOKN, P|>WENTY HARKEI.S MALT WHISKEY < POTHEEN) 1 for sale ?Small Distillery and Leach Tube, romp ete. to lea?" at a low rent. THUS. A. DEV*K, North Tenth and First streets, Williamsburg. ; - : NEWSPAPERS. For balk? a complete file of the hew York Herald since January l.lsd, todate in pertect unler. Apply to UDWaRD Ti.MPSON, iiouss Agent, 170 West Fitucih street. T II K TRADES. A FOREMAN MASON. OF MANY YEARS' EXPE rietice on both p ibltc and private works, seeks employ ment as such, be'.ag ai i reseut at leisure in consequence of the disoont nuatiou ?i the works for the summer mouths that he ha- been engaged uj>on for me past three yeurs; no ohjeet.on to gu So.Ui ; the rerv best references furnished. Aiidre-s Mechanic, box ISO Herald office A MANUFACTURER W ANTED? TO MAKE FEROU J\ son s air current refrigerators ipatent applied far). Refrigerator* a lered and repaired, at the corner of Ful tou and < ranberry streets, Brooklyn. BRASS COCK MAKERS WANTED.? OOOD HANDS can find ettadr work and the best wa^es by ad. dressing W. D. Bruen A Co., 68 Hamilton st, Newark, N. J. Also a good cock moulder. BAKERS WANTKD? A FIRST CLASS HAND AS foreman, to take ? harge. and a good second band. Apply immediately to I Steel, 111 Cherry st. (1RUCIRLE S PI Si N K R WANTED -A FIRST CLASS J wortmau. ac ustomed to spin buck lead pots, will hear of a good situation by a ldress ug b >x 4.9 Vi i'ost office. N Y. CYLINDER PRESSMAN W ANTED.? W ANTED, A cylinder pressman; one wlio fullv understands his business; also a Oordon pressman. Apply early at T. R. Dawley's. 13 Park row. C-UHK BaKEUS? WANTED. ONE OR TWO HANDS. J to work at taken and uastry. Apply at 2UJ Ur cnw ^h at., in the store. Engineer -a steady and competent man w ant* a situation to rue a stationary engine. Has -i Eirtence and can give good references. Address Engineer, erald e.'tice. FABM HA.VDS WANTED. ALSO. SEVERAL MEN lately landed, to go a short d stance In the coun try; waees $18 to $20 per month, and found App ' at the Large Employment Ho ise, corner of 6th av. and 1 1th st. UN F NO RAVERS WANTED? ON PISTOL WORK \T App y st the Bro ictj-n Arms Company, corn- 1 t>f Br.dge and John st>., Krosklyn. PHOTOGRAPHERS.? A FIRST CLASS PRINT K R AND toner ran hare s'eadjr employment by a;> at Henry s irallery. 14?t (late t:tD Chatham st. PRINTER WANTED? A YOI'NO MAN WHO I'NDER stands working at ; res and case. Apply at the ; riutlug oflle. i'U 8th av between S^th aud :?7tn sta. TO T!IF. TRADES.? TO CONTRACTORS. HCU.nER.T or Capitalists en.agt-d In Bui ding or In pruy ng? A* an et officer of the army, "tit of emp'oymcnt a tr e. in-ac t cal. theoretical anil les; ousit>> nian; bui'der ar hiteet and eird eng neer. de?1r<? a sif .aiton to >.U! port his faral r, a- a foreman or superintendent of buildi?f?. ot any branch of the i-ame (being engage ! fo~ t' e lan twenty year* on hi* own account ) ; liberal t ruis fo; steady etui oyment, no ob ection to the counlrr. or ?E?n'tractories roll;-, or qitarries, stone r. u.ason aiidc..rpesiter MOtks. Addtess, for eight dsy , F Y R., lot 1S>' Herald 5.ce. Type caste ks wavted-ai hki ce new yokk Type Foundry, 13 Chambers street. TWO YOCNO MRS W ANTED? ABOUT 17 OK IS TRASS old. who can tile straight, to be brought up to One and accurate work Apply at Bru. c s New York T?j>e Foundry, IS I'll V IT. S'.. ^ TO PHOTOCRAPHERS ?WANTED. A FIRST RATE operator . none uee 1 apply but tbise wb > understand the business u all its biaucue*. Apply in the gallery. J54 Ural. t. corner or 1m> i. Tobacco cotters and hands wanted-to woik In a t >ba ce 'se.oiy. None ne- d apply unless ac qualnted with the butinets, at 4 4 Pearl st. VARMsll MAKER WANTID? A MAN tvno C.N DEB stands ini aiifs' t?? u.g T-imiahes of all kinds; to the right man a good ch^uoe wUl bo given. Address Frank, Hera d Allies WANTKD-A tQVXO VAN WITH A 6 MAM. CAPI tat. as partner In s lisht, profitable cash bustnes?, an act ve i erscn wl I im t It tt bis advantage to call upon me at 131 Fulton St.. inon 2. ry ANTED IMMEDIATELY ?A < LOTn. SOFT AND vv ian< y liat inaniiiaciuri r; one who thoroughly under stands the business who < an furn sh good refermie* a* to chiract>'r srd caiialellty . and is willing to take eharjre ot an estabtlsftmen i at' this k.nd A good salary will he given, send lefer^nce* with application. Addrea* box 4.874 New York I'ost oifioc. ANTED? A RITl'ATION. BY A MACHINIST, FROM MieKast. ss foreman of a machine shop; is well quail fled for the position . nas had e harge of several shops and can rive the he?t ef reference*. <5an he seen at Htnerson A Mullic.'s. *i CortLaadt si., for three days, from 10 to 12 o'cloek A. M. WANTFD-A WAITBR. A SMART ACT1VR, PTOfT, healthy fellew; must be able to 01*11 ovs?ers ami not afraid to take hold and work. Call st the Wa-bington Lunch, No. I Broadway this morning, at S o'< leek. w ATfHMAKRR WANTF.D -A FIRST CLASS W4TCH maker waoHd. to go South; poo?l pa- sod ? ??(l\r em w plormeai Appl Immeii ately at Milieri Co.'g, Ne. sfcai'd en lane, be.tween W and 12 A M. WANTED? A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT AND BX vv perl> sc"d lOnrnsyman French mustard manufacturer. Addre * stating w* "-s reqnlred *nd refereuces, witb leal ? ame and address. H F fl , Heiatd office' w AS TED? TWO OOOD BOAT BUILDTRS. TO WORK 1? en J sehi*; three months' sv-advtwuTk. wet snd dry ; ?a?*es SS * J*?'.? v *? W<t'?*n rachtaod boat b'Uder foot of tih ?i Hobocen. N. J. WANTRD-A FIRST RATB COMPOSITOR. ONR wh'i can read proof sn ' make mp and take genera' sti perns on of a weekl ? |>a|>er e-fice sod Is atten.tve and in Sastrtetua may obtain a *tea?;y situation l.v addressing Printer stating wages expected, box I'B Herald odlce. Watted? a mechanical dentist, at 239 #th flw. Most be a r*p.d and aorurate werkDaaa A Oer man pieferred. WANT?D-A HARDENER AND HIS WIFE. IP SHE IS a good c and laundress 1 1 go to a p easaot plm a In the c sit try. near the city. App iy to Mr Woodruff, 44 and ?7 P?rt piaoe, up staira W/NTKB? A MUSIC OR COPPKB PLATE PRINTER and a Ikh to team the Music printing trade, at J. ftotbore s. 6? Bri.aawat, U/ANIED-tWOOOOD PMTMSERB. CALLATNEW TV klrk ?K'nnet sK46 < aoai *t. Wages $3 H. boui but good kands need apu >. rune a aovbsktissemkrys* ON DEM \KDE L'NE BONNE FRANCAISR. PARLANT l*r'aite-i,e.n sa tangoe at sac , am oondre, pour prendre soln de i>si'ts eofanta. n adresmr, avec tea meilieure re ooaimaadaii.ins ai uleiuent. au 15 South sireet. up stairs, eulie lu et i beurea. De boat vages ser >nt donnes. ON D'MtNDK L'NE >'E M VF DF. CHAMRRE QI'I ? a ' t ieo c .udrn, blerf no tfer, et nut a de boos retisel sneiteu s t- ttfrr *?r au ISl > ast .'2.1 si. ON IlKMAMiK UNE FILLS. FRANCAISK COM ME boi'i.e 4e de .i ealaate el a otr ?? die llfsot Imner >' nf' o, me r. da ti ot. a S adrsa-ei an ii S ast S7tb at., U" I 1 LK I O SI I n 9 i s or ? ffleii e rraa' aiie. 8 adW'<?*r ? A, A., sarv Ull il , i uraad street. ?OAIU*UB AJtO bOOOt F ' I A wiix FRIVaTB AMBRIC Alt .. -r"S /I adnk.-,. nerap-ag ? ao,.s* tr- ikraa' FAH?1?T Of I aard ?H) let a mm ly F?alah?.l *?nw /!?? in to* TmH Moriwi)|railimo. Apply al 176 Fr < wttheut benrA- !? 4* th street. AFRW PLEASANT ROOMS * ' ~ and fp.nU> Hours, w ih Ural r .V ,- SROOND Ititsul. til th* KKlcni iipntv Hpard. permanent e? torui.*. ?*- ri n-rtfr* ?6Uu' Mrn"k*r iar of Ninth HtmL *? M Vntv?r? ty pl*< a. ear AT DKTOf! BOUSE, I . ~ Mack* I rata Bra*'' ^ '' WUiT, TWO * aulu for tenvleme J**T. furnished Koom*. aid mon.h. The Roams# * Tnint'l??. hf th* day. week or auvaiod ** A"? <^a house thoroughly ra A ^w/"' **-LY rUSHIbflSO PARLOR AND BBl) far Uta la^T<- H ' a laJr and feaUw nan, with Board fnrmah / ?nly. Nana need answer but in?w who can mtUc#- m * cl*?" ??oomsaodaUoaa. Addraaa, elating fall B,. elation D, Bible House. A* WJ BO ANT BUTT OF ROOMS? ALSO A SI NO LB * A<mmmi with partial Board (to single *rntl-ni',n >ial? ). Wed by a private fainllv. loeattnn Mfraf^i U> bote , and ommbuea? 9> Irvine s aoe. Reference* ax ^A?imad. APRIVATR FAMILY, AV 4* WR<T TWELFTH street. between Fifth and Sluth aveou ?* ean ac?im> I ModfkM a gentleman and '? He, and two single gentlem a with pleasant Purni bed Koonta and flr<t clans Board Ref erences required Servants aad ebl dren net taken. A SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH HOT AND eald wnier, hath". Ac., with private table If required. Price Treat $M to $10 per week. Tenth m reel. near Second avenue. Addrea* P. T. A., siatiea D, m No. 3 Aator ptaoe. A HANDSOMELY FURNIsHRD SUIT OF PARLORS i lelet. without boArd, far families or etnffle gentlemen , at 9ft Kh.-i Twelfth street, near Broadway. AUo Rooms for j beoae keeping. A SUIT OH FURNISHED ROOMS TO LRT.? TOR L0- ] ca on is good ; near cart and stages; will be lei sepa- j rate. Apply at l#l Fourth street. A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, n a modem built beu>e one block from Fifth Avenue | Hotel : also a sing e Room, $1 30. App y at 70 West I wen- I ty seventh street. APRIVATR FAMILY 18 ItESIKOIJS OF LETTING a Suit of new l,i Furnished A( artments. four rti?iin? on *ruond Boor and Koomr on tlurd. with or wiU o.t Board, to a gentleman anl wife or sing e gentlemen Unex ceptionable references given and rflQiilred. <pnly at 70 Weat Fourteenth street, second doer west of Sixth avenue. ATTHR FRANKFORT HOUSE, ONK BLOCK K*ST of the City Hall, corner ot Frankfort and Wlllla n ?Meets, 25t) neatlv furnished, H?ht Rooms. A room to one person. -5c. to fkfc. per day ; $1 25 to S'i per week. Houso open all uight AT 174. 176 ANT> 17S BLRECKKR STREKT. SIX block* went of Hroadwav. plee?ant Koems. with evcel lent Boaid. from $ > to $1" per week; famih?? ac. ordlnvly Also, at Cliff wood Hotel. Keyport, N. J. $7 to $10 per week; families accordioKly. Fine groves, splendid sea bathing, flHhiog and (Cabling. A MOST ELEOAUT PARLOR FLOOR AND ROMF. very fine Rooms on the third lloor to let, with firxt clas* Board, In French and ( German stvlea at No 18 Ma'h street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. A Uerman faimlv of the h'i'hest respectability keep? the bouse. Kefcreoeea exchanged. AOENTLP.MAN AND LADT CAN BE ACCOM mo. dated w th handsomely Furnished Room", Board fo? the lady only, Addrc s M. F. D., Madison aiiuare Post office. AFRW CHOICE ROOMS. HANDSOMELY FUR- ' nl-hed. to let. at 19 nydun aquare, to Kentlemen 1 only HI eccker street stages and Eighth avenue cars pat-a the ooor. AT AO NINTH STREET, BETVFEKN FIFTH AVENTE nnrl University place, two snUs of handsomelv furnish ed R' (idi< with Plympton bedstead: hot and cold wale: ; also Hin^le Koom-<. .Dinner at 6 o'clock. References ex changed. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RKSIDINO AT NO. 3? R 1ST Twelfth street, a few doors west of Brosdwav, will let a Suit of Rooms and a'soa s ngle Hull Room, to gentlemen, with Breakfast. Would give private table if desired. ATS8ST MARK'S PLACE (EKJHTH STRERT1? OEV tlenien and their wives an 1 sinile BenUemen can l>? accommodated with eice lent ltoard and newly furnished Booms. Broadway stages pass the door. AT 1.1 CHARLTON STREET. NEAR MACDOIMAL E egnnt'y turn shed Front Room and Via1 Bedrooms may be had with Board, hv gentleman or gent emeu and the r wives. >ai?hborbuod unexceptionable. Terms modo rate. APRIVATR FAMILY CAN ACCOMMODATE ONE or two - n::le gentlemen with a pleasant Room, wiih out board, on iu?dera:e terms: hot! e has a 1 the mprove ment*. apeK hi It* West lent li street, near it e?. k.-r A NICELY FURNISHED BACK PARLOR TO LET? ! with or wl'hout Board, In a private French family, 192 Hudson street. Referenced given and required. A OmiMM AND W 1 KB AND TWO SINGLE ./\ petit emen can lie iceommo ;ated with p easant Rnorim. 1 furn nhed or mifiirn shed, and good Boerd. h au'ililng at I 118 Ci.utou piaoe. between Filth anil Sixth avenues I Attention is called of those living in hole's and board ni! ho'iws to ail establ ?hment open> d at lid Maedougal street, and furnished with e>^r>thng nec-sarv for lioii<ekeepinff. m order that a fam iy n.ay have a com)iletn honie. \NICE HALL BEDROOM FUBkUHKD. IN A MO dern built three stor. house to a single gentleman, without board, at $1 50. Apply at L8 West Tnent. geveutb street. Atiandsomk furnished front room and Side Rnom on second ?tory. connected. at Ml Clinton place near Hrmitwa , to et t->"i!? jtltMreo, furnished, sepa rate or lo.-ether: hi>u?e plea?an>ly located: ita'ea and car* pas* Uie door; bouse newly ttted up and term* moderate At i- WA8HTMGTOK placb. near HOaDVIV ? Ina first can bnnf, nmeral vcrr nicely Furnished Room? and Us1' Bedrooms to let. w:th Hoard. Fieuch *ikj ken. Reference 11 exchanged.' . AKI'nVTSHKn SITTINO AND IIKDROOM. FOR A gen; r nan and wife or single gent'emeii, wi h or wlth out Board; also AtCc Rooms for gent'erneo. Board $i 50 Appl at 172 Thompson street, near H >?-*er. An sr. pimt or and a -ivor '? furnished or unfurnl*h< d. with or without Board. A small family. ocrui? 'ng a new and first ela?* house com plete wth la*, hath water closets. Ac . wll 1st ?* above. Term* not extravagant. Residence 7'.' West Seventeen Ih kt. APRIVAIK FAMILY HAVE TO LET-TO ORNTLB inen only, without board, several nea'l fuin xlied Rooms, with ras and use of hath ? location of house very central, ar.d ronvenleot to ci? * and s'aires. Cal: at 31 East Twenty-fifth street. ASI'TT oh NINO LB ROOMS. ON THR PARLOR OR other *norx. with ftrst rlast I' >a-.J . ple.-isei location. D'ar i'ifth avenue So. 1 Kast Tweu . th street. AOtNTLF.VAN AND WIFB OUTWOSINOLK (iFN t'emen r n find Board where everything will be dona to render fhe h mo a pVssait one; f.imih sroal! and ho ik? piea?ant!\ :oc?te<l, aid has all the mifleni Im: nve-jients . A oj i v k| '.'II We-t I ll-,y se on'' sir?e' t.e-ween "? -hth and Ninth avenue*. Dinner at & Reference* exrhav?ed. AT 141 NINTH STREET OlM'OKITE Si:. WARTS, \ tarn 1* o" a f?w stn. e gentlemen can ot a? avomuta dations. Referem ???* ex- hauged. '? rlw 81NOLB OBMARMM Can hk ACCOM .'I niodateii witu ple?>-ani Furnished Bedroom*. In a prl rate faml|> . wiin without Board. Apr y at 21 km w ick street nrar ('ana treet. ATKRt TM KASANT FRONT AND BA<'K ROOM, furm-hed. on the kerinrt floor, with c'osete. bath At. to lot. together or separate y. to almi e gent.em-n. w thout board. Reference gi on and re mired. Apply at 235 Went Nineteenth street, near Eighth aveuue. A PRIVATE FAVILV, OOCVPTIM A FIRST CLASH house, have two largo an l two small Rooms, which titev ?ou!d l?t l" gratlemen. w th Boar I. In n're at I2S Wet Thirty-*lx'h street, bet?eeu .Se-.enth and Eighth avx A8PI.F.KDID LOCATION FOR hCMMKR BOARD Ing ?Large and como odlom Snlt* of Ho mil, eleg ,? t ly fnrnished, at the Do Lane?t| House 7.' W??t Fofitnth ?treet. fronting the Reservol r Pare. Persons waiting the cltv trarsfenl'y will And thia a moat dcslrab.e location. Table <! I oie. Ari.VA.stNT SIMILE Roo* TO LET-TO A ciKR. tleiuan, tn a private family, with or without Board Uou?? B'-w. lo' atli n for business men excellent Reie ri rices exchanged. Apply at IH4 Bieecaer street. ANICBLY FURNI8HFD FRONT Bo.iM TO LP.T? with hath, ?aa *e . on same tloor; donbh- mahogany bedstead, suito'':* for on? >t two rents; lo stton veiy plea aant . terms moaerate. Apply for one week at 21V Thoun a n street Ay oi no widow itur iias a parlor and Bedroom Vole in a peasant legation? would a<-coin tnodate a ten*, oman and w|i?. also one or two trenllemen ; convenient to the car snrt '"aie" Call lor two days ai 470 Sixth ovenue, a< ar Twooiy n nth street, se.-ond foor. A SMALL FAMILY. OOWWIW A ?OOM PI.FA sant'y situated on Murrav llill w,ll let a hand on ely ftlrslahed Room. ou the second lioor, in Kentlenacn or a ?eatleinSn and hi wite. with Boaid. lU lercncea reouln-d. Appl. at it! Lexington avenue, third house above flilrty elgDtk street. APRIVATB FAMILY WOCLD LKT? WfTTI PAR tial Hoard, a handsomel furnished I'aMor and lied room, to teiiU?nien. era gentleman and wife; a good bust nees locst ion for a lad* or dentist ; family "mall, nob ard ers in the house. Apply at 128 blxlh avenue A TART MP. NTS AND KIN. LP ROOMS TO LKT? WITH J\ Hoard, on the diet -eeond and tblril floors of that large raise eus house, formerly occ ,p ed uy tbe late cieia entC. Moore, Rsr| , 4iM West Tweoti third street j ti e loca tion for faml. e* of sing e g. mlem>r d"-lrA'i* of passing the summer in the citv is unsmpeasei. oouibii.iog ibeadrao' tag" s of both city and country. J T'?l- NO AMFRICA* WIDOW LADY HAS pt-s'snt, futnlshe?i Front Rooms to lei, with full or parMai Board, st S7 Jsne street, -eron ' d or from Righth aveno*; excellent tabic; term* m d?iate; references ei changed. AOKSTLKMAW *Uk>Tft A SECOND STORY FRONT Room., ly fural heg; hath, hot and eold water, anc, every oonven en' wuh private lahle. and near Broadway; breakfast at eight, d nner at fonr to (Ire; would like an atjo nlnu Be'lroom for his daughter whoa In the city: no answer* oil be noticed uoleee Ahsy state the I we t prlee. ilesrrlrtlon of room an l loca tlon: between 1 Ighth and Fourteenth streets preferred; separate term* .must he tsted fnr th? Room and Board fof the yeuag lady. Addrea* U? -taUun D. Board -ofntlfmrm WISntBO TO bconomi7.s in b'lard will find cleaa. airy *in^ e Ro.'ms. wltb Board, vervthesp. well furtil he?< hy ea Hng st 481 Hudson street; location eeutral, and faml'y p easaot. Call and *ee. Board? a kk< ond .story f??ont or back par. lor. n-wiy t rtiishe'.', to let to s gentleman, Wtthoul board or to c< nt'eman atl?1 wife with front tin uml?hed Basement if desired. Apply at 193 Bleeeker street. Uaae meat sulleble for an 4>nUw BOARD-PI FASANT SCITi' of rooms, with or without Hoard I'rl ale ta.h s f de r .l si o In . e Room* lor >euag .em emeu A^p'.y at 8D L'niveralty place, Bear Foiirteenth sir eel I>OARI>. TWO Ft nNI III-n HO'NMfi TO JjKT. BITII ) Board to * rent !e4n*e ami hi ? w i' e? or al,\'l ' uentle n en in m, e at s> l ast T *i . th attest, a few <io>f? ?o*t of 8 mad way nOARO.-THRE?. v, A C r< nviMq I H THE oj'COND '* ' 1 muit'c.i* , g w j . . , . .. t , I placr, i es; riUUa D uaur at b o ?iieua. ^ ?OAHPmn MB UUMHSO^ D04RD ? TWO IkROtllT LABOR A?D OOOL I ? Booms ieaa ft saftahto for a inMim* m4 Mi), hi tft? Meeet <ta~lltn? k?*M I* Ula t averythtag 1* MllM la Md ? roe ad uie rrmat?^? ?3 lr>tag pleoe, tunw M Kwt Bigfetoeutb ?i?l !><)AiiD 111 a pkiyatk fam?ly? living in hk<^ D end ttnn*. aear ? SklK Mmi ?A iklrd 4?J favrl??d. to lek to ur toe vnilt (Hiiltiuri, VWl me wlUxwi Beard. MJnoa Mrs. Wileon, * all? U. BO_\RD WJWTKD-WKST OF IDQtDVtT, fOB A lady and -cenOeman wh"f thert are tw ar bo other p?r BOA ROW ANTED-BY A FAMILY OPTHRBK LADIES, tknasgeolteotea. gve ehlldren aad Uint tod ea" maids, la a houae wbrr* llin wtll have a Are? oto m private table aodtolt ? loiaiorto of a home. inoalaoo between Teulb ??d Thirtieth street- end Fourth ud Kith evnanee. French hon^ra ?rrt4. References ,? ven and reqalred. Add rase for Itortt days. Uaura, UenM oiDte. Board wanted-on thr Hudson rivrr, helow Tarcytown, by afaosilv requiring three Boo na. ene of whicu nnuk bo on Uia ground Uaur AJdraa I. wlih fall par ueuiars, II. B. W.. box &2bo Pest a Sice. Board wantkd-por tbb summer, in a oood. health v locallt? near me mountain-* and water lar a (laull'uinJi and lain II , vviio wt I pay liberal) for '.ood board. Address Lara? W. Fairchild, lid rt lli am street. Ma* York. Board is wastbd-in krooklyn, for a ohm l le man; private family or where few bearders are ta ken- within ten inlnntes of Wall street ferry. Addreas Mr. P.. box 3.KW N. Y. I oak ortloe. Boarding. -two gentlemen can rr agcom molated with Hoard In a private boarding hnise ? here thev can tind ibe comforts or a tame Terras mode rate. Dinner ut A; and Alio two or three day boarder*. Ap ply ?t 1 12 Kornj tb street, two doors at>ove Broome. Boabdino. -board IN WILLIAMSBURG. a OKU tleman and hi* wile or a few a ngle gentlemen can be accommodated wHn a' pfcULsant Room and Bna>d In a prieute family, at No. 39 gmiui Ninth street. House h?< all tbe miiilern Improvement*, n c- nvtnlent to earn and within on y three minute*' walk from the fernee. Belereuce* eicbauged. BOARD! NO.? A SMALL PRIVATE PAMILY WOULD elnentl. 1-urnisbed Room* w th or w thout break faat, to centlemen, on n-aannahle u-rm->. l!ou*e flmt cfani. 151 ba t nuirieentti atreet, near ttocoad aveuue. Kelerenoea exchatuied. Boarding and lodoino-a handsomk suitk i of Bnoinx will be vaealeil on the Sd ?t June in a tlrst cIhm Iioum', delightfully Blttiated. for the *ummer month*; aue'-viib e from all parti of the cltv. with or wltboiit private table. Apply ut No. 1 Rutherford place, Bevanteenih atre- t. Stuyrenaui aqaare BKOOKT.VN-A GRNTLP.MAN AND WIFH, Oil TWO or t iree *!n*le gentlemen w II ng to room together, eau obtain neatly Ktrnxbeii Koo'n*. with aoo<l Hoard hv ai> plyin^ at 71 Stole street; dinner at 8; references exchanged. OROOKLYN.-A GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACOOMMO I J dated with partial Board in a strictly private Kn-ai h faml.y, at 1S4 Clinton Atrial, within a few minute*' wal< of Bouth un t Wall street ferries, tlenmtn preferred. Board tb hrooklyn, 46 bauds strrht-a obs- I t eman and wife and two * ni(le g^nt'eiueu ean obtain eneilent aeoouiinodatiniig, wi h Hoard, on rea . iiahl ? tcr na. Dinner at s.x. Location rcry convenient to the l?avjr Yard and ferrica Board in Brooklyn -to rbnt. at ih P1BBEB ixini street, with Hoard, one .arse Kooin. itufurnlthed, exeept carpet , targe pan tries; hotandcold water. BOAR!! on BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.-' TWO GBNTLE mrn can be aocomiiio-lati-d with a nicely f ruKhrd second 'tnry Rornn, use ot bathroom, with Breakiast; strictly private family ; ten miuuieH walk of Wall or A t au ic terry. !? iiiire at 41 Sidnev place. DV8IRABI.K FURNISHED EUONT BOOMS AND l^ed o>ima tor Rentien en or gentlemen tin 4 tliel' w.ves, may be itad at No. 9 Abingdon square, aear Bank street. 17RENCH BOARD? NO. 10 UNION SQUaRE.-LAROB I and smsli Kooun lor faml ies or single person* Also a Basement OUice to let. Prenuh language, ttuferenroa. TjIRF.NCH BOARD. ? A WELL FURNISHED FRONT 1/ I'at lor'atid Betlroorn. On second floor, to let, in a French family. Aluo, Rooms for single gentlkinen. Apply at 39 W?:d Twel th street, between Filth and Sixth avenue-t. Kngliah, Bpaniah and German ipoken. FCRNIfHTBD ROOMS-ON SECOND STORY TO LET, together or *eparateiy ; batli room on isme floor, loca tion veryjd' sirable; family private. Apply at 67 Amity si. FCRNISIIBD BOOMS? FOR UBNTLEMEB, AT NO 8S4 Broadway; termn reasonable. FpOMSUD KOOMV? WITH PANTIIIES ATTACH F.D. to let. ? itb Hoard; suitable for gentlemen and t!.e r wivea or Hingle sentlem?o. House ha* all the moilern Im provements. 102 Bast Thirteenth street, near Second av. FUBNISBED EOOB8? FOB (JB- TLBBBB ONLY; a l>sek t'arlor aud front Attic; al o a front Baaeinent, ?ultab.e for an ollice, at 33 East Bleeekrr street. Furnish? D booms ro let -to respbotaBlb rauniie* or gentlemen. Apply at 210 Elm street Bear Spring. FiIURMSHED ROOMS TO LET? WITH BOARD. TO 1 gentii-meo, at ZM West Fourteenth street. Reference required. TiHlRNISHED ROOMB TO LET? TO OBNTLBMEN, AT J1 No. SO West Houston street FCRN1SHKD ROOMS TO LET? WITH OB WITHOUT Board, larite airy rooms on second tloor; chandelier, gas. Apply at 142 East Thirty-ninth street. IiUIRNISHKD ROOMS TO LET-TO LADIES ANI? 1 gent einea. Board for ladle* only. Apply at No A3 Fourth avenue. 1 FURNISHED ROOM.-! TO LET? WITH HOT AND ' cold water >>aih? and all the modern improvements, al L'.t West IIou?tou street. Apply to J AS. CONNER DIOR SINGLE GBNTLEMBN ONLY?* FEW PLEAS L ant Furnished Rooiun to let at 182 Grand street, near Broadway. / 1 EBTLBBBB WILL FIND NEWLY FURNISHED VT Rooms, with or without breakfast, at 193 West Twenty, accent li street, between IS ghth and Ninth avenues. Bath in the bou^e. HANDSOMFf.Y rVUpUB ROOMS TO LEI'? WITH Koard. in a private family, at 117 Waverley place. Be ference exchanged. HANDSOMELY FORNIBHED DOUBLE AND PISCLE Ro Tia for i.cntle'nen on flr-t and third lloor-i at ."9 Fifth avenue, with brcakl <st. U re-iueeted. Ill HARLEM? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN OB ta'n Hoard nab rhly res, ?e:-i'> e family ; hoit* ?uh all modern Improvement*; la the immediate ? icinlt of tl.e boat and cat-i. < nl< ai )2bth -treel, iGiond door Iro n Second aven f, north side 1ABOE A IK Y ROOMS AND HEDKOoM.S TO LET. i with R ndandh'imi r*jmforis, ut 45 Grove strrst. l ie ton, gai, baths. Ac Term* moderate. VfHS. ARNOLD. AT NO 75 AND 77 K AST FOUR iVI teeiith treel bssvary fine Rooms to let, with Hoard. IIon-c first c!o>a References eiciianged. XJEATLY FURBISHED ROOMS TO LET-AT NO. AO i.1 Sixth a- cniie. near the corner of Fourth atreet NElTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO T.ET-NFAR In on square, inquire at 121 Fourth aveuue, between T well lb and Thirteenth streets. PLEASANT FURNISHED KOOMS TO RENT? WITH goo I Board at 17^ L> xlmcton aveuue. Dinner at six o'clock. Reference-! etchanged. Rooms and board on Murray hill? accob. modat on* f r a cntleman and wife or two single g. a t rnien with lull er partial Board, ina dellghtlul location oa ? arrsr IHII, with a strictly private lamily. Address A.'D., poet nfflca. Rooms to let-wtth ob wititout board, to single gentlemen, or with Bo-ird to centlemsn and the ' el' e?. a t-7 K.?' Thirtv flrKt street, between Fkurtb and Lei'ngton avenues. References exchanged Rooms to lbt-at iarond strbet. tn a housb ? with modern improvements, newly and handsomely furnished, with excellent Board, and some without board. -QOVM8 WANTED? IN A PRIVATE BOUSE. TUB AV nlshed or nnfurn shed, lor a gentle-nan smLladv. w th BoTd f"i the lai<y only. Address be i 151 Poet Ollice, s.ating situation and terms Suits of furntshrd apartments, with Hoard private tah e>, to let, < on-iatlng of First, fjeeond ' an d i h ? l Y oors, with all the improvement- Appl atflA Ka?t 1 wentleth street northeast corner of Fo'irtb a?en ie. ?j B ? Tt.e?? annrtments will be let to famil es. with private toble. or to gcnneinen. with breaklast. ler tbe summer sea son. Relerenre* exchanged Strangers visiting the citt dubikg the eunimercan ohta n ban Is >ine Rooms, with Board, in a Brat e:a*? house. Call at 71 P>ast 23d st CINGLE GENTLEMEN OR GEN'TLRMF* AND THEIE o wivSH can fct tt.r?c Isrte airy R"inn? gocd Boar i. cas. bath. Ac., at '.19 Second avenue, between Thlrtf aeveath and Thirty elgbeb street a. SINGLE OENTLF.MEN AND GENTLEMEN AND their wives can lie u.-eommoila'ed with geod Hoard and nit Rooms, with uae ..f ga* and bain at No. 1 New street, corner of East Broadway. TO LF.T-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY HANDSOMELY Furntahed R >om|. to genllcmou only; breakfast If de sired Rcferen -s re'iulred. Aiply .it Jl We-t Bitteenlh street, between Fifth and Slitli a'-'eanea. TO LET-A Sl IT OF NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS, en aecaud and thinl floors, with or w.thoul beard, with all modern Improvements. In a pr \ ale fam It. Rersreoce* required. 179 Ninth street a few door* west of Broadway. TO LET? WITH BOARD, THE FRONT AND BACK Rooms on ??cond Door; lar, e pantry ga* bath, Ac. to a gentleman sad wife or single gentlemen, at M Jane street, near AHngdoa square. TO LET? WITH BOARD, AT 210 SECOND A YBNUB. very pleasant Rooms for single gentlemsa and gnotle men and their wires. House aadleeatlou first class. mo LET? WITH BOARD, AT NO. 4 LAMAETINE J, pla< e I West Twen)v-nlnth street) two Rooms on serond flo?r. Tbe psrtles occupying them having unexpectedly to leave, aecemmend them to any pereons wishing a comloita ble home at a moderate price. ^ TO LFT-HANDSOMKLY FI RNISHEO BOOMS. SUIT, a I'le for a gentleman and wile, or *ing e geatlemea, at 143 Ninth street, a few door* eaat of Broadway. r LET-TO OENTLIMEN, A FLOOR OP NirELT fnrnlahe I Room*, singly or en suite. Ca'l at 1 J Fourth avenue, near Twent) first atreet. between ? and j P. N. TO LET-TO A HI N't, IK GENTLEMAN, A BEAU tlful back Fsrlor, unf uraished, In a first < la*s hrown stone house. Inquire st hs Raat Forty. I rst s reet, one door fr..m Leilngton avenue. Relsrennes exchsnged. To STRANGERS AND OTHERS? AT St NINTH street win side at Caiveraitv pa-*, elegantly Fur. nlshed Boom' , without Hoard, suitable for fami.lesor gen tlemea. House ti ret class. WANTED-BOARD, BY A LADY. WHOSE If SHAND Is sbsent st the war. in the vicinity of Seventh or Fighih sheet. A'idie*s, stating terms, K. K., bo< 12u Uer< aid irftlce. Ur AN I F.D? ROOM FOR A GENTLEMAN AND I. AUt , ilt'iirl for Isdj only), f r whteli SI" per w?ek i? J sdvnncf. Rill be puid K|n*i i are use Of bath, a c i ud no . nt'.er liH' ers Weitatile la t* . . n Fo rieen'h ..i.d lliir- ! Uato siruty. Adi.res* D. C , uot Ut Herald oirec. B^DHa tup MDOIWa. | W**XUO-HO*l?D FOB A FBBKCH LaDY. IK A _ *<?!!? apdaklng Kreach. Add row bo> J.SI7 Pootouioa. T0 ?I3 fill WKfcK FOR BOARD. WITH BOOMB fllat Uopont HoM earner of HkIm (Ml UKM MnrU. AUo H?anfwitft<MM (odgmj. Roomk la lei without Board, truririi ftwH ?? par day. WMiAwib aM aught. QQ WK8T TWELFTH BTRBBT.-MOBLT PCRNI8H ?H rroal aaii bark oa aaeond and third tlonra. 1 to let. with Itni elaxa Board. to gemtemen and the r wivea or nine a gaaOaakaa. blaaat at til o'cioek. Balaroncaa axebaaged. j U7 WKrr THIBTIBTH BTRBRT.? ORB OB TWO *-? I ralert famltiaa and throw or four gentlemen caa And Itxwi Board, with aieotv tnraiahed Roomi, by applying I turned ?tely. BMuuon deitaauul, bet wees Fifth arenue and Broadway. Malyixa repaired. OQ ONION BQPARE -A iOIT OF BOOMS, OH THB ?)< J aenond Hoar kmdaomely furalahed, to let, with Boaid. Miflrcivei ndtiuge<L OQ WB8T SIXTEENTH RTRRET, BETWEEN FIFTH . andhluh avenue*, baad ornely Furnlabad Hoomato let, with Hoard ainuble for gentleman ami wife, or a. ogle gea tierneu. Dloaeratti, Reiercacea required WB8T FOURTEENTH BTBRRT.? A BOOB TO " t lot. wltk Board, to t single gentleman. Reference* exchanged. . inn COLOMBIA STRBKT, BROOELTN? TO LET. 1"U w ik hrat d<u Hoird, a Room for a alag a gentle tun. Pna eaeiou given Immediately. References ai a. aaged. . 1 OQ 0HRTRT1B HTJMiRT ? FURSIHHKD BOOMS TO ?Ziu lot, with or wiukjui Board. IZCt PRINCE .STREET, BT. CLAIR HOUSE.? ELE 1 ' gantly fuitilxhed Krroms. with Hod room* attached, ? mi all the oouvduleneea for honaekeeplng complete. In oinil u x gni aaii Uroton water, to let, to reapectable f am 11 lea or ma^le tentleinea COUNTRY BOARD. A FEW PERSONS CaJj BE ACCOMMODATED WITn tltmrd at 1 eafcilug tha ate residence or Mrs. C. N. Kirk land. App.y on the premises, Eag.osweod, one ml.e from Perth An I boy landing, New Jersey. BOARD-ON BRIK RAILROAD, FROM JUL* 1; scenery among the tills deli ;htftil ; suaclons house, having Tory large ual a, parlor* and room-, well furniaued. Inquire at BARER A GODWIN'S, over the Tribune otlioe. Board at FORDHAM? li milks from the cit<, lOminutea' walk from depot In a private family for four to * i persons; house elajantl situated. with mod?rn improvements. Stable on pram Ma. Inquire of W. G. TOMPKINS M6 Pearl street. Board in oranoe, ji. j.? a gentleman, in business in New York, desires to get a nice Kimhi, with break a?t and tea, In a private house; locattou to be near the railroad stauoo. Address, with particulars, W., box 2.HI4 Post office, New York. Board ?a new and commodious Hocsft at Katonah. upon the New York and Harlem Railroad, and near Croton river, ia now open for boardera. Kootns large and well furnished. Reierunces exchanged. Address J. H Wlilliock, Katonab, N. Y. ; or R.J Bothmore, Keq., 2 i Fulton street; or A. A. Curtla, Esq., 76 Duane street. Board on BTATBlf island. -a gentleman and wile. or a few single gent rmen. can obtain Board In a Jirlvate tamily, in a peasant location, three minutes' walk rom the anding. Addraaa M. M., Port Richmond, 8. I. COUNTRY BOARD.? COOD ROOMS ANI) GOOD Hoard can ba obtained at the Atwuod House, New Roche I.e. /COUNTRY BOARD-IN A GENTLEMAN'S FAMILY, \V for the -easoa Mann. on large, elenautl. furnla led. car rage house. AO. Splendid ground'. Miniated on Oreat South lta.. opposite Fire Inland. Desirable opportunity for a iirsl ciass ami.;. 8p etidid drives, bathing. lishin.', Ac. One and a hair liour from New York. Call on or address Mer chant. care of Corning A Co. , 3d Pearl street, front 12 to 1 o'c ia k. /COUNTRY BOARD.? AN ENGLISH FAMILY, RE V siding at Bedtord. Brooklyn, wiu have accommodations earlv in June for a ^ciiiljnuiiu wishing the ooinlorts of a borne; no oiber boarders; pleasaut bedroom. bath room, hot and cojd witter, gas; cars day and night, thirty-live min utes la all ferries; house beautifully situated, with large par den; cow kept; fresh milk and butter: stabling for hor-e and boggy. Any gentleman not too aristocratic and fond of ?>ort Kn.litsh homelv fare can address A. B., 66Maiuen lane, lew York. References exchanged. , CIOUNTRY BOARD-BOARD MAY BE HAD AT J South Bergen, in a beautiful location; house within fifteen minutes' ride ol Cortlandt street terry. Apply to A. B. VaNDKHPOEIj. .17 Nassau street, room -I COUNTRY BOARD AT PLAIN FIELD, N. J.? A PRI vate family can accommodate a few boardera. The bouse i- near the depot, and oue hour and a quarter from the city. < all at 170 Broad wav. room No. 5, third lloor, or at ticket agent's oliloe, Plamtield station. (lOI'NTRY BOABD AT LONG BRANCH. N. J.? THREE J or in ir families pin be aceoui no.lated a' a farm house near tue ftceim ; bathing on our own ground: 16 minutes walk rom depot. Inquire of W. B. JACKSON, room No. 4. SO Wall street: or of 0. T. JACKSON, on the premises. /COUNTRY BOARD AT Y ON KERR ?THE HOU8E I routs t e Hnd?on. with a fine river view; well shaded; ess in: slab! hit boating and bnth ijt; s ng e or double Booms; no children. Apply to J AS. YOUMANS, Yonkers, or A. < ? i'lUSU MR, No. 1 Park place. COUNTRY BOARD FOR CHILDBBN, FROM FOUR TO t'-u years, where they will be wall cared for. Apply at 167 llam mood stieet, CIOONTRY AND CITY BOARD W ANTED? TO MEET J ? t a i 1 v calls at the Bjard Bureau. 713 Broidwav Free direct on* to all seeking desirable Board, city or country, families or single gentlemen JONES h CO.'B. Bureau and Directory, 715 Broadway. CIOVNTRY BOARD WANTED? FOB THE SUMMER / moir.hs, by a family of live adults, four children and t?o nurse , w thin one hour's ride of the citv. Will pay a liberal pr ce fnr s< od hoard and accommodations. Address J. B. box 4,976 New York Post CIOUNTRY BOARD WANTED? FOR A GENTLEMAN J and ? Ife. for sci cral month . in immediate vicinitv of I/Ong Island Sound; private family preferred ; prioe will be liberal. and reference all that can be required. Address J. A T., Herald office /COUNTRY BOARD WANTED? WITH FOl'R LARUE ' R o ns, in the vicinity of the city und easily accessible by steamboat or cars. Address, stating terms, locality, and a : psrticu are, A. G. box 1,'>63 New York Post office. (lOUNTRY BOARD WANTED-FOR TWO LADIES, J six chi dreo, the oldest ten ?ears. ami nurse ; good plain oountry fare ;h all that Is asked, but penty of it The place rnnst lie cool siiadyand heathv, ami ona where chl ilren can en Jo themselves; board wi no wanted for Jul \ and Address S. L , Herald oiflce, slating location, Ac. pOUNTRY EOAlUJ WANTED? FOR A OENTLEMAN, \J wit.', ebi'd. years old snd servant, tor three month-. Ix>eat:on must r>e bealt y and accessible to the ctiy Answers m'i~t state price and fall particulars. Ad dress A. B. C., llarald /101'NTRY BO VRD WANTED? IN A FARM HOUSE. V J liastng p entv of milk, fruit. va;:etaliles. Ac., for a family of two adult . Uorli dren. three and four v ears old. babv and serva t . innsl li i OSJ of ac es- and within one boor s rld>- of c!t? A Ulreaa, t'.atlng terms, Ac., J. V J., lleral 1 office. OUNTRV AND rtTV COMBINED? CARMANSVILLE J on Hudson. ? A private family w let. with Board, fwr o oely furniahod eoas . ungating Kooma. to a family ot geut emcri bin v a "Stothe > , re erences exchanged. Addr.hS ox No, I sts'lon M Washint;tou Heights, N. Y. LUR.-T f'LASS HOI RD ON THE HARLEM RAIL r road.? A i?rLa Far > H- use. tl rooms Lake, with boats, aed dair> 'Oil the arm. Address J II. tir<-en. Knlo nali. WestehMter county, or Doctor Sabine, 46 West Twenty third str'nt. or .1 loon. 94 Bowery. "L^AMILIKS DESIROUS OF OBTAINING BOARD FOR .T the sum ??? a Tarrytown eaa be a.-co-nm. date in a prlvste tamllv with first c ass Bosrd and hand omr Apart meris: ab ut live minutes' walk from the depot. Addiess box ;<6 Tarrytown Post office. WAVTBD-FOR A LADY AND CHILD. AN UNfUR ills ed Room and Bedroom, with Hfiard, in the coun try convenient to the horse cars, not far from tbe city; PK>d i Kin b' ard is nipected. Address D. K.. box 127 Herald oitl a. fll'MMER RESORTS. AT OLIFFWOdD HOTSL, KEYPORT. N.'TT 1*< hour fro u New York, by ateamers foot of Murray atrectHt:ii< P M , good board from $7 to $10 per week, families accordingly. Fine grovi s splendid aea natlung. fishing and stabllug. Apply at 17>, Bleocker street, or at the hotel. c Belmont hall Schooley's Mountain. N. J.. Will bo opened lor visitors Juno 1 D. A. CROWBLL. flLIFF HOl'tR, RYE, WEfTOHBgTP.R COUNTY ? \ J h amllles desiring to secure Booms will please apply ol No. 9 Great Jonoa street. TTEATH HOCSS. BCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, NEW II Jersey Springs ? lleath House. Schooley's Mountain spines New Jersey, will be open oo ihe 1st day of June; distance fiS miles; it Is reached by the Morris and Essex Bail road. leaving foot of Barcft.v streeL New York, at BX A. M. aiwl.4 P. M .Information may lie had bv addressing the anb ember, or bv calling on him on Wadnesdr^a, between 12 and 1 o'clock, at tbe Aator House, New York, E. B. COLEMAN, Proprietor. KSYPOST PAVILION, KRYPORT, N. J.? WILI. KB open on the 1st of June for the reception of boardera Splendid bathing, fl?hlng Ae. Two steamers ply . ally, leavint foot of Murrav street at 4 o'clock P. M. and foot ol Barclay street st .IJf e clock P. M. ; Keyport. 7 o'clock A M. For further particulars apply to R .1 ROTTIMORR. 228 Fulton -treet. or to t.ommodora JO.VES, 144 Fulwjn street, or to the undersigned. GEOROR J KIBBSE, Proprietor. Mountain house, SOUTH orange, n. j ? this delightful summer reoort havina changed kin s, l>a been thorouiihh renovated and newly furnished, sad will l?e opeoed for the re'*ptlon of guests on the 6th of June. Trains leave Barclay street by Morris and Essex Railroad, almost hourly. S. A. TALIAFERRO. MOHROAN I.AKR.-MOUNT PLEASANT HOUSE, near Peeksklli. is now open for tha reception of boarders. Apply to W. JONES, PeekakilL ORIENT POINT HOI'SE. ORIENT POINT. L. I.? This House will open on tRw <ith of June It is plea aantlv SI tune | on tbe sitreme end of tbe north point of Long Island, fronting both the Sound and Gardiner's bay, only a moments walk to tba wat?r;aon bree/e every hour or lhada.. llood fishing bathing. Ac. Cs' ? fiotn James slip. For further information address M. B. Parsons A Co. SUMMER BOARD-BAY VIEW HOt'SR. TOMPRIN8 v ile, S. I., is now open to raooive transient or perma nent boarders th rlv minutes from New York by boat orery hi. or; Rooms singly or In suit. Terms moderate. TUP. RIVRRMDE HOUSE RED BANK. MONMOUTH oouniy, N. J., will be open for the reeoptlon of gueeU 00 the 1st of June. .. . Partlee wishing to sccura roome^win j^ea?e address, ^ Proprl etora hotels. A TLAIITIC~nOTEU CHATHAM SQUARE. CORNER J\ Ne.v Bowery anil Oliver street ?To let, 1 fi apiendld Rooms, per day, week or month. Payn e spring beds. House open all Oigbt. American hotel, Broadway and riohth street, New York, on tba. Uuropean plan. Booms, an siiiio and a nglr. _____________ \1'HIINEY TlOt'SE. BnOADWAV, CORNER OF V? Iwe UN etr et H'tilfniiee on r?ei,tli street ?tin tho J.ire >aai plan. Meals f ira'sbe 1 by (he weak, li desired. Porter iu atteiiUancc ail ni(,ut. B. L. MEAD, Proprietor. LovrAromvD. < j APOOKRT C a8R or SUaQIOAL I K 8TB U MKBTV lo*t -if the |Wt*Ma who called with It to Bvatni'i Hotel on Saturday. will eeilv*r it at im Kaet Fitty uftfc strae1, the lady In the house will pay the reward. or f M will address a note to the Dot lor. at that another savin* who be boa loft it with, it will bo redeemed, aad ?o qao# POUND OfBRBOARD. FOOT OF R17TOBM RTRRBIV one crate Crockery. The owner will p cue call, prnr* property and par expenses. or It will bo aoid to pay tamo. Apply at D. Higgles', 71 Rutgare alio. Found? at rodgrrs' arcadr. sa> bowery, a' parcel marko<l Keiciium. whlob Uie owner eao Bavo by describing oontenta and paying for this advertisement. 1 OST OR MISLAID? OBBTIFIC ATS NO. l.tlS. FoX I J 100 aharea of the Toledo an I Wabash Roll way Oosapa. ay. oommon stock. in name of George Mamey k Co. ; aisda certificate No 1 HM. for i*l shares Toledo and Wahaab Rail war Company, common stock, In name of Lock wood k Co* A>ao oeri flnate No. 871. lor 100 aharaa Toledo and Wabasb Ra I wa/ Company, preferred stock, In the name of Oaiu i>?no k Co. Aim. I iit or m sla d. in the aame package. $3.<U)of the Toi.doand Wabash Rvlway Company aecon* nortxa^e Bonds, v r. ? Noa. 9M and 919, $V>l each. issued by Toledo ami Wabash Kiilway Company ; No. 482, $1,1X10, te seed by Tel?do and Wabaah Railway Compan/; Noa. US7I an<l 1.151, $ .'ft') each issued by Toledo and Wabash Railway Company; No 1 .11?. $VK), saned by Wabash and W eater* Ka Iwav Company The tranaferof sa d slock and payment ol oouuo in to aaid bonda have been stopped. and all mrsone are not tied not io ne^oi ate ?a d atock or bonda. Appllea t on will be mad? for new cert flraMa. The flnder la re. <iue?ted to return the aaute ta CAMM ANN k CO., t$ Wall KmL . Tost? too reward? a valuable cluster dia. J nionrt Ring. The tinder will receive the aboye reward and the thanks of the owner by leaving the aame with Bear r* T. Moore, 204 Broadway. _ I OST? LAST WEEK, IN BROADWAY, FIFTH ATI. J nun, Tenth or Fourteenth atreel, a Paper Bot contain ing tw# Kitinnta. one Locket, Ac The finder will reoetvg $10 reward oa delivery of the aame at M Weat Eleventh St. IOST-OM SUNDAY LAST, ON OOINO TO OR BB. J turning from 03 Weal Twenty-seventh street, to the Catholic rfcu rch n Twenty eighth atroet. near Third avenue, a Solita re Diamond Breastpn, sot In concave jet. A reward of $'ift will be paid to the finder on delivery at S3 Weat Twen ty-seventh street, and no questions asked. I OST? ON MONO AY. A WAT01T AND CHAIN, A* J J the Ci fton Pink. Slaten Island, or between there and the Vand-rbilt ferrv. between the hours ol" 4 anil 6 o'c ook. A llbei al reward will be given on bein^ lei t at id Lexington, avenue. I OST.? IF THR GENTLEMAN WHO PICKRD UP A J I'nckeii'oo'i In ftletropoi Ian Rant on Wednesday. neat 3 o'clock, will leave it at Keliogg's print ug oAice. 76 Kulton street will be auliably rewarded. Tne papers are 01 value only to the owner. Lost? on may i. bank book no 2n,Mi, of this Hank lor the Savings of Merchants' Clerks and others M6 Broadway. The fiuder will please return It to the abova bank. I OST? A OENTLKMAN'S BRBABTPIN, ON OR AB J ter leavlinr the 3 30 P. M. tra n from Troy, May 30 4 rewiird of $30 will lie pa d the party who will return It to J, H. I'hlll p?, 32 Warren street, N. Y. T08T-A MAP OF THK LAFAYETTE COAL LANQ9, J an paper. Also, a <op.v of the aame on 1 nen, betweei Fulton ferry and Liberty jttrnet. The fluder, returning th$ same to 65 Liberty street, will be rewarded. R P. 8TBVE58. I OST? A LIGHT BROWN SLUT PUP, ON SUNDAT, J near Nafaau and Fulton atreeta. Ten dollars will ba paid for its return to :i'jl Sued liter street. Brooklyn. I OST? $5 REWARO? ON WEDNESDAY MORNING^ J a Oreybound: answers to the name of P.tnny b a - a while bienm and a wh te mark on her nose. The above r8? ward will be paid on her return to IN Greene street. T OST? FIRE BADGR NO. 27, OP HOSE COM PANT 1 J No y. " lie flndrr will receive the thanks of the ownej by leaving It at the Ilo.?e house. 171 Mulberry -treet. LOST? $2 REWARD, A MILKMAN'S ACCOUNT BOOK Call at No. 1 Bayard street. LOST-ON THURSDAY OR FRIDAY. TUB 20TH OB ^Ist of May, a Daguerreotype likeness of an old lad? dressed in hie k. with wh te cap. The tinder will roeeivt such reward as ti ?v ma rea onabh h k b returning it t% R. ,1. Johnston '' Soruoe street, second < uor. I OST? ON % DNESDAT, IBTWBBB CANAL AND J Prlnee 8tr< ets. a package containing green silk Trlnfl mini; 1 he linder wl 1 be liherallv rewarded bv leaving In the Semlublo House, No. I Laurens street IOST-BY A WORKING GIRL, ON WEDNB8DAY, A J Hundle containing ten Silk San Umbrella Covers, ifl going from the corner of Orchard and Grand streets to Ihf Bowery, up Bowery lo Fourth afreet, to Waahla&ton squarA The nrider will be llbeiallv rewarded by leaving tl.ero at M West street, in the store. $20 KK. WARDS. <J>t? REWARD -THE ABOVE REWARD WILL BB pit d on receipt of a Parrel of Documents, written >u the Gcrmnn 1 lagr.u.e. lout between Spring and RfvingleM streets, on Wednesday. May 25. lStil, and signed by Me srs. Hansen A Hassey. Th>-? are of no value to anybody what aver. The tiuder will please return the same to J. Thleds man, Counni loner OI Deeds, No 2J4 Rivln^ton street. ?q REWARD.? LOST, ON TUESDAY, A TOONO NB*T< ?TO f und!:ind Dog; leug ears an-1 sl a.-gv btlr. answer* to tbe nau.e ot Nick. Any one bringing liitn to 173 Thomp* ?? n street will receive tbe above reward. (JO REWAKD-LOST, ON SUNDAY MOBNINU. A >DtJ snm'l black and white S tit, with a black saddle marl on her hack and eurled tall: answers to tbe name of Kate. The above reward will he paid to any one ret urning her 14 J. F. Mitchell, 782 Greenwich strest. REWARD? LO*T. ON MONDAY EVENING , 4 vO foral Burring. while coin-' from Thirty second street andEUhth aven.ia to Thirty lourth street and Tenth avaa nue. The above reward will lie paid for its return to 47fl West Thirf. fourth street. Pawnbrokers and Jeweller! please lake noiice. St re ward.? lost on may 2 ?. a brown cow. _ ?l wtln star n tyr forehead no I .1 bra s knob on m? horn Any one returning her to K. Talis, East New VorK, will rec lve the above reward and the tbanks of the owner. $C REW \RD? F0 3 THE OREKN PARROT THAT *) tlew : rom the window of S3 Foraj th street, on Mon< day. May :)0. REWARD. ?LOST, ON THE MORNING OF Jl'N* i?'J 1. a Thread Lace Veil, la to ng fn in 111) Mardouga) street to Ktftli a\ enue coiner of Ninth street; the Veil can be easily Identified by a vine running from the bottom td the top. covering the wliole veil. The honest huder by re turning It to Hit Ma-dmigsl street, room 31, will receiye the above reward and the thanks of the owner RBWARD? LOST, ON WEDNESDAY MORN. ing. .lune 1. while riding on the steps of a Madison avenue suge from the H?troiii!i|an Hoiel to Sa 70 Wall Street a small bark Wallet, containing a stun of raener (ifreeiibacks), together with meiiinrendnrnl and a small bras- key Theiindir will receive the above reward by r$* turning ihe same to Miller A Conger, 271 South street. Qi)|) RKW \KD ? LOST. ON MONDAY EVENING, V ? "" Mav :?i. In a Fourth avenue sa> e. in going froid Canal i treri and llroe.iway to Fourth avenue and Twentv* li th street a lad* s Poeketbook, e< ntalnin^ a check tor $IU0 on the Oli' m eal Hank. a ticket tor a dress at Jolly's, and $.V> ;n givenba ks and $>2 40 la gold. The finder will re oe ve tbe above rewirrt anJ the Pianks of theowuer by leaving it at IN) We t Twenty-stith street. icir REWARD.? LOST OR M fM-Tl D" TWoll NITEB >y?') Si&tes 5 2<i bonds. $3) each, Not. 3.1*5 and 3,16^.', fourth series, dra? n to Hannah Marcaret Mooneyor bearer. The above reward wtl' b? paid upon the return of tbe bond* to Walter B Palmer. No. 4 Wall street. All person 1 are eautloned against negotiating the same. JOHN McGLENSEr. Q'lQ REW ARD.? LOST, IB AN EIGHTH AVRNt'M Cot' car, on Prtda> last, Mav 27, a small Wallet, contain* ingS'JV In greenbacks, a Cheek no the Chemical Hank fot $100. one do on tlie Nassau for f :'3. a Note for $135. one do. for $.'125 and several other vnl liable papers, none o| w hich are of any use to the l.nder eicept the greenbacks, which lie is at llbert. to keep II he will deliver the wallet and the residue of Its eoutents to the Sun office, and aa questions will be asked. (J. C|) REWARD-FOR AN EN AM ELIDED LBATITE* ?P?JU Valise, tsken or Ir pped frim Suowden'e ei;res? wagon, at or near Id.' Hreadway. en Kridav evenng last, marked Major A ZabrlsHe It contained nothing of valna to s tranger. The above reward will be promotly paid and nr. questions saked, bv returning tbe valise and contents to 1.1 Sussex place, Jer ey City. q>Rtl REWARD? LOST OR STOLEN. ON WED nesday. June 1. at about 111 A. M . In William street, near Eieliange place, an old fash oned. open face, KmJish patent lever gold Watch, No 6.029, Monras, l.lver* p.iel. maker. The above reward will be p? d, and no ones, t Ion k asked, by leaving the watch at the o.hoe of G. 0. Tracy. 4V Kichange place. C>1 A/\ REWARD -I/>ST ON SATURDAY KVRMNo! cl tHr Mav 2H, In Crosby street, between the hours of i and X, a large Diamond Cluster Ring The above reward will be pain and no qtiestlnns asked by leaving the same at the Mauhaltan House, MA Bowery. ?WM. A. SMALLET. REWARD-STOLEN FROM THR TIOGA County Bank. Tioga Pa, on Wednesday night. Mav IS, 1HC>4. 1 United state- 1 JO Coupoa Bond, Fourth Series, Letter F. No. 14,719. $309 3 Vnned R'ates r>-20 Coupon Boads, Fourth Serle?, Letter C, N'>s .?*?!, lrt<Mtl *1 each IN 17 l*nite?l 8iate?r> 2uCoutv.o Bonds, Fourth Series, Letter r, from No. 73.879 to 73.H96. each 10f 14 United States) 20 Coupon Bonds, Fourth Series, Letter lT, from No 19 ?2I to I9.337T esch 80 S United states 5-2U Bonds. Third Heries, Letter A. No B.H04 5 0, eaeh..^ ...W?$ 4 United Siates 5.2" Bonds, Tbird Series, Letter A No. S.W4H H II, each M0 Ttaea < eunly Bank Notes, old Pane, $.Vs. $:0 s amt$2n'a A.OO Signed by former ofTieers of the Bank. All punched through the centre of Vignette, and had been ret red far three yours. No other notes of this bank had ever bee* punched. The public are hereby eaationed against tbe purehaaiag or taking of any of said Honda or Notes $3 000 reward will be paid for tbe reoovery of the property, or a due proportion for any part thereof, and U,iw for ilia burglars. A S. Tl'RNBB. Cssbler. WATCHES, JKWKLHf, AO. ^ AT 77 BLBBOEBB STRBKT TOO CAM OBTAIN 24 percent more for Diamonds, Watohes, Jewelr , SI ver Plate, G ins, Pistols. Dry Oomis, Ac. N. B.? Also 1'awn* brokers', Tlcaets bought for tbe above articles. f#t.* WATCHER DIAMONDS. JKWRLRY. RILVBR Plate, Giins. Pistols. Ao., bou?lit.?_I will ney l >0 per eeat more than can be obtained at any other place in the city. N B -Also Pawnbrokers' Tickets wanted tor thi sboye artlc'ss. at the same rate. 6?9 Broadway, oo oer ot Houston street, np slalrd. roerti 8. A T 212 BROAD WAY-PR8CI00S IKWKf A WATCHBS. J V Plate, Aa? The highest price paid for Diamonds. Watrhes. I late. Jewels, Optical instruments, Ac Ac. at hie private rooms. Liberal a 'vanoes rnades Tickets of dha? moads, watehee. As , bo ight. J H. BARHlNUElt, 212 Mr adway, room IS, lip stairs, corner# Fir ion. Diamonds. old gold and silver. $5,000 DIAMONDS, _ OLD GOLD AND 81LVRIV Persons who wish to Mil Dtaasonda*nid Gold, Silver, nranr kind oi old fashioned Jewelry, go to LOUIS AN RICH, l/r Broadway A positive fact, he pavs 30 per pent more the* anyot her person. Established In New York since the a* ministration nf the late Martin Van Buren Make no ml*, take? 72.1 Broadway, under the New York Hetet w ATCIIBS and jrwrlrv or ALL DBSCRIPTION8 For sale by flKO Q ALLBN, 413 Broadway, one door below Cnual street, formerly II Wall street. W~ ILLtAM LF.WIS, FORMF.BLY WITH AND SUU? c. <si r to I! Soiomoa, Gold and silver lielltier A4? Snver, Sweep Kmelter. O'd flo'd and (Mirer bought lloolt. binders* ftaj* .??< ?* mgs and Sweeps h m ,ht, noted or as. seyea. >iei, .ember the aiiinber, tl C'banibers street, le the baseuitnt. ?

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