Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 8, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 8, 1864 Page 2
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(FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Trs$r>*t, June 7? ? P. M. The si"ek market re* the Iniiuei ce of the new policy o( Mr Cb??e to-day , and w?? decidedly dull ana languid. T*e prloes <i yesterday could s?t lie subtalned, uud the fe*iraii>? i na thai Uwk |>iu ?? *??? m response to the deanes ?>' & .-eller*. Compared with the sales at lbs brvt board on Mm day, New York Central declined 1 *t , Kjrle Railway 1, Reading 1 V > Mi<brgan Central 1JH, Michigan Southern 1 Iilin is Central 1 H. Cleveland uud Pittsburg 1 S Cleveland and Toledo Chicago aud lloci lalMdlS. Uhlcign acd Northwestern 4*4 . Cumberlaud Oowt 3, 1 ant a Company \ , Qui keilver Mining 1 aud Murlpo?v Hudson River add the same, PaciUc Mall advanced 5 per cut, and trie prefer ed V The dow: ward tendency of the market continued la the afternoon, New York Central clueing at l.'iOH, Erie RmI road 110V. Uiotaon River 143 Hi, Sea ling 137 X, Michigan Central 143 Mirbifaa SoiilLern V3<<, lUluoia Central Toledo ana Wabash 68, Cleveland and J'ittaburg 110'4, Chicago end Northwestern MX. Cleveland and Toledo I4i>s. Chicago and Rock l*l*nd 110V. Pittsburg and Fort Wa> re 114lt, I'aclfio Mail 248, Quicksilver Min ing 73 V, , aud Cumberland coal 77 K. Government tecurlll<t were not atf-cted by the depres sion. The ro*;i>iorod sizes at 18?1 closed at 108, ex halt year's interest. the five-twenty oupoas at 106Jf, and the one year eemflcates at 93. Gold was dull and the premium down It opened In Jbe m<>rotng at 194, and before noon bad declined two per cent, from wb oh It s >ld up to 1?2^ a 102 V Ihe loan ra>':xei was well supplied; but lenders are In cl!r?d to hold olf, In r?ns <)upucc of the j*e.-ent financial movements of the government. If It he true that Mr. Chuso is negotiating for ftitv intll i< us for im me 1 lata use, a slight atrir.geacy may come upon the market for a lew lays. 1 he presence of Secretary Chase thla morning at the Sub- Treasury in thia city caused a number of rumors to get into circulation. -It waa oharged by tome that be bad come to New York for the purpose of getting up another tunic Others stated thit be desired thirty to fifty millions of dol ars for lmmodlite use, and that be mths In cons Itation with the bead? of the loading lorn del institutions on the subject of the most ready ine;>ns of obtaining the amount. It was also reported that be turns here 10 make arrangements with foreign capitalist* la relation to the new six per ient bonds. Ihe Assts'ani Treasurer In tbis city reports the trans aolkma at bla nfilos to-day aa follows ? Amount on hand $2S,20fl.76fl Tteoelpta from customs 75,000 From otbor sources 6 912 229 Total $35.193 .0*5 Payments. 2,502,144 Balance 932.691,839 Subscriptions to 10 40 loan 24,700 It Is not anticipated that the steady progress of the ten forty or popular loaa will be disturbed to any great exteat by the proposals of tbs Secretary of tbe Treasury to reoelve bids for six per cent bonds of 18S1. A large portua or the ve million* advertised for will no doubt be Uken on foreign account, at a premium of about ei?ht per cent In c:r. reooy, which is tbo present market value ol that deeoriptioa of existing bonds, after the half year's lotero t which U doe July 1 is subtracted. The ten-forty btnd< are considered uearly us valnable at par as the bIx per cents are at tb? premium which tbey com mand. the only advtntagH which tbe latter bave over ihe former being that they bave seventeen years to ruu, wl'.l e tbe live per cents miture at the ond of ten years, ?ir the gove nment I* deposed to redeem them at tho ex plntion of tliat time, which it prob<bly will cot be pre pared to do, as the live-two ty six per cent loan of live hundred and ten millions will then, aud for*:e i years ibero ittor, be in course of li;uida.i >n. The new bonds ?lli most |f :ib ilily be awarded to largo capitalists nod bii.kiug as 'op I ti Ions, in sums varying from t?n thousand dollars to hal a million, and tbe direct proposals of indi viduals with comparatively sin ill means will be likely to receive very l.ttie con? deration, unless tbey are pre ;>aied to outbid lite pre-ent market value of the bonds. Ihe aggregate value o! tbo expori* of produce and mer chandise, exc ueive ol specie, from this port lor the past week waa $2,W9,180. Stock A. M. N V Central KR HIH * U S ? ? '81. C"U I S , iW"* Y0\ 1.U t Tww, do tJo ?.0 I31S ifclM U tt c'!" '' V? C?u l"j% 10" Er-e HK \V| + SSw?u do .r ' ??* $ S: ri'i ^F,V"*T\'il5rAP WJ I.WID6I" ! )'?'?? *? ? n Jo Hi ??? ;0mt I i cou >?1?. "7 ?"* vi Hud on Ri??r RR ? 1' '? M3 . M.,ru C.IU..O.M M Jlud on ,,,0 ^ t UBMoG'e.teaiol acHR W w m ?,0 o Ohio a MU? oer 64 7>, Bf>d|ng aR l-'^S "}? i 0>i? 600 d" S-'4 Y<* ?? ?& 32-.;;;;:;::;:; ii- ' SJ iitt j gl??- b$ II uOCbi * >? '?*" ? !?{* lo 4? *? ? ?;?? ^wc*rnr^..v:J^ SasiS&ft \u ^pSjTWe^jK. % "Vcwifai i'i'-w ??'?' g- ?-.*.* g ??-$??-:??: ?, '? hi do ?? *{'? W1' ]}' M) , It) dn :.U ItM "J fiyl' I'OI do J|jO U?0 2" hl)J B J ??, do ... ?'* ?? ?? bW M Itwchc *??? ? prf- 21 *? <i? ;i(W do *?* *<55 ' otAei ?cr Mnf Co 73 I." ??'i lm Minn Mlo n* Co.??' ? ** ^ A Told*. E? J?'i 4 <: C t>?k* i "? * '??? I? ? L o?iJo t Kt I RH ll?S xrfrmf* co. 0* ?* ^ c ntcY>? *. no* 9. S^IMKI.**/0 2 ~ d, 1 0 4 ? 1 Mir ??aHi? Co ?. 1 ?0) ()0 liO ?f, do....."*' *W %\VM'V"''n*Xi~ "** -ST.teiVsS'ci'0 *0 130 Alti nlT Houto.pfr 77 i>) do. 244 MCOKlt BOiliK ?.r,or?PV UiLr rnT Two oCioca r. r. :U? ?Jf;"/ ''Jo""*.. ? 1 - l ?u - Us ? ?*'??."?<? V Xs Ml V .. .. M?? ' w ? \;L? tin 1 ? . ' W l'?C? . ?rv;:-.2vrei. ? x?^a: ??: 4 (I rt'? '? h. 11 1 u?s' .It l*rlt? .. ?? ? 7k |'? *? ;;;.. \\? ; 'i. PM4CO Mali SO Co J4S rhl ^ N VV ER.'. ." . ?>* o IS ST.::::" ? 3 5ir",A.N. v^ p ^ ? lO? ^?. IIJ , ?0 Cl??e * ifol UR j?" ' ijo ?ril Rii vyo do '* ?? 7oi d"... } B* '? R.? r ?. 4 1*. Ha lijin R ? KK...._ . 0 , |;Ui yt W !? . r.K .11 V? do...:.::.".'." '<;h j? fc::::;."':.v<? * w* /0O tilt 1*J ? , w do, ,lu yi 1 Reo 'loi HH IgS ,UU l'?.i do ? lJT * ClI Y CUMMMKOI Vi. MPi>R1*. Ti e da*, J. bo 7?6 P. M. Awik< ? Roc'i ?(?, da bb:?. 1 be market rernati.od l*lr, with s?lea of 30 pole at (10. I'oarU woro nouiln .l y lit. llaEiH-TOrra ? Receipt*. ll.P'O bbls, flour, C04 bh r. aod 4"0 ba?* c >ro meal, 2f.l ,6d5 b'l-liola >* ha >t, 42,' 87 !o. -orn.ard 7i 303 co eala. Ttoc flour umrkoi (.{flood very flrm, but with gold a lUlle oS, cloaed dull IliadcmanJ waa noderatelf active, and cttmfljrf >r b moc n.<impti<?; the day 'a aa'ea 7 -ot tng up 16,000 bo. a. ?taie at d W< .tern, htcTudlog 1.000 bbia. extra Ptala, dHiverable in alt th a month, at |7 6, and 1 ,00w do , r.r laet b?tf of July fin, a eo J.bOO rout worn aod 1 ,W.O Cauadtan nt ni,cb^aytd ft Ice* It 1 a flour ?nd com is al ?< ra without -ntlM enko^e. wl.h sj en of 369 bbls. of the former and 100 do of the latter We <t? t?*:? Sti(?rOue Mate aod WMtero floor 17 27 ? T 46 Fstra state 7 60 a 7 70 C'botee st,l# 7 75 a 7 8) Coiiitoon to niodtaag e*ira Waetero ...... .. 7 Co a 7 6> K?tra round It op ODki SlOa 8 'iO Waetero traJe liran 6 30 a V M rura ft I/.11W . B ? H O (- stun n lr ( >? d ?ouihoro 8 00 a f 65 ti *>d to etM< / e extra do 8 tw a ll IK) < mm'Mi Caaatllau 7 fia 7 86 (r*ii4 to ebot< e eitra (Vo 7 "0 a V 00 Rf? fl"ur tgperOM 6 -6 a 7 S" (oro n.eol, bb * 7 ?.i a 8 (*) Cora mewi , i uort^cwi 84 (HJaHd 60 ??Hie rer* ,,u nf wheat we?? heavy, but with ? go d dam*' ' and rt-i-jrioi) t<re?k m ttw o^nal.tlia m?tK.l w??a-tivi? - ?f r f r Mtr.hi) f ftti ? lh? ?ile? ???? l?ej| KK?. txi t.'i ?? tin li??ir.t and u. r re, nwlodtKir 11 | *? r ?'M- ? ? '* a nil, |,?1 c. b.di ??? ? Ti , #n.t?or i' ii ??< . n ?, ?? , lr(j \\t, J, ,7 | a |l ?? ? 1" " ? ? || ,iu . ? I v ' ?>, at.dwiitf i?U.fl , i y ,? t*?, 1 He ?? d ti e I 0 ill* fl 5 * "? lie n m.i.ct . . a < <>lt '?u 1 ;ar: ?aiea ? *. ? < tw<al.?i? ?; |i m ? .? , ,.FW d W eawrt mind, MM. II fld t'if wui<? v. ..tern (??!-* .? Ira uod l? ?c*>d r*T eet at?4? a Vte. 10- the w' u<' r>t4? hat oy doJ bar^y r. u wtN dull an 1 pr'c ? ?MoalnaL ' rt tr?t waa Heady, with tvoa of i i'O iouiido, at 6f" a sie . ? .rrt..w ?Market Ira, with ???Ion of 1 ,tK0 bates. We qu'Ro ? Vr^mn4. JTert(??. jf/^ila N.0.4Tmn ?. Ordinary uft ff| 06 (?., Ifiddnat UjI 107 106 K, Coo^ mldiitlTig. . .103 100 110 110 Mtdd t?f f?'r 112 ? lit 114 114 eraa.? The taarltet waa flrm, with **.?e of loo.ttoo I*, tjnda Baltlin'.rn, ut Mr free, on l?ud. t? 0 p "ioda h Ice at 44c for f *tr?n, alao ttaall aa da of U luaeaoU at 44 l<o. , for e*r?ri. I " -rm ? Ha-*?l d'.l! hut <i?ilet, with aalea OfAOhap (t IHialngo, at .I7i.c ti'iw.iote i here were mUa* of 110 tond 8t. O ralngo io^wou4 dt 111 rwKHm *m a shade Imr . bat tees aatlra. MOM to Liverpool, SO.uOO buabele tlie?i?H*d. a 6d , |iar AiMflCftD. uid 6J*d. p*r neutral, 100 too# nugar, pi( neutral, at 20s., and per steamer, 7,000 da. at 4d , ail in bags To Londiia , per ate-uner, 400 packages lard at 80=.. , atnl 50 balea fura al 3*a. To Uriatol, par ce itral, too ?bla. flour, to flit, at la. Ta Antwerp, 3,000 bush?le wbcv at ML To Havre, 100 tona whale oil at 45 franoa. A British bark was chartered for Newport, Ing liud, with 18.000 quarter* wbeat at 4a 44. per quarter; a Brit lab brig aud British scliooaer, far Gloucester,. Kngiand, at 4*. vd.; a Mecklenburg bark and an Italian brig, to Carle, for order*, repo: ted at 6a. 4d. a Oa. ; a I"ru?*tan berk to Rotterdam, light pipe and bad staves at $j7 60, an American bark t? Maluga, linhi pine stavea Ut Has, and hon.e on p. L ; a brig, about 8^0 t>us, It a Haui?.'M to Hnvasa at $2,100, gold a Hamburg brig, from Jamaica to ialmoutb, for orders, logwood, at 32a. tid. ; two brigs and a acboooer from Cow B-?y , N. S>, lo .New York, coal, at $0; a bark from riiiladel;>hia to Mar satliae, petroleum, p. t. To Lon^n.per neotral, 660 tons suvar at 20*., 700 bbls. sperm oil at 20s. 3d. Hwa were quiet and steady, with aaiea of 100 balea at 16c. a 37c., aa to quality. Jaw.? We note aaiea of 400 tona at $69 a $40 for Glen ga-cock and $57 fur American pig. Lkad. ? Market quiet but Arm, with amall salee of foreign at 18 ',c. The bulk of the stock being to bond tb? u wan but little oa aala. MoLAnaei waa Inactive with aaiea of 80 bbla. Raw Orleans at$l. One _ The market for sperm and whale waa firm , aaiea Of bbla. at $1 84 a *1 W for tbe firmer and $1 18 a $1 20 for tbe latter, l-ard waa in fair demand with salee of -.uo bbla. at $1 17 a $1 IS, and 00 bbla (red) saponin ed at $1. 1 tprrr ? ISO bags sold at 46c. pKotisioNB ?Receipt*, 3.998 bbla. pork, 100 paokagea boo;, 139 do. cut meats, and 100 do. and 107 kega lard Ttie pork market waa lass active and lower sales 1,440 bb a at $30 60 tor mess, $30 tor old do. , $32 %> a $33 37 H for now do, $24 60 a iltti tor old and new prima, and $S1 a 131 f>0 lor prime mnaa; alaa 600 bbla. new mess for Juna, at $32 76. Beet waa quiet but Orin, with sale* of 400 bbls. at $9 50 a $13 f<>r country mess, $6 a $7 for oanntry prime, $10 60 a $lt 50 for repacked m ss. aud $20 a $32 lor extra mass I'rltno mens bear waa inactive aad nom laal at $28 60 a $30. Beef baina were quiet and prices were nominal Cut meats were quiet but lira at ll^e. a l?Ko. f?r abouldera, and 14KC. a lto. lor hama. l ard waa >,uiet and nominal, with sales of SftO bbla. at 14)(c. a 16 V". Butter1 aad oheasa m%? dull, witbont material chunge In prlcea. 1*ktbolbi;il? Racelpta, 8,119 bbls. The market to-day was steady. Tnere waa a goad deal doing in crude for inture delivery, but relloed was pretty quick. 1be aaiea were ab> ut 12,000 bbla. crude at 42c. a42*{e.,on the spot, but moatly at 44c. a 46c. for July, and 46c. for Alt (Ml, buyers' option. 0,600 do. refined, in bond, at 06c. ou t tie S|> t, B(. ijO a 67c. for July and Auguat, including 2.000 do , deliverable In Philadelphia lu July, at 64c. Krea was dull and lowar; sales 1.800 bbls., at 71c. a 73c. ibr prima lt*bt straw to white, on tbe spot, and 74c a 76c. f6r all the month. Benzine was nominal at S8?. a 30c. Rica.? Saks or 10 baga of Rangoon ware mode at ll^c. Snura was quiet, with amall aides at 13HC. Spoar. ? Market Arm but qul??, with sale* of 300 bbds. Cuba muscovado at 17c. a 17Xc, and 446 boxea Havana at 18c. a 18>ic Tis.? l'lg was quiet but firm, with aaiea or 160 pigs straits at 66c. Banca was held at 6$s. and English at 64c. Plates ware quiet, with small sales at 18)fc. a ISJic. Tobacco.? lbe demand wis steady and prlcea were advancing, owing to a small aupply. Falee or 847 hbda. Kentucky at 7c. to 3Cc. , 200 cises toed,$l 44, and 08 ce roecs on p. t. The market ror manufactured was qutet, and price* were advancing. Iba. ? The market was qalte active, with Bales of 441 h.ilf chests Oolong, 1,258 do. do. , Japan, 60 do. do green, 100 d". Souchong, ina 31 half chests young Hyson. Tiuow. ? tjtock or prima light, and market firm. ! Sales 150,000 lbs. st 14\c a 14>,c. for country and city. WHiSKav.? Receipts, 3.408 bbls. Market qulat and un chauuad. Salee 2,000 bbls at U0>{o. a $1 32c. for Slate and Western. THE CASUALTIES. riames of Killed and Wounded la tbe Battles lo Virginia. Second Army Oorpa. J?ne S. ISftA Jamei* Ilai?D, B, 40lh Muss, back; \v R turtu k' sth N Y, le?: (Jeorare 0 Fuller, b, stb V Y l>ul, 1st N Y:H Vaudvkn n 'n'tK fir ^ t"'' Kero!>e, B, 8tb N.Y foot >vniiii?i , ? ,8 ' Fred ' t"" 20 th Mass tbluh-"?' 'an'r^ * ^00t N Y, bead; Cbaa Sfcetii l?' a h* v v V11"0' ?. SHi Jl'b a, K, .Ifltb Wi* b.'cl c Vd Tth^y.' *L arm. H Snyder. F jo'th \ y' ' 8lh Y, abdomen; LJeui W I) William*, ]?', lg^h ra" tai'n ? lurnur, K, tflsr .S Y, leg lbos Cblli T. i it v, ?P; A W H Custnig, I), 01st \ y l,a! lir ' '' * N Y- "?'?*?? Bead. Jobu iVncb A ' 165th v V E> 8lh aw? B lef i William Wjaou, >? 'lfiith I"* ' ? ?? ? r heavy ami ery , abd.-meu I.L-J 1" , ?,h v N Y sstfttTuiiri ? *>?v?.' ukb.lhl|b; UMLrSr.e ' lO.b M? "'4,b J-uk! A. lis id ? V,.,;0. aS',?J?T?i fr" ipiKiStasvsaiPSik N V . hip, term ju M a.niiii, h, 165 b N y f,r,.K ' *WdliTiZVs\': IZT-'inrTi <*n, Jamea iJaiagMoue, K. ' y y y* mi, ny. U; faomua'T^Hrkf aT laKi* i t b ?!h IWl; A J ODi). J. 12(li S V ah,< Vbi Ucl>ooaid, C. 155th N Y, Ikoim J.ieuVst Krihrn' ^.l34Ui )??, loot, w Blraaburj . K, 8tU N Y, arm and ie - t a Norton, R, 14-th Cot!.. leg. H L Smith D Bth N V* "lie,"*?" VI J !s"v r r 1 S,1 '/? ?"">**. L,|,'o w' Jte b. ih \ Y lev . If J Kotr irfbl, B, 15 5ih \ Y ^ ^ -V- h>"'1 ^ >? ^ r?b n Y . J^>o, K, .iOtk Wis, abd"moo; Thoa K<?r.f a *xchh i'^iVa 164l'h VY M M f'!U,*tr- K- 3?*b \r I*, h'li, a R i w } I *r"; 0 Cratidall. K. 3flih Wi?. ?okle vv J 7,,K- Slj>>Y' backi '???">?? g?rey, B li,b ;^ha wr.jh*? A- I'M" NT. abdomen J bo W l i ih.t, piti \ ( jj a ?m , ? ? V Y. ait ? .Vr^eaot I' |Vi??, it^ih .V y BbiM?vler 1? Mh S' V- b^lt; PHtuipMS, i.mtui. ,r;" v' *j "rr ? i- 3,1 h w,? r"?' ?r.0 " K "? *?*?> Maaa. tarf. row 5, . ? RP"'B: H J 'jlr'ra'1' 0 J^tb NY, band u'rlr? > :7m"vv(;' ?J,aL V^Y- Wen^amm .,.^1 ,rm- * Hiimmeli, C, gib s \ \ h V V f**' ' ? 8lh \Y- x A Coe, R ^ '\?Vr?;iti,! \ v r?' y- ,46th N y- h,p; . a . ^ . r ? *'? ,^ltl -N ^ K a,r, Rth N y Y " Tv* i? M" ? Y '"!> <"*?y,C, 82d N ?: ? H,h N Y- l,,;; d itU ; .v; v t ? " 1!,L'.c' 811 ";,,or n? M?r" l-'alu . ir- u < lv< -brl'ioH. A.tUUA Y lli jh . , . ' , ef' 4m't ^ ^ , f"Ol JfHi {<#?rfc'ar H a, .%ll ???"toti.iier ?. Ill r m. eil, C. *iti y |?4<1 j,-* tevt&s as MiSft cox, [), Htt) .N 'i , both In ?? ; \d Po!6r0^n K ifith tv : h 1:!1.,uJ"lp?' K- 71?* Ca band; I at i'l'ylwut II 16Mb i ?\k?W; rt ,\'U"n' K' J'.o Mc.Namtta v*', * K ll?rbceor, I) mtb P,' . 10?h V Y. ,nn; J G Iji^ler?" 104*b V Y b w.ts A V hti W.( nrr. I), iilNV nearr artillery loot' u^r' Av 'tnVi* "?'??, k nh: ui.iyer A p e; a; H K. !s<th ! a hi.b .1 Ro-d. T,l? h We, fo.,t: w Ktii on I rt b Vv A. its tii | 'a. witat; c UcUure c' lipiaV'Th X"3?' 'i'i Hl". ? Y bc,v' "W'trv. tlillh! I In, rt 4 h 'oi.ii, J one*, f, litti N Y (? i?1' lbuh' Ll biPnqmr iieu dmitb'i, atarr, d^.d; W |, gtb N y bM ' ,r^tlory roT,t U U <,era..r. II, Hvb Pa. t.p, W Sn,.tii .KI.m'uTy' h 'ad ' . ' w m r 'v;13"1 V 1 w * < T!b Va* ?.) vi V. ? 100' ll l*? aide; Hergt J p rial-? 1 iil NY trWgb. K /eiar.H, 2sib Maaa. arm K te c?v'ar' i>, Hth N ^ heavy arfUlrry. loot, i Ken. I ' ioAlIl \ y' k,?V K ?? ** S c- h '?? ?iino Parte r72l' ! . ' "*? J H Dnngberty, c. 43d N y. he.?l K ? Hiey , K , 4lh ()hiot lip; y M<vor? I> 12th n J html ?ir. II.., -n ,, lo,, ? J., ,,? W ? f K ? ?ica, ?. *-b N Y be.v'y an, 1^7 T V""'*"' *'? R?? B, lo(Mb N Y arm H a loih "ihl"?1 w I?, 1?4.M K, liana . |.,^t Jm ! *b^ Y >~>f i-rtlilery , Uiifb; O Wbite, B, ?tb N Y be'.rr artJ ? e y. Kida; K riottarnliar, K, lMih ti v kIIJ . i fiavena, C, 7ib \'*,a m. P Oiabaut K i mi'. v ? vx wot: fergl JHR.fHB. IdMfe N V VhlD M i Jl"!!, I, Stb N y baavy arllllaty, arm, F ]t?kor r 1(U tb *' ^ Tttowimim. B. Sib N y biary'art^y ?r, ia ^ W P*r. ?<, rf, bib N T beaty artukra' br?a#t; C.jr|io al X Jnbr.a-n, n, 7tb vV .rm' W i.tebart n. 20tbMaa. at*, J nick,, n, nib Ny fiouvy arilllary, b aaat: i * Mot. D, 2,1 N Y bauvr ?ri,l ry, Hi'iMjMM .'eymoqr K, 15', th V y Ull(fh j , Vv,,h N Y? wrMl f; I i**?a. o, 16a v t "VbV ' ?' ' ? "i',h, v v ^ V "??' p- nn, 'i! .11, , I fi,?. w P f ,,.ira. o, 1b NY h-.,vr nrtM [ \ . '-r ' l?l ?L .?/, f K M?i rl *1 ri, M. fin ; ?r,"V V lr-,v MM,. .... V: f b v v ^r|,r -riHory.a mj ,? h . ' ' 1 M'. '? 1 -1 ^ , b"i<l ('A ??.,! ewa, K, ! 'V ? 'VL * ? lfl ,h K v arm |.MC nen: N V h \ ho.vj artil.,ry. fool |,( h r?? J n. Bth VFelnart r V I?,':0^? K< 7,*, Pl> *rm, c ?? k ? jWi Cm. V, imlN^bSTTi^itet <; w p w.Ad*^,,K' wt? jmwtIIL; l T' 'boa,<,''r ?"">? Mc.uire, r, r m< th fT ^LV. ',roV tfT-JC '3fl ? - m , ? < ?rey A I V hard V?! a/? a ' ' ? N J, tbltfb; rftrfl (J K *(?.?. t r rl* mh VV|>' tnk,? 1,1 IHIIOD, K,3fllh Wi|, h*nd; F (j&tk If 12lh \ t ?hrm] :s. i ;K I rV'h A f bi u ti v MM'Ifr. Km.1; ^r.-t WM i. w h ? ^ r. o u l2,:Jr J M*?'? Va, how ?"? ? H iHaniey, ? , 8tb N y l,e ?y artilier* w ZZTv" Ll s,h N v h~"' ? no%; k, P. r "c,,; *w?t '? U^eila, ?l, Tiat othw il! J H?w, r, ]ft?d N Y, thigh; w |, hn'xlii I '?arila d'o I'm"1 B D * '" W" ??*"??? l.f?r ; W arm li ?i.? Ji '' K K '*? " '>wih N Y, lib Mich. Hao<!. M Dru?ii, C. 10th N T, shoulder, 1 Ptuekett, D. 100th N T. arm; G QoN* ?Iw.M.ttm N y iMUf artillery, foot ; 8 Fuller , C. thumb, K Van IVk>ut. R, 2d NY hoavr erfillerr, shout dor. W Tout, R, 12th N J, face; A S J (MM, E, 9th N T heavy artillery, beck; Ser?t James I 'ooley . G, 166tfc N Y, srm; Edward Kiiey, D. 106th M Y, hied Btrgeni F Dowsing, A. 0?ib NTS M, arm; ? I.yooa, H, . Side: John Elltrd B, 104th. N T. arm; John Meyer, D, 14th Coon, arm; W I> Joeelye, II, Mb N Y heavy Artillery, hand. N Skill, K, Mth Win. Anger: 9er geant J Cunniuyham, B. 4'id N Y. <V>ct , L Shiet, C, 166th N Y. bresel; A Ward, II. tfth N Y henry e'lillery, foot: P Gillmore, Q, 184tb X Y. band: If Dunlsvf . 0, 184th N Y, hind . T Feed, C. ftlXb X V S II, arm; J K Shoemaker, K, 12tb N J, arm, t PeierMo, C, 6ih N Y, wrist, S u Brown, H, 8ib N Y heavy artillery, thigh. D Bailey, f, 104th NY, leg C GAIlen, C. 8th NY heavy artillery ; shoulder; ysrgsent A Nicboh, C, 9th Me, arm; F Mc 8 reeney , E, 08 ih N Y S M, breast: B Tallman, B, 14th Conn, leg; J Wtiluuns, C,71st Peon, thigh J 8 Brandt, P, 1 84 ib Penn, finger : D Harrington, K, 6th N H.baud.B McBrMe, F, 166th NY, breast; J Oassnyr 104th NY.feot Thomas flusaelt. 1, 9Jih Pa. left arm; W J Smith, A, 1st Me, right wrist. P MoOruiIck, B. 7th N Y heavy artille ry, thigh; J L Armstrong, A, 17th Me, thorax; Waller Chase, E, 8d United States sharpshooters, left thigh I, B Newell, fci, 2d United Stales sharpsbootere, left thigh; Wm Nels'n, C, ISth Pa, right arm; Samuel Law ton, A, 71st If Y, left arm. Sergeant W E Cole, K, 6th N Y, left thigh; Donald Mcl'herson, K.flth Mich, knee; Anthony H Scbwsb, K, 120th N Y, hack, Thomss Curly. C, lOfltb Pa, Ihigh; Thomas MeKange, A, 71si Pa. abdomen; lobliw Grey, E, 120th N Y, shoulder; R K Fitzgerald, O. 120th N i , fingers; Jss A WliHe, B, 7th NY heavy artillery, shoulder; Tbeo C Stereos, D, 1st Me, foot; Sergeant Wil fred Ml ler, 40th N Y, killed: Sergeant M StoughtonburKh, C, 1481b, NY, arm; Tbee Kapeiye, B. 148ih NY, fingers; ? Scbofieid, I, 36th Wis, arm; J U Mill*, I, 80th Wis, ebio; C O Seymour, A. 8th N Y, arm; Peter Wolf, H, 168th N Y, arm; A A Doc'*, L, 7th N Y.arm; r Hart.O, 110th Pa, arm; John Fon>ey, H, 166th N Y, thigh; Win Wfeelon, K, 166th NY, band; And Long, B, 8th N Y, hand; B M Perry, A, 8th N Y, foot: Jus W Wood, H, 8th N Y, ankle. I> Cromln, A, 69th N Y, leg; A Hofna*n, It, 7th N Y, thigh: M .i Doolan, B, 104th H Y, thigh; Jimei McPermoit, G, 101th N Y, hip; John O'Connor, F, 104th N Y, breast; Ceo Thomas, H, 8th N Y, shoulder, Chas E Hathaway , M ; Lieut F 8 Brown, Slh N Y erllllory, Wiled; Steven Ackersoo, B, 3d N Y, thigh; S H Ingram, C, 1ft Maas.neok , John Jenkins, E, let Mass, toe; Lewis G Holt, H, 1st Mass, neck; Sergt O F Walsh, H, 1st Mass, bead . Sergt J A Collins, 7th N Y heavy artillery, back; Jacob Miller, I, 84th Pa, back; J A Japp, A, 11th NY, head, Abraham Wood, K. 188th Ps, abdomen; Sergtfbomas While, Uth N Y, leg; r J Dauby, D. 84lh Ps, foot; Beret Frsnklis Tislf, G, 1st 0 S sharpshooters, heed; Job H Gilbert, R, 11th N J, shoulder; Nathan Keoolton, D. 12th Me, abdomen; Christopher Miller, F, Pesrneli's legion; l?h<? Gartner, 1), 74th N Y, foot; Wn Condon/ A, 99th Ph. thigh, W Dorsey, I, 0th N J, thorax: C Wilson. 7. 166th N Y, thigh H C Johnson, D, 7th N Y. leg; LFGstrandcr, I, 82d N Y, hind; Jdo Cornell, K., 82d N Y, hand. The Flftli Corpa, June 9 ???* 3. J Betts. I, 107th Pa, Anger; Corp W Hsrdlsty, K, 7lh Md, shoulder; W Humphrey*. A, IStfc abd men W H l-am r, F, 83d N Y, thigh ; W Millard, A 149th Pa, head; F Clement, D , 6 th X Y artillery, leg; E Beehe, A.' 83d rf Y, thigh; * Blracb , H.WthPs, heed ; W McGrath. K. 83d X Y, head: Lewis Koorer, E, 8M S Y, tingor and tblgb; rhos J Hu 'n-*' 1 "Tiro "w thigh, Corp W H Pedlay, C, 83<t N Y, tblaha; ( orp W Cramer, P. 87th N Y, f?ot; aergt Q 0 Burn, n 97th k Y, root; J F Krachn, D, 6th XY artillery, thigh; J WlUson, F, lltb J English. P, 83d N Y, shoulder: D , D^7th N Y , thlsb; Corp W Dixon, G, 83d N Y, blp.Sergt W Hender ?on, K, 83d S Y. leg; D A Rolfe, I>, 6tb N Y artillery, leg; I) Hoohhaa, P, Oth X Y artillery , tblgb and Angera. H .1 Hnntlnydoo C, 83d X Y . leg. 8ergt , J Urkta, H,?M NY, arm ; J Ainoud, A. S3d N Y, face, D Slroble. B, 6th N Y artillery, linger; J Pa*so, H, 88th P a hip i A P?r I a , E , 1st Md. arm: Sergi H William., E,97th NY, B, 6th N Y artllllery. arm . J Ilarlacber. C. 104th X , thigh; J Craljth, C, 83d N Y, hlp.G Galua, F, 4th 1 ad,a rm. J Kvalmer, B, Punioll Legion, band. H W Hich, I, 5tn. IT S artillery, 'thigh; A Haskln* F,29th N? M; J B CiaIah ii 11th 1'a, arm: L Paddin. A, 14th N i* lory, flog'"-; ?? Kihr, Il,97ih N Y. linger; H Hag'ie.U 11th Pa abdomen Corporal H Von lOroum, F, 97th X Y,le? J Harm, G, 6th N Y artillery, linger: 0 A PulW, H 97th N Y. loot; Corporal II Met. rath, A. Md N Y , l< 8 W Posse, K. Pumoll Lecioa, finger. P f-B?>tb. K.'urneil IjokIod. hand: A Lanner, 1, 11th Pa. finger; S Mathews, Sid N Y leg- W F Sibley, B, 7th Md. linger; J H Burns, HMth N Y,' hood W H Davis, I. 94th N Y, face. C Her w?x>d, H. 97th NY. tliigh: 1) Padgloy , 1 C ??*?*?**? J A Buxton, A. 7th Md, head ; J ?wO| ??A-Tt* S Y. head; Sergt W 11 Kone, G, 1st Md, ^ L Graharn, I 1st Md arm; Corp W Tboni*s>h?E? PiiiysII legion, arm Corp 11 Freehold, C. 4th Md, hand; H B 97th* N Y, arm ; A C l?arrow8, f, 16th Me, hands; W Hen derson, A, 90th Pa, shoulder: B WlUcOn, E, gj.m, chest: R Martin. H, Purnell Ueion, hand , CorpH Kraft t' 1st Md, arm- T Pukes, G, 1 uraell M-ion, thigh; Capt G Ruths, B, 4th Md aakle; O Fry, it 107th Pa, area; Sergt F Beli er, C, 1st Md, le'i ? W H Bnbli.son, E, Turuell Leglnn, ankle ; A Umbrei., K, 1st Md. thigh: R Awcctt i) l.t Md leg. ?V H Gray, A, 97ib K ? kr oo; J \ an Oust#, B. ?th M<1, irnr. C Turner. 1, 13th Mass. log: J II Hall, P, ''ur?f'1 * l egion, tow; SHWolf, H, 1st Md, shoulder; W Marsh B 83d N Y. nccic; J O'Hara, 1st N Y artillery .arm , M Jotiahlin H, 9ith NY. knee J H Fish, H, 39th Mass, Thuh; j'llltner, K. 1st Md, thigh; J "'IT?"' 5' J" yj' .rra; J Mart n. C, 1st Md, shoulder; M Prost, C. 1st Md. oot; W H Adams, P. 11th Pa. fln:er; t Durham, H. 1st M. 'thigh; W J Mellln .or, '? '^^'TmIiI. ?rtiK.h, A, Purnell s I-oglon, bick; h?'g\ B Ml jr ) Purnell's I.egloa, bacd F. Morgan, f. ? region, toe: .1 W Hwiok, A. Purnell ? L?gioo nnd J 11 Stenoer, A, Purnell ?, *> ^ik J V Valmiilt e 1,8-Vtta ^a, baud; ^ownseod. O, Purnell i Ajiitn Onc-r- J A Wlllson, O, Pnrneit l*gi?n , linger f orp W Smltb. G, Purnell l?gion,kDe*; P UaI7,n;" ^,(tl Mai band CMo ae.l.SOth Maas, linger; w F Grier.t , 7iU Md, tli gh . W rtallsbury . A, ?4ih N Y .hip . CaytHN W a->b bnra , E . 19th MM, bio. severely: G F. Urerun ^ H. zzxzw' 4- nL2te? ZZZ "Jfi ?*??. cV ST&rVwH iuttOB.'l, 21et Pa cav, thigh. P H Ney. 1 21?l.^ I I ui> K ll.Sth Pa hand; CotI J Hureswan, k, 14dth N V h o J McMasoo. B. 6th N Y, head; K Murphy ? B. 5th N scrgi Thomaa Burns. B. ?>ih S Y. leg A Cal4w?ll. I 5?h N Y shoulder ; J B Miller, rtb N T art llery band. ,',tvl p r.? -m c 5'h N Y, thigh; James O linen, C, ith i v, thigh; 0 Carroll, 1.14th w?"* ? {*?^ tal Mich liand ; Opt II SeUeck land . C . 5th N Y . b.p , "rirnl M ilc' OT C 12'h Infantry , shoulder ; J Mc1 OOP, K, xu? anlile' N Ireland, L. 6th N Y artillery . foot , SSt b?; ?' Coeney , K ?.h N i^ot; \v K 5th N Y, hip; J Omxan. A, 5lh N Y , , y > R KUboo, B, mth N Y. 1 -a (? W Robinsoo. F., <Hh S Y, f .. i __ r? vraibM A. l'ith W if j shoulder', cLtehlV A llBlh ??. bowels; Hmntm* A, IM Hlch K *.M?r U ieVlir t* H 9th Mace, arm. S Hobarl. F. 'llU 1' S. ch"en Cflfp M Mun-oo. K.l*<h Mefac<>rbo? iiampbrief, H. I18ih Pa. -h -ul.W; Wm h arm Corr Wm Aaarts D, l?t? Mich. arm. ? nerrn%, 1Mb Nic'li. broa- t. J Clark. I. 140th X Y; P Mb S V , ha. d dergt A Roberts. F.U8I Waee tergi k HHowW 1. UJHJ y ? vr UdA; M?' ^U. I 44th . , . t.rt.K \ y Tbomaii Fsnlon, K, ^ih ^V1^Uoi,bc>4.h >hcu. krul 14 ih N Y llai.aer.C, Jlst Pa cav..lry; ^e.n HI r.d Vv :,?d M ai PCarpetiler. I. 4Ui Mi<h. ^rge -ni I ?? 1 i 'vi ? vM-Va??: l>>rpjral M Breohan. B, 9!h M.i?s w en- -II . Muse (, W I .-arl. K. T24 Mis .I Hsgl'. K, 1-2 1 I a, (orjwrai Win Sill. K, 4th Mi?h i"r!^ r l ; U.-I . un* *. Slid '? a. t <irp<>ra4 J Moore, A. ?)3d I a, i orporai W Wder. r, AM Pa A A Arnold. H , i4? M^ ^ \ 'aa?wk. B, 31st P* cavalry; * Parkef, H, 21st la cavalry M teigar. I, 21st Pa cavalry; >ergetnt R "i ar nek . G. 1st Mich W A Hart K . 22rt Mara , J Kocx P Sth v V J Ileal r, P, 5th X Y; C Heintzlem.n. B, 5tti N \ . C 7 Tarow ~il>i Ma-s, |*lvia; G Ktioodwia, F, VIas?, fool S Halt, I, 3d M*?s, thigh. M Butler, P, 14'h N J > i _ a R,>r>w B. l?9th Pa, buttock, E Jeff>i?s. B, 15t?'ih la 11 Itledersolot , E, l'lhMaaa. leg.H AP'|ir1, mth Mas" head H l eaeas,r.4th l ei, bowels. m t. ray, K Pa, head, C Veitlcr, I, 62d Pa. arm. H Schneider, V. 66i b N V, breast ; .1 B Salkioa, H, 9th Maes, T McPon ill K 22dMaa?;t ?rp t H Thothmghao , II . 23d Mass. Capt j'A Clinc^; . 15-,th Pa; M P ijewart, I 62d Pa; Cor;. L Theod.e, H, 12th i; 8art; K J ^""^'.^11' A icwe. K. 44th N Y: E A ( ram. K, 44tb > y . v Chafer B 4?h N Y: W H Rr?l".B, 44th N Y . Jamea -tr.Hh. K, 44tb N Y , tferat K ? k Inner. C. 44"h NY; Sergt MT 9 Mllner, 1. 16th Mich C E lhorn, E, 44 ' bNV J Ames. I. 83d Pa; M Heveran, A, 83 d Paj R beri 4?th > Y U>rp Ce-' S liei kanth, P, 44?h S V I I; Pxvker. 1, 441b N Y; Torp Wm Riley. H, 12th U S irtantry ; R * m' k In:, on , P. 32d Mass ; i Corp J : * Angel,. H 91st Pa; < urn JJ Northrup, Sh 8 16 h ; J . ohre ty, I ?M Pa CbM Alexander. K, 14f)th X Y ; Patrl. k P-eDe-.n. li' Mh N V E 7. Ibusaworth, E, 144th Nt, tl^iulder, C SchuVonek-r. K. 140th N V, BOOOtb. I M A 5th NY. arm. Wm Uaphart, 1. I.'d 1*. ?boude* , j C P.eraidlet, I, 20'.h Me. b?nd F Hi -a. C, 6 th MY, .eg H Oreea, C. 1551b Pa. band Corp K I/>wrey , B, l?ib Mfj*' . L+ J A Frl?cere, K, 62 Pa, neck * Bowles, h,4th Mich' thigh; Ma* l/eptt. A. 22d Maes, hip. Carpi B Jea _ _ ti .mm Mmp b jmS J lV>DTior, H, 'i2"l Mwi, arm . H CM cod h?d. w W Smitn, B, 22d Mssa hand; j uPr.D^r 3-d Maes, bowels. M K Went worth, F, io h^^; arm, C Bott^22d MM. .^|dsr, JO'<? ner I 12th P S infantry, oeck W II Hbort , Sd Del , leg . Corporal Ft? an Allen K, 75lb N Y ?h^neo. J V M nP(twn ii 4?th Pa, format in ; ? B, 14 h N y Tm ^ 'lirmanVnt. E. 61 b S Y art y, l-g, H C <W*. ?MthP? hiId Allred (timer. I, Vim Pa . Cor r rail. Vmiinn k r>th Wis, head M??bsrl %<foklo*? F.t 147th N \ ? hand Wm .Ion"* b, 147th N Y.bead, Wm Jobasoa, P, a,t 1*1 Ihiwb Uorporal Iiavld l*mbert?on, 1, 149th Pi, fure 1/ivibUJ*' Me r ck, E, 147th N Y, bs..d . iaoiol Uud, B 147th X Y, hand; Henry Hioe, B. 14Tvh N Y, face. v..i vi'it F 431 l*a. elbow jelB' Ma?'?o McMurr-iy , A, 5Th l^J IM Wm P Parker. A. 7?th N Y , ersoval b..oea. Vim I! ?tai'm.n, I, 14T?h Pa, bead C'>rpor.l R ?bm BllB ?r?0 R lt7'h N Y , head; fbermsn ?t. pliens, A, 147 b N \ head Wm s?>muela, P. 3d re*, thoracis parauai; Daniel W TWl.C.Wth N Y.shoti der. Cnanalllea l? ?tl?cr lPclMiale. jm j j (, ioo , P. l#4th N Y. i high , J Mi iarni'H, (,, 104'n , \ Y . ir ,l?' J ?/' oi n r. E, ld4tt> NY h s .st ; ? ? ?tli^,n>aa, j H, Mih S Y bfary aftlllSfy# slKMil4lf. ( K If ^h?wiy. M, hlh N Y heavy srtuisry, ankl'% 1 Caop. M.8'h X Y be'ivy artillery, oiearm, J .^Hwart, E, N V S M, b?J<l? (leo Thompson A, llrt Pa, knee, ttenj Hulterworth. C. 71st Pa, lOT 'artu * Burrows, P, Ith N Y he^ivy artillery, ib'iuWer i-erg'-aut .lea Katrbes, E, 15*ih N Y. thigh AW* l arrui. C, 164th N Y, sokls. John Hl'l, K.36th Wis. knee, Geo G fklltoa. I, Mlh Wia, leg; Thos Croise, E l^Mh N Y, llilgh ; Joba Coen?r. 0, 7t? N Y hsav * ar tillery, hlp?, Alex lavage, B, 924 N Y, head, P Gula, A. 9'id S Y. h>t d \t HarrhKiB, H, 155th N Y,lhtgii; Caui n R Rltter, F, 164th N Y, han4: w (i?ker, F, 164th N Y,; R Tolllg a. K, Mth Wly. . fwj 5 Y Iledge'iD, H H4th Pa, arm, T Martm,C,ft?th N Y M, Ui ih: P B Knnes, P. 8tb Ohio, groin , I.leut Hugh Pu?ey, p, l'.?ih X Y V, srrfl M * Ptookley, P, 152d N Y CP Beach, D, 162.1 NYV, wrist. K H Ingrala. 0. 1st N Y heavy artiile y, hand. W Pimm. G,ath N Y heavy srllllery , f'-ol, R llendy, K, llith NY %, thigh. Thso (.reenman.P.Mh V Y heavy artillery . fed. I lent Wm Wateon, K, 71st I's, lore arm Jaa Carroll. M , 8th N Y bsarf afilllsrr.'lef Joho Whelftng , 11 ? 20% h Mass. slaS; C I Wood. M. 7th N Y hM vy artlllefF, Btrgt * A U?bb, H, 12(0 N T, side, t Hayt. I. 1MB & ?? ?"?"j Corp 0 I okel, F, 184th Pa, hlpt Sergt J LaaDtgO' * ??*** N Y. back , Julius Oeitar, JOth ?M, side; C. 0,ff*.?*'Ji 6. 184th fa ,he?*.C Moer#e, D JOth Mass, lung a?d bretafi E J Root, I, 4 id Ohio hip; 8 J Saitou. K, 12tb N J, kaee: 0 1) Lay too, H, lStb N J, thick; T O Wood. C, 14th lad, kip ; J CDooiieU.D, 14th Id4. abdomon Sylvester Hoyt, I. 8ib .V Y heavy artillery , thlgb. H Langrave, K, 166th N Y, leg; J Janewavs, A, 166th N Y. leg; J V Potter. C, S?th Wis. shoulder; W Hardy, A, 8th N Y hoavy artllle ry, eye. A l>rinkwater, F. 8th N Y heavy artillery , hand; S V? Wright, D, Ttb New York heavy artillery, hand; M C role, a. 1st Me heavy srtlllerv, band; J W Tlebay, I, S6th Wis, band; J Crouth, M, 8lh N Y heavy artillery, fore arm; W F Moore. E. Tlst Pa. leg; A M Stoflbll . T, 184th I-a.groln. W K Hess, G, 10?th Ta, side; Capt lhoe Hlckey, A, 184th N Y, arm; Color Sergt .las Kerrtgau. 10th Mass, side 8 D Reed, f, 184th Pa, thigh; D Llnley, I 106th Pa, shoulder; B Wateoo, R, Tls? Pa, hand; J P Kayte, H, 184ih Pa. shoulder; M Dean, 155th NYi wrist, 0 iK>nneKy, I. 156th N Y, arm; J Emptier;' * , 155th N Y, finger; J McLouj(blio, K. 60th N Y 8 M, band; J Tarr, B, 36th Wig, arm; J (J Carter, K, 4th Ohio, nose; W Jones, 8th Ohio, baud; K Bleeoacker, K, Jjflth WH, shoulder; II Brlsooe, K. 166th N Y, knee; J Jonathan, B. 155to N Y. forearms Jas. Nolan, B. 166th N Y,toe;J Hugbee . F. 60th NY8M, arm, Jos Doyle, E, 156th X Y , arm; W Salon. F. 164th If Y. leg; W Flamm. F,164lh N Y, thigh; J Smith, 0, 184th N Y, neck; J MoCarn, E, 60th N Y 8 M, arm. T Kerut, F, l?4th N Y, hip; J M Bailey, F, 8th N Y, arm; B Farmer, B, 155th N Y, leg . A lHdnell, 1,155th N Y, sh'der-.N Gay , K, 184th N Y. foot; P Eogerty, A, 155th N Y, leg. |P Oooahue, r, 156th N Y, baok J Welsh, F, 166th NY. arm, J Romney, 0, 1st Mass, bund; A Yanburen. A. 155th N Y, forearm . D Brant, D, 134th N Y, arm; J Sullivan, A , 15Mh N Y, f*ot; :-?rgt P Weeks, E, N Y heavy artillery, hand; DHWebbor, D, l*4tii Pa, arm; J Dugun, E, 156th N Y, head; E Riley, E, 166th N Y. breast; J H Alstead I, 14th Ind, arm; J Col roan, H. 164tb N Y. foot; J Flint, D, 82d NY, thigh; L Wells. C, 8tb N Y heavy artillery , aids; J MoCollough. O, lS4tb N Y, shoulder; H Kaoplaye, E,8th N Y heavy ar tillery. leg; Li Williams, I, 36th Wis. foot; B E Cole, B, 8th N Y heavy artillery, hmd; C Frits, D, 16Stb N Y, finger; H Clap, M. 8th N Y beary artillery, hip; J S Ager, M. 7th N Y heavy artillery, hip; J J Shook, 7th N Y heavy artillery, lag; J Higglus. D,8tb X Y heavy artillery . arm; C 8herman, B, 8th N Y heavy artillery, forearm : N N'oye, I, 8th N. Y heavy artillery, shoulder; H F Church, I, 8th N Y heavy artillery, leg, 0 Blake B, 8th N Y heavy artillery, shoulder; B Burrows; B, 8th N Y heavy artillery, shoulder; J H Moore. D, 8th I Y Y heavy artillery, leg; Jaa Leigh body. H, 8th N Y heavy artillery, side; G Cramptoa, D, 8th N Y heavy artillery, wrist; H Blond. 1, 8th N Y heavy artillery, hip; P 0 Harrington, D, lt8th Pa, foot; H Hogui. B, 100th Pa , arm; J Tbaodo e, M, 8th N Y heavy artillery, baok; P H Sbapt, E, 8th N Y heavy artillery, heel; J Hlppen stell, H, 73d Pa, arm; A Mahnelt. B, 8th N Y heavy artillery, thigh; H Bllllnxs, B, 8th N Y heavy artillery, tblxh; P Corcoran, H 104th N Y, foot; J Gallagher, G, 104th N Y, arm; A Mabel, B, 8th N Y heavy artillery, breast; B Barrows, D, 184th Pa. thumb. Aug Bergmeyer, E. 165th N Y, leg; Corp B W Fisher, C, 7tb Va, leg; fsrgt M B Holmes, E, 12th NY, thigh; J Lash, t, 184th Ps, back; J P Lilly, I, 38th Wis, leg; Lt Jas Ltvlngston, E, 155th N Y, leg; Jas Hall, B. 8th N Y heavy artillery, leg; Thee Clark, A, 155th N Y , /eet; a Pood, 1, 12th N J, abdomen; James Dunn, B, 40th Masa, back; H Esll;?w, B, 12th N J, thigh; W R Curtis, K, 8th N Y heavy artillery, leg: Eog C Fuller. B, 8th N Y heavy artillery, thigh; Jas Pbilpot, 1st Del; H Vandyke, T), 36th Wis, Side; T Krober, B, 8th N Y heavy artillery, foot; W H Downing, D, 8th N Y heavy artillery, foot- C Matthews, D, 20th Mass, tblgh; Corp G Chase, D, 8th N Y beivy artillery, head; Clia^Schelts. M, 8th N Y heavy artillery, shoulder; W L Hobbs, K, Sflth WU. back; Edw Tlbbetts. H. 8?o N Y heavy artillery, arm; H Sn.vder. G, 10th N Y, sido F Smith, H, 8th Ohio, abdomen: Lt W D WillUms, F, 184th Pa, hip; A W Turner, F, 81st N Y , leg Thoa Collias, I, 2d N H, thigh; 11 Cnstins, D. 8l?t N Y back J P Cumraings, E, 8th N Y heavy artillery, head; H Smith, K. 11th CVnn, foot; J A 01 in stead, F, 8th N Y heavy artillery, thigh; Hugh Moran.K, 16Mh N Y, knee, J Wnkestend.I. 4th Ohio, le?: K Bahma. K, 8th N Y heavy nrtillery, forearm ; T .fnno*. 63ih X Y .State militia, tinker; Geo M'Hor, 1, 155th M Y C Warner. B, 59th N Y. band; W l'erklns, 1, 8tl> N Y hotvy artillery, head: T Topliff. I. 8th N Y hoavy artil lery, foot; M Murphy. D, 8th N Y heavy artlllerv. shoulders; G Follett.K, 3th N Y heavy artillery, wrbt; K C l'ore, E. 16th Ma?s, head; T W Morrow, H, 19th Me, irm; W C Bailey. B. I8tth Pa, foot; N R Horner, 12th X ?f. ne> k; I.leut S Webster, D, 8th N Y heavy artillery, face: C Del loe.K, 8th N Y heavy artillery, thigh . Lieut A Chase. D. 8th X Y heavv artillery, th gh; Lieut A Weiner, H, 8th N Y boavy artillery, th'gh ; Sorst J vur uhy, D,42d N Y, eye: I) Mills, E, 8th N Y heavy artll lery, shoulder; Lieut J N Konison, H, 81h N Y heavy artillery, arm; . I Noxoo, 7th N Y heavy irtillery .log; R rriest . C, 8th N Y heavy artillery, head; flout D S Pitcher, B, 8th N Y heivy artillery, foretrm: J Warnor. H, 8th N Y heavy artillery, leg; J Win lc. L, 2<l N Y heivy artillery, ttiiah : P Mc1 alerty . K. 155th N Y. hand; P A Flib.'rty, A, 8th X Y he.vy artillery, shoulder; I.leut M N Cook, I, Kth N Y heivy artilleiy, head: G Prine, H, 106th Ps, hand; F Keller , H, 106th Pa, hind: F Mitchael, D, 36th W'S, foot; 8 Watson, E I56t li N Y, lei; J E Young, I, 8th N Y heavy nrtlllery, nr'oiti; A J Hal leek, K, 8th N Y heavy artillery, thiirh; 0 M O'Pell, (J, SOth Wis. shoulder; Sergt R B Htzgerald, I) l!5th N Y, arm; E M Kin o. I, 8th N Y heavy artil lery. liln; Ja* Baker, I, ?9th NYSM, hip; H Conrad, A, 104th N Y, foot; John Sbepler, B, 108th N Y. arm: R Gill, H. 104th N Y. thiKlw; r Anthony. H, 8th V Y heavy artillery, leg; E P Brown, 16tb Mass, hto: X Csnfleld, F. 8th X Y heivy artillery, foolT (fan lol Fenner, H. 8th N Y hetvy artillery, ankle; H C Parmer. 2d N Y heavy artillery, band; II Marsden. U. 4th X Y heavy artillery, bind, E Vsnn, B, 8th N Y heavy artillery, forearm; J G Cobb, 0, 82J V Y . arm: A Hubn. G, 20th Mass, hip; H Fordhass, I, 8th N"Y heavy artillery, thigh; W Shaw, K,8th N Y heavy artillery , lei?; G C Tboro'.ou. B. 8th NY heavy artillery, band . Jos P Lynch, C, 7th Va. back; V Tlernay, A, ??th X Y S M, frac ture of low; Perm J^mes W Smith, F., 155th X Y , foot O McGinn, H. 155ih N Y, Tot; H Dudlev, B 36th Wis, thigh Jos Menrat, K, 156th X Y, lea. P Cruise. 1. 15:>tb X Y, tbmb: t'rk surer, B,lst R 1 artll ery, lee; W Lock. K 36th Wis. foot; D B'?ver, K. 4th Ohle. ahinilder; R M Hughes, F, 8 itb Wis, ankle; E Kober. 0. 134t(W Y. brst .R Bonner, r, 12ih X J. foot; JFarrlngtoo, S, 12th N J. arm; it U Johnson, I. 71ft Pa, neck; H Crump, I, 7th Mirh. s&oulder; W Abbot, F, 11th Conn, foot; J Hughes. F. ?9th S Y S M, arm. J W Banker, A, 17th U S artillery, arm; W T?>rpy, A, 8th S Y heavy artirtery. leg. R Lannlnf, B, 104th X Y. foot- J I^tyhay, B, 1st Del. gr?4n; J Gribb^o, It. let Pel. leg: C MeCaren, C, 1st r?el. shoold'r; ergt Geo Hlce, 1, lOStb N' Y, face; J K P Taylor, A. 108th X Y, ?boulder. 3 J K- libina, A, l#8th N Y. arm. Seqtt ' hrls Irang.iW, I, lOsth N Y, buttocks. M Carbln, D. 184lh Pa. thigh J J Mahon, 0, 69th NYSM, thigh ; Wm Nullen. A, 82d N Y, s de; J Owene, A. 7th N Y heavy artillery, neok. D Carlisle A. 7tbN Y heevy artillery, ankle; M -=mlth. C, 7th N Y heavy artiltory , ebouMer. H IlardiuB, C,8tn N Y heavy artillery, arm; W Jameson. F. .arm; H Rogers. G, 156th X Y, arm; Tbos Brown. H. 156th N Y arm M Brojimr, D, 155th X Y, breast Lie it J R Wloterbotham, 156th X Y.face, M Hall, A. 69ih NYSM, shoulder, W Hehl, H; SOth Mass, btp; A t?-'s. F. 8th X Y heavy artillery, hip; Sergt P llerry, D. lP4th X Y. leg P Hsys 1, 164tn X Y, band; J Elliott, B. liM h X Y.sile; P Sari F, IHth X Y. hmd: J Corrlgan. E, 10th Ma>s ?lie; II W i toller. K, 3?tb Wis, hand; M S Howe. K. Sfiih Wis, be id- P Duik n, C, 10th X Y, shoulder; Jos S l'lge?u. D, 10th Vl Y. s boater. < has Speuldlng, D. 36th w^. tie d, M i?haiigbne?sy . D, otitti Wis, h^ad; J Croon, C. 1'iSih S Y. shotttd?r. a S S>illv, F, Sth X Y heavy artillery, knee. Hugh "<*bf.e, D, 4th t)hio. no< k; W White, C, 7th Va, bead Stephen Tndd. M, sth X Y heavy arillle ry, 'foot; W Spiegels, H, 10th X Y, thigh; H t HaII,AA?,9tt brigade, 2d division: J I Smith, F, 184th Pa. shoulder; 1> C Hoyer. F. 184th l*a. leg; i'?pt W ?chuyler, F. 1st l>|, a D r 4th brigade, l-g I> ut '' I! Owen, A l?C.4tb brigade arm; K *' Me r, ??. |38ih Wis. si le l> M Jones. M, 8ih N Y heavy artillery, t: H H ?hillock, A. 4th r,liio, :irm. Jolm Ca3?|:no. B. ^th N Y (yeivy artillery, foot'; E W ! esderson. I. Sth X Y h^avy artllery. thlnh: J II f^irtis, I. Stn NY heavv artillery, thigh; Ser<'t D P Ballly, D, 2rt'h Va (rebel ), should -r; 'as Hay 14th Ind, fa*e. James Taylor, D, 71st I'*, ai>domen. siithtir; W" Keliev, E,71st I'a, forearm; s M Dt?bo?s, B, 3ith Wis, tace; O I'ay. K. l"5th N Y, B ind: H Hind.', K, 60th N Y d M. foiearm K i'?sey, A,6Jth NYS M.fore arm; AO llo-^'V. B, Hth N Y heavy artillery ,'orearm and side Jas Kerrigan, c^lor serg,t,l?th Ms-s, shoulder and breast- PW Harvey. K, 19th Mass, be id; John Whitman, A W4tf? Pa, arm K Aiken. C. 30th Wis. bead, mortal 1 apt E R Butler, C, 69th N Y :*aie militia, brnast. J U Carton, D, 184tb Pa, blp; las Pair. D. 184th Pa. hand. Jaa rotter. A. 184th Pa, arkle J Smith. A. 184ib Pa. hand-.C X Priest. 1, 155th NY, shoulder; Andrew O'RIelly, A, 156th X Y, arm. L Katrtrk. K. 156th > Y, f< ot ; S ,'u!d. M Slh N V heavy artillery, foot John Fay. K, 164th N Y thi. be; Geo Erhart.D, 1S4th fa, knee; Jos W Kav. A, 10th N v, fort. Ell Drieshter, F, 184th Va, leg; Jos shef ?ield, K 7th Mich, shoulder. Isaac Derrick. B, 184th X Y, hand; J Farrlngton, E 12th NY, arm W A Stoddard, H, 7th Mlchi ankle; W II Iiewhall, B. 12th N J. arm; E C H-.ll K. 12th N J, srm; F Be?cb, B. 4th Ohio, knee Sergt M Burk, G. 155th N Y, leg; D Fraker, C, lS4th Pa. fl: ger; (' Has well, E. 71st Pa head;0 W Klnsell, D, 1S4lh la, fixrt Jas Beynolds, A, 184th N Y. elbow; P Welsh. A, 60th N Y 8 M, I- g It K Boweo, fl, 8'h N Y heavy artil lery loot; Thoa Iteatty. 1,4th X Y beivy artillery . -inkle; Seret J Kelley, F. S9ih X Y 3 M, haek A B Wilder, B, 38th Wis, back. 11 P Hetchsrd. L. Ttb N Y h->avy artll lery hand; D Jon?s. M 8th N Y heavy artllWy, l?-ot D Ltnphwtr, IT. 8th X V heivy artillery, leg John Green. K 71st Pa, sh- inlder. Tim llii key, K. 71st Pa. hsck; M Mc' ahe F, 7 2d Pa heid W Wilson, II. 2?tb Mae*, fn t j H Psrker, K ,20th Mass, fore srm, MT llogan,K,20th Mats fact. M Parlow, A,155ih N Y, leg; M l.bert, K, 36ih Wis foot w H l>ny, II, 8th X Y heavy artllWy , Jaw; That 0 Bunne'l. D, 36th Wit, thigh; Joan Collins.':, S2d NT. ankle. A Mc'lsrcn, G, 165th N Y, thigh; E F Smith, F, 8th New York heavy artillery arm; iain?s Flt/?eTaW. 0, 89th NYSM, thleb; John Divls, A 8th N Y li?ivy artlllerv, hip; Chas Ward, D. 184th N C I) tlrod, D. 75th I'a, neck; John Mmpeon, K, 69i b N Y S M.beal J T i'unimliit, E. Sih N Y heavy artillery, thigh; Corp A W Hoag, K, 8th X Y hetvy a', tiliery fbre?rm. R Aggaa, K, sth N Y heavy artll ?ry, thigh L Prstt, E, .16th nit, hip. John fpry, P.aoth Wis linger. M Cole'ierk. f?, 30th Wit. 8s per; 0 l? tirsv, A 139th N'Y, brad J McKennev , C,184tb Pa, forearm T McBeynolds. G. r,?tb NYSM le? D tieery, 1, 15?ih N Y troiii, I.teut II Iiul7y, l?, 156th N Y, arm, KJw :ib bine, H, 82<l N Y, leg a >d arm , r Pe aney, I loth Yt. elhow, smpntsted l.ieot Thomas Fl- n, Tib Va. thigh; M fl Mnrtoo l??h X Y . legs, mortslly : A ? Ridlgare, li, .O h Ma f, 'b xildsr; .1 Ptrion, A, lOt h \S Ilea'; ll"r"-l, r.l 1-4' h "a. thlg'i . J MoC Hon h , 0 JL-, ?l>"nMer; ( K (iliTwd.B 8'h N Y he?vf nr dlery, r rearm i Wiic *, it. 8'h N i' httvy a-tillery. io?ot: L \ IM>i"-!.f?'d, K , H i h N Y iie.vy aririery . ahoulder; 1 (,? i a- navrn . A . 7ih X Y h avy arti :err loot. J, is Mltrhtll.i\rt!);h K Y s M,h?.k; M Mullett. I', ld4 h X Y h l>; ergt W K ID". G, lotto "a haek . W Br dh fv, E N Y, srm; J-ihn l'a<il!e, H. 14ih tonn.b Ck; Se'iit T Coi rad, H, l'5ih N Y. laot. W Stratburg-F, 8th , Y Y liesvy artillery , 'eg: Jus Merritt, F, do. ' *,rSfl*' j J bn Webb F. 17nth N Y. hei.l; T B Mntler.l. 1st Del, i fsce -SB Aeisn lsr,I 1st !iel.srin;TOt rlty,tl. lOaih Pa, I tM h b PStevetit, E 8tb NY hetvy arttllerf, hip: J Wood, K lAfite N Y, ankle. Tlios 0 kor, A, 166th X Y,aukie; F Cerherry , H. 155th !? Y, knee snd sh U * in k?k. a. ifMth N Y. heel, Edw Dillon I). 184tb X V, arm P Ntlgiln, I), 184th N Y. hand J Coneter, I, Hn N Y 'beavt art, ha- il ; ,k iiordon, F, 8tk N \ heavy urtii lerr, heel. M Sutfen 11. Rth N Y heavy artillery, leg. jo in < arney, > , 156th N Y.ler II Weeks. C,l'h s V h?ivv artilleiy, tbnmb; R < or :orsn, C, 8th N > hi svy artlllerv. head, A Riogle, F, 8ih NY heavy arlUlsry, flnrer w -hing'er, Mh N Y heevy artillery s&"ti def ; "ergesnt H D Uthmp, F. 8tli V Y heavy srtillery. arm ii Fen neg, H 8'h N Y b<avy srtillerr. arm, I Van As f. K tth N V boevy trtillsry, thigh, J C Boweri, D, l?4ti? | Pa, tftlgk. R Norton, B, l6Jd N Y, side, J Teoploa, r. flat Pa, braaet; 8 Badlay, A, 163d K T, kip, aarloaaly ; 8 8 loots, A, 184th Pa, aboulder; L Fisher, P, lt><M? Pa, thigh. John Lmkm, I), Kb N f hMTf iriilltrj', MMl i,r * Gregory, P, 8th N Y heavy artillery. breast, H U ?arrlogt*, D, 106th Pa. f*>4: II Burnt, G, Mik Baaa, IP?t. W Nichoia, B, 8tb N Y heavy artillery, foot; Sergt Jas W More. K, Utb Conn, head; B A Coobraa, n, 8tb NY heavy artillery , bead P BcCumbar, C, 8th N Y heavy artillery, forearm; Benj Pucbor, U,166tb N Y, forearm; J Mark*, lloth N Y, bead, died J Hughea, F, lTOth N Y, back; M Boyje, C, 166th N Y, knee, W II Luther, C, 8th N Y heavy artillery, leg; C E Fuller, D, 3#th Wis. foot. { Campbell, a, l?4th' N Y. Bide; P Mally, K, 186th N Y, thigh; J McMann, K. 60th N Y 8 M, back; ^ B Travera, B, 8th N Y beery artillery, arm, Lieutenant H N A Russell, C, 10tb N Y, forearm; H J Stern, A, 21st Pa curalry; J Bramard. C, I6tb Mas"; i W Lay too. K. 6 th N j ; G L Uarlrg. B. Sd Md; 8Q Rldgaway, C, otb NY artillery; G B Scott, K. 60th Va (reb); F Kally, K, 6th Mesa; W Rhine. L, Ulet Pa oavalry; i Sergt B Knighta, I, 32d Ma a; G H Whipple, A, 32d Mass; JQulo.B, 21at Mass; JPSeymora, D, 16th Mich; I, F Palmer ?, 2?th Me, face; J Browa, C, 6th NY; Kl) Reynolds. G,21atPa oavalry; Corp J Buah, C, Slat Pa cavalry; PShortey, C.ftth Wis; B Blake. 0,20th Me, IT Scott, L, Mat ra cavalry; p strlne, L, 21st Pa cavalry: JW sharer, L, list l>a rivalry, Corp G W Bormaa. K, Slat I a cavalry ; sergt D W Buchaotn, E,21st Pa cavalry; F thuook, H, 21at Pa cavalry; J Roby, C, 140. b N Y. ONE HtfNDRRDTH P*NM9TtTTNI A. W M Rodger*, O, right arm Sergeant J R McQuada, M, thigh: J P Klrkham, M, left thigh; 6 W .lohoston, G, left hip Wan Eaati*,U, right cheek; A Sewail, B, right arm: J McCowan. B, right hand, A Kntber, C. right leg; A F Ollrer. B, right leg: CCIauson.O, ankle; F G Craighead, M. leit band; I Vogaa, K, loft at\oulder; Lieut T W t or neliua, C, left Bbeulder; J B Breaat, li leg; M B Cnyle, B, left aide; W E Reed. E, right aide; J K Rayen, G, leg; N A .Hearvell, B, right lung-. W S T'n dor wood, A, right shoulder; J E Burton, C, left haiwl: H W Wataon, C, left aboulder; D W Wils-n. C, right baid; W B Johnson. K, torearm; J Young, B, loft tbigb; Lieut J OfTUt, 8, right leg; A Frarer. G, toft ank'e; J Uum. F, scalp; Sergt W B Cotasirn, E, left shoulder: B A Mot or nell, B, neck; H 1) Hamilton, A.oilf oi leg; R Shields. G, left leg; J V Burdock, B, left ahoultler; W L McCartney, G, left arm; 7 Luber, C, right aide; Corpl H. F Book, G, right cheek. TWKMTT-POI1BTK nkw yom oavalrt. James Doyle, M,fecad; Captain F L Brown, L, left lag; Sergeant D W Allowortb. L, right aide; Corporal I Red dingtoa, 0. hand: B 8 Marab, L, arm; WllUnm L, : houlder; I F Mattbewa, I, band; J K Peck, E, left haadi Sentaaat W Evans, B, lert leg; T E Parrhth, G, left leg; B BoGravr, I., right leg; 1 H Leigh, G, lert haad. 8V0OND NBW YORK BIPLBP. Tboe Avery, R, right arm; (ieo B Weber. CI, lafl arm; D F Cllne, E. right ahouldar; J Horner, R, right arm nod aide; P McNamty, K, left shoulder; Aarou Scree, I, right arm; J Bnrchell, F, le't shoulder; F Brooks, I, left si<la neck; T Howard, C, left band: R Chiohestar, K, right aboulder; Sergt Geo Wooda, I. aack; Corpl O B Salllv.-vo, I, left thigh; Lieut C W Huseier, .0, left tbign; A A Preston, C, right knee; F P Humbert. D. Cslnos dead); N L Knox, C, ankle; Paniel O'Connell, C, body; Patrick Drann.C, thigh, David Kebier, C. groin; J Fladd. C. scalp; J A Johnson, D, left elbow; A A Simmons, C, left tbigb; Thoa Haley, C, left arm; Corp C F Batea, C. lert arm: Corp 8 Williami , C, la t band: A Whitehend, F, thigh: J P Gib aoa, I, abdomen; J H Sieger, I, lettknee; Jaa Cranmer, L, right thigh: N J Campbell, K, right baud; Geo Wart, G.body;W 0 Sprague, A, left shoulder; Adjt R L Hil', right rorearm ; Jas Whaler, D. right hip; Sergt .T H Oswald., M, left hip; Nelson Cutlerbach, L. band; L Crowley, H. right leg; Corp J Cummlngs, n, right leg:FJ Brown, I A, thighs; S Snow, M, right baud; F Beebo, L, left band, 1 POPRTHEMrH VBW TOKK HEiVf ARTlf.IBHT. Lieutenant Bentley, mortally (slice dead): Miron Bryan, I, left le^; Cbaa Brummell, I. left leg; >nt Frlrk, C, right tbigb: ('?rp K Harllugs, F. iolt arm; A Siegoarxt. C, left arm ; Ceo HIH, D, ri ht arm: Sergt P Rlake, I,, left leg: F La nay, C, rlgSit thi^fc: F liologh. C, left lung; i Ro bert, L, right eya. sllgluiy : Corp i' O'ifrien, C, le^t tliigh; S Harney, I, right lea: Sorgt Maj r M Sullivan, body; I) P Barbour. K, W-ft arm: P Birr, K, scalp. P Munch, F, riclit forearm: A Orsnt, A, le't innif; Corp 1* Wardall, A, left leg; J H .recn, K, rl/!it thigh; R F Talman, K, right arm; Sergt C H l^vell. I), right a' m; W H Jones, C, right *blgh; G W Klmore, A, risbt hand; A J Dupee. I. right fnr>t; * Scovill K. richt elbow: J P Peasport, I . arm and tliiah; A Brlntwail.B, lot: arm: A Clnrk, K. head, badly : I/>rln T?lnler, L. loft log; M U Cililii', C. left hand; P f. ilallas. I . l<>rt foot; A RI.-wls, I. left hand. M Cunningham. 1. left nrm: C D Miller, I, right tbUh VTm Golden, H, foot; T P CruTord, I, wrist ami thigh; i'eoj Chapman, L, body; Sergt Horace Bailey, D, body. T^BLKTn VRW JKRSKY VOI.tTNTt.BH?, .m-IR 3, lP6t. Lorenzo LBnd, G, killed; Corp'>r.iI Win McTanlels B, killed; ( apt iin James McKomb, D, loft leg ampulatod; Corporal >>iinlv Mi-Ore. 1>, right hai.d; Manuel Korbee. C, leTt"brea?t; Vra l/>/er, B, no?e; Edward Hall. K, left j arm; S S Sutton. K, rieht leg rf f> Lay ton, ft. genitals; ! Wm P Spea?!es, H, right thigh: Corporal Wm H Double, B. le't arm ; Cnrporil Jaraca Williams, K . left arm ; Cor poral Jacob ShoO'iiager. F. left arm and ?tnmich Fvn P Kvana, D, le t arm: Corporal Frank Co k. H, rlaht shoulder; John Farrtngton, K, left arm: Sergeant Geo Ci-bb. fl. hack: Joe Powell. A, killed : Fdwrard l. Brock, (i. neck: Thn^ Van Hoiiten, K, left thi^h c<Tgeant M B Holmes, shell wound, loft leg Rd Tlirris, K. left side; An derson prawn, A. left aide and stotrucb: Michael Morton, I, right li:ng, dead: J >s J Jmee, F, taatldea aoil abdomen; Simuel Mc' ullougb, B, head. Additional I.tet of Cnia?ltlU< Lieut Pol. W. W. Flenry, 10th Vermont, band, rapt Miliar. 45th Me <r York, log. I.ieul. W. Whtto. 10tb Vermont, groin. Gregorr, 'Jth Ntfw York artillery ,blp. I.leut. t> Iredell, 138th Pentieylranla, bead. C?pt. J. Wiyand. 126th Ohio, lo/. Copt. H. Rowan, ISlet.New York. nrm. " Cu t. J. W. Cnloman. 151st New York, tblgb. Lieut. J. 0. FUlior^lUh N'ow .'er.iey, face. Capt J W. MctSrow n ,10flth Now York, arm. Lieut. H. I. Hepburn, 100th New York, face, ("ant. H. Harding, 1 2-rl Ohio, arm. Capt. Thoa. Black, V.2'1 Ohio, log. Capt. C. Harris. 14th Now Jarney, arm Capt, W J. Plfer. 87th P-nnaylvanls. abdomen. L ioat. W. RoN-rtium, lioth Ohio, nkest. Capt W. P. Blml.e: t. lotb Vermont, arm. C?v?. K. R. Froei, lOtb Vermont, killed. SHIPPING NEWS mjum o m *t? Toac? ran daw. Ira am ics 4 -8 | ?oo? srra eva 10 W ivy sbts 7 281 high watm. ere 11 to Port of New York, Jane 7, 1SG4. CLEARED. StenmsMp Cedar (Br), Muir, Queeaetown and Liverpool? E Cnnard. ?hip Abbotaford (Br), Cooper. Ltserooot? Snow A Bar' gea? Shin Charles J Baker (Br), Tonag Newport, B? Boyd k Tlinnea Ship Minnehaha (Br), McOrath. Londonderry? G J Kaox * To. Bark Peep o' Day (Br), ronton, Loadon ? Slnmaa A Edge. Par* Rcle (Halt, Rearpntl. fork? Ilol-nVm k Batrhea. Bark Favorite. Prln lie. Bsrhado*? M Trowbridge s Son*. Bark Winthrop i Br). Mnultoi Damarara ? J I.eavcrtift. Hark Russia (Br), Tvne 'Jnrheo? Orlnnell. M Intern A Co. Brl? '..iiiglan dial). La J?a a, f!or?? W Ba'em A Co. Ilrit lie I ?<>nda filoliand), llelkamp. Antwerp? Punch. Me nekfl I Wendt. Hr* Ixn- n'r < i?u). Von Ebran. Christiana. Nor? Punch, Melnoke A 'V-i?dt Br ? Angvtora < Br). Fuller Csdlz? Harherk A Halsay. Brlj 'Iwrv ' IS r i Martin MaraoMtm -Wr?tt, Hon k 4'?* I'.r'e K'nneth (Bri. I'rowell Jiu"n?l ?Brett. Son V Co. Prig Panama (Bri, Fleming. Havana ? W W (InreeD, Bro A Co. Brti Janet Kid-ton (Br). Oard. Rl John, NB-D B Dewoir. Br'g Rival. Appleg.ite Philadelphia? wakenan, Oookln A Dl-'lnion R<-hr Madeira (Br). Nugent, Ooracoa? D B Dewolf. Rchr I.HIa (Hr). lten?on ft Martins? Joe Ponlkes. Rclir Prances Henrietta (Br), Ingalla, 8t John, NB? Jed Prye A Oo. Sobr Panama. Crockett, Hog felanri? Morean A Parka*. Fi-lir Jam>-a'own. Ma."e. Wnahln jton? K I> Hwlbnt k Co. Rrhr K A Kill 'It. D??rnot. \V?nhiii#<on? Mott Bedell. hc'.ir H T Haker. Price, Italtlm joe ? A AHbotU Rrhr L Honklna. rrin?t>er, Beiil alalanl? J ? Blaok. 8chr Three R ate a, Oriay. Berlin ? A O Havana. Felir P S Lindnar Boery "?aco-W II Rlrrrainltn. flehr R i ("onant. Was*. Bo-tnu? Si:n|>a.ia k Clapp. K*lir Surf. Hh?w, Boelon? T M Mavhew. Brhr l/aeon. Itaker, rhe'?ea? V B Mi k'ere< ?. f?< -ir A M> ore, r>ackei(, Pinmiord. fichr W W Hralnerd Ppn1l?ten Orolon? .1 V llavlland. Br r T Owen lAwreneo. Hew Haren? H B Kackett k Son. H<oop EinlH- Jane Preneh. Itlghtoa. Steamer T tladwaliader. Pearson Baltimore. tli>-amer Yulcan, Morrl?>n rh ladelphla. ABRIVRti Bteam ?hlp Whirlwind. Rogora. Newl>e-t?, MO, 3 days, Siltfi indee and passengers, to Mnrraj A Nephew, Pteamthlp Western Mctropolie (U II transport), Hilton, A>e>an ma, via I'origmouth Grore Hospital, to U 8 <ji:arter piaster. staaMeli p United Stares (V B transport), Share, Alexan dria. to 0 B Quartern a?ter. Shin Da?1<l lloadlev, lla-den. Idrerpool, 33 dare, wtlh mdae ard :wi p?a?onpiris to Bmith A Dunning. Four deatha. In lat 4.' S) Ion 4!'. saw Ire. Ship Cur of New York, Baiter. Lirerpool 41 days, with mda<< and ia*?en?er%. lo I) k A Kin^sland, Siitton k Oo. Had thlrlr one -lea', a iniostlr InNntaJan-t three hlrths Ship Rhine. Moor-. Londml. April 23, wltli md*e snd 171 rasseniera. to Orlnnetl. Minium A Co. Ha? been lv da>s W of the tlank<, with lluht airs aud ealrna Barii T' ?lot (Br), Wheal And, London, May 7. with mdae. to C L WrlgM A Co. 4th In-t, lat 40 M. ion Kt to. ?poke el, In Tra>. 11$ days from Manila for Boston- Ath. lat 40 3". Ion 4A. saw steamship* Clt) of I'altlmore (Br), hsm-e Tor Llrer pool, and Amerlen tB'is). bene.i for Bremen. Bark Morniag (Br>. atari Ins. tit Jago,23daya, with surfer, t i Wavda'1 A Co. Ilr'g V..iant (Br), Puller Aipoa Bar, (II days, with wool, to Amr He e k Co. 3.1 nst, "at 33 23, Ion W (IS, spoke krlg Roea Abholt, henre for Ponee. Hrl< Kvnert (Br). MrDons d, Prlnee Bdaard's Island, 20 ds??. with oats, lo Tyne? A Hinlth. Brla Poster, Trarr. Boston. S. hr II In ndmore (et New Harsn), Parrell. Matantss, 8 Oars, wlih fruit, to .1 k T i">-ar?ali. 4th ln?t, 'at $4 SO, ion 79 2t?. Ble ed ip 10 hale- of notion , same time saw lTB gunb-<at Kers'nne State also pl-'khig up cotton. Kchr Mar* A Susan (Br). Alh'irr, Klenthera 9 dars. with fruit, tn J Pontile*. Mar *? 'at 'IS !?t. Ion 7'- 33. S|i '*e ^ohr Oo'lra-e 3 Ik, s from Klenthera for P blladelpbl*. With f >re must "pramf. S hi Bob i Br). Bethel. Bleiiikera, ? dsya wllb fruit, lo W Roe-e. ^^?hl Kn-b'.-an ' Hr), Ouptlll, Orand Vensn. NB, M dayi, wi'h Da'.i. t.t ,Te1 Prye t'" rc'ir *s'i?i Halt llall, I li ? lh iTp >rt for Portsno'iih Kc r K mel'^S i?r IT* i K Ir ? ? Union f^r New Haven. Si ri l1 in>dt>inf H ib*?ie, R iiaifttiport tor tftamfoid. B' Sir Fir' snt? I!an1a'l. ''al* ? fic'.r M <ian ?s H it.ih o:a. I'a ala, P' ' r Va 1st* r?r, tleaih, f?l .worth. Mdara Kchr Volnni. Co .xins Kll no; th, 7 dars. He ,t t air im?l?r. Toun* Bl sw ?nh. ? daya, Srh* Kosanth. Ifnnker, pi ankiln. 12 "Isye. (I'enror Mealr, Oardloer, IS dava. Brhr Frai.ela o, Kl b?, Portland, 7 day* Brhr Oc fio St*-. Roeksti, Rockland. S?li r I) in Prenrli, ? Ho tun. D L tilursea Fiona an. R talon. Pe'-rO Cnmmln s. Mold. Dt ;htoa. Rchr Lady Ada-ns, Hatwln Pali Rlref. Brnr ra.:ilon, Dar s i'nll R?rsr. Belir ynat' Wre ?te., Bdgartpwn. Sr'.r f) S tmi arda 8<*ar*. Cnfca *"t for Hudsnn, * ??h' f I' 'Oper, Kel! , Pio. man Rchr K 1.11. lis Tmlor Newport for PMladelphla. Brhr k W 4 afc ant Parker, H ook Island. Betir L rtsrk. Clark, R'ock Island R. hr ft Wortien. Tenag. Br ?*h. reti Brhr M L Hall. Lawreaoe, Albany for Mlddlrtown. Rchr R S Conanr Waaa. R j-.d i.'l for Bo Ion. ?.?hr Llin. Parbnsfc Hnadoirt for Uosi >n. Bckr C f tlcs'j* Beobe. i<eo?ara Uanks. ?loop Th#e Halt, Hall. PtarUmci. Steamer TBll# (V S transport), Bourne. Aleiauilrta. M boors to V 8 Quartermaatrv. Steamer J Tbompaon. Cundtff. Balllniora, Steamer M Mwrr. Smith. Philadelphia Steamer AMda. Unner Philadelphia fiteatnar Antnraaue. jenoa. phliaisiohia. ItMHI Delaware. Ashmore. Trenton Siaamar Sea (lull, Keuney. Provideooe. BKLOW. . On# bark and one brig. unknown SAII.TO. 6th? Steamer# Qolnebaua Oaa Learv: barks Crania, Pa. ?una. Herraine. Helen McDonald : brig# PlUea Dickie, Na ?ier;sclira Nam. Victoria, J Sanderson, 1- (1 C."?? perth watsa, U Whipple, Wm Allen, Wm Capea, B M Uawkias, C Bird, Montague. 7th? Steamer Pulton. Wind at aunaat W8W. MlN?llanf?nl. flmr Cms A Pa?wki t, AMJ. I2W t .nj, built at Rockl?#? In 1864, has been told on prlvai# terina. Bask Ihiklia, of Boeion. A2. 475 tons, built lb IHSB M Oamdea. Me, copper faatanod and copoered. haa been ftp old to Philadelphia a1 ties unit will hereafter hall fro.n that port, under or Capt Hears. Bark Eiiib. A? . new. 877 torn, built at Matthias ia IMS haa been so d for f tl.OUK Bakk Cuptom, Alii. SI1 tona, ball! at Canton, Md, ta 1MT. baa l?ea aold on privat# term#. Bark Paorisaon Sabs, A?, haa been sold on prlrala terras. Sons Mart Ai?w? Kennebnnkport. June 6? Sehr Mary Ann. from WiBcasset for Boston with SO.WKI br oka. irnag aleac and sunk off Iloon l-lanl at 2 AM realerday. The orew and one lady pn?aen_-er were saved by biking to the boat and reached Cape Porpoise harbor about sunrise. Bona II K Ditto* (of Rockland I. She mm . from Prorl denco for New York lo bal'iut. put Into New London SI last for re pal *. harlac been, run Into about l*? PM on the 3d. ta T en? Island So >nd, bv alaemer Klogl#' er. from New York for PrqvUaaee and had jlbtoom, bowsprit and cutwater carried away, stem started, A a. Tba steamer received hot trilling damaire. Launohro? At Richmond. Maine, 3d Inst, by M S Hagar, steamer Pspldun, about |i?v> tons At Fasti*>rt. 7*d ult. from the yard of OS Muaton.bark Lavinla. 51 7 tons, iwne.1 br the builder, J II MoLarren, B Mowe, Jr. 8 Withered and others. Notice to Mariners, Lioiitiiookf Orrtim, Thiro District. I N - w York, June 7. l(W?. ? Flack R nor No J flednev's Channel. I* adrift. It will ba rsplased as aoon as practicable Bv order. L M POWELL, Lighthouse Inspector. MRDITBRBAKYAll : APRIATIO? F1XFP I l?J'<T AT *A *rKK OOBIA. IiYonooRAFme OrriCB. Anmiui.Tv, I Lokpon, May 11. 1864. I The Minister o' Marine at Turin has itlven notice that M and afior the Mh day of Mar. I KM. a Light would be ethlk? Ited from a Lighthouse recently erected at Manfredonla, at the head of ibe Oulf of the same name, on the W Coast of the Adfatlc The llijln wilt no a. Flved White Iltrht, placed at an at*, ration of 26 feet above the mean W*l o< the sea. and ahovM be seen In clear weather from a distance of C miles. The tower Is circular, with a nnadt angular baaa; the far mer in of a hrlcV color and the latter dark. Il atands on the eilremltv of the mole, lo? Latitude 4 37 SO N. Ixinclttidn..,. 15 lis 55 K of Qreonwloh. Also, that a Red Llsht la shown from tho Walt cm (ha ? aide of the town, for tha guidance of ressela belonging to S i team com pan r. By oomirand of their Lord?hlp*. GEO HKNRT RICHARDS. Hydrographer. Whslsmen. Bark tTnlnn. Ludlow, arr atRig Harbor tth Inst with SM bbls sp and 150 do whsle oil. > ark Cnnc>rdia. Rogers, old from Sag Harbor Sd Inst for Hudson's Ha?\ Park A R Tucker, Akin, aid from Bow Bedford f>th Ian for atlantlc Ocean. Bark Oeorre A Mary, Jeffrey, and br'g Pioneer, Morgan, s!d fr^m New I-ordon 4th in^t fur nndsen's Bar. fchr Somersi-t. Ward, aid from New London 4th Inst far Deao'atlnn Is'and. Ship Rdward Carey, Oardner, eld at San Pranclaco May S for a wl'alln'j rivace. Fa'k Samuel * Tliomaa. Lewis, NB. was off anrl on Pal ta M?* 2. w't'i ISO sn. BarV Kan'lltis. Swain. NB. sld from Ta'oahusno March 18. 10c'n|*e und l-o-ie. Park P.dward. Smalley, NB, sld fror* Talcahuano Marak 25 to crrlxe aii l home. Bi ri'An -conda. Pann. NH, aid from Talcahuano March W, to cruiae an i lio;iie. Hark Vatllda Pear<. H?w1?nd. of Dartmouth, aid fro** Ta Ciihusno April 5 to erulae and home. Hark llcn> r T?b?r, Kirby. B, sld from Talcabuano AprM II. to crn's" and h ime Bnrk Kteer. Al'en, KK. sld from Tab-nhuano April 11. I'srk Sar-?h. Handy. Malt from Hirer V'ste. arr at St O*. tharlnrs April 111. fron River I' aie. barln-? taken 7" bbls a* All this season. 8u# bbls on board? casks all filled, and win asi! fO'' bo-ne. Itark Toh-i nawson. Co-nell, VB. from Ptrer P'ale. arrat St Catharines April 11, 550 sp the iast season? 1 160 bbla all told, h'.un I home. Bark Se* PreTe Weeks. NB. sras at Faval May 19. air 14th. oil n lief' re. Cat>< WceVs was nnwHI, Bsrk AUo N- e pil. was at Harha los Mar IS: had landad 1S^ sp and would -<sll In S dara 1ocrul??. Parks I)rs'-o, and CaVao, of NB, were at St Catha-lnaa At>n' ?'). bsrlup sblprm l their ol In Brazilian brig V'alenaa, and will rail soon to crttl?e. BarkOcnrev Crapo NB. wa* at Fa al May 16, with M0 bH? p o'l on hoard : bound on a cruise. B-?r'< OS o. Plunders, NB wss nt Payal May IS. haying landed fo v.e shipiicd home 7J13 sals ao, 97S3do wh oil ana 23if lb' bone. Arret Fsval April 1. bark" President, OIlTord, NB landed SR bb'a ipoll: 4th. lleni FranVI'n, Braler. do, landed 138 bbls sn andd 15 do I.Ik eh oil ; ISth. Tr jpio Bird, Hagar, daw landed 76 bbls ap and 25 do pnlm oil. Spoken, Ae. Ship Minerva, 10 dayi from Bombay for NTork. March 81, no lat. An. Ship Marlon, from Bombay March 31 for NTork, April 8. no lat. .( c. Hark J M Morales (nam. formerly American), from Car diff 'or Hons Kong, Mar 23. lat 24 N. Ion 4S 40 W. B >rk Sprlnchok, from Boston for 8t Domingo, May M, lat SO 29. Ion 66 40. Porelga Porta. AarwBRr, May 77? 8!d Kmma, NTork. Bomdav. April 28? In port ahlpa W urtembur*. Chaaa, uaat Orotto, Davis, aold. Oaptt:, Mav 22? Mr Kepubllk. Schmidt, NTork. It t.KUTiiBR v. Mav J*? No Ant ves-el in port. HaL'Vax, Mar *'0? Arr > a k Trma. Cuntia. Philadelphia. LiritRroot. Mav 37- Sld Southern Bella, NTork' Old 27th. Resolute 81 -son. NYork. Montri-au Junes? Arr ahip Kaid of Orlaaaa. LlaakML Now York. Quseao. June 1? Arr hark Queen of tha Fleet, Hilton, Nav York; 2d. siM.nsblp Nova Scollan. Graham, Liverpool. Rio JsNriln. April 27?In port ships Oliver Jordan, frma Cardiff fur Catlao. diss; Berkshire, from Boston for da, 4a| and otbars. SiifGAroRK, April 13? Sld Bernard, Seymour, NTork. Aneriran Porta. BOSTON, June 3? Arr brigs Kmma O (Br), West, J actual via Inaiua James Dav s Stap es Cardinal; Sarah B?^ nil*. Callasan. Port Rwent ac'ira Rene, lAmbort; Pathway, Oomptoa. and Ivy. Hendo?aan, Phlladelplua; Abaco Pea dletoa, do Be'ow. bark Deacv. from New York CI4 bark Jane Too at (Br). Crockar. Pncwaah. NS; hrg Ma4a llna (Tul). Caffero, London; a-hrR Ringleader, P ncknav, St Thomas: Edw'n Raed. Ooodst>e?d. Washington. DCt Redwing. Wood. Chester. Pa. Also eld. brlga Chlarl (I tall, Jacearlaa, London: AC TUrunb, T'tdemb, NOrl-ans: Ra leraou. Cahoon, Washlagtoa. DC: sehra Marv Ann Mama, An-ea. do; Vsrv Taylor, Nlokeiaon. Philadelphia. 814. Russian frleate Peresrelt. for NTork (and passed Highland Light at 4 PM); barks s ctllan. Warror Jane Roea; trip Olive Praaaes. T mes> and J 4 H Crowley. 4th -Arr shin Oertmie (Br), Doane, Liverpool; barka Conner (fms), Wwblr. Malara; Powhatan. Peadletoa, Brajto? Teias: Dency. Wrman. Bewberg. NT: brigs Ana BlUabeth, l owers Sl-rra Leone; J Polledo (Pr). Varwrek, Maun 'as O C Clary. Parkvr. do; Sea Lark. O'Natl. Neirvi. taa; Hydra. Harr rran. l'hradei-r-la; scbrs Planet (Brk Powers Cape llayiisn: Abb e K Wtard, Con ley Matantaat J P Carver, Rumri I. Oaor.-eiown; Nettla Bel'e. Terror, Istr York: Union. Po t RenttonL Returned hark Laconia, Bid. rld<e. for Oaoraetown. DO. In d'streaa Cld steamer Nor man. Raker Philadelphia; slnp HarrlJiurc. WawaH.Nair Orleans; brig* Wm Mason. Lelgblon. Cayenne and* Suri nam Rli'ahetb Scbade (Dan). Brechwaldt. A u t Oaraat scbrs P M IVrer Rich. Washington: John Parnum, Ke'ley. Bait ?'?ore. Oeeaa Traveller. Adams Philadelphia; M sr r aemau. Ho vra. do; J MeClo.key, Crowell, NTork. 8|4 steamer Nnrmin. Vh? *ir hark Kdwnr 1 P verstt, Harding. Baltimore; brig* W A Dreaaei , lla'ch. Ol optark: Itas?a. Hoee, Pblladolphlai schrs White Nea foaee. an I Samuel Plah Davis Oaorga tO"n; Kf Toy.-l'earl, Baltimore. Lewis C.. ester. Norwood; H Mat. Ion Crowell; K n P..rt"r. Town?' n1, and Romp. Rich. Philadelphia: Marnarot. Pendleton: Belip.a. Bnr*eea. aaa Pair Wind Smith. '? llialis h^Mirt: Cabot Phinney, NTork; / C Brooks. Rear.e. do. R'd Vb. brtg Wm Ma on. 6th ? Arr hark Abe'de.-n, Cochrane, Roadout- eohrs Tolly Price. Ad ?m?. and .1 S llew'tt. Lake. Philadelphia; Rata. TrefetVen. K1 >abet h port. Telegraphed, bar* LI I'aa tmm Phlladelpnla : a abip ,n4 3 b ins Cld Br ship .leldo. Snow, New R ver. NB'. Br I srks Jobn Bti'l, Todd. Liverpool ; Wal ton. Rob?'ts O'tebee: hrli Haneoek Olhbs. Ilsvsna: ?rhra S II fllbson. Bar !?tt. Wnahlnitton. Pathwav, Coniaton. Phi ladelphia: F'inn>- Pem .-'annoers and vhr^rlae. Beer?, Biir T->rk. Sld barks Irftklmba. Sullnte- brigs Madeline, Barak Croweli. A C T :cker, K Sfhade, Hancock. 7th? Arr ship Tras. Manila: bHga 7,ephrr, Maurlllna; Ma t?or. I'orio I'ra-a. CVI; h ihv.ird Thionpaon (llr>. l'?teraoa. St Thomaa; schr Agnes, Bern uda; uteamer Saion, Phila delphia HaLTIMOHK, Jnne 1? ''J ! schri Pocnhontaa. BerrviOold. en Oate. Chase: W B Dyer Pnrvere. ar.,1 Purillon, P?rk?r, Hoaton ? Parah Kish Voai.tain. do land aid); Maine, Ame bury, do via Church Cr'.k, Md: K W T'ralt Kemlrlck, Polly Landing; Klmlra Cirne lus, Marshall. No'-walk. ct; D'rlgo, Co k. NYork. Ovoca, Mitchell, do Sld brtg Her rules i Olden), vea Segii?rn, Capo Town, CQH; sahr Anta )ooe Jot es Prr.y denre. 4th ? Arr f> tch b tg F-"d Wording. Cook, Surinam; aehr Jos N'ekeraon p<e|(i t, NYork. Old ha-k Jnatlna Pnek*. D marara. brigs Che -apeake (Br). White, do (and aid): p DeJauo Bav'er B??ton; ?-hrs Relndoer tBr\ Ro->d, Hall fat; J Ho ise. Oaie and 8 McDonald York. Beaton; Vesta, Patfson. Providence; Csrollns M Wl'son, Anthony. Nfork. S'd brigs Chas Wesley, Mary 0 Rowland; schr* Pocahonlaa, Ovoca nth? Arr bark "mpress Theresa. Walker Rio Janeiro; brig Echo Ban en, Matanras: achrs Yorktosrn Woglom, and M Powlsr. Josl Ntork. I'elow. Rus ?h n Chrl.lal fiom Rra men. Cld hark l>ai?l Web-ter. R nrr. Roaton: brig A Rrad abaw, Flab, NYork; sehra A Mowe, Town-end. Maraguan; Serene Sk'nner, Providence; J H Ho t, Lyon, New tlaron: PSattert'. AMen and R J Munaell. Kellv, NYork. B' CKSPORT, May 3J? Arr hark Welkin, Blanohard, Raw Yark. BR1.PA8T May 2fl? Arr schr# Adeline, Qilmore, Jersey City; S>th, Abby Hale, McDonal.r Naw York. Sld 3let, aebr He rata (illchrlst, Wilmington. n< ). RsNOtiR June 2 ? Arr barks Welkin. Blanohard, ?Tork| Sophia McKenrte iBr), Cralse, Llvrpool; sehr Mat.'ean. McCarthy. Philadelphia. Cld sehr Hortenala. Splllor, Morrli Elver. N.T 3d? Arr brig Walter Howe?, Pierce, R|l?abethrort ' Id 4th . s-hra Jane, Haakoll, NYork; Brnlua, riolge. sn I Arr tu rn a, lilifgiaa. NYork. II ATII, Jnne *? Sld ship Mary Buaaell, 8t John, NB.hrlf Bio (irsnde Washington, DC. 5th? Air schr Adrlsna Williams. Phl'adelphla. Cld 4t||, ship Mary Russell, I oweN. St John, RB; sehr Allda, Wash ington. > fth? no'ow shin Chrtstl (Rnii, from Br^nan BRISTOL, Jme t-SII sehra Vo'ant. 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