Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1864 Page 3
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A""?" MOB'S I iloomrbb, haw and aV0Tio*. to *B Eft From thk lowest pbioB ?*"?utu ? toous madb, BKLOvr olo prickr. ?MS MWi^SuKlS; Tt A * Roou turbans and1JrM{lvt%?a^l|i AAA "w8R BTOCK fcPlSWMS FLOWBR8. "A?Um S&to m?. 10,000 TAHU" AUCTION LOTS OPENING DALLY, WHITE AMD FAMOY MUSLINR ^ kimRY. SI I and >29 EIGHTH AVBMUH, BBTWfiBN TVrKMTT?IRrtw*NDy gKC0Mp aTKBBf. At jambs moombtb. iuth aT#nue BO AIMS, BAltUAlNS, BARGAINS. DRESS GOODS, DR1BB GOODS, t?BB8S QOOD8, black silks, blaokjIilks, black silks, COLORED SILKS, COLORED SILKS, OOLORBD SILKS. dloaks, cloaks, cloaks. ?HAW LB, SHAWLS. ? SHAWL8. AT MO. 181 EIGHTH AVE]MOB. AO piece. 96 inch rich Pari. Taffetta for*?"""? white e lB? L ore Ta'.rela, 20 piecea heavy Aimure 811Dt, Mj pecra Brocade 811k. and7ft plw?? Gros do Rhi ne, All widtha And qualities, belowgn^lLKa. 90 p ecea Scotch Plahl 81 in, 25 plaoea rich Cylorod Brooa^le atik?a io nieces Btr ped and Figured Foulard Silks, ana 1-0 ?Mce* nil shades p a n Colored Silks, sailing below any other Bouse In the trade. nonw*nTKFH <0 piecea mow of U.o^HcT Strip* Plaid andI Kgured Grenadine.,(at 62KC-, '5?- *nd worllk ? A"0 W SHAWLS Rich Black and Colored. Plain Stripe. Plaid ?d Stripe and Plaid Wool Bntf^Jj^ch below market prlcoa Rich 811k Saoaues. Basques. Circulars and M*nUUaa;rlch Ototu haonues and Circulars for ladles and children ? per aant lower than any cloak store In the city; rich Dree* Goods, rich French. EncVsh snd American Prints, Ombrellss and Parasols, Hosiery. Gipvaa, ?? The arsest stock of Mourning Dress Goods up town. g M- ROBERTS, Jr., 181 Eighth avenue. ATQEORQH KEY KB'. 343 EIGHTH AVENUE?CON A tinuatlon of our great sale of 80 piecea heayj b ack BUka, with and without lustre, auituble for ms:,t CBSnd; 110 pieces p sin colored Silks, new shades; 175 piecea Alpacas, beautiful colors and tine goods; several casea new Dress Goods, Organ <1 es. Lawns. Ac.; also Jf.**"'" MtiiK'ft; 5.000 ?ik Bun Emt?rel'a*. from fl 26 and upward*. Domestic Goods in large stocic and cheap. A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT or SILK CHESTERFIELDS and SILK BASQUES AT DAVIDSON* ? BOW.BHY CLOAK BTOEB. ^ Bowery At GRAND BTREBT CHEAP STORE. MILLINERY SILKS, MILLINERY VELVETS, MILLINERY LACKS, PKUM AUCTION? EMBROIDERIES, __ HOSIERY AND GLOVES. MEW DRESS TRIMMINGS, 811 and 311W Grand and 60 Allen streets. Fifth block east from tba Bo wary. t GRAND BTREBT CHEAP STORM. FROM AUCTIO*. ,?r RIBBONS, every width, oolor and shads, without ad vance in price, a though^d M1 "d "AftSSIt eaat frMn tbe*Bowary. A1 t GRAND STREET CHBAP STORE. STRAW GOODS. PRICES DOWN. _ BLACK BLOOMERS 31. 44,56. 83. 78c. and ?!,?? water auu. Imperials, Maderaa ana other fashionable shapes. ^??Wof TAN LEATHER BLOOMERS at Si. 44. M ?!?d'wver!*l>ib?rd hrani^ U? Waterfalls^ MXeriMpE^lenSS The finest GRAY H ALR BONNKT8, $3 25. Thkf and colo ed SHAKERS at 13c., al 18c., al 28c. The vary b?t. **. BDWABD RIDLEY, a 811 and S11X Grand and (HAllen strepta. Fifth bloch aast from" U?e Bowery. At THE NEW DRY GOODS HOUSE, ) U 7?7 Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth aireeta. Br J \ C. JOHM81 ON. lon? connected with itusdKLL A'PIRRSON, who recently retired, Wlllbo o' erad. on Monday, an aidant aaaortment of no ^BSAko tjwwm LAWNS, JACON1TB. OROANDIB8, ^V.GDUREDB!i.D STRI^BD GRENADINES. g00 place. Grenadine*ae25c a T"d-J"ro[rt,<l'!*'? m ?ha4ea and style* Alpacas at a aacrtfloe, a Una aiaort Kt of Drei aooda, purihaaed bafora tha racant advance stock ?f Maurntng Good# at reduced prleee Two ^bl^ Oitat "w Florentine, Crape. MaraU. 5^U?e. for .o.wl. ^J^a, sss^sssarrsf. ? Richardaon'a, Dunb.r a, Gehen'a, BaU'R Ac , Ac. And an eitcnalve stoek of F)Mne,^ Quilu and Damaaka, Bngtiah and Oarman Hoalery. van oi-aap. B [LACK SILKS (OIL BOILED), CLOAKS OB "dRESBEB. fr#m $Uo at datidson s BOWBRY CLOAR BTORB. ^ CLOAKS. CLOAKS. CLOAKS. CLOTH CLOAKS, from *3 to |18. SILK CLOAKS, fro-n #IU to $4K AID A VIOSO B 8 BOWER* CLOAK STORK, 264 Biyrtry. EXCLUSIVELY FBBNCI1 FLUTING ONB TO TWF.K ' ty lnrbee wide. All materials tluted In an unsurpassed noer at Urn UOLDKN'S French Fluting Kstahllah mdU, la A m It* street. (KB?A block and a ball from iresdwsv), 127 Meector street. below Woo?tar Itreel. and ?I Fult?'n it reel, Brooklyn. N. B.?No machinery need In me ganaino Frencli (luting. BHIONABLE DRESS OOOD8 ? gUEf For iumraer wear; a "tie assortment at retail, AT REDUCED PKICH8. LOJwTTaYOR. BOS. 401 To 467 BROADWAY. Also at stores BOS. 255 TO 201 ORAND BTRBBT. And NOS 47 AND 40 CATHARINE STREEY.t R 8 A LE?OENTLSM EN'S LINEN COLLARS, eadlng slv les, bjr the manufacturer, at rout. W U PLACE. 157 Chambers street. r /TREAT REDUCTION IB PRICBS OF SILK ANDCLOTH CLOAKS, AT THB XBTROPOLTrAN CLOAK ROOMS, 495 BROADWAY] (Entrance through Grover A Baker's salesroom). Fancy Colored Cloth Cloaks, beautifully embroi dered On the Groevr A Raker machine. Children's Cloth and Marseilles Garments, embrol doted or bisMed IIEMIT MOORE, Agent. H IGGINS' SIXTH AVENUE MAMMCTII ?TLL!NFR*~ ESTABLIBIIMBNT. The great emportnni of Millinery Goods o' seery d?serln See an i the reoogn.rvd. uiul 'puled beadi|U*rter* of tests sad (so'inui where -?,oi>d value" is the motto and enosgy nad po>s <?eraooa our ruilO? UBPRLCEURNTED SaLK OF T U' 111 SO SONNETS dcbinoTaht WERE. Is the h'st rt our business we have ueeer known a week Of MTU devilled tiw ? a. was the n at. and we e e wtllins ?? admit I st note>t isiaudin . ne woke t f?>r and eiistct I a iro n tbe nature o> our Inst advertisement, we war Oi'i'pletvir la- -n b surprise, mid were In a tn- amm us gweasied fur en eitens. Va demand. Wn err R ad to tlti ' Ilia' b- tail ?- of the e'ly aoi>re>d.tle our effort to s It tlr-t ci??s Millinery at a rus-ouatne pried, sal wi only tea for s emit mini piitr"iia.e es ?- rewurd of ur oievs a an t nnv?r r iw lieumil at.ou to do away wiltiovho bt'sut p iers This le a tune fnr e uiimny It beau v?. oil to I ru iaM tbe I B sit* w'in e iliry till kvt luem i b.? est. suit wh-n we .'???? ? dies to sell fun a wed R. sunt or Itiinimer ol the sun n rooisr al. stylo anil s-taSistadd on Broadway, fur uenrljrone ha f. vie alalia your alivotl n ?- I is yi tii luty. to at loust otauuua our gwsie snu oinifsr. nr tin b ryant H musts for gil?Mo'd on Pr adway fnr 19. Elegant lloiiMsts (nr $7-Ko,d on llrm? iwny fun f 10. I e :.(>? bonnet. tar g<? H ,1,1 on ilm ulrvay for $! I. t 'e ?nl Hoanns to. | l-fi,.,d on llrosdnsy fnr 012. |, eg.nt Hon nets fn i,g-.dt.ld on T>.r wdi?ay f"r glfc I, "*! !nr !}.? -Jn>5 ?u Rroadwa f -r ||t. Blegm' Ron Beta t ,r XI >? Vn ,| ?? n ?.iwsy fur gftl. X -,?nt H um, is f..r t ll-i old on lltosdwoy fur t V X ogAOl H.nnot for #3 ?Sold on Hroadway for gSA. *T aCR AND MUSLIB CUPTAINB, *;>*B10Ii8. BABTB, T.I Rx K 1.8 A "n IfOnREKKEMXa ? OUDDB in rvskt varirtt, mno,,,l,u AT MODF.lTsTR FRICR8. LOHfTrTAMOR, Ni>s I I to 4n/ Brosdwxy, Also sl SI T. s jj"? 2ft to 261 Grand slreet. Bee. 47 aud 40 l athsrtno street rttSnT'OniRTB MADE TO ORDBK With the I iiprnre Tube, 'ombii Uie e'eBanee with ease an t rende 114 thn shitl a sarfml til Msctn In the fln-st wssner from New Ink n.l . A son lis d srrlgan and -MNrs pep'1 ar 1110s tnt sod Rivher lsnn and teung's oe o brains duvn. s g It 9 ami $1 an T. W MDODT. 178 X toad way, Howard Hotel. %J MB. TUTTLK'8 liRRMltMAKING AND FaTTKHB Jfl liiiont. AtftRrO'dwnr wnern she bas'an eleeont as. Krtn en m la" 'a eot I'.iris l'nttvrn Toe 11 w -istviu ihe aosote nits b? ei> Ni" her 10 wsriant A perfect fit Hig 0 stans taught, m R. uo< war, near Am MP atreot NT MODI. 2^?I8SM ADD CHILDREN* OWJAKbT ma """"if f *"? <""? BOW1W CLOAK STORE. R?W?fr j^?OURNING DEPARTMENT if RKTilti, Mourning and Part Mourning. Dieu Fabrics farmmmm wear. Also Moore mi Goods of every kind. LOAD A TAYLOR, Hon Mi to M9T Broadway. Mm m I to Ml Grand streei and 49 Catharine iIraki N* W SKIRT FOB IBM. A XIV AMD CARAT IMTBMTIOW IM HOOP SKIRTS. TH1 DUPIiRX ELLIPTIC (OB DOUBLE) BTBBL J. I. A J. 0. WSIT, *0? 97 c1?aMBBB8 STREET, MBW YORK. are the earner* of the patent and exsluatv# manufacturer! of thia. J. W. BRADLEY'S PATENTED DUPLEX ^^UPTIC BTBBL SPRING Thle In rent Ion oouslsta of Diiples (or two) Elllptlo Steel arum", ingeniously braided tightly and firmly together, ye to edge, martng the toughest most elast o. flexible and durable spring ever used, enabling the wearer, in eon sequence of 1U great elasticity and Oetlbleifesi, to plaee and fold the skirt whefi ta use as easily and with the same eeuar venlence'a* a "Ilk or asuslla dress. It entirely obviates and sllsnoes the only objection" to hoop skirts, viz: the annoy ance to the wearer 'as well as the publio, especially In crowded assemblies, carriage", railroad cars, church paws, or In any crowded place, from the dlllloulty oVoontractiag i occupying a small space. This entirely removes the .y, while giving the skirt the usual fiili andMvmmetrt cat form, and IrTbe lightest and most "tyllsh and graceful appearance for the street, opera, promenade or house dress. A lsdv hsvlug enjoyed tne pleasure, comfort and great oonvenienos of wearing the Duplex Elliptic Spring SklriJor a single day wlU merer afterward'willingly dispense with the use of them. Thev are the best quality ln'evfry pari - "t, and and by far the llghte t, must durable, comfortable. economical skirt made." Merchants will be supplied as slnthtfelty above, and ladles In most first class retail stores and throughout thraillerent States. Inquire Tor the DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SPRING SKIRT. Duplex elliptic spring skirt. THE MOST POPULAR AND FLEXIBLE IN USB. A. % STEWART A CO., Broadway and Tenth streei BRADLBT'S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SKIRT, rati CRBATEKT IMPROVEMENT IN LADIES' SKIRTS we have ever seen, and of superior excellence. ROBERT MORTON, No. 469 Broadway. BRADLEY'S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SKIRT?VBBY flexible, folded easily when In use to occupy a small apace, the most ageeeable Skirt worn. Kor sals by LORD A TAYLOR, Not. 411 to 4ti7 Broadway. Nos. 296 to All Grand' street. Nos. 47 and 49 Catharine streei PATENT DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SKIRT?COMBINING ELEGANCE. LlUHTNESS. COMFORT ? AND ECONOMY, and unquestionably the most desirable article made. For sale by ARNOLD. CONSTABLR A CO., Corner of Cenytl and Mercer streets. IBICES BEDUOBD. ALL OUB 8PRING AND SUMMER DRESS GOODS, AT A OR BAT REDUCTION IN PRICB8. 18e. DRESS GOODS SEDUCED TO 12)4c. >5c. Do. do. do. 18c. SIXo. Da da do. 39c. 60c. Do. do. do. S7Xa 6Ac. DRESS GOODS do. 44a 62K& Do. da do. 60c. At*o, all ear BLACK AND COLORED ALPACAS, AT REDUCED PRICES. ? BLACK AND COLORED BAREGES, ? ? AT REDUCED FRI0B9. BLACK AND OOLOBED OREPB MARBTZS. AT BEDUOBD PRI0E8. BLACK ALL WOOL DELAINES AND BOMBAZINES AT REDUCED PRIORI* ? a LOO, for tbe balance of tbe season, vs HAV? REDUCED the prices or ova splendid stock of BILK MANTILLAS. BASQUES AND CIRCULARS. ALSO, the balance of our stock of ?jmmer shawls. BYTON A JOHNSTON, >74 Bowery. Shawls, shawls, shawls. LACE POINTS AND FLOUNCES, from |6 up. SILK SHAWLS, at $10. WOOL SHAWLS,at |9 60L MOZAMBIQUE SHAWLS. at?> 90. black Thibet shawls, at is so. bbOche stripkd shawls at 84 At DAVIDSON'S BOWBRY CLOAK STORB. >64 Bowery. s UMMER HOSIERY. UNDBRQaBMENTS, GLOVER lies, Scarfs, H an^jveh tef s^Ac., in great vnrlety. ^NOS. 461% 467ljtOADWAT. ToV >86 TO Ml GRAND STREET.. I NOS. 47 AND 49 CATHARINE STREET. Also at Stores AND V>PRING AMD SUMMER CLOAKS, MANTILLAS AND StlAWLS AT RBTAIL, AT oeeatLy REDUCED PRICES. LORD A TAYLOR, No*. 401 to 407 Btoodwoj. AIm ot stores Moo 156 to 201 Oraad drool. Moo. 47 and 40 Catharine drool. MILUMERT. ATll WAIKR^RT rLACE?MADAME BENEDICT'S Dressmaking aud Milliner? Establishment, economical ohanres. Dressmaking and Mill nery by Paoncb srUsteo Dresses made on the shortest notice. The Millinery stock selling at half the boat to close the season. LARC.B AND I. LEO ANT ASSORTMENT OF SPRING and Summer MIMnery and Straw Goods of the ndweat and most approved shades and style*. In all the newest shapes and colore qlsIMMONS, tSJ Broadway, t A CARD TO TUB LADIES. MAOaMR BAKHOMNB'H French M lllnsrv and Dreaamn'.iug Establishment, 575 Bioadway.?Bonnets and Ronnd Hats selllag at greatly reduced prices; also Dies-inak ng In all Hi branches. At no p aco la Mie c.ty oan a ladv get a dress made so beautifully or so cheap. Apply |at 575 Broadway, over Brooks' aboe store. A BONNETS-LACK BONNETS. AT L. BIRNS' MILLI uerv. 577 Broadway, opposite Nlblo's. Lace Bonnets, black I.sce Bonnets. Bonnets and travelling Huts, Crspe Bonnets, white Crape Bonnets, black' Laos Bonnets, new style ; Jockey lists. F IRE AT 407 BROADWAY. In consequence of the recent tire at the Mllllnerv Establishment of Mrs SCOTT, No. 407 Broadway, she will offer, ON AND AFTER TUESDAY NEXT. her entire stock of 8PRINO AMD SUMMER BONNETS, at a great reduction In prices, to prepare for repairs. rpiIB CLOUDS OF MORN WERE CLEARING FAB* A As through Sltth area ie there ], A tad', who. with an>.out face, Wa* looking for the place? One twenty sit. One twenty.sit then thus did say:? Go not do* n that dear Hrnadway; For we ran give rou Bonnets cheap, Such as you will surely keep. One twenty sit. "Oh. stay," the maiden thus rap'led, "Until the Broadway stores I've tried, And then liloo-ne perhaps -o-ntght '? A volee replied, "Now don't one sight Or one twenty stt. Down Pros ! war. then, she went that eve* Found storea in which she didn't believe} For though there was a stock on vlow, Twee nothing to Birth avenue One twenty sis. RIBBONS, STRAW GOODS. FLOWERS, FEATHERS, Ac. m. t i!looms' MAMMO.Tn MILLINER? K8TABLI8HM ENT, KB Slilh avenue, two doera from Tenth street. ]? IIQ NINTH STRBRT.?MMK. B. WILLIAMS W1 Jj tj sell now her most elegant eto?k of French Sumr Bonnets, Round Hals and CoiAurea, at greatly ledu WILLIAMS WILL im?r _ i educed Briers, before reesh ley brr new stock of goods.' No. 130 tni sheet, near Bri v way. "1 OU NINTH SfRKBT ?MMR B. WILLIAMS WILL I iS<7 sell her present Monk of Fr?noh Ru-nu er Ho*sets, Hals ?nd Del lire*, at greatly reduced pr-cea, be'ere rerrtv lug an ent'r* new stork of goods, at 12? Nlulh street, a law <!? era we-t of Broadway. clothing. TTBNTlON?AT THE SEW STORE, 114 THIRD I ? euua. lad es and gentlemen are guaranteed lo ee ve t re hldhe * ; r res far e tch artuie ol tan o "Vear ?k Apparel, Furniture, Carpets, Ae., for the Uoni1.*** an t Wee ?,a ,, araete. I'lraae remember. an t try f. HIP'I, 114 Third avenue, near Fourteenth siren. Ladles alleudn 1 to by Mr , Kith. Orders from Ur?okl>n and vie nlty ativad 04 to. ATTMNflON.?M. AHRAHaMS, MR SRVENTH AYR nne, between Twenty Sftn and Twent -lylh at reels hse sn or.lsr Iwitand "rem ike t> lei n and Oal form i mara'i* fur SiO,lift worth of l a POT liking. w; Ish he eddies to B'l up naii edtstelr, therefo e he ?ill pa? mere liberally t in eny , ihrr dea'er Address or eatl tin Mr. or Mrs Al ia bams lid Heveath avenue. A T 353 BOWERY. ?M. ROSENTHAL HAS A GREAT it deehe to purchase e large quantity #r Cast Ulf Wearing App'rel. Furniture, (Jarpit*. Jewelry, Ac. B ra ting on or a ldressing h m lad e* nnd rentiamrn ran nhta-e the almost value f' r each article. atiandrd m by Mrs Rosen III'. P > as? reiutmhsr. a>4 try Md Rowery, op, os.le Orsat Junes ati erL _ ? uRF.AT DEMAND FOR CLOTIMNO.?LAD1BE AND |p gcaiieiren ean receive ti e i ghrat price far ihetr Cast Off ninth eg. i ufh ture, Carpets, Ac, by sal lug on or ad grossing II COO N. ltd Havenlb a-erne, nest to tbc drug atoic. 1 a?l es attended to by Mr* Cuba. A T 24.' SEVENTH AVENUE. CORNER OF TWENTY. J\, sti-n street, R IIaRTit i per the highest priees for ledtes eat) gentlemen's O* I Off Clethlng. Carpets, Furni ture. Ac . b< c ulling or ed lrssstng s note. Led,so attended to l>r Mrs. Mart, A TTRNTION.?561 THIR.I AVENUE?LAfllKR AND J\ genllencn ca n recelre th" highest price fur Cast OIT t* tiihlog Ori-els Je??. ry, Ac., hv raliln . ai ,he addreaa of Mk l.l-.ON at the above number, i.s ics attended by Mrs, Is-A). Between Thlity eighth snd I nl.ty nniih sis. rpiIB. OLD STAND RKV| BO-JI.4 NRVRNfH AVE. I n>V llav.nj u?t returned iMm the We-t with large orders, V* respectful * annenuae uinu. ett "udtdtnOrs end the f?h ig ^eib-m ly that w,. mo stil. pav Ins th" hi h* I oa, l? pit r* fur liKtie* a it tenia' fast (V t I'd lug ?'sr|S'* Fur nilnru end 'rtr-lr.-, I'l-a-.-e?|i on v adir-'-s s ?.?!<? per post in J, HuhXHAUM .1 ro.sml figi III*- sure to he* iirnmpi y sn I in *<>'? u*n ssUalaoilon attended to ? Ladlas atleudsd to k. a lady. A miiRcub ?9<j| nnn btateb iQ-fM bonds ?rpL.*!j mJaW.ImJI/ on June 4, ItJ64.-Tbe following Uoiud ftM* 10 40 Bond* of #1 .due each -Not 91 .608. 81.6?, 31 ,* 10, M.JU, 31.612,31,61A 31.614. 31.418. 8LSI6. 9LU7. SMM&Sltk S*?i,4ii. si.ea. si.wi, M.m, si.Msi.974, si n#; ??<} Uj? pibilc are forbidden (o aegoMau then, the payment <" tSOa* bonds and the coupons annexed has been stopped, and the bonds are u?el*as la the hand* of any e*her party. I will pay a reward of $2.0(10 for the return of them, or aay Information that will lead to their reoovery. ? , B. L. HPLL, attorney, 4a, 18 Wall etreet. JBROrOBALS FOB loan. TaancRT Dpyianrairr, June A 1984. To enenre the greatest possibe vigor in the operations of the armies sow moving against the insurgents, uader brave anil ehtlful generals, upon a vast theatre or operatloas, at pendltores nave been Increased beyond receipts from reve nue and ordinary subscriptions to the national loan. Healed offers will, therefore, be received at thte Depart ment under the net of March, 8, 1883, until noon of Wednes day, the 18th day of June, IKot. for bonds of the United States to the amount of serentv-flre millions of dollars, bearing an annual Internet of six per cent, parable semi-annually In eetn On the first daw of Jul? and January aaeh year, and redeemable after the Atltb of June. 1881. Kach offer must be for fifty or one hundred dollars, or aome multiple of one hundred dbllare. and must stale the num. Including premium, offered lor each hundred dolor* in bonds, or.for fifty, when the offer la for no more than fifty. Two per cant of'the principal, excluding premium, of the wnole amount offered must be deposited, aa guaranty tor payment of gubaorlptlon If accepted, with the Treasurer of the United Stales at Washington, or with the Assistant Treasurer at New VorK, Boston. Philadelphia or St. Louis; !?"????? ?v avDff sui a, uuott'U, ? U i jris ine vi sj?- si"<*??? ? ? with the Designated Depositary at Baltimore, Pittsburg, Inotnuati, Louisville, Chicago Detroit, or Buffalo; or with or wttl Cincinnati, any National Banking Association authorized to receive de posits which may consent to traueact the buMneee without eharge. Duplicate certificates of deposits will be issued to depositors by the officer or association receiving them; the originals ol which must be forwarded with the offers to I be departmeut. AH deposits should be madeMn time for advloe of offers with oertiflcatea to reach Washington not later than the mornll&of June 18. No offer not aocompanied by lis proper certificate ef deposit will be coualdered. The Coupon and Keg stered Bonds Issued will be of the denominations of 950, $100, $50u'an<l $1,000. Beg stered Bonds of $5.1X18 and 9(0,000 will aleo be tissued 1f required. All effen received will be opened on Wednesday, ihe 15th ?f June, by the Secuetary or oho of the Assl tant Secreta ries, and notice of acceptance or declination will be immedi ately given to the respective offerers; and. In ca<-e of accept ance. bondB of the descriptions and denominations prefer red will be sent to the aubsonbers at tbe cost of the Depart ment, on final paymentof Instalment*. The original deposit of two percent will be reckoned In the last Instalment paid by successful offerers, and will be immediately returned to those whose offers may not bo accepted. The amount of accepted offers mu-t be deposited with the Treasurer or other officer or association authorized^) aet under this notice on advloe of acceptance of off er, or as fol lows?One-third on or before the 20th; one-third on or be fore the 35th; and the balance, luoludins the premium and original two per cent deposit, on or before the 30th ol June. Interest to the lsf of July on the several deposit* will be Kild In ooin on the 36th of June, and Interest on bonds will gin July 1. 1861. ? Oilers under.tuts notice should be endorsed "Offer for Loen.V and addiessed to the Secretsrv of the Treasury. The right to decline all offers not considered advantageous Is re served to the government. 8.* P. CUABB. Secretary of the Treasury. a?TNA FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY OP NEW JTJ Yotk ? At an election for Directors of this Company, held on Monday, 6th Intl.. the following gentlemen were elected for the ensuing year:? ?icob Brouwcr, P, L. Foulke, nssell Htebbins, U. C. Batteries, ? M. L. Marsh, Jo cph Jamison, Wm. Wbeelwr'ght, John D. Ward, James Thompson, Charles H. Clayton, Tbeophilua Anthony. Francis A. Thompson, George B. fiatterlee. Livingston Satterlee, Nebeinlah Knight. John McLaren, J. C. Chsrdovoyne, Neilson Run van, John H. Talman, Bdward Ootbout, Robert H. Berdell. ? At a meeting of tbe Director*, held 9th Instant, JACOB BROUWER. Esq., was unanimously rc-olected President of the company for the oneulng year. Naw Yor?, June 8,1864. H. C. BEACH, Secretary. H. B.?The holders of certificates of stock In *th? JBtna Fire Insurance Company, dated before March S3, 1863, are requested to call at the office, 170 Broadway, andexehang* them for new certificates dated as above. BORD8 OF THE STATE OP NEW JERSEY. Public notloe Is hereby given that bond* to the ggnount ef four hundred thousand dollars will be lasted, la pursu ance of the second section of an act approved March 24, 1803, entitled "Supplcmrnt to an act entitled 'An act autho rizing a loan for the purposes of war, to repel invasion and the denomination of 91.000. to shit bidders. The bond* vrlll be redeemable ss follows, viz. $100,000 on the 1st January, A. D. 1887. flUI.OOJ en the 1st Jsnua/y, A. D. 1888. $100,000on the 1st January, A. D. 1889. $100,000 en the 1st January, A. D. 1898. Bearing interest at the rate of six per cent per gnnnm, ?arable half yearly, and are exempt by Ih'w from taxation. ? Proposals In writing for the whole or anr part of these Bonds reoeired bv the subscriber, at bis office. In tbe oily of Trenton. Elate of New Jersey, at any time befnre 1 7. M.,on Wednesday, the 18th ,day of June, A. D. 1964. on whtoh day and hour the Governor end Treasurer will be in attendance at the Bute Hbu-e to open and deride bids. The Bonds will bear date July 1, 1864. Tbe right to reieet bids Is reserved. R. M. SMITH. Treasurer. Baltimore and Maryland funds wanted at low rates. New Orleans hank notes also purchased at PW>L H. MARSTOH A,CO.f Bankers, IT.Wall atrooU Bond and mortgage.c$*oo,ooo to loan on improved New York. Brooklyn and Jersey City, property, in sums of from S10.000 to $100,000; Interest et six percent. Apply tn JOHN LLOYD A SOBS, 19 Nassau stieeL "INTERNATIONAL 1 FIRE INSURANCE COMPART OF REW YORK. Office, 119 Broadway. CASH CAPITAL, ONE MILLION DOLLARS. The International Fire Insurance Company, having ? sash capital of $1000.100. all paid in and securely invested, la now prepared to Insure every kind of property. Including ships In port and their cargoes, against lots or damage by Ire, on the meet favorable tenon WILLIAM K. WARREN, President. HAMILTON BROOR. Ties President . Gnoaoa W. Bavaob, Secretary. jSTATICAL ^ INSURANCE COMrA COMPANY OF NfcW IORK. ORSANIZBD UNDER A SPECIAL CHARTER. CAPITAL STOCK $10UM?, With the privilege of lnoreaslng it to $50u.'>00. Thle company possesses all the powor* and privilege* of any Ltfa Insur ance Compajiy la the United State*. ?wllh the additional power* of Insuring the Lives and L mbi of OOoara Soldiers and Marine* In the army and unvy of the Unitad State*, and aM other persons. Book* will be opened at th* office of Allen. Van Buren A Lackey, Md Broadway, for suhaorlptiona for $1(10.000 addi tional a took, on and after the 8th dar of .Tone Insiant ORISON BLUNT, President. John L. Cillxt, Sotsretor. Mining stocks?as well as all other kinds of securities bought aud *old at all the Stock Boarda In New Tork, Boston. Philadelphia, Ac., or otherwise on ?oiumiuiy, by ALBERT H. NICOLA Y, No. 98 William at. Notice of dividbnd no. 2. . Ksw To**, Jane ft. 1864. The trualeea of the Brlgg* Oold Co.upsuy have dec are<1 a dividend of one per cent out of the net earning* ol the com pany for the month of May, payable at the o'lice of the Com pany, ftl .lohn street. New York, June 1ft, 131. to sharehold er* of record, at the cloae of haaiaes* this dar. Walter E. LAWTON. Treasurer. QFFICK OF THE CHICAGO AND NORTHWE8TERN _ Kapwnv Company, No. 8 Wall *trc*l, New York, June 3. 180t?Holder* of the capital stock of the Oalcnaand Chicago Union Railroad Company are herebv notlfud that br the term* of consolidation of that company with the Chicago and Northwestern Railway Company, their stork is to be exchanged for stock of the Chlrago,mnd Northwestern Railway company, an follow*:?One share of the Chicago and Northwestern preferred stock and one share of the Chicago and North western eomtnon. with three do l*r* la cash, for each share ol the lialcha and Chicago Union I x ebanxM m*v be made anJ the money received at once at the oillce of the Chicago and Northwestern Railway com pany. H. II. BOODY. A^eut. SOUTHERN HANK NOTES WANTED.?VIRGINIA, North Carolina, South Carolina. Georgia. Alabama, Tonnes*' e, Kentucky and New Urleau* bank notes, bv U lUkiTUn 1 rVKP L'/YDt-'U T MANNING a de forest. Bankers and Brosers,^19 Wall atreet. SOUTHER* RANK BOTES, Soiitbern Stat* Roods, Southern Securities of every de scription wanlod, by w gc&ASTOV, U0 Pearl street UNION DIMB SAVINGS BaKK, N o?. 4-7 and 429 Can al gtree tjto. ? . ? ? Asset* ?,T $1,175,973 89 ?sera ?" Open dally front 10 A. M. to .3 P. M., and on Monday, WtM'Slay and Saturday evening*. frera 5In 7. Six per ewat lnt*resk.*Uowed on sum* of $9 0 and under, nadir* per cent on larger *uo>*. BDKR V. HAUOHWOUT, FrsMdaut. O * hen* it S. Olirty, Seoreury. w ANTSO?TO LOAN MONET ON MANUFACTURED silk goods. Address B. A., Herald sSlco. e? PER CENT.?$M,000 TO LOA* IN RUMS TO SUIT. ) 'rout $3,000 to $.<0,000, on good olty prepfrtv, for Ion* ? r sboit rerms; also on farm* ai 7 per rent. Address, with description, P. Henjamln, 79 ^feat Forty Ofth street. N. Y. OKllft -WANTED TO" BORROW, THR ABOVE amount, ou gwd securir, for one year Tkres thousand Uq ar* s.'curiiy glveu aud good interest Address ju-tns, stavlhii A Post MM, (2>Q fWY/Y DIVIDEND PAYING STOCK OF A WELL <f)rh,"'"(iy kunwn men ifactur'ng inrorporst on of this eitv will be e.vohsnged for good property fa New l ark or vicinity. Add re * H. bo* 4."'.? Poalollcn. tf>r4 f\nn ?w TI,R first mortgage boni?h '' " * of the Cincinnati, Ohio, and Portsmouth I'*''read for aa'n at ten ernis en the dm i*r. HOUTH I K A WOOII, 18 Pine street $"7 ft AfUl TO LOAN?AT SIX VRH CENT INT* | O.UUlj rest lor ten roars ur lass, on bond and ?li'trtgAge on teal estate lolMsetty or Hr-eklyn. *p>iy In the effice of Cm Peoot?'? Fire Insnrane* Company. to JOil N r. CONRKY. M A'all slrrs-l. VaTGHiCI, JtOWKLUT, ?o. /California i>iamgni.>s.-thk question is oft \J en asked ?'? prisons who do not know tbe article. * h?l am CaOforn'a Diamonds I They are erratalired qnarti, ton it l m California; cut and pn'fshed to such a drgrss of briillanrv as to d?c# re the most ext ? t uil,-e? of lb* real diamnndt mounted la sold '3 carat gold by the host d >? ?'O ld work men, th# pattern* and do-lgni taken from the most e<|(#n*l?# diamond Jewelry. Ther were 8r*i in'ro dneed br mr In Ifto. *nd 'he tmmenoo quant ties void nttnt ther penulsrltr. Plna. $1 to $30; Bar Kuvbs. $4 to $99; Riaga. to ?aA0R?,|i,Alj u jaoOBS. 40T BroeJwar D Ol.b GOLD AND BILVBR. DIAMONDS. OLD GOLD AND SII.VRR. Persons who wish to sell Diamonds "Id Gold, Bl ser, or ?nv kind of old fashioned Jewelry, go to LOU re A N RIO II, 7 3 Hroadwnr A p ? I re fact, be pay* So percent m* r? than ant ot < r per on. Estab I hedln New York autre tbe ai!..iin air*ilon of the late Martin Van ttnren. Make no n. ita-s-T-.l Broadway, under the New York Hotel. S. HK,I'BUTn-DIAMOND BROKER, 910 Broadway. Wain. us an I Jewelry bought Advances nn Diamonds and Wttcli'a 110 THE WATCIl BUYING PUHLIc.-H AV ING I 4 peHid my IVip-hes when ro d was onl no per renl pre mlli'n I am nnwenabed Pi sell si prices llaklhs latoren ?Mneil'i) the present pr'?* nr genl) that wl I defy rO" ie tlten silver (ml lewelied Hunt ag Case Welches. 917; no Lerers, at<>; Amens-tn I'RItSI l.evers. $19 pnmpi s l"in, hie .'IH ptaie I tr" < ,117 uowsr Is, A few re r line 1 carat En dish Pntoiit Lev is "I ce-ewraVdl mskeri icv Ion I ve V Oat. h eat ranted I y aneei .1 ??ir Hiiee Lw I wo veara ?eeond ban* Wahhes taken in *vrnan;n. ORIGINAL U J AGO h 3, 497 Bread way. ^ TUB TtJliy. Fashion pleasure ground* u t. lINi'RKi KDh.NTfcl) CuNTKtiTS ON THE MODSSN TROTTING Tl'P.F, ON WEDNESDAY, JOMB IS, and WEDNESDAY, JUNS ??. , _ THB TWO UBfclTBUT TKOTS OF THB SBA80M, OF FUR 88ANON, BETW1KN THOSE WORLD FAMRO TROTTING CHAMPIONS AND _ RIVAL8 FOR 8UFBBXAOY, ROBERT riLUNOHAM. JOHN MORGAN _ ? ARD OBNRRAL BUTLBR. _ For $3,800. For $3,900. Fiut Tkot.?Mile heals, thrna lu live. In he/aeea. Second Tuot.?Mile bests, I lire.- in d?a. to wagon. THESE HOR8KS aro known to have proved themaolvut the fastest pnbllo trolten bow living in this or any other counirjr, and in. tana* intareal la naturally manifested In tlielr moating m these two GRAND DECISIVE CONTESTS. Thaaa matches ara made play or nav, ht non thev mud trot or forfe t, which neither of the three will do; and nil three of these (treat trotting ohamplona will undoubtedly be found at the score on tbe day, ROBERT FILLINUHAM JOHN MORGAN, GENERAL 11L TLB R The moat ample provisions will bo made for the accommo dation of tho crowds of visitors who are eiroctn I to be preaant on these two great occasions A large police force will maintain or'.er, and all tbe raat raaoitrcoa of the Fashion Fiessure Grounds will be employed In administer ing te the oontlort of the visitors The bonis will leave Thirty fourlb street ferry. East river, every ftvo minutes throughout tbe forauuon and afternoon Special trains will be run at Ilk and IX, front IIunlor'8 Point, and THB LAST SPECIAL TRAIN. In time to reach tbe course in season for the trot, win leave James' a'lp, foot of New Chamliers street, at 2 P. M., con. neotlm with the train direct to the course, at 2K P. M., flrom Hunter's Point, returning immediately after tho trot. JOSEPH OBOCUBROM. SPORTSMEN'S CONVENTION, To be held June 14,16 and 16, at C^ntreyllle Course. Tickets for three days SB; tickets for a single dav $2; to he had from Cberlhs II. Haswell, No. G Bowling Green; Robert B. Roosevelt. 76 William street, or any member of the club, oral tbe Course. mitOTTIKO.-TICKETS FOR SALE AT COOKE'S RUN vj, nyslde Hotel, Hallway nonse. for tbe Uutler. Fllling ham and Morgan race, and a Grand Ball at tbo buuuyside Hotel, after the race la over. JOE COOKE, Proprietor. T-AiOnScOURSB, LONG IHLAND.?TROTTING.?ON U Tuesday, J uhe 14, at 3 o'clock P.M. Sweepstskea of $400. Mtlo heata; best three in five. H. WoodruT nnmes b>. m. Pally Come Up, to wagon; D. Pflfor nntnes; b. m. Lady Blake, to wagon; James D. McMunn names b. g. Jimmy Lynoh, to wagon; Mr. Watterson mum s b. g Patrick Heury, iti harusss. Care leave South ferry at I o'clock. BHAW Si WnitE, Proptaelora. TXNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND.?TROTTING, ON Iv Thursday, June 16, at 3 o'clock P. M.?Purse und st ike of (SO1), mile heats, best three In Ave, in harness. I). Mace enters b g. Shark; H. Woodruff enters b. g. Dextea; D. Pflfar enters br. s. Toronto Chief. Cars leave South ferry at 1 o'clock. SHAW A WHITE, Proprlctoia STALLIONS. ^ For sale ?two celebrated thorough blood Stallions, remarkable for their beauty and speed. Any gentlemen desiring to raise thorough blood stock will 6nd these nnlmals a valuable acquisition to his stud. Apply to F. 11. GREEN K, Llbby House, 86 Warren street. FOR SALE?A MAHOC.ANT BAT STALLION, BIGHT P year- old, lf<4 hands high, sound, and kind in siuglo and double harness, and a good road-tar. Will ba sold oheep. a? tbe owner has no further uaa for him. Apply te P. SMALL. No. A Bowling'tfreen. JUPITER, TROTTING STALLION. WILL STAND AT Snediker's. near Uuton Course, Long Island, at $60 the season. In advance. Jupiter Is the sire of Ladv Emma (who hoe lust made the fastest trot of the saason). Major Andersou, Jupiter, Jr., tho Peareall Colt, Ac. SPORTING. Ararb opportunity" afforded to any sportsman wanting a bargain.?For sole, the fait still ing and beautiful Tacbt WILLIAM WALSH, twentyeiglft feet long; everything In complete order; boat nearly new. Will 6e sold cheap; sufficient reasonsglven for selling. The boat can he seen at the foot of Ninety eighth street. East river. For particular* apply to THEODORE TOO KB It, Herald office. A HALF BROKEN POINTER DOG FOR SAITb-THO rough bred, strong, end II menths.old. Apply at 31 West Forty-Heo^d street, between Fifth and Slith avenues. TVOGS FOR HUNTERS-BADGER DOGS, A PAIR OF U the fineet breed ever Imported; wall trained Dog end Slut, with four pupa, for sale for $180. Apply at 89 Bayard ?treat, ap atflrs. "FRANCIS BUTLBR. NO. t PBOK SLIP, HAS ALL f ' the choice breeds for aalo and slock. Bntler's Infallible ?Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, 78 ceata per bottle. Butler's new Work, $1. Dogs boarded, trained, Ac. Medl for all diseases. FOR SALE?A SPLENDID RUSSIAN BLOODHOUND, Pure Melts color, und well trained; prloe $100. Ad dreee Hues, station B. For salb-a small, purr black and tan Dog; weighs IbreA pounds; good watch dog and ratter. Apply efSS West Eighteenth street, between Fifth and^Uth avenues. For balb?a sail boat, cat rigged. 10 pert long, for $76. Apply to G. ROAH, foot of Christopher street. Light rifle.?any person wanting a good single Rl'le (No. 32), with solid leather case and all apparatus complete, ean address Sigma, boa 128 Herald omoe TJETElAlAtTIM. OF NEW JRRSRT. OFFERBD TO [ wrestle Stw man, and was matched to wreslln Charles PrtcKH for 8100 a a do, at the house ot John McCryetal, Plata Hotel, northeast corner of Besch and Laurel stre He, Philade'phla: the wrestle to come off at the Union park, known as the Lamb Tavern, Philadelphia, on Thursday, tha 16th of June, at S o'elock P. M? raid or eb;ne. ROW BOATS?TWO WHIT. LIGHT. CLINCH WORK 14 feet Row Boats, at $6 per foot; three smooth work Whitehall Row BosU. second band, at $4 per foot: from 15 to 18 feet long. Inquire at the boat building shop of Stephen Roberts, corner of I14tli street nrfa Avenue A. New York, Harlem river. Second sad Third avenue ears run near. ?\TACHT FOR SALB-ABOUT FOURTEEN TONS IJUR J then, two roars old. very fast and tafe, cabin aronm. modeling four persona; Is nicelv fltted up with everv con venience fork cruise; is In complete order, just painted, Ac.; lowest prloe $1.4uO Apply at 128 Broadway, room No. I, between 12 and 3 o'elock. The yacht can be seen off II o boken hatha HORSES, CARRUOrS. AC. Adams .* cone, carriage factory and re pnsdorr, Third avenue, corner 124th itddI. On hnnd. cnt under Phaetons, carry four or six. Also an aMoruncnt of other<CarriasM. A STYLISH YOUNG VERMONT DARK ORAY ilorM for wale?It hand* high speedy, kind and gen tle: a reliable faintly hor?e. To l?e 'ecn at G. 7.. Thomp aon'a .labia, 110 Baat Thirteenth ilrtet. A VERY EXCELLENT SHIFTING TOP, FOUR SEAT, square hot Depot Wagon: aLo a TopJIugcr, but Hula need, for cats cheap, (tan be ??en at tlio private (table, Bro.idway. between Thirty Eighth aud?Thirty-ninth (treeti. A NUMBER OF FINE BUSINESS WAGONS."'FOR ?a'*?auch aa Grocer's, Raker a. Milk depot and itx freaa. Alao. torn* see.nnd hand Wagons, in good order, p'lwe aa* tavorabie a*any v?n ran find STEWART'S Waron Far ore, Fifty third street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue. A GOOD PAIR OF CARRIAGE HORHF.8. WAR ranted aound and kind; donble Ilbrnraa. nearly new. and a I'naeton (Wood llrut.) Apply at M Beaver atreet, to U. 8HIFF, from 11 lilt 1. A TROTTING HORSE FOR S ALE-CTTEAr; 14'? hands bleb, 8 years old. sound and kind; ran trot iu 2 Pi. anu luii nevnr been In the handa of a trn nor. I'rtoe fVK). Apply to Mr. TUCKER, No. 8 John atreot, up stairs a HORRKf, HORSE FOR SALE?15V HANDS. J2IOHT 11 reoraold long tall, very hands,.mo. perfect sly e. aound and kin ! In harneaa and in ever* respect; aa a ronoe and .riierai fami y horar cannot be eurpa.aad Apply to OEOjl W. BROWN, No. 9 PlaOktjrot, aeeood Hoor. A COACH FOR StLK CHEAP?INSPIRE OF S OIL DER8LEBVB. Rrook yn Oaa Wnrka, font of llods m avenue, orofURORUE MULLEN, corner John and L.tlle at recta _ T\ONKEY FOR 8ALR-AS ENGLISH DOVKF.Y. KIND, J " (.em e and sound; also Harnea? and Coveted Wagon, suitable for two or four ohtldrea. Very cheap. Apj.y to B. A. CLARK B, 82 Cedar atrooL -TkOURLB SRT OF HARNESS FOR SALB COMPLETE, I / near.y naw; made by one of tho best city makeia and ha' been but t'ttle uaod Apply at the (table, Isd Last Thir tieth -tract, between Thlrd.cnd Lexington avenuea. FOR ?ALB, AS THE OWNER is OOINO TO E'-ROPF A splrn lid ptlrnf dark bay Carriage H rira 11 handa. and very ttoe and a'ylieh drlvere. Prlei 11 K). Can be area h-rore lor after fi o'clock I*. M , at rta'ola rear of 56 Rcn.ssu ?treat. Pr okLn near Wall street terry. Fnok RALR-A PATHFINDER colt, five yp.ars 1 o'd, color dark chestnut. long tall, warranto I perfecilr sound and gent e and can trot In three nainu'ea; a very de sirabe I'srgHia fw any gsiilleman wlshinc a fast aiul reliable family h ma Add road bog 910 Fust o Pee, Htrtfnrd, Conn. For sale-one sbcond hand two skat rock aw ar Carriage, In go" I order. Tile aean at Pagan a (tables, 7i Weal Twaaty-saeonl street. For sale-a second hand coach and hail aet* aa the owner has no una for ih?m. Terms low. Inquire at atahls. 227 West Tweaty-ldrst street. 1DOR BAI E-AT A BARGAIN ONE THREE SEAT 1 I'i.aeton: ala i one line two ??at K k? ? ay. made by Wood brmhrra. Cau be (??? at Ale Fourth avenue. Ftor salr-a lioiit board wagon, nearly new. made by one of the be-1 city makers. Inquire of U W. ALLBHTON, Jr , Waa ..ngtun Dr. ra Yard t.tor sale?a beautiful stkel otut saddle r Horn. i> years old, kind in stpgla and double harndsd. To Cd >*an at 110 Madison street. Ftor sale?one light trdttino buggy, made 1 br BrewMer A Baldwin, In flisi rata condition. App y at No is hal'ondourl, in Thlrlv-alilb strati, between Ilia on and Third avenuea. For sale-onkaf, a first ratf, road horse, 15V hands high, M rears did. brliiut bar. an I 'an lr>.t a mile In Ifi; sound anil kin.l. Can ha scan at alalile n *ul aey | lava, between Slate and Lit ngat n slre-M, Brooklyn. JjVOR SALE?A LIGHT AND STYLISH BREWSTER A r ?? 'twin Uermaalown, In aomplnla order at 119 hast Twenty third dtrodi YDOR SALR-A FINS BRED MARE: COLOR SORREL j P a great roadster, and warranted perfectl* sound an , to trot In J 50 For pnrtieulars audresa box 77 Honor J Post oinoa. __ | L->OR RALR-A HANDSOME SIX REATRO LIGHT F family It? haway Carriage. hurt Itv Bro?,ter. plat nnn aplnio, as good is n?w. Inquire at :V?7 Adelphl atrrei, near tuinm aveuue, Brooklyn. I.MIR RALR-A FAIR OF CALIFORNIA BLACK STAT- ! P i on ? |n "fsct msteh, 1V{ hnn la Man, warranted sonnd and gentle: line tfotler*. an I til appeiranee and a o are wilhnm eveei thm I1 e neat hi the any Alan ? u ' piete Turnout, almost new and of the best quality T ev ran be-een at Kin* s II or ?l-ih e, Forty-ilrai s.rrot lie In in n Mad'?on an4 Fourth avennea, mid the o vner at Srt t'allien lane, up alaira, P. D. !'. ,'OR S At,A , OENTLEM AN N HORRF, A THARN OLt nark sirrel, i??t, kin I ail very sivbs m harness; n Tup W.igmi and llarneaa. Can be aeeo at Hancroit'a a-1-. 57 lrv -ug piatd. RORRRI, ( ARIUABI*. AOs FOR SALE-A MKOONt) RAID TWO MAT ROCK A. ear. uole aud miafta, in <? id order. Apply to A. T. DEMAR S;tl', f II Broadway, and 73 Twentieth *troet FOR 8ALF -A CLOSELY M ATOHED PAIR OR BLACK Mure, with Ian ( Mowing Pill*, ahant 15Je hands Mali. Cnu trot n mite togetusr n 314 minutes: warranted sound and k Dd In every t arte tiler. iuqutre at dabs t'a'la hen's stables, 186 Rest Thirty-third street, near E'gbLh avenue, rK WALK?A PAIR OP BROWN MORGAN NORSES, 15)4 hands high, 7 vaars u d. sound and kind very stylish drivers, can trot la 3)4 ininnisa. Also, a nam* Moras. Id1-; hands high, 8 years aid ansnd. To bn sasn at ths oornnr of Twenty-seventh a rret and Broadway. For sale-two pirn carriaok or coupe Hurra*, are souud, kind and drive exceedingly well to gether: are 11 hmd* high and or a vary deep bay color Also S oarrlajs nearly new. ni'.h Manias*. ,%a. Apnly at Uc Nlohoi's rla'u ea, Twelfth street, near University place. FOR 8ALB?a buprrior pair op BAY MORSES, 7 vaars old, Id hands high, long tall*, sound, kind aud very stylish. Can he aeon at Ga**ln .1 Peaney'a sia'de. 46 and trUKaal Fifteenth street. Apply lur further parltoulars at ift^Fearl street, Aral story, front olQon. POR BALE?A TRUCK. TEAK AND MARKERS; would no'I the horses and harness separate; truck will carry eighty or ninety hundred. The horses weigh Irout twenty eight to thirty hundred. Call at 105 Tenth avenue. For sale?a bp.atjtipul gray raddle poky, about l:;ij hands high, vrarrunted gentle aud kind. Can be seen on Monday and Tuesday. IRth and Mtn Inst, at Bamuel Jonas' stables, *1 Pulton strset, Brooklyn. For hale-a pami op elegant carriage or Saddle Horse*, dark Iron grant, 6 and 7 yeaaa old. 15 bands hlglT; very stylish, perfectly''sound, kind and g-utie. May be seen at the New England alablee, 600 Seventh ave nue, corner of Forty flrth street. POR 8ALK-TO PAY ADVANCES, A POLL ASSORT meat of Carriages and Harness, consisting of Brett*. Phinlons, Rookawny, Top and No Top liugitle*. R. ad and Kvpraw Wagons. D. W. IVES A Co., Liberty *t. FOR SALE?A PAST TROTTING GRAY MORSE, eight years old, IS hands hicb, sound and kind, and a prompt driver; can tru! in 2 40; has no blemish, and wld ha sold cheap, the owner having removed from the city. Ap ply to lib BELLOWS, Metropolitan Stable*, ooruer of Prince and Crosby streets. FOR RALE?A LADY'S ENGLISH SADDLE, BRIDLE and Martingale; the handsomest In the cltv; been used a short time. Impure for Christopher, at McNlcol'a stables. 23 East Twelfth street. FOR SALE?A PAIR OP WELL MATCHED BLACK Indian hurt pacing Mares, full It hands high; weigh about 800 lbs. each; 0 and 7 year* old: can and havo paced together In 2.33 (one has paced en the leu In 2 22): lino style, of great bottom anil wind, and warranted perfectly sound. The above mam ? can be seen at Seidell's stables No*. 81) and 82 West Twenty-fourth street. A k for Mr ilurd. BIOR SALE-EXPRESS BUSINESS, OF FIVE YEAR8' standing, with large Wagon and team of Morses, now doing a good cash business. Inquire at 132 Eighth avenue, before 0 A. M. and after 6 P. M. FOB SALE?FOR WANT OF USE, a BAT MARE, 1?X hands high; will be sold cheap. Injure of R. C. He Long, comer or Little Twelfth and Washington streets, Hudson River Railroad stable*. For salr cheap-two nice passenger stags Conches. Concord mnke. Also, two cumin qnarter C?ache?, or Brewster & Co.'s make. To lie seen until void at the Filth Avenue Hotel Stables, 1,132 Broadway. For sale at a bargain-one splendid pair qf blask Horses, Mi hands high. 6 years old, sound and kind, very stylish, suitable for private usa; also one three seat Phaeton, nearly new. aud one close Coach. In good order. Can be aeen from 7 to 12 for three dn>s at 294 Weat Thirty third street, H. T. : Horses pastured at $4 per montit.-oood pasture, shade and water; naar Elizabeth, N. J. Ap ply to JOUN MOODY^18 Wall attest. Horses for sale.?two fine, stout built Horse*, suttsbte for heavy work; 6 years old; will be sold sepsrnte or together. Also a good Rockawey. Apply to J. MORRIS,J'J4 Fulton street, Brooklyn. JUST RECEIVED?FROM THE WEST, THE FINEST Horse of bis size in the country. 17 hand* btgh. One action. Also one sorrel Mare, sts years old. One style, and 16 handiwhlgb; ezceiJsnt saddle mare. One fine bay Mare, 16'; hands, vry wirooth, and a fins traveller; all roung and perfectly'sound. Can be seen until ssld at Long Island sta ble*, No*. 9 and II Uoyt street, near Fulton avenue Brook lyn. M. W1RO. JUST FROM THE COUNTRT-A BAT HORRE IS handa high, aeven years old, kind and gentle In nil har ness; a vert- One carr ago horse. A Mare, seven yenrs old, 1S'4 hands high; ean trot in 2:40; kind and gentle In all har ness. For sale or exohaHfee for horses of less value, at Togney's stables, in Love lane, Brooklyn. SINGLE TRUCK WANTED.?A GOOD FOUR WITEBL ed Trunk for one horse, suitable for heavy work, second hand, Is wanted by ths subscriDers. who will pavttfalr Srlee. Apply to or address OEO. 0. i'AGB A BKO., 139 lalden Itne. TO LET-A FINE BRICK STAJtLE AND CARRIAGE house, for three months. 92 EX*t Twenty-second st. TWO WAGONS FOR 'SALE-ONE LIOHT ELLIPTIC spring shifting leather top and one light Dog Cart Wagon, to carry roar; back seat to oioae up. Apply at 98 Laurehs,street, near Spring. WANTED?A PAIR OF CARRIAGE HORSES. DVP ple grays, stylish, well broken, from S to 7 years old, well matched, free from all blemish and warranted sound and kind. For such animals a liberal price will bo paid. Addresn, slating where Ine horses may be seen, boi 1,214 N. *. Post oOlce. WILL ARRIVE, JUNB ft, AT TIM METROPOLITAN stablas, corner of Prince and Crosby street*, Mow 1 York, a carload of eboloe carriage *o4 family single llor es. from Llvtngtton.counly. N. Y , all bay-., with long maoea and tatl*, excellent foot for the pavement, well (hayed l*g* and ires from bunches. Among them are one pair live year* old gelding Horses. IPM hand* high, excel.ent road sters. rangv and slvllab; one pair geldings, IP bands high. 6 year* old, prompt driver*, ami varr si li*u ;'one p* Ir Mares, 1.1 bands high, a j ears old, thatToan trot very fast for ootin - try horse*: they are from fast trotting stock; on# sJngw tlarm. II hands high. 8 years old. verv handsome and { atvllsh. suitable for coupe. Inquire forAabley. j o Copartnership* ALADT OF BUSINESS CAPACITY AND CAPITAL desires a partner in join her 1o business. Will H. II. answer? A. Z B., litnou square l'ost oil.ce NR OF TUB PEW OPPORTUNITIES OF A LIFR Time.?An party who wilt Invest f l.lno In a legitimate enterprise can sectiro at least $10,0(0 per annum; will ro qu re no time on tbelr part. Address Washington, Sta tion <j. PARTNER WANTED?WITH FROM $1. 20(1 TO $1,900. by a man who is overpowered with the painting busi ness. The applicant inu-t hsve rip* l?n-e In ship chan dlery, as he will hnve lull charge o''this department. Ap ply to WM. DUNN, 2J4 and iii fyashlngtnn Msrk<-t, N. T. PARTNER WANTED?W1 TIT A CAPITAL. OF ABOUT $2 O. in a business already established, doing well. No agents need apply. Address Machine, Herald, The undrrsioned navb this day formed a copArtnershlp under the title or Keller, Demllt A Co, for the manufacture of American oast ete?l, at the works known as Eaat lli?er Ktesl ? AUSIIN KKLLEY HENRY It 111 MILT. J * M FN P. M< iRAN, New Tonit. June 2. 1864. JOHN 0. KELI.F.Y. WANTED-A HU.HINESR MAN WITH $15,000 OR $2>.00n ra, Pal a* pur'urr for the mamifisctum of an unusually pronlahle staple article; demand un Imllel; sole cash; process secured by latlers (intent. Address C. D., drug store, &',}* A.lea st. WaNTED-A PARTNER. WITH FROM $8,000 TO $10. 0 0. to Invert In the wholesale Liquor huslne-s; Isige trade now established; or would lake as tnanon w th s 8m>d house as tr tvepiLg ageni. has hvl e pi t y*ur? 'export toe, and thor uglily understands th" ' -.suivss. The best refersucn given. A idpsst M , llsru. ' o'llrs. di/;nn ?any one havino this amount to in sJ)OU""* mat In a flrsl o'sss Euterulnmeut, which wl l reali/e a handsome p?oflt. can -heir of a fid ps'rtner. n'. ready veil ?ip*r1eui-ed In the tmaiui-sa, uad who will es W?i)|Te references as to re'iiieerablTfj-. business tact. Ac. A man with this amnant can douh o Ibn-sll,- In three months, aa can be pro red la au lulmletv. Address Partner, Herald offloe. CM-? TO INVERT IN A RTTRTN.7SS ALREADY >,Ul "s " esu-.ii '? 1 As the a.:- l-?r 11 fiosied. It will Iie'useless for aav < neto apply whose a l'alrs sis not in a snnnd condllh n. Address, with real nama and address, D. D., box ISO Hemid oflie*. MVNICAIa AN OVFICRB I*. THE ARMY, WHOtK TKKM OF aer-lo* has lust esp red. desires to resume h ? pro'es ston aif ioatl :nu?tc tescoer. In the public schools of Naur York, Bro k ?n, or anv other dtv Would not , b,-t to en gage In the douh e m; scUv of voesl teacher end mil 'ary in slructor n somo ?oad-n ? Would be wit ng to en?g- ?s or.'anlst or aa h-rofn ehurch cbolr. Also n prer'ntor In tint Sabbath C< uld Inlli errc a aph-udut'1'iarn eof singers, ?nd can bring lo anv pos lion a r*,nable n-perienre of twelve ye.iri In tl.u pvnfe ifon of music. Addirsa Vocal Instructor. Pmve.a' Moiel, New York city. * BPLRND1D RKVRN OCTAYM H.VZRI.TON V A NO. f\ loite ai a c-*?t ha-gUn. cost $100, will be -o d at a groat as rl'i- a r.?i ?? ? It esl o I ;.>r won. To be seen (it MS Urea 1st of, up stall a, opposite As lor plane. j _N. P. B. CUR1IS9. AMAflNlFILK.'T RO^RWnon ninrOITR rcjfc sa o, float $s A for $><1 inc tiding Stool a.- I Corerj P?r! >r Rui?. eost >t.V. for $ Fttgorca. Mt-r fs, ' sin ting, Rroiue S' CoMtber Furniture, In 111* but 7 m nth to be sod ate aactlflee. In j?i ra at M iuih I tree betwsen Filth aud Sislh aren as. MUBtO.?1NBTMICTION ON TH". PIANO, AT $J per month, with prirttagn of daily timet 1 r, at 7i Waah-ngtiu airoet, orar Hun*, or At 301 Thirty t-tlh snail, third door west of Sbrantli atsnae. VTKW PIANO MUSIC -$CNU0HT WITHiN MY is Heart, a yen uf soon Pa-iet Msru1- "I I.ove That Dele Old Flag the>0 t. ' ? The sold er e Harry Kc urn " ?i*. lurk*, each SOorDta. fcitalsl r Jttts'o Mi?* - I atea: pnpn lar riuS'i- for.r|,"it, lime uj ""test, r'r ? F a' March, "Fin can's Wake " "lone." "The l ast Days o- I'ssuis 1 '? Alum's r rnllta, Bias AH". 'L.-ng-tt-H 1. " No Irlh Need Apply." Aa. Fr ee 1 Nee I ems; S d* rrsnt hea U nenta' Omnibus -TOO toes for v to In. note or onrnet, fl. Complete timed s ?\ musical librae-o' 1.R'd? tuoo , 12. few fenaertlua 11. .ok.?Fall in?irw< "n , it,,| nvcr Pit tones, 9" cents New Aocrrlerm sol Htitlna Rook?lnr|tne>>?? and urn 'Ml tunes, fstcenia Auv musto or 1 ook mail ? 1 prw-paid Mosteal Instr nt? Krsry do acrltw'on. Price II- sent on rec- int of a amp. script on. fR(.DKJtlCK BI UMK, 208 Rowary, N. r._ Piano in8Tru<!T'on_$i for khiht lrf8on$ ? An ae .inpobed ad* te?c|i?f has a racsnc* fora'eiv more p i 'a all. c 1*4 st ineir resi?-cs< at f om $li?t<> $J ' |M>| 0 is-ter Aipyatl'li Wa-I 1 wsoty alglith Slract, near Jto-ronlh ireoee _ AiRTKRAL R0Y8, NOT OYER FIFT"ftN IBAH8 OF Mje se? vrl for Trio t chotr P ? Itivci* no appli ra'on nuns n d nn es? t oomtisn od s is oee,(eri stic* in m sa testes roil 8 it 10 $J . I iter sun tm wo cor I ng t? irode ?.?ov. Address Trluily, Hera d lie JO, giv ing name, rOoMoncO. An _____ QIUNOPA I LIZA YaI.CNTINI I'ARaVaM.I -.fl'D ^ or in 4 ng and tho Pt ? n te.i ? 1 es st h r prti ate r*s I? -loe SJ W t Km il'?nth tr -et I < ?<?" Fifth end H sin 11 anuOA wham sue bo a- u mar ? stay fro n I tsit A o'clock. NIIW AND RRCOND II\N > I'lsN tR MRI,'). -Icons Al'sa id e and <' 1 i-oet O-gsns to lot 111 I ion .if p -re 1 e I. > -n ill pi?ttiems reeeit -d 'or th? st *. . ? 1 it h i 11 t'ii os st gi* 11 t' i-Lis for oaslt: price fro 11 f -Hi 10 $ o New c*--n i,e are I'mnos si $22\ $'4, $.79 and $'1)1. 1 s,i e-*oij is 0 a Hill# soiled, otic, porpsge. UOItACK iVAlfelli. t$ 1 Broadway. 100 ?<? UVBBFOOL, TOUOHINO A* h,H KfnSIinlT^ U,0rk b*rborl -The Liverpool, New Tor* f (SI- Jp..n.omp*"T <i?apa'??la# ' *D?NBr?n h' B*.t ** CITY or wahbinqtos. Jan* 29. 1 CITY or wamiinoto*. BlVuVi.r CITY OK MANCHESTER. *K7*aV July 1 And mrjf succeeding noon, from pie,a, N<wt? bates or passagr >-?y?b ? In (Old. or In eq , v?\,nt in currency-? FIRST CABIN ?8) jTKBRAOE?.yr^ Do. to London 81 D". in London *" Bo. to Parle IKS Do. to Peri*. , "' Do. to Hamburg .... 90 Do. to Hamburg" . gy Pawenrera alee forArrHI to Havre, Bremen, tn.iof'. Anlurry it.. at equally law rate*. Krom Liverpool or Quoenatown ? rtrat Cab n $7?, |u $ OA. Steerage. (39. Tnoaa oho wl h to unit for their frfuiUcaa buy tit ki te hero at these ratna. These steamers have superior wonmmodatinna for pas senger*. are eir-nglv Imllt In water tight Iran aeotlon* and carry patent lire auulhllaUirw. Biper.eitond eurgeon* are at tached t" each a'Sainer For further Information applv In Liverpool to WILLIAM INMtN. Agent, VI Water i-treet; In Glasgow to ALEX. MAi COLM, No. ft St. hunch square; In Cneenetewn lai\ A W. D BFYJIOtJR A CO | In London to RIVES A MAOBT, ? I King W lliain etreet; n Par? to JULES OSOOUK. 48 Rue'Nolre Damn dee Victories, Plve do la Hottraei In Phila delphia to JOHN a. DALE, 111 Walnut aurnet, or at 1*0 Company a olll ea. J' him O. DALE, Agent, 15 Broadway, N. T. Tnr. LONDON AND NEW YORK HTB AHHIIIP COM pany will despatch semi-monthly thnlr new and Brat clues Mrltlah Iron steamships CKLLA. BKLLONA. ATA* LAN Ta, InffA, INDIANA and MANH aTTAW, eaob 8,80? tone burthen. betvra-n London and New Tork, celling at Havre nn the enrage from f.nadon. Ratea or oaaeage, para ble In lln'ted Htaua currency:?Frg-n New Tork. PI ret Ca bin $'1"; Rewind t'ai'in, $wi: Btc- r#t:?. Wo rrom ld?edop or Havre Kiret Cabin, flino F r passage apply to OH AS. A. WHITNEY. at No 28 R road war. For freight apply at M Routh street. Advanoea made on merchandise consigned to tho Loudon agent* HOWLAND A ABPINWALU Agent*. STEAM FROM AND TO QIIKNN8TOWN AND LIVER POOL. ODNARD LINK. Front New York, $28currency; to New Tork, $35gold, OF equivalent In currency. OLYMPUS > alia June 22. HIDON, July ii. For paeaare apply In WILLIAMS A (HTION. 20 Broadway. Royal mail steamship auktrai.abian, roit Liverpool.?Thn AUSTKALASIAN. T Cook, own mandrr. will rail from the atrca n ?a Wedneaday nait. tho 16th in*t. A ateamboat will plv between the rompmy's wharf, at Jersnr Oily, and ihc aOSTRA L ASIAN from io to 11 A. M.t to convey passenger* and baggage ? n board Nunc hut nnes-ngera can he taken on hoard. The SCOTIA Will nail on the Until Inat B. CUNARD No 4 Bowling Organ. TnB HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S I HON MAIL srUAM.SBlPB. Prom Southampton. From New York. RtXONTA May 31, IH'd Juno 2ft, I8?4 BAVARIA June 14. 1AM July 0, 1084 GKHMANTA Jnne2S, 1?U July 23 1884 BOHU8HIA Julv 2. 18''4 Aug. 6. If 64 From Hamburg p'er, foot of Third alreet, Hohnken, taking pa-cenger for Hamburg flavro, London and Southampton at thn following ratea-?First cabin. $108; eeeond cabin. $82 62; "iccrage, $37 50. pavaMe In gold or It* equivalent. For freight apply to KUNHARDT A CO.. 4S KichanfO pliico* ' For paasage apply to 0. B. RICHARD A BOAS, 181 Broadway. British and American steam navigation company. STEAM TO LOND'hN DIRECT. The flnd|clam Iron steamship NEW VOKK will aall Jmm 9l Paeeago payable In currency. Steerage $48 Passengers forwarded to Havre, Parle and Qerman porta, at very low ratea , n0|QW ? Broadw^ Steamers to prance direct.-thb general Transatlantic Company's new I ne of Aral elasa aide wheel ateamehlpa, between New York and Havre The drat Ave splendid vessels Intended to be put upon thla favor!la route for thn Cmitlnent am the following;? WASHINGTON S.HM tons W0 horse power LAFAYETTE 3,284 tone W0 horse power BUQENIB Afloat 900 haras power FKANCK Bulldlncn.000 horse power NAPOLRON III Building 1.100 horse powaa Until the oompletlan of the entire list the departure will be naoathlr, begtnalng wtlh the WASHINGTON, Captain A DUCHESNB, from Havre to Mew York, 15th June; from Mew Tork IS Hsvra, 6 July. ... , w. Ratea of paasage money, Including tabic wina:? rnoM HAvmc to saw von*. Flrat cabin 7'kJ fr. Second nabhu MS IB FROM HCW TORK TO HSVRB. Flrat cabin .7. $ISS Second cable $70or$99 Payable in gold or lla equivalent In United Stale* curreagy. Medical attendance free of charge. Fer freight or passage apply to OBO. K4CXMZIB, Agent, Ma 7 Broadway. The north of.rman li/Otd-s stbamship BREMEN, O. Mover, enmmander, carrying the United Rtatcs mall, frill aall from the Bremen pier, fool of Third ?treat, Hoboken, on _ feATURDAV, JUNE 18. AT 11 O'CLOCK M., roR BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking naaaengers to _ LONDON. HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BBBMBN, at the Pillowing rotea, pavabla In gold or Ita equivalent In eurrencv:? For the flrat cabin, $105; naoond oabln,-$?2 50; steerage, *STh'ertRRRMgN will be followed by the HAN8A, Jnly & For freighter passage anply tn UKLKICHS A CO.. flfl Rroad ftreet National steam navigation o'f&PANT TO OUBBNSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL Cabin, $120; Steerage. $35? pavable in currency. VIRGINIA sails Bgtnrdav. June 18. PENNSYLVANIA aallx Ma'urdav, July L Tor passage appK WILLIAMS A QIJION, 10 Broadway. FOB CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA A first class atramer will leave New Tork on the 3d, 13th end 23d of each month, etceiil when these dates fall on Sun day. when the day of departare will be on the Monday fot F?r freight or passage apply at the only oillee. No. 5 Bowl ing Green. O. B ALLBN. Agent Ma ROBERTS' LINE TO ? BAN FBANGIRGO, VIA PANAMA. Iheeieum h'p ILLINOIS OR GOLD S RULE. . SATURDAY. JUNK 2ft at noon, from pier 29 North rtvee, font of Warren street. For pas sage ?j)D v at th? uflle. 177 West, oorncr of Warron streer, to D. N. CABRINOTON. IJ10R NF.W ORLEANS DIRECT.?THE UNITED 8TATBH ? mibII sb-sinahlp OF.OHGK WASHINGTON. Raplaln E. V. Gsgnr. wll! leave pier No. 9 North r ver. on eturaav, June 18, at 3 P W J'B?asae itr?t r asa $rt i. For fieight or passage apply to. ill. B. CROMWELL A CO., 8ft IT eat at Foil KFW ORLKANB DIRECT. Tbe I'niWfl States tr.sll ?-l?nrimhlp YAZOO, Or t W. Conch commander. ?M leave ptcr IS North rirer for N?w Orleans direct, on WpdMMufi Juno 15, at 3 o clock P. M pro., wily. Nn freigot r?c?iTed or bills of lading alguotl on Iho day of sailing For freight or passage apply to L4JDLAM, IJBINBKKN A CO., _ 115 1! roadway. FOR LIVERPOOL.? OLD BLACK BALL LINK, TUB ship NErtOSK will ?ui| piinetuail on Thursday* June |A For passage In first or menu I rsbln apply on hoard foot of Hiekinan aireo', or to KOCUft, BEOTifmi A COFKliT. PJ Booth street. triOR LIVIRPOuL~TaP3COTTS line. I" Bh p ANTARCTIC sails V odar. JnasIS, Bbtu KOiii-.K A. HKIRNsal Juna IB. FOR LONDON?X LINK. BhlpDANIEL WKRBTERsslI Monday, Juae 18. Far passag" tu ur Irom the OM Country or dra Is at tho lows* pita* title rate, apply to TAHdOOTT BROTHERS Ja CO., 80 hje.ih street. JTiOR LIVERPOOL.?PACEUTRHII- ITNIV.URB RAIL* r Tuea lay morning; the BELLE WilOO ob llieSMJuw. For London. tiiB PATRICE HI'.NRV on t r 2*d June Fur passage apply to WILL) AMR A iiU11iN. 40 Kmti ii street. C+EAMSHIP EDINRURO WILL commkncr TO CN. krr load, under general order, at i< ir 44 North river, on Monday mummc at 7 ?> eln< k. Good* not rerun ed w'lhu t-.vrut', fmr hours will be sin r l nt enria ynn s' risk so I a*, peose. JOHN O. UALK. Agent, 16 Broadway. THAVELLEK.4' VIlIfiR. Hudson RI?'Elt uailroad.-trains for al. hnriy, Troy, the North and Woo, lea re Chambers street at 7 snd 10 A. M. sud 4. ii and I ? 4J P. M., and on Hundaye at <.32 P. 51., from Tlilrtloth street. New mux. hauler and albany railroad? For Alb ic, Troy, North BH I W St, learn Two,ile al! th swet dtHiai at Id A. M. and 6 i*. M. Bun lay train at ft P. M. fpO OONKY I8LANI) Bf HIRAM J The Hrookij0, H?lh and ' net la anil Ha hind la noes mm for thruu, b tra'ol. tiers wi I rm u ilti i nhar nut at Intereatsoi ot.elu. tr BpeiiL ituitt- a? rsnpntred The first trn n ftotM the rrwtkiyn depot(on T trip ? ji . timet, near Fifth scenes) le yea it I M . and l*" 111 'rain 4 P. M The IP -t tra'n Island l>.iy a 7:It) A M , ami the uat 7: Id P . M A re t , i i n. on | c nam ts w tti tbis rente1 thirty f? 1 ?** "r ?> iirwnsnMv) iKsey Tsitt-. 1 In- tnl n ? Ittlfi e.1 tie n : i ns-s "ft JOHN IK ) BO AT Ml'! ALf AMY -t II ANDII OP I'll? It ? ill ri?e it.VNiPL fi iKtv i ip si Jot a . i sen, *tii, on snd after Hedvaduy May 4 '? ? rmm Lev'.-' .ens Street at 7 A. M,, at ,? f art -re ai I lttrl!e|h sit-et, on ,Mvt"'sys W.. ? ? ? t a and F la, s. land ?t Wi si I'o'nf, 'ewnnrg. 1'mi. re pate R nebreh, fislsifi' a . I H .lis'.? On If" ' I-ies':y Vi I", "'e s HAtR.N f A wtil run on ait rnate ears w" i ? ltt'f,TV litmr i(i#slly |ii e T ofte ? ?!>:,! m board an I bag - V cheater! to polo a Wastand North BjO tiriNil UN- for PR 5RSKfl.L. ? I'D"? AURORA ill leey.'g m ? "01 p 'sir .? up ? m Ian'B ai Thir? 'h re'' To iters. 1 *su /? fi-. b I " /. ,\y. ark. v '(Etc Hie '* *1 riintBOil Verp..i iuh' a. Leaves Feeksettle si' f* R. CONOAf BOAT FOtl *r <T P" 'T aH!> NRV/ p'fti). t.i id tig n Trtlr i -1 ? tm"l ft o i ??r , II i-imgs, t,r? * Parr? rttio-vn. ig ? " .r.?. Co. . .i r ilg an I c , nweil km .'r It "aOW i e it or Jay s?'eet aerry BuertAF 'l,,? n ?-at 7 o ur noil iw ?*if ri 'p ?\D" iVB'io, ^ ... IS si Till ' i ? Fsrr? Flo * NiBg. IIe v rsl, aw t o U *Ih iii * en v t? it. rny ?sail. The nsw ales si II*' l v - '? flUiYKd wll1 b*st ,y ,fay I'rrrt r sr e?ar? >? n lay muratug at 7 o alo *, rblrtiotn aan es, i? eio ft /TONKf ISLav ' Ft Kt'Y. -TliR KP.fTUf.tR TII!"9 ft / ef t>'<e ftrrr wl l be ront' ti r ? 1 f r I ? e tsoit on vVetl Baslsy. Uiu Intl., by steamboat Mat Hllu.N. EKClHftlOtiT" A'^BBftCtlFPL N? W BARilR FoVb?''CRVlLfifi,? fh HARVEBT HOME mi i ? i.l -I fit j steamb'laui wlin 'a.ouog. Alaoe' U t.ian' Me ?? l P..* a nt ' "bar ar ises. T.ti-urelo.i mile', ' ? tY ?? feei ? n- nr sf lurrow. H. 8. Ohont.Ul'F. ""ZZZIZZZ " ?-*1PRKB iCL ^ BrRNHAJt'M 5 V" K NI r C R ' <!' '?? HNIIAIR Furnitnro Ripr i ?1 t ' w' P'ljl t'biea, utae?. hrri-d and i i i" ' " All peifttirf th" MOrhl. Lar?e eiagiins fur n u? i,t rn.t t u , j- ? i. tutry. tiWre, lift West KlBrante at reel betvesn Fit h jvi hitilt avenues t^UN" ? sr <11.( 4 II AAD NBACOOf *AN:4t| RIDMOvS TO tu I) HKtl 4 Re -K ' H I v? *e I. y-.'s,"ii ?,?it'?#A l'?r nee , eti traces, 'rant Finrnat'J ft) legt s and Le?f rolMMSB 'Sr eio St i34) rttftWr ?trft*''. (f|Wt (Wll) ? A 1 * * BftM' 'T TUN "'ij? n Iftl.ftllMF V 4e ,r s enc lil I. tertr sir?4; ?)| loBMperi '? Farina b..y itg er selung ? *>rs'"<^?d'H? weii i t tail at ibla agency. J. W. t AlUth. iMMi

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