Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 10, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 10, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD WHOLE NO. 10,129. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 1864. PRICE THREE CENTS. GRANT! Occasional Skirmishing and Can nonading Along the Lines. Otyfeet of the Recent Flag of Truce. Removal of the Wounded and Darial of the Dead. Suspension of Hostilities Da* ring the Operations. Rebel Accounts of the Battle of Friday Last, Ia. Ac.. &o. } THE SECOND CORPS. Mr. Francis C. Lobr'i Despatch. S*X>N1> ABMt COHI't. N*ab Con Harbor, Vs., June 7, 1804 skirmishing. Since my last despatch was forwarded nothing of a very serious nature baa oocurrod In tho Second army corpe. The same skirmishing baa boon kept up between our advanced line and the rebels, and wo have been the re cipients of tbe enemy's compliments in about tbe usual number of shells', to wbieb our batteries have punctually replied. FKH*r mi?fl SH-8PB!?nEn. General Dlrney's pickets have made a rather sensible arrangement with those of the eucmy, and have ceased ?ring at each other for the time being; but they bare relaxed none of their watchfulness, as the ??amy will And to bis coat should be make an attempt to loave bis intrenchments. Birnoy has IB his division some of the best sharpshooters In tho ser Ylea? the Kirat and Seoond I'nited States Sharpshooters. The majority of tbem are excellent marksmen, and Boldorn fall or bringing down their man when they get anything kike a fair sight of one. ?H WOI'HPSD REMOVED ANT) DKAD BIT R]E1> TKDER FUtO OF inr<*. A flag of truce went ont from the Third brigade of the Second division this eveniug at six o'clock, for thojjur poae of bringing off our dead that were upon the bold be tween tbe two lines. None but strotcher bearer? and medical ofiicers were allowed to accompany it. Sorgeon Je welt, of the Fourteenth Connecticut Volunteers, went oat with tbe flag. Our lines at that place were about two hundred and fifty yards from tbe enemy a advanced rifle pits. Colonel Kmitb, commanding tbe brigade, ordered tbe firing to cease ab?ul ttteen minutes berore the flag was sent ?ut, and the moment it appeared the enemy also ceased, mad not another shot was fired by cither sde until eight ?'clock P. II., at which time the truoe expired, Tbe ?nemy also sent out a detachment from his ambulance corps to bring in bis own dead. It was roundimpoealble to bring our doad away from tho field, as tbey bad beeu tvfng several days and were in an advanced stage of do caaapositlon. The body of Colonel MoMahon, who com manded tbe Irish Brigade, was, however, recovered. INFORMATION WANTKD OF A I Of T FFBKL OFFICER. While tbe rebela were burying their dead, a surgeon approached our line, where a group of odlcers and sol 4 tare were standing, and made inquiries concerning tho disposition of the body or Lieutenant (Joorge A. Haines, Jtortietb North Carolina Volunteers, who was killed at Mat precise spot. One of COlonel Smith's staff told him that tbe body waa found and buried somewhere lu the weigh borbood. Tbe rebel surgeon then wrote the name af tbe lieutenant on a scrap of paper and banded it to one ?f our men, remarking, "Gentlemen, please mark bis grave, if ywi Know where it is. It will be a source of great consolation to his poor widowed mother to know in years to come the place where bis bones are lying." His body is buried under tbe earth work, about flrtcen feet aorth of tho narrow footpath^ where be fell. rMrORTANT PROMOTIONS. Colonel Pierce, In command of the first brigade of Barlow's division, it is said, has received a brigadier general's commission. Colonel Smith, commanding tbe Third brigade of Gib boa's division, has alio been (romotcd to a brigadier general. If merit is tbe data of military prcfcrence, Colonel Smith fully deserves this promotion, for bo has c mm inded a brigade for a long time in a manner that bas won bfm fre juort encomiums from the lips of bis commanding general. THE FIFTH CORPS. Mr. L. A. Henitrlck'a Despatch. HBADvrARTKRi, FlfTH ARM* C>RHS, "> In tbs Fif.ld, June 7, 1804. / thb cnrKAaoxirr FRinr.ts held. ,? Two divisions of tbia corps? General Griffin's sod Gen sral Cutler's? movod to day to tbe Chickabominy, and bow occupy tbe joiitlon from the Railroad bridge over the Cfcir.kabominy to Sumner's bridge, crossing tbe rivor two miles above. On tbe opposite l>anlc of tho rivor the enemy Is strongly potted, and have tome heavy (una In ?lew. ARTILLERY rjpiXCJ. These same guns opened rather fiercely on our arproaoh tag column*. Several sixtv-four-pounder shells were thrown. Very few ot tbelr shells exploded, however, so that but little damage was done. Batteries P, First New York arlllWy, Lieutenant Richardson; B, Fourth Totted States artillery, T.ieuteoant Steward; and C, Third Maasschuselts artillery . Lieutenant Walcott, gave them a responsive touch or spherical case and sharpoel, which bad a quieting ellcct, HCKKT riRlKO. The pickets on tbe opposing basks of the river have not thus far succoodod In establishing amicable relatlous. Al Intervals they have kept up a lively interchange of ?hots all day, but are more generally reticent to night in tbe use of tbelr muskets. 05 Till RANKS OF TO! CflK'KAflOMlXT AGAI5. Like the memory of a dream seems to day's renewed ' eight of this stream, so memorable in the past history of the war. Slow and turbid move on its waters still. It)<i name mtnsmatto marches line Its banks. And so It will be "when this cruel war Is over." Other grand aclsof this terrible war drama may be acted here ; other great battles bo fought; reglmonti and brlgados and divisions * may be swept from being; the Southern confederacy be. oome a memory ; but tho CUkkabomlny will flow on, and Me miasm I tic marshes remain. . nsi'ABTCRa or tbs *i\ni mum. Tbe Ninth New York >*tato Militia regiment, Lieutenant <*lonei Chalmers in command, left this afternoon for beme, tbelr three years term of enlistment expiring to snarrow. A mere handful there la of them? one hundred mad nineteen altogether. But they have dooe tholr duty aaeoidiers, as attr>ue4 by tbelr ttiinaed ranks and battle tore flag. ( ouniiog recruits, oonscrlptn and all, the regi ment has had twenty-two hundred raon on Its rolls, ot which about four hundred r?raata mm m the field. In tbepresout. ampaign It has lost two hun.l red aad nine silled and wouuded, Including Colonel Marsh. J THB BART LAND TBOOr* Attn UFWSBit. WARRBV. A picture in a late number of Itarytr ?' rcpre s?W'Hng General Warren rallying the Mary landers, allows ,0 fcilereuce prejudicial to tho Maryland troops in Mils corp* The facta of tho case are simply these ? On tLe advent "r?n Hpoltsylvsnia Court Rouse, after Todd's tavero, the Second dlvlsioa was pushed forward tv attack some cavalry, and in doing ao came npon tlie .euemy's strong long Use of intrsnchment* covering the advene* )o the Court Boum, and a fores of Infantry supporting tb* oaralry. H*re the troops be came temporarily dlscrg?vii*od, the Maryland troops no more than ?hs feci Gener#' Warren seized the fla/ of the ThlTloenlh M'SsncWBHHJ reg ment, whose color be*ier h?<l be-o killed, and tbs <lsp?uir out in two by ? ?... -T mi, ua reforms* the divWon, the of which, foufht ntft pIlMl'T ilUrwirii. I make till stote mi Mi to oorreot Um ?rroMoos impreeeloo Um sketch te m omit regarding Um Maryland troops, Wb? to that battle ami to subsequent onea have tbne far acquitted themselves with great credit. Itwaato thtt all air, it will he reuemberad, that the gallant General Robinson was wounded and loat his lag, and to bla being wounded waa ehielly owlag the dlaorgaataattaa of the division. Justice compels aae to add, however, that to the apirlttng presence and ooadnet of General Warren on this ocoaaion? to hla coolness and quiet presence of mind; to the daring Intrepidity with wblcb, seizing this flag, be placed himself a the bead of the column and led them Into the light? this temporary falling back waa prevented becemlng a rout, and the day's contest, taatead of ending In diaaatroua defeat f crowned with the brilliant and decisive victory It waa. a i. two eoBJUsroNDKfT rwmaa The following explains itself: ? General Ordert. UaiDwaRraaa, Army or rim Potomac, June 7, 1844. Edward Cropsey, a corresponded of (be Philadelphia Inquirer, having published in that journal or the 2d instant a libellous statement on the commanding general of this army, calculatod to impair tne confidence of tnearmy In (heir commauditiK olllecr, and wblcb statement the said Cropsey now acknowledges to have been false, aud to likvu been bused uu some Idle camp rumor, It is here by ordered that he be arrested and paraded through the lines 01 the army, with a placard marked'"Mbelier of the Press," and that bo be then put without the lines and not permitted to return. The Provost Marshal General will see that this order is promptly executed. The command ing General trusta that this examplo will deter others frum cumTolttinii like otfcnces, and be Mkeu this oioaslon to notify the representatives of the publin press tint, whilst ho is rca .y ?t all times to extend to them every facility for acquiring facta and giving circulation io the truth, he will not hesitate to punish, with the ut most ri^or.-ill like the above, where individu al* taUc ailrautige of tbo privileges accorded them to circulate falsehoods, and thus impair the confidence which the public and the army should have in their generals atid otber olllocrs. My corom.iud ol' Ma >>r General Ml.'ADK. H. Wuuaus, Assistant Adjutant General. Tbo aboto was read to the regiments this afternoon. It is understood that it will be put in execution to-dsy. WmTOIUWAl. or TUB riVTO O0RI??. The Klfth corps withdrew the other ni^ht from the position It has been occupying for several dayu past. The vnumy either did not know of our withdrawal, or, if he was aware o( It, did not consider it the part of prudence to disturb iM. It is probable that he bus not forgotten the severe puuls.bment his recent interference under similar circumstances entailed en him. I do not eon sidor It prudential to make known our present locality, but it la not unlikely that the enemy will aoou bear from us. Commissaries aud quartermasters have been bc-y rationing aud elothlng the men, aud they aro now not only in ex ceilent spirits, and with an unusually small percentage ou tlii sick list, but well clothed ao<l everything hi readi ness to continue the campaign. wmtu inn*. There h?s been very iittie active hostilities la otber corps. Vesterdsy afternoon there was some severe eat nonading along portions of the Hue, end this turns up the day 's operation.*. In oue regard it his heeu well there has been so little doing, for the day ban been oppressively warm?* memento of tbo torrid heat many of our sol diers est erionood in the first Peninsular campaign, and painfully suggestivs of its repetition in the future. A STOH* IRK *1X0. Muttering thuuder, vivid flashes of lightning and a cool breeze, Indicate the approaching welcome visitation .of a thunder storm, Hut with tee mi uering thunder there is heard, as I write, the sharp rattle of musketry ? evidently a lively skirmish engagement in front of tbe Second corps. JKTJTJTT OF THK COM* itliWW. I have said there has been but little doing, but it must not b : inferred that General Grant or Gonernl Mee4eie idlej Tbo inj.slirity means something? means business? means no yielding in a vigorous prosecution of the campaign. One thiug, I think, may be eel down as c inclusive frum the quiet, and that is, that the enemy his got tired of attack log. it is becoming more and more evident thu be is being compelled to fal! back ou tbe defensive, and this fact not only shows bis Increasing weakness, but decreasing con lidence in his ariny and cause. There has be jn some re no'ie:llnK of the division organizations, owing principally to the arrival of reinforcements. niair.ors position or UKrimitxr ci *rkh. Lleuteuant Clarke, of the Signal oorps, while snlecting a location yesterday to get a view of tits enemy's posi tion, found bim*Qlf suddenly tbe lirget of an Invisible squad or rcbol sharpshooter*. He fortunately eecaped their bullets. Duriu* tbe eight attack on contiguous corps, of the enemy's shell* and solid shots thrown over our way, one struck tbe centre of the table where Captain Caatle and l.lcutenant Clarke, of the Pignal corps, and Lieutenants Wheeler and Tike, Kirst Michigan cavalry, of General Warren's escort, were taking their suppers. I am to'.d that acnrioui confusion of crockery, vibratory motion o t viands and derange moni of di#e?iion onsued. AH jumped from their seats, and a moment a'ter crash: came another solid shot, re ducing Into irreparable fragments tbe chair vacated by Lieutenant Clarke. a Tt*?v or nr.nta, shit is. This reminds me that filly seven nnexploded sheila and solid shot, striktug abo it our headquarters at Ketbesi! a church In the last three days, had been picked up and put up Id pyramidlcal form In front of Con. War ren's headquarters ? * minor nuifeum of murderous missiles. They were of various ?ba;*s and sizes, and together formed a rare and unique collodion. Before leaving our lite headquarters General Warren ordered them to be buried. THE SIXTH CORPS. Mr* Us?-?r G. Sawytt'i Dfip?(?li. HaAiMrARTKiM Sixth Ar?y Cr>Rr*. ) Niah Coal Hjrhor, Vs., Jane 6, 1904. / ro* urt '-Binwismicn inn AMACft*. With tho exception of * heavy ret>el attack on Han cock's front last night, in which the enemy were, after a terribly hot engagoment, nompietely repulsed, there bag been no conteet that could be called a battle for seve ral day*. Along our entire line, however, there Is con itant skirmishing going on night and day, !o wb?h the artillery occasionally join. The pickets are now ?o well oorored by then* little rifle pits that the Ion Is comparatively slight, lbe enemy loce heavily in their night assaults, and hive thus far not gamed even a momentary succor. 01 R AD' ?.\cr Our lines have been somewhat advanced and placed la a strong erudition for defence, The enemy He within talking distance of our front, and occasionally a sharp colloquy la Indulged la between the confronting pickets, la which pointed Jokes are thrown off with all the esse and grace of polished meters. Then, too, epilbeU are freely bandied between the excited parties, resulting generally In an exchange of shots snd bloodletting. Kitaroiti BMB.Tm Our ranks are being Oiled rapidly l>y the return of con valesccnte and men who hare been home on leare of ab sence. Many men who hare long been absent from their regiments, detailed aa clerks and nurses In other depart menta, have returned, and the balance are on their way. Concentration is the order of the day. TAW! OP TSK WOCKPXP. Although the number of wounded is considerable tha medical directors and aurgeona In the field hare been able to make them very comfortable? and, after dressing their wounds, to forward tliem to the White Rouse, where there are well arranged hospitals awaiting tha wounded, and comfortable rest and refreshments are aflV>rded them prior to tbclr embarkation to the Wash ington or Fortress Monroo general hospitals. At tha White flouee the sanitary and christian Corn miss ions' delegations from the different states, consisting of nursea and attendants with ampin stores, eare tar the wounded and alleviate in every way their sulfcrlngs. New York <s represented, and Its agent Is doing a good work. The namos of all tha New York soldlora killed or wounded will, in a few days, be sent on to the general aarncy, at tte New York Midlers" Depot, Howard street, New York, as well as the soldiers' effects. THE NINTH CORPS. ? Mr? JameaC. Plttpatrlek'a Deapatoh. Ninn A*mt Com*, June T, 1M4. BaatxjiAKTrR* tnoKR nan. The rt-V 'Pis fhelled us quite vlgoronsly about fonr o'clock yeetorda f afternoon. Tl? headquarters ol General* Uurn. aide and t> iltendcn were ?n<ler a enrere Are for re* iy pj!f nt> Lpur. at era! tt > )o orderlies wera (vouafic J and many MtM ww? either killed or ?omM. Tb* oorp* hospital* received* number of (be abelle; but, bejood ttie kiUMg or maiming of a few horees, no injary wu done. The shilling e T the rebels killed tad woonded mm* mtm or eight panose. The boepiUl of the Eighteenth army oorpe wu la rang* aad had (our attendant* killed DliTH Of IJBTT. MORBUCI), BKCOSD ?SW TO**. While the shell* were bursting aloag the lines of Colonel Marshall's brigade Ll?nf. J. R Morrison, of Company B, Second New York mounted rifle*, which regiment i* doing duty a* Infantry, picked ap one of the fragment* and earned it t* th* tent of Coloaol Flak*. While ex hlbillDg it a apherleal ease shot hurst very eloee to him, the bullets with which It waa Ailed literally mangling his body. He was born* to tb* hospital, but died on th* way. He waa hnrtod thi* morning, n*ar th* boapltal. The Christian Commission attended th* lnt*rm*nt with religions service*. rajeomms Am nsstanas. The anticipated general attack, however, did sot take place last uigbt. There waa some little skirmishing be tween th* piokels, in which we oaptured a few prisoners. Three deeerters came into General Potter's lines. They make th* astounding representation that Lee's army numbers twerbundred thousand men. It has been quiet all along the linos to-day. Our corps is in motion again, it>wmra. Within th* past week 1 have seen some ten or twelve eaten of t>elf-h)ulilation by soldiers desirous of getting to the rear.* cowarda shoot themselves through the hand, selecting generally the second linger of the right hand, and thou go back to the hospital in hopes of being sent to Washington with the wounded. Tbe surgeons having noticed th* recurring frequency of these cue;? as tbe character of these wouudn, burned and dlrcolored with powder, was sufficiently indicative of their origin? they reported the matter to headquarters, and th* delinquent* in future are 10 be put upon th* skirmish line. It Is customary in ordinary cases to put the patient under chloroform; but, as a punishment to the coward, the surgeon* now perform tbo amputation of wounded fingers without any anesthetic. CANNONADING. 1 had hardly written down tbe foregoing when the quiet which prevailed throughout the day, and which seemed to promise Mint one day was to pass without any fighting, was suddenly interrupted by a heavy cannon ailing on our rigbt. It proved to l;e a rebel demenstra tton? probably a reeonnolssancc on their part to ascertain our position, as well as to learn the cause of the unusual stillness on our liuec. a asiiKi, ciuaoa inn repmsn. It wm soon after four o'clock when their artillery opened a brick Are upon our intrenchmcnts. Tliotr bat teries were three in number, at least such is the im pression originating In the fact that their shells eamo from three different directions? from th* front and both flanks of our position. A house on tbe right of our line was the object of their aim In particular; for the reas.n, It is supposes, that one of our batteries was be ing placed lo position It. Tbe vicinity Is so densely covered with timber and brush that tbe rebel batteries were not in view, so that It is probable their Are was di reeled by lookouts stationed on tre* tops. Our boy? in stant ly sprang Into the intrcachments and hero awaited thoailack. Wblle lying ptrdu a perfect storm of aliell burst over their heads, and many were wounded In the works. At length our skirmish line began falling back, and at tbe some time wu heard tbe time honored yell with which the rebels always preface their oharge. Our ar tillerists loaded with canister and shrapnel, and the in fantry levelled their ploces over the breastworks. As tbe reb<>l line cime within range batteries and mime's went oft in one grand discbarge, and were rapidly followed by sslvo after salvo and vol ley after volley. Tbe reception was toa warm for the rebels, fn-ir defiant yell coasod, and they retreated, evidently au 'laded that we were "there," and that a further roconooissance of our position would be a too costly if not no impossible undertaking. During the preliminary shelling a large number of borsM behind our works were killed. Colonel Flake, nf the Second New Vosk riflos, bid two killed, and V?K>r Newman one Oar loss w ill not exceed twenty, all wounded, the ma jority by shell*. The fallowing is a partial list of th* woundad:? O. ? Snoouer, SStb Massachusetts, right foot. M. C. Rhodes. K. 2d Pennsylvania, head, face and cbest. Edwin Hess, B. 2d Pennsylvania, i-host. SBi'ONIl NKW TORI MOUNTSn spin Corporal Clark Crans. K, left band. Comsllr.s Snvder, I Jam hand and tlilnh, severely. Alexander Mclver, w, side of bead, slightly. Patrick McKeoa, 1, ri*ltt 'eg. John J. P.anney, I, left ankle. Theodore Curtis, M, 24th New York cavalry, right win. NEWS FROM THE WHITS HOUSE. Mr. 9. T. Balklfy'i Dripateb. Wirrrs Hoc-b, Jim* R, MM. 1H* B?ntCT Of TBC RRHBt ASSAULT. Nothing of especial interest hap transpired at the front since tbe deaperate aapmiii upon our lines ou Sunday night list. Tb a rebels sorm perfectly satisfied since then that any attempt on their pat t to drive back Gnnt's victorious array was fruitlesa; and that charge by which thousand* of Uvea wero aacritioed by the assaulting party plainly domoustratoa tlie imm^n-ts advantage an array baa while acting npon the defensive While (be loss of our army behind tbeir breastworks was very small, hesps of dead and wouurie.l rebels wero left to front of our works, and fell iato our hand* Tbo lose of tbe enemy to that assault ia estimated at between " two and three thousand. SRSPaRATlOW ron THR SIUiK. What General (.'rant * next move will be is nut ki.uwn. It has been pretty clearly proved that tho works in (rout of him cannot be carried except by siege, snd heavy guiiw and mortars art la readiness for that purpose. ?BB flOHT COR Jt RRJ1HJR 1*0 IRC Rt?V! r Yeateiday two divisions of tha fifth corps tbe Haeond anil Fourth) were seat down to tbe ihlckatiwniny for the purpose o taking possession of ? bridge bnt it was found upon their arrival that tbe ehemy ware there before them. A charge was made, but they only sue seeded la,, driving the enemy acrocs, without getting possessi on of the bridge, aod both aidea war* throwing up lntreaobmanta at the time our informant left. Yester day all day heavy tiring was beard la the direction of the left wing of oar army but up to this time no news bas been received flr m there. ?raw Is In progreaa all the lime, and tha two ilnea are within oae hundred yards ef each other, but protected by hastily built earthworks. Almost certain death awaits any one whoee curiosity prompts him to lift his hssd above tbe fortlleatlonr. There bas been ao serious flgbt Ing or heavv charges mad?, however, since Sundsy tHB naRrmna abmv oars, uasuui. w. r. sairn, havs lost vory heavily since they Joined the Army of the rotomac. They bava been altnaat coustantly engaged, and have uniformly behavad la tbe most gallant manner. Tbeir losses are supposed :o be from four to five tboussnd. smvkidaVs cavAiav oa aKorata raih. Gsneral fberidaa, with two divisions of bis ca\#Iry corps, bss gone oa anvtber very Important raid. It' would ba improper at tbla time to publish bis d?siina tlOB; but, if successful, It will he one of the most bene Oclal and hazardous expedition! at' the war. Your cor raapondent who aocompauisa the expedition will doubt less give yon full particulars upon Its arrival within our lines. The Hrti sod Second dlvlaiooa, under command of Generals Torbert snd ftregg, compose tbe for *. IDS TOBB r.'lVKH RAJLROtO. fbe railroad from the Wbite House to Grant's army baa bees placed la running order, and a o?nstr<i< lion train pasted over It yesterday as far as De spatch station, withia two miles of the CblUabouiiny. Tbe rebels, It seems, bavs got a battery wHb'n ra ge, and fired a two hundred pound shot at tbe train, but did no damage. The gun was m far off that tbe report was not heard, but the shell fell near tbe tram, and was afterwards found. Ko Inoonvenlence la feared, as the dis> lance la too great to do any damage. aantRAt. a saps ai?o tab aswar^nut roBRBaroRoatrra, <9sn era! Meade holds eorrsspondeats of newspapers to a strict account for all new a pobliabed of an err necus character or wilfully intended to disparage officers, to the detriment of tbe service. It will ba remcmbereJ by the readers or the Philadelphia Inquirer tbat a letter from one of its correspondents with tho Army of the Potomac appeared a abort time since In which tbo writer staled that Gen. Meade would bsvo retreated aoross tha Rapldan alter the battle of the Wilderness had It not been for fien. Grant, *ro., ho, General Mesdo I sued aspe*slorder vssterday, re.,*tj?r ng tha avtbor of toe article iu ouestivo M b? starched through ihe different ctmpt of ibe army witb "libeller or the proas'' attached to large letters to his back, and thon to be expelled from tbo lines of llo army, nw to rotors Tuo Jnfuirtr oorrsspondoots soon to bo particularly unfortunate, as oootbor of them (Mr. Clart) Is sow serving oat a sentence IB Genera) Liu tier's , department for a stellar elfence. ths vans bo poo boars tbo suae signs of IV e and activity that It did dor Ing tbe memorable MoClellan campaign, two years ago. Tbo river Is filled witb steamboats, bargee, sebconers and lugs, some unloading and others walling for an opportu nit; to dlschargo their osrgooe, while every available spAoe along tbe banks of tbo river Is eevsred with boxes, barrels, commissary stores, Ac. Nothing that energy and untiring industry can do la left nndone to provide our brave soldiers In tbe field with rations. Tbo rallrosd from West Point to the While House is being rapidly re paired, to facilitate the forwarding of supplies, aad it Is expected that a very few days ml) place it la running order. osmkiu) iimnrnoums and captain btarhop* Tbo command of tbe post at tbo WhKe House is under Brigadier General Abercrombie, who served under Uene rai Couch in the leninsular campaign, and who has been in most of tbe great battles of the war. II is provost anarahai, upon whom rests tbe principal responsibility, snd wbo perforins most of tbe labor, is Captain man hope, of the regular army. Tbo Captain was at tbe com mencement of tbe war in tUo Army of tlio West, aud se cured ibe Held appointment of brigadier general, in which capacity be nerved for a long time, witb much credit. He was wounded In tbo seven days' fight before Richmond, and lert for doud In tbo nonds of the enemy. Although exceedingly strict In the performance of bis duty, he gives universal satisfaction in his preseut position. Tin wousdko isrfom ru hmonp. A large majority of tbe wounded in tbo recent fights about Richmond have been sent to Northern hospitals, but there are still a great number at tbo White House, through tun energy and exertions of tbe Saultary and Christian Commissions, and Aided by the surgeons in the army, comfortable quarters bavo been provided for all, and every comfort which money or kind care can provide Is furnished them. HundredB and thousands of lives lievo been saved w Itbln the past two weeks by the Sanitary o mm) fusion, and no language can describe the immense benefit they bave been to our poor wounded soldiers. Yesterday Lieutenant Colonel Muchim, of a rebel North Carolina rngiment, died from wounds received in battle, and was hurled In tbe burial ground at tlio White House. Lieutenant Colonel ltlav^>liy Dismissed fiom the Armr. ArBCMI. ORDERS ? .tO 1 .12. Hiui>tjvAin*?H of Tim Army or itir Potomac, \ Juno 4. 1804. J Lleufensnt colonel M C. Murphy, of the One Hundred and Seventieth New York Volunteer", having, on tbo 26th ult., presumed to sond a Max of truce to tbe oncmy'a lines without any authority whatever, is hereby dishonorably dismlattod from the military service of the United States, subject to the approval of ihe President. Hy command of Major General MEADE. K 8. Whxi AMf, Assistant Adjutant Genoral. Tlt? Ft/tccutla New York Artillery at MpottiylvaalR. TO THE EDITOR OP TBS HIRAM). IX TDK riBl.D, 7RRKB 1111.18 SOITI1 OF TIIB PAMCMKSV, ) June 1, 1864. J A copy of your valuable paper, dated May 22, came to hand this afternoon, and, having read your article con cerning tbe repulse of Kwell'a corps on the 19tb of May, I wlsb to correct tbe several mistakes thereiu. In tbe first place. e?r gallant Colonel's name Is spelled wrong. Instead of Acksrraan, it is Colonel Lonis scblrmer, wh? previously commanded the Second light battery, New York artillery. We know no em-h man as Colonel Acker nnn. And as regards our Major, his name is spelled i-clnmberger: and too say bis wounds are might, but he Is wounded severely in tbo nrm, and the probabilities are that it will barn t> be amputated. We kfiow no such man as Chamberlain . REBEL ACCOUNTS. Tkt ? Battle om Prlday. Til* *KB?I. fc", TAILS OK Till FIGHTING ? Li. ROE NHH< 1IR or KBBKI. OESBRAL? K 1 1,1,1,!) AND WoUNDLD. [From the Klchmond Kxnminer, June 4.] Not contrary to general execution? for the rumors and excitement of the evening preceding bad prepared the public miod ror tbe new* of a shock of battle? the morning yesterday was ushered In by the roar and thun der or artillery. The sound was terribly grand and ex citing. Voter wa* there beard here inch tremendous artillery firing? it filled tbe heavers, and the very earth seemed to quiver beneath its heavy roar. From live o'clock until nearly ten it on* rapid, Incessant peal, tbe suns belching lorth their thunder in the most torriflo spirit and with scarcely sn Interval of five seconds. The sound was quickly caught up and the city was all astir at an early hour, sut j? ??>it>? tbat tbe great battle bad been joined by the opposing armies Tbo rooming worn on, and for many long anxious hours nothing could be hoard from the battle Ik-Id. Tbo scene was but h fetv miles from tU?c.ty,aud Ino firing attested that tbe ?tru-gle way asperate and terrific The enxioty grew more intense on this account; but still ; aotbiug was to be heard but the deep, c ntlnnal mutter* ing el' artillery. Towns vaiu'y inquired tbe news of I each other, bet still nothing catno. It was apparent that our army wan too hotly engaged in tbes'rujgie to be despatching courier.-, to Mir rear. The work was going on, but the result for the time was left for rumor and cony dure tojeli. Yet tbe people bore this pain! ul sus pense with great petteoce and with unshaken and uodl mlnished confidence in our army audits nobie leader. tub ntsr news mom mi sirn.r mki.d. floon camo the tidings of victory. The hour of anxiety was passed About or. e o'clock cuue tlio tlrst bulletin from the front, announcing the most signal sireea* of our aruiy. fb<> deJiaUli wa? official, and was dated "At the front, nine o dock." The following is Its report All goes on nrll We repuleed the enemv w th ea?e In fllonu,' hfary I'iss In front cf Hoke and Auiersen, and a portion ol Hili'c There ha' been sharp lUUtini ? u^e five o'clo'k. There 1? now a alight i ause la ihe artillery duelling. It was stated that the enemy had been driven and re pulsed at all point*? lhit rio'd'a division hud ropuleed them in six attaoks? thnt pirts of Breckinridge's nad Hoke's divisions bad repulsed ttism In three attacks on our right, near Gaines' Mill, and tbat we were driving them at all points. Such was the news that first came from our army. Though barren of detail it was enough to si:?v anxiety, nnd to prove conclusively tbat our army bad won the gre.U light. People cared not for the timo to trouble themselves with psrticnlsrs, It waa ensign for them to km.w that the victory with us About tbo samo time that this news wax received of eor vlcterv themosl extrsvngant stales came and were current throngb the city of the capture of immense num bers of prisoners, stores, artillery, wagon traioc, tic. ? Tiii. a Afuocvrs no* nre batti.s field. Reports and rumors continued to flow in Irom the battle ?e!<* through the d.v. one oouM hear almost anything he liked, so wild and exaggerated were tbe stories. Some r?pre?*nted that Grant a-id his whole army were gnnlhl ta ted and wiped out; but this wag received as rather too high an estimate ol our victory. We conversed with a number of our wounded brought down yesterday, but little news was to be derived from them beyetid the general fact thit the Yankees had bees %hipi>ed nnd driven at ail points. 1 hey seemed to be able to give very little Information beyond what occurred with their immediate regiments. Tbcv rejirrsent that the .fl?bt. wbli h commenced ou Thnrsday evoning, con tinued through tbe night, and tbat at dtj light it ?as re ne*ed with increased fury. In the fight of Thursday evening the Yankees were driven successively from three line* or their Intreocbmente. Another account represents thnt the enomy njsde seven asaaults upon Kershaw's line, nnd wore repulsed ea.-h time, with a lo?s on onr side of not more than thirty in killed and wounded. J lie accounts we have been able to gather are meagre and fragmentary. The battle we have summed up, in a word . wns about this ? The enemy assaults s our lines near Coal Harbor, but were repulsed at overy point, ex cept Breckinridge * iront, whose linos they succeeded in breaking and capturing two guns of a batl><ry , killing and wounding fifteen men at the two guns. Our men v.nre soon rallied, however, and drove back tbe euemy with great slaughter, and recaptured the guns Captain I.inthicum, of General Bnnt> n's staff, la re ported killed. Lieutenant P C. .tones, also of General Huntnn s staff, was wounded. Captain Woodson . Lieuten ant ltoberthon and (.jeutentut Km.hs, all of tbe Nine teeidh Virginia, were killed. We had an unusual number of onr gerera'e wovnded. Amonq iht rumU'r rr eer'srf to ut v>? h>ar nf Grntral Lar 4. vnviiiltd t*r*rr1n in tnigh, ihoi hy a iharp Knr tLr; Gmtrn i KirlrUtnd, riioktl); Hmnral Bat' U, tfry lU'i/hlly; G'.nrrul Fmtifgnn, flight; v, cm l flmrral I.txwt. ma Lotsn ov w>in suite. The battle yesterday and the evening before was a desperate and W-x-dy one for the enemy. Tfiey siere mowed down like grass as tliey charged our f rtl ncatiora A gentleman who h?s been through tbe war tells us tbat he never saw a field eo liter ally etrewn with desd Yankees We bear of several esti mates of thsir lose, but tbe moet reasonable one, and fie msdc by a gculiumin who was over the fleld, tliinks tbat It could not liave been leea than six thousand In klUed and wounded. Onr K>?? was imperatively silgtit. most of Ihe fighting having be n 'Tone by us bebiud breastworks, tt is thought tbat It will n' t exceed some five hundred id killed end wounded A groat portion of rur woundetf were but slightly injured. OSN'RHAL LIB'* ARM V Ar*v or Noarnitait ifmomii, > Wsab OAttW M'tt. J ine ft, 1?"4. j Ysaterdsy evening about tour o'clock tho affair hav ing been previously arranged, Gordon's sn t Bodes' dt visions of Kwell's, an I llsth'a division of A. I\ III! s eorp*, e*ei oted a llstik movement on the enemy '<* right ne^r Beiiiesd i rli rrb . en tbe lierb -nlpsvllie tnrr ke, cs tur'cg. it Is ?a:d, a- mo eight tiusCied prism -re auU OorUou Mftxlnlr uyo b>:i?Jjed awd lr.^lL .iJ.^7*^ **. ? ?> authority that Heth look wim? b^k nV..i 1J,un4,w more, and drlvimr l be fr"? him DO loan than o ' lw? Ul*na ?W'?IC Hum ?"* ? Skirmish lloe. Our lo?a will out roach 2StoftL5 hJR1^ JSt-* loM *'?? &?? ?S?J' *?laaate<l at ?bout oca hundred. of *%rtim 'jV4 General DoUt, slfchtly" 2""** un'^Sli^"*'*? '""^"X'wu.' d.aLlSJS? 5w,d0D' ?*> l?J tble flank movement, ?L awamp, acroaa which he cbargcd. This heuw w?l V*,?' ?UPP<^??1 ?o he impassable. and man? ta th? tbe,r ?u?rd ror ? ,Ullk ??v? in the ,Jlriolion . ?o? "?en first drove them we ,?!"!* skirmishers, then prus . i^ MDMl? bw?^ ,h#ir, flr,t ,lB? 01 b*"'? t0 V've back of a |uu o^oar "m! i,r ch*r"e ??d wlthOQl the firing boys %e^U V? nrl0? r"b'y- ?? '??' trenched lion of t?i"0 ^hi'h' " Feco,n ?lron?,J ttorka-loH on ,.in.n 1 h w;?s *I*o protected by enemy thit b^ufCorkSd? ?'>?*", 00 lbe hee,i ,j1 ,ho itockAdA difAnmn an i pulling <towu Ibe ;s"v?,"Si "? ?r i.r s 1*1 not Are for rear of ,bo "iug tC own mtl? ZTL^ the second line of the enemy our men 'fired into ti'? ^d?Mbe eng^mM* * ,WBd "nd f0U?''1 u, uut" uiidor the lead or iUm? commander, the gallant lorry. Their conduct elicited the especial praise or Gen. Kweli. The positron iron# which we drove the euomy was naturally very strong. and reudorod doubly so by vory irv., )rllUtf:," !"* Tliey hid tran.-i verse lino*, and parallel lines, and I in oh running eyorv wv and II S>o' m*rvC' how tbef *"* from tb?lr JSTJKS.'i1? *fltbu,P?? 10 ,l,^ht' ??J or whom Kif.h ? ??.1gr'vv,lv a nuruber . he:>ng?d to Warren ? i regular regiments itro represented Sth ri!^?h 2*^?*. lho Ninth. Rev . nln.u^u /m" Ko"rt,jen?h- We lUgo captured the ^mman. ing (,/ll,.(,r, o( throe of thorn-Captain McKlb mioth?r -7 ; C*puln '"enn o"' the Second . and lino t ber officer, whose uamo I forget. Thoso offltMrit g?U MxW.'vTnriiViIf 0r ?ot.h,n* *bont themselves, their wmmdl?n?i ,lvB h"0*'*1 we" Yankees, some fifty wounded ones were captured, nearly all of whom worn thTn? lhn b" k .u ? n'?" related hyToSS that, p?wing over one of tbelr om.?i a? a captain- he hud posod him to he dead; ohanulng, however, to lo k back great was his lurprise to see this dead captain, as tie had' ""hm?"* hoeiiug It rearwards. rickeiiVnd%Ert? Z?ifk wS".?oln* 00 in rron'. U 8 skirmish lloea were heavily engaged It !a iS,o '. "k WM a",? ?>u?i<leral>le this point about night yewerS5?bo "^SS^JlSu/?? be,ore <J*rlc. Wiloox placed a battery fnaahlTilfV^ P??'"on on the extreme rlsht, and hav S^SSlS^W^^-iSSSSt: nr'^J,? ISPL"1?' ,,,ou, ?onrHa the ball opeuad again I principally on liOngstreet'a and .^tokea' from, and for throe tln'ie" hn en"ny 'ontlu"?l to assault our line*. Each time, however, they were most gallantly and success ?uri m*n ",??>"lng scarcely any, whllat the lost of the enemy Is reported to be vory heavy? indeed "1,e,n3r b',re lost tu-day not leee than seven thousand men, whilst oars can scaroely ho one twenl.sth of that number. The principal and moat repeated u tsaulte have been made on Kershaw's front r?.! 18 ?*tIoK charged htm not ieari than fourteen times Fach time, however, his gallant dlvl ih?D?.f0rim*.rl7 ^ ?uccessfully driven back the assailants. Hnlc,e h i? also signally repulsed three different assaulta, mis time capturing a few prisoners. .at cue tune this morniug, the enemy bavin* r^nVT' Ti?oro? ?H?ck upon Breckinridge, a f?/,,? 4 wlfl cowmall(1 W" foreed back, rinuiau's tlorldians, however at once bounded forward with ?J,?11 ,"d 5Sf,ln*<11 wll*t Breckinridge had tempa rarily lost. Three plec.s of artillery, belouging to ? s battalion were for a while taken, but Manegan re captured them. General tlnnegan himself was alijjhtly b"? not leavo the field. (Joneral Law or I' leld a division, was also wounded this morning in the #Jr*>n!'t., however, dangerously. The enemy also made, early this tnofning. reeble as aaulis upon Moth's and Roiles' divislou* on our extreme left, hut weia repulsed by our HkirmUh line. Mn<H) morning there h-.s not t^n much tlghtloB but JhVJ ,k.'rm^J|lnS ?nd artillery firing bu beeu going on ? D1, to**' ,)r?nt '?a* evidently been rein fort^d from Hutler, and soeras to be contracting his lloea and massing hie troope. * 1 1 u? .uV i^rrVlS0 vJirlT#4 "'"n I daem good aulho aaulted h',', 1,w,u bul ???*>"* u Uter Information, however, repreaenU that the assault Sv^aBd.?^ wr fnry vt*er"u?. ?n" that we liter ally piled up the ^ ankce dead In front of these divisions Lieutenant General Kwelt has l?e-n aick, but U now ro covering, nia corre for the last ten daya, hua beMun der the command of Mafor General Karly exiended from eae and a LI,? . ,/? "?ohanicsville to tfct'lelUn a bridge, a dlitanoe of aome seven miles our Tig!)* winy! '? d*r bftT? b#PB against Rama fiar.n, Ntua Gtntas' Mill,) - "L0^'" <llv",lou w iih? Ewell 'in ' the fi^ht yesierday , capturing over two hundred prisnner, imon? "*? "rigudlor Genial Klrkland, slightly The battle opened at sunrise this morning, aWut ten rnnee below Richmond, extatiding from tho Mechanics vilie ro?d to MeClellan's bridge, making the lino of bat ,I??T?r S*TM1 miles long the enemy making the atta k .?Hbwtt#avl?at flgbUD? 14 re^rt?" R"des , Kertha w's the enemy Wb* *mU*0,,Jr "Pulsed every assault or our loae la very slight, not ovor five hundred in killed however, qqlokly came up, racapiuriiiK the nrtillory and takiiig one piero from the enemy. Brecklnr.d^e lost probably two hundred prin rner.^. ? hl??.hbes,jcst.fl,(hl,n? wa< up to eleven o'clock sin? iktrn^hltg b0,vy can,M??dl?>* ?"? Incessant Generals i*w snd Flnnegau slijhtly wounded. The iattcr did not leavo the field. 1UB THR BATTLE OF COAT, HARR)*. [From thu Richmond Stammer, 4.] We feir tliat lieutenant General Orant lia- reao!ve4 beyond the |>ower of change to avoid a dec.sive ongag moot, and that the Army or Northern Virginia will never bave the honor of shooting a* many Yankee is one day as tt bad upon tho K'tb of last mouth m the comity of Spottsylvania. If hejcould be provoked to 1^1 out bia full length acmn, Lie would bavo boon ?o pro voked on yesterdiiy, when he bad al?o every opportunity tbat could, under any circumstances, be d est rod by ? gentleman. nn ibursday evening he had been marked la bis in trcnr.bincata Three lines of breastworks had beeu wrenched from him. Seven hundred prlsonera had Ixti-n i captuied with lh?m. An Important position hid been l iken, which forced him frnm the high ground on our loft, and bent hti own right back to tho I'smnnkey Here was provocation. Observers or (iraut's career anttciiiated a glorloua Held d?y oa the marrow, But' the anticipation w*s fulfilled In a partial manner only. There was. indaal, a sharp struggle yejiorday? the moat aangmoary fighting wblch has occurred since the 13th or May but no general engagement Involving the whole forces of either army, atllT lees a decisive battle, to far aa we are now informed, the atfa r of yesterday was an attack by the ennmy m (real force on our lines .n front of Gaines' Mill and Coal n irbor It wm made with energy. tt must ba admitted tb<t t.raut has im parted, en aotne Occasions, an Impulse to Van koe troops which no other federal general baa yet given to them. Rut ne ther on this, or on ai<y other occasion, baa It beeo the hotter ror them or for bin. rbev rushed 'ip yesterday mornlug witu deep lines, and succeeded as at Hpottsyivaiiia Court House, id bursting over one part of the Confederate breastworks. Two guns wl ?n artillery compsny from Richmond fell tor a moment into ttio enemy's bauds, after fifteen ollcers and men , working the said guns, had been killed and wounded. Tint the raa'ilt was diPerent from that of the similar Incident at "pcttsylvauia Court Home. There the Confederates recovered neither the guns nor the angle of tb-? breastwork winch waa Isken. But bera Mir troops wore so rapid ly rallied and reinforced that the Yankee sutcass wholly vanlabed before they rdtld even raise a cheer. They were slaught- red or shot out of tbe trenches in the briefest *pare of time the guns wero eertatnly recovered, nnsplked. unhartn'd, and are now m Confederate handa. The rest of the battl* was a repe till- n of clnrgo after charge? eome say they were brought tip seven times? but they never got in again, and tbelr lines fell daad or ware scattered before the flro. Abotit midday the enemy relinquished the straggle. Wo retained all our works intact, wuh every m< b of the ground gained on tho evening before. The loss of men was disproportionate, *< H must ever be when determined yet uniaereesful assaults are made on an army behind broasfwc rks. It is not bcllovcd that tbe Confederates l"-t si* hundred, wbi e tho snamy s killed and wounded probably number mere than six thou sand. Tho fields are blue with their slain. Ibo advan tages our side are tbe jerHlons paired on Thursday and secured on Friday, Grant now alia In the seat of Wo Oslisn. He baa fallod to get a single advantage irom bla Fredericks burg route. He did not dsatroy or Injure f oe a army, ?nd he has u ' pos tlon on the north of Richmond. He h new, lo one wi rd. at tbe identical point whsro Uc Clnflan be an bis work. Grant's preaeut policy sppsart to be tho perpetuation of the skrmlsb. by day and night, with both artlllsry ?nd ride. Interspersed with sharp at taeks like tbst of Friday, hot avoiding any engagement which would oomprmnwo bla whole artny, if tbe chances fail ag>inst him. PHisysr:n<j PBOM I.RF.'s ritOXT? NAHM or THS CAr yrmo orctoeM. TFrom the Richmond Ktim ner. .lune 4. j Ysstar4av afternoon si* hundred and einetv tlva prl va'?? wd a?'? commlsat >ned oi rare aud twelvo commit* si i ' <* s- rs w re marched into Ri hmond from General !ee?,f?'w., The privates were gartered at craw s fao> t.try.M* jut' eet , b >low i srentMth, and Ibe ofllcera ooni nut' d t? the I ifcny 1h? ' ? "t are tbe oa"!*. of the officers -C?i tain T It M. iVhen, Fourteen t i n'<od s'tatc* gel are . '.'ar? 14 p s oar; 1 1. r d?a. Twentieth if h1 an ? ajitH'n Henry K t c.. j QuiJreJ -tid ; ?autf ly uiia Captain Gilbert Pettit, One Hundred and Twentieth New York. First I.ieu tenant K Huntington, kteviimn (Jelled State* regulars; First I leuteuant CDarle* L Noggie, Me nd United States Infantry; Sevood lieutenant H?ury Clbboo, One Hundred and Fortieth New York Second Lieutenant Sylvester Crossley , One Hundred and Figh teeuib Pennsylvania; Second Lieutenant George M Cur lia. One Hniidred and Fortieth New York. Hecond I tauten anl Hiram E. Went worth. Kmrteenth New York artillery; Onptaln W B. Pease. Seventeenth United State* regular*. A company of 7ouaves, irom New York, were included among the prlsouers. AU of them were bard, dirty, begriinmed, gaunt, snnbrowned and hungry loot Ing , aa ttiougli tbey oould ste.l anything, from a ueedb? to an umnibua. Tbcy teemed to look with anything out dMpl*i?aure upon tbolr pro*! eotivo confinement. and oi eo f them, munching a Confederate loaf of biead, remarked that it would give them ? rest anyhow, which tbey war# eorely In need of. DBATkl OK Till Ktcmir, brio adikh oioboi ?. DOtW. II- rom the itlUuviii Kxamiuar, June 4.) This rail. tut i>eorglan, lu command of Doles 'a brigade, fell in the engagement hot > '.<a I Harbor on Thursday afternoon, while tanning hia line In front of tbo enemy 's |M>Ritl( n. A Yankee buil-t (truck him In the left breast, about the nipple, itaseed through tbe heart, and out uu dor the rlgbt arm, sbatierlng It. I!e wm dismounted at the time, having sent h;-i bor*? to the ro*r hoc "Uh; of tho anlinal'H restivonrgu. l lie gallant general toil and died immediately. Ills body wax received in the city yoter day morning and encnlflned by Mr Iteivin. undertaker, preparatory to removal to Georgia this morning. (ieucrai ihiioa was thirty four yearn of a?o. and leave* a wife nnd svvural children, who reside in Miliedjuvliie, tjoorgia. ii? entered the war in Virginia aa.captaln of Company a, Fourth Georgia regiment, but uimn a va cancy occurring m tta eolouolcv , hia grout and already conspicuous merit won him promotion in th ?t position. Upon high roi 'inime dnilnn be was made a brigadier, his corarnissiou dating from November 1,1 HU2. No morn gallant son of the Ktnpiro Mtaio has laid down bis l.fe lor the oause than the subject of this notice. DIATH OF COLONEL L. M. KEITT, OF S0CT11 CARO LINA. [From the Richmond Kxatnloer, Jane 4.] Tbo remains of Colonel 1/twrence M. Keitt, of "onth Carolina, wbo died In this city from a wnuud received in the battle of Wednesday, wore escorted to the Danville depot yesterday afternoon, and departed en rou'e for tbn Stato of his nativity. A portion of the I'ubilo Guard and b nd, with the ^outb Carollua Congressional delegation, accompanied the remains to the depot as esc rt. the lat ter officiating as pall bearers Colon*! Kelt! reached Vlr glnia but a lew days ago as the commander of the t wen tieth south Carolina regiment, one of the most ompicto regiments In the service, numbering over twelve bun dred men. 1- resh from the memorab e defence of Charles t>n, Colonel Keitt was justly proud of bis veteran com mand, and burned to lead llmm to glory and renown. H? led them to both, but fell pat the moment or victory, pierced by a hireling bullet through the lungs, dying la defence of the capital of the confederacy, and pouring out bis blood on Virginia soil, rolouel Keltt will be remem bered In the old Congress of 1857-8 as the ooUe<gue of tbs lamented Preston BrookH. He was brave, talented and chivalrous, and a fit type and model of the I almetto State. GENERAL BUTLER'SJKPARTMENT. All tfcalet Along tkt Lines? Our Strang Pesltlss, Ac., dw. MR. OHARLM B. HANNAH'S DBSFATO0. Ill ime Fir.t.o, June 0, 1604. *mi most qom day tit. ' Daring the last three days we have been oomparlog the adjective quiet, and havo reached the superlative degree at last. The rebels were quiet, we were quiet, and every body was qulot exoept Gen. Butler and stair. Ho made a tour or Inspection along tbe whole length of our lines to day. The officers of bis stair of course accmpanied Dim. They started about eleven o'clock, and remained away for five hours. Tbe beat wan excessive, there being nut even a "fleecy oloud" to obstruct the rays of tbe hot Virginia sun. Tbe General persevered and perspired. So did hh staff Oar Hue of dsfences was closely exam ined. That of the rebels we* viewed at a distance through field glasses. or a womb are strong and beautifully finished specimens of engi neering skill. Tbey havo been constructed under the supervision of Chier Knginoer Brigadier General Wsltrel. Our position Is now secure against all tbe elTorU f'eaure gard or Ijee may make to dislodge ue, aud the ttrst great obtect of General Butler's expedition Is successfully ac complished. He has secured a strong po?lM- n on tbe south bank of the James river. Tbe front is protected by Impregnable earthworks, while both flanks and rear are guarded by gunboats and Monitors. time will dsvelep the rest. Liiwt m ins instants. For several hours this evening a bright red glare wan saeu in a northeasterly direction. It Is supi>oeed to have l>een the reflection of General Grant's camp Ores, aa tbe sound of artillery was beard in that direction to day. SgRRHAliK TO MU Rl'TLKR. General Butler was sorenaded ibis evening by the band belonging to the First regiment New York mouutud rifles, IJeutenaot Colonel A. 0. Patton ooinmanding. It wus under the leadership of Rand Maxtor John (jrddard, and played tbe foflowlngchofou selection of airs? March, Figaro: *tahat Mater, War Gallop, Oberlander, Sanitary Fair It>ik<t, Serenade, Schubert. lbe darkeys attached to headqsarters were pressed Into the service as candlostlcks, and performed tbe duty very satisfactorily. Italo was threatening, and thunder growled In the distance. The music was excellent sad highly sppreciated by every one In camp, with we are afraid, one exception? the General blnmlf, wbo only understands two tunas, ooe of wbicb is "Yankee Doodle'' and tbo other isn't. CAPTIKK OF TUB fllJBOlT WATER WITCD. Klgh' Armed Boat* Capture the Water Witch In Ufilbaw Sound, On.? A Rebel Raid from Fort Me All late r? Only Ob* Man Escaped Deatla or Captnre, Ac. f!y the arrival of the TTolte<l States supply steamer Massachusetts, Acting Volunteer Lieutenant W. H. Weat oommaudlng, at Philadelphia yesterday, we loarn of the eipture of tho United States guuboat Water Witch, Lieu tenant Commander Auatin I'nndergrast. She wan block' adlng to Oasibaw 3-rand, Oeorgia, and waa captured at two o'clock on the morning of Juno 3, by night armed boat* seat out from the battery at Genoa is Point, on the 1 vcchee river, known aa Fort McAlli'tor. Thia information waa received fro ? one of her crew, the only one who made hla eeoape by Jumping over her liows and swimming ashore. He says a desperate realst ?toco waa made by her officers and crew , but superior numbers overpowered tbam and compelled them to snr render lie cannot tell If tbey met with any lou, as be saw (be action going on aa ho waa accreted In the long grass An expedition wm fining out at Port Royal to go do wo and sndeivor te recapture or destroy ber. The rebel* hare on more than one occasion promised to take our block" ders at thia place by the same means, and tbey now have fulfilled their vow. The Water Witch wa* built at the Washington Snry Yard In 1346. she is 378 tons register and of tho fol | lowing dimensions:? Length, 190 feet; beam, 33 feet; depth, 11 feet 8 inches. Her average draught waa 7 feet 8 incfiea. She ha? one inclined engine with a cylinder 37 ; inches to diameter and 8 feet stroke. She la rigged as I a hermaphrodite brig, and carriae five small guns. | The Water Witch took tho first shot that opened tha famous "I'araguay war-' at the Itapioe fort In South America. Hhe waa ror yearn eruUtng in command of l.leutentut 1'age tha explorer, and returned to the Slates la V4S8. At tbo beg on in* of the rebellion aba rendered very important service, and at the famous ram attack at the mouth of the Mtotaslppi river, whan (lolllna "pep pered'' the Yattkoe fleet. She was extensively repaired at tba Brooklyn N'ady Yard, and sailed thenoe to jola tbe South Atlantic bloc *adiags<niadroo, where sne performed excellent service ?p to the time of her capture. The fol lowing is a list of her officers:? L< ftlen ' Cnmmimler? Aastln Pendergrast. Acting Afsiitaiil W. II 1'ierson. Acting A**i?'ant I'ayn L. 0. Billing* A'Hnu Mi'tfei's ? O. W. Bnok.W. B Stoddard. A' ing Em #u? J. M Korsyth, A. I) Storor, C. HllL A liny Muter i Ma fci? I W. Parsons, C. P. Weatoo, H Y. Butler Acting Flrat Aagi'tanl, S. Oeuther. Acting Third AseMaate, J. P. Cooper, Ja?. Hoiliogsworth, J. a. Cooover. ______ The Rabela on tbe Mlesleatppl. Catno, 111., June 5, 1884. Tbe > team I) >it Jtiuoorl hag arrived from New Or team with datee of tbe 31st ult. on Thursday morning ahe waa attacked by ? battery of nine guns ? a portion of Marmaanka'a commao I, sta tioned at Columbia, Ark.? and, although convoyed by two gunboata? the Monarch and B. J. Adams? was com. pletely rldd ed, no !e*? than eleven shots taking effect on the steamer, the rebels not aolk-log the gunboat *, biK directing their lire solely towards the MUMuil <^ie twelve-pound shell exploded io tbe nursery, tearing it eutlrelf to atoms, aettlng tbe boat on Are la three places, and dangerously wounding a lady. The boat had a arge pasxenger list of ladies and children, who escaped by a Knur other she Is etj I > > *d In different parts of tbe boat. In tiring no oue eNa except a deck hand . A sentleMin on the Mat made a narrow etca-*. a car non sh t r?- ?g """ "f hl" destroy ng hi* coat aul carrying off hi* money ami nr" much Injured, -od tbe boat will bare m he. mixf rei 'rtwuleii at l.oulavllie t ,:rr<' "iiut, U'.aniti t?4 16. lit wil *IW I'rt epoa * it" uwske.ry froiu ?>>tu ?)?!'? of It# tmr.

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