Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1864 Page 5
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Jj* E1"nrl * BIGHTH >? BLOOMRBB. BAM AMD ?^$jL AUOTIOH. T?j ?OLD THIS WEEK. LADIv mi'sCRlVrlOIL Sen s and bo?b hats j?F JtVjgl Jfi'rni-'"*** From th k lowest price abtaoLB TO tur &OODd MADB. BKLOW Qtf) rBICBB. 1?S ? bcoo turbans and4/Mff-JP*:x?Mi SK STOCI OlSmWMt f FLOWERS, LRUS THAW __ MBROIDMI?R^aB0*^*^UI. J^SfcakBLLASf' *:i3sS? 20,000 IAHU? i?gw? LOTS OPENING DA1LT, WHITE AMD TAMO* MUSLINS. ^ BIB EE Y. 121 and 123 BIOHTH AVHM0B, TWBBM TITgMTT-TIBAT ANDy gK0QMD gTBBBT,. At jambs moonbt'b, 108 sad 110 ttxlh STAB OA, T?_ BO AIMS, BARGAINS, BARGAINS, DRESS GOODS, DRESS GOODS, [DRESS OOOD8. BLACK SILKS, BLAOK 'siLKB. ' BLACK SILKS, COLORED SILKS, COLORED SILKS. COLORBD BILKS. CLOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS, BHAWLS, SH AWLS. , SHAWLS. A T MO. 181 BIOHTH AVENUE. A BLACK SILKS. AO pieces S6 inch rioh Paris Taffetta for Haatlllai, 18 pieces white e lg* L - ona Taffeta, 20 pieces heavy Armure Sifk, 10 peers Brnondn Silk, and 75 pieces Oroa da Rhine, all widths and qualities, below present price of importation. COLORED SILKS. M p aces Scotch Plaid Silks, 25 pieces rich Colored Brocade ?tiks. lu pieces Btr ped and Pisured Foulard Silks, and 120 ^eeeji Hiljdiadc^ Colored Bilks, selling below any ether * ' GRENADINES. ?0 pieces more of those rich 8tripe, Plaid and Kirn red Grenadines,[at MXc., 75c. and 87^c., worth >1, 81 25 and tl AO. SHAWLS Rich Black and Colored. Plata Stripe, Plaid ?jd Flaured Rtri;e and Plaid Wool Bhi^fcich below market price* Bieh Silk Saoques. Basques. Circulars and foln saouuea and Circulars for ladles and children 25q>er sent lower than anv cloak atore in the otty; rich IrctjA Picas Goods, rich French. En. l eh and Atneriean Prlnta, Umbrellas and Parasols, Hosiery, tilpvea. Ac. The araest atock of Mourning Dress Goods up town. " M. ROBERTS, Jr.. 181 Eighth avenge. A T GEORGE KEY KB', MS EIGHTH AVEN UE-CON A tinuAttoD of our great tale of 50 p erea heayr b aca Elks. with and without I uatre, suitable for manias And greases; :t0 pieces p aln oolored Silks, new shades, 175 pieces Alpacas, beautiful colors and tine boo?1?; several caseainew Goeda, Organrt ea. Lawna. Ac.; also n?* Maath-s; 5 0.0 si k Bun Emtirel'aa. from $1 26 and upwards. Domestic Goods in large stock and cheap. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT SILK CHESTERFIELDS AMD SILK BASQUES, AT DAVIDSON'S _ B0W.BBV CLOAK 8TOBB, ^ BowerJ . T GRAND STREET CHEAP STORE. I MILLINER* SILKS MILLINER* VELVETS, MILLINER* LACKS, FROM AUCTION EMBROIDERIES. nOHlBKY AND ULOVES, NEW DRESS TRIMMINGS, Mr 100 Hundred Cartoons of MEW FRENCH FEATHERS AND FLOWERS. M" EDWARD .RIDLEY, 811 and 8I1W Grand and 6<i Allen streeU. Fifth block east from the Bowery. ? GRAND BTRBBT CHEAP 8TORB. FROM AUCTION. .. iw RIBBONS, every wldth, (?tor and shsde, Wtthoct ad' vane. I. prioe. athough^dWn^m 811 end Met f>Mn the*Bowery. A T GRAND 8TBEBT CHEAP STORE. T big*" gTRA W GOODS. PRICES DOWN. BLACK BLOOMERS 31, 44, A6. 63. 75e. end 81, In Water tells. Imperials. Mader at and other faahienable ahapea. "E^Euof TAN LEATHER BLOOMERS at 31,44. 88 HrLslT. t BUALh UANIvn, a?ji.?aww.v, ? ? mad every other brand in Waterfalls. Maderiaa. Bugenlea, RingorYk&zv thjKbe tmreb tears ^YUHAIEBOnVb?V^?V>^ ^ .181 M. Th? floftit ORAT HAIR BOWRRT8, $2 W. _. Whfce and colo #d 81A&&U at 13c., at 18c-, at 26c. The very beet, SSo. EDWARD RIDLEY, 811 and 31114 Grand and 58 Allen etreeta, w Fifth bloeh seat froW the Bowery. At THE NEW DRY GOODS HOUSE, 757 Broad war, between Eighth aad Ninth streets. By J. t C. JOHNS1 ON. loot eonneoted with UB8DRLL A-PIER80N. who reaeotly retired. Win be onered, on Monday, an a.egant aaaortmaot of no *%URTBD LINEN, LAWNS, JACONETS. ORO AN DIBS, FIGDRBD AND STRIPED URRMADINRS. ?00 pleeat Grenadines an25e a yard, worth dee.; Kshades and styles Alpaeaa at a eaertfloe; a fine asaort of Dress Goods, purchased before the recent advance A das Stock of Mourning Oooda at reduced prises Two yards wide black Grenadine. Florentine, Crape, Marals, BvasaUne, for .trawls sml dresses. DOMESTICS, Wo are offering at lose than maou'acturvra' prieaa Bow Cork Mills, Wamsntta, Maaonvillo, Ac, Ac, Ac. J LINEN 8. Richardson's, Dunbar'a. Gehon'a, Bell's Ae , Ae. Bad an extensive stock of Flannels, Quilts and Damaaka, Bntrttah and Gorman Hosiery, vary o'.-eap. Black silks (Oil boiled), rea CLOAKS OB DRESSES, from 81*0 84. A/T DATIDSON'S BOWER* CLOAK STORE, >64 Bowery. CLOAKS. CLOAKS. CLOAKS. CLOTH CLOAKS, from 85 to 818. BILK CLOAKS, from Slu to 848. At DAVIDSON 8 BOWER* CLOAK STORK, 264 Bqwary. Exclusively rmRNcn fluting owe to twki*. tjr Inrhe* aide. All material* tinted In an uneurpaeted ner at Mr* GOLUEN'8 Frrnch Flnling Entab.lah mbU, IV Atnttv atraat. <N. H? A block and a ball from BreaJwav), 127 Bleeaaor ?treel. below Woo-trr lu-eet. and ?I Pulvin atraat. Hmoklyn. M. B.?No machinery uaad la ?e genuine Krcncb fluting. gUSi HIONABLB DRESS OOOOS For aumtoar wear; a tine aaanrtment at ratalL AT RB1HJCKD PHICRB. LORD A TATOR, MOB. 4ol TO 467 BROADWAY. Alao at atoraa MOB. 288 TO 2f,I (IRANI) STRBRT, pUn, BOO 1 '/ Ail UnAHU Bl KUBi. And NOB. 47 AND 49 OAT1IARINB BTREEY.t rl 8Al.E-ORNTI.3M EN'S LINKN OOLLARB. leading *ly lea, by tha manufacturer, at coat. WM. PLACE, 157 Cham bar* atraat. pREAT REDUCTION IN PRICB8 OF BILE AND CLOTH CLOAKS, AT THE METROPOLITAN CLOAK ROOMS, 496 BROADWAY] SE?trance through Or.i-or A Bakar'a aalearoom). t Fancy Colored Cloth Oloaka, baauUfully ambrot derad Oa tha Grov r A Raker machine. Children'* Cloth and Marseille* Garment*. embrol d*>ad or biaMad HENRY MOORR, Agent. H (QUINS' SIXTH AVENUE MaMMCTD MTlLINFur ESTABLISHMENT. The great emporlnm of Nunnery <* of every deacrlp Man. ma the rnnn*n.a*i1. und -putea headquarter* of laaia aad (aar-iHin. where cood v?la?" i? the motto and aaorgy and pe.e'veraoo* our r,'IO.. m.tknata. UNPRLCEOSNTBD BaLK OP TRIMMED 30NNBT8 dorinqTabt WERE. la the h'?t ry nnr hn fitter* we have never known a week ef arn darlden <mve - *? -> *? tbc n >at. and we a a willing *. a.11,,111 at aoieitiivan.lm nc to ma t for and eiinict.'I a ruah true the afcitireo or lavl advertisement, we war# Mmplatelr lak.-n u >urprl*e. . nd warn tn a ma?urn u*. Saaaareu far an e??*iT?. -e'a d -maud. Id* are g a.I ta Sn tha a- '*?! a- af th * e'ty A*gr*atelO ?ur elinrv la a ll tlf.t claw Millinery at a rva-onaiue price. mml w?. only via far * runt ttuad poirmta.e aa '.ha reward ef"vrtie<R a an i nn??? v n< i.a'runl at.on tn d? awar wtRieil.n bi'anl pike* Thi* la a tune (or a onnnty ll keAu ve. rl ta i re mee leg i? ho e they o.n get tuem i h?a -eat. and wh*n we tunc niea tn eell yen a ft .m. wed B. an..i *r Hlwimrr ol th a?n a maieral. *tlle and ?"?**???? id im | roi. .|we1. f.?r ne.riynn* ha f. we alalto re.if at ? ml n a* t :a y,.a, luty. to at leant o.annua ear yon da ami lynnptr. or mi J- ejam Rnaaeta for Art?Hn'd on Pr adway for $9. Elegant Hoeaota t..r ?' *? ,| br?a way fug *10. ) * "?t l.niinw- tar a i? a<ild on di oadway for 8 I. ?f *' *n| f"i * i?s ou Hi n?ite ay fur ?l i, I, eg.ill Hon tot* fo i.S-4?id on Rr tod way fur ?l\ Eimvi ? Roiiaato ' .r fl.-Ve ,, e, ? for ?M S ".ant Nmtn.-ta for lid-ran: on Hroa.twev t?.v ' /A It ngm, h o net for h -Mold aa Hr?.aZ*y for ??A iAOR AND MUSLIM CURTAINS, ? UNICES, NANPM, Ti8h~? AND (fnURREESFINa eOOUiM IR K V M K Y V A RIMY?, AT MODERaTM rRICRg. LORD A TAT I OR, Noa t i ta *<t/ Broadway. Alan at at Ti e Bee A fl to 261 Oran.l (treat. Sea. trt aad ?y i aih*ni,a atraal vjrt^PT'B snfirs madr to drunk " With the I npruve y.dle, 'omhn lug e'eganoe with an t lende a< the thirl a aarfoii tit V?*,. la the ( jerfml tit Mad., In the (lifU waaear frme New tn I u.1 , Want* tia ? *r.Igan and 'fMw* |?ep', ar inn* la* *o.| Rte?i*r<l*nn *nd Vanng'* ea ?? InM .luen? * A 1$ t ami g t pit T. W MliODV. IMHtoadway, Howard lintel. MR. TUTTUI'? DRS88MA?I?Q AND PATTERN " "* " - re Kite baa an elegant aa MMK. JUTrLK'U ItRNSSM Krideg, ?*a UO' dwAv wi, Crimen ol ia- a eit IV,rl* t'etfrn Joe n w -titeia lha aflame nil* by ei> la* Iter to WartaM 4 per tact Bb Tb? 0*4*m taugki, am B. uatf-ar. noar Aawtag *txaai 'A^-^y.^A^wvvvvWVVy'^ I4ID0BIUU1IV ou>ai. 'THSCiVT, 'cloab Storr, MB MWVL j^ourribq DEPARTMENT AT RETAIL, M*??ix^.,2r?Ks?rttsn. "ssr.'cr' LORD A TAYLOR, , Mat. 4*1 to 407 Bmadwty. Mot. M to Mi a rand street. Mot. 17 and 19 Catharine street N" W SKIRT rom 1864. iljlfili?^mr iRVriB2Ii2?L TBI DUPLEX ELLIPTIC JO* DOUBLE) STEEL J. I. A J. 0. WXIT, Mof 97 cl&MBBBS BTEBBT, MEW YORK. art tht asvners of the patent and extluiire manufacturers of this, J. 17, BRADLEY'S TAMSNTED DUPldft &LLFIIO STEEL SPUING Thit Invention oonalitt of Diiplex (or two) ElUptle Steel Springe, Ingeniously braided tightly and firmly together, edge to edge, atedng the tougbe?t moat electa flexible tod durable spring ever uatd, enabling tht wearer, ta eon sequence of itt great elasticity and flexible ness, to plnee and fold the tkirt wbefl in ute as easily and with the tame eeue? venience'at a silk or muslla dress. It entirely obvtales and tlltnoet the only objeatloas to heap skirts, yfc the annoy ance to the wearer -as well at the public, especially In crowded assemblies, carriages, railroad care, church pews, ar In any crowded p-oce, from the difileulty ofaoontractlag tbem to oooupying a small space. Thle entirely removes the difficulty, while riving the skirt the usual fifli andPJmmetpl eel form, and lrtbe lightest and most stylish and graceful appearance for the street, opera, promenade or house dress. I A ladv haviug enjoyed toe pleasure, comfort and great oonvenienee of wearing the Duplex Elliptic Spring SklrLfor a single day will never afterwardi willingly dispense with the use of them. They are the best quality In < i every port. and by far the Hghtet, most durable, comfortable, and economical skirt mode. Merchants will be supplied as above, and ladles In most first class retail stores In thS city end throughout thrailTereut States. Inquire Tor the DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SPRINO SKIRT. Duplex elliptic speimc skirt. , ? THE MOST POPULAR AMD FLEXIBLE IN USB. A. 1. STEWART A CO., Broadway and Tenth street "DRADLBT'S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SKIRT, i> THH CRBATEllT 1MPUOVEMKHT IN LADIES' SKIRTS we have ever seen, and of superior exocllenoe. ROBERT MORTON, Nu. 469 Broadway. BRADLEY'S DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SKIRT?YERY P.eYlb e, folded easily when In use to oocupy a email epace, the most ageeeuble Skirt worn. Por solo by LORD A TAYLOR, * Noe. 461 to 467 Broadway. Boa 256 to 261 Grand street, hi us. 47 and 49 Catharine street. PATENT DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SKIRT?COMBINING . BLBGANCE, LIGHTNESS. COMFORT ? AMD ECONOMY, and unquestionably the most desirable article made. For tale by ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO , Corner of Cenpl and Mercer streete. P RICES REDUOBD. ALL OUB SPRINO AND SUMMER DRBS8 GOODS, AT A GREAT BE SUCTION IN PRICES. 180. DRESS GOODS REDUCED TO 12)<c. 15c. Do. do, do, 18c. 87 lie. Da da do. 26c. 50c. Do. da do. 87Xa 56e. DRESS GOODS do. 44c. 62M& Do. da do. 60c. A too, all oar BLACK AND COLORED ALPACAS, AT REDUOBD PR! CBS. ? BLACK AND COLO BED BAREGES. ? ? AT RBDUCBD PRI0B3. BLACK AND OOLOBED CREPE MARETZS. AT REDUOBD PBIOBS. BLACK ALL WOOL DRLAINB8 AND BOMBAZINES AT RBDUCBD PBIOBS* , . ? a loo, for the balance of the ssseou. VI HAVC RBDUCBD THE PRICES or ben SPLENDID 8TOCK OF AND di boulabs. also, the balance of ear stock of dUMMER SHAWLS. IYTON A JOHNSTON, >74 Bowery. SUM PB1 Shawls, shawls, shawls. LAOS POINTS AND FLOUMCBS, from $5 up. SILK SHAWLS, at $10. WOOL SHAWLS, at SS6A MOZAMBIQUE 8HAWL8. at$S 50. BLACK THIBET BHAWL8. at $3 80. BROCHE STEIPHD SHAWLS at K At DAVIDSON'S BOWERY CLOAK STORE, >64 Bowery. s UMMER HOSIERY, UNDERGARMENTS. CLOVES, Ties, Scarfs, Hend^rr'chhiifs^Ac., m great variety. ROB. 441 to 407 Broadway. ToV 245 TO Ml GRAND STREET.. > MOB. 47 AND 49 CATHaRINB STREET. Aleo at ttores AND CPB1NO AND SUMMER CLOAKS, MANTILLAS AND SHAWLS AT RRTAIL, AT ORRATLT RBDUCBD PRIORS. LORD A TAYLOR, Noa. 401 to 407 Broadway. Aleo at ?lores Noa M6 to Ml Oraed street, Noe. 47 and 40 Oathartoe etreet. MILLINERY. At is waverlft tlace-madame Benedict's Dressmaking sud Milliner? Establishment. economical ehsrgee. Dfesamakiog and Mill nary by Faanch aruslee Dresses made on lbs shortest ?olios. Tba Millinery (lock aslllog at half lbs boat is cloaa the i LA ROE AND KLKOANT ASSORTMENT OF SPRING and Summer Mil inery and Straw Goods of tha nd#cit and mast approved shades and styles. In all tha newest abapaa and colors. qblMMONB, tSJ Broadway, t A A CARD TO THB LADIES. A MAOaMB BAKKORNR'S French Millinery and Drassma'.iug Establishment, 578 Bioadway ? Bonnets and Round lists sallies at areatiy reduced prices; also Dies.inak nd In all III braaphta. At no p aseln the c.ty oan a lad t get ad rets made so beautifully or ae cheap. Apply |al S1b Broadway, over Brooks' aboe score. Bonnets-lace bonnets, at l. birns' uery. 377 Broadwaj> opt o-tle Nlbln's. Lace Bonn eta. black Bonrau. trnfeil.ha Bonnets and travelling Crape Bonne's, white Crape Bonnets, black Lace Bonnets, newalyie ; Jockey Mats. F IRE AT 4f7 BBOADWAT. In consequence of tha recent tire at tba ?illlnerr Establishment ef Mrs BOOTY, No. IN Broadway, aha wlU offsr, ON AND AFTER TUESDAY NBXT, her en lira stock of 8PRI1TO AMD SUMMER BONNETS, at a great reductloa In prices, to prepare for repairs. Tub clouds of morn were clbarino fast As tlirongh 81 uh areaue there passed A lad", who, with anxious fees, Wat looklug for the place? (Toe twenty sis. One then thus did say :? Go not do* n that dear Bread way; For we ran g'.re you Bonnets cheap, Buch aa you will sorely keep. One twenty tlx. "Oh. stay," the maiden thus rep'ted, "Until tha Broadway stores I'ts tried. And then I'll oona perhaDa 'o-aighi ?? A rolaa replied. "Now don't owe eight Of nne twentr six. Dewn Rroedwar, then, she went that era Found stores In which ?he didn't belters; For t' eogh there was a stock on view, Twaa nothing to Sixth avenue One twenty six. BIBBONI, STRAW GOODS. FLOWERS, FEATHERS, Aa M. T MIUOINS' MAMMO.Tn MII.L1NEK7 RSTABLIHHMFNT, KB Sixth arenue, two doors from Tenth etreet. 1?)Q NINTH STR8BT.-XMF. B. WILLIAMS WILL X?'s tell now her mnet etnek er French bummer Bonnets, Round Hats and Coin urea, at greatly i educed ?rwcs. before reeal'lay her new slues at goods. No. 130 Nlntl' etreet, near Brewlway. 1OQ ninth btrkst ?mmk B WTLL1AMI WILL J sell bar present diegsf French Bnwtn ar Hoaeeia lists and Cel urrs. at greatly reduced prewe, be-ere rerrlv fog an entire new clock of goods, at 130 Ninth strset, a law dears w?<i of Broadway. CLOTHING. ATTBNTION-AT THR new STORR. 114 THIRD s emi., lad ea and gentlemen are guaran'ee I is -a ee've tba hlnha l pr eee far e teh artltle af wm "*?ar *g Apparel, Furniture, C.rpeia, Ac., for the Meul'in** an l W.aieia msraet?. I'l.aae rauiamber. and try C. MIBH. 114 Third avenue, near Fourteenth at mot. Ladle* attended la by Mr . Mi ah. Orders front Brooklyn and Tie nlty attend ed to. ATThNtlON.-M. ABRAHAMS, JM BRTBNrif ATM nne, balween Twenty bfln and Twaat -Irlh atieel. baa an order IwWnd 'rant tea We lein and Cal fornl.t m.ra.ta fur Bid,00 worth ?if CSiNOlf -ilotlilx. w. 1st he wl dn a lo S'l up inn adlaldv. lh?r?fo a ha ?i|| |mr morn Ubarallr an or. G ar .nj ,jh. r caa'er. Addraas ar rail on Mr. prMre. Atra bums Revaath avenue. AHT SKI BUWKRT.?M. ROSENTHAL MAN A GRP. AT daalte to pnrebeae a large quantity Of Caat lllf Wearing App?rel. Fnrnuore, Gerguta. .laarulry, Ac. It ea ling en or a I,lr' using h m luj e. mid renderm n e.n "Na e the ntmnal value fur each article. Lad e? el'.nd< d m by Mrs Rosea, thah r . a?e rae-anibar. sad try 30J Bowery, apt as la Great June* slieel. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHINtl.?LADIRR AND (VfOiuibng I urn tore, Carpels, do, by sal lug on nr nd dre?.ing H CHUN. ID Itsrenlh n<erus, nest la tba drug atsia 1 ad as attended to by Mrs Ooba. A T 343 R8VENTM AVENUE. CORNER OF TWENTY. JV, eU'h aueet, K. HART wl > par the prleea for ladl.q and gainleman'a C* I OIT Clelhlng. Carpale, Furni ture An, hr railing er ad irasstng a not*. atlaadad tobv Mm. Hart. ^T1 RNTION.-Ohl THIRD A T R N IT R ? I, A D j B 8 AND v- *?nt'eruen e- n receive th? liltb-M price fi.r Caat Oif Clelhlng CsnriK Je?e rj, Ae.. by aalltmi at lha addrraa of MVbKUN at i. a alio-e Bnmher. ha ie? Attended by Mra. Leak*. Between Thirty odghlh and I Hli ly ninth sin, T ??Fb OI.D NT AND R|.'V| Ril-lia AKVRNfH AVR. ntv. flavint ?u return*.! it tut the We.t with largd ordex bra re-pc- imi v aunnunaB to on. ol i ettgtmepre and Ihd ppty id^ntn-ra iy that w,< ate .til. psvlnglh* hi ha I osi-h pit- ca fur Idytraa a il irnu' t'.ui (V I I d dug I'-trie ? Fur nilnrc suit 'eyr-lrs, Fi e?|i on v sd Iron a n<?te par p..?t tit J. HHh.XHAUM t I'D , ami yiwt I I'? sure to hr* prom pi y and to in d own < SO.eded to M Lad lea attended t# fc. a lady. _ yiw aeciab? ft9tt nnn ?***? ?>?? bonds ? ^W.UUU oo June 4 1864.?The following tfuiea lu 40 Boadaef SUMO each?Not $1,608. 31.ww. ".'{?. ?*w bonds ud the ooupons annexed hM been stoppeo, and the bonds arc useless la Mm bands of any ether party. 1 will pay a reward of $2,000 for the return of thaaa. or any ??? that will lead lo thrlr reoovery > B. L. BPLU, attorney, 4a.. 18 Wall JMtOrOSALB FOB LOAM. I ' TaairtjKT Dminmr, Jane A 1084. . To eaanre the greatest poselbe vigor In the operations of I the armies now moving against the insurgents. under brave and skilful generals, upon a vast theatre of operations, ex penditures nave beea increased beyond receipts from reve I bus and ordinary subscriptions to the national loan. I Mealed offers will, therefore, be reoelved at this Depart ment under the act of Marctvl, 1833, until aooa of Wedno* day, the 15th day of June, 1HM, for bonds uf the United Btaiae to the amount of eeventy-ffva millions of dollars, bearing an annual internet of six per cent, parable semi-annually la win on the first davs of July and January each I yaar, and redeemable alter the 3'lth of Juue. 1881. Kacb offer must be for fifty or one hundred dollars, or some multiple of oae hundred dollars, and must slide the aum. Including premium, offered foresch hundred dollars In I bonds, or.for fifty, when the offer Is for no more than fifty. Twa per cent of- the principal, excluding premium, ef the I wnole amount offered must be deposited, as guaranty tor payment of subaarlptton If aocepted, with the Treasurer of Assistant or any National Banking Association authorized to receive do I posits which may dhnaent to transact the business without charge. Duplicate eertlflcates of deposits will be issued M depositors by the officer or ss-eolation receiving them; the originals ot which must be forwarded with the offers to the department. All deposits should be msdsMu time for advloo of offers with osrtlflcates to reach Washington not later than the raomflBof Juae 15. No offer not accompanied by Its proper certificate af deposit will be considered. The Coupon and Keg.stered Bonds issued will be of the denominations of 150, $100, $50U'and $1,000. Registered I Bonds of $5,005 and $10,000 will also bedssuedlf required. All offer< received will be opened on Wednesday, the 16th ?f June, by the Secretary or oho of the Assl taut Secrela I rles. and notice of aoceptanee or declination will be imtnedl I ately given to'the respective offerers; and. In case of accept ance. Bonds of the descriptions and denominations prefer* | red will be sent to the subscribers at the cost or the Depart I ment, on final paymentof Instalments. The original deposit of two percent will be reckoned In the last Instalment paid | by successful offerers, and will be immediately returned to those whose offers may not be aooeptcd. The amount of accepted otters mu-t be deposited with the Treasurer or other officer or association authorised^o act under this notfte on advloe of acceptance of offer, or as fol lows:?One-third on or before the 20th; one-third on or bo fore the 35th; and the balance, including the premium and Original two per cent deposit, on or before the 30th of June. Interest to the laf of July on the several deposits will be paid Id ootn on the 30th of Juno, and lntereit on bonds will begin July I. 1864. Offers under.tola notice should bo endorsed "OfTer for Loan,5 and addiessed to the Secretary of the Treasury. The right to decline all offers not considered advantageous la re aerred to the government. S.tK OH ASK. Secretary of the Treasury. a?TNA F1RH INSURANCE COMPANY OP NEW jTj Toik ? At an election for Dlreclora of this Company, held on Monday, filh lost., the following gentlemen were elected for the ensuing year:? Is sob Brouwcr, P, L. Foulke, Russell Stubbing, O. C. Satterlee, ? M. L. Marsh, Jo eph Jamison, Wm. Wheelwright, John D. Ward, James Thompson, Charles H. Clayton, Tbeopblliis Anthony. Francis A. Thompson, George B. Satterlee. Livingston Satterlee, Nebemlah Knight, John McLaren, J. 0. Chardovoyne, Neilson Runyon, John H. Talman, Edward Oothout, Robert H. Berdell. At a meeting of the Directors, held 9th Instant, JACOB BROUWER. Esq.. was unanimously rc-eleotad President of the company for the ensuing year. Nnw Tor*. June 8,1864. H. C. BEAOH, Secretary. N. B.?The holder* of oertlfloates of stock ln*th? AJtna Fire Insurance Company, dated before March 33, 1863, are requested to sail at the office, 170 Broadway, and exchange them for new certificates dated as above. Bonds of the state op new jersey. Public notioe la hereby given that bonds to the amount ef four hundred thousand dollars will bo issued. la pursu ance of the secood section of an act approved March 24, 1863, entitled "Supplement to an act entitled'An set autho rizing a loan for the purpose* of war, to rape! iovasloa and suppresa Insurrection, and appropriating the same and pro vidtngfor the payment thereof.' "approved May 10, 1881. Th'eae bond* will bo issasft of the denomination of $1, g00, $800 and $100, with ooupona attactad. or registered bonds or the denomIn etleu of $1,000. to atnt bidders. The bonds will ho redeemable as follow a vis. !100.000 on th* 1st January, A. D. 1887. 150,009 on the 1st Januafy, A. D. 1888. 100,000 On the 1st January, A. D. IS39. 100,000en the lat January, A. D. 1898. earing interest at the rate of atx per o*Dt per gnnum, mle ha)f yearly, and are exempt by Rfw trom taxation, yosals In writing for the whole or any part ef these Bonds reoelved bv the subscriber, at bis office, in the ?y of Trenton. State of New Jeieey. at any time before 8 M.,on Wednesday, the 16th day of June, A. D. $164, on whleh day and hour the Governor and Treasurer will be in attendance at the State Hou-e to open and deotde bids. The Bonda will bear data July 1, ISM. The right to reject bids ?arwrnrvod. B. M. SMITH, Treasurer. Dated May Ifi. A. D. 1866. BALTIMORE AND MART LAND FUNDS WANTED AT low rates. New Orleans hank notes also purchased at TO H. MAR8TON A,CO.? Banker*, IT.Wall street. Bond and bortoaob.oA'ioo.oso to loan on improved New York, Brooklyn and Jersey City, property, in sums of from $10,000 to $100,000; Interest at atx per east. Apply te JOHN LLOYD A SONS, 1$ Nassau street. INTERNATIONAL 1 FlfUL INSURANCE COMPART OF MEW YORK. Offlca, lBtnidwi;. CASH CAPITAL, ONE MILLION DOLLARS. The International Tire losuranoa Company, basing m eaah capital of 81000.000, all paid in and securely invested, is now prepared to Insure every klud of property. Including ohipe In perl and their cargoes, against wee or damage by Are, en the moot favorable terina WILLIAM K. WARRKN, PrasMeaL HAMILTON BROOM, Ties Presides!. . Obobob W. Savaob, Secretary. ATATIOMAL IT LIT8 AMD LIMB a- ? INSURANCB COMPART HOP Khff YORK. ORGANIZED T1MDBR A SPECIAL CHARTER. CAPITAL STOCK SIO'.OOD. With the privilege ol Inoroasing It to$50J.'>00. This company poteesaes all th* powora and privileges of any Life 1 n?nr anoo Company In the United State*. *wlt' 'with the additional' power* of Insuring the Lives and L mbe of Offlcers. Soldiers and Marines in the army and navy of the United Sietee, and aM other peraona. _ ? Books will be opened at the oflloe of Allen, Yen Buren A Luck? jr. Sit Broadway, for auhsorlptiona for $1(10.000 addi tional stock en and after the 8th day of June Instant. ORISON BLUNT, r>?atdeni Jonir L. Cit-LXT, Secretary. MININO STOCKS?AS WELL AS ALL OTHER KINDS of securitlea bought and sold at all tbo Block Hoards In New Yo:k, Boston. Philadelphia, Ac., or otherwise on eommJ?ei?, by ALBKRT H. MICOLAY, No. a William ?L Notice or dividend no. a ^ Nnw Yoaa, Jnne 8, 1864. The trustees of the Briggs Geld Co.upany have dec ared a dividend of one per tent out of tho net earning* ol the com pany for the month of May, payable at tbo odice of tho com pany, 81 .'ohn street. New York, Jnne 18, IS 4, to sharehold ers of record, at the close of basinets this dar. Walter E. LAWTuN. Treasurer. OFFICE OF THE CHIOAOO AND BORTHWESTERN Kal.wav Company. No. 8 Wall street. New York, June S. Irfll -Holders of the rapltal etoek or Ihe Galen* and Chicago Union Railroad Company are herebv uotlfled that by the terms of consolidation of that company with the Ohio,so and Northwestern Railway Company, their stock ts to be e\,'ed for stout of tho Chloago,and Northwestern Railway Cempany, a* follows ?One share of the Cbieago and Northwestern preferred stock, and one share of the Ch."ago and Northwestern eomtnon. with three do iar* la cash, lureaeh share el tne Galrha and Chicago I'nlon El ehangee mar he made an I the money renelved at once at the oillce of the Chicago and Northwestern Railway com pany. B. 11. BOODY, Agent. SOUTHERN BANK NOTRS WANTBD.?VIRGINIA, North Carolina, South Carolina. Georgia. Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and New Orleans bank notes, by MANNING A DB FOREST, Bankers and Brokera.,19 Wall atreet. SOUTHERN BANK MOTES, 8m.taern rltate Beads, Ronlhem Securities of every de scrlption wanted, b, ^ ,CBA?m)lf. p?rl #tre#t UNION DIMS SAVINGS BaSK, No?. 4-7 and 429 Canal ftrerl^oroer Varlck. Assets ,.T $1178.178 89 assris * f, Open dally frem 11 A. M. to .1 P. M., and on Monday. Wed?'-s:ay and Saturday evenings, frem 81<> 7. Su P*r ceil lnteretLallowftd on sunt* of $5 4 and nader.nadtve per oeut on larger sums. _ ' BDKR V. HAUGHWOUT, TreMdaoL OiRDKnn B. Onen.*, Secretary. WANTkD?TO LOAN MONBY ON MANUFACTURED silk goods. Address U. A , Herald slice. 6 PER CENT.?$48,001 TO LOAN IN SUMS TO 8UIT. trom $1.(40 to $ s'.DOh, on good city pro|ffrtr, for long of ebeit tsrme; aleo on farm* at 7 percent. Address, with deeer.pttoa, P. Henjatnln ,78 West Forty fifth street, N. Y. ?500 -WANTRD TO YE" ABOVE . _ _ . amount, ru good aecurie. for one year Three thousand do are security given and gcod interest. Address ju?tu?, stetihu A Post onu s. 000 ^4T,D8ND rAY.IN(' *tock OF A WELL known man ifaeturtBS Invarporst on of this rttv will he r*oh?ni,sd fer good property in New fork or vlclnlly. Addreve B.. hot 4,?15 Postotlee. eri Ann 0,r T,,R ''EhT MORTOAOR BONI'ft ?Ol.''v\F of the Clnelanfitt, Ohio, and Portsmouth r.a'lrcad for see *i l?n vent* en the dot bar. SOUTH?* I K A WOOit, 18 Pine street $75 ()00T0 LOA,I~AT r*w Cl"*r reet tor ten year* ,?r lets, on bend and mortgage on real evtate InlMseHy er Nr*eklyn, Apply In Co efflce of the People- Fire Insurance Com pan? te JOHN F. CONRBY. f? Wall alrv-t. VJATCHICB, JKWEhRT, ?C. (YAl.iro t VI A 1)1 AMON DA?Til R QUESTION 18 OFT J ert askeu >>v prisons who do not know th? article, what are OhlMorw* Diamonds t They fire rrratali/ed quarts, foun t la Caitlorntn; cut and pn'Nhed to aueh a dear-* of hrilltanev ss to d-rc v? the most sit * I ml res ol the r?'al diamond: mount.ol In ?ol J 18 earat gold by the heel dm? a<o <d workmen, the mttlerne ?nd d- Lni taken from the m >-t e< pensive diamond Jewelry. The* were Irs? intre dnoed by me In Ifito, and >ke Immense quant lies sold attest II"? r petml*rtty. Pins. $1 to $90; Bar Knobs. It to |S0, Rtage. t to ?aA0RIrtM,AL u JAOOBB, 4$7 Broadway. D oub GOLD AND SILVER. DIAMONDS, OLD GOLD AND 8ILVNN. Persona who wish to sell Diamonds old Gold, 8t ver, or ?nt kli.d of old fashioned Jewelry, go to LOtJId A N Rldll, 7 .1 Sroedwat A p. s t ye fact, he pays SO per cent m re then any ??t't per i n. Fstah I bed In New Tort etnre tko a<ti.?in<e(rntlon of the ate Martin Van Inren. Maka no Mb take?7^8 Hroodway, under the New York Hotel C HK1LHUTH. O, DIAMOND BKOKRR, flO Broadway. Veto. .*i an I Je?etry h ught, Atlvanoe* no Diamond* and Watches, f|lO THR WATfli MUTING PUBLIC.?HAVING im 1 eertjil my Welshes when ire d wa* ??nl !*) |ier cent pre mium tamnnwensbed to tell at pr eet Itsktne lain c?'B at le rati >n ihe present |ir ??e of gad) that wl I defy eB?'ra il! en Fllvor Init ie-?el ed Hunt ug Case VTwtehvs. f I"; do. levers, gfi; American Pelenl Levers f tfi rompi a t-on, hretlHptaiel ir?? n ill opwaf I*. A few yarf line 1 ear el Rnrltsb Fate III lev is o| ?erbral<rt maker? te'V lo?>^ h "?? * VVelrh watreoted by speel I ??ir ituee fivr tw?i veer*. Beeoad kao* Wat? hea taken la avebsn (#. ORIGINAL L, J AGUH8. 407 l?S4iW4r, F THB xunfff A8HI0N PLKAHURS GROUNDS, L. I. liNrUKl'KUhNlbi) CuNTBeTS i UK MOUKKN TROT TING TURF, ON WBDNBBDAT, JUNK U, WEDNESDAY, JONS 55. ????..THgTWO gbkAtrbt trots OF TBB SEASON, OF tUK SEASON, BBTWBEN THOSE WORLD FAMED TBOTTIMO CHAMPIONS AMD - RIVALS FOB 8UFBBMA0Y, ROBERT FILLINUIIAM. JOHN 1IOROAN _ .. AND UBMBRAL BUTLRB, _ For $8,500. For $5,900. First Tmn.? Mils heats, three In Are, In harness. Broomo Tbot.?Mile beats, lb re,' In Ays, to wagon. THKSK horses on known to havs proved ihoniMilvas the fastest pub I to trollsrs now living in this or ear otUsr country. and in tens* interest Is naturally manifested In their meeting in these two GRAND DECISIVE CONTESTS. Thaes matches are made play ar oav, henoe they mn t trot or forfeit, which neither of the three will do; and all three of these great trotting obamptona will undoubtedly be fnnnd at the score on the day, BOBBBT FILLINOHAM JOHN MORGAN, GENERAL BUTLER The most ample provisions will he made for the accommo dation of tbo crowds of visitors who are expected to be present on these two greet occasions A large police force will maintain order, and all the vast resources of the Fashion Pleasure Grounds will be employed In administer ing te the oomiort of the visitors. ^The boats will leave Thirty fourth street ferry, East river, every Ave minutes throughout the foreuooa and afternoon Special trains will be run at 11)4 and 1)4, from Uuntor'a THB LAST SPECIAL TRAIN, In time to reach the course In season for the trot, win leave James' slip, foot of New Chambers street, at 2 P. M., con ntotlnz with the train direct to the course, at 2K P. M., frooa Hunter's Point, returning Immediately after the trot. JOSEPH CBOCHBBON. Manager. SPORTSMEN'S CONVENTION, To be held June 14, 16 and 18. at Centre/Ills Course. Ticket" for three days S0; tickets for e single dar $2; to he had from Cbarlhs If. Haswell, No. 6 Bowling Green; Robert B. Rooaeveli. 76 William street, or any member of the club, er at the Course. rnROTTIKO.-TICKETS FOR SALE AT COOKE'S SUN ?J. nyslde Hotel, Hallway House, for tbe Butler. Filling ham and Morgan race, and a Grand Ball at tbo Suunyaide Hotel, after the race Is over. JOB COOKE, Proprietor. LONG ISLAND.?TROTTING.?ON _____ 4, at 3 o'clock P.M. Sweepstake* of $400. Mllo heats; best three in five. H. WoodruA names b>. m. Sally Come Up, to wagon: D. Pilfer name*: b. m. Lady Blake, to wagon; James D. McMann names b. g. Jimmy Lynoh, to wagon; Mr. Walter.on names b. g. Patrick Henry, lu harness. Cars leave South ferry at 1 o'oloolc. SHAW A WHITE, Proprietors. TfNION COURSE, LONG ISLANO.-TROTTINO, ON ly Thursday, June 16, at 3 o'clock P. M.?Purse and atake of $30>). mile heats, beat tbree In five, in harness. D. Mace enters b g. Shark; H. Woodruff enters b. g. Dexten: D. Pflfar enters br. s. Toronto Chief. Curs leave South ferry at 1 o'clock. SHAW St WHITE, Proprietor*. _ _ STALLIONS. ^ For sale.-two celebrated thorough blood Stallions, remarkable for thoir beaut/ and tpced. Any gentlemen desiring to raiae thorough blood atock will find these animals a valuable acquisition to his atud. Apply to F. H. GHEESli, Libby House, 66 Warren street. FOR 8ALE-A MAHOGANY BAT STALLiqN, EIGHT year* old, I6I4 hands high, sound, and kind In single and doable harness, and a good roadxter. Will be sold cheap, as tbe owner ha* no further use for him. Apply to D. SMALL, No. 4 Bowlipg*tfr?en. JUPITER, TROTTING STALLION. WILL STAND AT Snediker's. hear Union Course. Long Island, at $60 the geaaon. In advanoa. Jupiter la the sire of Lady Bmma (who has lust made the fastest trot of the season). Major Anderson, Jupiter, Jr., the Peareall Colt, Ao. t-AionScoursb, Li U Tuesday, Juh* 14,1 ? B PORTING. T RARE OPPoTtCNITY A^ORDED th'J(fMt^?Jk A JSKSStoffiR wftuili WALSH, twenty-elgA feet long; everything In oomplete order; boat nearly new. Will na Rul" " "" i Riitd cheap; sufficient reaaonagtven for selling. boat can be seen at the foot of Ninety eighth street. East particulars apply to THBODO&E TOOKBR, river, for , Herald office. A HALF BROKEN POINTER DOG FOR BAITb-THO rough bred, strong, and 11 month*, old. Apply at 31 A rough bred, strong, and II month*.old. Apply at 3] ynst F?rty-?co^d strew, between Fifth and 81?tb avenues. I\OGS FOB HUNTERS-BADGER DOOB, A PAIR OF / the finest breed ever Imported; sroll trained Dog and ut, with four pupa, for aale for $150. Apply at 69 Bayard ?treat, ap stllra. "PRANOIS BUTLER. NO. I PBOK SLIP, HAS ALL J? ' toe choice breeds for salo and stock. Bntier's Infallible sMange Cure and Flea Exterminator, 76 cents per bottle. Butler's new Work, $1. Dogs boarded, trained, ac. Medl for all disease*. For sale?a splendid Russian bloodhound, pore Malta color, and well trained; prion $100. Ad dress Kuss, station B. For salr-a small, purr black and tan Dog; weighs tbred pounds; good watch dog and ratter. Apply *155 West Eighteenth street, between Fifth and'Blxth Fob salb?a bail boat, oat rigged, is fret long, for $76. Apply to O. ROAH, foot of Christopher street Light rifle.?any person wanting a good single Rl'te (No. 32). with solid leather case and all apparatoa com plats, ?an address Btgma, box 198 Herald office. PBTER%lAtTIN. OF NRW JBRBBT. OFFRRRD TO wrsstls simp man, and was matched to wrestle Charles Prtcxlt for $100 a i ds, at the house of John McCrystaL Flats Hotel, northsaat corner of Beach and Laurel sire -ts, Pbllade'phla: the wrestle to come off at the Unloo park, known as the Lamb Tavern, Philadelphia on Thursday, the Ifith of June, at 8 o'clock P. M.. raid or sh oe. M 14 feet Row Boats, at $6 per foot; three smooth work Whitehall Row Basts, seoond band, at $4 per foot; from IS te 18 feet long. Inquire at ths boatbuilding shop of Stephen ? ? ? - street aifll Avenue A, New fork, Roberta, corner of 114th Harlem river. Second and Third avenue ears ran near. Yacht fob salb-about fourteen tons bur tben, two yoars old. very faat and safe, eabin acoom modeling four persons; It nlcelv fitted up with everv con venience for*srulM; Is in complete order, just painted. Ac.; lowest prlee $1.4i?l Apply at 128 Broadway, roum No. 1, between 12 and 3 e'elock. The yaeht can be scsn off Ho boken baths. HOR9EI, CARRIAGES, AC. Adams ,* conk, carriage factory and re. pos tore. Third avenue, coreer 126th street. On hand, cat under Phaetons, carry four or Hi. Also an assortment of other-Carriages. A STYLISH YOUNG VERMONT DARK GRAY Horse for sale?16 hands high speedy, klml and gen tle: a reliable family horse. To Its -een St ?. 7.. Thomp son's a table, 110 Bast Thirteenth street. Aybry excellent shifting top, four seat, ?guars box Depot Wagon: also a Top^Huecr. but llttls used. Tor aale cheap. Can be seen st the privets stable, Broadway, between Thirty-Eighth and?Tblrty-ninth streets. A NUMBER OF FINE BU-'TNBAR WAGONS:-FOR sale?such as Grocer's, Baker's, Milk depot and kx fress. Also, tome second hand Wagons In nood order, ids p'aec isai isvorsble sunny too een find STEWART'S Waron Fno'orf, Fitty third street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue A GOOD PAIR OF CARRIAGE HORSES. WAR J\ ranted sound and kind; doable Harness, nearly new, and s Piiacton (Wood ILr<>s.) Apply at M Beavar street, to O. 8HIFF, from 11 UU 1. ^ TROTTING .HORSK.. FOR RALE?CHEAP; 14AC hands hii-h. 8 years old. noun I and kind; ran tret lu 2 Pi. an. has never been In tha hands of a trn tier. Prion $.VH). Apply to Mr. TUCKER, No. 8 John sire.-.t, up stalls. ASORRKL HftRSF. FOR SALE?15\ HANDS. EIOHT tears old long tall, very handsome. perfect style, sound end kind In harness and tn everv ri-speot; ass rouse and "cnernl faml y horse cannot he surpassed Apply to GKU* W. BltOWN, No. 9 Plnastyst, secood Hour. A COACH POB SALB CHEAP-INQUIRE OF S. OIL DER8LKBVK. Srook_yn Gas Works, foot of Hndeon avenna. or of GBORUE MULLEN, corner John and Lotus streets TkONKR* 'O* SALE?.AN ENGLISH DONKEY, KIND, Jy (.em * and sound; also Harness and Covered Waz<>n, suitable for tw* or four children. Vary cheap. App.y to B. A CLARK B, 83 Cedar street. BOUSLR SET OF HARNESS FOR SALR COMPLETE near,y- aw; made by one of the best elty makers and baa been but Pule usod Apply at (be stable, IM b ast Thir tieth i-lrset, between Lexington avenues rn BALE, AS THE OWNER IS GOING TO KUSOPK A splendid pilrof dark bay Carriage Horses. 14 hands, and ear* use and styliah drivers. Prle.- $1.?;)0. Can be seen ... ,' .. X n',tJW,V I' II ,1 ..# U U.i. before 1' or after 6 o cloak I'. M , at stable rear of .16 Krn.ssa street. Brootlin. near Wall street terry. For <ule-a pathfinder colt, tivr tears old, color dark chestnut, long tail, warrantr! perfestly sound and grnt'e and oan trot tu three nslnu'rs; a very ce sirab'e Ksrgaln f>i ? > ' g-ntleman wtshln. a fast and reliable family horse. Address box 210 Post office, Hartford, Conn. FOR SALE-ONE BBCOND HAND TWO SEAT ROCK awav Carries*, In good order. Tibs scan st Fsgnn'a ?tablet, 74 West Twenty-seeon I street. For sale-a second hand coach and nAix. ?ess a* the owner ha*_ no use for lh?rn. Terms low. Inquire at slabis, 227 West Twenty-first street. IrtOR BALE ?AT A BAROAIM ON S T1IRKB BRAT ' Piiasion; el?> one fine two seat Rwkastf, IM4( by fsod brothers. Cau bo assa at 41s Fourth avenue. AOR BALE-A LIGHT BOARD WAGON, NEAltLY 1 new, made by owe of the be t elty maker*. Inquire of W Al.LKKTON, Jr. Wssli.ngton Druv* Ysrd F10R BALB-A BEAUTIFUL STEEL ORAT SADDLE Horse 8 years old, kind In stngls end double harness. To he sesu at 410 Madiaon street. pOR 8U.B?ONNLIOHT TR'ITTING BUOUT, MADE by Brewiter A Baldwin, In first rate onadldon. App y at Ns * nni an sourl, la Tblrtv-sliU street, Detwesn legion and Third avenues. P IS SALE -OHRAP, A FIRST RATS Rl \D IIORRB, _ |M hsads high, 8 isars old. bright bar. an I -an tr<-t a mile In j 60; sound and kind. Can ba sesu st stable n -yd ?ey i lave, between State and Li> ngst n sire is, Brooxh n TJOR SALE-A LIGHT AND 8TYL18H BHKWSTKR A r 'is twin Uermastowa, In snmplsts orders! 119 bast Twenty third strssl TJIOR SALR?A FINS BRED M ARE; COLOR SORRRI,| F ? great -ondstsr. and warraoi-d perfeeil- onund en , to trot la 2 M For partiaulare audrsaa bat 77 Hart.or ) Post ottiss. LWR KALR-A HANOSOMR BIX SEATED LIGHT r fnmtly Rock away Carriage. bin t bv Bre?st?r. put orm sp'tngs, as good >s n?w. Inquire at H67 Atlslphl strrei, near hulion aveuue, Brooklyn. PIOR BALR-A PAIR OF CALIFORNIA ni.ACK 8TAL I on. * in-'fect nisteh, 1V( him Is hlfb, warrsmsl sound and gentle; line trotter*, an I in sppeirnur-e and ? o ?re wilheui exnei Hon t1'* '"est >il the eltf. Also a n niete Tnfnosil, sa'iis >st new and of the best qunbts T ey ran he-een at King s ti er, -lihe, Forir-drat s-reot he l?een Msd'son ?ni Fourth a?eniree. end the owner at 88 Maiden uiie, up stairs, P. w, Ui f,A||RStI,?. , GENTr.,'M AN N rtORUR, s tNt lib nf.t dark s-rrel. rest, kin I ail tery siviu in harness; el it Top Wagon and tlernes*. Can be sees at Hancruit's stable. 67 Irvioa piasa. RORIIRI, CIMIUMI, M. FOR RaLB-A MKOOHI> BAUD TWO MAT ROCK A. *%v. Dole aud snafu, Id ao .d erder. Apply M A. 1. DRMARSrli', t? liroadwey. aad 73Twentieth utreat. li'OR BALE-A CL08BLY MATCHED PAIR OP BLACK P Mams, with Ian < (lowing tills. a bent 1J)? hand* Mali. Can irot a mile iiwiurr n 3l< mieutes: warranted aonad anil k a it la every larliuitr. lugutrn at John Ca'le hana stables, ISA East Thirty-third (treat, near B-tbih avaaaa, rtt RALE-A PAIR OP BROWN MORGAN HORSCS, 15>j hamla high, 7 years o d. aound aort kind very stylish drivers. oao tret in 5)4 minutes. Also, a ? is Horse, W4 hands hbth, A years eld. sound. To be aean at the eornar ol Tweniy-neventh street and Broadway. FOR B ALB?TWO PIRN CARRIAOR OK OOITPR Hurras; are aound, kind and drive exceedingly wall to gether; are Id bands high and of a vary deap bay rotor Also a oarrtato nearly new, with Uaruaas, Ao. Apniy at Ho lt iobOI'B stall'aa. Twelfth sts< ci, near University place. FOR 8ALB?A SUPERIOR PAIR OP BAY IIOR8E8 7 veers eld, Id hands high. Inn* tails, sound, kind aud very stylish. Can be sean at Gamin A Keaury'i sia'd*. 4 6 and 4&Kaat Fifteenth stri ct. Apply fur further particulate Iat 17t^Poarl street, first story, front office. TjlOR BALE?A TRUCK. TK AM AND IIARNBRR; r would ae'l the horses and hnrnrsa saparate; tru.-k will carry eighty or ninety hundred. The horses weigh trout twenty eight to thirty hundred. Call at 10A Tenth avenue. For sale?a beautiful gray raddlr pony, about 13)4 hands high, warr mlml gentle and kind. Can be seep on Monday and Tuesday. ISth and Idtn Inst, at Samuel Junes' stables, 3d Pulton street, Brooklyn. For salr-a pavr op eleoant carriaor or Radlls Horses, dark Iron kravs, 6 and 7 yeass old. Id hands hlglr; yerv stylish, perfeiulv sound, kind and g'-me. May be seen at the New England alables, 600 Seventh ave nue, oornar of Forty firth street. FOB 8ALR?TO PAY ADVANCER, A poll assort moot of Carriages and Harness, consisting of Kr. tts, Phietons. Rookaway, Top and No Top Engine. R, a.t and Bxprdy Wagons, D. W. IVBS A Co., it'J Liberty st. For sale?a fast trotting gray horbb, eight years old, 15 hands high, sound and kind, and a prompt driver; can trut in 2 AO; has no blemish, and will be sold cheap. the owner having removed froin tha city. Ap ply to Mr. BELLOWS, Metropolitan Stables, ooruer of Prince and Croaby streets. FOR RALE--a LADY'S ENGLISH SADDLE,' BRIDLE and Martingale; the handsomest In tbe city; been used a short time. Inquire for Christopher, at McNlcol's stables. 23 East Twelfth street. For sale-a pair op well matched black Indian but I paving Mares, full 14 hands high; weigh about 800 lbs. each ; 6 and 7 years old; can and ham pteed to ether in 2.33 (?ne has paved on the too In 2 22): lino style, of great bottom and wind, and wurranted perfectly sound. The above marc , oid be seen at Sclden's stables No*. 81) and 82 West Twenty-fourth strcot. A>k for Mr Hurd. FtOR SALE?EXI'K ERR BUSINESS, OP FIVE YEARS' sutmliir;, with largo Wagon aod team of Horsea. now doing a coo l cash business. Inquire at 132 Eighth avenue, before 9 A. M. and after 6 P. M. For salr?for wart op use, a bat mare, isx bands high: will bo sold cheap. Inqu re of R. C. lie Long, corner or Little Twelfth and Washington streets, Hudson River Railroad stableH. I70R BALE CHEAP-TWO NICE PAR8RNGER STAGS P Coaches. Concord make. Also, two curtain quarter Coaches, or Brewster A Co. 's make. To bo scon until sold at the Firth Avenue Ilotel Stables, 1,132 Broadway. For bale at a bargain-one splendid pair of blaek Horsos, Mi hands high, a years old, sound nnd kind. Very stylish, suitable for private use; also one three ?eat Phaeton, nearly new, aud one close Coach, in good order. Can bo seen from 7 to 12 for throe days at 294 West Thirty third street, B. T. t Horses pastured at $4 per month.?good pasture, ehade and watar; naar Elixabetb, N.J. Ap ply to JOHN MOODY, 18 Wall street. Horses for salb.?two FINB, stout buim Horaes, suitable for beary Work; 6 years old. wdlba sold separate or together. Alio a good llockaway. Apply to J. MORRIS, 194 Pulton atreet, Bro ?fclvn. JURT RECEIVED-PROM TIIE WEST, THR FINEST Horae of his sire In the country, 17 hands high, fine a-i on. Also one sorrel Mare, six year* old, fine style, and 15 handwhlgb; excaUsnl saddle mare. One fine bay Mare. 16',' hands, Vfry *nWoth, and a line traveller; all voung and perfectly sound. Qpn be soon until sold at Long Island ara ble*. Nov. 9 and II Uoyt atreet, near Pulton avenne. Brook lyn. M. WING. JUST PROM THE OOUNTRT?A BAT HORSE Id bands high, aaren yeara old, kind and gentle In oil har neea: a very fine carriage horae. A Mare, seven yen re old, 1S<4 hands nigh; can trot in i 40; kind and gentle In all bar neat. For sale or exchange for horaes of less value, at Togney'a stable*. In leave lane, Brooklya. SINGLE TRUCK WANTED. ?A GOOD FOUR WHEEL ed Truck for one hnree, suitable fur heavy work, ?(cond hand, la wanted by the subscribers, who will pav % fair ?riee. Apply to or address GEO. S. 1'AQB A BRO., 139 [alden lane. fflO LKT-A PIKE BRICK STAJJLE AND CARRIAQK A house, for three months. 92 Bast Twenty-second at. TWO WAGONS FOR'BALE?ONE LIGHT ELLIPTIC spring shifting leather top and one light Dog Cart Wagon, to carry -fonr; back aeal to oloaa up. Apply at 98 Lauren abstract, near Spring. WANTED?A PAIR OP CARRIAGE HORRKfl, DAP pie grays, stylish, well broken, from 5 t? 7 yeara old. Vfoll matched, free from all blemish and warranted sound and kind. For such animals a liberal rrtcn will be paid. Addreao. slating where tne horses may be seen, hot 1,214 N. Y. 1'oat office. WILL ARRIVE. JUNE U, AT THR MRTROPOLITAN | stables, corner of Prince and Croaby atreet*. Maw Tork, a carload of choice carriage ant family atugle Hor-es. ' frein Livingston .cnintv. N Y , all bay-, with long msoea and tntls, excellent feet for the pavement, well shaped leg* and free from bunches. Among them are oge pair tlv# year* old gelding Horses. 16), hand* high, excal ent road stare, rangv and stvllab; one pair geldings. 16 hands high, d < ear* old. prompt drivers, and vary at li-h :'one pi I r Marea, 13 bands high, a lears old, thatloan trot very fast foroouti try horaaa: they era from fast trotting stock: on* sing* Home. Id hands high. A years old. rare handsome and stvlish. suitable for coupe. Inquire forAshloy. COPARTNEK6HIP. A LADY OP B081NK88 CAPACITY AND CAPITAL daslrea a partner tn join her In business Will H. H. answer? A. Z. B? Union square Post ONK OP THE PEW OPPORTUNITIES OP A LIFE Time.?An ? party who will invent >1,100 In a legitimate enterprise ran *ecuro at least $10,060 per annum; will re qu re no time on their plfk Address Washington, Sta tion a. PARTNER WANTED?WITH PROM $1. 200 TO $1,500. by a man who * overpowered with tbe painting bual ne*a. The applicant moot have axpe-lence In *hip chan dlery, as he will have lull charge o' thla department. Ap ply to WM. DUNN, 224 and 2Ti l^aehlngton Mark"!. N. T. Partnfr wanted?wirn a capital, of about POO. In a bualnes* already established. doing well. No agent* need apply. Address Machine, Herald oflloe. THE UNDERSIONED IIAVR this pay formkp a ropartnorahlp under the title of Keliay, D?mltt A Co, for th* niannfacinre of Americsn oaat *t*?l, at tlie work* knoK*u Eut Blier KtMl ao>ki. AINiin KKI.LFY HENRY R DI MILT. jam es i\ mora n, New York, Juno 2. 18S4. JOHN C. KELl.EY. WANTED?A BUSINESS MAN WITJl $15,000 ON SJO.OOO ca: I'al a? par'nar for th* manufacture of an ?mutually promafola atari* ivrtle!*; demand un trails I; ml* uth; process gacirad by latiera patent. Andres* C. P., drug atoro, S'.fi Allan at. WaNTED-A PARTNER, WTTH P'tOM SR.WK) TO $10.. 0 a to Inraet 'a 'bo wholesale Liquor hu*lne?i; largo trail" noiv oitabTlahed; or would take a *'tua"on w th a good bona* a* tmrrlltag aaeni. baa had e c! t year*' eiperl ?me, and thor usiilr uno?r?liind-i th--' uainoa*. The best reference g1r*u. A idceit M ,-floral-! olflca. A/tnn ?ANY ONE MAYINO THIS AMOUNT TO IN 5pl)L/y/? rr?t In a (lrai o'ma* Entertainment, whloh wl'l realoe a handsome p"oflt. can -beir-of a goal partner, a' ?arljr noil experienced In the tmalii' ia, und svho will ex Wane* reference* a* to raapaotabCltjr. Iiualneaa tact. A*, a man with tbl* amount eaa doub a ItaOaally In tbrao norths, aa cad ba pr-red la an latarrlaw. Addraaa Partner, Hurahl office. nnn TO TNYEfT IN A RTTRTNERS ALREADY Jlil.yUU established. A* the a<lv ;rtia-r It p-isted. It will h*'nael*a* 'or aav - net* imply whoaa atl'alr* art not in a an ind condition. A .Id rasa, with real name and addrea*, D. !>., box ISO Ilern'd oftc*. MVMOAIa A" iToTrfcRR IX THE ARMY, WHOSE TERM OK **r?-!oe liaa |uat e-p red. desires to resume h ? pro'ea iton aifvoaU :nu?lc teacher. In tba pubha anhonlg of New York, Bro k'rn. oranv other dtr Would not obj~i to en gage in th* doub ? cm; acitjr of rocal teach-r and mil -my ra ? irurtor ,n soma eoad--ri'T. Would ba wl! 'ng to enaeg-* aa er.-arilal or aa lcr of a church cbolr. AI?o a presenter l? the lUbbalh a< hool. Could In!'- *re.? a apb nlld quart* a of singer*, .md can bring to tnv utii Hon a 'n-nabl* o-tierlenr* of i*e'va jr?>ir? hi th* profession of music. Addtre* YocaI Inairucior. Pnwe.a' He:el, New York city. ARTLRNDID REVRN OOTAVf? HA/ELTON l"\NO lorte at a are it ha-gfln; coat StOO, will ba ? o d at a great iAcliftco rot cwah If eallad for won. To be seen . t /4J Brea-lwaS, up (Ltka, opposite Allor place. ? N. P. D. CUR1IR9. MUSI0.-IN STRUCT! ON ON THE PIANO, AT ?J p.-r month, with prlTttege or dally rracll a, at ?11 Waih-ngtou atrcal, tear Bank, or at 2QJ Thirty ' tth enact, third door neat of 3hveruli atenoe, VTKW PIANO MUSIO.-SUNLIOUT WITHIN aY IN Heart, a g*.ii of m?oc Faust March "I I.nsaThat Dear Old flat! th* B0?t." ? fha bold rr'a flap;? Krrnrn " Va surk*. each .lOornla Itirelil r M"*'e H--e? - I aleit pnpu lar muete for .rl-i!ln, Bltta >.r ear cat. *lr ?P*i ?> March, "I-In can's Waka,'' "Ion*," "1 he List l>ay? o PotnpO'l'* Alurn'r-r Pol'ta. RlnaAaity, "Lanalgan a Mall,''"No Irt'h N**d Apply." Ac. I'ric* i Noa I", rent*; ft different Koa M noma Mualel in*' Oitinlbua ? 700 t ine* for \dn In. 'lute or corn*!, fl. Comptat* OmadV'A?A ro?*l<-al llhrar-a' I,BOS tuna . f?. New Canoertlna Ilook^?rnll lootrmtloi and oyer Sa' If'iea, W) eonm. Nrw Accirleon tad f'lutlna B..olr?Inetineima and nag' 200 tune*, tiilcent*. Any muala or I teoh mo'l" I t?e?T?id Vualcai Inalr mcnt? Rrarr do acrtphon. " prion ll?t **nt on receipt of a amp. rKKDKJHCK BLUMK. 20H HowerT. N. ?. PIANO INSTRUCT"-!!*?SI FOR ETUBT I.ERRONS? An aoiomplMlhad lady tn**'.i?r b*" a rarancy for a *>? more ptil Attended at their r**cenpe< atf omftlftto par quorwr. ai ppatlU Wa?l Taraaty al|litb (tract, ?ear Reran th a?*una. SEVERAL BOY8, NOT OYER EI FT "EN iRARROE me a ? w inted for Trip ?. aholr P i Itirriv -io apph ra-on entarta n d uniaa* ac an ?npon'od win . o**,p*rl One* in mi* a. Halarlea fr>in V" to ftd-l nar an* in. ,ta* cor I ng to pro la n-ics-. Addraaa Triuiijr, Herald offld*. gly log nam*, laardam o. Ao CIONONa ELIZA YALB.NTINt I'AR a V * t.H-PRO k" | ? or in fl ? s ng and the Piano te.i ? i aa at h r pru at* r*a il so* IS W- t Kig tenth Ifi-nt. bo ve*o Fifth ?n.| H xtil aranuaa, where an* man ba arm e*tr ..?? fraot I ti | ? o'clock. 1 nit NEW AND AROUND H\N> rtaN'dB MRt/>. I'M" Icon* Ai?tani e ud l' Ccnat Onttnt to lot ill rent allow* i.w p tre i ee l, v iiy ft%y?n*Mi* raaotN*<t for th* is ??. ?':'i d'l.ii'l I'll' a ?' ?? > nt.l.i* orcKh; ?riae from to i ?>' Row er "i t?a"ac* riattoc at ?'??.$ aod A.'O1. h" "? ah eo i/fjiMi.c a Utlte toiled, at Ic. par p.iy*. UCRACM WAfMUS. til Broadway. J 1 STOu2JH71'!^* 1?. LIVERPOOL, TOtJOBWd IV MVirKnH,dCn"v;oj, :nrw" *? CITY or WA8lllNOT(,y . inni 23l CITY OK MANCHESTER, J J? A And ovary succeeding g*tur<U,.?t no ,u, from pier 44, J BATHS OF PAHSAOl _ r*7*0'j In gold. or in rq , val.nt In eur FIRST CABIN $?i Stkbrauk. Do. to London 86 Da in London""* Do. to Pari* 96 Do. to Pan, Do. to Hamburg..... 90 Do. to Hamburg".*. ?/ Pannturi also for adkprte I to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp ie., nt equally low rate*. Krom Liverpool or Queenetowu:? Flrel Cab n. $75, ML SUA Ptcerage, $36. Tnoeo w bo wl h to lend lor their frleudacaa buy tickets hero ot three rate*. Tneae steamers hare suoertor arcnmmodatlnne for paa winger*, are strongly liutlt In water tight Iron aeotlon* and carry patent fire anulhilalora. Biperienoed aurgoona are at tached b> each s'eainer For further Information apply In Liverpool to WILLIAM INMAN. Agent, 22 Water street; In Utaegow to ALKX. MAl.OOLM. No. 5 St. Knoch square; In Ouoenalown to<\ A W. D KRYMOUK A CO ; In London to Rl YES A MAOBY, ft King W lllam street; n Par* to JULBN DBOOUH, 4$ Rue Notre Damedea Victories, Five tie la imurao; !? Phila delphia to JOUN Q. DALE, 111 Walnut atreet, or at tAo Company'a oflleee. JolIX G. DALE, Agent, 15 Broadway. M. T. TUP. LONDON AND NBW YORK BTR ABSHlP CO* piny wnl deapateli ??ral-mt>nthly tbnlr naw and first elaaa British Iron steamshlne CKLLA. BRLLONA. ATA I.AN I'A, IoWa. INDIANA and MANH *TTAI?, eaeh 8.909 ton* burthrn. between London and New York, calling at Havre nm the voyage from Leadon. Ratoe of passage. pin bio In Un'ted Status currency:?Frpm New York. Pi rot Oa bin $W; Heeend Cobln, $?n; We-rfte. Mb. from 1-onden or Havre Flrat Cabin, $inO For nasssge apply to CHA3. A. WIIITNKY. at No 2d Broad war. For freight apply at M South itreot. Advaneee made on tnerrhindlie eenilgoad to the London agent* ROWLAND A A3PIHWALL. Agent*. STEAM FEOM AND TO QUF.KNSTOWN AND LITEM* POOL CDNARI) LTNR. From New York, $15 currency; to New York, $85 gold, OF equivalent In currencv. OLYMRrg .alia June 22. BIDON, July 0. Fov paiaaro applv to WILLIAMS A OP ION. 20 Broadway. Royal mail steamship aiktralasian, row Liverpool?The AU8TKALa8IaN, T Cook, com mander. will nAll from the stream ntt Wednesday noit. the 16th ln<t. A ateamboat will ply between the company'! wharf, at Jersey Oily, and the aURTR A LASIAN from U) to 11 A. M.t to convey passengers and baggage , n bmrd None but passengers oan he taken on hoard. The BCOTIA Will sail on the 2oth Inst . CUNARD No 4 Bowling Green. TIIB HAMBPRO AMERICAN PA CURT COMPANY'S IRON MAIL BTliAJLSHlPH. Fro in Soutliamnlon. From New York. StXONIA May .1l, JH' d June 26, IMA BAVARIA June 14, HUM July 9, 1864 GKHMANIA June PS, ISIM July 23 ISM BOR08BIA Julv 2. 1?'"4 Aug. fi. JSC* From Hamburg pier, foot of Third itreet. HoSoken, taking pa-oen'ger for Hamburg flavre, London and Southampton at the following rates:?Pirat cabin. $106; aeoond- cabin. $62 62; moorage. $17 60. ravahle In gold or US equivalent. For freight apply to KPNHARDT A CO.. 45 Kichango pi ACQ* ' For passage apply to 0. B. RICHARD M BOAS, Ml Broadway. British and American htbam nayigatio* company. BTBAM TO LOND'Ml DIRECT. The flrstlclam Iron iteonnhlp NRW YORK will aaU Jaaa 9. Faaaago payable In eurrenoy. Steerage S4S FaaaengerH forwarded to Havre, Parti and German porta, at very low rata*. Appirto WILCTAMS A GCION. ? Broadway. STEAMERS TO FRANCE DIRECT.?THE GENERAL Transatlantic Company'* new I ne of flrat el ass aide wheel steamships, between New York and Havre The flrat five splendid vakeels Intended to be put upon Ihla favorite route for the Cdbttnent are the following;? WABHINOTON S.2D4 lona WO bora* power LAFAYETTE 8.2<M tons WO horae power EUGENIE Afloat 900 horse power FRANCE Building?:..'..... #00 hnrie newer NAPOLRON III Building 1.100 horae pOWMI Until Ute oompletlan of the entire Hit the departure will be monthly, beginning with the WABHINOTON, Captain A. DUCHE8NB from Havre to New York, 14th June; from New York to Huvra. 6 July. ... . Rates of passage money. Including table wlae:? raon havrc to nrw tour. Flrat as bin 7H0 fir. Seoond cabhk AS Al From waw von* to Hivaa. ___ Plrat oabfn .T. $186 Beonnd oabla $70 or 989 Payable in gold or Ita equivalent In United 8taiaa ourreaay. Medical atiendanoe free of charge. For freight or passage applv to GEO. MACKENZIE, Agent, Na 7 Broadway. THB NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP BREMEN. 0. Merer, commander, carrying thaITnlted. Plate* mail, frill sail from the Bremen pier, root of TnM street, Hoboken, on _ ? feATURDAT, JUNE IS, At 13 O'CLOCK M., for _ BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON. Lo!?R5^HAVRB, SOUTHAMPTON AND BRRMMN, st the following rules, parable In gold or Us eqnlrelent la CUFor"?ho Itrst enbln, $108; second oabln,-$81 BO; alcornce. *SThe>BRRMRN will be followed by the HANSA, Jolj $. For freighter , CQ.,M Bred ,treet National steam navigation dopant~ TO QUEBNBTOWN AND LIVERPOOL. Csbln, $120; steerage. $38?parable In currency. VIRGINIA calls Saturday. June 18. . PENNSYLVANIA aalle Hamrdny, Julr 1 For passage g amoN> ? Broedw.,. For California via panama. A $r?t clan* steamer will leave New York on the 3d, ISth and 23d of each month, except when the*? dates fall on Sun day, when the day of departare will boon the Monday fot Fer freight or pcemga apply at the only odloe. No. 8 Bowl ing Green? ^ * D. B ALLEN. Agent Ma ROBERTS' LINE TO , Ian fkancisco, via Panama Ibe eteem h'p ILLINOIS OR GOLD * RULE. . 8ATURDAY. JUNE 2ft. at noon, from pier 19 North rive*, foot of vVarren street. For Ml* sage epo'v at th? olPe, 177 West, oornor of Warren street, to D. N. CAKKINOTON. FOK-NKW ORLEANS DIRECT-THE UNITBf) ST ATM ?nail rteawshlp ORORGK WASH INOTOK, Captain S. V. Gagor. will l*a?e pier .No. 9 North r rer. ou aturdar. Jnnetk, atSP M Pa"?**e ttrst n'aaa. $d'l. For fieight or passage apply to, II. I). CUOMWKLL A CO.. 88 ITeal *L FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The United Stater mall steamship YAZOO, Geo W. Ooueh commander. wIE leave pier 13 North river for New Orleans direct, eat W-dnesdty. June 13, at 3 o clock I*. M pre,: sely. No frelgat received or bllla of lading slgued on Ibe day ?( selling For freight or laasage apply to iX'DLAM, 11B1NBKBN A CO., lift Broadway. F OR LIVERPOOL.?OLD BLACK BALL LINK, THM ?hip NEPTUNE will rail punctoall,? on Thursday, J tine 11 For parxafe In first or went, I cnbln apply on board foot of Heakinaii Street, or to ItOCUK, it ROT H E R? A COFFEY. C9 South atrcet. btOR LI VERPOuL.?T<tP3COTTS LINE. till p A N I' A It '"TIC rails V ndar. June 13. BhluROOhR A. IIKIltN sa I June 18. IOR LONDON ?X DINK. Ship DANIEL WKHSTKIt well Monday, .tune 18. For paeaage to ur Irnm the Old Country or dra ts at the lowest possible rate, apply to TAPSCOTT BRUTIIEI18 A CO., 88 Booth ?treat. IDOR LIVERPOOL. ? PACEKTKII IP UNIVERSE KAILS " Tuesday morning; the BP.LLP. W "OO on the 21st yuqa. For Ig?nd"n. tne PATRICK H I NKY on t .e II,I June For passage apply to WILLI A MS A CUION. 40 Futli n atreeL CtEAMSHIP EDINHURO WILL COMMENCE TO UN to load, under general order, at per 44 North river, on Monday morning, at 7 o clock. Goods not remit' ed tx llhin t'.vrfity.four hours will he atoed lit eona *ne. *' risk an t ax pens*. JOHN G. DA LB. Agent, 18 Breast way. WltAI BMsRK 4' t-UlnloT^ ^ HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD.?TRAINS FOR Ak. banv Troy, the North and West, leave Chamber* streak at 7 and 10 A. M. ansl g. ti and I >.4J P. M., and oo Sundays at 8.22 P. SI., from Thirtieth street. NEW YORK, HARLEM AND ALRaN? RiILKOAD? F'* Alb or, Troy, Nonh and West, leave Twenty sixth str-et depot at IU A. SI. and 8 P. M. Sunday train at 8 P. M. rpo OONKY ISLAND BY ljr?AM A The itrookiyn, and Coney I* and Pa lined I* noar open for through travel. Care wl I run u ith i .riher notice St Interval* Ol Ota heir. hpe.n.. I train- a* required The Brat trn n fiorn the aruokiyn ileput ton T Irly - ?> , sir-at, near Fifth avenue) la w** 8 x M , *nd In* est Iraki 8 F. M Tb* li -t train from dene* li'mul leav * 7 to a M , ami the teat 7 !') I* . M A c*.-"? to die tiuood consents w th tb>> route- thirty f. ? nutee from lirernwood to Coney taiand Inolndlng In tanned ate st ppwgea MORNING iiOAT PO!t A I.R A s T ?d IIA N O E f)F PI KID ? I'he DANIEL DREW. Captain Jot n I . Term, n. will, on and after It odneoday May 4 le . from l(e?u' .?? ureet at 7 A. M., a -ppm.' f ir i as*-* -?r* *i Ilurt *th ?n-el, on Mond*)!* W*.* and Fi lot; lanrt'll - at W. st Pome, Newourg, pong **i-?>e R ii?b*.h, CsUaifi *;i<i H idsnu On >al afi r Tue* 'ay, H i, I", the a HMP.Nf A wdl run on alt-mate dav* wiin ore iiitEW form- r< * fnlly In e. Ticket* mid en board and bag-ste cheaSed to points Weatan'l North. ________ AfOllNINO UVK FOR PR 'KSK ILL. ? I'll AURORA ill i-?t a f > *t eet p i* daily wentf ? ? tlnu) i?i, * at Th'r< ? th ? ret '. Ytti-ar-. I aetlnga !?-?' b Per /, by. ark. s. ii S ng ll?vi-? i v, II- nay rt lot and Verp .- i-h'*, Le?v*? Peek avilie *t I'3D P. M OUNOA 1 SOAP FOR W.'.Kf Pft'VT a.ND NRI7 . So? t' l,*ad ngat Tnlrtl-tli atr*-i loiser-, II *un.-, n.i ,u ? F*rry. Tarrvtown, K fig ?, do . a , o< and (??>?..wall Kteamer HROAfiW \ Y wi' Fa'rt|lu e t <n J.xy street avrry dt.Dd** mo u ig at 7 o'. lot CUNOat ho \t por WKNf rofnc pn vi. wp' rg, ir* ISO lint atThl ttrlh *ir*?t V-i> . n h1 Perry Sin ! ?id<. II xverati aw dn.i--.Min- >, n .? i . rr wall, lb* new Rteaiu u at I HOM AS 1 Ol.l.Y KK w!| le?r? Jay s'reet p er ev*ry Sunday morning at 7 n elq *; Thlit ott? street, o do k /10NHT ISLAND FKRRT.-TIIE NRGUI.AR rRfl'S \ ' ef th'a ferry wltl be rwmmeee* | < rt',* etwut en Wad nee lay. I6IU ln*t. by ? team boa I a a I Mil O.N. KXCUHSloV^ A yr*uttpi'L N? tv rtioR por nWuiuii' n.?.? Th.' HARVEST HOME ml He KHIMtU. ?'M ; lleambuala wlin -aio-to*. Alaoe' It nit'i '?* ' P.?S a nt ' iiliar aruvaa. Rvjraloii utile-, ' >V ?i t.?r.?r af Barrow. H. B. ChOimBTT. KXPHF.S W. BirRNHAM'S KUKNirUR ? <I'H,SS * " Hill Ad 8 Fi?rni4??r<$ Ktnr ?1 i?" ? <1fr '* ' ' v' J** hoHintii i p?"? '?? il?( i??'!? ??? J '' 'betwe,',, v;..h'aV;,? at co uea I3.UAHI AND TOBACCO. CFA.flSII KI lllto s S TO HJ l> NhilsK,- -A'M Dl) r> ? I. w-'nnn 8-*' ?" p'r r"" ? '-'t tr?l>ea, Oar* a. Figaro nod M -on I 4*<> * ehd t^tf Tu iar.a? <or *?? xB ? to. a l!ii> Aater atreoi. nfifi - : * ?* for Sxt.E tf niK np^ I) MUllJU v..r, x?,.f t,.ae. rtimnertt arnat i $5 to $/u per 1.11-I. Pariuw buying or w'liuig B-jtjr* wait to veil at this agency. J. W. CARLB. Ut*.

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