Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1864, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1864 Page 8
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HOtRB<, ROOMS, ?c.( TO tFT. VtVsW BRlun lO*.-Tt> BKNTOR LEAKE CRT A h-lgt la. tn Htn IV n part n,?t lbs fetry. aevor*'. ^?k u tmj? w VlfMti Item ,u iw>*V* d laa ?l*>* I or Mteeiure about 2U ' feat i-paft. rmrjt^ia r( Ibrn tea room* %?ch with water, gaa tub*, dumb, wa K'<S |Mti<?vi and other aonventaoaMi W'l adoi>|A A to'?A 'aa?rl?m s fine tMIIIM f?l b,*li *Gt.te? a 4 ??..> mer moderate ienur and goat nelgj b-thawi, yew it' - -ur ?I i t peitootly haa'thj , INMIl o.M V* MMtMN4 ?ardrnore, aartm? "5 boat tu .1 minute* From the city, .rout fat* t? It V P M. apply to Mr. HAy.ll.TuR. on Ins pre agdbev cr,al ITS Broadway, loom U. A FLBARANT FRONT ANBKtrit ROOM OR THB A Mown oar fumiatavd. s?RJt chiosta, hath, gad. A* to let to mug's gentlemen Hjputr or eeptrately. without p?nl Reterrnwse,ehsn^l. 285 Vfe-d NiRotooath >lfoet 4 OOTTAOR HO Eg* N 8AT1.Y PORNISHtD. TO leaf.-rt'ies notrnna Ni grenade In beautiful or fir; ftmt h'.uo .Bidni i*? eua<v6v_ri?a: ??tor good; In hra th?. a id ngnt ?*> iKw furthor P*rticiil?r? i to y|i?a it. Jenkio* >1 franklin it., t oupbkeeevie. A a TVO DTORI *W? BA8R*R*r FURNISHED COT A tagn, on Mit etxlh street near Ruth avenue. to let un. 41 K.\y> iber t wth Immediate P a?vj? on.fprf I#) oaah, oaf#' i rui fly advowee. DAY tOlMfil 3IT Fourth av. a FIKC FEONT PtRLOR, BEDROOMS ADJOIRINO, A fi.rn'i' ed *4 untarolehed Rnama Ortlrea and BtncHon to tot a' . run way .hatha Ac. fcaiuioisoe rejuired ?. BENNETT room No. 7. | ABKOKPTTOV ROOM AND SM tU. ROOM COR. ? ctihi; to : ?!-to ni* ed or unfurnished. to a gentle. objui, a h mi honed, at .KM Meat Tweulietk airool, opposite ThcO r.icai jw.uiiaary, ? ITPTL FURNISHED ROOM, CONTAINING Alia the .to Vrn impi.venientl, to let to apeulleman, with. t> lb> rd in a private family Appl at 23 Ninth street, ?ova cu tutu and a avenues. References exchange 1. An ami rioanlady ha^onbortwo furnished K. -ouis to let. to sing o cent omen, without hoard; rooma an aeeo'td <>or. handsomely fnrulahod, opening on a lar_e hate ny house lies a'l mode1 n Improvrmen's, In a dealrahlo 5-esd'eu; no other gentlemen. Addrea* Hra. If., Union equate Post ofiice 4 ROOM TO LKT-fO (INK OR TWO SINGLE GEN A t > men. on the aeeon I 'loor. neat v fnrnlahed, without Board In a ijiH. t honae; no cl-t tfren or boarders. AH im prove out -. A; p v at 27 Amity street. ARKSTVURaNT AND r.ILUARD ROOM TO LET-IN a bnaine.8 localRv: a lerv rare cbanen; bihl irda a one o.vnxpan e?: bar and matanrnni all peoflt. *p|i y Im ? ?? dhateiv si Kranhfort House, oorner of Frinlclort and Wil liam str eta APt'RMRHBD nni'RK. NRlf AND COM PLETE, TO let ? e tu?u n Thirty fourth street at a rem umbo price, fot the imlin t m the year. Apply to J. H. MOOW lull a Pu iitb aveoue, near, i want,.third streeL ArnnNiaiiKO noraR to lkt-at tarrttown, on the Itidaott. a short dUtatme from csra an.l steain hoat<: has t fieen re-itn-. all the modern Imrvorernrnt' and about one acre of good land la d out In garden sr. i lewn. fr't't. Ac Will be rented fnr the summer montha. K i.i flM par month A. MMBERSOW. 121 Ktglith-arer.ue. Bar, tarlrs. ice or- am. PRrwr and otster stun is to t s. pintely or t-icetlier. In the iargc?t grave ne.r the city; Stu.O U to Sib 000 can be cleared thia ao-sao APtiy t" KOh'U A CO., 13.) Front street. fTOl NTRV REPIOENCE TO MIT-FURNISHED COM. Aipletr e tth cvci thing read for Immedtnta occupation, losat-d h ahott distance from ears and ateainboats at Tarry, loan, on ti e HnCaon. houae has 10 rooms; flrat class fur alt re, nIce tar len choice frnit, fine view of Hie river, large library, etiliahle fo- a rler.-t rtian. Will be rented ton an ert lan.lli for the autiimer Possession Immediate. Kent fltt'O. 8. EM HEREON, 421 Eighth avenue. 0OUNTRY RKSinENCE TO LET?WITH IMMEDIATE pos esdon, 1 >cated one mile from the ears and steam boats, at Tarrttotvn. on t c bank* of the Hudson. House now of n r oms, marble mantels; a full view of the Hudson: some two acres or and; natch"orhood axcellent, *? to schools, ehurvho . >c. Kent $800 pur annum. E. KMBERSON, 421 Eighth awonM. FCRNISUhD HOUSE TO LET?WITH ALL THE modern Improvements No 49 East Setenty-thlrd Msaet, between Levlncton and Fourth avenues, near the Oan'ta Park. Rem Sinn per mnath, In advance. Apply on *e premtaea, for two days. House and furniture In line arder. TOURNI81IF.D ROOMS TO LET?WITHOUT BOARD, A* In a pleasant locality, ten minutes' walk from the tarry. Apply at 112 Wayne street. Jersey City. ftDRNISIIEn ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD, TO LET? ? To single genllemeu on y, In a small private famlfv, at We ? Twenty tlrst atreet; gas and bath; location good, mmti convenient to cars aud stages. Terms moderate. Furnished rooms to lbt-to orntlemdn. without t oard. In a private family, at No. 5 Washington Tsrroor Hob. ken, two minutes' walk from ths ferry; refer *ss isqiilred. TTaNDSOMELT FURNISHED ROOM8, containing JJ every eonveulenee, to let, to gentleman, at No. AO West fisteenth street between Fifth aud Sixth areauea. Refe Mnvos exchanged. OUSB TO LET-NO 184 EAST EIGHTEENTH streeL Inquire on the premises, or of B. H. LUD A CO., No. 3 Fin# street. OU8E8 TO RENT-BY B. H TATLOB.J PINB ST. Bast 19th street, near 4th avenue furnished.....$2.in0 ?t 73d a,reet near 4th event] e, furn'shed 1.200 avare place, near Broadway, furnished 2,400 TBt ISth street, near At avenn v unfurnished 1,100 irth avenue, near Everett House, unfurnished 1,8.8 SOP8E TO LBT-THB TURKS STORY AND BASE ment House. 4AA Reonnd arenas. The owner nod liy will inks the rent out In board. Lofts to lrt.-two loftb to let, 25170, for light manufactiir ng purpose*. Inquire on the pre Woe . southeast cornet of Thirty-fourth street and ~ ?tonus. VI* HOUSE TO LBT, $10 PER MONTH: kU STORK IN to lei for $6 per month. The house has five rooms, Juav flatsbed. large yard, vault, Ac., well calculated for a newspaper atcr?. sl.ustrd at 13d R ghly atxth street, two doors wen ol Tb rd avenue; or the house and store together eery cheap tn a good tenant for years. For further particu lars call at FOUNTAIN'S India store, 818 Brood Say, or aa Ike promises 1 ? R OOMB TO LET? At Mljfc Second ixnut. Bp endld looutlon. Call before X) A. M. or after 1 T. If. JOOMS TO LHT.-=ONE OR TWO OKNTLPMRN. WILL \ ia| to l>at a reaonnab e pa.ce for superior aocommiHla an? can bare handsome ly furnished Koonn, without oarl. tu a a naM private fam It. oocui ring a modern built euae In a pleasant and demrab'e location, where the com wts of a mite' home may 1* obtained. lioua- convenient > tb-eond. Third or fourth avenue eara, and Broadway and dghth at<eat Una ot siagas. Addreea Home, station D, Bible IOOM8 TO LET?FOR RTORAOH OF FUBNITURB b or other foe-is at *78 Bowery. O. MAILLER. tJOOV WITH STEADY FOWRR, 18 >X50?LOFTY. XV wel UgkP-d entire length, and others of all a tee, to let lew, la ns? but'ding Inq iire corner of FraPktlo and Elm ?r corner of Oelancetr and Mang n streets. STATE It ISLAND?A COTTAOB FLRARANTLY Lo cated. w-.tb three Lda of Ground, fruit tree* hear ng, Mil ? I water. All uti put In ro ptrt ? order. W thin Ave niputea walk of u e Undine. Kent tS'>' to May. 186V I?. R. HITCHCOCK A 80S. So. ? Wall at., baement. Steam tower, hear broadwat ? nos. ss and 85 I'nnro atr.-et. To let. <ar.a Kooma, with eUre light, iwer Sie'tm. Ilolstway and Heating Pipes A large Ba-e aaei.'. in aau.r building, Wain) (est, lighted with aEylights. Apply to E C MOORh on the premises. CTEADT 8TKAM POWER 1 TO W HORSK.-A LAROB. t> I jh' Kom and Eaaera-nt oa Canal street, sear broad way. Inquire of 1'. J 1M8LKY, engineer, lull Wo ker at. S* aTRN ISI.AND ?TO LET. FART OF A FCRMRHF.D House commending a fine view of the lay. and only . ftf itnutae' waia from lira ferry, ffi l-t to a smell private faml* or toe pent of B e r?r six aent-eieen. Inquire at el'hniogrpph c oa lerv. c-ruer ef Bay sod Grant street , apk usv lie Maten Island. rLET-A Ft'RNJSHBD COUNTRY RESIDBSCE. for he summer month*, with t> ante 1 garden, l<a tinea >it. at Meant K *?o <0 mi ea from New Votk on Bdeoti B rer Ka I road. For Information apply to ISAAC Oak 1 K v T- K cvai otl.oe, Second avenue, eoruer af Twenty B oth at -eat r LET?FOR TBP. BKAAOIf, A Pt'RtUSHRD COT taee, pie ?:,nt?y altusta' on the Hudson two miles ?(>| h 'wou'g. App y to Commodore BELL, Navy New Tors. rLKT?tTRNIBHUD HOURR AT TARRTTOWN. eoviplnte about three acres la lawn, garden fruit of bin ia tniuiedta'e p.,Ion given for lour or five B>oaih< ten mtautos* " alk frum the depot. Inquire af EKLNoN iOWKI..Trk?t Agent, farr>lowu depot. fPO LET?AT 8ARATOQA BPRINOR FOR TUB KEA 1 aen. a uawly furi.abed llo a? mi U'oedway. For par. (tenia a a.lornaa Drawer It, Saratoga Kpr nga. rLBT-FIRPT FLOOR NO. ?? CEDAR STREET, bet V e I. the I'OAt I# fVre and Broad v*y, 7f. feat deep, Ce gtrab e for fiaapclnl or any nieirantile busio.aa r %? I.RT-TO A QRNTLKM t V AND H IP WIFF, OR ts. a small fa n !y, wai t >>fa lluu-e. ?ith all modern Int el ? uis; I t-a- m rerj rauie. C.laiou street. B.ooa iwteacD Ikird and Fourth places. rLRT-A FINELY FDRNrsriED HOlTAP., WITH twi ?t-.-ea o' land ahrui ber?, fruit, tswere and fego tarles: eLa. ei*< roe. Ci y Hail aeree minute. from Repot. Poe watei view -i<.if!N FOTfR, Broker. S3 Rearer afreet TO * FT?gn tub kfa 8 I ORE. Pof'TH RIPE OF a a fen i - si, 1 at f'rfi e-a a.y a r,-i. Uuuea, eeataln ag II ns in r is eti i , ? ? o our. : de-Pcd; pa-dm el. in Pa-.r? vf a.i? a trillt. ?a rlage heuss. au. . e. Ac : boating, ?a tuny *nd nabing at tba door. Poruilta of A. JOUA ?mv, >? a pit- street TO Li I-Fact.^IT. WITH OR WITm#tTT 8TKAM 1 oer Id Wast Thlrt -even'h street; i, at fl vir. gji tt taot, sr. iirkb-u enttahle f,?r reanefa lur.egoe other y?.ri-.?- t?i c fAKflfdOK f Fruut street, ui oawrutp. or sweaiag m N -at l .ftesatk street T? LET-a nmatui furniaiied room, to onb m i? fiPmn, with-ut b ard , gas and path, in (aim at M Urate at- Mt TflI LfT-rot ANT LbGHT BURINF.RN A LARGE ft*#* K >#tn,## to ^ ?.or, r?>rri^r of T???f?lf |mhhi4 m#F#? #nrt ? .i# ?T'r,u- (if |ir#t(i?iriiv R^nl !#??*? Aep t in ADaMc a c j., h 8 Bruwdaay, near Tuaayr third ?? LKf-A FOrR "T'lET Mt'iKff STONE TfOLSF, J w h ? I II e wurdrrl Impr an a on ih. oorfl, aide Fen easts stre.-t ttr I b'.ua. -w,i of Hi>th avenue R-nt H.Wl loquiee of II. O No ? llannver street ? Ml LFT?TIIF LARGE HOCar ??| KKflOMR mTiiEkI A foot at It I; aaUahle far ? hule'. ?r boerdlag bPEbp, It ? ta con". et<.oraor i o?seaa on |iv?n famodistoty. Appl* F* iIiAAHO A DEI! A RENT. ? BrxMsa i om ? r. LRT A For R STORT RROWN v'f.'NR BoraR, *'*rT iruwt-.-a lintirovemsut n rtb Mi* at fur!*. gagnth at'0>>t, (.rev o "Me w.-t of S|?ih aren s Kaot II uO *F 'fie. f> b. HKasug. ?0 . If an., (l atrial I P.MOON M | Hana-ai (tray e FtNR COUNTRT RRATR. ON R OF s fsL. a a<*eT ? Tvea acr- a. attuaied at, 'amat-a, J _ "T." *1"' PI ooi Ptiild'ogf' im i edv wp"0 M1?X ** PLLIOlf. 19Cedar a "est. 1 H> LRT OR FOR RALR-a LABOR. COM FORT a RI flauae onnla e ng stne i?.-n.; .n |n rm| order B - - - '?# ~?i in if i omfi oaraou sod sera a ar ma Mount Verona doom b I an' Nen Ifaves Ms. ,?.a, -ar, ileeteoh e .. N il " r?-o; ?-r? Oeotroh e Ar #e ?e .Of Tarpon lime. art., n ft. LaWRFRCR bam Mr wear, IB Weal Tpin.ti.iMi smml iioiiMKf, itiMiam ate., to tliT. T'O R5N r- CC'MTHIf 8 iA 18 AT FLUSHING NKW to? >i. .???? ?* * vi i? I ; ?b iK<oi'C< ot f nit I ^ie . n'lul'ic alwwnrtl Una .Ituat out for Mia 3 * Ni. Clun lint ruiuill.? rf?P RBVT-^aKT OR HOUSE NO. M WHIT TWBNTT r third irarl nluittUti; ?f Kiotl mil Hack Parlor* IB -..Mi sw? # >ii , <?' e tor with three ltoo,n In tie tlilrA sio.y Apply < n i p.-t.uijes, iroui 3 to 8 P. M.. or aidrenr, boa 5,736 foot o CJO. TO RBNT-FURNI8HRD, A LARGS ROOV ON at n l o<>r n o m,?tern I ?1H bou a, ona bi''rfc_froio Fifth Avenue hotel. Alem o single Koota for two dAllVrn. 1b |U re ot 78 Weat Iwcolj saveuth otmot. TO LET?UNFURNIHHF.D. WITH FIRST CLA88 Board, a large, Ima-lsoine (teoond story KrfWl Room, newly iioiore.l on J VAlnled, lo reapeMaVe and wspon.lbie pniUe*. ot 38 MftA.sireet Alto on AtAic Room. rl.l.T-T'1 FINISHED. THB FYRST FLOOR OF AN I'tifoV Monro, to a gentleman ond wlfn, with pr Tlloc* .>r range in kitchen: house ha* all mixfVrn Improvement*: locution pleasant; mnt mrderaia. Call for two itayt at IV1 Woat Twonty seventh street. TO RENT TN '.I ROOKLYN?IN A FIRST CLASS, pleasant neighborhood, convenient lo all the cars sud fnrrit-a the So -end Floor of a ne*t thrao storv collage, con. ol.ting of two l*r*e airy room* and tm-l bedroom; oat and water Rent low to a good tenant without children. Ad dress H. W . bet 140 Ilera'.d offi-e. rmro labor, handsome rooms, furnished or J ttnfnrnleh?d. can be had, without board. In a first clan* brown 'tone Kugll h baoeiuent house: larally small and strictly private, Best o' references required. A only at 1(4 West Thirty.fourth street, second houoe weal ef Broadway VERT NTCKLY FURNIRHKD ROOMS FOR SMALL families or single gentlemen, with gas. Cr" ton water, and a 1 conr.'nlenceo for housekeeping, kit 1)3 Greono street, near Spnng. t - w WANTED TO LBTAA MEDIUM SIZED MODERN hulli Honae. until May I. 'nested between Thirtieth and Sltlfeth strreta. and Lexington and Sixth axeitiiM. by a family of two: no children; unqueatlonnble referenoee aa to care, Act Addre-e S., box 1438 i'aat otlice, BOAKDUIQ AMD LODOINO. A PRIVATE KAVII.T. OWNIN.G AND OCCUPYING A hmiajip emuni y situated, would let two Rooms on sec ond f'o.'r, hen ' o nely fnrnlahod. with Board, to single gen tlemen or a gentleman and hi* w fe. References required. Apply el 291 Lexington avenue, third hon e above Thirty eighth street. l T 176. 174 AND 178 BLEBCKRR BTRRST, BIX t\ blocs, west of Broad war?Pleasant Rooms with ex. cellcnt Board, from $3 to 510 per week; families according ly Also t ClltiVood Hotel; Hue groves, splendid sea bathing. Csh ng, Ac. AT TUB FRANKFORT nOUSE, 4?NE BLOC* FAST of the City Hell, corner of Fran It fort and William ettrela, 2.V) neatly fumlshed. light Rooms. A room to one per?on. iV. to 63c. per day; 51 38 to $3 per week. Houso open all night AT NO 19 ABINGDON SQUARE.?TO LET. TO OHM tlemcn only, a few handsomely Furnished Rooms, en suite or singly Iloiiso flrnt cla?s. Bleocker street stages and Eighth avenue cars pass tbe door. A PARLOR AND ADJOINING BEDROOM TO LET? To one or two gen'letnen (line bath and every Improve men! Vn the houoe). with or without Board, in a small pri vate family. Apply at 50 Waverley plaee. An elegantly furnished suit OF ROOMS, with all m dern Improvements and (superior Boagd, at the first clas* house. 62 West Thirty ilxth street, he I Ween Firth and Sixth avenues. Also single Rooms. References exchanged. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM ON second story, with large pantries In tha vicinity of Cooper I ustltue. to let to a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen, with or without Board; references exchanged. Apply at 397 Fourth street (aew number AA Kaat Fourth). Private family. A SUIT OF HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO let; a'an a Bedroom, with or without Board; house flnt elaae; referenoee exchanged; single gentlemen prefer red. No. 107 Clinton piece, between F.fth and Sixth are. A GENTLEMAN AND LADT CAN BB ACCOMMO dated with a neatly Fnrnlshad Room, with Board for the lady, iu a email family of a widow, at 37 West Washing, ton place, near Sixth avenue; bath and gas ta the house. A FEW PLEASANT ROOMS jnST VACATED AT 110 Flecker atreeL?If those gentlemen Wha applied for Room* will please cell again thev can be accommodated. Ruoms without board If deaired. A LADT AND GENTLEMAN CAN BB ACCOMMO dated with handsomely furnished Rooms, with or with out Board for lady; tran*ient parties accommodated also. Apply at 87 Amity street. AT#J MACDOUOAL BTR'eeT, ST. CLEMENT'S PLACB, two Rooms to let, to gentlemen, with dinner, at half, pact six. A NICE, AIRY. FCRNI8HED FRONT ROOM, ON second floor, may be had at 298 Deianeev street, on moderate terms, by a respectable person ar parsons. Apply aa above. Attention is called of those living in hotel* and hoarding hen?e< to an establishment opened at 110 Macdongal street and furn abed with everything ne cessary for housekeeping. In order that a family may hsva aoomplete house. A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING IN THIRTY-FIRST street, between Mad son and Fifth aveonaa, bare a de sirable Suit of Rooms to let, with Board. Address May. stall m a, for two days. Abtrictlt private family, occupying a first ela** house In Eleventh street, near Fifth avenue, will let e handsomely famished large Front Bedroom, wttn all modern canreafences, lo a gentleman, with Breakfa-t if required. Nene hot those wtxhtngfirst cla-a accommoda tions need apply. AA?lr??e a. W LltsBrty strae? A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM. ON /V seen d I'oor, to let to a single gentleman, with or without Breaktast. In a private family lo Twelfth street, be tween BHth and Seventh avenues. Address C. J B.. bex 148 Herald ofUee. A LADT AND GENTLEMAN. OCCUPYING A SMALL hnnse having more room than they require, would let, to a lady nr gentleman, one or two Furnished Rooms, with or without Board. Call at 243J4 East-Tenth street. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR ONE OR TWO SIN gle gentlemen, can he acoommodeled with Beard end choice Renins in e first class brown rtone house; private family: location central and desirable. Address House, bog 12U Herald office. A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN HAVE PLEASANT Rooms with partial Board: one large Room for two; jOoat'.on plearanL Call at 14 Bast Twaoty-Iourlb street A LARGE FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM, FUR i.tshed, on the *econd? fnor; also ether Rooms to le:J Inquire nf Madame HILLIKR, 688 Broadway. Millinery veiling below ootl Aliffil AND OENTLBMA* CAN BR ACCOMMO. d?t? 1 a handsome y Furnished lb-em. lo a email, quirt f*-n ly. Board for adr only. House hat ail modern Impros- Menti Addrsss Mrs. 8waxey. station E. A LARGE. NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO let wiih Board, to two gentlemen, at $10 per week. Also a He ! Room. Location good. Dinner at 6)g. Call at No. 37 Bank s-reet, m ar Fourth strati. A LADT WISHES BOARD IN A GKNTEHL PRIVATE family; undo,Uued references given. Address, stating terms, Board, box 3,f>6i Post otlice. A private family, occpptiko a first class bouse. Ai'.'f one ?r mn Itooo", which they wonlil rent, with Heard, to s nyle gnnlletnrn or irentieitien and their wires; location desirable, be ic but one end a half block from Rrnadwar. Ap >iy at Wast Thirty -sixth street, be tween Seventh and Eighth avenu-n A FURNISHBD ROOM TO LBT-TO A OESTTLKM AM, with or without Board. Honee,ha? aM modern im provements. AppW at 1S1 Weal Th rtr third street. Ala ro k and well rv rnishld room to let. w th Ro<r>. a1 IHti Biaseker sin*,; ? o a siasll Mail Be lroom. Pr.ce of hall room. $.V An bnqltrh family mavk a large front Room, fi.rrlabe 1 (orer the par ors), to !rt to a married couple or two sir.g * g. nlle-non, w th tat i main a.tached, flrstc a? Board Bud etr.-ry convenience. Apply at lit I Lea- i lngton avenue, near 1 bitty-second street. ATTENTION Id CALLED TO THOSR IN W^NT'OP 1 goodiBoard to lit Cher'ton street, between Washington end Orceriw toh slree's. where the comfsrU of a home e n be had. lerrue mod state Board-a large and rlrgabt pablo* Tioor with K*ten*ton furnished or Nfaratabed. with or Without Board. ?t 123 Waveite ptaee. near Washington i qunrr. on reasonable terras for the summer. Board.-washinoton S'yfliARP.?aifa v*r/r ano I n? or two tingle g-ntlco-rn rt' ?'rlnit very superior oe cummodstioor. win tin i st ltl.A Wnrerlay pace, e rgant and eirr anai lii.ents, ea suite or operate, to lot, with flntt'r'uss Her1. Uneiccptloiiabie references wlilsbe g ten entire quired. BO ARD-WANTPD, THRFR YOt'KO MFN TO BOARD in a priests family In BrooUya; iMMM i? (Hired. Address Board, bea ltd llerald ollloe. ItOARD.-TWO MfOLR Oi NTLKMF.N CSV NOW > fn 1 Room 1 ' "I Board, in a Brat cls s house, Matter at ?ais Apply at 118 West Twenty third a.reet. QOARD.-TWu <? NTLKMRN CAN RE AC00MMODA l> t?d e th Board n a prl.-ats faoi'ir In unit of the n,?aa ante t res-'teo ?? to the eev?-nh wsrd with aspaclaua Room an aet-ond floor ' s eoetttettt I*: he owner of the preinla-s. Brea-fas* at 7. dinner st o>ir?*k, Vn o' Mfeisnrrifs. ?mired. Address lome, station B. Terms |IA per week lor both. EtO.tRD.-A HANDSOMELY FURNIIHKD Rt IT OF A B o tie Ineladnia Parlor with one ?.. (nto He 'r-io?ns, te let. v I'd Movril, at I17 "eat Fourteenth street: very denl-% hi* I sue ilea sn-1 would be l?t oa moderate terms. ipph at tii# liou-e. i?r address T. F. D., bur't,ViS P"-t ohjee. Board ?entire mooMo or T'ohd floor to 1st. wl'h Hoard: 8rst ela?s. private in the imme Rate vie.iattv of Mad lao a aviare. Aria teas .tub t sen. Union a!j r *rn Cost uUiee. Hoard in a yn ift pbivaBE fa MILT ?a plha ?Alt i out or hie* Hoe -n on see id floor fc let, wall far ?tab- d. with or with- m Heart for the lady only. Inquire at IBB Bi> aekar strrat, west of Broadway. Board-a labor, morly fcrnihhfd hoo* i<> et, 11 a lads and g?Btleri,an. with Hoard :at 'a tT, it) a ana i tamliy. in a ? t pea<antand .ennC ncatiua. AnunusMi* L. E. M., Me iiaeit aqnare Font olfloe Board?a ladv ami grntlrman can br ac eommidatrd with e egnntiy fnrulsbed Komi s aiuge or en a tie Board for the lady on f. Situated In Wr*l Twenty. fourth airaot. a> oven lent p? eesnrai Broadway stage motes. For parllcu ars addis as If. F U., Mail e?o square i'uat o . on. Board wanted?bt a TotTNo man (amskican). Wt - pn> $.1 par weak for a pamfarfab a hums. Rust not l>e above Hprieg street nor be.ow Canal street and from Broadway tn Kaaet asrent. Adtlrena Frat.-tn. Herald otilee BOARD e ANTRIf?IN Til R COOtNTRT. MOT MORR ?i-sn ihlrty ?n lea from th a evty, fr-'m .'utv rt t II Hep. vrniher n, for four *ro eu peraone and four <ms1 rbttdrec. Address A. > Herald oVne stating Unas, tooatlon Ac Board wantro rt a gentlpmad and wife-, one ? ??? or two surl Room* wotlM ho (V -pt'red lit A fttvt rlssr h iuae; gnod rah - ia<ii>i*s sble, w wld be per ?taiiani if suited Address far one w ek R A T., Herald ahioe. 1 110aRD IB PROOKLvff, ?a HANDhoMKLV Fl R I If msbe-t Kara |-s i <r w th eitenaion and c nswt, In a pit e *ala In ? lit. where 'bar* ar* on j a t?w Ooar-trre Corn nut <ta ah'fnl. Whnin no* hoc* of tba *sra I oonv-n em to I the ?? mh Igrry A pal* as a*? rnim?, sueot Ref?ianc*a 1 vena fatL f eO?BU?Q &*?D tUOQIttt. Yl^RRD IN LAD* AND ?KNTLK i? manor two ? n:l". gen- na h> Mr" i m d; ;?d wtfu rt i?rn. tu a pet-?t> lamil , w thiu iiv? minutes' walk ?# Pul m frrcy. Apply at 2t High otiaeL IliDmKIU ?'clock. t BOARD in RROOKLVN.-TO LET TWO LARQB FOR m?had on m-mnd floor, with Hoird. The house is 11 an si 11. mewled. an t lis* si the modi ru rnenls. ^ Dinner at 6. t's . St 101 Lawrence street. Board in bp.ooklyn-a gentleman can rn S' C'irnu odaled w th s Room and Bhard a. He. A3 I'ltn ton street, tan m nnt a' walk to Wait timet ferry. Din ner at ha t past sli oelook ^ Brooklyn-parlor and dooblk and single Bedrooms with Hoard, In a Aral class Boone yen 1 !'"* santl situated. with advunutcei both of city and country rmnitence. Apply to 8. W., uuraar of Oiintou and Carroll sti arts Brooklyn.?rooms furnished or unfurntkh ed, on sncood and third . oor.t, with or wlihout Ho?rd, suitable for gentleman and tholr wires ar single gentlemen, aan he had at 4rl Wnodhnll aireat. Reference required. "OROOKLVN-WITH BOARD, A LARGE, BQUARK J) front Room on the second floor. ftirnl?lied, to let. ? Uh large clo-eie aud bath room attached, <o tamllioa or single gentlemen No 15 Nassau street within fire minutes' walk of Fulton ferry. Call for threa days Brooklyn board?a splendid- front room and Kedroom, rnrniahad or unfurnished, with Bren' f"?i for s German gentleman at Its) AUaatto street, near ciiuluu place. Brooklyn board.-a large second story hack Room to let, with Board. In a private faiidl<T: also Tsnant inabmil two weeks, a large second story front Room. Apply at 1H2 Clinton at., between Amity and Congressais. Brooklyn heights.?a frw ftnglb gentle men can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms and Board in a tirat class house with all tbe modern improve men's, at 43 Mlddagh street, one door from Willow, cunvc n eat to Well street end Fulton ferries. Boarding.-a front parlor and bedroom communicating;on the second floor; also two a ngle Rooms on third ilo ir. with or without partial Board, at lit West Eleventh street, Broadway. BOARDING ?A FEW YOUNO LADIES CAN BR AC. commodate-! with Bo ard and beautiful Rooms, by ap plying at 33 West Houatonslreet, near Broadway. CHILDREN TAKEN TO BOARD. FROM ONE TO three years, where every attention will be gtv-n them for their comfort, at 535 Seuond avenue, near Thirtieth street. Desirable summer rooms?wiTn or without bosrd. kingly or en suite, ran be found corner Broad, way and Twenty-fifth street. Entrance No. 7 West Tweuty fiftn street. Families or single persons wrsniNa board for the'snmmer will find cool and pleasant \| artmects, with an excellent table, at the Ashland tinuae. Fourth see ntir- and Twentv-fourih street. A few large Rooms and Bull* of Rooms vacant on the first and s-cond flours, which for the season will be let si reduced prices. FURNI8TIED FRONT ROOM ON BROADWAY TO LET, with or w.thout Foard; sultab e for one or two persons, at 69S Broadway, near Fourth street. Furnished or unfurnished rooms to let? with Board amiable for a gentlemen and wife, or two s ntho frentlet ion, In a private family; the rooms are plea sant. with modern Improvements, and convenient to r.irs and states; references exchanged. Call at 51 Leroy stioet. Furnished rooms to let?at 23 brevoort place, Tenth street. References lennlred. TDURNISHED rooms to let-to sinole gentle r men, on second flour, with use of bath. App'.v at 217 Sixth avenue, near Fourteenth street, in the confeet.onery stare. IJIUBNISHED ?TO LET. WITH ALL THE BBFIKB. P menltaud comforts of a home, several well furnished Rooms. Reference-* given and'ro-inlred. Apply at 119 Wa, near Sixth avenue and Washington Park. Furnished rooMr to lkt-with board, *or lady and gentleman. Any party wishing first class apartments; gas, bath. Ac,, with Board for lady only may apply at75 West Twentieth street. Furnished rooms to let.?thrrh or four gentlemen can find pleasant Rooms at 3 X) West Thirty fifth street; bouse has si! the modern improvements. Also, to let an office suitable for a doctor. Good references re quired. Furnished rooms to let-to respectable fa:ut.let or gentlemen. Apply at 810 Elm street, near Spring. Furnished rooms to lbt-to oentlbmen only, two large airy Rooms, hamftomely furnished, as bedroom and sitting room; to be let together or separate, or furnished as two bedrooms. Apply at 200 Grand street. Reference exchanged. Furnished apartments-for families or single gentlemen (private tables if required), at 400 West Twenty third street. The location is unsurpas-ed, combining the advantages of city and country. Furnished rooms to let-a back parlor and one or two other Rooms to a single gentleman In a well furnished three atorv house, In the Sixteenth ward, oc cur ed by a very small pr vale ramttv. Partial Board If re quired. Address P. R., Herald office. j^ORNISHED ROOMS FOR ORNTLBMBN. 17 East Twe'fth street, Near Broadway. FURNISHED SUIT OF rooms on second floor. In a private bouse, without children: private table if required, c> without board, at IS) West Thirty-math street, near Broadway. fpURNTSTIBD ROOMS TO LBT?WITH OR WITHOUT ? iS2v """"n". at 10) Clinton place, be tween Fifth and Sixth avenuea. Terms moaerate. p ENTLKMEN AND THEIR WIVES OR SINGLE OEN VT tleiuen can be accommodated with cood Beard and fine Rooms, with bot and oold eater, bath, gas, Ac., at the new ly furnished bo use M9 Second avenue, between Th I rtv-se venth and Thlrtr eighth streets. OEXTLBMKN CAN SB ACCOMMODATED WITH Booms In s first cites houw, one hleok from Delminl no's; meali if required. Apply nt No. 3 West Thirteenth street, first house west of Flftn eranue. Handsomely furnished rooms to let?wtth or withonLBoard, at_117 Ninth street near Broadway. Handsomely furnished rooms, sinqlt or (n euit on first and third floors, for gentlemen, at 2) Fifth avenne Breakfast if desired. Ladies and oBntlemen can be accomho dated with furnished Rooms, with Board for the ladles. Apply at I4K Crosby street near Grand. NICRLT FURNISHED BOOMS. AT It* NINTH street a few doors west of Broadway. To gentlemen astir. Nbwlt and neatly furnished rooms TO let, with gas. batb, Ao. Call at 234 West Twenty, seventh street PRIVATE TABLE?ON FIFTH AVENUE. FOB A FAM tly. Address H., box 18 Madison square Post olllce. TJOOM8 (HANDSOMELY FURNISHED) TO LET-IN JV a French fatn'lv, to single gentlemen, with or without breakfast; alto a nice olllce for a doctor. Apply at 98 Clin ton rltee, between Fifth and Sixth avenuea Rooms-pleasant and well furnished with every c unfort for a few atngi? gentlemen, and Presk fast If In a pnvate family, may be obtained nt 140 Ea*t Twelfth atreet, near Secouil avenue. Befsteuces ex. changed. Rooms to let-to oentlrmkn asd titeib wive or single gentle ' " Apply at No- S3 Franklin i wive- or sluiil? gent.emen. furn xhed or unfuraltUe i. "n atiwt. JINGLE GRNTLUMFN CAN ni ACCOMMODATED 5 with Board and pleasant Room* at No. 41 he and sv. TO LBT?IN A PRIVATE FAMILT, FURNISH..D Room., with or without Board, and all modern 1m nr rementa Referenscs required. 129 Ninth street, near Broadway. TO LKT?ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH exceoent Hoard, at bouae M Meat Twelfth street, be tween Fifth and Sixth avenuea rLRT-126 NINTH STREET. A'FEW DOORS WEST of Broad war a front Room an d Bedroom, or s fi .It of Booms on second Hn<w; also a large pleasant Rosrn ox third floor, with or without breakfast, to a party arf gentlemen. TO LRT?A FURNISHED BOOM, TO ONE OR TITO gen. ernen, st 4'1 Hudson street, second door from Clark* in atreet. rPO LEf-A LARGE THIRD STORY FRONT ROOM, X fum shed. at 114 Ninth slraet, nesr Broadway. TO LET?TWO LARO* FURNISHED ROOMS IVJTn or without B-arJ. on Rwokltn He'ghts. Ho-ne has a'l the nt"de n Improve ,?ol*, s-id Is lo-at#d w Ithin ten mln up?' wa'kof Dinner at #. Cell at 07 llcnry atreet TO LET-TO ONE OR* TWO QBNTLEMRV, ~iT IT?ND eo-noty fttrti M od Parlor. wiih Bedroom attached, on the se-ond floor 'ar. o, xeia and oae n< h th. House con. tains all t. e modern 'murovement-, and la cun^inien1 tu oare and stages. ap .lr at 1113 East Twenty eeviWi, xLecl. Best of references rsq . red end given. 'I <0 Llf-WITTI nrnRD. AT 84 MACnoUCAL, I a gnr> I Ired a.;oare (loom, really furnished, to gee tlemea Thou sstr "g a clean, quiet heme, will soli. UeThi ?i.est exebsag-d. fj)0 LET?ROOMS. IN BDItS OR SINGLY, FUR. I nl -bed ,.r v. t n'shed, wi? sr wllhoot board In a first elaaa brawn etos" i mi-'. ng Rant BlgUtli strost, St Marks p ace; convenient Is ' .as asd stages. rro LET?WITH BOARD. A SUIT OF ROOMS. ON I second laor; alto single P." ? . bouse brown stone, with modern impr ivvmoeis. family small. gao l iah e and prhea moderate. Apptr ?i IIS West Thiriv third street fpO RENT-IN FORT? RILTH STRRRT. NEAR FIFTH I a.?u .?. with or without Board, a ami of haaLntneiy f ,ii .nahed Rooms, (c two alnglt genllsmou or a .cnl'smen and h < wife. Can t.e had on reaxauault isrma for tbe sum mar raootha. t all at All Hroa i ?ay. mo STRANGhi4 AND OTHERS-AT 84 NINTH J mvni t Ual*?r*Hv pi**?? rW^tl? frtroUhml Ararl'weut*, to for Bteullomeu and f*tnl!lita, wilt* it Nifi fTHl MANi Cactus km.-to t.wifH IkflAM I power, lee five story H.ul.Uog ho 0 Re.i-r street near ( Also w. II hghted Fleurs In No II ndjolnliig B" Id I us. Tie pre u l>?a have be, n long n eup'te > f w me rd. inra ffSTo sed oaH. ,ot oare bueli #??. Apply loi.rvn g r.svr on toe urtmwse 1)WO PLEASANT moomo io let-withroTicd. iii a irluit l'?ibi 11, to oid ..lory, a erj.biug f.rat rat". Aon'vatlU We 11 wciuy-futirtn uaet a lilt a seat of he vsntn svsoue. 1 fit w 'HRKR TER1 H aNnSoM E *Uir:r OF FURNISHED Atmrtoiema (o let to fSdtlllOS, n lb *wlvo;e i - ft e. In i first ma a <-?-nra -. idmi ho se ApfV? at M h*d Taaii. lloUt aire d, iiortbaast sot iter of Fourth avenue. Henrencsi seeks need. 1*I!R*E N'CELV fi SuISIIND ROOMS WITH Bi'ARI), f in th* !? a +, f t* ?*! RlShtevntii 'i-.>t lb- li'iti | coml'le e-i?iio mo till in ?' ement. r ,i fners .s a kef ' or U.s tonsil yiail (Mamorry I'ark NANTEft- IIY A IN11|,e GENTLEMAN. A PL 4 4 1 I ant ? fn I h- n I,, a rvd|i - ahl ? rh?. ?if. Out SI h.*e ; r ?| ,ii|.( le mful. i i ?; o Sm 11 et YV'Sfi"." I . i.eea .lee?ie... riwe- it.l Ullng terms I) 8 rem nrtlre. BOARDING A BID LODOIKO. WANTED? HY ?, BInaLH MAN A HOUR WITH A |jr rati> anjly In Ihe cilv, not above Thirty fourth street; will gtvi^ni refe euce tun ramtly with whom he has lived s.'veu ye4r*. Addien Merchant, hoi J,'W4 Poet office. U> fcLL ?t ItMSHKI) APARTMENTS TO LKT?IN nine ?n trinities and single Kooma to gentlemen: mottle provided in lite house If rouuln-d; i'urlur holt on tocotid imor; at No. 8 CI utoo piece, Ki^luli et.eet. It KAST TWBNTY-BIOHTH STREET, BETWBEN It Kif h and Ma itson avi aona?Y'erv dnaireblo Rotmie tn let, with Ittterd. uitahie for farolltre, or single gen tlemen. Dinner et tlx. Kulereucee exchunged. IK WEST TWENTY FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN J ? / E fth end Sixth avenue*.?Two or three element mite ni R no me may non hn bed. with full Hoerd. Alen two or three e ogle Rooms. UaguaslUBabla references (lion end requited. 1Q ONION SQUARE, WEST SIDE?HANDSOMELY X ?' f urn ahed Run me to let, without Boerd, either en euito 01 singly. Keferenoe required. </l WlN?r EtOHTKJBNTH STREET, NEAR FIFTII Ail eienne. elegant Apartment*. hsndi-oinely Kuruwhed Kooms to let. for gentlemen, or gunt emen and their wives, with nil the com 'orte of * home. Kefereucne exchanged. WERT TWELFTH STREET-PLEASANT FUR nlehed front end beck Roome. on second end third floor-, to lot, with llrst olees Boned, tofigentlemi'n end their wivee or single gentlemen. Dinner nt six o'olook. Refer encee exchanged. BOND STREET.?TO LKT, ROOMS, WITH OB withont Hderd References roqu rod. 28 28 Q7 IRVINO PLaCB.-A FINE 8UIT OF ROOMS ON 0 f the first an i eeeond floors to rent: private teblee fur nished if preferred; beet of references required. 79 WEST FORTIETH STREET?TUR DB LANKAU 1 *j Houre?Large and commodious Suite of Rooms, ??? gently furnished This house Is most delightfully I.nutted, nviilln. the Reservoir Perk. Fifth avenue, making it a very cool end airy summer locet on both for permenent eud tram lent boarders. Tsbte d'hote. I A A FOURTH STRKET. NEAR WASHINGTON L X'Jt squero, between Macdougsl end Sixth avenue.? Koouis to let, with or without Hoard. Amity eud Blcecker street > leges and Sixth avenue cere very neer. ~I?/L WEST THIRTY FOURTH STREET. BETWEEN H) ? Sixth and Seventh avrnues. lianisimelv furnished Rooms to let, with Board, in a tlrat class boarding hou e; hot aud cold water In every room. Private table if desired. COUN.THY BOARD. APART! WISHING FIRST CLASS ACCOMMODA tion ? and Rooms, en suite, can be suited at Waeh un ion Hetchts; view un urpass-d; beautifully shaded, fruit, ve.eUthles: tine ftsbng, stabling, Ac. No children taken. Address Wesbington, 61 Lexington evenue. A SMALL FAMILY CAN I!B ACCOMMODATED WITH i\ fir t class Country Board at a icaaoneble rate. In an unsurpassed location one hour's rtde from Twentv-aeventh . treet, New York, vie New York end Now Haven Railroad. Aocotnmodaliou for horses, Ac. Address box 26. Rye. N.Y. T)OA?.D MAY BE OBTAINED TN A FIRST CLAhS I) house at White Plains. 26 miles from the city. .None need apply except those wiling to pays first class price. Apply to A. C. Tompkins. Rtq. Board in harlbm.-gentlemen wishing to room together. ean "bo n Hoard en ! pleasant Rooms In a private family, convenient to cars and boat. Terms mod erate. Address 8. M. 8.. Herald oflice. Board wanted?by a lady. in a house where there nrs other hoarders; location must be mountainous or inlaud, within range of the Sunday trains of the Morris an t Essex or Harlem Rellroud. or any other railroad rnn mo;! on Sundav. Address, elating terms, N. B., box 1,660 Post olllce. N _Y. Board in TnR country.-a lady, having a house p eaxanily situated on the South river, a quarter miie from the village of Washington, N. J., would like to accommodate u fe^ boarders for the summer, families or gentlemen. Address William Yate-, South river, N. J. CIOUNTRY BOARD.?FIRST CLASS BOARD. WITH J large Rooms, tor adult*; can be obtained nt Westport station, Connecticut, two hours'ride from New York, via New York and New Haven Railroad; good bathing. Ushlng and booting. Address box 2,9,8 Post office. New York. COUNTRY BOARD ?FIRST CLASS BOARD, WITH delightful Rooms, overlooking the bay and river, may he obtained, upon reasonable terms, bv apblylng to Mrs. J. M. HOTAHNO, Bridge street, near the steamboat landing, Flushing, L I. CIOUNTRY BOARD WACTKD-IN A FIRST CLASS J private family, for a gentleman and wife, little girl two year* aid and nurse; froth milk, nice lawn, and good shade indispensable. Address, with full particulars, Coddle, box 2.142 Tost o.'lloo. CIOUNTRY BOARD?AT FORT GEORGE. HARLEM I river. Large house, airy rooms, fine lawn, plenty of shade, first cla-o table: one hour from city by boat or hrtl road. Addresa J W. J., Herald office. /COUNTRY BOARD-AT RYE, ON THB NEW HAYEN ' J railr^d. twenty miles from New York, five minutes from depot One large room, bedroom and pantry; plenty i fruit and ahado; pl?a?ant surroundings and beautiful drives; stabling. Addresa A. U, box 2,83/ New York Post COUNTRY BOARD?BIGHT MILES PROM NEW York ?A ??nail famir or *4 a 111 can 'pare tworor three large Rooms. In those w illng to par tor first class "oooramo dstlona aroe * houflv; only fonr or Bre minutes' walk fruit depot; pleuty of good milk. eggs, vegetable*. An.; stabling lor four horses Address Anderson. Herald office. riOt'NTBY BOARD-IN MOUNT VERNON, "WEST Vj chener counts?A few families san be aonommodaled with rood Board, at $7 per week for adults; forty-five min utes from the ettr and ten from the depot. For patt enters apply at fiS Bowery, la the store. COUNTRY BOARD.?A FEW BOARDERS MAY FIND superior accommodations at Mm. Egbert's, throe aad a half avlesjrom Port Richmond, aVaten Island. Apph to Mrs. P.DMUND DECREE, Ififl WM Thirtieth street, or at Butler's livery stable, Port Richmond. Stabling for boraes. COUNTRY BOARD WANTBD-ON 8TATKN ISLAND, near tbe water, twa Romas on second floor, comraunl oat ng, bv a lady and son. Muet a* oukln ? f?w minute*' walk of cither Ouaraatlns or VaaderMlt's lantMhff Address B. B., box UO Herald office, for thteo day*. COUNTRYBOARXL?FIRST CLASS BOARD. WITH good Rooms, for Unite. eaa be obtained at Westport Station. Connecticut, two hours' rid# from New York, via New fork andlNew Ilsven Ritlroad. Qood bathing, flublng and boating Terms $10 to $15 per week. Address box 2,018 Now York Post oft Ice. POUNTRY HOARD ON ' THE v place, South Kyaek, will be o| boarders on the ISth of June. Ft, HUDSON.?WILLOW open for the reception of *'n? ***** Flaw and tuoun taia air. Tbe place Is unsurpassed for bealtbfulaess and beantlf ul scenery; no meequltos. Parties desiring first class ac ommodallon.'apply te" Captain BERNARD, on the pre ml"OS Stabling and carnage room. Northern Railroad of New Jersey eonveva passengers to the door. Also steam boats I. P. Smith and the America, foot of Harrison street. North river; and Ibb Aurora, foot of Jay street. Keferenoe, T. J. Crowen. Salt water bathing. 0 /~10UNRRY BOARD.?PERSONS DESIROUS OF OB V tstnlng good Board can be aocommodated at a gentle, loan's firm house by applying at room B, 171 Broadway. Basy access. /TOUNTWT BOARD?STATBN ISLAND, FIVE MINUTES' walk from..the landing Boat* every hour. Rooms for gentlemen. At Jones' Hotel. Tompklnssvllle, Quarantine. ?a HARRY NEWPORT. V^p letor. /COUNTRY BOARD W ANTED.'?TO PRIVATE FA MI. V7 lies ?A gentleman wishes first cla-s Country Board, In a rtrlctiv private family llr,mt in the neighborhood of New York. To a suitable party a liberal price would he paid. Ad dress, with fol pirtlculars, Fulton. Herald office. etOCNTRY BOARD.-PLEAHANT AND DELIGHTFUL J Rooms can be had at Fort Hamilton; a fine vleiv of the ??a and bar ; oar* Jp*?s the door; one hour's ride from the Hronkl) n fenles. In (utre of Mrs. M. A. Btgelow, M Union square. (10UNTBY BOARD AT NEW BRIGHTON, 8 I.?A J gentle.nsn ?nd lady o- three single gout irtnen ran be socom.uuilsted w.ih Hoard In a quiet respectable private famllr where there nre no therh -sider*; house beautifully located; plenty of fruit, abVhbbory, Ac ; seven minutes' walk frour the landing R 'sr-c -e? given and re Addres f>ax WIS Nsw York I" ?? t office. C10PNTRY BOARD MAY BE OBTAINED AT A FARM J House, south side ef Long Is and, two boers from the city; Inns mansion, shady ground*, bathing fishing. Ac., on (ir-aiy. .ugh B.,y: good ktalumg. inquire of H. l.n'tNrib TON. *4 Ans air, et, New York. References required. DFRTRSBLK BOARD IN DELAWARE COUNTY, N. Y. ?Good g inn ng. fishing and bathing ai.iong Uie mountain*. Rett place la th* Stats. Terms low. Apply at 72 an J 74 West Twenty frith street, CYOOD OOUNTRT HOARD AT WHITE PIAlhS, ONE Y ho ir b. rail from New Yerk. on the Htsrlem Rail road. In ; Ire of C. C DUSENBUKY, White Flams, or WM. C. iiri. i. , i Feoat street NB OR TWO FAMILIES CAN FIND ELEOANT AO cnmmodatlons at a private lestdmoe a short dlttsaoe from the -iiy ; goo i stabling for horses If donlred A-drc a K? hot 18$ tie. aid otlics, or 6tt LlUoity -Irect, room M, OTATBN ISLAND.?THREE LARGE BEAUTIFUL O eJ'v Room* (furn'shed) to let for the seas m, with firtt el**. '.oard, at a beautiful residence in Ko'isfllle. on Che sound Terms $10 per \*e*k. Good stabling for horMe, fine drives, flahli.f guunlng and bstiiiu >. Refeienoes exilian nil. Add re ? M? w. P., box 1*4 Herald oillce, for three da ?. STATEN laLAND -GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES or s>ng e gentlemen ran he arcoro ' odnted w Ith large, tin Houne *n gnu I BuSgd i*i very rensonahe tot my. at Clifton siaten Isfs d, first house , u Hie rl? i,t after )va stag Catuo technrnti on New York avenue; wlthm fire minutes of landiug. OTATRN ISLAND - HOARD CAN RE OBTAINED IN O a Trunin fa:ux1> n> two rr thr-e ten tie men w.lh fires*, fast au i Tea. Healths lu.eilim; ay endld view of harbor ami forttfteatlona Ail disss, with rsfsrences P. B.. Temp, a I.svltle, fits ? 111'-nil. 0 UPE RIOR COUNTRY HOARD ON STATRN INLAND.? 1 ' A lady, hsnng airlr taken a fine nniintry rvs osure on Btaten fs sod .is i ?-lining'walk from Quarantine Isrding, offers snpertor se-mm "dations to a lew IIrat i tsss boarddr*. The hmww Is Sit ati 1 ,a high ground. ramn sn Hn? a lot" view ef tilt hey. end hat a ar,g ghrifca attached, Good rinhlie* for f. nr Ipi.aes on the granules. Ad trass N I'. J., lax 4,0$l Feat o^a. ' fARRTTOWN.-BOARO MAT rb had in A LARGR ami e, wall shaded; fruit an I v""table? Imcatum un aurpaasf-d oa b gh grounds, e sna miaatM' wdt frudl ifspot. App y at 14 West T'snty 9r?i at.act fXTANTSD -IN BOBOXRN, WTTfn N KA87 WALK OF YV the fairy, Guard, for ageat aiuan aid wife, from the istefJaly, !? * tjfl'flt, reapsMsbia fatally, with but fow it any ether boar era. Aut.ea , with full panlotdars. I. B. 0? statioa,!-', New Turk. AN TED-AT A CONVINIRNT DT3TANOK FROM tbeeitr. Huem1 for a 1*1?, two children and tiurae. Address, with prtea, O H , bm I 410 N. Y Foal olflrd, Wanted countut hoaho, by a man or robkr and 1* uty bshitg, fro" ahnui tbe ihtli of June until 1st of 1*i lumber, f'-riss uol 10 I'le-ed it* * w-nk Rofr. ruseesi>lvon Addrssa A A. A. A U., Ilemhi ollica. ?t' M'tEll H ir, 'tltt IS. ??- ,, Ar CMFFWOOD H'iTIIIj, (IN RtHITAI* HAY, IU hour r mi Ne* Ymk by i*amer . lout of t'n.rsy and Nari'l* sirs, la ?l I' '( Fin- gio, e- ?| len.lui ea be lt In tishimi and yf i whts Term msdrrata. Apply ul 170 bk eker*ireei, ur SI the hoist Bs I It IIOfRI-. I. I -N N(?'V OPKN FOR THE RR e I n Of ",us<a ? a ble try Greenwood, Hsih mil I a U It Glnsplf r I. ur I 1 i*l f A M 1,1 g I'. M. I O jia- .. 1 us ul -lerens ll"wir" ?"savr, <1 HHIKLDH ICMHBII REIOBTI. TAKLMORT HAUL, JJ Schuolay s HouaU n, N. J., Will b? aoened for vieiiure June 1. D . A. OROWBLL. tIBOrr HOUSE?HIGHLANDS, GARRISON STATION, J Uudmiu R.ver Ita lroad. oppmila Weet Peint, twenty minute ' from depm, carr ages for 10 A. ? and 4 P. H. ex press tralna Good stabling. Inquire at 102 Pearl street, J. H CLAT, Proprietor. 13LM PARE PLEASURE GROUNDS, NORTH SHORE, Li State11 Maud ? Thin pleasant aud spaei-ius sunnier re ?ortle nou open for the season Excursions and p cnic par ties will lind this p ace the most convenient ana desirable around New York, being only one hour e (all. Good fishing and boatinr. No charge for the g nund-. ?learners Thomas Hunt end i'om na run a mo-i every hour frotn pier L>, foot of De. street, Excursion coramltfes will do well to ex amine the grouuda before engaging elsewhere. IP AO LB HOTEL, PATCHOGUE. LONG ISLAND, IS J prepared lor the aaoommodatlon of guests. Pleasant dr'vov and rood fl-litim, raw ng or'sai inc. in fresh or salt water. Address Justus Roe. *>73 Washington street, New York, or the propr eior, Austin Koe. ARE PEHQUBNN aKOJH K HOUSE-NEAR CRO J ten Falls, on the V'arlum Railroad. Country hilly am} I ? healthy llonso situated plensantlv on high ground*, over looking the lako. Rooms lama and aire. ramilies s igh ing Board for the temon may in julre or S II. QUICK, at Oollamore's. 479 K road way; H'AKBK A VAIL. 172 Reade street, or nldreee the proprietor, V. C. TAIL, North Salem. N. Y. Mountain house, south orange, n. j? near Llewellyn Park.?Thla delightful summer re ort hav. log changed bands hes been thorough I v renovated and newlv furn.fbed; bsth t" every room, Ml lard and bowling rooms; good arab ing. Will be opened June 6 for reoeptlun of select families. Trains leave Barclay street bv Morris A Essex Railroad almost bonny. 0. A. TALIAFERRO. \f ATTAR W ANA HOUSE, MIDDLETOWN POINT, J.V1 Monmouth county. N. J.?This honae la open lor the reception of guesta. Boats leave foot of Murray etreet at 4 P. M , returning at 7 A. M. Stages ai the land.tig to convey guests to the hotel. D. CUE AO, Proprietor. G. R. Dooolas, Superintendent. XTOSTRAND HOUSE, SANDS POINT, IjONG ISLAND, -La on Long Is and Sound, w 11 open on June 2a. Is now ready for the receptiou of transient gueais aud those wish lug to make arrangements for the summer. It is 11$ hour sail per steamer Arrowsmlth. leaving Peok slip at 4 P. M. A furnished Coitaeeof live room to let. B. B. NOSTRAND. Ol! MM PR BOARDING. " * . O TUB MANSION AT FLORENCE HEIGHTS, Ni J. This beautiful' resort Is uiw open for the reception of boarders I tie une of the most hna thy local ions on the banks of the Delaware, the elevation being one hundred feet above high water mt k: Its splendid >bsd grove, one mile In length, and promenade veranda, over two hundred feet the full length of the ni.un building, and sixteen feot wide. The inierior of this establishment Is not surpassed in the country Parties desiring comfort, this is the spot lo obtafu It. Access six times dally hv the Oiimdeu and Amboy Rail road. Florence si at on wlliiln live minutes' walk of the hiuise Terms taoder ae. Apply at the Mansion, or to B. G. 81MKIN, Wetherill House, Philadelphia. The pavillion hotel, rooraway, l. t., is uohr open for the recaption or WaLBRIDQE k CO. The latoijrette house, bp.robn -point, on the Kill Von Knit, N. J., 1* onen for the >eason. Boats from p;er No. 2 North river and root of Dey strret; time 33 m notes; steam ralrrad hourly from Jersey City. A few choice suits of Family Rooms may now he i-ecnred for the summer. WESLEY W. HILL. Proprietor. UNION HALL. TUB GRRAT SUMMER HOU8B, SARATOGA SPRINGS, ie now open for the season. Accommodations for 1,200 gueste. For apartments opplv In person or by letter lo W. w. LELAND A CO., or to Metropolitan Hotel, New York. | ______ WHITNEY HOUSE, BROADWAY, CORNER OF Twelfth street.?On the European plan. Meala fur nished to order, or by the week 11 desired. House open all n ght 8. T. MEAD. A HOUSES, ROOMS. ?*C., WANTED, ^TO DISTILLERS AND RECTIFIKRS.?WANTBD, to lease or purchase. a Grain Distillery of about 160 bushels capacity; or the advertiser (who has distilled gin in b?chiedau), Holland,) would form a connection-witn a distiller for The manufacture of Gin as it ie made in Schie dam. Address SI. Beaumont, box 199 Herald oillce. A SOUTHERNER 'WANTS A LA RGB, FULLY FUR. ntsbed house for boarders; reul $ J -0 to $.">00 per month. Location, bouse and furniture must be good. Tallmadge, 24 St, Mark's place. A WIDOW LADY, HAYING A SMALL FAMILY, wishes apartments In a house, to lake charge of It aad keep It In good order for the rent; ean g ve the best of city reference. Apply for two daye at 470 6th av., third floor. Furnished house wanted.?the advertiser wishes to rent fur the anramer season a neatly furnished Cottage Re idence, with a few acres of Improved Land st udied. on Bergen Heights or In the neighborhood of Hobo ken, or at New Brighton, en Btati-n Island. Immediate pos session wanted; house must be a desirable residence In all re spects Address, eutlng terms when possession can be had, ? location, Ac., Advonl-er, Herald office. TJGUEK. WANTBD-NOT ABOVE FORTIETH BTRBKT; O would have no objections to buy the Fnrnlture, if in good cond.tlon. Mu-t be moderate. Bute location, rent and priced furniture Address K. L., station 1). Bible House, HOUSE WANTED-NOT ABOVE FORTIETH STRRET, Arum eight to fourteen rooms; would have no ohjactioa to buy the Furniture, If in rood condition and reasonable: rent must be moderate. State location, rent aad prloe of furniture. Address Customer. Herald oflioe. STORE WANTED?IN A GOOD THOROUGHFARE, either In tble city. Brooklyn. Jersey City, or aay adia nent place. In whole or part, tor the Jewelry bualncsa. Ad dress box 5 283 Post oOloe. WANTED?TO RBNT, A HOUSE, FOR A FRIVATB famllv; rent not to exceed SI.IKIO; situation between Amtt- and ???fntMntastreets. Apply to MOULLIER UBK TKAND, Ci Hearer street. N. V. TTTANTED TO HIRK-A KM ALL THREE 8TORY TV nr ex Hmim or two and a half story Cottage, In the ?ge, i neighborhood of Tor*ellle, with ell the modern improve menu, between Second end Fifth Avenue* Address J. K. K., Hersld office. TXT ANTED?BY A OBNTLBMAN. WIFR. TWO WELL TV' behaved little gl-ls (the oldest three years) AAd ,-cr. TAot, part of a modern houae, notiimiahed, for housekeep ing; first claaa location and conrenlent to Broadway and Twenty-eighth street; liberal pay for genteel srcoinraoda tietia and agreaahle family; have sufficient elegant furniture for a medium sited house. Address Itonrades, station O. WANTED?BY A COMMISSION HOCi<E. A FIRST Floor and Basement. below Maiden lane. Kit CO A OO OIL. LOT, 67 Ktci.ange place oTED-A SMALL HOUSK IN BROOKLYN. WITH modern eonveeienees-rent not to excend $400. Ad dress. staling location. Act, box 6,338 New York Poet office. WANTED?A SMALL, NEAT HOURS, A ROVE A store. In a lively neighborhood, not loo far up town. A fair reat will be promptlv paid; If dee rable. In advance. Address, with particulars, A. R., box ISddisrald offioe WANTBD-A FURNISHED HOUSE, OR OTHER, wla-, In Brooklyn, suitable for a first class boar ling house; wtlhln ten mlnntea'walk of ferries; rent In a<f vance. Aldress M. Crosby, box 1*2 Brooklyn Host office. riTANTKD?PART OF A HOUSE, WITH MODERN TV Improvements, west side, not above Twenty-tb?rd street. Address B. H, B., He: aid office WANTED-A FURNISHED COUNTRY RESIDENCE by the year, ruitable lor a small genteel lamlly. Must bare abundance of fruit and shade; also stable and carriage house. Address Country Residence, box IM Herald office. WANTRD-TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS, BY A young widow, without children; location between Second and Fourth avenues. Fifth and Twentv seventh streets; without board., Mr*. P., station D, New York Poet office SPECIAL NOTICES. MASS MEETING OF THE VARIOUS KARLT Clo tnx Associations of this c. ly wlil be he d at Union square on Thursday aven nc. 'one Id, at S o'clock. Several prominent speaker, will addre-.* the meeting. A grand Torchlight Pruc-sslon will form on Chatham square, and thence proceed tirough Bowery to Uninu square, aocum psated b. the celebrated Re.-nnlh Regiment baud; Fire vo ks. Transparencies and Artillery. For further particulars see handbills. By order of the Committee, IADlBN*"fcNTKRTAtNMBNT IN BEHALF OF WHITE J Refugees?City Assembly Rooms on 13th, 14th* and l.'ih Inst. Tdckets. Including Straw bursa and Ice Cream, 6hj. Music by Dodworth's band. Notice.?the members of the father mat tliew U. M T A. B. Soc'eiy are hereby nntmed to meet at their HalL S?'.l Broome str at ou Sunday, Urn 12th ln?t at I o'clock P. M., In attend the funeral of our deceased brother member, .lames Murphy. By order. PATRICK COLLIGAN, President. Patrick Law*," Recording Secrets: y. Roman catholic orphan ahylum.-the an ntial exhibltl. n of the Roman Catholic firphan Asylum for Hoys will take plane lo the Aarlum on Fifth avenue, be twesn Fifty first and Flftv second streets on Thursday next, 16th lost, commencing at 3 o'clock P.M. The pubifo genera ly are cordially Invited io it'ml. M. J. O'DONNELL. Secretary. ffUK LAUNDRY, 17 WALBER 8TRRET. BEING V^i.nnt to change hands all pe-eoai having art ales there er^eqiieded to rali and taUu Ihciu nway, or they will be diapesed of. W1UTR ItE'ITGKEH AND FRBEDM FN.-A STRAW berry Faatlrsl wtllbe he'd h| the ladles of New York, In aid of the destitute refugees and freedmnp, In the Cltv A-aeinldf K-oins, ?irt Ur?adw*r. the iTth. 14th and Iftlh Inst. Or-a Iriun 8 to lb P. M. Tiokstsat Mmara. Hall's anil IVm-'i miisle atoire, and at the door, Donailonsof money, An., sent to the lreaauier, Ne. I Mercer street. RJCW iP?7JBBslCAT10aa. FFI.ICTElf RESTORE UI-IQNORANOB 8XP0SEDI? JfsllacMta C r.mask?dI?Highly important to both aeica^ married or atagii, in heath or disease.?Dr. LARMON r| Parts, Ixnulon and New York Medical Adviser and Marriaga (in(tie ( Oillti. n, AIM pagoa>IOI lll'iatrallena), upon Do htlily Urinary Aflat' ily Urinary AHactions bladder an l Bldacys, the author'* unequalled Hans and London treatment AO All should pund-ase this work of S. WARNER. No I Te ey rtroet, for $1 or coo suit the tvwtor, i7:i Hrr.sdway, up stairs, New York, from 10 A. * toll P.M. "We concur with other pnien In reo'.mman 'ing Dr. Larmont and his work."? Conrror dea Plats t'nls. flerm/to die keferm, Dapalub, HtsaiaReltMng. Atlas Medical Roview, Ac, (UET PUBLISHSD?THR LITTLE JOKER, FULL OF fj Wit aad Humor. Sent in ana ad aovelepa on receipt of five cents, or with an exquisite Photograph for 26 soots, by F. G. WATSON. Publisher, ?. *. T UTTER OF ADVICE FOR LADIES. Id FIVE A,f A I O It 10 AI, EN till 4 VINOS. Has Information never been puhl hod Bent free. In a sealed <yirel.rpe.foMOoenti Addiass Dr. Benlord hoc 4.668 New York Post oil), a. NBW BO"KB, NKW 6OBJECTS JH OABTB6 DB visits Htereoao into Views, and Sporting Hood* of every <1*-.rrit tlon. Trade supplied ?*??*} jor cBtRlogue to D OOMPKRTB. Furoheslug Ageoey, 73 Nassau at, N T fPHOSB PECULIAR ?nOBB-PUBI.ISHfD AT 80 ANN I eire'i New York, by CALVIN BLANCHaRD. Bend sildi-a** an a stai' pee envelop fov catvl igue. Yon ORB gat the e.i ks bv mall, or b> axpreea, KByat e on delivery. 8BWIPAPIBR8. .hill 8alb CHEAP?EfBBY NUMBER OF TIIR NEW 1 Vnrh II. raid iMi'idatS luO'iido.i i ro.n u.e I t of June, mi lot p tat ?f ?' one |8>A. all in perloct order aotticaily tided In hiuiliilT bungles aaipm M. T? box 166 UoiBid MIUTABT ADD lATiUU AT HO. 1 FARK FL\C8--HtlBjSTITITTFS. tomT trer* and men for isb ua>> v.uiet H ahe.i houaiUa paid. Call Immediately. Pe. ecus aa.Ug iu?u .o lota ths service will otUi. < ' An alter cab have $?wt CA?n now* to-dat to CO ?? aubetiinte in n,y ptwc# fur two j.?ra* so'dicn or a bo; of 17, with con-cui if pm ma. ai*> im., anra -? -n receive the same amount. fcr i*? ?r toy friend., who are tufted. Coil between the bo ?* "asdli A. 11 atdlltk outgomery street. Jersey Cu>. wo md a half block*above Ferry. ALL PERRONS DRAFTED. OK LIABLE TO B?. drafted, can get reliable ?uh-tltutee at the law eat lelw, by applying personalty, or by leuer, at the Military Law often of WaSHBUKN A WakRaLL. 306 Broadway, sear Ubainbera street, New Yoik. A SUBSTITUTE WANTID.?HIGHEST CASH PRICE paid. Apply at 191 Wau r atreet, near Catbarioa rARAFT.-PKRSONt LT A BLR TO DRAFT IK RBOot IJ lye or W tlltainebnrc on Moo av can be insured :or 160 if aupl caiinn be made before 12 o'clock on Meaday at tb* Drai t Ineuranee ulice 247 Broadway, r< om 2A Drafted men and men enrolled but mo* ? vet drafted, furoial.e I w lib aci-ej'Mhle subst tuts*, a) lnw rate* and on the shortest notice, Long experience an*1 a thorough knew edge of militant matlere render ihleene of the best ageno e? In the United States. Apply at Aft Broad, wav, N. Y. 1BIHHMRN. ENGLISHMEN, SCOTCH. GERMAN! French and men of all nationaliHe*. wanted numediaWB ly, tnenltit as substitutes for dra' leo men. Large bounties* wi 1 be tatd, and the men will be honorably treated. Apply at the Union General Kecreitlog Oho c. tft Broafl way, M. * Members of company f. i hi rkgivknt H. t.: V , w 1! mjiort ai C't Bleeckei atreet <>n Monday, IStD In t., at I P M? for settlement, with their discharge papers. By command of VV&l B. MUNTcoM .RY. Capt. Com'g Co. RECRUITS AND SUBSTITUTES, FOR aRM-T OR NAVY, wanted.?$50 hand monei to runners, Highest bountr ' paid to recruits as -oon as po n d. Apply to Capt. COMBS, . 6U Jjispenard street, near Broadway. Substitutes furnished and exemption# procured for drafted men and those enrolled, not drafted. All bua'nras attended to promptly, w tbr.ut loaa of t mo to par tie a .uicreuted. Add re h Captain Combs, It) Li*, peuard street. . QUJBSTITUTF.S. 8UBSTITU TRS?RECRUITS ATTBN. ? O tlon ?We pay the best |>r res 1n the city. Drafted meB ? furnished at liberal prices Men ablppe I in the navy, MORTIMER A CO . No. 92 Cllatliara at. United Stafea Recruiting Ottlce. OilB8TITUTES, SUBSTITUTl-3.?WE. T4IE 8UK8CRI O bera, dor ffor to All the ipiotua nf towns, cities and ell. lagea of the State of New York, or an* State, immediately - upon rro-iving the contract tor the same We wish the at tepilnnofai: the Supervl or*, Se e ?imsn of the towns to ? giyo us a call before going el ewheie. N B.?Bring your notices with vou. Oflice at Rhltviart . Hotel, No. 2 Oreen wich street. MONAIIAN, SHERWOOD A O TOOLE. Substitutes for Brooklyn.?wanted, twelve . good mm. at 45 Fultou street ErookUn. Highest* prices pa'd W. H. McDONALD, Unlt d Slatos govern ment recruiting agent tor Th rd Congressional district. OOLIER8' PAY. BOUNTY AND PENSION MONET t> promptly collected, and mono advanced on approve* claims, by tHOS. J. IIUllllKS, 79 Cedar street, near lb* 1'ost oflice, New York city. a VOLUNTEERS AND SUBSTITUTES IR18H. GKR utan and Englishmen, or old soldiers, wanted, few srmv or navy Highest rash and government bounties paid. Apply to Captain COMBS, 60 LUpoiiord atreet Agents please apply. TTEYERANB. ATTENTION?WANTED IMMEDIATE* V ly, two men. who have served before In the army, either in this country or In Europe, to enlist as substitute# for two gentlemen who are enroll d: c tra bounties will be paid for two good veterans or foreigners. Apply at IE Broadway, New York. 9th regiment, n. t. s. m.?all old mbmbbbe of this regiment are earnestly re<i tide ted to meet at tbO Cttv Guard Armory, 664 Kroidway on Monday evening! 12th June, to perfect arrangements for the bsn>]aet to br given in honor of the return of the refitment. ' W. S. TOLAND, Chstrmaa. (P A no ?SUBSTITUTES *K>0 CASH IN BAND; KB. ? ?UW. cruita$100, with State hount4e?. FULLEIi, JOH NBON A CO., 3d Washington street, Bostom. ?/l CABTI FOR FORTY VOLUNTEERS#OR THE JiTritJ country; also one hundred subst tultnT to whoa* the highest prices will be paid, at the General A geney. Offloe, l.fHd Greene sl . corner of Prince. New Terk. Braatfe Agency, 231 Spruce street, Phiiadelohia. WAVAIi PRIZE MOWET. <tO. 1 LL PRIZE MONEY MOW A PAYABLE CAM BR OBTAINS? AT ONCK 8* APPLYING IN PBR80N OR BY LETTER. TO WALDEN A VVILLABD, LATE U. 8. NAVT. 188 YORK STREET. BROOKLYN; 10UNTIE8. BACK PAY an<l all oiiiar claims* ADJUSTED WITHOUT DELAT. ? . ALL SOLDIERS DISCHARGED NOR WOUNDS^ roemtiers of tbe Sevantr-ninth. Eights second or Fomr? teenth or other reg'tnenia lately from toe Held, a1 so offlesnb having a almi unsettled, will sail and hare.them ? ol acted or caohed. B ROW M A MR KLDUN. M llltary and Kaval Bank lug offlco. Ho. 2 Park place. All prize, prize, prize money* collectedo* advance* made on ola me at HltOWN A SHELDON'S1 Military, Navsi and Banking Oltioe. No. S Park place, spp? tlte City Hall Park. All pbizb nonet now payable can bn or. talned b> app ytng in person or l.y letter to MOLLOY A FRG8SARD. Navv Ranker*. 193 South street, N. T., aal 187 York street. Brooklyn. All soldiers discharged for wounds oan set the SKY) b utnty at our nillce. Officers' and soldier**' claims, and the claims of relations of dr-eaaed soldier-soot* leete l at the Military Law odlce of WASHBURN A WAR* RALL, 264 Broadway. A1 HOY!?PRIZE MONEY TO BAILORS ?BOUNTY L MONEY TO SOLDIERS discharged for wound* received In battlo, Ac. Discharged Navv or Army Officers. Bailors or 8oid:ers, tboir Widows or Hslrs. PROMPTLY PAID Ikelr PRI/.B and BOUNTY MONSYS, BACK PAY. Ac., by HOWARD BI88RLL. Army and Navy Banker, and late Purser U. S. Navy. 2/1 Broadway, eoroer Chambers street. New York. IpLLA WARLEY POR SANTIAGO DB CUBA, LADY 'J Maria for Do Soto, Led* for Seminole, Nassau fornSlatn of Georgia aod Victoria. Priro money now readv. Apply to WALDEN A WIL'LARD, 188 Y ort is treat, Brooklyn. MSNYDBB. JR.. ? Late of tbe United State* Treasury Department. No. 89 Nassau treee, Oppoale I ha Po t -ill e. New York, V now pa> ub PRIZE MONEY FOR THE FOl.L'lWiNO CAPTURES:? Names of Captora. Names of Prizes. Anton* Cecelia D?Co tun. Ac. Baron l)e Kalb Alon o tilt Id?Jus baiee cotton. Co.estoga 164 bales cotun Cayuga Ware, J B. D/ivla?Oolton, Ac. II. Hudson Mar/a-et ?138 bales cotfon. Granite City .Anita?Cargo. J L. Davit 61 bales cotton. Osage 0"tum. Paw nee.... Rtumn Jane, Ocean Wave, An. Wachu i-it ....Dolphin. Virginia. And for nil othera now pajab.e. PR1ZR MONEY 18 NOW PaYyRLK ON TWENTY ver* large prides Our om-'al list to.Tiine Blirmtr, App v at Seoraou'a Bank, Brooklyn, or to REUBEN VOBB. t'.? WAH MMl WOUNDED SOLDIERS OAN HAYS THRIN $100 bountv promptly patd tliem: widows and heirs of deceaa-d soldiers can have tnr pay and heuutr CO levied and pen-Ions procured; sailors can receive I heir prize runner. All can receive information ami instructions by app'vind Mr RICHARD 0. ELLIOTT, United Htate* Araiy and Navy Ofluc, 6,* llieccker Sl.ect. ? inn BOUNTY FOR WOUNDED SOLDIERS, AND ?Pit MI all prize money now pay a ?* (100 prizes) collected In a few days or cashed. Pa vend buuniy due widowa and beirs ami nil war claim* coT?rtc<l J. P. HUNT, 247 Broadway. _ ~ JNATKIMOlTIAl*. A GENTLEMAN OF T1IS HIGHEST SOCIAL 00N necilon and aocomp I-b nsnft, In in* hi- om ?>! Ilfeand health, amiable, ardent and ? n ere. and enjoying an Incomw of 18'tier wrek, with the brightest pr-mpedta, >o e ls tba ac'iiiaintaoce of ?eme lady. n?t -*s than If. or nn?e than 20 years of age, with a view to immediate inatrlrn -ut. Ah* young person of e<pial peeiin'sr re-ouroe* or in redm-eg circu instances. or snv pour work tvg g rl, with no other dow ry t' an her -weettiess snd h-r tri e heart may here And a fond coil)pen on and a Joyous home. No trtllersor mere correspondent* need surly* Pn?rt* no i?arrl*r, but beauty Indispensable. Address, In perfect confidence, with tlins and place of mooting, tor one wrek. An-.eio, Herald offiee. FUUMTUKK. ' ==a A1 T PRIVATE 8ALK?MAGN I FIOFNT HOUSEHOLD . Furniture; property of gent em*n leaving cilt. Piano forte. Btagnr**. Bookcase, Ceul-e lain* , Drawing Room Furniture covered with Hn>- ad>- :0urt .lis to match, Bronzes, Pair.inn*. Stat -srv; Cbatiihcr and Dintngrnuoi Furn in e, China, Glass, Huverware fnvi re at 41 West BlztasntK ?treat, between Fifth end Rlith avenues. BLEOANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE OF A FRL v?lo family for sale at a great saerllce.?A beautiful ? Parlor Suit, covered with ruhcst French saitn brooatel. made to order three month* ago (? ost * kin will be sold foF gl76; one dtalfnc tlJb; elegant ro .swd Planofnrto also two h.arhle top Tahl -S. i .?>?*>> >d Kt ig-res two I'ailsr t ar peta, Turkish Easv Cha r and Loon * two m ewood It-d eiea'ts, itur'Yus, Spring and Ha r Mattres es. Lounges. Chairs, Rockart. Clocks M rror-, *f. 1 n-|Ulr* at 118 Went Eighth street, between Fifth and lilt!* arsons*. TjlURNITURB. ^ MANCYACTCRI D HY F. KRUTINA, eos.rsTi.Ho or "Ttoj^.sj^ M BEDROOM 81IT3 MAPLE AND WALNUT, LIBRA It? AND DINING HoOM 8UII8 ' All of new designs ami nunle under my own supervision, at mauufoctursra' prise* and warranted, at nsuuiseiw. p FR huh,* ICE KRUTINA, Nna 91 and 98 East Houston street, Botwsen tba Bowery and Besoad avrone. For sale?a short distance in the country, the Ftirnltare of a house, with a goc| Ice; rttlr epianrtld Gs.rdso. Pf"1"*. kdrt Orchard. For pnrt'eti'arlt apply at B. ItVrri hoist, oorfiar of Harlem lane snd lluib strict. POR SALB-TH8 FURNTTURR OF A BSACtTfiT* Cottage, with twa aores of lan I all uad-r cultivation, will bo eotd at a sacrifice For part enlara inuntre at Mr R. LUFF'S, oorner Of llOtb aires t and Harlatn lan a M W ARBLB TOP TABLES FOR BALK-COST ffO W1LA be sold obaap. Apply M way, up stalra ANTBO TO HIRE OR PURCHARR-a PLTMPTUN Bed. Address M. A. U. Herald oHea. LOAM OFFICEi. Advances madr on waTuhm. diamonds Jewelry Dry Ooeds and Pereunsl Proportv of evei* deacriiA oa. JG8RPH A. J A0RRON Ureter and Cummlr ?ton Msrchast. lit Grand street, two d?ars west ad Broad way. onice hour* from 9 A. M. to *H I' M. A T211 RROADW A Y?PPRC(ftUR JR1VRI.R. WAIGtlKft iV I'lote. A&aaThe hiahssl pi h e paid fur Diamonds, Watches Plate. Jewels. Ojn.nal Instrument*. A?t Ac, at bis priv He rooms. Liberal adyanee* made. Ticket* of dia ?Bonds, wau-hes. Ac.., bought, J. H. B ARHINGRR, *12 Broadway, roam UL an stairs- ?raw Faltdffi,

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