Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Thu*tiav, J?n.< J? ? r. M. Tli* terror which the announcement that Secretary CbiK ?u tfilii l<> m .ke a villi to Wall drool caused, aud tin) Bi tter which the proposed Issue of a new latch ?> government b?'ud* occaatoned, having vftuiched, tie el Kk market t>ec*nie beojreal to d\y , end belter t ries* wort re*li.ed, although the transactions continued light. Compared with thft bMl cash sak-e ftt tbe first meeting of lh? Board 9t Broker* yeeterdey, New York Central *d vetoed 1 ^ per loot, Km Rai!??? 1 Hudson K:vtr 2,, Reading %, Michigan Central 1'4, Michigan joutheru X, IlUftois OenU-al 1, Galena and Chicago 6, Chicago and Rjcfc Island K, Pittsburg and fori Wayne 2, Chicago and Norihwoeiern , Cumberland Coal 2, Quiekfcliver Mining 1 V and Mariposa V ibe cower which nt inaugurated about three months a. ace in ILirlcm H ulroad stock culminated > edlerday la ? aale at 386. to d iy it fall -J5 |?er oeat. felling at 260 The maiket In the afternoon maintained ita buoyant -too* The :ollowing were the cloning quotations: ? Now York Centra: 133?, Er e 118, Erie prof err od 109, Hudson Hirer 144*. Road a g 140 Michigan Central lUfc, Michigan ioulhere 96 Miauls Central 128 V, Cleveland and Pittsburg 112V. G*!eoa aBd Chteago 144.^, Chicago aed Kock island 113 Toledo and W abaah 71, Chicago aad Northweotera 69*4, Pao.flc Mall 286,Qntekiiil.-er Min ing Tb.\ , and Cumberland Cnal H2X Government slocks woro Arm ftt Improved prices, tbe registered Are t won lies ftolllng at 10614, and Ibo coupons or 1981 at 113^. The closing quotations were for coupoo Ore twenties 1(4, and lor seven nnd three tenths Troaaury notes 110. Gold was rather more active t<--1ay. It opened at 199Tf, sad aold up to 191. Tbe repjrt of the Assistant Treasurer to day la a* fol. lowai? Amount oa hand $23,042,126 receipts (rota customs ' 0#,009 frrom other aetti oes , 2, (47, OSS Total $25,705,211 Pay menu 1,917,906 Balance $23,781,307 Tno oxporta from Boston last week wore $334,080, against $460,306 for |the corresponding week in 1963. The imports were $011,078, against $&40,254 for the same period ku 1863. The condition of tbe banici of the three principal cities of the I' u inn is exhibited in the following table, which givee tuo ag^re^ ttef of their last weekly stitements ? loan*. Spr-i'. OircuHtHan. Drpo'itn. V York MafH.?195,StS.4<a 21.973.1SJ 5 240.812 171.7W.I.96 Pbila., Ma; 30. 3a.M.695 3,964 622 2.1P.I.919 37.WS.814 Baetvn.May SU. 66.C74.7t) 6, MX, 471 9.124 773 Sljlti.866 Tt>ta! $im7W876 K.470 174 If, 7. 7.5 4 2t0.7.'0,<< '6 U.i ??ek 3u3.W?.S 47 32 C.U JSI 17.33t>,269 241.193 M? Deorease to loan* $l,8!>S,9.'l Decrea?e In specie I C.2. 1 77 liecreitae in cireiiiatiou Ml 7"5 i>ecrra*e ia deposits .... toU.U0 The lollewiug statomeut shows the movemeuta of the banks organized under tbe goaoral banking law of Mis souri since tho 1st of January, 1801. lhe number of banks which wont Into operation under thai law waa moo. which, with thirty-three branches, made the total at one time forty two. Within a year or two several of the branch banks have been discontinued, and the a luiborn Bank has boon convoried into a national bank, and is now known as the Third National Bank of St. 1.0U16 ? Jan. 1, 'fil Jan 1, 'f2. Jan. 1, 'fiS. Jan 1. '84. Loam and die. 917 072.944 11.24X288 lj| 4 175 ?,"*? 9*9 Speel.- 3.82H.8M) 2.9*7, UW Slfi6t?l7 3.231.l? tluspended debt ... 3D.S 983 1.443.0S3 227S.7J6 2.4i8.?25 Voaiv ded profit!.. M 776 1.00631U l.5Ui.2St 1,491. ftlj C<p>lal II.133.S99 11,252.9'Ji 1I.'.'47.6M1 lii,U76.'.'90 Cireulat oo........ 8.204 845 6 6II.8SI 4.037.277 2.101.80 OetKMiu \ 352. 879 2,068.473 3,434.262 8.473,134 ?By these stateroeots It will be seen that the loans aad discounts hive, during the period covered by tbe war, been reduced from aeveateon millions to eight millions eight hundred thousand, while the circulation baa been reduceJ froiu eight millions to two millions. Tbe amount of apecie, though it fell otf from 1881 to 1So2 nearly ft anliton, Is now not six hundred tbousaod dollars less thin it was at the begrouing of the period? with Una great difference tu another point of view, that, while in 1862 the ppeclo on hand would nol pay off bilf t lie circulation, it uow suffices to pay It ono and a half time over. The returns of tho Btnk of EDglsnd tor the week end ing May 18 otmptro with the statement of tbe previous week as follows: ? May 12 Nov 18. Public deposits ?7,290,494 7.506.601 Ctber deiwiil* 12 901,160 12 912.412 Government necurlltes 10,785,347 10.7W. S67 Other 21^5r>,S4J 20,973,429 Notes in rtreulmton 20 ,'.?sh 850 20,8l9.r?35 Specie and bullion 12,705.261 13,267,441 Tho Philadelphia and Erie Railroad Is iapid:y nearing completion. Oo'y about sixteen miles of road are to be completed to coonecl its eastern snd westers ends, ai d all but throe miles of tbis pari of the road la ready for tbe track layers, aod tbe Iroo Is being laid as rapidly ss It can be procured. Tbe month of Ja y next has been named as tbe time for Its formal openia;. SICK) l'8 1'i 5 2 ? i/Ou 10 > 10000 do l'<?'i fr? 0_ do.3, li> H ?lock Eichanfi* T?r?.'sini .June 2?10 30 A. M. SOi'ibe Heading KR 139V 101)0 do. ....... 1HVU 400 do all) 13?*i .100 <1n 139*" ??0 Mirhican ' en KR . I441, 2.*J M So A N 1 RK bid 97 blO 97 60.1 200 i'.OTrn. ft-IO OA A 111)' 41100 I' B 4 a. 1 year car 9H 2t>W Miow* co bde. '77 104 MOO Ml aouri 6'> 70S 11? do 70 4 VV*ai Oiiin t Mil. cor U *000 d* I0W illlna;* C'en bde 21.0 1 Alt A TH.diupr*f Vl 7I>? C hi A N VV laibdi V4 20UU Chi A N W lit tog 98 luttl do #f>? 4(ioo Pitt. nwACbSdm 972 90l>M'laTe 4 Plttaf.hra 92 S II Chi A Alton HO* ??"> 1 <?*) M !*?.? It ia?0 u : I 1 tf t fi 100 1 ?*) ihi ?th .V 4U I.i; Bk 110 401 Company Cl*a 20 21!) do L10 4 H .-Ol lOOyCentra' Coal Co.... 70 10(1 "5 Curnti Cm! ptef "S tidO 2W do 71* 200 >0 do Mi III) ??|Q? ck- Ivor Mng Co 7f>K J?ii C eve A Col K R do Pfi?; da. ..... ... MX WW do b3 97 120 I U I ;l Cen KR ?crlp ? I*? 6'0 to 128'C 100 do Ijk.1. ?W Cle*" A Pull RR lis* MO do ... .... 1 IS 3")0 da Mil' 41 Gal * Chic RK 14l? do oi>c HJ da . *10 itj do do do do do. ?!<> do 141 ?10 142 H .... 143 '4 .??>' 141 ... 144 ... 143*4 .*10 14.V MO do.. 2ft 1 do 7b ViVloneaota Mag Co. 60 l'?i W#omg v? Coal l 'o 6<; ?<W M*r p 1a Mioia^Co 4> ?V') do ... 4 I0? <10 .... 47 VI AtbburUvn Coa' Co. ;6 *'?0 Canada Copper Co. 3 K? N V 1 enlral KR . . IV I'm do IV 100 do 1X1 ?n 1 Bri- RK Ill 7W do 112 1 'OH idaon m*? r RR . if ??? do |?? 1 <0 do ii'H) ill 1009 do It? in do .. . 14 ? 00 do all) 14 |n Hirlem R? . . . . Ml ?l *.rul<b ,? War RR 101 170 I fa Hog RR 110 149* 149 ^ lit', 113 112% "7', 121 70 tM0r0l'M?M0>oon.. I*> do ?Ol Tr n, 7.1 MO I A 'rt*> M MO'ifi 6'l W ali? I'uioh Coa' T>r?f ?? do * M do . SOI do 4*> do 8.J4 mo 3(10 do lltiiCbtc A Rk I RR 5m do S? do . . . 19) CM. Bur k Qy RR l<<0 d.1. ........... 2<X) Tol * w ik R R . .00 do 7iM P>tU, Ft WiCuiRK 117 8r>0 do . 117 2s 10 do 1 1 7 20 do . 117 ?? AtlATor lliu't tie! 7 ?O.OIn A Nff Hit TOM do . ?0 do M0 2 0 <10 MO 4f'? "W) Chi A NW tref . 91 4J0 do 100 do .... .. Ill) 1t? d* ... . 1*0 .... SOO Chi A A t RR.. 90 y?' War A Cm 2d jiref . 60 CO*'* BOARD. flit 'try T*n o Ci.or? P. M. 1(1 , ?<*> ihi Railing KR... I4ii** liW 2 0 do .. HO ' ? 100 Michigan Cen RR 101 Mich ?i* N I It It SU0 do 500 _ do W?. ?".i ? iiS? P4 70?i ?) SI IP .%?!'! Cen r.R ? ,i H?<0 '."leTe .1 Plltl 101 ymck?il?M MiBlDg 76 rl I ft ic ?0 do do VI I'aelf c Mkll fS 09 I) Jo .... . .... rn s v UR.. H UK.. do do do prafr i n Krie 't w i *>) *M 80 En? 1?l 4 ?l '? laon Rl?er RR 1VAI Keaditig ItR . 7 ?H 7.Vt 2VI', 2St M M .... 1I2\ . 1 12'? . 113 bIC 111 .... 109 , li? I 44 ^ MOX i4ii; 97 #c? 9d'' 1^1** 113 112V 144 1?4^ Iih Galena A rbi KR soo d> ion ''?> . Iili 144 S**l Clil A Ro l( t I? R II < 110 _ do. . U3II14 li? To'e lo I Wall r.R '#l '.no ? N W RK 50/ do MM do . 2>*l li bit 100 do 1 <) Chi A N W pi el ti!0 ??00 do 4K) d.' ?? cm coitiMKitciAr* HKPonr. Ti*rM>aT J'loe -JU?d P. M. | AtH'fi ? Receipt* 4' bblk . irtrkfl ^otcl nnd fir m KartMUitM ? btiig four 60 bb!?. ?o ' lt>6 l>aj? coro meal, 41.236 buiba'k "vhc*l. d<>. oa>?, Wi do. ryo and "47 do btriojr m?n No cro cr ( barley r?cei*ed. The t;r*?*fl turn < f gnW, ! <glil re '?el, \* aud lac'aMd deiuJoJ iViptrtod ilra&irtb to II ? marttet (or I.omt atd rattier pr ce? wcri reali ad. Ai ibe oi"M?ir* gbt M'le ?tA'.e ?d i Wetlern roild ri^t lie bo?(bl txc' |d at kt> kdvaoc* ' ' &'? * 10c on y?#l?r | ?laf'*priee? lie l*yt bii?,ti;ae re?< ted aj.OOubbe, | about balf to ?ri ** m a I tb.e ro' ntb as I 'he It of .Tu:y, at |7 W? foe ettrt SIBto e'en l.fcoc bb ? S^utLern and CCO d" < tnidian. Py* ' o''f * ;.e r*ry frm ai I in f- ,1 detr.kD I, ?it?i aaiee of 600 ubif ?ltblD0>r rttif 'rroni eai ?M n arro nd f?rv ftrm, "ill ?*lw ol (,??, |,i ? Rl ,,Mier. <i*ya i?r ?? ob aod 16 i untbo >c* kraudy w l* m ?u ? ?? iu l? ? .(?ernoo Stale aod W#iteri Hour J7 j> , 7 40 K?'ra StetB I . , 7 ( 0 1 ? f ? Siai* ' " ? To I m?i <m etira Weeteri T a I- > tra rouod li 'Oi k ' 0 * * ' 1 ? WauMwo tra<lv * .0 a s , Pttia Si Utuie I 16 a 11 . 0 < otiim ?o to gi-id 4i?r era 7 (Ki a v 40 t>*<d to ciw ice aura do I t'< a 1 1 no immi"* i BoaiiBu 7 60 a 7 70 0?n.l to cboio* aura io 7 14 a fc *6 Mr* 4to*ir . ?uporOB* f 60 a 7 75 4 ?i maal, kbit A 76 B 7 76 4>rB m**l, i?lti h?"B? . ,..,.34 00 * 34 6J ?Ibe 'f! l?*la"<>TBl were agkla I gbi , and, wltb l>l|il er rales Tor g<>i4 end * fair inqmry tor etptrl, p'f>'f pri?e aprldf were fully ob? .out deirer 7 be tal?? on IbeiputeBd lo BrrlTB foot up 176 <K>0 l>o*l,e *. Ind td r* ChK-afo avrleg at fl f. 2 a $1 61- Hie mil'le puce for 111 tii'B aaJltaty Milwaukee rlnb |1 r.h a fl 70? ehlef'r *t 91 ?.s all MA tn am. a ?mtier gprlM II f i * 11 71. cbok* I red State fl r%, winter red Wtmtvn $1 TS a $1 M, ?4 Iiuhtr de. |1 Tv . tl MK. Cora ?m iu h and traMr. wild M M tt 30/ 00 buHiioti. ai $1 o2 a $1 TO for ? ew aad old WMWB ttHtfJ. Ry * rewiaiusi Quiet (ml Arm. M (jMiiliio Oals ware very tin.,, with liberal ? ?le? a I Sic a 90c for tli'- range of Canadian stite and Western i Harley and barley ma t were du t: 3.TC0 bushels of tho [ latter, part to arrive, sold at $1 f>0 t $1 61. 1?>TTC'N.? ' To* mark i *'i: tu >ra quipt, with sa.? of ! 900 bsles Wo fuut* ? Vptt mi tlar-li. Jfpti/*. Pf.O.-fT Ordinary 4? 98 9T Middling 107 10? 10* 144 Good middling ...,l"8 lJJ 10V 1 in MiJ.inu f? r Ill 111 Hi 113 ion**.? Ibe market wa* dull, and prlcea were omul nil sales 27 bags It io, at 43>,c. ,aud lit) basS St. Do mingo. at 37 Ftut.m* wore dull md rates depressed To iJverporM per A?eric n tUg, T.juo It she la wheat at Id. m bulk, 6ot) bbla flour ct la 3d. sod, per steamer, 7,000 bushel* wheat at 5^d. in bags. 1V> I.oodoa. per neutral, 130 bo*oa bacon at 35s and , par steamer, 1 ,000 bbla tlour at 3a 6d , 600 botes spei maceti at 86*., anil 300 baloa hemp at 80a To Glasgow, per steamer, 500 boxes cheese at 3ft* .and 30 bow* bac ?n at 30a To Antwerp 300 bbla petroleum at 6s. To Havre 10 tons copper ore and 350 tierces lard .it 50 francs. To Hordoaus 200 tierces lard at 55 franca An American barkwas char tered to I'adiz, with light ploo stave*, at $20. , a Norwe gian brig, with duo bbls. petroleum, at os- , an Italian brig, wuh 10,000 bushels at 6s W. , If to Cork for orders, or at Os. 3d i' to Rristoi ChamU Moi awns. ? The market was dull and prices wers scarcely aa Arm: Mies or 112 hbd.". I'Mlo Ktco at 8Sc, and 20 buds. Cuba muscovado at 7 Lie N*v*i Rroaw ? lhere was some inquiry Tot rosin, and the mar<et was very firm, at $31 a 133 for common strained, $42 a $43 for No. I, and Freud) et$P0a$36. Tar was in food roquest, and a sale of l 200 bbla. lorolgn (Archangel) waa made, ex ship, at fit a >15. l*itOMitio!<a ? Kecoipts 4.512 bbla. pork, 45 package* beef, 262 do. cut meats aud ilfl do l?rd There was a rampant 8i*culatlva inovenicnt in mesa pork, and prices advanced $l a $1 60 per bbl . with an act, re business. The sales on the spot reached|4,000 bbl* , at $30 a $30 60 for old mess, $32 a $32 60 for new do , closing with $32 75 demanded. $25 26 a $20 50 for now prime, $. 0 tor thin m a* and $3! 50 for prime mess also 4.000 bbls. new niMt, for July delivery, buyer's option, at $33 a $34. The beei market wis very firm, with a good demand Kales 1,600 bbls at $9 00 a $13 for country mess. $? a $7 for country prime, $10 a $19 for re packed mess, and $19 50 a $21 60 for extra me*#, also 250 tierces primo metis beei at fiJ a$2?> Beef bauis unchanged , sales 1'iObbis at $J7 60 a $28, Cut moats were in fair request, sales "'>0 packages at 11c a 11 v.c for shoulders, and 14<^o. a 14J,c for hams. I'acoo sides dull and nominal lbe lard market was quiet and stoauy, sales 2,600 bb'.s , at 14c a 150 , also 500 hbla. kettle rendered, from Juno, buyer's option, at 15*4C. Better was quiet, at 28c. a40< for Ohio, and 36c. a 43c. tor State CUooso was active at 12c. ? 18c. for common to prime. Psntouoir ? Rfcelpts, 8,210 bbls Th<? market re mained very tlrrn and price* wero eboutone ceut higher, ? lib a fair business Tiie t>iuk of tbe sales wore in Phila delphia. lite sa!es of relltiort, io bond, oo tbe spot and for ail tbe inontb, were at about tbe unme prices- Crude win relatively lowoi than reilued IIiokuIos were 6.000 bbl*. at 40<*c a 41c , oo tbu Dpot, 4"c for July and Au gust a: d 41c. lor same delivery m Philadelphia, 12,000 bbls refined, In bond, mostly contracts, at r,4Vjc. a n?c , on (bo sn> t and lor all tbe month, of which n^out 7 000 bbls iri Pbiladolpbta lor Juno and July, at Ric a G2\c., buyers' option. 4,500 do , free, at 71c. a 72c for prime light straw to white, 07 for dark fctraw, 7..\c. for all June. Uenzine was qun-t at 35c. Ki b ?220 bags Kaugoon sold ia oond at 11c., aud 230 bigs Patm on private terras. SvaAR.? Iho market was a shade easier, and prices were a trule lower, with sales or 14(1 tibda Cuba mcscc vudo in bond at 10?j'c., and *0 bbda <io at 17 ^c. a 14c , mostly for grocery KtUned was dull, a eale of 21 bbls. soft white at 22 ^c. Strakink has advancod Sales ef 25.000 lbs. at 14 )k'c. a 15!^c for interior double extra pressed Tm.ixiw o >ntiaues very Arm, with sates of 150,000 lbs. at l4o. a 14 i?c lor commoa to prime, aiso 370 packages grease at lit'4c. a 12Kc Wiiisiuiv Keeeipt4, 1,431 bbls. .market Arm and de mand fair. Satos 3,600 bbls , at $1 21 a $1 32, for State and Western, Sales o4 Real Eitats. Tho following sales of real estate wero made on Wednesday at auction by Win. Keoueliy ? No. ? Fifth avenue (leasehold) $19,300 No. 91>; West Twenty aiith street 7,200 No. 317 West Twenty ninth street 3.4W) FINANCIAL.. Mining stocks? as well as all other kinds or aecurities bought *uj ao'd at all the Block Hoard* >o New To k, Boatun. Philadelphia. Ac., or otherwise oa com m lesion, br ALBERT H. NICOLA T, No. M William at. Money to loan on bono and mortoaok-on Drook yn properly. Appljr to WAC.NER A SMITH. Attorney#, No ? Willoughby street, Biooklyn. N ORTH CLEAR CREEK OOLD AND SILVER MtNtNO COMPART, Uilpin couuty. Colorado Territory. trust***. Hon. JOHN A. DIX. Iloo. EDWARPS PIERREPOTf, JOSEPH FRANCIS ha i . T. B BUNTINO. Ea*, . A. O. BODFISH. liST,, Co'.orado. rmaaiPMT. Hon. JOHN A. DIX. JOSEl'U FRANCIS, F.*v ronHiKt.. CHARLES K.BLAKE liar SkCKITilltr. CHARI.B8 H. SWORDS, E?q Thia company ia formed for the puri>ose of purchasing ? <kd working J.232H feet on the tiro md Hog, Greytry No 2, 8 mnion? t'onoorl. aod other ce'ebr*re.l dere'oped gold bear .ug lojes, lu the bt-nt mining die net of CjloraJo. A sj the IIriuler<on Mill, with twelve (I t) ttaropa uoiv running and lu eiixi'eul order. The co in pa n.. ha* therrerusal of this property, aud will purchase the same for f iKM.900 <0 ca ll aud h 50 J auarei of atuck at par. The c.ipltal stock of the company will be $ Wb?le number of abeio*. lU.nOi. I'ar, SiO Flf.y thom.iud eliaree 01 the aiock will b? sold aipar oil y. A large poitioo of thl- has been taken b private subscrip tion. Books w|:l be opened on Wedneaday, Jitfie 8, it 6V Heaver street, wbere the remainder of ih- SO.t 00 sh*re? can be a'tbterlbed for by anp vlDg to (he treasurer of the com pan?, between Hie hour* of 10 A V nn-l z I' V It a needles" t'i apeak of the immense advantage of bar Inn a mill and machinery on the api?t alreaty working With the fan it e> the comuant ?)read\ haa. immediate re turns ui*v be looked for Twelve (It) men an mine Lf.s? o (15i ton* <1 ore per <uy an-1 ?i* hundred and ninety (6WI) men can i-e wotked 10 advantage, 01 itiirli 1 Hi) man 10 eaco hundred fctf. It n pro posed to pusl? the work with the ntmTt en?rgy. aud the dlieciors have every confidence ibat their eUon* produce aa' Itfartary an 1 immediate result*. Copies of the prospectus can be ob'ain?d at ihe oUce. Tur intrkkst nrr. on the bonds ok the new Tur< and New Haven Railroad Compiut .lone I, l-St. will he pa .1 on presentation and -or end-r of the (yiupoii* at ilie o.lire of tlie cornnauf, corner of Fourth avenue aod Tweut) *e*enth street. oral the B^nk o( the Republic W BEMKNT T reaaurer. t'NlON PACIFIC RAILROAD COM P A N Y.-NOHOK ) Is bere' v given to th" Subscribers <0 the Cap"a1 S ock el ih# I'nlon Pacific Railroad Company that* .rail for a fur Iher pavnienl ol ten per cent u|>on the ai-iO'itu ol their sub ?? rir"oiiS has been mad* thlsdav pavaide at the oHfice of n.e I'omriaoy IS W dllam street Ne>* York ou or before the Jnth if I une next By order of Executive Committee . _ JOiiN A. D1 X. r ret: deal. J ass J. C'fco. Trea"irer Niw Youa. May 10, MM, in.m LOAN -THE CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK 1U *1 V tne Clly of New Vork having l>een de*ignaied a Kovern.nent depoot uj. wll now re -ire vubaertpuoae to the 10 40 Loan, offering (be 0--1 lerm* an i lacilltiei W IJ FOSTER Ca.hler IlliSRY a 8M V I II K, President. 4:9 000 M-W to LoaR-o* hbal estate, laNewVorlt lem-uientli at 6 percertla teirn EOWARD A FRASLR jJJ Bi omr s.reri. CiQ 0R ?1^.000 fTANTBO-ON BOND ANO morr;at? 'nr i?n ?eirs *t ?i? | e: cert 011 tliiee hou*e< and 'ois !? Wt'llaul otreet. Kent for f 1.1M. Nore but rrin^ p*;* need snsw. Addr si Loan bo* IN lloaidoSk Ci'^O/k HAH -this amount to loas*. at six ?0\R/?UvVi per ceo fjra l?tm of \ears, on New Vo' S ' 11 v 1 ropet' v In aunt* 10 * it I'plxtnt* JOSKI'll M*r>ON No is Pine t't-i "IO.JI* I0*nd II LOAN OFFICE*. A T HK.VKT H If MAN'S. 638 BROADWAY, CORNER OP J\ Hon I t'riHfi room No 4 up stano wit. psjr ibe hl^h e-tcaah pru-e :or Dlimond*. aei or utuoi. Waiclies snd Ml vn Ware, or adrau.:ei made ou the same, and alao 9a P *Do- 6b* Br.,n lw?y. AT 77 -MONEY LIBERALLY A DN A MCBD AT 77 O.M DIAMONDS, w.mciieii. jewelry, PIANO-!. I l UNirOME. Ac AT 77 PAWNBROt,En- * T1CKI.T? W ANTED AT 77 Of Di-imont- lewflry A", and 12*1 per rent more paid 'ban ess )<e sou neri at *av other placo in liio ally, at 77 IHoec.ei street, up fans. AT 6 0? MON If. Y LI HP. H ALIjT \ D V a N C h d on OIA mollis, W*t?h0?, leweliy, S.j vei PUie I'l?tOl*. Ac, A If 4 Pawn'irokei ?' ftrkots nsnlnJ of Olainonds, Wa'.chea, Jewelry, Onus PUtols, A >? , lo^ wh'eh I vvlll pay IV) coat more' than can be ootalniH ai anv other place In the fit* M Bi ladivay. coruer of llootton stieet, up stalls, room No. ?. Advance* made on waiches, mamonds, J< eliv Dry <l?tod* and Personal I'r- 1 er y ?r evry deocrlptloa JOSEPH A IAOKION Bioker an 1 1' a sioa Mer b?nt, III liiand s reei two doo'*we?tof ll;??ad wsy Oiiic? iio'ira from 9 AM. until 4', P M. AT Q? NASSAU STREET RfiOM NO. 1, THE Illflll J\ e t price* a e 1 aid for .ooae or e: D am' nd?, Weu.l??a and ls*eryof e* 0 y def rlptlrn Also the moat liberal ad ante- m ide n i.oiialtnrii nta of the above article t, b A. IIONK. MAN Diamond Bro er. AT 4T CHATHAM STREET, PAWNBROKERS' JY T'-nts kodght of D^ ainot.da Wa'ches, Jewelry. Mi. ? r Pisto, tHi??. Pta'ois. Silks, .tr . snd the full >aine paid for all Ti< keia oo'igh: at 43 Che I. am street, room 3. ovoi- tuo bat at or* mviTLRt A RARE CHANCE FOR ,!< H SEE EEl'ERfl -SlfBElt Jx l<0 ?e'iold F im ur?- for ?ale at a sacrifice A (aoiliy de in ug hoo>ekeepiii^ w il ae In 01a a suit p ircbaiai al the T'lrulln; e eon tallied in their resldeni-o, 113 West T?en'y tliird street, near !n i s<ei: i. Piaeoforte rar or K .ns Witd."* curia 1 s to i.Hi h, I' t ag>- rea Paimirt* Hronrea, Carpel*, Boon *?e M n ua Oiaing Hi-oin ai,d Coatiioer F irn.lure en a nte. lu ?e aoven nt' oihs i;LEOANf HOCSEHOLD ri'ENITLRE OP A PRI yj vsie f.rally lor as .<? at a treat a*' rlfca ?A beaut I ill l*ir' r H'-it. covered w th tilt rich ?a t r"i(B . b sti n hrooaiei, ?fifi Ikrea uj{iR>i? ago /cos1 |W, w r be sold for ft?* 'redo fm IDS; elegsr I ro^iivo'd P enoforte A'so, two msrfie top TaVee 'oaewnod Eisgeres, two Psrlor Oar* t?t?. I iirktsh Easy <>s:r snd L" n?o, tw-. Rose* nod Bed s'sads, Korea s, b|>:iig sad llair Mattresse*. Loonaes, Chairs Ro - a 1 a, < oka Mlrrois, Ac In^ at 1 1> Wc-?t E gmh ttiert. be'weeB Flf^ and Suth aranoea p cnstnnn _>:oi A ilA?6so")4l r6*? ? . ??0*1 ?.ha'"'*! 8 itt (marble top. Ac) Apply limn-' d 'ately ai m HM> avanoe. near Th rty-eoventb atran. ^OR SAI.E-AN ELROaMT KI'IT Or BLACK WAL 1 out (Imitation Parlor Fmolltirt, co?*r?d im c#f!,.?t|n| two Hot** *nd tit Obi r?. to b* *o 4 Cn?*43. To ai J C. H AIIJI'H r?roit??rf! WaiCiootu^ Tfulb l>eUciu nvfu i?| H md U. ^ THS TITKF-. f'ASHlON PLBASURK GROI'ND. TKOTTINtk PRIDAT. JONE 5. AT 5 O'CLOCK P. M PUKSK AND BTAKK UK #->0 P. P. milk hkats, bha i s in a. to wa.uona Mr U4IUM g 111 Uly Mm?m. D Ida e names b. g. Sliatk II W onArufT names b. Dexter. I> Pli'ei nimu br. ra. Kmprea-". II F J gr- ntiHKi. b'K Ill'iW' l. >nl?n. O ii?r netueb br g General Grant Th< uo?' lraves James slip Ion- at I o'duok p If.. oon ne ? III. the uaee at Hunter's Point at *t$ o'cln k p. M. fn theC.tsrse. Boat* leave Thirl/ fourth .treat ft ir? evar, Ave lulu ilea. JOSEPH CROCllBRliN Mauser. PATHKSON RACE* -TOOLS PORTHE DKRHT WILL besoM at Lalayette Hall. Saturday eveuinz at ei lit o'clock and every evouing dttr eg Mie reoea. OommiaMoa oue pe< cent T. B. JOHNStiN. (JPRINO RA0K MRETI>0 r> PATI-i KHON. M. TUESDAY TTII, WEDNESDAY STIl aND THUHSDAY VT H UP JUNK. Firat Day? POR8E $2t*~~IIi~e beau TUB JERSEY DKltBY of $1 000 $?'*> nit. p p., IK unite dash U ? ntriee POST 81 A KB it $iw. $100 eul. 9. p . two ml e heats. 5 tub . Second Day ? TH K UNDKUWOAdOIKT of $2U0. mile d?<k. Tfl K Nl'RSKRY ST A K ES of $*10. $ 100, half ft. . 7 cntrlea Pi R8K of $400 three nuie dash. Ml UNO RACK ol $*M, mile and quarter daah Third Bay? TUB SEQlfAL 8TAKK8 of *300. flu) ent half ft., two utile tfaah. IS eatrtea. POST STAR K of $*t)0. Miree mile h<-ate $100 eat , p. p.. 4 aub'a i LjtfH ol $'AxJ for boa leu hoiaea. mite aad a Quarter ''ash RicelleataoeomilPUalionB for lad e* hare been provided N B ? No gambling will bo allowed on the cwtirss Mo liquors told, aud no iutoiicaied person Admitted on (ha 8' *?"?<?< rntitl ng th? holder to anr of the Ctub Stands, and Quarter Siretchos $.'? lor the mcetlag, or $2 for one day. jUa.lies' tickets te Cub Staui tsoid only to naembere and bad. c hollers), $1 eaohday Vlattora can reicb the course by Erie Railway trains, foot Of Obamber street The RXtRA train at II 15 A M., run- direct to the course . ret irn'uif immediately a: let- the i?-*? eaeh Oav R. B. (HIS WKI.L 8eereUry, 111 Main etreet, Patoraon. STAblilONS. _ rpHB THOROUGH RRED STALLION WILD IRISH X man. by Glenooe. dam br Medofc will aland at the -la Me of Charles W Bathgate Ford ham, Westchester count/. YOt'NO TROTTING STALLION MAIOR ANDERSON will stand tha present ronson. on Wedneadava and Fri day*. At the Wyandotte Hotel Klatlands, Look laland and the A lernate data at the farm ot Mr. A B. Van Wrrk o tii* village of Flatbuab. Long Inland. Ter.i.e, $.>0 to inanre a foal Any Cut tlfer Inf vniattoa will be furaiabed by Mr. Van WycK or the aubiceiber. Samuel. T. PAV30N, ill Wall street. New York. BPOAtilB* ARARB OWANCB FO!l SPORTS MEN? FOR BALE, the faat- sailing yacht Wm WaUli, 2d feet long. com. plele in every respe t an. I m ti |> tup order Can be a"?n at the foot ot Ninety eighth street. East river For particular! apply to THEODORE TOOK KB. Herald ofllce. DOOS FOR SALE. -A PAIR OF HANDSOME NI1W foandland i 'o^> well trained and good watch do;a; handsome Bui! Tern ra. So t/ Dogs, a uau- of email Italian Urryhound* ansa I Hlark and Tan Terr! rs. snial 1 Sooteh and bkyr Terriera and -mall Black and Tan Puppies Tnese Ter rier* are good ratter*. One handsome Newfound. and Pup. Apply to JOHN QRA V, No. ! i Itoosereli street, firat door. IjIRANCIS BdTI.I'R Nft S PKCR, SLIP, HAS AM. 1 the choice f.>r >in e and -lock. Butler's Infallible Manga Cure *nd Plea Exterminator, 75 tenls per bottle. Butler's new Work. $1. Dogs boarded, trained, Ac. Medi cines for all diseases. Fine nkw yacht for sai.e: jrer finisiieb: about 25 t'?9 tiurtliuu; v?iy fast sa ler; the* be seoti ai > aci. Incjuira of ISAAC P SMITH For sai.e-a firat class sailboat, measdu Ing 21 feet keel. 8 feet 4 nchea beam; Is well found iu erer y reaped, and will be aol I cheap, as the owner lias no use for her inquire ot H. PKBSI'uN. second bridge up Newtown creek. POR 8ALE-A PAIR OF IIaNDSOME NEWFOUXD land Dogs. Bull Tori-iers. Nplu Dot;-, one bandaome Italian Greyhound Dog. small Black and Tan Terriers email Scotch and Skye Terriers one Newfoundland Pup. No. 1 1 Roosevcit street first Boor. JUIIN ORAY. Fancy fowls and piokons fur sale, and Eggs for iiatcbing ?Black Span ah, Golden and Silver, black ami white Polaiida.Co.bin China an 1 other choice breeds ot Fowls and Plgconi for sale by U JOHNSON, 19 North Wili am street. SLOOP YACHT FOR SALE CHEAP -THIRTY FEET long, centre board. Iu good order and everrthinj coin plcto. For further Informal on applv at Si) Wall street, room No. I, or at BOGART BEATTY'S. Netvtown creek, Orcenpoint near Tenth street and Thirty-fourth stieet fer ries. where the yaoht nan be sees. WANTED-A THOROUOnLY BROKEN SETTER OR Po titer. Any one hav ng a first rate dog mar ad dress W R. R., V Caution street, Pougbkeepsie, statiug age. terms. Ac. WANTRD-A MAINSAIL BOAT OK LIGHT draught, 24 feet keel aud 11 feet beam, or thereabouts Applr io Mr. Broadiueadow. 113 Bloomtield atreet. Uobo ken. N. J. AT" ACHT FOR HAI.E -THE SLOOP YACHT FANNY; 55 I feet on de k draws 5' , feet, roomv cabin and well found; in perfcct order. Mar lie seen at anehor north of Hoboken ferry Apply to K. II. WHITE. 103 Broad street. HORSfGS, GAKRllOli, &G. An assortment op all styles OF pi rs r class l ght and family Carrlases. for cilr. Park ind country driving; tpeeiftltyot tntir and aix saat Phaetons at MUTT ? CO 'S manufacturers, 10 West Fourta atreet, one bhKk from Broadway. A STYLISH VERMONT DARK GRAY HORSE FOR sale? 16 hand high, speedy kind, gentle and a reliable family horse: the properly of a gentleman. Can be seen at Jhi. Z. Thompson's stable. 110 East I'hir.eonth street, us ar Third avenue. A SPLENDID BAY HORSE? POINTS ALL BLACK, no white, lull 16 hands 0 >aars old this spring. Hag la l, very ?-n 11 hand gT.d driver^ sound and kind Price iy. Applv to .John Thinmo coach" bsuee Greene street, corner *1 ash mstoo place. ? ?' A FIRST CLASS V II KR K >. U A KTKK RO t f) WAOON for aaie; 170 lbs.; only jsed two areas, good citv maker. Aiao a flr t ralo light s n le Harness Apply at 95 Ea-t Thirty si ennd street Leitngton atablM. Kold sepa rately or together A PAIR OP STYLISH FAMILY CARRIAGE HORSES (n ys). eo'ind and gentle, about anteen hands will be eold cheap for want of uae together or setaratel v. in quire at the private stable No 5 East Twenty-elghlh street, near Fifth avenue. ' A DARK" BAY HOUSE FOR SALE-ll'i IASM high, handsome under the aaddle or In namess. tied and sound a mild |0 yesrs old can drive blm also Top Wagon, Harness. Kianket. Whip, .te. The who " will he sold for $'50. a- '.he owner lias no further use lor them. Inquire of C H. LYONS Fifty Grit stieet and Third sve nue, for two days. A PAIR OP THOROUGHBRED HORSES FOR sile? Own 'irotlieis, four snd five >ear? old, war rauted aoiin.l and kind. p?ife<-t!y bru?e Also ferriage, Harness Sa 'die Uri.lle Blmkefs .lc Sc.. all of ihe arsl quality. Price $i,iAM. A sood ciiam e for those who wish to purcba e good hirses at a low price as they trill tie sold mu. b beiosr their \ sloe. I'be owB?r hs- owoe I them fiom blrtn Address L. T . Beivldere House. Foutllt aven e ^nd Fuuneeuiu :treet, New York A FINE BAY MARE. |W HANDS HIGH. 6 YEARS o d so eilrs gentleman's fA.nlly horse, Ion; tai and ran fr it cl i?? to three nun ite* A so. a dapple .:ra? .-oope Mare. 10 hsn Js high, snd oat- da i pie gi ay sad ile a. .1 .Ir ving Pony 14 hsn ts high; one Top Buggy ar. I oteCoa. Hor Wajon and sit\er plated llarnesa A I Til' b- soil at a great liargiin. Ceil at 80 West Twent fourth street ALIOHT SHIKTINO TOP ROAD WAOON, NBAIlLY new. for?aJe. most be sold. Price $110 Ca'l at 1 57 and 13J We t Twent) elgb'b street. AOREAT VARIETY UP NEW AND SF.COND HAND fn jr and s I seal Roekswsys, lop and no ton Wag n-, Breits Jagger, Uusiue>i hi I mo s^al Wagons. anJ one De Et>t Wagon, one d r.e sest Rockav, a> Harness. Sadd'es. rldlee, i ; twogool Mfotk lleises I <01 Broadway near Potty iirii street. OT O POR SALE ? INQUIRE OF R C. DELONiJ IW ' sns street. A -FOR SALE ? A t.EATHKR TOP WAGdV CITY n.asers nod llsrneit; a'te a e^esp Roa i Wagon an I Hs'ne? aud oilat htAllewt.b so stalls to let Arp'yat .-4 1 W jo?ter stree A SPLENDID POOR SB A T PH tKTON. VfcW. THREE seroud hand Phaeton*, Hiew tei Itoad Wa on. fi?jr top Wagons one fu'i ?^rln- fag^er nr.e set of ' jih ? Harness, set of double covere t Harness t vr sets of s:ngl ? list nes s ? ne s?t of Truck llari.e s .a.- 8ld? and oner' ti saddle eo-1 Uridle App v at 1 7 W 3 t'er stieet o *ar Uread. Business wagons op rvf.ry kind constant ly on bskd. such as groi-era' bakers', Biln>'ral, milk. II i<iar and sipiess. light e. heavy Yo i will fino this place as favorable as aey that can he found an leverva't e-.\ar rented as rej t^?enied s r kw a rt k Wagon a toiy, Kilt; third atie*t between Broadway am Blgh'.i |ren .e BAROCCHt FOR S.4LI? WITH C SPRINGS: IN food order; inad"b llr w.te, .? Lawrence Apply at stable Vt iW"i Twentieth .ire.-t between l? and II t M. ClARRlAliEH-OSE SI'I^NDID SIX SKATBOCKA / way. pia'forin -i ring*, l eai "i ?! ei Ps> < Phsemns Vic'erlss. liglit top and uo p I! igt?? "i ?nsion 'op Qsr rlsg?, Doc'.ors riaetens. fotir seal Depot W%,on* light nur seat Ro-kawsys. ot sli st.les an1 a lsrfce sssortn eet of ether Carriages, nlii <b w II be wsiramed mi sol-l \ lor cssb Apt ly a; No. t 'A Cedar street oppoelt* Post ofllce. Family horse wantbd.-a close tony bTii.t bsy llorx or M.ire 15 hsr Is, I "eg 'all, soi^n 1 kim', all years old, a free tiaveil?r. si.itah r for ? r tana;. Ad dress, sfsting price J R I t ? tl" T it oiKe Tj^OB SALE ? flRK I IS, PARR rilAKION? TOP AND I uo top Buggies, Ro'.a vsjs I us., wsgoaa, Eipttss Wagons Harnefa an I Saddle* L> W I \ E6 t CO . !( Ltber'y s rreu F>OR SALr-TWO HOUSES 0ARTS HARN**< AC. The wo. a ?' several stoi as and of a s'?sn sri p i ns an also be obtained Address C W Here'd ofllce F-OR SALB-A TEAM OK IRON ORAY MARKS li hsr.d- h.g'1 -e n't k . 4 ainl ae I r o?st ?O'ltker dootile or amg e hai neee. long tails full mane- and a p?rfe< t match and art good iteppera Can be s^en aiA O. S. Catll's iivery e'abie, SI F .'ton sfre#' Brooklyn. CpOR BALE? FOl'R HORSES, Jl'Si ARR|Vg|i FROM I the due pair Of heavv Raj ? 1 r. 1 hso 's h gh. fve and ax years old; also t" o bt flor?"s. if ands high, sit end seven i ea>s od These hor-ei are suunil and klud t an be senn In Poti'and a<#n e ne?i Mtrt e Frock i n. _ , U lUMAR FjlOR SALF.-A LARGE B*V HORSE lit II A S fit h gt., ? teats o d. re-(e i> scm.ii an.' a nd. alet. a Coupe, With Po e and hhsfta end set of ? n^ie llaraees. s. having been but ,i't e is"d. wi ' he >t ,| together t se| * rately , conte O il I by Lawrence A Co Afpl; at k?- n a slablea. f I West|Thtrtleth street 17 OR BALE? A HANDSOMK BAY MARE, l?V HA>DS II hleh, warren'ed so me* and T<-r i?nie ser?n >?srs oM. .Sold lor .vent ol us>. Au t at subi< io Us re?. of 101 W ( et Twenf ro nth sirert. F9i Mrarepi bands, ?erf free snir it ttali <? rivers Price $I,W Can be seen beiore 1 and after t P M at a'ah'e rear of 56 Ren. sen atreet Brooki n Ileikhta, near Ifrsli street ferry. A O A J J.10R SALE-SIGHT YOI NO HORHKI FROM TUB r country, a pair of tilee ? ai . iage 'Iraye. a t air nt r.dmg Pouie- and a fair of '.rock Horace. sll?*i'ant?t lobe aeon stUi Wool Nineteenth street, iu tbs feed a qre. between ofTentb aud fitgutb bvenufg. NORSK*. rARKIAQB*, AO. FHOR FTNB DARK BROWN SADDLK in .mud* Mgh. pertectly eonart and k nd, wall broken [for tbe road and ? avalrv, quiet under fire; liaa oftfr Dwii in barn- as Wl' be wjl J choap UJ Weet Thirteenth etreet. A>k 1 Jl S?OH BALE-A VKHV HAMDSOMK IMPOKTBD OU tout Itorae, btack, 7 rear* old, HH hand* htgb ; la klail and mil a I. to b- ?-#u ?t Uudetftlll a stable, L^ayelia place, ueai Aatot plaoe. J.VJR SALN-A LARUE SLACK 110RSB. It HANDS r lilgb, long !ai'. 7 years >1<1 and faat; can be drlvon double or single Price luqutre o< ii D8LAFIELD, Jr., XI Na* au *tr.?*4. hL|<OK ROAD WAftON Fl'LL Sf?RI NOS. c tr tna''e ami weighs |:>0 pounds; in use about three w"ik.a Appl, a . K< ed ? c. arponter *tiop, 1U9 in-'.auce at. 1,MR SALK? A BROWN UOttSB (HENRY CLAT r lock) 1?\ hand.* luab. Um tail. of great eudureuoe and power; travels In lea-i than three mlnutee Mil, aithouitU verv anliltrd, U pfrfecllr safe and reliable III everyway Call at ALFRED ABKAMS, 153 Ka-.t Twenty fourth street. FOB 3ALE-A PAIR OK TOUNG SORREL HORSKS, live an I ail year* old, fine, lively, atjrllab drivers Ac Anr person wlalilDii further till Tmatlon or to see the horse* will P ease applv to lb" owner, Mr. MILLKU, No 36 Peart btiret Now York 1'rloe il.MJ. For sale? brown horse, isj; hands wbll matte and very -tyllsb. aound au<l kind in slngin or dmible ftarnusa, aultab.e for a coup*; alao a line Carriage, I'o e, As , with b anketo, Sheet*, Ac., and a l>aub a llarne**, .to Apply to V. A. ILNAl'P, Aefferaou Stable*, 51 U4>ii?lo pber rtreel. ^ F10R 8ALB -A FAST "FLYINO CLOUD' BLACK Mare, railed by J^ekton, Ave year* old, aound and kind; nan trot In z M w tliout training. Can be raeu at Ciub -tablea. Thirteenth *t:eet. between Viflh and Sixth siennas. Inquire for W aldron. IT* OR SALE-A VERY NICK SADDLB MARB. BKVBN r > ear* old. 15 handa high. ?ound and ver* gent'e; aha can trot ta SS; afraid of nothing, and wu u*ed oy a lady, or would eic-bsnge for a term H >r*e, no fault to her, but ?he is loo light for cae Inquire on tke corner of Forty alalh at oct and Ftret aseuue. in the grooery atore, tbla day. IjlOR SALB-A SORREL HORSR. 16 BANDS HIGH. 1 Can be aeon at Miles' stable, 51 Wei'. Nineteenth si F^OB SALE-A DOUBLE TRUCK. TEAM AND HAR. n?a*. wilt ael separately or together; truck will carry 80 orW hundred. Inquire at 108 Tenth avenue. HOB SALE-A SET OF LIGHT DOUBLE HARNESS, r In jiood rondit on. Inquire at stable No. ft sulfTen 0">n rt, bast Thirty sixth elieet, between Lsxing on aud Third aveouM. TTIOR SALE-A UKNTl.KMAN'g COMI'LKTE KSTAB I' iHlnnent, conmting ol' a large stvltek bay Horse, 11 i){ h.inls high, ait rear* old aoun t and kuiil. together with a l'ark Virtoraati'l llarnen Brewater'a make nearly new. Can be seen at Oaaain A Teaaey'a. 46 and 19 Kan Kiftesutli ai reel T^OR 3A1.K-A PAtR Of WBI.L MATrflBD BLATK 1 Indian b.illil pacing Mare*, full 14 hand* ln?h; weitik abnut M l) lbs each. 6 and ? yeats old; -an and liare paood to. other in 2 13 (one liaa paee-l on the Ice in 2:2.') . fine style, o! peat bottom and win I. and warranted perfectly sound. The aiiovc tnareacan be aceu a; heldea's atabie- Nos 8" aud gt West Twenty fourth street Ask for Mr Uurd. F'-OP. BALB?A BLACK HAWK COLT. & YEARS OLD, broke this ipting. aud cau trot in 2 M by little tmin n?; k -ti tan ted aound aud kind. Alao a new Su k*T *nd Itoad Wagoo, llarn?sa and Bl.inketa Inquire at No. 96 Jauie.< st. IriDK 8ALR? ONF. OF THE HANDSOMEST DARK 1 ura M:?res in the city, 6 year* ?id, ir?t4 hands h h; warranted perfectly aound and kind. Alio a handsome black Mexican Pony, 11>? hand* IUj;h, with t?o Saddles and ltndl"!i (a boy'* and mlis' |, tonetlier or aeparate. Apply at o'<;otinor'a lirary stab,e?. 52 Wost Sixteenth st. T7IOE SALT -AN EXCELLENT LIGHT SII1KTINOTOP L Wagon, Stivers .* .Sintth maker*; newly done up, with poe Apply to M. WA'.ID, lu2 East N.aelecutb ttieet, pri rate stable. rpoR 8 ALE? A HANDSOME BLACK nORSB, 15?? P haudahigh, teven years old. warranted ound. k nd and getitlc. can trot in three mlnutca.aald for want of use. To be seen at BsoeUdor Stable*. No SS West Thirtieth street. IOOR SaLB-VBRY STYLISH FOUR AND SIX SEAT F Pliaetuns. Alaoooal box Wagon*, square boi. tep 'irwt no top Wagons; second band Duseniiury Wagon. Ca.l on WIEtiKL A CAREY. So Weat Twenty- fourth street. Fob sale-ten horses, among them tr one fancv team, extra lorn; tails; they are 15vt handa blj;h. Also one pair handsome dapple Iron gray Horaea. 15K hands high Alao one lar^e bobtail t ar Horse aultable fur any btHneuc price 1150 Al?o one bay llorae; prico $10. All to be ae?n at 70 Gre>nwicti avenue. For sale-a stylish dark bay roa? mare, lii band* high, 8 rears old. aound and kind; a very pleasant driver; has t oned in 2:10 Inquire fur JOHN HRiiUAN, Wilson'- stable, corner of Bleccken and Cro by streeu. > ' * Fob sale chbap? thrbk butcbbr carts, six B<>z Carts, three Carts, and alight Wagon. Apply at 152 Last Korty-firth street. I TTORSE AND COUPE FOR SALE.-A YERY LARGE XI gray Mor e, long tail, very stylish and great action ; will be sold separately. Inquire at the Opera stable*. Thirty* second street, near Fourn a<cnue TIVEUV STABLE FOB SALE-ON'H OF THE BEST J xtabies >n tliecity ; long eatati'ished and doing a drat rat* business App y tor three days at 7? We*t Fourteenth street, nearSiitb avenue. ONB PAIR BLACK HAWK HORSES. OF STYLE AND beauty unsurpassed; very speedy, aound aad kind; jet black, with beautiful long tails and mane*. Ma be aeen In 151it*tie*t. uear tenth avenue. OPEN BAROUCHE FOR BALK? HOLDS FOUR IN si In. made by Vloti A Co , used but 'bree monihc, can bo closed, first clas< aud in perfect order luqulre at tho M*n*loit Subles, comer Seventh avenue and Forty-second street OMN'IBl'S LINE FOB 8ALE? KNOWN AS TUB tjpring treet line If no' sold by the 7th of June it wilt be so J to Ibe highest bidder at II o'clock, at the stable*. Seventeenth *treetand Temh aven- e. to elr?e different In teieals Forfnrthev pai ii.-uars apply at the etl|* ^tables. ROCKAWAY, SADDLE. BRIDLE AVI) HARNESS.? ? For ?a>. a stylish Kockatvay. In complete order newly painted; a 8add'e and Urldl* nnd *lng!* Harness nearly new. Cau be se*n at th* Sales and E (change L very Stable*. !57Weei twenty eighth stieet. ueai Eighth aveatM STAGE LINK FOR SALE.? A SIAOK LINE, WITH all the Horaes, Suge*. tjood '.V II! of line aud Real Estaie, to clo-e a partner*'. In, niil be aold on acc-unmo dating term* Apply to JOahl'll Cl'DLI PP. Administra tor. corner of Sixty ninth Creet aoj Touth aveni.e, or 10 R H CUDLIPP ll? Nassau street STABLE TO LET ? TO LET, FOB FOUR MONTHS, A new brick Stable, with four stalls snd plenty ef coach room, near tbecornerof Broadway and Thirt eth street; rent $o0 a month. Apply at Graham's ?table*. 1.237 Broad way. WANTED-A COAL BOX WAGON OR BOX WAGON and covered * ng e ?ei of Harness. Addret* box 3.3M New York Post oflioe, itating price, Ac. STABLE TO RBNT? WITH FIFE STALLS. NBAR Broa-l wav. No 7 Eleventh (treet. Inquire lu the Coal Office, next door. WANTED-A HORSE FOR FAMILY USB, ? OR 7 VT vearsold, se ind. kind and genre AdJreas box 2.SDI Post oflice. stating price and particular* or call at No. 4 Liberty street, up stair* Wagon and harness -for sale, a good two rea'ed open Wa.-on, made to r>rder. aNo, Double liar ne*, In i,ood aider, mad* by Glbton Iuqutr* of WOOD BROS., 594 Broadway^ Q7,- wn,L bi;y, this day, a IPUUMD lioiit ?p I l) Ro?d Wagon, built by On enbury, la good oriler. Ca.l at 10U West Forty flrat tlreet near Eighth a>en'ie. SPKCIiVL NOTICES. 4 T A MEETING OF Til K FR1END8 OF THE SIXTY, an lli Illinois regiment, held at Graham * llotel. lid ll- ary siren, on Thnrsda evening, -lone 2. IMI, the follow mg preamble and re*o utions vers unanimouily adopted, vli ? 4 Whereas It I* w ib d"ep regret we *re ea'led -mon In mourn the death of * breve aud latriol! sold cr Colon- 1 I'str ok K Burke sommander of the Second brigade, Se cond division Sixteenth arrnv corps on tbe 14th of May in the battle *jelore Kraaacca deoii|ia; and Whereas Divine l':o> i->irt Uaa teen fit. In Ills lannlta m?ray to rem ivs from our mldit Jtir beloved sad esteemed friend Co onei I' E Hn-ke we deem 11 our dutv on ihlisad event 10 present aaitab.e resoluiions >f ibe leeliogs of the |riend< of tbe late ao.ented Colonel an-l Wh?reas ib? Jece?jed was daarlv beloved by the tvieud* ef the Union la the clt> of New York, for the brsveiy dt*. pl*y*d by bim In l):? battles 'n tb? West therefo *. 'ie It l(e*o ee.l Thai in '.lie death >t Colonel P E Hnrke. of the Slxr * ttb llllnns reg m nt '.hi* 'Ouutry ha* 'ost a faith fin aud well tried soldier, en.l^irad te u* all b hie many ? irt'te* and spotless character ind <be Army ol be 1*nne* see an ornament tt oan III l to lo?e And while tie deeply aympathl-e wltb hit fain Iv in thi* ?ndden and a:l<tcltng dl*peni*iion ol an O'errnlirg Provlden e. we bew w-th n.eek 1.11 to tbe will ot lilni who .loelh an thin** well Be?oi>ed, Thai to 'he family of ti e dece*<od we >n,!*r our '.eartfe.l sympathy trbo 1 v ibis sad bereavement are depitve-1 ef one to them so Jea' Re Dived. Thataeoi y il these reto utlon* be transmitted '? the family of tbe leeea ? d a-td the same be pub tihed In lb? New York Herald Ctnunntli Commeuial >n : St. Loul* Republl an Ma or TllOi II. BOBINiON. (Sixty *1x1:1 Ullnoit re^ meet >, Chatruian. Joint J. Rxii t r. Ssetetarv. JOHN F CLARK E ) RICHARD REILLY, I Cemm'ftee JAMES SMITH. I id ,1AM KS II FINIOAN, I Hesoiut. n?. M 1 Oil AEL UAOAN I DEDICATION OF A SYN AGOGUE - THE SVN'A ?ogue *t the jorner of av-u ,e C and Fo irth atieef. wHI be dedkatad on Friday, th? 5d in-t Th* Rev Urs W ??. ol C'lnetnaatl, and Adler. ol New V'.rk, wiil del vei the dedlcat on aeitrona Door?op"ii at S P M , beginning <t 4 P M prec'?ely. I!ev i> r W i*e \r II alio pre*<-b on ?at ir day morn ng. dorlng Div ne ?ervir* L. L?**i . Secretary. IiJNaT/. STF.IN, Pre?lri*nf James b chaLlbn. ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR. CINCINNATI. OHIO may be found th * ?ee? at Wetmure A Bown' * aw oflT.**. No 9 P n* street, or F ttb Avenue Hole Co led , r* ma e 1 tie* examined taxes paid, and a gen*ra' notsr al and rom nnsiioeei"* bui ten d- D" in lil? otlke. :a addition to 1114a ton. SPECIAL NOTICE -MASONIC. -THE MEMHKR3 ?JF Me hanle Lodge No II F and A M are herrbt noli. Bed toaiteed a *pe< 1*1 eommunlcailou al thetr room. cor. ner of Fu'ir'h and tlreei e aireeta on Filday eien eg, June 3. 18*1. Work en third derie# hv onler. ON ARLES C J. I fit K W M. ,1ob!? TIafha, gecrrsry ____ rpitE LABORERS OF SPl'YrEN DI'YVlIf STBICB ON J ti e oth nit. for an adian e of w?j.-? We re-|>ecifg||\ wi*b te have tbla Inserted in the Herald fe? our ad< antat'e. PAN1KL P. COFFBV '|i||B MSMBtBS OF PUTNAM LODOI, 3W. Mil, i ?re hereby notified le attend a (pecial meeting ta be he'd si their room*, corner of Orand at'd Centre *treaie. 011 1 Ft iday afternoon. June .1 at .HU o e org, for th* purr turn of | (.'referring 'he third degree Mainber* of the fraleruitj are resuectf illy Invited 10 attond. By order ot r ^ . JOHN A. WILLIAMS, Matter. H. II. HaYWOno, Pe-i'lary 1,HS CREDITORS OF TBE LATE JOHN T. HODGES. Pauker. ar* re>|iie*ted to i,rea*at ihslr e llms al 1 CO Futon el reel. New York, room N* y, where lh'7 "*ay learn (om*thmg U their advantage. lEOARI AND TOBACCO* ' r/uv nnn |?0A_RS FOB sale-ay XCIB BEW |)UU.U"U York Segar Agency. ?1 Liberty MNrt |I7 m $79 per I t>si. Parties bitylag of ?eung aerVir* would da V9U to Un M<5 Sf , vr & JUL- 4lL.uW ' e?M uet oo tbepriee. Title induputabe. ppl? to CARTER .k UK K II.SK. Third ?t y -fifth atreet, Bull'* Hearf Bank Building. I lilW OF BSit ESTATE. _ . ' wi *aha*TOOUMTBY BBBlDBNCB TO* SaLB A tfield *' nilao from Jerxy Oity, one A ekNh a i wevtwjia. m ? |and and quar lor or ? mile noui aci'uv. W(,ii f ult. a handeoa.e tw<> etor. I nltege rwms we? Fkun; bum and other >ut?u Jdlaga. *?? "? ??"*? 44,44 boreood gool r#rul'*|r seboBAMT. 14 Wall a KKiDTIFUL PLACE? 150 OH 74 ACRES, 10 MILES andfreit-. Ilk u>il* fi""* d,''K't- M U?ke??M?. ?!?.?? Tuc above or. worthy Of nottne UHUC6 ^ Bwadwey. ? COtTAOB FO? BALE OHEAP-ON CTfT A ta elvs mil** from Me* Y.^V V 'daYUk W M quire on ine promUas* or of J. W. *? 1>A ' iJa? w TeutU tiroe*. H. T. - A GOOD, WBLL CULTIVATED HOMESTEAD 1 FARM or or acree n ralm oa Loug l?la"d, targe * granary, oarrlaM houae, Ac., p eat; of Irml end eU la aorn plow order; prfc. ** M No. 7" Chamber* -treaty A NUMBER OF HOUSES FOR SAL* -SOME HKUWM stone fronts; desirable lf?o??ttiii? ; prto?? ?V' ' bom* too when required. Apply U> JOBBlii MAaOS. ho. 5>, Pine street, roowa 10 m ?? ALABOE. F1NB FRAMB HOUrtB AND t'HRBB Lou. North ?hore, Btaten Island. for sale low T?r .esh. *r will esobanga for ? good ouslnesa or Alarm, pleety of fruit. ?'""^'VuMARDSON pbATt m Bro?di r?r_ 1 haORIFIOB.-STOBB AMD TENANT PBOPBRTT A. |or .ale ; located down town ; la eveel'enl order. |?ay fc>? twelve Term* ea?y mie and Tiwtly* HRICK BUILDING? 40x111. WITH 8- LOTS, FOB WM, to B rook W a baVbeen used for an ell refinery. but la tub e^or any inanufarturing purpose There lean e?Mjioe end engine nouae an abundant **^R will be sold wit* or without stl.U. App?y to H. A.WA# RUN. U Old slU*. nSOOKIiTH ? POR SALE, THE 0ORNBB OF NINB B teenth ?lreet and Fifth avenue. Vj^eTerrlea^ aUeM gas ft* t urea, stables, far. ^^b^ fmrliw, Hrret dhvo4? kQ . goo* bu?.n??* plane, rrico *i,W> WW lalf cae remain Apply W> the premlaea. Bnrxnif r vm propBKTY ? 100 RL10IBLR BOILOINO L<>S Vor *aln in * e Bllhicnnth war" of the cllT of Brooke? AP^I? toV. A A.V BUYDAB. corner of Ever grfcu a?enu? ?n?i MtifiuoHa ttrcci. -nRMORLYN PHOPBRVY FOH ?ALK? THE TUR?H HrtOW N No* 9 Pi 06 iireel, iero^A Moor ? Btreet?. KnnHTRY SKAT OF THE LATH J K. PAI'LIMNO. G M l?le l'ark for aale.-One of lh n?..jl ??attiifu' ??' SSSSa I'aULDINO. 30 Urt-adwajr. r\MIRABli? PROPKRT* FOR RALE.? nOl'8E AND TV L,0t |i7 yfe?t Thirty ?lith alioet. $9.00 '; Houaa and Forlv ?ccoiul atretst neil to *?ual l/.t^i v% ?Vr?H and Tenth and Lot amitheast co ner of 8'^*v *lxth atreet ana ie m avenue, ?10,0M0 Tltio gptxl and price low. Apply lo T?W?. bCANLAN, 10 Weat SiiFetU aireet. vr?R HALH? IN WK8TCH?8TER COONTT, F contain nj about 76 acree of prime and. new df>"b,'.'"# Terms eav ImmeiiM pou""?^^ M Naaaau ?reei_ I?YB A Cl'RTiSB. Md SUth arenue. nit SALE? THE BLKO ANT WBEB iJOBY HIOH. .tMDbri?Hoii? No. 36 Weat Vorly Oflh alreeOn older- "o fret (rout by half the bloos. Price $I6.00Ui mo.U .So Apply on the premUjca. or Vo J. A PAGE, J8H Broadwaf. Poaaaantw? la>me<Utelf. i7or SALE-H003B AND IX)T 4T BOBD 8TBBBT; ^ ?U,J h?Z "? J?? been P?A in jjrfecl order P.i-^ throughou:, .tr 2$S5|jR^ 9 > Mm a-.r^t. ?e oa l floor r?R SALE? VERY LOW. A PLEASANT OOUNTRT bL or Far n, with g<K>d bu ldln^ at Or.ter Bay. Long lalaad. AdSw- Wm lEo.ghi. Oy.ter Bay, L. 1. *nria akUUi aoeM AND M?T 8ITITATBD ON THK K Z?!?T\7 \i?e ot Wl*? aireet. art feet e.atarlv from 1/ BOrihi riy 81?? P , v_i?airiQ MATHEWS BiMutor of SSirtiifflw i?^a "" F?? aAm_A DBWRABLB COTTAOR BOIlBI ASD Srtfnd VhTlf oVaro.^d, m 116th ?treet. helwe?n bo.trth &'^w^^sr*sa? market. _ ? tor StNF-H NEW HOUSB. W XT B TEN ROOMS. F attic and pe tar. in excellent ordw: I?h<>ML 10). c utaimog tOcho ce f rulMrff* ht** ?? ^n0j weu m n u tea' walk of CH? W^OJ?? g TM KckPan o?.l family residence, coatalnlnc 174 aci ea. highly ^ti^ted well tinder drained, ambracmj aeveial fine building si tea bcaidea w?th the live-- for au ice e.atablteiinvnl; maoaion Urge, t^o^ 'lh I, bul't! of the beat material., mo.rfy new. p.y /a TO^i. vi#w? of rlvw f iteniilfe, mountnin poen^ry Imposing. ceunty. or lo FRANCIS T. OARRRTrsOX, 5* Wall street. New Yerk^ nn <; AI.K? ON STATES ISLAND. A SMALL FARM of i".^4 ?cre?; wilt be aold cheap, with or without stook; olentT of i rult and everything In order For particular* In qulre of T HO MAS TATTERS A LL^SW Canal street. W. Y. For **alb? a pair of dark brown horsbs, 14^ bands, 0 >e?r* o.d kind. .tyli?h aad warianUd nerfeetl sound; just from the country , suitable for a gen S>maa a lamllv. Carriage and Hor?ea a So for aale. to. gatb.r or aepar ately Ayly at to Weat Forty fourth street mnR a ALE? IMMEDIATE POSSBS3ION?AN ELB F B?ntl* furnished four tfory J>^'L,l?5f pine atreet*' on Murray HIU. Apply toJOS. MA80N 4H rine atreet., rooms 10 and II. ? pn. sxtE CHEAP-IVMEDIATB POSSBaSION . A gSSSKSsiSTS s?? MASON. No. s>4 Pine street. a & r fr PHFAP? OR TO LET, A (IOOD HOnsE, r?B?n Ac lOa-reTof land, all klndi of fruit, to-d ili ni .nrt hathlni altunied in Summit. N. ??.. near the d!?o" Apply io K L TILTON. lid Kulto. aireet. vort' A^liei* r*?MCfu?lrpirT"ulaTS0" Week., box 1W Herald offlce. ?I F0^:^.^ ^^'irtiV^r ? "r , "hlSJisSS riiaseis. _ PS ,*:\^7Al.ja.,:^?VSKJ2 1 janari'v.'isswr." ?o88&.w ks .tr?et. N T ? ^;M.rri'*!5S.*5f e r5S.WS PaNUBI RN N... 3 Pins Stieet. Fifth avenue -for salb, in fifth avenue, o?ar fwamy-s'xtb .treet, a (lr>.t rla.? four ?tery Raglteh buemeai rloujs b<Miitifn Iv tilled iip. (rewoed, and in ele' ctut erJer ihreevliO'it Early poiu??*lon given. Apply to E II LUDLOW A CO , No S I'me street. HOUBF-W ANTED TO PURCHASE, A THREE STORY brick er brown .tore hl_h stoop modern II n?e be tween 8 Coed mi l N nth ?' cn'i"? and Tenth aod F Itiaih .ireel fro-n f /.<??? in $|rt,i>fl. Adlre.s. wifb partiouiara, U*rl? Herald oflice. I'nmedmte po .eMion not want d. IOT 8 FOR MALE-OX REASONABLE TERMS, IK Al'. J plied for Imme.t'nte t ? I )>arcei? ; Lr.'s on S cond av., between *2d and *.id ?t?. I par el? 3 Lot. on "id ?t . between Flr.l ?v. an.l av A. I ptrce ?>! Lot on av A between ?2d and Slid ?t?. I pvcel? 6 L.h in 8Jd ?t., between av. A and M. 1 parcei-^t Lot I on S' 1 >t e<.? aw A and H I |,ir. e ? "i Lnts ?in Ka.t river and .'nrner *v H and Bill St. App y to E 11 LUDLOW A CO So. 3 Pine sire t MACHIMCEf FOR SALE-EIOHT TAPE LOOMS ,m Kiaidmg Machine, tfpnolers. Winder*. ?h>ltng. Put lies Be tiag. a I e?iinplete w I i t>e fold .euaraie or togetler at a bargain In l itre at 15 Hinh .< en 'e In lbs .tore. OAK HILL CEXBTEJS1 NVA K -a LOf FOB BALE ekeap, very de.liahlr aca'ed, n about the e-ttrruf t b" xi o . in'? A iply lo I) . t' N DERM Oil I), drat I ? t, *4 Hait Twenty ?ec nd ?treet. New York, er BENJAMIN l .NDhK M OOD, Blng Sing. ___ rpilEPOLLOWIXU HOUSES ARE FOR SALt-'Ufii 1 ipirkiedtate po se>s ob ? iitli ?L. neei H.ilh S? ? tlnee .tor e?. JS*5S feel W'1 M* n' ?r ll tadw ay ? Kx ra large and e egant Heme. 3Jd ?l., near MhiII on Miua'e? ftupei or Hui:*e, Willi rr w.ihmit the Ftirni'tire. 7Ktn .t . tear Fifth av ? ;tea it lot He... ?lth atal ie Sid st . tear Flith a* ? Four stories. MiV feet E. II LUDLOW A 1 'O . N. . 3 Pise street. Valuable PROPRRri for salb-at otstbr V ila> . Long Is and. e< n.i.tiug "f iliaere-ef aad wtih teed ilwe Hog bense near y ? aw , gnat Mill, saw snd plan lngBl'1: alao wharf, on wb ch ;? a good trek ett ee snd aba a two aundred feei el .hed room, contain n? a skh k of la ntier; n?w do ng a g< od cash bnalBeea. For fnrther par. ttc ilars ia%i.lre of W A TOtiKEM. 9* fhambera .tveei VAI 1'AlLB WATF.B FOWBE AND BUILDINOS rOK ? aa.e sheep. ?/? boors from Nsw ?orkelly 7 acre, of lev d Land | the building la tflCs4?, aad four Merits high with the i aia af X<r harae ? ~ " power, aevfrat dr< ng, god Landt the building Is lOOMo. aao io?r nones high: with the- aW- IV af WT horse pcjwr, never fkllicg ?r >*} rf?wtr, ?ett r*{ ify ng nl!4l)ngr? , MlritlTM n#fg|)b()rhood for any tneiness chnrohea. ?J.Msasjla. ?rmrt?r?ii?#. As.; Miu%te4 in the ?ouis?> of Orsnte, M. J. Wlll beseW an very faeorabie terrfia Xd'tre.a W. B- Besda, Xswtitrg, Orange eounty, N Y ,'er l? Water atrfL feiiTH StRBRT -FOB PAI.p a POLL I or, Nor.fii OO eWaaf Fifty aivih sireas, hmwejn a <th and He/t,a'.a atcntiaa, l?WPU? vf A. IJSW ifc VtAftl *< ? tALlI or Kick aSTATS. QfW| vnji BUT A farm or nrrr aC^ml 5?O.OVU with a goo d houae. barn .ad ?utb?iid?.^ gre*t abundance of fru.t, *11 the growio* oropa now mi hi plane; wheal, rye. OOru oats and *raes, located oil lUe main road. ia a pleaaaat i^lghborhu *1 of good far IV m,w from the depot aad village. A;.,ily at ITS Oha .tiani street (old number), roam S. tl A A(Wt WMi 8PCURB WAR RANTPR TiVTk ? IWiUlfu deeds to 4 acre*, one < I' 'li. beat o?-?t? I -pota lu tiruoki . a, au i a* uear tu Wail a* t\*tiyuiU sirvei New York. Wnk n ic n o]* you ran ?"f th? Narrows south, and Hurl Oate. northeast. Fu .loo a enueca.s pai- w iiiia Ove bloc .s, and the beaut fu n:w Boa evaid ragd, with a double row of shade irf ?? on both Mdes, swill, m tkreo * ^cJtt af?tJ,?l,ru','"r'7- Terms ea?y ? loqui.e of J. BKL LAMY, S. 7 Fulton atreot, Biooklyo. ? p,?8 "ALK. A ^onln.i thoro"^? 'l* .525 XN * <1O0D LO' A J** cm. W *'>??''> tnd rue iilbf Oft "nnoiiaiad for by adUiessiUi twc A CORNER RK8TAUBANT AND BIMjIaKD SALOON for ??.?. Does a line ou-donaa; is a the brat location Hi tbia city A ho Hotels. Liquor Stores, Baker en. Urui Storoa, Qrucerua aud other l>u mesa place ?, at pricea to eu.t nil. W. Il klTOHkLU it Oedar street. A BAKERY TOR SALE? CHEAP, HAKIMo THIRTY ftva i.arrels a week : this la a ran* chance. Al o for *a'a ? Kaalaurant and Harioom, I oated down town, near Hr >ad way. Also corner Ltuuor stores Groceries. Meat Market*, Ac. W H. MITCHELL, n Oedar street. A great bargain -for bale, thk stock, I<eaae. Furailttre and Fikluraa, everything complete, of one of the be t l'ubllc Houses in this city, now doiag a ver j profitable bu>4tve s. The xtock is of the finest quaiTtv. worts $1. tut. WiU sell the whole for SI 100. Eleven room* and convenient to (ore an steamers. StckneSH the reason ot selling. JOHN- FOBllIB, No 5K Pine street, room 18. A FIEBT GLASS GROCRRf FOR SALS. FOR OAlft ? Ms great barsalw feren n sacrifice If within a <OW days), including Horse Wagon to.: low rent for ?tore and tenement. RICH AKDSON A PLAIT. 130 Broadway. A PROVISION. BUTTBR, 01IBBSB AND OROCERT; Rood looaiioB. low rent, ?null capital required; ran bo turned over every Tow da>?; must be sold Immediately. Particulars by RICH aRDJONA PliATT, 180 Broadway, A SPLENDID MEDIUM SHE MAltVIN SAKK FOR ?ale at a bargain, a* good ea a new one. Inquire at 1/1 Broadway. In tbe store, A PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY ON BROADWAY FOR sale? Bas location ? low rent; extensive 1'ght fo- alt work, with best material. Instruments Ac. Tbe vt bole or a part; will sell cheap, to attU tbe customer. UOL.UK8, K>9 Broadway. Bar. tablbb, iob obkam, fruit and oystkr Htaads. separately or together, In the large-t grove neat the o tr ; $10, 0(V m $IB. >00 can be cleared this seafo i, Ap ply to K0K1) A 00., 1 5b Front street /10AL FARO FOR 8AI.R OR TO iiKT? A FINE YARD, w doinc a gtxvl buslneaa, long established, with Horsey Carts, Mcalea, Aa In'iulre at No. A Trinity Bm'.dlng. /10PPBR KBTTLB OF 1,000 OA.LL.ON3 CAI'Ar:iTT lorsalo, cheap. Also one larjje and valuable I'atnl Mill Apply to IL A. WARRKN^l^Old slip. DRU0 3T0RB FOB 8ALH-KINF.LY LOCATKD, CO* p e e'.y litlei up, we;l alocked and doing a tood bttal ocss: pr oe fii.tiO) oa*!i. For parlieulars inquire of OKli. 9. BB1DQB8. 88 William street, N. V. DBUQ STORE FOR SALE-VERT CHEAP. AS THE proprietor to give up business on secount of ill health. A pb slcian can have a pood practice. WiU Or. Raphael please sail to dajrT Call at lM>t> Seventh sventio. FOR bALR-A. OININU BOOB, WITU BAR AM# about fifty Lodging Roein* attached, in the Uwer part of the cBy auJ doing a good trade. CHARLES P. BUCKLBT. S9 Kasot i street.^ FOR 8ALE-IN 80UTH BBROKN, NRW JER3KT, A, good Milk Kwite and seven Cows, In flne cendl'loo; good llor-e, Harness, Milk Wason, all in good order; also a. Wagon for haul ng grain and feed ; an excellent chance for a good man to male money ; a ttrst rate route. The reason forsslllnK. tbe owaer going into other busties In iuirear JOHN OOLLINS, milkman. South Bergen, New Jersey. For sale-a drsibablr, laeob and old bb tablished Orooery business, situated In one of the lanasst Western cities. It has been establl hed over twenty yearn, is deing a very ei tensive and satisfactory trade, beiag> done eieluslvely for cash. For one or two eaergetle yeunj men who wish to go Into a husiness already mndo, this la an opportuultv seldom ofered For part culsrs app'.y 14 BABCLAY A LITINUIIToN, Bearer street. New York OR BALE? A BOOK, PAPER AND STATIONERY Store, doing a good business. Address A. B., station 9. F F?a F FOB BALE-SLOOP JOHN COCK. 110 TONS BUR. then. Can be seen by jelling on tbe owuet, J AMB3, 114 Bast Thirty -third street, Foe sale-the stock and fixtures op thi old established Milk Depot and Grocery Vti Atlaulie street, near Herina. Sell* from SJ to 90 quarts per day. For bale? four marble top tables, s feet br 4; cost $t>0; Kill be sold cheap. Inquire at 2M Broadway, up stai re. R SAL*? A OOOD SECOND HAND RANGE AND Steam Table, at LIBBY'3, 77 Cedar street. For sale-the fruit and oyster baloov, known as tbe Fulten Market Uraoeb, W West Four teenth street, corner of Sixth avenue r)R SALE-THE LEASE. STOCE AND FIXTURES of a corner Liquor Store m a respectable neighborhood. In the BUhih ward, on reasonable terms. Must be sola is two weeks. AiMrens G. B., box 1^3 Herald oftlce. TOOR RALE? A SPLRNDID LAPSTRRAK WHKRRT, J? builili Darl ng to order in lKt>3, copper fastened, la perfect Oder, and a superb sea boat Any peraea la want of such a boat would do well to call ou the en-aer, at 44 Park place. FOR SA.LB-ONK OF THE BE9T PATING PIIOTO grapli Gal in this city; has at way ? bsea con. [not ed bv the present owner, who Is abeut retiring from (ha busiiies*. To parties wishing tostsrt buisineu in New York this to iux excellent cbsnce. Address Cseh, Herald ofQce. For rale-a fruit, confectiomrry and ice Cream Bnsines; best areaue in Brooklyn; rooms for a family . rent reasonable, buatnees long establi-heJ. Call at 226 I'm. ton avenue, Brookly*. FOR sat.k-at A great bargain-a conffo Uonery, Fruit and Ice Cream Salooa, doing a splendid baslaeis. Hold on accoont of 1U health. Apply oa the premises, ."ttti Ninth avenue. OE SALE-THE LEASB AND FURMITCRR OF A _ first class Hotel, la ens of ths most desirable location* la tbe city, doing a fine business and containing 123 room". Address A. B. B., Uerald oAce, giving real name and ad dress. OR SALE-THE flfoCK AND FIXTURES OF A lltnor store, situated oa a prominent business oorner convenient to the locomotive and ma>-i.ine shops In Fster^ son. N. J ; it must be sold within aweek For Informstloa call at the City Hotel, oorner of Cougreaa and Cross street*, l'aterson, N J. For sale-?io.()oo-patent fob noetonc Office Desk Chair and Frock comb ned, now being adopted at government ofllcss al Washington; indispensa ble to e\ ery well furnished office. Apply to SNYDER A WALTEE. 22S Brosdway. E^OR 8ALK-A STEAM ENGINE, FIFTEEN HORBI r (lower. In good order, an. I a Caloric Engine (not Briee* aon'si. F HART A CO., <3 Cortiandt stieet |?OR 8ALB-A CORNER OROCERT AND Llt^irOR r Stoie Sold on sccount oi .lesth ?l owner. Is a good stand Tor business Apply at 3!>2 Hudson street. FORSALK-ATA RAUG AIN, THE RIOHT TO CERTAIN articles for the toilet and laundry, already well known la the market, nnd which maylbe p ished Inde^nlielv. part or the purchase may ibcjoad by way of percentage en th* Addiesi T., box lo Heiald office, andapi>olnt an la. lerview. IriOR SALK? STOCK FIXTURES AND LEASE OF A ' Restaurant snd Oyster Salo .n. 2* Huth avenue; loca tion desirab e. rent cheip Sold on account of III liram. If hot soil bei ore Mon lay, 6ih Inst., It wl I lie eo'd at sue* Hon to ths highe?t b dder. Apt>ly to u. G. llORfON, Auc tioneer, No tGreeow)ch avenne. FOR 8ALE? THE GOOD WILL OMR YEAR'S r.PAftK, Stock and Fixtures ?' the grocery and luiuor store lilt Cedar street Fine ale and ooal vaults, a goo.l stand to make money. Nineteen families living in the building. Sat isfactory reasons given for selling Foe salf.-a laundby. establish kd ovrr five vena Must be sold to dsy at anv price. Apply at IT Wslkeir ?treet. A ehaaee seldom met with. For rai-e or exchange for a larger vrs se'? a 8 o ,p of 20 ions, In co.nnlete order, a.i.s nearly new For particulars app'y to J KLSWOKTH bou No. 8, foot of Spriag street. "L^OR SALE: OB TO LET-A SMALL 8(?Al" i actort, I1 with all the utensil* sad fixture* . steam boiler in good working order. Also the trade of the busiuesa. App.y at 1&2 Ba-t Forty flftli street. Kegs for hale -four thousand white oak iron hoop Kegs Ave. ten an I twenty gallons, will b* sold low in lot* to stxlt purchasers, at 241 Froiu street, up stairs. 1 IQUOR STORE -FOR SALE!. AH OLD ESTARLHR. XJ ed Stand, with Stork and Fixtures, and a Lease of Or* years from date of sale. Address No 234 avaaua A. Liquor storeb.-two splrndiolt fitted ur aad first class orner Liquor Stores foi sale cheap; wail known as being tbe best psvingof iny down town. For prrtlculsrs spplj at the liquor store c rner of Howard snd Cro-by streets. Military goods. -a jor lot of fine swords, Ssshe , Bel s Sheulde. Straps, iiegglns. Ac. wl I b? closed nut cl.esp, iu lots to suit. Call at 61 MsiJeu lane, second story. MMACHINRRY for SALU.-I.ATnK. PULLETS. ShalliiiR. Reltlng, Ae Also Blaekarjllh's Shop and Tmils to let cl cap. App'j at If 3 Church v.ieet, betwtea li and I o'clo k DATRNT BlOiir,- FOR SALK. RTVrK RIGHT KGR A I valuab c psient re. erny iotrod tee it. to M , 4. 8 Hroadwa). CT0NE CITTEKS' AND MAiWf >SH' TOOLS -A JOB O tot, she 0) eld fea?e. of ^tera i >.<ters' Chine * ami Htm. triers. ???or ed. Alao Btlok and Tlastering Trone'a, A?- . auitab e for a mart>le ?sr<1 n' arett er, cheap fcr cash Cs l rrilR PHOTOO ILVPH C.ALfcKRT Ml BANAL 8TRKKT. X a roo<l k<itlnr<s, la ao'v for ?al*. A good chanf*' tor any peiw o wish ug :o car' Uu.<.inesf. Apply at Ike ga.iry. | TOBACOONfBTR, ATf E>TIO"<.? F'?R SALK, ONE OF Itokrv ''itiiK* U?> .roes, .it compete order._C?u bo t run bv IhixI or s ea si pcaei'. Apply at 207 aad 109 Water REmilRAHTR. UKBTAURANT-SOFT SHEJf.L CRABS, ROFI SHELL i rabe ivoivimI fieah ever * day, ai the W .liaey Hi n>? Hee'auraiit. Breadwar. \?vsl?rs, ftiops, ("teaks v?ge. iaiiie* of ail kinds. Ac , nerved at all hoars Hot Jointe snd Soups evt-.yy day. at f o'er ft, A lew gentlemen will be a< ? eommodated with Beard by ipe we< S. If desired. LuocA every day and evening. OEOROR ISOM. Steward. The undkbsign'ad. formbrly with the latr Oeorge W Brovne. ?oiu lis the palroaaga of Ills frlaad* at 134 Water tti-eet and M 1'it.e. Mtcn aEL TAOGART, HII.MARDI, mOR SALE-TWO GOOD S1LLTARD T4SI EE TBHtR. I; Quai ur ?Uc. lo'iu tc at W7 Itreew

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