Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1864 Page 3
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JRJCaiwot w a * n:p-r?wn.H A NDWBBR OP WBLli RBCOMMBNDR? OERV1N ail fun*!** want aitoallona aa < ooka, aaaaabermaida aad kUliiMww nnraea, girl* for general koiiwvwl, Ac., al ??* LOWutttfruna luatituto, W Mikutoa at, aaar tke lwaf|r. A SITUATION WAMTRD-AS CHAMBERMAID, BY A joung gni, wlio refera lobar proeent employer. lu |alre for iwo dajs at 101 Henry it, Brooklyn a COM CP.TRNT DRMSM AKBB WISHES TO OO OU* A i>i ik? day or week. Good city referenda Oall at 145 le t ?ih sL A PBOTSSTABT 01 RL WANT* A SITUATION TO DO A chamber work and take caia of chlldreu. Call al 293 bat Mil) eL. eeeon^lloor. A YOUNO. HEALTHY. MARRIKD WOMAN, i oat her ebild, la amloua ta obtain aoblld to wet uuree, ?llher at tear own b<>Maa or ta so out. Cli* releieacoa. 0*11 ai 137 17th ?*.. katwaan 8th aad lib ava, a OIBL, LATELY LANDED, WISHBS A RITUA A Hub to 4a gaaaral houeewerk. Call at 107 Smith at , Brooklyn. A YOUNG WOMAN (TOR WlfB OP A SOLDIEBi A wishce to lake washing to ker owu home. Ckll ou Mi t. ? clinch, IHfl Division ?t. A PROTESTANT OPRMAH OIBL WISnEK A BITUA tloB aa iiurwi and cbambarmatil. Oood referom-e. Oall for two days at 3M Writ 30th at., between 1 >Ui aad 11th avenues, a Vba grocery etore. APRENOH OIRL WANTB a SITUATION AS CHAM barmalA. and to do tka floe waahlng, or aa n?r?, Oood city refereaoea given. Oall for two uajs at 43 Won i S?tn at. ASITUATIOB WANTBD-BT a YOUNO OIBL. TO PO general kouaewortr In ? soiail fain ly , ia a mod washer and Ir nor. Oood elly reference. Apply at 304 Wert 19lb ?I , third lloor, back room. A YOUNO OIRL WISnBS A SITUATION At NURBR and to do plain aewiug; haa no objection* to tba o->un. try ; heat of oliv reference. Apply kt 87 j? Wait I thk ft. , ba tweeu utb and 7tk ava. A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RErtl'ROTABLE young woman, aa nuraa; ean take the enure* barge of the nursery; beat of city reference from ker laat employer. 'Ca . f?>r two da; ? at 2W fitk av. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. A to cook. ?? h aad Iron, beet city reiertnca. Oall at No. 0*1 Weet ifitli at. AS 1NKANT ? NUKSE.-a SITUATION WANTED, BY a woman thoroughly evpm-ienced in tke cara and Management af an Infaut: la of a cheer f il disposition and nUaol*eo to cblMren : i* a i'roteaiuiit Unaionplingiihle city raf ranees Pan be ae?n till engejed at 231 Wet 14 th at. A YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS tMAM il herniald and to take care o' rhi dren and lew. Re irreu^* l( resulted. Call at ar addroas 17S East 2 d aL Apitcation wanted-by a youno woman, to take oare ol children, or wou'd do up stair* work auil In? washing. lie t city inferences. Call fur twoduya at 110 IS'!' *t., between (Jib and 7ih ava. Ayouno woman Wants a situation to cook, wash and Iron, or do general housework ; 1* ?u aiealKat laundre-a. Beat reference*. Can be won at 74 weal -Oil. at,, In Ibe rear. A MIDDLE AGBD AMERICAN LADY WOULD LI KB JX to prooure a rtuatlcu to take charge of a furnished <Inuaa dur ng ibe summer. Sai'sfn tory refeicr.oen given Apply lo Iaattc II, English, No. S Aator place, for ibrce days* RESPECTABLE ENOLISH WOMAN WISHES A _ a tui tion aa houteieeper. Apply at her proaent era ser's, 107 Madiaou av. L TROTERTANT OIRL wants a situation as L Reaoiitraaa and children a nnrae; 1a willing to travel to T part of tbe conn try for the summer monlha: oily refe Call at .8 Weat 20th at., rear nou a. A PROTESTANT TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A BITUA. lion to d<> cbanberwork and plxiu aewlnc; feed city NMrecoee given ; no ob ection to the oonntry for tlie itim naar Ca.'l at ihe aecood number of 73 Weat ltllb >t , ait (loots w?M of oth ar. A BI.SrECTABI.B OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO J\ <lo cnaaiijerwork aud plain Mwios or to take oare of Sbildom and do plain aewiag; would have no objection to travel with ? family; l>e?t of city refei encea. Call ai 117 ^Taat 34th -.C, between 6ihand 7th ava. A RHP.PBCTABLB YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU A. aliaa aa food plain cook, waaberand inner. Oood city mferenc*. Can be aeon for t?? daya at 113 Weit 1Mb at , Between 4th and 7th av^ A S CHAMBERMAID IN A nOTEL. BY A VERY A seat, Acmpataat gtrL who aerved four ycara in a first dtaaihouso, Call ator addre*a .ehauiberraald, <Jt Mb kve? foment. A URRMAX PROTESTANT OIRL. 14 YBAR9 OLD. A wither a a tuatlou to do light housework. Call at 313 . beiweess ava B and C. A WOMAN WISH US TO TASB XN WASHING; A f<?niii6e' or gentlemen's wa?hlr.y or fluting; to go by Uw day. Call at lu Weal 4 1st at., between 9iU aud Itih avs. A REBPBCTABLB OIBL WANTS A SITUATION AS A plain cook and good veasher and teener. Call for two fry* at 31 Al cn at. SEAMSTRESS WANTS A SITUATION; CAN CUT and fit clitldren'- clothe* and ladles' disssig. Apply at 0th av., (mi ween 34th and 2?ih sts k SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRL. AS _ cook, waaher and Iroa^r^ would hare no objection to no j Ihacouottf lor tke attmn:?r tcontlis; hag c kj reference. Apply at 99 We* Utb at , iklhe bawment. & RBSPROTARLB YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITU A tjon to do general housework', best city relcraaco can given. Call at *W West ?(th at., near ?th ?^?^MDdoT2eDho 0Ha??BERW0RR w^ Appiy at 96 Weai a^0.^8 ?>ou?eivork of , ^ ? QIRli WISHR8 A SITUATION AS COOK. WASHBR A and lioner, or l<> do general housework Call at 21 aheriu ?t.. r?ar buiiaiag. 4 RSKPBCTABLR woman wihheb a situation A ai bouaakeo, or Id a small family; would ool ohieet to 000 or twe children. Apply for two Jajt to Mre. Andrews, fm Greenwich at A SITUATION WANT1JD-FOR A SMAftT, IKTBLM gent Hirl. 14 ream old; m an orphan; wagei no obiect; a ale? home au 1 her clottir* and board pr-retred; la willing to work. Tb of* withing to ban a nice girl taty apply at 78 ton at., near Calbarlae. ARF.SPBOTABLB YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA lion aa lanudrett or la do chamber *ork and Sue wa*h Ui and .roning; hai good oily reference. Caii be teen r<r t*? da. a, If not engaged, At M9 Kaat lflth it, beiwceu lit aua 2d eve. A RESPECTABLE GIRL DB8IRR8 A SITUATION. II*. tA o ty or country, aierok and Uonlrvae, or aa general (arrant; no objection to cbamberwork and wa?blug,or wait lag; haa good referencee. Call at .f786th eve. NUKSE AND SEAMSTRESS WHITES A SITl'A lion In a private; nnderstsnds cnit'iig, filling au<l *11 'amilj tewing. Apply ftt piewui employer ?, fig Wealth at. _ IAl'SDRf -AX EXPF.RIENCBD I.AUNDKBSB HAT J Inn facilltla* tor bleaching. Ac , U prepared to uke ib : warhiug of a few re-j ectable r sin lie- dressing earefull done, taliaiaclory ra rarest* (Iron. Addieaa 249 South 2d ?t. WIlllamaT'urg. QITUATION WANIKD-BTA F1KST CLASS ENOtHH O rook who thoroughly underelandt her hiitlnett: Bo ob J ?ci ion tn iiaaiat in waibipg; baa lb* beat of eny reference. Call lo day at 37 Weet 12iE hi. Situations wantbd-by two bespbctablb )Ouug women (titter*), In a private fsuuly; one aa rook, the other M chambermaid and waltrese. Itave n*.<d city refrreiioee. Apply for two daya at 24dEatl 24th at., oar nor f J ??, SITUATION WANTED? BY A RR8PRCTABI.R OIRt a< cook aud leuudroet; haa go.?d eity relertaoe. Cat be aeen at her laat plaoe, & Kant 1'Jth at. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A BESPBCTaBI.E WOMAN, a* i-ook. waeher and Ironer In a iniall family; tb? k ghntl lacommendut'Ona proeurwL Can be teen (of two d?yt at3.v, W?st Irtih sU, third Moor. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A HK.SPBCTABLB Proteitaut man and wife; the man lo work on a fairs, or t?\e cart of bur at and wort in the garden; the woman to do genera< h'l-sework in a itnali family. Can be aoen for two da' t at 2V) 10th av. WANTBD-BY A FRENCH WOMAN. A SITUATION ?iih a family lo croaii tba ocean aud travel, Api?,? at No. 9 Wetl 2?th ?t. 1E7AXTFD-A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN WO Yf man, at houtekeeper; good iefer?a*e riven; nu abjre Hons to theeonntr.v. Call at or addrrtt Mr,. Kimliei, No. 12 North 2d at., Williamsburg WANTBU? BT A RBSPETTABI.R PRFNtMl OIRJ,. A h titnailon a- nutaa ud tetmttres. Appyat 2i cor Uffftgr. inaMttBi WANTBD-A arrUATION. BV v COMI ktkm broi ?tr??a anintirte. to take charge of a tal fiom t? l-lith: lias ui.eicep'lona>>le r. f"ie. ct ? a ' m Nu V.% Katl litk el. W ANTKD-A SITUATION, liV A III ?PK< TAIILR girl, argoodoo k, noobjeciion to a*sitt in wa hing. ??rt of lo'emaca can be given, i .-. 1 at XI it; av., r ?.l *1. VVANTKD-BT A LADY ABOUT LBAVJWO fOR THE Yf country, placet for i wo of h?r tereanl*; mease ok, ? I'd Ihc other a? ehambermatd au I a?l.*laut tun treat A |< k/ly at Nu. i Wesl 39tb tl. W^A'CTED? A RITUATION. BY A BKSITl TAHLK ? T eir), to cnok, wash and Iron, te^en vr,?r?' rcierruce f'om her laet p'aee. rail at 171 West Slat tt. , betnetn 7th and tttii area,, third floor, front room. ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A PROTRV TA VT ?RR *niaa girl, to go < liaaiuermiik snd aunt In wtthlnt aad ironing, can giro ^o<?d refereine fr<>a? liei It el em ?'.11"' y w here the tan I* ?een lUis day llher for ell.- or country. w vathtng lAg: nul. _w witWgftrt. Apply at their laA plaea, llV ^arei.ey' pia. e. W*'!"1'-*, FOMAN WI8IIBSA <? Buri* at hw own hmiwi- |a?? h#?r iih? when a w eek old. Call fat two dart at Jill ,? W ANTED-A SITUATION! TO DO OOUaLWuBK AP _ p y for two dart at No. n Yandam at. Ar w WANTBD-RT A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS "" ohan bermald and waitress or asnur-v. nnehieoiinn to trav*) Kmir ca tnnrt' city reference freut her laat piaoe. Can he teen at IU Him tf., in tli" it, >re. WANTrD-A SITUATION, BY A RKBPhCTABliR f T Beotch WOUl, aa ecprrienoad nurte tnil set'iistreaa or ohtni'>->!m.?H in a *?ntl*mtn * fmnily ; nc objaj lion to *> lu the onimy or to Hurvpa Seal of tefareaort given, rtfv tl i?T Hl??<-kor room K W1N1HD-A SITUATION. BY A RBBPKCTA BfiR *o' H( girl, at . htmh-'rmc/d and Witn i en* at t" a't?nd k>ehH4rtt. van b* teeu at her preteai place, 11 1 Dlrei?,ty U/ANTKD-A RITUATfON A? CHAMBERMAID A>lD p'aui sewer; <?.? grets halt aud do up fine mmilnt; ei t en tn the rO'tmry. ray rgfercoue. Oai, ?e MU Utf tWv 0?j| ?? NO. * UMt i4lk tt. A SITU A'llOWB WlWTMI-rWWtM. WANTBD? A BITIATt?N Bf^A RBaPWCTABM girl. to do general housework; hao t0 ? shori distance in tbe comfy Call at 3*0 Weal *?*" *** WANTKD? A SITUATION. BY A married woman, aa wet nuiee. C*H at 174 Wait SM ?I , -eooud Boor, back ro?>M. WANTED? A SITUATIOB, BY A LAUMDRBSB, IN A private family or private boarding bona*; best of r?. fereace from her preaent employer CalT at 1M Baal 12th at. ANTBD-BY A WIDOW WOMAN, A FBW GEN tlemen'a washing; or would go oat by lb* day to waah. Cad at ti Waat i?th at. ANTED ?SITUATIONS WANTED. BV TWO PEP aona. lu a drat olaas famil ? ; one in houaekeeper and tba other aa chambermaid aud eeaniaireas. Call (or two da., a at 4# Cliff *L_ Wanted-a situation ab cook, bt a scotch woman who baa 1 ved four Tear* lu London, Bnitland. and can give a good English recommendation ; would not uudertake to do washing an<l ironing Caa be area on Frl. day ami Saturday, from 10 till 4 a clock at S2t Bleecker at. WANTKD-BT a young woman, a situation t? Id a private faintly, aa cook. waaher and iroaer; la a food cook aud Drat rule lauadresa; baa good <ity reference*. !a 1 at 1:12 4-d at., betweeu Tth aud 8lb an, rear liouae. WANTED-BY a RF.SFEOTABLE you no woman a a tuation aa wet nurae, good reference. Appl> ?l to Weat 461 b at. SITUATIONS Wt XTKD? MAliKS. ~~ ASlfl ATION WANTED-BY AN ACTIVE. BNKR gelio young auto, an American, twe?l?-ai* vaara of Age, to go to Souih or Cential America. Maneo or tne Weat Indies: apeaka and ?'r ' <>a French and German fluently, liaa aome knowledge of Spanish, la expert at flgurea, a good ?aleaman, wellauuiiainU-d with merchandise generally, and ready to devote himself unreparvedly to hla employer's interests; It aacuttooted to tbe managemaut oi working men, or would rnca.e in a wboleaiila b?-inesa ie Ihlaclty at a low aaiar' . goo l city releronoe. Addreaa, for two weeka, O. H. K, Ium I74 Ueraid office. A GENTLEMAN, RECENTLY FROM TUB SOUTH, with aoven Oi eight years auccmuful buiuiea* expert, anra. is doairoue of obtaining a situation In aome good iner eantile estab.iahmanl in th aoitv. a- aasistaat clerk or sale man. at a salary au'hoieotly remunerative for active indus try aud oitiftftnt **rv icon; <Au ?k? I !?ti t city references Aduiesi lor tlila week II. boa 1st) Herald ailice. AN BMEROBT1C TOONO MAN DKSIRE8 A VERBA nent n tuMlou aa advertising elark, where he can make bia emp oyer a imeieala hiauwu; would devote bia whole attention and energy to writing, pub'IShing, Ac. ; it famtl'ar witb ail tb? dktieretu mode* and reuu lenient*; wDiiiw to tio to any city in the L'niou. AU<!re?a for one week U. H. I' , box 1*J Herald cfllce. YOUNG MAN OF GBNTLEMINI/T APPB ABANCK w,ali<-? a ?ltua'ion aa private eeci a'ary or ? -oin lat; no objeetlona to t>ave lmg. For furtlii r jiarikulart addresa for ou<? weak 1). C. 8., atailon F, 3d av. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOl'NG MAN, 18 yeara old. a< cai|ienter; ha? served three real* at the trade, and would l-k?! to aerve two \c.tra luvre: l< a good ai-holar. and woti'd serve faithfully. Adiite-a 71 Divitiloti at. or apply at 115 MoUok. AGBNTI.EMAN WITH SIX OR RBVSN'TEABV BUC ce^atul butiueaa experience ia dcxiroua of obtaining a aitnat on in aome good mercantile establishment in ibia c ty as -aleanan. ij a aalarv autliclent for active In do a try. Can give good terereuce. ADdreta lor one weok J. B,, box 106 Herald oODce. AS COACHMAN.? A SITUATION WANTED. BY A youui; man. thoroikghly aciualuted with the care and treavneut of horaes; yooa city reTerenca. Addreag C. H., bcx Sin Ueraid odice. A WELL EDUCATED TOL'NG GENTLEMAN, POf ae-aing tome ollice experieuce, tad wbo kuows the French language thoroughly and a little German, deairea a gituatlou where hla aervicea might be required, in a reanec table abipping or >ommiaalon marcbant'a nttice. Unexoep tionable reference. Addreaa A. If., Herald odlce, for a few day a. CIXiKRK, AC.? A TOUNG MAN, RECENTLY ARRIVED J In tb s touutrv, wanta a situation; ta a good penman and accountant, and will be reeommended by reapectable paritea of tbla city Terme moderato. Addreat Alpha, York vt. le Foat oiBoe. pOMMIBSION BUSINESS -WANTED. BY A PERSON \J well aciiua nted In all the town* and cit ea East aud Wwt, gootls to sell ou commltalon or oiberwise, Addreat Commiaalon, box 103 Herald offioe, Hotel situation wanted-by a youkg man or teveral yean' experience, aa clerk ?r ateward, ia ibo citv or country. Beat of reference given. Addreaa G. W. Q., box 2.506 New York Post odlce. SITUATION WANTED? BY A TOUNG MAN, iS aale-man in a hardware atore; lie is well verted ia tbe trade, having a flrat rate knowledge of the bnalueaa and readv to devote himself unreacrvedlv to his employer'a Inte - reat: beat city refereooe. Addreu for two day a Hardware, Herald office. SITUATION WANTED.? AN BXPERIENCED AC countant, one who bas bad varied and veara' of expe rience in ra'lroad accounts deairea a aituatlon aa bookkeep er or general clerk: la willing to make hlmaelf generally uaeful, and would nave no objection to take a position out of the city Be<t of reference as to character, Be. Ad dreaa Callaghan k McOurk, attornaya-at law, 10 Naaaau at, SITUATION WANTED.? A BESFBCTABLE YOUNO O man, only a abort time from Ireland, wishea a aitnat on In a private familv as groom; would attend atabie if re S ulred; nnderstandi garden eg. Addrett J. W., box 120 [era d odlce. SITUATION WANTED-BY A BBHPBCTABLB YOUNG O man from Ireland, as groom in an Bnglieh fatal'y or a tingle g>-ntlewian; It a good horseman and understand* irainlai blood horses; would make hlmaelf gen*raliy uaeful. Addreaa B. W , box IA< Herald ollice. qituation wanted? as assistant book O keeper, cashier or general elerk. by a young man who la a good, rap d penman, quick and oorrect at Agure* and a pooa judge of monav. wr tos and speak* Eualiah and Ger man fluently, and is uot afraid to make himself useful Can reter to h* prcsetu employer. Address C. M, bos 120 Ueraid ollice. rpo NEWSPAPER PROPRIETOR*.? A LITERARY X gentleman, who haa bean connected with the pre ft i n Kng'and. U desirous of obtaining au api>olntment as editor or assistant editor of an Amerioan journal. AddreaJ. W., Past oniee. rpO PHYSICIANS -AN BXPRRIBNCRD COLLECTOR, .1 of good addreaa, wishea to extend his business: the beat of referencea given. Addree, 8. W., station D Poet ofllre. WANTED-RY A YOUNG MAN, 21 YBAR8 OF AOB, A lltnat'in in an office or whol**ale bou%a; uuderatanda bo'ka and French, quick nt flgurea write* aOne. rapid hand, and used to oorre |>ond; Is energctlo and would make htm elf g>nerally useful. Addreaa Aribur, PoatoSlca. New Brighton WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A BOY 17 YEARS OLD, to learn the carpet trade. Inquire at 2SS Weat 40th st , between 9th and llUh eve., between 10 and 12 o'clock. WANTBD-HY A THOROUGHLY RXPRRIENCF.D man aslluellna as manager to a silk throwing tlrm ; just arrived from England. Address K. B , bOt 18> Herald WAXTED-BY A HAN OP 15 YEARS BXFBRIHNCR, a situation to manufacture fine while ahirU In some bouae .ti New York; al*o wanted, una operator on Wheeler* A W1 son - ma-lilno. Hnd one buttonhole maker Call on or addreis P. Pierce 127 Bleecker >1 , ec?nd floor, back room YOt'NO GBNTLRMAN, FRO* SWITZERLAND. *> ? yeai-o.d, apeaklng French, Italian, German. BuglUb ?? A B' anlah, wants a i-ltuatlon 11 n au honorable faiiil) a* travelling courier. Address 18 Walker it., care of Mr C. ?'onner. . ANTED? A SITUATION A8 SALESMAN, fa A JEtf clry house or an bookkeeper: baa been In the ainplov. ment of one ol the i.rst houae* In the city and oan fat n'.ah the beat relereucee. Addreee W. H. 8., box 154 Herald olice. ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG N AN, Si) \eareof a<e. aac'erk In a wb?:eaale or retal di? goods store ; has considerable In tha retail bual S'-aa. Beat Brooklyn reference; wages no object. Address for twodsvs C. A., bo* 301 Herald office. w WANTRD-BY A YOUNO COLORRD MAN, A BITl - attoo to go in the country and take care af liora?-, aa grooin or coach mnn : a steady, rel glotis young man. A ay ?"| P ^ t? hlm w>u Pl0M* <*" tvr two day* WANTED-BY A COMPKTENT MAN. A SITUATtdV ?? bock keeper' hai bail practical experience . la a food penman Ac. : eau eorre pmd In German ami famuli tin** eepttonabie clt? referent**. Address C. F. M . bo* 4,113 New T ork Poat ofJloc . tl/'ANTEP-A SITUATION, BY A YOl'Sd MAN, 10 tt t'-aia old. In a market; la muck and correct at figures. Sod ha* hart two year*' fupetleraa. Call oa or address A. Mcllooough, Jill Fust ?V at. YI' ANTED? HY A RESPECTABLE AND COMPETENT M vouug aged 10, a eit tation ..e barkeeper no ob eetioti to ^.o !n tie country. <^n bring g >od reference. Call <>n or address C. I) . IS H odson a*., Brooklyn \1TAKTED-A HTH'ATION HY A YOUNG ORRWa.V, if aa tea'natei or p irter, tr te do other work. Tn<ju it at XKi WeM 37ti) at., w.twaen bib ar.d I'll. ava. WT ANTE D? A SITl" ATION, BY A YOUNG MAN Of t> ttealr habits. a? eoarhnian wo .Id be wul na ???> aa *1*1 In the garden It require!; car. produce good re'errine from h;s Fa-i ?;er. Addrcia P. M, be* <M llcra.d oDce, Wantvd-by acompetbnt ?:v>. a sitcation it a* 'oremnn in some -ean .factory; la ae I lo j ?* machinery. kreplna iha time of beads, 4?, Addrei n K 1 1 tridge, l ost ofiee, N. Y. W ANTKU? BY A YOUNG MAV. A SITUATION AS porter or shipping clerk In a who eaala ho me . sa'.ary Hot ?o mii'h an obje t aa a |*rmanent sltua'.l n * peaks the J'.ng iah and Gei man aqg iage* fluently inquire Tor three dais *1 4(M tjreei.v I h at., earner of Watts, for J, \V. Joa<-s ? RCUP WANTED- PKMA1,K<, A. OLOMBD C 'tiK WAN.rBD-FOR A HOTKI, . must thorough)* uH.taratand har buatnoae and ta*e full charge Api lj for tiro days at bO and 61 Howard at , Crai Poor. MaPES. \H WET Nl'RSK? WANTKP, A TRRY HR At.YIII woman, to law a toung child to h'r own home lo wet untie. Cat' at the offie? of Dr Orlnd'e, No CAmtlyplsoe, thrati doorafrom A?ay at. A T.ARGF NUMBER OF FIRST CLASH COOEB A wimted; a'T, cooka to wash and Iren houaewortera, lanndi-eaaea and glrla laleh landed foreteei'eni ettuatlone. Apiiiy at the La' Ee p'.oj neat Mouse, corner af liftb are cue sn<l E'eranth ?treei. CtUUK WANI El>? COLOMKI) I'RKK ERRED, Al'PLT I ai *0. ? East ?'H h at., frotn > to I" A. M. riOOK TV ANTEP? A NEAT AND RXFIRIENCBD \J coo*. ? aaher an Itoner. in a i rleata family of two. Ap rlv at 24 Waal <?'!? st.. betweeo Mh and 0tb a??. , (Vorn f le i in ihe mof.nng. ?r^OOR AMI) CHAMBRRMAin WANTED? IN A FBI ?*'.e family ; both are lo a*l tt !n U.a * aablag and Iron in* and nicks Ihernstlvrs gsn" ally isefuL Arply ?l 244 Wbm Md *4 , li?lwe?u Broadway aa? 8th ar. IpRRAND OI Rta.? WA NTBD, AN ERRAND GIRL; J be well aonuaiuted with ilia ottf, otherwise cape *a |T?d re^r~'iJ?S. A['P'f ?> T.M HrcS ? a*y. fj'lt?, fAMTED-TO PACK TOBACCO. AT *0. .1 ? ieea 'rtnt at three blocka .'rem lUmlllou a? , dewn Tan Br nt at Ho.ub Br>oklyn. V1' r?r WANTRD-BRTWERN .10 AI-D ? TRAB-I OF v. '? r,'llr e*.ib|*ieat to lake llix on lire * f nf wonth* >ld;must'<e kind, wl'ng and An"v " w w w ItriP WHSTBD-FEMAU1:*. SALESWOMAN WANTBD.-WANTBD. A ? an 10 a millinery slot*; MM who u?<tei stands millinery bo-ine** pre'-rreil Apply *4 Madam Belov?i ?, Itll lib lie., <>?? door above 14tb itv. OIIWT HANDS WANTBD-100 RE1 BT HANDS, TO O W4k?* v ov#n tMp# *k)rtt. Ooo I or cm* >?* ?J l?jr tte# York Msiie bkiri finnjiiy. 375 Brwiwtr. ipHiVJk _ 'PWO GIRLB WAKTKD-A PROTESTANT NIRHE A*0 I chain rriuaid: alM>a good cook washer and I'OOOr t* ?o ? few mil** in Hi* country; mull pome w#li recossiuena ?>l. Apn'y at No. 1 W*\l U, "UTANTED-AN ENGLISH. WELCH OH OKR**" T? girl, shout iSvearso' age. to g Di fherl ?! ?ui;c? '*,h* oountri, lu a* Knirlish fmu I \ Ai lii tvr two 'lays fiom 'J to 12 A M.. at 21 West 324 st. W ANTKD-1M A RMAI.I. A V BB1CAN FA MILT, A TT German girl as child's Mirse; maul he A good seam ?UNI Apply al2IO Ra.wuund si.. Brooklyn. _____ WANTED- AN IIPIUMCIO COOK, THOROUGH lv understanding tier b. nines* In all Its hranche*. Noue tmi Protestants need apply at 393 Mb av. , <Airatr of 3e!b?t__ WANTED? A FBW GOOD DRRBNMAE BKS. APPLY at 34 loth ft . between 5th and <Hh ate. WANTKD? A GOOD COOK, W ISHBB AND 1EONEH, who Is willing to make herself ger.eialiy useful; one coming well recommended I roin bar la*t i> aoe preferred. Apply bet vreeu 9 and 12 o'clock A. M. at 163 Weal 44^h WANTED? A GOOD GERMAN GIRL TO COOK, wash and iron : reference re<iuir?d. Apply At 209 Lo ries er^st., Brooklyn, K. D. ?WTANTED-A NBAT AND TIDY GIRL FOR OBNKBAt TT liousewoik, alic null have a good knowledge of cook ing. and be able to five el tv reference. Apply, after nine o'clock A. M.. at 188 East 15th ?t. ANTKD-THRKE DRESSMAKERS AND A l'LAIN sewer, at 2S4 Spring at . ANTED? TWO FIRST CLASS Sl'MMER HOUBE cooks, wagi'iiSSt1. Apply to A. M. SEE, S!'4 4th av. -\Xr-ANTED-A NUMBER OK COOKS, LAPNBBElWBH. ?? chambermaids and waltreaaos, for city ?ua couolry ?o tels and boarding houses at the beat of war'* A. M. tt?K, 294 4th av. I ' ANTED? A LAD* TO LEABN THE AHT Of ? coloi in* phot graphs. After two weeks' instruction of ouH hour per day, work will be given out, or situation wHI be given. Call at 713 Droadwai, room 19. O. KONTnsBBKrt._ -M'ANTED-AN ENUL1SH OB SCOTCH PROTECTANT Tv wmiutn an nurno; must hare had several year*' eipe rlenoe io the care of childi-rtn aiyl be a good plalu aewer. Apply ?i 392 5th av., corner of Mlh st. WANTED? A GIRL. TO TAKK CARB OF CIULDHEK snd to be generally useful ; waves $7. *ppiy at Eatt 55th kt, near Lcxiuxton av., Mcoud door from lue church "lETANTED? A FIRST BATK OOOK, WA8HBB AND TT Ironer; also chamb 'rmAld. n a an, all geniee! private fainJIy; they musl be neat; none need applv mr.niis they c;in c itiio highly recouiineudeil (hat the, thoroughly un deiatand thetr tMi-mean and are perfectly truaty. Apply for three da>a from 9 to 11 A. M. at 82 ?ast 16th St. WAN 1'ED? SIX VEBT GOOD SEWINO I1ANDP, TO Work at tine musllu and la?fl goods. Wai'en from five te nil do * < a wpnk. Applv to Muie. 8. Courbille, 171 and 17S 5th av between 22d and 23d ate _____ WANTED? IN A VEBY SMALL FAMILY. LIVINO IN llrooklyn. au elderly woman, to as 1st wnh tbe house woik and mind two umall chit ircn, Any person ?ivallHed an 1 wishing a Kood home may addreas, with references, O. M., bo "i 184 Herald office, stating where she can be seoo. WANTED- IN A SMALL GERMAN FAMILY, A BE opectable girl, as ohambermald and waliross; inust be willing to aisiat with washing and ironing. Applv. with oily reference, at 93 West 48lh St., between 8tb and "lh avs., from 9 till 12 o'clock^ WANTKD-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work, to po to Bridgeport, Conn.; German or colored preferred. Call to day at 122>a Cougrcsb St., third street be low Atiantic, Brooklyn. WANTED? IMMEDIATELY, IN A BMAI.L PRIVATE board ng house, two Protestant ?lrln; one aa cook and Iaundrews, the other as chamtffrinald and waitreas. None but thoae who thoroughly understand their business need apply at 10U East 23d St. WANTED-A WOMAN, AS LADY 8 MAID AND seamstress; must understand halidresking and drem making, and come well rocommended. Oall ror two days at 13? We>t 14th st. WANTED- A BESPBCTABLB MIDDLE AGED Wo man to take the entire care of an eld lady, living in the country; a Scotch or North of Ireland Protestant pre ferred. Apply before 11 o'clock A. M . at K West Uth st. WANTED?A GOOD OPfSRATOB ON GROYER A Baker'a sewing machine. Inonlre at Maish Bros', truss offioe, ooruei of Broadway and Ann st. WANTED-A GIRL, TO DO GBNBBAL HOUSEWORK In a small family, jo ng In the country for the summer; wages Apply at 19 oth aL, near South Sth, Williamsburg WANTPD-A SUPERIOR OOLOBKD COOE. SfTE moat be able to refer to some lady living in town. W^ces $12. Apply at No. 8 Eatt S9th St., between 9 and 12 o clock. WANTED-A GIRL, FOR GENERAL HOl'SBWORK al'O a girl for chamhenvork and to assist in ttking care of ch.'dren. Auply at 278 Wcsl 23d St., two door*. east of Eighth arantte. tVANTBD-A OIRL, PBOM 16 TO 18 YEARS OF AGE. TT for light chamberwork and to make berself gxnera'ly useful, io co a xhorl distance in tho country. Apply this day at 449 Broadway, first floor, from 9 to 1 o'c ock WANTED? A GEBMAN LADY, WHO UNDERSTANDS artlllc a! llower making, where tbe can lind a koo,i home and steady employment. Address A. B.C.,Hciad office. r ANTED? A LAUNDBESg, WHO UNDERSTANDS her business logo a -liort distance .11 the country; also a girl to do geueral housework. Apply with c >od c,ty references, at 18 East 33d St., between lOlli and Utbsts , this day. 1VANTED-FIFTEEN YOUNG LADIBS OF GOOD *T B-lilie.i* to serve refreshments at Iho tab es of the 8t. Nicholas t'a In ?. Apply Immediately at 638 Broad wav cor ner of spring st.. to Alburtus A Marsh, proprietors, be tween the houra of 12 and 9. _ WANTBD-A GOOD PLAIN OOOK; ONE WHO I N derst inJs >ier buslnese, and will assist in the ivashlrg and Ironing. Apply at 117 Weit 47th st., between 9 and ll WJ dersUodtuer business, and will assist In the washlli A. M. ' ANTED? A FIRST CLASS NURHb/aPPLY IMME dlate y to Madame Werner, 13 Division st. 'ANTED? A WOMAN, TO DO GENERAL H0U6K wcr i for a small fam iy. Inquire at 43 Renw ick ?t ?VU ANTED-TBN GOOD OPERATORS, TO ?AKK TT shirty on Grovcr A Baker's machine*. Ajiply lmnic dialel f to Jame^ TaylooA Son. Clti ti'rand st. WANTED? YOt'NG LADIES OK PLEASING AD dress to wait on tables' Applr to day at the Kevellle Saloon, Ml Broadway, from 1 to 3 P M. 7 ANTE I '?WAITER OIRL8; $6 A WEEK ATPLY at Oiph?u? Hall, corner of Pearl and I'haihsm sis Wanted immhdiately? 2 Irone.s, 1 girl f< t uiAngiiog, 2 ?y,ambermhid8, 1 panlry glr', 1 ai-r-ib girl. Call at the olllce of ll?? G rard not"*". Elliptic Spring SKlrtS. fo eiperlenoed woven s? ri bands Rd pay and neadv emi'loyment al. tho year. Apply at J. i J. O Weal's skirt manufactory. Entrance 81 !(< a?l e al. WOVEN SKIRT HANDS WANTED-TO WORK ..n I. W Bradie^'s new Patent Dap ei < or do il^ e) HBLP WANTEO-MALES. Agents pan VAKF.f." r? a fbw hoiks sillum out great new and wonderful extra large l/e I'rue Package*. $15 ]'r day guaranteed, Everr lollar ion >trd ui if than dout?i#d A aplenrild (olid fold or eiNer lerat watoii piewuiud free to ?noh agent. Kmart men u ant.' '. to e*UMI*h agetir l?i In every town and village. County rlghla free &aui liurnetiM; demand tncreaelng Ererybody bn*| MMmmsaOirtmmgi CO, 1U3 Naoaii efeet. New York, original lats*estaed o!de?t prlre package house In the world. A OEM'S WANTKD-TO fiBIili THE LAKOEST A? ?oitment of I-Uliographa of the <ireat Battc* llaia and colore 1 liithi/rephfr Po trait? of OenetaK a ap'ri.dld I Steal Kugrai ng of Abraham Lincoln, a xe 2.H35 ; tleini I r | :h" A'b'iraa. nenr But ne.a Klgna, the I'll ted Plate* *rmy Diploma. Ac.: aieoalnrue aeeortment 01 l'rt I'arkoC'. 1 Kei>d for clixii tar to JOHN ulAHON, M Meek man at,, f V. i I OBNTD WABTBD-TWO OB TIIREB AOEVTR 1 a 1 woii'ad to un' aaa New York an I llrooklvo Per , manent ?''na'lena and go -I ?a arica to auiart, act.?e n.eo. Call at "H Wa? iu*lon ar between 'Ireene and field .?? . Hiuoklju, i.r aldreae S A M., not 167 Brooklyn Foil ?ffi e. AORNM HAN vaK* MORB MOHKY HBLLlffO " Huru>> try Prlae i'aek*t* Bicel Rngraettg* An, 'l>au In an< oilier bxameaa (,o d an 1 Silver W'etcfce* tirtti o a l our ag'0>.? Pen, I for our new circ > ?r. , O ?. II AkK IN K A CO . 3?i Heckman tlreet. N V I A1 T"R MERCANTILE AGENCY? WASTED, To imY ralroa) advertiser, timekeeper. Ira* ellot agerl, t ok'* I I keeper, dr? gooda fa eaman. drug clerk, hotel, lcrk.oach ' man. waiter", bmkeetier, giorejy clerk, vonngman n btl Haul room Other ' 1'iat me ojinr. Re?|Tre>le men i n . a'waji ii.d 'ini'l i rn-ntb. tailing ear.). MercliauU nip I ? lied "ah ha i. gratia. _ M0y<0mt?T ? CO., 9M Bread way. | A ROY W ANTED? TO AO A KnORT P1*TAN< ?? I" the ooontry R.'fereeoe* re.V'Ired. W.vee fi; pet muath. App'T 10 A M. at UI Bowerr, Up Mr It, to < Mr. a. w. Sin. lb. ? AT COMMERCIAL. AGENCY. 797 * AND M BrtOAD I way. wanteu. to day jeuag man to go te II .vant I a* bookkeeper. Iravelling agent, aa art and rom<r ou; cierk In ?rho oaale hanae, liniekeopar. fere man torfa-tiry, entrycierk light porter, hae ery ealeaman hard ware .ale* man clerk for laturanee <i(Il *?, barkee^r amaii t"? fer oOiie, olher altaatiuaa. organized 18M. irSt'AB* '<>? ALT. FARM LABORER*, OOAC HMBB, WAtTltB, xL ama'.l bex?, it.. !d waut ef laim?.t.ate ettr'ojm'nt. Aonld lo*e ?? time In reetateHng their ran ee at Era WHITFIKLB'K. ?th ae . Wlween *8th and ttth an 4 LL IRTSnBR*. QBBMAJfn AJfD BKOT TYUMEN. J\ who wast employ neat, will be paid a large am-mi oean to go ae a'lhat tutu lor dr ailed nea Baal (.hauoe e*rr offered Apply e?r> at 8? f. apenard street APORTBB WASTED? 1!* A H ABDWARR BOl PR. mti?l nnder taad packing hardware. Alto ? boy wanted Applr at 177 Greenwich al. BOY WANTED ?Alt IRTBIXIOEHT BOY, FROM 16 to IA. ? he Urea wtih hla parents, la willing lu be i ?? I f al. nan come well reeonimen'ted, and be ?ati-fled with moderate wagea firet year, with etce!1efii ehancc ef id?aa?e mer.t may a|iply to Bale A Oerllee, H Dey >1. T>OY WAKTBD-A iMART, AOTITR ROY. IN A J) eent'a furnlabiug ilotre. M ial be wllllag to w^k One rea'dlni with hi* parent* treferrtd. Apply to Bscil A Be :?? wis, gtis Broadway. T30T WASTED -AM ACTIVB ADD IBTRULIOENT D bo* eaa hare a -good altimtion by addr?etliig a !ne to J F ,iuerald olUi:e, l)i hie own haudwritlAg. BOT WANTEP-!!? A Wni'*T<MALB KAM' Y DRY gonda aim e. One who ?rr:t?? a fair hand, m antar nnd artlre will And a permanent attuallon, Addre*<, i ? t?g age, reference. Ac . E H, D.. bet l.ttUT l oot odlce. BHor WAKTED-TO ATTEND 11 A R, AX isi f 1ST Broadway. 1IKT,P wasited^malbi. But wanted? in a law office. apply br i?e?r ? in<l 10 A M. to Cowles, Waieon A Townnaiid, ? JU I- roan way. BOY W ANTED.? A M HONI'ST, INDUSTRIOUS BO* warned, at 77 Nassau ii , iu it,e bookst re. A| p j ?f Wr lla'alock A. M BOV WAVT' D ? TK A I.AW*HOB OKKICK; OWE WHO 'ia? had aome t>prr ?"*>? ; r-'erred; 'iiiiat ? r te a good band a o.l U\ ? ii j, i4>?, u. , lu own bandwritiug, bo* I.JJ* I'OMI ottice. BOV WANTED? IN A LAWYERS OKFH K; APPLI eant w H addeKF :u hi# own, B U. V. H rai<! .me. Bor w ANTP-o-Auorr rontiKKN years old, to attend door aii'l u.ake h ntse'.f useful. Api> y 10 I). M. Dawda ii, ik fcaal |?ib ,t. _____ /1QACHV AN *ND LAOBDKESS WANTED? PRO \ > tr-t u i s prefer-d; man And wife; they must hnib un nrittM their bualneas thorough!' ; the nau muat un derstanl the oara of luii* ? and harries*. 4c , |ioi| rwvn n.enda ilode frona HM ulaee, .ih io thoii eapahllit.ex, ? hi be i.? o.iri ; noi.fl but those puMe Uj compel**!. need make application. Apply 1 1 OKI 12 to 2 P. M. , 11)1 stairs nt V6 Maiden I?n?. ClOAi IIMAN WANTED? ONB WHO 18 COM I'RIENI t for the cjuntrv; also wanted, six useful moo as coach iiii'U mii! plain gardeners; ivatc 820 to CiU par month and found. Apply tt the Lio]iloymcut Hou-e, corner uX bib av. ?ml lltliit. DEUG clerk. -wanted, a young man au ju Bior clerk: must come well recummeudud from late employer. Apply nt 'ili ith av.. onroer 14th St. Uurand bo* wanted-i* a law office. J!i in ire at 229 Brm<: .>ay, room 43. F in. jURM HANDS WAJ.TED. ALSO, 8EVB1IAL MEN 1 lately lamleil. to go a short d stance In tbecoun try; w a^es $18 to $20 p. r raontb, an I found. App - at t!i* Laiitf Employment Hinre, corner of Oth av. and 1Mb et. IX*BTRR WAlfTED-AT SWEENY d HOTEL. CALL after 10 o clock A. M. SALESMAN WANTED. -A first class salesman, I ' iu men'* furn H i ? i >? tc goods. with a ar&e 'onnecuou may apply to E. H. .f ml ? ay A Co., ;tc J Dvoadwas. SALESMEN WANTED? FOR DRRHS GOODS, prints hosier; and drv k " departments'. rET ION A JOHNSTON 274 Bcwrry. Tobacco w "iters *.\d hands wanted-tc wo k io % o laoto.y. None nucd apply uuleut '.ic qtialiito l with the business, at 104 1'eail ?!. rro YOU NO mkn.-tohrk WISHINO TO JOTN THB J navy or arm*, or ??> on hort or loni; fontli n-u wbu'lnij vniat.t, w.u ' nd it to lueii advauta^e to call at -7 We.iat., corner of Albany, n. JAMES. ?\\'ANTHi-liV \ LAWYER. A CLkBIC OF STEADY II liaLii- wlio wniit .i uooj hand aud m uapnoln of luanaginic orit'iiary inmincii situation i""rmancnt Addrea* L. K. N< ? ?? iTli I'iim ?>?. c , b.n No. v Pi ?, statlnK ngi-. countir, tvi.ether Uinn fd o. a.ugle, and what aa'ary e* peeled. WANTED? 1 MMKIUVI'ELY. MEN WHO WISH TC en:; iso in a Ii-kHm ?.ne husiiii s?. in which lL?v can mnkt fiom to $Mi ? er <'a\ by a sma'l iuvestun-nt from $.'() ' t" 11 0 W A RD TILDFN llioa lwar, room No 4. JAI ANTED? A D.ltUO CtiERK; CAPABLE OF TAKING " cliaree uf ? drug store , uiost hrtug be?t of reference. The Pi on lor anlet a go. id i hans for nny ono Wehla^ to gi l a well e .t'lhlul." ' stote. now doing a KO<>d bu* naaa. Oa I at the r <i ner of < onrt an i Dodglass his , Uroo! 'yn, in the | aiut # ore. J. MUKI'OKD. Ur ANTED? A COiVPETENT MAN TO TAKE ClIARfiE of a I'ai 'ii nenr ilie c i I r ; one .K ooainu d with ralalng market truck preferred. Ad'lie'a a. r. ii. , box 9J1 New York I'ost o.llee. WANTED-A (JOOD, SI'OUT H'.)V. TO WORK IN A paint uiAiiiifaclov;. App f nt SOI l'eai l *? WANTED.? A VOrNO MAN. 18 TEARS OF A' IE, I)B airea n aiiualiou iu an iiihe, or as ogbl nortcr In a whole?a\- ho'-ae. Heat of reference* given. Address W. F , box 90 Jri?ey CMty I'ost sffiNi WANTED? A COACHMAN AND GROOM; A TOCNO man who l< a driver and ba* uxptrlenee ami good citv reference*, may apply between '.tie hours of 1 aod it o'clock atlJOytlist. TJITANTED? A GOOD WAITER: NONE BUT THOSE M who uud rs'anil their bir incss need apply. Apply at 227 South at. after 8 o'clock A. M. TANTED-A SrOUT, ACTIVE BO* U TU 18 YEARS Id. Apply ?' iii'0 Broudwar. \y\ANTED? A TID* Y'lUNO MAN OR BOY TO OPEN Tf ovstars and make himie.i ^eunrally useful. Apply for Cue ? dA' S at 170 Fulton *t., Brooklvu. ANTED- A TOITNO VAN, ABOUT 2<S TEARS OF 1,1 ef p:epo sesslog apjeaiaoi e, lo auead to a deli rale. confidential busine s. Ap?i? at 102 Nassau street, room No 4. betweiru 10 and II o'clock A. M '"ASTBD-A BO*. TO MAKE AWNINGS. CALL AT 12 ' Weal Hrotdwsy. VY W vv WANTED-A YOUNG MAN. TO ATtBND BAR; ONE having a snowle 'go of the business sod willing tag" a few mile.- io the co .nny. Apply between the ttouisof Io and 1 this da - 1n .'ones A Ilank*. 17 Beaver >t. W ANTED? A (."A^HM W TO 00 TO VBSfC^ES Tl t?r ounty. It mi ?i fron the oltv; mutt be a Pro. les'aot and willing In ml k aud take cue of a cow.|Apply at 607 Mi 'Hdwa , fiom l! to 4. ilT ANTED ? ^ YOUNG M \N WHO WRITES WKLL M and hai c>'i.'ci tu.-.lah^a liabila. aa asa.'taat hook keeper and . oneapon lent. Address Dry Goods, Uei'ald ef f|-e, g vln* iefei euee< aud sftuy n-nitred. W ANTRD-A ?|*N 1(1 lil) A .-IIOIU' D1STANCF V? frotn the cllv ; one ? tuamte l wM? veget .hie g^r len lu^, c-a m'.U and ilo lartu nor* geaeiAlly. Apply to John Cox, Vi'J Bowery. U'ANTED-A BOT TO VTTHND BAR; HE MOST BE inteiligen: and hare a good recommendation. Ad ilressi!. M J, Her.ild c i "8. H WANTED A HO* KROM. Hi TO II YEARS OLD. IN the olDca of sn i-npoiter of wlne?, Ar. One who writes a fair l.aud and 'ne? ivith bis paisuU ua. add.eaH J. A. J.. Ueia'd ofl ee. TtTANTED-BT A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION AS II bookkeeper or a<?i?tant. or entry olerk. or shipping cl -rk. Can j,n'e he best or referen e. Wa.t. modeia e. Address for week Men-anil e, ?/?><. Hri*>lwat. WANTED? A GOOD STEADY. SdHP.B MAN, TO dti-va a dniiii> t >.<k one i.lo. unuei -mads his hn?' ????? a?d can ooine welt recommended, will have siealy wor'- and good waaes. ? a'i at 1?.' Water s?. WIAITBO? A OOOO MAN WHO undrrrtands running an Iron p'l rie. Apjiiy at tbc Miles M.inu.'ae turlcg Co:npauy, bi Lewis St. TTT ANTBO? A BOY 11 OP. IS YF,\RS OF AOIi. TO II taaecaieo. a hor e, and w ho iti unrsianda worklns at the b itehTinu bi;w noss. App > at st ill No. ?, Atlantic Mai ? ket. Brooklyn. WANIED-A PERSON TO ACT AH CAHII'KR IN A retail store, one w>-o ntidtrslands 'joua.e pug Ad dies* B oadway, ban 2,rtl4 1'ott o lice, wi'h ie.V *o-? WANT1D? A SM ALL B<?*. IN A BROKKB'S Of FICE ?ioimi town, to run diianj* and niafce liluisc.l uteful. Apply oLeamnn Hrolbers. It* I'earl at. WANl'I D-A YOU KG MAN, FROM 17 TO 20 YEAES (Genua*! or Ameilcsn preferred', as jiorler; ihmsI i{!?? cood re aud be wlllinx lo work. In ,ulre oi A H. Louis, lfi<) Water St., up s'.alrs, between 11 and 1? o c oek. VL*ANTI D--A TODNO MAN. BETWEEN 16 AND 18 ?r jeaiaof age to attend bar; one who bas never attend ed bar in ti s eoin'r/ le itilred. a >oung liitl. nan prefer red Aptily at Henry Osbcrn'i ctjrucr of Hudson av. and Plymouth at., Bi?c.k>yn, lot thiec days. WAN r BO- A IIARRIF.D MAN WITHOUT KNCUM bisncv an r.nulish groom, a lb .ruug stableuiaui ?ne who onoerstaods t>n- and miliar tneul of hordes And sin la- Addiei.s Ii Lord, l.s<t., t ?* III, Herald ? i re, with full ss e a'id sddreas and wb?ro Ia<t employed. N. It.? A inausndh - wife, without enaum! ianoe. anaNe'ring the abort o?' rlpti .u, can L... c good aud permanent a>lu. stlbns TV ANTED? A TOORO M\N WHO ( A N WRITE AND IT i| -*k I Of 111 and tin ni*o rt.aaUjr. ml l? agood pen man. A-Mre * tiatlng leirreucfi', nge, ml >mi} repaired, A V.. bo* 120 Ui r*M u i ce. IITAMKO-IN A SHIPPING AND <OMVI88IOV T? hoiuf * t.ij itU" oan write .1 fair 1. *n <1 . who teHlde* with b ? parrot*; .iitry n ..derate t >o >n<in?>n?,?? w:th. A ?? nlr brtwrrn IOuii'1 tl o'clock only, tbl day, at IS Sou h William kU, fii*l ' uor. WANTKD-TO D AT, If. MPN FOR A WIMM VIHH lug > or.i?? t ? * months, wl .1 b? Ii-?d? by Norr*?ber. The * o ne'' w I T , Ar men Iroin $ft X) In $??> f?r the trip, mi f'.unit KAM'AIiL A CO! Rl>EV, 1*> We.ia; , comer af KiiK. upstair*. ANTED? TWO O'.OD PRACTICAL FARMERS, TO work m a f.irra In New Jereey. Ayply, with rafrr MW, at 14 Mtone ?t. Ur AN rKD? A HOT IN A LAW OPKICB ADDRBS* It. S , tleiaid <>fUc?. in baad^rlttag of applicant, Mating i. am#, agr and re*ld*nce. TV AKTKD-TOLXQ MEN WISHING TO OO ON SKA TT royacM t ' at: i'a>t*. of ti e world In *ilp? an<l ?t?*m a; I A ?o w^nt'd men fur uahiug an I whvtng vojaara mid the l 'iiH?d Str.i'i Nar, . Apply to It tNPALIi .1 COl'Hf JtEV, I*'' W at , oornei of Road*, up kWira. /ANTKIi-A HARKKKPRR. APl'LT, AfTBR NINB '? k *1 '? 1 2d at , tor MT uf 31 ?t M? U'ANTi D-A TOUNO MAN, Id OR 18 TEAHK OP a a. wall racoiumemlcd, to attend bar. In<v> re at I JO Bioadwav. "n GENTLEMEN t?F GOOD ADDRKSS AND BJM'CA O" t naturally en Inwrl with a free nae of the toni -e ma) bf r uf an eicsllaift cliance lo make ujouey. At ply at 112 Bmadway.'r?>on* No. 5, over Knoi'a. vv THK 1U11DEI. ArORRMAR MASON. Or MANY T8AKS' P.XPK rlanee on both p'lblU- ami prirata worka. *?eka employ met t a? r-.jb. bring at p.-esorit *t leu tre la aoaiequenar of the diwnai nuati^n n' the work* far the dimmer moaiM that he iia< i?en engaged upon for the uaat Urea year*, no objeeiioD ia go *ouih: the rerr beat references furnlahed. Audi*.* >?*? hinj% bo? ISO bviald oillee. A QOOD OARVRH OF WfcATtl WANTR A SITUATION u oarr.T or fli?rk in a flrat rla?* hotal, city or onnntryj la fully o?nipet?ui aa k.iokk?ap?r, or u> fl i any paahlim, liir ni liai < oMjSerabl* e?perieui.e U total butmeta. Ad di-ea* E. B. ?<.. Heraid ?aee. AN ARCHITECTURAL BRAtTORTSMAN WANTF.O - all at the office, t'iu Broadway, rooms l< and 17, from 12 to 1 ovict, with ?p*eimon of workmaniblp. AN BXPRRIRNCRO PHONOGRAPHRR OR SHORT hand wrltet . oao report te?tiu:?ny. aarmoaa or apea^ lira. ?. iron of obtaining a Rttnailon *? renitier, or a? ?>> auianueix fc Addrr*? C. J. ftuiiMi, oare or B. CWPMte.'i 11 Chairb-r* ?r RAR9 fn?K MAKRRR -GOOD WORKMEN WA hT Iteady ewpioynx'nianrtjtood warra. NflWKIKK A KBN1IKDT. 246 Cack' **? B"jdB; / COMPOSITOR WA>TPn BTEAJJI NTI'ATION; ALU V^' two hnya, ?t ftlu Brwadway. ?'TJTnRr!lajS^T*f,,7(iT^ Work *t>VT f^h^lBro^*ynTArm?C WORK ?| JS* and Join au. A,i??k|yB. c??U|>?oy, oorLtr vt ' I THR THADKH. Ql ABRYVEN IT A Ml KD? BCABHL1' S AND ROC* into aiao laborer-; *lea4* fBfiimiMi aud h.*b?at w f* t. Api-.y >1 tl.e uuarif . Norte llellenlie near Naw art. H. J. HAIitlWIN A PAf fU KftiiN. OILS. WANTkD. TWO RIBBON WBAVHRB TO 0 work on ribbon t e?. Thowi m-l ar t ?wd from Bngiand . or Q*riuaay pieiaried Apply al W. U. l'ec? 1 Co.'', M | Keade it. rro liiK traors. ?to contractors, BCir.DERs 1 0' Capita Ma en.ased In Buff) ng or In pr?t rig? At an e? i-ttlrer of the irmr. out of e-iipio men* A true. [>r? . tieal. theoretical no d rra,i>u*ihi.a; builder anbite?i *lid civil etii< near He?1--e? ? ?iti Ation to mil pn t hi* f?ni' f, a- a fori* ?inan ur Mu^enriluiiil**nl of bttilillaua, m mi; brau h ef ?h? aarue (l>e'ii|* enraged I'm the laat i??ulv ftrt on hit owu aciMinii; libmul term* fur ataarty inni1 ?? man! ; do : ib iriion to the fail BUT. or o. m-.tetor'. ? mill", yard* or ' ouairin*. it -r u.aaon and cnrj?-iiter w?rka. Au<traa?. for ei. ? lit lift vTr f M.. l>oi 20 ? Herald "fllra. rno HUMWKRS -A KRItBON WHO HAS HIKWBD I alo* ant pint r in iho old cowntrt fur aeveral \eara, wanlaa allital on wither aa hi- nl i rn \ rr or r*ai*taul. or la ?ouie i lui-i t.itia< it/ in hu eataMlahinenl. Heal city reler eucea. Adiliua* R. f. Ixj < i'lO llera! . "Ilea TO PLUMBBRB AND HAS FIITKKS -WANTED, TWO good plumber*; aNo, Iwollist last- at" I in ami ,-aa llwira; to llrat ? k -a workmen tho blghott ware ami ati-any employ meat will ba given. Cal lor two dnyaai tuo Union at . Bomb Broor.lyn. VA RMS I II- KB WAN I BP? SEVfcKAL MEN ANI> B<)V8 i won ou plain furniture- ateadt work and talv Apply io 8. Hainiou A Hon. .'*50 Waal '/41k ?L WANTED TMMRDfATBLY-A CLOTH, SOET AND . j'*?fc*i . "'an'taotuw; on* wh* thoroughly under atftuaa II " bu*iue.-a, who < an ftun ?!i ^ood re. ran f? a* tg r ud eati.>tiliitar -md t* willing to take chariie <>l a* t ol ihia klt,d. A i,ood malary will b* alien ?eod reference* with ai pit. atlon. Addreaa boi 4,?> Ji*w \ ork l oat oilioe. WAVTMl ? A STTI'aTTON r\Y A MACHINIST, FROM the K ihl, a* loreinan of a inarhina *hop-. h wnll nnali Bed for the poatunn i nan l>a? eliarjfa of aeveral ahopa and eau ulvn the l)??t of ri)icr?!ii'*e. Oan ne ae^n hi Rtneraon A Mnllla-i'*, oil Corilandt at., fur Urn.* Ua;a, from lu to 12 YV dlnlnu roo'ii-, 17 Fuliuu at., Brooilj n. lie in<i*t ua o" clunS A . M. ATCI1 JIAKKK WAWl'Kt). ? A K1R8T CLASS WATCH ninkcr W itlloil, to gn So. th: K<> .J p?v and *tead?*m plovinout App'- luimoii atolv at Slll'cr A Co.'*, No. V Matd fUInue, b ine"U 0 and A. M. WANTKU? A l'llOKOIMHI.V OOMI'BVKNT AND EX peilfnc il lOurneyuMU l-iencli ini^uul nianti'aetuier Add re a aia'liii; wa <?* reqiilii-d, .igil rcfiTencea, wilh teal UftlUi) ulili addr??e, II. f. ,S., 11. 'laid olh ? 117 A NTKD ? A BAKER, AT M VSOITrTT'fl IToTEL A.N'tj ?? dlnl ig ruo u , IT I dcrktan 1 lila bn-i ne n WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN. A Pf.AClii CAN RB pair all kind* of atiwlng marhlue , or would so hi < oiler In a stoie. Addieai ibr one tveuk K K. 8.. Hrooklyu 1'osl omce, U' ANTK.D? A WAR III MAHU MAKI1LI. AND alate; one ? bo undcrtlind* llio bualnnas tboni-iKhljr In all It* branrhea mav hoar ol n r?i> I altnai Ion, witB rood liny, by apidilng io Itubett Votins >Vo Wvat IVlbat., In the tjven ng. UJ ANT ID? A <1000 TIUE UIUNDlvR, TO WHOM th' lie t of wa -iN hiul -lendy employment will ba IJlTeu. Apulv lullro Hmder-on, !1 Uolil ireel New Yerk, or to Joha and William E-iihery, Mattcaw.iu, N. V. W ASTI D-A I'KEf-SM AN OF CA^ABIMTT AND BO hr i-ty, to eo tu a .liainut city. A ao a bun!. keeper of etperlenee nnd Integrity. Aildres.i Han ger, Herald ofllue, immediately. WANTBD--A PHOTI BTANT LABOEf'R O'l CARPB.V ler. to oci'iid h ?ai-- lodge, p-nt lroe, ne*r tli<l city ; he mint have a ner.t ivif ? and child la.'ge euongli to open gate. Apply at fu (?'? Uw li cet too a KX VfT ANTED? AX EXl'ERIBNCRO OARDENER, WITH f a wife Ik ii.-i 'ipy a lod?re ami tako . are of a garden and lawn, about U' uiiic* from the city. Ai>pl f I" J. X. WIN liani*. 7*.1 >'a?au st. W ANTE II? A MAN WHO THOUOLOHLV UNDER atjiida piw-kliig cMK-kery ; none other need apply; iiiunt iia<e goo'i reictenoee r* <o hon".*ty and aobrietr; literal ?apr* and cun.'ant employment. Apply al 94 Keek m an at TTT ANTED? A TOSITTONTST, IN A FIR8T CLA8? Tt ca ery. Al o a ladv want* ? iltiiatlon a* nolorl'l An aa*i't'-ut oinrrator n.-ahea a place. Call at 713 Broadway, roi.m No. I1?, CI. Konlgsbirg * \r01'.S>; MAN WANTED? TO ATTEND BAR AT 2*9 1 lid ave., c mtr of itltli at. tUt&NCH AO V KIlTISfr.lI K.XT8. ON UKMANDB IJNB BOXNB FBANOAIBR, PAUL. A NT parfaitemeni ea lanirue et tacbaul Cutirire, pour prendre eoln do petit* enf-iutt. S'adreswr, avec lea meilleura.. re eoininaadationt fulement, an 48 Mouth aireet, up >talr<, cot, e 10 at 3 beures. he bont aermt dunnea. ON DKMANDK UNR F1I.LB FRaNOAIKB OOMMB bonne <le de ix emuuta el pour cuudre II fmit donuer da bonnea recomm.inilattnna S adiea er an 'U> hail 37tb at . eaire ueuf lieurea at ml 11. ON DRMANDP! UNR FKMMR PARLANT ?8 FRAK- I ca'njiour fa'.re la cuiaine et prendre aoln mi menage. j ?15 oi?r mol?. tin eil era de boulie- refercuiea tT* drtaaer a A. Qenttl, io.s Broadway I UNR .rrnKB DEMOISELLE DEStllK SR MKTTRR en Pension .Una una f.inil |o Prancalae. B'adreateia A. A.. can. of U WH . 129 OnMI a. reel. M I9CBLLAN SODS. \RTIFIt IAL Hl'MAN hTEB MADK TO ORDKR ANT) ' ma-rt"d by I)r?. V. BAVt H and P. tlOUORI.MAKM, < roi iiioi ly employed by Hoia-onneau, of l'arno, al vw Broad way, ?. I. / AIOVR AMUI.F.T-TURKiair PfcRFUMKD M)VB M.' I'.rer ra?rlnetea And aornrei the affection* of the onpo<te?ev. In* nrnaaied perfume and Prlcifl. f.e?1 lUmp for c rcuar. Ad.! ret* Mtdaui Varra, lov S,73u K. V. l'o?t o'llce. AriRM IV OLA.*' HAVING A CO.VNKOTtOR ain?ng whoinaa'" prjy.aoii me'Ocanta, wabioue.o I ale ? llh a N<*tv Y'>: k limne for c mil^m ?enf* ofproduc' Firat rl.tae refeieuoe .t.ip'y U N A Co.. care of George MacfaWane. K.*i.. * A. UiaafOn*, Hr tin I AN* I EKSON HAVIRO A ' Off IN THK NRIOIIBOR li ' o<l ol Murray Hi! an ' who woti'd l.e irl) ng to *up nh two 'inane o' M Ik dally lor <bl dren <?a hear of ?' ll'mra! ciialoincr by a ld'e*? iig B IV V., box 140 lletald pact, , ___ ClllhKRIRS. t H BRR1RS <-H RRHIKri? FIRtiT OF TUB t aeaton from the rtttl? af lleery Van Morn Et<j., Her c ii Poll. t. w o hta l>ro ?ht the ll1 I or thl fruit to market for twenty hyo year*. The fr lit >an be nb allied from ARCIIDKACON A CAST V, commit Ion dea era, W easing, (on Market. DIVORCE -H A VINU MADK, THIS A SPECIAL . *t? ly d'l UK mant rea < praidlca, the underalcne I | hol'la prly.iU; cotU'iUMinua o i t'ae a'l'j^ect, attber perional.j or By lefer. F. I. KINO, Counaellor at, .'.18 Broadway. l\IVOR('R HOTICB.? THE HKOERKIONBO WIM. J t ai .it on tlie "th in t. tor li>u <tuapoiit. I?1 ani. Clten e Interfiled lu rai"i there | emlliig n l . rill before ?Aid dat< V. 1 KiN'U. 313 Hi ouil vay 1MHF.K8K PRICK.i I'AIO FOR 01.0 ISODK8. ."i.Otm Ktandard It?i>ka. half <?* t. a. half retail prtr?. lO.nOO Theolocl a Boo * al no?i .hen awav lUU.miO ib'.i^nti<l<' 1 1 1 -t-.i !? <lat)>l Bi >tfianhu?r Book*, i-hetip. LNOtT i BltOI r 1 Nil ?a af ret ni nr He An. an IKTTRB WHITTn i AOBBCT as'1> < ONFinHNTI AU J Coriea; ?ntf.'ine nt.i o, 1 V h rc :ker aliect ??Pi tv?n L^t teia. Ne?T?|ui?r l.orreapoii ler-e Po It ra' Hj ee he . Ora tlon< Lect iiea Baaav . Talea B 'aire ? P ill* *ml Adiar t ?omeni- wrlt'en n order Copvn; lone and Jdanm.Ti li t* R vi?e,i l^'ter* nrlt'ew b> a i'dy of ciporitnced 1 teta-y <|tialili?Atiena. Charge uiodeia'e MANHO >D ANI> ta* I ' >1 .01 ru RBBtOBBD In lour week* t'y l?r KIOO'tD'jl I aae nee Life. Thi* ivoudrrfnl ugeut W l' 1 *t re ina'.ood t<* the moi' that trred coiu'ltm oa. kor arl'ln^ fiom ei'-eaae* eelf abti?", the e '<????* ol elnnai ? r natural rauaea rhi li>u? reuulre.l to cm^ the mon InnKiale rate la futir <veeka Failure <* 1 .?r>o?tib!? lie Hie ?!? F? ou.>? of Life ia xol.l In ma * rvith a?li nctlona f? t*>. lor S3, fo ir quant 'lee laoneforfl Sent rarefu > nn rrwelp' of remlt lance by h'? a'credlt'd nr'it l .r il ir ae>,t free e>i leee'm of four *'a!nnei PHIMP R'lUNO, Ne. 417 Broame atreei. Sew York one door >ve?t of iiro 1 lir?y. MiV BhK MANTF.L*. . KLATR MANTF.M A IHie ae'eellnn it' T B STRWaRI'H i7l '"anal atreei ' three ton "mi of Broa I >?.iy. "lJARBf.E MANTBL"- -TIIR BKBT I'l.tCB IN TUB a.yl ?lti toj' irc^aie ^eap aoii wall fnlah- d Maate'* la at A KT.ARRB ^ Mantel ktannleetory. I 'M Kaat Righteautb ?tr at, near itilrd New York. Cut MABRLR MAKrMjM -A FINE SKLBi TION OF M A R ble Mantle <>n hand end olf.-r* I eheaier than any where e!ae, a S k I, A Ml RU Ma ijla Yar 1. M Flrat arenna. owai Toird atreai, Ne>? York. Call aad ?limun for your a.' If. ^roYi- b m rrAi.o vif i- FrK^rsiimo irtari isn .a nient Nil Stou?* ?n?i Mi'i Ha bmefi . Tafbme Water Whec ? of the mo?i app>-.ifi( |>attern, irtde entlr-ly of j 1 ? 1 Fio , . ' .1. * 1 11 Ml la. TM Bi .'-li it I < in %t 11 of Boa h m 11 ?e,:. Nil r ntHM aatire f u n ti it ?<?*'. :i< ?nt For In' nnatloiior a la: >anei alurf at J ao. 1'. Noie, It Ta . N. V. UEMNANTK OF tOTION HL'CK. FROM ONF. TO IJ yai l# lonif and S-1 lo *1 lnche? wl e n;1'ab'a for I haveraa k?, iru.ik . o*ert iio<" a ? ahelter U r'a. Ac. For I an e cl" ap I y VV 11 1 i"R. f II K 1 Kl KI,D A CO , A3 kB'l nfi ! Beelfean a ret' CXIim B BI PBBIOB U vi IN . |IK POWDlBB.joa 1 O nuking iloh lemoiiale ai any laomen' Prleatl 7? j ; ee pirkage of ?lt bo?e* Liberal dtir oint lo Ine ira l* 1 a Iret 'I. It ?' eley, 18^ Water *traat, Br loklja. N Y. fTl'k MBTAI. AND 1)1,1) 1,1 til WA.MU>-rAS'f I will paid for a few handred Weight of Type Veial 1 asdold LeKd. App'y at 1 be d*?k of thit off <?#. rflBNTB FOR BALB -TWO VbRY II AB DSOM B <H R I nilar Tent?. made frotn ootlon duck of turarlur yualitf Wl I he .old lor the nrloe of raw cotton, at BOYI/K e l?al nan iractory. 154 Maldeu lane, N Y. ________ THE Oil? ATI. BT BI M N I'l 1 1 1 1'' At.R IS CRFb walt'a Cure for Inietnperin'e li ne*er ean fall fo coa-juer all deilra for Inioncatina liquor rail 00 or ad dreat. with (lamp U D. Cre?*elT, Fourth *tr*et N. T. BK THE AVFKI AV JAVA OOFFF.E. Only 28 e?nf* per pound A r?:iab e and heai by iwyeraaa. aaarly a 1 iat W> th? b*?l Imiorfed ailide. Man'i'aetuied by a c WK|(inr , rHLUKB * HBOTHRR. tv 2S7 tVaehlngtou ttreet. ti, f . NTl U llTANTRn-A PORTARLR BTRAM BNUINB. BIX Yf >' ,?e w th I. 'dating gear attacked. Adureaa William, hot 33 Herald oiiea. VU ANTIO TO PC'R HASB? A OQOD BF.COND HAND YY t urBrren Tie ?. Ad Ire a II M. .1 . ll?ra,1 oitl e. tlf ANTB''? Bt t POWRR MIMA 'FOR fl6t*PTBO YY_ paint* hi oil. Addrati, ilatlog full panuu^.*, bo.i 178 Hera t oiliea J. Wantrd-a coppbr *ank AROf'T B!? tWU ea<-h way; mutt bo t:|M aad iu fo?4 atdar. Addraea hai 179 Herald ___________ ?rANTBT>-A BBCOND BARD ftftcHINO MACBIBB, Yl for oa* anarlor laeli he ler Iron; a'ao ' na Aayfl, In good order. Addreea 0. C. (juirk, M Maiden lai>e. AoI7oir?rTnTBtIB<'(RIBKn WlLli BRNO TO an viiir<*a ten inrainabln reeipea f 'f makiag a for A'l tr a* llenrf M, Oaipeal?r, Cllatoa ttauon, II n ,n cwt.nty. B. J. I lard on OIW1 KB' IB. MORB OR f.B?R. ABBORTRD ?< t ^g'Mf Ban wanted? lor *b.pLng aia iiioderata l.gurv. 1 A..Ji?M Cat Na la, flanid oBK*. fw four iay* , D*T QOOM. ? ( ! Ill 11? i*? ?i>ia goods win ? mJiii Iff" ?o4 Faa*r Ar ?i *, 1" J*4 ? mmedtete ( I f rOtSTAiN h !?4i* iiort. MA Bro*dwmr ' ? liL-Tf 1?T? m tV ^ l><1 i# %Qrt IU?t fuJU XCLUBI VBLY FRENCH PLliTlNQ O^R T(j TWPM Tj tr Inch., wido. All m?i?rUI? l< ,d In an naWiTpa-iJi manner, At Mr-. iiilLUKN b CnmI Fluting hatabllah m?nt? W Atnlly '''ML lH I ? AfVook * n 1 k htif fr^i dn?ia#M,l 127 H ? * reireat, Uw* W>Uaiar etrsei, a?? VI I- ulloil alroet H rook Iv it H. B -Mo machinery u ed la lUegeeilua Fiaucls Idliufl. TO I'XOK LRAGDR LA DIEB.? THE CHItmT Dress and Maillllla trlmmiu i? French K1 itlag, not Int. porte I, bul mad* here. All llnM wtthi.m ibart.i nerv At J DAllfOIS' French Fluting Establish meal, (fc,i Broadway, '?i a KR mij **Uams r M:b?2fl *ffi %?2S? (LOTIIINa. ^ ATTKNTtON'.-AT 212 SEVENTH aV?MUB, B. ROSIN iiKKU, the California and Wiulari aflen f.y atom, re eeWed large order* I* ,ure|ieee $75.n00 worth of Cul Off (lothina. 1'lirne orders must be futllled la A eery sl.en t in* Ladiea and gentlemen, I wish Ton womd take pnrli ruler notice ADd look over ? our wardrob e, ami a<?i'ro? hate any clothing yon do not need For your saifarllon I will mention Mini of Iho price* Bilk dreaaee. from $<V to $40; IOA'1. from $S to $24, pAuta, frota $1 in $7 alia, h and mualln ilre?Mis, carpet*. furniture jewelry An . hy nailing or ml I riming II. ROSBMBHRil, ?t! Beeeii'h *?e nua I .a Ilea attended lo by Mrs. Rose berg, >u and out of tbactty. ATTK.NTlON.-AT THR *BW BTORB. 1*0. 114 TniBI? avoir. e. ladiea uinl gentlemen ?m g laranlre I to rf .. :?a Ihe highest price* Tor each iu lid* of Cast Oil ? loth <>g P..r on me. Oai |wi*. Ac , tor the Southern and * eaicru marktia. >?i.'j>ae rMHomker. and try O M'sn. lit Third ateii it Kcmrtei i ih iireat. I.a<ii. ? att^ndnl by Mr?. M ?h t from Brooklyn anil vicinity aueoded to. A1, t-M SBVKKtll AVEm'K. TORNKK OI?TWH?TT. ?ixlhfirflrl K HART will Bay the hlfheat prioea lor Uuiea' an<l urutlainen a I'aat t)fT Clothing, f*ai|>e>a. Kuroi lure, Ac. , by cailiua or Addraaalag a nolo, Ladlea atira<ir<l toby Mra. Hart. ATTENrruN'-THB VKRV IpBMTlOAL PI-AHK TO g?i tU* lull ta'iio for your raat oir tMothing ( a> i? u. Fii nit ire, in., U at the new utore, 510 Min"i nwiwr, LI.W1S ,'IASKIt. LaUie- will be atlendad by Mra Maaer. AOREAT IHfMANB FOR OLOTHIltO -LaDIKH ANO KanU<Miieii lixvttiK any Can Off Clothing. Furnliurv, f'ai |ieu and ,lf vveliy. will rccel e the lilghtat prlc?a br i* I. lug oil or .iddmaaing A. HARRIS. 441 TWHI Avenua Ixi tweon T'llrly el:;Uth mid Thirty ninth atreou. Laolca at tended to by Mra. llairUi. ATTKNTIO^-AT i*5 SEVRNTn ArEVCB. NE Alt Twenty fifth atrect Ladlce and gentlemen. I have tbo pleasure to aau >iiiuia again that I nave reealred a large order fr<'m Pa Jforn ? and the Weatera mark at a to pay tho highest prn:e. 1 oi- l*di?a and goutlemen'a Wnartng Apparel. Carpal*, Fi rnltnre. Jewelry. Ac., by payla* ft) per cent more than anv other dealer In the oily. We guar ante* i? nay for laJie*' Hilk Dreaiea from $4 to $40; Wool en, from *1 to $10; alao Calloo, Dnlalno, Miialiti. Ac. Oent ernan a Coata. from $ > lo $2U: Paula, from $Z to $7. Ae. Ladiea and frntlcmen. don t for^rt the rigbi number. M. HaHCKB, XI Nev^alH avenua, nonr Twanty-fifth "treat. By calling on or aildrf.?in : me jroa will ho daalt with honoatly. Ordera will be a tended la from Brooklyu New Jeraar, Hottokan, Kiaicn la'.aud, Ac. Ladiea punctually Allooda* to by Mra, Maiuka. ASUiiKR PLACE. -AT 283 SIXTH AVKNUH LADIRS aii.i gentkemea will find tha fair and honeat dealer, B. MINT/, to whom tbey can diapoaa of tbalr Caat Oir Cl<>*h lug, Caipota, Kurnltuia and Jewelrj. at 50 per cent mora than bv other dealer* In tho city 1 riromlaa lo Mr ^e fo< lowing prices -Silk Uraaaea, from $d lo $44; Coata. $4 lo $IH: fants i'i hi $f. A1m fur Wool lea, Dalaloa and M na il n Ur^aes the hlghe?l caab prlea will be paid A raif or a note by |>o* wl.l ba punctually atlendad to Ladiea attend ed to by Mr?. Mint/ Remember tho original B. 34 In u and Ibe iiuuitier .'?S 6i**h avenuO, near Eighteenth atreel. Or. (lerairoin Hrookly u and .laraay City punctually atlanded lo At thk nbw stork, m carminb street. -la di<-a aul gentlemen can receive 40 par cant mure for Caat Off Clothing, Kurnllura. Carpet* and Jgwelry by railing on ?r addri>aalng H. HART, at the a bora numbar, will lie puauiujfly atteriUed to. Ladle* attended to by Mra. Hart. AT 1.14 SRVHNTH AVENUB, BRTWE8H B1NB l"euik an i Twentieth atreeu ?Ladiea and gentiamam will rec-ivc Mie hl^heat price for their Caat Oir Clotklaa. Carpeta, I'um luro. Ac., by .-ail agon or addrMAlOgB. MI L Lt.K Ladies attended lo by Mra. Miller. ______ AT 137 SIXTH AVKNUB.? LADfEB AND OBNTLM you wlali to recfcvi* tne bigbcat prloo for yoor Caal Oil Cloth of, cat pelt. Furul'nre Ac . tha naat ?on cat ifo >? to i ?T: i>n oi aend a nolo lo K. M1NT2, at Nik 157 Btith aveui e, two door < fioin Tenth atrael l^rt ea attended by W 1 1 Vlntr. fruc. you will be deall with to you* aallafac liun and lieaa.1i. A T 3,'J HOWBRT.-H. ROBRNTlUt HA* A ORBAT j\ dca.ic to purchaae a Urge nuanlitv of t'aat Olf Wearlo( A,'P*rai. Ir nrmliire. Carp its, .leaclr.-, .?<?. B- calling on or aditr -M-lug h in tad ea and gentleman can oblalD tbe atmoal mine I. r tnch ailUie. Lad e' attended to by Mra Hoaen llia1 P u i e.neuibtr, and tr,. .'!43 Bowary, opi otilo flroal Jonea atrcet. AO BEAT orMAND IOR CLOTTIISO ?LATHER ANO gi-n men havng any Ca.-i Olf Ciathlug. Kuril turo, Cartieia and .lewelr*. will i?ceiv? ihe btgheai price , br ea'l ingon r *1 ireaa ng H. COIIN, 240 Bavenlb avtaua, near the drug a tore. Lalllea atlanded lo by Mra. Coha. ATTENTION!-^M. KONINBKV. W3 BBVENTH AVE nun, lay* the verr hlgl aat price* for ladlci' and gen llatnen - l a t Oil Clothing, CarpeU. Ae., as our large order* from tha Weat compel it* to pay h gher than elewbere. 1'leaM <a ! on or a ldieaa a nele lo M. KONINSRY, 2t*9 beveoth ?aveii'i*. I ndi?-a attended lo by Mr*, Kon nsky. Ord ra from all adjoin ngoillea promptly attended 10. /1HKAP AM) FARIIfOMABLM CLOTHfNO. ?GEO. 1/ LRVIK, All Bread way. H'ai* Kro>'k* tmo $3 to $30 Hue u**s I oa- s. 1'. ni.1 -.j anu other at) le- g to IS A.paca and l inen Coata I to A Ca*slm?r? Hants, variety $ to yj Vmtaaiil Pant* lo niaV'ii fl(to 14 Vests, rarfrijr l to j ANY NKW oh cast o? Z-1.L?..JSX Feiii airecl ICASiiBf.ii'; pays hik hiohent price foji I. tidie*' ard g-nlleman'a Caat Off Cloth ng. Fartlra w ailed up" 1 by aildlaaa ng L CAalil-rg, At) Raat Twelfth atreot, na*.r Hfcalwa Lhotea waited upon by Mr*. C. (innnn^Til OF clothing wantbd-Ti 1*1''.''"" Will I VV the hlgheal price for Caat Olf Cloi'i ng Carpe'a. Furn lure Ce I on or addreaa II. E. SI RAI'?S Se*colh avenue, bctweoa Thlrly-thlnl anil Th rl. fourth Aroeta. Ladiea ai'aml# l V Mr*. fiir< 'iaa. /tENTLIM'KM IIAVIXO ANY NKW OR CAST O *JI C ut' ug 'o tlKpoaa of can ot>la n Ih* h g eat prlca ea iu at the .tor* ur addre-alng DANIEL DO ILK, A WATCH ?9, JEWELRY. AC. AT 77 BLKECKKR htREET TOUCAN OBTAIN IB id e nit iaui* for l> amonda. Walohoa. Jewelry.- B1 ver Pate, Ouns, P.?"d* Dry Oo in*, kt. N. B.? AUo I'awa brokera' Tiukoit u iitflil for iuo above article*. T fQE WA1CIU B. DltMoNDK. JKWKLRT, HILVBB . . ("lite fi ia. Pmo'a, A M ubl.-l will pay I.M> par cr-al luore than can "e olna >e I at any other plMO in mo rltv N It -?A!*o Pa nbr ikera' Tickets wanted for lh? ili'.fi- ? l.u*?. at the nme into. gu9 Broadway, oonor of llou?ton atrust ill stAlrs. roO'n S. AMATEf'RS OF DIAMOND* ARE INVITED TO !* *l> cl a . Aeuly grain b'i llaoi totMalned Iroen an arls tOi' At r farti' In od S| aln of ahaulula (larfoclion, tho liu* at ge a ever n l< r?i n tola eoiiotry. B W. Pi I'MB, D amoud Broker, 511 Broadway. A T THE OiUOIMAT- L, JACOBS, 407 BR0ADWAT.? 1\ Silver full |e well?d hnullag Caae Watahao. $17, do Le>er?. >2 . a Ini.e <arieiy oi rompos Hon, go d plal#l, Ira gill and (lol l very low flaurea. all warranted for iwo year., O gmal L .lACOB1-', W7 Broadway. Eatab il-heU ts4>. Du"Woold and hilver. "^EPuOtt AND 81LVIB. Parsing ? no wlab loaoll DiAinoti<U. oi<j uoi.l. Silver, or aay klndoroM laihioned J' we ry, ^o to LOUIS A*RIC11,7B r A positive faci Ife para 40 per eeal more Ibaa p?r?oii. t-tihli.hed in Ww York a t,ca Uie a<4 ua iW the la to Martin fai Bnren Make no ml ? w U toad way aorilh'i anniMrai lake? T?: Iiioalw.iy. in l. r ihe New Y..rk llotoi. DIAMO<<l^ UOLD AND HILVER W A Tr M t . Sll.t E It Piatr and a'.l si lielea of value purehaaed for oeah. a> a fair price ()ri; nal L. JACOBS 4J7 Hroadway. B-'ab Ustiai 20 -ear* /'OLD AND bll/.EB W AT'Hf.g? A LABOR ASACRT moot on hand for greenbacks at go d pr cea, from $io upwarda; erary wat-h warraniA I by e|-*ciai guaranloe rir two yeara, aecond hand watc<<c. taken in etcnaug* Or g ral L. JACOBS ?07 Broadway. OCR NEW BT> LF. CALIFORNIA DIAMoNDU MOI NT 1 11 iu sol'd If CHiat goid, e i a in orilliancy lo tbo real at eae fuui lb the priea Kooba P n* Ring' from $4 up ? aril", of the mut' alahoiAie d*ai ;n :. m ist be seen lo b? appreciated On*lna. U J A' O IH, ?<1 Broadway BATCHES AND .IEWRI.RY OF ALL D1SCRIPTI0N8 For sale by (jRo c 4tLBJI 119 peoa^way, cae it or below Canal atreol. formerly 11 Wall atreel. UrAiCllE8.CH4l.MB AND IBWRLRT OF B VRBT VA rlelv an I *4y a. woith liom $g to |IOO eacB ail e e, will be ao d foi $1 e?'h article Certifl''atea of all Ihe ar tic a*, atatlng w ?l i.i UvAa bare are pui a aa?*l' r?e, sealed an 'mixed *nd w?'e0 orlered are drawn without i ho ce, an 1 hy mall f r h cauia aash or trefaill. A I drees flpenetT A Co., !l Bevadway, New Tark. HF.W PVBUcIiToRI. APII YSIOLOOTC I L VIEW OF M ARRI AOE-CO* laming aaar.y W0 page* and i>' fine platoa sen en rravtnge of the aua "my or the buinaa organs In A stale ol lieal 1 1 and disease, with a Irealiaa >? early errt.r*. 1|? do plorahia conae t I'lica* n;<oii 'ha mind and body, wiig tha Autbnr'e plat of tres'meot? Ihe only rational and avioroeaful n o ie id c ira, aa >huwn by trie rapoil of eaaoa troatad A trn Ihfn1 adnaar to lie anarrled and thoao eon' ?uarrla. who would know their phyelcal eonlltion Hen. i no of ,f ??' to any addraaa ou nvrelpt of IA caan la siamr* or ooeul (iirieney. Address Dr La Crolt, Jl Ealdea lana, Ainany. s. Y TtlST PCBLIMHKD-TIIE LITTLE JOB "R. Fl'LB OF e| Wit and Humor Bant la aea'.aJ enveioi>o on r*-?'pl of (lee cent*, or wftli an ev iuIs ic Pboloir vh fur ? aaaia, by F. O. WATiON. Pithllal-or. B. t. T BTTEB OF ADTJCB FOB LA DIM J J m riVB ANATOMICAL KEiIKAVINOE 11 am laforuiAtlun naver beeu publlthod __ Beni free lo a eevied eneelopo. for B7 eanta Addfaag Dr Bau ord, bus 4 M ?a? fork Poet oiBoa. M ATR1MONT ? WHY E VERY **N BftOCLD MABkY iVA Why ? ery worn- .!.? I """"y,'. ? know read "flluot rated ?air age Outdo sad MAdloal Ad? fiMr t? w. a,, kapI m (> J w PP IWW ttiftwMr' i# S3? M ceil* A JXrMA *vi. 11 W kite ?re. t. Mow York. . Vfrw BOOKS, C'AiTB? 0E VIBITK. 800 iN rarlail-a and ?{**?"? ? k Prnfffiri Tra it ?nri>ii4' --I i??q I (or to I) J ntccfiasing Af*ti * _ I*"*" rt>"* ' "e* Tot* fiiiiR TUB JLOiHOAL WRITIN'SB OF | M" Vm ABU EL BWEri:.>B0E(7, d. fleeing 'ba mystrrlea of 4, scree ng II CaV EN AMD IIBLf. glid Hie splrtt'iSl aansii of ' THK HOLY BIBLE f?r lAif *1 i?ont SO Cooftr IstllHi*

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