Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 5, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 5, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,124. NEW YORK. SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 1864. PRICE FOUR CENTS. GRANT. IMB1 (I1TL8 M FRB1! Assault on the Enemy's Works. The Rebels Driven Within Their Intrenehinents ?t Every Point. ion. COLORS AND PRISONERS CAPTURED. i (Moneb Haskell, Sorter and Morris Killed. General B. 0. Tyltr and Colo nels McMahoxv Byrnes and Brooks Wounded. THE BATTLE OF COAL HARBOR. Additional Details of ihe Tar rifio Conflict of Wednesday. fflOBAUZATION OF LEE'S AMY. The Rebels Deserting in Lacge Bodies. the Deserters State that "This is to Be the Last Fight for Rie&mond." UPfRTED CONFLAGRATION IN RICHK3ND, BowUry to Major General Dlx. H A.-vilXGTOH , June 4, 1364. ??far General Dix;? Despatches from Coneral Grant's h jadquarterc, dated Area o'clock jesierd.y, bare just been received. No qpartUODi took pUae on Thursday. Taeterday, at hair-past four o'clock In the morning, ?Menu Grant m?-lo an asaault on tha enemy's lines, of vMoti be makes the following report:? *' We assault* S at half-past four A. M. , driving the enemy Vllfctn hta tatreachinintaat all points, but wltboaigalnlng mj decisive advantage. Our troops now occupy a position gUea to the enemy ? <oruo places within flfty yanti -and -saw renaming. Our loss was not Mvere, nor do 1 sup faaa the enemy to have lost heavily. Wa capture.! over ?res hundred prisoners, mostly from Breoklnridge. " Another later official report, not from Qeciril Oriint , lintea the number of our killed and woundjd a t about 4h wa thous nd. Tie following officers are among tli? killed ? ?ntot el Haskell, Thirty-sixth Wisconsin. Catocal i'orter, Eighth Now York heavy artillery . Gatanel Morru, Sixty-sixth Now Yotk. Aaaong the wouudod are:? ?aaeral R. 0. Tyler, sorlojoly ; will probably loss a foot (Maael McUabon, Ono Hundred and Hity fourth New Vark. ' Caioeel Dyracs, Eighth Massachusetts, probably idt Calocel Brooks, mty-tblrd Pennsylvania. EDWIN ft. BTANION, Secretary of War. THE HERALD DESPATCHES. Jt*. Jaiaia C. Fltepatrlck's Oripatrhci. Nnrrn Ar*t Coups, June 1? 0 A. U. 0PKB*TlO!?8 Of TTTB CORIW. I mi yon last night n brief account of our opcrat'.ons yaaaerda y. but aa another epportunlty ta p'esontod of , larwarJiog a letter 1 aval tiyaclf of it to recapitulate , crania to tbo present time. Allaire rem >inod comparatively quiet during the mom m A OrNER'L AnVA*CB ST the rorjy took place tn the afternoon. Tho brigade of Caaerai I,edlle, aupportod by that of Colonel Marsh ill, fashed forward, wlih the Fifty-sixth Massachusetts thrown out ns skirmishers. Th?re was ? strairgilBg, desultory flre kept i:p with the rebels for a oouplo of fcaurs ; but the result waa tho aocurlng of a now lino, which our boys inti enrhed during tho night, the rebels etetinntel y contorted every Inch or the grounds DIUTUrO TH!! KILBBia VKJOROr?t.T. la ooainnction with General Ledlle, Colonel Cnrtln ad vanced Bin brigade, supported by Colonol Griffin, drove ?be rebels acrosa an open (Md, and atabilahod o ir lino of ?ktroiiKhera on the edge of tho woods. Tho work w aa no mpllahad with no little dilUculty , ?a our boya were r?m pslled to ad ran oo acroaa a ravine covered with thick feraafc, and op the alopa of a bill, under a heavy flre from ID rebola. *ns roar or hobob. The advance was i aid by the Forty el bth rsnnsyiva ?ta (veterans), who lost three or four officers. Major <1111 aere waa woimdod In the leg, and on being removed to Ike hospital bad the limb amputated above the knee lieutenant Unbensteln, of Company H, while In oom ?and of the reglrfienUl skirmish line, was Inatantly killed by a rebel sharpshooter, the baU passing through hit head. ma wtsara iuvb rii.?.*s rack. Daring the night our pickets coo Id boar moveaaents of .troops wltbin the rebel Unas, Indicative of a retirement tM morning our batteries shelled toelr poeitlon without ?helling any response, lhelr skirmishers, however, are ta eight; hut It is supposed that the oatiu body has faU&n M?t to the Cbickuborainy. | an roaioiwr. One of General Ledile's men bad a narrow escape yes terd iy The bullet atruck his waieb, broke through the rial <nd glanced off. Tba only injury Inflicted w.ta a > ?**? soatuaioa. Htbtb A suv ( oars, June 1?8 P. if. % alonii mi raosr. in isvqiiiet oa ear Immediate front so far as the Infant. ry are c< >ncemed. 0>>r batlerlos am oecnalcuaHy shell. tes ho wi.vd* bejond tt>e rel ei sWmlsh Una. The Hoc. end corps ha* *dvtucs(3, and tbers Is considerable firing | there aa I writ* Til BATTLE ON WEDNESDAY* lKr? V* C*4w?ll*d*v'a ??p?leh. T&a Fjuus, Jm? WM P. M. Amtsa, Ilka evarythtng alx* la netur*, have partod?of teaotton and rape**. For aavaral Ujri put compwtUn quiet hat reigned along our ltoea, and nothing approxi mating a genaral eagag?mnnt baa occurred an til to-day. Bat whit* real log the army baa by no mean ba*a Inac tive. Tba bard marehing aad fighting or Ifea month Jnat oloeed have mere!/ boon aospeaded for ra*up*raUng tba men, isaatng additional oomaaisaary aad ordnuaoa aup pUee, advanoiug our lines to feel tb* aanmy's faroe, aad patting the dlflferwt corps laio new poelttona, before re aumiag the final struggle that seals tba fata of Richmond. Acnvrrr or ge*kjuls ghaut am> m??. Absolute inaction is unknown to Geo. Grant, aad baa certainly never characterized tbs movenunta *f Gea. | Meado. Both cro unusually alert at preaont, and at a* time during the campaign have military proplratlons been perfected with mere vigor aad determination than during tbe few days that the main portion of tha army seems to h*vo been M?a to superficial observers. Prom tbe day of our leaving tbe battle ground at Wilderness the army has had no time for recuperation. Its' labors have been unremitted and bercutean. Its progress has been gained by hard fighting at some paints, and by a series of brilliant and cnparalleled strategic flank move ments at other*. Gen Leo has been drtvon from or compelled to ovaemte bis vantage {round in every In stance, until, by tae confessions of tho robel papers ef the 81st ult., tks thunder of our nrtlHwy 13 carry icg consternation to every household in their capital. WHAT WAS TO BR DOS* PFFOKS TI'R ORAM) STRCOOUR. But to insure tb* full fruition of all these glorious ? cesses muoh remained to be done; aad not the least was tbe destruction of tbe railroad indies from ltickacond through Hanover Junction and CordoBcvfile to tbe west ward. Another day's marching to tfco eastward would have placed it out of our power to effectually sever this great artery of tho coofodoracy. For this reason proba bly more tbao any other tbe arai7 was allowed to re main In position near lianovertovru, while General Wil sen's division *f cavalry was engaged In burnlugand de stroy lng the railroad, from Hcuover Junction westward. to* DRpraucTiojr of thr oor.rto>'3Tr.T.R raiiroao ? rutma attuujts 10 pwcvmr it. This work has been prosecuted cey and night, until its demolition is complete. A force of rebel cavalry was first sent around to Wilson's flank to surprise and rout him from his work. These wer* handsomely checked in the out set . and finally routed, with heavy loss. A force of In fantry was finally detached for that purpose from the l*(t flank of Lee's army; but Wright's corps had been marched within supporting distance on our right, ami stilt th* work went on. Finding themselves cheelaaated In all tteee attempts, tbe enemy abandoned tbe idea of saving tho toad , or gain ing any advantage in that quarter, and commenced con oentratlng on our c ntre andle.'t. Last night Wright's corps was withdrawn from thn vicinity of the Junction, and moved to tho left of Warren's, on the Henovertown and Coal flarbor mad, In the rear of Sberidaa's cavalry, which bad been threatened vrith an infantry attack. IBS GRAND LimC OF BATTllt. This morning tbe grand lino of battle was fully tea miles In length, from the northwe't to the Rontlietnf, Hancock's corps [uriu?d the Infantry right, with Wi. sen's division of cavalry oa bis Hank. Xli3 line was iust south of the folopatomoy creek, on to* Mechanicr.vir.e road, in front of tbe residence or tbe rebel Coionol Krtwin Pbekion , and in tbe rifle pits wrested from tbe enemy two days be fore. The defences were strengthened and made impreg nable to an ordinary assuu't. Burnside's corps lay next, forming tbe rigtit coutre, oa tbe high ground oa the s".u:h or right bank of tun enmo creek. Warres formed the toft centre, a little thrown forward, and was protected iu front by double and triple lines of the most formidable field breastworks I have ye: seen c >ustrctcd in tbe whole course of tbe war Wright 's corps was marched to tb* left, us before stated, with two division* of kh*ri??n;* cavalrv in too front and Hank. tua av coil tusbos. Near Col Harbor an eflori w as made to drive oor cav alry from the place, wbicb'ad U> a brisk nugagemcnt, early Id the tare noon, resulting In Oar civalry repalMrg a4>ody of rebel infantry, killing au<l wounding a large number and taking between two and three hundred prisoner*. TUB RriibLA KSUtl' K' n>. Tho rebel line was rein fore 1 for another attnek. but the timely arrival of Wrtfbt'a c ?rps cb?ui:oa tUe charao ter of the contest and enahloi n to huld the pl.?ce and add to the number of- prisoner*. ' wKioni hdllowutu rr his tvertrtx*. In the aftern oon Wright followed up his success;"* of the morning by advancing bis nue and driving In the re bel skirniHiiers. A hard e?ntC3t wm t '-n brought on, which lasted. with iittlo K.icrmissiou, till <n hoar alter dark. At that time we bad can ie.I the rebel line ef r,.:a pits and dm en them tJ the Co.ciiahoraiDy river, iu front of Coal Harbor. the Rsarr. Di'EXi*?. Th.* exact worth c; tho delcuces carried by the jLallsit SUtb c rp? could not be accurately os'., mated, 0**103 to tbo '1 irkn.vs of the nlgbt but the jjeo :n t gjiaed w 11 ho Invaluable iu to-m<trrow's battle. IBB Los- r.?. ftencral TCri-jht rei?>rta hi3 K>??es rea?o ably l /' t, that of tbe euomy heavy, and adjs t!/*t be hadtakoa many prisoners; how many I have nome.ins of lenreiut at pre. ent. lit* atta'k ?ro"? n n r amts ASr> monr. Finding a lieavy forco enfia^ed in tisrninac his r:;ht flank, the encmv mforrc I wo hid weakened o>ir ce-ifa asd r.ght, and late .n U10 evening inula an '.mietn'ua and fnrkws a?"?atilt on each. Wurre "? cop,ls wss es pec tally *ingle.l out lor an overwhelming attack. Tie rebels formed and mitxhf 't to the assault, in threi litiss, determined to picrcc Ibe < jctre and throw the hue into confusion. One attempt after another is reported to iitve been made, and the men hurled to certain destruction' with a resolute darhtg worthy a better cause; but our troopa could not be shaken, an*! repelled the enemy re peatedly at all point-;, with terrible lo s. The battle raged for fully three hours In front of tliis corps. The firing wan heavy and doadly the whole tin.*, and was continued without interm.**,-*! till a?rkaess cloaed the conflict. cosf-iKATtva Loe.?rs Onr losses at this point can only bo a tithe of what the enemy sustained by attempting to storm our breait works. TAB ATTA'S Of BA30MR was nearly simultaneous with tbit on W.irren. He also repulsed the rebel line, with trifling lore, and pres-ed them back a considerable distance; but in doing this he was drawn into a bad position, from which he was soon compelled t < beat a hasty retreat, and resume the ground he occupied at the onset. BASOOCX'S MOTBlttVT A TOTT ? ST* ATS' :IC BOVrXTXT*. That this pursuit of Hancock's wm a mere demonstra tion in the first flush of suece?*, instead of an Intention to permanently hold the ground he might thus obtain, is proven by his having orders to evacuate that entire posi tion during the night, and move bis corps from the right of the line to the extreme left. Hit march has already commenced. As I write the "jofgllng" of bis artillev wheels and (he stoidy, heavy tread or his veterau troops break the stillness of the night. Another of those successful tlank movements is going on which the rebel papers term retrests, and which your 6tlly pated or msllclouaoontem porary journalists pron.iunce no flick movements at all, but ?imply being outwitted by General Ignorance or m dica oeuld go but little further than this; for, at the instant the writer was penning tho defamation, Lee waa hurrying hln army towards Richmond by forced marches to prevent our array from cutting blm TiT entirely. The troors of this army are nut tilled to have "Lee outwit" them thus till the end of Uis campaign. ?xt n cm A?* of Tits rsoors Their eonfldemoo and enthusiasm for Uenerals Grant and Meads oeoaftiuaally bra Jc over the strict letter of discipline. They rush to the roa lslde as the generals and stair* ride by, and raise the eohoe* fcr miles arouaU with bearer An?;l<v.paio? cheers for the heroes of Vlcksbnrf and Gettysburg. Teeter day was remarkable for this. 1 Wherever they rode mon eame roshlng from svery dire* Uen to obtain a nearer view. Nothing la more oontagkraa In an army than shouting and yelling, aad oa this occa sion the cheering was takeo up along the Hoe, till the oomHry reverberated wiib the roar of thousands of yolees. ?mrt in nm ofnxrats. It wna rurlous to notice the eflfcet of mch spontaneom nn4 noisy demonstrations upon the generals. Both en deavored to 'ock revtro sod commooDlace: bat neither MM entirety Utoet mAiwm. N* formal rMocnlttm ma obtained from ?Nb?r. General Grant looked ? man abtractedty abend, aa IT be bad )u? dlmemed mm object of Bwh interest In tbe dMuot, enapp-d bin tf? a little luWkar, parted Ma eager a little akerter? ?^only thle, end nothing mora." General Meade peiled bit alouehod bat tela ? Utile more determinedly over bia ?yes, sal a trlfln more ereot on tola homo, looked a little more obstinately dlreotly ahead, u If unconscious of the preeeece of a living eooL A aorry return for the compil. menu ef a boat of ntt, some one wUI say ; but such is the eaatotn here. A bend el tbe bead, a ware ef the band, a lifting or the bat, ts a email return lor tbe leon ine homage of troop*, and freatly endears ? commander to bis men. This la aot charlatanism, not d> mmiogery, but tbe simple sot of a gentleman, who for tne ins'ant waives his rank aa oommander, or more properly embel lished and adda new luatro ta It, by acknowledging a Ua at eoaamon humanity between himself and men. Hr..John A. Brady's Dcapa?eliea> EioHiEwni Army Cori*, In thb 1'iKLD, Near Coal Harbor, June 1, 1804. At daybreak tbto morning Major General Smith had Ma headquarters at Baasett'a house, near New Castle ferry. An order was here reoelvea from Grant to join blm near Goal Harbor, and take position on tbe right of tbe 8ix!b corps. The column arrived wltbln a row miles of Coal Harbor about three o'clock in tbe afternoon, com pletely exhausted with a severe march along a road ' almost dcntltuteof water and covered with six Inches of blinding., chsklng dust. Completely exhausted ss thoy were by this march and tbe heavy labor of tbe last two or three days, tbey bad no sooner arrived than thoy were at once ordered into action. roenwif o? thk knemt. Tho enemy wore found in heavy force between' Oral Harbor and Oaines' Mill. 'J hey completely commanded the road to the Chickabomlny, and appeared to be detar mined to tea their Ground. They were, artsr all; pro* bably, only a hoavy ronr guard, composod of one or two wrpg, and were strongly Intrenched on tbe edge of a denstt wood. It could scarcely have been tbe whele of the relet army we found in our front, as It would have been entirely too hazardous for them to have risked a eeteral br.ttle with ns At thla point; fer In wise wo broke through their lines, tbe distance to the Chlckaho mmy is to abort that ihjy would bave been driven in confusion across it, without having any chance afforded them of reforming. Tbl3 result would have only been rrnderei! tbe more certoln by the perfoct famMitnty we 'kavo with this portion of the country. TAR INC FOWTION? I'OrtLARIT* or GVNERAL w. r. SMnu. When we arrived on the ground occupied by the Sixth corps, which formerly been eoratnnnded by General Smith, the Gsneral was everywhere recognized by the troops, acd great satisfaction v.- as mani fe?tej on seolng him. especially when ibey frr.ind blm co enropaniod by the Eighteenth corps. "There goes Baldy," was heard in subdued tones orr every sldo; "Baldy'H make tbe rebs dig; be knows what ho Is about," Ac. The Sixth corps was stretched In a semt-clrclc In front of Coal Harbor and tUrew its right wing forward. Tbt, Fifteenth was Immediately formed on Its right, with Pcvtn's division on tbe left and Brooks' on the right, each formed In three lines of battle. Martindale's di vision wns held as a reserve, but was afterwards moved Into position on the right of Brooks, and charged with the remainder of the corps when tbe assault was maiia uyca the rebel works. ms eattt* c*?r:n>. The rebels oocriflsd a strong position on the edge of a d?nas wcods.ruocing parallel wiXh a coactry road that starts from Coal Harbor in a northwesterly course. Tboy bad rifle pits and ether earthworks thrown up, and wero in every re?rect emply propored for *3 attack on our part. The line <T the l'.lghteeatb corps was formad a", an the toad. Hetween thera and the n.eniy lav a bolt of wo->ds, varying In width from twenty to two hundred yards. and a <trip of open ground. On our right was General Martlnd'rlo. So wood* intervened between the contending parties, a strip of open ground about eight hundred yards in width alone separating liiem. TUB CO'JMFNCBVWrT <TV -.TTB RATTL*. At half-past four the troops were in position, Bevies -aad Brooks, Id three lines of battle, stretching through the woods jiarolle'. with Ihe road, with nnafs bittery en ? the extreme right aid MarMnlaln drawn up as a reserve At five skirmishing commenced along tbe entire line.aod for an hour tbe thru disi barges, with a strange regulari ty of interval, would almost lead mie to imagine that soon monstrous clock was ticking oT the Mcomls. A "battery of twenty pounders, att-iohed to t'.o Pixth corps andautloned on our left, opened flro upon the rebels, and tho roar of ka guns soon completely 3waliowed nil aomids from tlie skirmishing line. Warron'a corps ba;l be?n exiiected to take up position on our right; but as this corp* did not make ifa appeirance ;?enerr.l ?mi:h wa" obliged lu cl'^ee tbe owning on bis rigtu by throwing Maitlndalo into tl'O open !le'd. At half past Ave an order was received for bk.b corps to charge the robel wor. iu our TBS JSSAII.T. "be order tvs* r*p>lly conveyed to Ibe rtlrls'.nn cora mandefa, and * Utile before sit tho who'e line raovod forward. Brocks I Devius purbed through tho wooJs oil <he.r front, and the e\haoitod men, suddenly Imbued wish a most ur.exr<-toU enthiialBam, puured like a tor na'o aver tbe open field. Tbe rebels opened with gra..e and te'-'er nnd a l;e r musketry Hie, and tho first lioe w. be, . ' v ci t up. T-3 aeoond mingled with it, and tbea ! the liiird.aiul alm<\>t iutnedi itely ufter a wild, iasp:nts. cheer r.i g out abote every other sound, as the rebels v. ere drr?eu |*ll mell fi'om their works and through the J woe's. In the mcattimo ifirtlnd de, on tbe rifrht, had movjd fcrward through the op~n field In echelon, and was hotly erpgr d witli tbe erewy on our right. _ rur v.vr.'.n .ittfmit a niAnus. Tha rebels on our In m- iiate front were of I.onffitreet'a | corps, and wrra, aftrr being driven through the woods, ? rallied behind their reserves and led up to recapture their position. With their well known rebel bailie cry they rusbed forward, but were rccivul with ao close and mnrderonn a fire of artillery and mnsketry that thev broke and fled in confusion. Again and agiin tbey were rallied by tlicir ofllrera and returned to the charge; but again ai d again they only returned to be again driven back wilh greater slaughter. Tntil this moment, ns T write (ha/ pjst twelve 0'cl0"k at nlgbt), the Bring still continues, the rebels every haif honr renewing their at tempts to regain their loit gronad. Nearly three hun dred rebels lell Into our bandi, who were unable to as cape from the rifle pits. GIxfTUt fvnn tuli.YHTO *T*AfH>t.rjn. WhM the onslaught wsa mndo on tbe rebel work* onr front line retained ft heavy nod detractive Are, and one of tho reglmrnts broke and fell berk In cnnfnslon. Unfortunately for the ?tra|;g!?rfi, General ftmlthcsnieup as they were retiring and drove them to the front, amid ? fire of ebot, shell end bullet* that made the preserva tion of human life a mailer of exceeding difficulty. Ow Kg to the want of cavalry considerable trcsible was ex perienced in keeping up tbe atragclers. A portion of General Smith's elall' was kept constantly employe! In driving then to the front. ort TOM. Otir Ice* Is rather heavy : ever Ave hundred wonnled are In the corps hospitals, and two or three hundred more have not yet been brought In. Tbe total lone it la at present Impossible to give. Tbe lots of the enemy Is far greater, as they lost heavily In each Ineffectual attempt they tnnde to recaptara their works. Among onr killed la Colonol John M. Concbe, One Hundred and Fixty ninth New York; Lieutenant Colonel 0. Anderson, Jr., Ninety seccnd New Tork, and Colonel J. O. I'rake, On# Hundred and Twelfth New York, wounded; Lieutenant Co'one) Aldan, On* Hundred and Put y ninth New Yerk. wounded. Httnoriirms, Erornreirot Aht Coer?, \ DAvaaaAi, m nil Fisu>, Jnne 2.1IWU. J RSi SIJ lOMISU IS? DUtOBAUEAHOR Of IJCS'S 1UT. Ave kuntr-d and fen rrM toldieri, belonging u the W? lmtM and KigAutnlk Qrcrgia Volunteer', cam* into our Mnet at daybrtak. They toy they art tired of fighting and de net want any mere of it. They advised our men In ge in and J) ;ht it out, at this ?**? <Ae lot/ fight fit Kiehmond, and we eon Id take it (A it time. They represent the rrtel army tu hrmrntng rath day m ere and mere demoewkud wWA their hmttanl r eerrtee. fDE OPKIATIOM OF THE FIFTH COSTS* fllr. Cadwallader*) Dfipateh. H*Ai?ji iSTsns, Firm A rmt Coiire, 1 June t-0 t, M. j tit*, sotrgns <rv w ?*. the booming ef coifl^tn* cannon JbM bat ? few so- - MH osased. OcfltiMoal abotn on tbe skirmish I In* cow Ml; bTMb ItM SlIHDeM Of 111* (light til. TM day '? M> vers conflict la ever meMvucr. AlitxJ*. U. bsgnn as engagement at our snttr* Mm Our men fought mainly beblnl breastwork*, iM ao did the enemy. TVe euamy a batteries Ik re* solid abut and ahrapuel, and an did our*. thkui aorRa ma Mm* iuobd. Tbe rigbt and t*ft of our front entered Mm conflict, amounting in fact to a general engagement of oar wbols army iln?. It la rarely that a contest haj bean kept dp with such dogged and luvlncihle persistency on bulb aides, sspoclally ao lata In the evening. From every d I ruction wo recoivo tbe pleaalng intelligence o t to tj general success to rr-.r arma. tub JCWCTW.f wrra oiw. "bai.dy" bmitb Tbe day 'a labor to announced an having accomplished connection with Baldy Smith 'h column, and every effort of the enemy to get In between us and tbo White Houao and prevent our establishing hero our buse of suppllea has been tbwarted. A final establish muni of our llnea has been perfected in tbe poaitton wantod to enable our farther advance upon llie reDol capital to be prompt, vtctorloua, is hoped, nbort ana successful. rn STRUG(.1E AND ITS ADVANTAGES? CXI LARTRT 0? TIT! troops. 1 need attempt no detailed Ascription of tbe tbreo hours' conflict of tbe Fifth corpti just ended. A few wordu tell the d?y's story. We are to-nigbt. two mica nenror Richmond ttiao we were this morning. We have taken two lines of tbe enomy'is breastwork*. We have driven tbe enemy at every point, and we have inflicted much heavier loss than wo have received. Most "manfully every division stood up to Its w?*t. Behind the enemy 1 own breastworks oar men did a good deal ?f their tlithtlng, and very solid ami substantial these works proved to be, and tbe taking and us leg of them will prove a great saving of labor and of Ills fc> our troopa. TRK KTKKY 1* OCR SHORT. Prisoners coming m let ns know tkat I-ongctreet's corps was the one flgtting ua, tbo oorps be lag com manded by General Anderson. But to day's experience ha-.; shown that Longsit oct's men can no more beat tbe Fifth oorps than HHPs and Swells corps,' who in turn bavo each tried tbeir band at it rcpoatedty during tho put month, bat only to find tbeir e Sorts crowned with signal defeat. V.BKRB our TBoers wm stjrposim WM- 'What rm rkhris ninoi or warrru's ocri*. A prisoner tekl me that It was supposed the Fifth corps had moved m tbe nlgtt further to tha left, and that newly arrived troopa ?ocoupioi our position. They proposed to feel these new troops, and calculated upon tothlng else than soon rowing ttram and having -everythiaj their own way. ?'We have struek on those damned Maltese eross fel lows," Raid fc brlgsd: commander In bis ''Cant help It now, boys; but t?o In a?0 do tbe btst yon can ," added this astonished and discomfited brigadier. And bla men did go In; but foe Fifth corpe went batter, and they were unable to Bee it. TtTR ltl'AKL CHARGR (lALlAJm/r RSTCT/WP. They attempted enly one charge, which was on Grif fin's division, and vrhlcb wan ecoct handsomely and deci aively repulsed. Our men wmtod till tbe charglag column raus close upon tbem, and then fired. A mur derous mueketry volley it was. The flendteh yell oC that charging column ended with thai volley. Mies of dead and bleeding and dying lay before our breastworks. Id wildest dlemny acd disorder fled those frboeonld. It vi as the work, seemingly, of a moment ? that fierce yell ? that furious charge ? that terriUe mueket.-y fire? those pil' S of rebel dead and wounded? that ft'iing back tc aucb wild confusioul tub r.Rnrxa tot reus jiai.ttwi. Tbo prisoners nay that an attempt waa made to rally the men for tbe purpose of renewing the charge, to ac complisb which bod been maaaed a large force In Grif fin's front; but tbo men refused to repeat a.n experiment that bad proven ac fearfully and fruitlessly dJaastroua. TOR ilra.VMSIt WITH THB ICKRCL9. The enemy had the advantage -of being atle to nse ar tillery to much greater extent (ban ourselves. Wo bad only sections of two batteries engeged? Captain She) den's Company B. First- ""ew York, and'the Fifth United States artillery, l^eutonact Rittenkouse. Tie woods In our frrnt prevented using more cana in. Nearly as much los* was fvuetaiueC from tbo enet-.y's -shelka j aa from tbeir musketry. UKADgrARvnai rxt>rs rmc? Rtnuorv isrAPR o.> general viMn. Bollri shot and she'l fell about oar headqaartors rather more numerously and carelessly than they ha7? at aoy time heretofore. Oae shell, which happily did not ex plode, struck within ulno feet of where General Warren was mending. at was attested by actual oxperimeot after - wards. Two bouses near by were hi: and two luuate* of nno of these ki led by a sh^ll bursting in the cellar, where they bad (tone for reftixn. Junes Fierson, Company I, One Iluniirod and Twmty-flrst Pennsylvania, aa orderly, was hit la Hie side and lnitnatly killed. While Captain SlKidcn was putting his picces In position a shot frwn a sharpshooter tut him in tho cheek. TUB At HIKViiMKKT Of TITS THIRD DiTISlO*. In ny litt despatch I vras unable to give a full account cf the brilliant engagement In which the Third division took such gallant part. The enemy, concentrating his forcer? near He?'l)anlcsvll>, attackP'l that part of our linos occupied l>y ( rnvrford's d !*:nn,ar.d after an ol).-t:nate strnec''' w;" not only repu!r?d,bof driven Mck beyond b a intrixc?imenl3. Ear ly U the morning the I irrt division of t!.e Fifth corpi named tip the road towards Pol* Green onss mails, under the omniaml of General UrliFn. Crawford's division was ordered to support GrlQin and ' cover his Saul: as he advanced. AsGrifbn proccedr*!, en coontering nothing but cavalry pickets until bis approach to Urn Mocbanlcavillo road, Crawford moved across to the ! Richmond road, five miles from MocPaoloiVl'le. Hardin s brigade bad been thrown out to support the skirmish line, which toon berime engaged so heavily with the en?my that the brigade was moved on In support. Pee ing this, the enemy, who were formed In lioo of battle, i wailing the attack. mar-bed rapidly to the left, and tbrctv hlnr^f upon the left liauk of Uinltn's brigade, at tbe somo time threatening bis rgbl. Khchlus brigade, consisting of two regiments of be try artillery, wer? thrown out to support ITsrdln's left; but tbe enemy m red so heavy a force in the samo direction that Hardin sent back for support to General Crawford, who moved forward with the remaining brigades ?C his division. Arriving upon the fleld, Fisher's brigade wu thrown to the right, and fie entire division established cp?n a hi'.l In advance of a aklrt of woods, It* centra reallcg at tbo bonse of a Mr. Basket. tiik Rxncts ops* vros tibm. Tbe disposition had hardly been made when the eoemy opened a battery upon our line, tils lire waa directed mainly at the house, which waa ?et oa Are and burned. A sea Ion of Lieutenant Rlchardsoa'a Third New York bat ery opened In reply. idvaxci or ma nam*. At a few minutes before six o'clock the enemy, having massed hla troupe In front of our rl|<hl, moved forward to the attack. Thinking that onr right wing rested upon Ihe house, bia effort seemed to be to turn that flank. Pa gram's brigade, of Early'a division, waa on tbe onemy'a right, and Kbondea' on the left, aa they advanced , but onr men reserved their fire natll tbe enemy came within ona hundred yarda, when a terrific volley waa poured Into their rank*. oca AHTitxaar comuro ma aavm lire om jrroy rn RBM Another section of Richardson's battery had been aa Ubllshed by General Trswtord to sweep a ravine wb'ch separ aed Flahei 's and Hardee's brigade*. It opened with terrible efftct, and at the same moment a arose fire from tbe two brigade* waa poured Into the eneasy'a ranks. It was evident they bed net calculated upon any force In the woods where ruber's brigade waa loeated. aoor or tin RamtMt. Unable to withstand tbe repeated volleys, they fell back In disorder and, ran from the raid. Many of their men were taken within one hundred yarda of onr worka. Again and again the offlcera tried to rally their mea. The rebel eolora were again and again shot down, and a color sergeant of one ef tbe teglmenta waa abet almoat to plec* IIRRIi Three cornel* were killed or wonnded. Colonel Wil lie, Ninth Georgia, who commanded Pegran^e brigade, and Colonel Terrell, Th'ruwnth Virginia, were killed, and Lieutenant ( nlonel Christian, Forty ninth Virginia, wound ed and mnde pr aonor. When the enemy retired Jhe-men broke from the breastworks and took *!**?* , nr soner* 8lxly rebel dead during tbe night, and a large number | Of wounded carried to tun rear. 1 1t* aaftWtaul adjutant l geriorai o i Ramseur'a brigade wait kllM and several offi cers uf minor rani. Among the rrUon?rs were tlx oirt ! carl. our own um wag thirty-five men klllod, nine otfloor* and one hundred and ninety men wound* <1, aad three nfllcers ?n <t one hundred aud arty uicn tnrsin;.'. The Sibling was duu? by the Ktrst aud Third hrlgadus of tha division. Tho battery lott tour meu wounded aud aix horses killed and disabled, GKKERA I W MIHRH ON THR FIE! D, General Warren cume upon the ground at the close of Iba day, and wan highly gratified at the result. Colonel Christian stared t'?:?t ha liad b><>n In all thn battles in Virginia with the rebel army, hut hid uever been near such a (Ira. Colmel KUchin's brigade behaved witb great credit during the advance. U lost homily. THfi OPER1TIOIS OF THE SIXTH COUPS. ] Mr. Friincla C. Long's D??naicb. HKABlJUARTVRfl. AHMT OF TUB POTOMAC, Flvn Mum fhom Mr/ tiANicsviun. Va., Juae 2, ISM. WOVBMKS'M OF IHR MX HI CORPS. At mldnl(rtit on the 31st ult. tho Firvt an<! Third divi sions of the tfixth corps left thoir position on tlio right of oar lino and moved away In tha direction of Coal Harbor. At four o'clock the next morning (Juno 1) the second division aiHO quitted ita position !n the line, marching in tho-samo direction. UNdA .Ksir.NT wrm nre rvit*T. In the afternoon tho Bixth corps waa heavily engaged witb tho euemy, whom It Tepu^ed severely, the details of which kave not yet been obtained. Thus fnr every thing progpausea favorably, and the army 13 lo excellent spirits In cmsequence. Each succeeding di.y seems to iucrea&o tfio confldonce of our soldiers in the wisdom and aMItty cf tho generals commanding. DEPTrriTinN in Rimvom Rebel prisoners and desert era tell a weful story ef the ?reat <lr stitutlon of the poorer classes in Richmond. Tbey state that hundreds of poor families are anxiously await ing oir coming. Wheat flour ia now worth three hundred and fifty dollara per banel, and ginger snaps, sold in New York'.'our or five nor ? cent, aro sold fci P.iehmocd at one dollar each. THE BATTLE ON FRIDAY. Mr. !?? ?a<wallad?r't Despatch. Coil Horror, Juno 3, 18M. FaWARiBYIRY H0\f*KNTR. Hancock's -corps moved, night before htst, front the ? Tight to the extreme left of tee line, and rc'.icvcd the Sixth la ita jwsltkni in front of thla place. Tbe latter was deployed to tfro rlgbi to All & gap hat ween ita original ground and that occupied by the Eighteenth corps, under General Raldy Smith, which Joined this army day before yesterday, and way a> itoo of battle yesterday morning at daylight. The line w then formed had nancork cn tbe laft, at Coal Harbor ; Wright in the loft centrc. Warren In tbe right centre, and Hurnside on tbe right. Late in the evening they took poaecrelon of tbe ground we vacated in tbe morning by wovlng to tbe left flank, and were ct Vilas Farm, where general headquarters bad been the eight before. A 0?NBIUT, ASSAULT, A VIWVW IHOBT AWB A TWTORT. A general attack was order e? along tbe whale line thla morning at eleven o'clock, which resulted in one? of tho flerceet flglits of ti:e campaign. Tbe left of Hancock's corpe succeeded In tnrnhic the enemy's left, and, after a desperate reslnUnce, snceeeiti ?? carrying * portion or their Main line, capturing truir gutu, colore and many pri/ontrt. Unfortunately they were unable to bold tbe ground or bring of T the gans. Tbe battle still rages aa I write, and tbe day promises to be bloody, but fruitful In consequence. Mr. Win. H. R(ln?r'i Dtipttrh. Foktrbm Hohroi, Jan# 3, 1S04. rRXVIUI. ?Mini DBl KITS TUB RrHKK*. The news received here to-day from the Army or the F-ttotnao, via lb* Wl.Ue House, la very cheering. A di.'i'atrh frr m Gen W. F. Wraith waa received here stating that the rebel* bad attacked bis force In tlireo cok mng, and after a desperate fight wore driven oir. Oei]?r-U Griffin is reported to havo captured ?ix hundred reoo's. Very heavy firing is constantly going on iu oar front. General Grant is pursuing the enemy at every point. A SK.\IATH>5 PKI'ORT waa ctroi'ated here yesterday, and by aome boMeved to be trne. One of tbe transport* arriving from the White noii?e in th<- evening : bcardid by the curloua crwd seeking for new*, and one of the crew reper'ed tbat Flu hugh and aix hundred of his men bad been cspturod l>y Ilaldy Smith, and were ou their viny to Uio Whit? n uso. Tbe actual facts, h weter. are thut some of our cavalry captured thirty g erlllw, wli were iscut from the front to tbe tmw baro. The Waihlngian Trlrgrmnf. W?in!?';To.v, Juno 4, IfiM. The eteamer Connecticut, which left tbe White n-j;i?? at six o'clo* k yeoterdiwrraorning, reporta that Ofl Thur^d^y cfouda of amoko could bo *oon arising in tbe di rec ti >n of Hichmond, and It was bollevod at tbe While Home that a d> aitrnaa conlin >ratiou waa in progron at toe rebel capital. Seveml of the rebel wounded bro^cht np on the Con necticut, say tnat General I.<ee baa been taken sick and gone hick to Richmond, leaving the army nnder com mand of General Eweil. Kigbt hundred rebel prisoners have alretdy reached tbe Wluto House, and other* are on tbe wny down. A ootitribund camp h?e been established at tbe White Krn'e, winch alre.dy mntalna about ono lU iuaaud con traband*, and they o ?ntlnue to come in. The R vln ood and York River Railroad I* being rapl lly repaired. Tito bridge over the ramunkoy waa compltW on Thursday, an 1 care have arrived on bargee from Alexandria. Ibe first engine to run over the road la a new one, named the Lieutenant General Graat. Repair shops for the army are being established at the White flo'ise, and the place looks like % city of bmlnees. General Abercronbie is in command of tho post, aid has general supervision of the landing of troope, Ac. Captain Pitkin la post quartermaster, and tne Saaitary and Christian (.ommicslons are there in full for re, with a large amount of h< apltal supplies of every kind. A number of wounded of the Second and .Vinth army corps were reacti ng tbe White House when the Connectl cut left. Hoepilat tenta with accommodations for three or four thousand patients have been erected there. Dr. Raker, of the Rrltlah army, came np on the Con - necilcui, and aaatstcd in caring for the wounded. Among tbe wounded brought np on tbe Connecticut ware Colonel Ent, Sixth Pennsylvania Reserve*; Colonel St. Ctatr Mllholland, 8 nt.-enth Pennsylvania cavalry, ahot In the groin ; Captain H. Wlndsln, Ald-da Ckmp to General TorheM; Firat Ueutenant J. J. Chriatlancy, Aid deCamp on General Custer's staff; Captain A. R. Tower, Sixth Michigan cavalry, a!ck ; Capuia A. J. U?ch, First ?few York dragoons; Captain W. C. Hall, Second New York cavalry, and Captaia J, R. ipcocer, third Maryland cavalry, sick. The eteamer State or Maine arrived thla morning, bringing up f"ur hundred and twenty wounded from the late battles before Richmond. Tbe steemfe Connecticut also arrWed to day, having left the White House at ill o'clock yesterday morning, with eight hundred and serenty nine alck and wounded, Inclnding aixty two officers. There were quite a number of rebel woanded on board, among whom waa Colonel C. B. Christian, of the Fertyatnth Virginia cavalry, who waa ahot to the ahouider. The Third dlvls on of the Fifth army aort* paaaed through Washington tbia evening on their aray home to Pennsylvania, their time of service having expired. They comprise Ihe One Hundred *nd furiy-nlntb I'ennayi vsnl*|Rui'ktalls), and the First, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Tenth, F.eventh, and Twelfth reserves. They presented ? war wctja abearance, with tatterst) Sua. Thev ware [reeled with tit* waving of bandkorchlefk, ko. , aa ttof moved on to t ha railroad station. Ill* rgrnvn nrvisiow, xijom uokfb, hat JJ? Harry Abbott B, 31! Mo J f Horrent, O, ftft W ? I <5 C' lro? c. mounted ' 'flea K Diney, B, 17th VI i ri .HM,- o:i K, vth N 11 Q Otto. i. iHn S H C Perko. A. '?tf? VI ? Uar<h. I, X H M MuU .an, I Hint Mo M MeKo' . 1?, Slot ?? W ( arl.UjSlu Mo C U M.Jo a. !Hb * H H UrnltV k, 83d Mo U F <?o .r?o, H, <Kh *? J K {U'omllel 11 tHtb Po A tfordines, ?.9lto If Jl ?! T Purler, I. IH.I N V l.t W O t bbe'tf. Slot *? II fee, a. I7?h VI rt l''>aadoo. H.3lsl Mo R Hul.-on, II, Pa A O Varum*. II. 3Ut No Lioxl W ti Jhi Po <| ?ner H. ?th X H L W Butler. K ,wlh Mom <;o'p.I Shaffer. O, 43th Po J V Will, II -i M>? r aiM?dv. P, 31 ot Mo Motor J A Mtb Pi Cap: L ?) Dsrling. I. 9th NM .1 K?l*er, V. *kb Po A I K. Sill If R .1 Fitaell, (1, I'l'i Pa *?rirt.i'FUoldth?<attA.,.".lstlf?i I! I.owc, C. !Hb N K K ilolvomb, A. Oih M H R Duval, "tn N If S-.rgi A (i Aiines, A, Slot <; Morr :s I, ft u N II Maine J W Twooilnlc, A, IVttl Vt It V onset , A. l"lh Vt l.t?nt I an ben riou 4-Uh ''A Joliu MlU'.r, A, I71U Vt ' 'K^r in- 'si x, . Tr. , H BrMW II JM?t p? T, HPih !?? K Itarber. (I 1WM, v* r l?. \wh. rd. A. itlli Mich M A ' rat!, A. U'H',1 Vn. , ,ut .1 U folk, I, 7lh In.l berRt II. WctiuiOtiue, V, A Stviui*, D. 'ittb Mich I'Ctll !'ii II H ? lib, A, ltn.h Pn N lb a'ltnon P. 7th In.l W \ Hm th. A, 14'Hb Pa It B Uomune. I*, 7tii In<t J Tt.onitiroiitfh, t. 7tb lnd Sei"*? II H Krairi. II, ;i)?th K Turner. 7th <;n. lit bat, X Y | N I Bharpabootera I' 1' o I'd . F, ?l!h Mloh Li' ill .1 r' Vii-igliD, K.Vthlail L llnriM.'tn. E, jifilh Ml'h .1 Wh?"" "r, l ntii'ry B, l. i N Y 8?ivt w* II. .Minion, nil Oo Brtljlffv N V Sh^rpiboit*^ K y \Vfc?.'!ffr. "'th <"'o, Ut C (Jlbb?rd, A, 7th fnd bat, N V SharphootTa SK (IV n niVW.'O* V tTII 'Killl'S. Win II Col?\ F. 'it Mil :?> ivt-.'u* li?wl?, I) 12th V??? P K M ore. H. Kid N Y H-ixl Rbtl'arlf.r.O.ISibMoW P,dw llroiicr I. I?t M l I'nm W Orotn?r, D 'J7ib N V Il'.lmns it 1 1 1 llnyi pn, O, HMth H -r*t O <? HovTBri.D WlU NV N Y I I' Krunhoo fith N Y .7 Br-ltn I lirth P* J Wlnoo. P. I lib P? Corn W li n*. I{, 7th Md J Kngi'uh. D, KSd S V W II I.nrnnv, c ? 'I i Y I> Jomllnnn. li, 47tl? N V Wm MHIorii, A, Iffd'i P* *'orp VV I?i\nn. O. 83d X T W Humphry a. A, 1Mb Mana S'T t B Hi-ndPMon R.Sid XT Y <;'oinfnt, C. Cth N Y ait DA Ro'fe. P. dtli NY li?jr ort I Heel'n. A. 83d NY II Houlihan. D.6lb?Y bry ort Kdw llittch, I. !lHh P? H .1 Huntington. (5. <"3d X Y W M<'<lriilb. B N Y N?trst .1 I..irkma. I. S3d N Y ly'iil* K'norr, K. lid V Y ,T Aniond, A, C.'ld N Y iNY hrv Ort. I> Strribln, H. Rtb NY h*y Ort Corp W II Kid'n , C. S3d N Y J Pop?, H, 88th Po NEWS FROM NEW ORLEANS. Arrival of the Steam*lilp Morning; Star. Additional Details of the Great Firo Among the Shipping, Ac.. *o. Tho steamship Morning Ptor, Tapta.'n II. I* Hepburn, arrived at thiH jKirt jraalerdsy nftoroooo, with Now Or le-m dote:; fo May 23. Tbo Murning Star brings l.COO bales of cotton on frolgbt, and ITJO paa^engora; ornnnc irbnrn ore Mcsarg. J. M. O. Parlci'r, l'iwtmu?ter of New Orleans, ond C. A. Hrod.oo dcieKOtos to tbo Baltimore Con vent lun. Their families accompany thorn. Wo oro indebted to Purser 0. A. Fuller for papers. _ General Ilorroo bod retnrned to Texan to rosumtf hia eotnuiand ond General MuOcrnand wao still lying dan gerotifcly sick at Ne* Orluans. Tbo health of tbo citjr vol, however, very gootl, not a case of fever appearing. Mr. llcary Thom p?oi^i. Deipoteli. N?.w OniFU*8, May 28, 1364. ? t. trail mo ik jnr.v oiiiuns?* snimi BCRitan. About nine o'clock l?ot night ft Are very royxterlously broke out In tbe ladies' cnbin of the steamer lilock Iluwk, l ying o hhurt dlHtaoce lielnw Cun&l street. Tbe flames sprend rapidly, and when first observed, ha *1 made such headway that It was found Impossible to ext tarnish tlioua. Tbe cltv bell? ocunded tbo alarm, and in a W'iii'rt time tbo eMiro force of tbo Flro Department wm present, and britv^ly set tn work to extinguish tbo flame t> thoiigh tbey wore Informed that powder and sboilo wero ? ? biiard in largo quantities. A sti breero wus blowing down tbe Mississippi at the Mm. i, ond before the st rumors adjoining conld l>e no moored i ??d moved Into tb" centre of the river, tho flro cnrninnl *<ed to tliem also, ond tbe cun^e<inenr? wao thateiuht were iJeotroyed Tbey are as follows ? Tbo lilac * Hawk was leaded with ' government freight, and woo . * l?ovo to i.'ay. STuo was owcod by i aptal* Fulton , rrn SBanded by Captain Priclinell, ond as worth about $C?,00< V Tbe Hmptre ParUb bod on a fair freight, ond was to le *** u' sbo was owned by W. J. Itoid k Co., uud c it u ^'idcd I)V 'in Bnnchereon. she wao worth h' o jt * . 1 h" "o'^or bad been laid up for ft longtime, and . Wd no freluhl on board. Her last nero msuder w'ib r M??oin .l< h> s >n. Hlio wai v/orth about 933,000. me F ?*n hurt lust rome In irom Tbiv>dauv, and had Inst com ow^c^d tiniosdteg a f-m iroicbt wh'in ?b - c iocht tire. *>? "wuwi by Captain W. P., Oreat lio'i e, and wooer mtiKind.'d bv bim. Too ca(.!aln .<t ited that bis was rj;w>r? I " I ? '? (or hfr litot wo_?. Othora estimate her value ?' Sv'f?.WiO. f-'!ie was nnlnsnred. 1 be I'lmo .ind lid' ' fcod nearly diKoharaed a freuht of r.rdcanee storeo. ?i * w?n owned by < .piam Un raii; and commnndcd bv bim. ""h" w ,r,h about |l*i uoo. Tiie nell" I.ei> rei ?t ,t;Y arrived from t!i?> Ohio river, and was rrnbnblv ow to Cincinnati, .Jbo was com mnnded byCaritain H.i *,s- ?ndw.u? worth about $30,000. "'he hud no fr?>i^ht i n b d. Tbe New Orient s wa owned hy C R. Way aud Coptaia Mnv , ami commanded in ' ai'tiiu A ia?u?. she had a cargo, uud was worth ahmii ?* The Olle '-re(t|e h .d r n r r,?- wn!' owned by OapUIn v,.ibKter l.ont?, at tc tnuianuaa by Captain 5mith. Sb" wm ? irth alit'ti $7 . ( w Tho two r. II nntuo w ,r' !.T wr'rih about | TTi r mines or that of Uieli owners, wo woro unau u to aocartaln. rn r??nt_/:irt ?vrur i *.TO' me PrcAWsixT. Sono otter the F?wn caovl 1 (ire a tmrlbie expljs-'oa occtimd. Shells new ati i >h? ? oxpp.ded on th? F.'mpiro Tartsh ond other boa's, < 'Itboot occa donlng m'tcb alarm; but wb<"n itie enrtli n '? buildings ioirly shcok from the expl -con on the Fawi ?, and the air wim fll!e<| wllbptercsof th? wrc -k, t tian >r- s"l''?d the thousands who bad o?'?mble<i to witnee* tbo cooiiagratlon, and all ?to' ted on a Iv-e line and a rii II r 1B I'rom the uel^'bbor bood many, 1 bsileve, nut otoppi 'f tboy reocusd their borne#- ? Fortunately oo pers ma were loji ,rp" Tbe Fire licportment d??erve e? ?aclal pr? If e, a? even btroreand sfter theernl' ?lon they \ 'orked their engliy*, throwing several etresnx of ?ater upoa tho burnTnn boats. At tbe time i eli tn Hook an 1 I-artdef Compon/ woro the nearest to the Kown. and wc ** ?uro than two huo<!rfd iret diftunt Total lose, thodt 1275,000. s- srin >p?. Mentepfint .1. K Mo i?*ier, in < tiar^e o Black Hawk, stated tliot, hearing tt?e alarm or rtre, h ' rBn towards tbo Rlai k Hank: that as be wa? about to g> 'on board, soil hefore he bad crooa'd tho nanguray plani ? * Wan, rtife nmg witti groai speed, brusued by hitn. He coiUsl oftot him, but ho ran at such speed that he wa '.i**on ?"1 reach He was ore^niMl In black , wiib a y? *?* duwr.g black slouch hot, and was of medium alio. Mr. Wm. loans'* Deep?t< ,(l* ?V?w Oaraaxa, La., May ?# J W vnrraitT nrreMruicrca. Thera !a but little nilntiry ini?:iiKcnre to be transmit ted from thi* 'lepartniout by tbe aUa:u"r which *""* to day. The new dlnpoaiti'.n of troupe d.rinn tbo '<?'! ?? cnmpalgnln# K would bo improper to mention. It "ol eoniribaad to *um, howercr, tlioy art ao ' die tribute* aa to aflbrd eecurltv at var'oua point* an- 1 t ' ?o joy a ??? is. in >.r rn- ? ?ft. r the aevere marcbee, turd fl4 Thl? Ing and rriwjuent eklrmMinr tun umrann nn.rriav rvrntrrr. In the Laflavrche ml. Haty dtatrtet General McXell \f creating for hitn -ell a good reputatl' n for energy and efB ciency. Pereotiaiiy ho I* here and there and everywhere, and fre<iu?ntiy ln*|*via the military poeta la bla dlatrlcl, with ? new to promoting i bo beat mteraata of the set* *ioe. We we from Cairo. MConmY or rtjRuc mokkt at mound oitt? obi> a in o? rn? firji at that town, rro. Cairo, June 4, ISM. Thro* aafea were In-day recovered from the wrick of the nara>wharf hoal burned at Monnd City. One of them, Paymaster Iiunn'a, conuined $1?8,000 In gne? eon<Mtion, though rather damp. Theoonteota ef another, amounting to several thousand dollar#, were raised, except ibe book*. which were eomewbat charre?. Admiral Porter attribute* the org n of the Are at Mouad City to a atroke ef lightning. Paymaater Bogga remain* In a very critical condition. Fhon id he recover II m feared mat be will toaa lb* uae of hla haoda. Captare ef (be Biockiait* II tanner Cale? deala Off Wlinla|lea. WaaauunoN, June 4, 1W4 The !*avf pepartmenl baa received lofcrmatloB of tkd carplure off Wilmington of the eteaaser Caladoala. ?h* la a aide-wheel ateamer, very long, three hundred and tevnmeea toea burthen, built and reglatered m Quebee id IHM, and w*a owned by A. Keitta, Jr., of Hallfa*, wb4 acta ae a?ent for the rabele at ^ leeoaiP** **" ?alla4 trom Uuaenatowa for wuouxto*

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