Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1864 Page 7
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HAI.KM OF KRAI, ERTHTR. > | VAfeg ' 3ALK-PKI0K $ &IUA. OOBSISTUfa J\ pC .00 MTV. U mlea 1UJ a half frees .-araioije springs; a ni#*? beautiful dwelling ten room?). nine out touses almost new, with two eunj orchards of ubotce run trees: I It ?a etrea of woodland For pertii' 1 i Urn ad drees O. Nelson, rorw't Corners. Saratoga count', Maw Votk_ No exchange ui pi aperty. A BARGAIN. -FOR 8ALB. SITUATBD ON NEW X V Bowery, and rootling through to >0-. 2^ 24, 2 i, 2ri and iu Rooeevelt atreet. coneiuin.; oT r lour fall lot*. .Toreturaue insnnfacitiring or other purposes. Apply t > A. M LYON, IS Wall sli ?et A BARE CHANCE FOR A GBOOEBY. HARK* AND JX Buulnr. ? 1 Tbioe new brick Stores f?r ??;.?, 1 1 jc?< f oiu $2,40" to $S.M?0. terms from $50 1 lo $1.0<>0 autre. the ba inrce from $200 O $30<i p. r yeur. A I to tin ee CotUkC Hon on; price $1 V.K. A . n r 10 IIANIKLS A HOOT. coram' of Ftrih ?venue sad NinUi street. Brooklyu. A bargain. -thf, FOLLOWING HOUSES must fl* so d ? One on Second avenue, four slu y an ! beaeiueul rt'DU for $7 U; price $11,400. Six u lb rlv tilib slieet. fo <r atorle . rent for prim $VI0H. Apply toWM FfcTT BBTOH, 167 bait Thirty second afreet, near Hucoad avenue. A FARM FOR SALR-IN FIREPLACE, SUFFOLK JK vaunt , liinK Ulanil, ailta from the depot. Tin rami conalsts ?i ihlrt acrea, with large house, l*ra oar liaf ? tK'iiee, AO. The rrope are a I In. The aioc< e?ua a>a of bursas c?wk, iu>g?, wa ;ona. harness and lariolni; ulen-il?. Share ? alao an abundance of fruil of various kin 1*. Tha 1 alioa beaith v with good hath ng. nsbln*. <e. For partic ular* spp , to .4. PHTTlT 902 Atlaut 0 sireet. Brooklyn. A FARM FOR SALR-OF IW ACRU8. 46 WOOD. THE rest under on uvailon; food bou^t and outbuildings; ?hundanoe of fruit; >liu?ted 32 miles fr >m New York, two in in it tea from depot. Addrata John Andrews, Jatnesburg, Riddleaex county. N. J _ A BARGAIN. -A PINS IMPROVED FARM OF 33 ?area Urge regard, all kindsof fruit, lino tream of -water . hulldin s Itrge and good, with all the cropa. Ac . In the village of Kug 1 hmwn. N J. Onlv$ISJO Apply to J. 0. FhlRJUSUN, 37 Nassau street, third boor. A FINE CHANCE FOB MANUFACTURERS-TOR ?a'e l full Lots on Loonard street, W tUlamabtirg. %orth$2!toper lot: will sail the whole 'or $ '500. No la -aumbrauco; I tie perfect. JOHN FORGIB. No. l'lae stieei, room IB. ADR8IRARI7. FARM FOB SALE? IN WBBTCHRB ter counlv, <<ne h'<ur frnm the citv by railroad, I2n.*{ ? a>'re? In a goixl i-tnte of cultivation; gO'xl bit lil nga, plenty ?f fm t. Ac.: ood lucat on. Apply to H. PRICK. Esq., In ?Hurray street. A FARM FOR .SALB-OF 170 AORK8 OF LAND. IN Mar lan I. between Halt more and W>? h njlon; 121 acrea improved, ?lih Una orchard of all description of fruit; (t a a line pla>* for a car>leo farm, or would make a vurr ? ne vineyard rnit-e $rt.t?m; half cash. I>a ance en time, or would take mercliand *e for the time pa> meat. Address B. O. Hood, Wa hingii<n. I> O. A HOUSE AND LOT ON WEST FORTY-8B VENTII air*et. lot S \6S; price $t.n> l?. A'ao two eicnllent Farina of 35 aua 19 acre* each lu \V"siciie-it?r county, lor ?ale cheap, E. A. BDNCB. No. 7 Chambers street. Alabqe finb frame house and thrkb lota. North Shore. 8. I., for sale low for eaah, or will ?loHange for a goo 1 imsim-a > or a farm, plentv af fruit and ahrubbery, Ac. Kit H A KD80N A F L ATT, JoU Uriianway. A UK ALLY GOOD FARM OF 98 ACRKS. FOR BALK OB eicbani-e, xltuaie I on the New York and New Haven Bitllroad, on- hour - ride from the citv. Apply to JOHN BNAKK, btuyveaanl Institute. 660 Broadway. AOOOD TIIRER STORY HIGH STOOP AND BARB ment Ph Udelphla brick front Nous? for sale, oppoxl n the Roman Oa'hol c church now building n Thirty seventh ?ireet. Price f 4 0": au Impro Ing neit;hborbnod. JOHN SN ,KK, Stuyveaanl In-tllute, :&J Broadwav. A CORBY LITTLE ONE AND A HALF BTORT COT tuge Farm of 4'l aores. half an hour * drive from a rail road latlun it miles frun New York, with every requisite; building and fence In first rate order, suitably divided and tinder high euliivat on. for sa e. Price $4.0 m;' or would be ?xclianged for a Heuae and Lot within a mile or two of any of the New York or Brooklyn ferries. Said farm Is In a pleasant and h -a thy location, and has been in the po-aea aina of IU present owner upwards of twenty vears. Prin olpa a onl> nee i apply. For cards of addreat apply to A. C.t Mil Canai sti eet. ATHRBB STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK HOU9K for >?.e C'o-ap-to close an estate, located on Earl Eighteenth -ireet. netr S<"Oi?nd avenue; h m al modern nu K.v?nvnl?, >n |*rfect order; houie Ziii*. with extension, !Kx'.>2 I'oaa-aaion In a nety days if des red. $7.UOO can remain fur a tona 01 yea *. 8. BMBBBSOM, 421 Eighth avenue. Bargains, ?si acre farm with good build Inga only f i>ki; acre Farm, good buildings, good fruit and cropa. f-'.NW; IS mile from Ja nea' nrr, N. J.; S Acres u-im bulldhigs, fruit. Ae. , 1 mile from Kngltahlown. X. J.. J 8 Fl- BGI'aON. S7 Naaaau street, third floor. T>BOOKLVN PROPERTY -100 RLIGIBLK BOILOINQ Jj Lets for Kale, n the Eighteenth ward of the city ef Breokiva Apply to. I. A A. M. SCYDAM, corner of Ever green avenue and Magnolia street. Cottage on statbn island fob sale? a vkkt , handsome place, suitable for a genfleman's residence, looaied on >he north ahare, ft minutes walk from the ferrv; aetghborhood uneicepfonabie; h uae contains oar. or. recep tion room. Iibrar?, dining room, kitchen and o^llar. and four chami?ra; carriage bouse and ."table, plenty of fruit. Bowarsaoilahrubberr; alaa gardtn. planted; all ia perfect Wder. Poas?s?lon immediately if desired. Terms arrom paodaHne. Price $\60o. Alao another place at $2 M)0. Ap ply *? HBNB? A. DaRRIN, corner of Whitehall aad State at reel -i. COUNTBT BBBinEKCB FOR 8ALB-ON THE BANKS ol the IlodseL. located a short distance frem cara and (teasik -ats , at Hast n<s. Large vllia and cottage (forty three rooms), two acres of good land laid nut In gardea and S.wa, abaadaace ot choice frnlia. shrubbery and hade ?ee* excellent apring water, uarriage houea, stable, bars, c. . eultable for a fir t class boarding house; is a good in iraet'iieot; has a full view of the river. It is rented to a bimmI tenant at present, who would like le remain far years. Will be sold cheap if applied for Immediately. ?. KMBBRSUN, 431 Mghth avenue. EARM FOB SALB-IN WK8TCHK8TEB COUNTY, contain ag about 7S acres of prime aad, new double two ry hou?e larg- barn outbuildings In perfoct order, abna dance of choice fru t, sad plenty of wood and water; onlv ?ae mile from dep it, 2H m les (runs New York; prico $9. "00. Terms easy. 1 turned ate possesatun. J. A. KBN YON. A3 Nassau atreet. OR SALB-AT MOUNT KI8CO. WE8TCHESTKB coiiaty. about 36 mll-s from New York, on llurlem Ksilro.d four minutes walk from -lallon, A verv dexlrsble Residene*. beaut fully located. WHh about three ar-en choice land: housr UiU with kitchen stitched; good carriage; a I ?ew an 1 10 good or<er; ehoice variety or rruil, good water. Be. A 1 ply to K W RIGHT, 114 West ireet lilOR 8ALB-AT FORT LBB, A NEW HOUSE, WITH tP feur or more Lots. 2ftilO><. well laid out. wlih Iru t trees .ic.. twx> minutes' walk from the landing, tine view of the Hudson river; a lovely spot. Will sell or exchange for 6 -mall House aad Lot In Brook 1* n or Jersey Cltr. Price iftUO. app v to.f. CHSHING. B??i . (lrm of Ried A Cuah g. i a Oana'l street near Broadway <|iM)B SALE, PRICE $3.500? SEASHORE HOMK ? B1 H?use and barn, two acres of land toe garden Thi* plaoe ik oon>epteiit y li>eated. has a b- a.itiful unuba'ructe4 sea vtew aad giaid h?i!hiis ao4 flsblng. For particulars appi? to A. O. STB VBNb. 216 West Fei ty second street. Mew York. Fob balk? on bkboen hill one or two Oweliing Houses oa Academy street, oue blook from bars* rail read. Termsnasv. lainfre of JA.MK8 DORAN, ?orner of Acadeniy si ee; aud Pa.isade avenue FOB BALE-ON SIXTH AYENI'E. nARLKM. A choioe Store and brown staae Dwelling, an me south aateam'T ef Kith sireat. a eupeuor business lecaton; boo e ?:# by f-et with " ate' and gas; tba onlv reas n for Cllaat is the I ineas of the proprietor Applv on the preir m. or to *. H. BBOWN, 111 Naaaau airsat, ft m? I to S tyeiock P. M. Fob salb-a handsomb cottage, stable ac., an 1 abant one a, re of ground, all In splendid condition, Mluated at Irvlng'on, N. J. Her e cara trnin Newark na?a the door everv half hour Price $6 .*? Apply W> It. ORR, ? Joha atreet. Fob balb-thb be^t corner lot on fifth aveane. froatinz the Park, cheap. Apply to DYB A BUBTISB, WSBtxth aveaaa. ., Fob salb-a finb house im webt thirty sixth -Ireet prici $480". Aad one oa Wast Th'rtx fsurtb ?treat, at $>0 ft 0. Poaaesaiaa al oaos Apply t? DYB A CURTIS8. 40? Sixth aveaue FOB SALE-TUB BLBOANT THBBE STOBY HIOH a loop brink House Ma. 34 West Forty fifth street ia firfaet order; 20 feat frwat by half the block. Price $14 000. arm raah. N < mortgage Apnlr on the premieca, or to J. A PAGB, t9* Broadwaf. Poa->< asloa Iramadlataly. tpOB 8ALB? HOI'SR A NO I >T 180 BPBINO STBEBT, P oorwar af T ho iri pea a , .1 rata stand for buslaaas. laqaire oa tha premtsaa. FOB SALE? R0D3B AND ! 47 BOND STREET; tha houaa haa just been r k m perfect order, painud throughout, An. Ranta lor $l,4ni. Terms easy. O. BARBUNN, 90 Fultm street, eoraad floor. FOR SALB? A STONE C \STLB. THBBB K TOR I KB high, all carorad with ivy in tha centra of a two acre plot. sptMKttdl tharto treoa. ohatoa fraiu. ? garden full of vegsUblaa, tha beat of sprtag water, a fiah pond, large eis tore, sood stahtaa. aad a gmrdanar 'a housa. aHuated on the head 01 North Now Yark, one street east of the Ford bo* bona ratiresd. or Third avanua iwtlauad; aboat 10 m In - Rtes' walk froaa the old Harlem bridge. Westchester oouatT. . Y Apply to i'B AS LEACH, aalhe preuilaea. I FOB SALB? A BOOR. PAPRR AND STATTONRRT Store, doiag a pood bnslaasa. Address A. H . station D T,1i ll BaLE-VKRT low. a pleasant countrt V Seat or Far on, arttb (nod baltdiaga. at Ovster Bay, Loag Island. AddrengWra Knight. Oyster Bay, U 1. Fob salb-ir Houston strbkt. neab broad wav a four stars, attic, baaemeal and sub osllar brlcg rouso. 26i?0; lot llti foot. AP?ly to THOMAS R. FRANK IM. W William straat. EORSALB-A4' ACKKS OF SKLPCTBU PARMINO Land la northern Iowa, cheap for cash; or will trada a n atauranl or grocery with a partial (took. , Inquire of a n. Lancaster, it waB street. V?B SaLB-a housb and lot sttpatbd Oil THK r northerly aide of ltlst ftreet. i.V? feel eaaterlv from Beooad aveaue Appy to LEWIS MATIIEWS. Executor of lhe estate of Susan Dograw. deeaaso>l. l?i Eighth avenue, u* . of It ghteoath atreet. If pat sold before iba 16th day af Jnne la*.. It will be said an that day at auct na F?? "*bratn, AT TABRYTOWN A ml ilUf . ilii^!- Ti ,Q ,f l*n 1 s-te ve iae barft and sarrlage house; aboadance of fruit ? d beiaiiborbood and ono of the reost aatenslea end One-t llewaen I be Uudaia river Prise law; terms te ault W II ttva insaiediate poss"s> on. _ se^uit w n 'BNTOB, aSNaaaan 'treat. ^.?k (< * i. t - a DKSlRAUk.r. COTTAO K~ tlOlSRANO r L ?t ana a baff of t.ronod, a IJftih between r0. '. ia end F ftn a'en nss. neai Mi, ml Merr s a <iuare; hou -e coa Is ng modera ?hrrn'ensi.ats; grenads are bandsomatr la d av w tb fruit trees. Ao Inq ilre al M Washington msrxet. F'OR SALR-ON MITHBAT HILL. FOl'B FIRST CLASS ?I'Mfern built lanr stuf v huh toop hrowastuae lioxsea; t-nmsuisla pa sessiaii; ll.trtl a<id VlifM; lots !t?, arlie I' ?S' -ad flVifti. Persslls of A. J0I7RNEAY, lo 1 ril'S S'reeL For salb-a new rouse, with tf.r roowa, a.tio aad ce lar. la ateelient order ground 160 fret b> liai e.tiUlmng idche-oe fru t frees In o fine grapeaiboia Sow -i and ve aiahle ga1 den harp, henuery sad good >?eli of wster w Ihln tea m 11 tee' ws'k ol stea-nboal ati 'Uigs >'er inrti?..iare anp y on ihe rrennses, to ALKXANi'PR PUlfits Rechaslc^ avenue. Port Richmond Stalen Island F>U? SALS ATA IIANOAIN-A BEAUTIFULLY Ft B nl?hndUa?iairy Seel Isrge. new double two stor. h igs wdth si ihe mcdeaa imi-ovemeu s two acres in gar.lan, la?a frn it aad -hade ueee; gool ne ghborhood, fa* In s t-on onlv ha f an ho-u f mn New Y or* and len rainnles' esgik fram the depot at Pases tc. j a. M?Vt)Rx*NaMHstnsi fALEt or ?w'*A? ? ? yx - v v, v HftlffiSlON A FOK SALE UHKAP? IMlNjP.1*** E^. Tnh*? nlaUl lour lor bniwu ?i >ae frout JJ jjr V? P br'ofc rnwt, f?^?r ruth av?.,u? X kh ma Houa* Went Thirif aev*aih ?trf*L SON N *. .'?H Piii? [ [ * ? ? ? ? " L<OR 8aLK LOW-A NKW UOUB* A 1*> fW|' J?J!^ i1 of laud. flualy lail <>?U. g*rilen |??au??l. , barn and liennnry ,9 inti' a 1*5 minutes) 'r.??a f?m Hew 1 vi? trie itaii?ay IV tra'naajma *W."J'T . . 0. BLAKIsToM 3& V\ sjUilngfr* street. ^ IIOR BALR OH KEOHANOH-POM A SHALL OolIN 1 try >-o>l. on ibe ?a t bank, oommauilnii a vle.s of the litid?on, wilbia thirty mi ?? of tha o t , tw.? Hri<-k 11m ea. In Brook yo. n kood ne ghonrh'W* t ? ?' d U $;iln<T*iwh, ?u.l well reoted. . B 11. TAV LOR. Mo. H I' nu -arret |/>OR SALR OR KXOHANflK-A DKXIRUH.K OOW ? I* trv H-at at If lata rl, L I . three mlla- from New Tark ?ad two in mites' w? k lr? u Ilia Uoa^ Island anil K u.?li on Railroad depots can tain at ten sores o iaa<1 a kt?ii-e. barn, carrtace and oilier outhouse*; on the plan- are a la'*" n un ber of fruit, iiha ?? and i?rnam?uiai tree , and Sue garden. Apply to I>r. PINKNRY, 417 Fourth avenue FOK MAI, 8 OR KXOHANOK-A KARVI OF FORTY acres, at Jamaica. L'?ig I laad Will ??1I pert or all Apply lo A VV it Ml Til, No. ? Fulton avenue. U rank I yn FOR KALE OR TO BXUHANOB? POR A HMAt.L KAK? or Re?id?nce near Urn cltr,' the brown atone House 14% East Thirt. third street; ponaesaioa Immediately. Apply oa the preraiset For balb or lbahb-valuablb i>oce propbb tjr At Ureenpolul, oppos ts Ko irissath street, New Tork, 139 feet front an rlrer by 300 deeu , deep water and right to pier nut :Wt> feet. Inquire of PROTOHT A Ft*H *R, Attorneys earner of Mouth gereath and First street*. Wli iamsburg. between 9 and 10 A. M. rIKTH A V KNOB? FOR SALS, IN FIFTH AVER UK. near Twenty-* xth street, A Ural Hash four story Kaglish basement House, beautlfu I* A I ted up. treaeoed, and In ele' cant ordar thronfhout Barlv possessioa give*. Apply to K. H LUDLOW A CO., Wo. 3 Pine street. TO SPECULATORS. ? A FARM OF 3M A0RR8. 1% mile from New Tork; can be all out tip In t'lly lota; three railroad on the farm. Apply to 0. W. K.BAU NKY, 315 Washington street. 'PEXAS LANDS 3,000 AOR8S OF THB BIOHKST I Land* in Northern Texas for eale or exehenee for Real Estate in New York or Tlcln It. Those are ya'.uab'.e lands and title perlecl. Address K. Dope, box 1SS lierald oilloe. VAI.UARLB PROPERTY FOR SALB? AT OTSTMR Ka , Long Is and, cnDsUtiiig of 2K acres ?!' land, with gcod dwe ling house, near'v new; grist mill, saw and plan ing mi I: also whsrf, on wh eh Is a good brck oilice and about two hundred leet at shed room, contain o" ? stoek of lumber; now do ngagood cash business. For further par ticulars inquire of W A. TOOK BR, 91 t/'hambeM street. WANTED? A COTTAOE, IN A OOOD LOCATION AND ImmedUtte possessivn ; Bast Brooklyn preferred price not lo exceed $2,600. Address A. W. 8.. flera d oflice WANTKD? A HM ALT, FARM OR COUNTRT SK AT, for $3,000 to $10,000, within 2ft miles of New Tork. Slate local on, dimensions, acoess. improvement*, d stance from city aud depot, price and terms. B. E. LENT, ST Nassau street. fc/i WILL BUY A FARM OF 8IXTT ACRES, ?P r.ti' IW bouse ani barn in the beat order, large apple Orchard ? rnlses $I.V) worth of quinces; half the growing crop .oes with the place; beloogs to heirs; must be sold; wlil take part cash; situated threa miles from the north shore, in Iliintingtun, U L Apply at 170 Chatham street (oid number), room S. $1} POfJ ?FARM OF8IXTT ACRES. NEW R008B, i.ijUu. barn. Ac., good apple oruUard. A00 pear trees, cherries, strawberries, Ac.; 45 In oultlvatlon, balance lu wood; 23 m:les a New Jersey. WELLING k DRUBT. 14 Chambers street. fl?0 WILL BUY A KARM OF KIPTY ACRES. ?PO.OWU with A good housa, barn and oiilbuildlnga, a great abundance of fruit, all the growing crops now oil the place; wheat, rye. corn, oats and grass; located on the uiain road, in a pleasant neighborho<id of good farms. It* mile from the depot and village. Apply at 17t Chatham street (old number), room 3. FOR BALK. A FIRST CLASS O UOCERY STORK FOR SALE-FOE cash, at a groat bargain (even a aacrillcei within a few day*. including Hone. Wagon. Ac. ; low rent for (tore and tenement. RiCHARDSON A PL, KT% 180 Broad A SMALL OENTBKL DRINKING SALOON. QUITE near Post o'llce, keot by a small genteel fellow, whoae dexirea am Calforniaward. Consequently must sell at a ?mall genteel prloe or great bargain. RICHARDSON A PL ATT, 180 Broadway. A PROVISION, BUTTER, CHEESE AND OROCBRT vtore. good location, low rent: a email capital requ red : can be turned orer everv few months; must be *old Imme diately. Part cular* by RICHARDSON A PLATT, !<*) Broadway. "OAK BRT AND ICS CREAK SALOON.? FOR SALE O tha old estab Ished Bakery and Ioe Cream Saloon. 530 Hudson street. For particulars inqulie <>n the prcnil?ea. No amenta need apply. J. L. HOFFMAN. Bar and refreshments.-the exclusive privilege of the above SUnda, separately or together, in the largeat grove; wnllt tablixhed. $10,000 can be ulearcd this season. Apply to FORD A CO., 159 Front street. POAL TABD FOR BALE OR TO LET-A FINE TARD, ' ' doing a good business. long established, with Horses, Carte, Scales. Ac. Inquire at No. ft Trinity Building. DRUOQIST8.-A VALUABLE AND HAND80MELT lilted Drug Store for sale, for $<>.000 cash, dea.rablv lo ? eated well stocked aad doing a good business. Apply to HALE^i Ana atreot. New York. DttUO STORE FOR 8 A LB-WELL LOCATED FOR A ph steian. aa opportunity seldom to be met with; price $100. Also a set of Drawer*, Counters, Bottles, Ac. Apply to HALE. 01 Aun street. New York. _ DRUO STORB FOR 8ALB-BBAUTIFi;LLY LOCATED, completely fitted up, well slocked, and doing a good business. The premises can be leased or purchased A rare opportunity. Inquire la Third avenue, near IWtk street, opposite Harlem park. T\BUO STORE FOB SALE? VBBY CHEAP, AS THE 1J proprietor cannot attend te It on accouat of ill health; fair stock g?>d looattoo. and a ph .aician can have a good practice. Call at 30t". Seveuth avenue. DRUO stork for balk? well stocked and do ngagood buatneaa; a rare chance for a good drug gist or a phvsicUa who wiahe* a good practice already es tablished. Apply for one week at tWo Kljhih avenue. For halb-a dinino room, with bar and about trtv lodging Rooms attached, in the bwit part of the city and doing a good trade. CHARLES F. BOCELBT, as Nassau street. For salb-in south berorn, new jersrt, a good Milk Rout* and seven Cows, 1b tine cendi' ion: good Horu* Harness, Milk Wagon, all in good order, also a Wagon for hauling grain and feed, an excellent chance far a good maa to make money ; a Arst rate route The raasen for S' tlie owner going nto other bisnss ? Inju re of JOHN COLLINS, milkman, South Bergen. New Jersey FOR SA.LF?A BAKBRY, DOTNO A lOOD BUSINESS; reason* for selling, has other business to attend to. Apply at M Hamilton street, between Maiketaad Catharine. JjK>R PALE? A SECOND HAND 8TB AM BOAT r Holler, suitable for a 90 inch by 11 foot cyliadet. la qutre st It Maagiti strotii. For sale-a desirable, large and old is tabll?hed Qrooery Kusltke-s, situated fn one of the largo*; Wettera clues. It has been estahll-hed over twenty years. >a doing a very eiteaslre and sa< t ?f acfory trade, t<*lng done evrjitsli'elf for rash. For one or two energetic voting tnea who w ish to go ate a bo?loess already made this is an opportunity ?eldotn ottered- For part cuUrs arp y to BARCLAY A LIVINGSTON. Beaver street. New York. FOR 8ALE-A OORNBR LIQUOR STORE WITH A four years' lease, at a very lew rent, well stocked with all klnda of liquors, *sgars and futures ton iher wl'h a targe stnek M ale tn the WiBeteenth ward Inquire of .1. TaUSSIU A RRo . No. ? Uelancey street, or ?. VABSaB A CO . lit W ar rv ii street. _ then. Caa be eeea by calling oa Ike owner, J AMES, Mi East Thirty third street F? JftOR SALE-SLOOP JOHN COCK.. 110 TONS BUR Ml C*OR SALB-THB STOCK AND FIXTURES OP THE J* aid established Mtik Depot aad Orooary 434 Atlantic street, sear Bavins. Belle from HO to M %BM is per dav. ? BALE-A BOLT OR SCBEW 'UTTINO MA _ chine aapab'e of cutting from eae-half le two end a quarter isaK.-s diameter. Iniwrre at BIZ and MM West .treat, B. T. _ For sale-an old establibhbd boot and Shoe business. 18 years In oae location; bawtag flr?t rlaaa ouaiou trade aad splendid transient bu-uness, pro piietnr retiree from the buslnees Apply at SO Frfaoe street, oae doer from Broadway. FOE 8 A LB? HALL'S PATBNT " PERIODICAL Clasp"? price $ I, SOH. The above clasp la acknowledged to be the Se*t in tfae, retail* at a profit of ninety per ceat, and W tlieo the eheapeslln t%e market. Apply to 8N *DER A WALTER, 31 Brosdwajr. rR SALE? AT A ORE AT BARGAIN-* CONFRO Uonery. Fruit and lee Cream Saloon, doing a splendid business. Hold m aiv-onnt of ill health. Apply aa the prsaassa. SftJ Ninth street. ^ EE BALE? A SMALL LOT OP DEAR'S SWBF.T Sent. 1b paper*, by J McCOLLIOK k CO., m WaA ib atireet. lilOR HALF.? A VERY tiOOD LOCOMOTIVE TI'BULAB r Bailer, U horse power and Iron smoke ?taek; could be delivered In about lea darai Plw $M0 WM H. PAYNE I CO., Ittb street, Har eru river. Fob sale? TnB wrorK, fixtures and lkabe of a |irofltal?le bneinee (Children's Furalsh ng Hoods. Ae. I ; stnek small. The party desiring to retire having been In the busmees seme fifteen year*. Addreae W. llalaey. Herald etUee Fob sale -stfa* enoine (Foobioesi poweei, B'ower. lol of .Shafting. Pullcf*, Han/ers large flat form lee, smuMe for eoal yard, at 1.10 East Twenty etiih street. FOR BALE? A FI I18T CLASS DRUO MTOKR. MITU ale 1 ua oue ef the pr.eo.pv tkoroug?tares of Brookha; an egcollent epportnnH.v for a druggist. Apply at guce. Court street, mraer of Amity, Brooklyn. For salp-a french aecrrtart dene, made by the beet makers; suitable f-r ^-nireiarv <if aa laser utce oompanv or bank oSice. Also etieol llerrtwg s eaf.-e, si's No e. nearly new Caa he seen at 3H Flae stmet, back oSke. between oae sad three P. M. TjVjH SALR-At M JABH HIKKKT. OOKNKR OP J? Eighth avenue, fne ne* and a>- ?>jd hand makogaav and walnut Desks; Gun Cms, euq|ose<l with folding eaafc f-ome Ate with ?belv?? ant! drawers, flrteea feal iuiig, ?ud Store Fljtur-e, Wtted up1 _ FOR SALE-FOrB MAK8LR TOP TABLES. ? FEET by ?; eeat ?*>; will be told cheap. Inquire at Ml Broadway, upstairs. F?? |fOE SALE -ONE OF THE BK"T t.IQUOR COtNEHB I l*> i*? etty on one of tn? mo ? un.mlnent ecrn^re in the Seventh ward, f'er fnrth?r ae't'eulars .nti'iire or D. DOUOIIKRTV, Sit) Enat Broadway, Junetion of Ursnd st. F'OB SALE-MUST SB SOLD TO BOKB'iW \S THE advertiser leavs frr Na?tiv lie T. n -a uoe I IV?la* Busmees at am prioe. Apply at i7 Wa tier street. rOR SALE-THE FRUIT ABB OTSTER SALOON, known aa the laiton MuKet t'raueta. tif West Fetir teeath street, omirer oi With avenue FjtOR HiLB-VF.RT OHR4P JflST COMB tip TAKE a tout at it, Ike Oy-ler aed Drinttng 4a<eon, m K (ht* *????* taeutrf attfr It) ?'etqek A. M. R SALi<? A GOOD h?CON4> HANI) RaNOE AND Steam Table, at LIBBY'S. 77 Cedar street. "V W>ll RAI.R. Til K I.HAHK KTOI'K A*P PIXTl'KKS ' o( iiiiiiiit l.i ii.f Swif n a res sTtab'c aeiuhb <" 'Of", la the lit in unrd mi eas-stae ble urius \4uet be sold w l?o WW*.*. Addre ? U. U., Mi l?i nari d otitic I IQllltR STORK -FOR KA1 K AN OLD KSTABUSII ? ^ 9 ??sisn.l a tin hineit aim! Fi & t u res a?td ? Iaup of year* if oui .into of unit. AUdie.-* ho XttJ avoaae A VJ^fcWxi'alKR F<<* HAUR? THK UNDKRSIONRD **roprtetMSi of the Utl.TldORK DAILY AMD tPEKKLV CUITHX desirous lo rMm from the ardito t ? dm^O'Vi orMsdns-Un*. a Daily l'a|ier, era will nx in eell th* # B > 1 U K hHWOPAPBti h.STA HLISH N K NT. Thr uoasls** of tu. H x uuji IMW f'T carrying cCm and |>< M ? "any tad Weekly Newspaper, omUst '"** "r * ^ U N D * R HOB TRUSS CanWMe ot prmHog S,?iC,*heel? per hour, together with a louiS* c Under yAfsi t \tM?k prkbs All ln*oed enter, J?temn Prig'ue, t>vo Boilers, Ac. The IIALTlBORB cYll'fKH m*- esta't I t,e-t m M ?earl ' tvi-eiB.y hare rwi age bf the undersigned? te a pi'P'ilar rum a a rti'ii %aa eJ.<^s been considered tie tf.lau paprr of Ba t more, ard In *tierg> t? ou b? ?> uto ?ar of Ihn ImAii Newai%pet? o\$be NUM. Tlve particular ailenglor. of Hie Nailn.*j? Convention" for the nomination of t>ia fandulatea <ar President and Vloe Present of ila Umtetfdttalea. io be halil tiWUItl more next month la naoet refluent itjllv called la lliia advilrttsroient. Hatisfaetory rtuMi artlNx givea tfar wiehing tottispnoe of toe paper. Application cm be niA (a person ar bv letter. Addreea liULL A TUTTLR, Clipper 'I'rtoa, No. 134 KtWmtn atreet. PAINT STORE FOR SALB.-AN OLD ESTABLISHED I'aln Store with Stuck anil Fixtures complete. two rears' unexpired lease, steam power and mills far grinding load ami colore; slr.e of -toee and orllar, S1t9 latum tbia week oo l tie premises, >41 Oaaal alreot, near (Taalre. RANK CHANnR. ?FOR SALR. A MIUIT ANf> CON fn?Uonerr Store, with Soda KonnlMu and Papnr Stand aiMnhed. In one of tb?- host busineaa parln 'if Third areaue. Apply at 'JSA Third arenua, aaar Tweotj aooaad street. Huat bo aold lo-dar CJIiOOP KOE BAtR-A LfOIIT riRAUOriT I' enrrea A>oat .? tona: U well found la evnrf renpert. Inqureof P. H. CRAMKR, Pougbkmpaie, or of BKNJ. BBMNBTT.304 #aat atrootT TO RR HOLD-PRIOR $200- 4 POUR BOR8R STRAIT Rogina, oomiilnta, nearly nfw. made of the beat inata rlala. and highly flaiahed; baa only boon in uae a few weaka. App!> al 9u Maiden lane. rPOBACOONISTS. ATTENTION.? FOR BALK. ON K OP 1 Rogeru Tutting Machioea, In oomplot* order. Unn bo ma bjr ha ad or a team poorer. Apply at M7 and 209 Water atroot. MI91RLLAIVRIWR. A ail KICI AL HUMAN RYRS MADK TO OKDKIt AND inacrtod by Dra. P. 1IAITH nud P. OOUIIKLM ANN, (formerly employed by Boiasonneau, of Parla), at 599 Broad way, N. i. ALOVB A IIULRT? TURKISH PRRPUMRD LOVK Me Ever faaolnatea and aecurea the airpctioua of the onpoMite aei. Una<irnaa?ed parfumo and eo-meifc I'rioetl. Send Htamp for circular. Add roaa Madam Marra, boi l^tSu N. Y. Pom office. A FIRM IN OLABUOW, HAVINfl A OONNKCTION among wholeaale proyia on merol-.anta. *ah n>na;o t ate with a New York home for ciHiaigiimenla of produce. Pirai i-laait referencaa. Applv to N. A Co. , care of George Macfarlane. Kaq., 0. A., (llaagaw, Scotland. DIVORCR8 LEGALLY PKOCO'RKD POR PERSONS from any Stato or country, without publicity or chaugo of reaidcnce. Inroinpatlbllltr, dcaertion. non support dmnkenneaH. Ac . aulucienl cauae Succeat euarantced Adyioe free and confidential. Apply to II. BATEMAN CounNellar at Law. 117 Naaaau alreet, opposite the PohI oflloe DITOROE.-HAVINO MADE THIS A SPECIAL Htu'ly during maay years' practice, the undersigned holda private conanltationa on the aubjeet, either personally or by letter. P. I. KINO, Couaaellor at Law, 335 Broadway. Hardware-economy in wrbnchei. oris wold'a Patent Combination Wrenchea, Noa 6, 8, 10 and 14; strong, rel abla and cheap, all algea; at all hardware atorex. Examine them. IMMP.NSR PRICES PAID FOR OLD HOOKS. f>,(MU Standard Books, half calf, at hall retail price. 10,000 Theological Booka, aim out glveu away. 100,000 SclentlAc. Historical and Bi?Kraphical Books, cheap. LKGOAT A HROS., 119 Nassau street uear Beekman. I AW BUSINESS.- 1 PROSECUTE OR DEFEND GOOD J caae* in any of the courts, and have no fee if I do not gain thf rase. Ad rice always free. M. HOWCS, AUotnev and Counsellor at Law, 78 Nasaau street Manhood and the vioor of youth restored in four weeks by Dr. RICORD'8 Essence of Life. This wonderful agent will restore mahood to the moa! Shat tered constitutions, whether arising from excesses, aelf abuse, the effects of cUmate or natural causes. The time required to cure the most Inreterate raae is four weeks. Failure is impossible. Dr. Etc ird'g Essence of Life is nold in eases, with instrnetlons for use, for $3, or four quantities In one for $9. Sent, carefully packed, on receipt of remit tance by his accredited agent. Circular aent free on receipt of four stamps. PHILIP ROLAND, No. 417 Broome street. New York, one door west of Broadway. _ MARBI.R MANTELS -A FINE SELEdTION OK MAR ble Mantels on hand, and ofTered oheajier than any where else, al S. K LASER'S Marble Yard. M first avenue, near Third street. New York. Call and examine for your - self. MAE BLE MANTELS, SLATE MANTELS. A flne selection at T. K STKW aRT'H, J7* Caual alreet. three doors oast o( Broadway. MARBLK MANTELS -1I1H BK8T I'LACE IN THR city to purchase rh* ap and well finished Mantels Is at A KLABER'S Mantel Manafaetory, 109 East Eighteenth street, near Third avenue. New York. Cut thia out. OIL PAINTINGS COPIED. AND SATISFACTION warranted; also lessons in drawing and painting, ia oil and water colors, at 41 West tilxteen ;h street. PATENT HORSES POR HSR IN TIIE CITY. Patent Horses for vour own country plaoea; Patent Iloraes to go lo school on, Patent Horaee for invalid ladies Patent Horses run rapidly bv the weight of the rider, guided by the hndle Call and take a ride. For sale bv H. W. SMJTH, 49s Broadway. Remnants op cotton duck, prom one to l> yard* long and 3fi to 84 inches wide, suitable for haversacks, trunk covers, nose base shelter tents, Ac. For sale cheap, by WillTK, SHBTKlKLH A CO.. 63 sad iV? Beckman atreet ROWFOAT W VNTF.P-SP.CONI> HAND, ABOUT *1 feet long. MuH be light and in good order. Addreea box 3.H4X Post o:li<?. SBBLEYS si -PEKIOR l.RITONtllR I'OWDRRU-KOB making rich lemonade at any morn- nt. Price SI par package of ?iT bo?ea Liberal diaeuint to the trade. Address O. R Sfeley, 189 Water alreet. Brooklyn. N * Type metal and old lkad wanti'-d.-ca^h will he paid for a few hundred weight of Typs Metal Md old Lead App'y at (he dc>k of this offce. ? Hi S OIKAT ENGLISH REM K D Y FOR OOUT AND The owbat enulish bemedy for oout and Rheumatism.? All su"?rers from the above comnlslel*, aithsr of recent or Li. i.g itau ling, sr-j advUcd to nss BL'AIR'S OOUT AND RHKUMATIC PILLS TU"y oau be relied upon as the most sale and effectual remedy ever olTaiel ta the public and have been unlyeraaily used in Europe for many vesrs with the greatest auceeas Prepare I by Pro it A llarsaut. -"49 Strand. London, hnt land and 'old by their agents. WELLS A CO.. Kianklin ?treot. New Tork ller Majesty's Commissi oners have authorired th? natac and addre<'< of "Tnomaa I'rout JJV rt'nuid. U.ndon to be Impressed upon the governmeet stamp affixed lo none tint the genuine medicine Price 35 and "5 cents per box. The TAPE woe* Causes the death of thousands whom the most akll'itl Shyslciaoe treat for dyspepsia and ?oaaiimt>ti, in. Dr NOAH .KN l?ALL ne\ er falls to expel the Tape Worm W?Hl? il caeea:? A tap>' worm 42 feet expelled in IS hours Irnm a lad 14 years old . another. JJ feel, (root Henry Klngsiai.d, Km.. MS Uticb s.reet, Newark, 14. J , .another (rica a lad? of New York. M leet long and uiany hundreds b- ai Vk Ref>rencea will be given at the DoeMr'e office 1ST Brood atraet, Newark, N. J. N. B ? The loedlclnea are harmlese. aad. tf needed t&s Doctor has the beat Clairvoyant in the world for mediae. V '.rpoees ; ? : Tenth for sale -two vi{rt handsome < pi cular l'enta. made froea cotton duck of siiportor uuslltf Will be sold tor the prioe of raw ootten. at BOVLgSk-at manufactory. 154 Maiden lane, K Y. tXTANTBD? A PORTABLE STEAM ENOINE." if* yy horee power, with hnleiiag gear alia>-hM. Addirts William, box SS Herald offloo. ANTBD TO PUBCHASB-A GOOD SECOND HAN& Lard or Screw fit-l. Addreea B. M. Herald o01<e. iff ANTED? POL'B OB BIX SPINDLES OF ROVBlNc! yy eith'r new or serond hand Address , I. P.. box t.MH New York K oat office, slating price Md where the maekins may be seen. wjr anted? six power mills, tor geindi no vt points in oil Aditre<s, staling fall parlhulaia, koi 175 Herald odios. Wabted-a cop pee tame, about siefbbt ea -h war . must bo tight and in good order Address box 171 Mrrsld offiao. UFPICES, ' nrJ.'..'^" A T V -MONET LIBBRALLV ADNANCP.D AT 77 A ON DIANONUS. WATCHVR. JEWEURY. PIANOS. FI'HNITUKB, Sc. AtM AT 77 PAWNBEOLEBS* TICKETS WANTED AT 77 Of nt?mood?. Walchee, Jewelry. A> , and liM psr cent more paid than ean bo obtained at aayetkir place in tbe city, at "7 Bloecsar street, ap stair*. AT HENRY BtMAN'S M BRoAOW t V. COBNRB ?)F Bond street, room Ke. 4, up alaire. wlU pay the high est cash |Ticn for Piamoad<, set or uDset. Wa'ehea and Hi rer Wart nr advMues made en the seme, and alae e Pianos. Hrtl Broadway AT A 19? money liberally ADFANCBD ON 1*1 1 monds, Wstchos. Jewelry, Sil*er Plate, Gnas, Pi- o s, Ac. Aim Pawobrokrers' Tietete wasted of lllamon l*. Watchea, lewelry, Guos Pistols, At. , far wh ek I will psy ISO prrernt rr re than cau be ooiaiued al anr other place <n the eltv ?<* Sruadway, corner of Heustou gtrart, ap atsirs, room No. 5. w At i? -pawnbroker*' ticeet* pubchackO of lusmon Is. watches. 1'iatios Hewing Ms'"bln??. S rer and Plated Waxe. firearms Ury Ooods, Oioth'ng A e. er the goetla b.itighl for c?eh al !*? Caaal alreoi, near So* ery. under I ItLeuA* Bank ^ AT 43 CHATHAM PTRF.Br. TAWNBROREM' Tleaets hi. u?ht of P smonda, Walehc s. Jewelry. S'lr ~t Piste, Guns. Pistols. Silks, Ac . and Hie full value paid for all Tickets naught at 49 Cliathaia, sareet. room J, over tse hat store. RKMOVAItN. D" octon R. MORTtMSR DAY. II AS RKMOVRU TO Rlagabridge. Ne? Ycrk, where he would be Happ to eeaany ol hi- fornier pafeta Particular attention as suai E)?eo ta the treatment Of Consumption acute and chrsnle Kheuinansni, geoeiai dchll ty and every form ?i tee ale Orinidaint. A Tlssiied Ouinbar o# pettent csn tie aeo>-mmn daieil ?i*h Board, aad al the luinri** and nenellts ol ?o> n tiy I'fe Aore?< to an I from llie cltt e< er hall sour. F^r particnlsrs Inquire of DR. McPI^>SKY, Stf Hudson Street BMtOTAL NY BUSINESS EXTENSION ?4 DARTOIS has removed lo 401 Broadway ms Fremwi Pinna* ?* tabllsAuiaot and sly dah atoek ol ladles Praaoo Trimtaluge Among the Novel ilea of this n will be louud- I'osiil Ions and Haldt a la Krancalse sets Titmni tigs. HiMa lea. Mainlenoas.'i'ettea dea Cent Oarde. Plaatmn Isa Cm rssstert Drareries lmper*trli:a P>igeaie. Pnier nee Belt i VJtorl Brees trimmtae^ a U Wariot^a fan I Ba. TIJK Tftnr. /' 4J ,7^. * u AHTKUKU-joilM MOKUt.1 A a* ?l ? .">??? ?tm a. Harvard. A??! r.1""* " ??? t? h -aw bw to Mr*, .* h?r "?% . J 1 ? ! 4" . 1 ^ "?i ?>' ' m,~ >? ?? ??-? L n m.~ f ? rr^;"M^^.2rz a.t ?K.k\M .!?..? ilw l?riw.*\ oiT L. JU ? I ?>i Ma lull* III <* intn lit: 2I>? a*c?o*a. W ,, ?J|* nnrfTirm w* I. ami th?W Wii IM) KmM KilirrOt io^ " a1 j|?ileroi; .0 T *? ... wllk T T?i ^ (fan IIM'i an 1 ?.'*A(>' '????. o* thr C*mIiix>i <^?'^'r*i.r ?i<?r la orna o u> ftmi^MT. M K. r KM lllX j Ciuf^ (j'ASHION PLUAX1KK (IIIOKND, r I KOTTISO THi'Ttsmr. <y.* n rc i .'OLnrK *? * PIIKSK A N l? *T*KK <w I' V MILK 111'aTs, .HfcNf i m &, fO WAUO.IH Hi W?lw?r n? nm g in l.itly MU? an. D. Wa>* samm b. k. Kh*k. II. 'A (MNtruff umea b. t Itctlar. II fiii?i immm. br. m. F.ii?pr*i?. H 9 . i> uiira b K fi*\pbl*tM4a& 0? nrr nam?? >>r e. <V?ni'n?rOr*i?t. t"h* Oiwi lfaT<>? ,fam?** ?Mp f?rrv at P M. , ooj ??eta ? 1U1 111* i?r* at Uuaior <( fnliu at it* o'ctof* P. M. for tfce f mw. Boat* Iran* Tbiftv-lox'th ?lr?el *??????* m?aut?a. JOSRP'.i DtfOCrtKtt'W. Muivtr. SPRINU RACK MKBTiNO. PATKKKON. n.Ju ._ _ fUBBDAY 7TH, W BUN K.HI) A Y BTB AND THURSDAY mi OF JURE. First Dav? PDRSR $50D,~nn7ia boats THB JBRBFT PKunr ??r ?i,?n? ?.v> eot, p. p., IK uitta?iia*h sr?ntrta* FOSrSTAKRof t?? t"? "III. p. p. t?*? mle heais.? Bab*'. Second UM--THK UNDKRWOODOTVT of $M? dA<ti TUB NUIWRRY STAKRNof $**j|IOn. h?lPl J entries 1'i'RSK et SMO. three mini dash, BAOR ot ?J"1', nin and quarter dsatr Third Day ? IWB SEQVAL BTAKKtt of S300. kl'O not., half ft , two mile dull. IS entries POST 9TAKB of $80n. lltrae mlto liea\s. *100 eot., p. p.. 4 sub's PUUSR ol f'JuO for beaten horeeft\mtle And a auartitr dash Excellent aoeon.m'datbwis for ladies have lnai nM>rorldojl N. It.? No gambling wilt lie ailewed on the osftirse. N? llquora told, and no iBtoiioat*) person admuUMl on tbe gr*und<. Badges ?ntut ng the'beld*r to aay of the Club Startf*. and Quarter Siretchas $5 for the meeting, or i- r?r #ti ?> . La lies' tickets 10 Cub .StauJ teold only to ueiubsrs and bad :e holders), $1 each day. Visitors can re-tch iha course by Kri* Railway trains foot of Chamber street. The EXTRA train at II 45 A. M.. runs direct to the course, (?turning immediately After the r? cs em'l. Jay K. B. OHISWBLL, Secretary, 111 Main street. Peterson. NTAIil,ION8. JUPITER, TROTTING srtl.Ufitl WILL 8TAND AT Snedlker's, near Union Course. Long laland. at $5f' the season. In advance Jupiter in the aire of Lady Emma, Major Anderson, Jupiter, Jr., the i'uaraatl Colt, Ac. TROTTINO STALLION WILLIAM M. PATOnEN -llE is a maliogany bay. I6\ hands high, liva years old', sired by Ueorpe M. Pntehen, cam by Abdallali. out ol a lib erty mare, will ?m ten mare-,, at the prem ses of the sub scriber. Term* $50 to Insure. WW. W ALTBKM1 h E. Kilty fourth street and- Ptfth avenue, Row York. THE THOROUGHBRED htallior wild ihish ?iiaii, by Qlenroe, dam by Medoc will stand at the ?la ble of Charles W. Bathgate, Pordbura, Westchester county . THK CELEBRATED STALLION NEW JKRSEY. THB fluent colt of Geo. M Paiuben, will stand Rt the stAbies of Charles W. Bathgate. Kordham. Wentchester oouoty. 151 CTPjWUWs 'TH ANNUAL REGATTA NEW YORK TACHT ' Club.? The steamer Meta. provided by tbe elub lor the members of the pre-.*, Ac., will leave tbe fool of Chrls topber street ou Thursday neit. June 2. at 10 A. M. precise ly, and th? foot of Seventeenth street, N>rth river, at 11) 20 A. M. Accommodation upon this occasion has been pro vided for lad ie*. Refreshment* eetved on board. Tickets $1. to be bad of the Regatta Committee, or upou application to It AS WELL BROlHUKB, 100 Wo?t street. A BOAT CLUB WILL ADMIT A FEW RESPECTABLE young men T/ie Clnb is prosperous, conducted aoono mlnally. locate I on wimI side of town, owns two fine sii oar boats, and practices morning* und evenings. Address B. C., bax X ,1*44 Post otlioo. A RARE CHANCE FOR SPORTSMEN.? KOR SALE, tbe fast- tailing y^uibt Wit. Walsh, JS feet long, ooin pletn in ever* renpe t and In Up top order. Can he n?en at the fnot ot NlnetT-elahth street. East river. For particulars apply to THkOUOUR TOOK t K. Herald ofliue. IRBAX0I8 BUTLRR, NO. S PECK BLIP, HAH ALL 1 the choice breads for sale aid mock. Butler's Infallible Cure and Flea Exterminator. 75 i -nts per bottle. Butler's aew Work, SI. Dogs boarded, trained, Ac. Medi cinoK for all diseases. IjMKB NEW YACHT FOR SULE; M ST FINISHED; ' about 2A tons burtbeu; very fast ha'Ier; the yacht can beeeu ai Nyack Inquire of ISAAC P. fMITH. IjlOR SALE? A FIRST CLASS SAILBOAT, MEASUR ' ing 21 feat bee', 8 fe?t 4 Inches beam; l? well found In every re?i>ect, and will be sobl cli-an, as the owner has no uie for her Inqulra ut U. PRESTON, -econd bridge up Newtown creek. For hai.b? rat dons op tiik bull, scotch and Mkye breed Alio Black ana Tain. Hats on band to try them. Also a nunn er ' f taticy Blxuk aad Tans, smallest snd purest breeds; Italian Hounda, I eliallenga thewotldto beat A number of well broken Pointers and Setters, war ranted u> point, back leP-.b, dropshot, and better uose doza never I rod tbe earth. Seller and Pointer Pupa. Does of all breeds. H. OARDMBR, 1.1 Lauren-, utrtset, near Canal street. New Tork. OI.OOP YACHT FOB SALK OH BAP ? THIRTY FEET t' lon?. centre Uoanl, tn good or<K r and everything casa plete. For turtber Information applv at Id Wall street, I'lixii Mo. 1 , or at BOUART BEATTY'S. N?nto?n ereek, Oteenpoiut. near Tenth street aad Thirty-fourth Street fer ries. where the yacht can be aaen. WANTED? A THOROnonLY BROKEN BETTER OK Pomter. Aar one bar ng a rtrst rate dot; mav ad dress K. R. 1',., 27 Cannon street, Poughkeepaie, staling age, terms. Ac. WANTED? A MMNV'AII, BOAT OF LIOIIT draueht, 24 fleet keel and II feet beam, or'therealwiot*. Apply to Mr. Broadmeadaw. 113 Bloomtleld street, Hobo, ken, K. J. A.'ACHT FOR SALR -THE Ml, OOP TACUT FANNY; 65 I (eel on de- k, draw-S^. feel, roomr oabln and well found ; ?n perfoct order. May be seen at anchor north of Hoboken farrr. App'y to B H. WHITE. IW Broad sfreet IIOUSBK, CARRIAORM, tkC. i HANDSOME SORHEI, MOIIUAN MARE IIH A hands ht'. It. six years old. suitable for a ladv s saddle or gentle tnan s light driving; goo l traveller. Price *176. Wat rantcd sound, kind, -ingle or .1 .???>. Applv Kt Sri2 Third avenue, i-ornar Tweuty eighth street. A? FOR HALK-A LEATHER TOP WAOON, OITY irakers, snd Hariie^a, also a ckesp Roa<l \Yagon and !la< nest and fVllai Siab'e vth sit stalls to InL Arply at 111 Wooeter S'reet. t FIRST CLAKS THRKF (^DARTER ROAD WAOON J\ for nale; I7ti lb*.; on,.? u- d iwo weeks; jfool cut maker a fir-' rat? ight tm.tle Harness. Apt'.- at l>6 Ka-t Thirty eeeood siraer, L'ttugtoa stsbles Said ?epA rarely or laaetner. \OtlE HORIIR TRPPR AND IIAHKBM FOBSaLK ta good order. Appi> a. W?st tievcuieenlh "treet. In the blat k smith's shop. App y until ao'd. <?. Nl<T/.B CAP.RI AtiES ?FINE SHIl'UJfti TOP Rl liUIES. TWO ?eat Half Tops. Ocrmantown*, Eit?r?? on Tojx. FamiL Ruckawaye Faintly Carriages. Road N* agnns o' all deserip ti>os. warranted etjual to anv manufactured. Person" in want of Csrr eyes ?re ln? Ited to call and e? amine Itte aBove sicJt. ita it is tbe largest tssortmani or camagas in Yors 10 ' Hatoess, a few secood hand Biiggirs. C WI1 TY. 4>i Broad ? ay yon KAI-B-FOt R HORSES, J VST ARRIVED FROM P the country, one pair ot h*arv Bay* td1, haads high, fi r and six years old: also taro brown llorses, IA hands hlnh, six aed sxrea ?ea'S o'd These hor es ate sound and kind Can be seen In Port'anil a*eo ie mar Myrtle. Krook >n 1' roMAb Ji^OB SALB-AN BLE'JANT IHIVIIM Top BTi^lT. 1 will nat two or four, meila itf Mix; has oal been used twice; sold on aee.,uet of tbe owner leaving for B trope. Apply at HELLER'S, Ml Hroadway . Fob sale? a bay mare. < ybars old, ism bands high, sound and tlad; uaa trot tq about ;t ?riinute? one St I ol iwbt Uaiuess, one sbifliog lop rtnad Wagon, ell* made ' The above will lie sol d rerj- low Apnly at the private stalJh ou Broadway, between Forty s lib and Farty-aaveaib sires'*, For sale? a black horse. MM iianbb high. ?eund and kind, sullaWe toi a but"bei . grooar or et prtss wagon, will sold cfaea? for w?at of .tee In iiitrv ot TBOMAB FIT7.OBRALD.Ta3 Water xtreet, N. T. For salr- a pair or habdwomb bewfoi nd tAad Doge. Ball Torrtera, Spits D?>. one haadsomo Italian lireytiouad small Black and Tan Terrier* small SeeP-h aad Bkye Terrlei1*, one Newtoundlaad Pup N <>. II ftooeeveit street Srsitloor JOHX URAY UOR SALB-YRRY BTYLI'H FOI'R and six seat r Phaetons; ale.> eoalbog Wagons. s>|uare hot lop and no tor Wagoas. eecoad hand Dusenbury Wagons I'a I ob iflBOBL A CABBY, S( West Twen-y fourtk street rn SALE? A SPLENDID BAY XARB. STARR stork, six years old. flfteea bands high, handsome and stylish, suitable for a lady or geat'eman ; ran trot la three m. nutes. Warraaieil sound And kiad. Apply ai lU FU?t aveane. r)R SALB-A STYLISH DARK BAT ROAD MARB. about sixteen band* higb. betweea eight ?r * . ne rears eld, sound end ?lnd; a very p easant 'Irlver '.retted In 2 Mi. Inquire for Jebn Bragan, at Wllaos s t:a. l?, corner of Uleeeker and Croeby streeu. rOR SALR? A BTREI, |J RAT IIAVH IONIAN MARB. lie, :<au is high, fougltki: and mans, miiuuI ami kind la All harness .i fltie ti-Aveller. Bold on'y f..r 'h? want of 1 e. cell at M< RRIDK'S siablee, eei n-r ?{ e'ifieea'b street and Flrat avenug. U?OR HA LB CHRAP-A FINB. I \R?JK C\*T MOR'tB. r S'tllable for Any heavy work ; sound and fal; sold fi-t want of use. Can be eeea, before a A M or After J P. M.. at 70 La<t Twenty-fiftk street. tt? anif.d-a pair of maT( hrd Canadian port vf llor?e> or Mtres must e sourd geeiloand net ivei eeren yean of age Addrnae C ansdlss, station S. REW PIBLICAIIOMS. YV?T rfSttSHRD? ^ THR UTTI.E J0UI--R. FI LL OP el Wit ?ti< Humor. Sent In ees*sd enve'opeon re^tjit or live e*e? ?r with an eiqmsiie Paot>ipaf h for ?Aaeuia, ?v I' O WATSON. Publisher, N. Y 1 KTTKh <>*?" ADVICB FOR LADlBtt |j FfK ANtltlblf Al. f 9I'IR A TIROS. Ra? lafArtr.ation never heeo pnbllsbed "en' ft*", la a seated eatetopa, far 10 wei* Ad1?*?? P' Sanlord, bat *.'?*! Mew York fMl MATRIMOBT.? WHY BVF.HY MAN SMOVLD MARRY Why everv woman slto ild aiarrv, at| mar rakrrr. To *aow read ' Il-natiate4 Mair'ag- Outde sud Madlnal Ad riser," b? W*t RaH. M D. >4n re Malleu everywhere m tea ed ?nve:op*? fer 15 cent*. A dorses No. U While street, Ni?w Terk vsrienSa atitt ispomag w .>? <is er e er: ?ef^-tottea Trsife s, 11^1' led. Send f'W es'alojne to D I UOMPBRfB l u . ct assiig Ageacy, 71 Baashu se Baw York IBUAUl AM> COBACOO, fiu\ (Wtlk FPU A B'l ? Ft IR RALR-AT THR BKW VuttH'fir tr?i't ?l Uinrlt etreet. |I7 to IN per I O" Psi ties ?. lying or ?e' tag sejars would do >. eait si thia Aeeaur i, W. il A ALB, AApat. *prPi4L ?omcc**. ^ ANNUAL KKPOBT OP I'llfc rtTAT?_Oi-? MICAl J j? ??U.U*ou, ??>, Ik. tU ?*?* *?" rwl "* '? **' I, 1854 ? . jj? hiMalrrot pat oult treated ? ""?i i Noaaaer of p*u*itia rwrvd ? ? N??Ur?f patieaW relleve.L , ' ? Nnuthor <X MUMU Ml yot heat* froA _ Total ??" Tin* In .tlu.tlua La la a mo?t noun liiVg oondKi'O h" J j* ?1?Hf oro?r.t<*a with pattern* i iom all w*t? of tb? It I endowed .ml I ..ndar ^ piiroiM/* ' lirrt oili'rn.. rip,* .Ur ? fmilfnu U.icdlNary. ?????> ur uary dt ?a ?.and InmK namplainta trea'e * ?ilh ""fT*. Wrt ?| ??1 bi th uav pntctUe of nn-dwaa* ''S^K f?**. I'hy?(?1*ni? to the inntlt itn, William trlpf, M D , Q. y H (Herelaod, M. II., rnmiltUinxii, M. I) ___ rVBDIOATfON OF A BY I* AGOQUK.? TH R BTNA 1 / al the oarae r af area?e 0 and N nth mrvwt ?'? kMlMlauul m hilar, the 3d ln~4. The Kev I>m W an, ortjlnt'liinati, and Aillw. af New Vortt. win del vrr th* dollMl oil aermoaa. Dooraop -<? at % P. M , hemnn nr 4 * P M prec aaljr lie* Ur. Wine w II ilea preach m. rtatiir day m>ra ?*, dnrta : Divine aervti* U Lo**l, Becretary IUJIATC STEIM. Pr<>?idei?t JAMBS B. OIIAIXBN, ATl'OltNK Y AND OOUN8RLLOB, CINCINNATI. OHIO mkty be found ttr? wtri at Wotinor? A Bowne'* law ofllae, N4 \ 9 I'inn Mreet, or K Ith A?WIII? Hot*' CoMoat'oa* made, (III. ? 'lamio.'d lata* paid, and a aeaeral notarial and pom nimaVMMr'a buamae* dune to hi* oflMo, la nddlUoat to litiga tion. MA8VRR PAINTRR8' ONION -A RRQIII ak mrkt lug \?f the 1MB atloa will tie held at the Slno air Bnnae, tenrarr <>? Broadway and Rlgbthotr-el. on Thu radar erealng. lawt. Ill ?mpt?y?r* are ln?it?<t ??> attend 8. B. PUKHU8H. Chairniaa. NOTICR J8 HP. It R It T OITBN THAT TH* TRAPR dim* off the undersigned on all ale and porter caaka U P. Joaea, Netl r fork. All prr*on? are oautlonad againat L alterlM. defhe^nr or remortng ibe ??me. f * DAVID JONKH, 8i?th Hreet. New Tor* | St'KOIAL MO'.riOB ? MAflONIO.? TAR MBMBKR8 OP Mechanic LoiUe No. .11 P. and A. M are berebv nob ?ed to attend a iipeclal cominiiaicatlon at their room cor. ?er of Pourth and lireene atraeto. on Krtdaj even Ins. Jane S, 1804. Work m ifilrd degree B* order. 0NABLK8 C. J. BUCK, W M. Jonir Iltiwt, Secretary. ST NICIirMLAR OA8IHO.? TIIR UNDRRRIONBD KB turn their alaeere tkankK to their friend* and (he pub lic for their literal patronage the luat two year* nod hope for a continuance of the tkme. We will open our new aalooa on Hafmrdav J?no 4, ooi tier of Broadway and Hprlag ftreet. ALIM'KTlf H A X ARSH, 1'ioprl. tora. qlllR r<?R 8 *I,B IN 'O.HAT'8 PAPER OP LIQUOB X 81019. corner of ithei Uf and Rtantnn atreeti, mi mi? bike, aad will not take plar ?. an one of the proprietor* haa changed hi* iniod, aad could not atop the adremaemeut l> HI7RN8. PKRmvn/lb. A LITTLE BOT 4TBAYKD' KKOM HIS HOME, MAT ??{[.twelve year* eld; bad on a dark brown anil, plaid ainrt and Mcotcli cap, fair eoni ulflilou. blue uvea. Anv In formation of him will b? thankigilly received bjr hU toolbar, at 281 Eiixaboth ?treei, top lloar Ant lady wishing to adopt a malb invabt one 'lay ohl, cau da no br cadlinc at the private lyiag-m hospital, Nu. 6 Qreeuf street, two doors f rom Cauul. A BEAUTIFUL SPANISH RABY, POUR MONTHS old , to be adopted ottl. Wanhtngton party pleas* call at <41 Greenwich alr'-el. DON CARLO'! SKOUIIDO.? (?. T.>? ALL IS NOT loat yet, but soon will be and vour ruin Irretrievable, unless jo i at once, act like a man ana suable vonr frionds *o ?are jruu . by com munlcstlm; with t ietn through your oM friend ami teacher, who earnestly and affectlonst'ily ?>? treats you to rail on hltn without further delay, at 1M Bloomlleld street, Uobitknn. /IWUCESTKR, ENGLAND.? SHOULD THIS MEET VT the eye of Hilton Charles Green, he la earncatlv do aired to write home and address a letter to "A friend, box "J67 Post odlne. New York," who will take oare of blra. '?AH shall be well." H. C. O. "INFORMATION WANTED? OP ANN BMMETT.BY HBR I brother Richard. oF Castle Pollard, caonty Westraeeth. Ireland, who landed at Castle Glavdeu on Mouday, froiu the steamship Kedar. INFORMATION WANTED? OK PATRICK COI.UN8. of Bond atreet, Liverpool, who left there on the ship America laat February, by Mr. J. Cay too, S71 Seventh avenue, N. T. IP HENRT BUTLIFFE WOULD SBND If IB ADDRESS or aall at North Moore itrcet, hew York, be will hear something to hia advantage. JM. C.-I RECEIVED TOUR NOTE, BUT TOO ? late. There 1a a letter hi the Post oBlce for you. 8. KM T.-TOl'RS RECBIVKD. NO POST OFHCR . address given. Pieaae address at onoe. with some particulars as to identity. llanovcr, Herald olllce. MN. JOEL. FROM YORK.? .1 WILL LEAVE ? an important letter at elation D to your former ad dreaa, from a constant friend, If you will kfndlv inform me when yon will be in town. AUG. B. RANDOLPH. PLEASE ATTEND TO YOUR DKBSMKS AS BOON AS you get home. I am anxious about them. _ DKKSSMAKHK *l)rn RL WARD? THE ABOVR REWARD WILL J\J be i>ai<t at this Consulate for the earliest satisfac tory evidence furnished to establish todlctally either the pres?nt survivorship aud residenoe or the death of Henry l.s?-i. a native <K Vienna. Au?tris, son of Joeepb I<a#er. brick manulaoturer of Viaima, who arrived in New York in September. 1H46, and aerved Irom December. 184ft, to August. 1SH. during the Mexican war. In the First regiment reno aylvanla Volunteers, and of whom nothing has been heard sine* that Vine. C. P. LOOSBY, T. R. Austrian Conattl General, No. it Hanover square. HOC MBS, ROOMS. ?C,, WANTED. AN AMERICAN LADY (A SUPERIOR HOUSEKSBP er) wishes a Huuse. where the owner would board out the rent, with the privilege of taking a few other boarders. Address Mrs Bdwards, station G API'BNIRHKD COTTAGB WANTED-IN THE COUN try, near bathing privileges. u> m commodate ten pnr aons. Sialde require*! Addrrs . H. A. Mutt, box 3.915 N. T. I'oat oSli e Fl RNISHFD t'OI'NTRV HOl'SE WANTED-NOT over one and a half hour lrom Chambers street hy steamboat or railroad It must contain not less than the N'eeping room*. boslilra servants' apurtmetH*. For a desira ble location from tiw to $lt?) per month wi 1 tie paid from .July 1 to September llX by a careful unit i ' sponsible tenant. A'tare^s L., box 5.m<8 Hew Tork Post office. EU'RNISHRD HOUf-E W ANTEIK? BY A SMALL FAMI . F Iv. on tb? ens, hank of the Hudson river, between Yon kers aed r.inytjwu n-ar railroad ??uttt- n Addre-a II . box 3 Post oiliro, giving k?atioa. price, Ac. IOFT WANTED.? A CONVFNIBVT LOW . IN TIIF. J vkin tv ot Liberty strSet and Hroadway. for light me rhamct. purposes A lair value wl!1 he paid. A Unlit Ka<e> ?nest will answer. FKBUBKICK I'l.jtllK, No. Liberty stisat, opposite Auier,can Tele^iaph l oin nam . nf4HTID*i ?' U' of NEtTLv h;bnmicd " Kootus In a genteel ne >!i lorhoc I, suitable lor house keeping purposes for a gantle.nan aad wife. Adure?s D. H bt HVM Nsw fork Foai silioe. stating loration and terms, wbicn must be moder.-ste. YTLI ANTKD? FROM THR M 1 DOLK OF AUtil HT OR Tv t.rst of September, a small, well fumisheJ Hou-e be twerr. Fourth and Seventh avenues; all the modern r<in>'e n suues iml speu-aule. no appl' iatieas will he i-onsiilfred unless tlis terirs are stated. Addri * , box St> Post uttie. WUTIM BMALL paklou kkdroox an* Kitchen with all the mo<tern imt rovemeeu. In a pri vate family. al< re Twentieth street, w??t side. Reference er money. Addrsss W. U., Uroagway Poet o(B< e. WANTRD? A WELL LIGHTKD WORKSHOP. WITH about one liorse steam power, in io?er part of the city. Addi*ess. stating rent, hex 6 47* N. Y Po>t ofliee. W ANTKD immbdiatfi.y-a DWfXLISO HOrSR, between Twentieth and T? entv-mntb slree's aad Fourth and Mcveirh avenues. Price i rom $8,iW0 te $IO,uOti. Address box I.4F3 Poei edi.-e. WANTED-AN UNFURNISHED HOUSE, situatb between Tenth snd Cert em streets and 8econ4 and Pourth avenues. Poeseesion required on er before October I llent not to exceed $t.O<0. Apply, by letter only with lull pert! >t Ism as o ucttion. tsrms sir* aad description ef premises, to Mr. MUNDAY. .'S4 TI:"tnpsen itreet WANTBD-ST A QENTLPMVN W1FB. TWO WFT.L behaved utt'.s ?rle (the oldest three years) aad ser vant. eart ef a modern house, unfuralshed, for teusrkeep >og; urst c>ass oeatioo and ceuveaiant to Broailway and twenty-eighth street; Ibsrs! pay for genteel aocoiameda Hens and agreeable famllv: have suQr'snt elegant furniture for a mad lom stseg MM Address Mem s<1er station 'I WANTED? UP TOWN. OB A 8IMBT DI8rANCt: IN the oouatry . a etnai: Ceuags er Lower Part ef a honae. in a pleasant aud liaa.tiiv leeatKm . partly formatted pre ferr?4; rent not t - sicaed $3P per month. Address, staiinf full parU< 'ilars. M. J., station P ^ ____ WANTED A FUBNISHPR Rt ?OM WITHOUT heard. ?n west sida below Abingdon square. Address SSW. station A. IVabtid-a room ?nd bbdroom addeeim ' T Mr' Bodrntoxier, H4.S, Urand street, sUUng ioeatiun and tertna TirANTBD-iN BNTI HP. PLOOB IN A OOOD NKIOtl W bcrboed, hv a tiiasi and wile nn children. Address, slating particiitai ly tanas and location, X T. Z? Hsra d ettee. WANTBD-TO H1BR fob ANB*LL FAMir.T, FOI R Hoems. in the "eentry, at from |l.' to 915 per men within forty nil net's tide from Ctl* Had sad eas\ of iv sa I.-icaUoii nsa t be healthy H-?' referanc-a will - - - - -r farnietied. Addmaa A F U . llersln .mice WANTED TO RBNT-fN OR W 1 U r N t KillBOB htwi of 'he oltv, f. ts and Sot'dlnr*. I"e 'd:ag gend -si tars, for man iflheiurlng parposas Addiess A. a., h-i v ili Herald off so IIATH13IOSIAL. ATOUNO ORBTLEM t v OF OOOD FtMtLT A NO etneation (at present In the I'm i'i aimvt would tike to opan a correa|.os teosn with a weaiihy youag ia<? ef siti ar uital'bnat! tea wiih a view te inatriaion; Adnreas Hand Mldgleten Corapanytp, Draft He. i. en o us. Hart's isiaed, Saw fork harber, B. T. t TOVSfl r".|S' M LAOT, OS SDfrATtOS AND J\ refined manners, wishes to form the s.-. piuin, a' rn uf s senile nan f n -a >a. with a view te atalrlmber. AiMraes L. F . stst on U, Mitel- Hj.iso. t YOI'NO tIKNTlil'.MAN. OF RRUNFMF.tT AMI V. wea .h jwishes ts corresiwnd wli^ a yo m^'ladi pos so-slng t?te |unlitles Ad ire .s, with cgrie Ja visile, Charle- C B . box 101 Herald odloe. OFNTLKMAN. ?< YF\R^ OP AflB. RNCAOBD IN apr?Ct**ie stii?? 1u<i??ss d <wn town, le desirous et forming the ar-i'iaintaa a er a ladv of i me irSsns ia r iuad to s>st< imony imo<1 look* and a aisbte ti>p?siu?ii reqelaite Addnss Rarold hot l,7S.1 Fast o (Fee. * k~ TOUBO BAVAL OFFI?RB IN ACflVg MK BVTCR J\ since th wa* Her a ii deeir>e fi eoi -eepoud witk a <>uog la Iv In eoall"' nan, with a < ?? 's man mvay Remarks oa his aotHrsf'S or <jtmuti*s <v?r? s|otl*Msei Address .-'tank Bo>iner. Post ofbee Bortoik, Va Wirx WANTED? HT A B 4011 R LOR OS ft TEARS, whose pnirim ny I, erte.iat eo ?(^e?ien%ie di<a?su. ,a loierab'" i-?'ts an t *<???-? ? .eeal onaraeM*. deae but a hraa woman need ?< b ees R * L ar stAiioa A. B. A HUEBHAM'S .PUBBITORS S* PBBSS- RURSffAMHI Fiirnit ire Ktpraaai. Bornhaei's Parntlura Kipreea, lid weai hieveoih street. Wise a Flrta and taittk aveaue* Pnratture sirred. Ail Unds of fsrsiturv ><oie aed ah IE Bad. Sacaiwaef fasailweeved ws??e wwewwMS. Imw, KfTB. gTBS?ot-nooi, at w^ThI^C* IviiUf IliiUT a I X o vine*. ?*W MMTb'r!tNMH krTy* WW AI 1 0*ei*CK PROURAMNIUI USAUll. 01. ?U*^tKT . '?Tat?a*v "*? 0TASTLINU Mfi Kffl {?fu AK1> L<M\t, Vl*w* ti -*<?**, kfttii. Faintly ti<-lfSu ?dmKMoff ill. |l JLfU II KM It BVRoNH (JHaMO afiwrttjaMM TVI Ko ?riAia>i#nl wl I lukr p mot il,i? r? ai?g i , UZ Hall. Kii;t.ih nemr jfnw.l? i , ?.-[*i. t t.? w . H A Knamilbal. K.lf Wo?L V Ixa K i.? Mr.ifiHr ?, Pr*4>'r1nk Ann, tka jaatrellouj I'att pt.anwi an i mttmrm ,4 *11 **atntoqmat?. Ifwn Iftnl nir ilrif. rtb.r Tl>?rfr, k<lwar>ta. I<rw<n Wil on. ftofca-bim Oiru n Hinitk. Anmi Kirimin and > bo? ?r li tnta a.l c<-ot : rranrraii ??at? SO com- fhxtni p|m 1 at 7, cm* ?em M 8 P M Kor particular!) una I Mil* MISS KATR JAKOB THR ORMBKATKD R >1 IU triranr tad inato dramatic v.lfn. will npnn at MB lnnVa lUaant Alhrn urn, JuiMt li. Mt^aiteri . a> tn? ainklH for Mia* fanai wtU ?tiijreai i*m Oouwr A c*l vA Waal Itunatua -treat. NAVURK UNTKII.R9 AT THU IBVMH mimum or akatomt. ais HimADw?r w ?ATHO!.OOrOAL WOHDRRH Afnt RKW VoRR MWHRUM Or ANA TfRRr ?I8 BROADWAY. ORDRR Of WONDKHH TO BB HKRFT ONf.T AT TH? N 15 W YORK ?tori'm or anatomy. 81 K BROADWAY. for iMWMtali and Oilier Advert Ja< tnemtn Sec Ninth and Irnlh P??m. MKiRS AT AUCTION. AUCTION NOTICB.? LABOR HA uK < ?K O'ER 116 IN worth of HOIMIRHOLD ri'RNIWRH, TBLVKT. ANI> Til KK K PI.* O PKT?, MAONIKICKN I* ROHKWOOD Pf'A NltKOitl K, mad <* !'? or iter; coat Ji.nO*. three beautiful Par or .s.m* on aar ed w tb rl'h aaCtn brocnte' unit Krnnti ros K. Kuril. Aim tloneer, will aeli tbl ? day ( (hiu ?<Uy ), .li.r.r 2, ui lit'C o'< lock, the property of a family gottig to Hiiroim. at their real leacr. No. 119 Wait Bightb atreet (Clnton pt <-a), wmI of KifU armnw, The Mala nonaprfaea the oonteata af the tmnae tori mMlol' It wan made to aritor for tho present owo"r hy .elebruad cltv makiTH, an 4 treed but neran moatha The whole will M ?old peremplor ly, rata or afcloe, afl'ariog ertra induoemeuAa to n?rrham-r>. PAKLOlt AND DBAWXNO ROOM FtTBJUTURB. Three beautiful aalld r? <rwaod and hlmH walom ('aria* Rulta. eavered lit rich Frenok utia brocalel and repei Turkish ha?? riia<ra anil Lauaget to match. raw?i?4 Ocnire and Pier Tablea. Btagerea, Coroar and Itaok Stanly 21 ilay Kr?ii7a Clock, rich China and Parian Ta*e*. Parlor Ornament-, e rgant Hrocalel and Laoe Curtr.Hi*. a flae rmi lection of Oil PaLi tings, Kngraftuig*, larga Mirror* aad Chandelier*. tfAONlFlCBNT BOBRWOOD PIANOFOKPR, STOOL AND COVKK; OORT $700; an elegant In'trunoot. with raund corners. beautiful!? carved Toga and caae.- with all modern Improvement*, ovar ii trnng baa*. Cull iron |dale, French MljcAli *evea oo tava: rosewood and mahogany B?d*tead?, Hiireans. Walk -Land*, flora-, Chairs. Rockera, Mlrrora. Clodka. Tables. H*4 I.oniiga. Spring and llair Matt reuses. Bed*. H ank'-ta, Tea Tables, Rmeo ton Tal> (liana, Clnua and Silver Waia, Ta ble Cutlery. Ac. Kaie imalilve. Dennett* required N. B.? Parties wlalilir* to attend'th'* sale will laVe ftlitb avi -rna oara ar atagaa, leaving at Rlghth atrnet, near tha HKNRV e I.KKDS, AUCTION RKR.?HRNRY B. LP.BDA A CO will ell at aurtina. on Friday, lima ;; at 1 1 o'clock in their gaUrry. W Liberty at met, a vslua?ta Ltbrarv of Law Hooka. constating of wovka nearly jjew ami other* but little need, which oollectlon may he found ta embrace New Tark Court of Appeal* Report*. Howard ? Abbott'a Report*. Hemlon Aawi of the Stale of New T?r% from 184.H, Revised Statutaa, Blaokatoae and other valuabla Work* on I, aw, Medicine and Ttieolo'V. Alio valuable trained and tinfratned Bngravliiga, Medaif, Ac., and w>ul4 refer to the catalogue aale *1lhnu( reaer- a. TD8BPR HBOBMAN? PBIDA V, JtlNB S, AT M O o'clock A.M., at the Oantral Maloaro<ita-<. Wllinngbby atreet, comerof Pearl treet, Hrooklrm? lianditonie ti.rnt tore? 1* handaome roue wood Planna. 6 Pier and I Mantel M ir rora, rotewood Parlor Suit, 31 piece-, m threo colored brw> catat; S roaewuod Parlar Sulta K place* each In cii? aon pliMb; Parlor Hult lit 6 pleera, ia moijuet, roae. wood Parlor Suit, 8 plecaa, lev Hue and gold hroeatel; >o? wood Parlor Hult, 7 pieuea, In crlittHon and gold brnc iiei f marble top Chamber Seta r?eewnod and maho?iay Ha -eaua, Hodateadt, llalr Mattrea ea. Heil<llng, inarb'e %r a llat-tanda, Baokraaim. L?aoe Curtain*. Centre and Bitaneiaa rahlea, China, Velvot, Hnuae j and Ingrala Carpeia, ItefH taralaw. Ac., to. Rh ARMKR, AUfrriOHBRR, WltL BK1.1. TIMB DAT, ? at two o'nloftk, at 444 Canal atreet. mart* n ton Biir aiia, Bedatenda, maenood and mahogany Wardrotxa. W?<* dandx, Cbalrn, Tali I -a Mlrrora. 30 anw and ernnd han4 'arret*. Parlor and Cottage Snita, Otl< lnUi?. Matting. Hair md otli.-r Matireaaaa, Pillowa aad' llolalera? averythlag far louaekaaplng. Richard waivt-krh. SRVBIPTB MOROIIIB& wll aell oa Friday. June S, at ll>H o'clock the Htoak m Millinery Store 47,' a Dtvlaloo atreet oonaiattag af Hata, ta. ?ALB OF NOB. 9 Alir? || CHATHAM 8TRBBT.-TIIU O aala adjourned uatll further antlee H i'.;ITKR A. OOODhRtttiN. Ad??ntatratrti WM. ABBOTT, AUCTION KRR ? QFKTOK NO 4 BAST Broad*ay. anils on ihta dav (Thura^ar). at I o'clock, al -91 i>lr alon -treat, a large aamirtinent of Pawa brokera' and Fanny Hood a, Shaw.s, S Ik aad De alna Drcmaea, t 'oaia, 1'aaUs Maotlllaa, ArUfiaUU Plowera, a iea Carpet*. Redateada, Oilcloth, Ao. nniTAKT AirvjrAVAii. BOUNTY $#x> TO ABM-ir ANTED. 25 AKLR HOWBB men (alien* preferred) aa nMIIoIo: tult bonatr a- noon at panned ny the doctor. Apply at ?ha Hotel ll.raa, ooraar Third and Rlrnr atrorta, Hobokan. to B. B HMITB A CO. i TTBADQUARTBRS, PROVOBT If A KHH AL ORN KK Aft. IX Nr?r York. .lime 1. lOK ?Special Order-, W?ft. lie? ? ] (Eltract. I Lt"Htan?nt < oloncl John Mora, Hn/eoty nmi|| N>w York Yolunteera. will aand at' mea of hi* "giinrol whoa* (arm of a-rvi.e ha* u<>( ntpirm a. faat ft <4 !>'>? Ma, to Hart'* I -land. Maw Turk harbor Snrh or thaaa man a- <to not report at onca wl I tm regarded a- I anftrr. aad L accordingly. By command of Brlfaitiar Ocaeral HATS. n F. Binwwiwir, A ml * tan t Adjutant iTeneral Official H I. an, at. Aatiug Aljuiaul Beanty nlnlli H*w York VoluD'erre. H??T?*0**rr*<, RrrK>?TY NiaTn M T Y" ' ?**?***?, ( Mbhcbk Uoi'it, New Voac Jn I, 1M4. t Special Ordara. No. 4 ? Id enrapitaoee t<> ion abftv ?M|? 'oinpant commander* *tll aatid all man a' lne>r emenanler whoae lartn of aer?l a ha* not ?ip-red lo II* i a lalard New York barbor, at half pa t two o'<4oek ot? th*l<t Inat. Aa oTicar will accompanv them from tti?> Mrrcer H->u?e The* ijxaciiptiv* lUta miut lie ?ent with theti^. B< order of JOHN VDKF:, Llenl-neat Coionel cootinaaJinf. OftOB'.E II. LtrLKT. MM ad utant. l/\ 8UBSTITFTES WANTBD? THIS DAT, FOR S?M I ft/ a??h In h ind iftar the doctor. Tn'inreof THOR LAk'Fl.itT'A A CO., No. I Kut Broadway, corner el Calhar ne at.. N Y. NAVAL. PHIZ IC iliOHKT.^C. A LI. i?R17.B MONBT NOW PAYABLE CAN BR OBTAINBB AT OMOB Bt API-LYl.tO. W rtRHoi OR BY LfcTTKR. T?> WALDB* a WILLABD. _ LATK. U H NAVY. lffl YORK HTRF.KT BROOKLYN. BOTNT1B8. BACK 1'AY and all other claim a ADJIJ8TBD W11HOUT DBLAB. ljtLI>A WARLKY FOR RANTI AOO DB CI7BA. LADY Pi Maria for Da tout, La-la for gemioole, Naaar.u for Mtata nfdeomia and Victoria. Prt'ti money n?w rradr Appir to WALDBA A W1LLARD. tfW lork atreet, Brook , jn. INSTRUCTION. A WELL BD17CATKD RUBOFBAN O^BTLRMAB woold wlab lo fir* le.aona la ptuaii, K( the r real doaoa*. lo the lailowlaa . tnfua^aa ? k'reor b Latin Ger man and S|-aa *h alao Ta the Knftllah trw lina. Km c aa4 the rndimant* ef ttu> riaaofertn; uaeieafitiMable refee eaccat^ran Addroea F. J. O . Herald odiea. FRF.NCH LA N'OtTAOR AND UTRRATTJX.: LRSiiOM^ by a Permian. licentiate of the CaivarvK* of Parta. M VlANtltfBJ.LIKB. No. ( Waal Elarealh atreet. Dear Bruedway. Ml'SICtL. Ah bnyin octavb rosewood Be cnd cobnul Pianoforte r?rv iiule Hand, beauttfel loan md 1a per ferl order, aiade b> the re nv>r?u<l nat?r\ Nnnni A Olarfe, wlllhe auld ihrap at IC3 Third tMnne, hetweaa lllittraaBk and Beaeataenth ftlree *. A "| FT MP. FIANO FOR HALF.? HA? A GOOD TONB, rueewood caaa. and ta la perfect ardor. Prior f IML Apply at ftl lelfolk ureal, a ear Uraad. ABARriAIN PO A OAS If CITSBOMRR -NAOnri flreat roar wood aarae ootara p?uuf arte, la parfaed ?Tier, lull Iraa frame, arfw nnia 1 airnri: aaar'i *?: la'rat Improran-eaU: aweev, pewarrnl reee, for naanr hat/ Ma 'Blue- Apply at the reaalenca. M Otird -treat, uaar Sec oad arrnue. , A | FAMILY. tYANTINO KdVKT. WILL DlftPoNM OF lhair Ftaaoforta for la?a than f5?)- full idia ro?awbr>d. Wind rornara ahert tier u?ao at.iandld tMia raodara piufui'uta irealramr. At ericiitai price $J0Q. Caii at 7? Br. (treat. n?*/ Allen. AMAOBinCKBT 7S, OCTA?B BOSKWOOD ruii? forte. m*il* te nrdrr for praeant uwnar baa all mJrn Irnprof ?anU round corn'fft. alaaant ??areed e?? anJ ^ae; roat HO 0 for $.t40 A an Parlor Sofia Oftrrad with TinMilr . roet |t'l for tin. Rtajane* rarpria. PalBMan*. lai m iim navaii mnnlNa will )?? aold at a aaarldee. la^Ura aA 113 Weal Twroty third cireet, e?ar AUth areaaa. I WABTRD-A P1ANOKORTK. PLAY BR. ONR IB AT tea tlay far aingisa. App.y at lg? Wraoa at. | ANTKD-A OOO D PIANO I'LAYBR TO TRAVT*: enr who rea al?> plar the rieMa. Addrtiea iiamadtaio la A It C., Mt All Uarat4 aiLee COrAltTSRKtHIP. ? ? at.HB PARTSF.B WAXIBD-WITH ?>*> >'.* ? t? take tha *la<* >t a ret'rin* partner 0 a lira ?aaii eiannlaouirtni imelneta Areata area n t apiay ('all *1 teA (late till) Bevoad area i?. Tnr rOPARTNFRBHTP HUB' TOPURR BXIBTIBj balftra^n Bead P?rrl. A loin fl Perrla, uBdar thr trai of B. Pertia A C? la ihla la< d a??l??d he mat ?l r,* ent, John t i. Prrrte reurtaa. Kaei Parr:* wid <?n a1 w..a la lluuMatlo*. BRED PKKu;.l. ?at SO. 1964 J. a. FEUdlR C MPT H INC. (tHBAF ANN FaxHIOBABLII CLOTniWi. J CMORiiR LBV IB Alt Broadway. Biart Pmeka. Una fi te ? Muaiaaaa t Ban Kn?lt?h aod other Itylae t la W Al| era ami Irfaan Cimit i ?? ? t!aaalniare Paa.a ? m w \ -at and Paata to ratlcli ? M 1 Yaata, "rarlatv" > " ? ? ? ?> 1 ASTRO LOt. a. tapiRTYtrAtlSM -TOrrtTBSTPB. T'lN flRBAt BB O dtum can Sa (atea?t|t"*l ne all "Aa?. p?*aat and -"H "-iiiMnrii-ri ? " ?

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