Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 9, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 9, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 1042a GRANT! (Lddltlonal Details of thi Con flicts on Sunday and Monday. pro FIGHTING ON TUESDAY. Interesting Rebel Acoounte of tke Battles. (ow Tbej Figur# Up the Leasts en Both Sides, ft*.. Ae. Si. ItNUry Simiton to Major Ofarral I?l?. Vm Itvinim, 1 W amium* iv>n , Juii. A? M. J M^sr General Pu ?? A despatch fr m General Grant, dated yeeterday . >| Jree minutes pa.- 1 Bve P. 11 , reports that all baa t*rn quiet to-day. No caauaitlee are r*|?rted. (Despatches from General (aaby, dated June 3, hate m received, which report taiiafactory pr<greaa la tae [anlratton of his command. EDWIN M. BT ANTON, Becretiry ef War. THE CONTEST OS SO )1Y. OPERATIONS OF THE HIITI COtPI. Ir. Jamta C. Vltipairieh'i Dripateb. Niittb Army Coara, June 5? P. M Ve have changed position once more, and are now a le nearer Richmond. Our movemeut from right to , was In the arc ol a circle, buying Its centre to ibe it of R;cbm< Dd; fri m whlcb place we are n><w distant f some seven miles on an air line. TUB KRBBLB ON OIK FRoHT throwing np extensive works, ao<t mounting heavy Que I, .at night they shelled the headquarters of Gene Crittenden, directing tbelr lire by the lights from the its This mt-rning the bend of General Ijedlie's bri e, while playing at headquarters, were suddenly c ai led to cease tbeir music, on account of tho shells wbleb rebels fired, this time guided by the sound. SCKDAT IN (LAMP. fhiislde of the straggling shots on the picket line, and occasional discharge of a cannon, the day bis Dcen sually quiot, and In that respect distinctly marked iu traat to the past week, when we had a battle every . In fact , we begin to (think that General Grant does Bghl, or rather attack, on Sunday. He makes tight a business, to which It is sufficient to devote six days of the sevon, as In any other business. I may be mis en lu thus accounting for the quiet which prevails to , as it did last Sunday; hut certainly the Christian be combined with the hero. The Christian Comm.s i, under ibe leadership of the Rev. Messrs. ftherrer Mc< lel'.ao, beld divine service at the hospital of the >t division this afternoon. OV'H I .(IBS fighting on Thursday afteruoon and Friday morn to which our corps an gallantly repulsed the attack ?well's command, will amount to some twelve huu d in killed, wounded and missing. EfciDRm or nuuAY'ft novr. I eonnnetlnn with those lights I might state that oar lllery opened a tremendous cannonade up> n the rebel Itlon, and when the enemy retarded the flre the n In deafening. It waa not long before our infantry be i engaged, the special object of the rebels' labors ng to regain the loet ground of yesterday. WILLOOX'S DIVISION laced the tired soldiers of tbe First division. General rtrauft's brigade, supported' by the command of Colo Christ, opened the attack soon after daylight. Tbe [agemmt continued until about nine o'clork. when, by i re "ft steady valor and cool lighting, our boyR fought itr way back to tbe line of breastworks, and thence ive tbe enemy to the woods an.l clearing beyond, s Michigan re^lmenta of Hsrtrnnft's brlgad ? suffered ily. support of WI1IQ0X pottkii'b mvstoa iked still further to ih<? ri^tit. 'I he brigade of Colonel ifllo threw up Intrencbments during the night, where iy re?t<'d while the brigade ol foirnel Oiirtlu advanced, buel i crtln di*|?sed bin men m line ol buile, with J'oriy fldh and Forty-eiphth Pennsylvania on the ht, the Thirty sixth Ma.-f iclm etts and Seventh ode Island <>u the le!t, and the Flity-ei hth a-bu*<Hts In tno centre. Detachments ot the trty sixth and Forty-oiphtb were deplored ax nklr ?hers. rnshlr.g t broach the w ods under a hravy tire y encountered the rebd? in )me of halilo, and drove ni steadily about a mile, wh?n a battery or four gnus v.ed on their flunk, cau'iiirf a halt in the mnvemeut ' Forty-fifth and Korty-i i?btli I en igylv nia gallantly aigml the battery, but were met by ? terrific fire, which 1 ailed the aba .d nmi nt of the project. Their skin rn, however S'tccee'led in npprenching rjuittf clo e tbe k n*, whence they killed off all the horses and ?ve the men, to tbet tbe battery w*? moat effectually NCi'd About roon Cnlrnel fJrlfflo moved oat upon the [ht ol Co! 'tiel rurtjc. ai:d swung around, wiib tbo itentl n of captnrlnc the bnttery but the rebel* while ahlo to me it themselves, seern-d fully determined at we ?h"ild not, consequently defended any ap h to it with ? terrilc Are. The brigade in the ai. apt were *nbec:ed to a flank fire of unueual ??verity, 1 rol ??ne I 'Jriflln ordered them to l.ill back to a road ilch formed a natural deienoe, running as it did through leei' cut in the toll, Brhe dar 'a w(>rk was ra<?t satisfactory. By afternoon i bad drives tbe retail' bark fully ? mile, and bad rained poasemioQ of a line of breastwork* *o essential the defence uf tie right flank. THE STKCSGLE 0\ MONDIY. Sr. J. C. Kltspatrlek'a Despatch. Ninth A*ui Cowrs, .lune 0? A P. 11. VMitrrora on Monday. very thins remained quiet on our front to-day until ut fia f ac h^irninoo when a battery, which had Into poattkffl lu front of I.edlle's brigade, opened with Jjtil. ?i' batteries responded, and ? brief artillery ttoolc (ilaoa, continuing until the rebel* ceased firing. caroBT atinBTi-T ckmwpkd. ?hir bovsMwero waahlng and bathing in a stream, when b illets mrnte them briskly beat a hiaty retreat? ny of tl "?n In natur ihbut pitrit ? to tbe Intrench, ota It lit ??*? again. fir. Fr?aeli C. Lung'i U"?p?trh. A mt *"ar Coat Hjirbok, June 0, 1A64. ? u M.noir' w nairriMO? nnr (* ,,r avsiDav'ii attack* o di> ha- p ??l tuu.h lb? ?ame aa yeeterday; about |*a"i" am m t* ?f ?klrmlelilng bus occurred and tbe >? v ..rk been ?" pmre**. When tbe light of morning mlnaiKl the ?? v?no to day , the efeoi of laat night's at knt the ?nei?) * benenie apparent. Htrewed over the ?n apace In uont of Hancock's corps, were the bcdlee of wee number of h to men , wnn fall in making the a* It; i?? dead, ae Uintr quleecent form* plainly atteeu and other* alive, a ?r we oould j>erccive by their elTorte t'ieto-"-Jvcf( a*vay. Of course we ciu'd render n, i,o ? Ktniife, as t be rifle* ef tbe enemy swept the t. an ' ? w:ia aVocst certain de.itb for a man to ralae i.iurl , hove tU? #arth*s?rke. Hi all thia live l<>tig day fallen 'jnemy >iar laid timiling aud festering in the ma r? it wV* .?TO"'"" wan*, f' ? ? ??? ??( hi r t of se m.ii, aoii (ho ,r >ni f or a-; i "e ir <1 <nv < Vmed to nour iheir llerv ? Ww MMM kMn Ml Ml kd*k*IMgM If b* IMNMI. mM Mnv* %m Na Mpw>tM?IUi BfkKrt*iM ih* immM eM tf iirnii iMm mm ?M j mm* M'B MMU Mf MM ' h Mr milk *p * U M MM, ?? kMt wmr* mm. 4 M (ail. lh..? 4rui Ml Airni tM wtoM ? ???? *f V l>ll in. Ik IM MM to tag tur? ?< kf Mm?i ?NM m4 MhM mmm ?1? ?r 1*1 IMM *IIM lt( AMI '?** (MRl Ml IM MMMM ?? rilillM IhMiflMVf HHiimiiOM ?w >im Ibrewn ?I ?K*g"?r M< r* Ml MMM* |H*r** ha til* r* Inimm >* Ik* nam M WHHIIHW, tw> 'llm ?ill -mi, |i ???.>) to b?* v i**prn**c . tow?v*r lu <nwl>? ttor Mart IkrMIt* ?! pMMl MB ?*wtm?> mm mimmm Heaty rUMM'il MM I a* MiIMim l |*rlttM ef M .*? k ?!???* Ifcf* Ml tour k'eMCt Ml* *f!*r not >o, Wl f -r * miuuM* ? r*er*l 1't"Mil llinl Ml MHikto Mi M mm hIiiM, Imb* *t M* nwif'1 *h*tM f?ft MM Ik* WrM< 'MTf* toopiMI*, MM IWO MitM Ik Ik* imi) **<? lk*l l m* MirjUi *f Im Mm *m*. ?Miiy ??m? Omi trM| ttriMfMliM*. HlilV< ttlM, *??' M I'flMrt, 1 .>m* ?-? a. a I All M fl MI t*>a MOTkMlf. K* MlMt MM k*<* IMI Migbt Major Bullew, ]??(<< i*r OMMil M ?eoorki ?*!!*? '? ?Uff, arrtvM k*(* |MMf<lr ifWrM* *? ?m* *y lb* < birkab*Mi*y. k Miaai i *r Mirif ??* m>m* mm !**<*< ?Ht kk **? *rl of Mo kt) . 1* o*MM? MM IM mm try to *rM?l*akl y mw ratol ytrfeMa, wto M M to* approach it* rvpntii tk*l Mr rrk?M, rafr*;rnlim of Ik* New York rwtf, mm Mm prtmmt a few 4ny> ago wbtl* MdMvMtuf M r**> k M* WkM* U?m? ? <*?? dM|*tcMi fur ib* p*pM to wm iif ilb| Mr Oar Molrtlrr* Im L|tkrbbkif. Vk. to ru n> rx?K or nu nmild. Pum a? Urn M Y , J*M I, MM I rarairl to y>u ao I *ou>4 nipMlMf MM fM M publicb 16* MM *r MMM IMMM MlMlM MM ?f IM Secood N?w York Mvalry <H*rr>e I ?kl l, I art m tb* bait!* <>( lb* Hild*rk?M, IMy ?. *M In Ljncbburg, Vk., Mar 14 AC af IM 1 mide my <sa?*|K? fr?m i^n UMrg May M, linen June I,ai lluirr'i frnry ? d*r|?<ial M Howard . Co. I. Private Jmmm A kmuMIi, i ? *. Private John W K ?*,??. A. Private "bail** W H??w1*cll, (la. IL Private .1 ob d \? ? toa , Co l>. Privata Kugen* Tra*?rM, C?. T. Private Julius OaoM, to 0. Private Juniua *V?> a?>r. ? 9 A. Private Jane* T:bb*tt*, H Prlvat* Hmi). tf. H<ilivar, To. I! Private Ileory Frki>kti>burg*r, Co. B. Private Jnbk Ji. Kljer, <V> I . Private John Tire, <V K. ITivate MumI P itlfipie.C* K Private Samuel > b ?o <"o. I Private H. I'nmiklrf.Co L Private J. C ?r?nn*ll,na M. Very roKpeotlnlly, yn>ir nb*d.*i t a*rvMi, M B BIIII<kl'TK. Ktrei MiUMHl. ^**<*<1 N*w Y fl Mnk) REBEL ACCOUNTS BitratU from the ItUkmaM r?f?r? ?? Jo*t l, ? ami S. We bave received the Richmond lhapm+K, af Jane t, JCzammrr. of Jum 2, ud Sen'i/tel, of June S. The .?>-N't*ei of the 3d Inst. annoaaeea Ik* eevtval af eight hundred and fifty Yankee prisoner* on Frt day MM at I.lbby prison. II call* them aa unoult.valed and kw barons mass, kc. TUB BATTf.B OM rBiBAT. It sayg that on Friday fourteen assaults war* made tiy Grant's army on tba right of their Una be id by Kershaw , Hoke anil Breckinridge, all of which were repulsed with great (laughter of the aasallauta. our men e* aping al moat unturmed. It acknowiedgoe that w? gained a p >r l al auocess at?l?Ft Breckinridge, but that may eubaa yueutly recovered the ground lust. It any* tba Yankee li'BB was very heavy, and put* It al fr in ten tbouaand t<> twelve thousand in tbi^ engagement, and say* they took one tbouaand prisoners \b? Sentinel further remark* that ? rani'* object ??> to gain the strong positions around Galne* Mill, open the road to Bottom'# Bridge, aud connect with Ttutler. b'lt that bis object ha* beeo s gnaily and disastrously rte feated. The Stn/iw/ winds np Us article as follow* ? In abort, yesterday wu a happy day for 'is, and a dirk one for Grant We em laat no groim4 tm Mr rtgM. w* bave gained largely on our led. We have taketi uea ly tw t!: Maud prisoner*. \Ne have put *.<>?? d>< perhaps ten thousand V.mkoc'soldler*. We have euflored very slight loss. Thank God. Tho Stniintl also says that a raid was made In Nans* mond Isst week by our troops, under Major Yat?*. who arrested numerous citizen*. frKBKT. OKPIOCU9 BILLRP A*D WOt'KDBP. rolopel A. V. Moore, of the Rixty-^lxth North Carol na regiment, was killed In Frldiy'a light. General Law waa wounded above tbe eve on the aatne da* also Generate Lane. Klrkimd and Flnnegan. Ij?w'? brigade, In lta bat tles with Duller, lost over four hundred men. tm Tbura day uigbt an attack waa made by Gillmore oa the work* of Penuregard , whloh was repulted. Colonel Towi.shcnd's death la announced. Re was wounded and taken priaonar on the 1st I net. . and died the next day. Me commanded the fine Hnti Ired and <*lxth Vew York regiment. THE nAO or TRUCK. A flag of truce was rent b.v General Grant yesterday. In charge or ('clonal Theodora Lyman , of General Meade's staff, proposing a cessation of hostilities oa a portion of our line, for an hoar or more, to bury the dead aa<s oare (or the wounded between the two llnea. Colonel Lyman waited until eleven P. If. , but received no answer. This morning an answer came, but eome difficulty ex lets as to tbe p-iint te be designated, and na arrangement has yet been come to In regard to the matter. BBIRMISHINI. Soma skirmishing baa taken place along tba line la day as well as occssional artillery sbole, bnl wltheut any change In position or loee to ua. >niu r*i*oxiM. Ninety-two prisoner* were brongfet In to-day, among whom are Major Oliver 8. Fandford, of the fleventh Con necticut; two captalna,a lieutenant and a surgeon. Tbe 8*niinel reports tbe wounding of Colonel O M. rentier, of the larenty second Soetb Caro Una regiment, and bis capture by the Yankee troopa on Wednesday. REBKf. CONPIPBNCB IK LIB ASD RIB ABUT. [From tbe Richmond Dispatch, June 1 . 1864 I The confidence fell by our whole population In the brave army which stands between us and Grant's myr midon* was never more oonsplennusly displayed than yesterday, when It was thoniht that a general nettle waa In progress. Not a man am-med to doubt bow It would terminate. There waa bo fear and ecarccly any ensile ment. That the defeat ef the enemy waa to be tba re sult of a battle seemed to he regarded as certain. I hat Grant oould make his way Into tbe elty through General Lee's army no man appeared te consider within the raugn of possibility. Ihe army have tbe same eonAdenea In themselves and faith In their commander. It muet be a much larger foroe than Grant commands, and a muea greater general than sianda in hia ahoee, thai eon over come such a force, led by such a general The confidence In l?e and his army is net eon fined la the rank a of tbal army and to our fellow clllrens. It IB as extenajve an Ike confederacy itself. It pervadee every neighborhood and every family circle. There are few wh > do not t eel it, and bl*?e God when they achnnwtedge It f r sendiojr ui t eo great s general to tend so brsve an army. A g?>d r.vnai with so indifferent army la better thaa a bad genera/ with a good army We bave botb a magnificent army atdi general of tne highest order. General a rep elation has been steadily on the rle? evtrilnre the rampage around Klcbm' nd, two rears s?" Colonel vap| r in a enmntnnleati n written shoul t* a' ty year* b<* -e to ? i >h eri xit. ai Md tnat the j csni Ik a of 179(1 waa l.>$ most hrtlli -ut first aaopai n m ' m l#, but that M loutiWil whether m ll#fl I Rotia- arle Wcnld >>ave h if o able to cancel ve and l HUNTER'S VICTORY AT MOUNT CRAWFORD. ftiiM if tli# Operations in Shenandoah Valley ? Cap ture of Staunton. P*?ir *'rri /If ti? JACK St ilJtlAY C.H NEWMMHl Ml vSmr* / Her MDUVJAlA'Xjk IARRlSOjeURG"%, >k?Krz3iTQWN < fiOCK/NQHAM UJ? ^MADISON 7 NkrmcH "I \ Mfau/ SWIFT RUN GAP VifLREPUGUC /jjjM 0 ;jw/i/?DsmLF^-^y^\ YV^X \jts.p*~0ctceu BACK Mr. X \ p 'jneynj&E^ v/^1^1 Vi / V^T/ir W^-j / /\ GO^On?v!lS^ ^7 /mi jf /. Ml* y \ ?HR?i791rr HMIWININMM' UMW MM 4ialtagolahad Ham palga af lMMt liotoo, ba tiMitf i.i, M mprored ????erfefly that ait-airdnarr nM W* Ooapaet Ik* mm Ali| *m< M mM <rf Oattoral Im. His oam ' Baton ?T 1M< ?M ? aval krtlllMt ??!?>(> . bajroad a ?mM M m * twa??(oaable two fMrl ago. NfM<> k? tiM t 1)1. rr lk<( Imtmum np*rl?DM In war wbtnb At anamaad af a tarra ?'mf baa (Iran Mai. ka amM k?f* and ntarulad lb* ???a iiaraa wblob bare dial, f aba* ihta oam pa??a aa4 wb ? b Ptar* b'ai to iba Croat rank af (raat <t* "tatoa *i lb* W''aw t ii?r. rortatol? nvaa xi gaaa*al wbr eaa 4to|Hiia tba palm af g.aaralahlp with Mto OMtor ?? Kagiana ?r lima, or m aay <>tbar iwuniry ? lib ark.rn wa ara Bf-.i tat ta.l f"ha pa>>i * bavp lakpo toawHraaf lb* g-?n' nrrf faal aafa oorfar bia pro llUMi ? aritns nf * ntim <t IM.iaOM Vita A milt aar. fPVoto Uka Hiriafiii I Fiamiuor JatM- &] Mwari ON#* a < tllppi T Itttonto, oapinrarf in lb* v>< ? PHj '4 ?r*at a a<an? . ??* rpr?t< a4 at tam ??.< taadar. (to ba pai an P'oai a aui|>iaaH*?i A> iba Na? V*i Haai i o . ?aM?n?M4 awl a "r? <aa -wat- axar ?' IK) aa?< a?ta^m n(al "p '??)! *Mtaa aad adaiirffrig to iba mi*b(4o laHodtog mri> mm* Pataraburg. ?i.1 all tba r -ada I ading tliarMt. ard Ibai afi aw Tka m*p m bwH, "It ? Ora*i a til. tig b'cbwi.aid ' and i? 'all af polaa and at lanatKMa Oafi* aipraa?*d ? g'aat rfralra l aaali-tw th? "?lh '-<r tba al* af obtaining ht. paMltot ih?fn?. u u" Iba ii 11 taaa 4aaa*-i Wat a<M t? a. -a|4 h.a ortar w ? h irrjr. t HI war imp aw. a iwwi rr vas tMM. I f rota |)t? P. .-It hop I aapntrb. JiB* 1.1 A ?"daaap rat j >a?r '.rant m?i m ra riat. oa tpa I ?h Iban Nai.iaap <?i a iba btllta M Watarton. la ha nlMb TOln'0# at ii 4 I?K?U |r*. ?m talat al N. Hrl<?a lo (laaaral l*r^irg?<t4 \aiwi?*? a?y? im \m? * tk* ? raacli Mf rot., lb* (Mining it lb* MMnaign t4> tba> gaiap *1 r^rtx. ??? 41 000 him. lilt* ptalau ??' Miibraraw I ha ball Ma t.i l.igtijr a-.l ywura rtria aa iba l^lbnf ii.a*,lba bat ti* of Watariav an l*? latb. tba a- ttoa of r.ratioby ?lib Vlnrttar a r?ar . n^rd ?a tiia mm- i?r. aat pui tu Ptrb. Ui ill* baltla ?t ? alark*". a< r niin? ta ('??:?*?>..! ?. barna. Iba I r ?n-h ?l J i ?*? map till*.! an ' W. 1 1 ?a4 a ' 0' -r <?"<!*?? .tr?*>r<!iaf la Kapo I !aon ?ii? al.iaa It P lb<* eanu .ign ao.ioio prn lu iba l<?|iia < 4 W alar lap (Mr baa ?v n*arir ?>iaa In > bat m tba Vrr>,.b (Uat a. it wa? a)> Jt /-, <?) tu' i In >4 aa4 a. n<?a<l A *rr? larva |"(ti It '? nl Iba I ran. b I ?a up ? urrag aflor tba rnm, tba i ri-a???'i b / ?ra ci* ?i p? art?r. bat aabnav tha i?gitlv<-a a ih at u ? % h -<a lh? MTtral *a tt.a Fra*?tn a,o? fathar Ml?t bar. tb* ma barf *\< ilMtlly mmli !>? i? ? t.m Uie I a ilt, Sow , In tb* ball c ?i -S' ? U>t '<ai <a ' ? rt Ib'uaa. an tba 12th, tba low *at aattmaiP wa ban tad* of t>? anatiir'a Inaa waa MOM A a naap <anl >4 tba s? . Y<>a> H"P'ti. rat*iJ it al i'JMkt t < ai* of nir owti gaaa. tl nflW-ar i, w* bA?-a 'iair1 at' a> aa iba brt.. f that at 1-aat T OOK t? an * ara rf?a4 w frual M oar paaMtaa. Tka "??al prpt?rib? at ?aue4e< Ii klUd | to (it* i" taa. If ib* I'tiaaa* ba a ?trari. tbru Onai truat bar ? kiat l>.r > tan tljfuia.o.i ,.,*?* up tl.^t abma. Thta aa'unal. K??rat. ia a* atrMmlly taa blab a? tbai or iweair ibaatoaito a laa> t*v Tb* proban ?bat I "tlb Ha? to IIk* ?> M a? ibati Ii, tb*i toaai ? aatnal In ? ?a> a'.oi.t thulr t . aan.i r? ?.i mala agrwaa with ai Uta an <fl.ui. a b?*a lr an lb? N rib . wb?", ta priv .lr rlrt la^, u i> ?!?? ar? 'd ?>? ?? Iba "atarab rg Xrytttm ? t'lariy t.i. i ta ta tba aft ra ravpatga at toaa than aaranlf* ftvt tbo< ?an4 . *'i<1 aw* rtlHH atfbffglar* tl faltp abaii af ulna** tb-waap*. Fraa at tba ow - laaaa* <* t a v?-? \ , v ? Mitf tb'?? nil |ba?a raarh tba Ag ra ?<? i *4 b* MapalPaa M Iba a!l>aa ,a tba <aaaM?to? af WalatUa. aa4 ainaa<la that actia ala4a 1 by tba all aa l'l at a tbaa aar4 bv ai>M> tbouta ?! toan. Rut tbaia ? tbt? Ui'.-ra- ca batwa^a iba aa:iii*t?a af Walarbat aa l Ibai ffMl ?? taata ia Iba l t aaar iba alaughU' an both a .taa < aa traacan l iua Tba tWi?I aran annar?t ? ?? than tba vaa?rartaba4. ia tba toltar , lb* 4? nala ' ptr. r 1.. t fu air I aaa .a tuapy t?au aa Iba rl?lor"?i? i?arlf , a r org tag to tba low. al i-aa|. ila ttoa and aaarlr at* ii?o-a a* any, ar^rrftog ta iba biabaat H lamia tti.l t.atartoo ao4a4 to a rout **4 thai Ppoiuylaanta <J.1 ??* ka| lha raaami ia abraoa Narobwa had na liat>a f- >rl tSoaat t na la aai twiaaaUiaaa raat. aaflraolhad HI tba todwcopititia af i.rant a tronpa ia aitark our mm to tbair latraorbaiaai*. atpr* tba laaaaa taupbt thaia oa that day taib ibataiaaato lallig biy aa a br>4 ug m?bi and an orarwbaliai. g par poll ?ooM baaa 4o?a Tba aaaapatga af Watarbia w?a. ' tor ila laarb, blon4toat ta t >rnp*aa blatarr tba oaaipalg* an nata (Ma at toaat. baa baaa btaaglar atlll. rFraaa tba IlkbaMa<l Kaaaiiaar, Jaaa Z.I Tba aaoatb a t ? >r ?a?b baa >uaa al aa4, ailgbt b? )ual*r larmad "bk?4? M?f ' tba larribia aad aarra oadaaiad rarnaga la % trgtota Waaagia aato "War pnnloaa or tba rooiatarerr wbara Iba afpnatag aratiaa baaa raal won 1.1 aaapi loglaa It Ibal 4aa'?na|ian A frtaad. aba baa takan tba trmibto la *>??? a r?a?b aat Mala af tba k Iliad IB ballto atora tba laiaf May, baa flvaa aa tba baeafli of ba oataalatk* i? In Virginia? Tankaaa M^toa (tofaibraM 40, MM la Baargto Taakaaa. It Mb Ooafedaraiaa 1.0*0 ? ? ? IT 0M la tba Waal? Yaakaaa ? 0M ' Gaa(a4aratoa 4 MO r Total bllt*d la May 7* ?m ? lb araitaa baaa a .(Tarad aavaraly to Iba baa af offleara. la Vlrgtato a ana, atora iba ramaaiaf aaHaat af lb* long ggbt w tb '.raat, wa baaa toai atoaiaaa gana rato ? aaraa ktll*4 tan wounda4 aarf Iwa poplar ad Tba aaaiao of Uia klHa4 ara Mnari, Jawktoa, buflbr4. lawaa, Jull .a 1 'aalai wordon.of N rtb Car"llaa, aarf miih Carolina. Ttrapa aartarad ara eaaaral Mwarrf iobaoaa? g o?a>rol WolMr. Caarl Cblaadar>Thla l?ap. Pt raaaa Cot'BT? Ciiittt - I'art 1? A4Joarna4 la M?a day.Jona 1?. ran 3? A^traad M Monday, Jura IA. Parts ? 7S I'tiaaa itra*t? < Otirt apaaa al taa A. M. ta iMf) (far utlfthfinf *4 St ribma CaVBl? Tatat. Trao ? Par* 1? Noa 33W, SWU, a?60 3443, .14 OA, 42M.1. AMI. 1411 481.1, 8143, St8*. 84W14, SIM, M40.8&TA. I'turl 3-Xt? S ?.h, 3-V?a, ?4n4. 8t.?,8iio, fcMo.aTao. mm. ?tw? ?.u4, siho. iom ai>h. Salt, 3TA4. ('?>t ia fi.aia Tot rt?Tiui. tawt -I an 1 ? Nog 4li, a>1,4Kt 04*i, slto. IV. ?? M 101, JM, l** I4i# Pbrt S?Kioa, nio, 4 >l, 4M, tbi. to apb. 6 MI. 661, .'IV' , 8, t. >14, 3M, Jtl NEWS FROM THE 80UTH. Affairs #n the Mississippi? Th? Rfbtli Out if W?Q#y, i?h kit. *?* TIM following Ml from the Atlanta Co*f'dtraoy ? Cuino*, 1a., May 13, Vn Moaiu. May W, 1M4. At *U o'clock yeatordny evening the Yankee array acruca Ike river broke camp at Magenta, where they had been fort 'v Um and roovod down the river, the cavalry aad artnlary on land, and the infantry tn transporta. W barton '* raxes cavalry waa twenty miles weal of them at Morgan'* far ry, and our infantry waa at Simmsport waiting for Walker '? command to come up. A Major <g iba Confederate army, wtto crossed ths river y?su>rd?i , raiorta H follows . ? J*e ran gunboats and aoran trsnaport* Itave been eaptnrrd Iba whole number or prisoeers capturod In Arksoaa* and l/Miielaoa waa sixteen thousand. On tka 7tb Irmunt two gunboata and three transports ware oaptnred In t Alanine river, In Southwestern fxmlsia na, by < clonal Alataudar. All I lie i>ro>?rty from Nachltochea to Sbreveport was ne?rly destroyed by the enemy. Dwelling hotn<ee, cotton gin? ?uc*r honae* enru ctrbe and everything elae waa inderrliriaately burned, Many lamiliaa were loll deati tuilt* of both food and clothing. (wo Yankee transports p-msed up tba river vestenlay with neg-onrrop* l>roui tba Klcbmoud examiner, May '*0. | ?'M: AT ION* OK TIIK HPIF.S OF WAKFAKK. tl a meeting of Coujrcaa held on ?*turd iy, Mny Jtl, Ur < ai-eri ?ri of Virginia submitted the following rwo lotion, which wsa a?re?il to ? teaou*- . lliat iba <\mi rnlt toe on Foreign Rotations be tratrurtad te inquire mt> the exi edlency of requesting tbe rresHent to make an ex|>osiilon. through our 0M m>a> wears abroad tn tbe various European Power* to ? >r|i tb< y may bo accredited, of the violations of tba r 'if iviii/.' I warfare *ud of tb* sirocitias committed ? ? '.?> jfcMTiitji'til anil tb* in mies of tbo noted sta'os In the i-t v-i.i on ol bostibtiea again*t tba Confederate ?tate? "( Aro?rn-*. THR KICBKt.a Ot'r OF MOSKT. Ttii? t? I in fa ailoxioal condition lu whiati M r Mem a gar. tfc creator o1 so m ny hundred mill!<na of paper ir n*> , ttr .< bi? treasury to day. Money, money every where i"U Dot a dollar of tbe to psy o(T just claims ??!?. Mt> I m?e tbo money making department wi'S 'ur -d iota* inryy by the os. amp oft of ?he note ( fa to Oihi*nMa -outb i arolina. aid the uervo is i' hi n o ?i.t b Mr. Meuiniinger \?as thrown by tbi) VnAft '<t ir tb of tr'iaipet* lust proceeded the mi vim a of firml'i b-fts. Next Wodne?dey. the lat of Jmr.ln ? pt< dav in s'l ti e k ivertiinoul dapui tmt'Olx and miner, ?ad to* it' vii will his to pay btween the poor < larks ai <1 ! f.vir??f:'tt'"|'i 'vr iml the landladiei and landlord* tar board dan and ant naid ?>?1 an oi i> i.i no. thk ai.t.??>rp fi r. I|.#fV' iiwt <?! the two ?-?' retariaa? U- asrs. Mullory I aa-1 W??l4sw given bef-re lb* r >-irl martial ontrrWiy and -it~dav at< rath r neutral than o! tier w la", and d J t.i ' 1^'ra- 1 Irani the ?er| weight or leatlmony ro . ? ?la*:. IB-' lb** a caul by sovral wltre ne? for the I pr atw >a, among tliarn Ur. Ma4jT, tbe kaapw of Hi* i bnim a. f?tvabanno*.k. with whom I ugo le* rJ> d wbl'.e b?wi. I *n lay ? ? Machirtsof the torpedo Inratt' ns, ar J a* - mitb, <? tba cavalry service, wi'h \ylr>m l.ugo , a?d i t mii more than he inteuded. Abo'tt a tn ae-?e a>: ttb\e gaven lu their ifatlni'Miy , and Ibt a?o* it I' uts to h?? < rrta.n conviction upon liie grtva k? gee "gaiorl him B Ail. boa P M'CIMWT. iw* f *i?i pit "lias an accccnt of an accident on Ut? and ?el. ma Railroad at !*tr>ny ereek. (hie ? g ? ?a? k T?al at' a fi>m l?a to flflaeo wounded The ? ir -i ?aa aaas*4 I'auiaon. from Mouth Carolina. f, waa kl* war booM wounded being the iaat but one a I a ? ? I 'others who eniari-g ibis war seven have been k - a>.4 i? ding fr?wi woutiits received on the field of battle. <?*? ?? ? I awe lias svperswied (Jenoral <iiimer tn immwi at *vaaaah Ceaire'l'iM sf the lmrrl?an KnlUtl ?erlslf. ??< o*P Mr'* mo. ?FI>iVf?S. Iber* f elertad I'restdeut, V Dane* of OhJn.ealled tba aaartng ta ?r?ar al bar past ten J't oek . and, after tba read ig of tba mlauiaa, tbe following mad leal gentlemen -wnn aaambar* ?r 1 be eaa>>eiaiien. and were ac e-rded iba pr vi e?e*f i^artic patHig in tba proceedings lw Raigbt ef Waateh^aiar '.?nnly. Maw York I r W B. am, ig ? ard af ka-'na.o, ?tcb gaa Itr <> White, nf itewa at4IV L*vin*et??, of Maaaacbuaelta. A a >??*? r <4 veve^abi" pbvalciana ? no bare been fore ai at la ad . ib? n tare>u of fbe aaanclalion war* tavtted la take aeata upon tba pisiform, altar wbtrfe tka regular order of bnebioe* wag re aaaied. A aumbaa ef reports ware reed and *t?r iba rwutiaa buamaea af lb" maetmg wae aowtdeMd aa adjaeramant i?mk plaa^ tilt nine o'clock thai a? ai which time an Important paper will be read ?v tw Kaeektnd, ef "noa iaya oonotv. New Terk. |tr Itamaey. wb? m canneatad with the Healtn Pejiart mesii ef tb* dir. will alao raad a paper of imt^rUnee Tb- etai-t b-aacn of medtnal ?cianae < wbich the goo tar pth -a*e ta treat baa aot barn made tmbue the moat nu cariant part af the proceeding* ve*terday wereeee* of reealullons, affbia-l by frofeaeor Oardlnar, ask sg ibegaverafweet la peimltafag af irmw boat to ga gaaib W tb aiedk inee, b be applied far tbe benefit Of wanted raoel sad t'biee ai.'d??ra la rebel boapitaia, wbo, frt ni lb* ?*l?aeciee af war. '?aa* at be properly treated by tbe aargeoea <* Uv? rebel army la efbrtng the raanle"e f? Obrdiaer said Tie waa actuated by as<il *<a ef Miiaaw bomaalty, and far tb* ?dvanremaat af at e? teal aetaana be hoped Kiev wmild ha adopted A fie' a fail < eaetderaii a af the sahject- asaay of the m*mb ra e?pr*? n? it air d ?n>i>r. b.tioa-on a vota be > ( Mkra tbe ret were tabled. A'irr the ai' ? n 'em of tbe retaiar meeting s meet log ef ?ne a^rioi, w uineul to beer a paper raid by lir. Hardiaer en tbe euh *ct uf cbeietrlca Tba vews ad vw" I by l"r itarilicer? aitlioush eevaral prominent pr i. tn oi *r* in t liat oni? " taut hraneb of enrfery dl'tered ? mo .imin?'i?*0' h'? deiturtion ? were favorably r? a* vi l i" A n I'" Ity n| the n ember* A meeting of ttie a lu e body a ill b?' held at nine o'clock |?>i* r el'i ?o Ihe nve.ii.." ?? I roti ,bly adji urn bnioy tb# aiiermaa n at 'h uie ni ???an i. i? mnr I r. e. HUNTER. Victor* at the Head of the Shenandoah Valley. Staunton raptured bjr (he Union Troop*. The EBemy Defeated at Xount Crawford and Fall Back to the Mountaine. General Jones the Rebel Com mander, Killed. DETAILS OF THE ADVANCE OF THE ARMY Ammunitioi Carried oo the Backs of the MfD. Wagons. Eitra Clothing, Teuti and Baggage Sent Far to the Rear. The Contest Near Harri sonburg, ft ?, &c. Aa Secretary Stanton to Major Q?i?rtl Dlz. Wa? PKrAnrnKft, > WiSItlRGTOlt, June 8?1 46 1'. II. J To Major Oneral Dix: ? A despatch from Mr. Dana at General Grant's head quarters, dated last night at hair past eight o'clock, announces a victory by General Hunter over the rebels beyond Staunton, and that the rebel General Jonea was killed on the battle Held. The despatch Is as follows:? "The Richmond Examiner of to-day speaks of the de feat of General W. K. Jones by General Hunter, twelve miles beyond Staunton, Va. General Jonea was killed on the battle field. His auecessor retired to Waynes boro, and now holds Ihe mountains between Charlottes ?Ilia and Staunton." The paper further statea that no hospltala or stores wore captured by General Hunter. Another <l?tpaich annonnocs that our forces occupy Staunton. II) WIN M. BTANTOV, Secretary of War. TBS 8KCOND DBA PATCH. W ASBT5QT01V, JUBO ?, ISM. To Major General Dtx General Hnnter'a victory and our occupation of Maun* ton is eonflrmed by the following despatch just recaircd Areas General Butler :? ?? All la quiet ou my line. The Richmond papers of Jane 7 fire Intelligence of a fight at Mount Crawford be tween General Hunter aud General Jonea, In wbleb Hun ter was TleiorioiiK and Jones, tbe rebel commander, waa killed. Staunton waa afterwarda rceupicd by Iba Union forrea. Vbe fighting was on Sunday." M)WlN M. STANTON, Secretary of War. PRELIMINARY MOVEMENTS. Mr. Theodore <7. Wilson's Dupatahfi. Hkao<ji artm*, m tb* Fntt o, June 1, 1M4. IWUtl. Hrl (KR H VICOROIB POrif'T. t)o aaauutiig coinra and of tbii department Major Cene ral Hunter, with char.xet?i iet:o promptitude, Infused late th> onduct of botb Itr military and semi civil operations a vigor which it long larked. In a few days ? almost in a lew ho ira and a* with the dash of a pen? be did all that a good commander ro ild, and decidedly more than many had ei|wcl?t of hitn. It ia not civ ?ssary (hat a long letter should be writteu to explain bow th e g o i was a. cum pi i- tied, when it can be done so much better bjr giving publicity to the following order:? ursnui icim'l <3 me ral <)*?>. lt< ? vo. ay. H* a tKjt iiriSHft, IIkvakiuknt Wear Vnoiiit, ) Is THR Kirtfi, ? ? * ? ) It ia of the utmost importance tbat this army be placed in a oonditlou lor immediate elticieucy. H o .ire i untuni .r.fc' against an enemy who la In earnest, and if wo ejqwet succe^a we too muet bo in eanje.?t. H o m>ift be wlHiq*' to make sacrllicos.-wllliuic to suflfer for a short time that a result may oru\?n our nlortd. Tho country exj oct- that every man will do bis duly, and thir wpM done, the protective care of a kind Providence will certainly ensar* to tis a romplete success f. Kvery tent will foe im mediately turned in for traus pirUtlon to Martinaburt:. and a I bsgxage Dot expressly allowed hy tbi- order will he at once tent to tbe rear There will be b it nti ? w?.:< n illowrd to each rugiment. anil these w o?,lv ?*? n?ed to trans) ort spsre ainaiuni tion. camp kut'.le , ami mexspane. irvery wh; oq will have eight pit kPd hiraei orm im. two drlv era and two nuddlc.-". <>ne w.igou and one ambulance will be allowed to department headquarter, and the same to divlsiou and brigade beau (Uarleia. The otber aiabulani es will l>e under toe immediate oruars of tho Medical Director. 1) For the expedition en h md the olotbea that soldiers have on their backs, wltu one imtoT extra ahi>?s and sockp. are amply an (tl< lent. I veryiliini; else In tbeshipe of clothing will be packed t day and pent to th?? rear. In each tn.v.euck th?re must b< one hundred round* of ammunition, carefully packeu ? -ur pounds o( nard bi> ad, lo laat eight day*; ten ration* of coftt-e. aurar and salt, and one pair or ahoea md aocka, but nothing alee. III. lirigtde and all other coiniiiiniiocs will beJie.d strictly tt'K| OL*ible tbat their < ommande sre smply sup? plied on the march, t/altl . slie- p and UoKs, a id if re. oesaary. korsoa aid mules must ha taken and slaughter etl J hese supplies will bn aeired under the direction <>f otPoois duly authorised , and upon a system which will i hereafter be regnlsted. No straying or pillaging win be allowed. Brigade and otker commander* will be held rsaponaibie tbat there la a proper and orderly division of the siifiplles taken lor our u-e IV. i ntnnianders will attend personalty to tbe pmmpt execution of tbis order, rn that we may move to-morrow morning. They will see tbat ia parsing through the country In ibla way? depending upon It lor forage aud supplies? srext attention la required of every command tng oP>cer toward the enforreuirut of strict discipline. V. tbe commanding general expecta of every ofl'oer and eoidter of the army ia tbe tie d an earnest and uawa veriiig support. He relies with conlidence upon an ev?r kind Provident# for a glorious Tbe I lontenant (iei.eral command ng the armlea ol tbe I'oited Mats*, who Is now vigorously pressing back the enemy upon their laat stronghold, enacts mm h from the Army of the ritn nandoah, and k? must not be disappointed. VI. In conclusion, tho Ma, or oei-erai oommxndlng makes it knowa tbat he wHI hold every oflver to the strictest accountability for the proper snf. rcsmwnt of discipline lit all respc. ts, and tbst. on the other band, he will n?ver cose to urge the prompt promotion of ail oflcrt, aon commissioned offlesra and enlisted m"n who attract recognition by their gallantry and good emidu. t. liy oomtuand of Mii|or Weneial Hi Nlklt. Oaaat.Mi (i. Hun**, AMistaot Adjutant Ueorral. A ronwAwn Moviasrr. Hy the time this letter rear lies yuuwe will not only bavs moved, but have advanced some distance. There Is no longer sny neeeaslty for cnncealiog tbe faot. Ibe enemy Is all areend ?. He wstehee over every more ment b th aigbt sad day. Their aooats bang upon our tanks, appear upon oar front, and have even now made tbsir way to our rear. Htlll tbere ia oo ne. e?s ty for rear aa to the result sf onr movements. This is not a fool bardv expedit on. orianlse<l and being ezeroted on tbe spur of the moment; hot the carrying oot of a portion o the giest plan hy which General Grsot br?(iea eia.n to eru'h the rehelllo ia hordes that now defy ns at mary (mil js. tli" mini- ?ted may thtn* .'bat ?re ats in danger of de -at,'i'o of tbe m'srlontv of on utwnb ?. aad tbe reported greater atrenglh of the ?om;. nn?n ibe tar my on n?r from baa beeu reuiforoed heavily wiih to Ma laat few days, wa ara by far lb* stronger of Uia two. Resides , wa ara not aiaua la ibe Bald. Co-operating ?lib ua m a powerful amy, under an experienced, ever ?acaaaaful officer. Tbla army or oolumn of troop*, can and ?lfl accompllah Iba object for wblcb it i* mo v lag, aa<t there H every likelihood that we will do Iba lUMi There ran ba no reaaon wby wa abouid not ba entirely st-creeeful. ibe ahaucea ara in oar favor, and iba advaa '*?*? of position bat already bean secured before Ibe ea?iay * ** aware ef our daetgu. Voiwith?uodi!ig I have written ao hopefully, tbe r?a. er luuai d<h take It for gr ated we have ao eaar ta?k u> etcnulub Such la Dot Iba fact. We bare rouaib roada '.o travel iver.aa impoverlahed country to peas through, deep alrasmnln cr?*a vailiea to penetrate, gaps to occupy, m >untaina to ilank, and without doabt ? beevy entaceraent to encouoler, ai.d all tbla be'oreour <-woibiMiloii! c>n become known to tbe public at large. VKMHAl. IIUVTKH. With the army moving in Hie eberandotb valley, <>e.. -rsl Hunter has asrtumod comm ind in porton , and la ui?i'?rituig the tfiopg by hie persevering sctivtty, hi A It ..i,e at?l hta counsel. Vet he bt<s not cut loose on ltre?? iri hi other <? >lumn*. Ibese'obey his orders and e mluct their movements it accordance with tbe plan b? la provided wtii lo go by. *vkb<t on nauMti ai Mia a orokr. The order that W ti van above ha? bond the ciuue of no nttle *xcit< merit amongst quartermasters and commm aariae. rhey aro |o*t now *in>i de.1 no breathing s|?)l from b No d mbl it will do them good. The wea ther i* very warm, and, (wrbai >?, will promote tholr good l*eluig* fur bard work. Certainly there la every pros pecl tiiat they will have an extra line chance afforded tliem lo keep healthy, for, to Jodg* from what I sen before m*. there la enough work on h'tud lo give oonataut em ployment ti a regiment or them for aome time to come? and th i i t such hot weather an we are experiencing at thii |Ntrticul?r time. If a report ab ultl reach yuu that army la falling bsck, do n t credit It. Such a report is ko'y to arlae out of tbe oriler aending transportation and b*Mg;ige to ibe re?r. the train wo bave cut loose woald bava required an army to guard It. CMKW AND AVRHILL. Altho igh tbeae officers have dona mtiob already with Uielr roapcctive commands, atlll you may expect soon to bear more from them. Ibey may be falling back, aa baa l>een reported but It w?* for a purpoae which will are mauy day* be known to ibe public, all I know la that if the ere.ny followed them up In tbe belief that they were boalily retreating, tbe enemy waa what may be Inelegantly but briefly termed "aotd " Tbe enemy may find we will next time bring our "wares" to another maikel than New Market, and where tbe chanceu ore ap parent./ very favorable to Yankee apcculailoa. At laat accounts both Cook and Averlli were advancing on the enemy. ckkuiil sioai'a hrewtll oaoin. Tbe following explains Itself;? I G'rnentl Orderi?No, 27. HiirMjt iRntaa, IliraRTMiMT Wrpt Viroiwu, ) May 21, !Srt4. f By order of the I 'resident of tbe United Statee 1 am re Ileved from the oomni ?nd of thla department. Major (Jeoeral liuuter, L'uited States Volunteer*, ia my gurceaxor. lu leaving the troofie under my Immediate command, I fee! It my duty to announce my most sincere tbuiika to the oflicera and men who have sustained me ao faltbrolly during tbe last campaign. Uaving uo other wisiieit and aapirationa bag to serve and promote the go *1 c uise, which we are all borind lo dereud.Ihope that finsi success may orown the lode fttligable zeal and good will of tbla army. V. 31GIX, Major General. AHOTBKB BKUOBMICire, It will be remembered that oo tbe Tth General s'lgel despatched a lorce to overtake McNeil, who had raided Into l'ledmont and destroyed an Immense amount of rail road sod other property. That force baa been beard from, and I la record abowa that the command waa not atroog enough for the work it waa aent to accouipltab. The oommand tbna aent out cooalaled of portlooa of th a Fifteenth New York oavalrv, Colonel Root, and tha Tweo IT second PenbaylvaiHa cavalry. Colonel Iligglna (in all four hundred men), the latter colonel oommandlng tbe movement. The foroe moved from Wlacbeeler, and oo the lOtb met lb* enemy at Moorfleld. A Qgbt here took place, in which we got decidedly the beat of it. Tha rebel* giving way, our force* proceeded to retire. But It seems "ihe battle" waa only half won. It remained for another practical test to decide the enrrecineist of our officers' conceptions. Tbe rebel*, being strongly reinforced, baatoaod alter our retiring troop*, and mal thorn at a gap between Wardouvllle and Moor flolil. Here another light enaned, and our four hundred men wore forced to enoounler a portion or Imboden'a regi ment, While's battalion, and McNeil's guerilla party, amounting In all to at least thirteen hundred m?n Cbargea were unde by both partus. We drove tbe rebela bee a In the last charge that wa* made. Yet tbe eaeiuy on tlnuod to persistently press our m Jill at list we found It waa imp?r,slble to bold our own against ?ucb over whelming odda. 1 he I'nion troop* the >u nimanc<d a retreat by way of the laat river road .aod fa illy, reached Romney and Sprlngileld, am not untl Itbey had dealroyed the wbol* of their tram. Of the casusli lea 1 nave yet no aocoont. So peralat?ni y did the rebela follow up thla amail force that iho rear guard waa attacked flv* times within a few hours. Tik turn ara rep rted to Lave be haved aa gallantly ax they could unger tbe i Ircumatanca*. RRHKL lifUTU 40bin TO THSIR iHXr, Kr<>m deaertera who have come 1 1 wa learn lliat tbe ?iiemy'a regular forcoa now on our front have bean very oonaiderably increased by militiamen. An order ba* bucu Issued calling out Iba mllltla and every man an i boy wbo can bo*r arma and come proyided with even a abot eon , for tbe deience ef Staunton. Tha mllilla forcea are provided wltb live daya' ration*. One person . repreaenllag himself aa a refugee, says the rebe's bare withdraw* almost all their forcea from tha valley and aent tbem lo fee. Thla mad'* alatement Is not credited here. I at ad it to you though, for It might i>s truo. [?i?K?5<>!?!irmi, Rnaw^HPOAir Viixrr, Joae t, 1144. run bkiism a it*m it to run cm uvtrwm't ahui. Hhortly ifmr I bad tlutabed and tent off mf deepetcb ft nerday aftcmonn lb? enemy attempted la cheek oar edvaacc by ranking a (tend it a creek eitualed il ? point mtlc? before from (hi* place. Paxil arm, with artillery, w*re UMd on both aldee. For a very abort time tiie afTUlr wa? quite (ptr it??t We eventually drove the enemy back, r.ronaed tbe eree* and mored on to thte plane. One lortioo of McCleoabaa'a battery la reported lo bare been opp eed to ue. In tailing back the enemy Jeatroyed the bridf* erer North river, near M'ftiot Ora*f.>rd. Our march vlll ueceoaarily be delayed until we rebuild It. There la every Indication tbat we can lake without experiencing much of an engagement. ummi am li ?t hk rbiul 'om-aa m tub hi i.*v General Averilt ia reported lo be at or near Jerk* w> riyer, In the neighborhood of the terminu* of tbe Tlrg ? a Central Rullro<d. He la rl~Ud to be progreaelar finely We bare aatumtlo n'orm tog tbat la withdrawing hi* dlvlalon Hreckinrldge took wltb Mm lo Lea all rcf'iler reb-i f'irc-e In the valley *?? ept Imboden'* command At larl account* there w?* only a Provcet guard of re* a lar troop* at stauntrn. Militia torcea were manning tea formication*. Tbe rrbrl* have from eight to tea , teoee of artillery In poalt'onat Stau-.t a. It la Itgbt. intended for Ue'.d *ervlce. The Navy. OiUTU, 10 gone ? The Galatea w?* or?rbauled ?a the dry dock and tuppoaed to be thoroughly caulked, and wan thon rr?^)?re<1 for aea. On Sunday, Juaa I, aba tailed Tor Tape llaytlen. When out eight boura tbe water la tbe well bed rl*en twenty-four inrbea aad from that to thirty Ave. the men were eooelatitly at tbe purap, and (lading it of n't avail we were obliged to pat been. The govern merit ought to throw her back on tbe contractor'* head* and put tbe crew on lume other veaaeL Tbe fallowing * a ll*t of ber ofllcer* ? Comma- tl,r? Jehn Gtieet. l,ir u4hm*<? John MrFarland. Acting Veufcr? Kre d. C Miller. Acting t.n ?0?t? Ttioe. Coualn* Acting Au\.-tant / ayewnt'tr? A. W. Heeon Acting Attiiianl Ewignt? Fdward jaurviean, Wl'.lla? Robinaoa. Acting Jfafc*?Iaa*c V. Atkia*, Kraak A. Tobey , Wm. H I ose ph. Kn-/in'rr'. ?Acting Flrat A**i*tanl?, A. i. Cfctpraan, Theo. f. U'wii; Acting Third Aweunte, Robert D ?iber *ob, Hea mJ Ih.platne, Wm. FI Walt*. C<tf4*in'i Clerk-Mr. I'leaaanton. PiiVfnit?i>r'i Cl'rk?Hr. Rld?le* / o. maj'tr'i Ifiaart f n A'twater b?*uir'i st'uttid ? 'ieo ttkfnwn. )* omun? Mw?rd remaH.

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