Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1864 Page 7
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,?ver "*e k* .TBrT omphalic In tbe expression of bii ad taiiratien of Lj^utoDKnl General Grant as a- military "to-der, and to tavs th# C0#,l<lf'"0* ?? ">? h*PP7 Issue oT the pteaenl operatieaa bafor? .!l>c>>m"ud' The moating will organize al an o'clock P. ??! Pr*c'*?'T A Katlon'i Cralliuil* to SrSi#. MASS ASSKMULAUK of lyai citizens, without duniiictino of part/, at rnf?P Square, ou .Saturday, June 4. at six o'c ock P M. All cmxeus who desire t maintain tM Union cause, to Support the rational government, to stimulate recruiting fur the In ion nrmea and sis > to rendor ftraetul ac knowledgments for services on mauy a battle bold, ror glorious victorias achieved and >or protection given, under Providence, to tne il-eof tho natiou by LIEU ifcNAM GI-NER.M. lT. S. UR NT, ?re invited to give tba be' eflt of their |*e<-epec and In fluence loob:?cls ao deeply inteies'iDg to tbe country. Many distinguished siwakers will (tart in the pro aaodiUKS whose names mill be published hereafter. Firework* wll be dlsp ayed dm iu g tbe eveuinc. and It Is expected that many nrivtte residences and public build toy* on tbe square will be illuminated, should tne we*mer prove iuclcmei't the ine-jnug will ba beui ou Monday , or tbe next fair day ilierea U*r. POK 1HR OOUII1TTKS OK / H'MNOKHKNTB. JAMES WADSWOttlU. KU It'K A CONKl.ING, CHARLES P. DALY, J \MKS T. BRADY , S. U. in UKDY I?. D I. tTHROt'. FgNRY CLEWS, 8 !EI'HEM> K VAPH ?i. X. BURN NAN. V\ u K STRONG, fE.\ J. K MANIHURE. WM WMiU^N, VI M. VKRM1I,YH\ El .1.1 A H K. I'CRDY, HENRY K Cl.AUKK,. Ji li\' H. WH1TK, e?VIITH ELY, Jr., fHA'tLES (J. CORNELL, T.'EI?. W. CL/Vl::;, El VV IRD P. OOWI.Ed NATBAN'EI. .) \RV1S, .!r., teoretary. r. T1)'' Ijoywi JHreitnu Hits F! ven I ? .r ?wwwh'sr? rT Jjlago are revested to me?i the' ommittw of a rrfl.' ^?aU;Lur,or^ue:oon Km,ri"ouui 0'cVlUl'U:>l W"1 be tn ?*? ?qtmre ?. rU Borvlng'ueder their claim, ,o m?"?M CIP<C<"?? ? a^QarD^l%M"DlTeat . """ bn Ura>,0<1 w?"i t?n vMck ami \Va?sworib ??bioin? of 'n-wruiua for So.lg t^nte^;t^nb?oT?^rC?,{'n"ltlC.ntLtUCOln iQ .r^ci.s.r ? ?ndwnbe'^1"* li00tl(,nBBn coosentad to address tbe flo*. james t. brady, ho.w johv r nmm Ss sag"? K S S?R ? rur' M ii iwi r ' I '* F* A. OINKMN* Oov ?n rJpm18, EDWARi> k. 1) CvERSOK, .. <<ARVIV, (,'lti' N Vir T f T . >. 1 ' u'?*. "? ?'? CmvLES, MAGVr ?gross'41 ' Hon. ELI J'. KORTOV. ' ' jgr raar ssr rs- ^ Bf order of ibe Comma tea of Arrau^err^uts. NATHL, JARVIS, ?Tr,, Secretary. Va.untecrlng, JSftTlFICA'i K OF NK I ROrOFT M AKSMAI. OEKBRAl. Ibc Superrisors' Commute ? h. y now the documents toabowtbai cur quota is full? a full acknowledgment from Provost Marshal General Hays bnvlcg been rcccived by tbe committee, which we aHe below. This m ?. tri umph of I be committee equal to tlio wluning oi a little, and should place General Bluut at.d his M-la along?klo or (be numero.,8 heroes who are cow 'receiving renown in tbe fluid. Tbe committee claim to have secured an 3xcess over our quoU to apply on any future oail of ono thousand three hundred and seventy -mveu men, which will doubtless at some future tiay t>u ac knowledgod; but at present tho Pro vest Marshal only ac knowledges an oxceis or sixths men. As this if anottgh lor all practical purpose, and as tbe very ac knowledgment does tbe city and county or New York, its Board of Supervisors and tbe Volunteering Committee Iilgh honor?, we accept It as such, acid shall bo ready to reepond to any ruturo call with the s*mc alacrity as ti.-ro tofore. In tbe meantime let the ' omniitteo by all moans go on with Its work, and, ir possible, avoid a draft. Tne people demand It, Orrtc-s A. A. P?o\oii Maxshal Gmbiui. ?.\d Stntw!rrK*nKvr VoirvnntR Rkcrcitts.; Shrvic*, Southicrk Divimojt or Nkw Yoks, _ N*w Y'ikic, June 2, 1664. (TtMX Dlvjit, Esq., Cbulrman Yoluntoering Committue Board ot Suf^rvlsor., New York;? ' 8i?? Krom tbe record of this offioe, to Include 3lst of May , It appears tbat tbe quota or New York county i"ider the oalls of tbe Presldont for flvo Unndred tboananrt and two hundred thousand men. la filled, with an excels or ?Wnr?U men. Very Mspectrully. your obediant ser vaat, WM. HAYS, RrigitUior General Volunteers, aad A. A. lTc vcmt Marshal General. The Turf. FAFIIIOK nuuu OROUNM ? TROTTING. r?M?, Jone 3, pom and sti>ke f.'OO, p. p., mi:? beat#, "host three in Ave, to wagons. Ad. Carpenter entered b. g. fchark, by Ilarable teclan + j ? ? a. r. jopes enter etrb. g. Ham ? hlet'Otan 2 H. Woodruff entered b. f. I>extnr, by /lamble ?onian 3 ^ O. MTer entered b. m. Empress, by Casaius M. Cl?f dr Owner entered b. g. Geo oral Graw dr L, Half. Mile. First heat 40 Miw o.^a ????'! ??? 1:1* 2:39V *0)i laa l.i2 An* Htat ? Empress and General Grant not coming to the port at tho appelated time, tbe thro* Ilambietoniaa brothers had Ute raeo to themselves. Dexter was tho YavorMo at long odds, four ami flvo to one being rreeiy wagered on bis winning, in scoring, however, he thal lot-sene^s about liim so tadis pen labia to ensure suocers. Hambletouian seem. ... nimWo, but bnvlcg changed owners lately he bad been let tip in hts w>rk, aad was not confeid!red|i>p to the murk for a bruising race Shark was as fine as could be wished, yet hU chances r*r21,00?fcU!^ I>*J[ter liavlng beaten b.m so ?sMflr In their harnaas race a roople of weeks ?go Mmo tbe sute of the odds at the start. Pleven ui.suc usMOU attempts were made for an oven start before tbe |u<U?B tboMgbt tbemselvos warranted :n giving tbe wurd Tve sead-off was a good one, but sonn alter leaving tbe eoore Doxter broke up, and Shark led to tbe quarter pole ?wo leagtbs ahead of ilambletonUn, l>eiter rlo*eup, in forty seconds. On tbe hackstretcb Dexter took tbe second place and made play Ibr Shark, tho lattor passing tho half wile pole hair a length a bead la MSJ*, with Hamble tonlaa about a loniitb behind i ex tor. Going up the threw quarter s tret, h Dexter triod very hard for the lead, and ill bough be reached Shark's hosd no never got lu front Tbe trio came on the boinesu-otcb all in a baay. Tien Dexter culM lilt leg and broke op. Hamb!ot?nian soon ?TUr wards went to the air. but recovering bof. ro lattor. second at tho iim-U. Wiark woo by tbrco leoftof Ml 2:80. Second Heat ? Dexter was witMrawn from the on test In coneeqaence of Injuries received In tho previous beat, and those of his bsei;ers wiio we?e not ootirHy -broke went In to get aveo by belling two to one on -Turk The horses scored nine times beioro tbe word was *,veo. shark took tbe lead and went three leo<rtb?: abe*u of Hamblelf ulau to tbe quarter p?lo in tHirty-mao and ? ^*'f seconds, the latter ba. <ag broken np cn the lower turn. Going down tho liackrtretch Shark hrcie ?p. but continued to lead two lengths to the hair mile polo In 1:19. Ilaable Ionian trailed very nicelv a oat tho ttiree^uarler stretch, and wnilo ?iiark was in.luk n? a ? break ?p. Hambletonlaa took the lead and came ou the bomeatretch two or three length* khend. He, N> .uver, want np, and before ba recovered utiark wis In frout and name home a winner by half a do/?n lengths in 2 Si V. Third Htn! ?Ham ble t od I an took tbe lead and weat to tha qnarlsr polo two leogtha in trout in iorty sn<T a half soaonda. ne soon afterward* broke up, and shark. ?v>sf?T him aad led to half mile pole four lotiKibs In l"-22 ' U im bletontao broke up several tiutes T-terwanla, and Piiark ? won the beat and race by aix lacgilia In ?':42. City lat*lilf?Bfi. TasrarMONIAf. to A POMCS On? KB who Fmu* Taa Na?t ? Mr. Hanry l>. Whttlemore. formerly rotantlsinan la tbe Mxteonth preclaot, receaily Dadered h a rrsi^naf >n, for ' >ha purprse of Joining tba nivy, ha having been app icted ?alltag master. As a mark or reapeit and esteem for Mr. mtttamoro.tbo police ef the Sixteenth ward yesterday i.rcaoted him with a awes l, epau^ta and full nnirorm ? >f bis raak. The presantatlon t"-* pises at Wasbinale* - Hail, coroae or Eighth aveniu) and i iclitesnth^sf.ce', aid >??a made by Captain Ho4il?ii, r a balialf of his command, . n .*?1!?' ?P*#chi to whioh the recipient made a hap;>y and j'atrteUe rospousa, Mr. Whitt ,m,re has s'raaidy had th* t,TJS ,fn w?',, **crry ? iapsa *aa la the J?aval Prljade, toca after tba war opened, la Virgials. fiSwTf am. O.rro.v,? <a certatti .arga ?f^eoiton rrnm fii/n7^ *1 * ^ iLTnlJ' A,k?n?f. "> 0D* whieh, buadred aad fifty pauads or cotton Ttsi .i i e l iT? lb Aix Tisinanos:* GamMw-AJter my regrets, allow me to state It ??> maoh ideas ii re to send you sample* ? out artlolaa. First, as yoit hiv.e ail the oagroes, you tuav "?J? ?**?? los promlo coufca t-^d to raise your nwa Should you like the sanij le we send, we can rur ?lab f on all yoa want at tbe ajuuo pr oa, at least not over ^ P*>r pound, o-v-t and carriage. The iron IS from our boot Southern mums and of luperl >r quality. Tou in laige q iantitlos at from sixty u. alghty caata par aouad. Any other articles you And V/e ?aasandKaat tha preaaat price. Hoping to hear fr?m you sooglaad with heavy ort'ers, we are. rs^roetf .n? F???, _ home "|\vk t'V s "7| X 'v';? NEWS FROM WASHINGTON* Gathering of Delegates to the Baltimore Convention. Action of tho Senate and H uso on the Tariff and Tax Bills. Debate in the House on the Bankrupt liilL Props ate foi* the New $75,000,' 000 Bonds, ftfc, *?., Washington, /ud? 8, 1W4 THB WATfOtfll, FIWAWOBS-? TOR N?W LOAN. In ord.r to en ?ro I he Kreatnst possible vlfrorjn the operations of the nrraliW, now moving aualnjt tUe lusur. ijouta uoder brave and skillful gonerals, upon- a va-<? theatre of oiieratto-is. expenditures iiavo boon Increased biuvond receipts from the revenue find ordinary snb Bcrlpi iouB to tbo n.tional Ion; tf;rcf#c the Hocroiar? of the Treisury has advertifsd for xexliMi dfT-'ra to bn rncetvod at tbe- department under tbo act ot March 3, 1H?3. until tbo noon Of Thursday , Jun? 10, 1804, 1 r bopds of ttie United Statoe to tbo atnotrat of $75 .0: 0,000, bearing uu annual interest of six por cen*nro payable Fcmi-annualiy to coin on Uio 1st day of July and January oaofc year, and redeemaWe i after the 30th ol June, 1961. It i? required that cajh >|Tor must be for $60 or $100, or sums multiple of or.e t hundred, and snubt stale the ei:m offered for each $100 In bonds, or for $60, when the offor is for no wore thna $50. Two |>er rant of the principal, excl'idtn* the premium, of the whole amount offered, must be deposited with tbo treas urer ol tho United States at Watbii et-.u, or with the Asuislaul Treasurers at Kef Tork , Boston , 1 hiladelpbia ?r St. IjOuIb, or with tho deBi*n?to* depositories it Bsltlm re, Pittsburg. Cincinnati, Houlsvllle, Chi. sago. Detroit or Buffalo, or witb any national bank inn associate n authorlxed to rece4vc deposits * bleb may oonatM to transact the business without charge. Certificates in duplicate of deposits wltl bo issued to de positors by the officer or association receiving tliern, the originals or which must be Torwnrded with ilie oiler* to tbedepartm. nl. All deposits Fbould bo trnde io time for advice of offers, with ccrtlficatc, to reach Washington d t later than tbe morning of Juno 16. No oiler not accompanied by its propej certificate or deposit will he con3idere.t. The coupon and registered bonds issued wll! h* of the denominations ot $60, $100. $J>iK) and $1 ,000 Retifcrercd bon is of $5, 0(0 and $10 000 will also bo issued it required. All offers received will be opened oh tbo 16th of Juno by tbe Secretary or one of tho Assistant Fccrctai ies . and notice of ecceptance or declination will be imniedi a'ely given to the respective offerers, and In case of ac ceptance on the final payment of instalments or bonds of tbe descriptions and denominations preferred, will bo sunt to tho subscribers at tho cost of tlio Iiopartment. Tbe original deposit will be reckoned in tbe last Intftal. ment pari by ttie r.uoreaKiul offerers, and will ho immedi ately returned to th so whose offers may not bo accepted. The ammim of accepted cflers must be doposlted witli tbe 1 reisurcr or oihur oilicer or association, authorized to act under this notice, on advice of acceptance of ,jfr?r, or as follows One- third on or beloro the 20th. one-third on or before tho 2f>tU, and the b .lance, which will include the premium ar.d the ? orlgiuat tw percent deposit, on or be ore tlip 30th of June. Interest to the 1st ot July on the several deposit# will be paid In com oa the 30'b June, aod li.tcrest ou the bonds will begin July 1 , 18?4. Offors tinder this notice should be endorsed, "Offer for loan," and addressed to the Secretary of tbo treasury. The right to decliuo all otfsr8 not considered advantageous is reserved to tho government. lUBMRIfnOKIt TO TBB OOVCTSHEKT LOAV. The subscriptions to the Un-rorty loan to-.Uy amounted to one million two hundred thousand dollars. TBB BANK BILL APPttOV*!) UV THIS BRBSIDBNT. tho National Bank bill haa been signed by tbe I'resi 4tfH TBS TABITF BILL IS THB HOCBK. The Tariff bill occupied the attontloo of the H u*e to day, and will, It Is believed, require several days yet for its conclusion. No amendments of consequence are sug. g ?s tod. It la proposed to introduce tr-morrow several new provisions, now under consideration In Ihe Commit1 tee of Ways and Moons, relative to foreign fruit*, drugs, fcc DILEOA1TB TO THI BALTIMOBB CONVIlNTIOX AT 1KB WBtTB BOUSE. The President has been busv to-lay rnterlainlnf vert osa delegations to the Billlmore Convention. Ills aceo dotal powers were In complete order , and he has furnished to bin numerous vlsltort enough funny stories durinc the day to make the Convention merry fpr a week. Amoeg tho delegations formally received woro that from l.nnls Una, Outhbert Bullitt, uhairmac , and that trosa California* Thompson Campbell, chalrmao. Washington is already crowded wiith SeJeg^tes; but aa yet no caucus of atiy kind haa been boia.aa all were bn?y paying tbelr respects to Mr. Lincoln and members of tbe Cab met and sight seeing generally. CooBJenoe Is universally expressed that Mr. Lincoln win he the nominee of tbe Convention, If *ny nomination should be made now; but many or even his staunchest supporters Intimate fears that a nomhiailon mode by this Convention at thie tlmo will be beateu In the election. Tho oopouonU ol Mr. Lincoln's nominati on Quttt but firm, and nnheeltnitngly avow that h's nomination will defeat and destroy the republican 1*rty. BKrOHT OV TBB M'l>OWSLL MlLITittr COMMISSION. The report of the military commission, preaided over by Major (ieneral Irvin MrI>owell,and charged with^tl.e oxamicalion Into tbe alleged frauds In the Western l?o partroent, was transmitted by the Secretary of War to the Scmte at this sv?nng?s ressloo. it relates mainly to transactions in cotton, embracing a eon Bldor>r,W i?ri<Ml or lime. Tbe court proceeded to hmulre a3? officers were enga*ed in trafiio in cotton or prodsce, ai.d under what circnm?tances. Ceneral 3. H. Curtis, la the cass or the cotton of the rei>el ileneral Pillow, was found to have use-l tbe proceerts in supplies to contrabands, though It was not shown sreelilaaily how a.] tho mensy was applied. In tne care or Haonders and Woodsoo's cotton, all was acoouotad lor SAoei* ?376 The whoU cotton was r.niy accounted for, excepting that gold was received ror It, while at seventeen per cent premium, and currency p*MI over In its stead, flan hundred and sight bavr.selied from Malt Ward, In Arkannss, and sent to Helena, was afterwards purchased at twelve and a hair cents, and the i rvc-^ ? paid to Mrs. Ward. Ms^or n. 3. Curtis, Malar MtKmnvy aod lieutenant ?uyiea,of flsnera! Curtis' italT, it was ascertatn^l. were In terse ted lu tbo purchase of one b u<lr?t an.l eighty ens bales el | cotton. _ M . Brigadier Oensral|B^- sy was sxnnsr. te4 frem 'he charge of fore. h'.T Tetirn ng flftoen ncgrees ?o nlavesy, tut was for. nil lo be oo?tie< ted with the traBlc la eottoo. Coh.nel -Pack , of the Forty -revet. ?.!? In ltssi*, was foend lo have tsade-l :n eotton an-t te bats csiHured silverware from Mrs. Cogswell, en tbe M ? -ls'-ypl. "he onmplalned that II was roi all ret'irne>l. j l.isi>tvna&t Klniball, of the Second W.'e-weln oavalry, stole a l .arri end pin, whlih was subsequently returned. Major Westers ,. Twenty -fcurtb ilier.osrl, received M* fer turn :?t leg a gusrd for protectbr melton. rapta!it Tred. P. Wtnstm, setln* nuartesmseter^wsB found Intcrestsd In retton Vo ? manner no! ceeteeap'eted by the army regiUsllonei dejicsJUBf the freceeds iBBprl%ale twiiini; ;c*:iutl?n t*tod if the Trew?r^^ ef We I'm ted PUtrs. * WQMim finwmnu, w njmw auuwi vw| m>? afclppa* t* QbkoafO by 0Hniu,wu aatfcatlaaii to Tf raiva hair I lie n?t proonx'a a* 1 |2,M0. ? Among oHiera iu'.areatad In cottan ip?cul?tiot>a ? if# n?ir.c?t Colonel C. C. Marah Mid Captain Bradley fta. llotU lillucna; I.U?Hoanl Colonel 8. N. Wooa, Slit) M(i. gourl ca\?lr'y (nbo ndaalttod having tnnda f#n CV ,y pr> Raxanrf , Itot Ay. third 111! noli; Car** I? Jarema r i,u?y, Aaaiatant. '<,iartPTm?t?T Ganarnl; Optaln Ro> ltr| rt0t. mb (b^lf proda oa one hunilradnnd two balr (| 12,400) , CtptaU mjfon Md IJaataaant Wrlgh', Th\f 4 loWfc biU.' Ltou tenant BaK?r, tWrtf-?W?i IUlno* t Ltautanaot '<mi, Taotb Hlaaourt cavalr/i and Ll?ut?r .^4 ifurdMk, Firtavutb Ohio battery. t'armita war* ahown to hara baah 7 ,-kKtad for uottai trading by Garfarnla Orarft, Cnrtla, S*.?>la. fiortnas and *aabburM; u? to iha third platr, that traa?l?rUtK<ii ha* toon furnished to Mine eitent for prlrete purpose, lor which rMBUMKtloa wee not always recetrod. CAPTAIN 8HBBT7. RU.IK\ KD. Captain Sbtoix, Enrolling Officer ud Proroet Marshal of iba I strict, has beoa relieved by Captain I'utuau, ' Veteran Reserve corps. ARRIVAL OF AHTIt.T.KRT FROM FORT BOTAL, Rv tier j b, Fiist ltboJo Lilaud artillery, and a larfo number of borseo, mules, wagi>us, fe., arrived bwe te>lajr\(roiB Port Royal. THU AORIOUI.TUHAL UVflSn*. Tbj A*ri<\ tltural Mnsnem recently b tar tod boro 18 rap Idly fllhu/ wh'b evideuc?? of the Indu -tritl Improvement ot tbn oo intry^ 'be wjmi-growiiie Interests being boM prominently rofcre"'nietl Specimens o( inoriui wool from tbe est it? of. P. I) .Curtis, of .-'arstnga county, S. Y, exceed In <|uA"y auy yet roc^ived from the (treat wool growing districts of New Enjlatid, utU indicate that New Vork is ^ ?l?in? the load A this important branch or dumsft'.lc productions, THR TKEAHriVr IWVK8TIO AJtOK. The Treasury Inye^tlgatliV Committee has come *e? st'iftd in Its lab.n. It Hecrisihtt it is not de3*rcd l>y the fries#* of the adnftfhiurutloa itft.t nnyttun^ wrong aboeld be disclosed it tlilf juncture of Affiurt A a yet thjdls covering ha?r bren endued tot/fiiPial atstoravots, rooordf--. rei>oi ts, &r. It is not probable that the Invagination M ill bo allnigrd en go further, not so rbuflti to shield Mr Chase, against wb <ru no fouodatioo for any cliarsf bas been toui d. bat to protect the administration from m(;-.*llcf<ti>at might poasib!jr be thus pfjwtM in ibe linnets of its oppfr nents, MKPIOAI. STATISTfC. Medical Inspector Iltmlin siysthat ?.)?? statistic* of tb<Mi s >ital3 of ttiie depurtmeat for the last year show rerrxarkible results, The ratio Of mortality la ICS than fv>nr per cent, while the splendid hospitals of I/>ndoo ?vhibii a mortality of more than sine per cent, and tlitse of Pari* more than ten per cent In the hospitals of ttie Bteuiiorus. during tUcrCrlinuuB war, tho deakb rale wan tweuty perceut, and is those on tie'*> the rut.) w*V eyer fourteen per ccmt. TUIRTY-EIOHTH (CTIflKE^. FIRST SESSION. Semite. Wisnimm, June 3, ISM KAVr TAtJD At NKW LOMl.JW. Lir. McMMfc*. (rep.) ot N. Y., prefe-.tid a memorial i>ein the N'w Vork Chamber of Commorie In favor of I "Jo bill e?n?Mlshing n n wry yard at, New London, Con. PiWHTIXi; MOC JfATKXIAr. ' BANK BK.T, Itr. ANTBorr', (rep.) of K. I., from the Ooramittft* on Printim, ro.oort/ed a resolution fa printing i-liree tbou<*n:id extra topics of the National Laoic Mil, wtleti' ts novr a law. Adopted. ?run imuMic Fiitm roitrAxr. Mr. MoRmiJ., or Me. , introduced a hill- to Incor porate the Potonwt Kerry Comptjy, which wmir referred to the Committee "n tr.p lustrict rt Columbia, TIWKRANCK IN TilK /RMY. Mr. Wusow, (r3?v.) of Mi vs. , pretested a petition netting forth thai a tftcct many dttiiMI in our itnny from the use of tr.e.>xicatmg driok.vand asklo*: fbi i?>roe remedy from Coiv^tpw 1 aid en it.o tahlo. W13( O.N'SIM I A\T>,1 The bill to pny:>e State of Wisconsin live pjr- rant an th'i sales or her reserved laud.'i was liken up anU illr* cussed until the ojr^tration of tbe titerr.tng hour v* It bent result. TOAXS-SOXTINHSTAr. Tit KWAIH. Mr. 11nwAHi>, (r<T>.> fit Mich, frenvthe Commit tea o? Commerce, reported bark the bill le nmend the art to facititato commerce between the Atlantic nad I'aeiHc S-tuies by tolegrapli .?* otherwise, ? ith an- aitiendinoin. Til it !N ??.; BKYKHI K 1.1.1. The consideration of tne Internal Jtc7eoi>e bill- vrna then res ii moil us itr Committee of the VrmHo. Mr HoWk, (rep ) or Wis. . ottered varl-ms amendment* relative to tii# machinery of the Nit, which were adop'ed. They striko?'ut tbe second ni. 1 sixth sections, ttu latter section providing fur tho appt Ictment of a c .s ii tor of Internal revnnue at iii.iiOO psr annum, ona ot the aTi-,enit:neiitq also Increases the penalty u r een-1 in^; in u I'nWf aoeount, rolusing tn appear- and. pr*'rtu?c bo.jks, &c., upon examination thereof in c-iurt, from $3,000 to $100,0e0 fine, and imprisonment- one year, instead of six month*. ,\ny roRiect of duty or knowiug ly false leturn or valuation by .in nsfc-sof or assistant a.-s-,.a(,-r is liable to the tame iucrea.-jotl |>s:ii!ly. Various amendments ot Mr. Ilovvi. vJi ro iidoptcd In the. rtiilerent sscuons ni tho hill, tlio cifactot wnuhis to p'aee all tbe-yrecoeds I rein Internal i ov -au i directly coder tbe Secretary ot tho Treasury Initiadcf the t im tniKsloncr of Internal Revenue Mr. Clark, (top.) or N. 11 , moved the following araeudnicute. which woro adopted: ? On cigarettes made of touacco, enclosed in a paper wrapper, valued at not ovor seven dollars per hundred packKg?"S. sndeach containing not inor-- thu'i twenty Ore cigarettes, one dollar per hundred p??-k:igcs. On cigarettcs made wholiv of toboece, and also on those known as-cheroots or short sixes, valued in tiiicli Ciae at not ever six dollars per thousand, tt.ree dollars per ibouMDd. On aegsis valued at over six dallara-aud cot over ft-tecn dollars per thousand, el^lit d"ilam per lhoii?aii(i. on sej <ra veined at over tut-'en . derars ied not over thirty dollars pt*r t'lonsaud, lifleen ikkllare per tbou.-and. On aogars valnnd at ovor thirty dnllurs and nutorer flirty -Use dollar* pet' thousand, iwdijs lire dollar.' p<r thoiiAand. on sogars valued at over fortjilte- dollars, forty dol lars per thousacd. Tbe valuation of Recurs herein luentiooed sball in all ease* be the value of the segars exclusive of tbe tax, and ovury segar m^ker ne.'oro makiui; any auger* shall pro cut? a permit authorizing h'tn to carry <-n bi? tr*a<> lor whi'~h ho shall pay rtfty ronts, orni also nrccare thereon the endomement of tb? A?si?tant Ass:?*or if Ui? district, paying ten cents mere for. Kvery |H>r stu uiakiug segars sball ks-cp au sccouut cf tho sugars male by him. their kind und .ytality, r:rd for whom and where made, and shsll deliver to the Assistml Asfnor a copy there f veriilo-1 by oath. Iho |i?n.i'.ty Nr the vlolstlon of this set it live dollars for each day, ut imprisonment net oxuisding thirty days ca say oee can v let. no. i'h* penalty for a ful?i rct irp- K ore hundred dullsra, with the nui" iui| i U -nmer,t. An amend tuenl of Mr. CH.otw m'-t, frep.) of Mich , wit adapted, whl'-h riises lbi? ix ?n i-ii<*?*!?g fo'.>?fci?, n? ondlsh, plnp, twist, and manu atit'ircd tobacco i* all dc?. Tlptlons from whi'*h the stems Psve been '#*m. trom thirty -five to forty live cents, by a vote of 10 (wninst 14. Mr. l!*i?st?, (rop,;of N. Y., moved to rcg ii.s'.Ji r the vote liy Vil?i<-,h tho aoicudint-nt so,' adopted. Cun.ilderabl* debate ensued upun l'j? mofi<>n, t?)udirg wli '-h, the ,wenate st halt-psst four P. M ., t -?ok a reccf until .-even o'clock. EVENING SESSION. mr?Tisii or i~or\fasi s.rixr. / ixjis. Mr. \ an Winkiji, (rep ) or \V. Vik, calif d lip tlie bill la prAront the counterieiting of Uie c?i? . e: the I'nlted States, and it was pssse l. TilK TAX TllLt. Ttie ctmsMerstlon of tbe la* wy wts resumed, the ((uevtion boing oo ihe u>otio?fc<>f JV /i'ov. ll in rccu??Wer tha vote by whicli the tax o?>ohe*#>? g tobaC' O ws? raited from thirty-live to forty live codas. The mutton wss carried, and. '/Iif origins! ooertion re currlngjtho tax of thirty- '!*?: nnf i wan retaino<i. Mr.Ciu!f?tjnt moved t? sm.eo i the ^enste's am?nd ment taxing line cut totao ?? iv bulk, packages, i Xpert, i<\. forty live cenU. ud Y>mt ft tblrly-Uvu c- 1 ?'? per pound. This was agreed lo hjf vj j. Mr. Wnonn, (rep. ; of (Vass., moved sn nnie^die'Ti' i; rrcisliia the tux on whiskey v , ,??<> an-1 te en;; ? cents from July to > rtotK^ , 1^4, ono rt'illar ar.d Wi'ty c?nts fraiu October, ^fiw, la January, l^Cl, aud W t-^ ? dollar,; per gall o tb'irc.<itof -. Mr. Wilson's ami udniar t w at re,ectcd Hy 1 J agr-.lB't 'J1 asys. Mr. H*mi>p.:< ks, (e |>p.> / of Ttid. , moved sr smsi '.n-nt providing that from! iho' 1st diy of luly. l?M. t-> '--O l'-'t nay of July, 1^6r>, ? ibo f .ax on ? plr!t? "hall be ere ", and rrrmt tAM tHnofoo* dollar and flfly ccnn Mr. H-."t dr rks coutended lhai tha proposed tax w.i* ' ;'V * and oppre^alve is a u|i .n th? c>rn growing i - g ?*? th* Weet. where Uie feof :e w?re unaliie to get tbeii : 10 niarknt except in, the .'orm of whlsksy. The amend "oei.jt w B;, rejeciod by a vote of 1 ' -I lb-* Fwifcte At tet o'cleck ?<yourne<1 *??<? ? af RiprtM-BUflvM WASicx.t.iN, ??un> I. T-4T **T? xaa ?r.K :jr <o*n?tm> n? vo* r< r?. Mr. l?i*o J r?.r | rt M it*. . fiwaa tbc i oiurn.'tcn ?n Hlwilnop, fuj ? r<* " 1 1' ioo iMIiiwlrg ?"?' nlnry W>Mr, Mcllenry, of Kcnta.liy Jif. Bir h, of Mlwionpl, war , uniucrtftftiNy co?teste<l t! ? *"?'* of Vetw?. Y*?ar mi ?mJ K'rt)(, up ??> tb? Mma lb* V? "? <'? aMad tha em -anna. i ?>ti ???*f . of Mr. W*nat ?**, (rrp o? Ul.Vf riM'n. |tH>aw*?*a *vw. *?"'y ??At. iwmtea ?-.?? ftriAVMAtc at htm'th. Mr *<?# mvrr.N*, uf 111. {madn a, reprri fr. ?? t?>*' > '? ?lite* % i c"Br*TCB<:? ou tha fcul trattl'ig*) u?l lo?p?cta 1 1 1 tWMnboa'n In tha Memrh * " ?tv trlot, a hi' h w?? wmimil ta. l? b-tt>g? sbe ?is? i?r olM? ? t ?#?*'? ttnder th? M?*nibrsi l?-? imwirauTMNI ?.">* flri mt??m rrp?. rrr. atkvfki, rap.) of Pa., from vkaCemmltt#? '">? Waya d?u>. r?i?rtMI a MltBMk ng f"* ?uit# tj ?iT4 Aipeo'tilcrM, Ik* c inulf rtl.un ci' * l?4 uotl Mat wr?.?o?i!?y . ' U? House tha sanala bt I 7 f" *? r trammr iltarnata fwtlon* of t?o-l to Mi ;big?kO W *W * i it;* oob*W'.< i.on >?;' iHttli u rwl;oaO.; air ??WI I H, ((*??) ?>* My.| Mfcf.l, Ml fal'M 10 ' ?*n??nl U> !t'railti< ?? (omx n*c I'm .'or *?? *nm**l , UU Homiay, it* li>?h act. mt tun nu. On mrinm of Mr. Moaitit trotf. ) Of Tfc , ?H so IMi en Ih? irflfftu AftMNa to CM?t ? *n W "?? n,a ? eot lata committee on ?h*? lub,** l'he fo. lowing meixlnofHe were n??<le ? MoImooo f'yn pj??r eana, e%ht ecnta Mteeeef fe.vt oeata per g?:'oii ATI parte of use i- ill to take effirtt ca lb* 1W of July, Ste'ea4 of front aa<i after it) at date. . <me of l*o proT ?.oB? of tb? Hqoef ??cdfi wee eewwlw UN or W vrvimmm* wi in IKIUW ??v> * n _ to rwn I aa followe ???That *11 imitatleaa of brandy o * (ilr ti. or of wlt>e* tmporlad hy any hw wnaterar, ?Mil bo iibjoot *o tie bigfeeet rata ot d'ltj jrrrMN ifof tho geautoe arttutt reeflartlTOI* tateui2><4 to bo rep* tented. U><1 in BO caaa Ion tfeaa oca 4<HU? failon. ' Mr. Jamw C. An**, (onp.) of III. mo*?3 to rodnca the *oty oi wood eer^we, end apoka Qt wo boaua wfcldi wag Una t* bo flvoo ta a ?immw, Mr. Moaiuu. etpiatned tnat tafc!|kev ?o*T Ufljl" tfntni peM la *oaifnato4 oo those vlklee, *o4 MM tM Ai di VeaueeiaeftU Wria ware m?de t% a??ft4 lb* vtrnxxtfii* y ^ tk' Km***. (?PP> ?f N. i .oal nut .->. ? !? l> <?> ?*r too. I in* o j4 mTxH -SiAiSHi *X, (? i>, ) ?f N' * < tSirfrW muni U *.n* Indigo dyowoods en.l m>.4der tb'r X p* ceiiiuni %4\??urii?t ** tUocott"# maocf-ctuivra ?>?* **' ? S" f% to fr ... ??? ?<? proper by tb.a motion to ? j(j mlllio?a i>er ar.oniu to th? i?v? W Mr HoK-a ' Wid ili'i aMi'lonoiil c*m? Iron * ''?Ver wb.uh umiM 4 ? >ke down every uaju.aoturlnrf inierwi, and should antk "*?' adopto ? II he ame nd mm. ? * HertK>u wax amended eo M Tito provtao ofA ji|ml| !?<? tnr.oea?td In value by MtES'JT X- n^a LM,, pay. in add, t, on to tta , ""l0 ? a , ion he the mount of eu?u dunes. ttU J' "T/^lVr N V. m.vou u. red oe lb* urtn on i'l^irv r,y l,v ? conU ? 'r "'!"'? w'f ,T"'"a,VV? 'Vlac'^iwu .r mMOfart.ira In lh,? ^ '"".try U the baud of ?w<? ?w lbH.f Morkih Uv 'L?d ?**? 10 " %c"1 l*rKKl -lK<' Ame nc? Mnn.aArarJ 4'- ?? ^ * d0ilftr U# TOlfflfegS ^ "L"; ' ^ '?Ty1,^;,0rrllo?, jui i,cr pou .-..wHb ??J'v^vX,r|b?p^ V<nK"k.Ung for thirty live per cn'.um atf v?'?i \ ? . On fh. : ,!a. , flared. ??!?-%' ? U> w'lh il^r.y p.r square ywC eighteen ceni ^ov#1 lhlrly t ,Hir PC. UUI?? ud valorem **-'<> j| or j.lKi.l ?0, t?t o<lir wW" *ro*Uie4 *, ? J<? U(J W)lh iUirty. i?-4 - 1 1. ?luh), * i*i;k, 1)1 ty per cot. turn ^m'bu.e'W wool. , ^i^ir con'3 \ ?< pomd.wHh ,'tliif, uve|Hsr c#imir?fcrt*Moie.*. i dollar V ol?...?* <1 woo. a y.uj, Wkt? ,,or ! ftr poand. tw?m .<?? *?*? i^rfK. "l" l"'v 1Kr Cvwti7?i art valorem ??? over* 40 Kc?ey m tff ci< thins ond weirtnc *W?w> , a '?tky Nt.irtiw. %si? i , or in , art ? wool, iwnii|? ? or fci I u-t 1-y -tailor or ic ra*i rra, <?_?** un/^ ty.flmr oral* ffr pound, Willi ic?ny yvr Mr Km a i i-( PP- ?'. ^ ()t anv de?crt|Miou, Itnt t,0 pAtohJOWto IB t ^ J llm0() 01. uta^M, wli.'ilior t">. |>rtni?ii, ""I . centao? i?I a li ?li | -ay a !??!. r rata lha-i <*1" * ^ u V 'Mr UMo?Rit r? 8? ff-that Couxreas-ba# in^ed two o?M? M.. JloKRtt r.shWK _.,u|(#Lll_r,i,| cotlou and Ji'C r*r r#rril,?l?,U?wM o^r ?nnnumrtifs !?nvo to SSSS.'1?~"* -i?* "-??? -* duties. ,/w'|,l*j8 "it,*' toroiliuia i?e duty Mr. Hoim.x. (?[?P om lls^' thre" per -,u?re ? ub *UMrB?Mu"'-?l" r%?U. ^ w Uo" lUu :,!n8ulm41lt *ai ' 5 rH"<r"n ^ reUflts triitn si wij L.lMi,t.hik tnned if ttoere wwri? rem. S. ob I. v.riet 1 V^ew England ?J ?hould l.ou cimii arativoiy ta.xwl l" " r,irt6e tbat'lho crntin?av rriSsSSi: ?on fro <K atirt oo olhm ? ^?7 t 1 ieuU?;1 %a vai->. ir issssK ?? Sevr:, KVKNIJ o 8ESit:OK. Mwormaamii.t iioth??at?iip*mi?. Mr. W.?.tp. knk. (ro;> 1 <* ?'?''?? ,rom 1he f >!>"""???' 0,r Cnmm-rra. reported a bill.* which wn^po^d. wuburl/tnc t..,. -ternary ..I tbo Trear.ut y to*'' the irospita I nod urouniis at Chicago, w itl " ivti the pr.K c.-iu . .- itli ?|B l urcbwc u beV-thJ ? ?oil retlro.l loclion THK IW.VKI I TT H3tL Tfce II.K.HO proceeded t? r.on ?ldrrvhr> nMkriipl xii ti-*rij.iwu (r?n.> of . "hio. s?Hl me Seletl torn mil i eo ' ' n tl..-' silUie- 1 ha'l in o*er?l?i ? bill us Infect M , "? iM be dev.te-i under thi> BL(1 " "" . uitv-' i lor by tho boat intere-ti t>{ lit- ?,omiiry J Vlr. Kuiam Wako, (opp.) of \S. \.. I san^ r.u?r f n'jr?m s?'? -s, ??? I v.<-re eo m^ny money lluotl ?tloi>?, it"*" 111 *** [ Oh, World, where cli:.nKea of ?tr?^ ?? t ,. ,h(. , ,,r(,o bis ram .rks holiont? md the ,m t tt??t f In wi i" imlelt,dBW. of tie C.-Ituiatfrl ?it tbre? Iiuodred dui,' tu ouo bundre?t mid ttftf -?i*d? > r*}n^roc \f rv ? ?? #?nt v ^l'nti r m lllnn? tn ? iii^w i'1' ?? irIM red. I be bill n .w brfowj H^* won id be nenolloial to tho creditor w><1 H?> debtor .tr ll ' t. b , wou* i he a oligma on the tn 1> ^ ^ - tbl?chn.^ctcri>houll rot he ;w?Md. tu^conH Mtora ti.oro relief mid fatiai?cMoji. nioat oo?Ipi*d In Va cou^JoTjUW^ ^rhe^''*^ Sted' to^l'ho hail rnccy>ne4 th?t l^^d" ^ Unwuunjr that' the rabel^wiilt bn -Jght back to tb* I nlon, ahoold 1 ' Ut colle. gn. bad read 11 ? had roV bh" c.n.e. itV.hewmld h-^ .7 ^Mr tUKmtn S^^tirtier ?W erupted by *?7 pne wbu in>piig*?<l *>l? woriL Mr.Srat tw^ar-1 J*- . w 16- buJ stK>u:a be Mr. U ah?iw cdlvot<-f?r It under Ih iraughlT lled.daot b.rf ievr U? medMou preseot iwhai to ro.iulro 'iw iinr?U.^lo P? ri?* wU thorax ramuch prosperity tow. thelvo^ timotbii I i h^^in berore thoTlo .sa It saooM not be t U??l >>*en fro j, .!anitl,,ni of ?.aian who wm thiust naU* J> t llic oonotry lenwndod thu pot w:.hc2 U, v:Ct.rM .ad It. tho . ^ t vIX .. irol tLonaand. xen who wart F ^?i nlra.l??ii l the mduatrlH < annot 1 1 : p, , V - J bow* 1 m tu" , u dobt- ,fom t n t? : a banVrupt bill ?r-.W.J,:-ST? ,t. ut'llw ean.e tiinftv it 'inght to ?x> r, ny'~Lid?rG.!.' lie |vi?t-t ;?.? ,?t. J-J practical obje,', t.ons which 'u?hl to bo ren.ed^l. ^ c^MerTi ^^ tl^V.rV b^^-WH bo ooutlu,ed lUa. 1 I en, r?r | r -<?. ^ '-b' n?,,?e "? U\t: rrvpr."'?" moraii"^ 2' lato Cwam.tU# or Mio ^n-^oi. il.e leriTbill ^heu w!auu? pwl sine. tUL' H0,"? ^ | H>utuei'" Tia .AS OS WHAU.O. Ihc paregrapU ?? th?proc^lins^< ot tr??yt^rd^ reivlve to -tax on tobacoV was incorrect. It ?U'uW i r*V" t liMrt'm Whirt r; iwwtew-V luut'idln* tu?e<?l a-,4 toe | , ",,n, UUU ilve ceaM l? !*>?'*? L . The Ureal Central Fair. IWT'A, J?D? .1, 1SC4. n;e oj^rirr cer< wmle* of tho f r?--t (.cntril ' *'r w ! I i" 1 "K'n s<( u >ra mi T???.tajr uesi. rrealiieul UnrvVn ao<1 ihe Ony .>rnom ef -T r*?y, I'rnMyitunla ?rd reloware, H.iyor Hbory, of tb ? i Ky, :md otber d!fc3Ka*if? are .nvite I l>e pnml. The ercr.; ;?e will be cf HiMiKtl Imprcfetro character. Klree In Vi? Y*rk. BLHMSO 01* A HEAU Pl.t. MSG KlLt-iN \ff. ?* IVI1 TT-tflNTR KTKurr? tO?* XfTIHiKrJ AT AHOrT Tllinrv YH9t"etVt> HOt.f.AR?. A; & suajrier r*rt n,v<-a o'clo.-k Wedreeday etenini a .'re broke .ml In tUe itfin ??!! of Hoary D. ("rare Ai Co. . e'liu ted nt 303 Weal Vwcrty-elgtb iWoet. 'Sue r.aniee iprtad %-tb k( ?tHh'os Rapidity ?br efbout sbc mi. I and auoe eneoeat ioO the 1 ieib?r. la Ie*s than ?l Ti?'ir tba wh.'.e mill, two e'orire io halthl, toyalher niMi two four atory brlrk t 'trnuu brum ti Twenty ninth atr**i, n?r? ijirt l>i r;tra, lata rtrorvn were quickly at the rrerri,*'*, ?>gt tb* 'jorulng ltmutr kept tbee. at work for iwr''?al hourf. Mr t'rare estimate* K'.a lo*a at ahetri fJlOOO, ou wb'Ui L i biia ciila $7.o(;3 .us.ianct. an l-<i:ou >;~ .Teraoy nty, $i,?x. fi. Jf! bola?, o >V. ???/</> t?e am-i.i tenenrnt fe? are*. on rba ufrodit* aide <W Ura ty rrttb e'reet, were <*w?'Jerably ?l ?na(fd. llxy ?e l<i? aed to Mr. ?\?rl>oe. The '.umier i?t the a<o>? uf tar <t, ??*! td te |fr. Fort**, wee ale" dt'froysd. la lb<? ?? ne meet alining Wril.un ta*ie, f?r?;irvui ef tin mill, re ISImL <>o *ho alarm of Are lie rae ft 'tti h>? li>:i?and aaw a idle of shaving* cu r. ?? in front or th?> mm, unit it njLia opinlot ttie Sre wlli' il act of *r.>Be i?ad boys lo tbaA netgbberheod. there was * good daal < f pine lotnber en bjod.Mnt io fir p'.aninf, beionj >?* to Nr. F?>roe?, acd aha to n. IK Crane, ibeir l-se iuar he a?t> ?i"J at about f\000. Ibe fire la belle v*l io tbe work of an Wccndsry. nre Marshal Btkrr was A ibe prec aiMK and we learn from him Mut aerorai varyee are ?ue^?ct?d. 3erf,oabi jvune, of tbe TweLllelh >?ea.uot, and tbe Mar anal ere on tbeir trace. viae ia ni^tu atenvi. n? aiaxan of 0r? fer the Second <J?V4rict, at tatre c oloeU Weteecdejr afiereooo, wu a liiUe bjf iwtil Tbmnae rreadeMe t?UUt <To to 8-me rraw i0 a ?jcd ebo 1 r?.\r of a teeetaent b<> ^ (n %r?ue'w be tween 1*ee?jr*.fik?b and TyteV ?? ???' l-'* abeni|<0i fioleaer^re. ^ v . fttatae of tlio Wear*. [Frets the |fMM>uri R >p Mic ?o, May t* 1 Tbo card below eii aina lUcit. Il ia tr>'in one of the moat cm i 'rat portrait jaiotors tw ttm city. Ha hu, fr< m the very tncepti n of ibe balr, devote* Inmssr eoibi a I** finally (o iU advancement and aucces*. and whan tt>? building- wasaua uuced to be In Bucn a state of forward new as to1 lustily his proaeucu. he, aa cbairm <n and a worthy re- rere jtattvn of tlM Art Pep-irtmeni, t'>o|c charge of it, aud wan unsparu g m bis lime, aud euergtoa, ?tid taste, lo titling U up and u raugiojf ll na il ahonl be. A-sntnd bv bla lijruu-il pr ?tfj&a?>ual tonfr?rr\ tha Art [ l^i artmeii, now forms the mom pieaeing feature- iu the 1 Fair Without (artber prelude, we five Onionel floyte b card:? St. Low, Uo , Way '.'T, F.aafirna 0<m?,Tnt? Uu-Hifi \ ai i> v Ha wn? h r I" a r? | (jrxTi.aMKN? I'lider-tniulim; ihut It ia your deirrmtna lino U? ot uttnue the a imtH^ion ?i negroes n an c pialily Willi whites, romlerniK il poe-dliln thnt white lidiee m iv bo B'ifc >ol lathe Insult of being called on to e-e*e tiK.-*e nonroch t, wbile f-urb c<iiiu-wl? i<roriil ainntig you, <le> t-niie loiifor lo scire, even for the good object lo view, Mid bfiiawitu new tender my rebljr is von Kny>iv\N? r i ho/if (later Kobbery. Aisakt, Jnne l, IS64. Tbo ofttoetf tba OUrlot Attwrnr of Hod a -I ier cnun'y John It t'elbt*, wah uotered l? > Curi; art ul an oarlr hour this otormos, tbo cafe p'io I o >en, and a Isrco natibor ol inOioliniMiu, lonnl against oriuve \U, sio'-n. \m<i . the 'Ddit'imnnlt thus de.-umye I was one kg ?met William Culver tor murder. Tut proMOC'M ma of Ibe C iselpals wnl have in be noypeoded for ;t IIb?.h la consequence 0' the robbery THE WEEKLY FERALD ?ll?e B?it and Clirav?tt Newipwptr In the Country, Tbo W kb tit/.' Rshai.h, for tho preheat wc*r k , re:idy thifl (Saturday) morning, *111 ennuio:? Full del .liH. front Our Sjter.lnl Correspondents, or the Advance of tlio Attny of ibe Potomio ar Rtchna n<i,a>' cnniuled witli a ( Map of tbo- Orent Bsttftj" Field <>f the Kaholima; J'oriio.;t?i?of tho OperaliorK of Oeaerial 8ber uun in Georgia, MWaatlng Kewa from New Orlearw and tJio Southwell; Ad iPOOWit of tb? ICxplonim'fif four lor. p<'dtes near Nowberfi, K. C . kiliu? ovar u>rtrfr New Turk Soldiers; Proceeding/ of tie Clevetand Ma?i faiivantmn j The latest Newa from Kurope , rootry ;a? exce-lent Stnryj Intereaiing Mtorary , /rtlrtlr and f-'<^entinc lnfhrmatt?r?; Theatrloal and MurioaI Bivie-w , bporilDK aud /|rlcnlt? ral News, Facetiae; \'ah*ttl<r reports M tbo Moi.ty, Com moreiaf, Dry Goods, Call If e art Horjp Vatkots, std ac counts of all Imnortaut F-,'rtits- wf tho w?cl. Terms? $2 per annum , three caple* $.t; five c?p'.i*r, teu copiea, $16. Single cipfca, to wrappers, Ave amtb aacb Hentlment far a 1'itbHe Dinner.? >'Plia? I,ON'fl Win II T BLOOM I Hit crr.IIT.UH " XI an r hoi! ? ,i*kb yon what ;m mean by glnnj tt a my, "It beata every oi'Wr acent I meant." The drum* that proclaim tl'O trturapha of PHAI.OIlW' ? JtiltT HLOCrJIlMO C'KRRl'i^-lbme-tuoun itrnmu. IHnrray, Kddy M Co.? Cevlnften, Ky. Kaxruccv. Kunii Class SW? Tine .'I, IWt .17, 7, 36, 4?, 21, IT, 4, 20, '2,1, 82. Kanivoar,> M2?J-Aa? X HIL 17, US, 36, 52, 55, 41, 64, f.l, 1(5, 25, S3, 1^, ii, 20. ' X. B. Rlmmom At Ca.?t<'min(>?n, Ky. Snat-sr. 8ti?i Ot,aas June J, I4?l. 10, 7. 4. 4:?. M, XA, 27, 1, 24. 65, 9, 25. CUN '1 <i? JUlu: .1, IMtt 22. 49, 47. 2^, 31, H, 33, 50, HO, 7.', 32, 37, 54, 65. France, Kilts Ac Co.? IKan ttgore. l.taaiiv. Ritra 1)1.411 IUJ?.!i>im :i, lilt. 40, 'J7, 13, 24. ??. 41. 43, 31. 14, 23, 51, 4. ri.AS3 llll? Juno 3. 113 L 31. 32, 5!t, 60. 8, 29, 37. 74. 17, 44, 26, 5, 54, 70. Oltletal Clrealart in Hb'lhv t'ollrgc L?t eer\' rurntsbed by MNMONS, BOOF.H9 A CO., Keiv York (*!>.?* oitlre. Hrtxra Csabed ta All l<?fnllsed l<nt(e< *!e* and Informnllofi ?l?en. OAI.f.AOnRR A BSNJAMIH. jKt okVu j 310 Chestnut Mreet. PhtladelnhU Roral Havana l.ollerv? Hlrhaat Pre tiaftnn nald for prize* Information giren Dnulilonna wiJttKl. Altf.CIH A CO.. Mrokcru, at nnd 'X Pine atreet. Prl/n Cashed in all lirsul Lattrrlc*, inf wmation (firm or wdi. J. R. CLAYTON A CO., H> Wall street, .ooni 6. fVew Tori. Royal Havana bottrry.? 40 Per Cent premium paid iov privea; tnfi.rmatlnn t"urnlnbe<a Tbetngh eat taiea ^tiiil fur ami all kin da of lipid ami hil. ver. TATtilift K CO., Benaer*, Id Wan atrrrt, N. If I'rizta C'aalteU In All l>rgaltr.rd r?ntte rleH iufoi iu?*.oo gireo. Kiiibange office, ITS Bioatl way.- a^w York. PrKH> Cashed tn /111 I. realized I.olte rleo,. ffi, V. JOI1XROM, 14(1 PrNice ?tre<H, beiwaeo Laurena ana WooaMr. Loklsrgi VMeta raaitrd- lafarmatlon |lva<>. JDi'.irU BATES, UtlOKKR, 11 Walt aireei, room Ho. 1. AdAraai to Nmokera.? Pol la Ic At Bona, Mearaohaiiia Mannt'.-wturera. remove*) trom Rrnome street to tin iirnadnrav, near Kowrth sire at Whole-ale and retaiL Pipes cit-te order aoA repaired. A Brauttfrfl Complexion ? Lalrd'i Bloom of Touth n?rpaaam trarrihlng for rr?" and beeali/y ia* tha ^lopiexloa m>4 akte. <?l Broadway and drugsseie every wiero. A Bad Braath.? flow Many Lovers It baa aetKrateil? how many friends for eeer p*rte?L To e.Teot a ra<l!.*al cure umi the BALM OK TIloCVAND FLoWRRh aa a liantifrlra night and mernlog. Itlaao heantl9ja the crtnplesloa. Prise M> cents. For sale by all drugifistar Arc /na Dtatarbed at Night, aad brokeuof rat, by a child sutturing and crylag with the pain ofOnttlng Teeth? If so. gnat onoa and get a bottle of Mr* m.MPLOWS SOOTHIJiO 8YRIT II will relieve tho llUJsauffercr liamrdtstely. It cure 1 wind coMo, regn U.tes the bowel* and ta ntaetctLV .?*"* i.x all Cisica Tweaty-lve cent* a bottle. y^jatliinaaand Dyaprpsia Cared wllhoat fa:, by Dt. MARSH ALL, 717 Bradwitv. Hours 8 to 1 T. M. A Jfew l'isai for Rupture. v -. are now ocrnng oae of the grea'eet blessings to snf tha; has ever been '.nvMiiied WHITE'S I'ATP.ST LKVKR TRUSS Ivfll the rave. It I* < oaalruetod on a d fTar-'iit prlii'dple en liielf from aiVolhar*. Inaiirlng pea - and b iprln. ?, oini Jof . nod certain ? -ire. il?.-a *n.t ea< . No prea ure >n the ba<'k .1'Ohord; !,ie??ore la luwnrd aud upm?r<t. Sup aiiriets und Shoulder llr* ra unrtrali>'d Pamphlaui rrea 'Oraaump. OP.KOORV &. OO., *?') Bioadway. A Tlionaand Hrfrlgatalora, From |4 Hi.? HV ?er t'la'p-l Ware, Tab'e Ontlery, '*? .?lng l't?uaila, A-., at laes prtr.-a tnan an? otber aiore, at b. i>. BASS. FtiRU'S Cooper laatltille, Antor p!a<e. Rraalllan Pebble Hpeeiarlai sad Bya Pre orr^ea ? fa alrsmtihcn and improve thn sight of old and voiinrf. b> day aud ulfilit, wlt'joul paiu or iatistie. Iltehiy ret'niiiin<>udcd j)* the nedi'tal laO'iltf. ^RtlMOIVTl, OcuUau' Optician. 669}i Broadway, oppoaltn Band aueet, na-llllaat and Powsrfal Day and IVItcht T> 11 Me Per.?oe?tlTs Ola*-;/-', f r the i.f. t. ?ea. op?ra and t<Miri*l*a u?e? compact, portable aud'. A apl?adtd araurtiaent at Oic.uat". optician Brsadway. ruder Lafarga House. Knlchrlor'a Hair Dye-Tba Best In (hs J. llarmleir. reliable, luatau'aoio n. lbs n.f par fttidje. fold by all ilr igglata. Factory *1 Ba relay ^'.rsat ltoo's, Mioca I. altera, &c., all Styles, a^ pre??nt eoa' prl< ?a. KRRKI^ X JlLS, B.'btiiiakc-rs, fil 5a' >ait street and tivl Broad wav. Roofs aaid Shoes.? The Vary Beat Va riatr cf gs.",t?' f ne Bot? snd Shoe* in this -;il?, a; KB.t.SXci', 17 :.?aa?au strcsl, nearly opposite the Pert c2 re. Hraaadreth'a i'llla, Sold in trr.Ol'E since 17&1; UNITED 8TA1EH aincslMO. Tba rerarkable propei *as >n se .nag tbebealth p>.?aaased by lb*?e Vsg?'ab!e rills haes mn/.o taim sdto ski among alldasn*. Na(?riab esn rae tbem wllbo it ksntCI lla mamber, tl:ey Inv.gnrsta, while ihey clesaaa tba b^cod from eeerv tathl > t Imp ? rlty. Ot aeran B. BPABDRBTH cn the govern.' a.i! ?'?mp !a wiilto letre^a Sold at I'M C'aaal r.trtst scd .Ve. I'cloa ar/iara Crlatadoro'a Hair llye, Pieser.vatl ve and Wl? Deiot, whf)??a!o and rs'sll?Jfe ? As'vi Ba'uft '/l?e Uyc applie l by >si;?il arti?t? t?ra>, Ilia itloias, Inveated Balla, Ibtf 'arsei loints and all ^iseatse el the Kee- rnnM without ptla er inc?ii ;nl*o*e <0 I' e pal'eel by Dr. tACHAItlij, Bu* geoa Ok'eeF Jdiaa. ?<V B'csi'wa.rr Cioaauet.? l'he >ew Nnmnter l.awn iieme. yrie?a from llt> ?if30. A ?o Ft : s B tKs J?r p aj ' Ina the ia me. M ^nta WaLThR ?V.> Brrtywar ti, Y ?~?r. ve i?n! b "r-iri> '? ly pa Scd Dr. Ichineh has g<?aya?B with a r a., beroflM fat etta who I iTrV'tii uSh u r?- ock. Mi wt^tt ?'?r: ou# wh* imn f* <n?Hm y# i?u Mia m fov Mn *tU Ilr mil fcM ?ft'* with V i.oe turn '-ft. aa t 1 aba Jul I in tfe 'art aiaaas of r<j|S..?ptlon. Dr. St HBWW* r^I moaicHtt iB. hcaweaJ Ti nte snd Mtn?ltate rlUhva ?? it* (rats MtTup, hcaweal Tints and Vtixitake riuave :aj' r? i-.uM I.' 'neniiti-er lha sr??a. resura Re apWWl* aad sarry all t'a morbid aialtar; aLd Iu a a i_rea aau r* oTon??eis D<edl*eaae, ssd tLe [ atleU wsa *? CmaUo* le (he Dr. lUftt&ST ?i&l- cr:"oo!> ?t gf Mif.-rty'ed ???, Mr'urutt ?ad <? ?rj;h ???<**. "Uom only *(.>?( tD.i hli'iMi tmp?i ?? r??; "X/TE?* nmtiilatioD ? ll^riOE ? 'Vtoro'.ad of ' r*uc?. pr?Mst on *n<) f? : Mliy' ? ' ? ,Coej% 1 *?j|l ?Jwm. uilM iiM> R 1AMW" lntilMft Dr. Ii CUwnm KtP^y'i NHIrtl OHInc, Hi ?!??*?) ?f the Uuf, liver, * *? n?r?, ?uom?? 'ft , ? h?r"Mi?r?. Or, J. OHWtra tellef'# K- i n*' ???)*!? prumvt* la ?t?? ?lif MlMI U4 iWmim lusutr <r*4ii, Dr. PhMMniBii'l kit Pilla am *a?ing tun Irada of ||,??, autf ralca rlak iBto<4 Mf taring >mn( tha trends s?. The ieb?lltafed |tri anBena* from * d-rang-d av?trm not k n irt^ff the i?nw of he* 4M~ Irraetng paina, phtalca) prii i i o and low ap rtta. koaifB learn before her d:?.cul;l .-,,4 m r.i>?eumt.tloB who may fl"*1 ? ' ?lm fo !?*r *'i tering ?od ? nut ear* baJav, thai enre Hi la be r ?? * - IMl C:i!K?hKM*K,8 fILLH ?ad in M other preparall ?? u? ore me ?nrnt. In '.he erlata of life which iirncedea, m well *1 in ikat ?h ck failowa mm. turlly, Uiey greatly laBllltalr 't.e mange wking r-w-e iu ua eyalrin, >nl obviate danger wblla thrv p"?*rol )*i Bold tor druggtata genrrally Bant pvo-npUy toy in*?' || per bos, or *1* 'or $4. All or' ero eUttrf^i-'d lIU'fCIIlNU- . Ilil.LVlR, Proprietor*, M O 1..- *ttaet, Wow *o?*L Prifnuai, tmpn""l ?? NOtSKS IN TlfB HK 1> ' CATA Kltll * f> A '? I'MIMO* I IN TH1J ?i nui' % r. CHRnWIO OAFARftff catakkh op tub rv ui'A?fo moivim M *' M I'.RAN '' Omi UtJ I GONSI OK THK Kt'tiTAUIIIAN TUHK <:t KV">. CROfl? P?fc HTIT Aln'l . F1KI> I* Mf A11.I ev"7 dl a* of <'t' ?? ?r re<ntfr<n?> v * "Al o*' * r^rrjl iild alt^ir I to In* Mr. V'>S Pit ??**! until. el h"? ronmiHin ^ v.*"*. Hl<? HrmifwiT n Twelfth aiiOet, Oevtit' ' Miftnmi'f tlvl'1# oi ntl ni <? n e V.V< now n-ady HST.Vli llroidw.iy, nr 1* DUUM Kwl, #?r. nuiilrr'fOmi-r I . i? t Mo. 3 Blt 'it *1 1 "St, New Tor nit. Hi- iTti" 'Hi ol *r 'Or-, K?i*b';?n??4 Ivil P t-i> t ik n.? ?? ?* ? i rial" ?iii' itre Hue#" el r i>m erirfi*4<afe ??"" "i IM ? <1# 1. "?? et a 1 kinl . '? * mo I i?n#?ii one tnitviriva t ll'f h ?' ti'nt* ell iIImkm p. Li Nfng !?? 'he UrlnaT i>r i ? iti ? ,1 nn * W ?? on II >wn Kral't> , Ne:*r<^?i ttr'd'lt ' *Mil I?i1ihoi?hh\ t ?n-i>i?M.*on i, rail* ?t fao?l H v W. mil I o e'ork P M tvim*. CiilarrA, *??rt n il > <ri . ? the Kar. Jhrnul end Atr- Pk'iiaH -uecn r..'ull|r ti'eiiiei I>/IS. Li ' U ' UN<U Jl .Si. 4?rk'? ul.vd DrafmiK, IHen*?r r<t flip Kyr* an ( ? ?? turrhal afTi'.-tTaWH r<ri?l?? tun rr >al iin'llvWe,'.* jittPiit'ia tl Pi CA OWftf,, O. Hi at and rrf?t 'I t'llntnn .ilirv Ki;ht? ?irner. Horn "toS (?!-??. r<n In Unity -4tr>0?<-3 Urflnnrr Plie *i?'l IiA?? iflnr Prodf Di> ;r>, Al?o Hldrli n "?end Pn nrfai^*!? f"r Mllv?r p'Atff *<? *1 9 Murray Htreet, <rt?rner of ro'lc?p ,#?re. R. M. PMKiCK Depot Kwni-Inr Klretoorka, Linloriti, r\ ivn. Ac ? KirrWoN a Hn.Kii', JO. removed ii tf. 9 tfj ?brert. near Bro/lway, New Yom. niMiiennl Rarki, 9l'?f ''Vnlk^lK $U|ii$2-'. White ?uek Ve*l? $S. K dnnur T'dflilm C'LAHKK, 112 an ''Hi V* lliiui nt.-bol ICraiptiona, Prrnk'r<, ??fnir?tr<r, Tin, Piiuhnrn. K!<" h W-i; fa* end all Hitln U*fori|?iiie? <"nr?t be 'flfl^IIAOU'S Italla.y Mfai?"a <?il H >*p. dr|>ot. N? Mr 1 Broadway. I>r. K'nj'a Rnlvatimi "?wder< I'-iat (tn>h ruie D',"nk?nn?*a. Ulvi-n nnknow bi t '? putleni to 4?yb'ni{. Price $ *l?*. Si Id oiilj at 4.* Hud*" a ulroof a.ftl at 41.4 Sixth avenue. N. V. Pilllptlr ifwinj Maahinra, rhcT ere th? l-eet Sn> IDbiu before purchasing. OIToe H'lTBrot lway. P%r T n r?nt< tar ?Inniiurr, '? H>r? ? i, M?.nlt. Aprtl Mny av ! J"?? nnmbera of th? IT. P <T|f ' T??l I'H OTfNOWXIir At. JOI ? ?%*!,??. I' b? ?ntl? rrt'irn r^ei To ??W Pl<-?nr a' IImiIi'w *<i|irhi>re w I'hre ni'tiv. Pii-n^liMi I'liv .lolo'T -lid Pairrh .|'<y, >pn.l at oaaa torfrrtiBK 4 WKLI.S, ,1?9;tina<l-.<ay. Np? Ytrt. V t m ? Pan ? >'- ??? Sljrlra, Jn*t recFfwd f '"ni I'ari*, frwm dnl'ar to tvrenty ?** dollara r&elit for mt'e b U. P aUI.&S. ?l < llroatfwar. Oaf door bei ??r i.'anai a*rn?t. Prral'Wraw Hut Btpmltlon AT OPSIN'S. 513 B*f) t |V.VAY\ Hi. Nlritol*. Holri. In thti vaat aaeortnaant nf sir.t ? i^> ? is fatbtnnabla fa.a'ilaa will llnd INVWHRIIMtMt SPK?i VI, ?i?VKr.TIB? IN AJIH i Htl.i'ltKN'S r\*rr H 'iTH. .In?t revived fritin Knrnpr-. t'-r?tf?rr with ?v?ry *r Iraaif ?lvl<* tlmt hwi^*?ini>ar?^l on thr -na in. r i* riin'ratl In the mocua 'if other Hon n* In A" -r i 'r Ernqrlal at'"nt'"? ?? In ii-d ?<? ' NIN'S new ?tyt*? of tiRNTI>KMKN .S HTH \W II A IM of which twe-r?y have oeon iaaun>! d'i-lni' the nrweent w??%i. Thl? eipomtirni'iif ntata and fauc7 arawi has uaver baia equalled la K mr ml. tit over A Raktr't rii?lie?t Premluabb Hlaatle Stitch Jtewlo* Macltloea 4K Brwadway. K. T. Gournnd'a roml r Nublllr Uproot! Half from low fori. .-bad nw aair Dart of the body. Warranted, aa bin new depot. (Si Bnta'lway. Gmrden Muraw ati, Viaara, Fanntnlaa. Chalre, Rette-a* Ruat e Peata. TrblUaee. 4c. , at tlllaSB ? CO.'H. SH4 Br>.adway, efpoalla tna St ntobolaa Hotel. Ollt Coiajbi ? B?w StjrlM, J net rrcetrrd ."mm Parta, from two dollar* fo fifteen aMfe for Kale br (]. J. ALitli. 415 Hroadwav, one door bilaa Canal alreat. Oct Tom Shlrta aat Hoody'a. BIX (JtX>?BHIBT8 POR *?: RI^HMRR 7?DBR9tliRr.4 A NO IMttWPRg, ft M| ABUT 8111 in H, 92: R.tOMSII BOsrEKV. $ . per d -??. T. W. MnObl. 17* Broad way < Howard Hot- D "Her Hajaity" Oh*mpafae-TRt Hayb al Win* of land tM per ew?e. of quart*. WJ, II. WARI>, <T7 Raehange place, sear Br HlvhealaPwrnlam Loek Stllrh IcwIb? Machine*. WHBBLKH A WILSON, CSS Broadway. II YtfcWaat to Know, 4ce., R?gd MCDICbl. '-OMMOB BKNBB. A rarlouo Sioek for eur<r>n? oeoole. and a (and book tm ?very one. Price $' an. To !>e had at all Dfiwadopota. ttft taate table* mailed r r^e. A-ldrnee Dr. F. B FO(>TR, 1. 130 Broadway. *? *? Jewelry and Whihim Atl, DirBCRIPTIOVS Per lair \,y OFO. Ct Jkl.l.KM, 411 Itroatwky, one door low Cue*, atroet, formerly II Wall as reel. Knapp't Kitnw t or ilnou for Maklag ROOT BBBR. ? Thla ->ai'act. front vab t.. i n i*?ll?y tw verage known aB Knapp ? Ror.t B?or a nta4ra i? p-it up In ft<? tle* at 21 rentj. 60 cent.* and $1 ?ach. an- ct'ot to m<ko 10. :? .nd vai raW lonao tUe brer. Oene'al dfli ot 'i-'i H'l 'ion a r*t. BoiA by all aLole a!s dru?u'>t9 at tbe m ?u'lfecturnr a piloea. ti (k Nura Uray Hair or naldnnae-^lTortw* five ^eara' cnaatmt atudy. Conau lal on free, by Da. U R '<fl i*J K A ti . A ?xtf i a o. Farrhmrn; lagi, n*?t Uaaltiv. tm w ?It .'P'n* cottin .t3- at the tranulac: *rer'e. TU T >R ?? MA-lottH, HA t'l&eil/era etreei. Spring and Haaiaamer llnta.? Set r Ur? fciodtdthe 'DruitM- aurliiK \rr vul r^h a ra.r I ly of atylaft In gji nmer llala for gentleiii. ii ar A what a "0| a -lal * aa? ttjoable l<, that lbe|oi w ly'c i m-a !*ht, airy, j?r? ? ful aaB bKVO<iilo?. KK9\. 21" Rrou 1 <*ny :;orirer Rill'on. prolial> jr baa the moat var ?d *'o t At all e en'.*, we nutlcrlhal U>4a aaer at, lea coma Irom tiirra. Tonic. "In n<* V ?aee " soMAiNna ? him a uiTTP.a^. I iya raf used 16 ?eli ? w of i.e ^"na 'a kaoara^ a? tomo I b'llevi) tl-e ? la i>?( > la urinaa and cuni'""*.' el d?vt. rinnn r'ru^e b it trf . i a eai?' i tnaa of tar CRIHKAN BII'IKB.H. Jm k n br cfrtJileara# Br- tili'.l?'.o and Tolila. of N-.i? T 'rk ( '??* i na Ii?kI anna lu leeu-A'uand ng( them to m; :<teiiU ant t -n.rra. "?? other td'tata cemoari' with ' ia ???! rr .a?B n&" "r and medical 'I'lKi tiua ^ laal aaCa'iar*.! a i-M ia '?Mr. fhrl.? lOBrf trial In *Ji?!le<l 8taKa h a an< pa* rataly >uau ll I* beyond d< ur a .JftEDERiC i. CO/.7.KR9. Agent Loncwar'.i wiaea, n Wjarrax auaet. N. T. Tha Wnrd ''Howrtant," whirh te <?ti bwron iig a ho --"^o'^ woi?l. ie d-iieed Tt' n V * tira-i arwl . ortip' aed <'f twe ? ur li-mru and rxlonlea "f ti?."ujiv<i ineai a to aettra. and "ojoatr* ?he te?tb? * l" ? 'w Aad 'I I tnw IB Cr?*.:t?te >aa i?*?n ?n-1 mm . k U OkKLU Pr yMetoia, VIS Breenwlch *^?et, Saw Tor^ 7ft <aa;a oar b-?tt a. Trnaira, Raatlc Slot blnga, A* ? Rnria A < 0. d ajur.j Tr ? Ml ? t naly at 5j. 3 Ve'ty atraaC Lad.r alien. la nls Tub Orlflnal ?? 0> B 80AP,"~~"020VB BOA 9. I? a r; ,j| cictndra i tpa aro aot ?rinal lo thla Bcap faa uee ?>r the < ore > ?' jb. nnmaiar Ing'a raae. Sold al Ke. 4 a .'.ar.', Ko'f T ??. Tha I'lara to H?r Fin* riothlnc ta al ?C(/irB < rti it llaV, U? I nltou atraai, near Broadway. I Rdcnhlrif, |i m. TRAVBITJKO flTT'RT*. i 4^**** obawrrs, ft m% At ran EGO ?, ?7B lro?j>Y\j m?0 n Rimi: . TJf?' rTo"l,?*'?; ???* Bye. H??f Dp tmm K?l? tfrY&WM ?"? "*? \?Mk?rt, May ?, ISO?. Kmhi, Qieftr.a C. Htm A - 8ininii<* ??ring tjird to!/ a; your OOLDDT HIITKRJ can r?coi -.??b J th?m wflfc tb? i??M? oonafj'#nc? ka ? !??!?, *<-?' p?.-t! j'tUrlj for ? b?a?? uf *?<?? ml dial It !? (? well for] 1-vi o? and chiiir.n. |1? M % pari of ? 'Tile slMl two n thr* IliaM t i?T> T*ur o. UlXUk

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