Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1864 Page 7
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MLCI ?t a CCTIOW. A fcVAB o. BAKER * ca. AUCTIONKBBB J\ ALBERT lurW(Mi!), Ai r riONKKR a ABBORTHHNV ??r HOI'SrH"Ll> FfBNirt'BB rAlMIMl.l MTATUAKY, mhonab*. ; BARB AND com LY MORES or ART Ac.. he. ON THIS DAT iFB'.DaYi, JUNK ?. sAt th# -legem mans ?u 44 Meat biiventu etreet. between Fmh and Ruth avenuee, Bala coinmettiuug at loco k i.rcoteely. The auotloneer ??nUl >a ' ihe parte ular *u?. t.on of hi* fcleuds ana tbe put.i.c t<> itii ea>; oaialogur voo<|?rit4i>a a ?Uperb ai'ortincnt of Furmtui* Piauo orta. Pa>uiie*s Branoii Mirrors, Ac. Calaloguoe at tba boat* Sa.r ywsaip |m C Drawing Booma? Snpnrli Suits of F urnlture. Ottered w th procaisi at ricbesi da?cripttoa; alt'iiui mi of Window Cur Baiua to malefa the soils; Kta?eies. pl..te (!>i duuis, Ku Bu,u.nri Mecrear unit Bookcase: < eiitre I at .a t'a' ai r marble top; Bronze and Ormolu Chande ler*. Cab a> .? t* B'stob. Ormolu ami Dteedesi China litfaufila. n.arh'e Jiatuary, Bronze Figur?e, Oil Painting-. by einlneet arliai*. French Llue Runraviiik* >AONIFlt:BNT 7 OCTAYB ROSKWOt >n PlA SOFORTB. Bully g .arauieed by tin- makers: Siool. Iirmt i* Caver. Musi Plan t, B.m.Hh, Ac ; Mainland. Chans to Duu n, oak fillet ? uea-ion labia Chairs boras, Out ml In(r>. i?d ( !Var?; china D nner Sate n?i>orie<t from Pan 'or prearat R>?ner, Bllver D uner and Tea Service Caeteis. kpouos. ?ocke, Urn Cake Ma l#la, Oyster Dirh. lureeen Table Cutlery, Linen, rosewood and walnut Dressing Bureau Kedsteads, Armoire a Ulare. an sui e; l!n. r and >| Maltreeeee. 24 pairs Lloeu 8u>-< Is. 71 nalia l*lllo? Oa%-a. f'J liana Freoh liiaukets Towels, Countcroanee, Mar tbl'lee vallta. French Toilet B?is.'<an? Befa?. Bed. teade. Chairs. Rookeia, Ac. Also Burultt re af servant ' apartments. Penes wishing t? at end ihts Bale take V Hh b alitli avenue csrs or stn^ea fnrni tba Astor it * ' l<o >? f>' Metropa itan bolal, ir*/ u* at RlxtcentU atraat, law door* Rrain house. ' A Ot'TION ROTICB.? D. D. IJAUUKiNS. ACOTIOKRBR. To purcbaa^ra ot r"A'ly rtrit claaa - Oltljr Kuioi'^ie, St c? French Pier aud Mattel Mtirura Supetbly carve I R..aewood Piauufiirle Silver Plate, t*. THIS DAY (Fr (lav), .luna S. St the realdanre ^IS West F<>tirieeuu> atreet. near Rlftbtk .anue, commencing at li'V, o'e.ock A. M ra u nr abine The sale compiltcs guriie of the rUibe-t and ntol> ? <abo 6ltalv carved I'arlor I iiruitnra Ui er icfere I at p bill s-ic oa, and to be aokl wlib' ut any reset vt. Au tiauilaatioa tvlll wall ra|iay tnteadlng buver*. tParlora contain tlin-r rlegnnt lull suit* of i-oaewpod Pallor iirnltiire. In rich crimson aud maroon, blue and sold, aud lange colored brocade and sat u. rose ? nod l u^eies, -plra rfld aud coatly Paris u 'rnamenta, t oil Vacua tc. WAUNIP1CRRT KOSKWOOD I'l ANOKOKTB, BTOOL ANI? COVFR, Rn elegant Instrument, with loond corners, bea ill' lly Barr?d lugs ucd eas* , ? uioderu Improvoracnt , Ai?o a magnltlceiit c . :i?i tlnn of ra' e Pa'ntlnr" rf'waod V rkUu and Knsv Ciistra, jn fine r pa r ?ewo<xl t>i,tie and Bide marble top tablns, rlculy oirved ; Velvet and Hi ussela |3ar|>at<. An. t! Chamber Rulta In r'ltpwnod and nrn'oasnv Ru-e?' ? mr?ed Bedsteads, W'-slntiind* Sola, in tine balicloih, en pure Hair Mattrc -a, from 4'J to !A> pouuds, uA>l< to or Ber, In eieelleni coudilion. D Dtnti Room Furnlturo, cnnsliinr of (In" ? ak E*ten?lon I? liu* Table, oak. A nucha rs. S Iver \, r.iht ?a, lv ?ry mid Silver Cutlery, Forks, Spoons, Ac. , wit i heavy fcut sn>l engraved (;isK*\<are of every description. ? I'ar^im u m attenilance to car'., pact or ship g >0'is for i r jelisaen. Auction noti.v; -posit vk and pi bi v.-.'-ry SAilK OK HUPl.KK HOL'MKIIOI.D FURNIltlltR. MAQNIKXOKNr ROSEWOOM PAitLOtt SUITS, RICH FiiKNf II PLA 114 Pl.<R Ml -ROitS. _ KLBOANT UOSEWOOD PXANOFOKTR, men CHINA, tJllT I, LASS bll.VKK WAKE. TA BLIi OUTLERV. MRt'SHRLS AND INiiRAIN CAKPKT8, A . HF.SRT R. WERTCOTP, Atictl ... -ctr. will sell, on axon .t II whom It may couceru, ih a ( Fr da ) afternoon, kt 2 o'clock, the" entire t" .tei '% of the elegant real d?-nue No 132 Wcat Ttvent,\ l i 't street, nnar Seventh iveoue, cnnsisCng of e egsnt i-0!-e?roiM| and walnut Pari ir ?u ts, in broeatel aud rep-: On ire am! Piar I'.t '<-s. 1'ta teres, Turkish Louu^es aud,; and Lac Cur ami Shades. Ac. SSaUNIFICBXT BRONZES. !*\4;IAN AND EldQt'E FKUBES. LAVA OR S* A MEN 18 VNDVASE* Ac. I DINIKO ROOM, I'll \MHEltS AND NCttiJSaV. Rosewood Redstea Is, Hureaus, Spr ng Scat Cba r?, Spr ng n l Hair Vattm Boclcers, Bed- and Hedding, Tapestry -d Ingrain Carpets, pure lire (le?<e ['e ither Beds, vvei<h -70 '.ha each : Sofas an I Sofa Bedsteads, oak Kvmisi n le. Bullet, Chairs rich French and B ibemisn Clili a umL la^a Ware. Sllier Ware. Cutlery, Ac., ?lth a !ai?e rsrieiVj t mahogany Furnit'iio not enumeraie I. Men will be ii 'tendauce to cart. pau> or sh p ^ -ods for purcha eia. UOTION NOT ft . Ul. JL'NK 0 AND FOLLOWTN'J DAYS. BlHLloniECA AMERICANA. Catalogue of the ent re librarv o." .Andrew, ef JPh.lade pbla. specie h rich n ra.e book- rclat 11/ to Ani'-ri Ba. comprlalng cacer'a'. State and local Hlrtoiles; Stale |>si,ers. Ac ; a very select series of laive Pup?i- and "arly brlntad Books. Including over two hundred by IJen a i ln franklin and other early Atuer can printers; alss a s iperb fnllecllnii of b >oks In general literature b b'lo.'i <p y and he fine aits, mostly In the finest poa Me condition, many neut the whole ot which will be *? d h, auctiou at the Yade Salesrooms. No. 4!>S Bros Iway. Now York, uv J. K. COOLRY. Ol O A. LEAV1TT, Auctioneer. On MONDAY, June 6. 18--4. aud lollowing days coin fiencing each dar at 4 o'clock P M. For partlcu'ars see ktalogue", now read\, price 50 cests, aud booka on eihibi on. A ITCTION HOCtOB.? ItABQB SALE OF OVER $15.0 U Ja worth ot HOUSEHOLD FURMTt'RR, YELVKT BRCSSHI.S ANIi TH REE-PF.Y CARPCTS, MAQN1F1CBNT ROSEWOOD PI A NOf OK IK. ?Bade to order; eost $ .'4); three ? "-aullful Par or Sull" ever f J w th rP h satin brucutel sua Tinncli reps. K. Ro'1'H. Auc fcioneer, will sell tbl-i iluy (Friday', , June \ at 10' . o -lock, (ha property of a family so'ug to Buropn. at their resi'tecce. fla. 119 West Eixlith street M'l nton plica), west f Fifth fcveiiue. con-intlng of over 5 D lots of Pari' r, Bedroom and |> n ng Kooui Fnrntfire Gas. China and SI a- Ware, tJutlerw, Hair and Spring Mattresacs, Bedding. Cbaudeder>, Oil"loth. Ae. Ss .? n -ltire N. B.? Partiee wishing to attend th usie will tate Six tk ,?venu# rare or stages, liar infi at M i^.it h trcct, n;ar the I bouse. A J. L. SMrrtl. A I CTIONBF.R. WTLL SI'.LI.. THIS fl\ ? d.iy, at 11 o'c oek. at 17 Stnyve-mt p!ace. Nlutli s re-t. be' ween Second and Third aver. una one Piano, o' sp en.ild loae and fln'ah; e.?t $t7S: also Parlor and Bedroom Suite, Chairs snd Rocteri, Tables. Ac. . Bi usse s ami Ingrain Car. CI". All of the above belonging to a first cla-s iioitw- and loag to a family about to romove to the couutry. Pait of house to let. Sale poaitlva, iam or ah ne. Tv W I VB9. Al CTIONRER ? D W. IVBS A CO. WILL J I. sell al tb*i r store. W Liberty street, tola day. at one B clo< k. Horeee, t'arr ages and Harness. A anprrior apsn of dark -orrel Cair age Horses. ItiV bauds blgk. fire years rdd, warranted sound, kind an* ye nfle in any barrsse The borses oaii be seen by ai>| lying to Ihe a>'tloneer> a' anv t me suasions to Ihe sale, Alao one aeeond hand Dog t'sit, with a lop. In nerfoct ardor; aaeond hand roup* Raokaway. city lakei also a Rockswav. made by I^a.v ranee; Harness and sitdle soil three I xpresa Wagons; also a hay Mare li vea-a bid l.'iW hands hlx warranted sound, kind nd gemie in uy hainesi: a slvlieb animal and Very last; also a Top fagon (citF make) nad Rsrnesa. T AT AUCTIOM DELAPLAINE EST 'IRE AT GALE hi AT AUUTIOI ? ? TATB l.rtW Iy>t!> ?i Souih l!r- oklyn. with 1.2 *" . fee' of wstei i fiont. on New \ark and <IOManti? havs. H?*>- at ibe Cit J Mali. Br.'ok', . n June!) at 12 o clock coon ANVMGtiY J Ml< BECKER. Auct .n< e. 77 Ce ^ar st TYENRV H. LKKDR, AUCTlONBi'B.-HEN RY A, ,11 LhEPS A CO will - ell at auction, m Frldsv ! ne 3 at 11 i oiaek In their ga lery. 'Q LUmr v.sireet. a va< labia L i.rai i of Law Books, consisting oi won-a nearly new uvd ath-rs but little used, which coll"ctloii may ue iotini to embrace New Yark Court of Apj>ea:a .i?>r<.rl#. Howard A A i.b .li s Repei is. Se<i?loi> Usu of the .Sta'e o. N York tio u IIM*. Rensed St itntea. Blscksto-.x and oih' T vii.aable "Burks or. Law, Medicine and 1'h'intv. Aleo rainabie framed an i unfraieed Kiviavhgs. vjK.-a:-, Ac., and would i refer to U?e oatalogue >ale without te .en e. HBNRY H. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER. HUSKY H. LSK1M A MIM '.It will Hell a'.an.tlon. an iiatiirday. June 4. at U a'oto ?, u from of o ,r store. 9.1 t,itierl> street ? A verv hue jiair of brown Hor?e?. eight and r.lne *ear' ?Id. IA', nands high, tout: natura. jail, sound unv kind; so d n'v ?? want of u e Aleo a very s iperior mal''k i>Mr of l-ar Ifor>a<. in hand* ^?'gli, 7 years old. .Morgan stock, warranted pertccily kluil and g"?tle In all hsrneea and Vlleved to lie perfectly aotindv | au te >ti liak and a very deatiUJe pair ol lami y nor*--? * ?nly for want of sm. Also, a ranuan'a Cart, in ?c*>d o. der, w th a set of Cm". Be- aeu, Saddle Ac. Also a very fine |ialr of dark h*\ Hoeaes. l.\ty hands fiieV , are perfectly gouile aud kind In a I hatneas are rel,a M snd health) ; war-anted lu all ree tela and sold enty aa Bc-ount of the owner having no Inrther nsn for them. A so aver fine four a*?t 1'baclxii ua la to order and in aeod condition. Ats. a eery goovl >toekaway Carriaua made by Wood Brothers; will sea' * i per ous; is u ?, nip.ele otdar and wei auitad for country use. HENRY D. MINER AUCTIONEER SALRSRtHiM 3 11 Nssaeu street, opposite tii? IVsi olll S?LK OF 0|NB ORIGINAL MODKKN OIL PAIKTIMOS AND flTATUARY .? MINFE A HOMKIC ILL', wili sell at an Ion Fr dav, Sd, anl siturtUv. t'h of .Inna. at II a'cl i k each dsy, at tbair sa'evroom. S7 Na?ssn ?'r??et a fin* eollec Won ef ort^lnal Mo lern Oil Painting", of the Dutch, tier knaa. French. Rm;iish aud Amertesn seho?l>, eomprisin( ?r,irka hv the follow ua ciuinonl artt-ls, vl i ? ^drien De Hracke.i er, Zac'tane Notteman, J Canabain, F Krnsenrsn, I>?. id Col, M. A Koek Koek. h Sarry. P Ysn Serer lorck, ?tdncy Cooper, J. W. Caa car, I< Heharp, Von Seben, Csrolea, Lilly M. ttjiciicer. La Croli, la-mn-ens, Yan ler Waarden, Van Ingen. and others of ce ebrltv. We would especially Invlle 'he at tention ol the art public to iht? sale, as It comprises s im? of Ihe finest works or the above arti.ta, moat of which ate ?cn t 1 . uad"r guarantee of oiiginallly. HhNRV D. MINER. AUCTIONEER? NAI.E8R1 >OM t7 Nassau street, opnoaltc tbc Post ofiic* ? MI> Bit A BOMERVILLB wl I -sD at auction on Sat i^-day. .luoe 1, at It o'clock, in front of their snleeroom 3/ Nassau street. Horses Wsgnna. Harness, Ac.? A tfj fine pair of dark bay II 01 ses. fifteen and a Uaif hands high, five and six years old, #io?e . matched, free and St. llsli drl' era. can trot Wsptker In three and a haf nliitos, warranted mind and kind in "ngle ar doub e ka- n *< or tin ler the sad. I ? and lie" frmr. .1 ir cks, saVd en aci onn'. of tbe owner easing th* r. 1.1 . A yiat r of gray ponr btnlt Ilor?e?. tilterii haa :s M(*:.aerrn years oM of fine stv'e *nd act on. * ?rr?"ttd ? 'Unil '? ever. Mtrtlcniar and free'froui b eml?li of si.? kind' we'l hroke 'o Binu e ar double hsrness and excel ent uudrr tke la.idle. %erf atyllah and fr> e and p-rfec' we.) need ludt . dr vlng; ao'd only for want of n?e. A super or ba co'.pe lior e, s, . teen lianda high, kind and gentl* in s n^'e #r ilo .ble hsi nc s and under tbe aadd'e; very styllah snd free dr < er. nf ir-'et smdursnce and can tmt la three muri'ta A r?v ladv'sfsil 4!S or phaeton Her e, fifteen and a hs'f ieais old. very aty.fah and of bra setb n perlect'v sound nd re Isble In ever< |<artlc-ular ; br 'ken to singe or do ,bie arii'-ss sad IS an excellent sadd; ? an msl A I'srk Wn(nn. ? hlMiag top and eavl bnlit to order h Mmrr A Sleifns has be" " ?u' '?? ? ofd and e In parto. 1 order n ever respect Cai of DoukJO Jllyrr plated mounted llarr.esa. made to ordrr 1 ""?"L.'S? 0,1 c lT hasbeed used but fo .i times an I enat $.u. T K IIaLPKY, ADCTIoBEBR-bVjT E. IIALSEY Jia'kPWARE TRAI'B sales' AND AUCTION ROOUM M BK.EKVIAN and K3 ANN STRMRTS ROOMS THIS DAY (FRIDAY). Jt \ ' Al 10 o'clock, at Hie auetion toouia ft Y ctlAliOOl K. FOR CASH? A general aaso't neat af fore:*, and dameaUe HARDWARE. Cl'TLBRV. FANi" /QliDCd Ac., In lots to suit cliy and rauDiiy leuii waUe. *t?i, SOI dozen Table Rnlre< and Fork* inn dmten Poofcet Knives, In dozen* an ' <a r?r<U. ??t dosen Eagilab (?a?t We. 1 Flies, *s*.jrteti. I'<0 dot en English Pado ka. a 1 so. At II o'clock, within lh* store ra? Iks PI A NO FOR I R WIRK, Ttsoilel. Be*. 10 10 21 best Bn.'liah make, to elose ait In ?rest S* le peren ptorv. Cais'. .gue* and sam|<n :*a<ly ?stir on morning of sal*. tun, At 12 o'clock, in front of the nor*. MKM1H IIORSRRIIOK NAII.S aesaricd *U*t, Bo*. 7, 8. 9 aud lu. gnd all Id gked order. ? 68 nr and"mii,i. sawr, ?lightly damaged, aaaorted, 6 to 1 foot. Ai.aa, faimedtateiv thereafter. In fiont of tba *tore, ? too lirlght Cast Rteel DUlandled SIIOVRLS AND SPA DBS, ^k?a<>guet readj varlji mortt.iig Oi iaie. ItLM AT AUTIOB. /'fOMt COM. ll?TI>lWH-<4im ? 1* ** IT *kf . isa Mt r?a. m I > ?."^2 M4 Mftf mm H I *il prt*?t? ?*?* _?* _*? * #u ma f# I w m !*.?, (? p** ?*? if>4 l.? Ml ? ? ? M. ^U^BSSimm r?r ?ifrK ? a ? i*%. \2fifrdER ? IWH' .Htt _ sr ' ! a* ' : k* 4.. ? ! ???-? ak * ? ?' sa>?RP*Ma ?? ?a**M M;*?. r sen* . ai mmM *aa*'*a.M? ??* W#1* WW* |?Hi *??*??* ia wHk M'"?* k?* w**?tw Ww? tg.f ?Ml Uki?ir i ? k*a*? t?a*.* ? ? ' ?**???.?* blWMtkar.kii- ?? *?? ?? "?* ?*< ** skl*?* ?el?et ?jp? f?RM'r> r*i|.?is, Br- ? NM Bar*?'!* ?ss m.*4< Rai*?*?i* **?> ???"????? P?' ?m?* k>v '??a- 1* tt< r 'A Nil ImM. Asi ? !%? ?w? ? * fea )?| >H> rtfc Mr, ? .1 se ?n ?r ?? m ??*' ? -???? t at t P' ... b> JUL' l"? ? ? RAk'l ? ? ? ? fl ? a ??*???*?."'< R??* s, IWMtO' "4* ? ???*? ? ??i **? ? ? ? k nr. f ??tl J H> alri *c M.?g >aan* ?'??< | *r* Mr ? ? t*? ?? J RBMOR hMlnt*!. If? rwl tt-m V DiWDIRolM ? lil l tNII |>A? AT !?? I ?< ant ai BRLL A IB ? ? ** ? HWMli Row li??*i?. ik '? ??????? #J 6m, *>*?* >w? *??M*? ad ,i??f .if, A. If I Jill W Lm| BM Raat Miukdwar It V. HKILU AHIIOMII Htiotiii U KA1 ? THtR DAT P*U? At Jl'RB 4 At l ". ? ' ?rk. ?' ? aM* a**.. . ???? ? a I IHKO* IRK ABB rVrVMI, !? "I* w Mi. Ml >t4 ?< alrt KR? ? H llftBI U ? (II lkH*s. Prtwirs minw? ?... *?*??*. ft1?? t u,?, h'-rrm M .?? .at* Uu.41 A* . Ai ?in AM rt.*vat> ?<n TaM*. Dm i Md *??..?.? ??rt i ?n A* Aa rtSM'KM i\n ttiM An >? ?? a* uf BreM* < ???...( i > ?*?* ??. A* ? Ml I l? ????? ? M ?< ? 1.1. lniiMAn m L k*m Ml 4. RkH'kd w?it??'? AM??irra *mnoKi*a. W41I wll lkt> t-? irrUtoi a ? k? ? ?! 4'4| l? ? ?noii uirik, tU? ?i'?4 ti U ? ? m4 M t t?-r? U?A ? IM O ill n. <u 0 iifnii4?r ? co ? ? rrirtinri:* bpi i. rut* i~i da> (lr< '?f t J?a? %. ?t Mm ? ctaaA, Mil" rim? 1 ? ?ti?- 1 ? I th# ?tHi' K?mit' m ' ? ??!?? '? t ? H. 'k* <;bnr*. Rhi ???? w??t. ?>? ? '? f*M? Mt ?????? i?< H>-<l I ?i I ' U. u k I"iw4? 1 i. ? Klu!i*t fnr?i.M<* At*o ? Ikif* ?< ??< IrHMM Tm'?I?. ilimtw. < *p I rriiiainc*. I'r. m | i.w.nir?, VmIA m4 k fi II wl ? f ?cl in in r%' T<MM* lk? M Ik* ITkd* ll pill |i >1 t Wl|llllll4 C * ' R< >fl A R f WIIX RRLbTMIH HAT AT rt . o?!? v A M., kl tk !???? k< f irti|ii4 mori??Ati r'l? >? ?( k iiki k*- c-<???if; I.IIIIH- |T? ? v ?(tkr, Kl IMAtka-MiMi. trail, k, k |D4I m* of ItoiiMkoi J fnru <??. C* k S. RO(i ART. Al ' TIOXRt.RA, V III. kALI OR i~. Sk nri??> Jiirn I ? < (, ll Hi'l !????? No I Mgr h VV I .i on ?ii*?i ll' UW 4 ? ? .it r? mm M in? ?f Ml , TkbU*. Cavira. <A?i..n.k - k'l Luuiii!"*. Fi i'I't Rail " Rr ? Oil l*k al ai>. I Ukph ae>a Ringl* liar ?? *> CHRRTFKH A * 1.1..? RII'M A RO WAI.TEKA A 0 t.Kkaar. will sol!, on Mktur a< J?M 4. al II " tl?4, kl 48 a tlil I'.l KM itlNMH, i*n . ? f fl "?< Aalmak K. Ilin.i *, J U- r, J. JAM .4 I.V N> M, MAvi W TO VI I.VKy. ATH.TIOSI RR. Wli.L k^Cl. UN |U ? Iinla>. June 4. al 10' , u c'<?-k, ak bla ulrirM. Mk K guth avrnut. one man flora* <>n? kajr Ilota* ana aaa ir4 * . ami tin* noaa lita Hiaal liar . ? a* M lla> 1 at or. mi" I ir and Hke.i lag, twoglk** I'm*-, Fdrvit it*. , U*oantcn Ac WM. W1TTRRR. ArOTIORRRH WILI. IIU. FMI? ?ikjr it win) ri.K i, n l;.n ?m ijfii ik* i ra |ui?, Ac., of k fam.lf hraak'n,, mi . *ki?|< 114 ? .< Pkfl r li'i i In lir? a<lo. on* iu ha rur'ntb, ? *u>nl Diain,, an1 Taa Tab **( Pii r. oral, Bar an I other Ola*"-* Painting* Curia i* Ruycerea rich Veh ?i. Mrdal tan .nil *ik*r l ariwia, OU rloiR- t'rcorh and CoiUic* h?i]ai<-a<1a Ralr aad oika- Mat ireaaei, l eather H'dn. Taub- an t K" I l.lkM. nf Ha* r^ait*, Wash'tati'la Olnnu 'Hun and Mlli-r Warf H o?*e Hofas, chair* Loun?e>- an ' all ?? tar g<rada for baaarlrra log. A ko, in I M.i 11 la and Wool Mat-, dan.agrd a aa, 2U> taril" Rnral Wilton rart'ciia, damarl; 1*1 yard* O I cl-itli. 10'.. Wl<l?, dmua * I lo'd l?r utuai a nk'txr wrltera, on Saturday at 10S o'H%ak Ruriiltiire *? hou** in Writ Uroailnav. MkrObatnkera gtraw tTTILUiM A BRf>TT, AirriOM KR. OffM l?0 ? r( K?>t Broatlwai, k- II* 01; .-a'.urttay at Itll* o'clu I th* Iiraar Stork ami K (turn ol Ihe rraiaureat M H >? ?r? maible top ? I'liut^rs, wa.uu1 I'hairs, Tahla? Murork. Rau.e, l'aiQliiig . Orockar/, kit ktkdto4' biqiiora, Ac. CORA KTA RRRH1 P. Av\rt?i:r wantko-to takr OjfR halt ir Irreil u Hie omUir and lia.-room oar of tk* U *? la IM oily, loo cure at Iti Tbcmuioa *tr*rt, ueit dooi lo 1 ra?r*a ?table. A PARTNER WANTSD-IR A MCRATIVR opnr? buainra.; nj I'ortnra nut i*a I (he rnjr lirel and aai'rat lareilineni. Miui na> t iboit fl, (0. A|>|> ? at 3M Hioadwav. room 17. A PARTNER WAXTKO? WITH ARUUT <T.V? l<4 \ I mlit iiiiifiil bu?in??4. A. raaanc abla uiAii ?>f fur ad drraa will tlnd tbia a uiuuay making oiieration. irtcrrnia* given and requited. RIOIIARDKOR A PLAIT. IM Broad* ar Bl-SINKS* OPPORTUNITY -A WKIiL KMTARLIRHKD bouse alba ctiv h..s cuauliidad to op n a tiraa<.u of tlielr bulneea In a ntigliboiiitx elt. . and *1 .1 |nl tot< un pctoi.l person h iving Irotn |.'.5<l tn tl.Ulil. an op|M>rtuinir of entering nto a rery proS.iib^. aal* anil pieaaaat ar tuent l-n: nariculaia. nail ue ad Ireaa (ililt <UK \ A J#. MJ Broadway, up atalre, NO, ftl wall STRBHT, MiW VORR, If AT >1. I<*1 UllW Alio .0' 1 D ? K liaa llila day retired I mm the- co partnership of CLARK, I>'ID?.K & CO. Ll I HP.R C. CLARK. KUWaRD i'Ol'OK Jf)HN D. MAXWLLL. IIAV10 CRAWrnBll. JR. The tindetsigaed. 10 rklalng pai toera in the a>.<J firai ot Qlarlc. Oodco A Cln? all raeldlng In the Cltr of N^r.- Yoik. will, in acror^oee with tbe ptovlao.i 01' an Aci of ne Leglalature <if this Stat ? ? >t N?.> \ rt. roDtlnuj ikn i?- of th>' n.iTie CL.'.KR DOIXtB A CO. tn thrlr futM* s Mr. Kdwai d Uodae la 11. A liable 01 teapuna bie for aaf deb:*, soatracie, or liabllilie* h*rnatter made or ncurt jd. Ll I'll KR C CI. A UK, JOUN 0. MAVWBI.L, DAVID t RAWPORP ,I? Notice .tiib PkR^BRsnip hi-rmtofork kx. 1 Istioi l*>' treen '^>* snb-cnb*r?, under Vh*. name and at ot Meiidos .n ,t Rarnert, I hi* day d saoieed b mn. | tualcon-aal. N. II ?Mr 8. Mendelion *1' jmt n n buil. nesoatti;. Culle a plaoe. 8 y.RM)! LHOR. MKwUosc.Mkyt.lStk W. HaRNRRT. ' PAR'fNKR W.VNTEP? W ITII $4,000. TO TAKK AX i itere?t In* difleren:. r>aten's and. so co into the mam faoiure of art clea. W'i ch are or tpraday aale ao t i rash at that. AulresiJ. I*. W., licrkld uAI<?. PWITNER WANTP.D-AN ENERaf.TIC BISINKlAJ. man. wltli fr<)?n J1 0 1 1<. tl.VHl. to 'alfkbslt Interval In sa es'kMlifcrd mauilfaeMr n; litislkrae. with ready kiv*< | lo?oa h, B^.mg li" per iJint froflt. Kelerenaes ( Aoilicas Ia:it*e Walker druggist, corner ?f Pearl and .*tav i u*i siieets Brooklyn N i a -nt? n*(<l iui?uer. THE OO-PARl.VERSRIP nRRBTOrORR EXICaiNO under i/he lirm ol' .lam** M. I'tuh A <"?. I? h*rtt<y dta nolved or iiiittuki l onaeut, Mr. .'hum M Prake retlr ng fntn art.'se km n*s . Kltber psrtnrr wl'l slen in liqaida t ti, in. TM'.'iirr*nt aoonnntsnn th? lnoi.of J. I. II .* Oi. I wlllbe placed In the haoiis ot 3 ale 1'rninrik. their sue - re. o. a .lAMKS. M ORaKE, Mkw Tork. June 1, IMA A. A. DKaKR. -I.lMITEn PARTMRRRITIP i Tb* umlerslgiied have rorined a limfd rariaershlp jiur auaat taa the la* ? of tlie Ma e f New York, far the puipo ? oi coalinuuiK tbe MO- k anil Kxi-hance Bi ikerage buklnn.a, iimler the K yi* of Prake Urothere. as rtic essina to Jauirk M Drake X Co. The uaitnetahlp to octamenoe on the 1st of June, 1854, and ti-rmitisto on the 1st of June. I"u0. ?I miii'. M. Prake hut ou i muted tiny iliou-an l dollars 1k eaah to the common aiock as siieclal partner 'lb* meuibcrs of tbe late 'lrm take this oppoitunity !? tender their acknowledgments for the rer< ! bcral nairon as.* tliey bare bereiofoie reoelred, and to solicit for tne new lirm a coat uuano* of the sme. I WILLI AKt K. DRAKE. ALBKRI' A. PRAKE. (ieneral |?rtiier?. JAMER M. PRAKK. Nkw Tosi June I. 1M4. Hpeclal partner. TIIK COPA RT.VKRRli TP HERETOFORE IX18TINO lietwken P.-trr Mar e R"do nh Kan- and Joseph Marie, under tke "r . of Marie A Kan/. Is this dsy dissolved by in' Ink', ' iitiaeiit. Either patljr will s gn tbe nktneer the lira* tn lliiuiilstion. Nkv York May SI. IAi4. The copartnarmiiip hrretopoke rxistim; between Reed Pi-rrti A 'obnC I'erri*. ukder thk lir- n or R. Pi rrls A Co Is this dav d raolred by mutual con *nt. I .loiiti H. Karris retli Inc. lt*e>l Ferr s wl I sign kl blls In Hunidstiua RKKII PERKIK. M.?y :w. 114. J. it. FRKRIR. WANTKl'-A tOVXO MAN WITH A SMALL OA PI psrtner in a llsh', prolmbia cash buain*s? , an aet v? I eraun wl I tin t ll to his advantage to call upon me at 131 I nituk St.. room 2. lirANTKP-A PARTNER. WITII Oifl, TO TAKR AN "I intrrest In a patent thai will eecnr* a proflrabl" and 51111 aiien: business. Apply at I'til Canal strret from lo lo A.M. \\'ANTrp-tN UN T ' RI'RIflf NO PARTMRH WITH 11 il.ikal. to maautac' ire an article tlik' will bsi hand semely. Iniuire per . on<a lljr at 115 Walker -traet KQ[U| CVSIt W I I.L I'lKt'H .VSK A 11 A LP INTKRERT In a 1 kiiHtble Pat'Dt, which la now bein^- In ro rtii e?l In this atido'lier lies, no competition or aar kind la tbe maraet; rrady sa'es and larg pr i'it . Par pu t ten. lars Sild eaa A. M.. lletaM uCl> e. staling where an lat ei . view can be hat. <S!l LWW1 ro tlOOK'.? THR ADVP.RTIRKR WOCLP Jl.tiwU Ike to Invest one or two thousand dollars in stsrtmg a clM'utcal or iiiechan i al niaaiitaciai't promising suci-es*. Mlglit Invest a lsn:*r capital In ao i.e auch hualnees alt cadi eatablialiad. Address i.'apltslist, boi l.iii'O 1'o-t a.ce. New llmen Cono. tf?l ilAII ?WOULD INfRSr Tills AMOUNT IN ?Pi." "" M f. smne pa* lug liusine?s that Wl' itand tb* te?t n' su esammation. Ai!?r- ?? II. M. M , oare *f Oodfray, ill Bre*dwky Ctl |\AA ?A QKNTLRM\N WANTED WITH TlllR 5PlaU' "" amkiint, in a cash Msn ifa turnia Hus nets profits orer .iW per cent on a e- ni? r sk Address, w lb real nauie, R D. Win-low uoi 114 fieraul olSoe. Agent* nerd not kpp r m -a havimu iiwwant. iTl ad m tanner, tu act k* cashier ror a new tra *e lug buslnesa, riayiug at lean R1.0" ?' weekly proht No P>i sihla risk. J. <V POIITEH, 310 Broail way. mom 3?. fl nni)-A PARTS' ICR IN \ MARUKACTfRIJIU ?rvaArirvl. bii<4ness w ih cash orders iinllll d. an rt. traord'narv clisnee. a m ane with $ "0, ti t.avel with a ra liarie biislnesa maa In a eg.tunata. plea ant and n'k en. terpriae. Mll.TON A CO., <1^ Bnadeay lino "?* partner warti n to ioin tub aPi/aV J '/a advertiser In the man r* t ire nl a stap > ai tide by a nets patented process, yielding one hundred per cent p- oil I, Andrea* A. M., bot 2,74* Poet MM*. linn -PARtNRR wanted- manufactur ?pl"ra"\/v?? ne aitlcles not elTei icd by trade sales; In* dls|ieiiaabla and unll died demand, wholeanlefor -ash. at Immense pioltta: Is tory si Harlem rosily me- hlkery and eycrvthlng cnmnlei* App * to IIKO. P. 0VEK1N, R?. I I'. ssi H si'iu ?it*ei. neag BreaJw^,, MILITARY A HO NAVAL. _ Art dbaftbo ham willing to fat ?*? fob a ?aad aubeutuie will add ita Laouard dtrung. liora.d ^||p, , . A* 41 1 km Wan Tit r>? to no ah sitmititutb id ?' pie e, cm bare $f?'<weh down w day. by call Mat *??'< u rn tl frl J1, blo. ki above .l.-raey CUT fmry; ia ge ta a New Jereej reglgaeat. Call before II o dock. A MENTION ? Til F VETERAN8 Or THE FIRST K. T. vet fi. u??r? wii raiNirt 10 da> at in o'clock, id front el i'M? llta lieaaauaate ?i|l be igpurted uod treated a* dea-e.a CHA- F. H' "I'M ANN. Cmiuiiaadti ? ehnoenL AR?hk CBAMCB.? BUBRTIVI rKd w ? JO FOB drat ?1 gri.i emea. I>*i eaal. baiga ua at the Army IKi Ua u<l t? tti Br.iaiJ* a> . oppoeite Cut Mau Pa. b Ar?r tad Navr < I* n? wantMd. MOUL.KIN A i I.AU(1KTT._ DBRFTBD pBMMp III ANT OK TIIK STAIKR ? aa fnrai-bwd riubatltulea, and cei lllicate* of ei ?<?. ? ? . ? i ? ci? from tim Un md Btatae auUnw Uae Uere, aud duly reported to the 1'roroat akt el the dla'rle. where tiit drafted parties realde. Apt- ? at the fa tad Platre Borrultlng aod Huhailtutg Age li ar 1?. Breadwe,. raaai W, by uiaii or atberwiee. a lOl'I'l MAN. A NATIVE <>K CANADA. W I LI. 00 A ?? t*J a* a eub-tiiaie for ana purw.u a Uo will p.iy Mm a 'iWr.1 p. ae AppU to WAMIHURN A WAKK A1.L, V.C, *t aiaer Bear C La libera atioet Other aubatiluiea on ???A. ATVBBTION - WAN1KO Til I* HAY *01 H OOt>D m'r tegeaa e.ibetiinlaa Tbe higheat price paid la eaab l - ?' ii* ? ' "i abed witb aulieilfiiteg ? W ADAMS A CO . M Elm atreet. corner of White. nBAFTBi) BP.N CA M OBTAIN SI 1 HHMTi'TKR BT ? ? ua i' a idreeaing Captain COM U- AO LUpenard et"'i near H' eaal war. >nu ? a at eirt to all oi d?rg prompt " - II. ir !?> > Bad ?ery MM* treoble U> tliem. UBA ?vr*BTBM CO. I. REVBKTTRIMTH HEW I ? a Vw.uBiatra. Merrei llo'iae June 2, Idt*. al'K< IAL ORDBB-NO. 1 T' aa.'ieb. re at tbia eatnpaar will meet gt theae !i"a I ?liaenera tm h. < ?? Ik* n in.ianl, at I i e clorW M. lot the P i ee ..t a- lug ?watered out o t Iba gernoa ot tbe Vo ted aiatee Ry eider of W. 0. CLARK. Captain eummandlng Campgny. iaa * B tioia Or tar! ? Kaigaauu TRlHHMri tirRMANK. I'-N-iMBIIMBK, AND OTHRB I a r?. vaui* I aa aii^ertutra loi dritfiad men. Verr hlgli *.<?<?* iaid <? b Beat t aaaiaa <-re? offerud. Applr lunnC d ate) t.i Cap'ain COMRR. 4u Luma.rJ atrect, near R <>edwsy, OUt BRtiURB ROI.nif.l?R CAN l-RAR* OF IAN" aMea govt cbanee ia "111 the arma b i .n.iug to day at lb* Hon t> aa.l l'a> A-ea y III Naaaau a. reel H-rirt rn and tou ntbkks w?mri>-immr I'll te <ati II tbe arg. al bouuttea offered will l>e panl, ? tk u- i?.j naal Aiplf at r. t<> WAMIIBI l:N A W tHK l.i. M nary Law ' 'loe. Jo ? It ?-? ? tway. near Cham W?a lr? I r ? "* ?"?' rUTM Rl HHTITI T' l?, XCItNTITl TKK -URN. t e >.<a *ta?Mi"i'aiit?"a eaa t* larwtaaad, on pgaaoMa ah ? w ? *. ai.<1 ? I ' ??uuiab ? anH re jiblr | irlir? to deal m a Sr 1 . 1 lying ai tlie new Be.i u'tiug odlca, IT Broadway. ?fa1 Howilag <Ji<aa?. _________ crairtmri. manmrR RPRmTi T^-HRiN oil. an ?<* au m -<l w lb relieMe uwn l?f call i<g at li e I dMtatea.ii ifgldilaff *!??????. W Beat a reet, re- tier at C?4ai . up ata ra. and r g atei .?| lue r n unea. Till RIM II RFiIIM' RT R Y R. M. ft . I* RBIICO an <a ad ?A' ? y"ua? aaea a' reai ??etamlti' arlahmg l< -i i a ? cfli aanipau> will do aretl ta ai end a meeting Wb ' bal be h .4 aft' e CttT Oaar l rao'na M> IU4 Hrnad Hf, ?? Ra?arda% *triaia|. Jaa* I IBM. at g a'cleefe. Tnoa a whi' i are < ra ? reaaaled tV'ineelt aaiei<<i e.te.ltoat ^Ht^Baahara el at Iter laaimaata will n?t he a I.. mad By eoter af CHAN W TbKltKTT t'epiala. Jian I Bi i a a. Ltamenaat ?jrnro slips Hi ' I ?. Wt>TI"n-TO T t * K TDK 1 | a. e. ? v, j raaaa ilrai le.i ait oi tlia my a la r Ce !>*? ' an I ie,.e 'man- ?? ra. i <? laai iaa A pi i lo R. A Mil- urn* JMJ (i ran* I'rrt betK aea It and 1 o Hart 'pi nilAITRH BBN.-BVtRTIfVTBB AI W AT? ??N 1 haul Waet'd. Hue m<if?in( alt aiibat'ntr aery f*d earagaiaaai ?l< be Ilia I. aad b *Ur?l iMannllea paid to aPana I a., ai ibe ' a.i-d RtaWa t.anerai Rnermtlng A^ane. , Sa I utriaai. . aitMt up tana. Ur ARTRII? |M Ml I>! ATRI.S *1 RCRl>rlTI'TI>a TUB ?ara b Kbra tiaa a lit b* |n? 't P I in. I tilt la rill be am b>d at 'be aiurt ei n<?'i e aid eu ibe l?.?ae< terma MKlMI rlMiaaf. btfbaat bmtaUae paid. Applv at Hu tad ftiatae .sa vy ageat aaA><-? Mo I Chatham a^ugra Rl RXTITVTRH WARTRD-THIR DaT. MR $400. rap ii in nam, a ? pa*ai ?< tb- I . tor |aipiir? ar 1HOB I a>.rt BTB A DO Ra t Baai R-jadwgy tx. am of tWti'rlM airaat , N. T. ClfWt ItOHMfT l>UR Mtl.OrBRR WHO BAVR RRiRN Cl''" dl aic ' .. wa r? i*>l in i.aiKe ia?t at a - a*" ee BaSMBWR* A WuRrttLI.. 'bUetlwa . fdlU- ii MRR P9B TBB BATT BOBRT BA'O fil'l'l to <iay Ai pi al oa-a I fuiaiga# a prr'erreai le tflF VRbM a Naaaaii aai-ei ia tbe ?ega> a a.e $W paid aa| triaging a raarult. t Kin * *i Hxnrt "B. wi# H "a ?4' e >r ,t.. u or n? e? My draft. Ap ta tbe |>. laitpa el Se ?Rr1\e atre-i Re? V< 10 I in - rn r Mi'SORRn ttm lam* camm ' '' aa aitae eaa. iapi?'4 far v* . t -a ? "f a.itiatitutae. i*r let fan.riea App ? at *T Cietiaaat atraa. aab.BiTt. n Vi'ibtl It.i- a f 'traiaa- I C; r./Wi CAPM IR II A s" l? rr?R FtM R tiitOli UK* y>)' 'U ab> ar. a'. I I a?' ta It all Iaa fly. Appir ta C. M. RtMtlaaM wvraf taatiri cacm in ii a s'|i run rot R iukih mkm am Par I aad Caaa' ir?at aaAar Ibe t Haana ?a> ia?a Ha .a &fUWl Rom TWa aui s 'Vwari lair b> la. Am I ai a^e ia arRVRMa *T Na-aau atiaei In ?ba n gar a ore Tbe eaine aianati ra 4 a bai l !ie * ..OOI? NKa Vt ? s I i U una DAT AR leieara aa aaMHuIrt Higkaet b>' laik-a It- te far 'ain-liea. Apply al Ibe rata, aata llmaaa. 7? Carl land etiar: d>U/t|t CA?H-POH MIITRIH Rl I'RI'lTlt T?l FILL ?n"U a ? .'.a1 * >ia.a ia>a'r ariii?r? iiifaa'ia ?r nail; prnal |n^l |I?|>, ?f al*tt 'adarabaa Appa al Pm .?c a nan It - atbambere etreei i aaMw II m hub River Kal.oa l lleaat ? J.(W]A I'OH TWO nooo MRb-FI I l>: R At Rt'R J^iTiHr -i t?? a at era ea Wea?> ai - - cava r a ii.lan r m bmie ea* . lee a aa liftr man I aa I'e i ? tad N ala. > I $ iia t>> $?? briall A pp i ai ? Wa^i > atree rai ber Cadai etreal. ur aie'ia. I lA./WUl UK Rl.ITN AM H Rl' Ra I ' fl'T I I W III ' L'/JUl'v e I? V'ai Ii n anil aaay }.Vi ha I mnn?y , i*' i n rannr- ? ar braber* au.i in ' w> ir Ua Ap n'a at Hi* t'ntla.l ^talea Ha. n. ling ana a. .Haiti, ua Afra. v, i 2C Krondwv. raoaa ? V R. R.? Riib idaafa lnaieb'4. StVAl, PKIIB BOKKt. M . VLI. I'Rl/.K IdONRT K(?B I aTARLLi AS RR oR1A >LU at ONi?K RT APrLTIMI, a IN fRRROM OR RV I SIIIM TO WAI IIRS A ?IIXARI\ I.ATH C a N a' T. INI Tul;k bTRK. T RRlMKLVM , BOl BTltS. BVCBI'At and a'l oil.'i r a w ? AUII sTkll MIIHUl'T DRLAT I A I ? ? : ' ? VI. VI v rf> MIMMaNI R I n. . 'Ill l.i'ra d'aebaned lor a -ade re . .ad ia j , A?- l? a.-Uai ?ed Narjl ar At ny o? era ae< nra .r aa , tier*, iba.r Widuaa ar baara. 1'i' iMi'iL.V I'Ail* th .r PKl iar> I Ki?l bft inooera R\ Pa*. A. b/ ? ? I OlVttO lUSapl-L.? trie. -,nrt M^.y ft*. '<a and leu r Tier I' 4 Na?r, TTI Hroa lway torwer af Cl.aia rt? auee .New Vo a All. PR) AH MiiSRT. SiiW PAVARI.R. Can ba fcb aia^d at "in* Uy ^i pl. as ta .1 C Iil< RET A CO IIS Ureal n ar New TaiR. LM.LA WABLBT FOB ?ARTIA<i>l PR CI R?. LAl>T Pi Maria ror Im *?>?.., Ua.ia 'ar Heniiea e Saaaa i f?,r Male ..| tie.. <a aud Vb'tOi ia I r. r n w r .n Ai |. to WALDBN A WII.LARO. II Voi w Mr -*>a ja tirol'NDBD ROl.OII.RR CAM II*vr nipin ?>ng a T bo in'. pr pail 'bewi ?i w?? a..| >e r dec aa-.! an'. I ? r? . an ha?r 'be par and txumir ea ie i. d a i.fl peiiMunapta" n*u- aailoraran re<*l>a tlieir pa. aaiar A ? a ii larnte inforiiialon and loal u. uoaa o app in ia RICHARD C KLL10TT, I mle.. Iaa. At ?..? an J M?t a O'lie. t7 M ercker atiret. 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IM Kraut aneei. \MRW AND RE.Al'TIFl'L 1IAR0K FOR F.XCl'R C.nn . - Tbn IIaRVRHT II' 'Mil. and l!.g HHiRR RR''K. Alaa a lkri.e eld* wne I ? eam' wlib a?'o<.ge. and n b*r i oat* ind tlrcrei. eu' h a* Etrur ion o.l ce 3M Weiinrirt v'Orn.-r "I Barrow. n It CRtiSRBTT rpo LET?TOR RTCITRSIOMR, A LtBUB RIDE 1 wheel fliegniar, aalnma Alaa thg new and large double decked Bargei Waller Randa and Mu bower and the new and ?t> end d tirore near Cheiwa Htalan l lanit. Ap p r to W .V R RTEBR A CO.. or Voa^d tM tbi '?arge?, fo?? ?*( Bet tou ti re^ / iHirras. QTKAM WBFKLT TO LIYKBPOOL. ToUCHIKrt AT y|u'?i>?lown (Cork harbor I? The Now Tork and Palladelp ua Steamship Compane int-t.d de.patcVog their full powers I built Inm sli-ainships a* fj low* ? > ClTT OF BALl'l MOItR Santrdev. Jane 4 BTIIA . . Solaria . Juae II BDINCRQH Itluriitr J una id i and erery euooecding Setuiday. at noon. frota p er 44 ioT.b river. __ RATES OP PASXAUK, _ ^ 1" g" d. or Ha a , ut stent la wirrenof flret gab o $*i, S'eera?e $?? Hr?t ealnn, to 1. ndon ... | Hie raas lo L?n Ion tl Fl'el rtWo, lo Paris Oft | Ht??ra??. la Tana .. ?<> FlrMMb n to Hamburg, . tsi j Mteera?" l> II tinburg , . St Pesaeugnre also lorwardad j , Have Bremen, Roller tain Antwerp Ac., at equally i >w ratea ? Ki??a i Lleerpoe* or Ouee.iatnwo - Klr-d eabta. ?7S, $?1 ll'ifc Bteeraiie. ?W Tb*e who wish tu >ml fur tbe'r Hands can buy tickets here at th*ae rates. These steamers have superior amouiiuodatloba for pa* -on. , gore, Are strongly b tilt in water tlgl'i irou section*. at d i earr* patent ftre annlhilatora Experienced surge mm are I Attached to each steamer For further Information appl? la Liverpool ta W 1 1,1.1 A M IRMAN. Annul, a Water atreel; In Olasrow i,? AI.Kh. MALCOLM. No. S SI. Enoch a.iuire: In (Jiieenslown to (; A W. D. SETMOUR A CO.; In London to KIVKS A MACEY, 61 IT tu William street; In Pars ta JtlLRS DRCOItV it Rue Notre Dame de* Ytetores Place de ta Bourse; In Phi la delphta to JOHN U. DALB. Ill WAlnut elreet, or At the compAtiv'a offices JOHN O. DALE. Apent, 15 BroAdway, New York.^ TUB BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROT A I, M A 1 1, DTK A M3H i I'M BBTWKKN NBW TOUK AMU LIVKKPOOL. (?A 1,1.1 Ml AT CORK II ARBOR AND BBTWBEAI HOHTON AN1> LIVRBPOOL, CALLING AT U A LI FAX AND CORK HARBOR. ASIA leaves Ronton Weune-dAr. June S. A18TRAL ASIAN leave* New York Wednesday. June IS. CHINA leave* Boston Weluesday, June 12 SCOTIA leaves New York Wedoeadav. Jnna If. AFRICA leave* Boston Wednesday, Julv 8. . runM tncw roait to uvauroot.. Chief cabin passage %\M M Second cabin pan??e SO iW PltOB HOSTOM TO I. ITIKrOOL Chief rabln Daana?e $11* (W Second oabln paasage 66 #? pavable la *<>UI or its e<|iilval?nl in Uniiad Btaltt cuneucy. Rer^ba not .secured until paid for. An experienced eurgeon on b^ard. The owner* of these ships will not be aoeninfable foi ?pe cle or valuable* mile** hills of liwllug Having the value ex preaaed are *1 :ned thereror. For freight or |ia>aace hphIt to E. CUNAKO. No. 4 C"<m. NOTICB.-TIIR STEAMRH ATALAVTA, CAPTAIN Wm. II. Plnkhnm, will leave pier ?l North river, Saturday, Jane 11. at ? I' M . preci?e!' for London direct. II OWL AND ft ASPINWAI.L. Amenta THE LONDON AND NEW YORK KIR A MSMIP UOM pany will deepatfih seml-niontblv their iifrf aud first e'aaa British Iron me unship* TKM.A. BKW.ONA. AT* LANTA. lOft'A. INDIAN \ and MANll ATTAN, ei' U ,'l.iv*) ton* burthen between l.ondon and New York, cal'lu r at Ilavre ou the vovate from I.nndon. Rule* o! iii*himcc, pairv bie in I'nlted Sisies eiirrenev Krom New Yurk. First Ca blu SK': Beeond (' il>in, tfili; flteern're, *15 Krom I, on ion or Havre Fiisi Cabin. ?"iO For pas*Age app'y to CH A1. A. WHITNEY, at No 2fi Hro*.|wa? ?V>r freicht npn'T nl r>t Smith aireet Advanees made on merchandise ron?i|(ned 'o the London atteuu flOWI.AND * ASl'INWAr.U A go u*. v BRITISH AMD AMRRICAN STBAM NAV1QAT10X COMPANY KTP.AM" TO LONDON r>IRK<"'T T1 e flr-t class iron steamship LONDON wili aall7une II. Passage payable In currencv. Cabin. il ?)J Sleorage. $V5 Pasaencers forwarded lo Havre, 1'iru ad Merman purls, at very lo* rates. Appl' to WILLIAMS ft OUION, 29 Brnadwar. STBAM FROM AND TO QUKBNSTOVfN AND LIVER POOL CirXAItr* LINK Froia New York. $."15 corroacy ; to New Y irk, $55 fold. ?r ?'Mi iAl?Dt in n> rrencjr. KEDA 't -a la W?dnea-tsT. June SI l?ON utila June 22. For paasige apply to WII.LIAMS A OUION, 2!> Broi*-lw?7. TUB UAMBl'RO AMRRrCAV PACK KT COMPANY'S ICON MAII, RTKAMSH I PS. Ei iin Koutl.juiulon. I rom New York. Tl I'TONIA Wrw 17, lf?l tune II, IWI HAKoNIA Mav II. l?i-? ...JuneUi, 1H84 PaVaRIA I u lie M . Mil July 9. Ml VI OKKMANIA June ?H M'.l TnlyJEl Mill MIHI'SMIA . . JijIv I M' 4 I'll. ?. IH?4 From llawb'ir," p -r foot af Third treet ll'iboken. lakinn pa en?er for Hamburg Havre, f.onden an<l Houlbampton at the io"<.w!r? i*tes ? Fn?t cabin $10'; second cabin. $<".? C2; tiren.-f , $t: V? p??*We In cold or !'? e'|tttv?>n'. fi?i frel|ii> appl' to KI'NHARDT A CO.. 4.1 Exchanae plena lor t>a*?a<!e apply to 0. B. RICHARD A BOAS, Ml Broadway THR NORTH CKKItfAN LLOTH'H STEAMSHIP AMI RIOA H. W?.?el? .<iiairan>lar, carrylu* Ih* United sta'e. ?i.*ll, w. t sail from tfee Biameii pirr'looi of Third atreel Ho .?a?n ,n SATUROaY, JUNP. 4. AT It O'CLOCK M, BKP. MKN, Vta'iioOTHAMPTON. taking 1>S* eiiee a la i^<Snotr havr*. sorrn \mpton amo hremen, at l* ' fn lowing raiee, pavabie in sold or t'a e piivaient la eurreiM-v ?? l or i lie iirsl oa bin $i"rt. second cabia. $*?-' M); eteerace. $M VI Tl - A M E l< I r A wil lie follj'ved by the BRBMBN, June 1A For freight er peaeav* an,4f to ORI.HU'IIS A CO . 69 Broad atreet. IMP DINK ?IT SAM TO LI VKRPOOL AND 'a-a?* i ? HiMmlni <n> A I Ciyle built ate ALKfioNlA Cap'* a <iat la inteode 1 lo -a1 ? ine 4 from ter 47 Nor u Ihi* Hieam I in I e most aiM"ove,l >i le lo insure ti e roit e ' o; | ? ?:*'? ? of p*?-a a, Inrludin i?i * pp.? \r ' M.ard prorlaiona -Cabina, arid $,0 l ? n eersea. S'tA pavable in ANCHOR _ i.'a-aow Ilia l ue i i?i *?i i>? Al Clyde built eteam > ie . aCKI.oMI* Cap'a'a ? isl la intendel to ??ll on isa .1 ? ? nae ? 1 rum , ier 47 North tkl< 'tieamslnp la tilled la I' e w?i approveil ?? le lo insure ti e comfort "?1 e> e ' ii i >- . t;. "f HO'a.a, Including m "?ai * PP'? Ae.l c.M.aril provlatona ? tlabina, *A!V _ _ ? il IskiiiwiI > ? *?' ?rr'? pavabla in cur. iwoi A. Iv in HI V Ni ls MACDONALD A CO., No. ? B<><*H?g nr?an ?fcTATI'iNA? >4TV. \M NAVIOATION COMPANY? TO |> l|UBBMfll4lWN ANII 1.1 \ lilt POOL. Cabs $l *? ?;?r re $1%? oavable in aurrency. ?t *sr*l\iii-N -a l> Saturday. June 4. YIBUDU Ban* Hatuiday. Jisea IK. n ^"'wiLLIAlia Aovrom. ?> Broad wAy IJVtR 1. 1 V KB POOL.? -Til M riNKAl BRITISH HTKAMBR r EDWaHI' IIaWB'N.s s r rear di, 0 uuinan ler, at pier U MiwOi rl??, having tl'e larger pa.4 ol her argo Jl? s .. and re >ig >e d will have fulob d?spair.,i for the aK.<-t?rt Kor l?taae? of freight, or passage, appl.' ta UN II MRI.V AXi WRNDT. U Brave i street 1* H t V \TRPM. O * H CO f I Hi I aMSHIP P'.BOFlAN, fro' W'tebee la |^?er??e' June 4. Xaieee i*ssa<? |-i $7<i and $1* >1' UT UK A ?> in H i .iiial Hank payable at All Ha |.t .n bea Kn? and aad I ie aud. For lass*..,- , y I > S/.BI f, A .^F.ARLE. J'i BroaJeav. Netv Yix k. F>OK 0AL1 VK)i: A VIA PANAMA A frs S-S st-sniei wlll1-a>i \e . Tork on the Id, l.ltb MAIM at ea- a nmeih, ? .cam whru thra* i a'es fall on Sun av Wten Ae I.av of denarlure \,i|| l<* on the Mao<lav f e?m? I i 'r? -.At at pasaa^r a.<a'y At '4 only o ' ce Na. 5 llow.. to.'l.r' e U B. ALLK'i, Vgeui. 1'iiR KRW OR1.KASS IHRIvT. r r l*a >i m K?5. r ted K'a r* mail si 'awbeel a caaith'p to LI 4 Hi A, D. R Hail Commander, e*ve L.i?r No 4 >art riu", Balu dar, June I. at 1 * P M. jirtHse F. for Ktar Oriean* d re i. No freight .?<? oi hH s of s'i?ic?, ' "I on t'.e dav of sat log. All s m'l st |iaas tbraut a u.- Posi oiH<? r 1 ei?bt ? i !? ?? go ape I io _ spi PIO:: I' ,lL IU,1 A CO S$ B oadway. N>w oni ? s IMRBCT. THK UNITED ?tf? is ..s, MA TANK AM. W m L'cfcig'Og d. r. si , ? i a> <;>' i 'in i Kr No 4 \er h river, . i he ? .4 l i . at 1 ? ? '* P M For ?>? -j. ?s? u 1 110" AiiBNCIO A CO., 17 H V DRIRAN4 niRI.I r-IIIK Kl^tr 0LAS? e Biate* Mali ?laatusiiia LoCIIisT po|\t c ei i4. i a. . t a ve pier I. V K, mm Hai .rda> lune 4. a 1 Passa^* wliu ui'i riki ed eoca ifu? Ist'oas. $ *>. ilgh ' o I ssaage Bp; r a II B t'R'lidWLLL A CO., V r* h Havana via Ntas\i? n p T 1 ? Hi i s i an i MarMi A o? ?an Royal Vsil S'-en I ps ?? IV in, inraoMs'i nWMI't Csmt n UMe< ? a?'r, alH anil ler tor a<?>e eo. n ir. ? the in. s I'v'i'ai* Ma' 2" aad ee SATI BDAY 'CNR I' I r? ? ? v?* I4* f>| ?njff ? a * a neiMMttel W V'* ftb ? )? |^4 W H* 4ilRV ri+b% IP, A#,? Ml >1|V M "? nAtl rtf ?? "4 ?' .r ,-A?ea?e ei i t w f , Be 4 B?e ua Oraea. I I* * n a mpfct-tHB CM 1 1 P -lAirHi i*? ? II t \ A > 4 *1. K Oreena cwimAiider. | i a* e ' iw ? i ? t Ni' I M .-r H r ve , n V\ -Ini ie ??e? a' k I M. Kir frsi??' ... pi ea ? apt I la 1 H<>* A * I <l IO A < O I,' Biealwey I ? . ? I l i ii. ' .II.-T* i lin LINK r - ' P"N I AH IO aa ? ? ' , ? l . ??iii?i < i 1 1 1 NO aile * <ae A a K os, * H a Mi^ R.N st .la*' *s , ANTAKCII. .. U I . loo t ispuA- * LINK ? D lBIM W| I'slKR I,s I lie' 4 ? It a. -ex mi ? ' to. an '-t' be ' s * ?s . , I* nhfc iiH MKOiill BH A CO s. ? III ireM ? >B I.I T I I'l I'l DfBBTt.? 4TNA?? iTBAMSHf P I |" . lis H i *i a M Ir m oail ?? ?' 'ao ?'st Jnae ? | 4 *a?|*eaa? $??? pjf ym Sirt?ieet "i a Ul>1 ?fl ? ? M : I'. * IJ. ' ' K > N a Rl?. Be < F a'tagOreee Y RKI ? I. -tilt i'f I.RBSAT l f> CI IPPfsR 91 LaIHK -a '* J a- a Ike I Nl v AH I, s a p U> :?i-Ue fvlBli K MeiKT ei'a J*M atpr a pp. ? le WILAlAMt A Ut'U'K, No. 4* THA\ FLI.KBA' Ul ll>K. I Rl I' A l.KOAD .HA .a ICR Ale r .? ?A.ilbN* Vh II s s ??a it I A * ?s l ' ai d I ?i F. M.. aad e* Aaadeya , m r * i . . a >w To K II A w I KB INO AI.BANT B* LB"*D ? > f r a Mav i ret N-w u an t W'ei ie??e Tw->a?f si a s 'ret dept. a Id A. 14 ??4 If < A>oadAftrMl II (V h f M?.^aT^IJir,5i5 TPl>P t I ROM THR Z Ar,?r.: av- .. , v-4 ,,,r ? IMMl^e. r"( *IKaMKI K m a ? my ~ '" ??'III III! and I w e, peaeeeae*. aa/fre^fci * M$evi??$ i M - , " Si: ?iwr.'i ' ' "V, t. ' a.4 ' *" fp,^ <ar? with ii,. "es,V ,1 **MRNfA We- 1 en Ntf h ' I ag|.?* OfllMRI HRf 'iDWtr WILL I. c, \ Y R IMF1* ? 0f)T o lay a r .-I , > s! ?? i?o u At 4 eel f?r Y"?*e:?, llA-ieg*. '. bb s 'eir?. Tsir tewn, ?ing S Ha ir sire v boat ro1* wept poirt, coi d a"rini?, O Cap ewell and Nevahms suing at T- rlleih ?lte?L Y'-iuaer Uaetinga, D*ib r*i y f* rt'e wo. a ng Sieg ae I Haver araw. S'eamer BIlOAt'W AY will -sapn foot nf Jay f , e?t ??er> H'.adav aton ng. at Tl? o clack Sv ndat roat por m; wbi ro? tok sew and olessnt sleambael TII'IMA* COLLTBH will p or (if oi of Jar street an Sunday morn og June i, at t o'elo f ml every nee 'av Ibareeitef during tha aassee, fer Sew ourg. lan im* at Tblnieth atreel. New loik. Toitker*. Ha*l n?a Dobb'*Ferrv Tat y.ewu, d 114 '?log. P'easKill, Hav | pisiraw, W?g. i'omt, ueii ##riag A idCoraeeU. AMWf? f* N I BLIPS UABUBN twin ???ex % Ul eotMBB^ertS <# _ _ _ _ 1-etMdN u*. ? * <? WHBAY!,** ri'iur If* * * i ?.?? ? mk sk?* ?r? * *tn n i<> >? * or i*- j?>t?nx? *. i? .. ?> MLI.R ?H9fiM f W* 1?? ?>'>? thf UltM? I III! ?,?*???>??? ft ??*? fu Mmwn X A*(.B1.I with tt> - *->?.?* ?r ? r?- >r s. < ? ? . <? v? ? ? * ? ?4 II IN jo :i* MR' ? -it i vi fc .????. ?rr *f*Ct LAB DKaMa IN ri?H ti?i?* 4 ett wa4 ?? cat >, * 'N,M * it i.v cni?npr> !'i i ' ?'m t.? (Mi III* Him- > -III' t? a Asu i i*?i r t*? > tin* splbbdid mtw bcbmbbt UoKul.aWa ML* C<HT ?' * H"?ri ?? NAfttM ?ioh rrKiirrmi a?i? ? ?.? - ?* . ? OOMI'LPrR ?.? ?M? t. * i t ?t Original M'1410, aol.r '.I* 4 ?rn -n ?' It* J ? W m i.RAMD tlKi.r tlii. wUb atitCIar/ aid nuiiil?e, in> <" ? i wo in npiTi ii rt rt* *i-1 '.be rnl'owln* I* ente.i ?rii" ? ? Me ?r*. J Nnnnn J W i n1, ?r J P Ha," 3 * - n?lt J. W . Mlauielt, K II H?I*M HMN *???* Mary Well*, stm alt Mmm*, Mi.* Aa'.a""0. *? a a ???. Ron na Ac. 4c. THB ILU'ViNATF.n ilHM 1 oris H\ KHT K'> I- Ml > <?. I Sea?? toeu: nil tit 1. i in ad ta ? 117 IdTHR OAKHKN. *? ANOTBPR TRU; * ?| two H or Hi* >>r laoohti'.k ? B 111 I.LI A N r M . < ' ?. II. MR. AND MK." W J I i *> l" ?? * UK. AMI MRU. W n.t'i1. H MK ANII MRU W. .1 riOUN'l Who apnear every t. ght lr> By roii't r+trifTtfJ H.irloaqia ef HRA III W >MI. Which la now drawlnu rrmvd* ,i? _;ieat at t taae ? % ta'ko- i to nee the "Tloket of i .rave Man aud h*t *?eii ? - 1 by (he lea it I Hi! journal* _ THE PERFECTION Or BI BLRSO' E. Kra Diavolo aliaa the Mar<t<ii? di Onli* Mar. ket Mr- W. S K U) K Rf ' I Bepi'u a iiarliuulari) h^avy ruiliaa, not tx -'il> ail Willi lli<; fainteii nutiiun of a coaiK i'U'M, or In dof'd anyLhins liiit tue lioaraeuax piv uliai melv-draniatle brif?:ijf ....Mr, W .( FLiRTTM Riliipoited by Mfmrn. Vlnlng Mowt-r? A H IkhtiiiwI, T K Mot In, Ebau^, Kilajr, HeDmaoa. Mia I'baafia i a?4 Mm. Kloyi. Ml'SIC INi'IDKNTaIj. Opening Cbonu 'KuuV' Loren M.itu-o an 1 CarMn*" t Dejcrliuiv? Moo^' and Cliorua ' 'flieie'* ? M"? nlei Who Lirex" I.oranro and Obo"H Aria, "I tn m a Drcadfitl ritnta or Mind" Z m ia Drlftkius ."toiig from Pnritao'a I'autl'tsr I'ra U >i?o Duet. "On Vouier Po'-k llecliDiur. Kra and / rllna Hong, " ill K*y Lay" Olar?'no Rons, "OaiKli> Zerlina"... /.arlla? Couceriod l'leoe, ??Hoopnu Oe Uooden U^i " /.?rllna. Dla?o!o. R?pp? Orancl C".ioi .m, "La Kfrmmiif," Kauat Snag. ' !>a t (Jirl orDmed In blue ' Kra l)ln?i>to Souk. "Lot m? kiai litm Yankee Doodle" Iwni ? Kira'e- U. s Brery odf Tha perluriiiaitw "III comnwno' wild ItlKlCb M A It It I EI) Mr.i K.ORRNCR u t'urlolta . Hal Oo?t mer Willi ('tpiuiti with liw Wblakert, and ' yuiuis Reormt," i id MBumlog th? ''haraole, - or VIOTORIMK, LB I'AIJK, an Oiiera fllagar. with tfUENCIi SONO. "Loa Taut" and < J !'. it m A N dOMl, "Del PeJera am hoot." 8KROR v PKBKa VENA, A Spauiiib Oaoenr. with Hpanlth Dauet. LA ? A'itr illlLLO, An J MABTEIt OURTAVUii VOSA I>S VRRB, A C^Jet af the t'ottftaohulo s hnol of Zo.iavo. Mi. KLORKSt-R a? VIVIAX RIPTLK Poor-, op.-n at 7 i . p-rfor raoce cuiunnnc* at 7\. Cairiai;ea may be ordered for U?lf p?8t Ifti o'clook. Broadway tiiratrb ( L?ie Wallaok'*!, Curoer of Mni.ul* ** and Broom* strati. 6E( OND WRKK Ul Mr. F. H CHAN KRA U, who hu aolilered tlie tno<l PRONOUNCED 8UOOR-W In bit original Imimraonatlou of KRdTllRR SAM. ia Charlea tlav'.er '? luahlv aucc fitful roinaJy. no'ltUd Ol'R AMERICAN COUSIN AT UOMS, which ia nigntiv reclrp.l with UMCONTROLIiABLB MIRTH and the moat LAVISH APPLAU8B. It will be repeated MONDAY AND EVERY EVENING, until further notice. Lord Dundreary and Urother Sam Mr. Cbaafrau FOX'S OLD ROWRRY. FRIDAY. BEKKKIT OK THE TREASURER, MR WILLIAM TR VON. TOUR CAPITAL PIE< E8. DRAMA. MOLL PITCHER; OH, TUB FORTUNE TI^LLT'R OF LTNN. lennthan Hook (with eoniO Mr <). L. Foi Mniuillni* Mr .1. H. Studler Moll Pitcher Mm R. Daovll And Ihe full dramatic company. N AUTICAL PI KCK, THE ''LYING DI TWlMAN. M1M PANNY II ERR I Nil AS VAN DKRDECITEM, TboCaida.u nf Ibn Phun'om And Ihe Klvloa Dulchmaa. PAMTOMIME. THE POL'R LO V I IRS, WITH a. L. FOX. TONY DRNIF.R, C.E.FUV, MLLK MARHNKLTt, ^ The PantomUiia '(rouiie. Faroe. HOW TO AVOID URAr'TI N<1 Mlj Wlrai Mr. H. CHapaaa WOOD'S MIN8TRBLS. .Mi BROADWAY. Oppoilte St. Nicho'aa Hotel Henri Wood Propr for Ac. MONDAY, MAT SO. aud avarv eremug dur ng ilia week. DAVE-AND-8POBT BHOTHKRS OOIMO TO riOMT MIT SIftRL. TMOUOHTPI't. RVOTIONB, STOCKS UP, FOUR CROWS. BBVfKW OF THB PAST, BROADWAY BKLLK, BLACK BRIOADB, COMIC BANJO .SOI.OS Ac.. By Frank Moran, Fox, Boyre. Bud worth and tba entlra troupa. Door* open at 7; ooamanoe at 8 o'clock. Tlckei? IS re ma. HELLER fl HELLER'S SALLB DIAROLIQCE, 58ft IIROADWAY, SEVENTH WEEK. 47th 48 4Qlh and ?>U> RP.PKK8kNT/lT(ORS ROBERT "ll KI.I.ER H EXTRAORDINARY PERFORM tffflEP lit PROORAMMK NO I OF ILLUSION1. N. B.-PROtlBAMMB NO. 3 IN PKRPARA TInN. Or h'^ra xtalli tboilld b? ? ecu red a day lieiorehand Duora or>?n at ; oommeiic ? at < MATINEE TO-MOBRtlW AT I P M. NBW ORIBNTAL music ham.. * tjj Broadway 6'.' abotc H'erck'r ?ire?!. The grrnteal al!r?c|lou In !h? world. A PALACE OF WON Dl'.flS, AN \ RODB OW HEAUM, Magnificent I'alntliiifa by the >ld Maatrra. tO BEAtTlKLL MAIDKN8 iN FANCY COSTUMES. IN FA.NTY COSTUMBB. THIS T9 THE MONARCH <>F ITS CL.VSS. Thia the oal? "n? p'ae<? of lt? k'nd wo thr a ?Ult, A' other* are lantr a ?, i in I f 'Ion*. Admla*lon freo FRANK RHKNB. Wanted, id Lady Walter*. Aj p.y between II and 1. K??> BROADWAT. MKLODF.ON. Si4 BBO%DWAT. ?)U?> M r.LOLiK\)N. MRLODEON. MKLODKOI. NEW SCENERY, NEW DKCOKA'tiONS NEW TALENT. 1 U.. imi'<en?e amount ei;?nCed l:i refllting mid rede orat In ; he MeIiODKON l? amply reixld Iit he tli ? <?nd? who el* t |f nlgnily In Me :nu magn i. ent nail o mu?ic. mirth ?ivl -on j. ?n I imai the tiand r iinMimi >,n ?f '(lent en??(t-d eip.e??ly for ilia Mi.LoDl.OV. Tii a Mill the new h?r. lea i a Ojei* a! Ih-Laat Str.iait'e ol ilia le nn l'?dler. la wh.ok So'ot-on Cilen. I.atimer, L I'^aiie and Bella Hoaard. K'fir S?eC|^ with iheeutlre alrength of ?h?rom P >n< , ?ftl ?piai?r. Adm von I i ?e. Ad ii'a loa Fret Adrn'tnlon Fret. UEOiKlE E. HEY I. ON. Dim-ior. D AVENPORr RROTHFR9 ii RK v r CABINET TRICK w;n PUB O V P. DEN, to nii. ii r. Ii* a CHAWKBAt' ' , In hi- area*. Impertonatlon of BHtirilKr. SAV. At tie BROADWAY TME*TitR tonight niM, piri:. fire. r SlflNOR BUONO CORP TBI: ITALIAN SALAMABIiRB; Or <.'on i :ero. of tke Plaint*? wi appear again. ClAFF OF LIFE -FREE AND EAST, 3X KPRINO Oa tel e?err Monday, Friday and S .t rdi' . 1n eni?e i e of (he areat nninhartliai could not he a-comniu 'aieit ? i h "? I now added a arge number t titrachiiiv Fred. M?r will lakt h>- chairat S o o.-* I AMIS KBNNRDT, Pto'i tt MARTIN UN Bl'HI.N, I r?p etor MB. AN j MRr< VRNDRNHOFF Al give their aal A 1 1'AUJt WELL READING TMt tret .ng *t Dtdwer'b Ilall. MORrjAAMA.-TO ^lonr, TQNIOHT, S 0'i L0( JC. Ol'HfAV I S OPART ? > e? oie of hit I'epu'ar lial'ad contort.. Attltted by te?tral Bow York i elebi c.iet. ________ 10RD lit'N DREARY A \ND RROTHEB 8AM A . Hwnt to n ghl ?iSo"elo?k, Atlkt BROADWAT TBF.ATRB CIONOR RUONO CORK O Tb* Iik' mhiialit4A Mee. ?r Flrt K ng. WILL SHORT!. Y API'KlR ?^LOCUTION AND DRAMATIC INSTRUCTION.? FBI. A J ?a'a laiannt to ial ea a? a"n' " ?>n ie??..nablo itinn b? a th"'o, Rhljr <?mpei*n; initn. ter AJditH * L , boi ill Herald n OW TO TABS RICHMOND. A j'p.y *i | ft I K iiadwa. up ?tali t. A">4 Wke:* etti/il un( l? l?ktn in a r* ? tak ig w*v. W4 llPAt IV VIUUB. KM AND THE 0'?if,MT I \ ? i', R IN TIIE CITA CHOICE LIvl'ORS H *(CRLLENT SEOAR^ AND TFIK FINEST KH'1 INOF.R WATFR EVER IMPORIBD t'tn.e one, tome til, te the Oiaut H I , kU Binaiwa. M? i To a. a whom? U KANT. 1 W v re f lu Rli hnio , Ah do- n o' nt wait r Ulr't ? ?nfed. ; ADB . 4* ON IRES ADMISSli>N FREE IJANJO INsTRC I ION ? BY A SEW AND EASY l> niftfcoj. whl it all ' rd< II t puril pr ?( c en * iifit: one , <j * *r < ' ?on>. It it noi Hit 'tdlout ? I n ne?. I it ? i ?<* i**dl'i ejf ilqed In Hre m n tt?. San uf medt lo 1 ord'l and fmn'thed tnr jwaetlet ^ ULO C. DOIIsON A It MOT, ?l Breni'wt.* ?e?r Ar.lly <L TUB LKCTIIRI BEAIOR. | MPOBTtir I.F.CTl'MPS DAILY FOR OtNTt.EMBN I 1 a?!?, at ilia New Yei-a Muteuei or Antio-ejr, <ld Sread way ra. tlo* nnaf>.o aauea I ll-te leci ea ?** hare tli-m fatwarde.i on r??i?l of umee ut by addrtta'ng SeoratArv a; Btw Ytrk Mutenui of Ana orn?. N'fBSBS FOR THB ARMY. -A LBC IL'RB WILL SB gt>en ?? PrM'*???r Ntpbeal tt ''Priton Hall. At tor p t e, t hi ("rl ari erening r,n "tlnntlmt Wo mda,'' to th, *e ?d e* letiron* of llitliu t>itni?e,'*t .1 mir*** f0'? iha Sold ?**| all. All vt Itruoa. ^ 4WI kn* \r' tL! 4 k ? riroTt. fw ? -.?** ?' '? ' ?k?'- t namnaeaeea *1 * nf-* ' * i' re a fi-?. ?V (. ? ?? ' C4TBI*tfl ?r *1 LBHrrit w ALLACa B HTaMDABV bom eVa lb (? ?? ^ ? ??: ?P1"?r t'ie a-H^ar n la ?? Wa <- I a aa Mr IMIWrl, Hr f ??-? Mr fl-at V )? ? <'f ?' !?*?> M? Mr .w?? Mr raikea, Mr* ? - ta.t )>??>' M ? * -4 M '??* t B v.. ??'? Jet ? R<>'wn Mua B?rnu, *UL? Rim * ?*r m "?T-r rH'/t-' *le .rgloalSrarta rf " ? A?"f4l!? BLAMD f r |i.i h; O. II. U?r<, r *9 ?< triii.' -tn rim* Ear*. the popular pity 1MB WIFB * HM.'Ifcr. t ?ruu 4MUMJKJ* Q.r.r.o tti and *14 it<"eJ?B/ I i ? .4 5 t??'reae Mra John "Hi MaM . ... ...I - ? . . ...a.... . .J H 4* "04 ? Ilia ETBialNO. ?<11 ?*r> -mf'tl Mm ? p ?r entitled PfT oF IHE PETTICOATS, ? a* ft i mi r wh Roill OF LAtT'lHTEB. M'? I t ? -4 M Ptll! till PM ' p,?T III A VINO. M.a fcaHa W ?1 aa B iif.le in Preti/ Berlie r ?f leliagte* ?i. p>it'-.1 by TMB EnTIKk HTKt ifTfH or TH" COMPANT. II iMMl ft eft I NO. .11) KB A. |. VM.MMI lit* (read rooaaale M ?Br ar > 4<t?. Ml >??! ALA OMR, M ? hAB MB? (OHM WOOD *?? I in* eaUee B n jtra jr Bl'p- ar l> ?a ipHMf't. ?| !m '??!<? 'MMMI M f|{. Beat* m ??1 fcr?? laye la a4raaee. n Vk* B "?M * THB4TBB .N * ? rr , r Mr ,1 W LtngarB i r! i ' % v if if i. nit fttsKHTot M K ?,?*! Kl, I- Ml I. KB. ' ? ?? "a*' a4a baie Ac .41. Immebme sTli. fori FIBCBB VK ? HI ?B<I|A*I> M't It ?? BONIFA0S, (III I Ia*h tlKO. KKOI I k K.s M, N W <1 KlRBil MIHlKkTC HhWTOB, M>< M A lltfRB Ml< <? l.lhUKll II AIN*I.KY SCOTT M INTERS (HMIDWlB INK i OLLINS, Hp * ii iwmMni ef Mr m C VawpMU, prepnei* ef i ampin- 1 ? M b I n iiarfiMiM* i"? w i <m u*n - with lii* Drains f lli> C?rtI4l ?TK U.KRA Mr V.Aw'n Bl*a h?? 4 an I H i IVifl IU..I Maaaai . Ujr . . ... . . M, a u? ay hsK( In* l?ia Hi ar WILL WAT 'II w W?''H Mr 0 n [I'lnlfkCM Mar* ? Mi. WO ia.,?a ( .j a Dbih i" Ill . M m;?i4 Uao<l?ln and Uo liaa Till, i O Mil. KB. ? T.-Ol'an "r- " llan Ai-arn Mi M>rira I Hr>. Ta Kllei. . . .JA<?? K <tr??a R ??b f ? >>??! inn I.SUT Ol 1 H H I 4 R R. _ Kit/ i4m"? Mr R?an< . * lihu..Vr. T. Utiiai Till ?? 1.1,1 K. M 11 II AN II K Iriha Btraui Ma<> Muni.h* I laany . M m K?l# Na?ri?M T' iao i(?* * mi nft Mar' ? ??' Mr r. Htaaaharil Tlw dl?ti:igii ?hart ?'?i x M ?. BOOT I* ??A #i 1 aa^aai ?u M <oJ?i ARM ?? AMBR1CAN Mt'sRUM *'a>?t wk'.k laht'Wkkk last wkb? or TKk BI-r SNOtBLT Ji !Ci HSKUb I'OMI STIC 0KAI1B, ii v ur<iN HoirrirAi'LT, PRIOR. Wliii ???l alcwiii. i I?r>. ?o? .mee?e4 BiMperUae Char*^"!* '</ Mn'i' hanlr. Il?il*way *n.l .laiulaoa. MM. Prior, Mi?? Atfora ni l lh? eatira ca nii ia*. ArMKKRXOON VN iHldlNn AT A A N L> . ' <> CI.OO*. 'exthcsi Asnc ami? custinurd appladbb (IKRKTB THE BRILLIANT, BMAl riKIIL. r ASC'ItlAtlHO MI.I.K. KKNP.STIN!'.. MI.LK. KKKKSHNK. whaapp*?r? arorv ?n?riio<in an I evi-iiliig 111 NKW AN1I I llAKMINii UAN<'B?I II.LUMISATLO l'OU NTA I N OK RliAL WATM BRTWEKK THE APTB TURK* AI.BINO UIMI.U^hB. ^ THKBE TABLBAOX OK MOT [NO WAX KIOURKB. OKNKKAL TOM THUMB BKIDAL OBOtfP. TWO LIViRl) PRAIRIE DO(;?, _ Mill IB POUR POUND BROOK TBOWf, THB Ml/filOAMiT KKI.'OATRn 8E*l.. MOM8TBK SKKPENTS. ami olbcr CurloaltlM. adrnttaioa. 2.t eaala: cblldren under tau. 14 oeuta. 13^^ AN1CB' HALL 472 HROADWAT. MORDAV. MA If and evert night durln| tlie waak. BKYANTH' MINBTRELR ?? MONSTER CONOBRT TlIK SBRIOWB EAMILT. BUFFALO BOYS. BI.AOK <-'IIEMl?T. THREE ariUBliRB. NANOY FAT. MAU'B BSBBBOB, LKS MIShflAHLRtV Ke* Souiii. I>Anr*e% Saying. Burl^f |iie?. Rc?enirlcltt?^ M PIiANTA'l (ON FESTIVAL 0 B O. Doora open ?l 7 i nmaiaaoe ai S o clock T icliaU B W4 fPHE BIRD OF BEAUTY IN OI?BRBlLA. 1 THE HIRO Ol BEAUTY IN (MNDRIlBLLB. THE BIRO OF BEAUTT IN CINOKRBLLA. MISH HALLIK HOLMAN, MISS HA I.LI B HOI MAN. M1KS BALLIR HOLMAN, Thi* Evanlni, Thl? Eveatng, I?!' E**".!? Tliii kvt'iuQKi TM? Bvotnng, IhliRftilip " AT MU8. HOLMAN S. AT MR8. HOLMAN'S. 720 RHOAKWAT, ACADEMY OF MURIO. T-0 BROADWAY. A<'*DBM Y OF MUB10. 0|>)K)K in tUa Now York Holfl 0|>p wlin th? Ni'W ^oik llolrl. O.ndarMiB, or tha L tile Magic Olaa* Hlippar C nil arc la. or tlte Lilt a M?? c Olail 81 I'per Cinderella, or tlieLU'a Ma?lc Ola*? 8llii|<er. Clailernlla or the Litt e M?r<- Ola? Slipper. LABT CINDERELLA MAT1NEB ON BATUBOAB. CIOOPER INSTITI'TE. j tub urkatbbt wondbb or MODBR.V Tr.MEH MTBTEBIOU9 AND INCOMPBBHBNflrBLB PHBNOMENAI Far aurpastlnK the aoil biill unt productloat ot m?4Ml miclclio*, coromfDcmg WEDNE8UAT BVENINO. ?' UNB I. ?nd continuing f very nvni ng uuiil fiirihar n tioe llaltar. Minimum anf oilier* cla'm ng to pra tma 1 k* damooatrBl linn-, will he t >tallv a'-.lfpaed by i?n youria iadiM, a *l*teraf tlm D?rrn|*>it Broihnr aadMra Lamb. Thaenteilainmaali given n ifiair praeanna will omrouod lha ?r aeat of maB ami tar turpaaa all! prav.on* wondera ollerad to tha o tUBBt nf New Turk Doom op'-n it 7' . : Comments* at 8'?. Adoa? a on Ml wnti Ch Mi?*n under li yaar*. 2AoeaU Baierras ?p?ta, without extra charge at the nllce or the luatllulA from Ml A M. nnt I 4 . loo* P. M I* B. -Tha hall l? tbbM latnd hy a large blower, whleb can foroa BUMO mib o fao4 m Bar law t every nnnutr. O 8. LACBT, Ml"*** OUR AMERICAN COUBTB AT BOMB. At the KROADWAY THEATRE. bea been pronoi.ace I a ORB AT ICCCEBB. N MR. AND MRS. TANDENHOFF'S FAKKWBLL HulKEE THIS EVEMINO. ... DODWOBTH HAM SbaLapeiii Slieildan. Dtckeoe. EW BOWI RY THEATRB ! ri(ia? Rieninj. Jue S, IBM COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT TO MR. HAMUIL P M I LKS. On wblcb o riii'ii the commi't^e will pieaeatBB IMMENSE ENTRBT AINMBN r, mataina . b. ?()gT Qr yo^uxtERR AID of niie?'-eprlnnah!e Box (beat now open, where aea'? ma. be aeunred. ... j rtAl.OON BUCCBS9. TUf' lAfc" R|AT ^;ugBl ?. VY. \$?t\ our,.?.-.^80"*1 " B. C U A SI' B ^ KOfcTHBR ^ * LORD 2-1^ aJthomb ? '"?J?r lT - , art Rb tUVF.lLED NAT> " 'Siw.MB- # Mt'HKI M OT ANATOMT, till broaowat. PATIIO[X)OIC\L WONDERS or i in. NKW MURK MUSEUM OF ARATOMf, 114 BROADWAY. ONllER OF WONDERS TO BE XBEN ONLT ?t tn? NEW YORK MVEBUM OF a N ,?YOMT. ti. i BROAD W AY. w J TE I; EOl'TK'tJN ? A r 1 1: VINO *4 ALL. J EVBBT Nliilt r, at i O'CLOCK. StTI RIMT AKfEBNoOM AT 3 O'OLOCB. B?w Bin! tiiiillau PROGRAM MSS. BEaUTL 01, SCENERY. 8T AtUARY ITARTLINO MO'iNLIOHT EFFBil r.4 AND Li II At. VrEWS. Tlkru 25 ?nl?. ra ni y tl< keta. adm I'tlng tn, II. / iaietier-#u n no a (>w ay, up biairs It oraml ..a 'u ,iat oa of INSTIll MENTAL AND TOl'AL TAI BNT Till: O II K AT I'M E I. AND EAST OK TUB I ITT. 1 1I K K L *Y A K I >fi IlKOlHEK-i, .1. R .SMITH UKO. M. SWIFT. Ii.iB JOHNS, ALEX. LEVI .lOirN I* CARMBL. Bn 4 a I #?' Of otne a lu aew am. pop>i Br Bailada, OieSBSSB I 'nruiti Aonga. ADMISSION Fr.KP. THIRTY OFTBF PRETTIEST WAf I'F RS IN TlIB CITT. f'irat u*aa? ta ^nl may apply for anfagrmenv Ktmrnii^r (he GAIETIES, "14 HKOADWAV. UP BTAIRB. OLD /.REE ON DECK. 'I'RH RAPiD ClIANUBB Or I cofruiiB. >oh;k AND APFRARaNCB Ai blarixj by I It AN IK U aa Dt'NDKRtBY an4 SAM, Make i-ne 'in hi h a ctb aenae of rlalaa. mil hippi ? .iKArRo.v-Nnri n -this n?wVb5 1 apa>: ? "a bu Ullna b IU bf riaiw from an I after Me* da met'. an< durnf be moatua of Juue ' 'nl /. p-iiili ? n>ee:.ii<?. c?n wr'a nr a.i> -a-rewab'# au r< .?lonae?k For '.ei mi apply at the t>*i ellice dBilf. fram K to IJ A M. T MMBN8R iVrCESS OF TI1R ORBAT PAINTINO, 1 I TB I* THB BOB PR BORN. Open dav anlar-ning I'ra ?n Ai' 'ln-irt, 7M BreeS. way oor- er of Bigb.k aiieei a ?o t t <.e ce.'Ieot oa i?f I'Biot n w oa t ?w. / ' ARIV-THB St bb "R" r i s KKBHBCTPULLT IB \.' vii., bb rrtea'ia aad t?e p>.n><i. waen vieiiina Wv? OuBker Cliy 10 (ire bin a nail, a1 Hie ?'o?m^>pelHa? Saioe*. tiKiWiwett o?m*r er NiBfch aad > . **a tl atieeta, fbU*4ei jblB. Oreo lay e.M n ?b liEH O. B ?<0 TH If BTnJr, PrO| rleier, laie of ?: imep- ".aa Mualc lltii, tJ4 BroBdwaf, New Tor*. lAMJfl 'NSTHI'l'TlON ? I mv abantbb any pb S. IL a u.rff-k"?- iga ef the See in in ene ee^enih.' iii.t"" >??* - >?' ? *'?p7? ew'e ?pe of the la.trumeBt M ? m ,ihej ? inrtoiiaiuai wh eh ant neraoa ran eara i ?{ >'?" "VJ Bail M. of Ibe ai"*! bil naiit tone fnm abe<l ?H BP * B?t U 4* " POBBUB, m BivaatH. mm

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