Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1864, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1864 Page 8
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SHERMAN ! AHMk am the Union IWeca hy the Rebels. THE CONTEST SHORT AND SHARP THE ENEMY REPULSED. tyaerti MfPhersoB Within Twelve > Mile 9 of Atlanta. 8ENERU THOMAS AT MARIETTA fur Binidrcd Priunri aid a Rail read Train witk Winded and tick ftcbtli Captured. Ike lebel lenerali Johnston and Polk Be i. tat kg to ilbtn? aim fflieoi, TIE ADVANCE UPON KINGSTON. Additional Details of the Affairs at Adairsrille and Cassville. THE CASUALTIES, fee* Ac.. te ??<<r?Ury ItkBUa ta OcMiral Dlx. WAsmraron, J one 1?7 JO A. M . ?tier Genera} Du ? A? unofficial despatch received bare at four o'clock tfcti morning, data* yesterday, 3Jat, at Kingston, reports that ?tier Hopktae, of Gen. Stoneman's staff, wbo came from ?M front una afternoon, mji "the rebala attacked at Mf-paat aeren this morning, and at tan o'clock the affair waver, the enemy repulsed, and our left reached the Mflread near Marietta. " la aeooaspiieb this object bad for sereral days been the parppai ef General Sherajan's movement*. Additional toaee are reaohiag blm and ample sopplies. EDWIN M. STANTON, Secretary Of War Vhs Clnelanatl Teliframa. CmcwsiTi, June 1, 1804. baa been received here direct from Kingston, ?baaasaee, toy telegraph, which says that General Sber aaaa arroed-al Dallas last Saturday, and pushed en rein ?areemnta ?c McPheraon, wbo would reach Atlanta by wast Saturday, ualesa a hWvy force of the rebela waa met way. At taat accounts he was at Sweetwater town, and bad ?SMrsa the rebels acrass fowder and Ktckajack creeks, ?M get poaaaaeton of the bridge aoroas the Cbattaboo able, twelve miles from Atlanta. Yto mala army, under GeaeraJ Thomas, ie advancing, aad be occupied Marietta on Monday, taking aome four prisoners and a railroad train of alck and rebelc, with aareral cannon an J sons small % ta brfkevec that Atlanta will he in our possession by ?A Pmday. It isaakl thai. General Johnston, with fragment* of bts mixed army, has crossed the CtmtabnocMa, and back tc Athene, east from Marietta about fifty | Pf!k w.itac army of all sorts of men , mostly con jssrtptB and "femberton boys," Is retreating to Macoo on )*a OsaKal Georgia road. Mr, A. D. Weitfall't De?pat< hc?. Heaiwaktrs. Twihtiktb <>>rf*, > Rmsaoca, Ga. , May 16, > <? .i* ltth B'jtterfteM's division of this cor;* went b la the Itae of battle before Re sacca, on the ieft of ?i fraw'a division of the Fifteenth corp?. i.eary and Wi tarns were held It reserve. The line was extended I Wr Berth and ?wt a ocg the ridges by the Fourteenth IB* Ysrecty-tbirtf corj*, and Howard war rapidly moving fcown Vrrom Bunar t Room by way of Dalton, to take pc VHtea the left of Uk Twenty-third. During the day there ftas heavy skirmijb.r,; at all points of the liar? at Sam g r?wii| to Ue importance of a I me engagement? tot no k TOUB4 wsc lost oo e'ther side. A belt of lead, thr bog* which runs Gamp creek, separated tbe o n leading ; w.rt.4? , and occasionally Oaebes would be made aat from t be timber co either side of the ciearlog? now by tbe bf srs In blue, agi o 'y tbe gray r<*bci?? but uo bedy was mough to e?sy exjKieed Id that open spew . Aw ty ?e the right Lejin w ?? p uadlng away at tbe works ib front or Roesat.a village; oa the left tbe mmet of ct ?man and musketry told that Howard waa costing ooastdentA.* f?a uaure to tie march fraas Walton taU line Till ti? Hat was perfect M would not bb pulley to push the euemy too bs.'d from Palmer s and 1 l*afcer's pos.tion. Getiere! Mocker ordered ?p Geary's btbiery (C, > .rs" Obioi oj a wooded j>pur af the bill oa whfcth bts troops were pooled , aad commenced ?ball.og lbs en?*?r aoroas tbe meadow ; but no reply waa mftdeesecpt by abatpahooters, who swe concealed to Ike web ?? 'he hill wpp^tt* Geary. Mny o' thc?s abotr , eaae unp^asanftr ciase to Gsaerals fijoker aad Strtdss , v wbo were louattfeg under the trees by tbe battery .1 rbpuio W K Shsr.tai, signtl oflse-, was wounded m t the arm aehile mas lag ob m* from this point, sc i tto aftmioTT passed stray wiihost the whole line or bat y Ala becoming engage I Ibe flghung on the 1 2tb war be ') twaeo tbe Dalton aad " me r oad ibetd by oar foreir and the SUtsBMia i'?a<l btiMir the reoei* llie pwntiuo waa . xt aaaterialiy changed daring the lSih and Uvh f eatruoM am /Rw. Paring the . .gHi ef ?h' - 4il> Geoe'a1 cuerm*o made a V s??r?e?o?'il to ti?? ieft, with a riew te ?nt trrltng tbe rebel irmy pr?>|Mrau?iy to a graad atu.-k by tbe w hole line ? BuMerRelde Ui-isito wan ?r|tb<ha?a from tbf right, ' rji ? the gep betw^et l/>, no I -t i Palmet ws? fl'led by Jelf t 'iav? dlflSMV. Fourteenth i.or-s. which bad' hr?ri ?a rveeise dnrjb. tue dav. H -'ssrS and rtobofleld s st'ji w< re .>.o*e4 i re mile* to Mi* left, at'i took i un-et stab')' it ? Kes">ooa road, goiur into jrfvMik'n uwe i m tbe tea H, tints termiag a twites o- i n on iiajueets . :i iu ?bai? < a li-jf reshoe Mttim .)<>ub>ua fiowsrd'a ; ,,r . "d Bkraady gi t In (msltlos mi tlM Ine. Fr- tie, . stor si. on "I -**u s di.y mger " e .> ajie c rc' e m i ,i. * r. . irl? \ | <air s< of < i.?wi iiArraa^ ^ immeC lately in ' r>-ut of Oenerei lie ?er ? nea poeitioa t1 r. tne Hue ws? a hi ""mn.bbdlrg the road to K'v*aeca, . .i^eo whlcb ha ^ae ic paas 1 o ctnitrv ??? very jpfcMfcly wswdai? s ?uooaaslon or rnfiv. rat eea, moua t aie are"ks and ??rarnj ?. V ber ? ? i< ;ksr < in I ?ere1 lb* poeltioo nf tbtl Mil ne < kj to Uie , rf#? %~>e of hie line, or whether he coveted ? '> t it of t ametbtng else I d <u t knr.w i>. t rrinaik?o u- tn 0 %r. i s:<a.'i ng no?r Mm t.^ .t be w o ? ... . t )?, * 0. tales IlntterOekl's d.ri?i <' w?s <t f t j u>, ? aerk, euppfirted on the left by tbe Micut.0 tiiviaior (( t be aarpa (GaaryW). Tb'' tod are * ? *?? v t<.t t.ttie n.?id be ?ee? ? 4 there'. I p-eitioii * > . h|i ,,1 baowri they bad a bittarr i? t t * -t r.j u ru ?, t "f r tie pits. BtiUerfl'' ifr> >v"t- Hi* %n, -w i pl4 t wooo, 1>n iniBtwIWe 'l' '<? t* ,l isi'Ufcada ?r ,ihe 'ight, WoMl'a in Hie centre nd uhr r i ti e a*'! Charge up the hill li <"t ' * t ? crand ^n < *?* l'/ ll'* ' ''' *?" * "" ' fraue au?l t ?a",t?r from their e.Sllsry s^d ? e win f ' * from than ? ??" 1 ? ?' " 11 *m ' ?d* aa tared tbb ? F'?? '"1 "?? '?>- ?' i*d fai ti>?,-i.v? ?-r ? few mtnat." tber. *** ai ? ? ltd t<i haa<l < ? ^ .uter 1 1 ? ? >in< . J| i' e -?w ? >i r . ? i' ?? ^ ' *mc ef I ZatoMsSr 5 ??"? tanl Ward's nee , n L?ead to a ?r? frwu (!>? N? rate) poaitiaaa, aad, tbroarh bum dmuu for a taw lalaulaa to a flra fr? W ST ?? *?? ?*?, ?*?_*? "tS. ? tow rods aad left tbe gaaa ea ?M?oted rroaad. eearvH I ?WIM<X< en lb* Ml, M(l i ng wMb *he ????Hi. M,nHI M all art parimeaa. UN bill Ml* hattar y ??? MM; tar Ita nHH Aarad aet imnmI Km |M ? then. on c?mnI Ward la? la wait MM mMM, *Ht a rigorous raafc ?M made, aad Battarfteld'a dlvtstsa ? ? P?* k p?Mla ef "JUaale, BeUe ef iMm " ?4 Urn MMr spfeodid twelve powder braes (am. of Bawd's bsc Una. Baaarsgard's taUwj, aad om tbaaeaad wna kw drfd r u?d tr small mm. Tk? dead hod km ?( Oal. lM pbi ar, Ti t* -fourth Virginia, two 1 tauten aa la aad raventy ?taa men lay ta aad around the works. Tha rebels ted , aMcaaded ta carrying off a. oat of the* deed aad woaadod. Thu battle flag of tbe Thirty eighth Alabama regiment, opoa wmcb waa inscribed, among atbar legends. "look out Mountain," waa trailing la froot of Houkar'a ? oar tare later. Bo ha Battled the d la pete aboat the vieios u I Ueekoet. General Butterltold'e new divm>oa behaved ? plead Idly throughout tha | whole aflhir, aad, tbeafh tber bad lost qatta hoavily . they wsre In tbe beet of spirits at algbt. The Thirty-third Massachusetts, Fifty firth Obto and Thirty sixth New York were particularly dtstiagutehert for daab, bravery and vigor. Bonerfield himself and Captain Oliver, bin senior aid, seemed never so active; tbey ap peared everywhere aim* the hne, and oontrlbu'Md t Rally toward tbe success of tbe brilliant allair I# tlieir es ample Kiuin 4TT*na <m nouaaa ai n> aow/vtun Holiday nmlit, about midnight, tbe rebels made a vigor oue attack In force upon tbat part of tbe Hoe bald by tbe Fourth and Twentieth corps. Tbe right of tho Twsatielh, ButterBold a div.sloa, and tbe left of tbe Fourth. Wo?d^ divuiiun, sustained tbe brunt of tbe iwaauH aad hand somely repulsed the enemy, who, alter this expiring burst of bate, retreated, leaving only a strong picket line. Monday morning eeverai dead IwxJles of Ouion eol diers were found lylog In front of Wood's position, muti lated horribly. In two or three fosUnees the scalp* were cut rroro Uie he*<)a of tbe men. anil were after wards found on tbe Hereaoca road. Tbla 1 state positive ly, for 1 saw It myself. Our leasee in the three days skirmishing before Kassaoca will probably reae^i tUree thvuaand ova hundred. Tbe en-em* suffered aa aevereiy. KfltKMAN SWTBKS RBSSai'OA. Thtr -morning our forces entered Kessacca, tbe Fourth and Fourteenth corps by tbe vallroad. tbe Twentieth and Twenty-third making a detour to tha left by Nowtown. U< Pbaraon'e army moved to the right early thii* morning, Intending to cross tbe Oostenaula, at fay * ferry. Two trains of ears, wltb bridge material and workmen reached Hessacoa a few mlnntea behind the troops Tbe rebels bad destroyed tbe railroad bridge tu-ross tbe Ooetenaela but it will he rebsllt before to- morrow night. Five guns, considerable <>%intitiar ef ammnnit on and supplies were left behind by tbe rebate . and fell Into oar hands. KnwiOl, Ga. , May 20, 196*. ?* AGAIN. Gen Thomas arnij ^oved out from ftcsssrca on the morning of the 17th; Mcl'berson moved vo Lay's ferry mil crowed without opposition, Hooter moved to New town, and crossed tbo Coosa wat tee, Mcbofleld's army stiH fur iter to the left in line. Everywhere there were indi cations that the rebel army ware not at Ml disposed to . face what they sow believed to be an immense army of ei asperated Yankees. They abandoned wounded, and threw away supplies; many stragglers feH into our bands. The number of prisoners captured on tbe ad vance cannot fell far short of two thousand. SKIRMISH AT ADA1BSVU.I X At Adair svillc, eighteen mile* south of Reesacct, oe the mala Kingston read and railroad, General Thomas' arm? eame upon the raar guard of Johnston's fleeing forces. It jWas just before nightfall, and the enemy made a desper ate stand to cover their further retreat. Howard's corps was in advance, closely followed by the Fourteenth. Tbe resistance was so stubborn tbat Stanley's division was formed with the intention or commencing what might prove to be a general engagement, and it was believed the rebels had found the last ditch. But no more than the line was needed to force them from their position. A brisk, artillery Ore waa kept op till dark, when the troops went into camp During thin skirmish Lieutenant Flork, fIcdhI officer, was wounded on the bursting of a spherical case; Surgeon Earr, First Ohio, wounded by a sharpshooter's bullet. Howard's loss in the affair footed up two hundred and flrtv. It was sub sequently ascertained tb?t Johnston's main force was bnt one mile in sdvaice at tbe time the skirmishing begun, and tlat the stubborn fight was made to glvo bim nme to get oil a hundred pieces of artillery by rail. Johnston's headquarters were at Adairsville till midnight. No further resistance to tbe centre was encountered, and the Fourth and Four teenth corps entered this place at noon to day Je(T. C. Davis' division or tbe Fourteenth oorne, which bad marched ;rom Ressaica with McPherson's army, entered Rome to-day without oppos.tlon, capturing a great deal of valuable machinery and stores belonging to tbe rebel government. McCook's division of cavalry outstripped tbe enemy in a race for tbe bridge across tbe Etowah, two miles from this place, aad saved it. JOI HOOK 1 R OK TBS FLAT*. While Howard.wae skirmishing at Adaireville. Hooker's corps was marching in column along tbe road to Caes vttle. six miles to tbe left. BuUerfield marched twenty mites tbat day . aad at nigbt waa nearly five mllee south west of Adairsville, and practically inalde tbe ?n?my'e hues, ami acme distance in advance of tbe First and Second divisions. At ten o'clock oa the morning of tbe 20tb, two hours before the advance of the Konrth corps entered Kingston. Butterfleld, with bis single division, ?truck the enemy four miles south of this town They were in sufficient force to overwhelm bim : saw it, aad made disposition of their troops to do it. They advanced upon him in eolumas, showing a strength about five times as great as oars, composed of infantry, cavalry and artillery. Withdrawing to a favorable position, Butterfleid disposed bis brigades so .is to make as big a show as possible, and opened upon tbe advancing enemy with grape and caaister, spherical oase and shell, from all b s g jns Xl though tbej were within a short quarter or a mile from hiaa. be held them until Williams and Geary came up on his left, when tbe whole corps was rormed and drove tbe enemy from Cassvilie Nothing but a Judicious displav of military '-cheek ' saved tbe division, as prisoners afterwards said, for Johnston be lieved be had tberu in bis clutches " JOHNSTON ACROSS 1HR STOW AH. So far the rebel\eoeral has conducted his retreat lu a masterly manner He has finally succeeued in crossing tbe Ktowah river, at tbe cIlBs, eight miles from here, *?d there ?an be no more opportunities for ton ing him te fight, e^tiorman is resting and recuperating bere, pre paratory to an advance on Atlanta. Tbe railroad is io working order to Kingston, aud supplies are coming up. A great battle will undoubtedly be fought somi-whsre between bere aDd Atlanta: many believe it will t.ike place at or near A I toon*, which is repr.-eected to be a de fensive point So far as 1 have been able to collect, I send lists of casualties during tbe campaign: ? TBt CA.SCAI.Tr*.*. twimibtb oowtmTtoiT. Tbe ro lowing is a list of killed and wounded in tbe Twentieth regiment Gonuectlcat Volunteers during tbe present campaign up to Kay 30, ISM ? Killed Wounded ] 18 Missii'g |gA Total casualties ffourutni ? First L*at. fieary I??m, Co. K, slightly, at Reestcoa, (is. , May 13 Comnny a?Robert W. Br.stol sllght'y, at Cassvilie. Ga , May 19 Karl g. Woed. slightly, at Caasvtile, Ga. , May IP f'/npanf C? Sergeant didoey G. Dickinson. slightly, at Reesacca May 16 George R. Klrsb. slightly, at Cfci vi. le, May l'J Ovmpam o? Fraocis Dalef , slightly, at Resteer. May la. futnpami B ? Corporal David Hart, compiiy clerk . se r.ously, at Beesactt, May 15 forporal Wm. R Slate, sligbtly. at Raasau-a. Mar 16 -Cumpamt! /?? Adriar. a. Hull, slightly, at Ressac-a, May lu. UnnMMty if ? Bhariee Williams, seriously .at Oassvills May lit. Cnm; any /? 8ergeaut D.tvid ThorrtemfT, aii^htly, at Rosea**, May 16, Bcrgaant lUjbfii Prior, elifhtlr, at Bess area, May 16, Corporal James Paweett. siigbtlv, at Roaeacoa May 16, Corporal Curtis Tuttle, Nightly, at Hee sacca. May IS; Howard B. Dormaa, slightly, at Reesacca, May 16; Fraacts 0. Barrows, s.igbtly, at Reesacca, May 16. ' Company X-Jne Mange, slightly, at Jtessecoa, May 16. tatan rmai massa' eraam? "onrmi's aauuDS Killtd Lieuieaants Hsary J. Parker. Bdgar L. Hempen, Corpo ral John MoCormiek, George Uramhu'l, Charles A Que tus. John J. I awreoce, Corporals A . J. Cobb, fcverett K. Hutchins, laonard A. lAtkl ag. ,.ios W Flissell, >roest Bowden < orporsl Wm. Sweeney, Wm White, John P. Hogan, corporal eylvaau* I . ttaitley ... VrtsiW b*n".aiJ**^5iw' 5' w,UlMni- Nergeiet r"her es H. Klm L i' V!l ^ , 1 r*'?g?- Job" MoQaeMtoa. ibo Burns, .ames ^rrance. W R. Fmersoti, Kile lUnnoS, v ? - , VT4, H*r': ' u"?"y, Pat. H Welch, Boaj. t P- Ore*, |)av,q Mar, jam-* A. I*ie, , Mi*, k llail 1, OU'S Mr?roe, Jatnts A. Kicker, .lobo Whit I \ " Hf"w ,r 1 ' Atheara. Al.eo H. Dunbar Patrick Keily, ?. V Morrison, Jaoeb S'in, Alvin v Fnher, John fsrks. Patrick Kiley, I Jowj.h Davis, Parker Me< ueo, Asa Wilson, llenjamio P. ? White, Oolor Sergt (.eo. W. Clougb, Maior 1. Jiarm.a, J* less Keyset de, Wm M. Packard <ar*c?ni McKarlv Tlx* Burke, A. F. Wliiey, B. W. Patten . Jneeps Ht (?#! ?><"). *1 er, > b SUwell, Henry a. Dieksou, lAike W. H?'j?ets H. B Harrir.'|ton, James favage, Albert A. irAaoo, K R. A. Keyser. Juhe Wentwo-th, John M n.4 n I I wings, fiae M. George, ?n, Jaq.iea, K<-' ??n R. Keno"dy , BMIt. W. W p?yne, lames M. Man* or, Janet u isvis, ni??. a. THinn^kln. iiavid gp?n<?r, B <arer Wm. H. Dod^e. Petrick K M.irrav ?a stii-iwixi' oaio A tiled. Taylor < !"ton, M. iiennts iieol. lens. I? f>ag, J. CoVen. J T I ?snas, ? '-uer Isylnr, Fled KUQIhe, Keu>?B Mai. -ney J. rt"iunej ? ohs BCf ?**!? i\r f? stt sixth nn W t as Kill', I * 4. Y WU.te.Wtn. R D-idlef. G T Fraakllr, Wm Lawii, Wm ". C'hurcb, .lamet F. Lit til, D " ?#?od, *huMtm ??a,b, ? barie* We'tvr. N. W Palmer, Iiavid ? Mf4, Jacob Vc rlnes. ? H'r Mfwf?d /arfm L J e?, >amu?) Gre?n, John Knot, j Tender t< f, James M ore. >f<-nry King, Capti in W & C'tiame, ' I'raiik ?>'(Hns ' ?o ge H. Saager. I!, a. net oa, fl r e? Hen s, ? a??ei H rt^n. Th"t)ia M< mey. .lolin os i, At\'r P?>*iins. H.tK aiierwo n! ,i<i|.n A tMrayllao, '' Mf Itlak'.* As i in W? ki f, Jfbf F I'dltey. t;? -ge I take*, WlPSm f H'!,#. r, If I'.K.'r, ,? ri/n 'aw lifl'ley ' ai i* it r t" 'Mi-i der ON TO ATLANTA! The Adv^iec of Shermui'a Army ? Occupation of Marietta. F Mm. C. r Pulton, Pstsr 8. Owpsr, kj?tt Patrick King, Patrick Suit ?an , AC- Sm lib, ?^1** p Warden. mortally; OeorgfWar^heWt, Ofn??* Turt^r Westecott, J. Cbsesbro, Emory Cfce?bro, P. P. tisywe, B. H. Gordon , Peter Attler.J. H, ^ c Wsrobold, Lieut. Wm. C. Hall, Patrick Ro*e?, 4- ? Matbews, Peter Connor, Hugh BrMdoo. Geo^l* George Crnndnll. T. M. Alien, Chnrl?* *? Moo?.<?c?uu* San ford. E. F. Herdosdorf . SnmtMl Teucer l.ieut. Colonel Lloyd, 119tb New York, killed. Captain Brav, 3Sd Row Jersey. Went. A. Baxter. 141st New Tor* Captain Woltge, 111th Penney Iran*, kHM. Captain James M Welle, lilt* Pennnylvnnin. weon?iea. Colonel Ireland. 13T?h New York, comdg. brigade car. Meat. Colonel Thomae. fl7th New York. Mstor Bobbins, 56th Ohio, killed. Captain Feck, 66th Ohio, killed raptain I 'lion, 82d Ohio, killed. ?uior N. P. Brown, 101st Illinois. wounded. Lieut. Geo. FL Stevenson, 27th Indiana. Iieot. Porter. 116th Illinois, killed ta_. btt. Stanley's Fifth division, 1-ourtb eorpg, Wtttwsoun. dred killed. , Colonel Opdyks and Colsnel 0. J. HM?rjoa, ' VMNM. Captain Hutchinson and Captain Pbllpol.j 103d UBio, killed. . wvtm wvjctbs. ATOled. rolonel 'Carles R. Gambit. 6Mb Ob?o. Ma)or Adolpbns Bobbins, 66 th Ohio. CapUln A. E. Peck. 66th Ookv Captain Wm. Melbirsli, l.'4b Kentucky. Captain Jacob PottrclJ, 2d Ohio. Captain Wm- McKeln, 33d Ohio. Lieut. E. J. Bigby. 33d Ohio. I Limit. Casten. 88th Indiana Lieut W. E. Voleay , 8Mb Indiana. WmtmdtA Captain W. E. Tamer, 7?th Indians. Lieutenant Wm Hardenbrook. 70th lndlsnn. Lieutenant E. R rolsteck. 70th Indiana. Lieutenant Edward "mock, 7Wb tedlann. Lieutenant W. R. Thomaa, 105th 11 lino*. Lieutenant Wm. Tntlop, 106th Illinois. Lieutenant J. II. Smith, 106th Illlnola. Captain W. O. I.oreke, \0Mti TUInoia. l.tou tenant J. H Ellis, 106th HHnota. Lieutenant Colonel Valletta, 105U? llllnolt. lien tenant Nathan V. Cleayo, 79th Ohio. Llau tenant W N. Wllkerson, 79th Ohio. l ieutenant Stephen Jaoney, 70th Ohio. Lieutenant J. N. Smith, 129th Illinois. ljeatenant A. H. .<cott, 129th Illinois. General Ward, wounded In the arm. Captala Marshall W. Pat too, Ca '? 22d WUoaSltn. First Lient. J R. Bonee, OS. H, 2M Wisconsin. flecond Lieut. Par id Flint, Co H. 221 Wisconsin. Lieut. Wm J. I?ay. 33d Indiana. Optaln Mitchell- 2d Ohio. nap tain Taylor, 2d Ohio I.leut. < ol. Montgomery, S3d Okie. Cnptain r. A Mnsheil. 33d Ohio. Lieut. Mitchell. 94th Ohio. Lmut. Gormley , 16th Kentucky . Lieut Lyle, 16th Kentucky. LlenV W. A . l argo. Sl?t Wlaconain. Lieut. Harding, Slat Wiaconsln Lieut, rol Vclntyre. 43<1 Indiaaa Lient. Taylor, 16th Kentuckv. Lieut J. W Gray, 16th Kenf.icky. Mr. D. P. Coalngham'i Dtl^atah. Nitn r4t?Titx?, Oa., May t2, 1M*. tnr rsrss^i asd rvvnn. On the morning after the occupation or ReMiraa, End ing that the enemy had eracuated durSOg the night, we ?oon to.-* op the pursuit, and ?ovsd lo Urn columns, pressing closely oa their rear. Gen. Butterflsld's division of the Twentieth corps ocortook the ootmy at Casevflls, en the 17th The enemy occupied a strong posltlos oa s rasge of hills outside the town. The Twentieth Con becticut and Nineteenth Michigan engaged tbssustny. driving them bsyond the where they attempted to strengthen their position, but eracuated ' -'"'e day. Genond Hooker skirmished with the siic^y at Calhoun, repulsing a hrlgide of infantry , Wheeler t cavalry and a section of artillery, and occupied the town Hooker still pressed on the enemy, followed h j Weed's division, which ?arcbsl rapidly tbro-iga tbe mined and ctstrted streets of Calhoun. aT 4Dim?TiLts? TH? tusw noMMiSvaM In the evening General Wood tame upon tb? snntny strong y Intrenched behind breaatworki, a?ar Adairs rills It was Ho ><l h corps and part i>f Hardee's which bad here taken possession to dispute o-tr |>asaage over thecroek 1he> op?ne<i a boavy artillery fire Hon our liae?. General Wood formed li * troops into a line of bat tl? and rteoloved heavy lines at skirmishers, which soos eusneed the enemv Two aect'<?n? o* Brldte's battery tooka commanding position to the tert of Wi'llch a bri gade and s*>n ajienced the enemy a gusa. Another esc tton swept the rebel l.nes ea the right, la front Of New ton's division Arter uartt we bridge<l the creek -Hwseap | creek i for our troops to cross, in <>r?er te a?saoH toe enemy's works in tbe morning, butthsy, ae usnnl, naa taken French leave of us. We then pushed on to Adalrs v We and baited for M -Pherson, who had gene to McGuire S oroM roads, U oome up, then agvaucai witbta four mlies ?f Kingston rassiso mnoi'UH swoeron The Fourth corps marched at sunrise oa May 1?, pans lag through Kingston, whsrs they enooustoisd aoms op position from (heath am 'a division and two regimen to * cavalry They a?aln ssceustered tbe enemy m force about two miles beyosd Iisgstoo. and skirmished wlta them all tbe way na far aa '"ajsville. Here WtlUch s brigade tried a flank movement bu' . on account sr tne nature <jT tbe country, be was not ahls te bead en t enemy. A SSSW -WiSr:*? C??VIttS At nighifsll the eneir.y charsed on Beattie'e brlgado, hot were laandsomely repmaed. the Sovecteeeth_Ken tucky hearing the Iwnnt o? the Aegagemeut Heavy skirtn'ahmg oon tinned <iwUI after dark, our line swinging round towards t sssville. Meant iOie U?e Twentieth corps bad movsd at via n er rek, thsooe recoosoiteied sooth, slrlklag too railroad hetweon KindStm aart e asevllle Gene ral Be iter field s mo^emeeu were rnrid. an?. being alrf>?d of the colun?, the rebels awaited to give him battle. He rivpMly brought forward his artillery, sweep ng their Una*, compelling them to^ hack At night Cotonel Cobum'* and Wnrd a brlgndan capt ;red< *?avllie. Ihe br,/adea w sre so UUfUSJ .irom inar. hing and fightlDg that ihey wsienot ahls to f*1'*"* the flymg enemy, nnd General T1utt? rfteid's csvairy lay ?town te rest on tbe laid of their i'ame. At Bnesacca General Wood's division. Howard's corvs, WM f c J tho rebels that t!?ey were able only to Are brldfre er asing the Oosteiaula riyer atVsssaoca, *B'f? our boys ar>on eitingulaNjd, ao thai tn^ss ran over n nail day a srm*n#n nrrssiriso writ. rcs\ ?*"? Or tho aiith th? jwenty third corpe bnd .a ?l fn,s*';' mlsh with the left wing of tho rttreatlnf arnr,*. I I curps was chiefly snx . god witu Howard s Fouk"?n, sis a r?rt or Pu|e's, H'od's sno the rerl o' P?'i?'s w - "c"'' sr'r. Tne ? emy have ^??-e.l the Howi<b,a?.i trenchlnir theuiitlvas on the AlWtoona hllla, froik wnir tb^y muat eooa dejinrt. ?ms ori.1T i^m* t st ro rOIS . lh._ Itie pre it. battle Is yet to he fought, and all! proh.* / oomf off be "or" we reach Atlanta hut we are fure of * ^ c<;s aswrhaio a ip'"ndid army, tluahrd with vict</r, ? Jhetro>(? are enioyiun a fsw days' rest, whwih i <>ed aft<?r ta< nty diiyi--' hard in?iclnng aud Chitting. They are recrUitiSg ami roflu n? to start again. ? In k Heil a d wcua 'rd up t> this l.m? Is probably sb'' ?? , r or thousand, leu ?? tho i ame? of a few oil <? rS Of | the Fourth u f| s wlii-h 1 pi-knl up siuoe we lift , Wemst i n opposition in tskitm Homo Tuens. v.ll^? aud Uoufos * ere <!osf?i iod on our route. I VMKKAt. HOWAS.'. v ? < r (.((f lie a <1 tin* d *011;# i.arn.a aacanns 'B 1 this caaapalgn. When before Adelrsville a shall bant amongst bin staff, disabling three boraas and killing ene, ?too iligbtly wounding Captain Fluke, of bit stair, and reducing tbe rank of Captain Bliss, of General Newton's ?taff, woo was present, by taking off one of hie (boulder straps. The enemy are making an admirably eonducted retreat, covering their lines all along tbeir route. tr? i/ABVAixaB. Tbe following is a list of killed and wounded offloers tn tbe Third division In and since tbe battle of Reseasoa ? Pirit Brigade. First T.leot. Samuel Fergnaon, -47th nhio, slightly. First Sergt. AdeJph SJehwar/., 32d Indiana, killed. .S?~o*<l Brigadt. rapt. Samuel Branoon, 0th Indiana, thigh. First l'ieot. Samuel I.. Richardson . 6th Kentucky, thigh. Gapt. Daniel M. Conner. Otb Indiana, flesh. First Lieut. P. C. Moi'Soaon . 0th lndixna. (ide. Oapt. Lewis Kubitnaa, 1st Ohio, ssrioualy. First Lieut. M. Crawford, 6th ludiana, slightly. Corporal Jos. R. Miller, utb Kentucky, thigh. Second Lisnt. Curtis A. Brasher, 17th Kentucky, arm Oapt. Jno 8. Hanaa, TOth Indiana, hand. Oapt. Landrum, 17th Kentucky, killed. Capt. Samuel T. Davis. 71th Pennsylvania, severely. First Lieut ('has. A. Adamson, Co. I, .list Indiana, flesh. Second Lisnt KdgarPocock. Slat Ohio, allgbtly. Oapt. Moss Crawford. 0tb ludiana. scalp. First Lieut Jacob Porter, lloth illinots, severely. Second Lieut. Christy F. Besford. 30th Indiana, slightly. Flrsf Lieat. Jos B. Roddy. 31st Indiana, slightly. First Lieut Walter Hastings, 001b Illinois, severely. Capt. Joseph A Miner, Mb Kentucky, severely. Hecoad IJent. J R lfnsongon , 21 Pennsylvania, slightly. First Lieut. ?sm|wr M. White, Mtb Illinois. Capt. J. H. Phillips, 2Sd Illinois, am Lieat. B. J. Dossell, 43d Illinois, mortally. Lieat B. L flrey,42d Illhtois, tbigh First Lieut. Edward.Mor<an, 43d Illinois, thigh. First Lieut. Jeba lalinadge, 06 th Ohio, arm. Cel. Kaaeraon Opdyks, 126th Ohio, arm. (Jen. J. a. Hoeker. commanding Third brigade, woukded la the leg by e sbe'i. NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS. tiywreeioedeace or the Cincinnati Cnmtneiclal ' Rmrci , Oa. , May 36, 1864. amoMs* osjkd rj.AXUMO xotsmsitt. Tbe designs or Sherman are now somewhat leas myste rious. Last sight Howard. Palmer, Hooker, I/>*an and Dodge's corps were at, and sHgbtly beyond, P/llas ? a point ou tbe flank of tbe rebel position In lite A! toons Mountain*. In what la known as Hickory Gap. ten mllae eaucheaet or fctowah, the station wbere tbe railroad crosses tbe Ktowab river. At the point wbere tbe rail road pierces tbe Altoona Moutitains, forty miles from Atlanta, Johnston had baited for resistance, occupying a very strong, natursl and powerfnlly ?srlined position. Before we rould attack him la front il f wae necessary te cross tbe Ktowah river, and march up the steep and rugsed slopes of tbe mountains which abut oo the stream. When tbe arm? moved oa Mondsy. Hcho ?etd's corj? moved to Ktowah and sun eeded in laying pontoons, making, tbe wh Is. at several points, demon strations lending the enemv to believe that we propoeed to atiark him directly in rvoot While Soboleld wsa thus enesged the rest of tbe army searched rapidly to the hiowfth river, and crossed with out ?er >oiis <>npoa lios at a pont about flliesa mile* below the railroad bridge immediate!* resuming tbe line of mar ib. and with bat light sV.rmirhing, reaibed Pallas last evening? about thirty tn<lea frm Mlanta, sad within a short marcher Marlei'a.s station on the railroad di rectly in the rear of tbe rebel portion at Aliatoona. Khotcld has crossed Ihe river nsir Ktowsh station, and Is moving down the ridge to jo b the main body, his rear guard sfcirmuitiing const-ally with the enemy. Johnston la again oomntetely ositgcueraUed. He is thus compelled to abmdan bis ttromr position m t&o M tooua Moootalns, aad ft ht . If at all, in the open country south of there Cannonading ban Seen beard to day aad the impression prevails that a battle is In progress te day sear Marietta. a KMtsi i orais* cjrrrafK A courier from Johnston to his Chief of Cavalry, <;er era! Jac k? d, was captured day before yesterday, hear ln< a nets o! oqniry Tom the Conner. asking Immediate information ol Sberasaa's movements on be (tanks. Tbe courier sa< taksn before General Thomas, wbo removed bis clothes and dre?se>t a trusty scout or hie own <a them, an answer lo Johnston's mossige. What this answer was is uot geneialiv known but It is preeurned that It did not communicate tbe movement# ef our forces with exactcss The road leading through Hickory gap. over which the main body r>f^nir far ess bes beer, marehng, Is In goad condition and iiouaueltv wlds, giving great facility for tbe -movements 1 rotn Itell.u u> Atlanta the oouatrv is open, with splendid roads. Fvary tody believes Atlanta will fell before it week rolls ar?und I have not board whether the rebels burned the rail road bridge over tlie Ktowahor set. Hut I do know that evory timber seeded to replsi-s It baa been made, and is now ready to nnd its feilow. In fad, the measurement of every br.dge from Daltoo to Atlanta bas bean obtained by Colonel W. W. Wricht, and duplicates constructed reedy to be erected Instantly nur trains continue to run to Kingston aad Rome, though il K plaia that Johnston can. if be chooses, ad vance aad re oi copy a poiat in our rear, sbsrnaaa (eem( perfectly laoiflbrent to this fact His army bavs rations for a march ta Atlanta, ever and over Re twees Oessville and Kingston a b^dy of rebel cavalry burned arty w wrens, loaded with forage, en Friday, beyond wwbleb the enemy bas shewn no syssptnai of soseptinf %ar hivltatioo te atieck ?nr rear. ana caeTt sas at somb. We eaplnred a smsH ateasibeat in the (aosa river at Rosss. large ouaatit,?( of supplies aadsnttoa. and several large iron fe<indi.?s. A million do'lsre worth ef eotton was barneo. Tbe plaos was captured by Oaaeral Jeff. Davis, wboss division ssmbered less than the garrison, who (led upon being assured by a membar of our advenes guard whom tkay sutured, that osr whole army was advancing oa tbeotly Rome Is said to be abeautifai oltr, sad, unlike Use retreat from Dai tea, everything la tbe bouses was left untouched . Many fami lies regained? but very few negroes. Hie ladies are said te be very pretty, v ry polltasnd very rebellions. S naarsG mav? <*'ie?'Wo ms ?vwmtact.a Stvsa is rsrs ?as or sasoaa's oars. Tbe flacond diviaioa of tbe eltteoath corps, com maadad br Brtgadiw (.rtw-ral T. W. Sweeny, received orders oa flatsrdsy, May 14, ts mows to Lay'a ferry, Oostsnaula river, s point south of Ri-esacca, aad Important, and take position oa tbe opposite beak . Tbe whole oemmand was placad in motion , the Second brigade belag le Uie ad vanee Cnon learning that the enemy was preparing to srosa at nMbnim fervy , which point was a little above Lay's terry, ike t irst brigade was seat there to dispute his passage Tbs Third brigade, if I mistake ai>t, wes held In rsssrrs. At lay's ferry, Johnson's brigade, la Walkers divt> asm af Hardee a eorps, wars rortifled, sad when the Pn?y sixth Illinois, af the Second brigade, in Pweenys di e1'., npi-e.ired on the opjioslte aide of the ri<er, opened a sa linp lire en tbem. Charging through aa ej>en ?eld, the Kighty-flrat "bio promptly rallied on tbeHixty. clsth, both regiment* taking shslter behind s rail feoce, Hardee's troops were behind trees and, consequently , bad decidedly tbe advantage in the wsy r?? sheit?r fr'im the rain o( hulls. For half an nour the battle tsged with fi.'V. Mm-, while pontoon b'.ats were lau 'ii hsd ia ' ske croet a tributary ol the O'slenaula river, and ?li r inp.nlis of tlie'hly first Ohio aid two #t the -ixty-elxth llllnoia were erdered into tbem Blovsiy but ateadlly the boats, iadeu with about three In ndrod souls, piwlicd down the strsnii itr 1 si bullets whin ed over their he .-Is, ?'time, if yon rtsre"' hells cchocd the Utiot with. ?K <>ls, are you leady todlef" Never was evinced bravery, lor t: i-fc vi irnorr, heelurt thorn not, thiHigh, lo all hurann ai.twa aiin s, it.elr n? ?in^ the river . .. gt brsving death 'l i t they n ,lil hoc nir lutaates of I lldiy p -ison. "*0S' t' e tK us are Iti tbe di.j ut'd si oiti ji.i.'filr plies' every oar Son, tbe v hite hnrk* touch ths otho,' sli'ire. unantly , aii,| with d shout of trli,iii;h, Mi.* * ;si.;uit i Sliowf .inuetiiousiy rush up the bank , . e t?|..\ inv |>r ,'Srl)* and mir- rapidly i" thev go. 4 i > .in William H Clran'hi rim tho frl??hty tirei ??bl>. hid i harf ?' tit r'-i>wii ; i?.< ,* eriM'd in tlir tire "i ce of j st'jti ' rr l a \i'l I'a"' .in iVtiluin M. 17 . 1 unn MMf M Mr mM%i Ihi Th r?M brigade ?? rwjfd Barfee *M. astooMbed aa4 snr phw*. Seventy-Ms prieowraytw itMdi of mm. Ibre* aov<,v?re M< ea? baUta tag #*? the trophies urrMud ?V "the breve bnvs" A 8w?a?y'e 4ivmt.ii> that 4k;. Tbe rebele evsn afru>4oa?d mm* earthworks en toe left of th* w?>, wbleb, wtM ibe* art tilery, w? m 4o4 the terry. 8e, early eo Sundav a poo toon bridge waa tarown across Um river , over which pessed lb* whole ef .General MMSMBfi. A B8BSA. CH1B0B AXD A SBMSL MVUIJB. Whits Sweeny 's 4 It U tea wm lying to line ef battle on *? dav afternoon, on the Booth et4e el Day's ferry, a rebel .brigade. supported by earalry to keep tbe men In ranki, eharged towar4s ibe river; but the fire from tbe Sixty sixtb ai>4 Twelfth Illinois tu froal, sul that of tbe Hnooad and Heventb Iowa on-tbe right, made tbem leave tbe ileld ingloriously. leaving their dead and wounded bebiad. Tbe aebie Keren th Iowa eburged tbem aplendtdly, but lost heavily Ibat night breastworks were tB'own up la 'real el svs^y loiou soldier la Sweeny's div jton. waid'l TAHBW ST STOBM. *i>at night, after a aeries of the mart brilliant operations, General Morgan L Smith's division of tbe oorps took Iless tcca by an assault. Three times did J-ibmuon hurl maa*et columns against Smith's division to dlal?4ge it. but in rain. Smith don't take anv place met for tbe privilege ol surrendering it. Never. Tunnel HH1, nnlton , Tilton, Ressacca, Adairsville, Kingston, and perhaps Home, are the inestimable fruits of this victory. At every point Johnston waa outgonsralled. a m.BT with cxaei'n s's nivmoa. Sunday morning Johnston'* army waa la full retreat sonthwsrd. As usual, t'lcburne's divi sion gaarded tbe rear. The second brigade of Sweeny'* division, In tbe afternoon of that day, had ?? nuUe a brush with It." Moving bis division from Day's ferry. General Sweeny instructed the commanding officer of tbe Sixty-sixto Illinois to advance iar enough to bold the rae?l loading to Home. In obeying this order the Hlxty-stnth became engaged with some of Cleburne's reuiments, when three companies of the Kigbty lirst Ohio were detached (and soot forward as a support. Gallantly the Sixty-sixth charged tbe rebels, driving tbem across a field and to tbe road Captain Goorge A. Taylor, of that regiment, had command of four companies of skirmishers, and in making that charge was killed. Tbe line advanced beyond the road, not baiting until it waa ooM'ronUd by Cleburne's command. VA rebel brig ad) was detached, and after a desperate resist ance the glily-eitlb llliuois was compelled to retreat. Promptly the Eighty first Ohio came to tbe rescue, and witb only seven companies, lieutenant Colonel R. N. Adama, of that reclmeot, oharg'd upon the rebel brigade. Now began tbe fiercest contest or tbe campaign. Once tbe rebels nailed, then oa they came, flying their colors defiantly, Tbe Rigbty first Ohio was tlaubed on the left and right. Major Frank Kvans, with three e^^fniies on the '?'t fi>u"ht and charged a rebel regiment. ' Lieutenant Coluuei .vdams moved to tbe right, fighting the other companies heroic ally. Here the Twelfth Illinois bcrame ODgaged. Tbe roar of musketry was deafening. Colonel F. E Burke, of tbe Sixty sixth Illinois, then commanding the Second brigade, received a bull m the leg, and directing Colonel Adams. C the highly-first Ohio, to assume command in bis stead, he reluctantly left tbe field which be has al ways honored- brave fellow! He sleeps now; sleeps to wake no more. Colonel Adams took oommsnd ef the Second brigade, as directed, and lougbt It as bent be could until an order from MnPhorson bade him withdraw from a contest so unequal, because no unexpected. The First brigadecarae np, and was engaged on the extreme rtgbt for a time, the Thirty n.ntb Iowa supporting Lieutenant Kroner's splen did battery Vo blame cau attach to General .Sweeny I'er this affair, for hail bis instructions been obeyed, and not exceeded , no falltag back would have been neoes*ry. Aa it stands the enemy cannot boast, for he loat more than ho gained. ma sen TO KUtr.SrOH. Tbe neTt day General Dodge's command lay In line of battle whilo tbe Fifteenth corps passed through to tbe front. All tbe corpa were then set In motion, and Johnston's retreating army was hotly pursued At Adairsville a sli.-ht skirmish was had with the enemy, and a ficrcer one "C MRtd near Kingston. Many prisoners were taken .sud soma valuable stores On the 19th ef May General Dodge's command halted netr Kingston, where, for two or three days, it will rest Then It will goforth again, rejoicing in its proud strength; for new perils so?l new laurels await it. Lieutenant Colonel .lease J. Phillip*, of tbe Ninth Illi nois, was wounded while lighting band to band with tbe enemy's cavalry near Kessacca. He received leave of absenc* next. day (or his gallant conduct, and baa gone to Hnntsvllle, where residls Mrs. Fblllips. A private aoldier In the Sixty-sixth Indiana swsm tbe Oostenaula river in th? face of the enemy, at Lay's ferry, scaled the works of one or hta forts, pulled down a rebel battle flag, and returned to bla regiment witb It In aafety. REBEL ACCOUNTS. to (be Richmond BxamlMT. Atlauta, May 27. 1854. Our advance cam* up with tba enemy at Niv Hop*, tear miles east ot-lteliaa, at noon on Wednesday. Hood's oorps tii flret in ?he fight, parts of two divisions, 8te venson'e and Hlndman's, only wnre engaged. We bad kiit one line er battle, wbicb the enemy charted twice and were handsomely repulsed. A private note from General Johnston *8 headquarters at sunrise yesterday ways that the affair of Wedneeday afternoon was handsome. We are having a renewal this morning. During the day firing continued, bnt waa evidently receding from us. and a few gone have been heard this morning , apparently at a still greater dletanoe. General Ciimmings is severely wounded la the breaat 1 and arm. General Reynolds wounded sllgMJy. The army was moving up to the field yAterday morn ing In fine condition. sbookd nssrATCs. AnumA, May 27, 1M4. Altera from the prees reporter on the field say that the operatlona of yesterday were defined to skirmishing and the enemy reeling Tor oar portion*. Our right reau on the road from Acwrth to I>ailas, about three mttea ni.rtheast'frora New Hope Church , and extends from the latter point nearly wast. The movsmenta of the enemy continue to extend towards our right, indicating a disposition to get near Ktowah river ana n ridge. Firing was heard early thM morning, hut died away soon. Krwa from Callfernla, Ac. Rm Fiuioteoo, May II, ISM. Arrived bark. Nomintnm, from New York. Parties jnat in from Arizona oriag favorable reports cimoernlng the silver ledge* near Colorado rivnr. The lumber milla. foundry and machine shop at fort Madison , Puget Sound . were bnrned May 27 A meeting baa been called at Virginia, May X, by par tiea la favor af a paper currency, stroagly denounced the pmitct, which Is probably dead. The crap prospect to California oontiauee improved The flour and grata markets are fiat. The Cora la to ?all fur Sydtey with a cargo of breads ttiffk, vetoed at 1140,000 Very few mining corporations are forming now. Trim 1'rlp of the Nacramante. lyoinsft niitrTtFCi. btkamkr bkadt ron tan* vn b? -?br KTim piftbsh knots ?aht -th? TUP TO VBWPORT AN? BACK, BTC. The Pacific Mail Steamship Company's new steamship Sacramento, Captain Bradbury, left New York harbor oa Monday at hslf-past three P. M , and, under the pilotage uf Captain John Magtnn. precoeded to saa on an engineer's trial trip. She arrived at Newport, R. I., at noon oa Tuesday, and took bar departure lhance at fivea'clook la the afternoon of the same day, arriving at New ; York at noon yesterday, Saving made a vary delightful trip and proviag hsraelf a very superior veeeel. She was built by Mr. W R Webb, and the engines were furnished by the Novelty Iron Works, under the supertnleadeoee | of William Vaaderbilt. eagtoeer In ohlef of the Pacifta Mail Steamship Com pa oy. In every pomt of view this ship aad the others af the same class are second to none la the world. Hiring the trip the average speed waa from eight t? nine knot* oa a oonsumptton of ooal eoaroely reaching twenty tons la tweaty-feur heart. The higbeet rate of spend attateed with about foartean and a half revoluttooe af the wheels waa aboat fifteea knots par hour, aad ae beautifully did tbe engiae wark that aha waa net stopped eace to cool journals ar ta kay up. The Novelty Iron Works may real mstly proud af their aobievesaaala la regard to this engine. one striking 'eetsre of thle vessel is the eosaaasy af the arrangement f<y her paeaengera. The rooms are large aad beeutKully vaatilatad. having alao tbe addi tional ad ventage of a row or slate rooms upaa her guards, wMh e paaaagewar between them, with doara epeuiag eat upoa the guards , as wall as Into tbe mala saloon, rai the berth deak the aocommodatioae are af a superior order for bath ssoend elaas aad steerage pasasagsrs The kitchen contains both Ire aad steam appttaaeee far cuil aary parpossa, wbioh oaa bonntifally supply the labia for three thonaand piss sogers. The maaat provided for the eafety af the paassngsri ars not lees then bar oapaclty to read i hem. she rarrlea twelve hundred root of two lack fire boaa, from which abe can throw tbe equivalent af a stream of water of twanty-alna incbee. snd also five ban dred feet of deck hens, wbioh caa be addad la aaae sf Ore to the specific provision made (er sach a otfclla geucy. Kvea a further guard le provided la eight ateem jets in bar hold, la raee of fire from spontaneous enmbus tlen or other catssea her hatches can be cleeed . and tbe fire n this manner ha apeedlly extinguished. The water p. pre are noastmotad of lroa ; so that there la bo danger of melting them lo naaa af fire. la caae or a leak she la provided with two fifteen inch taction pumpe, which oaa deliver In fear hoern an amennt-or water equal te the weight of the veaaaL Pre cautions have beea takaa for every emergency . If shs shatiid msct a bold privateer dhe oan bring a powerful battery, cental log or one one hundred- pounder ?ud rour twerity pounder I'arrett rifles to bear on her antagonist, la fact, no |>*tna or expense has been sperad to make the -.tor amenta s splendid and ataunoh veaael , aad shs will be a great addltiua lo this popular Ana The mviied gusaia on the trip ware few In aumher, represented all claaaea of tne beat society. Among Ibsru ware aaveral diatlnguisbed merihanti, ship owner* and oaptalna. fc>sae were disappointed in not g?1nf to Hsmpton Uoads, as waa at flint expected; bnt Itie diaappobitmefit gave way when tbe Changs waa marls known and the ve?wel wss fairly on her way to Newport II was ploa <ant trip, sad all snj< ye.l themselves. The n>oFt b luntiful vnl cuoioe living a" prepared to satisfy tiie inner m^n. *lnle nature irnl ber enchantments lo Ui? ecrne 1 tio trip <>f t he Sacramento will not ,j?oou be foi gotten by tlsose who were no fortnuate aa te be ea hoard . The flnrrat Fire la III, l.onle I T tons, June 1, 1894 Hi'- Ibtnl Jot- l>y the bit'nir.g of the wireh<' ?e of C. H |i.i|| ? i rte?'<sv a ?' I JM.O ?;i? iini.nrire fit'iOOft I *1 hews riH m BtiTisi Tin nmisJ Tk* Prl*M??r VlwM? at ttm Malta ami WewepBpere? Oee VmnI wdf Bwra?4 fcf Oka Plrau? Tht llNktdt ' lmtn Aetlv?, Ac. Ws km AIM from Bermuda liM u Hamntea ? U* If U St May. TBI VLMOi IM TOUT. [From the Itoyai (liMlti, of Bermuda, May it. j The far famed Florida paid as another rtrtl an Than* day iu<t ? this lime only a flying one? aa aba did net eater 8t. Georgee harbor at ail. bat remained for lb* few boars (threu we believe) of tier stay, la Fire Fathom Bole. She merely touched here in order to pick op let# newspapers, and lettera lor her officers, ho , from sweet bear la and wtvee, her officers and crew ha v lag beam without aay new* lor a m<>nib and more. Her latelli fem e la devoid of any particular iniereat. She report* having overhauled a larae number of '?federal" vesaele, but, aa tbey bad ail availed tbemHelvea of tha usual re source, and m street changed their flag, (he waa obllgeti to let iberu go. One only tbey founl themselves Justified in condemning? tbe Avon ? her thev bnrnt. The Avon, waa from Caiiao, bound to England. Her Captain, bio wife, passengers and crew, were put on board an Engllsbi vessel bound to London, which waa subsequently f alien Id with. The Aoyal Oottiu reports the following entries ef Auglo rebel traders at Hamilton:? Emraaao ? May 10? stsamship Thistle, M9 tone, Hora, Wilmington. N. C. 927 balee cotton, to F. B. Stacy: lltb-~ Mh'x ner Isaac Vandyke, 36 t>ns, Wilder, Nassau . asaorietS cargo, to Johnson & Crorts: steamship Atalanta, 263 tons, llorner, Wilmington; 640 bales cotton, 136 half, 117 gar ter tierces and 330 boxes tobacco, toC. L. Hobeon: steam ship Helen, 342 tons, Lealia, Wilmington; 966 bales ootioar to James Thorrold. Receipts and Dlabnreemenia at th? Of? lice of tla* Aulitaat Trtaaani eflew York. May 1, 1804. by balanoe, Receipts during the month. Customs Loans 6,184,01? Internal Revenue 1,177,?W Transfers . W ,000.000 Patent feea 7.641 Miscellaneous 11,601.791 Poet Office Department 103,481 Debits Payments? Tr.-uiiU'y drift?... Fost ufllce drafts. $40,904,814 61,26ft Debit balance Hay 81, 1864?-r. Balance, Cr., disbursing offi cers... $18,279,004 Receipts during the month 88,478,820 Payments Balance Balance, Cr. , Interest accounts. Appropriation Total Payments Balance Receipts for customs in May, 1894.. Beceipta for customs In May, 1868. .. Increase in May, 1804 Balance, Cr., bullion and expense aoaoont for Asssy office Cain received during tbemontb.... $73,71$ Fine bars " " " 100,238 Tatal. Payments In coin $77,148 ?' Una bars ...77,606 Balance Funds In hand In Assistant Treasurer's office $$1,470,778 Funds In Assay offioe 62,810 Fine bars In Assay office.. ..$34,083 Departed bullion In Assay office. . . .203 618 Bullion at the Mint for coinage 44,816 Total. Lass dne depositors $81,170 Leas temporary loan to be reim bursed 604,247 Balance. $14,100,674 40,078,489 $64,174*^101 ?0,666, 86* $4,118,687 ?1 ,761,836 $7,848,384 $14,409 60S 7,687 391 204 ,80* ?1,801.671 4,061,89$ $3 030,77? 8,008,06$ $,720,160 "$181,801 $?^0? 1MJH9 "$241,441 184 ,74V 180,76? 11,623,6$$ $$!,$$? $31 ,80ft, 0$f mj$ m $3M?,Nt Bualneea at tha tntted States Assay (Mb flea, at law York, for Hay. Deposits of gold:? Foreign coins $18,666 Foreign bullion ? 16,000 Halted States bullion...... 118,008 U$M?? Deposits a t silver, hi eluding purchasaa ? Foreign coins $8,888 Foreign bullion ftjOaO United Statee bullion (contained in gold) 1,708 United Statee bullion (eU ooina) 700 Total ""$180*3 Total depoalts, payable la bart 70.008 Total depoeita. payable la coins 90. 0M Gold bars stamped 160 668 Transmitted to U. 8. Mint, Pbil. , for coinage. 08,60$ SEE SUPPLEMENT SHEET* MIBCBILLAITKOU*. rpHI GOVERNMENT LOAN OF laW.OMXOMI Thla Lmi Ii authorliad br Act of Ooograaa af Mnt %, Mi. whloh proTidM for ft* REDEMPTION X* OOIN, aft My period not la** lb Mi (en or mora tku (ntl y*4 from ita iUta at tha pleaanra of the UKriim Until IU redemption. flva par mt lataraat la t? ba f?t4 aaml annuallj IK COIN. SubeoripUon* to tha loan ara reaetred kr the Xittoni Baak* In Oaitad Stat a notaa ar la aoek oarraaar ar a tha# fnnda aa ara takaa by them oa dapoatt at pa*. Ila axamptloa from Blnte or Laeal Taiatlaa Ult IM N< ta thraa par aant par aaattaa ta Ila ralaa. Tha rata of Inlcraat oa thla loaa, aitheafk bat Ha pe* naat la aoia. ta aa mnob gr^alor la anrreaey a a tka dlfbiuaaa batwaaa tha markal raise of currency aad (aid. Aa a rata, tha lira par oeat epeoie aaeurtttaa af an eaireai gararamaata ara alwaya par or nbere, aad enrrenaf aotr fuadad la the National Loan will ba wartk Ma faaa to |i< bealdee pa/'aa a regular aad liberal percentage M Ik# holder Tha aatboHead aaaouat of ikla laaa la Twe luM MUllae Dollar*. Tkcamaumof anbaeriptleaa reported t? tha Traaatu y at Wathlagton. during April aad Mar, baa baaaarer M9.ooa.oa>. BnbeettoUea arfll ba raeetred bf tka Traaaorar a I Ik* Called State* at Waahlait? , and tka ilataat liaaaanw at Haw Terk. Beaton aad Philadelphia, aad bf tka ftrat Natlaaal Bank af Haw Terk, No. ? Wall etreet laaead National Baak af Na* Tart, Twenty-third etroat aad 1 road way. Foartk Natlaaal Baak af la* Tart, Ptaa ibaat fifth National Baak a f Haw Tart. Ml TMad aaaaua. BUih national Baak af New" Tart, Mi* araaaa aa* Braadaraf. Rlatk Hat tonal Baak af NewTork, M Sroadwar Taatk National Baak af New Tort. Ml Broadway. Oaalral National Baak af New Tart, Ti Daaaa atraaa Kattaaal Biahaaje Baak af Maw Terh. IB* Oraeawlato atraat. abb bt all nattonal banbb wklak ara depoetlartaa af pnblir manaf, and an BBBPBCTABbB BA WEB AND BANE EBB throughout tha oaantrf (krtin* aa a?anla af Uta Natioaa Depeeltary Bank*) wU furalak furtkar taforaatloa oa ap pUaatlaa aad AFFORD BVBBT FAOILITT TO BCBSOBIBBBd * T IP BRPADWAT-f?OBNB, BUNION*. BAD NAtLB, /% Tender PaaLAe , oitr*d br r)r RRIPWI, Oh'roportl*! Braaeh office -if Br' adway. fir g**' A.iaviator aad Chra lira aold b? drngfi*t* aad aant by mall. flOENN BUNIONS. BAD NAIL*. TBNDKB FBBT, AO., ? J eared without h j OR IttCN, *?iira?a" Obispo dl?t. A' Bowrr. eror 01 tl tana' Bank Biaa'a Analnllator aaraa corn*, bantao*. Ao. If mall, SOcanta. SATB TOt'B MONBT.? TBOMAi % AONB1F, TUB (mat Oronar Tea and flour Dealer of Uta atv?. aoraea af Orronwloh and Murray *t?a?ta. ?* n-?w Mlllng tea*, Oof fa**. Flour. Win#*, B"f*r*. Mo-aoa*. Brmo* Vtd e*ery* tbln? ?l*c tt*od in r^rj family ?b'?par than 4 <al*r In tba Unltad Btat*?. One pr'iw Aa?h honaa. Wkola ulfl <l<>pariiitant, *? O-aanwloh atraat; ratal 1, aorn*r at <lr#*nwtch aad N"rraj itroata, _ _______________ TnE^AMERI^AW BLfOTni^ TTKBL BHIBT COT, lara at>*m?'iaJ "enow whlta," hnan flnUhod and par rucatad. Tat*nt?d April II. 1*1*. Malla.1 an _T*rHpt of |i. j/aNEEET. Agrat. 7* Na?an *traat, Naw Tart. Tba trad* aupplled. = TOO L.1TB FOn CLAIB1FIOATKII. NIBLOI* BAI 'M)N.-TIIIf (THt'RBOAT) BVfNtNd. Bortond *ppa*ranae of Mia* Lotto tho " < a ? Mftll ra- Ho artl*t. who?* adr*nt !*?? rran'aa *m ?r*?W with tnrrontx at mpiaoK*. will appoar a* Janny Mn<t A *a ta a ban m ? i? >?a W> ? MaUaaAa ? rnai IAi* *r*aJM.

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