Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,126. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, JUNE 7, 1864.-WITH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. GRANT! Advioes from General Grant Down to Monday. THE HERALD DESPATCHES. NO FIGHTING ON SUNDAY. She Attack on Hancock's Lines on Saturday Night. The Rebels Everywhere Repulsed. Hancock's Lines Within Forty Yards of the Rebel Works. Details o t the Battles on Wed nesday and Friday. ?PLENDID CAVALRY SUCCESSES, &c.t Ac.. Aa ?st loin's BrWge, KrotTon the Mil iMntMy Stantom to Major General DIs. W.tsniKGroN, June 9?7 A. 1 L fa Major General Dix:? V* have despatches from General Grant's headquarters town to tlx o'clock last evening, which state that iter* flfbtlai daring the day. ' The eoim y made aa attack on Saturday night upon fcaaoock, Wright and Smith, but were everywhere re palaed. Hancock's lines are brought within forty yards M the rebel works. fhe rebels were very busy on Saturday constructing inrencbmenta on the west side of the Chlckahominy, at and towards evening threw a party east side. EDWIN M. STANTON, Secretary of War. THE 6B00ND DISPATCH. WASHrraxoit, June fl? 10 P. M. to M^Jor General Drx ? Despatches have been reoelved from General Grant's ^sadquartarrf to day, but they report only oortaln changes Is the disposition of corps and oontomplated operations, tosp state that ??everything Is going on well." The Chief Quartermaster of the Army reports , from a personal Inspection of the depot at White House, that it Id a most efflolent state. All needful supplies are on head, and wagons easily transport tliem to the army, to* wonnded are being brought In, and transports are feel delayed a moment. EDWIN M. STANTON", Secretary of War. THE BATTLE ON WEDNESDAY. #TERlTIO!fS OF THE SIXTH CORPS. Br* J. C. Fltzpatrlest's Despatches. Nurrn Abmt Cows, > Tb5 Hilss mo* Ricumojid, June 1? P. 11. f Ike lull along our line this afternoon was only the calm Kb the storm. Before night our oorps, in conjunction that of General Hancock, became warmly engaged, the enemy bad deceived ua in tbe morning, when the MJeations were that the.v had retired and had left only fetAIn skirmish line to maintain tbe semblance of their nttllKIXlST. /' the Sixth corps bad already started to the ^extreme (aft. tThe second corps was to follow this evening k.n pur ?aaaoe of the programme of another flank movement, pad our corps was to hold the extreme right. In the ef tornoon tho division of General Gibbon, of the Second aarps, which Joined our oorps on the right, was ordered Pferward , with the double purpose of reeling the enemy gad driving back their skirmish line, In order to conceal Ei withdrawal of the corps. It was about four o'clock the afternoon when tbe division bccame engaged, and ire was hesvy skirmishing for a (ew hours, the rsbels Stotlnately contesting their ground. ADVMca or roTTRR's nrvisros. r to ?^Operation with General Gibbon, the division of tnatal Potter, holding tbe right of our corps, was or tared to advance. It puabed out Croib tbe iotrencbments aa our right at tbe corner of the angle formed by the faaotlon of the two oorps. Gibbon found the rebels |a eooslderable force, and towards evening fell back. Tho Vabela shelled our advance quite vigorously, and tbeir Mealies came flying thick and fist, though wltn wild Most of them went beyond or burst In the air. ora wosrrriL SBRr i.m. Several struck In the vloinlly of tbe hospital of Dr. laMlngton, of the First dlvisioo, which was imperfectly ffeoltered in a ravine Immediately behind our breast Worts. One shell fell In very cl"se proximity to the.tent af Dr. I* and bis operating stall , where your correspond ?at happened to be at the time. Another fell near the Wmoos of tbe Christian Commission, and a slirapnet burst ?var our beads, tbe bullets whistling through the trees alongside of ua ? one, In particular, passing through tbe ?ook tent, much to tbe disgust of "Jot," our efficient ?Merer, who was preparing our evening repa?t. No one arse injured, however, and tho doctors continued their ?afeora with the utmost coolness. The hoapltnls or Drs. Webster and o'oonne'l escaped without any such Inter acting episodes, aa they were established lu more shel tered poeltions. A nasrsaArs Rxar cwapcs. The movement or tbo afternoon provoked an attack from the rebele later In the day. Perhaps their suspl were eroueed thai tbe sortie of Glhbon and Potter a withdrawal of our forces, and hence a recon aotsaanre rrom their side. General Wlllcov held tho aeatre of oer line with tbe Third division, lapping over Ike First division, which was on bis left and bending taefe to tbe rear. Just at dnsk the rebels made tbslr appearance In two *roog tines. Tbey drove baek the skirmisher a of tbe First division , ' and General Crittenden, who was up with ?fee front line, ordered our mea to fall back to the breest worka. which had been thrown up daring tbe night and aflbrded a sure defence Tbe rebets came at a double ??tnk In a moet Impetuoas charge , and halted only whsti ?be first volleys from ear hresst works tore through their ?aaks. Their Una was a very long one, and oi aaKnt to the general oontoor of our works. *holr right wing waa the first to approach our position, the left and centre still being some distance ftafelnd, whether through a miscalculation of tbe dlreotlon % whlefe our works ran or from tome other reason we ?aa only surmise. The rebela en balttag brought their ?maaMelo to bear, sad delivered a Are along tbe extent of thetr lino. The soene wss Illuminated at once by a grand ?ash of light. Oar boys from the breastworts, where ihey ? were standing three and fonr deep, owing to tbe donbllng ?f|the two divisions, returned tbe Ore, and poured la their pitoft aa rasMly to tosy ?m id k>i4 m4 aw, Uuk* tbe rebels attempted to get within the work.*, but In vain. The rest of the attacking column 'bad now swung In against Potter's works, and as the firing lulled upon the left, where the rebels had given way, it was suddenly re newed with terrific sharpness upon the right. The Nine teenth New York, Klevcnth Massachusetts and Second Maine batteries intermingled the more sonorous music of artillery with that of the inflantry, and for au hour the oonflict was deafening. Hie Nineteenth New Tork bat tery took position considerably In advanoe, on the creel of a knoll , 'and directed tbelr Ore across a ravine. The reverberations of each discbarge resounded In : conse quence with fearful distinction through ths hollows, and rolled from valley to valley. a col'jttsr cBiaam. The rebels had failed most signally. Defeated en the left, they were now giving way in front of Potter, when a charge was ordered to hasten their retreat. Over the breastworks and across the field, strewn witfc the dead and dying enemy , our boys sprang at the word. A strag gling, desultory fire was kept up, the retreating rebels ?vor and anon turning In their flight to discbarge a vol ley. Our men pursued them about half a mile, and when the fighting ceased, which waa long after nightfall, our advantage waa attested in the possession of a line occu pied by the rebel skirmiahers In the forenoon. mCtDHTS. General Willcox had a bullet through his coat, which also cut a portion of his underclothing is close proximity to the skin. Lieutenant Brackett, one of bis aids-fe-camp, received a slight tbough painful wound on the leg, near the knee joint. General Willcox, so far, has lost one killed and two wounded of bis stafT. Lieutenant Gl! Allen, of the One Hundredth Pennsylva nia, acting, aid do-camp to Colonel Sedgeberg, command ing Second brigade of the First division, wag killed early Id the action. CATCH I NO A TARTAR. In the charge many of our boys selected some one of the flying enemy and gave him pursuit In particular. Corporal Barnbard,of the Fourteenth New York heavy artillery (doing duty as Infantry), chose his man and chased him about a quarter of a mile, when the rebel, who had loaded as be ran, turned, and the pursuer and pursued crossed bayonets. The rebel fired? the ball passing through Barnhard's hand and disabling blm. The rebel ezultingly shouted, "There, you dnmned Yankee, take that!" and oontinued his retreat'. I don't know but he did further insinuate that the Corporal was a Yankee offspring or a female canine; bnt, be that as It may, he didn't wait to see the e fleet of his shot, but prooeeded on his way, while the Corporal returned In search of tbe hospital. THE KAMI OF THS FIGHT, The fight to-day will probably receive the name of tbe Tolopatomoy? a ^rather barbarous word it is true, but still appropriate, as it was rought only a short distance In advance ef the creek or that name. Niktb army Corps, June 2? A. M. To-day we bold the extreme right of tbe army, tbe main body of which is moving to tbe left and past the rebel right flank. The right of our corps rests upon Tolopitomoy creek. Our boys have thrown up new earthworks and breastworks to increase tbe defensive strength of our position. There has been no renewal of tbe attack up to this time to>day. Slight skirmishing Is tbe extent or tbe fighting so far. OPERATIONS OF THE FIFTH CORPS. Mr. Xi. A. Hentlrlck'e Despatch. Hbaddumtibs Kirrn Armt Corps, > Bmusua Cm'iin, June 2?9 A. M. J The necessity which required the hasty departure of the messenger taking my despatch of last evening to catch the steamer leaving White House this morning compelled me to bring It to a somewhat abrupt termina tion. Till DCRYEB BODAVt*. The Fifth Xew York Zouaves, Colonel Winalow, deserve ?peclal mention for the part they took In yesterday'^ en gagements. With other reinforcements they had Just ar rived from Port ltoyal. Travel weary and begrime d with duet from their long day's march, General Ayre-, to whose brigade tttey bad been assigned, proposed to let them rest. "We came here to fight, not to rest," said the Colonel. "If your boys want to light 1 shan't hinder th?un, " re plied tbe General. "Do yoa want to go in tbe flgbt or not,'' tbe Colonel asked his men, alter oxplaluing bis interview with (ieue ral Ayres. They chose fighting, and they lought as this regiment used to tight? beads cool, arms steady, aim sure. 1 he old Fifth New York Zouaves have a reputa tion as'lasting as tho Army of the Potomac. The new regiment shows a purpc se to maintain the brilliant repu tation of tbe founders ot its namo and Imperishable glery. missing officers ? cxRiors rx'apis. Captain Morgan, Assistant Adjutant General. Second di vision, and Captain .fobnson, Inspector General of tbe Maryland brigade, are missing, and supposed to have been captured. Both are splendid olllcers, and their toss la a severe one. I.ieutenant Gillespie, of the Knglneer corps, had a nar row escape from capture. He ran upon a rebel picket. ??Who comes thar?" called out tbe picket. ??An officer of General I.ongstreet's staff,"' replied tbe lieutenant, discovering at once tbe hostile cbaractor of tbe picket Trom bis pronunciation of tbe last word of bis question. Tbo Lieutenant quickly bolted In another direction, wben he came near charging upon a rebel regiment. Fearing be might possibly be worsted, and probably out flanked, If be attempted the charge, he about faced in double-quick and got out of tbe way. Lieutenant Rittenbouse, Fifth United States artillery, had a narrow esoape. A shell exploded ne ir bin, killing a sorgennt of bis battery, bitting bis own borse and the pommel or bis saUdlf. OlUCRAT. WARRWi VTA FY. Speaking of shelling, I omitted, If 1 remember oor rectly. to state tbat wben General Warren came so near being hit by one oftbeie diagonal missiles, Generals Grif fin, Cutler and Crawford were near him. In a lull of tbo cannonading sis solid balls and a dozen or more frag ments of shell were gathered In a beap. "Let tbe fragments be gathered up, that nothing be left," said General fuller, quoting Scripture ? correctly or otherwise, as tbo esse may be. General Griftla suggested that I take charge of them and send a ball and fragment eacb, to editors of Northern papers pretending to hare correspondents in the army, from which to make out reports of future battles. He thought, with such ma terial, some of tho more imaginative and enterprising editors might, mske out advance lists of U)e killed, wounded and misting. M*|or Hoebl log, who went wltb a portion of the Mary lend brigade to take a look about Coal Harbor, came very near not rnming back again. But be did come back, and brought stmt of tits men bsck. Meantime be did a little smart fighting and drovo some rebels from their earth works. He accomplished fully the object of the recon noiisanoe. fissrRAt icfk woon m.irvsn. General Lockwood. temporarily assigned to the oom* mand of the Second division, wss this morning relieved from command. He is said to have separated bis divi sion yesterday from the main column, leaving a spacious and unprotected gap at both ends, and not only hla flank exrosed but his entire command liable to capture. This Is the prosent story, which? and It certainly II to be hoped such will prove the fact? may be greatly modified In his favor lo the future. ore rosmo* la nncbanged this morning. At daylight, and for some time after, there wss active skirmishing, but It Is very quiet now. Our beadquralers, tbe Heiho?<la ehurch, are on tbe Mecbaoiosvllle pike, four milea from Mechankw villa and nhie miles from Richmond. ins rascAi.usa tbe follow lag are Uie names of wounded belonging to Mils eerpe ? Cbas. C. Hunt, Ob. n,18th, Massachusetts, dead. M Wlllaon, Co. A, 44tb New York, abdomen. Pobt. Rally, 0?. I>, ITth Called states regulars, ear. <>?. D. Mth United Stetee regulars, elbow. T. T Btirnaaw, Oo. n, litb United mates regulars, hand. W Gardner, Co. I>, lltb United 8 la lea regulars, breeat and arm. Uergt. M Bblesaengar.Co. H, 12th United Plates regulars, fci east Perst. Klo. S. Slles, Co. K. Kflth New York, arm, A. Wllbeck, Co. C, 1 At h Michigan bin J no. lannood, Co. U. loth Michigan, thigh. Geo. L Gibbe.Co K, MJlb Michigan, th>gh. ? rii r. i-M. tfc *. WU? IU?bl?M.JU Oliver Retch, Co B, 10th Michigan, a I bow. Corp. Myrton Med/., Co, D, 1 nth Michigan, arm. Corp. T. H. Lincoln, Co. F, 118th Pennsylvania, elbow. Corp. P. 0. Rodewei, 118th Pennsylvania, hand. J. W. Warner, Co. 1, 16th Massachusetts, cheek. Sard. J. P. Boulton.Co I. IRth Massachusetts, arm. lch. Besse, Co. 1, 18th Ma^nachusetW, wrtsu. J. D. Andrew, Co. F, 1Mb MAMacliutetts thigh. Sergeant S. H JorUun, Co. 1 , 20 tli Malue, arm. Serjeant R. S. Harney, Co. A. 29th Massachusetts, knee. Sergeant C|? . Benett, Co. A, 211th Massachusetts, nose. George Hewaoo, Co. K, l."a Pennsylvania, leg. Sergeant T. C. Cole, Co. K , 2l?th Massachusetts, elbew, Sergeant H. H. Wright, Co. K, 18th Massachusetts. Sergeant J. F. Bunnell, Co. I, let Michigan, arm Thomas Monuiutf , Co. B, Vdtti Massachusetts, fool. P. Eldrldge, <"o. D, ?>th Massachusetts, arm. H. A. Bliss, Co. 1, 18th Massachusetts, heel. James Botsuell, Co. K, 16th Michigan, head. F. Schotfler, Co. p, 118th Pennsylvania, side. W. Dickinson , Co. I, 83d Pennsylvania, hand. Claney Piesell, Co. P, 1st Michigan, tbigb. Edward Banoni, lfltb Michigan, arm. 8. Holler, Co. H, lit Michigan, hip. John Holmes, Co. C. 2?tb Massachusetts, tblgb. Carlos Kln<f, < o. B, 16ib Micblgtn, tbigb. Sergeant H. rtaldwin, Co. F, 83d Pennsylvania, hip, R. Turwell.Co. P, 44'b New York, leg, H. Kmbor, Co. C, 83d Pennsylvania, hip. M. J. Leach, Co. H, 18Ui Massachusetts, side. Alex. Fante. Co. I, 4Ctti Mew York; thumb. ('apt. Edward Hill, Co. K, 18th Michigan, side aad tblgb, Lieut. 0. 11. Taylor, Co. A . 20th Mawacbusotta, both legs. I.ieut. Ceo. H., Co. K, 29th Massachusetts, arm. Capt. Henry Francis, Co. F, 91st Pennsylvania, shoulder ! and back. l.ieut. Mcbzo Swart. Co. C, lflth Michigan, band. Lieut. E. A. Klswortb, lltb iniantry, right arm. A. Ports, Co. K. 1st Maryland, arm. Sergt. B. Williams, i?7th New- York, arm. A. Fuller, Co. B, 0th heavy artillery, arm. J. Harlacher, Co. C, 10-ltb New York, thigh, J. Crelgb, Co. C, 83d New York, band and hip. G. Gates, Co. F, 4th Maryland, arm. J E. Palmer. Co. B. Ptirnell l.eglon, band. H. W. Rich, Co. P, fith United States battery, tblgb, A. Huikinf, Co. F, 29th Massachusetts, back. I). Strublo, Co. B, oth New York heavy artillery, finger. L. H. Colby, Co. C, 6th Wisconsin, aboulder. K. H. Chaudler, Co. F. 147 New York, hand. W. A. Pibble, Co A, 14ft h Pennsylvania, shoulder. Second Lieut. K. Kvans. Co. H, 76th New York, bead, A. Forge, Co. P, 95th New York. race. Corp. W. H. Gretas, Co. H, 70th Mew fork, foot, G. Gray , t o. G, 9dth New York, tbigb. J. M Soodell, Co. G, 147tb New Yorlt. elbow. F. Harnel, Co. F, 147th New York, fade. J. M. Holmes, Co. H, nflib Pennsylvania, finger. ' M. lienly, Co. P, 149th Pennsylvania, shoulder. H. James, Co. G, 147th N6w York, hip and arm. R. .tonkins, Co. I*', 147H) New York, hand. James Knlttlo, Co. P. liOth Pennsylvania. leg. Sergt. P. B. Lewis, Co. H, 147th New York, thigh, J Mozler, Co. C, 76th New York, flngar. W. H. McCratb, Co. C, 3d Delaware, bead. J. R Morris, Co. H,3d Delaware, bead. H. Malby, battery K, 2d Pennsylvania Reserve*, arm, J. Mlchals, Co H , 147th New York, hip. A. odel, Co F, 96th New York, arm. W. P. Parker, Co. A, 76th New York, head. W. A. Smith, Co. A, 149th New York, neck. J. Seilic, Co. P. , 40th New York, arm. Sergt. G. Swinton, Co. U, 95th New York, shoulder, S. F. Smith, Co. K, 24th Michigan, thighs. J. Stevens, Co, P, 7Cth New York, thighs. F. Lurnec, 7th Co. 1st New York sharpshooters, blp and back. E. L. Wheeler, 8th Co. 1st New York sharpshooters, shoulder and back. W. J. Wi'Jdon, Co. l, 76th New York, shoulder aad back. H. Yan Ornim, Co. F, 97th New York, leg. OPERATIONS OF THE CAVALRY. Mr. If. Oavldion'i Despatch. j Headquarters Corps, is the Field, > Juno 2, 1864. ] I OUB FORMER POSITION. My last left Torbert's division fighting for the possession of Coal Harbor, near Gaines Hill, as a base for infantry operations against that stronghold; Gregg's Second di vision protecting the rear with Daviet' brigade and open ing communication .with White House, the new base of supplies: and Wilson's (third) division protecting the right win; of the army stand near Hanover Court Houss. All the objects attempted by Gen. Sberldaa in this man ner have been secured, but not without some desperate fighting and severe losses. tbs roeino* to bb bbi.d at ill hazards. General Torbert was ordered late on Tuesday night to hold his iiosition at all hazards until relieved by the Sixth corps. He immediately set to work preparing temporary breastworks, and by daylight was ready for the expected attack A column of Infantry had been expected to occupy this position that night; bi:t by some mistake it took the wronc direction, and did not arrive until late in the day on Wednesday. TUB ATT A' K OF WEDNESDAY. Karly on that day the enemy s infantry made a furious assault upon General Torbert's position. He, however, held it without flinching, and repulsed the opposite party in gallant style, and held the position until General Wright came up and relieved him about ono o'clock. CASUALTIES AMONG OH KXRX. In this action Lieutenant Kgan, of the Second regulars, was wounded in the arm, and Captain Rrevoort, of the First Michigan, was killed. On the day previous Major Rsfus Scott, Captains A. K. Thorpe and A. J. I, each, and Lieutenant J. C. Lurr, of the First New York dragoons, were wounded. cap-iaix m'xkk, urst r*nsn states cavai.rt, mortally woc.vnEn, Captsln McKee, of tho First regular cavalry, was mor tally wounded. He was a brave and gallant man, highlv esteemed by his brother officers, who accounted him one of the best cavalry olllcers in the world. His death will be deeply lamented. OTIIBR rASl'Al.TIE*. Lieutenant Murphy, of the Sixth Pennsylvania, was killed. He was acting adjutant of the regiment, in place of Adjutant Martin, who was killed tbe day before. Captain l>avlds?n, of tbe First I'ennsylrsnia, was slightly wounded in tbe thigh. He, however, as well as Lieutenant Buxton, still remains on duty. Dennison's battery lost one man killed and six wound ed, and also ten horses. Lieutenant Dennison bad a narrow escape, his saddle having been lorn by a shot, without Injury to himself or horse. CAPTCBB 01 SIXTY PBIKONEBP I* OX* LOT? RTROt-'V. The First and Second cavalry captured sixty infantry prisoners In one lot. It is Impossible to recount the dif ferent' instsnces of heroism displayed by tbe men of this command while in the performance of this arduous and important task. For tbe present it must suffice to say that from General Torbert down each man Is entitled to the thanks of-tis countrymen. All stood to their posts, dismounted as they were, lighting Infantry whom they knew were armed with long range Enfield or other rifled muskets, while they only car ried. our short cavalry carbines. Yet no man flinched. They were ordered to hold the position. They knew the Importance of dolcg tt as a strategic move rneut, and they were determined to succeed or penib. So Buford's old division, headed by Torbert, Merrltt, Cot tar and Pevin, names ever to be remembered In our country's history, stood like veteran infantry and de fended their works against largely superior numbers of lloke's division, fresh from tho victorious fields of North Carollni, aided by another division belonging to Loug street's corps. All bonor to these brave cavalrymen. Tbe lists of casualties will show their sacrifices. OSKKRAL WILSON'S OPERATIONS. Gen. Wilson was ordered to destroy the railroad bridges across tbe south Anna and to form tbe guard of the n.;bt wing of our army. Young's brigade of cavalry and Cobb J 1 egion be knew were there, because be bad met and defeated thesi a day or two before with only three little regiments? the Ihtrd Indiana, Second Ohio, and eighteenth Pennsylvania. Kor tbe present expedition ho sent colonel Mcintosh, with bis brigade and French's battery, leaving Chapman's brigade to bold the road* at Hanover until the return of Mcintosh. The latter pro ceeded to execute his orders, and drove the enemy's tavalry before bun, dcetroyed tbe'bridges and a long line of railway at Ashland, or thereabouts. They we-o at one time cut off by a brigade nf Infantry, and bad a long and sanguinary engagement with tbe forces in front and rear; but finally cut tbeir way through to Chapman With a loss In killed, wounded, and missing of one bun. dred and eighty three men. Colonel Chapmen was strongly pasted near Hanover Court House, and tbe com. man a met with no further annoyance. BABROW SWAPS e? O BURBA I. WtlMI*. General Wilson, accompanied by an aid and two crdsr Ites, ran Into a regiment of tbe enemy, when attempting to Join Molntosb, and came near being captured He pushed bis way through by a circuitous route, and suo eeeded In making tbe junction in safely. VAICB or TBS OMMINM Of <?toNB>. M'urmsn's BBIOAP* Colonel Melntosb and his brave troops fought most gal lastly, and by tbeir esertloM a profitable source of sup plies is cut sff from tbe seamy. 1 regret that tbe great distance of tbe scene from headquarters prevents my giving a list of casualties st present. I may be able to lead them to morrow. ADViBOB IW SBNBRAI. ORBfXl I (fea?n) Qr?u tbja mraiqg aa far m Bvktr 1 mills, toward the Chickahomiuy, for the purpose of ex tending our left wing. Ou arriving at the mills be found lbs enemy posted on tbe heights across a swamp, with a hat tery commanding the road. Tbe battery soon opened upon Gregg's moo, and llaynardier was ordered up with hrs gun* to silence It, whereupon an artillery dual of great ?kill ensued, which Anally terminated in our favor. May nnrdier lost three men and eight horses, however, iu the fray. TBI IU AW IMriBSIBtB? JOMCTIOIf WITH HASrocK. Meanwhile several efforts to flink the enemy proved the swamp to be impassible except by tbe road. General Grecg succeeded in connecting bis lines with those of Hancock's, with a loss ot'only twenty-throe men. bottom's hbuwis nn.n by tdb oav.ilrt. Towards evening General Torbert, aocompanled by General Sheridan and staff, advanced still further to tbe left, as far as the Chkahotuiny at Bottom's Bridge, a point about equidistant from HaxaU's, on tbo James, and White House, on the Pamunkey. Colonel Devins' command bad the advance, and on arriving there, received a volley from tbe opposite side. of tbe river; and presently a shell came, which took off one man's leg and kiled three horses. Clark's battery replied by a few well aimed shots, which effectually abated this nuisance. lUlif. We bad a heavy shower this evening, which has laid tbe dust and purified tbe atmosphore. It was most grate fully received by both man and beast; our horses having been out of forage for a day or two, and the rain lias made tbe grazing just toierablo. WKW STIFF OKFICBM. Captain Kip and Dr. Dubois, late of the artlllory re serve, have reported for duty on the staff of General Sheridan; also Captain O'Keefe, lormerly upon the staff of General Buiord. or it wol'Xdsd have all been well cared for by Dr. Pease, Medical In spector, and his assistant surgeons, and forwarded to the White Douce by Lieutenant Hlckey, ambulance officer. TBE BATTLE OF FRIDAY. OPER ATIONS OF TOE EIGHTEENTH CORPS. Mr. Jokn A. Brady's Despatches. HlTAUyCARTRKS, Kioiitkektd Armt Cori-s, \ 1* Tin Fibj.d, Jilbo 3? Midnight. J arotrbb bTBruci.K xkak coal baboor. To-day has inaugurated another battle. Still In front of the ribel position at Coal Harbor, wo commenced this morning a aeries of manoeuvres, accompanied by tbe hardest kind of lighting, with tho design of driving tbe enemy from their intrencbments; and night has found ua In possession ot their first line, with a good position from which to renew our attack to morrow. IBB WBATUKR. The morning opened darlc and cloudy, with rain at In tervals. Tbe day was cool, however, and far tnoro favor able for fighting than the hot, dusty Wednesday that wit nessed our last struggle. tbi CtiMT n? roacr. In a previous letter I hazarded the surmise that the enemy were retiring on their old line behind the Chickaho mlny, and that only a heavy rear guard was on our front. I find, however, that I was mistaken, and that Gen. Lee's entire command is between us and that river. Alt ATTACK O BOSK ED. Yesterday morning an attack was ordered for the after noon, but this was afterwards countermandod, and a general assault on the enemy's works ordered to bo made at daybreak this morning. DWIW1TIOR 0? TBE TROOPS. The Eighteenth Artny corps occupicd the centre ofatlie army, with Its right connecting with the Fifth con*, and its left with tbe Sixth. Martludale's division held the i right, with Brooks on the leit and Devouu ia reserve. TBB BATTLE OFEMg. At daybreak firing commencod along the whole line, and two hours afterwards the explosious became deafen ing aa Nartiudsle ana Brooks simultaneously cbarged tbe rebel works on tnelr front. Both divisions charged acroitt mi open field and through a dense w'oods, In which the enemy had a continuous line or riflopits. Tho slaugh ter was terrible but tho works were carried and held with unsurpassed valor. Throughout the day a perfect hail of musket balls and shells was poured down upon thoeo devoted men, aud repeated char pes were made upon their continually diminishing ranks. Rut with a tenacity and a on a rage that deserves to bo immortall7ed, they held the ground nntil the rebels, in despair, ceased their sflbrts to retake It. ^ BIAKXARD'S AMD STKOtfAN'S HRIOAnBS, of Martlndale's division, both lost heavily. Both bri gades were In tbe hottest of the fight and advancod to tbe enemy's second line. Gonerol Htannard proved himseir a worthy successor of tho fighting Heckman, and thoold Heck man brigade, under his orders, again covered Itself with glory. General SUnnard himself was wounded In the leg, hut Insisted on remaining npon tho field through out tbe day. Lieutenant 0. W. Hooker and Captain Wll cox, of bis staff, wero both wounded. Tho Twenty firth Massachusetts cbarged over a lino or the enemy's works, which tbsy found it Impossible to hold, hi their re treat they left upon tbe field the bod lot of their killed and wounded. It was Impossible for a man to even crawl npon this Oeld and live. The appearance of a head or an arm In motion was tho signal for voilies of musketry. HOW UBCTBNAKT HALT WAS SAVii3>. Lieutenant Daly, a gallant young officer, who bad fallen severely if not mortally woundod, lay near lbs rebel works, and repotted efforts wers made to carry him off. General Smith, hearing of this case, sent an order to M^jor Attwood to-day to dig him out, and a party of pio neers, after digging a trench thirty yards In length, pass ing through tbe rebel intrencbments, succeeded in carry ing him off. The Twenty-fifth Massachusetts, out of twenty oilleers, has fifteen killed, wounded and prisoners. MAJOR ATTWOOD. Major Attwoad, who succeeded colonel Rlckelt in com maud of the Twenty-fltth Massachusetts regiment, was wounded in the slbow, and after having bis wound dressed again assumed command of his regiment. Cap tain Reynolds, Assistant Adjutant Geoeral for General gtannard, was wounded in both shoulders. castattibs i* ornriwa or Ttmr nrn HASSArstmms. KiM? Lieut. Oraham, Co. P. Wnundfd ? Colonel Joeiah Pickett, Lieut. Colonel Or'on Monitor. Major < ornellus O. At wood, Adjutant Hen ft ;.Ic ( or.orville, Captain Thomas (('Nell, Co. E; CapUlu Chas II. Voss, Co F; Captain William Fmory, Co. R; I ?in. William Italy, <o K. Lieut. Henry M Mathews. Co. G; Lieut. James C. Woodworth. Co. 11, Lieut. M. B. nessy, ce. A, Lieut. Chailes U. i'elton, to. 11; Li ut. George Burr, On. A. Lieut. Thomai Saul, Co. I, with fifteen men, was taken prisoner by Ihe enemy. Major Converse and Lieutenant Rmitb, of General Mar tindult e staff, are among the wounded. MOOTS' division. While Martlndalo was fighting ?leFperately on the right Brooks w.i? as iinsHy engnged on the left of the corps. Tbe Tenth New Hampshire volunteers advanced ?s skir mishers at tho head of tbe column of attack, followed by the K ghty-first New York, who were in turn supported by tbe one Hundred and Twenty ninth New York. The Ore with Which they were received was terribly destruc tive, and thry were halted In their advance after sus taining severe losses. Tbe Eighty-first New York lost seven captains out or nine. march or trf rirrr mourn rerWTtVAiriA. The Fifty eighth Pennsylvania, under command of Captain Cecil nay , then charged the works, and succeeded In carrying the enemy's rllleplls Here, however, they round themselves nose prisorors, ss It was utterly im possible for a head or arm to make Its appearance with out beiug riddled by ballets. For two long hours this regiment hold this position, until they were re inforced. (nuking It Just as difficult for the rebels to dis play any part of their persons as the latter had rendored It for them. C**RHAL BROOKS' ST A ST were continually under Are of tbe most destructive char acter. Captain Reed, his Adjutant General, was in the rlOe pits with the Firty-eifhth Pennsylvania, and was compelled to remain there until, taking advantage of the smoke from a general discbarge of muaketrf , he made his escape. Lieutenant Abel C. Parsons, of tho rsurth Ver mont, an aid on Brooks' stair, was killed in the oom meocesacnt of Urn action. omrauui abd rant siato m mrt ruens. title day has been In sll probability one of the hottest for general officers and their staff* that has yet been ex perleoced in this campaign. Stannard and every mem ber of his staff ware strnok. Martlndalo escaped without MMfciLtUtaWfetTif* ?C iM v? ftfftt; Captain Abel, bit Adjutant General, being hit by several ?pent ball*, although not wounded. UKVUAL DBVCWI IK TUB FIliBT. Devins' division In tbe commencement of tho action were held in reserve, but m tbe day advanced they were moved to tbe right, and were under flro throughout tbe whole day, although not actually engaged. KKATH or COLONBI. J. C. DHAKS ? COt.ONll. BARTON WOI TOWT). Drake's and Barton's brigades of this division were all through the heavy light on Wednesday, having both brigade commanders wounded, one of whom, Colonel PraUe, has since died. On Wednoxday these two brigades charged over an open Held, three quartern of a mile in width, carrying tbo enemy's rifle pits aud capturing Ave hundred prisoners, wbo were turned over to Kickett's division, of the Sixth corps. Their lossus on this occasion wre extremely heavy, and putting them In restrvo was an act of simple justice, although they certainly did not gain anything, as shells and shot were profusely distributed through their ranks. TOR PATTBRIFS? LIBCTWAiTT ntTRRARO. Elder's, Beocher's and Hexhelmor's batteries were all engaged through the dsy, and did considerable servica Lioulenant Hubbard, of the Second Massachusetts Volun teer artlllory, attached to Becoher's battery, was shot In tbe leg and carried to tbe corps hospital. His leg, foot and ankle were paralyzed, and, although unable to walk, as soon as bis wound was dressed he Insisted on returning to the froct. Moved by his entreaties, Dr. Buckley put him in an ambulance and sent blm bncK to bis battery. Lieut. Bcecher Insisted on hia return to the hospital, but Was finally prevailed upon to allow him to remain with tho battery. Propped against a tree, I.leutcnant Hub bard remained with his guns until they retired from their dangerous position. OAI.I.ANTRY or A CORPORAL. Another instance of a similar kind occurred In Riders' battery. Corporal Chas. M. Quackenbnsh was wounded three different times, and on each occasion Immediately returned to blB battery after bis wounds bad bcon dressed, although any ono of them was snfllcient to havo amply justified him in remaining in the rear. CASrAIXIKB I* TOR BATTER!!*. Battery L, Fourth Umttd .States A rtillery?Liciticnwl Be.eeker, Commanding. Killed? Andrew J. Lowe. Wounded? Lieutenant Hubbard, severely; Sergeant Andrew Fay, severely; Corporal Joshua Horion.sevoroly; Kdinger 1'eiina, mortally . Burgen Petyia, slightly. y B, first United Stabs Artillery, Captain Elder, Commanding. Wounded? Georjre B Sprague, Win. H. Suit*. Jo*. E. Ham, Stephen Wager, and Corporal Ub&rleft M. yuitskeu busb. Battery A , First /V?io Jersey Battery, Oaptam Hexheimer . Killed ? First Sergeant H. G. Hageiburg. Wounded? V\n\ Lieutenant Wm. Yacklo, Sergeant F. Scbweder. brooks' ixjssbb. General Brooks' 103S In killed, wounded and missing ?re ns follows ? M anion's Brigade.? Twenty three officers and three hundred and eighty enlisted meu Bumham's Brigade.? He* uu officers and on* hundred and five men. Henry's Brigade.? Six officers and ono hundred and thirty-seven men. 7V?ai? Thirty-six officers and six hundred and twenty two enlisted men. flBNFRAT. SMITH. Major General 8mlth and his staff were throughout the whole day continually uador fire. Captain West, Major Tyler and Lieut ononis Duer and Tucker Wore re peatedly on the extromo front with orders, and General Smith himself, on the first sign of hesitation or panic among any of the rezlmeats, was Im mediately in their midst and restorod their confidence and courage at ern e. The General bad a horse shot under him at the commencement of the actioo, and one of bis orderlies was woundetl in tho leg. It is a matter exciting universal surprise throughout the corps that the General and bis stall escaped the shower of flying balls that rattled around them both to-day and on Wednesday. RUMUH. Straggling has heretofore been something almost un known in the Lighteonth eorps; but the severe march that preceded our fight on Wednesday, and the arduous service of tbatand tbo surcoedlng day, so exhausted the men that numbers, taking advantage of the slightest ex cuse, commenced falling to tho rear. With tils usual promptness, Gen Smith at onoo|put an end to this state of things. Captain Dennf's Provost Guard, with a detach ment of the Fleventh Pennsylvania cavalry, nnaer com mand of Captain Roberts, was spread along tbe rear of the eorps, snd all Ftrsgglors seized and examine! by medical officers. Those really unable to perform duty were passod through, while those wbo were evidently In tending to shirk wero driven hack to tbe front. At length an order was issued to Csptsiu Denny to bang tbo next straggler caught. In a short time a candidate for the rope was procured, and every arrangement made to ele vate bim. as tbe rope began to tighten around his neck, h iwever, be mado au appeal to tbe mercy of tho Provost Marshal, aud , upon promising batter behavior for the future, was altowod to re iin bis regiment. This example had a great moral eilect.and straggling cease 1 to be sn institution in this corp^ During tho morning as three stragglers were sitting under a treo in the woods, a shell fell in their midst, kill* ?ng them all. A short time alter anotber straggler had his back broken by tbo fall of a tree struck by a solid ?hot. oomo to General Smith during tbe day met a man In full retreat for tbo rear. On stopping him tbe man stated that be was going back to rally. Tbe General advisod him to go to tbe front and rally there, and as tbe demoralized indi vidual found his|rotreat cut off be followed the General's advice. A KB W STTt.B OK UTSS-ICglTO TOOU. Daring the day the Are on the Hold in Trout of our Hoe of battle was so excesBively hot that the skirmishers re sorted to a novel plan for throwing up Intrcncbmecit. Every man went to work with tin cup or plato, aud dug a bole in the ground sufficiently large to burrow into, aod these Impromptu works, slight as they might ssem, were Impregnable to ovary ?*sau:t of the enemy. ora ; ohhbs. Oar lctsoa are again heavy, aod will probably exceed two thousand. The rebel losses must bave greatly ex ceeded ours, ss their repeated desperato ar 1 unsuccessful attempts to recapture their works must havo been at tended with great sscriflce of lire. It would be Impos sible for me to give at present any complete list of the wounded, aa tbe latter are immediately sont to the rear. Colonel |Fredsnok M Wead, of the Niuety-eighth Jtew \ork, is among the killed. Ubaikjvab rss. Km mtbbhth Arm* font s, 1 In t ii k Flki.o, June 4, ) nsAvv arm Everything has been quiet along our front to day, with the exception of an occasional discharge from the heavy guns. The rebels are evidently satisfied that they cannot retake tbe works we captured fr m them yr torday, and remsln quietly awaiting further action on onr part. OPI.RITIOJS OF TOE FIFTH CORPS. Mr. !>? A. nt*drlrk'i D??pi??cfiet. Hssrvji AHTtR-*, Finn Asht Corfu, 1 Bmistit'A C'bi sin, JuneS? 1 P. M. j SKIRMISHING OH THHRSOAT ? CBAJHIB OF FBOJIT. Succeeding my despatch of yesterday forenoon there was lively skirmishing In our front untrt five t\ M , when tbe Corpi chnri red Its position. This change was made, not from any sdvsnta^e tbe ecemy had gs',u?d or was likely to gain, but In compliance with orders involv ing a new fbrmatlon of our genersl army Uo-. General Bnruside's troops, on our right, comrasucsd changing their position st the samo time. sm Arrant or ?nt txssr. Sosing this movement of the tfooii of the two wrpi, tho enemy evidently suppoesd we were retreating, and made a bold and desperate attack on eur moving column. A severo engagem?nt was the result, which lasted until darkness, and a violent rain storm pnt aa sad to it. WABUN AXV "IS OOBPS At WATS BBAPT FOB A SKIRT. The enemy miscalculated when he thought to find the Fifth eirps nntirepared to receive and combat him. (ieuernl Wsrren is not a man to be found napping Generals Orlffln, Outler and Orawford ar? not easily sur priced, aod Colonel Wain wright, Chief ot Artillery , always managdb to know where his hatter lee are and the best localities to post them In npoo pressing emergency, tub orwtxo miirr was In the open Bahlw, and away from breastworks. Emerging from a piece of woods Just beyond Betheeda ohureh, tbe enemy , with demonlso yelta, pressed forward In BBMBed column to charge oar forces. The repulse and | slaofbUr U>ey If#NT* tWrtW* V?UV volley our Infantay poured Into tbelr ranks with rearftfi rapidity. Our batteries tbrew grape and eanitter with murderous accuracy. mi heaviest roemo* of attack. On General Ayers ana General Iiartlett's brigades tba burdo'i of attack was mads. Tho rebel dead lay in heaps before these brigades. Swcltzer's brigade was In reeerve, und 'aw only slightly engaged. All tbs other troops of the corps participated In tho fight, however, and fought with unparalleled bravery. tiik An. fl colimn broke*? ocs rrwnr. The rleeptlon tho enemy received In their first assaall was too much Tor them. A portion or bis troops brofca aod run lu wild disorder. Our troops now pressed for ward. Hotly Ue advance was coo tested, bat before ti e firmness or otir counter assault the enemy bad to give way. A short tlma round him at bis start log polut.and our forces behind their original breast* works. It was a brief, bloody but brilliant victory for tho Fifth corps. Tho Intention was for the Nlntb for in to take tho position wo bad occupied, but somehow tbor forces got massed in a way preventing speedy re slatance of tho enemy's assault, and to help this corps out or its dlfilculty and to punish the enemy severely, which the J illli cor| s knew It could do, and could not resist doing, it persisted In driving tho enemy as It dU) aod reoccupled its former line. vktorv, nirr Norma end or ths nam Put reoccupancy of our vacated position did not term I. nate hostilities. Krom behind tho opposing breastwork* the firing continued, and tbo batteries on both sides kept up a ocaaeleFS aod furious cannonading. Headquarters, which were to have been at Moody's bouse, two milem away, wero last nlgbt where tbey were the night previous, and our troops wbo wero to bave another post, lion in tho grand line, lay behind the old earthworks. (lENKBAL WARREN OBSYS ORDPRJI. General Warren's orders were to withdraw without ? fight if ho uaulU, but if attacked to tarn about and whip the enemy. The latter part or this order It will be se?a he oboyed. THE tUTTIS FIELD. Particularly where the oponlng assault was made by tbo enemy, presented a frightful picture after the fight. Deiid and wounded lay In plies In the open fields and woods. The loss or the enemy was rrighiful. It took all night to bury the dead aod remove tbe wounded. OVa LOSHK8. Our own losses are light when compared with what It was supposed tbey would be. On General Ayrea' and General Bartlett's brigades the loes fell heaviest, bat with concession of superior losses, to this brigade la eoa? ceded saving the day. COI.ONEL WIXSLOW, OOKTOS'S XOUAVEK. Colonel Wtnslow, Fifth New York Zouaves, waa wounded In tbo first assault; but after the wound was dressed, resumed bis place at tbe bead or bis regiment. He Is that sort of man wbo will stick to his regiment and to lighting, as long as be holds a sword aod sits a horse. OTHER CASUiLTISB. Captain McElbben, commanding the Nlnteenth Failed States Infantry, Is missing and supposed to have been captured. . Lieutenant Ross, of General Griffin's staff, is also miss In? and supposed to bo a prisoner. Lieutenant Waters, Company E. twenty first I'eanayl vaola cavalry, a dismounted regiment Just assigned to the corps, was killed by a shell. Lieutenant Colonel Hison, of tbe same regiment, had bis borse shot under biro. Lieutenant Lowe, or General Bartlett's staff, received bis fifth wound during tbe present campaign, while carry log an order. He came close upon some rebel sharp* shooters, from whom some dozen shots were fired at btm. I He escaped wltb a shot through the leg, but did sot leave tbe field until be bad delivered bis order aad re ported back to General Bartlett. om ATTACK. At half past four o'clock tb'.s morning, an attack was tt bave been roailo along out entire line, In onr front. ThM part of tbe general programme was carried out promptly, the attack being wltb both infantry and artillery. It wad a brisk attack and called out a vigorous response, lbs firing continued two hours, ths Infantry on both sided firing from behind breastworks. GENERAL WARREN'S IIRADy CARrSTtS AOAUf r.XDER FT ML On rormor occasions during tbls campaign has tbe ene my's artillery been guilty of such disagreeable eocen triclties. It mujt be conceded that our headquarters be camo painfully warm under the fire. Hissing shells nsadlv crashed through tlie trees surrounding fte thesda church, and the cburc? Itself, scattering their fragment* about with most careless and feprehensibla recklessness. Out ore person here was, however, bsrt by tbo shelling. Lieutenant Kingsbury, of General Swelt/.er's staff, was wounded by a shell, and. two ol General Cutler's staff have lost their horses. Tbe com. mi'sary and ammunition train was obliged to be moved, being In range of tbe enemy's cannon. Bofore removal one wagon with ammunition was blown op, killing twd mules aad seriously lujurlng a driver. To several conn missarles, whose ears are not attunod to this sort ol music, and wbose finely cultivated sensibilities shrlnM with instinctive horror from such murderous mAnifes? tatlons. Tbe order to move did not come too quick. 4 shell went through the tentot ("apt. Bat cheMer, chief ord, nance officer, destroying bis writing desk In Its track. Happily tbe Certain was In tbe extreme front delivering ammunition at tb<* time, and escaped unhurt. Had he been in bis tent his Mfe would doubtlees bave been lost^ and with it his valuablo services to the corps. CANXONAMNi; om OCR r:uht. It is quiet In our frofit now, and has been for soms time. There la heavy cannonading on oar right. H*?ikV( \?bi?rs, Frrrn Abut Court.) Raiiisxna (,'nrRi it, June 4?11 A. M. J (iEXZRAi. nRimx r j r m thk rciir l works at a 'vaucw. Scarcely was my last despstob under way when On oral Griillas division mule a charge on tbe enemy, carrying bis first line of works. It srai a dashing and brilliant nflslr. Ajalnst the Irncet'ioas advance and fierce fire of our Infantry and tempestuous torrent of ?olid (b >t aol ehoU tbo enemy had to fall back. rb? veteran tro. , as they always baro sboiin themselves, wore magnlOcently bravo, and tbe niwtro-ps pressed forward in the race of the enemy's fire, and it was des perately hot lor a while, with like spirit, audacity and determination But our advance and victory, or such advance and victory, always must cost as m iny. brave oflicors an l n:on. I will send a fall list ol the wfhoded sent to the eons hospitals, who fell Id thia au I the ptceoodlng dsy'a light? altogether eomo roar hundred nimes? ? record of casualties more eloquent of tbo valor of our men than any Imagined paragraph of any pen pofsibly could he? a sl ent but sorrowful trlbate to dauntlosscourugo and unshaken patriotism. cM('4LrrK* awosru officrrs, I learn of but si* officers killed ? Captain luxier, Eighteenth Massachusetts. Captain A.vres, lecnty etow.d if.i.KascniaeltS. C apt nn Murphy, Hflli Now York /ouave*. Lieutenants Traitl and Ad.tms, Mtiv-ietoad Pennsylvania. i>'uteiiaut tergey, fcourtb Mlcbigaa. Colonel Boyd, tw nty-ftm r?nn. vlyanie, dismounted cavalry, was slightly wounded In (he o-tk. RfRiT or rni aiotsr. m?t um. At usual, tho enemy threw bis sbella oar way with random mditlererics. foe exploded directly over U? 1 bend of General SweUrer and staff, killing an orderly. A solid shot upset a pot of coffee, being prepared for General Warren and suff, and tbe nervea temporarily of Jaek the cook. oca snot- ir? tub Kauai, rvtrrat. At night our men lay within a hundred rarda of Ida snemy. It was believed from various indiratloes tkat bo was preparing to get out of the way. Daylight to* morning showed the octree teeee ef this saraslee. fit ei um<, if ft in jrmt Vc ulf. Atmnianl ti&irt of aaiMi terra Iff *a?4in? i im Us tartXioori.' Our oorpa le new ad? vanclng. hut no trace as yet of the enemy. On baa also disappeared la front of Oeaeral BurnaMe's 0 plW en eur right. II la not probable that wa will have Id ad vance far before we Sad him. fweii'a oorpa la the m? we have beea lighting. The vacated Held shews that this corps was m<Mt terrible beaten. In the vicinity of where ? refcel battery waa posted were tw*a. ly -eight 4e*d tiorees. trenchef ailed w Mb rebel hutlel evidently In great baate; exploded oalss-as, a*, tilated mnstrets. and trese eearred aad tom byouroaaeo* halls and sbell(,glr* evidence of ihe severity ef the mm teat and heavy punishment Indicted om the enemy, da had attacked us, mistaking our change of poettloo for ? retreat, aa<i sipected to drive us. Oar forces repelled Ilia assault, hurled hla hordes bach with terrible siaaffe OOXTXVVXD OlfKOHTH FAQ*

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