Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1864 Page 5
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Ut%t there ?u an immense consumption of gunpowder With but alight results. rt)? rebel batteries to trout of the Whole length of our Due gradually opened tire. At bcon firing was going oa from right to left. Tbe quiet of our encampment wan broken up, aud much speculation was Indulged in n to tbe object Deaureg^d had in view. Tbo artillery bring coutluucd until sun <}own, and tbeD ceased. t\ e are still in doubt us to what they maim by tbe noiay demonstration Major Geuoral Butler visited the rront , md rnuaitied there for several hours At one time It npi eai ed tb t the rebels were merely making a felut on our right for tbe purpose of at tracting our atteutlon Irom the redTohjuct of their at tack ? Spring Hill fort.ou tiio lower aide of the Appo otatkiz rivor. Tho lort ha boon built siuce Cenera! Hut ler'soccapation of this portion, and is bold by General Hlnclcs. It in almost directly opposite Point of Rocka. Oer.oral Butler ordered tbo Seventh New York independent battery t> pluco their guns in position at Point at Rocks, for tiio pur;>ose of protecting tbo fort ehoukl tbe rebels have attempted to storm It. Our gun boats en tbe Appoinalt' i threw a number of shells into the rebel lines, and lor Mime time appearances soemed to Indicate that OoAurugard iotcuded to mass his Infantry Aud force our pesiuou. Ho tried our streogh on u grand ? eoale and found us prepared at every point. At sunset thd firing ooased. There were but few casualties among our troops, second lieutenant trederlck Hull, belonging to Company G, of the Soventb Connecticut Volunteers, was killed. Lieutenant H > Id ?v in , or the eiua regiment, was wounded, but n<>t mortally , and private Edwurd E. Dome, aleo of tbe Sevenib connection!, was wounded, ftovoral other casualties occurred from tbe burting of tbo - rebel- s belle. Lieutenant Hull was one 'of tbo most promising young offloers to the volunteer t^rvice. He bad been but very recently promoted His superior o Ulcers speak in tbe highest terras of liis Uients and bravery, and bis death 'bas-spnsri a feeling of smlncfs throughout the regiment. REINF' 'R K.MKXTS KOB I.KK Rebel deserters continue to come within our lines. 0ome of tbo men who came in to day report that Rap per's and Johnson's brigades have been sent off to rein feroe l.eo, who has beon driven into Richmond by con oral Uraut. 1 bey also report tbat Beauregard is about to plaee in position on tho e\tromo lert of his line a two bundrod pounder Parrott pun, for tbe purpose of driving Our vessels down tbe Jnmea river. OL'U GUNMOATS AT WORg. During tbe last lew days tho Commodore Perry and other gunboats have boon actively engaged on Appomat tox river. Tbe rebels bad erectod several forts along the lower bank or the rivor which it was deemed expe dient to reduce. Our gunboats are reported to have ac complished the work, although exposed to a heavy Arc from tbe rebel works. Arrival of the flo?pftal Steamer George Leary, with Pom- Hundred Wounded from Sutler's Army, The United Statos steam transport Georgo Leary, Cap tain Lewis D. Demlnc, nrrived at this port last evening direct from Fortress Mour- e. The Leary brought four hundred and four wounded men from Butler's army, CbieQy belonging to tbo Tooth and Eigbteeutb oorpa. The Loary la a splendid hospital boat, spacious, airy ?nt extraordinarily clean and comfortable, and is officered throughout by genulro sailor gentlemen. The men were under tbe care or !>r. Goo -ge K. Osborne, chiof surgeon of tbe Fifth Massachusetts cavalry. His personal and professional efforts to render the brave meu easy, and in anticipation of their wonts were pralsoworthy In tbe extreme. The Leary nmdi a swift and tranquil passage frcm Hampton Roads, notwithstanding an accident that occurred to ber by reason of tbe blundering culpability of the captain of ihe steamer Helen Geltv, who brought the wounded from Ham ptou Hospital to the Leary. As he was nearlng the latter steamer for the purposo o ( placing tbe men nboard of her be most carelosRly rtin foul the steru or tbo Leary, doiug damage to tho oxteut Of one thousand dollars The following is a list of the wounJed brought by tbe Leary, aud tho nurses in attendance upon them. Tbey will be aent to tbe hospitals this morning: ? UtT OF MEN THANSyEURKD TO NEW TORK. Whltnov A. Lee, A, 115th N. V.; Corp. Iorenao K. Lo ?All, H, 25th Mass. . Peter Putgman. I>, 116th N. Y. ; G. W. Bower, C, 40th Penn., Vtrgll Shaw, B, 87th Ohio Francis Johnson, H, llSth N. Y. ; Corp. Speucer W Young, B, 8th Me; Fdson P. Hogors, recruit. 16th N. T. art ; Sorgt. Daniel Morgan , I, 7th Conn -. Wilber McN'all , G,98th N. Y.; Win. H. Harrington, H, 7th Conn.; James Stanton, I), 139th N Y. : l oter Shelfer, C, 68th Pern.; First Sorgt August ?Hller. M. 1st U. 8. cav : Corp. John Kn^x. I, lltb Pa. cav. ; Curtis Flatter. K, 149ih N. Y. : Sergeant I/>renzo Bond. C, 48th N. T. ; Corp. Kerman Neil, K, 148th N. Y : Wlllard Kingsbory. G. 3d N. Y. cav.: Andrew Morrison, B. 148th N. Y. ; Fdwnrd Cun ningnam. G, 48th N. Y. ; Wiliiim I'uer. K. 180th N. Y ; Patrick Scott, F, 1( th Coun ; Got tlt-lb Jlyer. A, 1st Dts triot of Columbia cav.; Michael Kuseb, E, 07tli Pa.; John B. Bryson I, 13th N. Y. art.; iUfred J. Moss, K, 189th NT. Y. ; .tamos Ftnnrgan, I, Ttb JTH.; ffffl. Anderson. D, Tlh N IL; Nehemlah Itichards, H, 8th Me ; Peter Roth, B. 1f ?tb N. Y ; John H Tymor son, 8, 148th N. Y ; Janie^ M irtln, D, 8th Conn.; Peter J. Ooble, G, 4th N. II : Tlioiuas Iioran, (>,li>blb N. Y. ; Martin Granby, G, 118th N' Y. : Hsrt banders, 1st Conn, artillery: Jacob ljimpcrt, K, fth Pa. ravniry; Patrick Cullen, l>, lfiOth N. Y. . .Inmes Hint, E, 9th V.J. : f'enjt. Daniel Travis, B, 1Mb N. Y. : Jobu Opp,E, 5tb !"?. c?v airy . Silas 1-. (<ibson . I, 'i.itb Mass. ; Sorgt. J as. W.'Donn, K, 48th N. Y. . l"ii B Kn 'wlton, M, 3d N. Y. cavalry; Corporal Harsh il Wd"on, I. lWth V. Y. : Isnan Wentz, K, 65th Pa.; Bernard McUlnwe, I), 11th Conn.; Corporal Ad dlsou L D?veni>ort, C, 118th N. Y.: An<lr?w J. Itallard. V, ?th"Me ; Charles Case, V, l?Rih N. V.; Corj^ral Jns>>ph Van Cliff, ll, 48tb N Y.; Corporal George I. Iseugart, 8d Pa artillery . Narcesu Aber. A. 14'Jd N. Y. ; Charlef Haybrlck . B. 1st N. Y M. It.. Haley Wren, K. *5th Pa Cbaa. E. Cobb, K. 1st N. Y. mounted riilea; Corp. Mark E. (lusher, 1, 8th Me.; Josoph Hi erick, F. .'l?tb III.: Wm J. Matthews, H, 3d N. 11.; Corp. J. A. Hutchins, F, #t>th 111.; Corp. llenry John, R. 13tti Ind : Wm. Fink, H, 13th Ind. ; Jacob Bowers, E, 13tn ind. ; Fcrdinauu Fisher, 1, 13ih Ind.; Patrick Linahiin , C, 40(b Mass.; Timothy llaniiing. C, 40th Mnsa. : Melanctbon lluhbard, E, 13th'lnd. ; llllbian ObltZjD, 13th Ind.. Corp. .1. U. I.evett, A. 3d N. U ; Henry Icka, K, 65th Pa.; TV'ni. H. Smith, C, 97th Pa.; William Brown, C, 97th Pa. ; C b ir>s seekins, D, 9th Mo. : .lames McManas, D, 97tb Pa ; Bi'njainin Patterson. 11 , 97th Pa.: Adam Herr.og.G, 3Pth N. Y. ; C B. Mnsgrove, B, 97th Pa. : Andrew Gallup, A, 8th ? onn.; Joseph Mter?. K . R.^th Pa.. Jas. 8. Starr, F, 97th Pa ; ?er?l. Geo. I. Smith. K, 97tn Ps., Corporal Aaron Cook, C, 8iHh .V. Y. ; Anlas role, I, ?7th Pa.; Cyrus Foreman, F, !<7th Pa. ; Glllnm Hnds'jo.D. 13th Ind.; Serpeaut llenry M Hand, 85tb I's. ; Ser gennt John Carce, D, 13th Ind ; Se' t;. W. Polen, K , lfltb Ind.; Wgar A. Will.rd, K, rth Conn.; Fxlward Jones, I, 3d V. II. ; Cori>or.?l 1'anlel Morrow, D, 97th Pa Daniel Macumlicr. C. 9th Mo.: A. P. I'lllon, B, S'.Hh 111, James Cro-sen, P, 97th Pa : John Paron, G, 142d N. Y": Corporal James F- White, 3d N. H. ; Conrad Brower, H, 6th Conn. ; Adam I'hl. H. flth Conn.; Frunk >mith, D, Sth Me.; John II. Kcves, K,8'h Vlo ; Itouben Sleaton, F., 39th HI.; John tfmt'h, E, r.5th Pa ; Cbaries Giff rd. 1, 117th N. Y.; Wm M. Moore, K, HSib N. Y ; John H. Williams, C, 100th N. Y. Mort n S. llalcom. B. 11th Conn.; Patrick Cannon, P. 3inb III.: P. A. Miles, B, 8th Me.; Charles H. Robbins, G, 30th N. Y.; A. C. Millar, H, 97tli Pa ; Perry Berry, C, 3d United States artillery: Cbaries W. Hall, G, 8th C<>an. ; Joseph Pemas, K, 118th V. Y.; Sergt. Henry A. White, H, 26tU Maiw.; James Freeland. E, 100th X. V.; .Urn s Mccree. B, nth N J. Edwin M. l aily. K.llHtn N. V. : Kphralm Hathiway, K. 40 tb Mans ; Francis M Uruvton,C,21st Corn. ; Siergt. John C. Douglas, E, 21st Conn. ; Wm. O. Cruckett, II, 8t!. Conn,; Wm. Arnold, P, 0.Mh ' a.: llonry llarnold, P, 65th 1* ?. ; Franklin Betuck, P, f>6th Pa.; fieorge W. Binder, I), 7th Co?n , Wm. II. Hamilton, P, 9th Me.; 8|*ncer H. Burn ham, A, 7th Conn , Stki Suth A. Itanisaii, H, 11th Me.: Lswellmd J. Llvermore. II ll'h Me.: cbss. F. Clark. F, 117tn N. Y. ; Jas. Mel a>'*hlin, P, 4th U. 8 art'y; Novln aon Wono, C, 2 >th Muss, l W. Hums, F, 7th K. I. art'y , Wm Onhn, II, 2<t N. H. M^nry T I*urceH, K. 9th N. J.: Francis .-hor Plan, u . Ju N H ; ill. Houston. K.26tlLi(ass ; Renry Blanchnrd, 12th N. II.; Chts. H. Spalding, P, C7tti Mass.. Edward I.. Stttson. E, 23d Mass.; J. II. White head, H, 67th Chi >; IT nry H Cl?rk, K, H7th Penn. ; Jo clabCoiburn. H. 7lli N II. Francis Whortl. burg, 8tb Conn., Patrick Ke!l<-tt. ?, nth Conn.; John Murphy, G, ethConn. John Kennedy, P, 8th Conn ; Edwd A Camp bell, K, 97th l enn.; Chirles '. IVgorgi K. 117th N* Y ; Sergt Itoanard McKoo, H,4'ith V. Y.; Wm. H. Plerpont, F, 7th Ccsin. . J<?hn H t lnl?e I, 9th Maine: Stephen l!o nig. K. 47tli N. Y. . .luin.'K V. U^mphrey, 11. llib Maine Wm. J. Owoi s. E, 1 1 7 1 1 1 V. V.; st'as Stewart. F, ll7tn N Y. ; William Pent, A, 7th t'o n ; Joseph Sauler, A, 47th N. Y.; Thomas I^oary, G, lllih N Y. Nli'b>>lns I'eney . A,CRth Penn . Hiram It. Covell, F, 117th N. Y.; John Crawford. C, f>Mh I'enn. IVter UcPoai ugh, 1, 117th N Y.: Win. Flannigan, F, 117th V. Y Geo. W. Foster, B, 117th N. Y. ; ergt. l-oter l.lghthall, C, 117tli N. Y Giles Pal man, A, 117th N Y. ; Ftavo Murphy 1,117th N. Y.. I.dw Rust-ell, II, 9th Maine. 11 II. italcom, B, 117th V.Y.; /scharlth Kobelbard, 1, POth N. X . Marshal Pillon, I, 149th N . Y. ; Jonathan 1 a;->-t,ne. B, 97th l a ; Alexander Timothy, G, iith P?.;Wni > irrftli. A , Utli M line Alonzo C. Horsey, R.Nth M^ino. -erjt Stephen 1 anfnrth, K,9th Maine Sorgo.tit W. A. Pabcock, A, 9th Maine; Ad. d, h is Chlckerlng, A, 3d N. II ; Frai els Sin .?Clair, B, 8th M.une, John s. Campbell, E, 3d N. Y. c?v.; Wm. II. Stark", A, fitu Pa. Ira W. <irwn. P, 39th III ; - ch ?a IL Hortlng, A,10th<?nn.; 'has Rittaley, B. 24th Miss ; ( orjoral onrad Albert. G, lrt9tli N. Y.. lAHiter liecker, (J, lS9th II. : II G. H' lllngton, A, llRth N. Y.; Frank C<^e, *.]l2dN Y : Theodore A I^?l(in. A, 117th V. Y.: Patrick Shields, C, 6ith Pa.; John B Carney, K. 10th Coon ; Thomas C. Aiey, I, 169th M Y.; AUIde Lauee, K, 3d N. H. II. K. Harmrd, A. 97th Pa.; W. (iam meil, F 4th N. H. . Frederick f'pear, H. ?th conn.; Chas, C tia pell. H, t<2'l Ohio; Chas. H. Helld, B. 8th Me.: Albert IV. I luti To th, D Hfi \|e , ,-er^e ml U H?ll?il, K, 3d V. II.; Oarpera' EmerP k Pennett, II, 14-d V. Y.; William ltsx? ter, A. 39th 111.: William Ilona, B, lOOtbN. Y.; llenry & Bryand, U. llth Me. Ju*?lili rothel, C, 40th Mass.. Levi Dlgeiow.K I42d N Y. ; llenry Crits, E. irth Ind : BenJ. T. Cb mterialn, 1, 40th Msss. ; L. II < hadwick, K. 40th Mass.; Patrick Campbell, A, 24th Mass.; William O. PncKell. F., 40tb Mass. Wilhort FHs worth, O, I4td N. Y. ( ailhard l-ulier, II, 13th N. II ; Henry Ne?mw, P. llRth y. ; Henry Alspcncer.F, ttb N. H. Aft Ulcer Chrlstnph'f J l^rrigan, a, 1st N. Y en gineers Perrtn W lte?d, K, 23u Mass ; J?el M Ander ^on.P. ?th C?'n? ; ls*?e Marsh. B. lanh p?.; Albion Bean, F, 9th Mo ; lllram Mv n P, 112th N.Y.: sorgt. Andrew F. Jone<, O. P'th Conn.: .Mv.I^ydon' (I jilh Me. ; Jeslah W. Newell P., Hth N'e ; Robert Peterborough, B, ntn Me. W in II., I, 261b Mass.; I' r tin- s II Morton, F. UAlh Mass. ; Corp. Fernando C. Smith, C, 91th N Y ; Oliver I.nnr.lgan, P.llSth N. Y.; Sergt. Thomas Tlmmons, H, 118th N. Y. ,Corp Robert Williams, K, lS8th Pa. ; ueorge W. ."shin , F, 14ith N Y. : Warren J. can trell, 11, 25th Mass.. t.eorge W. Cook, B, I17lb N. Y.; Julius Neto, E, llHth N' Y ; 1 hllllp Hnyder, B, 188th Pa ; .I'ihn P. Ilovey, P, 2tst C/Onn.; Lawla Harden, C, 13th !nd. ; John F. Ryerson, F, 9th Me ; Aaron Starhope, A,oth Me. Prum Major Fdward B San derson, 9th Me . Frederick Stov?na. 11, 8th Me . Caraden Bhapbard, B, rth t'otm. . Bar Iholooiew Wlltey , A. 4th N, ?., George WatU, C. 3d N Y. cav, ; James B. Shrwman, M, USth N. Y.. Henry III od. K. 118th N. Y Patrick Cougblln, F, 27lh Mass Nathaniel Heed, It lltth N. T.l John Wentt.F, 19th Wis.. At??ert Hillings, II, OMh S. Y.; Richard T McClosty, K , 10th N. U., L-wis McRay. G, IHtb I*. Y. ; lyman Kimball. K, 12lh N. H. . Sergt Albert Paris, l>, 8'l N. II. , Nehmn Pato, K.ll8thN. Y ; Rergt Wm C. Clflbrt, K,40tb Mass ; James Sullivan, F, ?*||N. Y.. ??k J. Botsata. A. UUt Pafid U40 drlcta, A, 24th Mm* ; WIMi?ms. ? rA0t,,<, C,JJ!W John N. BttteM. I, 4th Pa #*v. ; Chanes R Oole,i C, , |48th V. Y.; John MoGratb, C. N. Y. ??., John h.Tro A, 19th Wis.; Robert Hitos, *. 2J N. usmer n, 21st Conn.; Otis OllUM#, k, 25 h "?*?. srsl ci?rg?tant Charles H. Meodocfc, K, 25th ****? ? lienrv a. Hail, A, bth Me ; Frank Mathers, E. 4 th N it; t.ebh LTt Header, A. 5Mh Pa. fiergl Alonzo Dunn loir 1st I) C. caeHty : George Huntington , P. 8th lit. ; k \\ I. dors, G, 97th Pa.; t harles W. Russell, E, 118lh N. Y.;KralicU F-eker B,9lh N. J.;Charles H. Berry, I, 40th Mass.;J. K Crosby, 1'. 8B?1 Muss. ; Eugene Fag an, 0, 1891b N. Y , Itonj. JuJtl l', 117tb N. Y. ; .^ergt Henry Komenme^lcy, I, 48th ji Y*. Kraorla l>ownlng, B, 100th N. Y. ; Jas Roberts, P. 16ath Pa Serai Kdward Sibier, E. 188th Pa. ; Henry E B Pardee. P, 117th X. Y.; John Sullivan, 0,143d N. Y , J tines June, H, 118th X. Y,J Oeorne W. Hoalev,B, 3d N. 11. Frederick Kuobloek, C.llthOonn.; Musician Al fred J. Kirby , K, 25th Maas : Wm McNamara, I. 48th N Y.; Sergeant Zadock F. Morgan, I, 21st Conn. ; Jeremiah W. Minard, P,48tn X. Y; Isaac Manchester. K, 115th N. Y. ? ilenry Muume, D, 11th Conn. ; lien E Poud, K, 21st Conn,; l?vi I 'helps, K, 115th N*. Y. ; Newton B. Bayers, G, 48th N Y ; Michael Welsh. K, llKth N. Y. ; Ber nard Freeman, G. 24th Mays. ; Walter Smith, K, 11th Mo.; Wm Haliett, A, 67th Ohio; Wra. I. Allen, D, 21st Conn. ; E. S. Periods, B, 11th Me.; Corporal George Gravoe, G. 142d X. Y. ; James Gorman, P, 142d X Y. ; Jas. Orindrod, n, 97th Pa. : B. F. Glover. G, 40th Mas*. ; Theodore Hover, I, oUth Ml.; Thomas Hayden and Ale* Holden. B,142?l X- Y.; William Hurd, E. and David P. Smith, K, 11th Me.; Thomas ft John, F, 07th Pa Joseph H. Tupper, H, 115th X. Y.: Jacob Aobnrn, D, 100th X. Y.; W. T. White, I, and Jas. M Wilcox, B. 39th 111. Sergt. .TnoW. White. C, 142d X. Y. ; F. B. Heath, II, Tth N II.: Wm. Hlgglna. F, 1st X. Y. mounted rifles; Michael Lynch, A, 4th N. H. ; Milton J. Loring, E, 40th Mass.; Jonn I*ne, A. 48th N. Y.; Michael McNally, C, 89th III. ; Charles A Mensoll, E, 11th Maine. Prank Mercell, K. Sd X H.; Joseph S. Perkins, F, 40th Mass : l>avid Rltcbey, K. 55th Pa.; Michael Smith. P, SOth 111.; Henry B. Starhot>e, E, 11th Maine, Chrlstophor Stuloy, K, lOOIhX. Y. ; Richard Btadden, F, 3d N, II. Cits. Schiller, D, 47th X. Y.; William F. Yearsley, E, 1st N. Y. mounted rlflea: Mnm Austin, K, 9th Maine; John Brown, E. 81st N. Y.; Albert W. Clark, F. 14<<th X. Y.; John S. Hill, C, 1st P. C. cavalry; Prank Kingston. A, 27ih Mass. ; T. O'Shaaghnocsy, F, 4th N H. ; Franklin Hvynes, B, 97th I'a. ; Linsey Batcholder, B, 25th Mass ; Hernoant Jaroog GhIoh , F, 14ftth N. Y.; John Quinlan C, 4th Ta. oavalry; Reason Snuir, F. 76ih Pa.: Prod a rick Ce'lor, A, 115th N. Y.; Geo. a Watorman, U, 7th Conn.; Francis V. Woods, F, 3d N. H. ; Joshua P. Thornton, 1, 188th Pa ; Silas J. Cooper, P, 19th Wis. . Mathlas Hock, I. ICth Cmn.; Charle3 Wright, I), 11 1 h Conn. ; John Ro'.ch, K , 11th Conn. ; Marshal P. Went worth, G, 3d N. H.; William 8. Barto, G. loth N. Y. cav. William Cate. F, 10th N. H ; Frnncls Matthews. E, 4th V. H.; Felix Gearv. H, 118th N'. Y.; Joha Kearney, K, 58th Pa ; John Plt/enrlnhler, 139th N Y. ; John Sears, G 48th N Y.; Wlltlim Minor, H, 118th N. Y.; Corporsl Fdward Pee, C, 2-lth Mass.; Goorgo Sloan, I, U2d S. Y.; George W. Weaver. B. 115th N. Y. ; Charles W. Coon, II, 27th M;ifS ; Prank ilolgato, B, 118th N. Y.; Hamilton Craner, E, 148th N. Y. ; George Reed, P, 48th N. Y. Corporal Prencer W. Yonng, B, 8th Me. ; C5orp?Tal Edwin Bennett, F, 11th Conn.; Win. J. Simmons, B. 11th Conn ; Edwin W. Jon s, E. 10th Conn. ; John Brown, F, 2d N.ll. Serjeant Alonzo Dunning, P, 1st P. C. car. : Gehhart Bender, A, 5.'>th l'a.: Thomas Jennings, I. 48th N. V . John O. Gardner, A, 9th Mo: Terenco G. O'Connor, H, 1 39th S. Y ; William N. Bradley, C. 3d S.Y. cav.; Hiram G Voorhees. F. 9th N. J.; Chirles W. Russell, E. 118th V.Y..fle<-T!reH. Billings, F, 9th Malno; George II. Mason, j{ 3d N. Y. arty: Sorpuant C. 1'. Little, H. 9th N. J : W B, Jones, H, 112lh N. Y.: Harry Neal. F.. Uth Pa. cav : Zadeok Satsrlee, I, N. J. cav.; Jack Greener. C, 11th Conn. ; Asa 1). Carroll, F, 11th Conn ; Joseph W. M we. I, 27th Muss.; Harvey M. Coombs, I, 98th N. Y ; Ernstus Boston, G, 98th N. Y.; Patrick Gateland, F, 5th Pa. cav.; Corp. Frederick Wllcor, F. l=t R. I. artv.: Almon Crater, C, 115th X. Y. : Joseph Dotroder, K, 56th Pa.; Michael Welsu, K, 118th N. Y. : David 8. Campbell, P, 10th X. H.; Joseph Dryer, E. 27th Mass.; Pstrlck Cadon, A, 47th X. Y.; Froderlck Weisser, G. 25th Mas# : 1st Serp?snt f?r nellnsCotant, B, 48th N Y ; James Little, P, X. Y. NAMB3 OF TUK KDBSKS ACCOMPANTINO THK WOCNl>KD. J S. Craft, Acting Hospital Steward, 15th X. Y.; Jesse Timms, clerk, I,?2d Ohio; James Harlton, rlork, I, fl2d Ohio; Alford Clmxioy, B, 7th X. !L; Clark yiiacklnbusli. A. 100th X. Y. ; Orange A. Cowlee, A, 118th X Y. . Wm Ordway, K,22d Mas? ; William Thomas. K, 15th N. Y.; Harrison Cook, K, 15th X. Y.; Alfred Phenlx, H, 115th V. Y.; Ceorge W. Smith. F, 115th X. Y.: Jam?s MorHI. K, 20th N. H. : John W. Bovander, II, 81st X. Y. ; KMridpe P Green, K, 16th X. Y.; Samuel T Shephard, K,20th X. H. ; Otis G. Willey, K. 20th X. H.; James B Sherman, P. 118th X. Y.: Henry B. Chatter30n, H. 118th X. Y Jamee A. Lee, K, 15th X. Y.; Bernard Moore, C, 26th Mifl. REBEL ACCOUNTS FROM GEORGIA. The Contest at New Hope? Reported Re Sulec of Onr Troops? Our Lom Si?I?1 to !e Between Five and Seven Thou ?anil? benerali Howard and King Woemled, Ae. rFrom the Rlehmond Enqnirer, M*y 80.1 Xrw Hoi-*, via MARimi, Ga.. May 28, 1864. General Cleburne's division engaged the Fourth army corps, under Howard, abo'it one o'clock this morning, and, after a d?tM?rato contest, signally repulsed the enemy, with a lens of between five and seven thousand. We captured between one hundred and fl'ty and two hundred prlsonors, exclusive or wounded, nrd Immense o iantttlrs of arms and accoutrements, neniral Cleburne ?ays the enemy 's dead were piled thicker than he evor saw before. Betweon six hundred nnd one thousand desd were left close up to his front. Tliolr lino of breast works in front or Lorlng's command was abandoned Our loss is probaMyflve hundred. Skirmishing is still going oo against the enemy 's left, which is gradually giving way. v*w Hops. May 29, 1864. . Cranberry's brigade was placed In action at flvo A. M. vestorday, when tho enemy attempted to turn our Hank We had no defences except a few boughs and stones has tlly eollociod by tho cavalry which held the position as skirmishers before the brigade c*me up. Tne engage ment Immcd lately became furious, and rsged with una bated violence until eight P. M The enemy 's lines were advanced wl'hln five paces of oors several times, and were at all points ropuUed. Having no support the bri i'ado was not allowed to hazard tho position by a eharpe until noon, when Waltham's brigade arrived and took position immediately tn their re tr The cb?rge was then ioun.led, and the brigade swept through the woods, retak ing three lines of battle without firing n gun, and csptur Bertham's regiment, of Gowan's brigade, wss detnebeo at half past five P M snd pent to the right of Gronber rv's which was being outllankod. It arrived In time, and checked and drove the enemy Bertbam S loss was cntv eight killed ord one hundred and sixty wounded; Granborry's thirty six killed, one hundred and twenty flve wounded, Ave mlsslog ... v. j..j The enemy left two hundred and eighty-eight dead on the Held and a isrfo number wounded Ihese do .d were all killed by Herthain's Arkansas regiment. wMrli wna separated from Granborry s line by an Interval ol T one hundred paces. The loss In Granberry's Immediate from is not le-s than throe hundred killed, one thousand two hundred wounded and many caplured n,i?,di?r Prisoners re|>ort Major General Howard and Brigadier General King wounded. The skirmishing continued until nightfall, the constantly shifting tboir poeltions from the centre to the !e't. . Dcstraetlve Fire in Philadelphia. I nit.Ai xli iiu, Juno 2, 1864. A fire occurred at five o'clock this morning, damaging tho buildings on the Xorth Polaware avenue, Xos 117 to 121, occuppled by Foil* Tralnor. Iron dealer, loas $7,500; Samuel Meaklngs, tobacco manufacturer, io'S >25,000. X. Pollings k Co., commission merchants, lose $4,000. B. l?ve, commission merchant; J. H. Psnfln, produce broker; II. H. Fjigllsh. grocer; A. F- Outerbridgo, ship ring merchant; Wm. Wilder, produce dolor; J. K. Scbcll k Co , fl*b dealers, Ios? |7,000; Ate*. Heron, Jr. A Co. , shipping merchants. Most or the loss was occasioned by water, snd a large quantity of articles were stolen by men in the dress or firemen on the pretext that the owners were copperheads. There was little insurance on the property. THE WEEKLY HEEALD. The Best and Cheapest Newipsper in the Coantrjr. Tho Wmrr.T Bkralp, for the present week , ready to morrow (Saturdays morning, will contain ? Full detain, from Our Special Correspondents, of the Advance or the Army of tbe Potomsc on Richmond, ac compelled with a Map of the Great Battlo Field or tho Rebellion ; Particulars of tho Operations or General Sher man in Georgia; Interesting Xews from New Orleans and tbe Southwest, An account or the Fxplosion or four Tor near Xowbern, X. C.. killing over forty New York soldiers; Proceedings of the Cleveland Mass Convention; The latest Xows from Europe; Poetry, an excellent Story; Interesting I.ltcrsry, Artistic and Scientific Information; Theatrical and Musical Review; Sporting and Agricultu ral News; Facetl.r; Valushle reports of the Money, Com mercial, Pry Goods, Cattle and Horse Markets, and ac counts of all Important Events of tbe week. Terms? 12 I*r annum; three copies, $5; five copies, *8 ton copies, 115. Single oop'ee, in wrappers, five cents each j. MAILS FOE THE PACIFIC. The mall steamship Chsmploo, Captain Jones, will leave Ih's port to-day for Asplnwall. The malls for Central America and the South Pacific will close at half past ten o'clock this morning. Ihe N*w Yoss Hssstn? Edition for the Paclfie? will be rrndy at half past nloe o'clock this morning, and will contsln:-Fnll and reliable accounts of the Move ments of the Army nnder t.ieutensnt General Grant to wards Richmond, Vs., with details from our own Cor respondents of the Battles fought, the V,ctorles gained, and of his present poiltl n within sight of the Rebel Capital, Illustrated with an excellent Map of the Scene of Operational Tbe latest News from General Butler's Dl vision on the soeth eide of Richmond; Full acoouots of the brilliant Movements of General Sherm?n s Army In Georgia, with Ihe latest despatches from his headquarters, wltbiu fifteen miles of Atlanta; The latest News from tbe Union Army In different parts of t'te country . I*te and Important Intelligence from the Rebel States . Ihe latest News from lero|<e, and reports of all important events cf tbe past Ion days (pile H t unpen, rt?df iof n?Ul?ts>Ui HiTWS FROM WASHINGTON. <ater?8tlBf DaftaU ia the lUuic to th? Tariff Dill. The Tax Jill Completed ia Seoati Com mittee of the Whole. THE NATIONAL FINANOGS, If, \amwoTO?, June 2, 1844. ni PROPOSED N'r.W LOAN. The time for offering the propa'ad m* ,osn of seventy Are millions hu not yet beon do flnitoly flxed. ft had been stated that It would take pfeoe today, but the Secretary atltl baa the matter unMer consideration. Although the act of March 3, 1863, irndor which this loan Is to be made, limit* the rate of InWVeet to not more than aix per oent to be paid by the Unli>d States, tt la strongly recommended by financier)! of hlfc'b reputation that seven-thirty three yo*r notes shall be substituted for long bonds, boariag sis per cont Interest. It to argued that the premium whloh will be commanded t>y such uoteg will reduce the Interest to be paid to less thatr sis per cent, eo as to bring the loan within the provisions of the law, and also tnat the negotiation of guoh a loan wilt not intorfnre with the current subscriptions to the ton-forties, wnich, it Isapprehendod, will bo the result or the Issa^ef long six per cent bonde. The subscriptions to the t?n-forty loan reported at tUo Treasury Department to day, amount to |1 ,036,000. TUB Tlx BILL IK TUB SENATE. The Senate to-night concluded its considoratlon of the Internal Revenue bill in Committee of tho Whole, and will probably defer anal action until next week. Much credit M awarded Mr. Feesendon for bis earnest and un remitting labors upon the bill, to whoso tact and inde fatigable Industry its early completion is mainly duo. DEBATE IN THE HOUSE ON T11E TARIFF BILL. To day was set apart by the House for the discussion of the Tariff bili , the object being to allow a few members to express their views at length upon tbo subject. The debate botween Mr. Cox and tho Now England members was qnito spirited, tbo former claiming that Western Interests were unprotected and heavily taxed for the benefit of the Eastern States. Insinuations of recession sympathizers were advanced and repelled, and nearly the whole afternoon consumed in profitless speeclimaklng. Tt Is understood that to morrow tl>? bill is to be actcd upon by sections. An unusual number of members were In attendance at the House to-night, although tho session proved emi nently profitless. Mr. F. Wood male a characteristic speech in opposition to the Tariff bill, after which the House attempted other business, but finally adjourned, evidently disgusted witb night seasions. TIIB TAX ON NATIONAL BANKS. Tbo tax on National Banks, as the bill now stands, is on circulation, one. half of ono per cont every six months, or one per cent per annum; on deposit*, one-quarter per cont overy six months, or one liaif per oent per annum; on capital, beyond amount invested in United Stntcs bonds, ono quarter per cent every six months, or one balf per oent per annum. THE PROHIBITION 0? GOLD SPECULATIONS. The Senate bill prohibiting speculation in time sales of geld and foreign exchange, which was passed several months ago and now lies on the Spaalcer's table, was reached to night but informally papsod over. Represen tative Hooper has prepared an amendment, aud the measure will be called up by him at an early day. TnE BLOCKADE IN THE N0RTH OF EUROPE RAISED. It has been officially announced to the State I\>pirt ment tbat, in consequence of a suspension of hostilities brought ab-mt by the Conference now sitting in London, the biockadc of tho ports of Oammia, swinemundo, Wol gist, KeiTswaMe, StraulBund, liaith, Danzig and I'illau, and of the ports nod inlets In tho duchies of Schleswijj and Holstein, was ordered to bo raised on the 12th uit. THE COMMANDER OF THE REVKSUE CUTTER A.8UCE IOT. Captain Merryman, United Statos rovenuo service, has been assigned to tho command of tho revonue steamer Asbuolot, now in New York harbor. (JRFELEY'S CONFERENCE WITH THE DEMOCRATS. It M rumored to day In Congressional circles that tho conference held on tho floor of the IIou3e yesterday bo tween Messrs. Greeley, Hro k- Cood, I,oug and others, has resulted in a compact between Mr. Greoley and the peace democracy to defeat the re-election of Mr. Liccoln. TIM NF.W WDHLD A FLOATING H08PITAT,. The steamer New World, fortr.orly of the Hudton river, Is being fitted up at Alexandria as a floating hospital. It Is expected to accommodate about two thousand pa* tients. WOrrDED MEN PICKED UP. Day before yesterday a number of our wounded men were picked nn on a raft In the I'otomar, near Aquia creek. These were accidontly left by our transports, and, aftsr being captured by guerillas and paroled, they made their way to Aquia creek, where they constructed a rude raft and drifted down stream, hoping to fall In with some of our veseel.i. WOCNDED MEN DESPATCnBD TO NEW YORK. The steamer West Metropolis Is loading with wounded men for the hospitals in New York. 6CARCITY OF STEAMERS. So great have become the necessities of the govern ment for transportation that all the steamers doing busi ness on the Potomac, with one or two oxeepti~>ns, have been Impressed Into the public service. APPOINTMENT. Alfred Tenney, of Ohio, haa been appointed Indian agent for the Upper Missouri. This i( the fir?t appoint ment under the law to organise the Teiritorial govern ment of Moo tana. THIRTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS* riRST SR?3!ON. Senate. Washington, June 2, 1564. pensions for relatives or ms rmrr pillow vjctimh Mr. Foster, (rep.) of Conn., Introduced the following resolution, which was adopted ? Kesolved. That the Committee on Pensions be inrtructed to Inquire wheiher any further legislation Is ti'C"?"'?ry to provid- suitable relief for tlie widows nnd children of colored aoldiers in the service of the Unl'.ed 8:atc? wh were ms*c*cred at Kort Pillow, and that saflt commliuc have leave to report by bll! or otherwise. TU? CANADIAN SK Ipaorrr TREATY. On motion of Mr. McPouoall, (opp.) of Cal , It was Resolved. That the Committer on Ktrelgn Rr' iti n? be instructed to Inquire and report what legislative v inn 11 aeesssary in re?ard to the Reciprocity treaty w;th llreat Britain and whether It be desirable, should the tre <ty con tinue in fonv\ that the Pa-illc count lie Included in ua ope ration : and that In view of the foresolna the ootnmlttee bo Insirtio'ed to report to the Henate up 'U tue commercial re ?ulis of the treaty thus far. SKTTLKXBNT OP CALIFORNIA t.A!?r> TITLES Ob motion of Mr. Connibw, (rep.) of Cal., the Houj" bill to expedite the settlement of land titles In Californ a, at San Francisco and elsewhere, was taken up and pished. RIMES or DOl'BLB BvtiSR OtTNBCAT OONTNAiTOHS. Mr. Hals, (rep.) of N. H., called up the joint resolu tion for the rollof of the contractors 'or the ma h nery of ?Idewbeel gunboats, known as ''doubleeodors " The bill sutboriros the Secretary of the Treasury to ap point tbreo commisalooers to ascertain what lc?ses have boon suffered by the contractors, and how far they are justly entitled to relief, and the Secretary of the Trea sury i* to nav the sums adjudged to be equitably dee. Mr. Gmras, frcp.) of Iowa, offered a substitute for the resolution, which refers all claims based upon those con tracts te the Court of Claims. After some discussion between Mr. Grimm and Mr. Baui, the bill went over under the rules Tirr iNraaxAL srvrncb rill. Ttte consideration of the Tax bill wa? then re'itrre 1 The Amendments of Mr Clark, In reference to tobacco, wore adopted. Thcv are as follows:? On tohocco, cavendish, plug, twist and all other descrip tion* from waleh the ?'em haa bean taken out. in whole or In part, er which l? sweetened, Including fine out an 1 floe cut ?horte, twenty ersrenta per noun I. On omos in* tobaere man u fset ured with all the item In the leaf, not harms heeo Batted or stripped from the items and not ?weeteneiC and refuse or aborts separated from tho fine cut tobacco, twenty -flee cents per po ind. On e it amoking tebaeoo, made eiefmlrelf pom sterna, and not miied wTth leaf or leaf and stems, fifteen cents par pound. Mr. Harris, (rep.) of N. Y. , moved the f>llowtng amendment to the one hundred and eeoood section , which was adopted t? Any person . Arm. company or corporation owning or poe eeaatni. or havlnii the care or management of any rat.ioaa, canal, steamboat. ?htp, barg>>. canal boat or anr other v"< sel, or of aoy etasc ,-oaeh or other vehicle engaged t em ployed In the bnstnsee of tran?portlnii pai-engi : s or pro|>ertF for hire, or in >ran*porung the n.ail of toe t'Liied Ktales. or e' any cana' .Vhe water from which is sold snd ^d for mlntna purposes, ekall lie mihjeet to ana pa* a duty i?f two and alialf per cent upon their sr -aa re enlnts; provided that the duty Imt *e I in this section shall not he charged upon persona 01 ?ra?el? rinlus Ml engaged In carrying re: a-Ma or property, or both, to and from any port In the United State* to and fr m any foreign port. Ob motion of Mr. Harri-*, '-fr Mee" were included In the provisions of tbo section as amended. The tax on expreae onmcaniee wee <?Cfeased, OB mo tion of Mr. IIass b, from three to two and a bsif per cent An amendment of Mr C?l>a?*r, (rep ) ef vt. , levying aft a^ditigMi Uft o( ton una an kUe tn?vi?W of per oous abroad, who are of (he I'm ml States, was adopted. An aincndmen' of Mr ?oilavkk to exempt easing* bank", wit; u ri<( ve ui> 'icj ??'":?> cu 'If "Mil t<? In in <or th*-o depos w ami lor no oth? purpo-oa, waa discussed at some lei tb and |vwt -oned. Till IMITIMi kl Mr I w*, (rep ) (,r Kan ? as, w tsbed 4lt ?t t'to iw>m r>f the Semite might h? i ?k?n en a1J arnfig #?r tr? n Siturday until Wedneet ty for the pirp ao of *UowiQ? |u ? Sjoatur* to attend the liaitimore Couveuwoo. We* oral Senators ? .1 pHl;a? " ili . W fM?M, (rep > of Ms-ui . hoped the Senate woi.Md pay no attention to the Italttmore Convention. lbo senate, at half past four o'clock, took a races" ul?IU s?vou o'clock. KVKN'INQ SESSION. novas *>a* at wnt rot.vr. The bill io rciatiou to the profossnra of tbo West Point Acaleray was called up by Mr. Harris and was passud It simply rolleves them from liability 10 military orders. thanks or oo*anrw to i.mtrrcfo nt chlonki tun sr. The joint resolution teudormg tho Uiauka of Congress to Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Dailey, acting engineer of tho Njuctoeuih army coips, was called up by Mr. Doouttlo, and after the adoption of an umendment offered by Mr Orime.-, striking out the olauso authorising a gold medal to ba struck, the joint resolution was adopted. jrmcui. mattkiw. Mr. Thimm-li., (rep ) of III , Introduced a bill io relation to the pay aud emolument* of attorneys and clerks in the Supreme Court or the District of Columbia, wbioh wag referred. Tho bill authorizing the Secretary of tho Treasury to stipulate for the release from attachment or other proooaa of property claimed by the United Si a tee waa passed. THB INTBa.NAL aCVKNl'l BILL. The consideration of the Internal Revenue bill ?u ro MNi Mr. 8r?t*s?, (rep.) of Mass., imTod to docreaae the tax on gross amount or auction' sales from oqj quarter to one-tenth of one per cent. It was re;oeted. The reading or the bill m In Committee of the Whole sras then completed . and at a quarter past ntue o'clock fb* Senate adjourned. VHIRTV'EIGHTH CONGRESS. FTRsr 8K93IO.V. Hone of Representatives. WitsniNorotf , June 2, 18W. tbk rACirio railroap Mr. 8nrr?tg, (rop.) of Pa., reported a substitute for the Senato bill amendatory of the I'aclfle Railroad act passod July, 1812, tto of which waa postponed till Tbtirpdajr. TBK TARIFF. Mr. Morrhx, (r?r.) of Vt., remarked that the Com mittee on Ways and Me ins In-l directed bim to suggost that this cntlro day be givou to the discussion of the Tariff bill, and that to-morrow the debate be confine* to five mittulo speeches. Ou his motion It was resolved I that tho II. uko at half past four to day take a recess till ball rovoii. Mr. S?:itii, (rep ) of Ky., moved that whon tho House adjourn to morrow it be till Monday week The St BAKKK replied that tbo House could not thu3 ad journ. The bou*e then went into Committee of the Whole, Mr. S h?nrk In the rhair, and took up tho Tariff bill. ' Mr. Mdrilt., (rep ) of VV . said the roa?ons for a change in the tariff ate potential and obvious, auii among lliotn the Treasury rciutros a largo supply of moans, In order to reach the maximum which it wants Tho increase of internal duties makes it necessary to a considerable de gree to increase tho duties 011 foroign importations. It was known that, owing to the withdrawal of so many operatives from their various vocatlous, a pound of wool, a yard of cloth and a ton ef iron cannot bo pro dut cd its cheup ns threo years ago. The wttos proposed in this bill are highly nominal He would be glad to do anything by which the number of days labor ro juired could bo diminished, but, so far as the luxuries of life ami the ornamental evils of fashion are concerned, any tax on such superfluities may bo increased, aud, instead o' being a detriment, may prove at this time a groat pub lie blessing, ni.d especially if large additional means can h i obtained ror the suppression of the rebellion. In the e\;>ret>nlve language qf Oenoral Grant, "We must light out tho battle ou this line if it takes all summer." lie had no idea the war will ba protracted bv the south one moment after the rsbol army shall have been annihilated but hostilities must be prosecuted until tbls takes place.' Tho primary object of tbls bill is to Increase the revenue and at tbe same time nurture our domestic products, from which wo will draw a large amount of Internal revenue. He explained at length the changes In the ra rious rates now proposed, comparing thorn with those io the act which the bill proposes to ainond, and remarked that a decisive victory, whenever it may come, will prove a sharp remedy for preventing a depreciation of the currency; but perhaps the most offeetual remedy would be to cease tho Issues of legal tenders, and rely upon loaus on United States stooks Tho committee, in projx sing the present bill did not see lit to re-ommond prohibitory duties, for tho n>"St cogent reason that the government aceks revenue. This is a war measure, and temporary in its character, and as such ho believed tho country wotibl give to it. their approvul. Let us do right ar.d justice to all interests of tho country, oppressing none. Mr. Cox, lopp.) of Ohio, said he bad, in 18rtl, pro tested ag&lmtt the tartn then ponding aa a greai Bjc.i1 tyranny ? a mountain of burden on the West, ltio pro Kent bill is ao ngRrsvatlnn ot tho tariff of 1S?2. Tho government credit demands taxation, not class legltda tlou nor sectional ndvaul "ties. Ilo would nut accept every plan of taxation. Rcproscrith g not the rieh, tv r tho poor altogether, b it a principle, he demanded that tbeb.'redls ot taxation shill not enure wholly to on* rN'S, and it? bunions fall wholly on anotlior. He pro p? od to discuss tho benefits accruing to the manufactur tng cla. ?os and the burdens lni4>o?ed on tbe agricultural and consuming closing by tho pro?ent and proposed turl.T un l a do; rcciaiod paper currency. In order to pay for flOO wcr'h of goods In Kugland, when gold Is at ?0, the A'nerlcin merchnnt, owlna to the pnoe of e\chnncn. must pay flT4 In our paper; nnd when he brings that amount of goo Is hero, in order to reimburse, lie must cell at for $171 of our currency, -srltb freight and duty superadded. These duties are to be paid In gold. If tho duty I* 40 |H>r cent ad valorem, and geld at BO, he must aid 60 per cent to the 4UM), whieh is oqual to ?24. owing to the 50 p?r rent rocently added to tlie tnriir r ? t .? -> , li e must pay In paper more: so that a ron s inter, lu con ejuenceof depreciated paper and gol I duties, has to pay I'iTO, or #170 per cent in addition to the c at, for every hundred dollars wortn of goods imported, with a duty of fortv per rent and tbe flfiy par cent additional. To this :s to be added the freight and charges and at 1 'ast ten r?r cent profits to the importer. At tb s point of cost tho article imported comes in competition wlih the h mo article, and tlie aggregate of tbe items abovo con stitute the proioction or bounty which the tariff robs from the consumer for tho manufacturer Thus labor Is I 1 tixed In one pursuit for labor and capital In another. Mr. Cox tlicn showed that bv tho tarlll of l?*d2. on the data above, iron received a Ixiunty of over one hundred and eighty per cont >n a |>ap.-r b&als. in cons?i'ionce of flic difference of exchange, *nd duty, freight and Ira porters 's profit* ? - r th? home manufacturer of iron re al!/.ed $4H,034,.r4H on a manufacture of $26,489,302. Yet this bill propopes to increase the tariff on Iron He then considered some ten articles? rottontand wnllon manu'no tures, pspor, leather tanned, clothing manufactured, and shoes, soap and cand.os, and India rubber goods ? and showed that a bounty on a specie basts was on an average of about sixty per cent; on a paper basis about ono hundred and fifty i>ar cent, and that on these articles al> no tho bounty p.i|d uu der pretence or a tariff for rovenue and stimulus to manufacturers amounted to $750,350,2.12, sup posing the manufsctures to be tha same as for 1440? be ne at t e rate of #23 48 per head of the |?ipulal:on( estima'ed at 31,44' O-'S souls. Mr. Cot proponed to imend tha bill, by having the duties paid in pajter mo ney, thus Having to the pcor man and consumer at least tbo difference between gold and paper on tbls lwunty, or $447,48fl,910 The people pay as gratuity to maauractur era in pai>er $750,2^0.262, but only a small portion of it jooa towards the war or the revenue. It goes to fatten ntd pamr? r an aristocracy of wealth He deprecated tha "fleets ef th's tariff, which would make the extremps of wealth and poverty in thla cm niry, create cl.a.-,res, de grade the poor, ostsbl ?h a tvraLiiy, with a sol-Mor anil a taxg itherer ng its Instrun-.ont. Ho then showed tho dif ference betweon tbe Now Kngland manufacturers, as pro teeted , and the uurrotacted SUtes We^t, whoae |>rod ac tions had no bounty on eight Items? lumber, cattle, swine, fls?vhtered animals, wheat, corn, buttor and cheese? he ?howod a ba'mce Io favor of tho Weat f over 1*50,000,000 which received no bounty, while the Slates of New Kngtand and Pennsylvania had their peculiar ludustrv bountifully | rotected. He agreed that the West, if this system contln ied, in a few years would b drained by the maouiat t iring vam I ire- 1 lie showed how the articles entering into nunu facturcs wore imported free, while seeds, no , wore ta\ed, why New Kng.ard accumulated wealth tivre raiddly than ?dher States, while she has dono moro by her dogmatical Intcrme Idling to produce our present calamities. He concluded by warntr. the country against this legi'lntlve oppression, as haviug in it tlie germ of future woes, and warned those n power of tlie retribu tlve justice of God. which, through an awakened i>eople, would sooner ir later taeir crimes aga nst liberty and mankind, Mr. Tawks, (rep.) of Mass , sai l tbo gentleman rrom i 'It io was ouiy rciioaiing an old story against New K: g. lacd, which bad Its origin In the men now arrayed io rebellion agaiuat tbe IToion. These sole charges h a'd loug ag(' been gro :nd Into powder by the power of truth. Mr. cf,i said be learned his facta from Dr. Wayland ?nd fibers, of New hnglaud I'ecause Jeff. I>hms ar.d others n rebellion hivl a-<- unted to the proposition did u t m itate against the facts in tbs case. Mr. I A?iai r. plied that the peoj 'a ot New Knglan 1 lid not care where the gentleman gut his princlpiee, and least of all did they care to sdopt them Mr, Cot aaid the truth did not dej>cnd on any particular class or men, and if tha Dev i expreaaed the truth Ue w "il 1 believe him. Mr. l uin, (rop.) of Me., briefly noticed Mr. Cox's re marks the New Ft maud -tates, dur ng which he smd, aa Malt.e waa one of them, he waa Imix-iied t > re mi ik that the gentlemnn either wllirully or Ignorantly misrepresented tbe facts when bo asserted that undue protection was afforded ber. The (eutleuian who had* given the House a lecture on political ec eomy, ought to know that the two leading interests m Uaine are lumber and nsvigati n. Wnat protection la aflhrded to them? I he on y ro lection they formerly bad waa broken down by the gentleman and hla frlenda. Ohio gets ten dollars of nr. te> tlon where Maine ge:a one. He waa itred of this ta k of l is State beinK a pensioner on tbe bounty of the government It there is any State which receivea no ad vantage from It lhat State is Mai e In further reply Mr. Itihlne said bis state bad contributed her fu'l at.sro of treasuro and bl< od, and Io bar behalf aba raaeats the idea that she derive, undo# advaotagea or gete a dellar that ahe doea not joy back. " Mr t'ox ?xi mtiej that ba bad made no reference to Maine but to tin- N.'w knitland states generally . Mr I'.t ais? rept?<i mat Ma ne was one of them. The gentlemm ah t.ld ao* ta hla wholesale alaoder include Maine Mr. 1'iTO wid that ever si nee the com men client of the rebel I tea his State bag 1*4 the batter of bang the best bated state. So ion* as site was hated 'or Iter 0| , lo l> re' ell on i.e was c< i ta i. li e i<ei tlo man ?indari'jok ? > t-how i hat New ' nt,ia- d, ive'?. Mas , iMimtti ?|4 um *n<y?i 1^1'-"-' t^eaa were old and stale <>n Wew Ffcclaed by leMitiUK luon now In He rcftiltd the false cb rg<?? on MaMarhuiietUi for uO| dole# L?f duly. Sue wu prepared further, to coniribuie her I'll share erf blood tuiil tru muru in Ibis war. Hho had ilu> b< nor of so?ldin? th" lirst blood in l(, and was wtll'Dg toadied f'? last drop. She ti ul not a dollar or a ui an thai wa" 0,,t consecrated lo tb? salvation of th? country. ftl ^ nT woe. c>t?? poverty or rich**, she will never turn ba^K on the iitiit which floats oier MV heads. I Mr. Kklu-y, irep.) <rf P?.,wiihid it to be understood tlie IHih caroo l><>foro the l?th of April, and It was tlw blood of a colored man from Pennsylvania tbat nu Ur?t abtd In. ilil* war Mr. (JKiMKitiL, (rep ) nf Iowa, advocated tbe bill, deuy lug tbat it wad a measure or oppreaaloii to the Woet. In a revision of the tai III l tie ttood of all Interest* ihmild bo cviixuitud. Thev hbouia all unite and mo forib In the .apirit of our soldiers who, in the hour of victory, forget t.'fl State* from which tbey come, all bn|r? combined for 4>oe groat patriotic object, without regit r I to soo t ions'. Mr. Ruixn Warp, (opp.) o{ H. Y. .artcr alluding to the finance* ?* ail'erl In# the present an t future, argued that In the ini|veitlou of a tat or tariff it waa of ibe utrnoat Important It sboald be for revenue and uot prohibitory, lie deprecated hasty and unconstitutional leviswtion on the subject, ^bowing tbat countaul ttriil lluclualiuLH hail a tendency to destroy trade, and In Ibis connection refer red to the notation con corn lag a tai of wbiakey on baud. 'lbe House at haX' paet four took a reee-tt till half-past sovou o clock. BTBicntg nir<?io!f. Mr. Fkrmardo Wood, <opp.) ofN. Y,,said tlx* Tin-lff Wf wan an exceedingly crude ami Improper measure. The Committee on Ways and Mcmii Ihovtd have sought tbl aid of competent merchants. Mr. Morrill said a isrgor number of gentlemen from New York were consulted than from any other city Mr. Wood remarked that he hH<l r.o doul?t that gontio men bad been bare to protect their own iutero?u<. lie would ask whether the committee hud oalled to their a d rotlred merchants who had no dollar and cont intnrosts? Mr. Morrill replied that the present bill was banod upon that of 18W, when merchants from all parts of the country came hither. The committee had no power to summon any person to consult niion the subject, i Me only Increase was such on bad become necessary by tho increase of the internal nfUH laws. Tho bill was for tho purpose of revenue. Mr. Wooo said the bill was open to the objoctlon of Mr. Cox, with the addition that it oinltted from duty every nrtiolo wiiinh wjIits iuto .Now England OOttM manu fnciure.t. They romalnod under the existing tariff as on the froo list, while all artlclw which en tered Into the agricultural, mechanical and trad iuz iritsrests wore additionally taxed. It was stability of legislation which imi<orlern required beyond anything else They wanted to know on what to depend. It wm Instability and imhretlity which was destroying this great and glorious ooimtry. Mr Stk-txns, (rep ) of I'a. , ropllcif. lie said t5e bill was desiynod for two thing*, viz- to rni*s revenue and to pro tect domestic Industry; and if It f;> llorl in either of these it failed of its logitiniuto objects. Wo wore bound to put on the people larger burthen* if we ialonilod to curry on the war and pay oxpoiikoh. Ho prayed the gentlemen who could easier rind fault thin- correct error, who could easier pull down Ctmn build up, to say where tho money was to eomo from, or acknowledge frankly that they did not want it to come from any quarter, because they did not waut to sustain tho government I.ot them tell us, be continued, bow to do it, if they find fault with our nystem of legislation. Morn than two thirds of tho money raised by the Internal Rerenue bl'l la to come from the manufacturers of the country, and if their Interests aro not protocted it will bo impossible to raiso so large a sum. Unions dyestuds and chemicals are ad mitted free, h w could we enable those manufacturers to compete with forotgn labor. At this time, when the hands and hearts of all nson should be united to put down the rebellion, the man who woulii seek to array section against section can never hope to be ranked arson g states mon. IIo would not ovon rise tJ the distinction of a re ?pectnble demagogue. The committee then rose, OOMVRNSATIOff POR WIS ORBW Or THR GORDO AT BR KAI.R. The House passed the Senate's bill 10 roc mpenso tho petty officers and seamen on the gjohoat De Ktlb, which was destroyed , for the loss of clothing. UlM.8 HRFRRRRI). Various Sonata bills were taken from the Speaker's ta ble and referred to tho appropriate committees. TI1R WAVY. The House passed the Senate bill authorizing an honor able discharge to Uremon and coalhoavers lu the naval service, the same as granted to sea mon. The House at half-past ntue o'clock adjourned. GRANT AND VICTORY. A Nation's Oratttude to Grant. MASS AHHKMBLAflB of loyal citizens, without distinction or party, at Union square, on .Saturday, .tune 4, at six o'olock 1'. M. All citixens who a ;slro to maintain the Union cau-o, to support tho national government, to stimulate recruiting for the Union armios. and. ala-i to render grateful no kuowiedgmenis for sorvires on man; a battle field, for glorious victories achieved and for protection given, under Providence, to the life of the nation by mkutknant gknrral u. a grant, are invited to give the benefit of thoir presence and in fluence toot) led s so deeply interesting to the oonnuy . Many distinguished speakers w til take part in tho pro ceedings whose names will be published hereafter. Kirewnrks w'll be displayed during the ovoning, and it isexpectod that many private residences and public build* Inge on the square will be illuminated. Should the woather prove Inclement the meeting will be held on Monday , or the next fair day thereafter. KOR TUB rOMMlTTKR Or ARM AN'iSSIBNrS. JAMB WARS WORTH. FRICD'K A. Ct&KLINO, CflAHLES P. DALY, JA MH9 T. BRADY, R. n. MOCURDY, jr K. f). LAT/IROP, HENRY CLEWS. 8UICPHKRD ItVAPP, M. T. BRENNAN. WM K 8TRONG, BENJ. F. M ANIKRRE, WU HK1.Ii.MAV, W. M. VERMILYK. ELIJAH K. Pl'BDY, HKMBY F. ri.ARKR, JOHN H. WHITPI. SMITH ELY, Jr., CHARI.E9 O. CORNELL, WED. W. CLARK. EDWARD P. CoWLHS. NATHANIEL JARVIS, Jr., Secretary. For 'What Reason In Phalon's Night BLOOMIJfiJ CRRBUS like a great Uu on victory? Beoaus* It se'a the tongnei ot the belliels a golufi ail over the land. The long and the shor' of t is, that w hen short of PH A LON'S N1QHT BLQOMISH CbltBl'H, you !.>ng for it. Murray, Kddjr A Co.? Coring ton, Kjr. Kwxtockt. Bxtha Clam S3'J? Tune 2, 1WL 13, 45, 54. 47, i?2, 13, ."?n. ?5. 2.1. 5ft, ?'), 24, 39. EmrrcoRr, C laji S-W? Juno 2. MIL 75, 52, 30, 24. 37, 2. 20. :.5, 1, 51, 71, 69. Z. B. Simmons A Cs?rovington, Kf. flnstsr Bxtba Class 2<j3? June 1. IVit. G7, 43, 30, 55. 5!>, 36, 71, 10, 27, 9, 15, 7, 25. Class 2 >t? June 2. 13S1, 34, 7, 66, 57, 73, 13, tJ7. I, 31, 56, 39, 35. France, Kilts At Co.? Managers. Library. Bitra Class 1)7? .Tun? 2, Hit. 77, 69, 47, 59, 3s, 4'S, 61. 14. H, 27, 24. 26, 21. Class IiH? June 2. H4i 47, 73, 52. 67. ".1, 4, 43, CM, 41. 24, 22, 7. Official Circulars In SHrlbjr College Lot tery furnished by SIMMONS, BOOEB3 A CO., New Vork Post oiiicet Prizes Castled la All localised Lotte ries and I n form St! 'n (Iren. O Af.f, \<i U KB A UKN J AMI*. Brokers. MO Chestnut street. Philadelphia. floral Harnna l.oitery.? lllshest Pre mium da id for prlrea Inforoiation gren Douhleone wanted. ALBCK A CO.. Hrokers, 34 and MS Pine street. Primes Cashed In all Legal Lotteries.? Information riven or i.'iit, J. B. CLAT TON A CO., 10 Wall street, room i. New York. Royal Havana Lottery.? 40 Psr Cent premium paid for prices: Information furnl?h*'1. Tlie high eat lates paid for lioubloons an I all kinds of (io'd an 1 sil ver. TATLOR A CO.. Ban I ere, If, Wail stre?t, N. Y. Prises Cashed In All Legalized Lotte ries an l information giren. Exchange office, 17# Broal way. New Yurk. _ Lottery Tickets Cashed? Information given. JOSEi'O BATba, Broker. II Wall street, room No. I. A? ? e e e e e e And it came to pa.s In the reign of Abraham whose sur name was Lincoln. In the eighty aad sixth year of the Inde P#n 1?nce of tho iVatesof America, tbat a mighty rebf .lion arose In that land. And Abraham said unto Blmoa from the Keystone State "Be thou my armor bearer." And Himi.n did as he was oommanded, and marshaled Im m?n?s host* of roung and va'lant warriors from even from tlie Knnneiiee; from aon>ss the great r v^r Miesls. slppf, auii from beyond the Bo?kv Mountains' fmm overr Ktatei'aled he some; an l being of the kind wboee balr curled not a little they said, "Tho** who bare r *en against us are cowards, and whaa they beho'.d our banners they will surely run;" Dut they did n ' t. And It rame to pasa, these two m ghtv armies went forth to light on tbe plains of Msnaa*as. And AlinonN men, though valiant and brave, were smote Mp and thigh ev -n ?o much tbst tbey hurried brilliantly belck to I ?an oq Af>rtbAm a IwHiorn And inasv were aiaio. but mere wsrs wounded. Then there was great oommotlon throughout tbe land and Abraham called aloud uj>en the ?!??? m?n nod men of skill to save the s ck and g ve nrw utrer fh unto the wos' led Aad lot there ar se In the .Vnrth one Drake, cunning la msdlelne. Imt of "ceading moflfsty, ^ _ _ And when Abraham aud the peop'e beheld the wonderful eor?* whirh were wroujiet by Drake, Abraham ssld "My ehil Iren must not suffer; g v? mo th) drink to drink, and I will give it a name." And so Abrshsm drank, sod said there *r%? nothing like It, not nvsn in Ransamoo ronnty; thst It wss bitter to the lips, but food for the *lnmaeb; and beranse there were bluer timea in ftthtlos ms matters of th* plantstinns. It abai: for eeermors be rslled Plantstlon Hitlers; snd ?o It hst b> en. And ihe wonderful work whloh It has p-rformn I Is wit nessed at this 4a y In every town, perish, village and hernial where the habits of civilisation prodnnr d;<r*p?la, whsre wsr crestea sirldenta, anl where oltmate or exposure dee trot * strensth and appetite. Ar>d he satd, "Let II be proclaimed throughout the length and bieedth of tbe land, from the valley* and mountain tops, that al who suffer fmm fsvera dy* ei<sts. weeti ees, loa* of sppeitte. nervous headache and mental deapoodencr, will fled rel.ef throegb the P'antal on Hitler*. They add kuie to ihe atomeeb and briilianoy to ibe mind, of wbich I, 0 pe. j ie am a living example " And Drake did aa be was commended, end got bias a place In the great city or New York: and as rr.aay as ruie In onto bias were healed aad weet en their way rejoietag Address to Wmnkere.? Pollals A Ro'aa, Meerschaum Manufacturers, removed fross Broome strset le 6-4 Bmedwav, near rear lb etreet. Wholesale a*/, retail. I'lpee cut le order end repaired. A Iteantlfnl Csmpler Inn.-LaU',', Bloom of Touth eurpaaee* everything fey nr?<ervtr,g and beantlfy. leg Ihe enmpmloa aad ekljt. ?83 Broadw ky and druasests everywhere. 1 hnii<?nii It efr Igetators. $4 !?Y? Rltvsr Plale^, Wsre, Tab'e Cutlery, Cooklns Uten*lle. Mi less price', (nan say other store, M t ft ?U ?s?M^ InsutitMa istsr ptefm Hm b<ra. oih?r _ B4ll?r?i _ Auuulcau mtr?i bama j ? . ' ' "P?r-*'l artlele III ????& ?;?? ffla:?r?v*!Ki.,.:x-riT: :xis A:ar r;r;: i:rr *b,mV A Prrftft Hair|)lr'ia f).?iy ?9 ceaii jaT boi. T?T U. by a . di .^gut* be^v yj i>?r ?tree! BracllltSN F?*>bl? *p?rt?rin an<1 K?? Pre?*rrer?? To *r?nifth<?D and imprm'e tl>a ?1*M ?<? m ( ??a young. tiy ilay an* nl^lit, trillion pafn or fat T*u? ffufc 7 reooinnionltfd br tlfa ?< faculty. BKv* i*j OcillaU' Optician, ?1"^ Broadway, opr*W.# Boat > ra?t, Itrllllant itnfl {Cnwrrfal D?K ??<! Mlghi Poulila ParapArtlTa 01a*'?? fn r lb* flat'l aea. op-r? ?? ? tourlai'i um>? oonipact. po.-jabl* and ?IUc'*?V A ?ii?n4i4 a?aortinant at HKM. WOWS' Occuliata' Oi>t<clan G60>i Bi'vMway. under Lafarga llouaft noot? and Shoea._V.fc* Largtat AuorU ni*at in the city of good Hoot*. hVm, Ue.. for tadina. f?iw tianien an. I children. at UKUOKt>v, Utoadway aud II# Fulton street. Batchrlor'e Hair Dyr-'TM Ba?t In (M World Harro!e??, ratable, Inatantan wja. Tie only aaa fccMye. Bold I* all druggiata. far or/ 31 Barclay ureal. B?li Bitter*. * ? P * Orrtrt or To?r StTRr.snir, ltmrroHT. 8. *? . Metsr*. W. Cmi to * A On? II v the lut ateam. V *!T r*'"^4 of Aast*taiit Surgeon ?, U. S. A , t reoe.^ ? a*** ** Crimean Bitter-*. In Oil* malarious climate I U tnem lo dUpsDiable and o e" caclous that I t eg von to a "? }*? othn* raie by irext stesn?f*r. PnV A. (7. Ilamlin, N ? '?If*1 ??" eTwctrir, will recommend four Bitters Ur the Medlc? * Dspart rasut. I have already done *o Post Si uteoa. Hoots, Rltota, Gtltrri. Sir., all Bi'fl'ti at pre*e?t cost prima. FKRRH * 0OTt, Bootri. ?hti ttl Natnau *lr?ot and tWt Broadway. Orll(B<1*ro'i llialr Uyr, l'rf>itrv?( ' and Wig Depot, wholesale anil rsliill? No. 6 Astor Hs s*a The dje applied by srilfnl artuu. Coras, Bun Ion Wy Inverted Nafta. R? larged Joints ami all dlana Ma of the Feat cured without pan or Ineonveiilenoe to the iiMienl by Dr. 3A0(lj*nitt. Sir goon Chlroyodiat, 780 IS roadway. Cedar famiihor for (Im Deaf r nation o* MotUi, la ?old by a(i druafiHt*. HAKRIS A OHAl'MAN, IMm. Chevalier's Life for (.lie Hair Reatore* gray hair to He original eolor, atop* t? fallfttg oaA In three day*. will not stain the skin or aoll tVrwt>ite?t fabric: keeii* the head clem, oool and healthy 1% la a DRLIOHTFOL HAIR DRBSSINO. by the uaa of winch It oaanot fall out, or tiHye a gmr 'tsrr Is your head. All are Inrlted to e?smtne till . wond'Vluf in umph of sctcnos for l??atHjr and heal'lr to the hair. ???ld at the drug atore*. and al my o ' ce, 1 123 Hroartwar HA It A H A. CIIKVaLIRI*. * ?? Constitution on treatment of the hair frse. Price M pa* bottle, or $5 per box of aia bottle*. Deafness, Impaired Sight, KOIHK8 IN THE HBAH, CATARRHAL AKTKtiriONS I* TUB THROAT, CHRONTtl CATARRH, CATARRH OF THR WMPANfO UtTOOC* MRMBRANK. OIIHTRUTTOOHB OT THB EUSTACHIAN TUBS ouTikd. CROSS BYR BTRAIOHTBNBO II* ON* MTWimi. And every dl*?aaa of the Kth and Kite requiring cltaer medical or anrgical aid attended to br Dr VON RISBW BE HO. at hla conaulttag rooms, SI# BrMritray. oaar Twelfth street _ Deafness, Catarrh, and all 94eoaao??t the Rar. Throat and Alr-Tanagaa. auoceaafliily treated >r DBS. LIOHTHlLL.S4Ht. Mark'* olace. Deafness, Dlsense af the Ryse and Ce? tarrbal affection* rerelre the u?nal uadlrlded attention af Dr CAOWKLL. Ocullat an.l A>irlat. M Cllntoh ptaae. Klfhtit strost, from J to 3 o'clock. Crosa eys tnataally retnoreC Diamond Rlnfi of all tleHcrlpilona. from twsntr dellari up to fl?e, Mt aM* aere n hundred doflan raeh. For sale by OBO. O. A IjLBwj 115 liroa-iway, one door below Canai street, formerly No. II Wall ilreet, Eruptions, Freckles, Pimples, Tas, B'inhurn. Fle~b W irm* and a'l Bkln Deformltls* enrad br GOURAffD'S Italian Modloate' Boap, at hi* dSpoV Ko. OT Broadway. ??Kicellent Heiad," exelialmed Drowa the other day. a( he aaw a dlattnRulahed looking gentlemaa Kaa blm lu the atreet; "wouldn't a phronologlaltlre "oms Ina to have a chart of that man's head'" "Not at all. Obaorvod hta friend .lonea, wha wa* mneh wlw than Me companion: "don t you aee 'tla thi> Hat he wear*, and Ml the head that (ilvc? him ?o dlatlngnlabed an appearanesT' Biown looked again, and the dlatniguHhad iooktnu Kentla n an at that moment ralalng hla bat to a la ly taa.'JJW 41?" played on the in*l<!e of it the trade mark of IvtiOa, tas nattaroi 212 Broadway, corner of Fulton atre?t. For 75 Coats t?e January. Fehruarr, March. April. Vny ami Jnne number* of Ike IM-U8TR \TBu rilRRNOLrmiCAl- JOURNAI.w 11 be aentbv reKirn jmak To aecure the l'l.-lor al Double NumbSrs with r^yalo?. nomv, Rthnologv l'hjr-1'il'igv ami Psychology, aeod at oase to KOWLBK A WBLLS, Broadway. New fort. Goaraud'a A>octnrea ?iaNChemlstr|r. Wo. IV. Of what ral'ie won' l theiiron m nea of Pennaylran'a and Mlaaour he ? tlioui the cliemloal knowledge neoeaaary M arnelt the ort>, and aub??r|ii?ritly gl?e It malleabllltrf Uf means of shemlatry. too, the ra*t Iron tnay lie eaa'ly ooa yerted inlo caat eteel; and thla prooeaa conalate merely lo Imparling to the metal a portion of carbon, by inean^ of fnatn* It In crncihlea with carbonate of lime. Tne iip ease called caae har lenlng ifor tun lucka, Ac ) wsa fonacrl ver? laborlotii and ez| nnslvs' bill, now that obemlatry baa beem brought to bear np>>ii it. It is found that an application of I ruaslats of prtasea will effeet In a few inln nes what far^ merly could not be done In aa many hours. But tbo grs'ateit triumph of ebemmtry was lbs produstleo ?f OOURAI'D'S ITALIAN MBDIOATBD ROAP. for tan. plmplsa, frseklst, sunhnrn. rednesa, sol lowneaa, roughneaa or any dlsooloratlon of the akin. It alas a'.lai* the b.te? of mo-nu toea and Ir e?oula te for shaTlBg. OOHRAUD'S J'OUDKB RIBTILB will no Itlvely eradli ate auperllun?s balr OOCRAUD'S LIQUID HOPOK will Impart a detica'.u ro ? tint to i-alelipa and ebseka DB FEI.l X OOuRAtTD'S pr?rar*?lons c*n bs had at his depot, 403 Broadsray (fea uierly of Walker atreet V Orovtr A linker's Illghost Premlsa Elsatlc Stitch Sswlng Machines 4*3 Broa '.way, N. T. Ooarnnd's Poadre .Subtile I'proots Hatv from low forehead* or any part of the body. Warranted, sA hi* new depot, 4M Broadway. "Her Majesty" Chnmpagse? Tha Roy* al w:na of Ing'sad ??> per caae. >f rt .arts, WM II WARD. fl7 Kiohtnga place, nsar Broad. Highest Premlmn Lock ttltoh lewlaf Mac nnes. WHBRI.KR A WILSON, fl* Broadway. If Yoa Wsnt to Kaow, An., Read MRKICAL COMMON 8KNSB. A eurloua book for curloua ueop.s and a geo I- book fsa everj' one Price SI .V. T > be had at all new* depota. Ueo> tents tables toaile I frse. Ad lre*s Dr. E B FOOTE. 1.1K Broadway, M. T. Jewelry and Wslrhti OF AM. I>KSCRrPTtO!?g For sale by ORO. O. ALbBN, 4lit Broa lwsy, one door M> low Caaal atrest, formerly II Wall street. ltjroa's Periodical Drope, TI1E QBBAT FBMaLR BBOCLATO& A selsnttflcslly prepared fluid preparation, usdsr Jireo, Hon of J01I2I Lb LTON, M. D . New Haven, Conneetlee\ will be found te be an infallible remedy for all Irregulart. Ues sad much bsttsr than any leraale pills, powders or aea trtitns. Im populsrtty is lndisated by the sals of S3. 000 bat tles la sit months. It Is safe at all ttwes, sisspt whea e? pressly forbidden lo the d. recti sot that accompany seek bottle. Sold by druggists srsrywhsio. Trice 91 per bottle. Or It can do obtained by addrs**lng the g?asrsl ageo'a, ad ding for p (tags SO ocnts additional. C. O. 0LARC A CO.. ??w Haven, Coaa; DIMAB BARNES A CO., New Tork Genera! AgsnU. Lindlea Attention.? Flntlnf. Any Width, 8c uerjard French Fisting Company, in Broadway. ba> twsen Twenty first sad Twsntj seoui streets, up atalre. Ladle*, If You Wish Hsndsnsi* Oalterc. Balmoral*. Wedding and To let Sllposr*. patrool/e MILLER A CO.. 187 Csaal *treeA Parchment Ta?a, Beat ship; irg cotton. Ac , at the msnufaolsrersk VICIOB k. MAUOER. 115 Chsmoer* ?tr*et Rene's African Ferer and Aid* Caw lot s eure all. bat a *urs curs for Tsrsr and Aflua DapoA M Liberty street, up ata rs. ?afea and Locka?Ths Alans Pateak fire ant Bars ar PrW Bafae aad Rotary Leak* far bad doorsofdwsaingheu?atK!(Tii(K ^ ?? Patentees aad aole aanurartnres* 78 and 40 Walker arsst. three doors from Bi oaoway. RUble Paraltaro aad FUtarea.? Stali Ouard*. of olraaa* east Iron; Bay R**k?< "** Traaaea, Rlaatle R t oe k I ? 1%^ A CO. ''4 Rad teal Cure Trua OC** oaly st He. I rseey strasv Lady attoadant. VtTlaa, Toapeea, y.d Moldavia Crsam. f<* besuufyiag Us Bale, at W, a UATCUELOR'k l? Rood %V alia Dark Vesta, |R> Doahle Bvea?l* ad Mar^IlTaaSA BISI>? l? *??"? Coat-Pant, ,?1 lit CLABBB. Ill and lit WUiir? street. Will This laterodtlag Br.<Vjdimeat ai all the ? rtusa and tbo cods of morale Je^/. Ps?l'- *ad hid gang ^>f mos iters adopt assist rar? Mr iMk JffSSt'm M tereetlo* friend* all orer the W .?\ ittaiea. 'bat U?sy mtj hand Ik5m IB to Us Prssldeot V.d rjVera-rest otWafS? fos ll^itt. i?-*'!^ ^:* for ths party tp p,)WP, \r meet bs spuroral of ?*es j.,.tase? they ^a**J* (otheyean act soeordtBRl , O ir ?r^J r?sa u* s free press * J Dr. il " **? ^ street. New York ciiy l? U rsntllaia blsoe|slaaa Ha ?, be oos*ulted St ?? ..oldau J Sfl' oflla. No. SW?IM-| sTresi. Nsajerk uM. &>?* "??

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