Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1864 Page 6
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAMBS MOR DOS BBRHITA UXIOtt AND rSOPBlKIOA ?>mcs n. v. coMm or felto* 4K??i?ir?rt. %?!???* 103 AMU&kMKMTai TO SORROW SVIKIRO. ? IBLO'B OARDBM. Broad war.-Bat. DmaOEia. WALLACE'S THEATRE. lrt*d?r?r.-CWT*l* Biaed WIWTWR GARDEN. Broadway.-FaA DtAvelO?Teatce Manaino. OLYMPIC TIJBATRB. Bk>bAwaj. ?A die. NEW BOWERY 1IIRATKE. Bowerr -^'e Hie Hoti?JsiijF~Allii A Will Trim Hm Oct. FOWKRY THEATRE. Bowery.-Rote Oaklet- MaoiC fcllli.l - 8BUV..M.. LLC AIT. BROADWAY Til BATHE. AM BroaAway.?OCE A EE HI CAS Cooaie AT NOSH. DABNUM'S Ml >RI M. BiOAdway.?Two OlAETS. TWO In. AM.? Ai-aiMoa. What 1* It. AO.. HI all hour*. Aumau Cum HA?UUVll A? 1KI f*A.i-Ai Anna ifc f. IL PBTANTH' MINSrBBLS. Meohsaica' Halt. ATS Broad. *H.- hm oh?i bu.MJA Daeces, BchueSmuas. Ac.? Tiicae Mtiii aa WOOD-B MINSTREL II ALL, BU Broad war.-Bteiopue l, Din Bon<,s, DIm-k*. Ac- ?'"a I'e tlaxwd Wist MmoiASi. AMERICAN TIIBATRB. N<x AM Rreadwav Ballet*. I'ami-num. in ki rsiii i j, Ac.?smiths A UbOWMs BALLS D1ABOLIQ0R. BB5 Broadway.?Roiehi Bali.BE IKYINU HALL, Irving place.? SraatomcoN. Tlf LM AN'B ACADKMT or XC6IC, no Broadway.? boaaaiAH oikl?Oi.p Folk*. NFW Tons MCBBOM or ANATOMT. ?S Broadway.? C riJiMT.i i, ami Lcciiau. from 8 a. X. Ull 10 P. M BOQLRffl OPRfti HOUSE. Brooklya.? Kteioina* f (iiu, Dances, Bum* qrw, Ac. How York, Saaday, Jam IS, 1804. THE SITUATIOM. Mr. Stan ton'h bulletin of yeetordiy afternoon embraces t complete nerwmr of the war news from every quarter tp to latest account*. As far aa the army of General <> Brant is c there are oo movements whatever to Import. The newe, however, by our Washington dee patches last night would indicate the Intention to chunge the but or Grant'* operations. No Buppliee, except thoee Immediately needed by the army and the neces sary forage, arc being landed at White Rone*. The rail road track. whtcb bad been completed to within e few miles of tbe onmy b; the labor of seven hundred men, has been taken up. and the rails end ties brought bach to WhUa Houm and placed on barges. General Boiler made a demonstration en Petersburg on Friday, but although Grueral Kautz, with his cavalry, actually erte-ed the town, lie was compelled to withdraw without errectieg any purpose, aaoept the capture of forty prisoners and one gun, in pgptuence of the failure of Generai Gtllmore to support hBK Tbe accounts of this movement by our special correspondents are very full and interesting. From General Sherman's department we ere informed thai oe Thursday bis cavalry had come up with Johnston's foroes lo a line of hit's between Kenesaw and Lost Moun tain. No battle is yet reported. More )D's raid Into Kentucky does Dot seem to promise m - oh fruit foi tbe rebels. Gen. Burbrldge has pursued him so ci'-ae'y that he is qr.:te iikaly to retire frem the 6 ale after doing as much mischief as he could?burning the town of Cyuthiana, and, for a brief time at'feaat, ?c cupying FTankfhrt. Our co respondents w th Gen. Hunter's army during the lair brilliant operwions in tbe Shcnsndoal. valley give a ipleo Ud account, m aujlher column, of tbe whete dcuttf of that movement, together wit. a a map of the a cue of battle. The ccmirpot* cf the Fonlbern Inornate open the movements trauupiring !o different quarters are inte r atlng, ahd In t-ra In.rnccos Amusing. These pa; ere leam k> rt^tard > vlhlng In the light of a rebel succ ???. I rorral (irtit '.fir. fb (New Vork ex-Sireel Com rai-siotit :?) r." ir j boon rclns'sted, afler e ceu ItderuMe retlr r . from ibe army, owing te a perioral quarrel with Jell rson Davis. He is now appointed to the command of the rebel forces In Georgia. CON GE ESS. 'o the Pcnate yesterday, a bill to amend tba Peasloo law* so as to cover the case of tbe widows aod children i or tbe oolorvd roMlere maaaicred at Fort Pillow, was re p ?ted by the Committee on CUimi. A bill relative to th? Coite<l Su'es Circuit CourU was introduced end re f -red. Mr. lane,or Kansas.orvred an additional eeetion tj bw Joint resolution respecting the recognition of tbe new Stale or Arvaitas. It pr vide1 tliat tbe joint rosole t r. shall be In force from and efter tbe ecce.itaroe ? its provision* by the peo-il* of Arkansas ssd the proelMiatiea of tbs same by tiie Pre'.ldrr.l TT e t> II providing fcr the aettlement of tbe Miranda lac t claim in California was further discussed, bot no action tCkrn en it. Tbe Pre-'.dect was requested to fnrubb copies of all correspondence and other papers relating to t>.e organization of tbs new government In Arkansas, the Indian Appropriation bill was passed, an] r?*e bnck to the noose ror concurrr ica on tbe arnniimti.U. Tbe Army Ap; ropriitton bill was passed Identloally as re ceived from the House, tbe sertioa r lvtlvu to tbe retfo ? -live i?ey of colored troops being left to the decUlon of ?be Attorney Gereril. Tlie Senate then Adjourned. In tbe nouee cf Representetlree tbe finale Bended Wamboase bill was reported from tbe Ways and Menu Coa-mlitee and paeeed. Tuts bill eitends ant I the 1st of F? torn her tbe time In which gro?la may bo withdraw front bond d warehouses and public stores for bome oon a motion A joint resolution for a tlnr.l adjournment on Thursday, tbe 25d io?t., was adopted. A report was net-milted from the Judiciary Committee as to the man ner in which the bill providing fee tbe collection of abandoned pri;e'ty and tbe prevention of frauds In In eurrectloiiary districts, approved Mo-oh 12,1843, because a law. tbe ec.nmr.tce art nnacituocs in tbe opinion that, owing to tbe bill not revOlrlog tbe Frrsl cten.'s Slgr.itoio until several days after tbe adjournment of (encrevs tbe set bad no elect end t? r l 'n fores, tbe B nkrupt bill was sgaln bi ought tip uo a m uion to reoo?el<ier the vote by which It was recently Uld on tbe telle, and farther en It waa p wf|K?ed until the ??coml Tuesday in IieooKber next. A resolcti o waa edited allowing mUeage and pay to Messrs. I "rice end jut, o.' Missouri, vrbo cr.euooewefdllf conteaied the easts of Messrs. McClnrg and King, and Mr. Mrfloary, of Ketmickr, w ho onsoe- e??fu;l) contested tlie evat of tlr. Totttntn. The consideration of tbo contest between Mo?*r*. T id sod Jayuo for tbo r ; rMCDUt'.on of tie Te-ntory o r altota was again resumed. a:.i, after s g-ni d -a! .1t? k and ?ari< oilbrts to adjourn, ? was fit.ellv voted that Mr. Tod Is entlt'od to tb? seat, aod thai Mr Jajne is not. Mr. Tod was then sworn in, sod tbe House adjosened. KTrCTXLAlEOM FEW#. Tbe steam tr.o'port, Con stilt. Hon, Capt. Greermag, arrived at this ; t last night, from New Orleans, 4ib Inst, h .s brtiipa as m as. Mary Will i t w,.? i .~nt r.p for examination be To** Fnii-d ri-ietmm ? slower o*b -roe yesterday, wi charger. passingoouuteifpt f.riy or t itamps tipon a c'iOilier of *b " k. eperr !o Clxtb ivripje. Tba accrued wss eo.vmlt > d to awsu tbo actio? tf tbe (Iran i Jury Toe r 'rr?r,' nt in tbs salvage iuit-liatrilton F. Towle y* the steeuisbip Great Easlern?*atn? iff io the rnitcd Ptats* " mtri i ("curt ' ''ore Judge ! !. potan y vet Trigg. Oeorg# in k r ( i.rt ? B 'timed up tbe care o uic p?rl c! the eJal.nar.t. fbe argument for tlie Stenmeb powner* will be heard oo retard..y next, el ten o'clock a. II., to wbtob t me the 1.earing wae adlouroed. Much 'meter; is felt In the res. it o' this ease. The fell <rt gold ui settled tt.aa market for betb f- rr , n nsd dntn atle fnere.ban.i ee on Fat'.rdsy, sn<l busmen* waa oon'equeotly mwb rreirtcled, nevertheleea in ? # c .mmeditien ? m >der te trade waa < oneammated. 1 etro |e m w I qiitet, but holders were firm as a general lb "i, nod tbe aalee were at full prke*. t otton was eaelled and Mill aighe. On change lb< >e was no decided change in #?ur "t wheat, though at Hw < re ibe market waede weak, with so buyers at tbe extreme pi tees cur. real darteir tba rUr port af IN day. C*rm aad aUa v?r* dapraaaad aad lover. tT> aiatuva war* |r?, vtik a brM aaovetera t la b.e' aad pork. Wbtteey oaa auM ?relcfetp dell aod daprented. Gnwrlrs vara lovaralljr quiet, aad vUbautdecid debaoge la rUue. The Kiwi trow Oar Araitae. Secretary Stanton reports "no movements of importance'' is the Army of the Potomac. So quiet do affaire appear to be in front of the rebel ca; ilal that ono of the Richmond papers, aa copied in another column, double the existence of Grant's army, and lndulgei in a glorifloation over the fact that there Is no siege. Our latest prer'oua advices from that quarter, by way of the Riohmond papers, were to the effect that Grant was in full retreat on Monday last. Meanwhile we await with the utmost confidence the next news from General Grant General Sherman has found Johnston's run away army posted on t line of hills running from a point on the railroad ten miles north of Marietta, southwest to Lost Mountain. As find ing Johnston's army is Sherman's principal difficulty, wjs may soon expect good news from Georgia. General Burbrldge's report of operations against Morgan in Kentucky shews that there is but little chance for the raider to do any great harm. Morgan's raid was doubtless part of the plan to destroy or disturb Sherman's communications; but, as the plan proved a failure, Morgan turned his attention to the con genial business ot general'robbery. But, with a general at his heels of suqh uutiring activity as General Burhridge app<*ar? to be, the whole rebol movement will amount to very little. In our operations on the James river It appears again that "some one has hiunderfed." An expedition that apparently had for its object the capture of Petersburg has ended in a fail ure, though the city was actually in possession of our forces. General Kwitz charged into the town, but, not being supported by General Gillmore, was compelled to withdraw. The reader will find in anothor column a full report- of General Hunter's success at Staunton, from our correspondent In Western Virginia, together with an accurate map of the scene of the battle. _ The Aggressions of European Powers on Till* Continent. France and Spa'n, In fulfilment of Napo leon's scheme for the advancement of the Latin race and the consequent check of the power and influence of the American republic*hare undertaken a series of filibustering experi ments upou this continent. Spain be/au by the capture, or attempted capture. oT St. Do mingo. Wc say attempted, because, after throe years and more of fighting, the people of St. Domingo are still unsubdued. France followed the example by invading Mexico; and though she has spent lives and treasure reck lessly, the people are determined to resist to the last, and tho French annle? have still hard work before them ero they can claim Mexico as theirs. Tbey may send there a puppet mon arch, may erect s throne for him. and, by a formidable display of foice, preserve a capital for him; but as long as thousands upon thousands of the Mexican people are in armed resistance to the invader the task of France will be an irksome and profitless one. and her filibustering scheme be incomplete and unauo i cewful. , Spain, to follow up the programme, which to all appearances involves the theft of all the lesser republics of Central and South America, has violently ae'znd upon the Chineha Islands, and trumped np claims against Peru as an excu?e for this high Lauded outrage. The result will doubtless astonish Spain, and be a warning to the prime mover in all this. Napo leon III. The peoplo of Peru have arisen e>? masse against Spa'n. One hundred thousand men have volunteered to serve In the army; thousands of dollars have been subscribed by the people to carry on a war; they are building iron-clad*, and evince a determination to fight to the las', that the honor ot the government may be vindicated and upheld. But more important than all ibis is the fact that Chile and Bolivia have espoused the ca i?e of Peru and rushed to her a'd. The Chilean squadr00 has been ordered to Pomvian waters?In fuel, the whole western of South America is In a blase of waillke excite ment aralnst Spain and France. The consuls of the.-e hated Powers have been insulted by the excited people, ancl it is evident that war is now tho universal desire ot the republics, who feel tbut a blow is aimed at their existence by tho crasping European Powers they so detest. When Napoleon ahull hear of the vast excite ment of the people of South America, of tbeir enthu?ia?m and thplr warlike prepara tions. he will renl'ze that it is s dangerous mat tor to attempt the foundation of colonies on this side of the Atlantic. He wlil appreciate that one result of a republican form of govern ment is to set the people against the inroads of foreign monarchy and to muke fbem prefer even the most unstable republic to bit ter and unreleuling dospotirm. He will un derstand that hi* unprincipled scheme of a wholesale robbery of Southen and Central Americana* well as Mexloo, bu involved him self and Spain, his ally la the andsciott* pro ceedings. in what promises to be a most disas trous defeat. Il mu?t not be sapffostd that the people ot lh;a country will tamely submit to the violation of the Monroe doctrine, ar.d that at the proper time tbey will not ignoininlou?ly expel the invader* of Mexico from this contl nenL The moment we have crushed the rebel | lion?and that is near at hand?we shall tnrn I our attention to this aiclter; nnd shall be ? prepared to do so most effect!rely. With a | powerful army and an immense fleet at our disposal, we shall not defer to Fiance then, 1 but moil probably, with Grant at the bead of affairs, m?ve directly upon tbe enemy, nnl pnoish summarily tbeir Insolent intrusion upon this continent. As for South America, it can, from appenrances, take care of iUelf, and Spain will doubtless recoive there the lesson she so richly deserves. The Powers of Europe will be taught that intrusion upon this son! I aent I* dangerous, in fact impossible. Fatal Acopknts on Ofr Ratt-wats and FrrAMBOiTS.?The disaster which baa just oc curred to the Berkshire should warn public agon Is aga'nst all negligence or undue atten* , tion to the safety of those who travel. In j 1 '*so day* of battle and strife inch fearful accidents pass by without tbe notice they should attract. It is, however, the bounden duly of all concerned on boats or cars to use the utmost cafe in avoiding accidents, v d we hope that the terrible lesson tl ey iave juat been taught will profit them, and that ?edoubled cure will Me taken to avoid any re jur rraoe of t?cli painful events, PcmIAmI LlMtla BBd HI. lBbllMt-lM I Ea4l?ali AlUr Him*. The platform of the Baltimore Ooorootloo? 1 the work of the radical*?toll* Abraham Lin coln that his Cabinet is a poor, yea, a eery poor, concern, and needs a considerable amount of patching, and that ho cannot too soon, proceed to this wholesome work o> reconstruction. The official heads demanded by the radicals are those of Mr. Seward, Seoretary of Slate; Mr. Montgomery"' Blair, of Maryland, Post master General; Mr. Bates, of Missouri, Attor ney General, and, last and least, Mr. Welles, of the Nary Department, or old Grandfather Kip Van Winkle Welles, as be is sometimes called. Mr. Seward, as Secretary or 8tate, hoe been an extremely obnoxious character to the Chase school of radicals from the beginning. He has been such n trimmer on tbs slavery question, such n temporizer with secosslon, such n cring ing apologist and submisslonlst to England and France in reference to our foreign relations, that it is hardly a matter for astonishment that the Chase radical# should deterraluc among themselves to exterminate him. His unpardon able offences, however, are to be found in his political intrigues with such party thimble ? riggers as Tbnrlow Weed, whereby Mr. Seward, in finding himself outflanked tor the succession by Secretary Chase, went over to the camp of Old Abe, and thus completely outflanked bis ambitious financial chief clerk and his disappointed retainers. Next to these offences or Mr. Seward In their gravity is his very serious oflfaoce of having played the Igno i Me part of a flunkey to Louis Napoleou on the Mexican question. The Baltimore Convention resolutions. In reaffirming the Monroe doctrine, dotnand the removal of Mr. Seward, and before long he will probably have to coma under the guillotiue. As for Postmaster General Blair, and M^jor General Blair, and the old man of all, Lieuten ant General Blair, In assuming to take into their own especial charge and keeping Old Abe. his administration, the war, the neg^o question, the division of the spoils, the Slate of Missouri, the Stale of Maryland, and the Presidential I succession in the bargain, they were cutting it entirely too fat,(and they have, or very soon will have, their reward. They have domineered it over Old Abe to his heart'? content, until he had become afraid of them; and he really ooght to be thankful that the Baltimore Con vention has come to bis relief, in not only advising him, bnt in peieniptorily instructing him, to turn adrift all the Bhira?all this dog matical and dictatorial and consequential and outrageously presumptuous Blah family. Let it. tbea. be done, beginning with the Postmaster Geueral Blair and his t'me-eorving Misseurl m.?n. old Mr. Bates, and ending in the cut direct to the Talber of the tribe, the veteran belligerent Blair, of Silver Spring. But how is Grandfather Welles, entangled among these men of the Cabinet black list, marked for execution? We cannot exactly de fine; byt it is said that, as Mr. Welles was put into the Cabinet and is kept in by Vice Presi dent Hamlin, the Baltimore Conrsntion deter mined that Hamlin himself, for this offeuce, should bo east overboard. It is almost too raucb to hope for; but still, when this Inevita ble br<-nk up of Old Abe's Cabinet bet?kiB. It may uot end short of the rowova^pf ola Mr. Welles back toConnec'iout, wiltf WTomfortable j plum. Let the cnrta' saised, and let the play begin. Anything for a chancre in th e Ira beoiie and torpid administration. Let us hare a shaking up of its diy bones, and anything for a change. A SrwBi.x Jv.'omsh Cflsst'i.? Mr. Denis Dnnobue, English Consul at Buffalo, ha? addressed to a drafted man, who claims to be ao English "subject, a very sensible letter. The w'fe or the drafted individual wrote to the Con sul, demanding his assistance in obtsining the relea?e of her husband, who was held, pho asserted, merely because ba hid voted. The f'oumst states (hat he can do nothing in this case, a*, having once voted, the man has assumed the character of an American citizen. He ben forfaited all claim to the protection of the officers of the English crown In this country, and mu-t trnke up his mind to fulfil the obli gations he Is placed under by the mili'ary authorities, thus saving himself much suffering. The advice is good, and we hope that in all snch caees the conduct of Mr. Ponohue may be Imitated by her Br.tuuuk Majesty's servants in this country. Poncmrx Cabrtino Hktolvo*?8ev<sral instances have occurred lately where, by the too hnaly and to oonti derate use of tirearm*. members of tie police have irflicted great in juries upon unoffending Individuals. The po licemen should beware how they make use of their pistols. They should not he resorted to save in extreme ci*e*. AnaMmfnfi. rur. 9LYHTIC. Aladdin cow works imojlhly, sad tbt superb tceaary sod eodainw show to admirable advantage. Iho saaoa id which tb# genii fly away with tbo palace it of Itself worth it'lof lo cm. Hit. Wood and Ibo other actors m?k? ptooly or rut, tod lb* wh ?4e affair >a over by sb out loo odock Tbie ear:y closing feature It as excwieat Mr>. tiic PAvcxroHT siwrint. Tbeto ladtot five private aetnera every Avtnlag at Hit ton Hell. Tbe phea- mens wklvb I boy originate art eer tAtoly aaeat roarvAUooa. their wAadort product a much greater effect in tbo small mom at Hlntoa Bail Uaa to tbo largo area or ibo Cooptv Ititlt TtA. ta oaly a limited number of pererna are sdaiuod, lad let sad rentiemea eon make np private parties ao<: bar* lb* maul ?rutin* all to Iheiaaelve*. For a s immer eve 'n? e eru-rtaln tn?nt nothing wild bo mce ea>.yable, whether we ra> gard t at Spiritualism or togglery\ raroaera' Istqncafs. lira roBT er Man Kreu after a 'it lh? body of Mira Matilda K. King, daughter of 'b|.U n K ig. of lb# brts Maria, who wia'drewned la the d <k at p er 28 ft*?! river no the 3d luataat, aa previously reported to (be Ptime, was found Soetiog d iwn tlit bay, aho it half a mile below floverner'a If laid. The b '?j we* brought up to the city, and 'foro ner Wlldey beld an Icqneat on it. The jury rendered a verdict of "AoeMtcnUl,dr<>wntoc *' Deceased was fourteen yearn or ar*. a a ittra of Lfoeoa, Mata , and lived with b#r rsrv^ta to WIlMamtburg. Fatal Itc 0*ra CaacAarr,?Coroner WfMey yester day ba d aa Inquest at No.2j< Albany street, oa tbo body off:.- ?rae Haloeler ? l.ttle b y .Ire j-eara of.sge, who died flretn the effect of If irtee feel-, rd by being run orer by * patr of b- rsee atls hod to a trick driven hy TV-mas Oetifdr. It appear ng to the wt'itfacllnn of the lory ibst the occurrence ws? srridr.taj, tbey accordingly rendered a verdict to Ibat affect. I'tans rsoa ffuamaams.wibouai Belli ford, thirty flee years f age and a native of Ireland, died eeddealy at b s reetdecoe, 26 Mest street, from sulb>catloa, a j 'r?e of most having lodged la bis tbroel while eetlag h,? dinrcr. ssd causing death before It ronld be removed. O cower llacuey bsld an inquest on the body. AC imrrrai Dnoeeino.?ferooer tollm held aa Inquest rn the body of Joseph A. Quick, a boy thirteen yeara of age, who ess drowned yesterday morning byJalling ovrrbcard frem a sloop lymc ?l the foot ot MontRnmsrv atroet, Dart river A verdii t ot ?-Acidental drowning" was repdeicd by the jury. I* eased lived at I Ox (.'rand street, WIIIUaartiarg, whither hla remains were token lor burial. Fatal Aoctpwt to a Casua*.?A ear man, named Jiaws tela, em;d?yed by Messrs. ,'ac??oo At ISnrnett, 801 Oeetre street, lell from hie carl yesterday snd wee run over by tbo vehicle, lie whs lakes up end removed to the New V- fk llctpttol, where be died soon after admlsehxi. The aceideut ici'irH >e the corn ?r t.f fan at and Centra streets. An toaaont will be held <* the bedr to-day. TNI FIGHT AT COLUMBIA, ARIL Game, JuM 11. UH By tte arrival af IkuMMr liberty fur iter NmH at ite te>m Mar Oataaebta, Art The r* beta ftceaa engaged were auuMi at thraa ttea aa 4, aed they M MN artltevy. (iiMrti tteita luteal ite lib, ate task a# Mi Maa ef marok awly Mite aMrataf.aater a teavftaM, lalte dtrectloa la (tea Ctew. Ah at a Ma o'clock his te rasas Mai l?a ragteaaM aI ite mtmr atroagty poeted ugoa Ite opr?te teak of th* bayou e?a(Hying into ths taks, ate opaate tra aa ibaM fraaa two guaa, ertea iter Ml Mok la ttelr eeaood pool Use oa ite hayoa, isarlag aa opaa haM bilagM Ite l?s lleaa. Our Bra was reepooded to bp ths eaaMf arllh a battery of atx guaa, aad'aa artillery dual laatlag Our foroaa aooa desisted froaa ualag their guaa, aad ad vanned under a hoary lira upaa the aacmy'a Use, drurlag item from their poalttoa. The euamy rairaaiad la a westerly dlraollaa, Isarlag ths lsk< la their rear, rendering it imprwtloahla far ua to parius, aad our fsros* withdrew. The engagement lasted about aa tear or Ite Our Iom waa twenty killed and aereaty wounded, the enemy's hea waa aboui the same. Our forces auHerod moat In ereeling the opaa Held, be log under a heavy Bre of artilkry and email arses. Gen. llarnaduke Is reported to he la oommnad of the rebels. Gen Mower had two terras abet under aim while lead leg bis meu upon tbr enemy's linen, Guerktas made a raid on the plsatatloa of Jadge Deot. near Fblpworlh's landing, on the Tib, oapturing sixty mules and all the negroes emp'oyed on the piaoe. THE REBEL RAID INTO KENTUCKY. LcHJisriLts. Ky., Jane It, 18B4. Genwel Osrrlngton has just received the (ollowlng tele grata from General Itorbrldge:? LstiNdTow, Jane 10?1 P. dt. Ilare heard nothing of or from Governor Bramlrtte Tho rebel* left here yesterday for Georgetown. They are eupi>o?ed to have gone east from there. General Burbrldge started in i n eult wltn fresh horeea last night, and will push the rebels up and fight them steadily. A mosaengar, who left the Capital at four o'olock this morn lug, reports that Frank'ort IB uodor martial law, and that all men capable of bearing arms bare beeu armed Jo defend tho city. The State archives were being removed to the fort, and the Governor felt oonfldetil of holding ont uetll reinforcements should arrive. A force of three rebels occupy tho stockades three miles this side ef 1 rankfort. They are trying to prevent reiufercemcule reaching F aukfort from Louis ville. , The fnlon troops made so attark last night on the stociudee, hut were re pu laid by superior numbers. Lounvtu-s. Ky , June 11?P. M. tv r-rdhr of the Goretnor the entire enrolled militia of JeGbrsun county have been ordered out, nod business is directed to be suspended uulll further orders. A courier Just arrived from Frankfort reports thai n fliig of truce was seut to Governor Braralette, demanding the Immedhte and unconditional surrender of Frankfort. The oeniiLd w?s declined and fighting resumed. An authenticated report says about one hundred were Wiled and wounded at Frank ort li-dsy. Military Alfa tie. ACKIV AL AMD KXCIiPTIOJt OP THS NiWI'H RUISINT W. T. ?. M. The above veteran city regiment, which has served out its tbiee yewe term of service with honor aud or<UU, arrived in this city yoeterUy morultiy. Iber# were ex tensive preparations uia,ie by friends to receive the gallant corps but no public dinner was tendered them. This was owing to the fict that the Committee u National Affairs of the Common 0-mncil had no money at their command iu order to defray any expense which must necessarily have beon incurred In the reception. At an e?r!y hour lu tho luorulup the regiment arrived at Jersey City. There was no military orgacir. .lion other man the Immediate friends of tho corps to receive tbetn; but It is i rcp sed to clve tbe.m s formal reception a toe day curing the week. Do landing i?t tliu tide the gcllant (allow* marched to the City IW.t l ark, where they ware reviewed by Mayor Gnnther, who addretwed to them a :e? complimentary remarks. They were shortly aiter wards marched op Broadway to the CUy Guard armory, who.e they partook of the bwpitUltus <>r that coriw Curing the let# erg-ije i.eoti in Virginia tho Ninth lost between three aud four hundred men Tte following are the o'Jlcers of the rejlm^nt:?I ieut. Colood, William' helmets; Ma or, U. B. Williamson; Ad iutant, TT. P. Cla"e; Qdartormssier, J. l?olin; Captains, Jacobs Dubbara, liirrum, Thorn and Wbtinev: I.ientou acts, Howard, Page, Hirst, Varnum, Buetneyer, Mi ore, Marion, Butier and Wdmld; Surgoou, Notdquitl. The S nth went cut under crnraanl of coloml, aud panic.pated ,ln ite foil wing prinripol en.a-ctuects ? Harper a l'et-ry, t edsr Houuta.a, Thor -ugcfarc ??*.), M.i na-. as. r"< -th M mntaln, Aatp-jim.t bancailnrsvulc.Cal tysb rg, and ia all the reemt t-r;bt* hi Virginia, si* h? ,.dr? t r.'Mi v-.< w .e -t-r to '1?' Ninth aftor the. bstlle r>f Goitre! ury, where every tuvu In the veg mer.t hut tweetywa,; either ailiel or w.ended. Thla rhews wh.t a larrible ordeal or WocUhed the regiment lia? cncocntarvd *1 ice ite advnnt in the present war. U hi, had throe c a-.uartder*. Goloeol Mites, iiio that c.?tn mauder resigned; CoK>ti"l lion trick-on w a severely woundod. and s n.iw In the Invalid corps, and tXr'.or.el Movseh ?a i kiilad at the ba'Ue "f ths Wilderness. There is not a icitiroent in tho tcrvice that c-n show a doner or more bouor.tbio record tbaa thlr, ocd it doea^ei ail the eulogtums that ran be pourel ui?ou it. bi cm riov or th* oaitinar.S! ocabd. The Thirty ninth regiment Niw York State Voluniecrs, styled the Ganbi'.dl Guard, wLibh arrived home on Fri day la.-t, was f rtuilly received yesterday afternoon. hborliy after two o'clock the regiment formed at the Bowory Gordon, and marchad dowu to the City Hall Tark, where they were reviewed ty A'dermaa ilirdy, Co^'.rman ef the ('otrrattte* on Nnttcal AIT'trv, accira par.ite by eeveral otber member* of the fiomuun Coun ci>. Tho Thirty moth wire tben marched through tb* prtnc'pal stroets or the city, alter which they partook of reireshmen's at the Bowery Garden. The Twelfth rev rntnl National Hn'rd ected aa etcrt, accompauiud by detain from the eTtlh aad Twenvy iila'h regthioeta There were also quite a number ot German civilians In the prcrwMWo. trk nntAHft or colomm. mocbib. The t^od j of the late foiore! Morris, of'the blxty-aixth rog'uicnt, New York Vuluelrars, reached thW city 1 st evening, about seven o'clock, and now Ilea la stale at the City llall. II was eeejrted 'o the hall upon Its arrlyjl by CompaeiM II and I of the Kixtb I nlted Mate, infantry, undar 1 leuienani C. M. Half. TUa fooorai will lake place at noon to-day, to which hour the remaine may be even M the Gorsrior's itooia by the fneeds of tho de ceased offlcci. lhe Twelfth regiment. New York N?:ion?l i.uard, wiU be the funeral eaeort to Greenwood from tte City Ball. City Intelligence. A aetata of Ave hundred gauc wee fired in the Perk veetcrdap in booer yf the renominate of Mr. I.incoln. Mr. Cberler 8. Spencer, the engineer of ibe Ceatrel cok Cnmpalga Hub, wee muter of ceremonien. Bmiine-Mr. GoldtbwaM, who bee diettngnlehed hlaoetf ee e billiard rleper, eed who recentlp oonteated or of lite gene with Mr. Karen egh?who le el urnoaet the champion billiard plarer of America?eot reeling qeKe eetUfled et the reeull of the let# match. haa eipreaeod hie wHItogneea to renew the oeetoet for e aide red the cbainpuiBXfiip, tbo match to lake place ie geptember or October Beat karena?b arfll, no dor hi. accept the ebalieokce, and. from the high repntayca of both aa perfect aeaatere w the geme, Ibe emeteurt are promt ted e rtcb ire it. ? Smuoce Acrmnvt c? m *im Arejrm Raiuwan.? About etx o'olork leet arming e men earned Jobe tulip an eccidentellp me orer bp e Plate avonue oar, et the corner of Flftp nreiih etreet end Plxtb etmr.oe, and In lured to bedlp that no bopaa are eateitalned of bla re coverp. Me wee <*oraped to Bellevoe Hoepltnl bp omoar Tier nop room* Daowm.?Cube aebore at Long Breoeb. V. J., the bodp of ? b?p, tuppoeed to be about 14peers old, bad on gray peata and roundabout, hound with black; leather abocn.laoed. white wvka; had under bla ooat a tie lunch box, marked A H tn bla p' cbet aam?ii penknife, pearl handle, part off, auppoeed to have been In lite water about three werke. mfrrnaton oen be bed ef A. H. Mead, Coroeer. lAeg Branch, N. J. A Hot naowrar?Or peaterdap morning, e bop named Joseph Albert Qntck, a?>d 18 peere, wee drowned la the Feat river, off Montgomerp etreet. Hiving rial ted hie brother, who waa In eommead ef ? beat, the prune I nil, while walk rg on a plank leading to the ebore. mi <1 bla footing end wee drowned be'ore eealataooe oeutd he rendered. He an nrph-w to Mr. Quiek, hat eeMBfeo tnrer, ef 118 Oolumlble afreet, ta tble clip. Mice Intelllgemee. Aaaivit on a Potimwiw.?Offioer Sullivan, of the Twentp-flrat precinct, atlemptet te arreat a man named Carroll, for dleorderlp oonduet, on Fridap night. Ob letting tbo prisoner a gang of row d lee gathered round him, forced nia e'nb from him. reec ied theprleooer.and, preeenting e revolt or, one ef them tried tn eh not him: but the ptatol miae*d fire Hargeaet Webb, bearlag of the occurrence, rieet?t<h?d mom men to the scene, end officer Sullivan bad the aati?raeitoe of armrtlng Oarrak ageln In ? rumebupkapt br hlmaeir and inning btm eg b< I no aull >n bourn. A companies ta*arma of Cnrpnil, named I'enola <oiemae,wre Men arreeted with him. jueiioe Xellp lined Mm t-neonem file eanb end required them v> give ball tn MM* knap t\epan* MEWS HUM THE SQUTfc A? antral riNt. . MmJBZSTXSShS-9? iL? ?* ? KlMkadi Buiw OW IbhU*. -.. - ^ Manna, Jaae S. ISM. ?J!?.'**'*'Iw?r Dwregao. la aueapttoagto "?It* MOSkadS, WSS OSpUred. BhS hd U HHriM nparatoc. at Jsokssa bb the 6th rtpflrttl- ob m authority ?# captain Evaaa. commanding souuts, that Mariuaduko la b leokadtng thi M^ml , ?l blow ..t ?bo?e tif??r'T"U with ua (bob HU for* is large. Hb t^MporiB, semiring too oriBM, raaTthTfi^SF. Ud other transports; !^.<-!^.l*tt** and-?ralrchlid, ooa (uahoBt, SteBeTuhT S1"1 bo*t- ll'ow "fMsporli an "httarleB, aad canoot go up or down. TfcB CaptBIB ?fth.U.IUd ItaUB ItSBHI W?Ur Witch. -- ...I"** Wb Richmond Motloel, Jubb f .1 uTBJSisiruiss', irsutn?-'*' ~"?i? By.a B. in?,.??u,,'? 8 b?I have the honor to report that an expedition taws my command, under Lieut. If. p. Point, Confederate Htntee Navy, last night carried by boarding the United ?"1" J'?*1118! Water Wttob, near Oaxabaw Round, after a hard light. Our luas ta tbo gallant Lieut. Point, states Dalies (colored pilot) and three men klllod; from tea to twelve arouaded. I vlll telegraph you more la detail at the earliest moment. I amTTery r'speotftUly _ 4 w. ?r. HUM KR, Flag Officer. The Petersbarr Orprftt asye that the Water Wiiob was a somewhat dletiagulabed craft In tbo old navy Hbe figured, some years the war, in tho Paraguay ex pedition, m ?ouih America. She must be a pretty sub atmtHl veseel, and her ct|>ture la a brilliant alTstr. Religious Intelligence* aiBVicaa to-dst. The sixth anniversary of the founding of St Joha> Is depeBdont Methodist ohurch, Forty.lrst street, near Sixth avenue, occurs to-day. The aunualsermon will be preached by the pastor, Rev. U. Mattlsoa, at half-past Ua o'clock. At tiro o'clock the Sund >y school will coavana Is the main audience room. Wa. Taylor, Esq., will pre side, and addresses, interspersed wuh singing by the school, will be delivered by John A. Spraguc, Ifcq., Rev. A. Cookmun and the pastor. At balfkpaat seven o'clock Prof. 0. B. Ixicheriy, of the Frenoh Academy, will pre aide, and addresses will be delivered by On. Burcbard, Oowtlng and the pastor. At Disciples' church, West Seventeenth street, near 81xth avenue, services at half-past ten SDd quarter to eight o'clock. Sub ect for the morning?"Christian Vlgl lance;" for the evening?"The Lost Money." The Rev. Dr. GgLby, assistant minister of Trinity parish, will preach In .-I. Stephen's church, cornor of Erdoiue endClnyatie streets, this evening Services in this ohurch at half past ten A. M.aud half-put seven P. M. Lev. A. Faxo, of Rochester, N T., will preach In thn Unlvcrsalist church, cornor or I ourth and south Third streets. \V illlamxburg, this morning at hall-past teo and avening at hatf-|iast wveu o'clock. In the Attorney street Methodist Protestant church, Rev. Wni. P. Humttinud. pastor, will preach ibis mum log at half [ Sot ten o'clock, rtid in the evening at half pest seven o'ciSck. Common n In the afternoon at three o Ihu public are mvttcd. seats tree. The Rev. Sidney A. Oorey w;il prca. h in the Murray Bill Bapisi church, ihlriy-=eventh a rest and Lexiugtoa avenue, tmnig and evening. At 3t. Antics free chuicb. Eighteenth street, near Fifth'* Iter. E. it upimlu will preach at the quarter to eight and half-iiast ten o'clock moruing service. The rooior wl:l preach at roe service u r deal unites at half# past three p. M.. and aiao in the even tig at a quarter to oight o'clock. The dedication service- at the Hudson City Baptist church will take place to-day. Morning sormou by Kev. Tniinae Aruutago, It. P.; juternoori sermon by Kev. II. O. We-loo, D. D.; erentug it: aim by Key, i'humas D. An lor ecu, P P. Tho I'.ev. Ramuel B. Bell. D. D., will preach In the Ftf lleih si root "recby te: Ian cb-:reh. between Broadway and Ki-ihih avenue, at haif-pa?t ton ucloik Subject of ai courfe???hinuers.'' At hali oust sevm o'clock Licentiate Wu ting w'il be uril linod m hu evangelist, tu be se tt to California ay a missionary. Eminent c.ergymen will take part In the strvicvs. At the I Protestant Kplvccipai church du BI. KsiWit, Werft lweuty eon >0(1 sirr-et, near ruth averuol looming xervlce ?nd aernu in Freucb, by the Itov. Dr. Verren, c uumeocing at kilf put ten o'clck At the ilcuiornl church, Hammond street corner Wavorley place, the Iter. A H. Tyn.', Jr., rector of the Cburcu of the Modl-it.>r, will preich ibis evening. Ser. v.css at halt past ton, four and a quarter to eight o'i'.oclr. Tlie If unit 7.!oo church of the Xew Dhpvoaattno ror ahi|w in llo;ie tbap l, 770 i'roaduav. Ireach-ng at three >'cluck by the utrssei.^er of Christ. 8. 8. 8now" li"V tUo,1?r? wt" preach In the Sorond , Cnlvers-wlr! oJi troh. corner of Eleventh stroet and second avenue, morning anil evening, al tho usual hours. The twenty-second sermoo in thct hristiaa t ai n?? its will ho | r.-u lied t.y l.r. ' .?..ver, in ! r. K,o* a cburcu, Hfth rreuue, ?C Nu -l-eiiih ? treet. it, evaonia *; ; ,1" '<X iubjeci?'Tii* Normal Eie mi hte of ( Unity," if'.W Christ JcWis l? ab nit to establish tlx church on esitb, through hie tnye .? and servant*, win t. eco'al.ird by Ctnureoy Barces. a? :,n it?j>'ratJo0S| ..reache at Irc.or * nail, oorce.-of Thirty fou tb str. ei .1,, .s.'gtu avenue, at htlf-pmi ten, hilt-past t,0 artd tui; paH sov i en o clock to-day. Sutject?"Ine siuCi h of auvoU ^pl.'lta acd T.cdmms " fc Ttterc will be a ct-np meeting to-day |u f^m?rts nark T utiktns and fJaic- a. . er Bro,-k ya. l-cve fe?t at leu a. m l receo nj afterti uu auJ evcci -g. by Rev l>r Mnythe, fr.m l/md u. ,1f)* 1:*T- A,,e* ,L Thorn peon .till pre.-cb at the to mi i f the Ne.v bjtsgUi-d be ' Relief A-. elation, X >. )ui Br- adway, a; ba.i | ox: ihtra o'clock this a ternouo The P'jltitc arc icvnsit to itund. Divine service win be acid by tbo Church of the Holy Tr.nliy m Uu'feia Institute, Fifinavesue. betwee v tony. T? yuf", noa k* al half-p-.nil ten and four *?"*,o At the Tiveci. th stre .t l i>ir? -aliwt church, near I Povecth .voce-, il." K, a. <;.La -ie. of si?* v - I r-ach. morn eg met ,.ft"rno n. tcrvicea at hlif naai ten and halt past tutu* o'clock. 1 ! AlAllSalnU' Prmestaot Episcopal chursh, corner of Hcmy ard Scammal sireeis, the Rev. 8. J. ( onaii'e oVcaif ^*rV"*, kl UaU ln"1 ,ea a,id Daair pttat saves At Wrecker afreet t'nlveraa'Pt chi-rCb. the Rev. Mosea Ualloit will preach and evening. Sub cct ior I the evehicg?"Gcd a ilaUu da of Wot icugT* At the people's mcrtlog, 18? Howry, subjects for to- ' f."7' ?,1 l,?r0* o'clcck?"Ihe UraticUl policy of Mr Chaie." from two to three o'clock?"Taxation." rr. Ajrw'a caracn rou nrir urrn, EiOMitrsra bTHEBT. WRAP riFlft AVttXPg. The large debt undertaken by this church la Jul? 1059 bar. boen reduced to thirty thBur.and dollars, on boad and' mortgage at six per cent, upon the church bulidltu a-.d adjoiuluir rectory Itesulei this there is a xma I Ron tiur debt, which m being steadily pakl o'l by the income of U>e church The lele MP* U .rgaret , urr leu. T? ? UD thcuaaad dollare te th.e cbarch: no it will ha seen that twenty thousand dollars will free it from all pecuniary embarravament and make It entirely reif sustainlog A,streor effort le now be:ug made to raise tbli ran of twenty Uouteod dollars In two hundred subscriptions of ods hundred dollars each, payable uooo the condition <4 the who* amount being subscribed. Wltl.lo a few weeks About six th 'usend dollars bive fcs-a secured Should this moveaiert nroTe tooressful, the uMfulnees <4 this ehuren smoeg the adult deaf mutes of this oommunity will bs very mueb%iccreeeed. 7 M la hoped that all to whom this appeal providentially eomee will give it their careful cooaideratiua, and. if iu their power to reepoed favorably, send their names to either of tka undersigned THOMaS OALLAUDCT Rector, So 9 Weet Righteeoth tueet OIURfiK R. JACKSON. Traaserer, eorner of Centre sod Howard streets The Conscript Aid Put. Comptroller Brauiian yesterday opened tbt bids for the tMJO.OOO Tnluntnr family Aid Lean No. 0. The bonds tro redeemable io 1(71 and boar an par oent. Interest. I'M follow rnf art ttis bfcU ? Bi-U"* Jmmmt. Prtmiwm. VT? M< Mnrrey }2.<m 102 M J. Parroll 6.000 102 36 Do .. 6.?00 102 60 & I). Bradford ? 40.000 100 00 Puma H. Tyeoo jj>jo 10a 60 Wm. Isntlmer 8.030 100 60 ^ Do 6 .COO 100 60 DO 6,000 100 TO Da 1 6.000 101 at Da 6,000 101 TO Do. / 6,000 102 00 Do 6.000 101 26 Do. 6.U00 102 61 Atdrew Carrtfaa too .two 101 TO M. Sia ib 1.000 101 01 P. a: I'aimar. president 100,noO 101 61 Win. Dettt 1 000 102 61 Butstaln, ftosatiMl A 0* 60.000 101 60 J. EL KboOook CO 2,600 1 160 TT |tn. ft... 8.6(0 101.06 Wra Tier re. 8,000 10101 J. A. laaPa AO*. 10.000 108 00 V. u Has KM 10.0U0 100 00 Do 16,000 100 0016 D*. SO.Wd NO 12M Da ?,??0 IN M J. B. Mrckta 6N JN 60 M R Hlakn lO^ON Ml 60 O. Hicka MAJO J?? ** BigisaDUot Bchuliner 6.0N 106 00 Peter Rown. 2^ A. R. Moreen J NO 106 00 Uadnrbtll a Harm 6.0N '?J 66 I)o. JL... 6N0 104 00 H. L. MoCcnndy AO* NNO 101 01 ?If tenant Hob ulnar . l'Wt *?* N ttui.... TBiMutwtiMiM ? ran Koran W*?a.~Mr. Miction! R. Kelly, WMO* arm* appear at In the Hat of tit. wilaaad teaebara la tke p*ertb wart, hi oar report wt tbt Ml neetlnf of Iba Heart a( Kdnoatlaa, bat not bean tit ?mat. o? bMoatmry.ktlBMw itddtct or OMttl Wa. M.MlNM waft* MEADE. Progress of \lhe OpeimtkMM Before Richmond. m RAILROAD AT WHITE MOUSE TORN IP Skirmishes, Artillery Daels and Reconnoissance* INCIDEirrS OF THE SIEGE. Reports from Leo's Army and'the Rebel Capital, a#., a*. a* THE SECOND CORPS. Mr. F. O. Long's Dfip.tck. Hsadquanterb Second aumv Com, I Nui Coal Hasi-or, Jon. 8,1864. y froorsss or in simi* The siege of Rlchmoed U .till (? favorable pioy, ood, as id aU .leges, thai lose pesos rather mm^iooeeely. The work or strengthening our position ntitl continue, end we Are bow do strongly intrenched that ad from the enemy Is rstber to be desired then to It Is virtually Impossible for I<ee to muster (Oroe < to mako our army waver la Its position. Tee men am Id good spirits, baring the fullest oonOdeno# Ml leaders and the utmost reliance to our aueeesa niunamt The skirmishing slung our line betwesa the ts's pickets has somewhat ebaled, while the fire from th* batteries on both sides baa Increased. From four Wctoaft till about eight P. M. the artillery dasltiag was q?n? heavy, especially along the left and oc. irsj bat slnoe oar tnea are so well sheltered by earthworks the osiBdi ties are veryslight. At the present writing?ton P. It? a pro'ouud silence reigns .over the scene, sod ono earn aoarcoly boilers that therrebei army :e lying so near an. Tbuhsoat Ev?ninci, J una 9, ISM. OUR POSITION. There Is little to add to the brief despatch (seat y est sr. day, In the way or news, to the Second corps. Tba dif ferent brigades and divisions occupy the same poeiUnmi today that they did yosieMay, and tbert will probably be no movement for some days to come. Kr rything about tba army indicates a halt In Ibis violotty foraoms tluio. Many of our wouoded bays been sent to Wash ington, vu White Bouse, and the prisoners In oar ?*?? se.siou will sooa be forwarded to that pluoe. UNION FANIUIUI IN VIROINIA TAKING THf OAT*. The nearer we approach Richmond the mors Unto* families we find, lhcy ooine to our t Ulcers by tbe scan, nni s-k to h ye the oath of albglancs administered la thorn. Captain W. I. EUls, s department officer, admhfe istered the oath to a number or prfhltent rebels yester day. They all denounced the rebellion as a humbug; and repeat tbe oft told tale that thousands of oppressed ettfi zeus are anxiously awaliiug tbe cntrei of tbe Union army tntn Richmond to free tbem from tbe slavish vamlsgg lbs rebel administration imposes upon tbem. THE FIFTH CORPS. Mr. I?. A. Hrndrltk'i Dcip^tehM. U.-urxjtURrKBi', Kirid Altar Coars,* In ihm ftHLii, .'una 8, 1804. J kbatt anon?m rirkxrs. There tea teen bo cbuuge to-day ta the posltioa ef affairs In thin corps. On err.! Griffin bag established kla heml,purlers, and tha enemy bos tired at interval* frote big batteries, to whlcb our batteries hive responded. It stems that tbeaixty [>oundflr shot* fired yesterday?a*4 Mme hare been fired t--da>? ro thrown from ao trae olad car on the railroad. T tier a heavy ebo'te, for innately, only ran bo thrown In tie dlroution of ibe track, to* and teyond tha railroad bridge, and any utipli rasutta from them are morefere easily obvlilod. N t witbatandiny the artillery firing, tSe ? Ickets I been on friendly terras, and there baa been no Srtag between them. The enemy's shells seam to hare ? Mpcclal hostility t? our grnoruls. One t rp'od^d to omm proximity to General f.rlll.n'a headquarter*, and acottei directly in rrrnt of General larilett'a ho idqoartere, while nbont tbuee of General Culler tbay Mattered I gclvee w IIh marked esrageness tux mmi at nrmr-OA CRvarn. The Richmond f>m<*er*f yc*iril*y co t?lr.gan< from the Nortbei n papers In regard to the action at te? tbagda church, rear Mechanosvllle, on M< nday tan, wblcb misrepresents what actua'ly took piece. One trt gtd? of Crawford's division wag adrnueot toward* the If -cbar.leavtile pik > to M|>port b.s gkirioleb Una, thee oA vanning. There was no geporstioa whatever from toe real of tbe corps, aa rtattd ii the pnpers from wbicb this ex tract wrs made, bet-lug that the enemy In force werea4? tempting to turn the left llaolt of this advanced brigade, G(n Crawford advanced with bi* whole division, nrdef Ing tha brigade to rail t tck upon tba line ba bud eitsb llabeJ, and whlcb the o temy att-ickod brim j'.iatoy i wards, ood cot the I. ft of the corps, aa erro atated. Tbe flgbt w*s r >de by this division ulone agates* P.h (fee' dlvlaior.of F veil's corps, aupported cn Itai by I'egrsm g brigade, i f Parly's corps, ard which i ed in on? of the aeve est and most decislva repuleaa od tbe cirr.pil,,-n,mitl in wb! b no e acting gtnera' uflarn* ! and colonela wore ki.led than m any previous adhtt ?4 1 the kind. ] rn* ram# eonr*. An order wra Iraued to-day by General Craw'ord, re garding tho drum corps of Lie div.xkm, which might ad | vantageoiisly be Imitatad by commander* of nthor died a.on*. Tba order directs that drummer* remain with tte troops, both on tbe march and lu action, and an othoee hi apt doled to see tboy comply with the order. I ate I told cn reliable authority that no leaa than three gaud lira hundred drummers found tiielr way to ] rlrkrburg during lb* battle* of the Wilderness i .opotuylvaota Court XIo <?*. If e drummer ta found i I licl lu ble duly Gaueral Crawfoid direct* that he be rer outed a musket and put in the flgbting ranks. Sueh aa order ta.v!e general,aod rigorously eicouted, would etka tba clsss or army atucbaa not oely easily mora ?M than they are, but put an end to a good deal of the at sea | (log and demo rat nation eo painfully appsrsni durteg Ma pragraea of a battle. Tea las* or sit. An tectdent of this cruel war wea brought to my net In to day of raro occurrence. Corporal Ralph Hull, Compear M, first Vermont battery, died of wound* received lee days alnce. lie wae the laet of six brothers killed ba Ma present war. All anliatad together at tbe outbreak of Ma reteittna, ell bar* fought side by aid* la many batsite? all hare fallen la defence of ttelr country. Ko aa* mental tanbie or etorlod era can fittingly record Ma worth of each heroee. They will lire la tte nog tow* memory?a<'meaument tbay would cbsooe, e moaaaaad nor* leattng than brea*. HbapcjcA?Ttaa firm Abut Coma,* ' lattt fist*, June t?A P. K. J CAWWI SAOteO Kzoapt ocoeakwa* cen none ding there la actblog ge ra? oord to-day Aa yaaterday, tbera baa bee* to firing hm twe?a tte ploketa. On* ahi'?struck la Battery C, TIM llaaeaebusetta artillery, among anm* privates, gilhg ttelr breakfast, killing twe -n?n and woundiug four. nersaTnaa o* tea mass*run?irm isam attonmn. lb* Nlatb Massachusetts regiment leaves for Boston hb the meretag, to be mustered out of service, lea aa able new to giro ? tuiameot of tte looses of the regt* meet; bat one thing la cemtn?none go home with a brighter record of tbelr three yeera' aerrte*. Ms ma* hare oerer flinched m battle; their flag baa Barer trailed the dual. Lieutenant fol-wel Ban ley gone borne In ooute ?tad of tte, regiment. Cbiooel Caes, the original ecue maader, II will he reoMmbered, died from wonnde rm wired el Gateee' Mill. Oekmel Qataey, the preeeot ehfleC Beer, area womsded la tte Wlldereoaa. Everything li qelet ta alght Tte day tea bate *A prase) vely warm. THE EIETH CORPS* Mti Jas, O. ntipatrlah't Pugalbh, Nnrra Atn Ooaee, Taa* M F. ML A reoaapohaanee ma made iar?. a|gM kr

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