Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1864 Page 7
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tar, altk hit division, supported by that of Gensrwl Udila The envoi v wvre found u hire evacuated Ida breastworks which iliejr b?d held during the day. Their ptrkwts were euc 'entered further r?u; but General I'ottar, hut desiring to bring oa A ergs;, hailed hla com mand, an:' Mtsbliobed his skirnilah Una to the advanced position, a large fort, which had been so tnn.biee<une in ahelllog our camps w th Its twenty pouuder Parr> tts. was abandoned. The guns hid boeu withdrawn, tut (our ctiuou were led behind. It has been quiet to dtp. THE EIGHTEENTH C0BP9. JMr? John A. Brailjr'i Dnpateh. IlaaiMVaKTras, Ekuitksyth Aavr t'tmra, I In tkk Pi*Lt>, June T, 1864, > kot "nt Qt-tar ilo.vo rna ijnuX." It would not l>e esuorty correct to to the tha stereotyped va art "all quiet along the lines;" lor from morning until night and throughout the whole night there te una perpetual whistling ol Mraio balie, with occasional varia tions of shell Oring, kept up. Little or no loss Is sus tained on aur tudn oy tats continuous waste of rebel am munition, If we except the demoralising effect It has on the negro servants ?f the officers, and on the drum oorpa a< the different regiments. Emm White House up to our war every open Held is occupied by a detachment of dr immer* or demuriiilzcd negroes, engaged In coffee b ill Inn, chicken roasting. ur some other delightful eplcureitn > iK'upatloo denied to tbe gal ant soldiers woo frost the njemy. IRB HICIIiloWTl pirsss isn OCR RATTT.1S. Oooaslnnat copies of tbo Rlchm od papers And their wny izudde our lines, and causa considerable merriment by their supreme audacity and sublime disregard of '.be truth With s rock'esvbeat that would escite sur prise snrinsg most pa opto, iSey tute t lis thousands lost is the conflict of the l,>si week saaniy a row hundreds, and ??jailmate our losses at f",?i r.x to ten thousand. Ihere Is oo reference to tbo i?st diich; en the contrary, they se same to thick lb?t suy reference to the lest dltoh would oh entirely ununited for under the present glorious pri.spocl of the Southern ronfodorscy Tbe heroes who h-ve driven tbera from Fredericksburg to tbslr present ?"?vs i I ion tre mem toned as tbo minions of Grant, ?a ho tie upon tbe ground, and abs'dutely refuse ?bo charge tbe ?ld guard of chivalry gathered around ! re. The vory race of their accounts proves ihelr fa'sify. They claim ib>t w# mado fourteen unsuc ?w-sfr.l charges on foimidablo fluid works with troops ?mussed to defend tl.em, and were etch time drlvon hack with grost sleughtert If this tm true, the history of lbs w.vld has never before presented an Instscoa of such Ir.doinitablo p.'uclc and perseverance. IFI'J IP.VT. The great army of Ibe ooofedcracy Is rspMly dwindling deny. With Its admirable organization, its complete do pnndencs of soldiers on their leaders, and tbe system, matured by experience, with which its energies bavt been directed, it baa certainly presented to tbs world a rare instance nf human gone g accomplishing much In s . b..d cause. While it hud only to contend with our army Mm wt diiiorgsnlard by disicna'ons of generals and po litical management or Important departments, It at ttmoe achieved succpfs over the desperate valor of tbe individual soldier and tbe bard fighting qualities of tndl vIdeal generals. Put with generals who no longer wrsugls, and with a leader wL i p.-sse fos the cnfldeuce o: bis troops, the old Army of the rotomac^covored w ?b many honorah% scare, oitou In the past victorious, and never dishonored. is sweeping on now to certain victcry. It may bo delayod Dy powerful works, which lis leader, valuing the lives < f fcis et Idlers, may prefer to overcome by sclent* iether tins by bloodshed; but the day is not far distant whoa tbo Libhy shall cease to be s pecthoasv, and the confederacy sbali cease to bave a capital. ota exwumts nein Tor soverel days lay in full v'.ow between the two lines 'With an Ich-iinao barbarity th> rels'.s opened with heavy firing upon every attempt to remove and h.iry tho bodice In front of Ltedinau's brigade over sixty dead sod some wounded wero tyiog. Finding that It would be utterly impossible to remove the durloc the day. Colonel t ied man sent out a deiacntriont under command of Capt. R;es, of the Eleventh Connecticut, to accomplish tha work at night. In two nltbU all were brought in and Sinned, with the exception of two. who lay on tbe tins of ? ne robe! riflu pits. S>me of these men wvre eo close to the enemy's works that they were only recovered by lbs vte'cise of tbo utmost skill. Ropes wero fastened to A-helr bodies by some daring member cf tbo rarl/i stA they were drawn far enough to i e lifted iu safety end carried inside our works. Too much praise cannot t a lavished upon tho he roc j who volunteered for this dangerous and Christian du<y. tub FCKTEKixos or n.s wocxd?!>, wbo probably ouraborcd h?!f a dozen, who wora lot In front of etedipan, were ttrrll le. A ll?uten?Dt, wbo was brought lo by the party sent out by Sled man on tho flret aight, stated that a wooed d private lying near bira, ucab'e to endure tho palo of his wound*, aftar several ? OMtooassful attempts, at loug'.h succoedel in opening s peiket knife, with which lie eat hi throat, although every efiort was made by the lieutenant to dissuade him fr m his purpose. Another prtrste waa brought In on the serot d night who wne wr? n-ied In elgtt places. lie raid th .1 bit Qrat wound was In the let?, and be was rom t iled to lie upon the Odd when hiuomrides rrtirel. Kvery time that be was seen to mile or display the v' iLieut sign of IPs tho rebels, with a Oendishnest that Ctas eeidoru Voon surpiused, 0|>eucd upon btm, and coo. tr ued this tirget practice th" ugh t!,c two days b> was thee, until tnoy Lad suoccrdei iu sctcii ad. <3.1 iids! would*. rtm n> in wonir* on both side* are very f rmi i.ible. The rebel works sp. pearl* he a single Intr. rchmi-i, with ditch end abatis, while ours are % perfect net?oik of b-Mes, d'.t> nee. wat.s, ?>.d every other conceivat) * kird if fotlul atlon. It wt uid be utterly impossible for any trocrs to charge the works nloug the front or tils corps. Ccloonl Sieimio last Sighs in addition to the numerous works already ?on his front, ran a in e din. nally towards tbe enemy, commanding his outer rifle nils. nKsomu or oca romisaa? ciiwaur asm It is wonderiul to witness the heroism which aetnatee die groat bodv of eur ofllco. t and soldiers. The wounded Heave repestedly returnee to the field, and the meat des j.. ate eutarprlrea are *11 mpted without regard to life. In th1 i collection It is but Justice to mention Cept Tboo Senu, of t Ticral Brooks' staff, Th e nfitcer ban been re pctcdiy distinguished for bis remarkable gallantry in the Hold. At ttcliysburg bo hid his left shoulder sbil o?, and In a few weeks was a^alu in tbe field. During the notion of rwturday he was severely wounded In the .err, but declined leivlag tbe field, and continues to limp about attending to bis duties as if ncthlag bad happened, coare ssApqusams tneiirp. thn headquarters of Bettodlk and Boruldt bare all bees shalied nut by tbe enemy, and been removed fur. iter to tbe reer. Genera! Smith has net yet retired from bis {Mfliioa aevr the front; but a little mora shelling may ?roha*ly hnv# tbe eflect of making ?ven Baldy fall back. To day over thirty solid shot end toells bave fallen about ?If headquarters, and tmllota frequently wklatle between the tents. Sit horses et headquarter* bar* fallen vie Wins: but, etrangt to say, loey to far make the ealy list ef casualties. A TBcoa. lo day we had a trace with tho rebel* from *tx to eight la tbe evening, and at length anereedad In burytof ?11 our dc id. Dr. .'lueklsy, Medical Director ef tb* oorp*. with rase assistants and a anmber of stretcher hearers, went to Hide the hoe* and met a number of rob*! eur geons. Tb died of this corps, to the number of nitty ?1*0, wcrs b "Ought luslds our lino*, and at algM precise ly a gun fi en tho rebel works announced that tb* time bad oeasod. KJEWS FROM THE WHITS H0U8B. Mr. R, DavtdMa'* Despatch. Won* Horn, Vs., June 10,180b inn body or oei o*?i a'MAifojt. I icutenant Coloor-l tfoMaboa passed through hers this OtornlDg, end Informed me that bis brother, J. P. Koliihoa, Colonel of the One Hundred and Bitty fourth Jew York Volunteers, heretcfore reported a* taken fr is ?ner oo JonaS, while storming tbe rebel works at the bead of hi* regiment, with their flag la head, we* billed. Ills body waa reeoverod and bnrtod by bis brother, It being too much decomposed to embalm end seed home. After being hit by some half dozen shot* be retired several rods, and begged tboaaof his mm who grill remained with him that tbsy would taar* him end take care of themseivon. Tbe enemy preeeed so hard ?pon them that they ware obliged to leave him. He fell ?hearing hi* men oa, saying, "Doya, now I* your time or aerer." while he atood on the enemy'* breastworks, with his flag pleated, which wto riddled by more than twenty 'bulieta. A thorough eAcer and perfeet gentleman waa that I tat to the service. Th? waihiagisn Telegram*. . WAnurown, June 11,1804. The elty I* fUled to night with ah aortn ef wild rumors If regard to nfhm Mt (real ?C Rlohmoad, but Ultra Is Bottling reliable reociwd of an? Im|>arueea 'urthar tku | a hut liaa already brru Irai.amiilM U< Ike liwuui. Py en arrival Hera l it; in-m the White House It la aecertali.ed lb at o?tb og IB B*w bvtwg leaded at that pi?ce excepting reiu'oroomcata and forage ler the Uarno d'ute use o' (he army. The railroad traek which had b*aa com plated to altbln a mile or two or the army has beea lore up again, a?d the raila and ties brought b<ok to the While House, ?here they are be teg pl*oed oe bargee. Seven hundred owe were drat engaged la repairing this road, and about the same eumber sided la destroying it. Yesterday there were saves hundred rebel prisoners st the While House, includlsc six ooiooels sod aevea majors uoder ga.rd of a colored regiment. sod also about two thousand wounded men; but aa there ware several boap i si steamers Is rasdloeaa they are probably how oe the way to Waah'ngtoo. Ibe wounded brought ?p to-day are all very severe cases, sad n wee found oeeeaoary to move the boat slowly, as the wi rb>og of the engine whan at full speed nffroti-d thane unfavorably. One captain sad fourteen privates died oh the upward trip. Among these wounded there were stgfaty.flTS with lags and twenty aeveu with arms amputated. The fol'owlag Is a partial list of the wounded effleerg: Major K A. P Brewaier. Twenty.third MaaseobiiMtta; aptaln 0. p. Boen-elt. Ninety-seeood New York; Captain a Nc,bit* FI'lJ flr*h Pennsylvania; Captain P.8. Btod Jtelt, Tenth Vermont; Capuio O. Parr, Thirteenth New Hnmpahlre; Captalo H. p. Woodbury. Twenty tb?d Mar aachuaette Captalo N. fhak'oid. Twelfth New frmp. I ahire Men tan ant nark Smith, aid decamp na Genera! iiariir.dale's ataff; Colonel Raymond aad Ueataoaat O. F. FouM, Second New York Mounted Rlfiee, h! Hearce. Thirty aacond Maine; Lieutenant K. R. Beech man, Twawrthird colored Tronpg. Lle?te?aot O. W. '?I feoi, Reveoteeoth Vermont; T.ieutanant John C. Whit man, Twenty.fourth New York cavalry, and Lieutenant A. Ptuder. Fifty ninth Mutaehuaetta REBEL ACCOUNTS. Addlltoaal Brbal Detail* of the Battle "Prlday. 3d Inst. t?.. .m "1? n,ch'D,"1?l ^entloel, June 6.1 Lee here enVrM?0^nlght "P,ICk "" r#c#"#a fr0? c?? Haaoucaargag, AattT Noaraata Tt.aivu.l Hon. Secemgr or W?_ JP>" U P" M / I".."11?? ,be rl?ht of our !m*. In front of General the"Margin,^ Mahona'a dlvjgloa. aad medutefj It 0 RTWkliindgB'i command, lm ?? , en?my,oul with severe lost. Dolumn ^.ua*.^ *,er# n#',Je ,lfK,u Owsral Anderion'g K Vr aJr, mm !J,.?Uhair G"#rtl K?r* to elerytoStaaST "* |f*W '*(>?<*** lert.zi wb?oecu"^ n!;Trash'on';?,U:DOO?,H^ "?* ?*?"?'? cavalry near . 8na * parl "r f??qeral William 11. p Lea's division drove then* from their Intrenchmeols /,... ? . V . M ,uv" mn?w;umMl8 i> ,?.y bnJ be,D ,m*". *?d our success, osier futv lUtw* ?"** Kejpect y* HI LKS. Goner<1. ft le gatd rbat eewen hundred dead and badly wouniVl a^d '?T,C.0!,n'<Kl m rron'Hoke's line after the men lm.i ?s.JS .?fa 8!:r,,rti,la?. Hoke only had two rpirihw !,/,? I ::.T rv, u^r "on or ine *u?ui? oo and severely wound'el^'0 l6ta "x ,bou"?a OPgr.aTIONS OM SKtDar NTOHT AND or ""'"'BAt nRKCktxR.noa. The annexed dsr;iaicti was received at the War na partinrnt on Saturday night - W*' ?*" Ba.iojcexrsu, Aaxr Vorth*** Vtaorina, > Honorable ^tragr or Wa. _ JUn<! 4~8f P* M' / oijrht, nfiftr tfw (tat# of mf dMoAtcti r<tn*Ptfa Brecicinridge,ao4jFisr.egao wera attacked by the'lnemy as &nW;:9.Pr-'arlni t0 fe MUhllsh llielr akirrnl.h Un In ??i. * *?,n r'P^,?e(, Immediately afterward, reauli m * upoa li#u Hok?'? Croat, with a Ilka th?Ur,nt2.,LlV:me ?f wri,'nff' "olh'nr hae occurred along ^i ^^r.v"?epAlk'riohih,n? rx"?>K ?r?,? wls.r.1 ? w.K ai rsriooR rx>iof? Raarwrufi?n ,rms' '? SubglaotUlly unchanged. .R??P*Ctfully. R E. LEK.?cueril. toreiHna h?r Td,i'??itrS^tfier j~ T Lb.? Iworka, captured rrom the nncniv so anamfl? ""'-?'""Hory 10 P'^v "W thorn. retired Tho w? "H'l heid thorn, sdvanced lu lines them^?th i a"i1, whon our A"'Herv opened upon llua ?hiVh r?^ ur u oanUter mowing down the um arui'erv flriimll,! ,1 '",0" ,UmW' va'!ring. when our i .! f^r wthe mane, slaughtered them bv thou .. i 8b 1 struck Geo Brer It In fldge r horse In the hreaat, and passed out backer tho at Irrutxieai bor, and imtwe^. the genm.lAlag.H. vF r?:of the log. occasioned by big horse fsllin ? r? hua, but fortunately no other iniurv Tha country w-[| rojoino at lus ecoap* - 'Rjury. The We have htard It atateit. on the authority of of uio ? urgenns ou Itie I.eld, that our total wounded. In the several engagements and skirmishes of the cast week does not exited six hundred m-n. ' . . iTv* oa s.TcnoAT jrmwr. A heavy cnuouadfl and rugiia-lo waa heard on ftittirday ii'js ? Accounts Pay that Orsnt sgsin houored tlrecklu fdee 8 doe with b!a attentions, but mot with his uxual reception. The ait.rk was readily repulaed, with but Jltt e tor-e or. side, hut that of ibe enemy is repre seated ."Sin to hare heeo extremely heivy Grant bv w.'iptiDg firetkio'ldge aa his favorite, will make him'one ?LV'?Tr I contlauas t> duae the euemy alter the pre foui Utitiif'ri, A reutl-mm whose residence la wlthla the anemv'i 1 ces wag arretted by thorn and taken before Meade nod liornetde, who after Intorrogntlng. released him. From what be b"*rd he it -4 the opinion that Grant la endear orimyio rea< h the White lioose. The mo a toid bim they wcrexn bai! rations. ' IL0^*1 !'irecl"r AnJe'gon'e 'Itmrstreet'si corps ... .1,1 to ve'erday morning the total number of 1 wf",n "??>"?? kilted, wounded vnd m;seiUg, m the ticbte aro nd Rlcbroond. la only two hundred and sixty-three. This corpa. It will be recollected, hm taken I art in uo .i ly every otgag-imanl einoe the eaeuiy C0its*3i?ojn>ieyc* from i-Bs'a armt. [.From tho Richmond Sentinel. | Jos* 4, t<64. Ne'hlrg of Interest occurred a'-ug our lines up to a late hour tlii* evening. 1 lennM rrom reliable sources the partlcu lara of the engagement of ye?terdsy. In wh. . the cnoiuy broke ti?r' ugh a portion or our line* held by Eegar'e bat talion, BrrcklorWge'a ennmiind. Tie attack was made la two reparate eolumce, two re imente In each cHume, one behind the other. Ihe l> ml where they broke oter -van a valient angta, crabric lutr a bill Whleb bad been eccupiod when cur cavalty bold ihia r*ft of the line, mainly for lie importance aa a lookout elation. In moving up to occupy tho worst, under quite a nharp (Ire, tho troope wore route what crow ted, and before the line wae pro perly arranged the petal was attacked and car i i?d The ri'-s?a llu?? of the enemy edvuneed about oh hurt trod yards tnlr 8:de our wcrks, but ware Imined ale ly driven back, and the works retaken by the Maryland battalion, ear tiled by Ceneral Unnegao's brigade Our tore In prl.toecrs wee one bundled and lirty. In retaking the not Re we captured quite a number of prisoners end kill?t a Urge number of tpe enemy. the attack even-led also to titr.r-al Boko's and Ker ahsw'a frcttis, being more pereieteut in (ront of Ker sbiw's division, but the enemy were everywhere m pi.leed with severe lost. When tho attack wae made on Ceneral Hoke be was fuel about to advance to ae to fain a position for bta aklrmiahers. We took the enemy'a rifle pita: but finding that wo could not pn-tcct enr rkirtuitbera In tbcm.or helJ tbetn without exposing the iklrtnlahera, tbay were Bflerwards abandoed. Seeo after your correspondent left tha front there wne beat y firing, both musketry and artillery. In the d rcc tl> n of (?ames' Mill. The firing commenced et nine I'. M. and looted about bad an hour. At ten o'clbok the flritrg wae renewed at the earn# point and continued for some time Our right extends to tho Oiickahomtey, near Model ler)'a bridge, Turkey Hill being bold byonr troops. rrom Ihcnee the line runs nearly north, about a mile northeast of Dr. Haines' bouse, embracing Coal Harbor, crosalag the Mo. tnclca. llle read,sad extending IB the dlrectloe of AUee'e, about e mile to the lei t of it F?>me of our men were wounded by bayonets. General Breckinridge wae disabled, for e day er two, by bis bom tailing on bins when shot. General Wharton la In command to day. In Ptek TLe casunltlM In nehettt tbe flghte and skirmishes of the psat few days, Including tncee of Han ion's brigade, wh > wis tent to Hoke'a support, amount to one hundred and forty one hilled, wounded and kissing, among them the following oClcera;? Killed?Cant. C. K l.tsthkcum, A. A. 0., Ifentoe'a bri gade; Capt . James Woodaoo, 1 tout A. Robertson, Lieut. 0. R. Evan*. IStb Vlrgiula. Wounded?I.leut J. 8. Jones, A. D.C., Huston's brigade; Cept. F. Brewitar, Wth Vtr I jglelB; Ctpl. C, II Uweoo, nth Virginia,leg emputaled, 'Xieut. J.A Colston. J me A?? r. M. Nothing whatever has occurred along tbe tiees to dev. Indeed, tun tbe hitherto incessant skirmishing bee to day been 11moat entirely stopped, and our troops truly enjoyed "the diy of rest " Tbe firing which I alluded to In my last turns out to hevebe>n only a email affair, no assantt baring born mads on our liuas, and hut little If any execution haviug been done. Gaeernta F*Gy and Andareeo, It la understood. have been mtde lieutenant generals. Colonel Lilly, or lbs Twenty-D.Ih Virginia, hue .been promoted to brigadier general ??d as igned, trmporarlly, to tbe command of 1'egram a brigade Colonel I.ewia h <e also been promoted, ?id will take commend of Hoke'a ?:d brigade. 1 bear from good authority that General Andareon eatt aaataa the loss of the enemy on tbe 1st, 24 and 3d et 1?,000 to 20,000. I em pleased to beer that the "Ftocawall brigade," by their gallant conduct In tbe movement upon the sue my'a right flunk no the 2d, woe the praise of their aew division ooaaaaander, and re-eetabllebed their fereier The Leteat rrom bee't Araay. ??ART RtronTED pai.i.tNo eact in tna wnflctiow op wnrva nousfl. , [From the Rlcbniene Kxamlner. June 11 Tratrsday wae e remarkably quiet day with the ermlae around Richmond Not a bit of news wee to be had, except n few itrsy rumors en the street*, one of Uwse ?>?? thut (!r?Mt ?Hli bin wh"'e army, wh r?Mlog back In Ihe (llr.-cti.ifl of flie Wli'ir ll'itis*. Altfro eh me I 0 rd lti? minor roiwegwd ? d -mo Omea no rouM W no cm II' ni It loo o' II If m alio* rex?rt?* Mat the YaOkM KtTVM 01 llo i in'e tirirtg* Ufa moving INT Th* War Donarfino r m ail si eljbt, wttbrw* a*y Mr* Inli*Hi|talios irons Gonersl I,- s, unf reported teat (lis aliuaiouVrm* a ml uuoiiemrod. mod nothing of in'srosilwUl tiaaspirod Itslusmi IUs two arinie* during lbs di|. f From the Richmond Ee a Timor, inns f.l if I Rattio i.rotivn, kras Gainim* Mux, Inn* ?? T V. W. svniil' g Oraol scot a (lag Of iruoa propositi* (bat ta lb* mterva a of tbs Qsbt uneras-d panloa should bs permitted m bury 'ha dead and sors (or too wound rd. Ibis "soTai > Is no eiwtoot to bass declined but is tima ed bis wlll|nRiisM to as (aetata a regular tag M trass for I hose purpose*. Tbl* mmiing Grant Mat soother flag, saying bs would asall himself or tbs understanding to a rod out tinarmod part Irs. to bury lbs dead and ears for lbs wounded. Gouerai l/? promptly replied, (Stowing that Grant bad ?l-undere ood h<s leitor Here the maitsr rfs'nW Tbe heary flnst laai night amouniod to norbing T oot algbt tbe enemy abaado'ied our left and part or our oen tre, apparently in great haste. Early has followed them too miles to-day, raotarinc sixty prisoner*, who say ihat Qraa* b is gone to th* White House because hla men wl't not light. Tbe inaproealiui hero, bowesor, la that Grant Is mat log for tba .lamoa river, to cross to the smith side. There was a little sharp shooting as our right to-day. ? ftebvl Opinion of Grant's Army-Thsy A fleet to Bel lew# It b Mytb-Hlebmoad not Rralrged. (from the Rich mood Examiner, June f.j WtU NKW9. Tbs news la dull tbl* mnmlng. Wo bars noihlng now to report from tbs armies Immediately around Richmond. The (iiuttl ti remains unchanged. Tt I* reported by per sous from the army that Grant Is believed to be moving from the front down In tbe direction or James river, and It is nreaumad mat this is done Willi the ultimate design of crossing to tbe south sld?>. Hut (kit it mart conjeo (Mra, and itwi't prob ifitv be ?om? d 'V? Wore the enemy's pfans ere (ir-lnwi In the meant low the two armies era confronting each other, with tbclr lines only some four hundred yards apait. SOUTH AND WfWT. Ontbe smith side alt remains quiet. The enemv sends evet an occasional shell; but tbis eearns to be the extent of bl* demonstrations. We ate still without any Information of tba nnemy In tbe valley. It f? not known what injury the enemy Mm done in St a tin ton, ana it mi even dnuY.od on (A< ttreet g? Urday whether they had taken the town. ?HtPMrvT or MttPONitiw or war. Yysterdav morning, eleven hundred or the Yankee prl ?onersol war, held <n Richmond, and which have mainly accumulated elnce General tea commenced active opera tiona on the Richmond linen, was sent southwavd, ?n routs for Atnerlc is, Ge To day nos thousand mure of tbs same swt will folfow. Between forty.and flfty of ficers are among tbs Dumber or prisoners forwarded. rSRDINO THE TOOK. While the Ynnkee ghoul* ere making themselves merry, over the suppoeed destltut'on nifd starvation ex isting In our a-mics. the beat er 1:1 micas to the contrary Is afforded by the extraordinary spectacle or the soldiers frequently donating their rations to help leed the suffer - ing. The thirtieth Virginia regiment, Cor-e's brigade, yesterday lumped their entire rations for that day. end sent it, lu Hour, meal, bacm, he., to bo distributed among the poor of Richmond. {From tbe Richmond Examiner, June ?.] nrxGR or Richmond. After alluding to the comments upon this subject In tbe Northern press tbe leading article in tbe Hmamintr concludes as follows:? The citizens, if wo may jndg* by their .quiet Indiffer ence, did not believe one word cf It 7heV h/flxnin doubt emtn'Ke *-rittence of Grant'r army. Grant prove It. Here Ir Richmoua waiting to be taken; built evidently io be tufcoo; predestined to be token, robbed sod burned, ?cording to very hcti authorities And It is clear, alro. that tbe whole heart of a treat and mighty l.atinn, of all tbs m'Khty nail ua tbe tnigbtest, and the boat, Hat been set upon this ichievemcnt. as its hlglieet. bntineas, and holf est mlrslon upon earth. And thero are not wanting easer, eloquent, volunle writers for the public press, of that same people, tiyvt enlightened press qf all creatine, pretesting, affirming and almost swearing, that large and numerous bodies of persons in uniform, wearing buttons, carrying weapons, in fact, what Yankees call armies, worn most certalalv com og tbis way on tbe Brand aforesaid; and tbot Richmond was to consider be reel r besieged, or, for that mutter, as cod as taken There is a very general Incredulity about jlhia whole mat tar. Perhaps it is because we arc now so used to Yankee lying as to act down anything fa'se because they say it, or perhaps It Is that our citl/.ona Dave heretofore read In books about besieged cities, and had the Impression that In sucb cas?npeople could not go In or out; meat or vege tablet could not come to market from the oetintrjv'nl, no matter bow templing tbe summer weather, fUniiy parties could not make pica ice to tbs rural dis tricts. And finding pone of tbe** conditions In the present situation. Ibey say that there is no slegn. The* surmise Ihit Ihe whole story of tbese vast hosts, and tbl* In vestment of a city, and bloody arbitrament of tbo great world o- nftlct of the age, must have been got up. In order to anviia or deluda a convention now aiid to be or em bled at Baltimore. And they begin generousry to doubt whether it be inde-d trw, or wot true a fno days a go, 'hoi tome of th' 'arg-st armirs <i?r embattled upon earth were ad anting with a etlcrUy nmr before knotMl, to dreide the definite of a ron ffnr./ in our etrree, and seal tbe grand charter of hor man freedom In fUme and blood .amidst the coiMlagra tioo of cur crashing dwellings and Rid murderous shrieks or a hundred thou/iand soul* They say, "Booh." Ray there has been no auob battVn In band at all. I.'i Omni prune it. (If he bar any army, let turn produce tt; lot bin prove hU own existence to benlts with. Richmond la open to correction, and la tired of waiting to be taken. It la raiber a drowsy aflhlr, thin li*< in a beaie*e?i city. Ricbmond Ik in danger of falling aUeep upon her seven bins In this Willi and auitrr ?imn?pliare. We fan eon calve of a certain lazy soniuoU-oce which seems to be crushing out our people. SHERMAN. Despatch from Graernt Nhermon?All Well. [From the Nashville Colon, June T.J The following t? e?r .m wiie received in this city yea terd'ijr, about half past three o'clock r. M , ai d kindly furni?bed tie by General Webster,Chief of Staff:? To Goccre! Winerc.a ? We have lured Aitatoora Puss and reached the rail road al this point, seven mile - e.atnf AUntoooa Pass, arid have full pccaeaeloa of all roads root* miles further em to within six mt'ca ot Marietta. Johnston tried to bead us ofT at IkCus, but did not sncce?d Id all the encounter* mr w# had tba advaptago. All Is wot!tl"g wall. You may give tbia publicity. W. T. fflFKMAN, Major General. Ortler by Graaral Hhrrman. Locnvilir, Ky , Jons 11,1161. General Order No. 14, taeued by Gsoar?l Sherm in. pro tiiblte the disinterment of the bodle* of daceaae I officers or enlisted men south of this latitude until alter the 31<T ef ftcpiber next. the rtv'er here fa falling. There are hat three fan of water oa the sboai*.. RE?EL ACCOUNTS. Reported Chaagc of Raie?lair*hrhr menta Thrown (Jp. The latest date? from Atlanta nre to the Oth last. TUcy furnish Ir.tell'geQca or the situation In Georgia. ab Atlanta taper thiu aums up the latest newa from the armies ? The quiet or repose seems to have once tnore settled on our army. Our latest reliable reports state that the enemy bas been quietly intrenching and tortliying his pet-it ion. Neither army Been.* to b: inclined to Interfere with the other's oparatlOua. ti'-ubtl =? the ec. my Infeud to ranUa a ectIra of devi ces, front which be can asruaM the cfirnalva aa he may select be', we are inellued i<> think there le as wary a strat.gtai bafnra them an mora Is on tha oontlueut. Tbay will require sereraly?ar? -if bard digging to intrench by parallel appruacbn to flits city. Ocr army!* reported to have changed it* line, bat aot became of any nr;ency or pushing on the part of the enemy. General Johnston knowadii* buaineesbbait. and If If be chooeta to beep just without t he rtach*?r the ooera r '? ?trong eflenoire line*, it I* because he galas by It and exhausts the enemy. Our brsve sold.or* hat a fought through a eiolot of more than thirty days with a devotion to oer safety the! la uerqepaseed. The country owe* them e debt of gran lude ihi.t caa never be repaid. The Atlanta (bftfedwccy has the roltowtn* ? The Army of Taoneasee still preservao Ue peat IM?, with tv) ladtoatlooa at preesut if a change of bse*. That auch a change may be necessary to draw the enemy fr< in hi* present intrenched porttino It likely. Wtoeo it will be mad* Central Johnston only knows The ooemy name to laka Atlanta; it lafflm* tbay were at It. and time to them now la pracious. Sbcr man cam* to d*fkat Juhnatoa; Johnston a walla defeat We are ready fur tie Issue whenever the God of bailie* Will* It. M A Iedy has recently oome through (be federal tinea <a froot, who etatet that Cental R 5Cralia* I* i* command it Reeseora. H>* received a pnaaport from that individual, win remarked to bar, per parent Am*, that be would bo tit Atlanta in :*aa,tban a was* Very likely, |H he cornea cles* caongb to be captured and U.-s .at not to he shot, i Tit* correspondent ef (h* Appeal write* from lb* front:? No event of Importance ha* occurred hare for arms day*. Kbormaa evince* hie charucterletKj aver ioo cf a direct attack. We have no hope* at present of eurh e desirable occurrence. Flank movements?Pber men's forte?are heard ot on mora 11 has even t>??n coajeclurtd tb* enemy Is falilpg back towards Ftowah river, but tbla \* doubtful. Our cavalry, however, report tbni the enemy la movtog on our right, and tbal bit trauaiortatiou la la a dreadful condition? their borers and mules almost nerving Jackaooa cavalry louod thirty si,audi ned MoClellao tadcPe* st one place The prisoners aaptnrail ?o f?r speak of our ?b*ep?hoot era as tb* most terrible that they have encountered. 1 r >m what wa can Icarw, the enemy lores more meu by aharpebootlng than we do. an'ored Y Gap'ured Tankeee here aotblcg generally but era braad or bard tack and beef la their havnrteckt They seem much surprised to find our boys so welt supplied with ration*. Many of them express tbenreelve* bi.-bly greilled at Uieir capture, taue ''gttlingathem out of the acr*pv," as tbey express It. Night before last the enemy,under the tmpreselon that we were advancing, opened a furious tra from their main line, with artillery ?nd smslt arm*, wbiob we* ripiied to from onr works 'cr ft short time. Our troop* were all randy for an a I task t* a twinkling, but It didn't come. The Rabat Major Oenarwl Smith Ap pointed to Hi* Command of Iko Rebel Force* of Gaorgl*. (I root tb* Hlchmond Fxamlaor, June T.J Malar General O. W. Hmllhvb#e been elected to'he command of the *?ale foroee of i.e.,rile. Gerersl t ralth Itaa * record of di?imgulrbed aervlree la ibe Vesicae war, In the history of tba West Point Mi'i tary Academy and tin tb* Confederate army. Ma cam* hrre from New York at the beginning of the war aid was oemm Ha toned by tha Treat* d 01 M maor ,useful m? the A row of tho PniotnaO. At |n? tiH'IU' <H H v of 11m lie ?t? aw n I In omiini'd (? litMierai oti at for* U4l d.Oere rm% willt itie I'reM dent >od hi lit i villi.*! f I" r ?^n kit IHMnolM.Uid ?t"Oe wiiio'i nine | ? baa been iu charge of the tAowah baa works la Georgia, Ilrbrl 7 air 01 JuueO, ISil4 Tha enemy arestl.l movlnialo wards All Hnooa Hooker's Cirru I mui, EiQh.' Wh-w Weir o?wM.?*i*tta, J corps era lorll yiug the hilia b. letM Aok worth atid At* laan. Heavy ralaa rar tha nasi two d*r*hfcere have mdt the reds alumni impawn!, e for arliuer V, aad reUided lb# atevi aeeo e const sraMy. Home alight sklrmi-ivnf occurred as. V Lead Uoualaa yeatarduj. All quiet tois morning hf Oonu oaarAroa. ATLANTA, A, 1864 Praaa report ova who lea the rout at noo a report luat our array It still aoovlug to.are the raliro. kl.tho n.;tii of the a emy tiavlag already or >??ed uesr AckM*' r"?. end pa ta reported five to ilea eaat of it, iha "Id Hooker'k ooi pa I Allatoonaroad. Geasrai J..bunco's headquarters are weet of Marietta, With our left renting at l/wt Mountain; tta?dee"'w roan mending the right, p ok the left^aod Hoed tne ooi.bre. TbaVaakre cavalry dashed ?to Big shanty a* I*an a'cteek thta morning, and were met by Williams' brt^Wde, who were Oghtiog them whan tha reporters left. BUTLER Attempt to Destroy Rebel Supplies at Petersburg. THE REBELS FOREWARNED. A Large Force, Under Oillmore and Kautz, Cross the Appomattox. Kautz Enters Petersburg and Captures Forty Prisoners. Oillmors Fails to 8upport Eautz, who Withdraws, Our Batteries and Gunboats Shell the Rebel Works, aktq ka. Mr. Charles H. Hsansm's Drapatrhia. BtADqvsatiia, in tub Fiblo, June 8,1884. TuiarrcAttoa cncuanubo. II very thing remains cnobaagea, nod the picket firing on both siUes has eaasad, apparently by mutual consent, mwrora or oca um Oensral Butler was tgaln at the froat to-day Inspecting the Hue of defences. During the last two days consider able additions hare beau made to the number arid strength of the breastworks, forts, rHIu pits aad other defeat:re works on oar front. HiAi>qr<titnMt9,1* tub Fiir?, June 8,1884 "CGHiya STINTS OAST TlliS SHADOWS iiioki '? Lest evening thern wsa no unuoasl stir nraund bead quarter* Staff < ffijert and orderlies arrived and da parted 'lu quick succession. An nndsflothls feeling of expectation was ezperiencsd by everybody. In General Butler's tent n council of w4r was bold. Generals GUI mere and Kautz bad arrived shortly after (unset, and re meiaed In consultation with the Commanding General (or eevarai boura. During tha still hours of the uiptu troops were moved down end across to tha easterly aide of the Appomattox river. A pontoon bridge, seven hundred feet |n length, bad been thrown over the rlvor, about a quarter of a mile below Point of Rorir. n. snant had bean placed*e thick covering of hay, to deaden the eouad made by the troops as they marched across they numbered about fonr thousand, and ware comprised of infantry, cavalry and artillery. Central* Gill mora auj Keats ware in com treed. all sa ret v sen ML Between midnight and two .o'clock tbla arming tha troops crossed aoiselotsly and ?a.Vy. Thry rested for about an b ur, and the a took up their line of tnareb for Petersburg. General Glllmorr, with (he Infantry, ne rs R',:a*ul of oavalry and some of General Hsncc's coo red troops, wss lo enter the city by one of the country roads General Kauts, w.tb bis cavalry, was io enter by the t iropiks at the south side of the city and destroy the iron bridge at that place. If they iound it potrlbls to 1 old the city they were to do so. But the principal oh jeet wss to destroy tbo immonie of govern meat stores st that point. A DIVXSflJ* Oroeral Sutler hid laid hi* plin? for the couture or Peiereburg with great ale 111. (t appaiied a! unit Impossible that tha rxpilit ,oa should prove a failure. The rebels were kuann to here a very respectable three no our front, and to preveot them annoy leg the rear of tt?r column earn m&nded by Generals Ciilmire and Ktuls be n id deter mined to eigiga tbelr batteries. during the whole d .y Wlib that object in view he proceeded to me front .hurtly after tlx o'clock this morning, and remained at the lgn.1 italioo in tbe vicinity of Fort Wuc-oelu dutlng the a bole day. oi a ucsaoxTs had received orders to pay tbelr respects to F< rl Clifton, tb'a la the strongest of tbe rebel works on our front Iur Bring from the On mmodoreJ*erry and other gnnb >iu stationed In tho Appomattox river was beautifully accu rate. Ibe report oi a heavy gun waa beard and In a few ueouda it was followed by a lessor report Me al.eil bad burat rlgbt Inside Ibe rebel works, as tbe wh.te pulT of smoke Indicated. Firing was continued during (be whole day from oar batteries, eel atxe from (be gnu boats. Tbe guna in tiia rebel Fort Ctlfloa re. lied very feebly, and art either of vary small calibre or tbesm munition they ore U of an lufenor quality, fnr not oue in a dotes of thtir ebells came at all near our works sua *naoo*or\o ooraiav. A abort d stance to tbo raar of Fort Wisconsin a signal station ta loenuriaof erection, lilt an immense com bieaiton of p>>s, boards, ro; e? and pulleyt. From tbe top a epleudid view of tha adjreent ocuatrycan be ob tamed. During tbe whole day It baa been occupied by a nuu.her of cOlcera and others interested in tba saccate of the etpedltlou O'saaen were levelled la tbe diroctha of Petersburg, and all waited with breathless microti lor soma alga that Glltmere and Kauta has reached sad ea tered the c ty^^ps shells thrown fram our batteries and gitahoala were from this lookout atatioa sees to buret directly in aaJ ever the rebel work*. After tbe Upoe of a few hours tba rebel guns replied, bet feenly, aed It was very evident that our Ire waa too severe for them. ma uriDiTin*, to faellltata and Insure the success of which ail tha abeva mentioned precautions had hero taken by General Butler, took ep Its line of inarch for r*!?rsburg stoat three o'clock this morning. The rouds were dry aod In cspilel marching condition. Skirmishers wars sent ahead and also pieced on either Bank. Alter,marching uamalM'.edf r about two ml lee General Kaots.witb bia veteran reitiarr, turned sharply off to the left,and General Onlmors, w th a legimcol of eava'ry, tbe Infantrs,colored troops en : sere, ral piecte of srttliery, went to tbe right They were to reunite their fbr-ee ta tba eily of Petersburg. Bui "man propesaa and God disposes." tea iuisr or nance of General Glllraore'a troops waa through a pleasant eoualry. Vegetation of nil kinds grew with the <r at?l luauriaace. Tbe frnlt waa feat ripening on the trees On either tide of tha rend were flelde of wheat, dor r sad grass, almost ready for tbe airkla of the reaper or the mower'e scythe. Occasion illy a bouse waa eeen, from tbe wlndowe end doom of which facer, both while ?n<l black, gared with wondordmt and alarm on the piaalng troop*, large nowhere of quail were started up, and occasional ly a frightened rabbit scampered across Um road, stmatsnisa. tn a abort time a few abate ware ffred at General Gllt anora and bta staff, white riding at toe head of tho column. None of tho ahols, however, took offset. The Genera1 a escort pushed ahead, aod again a volley was Bred. This time one eoldler waa wounded, and several horses wore maimed. Until the column arrived within ehowl two ml ire of Petersburg the ekir wishing coultaued, hut bo large loree of rebeie wa? eeceuatered. I is hoot or rvraasroe?. I On arrlylag within sight of reterthv g Cneerat GUI m'?rp. nc <? >oi|i rated bjr Rrtg^dler General hotter, rrcm OaMerad ibe ?? tiay'a works, and found thai Hsattreg rd, P?r (be da eooe o tne otty, bad ibrown up ? ran t eta bo rate Mil |w feet eorlov a works, A few mounted mm were oidaiod forw rd. whru the foot was ascertained thai iha works ware fully manned and the rebels ow the alert to reoetve our troupe. brum. iNTOLMarjir*. faring One era I Oi tra ?re'a m rob up from the river a worn '<i had come forward with the intelligence that Beau regard had reocived Informal! d of our Intended mov<uMdt aa early aa oh o'clock P. It. oa Wednesday, just twelve ktiiri be'ore our troops l>e,;au to march. Hoe further added that, being la Petersburg oa Wednesdiy for the purpose of making some purchases, the people there advlaed bor eot to return bora# for at loaat forty-eight hours, as ths Yankees wore ootalog up oa Thursday. ws asms is (kk>? oners. After giving lbs subject due consideration, asd connnlt Ing with bis nstl officers, Osserai (I III more decided to re turn to the Appomattox No word bad been received from General If aula and no Srlng bad boos hoard, except from theganboats and the batteries oa our frost. Wo prooeeded at a ?sry leisurely plaoe on our way back to the Appomittoa, aud arrived there safely about Are o'clock this evening. General Oilimore'a Ions, all told, to about tweoty-ftvn wounded. I did not learn that any An Oaths < takes ptsoe. asssaah baots avis nrto raTtwiscsa Gtssrd- KraU, wHb bis tried sad veteran ratdera, about elgoteso hundred la number, rede oomtderaMp ts the south, aod Anally atruck the turnpike loading to Pa terebury. They then rode brf-dc'y forward, and appear to have taken the enemy oooelderably by aurpriao, for they managed te enier the rebel works, and actually penetrated for a abort distance within the city. Finding, however, that General Glllranre and bis troops had failed In the co operating movement, and that ho wu In danger at being eurraioded and out off, a retreat waa ordered. They, however, managed to brlug off with them 0 largo number of prisoners and several pieces or light artillery. Ths destruction of ths bridge waa not effected, In consequence oT the rapidity wltb which ths rebels were gathering la hla rear and en his flasks* , REBEL ACCOUNTS. Tiae James River. [From the Richmond Kn.purer, .lunefll newsier of James river hta been very low aod mnddy for some time past. 1 ho I-land", and prominent ruckt Stand out to b id relief. The Usblog business has been nearly surponded since Beast Butler Ural made his ap pear<tiice on the South Bide. In ths markets we ocas minute buncbea of herrings, cattish and 1,1V I perch,at high pricss. A few sturgeon were shown yes terday and the day before; hut they wero soon sold at high prices. Ths South aide. [rem the lUcbaved Kxamiuer, June 7.j Wnhave nothing new to report from the South side. he troop*' The troops left behind by Butler keep closo watch to tljplr IntrenchmenUt. and the oi ly thing that varies the monotony in camp ts an occasional shelling fruin the gun boats to the river. II is likely that Rut er and hut truofw on the Mouth side are waiting to see the upshot of Grant's moveiaant. Contradiction of the fniprfsossmesst of t.lie Flavor of lllrhmosd. [From the Richmond Sentinel, Juue 6.] Tho report sent by Butler to Now York, and brought hack to us by the*, that the -Mayor of Richmond bod been thrown Iwto Castle Thunder for proposing to surrender the city, was started hers about a week ago, ami had a considerable run amongst the vilhauous old hugs whose husbands huvo gone over to the Yankees, and left them to bo supported by public and private charity; but it never extended beyond that clasH till one of them carried It to Bca.-t Butler. We wish devoutly that they would ail go over to the Re -ft in a body. It would he a very great redef to the trcusury, and enable oa to attend bet'or to the wants of indi/eui families of our soldiers. Ikcy might tell the Beast whatever (luty pleased. The Park Concert Yesterday. Tits concert In the Perk yesterday was very well at tended, and ths drive prosoufd s period panorama of mor og vehicles sad equestrians- In tho rlcinity of the musio temple the pedestrians congregated in large num bers, while the lovers of mors rural felicity amused themselves with strolls along ths Ramble or with a voy age cpon ths lake. Tho weather was all that oonld be desired, and waa even mere pleassat than ou. the pre ceding Saturday. it was expected that the Casino would have been opened at the same time as the muric Bttscn; but al though two concerts have parsed U la not ready yet. Theie must be an obstinate hitot? v-mawhsra-, tor it waa aunouueed as nearly complete several works siuce. ijrcTi'ts sv Carrauv I.vovs j\ Jmtrsr Cirr,? At ths spe cial request or many clli/ecu of Jursev Clly, Captsls W. F. Lfens will deliver bis celebrated lecture en ?? The Irish ?e falls,'' at the I.yoeutu, Grand street, lo that c.fy, ro TMsdiy evening cost, I lib in at. Ths roputailonvof the lecturer and the popular subject of his discourse will on doubt Insure ths same success which the leciurs met In New York. Why la st Ilnndiserc lifer fVrfnnud with PIIAI.ON A SON'S "NIGHT BLOOMING Of RHUS * lite a very angry muU' Beeiure it la ucu ' ilu l incue?ad. \T!iv la rn/.Lf)H ,t jflNs NIGHT BLOOMING CR RKUs ' Use oae ?( I'telan a great b.aiaru c?ra uaf ?*.iu?e H ( ci to *vesy ball. A? And It come to p?--i la lb# reign of A! r.<bam, whoee ?nr name km l.mco'o in inn eighty en.1 e-atfi year of t elt.t aeadrnceof thert'ateaof ABMrioa. that a mighty rebellion iruH In llikt h i 1. AmI Abraham aak! unli> SI-non fi?:n (he Keystone Stale ??Da thou my armor bearer." A'ni Simon d. 1 ?? h? w.ia eom n?r, io.i, and mar?h?l*d Inm ?'??i boats of young and ra lent Wi ;rt ira from lb# Kaat? ? < en fietn the kaanVbeir. froui 10 i .? tbo i-.res'. r * ?: Miaai*. nlpp'. and rr' tn beron'l the R By Mounialoa: from "vrrv 8'*m called h? some; ami beuig of lun tmd ? htiso hair curled 13 'l a liule they aald. ' Tb i<.r who hare r ?eu agaiuet ?;* ore onward*. an 1 whoa tbey heboid n .r banaert-tbcy wi.i iuiely iud;'1 toil they tfidn'L trd i'.rsxe'n p**?. tbeee twa-tn ghiy armies went forth to fight on the n'.aina of M*u?atas. And SI non'e men. though va'iat.t and Brave nre-e aron'e hii' and ihl 1 . s/ u aa 'bitta.ii thai tbey hur;.ed brillually ba; * t Iran on A m a! am ? ' oaom A'.d man . wore alaia. but more irer* womb Irsl. Then (bete -aa treat eomxotlvn tblrotigtiortr 'be land, ?r.d Ab ra Uam raKe.t uiOiol tii oo the wl?" raen iin.l men of abill to aare ihe f.-k mit|r? new ktrot.gth unto 'he wounded And In 1 here aroae In toe North oua Drake, cunning in B -llrina. I in of iireediug : iodesty. And e h.-ti Abr 'imi a"d the pern's bohe'd the wooderf ii cire? vrhieh r are by Drake. Ab-whnm eald- "Mr ch i 'reo itiwl nehaufl'ar; me lu <tr>ak ta drink, and f Will give ligi natne." And eo tbranam drauk. aad said there ?i< nothing like It. notereti In Sangamon cooaty; lba? It was hirer lo the lip* but good f'ir ice slomai'ti; aid i^cauie there mrobit'or t me* ia Gtthtiugaue rnaatorao" the plaulainRts, h ahall for es-more be-ailed I'.ontat.ou Bitters; and o It haa been. And ihe wonderful work wbirk ii has perform-"! la wit eearrd at ihta dae In every ton n. par ah, vitiate and hamlet where the habits or -irM ailon pro!?- dyspepeia. wb?re war oreae* aieideht* hii.I where eliruate or eipoeure dew trnrs atrengsh and appttde. And he *a\1, " it be procla mad throughout 'he length and b fttdih of the la id, uoin Ibe r?lle*i and moontal* ?op? 'ba? a.t who snl'er frnm fever#, dysi e" a. teak-ee lose of appetite nerrons hredeobe and mental deapnede.a' ?. id relief rid (nil irurf through lie lan-von H .'ers. They add moe to the atomaah and lirill aocy to the nvnd, of whn-h f, O pe p'e, am a hrlua aaampte " aad !>rjie did as he was entntukii'led. and got b.ui a plem In the great o!<T of New Turk: aad s* it any as ratno In ant* hi to were healed aod went oit their way rejoicing. A Uatjr of Trlamphi Now awav ye naueeoua miora' Mow avir ye leeih of hiacknetet Now away re gnmt ?o J ellow I'm released fr tp bring deeth' Oh' whai .parki ng it,tv whltene?w oh' whet health ' meettke beauty! Ob what deMrate undying! Kden perfume Is my breath! T'ranka to thee, thoti atiht'e art I at Who. from Sonne a treat alemH-, Diew the sweet ,aag looked (or aerrCtl W n so g erioua a wreath'. I wilt flgit iieneatli tht banner, "do od ?dl" up '0 tt tleam nt. In large letter*, g. (den. htetrndf Tyrht te'canae I'm not afraid to Show ' a wor d n arms ? mv lesihl NoM by all Drutgi ta and ."erfnmf r. dad br It At.L A RDCKM'. Proprietor* tiSOrdeanwh attest. New Vera. 7b reata a battle. Aathmat anil Djretiepel* Cured twlftinnt fait hy Dr MAMRAUn mj lead way, rieura 'niP.t A Rettutlful rampUilon.^lmlrd'1 Sloem of Youth anrt>*??ea e?er*'hlng far p.ewirring and b>aoiifj'ng tbe itmnp e?'jo aad aula. *S' Breed way aad druggSau everywhere Art lfl< I nt Lealhsr bagt and Rsppatteti of Daale #' patent are mane.v tni?d at SA3 Hudaoa streeL Far leaiiraoma a, Ac., addieaa I*. na?i? a A Co. All PVrniera aad Dweller* t'pnn the farm landa of Amerha are larlted to leal the e.nccrity of the rollueiag teatimeaial Raw Low U I . dunet, lUd. S. Sra'k'It n?Dear Sir ?Yon wilt for-* ard toe, acoordtaa to my sn .ual ei.stooi for the a.t eight years, ooe est* r a," whtoh I ilea gn fur tnr faml'y 'fren'h Cu-nae llultra,' lie, as I *. oceire it lo be?aad my aeithbore jula ahbua i In rry nptni-n?the moat gratefal ana ei etcioua prrreat liea *nd rr.nedy I 11" been aiels I i find tr r atud*. china, feveta. didrrlpea anterair Mar ? mpls n? ttiehleniol toa farmer ? te.' It la the only medlme* 1 tneos ra> rremlaaa, and I rnrdtally fee runtrad It to arery raltlvaior or ibi ?r>tl, be it is her,- it way, aa a hi n.aaiea t remedy which no hue bandmaa auau.d he withoel. Your'a, to. uti. i<tm v i l*i STh VURS U VASDBYBKR. The "Frrr,eh Cernae Bitters' a-e a >ld by tha ante agent and mpm ,er H. HI K.1RFKLD, 70 Naawu atreet, New Yvrk, a b ilesal g aad telddL A?* tminlun.-Dr . butlier br.'i Painlaai Wh gs Filling, beautiful and dnrahle aa gold, ?l half the aa P'.nae. ?* haal twenty aerend aireeb Astdroee tn Cinnhere.-I'nlieh A Roue, Vc#,sebsem RmAkW* ?. reraored fr on Broome etreel to Vri Hrondwav n'sr Fnerth timet. Wholesale and retell, PipetVui te order ead wysHI i Crlafnrlore'a Hnle Myr, Pr*tefyaa'1T, end wig Denot, wholesale and retail?Rt, | AAo^gBouadt th.? dsa AMtuod by skilful art ate. HAIL8 FOE THE PACIflV The In ||^ ?com* 0* V^.?|uM.Tk, Advance mm KiOfewoiHl-The Victory |n (tla |?t imi.ttowla VnHijr-Hmn front Htrt?? Ac., Sf. t he mill uMaKMbip OAH Queaa Oaputit Tinkleovag*, trill leave thta port to morrow at noon for Atom wall. 1b? malic tor Central America and ino i-veun lamia will close 10 morrow morning at half-peat tan o'clock. The New Vok* fUntALO?Kdiltontof the Pa<lik?wm M ready at half i>aal nine o'elo It la HBtoorMng, ami w?g onatain a fall at-count or the m?rcm?nia or Cnuerm Sherman'* for era la Georgia, eocomrunlod Or a May showing the aoaooof operation*; full detaila of the opar atloaa of tha Army of the Piteiain, lo thair adrnieeow Richmond; An Account of the Plotorr of General Hunter In the Shenandoah Valley; The letect oewa laom Ocoarff Holler's Ikepxrlmeat; Important aewa from Karon* Soor tio| loleiiGeaoa, aad aii other areola of the paat tew ityaor Importance. Stogie eo|ilaa. In wrapper*, ready for mailing, aid I Murray, K I ly At Co.?P ?v(,? Ky. Raireoar, Kktiu OlaM S75?June HIWl 72, 75, 24. 31. :t, f,i. 41. 22. :j3 , 62, $a, 14 Kaatooar. Oittt m.j ut II. Vlt. 14, 31, 23, 4.1, 72, II, 21, 51. All, IA, i, 46, ? Z. ?. Hlmwoit* A Oit.? P tvinytnta. Kf. diKisr. Birai Obtlt t/9?fun* II, ivil 61, 17, 44. 10. H. 1,1. :i , '2. 11 7"., If. 10, Tit Octal Inna II, IMk. 17, 32, 34, 10, 3ii, 75, 61, 7s, 6, 67, 63, 74, M? a ?Trance, IC?m M G lit ? effort. Uantnr. Rtrat Ol*i* l'1-.Juee II. lilt 25, 41,66, ?, 16, 60, AO, 61 32. 8, 21, ff. <? ,a HI?Juna II. Hit, 16, 49, 63, M, In, 58, 66, 41, 40. 35. 37, 2?, TS. OffIclnl rtrewln ri In ?h-lbr Cnilrer ??nu> tery furnished by HI.HMO.VH, ROORRff A < :o? Nm* far* Poet once. Prl?a? rallied In All !??'(<? lize t l,<ilM? rleaaod Information *lrru. 0 Al.LATHS A IIKSJ Afflk Broken 910 Chestnut atreet Philadelphia Price* Cnalaerl in Ail i.ej Hunt r,?t|o riaa. C. P. JOHNSON. I4? I'rlnw *trtoto|# IxHwana L*ui?<ia and Womitir. botterf Tlckafa Cethed -infurmatlea glrou. JOSEPH BATB', Broker, II Wall ureal, room Ha L Royal Havana lottery.?4JJ Par Caat premium paid for pri7**; Information funtaked. ThrMgh etl rate* pad for Doubloon* ami all kind* of Hold and ato rar. TaTLOU a CO., Banaere, Id Wail atreet*M. K Order Camphor for Mottle. ?old by alt druggiat*. Mi>le l>r HaSRIS a CU ATM aw. Boatao. DetfaaM, Impaired Sight, HOI8E9 IN THE HEAD, CATARRH AL AVKPCTmwS IN THM THROAT, CHROHIO "FaTARRH. CATARRH OP THE ~Tr?l?ANrt? MfTDOCt MBM8BANR. OBSTRHTICONQ OP TUB BChTAOHIAN TUBS cur's D. CRM* BTB BTRAIOHTSNRO IN OWW MTNPTff, "And every dtaeaa* of th? Rrr and Per re?ol?'n ? ?'?car rnrdiral or anrij'cal alii -allonded to hr Dr. vl>| '.Ittf BRRO. al hie eonentting room* BW ltro?.tw?f, uai Twelfth airee'- _ ' llr. Mwratinli'a Cn*nrrt? and Hredaehe HnuT le an agt'oablr remedy for oil i!t?ra*r-i of t??e It open* and purr** out all ohelrurtuma T he aanfn lion* alter nam* It are d?'l*ht ul and Ineluo'-alln;;, and tha iel:ef3iiimedi&te. Sold by all diagram r^y it piegonal darki, 115. Welkin* C;oata? 118 to tlTll. White duck Ve?t? f. Pummer rioihln* ? CLARKB. IH and 114 WlUiant alraaB Oeafnrn. Catarrh, and nil T>laenaaa af Ilia Rar. Throat and Alr.rar?a?as auncewfuUy irealad Iff DBS. IiKiHTHiLLi. 31 Ht Mark'a olaro. Right Cnrtra (le VUite for II -Praaff ?hiuvn In liremln'Ueo. al TAlT'g, ooruer of Curtiandtaaff UrersswtoU atreeu. Rrttpflona, Preeltlei, I'tmptee, Tea, Runbimi Kladi W rm-and all Rkin nnforialHna enred hjr OOURAUD'8 Italia;, Meditated Boap, at hts depot. Hat ?? Broadway. R. Meadra, 045 Rroartway.-Wrndaff C!iO',?'aia la recommended to peraona of dallrale l ea'tb hy Ma benedoent nonr ah-m/ una nun. The relrbrntert CbOWa* Bonbon*, wet r?pu'ed for tbelr esee lent taete aixl flaewe, are prrferab'a lo any other candle*, wnlcb are only tajae rloua lo tba Laaitb. Pop Branllfylng the Coinpiealon wlfhe n"l ln|urv to the akta. ladlra .boo d uae* f.KWRM BHRI.'A PA*T1t.l.KH DB Pt-OitllSCK It I* no *?? n etlc; It fa a pl?a ?nv. coo tut anbaittula for ?u?p; u>anaa? and pnrtfaa the Rkm. and bratowa a bealiby Sue on fha Cori.pleitOD. remove* Tan. Ri neai, P'mplas k-. and roe P.ryalnala* It la au tufallit ie rriueiy. Fir aaln a*. driggMab ai'd MM itr adwa*. CAUTION?Noue are genuine without Ibe e'vnamra. 0 JLEW ETIBKBQL Orovrr A Bakrr'e lllghrit Prrmlwna e'aeim et'lrb Hewln* Mach'ne* 4V0 Frnmi-ray, Nair Torek and "39 Fallon airret Brooaiyu. Oenrand'i I'utadre Sahlll Cprdefi TTwfw from lowforehei la or ai. r part oftheboti .-; 31; warraaied at hiidepot, 4M_Tro?dwty. ^ ftrorer A Rakrr't Ce'tbraird Rrwlaa Varhlaea 'or *al? a* b.Vi Proadwer. uMr Ttrenlr .round a reef. A 'o. Kmhml lerln* :?r*irltn< an I n rr, d~ ct uiv.a of Vi"'ine Sew In: dun* In the led tr.noer Macalaea v. ith '.prrator'. aent to famlllr* by the <1*7 or aa k. Itlg'irat f'rrmlam Liek S'lieh letvlag Maetnnaa. WltF.ELER A WILSON. No. <TT5 ItmaJway. ?*IIep tlejealy" rUainpng-tr?THe Tlnj *1 WI to if EogUnd. |l) per ra?? A'tor Julr I, tfl *,e. Vf lir.NRt WaRD d/E; lanuei " If Vaa Want to Know. &iv.. Head MROICAb COMMON 8KNBB, A e"r!o a book for eurtona t>?oo e an I a rood book to rvry one Prior 4. 91'. t'.i W ix.l ata. a \?t Jty.U Una 'enta u' 'na mailed free. A idroaa Dr. r. 3 for. fK. 1,139 Broadway, H. t. Lyom'M IVilo'tiertl TIU! <73F A r FE^l W.K rkoclator. A refna lineally prtptred 'I '11 preparation, 'today l!iw> IMof JOIllt (,. LIOM, V. fl , Nfw Haven. Co>nrttlei% will b* found to i-a an InfaMtiU ren-.eif for alt Irr??gn1*rt t'aa and much bailor than any femal* pit'.*. powd*n or oao truma, lu popularity ii ludlee'.ad jy th* vat* of 25 bat tle* tn a.i month*. ItUaafa at all tin.ta, eicapt whon *?? P'caal/ ior'uiJdoa la the direction. thai accotopMf aaafk Irittta Fold by dr flat* everywhere. Pyjo, 91 p?r n^ttla. 0* It ran no obtain ?1 by addr*a?ing the f oeral agool* afc Jlog for pca'.ag* 60 oen'.e additional. C. <1. CUP.K A CO., >ew (farao. Coan.; OKI .11 KM KM A CO., Jt fart For~W#w Ta h. (ic. oral l>aill*a, Attention 1?Kiu tin*. Aap. *l 'tli, flee cent* per yard. FKESrit Ft "TIRO <?r>"A? FaNY. '3f Brtulaa.', between T eaij 't and Twa aocoad atfeeta, up alalr . Mod am? If 1 uu wbh to ?? I't one eomprebenalet labtoaa AI.L Till', SI *' Kfl kTVLRS of Parlv, Loudon and New York, .a Cfl I LOSER 'S AMI M HHKt' K A SOY STRAW HAT*, thnra la but on* p'ae* wbrr? Uey at a all gr ruped la a a grand cipnaltliin, and that plate l? OKNIN'K SIT ((ROADWAY. It It* Fronal >u* l?i ?er ail I 1 t- t nmrtu*. than any O'.hnr ratal'. n*t Eatab. >bra?.v in Mil? <->?n try OEMS, 611 U.oad PaargAtlow, Pnr||atl*n, PargatloB. Th* onforconiAat of UU math d of cut*, hjt DKETH'd riLId la alokneea. fua ared hundred* of **n<(a *f l.rML Kvrry day cuovart* a .-a mada Kryaly ?f r*ry Malignant character, cured almpty by their uew aoA fvmeata.'.on t of not w >l*r An mania: to a. or *f two y*M?<y Heading. wbleh had matted all other meant. wae sTealf* ally remoeed by laaa than a do. on boiM. A dUlliful' Aad g*rt. eman *a< (Iran up to d o by all* phyalulana whogmid b* co'tld not recover. Bat Brandrtlh'i Pit * wara, ihaa g- aa, four etery hcra. Alter t:?a foot th t> argon m change t*>ok placn, and a :o p o of boiraanrad hi-* parfnet 1j of a opnitlpwtloa which would hara bean ht? doa.h. Rw faraoea, with plaaaura. at prlnrlpal alf or. BRARARKTBW I'll,I.A or* tua tnrat Inn went. wi? l/j7they aro tb* moat car ta n. mr.linlna known. Pltixcif-gtb OYKtCB, B'ltsO HETlI IIOOSB, Saw Yara F ,14 ,'*> a! Ka. ? tfnlm aq .are; Philadelphia. I* Sorlh Kl|hth atroal. and by ail r^ apettabla druggiata da* thai it. Bran itath ?* *a th* go?* amnion! atamp Plcaiant Hal of 1 nun B?f ntoBAwTod ean go *T*ry fl.o tn tr ittA* to, Mnr> ?n *. Trwtnooi owd Ki.tdnam by tha n?w ? 0,,a ratw?j!r>jt Har atn brum , thiough th* meat dai',gi;;f, 1 ?ration of Wcaichaau* aouniy. Traaanro, Kl Aa?lo Morhlrgi, .kr. ?Ilunlt A CO.'S Radical 'Cur. tr.a* O...on oot. at Ra. ? Yaaar a.roaA Lad . attandaar Voaitiff Men Who Ara Rot Y a* DorWcf , a 'if* ir m.iii woold do w?ll to coti<% I Phrwan egy, bp 1 t'.a.m-r aarn wlul th?y can :r 'e l. E- "?V <*??! y b?**?"rfc 'VWKIR A W.1.I.S, V? Hnwdwap. VlM. Tatifart. ???!? Ore, Mtair Dyilkf and d/da"* rj-m. f?w ?ha Balr. V A BATf.Hbt-Urt A I* B?md atraot. _ YVIidor'n PAiaot "????????[ , Th* boat PWrproof Haifa to Ua warM. Oe?*l ? which ttoo I

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