Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1864 Page 6
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAMB* UOUOltN BKKNBtA wm aho rw?Haei<Nk wrncg K. w. coi.mck of it<.ton a^ Nt**iP srs. VtlKIM XXIX *?. 155 AMI M.MKXT.S THIS I VtMKt). blVUI GAtDK*. BroaAtvar.-BEL IHltHN. ?UUi K S'TBhATKK. ?i ? Cai-.ain Biano. M!NT!?n i.ARPUS, li Fba 1> UToM)? TuBICK Miknitr. Ol^MfiC IUBATKE Bro*au-?} -P?i or in* Tern -fcA-r stiii.m. M VI I.OIYEBT THKATKE. lto?r*r/. -Wati a Ijoo Ol.*o>? ?'ASTIMA.v BAKDIT? I'oACULRS. 1 pWf BV TM' O IIK, Mi ? rrr ? MOI.L PlTC'l*R? 1'o.R 1 > ? i;? ? t rv.\(, i.'1'U ivn I. OAliW AV 1 IATKI. ?>.? Broadw ay ? Oua AmerI t ? ? i.-t >m At Ho ?i . hah XT v> V Hn *(iw i.j.? Two Giant?. T^'o )>* .i iitiM'i, \\ i it Is it. Ho., at ft!: ho?j?. Ji cr ? '? rr ? x ? :? *M 7'i I". * PKW VJt- AllNSiKEbti, kirrlnulo-.' Hall, 47. .'<rr>?4. ? H ? -kit SIOMIJ .Ac.? 'i.ihrf. iMKmi. HWlli M* S'l HI! I. 1 1 A L I ,, ftH Bromlwaf,? ETHIOPIA* X At i ?.* Ac.? sr??i ><nivTHr.n?. AM. Kit' VN THK ATBK, No. 4lt Mri?? wav.?BAiirM. I.I.ST. -.lut, Xil I.' T.SuVivS. At,? I'l'OrL!.'* Latvlu. bALlit. UI AliOl.lQVL. f>6J Bro Sway.? ilor.Knr llnu.KR HOT, MAN'S ACADEMY OF MC-SIC, 720 Broadway ? ( n? I OV.HG Aciaus. MKUj'S SALOON. BroAdwRT ? M mo OF Mi'RJTE r.? <?t is JmxT. COOPER I.VSTITUTh -f>KA*rg. IKVINO HALTj. IrTiiic SiMkLorricox. KKW YORK MTRKCM OF ANATOMT CIS Broadway.? <ri:H*flTlk5 Am lilf'L KK.~ , from VAN till 10 P. M HOOLET'3 OPERA HOUSE. BrooilyM.? FtmoniN fo: ci, IjiXCft. Hi ki.k Ma. WITH SS I : F? T. Kfw York, Sutui'day, Jan? 4, 1M>4. THE LIST OF LETTERS. The List of Letters remaining iu the Poi?t Office w ill be found in the Supplomcut sheet, or on the tenth page. rHE SITUATION". 71,0 b,,1!rlin of ">? Wax Detriment urnracn t mi Motl.inp has been beard rrom Ceteral Grant alnce men o'oio k Thursday luorLiog, m conscqutac.j ofn ?-vere atorm on tbe p. ninsi la. a Waihlnctou devalrfc, b^weverj ye terday evenly] 8ay8 the paf^o K^rs on the steamer Keyjurt, just arrived irom Vblte Howe at noon yeworday, ?ate that t-avy j cannonading, which indlaued ? wvcre fight, W49 then going on. A roldier *ho arrived at While Hou* from the front report* that the Sixth eorpg ?as c^-d at noon, L* \H brought on ? c^clict by a rapid tod Buddett movement from the le't to the -tcht. General nirney dented Breckiurid^> corpa on Tttoa . a?7 on a rising trcund over Tolopntomoy creek, taking fifty ibe lattTt Official news from General .Sherman fc t,-> 3bu?d*y nigbt, hair pat f0TfB oVI ^ ,Bd |he ?Met li^i MePberson moved up from Daii., to a point ,d fr-.n( of tbe enemy M New H-r~,bm on Wednesday, ?i-d Ibw ( a Thursday Scbr.fteid and Hoofer, havt been ^"-f'fd t0 extreme left. pushed forward tow^rda Marietta. Ai tlie Fam"e t;me Roman's r.nd Gai-randa cavalry ?ete rent to Alatcoaa l-aw, whl< U they r? . h?d and held poa.ess.ou of. Tbe-e movements have secured tbe pas., wt ch vi; e caidered a formidable oue. Mr. Stanton tu bis bulletin .-aya tbit other mor>mo<iti ?re reported, which are not proper now for publi oal'.jo. A? arrival of a eteai.;ar from Bermuda jjnudr.d e.i lorlrcst Monroe oa Thursday evocing rencrtj that at ?even o clo ?!? en Wedt/?'?day morning the enemy attaek' J Ceuiira! Butltr's loft w;ng, and a Fptrited Lit musketry and artillery was kopt up ?nfil .ite '/dock, when they were again revised o :r low wax very t'lgbt. It le repor.'ed l.ut not c>tiflrn'?d, thai ? ?'eneral Filzbugb and flvr bun Ired r.f ti? command were captured by General faith's force* on Wednesday night while at tctnHlng to male a mid Id the direction of tbe White Horse, Tbe Navy Department i? :a i crate ;ors of tcforir.Btl a which waa alko given by a d. ?r:?r fmm f?rI ivr'.ieit, Ibat ibe iebel? contemiWate a furi ; is sitae' mi fleet In tbo Jamea river l.y tb |r Iren-cUda aod a Bomber .f Breabipe and torpM - vr^|?. n>e M'.-nitrrr, r ppriK.d or tbe lateoU#**^ , ara coe<ly f< tkem. ? V *??** Irom tbe Mla?U<iii?vj is !mi.'i?'ai atO. Lot very ecournitcf. t)e;i|>atcbes fsoiu Vlcmpb;e ot the Sift ult. miorm ua that the rebel C?ti?ra' ?li- lby c>t? tured l?(darie!te ou the Mou^y prevl'?u;, laki m t?r buadrtd prVFocera. After the capture he cr."-- . tho Arkataat rirer, pnd It was anppjcci that he :ctc ;Je? to ?irike Ibe I.lttle raifrcai'. Guerilla, are repr*? ofed na i:n aoally act?v* Ik Ar. kanaaa Jt apKirs to be tTte ir'entinn o' ^e reb'.'e t? force Ibe I nk-ii trocpr to cv? 'iKtc e'l tbe s?ale cxiept Little Rork and Heieca. Jacl rrp rt aid l^leerlt'e ban already bean evarnot'd by otr utertp. A severe fight bel.ieu: our t.n iron, Itarmci a. and lrario B;ri! tbd the rebel butlcriE at Caicce Latid ac ?rcurnd rccrctly, lc wfci h tbe rtbr's were driven ofT. Wte IttlT and lb' ^nB^ it J* ft* a-iir^'eO c>naiderabty. Ibe re^el General UarmAd'.il;e is ? . I '> be In coinniaad, atid 13 repjrled to have taken twclTc piei-ee of artillery. He a'?o rap'.-.r".' ind barutd th; ? -amer Lebaccin and rarfied tbe crciv atd raw. cg?r? yt ?? prtaonere A beavy forr? of ?>*'.?, lR.OOii rtrtcr, is r?j or tec ti ?e within twoniy-fivc mile? of DutaTt BluT, msrtb on that ptaee. ( Our ae?a from iLe f^.tLars j? ptr$ is tt tcre tbaa erdinery intereet today, Tte lo?e of tU JUfb m od Emmfner namiEtukably :mj >R<* Hat t:er? ft a flxed Intention co tbe part ef |.e ?t4?eJ Coegre* le adintirB hurried y ard ret, re tro-j, R ,b Iti ud, a doaifn rnoeemtag wfcfeb the JBtom. Her beratee tte memt<erf, cbar*er tbem w lib cowardice, ato prtfrhj. ? ??ea that tftbey ctrrj out tbat mtentiot Ibe rabiaet. rieoideot and rtti.twf janerat!/' vi n f i'ow, ieaving ^""raii *.j9 ibe ?or.rktlwi be bat beer abandesed Jbe r*;*t ibe atoV of the F.cnraa .-ecate rt iamutg turir ln U|BDM wh4k |b# , were prerto| Into Ute e,ty and tu barbarian* were ? wed by the ..M? |.reeea.etf (he veaerak'e h&y |? luptoru tbe Cocgrw tot t? ..r e %W%J , epw ^ ^ ?1 ntfa Jo.rnmea: tntiitte ia-t |.,'-?tive a.t a ier fermrt. * ' The ro?m,t.lcaticn of Govern r V-nce.ef N,rlh ra,0 Una, to Mr. I <a % ?, re latiTe lo th* de-ire e' tfce pt- j.^ of W<at to aije far peace, ar u tte rej'.y ?f lfc), rtb#) r.Hden: thereto, will be foutd aic^i oar e.tracta fr^u ?^iilbera imirna'a Davit MSnlaiMara a t'^ra *et^?w fit* K": i? of NortL Oarotioa tot oattria aing U4 id?a ct ?t appeal f<* peee* arte' thr?e e"?ri 10 ??eU tLat &u>tt fe'dbeena eady made by i.'f g 'rerDBrrl, ar< rvettw ?r lb? fore-nrocnt at n a-h'nftf-t COIOR Sis la be "e .e* ?r?f*rtlav a t> cm rat r?f lb*^i<v\>a ? ?KHierr*, fatrcr'ut the u: r Mff r?rC ai K^W '.or don, Conner Ileal, *U preeenUd A resottiMoa for the printing of three thuuaaod eilra ? >p4w of the reee.uly eeari*d NaUflMU Hanking law ?n aftopud. A peutl ? #?urg for furluer reeu lotion of Ike oae of In toxicating tr.n era <a Uie irm; was presented aad Uldoo i*ie table. Ttae bill to pay the Stale of Wis oonaia Ave per rent on tbe aalea of bor reasrred la-aa ?m debated for Mm* tune, but no vele on it waa re?ci)?d. The bill to preteut Mm oenterfeitmF oft be national coin* irw paused. Tbe oou stlej-ation of the internal Revenue bill wue thea o? tuioed loueumlog the reiaaindor or the session. Amend uient* ? ere adopted aw. King Out (be provision for a ( x b<er of 'uternal Rrremia, at ai> annual salary ot f.' >00, Aiiil placing tbe proceeds of the Uies directly under the <-t?mrol i?r ibe Secretary of tuu Tro nrjr , lusivad of tbe Cou; lulWiloner of internal Uevenuo *. number i'f otber an.e; dtncnifc wore a 'i opted, and severnl proposed word rejected. In ibe House of Representatives a r*iltilion to allow mileage and salary to Messrs. Ilciiecrj . of Kentucky , aud Blrcb, of Missouri, during tbe time the* wor>- unsucees* fully engaged in eooteetfng tne neat*: o( <tengr?. Yeaman aid . i rig, was tat od. The report of ifco Osettieuce Committee on tbe b'll providing for an additloual inspector 1a tbe Memphis cullecnen district wus concurred in. The Berrte bill, amoc duiorj- of tbo law granting alternate suctions of land to Michigan for ra Iroad purpose?, war pss!>Bd. Ibe house then went in'o Committee of the Wttole 011 the Ti?fi1 biii, si d prooeetied to art upon a number 01 Its foci ions. A large portion of tbe day V aess.on was taken up ? lib it, an) cons>!doralile pr^rofi.. w<< ? nude. A b 11 was passed providing for tbe sale of the Marlae I'oapit i| at ( hlcagu. Tiie Ttonkiupt bill tskou up aud nls cuKcd tor soti.e ttii'ft, v l>en it was laid ssiae, and an ef fort \n.t m.'de to bring up tbo bill to prohibit gold speou Intion but. without pnceeillng to consider tbe subject, tbe Jiouso. at about cino o'clock at night, adjourned. MISCELLANEOUS NEWS. Tiie annual ro/ratta of the Now York Yacht Club took place yesterday, over the usual course, from Hobi ken to the Sottibwef t Spit and return. The sloop Annie wor the first prize, willing the prescribed tjlstanco in three hours, ii!i> nine rnimU-s and Iwent-r socond?. the schooner Magie cane in sec< cd, in fitir hoars, sorcn minutes and one second, lho weather was delifhtru!, with a fine breev rrom the southward. The decision in lho Tax Commissioners' ease will be Je* livered at eleven o't loc'c this forenoon by Judge I'amard. Mucti intorcf t wfelt in the result, especially by politicians around tbe City Half. , nobus'tamm, convicted of forging checks on tbe govern ment left the Ludlow street jatl yesterday, en route for Sing Sing Prison, whore ho will ha required to serve a term of t?n years. The jnry in the case of Edward Hunter, tried for the 1 muiiier of Ms wire, after an absence of forty seven hours, returned a verdict or guilty of murder in the second de gree last evening. The prisoner was remanded for sen tcni.e. Some days ago Jobn Clancy, editor of the Leader, arretted on cbar-o or libelling Count Joannes, and bold to t il to nnewcr. Yesterday tho counsel tor the defend ant appeared before JuUgo Cardoso, and nppliod for an orter compollhg the plaintlir to file securities for cuata Mr. (lancy claimed that tbe Count was a non-resident, and was not well to d;> ita the world, to which tbe plain ti;T replied that he was a residett of tbta city, and was just as woll off ib ilr. Claucy. Thj Court tocv lho papers sn1 reserved its decision lhe rnlted i-tates Circuit Court stands adjourned till tlie aotb or June icst., and the jury have boeu discharged t^ that date, Judge Nelson enjoiuing all jurors aum to nr-d to be punctual in attendance nt that date. There are pending a great nanny c.T<oa under tho r.everiiolaw v Inch the Utiied States District Attorney , Mr. ^mith, cntild rot, throti^b press of buslcess, brine on btrore tbe close of the t?rm, though otherwise prepared for imme diaie trial. Be?idr? those on the calendar about thirty warrants have been issued for tb* arrest of violators of this lew in reusing to take out licenses for the businesses iu *.vbicn the partiea ssv.-ra'.ly deal. Many of thc?e will be brought to trill before tbe c! se of tbe June ;Crm. A Jowi.'h synagogue wij dodieate.i yesterday afternoon at tbo corne. of fourth street ami avenoe C. The cere monies were very solemn and Impressive. The dedica tory address was delivered by the Rev. Dr. J. M. Wise, o! < incinnatl. !'>? building b.u been used lieretorore for a Mt'.aodijjt church, and wus recently pnrcha-od and ?u*d jp for tbo purpose 10 which jt will in fntore be <1-. .'otvO. Tbcro was not much atir la comaicrcial circles yester day , though In potno articles a fair business was report ed Tho gold quotations wero lilgber, aud had tbo oifoct to render holders of merchandise firm as a general I, thiL'g, and for almost ovei> thing higher pr.'ce.< were tie tranced. n?!s was partienJarly tho ease with Imported .Toots, whi.'b so!d lo ouly a w derate extent. Petroleum was linu, tbcu^b !e?s active. Cotton waa steady. (In thange flour was ic. alCc., wheal 1c. a 2c. and oats 2c. a 3o. dcirer. Tort was 25c. a iOc. higher, and rctive for fttturo delivery. T^ird w?* a s-hade firmer, wtole ctber aiapisf! were without dcc?eod v Dante. i reigtits were dull and dei reesed The Baltimore liinvfiitlaa? Abraham 1'laealn Not the Mas*. The Republican NalioDal Coovenlion mcet? at Baltimore on Tuesday next, th<* 7(h inntant, for tbe noiiiiiirttlon of ? 1're'idrntial ticket. The M..*a hy th? shoddy men Las been in.ltis (rlottsiy cir'*".iutert tbnt Hocest Abe Lincoln w'll hanlly Gtul un oppocent in <hc Conren ? ioa. and lh.u election will be a? cert-tin unti deciaire as Lin noininatiou. Itielnad of rredltlng any ench prophecies, however, we PTitertnin lhe o]tinion that, if nominated, Old Ah# will be terribly defeated, and we are tlvongly inclined to tb?- <?u&ptcion that tbe knowing one? will be?.rj,y him and diaappoint him at Baltimore, alter the mauuor iu which bey Fcrvcd Mr. reward at Chicxgo. where h<> ct.iihidcied Li.. nt?ut!uallua sc ccrmin that the org.inirutfon of the Convention vas a mere formality. L?6t niiuLjtr. bj way of a polil;cul diveriioa. ?~i *a ''Live ()*li (.ieof^w." w?j brushed up and tro'tc.l out t!rs Illinois liosriante. Abraham : L dr., r?B about ibv only horse likdy t vrambie ro'.tn'l the ronr?e of !^?;i witbon: *; taibifog or flying ofl' the track. -o >ve l ??tl lib- good poii;ts~fneh a; thn ar? -- I hi t? f be^r tidva<'1age we con^^aled hi? de- ' !>? ?. v< Uim it), anj down t'c? itigh way. ard we praised lii:n to tie ekies. What m o?ir row %rd : Nothing but luuith.-.tion ' ? it.'.' h.SlapWj*1 tleiiitn'ra^y. and no hinir I ^ ??; "JQ I ll^t ^ Ibtu tuoeket'v anil tl<,r'?tO'i from dtir dug'isteit republican coBtemporttJw. Th^-y i?fi^d !i? that Old A lx n?f- entirely out of the tion. and ko w- dropped L.tu, under the full couri.tion t li k t l:e liad ao completely proTet! bu in?0-iipet?- iey for t?ie great re?pnnfibli(tie? of l is yft ce that tbe republican party, l'ank a-id file, kad. by c?inuon cont-ent. resolvd 'bat he ?hou!d he f?ni b.u.k aud turned out to grtiM at the tillage of Sprlrgfleid, in ifce -tare of Illinois. Cut tLc v?;y newspaper orgn.f wlikh then turned up their dainty nose#, a* if tlty snuffri a bad odor in Ibcvery nau^of Lin coir, are now out-H^cding Herod In tlfir )?>idairon? of ih'? wt.nderful *futefrran, 9o!?li#r, fcbolar, philm ihro|i<at, philosopher and jober. Can all i'jis gloriOcation Lc hor##t? No. Th?r# i t .? grr .it , dr;.l of Jr. i*, if it in not all ?boddj. Our eld rolitkal readerfl will reo, ember th^t the Baltimore Conv#r?tio8 of 1^44 wae very really arranged, in tl?# ele-^loM of its delej, ?'<?*. for the renotn ?a;ion ef /"'rff^ldcnt Vati Lur< i;. but flat. ?otwith??ai.d rtg hi) th'? cutting at.d d.y iilg. Van Buren ^uperM tleJ bv a D' w man, aid tt^ywil! rrmemler that a timilar diftappointn.Cf.t fell uj en U.-niy Clay ;n 'he rtiiiadelphis Whig Cenreation of le-#^ Nearly sll the de^ega'ee there were hia devoted fflcndu I but l hey found that cM 2a ck Taylor wculd Iaake a better run, and eo that high piie?t anong Ameiican statejinen of hia time, ? H^nry Clay, wra luperaedrd and net aaide for ?tie iftooQd ilme by a military chief t?i I 1* it ^LuLiy probu^J that thta cruel requisition of availatiil.ty will be tbe death ot Lincoln ?t Baltimore. Siodtly ia not to be trueted. Shoddy ia ungrate ui and unsorupuleua, and ever alive to t?>e maiu chance. Shoddy, therefore, will be apt to p ay tbe cheat wtli Lincoln, and fall in at Bilt?u? >re with the popular current In favor of t. "neral Graut. Unquestionably, the notnlnatio. 'r General Grant at Baltimore would eeille the Presidential question at once. It would aatist'y and harmonize the people of all tbe loyal States, and would relieve us of all fears and all dangers of a turbulent and d isorder y poli tical campaign. On the contrary, as the nomi nation of Abraham Itaicoln-will let loose the apirita of discoid, violence and confusion, and as it will give no assuianco of bio election even at the point of tne bayonet, we shall not be surprised if Old Abo, at Baltimore, is voted on the retired list with Fillmore, poor Pierce and poor old Buchanan, which will be just the thing, exactly General Grant in unquestionably master of the political well km the military situation. 11m hands are not tied, lie ie not the sil'v slave of any pnrty or any clique of politician!*. If nominated at Baltimore he will, we dare sav, accept, or if pass-d over at Baltimore, and nominated honestly and on a broad and liberal platform at Chicago, he will consent to run. We do not believe a word of the silly story that those political ?bus>ybodies of the BUir family have "made it all right'' between Old Abe and General Grant. If the Baltimore Convention would 1iot wisely it will make sure of tbe succession by nominating General Grant. Otherwise, even with this great favorite of the people out of the canvass, the conservative opposition elements will find some other popu* lar soldier and able and practical man upon whom, combining tbeir forces, and ai led by the independent radical St. John the Baptist Fremont movement, tyey will prove that Abra ham Lincoln and bis shoddy men are not the choice of the people. The Rights of Our JMerehiinta? What | They Should Da. Our merchants, kind, quiet, docile and sub missive for years uuder a system more arbi trary than was ever adopted by any other gov ernment jn tbe world, appear to have discov ered at last that they, in common with the rest of mankind, have rights. In their quiet sub mission to any and all the wrongs which have been inflicted on them, they seem to have for gotten ' that in them lie the real strength and power of the natio i. Thoy seem to have for gotten that to them belongs the credit of sus taining our government in it? dangers and perils, and that to them, in fostering and ex tending our commerce, we owe our past and pre sent greatness and prosperity. In past years the policy of our government was to foster, aid and protect*the band that fed it: but now tbe contrary course seems to be the most popular, at least hero, and, if wo may judge by tbe re sults of the present policy, which lias &u seri ously crippled tho the corumerct of New York we are driven to the conclusion that our great ness as> a commercial city has culminated, and that we are now in our decline. Hitherto our merchants hare had equal ad vantages and privileges with those of other port?: but now it would appear that Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and many other places are permitted to advance their intercuts at our expense, by the possession and enjoymont. of privileges which are denied to us. We reter to tho "bonding system" enforced at this port by order of tbe Treasury Department, as prescribed by . it of Congress, May 20. 18<?2. TV,.- have repeatedly called the attention of tbe government to the folly of attempting to blockade the rebel ports at the New York Cus tom lloHse, and bave endeavored to show the fallacy of the belief that our nn-rchaats were supplying tbe rebel government with goods to any amount by means of our trade with Nas sau, Bermuda or other ports, except Matamo ros. With the lust named port there can be no mistake, as we bave hitherto shown; for tbe landing of goods at tbe mouth of the< Rio Grande, oeleus ibly for Matamoros, was simply placing them, we might say, within rebel con trol; bnt in onr trade with tbe West Indies the facilities for carrying on u traffic between them and the rebel ports is limited: and, while trtir tra^.e with Mexieo has increased one thou sand per cent, onr trade with the We?t Indies has only increased about one hundred per cent. It cannot 1?c denied that goods shipped here have occasionally peiohld the bloc.ka<ied porl3 by way of the West Indies, but la suoh limited quantities, in comparison with the amount carried in there by the numerous and regularly established Hues of steamers between Liverpool and Wilmington, via Bermuda and Nas?au. that the f.?ot is scarcely worth the mention. If is undoubtedly the duty of govern ment to use all tbe power it possesses to put n stop to this contraband trade; but due caution should be uted in the excrete* of thfc power to ; see that the rules and restrictions by which It : is sonjht to 1 e accomplished should apply to ' all alike. I If the Caatom , llo??e bonding *ystem is t<J be continued, and is believed by the author'. I ties to be t lie only way by Vnvh iLe rebel , ports can be blookad^, tf-, e , j , y [Tori nafreuauts bare an ?q:ial cliaticr with i there of other ports. Tbey have a right to and should insist that the "governmental *?nl*?'' of juat'c* should be evenly balanced. Bnt to the uninrtiatcd this "telescopic or stand ffaad see ' system cf blockading bpp? ?rti rather inef. fectire. But if It J a? beca discovered tb-U we car. do it better nt a distance, no ? ne h?a a right to complain, and certainly no ?r,e will d?uy that it in much better, at leant for the vic tim. to l.ang the would-be murderer L' fore he eommUf. the crime :h?u to wait till the deed ie done and he ba> l,.?d a cbftr.ce to es.ape by trial in a covrt cf law. A contrary vie# ia taken by irany. wbo ieain that the only way to blockade & port 1? to -end a r.llioien* num ber ef v?*aeW there to prevent ingreMi aad ejma; but then it ia it ict better it we can stop the vesfeis at eir wharves. andputiah th* owiart of the {: ..odr or. s>.sp'c'/?>a that tbey in tend to commit a crime. Now let ns carcfnllj tevitw tuia ayttem aa prae,f?ed at 'hit pert A ve?gel ie leading for a eoapcci*d fort, and an ellliccr la not unfte q tently defil ed, a ? the revest of the merchant, to eee thai not! iig contraband go*a on board. The thipper. clearing h!a veaael at the Cmtfim Bouse. rr .it give a b nfl, with real estair i un ties, in do ib.'ei tho Vtlue of A* good* that they shall not ri'di;h a rebel port, and hi* tiond raonot, by Itt term. , be cancelled until evidence it pi >.Juc?d Uut ' lie proftlloiis he ships have found tlu :r way to ' neutral'' stomachs, and ti.e clothing has boan Worn out ^ on ueutial teriitotf, and nerrt ilvca w mth to lebel backs. Few m?rflMnU are .rilliug to give a bond 60 indefinite as to dura t on uiid spec "fication; yet it must be done, or their eoods mn^t remain in their stores, and l be customers Wt h whom tbey have dealt, in many cases during * period of forty years, mu8t seek their Biip^U t el^ewttew. Who suffers by tbU system! All. The government, by plaoing such restrictions on trade that forui?ri goods 8eek otbtu- markets, und hence we lose the revenue durived from increased imports. Tbe shipper, because he must, in addition to his regular commission, charge his customer ten per cent, in Home cases, tor a surety to his bond, making fifteen per cent in all, which makes his prices equal or giv-vtor than what would be charged tor the situ. - goods In Liverpool. The merchant, be oausi shipper dsre no^fill the orders of his ouatonu ?< v?u account of our refusal to permit [lis goods to leave our port except under ro strctions which are nowhere Hse imposed. Now, admitting the fact that there are among our merchants those who would wilfully vio late our laws by giving aid and comfort to tl. a enemy, it is believed that the number is small, and therefore it is manifestly unjust that all our loyal merchants ? the teal bone and sinew of our commercial system ? should suffer sim ply because wo have discovered a thief or a rascal among them, it is wrong and unjust to them to continue and enforce a regulation so^ arbitrary in its application, and one which, after a trial of two years, has been found so utterly inadequate to compass the object intended by its originators. We labor here for weeks to stop, overhau1 and examino a little cargo bound to some small town in the West Iudies, on sus- , picion that a small portion mij?ht, peradven ture, reach Rebcldom, and during that week a dozen steamers from Liverpool, Havana or St. Thorn an may have reached and landed at Wil mington more goods than we have shipped tQ those suspected ports in a whole year. With these facts beforo them, our merchants should lose no time In preparing a plain state ment of the case to present to the Secretary of the Treasury, earnestly protesting against the continuance id force of a regulation so mani festly unjust and arbitrary in its operation. Let them petition Congress to amend or modify the law, and, if necessary, let them come for ward nnd in their own practical, common sense way ask that they be empowered to establish a blockade of the rebel ports. They have ever cheerfully responded to the calls of government, and if they may be per mitted to devise means to blockade tbe South ern ports we may rest assured that they will inaugurate and establish a system as effective and as perfect as that which governs their own commercial transactions. 'I he Mass Meeting at Vnlom fqn?re ThH Afternoon. * The great meeting at Unioa square this afternoon to express the nation's gratitude to Grant ought to be immense in numbers, and wilL certainly be most enthusiastic in senti ment. of our citizens who have any love for their country and it3 Institutions, any re^urd for its glory and its unity, should allow trHling engagements to detain them from this great gathering. We hope that General Grant will add to the interest of the occasion by giving us the tidings of another great victory during the dav. just as be ce?cbrated last Fourth of July by the capture of Vicksburg. It is by no means certain that this meeting will not nominate our next President. Tbe Baltimore Convention is said to be bought up for Lincoln; but the old adage fn regard to the slip 'twivt the cap nnd the lip is often true of nominating conventions, hi 1844 every thing was arranged for the nomination of Van 15 n r en at the Democratic Convention at Balti more: but Van It.iren was laid upon the shelf, and'Polk was nrininatod on the Texas ques tion, and triumphantly elected. In 1848 the nomination of C^ay was decided upon before the Philadelphia Convention met, and all the delegations wor* instructed to go for him; but the kept Taylor steadily before the people, and tbe result was that Hall, Webb and other New York politicians went over to Taylor just iu time to turn tbe scale, and so old Rough nnd Ready got the nomination and the Presidency. In 18f>2 Case, Buchanan and Douglas were the prominent candidates for the democratic nomi nation. A short time before the convention met there was an assemblage of the frienda of Frank Fierce in New Hampshire, and he was talked about in conncetion with the Presiden tial nomination. We happened to notice this, and placed Pieroc's name among those of the other a-plrauta, remarking that, after all, he mi$ht be the lucky man. Our prediction was verilled, and Pierce was elected. But the Chicago Convention of 1860 furnishes us w ith an example even more iu point, aince Mr. T ir.iola hi - only to call upon his Secretary of State in order to get all the particulars. The republicans wore as onttiu<jiastio for Sew ard theu as they avo fo? Lincoln now. Nay, their unanimity w?n much more remarkable. Statq convolutions declared for Seward as lory n6w declare for Lincoln. Legislatures recom mend^ Sewarfl as tliey no^ recommend Lin ear. Tie norc:nation of Seward was as much ; a ma'.ler of certainty as tho renomlnatiott Of L?n!flii? pow aeeuis to be. Yet when the dele gates assembled Seward stock fell below par at once, and an unknown lawyer from the backwood", whom nobody had ever heard or thought of beforo. b-vamo the nom'nea af tbe par'* and fbe President of the I'nitcA States. Now if such ar. aecHsnt eoitldbappcn to Seward, how mneh more Ukcly Is it to happen to Lineofci? If a person like '.he railspliVer could take tha norahiation away fcv>m .-sward, how much more likely is a h' ro like Hrant to take the oemiaa tlun away from di'henest Old Abr? Every body concedes that if Grant lx? nominated he will ba almost unanimously ejected; and but few are willing to believe that all parties will be foolish enough to decline to run suoh a candi date. Terhaps the BaUIseore Convention may be thus foo'Wh: but. the chances are aa nine to tan that It maybe wis*. The great meeting (this afternoon will probably a* eft a deoisive Influence upon this question. ?n<" : 1 Bi u'sp. The rebel papers eta* a that Renew all Jackson and other of their gene, rale were shot by their own men. This is omi eojs. No such accident? If they were acei dente? ever happened In our army. Kabes plerre was guillotined by the very men ?ie had deluded into revolution. Let Jeff. l*avi?*a?e ?av*. Tun l.M kk lil ART Trkk-j. ? -Tho pe?c* papers published In this city arfi Inciting the people to riot, Insurrection *' d vwd vesieUn<r t?. tho F IwtUU. Notwithstanding tbe great and immediate excitements of tbe war, and although the publio attention seems bo oonoentrated on the achieve ments of our armies in Virginia and Geovgia, we are stoll wery day in wwipt of contribu tions tow aid* a sword fer Gcowal MoClellau* If we were to aocept a description of the human family from the cynical satirists, we might sup pose that the heroes of the hour were the only heroes of existence the people took any note. We might suppose that while such Illus trious and magnificent soldiorts as Grant and Sbernmn, Hancock, Warren, Wright, Tbomus and McPherson were every day acbieviug the most splendid successes ovor the enemy the people would hurdly consider that there were any other soldiers in existence but these. But we liavo the practical evidence of a nice little sum of money that this is not so. W e got dol lars from Bailors, afloat nnd ashore; from sol diers in camp, at home or in the hospital; from old men and boyB, women and children, and eves from plodding, busy civilians- little offer ings. making earnest tbe simple expression that comes with each ot' admiration o.nd love for General McClellan, and all showing how deeply the popularity of this hero Las t >kon hold of the national life. And all these offerings ? oartfest expressions of lovo towards a man who has served the country? are for the purchase of a swt.rd. Massachusetts bits given twenty-two thousand dollars worth of sword to Gen. Banks, Califor nia has given six thousand dollars worth to God. Hooker, and the people of this ctty ro cantly paid about a hundred thousand dollars for swords for several horoes. Now, perhaps the best practical sword for serrioe that a man can get is the ordinary lino officer's sabre. Very good copies of that weapon can bo pur chased for fifteen P words that Cost ;mmep,gftly more than that become baubles. Unquestionably they are still the expression of the noble admiration of the people for noble acts: but we are of opinion that if the people want to express their gratitude towards a great man by tbe gift of an article of value they might choose fl better article. They might make their expressioit move practical, and therefore better. In Europe--P8Pecia^y in England? this is done. Popular ber<>e9 are there rewarded very practically. It acin,? to b? assumed by stolid Bull that mere expres sions of admiration and honor must always be plentiful to great men, and he therefore does not lock up his appreciation of service done in a golden compliment that the recipient must bang upon the wall. John Bull provides for tho man he admires a house, or the money to buy one with, and a fund that shall furnish his hero with an Income. He assumes an inevitable association between genius and mutton, and argues simply and clearly that if a man gives to the service or tho people, all those years of his life in which other mm earn the money that they are to live on, it is the busiiress of the people to see that that man shall never experience so m?'an a wf.nt as th?' want of money. Nelson, Wellington and Cobden are instances of men who have received from the British government and people sueh an acknowledgment of their services. We are not by any moans so practical. Al though not one or our great generals is wealthy, though they are all dependent upon their pay. we subscribe thousands of dollars at tho mare mention of their names, and give them- these dollars in a way that c ompels them not to use a dollar. Wo tantalize a man who may have need of money with the gift of ton thousand dollars that he cannot spend ? that are of no more tise a? money than ten thousand barleycorns would be. We put our money in a form that associates It with a soldier's honor, and to spend tbe one is to tar nish the other. We de not believe that the people con tern pi ate or intend this solecism, and we suggest a change in the manner of th^fe popular expressions. Let the money be de voted to Ilia man in some other way. Wo have now received four hundred and sixty dol lars tor the purchase of a sword for Gene lal McClellan. This is so far a spon taneous expression of the adthlrers ?f tfcat sol ' dler. There has been no organization to solicit J or rit'^e money; but if there were a large sum would be brought out. and we would hope that it might not be spent on the goldsmiths. General McClellan probably does uek want any otlier sword than tbe one he wore st An ?Unaji. _ , Mnilr ?n the Park. Tho I'arW Ccmmlwlorere annulare that there wilt be mw'.c at tbe I'arU.wa the mail, this aftenxiOB, at four o'rl"tk , by the i'?rk Baud, under tbe leadership of H. H. Dodwerlh, if the weather is flee. The follow ins is the programme ? riii i. 1 I'jT*! Miroli.N... 1 1. B. I'iMtV'H' rU j a. Overture " V'.!* -^aadroKtrr. ielU" F1o|.>w 3. Por: '? M;<! .-reac-- if Karly Yi; .th" I'* A 4. Cb rararl I'ot Jlwnm PAPT II. 1. M.v h "<:?t no I ' Hamio 2. overt .feto'TKciesa*' *uu a r<>"g ???*!? d?rTi:reuo': (The loan .-cnu'tjrt 4. >!?]*?;: ;?'B fionr. ttoUenUng 6lrt "?i.e rART <IU 1. Maircb : iuiCilfi' thor w." from ?"a??t r.o .t>; i 2. vi..!e?e W/ -Wi ;'V?trVu 3. R?man/a und firlndisi, from line . . ?* 4. JiCon \erur l'oiki 11 ww,jno NaM?aet Pot P.vjrrt. TM Wavy. coMrjv.rrs mom 1,>D yxyr I>1Sl '* r tiK?. Well ?*vr?' iweplalMtaf the "itiea *>e fore th" meet" valour v?'?eU <K-war ly:02 attbeMvy Yard ihay vi-wwla r. wli If U* oiliocre rnterta'n tbeir nnrt friend* on Ward of tbe to?*> they are not allowed to ?ven ?ee or ?; <*ak to wrnbor I of tboir own ram'.'* Out aU'nllsi hae he*nreH?*te tbe ra Ihat sore* of tbe ?iw who are et tbe i*'teil guU- H'e.ktfff Merr^i??',rom. W. I'. ftfilijefe, havoeert^tf twor? art ;n tbe amy. and. Ibo r?s?e! b?tr??bi/.5t to >?uve tbta t orl f?r e 'onf Tolee. tbef re the oppTtinitf r-f alleavt lh^,r a.ctl ? re an.l ?. aUrn leni eae- ?b t? glvetUen the [*rt.?K edteu. b?;t are ir^rentrd tiy aa ordrr froni the remir.eti'.er. Wr weiM a<l? 'te ? on aaiidrr Bodgcra t? grant Uetr. tli? -JtH '?*' 'TJ* 1 .?e!y it .11: fM ne barm , and way be -a v-a? I at ta hint ,rti -.? '? .ring tbe guxt w.ll ul, ? ? all 'bf c t t-r ty < r-."# ?? ' therr a r. h a tb tg aa carrynt < t,jC- '*'? aa- Tit. or ru* r. -. ^ lEaMKB *? aaawa. Th" t'r. led reamer A'abatei, frrtr ttrre h t.ri> from U,?. i . rUn.0 .kh favy Yard, Tew ITampiWre, ar rived yen?rday at tb ?' <*? 0'' ; ,rh' Trer;?5ay, *.iv St !et-g?nde ?& M, 1st, 40 4P. ?w a lary# ilH, r#p K.ifnimi biiuwi and r.4; <r N 0e e c "V/wad^dar merawg. aa.rd l^r.n b*rb Thr-'-ee, ?t.b e?n^ra?'?. off I ire U aea. tbe fb ? '?Hb. rate . Aci'iDg *"* '"f .1 1 n la^aXaTO C. t.ew.e.?;Ma W/'i^?r-l?:wardGlu.on) Aciing Act ual JTaUr? Albert taytor. Actio* to?;g? , A. Abbelt, Wl'M* o. : eriiy A " ? ttorG"* harlee Kl'.morS, f'el'/n J. wtl. rwr-+~ I. Gii'."eple ' r-biau, 'i^V^/eTert-NatUr,.! P. Paeie. ;b? W.H-?t?Bo mt iaa Hiiaana n. a Uaat.-Ttie ^ nd?d ?ea broMgbl to tbta i;Art yeaterdt? aaoraiag ? tbe t aifad SUtea traaeiKsrl Oeorg? i eary, <Hp?ein l?e? fng bean Itei rttuove4> Sli? 'li I- A TNI 8RANT MEETING Ttf-OAf . Aj? Immense Gailier&n^ ex pected. THE ARRANGEMENT OF THE STANDS. BAMBSS, DECORATION, MOTTOES, ?!. l.IST OF THE SPEAKERS, Hc^ Ac-, kl rf i ? lbs meeting which 1i to take place Ibid aftonwou r?r tbo purpose of cxpresslup ike ?? nation's gratitude te Orant" promise* t? b ooo of the uio?l oiuhuManttc ?ad itaitusiDg gatheriugs tb<t have been Mrlinv.-^oU even la this clt> , which hati heroine ?o oelebrated for iie woustar ksKkmbUires. Several well koev:> speikoi* uazo promised to dolnror aildr?f?aefc, and. In addition to the nusic and doc>r itiane wMcb aro usually fornisbe : at euoh mooting*, tbero will be a jranrl pyrotechnic display, which will llluatrAto lb* achievements of General tirai.i aud prorol set points of tl.e great contost beineoo tli" friends and Iocs of tho old Unirn. There wiil be thrao large sianda for speikiug, locttol ?n the custom ?ry plic-jfi arou-a I'nlea ftquaro. The -to c pal ?r middle &Ui d will bo ou the south side or the Wjuriro, almost opposite Broadway. The side stand* w IS be arranged to ibe esst and west of the middle stand, cm facing the Wa.s:<iugton statuo anl the other nearly op poBlte University place. itfl the decorations of tnese three stands will be som? wtiat more elaborate than Is usual at public meetings, a sketch of tliem will not be out or plsca In this ooooeclion We shall thoref ore commet co with THK MIDDLB STAND. Thin will bo covered with flags, streaming In every at rectlon, A splendid l&gness of Lleutouaut General Gr%ut, painted ok w-ftiti muslin, and onclosed to a shield frank, will occupy the centre of the front of the stand , whtlo at each side of the caavaak will be large strips of muslin, bearing; the follow id# exprewive lines:? / a// A/y / /ava' //A UNCONDITIONAL 8URKRNDER. f The captured heights of Chattanooga prore j Hh rendu oss on rebel work:, movo | 1 His wuras and dsods with oqu&l lustre thins, F t Whllo Hulking Leo on the Virginia "line " f ^///^// W/A WA/ / A W/W/ W/ WW ^ Ovor the likeness of General G-anl will be a large baa n?r, with a lioness of Major General Meade and the fot lowing Ins rlptiona:? * ~iui'iDA?~~roi^rA~ um ' [ ?. p,*blNj froiu field t<> field, with lightning speed, > The rebei i*?der ules be.'oro tur lines of Meade; > Virginia's soli shall g.jfy to be tree X W hen victory sea Is toe fearful doom o ?' Lee. At the riiht and loft band corners Of the stand will to two olher buunors. The one to the right of General Grant s I! kenesi will contain a painting of M^jer Gennrai Hsnorck. The inscriptions will be:? f " " Tm'^A HT>Xr? to' TH'E^lCKTn^INY5'''' J ; Wborover llanc ck Ie.i4s bis veterans on ? ; The rebel lines are crushed aud victory won, ? * From field to field be ff'tves the routed foe, t $ Wh (ear the bogle aotind and feel the deadly blow. 1 %"V / a ////<?/// V</^A//AAAAA///AA//A^p lho banner to the le t win contain a likeness of Gen. Warren, and these Inscriptions:? T'" " THK~:JAOTLe' viaA? OF M'^SaiXVANIA'*' J > AND VIRGINIA. t i I?m?ny a fight by dashing \> >rren wok I f ><>..? York is promt to claim a gallant son. j ^f>//AAAAA/ Z//AAAA//A // A////// //////A//AW/W//AAf//A^ At ihe sides of the middle platform will be bant ers, with likenesses of Genornls Hnrasidk and Wright. General Burnside . banner will bo Inscribed aa foWo ?s:? 'f" kKOKK!''NK^ WRER?T^NOXVnlir'''^j j o* kvfry fikt.ti, rnns n\rn>i* >o mc mam 1 X whiio tnithf' : :tnrns,<t? hold -hn maintain key i ? Ilia traitor's pito was closcd In Toonesskk. I Tlie Wright banner will contain the following:-^ J Vainly Ihe traitor columns, iierce tor flgbt, | $ Dash their loot, lines against the front of WricM; ? j liis Ingions storrj Minir pits, attack their walls, i ^ While, red with blood, the rebel banner falls. { STAND NO. TWO will hn crranged In pretty much tho same manner sa tts middle stated. The likeoesk of Gkneral Sherman will es cti|>y?lhe stime poeitioa on it as I.kenUraitl Oeaerkt Grant's llkonets cccupies on the principal ktaad, ksd around it will be the portraits of L'ookkr, Th<>mas, i'ber-on and other well known mHitary cbieftaloa. Ok the strips to the rl^lit and left of General Sherman *? hkenees will be the following inscriptlona:? f VI OK S "'"^K nV i^V ItuT^' '^AILA NT A*^ I Knr in the Smto , heu ?th the summer skies, J The victor vtiouts of Sherman's legions rtM; J Still rushing ?nw?rd , witn the speed of light, J They e<?<Hy hail Atlanta ftor the eomlnp fight. ^ The same number cf baqpers will be arranged aroucd tUl- stand m ".round the prln^ml otik. The banner cvkk the likeneek of Sherman will emtala what Is said to bk k remarkably acc irate plctnrk of "Ftgktlng Joe Hooker." The Inscriptions on It will bo thesk:? l^//A/AA// r/#?AAW#/A?W /A/ * J WILLI AM.SBL1W. CHANCK1XOB6VILLK. LOOKOUT T \ MOUNTAIN. t j He bore his banner to thn clotid-eapp'd height. ) > And won new glory in the mountain flglit. 1 i 1 rutu tinny a bloody field thk reoel foe I j Kks tied twrfoi ;? <he ling of "Fighting Joe." ? '/?A>AAAWA/A/A/A?W/^A/##A?/ **W " I ?> \ :i On tbe banner to thk right will be a likeness of GenerA> Tli' tna- and ticso llr?s:? Mil l, SI'UINR. MT'RFRKKSUORO. (MAITANOOSA. T ; Whou t 'uiokauisuga felt the traitor's blows, $ Tiie lion U?>rt of ThouibS higher rose; i Nor his ranks test I ore the starry flag, i 1 1ll [rota t tit Held thuy drove Uie rebel bragg. The b r.ner to the left of Sherman Is to ee-italn a Ilk* net*.' of f 'eteral Mcl'horson and lbs following approprlal* Inscriptions f ( 'n V T itAMH at' h" """ *"h^8Xw XT j When clouds bring heavy o'er the Vloksburg fight, ; ? Mi 'rij^tfu's Kooi'ts "1 "lie with added 'Igbt; * ? Pen la the trench he lotiKht.oi sprang the mine, t nit gtory xe'.tleil on the Union line. fi// '* * !?TiX? NO. TQltr.C win cokikta a numbet of tiage and banners simitar to thk iitherit. and will slro cstala ms likenesses of ssrsr?l well kiio, \ii gtnerals. TUB WA"?HLSOTOX UONCVENT will We wise ^s beautifully deeorated, but with ttte la slenia jf inocirning, In hocur of Ihe Innvntod 8edgwlok and nad?norllt. Xwc 'arte A^stalN will be pUutted at tfef stdwof theslstiK, and about kiif way up thee* wil! bs banners cnntktBlkg rikciiesm of Generals Hedg wl?:k and Wadawoikh. l'rom the top of each staff will to a h ark piere of kittlin running to thk bead of the ktato* Oa t^e baaukis and stripk ef mi slia Will be thk following Make:? t// #/W#A/AA?AA#A#AA/ /#A#A//A*//A#//AA/AW*P/A//#P^ A llow elksp the bT*-e?w.ho stok to rest i > With all tueir ? wintry ? wisht? biratl > fjfrjv jj-sirsy -rrr -*-??? a# /#// w ~i 1 ? *r rrr rr rr i ^ ^ V!rtory erowks t>o living v VratU ide mot rns thk dead. > kame is imni-irtal. fw, ? 1 *"!? ktrnvtomuf ^ | Th# patriot who fails Hi battJe for Kreedem rkeda f t? st. k ou the ps^e ef history. | ++++++ *+**++ +9 +4+* " $ TKP SPEAK ^OS. Amoaa the ger.tleues who will positively aidrese tk? meeting may ho aieatlea*d tte follow, r,g:? Bon. t has. r i?'y, Mok, Qiibsn Dses, 'iev. ?m. II. Bows, Gen. T P. 4fe*>:her, Her. J\i. T. firstly, HMi. John R. rtrsdy. l'. V. lt|?*sr?Di?, Hen. Ml P. Morten ilcn h*. M. f^arv^n, Tbe follow tw gectioaaen Ueve likewise been lariied, ?nd **e evpeottsl to attend:? general tiarftoid. of Ohio. Jm^ge Ty'.er.of Connocticnt t^^lonel P' mine oftonnecitrot. Hon. f'. ?? Dickinson. tfcio. Iter.ry TVititrr 08 vis. Jud?e Carter, of ^nshln^tot. Wk are ikforuteil Hist tho itokldeat of the linnet Mates lu* telographxl to a member of the Cotamlttee of Arrat gements that he will k^drass s letter to the com mittee to be read as the meeUng. Llentepakt Geuerst HkoM wss tkvltkd to attend bnt bis InBrmlty Is such at prsSvmt that he Is obliged to abe'iia ' Ji?UW?lKticatf taftluniNU. Ms ia n??siski hnma

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