Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1864 Page 4
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL k'lmvY, P. M TUe kl ck market w.ts nut ao airing lo-4ay , and a gene r?l d eel. of id price- . |?artir ilariy in railroad ihtrtl, look t .iu*. t <>ini??red w|it iho In* at Hi urrt board yas ferdsy , N?w York Oaatral daci .ned ??, Erls Railroad 1, Oris pr< iscead Y.'tlufls.ia Klvur 1, Reading ll<, Michigan auith TU l ^ . Illinois Central m, Cleveland aud Pitts burg 1, Chicago and Hock. Island K, Pittsburg and Fort V* ne ll4l Ci fi O aud Norttaostecn 1, Quicksilver Miuiag >{,er.<i t\. Harlwui Railroad west op again I . 2*5. Galena and Uiio i^ advauosd 2 j>er cut, 1'ac llic Ma. I \i and Cumberland C?al -X The following were tbe c oeir.g quotations: ? New York Central 181V, Railroad 111\, Erie pfwfbrred I SH. Hurt* ? River 14-'*? Re*4me 188, Harleai 286. VIu'Ih^iiq Sou him t?R. Illinois Oolral 12St<, Chicago an \ N ' hw iU n f> ?*, flevefnnd and llttsburg 112',, CSaleaa an* Cb'OSt* 14- V . OevdsuU and Toledo 147, Cmogo *od Re ft baud lll>? , Pittsburg aad Fort Wayne ir Cbiuifl and Altoj 88, PacilJc Kail 237 J|, <Jji!ksllver Mmlng T4 ?uU Cumberland Ceal ?1#. Gold i |x-n?d fl-miy at 19 H sad ro?e tolW^.but /eli oif rt pidly , closlm; at two P. If. at 100 '4 a 199*|. Pricaa of railroad and miscellaneous shares at tb? first aeasioa of th* BaaM of Hroftsrs to-day oom para with the fttotali of <? F. i . i a > of last week as I Hoar? Ma / 2T. June S Alloa ai'd TarreHnnta RR 66 64 Cieveia' (1 aii l I isburs.* 114Ji 112 Cleveland and Toled<? 161 149^ Cbtoa*o and K<?k '*1... .......116 11S*? On .Itiraaiwi Mvr eft west *u '. 6." 68 Coica*'1 Hiid Ali o 90 ttO C mberlm.d <\>a 7b 02' C'Dton Co"npan? 44t-? 43 S D m?are and Hudson C nil . 83ft EnelMltvay U5* H'i E m pre e i?d .........108 108 ^ Calnua and Chicago ..138 146 H'd?<>u River .....146 143 II .r lira I'.acroad. 280 285 Illinois Central 131 127^ Miobi an Cenfl 146X 144l< ilii' nuUiP'n 99 9f>f? Miiw .akee an I !'; airle du Cbioa 7014 60 a nl Missouri 61 4h klan.n.ia Mining Jim 40 46V Nt* York ('antral 1^4 ISit'i Pa lllc Mill !it7 237 Pounsvlva aa Coil..iM 214,'i 210 l'liuburg. Kort Wayne and C'biijago 117 118 Quick -iiTar Mining 7tf io'j Pe?aiap 144 138* Toiedu and Wabaob 70 70>-a Ibe following were the quotation! to day for govern tneut bp unties ? Five iweot/ C'>ui>on bond* 106'.' Fate tweot> registered bonds ....107 Oiupoo 6'aof 1881 114 Registered 6's of 1881, e*. Interest 110 (we year currenrjr certificates 99 >3 Seven and three tenths Treasury notes 110 Cioupond's <>f 1866 .....185 State stools were quoted la day ?a follows:? Tenuesseo 6's 67 Virnlnls 6'a..... 61 Missouri 6 s 71 North Carolina fl'a i)8 ludi tu.i ii's ST California T's 140 Tto Secretary of the Treasury has decided to issue 0'ty millions of ats per cent cold bearing bonds, to fall due in 188 1. He has also authorized the Sub-Treasury to l*y six [<or cent instead of five, as heretofore, on account of tbe temporary loan . and to pay iti advance the coupons of interest accruiug oa the 1st of July next, In gold, oo all tbe public debt of the United states. Ibe Assistant Treasurer re,"oris to d*y as follows:? Amount on band $23,787,307 Heoeipts from customs 139.000 Kri mother 4.858,683 Balance $?1,164 214 Subscriptions to 10 40 loan 2?,40 > Mr Jofaa ,1. Cisco. As-mjnt Treasurer of th.> I'niteil States in thi? city, has tendered bis re?lk'batloa to tbe secretary or tbe Treasury. Mr.ciso hus bold tlio posi tlon, <rom which his leeole lieaitb now admonlches bun to withdraw, un ler three urtmini-lrations, ho having re ceived bis a|ipointmcut frotu President Itcrce. It h<s b"?en an ?lnK>st iroiver Sully ucicuowledK*'! maxim that '?every man has hi? price;" but when we recall to mio 1 that the .->ub Treasurer et New Y"rk hft.-i oiten had under bis control as hi^h a sum a? titty millions of l be f;overu meet funds, and at times u7cr <<uc UnC tnat amount Id coin , we think it will l>c adm tted that Mr. Circo cm claim (or himseli an exceptiiMi to tint forestalled verdict aga iiRt tbe honesty (4 public men. Tbe Secreta.y of th? Tre;ts.iry having d>:mded to lnue bonds corretpondrig wub tbose of tb^ loau of lHtl, tli ten forty loan will continue to attract tbe popular fiv^r. aa ii ha* done be o:uf re Ijo.ik iKtnda. ba they a e termed, have always bean de-i ab.e as an mveslmeut. and, aa thoee now oflored bv the government p.iy anriu terest of uino per ccni ID currency, money will naturally aeek that channel iu prer.wore fo any other whlc:h at pr<>sent solicits the ntlenlhiu rf large o. small capitalists The movements of foreign dry goods at thi? port d'irtn? tbe week ending Mty 31 may be seen in tlio fol lowing table ? KniertH for co'tiumptivn. Pari, I'a'.w. Manulncturee of wool l"l $71,959 Manufactures of cotten 139 40, IK Manufactures of silk 184 10.1. l'JO Manufartu es of llax 422 98.4TV Miscellaneous 68 8,267 Total 974 $321,050 Withdrawal*. Man u' act u res of wool 60 $2C 907 Manufactures ef or^toa 36 9,310 Manufactures of silk 23 19,3?9 Maaufactures of flax 146 30.U38 Misoellsnoous 6 1 .937 Tout... 270 $M,74l IFarifriMMd. Maaufactures of wool 868 $365,826 Manufactures of cotton 2HT 74,791 Man ufar lures of si.k 17? 237 .664 Manufactures ol flax bb!> 14-,?i8 MisosUaasoua. 87 10^94 Total 1,9'ifl $890,171 ????h Exchange. . Kki?*r J'ln*"',? 10 10 A M gaSJ&Scv; !& 3W;M "??";'&?? 'SiAm-:.; !S? ""IS, . 5 R J. M, ,5? WW Mlwoiir ('? 71 41m , frf , " M?) Ob mi A MU. earn 63 |. 0 MkA Soi' > li'jV V % ' iSS ft:::;:.:::-; 8? ft Maori1, aw lw1r'.B,u '2 * K? Mcb HoltiUgii HI* ,5?* 1 h' * ? w '?< ?>* ?6l; 11 masu<h? Sr " S!> SSKISKS ?SifKvSriss i H "*"s * i?*b* ?*f ,?k- ?? dir 1 in I'm d# '" iifii* ?> Xn, Eifl.?"g. h* 1?| d0 ^ 7 tallilclTA ?? J& {,? ?>???* B? I RK lt?.4 ;*? ?i m do . in? J?, 2* mh ?? do.... :;? n*v' luu }o * AWChl, Mur* hH 1/TU M Aa?neaii?raBio?:: 9? llj I do' dU Ch Blt- S*. . i ; p',uVTl w * < S WTO cit nL'"* ^ <"?? *? * Kit". 1 Erg#-.-. 25 1 |"ss f< |fa?WWMr ,i, a ?" ' .?? *?" JVi 4M 4o aaw? M ,"?, .????;.? 13/ 2TX) do . ,? S lannrooaaa n?* iaa 35 ifn m in aI >rW..... rn jff ? Jll?4 250 do ff* ?"&**? h. r BOO MB ?OAKO. * aiannaa. .... H*ir raw Two o'tlort P. )| 1 a^ww:-* gSJ??8Wi ??!????;:? 2 * r oaa SJU {*j ?"???*???????** BftSB*!-. KS Sf* ?IX*- #**??**? B ij;.:::::::::;; ?* ? S C ITTf COJUMOML RBPOHT. Fl'DiV, Juu? a ? ? F H, ' >? ?.? lUcatpta 74 bkla. MuW tra, wife i>l?i of $0 bbla., at |0 76 tar u paarH mmimO. Bmabcvc f*?.? lUca. |U IS ,473 ?Ma. C?ir,l,174 bbla. ?adljBM b*gi mi BW, ti^W MM wkwl, U,Ut 4o. cor* , M,1N do. a?u, and 18, TM 4*. Mil. TUa Ao?r mark at tH trragaUr, but rkiwKl Hromg M M Imprart ataai af (? a loc , ablafly ua tba low fradM. Iba buaW ?m fM ???!? umtb*. tacladiaf aavarai IkHWM kkli. ?iira SUI*, U> arrlfa la *11 lk? taoa4k aad Iba >rat hair of July, a( ft to a ?7 ?0 Tba lay 'a aataa fool tip >0,000 v> ,* ,4ata and Waatara, 0.1 lb- a(x l at. 4 for futuit do livery, 6,00* do Geethern.aad lj>*> ?? Oaesdiee Rye flour rii buoyant aud active, wltb aaiaa of 1WkUt,H Sd 26 a $T 86 fur coMon le choice. Ooca naeui rxiatioued eratee, Mil prices were teediag upwaid, sales MO kMB , lui lodmf Atlantic City Mills, at $7 88, and Brandy wtae al mill*, Wequ'le: Soperflne *iate aiiu Weetern Boor ft 27 a f if' Kxtra ^uu T 60 a T#r> CVnoe Hiata . . ; 7 70* 7 76 ('?o?mon lo medium extra Waaler* 7 00 i I tc Extra r< ?cd ho .p <.hi? 8 r? a 8 2# *aaie?i It ade brands 8 -'6 a 8 00 Extra St. Louie | 29 ? 11 60 OomaMta u> ao?d ?o?iihera B 00 a 8 60 Rood lo choice extra do 8 80 a 11 00 Oiminon ('*s.?d,an., 7 M a 7 M) Good to rhotoa axtra do 7 86 a t 00 Rye flour, aunnrtne. 6 t6 a 7 86 0>rn meal, bo ?? 7 26 a 7 00 Cor* meal, puncheons.... 80 a M 60 j ?The receipt- wen a^aio Ilfcbt , which gave eeMers tbu , advantage in pricee, the market cMo| oue oeot better, aud the bulk of the sales were amber, Milwaukee and Chicago eprlug, f?r future delivery ;>alea of 140,090 bnshef*. Including Cblrago spring nt $1 63 a $1 $8, Mil waukee club at (1 06 a $1 t.?, uuiber spring al $1 70 a $1 72 X, win ted red Western at $1 78 a $1 79, and amVr do. at $1 so a $1 83; (be aeies lo arrive wore at $1 46 u 81 86 >4. Kye waa Arm, with Files of 1,400 bmbets ai $1 U>. The market Tor oats was active nod 2c. a So high or, ciosir g at 89c, a 90>.;c. for Canadian , and 91c. a 93c for Slate aud Western, afloat, and 030. a 06c In store Cora w.u quiet sad a&aeitled, sales 20.080 bushes, at II 02 a SI 70 fwr unsound to sound, now and old Western mtxad and sound yellow. Barley and bar lay malt were quiet. liars wax. ? Tlie market was firmer under an active de maqd , the wore 12,000 a 1?,000 lbs. at from 6fc. t? die Cottoi.? Iho m%rket wa* firm, with sales of 400 bales W?queti,? A'. O. V plant. Florida. StcbVt. <t T?r Ordinary 06 00 B7 97 Middling 10T 108 - 108 108 Good Middling 108 100 109 HO Middling fair Ill 112 112 fig V .ft ? ri'e WM V>*et. and prices were noro! nal, with s*ie? of 60 ba gt St. Domingo at 37c.. 10 baits Rio at 30c.. and 1ft bags mar,tcalbo on p. t. j ttuwwi wore dall and rates drooping, TO Uvtfnool per Amorf. au, 60 torts mahogany on p. ?.*: B tons oTal *nf!? I'Pr ?*otra,? 10,000 buttueis wheat at fid. , in nun. To I/icdon, |h* American, 200 loos oil cike at URK'jSBWSL CMHhbfov roClaagow, per steamer, 1,200 boxes choose at 35s., ami 1M hh u *.ak * To ? ?*. ? ??' ?<!?, ilwi? <r totbT? ht 2#B" *D(I *?? ^sea "hoe pogs at Is. iiirt: Antwerp 800 bars cofTeo at 2.s, An Italian fr "ud. two Norwegian barks were taken up to Corn for *!***' at 89 6d-. and 10 per cent additional f f ^??*t"?t"t; a Hritlab bijc -io asutto aide ?ui? d??a Wr'i."*K*r, J1 *^"*rn -bark to ilri far oTi KoLl'J^ w u 6i- 10 Wwrpool. Por Americau, 10.000 bosbels wheat ra?oried at ft',:d.. In ahip'p bags *??, wa? dull, and prices woro nominal; ^*u?f "?00? dry Huenoa Ay res, 22 1; lba.,28c. 800 ;;M,,d^irta:m.,bfc' 240 1 ** *>?? o in!j*|AhT^iirP,2 n",rket for h?a?look sole waa unchanged XZ ?tln*n,t Wla m^lwate. 1'rlces were steady al .rf - quotations. Oak, owing to (be large increase !?rKi ,pjsr%?. r,z. %xTs?m. I rf^"*8815" ? ",? BWWkei waa extremely qu el, bat j rioes were nominal sates of 110 hhda 1'ort > Itico at 4c a SI. and 2S1 hbds. Cuba muscorado, In bond, at 8&C ? Heceij ta 1,800 bbls. pork, 81 idcga beof ito d . out meats and l,8?s do. lard. The pork market waa moderately active, with still higher advknee in prices; sales 2,500 bbls.,at $32 60 a $32 75 Tor new UMaa, %m r?r oM do , f 24 50 a fS6 ? fw oM and now Mv<^' T5^ t?g prim# m?*8- also. for future de iverj 7,000 a 8.OC0 Iba. new mess, for June aud Jutv for Rt P2 75 * 133 ? "nd 600 bb,a- rrlme mew' .or June, buyerss- option, at $3J 60. Beef was active ?UHl Dricas were bighor; sales 3,8jO bbis. , at $u 50 a S la :~y n,ei< ?8? ?T for conntry primo* $w 50 a ii'I r<> mess *nd flu 60 a 922 for extra 1 eia iL/ t IPS' r>rime do. at $28 ?nle? or ^ Mt?" n,wer8 q"'et an<l flrm. *'?? 'e* ?r ??0 bbla. Weatern at $27. Cul mens iVrmer'W ???"'* r"1'' priccs wer* somewhat ror I ,c * 120 for "''Outders .tnd im;c.. a I5i;c. ror barag. Baron was steady, with sales or J00 boxes ROort clear light weight at 14 >:e I.ard wa^ firmer anil more active, with Rales of .1,200 bble. aid tierces st 14 ?c a 14,'ic. for Nn.1, and 16c a 15'4c. for fair to prime Ktram ?nd kettle rendered, aud 210 packavcs crease do at 13c : also 60O packages lird al 15>;c. , for futnre delivery, buyer> option, all thi-! month. Mutter waa in active, at 2i)C. a 08 -. for Ohio and 30c. a 43ir. Tor Slate lorsitt""18 <tuict' at 10c- a lCc- lor (,llio and 12c a 18c. PKtaot.vtni ?Kecelpts, ?,W4 bbla. The market oontlnued 1 rm , r crude, aijd price* wore higher than ever, though i the stock U probably as lartje, if not larger, than last ' Ui until while the receipts cmlluue pretty beivy Ke lli ci was ?c ircelv so itrm, tUo demand Imtag les? i It untied to b? taken for granted tbat the top 01 the r 'und o'_lha ladder waa reached on Tuesday, wb-n efic ' was ]>ald. The shipments have bseo pretty tieavv the 1 month p*rt , but we do not think tbe dtffereace between l bo receipts and e.tports by any means great a? most 01 tbe dealers have thouglit. and think the stock not ?'?,?? than last nvintB, Tbe Hales were onlv about , ?>?600 bbls. crude, hi 41 i,c. a -Uo,, on the spot and Tor all the niootb. 5.000 bbl* rein ed, io bond, at ?6c. afij lie on the sjiot aud for all fho month, feller's option, and (Wc buy or 'a ?ption .1,000 da. fY.-e, al 71 i^c a 72 '.c , 00 ibe Lpot, and do. for .iti^'utii. Kunzlne.waa qntet. itirr,~ ikalea uf 400 bag* Kai'vou'at 11c., m bond. Sikms.? Market ipitet. and priors were without .loci led change ^les ot -/*j hbds and 100 bbls. (Hiba at IT itc. a 19c 44 hbd^. New (irlearisai 20Jic. Iledoed was uu to active, with selos of 57 bbls. ko;i wbito *!2ic.; 12 do ) slkiw at lt?c , and 400 d(\ 1'hiladelpliia yellow at 15 14c. SX'XB.-Ibe demand was moderate, and Kk en varied, 1 with aa.ea ol so bales Honduras aim-, a J4c , ca.b and ' 6 i>a . s I'aina at 57c. Stkiiikx ? ua!es or 20,000 lbs at 14" a 15c , 'or er,,n. mou to pntno. t T*lm w. ? Kuriltar sales of 7C .000 lbs. at lt'4'c a 14' e. Tki ? Tho market w^a qulto active for various kiad*. bet prwes were Arm, a?d a ?t>od laq-tlry pre^niMot. ? ;? m Of 2011 bair Cbaate greea, ;w do. black, i3 cucets >ad 40 hair cbest-i Toung Hyson.60 half cbejts uoloog.Ou cbeM* ~o?icb "Og. 18 do Gunpowder, also '200 half cbests oelored Japan and 18 do. imcoiored I on*. o>. ? lbe market w?a<|uit? activeand prices were nominal, aalca wera^JS hhda. Kentucky, freaa 8''< to ...c., and 4iKt bale* Havana on p t. M>n tfactured was quiet, with a good in i*lry. Wooi .?We report a nrm market, wMh moderate sales Pri. aa have advan ed fully teu Per L'eot, in v.ew of tbe aew duty which i* eii>?cied will be put on the i*w material and the rise iu g?id. Satea ?or tbe week? po bales pulled at Tie. a 80c., JOO, 000 |M>imde ileece at 8"c a 8C;^. lo* bales raltforuis spring aad f*ll clip, aud 68 baleK p?T*d on |>rivaie terms :t.OOO Wales ( ape at 47c a.'.0c.4?8 Mestizo, 1,100 Persian, 100 white Honskoi, and 140 Kusitan on privsteHaraae. Whaik ' ox J ? rata of 16,0?0 joundj bleached were ?wde at 1J ".e WaxciT.? U?cetpts, 1,185 bble. Market stead? and lair. .Sales j>oo bbia. al $1 31 a $1 M (or' suie nsd Weatcru. FAMILY MARKKT RRVIRW. Sloe* our list rtv^aw the rale: o m at In Wa'h nglon Market ha v? advanced, although href u In greater de mand Butter remain* at about the saae price. Vega lib lee are Terr plentiful. There Is a Urge supply of green peas and tomitnea on ha >d at present? poaa selling at 38c. a quart, stalled, an-l i nut at Mr. a qnart. The price of struwberrlcs sti'l r<*uiii".e bringing from 12c, to 18c. a basket, with a light dem .ml. The following prices ruled yesterOsy:? Mr>r-.? ? set teg pieces, 26<- a 90c per lb ordinary cuta, JOc a #-c. ; p-fivrbuuM steaks, 30c. a 38c. , sirlnw, 28 c. a .itks.; c vne.l tmi, 14c. a 2<k. ; real ion- lusrtere, 12c a 14c. . biu'i'tua' wrs, U<\ a 20c. : mutton foreiuarterc, ltfc. ; h*?tj<i*rter' , 20o !srab,2-T?c ;ham?, 19c. jshoulders, 16>; . bacon, lie. ; pork, 16e ; aa-isagea. lie Pdk rTKT A*b Turkey*. 2ic. a 2*c per lb., chir.k eni . 25e. a 28c. ; ducks, 30c.: broiling chickens, |1 2o a il f>0 por pair: lemeeqieb, f4 i?r do-on wild pigeon*, fl 30 a $J per d<*en, snipe, 91 Ti a #3 40$ I per dusea; batrrojs, $1 iter do/en. Via* Freeh shad are selling at 30c. a 60c. ea b , fYe h aaioaou, 78c. a$l each. striped b^es, 1*.. per poead; eels, lie a l.">c., sturgeon, 10c. ;frsb mackerel, 10c a20o. eacb, w>rgl??, fle., eea bass, 10c. cmtflnh, 10c , blse tlsh, IOC.; Bounder*. fk. , picker*), 18c .halibut, l(a; per pound . oysters, 75c a |1 M i?r hundred . pickled do., |2. eolt clam? 4ii' . a |l , h ird do., 74c per hundred. VmiUiiim- Cotnmnn ]?ntatoee, 80c per peck; new oak*a, 2 or. par quart sad luc. par bunco . Mrnlpa, lie. a per bunch, carruta, 10c per bnucb, para.ey, Sc. a per bunch; radish**, Sc. per bunch; saparagu*. 26c adoe. per bench, rhubarb, &c a 7c. per bunch; cauli flowers. MOc a 76c. eacb. Kossia turntpe, 60c. per peck ; t<?ast<M>e, 60c per <i?ar? green pais are selling at 38c. par ^eart s belle*, and Me a bait peck in the pod. MtffciLt ajwora.? Prime new baiter Is selling el 36c. a 40c. per lb.; cooking. 90c. a 32c.; cbeeee 20c., EiigMib dairy 26c , eggt, twelve for 28c. lor aware' la?assU< Fit At JtcansvT to a *T*m Rai*aa.? Coroner Ramsey yesterday bald ait laqaeet at Me New Tor* lloaptufna tbe body of Willises F. Laaaberry, a stage driver oa tbe fifth aveaae line, who died frees tbe eflbcln of Injuries received ea Saturday laet by fslrtaf from bta bet to tbe nvssient, wbue pssyig throngb Felton street, Bear art. Tbe jury rsajbisd a verdict ef aoddealai death. Piussosl waa twenty four yean of ace aad a native of New Jersey Ha rived at 210 Waal Thirty slitb etreet AattomtM. Drownim.? Ooroaer WIMey waa aetlfled to bold aa Inquest, at No. 47 Clinton afreet, on tbe body of Obarlee Bo leer, a flerman lad elevea veers of age, who ac cidentally fell off tbe dock foot ef Pike eltp, Beet river, while for a beating barrel, aad was d re weed. Urajraw* Hah Paowiran.? Tbe body el aa unknown ?aa, about forty yean of age, waa found la tbe water at pier 81, North river. Deceased waa about >ve feetsli leehee la height, with whiskers and brawn balr. Wo dreea ooasleted ef trab frock coat and paata aad blaok e oth vset. Coreeer R annoy bold an Iaaaeat, aad a vertftrt of death fron drowsing waa rendered by the jury . The body apparently bad bees ? the water abeat iwn weeks. Poctanri Tti 1*s*ia? The seas of ft JM. donated the other day to tbe Fair by a regisseat of asgro troope, baa got* tote the feMide of the treeaerer Mr. (>>pp, wbsa warned not to receive the deaalloa beeeoee its re cepttoe would I* aa UewH te tbe eoporlerlty of UM white rsex, wtostr save tbe warning ?e bead aai eeoily "pntketed the inauit -jr. L<mU Dqpfr* NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. The Rtbtl Congress Scared by (he Approach of Grant PREPARATIONS FOR FLIGHT fiichmoBd Jturnalt Cenanring tbe Maskers f*r Cowardice. Governor lance's Corrr?p?ndfB<ie on Peaw and Jeff. Davis' Reply. HEALTH OF GENERAL# LONQSTREET, Ui Ki Wo have reoelved oar flits of Richmond papors, with Intelligence to (be 30:h ultimo. Intended FliitHt of the Uebel Congress. fKrom the Richmond KvmiHer, May 26.) Surety Congress will not persist in its determinant* to dej?art rrom ttie se*t of government on th? ,3tst of this month. Veeterdsv the resolution to adjourn upon that day occupied the House for an h?nr, nnd was then post pontd Mil Saturday Now between this dajr ana Saturday * vtiy momentous event may befal. Klther General firaat'a array may be abolished, or General Lee's may be retreating within the fortifications of Richmond. Surely our legislator* cannot intend to make the question of ad journment or no adjournment depend upon that military event. It hss nothing to do with the business before (v ngrest; aodthat business Is the thing which they ars h'TO to cousidor and transact. There are bills and re*<autlodl referred to tbe various committees of tbe Mouse, col yet reported upon; some not even yet exam ioed iu c lOatnlilee. There are suggestions for legis lation upon seven or eigl>t important subjects, con ?srln.lo the i'ruaideot's special message, none or tbsm yet actetf on except one We know that tbe OouDtry is ex tremely inviting at this aenaon of the year; but business Hi st ami pleasure afterwards Is a most excelleot maxim, and it is to be hoped tbat until tbe lent committee has carefully and do'iberatety presented its last report, and the bill has been debated with due csirenessaad clr. enmsi'ection, there will be no mention of adjournment * Timor#. Herein we da not put ths matter upon any sentimental footlog nor naorn it with lofty historic parallels. We do not mention how the Roman .Senate sat in sublime silence while the Gauls came pouring through tbe streets of Rnnje, flooding tbe Senate house itself, and bow the bar barton* wer j awed by the sad grandeur of that reverend a?st*nbly, all sitting In a row upon ivory chaira, and with long white beards flowing down their breasts There Is nothing ho imposing in the present matter In hand; no need to invoke any of the muse* nor any of the graces on tlis present occasion. Tbe point is simply that constituent* have delegated those legislators to oon.e here and put through certain matters of Gun federate business; and tbey ought nut to run away until that! hnsi. i?ss K ? Ren away is a hard word; yet ws are not w ithout some apn#ehensinn tbat the public at large, and the (!o?fede rato soldiers, and the federal soldiers, and all the news I>a;-4rs, and foreign nations, and future historians, and the makers of comic songs in ages to come, will all apply this very term "ruu away," or some equivalent, more or less offensive, to tbe procedure contoinplated by tbe resolution now before the House of Representatives and Standing for debate on Saturday. It will be urged indeed, on next Saturday, that all tbe material leelsia tion may be despatched in a few hours; and that nothing really remains of a nature sufficiently Important to detain gentlemen from the cool rural retreats which already woo them to their pleasant shades Vet, after all. a censorious world will connect this adjournment in some measure with the fact tbat Grant's army 13 within twenty five miles of Richmond. At this particu lar moment It may even tie said that more than usual time and attention ought to t>e bestowed upon every de tail of Congressional business. And even if all wsre done and finished, no jiretexi of aay business any longer, it wculd l>o well, while Grant's army is still in existence, and stiU threatening Richmond, that Congress ' nhouid still remain In sossioo. It might occupy itself with s-et debater. upon historic questions; as whether Jrlhis 0?ar or Napoleon R'raparte was the greater man; or upon the nature or virtue and 1 the structure of the human mind, and tbe difference be 1 tween tsiiKation and perception? anything, in short , of | tbe mc, st abstract, use'ess, trumpery and recondite sort, save and except one tbing only We would exelude from debate no subject sacred or profane, nothing In all history, I poetry, prophesy, physic* or metaphysics, except this one ainele matter ? we mean Mr. Leach's "peace"' resolutions and the disgusting Hum about North Carolina. Human nature rati hear no more of that. How dea'rablc soever it may be that Congress shoud remain with us another week I or m?ruh, it were better that they all ran away before dsylicht to morrow, for parts unknown, than that they ; should slay to matiuder and snivel, or listen to miunder I Ing, snivelling or drivelling about peace. Our sincere re j si>ect for some North Carolinians whom we see dally ? brought into our hiepl'als with palo race* and shattered limbs, coming from the rront of the battle ? this sincere re j sjwet compels us to deprecate all consideration of the peace resolutions, and to declare that we do not hold the State nor her soldiers responsible for sneb a treason to manhood sad to common sense. Our respect for tbat ? which i.? good in North Caroline intensifies our disdsin for that which is mean; nnd. therefore, while a debate in Congress 00 , for example, the old red aandttoae would give us true pleasure, we do trust that the 'negotiation* lor i>eace" may be totally barred, tabooed, shut out, voted down, swopt under the table. I'.ut ? avoiding only that topic? let our tweraas held Ma ground and quietly get through with its business. If those gentlemen should hastily abandon Richmond at this moment, why should not all tbe member* of the sd wilolstr ition ? Why not tb* President ? 1 ben, following the example of those authorities, who are supposed to know more than private people, we ahenld have a ?'ftlanuierie" of all tbe new or floatiag population? the war population? here who could soipe up money to go away . s panic aatong those' com pelled to remaio. the roads of the wTioie confederacy thronged with headlong lugilivrs, spreading dismay and (WntMarledneaa, white General Lee's army, perceiving tbat do conildeoce j# pUced is their prowess, would no longer Qgbt wiih the same spirit to protect a thankless, nerveless country. This must never be tbe fete of Richmond. The city has looked an enemy In the tece before and has not blenched. I.ei us nil stead together pet om e more, gov. eminent. Congress, citizen* and all, end see the thing oat Wash n^ton Is in more dinger at this moment tlian Richmond." P?af? Propositions. RtHRKSPONDM-CE RBTWKKN .??TF. DAVH A WD 90 V< KWSOR TAW*. Frtiin the Petersburg Ktprnaa, May J?. 1W4 ] i pTirx o? .Vmm Cittoin*.* , wn nvg t?ri"Aim?iwT, ) Rautnui, Pec. 30, 1943. J f*c*!ienry President Davis ? Mr J?iu* ?is? After a careful conslderstion Of all tae sources of discontent In North Carolina I bare e>nciu<led that it wHI be lrai<o -sible to remore If, except by Making nom? efl'ort at netfoltaMon with tbe *nemy The recent action of tbe federal House of Representatives. th-m?h meaning very little, ha* greatly excited the public hope Uiat tbe Northern mind ti looklug towards petes. I am promised by all men who advocate this course Uiat If fair term* are rejected It will tend greatly to strengthen and Intensify the war f*eimg. and will rally all clears* to a more cordial sup pert of th* government. And. although our position i? well known aa demnndlnf onlrto be let aloae, yet it seems to me that for th j atlce of humanity , without hav ing any wenk or Improper motive* attributed to ua, ws might, with propriety, mr. tartly 'mArr ptgnHm font Id dning so w> wonM keep con*picaouely before the worl'l a disclaimer of ?or reiponsibllity for the great slaughter Of our rare, and convince the humblest of our citizens? who somstimes forget tbe actual situation? that the government Is tendsr sf tbslr Uvea and happiness. and would not prolong tbsir Bufferings tm MM irily one tuomngit. Thouga statesmen might re gard this a? useless . the people will not, snd I think our cause will be strengthened thereby. I have not suggested tbe method or tbsas negotiations or tbetr terms. Tbe I eflort to obtain peace Is the principal matter Allow me to be* your earnest consideration of this sng geitiea. Vsry resiiectfm.y yours. 7, R VANCF.. Kiscrrim Oinnr, Richmowp, Jan *, 1X94 Dim S*m ?I nave received yoar letter of the 30th alt , containing suggestions of the measure* In be adopted 'or ttie purpose sf removing -'tbe sources of discontent" in North enrol ins. The contents of ttie la iter are sobstaa tlaliy tbe aema as tboss of tbe letter addrsseed by you to Senator lortob, eitraeta of which were by blm rkad to me. I remarked to Mr. Itarteli that yon were proba bly not swars of tbe obstactea to tbe oonrss you Indlaated, and, without eapreaslag aa opiaioa ea tbs taenia sf lbs proposed policy, f desired blai In aa swerln/ vour letter la writ* s?g?Mtiotie as to tbs method of opening negotiations, sad as to the Wm* which yoo thought would bs offered to lb* saemy 1 felt psrswada* yoa would appreciate lb* dUBeultiee as soon aa yanr at> tent Ion wee oalisd to th* seseeeity of consider lag lb* subject la detail. A? yoa bar* aad* ao suggestions teach ing tbe seaantr of overcoming lbs obstsclss. 1 Infer tbet Sou were not appriesd ay Mr Oortcb of my remarks 1* im Apart from losupasabl* oblections t* the line of policy yen propose (and to which I will presently advert i I ona aot see bow tbe m?re material obeiaciae are t* be sur aaauated. We bav* made three distinct sflbrts t* com musical* with the authorities at Washington, aad have leea Invariably uasuccassTQI. Commissioners wsrs ssu| before beenlltles were hegua, aad tbe Washington g*f arameot refused to receive them or bear what tb*y bad to say. A second tlate I ssat a military offlosr with a ooMMnnicattoa add r weed by myself to President Lincoln. Tbs letter was received byOsaeral flsott, who did rxn permit it* officer t* see Mr Llaooln, bat promised that aa aaitwer would be ssM. No answer has ever been rsoelretf . Tho third tin*, a few months ago , a gentlemaa wssssnt, whose position, character and reputation wsrs suvb as to Insure his resspUsn , If the enemy were eot de termined to receive no proposals whatever from tbe gev ornraeot Vice President Htsphens made a patriot lo ten der of bis asrrlces In the hope of being able to prora te Ui? canes * f humanity, and although little b*llef was eater tained ef hie success , 1 obeerfnllr yielded to bis *agg?stioa, that the evpnrlment sfcosld h* lri*d Tb* *oemy refused te let hita pas* through tbeir lines or lo b*M any conference with them He was tsppad before be ever reached for trees Monroe on hi* way ** Waablagte* Tn attempt agala fla lb* fa** ef these rips Sled rejections ef all oonfereaoe with as) t* ?sad commissioners or agaat* to propoaa peace, u to |sviw a|?lt aad cot^yMlr. a a< te nb|?^ turWT* to wRhowt lb* slightest cbooooof Mtf Kh i?i.od to. No true <Ui/en,of> mao who baa our caueo at bear* oan iloilie thlO, and the ROod p ????!>*? of North mroilna thy laxt to approvo of auch an attempt. ir?*v? of all the (acts. So far from removing sou roes of dla cunteHt, auch a ??wt would receive. *m it wo.ild merit, the condemnation or tb<?e true p<trr>ts wli > h ive given their blod and their treasure to maintain the free d m. equality and iodejieiAleiice, which deeceoded to Mirm from the immortal we-oaa of Kiug'a Mouu tarn and other battle flelda of the Rtroiu. tioo If, tb??u, thee* proposals cannot be made tbrixigh envoy*, becauHO the enemy would not u?t receive thorn, bow i- it poeeibte to communicate our dealre for pe ioe otherwise than l>y the public aonouooe u ion t? contained in almoot every message 1 erer sent to Quagi post 1 cannot recall at this time one Instance m wb'ch I hive fatted to nanounce that our oirty desire waa peace, aud the only terms which f >ruae<l a tintq h<? now were precise ly those that you siwgeeted, namely, <a demand only to be lot alone." Rut suppose it were practicable to obtain n ooufereooe through oomml-aiooer* with th? government of President Lincoln, la it at tbi* moment thnt we a'0 to o>nsider It do ulrable or oron at all admissible r Hare we n?t .iiiat been apprised by that drn+t that wo can only expect Lib gracious pardon by em*tioii?iting ail oar slave*, a wearing al'eglanoe and obedience to hun and bin proclamation , nod becoming In notnt of 'act the slavoerof our own negro ??? fan tlx1 re be In North Corolinn one i itiren bo (alien beneath the dignity of his ancestors as to ac ept, or to enter Into conference on the hauls of theso terras* Tint there are a few traitors In the SI ite who would be willing to betray tbolr fellow citizens to auch a degraded condition, (n hope ? of being rewardid for treichory by an oacajie from the c mrrrn doom m iy be trne. Rat I 1o not believe that Ibe vilest wretod wo ild aooept such t*ma for hiiuaolf. I cnuuvt conceive bow the people of your State, than which nono baa gent nobler or more gal lint sohliera to the fle.d of battle (one of whom it Is your honor to bo), en hive bora deroived by anything to whiob you refer In "the recent action of the federal House of lleire sentatlvc*." I have seen ni nctlon wf that IV-use that iloet pot indicate bv a very decided majority, the purpose of tbo enemy to refute ali terms of th j South, except ab solute, unconditicnal subjugation or extormlrn lion. Rut ir it were other wise. bow aro we to treat with tbo the Houso of Representatives? It ia with Lincoln alone that we over could conrer, and his own partisnas at the North avow unequivocally that his purpose in hta message end proclamation was te shut out all hope thai be oould ever treat with us on an/ terms. If we will break up our government, dissolve the confederacy, disband our armies, emancipate our si a v<-8, take an oath of allegiance binding onraeivea to obedience to him and of disloyalty to our own ?t*tes, be proposes to pardon im and not to plunder us or anything more than the property alrenjy stolen from us and sucl* slaves as still rem*!*' In order to render bis proposals so insult*"* as to secure tboir rejection ho Joins to t hem a promias to support with his army one tooth of tbe people of any State who will attempt to set up a gov ernment over the other nine tenths, thus seeking to sow discord and snspicloB among the people of the several States, and to excMo them to civil war In furtherance of bis ends. I know well it would bo impossible to get yo? people, tf they possessed full knowledge of these facts, to consent that proposals should now be made by us to (hose who control tbo government at Washington, Your own well known devotion to the groat cause of liberty and independence, to which we hare all com ?nttted whatever we have of eorthly possessions, would induce you to take the lead in repelling tbe bare thought of abject submission to the enemy. Yet peace on other terms Is now impossible. To obtain (be sole terms to which yon or I oould listen, this struggle must continue until tbe enemy is beaten out of his rain oont ? deuce iu our subjugation. Then, aDd not Ull then, will it be possible to treat or pence. Tin then all tender or terms to the enemy will bo received as, proof that we are ready for submission, and wi I encourage him in tbo atrocious warfare which he Is waging. I fear much from the tenor of the news T receive from Vorth Carolina that an attempt will bo made by pom: bad men to inaugurate movements wbicb must be c o sidered as equivalent to aid and comfort to the enemy, and which a I patriots should combine to put down at any cost. You may count on my aid In every effort to spare yr ur Slate the scene* of civil warfare, which wit! d rastate its homes if^the designs of these traitors bo su I'ered to make headway. I know that you wi I place yourseir in your legitimate po sition In the lead of tbose who will not suffer tbe name of tbe old North State to be blackened by such a stain. Will you pardon me for suggesting that my only souroe of disquietude on the subject arises from tbe fear that you will delay toe long the action which now ap pears Inevitable, and that by an oveiearncst desire to reclaim by conciliation men wh >m you believe to be sound at heart, but whose loyalty is more than sus pected elsewhere, you will permit them to gather such strength a* to re-uire moro violent measures than are now netded* With your Influence and position tbe promote ? of tb? unfounded discontent now prevalent in your State would be put down without tbe use of physical forces if you would abandon a policy of concilia tion and set them at defiance. In this course, frankly nnd drti ly pursued, you would rally around you nil thut is bott and noblest in your State, and your triumph would be bloodless. If the contrary policy be adopted, I much tear you wilt bo driven to the rse of force to repress tieason. la either event, however, be as sured that you will hive my cordial concurrence and as sistance in malntilulng with you the honor, dignity and f tir name < f your State, and in vour efforts to orush trea son, whether Incipient, ha I believe it now to bo, or moro matured, o" t believe, If uot firmly mot, it will in our future Inev Itably bee >me. I have the honor to be, very respectfully yours, JirKKRyu* JIAVUS His Tief liency 7. R. Vavs, Governor or North Caro lina, Kale gh, N". C. Mlicellaaroai IVews. tick ri<K*in?NT 3n:p;iKwg. (Trona tbe Rii'bmMil Kuqulrer, Ms? SO J Wo learn from tho Jianviile papers tlisl this dlsrin guishel gentleman arrived in tbat I ait Thursday After remaining 'n I anville a law dari be returned to Georgia, His reanon (or so doiog, we understand, *u, tbat no lenrnnd while liere that Onagnwe would adjourn In a few days, to that bit presence weald not be required at Richmond . and besides bin feeble health adui>nlsbed him to rot urn at once to bis borne HP 41.7 H 07 aTHIItAL MMfOHTKBBT. ! l'mm the Atlanta Sentinel ,] We are pleaded to learn rroa* ike Lynchburg Tir of the 24th ull that General Iiongairoet eontinue* to improve daily. Hie medical attendant, Dr. Calleo, ao well satisfied With his condition . has left him and return ed te the armr. The VeMral may no* be regarded aa entirely out of danger. Mr?*, lonsstreot and a brother of the General arrived from the South on Saturday. CON VALBPCKNCl OP OXMBKAU HAYgg. {From the urns. 1 General Hnvea is alao rapidly recovering. Hie general health i* excellent aod hi* spirits very buoyant. He will loon be able, in all probability, to take the field again. A ItKMAlUtAM.* CASK. (from the Marietta ICebel ] The most remarkable rase or gunshot wood* we aver beard or it that of a soldier wounded at Rcsaacca, brought to Marietta on WedneadMF, and now ID the hoe pltal at that' place Two bullets passed through his head, making four lu. leg, at whlcb the brains were oozing onl. and, astonishing to tell, he waa perfectly ro'scious and converged Intelligently concerning hie situation, sad was anxibus to know the doctor's opinion or his cage. He waa alive thirty six honrs alter the wound wss inflicted, and may be yet, as we hare not betrd of his death. QKNCKIT, JlHVfnOH A*l> Iff* HEN. The army crrespoiKlent of4he Montgomery AdvtrfUer, ot alee that a few days Hinm a soMlor cried out to General Johonton, "General, d n't fall back any further, we are get i In k mighty tired " '1 am not retreatlnf," said the General . "the enemy la on our llank and rear and we must fuee the foe." "Rully for yoit.'' cried the soldier, and tha ranks gave their pet general three cheers. WHAT WIM. ailANr DO? f From the Atlanta Sentinel | We are without anr ofTicinl information from tbe Army of Northern Virginia. Grunt baring tried the game of hurling tnanoaof men against our lino-* and failed, with terrlb'e loss. i>eems lodiap sad to re|>eat the operation. If, Indeed, be < onld brine hit uoldior* up to the work. What his next move win be another day may develop. oi to ittcnifom>! The Atlanta papers are very singulne, and think that the "onto Atlanta" of the led rat' win prove as mnch ef a failure as the "Oti to Richmond" thui far. The Atlanta A rva* Indulge* the ho;e that General Forrest will yet be heard from In Sherman * rear Police Intellisync*. 8caiich roa Hassanw*? Kixdimu a Gakst.ixo Horn Inaiuti ? Btxi'al Anaasnt axo Mtxraa or Gaubusc. Ibtlcmrxto ?Captain De Camp, of the Eighth precinct, baring received Information that degerters from tbe array were to be round at tbe bouse No. 11 Mercer street, dl reeled i-ergeeot Mater, rot.ndeman f'mlina and officer* Kaaan, Mller, Feoton, Adam*, Travera and 8pnr> lieck, of bia force, to vlalt Ihe premise* in questieo and arr?*t all deeerters who might be found there. On reaching the aouae, however, the officers were not a l>tti? eurprtaed te And, instead of deeertere, a gang of gamtHera engaged la the game of "faro." By this enrprieo the a port* became Intensely Melted, and made effort* to eecape from tbe windows and a rear deer ; but the offlc ra cut off ever v racaea ef agreed, nad I hue bfcgged tha whole crowd, with all their gambling im plements, he Tbe mee arreatrd gave their nnmee aa Iboatas Johnson , Harry Howard, Andrew Andrew*. John Moore. Henry Vancnti , Jeremiah G'Brlde, Jaroee Joyce, Thorn** Orr, Thomas Pmtth. Janei Law ranee, Joeeph My em, Jamea Nelson, Metartliy, Andrew darker C- alen, Francis Pehotiarte (em keeper) and John Wha ( look oat). Tbe aaltee ai*o seized ? one bos, n large BMBiar of checks, deaiinu board, kt. ; llkewiae n portion ef the money which they had invested oa tie retnlt of tha game. Tbe prison era were taken beftra Justice Oodge and detained to await aa enmioatiea. A SoLDtaa Robbbp kt HioHwarn**. ? Shortly before twelve o'clock en Tharaday night eflloere Townee and Kelly, of the Fourth preclact, err eat ed a man named Joba Adams, oa ?napicioa of being ooneeroad In knocking g?wn nad forcibly robbing John Brldiach. a dlscharced German eoldier, living at No. M9 Greenwich street Mf dlach waa eomewbat Inebriated in WlHlam rreet, wm i two sen advanced in tbe dark, and, after knocking htm down, riOad his pecketa or nearly one hundred dollars in bills. Tha robhara thee fled; bet Adam* waa eoon a'ter wards taken, and pneltlvely tdentited by tbe eoldier aa pm? of tbe men who had robbed him. Adams waa hell for etamluatiea before .lattice Dewllag. Tbe priaoner'e confederate In knowo, and tho offloera hope to street him. CMtnoa or Pbwtot.? Jamaa Mortlae, a nan about Mveaty Ore year* ef age, living at Na. 13 Fourth atreet, wna arreated yesterday by officer Crekar, of Ihe Torabe Polloe Court, on a warrant laaued by Justice Daw ling, charging him with perj try. Tbe oomp lament In tha aaaa M fhariee A Van l>oran, Fan .a la* rer, doing bnafneas at No 6 Wal' e treat He make* oath that a few day* atnea, in an action then pendldg before tbe Supreme Court. In which Mf. Mortlne was pialntlff and he (Van I Damn) the defhndant, Mortlne swore to oertala matters malarial ta the isaoe of tbe oauae which ware fhlsk and [ antra*. thare>y aommlUlog wnrui and daiti^raM perjury. ' ? 11 Is further allied by the ooeeplaleaal Ibtl Mortlnr wall knew at the time that be ?u swearing falsely The ?Mt^istrUe ordered t.-e accused W find ball la Ike Mm of ono thoM'tDd dollar* to await aa examination. Asmm/ium Omen.? Job* William*, alias "Oabbler Jack," was arrested, charged with oommittiag ?? assault and battery on officer Hubert Thumps o, of tbs Klghteeoth precinct. The officer arrested a man on th* oorner or Third avenue aud Twenty third street, oa the 1Mb ultimo, when William* and several others, In rescuing tlio prisoner, assaulted otOcer Thompson in a very ceriuu* manner, aud several shots were fired at bra by ruffians in the srowd. Justice D>xl?e committed th* prisoner fur trial. THE CROOK AND AVERILL EXPEDITION. [Correopoadeaoe of the Cincinnati Oommerohl.l Bonoaa's Mills, mua Lawman an, Va., Ku 84, 1M4. SKIRT WITH JOHN M>?0*S. I Leaving our carupat Charleston, Virginia, May 1, with j three days ratli n* and two day* forage, we travelled by day and by night, over mountain path*, Impassable ex< coot by a aingle truoper leading bis home. until the ev eo liig ol tho Bib, when we struck and 'drove off a cavalry loroe near JflArsoa villa, Virgtuia,and then miking a de lour Vis a rapll ride all ul^ht ami tha next two d<ys. wo ranched Cove IKtiuitaia Gen near Wythevilla the afternoon of toe loth, wimre we found the notorious John Morgan poxted with five thou sand men aud lour pieoe* of artillery (so say Qichmond papers of the lAth ult.| Having les* Ihso, two thousand men , worn with fail/ue and hunger, and Our horses in a worn conditiou. we (lid not hesitate to attack him nt once la bis well chosen position; but, being grout ly outnumbered , and surroinCM on three sides, and having no artillery, wo did the nest boat thing we oould, that is, to Otfbt him closely f ir four Hours, punish hi* command much more neverely than h? did ours, and compel him to remain there until our foraes could accomplish their work at other point9. Thirteen days snd several niithta wo wore in the saddle, In the mountains, oltmblng aud sliding down thair *te*i> sides ruining almost (tyltly; foedtng a idswimnvnK tlio sw-itlon Stream*. until we were folly satisfied that, although "riding a raid" might road well on pat?r, the riding Itself was anything but pleaaagt, tad especially so when ?bort of grub 1 OBMtR VBOM OHHSRAL AVSRII,!.. General Order? No. 6. natDQOAxmts, OavAurr DaP40tTM*irr, W Va. , > May 23, 1KJ4 | Tho Brigadier General oommaodiog Cavalry division desiree to express bis sincere thank < to the oilleers and men of tHo divisiob'for tho unoomplainiag fortitude Willi wluoh they have endu e>l the terrible viciwitudus incl , f)ept;to their recent march of three 'hundred and Oflv miles, over mountains without read*, and Aorees streams without fords, and the unvarying courage with which they'aitncknd and held a superior forco of the enomy near Wytbeville on the 10th, thereby enabling another command to acc >mi>1Uh Its purposen without the oppo sition of ovsrwbelmlng numbers. Your country will re membefiyour heroism with gratitude, and the nobis sac* ?Hflcsa And snUbrmgtof bur fatten bomradM wMt bo bbo> riahad forever iu our memories. The fourteenth Penn sylvania and Hirst Mrgtnla cavalry Ant received the thock of battle, while the Pecood and Third Virginia cavalry and Thirty-rourth Ohio infantry established a line which the ooemy had reason to respect and remem ber. Great credit Is due to the brigade Commanders | Brlgad let General JMiOle and Colons! ?olioooin iker ? for th* energy and skill they displayed. While the conduct of all was admirable and deserving the pratfe <?* the Briga dier General commanding, lie desires, without making an Invidious distinction, to oxpress his high appreciation of the steady and skilful evolutions o( the second Virginia cavalry, under Colonel I'oweiL upon the Hold of battle. It was a drera parade, which continued without disorder, under a heavy Ire, during four boors The purjioees of the enomy were foiled by tho engage moot. The railroad was reached and destroyed. New river crossed and the balQed columns of the enemy ar rived In time to witaeee the destruction, which all the energies of their superior force, evea with artillery, had tailed to prevent. The division commander also wishaa to thank the offi cers and men of the division, who have treated thtfln habitants Of the country with that courte?y, dignity and magnanimity which is inseparable from their courage and greatness. Such conduct cannot fail to awaken in the be irts of this deluded people a respect and love for tho government we are determined to restore and maintain. While we bring death and de traction to rebels in arms, let our bearing toward the helpless and peaceful clti ens not be unbecoming so'diers of th* Cnited States. Those row unworthy inen, who have disgraced- themselves and us by ucts of lawless pillage, should receive the scorn snd contempt of every booorable soldier in the command, and every effort should be made to bring them to the punishment they deserve. W. W. AVERILL, Brigadier GenorjM Commanding Will Ruxaicr, Acting Adjutant General. THK I.OMSKB. According to promise I send you additional accounts of General Crook's recent raid. Total number of killed and wounded on our aide during the raid, as officially reported by the Rurgeon in t'hlef. Bix hundred and eighteen. Total number of prisoners captured two hundred and eighty two, of whom thirty one wsro John It. Morgan's men. Koer hundred and eighty of Morgan's men, under Colonel P Howard Smith, arrived on the bitUe ileld of Cloyd's Mountain just as Jenkins' flsnk bad been turnnd and his lines broken, and, being armed with the splendid Austrian rifle, checked, by thplr wall aimed volleys, tha pursuit for half an hour, when tho terrible storsra or canister rained upon them from Captain McMil'an's bittorles sent them flying after their comradas la the direction of Dsblln and Now river bridge. Averlll left Tazewell Court house for Wythevllle on the morninp or the Mb, for the purpose of tapping the Vir ginia road at a poiut thirty miles lower down than It was tapped hy General Crook. Ho was met six miles from Wythevllle by a force of four thousand cavalry and McClen7's ton gun battery, under John H Morgan, and ws? compelled by sheer l or re of numbers aqd waat of artillery to rail back and abandon the object of the enter, 'prise. General Averill bad but two thousand mea with him. and no artillery Ho withdrew bis Teres* In perfect order, with a loss, however, of eighty ninekllled, miss lag and wounded? only one bciog killed. The entire command of General Crook are now at aa available point, and will move la a few deya la tho right direction I expect to ohroalclo stir rug news for you within tho next fortnight, as our daiblag and prac tical young commtnder will never halt In the psthwly ;o glory aad duty so loag aa aa oasmy olMtrunta it. Below I annex a summary of killed sad wounded, kind ly furnished me by Pr F. M. Kellogg, Chief Division Med cal Director, of Geaeral Crook's -command:? . uav or cascaltibs. Firrt brigs de ? ? JTirtsl. Wtunded. Twenty third Ohio... 21 7B Thirty sixth Ohio 4 19 Thirty-fourth Ohio t 33 Fecosd brigade? Niaety first Ohio 3 ? % , Ninth Virginia. 41 12S Twelfth Ohio ? ?M> Foarteenth Virginia IS 03 Third brigade Third Pennsylvania reserves S 87 Fourth t'enosylrAnia reserves 4 S3 Floventh Virginia 1 14 Firteoath Vligiaia 1 18 ascArnri.iTiow. Kflled. WouniyL Total casualties In First brigade 128 T1S Second brigade ST 285 Third brigade tl 102 oassn total. Killed. JVoUfled. Mittinff. Infantry 109 BOS ? . Artillery ? 8 ? Cavalry 17 12 84 THE HUNTER MURDER. roavleltsa of Edward Ranlirof Mnrdtr In (hs 8*?ond Dcgret-Th* Jary Out Forlyievta Ilosirs? Knrther laittac ttona from th* Ceart-Vlnal Agree ment? Tile Prisoner Remanded, 4m. COURT OV OKHtRAt. SggSIONf. Before Recorder HoflfWan . Jraa 8.? At baif past four In the afternoon Recorder HofThian arrived sad entered the court room , where tho jury are oonflned, when the following proceedings took place. The prisoner having been removed to the Tombs, ho was not present at thia timer Recorder to Mr. fllnlon? Tt will take some time to get the pr, sonar here. Will yoo waive his presence* Mr. Clinton ? Yes, sir; 1 will wslve bis presence. Tho Clerk railed over tho name* of tho jurors aad pat tho usual question? "Rave yo<j agreed upon a verdict, gent lemon V' Foreman? No, sir. Recorder Hoffman? Gentlemen, I bar* received a com mnnleatioa from the foreman atstlng substsntlally that you have foiled it impossible to agree. 1 have kept yoo together for a long while, because I deem it more l baa ordinarily important that yoo should make overy effort to come to an agreement In the caae. It took Ive days to select a jury to try It, aad, after the experience I have bad la getting a Jury , I felt that it waa necessary that *"tne floal disposition of the caae ahoald be made by you, ht order that the Court and county nay bo saved tho im mense trouble and expense of a new trial at the aext term. 1 fear there may be eome mtsenderntandiag In the minds of the Jury about the law of this csae as laid down by the Court, aad my object io coming here now, after receiving a communloattoa from your for emu , is to know whether yon would like to have further In struct lea n poo tho law la tbta oeae. with a view of aiding you in your doliksralione. That la tho object of mv vjslt. If you desire aoy instruction, either ie the deflmMoM of crimee or the different degreeo of them, *r In any other particular affecting the merits of the oaeo. 1 am reedy to give II to joa. The sixth Jnror? I think the Jurors aaderstaad tbs law In tho caae perfectly . The Court? I am roa<ly to give yoo aay additional I fr it root loo. The foots of the oaeo, aa I have told you, yea know a* wall as 1 do; but the law, es applicable to It, yoa may aot kaow as wed es I do That la for yon to say. If you desire iastriictieii I am ready to giro It lo yoo age ia. Foramen? 1 think we understand II tboroaghly; we may ">e s little aelray; but we haveulbed It over end over agala, ae that It seem* ea though w? bad nothing to argue. The third Jaror-I thluk It woald be batter if we had the law deni ed a little bolter?If ws bad your cbargo dsflaed a Utile more olearly. Recorder? I' any Juror re^uasta II, I will agala repeat the lew ss It aflbrte (hie caae Mr, Clintoo? I mast object, after all Ibe Jurors hat oae having said thst they oaderataod the law aad do aot call for any Instracttoaa. Recorder? Refore I five aay further laslructloa oa the law I shall esad for the prleoeer. The Recorder. Clerk, eoaasel aad the few spectators who happened to be In the balldlag at the time, retired, from the room MM tfce prisoner arrived. After ft brief interval m affioor returned from Iki prleoa with TTiillf. whereupon tM Recorder r* wtorM the r?oa iU loos MM leit apott MM Imob TUa Bwrdar addreesdd the Jury as follow* Ai oaeof your number elated tbat be thought ooom further Instruction upon the l?w would be lealrable. I ah ill *!?? K to yen befw-e leaving you again, for your S*. Iib-ratloae. And Arst, I w?!1 toll you, as I did the otter day, whit rourd-r la tbe first degree Is. Killing, wIm per:?traied from a premeditated deei?b to eflecl tbo death of the poreoa killod . or of toy human being. The premedk. t*ieu design to kill ta all that Is neoessary, aa stated la that dortnltioa, (or Ike purposes or this oaee Premedtta (ed design , eoootylmg la the deoialunB of our oourhfc metnw a design to kill Termed at any time prior ta the -Iri'ctugof tbe blow wtucli re* ilta la death It need M be formed at an v ooeurrwnoe prior to the act wb'Ch lm medittely resulted ta Uie death of the p?rty ; If It la formed antecedent to the time tbe blow was given, aad it Is aith a design, it is sufficient to constitute murder la I he drat degree as recognized by tbal law. The statute then declarea that such killing rthal la, the killing ef a human being), unless it ha murder In tbe first degree, or manstaeghter, or excusable or Justifiable homicide, aa provided In tbe law, *h -a perixHruel without any da Hign to effort death b a iiernon o gairrd In (he commie hion of any fe'nny, shall be doomed murdor In tbo second dngrne. I t"ld you the oilier day that the lawmakers had wot defined in auv other manner than tint what mir der la the second dei-ree w;ie. Tuny simply declared that tb* kiting, unless It be murder In the first degree, or in iraSi iglitor or t'i<agab!e or )nstlf)ot>le h unlade, la mar dor in the seo'?na4j ree, when perpetrated, aa I said, without any do<li! ?fl enact death, bv a perf?n engaged In the comrnls- ion (ff any lelony. Thofce are the two da greee < f murder. Mow. t lie statute of ? He P?at?? provider that aiton an lo'ilrtmcnt for any oHeuoo (and thia la an indictment for murder) consisting o! different decrees, aa prescribed in the chapter which I read to you, the Jury may find the accused guilty o' the ofl'enco of the degree ohargei tn the inDictir^nt, or may And such acc'ined per son gbilty of any decree of a ich oflbneo inferior to tbat chfirijBit in the Indictment, or an attempt to commit such offeaoa. Tbe meaning or tlila Is, where this chapter to wlticti I have refer-ed divides any crime iqto degreeo, as first. boo M'd, liiird or fourth den'-ee, although tbe pet sou may l>e ipdicted Icr the o'J'enco in the first decree, dm jury may find him not guilty of Iho Bint, aud may llud hi>n guilty of an Interior degree, as of the Recond Now, t have told yea, at tti# request 0f the cmoael for tbet*lsooer, that there cm be no murder except where there Is a de'lga to take life. There are other circumetannes In whloh murder may exist in tbe absence of any peculiar featured wbioa do not exist Ic this cue; and thero may be murder without a design to take life Under tbe statute tbe jury mey And a person guilty of an Inferior degree, and nol guHteof a sujierior degree. If tbey so cltonso. 1 lieu upoa tbe ojher suHiec.t of ma' slaughter I hare something ta *av;$ut tho definition <>r extendable or Justifiable hotal rid" ijeod not he glseo; fur under the pilnls.of ?qmu*4T Ihey lava not asked me to tell you what la excu?4W4 hr' justifiable liomioide. The distinguishing feature -batweoa manslaughter and murder is that in murder there le a d? iga to kill, whereas In manslaughter there is the killing without the design to kilt. When I oome to read Ike. dadniil'ins to you, yen will understand It A maa who. |n a cruel or unusual ai toner, without a design to kill? without haying any partloular daelja in hit mind to take Ma li le of a human b?t?r ? lakes the life of another, would be guilty of manslaughter In the Kocnnl degree. Thla statute prorMet again that when a man, Without a design to kill, with a dangerous veapoa lakes life, that would he manslaughter In tbe third la gree. The etatale provides, wale, that tbe kllMnff, where 'It le with any weaiion In a manner ant cruel or uaus?al< would be manslaughter la the fourth degree Now, those are tke defioiltona and distinctions of ihooe varioaa offences. The provisions of the statute are very broad, covering altnoet every eeaceivable eese that ooatd he imtgiaed under any state or soclnty. Manslaughter in tb* Aral degree I bare not attempted to define to yoe, be cause, as ! understand It, that branch of the law does aet apply to the facts in this case. Manslaughter io the Beoond , third and fourth degrees I hare explained to yo?? i as requested. It seems to me, gentlemen , with tbe lew thus explained te you ao plain that It cannot bemlsua' I dorstood , aad aa there Is really little dispute upon the facts of this case, that the jury ought to o?mo to some sgreeaient. If they are witling to lay soldo pr?( judics, biaa aad formtd resolutions, and take a fn-eh took at this rase, and ooeslder It aa men Just gone out to consider a case, and meeting upon some common ground to discuss it falrfy.tbeg must come to eome conclusion that wilt be juet ta ail parties. It is hardly necessary that I should refer to the law relative to Inaanltf ; hot T will simply eay upon thti suVieet that every man is proven to bo sane and ta praxes* a sufficient degree of reason to be responsible for bis crimes until tbe o -ntrary le presumed to the sat kh faction of the jury beyond all reaaonah'e doufct; and ta establish a defence on the ground of insanity It atuat be clearly proved tbat at the time of committing the act the party accueed was laboring under such a defeat of reison from disease of the mind as not to know theaa tare and qmiily of the act he was doing, or, if he did knew it, that h? did not know be was doing what was "*roeg. IT a man has reason and mind enough to underataod the nature of an act, to know the difference between right and wrong, tbe law holda him reaponrible for his ofleaoe. The other proposition about Which onnnse! has .adrtreseed you. and which I was requested to charge, Is sabstaa tlally this:? If. from any defect in his reason . or rrom a nf mental condition growing out of injuries to tbe hrain, the man, at the time of the eommis."ioa of the offence, le la such a condition that be cannot form a specific design ta kill, that would briag it within some of the degree* or manslaughter, aad where there le no daalga to kill that would be manslaughter, and not murder. I believe, gen tlemen, I hays covered all the propoeltions. I am very aorry that I cannot consent to discharge you from the further consideration of this case; bat, with my sin? or duty to the public, although It may ffWt you to great peraonat Incoereoience and even suffering, I do not fhel at liberty ta dteoharpa you I aball have to remand you in charge of the officers. It Is unpleasant and pa nfUl to me to new thai you are here, perhaps deliberating qr trying ta be ooa? vlnced against yoc.r Judgment; but with my view of the law and tbe facts of this ease, and my eeaae of duty to tbe public, I feel that I most keep you together. Mr. Cllnmn? I except to your Honor's charge, tn whMfe you eey that tbe inteut to kill is suBclent to couetUuta murder. If farmed on the Instant aad at tbe time lha meeting toea place. In order to raise the petst task your Honor to charge that it Bust exist before the yar tlee met Recorder? Too can except to all tbtl I hive said. Mr. ninton? 1 else ask your Honor to charge that ? there Is any reeasaahle doubt ea any of the propeeliloaB yon have addressed ihem tuton, tbey mast give the prta> oner the boned t of that doubt, and decide In his favor. Ihe Coart? I here already charged that. TH? Recorder Informed toe jury that he would he M attendance at any botweof tbe night to receive their ear did. The court room was again cleared of ell outsiders, aad "the Jury resumed tbeir deliberations. In about tea minutes ihs officer entered the Clerk's room aad aa nonnccd that tbe Jnry had agreed. Court, conned, the attaches of tbe eftce aad the reporter of the Haaaun re catered tbe eoert room. Tbe .naeaee of the Jurors were called aad the usual question pot? 'Have you agi'sot upoa a verdict, gentlemen " Koremaa? Ws Mva Clerk-vPleeae riee, gentlemen. Prlsoaer, rise. The jurors look upon tbe prieooer; the prisoner look upoa tlw Jarers. I low say yea. gentlemen of tke Jury, ia yew flad Edward Hdnler, the prisoner at the bar, gallty or not guilty? foreman? Guilty of murder la the seoned degree. Mr Clinton had the jury polled, when the sama r sea It WM IH|IOiHCll. The Recorder ordered the prisoner to be remanded, sag tatlmated bis Intention to pees sentence etrly aext wish. The sentence for murder In the second degree le Isagrtn onment for life. Hunter's face was enveloped la hlg handkerchief while the verdict was being ressrdsd; hat ssids rrom that he did not appear to exhibit eay mora sign or emotion tbaa was visible throughout tho trial. The jurors, who were confined Just forty seven hours, preeon tod rather a novel spectacle; and If an individual who was unacquainted with the caose of their deteottea had entered the court room previous to thsir discharge and scanned thsir unshavea those, dli bevel led craniume and disarranged apparel, lie would bare arrived at oae of Iot> conclusions? either tbst they bed just escaped froea Pixie, or else were e lot of "Jolly good lellowe" wbe heartily subscribed to the sentiment of ths song? We won't go borne till mora lag, Till daylight doth appear. White our reporter wea In attendance, walling for thd verdict, it was really amusing to listen to tbe laauoegaa received from and aent to the Jury during their Incarce ration Anxious wlvee communicated In writing to their devoted husbands, and In one tnetance, true to her wo men's nature, one lady applied personalty to see her bet ter half. She waa informed that la the abeenoe of tho Judge she could not eee him; bat being aeaured that bor husband would be well taken oare of a he wea consoled, end retired, previous to which, however, she left soma desirable articles of wearing apparel. A commuaieatlea was rersived selling forth that Mr. Smith need have aa fears, that Kate was all right, which waa scrutinised aa severely by oouooe) for the defnooo ea Mr. Sergeant Buzrtis would have done, who, It will be remembered, asked Ihe Jury, with extraordinary ompbasia. what Mr. rickwlck meant whaa he menUooed the warming pan la hie note to Mrs. Bardstl. Another Jeror made the signiflcaat Inquiry, "How was stocfesT* entortalnlng the opinion, perhaps, tbat they were eertooety aflbrted by tbe stubbornness of the other eleven Jurors In refusing to agree upoa tbe guilt or innocence of Hunter. Rut, aa every th og meet have an sad, tbe jnry, pereelvtag tbat the Recorder wee determined to keep them until It wss officially annouaced that "If. 8. O." waa qnletly enjoying hie soger la Jeff. Davis' man sloe la Richmond, came to Ihe conclusion that it wee beet far them to compromise upon tbe verdict, which they did. all of them, no doubt, believing the! they could eot afford to ebeeel themselves from tbe graet meetleg at Unl >n equsrs la honor of tbe man who will soon proaeunea the verdict of tbe Americaa people the tJetoe must sad shall ba preserved. Fir* at No?n?l C1?f> Mm. A L08? OF HALF A MILLION OF BOLLAR9.^| Mocffi) Crrr, Juae 1, ISM. A lar?a, Talnabte naral wkarf boat *? horned at elfkt o'clock tbie rreelng. The Are ?u flrst <lho?r*rod hi tka paiat tad ?l rooas, aappaaed to kare originated front sponteaeoue combustion. Tho fro was aot dlacoyered uaill It had aprea?l beyond control. Tie progreee of UM flaaara was ?o rapid (hat nothing could be eared. Mao 7 per aoas on board narrowly escaped with Itfls, the amoM and ffaaaea rendering egraaa by the stairway laspoaelWa Many escaped by the roof. No Uvea are known to bar* been lost. Paymaster Bofga, of tbe Halted Statea N'ajy, was aerlonsly burned, aud came aaar being auflfocated , while attenptlag to aara kla faoda aad paper* Tha entire loaa to said to ke half a as! Ilk* of daUan er more, coaalaUng principally of naval atorea, Inoludla# Paymaster Dune 'a safe, eon tain tag two hundred thoueand doilare, aad aaathar oteren tkoneaad dollars. There were ko ordaaaoe atorsa ar protlelona oa hoard. Union Hall, laratega. ftaaaaaaa, Jaae 1, 1IM. Major W. W. Lataad, of (few Torfc, tkta day piisSasel ar m Naa halra their wboie later** ta V? oa Ball ftrflttjOM. i

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