Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 9, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 9, 1864 Page 2
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Financial and oommckcml. tb oooaeijueoce of the mooey market ruling easy to d*7 . *?4 the rate of Interest Bottling again on six iwr cent, stocks btcim more buoyant Ihu th bf MMI IM ?loo# loot evening, but tbe tranaactioiis continued I ha tted. Compared with the sales of tb* Aral board y ester flay, Erie Railroad advanced % , Erie preferred Jf, Bud boa Hivar IV. Resalng 1, Michigan Oeatrai l v, Michigan Boutbern IV IIIIdoIs Central 1 V , Cleveland and Pittsburg Chicago and Bock Island H. Pittsburg and Fort Wayne 1 % , Chicago and Northwestern 2,V. Toledo and Wabash 1. and Quicksilver Mining IK- Can too Cbmpa ?y,Marlpeaa and Delaware and Hudson Canal aold tbe mm New York Central declined V and Cumberland Coal I. Tbe market continued strong In tbe afternoon, and the Closing quotations were as follows: ? New York Oantral 181 V. Krie 111V. Krie preferred 109 V, Hudson River 1*9, Beading 1421*. Michigan Central 144V. Michigan Southern 95 V. llilnois Central 128, Cleveland and Pitts burg US, Chicago and Northwestern 54 V. Chicago and Book lelaod 112, H, Pittsburg and Fort Wayne 116V. Pa ciflc Mali 250, Quicksilver Mining 74V, Cumberland Coal , SOU. and Canton Company 41. Government ooupon Hixee of 1681 closed at 113 V, cou pon Ave twenties at 106 *?, and one year certificate* at ?re prices of railroad and mlaoeilaneoui shares at the Aral ' tension of the Board of Brokers to-day compare with the quotations on Wednesda y or last week aa fallows:? Junt 1. June 8. American gold 189 V 194 V Alton and Terre Haute 64 ? Cleveland and i'ittsburg 113 V 112 Cleveland and Toledo 147 V 144 V Chicago and R'>ck I a land 112V 111)4 Chic .go aod Northwestern 58 V 64 Cumberland Coal 74 80 Canton Company 42 V ^ Delaware and Hudson Canal 233 230 khe Railway Ill* lll.V Erie preferred 109 V 109 V Hudson River 141V 146 Burlera 2S6 28V Illinois Central 128 128 MtaMran Central 143 144 pliabigan Southern ? W V 94 V Milwaukee and Prairie du Cbien 6S % 67 Mtasissippi and Missouri 48 ? Marip<>aa 47 \ 47 V New York Central 132 181V Pacific Mail 235 >4 260 Pennsylvania Coal 210 ? I'ltmburg and Fort Wayne 115V 116 Quicksilver Mining 74 V 74 V Reading Railroad 13WV 138 >? Toledo and Wabash 70 69 The following wore the quotations to day for govern ment securities: ? five twenty coupon bonds, interest on 105*; ive-twenty registered bonds ??. 106 V Fevvn and tbre>' tenths Treasury note*.-. *l>9 Registered 6 s of 1881, interest otf Its Coupon 6'so( 1881, interest on. ...? 113V One ^ ear .currency certificates 97;, ij*?Cle storks were quoted to-day as follows:? latsfourt sixes 70V Tennessee sixes 58 v Indiana fives 88 v Virginia sixos fit' TJorth Carolina sixes 58 California sevens 140 sterling exchange was dull at 211V a 212 for cur rency and 109.V a 109V for gold. The loan market ruled easier to-day, and money could be had at six per cent on good securities. Gold opei.ed at 194, and in the afternoon sold at tbe fractions above that figure i Tbe bill which passed the United States Senate some time ago, having for its object tbe suppression of specie ?peculations, has been virtually killed in tbe House. It la tbe third or fourth bill of a similar design which has met tbe same late, and we are Inclined to tbe belief that It wou'.d be better now to forego all special legislation in relation to that matter and tall back upon the common ?ease and legitimate plan of withdrawing a portion of me grvernnient currency in the manner provided for by the hill Introduced in tbe House of Representatives on Tues day Py that means the desired result will be obtained morr speedily than In any other way, and tbe specu lators, who, we learn ,'bave made bets which amount in the aggregate to over two hundred thousand dollar, that gold will react) two hundred before tbe 1st of July will be taught to realize tbe uncertainty of future move in nta. i 1 be new Loan bill wblcb bu beoc Introduced In the Tlouse of Representatives, as we understand It, proposes til* issue of b >nds and Treasury notes to the amount of four hundred millions of dollars, and to authorize the Be ret. try of tbe Treasury to issue seren and three- tenths Treasury notes, to be substituted for any notes of the I'tilteJ stale* heretofore issued; or, In plainer terms, for ti.e p'irp >ee of retiring the greenback legal tenders and extracting tae currency. This will be another step In tot rich: direction, and will bo strengthening the polcy Which Mr. Chase has recently inaugurated, and to which we called bis attention some months age. He should deal with tb<* birds which the new bill proposes to offer precise ly as he has resolved to do with those which will mature in 3 Ml ? pot them npon the market for what they will bring, e iter in this country or In Europe, lhst is tbe most r a1y way of keeping the government In funds; and by id : .ig i mpetition among capitalists the credit of the f v eminent will be less liable to Buffer than by tbe old t*.<w coat li method of waiting for daily subscriptions at Bit;'iriaied ra<ea The other eiacse In the bill will be l.aeiy to pr duoe a salutary effect on tbe present feverish C wdtttea of financial atlalrs, and, If Mr. Chase will osrry It out, as he ha- re;?atedly promised he would, to tbe ex tent ?>? bis power, be can check the operations of gold ators and If be doe not succeed before the close t h s present term of office In bringing the value of tbe ei.rr.nty tc e.oee prox uiity to that of coin be may at leust force flown tbe premium on specie forty to fifty per cent.nnd the prices of commodities which are lndiaponsabls to all classes of tbe oommunity. Tbe stcamati p Kedar, for Livorp.'rtl to day took, out m specie, aoo tbe Asia, (rout Boston, takes out $JO,0UQ. Tbe Mecetary of tbe Treasury has written the following Teply t" Inquiries made by the ebairtnan of the Loan OinnnUee of tbe New York Clearing House ? Ni? Voas, Juoe 7, 1W4. In reply to y ur letter of tbe 4th in?t. . 1 b?? leave to nay tbst 1 |?rcei<e so ot> etiou, first, t~ receiving tr?m ttir batiks ?!? per cent temporary loan certificates at par, at j v r.ied interest In pe> men I of loan* or, second, to MMRfteg f?r such temjiorary loan cerUQcatee tUe live per ee?t eouj'* tega! under notes heretofore issued, M j <r sr ' a.o' ,M inu-reet or, third, to issuing sucb tern ? i-eriir n?? id tbe form of clewing hiiife litcaios. or t.> receiving suefe certificates in WMHtf I u< witb it tbe tea days oottce in reply to.your in quiry in ree;?ct to payment In legs) tender notes of cer tltOM* it* .ed ep?o deposits of legal tender notes, I can oti ; ?a; tuat ao dwt.m ? an is In receipts or pay Menu ? j tbe government between legal tender notes and k<tt*> bank aot s but Ute Assistant Treasurer will *t?ey< be nappy ?o eoweiasodate ibe holders of oerMD owe by iatsaenta in s n botes aa may be preferred, wb<-o tbe public liuereeu alto* It. 6 P CHASE Tbe liuev<? exports Met week were |3ft4,0%0, against f jw W 13 for tbe corresponding week tn 1H03. Tbe imporn were |v7e,870, against |437,lt0 tn 1W3. Tbe following comparative etatetnent shows the svs. rage eoudili ? of UM leading items ?f the Philadelphia bick* for the pest and previous w-sks ? lAtM n-fd, Tki> ir?l. l/>ans -M-i 3y.rn.iV3 fc. e ie 3.004,.'>k2 s,iw?4.3ao Legal t-nJer. 14,311,163 13,M4,7;i8 u aT.CMVM .".H.2?o,?o0 OrtuUtion ?, 13l,#lt 3,10 ,038 ?Tbe movement show* quite a Isrgs increase tn tbe Items ?> i ana, legal teoders and depoelts Ibe specie nod circu late have tsilee ofl a trifle. Tbe returns of the Hick o' England for tbe week end ing Kay a < is pare wit* the statement of tbe previous Week as lo.iowi,? fife* IS. Jfo% 25 I'ublte 'i. -poena ti.&OS.oai 7 .97 1 ,0??3 Otuer de,K>.ita 12.**?3.4oa 13 "<?2 048 Government ?eeumies. 10, 7*;* as T 10,7s.'i 217 Other se-ur t.e. S0,B;a.4t? *),41<kl5 >..iee lu cirtuisti .0. .... . ?J416JM M* isai.d bullum ia,i?i7,4WI 13, 713, Via Tbe total circulation at tbe banks of tbe fitted K log <3 .in of Orest Britain and tlie aggregate intraol jf speel t lie.d by them on tbe 1st of Msy isai was as follows ? C'trruioii n Speri*. llmk of England ?21,Ohv,3mi 12,411 m l'r irate banks 3 o? l'?4l',uti0 Joint slock a>anks fi.O43,O10 1,4'4<j (?? T?ita'i in England. A>7. *14.431 u j,j feotiand 4.03: .403 aanaoo li stand ft, 652, 441 l.H?ft,J!19 t uned Kingdom ?37,104.371 lb,7&^Ma Ibe earnings of the Milwaukee as1 fralrle da Cbtee juilroad during tbe not tb of May s mi pa re as follows wltb tbe receipts for tbs same time last year ? KarmngS for Msy. 1W4 f ill" ,747 ?ame time laISM 10' . wt leer esse |7*,7?0 Tbe increase of tram* en tbe above road sinoe tbe 1st of January smousts to tt4Wl? , or 04 per oeat Messrs Huller, WUkias k Oe. sold to-day etgbtf-Sre ?bares brooUye C<1* sa4 Ktwlowc Railroad cootpeay at $6W0 01 ft's, W, rag .. 106 9U0sha Brie RR ^ IjjJ ^^SSS%???oo?- Brte H* pref W* SlX*:~:: i3S !8"*a?~" -S?j^ t^SSSSiSfff:: S 187 teipHlg-?g lis# Bia?>uri e ? " >*1 tuna* amu! wSJIkm .3 iooju dft..... Vh 401 j#? Wn 4 U)B I?y*ls Vn'.ei to 108 ft? Mloh Bo A N I BR. SUIIO 111 Oen boudi IS 800 ... , <*?? ? ? ?_?_ IOO AHA TH M m prf 03 8W W OWtt*! Bfr*f SOOOAitA TH income 85 100 do . 1*7. < OWV ? ?M IUWIUB uw -WW . 1>4| 10 0 Chi t U It bonus. HI *00 de f'Vli !S WO i Chi A Alt 1 at a 110 100 b fc>0 Mirlpow lai m ba M >00 .? *? vr.*! *6>W American gold... 193 W HAW IllCeniRR c*o b >sc 128 SOD do ". !? ? 10 i Hi OeuiRR full ?tk. 1* J 100(^eArlitoBR 30.) do... blu III "1 SO aha Bank Slate NT. 110 1*1 Bank of Commeroe. lit 800 if| 66 Merchants Han*... 11JH' ? hW'kiI at* *50 Canton Compenv.. 41 100 Chi A N W KB. 68 loo do T. bid i\H 1*> 2" 52* 6 Del A Hud Canal. . . SS6 lj? do ?" ? 100 Central Coal Oo. . . . g 100 *? MO ?K (00 Cumb coal pref . . 80 fO d* a30 U ICW do.!?. biO 80 24 Chi A N W praf OIK MM do bl5 79% 060 do MM MM do 70s 1 10 do WV *>i Copake Irou Mini a. 10 900 do. ....... ..tSu 9l\ 100 Wyoming Valley CL #6K 400 do 0? SOU do 66 100 do blO 1 (O Mariposa MIu'k Co 47* 650 Chi * Rock laid KK 111* lui Lebigh A Sua Coal. 16 25Chl. Bur A Quia BB PAS* HO yuloEallver Mg aSO 74% 6Q MdAP du Cblen KB 67 100 " ~ . L*'WY ConV aB.'*;.';: lSlB 1U0 lllii'i nl.W,ACulKK ?? .. is 5 }{? *?* i nota '? Pr*' 70 ?SiintV::;;;::;;:; ml ? iter.::::: S 8KC0ND BOARD. SiV?-"?": '.5 40uO Misaourl'bV ?*r' SJ& Jo.'.';;;;; {f*K Ab>" ? 63 ? STO lch(,0*utr?l BB.: 144 * ?0J atiCutun Co. ... ji " ll'CenRK aarip. 630 124^ ? do 138 400 Cumb Coal pref... &% 1(0 do b 16 128 ilki Uu'ckaltvar Ma.... 71-, 5(H) Clev A Pitta KB... 112 160 Paoiflo Mail SS Co 25J SOU Chi A N W BR MX 100 N r Central RR. . 131X MO do alO 64V 100 Brie RR Hi 2M do 64\ 40) do Ill?< 100 do b&l 10O do b30 ll'i ft K) Clil A NW prpf. ... W.% loo do unj :vx) ciu a Rk i rr ... m J(i0 Brie uref 109*? 2(X) do 112'. foo Hud River RR ...146 1?> Pitta. Pt W A Chic. llt>K loo do b 10 146 U <00 Alton ATH pref.. 78 CXTT COMMERCIAL REPORT. Wkkhkbuat, June 8? ft P. M Amur,?. Reoelpts 89 bbla. The market continued firm, With a moderate Inquiry , at $10 lor pol? and $13 far pearls BuAnsrvrre. ? lieoelpta 8,091 bble. flour, 400 bbls. and 144 bags corn meal, 176,073 bushels wheat, 29,788 do. corn, 82,381 da oats. The receipts o( flour were light, and prices of shipping brands of State and Ohio, which were acarce, advanced about Sc. Trade and family brands were Arm, but not quotabljr higher. The demand was mainly for home consumption, though there was also tome speculative and shipping Inquiry, the sales foet up 18,000 obis. Stale and Western, 2,000 do. Sou thorn, and 100 do. Canaan. Kye floor was in bettor request, re sulting in salts of 600 bbls. at lull prices. Corn nioa was scarce and dearer; sales 350 bbls. , including Atlantic City Mills and Brandy wine, at $i We quote Bopertlne State ana Western flour $7 .12 a T 62 Rxtra9tate 7 05 a 7 75 Cboice State 7 80 a 7 86 U>mmon to medium extra Western 7 06 a 8 00 Extra round hoop Ohio 8 16 a 8 30 Western trade brands 8 35 a 9 10 Extra St. Louia 8 26 a 11 60 Common to good Southern 8 00 a 8 60, ] (iood to choice extra do 8 05 a 11 00 Cotatnon Cam>d>an 7 >0 a 7 90 Good toeholco extra do T 95 a 9 10 Rye flour, sui?rflue 0 25 a 7 86 Corn meal, bois 7 26 a 8 00 Corn meal, pancbeonB 34 00 a 34 50 ? There was a brisk export demand for wheat, and with an Inadequate supply prime samples of spring were lc dearer. Ibe reoelpts were to a fair extent, and ther were readily abMorbed. The day's sales reached 215,000 busbels, part to arrive, including Chicago spring at $1 65 a $1 76. the ins:de price fi>r Inferior: Milwaukeo clui ,$1 69 a $1 75: amber spring, $1 76 a $1 76; winter red Weetern, $1 82, and amber do., ft 86 Rye continued scarce, and held flr ji at $1 00 a $1 (id. Corn was la bet ter supply, snd freely t offered at a declino of fully 2c. ? sales 37,000 bushels , at $1 68 a $1 62 for new and old Western mixed, and $1 C3 lor yellow. Oats were also 2c. lower and less active ? Bales ?t 9oe. a 94c., Including two cargoes P. E 1., to arrive, at the Inm le price. Burley was quiet. A sale of 8,600 bushels barley mall was made at $1 00. Cakih xa ?Sales of 600 boxes Western star at 23c., and 950 half boxes P. and G. (lull weight), at 26 >$c., ca*b. The market for sperm was a little irregular; for plain 86o a 40c., and 46c. a 60>-. for patent, cash. Comes. ? Market quiet, and prices were fair, with sales of 60 bags Laguay ra at 42c. , and 49 bags Rio at 43c Corro* ? The market was more active, with Balea of 8,000 bales. We quote ? UUisruL tinrila. Mobile If. O. <C T. Ordinary 97 98 9S 99 Middling 109 109 110 110 bood Middling. Ill 112 112 113 Middling fair.. .114 116 116 118 Dsrus.? l'he market was firm, and pricos were tending onward; sales of 600 Ibe Ginseng at $140 a 81 46, 1,000 kogs bi carbonate soda at 8J,o. a H>?c., 20,000 flu to cbr malic potash at 26c. . uud 4,000 rellned Angelos at 66 Xo a .")7 v,o tiFtcRKiifcM.? There was it fair inquiry for Canton, with of 3,600 boxes So. 1 (41 pucks* at $3 50 a $3 CO, oa* h. Kui. ? 25^.00 lbs. Jersey at 20c , cash I'uh. ? Ttie market lor dry cod '.vas quiet, and prices wi>re tending downward, with tales of 2.0 O lbs. targe's at $0 62 X a (G 76. rmoked herring were firm, with tsales of 1.050 boxes scaled at 38c. a 40c. Fxrrr.? The market was dull and price* were nominal; s ues oi 700 boxes raisins, in lots . at $5 for iayer, and $4 50 for bunch, less 1 1-3 per cent, casa; 400 bags A'ricin peanuts at $?'! 60 a $3 OO. cash. Fh'tton is were without decided change, and b^'.'inoss mode. ate. To lJvefpool, *-0,000 bushels wheat at 4'4d. a 4YJ-.I" bulk d bags, per American, and M. a 6 '*d. t??M- neutral; also 200 t>bl?. flour m Is , and per stearuor, 2,200 boxes etieese at 401. lo J.omloti, 1 .0' 0 bids oil iske at 2?. , and per steamer, 1,000 bb^. tlour nt Is. 9i.v and 8o0 l a es hops at \'d. To Glasgow , 7 .000 b isbvls j wheat at 6>,d. lo Bristol, per neutral, 1 ,fH)0 bbls. tlour, I toUll.atls. To Hong K- n* and Sli.icghae, 1,000 toot j coal htul 200 totiS measuremeLt f ds at $12. Mexican. A British b.rn la, 000 b:isb(is | wb'-at 4o lmblln ?t 6s. Ud., a Norwe^iun l urk to Cork for orders. 20 000 bushels at C* . an Italian bark rn m PhiladtlnWa t ? Liverpool with 1 ,700 bb t. petroleum at ti. Ibe shipping list imports, a Sruttian bait, t<G0 ton?,U> Houg Kon>, ot ?800. a ship, 9u0 t< cs, at the eui>tward, trom liic to l>ondon, deals, a; *f>s. an old bark, bin t<'tis, from (ft. John, N. B., to live'iool. fi.'? . a I?r?mp n b'irk, to Liverpool, timber, 28?. . a brl^, 11)'. tons, from ltangor to St. Croix, lumber, $11 aBriiisas< tioouer, 1,600 bbls., to Porto Rico, 87c per a Br It I* U brig, 2.0C0 bbls , from I'orlo Kico to Now York, sugar, b0c.,an l m'>laes"s.$3 50, on deck, h brig, 4 ti n-, to south side < uba and back, $2,60o a l)r tub -chooner, 120 ton.", to Havana, f 1 ,. <K), g'>ld. a seno<.' er, from Perth Amboy to liostoo, Sand, $.' 90, and back from Lingan, C. B. , to New Vori, coil, Hsmp. ? Manila continued Arm, with sale.- of 1,000 baJcs at 17>*c cash. Hints. ? wa ns 12. MX) Orinoco at 22 Ib?. at 29c., 2,000 Montevido' , 21 lbs. (a rosale), ut 31c., 3<S) Kueuos Ay ros, 28 I*, (lo bond). 1,800 Kl? Uraudc, 21 lbs., at 29>sc., and 8,900 Central American, 18 lbs. a 20 lb.-!., on p. I > Homnr.? Salet 26 tcs. <"uba for export at $1 17 cash, in bond, and 7 do. at $1 40 do , puid Ho?*s.? 80,000 Rio Orande sold at $18 r.aab. Hst coo tin jed dull. We quote $1 4o a $1 o5 for ship ping and city Liatiih. ? fl**m lock tele was in good demand, and prieas advanced lc per ib. oak sole was quiet at pre vious rates. We quote bemlook, Buenos Ay res, Klo Grande and California, light weisbts, S60. a 36c middle <o , .16 Sc a3ft)<c., heavy do.,i6c a Moi *rs?" woo more active, and prices w ?ro Arm, with sales ot GO bblt New Orleans at $1 36 lihds. 1'orto Rico tt PS a $1 . and 40 hbdt Cuba, In bond, on private te'mi. NavaL Stuw? ? Hplritt turpentine was steady at pre vioua rales, with sales of 100 bbls., in lots, at $3 for trench and is 07 H (or American, and 26 bblt. American at $3 . stock ^,400 bbla. 76 bbls. strained rosin at $30 a $.12 per 280 lbs 4M> bbla Archangel tar at about $U>; loo do. rope, $16 60, 40 bblt. city pitch at $22 a $24, the latter for star. Oil CakR ? fifty tons Western sold on the spot at $63, and 60 do. bag, t<> arrive. $53 cash. Oil BIal ?a? Arm, with taletof 800 bag! Slate at $2 66 e?sb Paovmom.? Kecelpta, 7,046 bbla. pork, 113 packages beet, SO do. cut moats and 1 ,Mi do. lard. Tbe pork market wu le*? active, and lower Haie* 1.000 bbla at $30 SO for miwa. |3t? to for old do , pu a t-'Vi Ti^c. lor new do , $24 66 a M 76 I f old ami new prune, and bU for prima roes* *iao J ,000 bbla. new dmv for .Hiijr, buyer's option, at >)2 b?. Heal? Market waa *tea<ly, ?oi prkxs wore unchanged, with naiaa of-S'JO bbl* at (W ISO a |13 for rouo try mesa. ft a $7 lor country prune. $10 Ho a |l? M for ra packed me*s, and f'A> a $22 for extra mewt Prime tuee* lieaf wit* unlet, with small aula* at previous price* Itaef ban* were dull and luminal. Cut meats were unlet at llHr- a 12c. for cUnolders, and UHc. a I Br., for hams. Ijtrj was dull, but firm, wllb salas of (00 bbl* at lt^r. a 16 ac., the latter an entreroe price, also aob bbl*. , tin llverable after June 20, at 16)(C., and M)0 bbl*. for August, Heller's option, at lflo., kettle remlered. Butter and clueee continued dull at tbe previous quoutloas. I rraoi at Keceipta noue Tne market w as mixed. Refined wa* dull and nominal at fHr in bond and 7lo. a Vie. free. Crude wan In active ape -illative demand and one cent uigber. Tlie ealee were Ivuoo bbla. at 43c. a 43 fc. on tne spot, 43c. a 44c fo- all Judo and 44 tjc. a 4IW for July , buyer * option: 46c was oflerad m<1 re tuned lor A tig out, '2,000 bbl* reOmd aold at 84 Hc- a 06c. , m ieliy fl'ic. , alao (00 do In l'bUadelpbla In July , 83 >40. for Itgbt straw to a bite and flTo. for prime white, ovO d 1 free nold at 70 H* 10 73c Henrltie ??* nominal. PfMAS.? Market lull, with aaiee ol 00 hbd*. Cuba mot cot ado at 17c alt?c Keflned w.ts quiet, with aaiaa of 44 bbla. soft whites at 21?tc. a 23c aod 8 bblf yellow at 20c. tut.?.? 1 Haloa 300 ton? Cctte at about 00c. ,460 Urn* Trieste at aiiont A0c. A cargo of 0,4*4 bushels Turlu Ialand, from Bret baud*, frotn *iore, flOc.*, 4 months. r *i.ti wri'x ?(>00 bag* crude. In be delivered In Roston, at ltfo a 30c., aod 4*0 do In Muatoa, lt?c., cash. 1 \< yrr was scarc* and flrm, but ijulet, at 12)<c. a lac., timothy waa held it H ? |? js 8,000 bushels rough llai sold bare to arrive, at fut 86 a $3 46, and SO tlen-sa md 160 bbla. city mill* flat, at |38 for tbe former aad |i3 t? for the latter . alao 1 ,M ' ags and 600 pookels (a i.utta noseed lu Bmton, at |4 15. ?o*?. -Castile waa quiet, wita sal*? of 300 boiea at 81 ? 33o rash, and 100 do. Atneriaan at 16c. rUia ? Tb? market waa *tea<ly , wttti a moderate da mand aalae of T6 hag* Hafifooa at llXe. ll*r and 816 do , la hood, on private term*. tt?u ? ? 1 be No. I aold at Uc. a 14^c and 14/** la* (.riait at 16a , ?aa b fcvat MMiaetMCf fcm, wlU? aa*a of 7*,OOQ lbs. do meattc Dnm, Mo. a IT U?. ; H Mm pulled. Ml I Mo. for super ,10,000 Ike California, 61o ; 600 bataa Car*. 600. a fttfco ; 110 do unwashed blaok u4 gray itto -+ n poor. Mo. : M0 do. wklte do.. M0 do. low Bimbos Jy* oo, 1M to. Wo C> ran to and *>,000 ft* Proveaoo ua prtiatt terms. Y*u,ow was firmsr and IB (oo* reqooot: ooloo 160,000 tbo. at llSe a 14\e. (or ordinary to prime; 4is? 1M PMto^to grease, 12, Ho. a 12\e. wSn Keoeipts, 2,219 bbl*.; market steady and do jt^^jrwlrni bl""' M 11 *?K ^ MM (or : E n lal7 3<Vrri UROPE. val ot the Bremen and Malls of the China. Our London and Parts Cor respondence. The American War News in England and France. Universal Agitation and a General Belief in Grant's Triumph. NAPOLEON DESERTING THE REBEL CAUSE. Noisy Demonstration of the Eebtls in Paris. General Get. B. McClellaa the Heir ?f Sir Cilli Campbell, Lerd Clyii. The African Hero Likely to Inherit of the Con India, ? &0ii 4ke? The steamship Bremen, Captain Meier, from South t tap too on the 25th ot May, arrived at this port yester day morning. Our European files and special correspondence by tbe China, dated to tbe 2Sth or May, reached tbia city from Boston early yesterday morning. BM'i Life in London or May 28 says that at that date Jem Mace was in town, " anxiously awaiting Joo Coburn's arrival." Several candidates, besides Marshal Nell, are mentioned In Parts to succeed Marshal Pelissior as Governor Gene ral of Algeria. Among them are Marshals Cauroberl and Randon, Minister of War. Tbe IroDaplated frigate Caetelfidardo, built at Nantes by M. ICrnest Gouin & Co., has beeu delivered to tbe Ita liun governmcn; niter a trial trip to Belie Isle, which was very eatlslactory. Our London Correspondence. Lomdo*, May 28. ISM the Bzciemtn' Over the Newt from America ? (front's Campaign the Talk Everywhere ? Oentral Conviction of th> Ultimate Triumph of tke Union Cam ? ? Opinion of a DutmgvuHed General OjJicer on Orant'i Action and StraXtffU? General George U. MeCUUan tke Stir of Sir Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde ? Relmtionihtp of ?? Little Mac '' to the Hero of India? Family Likenett ? An Im | ntiK Fortune Jn Stor- for the American Warrior, <Se. The American newt) arriving and expected totally eclipses every public topic tbat is ditcusscd in political, oummercial, social, sporting or parliamentary circles. And withil this bus beon a most cveutful week. New phases to the Danish question, rise of tbe prospects of tbe Duke of Aiiiruat-tib lrg, tbe sale of the rebel rama, the liberation of tbo rebel pirate*, on Tuurday tbe Queen's blrthdi.y , on \\ edncsday tbe Derby d?y, with its five hundred thousand spectators; on Friday the Oaks, and to <1 iy a monster volunteer review In Hyde Park. On these interesting topics I could lodlte you a.loog loiter , but beyond the simple auuounoe meat of the Items, as 1 huve run them over, what further do the American people care of our little, twuddllug, Insignificant penny a lining puerilities'' Or what do they c .re for even so mui-i* Go In tho city, go to tbo lobby of either house of Pari la mcnt, to lew asy ciub In Xondon, and ten to one the ft-'t q'jfPtlon will be, ' Acy mope news from America " or ''What do you think of Ixc'n position)'' In t> :?,ness and stouk operations everything that could be atl -tod by military succcssod or rev erse,. iu Virginia has been completely unsettled for tbe last fortnight. Opinions | and str mfces as to Grunt's performances and pri?pects have been more candid and eensib.o (ban 1 have seen them here since tbe war cummen< ?d. No ooo cares t > make hn use!: a fool by depre< utiug Giant's courage, strategy or prospects. Of course there are plenty to cry "Oh, horror, was there ever bo much uMi?M slaughter I" Uut that must be ex peeled. Tbe best rrnme of the situation and ; prior m ancts of Grant in any of the jour hero will tw found In to- lay's Spf/aior, and tbe odltri' ' ? ? injustice to tbe pluck, endurance and p'ocralship tab. oil >d in the rebel army led by Lee. Without bo lug a rout o; the enemy, tbe spectator says, If evor a general was enli 4d to have "victory" inscribed on his banners tt Is Gr?a' for i be eight day*' iighing from the Mb to the 13th ofMa1, lb* editor Buys, bad tbe Uanmb suown hall the fervor Die Cut ? troop* tbe Prussian army would now be i'e<ving under the -oil of l?nmork Since the iempt?i in a teapot caused by the Trent aflTair, nearly three yeirs ago, there ua tees ni hing 41ke tbe absorption of *1. public topic* by tbe Ame nan news tbat we bave witnessed during ti.e last ten days lite iuiellige. ee just or .ught by tbo hootia bn? caused a little depression to the former prospects of tbo 1'lic.c cause, but still little doubt octets Miat Hlcnmi nd must fall. How miKl) Mgel snd Hutier may ha?e suffered by tbe attaca* made on their forces seems nucertaui, but few believe either of them to be overwhelmed Old Napeieon s maxlra spems generally believed? tbat God is usually >? the Skle o< Me >argeet battailous. j-uch is a faint idea of tbe state of public opinion here on the reoaptlon of tbe news of tbe terrlhc campaign now moving over Vlrlgluia. The hoaxes practlsi-d by speculators and others in matters lik? tbe l*yons and I>avls corienp ndouco, Maliory's pretended report and Lincoln's mythical call fcr four hundred thousand mor? troope, bave oc a*lonod considerable talk, and not a little chagrin and m<>rtlli<aiion to ibnee believing shorn. As to tbe canard of President Lincoln's last call lor troops, tbe hame ateamcr thai brought tbe announcement brought also ita contradiction. Tbe anxiety of everybody is still on tbe strain, and we are ail looking to aeu tbo ruimi.,ati m of tonne culinary e.lorts, the most persistently sustained of any Hung tbat has ocrurred,sin?e liaiwnbal fought tbe battles oi (Jennie usd Tnrasymene Bets ofJored tbat Richmond will fall within so many wnekn meet with no takers. One military oiDcer of high standing and large experience la the nrltlsb army, In answer t- some remarks about tbe " useiees slaugliic " of l, rant's men. de i tared that sicca Hit art of war was practised better geotralthip, bl.'her skit:, or more persistent mill, tary perseverance, under nucb circumstances, was never known. Haid be, "tnero In v?ry little room lor what is ordmuriiy termed taotlce His strategy is profound and complete, and tbe military work la a country with such natural m?aos ol detent n must be principally to litid your enemy and then administer bard blows, and this Grant has d>>ne. and witn tremsodous eflkct." Were I permitted tn give the name of thugensial uiflcer it would oarry great weuibt with It. The Blrnenbnad rams were sold to the Rrltb>h govern ment lor a double puri?ee? to relieve tne governmeot of an embarrassing i<uaiMon and to put some money m tbe pockets of needy rebel agents and contractors. The lew wbj bsv? bad oopies of the New fytui Hmin during tbo last weea .^ 'teu days have benn beset by frwu le to get a look at them. Had tbey I b< en (or sain on the arrival of the steamers here in Loo don tbey Would have sold Immensely and at a high pro* rnlum. Yesterday I saw, going by my gate, a man reading a newspaper , and he Diet an acquaintance and aald,"l have a copy of the Nsw Yout lion uu." 1 did not know either of them A curious piece of taMligeoee has Jest come to me tbat will be or interest m America. 1 see no ment ioo of It In any Roglmb Journal. Tbe late Field Marshal i><rd Clyde (( una < ?mpbell) died lees than a year ago, leaving a large fortune, considerable of It to a maiden sister? ? Mms Allrls (keipbell, or Macllver." Hbe died Intestate on the Both of f>eoember lost, leaving also ? large fortune, h searohing far tbe heirs tbe estMe It Is fo%nd that trenerel George ft MoOellan, late oom uiander of tue Amerioaa armies, was a near relative of ? the late Field Marniial, one of the great <?*( soldiers Hoot land over proiluoed, and prob<bly one M the heirs to tUs oalate of the MM Mai too ltacUvnr, sister of John I Itacliver -ix-d Ctyle's faJier? married Mr. ? MoClel | tail a 4*Uab49r ?f Vfee lAt*4 <A Uy, l^r ^on ^ General MaCfadlaa's fatter. 8a Ik* QmnI'i father in o?n omiii to 1/ord Clyde llMlhtNfMU from Polar Brtatol, pro prleter ud editor of tbe Bristol Dmitm Ptm, ott af the Lelrsoftbe nestef kta of lb* lata tteld llinMi*4kli i sister, aad uimoairuor of tbe latter'* estate. 1 forward tbs advertisement Issued to uoraoM elaiialag heirship af too raoiwr or aloa ?aoutio. Audit Maoutib, OraiBViAaOAarniLL UaoaAam ? Pur aoAoi to the provides* of aa aet of Pariiasaeai, auula of* paired la the twenlv?eooad tad twenty third am af wo of her present Majesty Queoa V etona, entitled "A a act to /urthar amend tbn law af property and 1> relieve trustees," aoUoa U hereby glroa that every pereoa or par a<)o> claiming to ha tha aait of Ala. or having aay olalme or demand* against tha aetata af Aliuto U?.L?*r, otborwUo Campbell late or No. 4 Stanhope torraaa, hy>la Park. is tha oouaty of Mldtfleees. splatter. deceased (wbo dlod at Ma. 4 Bteuhope tarraoa, aforesaid, oa tba StHh day of December, 1*4 laitaatato, aad to wheae aauto aad effee to letter* of admlaiatrauoa were srauted oa the 26th day of Jaaoary. 1*4. by the principal registry of Uor Majesty'* Court of Probate to Poter Macilver. of the olty of Bnatol, newspaper prooiletor. tba lawful oouain germaa, aad oae of tbo oeit of Ala of the deoeaae 1, are to *a*d particular* la writ log of *uoh claims or demaod* to the aa d administrator or to ma, the ua ieraigned. aa bla eollc tor, oc or before the Mih day of April aeit, at the expiration of whleh time the ?aid admtaialrator will dutrlbuta the aaaets of tho aald ib toAtato among the partlea thea claiming to be ontltlod thereto, baring regard to the o alma of wbtoh he ahall tbea have bad notloe, aad that the >aid admnlalralor will not be liable Tor the auoto or any part thereof ae distributed to any person of whooe olam or debt he ahall not have bad notloa at tha time of auoh distribution. ALFRBB HENDERSON. Solicitor to the said Administrator, ?J Broad street, Bristol. Uatod thla 24th day of February, 1864. Mr. Macllver.of tbo Bristol /Vsr Prut, la "a gentleman, a scholar and a man of property," and will do full and ample Justice to ? all of the heirs, whoever or wherever they may be. Lord Clyde wag tbo legitimate aon of John Mag) Ivor, but was brought up 0 y the family of his wife, and on en tering tho army, at the age or sixteea, took the surname of CampbelL From the fact of bla somewhat obscure origin, and not bearing the name of bia father, many thought bim to bo illegitimate; but that is not true. Many see a strong likeness between "Little Mao" and tbe late leader of the British army in Idilia, and 1 Bond you a photograph, from which you oaa form your own opinion. 1 bava just learned, as aa indisputable fact, that Jeff. Davis, early In the war, wrote to Lord Clyde, and offered bim a command in tbe rebel armies, and invltod bim most urgently to come and ABsist in tbe rebellion. His Lordship declined, but he waa nevertheless a warm aympatbizer with tha rebellion, and bad he lived, Intonded to go over to Amer ica merely as a spectator and witness tbe events that transpired. But be is buried, with all bis hopes, leara and OApectatlons, and General George B. MoClelian lives as one o I his nearest relatives, a laot that Colin Campbell was probably never aware of. I grieve to say that that once aparkllng aad raoetious, but now dull periodical, oalled Punch, this week bad a caricature portrait of your London correspondent. Oar Paria Correspondence. Pakis, May 27, 1694. Baeilment Among tkt Amcricani ? i'rcmature Rejoicing of (As BebeU ? The I 'aril Journal*? The Moniteur'i Corretyondence? Change of Program** on the Part of the Qovernmtnl? European Ntwt? Death of the Duke 4* Malakojf, tic. , dtc. As you may well Imagine, the excitement amoag the American community of 1'aria during tbe present week has been lotenae? greater than at any time before since tbe news came that the rebels and traitors of Charleston had opeuod Ore upon Fort Sumter. Monday afternoon tbe first Instalment of tbe news, giving a telegraphic summary of the events which occurred between the Oth and 11th of May, reached Parte. As this left matters ia rather an uncertain condition , and as tbe rebels, as usual, professed to have re ceived later despatches, they claimed a victory, and during that evening tbe cafe of the Grand Hotel, ia which they "most do oongregate," was thronged with them Champagne flowed freely, and re> icing was great, and aa tbe loyal men who stop at that establishment sat quietly upon tbe balcony tbey beard loud hurrahs for Lee, min gled with cursos upon Grant and all his hosts. cm Wednesday, when tbe news, from New York to the 14in, arrived tbat Lee was in full retreat, and the victorious L'nloa forces pursuing him with vigor, our Southern friends at first professed to disbelieve the story, but when, by a later despatch, the statements seemed confirmed, they began to look excessively blue, aad, pausing through tbe court yard of tbe Grand Hotel last evening, I saw crowds of them slttlog there, silently brooding, looking at each other for consolation, wlUi feelings "too deep Cor utter aaoe." Among tbe loyal men hare tbe excitement, If not so wild, haa perhaps been quite as groat. The two principal banking bouses where they go to bear tbe news have been all tbe week tilled with earnest Inquirers, like Gliver Twist, "asking for more." As a general rule the Paris journals have merely published summaries of the news, awaiting something more positive before making com ments. The Patrie, however, with its usual mendacity, speaks of tbe rosult up to the 11th of May as a "federal detail." Tbe M^nUeur, with an amount of enterprise which for that slow journal is roally surprising, published a map of the battle ground, taken from tbe Msw Yobk Hkbslo; und the correspondence of the Montteur, which for a long time p.iBt lias bjon of a decidedly rebel complexion, has completely changed its character, and not uhly ac knowledges the must decided advantages to the inloa iorces duitog tbe late battles, but predicts for Lee's army u crushing de eat. H >s weil understood here that tbe French government received m.urmaiKju as to the strong probability ol a speedy crushlug out oi the rebaliion trom Its representa live at Washington a short time since, which has led to ah ontiro change of programme on its part. This ac counts lor the statement made by tho Mluister ol State lo tue Corps l^egislalif, some leu days since, in substance, that tbe government bud ho intoutiou ol recoguix log tue ouhiedeiacy, and tor the actiou of the government lu givug orders to present the departure of the vessels buhl lor the rebels at Bordoaox and .Nantes Hie bmpe ror haa monnsea thus fur to keep himself exceedingly wo4 ba,auuea upon the lence oi ? neutrality" ? giviug cerUiuly to ibe lebels the "word of promise to tb^ar, aud ore tk>ng it to toe hope." but over ready, tbe*mo tnoui he saw tho tide ol success surging in out favor, to snow Muist'il, as be undoubtedly henceforth will, to be our very aood Irieud, and, U necessary, our most humble aud devmed servant. vt ith such -luring events crowding upon each other with such iu, .dity ujion your eid<! o( the water, your readers are probably not particularly interefted in tbe political ailai! g oi the Old World. In loot there is not tniM h uf , merest, it U now gotioraily he leved here that theie will bo no I ufaiean war, and that the Lianisb ques lion will he settled by the Application lo the duchies of the Klnperor'* universal. remedy ot a '* plebiscite." lhd'towwso: the death of the Due de ilaiakoff reached bore oo I'uosduv evening, aud the body of the dead MAr slial will pr bably arrive at Marseilles to-morrow lie wto new i j seventy years old, having Leeu born in 1790. 1 no Finperor and Ltu,>r< .? quit t'aris on the 4th of June f jr FoMaii :i,ble..u, and all the world which the reornl utwibly bid ueaiherbdi not already driven away will make iIf exodus about the samo lime On* ot the loui nils slates tbil Oily actresses Imve luen rec'tnted at Vienca lor the Mexican Opera. the W iKi..ugton, tbe first boat of the new irauswllautio lino u staamers tri m Havre to New York, will mave tne loruiir port uu the l&th oi Juue. GEANI'B CAMPAIGN. British Opinion of the Ureal Straggle 1 u Virginia. LOUD rALMER3TO.< H ICBPURT OF THE POSITION OP TIIE AICIIKS. Id tbe House of Commons, on the 37th of May, Mr. IUluiicicxom asked tbe noble lord at tbe bead of tbe gov ernment whether be bad received an? intelligence con firming tbe rumored defeat of tbe federals by General Lee. Ixjrd I'^kkbotok? Tbo latent Intelligence tbat I have mkd mihc paper* today was up to, 1 think, tbe lflth. At that time do freeb action bad taken place between tbe armieo. They were looking at each other. I have not teen the m >re recent acoouota to which tha honorable membor re; erg dir W. I'Ra/kh asked whether tbe Admiralty had any additional intelligence. Lord C. Paobt? No. WHAT TBI ANOLO-RKBU. SYMPATHIZERS DOPI. [From um London Times, May 28.) ? ? ? the actual capturo of Richmond, even If that triumph should crowu Urant'a desperate enterprise, will Dot briDg the North a step nearer to the restoration of tbe Union or tbe conquest of the South. The aayiog of Prealdeot Davla that Uie war could be proloogad lor tweuty years, even lu tbe *tate of Virginia, alter Rich mond had (alien, will be tu everybody's recollection, and If Grant over re icties that city be may And tbat hia cool and reeoiute ?dversary , aft-r exiu ting tbo It moot ob tainable price (?.r It in biood and slaughter, will loave tbe position in his b <tids with n<> grnator value lu It than at tached to the w internees alter It bad served its torn and tbo fighting was done. After what baa now been divulged of tbe plana and re corded of tbo operations of tbe coutondlug armiea wo can estimate with little difficulty the prospects of tbe cam pelgn. It I* literally a question of military arithmetic Putting aoide (or the moment the value of tbe prlae and tbe importance or unimportance of the reauit, we have only to calculate wbntber Leo, wltb tbo reaouroeo at hie command, can, by tbe prixxoe which bo la aoelfrotaally emptor m* , exhaust tbe reaourco* of Grant before he reacbea Klchmood.or whotber, am the contrary. In tbe common consumption of lite Grant ean outlast Loo. ir G rani ponaess strsngtn enongb to oootlnuo to attaok aa be has attacked, It Is clear thai In the end he will arrive, la aome Wight or oth?, before tbe defence* of Richmond, and, If he can still maintain the same rate of expenditure, will aoae day enter the city He himself writes to Heore* tary Stanton? "I Propose to fight It out M this line, If II tekea all summer and bo baa shown by hie condaot that wo may take him at bta word. V, however, htt eool, resolute and akilful adversary aboald be ttreng enough to eontMMie nn to the walla of tbe oapital |tlie tac tic* wh eb ho baa hitherto employed, and If be oan make Grant p?y at the current rate ror every mile of ground, It may he, a queatl ? whether tbe reeoureee or endurance of tbo !.? >?, n* themaetvea will prove aa Inoxhsustlblo as the obntlnaoT of th?lr General At preeent ? ?? can eoly see thit this dreadful game has been plaved by botb parties through twelve <laya of bat lis m<i - an?af? without surrender on either side We have heard what Urait bas been doing, and he blmiwir ri (nil JUKUoe, in his curt but tnithrul despatches, to one >oqnerai>le heroism gf his adversary It Is tbe rodent turn in oet savage taane of war? who oan stand moat kiUtnf It Is more than ever difficult to prodkit the result of a coatoat 0f endurance, bat the advantage* of gfowti, position aad istoUlfteitw y? if lib lb* Wmlodo ralss, ftM WsfthtagW* dupr of oaptsre than wt beltftr* E?chBX*d w be *?w. tut NU ffllM A"? <WTB*??0" W ??T ?? a?tsrH? Us. Uu tbey look upas ?V*h'J|? ' ?Jw^JlL orlnolpt# AUmuom defeat as 4 trtuaaj*. Upoo^ ??? PT'^V* ilia to be praumtd that *oold Otm?? be umm? ? driven bask sod routed, tfcey wlil M' Ukft ?* ^ heart, kiilti bsooms ?? habituated * f^r*'<rf?hmir. regard M m tb. noraftl ?i nsturftl <**?' * Anything sbort af rftpulsft -ftnd pass** Mtpi from ostnpiels Rich tb7 Grand Ar*y of tb. rotoaao, la Its '<? ? mood" exploits, will Indeed be as ??Pf"**" I be federals? alsaest u great ft pooled oapture of Htohmond weald be f* 'i i would be ft novelty . in IU way, P?r,6?"J ?r ?nlawe The Intsst tel*gr?m. from the North, whlocw. l prmt to d?y, tead te shew that If the rederaU ?u ?eed,|? fighting a drawn battle, whiota, for the**, la a mivltnt I o 4 difoil, Uiftf mj tb^mwWii f?f* lunate. Both the flank and fhe dlre^ ait^pii to rwb Richmond btvi tbua far Blgully failed. Tbe prttaMM EtfXaC Laa.^d uparauHM by Orani, preftou ?r .?sorted by the federal*, are now expressly oontrftdlcted briOaa^ ?re>t mistake to eatlmaU the merits oT ? ??"" br the ability aad perfteveranoe with which it is oo? ducted. The i hug wilt track bis uucon*dous victim lor <laya and weeks, or ereu months. trough cold and hunger, and a thousand difficulties, to strftoglft blaa jtt last? oot for gftis, not for the sroallsst Iraotjon of any tangible good to be got for himself by U, but Bln?P'/?f> fulfil what be consider* hla duty to the aangu oary di vinitr he worahlpa. 8o in the Nortnera *rraJ*'nfB? do doubt, beside# merosoarles, many ?, laboring under toe. deluaion that he la lighting l^e bat tle* of the Lord" in ? oruaade agaioat alarery? many a political enthusiast, who la ready, with the besi . and most disinterested loteutlona, to offer up si* i ' ?,5 (Southerners on the bloody shrine of "the Union as It But, after all , the truth ia that tb* North do not fight so well aa the South. WHAT Till BRITISH ARISTOCRATS THIMK. [From the London Herald (Derby organ), May **?] l) the American quarrel la to be deoWedby of battle. It oan hardly be said to be In a fair wayot re celTlag any dlstlnot aolutlon Just at present ?one fifty thousand men at least t luAniiiiad in & wMk mall after mail which orluji ua news from ?He battle field* in Virginia rciiregenu tb* result of tbla fighting as atlll Indeo.lsiv#. Tbe ?Lance* are euch as to suagsst to us a very P1*^!** balance of advantage* on ellbsr & aldT tb of almost ng numbers, with ft rtroclou* energy which > has not been usrallsled is the formor history of the war, on the other side tbo perfection of selentiftc strat w . wllb U?dB C0Dt.']*T?d tl ??ch a p*rfwi upon his fellow banqueter* the propriety of not Inter. er Im on either side, so aa to spoil the game, thl* great r.n tbbaV r ?r?; 'eitprMsloB ^ Tr^ ^ 4? At a ^t ? oon^d'Thowevw, 'tbw^Sl ^vl^a^tw^w have boon miserable Iftiluree, and Uunol t/iu wdl mm out to bettu compHt* fa^rtorall. I f*rg* fl4rM rftUM #k,j# %t ka$ approached nearest to a iwii. ? ? * On the morning of the 13th 01 May, the federals found that the enemy bad disappeared from their front, and tbe latest accounts leave ttiem following slowly and nainfuilv throunh tblok mud that offcra a very aerloua imMdlnJot ^ the tiraM^rt or artillery. Time wll. .how the object of tb.^bern^ener.1 in ^^vemeut^H^ turned by Advance .long tbe Fredericksburg Rall wav He may find the position on the Po creek tMfavorableto the federal artillery and too far from hla minDliea Tbe advance of Butler along the Jarnea rlv er may have madehlm anxloua about tbe ?af*y of RWh j aft mi>w wi?h to draw tb# fedoral army Into tbe hoar t of ? difficult oountry, some ten milea or IU bsse of operations, that be may be the better eu abied to surround it and oomplele Uadogtruaion^ rk* volition of Orant u now periUM= in an adremt de^rta. . Hft tZrZZul so tu that he has no longer un opponuulty or to caleT disaster. There l., to all appearance , but one alternative left to him? Kt i?m{ tin* le* from his front or be himself anniMlalea. GRAMT MUST OO FORWARD. [From the London Telegraph, May 37.] ? * ? As long, indeed, as Gr^nt mov.-s onwards, *o I -tun will New York believe In him;, but Hupi>o*e lie calls raZ-aSE*; that his crippled Moss are heW ???*?*? tnan a few days in check bofore some riUe pil* aod hraast works stronger than those of Spottsylvau.aT meisure tbe probable reaction, we must >? iimiKt bloodless victory was hoped lor, and that tue aame ^ouruftl which r coord* these *augulii?rv atruggle* very recently expressed IU opiulon that the campaign ?uuld reeuit "In the rebel evacuation or the c tj , and retroat into North Carolina without a battier ^gJ7e bii army " I1?at dream, at any rate, baa w^dUDelrtd and on the first Indication or ev.l for June New Y>>rk, suddenly recovering from an excite m22t thaT U almost madnes*, wiU confes* that twenty .I?. ^ Viriiinian soil may have been dearly er ' n at the price of two thousand men tor every mile. thk fbblino i* masohkstbh. [From the ManchesUr Examiner, May 26.] ? ? ? A eurvey of the** difficulties will enable us to understand the oonslderatlons which General Lee must UkJ ,n iSTSSSouftt in determining the tactics of the cam ualgn A retreat to Biobm md wou.d simplify lbe J,t"* tlou and seem to afford him so many adyant:igos-lf that Is the word to use whrr* rvfry thing luokj duadMntagv u thai we nbali not bo surprl-ed to he ir of his inarching thither at once. He it menae tl un.k an avalanche of di.< ' a*Ur. and if he should a<*i it frm a uthing mm U I t miJ be nrrJ to a mtrad* of energy and tktll. In coolness, in fertility ot re* urc.-e, In promptness of decision, and. above all, In uulllncbing resolution, a rant has ?m?<oniroNy distanced hi* i>redect.u ori. Tb federal soldiers have fought as thojr never fought be fore on tbe soil of Virginia. th*n which, perh%p*. no tribute to their prowes* could be higher. It is 8inil^? irnth to aay that ihe Confederate bavS astonished the world by their herolam It ha* been a rev.Ution of boutbern character which their antecedents lod but few to anticli>?te. and whteb. even (rum those who roust severely coudomn the cause ror they hftvft taken n>< arms, must commaud all the respect whirh tbo high est military quallilas can tusplre. OriHlON If LIV1RPOOL. I [From th. Liverpool Mercury May 27.] ? ? ? General (irant will have to lollow tni?ni, dragging all bis supplies over broken ro ?ds and through swiTllcn klreams. All tbe clrcnm taucos of theso dc*i?ir ate battles give one a high respect for the bravery both 1 oi the federal and Confederate armle*. but all the gene ralship appear, to be on the aide ol the Confederates. General I*e seem, to have the power ot compelling Gen^ Grant to light him In tbe positions most favorable for a de^nslve and most unfavorable for ?n ln\ riding army. It is doubtiul whether tbe federals have been able to use their spieniild artillery in uny of tba recent battle^ while the Confederate have been able to mane much use or theirs. Ihe "Howard Hoax" and Othrr Ameri can Diplomatic- Koigi i tcv [From tbe "London Post (government org?0) , Ma y 28.] The last news pointedly bring* tuto notice the extraor dinary forgeries of Slate pa(>ers In America, for the pro duction of which luit now there sei'tna to l? a purred mama. The forged despatch purporting to be issued by tbe Confederate government with reference to tlie steam raina built at Liverpool was made to do good diplo matic service by ibe foderala. When ft had been u.<t*d for tbe intended purposs. Its real character waa^nadn known and admitted by tup North. Then we bad tbe protended oorresi>oti4snce between Ix>rd Lyon* and President Ituvls, which Mr I.ayard, In tbe H^use of Common* on Thursday tiigbt, characterized aa a ? boas and not a very Ingenious one," but wbicb, It se<>ms, was about aa ingenious u* the forgod despatch, attributed to Mr Mallory , rnema to have imposed both U|wn our own government and tSit of the I'nited State*. We are now told of a forged proclamation, published In tba North, on tbe 18th instant, and pnriiortlng to bare been lasued by President Llnc< In Tbe substance of It wm an announcement that tienersi Grant's campaign bad closed, coupled with a demand for four hundred thousand more troops. This hoax , though It I* hardly entitled to be on?ldsrsd at all Ingenloua, seems, however, to have Imposed for a time upon tba American puplic? unrivalled aa tbat public ta acknowletlged to be In uvery quality and characteristic that counts for an mgre<li?>nl In tbe na Uonal virtue of "smartness." Tbe publication of this document, ws are tow, eauaed intense though temporary sxcltoment. And there Is mors per haps la tht* than tbe superficial observer might luppose. tl mm* to betrau a ihrncd apprthenmrn, a i ilcmy fort boding, in the mindi of (At* ditctrr ling public, that Grant's campaign stay pomnbly hart an md m hich will rtnd-r tht calling out of half a milium more sun a very urgent ne csti'w. To glvs tbe fedoral* their due II Is but Justice to say that in th' matter of forgery f hey art Str/M| flS partial, and spars their own govsrnment no mors than tbe government at Richmond. Coronnr'a Inqureta. Tns ArwDnrr is Cwmon 9rmm.? Corooer Wlidey yea terday bald aa Inquest on the korty of John Kay lor, Iba man who was killed by the railing of tba building 164 Chunk atraal, oa Tuesday evening, aa previously reported* It appearing to tba jory tbat tba occurrence waa accl. dental, a verdict to that offset waa readered Deceased waa rorty-flve yaara of age and a native of tbla oountry. lie luta left a widow aad two ablldreo, tiring at 148 East Thirty-ninth atroet. | Fatal Iocidbwttoi S*tum Pet?r A. Pateraoo, a sailor while al work M tba malotnpsaH yurd of tba ablp Saga, lying off the Battery , fell le the deck, and waa ao badly Injured tbat death ensued a few boars afterward*. Ooro nar Wlidey bald and inqqoat oa tba hody , and a verdict of accidental death waa r*tarnsd by the Jury. Tha da oeaaed waa twentf-two yaara of age and a native of Nor way. Fatal Bnammt Casualty. ? Harriet Wlleon, n young woman who had bean an inmate of tha dnooe hones 91 and Ba Jamaa street, died yesterday, In the Naw Tort Iloapiul, from tba effects at harna received oo Sunday morning by bar otothen taking ?n from a lamp, by (he light of whiah aha was reading a paper. The newspaper Oral caught are aad the flumes oemmnnicaum te bar alatbiag. No one waa at hand ta aaawt bar before aba waa ratlur burned. in InuuAsl waa bald on tha bod/ bf Coroner wilder, Deoeaeod wad twenty two yaara of a?o and a native of Ofeta. Dsowbiwi 0? A* !m??u?t Wmti IlTT0T7f>AT*B.-?AB laqueat waa held by Coroner Wlidey on tha body of /aha Farrahev, aa Utah ?migrant, farty years or age, who wan accidentally drowned by railing Into tha dock root or Mur ray street. wbHe tateiioated. fteeeaeed bad been but Ore weetH in lae country, aad waa going te Ohio when ha met hie death. Ho bag |gfl A Wlf? aad B'a tUiMUroa It fed UMiUnamr. MARRIAGES AND DEAT+18. Married. An dbksgk ? Xmtu ? On fnssda y, Jane 7. at tbe rcotdence of the brute's father, bjr tbe R" Judm t, Hchock, IX D. , Isaac abdsksos^ Jr., to 8akah Nmu, daunhUr of John J MmMI, Esq Bno?t)k*n? Aioibu*.? In Brooklyn, on Wednseday, Jane 8, by the lie*. Richard 0. Onww, Habi B. Brub dhr to Racuib A. Addiso*. Cinun-UvDB -4n Saturday, Mir 14, nt tt. Btspbeu's church . Dublin, by the Rev. John FiBlsysoe, M. A., Alf>d>J OmuKT. Eh | , oftbiseity, to Marias SnwiB, daughter of tne Into Qeorge L Char lee too , 8. 0, Collahobs? Jsmuu.? In the Madison arenue Baptist church, on Tuesday, June T, by the Bsv. Thomas Aral tags, D. D. , Human Collators to If . Aunu. daughter of 0?o. & Jenkins, Kaq., all of New York. Follbh? Dobom ?On Monday evening, Jane 0, by UM Rot. e. b. Otbermen, Mr. Bun jml B. rrixna, of Stamford, Conn., to MM Hicra A. Dvaoia, of Harlem. Fowlbr? Adrlasqh. ? At St. I.uke'a church, Brooklyn, on Wednesday, June 8, by the Rev. J. W. Dltler, D. 0., Jim D. Fowtbb to Hun, youngest daughter of UM late Charles Adrlanoe, nil of Brooklyn. Gim? Cradimm*.? On Tuesday , June T, nt the rnlJsneS of the bride's parents, by the Her Jarvis Qeer, IX IX, Mr. John Gi&t late of San rranolsoo, Cal. , to Miss Exsur L. Ca ad dock, of thU city. San Fraaolsco papers plesse oopy. Hatbawat? Waixrr.? At tbe uturob of the Nativity, Bridgeport, Conn. , on Tuesday, June 7, by Rev. H. M. Sherman. 8. B Hathaway, of Now York, toMufinmA., youngest daughter of J. a Walker, lOsq., of the forsaer place. Hopkins? Wrlmi.? On Monday, Jhiee 8, at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. jobn Brash, Wx. Out Hoi-kins to Margarry Jams, eldeet daughter of the Late Robert Welsh, all of thti elty. Nooards. Hull? Tskrill.? In Brooklyn, E. D , on Wednesday, June 8, by the Rev. John N. Tolman, Mr. Lorbnzo B. Hull, of Boston, to Miss Maka Louisa Tkrriu., of thia city. Nbwton ? Smith ? In St. Louis, Mo., on Monday, May 30, at the realdeuoe of A. 0. Smith, Esq , father or the bride, Mr. J. Hammiix Nswros, of Nsw York, to Miss Hattis Surra. Rohan? Flctchrr.? At San Franclsoo. California, sa Friday, June 3, Anton Romas to Miss Kuka Flrtcubs, daughter or Capt. A. L. Fletcher. Riohabdson ? Kyb. ? On Saturday evening, June 4, al Holy Trinity churcb, Brooklyn, by the Rev. Dr. Little jobn, William S. Riuharusom to Jams Mahtbbs, third daughter of Qeorge Eve, Esq., all of Bermuda. No cards. Richards? Lamb.? On Tuesday, May 31, nt Albany, by the Kev. Mr. Chadbouro, Mr. Clark Q. Richards to Miss Hklkn A. Lamb, of Custleton. i SHBAnw? Cami'.? In New Haven, Conn., on Tuesday, June 7, by Rev Edwin Harwood, D D , Waltbb 8. bHKAfBB, of PoMsvllle, Pa., to jBMjns, eldest daughter of Gilbert l amp, Esq., of New Haven. I Srow ? Watts ? On Wednesday, June 8, by ihe'Rev. Dr Beach, at the residence or the bride's sisters, Charlhs d. Stow, or Brooklyu, to Mart F., youngest daughter or Wil liam Waits, Esq. , of Orange, N; J. No cards. Philadelphia and Indiana papers please copy. Sraman? Voorhis ? On Tuesday, June 7, at the rest denoe oi the bride's rather, by the Kev. Joseph T. Dur. yea, of New York oitjr, Wilua* A. Sraman to Emilt K. Voorbis, daughter of Peter P. Voorhis, Esq., of Plain* held, N. J. Suai>b? Marsh.? On Wednesday, June 8, at the reef dence or the bride's parents, by the Rev. Dr. Wm. Morgan. Mr. Charles E. Shadb to Miss Joski-wns Majuui, both Of this city. Tcrmkr? McNcltt.? On Wednesday, June 1, by the Rev. G. T. Lestraud, Mr. Jobn H. Tuknibb, or Harlem, to Miss Rbhboca T. Mc Niltt, of this city. Iuomas? Vaii lUrar ? On Wednesday;, June 8, at the residence or the brlUe's parents, by the Rot. Thomas Arraitage.D. I>. .Chaklbs Nbwton Thomas to Anxib M., eldest daughter of Edward Van Raust, Esq. , all or this city. Vast Bi rbn ? By bus. ? On Wednesday, June 1, by the Rev A. W. Moylan. S. J , Joe am W. Van Birbn to Ma tilda C? youngest daughter or the late John Byrne, all of this city. WmtrisLD? Bird ? At Philadelphia, on Tuosday, June T, by tbe Rev. Phillips Brooks, Edwin A. WnnrriRLB to Subib Bird, daughter or the late (Juptaln Thomas 9, Bird, or New York. Wiuxs? Csowlbt.? On Saturday, June 4, by tbe Rev. Fattier Evorett, at the Oburcb or tho Nativity, Mr. M. 8. Whits to Miss Ellbn H. Csowlbt, all of this city. Cork (Ireland) papers please copy. Walks? Hichabdson.? Ou Saturday, June 4, by the Rev. Dr. Dlller, at St. Luke's church, Clinton avenue, B-oofc lyn, Harry A. Walks to Miss Lucy, daughter or Wm. Richardson, Esq., of Williamsburg, long island. Ne cards. Died. Bsriss. ?In San Francisco, CeL, on Saturday, May 7, of congestion of tbe brain, Juhn J. Kbviss, or New York, aged 43 years and 0 months. Also, on Tuesday, April 12, o; scarlet rover, Mary Lincoln Clarissa Bbvins, daughter of John J. and Anna Helena Kevins, aged 3 years, 8 mouths and 6 days. Boyi.rn ? On Wednesday, May 8, Mart Ann, eldest daughter or lAwrence and Mary Jane Boylen, aged 4 yenri*, 2 month* and 22 days. The runerat will take piuce this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'olocK, rrom the residence of her parents, Na 118 Ludlow street. Howkn. ? On Wodnosday, June 8, Amos, the beloved wile of Richard Bowen, in the 00th year of borage. Her friends and relatives and tboee of her husband ere resiieotrully Invited to attend tho runeral, from bar lets rosi leuce, 6S Park street, on Friday afternoon, at t ao o'ciock preclcety. bAKM? On Tuosday, June 7, at the Norrolk Hospital, or luug lover. Gborgk Uakkr, united btates Navy, late of Nowark, N. J. Newark and I'hiladelphla papora ploiso copy. CLUtca.? In Williamsburg, ou Tuesday, Juue 7, after e lingering illness, Robrkt IL ClbncU, agod 30 years, $ m >uths Mud 0 days. Toe relatives and friends of tho family are respectfully Invited to uttond tho luueral, this ( l hurt day i artormnn, at throe o'clock, from hie late roeidonce, corner of North tirsi and Tenth streets. Alb toy papers ploase copy. DtuioNiro.? On Wednesday aTternoon, June 8, at half past twelve o'clock, or dlptheria, Alius Ci.kmbbcb, daughter of Constaut and Louise Delmomco,agod 2 years, 0 months and 23 cays. Tho relatives and rrlenda or the family are respectfully Invitod to attend the luueral, irum tho church or 8t. ViDcent de Paul, Tw?nty- third street, this (Thursday) morning, at ten o'clock, without lurtner notioe. Dr >oi r. ? At Washington, D. C , on Saturday, June 4, of wounds received at tbe battlo or the Wilderness on tbe loth oi May, while nobly dclouding tbe uag ol bis coiutry, Cori>or?I William If. Dr Folk, of tbe Forty sacond Mew Vork Veteran Volunteers, son of the late l'bomus Uu Jour. " lis Vos ? On Wednesday morning. June 8, Anna, wire or John De Vue, lu the 33d year of her ngo. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfullr lnvltud to attend the lunoral .services, (lis ( TburHlay) evoniuK, at half [>ast seven o'clock, at her lute residence, No. 171 West lentb street, lier remains will be taken to Youkers tor luterment. Ivlahcnty. ? At Flushing, L I., on Wcduoeday morn leg, Juu? 8, William DklaH' ntt. a native or Lougbuiore c uuty lipperary, Iroiann agod ;ft years. Tbe rol.ttives and friends or the family are resiwctrully ibvi e l to niteud the funeral, this (TbursJay) aiteiajju, w.u.o it further notice. D is coll. ? on Wednesday, June 8, Micbasl Drisoou., aged 17 years and 8 months. lbe rolativos and ac laaintances are res P' sUdlly invited to attend the funeral, this (I'liuii.lay ) afternoon, at one o'clock, from Instate residence, 271 Water street. Dyir ? On Weduo^lay, Juno 8, lu the full hope of n blessed immortality beyond the grave, Mrs. May Dtsh, aged 03 years, 11 muothft and 8 da.vs. The friends and relatives or the ramily, also the mem bers of the Mariners Haptist church, Oliver street, are respectfully invited to attend the luneral, from the Mari ners' l-amiiv Home, Vanderbilt s I/tudlng, Stolen Island, this ( Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Clmuimm.? On Wednesday morning, June 8, F.dmdnd M. , sou of Harmon hJUrW^e, aged 30 yearn The relatives and friends, particularly those of tbe Ira of AbbatlAt Rathbun, are invited to attend the funeral, from bis late resl tonoe, No. 468 West Twenty ssoosn streot, on Friday uftcrnoon, at two o'clock. Fbknkt.? In Hroiklyn,on Wednesday, June 8, Juua Fsbnst, aged 43 years. Tbe inends or tbe family are respectfully Invited to atteod tbe funeral, from St. Peter's church, corner of Warren and Hicks streets, South Brooklyn, this (Thum dsy) mcrntng at ten o'clock. Gamrlb.? on Tuosday, hay 31, killed on tbe battlefield, thirteen miles from Richmond, .J amsb W. Gamslb, com pany A, Firth Sew Jersey, In the'lOtb year or his ?*e. Hart? un Tuesday, Juue 7, Micoabl, son of Michael and hllen Hart, aged 20 years, a native of the pariah of Drnmlommoo, county Cavan, Ireland. The friends or the family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at hair past one o clock precisely, from bis late residence, 89 East Eloveoth streot. Kite.? -un Wednesday. June 8, Marbl, only child of Captain Horatio C and tbe late Emma tftebbins King, aged 3 months and 16 days. Washington City tapers please copy. K*y oil? Suddenly, oo Tuesday, June 7, Job* Kirua, aged 4- jretra tod 0 moutha. Ibe relatives and frlende ara rctpecifully Invited to attend lbs funeral, from ba late raaldeuce, So. 142 Kaat Thirty omth slreet, una (Tburnday) afternoon, at oca e'olocla> Kahs.? On Wednesdsy, .Tana 8, n*iras?, daughter of John heoji*, in the ll?th year of her ago The relatives and mends of the family ara respectful f Inviix.i to atteud tba funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at ball part obe o'clock, from the residence of bar pa> rente, 48 Hudion street. Kimth.? It Cilftoa, Htatra Island, on Wednesday, J no* I, Awn Stahiivt, the beloved wire of Martin Klllun. The friends an?l rslatlvee or tba family, ala.< those of Hr. Hagerty'e family, ere respectfully Invited to nttend the funeral, without rurtber notice, from the house of Mr. Iwnis Hagerty, (lllton, Statin bland, on Krlday af ternoon, at two o'clock, Hjhah ? <>n Wednesday, June g Fhhpkwox Ktiii, aged 4ft yean. tl.e relative* and Mend* are rMpeotrully Invited to at tend the fuueial.on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late rosldouce, hii Maiden lane, without furtucr not ICC Masoh.? Near Louisville, Ky., on Saturday, Jnae 4, Jrua Kamcae, infant daughter of F. A. aud Julia A Ma ?on, aged 1 year, Due notice of funeral will he given. Mumiuw ? On Tuesday morning, June T, after a long and severe Illness, Mat, gtoauw, In the 83d year of bis The friends of the family, and of his broiler, Rarnard Mulgrew, ere reapeeUullr Invited to attend the funernl, this (Thuraday) nftsmoAn, at half-past one o'clock, tmm his late raaldenoe, Mo. Id Mlilt Street, between Third nnd Fourth a venose. OUrtxrv ah. ?tilled, on Wednesday, May II, near At*>t ny I van la Ctonft Boom, Ve. , l.teut Jamhs Awnaaw 0 8cv t,tvAH, one Hundred nnd rtiity-fourtb regiment, <or?> ran'e Irish Lag len, aon of the late Tames O'Kuiiivan, Ken m are, Kerry. Ireland, aged 19 yearn. He rests wboro lie rell for the prsnent Hollcc of the funeral hereafter. OsnnnpoHi ? On Hunday. June 8, of pneumonia, tlofun* Ohohhdohh, aged He year*. Tb? frinods and relatives of his Hi rally and of his NttrtMp i<v*aW4 Mr* A- B. ??*?<?% kavu* to a*t no*

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