Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1864 Page 2
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Financial and commercial. Mohiut, June 8?6 P. M. The Mock market *u not active to day but it was ruber more buoyant than at the clone of last wees. Compared with the sales at tbe flret board on Saturday, New York Central advanced is, per cent, Erie Railroad M , Hudson Rlrer 1, Heading Milwaukee and Prairie du Cblen Michigan Southern K, Illinois Centra! Si Cleveland and Toledo Chicago and Rock Island , rbicago and Northwesiern t!%, Pacific Mall 7, Canton Company V Qulcktilver Mining H , and Mari]>oea 2 line pre'errod and Cumberland Coal eold the name Har lem declined 1 per cent, Michigan Central >{, and CJeve land and Pituburg V Tbe market was without animation fir tbe afternoon and (tie majority of tbe railroad aharoa were a little olf. _ Erie Railroad closed at lllf . Hndson River 146Sf, which was an advance of 3^ i er cent since the morning session . Reading 188.H. Michigan Central 144^, Michigan Southern 04 >a, llliw is Central 127X, Cleveland and Pittsburg lUJa, Chicago and Kortbwestern 64 ?4 . Chicago and Rock Island 111H, Pittsburg and Port Wayne 116*, , Toledo and Wabasb d8?. Pacific Mail 246, an advance of 8 per cent ?Inoe Saturday, Quicksilver M'.ulog 74 >?, and Cumber land Coal 83. Government Blocks were lees Orm, the five-twenty ooupons closing at 106 , and the one year certificates at 08. Tbe premium on fold advanced again to day. Tbe opening price was 193 s, from which It roee to 194 or within per cent of the speculators' figure? 200. Tbe currency dollar Is now only worth 51>f cents. Tbe money market evinces signs of stringency, caused oo doubt by the pressing demands of tbe government, and loans cannot be eflectod with o&se under seven per cent. The cew policy which has Just been adopted by Secre tary ('base, of putting the government bonds on tbe mar ket, and selling them at the price that capitalists may place upon them, Is precisely what we recommended him to do many months ago, The question now is will he be likely to continue this course, wbirh is the only one that can save the coun try from virtual repudiation, Tbe new bonds will command tbe attention of mon whose means are now lying comparatively idle in fancy stocks, which will be forced on tbe market for sale, and what ever Is realized from them will naturally be Invested in tbe long government bonds, which are considered more safe and far more remunerative In the end than ordinary stock speculations. Tbe plan which Mr. Cbase baa adopted, even at this late day, will prove of vast benefit to tbe finances of Uie oouutry. It will gradually with draw the government paper from circulation, and in the end leave the currency exclusively in the hands of tbe national banks and State institutions, and it will tend to a greater degree to reduce the promium on gold, bring down prices of all tbe necessaries of life, and restore tbe currency to its normal condition, than anything which has yet been proposed. Tee seventy-five millions which are now Called for, will probably be expended before tbe end of 'tbe present montb, wbtoh closes tbe Osoal year of the government. Mr. Chase will then require another seventy-five or a hundred millions to meat the increas ing expenses of tbe nation, in addition to the amount which will be produced by tbe ten-forty loan, and ir be oontinues to pursue the same policy It can saTely be pre dtoted that tbe national finances will soon be re-estsb fiahetf upon a socure basis. This movement will, of oottree, produce a flutter In Wall street, and may bring on bpanio, Gold will go down, and a smash In tbe stock market will not be among tbe improbabilities: but If such events should ocour tbe country and tbe people would be benefited thereby, sad tbe path would be made clear lor tbe inauguration of a more healthy stele of finan dUI affairs, Tbe following table shows the loans and Issues, absorbed and unabsorbed, which have been authorized by Coo gress ? Loan of 1842 $242,621 loan of 9,415.250 I.oaa of ISIS 8,908.841 Texas indemnity loan of 1860 3,461,000 Loan ofl 858 20,000, 0"0 Loan or 1860 7,622,000 Loan of mi 18 415,000 Treasury notes, March, 1861 512.900 Oregon war loan of 1861 1 016,000 Another loan of 1861 60.000,000 Three years Treasury notes 139,679,000 Loan or August, 1S61 320 000 Five twenty loan 510.000 000 Temporary loans 104.933,103 Certificate? or indebtedness 156,018,437 Unclaimed dividends 114.V16 Demand Treasury notes boo, 000 l?gal tenders, 1812 897 ,767 .1 14 IiBK&l tenders . 1K63 104 .&?> .937 Postal and fractional currency 60 ,000 .000 Old ire^ury notes outstanding 118,000 Ten-forty bonds 900,000.000 Interest bearing Treasury notes 400,000,000 Total. $2,884,912,818 ? UT tbe above amount the following remains to be ne gotiated ? Nine hundred million loin $625 000,000 Five per cent legs! tenders 360.000,000 Balance of 10 40 loan 13), 000 000 New bonds of the $900,000,000 loan 75.000,000 Balance of six per rents of 1881 66,000,000 Fractional currency 80,000,000 Total ? $1,176,000,000 The average dai!y expenses of the government, instead of being four millions or dollars, as baa been stated, ap po%r, by the official published return* of the public debt, at they have appeared from time to time ? the last or which was made ap on tbe 14th of May? to be less than two million five hundred thousand. Tbe expenses, of oourse, are gradually on the increase, owing to tbe ad ditional number of men who are being called to the field, and tbe enhanced price of all descriptions of army supplies, and by this time they are no doubt fully up to two and a half millions daily. Tbe following table sbows the totals of the statements of tbe associated banks of this city on the first Saturday of each month during the present year, with tbose of tbe past two weeks loan i. Specie. Circulation. Depotiu. Jan. 2. $174,714,465 25 161, '.'35 6.103,331 140,260,866 Feb. 6.163 076.846 24 070.791 5,974,762 133.849,042 Mar. 6. 182.266.482 21,220 668 6,93T,.24? 168.928.948 April 2. 203,993 131 19.527,665 6.796, 9'J8 171,151,297 May 7. 192,881,246 13.082,928 5 694*32 168,662.197 May 28 195.813,462 21.973. 1?0 6.240,812 171,7?S,?96 June 4. 196,740.609 22,461,604 5,180 ,630 174,616,367 ? Tbe bank statement is considered very satisfactory. Hie variations from tbe report of tbe previous week are as follows ? Increase in loans,. $927,147 Increase in ()* ie 4AK,4?4 Decrease is circulation 60,173 Increase in deposits 2,760,671 Tbe .tub- Treasurer reports to-day as follows ? Amount on hand $26,620,095 Receipts from customs 120.000 From other sources 8 .879 .942 Total $30,620,037 Payments 2.813,280 Balaroe , $28,206,767 Subacriptioos te 14-40 loan 9.900 General Jobs A DiX has been spoken of as tbe succes sor of John S. 01 TO In tbe oilice of Assistant United States Treasurer in tbts oily. Mr. Cisco's resignation has not yet been accepted ; but II Is understood that bis health demuidr his immediate retirement. Mr. Cisco gives notice that the twenty five minions o! temporary loan Dow deposited in the Treasury, at five per oent, may be re lent to the government at six pernent.the usual tec days' notice for repayment being waived Tbe earnings ef tbe Chic i go and Alton Kailroad during tbs weak ending May 31 were as follows:? Week ending May 31, 1864 $44,799 Bams time In 18A3 36,606 Increase.. $9,193 Tbe following is tbe May report of the Ililuols Central Railroad? .. UK> OTPAMifjrr. Jcrtt. P ak*> Construotij? land, sold 12, "09 14 |137,.rA6 Interest lmna ,014 728.81 8,207 free l??dssold 8,91116 89,61* tola', sties during month Msy , 1864.17,449 10 $186 276 To wbliA add icwn lot sales 6,476 Total of all + $191 768 Acre# sold Since Jarusry 1, 1864. .127,622.40 $1,344,671 Caab collected In May 123,181 "iw oirura srf. Receipts from passengers $170,968 freight 227,41$ ?,8M Raul rf road ?,0<4 other h tjtfO Total receipts In Bonlb of Msy, 1864 $414 786 Total receipts in month of May, 1868 884, 6M $80,044 Increase ?Issk BiehuM* Mosoar. June 8? 10:88 a Mosnar. June 8-10:18 A ML ?2*5 H!!*' 21- *?'J 114 eOsbsgunskfllverMOo flu ,E3 S.'i* Aru .'I1.. ' ? - t si ! (Iff: &??*? ftl R ? 108 88 I 1 Ot r* I rr sari ... . ? 5 . 2 W * fttmi k'i '.'.bid Mian Mia Co ..s80 PaeMe kail 88 Ca. to s. 1<W ladies* iH VTH tu H? ?? |J*H ino MoC'cltoMAHJRK ?9 4" - l{?^ |l *WMo ?'?.! l?PM ** 7* y ** L j,w,y 70 im H^?l^n {lit *84 JjSJUB...:: ^ jjj* KKslSAWfe g S-?3! HE is* j 4 VI ar i?m RR.l^t m 110 V do.,.. ??"???? liJo Kiel.!* .Ink fed b 115 >? do U0 IM 71011 All * TH ?dm, r>r *8 Ml <Jo V 5K?m Ohl tWllt in IS !(*>* ?W do ?J| ? l,?Ortit A NW ml bds 118 M?i do...... ....... J3 *?? Buff. NT AK 2d m I"!* \ ? ' 06 liwOO Ar?iw c%nTg^ <i.*1 194 Micb 80 4 N I RE.. flo 'flfahs RkofCommeree 117 fno do 94T< 10 do A? if; ,5 v do ni 000 a* in Km Exchange Bk 1W 2' M oh 8? k N 1 noar. lflj m Fourth Nationality 100 S(V) 111 Cen Bit scrip. . .. 12* JiiO Wjr0i>illJKV?lCo?;C0 fid 1000 do.... ..127* loo do b.iu ?7 ino do ?u> lifl Oop4ke Iron Mines. 11 2"K) do 100 do 10K 1S"0 Cleve k Pitt? pref . 112 900 Buck* Count* Lead 1*2 *'*? do........ ll'X 201 Mariposa MloingCo 47 275 Chi * N W lt& M f0< do 48 500 do 1009 do 47>S 200 do #' ? 1(10 do b5 4* 200 do....... ...... gj 90 Quartz H'H Mln Co. 12k ?? CM * N W pref.... M* 50 Cauton Company.. 4I*? 510 do JJJ M0 do 41)< 50 da 9# 1000 Cumber Coal pref 66 200 do . ...... .... 92H MM do #?? 600 Cleve k Tol BR.... 147H ioo stQ iwiciubirr ... ^ 1(100 do H4 300 do 1)2 100 do htwli 84 8(W do 113' 20 QuickallTer Mining 75 lUOMIIA P du Oh BE.. 100 do " 74K 50 Tol * Wab BR 70 100 do. 741* g00 PttU.Fl **CRR 11# loo 4? |J 74 ?00 do 116t? 100 do S 7S i MB second Bomn. lliLr rin Two o'Olocb P. B. fWiopSffa, 6J0oonp I06li 2i*( ah* Reading RR ... IW? 100 1 V a #>. 1 year ear 98 400 do 1?H 00 Ohio A Mia* ear. W* 50 Mlehlnan Ceo RB_ 1<0 800 ?h* Cutnb Coal pref 82 ton Mich fl k N Ind RB. _9f . 101 Quick* 1'r MdCo.bSO T5 Jon III Cen BK ecrlp. . 250 do T4 JOO C'eve A. Pilt*J BR. 100 do 74 K JKVlChica o k NW RR . 54\ 100 do 7*M TOO Chicago A NW pref. 9.'* 50 Pacific Mali SR Co.. 141 100 do J" 100 Toledo k Wab RR.. 69 K 1"0 da . ....... .. .. 92'. HX)l Erie RR 11 1 H 250 Chi Jt Rook I*ld RR 111 H ?ai do 111*1. 100 do *0 1!1'? 800 Hudson River RR.'.' 14# W*' Put*. KtW A Ohl RB 1I5S 200 do 147 600 dot..... 115 ^00 do ll' V 100 do 118 ! >0 Read ng RB lSSj? s> Sew York City Banks, Jane 4. 1804. Rink* Jjmnt. Specie. CircMlo'fi. Depotift America $10,624,012 2.421,222 fi.fMl 11. A mer . I'^cchange. 10 ,340 ,080 1,624,1*8 81,192 8,805,870 Atlantic 1.185,461 7 I.MS 111.500 907, #67 Broadway 6,171,503 498.1S0 43, "01 8,182.2## Rutrh . & l>rov. . 2,#o<),4fiO 112.062 243,054 1,925 65# Pull'i Head T97.263 22 003 14^.f.05 750.606 Commonwealth., 2,8,12 884 93,957 1.19,554 3,626. 62# ('online' tftl. ... 3,706 7*9 18!S,4.19 25,032 2,803.809 Orn Kxohanite. 8,225.189 253.000 123,526 2.90S.934 Oillz-na' 1,268.162 100,712 120,103 1,152.048 Chatham 1 91.1.614 65.091 9,*24 1.681.261 Commerce 17 4S7. 022 1,880.894 1.705 8,7*9,71.1 Chemical 6.463.766 1.S04 556 27,331 6.68*. 819 CUv 4.274,722 847.117 ? 8,638 726 Drr Dork 313,04# (11,701 28,289 611.850 Kast Rlvor 679,163 23.973 115 607 697.655 Fulton 2,346,059 471 l'tj 43.R29 2,904,600 Creenwloh 77.1 3 #4 78.713 33,06T 625,645 Orocera' 9.,'7.986 30,610 6.670 871,660 Hanorer 2,45R,2(,7 1"2,401 10fi.H8 1.660,805 Imp k Trndori'. 4.294.SOO 206.704 176,618 3,461,453 Irving 1.463,785 60,026 9*,871 1.209,633 leather Manuf'p 2.512.627 2*6,046 40,1.10 2,988,391 Mech ^ Trnders' 1,750, '<2* 141,387 211,094 1.631,602 M&ttuf. h March. 1.569.640 121, *92 2.148 1,211.699 Mech Bk'g Aaa'n 1.8.(4.253 151.741 17 061 1,756 414 Marine 1,942.918 1 31.702 1 37 276 2,694,619 Market 2.483,. *.40 20.1,471 09,228 1,948,371 Metropolitan.... 9.873,068 1,040 050 512,457 6,681.980 Mercantile 3,766,725 404.834 5.264 8,686,811 Merchants' Kx.. 2,553.105 201.224 25.004 1,680,646 Manhattan 6,271. ?#l 839.789 64 126 6,043.168 Merchants' 7,219.009 1,310 671 125.928 6 371,329 Mechanics'. . .. 5.591.659 545.265 112,264 6.878,190 National 2,745.833 395.900 21.475 1,674,220 North River,... 1.3^3.938 64.543 37,022 1.239,743 New York T.522,069 1,258,668 68,818 6.771,949 North America.. 8 444,162 J7.832 130,610 8.052,130 Nassau 2,602,776 184.448 6,803 2.409,720 N Y. County. . . 702.132 21.067 97,786 711,110 Ooean 2,108.79# 162.441 109,728 1,796,34# Oriental 836,845 84,190 168 635 807,960 Phmitx 4.951.962 795,055 25,945 4,489,244 Pacific 1 ,511 619 114, 8T9 85,608 1.706,921 Peorte'a 1.166.989 91.990 15 660 1.213,660 Park 11.613,766 1,086.806 892.862 10.731,121 Republic 4.639.344 267 985 28.616 8.472,535 Seventh Ward.. 1, 769,481 379,776 2*,920 1,794,192 Mate 9.448 .182 617,843 43.195 6,216.111 Bt. Nicholas 1,8*3,719 111,316 65 832 1.382 635 Shoo k Lesther. 3.397.820 194,027 551,100 8,014.870 Tradesmen's 2 967,958 180,640 341.345 2,176.042 I'nlon 4,622.931 520,751 24,182 4,593,182 Total ?19?, 740,609 22,481 ,604 5,180,639 174,514,367 Busi.tsm at wn Cmuhimo Hon?*. Clearings for week ending May 28 $410,972,198 47 ? ?? June 4 457 648.207 60 Balancee for week ending May 28 17.439,583 16 ?? <? .Tune 4 21,076,717 52 CITY COMMERCIAL, REPORT. Moniut, June 6?8 P. M. Anna. ? Receipts. 44 bbls. Market very strong, and the arrivals are readily absorbed. Sales 60 bbla_ , at $10 for pota and $13 (nominally) for pearls. RiuuTMTrFTO. ? Receipts, 18,555 bbls. flour, 766 bbli and 1,852 bag* corn meal, 177,878 bushels wheat, 37,236 do. corn, 89.955 do. oats, 187 do. rye and 9.977 do. bar ley malt. The flour market was very strong under the rise in gold, and 3tate and Western brands were about 5o. better. The market, however, closed dull ? the accounts from Europe being rather unsatisfactory. Sales 14,000 bbls. State and W^storn Dour, 2,600 do. Southern and 900 do Canadian. Tbe market for rye flour and corn meal was without decided change, with sales of 150 bbls. of the former and 250 do. of the latter. We quote Superfine State ana Western flour $7 27 a 7 45 tfxtoa State 7 #0 a 7 70 Choice Slate 7 75 a 7 80 Ommiw to medium extra Western 7 60 a 1 96 Fxtra roacd hO'ip Ohio 8 10 a 8 20 Western trade brands 8 25 a 9 00 F.xtraSt. touts 8 .in a 11 50 rnmtnon to good Southern 8 00 a 8 65 Good to choice extra do 8 60 a 11 00 Common Canadian 7 65 a T 85 Good to choice extra do..,., 7 90 a 9 00 Rve flour, sur<erflne 0 28 a 7 85 Torn meal, bbls 7 25 a 8 00 Corn moal, puncheons 34 00 a 34 50 ? The supply of wheat was a little larger, yet there wa* continued scarcity of deeirable kinds, and undor an in creased demand (or export prices were about lc. better for prime. Tbe salw inoluded 146,000 buah?lft. p?t to arrive at $1 #3 a $1 70 for rhleato soring. $1 85 a $1 71 for Milwaukee elub, II 72 a $1 75 for amber spring, and $1 78 for winter red Western Rvo wmi held at $1 55 a $1 58, but we heard of no sales of Importance. Corn was dull, and prices a'trifle lower; sales 30,o00 bnsnels, at $1 61 a $1 63 1$ for new. Oats were 6rmer and artire st 93c. a 97c. for the rauge. Rarley and barley malt re malnedqniet. Cotton.? Market firm, with sales of 700 bales. We quote ? rjp'/llfcf Flrrridn. Mobil* ff.O.'if T Ordinary 96 95 99 97 Middling 10# 107 107 108 Good Middling 109 109 110 110 Middling Fair ?. 112 112 113 114 forrwn was quiet, with sales of 67 bass Rio at 43e. Frsiuht*. ? There was an active business in grain ship ments, but tbe general market was dull. The Iiverpool engagements foot up 140.000 bu*hels wheat at 4>fd. a 4Y<1 . 1? hulk and bags, per AmeriC4tn. and 5d. a 6';d ner ne itral flag. Also per neutral, 400 tierces lard at 18s., and per steamer .10 hhds. tallow at 10s. To I/mdon per German vessel. 100 tons oil cave at l#e. 3d. , and 800 bbls. flour at Is. 7 ?<d., and per steamer bbls flour at 2s. To Bremen. 100 tierces lard and 60 hhds tallow at 17a. 6d . and 5 000 hogshead staves, $12 To Antwerp. 500 bbls. petroleum. 6s. 9d. A German veseel was reported to Cork for orders, with wheat at 6s. #d. Neutral veseols were demanding 6s 6d . and 6s. and 6s. to direct ports. M"LAft?a was mactive, with sales of 110 hhds. Cubs at $3c a 86c. PROvwtoira.? Receipts, 2,374 btits. pork, 894 packages beef. 187 do. cut meats and 874 lard. The market for pork w*s loss active, and prtcee were 2J> lower on new me*? Sa'es were Pork? 8 960 bbls. , at $10 75 for mews, $30 50 Old do., $32 26 a $32 62 K for new do, $24 60 a $26 for old and new prime wl $.12 a $.12 60 for prime mess. Beef was firm . with sales of 300 bbls at ?9 60 a $13 for country mess, $# a $7 for country prime $1# 50 a $19 50. for renvited meas and $20 a $22 for extra do Prime me?? beef was quiet. Beef bams were Inactive, with small tales at previous quotations. Cut meats were steady and Arm, with sales of 60 packiges, at 11 ^c a 12c fhr shoulders and 14We a 15c. for hams. l*rd was a shade firmer, wltb sa'es or 3.000 bMs , alitor a16t(e. ; alse 600 bbls all this month, buyer's option, at ISt^c. Rotter was Inactive and prices were nominal. Cheese was quiet and unchanged, at 10c. a 18c. for oommoa to prime. l**T*ot.*' *.? Receipts 4,832 bbls. There was more activity In crude oil, which sold abont He a gallon higher than on Saturday; refined was dull and nominal for h?th bond and free? tbe former at about 61c. and tbe latter at about 7$e % 7J Ko. The sales were about 6,000 bbls. crq$?, bAarly all oh the spot. at42?c.. but Including some for all this month at 42Xc a 43c 7(0 bbls. refined at 84c a 65c., the Inside prioe for light straw; 3.000 do .deliverable in Philadelphia in Jaae. at n%e. ; July . 85c., and August sod September at #8c' 969 do free, chiefly at 72c. a 72 Vc. , and 600 do for all ths month at 74 Kc. Ben tine remained nominal at 86c. Rn*.? The market was quiet, with salsa of 800 km Rangoon at 7 i^c a tc. 8roA* was ta moderate request, with sales of 100 hh4s I Cuba at 17)<e., 200 do , ip bond, on private terms, and 100 do. New Orleans at 1$KC. Refined was quiet, with sales of too bbls. yellow* at 17?., aad 100 do. soft whites at 2tt<*. a 22 ?c. Wsnwrr.? Reoelpte, 4.904 bbls Market steady, wHh MM of 8,000 Wl , ?tJl ? ? |1 82. with 'reported aales V westers as high as 91 38? a! oatf Me price. The I#gre Soldiers In DfstrsM. TO TBI DITOI Of TBI HSRALD. One da y last weak a oolored soldier, sick and wounded, was taken to tbe New England Refief Associate*, and hi* admlsslop ?rf?tljr solicited. Hit disc barge showed that ha bad been a private la tbe rtrat Michigan eelored troops, Bis appDeailoa la their rooms was refaaed on^ tha verv hamaae ground th?t be wm not from New tof land. Re was then taken te the Mew Tort Mate Relief Association, Hi Howwd street, aad at oaoe reoOtved, and every eare, both medical and other, was baatewed upea tha unferta sate Miar. Be died . however . ?? flatardv aickt. IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. Th* Etna and Virginia at Ntw VorK and fblna at Halifax. ONE WEEK'S LATER NEWS. GRANTS CAMPAIGN II EKGLAGD. Intense Excitement Cansed by the News from America. The Reports Regarded as Disastrous te the Rebel Cause. HEAVY DECLINE IN THE REBEL LOAN. Anglo-Rebel Sketch of Grant's Plans from Richmond. The Laird Rams Sold to the English Government Hopes of the' English Press for the Dissolution of the Union. The Davis-Lyons Correspondence Pronounced a Clumsy Uoax. DISCHARGE OF THE GERETY PIRATES. THE DANO-GERMAN WAR. Proposition to Separate Sehlrowig and Hoi stein from Denmark by the Conference. The Winners of tlie Oaks and the Derby. REDUCTION IN THE RATE OF DISCOUNT, A*., Ac., 4ft The steamship Virginia, Captain Grace, from Liverpool May 24, via Queenstown 25 tb, arrived at this port at ulna o 'slock yesterday morning. The Inman steamship Etna, Capt. McGulgan, which left Liverpool at one o'clock on the afternoon of the 2Sth and Qaeenstown on the 24th lfay, arrived at this port yester day afternoon. The steamship China, Capt. Anderson, from Liverpool on the 28th, via Qaeenstown on the 29th or Hay, arrived at Halifax at half past Ave o'clock last Sunday evening. She had thirty passengers for Halifax and fifty -eight for Boston. The Virginia landed thirty-one cabin and nine hundred and seventy-seven steerage passengers. This is the greatest number ever brought over In one vessel, except the Greet Eastern, in July, 1863, which bad one thousand and twelve. The Etna landed Ave hundred and eevenly-{pur pas sengers. The news Is one week later than the advices of the, Australasian. The news of the great bsttles In Virginia, received by the steamship Europa, caused a profound sensation throughout England, and the people were astounded at the magnitude of the losses. The probable result of the Woody combat was esgsrly canvassed on all sides. Tbe rebel loan fell three per cent and ootton became weaker nnder tbe news. When the China sailed tbe agitation continued, being stimulated by later advices from the United States. Tbe rebel cotton loan experienced a heavy decline, and the reports were regarded as very unfavorable to the rebel cause The advices from America per City of Washington were received in the forenoon of the Etna's departure, snd were generally regarded as decidedly favorable to the North . A Cabinet council was beld in I/indon lday 28. All the members wore present at tbe meeting of the German Conference the same day. The Oaks was won by Fille De Sair, a French mare, by half a length. The public indignation and excitement were Intense. Great great groaning greeted the announce ment of the result, and the horse and his jookey bad to be protected by tbe police on their return to the soale. Both escaped injury. The Derby was won by Malr Athol, General reel com ing In second and Scottish | Chief third. There w?re thirty starters, and the rice was a magniOoent one. The Prince of Wales was present among tbe orowd. The latest advices by tbe China state that tbe session of the Corps I-egislatlf will be prelonged until the 28th of May. A squadron of six .men of-war had loft France far Tunis The Duke de Malakoff is dead. It was reported that tbe Mexican loan would not be al lotted In September. On the Parts Bourse on the 2Tth or May tbe rentes closed easier at Mr. 70c The Emperor and Km press or Russia would visit tbe Ring or Prussia on the 0tb or June. A conspiracy to overthrow the government of Prince Conn bad been discovered in the Principalities. Tbe Pope took part In the procession at the festival of Corpus Christ! oo tbe 2Mb The Bremen was appointed to leave Southampton for New York oo the 26lb, Instead or Wednesday, the 2Mb of May. Tbe Rnropa reached Liverpool at about three o'clock on the arternoon or tbe 23d May, and tbo Olympus at mid night of tbe same day. Ths Damascus left Liverpool at two o'etork P. M. oo tbe 26th, sod Londonderry oo the 27 th of May. Tbe City of Washington arrived off Cape Clear at about nine A. M. on tbe Mth of May. Tbe steamship Belgian, from New Vork, arrived at Liverpool on tbe morning of the 27th of May. Tbe steamship Scotia, from New York, arrived at Liv erpool on the 27th ef May. Tbe steamship Bavaria, from New York, arrived at Queenstown May 21. Tbe China sailed for Boston at hair past eleven o'cloek cn Sunday night, where she in das at daylight Tuesday morning. Tbe China reports One weather during the entire pas *i? The American question, >|ANT'S OAMPAtiflr m ENGLAND ? INTBNM EXCITE* MBNT AS TO TUB iWW.l'l.rUTT 'ALL W TBE bbsbl cotton loan ? all (hunt's flaw! kmJwSr or BtOBMONv serosa hi btahtid ? an anolo* MBit SgBTOn OF HIS tNTBNDBB OFBBATtONB, VTQ, from Amertoa, brought by tbe steamship * Washington, or tbe progress or Lieutenant General Great s movements, have In&eeeed toe mdlemeat end sensation produced by the first announcement of Union snaseeeee received per steamship Euroga. Tbenews is most generally regarded as wry ilses (tobs to the rebel cause. lws rebel leas has dselised la roneeqnence of tbe 0k wrabls Union abws. and is quoted ft a S per oeat lows*. . .T1*** ws <J?lna sailed lbs London fSnss published ? letter from Hs correspondent at Richmond, dated Aprti SI, Showing that the rebel government Bid obtained most exact information In regard to the plans of the rad* erale for tbe .present oampatga la a despatch siBin I a fortnight befog Ota**! Oml luftupH fcHpygu the operation* of III* ?rmf, cilice recorded, are delineated with extraordinary precision. The Um.lou Army and Navy Gazette review* the opera Hod* of the campaign in Virginia, and Kav* that Grant appears to be in great dinger, and that Hutler'a chances or escape Iroui l>i.s p^wtioo are not appreciable. The re puNe ol Slg*l liberates Lee'* left from anrioM meeace. Neither Sherman's occupatioc of Kessscca nor the ad vanced poriii >n taken by the rederaii in ibe race of tbe enemy compensates for the treat peril of their situation. The London T'mn, of tbe 28th of May. says ? General Grunt I* following the military arithmetic of Napoleon, which promised certain rosult* aa tbe product of so inmv lii >usaud lives, l>ut Napoleon always aimed at a vital point, whero i* the Oouferates p' d the Confederate cause hi; nn on t vital point The capture of Richmond will nn<rr trinp tht North mm *Uj> ntnr<r the r*sti>r itio* nf the Vtiiov or the conquest of the South. If General Dram ever marches into Richmond, he inay find that I?e tins eiactei the utmost obtainable price in blood, and wl!l leave the position In bis hauds with no groater value than that attached to the Wilder* nece after the fighting wan oyer. The advantage* or ground, position and intelligence are with tho Confeder ates.and tVarhinron hit been nearer captured m ?r? i\nn ( >nce thnn Richmond it now. If Lee can make General Grant pay a current rate for every ratio of ground, It may bo a qu 'Stion whether the resources and endurance of the rederals will prove as inexhaustible as tne obstinacy of their General. In the English House of Commons, Mr. Hankey in quired whether thero was any foundation for tbe pub lished correspondence between Earl Russell and Jeffersoo Davis Mr. Layard replied that the correspondence waa a boat, and not a very ingenious one at that. Tbe l/ondon Ihra'd Is authorized to elite that the ai lo^ed correspondence between Lord Lyons and Jefferson Davis, dated tbe 1st and Oth of April, published in the American loumals, is a forgery. Tbe correspondence was taken from the American journals and published in the Knglish ones es frona ./Ufa. Tbe I, onion New, In its editorial on the advloes re coived by the steamship City of Washington, think* that the North baft at last found a general. It savs ? Graut possesses military skill and moral power, which bave hitherto been unknown on the federal side. Kven tbe brilliancy of l^ie's achievements does not surpass tho masterly skill with which Grant has arranged the combined movement of troojie from the frontier of Georgia to the banks of the Potomac. The orusbing vigor which has directed his blows in the field and the dogged tenacity which refuses to admit the necessity of retreat or the possibility of disaster, proves him to be of tbe right stamp. In fact Grant has fixed his teeth iu his sdveraary, and wi'h sleepless tenncitv he clings to him; nor have all the off rts of Southern skill and all the des perate courage of Southern chivalry been able to shake off the sturdy Northerner, or even mak* him relax his bold. The London 7\m<* again dwells on the Increasing diffi culties and dangers incurred bv Grant tbe further he ad vances and Lee falls back oti his resources. It adds ? However tho war roav go in Virginia, It Is porfoctlv clear that tho hold of thoJederalg Is loosening In the Southwest, and that even their great resources are insufficient for ?tie permanent occupation of a territory so vast as Uiat belonging to the conleder>ev. The l'nviiieeri, The rebel cruiser Georgia had been announced for file at Ltvorpoo! by prlvato treaty. The crow wore paid and the stores sold at auction. Tho case of the pirates of the schooner J. L. Oerety was argued in the Court of Queen's liench, London, on tho 24ih of May. Counsel for the prisoners moved that they lie discharged, on the ground that tbey had been committed for piracy jure pentm-n, which is not within the treaty or statute Lengthy arguments wore made in supnort or this, nnd in behair of the American govern ment against it, and tboy were not concluded when the court rose. The Court of Queen's tlench, on the 25th of May, de livered judgment in the case of tbe pintcs or the schooner J. L Gtrety. Tbe Thief Justice was of the opinion that tbe men ought to he committed for piracy, with a view to t-eing given up to tbe federal govern ment. Tho two other Judges wore of a contrary opinlm. They did not consider that It wa* a case whloh came within tbe act and tbe treaty, and said that the pri soners wore entitled to a discharge.. The prisoners were consequently liberated. Tb? Land itnmi> PURCHASE OF TIM PIRATE VESSELS BY THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT. The Tendon GMe announces that the notorious rnms built by tbo Messrs. laird bave been purchased by the British government. No particulars are given, but the Glot# congratulates the country upon this extrication from an acknowledged difficulty and the consequences of a possible adverse decision at law. The purchase money paid bv the government for the Laird ram* m reported at ?3"Jf> ,000. In tho Court of Exchequer, London, the Solicitor Gen eral caused the case of the crown against the steam rams at Liverpool to be withdrawn, arrangements bav iDg been made with the defendants by which it was agreed that a verdict should be taken for the crown. Re added that tho object of the government was not to punish by floe and penalty, but simply to maintain neu trality. The Oano-Gtrman War. The Encllsh Ministers explained tbat Prussia bad promised to stop her exactions in Jutland and pay for the contributions levied since the armistice It was reported that the British government had con sented to a plebiscite In Schleswig Holsteiq, and that arrangements were in progress which preclude a resump tion of hostilities. The King of Prussia, la response to an address for the Independence of scbleswig-Holsteln. expressed conildence that the sacrlflcoa of Germany would conduce to the In terests or fatherland. The London ConTerenoe was to assemble the day the China left Liverpool. The I.nndon Fnrt says the representatives will an nounce officially the opinions of thotr governments on the proposed arrangement for tho sub division of Schleswig, the northern portion being amalgamated with I'Wnmark and the southern with Holsteln. The J'*tt thinks there are great improbabilities of either Denmark or Germany assenting to the proposition. ARstrja pnd Prussia were said to be la complete ac cord, and it was assorted In one of their organs that they contemplated offrnog resolutions for the complete separa tion of the duchies from Denmnrk. Accoupte from Jutland recount very arbitrary proceed ings by the Prussians since the conclusion of the ar mistice. ' ?? ? The Berlin Journal denies that any violation of the armistice by the Allies has taken place. Tho I'aris papers assert that Kngland, Russia and Swe den intend to propose a stipulation that Kiel shall' not be come a Federal port nor Rendsburg a Federal fortress. The Paris Patrir. states that the oouncil of ministers at Qopeobagen hnva resolved not to consent to a division of Schleswig, and have directed the Danish Plenipotentiary, rather than consent to it, to quit the Conference. The German papers say that Prussia and Austria In tend exerting their utmost Influence in favor of the Duke of Auguetenburg for the throne of the duchies. Continental papers assert that the basis ot the arrange ment to be adopted consists o< a union of Holstoln and six southern rnramnnoi of Scbletwg to Germany, and the Incorporation of the rest o( Schloswlg permanently with Denmark. The London Times fears that the belligerents will n->t consent to a peaceful division, on reasonable principles, of the territory ciaimed bv both. The Germans believe they may do what they please, without the fear of ex citing more thnn England's indignation. Denmark, on the other hand. Is in no hurry to end the war, having little more to lose, an i hoping much from the chapter oC acoldents. To br ng these rival ob.Ulnacies into agree ment Is tho tasg of the neutral members of the Con'or eoce, and this is cot likely to be accomplished In to day's Bitting. In the House of I ords, on the 26th of May, the conduct of the Germans in their observation or the terms of the armistice was debated and generally denounced. Karl Raseell said that the Punish government had de termined to collect the facts and report them to the Con ference. In the meantime be recommended a suspension of judgment. lie likewise defended the government from the attacks against it far not having backed its moral arguments by physical f rce In the question of l^enmark and Poland. He also asserted that the Queen bad always cheerfully followed the advice of the Cabinet. THE LATEST NEWB. The Eumpi , o' Frankfort, of the latent date, says:? Information relati ve to the Conference, the accuracy of which wo i an gl arantoe, announces that the representa tlvea ot tbe Powers bave now to choose between a war threatening to overstep the limits of the duchies, and tbe adoption of a svatem giving satisfaction to the panes and Germans alike The system would be the constitution of Holsteln and the German portion of Rchleewlg In a single State, the people to decido, by universal suffrage, upon tbe Interior rovernment they would prefer The remain der of Schleswig would be united to tbe Danish monarchy. The Duchy or Lunenburg was demanding a separation from Denmark equally with Schleswig and Holsteln. Great Britain. In the nouse of Commons reference bad again been made to the return of the British troop* from Canada. Tbo Marquis ' f Hartlngton said tbat It was intended to withdraw two battalions of guards and a battalion of tbe military train, i rincipally on account of the heavy coat for the hire of building accommodation for the troope in Canada nr n. Smith Inquired whether the communication made bv the American Minister to China, to Mr. Seward, on tbe 30th of June, 181.1, respecting the joint policy to be pursued In China by England, Russia, France and America, was In aecordanoe with tbe despatch addressed to Karl Russell by Sir F. Bruce, and what was tbe nature of his (Ku-saeU'r) reply to that despatch. Mr. Laynrd -aid that much misapprehension prevailed on tbe subject, and be was not exactly aware what despatch was referred to. He offered to produce any extracts from tt e correspondence on tbe subject. Mr Hennewey attacked tbe policy of the government en the Polish question. He denounced *the tyrannical course nf Russia, and moved a resolution declaring "that Uie British government Is no longer bound toackoow ledge the dominion of Russia In Poland." U>rd Paimorston replied, and floally the reiolutloa ?u withdrawn. Parliamentary proceed! age on tbe 27th of May vera unimportant. Tbe Board of Trade refuted to reoonrlder the sentence passed on Captam Kennedy for tbe loss of the steamer City of New York. It Is staled tbat the Inman steam ?llne will be transferred from Queenstown to Klnsale, e latter should prove the tafest harbor. ir$X ai Md?twentr a'**' ?**>** ? deficit of two h In "e dffi' * '"res. * two h?" Italian ,rmy wss sul^t rtr#n'Ul "the ?*?? Exchange*, li*g, BwraaT, May jg^ ' Nothing doing in tea. am, ?"**?*ab, April M Dim were gradually losing the districts which (bar originally acquired . although there ?u attll a force of about forty thousand men lu the Held. At J it pan the Tycoon and Mikado were on food term*. The foreign traders' dlfflcufyr was occupying -tnuch attention. ' Commtrclal Intrlllgrnce. TQK LONDON MONEV MAIIKKT. '? On the 2*: i h of May the discount market exhibited symptoms of Increasing ease, the application* at tbe Hank being few and unimportant Oa the Slock Ex change ah rt loans wore offered at five per cent. For elgn securities are sxtroroely hsavy, owing to tbe ap proaching settlement Tbe Confederate loan recovered one per cent on the receipt of the iVotia's advices. The Bank of England rate on tbe 23th o( May waa re duced from 8 to 7 per cent. Satterlh wane's circular says ? The accounts of tbe operations of the federal arm Ion caused some little In quiry for both government and railway stocks, but withont leading to much actual business. Erie and Illi nois central shares are both quoted at lc. a 2c. Improve ment. United States bonds could be readily taken at 50. Tho Confederate loan was firm. I/Huron, May 27, 1904 Consols closed to day at PI tf a 91 \ for money. Tbe bullioa iu the Bank of England has IncreaMd ?446,000. I xi jf now , May 2ft , 1861 . Oonsois closed at A1 11 16 a 91 13-16 for monef. An other quotation is 01 Vfor money. AaiKniatM Stocks.? -The market Is nominal. Erie Rail rnsd. 55e. a f>7c. ; Illinois Central Railroad, 29c. a 27c. dis count. Lowww, May 29. 1864. Consols after official hours last evening ware quoted at ?OK. Mexican scrip flat. TQK PAUI3 noVRSH. Paris, May 28? Evening The Bourse la heavy; rentes 66 a 66. TBI LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. Ltviumx., May 27, 1864. Salei of the week, 40.000 hales, Including 9,500 bales to a peculators and 5,000 hales to exporters. Tbe market oi^ened at a dooliue of yd on Amojican, but re covered under advices from Now York. Other descriptions declined a L(d The sales on Friday were 7,000 biles, inclusive of 2,000 bales to speculators and expor ters. Tbe market closed quiet and unchanged. Quotations are: ? Fair HiMlin/i Orloans ? Nominal. 2St? Mobile Nominal. 28^ Uplands Nomiial 28 Stock In port 340,000 bales, Including 19,000 baios of American. LIVERPOOL DIlBADSTnKKfl MARKKT. Richardson, Spence & Co. report Floor dull, ?tat* oxtra, 1Kb 6d. al!>s. 8d. per barrel. Wheat Rteady and partially advancM Id. per cental for amber Iowa. Corn dull; mixed, 27s. 6d. a 27s. 9d. LIVERPOOL PROVISIONS MARKKT. NValcoflftld. Na?h k Co. aid (iordon. Bruce ii Co report: Boof very dull, l'ork dull Bacon inactive. lard dull. Tallow quiet and steady. Butter dull. LIVERPOOL PROPCCW MARKET. Ashes firmer at 33s. a 34s. 6d for rots and pearls Sugar quiet and steady. Codes inactive. Rice steady Linseed downward. I.tnseed oil qtiiol. Rosin steady Spirits turpentine dull and nominal. Petroleum quiet and steady, refined 2s. 3d. ; crude nominal at ?18 a ?18 lus. LONDON MARKETS. Breadstuffk steady. Sugar quiot and firm. Coffee steady. Tea flrtu common Congou Is. Rice steady. Iron dull: rails and bars, ?7 a ?7 5s , Scotch pig, 50s fid. Linseed oil quiet. Linseed firm. Linseed cakes insctlvo. Spirits of turpentine steady: Fronch, 73s. Petroleum easier: refined, 2s. 2d. , crudo, ?19. Cod oil iuactivo. Tallow Arm. ITAVRK MAIIKKT. Havrr, May 27, 1864. Tho sales of the week were 11,000 baels Orloans tres or dinaire at 357f. bas 350f. Tne market opened quiet, but closed firmer. Stock in port 49.000 bale3. Breadstuff's inactive. TUB LATEST MARKETS. Livkrcool, May 28, 1864. Onro*.? Sales to-day, 7,000 bales. Including S.OOO bales to soeoulators and exporters. Tbe market closed Arm and unchanged. BRiAfWTOrrs ? The market is inactive. Corn steady. Provisions.? The market ts very dull. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS* Harriett. Arbnto? 3Nct?gbr.? At Bentley , S. I., on Sunday, June 5, by tbe Rev. Tbos Walters. Edwarh H. ARiwretoLmws, adopted - laugh tor of Daniel Butlor, Esq , all of Wo.* Geld, 8. I. No oards. Bsnor? Harford.? On Wednesday, June 1, at the Thirteenth street Presbyterian churob, by the Bo v. Dr. Burebard, J. Adama Bisnor to Emilt, daughter of Charles , A. Han ford, Esq., all of thin oity. No cards Crawford ? Mason. ? On Monday, June 8, by tbe Rev. C. D. Has, Joskph Crawford, of this city, to Famnib, daughter of John F Mas^n, Esq. , or Brookirn. Cri-ubr ? Willi*. ? Id this city, by tbe Rev. Isaac H. Tuttle.or St Luke's Episcopal church, KoktiuoutCrcobr, or Crugers, N. Y., to Miss Laitoa A. Wiujs, oT New Orleans. I Dattox ? Hrntst. ? On Thursday, June 2. at tbe First Baptist church, la tbis city, by tbe Rev Thomas Ander son, Jambs R. Dayton to Laura M. , daughter oT James W. Henley, Esq. Edwarub? Bbnnwt.? Ob Wednesday, June 1, by the Rev Mr. Hart, William Eo wards to Mary K., daaghter oT tbe Hon. Jacob Bennett, all of this city. No cards. Rorbrtson. ? On Saturday, Juno 4, by tbe Rev. R H Loomis, W. Hblbt, oT Botton, Mass., to MI'S Susan Robrrtson, or this city. Howorth? Hoij>br.? On Sunday, June It, at the resi ? dence of the bride's parents, by the Rev Tbeidore A. 1 Eaton, John HowTirtb, of Boston, to I,jsxib B., eldest d lugbter of Charles J. Holdsr, of tbls city. No cards. Ibbi.and? Fowlsb.? At West Farms, on Sunday, June 6, by the Rev. George Nixon, Mr Qcrpon S. Irsi.and to Miss Mart A., daughter of Anderson W. Fowler, of Brooklyn. McKbvitts? Crafmv.? At Rait I more, on Thursday. May 2, by tbe Rev. Thomas Foley, Lieutenant John T Mo Krvittb, or Truxton. Cortland county. N. Y., to Maooib E. Chaplin, of 8hepardstown , Western Virginia. Rorbbtsqn? Allw.? In Jersey City, on Tuesday even ing, May 31, by the Rev. William Tunlaon, stuvhsn H. RonBRraoN, or Jersey City, to Lovrlia S . youngest daugh ter or Samuel Allen, Esq. , of Yorkvtlle, N. Y. Van Nottrano ? Slowkt.? In Brooklyn, by the Rev. L. J. Fletcher, Arram Van NoerRAND,of Brooklyn, N. Y., to Miss Maooib A. Slow? , of Philadelphia, Pa Philadelphia paper* plesse copy. Wktmoiis ? l.ivnrasTw ? On Saturday, June 4, at Trinity cba]>el, by tbe Rev Morgaa Dlx, D D., Tbbodorr R. Wwr *orb, of New Hamburg. N. Y , to Fxlrn, younzest daugh ter or the late Anthony R. Livingston, late of Tarry town . N. Y. Died. Rrsna* ?On Sunday, June 5, CnARrw Brisa*. for many yours a resident of Charleston, S. C. , a^od C6 years. Tbe rolaUves and friends of the family, and those or bis sons. James C. W.fnnd Daniel, aro respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, from his late residence, No. OH West Twelfth street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at three o'clock. Southern papers please copy Brttnan.? On S itiday , June 6, Raw-A, only daughter o/ Mr". Henrietta Bolt man, aged 0 years, 'J months and 2 days. Tbe relatives and mends of tbe faRilly are respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, from tbe residence of her mother. SOW East Eighteenth street, this (Tuesday) morn ing. At nine o'clock Coitlob ?On Monday, June 6, Matitbw ConM>N, a natlre of tbe parish of Jcssan, county Dorry, Ireland, aged 80 years. The funeral will t?ke plsoe on Wo<lnesil*y arternoon, at two o'clock, rrom his late residence, No. 123 Liberty street Casskv.? On Monday, June 6, T. Ca<w?t, son of Thomas and Mary Cassey, aged 10 yoars, 7 months and 19 days The relatives and Mends or the family are respeetfnlly invited to attcn 1 tbefunural. this (Tueadav) aftqruoou,;at two o'clock, from tbo residence of his parents, No 67 Cberry street. Coijiman ? On Monday. June 6, Mioiabl Couman, aged 28 years. His friends are respectfully Invited to attend tbs fnne ral, from his late residence. 10 Vandewater street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two/i'cloek Bray, county Wicklow ilrelandi papers please copy. Golb.? Of consumption, at 237 Fourth avenue, on Sun day evening, June 5, F.uxa, youngost daughter of Daniel Cole, in tbe 20th year or ber ago. Asloeo In Jesus. Tbo relatives and friends of tbe family, also tbe mem bers Of tbo First Baptist church, are cordially invited to attend the funeral, from Dr Cheever's church, oorner of Firteontb street and Union square, this ( Tuesday) arter noon, at one o'clock. Cbakbr.? on Monday, June 8, after a short but severe ale It dos i*, Fi>Mt'Nn Wai.tbr, i<>n of Martin and Clara R. Cramer, aged 3 years; 6 months and 19 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, ibis (Tuesdayi afternoon, at twe o'olook, from tbe residence of his parents, It First avenue. Cranston.? Suddenly, on Monday. *100 8, Mrs. Lrnu Oanston, aged 82 vesrs and 8 months. Tbe funeral service will be held at her late residence, { 280 Spring street, this day (Tuesday) at twelve eclock. Her remains will be taken to Warren, R. I , for Interment. Davidson.? Ob Monday, June 8, or soarlet fever, .Iarss, son nr Andrew and Isabella Davidson, aged 4 years, 0 months and 11 days. Interment in Creenwood Cemetery The funeral will take place this (Tuesday) afternoen. at two o'clock, from the residence or bis parents, No. 260 West Thirty se ood street DoVail? In Brooklyn, on Monday, June 8, Frank, son sf Captata Joseph and Sarah J. DuVall, aged 7 years and 8 months. lite relatives and friends of the family, and also tbe members of Fortitude Lodge No. 19 F. and A. M.. are re imotluliy tQYltedta attend tbs funeral, from 1S4 Vandsr biti aveilUA, on WsdoMday afternoon, at tbres o'clock. Dcncfff.? On Monday morntfig, Juns 8, at thrse o'clock, of Sipthsrla, Ida, the third and last child of Joseph and Catharine J. Uuncuff. aged 8 years, 4 months and 8 days Itis relatives sad frisnds of tbe family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from the rssldenoe of ber parents, M Clarkson street, tbls day (Tuesdsy). Dalt.? At Douglass Hospital, Washington, D O., M Friday, June S, Sergeant Jays* Halt, of OwnpaovK. SSbPStBS M&TO dernsss on tbs 8th of May. Tbe friends of tbe family and members of tbe rsflment are rsspeotfully Invited to attend tbs funeral tbls <Tu* day) after aoon, at two o'olook, from Um rssldsaoe of b* brother, sornsr of Fiftieth strfbt aodl l?lrd avius. with sat farther notlee. Ike rsmalns *111 be Interred la Cal vary Cemetery. ? , . Frraam -In Brooklyn. *?day evw ag Jnasd, ?.i.o only daughter of OaptaiB Edward G. PtrW lfotloe of tbe raasral wlU be glvsa hereafter. Qmrn.?H Yorkvllle, ob tenday evening, Jobs I, Of oard lotos, Fbbmbb 0., sob or Charlsa R aad Amelia OrasB, aired 1 year, 8 months and ? days TtM rsiativss sad friend* are respsotfully Invited to at* teed tbe funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at three o'etook from tbe rseidsecs or bis parents, near tbe oar ?m nyp* ifjfiiuMt rtm MjMNb ? nmm ? | w(Q b* taken to Poa?v rM*? ? Waatctieator couuty. for la torment, oil Wadneedaf ."aoralnt Gilum ? On Saturday , K'?? 4, after a abort and p^lal 4 iHnem, .Iambi Guam, in the '*P<h year or bit age. His friends are re->oec'.lf'illy htyited to attend the fane ral from No. l)f Alloa street, t&W (Tuesday i afternoon at two o'clock. llBHKwrr.? Ou Sunday, Juue 5, after a bri#r John Hehubbt. ' Relatives and friends of the family are respectfully in ?Ited to attend tne funeral, thin iTuesrtav) aftartm00 at 1 o'clock, from his late residence, 84 Rldrldge street ' Jarvw.? At Scarsdale, on Sunday, June ft, Ki.ijas Ac tr'KT, bob of the late Noah Jarvis, tu the 00th year of bis aped His remains will be removed to Norwalk, Conn , for ka leruient this day (Tuesday). Iappiw. ? On Mondav, June fl, Johw H., the ronng??| eon of Pamuel T. and Harriet C. Lanptn, aged 6 month*. The relatives and friends of the family and also the members of Pyramid I.odee No. 490 aro respectfully in vited to attend the runeral , this (Tuesday) afternoon , at three o'clock, at the residence of his parents 149 Weat Twenty-first street. Low* ?In Brooklyn, on Saturday, June 4, alter a fnw hours illness, Harriot, wife of Thomas Lowe, In the 841k year of her age. Her remains were taken to Greenwood on Sunday, June 0. Manchester end I.tverpool papers please copy Marks Ik ->ead4?ftl7j 8unday, June 5, FtORA MA bloa, beloved daughter of Francis and Winhifred Maria hani , aged IS years and 10 month* The funeral will take place this (Tuesday) afternoon, at half-oast Jone o'clock, from the residence ?* her father, 236 Wost street, to Calvary Cemetery The friends aad relativog of the family are renue?=ted to attond Mapbb ?At Weat Farms, N. v . on Monday morning, June 8, of consumption, Fmh r, the wl'e ef Daniel Manes, Jr., and daughter of Frederic and Miria Ryer, aged M years, 9 months and 9 days. The relatives and friends of tho family are ro*">ectf ilf Invited to attend the funeral from the Kuormol !?uteh church, Wost Farms, this (Toeeday ) aftcrnoou, at twa o'clock. Mm*.? On Sunday evening, June 5, Martha 8., widow or Thomas M. Mllls.'in the 7.1(1 year of her age. The relativog snd friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tho funeral, from her late residence. No. KRast Tweitth stroet, this (Tuesday) afternoon, a* four o'clock. On Monday, June fi. Jaws E., wife or Robert H. Miller, sged 29 years and 26 davs. The friends and relatives , also tho members or Cyras Lodire, No. 20H, also of Knickerb'vker T/>dge of T. O. of O F., aro respectfully invited to attend {i he runeral, oa Wednesday mornine. at ten o'clock, rrom the Mothodist Episcopal churob, West Twenty fourth street, near Ninth avenue McGhrk. ? On Saturday. June 4,Owm? MoGmrn. ? native of parish Tarmon, county Tvrone, Ireland . aged 30 years. The friends and acnuaint suces of the family are respect fully invited to attend thOweral . from his Me residence, No. 130 Charles stroet, This (Tuesday), at half- past one o'clock. Nbwiiw. ? At Staten Island, on Wednesday. June 1. at the residence of her son in-law. Andre Mllle, Mrs. Mart Aim aged 80 years and 1 month. Philadelphia papers pleise ropy. Prat ? On Sunday, June 5, a'ter a protracted illness, Catiikrini S*..ina, wife of Ebenerer H. Tray, aged 69 years The relatives and friends of the fami'v are respectfully Invited tn attend the funerat, rrom h >>r late residence, 82 Kitat Twelfth atreet, this (Tuesdayi atternoon, at twe o'clock. Her remains will be takon to Greenwood for Interment. KPortrr.? On Sunday evening, June S, after a lingering lllnees, Mrs. Catharini Portkr, in the 66th year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral, this (Tuesday! afternoon, at twa o'clock, from her lato residence, 146 Eaat Thirty -ninth Street. . Boston (Mass.) papers please copy. Rocrwku. ?Suddenly, on Monday, Juhe 6, by being run over by a Greenpolnt car, Wit.utM M Rookwbu., second eldest son of G. W. and Mary C. Rockwell, aged 6 years. The relatives and friends are respectfully lovMedft? attend the funeral, from the residence or hla parents , No. 13 ^outh Nmth street, Broolrtvo, E. P., on Wednesday af ternoon. at two o'clock, without further notice. Riiar ? On Monday, June fl, of general debility, Prraa Rilby, a native of the parish of Carrigallen, county ef Leitrlm, Ireland, aged 56 years The relativea and friends of the family are respecUully Invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday arternoon, at one o'clock, from his late residence No. 68 Baxter street. His remains will be Interred in Calvary Cemetery. SrnAirr. ? On Sunday, June 6, of dlptberla, Albxandsr, youngest son of David J. and Susan Ann Stuart, aged It months and 10 days The relativea and friends of tbe family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from tbe residence of hla parents. No. 184 Orchard street. Surra.? tn Jersey City, on Sunday, June 5, ater a short, but aevero Illness, Emma F. Smith, youngest daugh ter efChaunoey A. and Catherine J. Smith, aged 8 years and 6 months. The relatives and friends of the faml'y are requested I to attend the funeral, this iTuesdav) afternoon, at twa o'clock, from tbe residence of Ijpr parents, 92 Susses street. Jersey City. Siraho. ? At Yonkera. on Saturday, Jone 4. after a lingering-Illness, Jossrn Whits Straws, formerly of New York. The frienda and relatives are Invited to attend the funeral services, at the residence of his son. Fdaar Strang, at Yonkera, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at half-past three o'clock. Carnage* will meet the oxnress train which leaves Chambers atreet at two o'clock. Return train at 6 41. Interment at Greenwich. Wednesday morning. 8mttb.? In Brooklyn, on Monday. June 6. WttitA* Ha oak. son of .Tames R. and Martha Smith, aged 4 years, T months and 3 days. Tho relatives and friends of the familv are reapectfslly InvKoa to attend tho funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of bis father, Nineteenth atreet. near Third avenue Simpson.? On Monday. Jone 6, Sampkt. Sauudsbs Slav Sow. a native of London, England. The friends and acquaintances of the family are ra? quested to attend the funeral, thia (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from bis late residence, 89 East Thirteenth street. I/mdon (England) pacers please copy. ?At her residence. 77G Washington street, on Monday, Juno ?. Phrmw ia Svt,va*TfR, aged 2 1 yeare, I months and 17 days, wife of Frederick Sylvester aad daughter of Mary E. Ackerman Funeral services to take place at her uncle's. Jobs Parson's 162 Perry atreet. this (Tuesday) afternoon, at one o'clock. The friends and relatives are respectfully Invited to attend. Soott. ? On Monday, June 8. Britkiitt Orsing, the be loved wife of Patrick Scott, aged 35 years. Her remains will be taken from her Ute residence, Na. 93 West Nineteenth street, to the Church of St. Francis Xnvler, Sixteenth street, where a solemn bum of requleaa will be celebrated for the repose of her soul, on Wednes day morcing at nine o'clock after which the funeral wHl take place at two o'cloclt. The relatives and frleods of the family, also the Waiters' Benevolent Association, ars requested to attend Spi.uvak. ?On Monday, June 8, Thomas as, age* 27 years Tbe friends and relatives of the familv and members of the Journeymen Butchers' UnUed Protective Society ara respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his lata residence. 121 Fast Third street, this (Tuesday) after noon, at two o'clock Swki.t.? At the residence of bis sister. No 42 I.exlngtea avenue, on Sunday, June 5, of tvphold fever, Chorus R. Sspi y, in the MHh veir or his age. Tho ro'atirps and rrtends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral services, at the church in Hnchsonville this (Tuesdav) morn tig. at eleven o'clock, w ibout further notice The remains will be taken ts Flshklll for Interment. Slavfw.? After a short but painrul illness. Sarah Si,a v??r. tbe beloved wife of John Mix well, a native of county Tyrone. Ire'and. The funeral will take place this (Tuesday) orternooa, June 7. at two o'cloek, from the residence of her sister, Mrs Smith, No 9 North First street. Williamsburg. L. I. Her remains will be taken to the Cemetery of the Holy Cross, Hatbush. Tp*.? on Saturday evening, June 4, Amslia B., wife at Peter Y. Tire. The relatives and friends of the family are respect fully Invited to attend tbe funeral, this iTnesdayi after noon, at two o'clock, rrom tbe house of her father, Morris Reynold', 131 Joralemon street. Brooklyn. Tati/^r ? On Mcndny, June ?, F.uuw Tatlob, wife ef Thomas Taylor, In the Both year of her age The friends and relative* of tho family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her s >o-in law, No. 114 West Thirty sisth street, this (Tues day' afternoon, at one o'click. Philadelphia papers ploass copy. Thrush ? In Brooglvn. on Monday, June 8, Wrt.UA* Jon*, only child of William and Jnlla Thrush, aged 0 years, 8 months and 20 days. Tbo friends of tbe family are Invited to attend the funeral, this (Tuesday) at*rno-n, at three o'clock, from the residence of his parents, Myrtle avenue, near Throop. Knglieh papera p'?ase oopy. Wapb.? In Brooklyn, at ten mtntiloe past elrbt o'clocfc F M., Julia Awks, only daeghter of John and Ellis P. Wade. The relatives and friends of the afflicted parents are re ipectrully Invited to attend the faneral, from 239 Atlantis street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, ot two o'clock. Wtonr.? Of consumption, on Saturday, June 4, AnatAiaa A., wise of Amherst Wight. Jr., and daughter of tho lata Daniel B. Grlenold. In the 27ta year of bar age. The fsneral will take ptaoe from her late residence, ?ll Weet Fiftieth atreet, this (Tueeday) afternoon, at mm o'clock. SHIPPING NEWS. JJJMVJ* MM wv? TOai-OTII 111. inn MM 4 ? I *?2S i?V ,? a iow ' " I Wifn m 10 8 Port tfWiw York, Jan* I, 190ft, OLKARKD Bark Joh?nn? Maria (Bran), Kutwhar, London? PimflB. lfainoka A Wendt, Bark Dag ma (Kor), Let, rernambnoo? Punrfc, Xclnoka B Wandl 2ar* A AdA (ItL CoNon, Bfiliaa? JonUh Ja*. Bark Kllia (Br), Norhan. HI /oho. NB? II L Ron Ik B ?m*. ^Jlark Whaatland, OUrar. Baltimore? Dowlar, Coraara ? Bark Bophfc Haorlatta (Hano), Piahka, Philadelphia? B* |w Bro*. Brl* Snaanna (Hal), Hooker, Amatardam? Punch, MalneM B Waadl . Bri( llaraoalbo (Bl), Bcaodalla, Hacacatbo? B ParaoalWI B Co. Brig A Hat (Br). UmiA. Ballta, Hon? P Alexandra B Be*. . Bff Bounding Billow (Br), NNII, Demanara? Brett PMnlman (Mr), Itokatt, Havana? W W Huaaail, Bi? Alloa Pranklm (Br), Brown, Cienfuacoa? J 8 Ward f Owrolf. Boa A * ? 1 t-aorford. Wa?hln?ton-A At. bolt ? Waahlnffton ? Baodaraaa, Washington? B D ?? HsrUra* ?riir B Haiaar. IHway. miMaipkla? H B BaokaH A Htm. ?JC it ff Bgftp pi I gk > niK?i jWBN^ I KrtH ?

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