Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 5, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 5, 1864 Page 2
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Financial and commercial. Saitrpat, June 4 ? 6 P 11 Hie transaction* at the Stock Exchange to day were ua ??unity light, and price* aj am fell off Ctniaed with tt>e .alee >t I be first board vetlarday, Sew York Central dixltn.d H, Krle K <ilwa? f, Hudsou U|v*r )?, Michigan Houthom ltj, lllto- it Central Catena aud OhicigJ 2, Chicago uud Rock laa. d Pitu&urg and Port Wayne 1, Chicago u4 Northwestern 3\. (julc?i?ilver MmiogD^, and Mar.puaa ^ Kru pro/erraJ, Uarlein , Roa<i iu? aud Cleveland and Pittsburg mud Iba same Pacific Mail ad v^tjce.l 1 per cent ud Cumberland Coal 2t? Ax u* lal on Saturday*, tbere wat no second meeting of the Hoard. Government recurluea were dull at the following quo tation ?Coupons of 1-iSl, 113*4 aeren thirty Treasury tiotea, 110, 0rt (?Htiei, 106, curroucy certiQcat*, U8 and lb* coupons of IS' 5, 180. Gold wan steady at 1IK> V 10 191 Vbe steamship City of lultlmore took out $?18,930 in apecte, and tbe America $66,600. Tba follow ing-is tbe report of tba trtpaac lions at tbe Pub Treasury to day ? .Amount on band $23, If 4, 244 tleceipis irom custom* 110,000 I'rem oilier source* 6,037,666 ToUl $28,811,800 Payment* 1,T91,716 Balance $20,620,094 Tbo U'tal value of tbe import*, olber than dry goods and *|?cte, at this port during tbe week ending June 1 waa $4,263,060. Tbe Director or tbe United Btatea Mint at Philadelphia baa made tbe follow lug report for the month of May:? DM-oeim. CfOd deposits from all source* $204,266 07 Stiver depoaiu, luctudiug purchases 8,979 71 Total deposit* $213,246 81 cold o nyAi.a. Ao. qf I xroft. Value Double englos 8^)oO $179,000 00 Fine bar* 44 41.666 67 Total 8.994 $220,606 67 BIL'. kH Dollar* 8,600 ? $9,500 00 Half do'lars 26,800 13,400 00 tine bar*. 7 616 10 Total 36,307 $22,616 19 OOPFICK. Cents 3,900.000 $39,090 00 3'wo cent piece* 25,000 6l>0 00 3,926,000 39 ,600 00 1 RKCAI-ITULATIO* iVriw. Value 6 094 $220,566 07 Gold coinage 22.M6 1# Stiver S',5O0 00 Copper ' *' ' , 3,9;9,301 $252,681 S6 Tbe following abstract of company reports shows the coal tonnage for tbe Pennsylvania season, u oompared with tbe correspond lug tiuio last year.? ? . This Season. Last Sttunn. Increate. Coynfanxu. 1 419 162 1,390,645 19.61 1 Retdmut Railroad 1.41. ? 457 30,430 WU" H t?}*? 3*62 I?:ilgb \ alley KB 1 ? 676.279 37,50.'. l^bUb Navigation .... 61S.r? - ,,7 ;(28 29,654 Delaware At l*c~awauna 4 , io?\6?0 84,266 Delaware and Uu-lson.. 140. Mt l? ^ Pennsy lvania Coal M.W ^ # ? Pbamokm K? 3S8 22,402 Broad Top .yg so ,662 7 ,023 I.y'.eii* Valley 38.486 ^ '' ToUl 3,443,146 8.253,800 205.781 Tbe receipt* of tbe Illinois Central Railroad during May were a* follow*:- >191,753 Bales or land 123,1-11 Collections 414,372 $729,256 Total stock 4-13 JO A. M. $moo PW*5?eou,?ni 1JJC D5 tester: ggfflB:::::::: SSHi^wiipacttB 77 ioj) ^;;;;;;;;;;b;6iw'4 4?00 Krie ?!> Wt# bds. 114^ liW ^ '? ia HR 94 ?MX, Oh . Bur.VUS ?. lin ISO Mi.b ?o ? 20ttf'Cht 4 NW 1?? ?** ?*> *W o ,s;f;,ws?5? 'Jj* 'e U::::=-M S'? Kft'tt." 18 K,c?..4? ?>-??:;: iiS JO Bkof Nortti 111 ?> ?a b? lta'i 100 Cantoo t-'puipaoy 41 06 iia\,na 4 Chi KB 14S ift'O Penn t-?ai Co.... -10 do tU ?W Cumb Caal pref . . . . Cleve. Col A Cm KB 166 lOIW v . gikM' eve X To\e?l<? RK }*7 J*** do"" KiH 40?) CHi<??o k ftk I KH 112 US ^ S <o. ^ 51 Lehisb * Sua c.* 12 100 do ? 1 1 i Hi 2 0 Oopake 1 row Mine*. 11 R*> Ill v 200 Mtn JJtnlng co ... fj ? ^ ^ A ** ** ? *i*i q uiver MtatoVOo. 7* JSJ puu.d?i'if * r BR 115 100 tVj om Val Co.. CO. g i It ?? KB ft:;::::::::::. A ? ?. Su 26 r*cM Mall S8 Co 287X df| ;; bl0 *5? y:::. aix ioocw* nwpref ? iSht(>?bb.:.v... ? w '? ill) do ?'*'*? rJ-wj do . 90 1110 Brie Bit J * JJ2? do . * S Brie BB pref"-.::: *t0 Marietta * C ltt praf 70 B0 MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. XarrM. Bishot? HAimmn.? On Vtdirttr, June 1. at the Thirteenth *troet Presbyterian church . by tbe Rev. Ik fturcbard. J. Adams Bianor to Built, daughter of Charles A. ilaoford, Esq., ail of tbis dtf . No cards ButccwBUy? Carst.? At Key West, Ha. . on Saturday, May 28, by tbe Rev. u. K. llerrlck, Acting Assistant Pay inaeter Wm. C. Blacswbll. United Slates Navy, to Miss Jswts A. Carst , daughter of C. W. Carey, of Key West. Baltimore iwpern ] lease c<py. imwNmo? ' oliw ? on Thursday. .Tune 2, at At. Paul's church. Glen rove, L. I., by the Rev. Mr. Mallsby, Mr f. Frank Do*m*o to Mis* Fuzamciu, daughter of .-amuel Chios, Ks'i , of tbe former place. Lwrron? Clarke. ? i 'n Ibursday, Jose 2, Christ church, by tbe Rev. F. C Ewer, Johs Ljvdiosto* Ijmtoii to MIm Lktiua E. Clark*, daughter of the late Mori eon Clarke. I.bohard? McOaiiiil ? On Tuesday svenlng, Msy 10, st the residence or tbe bride's uncle, by tbe Kev. James V cM ahoo , Trrrxcb Ijobakd to EuJta T MoCahiix. No cards. Albiny papers please copy. ? Bsn*.? At the Oongropstional church, W|). too, (Van., on Thumdsy, June I by tbe Kev. Dr. Hat field, Rev. Aim Nrm:itt, of Treraont, N. Y., to Miss Iramckra Bm?, of tbe former rises. 0?<:noi<? I win.? On Thursday, Juns 2, by tbe Rev. RdarardJO Flarg, D. IX , <?' n.nwrr K Osooon to Emma Gn. TRCDs. eldest duighter of James C. I>erby , ali of this city. No cards. ( PCoxmm? Bsa pixr ?On Moods?, March 28, by the Rev William Everett, Jamb Charms O'Cowh to Bi.Asms, only daughter of James M. Bradley, Esq., all of tbisTity. Hm. Fra&ctMO (Cal ) and Hartford (Oonn. ) papers plssss copy. Died. Acftts ? On Saturday, Jane 4, Jacob M Arsrn, In tbe 7 2d year of his ace. Itie relatives and friends of the family, els') tbose of bis soo-ln law. H. 8 Archer, are Invito to attend tbe fune ral, irtmi hi* late rssKlenre. No. -j&i Broome street, this (-'undsy i afternoon . at two o'clock. HIS remains will bs interred In w rosewood Cemetery. Bvnsa. ? On Friday, Jons I, Joan Baxter, aged 28 years. Mis remains will be taken from bis late resldeooe, No. West Twenty .fourth street, tbls (Sunday, afternoon, st two o'clock, to Calvary Coroetery. Tbe friends ai.d acquaintances are luTltrC to utteod. Ciamk- At New Brishlon, S. I., on Siturday, June 4, J'wrrn, twin son of Rutherford, Jr., and Susan 1). Clarke, aged 2 yesrs, 1 month snd 19 daya Tbe re'attves and frlesds of tbe fkmily are Invited to attend Uie funeral, tbis (Sunday) afternoou, at three o'clock, from tbe residence of (*ptatn M. Oox, New Rrighton. Tbe remains will be Interred in St Peter's Cemetery, 8 L Ed n burg and Glasgow ( -rotland) paper* please copy. IitiAVT.? Ob Friday night, Juue S, suddenly, Mrs. Pai.Awr, a native of "lanneyketinev, county Trpperary, aie-i |?risb of i < muses, yueeos county , Ireland, in the 08th yeir of iMf Agl. The friends snd relatives are Invited to attend tbe funs ral.tbis (Sunday) afternoon, at half past two o'clock tr?a> the residenoe ol eon. John Pelany, N?. 1M> a eiioe B. corner of Tenth street Her remains will be taken to Calvary remoter/ llrr an ? On Friday, June 8, Mamoirst, tba beloved daughter of William and Margaret Hellex, aged 1 var and 3 days. The Irteods of tbe family are respectfully Invited to niiettd tiae (aaerai. from tbe residence of ber parents, coroernf Vanderbiit and Hushing h venues, Brooklyn, this (Sunday, allemo- n, at two o'clock. HAtux<n ?Suddenly, at Homers, N. T., on Saturday, June 4. sf Slmheria, daughter of Kobert and Father Hal lack, aged 7 years The Funeral will take place tbls (Sunday) afternoon, at three o clock ' Hon*- Pled from bis wooods, on Saturday, June 4, Sergeant uuRi.a? Fit irraa, Company r, Tsntb New York Voienteers, aged 30 years and ? months. Tbe friends of tbs family ara respectfully invito u> attend tbe runerni. m Monday efleraoen. at two o'clock. Irum hm lau real deoee.No. MM Franklin street. beblin papers please copy. Jshwisqs ?On Friday morning, Jane ), Jamw W Jb mns . m tbe TMk year of kls age. ^ The relaMvse and friends of tbs family ars respectfully Invited to attoad tbe funeral, without further aotiee from his lau rsetdenoe. No 147 Laurent street, this (Sua. day) afteraeoo, at two o'sleck. Lassos. -On Friday, June 8, al his residence. Bulls ferry. New Jersey , Laubmoi Losoi, is tbs 09d year of TVs friends sad rsiatlvse are respectfully Invited to st ?end the funeral, this Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock, ?irltkont farther notice Lram fM Astardar mors tag, Just 4. Mimub Liom. the beloved wlf* o t Maartoe 1.700*. la tba 37th y?ar of bar ag?, ? n*?'v* #r w**'ord, Ireland. May her soul real in p*a?*. Ttx relatives aud friends are respectfully irviieJ to attend Urn Mineral. Irom Mr Lata imI lettoe Nu Oliver 11 r-fi, ?a Mondty aU#rauoa, at two o'clock. Her rf m.i n* will be tak<>n to Calvary Cemetery for inMruie.<t. Wot ord {Ireland) i-apers p.eata oopy. Menu ? <m .Saturday, June 4, k 1 l? Faua*. wife of Ixtwxrd Murine. a native of the i.iriah of I^ckblea, county We.?iiu#ilb, Ireland, in tbe 40lb year of ber ate Her frwo is and tb ae of ber liusbuud are roa|?ctully re uenod 10 attend ibe funeral, from her late re? idence, 209 Fasl Twel'th street, on Monday after noon, at two o'clock. without further invitation. Moim. ? t>n Krnlay , June 3 Mm. Mrminv Her relatives and friends. also those of ber daughter* . Ju ia and tlary . are respe. tfuliy invited to attend Ibe funeral) from bt. Peter's church, Barclay street, this (Sunday) afternoue, at two o'clock. Ma'iikws. ? On Saturday . Juno 4, Wimiaw A. Mathswh, a native of Franca, of paralysis, In the 6#tb year of bis age. An honest man, a sincere friend and affectionate htnbind Tbe relatives and friend* 01 the family are requested to atteud tbe fuoernl, irom bm late resideuce, 141 Ka?t Tbir tleth street , ou Tuesday alt* moon, at two o'clock. Troy papers pletso copy. PiargR.? On Friday, June 3, Henry William I'.KrrR , the beloved son of U. D. and Gretje l'ieper, aged 2 years ami 0 m nth*. ibe ir lends and relatives of the family are respectfully invlied to attend the fuueral, from the residence f bis parents, 251 East TwelHto street, this (Sunday) afteruoou, at two 0 dock. Tbe ramaina will be taken to Lutheran Cemetery lor interment. l'AA,Mstt. ? Ou Friday, June 3, Pnn 8. Paijisr, in tba S6tli year of his age. Tbe relatives and friends of tbe family are respectfully requested to attend Ibe funeral thu (bund i.v ) morning, at half-past Dine o'cleck, front his late residence, No 102 Kast Fourteenth street. Ibe remains will be taken to New Kochelle for interment. Randoli a. ? On Friday, June 3, after a long and painful illness, Wm. 11 T Rakpolih. in the 20th year o< his age. The friends of tbe family are rospectfully invitod to atteud the (uneral, from the residence of bis father, N?. 75 1 Aureus street. Ibis (Sunday) arterooon, at four o'clock. His remains will betaken to IV bito Plains for interment. JStkkhs.? One Saturday, June 4. Asm Acopsta, only (Ttiigbier of the late lie >r?e aud Mary Steers, aged 10 yea/*, 7 mouths and 20 days. The relatives and friends of tbe family are respectfully Invited to atteud the funeral, ou Moudxy afternoon, at t we o'clock, from the residence af ber step father , George G. Lako, 02 Second avenue. Thomas.? On Friday, Juue 3, Et.t.m Barclay, daughter 01 Jobn and Jano Thomas, aged 1 year and 11 inonilis. The ITieudsof tbe larnily nie respectfully invited to attend the (uneral, irom the residence of her parents, 102 MaUisou street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at balf past two o'clock. Tbe remains will be taken to Greenwood Cerne tery for interment. WiLiiiiffl On Friday, June 3, at Tremont, SKAnrar Mrt'ijtiuiM, son of Morns and Martha Marilia Wi.kins, aged 1 year and 7 months. Ibe luueral services will take pUoe at 81. Paul's cburch, Morrisama, this (Sunday) alternoon, at one o'clock, imm -dintoly after the morning service. Wight. ? of consumption, on S*turdar,JuueV Adri.aidi A., wile of Amherst Wight, Jr., and daughter of tbe late Dun 101 S Grisuold, in tbe 27tn year of her age. Ibe funeral will take place from hor lata residence, 211 iv est Kifueth street, on luosduy afternoon, at one o'clock. S HJ PPiNG NEWS. *uiaiiao re* *aw tou-tiii dat s ptsr.s 4 2) ) moow skis eve 8 s bits 7 27 i muii waxku eve y Fort of Sew York, June 4, 1804. CLEARED. Steamship Westminster (Br), Glover, Liverpool? Williams A Gi.ion. .iieau??hlp Columbia. Karlon, New Orleans? 8poflord. Tl leamn .v Co. 8team? :p Ijocuat Point, Hoffman. New Orleans? H B Ciomwe 1 A Co, SfamaMp Kiirbanks. M' rshon. Washington? Jas Hand Swtnsbm Po.omac. Wllaetts. Portlaud? U B Cromwell A Co. Slup '.aiera. Lear lit, Nrw Orleanr? W A A Nel-on. Kara Ma.dsi na, Dat , Aspinwail?Pauama Railroad Col Bark Ulna Mc'OuaU (Br). Morion, Aspinwall ? F Schmidt Bark Kli/a ( lir>. Souper. >aiuu-r T Montell k Harto. Bark M k. Lockliart iHr), Lockliart, Cow Bay? D K De wolf. Brie Henrietta (Br) Hartus. Greenock? Gordon, Bruce k McAulinr. Brig Victoria (Norw), Lockster. Ouecustown? Punch, Melncke A Wendt Brig Velocity < br), Parrell. Havana? T A K Webster A Co. Brig Flylna Kacle ( Br), Mion, Matanzss? J K Ward * Co. Brig Lady Washington (Br), ilmri-on, at Jolin, NB? P I Nevlus It Sons. Bilg Krergreen (Br). Newell, fit John, NB? A Smithora. Schr Ncieo (i'ort), Almeida. Oporto ? I Osborn. Schr John Ne.aon (Br). N'ei on, Maitland, N8? J P Whit ney t>clir John Sanderson (Br), Carroll, Halifax? H J kC A Dc.voif. Sclir Sarah Caroline (Br), Hurst, Summeralde, PEI? B P Buck t Co. Bohr K A Conklln, Norton, Washington? L Kenny. Solir N J Hr*'-" ? Millrkin Washington? L Kenuy. fijhr '.V Alii n, Cra itner. Washington ? F J Ca'iibeiL Sclir II Ma . mi. r \\ asltinUon? K J Oarnfoell. Schr Rainbow, 8iii th. Jia tl'iiurn? T A B Webster A Co. So r H Hickman, ? ? . S.mdy Hi'l. Mil? A 0 Haveoa Schr H C Ku-ael. Hudson, tsanay Hill, Md? A C Havens. Schr Hrandywlne Corson Fhilade ;>hta? J W MoKeo. Sclir Mount Hope, Ken sum, Kookland? W S Brown A Co. Sclir Plane'.. Den not, Portland ? W 8 Brown A C<>. Kehr S Waterman, Chase, New Bedford? Ferguson A Wood Scl>r Col Ellsworth, Rowe, Gloucester? R P Buck A Co. Sc hr Julia A Decker. Diverton. Boston? J V liavtlatid. Bchr S UHiuun, Crowell. Boston? S VV t.ewls .t Co. Schr Jount Llnd, Grave*. Bo ton? W 8 lirown A Co. Schr La" son. Snow, New Haven. SciirJonuJ W lisle, aamrnia, lJartiord? H 8 Racked A Bon. S. hr J P Bogg*, Bogg-. ? ? ? Moreai A Parker. Moor Caroline. V'a^iaii.e, Dightnn ? H S Racket! A Son. Bloop Harvest, Curtis, Providence? I. Kenny. Sloop H stannsrd, Wright, Harifnrd ? H 8 Kackett A Son. Steamer Petrel, Doris Bean I'ort? Murray <x Nephew. Steamer Y W Hrtine. Foster. lis t more. Steamer Novelty. Sh*ar. Philadelphia. ARRIVED Steamship Moraine Star, Hepburn. New Orleana, May 2& via Havana :tOtl>. with mrtse and pawencers. to J A Raynor. Steamship Masai:. -as Llssgaog. New Orleans, May 16, with uulae and pas- .-ni."?. to T A?encio t t;o. Steamship He Moluy (U 8 transport), Sampson. Fortress Monroe .it nours. w.tu 3UU sick and wounded soldier*, to V S Wunrtermaater. Steam ah ip Karnak (V S transport). Thrane. A>xandr:n ?la Kortreaa Monroe, J6 hours, in ballast, to U 8 Quarter master. Barn saga (.torw), Hanson. Bordeanx, 46 days, with mdse to Holmboe A Balehen. Bark Paraee (new, A -n tons), Baker, Bath, 6 days, in bal last, to J 0 Baker A Co Brig Ro>e iot Snnder'and). Piper, Shle'.da. ro dnjrr, with mdse, to Barclav A Livingston Hal weate ly Rales most of the passage . lost l'oretopmast and sprung mai n topmast. Brig Selma (Bwe), Larscu. Port Albeit, Enij, 2a days, witft railroad iron, to Funcb. Melucke A Wendt. Bnu Reauiner (Kr) Ohancherre, Bordeaux. 07 days, with wine, braodv, Ac. tn H Monluu Brig M-<ria (of Bermuda . Kins. Para. IS days, with rub tier Ac, to Bnrdttt * Kverett. 23d ult, off Barbados, spoke L' 8 steamer Powhatan, cruising for the rebel steamer Flo rida; received from her a letter bag. h i Ig heacle (of London). Sutton Harbor Briton, NP, IS days tn ballast, te Howland A AepinwalL Schr C rus Possett. Uodgdon, Bdzabethport for Ports mouth. Schr Celeetia. Rankin. Elljabethport for Hartford. IchrCIt* l'omt. Mathews, Lli/abethport for hewnnrrport Schr Olt've Brancu, l!ukin-. Kllrabeihport for Bo ton. 8<-nr Dwlght. King. Biddeford In uays. Rcnr Mary C Terbeil. Handy. Ho-ion Schr C Tliomas, Prencott, New Bralord. Schr Alexander Henderson. Burgess. Uloucoster for Ptilln delphta. Sohr G a WortMey. Lorm^. Varmouth. S'-n, r Isabella, Maker. Kaluiouth. Schr Naus< t. Snow Orleans. Schr Lucy Robtnaon. J >i>es, Fall River. Scnr A Panco-t A O Wheaton. Christy, Fall Rlvor for Al bativ. Scbr Carbon. Johnson. Fall River. S<hr Hudson, Harding. Chatham. Schr Pioneer, Daniels. Welllh-ct. Schr Chose Mills, Providence for Port Ewea. Schr BnMidjrw ne. Hnrt. Providenne H<br Daniel Webster Perry, 1'rovidenee. 8chr A M Acken, Hnle. 1'iovlrience for Aibanf. Sehr Bra, Kortaup. Providence. Bchr Moselle, Young Proviience. Schr lustice. Ta? lor. Newport for Etirabethport. Schr 8 P uodwin. Hotb ?. hew Haven for En zuheth port. Sclir Km?ia A E len. Brewer. Hartford for Bondout. 'ichr H P Kly. Siokeo. Myatte. Bchr John R MeFee. Johnson. Hnntington. Sloop Oregon R >oades Provileooe. steamer Detrcii (U S tisnsport). Thompson, Portress Mon roe. ZH> hourr. in ballast to U S Uuartei mnster. Steamer t < adwallader. I'eanon Ra'tlmore. steamer K N Fairetiild. Trout. Phlla<1elpbla. Steamer Geo ge 1) Stout. Williams. Philadelphia. ?learner Concord. No-J' an. Philadelphia. ? Pelican, Waldron. Previdouoo. BELOW. One bark. 8AII.RD. M? Steamers Boston, Melvllla; barks Alonxo, H D Brook* man, Cerella. Despatch, A M el K ader. "Ce-elle. New Or. leasus; hri'.s Kathenne, Peri.'la. Mateppa. sehrs Anna Bo ph a. Addio E Barnes, Francis. Hanover. A lleaton. ?'.h? steamxhlps City of Baltimore. Amcrtca, Caledonia. Weetmtnster. Columbia, and Locust Point. Wind at eunaot S. Ullseellnneoni. Brmiasnir Crrr or B?t.n?on*, Cnpt Ml rehouse, of the Inman line, sailed yesterday for Quoonetown and Liverpool. Ermansnir Wa.Tnii.sTKR, Capt Olover, aa.ied yesterday for Liverpool. * G^sfow*"" CiL"DO!"ik* r?tjt Craig, sailed yesterday for Srr 4?snir AMtatra. Capt Wessela, sailed yesterday for Southampton and Bremen. Srr anamr Akitt, Capt Jones, mlled on Frtday for Atpln wall. S-mawsntr OoLCnatA, Capt Barton, sailed yesterday for New orioana Srr ?n>mr Locot Point, Copt Hoffman, called yeste rdnr for New Orleaos. Baan Lacohia, fr?m Boeton for Georgetown. DC, ro t'.rned to B 4th Inst. In distress, having lost fore*and ml' ten topmasu during n oqunll on the night of 1st. oif Cape Cod. Buo Sna lark, of and for B"sion from Reuvitns, went nahore morning of 2d in't on Tnckermuck Hhoal, bat came off soon nfter without damage, and proceeded. ftenn 0?w Rakks. from Oreenpolnt for Bangor, while pro ceeding through Hail Gate yesterday, la tow, without ? pi.ot strurk on the North Brother, knocking part of her shoe of and receiving other damage. She was subee<|iientlv | 't off and lowed to Port T' * foet of water in the hold. Bene Warna Witch. Boll, from Newborn, arrived at Bal tlmore Slat nit, and would go on (be marine railway the next day lor examination, having run over an anchor on the bottom while coating out of Hatteraa Inlet, breaking eon Ire feonri, Ao> Ipekcn, Ac. Sshr J True man, from Mow Bedford for Bahamas, May 1% tat M A ion 74 10. Persign Ports, Aimrnnr M%y 19? In ppit ship* Wandorer fHano), Mah mona, for Beetoo Mth; North America Collier, for MTorfc Ellen (Br ), Rlokmors, for do loot of May; Pavor ta. " " ma. for Ml Brown, for do Juno It: Anna (Haao), Venoma, for do sooas br ? Kama (Pre a), aehonrogg. for do. CALcrrrA, April 29? Arr prevlona ship Radiant, Caaaa, Liverpool ; bark Annie ? Sherwood, Thompoon, Hakodadl ( Aati??as_Msy M->Arr brig Alpine (Br), Kilima% NTork) 27th aehrTw Paiiand, Liseoink, Key Wool Bid MU, eehra Caspian, Partridge, BoOton , Saran B Jam*. Rale. Philadel fH>a.*th, br gsBPrlnoe (Br). Troop, Row Torki R West, ^?itrhings, do. Ciewrnaooa. May 21.? An hark Caihar'ne Bolbvook (Br), UgiawaUi 2M. WM.4sa4M ffttt, Bfqr^ Mtb," brig William k Huf. Joiiu, A apt D wall. ecbr Dirt go Kumaali. da 8drW, UrU-i Clara Rohbras <Br>, RYort.IUh, ?!?rfjr Parker ( Br). Baltimore . ??th. bark Elllngwood Elltngwood, Pbiladelph a; 8 W H'dbrook, K York. * Vrat, April SD-Arr bart Ac? o, Stlriera. BoMoa. li*?*Nv.Ma) If'? Arr sieinia Ip Meuco, Cro > eiU N ' ork , W-tb. aatir J J Pkilbrick. H'iUqh lev Weal; JTih. ei|?*eb? Oorswa (Bri. Le Measurler, Mlork via l*i*e?*u. brit * ?? Hunrr (Br) Heruatd, K York; 30tb. sieviier Dei'i'tgl" (Fr), Godfrey, Mobile. I 8ld Mth. bsrk E1'a AMk (Br). Brown. MTork; br? Unt- 4 corn ( Br), tSuiltb, Boston, 2vih, bairk J Uodfiey, Lt.-oola, NYork Mataxzab. May 25 ? Arr brig T W Rowland. Marwiek, Ke West; 26t!i ship B Ay mar Carver, NYork ? Bid MiU. bark* Texan, Houatoa. Hand- Hook; ?*? Marjr her|tle., t lark. Remedot; B W Diuu.niund (Hn. and N York , Washington Butcher, Collin , NYorn: Jtilli Bri ers, Meant. NYork; Stella. Gooding; Dee; :<(cdt (Ir), ttro tier and Euterpi w. Ortndle, do: hobo Uafmoai Ba'ii inore; 2H:b bark Ha lie Metcaif, Aiatu NYork; si" li L Wed more, I'arrell. do M vtAoutk., Ma* I'.i? In tort brlgThoa Turrell, Thorn peon, for M?w Haven; acbre Albert Treat. Kennard. for V w York unit day ; Edward Lame> ei Ooibant, irom Newbury l-ort, die*. _ MAi?it*K:i.M>, Cub*, May 17? Arr brig Avotetta (Hrh Ing ham, N York. Bid 2l?t, bait Joale Nicholae, Wichoiat, Mew Tork J Nbi.'tita*, Mav 91? Arr brig Phillip Larrabet. Ds' le*. Ha Tana Bid IBUi.'biig be? Lark, lio.ion; 21st. ?<?!,'? udola, Whetmore, NYork. '-TU. 1! ?-sties*. Mitchell, Portlaol Paha, May Ifi? No vea ell to |>ort. Bamia Mav 28? Arr bng- Richmond. Powers K".* Weal; F.lien Barnaid. Collins. Havana: auhr Bailie J All*0- O0<1 frey, Key Weal, 2td. l>ark Restless iBr). Unity- Havana. Sid 24th, brij! Fann e Lincoln, Hard 'nun. PhUjde'phla; 2.-itb, bark Mi ton fuller NYork; brigt lien M?rshaM. Sta pes Baltimore; Siika, Brown, Phllade'pMa; C Mathews. Provideoee, ecbr ISdua Harwood, Har^ood, Bal timore. ?t-Johm, NB, June 4? Arr thip Northampton, Murae. Mew Orleana. Tbimi>ad. May SO? Arr barka Haneoa Oregorv, Oreeory. Aaplnwall; Sid, J Alilera (Olden), Hcbtvch-bei, MYork. Anidrlran Porta* BBW ORLEANS Mav Jl? Ar<- ateamshlpe Rt M*rr, Bar* tow, Pas.8 t'avatlo, Hu.'zar, Allen. Key Writ; bark Our Un ion. Nicker on. Philadt-'phta; brig* H S Hmory, tircge, Our den an; Julia. Kmitb, Kabiue Pain - : aohr I'alla'uiar,, Connor, Havana. Old brig-. E U Tiller, Holme*. Philadelphia: Katl ca (Ana), An.lrlaniich, Muraei let: frchr? Lottie Bunkt r, Havana, Kmily, Curt*, NYork; Sylvia, Couistock, Mat* moroa. Arr lurk Snrah L Bryant, Lane, Bottom br'f J R riaier, Ke^ert NewL?nd >n; ?chrs Blv rOueen oir Te*at coaai; Cieo Rorcik, Bib/ok Bantiago: Island Be'le, Elder eon, Malamorna. Pianei, Ohandler. Matamoroa iKhl? Arr aclira Geo W Orice, Swain. Malaninrot; Joven Maria tMev), Hr* anionic*. Matamorot; 8 V Jaicetoa, Jamptoo, Kockland. 28lh? Old lurks Turenne (French), Bernlard. Pordeau*; Dretdea. Reed, Philadetph.a: acbr Camilla. Bfta, Mat* noroa. 26ih? Arr O 8 aiipplv ateomthip Admiral, Eaten, SY'ork, vIh C'>n-t of Tevaa Cld ahlp L.anoastrr. Decan, Philadel phia bark Bradiord, Cablna, NTork- actua 8 Sawyer, Oa mace. Matamorua- Lui (Hex). Drat. do. 27th? Arr aliln ilayliower,' loodw n, Portland. Mi?; ech B-ti Willis. Wei a, Brown*ville. Heiow.comtaf, up. bark Genesee Hclow, at Qiiaraullne, brig J Kaphacl (SpnnlKii). fro.n Malaniorae; aebrs Durt (Br), Irom Y'cra Orni; Lnuina, from TaiiiijIio: I*ab?lla (M-exican), from Malumoroii; Caro toe i Kr), form do; Rock}- lliil ; from do; Mane Corlstv, from do; Ellen Wood . Hansen, from do. Cld ahlp llnrrei. Mooney. M? tan 'ta.; barka Tillie Van Name. Cook. I'liiladelpliin; Axle Mmeure(Krencli): Mat'.hienr.iHavre: Commercp, Robinson, >'atan7.a?; brig Julia, Smith, l'hilidnlphia ; schrs John Lin thra 1. Penny, New Y'ork; Daniel Bimraon<<, Ilall, Hare rch Port. Macs. Geo W Orlce Bevaln, Rualan Inland: Lizzie RavmuHd (Br). Matamorot, (-loop Romeo. Abbott, do. Tawed toso? lith. *ti p St Feier: I rig* M Day. and Darim; 10th, bark lildo Kimball; brlga Temoest. and Alex Blue. 8ITIAT10M WASTED- FE.HALES, A NUMI1KR OF WELL RKCOMMBMDED GERMAN f-inalc* want tilualions aa cookt. cbambermaldt and lhun,lie>.i?)s nur^pa. glrla for general housework. Ac., at Mra. LOWK'S Gorman lnttilute, 17 BUuiton at., near ibe Bowery. _ ,, LADY WANTS TC GO OUT TO BRW BY TUB DAT. Applr al !3 i^ 19th tL, first Ur>or. A A HEALTHY MARRIED WOMAN, HATING LOST hcrchild. Is anxiout to obtain a child to wet nurse; tho best reference can bs given. Apply at 2i>0 5ilh at, be tween 7ik aud Sib avs., in the ehoeuiaker'a. A 8 GOVERNESS, COMPANION OR HOOBE'XERPRR? A lady, who la fully competent, desire* a *ituatlonin either capauiiy. or would lake the charge of a house dm- ng the family's absence for the sum. nor Con?eu*al on not to much an obj'Ct a* a liom?. Address Mra. Lee, box 3U0 lie raid olliee. Kelcrem-ea eschaaged. A YOUNG GERMAN LADY, WHO 8I>EAR8 THE Knglish language wisiies a situation with a respecta ble family u* a companion to tlie lady or lo mind grown cblldien. Can be seen for three days between 10 and 3 o'clock at 133 West 4?b st AN AMERICAN WIDOW. WITH TWO CHILDREN, would like a situation to go in the country to do gene ral housework; a kood home preferred ; good reference given. Call at 300 West -Uih tL. corner 10th ar. SITUATIONS WANTRD-FOR THOROUGHLY COM peuint female help of ail nations, for the difl'erent branches of housework In city or country. Apply al Ibe large Emp oytnent Huuae, corner 6ln ave. and llth at. Also, male help WANTED.? A LADT. FULLT COMPRTENT TO TAKE tli e charce of a first das* hotel, would like to maxe arraogetiienn as housekeeper; either In or out of the city ; small compensation required. Address Mra Clarence, Herald otlioe. WANTKD? BT A FIRST RATE DRESSMAKER. A gltuatlon a* se& bjr the mort'i or permanent y; can cut and lit ladies' apl'ChiMiens oi?the?;li.s a neai. plalu newer; best refbrence. Ca-n oe fen ?i hrr present empoy ci's, 151 West J4tii 8i. Call personally toen.-age, if suited WET NITRSE-A SITUATION WANTED FOR A jrouns woman with a tood |>r ?-t of mi k ?k wet nurse. Call on Monday, betw een itJ ain'. li, at Wesi ~ t .1 at. I1KLP WASTED-rKjrAIiBsT ~ FOREWOMAN? TO DESIGN AND CUT LIiNKN FOR lalies aiidclnldmn ; must be : titular w th Wheeler A WilS'>n'*Mirtiiii mach nr; no application* need b? mail ? u n - 1 1? the best of rervrcnoes can hit given. and ibe BOpucant K thoroughly exper eo. ed. Apply imuieiiaiely at 5)i Broad way. flrat floor. ? '??' ti'uKKWOMAN WAtTTBD ? ONB WHO IS A |WB I" c an (trenail atcr, an t upcast English ari l Fienob. Onljr competent persona need apply at No 6 West llth at., near Broadway. Girt, wanted.? a girl to do oenbral house work 111 a small pilvaie family; one who la a cood plain cook, waabnr and Iruuer and can come well re. .nn mended may applv at th* o!Hc? of H. L. 1'iercc, 217 Puiton street, between 2 and 3 o'clock P. M. HOU9U KEEPER. -A SMALL FAMILY. DISOU8TBD with aer.-anls. wish an educated lady, with strong health, willing tn aid In cooking and washing, who woold be weired entireif as a trtena and equal. AJJnn box 3.3?;,Po*t ullioe ^ Milliners.? wanted, first class millinbrr. 10 :nak- and trim h.nnet-. at Ma-iam Bell's mtllin<*y and t<a:Wn emporium, No. J Catharine st. Highest prices paid to good hand*. Operator wantbd-on pink custom rhikts; mutt make. and fold bn*>tne. A rood hand w 11 find steady xvdrk by applying at 718 Broadway. P .slioltr. QALESLADIK8 -FIRST i'LASS SALESLADIES FOR k~ our lioserv and jloves and for our dress trimming de partments, wanted; l?> Mbera need apply. good wa;t-s and periiiam ni place; K'>od references required. FK: DKP.IttK LOKSBtt .t CO , 277 FuUon St.. Rrooklyn. ?^panhlbrs wantid-to rur bpanoi bs on the new dipl?? elliptic skirts. To pood hanrtt aleadv employment all the year, a' J. 1 A J. O. West * skirt man ufactory entrance 81 Keade St. Wanted? a cook and waitress, to oo to the country ? t:ie conk must be a good baker and un derstand making bniter anil the waitress to do floe wash. ins Ca I between lu ami I.' o'c oe'e on Saturday and M?n day, J una 4 and it, at X East 23a St. Wantrd-a resectable woman to cook, wa-h and iron Apply at 11 Kant 2-)tb st. Wamtrd-a oerma* oiru to takk carr of chlld-en, do up stairs work and sew, toone who can cut and lit iood wages will be giren. Apply at 130 <Hh are.. In ike store. WANTED-A GOOD OIRL.TO DO GENERAL BODS*, work in aoonveneol house in th* conntrr. a abort disUme luqillie at 13-' Congres st. UrOiklyn WANTED? SAl.F.SWOMEN; TWO VERT SMARTANI) ?0-11 patent ??>?? omen ill a flr-t claax hoop ?klrt store. None but those bnn^in; 'he bettor references a? such need call. Wages no objeot. 137 Atlantic st . it: ?.k .,11 TV; ANTED? A GIRL, FROM 16 TO 17, TO IIELr AT ?" plain sewlni; good -vnges to a saitalil- per-on Ap ply to Mra M. Rtetn. 74 Eldridge St., room No. 2, Tuesday mornlni: from 7 to 13. IITANTBD-A NEAT. INDUSTRIOUS OtKL. TO TAKR ?? charge of a baby and dn tine waslrng ani .rontng. kefereacas required. Call at 17& Weat itth at. tlTANTBD-A FIRST CLASS COOK. TO OO A SII?R1 *? dlsun.-e n the country ; bait of reference required. App y at 24 West 324 St. tl'ANTBD? A HEAD IRON KR, AT THE RBVTRK ?? ll iuee. corner of Broadway and itounon iu Apply immediatnlf. W* AKTED-SB VRHaL FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS. TV apprentici'?.and improver*, at 126 '.th ?t. WANTKD-KIVB OK SIX FIRST CLAS8 DRESS makers, also two apprentices; paid while learalng. Apply to Mr?. Wa ah. 4!i7 Culuniuia av., Brooklyn. WANTED-A YOt rm IJIRL, TO COOK AND DOOBN. eral housework Good reference requlrel lnqnire at 14 West 47th t. rnA WOVEN SKIRT HANDS WANTBD-TO WORK UuV on J. W. Kradle* ? new Patent Duplei (or double) Bill title Spring Skirts la experienced woren Dk rt hands fool pay tod ?teadr employment ail the year. Apply at J . k J. O. Weet's skirt manufactory. Entrance 81 Keade St. 37~iUCUP WAMTEO-JHALM, At thb commmrcial aoenct, nrx and m Broidwai? Waotad to day. anelstapt bookkeeper, trav elling agent on salary and commission, timekeeper, hotel elerk. dry goods sale-man. young man a* cashier f ir travel ling company, salesman, porter, drug clerk, boy for otlioo. hos err salesman, canvasser, oolldter clothing ?tieeman. e'erk for farnltnre ?tor? Other sitnatlon* always open. Reap*' labia men can always find employment at our oliee by calling early Fjitahllahod under tne pttronage of merehaau of this and c her oitiea. Organlved 1??). OSCAR * CO. ANBRRAND ROY WANTBD-IN A LAWTBRS OF "*1 ?u,t "T* "P town. Apply at W Wall st . room 36, OB June 6, at 9 o'clock A. M. Sa ary S3 )>er waek. A SMART, ACTIVE YOCNO HAN WAMTBD-TO open oriurs and make himself generally useful in a roe tau rant; Vest of wageg paid !? on* who will salt. I? quire at Clarke's 457 8th av. A LABOR NUMBBB OP TOUNO OB AOBD MSN. eiperlenced or not, wanted, as nuraes and to aa?*t ir mil tary hospital*, near the dty ; good wages given A gooi farmer wanted. Apply at U 6th av., near Amity *1. BOT WANTBD-TO RUB BBBANDS AND MAKB ftlaiealf generally iiatrful: niuat live with hi* parentA Apply to B. 0. W. ilupt, lt? Water H. KB DO CLERK WANTSD.? OBB WBLL POSTB*D IB l M* ?? HoH^jSTTl a.1*** ku*>Maa- Appty between t and VXTENfllVB TBBBITOBT OITBN TO BMABT. AO Hi Mve mea, for the aala of the Brocketepar Oa* Regula tor Small oapttal raqalred. Oka af the eesnpaay. MS ?? JT? /\UARRTMBN WANTBD-SCaIhLBS AMD BOOK V/ Jnen, ateo laborer*; Meady employment aad htabeel u ** MKT w HELP WAIVTED-HALCI^ OTA BLR BOY WANTBD-lf OR M YBaBB OP AOS, P i ? aiwul II a private Ms We; on* who baa experience wlihihosaes and U (?li fu and reliable, wll. bad a good eilualioo by apply lug at 414 W ater at. WAN I K I) HV A JiAWYBB A Cl.K RK OF STBa\)T habit who write* a i;w>4 hand and is capahl- of managing ?rd nai; bo .uie*?, equation psrinanent. Artiress L. K , New Yof t Posi, kOI No. 2.8 1', stall n < age, country, whether B*?rr.ed or siugle, and what salary ex pMM WANI'hll-A hALKSMAN IN A LIQUOR E>TAB I ?huieiit; one who wo-ilrt irake hlmsetf generally use ful; none ne> d answer unlet- the.. lisve good oily relerenoe. ?iluiriAi t I). i>, Una.u ANTED? A SM ART KRB thT> BOY, 12 TO 14 YKAR8 o: Kii?. Uali ai rt71 lway. \V AN TKH-A STOUT, Al'LK YOU NO MAN PKOM II the oowiii'jr, who It willing la wort, to dilve a wagoa. Address S. ft., Herald < lltoe. WANTED? AT OR. IRISH'S DRUG STORK. A YOUNU man. from l* to 26 tear* old ; must come well rec .m mended aud nut atraiit ot work. App y on Mouiay, froes 8 to It o'clock, at 103 Fullon hv., Brooklyn. WANTED? A YOU NO HAN, TO ATTEND A FRUIT stand;one w M> undei Msnihi the business ?* regard* buy ng and telling; none other need apply at ths Long Island House, DM iSouih at, N. Y. WANTED? IN A RETAIL BOOT AND MOB BTOBR, a a esman who thoroughly understand* bia but ne ?. Such a oue will be lil>ei ally treated witli by applylug at 188 Bowery. WANTBD-A SMART BOY OK ABOUT 1? YE\R8 OF a;e, lu act aa porter; matt hare the be?t ouy refer ence. Apply In the tuoriiMg, before 9 o'clock, at 13 CUnt ia place. WANTF.D-A GOOD POINT BOT FOR A CYLINDER pros*; ? ne ahout 17 or 18 yeaisot age preferred; musl understand bia Iruslneis thoroughly. None others need ap ply at 17 Water al. WANTED? A SMART YOUNG MAM POR OUR GLOYB department. Morton k Bob*, <79 Pulton at., Brook lyn WANTED? A. 81N0LE MAN AS ASSISTANT GAB dent-r One who thoroughly uaderataiid* hi* bu*l neas, who I* of aober and Miustriaue habit-, and caa bring good reference ina apply al 16 and ISUhnmb rs*t. Waget $40 per month, and Heal) employment if he give* ?attrac tion. WANTED? A MAN, CAPARLB OP TARING FIR8T rate care of a pair of borne*, ha mean and e irriagoa. App y a* *24 liflimgioa'aT. WANTED? IN AN OFPICB, A BOT WHO WRITES a good hand,* with bin parent* and oan give the bed city reference. Ad Irew b>* 3, U.S.I Post O'll e, N. T. WANTED-A BOY OP ABOUT 16 YEAR*. RESIDING with hi* parent*, In a sewing machine office, to go on errand*, Ao. Address A. Q., box l&l Herald oliioe. \V' ANTED? TN A REAL ESTATE AND AUCTION Vl house, an Intelligent lad; mu?t be a good |>en>nan; one who ruside.s with hi- parent* pre'.eired. Apply, alter 3 P. M , to A. Journeay, No. 8 I'lue *t. WANTED-TWO OOOD FABW IlftNDS ON A FARM near the city; they will require to he capable to work a mowing machine and understand farming. Apply, with reieren.-e, to 41 Sione *U WANTED-AN ACTIVE AND INTELLIGENT ERRAND boy , In a law otlleo. A Mrpss, witli referen e* and ?pcclmcn of ban dwriting, box 2.9S1 P..*t o lice. Wanted? two or tiiree active boys, who are not afraid to work, ean fin. I sleadv emplo ment and good wages by applying al Pleie*. Sekban * ale bot tling establ shmem, 62 and 63 Liberty at \\) ANTED? A STRONG BOY, 15 OR 17 YEARS OLD, Yf who i* willing to work and make himself gene-ally useful in a furniture store. Inquire at 123 Birington *L WANTED-A BARTENDER AND BOY, IN RINGS County Hotel, corner of South 7th and lat sts>, Brook lyn, E. D. w ANTED-A LIGHT PORTER. JAMES A. KhAKN t SON, 776 Broadway. WANTED? A SMART BOY, WHO CAM WRITS A good hand. Apply at the Union Laundry, AU Marlon street (JJVl? $4. $8. 86. $7, $10 A DAT MADE. ACCORD. Ing to the talent of agent*, male or fema'e, aelling Llo .d'* celebrated map*. u*ed by the torerainent aad peo ple? tbe only oorreel one* made. Agent" wanted, on *alsry or eoinml-slon, here and In all part" of the wori'l. Printed Instruction* how to canvas* first rate Inrnl -bed agents. A man ? anted, to go t? Cal furnla and *el our map* J. T. LLOYD, American Map Publlaher, IS Uortlandt St. SITUATIONS WASTED-MALES. SITUATION WANTED? Bf AN ACTIVE. BNBB getic oung man. an American, twent>-*ix year* of age, io go lo So ;th or Central America, Mexico or the West indie*; speai* an. I write* French and Herman fluently; has some knowledge 0' Spanish, I* ex|>eri at figure*, a go?d salesman, well acquainted msrc'iandi-e generally, and ready lo devote III oi?:f unreaerve.lly to his employer's inler'etta; I* sooustoraed lo tbe management o:' w.-rklBg men, or would en^a.e ina wholesal* bu I net* ia thi* city at a low aalar ' ; goo J city reference. Address, for two weeks, O. B. P., box 174 Hera d oSloe. A SITUATION WANTED? POR A HOY. ABOUT 19 J\ years of age ju-t from Sllgo, Ireland; ha* had much experience with horses, sud Is capable of taking care of them; s wl! lug lo make himself genera iy mefui. Has the best of reference* and will be found most tru*t worth A note addressed to O. C., Hera'.d oOice, will be attended to. A GOOD ITALIAN COOK (MAN), WHO DOER FRENCH ? and Amer'can eo'ik ng, and speaks go id French and fKnvllsii, wtil es h situation in a private lamtly In the c t. or countiy . be*- recommendations will be given. Apply at 101 3d av., in the store. SITUATION W ANTED? BY A MAN AORD 28; ENO llsb; a good penman, quick at figures and willing to work. Addies* AC,. Herald olllce. SITUATION WANI'KD? BY A RR8PKCTABLK VOUNO man, at bartender; understands the buslnes*; a good place In the country preferred; rererenoea unexceptionable. Address thl* day or Mondar. J. I)., box WO Herald oliioe SITUATIONS WANTED? FOR SSVKRAL RRSPBC O table and competent coachmen, grooms, farm handa' gardener* and u*eful men Alway* oa hand help of every description for city and country. Also, female help. Apply at the Employment House, corner of Oth ave. and 11 IB *f. nTnted? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, by" A Protestant yonng man; the eeuntry preferred. Ad dress T. B., box 127 Herald olllce. WTnted-by an am bric aiTman. a situation aa porter In a wholesale store or In a bank. Good references. Call at 167 West 2tMh st. \1/ ANTRD-BY A BB8PBCTA BLR YOUNG MAN,~1 II liluatton as sale* clerk In a store, or Insurance clerk. Rpea1)* Engll-b. French. Merman. Ilollandlsh and a little Spanish. Address S. Bnlab. Herald oilloe. THE TRADES. ? machinist and a pistol maker wanted. A KLLIOT ARMS COMPANY, 491 Broadway. AYOCNO MAN WISHES TO MBET WITH A SITUA lion hi Hoii > miller; experienced hand at the business. Addretn.l Q , Herald office. Brass cock MAEEBS.? GOOD workmen want ed. Stead; employment and gr.od waee*. NKVV KiBK A KENNEDY, 3H Canal at. COOP.RS -WANTED, AT N. B QDCUi1! *50 1 Til *i . are or an Rood trimmer*. None others need apply. BNOTMHER, MACHINIST AND DRAUGHTSMAN - Wanted, by a competent engineer, n situation a fore tnan or nup-rinieyitent of any work In hit profession: has ? ome knowledge of mining mschinory: I* not afraid of work and no objeoil?n to out of town. Addreaa M. B.C.. Blerens House. New tork. GOLD PRN8? WANTED. A OOOD GRINDER, Applf to Ln Roy W. Kalrrh Id A Co.. 110 William at. PRINTERS ?II AND PRESSMAN WANTRD AT CLAY, too A Medole's Printing office. Trinity Building, 111 Broadway, entrance on Thames street, flr-t iloor. PLi'MBKR AND CAR riTTRR WANTED IMMEDI ate'y.? Call On or address Cliadeayoe A Brother, Yook ere, N Y . tor four da* t.. Paper haloing. -wantsd, by a Totna man, competent nail branches of the tra<le. *tead> work; lien been employed for several year* on Ural clas* work In Philadelphia and other clltea. Addreaa Immediately 11. P. B . hoi 1117 Herald olllce. A ?. Or "feii?r?,'r*."e is olVi"* Art }7 c"*tor" sarai stss t. To, a young man in a Jewe ler's store who is a gnol salesman and under stand- repairing jewelry and clock*, and is willing lo make Mm*elf g"nerafIv useful. Mu-t rome well recommended App'y at 138 Grand it , Wlllam*burg. ttiO PAPER STAIKEBS.? WAHTED. A COMPETENT I color mixer w!io Is it*o capable nf taking entire chsrue of a paper hanglnka manufactory. Apply by letter to A. Z. , Ilera'ii office. TO PRINTERS.? A YOUNO MAN. ACCUBTOMBD TO work ngon Gordon'*, iXuggles' Adama' and hand pre** ee desires a situation in ?oine respectable oRiee; would make himself genera. ly uncial Addreo* Pressman, box 198 Ui-rald office WANTED IMMEDIATELY? A CLOTH. SOFT AND r?ncy bat mannlactti-er; oae who thoroughly under stands the business, who -an furnish good relr< n <?a aa (o cbsrscler and cspabl llty , and is willing to take oharge ot an establish men l of this kind A good salary will be given Send references with application. Address box 4,87a New York Post olllce. \\ T AN TBI) ? SIX K1RST CLASS MOULDERS. JtPPLY ?? to R. M Worden, Hath Iron foundry. Bath, Maine ANTF.D? A OOOD FILB OBINDEB. TO WHOM THE m i?st of wage* and steady emplo.ment will be given. Apply to ()eo. Hand-rson, 15 (lo d street, New York, or lo John and WIlllan^Rothery. Matteawan. N. Y. \JL? ANTED? FIFTY OOOD MINERS. TO HO TO LRWIS ?Y nounty. N. T. Applv at the office of the M*rlm*bnrf Lead Mining Company, IB PlM slreet, room 33, between 11 A. M. and a P.M. WANTRD-TWO OOOD OABINRT MABBRM TO work In a insno ihop; ?te*dy work and good wag"S Apply At .'t.') We?l Wt . St., between IKh and 10th evs.| WANTRD-TWO OOOD CARRIAUE BODY MAKREI and oae oarr age painter Apply to Tillon, 61* Broad way. ______ WANTl-D-A LITHOOEAPHIC PRINTER APPLY te Osorg* k oh legal, U William *L, corner ot Ma. den WMb WANTBD-AE BBOIBBBB TO BUN A STATIOEABT engine Apply at 81 aod N Weal 4fch st WANTED-A OOOD TABNISHEB. WHO TnOBOCGR. ly understands th* pianoforte work; to a good work man steady employment will be gives. Apply at the manu factory, 143 East 23d St., near Sd ae, ^ YXTANTBD-AT THE HJfllMONY PRINT WORKS, A YY pressman and helper, Anply on the promts**, 80 Oreeawlch sc WANTBP-A HOBOLL BAWTEB AED TURNEB AT _ Anderson A ?ehermerhorn *, 47 Ann street. ______ I Willi, UtWIt ? S KRITUOKT BOURBON WHISKEY. 100 barrels Keatuoky eoppnr distilled Whlskfr, In eoret and for sale to oloae * -is?lgni * h* ?*?utir J| MOW AMJK H MMCILLMBOIIS. "jTbTINCIAL HUVI4N KYBS MA11K TO ORDBB AMD A in* Tl',1 .by Dis. r. llAUill aad P. OOUGKLM ANN, ( formerly emplujreu by Bois?oaue*u, of Paris), at Sl>9 Broad way. N. ?. BLOCK AD ft RUNNERS. ? IOHN WHYTB'S II THE ptar.' v here ihe bes, variety of Krenoh, lslHglleh Scotah and fr ah l> (K'.Hda rni' or Hoot- and istioen oan be found In the United Sin lea. Si Moaifcotuery ?ueet, Jersey On#. "/"1ARD8." "CAROV "OAKD8," "CARDS "?A NEW \> t Ki: rt n the He-tea sit.l manufacture of 1'la ng Card*. We * I llie !u i n veily ?, ?iiiiimiiikiu and A change Then send 7s cents and receive a Bnck oi Cards, poai|?id. A<1 dies* C. Bui as, bov 131 1'osl office, Jersey City, N J. nlVORCB. ? n AVISO MADK THIS A NI'KOIAL ?tuly du Ins man? ve? *' i>r Antics the underitigan i hold* tirivale consultation* 01 ihe sub , eel, either personally or by lei tr. F I. KING. Ooune-llorsl Law. 3X5 Broadwa;y._ f\IVORCK NOTICE.? TH B UNDliRSIONBD WILL J " *l ?rt nn the {lib In I. for ln<liaua|>i?.i?, lad ana. Cl:eata lulereaied In oaae* there peuJinc wi call lintore said data. F 1 KINiJ, #35 Uroadway. VBVSK AND AGUB.-l)ANSIOKR'S VEUKTARLB Fe er Powder* the onlv oeiiaio. **fe an<l *pecdy cure for clill.a. f-ver a d ai'ie. and iliou- fever*. The mo l ma lignum caw* permanency cured Apply ai the oilice Of the proprietor, 2M Broadway, room 18. IN GREENWOOD OK.VI BTERY? WANTKI) TO PUR chaae akorli I?t. Au> peraon having one lo dispone Of can hear or a oaaii customer by addrcialog T. Parker, bH 106 Herald ollioe, lor one week. TMMENSK PRIORS PAID FOR OLD BOOK8? 6 0K) 1 aundard Works, in half calf, half the retail prioe; 1U.OUO Works on C em Mr- , Uteim Engine. Ac., o'.ieap. LBOOAT A, IIS Naaoau street. near berkman. IP TOO WOULD SATS COAL, AN? EXPENSE IN the use of grate*, gel W. W. Tupper A Co. 'a Patent Im proved Urates, for steamship, steamboat, locomotive and stat onary (urnnees. These jrrale- are liabter, more dura ble aud ei'eet a greater earlni; of fuel than any other grata In use OQice 91 West street, between Cedar and Albany. Tetter writing agency and confidential l Correspondence ollire, If h eecker street.? Private Let ter*. Newspaper i;orre*pooi!nnce. l'ollt ca Speeches Ora tions. Lectures Ensav-, Tale*, Buainesa Pufl* and Adver t semant I written to order Copy nz done, and Manuscript* R vised. Letter* written by a lady of experienced literary qualification*. Cnar,e- moderate. TOYAL LA1IIKS WHHINO TO PCCHASE COMBS, J Brushes and other tnliet articles ef American manu facture. will And them at the Co nb Store. 017 llroad way (en. trunce through floral store) and 177 Fifth avenue, between Twenty-second and Twentv-third street* LADIES WISHINO THEIR BROKEN COMBS. Brut-he*. Pans. ParaaeR Opera aud Bye Glasses, Kniea anil Jeaelrv re. sl'ed, will send them at once to 917 Hroadway (entrance throuuli Moral store), and 177 Kiftb ?venue, iietween r?re ity-*eoond and Twenty tuird streets. Manhood ano the vigor of tooth restorbd In four week* liy Dr. RICORD'B Easence of Life. Thi* wonderful aiient will restore mahood'to the roost shat tered ooiunitiittoD*. wtie'hnr arlatair from ezcessea, self abuse, the e lect* of elimaU <>r natural cKiian* The time required lo cu.e Pie most inveterate rasela four weeka. Failure is im|ins?ihle. llr. Rio Td's Ecenoe of Life la aold In caaes. with Instructions for nan, for $:l. or four quantities monetor$!l. Sent, carefully panke I. on reeelot of remit tance bv hi* acore.llt'"! auent. Olmul ir sent free on receipt o< lourmamns. PHILIP ROLAND, No. 417 Broome atreet. New York, one door west of II road way. Marble mantkls.-the best rr.ACE in thb cltv to purchase cheau and well finished Mantels la At A KLABKU'H Mantel Mkinutactory. Hi9 East Eigbteanth street, near Third avenue. New York. Cut this out. MARBI.K MANTKI.S-A KINK^ISLKI'TION OK MAR ble Mante s on hand, an I offerel ohe?F>er than anr where else, ai S k i.ABKK'S Marble Yard, M First avenue, near Third aireet. New fork. Call and exumioe for your aelf. NEW NO 1 CONNECTICUT RIVER 8UAD. Extra flne Herkimer c.mnty Chue^e. Dntrhefs county Men Pork. Pure bard wbite L ird. Extra l.igar i tired Hams and Beef. Extra larve No. 1 aud No. 2 Mackerel. Ia all alzed packages, at wholesale, bv oho. c. pareer a bro, 1)7 Washington street, corner of Murntr. VTOYE B BOFFAliO MILL FORNISHTNO ESTABLISH ll moot ? Mill Stones and Mill Machinear; Turbine Water Whee s, of the mo*t approved pattern, made entlrelv of Iron; portabtK F'- urlngand Plantation Mi ls. The Brooklm Cit? Mill, of Smith A .leweli. was furnished entire from thla establishment Fur Information or catalogues addresa Jno. T. Noye, Buffa'o. N. Y. PREfcS WANTRD.-WANTBD. A LARGE OB SMALL Cylinder Printtnr Press; site SRxM or 31x90. Any per aon having one for sale may And a purchaser by applving Immedlaietv, either personally or by letter, to JOhm BCOTT, 15 Spruce *t -eet. New fork. TTPk METAL AND OLD LEAD WANTED.? CASH will be paid for a few hundred weight of Typfe Metal and old Lead. Apply at ike deak of tkia oflloa. The grkatbst blessing or thk age is cbes weil'a Cure for Intemperance It never can fait to conquer all desire lor Intoxicating liquor Call on or ad dress, with aiamp, L D. Creswell, 383 Fourth street, N. Y. USB TBB AMERICAN _ Java COFFEE. Only 2.% cents por pound. A rallab'e and healihv lievera^e nearly equal to the best Imported article. Manufactured by WBIDHT, GILLIES A BROTHER, 233 to 237 Washington street. N. Y. (JjO ?FOR $2 TUP, SUBSCRIBER WILL SEND TO an < addr 'sa lea invaluable mclpnt for making a for tune. Addr-aa Heury M. Ca. pentor, Clinton staiion, Hun terdm oounty. N. J. 1, ,OtD BOOK,, "????. 10 Mpruee fctreeL 1 1I\I\I\ CORDS RED OAR AND ROCK OAK BARK .UUU wanted? For whl -h $20 per ton will t>e paid at our wl arf, we having scales on onr own premises. Thoeo liark will And this a more satUfactorv mode of sell ing Ihsn bv the cord. R. WARD A CO . Spring street. First block above the M. and B. Railroad, Newark, N. J. DENTISTRY. ANKWANll IMPORTANT IMPROVEMENT IN ARTI~ flcial Teeth ?One >et lasts a lifetime. Supplied at half the usual coat. Neither ? print*, wires or fastenings required, thereiore svonllng all ah?rp edge*. At Sttl SUth av.ime, btlA PM Twenty third and Twenty-fourth alreeta. Mauls TeeUi and Partial Bet* loierted at equally mode rate charge* onlr one vlatt required from country patients Teeth filled or extracted without p*la and nitrous ogl4e K given at S7? Slith avenue, between Twenty third and entyfourth streets. Conaultatlons iree. ABLKSSINO.-DR. LUTI1BR 8R'9 AIUMANTBAN Wuite Pillion for s** n s ' i v e teeth ; entirely palnles*; beatinrul and durable; renters badly decayed aenlng teeth In IIKHI <-aees unnroaur;. preserviug llietn for years; the only reliable substitute for gold, at half ilin,an>enae. Den ture supplied Al o sup- r or Cold Filling*: beautiful set* Ar Uncial Teeth, every att I*, unsurpassed in New York; $It) up war IS; pampas extra, tlug without ei.lnrolorm or gaa. No. H4 K?st Twenty a c-md atreet, two blocks from Broadway. LUTIIER A UNDR WOOO^Ucn tlsU 28 rear*. Artificial honk fillings for decayed Teeth ? 0:d roots built tip, mere she Is. aching teeth and ? very var et of cavity illad without pain, by the dls c veifr. at li * rooms. Kemovad to 29 Ka-t Fourteenth s're 't. one d'>or west of Union square. Over 10.UWJ teatl uit'Qia s. Nr. GRIFFIN A BROS., 258 GRAND STREET, NEW . York, and .57 Kulton street, Brooklyn are extracting Teeth |iu? ti' ely without pau by theu?eof nitrons oxlda gna No char/e for extracting when artificial teeth are to be Vn ?rted They are alao inserting full Seta of Teeth on gold, $.5; p'atinn $25; silver, $li>; rubber. $10, partial Nil O* gtiiU, $ J; silver, $1. Extracting 25 cents. TKBTII POSITIVELY EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIH and wiihont cha'ge f r all person* requiring Artificial Teeth; best lining, lightest, moat comfortable, natural and serviceable Teetii at ball the usual prices: fully war anted anil three mi>n<h* trial al owed. AMERICAN TEETH CO. DENTISTS. 51 Ku*i Fourth street, near Bowsry. rpilE MOST IMPORTANT IMPROVEMENT IK ARTI - 1 I, rial teeth la our improved Suction' Plata. It holds teeth lirmiy In the month the same a* natural teath. All r'lann* requiring teeth bould tome and aea It Atner can eetti Company Denti t*, 51 Bast Fourth gtteet OOVL1STI AID AVBIITt. Mrs dr* w. ton, oculist and auribt, of French dlpioina^r, late of the Aator House, having treats! the Eye for the paat eight year* with marked and unfiling stioress, guarantee* to cure quickly Weaknesses and Disease* of the t yo and Lid* that have been found In eurab e. of an- nature or length of sisndlng. Worst forma of hopelesi illlidne*s curad, without operatloa or pala. Weak ail ht In the nlil or yo ing. permanently cured Imme diately by Inno. i-nt remeiiiea Ample rlty references. Con sul's! ona between 11 and X No. 264 (??* number) West Thirl) -fourth street CL.OTHIWO. ATTKNTION.? AT 222 SEVENTH AVENUE. NEAR Tweuty firth street. Ladles and gentlemen, I havs tuo pleasure to snnoun<? again that I have reoatved a large order from Ca norma and the Western markets to pay tha highest price* for ladies' and gentlemea's Wearing Apparel, Carpets. Furniture. Ja.we!ry. Ac., by paying 5" per oent more tban anv other dealer In the city. We guarantee to pay for ladles' Silk Dreaaes from $B to $40; Wool en, from $t to $10; alao Calico. Delaine. Muslin. Ao. Geot emen s Coats, from $5 to $20. Pants, from $2 to $7, An. Ladles and gentlemen don't forget the right nnmber. M. MaRCK.H, 212 Seventh avenue, near Twenty-fifth street. By oaillng on or addressing ma /on will be dealt with hone*Uy. Orders will l<e a tended to from Bronkivn New Jersey, Hoi>oken, Platen Island, Ao. Ladies punctually attended to by Mrs. Marcks Attentioni-m. koninsky, m bbventh avb aue, pays the verv highest prices for ladles' and gen ? tlsmen's Ca t Off Clothing, Carpets, Ac., as our large orders from the We?t eompel us to i>ay higher thsn elewhsre. Please oa I on or address a note to M. KONINSKY, 2S3 Seventh avenue. Ladles attended to by Mrs. Koninsky. Ord. rs from all adjoining oltle* promptly attended te. Attbbtiok.-at thk new STORB NO. 1U THIRD avenue, ladles and gentlemen are guarantee'! to receive the highest prices fer esch a'llcle of Cast Off clothing. Fur nit re. Carpets, Ac , foe the Bonthem and Western market*. Ph ase remember, and try C MMR, 1)4 Third avenue, near Fourteenth sireet. I.adi-S attended by Mrs. Mish. Orders Irom Brooklyn and vlolmty attended to. At sm bowery.-h. Rosenthal hab a orb at desiie to purchase a large quantity ef Caat Off Wearing Appar- 1 Furniture, <!arpe;s, .lewolrr, *??. Bv oalllag en or adiln aslns h m lad e* and gentleman oan obtain the ntinoet value for each artMe. Lad e* attended te by Mrs. Rosen thal. Plea*e remember, and try 3S8 Bowery, opposite Great Jones street. A GREAT DRMAND FOR CLOTHING -I.ADIBS AND JY gentlemen having *ny Cast Off Clothing. Furniture, Carpets and Jewelry, will rMMrs ths highest prions by sail Isg es or *ddre*aing A. HARRIS. 551 Third avenue, be tweea Thirty eighth and Thirty ninth streets, Ladise at tended to by Mrs. Harrta OIBTLRMBN'S WKW AMD LB FT O Tt CLOTHIB Q purnhaaed fer the West The full value will be naid without ???klntto ^ l?r>*e Call at the store, or addreea fHOS D CONBOT, Mil Pearl itrset, bet wees Centre and Chatham. COAL. fQ TOU FOB TBI BBST BCD AMD & *}\J White Ash Coal, all urea; ?,(*>> pounds guaran teed, acreeaed and dellrered A pelt at 140 Waverley paoe. ste?rr '^-riittswwrawr1 ?tw AWCIAtfc ^ rVlYlDKIID MOTIOE.-AT A MEETING OF M UB 17 Truaieea of the Noble Well oil Company. held May K Wl a monthly dividend of one i?r mm ou Itie capital Moot WW declared for tbe month of Mav free of gov?rume?l tax. Bauble OB Md after June 10. at the o oe of the Co* ji.rf |W? ?-*????. Titti'tf iHiokji will be closed June?, a *4 reapeaad Juae 11 * JMQ. B. LBKKINuWfcLL, Treasurer Miniho stocks-as wk:.i, as all oihk* kinm Of eecarMt ? hoeghl at:d soi 1 at all lUe blixn l>oarde 10 New To k, B'iatnn. Philadelp.aa, Ac., or otherwise oa cuiumiaaioe, br ALBhKT il. NiOOL.AH. No. 63 W ilitam ak NOTICE. TO HHARKHOLUERSOP THK PITT8BUBG. Kurt Wayne aud Ciileagt? italway Company.? The a*, deraigned e<>iumls?ionera, authorised to s.'li thirty-live tha*? mud new eh area of tiie uat>ita> stock of said oompaa/, by joint vote of the shareholder- no ! bondholders, flt?r the oar po<p ol <ounlru lit g a double track, procuring additional e<|tupmeul. Ac , iui.v propose to sell tliirleeu thousand share* of the same aa fol own ? T ey or p<n>e io Issue to the aharehol lore. who aland re gtaluieA M au b no tlie hooks of tbe oouipaa .? at i o o ocfc P. M. of the lUih of ihls month. one share for each Bra tdisres then staudlag In thotr name at tke par value of 1141 for each fchare Hooka of aub oAptton will ba opened at the oflae of Wlaa low. Lanier A do , 62 Wall street, on the 11th June and kept open until the 201b June, at i P, M.. where eaeh share holder can c.ill and aubecribe, or algalfy his wishes by lat ter, addreneed to J. F U. Lanier. Chairman The new shares thua aubaoribed for will boar diridoad from tfco lat July proximo. fay menu will be reqelred m foflowa:? One foerth oa tha Hat June, ou notification of acceptance; oae fourth oa tha 15th July; ane fourth on tha IStb August, aad one fourth aa the lfitb Hepiember. Tranalerable stock scrip wHI be Itaued, redeemable In fwi ?hare certlhcates on final pa* men t bf the inslalmeu a Non oompliauce w.lli any of the oondilious of thla sub scription -ubjectn to forfeiture any payments made thereof ?jj. ' ?- *- ?-?- r?- walla wt'Ung atlfill *e. , labor, enhanced . engineer and the chief executive officer* of ihe oompaajk render it altogether Improbable that any further amount of the atock will be offered during tha preaent year. If a further amount can be economically expended la la ereas-ng the capaclt ea of the line thla year, the, company wil probably bare other mean* te meet the aatne. The i-ommlaa oner* reserve the right to extend tha tme el au!>a'rlblue to non-resdenl abareholdera who ma/ 4a aire to trail thamaelvea of the henalUa of thle, ea auch termi and oonditlona aa tha oonimlnsioners mar la* poae. The comm ssiooer-* al-o reserve the right to dlspoae of, al their d'acretlon, for the benefit of the com pan v, any of IM ?harea not takea by shareholder- under thU uot oe. J. K. D LAMER, 8. J. TILDE N, J. BID0 AR THOM8ON. _ RPII1NGBR H ARB AllO* L H MEYER. Haw Toaa, June 1, ISM. Commiaaionava. North clbar orbrk UULU AND tVlLVKR MTHIRO OOMPAHT. Uilpln county, Colorado Territory THI'DTKKS. Bon. JAIUI A. 1>IX. Hon. KDWARUH I'lERRBPOB*. JOSEPH PltANCIS. fcaq., T. B. BUNT1NO. Esq., A. 0. BOOK1KU. Kan? Colorado. raasii)K>.x, . . Bon. JOHN A. OIX. TBK IHIIIt' R. , JOSEPH KKANC13, Sh- 1 CHARLES P. BLAICE. Eaq. HEP liKTi D V. CHARLES H. SWORDS, Baq Thi? oompany la formed for the purnot" of purohadM a?d working 2,2S^H feet oa tbe Ground Hog, Gregory No S muiona Concord and other celebrated developed gold bearing lodea. In the beat mlnluit dir. rlct of Colorado. X>aa tbe Heodariion Mill, with twelve (12) atampa, now runnlaf and In eiccl ant order. The coinpan . baa the refusal of thli property, and vrll parchaae tha rame for (300,900 in oa*h, and 27 MK) abarea m atock at par. The CHpltal stock of tha company will be $1,000,000. Wboie number of aharaa, 10 >,000. Par, $10. Firty thousand shares of tbe stookuwlll be sold at par only. A large portion of thl-i has been taken by private subacrla lion. Books wi l be opened on Wednesday, June H, at M Bearer street, w-here the remainder of the 60,000 shares eaa be subso.ibed for by applying to the treasurer -of the ooaa panr. between the hours of 10 A. M and 1 P. M. Il a needless to apeak of tbe Immense advantage of bar lag a mill and machinery oa the spot already workrug With the fad It et the oomnanr already has immediate re turns may be looked Tor. Twelve (12) men can mine Bfteeft (13 1 tons of ore per flay, and sis hurfttred and ninety (8W) mea oaa be worked to advantage, or thlrtr (90) men to eaea hundred feet. It Is proposed to push tbe work with the utmost energy, and the directors have every confldenoe that their alToiU will produce satisfactory and Immediate results Copiea of the prospectus pan be obtained at the offloe. OPPICE OP THE CHICAGO AND NORTH1TB8TBB* Railway Company, No. 8 Wall street. New York. J una S, ISM.? Holders or the capital sioeh ef the Galena and Oft cago Union Railroad Company are hereby notified that, tw the terms of consolidation of that oompany with the Chloaft and Northwestern Rat' way Company, their atook la Is fa exchanged for stock of tbe Chicago and Northwestern Raft way Company, aa foilowc? One shale of the Chicago a*A Northwestern preferred >-tock, and one share of the Chicago and Northwestern oomtnon. with three dollars la cash, fee each share of tbe tia ena aud Chicago Union. Exchanges may be made and tbe money received at oaea at the offloe of the Chicago and Northwestern Railway Cooa* pany. H. H. BOOD1, Agent. gOUTHRBN BANE NOTKi WANTED.? VIRGINIA, Norrii Carolina, South Carolina. Georgia, A Tenuesaee, Kentucky and Mew Orleans bank notes, by MANNING * DB FOREST, Bankers and Brokers, 19 Wall street l _ OOCTHBRN BANK NOTES-SOUTH KRN RTATB k5 Bonds. Southern Securities of every description waatec by W. B.'SCRANTON, 110 Pearl street Tub intkrest dub on thb bonds op thb nbw York and >ew Haven Railroad Compnnr, June I, Itn^ will be i>aid on presentation and nurrender of the ooupena at the ofllce of the ooiunan/, corner of Fourth avenue aaa Twenty aeventh street, or at the Hank of the Republic. W. BKMKNT, Treasure*!, UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD OOMPANT.-NOTIO? is hereby ?iven I* the Subscribers to the Capital Steal of the (Tnlon Pactflo Pall road Company that a call for a (of thnr payment of ten per cent upon the amount of their luki ecrlptlons hat been made tbli day, payable at the office af the Company. 13 William street. Hear York, on or before |fc| SOth of June neit By order of Biecntlre Committee. JOHN A. BIZ, Prealdeak Johv J. Cisco. Treasurer. Maw Tokk, Hay 10, 186k LOAN.-THE CENTRAL NATIONAL BAR! AU TV the City of New York, harms been designated! government depository, wL'l now receive mibecrlptloas M the 10-40 Loan, offering the beet terms and faculties W. II. FOSTER, Cashier. UBNBY A. BUY TUB, Preside* 0>1 <>c nnn TO loan at six feb cbbt or. 'Pltti /.uU'f tercst, on bond and mortgage, for MA rears or*les*. on real estate in this city or Brooklvn. ? AppW In the oOlce ol the People's Fire Insurance Company A JOHN P. CONBEY, M Wall street. ?<?nn nnn -THIS amount to loan, at ns wOUWiUWU, percent, for a term of years, on Re* York rlty property. In sums to s ilt applicant* JOSKPB MASON, No. l)t Pine : ireet. rooms 10 and II. COPARTNERSHIP. A PARTNER WANTED? IN A LUCRATIVE OP FIG* business; no fortune promised, but reallv the very bM and safest Investment. Must have about $1,000. Apply M J3f> Bi oadwav , room 17. NO. M WALL STREET, NEW TORE. HAT SI. 18SA EDWARD DOD<)B has tills day retired from the efr partnership of CLARK, DODuK A CO. LlTJ llBB C. CLARK, . EDWARD DOUOB. '< . JOHN D. MAXWeLl. DAVID CBAWPOBD. .la. The undersigned, remaining partners In the said Arm Clark. Dodge ? Co., all residing in the City of New To will In accordance with the provision* or an Art of i. Legislature of this State of New Yors, continue the use i the name CLARK. D()l>OE A CO. In their futute busmen | Mr. Bdward Dodge Is not liable or reepona bie for any dsbtt^ oontracis, or liabilities hereafter made or incurred. LUTHr.BCCI.AUK, ? JOHN D MAXWELL, DAVID CRAWFORq. J a. PARTNERSHIP.? THE ADVERTISER HAS A OOW T tract Ukelt soon to clear orer one hundred thousand dollars. Hedisiresto aell a part on most advantsgeoas terms. Address J. W. Walters, Post offlce. THE COPARTNERSHIP HEBETOPORB BXIHTIN# under the firm of James M. Druse A Co. I> hereby dl? solved by mutual consent. Mr. James M. Drake re Drag from actus bus nes<. Klth-r partner will slsn Is liquida tion. The current sooounts on the books or J. M. D A On. w 11 1 be placed In the hands ot Drake Brothers, their saa orators. JAMES. M DRaKB, Nsw To?g, Jnne 1, 1864. A. A. DRaKK. LIMITED PAKTNEBSIIIP. The nndersigned hare formed a limited eartnershlp. pur suant to the laws of the State or Sim York, for the purport ot continuing the Sleek and Exchange Brokerage business under the style of Drake Brothers, as suocessors to Jamsa M. Drake A Co. The pat tnerahlp to commence on the 1st of June, lMd, and terminate on the 1st of June, IHtA James M. Drake has contributed fifty thousand dollars li ca> i; t? the common stock as special partner. The members of the late firm take thi? opportunity (? tender their acknowledgments for the rsry liberal patroa a?e they bare heretofore received, and to solicit for toe new* Arm a oontinuanoe of the ?ame WILMAM P. DRAKB, ALBERT A. DRAKE, Oeneral partners JAMBA M. DRAKK. Nrw TOM, June 1, IMA Special partner. WANTED-A PARTT WITH ABOUT $10,000 CAPITAL, to take the controlling Interest In a hardware m>n? faeturlng oompany. Address box S.730 Poet offlce, etatinff where an Interview may be had. ANTED? AN ACTIVE PERSON OP CAPITAL. TOj Inreet from $1 Otw to *6.000 In an article aow In gene ral sale throughout the Stain* and secured by letters patent of the United rttatea snd Great Britain. Me agents need ay ply. Address B. W. M., Hsrald offlce. tin nnn -m*?? wanted-manufactu*. aiU.UUU. ins articles net effeeted by trade sales; IB dispensable and unlimited demand, wholesale for cash, a| lnnnense proflts: factory at Harlem; oostly mutflaary aa 2 everything oompleie Apply to (1EO, P. OVEBIN, Mo. 1 ??rr\ uim ?""'""7 ?? Eaat H'xieton street, near Broadway. HRHTAVRANTB. EESTAUBANT -SOPT SHELL OBABS. SOFT SHBLft Crabe received fioeh every day, at the Whitney Hoeea tauranU rat Broadway. Oyster*, Chops, Steaks. Vega. MMee of. all kinds, Ac , served at all hoars Hot Joints and Soups every day, aft o'clock. A few gentlemen will be ae oopimodated with Board by the week, If devtred Luaat i evhry day aad evening. Q BO RGB ISUM. Steward. < ?SOARS AMD TOBACCO. = r 500.000 to 17t per 1 well to call | [)() I"*" "OB SALB-AT THE MEW l/V Vwk Segar Ageneyfi Libert ? street. ?tf i? i ?**?? ST selling segara would Aa at this Agency. J. W. CABLE. Agent. , BILLIARD*. WHI 8t,rt*I0> bilmabd table^, HI* Sham'e patent Cetnbinattea Oashiaa, aeknow. TOM by the mo.t competent lodges to be superior to aa* " now lease. Pear aad Ml pocket fablee constantly ea hsa| or made to order. Brery table warranted to give entire

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