Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1864, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1864 Page 9
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SUPPLEMENT TO NEW YORK, THURSDAY, THE HERALD. JUNK 2, 1864. NEWS FROM NEW ORLEANS. Arrival mt Ut CAbftwbh. TIM Culled Slates ilwa InMftrt Ctktwln, Oapl. J. B. Baker, arrived here at two o'clock yeaterday mora tag, from New Orleans the 26th all., at five o'clock t. II , and the bar at one o'clock 1 M. Mtk, with ?alls and the Fifty S'xth Okie Veteran Volunteer*, Oapl. Mann >of commanding, The vessel was oonalgnod te Ike Dulted Stated quartermaster. On the Slat of May , at two a*c!oakP. M., exchanged signals wtih bark Harah B. Bale, of New York, showing Dunham k Dimoad signal, ?oe bond red aad forty miles south by weal frem Sandy/ Hook. The following la a list of the Cahawtsu's passengers C'apt II Manning, Oo E. aad Mom Ri'er, A Q M; H N JBowanl, surgeon Hi ouarye K Combs, Co H; ll B Jones, Co t>; Capt J II Evans, Co B; T W Kenuey, Co II; Lieut 11 Lantr. Co K; Uwt W Hn dor. Oo K; Lie-it Chan Vetch, Oo II; Limit H Bohumpe, Co I; L'eut 0 H flh.M?fer. Co D, ?f timTtrty sl?tb,Ohlo Veierau Volunteers; Mr* Tavtor. Mrs Bucks Sure Aduns, Surn San?u.,MrsDutclher.lfrs V?s reason, Capt Grow, Bum Hlex, Chap William*, Mra Uuunla*;. Mra L)r Aeneas, Mr KwUft. Cap* D Cam, U 8 N; Mr* Krye. R Obar, VI Creuut, < ban M (Irav. Capt Porter, L*eiH FllnrHaan, Lieut Oarr. L cut Ven Valkenburg. Silent Rr?.n ti. Ltort Moulton, J SuMvau. Lieut Bun, Mr Kuote. Mr Kesno'ds, Mr W CM, Lieut Lawtoo, Mr Walsh. Mr HooU Mr Bowmand family, Mr Wall? 31 1 men ?f tbe Vith Ohio Veterans. ml SO In Uko ?teeraae. Mr. William Y?nn(<i Oenpatcli. New Oni.EAWh, May 25, 1 W>4. The Pitay utie was suppressed to-day by the Provost Marshal for the publication ia an extra of the fcopos Pres dentin I proclamation. MISdlNU OKVUWaS Or TUB lOWKTICXNT'H kkntiktv. It hat been aM-eciatnod that Lieutenant Colonel Cowan, af tbe Nineteenth 'Kentucky, -was only slightly wounded, and Is a prisoner. Major Mann, of fiio same regiment, reported killed, -is well, and not wounded : he also is a prisoner. Two tmndred anit seven men of that regiment are known to be prisoners. Ton oa'y remain to be ac counted far or ttoo missing men. CipUia Cositer, Company R, Ninoty-oixtb ohm, wounded and a prisoner, k is since died. I'APtCK Of RSRCLB. 1 tako tbe following interesting extract from the log of the Unitod States transport Hussar . Kept -daring her eruiso from Vow Orleans to Tam;>a City, and kindly fur nished mo by William H. Scott, chief engineer: ? "On May 3 wo sailed fur Tampa Bay, and on arriving at ?he ';ity disembarked the troops, who, <un landing. d? stroyfed three of artillery and captured ?fifty re*?elB. Cat'taiu Crane, of the Klorlda Volunteers, was the olili-er m command of tbe I'dkiu soldiers. Thn Hussar sent four boata antiore for tlfly refugees, consisting of women and children. The enemy was going to force the old women engaged in hospitals,- young women in factories, aud boys from twelve to fourteen years of one totakn-iart u the flght. We succeeded In safety convey Ing thrra nn board, and landed them at Korl Myers, where tiiey wero placed ander the protect ion of their relatives and friends NEWS FROM ARKANSAS. ?arderot Union n?a by Guerillas? Hor rible Atroeltl?i<-Report?(l Attempt to Invade Missouri, A fee. Sr. Loots, Jose 1, 1864 A telegram to headquarters from Rolla, Missouri, May M. mates that a train of Union rengeos from Jackson port, Arkansas, under the escort or seventy men of tbo Second Wisconsin cavalry, was attacked at Salem, Arkansas, by tlirae hundred guerillas. Tho entire train was hurned, and eighty men aad some women killed. ?>n Friday last ton man of a detachment of the Second Wisconsin cavalry, out on a scout from Bulla, becoming separated from tbe main body, were surrounded by gue rillas, aud Ave ki'lod, the others making their escape. Returning In larger force, they found the bodies of those killed stripped and their throats cut. A gentleman just arrived from Little Rock represent# all quiet In that vicinity Joe Helby had left Brownsville about two weeks acn, with a force estimated at from tifteon hundred to three thousand, for Sooth wont Missouri. General West, wita several companies of cavalry , h ul b?*>n sent against bim. Shelby is represented to be well mounted, and to have been Joined by McKae, with five hundred cavalry in addition to his own force. Tbe New York Yacht Clnb Refatta. Til K RACK TO- DAT? TWO I'RI/BH TALUK1> AT $150 KAClt. KTO. Tbe fifteenth annual regatta of the New York Yacht Club will take place fcvday over tbe usual course Twelve vessels are entered for the race, the two pri /as being valued at $1 jO each. The following are the en tries ? SLOOr?? SWOiWD CIASS. Niiiuer. OwH'Tt. Alarm A. M. ('.ihoone Nautilus A. Wavsta'l Narragansett K. O. letter Richmond J Van Schaick Annie L. Llviogstou Pkiver ...,T. B Hawkins Bi-HHO?*RS? WWWfD OJ SS. Julia H. i5. Fearing and others sum* ? riKSt class. Settle. L. P Senst White Wing .H. f>iuyve?ant Orakline J. & DeMersou SI IIOONBRS ? KIHST CLASS. Juniata J. W. Grlge Maine W. H. Mc\ Icar The Hteamer Matieawan has been chartered for tho ex alualve life <>f tbi; members of the club and their friends. Tbe Meta will be use I fur the pr?ss and the friend* of members who cann^Jie accommodated in tb*' ? lub boat. Tlx- it ta will leavo i5o fruit of Christopher street at ten A. M precisely. and from tbe foot of seventeenth street. North river, at twenty miuute? pa*t ten A. II. The flaglMint will be anchored abreast of the Club Bouse, iloli iken. The yac*iU will pass to the north and west of the fUgbiat, at Rabin's Beef Light, thence east - erly around tlio buoy of the Southwest ?pit, passing it from the north and east Returning, thev will first papa the flag boat off Owl's Mead, thence to "the tlagboat at Kohin's Reef, thence to n tlngbnat off (iovernor's Inland, theuce to flag boat at tbe Club House. Obituary* rHK CHRV DK IJI tjHKMAV*, LATE ALSrit! AS ll?Kt?ntB REftlPKNT AT WASHINGTON. John lioorge Chevalier <te Bnle*msnn, bore at Stade, M> Hanover, made bis studies in (rottlngcn , under Ilrcren, Ktrtihorn and Hugo, went to Vienna in 1W?1, and was for aevial years editor oi the Ia?rl,uehw ?i<r tJttratur. Afterwards he went to Lisbon aoj to Italy, and In 18-18 accompanied Baron de M.irnsctial, tbo first Minuter of Austria to tbe 1,'utted .Stains, as Secretary or the legation, U> thle country. In 1*41 , when the Itarou retire), be rep resented Austria in Washington ns Charge d'AJlkirs, and alter wards as Minister Rosidei.t. Chevalier de Hnltetnann'a halth had bccimc very delleste durng the Isst few years, snd b? ? s? induced fey a severe attack or lllnus in April lsst to resign his position at Washington and to return to Konipe. when be hoped to rerupi-rate his health in the bath of 'arlsliad. This bath, although relieving him considerably, did not eradicate the evil, aad at tbe rlose of tbe season h? repaired to CMwI/ia, la lllyria, celebrated for its healthy and mild cliaato ; but. notwithstanding the idiynlcal advsnta es wliioh sitrrouaded the Cberal'.er, his health eoutinnsd to decline, and he died on tbe 8th of March last , having attained the age of sixty fonr ye irs ' hevaller de Halsrmann had no immediate relations , and his property, net taconil<'erat>te, goes to distant heirs. I urine his protracted official residence In thH country, chevalier <1e HoJaaniann became person Uly ac iu i luted with svery distiag' lebed mna, which, in sddillon to his frequent travels ia all parts of tbe country, rendered lils Judgment ?niinently c treat on a.l qu<v?tuwi< of political aad n at lean I imjHjrtenoa. In his offeial capaotty, rhevallsr dsll'^semann enjoyed the highest esteem of Uie Department and kll colleagues, ?od acquitted htnvttU w'th s greet deil of ability and tact on all oecailoua whes very superior diplomatic, qua 1 1 rtcat ions were nalts l Into rrpilsittoa. His vsrled erudition and the Immtnsr amount of general lnforma lion aecnmuiated -hiring a long series of years studiously employed, with tbe asa stance of an sxcellent memory, ?snored Mr. tluieemann many advantages In bis public position and enhanced the value of his acquaintance in private life, where, kr his salable and kind 4Mpoaitioa, be won the respect end amotion of every ons. A Murder la Phlladelphln. Pwunsimu, .lane 1 , 1KM. ?r rotamaB.s carpenter, of Pittsburg, was killed at as early h?er tins morning la Trent of a restaurant. He das a wire and stvtu children llvlag at Pittsburg. Ths ?eiirderar escaped. Uoiten Bank Btauartt, Bo -to*, May 31, lft?4. The follow uig is the weekly statement of tbe oondiiloa ?f the hanks of this olty O Ifil Stock... |.T1.3H,T00 1M s sud di counts n;4,7O0 hue is ?,MT!,M>0 t i 'f"m?tber hmks lft,.1|olf.nfi I' e In I flier ?tint's 11,111.000 r- IS 81 Klfl.ootl fire, ,n .... P,424,i<V ?f iMtrma, m?f?t iMww mi ymoy ?hmiw, tm* WMl to tA'jtmmmnn, PtwM?rt Beery <a *e eba* . ouairm m mun IMon Bi? ?>iil i reaeluttaa MtkirHi Dm City Pnapector to advertloe for prapose li for ohwaiog the atresia, avenues *Dd lu? of tb? cky for a f erlod ?ol to ev.eed Ive years. The renolutioa iu adopted. WITATMS >0 iTIHD TBI BBAItr MHIH. Ad Invitation was received (rota a nuwber of eUlaens to attend tbe Diut meeting at Union *q*are on Painrday next. Tbe loviUtion waa accepted. UIKIOHY OF TBB BATn?V BNLBKIRIIRrT. A communication wu .rjcclved fffoaa tbe Street Com missiouer In relation to tbe prevent condition of tbe Bat tery enlargement contract. Re reported tbat tbe con tract for enlarging tbe Buttery was made with Henry Oioklto on tbo 2M h a t November, I8/S2. No stirelloe worn given for tbe fulfilment of tho contract. Tbe est muted amount of tbe contract was $27,162. Two thirds of tbe detract was aasigned to George l.uw on tbe lltb of January, 1H63, and tbo remain Ing third was as-signed to Ham< el Huberts, on the 6th of Atonal, IW>6 Tn Jannary , 1868, an ordi nance wan pasgnd by tho Common Council prohibiting vhe dumping in a! any purl ol' tbe enlevement until tti>? ri|? rap w*i| was finished, and since that timo no work baa been dune by tbo ci Qtiactor. On the Kith of May, "1858, tbe Street Commissioner was directed to proceed with tbo work, and tho O-n "oration Counsel was instruct ed t'i commonoe legal prooe?Uings ogalnat tbo contractors. On the UOtb ef January , 1858. tho Corporation Counsel advised that a new contract he mule for tbe work, in ordi^r to enaklo tho Hoard to ascertain the damagos which the city ha<l ?Detained by tbe failure of the contractor to ? complete tbo work according to tbe terms of bis agree ment. No action wai-- taken, bowever, and thus tho matter at teds. A number of papers from the Hoard of Oouticilmen w?re then acted upon, after which the Hoard a<iio?ireeil until Monday afternoon, at two o'clock. Fire In Ht. Loots. Bt, I. ou i.i, May 81, 1WJ4. The warehouse of C H. Bell, comer of Third and Kim it reels, with its contents, was completely destroyed by Ore thin aternoou. The building contained one hunered nod eighty bales of hay, several thousand sacks of salt and a large quantity of o*ta, stored on government in. count, and one hundred bales of cotton The tire caught in the hay , and was supposed to he tho work of an lucen diary. Several adjoining buildings were injured try tire and water. Tbe loss in uot yet ascertained. Deetru< five Fir* at Glcna Valla. V. Fort Howard, N. Y. , June 1, 1864. A fire broke out in ''arpcntcr's Hotel. Glens Falls, at two P. M. yesterday, and the entire business portion < f the village Is In aahe? Fvery store except one (a small grocery) is burned. Ttie Commercial Bank and telegraph oltice are burned. Three churches, two banks and a large number of private dwellings have bi er, consumed Tbe total less w estimated at over one miliioi, dollars. Tin- Cat^rplllarH Are Upon ll*>. TO THK KDITOR OK TUK IIKBALD. Editors are supposed to know everything. Tlx1 Hkram . I know, does know "a thing or tw ?. t un you -??lgpest any preventive against the destruction of our Pi:<* ? it y "elms." I observe to my eroat regret that the '? worm" bas appeared in force tCe naturally Iook for ".lime bugs;" but the ''caterpillar and the canker worm" ? or ouious moasorers as thoy are called? very r rely visit us in May. It cannot be that the Quakers have any band in this visitation; tor though tbey bring rain ibev do not '?eat out our ?ubstani e." -'ometning must l>e done 10011, or our park" willbo denuded. Ihis is 'trowing weather, and the evil will be irremediable in a fortnight fake u leaf from your hook of knowledge, and tell us how to make tbe caterpillars tafte tbeir leaves and r'liove the cm A GKKKNHOKN 8H1PPIKO. CTRAM WEEKLY TO LIYP.RrOOL. TOl/CllINO AT O Qneenstown (Cork harbor. I ? The Liverpool, New York ami l'hlladclp na Steam-hip Com pan v intend despatching Ibftr full Civ, l? built Iron steamships a* follows ? CITY OK HALT I MORR Saturday, func 4 BIN A . .flattirilar, .fun* II RDIBUROfI S.?uir.lay. June 18 and every aucreediiiK SUmdlv . at noon, from pier 44 North RATF.S OP PA3SAOF. Payable in gold, or it* equivalent In currency. First cabin ffl I Steer.iBO ?*> {rirft cabin, to London .. 85 | Bte-rane, to London .31 Fir?i ttbin, to P.irl* $6 I Steerage, to Paris 4" First aab n to Hamb in;.. 90 | Kteeraci'. to Hnmbnrg. . . . 37 r*M?<-ii(t*rs also torwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Ant'v.-rp, *r. , at c |iial v low rates Kro n Llvcr,(OOt or t.Mteenitown ? Klr^t cabin. >75, $W>, $105. Steerage, Th se who wish to send for their fHoiida -an buy tickets hw at the* mtes. Theic steamers have superior accommodations for pas-mn ge-e are strongly built In wat-r tight Iron auctions, and ?^owr- natent fire annlliilators. Kiperleured aurgeonsaro attached to eech steamer For further Information apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM IN MAN, acent. T2 *V iter street, in Olaseow to ALKX. MALOOLM. No. ft St. Knock in nam: In Qneonstown to C A W TV 8F.YMOCR * CO.: Id l,oiidon to KIVFS A WACKY. (II K ng William street; <n Pars to JITLR8 DRCOUR. 48 K'irt Notre ]>sme des Victori a. I'laee <l? la Bourse; In Phila delphia to JOIIN O. DALK 111 Walnnt etrcel, oratilie VroTIOR.? THB STRAMBTt ATALANTA, CAPTAIN ? \ Win. II. Piiiklmin, will leave pier 21 North river, Saturday, .lone II. at 2 1' M . nreclsel> for London direct. HOW LAND A ASPINW ALL, \i;eiit* niRR LONDON ASII N F W lORK STE AM8IJIP COM |.sny will deapa'ch semi-monthly th"tr new and tlr?t el.i^s Hri* iron steamships CI'lLLA. R'lLLONA ATA LASilA, IOWA, INDIANA and MANHATTAN, each (this niirtlo-n. betwe n London and N'iV Tork. csi'ln ; at nai-i" on the vovage Iroio Imdon. R.ite? or onssai.e, pay i iile I i I'll H Rlaf" currency From New York. First Ca t> i n $ K): Second Cabin, #6o: Steerage, *35. From l<nii,N>n or Havre r>rst Csbln. ?'"0 F >r peas^ae apply to CHAM. A W tl ITN KT. at No 'd R roadway For freight upoly at .'4 Ponth street Advanoea made on to -ivhandise consiitnei to the Loudon a Te n t ROWLAND A ASIINWaLL. Agents. British and utkrican -;tii\m navigation COMPANY ST K * M TO LONDON PIKIICT. TH? ilr?t nit" Iron ste?m*hlp LONDON wll! aall .Tune 11. Ps ? i*>* payable in Cabin . 51 hi I Sieei atre...? *'W Pa. -ncer- forwarded to Havre. Paris aad Oerrnan port*, at ?er> low mtes. Aopl? to WILLIAMS A Ol'ION J9 Broadway. OTRAM FROM AND TO OOBBNStOW.* AND LIVER O POOL CITV4UH LINF From New Yoik $.15 eorrency . to New YorU. $115 ?i?id. or | tquoalcnt in citrreney. KROAtt -s 1? Wedensdav. .lunw J. SI HON saila .l?in? TJ. For passage appfy to WII.LT4MM A OI'ION. 20 Rro^ilws*. 1 11IIB nAMRl'RO AMKRIOAN Ptt'KKf COMPsSVR IRON MAI1. Sri AM.-HIP^, f rom Southampton. J'r#ni N*w Yo-'li. TFUTONIA x?y 17. 1*14 Inne 11, l?1? HtX"NIA M^ySI. 1M4 . Intoaft. 1+1 R A V \ It I A I one II. I?? J try l^.l OVhMAXIA .Insets l-MM ,.1'ilv 2? I*it4 B'lltrssl* .. . J'ilv 2. 1AM . Aiirf. fi l.xM From llamhorf t?ier fo?it of Third ?tr?-e> n .'lokeu. taking pa finer fo?* Its "burg llgri*. Loii.h.n and Routhamptou at ihe fol'owlng ?ie< ? Firat <a'dn *|i?">: seroi.d r?i .in. $62 ?:<v>raBe. 90, ratable in coW or iia ?oulrali nt. 1" freight app> to RCNIfARHT A ''O.. 4-'i Krehance pla'-e I oi i*??age api>ly to C B. RICHARD k BO\P. 1*1 Bria Iwav. THf. NORTH CRPM4N LLOYD'S STF A MV'H I P ^MRRtCA H. We <e;? lander. <arrjriii; the United ! Sta ?- mill, will sail from the Hre en pier foot of Third I atrct Mo1 oke-i ,,n ?VTI R1>AT, .ITNF 4. AT 12 0 CLOCK M. roll BRRMFN, VIA HOTJTH AMPTON, taklnr ?a? cnire s to LoNnofr. h a vRR. sor ( Hampton amd bbfmf.n, at i lie following rites, payable In s?'^ <,T "* ?Tii?al-nt In C'lrreiier ? the nrst eabln $|'J4; aecind r?hi?. $62 M); ?t?er?;e, $i: K). The AMRBICA will b? followed hy the BRRMRN, June For freight or pnsa?? appl* to OLLKICIIK M CO , US Broad *treet. A NfBlOR LINK._RTK VM TO T.IVRKPO0L 4N I* J\ Olaigow. -f iie 6ne. I.i?t aalllug. Al Clyde hinlt steum- ' ?l.lp, CaLBDONIA. c?|i.?in Craly. I* Intended to ?all on H*"i "ar..l'ine4 fr>>m pier 47 Nor:ti river This ?;^m?.np is 't' "din tie in<??i approved au-le lo Insure the roi.itort | and eafetr or prssemjers Bates of poe^Mw, Including n nhnn tant snt'n1* of well eooked provisions ?Cabins. $*5 and $10; Internted'ale $4f>: sieemre $55 pavable in anr? ren-y Apidy t? FR4BCIH A CO.. Ni.1 Howling i.reen. I National stkam navigation compa-ny-to VUF.RVeyoWN and LIVKRPOOU Cai? n, $IUC; Sieers*e, $;t%? oar able u currency. M R-tfMINSlKR sa ls Baiurday. Jnne 4. VIUOIMA sails Sntuntoy, June IS. For passage apply to ^ WILLIAMS A OUION, 29 Broadway. FOR LfF.Rl'OOL-THR FIRE AI BRITIHH STRaMF.R BOW ARD HAWKINS. S Presc. .It. Oomutander, at pier 111 North rl?er. havlug the larger pari of hercaigooa* gaged ainlfo ug oi hoard, wilt have quick despatch for tho above port. For balance of fright. Or passage, apolr to *UNi;U, MKIBCKRA WBRDT, f.J Bearer street. Thr montbral o n. s. oo.'B btkamriiip pf.bdvian, I tro'" Qnehee to Ltreypooi .Inne 4. Bates pf laisnijc $15. $711 snd $.*>. tilOlIT HKAKTS on the National Bank, payable at All tta hes in Fn* and and Ireland, ???... ? f (<y l-a?sage apply l<? ? u , BRARLR. 28 Broadway, New York. FOR CALIFORNIA YIA PANAMA. A Hret eias? st.?amrr will leave Now York on Die Id, ISIh and ttd of eavh month, fveetM when theee da ton fall <m Bun' dav, when the lav of departnre win boon tho Monday f0l. For r'fMgiii or paeaage ap?ly n4 tho on If " 0 ? ,B *a.w^" !?$ time ii. D. B. ALI.BN, Agent. POR RRW ORLFtNS DIRBfT The Untied Biaie* mall side wheel steamship coli'm in 4. D. B. Barton. Commander, will leave nler Bo 4 North rive.-, on Saltt !?T, J?n? 4, it 8 ovi iea P M. precise V for New Orleans dire I. Ne freight r- eivee of bii s of lading si red on tho ds* ef Milling. All NttMlmul psM Ihroiigh the Poet ntlloo FnffMlM or pnse-ik-e apply to SP^PPOKO PILMTOIt A 00 ? Broadway. _ . , BHIPP1NO. T2?0? KBIT ORLEANS D1BBCT.-TH* W"TED P Mate Mil stoaaier MATaNXaH. Wm UwpH ooanmander, will wll u ?bora, from pter *?. 4 WMIk B??, od . the 8th of Jnoo. at 9 s'nloobP. freight or p*M?a apply to THOB. ASBNOIO t 00., 17 Broad wny. For nbw orlrans, dirbct-thb first clabs United 8?ateaMall steamship LOCUST POINT, <3*P? S. Hoffrau, will le ro pier 9, N. R, oo Saturday, J una 4, at 3 P. M. Huwit, with aasnrpas ad aoeommodations, % 4>. For fraliiht or paaaago apply (oil 1. CROMWELL k CO , M West street. F?OB HAVANA DIRECT.? THE UWTBD BTATP8 mail steamer Havana M. R. (Jripn? commander, will Mil a* sb ova. from pier No, 4 North river, on Wedna-. dav. the bin of June. al 3 o'i look I'. M. For freiKbt or paa aa|ic apply to TIIOS Ahl'.NCIO * CO.. 17 Broadway. ?jVOR L1TKKPOOL ? TA PBCOTT'H L1NB. P Bhlp ONTARIO *ai ? Juna I Kh II KKANCIS H. CD III NO Kails June U Hliip KO'lKK A HIl'.KN nulla June 8. Nli i ii A NT Altl. riC aa I* .1 liiiu III. FOR I. ON HON ? X LINE HI, Ip DANIKI, VVKMIhU K.iils June 4 For pa-*agc to or from il.i' out country, or dvafia, at lha lowest poesib'e latea, apply to TAPHCOTT BROTHERS ,fc CO.. Hi South -treel. IiVIK I.TVKRPOOL DIBKOT.? CUNtRD STEAMSHIP P KKUAR.I'ip'aln Mull- w II sail on Wednesday. June H. CnUln pa?*ai:? $M)\ >:?KI or Is equivalent. The OLYMPUS w 1 -k I Juno 21 L For I rcght or pasaAce apply to K. CI'NARD, No 4 Bowling Unt* FOR LIVERPOOL?' TUB CELBttltATKD CLIPPER fillip aIjKLaIDI'1 sail* .linn' ?>. i lie UNIVRHSB sail* June 10. To London? Tim PATRICK HKNRY *a,l* June 10. For pa-sago apply to WILLI A MS A UUION. No. <0 Fu ton auaul. ?XGORNIOIH. r|M> 1>BT? FOIt EXCURSIONS, A LA RGB BIPIC. 1 wheel Steames, wth nuh>oo? Also the new and lar . a douhle decked K anion Walter Hand* and Vlattlower and ihe ii" w anil ap'en 1 d Urova rbn-ea, Htiiten l lntid. Ap ply io VV A K V V KRS A CO., uo boiird of ihe bargei. f'>ot of Morion street. mJUlilNBET. Madam Harris has now opened iibu new K la'dishoieivl jNo. 7 Brnvoort placo, Teeth aireet, a tew doora rron, Hroudwa > , w th a uvwi; imported slock al Flowers. tto.inil bale unit bonnetx. SlEOK'Ali. Advicis to married ladiks -madam ? rp? TP.LL. Female Physician anil Professor of Midwifery, 0.1 Q lie ooiiau led a? imunlut IAS Ohambors htn i u But nin inu'rvlntv u ill bo oeceKiary No charge for ndvno. liar in lailililc uioilntn'S ouu nlso lw ohuiBod at 12/ . Liberty vlrrel, or oy; pr i:. Ladlca wUo demro board aiul tb? best modi,.' al atiendanon dorlnc contlnenient oan IX' ac oom :i,odKtod lln Kreooli Pills. No I, prion $1 a b,?\. ^r Nn. '?!, whlrh arc four decraoH atronear than No. I, and an never i at 1 nro ?',r,' ind hoalt'ir: prloe t.l a h'ix t'an h.' fent Ii) mini, with full directions. N B ? KMdame Reste'l denns it her duty to caution ladles ai<aiusi imnatursof her a<lv>^ ilia l oota, u-lio Dotouty rob them of tlietr luenas, but thi'ii* bi'ilib. \ TRULY ASTON I M II fNO MRDICINB FOR I'K ?nu'ua.? Nutlimg worn wnDdert'iil, because as\v?;' in variably certain .is ilea th , baa over l eeu disooverod than ilia "Porttiitiiese female Pi' s" of M M. Da' oni'-aux tin uovt r la , arc a.uavi sale ind hoMlthy, a though man degrees stro/iger than any other, beiug acientlO<!ii prepared and of Hie mnst pure and ooat; . IngrodlvnU llr. a m >l a I Itli/ K a i I'i'o I ohsoi' of l)ls-a?es of iVumen. I, as 1.' ,<n ?"eiit lor iipwavdn of tweni vejirs, and can tesi.lf to fieir aatunis'iinx ? .lai,, oueu in one l'rii? ?fi.i !??!, a.'.'Uiiv HI his ntllce, 129 Liberty street. Sent by i' m in eller envelooe. A WAKVINO IN TIME Tt> EVEHV LADY WIIO DK j\ si i ?!fc inedl, al advice. Kind out tirst wiiai is the all ii enl : w hat It tho remedy. K mraet <>f a laLU'l' 1 lotn a U y ? To A VI. MAI fllt'EAU, I'rul'essor of Diseases of VVoTin-n 1 ha.o called upon miny doo ? rs and apent much money for nied;?:ineM, for no purpose, and knew not ? bal to d" l i alte, I iih'a tied 'The !li:iii'i?d Woman's Private Vledl k?i t'oiiipninon .'.nd there I l? iml a remedy (but proved certain an 1 boaltby." t.nilics. aUu heel, and be wi-e in lime. For -ale at his .nine, 125) Liberty ?licet, al No. I Va-ey atreci and IN Ann street. AFFLICTKD IlKSTOBED!? IfiNORANCK EXPOSKDI? F Ulaoie* I iio abk''.! : ? Highly important to boili sexes, married or i-inglo, in bea (b or disaase.? Or. LAKMONT H Paris, London nud \eiv York Medical \ iviseraud Marriage Ounie iHilth edin n. 4ik) pag*?, Itli illustrations), upon De bility. Urinary Atfralions Kl.idder ami Rlduovs, the aiulior'a iineiiuaMcd l'nris and Loudon treutmenl. Ao All should pup kase this work of K. WAItN ICR. No 1 Ve ey -ticei, for $1 or consult the Hooior. 171 Rcosdway, up sialrs, New York, from 10 A. V. to 5 P. W. "We conenr with other papei-s in r?,'ioiimondlng Dr. I^trinont arid his work." ? I'ourrier ilea EtaU Iflils. Crrman die lleform. Dispaleb, Htaals/.oiluug. Atlas Mimical Review, Ac. Advice to ladies -the females trie friend tn need, Ur. POWERS, ill I'rankl n street, ilia nevej- fallnii doctor Aiiiious. iininndialely use his Freocb Drop*. Cure in iwenlv-four hours. Separate rooms. Admoe to rnE afflicted.? dr. wards spe cflc and Preventire ofllos til Franklin street, cures the worst ca?es without mercury or change of del fits inauica: Invigorating Pills, $2 per package, where manhso<! it irii|>aln:d. Abutter astrolooist ib not to be found lu Ibe Unued Stales iliau In- L. D and Mrs S. D. BROCOIITON. They succeed in giving saiislaotl u whea all others fall Tbay can tie conaulted on ail affairs of liu in s n Ufa. such as ronrtshlti. mairiane. trnvalliug. removals, lawsuits, obialnthg sltnauons, welfare or absent frlenda. 4o. ; also sickness. If th" sick party will recover or die of the piesent sickness; if recover, tbe time tboy will begin to amend ; what part of tbe body Is affected, ann what treat men! and medicines are best adantail io ins sick persons. Ladies SO cents: gentlemen % I Vucstlnns answered by let ter. en losing SI ami Uine , >f birlh. Also, t>hieuoloKical ai atninations mads Ofllce. 12tl Orcene street, below Prim e. * DVICR TO THE AFFLICTED -MADAMK DBS a'X. PARD'S Female Pills arc the only medicine |?di?s can tl"(s-nrt nn with safety and oerlainty Can bo sent bv irall. N. B.? latdle', who desire 'o avail themselves of Madame D''<pard a valuable. eertj?ln arid safe mode ol treat m- nt, oan do m> at one Inters iew. Residence 101 Sixth avenue, oopo slte Rigbth s'raet. I^adies taken during ooalinement w ith tbe lical medi al aU?nilanc't. Oltice liomn Iiom y A. M. to 6 P. M. pE WISK IN TIME? APPLY TO 1 II K sl'UK PLACE !? lor a pee ? nre wlihout ni?rrn v i n'ori nmes will f.ii't It to tueir a t- ant-ne bofore apv'vin:; anv? hei? el e. Advice trc- at D. * villi So c HI Fr intlln ?t. IKNtM' D Pit A< ' ? _ in all ciises. i<y sate remedi". and without cbasui "i , o .,r irs at.on from lMisuii">s. I'r W.nson 1 '?mlt th 'fn. -e anililutf" ! ii. ? rated ; oiir'ioc* or au,i:? iiimi pls.-s ;.r t intalns v:i lahelnfoi allon for *'ieh as ar . leslo^ <> either dl-s-^O' lie.' rv, o? wbo eontemrl te me t Price ' $1 - o I bv Mill" * Co., Post ?niee ?S" J B-oalwaV, led I by the ., no , ,i"il Br idway, nert b'o- . above .Metr , pit hi Hi ? ? kH. OBTNPLK, FKMXf.E PUTSICIAN AND tC her Ho. il Amity p W* 1hr.*e doors fi*niu A'nitr akes It hl< special nraotie. m treat all frmil? rouipisliits. fr, iij whatever canse nro'Me.l Is ?nte lu ylv ii re b*t I*, tl e ni<e<t '?u> Ion* pcitieti' in t eniv 1 1 1 r ho'trs. iiie^aii: rooms lor ', adies r? |i ilux n ? n?. 1\|l. LfcWIH MEDIC VL AVI? SCKult VI INSriltlH. I Vi, ; Ii ?L'h , O .. nil. I doors - .1111 I sjr. I Xew YOrk. ;?the.m'v p'S't ? .\h-re la.1 e ? I' recelrw t ;op?r nie I 111 to eiit .SIC is,'ii; Sal I* ||e CO'.lr lor | ib?tsi? al acommoda' on ol lal ea Op n ' '' f " Dtt RALPH. Al T'lOR OF TUB PKIVVI"! < Ul< A i so. ifli Amity s#roet Tho -e vim app ? in t'.s -silr j aye ?' .,t?en?o -Mil tv ?nrp,is?.| at th-' eisesn ' ai'VUtrof lhc( ire I ho?" lumoret, t- bo 'ia< e s.ikoi c I o.Rt.r lirs1 ap rein c his s?rvi. es, ! T\|: T-OWEBH. HI FRANKLIN BI'I?F I', i' MR CON I ?nl't"l1ir?tlHH"ll ' ?l|lll'?!'"lel.l'i' ?l.'?l i piu n.? Ilia Pw nd'.'jt DrOpB f / per bo"> eypr. I | Ob' tlnate ca-e . Beware ot m-tit'on*. DR. COOPER II DBVNF. hTRFET. MAY BE COX s e l on s'.l ''itca?c? I'h'rly years <??? : ? t" d' ?ow | I In i'i f.i ve '%*' In. ii to ,v .ills l a cure .1 . ? ?!? fas ; viriniK of mlsflJ ei cuniWan ?? :u tn ilea", |.;e. I - I call w th a ccria.nty ol bo'nt r* ticslii cure. I o. ?o pa ? ' 1\R. COB3KTT. SO. S.I CENTRE STRKK f IFfVVKES i U l'!:a V'H an 1 15 ...le^,'.- , . hi b? <?.? d a lib i niuflitfn ot, disc* -os of a ui .v s ie charade i |i ? e u | tbli lyf c;r ? ears, i'ii-'O oj ?li|ch aave teen n h <l?liats i ot N. ? Voik and L"i don. euaoles Una "a tr?at ?? b ? oei-ss I nor o s :i * n*rs '?'v|tv fio v n ,i? o: i . , ou . an cail on biM w, h iti1 i ???ain') o, be n rs I Ii "i 1 Of no ? lis' .* N. B. -^eo Dr. (' s dinl-.sta- in a i " " ..t ti.. tiihor. d ths v> ? v orb University M?ll'al t' ' e. ? and I Coiio^eot Surveona. l,onl a MR LEWIS' CRI.BBRA1RO KKMKDfRS VlO! MILD . n.l om Mve In tho.r ot? ratli?ns re ,r? ti? t -?'rslnl I ti dt"l loss of il i.e or hlnlrsace n hiutoa ? prs.e?Mnf I ttie |owoi ol Oradi. a m< every -, mp nm n| i .?< ase tn i is >y. rs "Uige. One iria! vvi.l .an i ;?e i, >V i-ptc?i , or their ? arpritlni nr>>t?rt,oa. Nligbt sse< itsl m two ' ?a i or preveaiad If snpViatlon is mad* In me O'l'ee I .No 7 Boned ?tee* NpiwtM Vartefc sn I We. Krosdway. i Kooms ari.tnr"d s> 'hat ths pstient s??. asosahultha , Doctor. E tablishet! In 1440 DR. WEsT'R MOTHLT TONIC? TUB i i R R A T KK ma* nvnlhiv ragnlaio-. Rei ef ?nro n f.ntvelgbt ?ours > ' IT O s-ieat between Chat aam s U < entre DR. i'l LVLRVVNI.l, OF LONDON A' THOR OF "What t?. Rat Unit aril Av.. t, "Bat Ii . bain* calie ta ihe I n i d mate* professio n i*. mav b* ion -lilted for Jtio we-? ooK nn altcasoa , I *?rr. iis Dahlll if. -morniatarrhrea Ao.. oti and after Monday luuetf Kor i*r icu.ara address Dr. Ctilrei wei. 5, nt Past .flloa, Nsw York. HI VDKF.IH ARF, KI ISKIt BBYOND H' 'KMP110V in lb. a life by not oa'iiaa on Dr HI NTKKat firs' sa basfotUiiilv yeafs conlinad nla attention 10 uica?e?ot a certain ola s, in w 11 lull be has cured no loss tmn Ally thou san.l ca?et Hie re nm. lies are, and iliai-e i< no tater rnpti n to busincs or rbange at diet Dr. H 1 *r '? n eon Slant attctidatics fio n 8 in the CI rnnig iUI t <lii -rti t. si Ins old pfllce No. 't rnvlslon sire#', New York eft/ . sroc* ls.1t ChaiRes mode-ate anil a euro goarsntaad Scpsia' ? ruoto?, ao thst the psiient sees no atie hut the Doctor himself ills srcnderfti I ill W't-ary kn. wn as Dr. 1L1 itar's Ked Drops oora>- eertaln dlso?se? when r<ic ilai irrs'tnent snd all ot.iar remedlea fail: euro, without lietlng .r reatr. on In the habits of the patient; cure* wllb >til the <l!sg isting and Slcbemna oiTatts or all other rouiedte?, euret in new ease* in less ibsa ait ho ira; euros without lite Ireidiul con soi.ti nt eflscts of mercury, and possesses ;he p tllarly ?a lus hie pru|ierty of sunltniatlas Hie rank sad roiinaona taint thai tho b'o . I is ?ure to absorb, nn ois his romsdy ts s?o.|. This ia what he ? lalms for It and what no other anil accom plish. ail cants will socuro by raturn mail his medical work, Vim paras. 40 colored platuraa VfADAMB ORINDLB, FBMALB PHT8K5IAN, N0~? iyl Amity place, three doora from Amitv street, ean ha 000 suited on all disa?aes ?H females Her me-1'lnes ara safe and cortam Convenient rooms for Isdles wti i das. re earo bad medloal attandanoo during coniosaont. KADAMR PARSKLLRgL FBMALB PIlTiUtTIAN AND midwife, la now ready to mantra all ladr Invalids, ?fortahle rooms atpraMly for ladiaa during sonflnouianu 741 iJrcenw rh stroaL SHATTBRRD nORTTITOTTOBi BtiTORSO BY TUaT gusranieed remadv, Dr. l,OWRElit, Bus.. ore of Lite? ca HI Franklin stroot? In Insa Uaaa and nt b cheaper cat* than any athar medicine. TllK i. APtRS' FRIK.ND Iff NtRD -DR LRW13 CAN he en?? tilled on all rf'acasea of female* with unparal leled sue ess at hi* o" ce 7 He,vii street between Va ?tn? sita.4 mA Wo^t Broadnar, Baw ? ark. DP.. W.VTBON. AN O [?D AND I'.XP.'H titionei, |. eniihM I'i mVan eoacur [')' HOHNB8, C A KMA8B % *C. A FAMILY HORHhT POR ~SAlL.8 -l.ARUi BAT Horn, l? handx high. ?aod n?h a ad ?eatlo soltaMo for ? mm for waal of iik Apply M JOHN H. BUTLfcK, 402 and 40* AilaaUa MMt, IrookJy*. A N AMOBTNBHT OF A Tilt 8TYLBS Of FIB8T GLASS J a I (lit mud Uialll l!trrt?iH for otjr, Park And country driving; i pecialiy or tour and sti soal Phaetops, at MOTT tCO.rit. nuiilHtiran, M Weal Kaurtli street, one block from Broadway. AUKNTLKMAN'B TURNOUT FOR BALR ? OON8IBT Ing o f aa li noma a brew a Mara a* drive* out or this Oily 14\ hand* tn^h And (real ?lv?e and apeed; light Vr.?*ou, h* g' od our iD'.kor; Harns-ta. Blanket*, A*. Tho whole w 11 be sold for or. U desired, lint mars will be sold separately. Can b? anon at J W. W laon n liable, TsaUtirwt, betwotn Klftk aseaue sud University place. ATA HACRIF1CB.-A BAT IIORSK, ? TEARS OLO, ?A 15 hand high. In rood conditio*. iron ln?ide of Hire* minutes; mi table for any Ivninriv Wavon and llarnnas iiiiHuin Mull ho aold Call nl Inland A Wrlgbl's laud more, Thud avenue n?ar l-orlith -treel, AHTV I.I VKKMONT IIAK'i OK AT IIORHR POR ?al'--'<> 'land-t hl:h, speedy, kind, penile and a relwnln familv ti ' IK.' Ihe pi'npurl) nf a gei it nrunn. O.m he Hern at K Tluiinpso-.'* ata'de 110 Ktsi TinnoeuUi sireel near Third avenue a KI'I.KNDTR H * Y IIORSK POINTS ALL BLACK, l\ no >*hiie, fn'l 18 hands, 6 \e.irs old till* raring. Ilnv 'a I, wry i HI) ami fiod drttlfi Mound and kind PHmHV Aii| ' . to John Thinniu, condi hoiine ti n o n? street, corner Washington place. /lARRfAOBS A?D WAOONS FOR SAI.K.-A I.ARdK " ' Hn?ortui!>nt of Hue llarouehea, Hretti. I'bamon* Rook a-va ?. lark and Depot W:wons. tnp wi I open Humpies; also us nivl hand ' '.li nages of all kinds. Apply at IM Kut urn ivenuu. lliooklyn. /umiruiK hohshs for ralr-tur finhst " > pa rol i nrriage Horses in this Hlsts; over III linnd'. tine loiiij la i a. very ?t ^ > imIi, 6 and 7 year* old' \*a ran to? in ever, wuy. for lurilmr particulars apply at lll?> William ?Ite'l /1AltKlAliK3.-ONB BPItRBD! D SIX BFAT ROCK A " l w > y, platform springs; beautiful light I'ark Phaetons, ^ ctorias, lixlil top and no top Bougies. extension top Car tiage, Uocuirx' I'aaeiona. four seat Depot Wa.ons. light f ur seat Kockawava, of all gules and a lan;e assortment of other Carriage**, which will iw wurraned and sold i"w for r iso, Appl> at No. i>t I'edar street, oppoaitn 1'ust oihce. / lOVKHtOI) WA?;ON PO? HALK? SDITAHLR FOR A " grocery man, mllkinaa or pe'er. will lie sold oa ru? Min .hie tor in!*. ap|H io Mr. 11 AHTIil, In the baseuteiit of HI. I It udaou xtrerl [10tt HALIi-aBUTTS, PARK PllAKTONH, TOP AND I uii (<<p Unties, Korkawate, Road Witgotm. Kipreaa SVa out liaruo-s an i Saddle**. D W I v US k CO , DO Liberty street. L10R SALB? TWO nOlIRKR. CARTB HARNKSS, AC. r The wink 01' bp v oral stores unit of a steamship I ne < an also he nhutined Address C W Herat! uiflce. EH)B saLH-a RI'PHRlOlt, Wli LI. BKI'.D SADDI.B r Mare. To tie fi'nn for a week al Dickie's ''Able*, No. ,'iWft i thirteenth street. To be a.. Id an the owner n lining abroad. L'Oll 8 ALB? A TEAM OF IRON GRAY MARKS, 15 i hijjh. *.0 mil, kind t irl well broken k> eltbi r ito'iMe. or single harness; lone UIK lull m?ur> ami n p< rli ? 1 match, noil are aonil tepi?ere. Can lie h.-imi at C. A U. K. < aril's lit cry viable, 22 Fulton street, Brooklyn. h>OU SALE? A HAY I10K8B, 17 HANDS HIGH. W\K runted, sui ta I do lor roach or coupe. Inquire al private stable l.'l W"?i Tuirtoeotn street. Alto a hauiliy Carriage, cloae or opou, will bo Kola clnap. hlOtt SALK-A LAKOB BAY HORBB. 16 lUNDS 'i.K'i. <> yeara o >1, perfectly aounil and kind: also a Coupe, w in Pole and Shan*, and sal of single llurneaa, all having been but ill ft uae?l, *1 I Ik? ho d together ->r sepa rate v, eolino hnlll by l.awrouee 6 Co. Appljt .al Heelers ilabi'-a, 61 Weit|Thlnl<aii street. I/OR KALE? A HANDSOME HAY MARK. HANDS r hinli, warranted sound and \rr gent ?. seven year* old. Sold only lor warn of use. Apply al xiiiblu In tne rear 01 till Weal T>.eutv tonrih street. ljHlR BALK ? A VON Y WACOM, BUT LITTLE USED, r built by .loliu C. Parker A Co. Apply 10 P. DUhoIS. 202 Uraeno at -eel. FORSALE-BY OStlOOl) * OOOK*, >6 DRY 8T . KKT, a light an seat Coaeb, nearly new: wilt be aold cheap. FU>ll S A LB t:ilKAI'-A BROW ft HOBRK. ABOI T lit Itamla high, irue and kind. Can oe aeen corner of Fourth street and Meierol* avenue. Or-enpolni, H rookt> n, K. D < HAH W. I'KAbR. l^OR UUUU TUB OWNRR IS OOINC iOKPROPK. r a sp cndld pair of Cat ago Horsee, dark ba a, 16 hamN; very free and at 1 1 ah driver*. Pr?T $l,Xn. Can ha se?n l*forft I and aftnr 51' M at atahle rear of .16 Remsen *tr*nl llrnokUn llei>rlita, near Wall street ferry. tU>B SAI.K-A FINE DAB.K BltOWN SADDLK HORSE. .T lli hands high, peracilv sound and kind, well br>'krn for the road and cavalry, quiet under lire; haa nftver hoeu in hnrivHH. Wll be milil cheap. IH Weal Thirteenth Street. Ask for Uintn. Ti'OR STYLISH QUAY BOMB. 15 nous P 1 ln<b high. trained to Ibe saddle for latly or gentle man ; equally gund in single or double harness a bargain. A. FIR LDn. M Cathar ne -ireel For sai.e-a very handsome importbd cit. baa Mow. black, 7 year' ojd, |4?U hand? high. I? kind and aounii. To l>n ?miu at Underbill a stable. Lafayette place, ur*i AaUir place. F^OR SAI-R-A KRIOIIT BAY COI.T, 5 TEARS OLD. Ill hands blfli. sound and kind, and a very promising anmial: well siiileU lor a coupe or to lie drhen double, t'aa be seen nu applcation at 4<" hast Fifteenth a tree l. L^OR SALE? HT A OBM'LRBAN HA YlliU NO KUR r thrr use for them, a pair (or ?mgl . 11 .teelr? l)ol bay stvllx 1 Carriage Hnrw>?, |iei le 't y aoun.l aud kind 111 all liar ne.i* alto ?unable lor coupe or saudlr. Ap;> y at private <tublc No. ^ H??t Twenly-?ij(hlb itreet. h'ORS\LE-* PAIR OK BAY MABl.'S. JUST FROM v oriuont. .1 and 0 Mtara olc. 15^ haurta high, ytrv ?tT li*h. k nd and sound. Will he exchitnged fov ii.jri?< of le>s value. Can be seen for iwo davs, 11 not e.dd, at A'? Weal TW' .iy ninth sti-eet FO'* SALP.-A FIRST CLANM I'A f R OCOOAl, Bl.ACK llo? ?? mil in hand* high, su ?ear< old. perl'-? iy io ud. Wtiul aud ;?ntlft; will h* <nM or eicbanqed tor II or--* uf I "km al <? Cau be ae<ui tor two day- ?' V> W-st I'.-entv ninth airecv ?'U? HALF.? A V!.UY HANDSOME I'OXY BUILT r I,,. .? 1 a'n.itn* >uv. Il*? brind< l-iijb l< n'trH nl<: alitneso oln'or t ; priee fl-ii) . ? ortb $IW win if sold for van; ?? n?c Inquire at 303 ^ s l oart'i a'rfte . L'OR HU;- TWO FINK R'?aI> J'ORSl.S. 13 , IIAM"4 P ilkh, lent ttil* eomtand Kind m?i . ,???o 'ir? n d a "'end"! ea.'dle horar. an 'iot In tSre# ru.n i'ea: I'll'. ?* br ^ lU ej?ht ?ear. mj. mn 'rot s 1 ill* In . r.?ti be at prtrata et?W? 1" t-< dne plaee, he tw oen State and L ' inrstm street-. Bro'r iyn. L'Oif *? : *rnr blapk hor-ib. 76 iivhos r 1 'Igb. I"iu 'al y.-tin On ami*.. < an ??" Irireii Jul1, ? r ac e I* . ? 111''. lu . lire ot f. DBLAFIKf.U, Jr.. H Na? a atrnrt L or <Ati -A M AU.JON lb HAM>H 11) OH. .IE* 1/ ilai ?. u d, u*iJ b.- th-r <>f 1 evti'. W fat?I"j.i ; jau 'rot in J :*5, ne ci .?n '.Alined Aiif- tt n.>i la, \ ank ?I , V. F'or sali. -Hour vouju hocsm from ihk ro.utirjr; ? j?i: o. ulor larrlsti* l?ia?s, a J?ir 01 ruling ron. ?? an. 1 a r>1i? of 11 ick I lo ? all ? HI is r?d fo oe seen at I*.. M'eai N. ? alii Miftet in ne tee?i ? ore, bet weau bivfni a an J . guth av mica L'<'R VLE-LIi.lll R1AC WAOOK. FULL IWHINO#. 1 P tr mane ? 1 d we'gha I '<1 |>auuds; ? u?? suoutiUree w?e ? Ap( c ?\ R. ftd s carpwai-r ?h??p. IW Ue aaTar at. l/Oll SAl-f. two alO> ? ?I RUOB8 ONr, HO.^H J ml uii" linen a Pin, U 'ill aud Jill It Heiotae;, nie U.-'i'i1" r. .?**? ro irtb tniid floor T.'on s I.H. 1 tluR K 1 "OMV). A YF AHS OLD, MOUND ' ill '..I a ?o a B t'? ?'s r?r* lit' ? ft mnei >?? ?o 4 "lis i's.i ;s iw owner is 0 eg Oa i'.erttts also a Nft ?? .oop 1 and Dot 1'iie. 4 moiub ? I. Ap"l? ?i orAI Socead iteli'ir, >ietween Tb rli eiitto and Thuty ? ??n- h ?trftftt?. IT* 1 ?R S 4 1.1 ? A ORNTtKMAMR COM LETP. TI'RN I ? 1 the p?it; ifti* 1 >r Kuroi* -A ?? icoi a near* nftw hull' .v B<-?w'?'ftr', a i'a"pft (n A'd 01 Iftr lunlt by liaareUft* a Hrft r?' Morae ? mj and (?etlc, IT liaaue b.gti:* biIt's ?sd.ll# Ucr?a bav. 1.%^. b?nda high sivnth a tin.' ua 1 : has ??m? "pftftd <o?a tit -lnirl? anl eo ih'* bar nras v ar, an io|>orted Raglisii Lad y's Had lift and Rr.dle, lo hft aet-n at Mi NlrOl'a atab'.e. *1 Fast Tw? rth -t??et tB<iui.e tor ' hrletppher For sale? a ?ttl!?h lioht ?av ?*ddle R' rsr. black poinw. with on* 'all; Is flvr ?-?ars old. If'< hand* nltb and perfectly wniaad go-xl minjlt or do l> * hei iift?? Sold for want o< d?e C?n be ?e?.i At Bel r * s able, 13 Wett TU-.-teentl. alr-e'. For aalr-a snowy imr^h mienrt ctkT toeki. 1 liand? h.^a tag tau. u gr'at < n turgnee aad power; irarUa in l*t< than lbr?e mlO'ilee, aud, * ihouab rety spliftel, is peifattl* saf.' sail r*ri*btft v e.ety way Ca t at ALf RED ABIltMs. US Bast Twen 1 fourtb Fi*0R SALE-PRICE $1".-A 'll'.AT TtORDI RtUIIT yat s 0 .1 and se ,n< ? so a jU l'?a 1 W s^oji, n 1001 pi"'* urder. and ?tl of llarpftse, I'yt owner le ieaying tbe city. Ia<iulre ai 7v Heacn street, nest W?at. FOR SALI--A OBNTLFMAN 8 TUBNOU/. ' OM plete. uoae.aliag of a laige. mtllali na> lluiir. It.-J hands, su years o.d. saund an I k' d, -49 i<t with a Pei* Vicor a. Brewster ? real.*, and Harness nearly ntw Can be sees at Italaiaa i t. di l.aat Fot.tieeuib r.K h L^OR SaLE-A FAIR OK tot No PoftKKI. IU)KS?.B. I u?ft and sit yrars Old. tie. i>\ .-!> , strVeli dt t?ei s A' Aar perst a w ,ab ag lurtb-r in irmatiau or lo s*-- it hot ?< will p ftAae apply .# the ew oei . Mr. MiLLRR No J# Ifiarl Kew i ork Price fl ,M . rOR SALE? BROWN HORIS, 11 IK DS WELL made and reey *?> li?h euund and kind la single m dniible harness, seilab.s lor a eoupe . a ?-> a has C.?rri*ge, Po #, Ar , witb B ankftta, Khests, Ac., an I A Oottb e. Harness. Ac. Applt to V. A. KNAI IV Jeffeitoti fitablee, 61 Chr.sto pb?r -trftel. FOR SALB-rOR WANT OP ORK. TUP. OWNER going away, une of lha Bnaat aetaVtehmftnte In the cltr, cna Atiag of a pair af ?ery une young ilaree*. ?a? an and thft otbftr eeesn >aare old. a iigLt Park Thaeion. hull! Iy Wucl Brothei a. near,* aew. Tlarneaa. F. be, Ao.. ail In r?t rataordar, aud will be 1 A teiy cheap ; the horses are bnth eicellent sa.ldla hor-ss. an* Ihe finest lady's saddle hnree in the city; wariaated onod aad gentle In asery way. Can ba K?a for a faw days al 131 Amity ? treat. Prb?|l,ltia For salr? a part "plyimo cloud" rlacb Mare, raised by Jsckaon, |ya yean ol I, eouml and kind; can trot In 2 BA w thonl traiatng. i aa be >aen at Club >tab!ea Tliirteantfe st eel, batwaaa Pifth and 8iitb arannes. laqnlre forWaldron. i?0R "AT," \ BLACK TTAWK COLT, S YEARS Of.O, ' hrowetMsa ring and aan tret In 2 so tv 1'ttlc raning. wirrantftl and kind Aleo a aaw So k?? and K ad Wagon, Hararsa and Blank, la. loquirr at M Jamee street, F""OR SAI.K-A NPARf.Y NSW VKRV NK'E IWO lealcd Wagon; enn be hail eonaldftrahh bfl >w lain". Inquire at Lfal'S llysrv stahle. Mosrutb a?en ta, near resllUia'nwi o? a' 111 leflr?t,'iili|M?i kftt ?OKIU, CAMUOM. ??e FOR IaLR-A DARK RAT, LOWO TAIL MAM. gentle imnil and kln'i; ran Irot In t.M Wl rmd wa*on: alio ? bo lop full aeat lullapring Hotil Wag>n, otIT make, but Hill* uamt; lh?y will be Mid aeparalely or to?etb?r. Ap ply at Jewell'a, Ktrwr atreet. one door from Amliy. E10B BALK- A HORHK, GO OAS AND HARNEHfl. r lb* home la 8 veara old. aonnd and kind, lit for ?nr light work; or lb? whole ta fit for a collector ar aueh bual?e?e; wWI bo aoM cbeap. Apply al IMA Prince alreet, lo the liquor 0(0 r?. EpOB BALE? A TERT HICK BADOLR BARK, BEVEN r veareold 16 hand* high, ?ouud m ?er gentle: alio ?n tmt laSS; afraid of nothing, and wu uiwd u? a la-ljr , or would aiebange for a farmllnrae, no fault In her hit aha la too light fur mo Inquire on the corner of Kt.ry alilh alieet and rlrot avenue. la the grocery more, thia day. FOR BALE? A OKNTLEM AN'S HORBE, DAKX 8OR. gel. (Ivn car) .Mil faat, aonud, anil very lyllah. Will ho aold alone or with Biiguy and llarneaa. ran li" *een at Wm? > aiabie, Kouitb avenue and Twenty auvenih atrooi. L?R HALP, ABTYMB11 DAPPLE OBA? HORSE. 1? I lianda It ||b win. a leather ton Light Wagon and llar ? e a Price for a I <* II' he no d aeparaie if dcalred. I ai|ulro at 'J'J Weal Twenty ulnili alrool. FpoR BALK? A DOWN TOWN HAL/ SPRING CART, ' in Rood ordor, for half Ita vatue. Pr 00 $4o Inquire at 811 Weat Twenty-ninth atreet. JJO'lt HALK LOW A HOOD HORKK I* faui ly or purpoae-i, aound and k ud. u I ree dr *'<r ami n good order Hold on I for want at ne-. Aim a mt liariie.a. Anply loJ. R. HU88ON, Ninth avenue auw forty ninth atreet. UOK8B KOK SALE-FIVE VRARR OLD. Ift HANDR 1. mli, aeuiid and kind III dnuble or aiuglc liarneaa; w.iu d 1 1 ? 11 k ?? a niti'i a'lddle hotae for a famllt III ? j 11 1 r? of W LI N liSLI'.'V. Claaeou avenue, tliruo lioua ia fruui Butler aire el, Hrookltn. HORHK KOR BALK -A BTVLIBH TOO MO BLAOK Mare, 15 hanilH Ingli, li yearn old. lound, without bleni I li. iiD'l nan trot in '! .10. Pnruhnaer 0111 "en thli dnno ill" re ai>e 1a mi ei liiliit.nn. al the Union Exerci lair lrac%, eieniyflral i? Seventy third atreet and Blooiuitiridale road, on npj> vmg to manager .lames Klnlay . HORSE WR BALK. ? AN A It t> ALL A H M ARB 19 hunda; baa troll*. I douhla in i! 40 : all Bona I anil kind; can take two nmu in a wagon In 3 ininutea. I'un be aeon at M' \ onmr'* alab'ea, corner of Hixtb avenue and Knrty-tbird 1 treat. I08T ARRIVKD AND KOR fi \ LK ? A RPLKNDID pair ol' Larriaun Unraea, IK lianda hub, hava. I<iuk tullx, 7 yar old. line atyllah driver and perfect v nonml and klinl ill all reaperix to rldo or drivo. i!an lie Meen at ino C nh Stable, Tbirteentb mreet, naar Klftli avenue, for a lew dit> >1. F: < : - ir tot wkion and harnbbs koii balk? J waijon made by Brewater. of Broome Mtreet and In Kood onlrr. In. 1 .ire al I'nion I'liice Llvory Staulea, 04 taut four teenth Klrert. "VI ? sr KK SOLD Til TK OAT. FOIl Ml BJJtW THI1B jVI nrttinal com. Two aplendid-Light Wa(nui. full -eata and ai r ng-. Owner inuai ?el'. Apply at Ilk) Weal fort ? lirat atroct. near Lignth avenue. 1)ASTI RK KOR KOR8KR? A RARB Oil ANOK.- Til K i Ix'st kind of Failure with flue tree ahude. unn lio had ui Thirty sixth afreet ami ri ith avrnu*. oppo?lto Oreenwood < Vnierory. Rro'ik yn. L. I., at $H per month, Apply to P. II I'OI'K, 011 tho prenii-o*. pOOUVAT, lADDU, BRIDLK ANIi HARNB8B.? I k 1 or a aatvln-h Hooka.vav. in oomu'etn o -.I.t, nnwlv painted; a Knddln and Bridle und ainglo llarneaM nearly new Can lie nrrn al M11' .Halea and Kxi'han^o L v< ry Sta'iioa, lt?V Weal Twenty eighth atroet, near hightli aveuuo e>PLi:.<DID BLACK HASH AW HORSE KOR BALR? i' six teara old, (Mirle.'tly aound and g<-ntl?. luat, and of ureal endurance A ao. a verv pretty and verv I ght Top Huui;y, aa jjond a* new. Addreaa (1. L VorriH, Jr., Herald ?ItloQ. ITAOB LINk KOK BALK.-A STAGR LINE, WITH . J all the lloraes. BUgea. Hood Will of lino and Real KllAie, in clo ? a partneralilp, will bn old on ac<Miniii<>' d.l'ing terina ipply 1? JOSEPH CIHILII'P, Adinlniatra tor. corner of 8lity ninth atreet and Tenth avenue, or to K. II POPUP P 119 Nnaaau street. (JI.CIIN* lilNO CARRI V'11'8 KOR SAI-R TWO Par* Phaetona. $3.Vi, $47.?; twiwnrtmi ipiarter Unlit Poa liea. Jitiim. Sl-Vl: one nx rent Oerinnmown. Wataon. Pin aile phla, maker, 0110 four aeat no top Depot Wo^nn, $l^> Apph in JOHN C. HAM. 6?l Broadway. The advkrtihkk will sell, kor want ok use. , one ol the beat and moat >dy lah lloraoa 'in C'-nlral Park dark bav. 1'.^, h.uid . 6 yeara old, and without t'auii or ble nu ll Pitvale alalde 114 Kaat Tnlriy ninlh -tn el. WANTED? A LIGHT TOP HIIOOT, IN KI RBT RATE running order. In exchange for furniture. lo<|uir? at 461 Pearl alreet. WANTBD TO PURCHASE? A PAIR OK 1IEAVV Or* 'gilt lloraca, 7 01 S years old. full I'i bitnda, i-loxe made and pom built, inua; lie sound, ktud and true in ever wa#. Appl.v, with h d-ae , to C. 'I'OMPKINS, JOB Weal street, up ataira. \\T ANTRD? A HORHK FOR VAMILY CSK., ? OR 7 M ^earnu'd. M ind kind and gent e. Addreaa hoi 2. Hill Poat olJiee ataiing price and par lieu Ian. or ??)! at No 4 I.ibejiy -tr?"t, upauira. WAXTRO TO Pl'Rl'n ABE? SEVERAL SUPERIOR .-.addle llnr-ea. ,lpply to W. H. DltiBKOW, Kllrh avenue, corucr ot Kort rt'i alreet. Kor ??!e, acveral aecond haud S de S*.ldle?. WANI i n-4 GOOD SBCOlfD HAND HACK. WITn a pair of Horte* and Harneaa. or leiiaraie. Stain where 10 he aeen all thl? week Addresa Hack, box I7<J Her.ild o llor. rtfAOON AND HARNESS ?KOR BALK. A GOOD TWO* v? caied d|>en Wa nil. made to "rder, al-o. Douhle liar ne-?, In good order, mode by GlhJou. Inuuiro of WO UD BHO8., Vji It: nail way (^7- WILL BUT, fHIH DAT, A SPLBNDfD Lffllir ?T I 'J Koau Waitm, bull: bv Dmenh irv In go(vl order. Cal at lOu Weit Korly- drat atreet. uear ElghOi ai autie. DKNT1HTKY. A SET OF TEETH MADE I.N ONE DAY BY OCR new atcam pro -en, on told. ?'lv-r platlna and rubber. We 1 || teeth at ver re.,i,eiiaUie pricea. warrar.ting all our work We alaoad'iiluiaier hera?allv p-ir<' ether, enlomfi rm and the niiroua ox. le No eitra charge for t?mpoiar) a?ia or eitructinj wheie artificial teeth are Inaerted Teeth n aerteo in the beat rnau ier over the root#. Dr I! ti. D' KKIN STS Canal afreet. I BTtriClAL TEETH ONLV tf -BRAt TI FCL - KTs aV ou hne gold and piatina and p'ire silver and vulcanito r n fiber from 8" t? and "Hrrantad ? ioa< 10 any work In Srnr Toiit Sln^ie f?seth $1 P-Kl. n'W d ai.d ?' trai; qCtwhb o ?'iie irfit naln. Ooid, I'ja lna .umI ilo*i* nillug , Zweeata to fl and warranted for I O.are Lis Slatii Iidtiue, bo f*eeu Ten'.h and Kle< enth "^eia Dr. liSBHM! DeatK. ahKeen > eara eAaUtabed s A 1 SKf OV TBBTH 15 THUMB ttOISIM ENTIRE SATISFACTION OH SO PAY, A '.No . Sutb a??nue l>*t<v??n P1H?*ntb and Si*(i?oth arr-W. A? nun ti utal operation* and fine work ? la any pxrt i?f me ?r?ild, mi Binh ????' ? M*cm Pttt?ei?th ami ?i?i?r>t!i >r?rt?, .No -3' Thu <?' repeal work er*r rtiAii" ?'r w| ??'i durable, y'f'n Kllteenin ton Sliieentn mtn: f. ? ? ? uuwin |uU ' id reiud. * -.i v t?e da ?.red, at :'Si tflirli short, broad f?#i in?d? linn t fill ??) ytMln I>c^uratp<l not* fltmt ta anil. Finn i.'otd Cu.liiu, NitruBa OilJe Gaa; ao pain. Everything war run! 4 ?? irjirc- u-'d Oi.u'i forvet. taiwano (fifteenth aui aiceeulk Hrenla. No 43B rtiaali ? oaiw. 4 VBWAKI) IMPORTANT IMPROVrMENf 1* ART1 dial t<M-S ?On* wit la?ta it iit'atiui* Ntn uled at half r ii* ??( .Neutarr eprtngii, wl-ea ir faatfunga require ttiere'ore aeo oag all abaru cdjfee. At ,17V bii'.h aveii', xatneaa Twentr ihlrd and Tweut* fourth atn-rta. Ti-ati' aad Partial H?ta in??rt-d 0' equally mole rale tiiSt'CM c) 1 1 ? oar vUll requlr'd from eo .nil ? patlenta T. ?< h t?d iWH'raiiH wjtho'tl pvu and mlf-m ottd# faasu-na (TtButh ?ren>m. h-lrrcan Twenty third and wra'T fo U'i?t!??ta 1 on? i asioua I rtt. CtObtON liENlAlf Ai.HX lAflON WHRKE THRRU J na< lir.'ir * u an amd'tit, or telm ? o orodaoa il> wti? D..i'? to paia. Tlu> pari nmuwoa f'iU>i? tli? pmuilaa Ui. ? ')I.TU\ a HuiOiAirra the fat. O(fcoe -? Boadetiww TC VOl' DL<IRK THE HEtiT HfTlNiJ LiailTloT. ii' onai labia, natural. aarvwa'i.a ta I cneapeat A. .1* .1AI Teeth. to t< ih? Auet <aan Teeth Compaa* Dea tla'a 11 Kant Ko uli aueel. u?ar the Bow ?ry . inarn*'l ?a their in.,iri "d eictlou plata W arrautad tlia brai. aad tbrrn :nu.)u' trial allovred taflroy aat. ?Kf H it R I FKT.N A ?R(*., -'SK OR *SD (JfRKPT. SKW In . Yoik. aud '*}?" F'iiidu urtft, Himik.-n ara '('raoiioK T't n uutit. cij ?r .ant paio ii? tar ai uiiiom on 1a I ui V*. i'or ?>uav)iii| *bw arit,.,? MteUarat"tM laarir I Tba> ara man; Uii( full ??n of Ta*'.* on (old, 0'*t na *-'1, aJiff.. $in. rulaU-i. $K>. paiktal acta on toll4 auvr,, $1. Bxirai-tiiig 2?M?ta. I lioe BRO IDW4T NKAR TRIRTIRtfl STKRK T. warranted ArtiuoUi I*awot limnolrp* Twrth. ' ixVa '.ini lit <???. u-ai tuu ?at? Iro n $i. Plnmprr a?!i t.'') f?ili WHk ?aM, $1. K 'i?r '"".a will' >ai pa u Kaoma o|>*a da> and >ir? pro mium awar led. Or. UAJiAOR, Ot%tiak CUAI.. CH>M. -I am nt-Ll' RHINO DIAMOND V? V SED ' ?<h an I ?>if?i lor whita aali I!|| and Kiitna' " ?t it Jo par ion ; rM a.n >'it $1 par IM. Orilrra t tf P??| I'\r, TIIOMAH .NTOKHR Conxii <?i Thlrtj-aecoiid ?irrat aad Taril* a?*nue. . . a : * . r ~ TRiVILIita**' UlIlDK. Bi O!*o?? nrvBR kaM.R'>io - tR.viNR koe i>an', Tro* U'R'irt'i lilfaK laave tMiambara ?? n>et at'/ and in a %I and ? >i (<>(t li' 40 f. M . *u(t oa H 1a [?f ? at 9,73 P M., froni Tiiirtl?'h atretl. (t ? |{ W Tf>r:E. UaRLE* AND ALII IM RAlUROAO? IN K?r \ibinr, Irar, .Nnrtli and laa*a t* ?*(?? auth Mr??' daoot at 10 A. M. tad I P. M. S ui lay tram ? i J I* M. [ CUIRMUR 0? HOrR-fO* RFTPORT. PROM THE / ! ->.it ?i M irray ?'ra?t. The 'Iram^oat R<TTKAWAN. cai'iar. T V Arro? ?r. iib. laa^M iflai foot if Murray atraai daH? Wuurtar* *1 4 P. M and Report at T A. *. L'OR I'OI'OHKtKPdlE- -STISaJIBR WM. EEITP AND r narjaa KWPUHI.JC Arid Dl'Tt IlfiSS, on? of wblch l>?IM Prarilln ?tm^t ptpr dAltr fNnudttyi ati-tpiaJ). at I oVMck P M . tar paaonttiara anil freight. ' MOKNIEO BOAT FOR ALCtNT-CHANUBor PIBR - The HAS J Mi UKKVV, Captain Jeha P. Will, on and After Wedneedny. May 4. Isara from Urahr.j?ae etract At 7 A. M.. ainppioit for aaami^ra at Tlilrt eUt atirat, on Ma ida/*. Wedtieedara and Kr.laja. landing at Weat I'olat, f?wi)o rg, Poeghaaapele. Hlitoeb?ok, CutaklM and H'ldena On aad afrer rn?edaT, Nar 1*. tna aRMF.NIa will run on alternate data with the URKtV. forming a dally Tlekata aold an board and baigage ofcaekad U polnia V*il and North. SfRAMRR BR04BWAT WTf.I, LKATI PIER POOT Ja/it'ect t*ntf if.rrt o ut. At 4 a ?4ar*. for Yuakera, Haat 'i|a, Pohh a r*itri W>>wrl, Bifij Cla^and Ma\N>r air*w.> ? ' ? ^ COmhat BOaf por wmj point ^01,0 bprino, k! Cora wall an>l Nrwonra iandui? at T'nrti-th To <k?r?. Ilaal'i. a, H.ih , i rent. Va' mown. > eg ??d Ha??r?tra*-. ^tra n' JROAIlwAV will i"*ri> p ti foot Of Jay a re?t Buaday mormu. at rv. o'eloek. DRT GOODS. gAI0AIN8, BARGAINS. OHBAT SALE OK DRRH QOODB. Waafeail oiirr for wla THIS MokNIMO, TWO NBW INVOICEB OF SUMMER UKR-8 GOODS, PUBCJIASEO AT VBBT LOW PRICKS AT AUCtfOR Od yoaterday. Ladlaa will And oar prleea a- cheap ?? loM yir, PBYTON A JOHNSTON. 274 Bow mry, l/XOLUSIVSLY PKRNOH FI.UTINO OWB TO TWB*. H tv ln< he* Dliln. AH mnteria'e fluted la ?o aaanro??ae4 ni?niiar, at Mr IH1I.OKN M Kremh Plating Katabllah iiifitit. |H Amity aireet. IN H ? A fhock and ? half from Broad war ; ) r?T *>??-!(<? r<lw( below WfootUr *TMl. and 2>'il Kultou ilrwl H rook I vii N. B.? No maehloery u-ed Ib theKeuulne French Muting. ^?ANTILLAS, MANTILLAS. GREAT BARG VI - H THIS WERE. OITR IMMENSE ST < k OK MANTILLAS TWE.VTY-FIVE F? BUT LESS THAN WIIAT WE COULD M tNUPACTURB TUHM FOR AT THeTUksBNT T1MB. Ladle* abnnid avail them-elvea of tbia opportunity IC mako the r pur< lum while ?? cll.og atauch low prlooo. A 1 M) Wn Invite -.pedal aitent on to 01 r large mock of Muolllla Silk*. of a I the beat brand in the market, mom of wlileb were purunueed in the month of February, ?ien II. e price* wt ra <13 anil 30 par 0 1 lower iIihii a' pri?eni. ? llsTfc? PEYTON it JOHNSTON. 274 Bowery. Al. T. HIGOINS* AMNCAL^iPRNINO OP HUMMBK Ml I.LIN EBT Will take place tbl? die (Thuraday), Jane 2, When we will exhibit a handeome varlelv of Crape, L?oo ao<l I Un ion Bonneta. In all color*, anadea and liy leu. Our eii lomera and ladlea generally are lavlted in attend thlo opening without further Inrliat 00 ladlea will ilnd hero the larp-at aaoortment of (nmin.-d Bonnet" 10 be found In any one utore in thl city enrp?aae>A by none In e'enatioe of ?t le and rirhneaaof materia1, and al pnaitlvely one h ir the price* tie name good* are ?o!d for "a Hrondway Thin la nol mere na*ertl'>n. bnt plitln. ? tub horn faot?, a* iTnndrcd* o' our rumomen, who for yaan? were thu victim* of Broadway mllltoara and tfcrtr eiorM taut price*, nail aitent to. EXAMINE OUR BONNETS^ COMPAKK PHICB8, BB CONVINCED,. THAT WHAT WE 8TATK 18 FACT. REALITY. M T. HIGGINS' Mammoth Ml. liner* Bat?bll*hBi*?t, 128 Sixth avenue, two deora from Tenth atreet. New patbnt duplex elliptic skirts. NKW *11 APE, made by the patentee exp' e*? r FOR OAYNOR, 785 Broadway, between Klah'.h^and Ninth atresia. A LSO the laryeit aaeortment of CORSETS of a l klnda ever offered hi retail in the United Stale*. Coutllle Coiaeia, $2 fio per pnlr. French Balmoral Sktrta, KldniK Bella. Ac. at GATNOR'8. 70S Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth mreeta H. MACr. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. ilNEN GOODS AND HANDKERCHIEFS. RIBBONS AN!> HTBAW GOODS. FRENCH FLOWERM AND FANCT OOODB. PARASOLS AND SUN UMBRELLAS. OOSIERT AND UNDERWEAR. LACES AND KM BROIDERIES COB?BT8 AND YANKEE NOTIONS. MACV'S OELBHRATED FRENCH KID GLOVED m and SIXTH AVKNI'E, TWO DOORS BELOW FOURTEENTH STREET. II. MACT. a NOW OPRV ODE SPRING IMPORTATION 'OF KID GLOVEB. ELEGANT SHADES. w, B.8T QC1LITY, ^ 204 and 21* RIXT'I AVENUE. TWO DOORS BELOW FOURTEENTH STREET. 1H> MILLTNFRW AND CO' NTRV BTORBKERI'HRS AT GRAND STREET CHEAP STORE. E*amlne STRAW OOODti. Examine BONNET SILKS l.xauilna RIBBONS, RIBBONS. ^ Examine MILLINERY LACKS AND TRIMMINGS. Examine our STRAW and FANCY ORNAMENTS. Etamlne our FLOWERS. We cut letitftha t.-hraner than d- wn town Jobbara Mil whi.a pler4a. Call. EDWARD RIULRY. 311 A Jll>? Graud. ??nd 06 Allen atroet, lifih bloca aaal from tbe Bowery TO mmos LB AG UK I. A DIRS.? THE CIIBtPKS* I)r.*<tMn I Mantilla trim mm a ia F re nofa Plutlnr . not lm? imrted. but made here. All matera! fluted, wiiliou' maehl ner\ at J. DARTOiM' French Flutinf Eatablian ment fi.'.l Broadway. II A CLOTHING. rTENTION.? ATM 8BVENTH AVEVUB. II. ROS8K HKKi). the California end Western agency alurr rw <??1 lira* ordara lo pur'ia*i $75.' *W worth of < an OT Clothing Theita order* uio*t be fulfilled la ft very *liort time. i.ncli?p< and gentlemen. I wl*b you would take p.rtt rular noil'-f find iMk o?nr tnur wirdrol>"i, and ?. ? If v?* li'.?r "tv rlotlilnii you do not need. Por your ?at 'faction ( Will iti. ntioa nine of the prle* Silk dre**e*. frmi 10 ? >' . ? OA'S, from f> ?n $2.1 11.1 nil, ,fr m$,1 10 $7 i'n, woollen and mu?lln dra**e*, carpet* furnlturn. jewelry, Ar . by call'iig or .tdilre^HlOK II. R< ?SKN HRRil, Hi Sever 'H mre 11 r La<ii?* attended 10 by Mr* llone berg, n >n<l nut y th*'lty An KNTION.-AT THE NF.W srORB. NO. 114 THIRD atrnne. ladia* and genii- men are guarantee 1 to recatv* the blglie?t pnoe* for each ?? tide of Caai Off Clothing. Kur d.i ire. Carpets, A.- , for the ffoithcrn and W ?merii n.arxei*. JMe**o rean'-m'wtr. an* try O. MI8H, 114 Third avenue uear l,-ou rtceu 1 li mreel. I?adi>? attended by Mr*. M ?h. Older* from Brooklyn and vicinity atu oded to. AHT 242 SEVENTH AVKNITB. CORNER OP TWKNTT aHiU airert K II ART will nay thn highest prima fa* lu llca' and gi oi.emeu * ? ait off ("1 ithlng, Carper*. pnntt tur- A'- . by calling nr addressing ? note. Ladles atten tail toby Mm. Hart. A^MTTJM IoN'-THR TP.RY IDENTICAL Pl.AOB TO gei the lull ya '<? for jour t'a*l off Clothing Carpet*. Furniture Aa. t.i at '.he new alore, 510 Ninth avenue. LhW 18 MA.SKR. I*adie? will be atlandad by Mr*. Maaer. Aoreay DEMAND rOR CLOTHtNO ? I.ADIKH anb gentlemen having any Owl Off Clothing. Enrnlttir*, Cari>eia and Jewelry, wiU renetra the hlgboat prices by call ing on or addressing A. II Alt KIN. 561 Third avenue, ho iween l'lilrty eighth and Thirty ninth alreeta. bedlea at tended to by Mra, Harris. Amttkktiov-at tat bevbnth ateni'B near Twenty-flftb street Ladle* and gentleman. I have ih* t>'-a*ure 10 announce again thai I bare received a larg* order from Ca Ifornia and lb* Weatern markets to pay th* h igl e?t prtreo ror ladle*' and gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Caiiwt*. furniture. Jewelry. A<\. by paying 50 per real in 110 Ibsn any other dealer In the city. We guarantee te Ely 'or Isdie*' Milk l>re*w* from $Ato$4fl; W'x>l en, from 1 lo 91"; al*o Canon, Delaine, Mualln. Ac. Oent e ne<i a Coui*! from fStofJO; rant*, from fl to $7, A?. Ladie* anB (? nilemen don't forget the right number. M. MARCXS. iZJ Mrenlh avenue, near Twenty-fifth aireet. By i?iHn^o* or iddre??ing me y.iu will he dealt with bonently. Order* wi.l be aiiended to from Brooklyn New Jereajr, floljokea. Ml ?ien laland, te. Ladle* punctually atlMded to by Krv Man ?* A Kl P. ilk PLACB.-AT Wt 8IXTH AVBMUR I. A 1)1 KB .'\ AU'I gentleinea ?ill fi*d th? fair and k?ne?l dealer. B. BIN'fZ, to whom tbey can dtepoae of Uielr CaAt oil Cloth i>.j, Carpeta. Kurnllur* and Jewelry al 50 per c ni more lh*n by olher dealer* In tbe etty I proml*e to pay the fol lowing price* ?Milk Ureeaa*, from |lt I* $45: ?*oat*> >4 t* Paat* %% to $7. Ala* f-?r Woollea. Delaine *n<l Mua II* l)re?*ea the bighaat (*ab |trte* will be paid A nail nr A noie by i>o?t ?lh be punctually attended t*. L?die* attend ed to In Mr*. Milt* Remember the original B Mint/ anB the 11 nniber V3i m*th arena* near Rlghle?*Ui (treat. Or dera irons Brooklyn and J *ra*y City puartually attended m AT THE Xr.W STORK. M (MRMINB BTRF.ET. -LA A dl*? and geailemrn ??an receive SO per cant inura for r?al Olf Clothing, Purulture Carpeu and Jewelry hf calling cn nr addre**lng H HA KT, at tbe atove number, will L? punctually attended '0. Ladle* attended In by Mr*. Bar'. 4T 134 8BVBNTH ATENM'K. np.TWRB.V NINB .V teenlh aa l Twentieth atreeu ?Ladiae and gentia'iieat will reraive the blgh**t prlca for the:r Caat Oil d'nh ,a<_ ?'.i-pet*. Purn ture Ac . by catll*gon or addreaa ng K Mil* 1>.R alteuded I* by Mr*. Millar. AMT 1.17 BtXTIt AVKNTB.? t, 4DIP.S AMD i.EM'I.E inen. if yon w1*h to receive the highest pr're fnr rout c?*t on Clotb nij', I'srpet*. Purnlture, te. . the fce?? yt?u" caat do I* M f*ll n < or ?enit a n e* to E. MINT/ at "to lITBnth aven' a. two door* from Tenth *treet. L*d'e* attei 'h Mi* Mlntr. I'r te. feu wilt h? dealt with to yn ir >att* a. tmp itfld fenelt. A T M* POWBRY ?II. RoBKNTIUL HAS A 'IRPtT iV de*i'e to p.irchaw a large 1'ianMty of Ca*t <.'!! w <r ?? 1 A|ti?. Kurn. 'are, 'Tarpeta, Jeweirv, Ac. B a<h'i. ?n or ad'ir. -?mg b 111 Ud e* and genr.!e-n"'n can "hu'nl' r?!u( f- r ?wh article. T.nd *t.*nd?d *n h- M>* lto?-p Dial. P e?*c remember, And tr. .1M Bowort. opt"" le Jouoe Hired. AURBAT nEM AND KOR OLOTHtNtl -LAlHf ? ANC ge*tiem?n having *ny Cam Off Hathinr. Purn tur-. Ca. via au<1 Jt'ieeiry. w 1 ree've the hlghe*t price by ca HI* od ' T ?l'reiK I.g II COHV '? '-'et''ilb artnue. nea tbe 'Iru j ature. Ladles alten ted to by M r* r"oh?. A T tUp Riff II IRE NU <3 ? M.MIM. r Jl\ l*nlte? anil geirlenie i .)*n re-elvc fifty per ? 'i o-? for Cant Oil Ololhln< c.ill n< >?. or addie? in? v M|ni? BBItu. at tha abon eiitn ^er. Ladie? atienda 1 1 j M 1 t?i berg (?^ENn.KMPN <? NPWT AND LKVT t?rff ? XOT'M NO T wtreha ed for the Weal- The lull vCne -vrl '-rid, w thout *ee? r.' i* lml>"?e > '*11 the eto-e ? ' I ? ?* THc* I> lOh-tOT. ><l Pearl *irfot, bcie en ? entr* ali eel and city llall plauo. ICASffiKK.; PAIS TtlR BnjnRKT Plilt K OR t. lai*'**' eud gentleman ? C* . od Cietk,** Part e* Clfed up. 11 by a.ldrra* 4 L Cathherg, Alt K ?t I ? ilk a*., naar tine !*?>, Ladi"* nait*d ?n '? '?) Mi*. C. n f7nn()v?,ur i, r, ? ? 1 . - ,.eVsT,.n ~i {? ' of Cg'pel* Purn "itc ('? 1 ? nr 1 ' i 11. It STRAIN ??? eeyenili n>enue -en Tit ri? hint AimI Til rly fourth Klrrrl*. L >''"<e ru led '?> J4' .tlTa ua*

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