Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 8, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 8, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 10,127. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8, 1364.-W1TH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. GRANT! News Down to Nine o'Clook Tuesday Morning The Special Herald Despatches from the Field* THE FI&HTEJ3 ON SUNDAY. Attack on Our Lines by the Rebels. OUR SUCCESS. Hidnight Assault on Bumsido's Corps on Monday. ANOTHER REPULSE OF TIIE ENEMY. Communications Betwoen Generals Lee and Grant) kiif ki<i ai< ??crelAry Btnnton Co Major General Dli. War rtpiRTUENT, Washijkitoh, June 7 ? 15.15 P. M, It Major General Dix, New York? Despatches from bcaa<iuarters, Army of tbe Potomao, dalad nine o'clock this morning, have been received. Ad assault was made on Burnsldo about midnight, and aaoaiusfuHy repulsed. 1b tbo preceding aOnioon a hundred picked men of Iks enemy mailo a rush lp fiud oat what was the menn lag ef i Uncock > advancing siego lines. Nine of the yartr wore captured and the rest killed or driven buck. Sever tl letters have passed between General Grant and ?sacral Lee, in respect to collecting tlio dead and Weoaded between the two armies. General Grant, in tbe Bkelog letter, regrets that all bis efforts "for alleviating As sufferings of wounded men left od tbe battle fletd kave bean rendered nugatory. " Two rebal oflicers aad six men, Mat out to search for Ike wounded of their commands, wera captured in conse taeaoe of tha enemy not delivering Geaeral Lee's latter natU after tbe boor he bad named bad expired. Geaeral baa no titled General Lee tbat tbey were eaptared [b a misunderstanding, and will not be bald as ?rs, bat will be returned. He other military Intelligence baa been received. KDW1N M. SIANfON, Seeritary ? Wan TIB FlflflTIHfi til THURSDAY* Iti Jnntca C. fltipatrlek'i Deipakbi Nnrrn Abkt Com, June k? A. H k my former dee pate be? 1 omitted to state that tha ?easy made a demoastratioa upon tha right en Thurs day nfcbt, wbleb was gallantly repulsed by ena division df ike fifth eorpe and one of tbe Ninth cor pa. tw? ormnwo or on imn. Tbe attack wea n aurprlee. Oar aorpa waa aw lag tag ?way from tha poaltloa It had accuptad In tka morn tag, apd wagone aad artillery had Just paaaad tha paint where Ac fabela daahad in. A henry rain atarm aaoocedad, aad tha etona had bnrdly eeeeed falling whan tka steady ?nttie af muekatry doaa behind aa gave waralag tbnt wa wore attacked. Tbe dlvwiooa or Aeacrala Potter and HMIaaa bad reached their new pooltloa; bat tha diylaioa af fleaeral (kitten den, bringing ap tka rear, wac at ill on Ike mar en whan attacked by the rebels. Ibe brigade af I Sudabarg (Third Maryland) wan tha fret la re fa ire. tta rebels endeavored In* in Oat allcoMca to ear ?%kt tank, where a portion of their reree had werte4 ?airway by a seed elreuMone route. Several retleja torn tfcla itrwllMi tratttA no 1UUI vummImm ii fir a ?ass K seeaead aa tf car divlalen pa bammed la. Bow mm, tka real total of at teak eaea manlfestnd Maetf In n cum n? m urv, ?hire oar agrpa waa in eoaaaattea with General Warren, ?ar lino, however, waa ooaaldarably la advance, or ihtad, an tka maveeeeat waa ena wbleb front In rear. Tha twa liaea ef breast verba belonging In tha twa eorpe respectively wera parallel, aad at tha termination en cor right aad tha ksgisalsg on tka hgbtef tko nok eorpe ware auoaaneot ad, Ala weak apat tka rabela aaaasad la have dleoorarod ; gH sgatnrt II thay now directed their wholo oqergieo, ?ad, by an over whelm log charge, oauecd car men to Ml hark serosa tka open flelda to tbf wpoda beyond, ;ho rcct of the divwien wag la Ilea of battle. A sew line WUaaw formed, ear left directly joining tbe PKIh cor pa, theaoe curving aroaad to tha right of the kfceatworka, aad theaoe bending bach la a carve to tha ?arthwam. In thia poeltiea the division ebatlnately and pacoeaafally ceataelad the farther advaaae af tka enemy, and held the gronad tkreoghoat tha alght. We kwt a feaaHeref prlseaers, prmelpaily from tha roar guard, vac wera oat off mas tka mala bedy. Our leaa la tka dip 1 "a flghtiag waa akout twa band red aad fifty. ffeea the roparta ef prison ere wa Mara that the at latfttog ferae waa the cor pe ef Pea oral (well, aad hoaoo me are eaabled to oompreboad tka aalarlty with wbleb ttaencaay suddealy threw tbeavedvea upon oorjlfht and gear. Bwaii'a aorpa is tka oM earpa ef Staaawall Jack tan, wheaa traapa, far their rapidity in march lag, reeelvod of "foot cavalry." TIB CONTEST OH SUNDAY. Oadmlladar'a Daipattb, Coal fLtaaon, June M A. M. w "na waaa*a orananoae. Another weak kaa eleaed a pan the Amy of the Poto mac? a week af aaparallaled excitement, lahar aad bard ?fiMlnc. Tletary haa perched en aar banners la every Isstaaee, aad tha dleoomttad legioaa ef General Ue have keen driven atowly aad steadily frees tkeir etroeg po pMlsae en Ike Mertk Anna aad Pamaakey bey cad Honevar jaaeUoa aad tka Toiapetonaoy creek la tkalr line ef m giaeilwaala in front ef Mehmend an Ihn Oktakakeaalny. ?aeh hard work and hard ' fighting waa aaonaarp *o sa a?e tbw glirleae recall; but tka labor baa hew par. ptrmed wHkoat a murmar. The fighting Ban gone en Irem day la day with tka aeargy nod spirit thai alcae taaplre freoaaen; and n aardea ef llaaa and plkinry werka li gradually tightening around the kstccgnerad city that wii|fevealaally eempcl its evaeea 0aa or surrender. From tha motneal that Gee. Lee H all axptotntton of eempeliing the relreal of Ha araiy fraaa the Wtldaraaaa la Waehlagtan , aatil tka areaeet, ear advaneaa have been a eertae ef triumphal jaarakaa and Ma n succcedon of humltteaag retreats. jM>? aM former eoea man dare of tne Army af tha ' pMaaae, Qaaoraio Grant and Meade have mcelfcetad ao mr i n iceisr for tha safely of their liaa of commuai W7 ?*? Iglf f'W. sverrtbing IW hi?lM *?????* of IMr movs msits, ud ooeflued themselves to the double object of defeating tha iw; of Ooa Lee in battle and of dosing la on lb* rebel capital? tbe |rud object!*# point of the Mmp?l|a. They ktvi sueoeoded to both to the full ?xmbI of their expects llooa. Whenever the robot geaoral bos' risked a column of troops In open battle It baa boon fairly and algnally defeated, and whenever be baa attempted a strategic movement, It has either boon thwarted to Its very Inception or mado to subserve our own designs. On the eoatnury , whenever the rebel army was foand so Intrenched that an assault was dangerous or ascertain, the disposition and movements of our troops have boss marked and masterly, and tbo enemy entirely deceived until powerless to Interfere with luoccssfui sc eompltshmeat. m oanuumr nrum 01 son aim ret It oasnot be den tod that our great suooeaa feat been mainly due to sapsrior generatoblp. Wa hava won no victories that esald in any sense be considered decisive. Whenever the rebels have basarded an engagement they have bean terribly out up and driven from tbs field of battle; but their wary eommaader baa never allowed hie army to be entrapped la to a position where all would depend on a stogie battle. Bver sloes the second day's contest to tha Wilderness ha baa tacitly acknowledged the fighting superiority of this army, and avoided battla on equal terms. His atanda have sinee .boon made be hind toireocbmeots, and when theae were turned be retreated to others. His plan has evidently been to op. pooe and delay the advance of thia army as often and as long aa possible. ran anor ran potomac. Tho movemeata of the Army of the Potomac bare been rapid and brilliant throughout thia cam paign; bat the time approaches when these must asaume another phase. Within a month It has t raven sd many miles of difficult roads, foraed the abandonment of many atrong military positions, and woo aeveral ha rA fought battles. It waa alert, active and oonatantly to motion; but tha character of lta operations will henceforward be materially changed. m KtmtT has been driven Into his outor line of intrenohmenis da fending Richmond. The city Is between six and eight miles distant from our nearest points.of occupation, in tha vicinity or Coal Harbor and Gaines' Hill. Every rod of intervening ground is probably being put in tha beet pos sible condition of defence. The rebels are reinforced by every available man, and may number as high as eighty, five thousand troops. To destroy such well constructed works, defended by a powerful foe, will oonsume more timo than tbe public at largo may expect, and is by far. tbo most gigantic undertaking of tbe war. To this all the energies of the commandors are now bent. TIIK RTODMOilS AND YORK R1VKR RAILROAD Is being rebuilt by the government, undor tbs supervision of Mr. Henry, tho original contractor for most of the bridges on tho line, including tbo present one over the CMckabomlny. Over three miles of Iron was towed to Wo Wblto Houso on barges, to be used in its reconstruc tion. aud on Saturday a force of eight hundred men com mence I putting down tbe track. A few davs will sulllce to oxtcml it to Savage slat too, from which place tho army can be easily supplied by wagons. AURIVAl. OK GKXERAL IUKJUItn. Tho arrival and location at Uenerul Grant s beadquar quarters of General I?arnard, onfl of tbe finest engineers of tlio 1'nile I State" nriny , is looked upon :is another e?l denco that a s|>eoitj entry into K cbmoud tiood not be an ticipated. The rcbois have tho temporary destiny of Richmond in their own hands; but if dtitord creopa In am?ng their commanders, or popular discontent bo (suffi ciently powerful to enforce Its demands, its resistance may be computed by days instead of weeks or months. We shall seo. THE FORMATION OF OCR URR baa aleo boon somewhat changcd since the date of my last deepatob. It is now running nearly parallel to tbe Chlckahomtny in its main direction, hut la exceedingly Irregular and zigzag throughout ttfrenttre length. The right la formed by RurnsMe's corps, tbo right centra by Smith's corps, the left oeatre by Wright's corps, and the left by Hanoook's. Warren 'a corps was moved last night from its old position on tha right of tbe line to a new one to rear of tha centra, aa a reserve. Tbe line la compact and mobile. tbs fkiit or scxdav men*. Tbs moving of this corps to the night pot tbe rebels on tbs alert, and led to tbo most, furious fusllading and cannonading aver beard along tbrse-fOurths of the lise. It began on tbe lot, where Hancook waa chaoglng soma brigades, which may hava been mis taken for aa advanoe and night assault on oar part. Prom eight till nlna o'clock the firing was terrific beycad description, aad led every oaa to sup pose tha rebels bad concentrated for a night assault an Hancock. As It gradually subsided, without any apparent change of peal t Ion, its character was suspected. Pes pate bee from the different corps com manders soon pat all arte* to raat. Tha loss was qalts trifling to killed aad wouaded, and aa attempt waa made by either party to drive tbe other from bla position. Tbe wbole affair begaa la mlaappreheaaioa, aad waa taken up aad ooattoued along tbs Una far an hour to tbo dar knees of night. _ OrnUTMHI OF THE SECOND COIN. Mr. Vr?*eli C. Lang'i Despatch. Amm tan, Anr or ?n Ptrauc, ) to M nut, HMam Chit Haanoa. Va.. V Ail MCnaln|. J mm>A7 OK Ml BATTU imo. 1? Uwr dag Ma pom and m Important chongea have UkM place. Everything along oar front rnulu Mm mm m wtH ay lant innlrt ?h brmrM Divine unlot was bald hf Hrirll of car flaM bocpltala to day , and was wall attended by Umm ef oar atek and wounded *W wort able to- move about. It waa aomcthlag strnngo aid unuaual to boar tbo aoaad of prayora aid bymaa o I pralae eacendlng heavenward, wbilo tbo rattle of dlalaat muakotry could bo dtatloctly board. A baad of tbo BUib oorpa hoopital, which la a lltllo dlataaoe In tbo row of army bcadquartcra, played "OW Huodrod" during tbo service, wltb vary pleasing eflbct. How dell oloualy awoot Ha woll known atralao came floating ca Ilia mora lag alrt What a myriad of hallowed recollec lions are awakeaed la ear bcoome, after tbo dlaoordaat f>a and clamor of battle it overrb y bearing a band play HIM dntr f m melody that we loved to oblldboodl A feeliag af joy or aadaaaa ateala almoet Impereeptlbly over oa, and wo llateo to tbo aweotly swelling harmony, aootbad and ao tranced, like one wbo llatena to tbe aymphoalo sounding of fairy latea In bis drenma. Heap an an dona thought and bitter pang is sootbed and soften ed by tbo chirms of muale to tbo army. a km op racos. A conotderable a timber of oar killed aid woasded have been lylag on tilde of oar Ilsea since ear aeaaalt apon tbo rebel lotrcMbmonla on the ftd Instant, and aumy ef them ara still alive, bat anable to crawl away, and wo bare aet been able to remove them. A flog af trnoe was sant out at abgot roar e'cWek this afternoon. CoMel Lyman and Major W. D. Mitchell, aid M General Hancock, no oompnnlod tbo tag. The men are lylag where 4bo aooaaM waa made, a abort dlataaoe below us, en tbo Mechanics Tills rond. Whether tbo mission of Ike tag h insert wtt lucocssfal or not bns not.yet been asesrtolnod. ' Tua bodt or oou>*m. n. a. turn, commanding the Third brigade, Becead dlrlatOM, of this corps, which ysstorday waa lying beyoad oar roaeb, be tween the contending linen, waa brought off lent evening, aid la nnw in tbo handa ef amhalmers, preparatory to being lent to bis friend*. MM UKM. It may be w*R to me at Ion, ft* tbebcaett ef tbo pnWle, that Coal Harbor la aettber a harbor n & a village, bat an anttqnatedrnatlc hamlet, oemprWng twa or tbroo booses, wltb Wm, notboaeeo, be. There certainty m a my elngo lar mate displaysd by the r. f . T.% H aatootiag aaaMO for tholr town* aad churches. They "frequently bmtewnnntao on a town or baltdlng wltboat the sllgMeet nNrinii to Mn character or loettloo. They have a ?'While Oab Chnrch" ?taadlbg m a grove ef locust trees, wltb acaiwly an end growing within wmiio of H. Then Ihey have ? ?'Cbcetnnt Hill" atanding in n bo i low, witbont n vmtlge of a cheat ant tree soar it. Bell Plain la threefold mere rough aad oaevM then tbo Blue Ridge, aad James CMy baa not bhosee eacogh in bo called a village. In mot, It fre quently bappeno that there to so much Incongruity between n place and Mn signamin thai ens ef an "wlae model Me" la addly poaaiid to leN where bo ll or wbidb way bo la going. tm asam. anaaranocrsna. I have beard oovoral old oMoorn rosaarb that we have 0CW Hf? |9 MMfe MVU4 la IM WUtBbUaoiMt <d thn enemy aa v* kin boom to-*/, and although lHy ??? nearly ? alia distant many of tbeir abote took oflaot, and ? number of our man have been oho* dead to thetr tracks. They devoted- ooo aiders bio attention to one of oar Dot tartaa lying aomo diotanoo to tbo roar of our breastworks to a hollo*, almost aoreenea from view. Tbo rabal rifle ?ton would shoot orar our advanced llua of skirmnbors and our real I too ot baUlo, aandtog their bulla la ai every artilleryman tboy aaw wtU> nlmoat aaarrtof aim. Bimno otm ion m aasauir. Gob. Barlow's division batoi oa Um toft flank of our Una, and to Imminent dangsr of absavy assault from tbo oaamy at any momoot, Qon. Birnoy'a division waa ?tat toned to Ha rear aa a reeerve. Deeming It ad via able to extend our lino further to tbo left toward* Meohantos yille, Birney took bis poaittoo aa tbo toft just at night Ml. Tbo eoamy must hava been oognlsaal of tba move moot, for ha soon altar advanced open us tn force, mak ing n fur tons onslaught an Qon. Gibbon's division aad to* right of Barlow's. Whether tbts oharge ot tba enemy was made to break our loft, or aa a raaonnolsaanca In force, I cannot say, but whatever bis totentloaa were, ha waa moat certainly frustrated. The affair did not last over twenty minutes, but It was furious while It laatod ; and the peripatetic sheila or tba sasusy buret la decidedly uncomfortable proximity to tba headquarters of Generals Grant and Meade. Xbe enemy oould not direct the Ore of his batteries upon our left, hie own man being In tbo way; but the moat of bis shells were direotod to wards our right, wltb what result the Hbrald correspon dents at that part of the Una will asoartaln. Finding our line stood Arm, the enemy suddenly retired, having so oompllshed nothing, but on tba oonlrary being severely repulsed. It Is reasonable to suppose that Lea fears an other movement beyond his toft flank, aad be made tbto assay upon our Una to aaa If Grant waa still before blm In force. For the past throe daya General Barlow's head quartera have been ahelled frequently, and H is a feat somewhat difflonlt to aooompltoh to pay him a vtoH. OPERATION! OP TBI FIFTH COftPfl. Mr. L, A. Hendrlnk'a Osapat?hw> niuDQOiarnn, Firm Aunt corps, \ Bbtbbsda Church, June 5?6 P. M. j ran cam arm ran storm. It bas been our recent good fortune to enjoy tolerably quiet Sundays. To-day haa been one of the quietest. With the exoeptlon of a little outburst of artillery about noon to froQt of the Seaond corps, there ban been do cannonading and only occasional muaketry. tbi mm mrniNfiiMBNTB srnx bkld. We are^Qll in possession of the intrenchmenta vaoated by the enemy, daecrtbed in my tost despatch, and this constitutes our preaeot fl-ont. ran oasn or colossi ft* Colonel Pye, wounded two daya since, baa been re moved from the private house, where he was taken, to the hospital. The ball has been extracted and he Is in a ralr way to recover. A number of our recently wounded were sent to-day to the White House. Eomo complaint ia made at the location of our hospital* so for In tbe roar, being not less than six Virginia miles distant. Colonel Pye said, I understand, that he had no apprehension on account or his wound, but be foarod he would die of old age beforo reaching tbe hospital. REFPX ORMKRAI 8 KJ: LTO. Prisoners captured to-day soy that in the robel attack of day beforo yesterday Generals Keitt and Pales wor?* kiMca . the former in front of the Sixth corps and tho totter in front of the Fifth corps. They state further that tho enemy 'a losses have been very severe since our army crossed tbe Pamunkey. tub klaq or rarca, airo its onjsrr. I just learn that Colonel Lyman, of General Meade's staff, Ib on bis way to the easmy'a lines with a flag ot truoe. the object of thua communicating or attempting to communicate wltb tbe .enemy ia of course unknown. With this I send a full ltot of Fifth corpa oaaualtiea. Bnsau Cnrracn, June 6?10 P. M. THB ATTACK ON TBS BKCONO CORPS. 1 ftnvtht the day would end as It began, In comparative qntot; bat It waa not 60 fatod. At half- paat eight o'clock an attack waa mada aa tbe Second corpa aad a portion of tba Sixth corpa. It waa one of tba moat terrific night attacka of the war. The rattle ef muaketry waa tocscsaat for half aa hour. Some artillery waa used, and a large number of tbe rebel shells burst over tbe Fifth corps line, although doing but little damage. raa aaaxia bbpclsbd. The nawa reaching na proclaim a victorious repulse ef tbe enemy at every point. Oar oorpa expected It might oome ia for a share of the attack, but la tbta waa die appointed. Tbe enemy muat have 1 at heavily , advancing aa ha did from behind earth woras. Our leaa to com puled aa email, our men fighting behind intrenchmenle. The onslaught waa, however, a deeper a to and determined one, aad there can be no doubt that tbe enemy calculated ! oa auoceaa. A few mora each attacka aad repatoea aad tho enemy baa been repulsed ovary tiase ha baa at tacked? muat aad this mode of a separata warfare on tbe i part of tba enemy. na son or ran aam& I write ef tbto attack, although tbo Fifth oorpa waa act a participant, because of the grand terror aad eublimlty of tbe scene andocoaatoa. Tbe flasblag of tbe cannon agalnat the evening sky waa terrltyy and aaagaiOceoUy baautlfai ? an aurora b?realls ef tranooaadtnl brilliancy. Wards eaaaet describe It, ao painted oanvaaa portray tba living reality ef that flasblag of muaketry and artillery. It Ml a aeeae that vMt lira to sensory, and' la mdmory only? a pbaae af war grand, torrlMe, todeacrlbablc. Alaa l to asaay It waa aa Utosattatisa af death. iHDVtt ar tn eomv raant? aTracna* m Mora. Chpt. Gee. H. Weir, Commlseary Third brigade, First division, arrived to-ntgbt from the White Bouse, In oharge of a supply trato. Agaagaf guar 111 aa attached the trato, kilted ana man and captured twenty horses aad a prisoner. ? Although a cavalry gaard waa la the rear of the train, Cap! Wstr, with half a dossa armed men, without waiting far tba cavalry, atarted to pursuit af tba gaag, killed two of them, reoaptared tba prisoner aad six of tba harass. Tbe Oaptata cannot be toe highly complimented for bto pluck aad tba susoeaa crowning Ik jmitm or asmvoncanarm A large number af rsloforotmeata arrived this eveatog . Many have been asalgned to tbto oorpa. The reinforce meats tba arssy baa received, I aaa told, outnumber oar lemis, snd more are eoaamg. ftach eontlaoous additions to enr army, tbe apirit wltb whieh our men fight, aad the obettoata energy ef Geoernl Grant aad General Mends la punhtog oa tbe campaign, eaaaet keep na loaf eat of Richmond. OraUTKMS OP TIB BMWIIIUITM CMUN. Hr. Jaka A. Inuir'i Dcipatafe. Buivuim, a?iiniM Am Cnn. 1 Is m Fmo, Jom ft, 1M4. J MB HiVUMIM At WOM. hi*r kH Ml boon by any urn i>wnit ilni tbo front to day. Ob IM oootrary, tkt abarpobootora ud aktraalohoro tavt Mm ooootaatly mihM la popping ?way at Mk MMr thmikdl Mi wbolo toy. Tb? MM oT thlaga Ma OMttOOOd now throughout Sotardaj aad to My, and, although u Mitoa baa Mm mbwU rlly ox poo tod, yot, owlog to mm mm* boot known to tMCotntnondlng Goooral, nothing farther Mo followed tbo omOioI of rrtday, rfioopt tbo almoot uaelaea aad oor Ulnty nnjootlflahlo exchange of oomplloaenta botwoM tbo Mtomo poo to. It la probable, Mweror, that denarii OrMt Ma a plan la tlw that will oomowbat aatoand IM mmmr' iwt ornpMa wblto la IM porformaaM af tholr dotleo oro froqaeaUy tbo oopootai ebjoote of altMtMa m tho port of tbo oaooiy '? obarpoboowro. LI? tioMt Goto, ef Ooaorai MHb>a ataff, bad a bom obot aator bM, nod Coptolo RoM, Adjutant Qoooral o t IrooM' AJvlataa, woo Mot a tM lift ornau pnl wttMH aro boaollfolly altuated, within ftfty yarM o t tM iktr vtohlng Mm, aad m oroot peeltieo bovo to rendered Tory oaaa fa, owing to tM paaalag Mlalo baUa aad grape?hot "bf tbo Many, tome of tbo etaff propoM eeodtog aa adrer UaaoMot Mr a California traa, thirty teat la dtaaaotor, to got Mblad. Aa m each iroao, however, aro to bo toon* la tbta eectto* of tbo ooorodoraoy, aad m m Mrorttio BMat will aat procaro IM art kilo required at M oorly period or tM aaapoln* 11 * Tory proMbta that aoaao of tbo roM mtooilaa, laataad of poMlng through tM Mad tvartora, wNI M itoppod m their way, to tho groat dotrlaiMtof thoatoppera. nrraMraiMi. ||4 f|gjpr| mAHfllAliAlMi 10 |||||f||| KM WW hear tor the tut two nl?bla throwing ep ta IrtMtawU, to eo?bie Our but or Ma to operate ea Uo rebel line wltbeat d?ni<er from tbo sharpshooters Tbo latter, while atteaaptlog a survey or tbo batUo Sell, tbia morning, wu compelled to boat a rapid ret real wttb bio Inetrumeats and aealatanta from a abower of rebel bulleio and a aoley rebel battery. hospital iKAMunrn. Tbo heapHala are aU tbat oaa bo required. Dr. Luck ley, Uw nodical diroowr of tbo oorpo, boo bad yeara of experience m tbo army, aad baa ee far bad not tbo BHghteet difficulty to taking charge of tbo large auraber of wounded tbat bare been consigned to bt* baada. Tbo oorpe field boapltal to under obargo of Dr. Blehardaoa, and the admirable arrangementa bo baa I aa tiluted there bare attracted tbo admiral toa of tbo medtoal eOoera of tbo army. A urmt n nanan. Gtbbe' Battery a, of tbo Fifth United Mate* artillery, had beea placed In rather a dangeroua position, with a ammp la their rear. The rebela anon discovered their advantage, aad made deeperate efforta to capture the bat tery; but Captain Klder, Chief of Artillery, succeeded la frustrating their eflbrta, aad In bringing off the gnu la triumph. OirAraajr Cerreapoadenee. siuDqoaaana, Abut or m Pctomac, 1 Juno 6, IBM. j The rebela attacked the Second oorpe and a portion of tbo Sixth oorpe laat evening, but were bandaomely re puleed after a desperate tfrnggle. Tdey advanced to tbo attack several timea, and each Ume their lines were cut to ptooea in their attempt to reach our worka. Their loaaea most bare been fearful ; for oor moo abot them down at abort range, while oar bat tor lea mowed tbem down In Btaaeea. Oar lean waa very light. A shell exploded among the members of General Baaeook's staff; one of whom loot a leg. The report tbat a train had beea captured tana oat to bo falsa. The tralaa are guarded all the way from the White Hooae to the front, principally by the colored troops. Our man are bually engaged In digging toward the works or tbo enomy, and the attack laat nlgbt waa made ob one of our working parties. Tbo White House Deapatah* Whits House, Va., Jena 8, 1804. The newa from tbo front naa boon meagre for the laat two days. Nothing bat akirmlablng baa occurred, ex cept the uautl nightly attack for tbo purpose of feeling oar linos and learning whether any ehange of poeltiou is being made. Tbo charge made on the Second corps Saturday nlgbt, reoulted in a Ices to the rebela of about three hoadred killed and over one thousand wounded, row of whom tbey carried away, owing to our command of the ground. Laat evening another attack was made, the result of which baa not been aaoertaiaed. The wounded have nearly *11 been brought In from tbo front, and thie place la very much crowded. The facili ties for their transportation to Washington worn to ho very limited, although large number* are taken mr. There Is a great lack of physicians hero. I be wound* of hundreds remain undressed for hours and mt ny need less deaths ore tho result. The nid aooiette.s nro very busy distributing their supplies; hut ibo demand is so great that It 18 impossible to supply a'l. A meeting was held last e von Ilik i? organise * system of relief and facilitate the shipment or supplies to ibis point; and delogatee were appointed to go to Washington and make arrangementa. Tile Washington Telcframi. Wawinoton, Judo 7, 1804. The steamer Connecticut arrived hart to day with one thousand and ninety men, weanded in the late engage menu. Half of tbesn are vary severe oaass. One man died on Um t-MS?ga op. eighty of these are ??mil. among wnom are the following:? Major Ratus Scott, First New York dragoons, Captain C. T. Richards, Fifty -ninth Sew York; Captain J. A. Ulne. One Hundred aud Fifty fifth Pennsylvania; Captain F. K. Sell), One Ilundred and Blxteentb Pennsylvania, and Lieutenant B. K. Klmberly, First Maine battery Xbe steamers Lltiis Baker aad General Hooter have also arrived, each with about roar hundred wounded men on hoard, including a number sf serious eases. When these veseels left the Whit* House there were about eight thousand wounded there, Including a large number of rebels Several transports wsre waiting to take them on board. Our forces were engaged at the Whits House In throw ing up earthworks to guard against any attempt of the rebels to Interfere with our bass of supplies. Rebel prisoners are brought sway from the Whits house dally , and largs numbers continue to arrive from the front, sod there were some four hundred there when the boats left. Among them were a numbsr of officers. The railroad from ths Whits House (swards tbs front was In complete running ordsr for a distance of four miles, and trains ran hourly without Interruption. The steamer Aehland has been taking on board conva lescents from the hospitals In Washington, and will sail this eveelsg lor Now York, where they will be placed In hospital again. Tbs bodies of Cblonel 8. Kellogg, Second Connecticut heavy artillery, Captain Samuel WcKee, First U sited States cavalry, and Captain J. F KcFulfosgb, One Han dred aad ForfMh Pennsylvania, were brought op from tbs WMta Honss by the sienmer loius, which arrived hers last night. These officsrs wsre aM killed In the recent battles before Richmond, aad lhatr bodies wlU be forwarded North to tUeir friends. The remains of Oslonel Orlando H. Morris, of ths fltxty slxth Nsw York rsglmsat, shot through the benrt In ihs hauls at Goal Harbor, wsre smbalmed hers to dsy by Brown k Alexander, aad have been forwarded to New Yerk by thie evening's train. The wounded from the recent bottles era arriving born almost hourly. To make room for their accommodation, suoh or the sick <tnd wounded already here as are able to be rssaovsd are ssat to hospitals elsewhere, many of them ta the mountain regions of Maryland and Pennsyl. van la. Many sf tbs oonvaleecents nre being sent from the hospitals hers to the Northern States by stsamsr. Tbs fsltowlng wonndsd officers arrived hers to-day from the Whits Houss:? alone* Basset t, Kighty second Pennsylvania; Schall, ty seventh I'eo nay IvaiHe. Major* Knott, First New York Dragoons ; Zinn, Kighty - fourth renssylvsnla; WHIett. Righth New York artillery; Wslleeo. Twenty third Pennsvivsnln. Captains < line. One Hundred and Flfty-flftb Pennsylva nia Francis. Ninety flr?t Pennsylvania; Murphy, Eighty aecond New York ; Klmbcily, Forty-fourth New Yerk; li.ill, AMtstaot .tajutantOet oral to General Owens; Hrnks, Nineteenth Massachusetts Crawford, tine Hundred aad Sixteenth Penaaylvaata; Lett, One Hundred aad BUteenth Penneyivanle; Richards. Fifty eighth New Yerb; Joaes, Second Nsw Ysrk artillery; Hunt, Tenth Veroa<>st, Nlzon, Fighty fourth Pennsylvania; Griffith, One Hundred sad Kighty third Pennsylvania; Hill, Seventy fourth New York. Rudeths, Fourth Maryland; Parr, One Hundred and Thirty ninth Psassylvaata; Craig, Twenty-third Pennsyl vania; Patrick, Elgbty-aetnad Pennsylvania; Hambs?a, Feurth New Jersey- Gregory, Nlnih heavy artillery; MsBrnna, One Huadfw and Mxlb Nsw York; Bowsn, One Hundred and Fifty drat Nsw York. Coleman, One Ilundred and Fifty first Nsw Tort; Towsr, Sixth Mlchi (an ? Lisutsnaals Tlolland. Adjutant 11th Msssaobusstltn; Kussell, 10th New York; Wehaier, 8th Sew York artil lery ; Ricbter, 8th New York artillery- Low, Sth New Tork artillery . Uulilgaa, 184th Pennsylvania; El lender f, Ota New York; Gross, gib Nsw York artillery, Taylor, M4 Pennsylvania, Griffith, 29d Pennsylvania; Hawkins, 124 Pennsylvania; Ivers. 83d Psnneyivania: Williams, 82d Pennsylvania, Gordon, Sftih Psnneyivania; Iredell, 188th Pennsylvania; Norman, lH4th Penosylvaala; Connover, 141b New Jertey; Reed, S3d Mnesaotiu'sils . Hepburn. 108th New York; Roots, 123d New Yerk. Hherlev, md New York TulMe, td Connecticut artillery, Hatsb, 7th Massachosstta. CommiMlea. Wasrumtaw, Jose 1 , 1M4. Tbs Uslted Statss Sanitary Commission rsports from ths Whits Houss show thai tbs Commission , with their large stock of sanitary sappltee sad a targe oorps of rat sf agents, srs render tag valuable aer vices Yesterday l hay fed some thousands of woaaded brought la from J he front to bs serried by boots ta Washington. One of the inspectors of the Commission, Dr. Gordon W la slow, was lost overboard rrom ths flsaiiary Oosamissloa steamboit Rspley, this SMrn tag, on hsr return trip rrom ths Whits House. Or. Wlaslow had in eharge on the Rat iey bis wounded ssa, Colonel Nine low, of tbs Nsw Ysrk Yolua tssrs. IrlfSdlSf Gemsrai R. O. Tjrlar la Phlla* dtlphls. fmi trnrmi, Juns 7^844 BrlaadMs Gsnsral R. 0, tplss whs waa saMM sa ! FrM?r 1m?, anrlnd tbi* Mora lag from Washington, and la at his brother's reeldaaee. He *u shot through fee right ankle. There in hopea of aarlag hie foot. THE CASUALTIES. Tor I lata of casualties la the Army of Uta Potomac aaa Moond page. NEW8 FROM THE 80UTH. D?l?' Reply tm Gar. V?nee. (From the Richmond Dispatch, May 31, 1WU.1 readers of tbe Oxtpatck oauaot (all ta be struck by the facts, argameuta and grave aid weighty eloquence of thla remarkable doeumeut. it in thus lar unaaawand , and la. we verily bat lava, altogether uuauswerabie. H>>?r aaa President Day la make any oHort to bring about a rett (oration of peeeo r Haw ean be open neg .Unions lor that desirable purpose? Every attempt to oommuntcate . evou upoa autueota involving the oommoueat interests 01 tin maolty, wltl) Um deepotiafn at Washington. bus ticon r? J acted with aoora. The tyrant baa already proclaimed the oaly terms apon which ha will allow us to broutu*, the air, which la UM oommon mhsrltanoe of all maniuud; of tba slave aa well aa of Um free; of the oaptive id bia duageuu, aa well aa of the king upon hie throne He baa not exhibited the sllgbeet symptoms of a disposition to relax the rigor of those terms. Indeed , bia interpreters aay that even tuey were not meant for suck aa are atlll robeliioua, but for tboae abject wretohee who hare already thrown away their arms and emhraood tbe knees and kifsed the reel of the tyrant. But suppose tho channel of oommunioitlon were open. Suppose we oould have frco aooess to tho royal person, and no o betucle were opposed to our owning a negotia tion Does it bocome us to be the Brut to sue for i>eace? We are the Injured party. A most wicked, a moat wan ton, a most unjustiilabie war has been made upon us, the only pretext for it beiag that we claimed certain rig his which we maintain to be indubitable and Inalienable, in the prosecution of this warnaoriee of atrocltiea haa been perpetrated without any parallel In the hia tory of modern civilization. We huve acted during the whole time entirely on the defensive. Wo have been willing, always, and eo we have long siooe proclaimed, to be at peace, as soon sa our enemy would consent to let us alone. Haa be shown aay disposition to let us alone? On the contrary, la he not at this very momeut waging the warnpon a aoaia more gigantic, and a system uiore atrocious, than ever before t And should we orawl u?>ou our kneee to hie footatool, with our petition ia our band, and say, "upon such a tlrno you wantonly burned such a vilSago? upon such another, you murdered so many ef our belplesa citizens? on such another, again, you laid waste a whole district without provocation, driving tboussnds Into exile, reducing thousands to pauperism, and causing probably the death of thousands by starva lion? and for all these kindly favors shown to us and oura.we beg. you to make peace?" In all canes or quarrel between individuals it Is the man who does tho wrong that ougbt to tlrst propose a reconciliation. The man who Buffers it oauuot tuke sucu a stop without bumtli ition. By a parity or reasoning, in all wars the aggressor ought to maku the Oral advance t > peace. The invaded nation or people cannot, do it without self-abasement. In our case it is certain that nothing but absolute submission would do, and i.luooln baa al ready proclaimed tbe terms on wblch be will c>nd seend to receivo our submission, ibeso prop, ?? Is to initiate peace propositions on our side are 10 the list degree p -r ntcious. l'liey generate a treasonable spirit where It did not ei el be ore, ami kcop It alive where it did. and that, too, whatever may be the Intentions 01 those with whom they originate. We ro?ret to soe the auth rity of such a name as Governor Yitace's given to proceedings so ob jectionable. We aro for peace, too. But the negotiators whom ?-? would employ aro Lee, Johnston, lloiurogard, Klrby Smith, Dick Taylor, and their c mpanious in umw. Accounts from Wntcrn V'rtflnti. [Correspondence of the Richmond Ms, aicn , .*.:.?>? 1 JjT.ll XT* f. ?l?y 'J' js The extraordinary ItberalMy o! the poop ? "I i li * v 1 ry li an wonderful as tho ciura.o v. hi 'li iheir s i:a hit c pliyed on the hatllo Acl I. For III r no !? ? ? ye m ti n ? bee. i llio same, and. luBieml of being dnnni-i ??a n t o pressure of the limes, It seems lo bavo mere m-d, mid In derive freeb ardor from the necoeMty of sen' sucriiioe for example, lo meet ibe calls for tho roitofof the wound e4 IB the late battled of General I/ie's army, wn^on loads of provisions from tho country , and dai.y baskets fr m private house* of the town , have poured in In one con tinuous and overflowing stream. Birrels of mlilc, but termilk In sueh <|oatititiea that washing tubs had to be employed to bold it; wbeiA bread, nut only In the greatest prolusion, but baked In the most elegant style; bicon, apple butler, pickles, cbeise, and even apple and blackberry pies, in men abundaoM that a tbooeaud wounded sotdters. In addition to the other luxuries, bad each a piece iff pie On a re cent occasion a force of tbree thousand men arriv> d here nitboul conked ratioss. and in ? short time every man uf the tbroo thousand was supplied in the must bountiful manner with broad and bocou Ibis ts but a small part of wliat llieee people have 'tone, and lu duing it havs given up their owa comiorte and denied them selves. 1 only realise tbe significance of Washing tin's ce ebrated tribute lo ibe valley people when I see sueh acta as these. They ara alow lo change; but wben tli?y do change It Is no child's play. I heir natures are strong and deep, end tbe laat a pot of tbe confederacy that will ever voluolarlly succumb to oppression la Mils mountain land. lnatitule hive won Imperish able renown by tbelr conduct In tbe late battlo with Sigel. General BreckltridfO said he bad never seen any thing more beaut liul. Tbe lnatitule ought to be che rished by tbe confederacy as tbe apple of Its eye. fiene ral lir?< kiuridge, by the war, Is auuivorsal favorlto here and with tbe soldiers of bis army. 1 bey say bis ma nieuvring la the battle with Slgel was masterly, aod Mat the energy of bia movements reminds them of Jacksou The seasons bave been vary propitious In this region for the growing orops and vegetables. There was proba b'y never ao mnch land In cultivation betore. f hey say they know not bow it ta. but, though tbe amouat or labor baa greatly dlmlnlahed, the amount of cultivation has greatly Increased. With tbe bleaaiogs of Providence ps aay hope lor glorious harvests. At preaent prlcee many eseeotlal arttclee are high, though not ss hlgb aa with yon. Klour may ho bad la Hoekbridge for f-JOO, about tho aame prloe aa hero, though Rooabrld|e bu tbe ad vantage of water transportation from l>exln(lod. Butter can bo bod to Iexlogioe lor Ova dollars per pound, and bacon Bvoor six dollars. The county of Rockbridge has pronebly suffered loet from depredations of tbe enemy tbao any lo the valley. 1 aaa glad to Mars that the eatata of tbe lamented Jack aoowaa amply sufficient for ibe support >4 bis lamily, the cocamoo oytoioa I* the <ounry being oatlrely with Opening of the Central aasltary Fair at* Pbllaeloipbla. Pnn.acsi.riiu, Juno T, 1M4. The Central Sanitary Fair opened this afternoon, l'ro viena to the esorstsss as aeoidoat ocoerrod, causing a temporary excite meow. The platform lo 1*0 roar of tho speakers' staad, erected for the chorus, broke down. Mayor Heoly announced that tbe unfortunate aeoidoat that bod just oooarred waa attended! with but snail injory to limb. After tbe flrlagjof a aalule tbe Mayor formally opened the Fair lb an eloquent address. After a prayer frem Bishop Slovene tho building and Ha eon lento were formally transferred lo the Executive Committee, and accepted by Theodore Cuy lor on behalf of the people. Admiral Pupoot was preoent, and tbe meotloa of Ms name waa greeted with hearty cheers. Blebop Smrooir, lo behalf of the President of tbe United States, then addreeeed tbe Iramenee audience es sembied. Me regretted tbe absenoo of Ibe President, bsoaese be would have been delighted to bave beard from bis own Hps tho expression of bis sympathy with the cause. But bo could not bo with oa. Hie eyee wero oa Richmond. Ho wia waiting to glvo sooll orders aa tbe Intereeie of the nation demanded. The Bishop alludod to tbe Immense eocrlflce of life which bod attended tho preoent war, ana the neccsoity for providing meena for tbe nourishment of the wounded. Tbe Herniary Commies Ion bad alreedy collected more than lea million*, Bio^ieol addreroee wore then delivered by the (Jovero ors of Delaware, How Jersey aod Pennsylvenls. Gov ernor Curtln's remarks created the llvlloet enthusiasm. After singing tbe "Star Spangled Manner." during which tbe national emblem was raiaed upon ibe central flagstaff, tbe tmmenee audience proceeded to visit tho different departments nf tho spaclone structure. Tbe prospects of the Fair are most enooitragiog.>buiii4, June T? -Evening. Tbe accident at tbe Herniary Kalr this afternoon was not as soriook as at first reported Hichnrd Hcbulu, a soldlor employed on guard duty at the Kalr, bsa died of h* injur loo. A lady bad her ankle brokon, and many others were bruised. ^ Tho number o f visitors to lbs Fair Ibis even In* is ssll mated at seven thousand. Tho first nams placed oa the record of boner, a book intended to bo preserved In tbe Philadelphia library, was thai of General Graat. This waa shortly after followed by that of McCleilan, to which was ad?led "I's'terUy will do blm justice." (Jo pay meat ?f ana dehor aay person la at liberty to eater tbe aame of any one wbo has served In Ibe army or aavy since Ibe brooking out of Ibe rebellion. Una Rrssu* Vwrrone ?Admiral Lessoftky snd about twenty offloern of ibe Russian men of war vMtted Her vsrd Oolversliy. Mount Ashurn aod other pleose of in terest In Cambridge yeeterdoy alteration , la ootnpeay wlib Mayor l.iacola and other members of the city gov ernment. Iasi evening Admiral l^ssofsky snd lile ??. eers^ocompsoied by Mover Mnoolo snd the c<im >n It tee of Ihe ?1ty ' ouocll, si tended tbe Moot n theatre, by Invl tation of Ihe manaiar. Tbey occupied seats in tbe bal. coy. asd at oo their entrance were greeted br the "Hue man Hymn" and our own usllnnal < Irs by the orcbeelre, ssd Innikspplauss by Ihe Isrge sudieac* assembled. Tbe frost of the b.tlroov was decorated with Americaa aod Has- lan lags. The pony remained through Ibe entire performance, snd upon tnelr exit the orchestra sgsla per termed tbe"Kii?eiae llymn " Tbe Russian ? team frigate rsresvertx, Captsin Kopytoff, sailed from this port yeo lerday. k he pa?sed Cspe Cod about lour o'clock, ft n thought this vea?el will rrtura lo l.oeton be ore the lloal Milit'g ' f U>e JcuL whi??i w>ti pruliabij bo cu knlay or batardar aeal ? Asstea TVeetii r . J**. 4 ' ? 1 THE SPANISH-PERUVIAN WAR. Oar Ums Cor r capo male nee. Liiu, Para, Kay IS, 1804. iAn<n) Www'i AnmI VmiMmtUm to tho Ptnrian ChnxnmenL?" Ut it Aotmg on th s Ground of Rtpritalt Onlf'?AUned Ctain M of (hnvntudi Again* Pa*? Qrteu Activity in RnkUtmon* in Iht RtfmMie?The Mom tor 14 aa in J'em?Oroal Mttthmtiatm in CkUt for th* Catut of Their Sitter Republic, tie. the Spanish question, or what might nor* properly M cslled lbs Spanish imbroglio, cnntinaee to be UM ptM topic of Uto day. The auto of affair* bas, however, not much varied a. nee the departure of ttie lust malt Your readers are already aware of the circamManoes uoiler which the Bpeaieh Admiral, Dun Luis II. Pinaan, took ^o- J'?8lon of the Cbtoeha Island* on the 14th of last month 1 wilt not, therefore, reaapltulaie tbaas. They may alao remember that, amongst the reawiea set forth to justify the proceeding, U was allege^ that tho trace between Spain and Porn continued oniy de facto. and that, beatdea, the crown of Bpalu might claim dominion over IheChincha lelanila'on the same principles that were urged against, and admitted by, Ureat Britain In the case of the island of Vernando Pe, which was coded back to Spain arter having beon occupied for several years by the English. On the 21st of April Admiral rinzon addressed a second communication io tbo Minister of Foreign A (I a i rn , m which he evidently abandons the position ho had taken, and ?tatea that ha ia acting an the ground of reprisals only. Tbie sieluties the idea af as Intention [>erm*aently to oc cupy the islands, and woald Imply a mere demand of satisfaction and reparation for Injuries recotveil by Spain, for which purposo alone would reprisals be ro?irtod to. Yet the Spanish government haa never Et ito I what Its demands against that of Peru may const*! of, nar what atonement must be made for Ihe presumed Injuria* and under Kuch circumstances an appeal to mrco la pwn ture, if not unjust. In the memorandum addressed by the Spanish ( omnala Sloner, Honor Mazarredo, to the diplomatic oorpa la Lima, several claims of Simniurds against ? eru wore ro c. red to, aud coinplalnis made of slights received bv the gov eminent of her Cutb lie Majesty from that of l orn. If tbeea wrongs have any (<>uud itloa, SikiId has un doubtedly the right to demaed their redreaa bvauch means as are resorted to among nations , and, falling to obtain reparation by peaceful me.ns. to enforeo satlefao tion by resorting either to reprlati or to open bostlliiioa. But thu course pursued l>y Admiral Pit* in has hcon the reverse of this. Before attempting a peace ul s-'ot tlement, or staling what amends I'eru is expected to make for the Injuries referred to by ( ommisKiotier Ma/arr-edo, bo haa sei/ed a portion ?f Peruvian l? rritnry and deprived the government of its chief source of revenue, Snob pro csedmgs are unwarrantable, contrary to every Idea of jns tlco, and in ttagrsnl violation o' ilie principle" r mblitbed by pub io law to maintain peace ainnn nations. Pcaidos, the oocupat ion Of the Islands by a Spanish force un<l the Insult that ban been offered to th? Peruvian II ag cannot be considered as reprisals. Th?}Je act- partake of a differ ent character If approved of by tho Spanish govern ment they w!ll necessirlly entail a war with Peru, and cannot theref ro bo c"n<trt<'re I In the nature oi reprises, which .exclude ail measures that must necessarily Io;. J to war. The procceilJOps <f the Spanish Admiral are marked with such ?u amount of in eons'stonov ns to make ihem unintelligible, which Is ilie mildest wo. j i cm anplv t<> them. Neitlior ihe Peruvian f rerbttt*' I nur%tUo loiplo are avv iro if what his de is b 'S" ! re- elisions nay ha. Hef'as taken po session i> "i ?yliinls. leaving previously seized a small t i- ? i. 'ii. ui'j to the government lie has so i" l ? , icut (..ii to hold thn 16 .rnds until he '.earns Hi- . i t Iim sove>eign: hut for what re, ' ow he i ueil i n vyliit terms lie would Conbvat to r ? tore, i ut it entirely n initier of C"U solute. In in . io j.wi tho fcl/uro iv ih u:ado undor the beiiet tli t n' u. en the etTupatVA oi the Islands, w iM at otico - i- or ',i i i il'.il Hint any C lulu Io i might thei bo ex tol ted fn.iu lior in liivor of 1 119 i-pnoieh claimants, ibis exi eciuiiuii 1, as, liou over, n< t been realized Tho Peru vians are determined not to submit to so great an out ra e, and are preparing tor tho worst. (V.mmissl* aer tiazarredo and Admiral Pinzon may still llnd that their conduct will t ot rei-oive the sanction or thoir govern ni nt, in which case Peru will huve a liandsonio sotofl agaloi-t the claims of Hpu.o, and it may bo that tbe bal ance will then appear on the wr ng side of tbe account. Phl{ * chartered to load guano are solTurtt.g heavy loa*os, end this will constitute another item agunst Bpaln liiat wilt bo cUimcd bv Kiulaml, I r iuc? and the Cuiuvi Stalex. Foreign trade and morchaats li re are alroedy sufferi g severely m eon?en?eneo or the prevent stum of thinrs. About a week ago the llrlinh, French and <%iie?n C'iark-e< d'Affaires went to tbo Chinch a i - 'and* (whore the Hiatmsh S'luailrcu lies) in lior Hi tannic Ma.esty s steamer Shearwater. Captain Pougioas. I hey have since returned; but the object of I heir trip has not Irtuispired. Mr. Mazarredo accompanied them on their return to Talloo, and Is now on board of Ihe shearwater He will pro ceed to Kuropa by Ihe present mall. Tbe i-'bearwatar brought In low the I'aruvlao Iranrport thkt bad beau set/ed by Ihe Spaniards. H tbe restorailoe of tnla ves sel Is all Ibat Ibo diplomatists achieved on their mission to (he island, they must be rather dissai Hilled with iha results for the Peravlun government refuses to take Iha vesxel back, an* or course she cannot be now returned to the fcpauiards There (he remains at anebor Ui < allao, as if stricken with tbe plague. Nobodv will approach her? tv t a man l-i t > be seen on board. Sbe rides the waters "like a thing that his no life, ' and as ahe rocks to and fro she seems, ilk ) a pendulum, silently to maik tbe time that willelatse * re shell agai~ ??tared with h' nor to her officers and ciew. Tbe government is taking measures U place the ease try in a stale vl defence, at d, judging from tba manlfee tatioes which are everywhere made, tba people am united la sustaining its po'tcv Ealiatmenta are actively going on la ail tbe provinces, an.1 any number ef men required may be obtained without dHBeaMy. Value leer companies are everywhere forming and ten dering their aervioea to the govern meat. Neither will funds be laeklng The lahabitanta of Oerro da Paaeo, a small towa la Ihe intorlar, have already subasribed seventy two thousand doiiara towards tba loan aaikUad by tovornment. With energy worthy of Yankeea, tba Pernviaas have already be^un bulidlag a Monitor in Oalian. Tbe veeael wl I be oaa hundred met long, thickly plated, aad provi ded witii a ram and a turret, carrying two heavy gone, the will have a vary powerfal eagkne, and, aa " are as calm aa a placid lake, sbe ean alwayn be eawily managed , and wtH no doubt da effective sarvtee wbsa re<|utred. i.eueral CastMia, formerly Prasldant of Pem, arrived here a few daya ago frosa tbe eoutb. He hanoflbred bin services to tbe government, aad It is said that ha ia of opuiK-n that Peru should not yield to any unreaeenable pee teas ion a ea the nerl of hpala, aor enter into arrange ments with that nation until fuU satisfaction H given far tfte aotracea committed by Admiral Pinzon. Knee tbe above waa written, tbe papers have pub liebed a deciaratwa, signed by Adgslral Pin sen and Cani misaiooer Masarredo. explicitly ststiag that tba govern ment 01 her Catholic Majaaty does not harbor We Idea of eetablistiieg a Kcrnpean dyaasty ia America; Ibat Ihe occupation of the Islands la only a meaaure of reprleaie, and, lastly, binfng at the aett lament of Spanish ekamsa through a mixed commlssloa. Tble entirely dlveata tba peoilmg ditllculty between Spain and Peru of itagraveet feature, aad 1 already loreaee a prompt aad a satisfactory solution of tbe uuestion. Commisaiooer Mazarreda baa also made kaown thai be has tendered bis resignation of the mission con (Med to him. io order, be says, to remove any ohetacle wbieh hln presence might throw in tbe way of an arrangement. Tbe news fr> m ' bile, received by the steamer which has just arrived from the smith, is to tbe effect that great entiiusiaam la favor of Peru has beea manifested every wh re iu Ibat country. I be idea put foflb by Admiral Plnzea, to claim the rights of the erown of hpaia over any poriloa of her former colonies, will make tbe cause of rern. in thia case, common to all tbe Spanish- A saer lean rapubiica. Highway it ibbrry at Part Cheater. TBI CARUIAOn OF MR. S. D. MOOIS, OF THB pikm or gHHigg |iu>thiiks, KitirrgD on Tai rvuL-c biohwav ani> tub occuraNra itontp ARRMT OP THg ROBBBM IF MBIT TOU ??? TkCTIVM. One of the moat flagraat cases ef highway robbery that has occurred for yeera past waa brought to light last svening by tbe detective police, wbo have see oceded la arrestiag tbe gu?*? parties. It appears thai on tbe svening of May M Mr. l anlel H Brooke, tbe senior member ef Ibe Arm of Brnokt Brothers, the well known elotblers, while proceeding to bis reaideaeo at l ort Chester in a carriage, waa stop|>od by two asea on the road, one of whom placed a revolver et the driver's bead and ordered him to drivn to a turnout at tba side of . tbe Ml Thn coachman nb?yad, and aa soi n aa the carriage bad baited, Ihe second rutll in approached the carriage door aud re quired te know It the occupant's name waa Breaks. Mr. B. refilled in the affirmative, whea the robber preaanted a four barrelled pistol to bio bead aad demaaded bin money or hie li e. Mrs. Brookes was la the carriage at the time, and became somewhat alarmed, but argad bar husband ant to comply with tbo bold demand* of the robber*, and toi>l tbe coecbman to drive on Fortunately, Mr B. bad buttlA about nim. aad thia ha gave up. At thi* tincture a iieootid carriage came up tho hill, the oc cu pants of which (Mr. Wsnloy bhorwood aodoaeefhia men ) were not robbed. HV. Ikooba was then loid that M be gave any Information agahiat the robbers they weeM ?a)lay and kill him. t<n coming to tbe oily oa thn following day he mads tbe ease known to John rt Young, chief of the detective Oorpa, giving him, as near aa ha co old remember, a do se tpnon ef tho pnrtiaa Ch ef Tooeg deiailod doteotlven Wowey and Tie/ -aa to werh uptheeiso. They at aaca weal to Weatcheeter count v with orders from the chief to rem iin there until soma clue could be obtaloed ta Iha perpetrators of the outrsre fh* officers aeeosedod In trao n?g tbo guilty parties, and yesierd <y medolhoerreet of one o tltem, named lleory lee. in a b""kbludar'B establish, ment ia t antra street The ether ooe earned Jaa. 8wseoa> , wan ti rested in Ludlow suset last even lug on bla return fr. m a fOsdval at Jones' Wood. 1 bey were takea to the po ice beai?|iiarlars, wnere lee made a coufses^f iha crime Pwesney was foimerly oao of Bil.y /.ouave". Detectives sl.,wey aad Iloinan will UM 1 ?? prisouers to Weetcheator county tble "?nr" ????*?!!? bev will l>e (tied Ihe officers are deeerving or greea ?7t?Tor the speedy manner ia which these o?b?dert b.vs been brought te JuetRO Hrooks hss ideaiifled ^.4 wtkj robbca aim , ^?1 IM r^b^y <Mc?rr?4 m

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