Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE IfO. 10031. NEW YORK. SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 1864. PRICE FOUR CENTS. HUNTER. Interesting Particulars of His hmtm Movements. Account of the Engifttmeitf at Herth Bi?er, Ketr Moust Crawftrd, and at Pert Rciatyic# Splendid Combinations and Suc cessful Strategy. Sctnes aud Incidents at Ilarrfsonbarg and Staunton, &I.M die. Mr, Tht?dor? C. Wilson's Despatch. HsaDqiusrois. Pie,. rthckt Wear Viaumu, 1 br.iNTO.N, Va., June 1?A. M J Although your eorrc.poudrni baa wrltlea but llttl* tram tfala d?| arlmom to tho oouraa of ibe laat fair weeka, ?till, during tbm period of tuna, military movcmeota btou Id progress within Its limits-of a highly im portant character,and having for their ultimata object reauite or an eminently weighty kind. On seveial ocojuuU. during the laat fifteen diya yon knee been tbo recipient of brief despatches relating to ?ur progress up the far-famed valloy of tbo Shenandoah, the despatches referred to were necessarily meagre, be cause at the times they were written there was not op portontiy or "permission" afforded to enter Into dotulle. It la to give these latter, with incidentally accompany log facts and figures, ibis correspondence Is now forwarded, rim iaisART TturrgAcnoff*. refers surprising tho enemy General Hunter took ocea r .<n to originate n more than little surprise "at borne." by .ipedittoualy relieving every officer and man of hta lent and baggage, as also ail articles not absolutely necessary ea the lt,.s of inarch contemplated. Besides this there eras s general notification that after s specified somber ef days' ration* bad been exhausted the troupe would be required to eubetat on what could be far aged In the sec tion or country through which they were about to peat. Beueral Hunter announced In plain teruie tbnt It was ef (be utmost Importance that this army should be placed te condition for immediate efficiency. To tbls end be ex plained bow we were contending against an enemy who were deeply in earneet, and bow, U wo expected to so ?era n complete success, wo mutt bo deeply in earneet too. In reierrtbg to tbo Lieutenant General command ing tbo arrnlea of the United pointedly made Motion ef the fact that General Grant expected much ef the column operating In the great valley, as also ef the other column co-operating with it, and added there must be no disappointments. By this latter announcement both officers and men knew what was expected of them bt the event of a heavy buttle, and prepared themselves aceordtogiy. In n commendably short spans of time what wore Gowned superfluities wars sent to tbo roor, and ws wore ?ben In rand In est for tbo von wans mirth. Ibo first move was msdo from the neighborhood of ' creek (the locality to wbtcb General 8lgsl retired et to encounter leg Breckinridge) to wttbla two . of Woodstock. Bero lb* maid army mads s short bolt. Is Ibe Interim n reqen&olosnnco was sent out; but, at it fooad no rormHteVle force on our front, snob was tee report To rwirdod to headquarters, and wo prepared to aad did go oa Up te this time ibe column under bantral Buster's Immediate direction bad met with no nwlsus opposition nor overtaken more of Ibe "dire cnla witln of war" Una nro attached to an oecaslosnl bnabwback and o few straggl ng shots directed against lbs extreme advance. strut ra ran nun, Tel It was In the rear the enemy bad tbW time ' boson tl nanny na. Detachments from several ratal ovumnads, Mludtiig a small number ef men from Ibe ae^ed Mosby'a Ibroan, were rent to interrupt.our cotnmv.nlcaticn with fine heaGqnartere of Ibe reserve dlvlelea Vt Mantosbcrg. ^ truth, it must b* stated the rebels WO re partially sue oassfol in carrying out their designs, They male prison era of one or two couriers, fired on single parties and ?Mil commands of mounted wen, and destroyed soma bridges, beaidae attacking and burning n train of wr-goi a while on lis way Xo the front, loaded with ordnance rat caber stores, la this attack we loot botb In killed and prisoners. Boring the roast clear, one cotxn and <A rabeln took oeaartoc to inflict brutalities on aorar of our ?ran who rail Into tfaelr bauds as p.* doners of war. It la te be hoped that the conduct of these partisan rangers ?a he exahnlced Into by tboee authorised to not In ba ths* of the United States, and tbnt a prompt and J>id>clo .s weave* will be purcoad la reuiiatloa that will surely bavo tee effect of preventing n repetition of acta similar te teM earn plained of. emraao novraminn. Ob occupy Ipc Woodstock we found the majority of the Olltr*"' seeinmgly very frwndly toward* as. If tb*y ?td wot oxeetfy open their hearts, at least some of than apaaad tbclr doors to all (boa* who deal red to sater. B-.t Mi was befjra tbay became a war* of U>? peculiar man Mr ki wktrb w* wars repeating adyaac* up tb# val S*. Whan they learnad wa had cocoa with no eugmr a* eadaa to apara them, bat, on tb* oontrary, dsancaramaoiouKly aeoommo'lat* aor waala from arary awn's larder, long fsoca aod pious expraselone of couote wm sooa took tb* place of winning sal las aod cheerful lasts, while words which w*ro mors fort ibis thta si* pa>i fat from hps that might bat tar ha r* baao engaged lapronrnnctag a prayer, and others that bad, no doubt, Bat roo< oily ?opened'' "oa lbs Uoa" af tba "tan.'.er Indeed, rbll* w* round a faw who aaamad at i (bay would not objaot |* raootylnf tb* Ticket* Ma their eunSdonca, wa dtfeorerrd not ou* man wbo saaai csit J any dscire ta rooaiv* as tot* bis amokebeua* dtasrnsrib. AM had bean expected they would, the people beard la ?Isaac* of ?rar aprraseb of the order paraiittiuf foraging ?atb* country, and "patriotically" hid tbclr provision* IS owl of tb* way places, aod barrlsd off tbalr stock , to aawoeal It tu tbs woods and mountains. la soma huUcw wa dlaooverad w ban it bad bass hlddaa, aod left M there ssetaagar. la paaaltog through Rnant Jackioa.not a faw of tb* ?Mada* manifested an at laast apparent plaatniaat our aaaMag. Tbny war* aaan welcoming la tbalr remarks wad generally eourtaona tn tbelr actions, la soma in 1'n*ea ladies waved bandkarehleCa from hotweaa bow wtodaw rhuttara, aod In otber wsys Indicated to tb* yaaalag Yank*** tbat another adraac* upoa tb* enemy's ?arte w*s not cUjsotloonbl* to tbalr garaonai and polltl sal feelings Mount Jackson at one Una was a place of pMa'dcrabl* Importaua*. It m looatod oa* bucdreJ aod twalra allies from Alexandria, vie th* Mupaataatiap Rail paad, and about atzty miles from MartUiaburg aod tba MM of tb* Ilaitlmore aod Ohia Railroad. JMnc* tb* com meaaaneut of tb* war lb* place baa .fallen Into a sapid decline, aa la plainly man treats by da. plroyed building* and hnpaired railroad! praparty m tb* sn miner ten roc It used la b* wuob saa?rted to by pleaanr* seekers, w'vo bars tsar stapes to tbs Oapou Kprtng* sad Virginia Kprlngs. Tbs *?oerjr ta ts* from this point is highly pictiimaqaa. Tbs nssl locality or laUrsst wa approached was Maw mark*!, tba scan* of beueral t'lgs.'s oncoutiMr with ?mcklarldg*. Our moramanu ta this neighborhood war*, ait-.rally enough, can dueled with much eaottoa, bai.aa w* mat with aa oppaatag tot**, tb* laid of the lata engagement was oocoplsd with feelings mors *f In I than exeltemeat. Tb* grooad oa which tb* fight i aff did Dot present say aapealally pooullar faatsros ta remind one of tb* rontant. A dneen or a* gray** Indl sated wh-r* war* ?r??tily burled anno of our own or the >. teed, a r.ff (raw with shattered limbs Indl j SCENE OF HUNTER'S OPERATIONS. The Splendid Movement in the Shenandoah Valley Leading to the Oapture of Staunton. / # ?^18151 INSTITUTE BURHI catod wtiere ah&t and ?hall bad dost their work, and some peaple whom w* met told tales of Brookkrldge'a mancenrres before aud afwAha fight, and expla'ned lha really gallant manner in wb'ch lha young cadets (boya or from alitaaa to eighteen, year* old) fought and charged "tbe Yankee Itaaa and, artillery." Judging from what tbe cttl7er>a ?ay, It V, no wcnder General Sicel ?u de feated. Genera; timckiarVlge bad engaged alx brigades of lofaatry, Imbeden'r forcaa, the mdete and other scat tering BQttimartie?making In all a total Held force of fifteen thoirrmd men. On tba other bar. J, fler.eral JMgel bad in tbeYeld unly Ire tbooMud infantry and two thou sand cavalry, of whluk ent're forte ouly thirty Are ban dred nice ware actually engaged dm big tba fight. Bavtag encountered no serious opncaltlon at or In the aeigbboi hood of Newmarket, wa pnceaed forward to liarrwoahrg. On tba way up the enemy undertook to be somewhat held, hy making oae or two attempts at skirmishing; hut oar advance waa ao aieady aid "aolld'' thai tba rebels' heat aftert? wera to litem of ao avail. *r aaritxiyrjirao. Attending tha occupation of mivlaonburg (bare war# ao fighting operationr ? n remarkable rhnreater. In the plane (Harrisonburg) wa rouml a ncwapartr office, wbicb had beat, hastily eraeuated by the editor and bla "deril" apprentices. It waa the naareet approach to not merely a "one here#." hut hardly a here# at all, concern Imagi nable Among atmr or the private papers picked np In tbe ?Mi waa one rererrlBg to the auhacriplloa (for tbo paper) back. Tale Induced an In-iulaltiva gonlus te look for lha sabeorlption be k lu question, and on examining the ? private" aroountil waa Ihund that orer one half of tbo nubecribora were in arrears for tba paper, that but few of the advertisements bad been paid for. aud that tbe proprietor or editor, or somebody else about the eou??-o, bad squared up with many pairenltors on tbe tradeeprka .p!* and the like. Pur tba laaertkm of a cue aqua e advartr-otneal It coal from 110 to $i0, ao nordiug to tbo part of tbe paper in which It appeared, latter* awl private pepora were found loose In dlflbrent pbtroa tbroiighoal the loom, and they plainly showed how difficult tbe tradesmen and mer -houle round it to continue buairoes. Many of those letter ihowod, loo, bow little faith they placed In an expected* .tare value of tha rebel air; acting m*dtum, known ee< tr\p. Tliera are tolerably good hotel aooonunodatlotw at Bar rlaooburg, besides much to interest a etranger who desires to oriUuiso tbe peeullaritlea of the resident*, their modes of living and tba oharajlor of tbetr dwelling*. ma *j?<u<i*iin.TT?viownwi *r houvt oaawr at> xnn roar nervauo. On leaving HarrlMDburg our ootumn waa divided lain two parte?oo* taking tbo dlrent rood to Staunton and tbo other bearing toward Port Republic, It waa onr design to demonstrate ogatawt the onemy'a right, while, aa wa afterwards dltoovarad, tba enemy bad oonoalvad tba notion of attempting to torn our left, which, an n natural oonewpieuee. brought on an angagemont at and In tbo neighborhood ?* ^ft Republic, n place somewhat famous to Union commanders m Virginia, who have always experienced mora or less Jlfllouity la approaching or re treating fr <m, of manoeuvring around ?bte point. It will ho aeon that Port Republic la situated oo tbe liaa of Mid dle river, a body of water emptying into the Shenandoah river. Baf< re tbe place there la considerable width to tbo river, betide* Maud* of various atawa. Pert Repnblle ta wall altnalad tor defauoe, aa It la pruteotad on one aide by Mouth river, wblob empties into Middle river, and no tbe ether by tbe river of tbe latter namoi. About tba X?aw time tha left column waa demoootrattng again<t tbo Ikfbol pnelttoa at Port Republic, the column to the right, k#Abo dlroetlea of Mount Crawford, got into aa engage ment at Worth river, Aa tae sen ad of eanaon both right and W waa made avMeat to ear bearing, w# knew the plan wm wwklnc well and the \ork ef Jefenilog tbe rebel* ned*" ?l band. While wa ware moving up' the raliey tbe ana *7 made preparation to make a sundial tba polaia namo.' and |o that and brought down from Staunton louts ;>f U'w militia fw. aa. with all ib* racuiarly enlisted rebels that could be mo*lured for th# occasion. Tbs left of tbe rebel 11m wu entrusted to the wmsut of Genera! .looee and the right to Imbodea, so famous for partisan warfare and petty raids. Our advance en the rebel position was conducted with much gal lantry. Both men and officers of the three branches of the service behaved admirably. Line after line ef Infantry wea advanced steadily and to good purpose. All this time the rebels kept pouring ia a rapid fire from held ordnance and musketry. Ifmy of those who iought against us wers mere boys, who bad broken through tie cru*l of a military education at some (me of the various military institute* of Virginia And hero they were?boy* who hsd'but attempted to learn the art of war -being, not drilled la a comfortably fitted np, wsil aired whoolroora, bnt practised In the fane Of an enemy, an opposing army, and engaged in the full glory of actual warfare. In return for the bot Are which the enemy opened from bis artillery, directed aga'n t oar right, we returned a similar compliment that bad a very good wdbct for the Interacts of our aide. It mads the rebels more than oaoe give way, and no doubt ther would b?ve broken and run pell-mell If tt bad not been f?r the per tonal bravery of their officer", who expoeed themes'.*#* sii<1 enloioed their men to remain firm to the last. Put still, of nbat avail ccuid II be for any force to remain Arm when ac enemy kept steadily advancing h " Hues and poortnf In a heavier and heavier lire, is we dirt cud kept duiag formver Uirea bourn Much to the graiiflci tlou of all ouuosrued, we could see at thia time that our steady efforts were prevailing, iteeidee, ibe Art.>t at and In the direction of Port Republic was also n I load to be growing iesa fleroe or rapid No doubt the en-vnv wee dleoenrerted by our plane and aotivtty. Be bad to tended to execute a Hank movement on our left, and based Iheetieeese of his plana en the fulfllmeU of erc.h ? dee>kO. frf^>elrg derailed in its esecution be was enilsely cutgeneralleJ. The point uf sue.est was first gained on our rtgbt, where we snceeedsd In driving the enemy back from the line uf the North river end piecing a force on U?e other side. With commendable activity we kept pushing our forties over natil era got Sufficient force together to continue Ibe nlenilva. The first move mr.twutn hastily drive back the enemy'i left, whi< h we did very ably. This plsoad Imbodcn, wbo It reported to bavg b**n in eotumaad of ibe rebel right, la a very pre earfoue position. We were gelling in a position to oil him ofT from Staunton. This we Intended to da, and this wa did. On our driving back the rebel left the rebel force at Port Republic bed to give way, and re treat with rapidity. Jeoae' command sabaiaqneotiy made two or three eiTbrte to ebeck our advance oa ntaua tan: hut the attempt* were nipped even In the feud We were teo sharp In intellect end too etrong In numbers for rebel perseverance. On and after the oommeneenient of tbe rebel retreat we no mm so end to take many prisoners and to get guile a number of daeartcra. To a abort time afterward the two columns wero again united, and wa ware to reedincM for another advance Wblla oar mas are reeling (or a brief period, and set tluga bridge over North river m readiness, the reader e attention la asked to another port of tbe country. where General* Crook nod AvertU were suooaaefony operating and oo-operatise with ua. At about tbe time General Hunter moved from Cedar creek, ie the sbenandeafe valley, anotber mended fey General Crook, proceeded from Lawlabiim, la Greenbrtnr comity, forward toward* Staunton to make a juoetton with General Hooter, la this movement Gene ral Crook,'and Aventlto command, which It u der bun, bod to oncouatar eaiu# sever* skirmishing and enter into eoe or two serious fliibia. In all of tbeee they were rn tlrely aueeeteful tn driving tbe enemy off, thereby being enabled to wake their marches on lbs line originally agreed open. They moved In such n manner ae In lead the ana my leto tbe heller thai the line of tbe Virginia end Tenner*.-* Railroad was again in danger from tbeir propensities lor ratdtag fit that direction. Having accomplished ih-ir object they eoddenlr moved on faxiagtoa, tn Rockbridge county, where la located a niHitary Institute, at whi h were being educe ltd torn* of the rery ymmg men who wers praei loelly In arms against then*. Under those i if oamitawean It became n necessity to destroy lbs Institute, and It wm accordingly destroyed. By rapid marches feotfe Crook and Averlll raachsd the neighbor hoed of Rtsuqton no at to fee threatening and advancing oo It about tbe time General Hunter was engaging Jons* and Imbodeo at Port Repubue and on tbe line of North river, sear Mount Oawiord. 1 hie now brings me to tbe particular polat In thin aocoont where wo lad Hunter advancieg oo Btanaten directly from Hnrrlanabnrg. and Croon nod Aver lit ad veering on tbs nme position on two roads fr*m tbe renr. Here II wa* that iha rebels discovered the whole ??rasosHty" of our proceed (ago, end saw that oar dealgl WM of a full feathered "fesgrlng" ohi racier Aa vena as ii became known tb*t onr two aolumns wsro crowding on Staunton irnm the posui n* named, end that we had gained ? c -nip ste aucce* i el Noel It river, or iu thn Mount Crawford remoo. the room linn* aoaatuenoed a rapid r?ir?at. The militia foroM that were ao valiantly to defend Stmnton W the Imiextremity, and, if boomsary, to stand a (lege, ikednddled out of town, regnrdleat of tbe valuable property tbey were leaving behind. On discovering thai the rebel* were rapidly falling back towards the Blue Bldg? and the gaps of that line or mountain*, we made every effort to intercept tbem. In thus doing, and Id lb* oelertty of oar moremesU. we gamed great advantages, capturing many prisoner*, a raw and four pleoea of artillery. Twa other ph-oes are re ported to hare been nubteriently taken, and Mid to he all of one battery. Had not tbe reb?ls retreated ae hastily a* tbey did from Staunton we would have captured tbe whole rebol command le t to g^rrfaoo it. A glauce at tbe tnap will eufflcc to abow tb?l wo were on throe aldee of Uirm, and any bealiauey on their part would bate biaured tt.elr o.pturo by giving us *u opportunity to out etf tbelr laet Use of re'real?toward tbe mojsuin gape. iv aTtrirroe?(urrraw, *tc. On entering Staunton we fonad ttio plice la a w'.ld etata ef confusion. rtiore* of various trade, Including "id ?tuce property, were Mattered vor.n1 genorsily. and in aomo inauooe* partially destroyed. In tuair effbrU to destroy tbmr *tores tli# rebel* m a great moaacre failed. Beeuloa wa got a good deal of railroad pro|?rty, Including some rolling stork Tbe value'of the property captured will reach about a mllll n dollar*. As I write ihta it la , raporied twa guns of heavy calibre here been die ouvired In one of tbe many' ferfiflcail jna aurwaollDg ih.a puce. Although the rebel* abandoned It aa half!!y aa tbey old, Mautiion la well fortified by work* of differ ent kind*, and reiplered 4*l*Mible from lb* peculiar topography of the surrounding country. It was only tbe snc.ceee ot our combinations, the faithful arruutlon of Oeucral Hunter's skilful pun. that gamed 'or uetha ad vantage* wa new have aocurnd with ao little Ices of Ufa. ppsacit or vim st-.ria. At this time our lore*?. In pari, are/tltl put a.'tar tfea enemy, sad con*wi.tly sending lu | rlaooei*. wttiw. I7p to this time we have over four hundred prieeeees. casta i rise. Our lew la killed and wonodeu will not exceed two hundred end fifty Of conrae w# are losing a faw all the time, and tbia way materially Itxresae tbe auwher of cMue tiaa before tfci# despatch reaches Its deetloatloa. arvBRAA lUMiasi Tt la aim net Impossible juet at thle time to engraft loto this despatch all tbe utluor deiiila of Internet, or to ex plain at length bow each regiment engaged moved opon ead ected before tbe ooemy. Tin-a mt.veat n< featuree I of our eaoceasfnl prooeediogs must be reserved for future despatches. Vet lo a general way I ? an meulion with pleasure tbe Bne bearing nod prompt action of the divl sl >na ociiimanded hy Gaaerai .-nil van and General Ftabel, iho latter a cavalry command. In the whole of ths tnive went* these Uiviel ios did all tbey could to execute tbe order* of oeoeral Hunter with tbe groalest of promptness, roflei ting nur.b credit oa Uteir commaadera sod the Iron pa under Ihom. The brigade of cavalry oommaodsd by Colonel Meftey. no Id* we* particularly cone pic u -us for gallautry. Tbe rannoer in which tbey charged after the rabela wan very doe Indeed. With iieneral Crook'* command, General TM.Tte'e bri gade wna onoe or twloe engaged, wud n-akiioed autne loan la hilled and wounded. SBSRia eSTHKATflVa to tea woitvtj -wa At this tiros the rebel eommanda that we have de feated, end t<> some extent demoralised, sr* la fall retreat toward lb* Blue Ridge end eeveral of ih? gape la that ridge At Rnnfcflsh Gap It la a.tid tbey will attempt to m ike another etaud should wa attempt an exteoaive pur suit, roay hare commands, with lortlOcattoos, at aeve> ral or tbe other gape toward* Hie Jamas river owr forces have now goae owe bund'eJ ead thirty aevta mile? Hi to tbe momy's oountrv, this taking them to Ht.uutfai s?<l to Waynesboro, on tbe Ikte of the Virgiola Central Kalirotd. lo aa air fine wa era ah at forty gva to flay roileu from I.yaobburg. By ratlrved we are twenty tlx mile* frem Cbsr.ettasvilla. Hy railroad twin ChirIciieaville to I-yncbburg It is son* eeveaty odd mile*. lo an ?tr line we era lean than on* hundred mtHt fmn wh?r* General Or nt bus bis headquarters, or la supposed to have tits, si this time. On the whole of our long mareh the soldiers of th ALt eral eomm.ade have boroe very pstisntly the fatwue* and Hardship* tbey have had to undergo. Wa have bed do euiroiie* other than what waa gathered Hi the count-/ through which we pasted. It le rsp-r'ed mat should w* advance the rebels will flret try to make a stand on tbo Hue of Rou>b river. In conclusion, I may add that the commands now mow Ing after tba enemy will in all probability succeed la taking masy priaonars, if not ka even eapturleg gone mere ef tbe eaeany'a artillery. REBEL ACCOUNTS. Tha Rebel Reweran at fttAnntnm?Details . of Junm' Oefeial. [From the Rlcbnioe I F.samioer, Juna T ) The news oi the day yeaterday wm ih# report that got noiaadatound the city o( a revere* to oar aim* wo.'t of ftuuatnu. IK rumor war noon osught up and greatly magnified. The facta of the case, as ws were able to rat lecl lben yesterday morning, se med lobe abont tbeae:? On Sunday ereelug ice soemv, lo very heavy force, sup posed lo be alxml tea or twelve thousand strong, and onuefetlng of Infantry, cavalry aad art'l'ery (thlriy pieces), made an attack upon a deUahtnect of our troops, tbco near Mount Crawford, twelve miles tbe other elde of Staunton, under the command or rjeoeral William K. Jenoa. At tbe time of tbe attack a large portiou of Ueae r&l Jotiee' ci mmaml bad been detached lo operate In another d.recliuu?where, it )e not prudrnt to say?and bad not some up wben the enemy mnJo their apjwarance. Our foroea marie a gallant re*1"t?uce, but in the fare of the ovarp'twericg numbers of tbe ouuray, lo whom our forces were but -s a more hamltnl, a deiaat was iuovi tabls. At the point where tbe flgbt occured,there are two road.; diverging?one leading to i.auotou and the ether to Waynesboro', a smalltown on the Central Railroad, en the ether eld# .uethe ftlue Rl^s# m untaln, Imme diately at lie foot- -both points .equally di. taut, tearing to fall hack open suuutou, I art ten acb.nv lolgbtcut Ihctp offhy moving on Wayi eebcro', our forces retreated In the dlroi:tlon of the latter place, saving their artll'ory and waym train", There wi* a rum or on tb'e street thit our Torres had b?eti routed, and had sustained considers bis disaster in tber retread, hut this It not so a | despatch rseelvod yesterday nmruirg by the .secretary I of War,stated distinctly that we bad saved our artillory and wagon trali.o?a jrotty good erlieucs tbai our r? treat was conducted :n coed order. lb# worst new# of the who!" affblr Is that General William K. J* nee was certainly killed In tbe tight. 1'nta la melancholy newr indeed, for he wns det kledly ooo of the be>t enva'ry n'fr.vr ir, the service, and one whom lite country can IN aff Td to lose at this juncture, fie was an oftker ic tho rid srrav. ji vrs mls'akt not, wh?re ho left \ .e>f)id . t>iu "> t)r,< tmn, and was as brave cud fearlraa a spirit as svsr drew a swn. d. Fits opera tionaletbla war have been mostly con lued to Western Virginia, and ars lot freab in the m.ivI a me p italic to tieori any review at thla ilms. Since hie demise the command devolves upon peseta! Vaug ran, who, vtb be lieve. te ef tenneeaee. The ene.-.iy, we learn, was eMiar cmirnnd of OnerM Hunlsr. the sucouesor of tbe vao isiebel Dutch usuerei gOL Tbe daspatefces received yssferdav by lbs departmeol wars eorlnnatory of lbs ,'sctv sbovo II wsa understood that a dsepatch bad also bean received last evening, reporting that the eneitv' bid taken Staunton, f ortunately fcr ua, If thie over, ha true, tuey oan.dn ue I bit little harm, ttnleaa they but* th" tewn, whirl we t'uisk tbey hardly will do, all u?r et"r"?,and suppl es having beeo removed from there M nauob <s a week ago. Kunc r? were Tying ar' iind tbe city last nl"bt, roport lug that tbe enemy had Mco reached Doalugton. burned the Military Institute, fco.; but we tolieve thie r.port entirely destitute or truth Certainly no such Informs Itoa bad been receivsJ ?y our authorities up to last sight MEWS FROM MEMPHIS. Cirao, June 10?Midnight Tti# nearner ntltmaa, Trom Memphis >n tbe evening of tba 7th lost., baa arrived here. John Callahan, Jaotfb Salver aod Thomas .Joba.ten, pi I valaa of tba Second New Jersey cavalry, were to bo shot at Fori Picker lag on the 101b lost., for the crime of rape. 17 art wae llithi doing In tbe Merapblt cotton marital. Tba stock oo band waeamall, and all the olferlogs ware taken at tbe ruling ralos, as follows?Strict middling, Ke. a 83o.; gor l middling, 83o. a 8*o t snd lair, Wo. a |1. Tbe Blockade Hannen. oiPTunt Of iin block*Dt Hi'Myea ?tkamvw mitt. Wuai.ioiox, June 11,1PM. Tba Navy Oeparrment has raeeived Information of tba capture, off Velaseo, Teaas. on tba 'iSIb ultimo, of tba hirx-kede runner steamer Isabel hy tba t'oited Btatea ?teirner Admiral. Rhe had mads upwards of twsoty siircertful tripe batwsen Havana aod Itobtla and Gal veston. Tho captain and oraw of tbt leabsl fought wtth desperate enrage before tbey were eaptured, and did not surrender until they had reoelved two hroed airies at short range. The csrgo oooa'eta of powder, arms, percussion caps, hardware sad medlomew. Brtgadlsr Osmsrol Ijefferti. A must, June 11, IMi. Colonel Maroball taribrts, lata oomiuaodwr of tba Peveoth New York regiment National ttuard, ban bass appo>ai*d a brigadier gene. -U by Oovamov Rejraumr. II is uorisrstond lb?t hia ns .v oommrnd is to be tba secend brig do, but it ts not yet kemrn whether i,ig aselgumeul la to duty lo me Hold or is toe ,L ate GRANT! Secretary Stanton's Dsepatoh to General Dix. Two Days' Work on the Whole Line of Oparations. Immense Extent of Military Tele graphic Communication. Newe from Ntade, Sherman, Bailer, : Huntes, Cartridge end Cauby, Ac., Ac., *0. lur?Mrf 8(>ntOB to Gene rial Dili Will DxrAKTMtNV, \ * WaSHiXOIO.V, June 11?8:J0 1'. M. | / Major General Dix:? Officii! reports rrom the Army of the Potomac (lows U Ovs o'clock yesterday evening deuil no movtnienls at Importance. A despatch from General Sherman, dated yesterday, ?tales that our cavalry yesterday (Thursday, Uih), de ??loped th? position of th? ouetoy In a lis* along the hills from Kenesaw to Lost Mountain, and iri sow march log by the roads towards Kenesaw. A despatch from General Butler, dated this morn lag at one o'clock, reports all quiet along our lines. Yesterday General Kent/, charged the enemy's works at Petersburg, and carried them, penetrating Into the town, but not being supported by General Gill more, who had withdrawn his forces without s conflict, General Keutx was obliged to withdraw without further offset. General KauU captured forty prisoners and oae pieee of srtliler y, which be brought away with him. A despatch from General Canby, dated Yicksbttrg, Jose 4, say* tbat General Cmory reports that an attempt by Taylor's force to cross the Atohafalaya had beso frus trated, the troops tbat had crowed dispersed, and a large quantity of oomm'tsary stores and clothing captured. General Barbridge, sommandlag la Kentucky, la a despatch dated yesterday, at Lex I agios, reports tbat "after concentrating a force at Beaver creak, oa lbs Big Beady, I moved against Morgan's fores la Ttrglats West, as far as tiladesvllls. Morgan, with 3,*09 nan, moved Into Kentucky via Whites bury. 1 pursued, and by marching ninety miles la twenty-four bourt, earns upon bins at Mount Sterling yesterday morning and de feated him. By stealing fresh horses be reached Isling ton at two o'clock this morning. Our forces bald the fort and I tie rebels did bet little damage. Be Ian bars at seven A. M. for Versailles. 1 start la psrssM with ? fresh fovea this evening." No official report has yet bseu resolved from Beasts! Hunter. 8DW1M M. XtxhSQH, ?earotary of War. THE REBEL RAID INTO KENTUCKY, Capture and Burning at Cyntlilana. REPORTED OCCUPATION OF FRANKFORT. SOIGAS RETREATING FROI TUB ITATf, H. te. la Looiamu, Ky , June 19, JM4. . The aj-<v-kl tralo, with two buadred armed rentiers, wlitcti 1? t hero at eight o'clock hut evening, report* tbtt they went with in thirtewu miles of Fraakfort, a *4 aacer* tntncd that the orduan- a train buoud her* turned back acd went toward* Frankfort. T.ia tsocrt on board the train, ronaistlag of about forty ?old!era, were trying to light their way through, and b.d several iklmithes with a fallowing force of rebel*"at various point*. , The rebel* bad obatrticied the road la aeeeral p'aoee between here and Bagdad by felling treea, ho., acroe* the track, and dealroyed the bridge* In the rear of the e rdaaooo train a* n retired from Bagdad toward* Freak fort. It la *o;>poe*d tba? the train arrived aafely at Freak t >rt. but, as telograpblc communicatloe la not yat epeo te that olty, tt la tlUl a nutter of doubt. fx>Ktar:ua, Juce 10?Afternoon, Privet* cdrlce* raoelred front Bag lad thla afternoon report tbat rrarkfort be* barn occupied by the rebel* Thla is discredited headquarter* have received r.e luteiiigeoce oti the subject. Iotnsviua, Ky., June 11,1M4. Headquarters have t tat reoeived advice* tbat Governor Bramleite ba* armed tb* cHlaena of Fraokfort, and tbat the fort ttoore I* well gtrrtsooed, an 1 can donbtleae bold out agaifi aay at'ack of the robe la until General Bur. b.-ldgf, wbo tl lanl accc :ats wan at Lexington, aba!) ar rive there Flgltt at Vraakfert. Lorwt ua, Ky., Jane 11,1W4. General iktrrlagUo, cotnnaudlag the District of led lane, now bere, bw receive! a telegram dated Bagdad, half past tea A M., raying tbat heavy eeaaenadiog commeeeed la tb? dlrcctloc of Kraekfort at seven Hue morning, aed allll continues at Intervale. About elue o'clock thla aaora* lot a large Ire war aeeo In that direct!.*, reported la be from t be burning of a bridge ebdflP three mile* tb la aide of Frauk.ort. Tit* Tvwa of (jrnihu** Baraed.Ke treat el the Rebels. Cwnsatvt, Jane 11, IMC After leuvlog Islington end Georgetown, Moreen1* mala fore* appear* to hern turned aortb, and follewlaa tbe line of tb* Kentucky Central Railroad, attacked tb* One hundred and Slxlv eighth Oblo regiment, at Cynlhl. aaa, tb* morning, driving then* north, burning tbe^town and two train* wbicb left Covington last eight. Thla uorolog Morgan I* apparently trying to make h e way sot of the Rate nearly in the same dlreeilee be en tered. NEWS FROM NEW ORLEANS. Cain-i, June Id? Midnight. The steamer Emperor, from Hew orl<*ee en the RB lest., ha# arrived here. Rhe brlage to saw* Wbea the Emperor peaeeil Oolemkia. oe tbe 7th lest., an engagement had taken place ?<? twees a port lea e General A. J. Imith'a force, and tbe rebels at Columbia. No eat *f*o*ovy information eo*cernief It ooald be ob tained. Oar Ibetee are reported to have lent thirty er forty kliled end eeveoly wounded. Tbe battery el Oeiumbia had been removed when tne Emperor pass**. The boats of tbe Merlui brigade were lying lie*. "? the tewa was homing, aa were she tb# beiidiege ew several plaaUliooa kboro where Smith'* ittom wh stationed. . . tbo Cjet was lylag about two otllee above Oemmbia

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