Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,133. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 18G4.-WITH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. BUTLER. The Enemy Shell Our Signal Station. Appearance of Rebel Cavalry on the James River. Reinforcements Arriving at Headquarters.* NAVAL ENGAGEMENT AT FORT CLIFTON. Capture of a Rebel Signal Sta tion at Chuckatuck. Arrival at Fortress Monroe of For ty-iix Prisoners Takm In side ibe Rebel Works, tCt( &0.. &6? Kra Cbarlca II. Ilunnam's Drspntcliti. Hkaixiuakieius, in tub Field, June 10,1804. THE 1U IIKU) SHr L Ol'R SIGNAL STATION During the afternoon iho rebels commenced elieliing the signal Btaiioo (mentioned in ray Inst despatch), which Is situated In the rear of Fort Wisconsin. Id ap iwtruice it rose miles a skeleton Ore tower. The rebels bad planted a battery of thirty pounder guns In a mirth, and threw their percussion shells around quite lively for ?bout two hours. Several of tho shells were thrown over ?ad into the camp of the First re Iment New Itorlc mounted rides, Lieutenant Co). Fatton coram iiutisg. After dt igent Inquiries I did not learn that auybody was hit, but was oUered t-evorul iinexplodtd eheil-i as troibies. 'Iho ilring was both wild and Lamm a-, Several 01 o>.r guns rc p led, and, alter consldcrahle noise and a great wa-te of ttnrainillion. quiet was restored, and the signal station re mained uninjured GENERAL GRANT'S GUNS The re; orts Of Genurai Grunt's guna were heard with greet disttncintMs this evening. Tho sounds cutne 'r >in a aortb.'aelerly direction, and we judge that be has ad vaaoed ocnsidctabiy nearer within the lost lew duys. '} Headquarters, in ttik Field,' Juno 11, 1864. PERM. CAV4LRT. A body of i?hel cavalry made their appearance on tbe aortb bank of the Juntos river last night. In tbe vicinity ?f Turkey Bend. Our gunboats oponed ftro on litem, when ibry ituiuediatclv turned tall and g alio; cd out of ?igbt, not, how- > er, before a few saddles nad l>- en emp tied. CENKHAL Bt'TT.KTt AGAIN IN THE SADDLE. General Butler's activity is ouly equalled by his vlgi lance. During the e.rly part of tbe week be had etoeely examined the woiki on our immediate front. In day he extended bis explorations, lie was In the saddlo by seven o'clock this morning, and crossed the Appomattox to City rctnt. Iho iortiflca tloosand troops at that place, aud also at Opting Hill Fort, In tbe immediate vicinity, weto examined and in spected. He tneu proceeded down tbo J* met river to Ml Pnwhitis and Wileon'a landing, At both of tiiet-e Important polnta tne General <or several hours, ?ad, by a pareuael examination, satisfied bin asil tb .t tno defences *n I tro >ps were lu an otllcleui condition. He veturnad lo camp about seven ?'c-uok this evening, highly pleased with tbe cm lition of allairs at tbe (Minus he ha 1 visited, and fully satisd'ed of bis ubtiity to bold all ihe points meutione-l against the attacks of Fltzbugh I-ee or ?ay other rebel gonoral. KiRlNli ON OCR SIGNAL STATION was again reziim. d by the rebels this al'term-on. Ills about one hundred and twooty leet high, and forms quite a tempting mark for the rebel artillerymen. Our soldiers have christened It "Weit/ei'a Monument." One shell burst directly over it this afternoon, and a few fragments ?truck one of tbe rrosstie imi Jfo da.najto was dooe. REIN ORITCRRNTS ARRIVING. A number of trash troops arrived here to day. They "likely looking meo.'* General Sutler will, without doubt, had employment for them In a abort time. Th* Gunboat Attack oa Fort Clifton. OI K NAVAL CORKESVONDtNCK. 0?r Point or Hot RS, Appomattox Rupr, Va., 1 June 10, 1864. | TUB KXOAGEEKN". At sight A. M. on the 9 h instant tbs gunboats Osmro J ore P? rry and General Putnam opened Are on tho rebel Pert Clllton, uear I etersburg. Vs., which w is ro.? ally a;s x ere J by tbe graybucks. Ihe Commodore Iw;ry lay up the right branch ol tbe river, above Fort WaUhail, a distance of betweon three and four miles from the rcb.l fort, while tt e General l'uluarn, being of lighter draught , rm up the lei t branch, wllhiu one tniie and a half of the rebel wfUl.t, and delivered her lire with such prcci'X'b as to cause a partial abandonment of tbeir Works; but Ir-in a marked battery to tbo right of tbe luuin w ms an in.cs.aut fire was kept ap in tia until towards inoon, when, tbe lire from both gunboats (I'erry and Putnam) having silenced the gur > of tbe in tin fort, thoy directed their Are aut rny at tins lntcrc?ting nt>j?ct on the right.'which bad been a si'iiroc o' grct annoyam-a tn us during our engage ment wbh tbe main battery, bu*. tt wasvvident they (the rebs) did ?:ot rel eb our mode of doing "biz," and. aa It was about time tor dinner, they ictircd in good order (as tboy always d<>). *he Hi ing Irom our side con tinued at Intervals ih-miyhoul the day. Mrauge t -say, no dam <ge was dot e tbe gunlioita en gaged, an hough tbo shot ai d shell fell thl. k and last on every 'ids ot us. lbs a<my cunboal Chnmberialn bad bur a-.i lior chain cut in two by a piece ot shell, w hich expicded under be; bow. I would atate that altogether It wst a splendid affair, and re let ts great e redlt ou tbe i II cers and men of bolli vessels. Mr. William H. ? tlner's Deepnteti. I'oRTttrvi iloNRoa, June 12,1834. a mocKtna ai'NNiR asuorr. Dy the arrival of tba United States transport iloen llglit, Captsui po) le, fram Ncwbero. N. C., wa learn that the supply ttramer Newbera cnaaod a large Anglo-rebel steamer ashore twenty-bve miles from Bogus Inlet, in tbe Gib Instant, aud waa tbea hard at work trying to work her Off Iho blockade runner waa making for Wilmington with a vaiuab e cargo of goods from Nassau tan? or a avKEi spinal ar?tioa, etc. Major Galea, of tba Twentieth New York cavalry, started In c tamsud of a b.ittliou. on tbe Tth tcaiai.t, on au expedition to Cbuckatuck, betweon tbo Naoscm o<l and Black water, from Barnard's Mils, and captured a rebal algnal station, two aorgaaots, bocks, pa; or, r?-ta, telegraph Instruments, rev erai largo tents, oie battle fug of scma corps and aever.<t signal fiaqn. Pi .r Ostea waa guided by a Virginian who was formerly in lite rebel service. i:e was dres?ed la a gray suit, end tbe eum mai d nesred the scene of Seliaw i*be guide exchanged bis coat with prfv >i* Walter WiVaeil, of Company l>. lwea lieth New York cavalry, who. ir iu hating on the gray coat, tsas mistiikvtn for the guide,and. being tired ai, re celvsd a bullet wniih eompietaly cimed Lis body and tben patted throngb bi? arm. tjb*Au?a laisrie CArrvaro Tbe T nited Mates gunboat Port Jack on, I'apU'a B T. Benw Ciunmandlng, at rived here bat even e? fnwa Wil mington and a cruise for b oekadera <? me 4th last, tbe Ktirt Jackson fell In with end cartursd tbe At alo rebel steamer Tnbtle, while m n>?'e trim Bermuda Tbe prize was sent to Boston la charge of acting Maal. r Wm. K Davis n. Tho following to a llal of tbe ofloara of the Fart Jack ?SO:? rajVuiN?H. P. Sonde. Lievtrntmi 'umwnnd-r?R. R. Wallaoa. jjnrpeoo?Phii|i> A., /'oymoif-r?Clllloo Ilellco. Acting M<ut*r?Wm. K. Deunlaon. Knutjn?S. H. Iluot. Act ma Enttymt?11 f. Moffhi.J. Regan. S K. Flopklaa Bnfin'.tt?tfbHf, Ruduoy Kmiib, Artmg PTrai, Jan. fk'i; Acting Second AsalsMnla. Jared Day, lobn Barren, Acting Third Assistants, Wm. II. Praatiaa, Jan. H Fp,w, Ulaa. 11. WakeQald Acfisg Mntttr't Jfitjgs?Henry Kytiag, Jaa D. Moore, flaa flmoot, Wm. Knowlti>n. C.i/iOH'n'i Cltrtt? ?? Piencb /?"vwegfsr'f C'rl? Jas. Stanlhurn. tbk N'ml or noTott tw ra? toitNTRxmi Aaar onars. T I am Indebted lo Dr. A A. ! icDerdg D, migaoa I I r charge of Ibe ei bWath army eorra boepl'sl, for the following Iht of dctna and burials uccumuf in Ibe carp* iruat jum 1 10 6:? Liar or thk dud for tk? 4 aw 8. A Vrlntorb, A. 91. Ma Wm H oth D. I3?th !f T J Wllwr, B. Hlat N V John I'o nclla. A. IS Ih N Y F Barm aa O, il2lhM T ? Kpooner. V. 27<b Mass H C eh*. dim. K, Wth NT A AUrldke. H. I3tu N H llanr; Basar, O. l-8lh Pa J tl Ke?*wal ,G. 139th N Y .'ana Seimn. O. 13." i. NY Li H Hay wood. D, 2.1 N II C?|?i H tl Bcechsr.C, I39lh NY ^int G W Gordon, I. 2.1 N H K ooilli.-u on, I, Ivoh I'a W Trumhull, I. 111b Goun Wm Puller, K, lllh Mass W m Bleomrr P. 88t > N Y Sergeant. unknowu Hani Martlca bib N H Win M.i'iira H, 88th Pa Unknown, A, 1 th Gonn Iienlei 'orbit, D, 1-Hth NY P J ha-linan. B. HI at N Y Rre? Hheneman 48lb I'a Win Jnbnaon H, 2lai Coon N B Rmhop. H, iui'i Mass R Met letter H. 1 lib Conn II A Ha I. K. llSih N Y Geo K Ben rani. 33lh Mans H H Wilhar 40th Maaa Beret h I) Kl-ell. I3lb N II Li I> lliiesel. I. loth N H Ll Coaa K Monr Sib Me GeotV Kl-worth, A I2tli NU Hl'abot. N V W ui lug K, .Sib Me Ll. ul Jaa Noll. 1, lOib N II Strut 8 W GuiltorJ, U, 4Utb K B Joyce K, 9 tb N Y A as* Joaet b R Hajer. K. Slat N Y O Hryanl, I, 12th N H M Maho i K 23th Mats Two unknown Lie. i Hoi Poir . I39ih N Y Carp M II Bbaw, R. 1121b N Y J W pexraon 0. l3Uth N Y Privaia unknown Private unknown BergIA D Brooks A,8tbCona Lie..i J H Johnson. 961b N Y Jan en Straw. A. 12th N II DO< nnnel't K 2Mb Ma s Lent bcolt, USUI N Y Ceo K Haae H. I?th N II Sergi W B Dunbani, P, 81*1 B N Pier e K, 4h N II NY II Haima IWlb N Y Prtv unknown, ? heavy art H Johnson, K, I i h N Y Lt II Nathans. U, 23th Mass I'n* unki.o* ?? J W llecri-k, A. I'Kih N Y Heret A K Ula.a, A. 13th ND O Oarer, R Slat NY R <1 Stan ord. K Slat N T Prlv unknown h M < Vnha. 2 th Maaa Bergt unknown K Kolirle, <1 2jih Mass Jua Hancock. I, IsKth Pa C W t on. i. r 13th ln<t I'riv unknown J Re, no i < A*', IS'th N Y Jaa It Randal, P, liJOtb N Y t'nl J-n M. Kac, A. i.'.ih I'n C H luuie. I, Slat NY P f Out I. r U. 2;th Maaa Priv Milk now . MO.rlii K. I >7tb N Y Hanl Anderson, II. 2 I N II J L Ha. la. A, loth N It A C Hede I K, 189th N Y C'liaall Prima JMh Maaa N Lap cr, G. iimIi NY A ll Ulondio l>, 13<b N 11 O K Wallace, 11, I2ih X II rrlwrs imnoau MAM. S or III M'kll V'ROb ? ? ftK I <11 I XJt 4. Chas Bngley, D, IC'tb N Y Cha* l.e'ert* K Lee, (J, N II Stephen n eke. t. 9th Me Prlv unknot n, ISih N Y Rem W Me?.le. K, Ifh N J John Johneou, U, I'.th N H l-.lin Gg? tJ. ?>t i M.I c II arm ?n. H I12lh NY C W Oai.iu. r A, ItfJlh N Y John hrortor, C, llOlh Ohio Unknown f-r,\js;o Henr. Pinley. U. 112th N Y Lt Col tlar-hal 4'lb Maaa elurr e Poit. r, 0.11 th N Y Lt ? lion roil. II tilth Maaa Citpt M iter, o. Ik-Hi Pa K J Oa) a! ait. 40th 9?>? Lo ut L Dudley. O. iHMn Pit Capl S O lira.tor. ISOUi N Y Br. ley More. D. lil'Jib N Y Capl ll ?l .. r. o I -~tb Pa Unanottn private Lt W Hiierte, O, IS-ib l'a Lieut Haulvl ituaacll, O, 10 h Wiu T. u iU.1, A, int. ? >nn . N II ?J .1 I. aw oth I. I.'h N 11 Lieut Ilaywood, D. 2d N II \S i.i. . i dtn ?. K, -th Me Cunt G W Gordon. I. 2.1 N II L Ila i K, i IS N Y L Hichardson. 13'h N II A A .In I, 11, l i b N II Corp M W Kkbardtaju, G. LJrrio It. UsthN Y _ 'j*'b N H K 11 P?rle . 'Jib Mo RC Kelly II Ma im. ;.lih Pa f-ergl Hunter, P. ISflthNY I i lowlev. It Mat N Y I) C 11 eav.-r, G, 7' lb Pit Jan. ?a \ilnn, I 1'lh N V t: II Yotiiii;, 11,41th NastfY John W.Mer B. II i N * A Ion'a Ma ne. B. Slat N Y S A l> telnl.iab B s|et % Y -? Mil or. K. ISSthPa S o s'l.eri, an. "vth N Y Jotepu Kll *;on. Slti ,N Y Ilenrt Maker, is-lli Pa Keere Sien n an, B. 88th I'a John Set ..n, 13! th N Y Sidney II Will., r. K.tUihMata War.! Nnrihinute. |esihl*n ??- spoon sr. !>?, 27th Maaa. William K ller K. lllh Maaa John 1-ornelln, A, HHUh NY* Srrii'nnl Inknown Will am Booth, I). I.lyih N Y W in McC ecu. II l-i'h Pa J U Kohnlt, ? 1391b N Y Dennis i oruet. D io.'tb N Y DEATHS 1.9 T1IK HAMPTON IIOMI'IVAL. Aaron ,?cb.^kii*y, luib Wisconsin, Jnue 7. K. klr.Koiver, tl3l North Carolina (rebel), June T. Ge >. Wblte, 7tiib PcntisvlkAnU, June 7. I Ion ivy (), Gordon, civilian, June 8. Nell Mci'ioud, 63<l Norlb Car .linn (reliel), June 8. i barleg rt Andrewv, 2lat Connecticut, June 8. Wm. Hox. 13tb Indian*, luno h. A ii if. Dotiohue. 7?>th Pennsylvania, June 8. J. 1>. S. True, lltb Maine, June 8 UDC UbkllOWD. PKATTT ;S (BirtAI'RAkE ROSI IIAL Abratbar Jf, Ibajcr, 40tb Mirsaobnrettr, June 8. Tile Fortress Monroe Telrgranit. Foktrb-s Moxnnk, June 10,1SA4. Dr. IJgbtfooi, surgeon of the rebel army, arrived hers this morning from Louisville, Ky., sod awaits Ibe Bag of truce boat for, KoRTmcsg Mrsm-is, June 11,18C4. Aboot one hundred nud nfty ofliesrs and men of lbs Second New Hampshire regiment arrived here yesterday from tho White Home, en roi'.'t Tor home, their term of enlieluaeHt having exjured. This Is one of Ibe first Ibres years regiments. Only three ot the original oincsrs re nialn, vli:?Col. Datlay, Lieutenant Cnlonrl Our and Capl. Patfers'.n. ? I oloncl f bambers, of the Twenty-third Massachusetts reigiroent, has been lying for noma weens In a rrilkal condition In Cbesapouku II. apltsl, fr< m a gunshot wound to the left lung. On lbursday Inst the ball was extracted, and Ibo Colonel is now doing well. The propeller Moonlight arrive! to day from Xewbcrn, N. C., but brings no news. The steamer John A. Werner arrived from Bermuda Hundred, with forty .six rebel prisoners, captured on Thursday last Insido tbe rebel works around Petersburg. Fortress Monro*, June 12?3:30 P. M. Tbe steamer Thomas Powoil bns Just arrived from Ber muda Hundred, and reports ail ijniet lu General H itler's department . Tbore Is no Intelligence from General Grant. ITIe sup plies etill go to bim v!a York river and Hie Wblte House. Mr. William II. Bler(l?ni'e Deapnfrh. Norioi.k. Vs., June 12. 1 >64. Tbe week just closed has witnessed tbe departure hence, and return, after accomplishing all I bat was de sired, of two cavalry expedition*. The re&tPts sought to be ibtained were noi of prime importance, though whet they did was extremely desirable to be dure. Tbe first expedition left Portsmouth on the ftih Inst., under direction of Brigadier General Israel Yugdes, the forces sent out lielng under the iminednte commfiid of Slujor Gases The object of the expedition was to cap ture tb<-signal si*'ions and tbe flien mmagiog them nt Cbock. tuck creek, running out of tho s.iuth side ol the Jiuiies river. The men were all captured, together with tho Lags and all other sp;mrtei;:inccg to a rebel sicual corps. The second e\podlilon oocupled the 7th ?na ?>ih in stants, a-:d woe under the command of Colonel Lord, of the I'weoiteth New Y'otk revelry Coloi.el Lord moved his cvnimar.d dov. n into < nrrituck county, N'C , about forty miles disui;t Ircni Port-month. lie object was to tbe rebel Impressment of h men. Colouol Lord captured upwards ol n hut.dio.1 hoi*??*, several ro'i.'l ;, among th.'ni a teliel lieutenant belonging to Winti'n hos tile cavalry, a rebel poel.naeter, end some men who were engaged in conscripting for Ice s army, our loss wus one man wounded Th losscr raids rf our cavalry a o none Ibe lest meritorious because they ero not. lainir itely pre beraldeit. and the results, tdoiich small lu tbe public cyo, arc never theless most serviceable to the ctitiso Coloi el Afford.commanding Third regiment New Vork infantry, has sent his resigna'.iou to tbe commanding general it will be act opted. The Helen Oetty Affair. # TO TBE EHiror. OP TUB HERALD. Fortrk-s Mosrou, June 9,1864 In tbe likRALn of the 3d inst. appeared a notice of the arrival or the steamer George Leary at New York, accom panied by sorao remarks re-poctiug tbe captain of the Helen Getty, in regard l> an accident tbaToccurred at tbe time of taking the passeugers to the George leary. Tbe Helen Getty was la charge of a pilot, who, In comhig out of Hampton, mado a short turn through a fleet of small craft, and necessarily had to keep under consider able boadwey. When ncarlng the George Leary tho Hulen Getty was slewed down and tho cnglfce stopped. When the bell was rung signalling tbe engineer to back bcr, In [letting tbe centre the engine stopped, end It became necessary to etnrl ber oh. ad In order to overcome tbe dlf ficnltr My Ihe time this was done she was so near the Leary that It was impassible to back strong enough to st .p Iwfore striking bur, the way the Getty was bead ing 1 immediately bad?lbe wheel put bard to port, hoping P. go clear and avoid an eeclJeiit The Helen Getty Is a side-wheel steamer, wlinout guards, em-opt around her paddir wheels, the corner ol which struck the outer pert 01 Ibe i.eorge Leary s slern, knocking <.|T a piece that was bolted on ibe forward part or H, tlm bolts or wbich split a piers of the port side of the miln stem. As Diy name has been br. tight before tbo public In connect It n wtib Hie acndeni to the George l*ary with out any rs.ise given, except that In your paper of tbe Sd, I hope you will do me the favor to publish tbo facts as tbsy hagp'sed. Yours, rsspeoiftilly. BAMOkI. T.FJtMAX, Master steamer Helen Getty. KLW3 FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Caylars ef the I) lor Made llunner Siren, formerly Sir Ueorgr Ord'e Yacht? A riag of rrace, (kc., dir. MB. IHIUI M. UART'S DRBPATCII. IBermi.v or Noam Gabomna, I SRArroBT, June 8,1864. / rjrtcss or res mm. Quite so ueusual occurrence transpired In this rlelnlty te dny. Tbe gnnboet Keystone Slate, Cspteln Crosby, on lis eetward i easege to tbe coeet, dtvcovered e suspMiotie i.-'king steamer floating tbe Fogliah colors (m parcelr tog tbe Keystone Bute In pursuit, the suspected reseel en deavored to escape, but after an hour's abase wee com 1*1 ed to heel to, obodient to tbo rummone of tbo Key atone The ve*eel proved to bo the Siren, from St. Georgoa, Rermeda, which port tbo loft en Monday, May 30. and ber papers were made to Nassau. Tbe cap lain, however, aeesow lodged I bet hie reel destination wad Wilmington, although ostensibly bound tor Na?-sn. He imputed the oeuea ei bis presence so Isr up the e<>SM te the tact ef ha coeepees being imperfect, being two and s ba.r iouiIs < ut. | The ?ae formerly used se a Taebl br l?t Oover- I ?or of Bermuda, Sir Georgo Ord, and on the Governor being recalled by the b me government be eold the ves ret to tbe rebel agouta. the rebel govoiunieul |>eiil two thousand i<o-iiids for tbe vo. ?el and otto thous'od [funds to tbe captain for drryiug It to its declination Tills waa paid in advance, the captain slating that be transferred bis money to bm wife for eufe keeping, 'be carg , which la not valu-ibie, an<i supposed like wire to do owned by ibe reb I authorities, consists prtncipalv of hoop iron; but sbe has likewise aon.o flrat quality cbampngna and other liquors on board, ( Tbe reboie purchased this vessel wltb the tntontion or substituting It for ths steamer Cape Feir, a despatch boat running from Wilmington to ibo c ipe ot tb t uama Her rate of speed is six knots sn hour; in snvoth water eight. On visiting her we were entertained by tbe cap tain, and partook of some excellent champagne A flag of truce visited tbe district of Washington to request permission to bring away some t'nlnn families. The? were only permitted to go as far as Fort Rensbaw, but succeeded in their mission, and brought t-everai fami lies to Newborn. GRANT. The Army of the Potomac Pro gressing Successfully. Gin. Burbridgo's Report of the Defeat of Morgan to Kentucky, A*, Ad-, to. Secretary Stanton to Major General Dlx. Wah rKriRTUEMT, Wa?miX<;ion, Juno 13?Midnight. To Major General Pix,Now York:? We have despatches fr ni the Army of tbe Potomao as Ute eight o'clock tbiw morning. Tbe movement was at tbst hour la aac:eesfnl progress. No reports to-day Irom General Sherman. The f lbwlug despatch from General Bur bridge, com msnding In Kentucky, hs<> just reac-ed here:? ??1 sttackod Morgan at Cyutblaua at daylight yesterday morning, snd, after an hour's bard fighting, com pletely routed him, killing three hundrrd, wounding nearly as many, and rapturing nearly four hun dred, be. ides rerapturiifg nearly one buDdred of Genrrsl ilob.'on's comramd, and over one thousand horses. Our loss In killed snd wounded was about one hundred and lifty. Morgan's scattered forces are flying In all directions, have thrown away arms, are out of am munition, and are wholly demoralized.'? Despatches from General loner, at nine o'clock this evening, Indicate no change In bis command. No further Intelligence has been received from General Hunter. KDW1N M. STANTON, Secretary of War. MEADE. Mr. Otcar G. Hnwjrer's Despatch. llKJIIMI <KTBRH, Sixrn AKVT CoRl'S, J Nk*r Co*i. H*iuu>n, Ya., Juoo 0, 1H64. j The quiet of the past lew dnye continues. Skirmish-* Inir along the line betwren the rickets Is maintained with ?rro or let s spirit right atnl day; ht.t nothing appro eh lag a llerce conflict baa occurred, nor are tho casualties at utl heavy. What the next hour may bring forth cannot he foretold. This roeptto given the weary soldier* ha? been of n> small service to them. Tbey b?ro b-<>n refreshed by the sei sin of Inactivity, and are now ready to advance towards their de t mat Ion, strengthened In body and moro buoyant In spirits. Tbey are ready to endure anr hardship and brave any danger, confident [of final sue eeea. The telegraph will firat Inform you of any move ment It re, and it Is uaslee* to Indulge In idle conjectures of tbe lime when or the manner In which the next movement* are likely to onsur. Ve thai! not long bo Idle. Ibe roads ara again dry ami terribly dusty. A high wind fiom the wect t<> <1 iv and a hot sun have mola existence in the i.eighb rh< i d of the main lines of travel almost wand arm hie, it seemed at if the uppet strata of Virginia soil was Hutting In mid air, and, like Jell'. 1 avis' anathema*, burying us a've under ita all-j ervading dust. We pray fer showers with oil the fervor of a traveller over Sahara. Kxhmuud pipers of tbe Tth tcknowledg* a defed at I Hie hands of Onega! Hunter, i ear tfUnnton, Vs. , and the ' occupation of th# town l.y It s lorce. T! ?y sta'e ; that Hunter fell unexpectedly upon a detachment Of their ' fore- * ai.d cut It up j,"dir. How large a forve the rel els hid Is not stated. SU'iuton Is twenty-!** mi'ss front Cora >nsvlt1e, on - the Rtcbtnoad end lei to- ? lullroid, and Is a | It c of ? C'nsiilerable Imporhu ea-adejol of supple . It* <c cupat! >n givea Central Hunter c, uti I of that Ira; '>r'ant j line or cummunicwiion with (ho rebel capital, and | threatens Oonlonavllle, their main d< pot of supplies, oo which Coueral Hunter Is said to be advancing, fbls movement will compel I*e to wesksu bis forces in o ir I runt. All this will bo raoro luliy deral.ipod in a low days. The health cf the troope continue* excellent, and while the excitement of active operations ounlinues camp dis eases are iikoly to be warded off. Oar Army Correspondence. llatlNl'JtRTSRS, Ai MY OF IRS POT'RVC,! .tune 11,1884. f Dub armies occupy their old positions. About tbe right and centre there lias been considerable skirmishing and cannonading. No damage has boeii affected by either party. Tbe men are weli protected behind high an I Strong breastworks. Thslr soldiers and ours converse n tbe most amicable manner; but opinions being freely exchanged, as well as sugar and tobacco, such lamill arltles have been stopped by special order. Tbe rebels have a large gun mounUU on a railroad truck, It throws a six-Inch shell, and la the solved of much mirth among our men. Oenoral Meade rode through Ibis portion of bis lines yesterday afternoon. His visit was entirely unoxp* t ed and unostentatious. The railroad has been torn up by our troops. The ra its from De-patch Station to White House bare 103 c-re fully carried away. , Tbe Washing to* Telegrams. Wash irotor, June 13, 1184. The Republican says an Intelligent officer of cavalry arrived this morning from the front, lie left a point tan milts from the rront on Sunday forenoon, and reports that firing was distinctly heard daring Saturday night In the direction of Bottom'a Bridge, which crosses the Chirk aboratny about twelve miles aaat from Richmond and seven miles nortnaast of the mouth of Fonr Mil* cr< ek, on Jamea river. When be left be said the report had Just reached tbe place that General Haneock, after a desperate fight, succeeded In dislodging tba enemy and oarrylag tho bridge at the point of tba bayonet; that be held It, and the whole army bad snocaaarully crossed at that point. WasmROTOR, Juna 18,1884 Tba t tea mar Thomas A. Morgan arrived this morning from tbe White House with two hundred and eighty of our wounded men on board. There were a few very severe oases among them. The Christian Commission With the Army of the Potomac. PniLaniuwu, June IS, 1884. The general field agent of the Christian Commission glvsn tba following facts In rtlaiion to lis operations in tbe Army of the Potomac since bis arrival at tba n bite House:?A schooner and tugboat were osrly at th* wharf, laden with atnre*. Additional'supplies have been ar riving by tbe government boats dolly, lho Commission lias twelve tents at tie While House. When tho first *oaRd"<t arrived over filly Urieveiee were on tbe ground lo receive item Tfco Dumber has nice been in creased 10 over ooo hu' dp'ri, Tli# corps is divli'ed Into two classes, vl'c:? S. eelal re lief and hospital delegates. The first attend to caring fi r soldiers outside of the regular hospitals and those on the nay from tbe front. The second work in the regu larly paganized hospitals. At the front the Commission has a wagon with oa-h corps, and an ageut and four to eight delegates with each waroo. Five wagons nre kept as a resorvo. Thousands of soldiers have been fed, while hundreds daily have had their wounds dressed, and hive been otherwise relieved by tbe delegates of tho Christian Com m salon. Wasmirrvroi#, June 18, lsfl4. Rome of the stor>>boats or tho United State* 8amt >ry Commission are understood to be at Fortress Monroe, ready to movo to any new base of supply with their usual sanitary stores and relief agents. They reudored valua ble sei vice at tbe White House. One boat?tbe Thomp son?Is at Baltimore. The Casualties at the Battle of Coal * Harbor. The Rev. Mr. Dana furnishes tho following list of killed la tbe second Connecticut artillery at the battle of Coal Harbor, June 1,1814: ? Colonel K. ir, Kellogg. Captain 1. Wnuhau s Company A?First Sorpeant J. P, Pnr'cs, Corporals A. A. Jouos, A C. Mo a, 4J. Adorns, Jr , U. Meeker, W. (1. Potior; |irlv:it<'H W. Burton. A. J. Bradley, O. Hitchcock, J. lliland, W. H i'armlee, Patrick Ryan, I, J. Smith. Jr.; Robert Wall, H. F. lilford, It. Scuil, Ucorgo Everett, 9. Fallon. Company II?Corporals W. C. Sparks, M. P.. Pterry: prl .vales.I. W. Coons, J. Hundel, E 11. Morris. It. W. Bragg, a. Ostrander, F. II. atovena, K. P. r'ooii, (J. W. Ski if, J. B. Slob I, A. Wooden, C. Scour, M. Whitman. Company C? Sorgeaot l>. J. Tn tju, private George. Pierco. ? C'napany D~Privates J. Murphy, Henry Millor. Company E?Corpoials F. w. Daniels, W. Hart, A.J Ila.ll, 11. A. KexTbrd; privates L. Powus, Myron Ferris, 1'ai. Kaine, Walter Martin, Jamss Mouiiey, R. II. l'erklns, Charles Stanley, 0. A. fated, J. M. Teeter, F. D. Painter (musician), Alired Coin Ins, Win. Kellogg. Company /??J-ergoaut 8. E. Ulbbs. Cionpiiiiy 17?Serjeant J. It. !*ayne. Company U?Privates tl. C. Mruigbt, C. W. Jackson, T. F. Barnes. Company I?Privates A. I) Calpiu ?Dd F, F. Kane. Com/any K?Sergeant tJ. 11 McUurney; privates F. Andrews, J. Baldwin, if. Bri-tol, K. Crlflin, E. Illckey, A. Jsokiion, I'. It. l ake, it Imhcrgill, C. lteed, J Warner. Comj>iin>i L?Private .1. Martin, KI1.1.BII JUNK 3. Privates F. "R. Bouton, Co C; Win. Pranlilng. Co. A; J, Hall, Co. F. Patrick Kcg n.Co. M (May 24). jas. R. Baldwin, Co. E is missing or a pr soncr. REBEL ACCOUNTS. What Urnnt Is Doing?ll?? C?mp?l|n KfVlMVRll. [From tbe Richmond Whig, June 8.1 Whsther llio fatos have decided that iho war snul ter minate this yenr irny be doubted: but uoue will deny lb-it In silocliog Grant us the loader ol the Rracd Army ..I the Potomac our ineraic* have unwittingly c. osen tlio man or all others best adapted to the work ot bringing the via r t<> a speedy aid definite close, ii jieuce it to como lo c onfluence of tb? dustructlou or the Yankee ar my (,rant surely is the right man in the right place: for ho alone ha - tlio faculty of driving his men headlong to ruin. We are not disposed to blame him?on the contra rr our giant-ido !<? hitn ib nnbottniled?or to iuipugn his merits a s a soldier lie has done all that In hiui My .has di'playcd ail iho aklll, energy and oourage or which be Is master: and ir he hue failed, th? fault hue not been of him or Ins tuen, hut iu the nature of ttao obstacles vthicn tbey had to overcome. ^ All adm't that Grunt has male (he Yankees fight as thoy never lought before. Time and agMn tbey have charred very formidable w> rks, ?nd on mo oc.RSk.nn they buve carried a pcrtiou of three works by storm. To be sure, the salient* thus carried were the we .it point* of our de'enoe; but, compared with otnor works before which lbs Yankees under Bum-itle, Hooker and other commander? failed, tboy were powerful indeed. The stone wail at Marie's Hill, or which so much was said at the lime of Bur aside's defeat, was not ranch higher thin a man's kDee end the works orected by the ton federates the nlghi that bloody repulse were simple ride pits, thrown tip with bayonets and tin pars. Not only has Grant infused audacity into his men, and made thcra fight recklessly?tooltsbly. but he has conducted the campaign on principles derived front r?r sonai experience in prev lone campaigns. . . , ltemerabTiOK how he had carried t> nelson, I. okoiK Mountain, 1 akc. s orcek and the works on the east of the Ills Black by bold a?*.?uli*, and making no allowance for the difference in commander*, bo sougbl to practice on 1 ee tbs UjSoo which bo learned so successfully in hie combats with Floyd, 1'em her ton and Hr?M- lie had no no otnor choice. becau?e all Uber modes or lee had been tried in vain. Was he to discard ex; erience and treat to invention sad the s^ur of the moment!- That, in the first place, would have been unwise; and, In the next place, asking loo uracil or him. lie did not pretend, like Mc' lellan, to possess the genpia or Napoleon, and he wan not tool enough to lely upon anddeu inspiration and the sugges tion <>f instruction. He La i a plan which had been uni formly eiiccessful, and lint pUn was Btr.ilghtiorward, bard lighting. Piotecwog lilniseir against defeats by in tii-ncbnieiits equal to Hooker's, lie aimed to throw bin whole weight on's flank, get in his roar nnd cut him oil tram Richmond. He cou d n< t foresee, nor could lie have heon n ade 10 bel.eve, that the (onlederate army bad acquired the att of bull ling powerful fl-dd works with ru icicvi (iui. be hoi e I to meet on open ground, aud sobe did io the first fight at the W ilderrots, when 1 e? Uro?e his 11 ink two miles ?,r mere, and alter that he hail io encounter hre.ntworks live feet high and ten fe.-t thick It be rushed his men madly against the e works, and dr \ e in-m mercilessly t. slaughter, and repeated the butcterv over and over svaiu, at the, at S Mittsvlvanle Oonrt House throe day* In succession, an.l Mill again at Turkey Ridpe. as if ho gloried in mere cafi 1 mice, tiie fault, wo ?R?on declare, is not nts. A u*k h.s been given bun ly ibo abolition tyraul at \Ya*i iitgl"ti?t cutely, i" teach Richmond tot by the MM'lolbo toute, std he bad no option but to ficht desperately. aud-keepon iightlog. 1 lually. sli-'ii drlvt? by due i.e. c .-It) to ibe I t-run found l,o<- in quiet t, ??<<*,, kit ol th? very p>>.-. lien role sd by McCle'lan la !-??' and which h.dtli.-utwf the confederate* so dearly. Here stood I "O liehli I tie - o Itobfe hieaatwoiks, wh eh lira tuvu appear, d t" h ive t irrieu In Uteir irme from lira ^ nderti'ise io .-'noir-ytv i is. th-noe I" Ihe North At tie ai d agam t? IfWl l!<"- r I MMSth 'V with us much eu-e a? Ho sigh tb- y had be. u Uetnp bales,Win b as Price hod st I.cxtiigoui. What was Grant t? <lo Was h*to recms* tbo PamtiD Lev make b s wav to the lie se and rnnbsrk ir.r W s-h ngton. ?r was ho to move upon the vt bite House, or the south side, and decline hsttie entirely ? He could Ci> i either the i-ue n?r Iho ? ther, lor olliar movements carried him mrtter from Richmond, Compelled to fight, he fought with stubbornness, and piled up bis slain #s rem ore ly as he had done fc spottaylviinla. Repulsed for the flith or sixth lint with great loss, he waited a lew Cays and filed to the kit behiuJ his luirent bments. g ung somewhere to d? Hie next best thing tbat can be done, % ViUbese e'fkrre'hava bnea attended with a lcs? of I fe unpiralleled during tho war. The exact figures will ne\er he known, hut tbe segregate is enormous end ?iu proximate* (ne bunded tho >and Is (-rant sati-tled' Personally he maybe Indued priaonori ion of a some what profane but very complimentvry speech wliich t, Intends, sooner or later, to make to Ice I 1 wit: - ??Isk? ve'ir little confederacy and go io with it. i:rsut rns/ bo *oti?fied but Ins masters are uot. The war is tf.elr lire; it tnast go c.B. Giant Is not a sickly sent! mcntaliit. he Is alcot h-arted and strong nerved, and if the. rder t>e that another one hundred thooaaod victims be s.icrlficeJ t > the Moloch of abetltlouUut, he will execute It lo tbe fry letter eml with lira utm st despatch. Ore month at m wt i* s i ho ro-pitioe Within that time. If lee mil furnish Iho iireusiworks and l.eo is a moat obliging genlloiiian), hew .ilkillup ono hundred or rnra huudrcl ?nd fifty Hi -.-and Yankees with all Imaginable esse and pleas Dlii- s*. Ml* feature? will remain unruffled, our will h * per Ciot.t of regsrs and brandy diminish, ivswsscd as II wers by the ftiHes, be gloals over the carnage and nrges it on: nor will ho deiul until the Yankee srtu'oe 're coneumed from 0(1 the earth. tho poae"inikcr,nod therein a be pre eminently the right man io tbe right place. orrtciAt. TrtroatM rnoM okNcuaf. tar:. The fot:< wing from General I e# contains tho latest official in for i?tloe rtse.ved at the War l*pnrlraent;? lls*i%M*i*RJi, Aaur or Voariissx Vm?nwtAt> - June d?S.fVO P M. j ITcb. asrtar or Wxa ? ,L ibsre hae been very little sklrtnltbrag en the noes to dissevered eerly this morning that the enemy had withdrawn fr:.m the frcnt of ttoitcr?l t-'er'y on our i, n ru d trnm the meet of the front of Goeeral Anaereon ,>n tho .entre. Resi>ectfntly, *e. R. K. I>Jt, General. Tlte Rtpulilen ef Oermwis anal lileh ttnmra from Ittchmwnrt, [Irntn the Ricbo.ond Whig, June a.| Wo have pii vtonalr b^d ocec?ai n, in. tde'it-aily, to nr^ th e that class of Irish and German In our midst whose burbaiifis have x?ne over to tbe Yankees, end mauy ot tbom entered the Yaekeo service. These women and thoir children, some fifteen nundred or two thousand in number, ere wholly s .piorted by tbe publte end prl vute > benilee of tbe rWy. They do not pretend to do any kind of work, and apet.d nil their ttrfie In running from ons piece where charity le dispensed to nnoihsr. Just hogs in tue (all of the y?#r ron ftom ram apple tree to another. If we bed abundance of food, the eupport of this worth'ors class might be pasm-d over in alienee, but seeing thei there le berely a sufficiency or food in the eom mutiny to supt ly our own j?eon|e-to keep from ebeolule sulTfiltm the witse and children of our eoldlere?we should haws i nth ng m glee three people II would not answer, it I* true, to let them starve In the streets; but such an event i ouid be seedy obviated We recommeod that ? census he taken of ibein. sod tbe r number and names sscerlalned, that ttiey may be (tent In a bedy beyond our lines, having first been suppl-ed with the ration* neccrsary to mi port tliem till they could reach ?< me Yankee post. Tkts wool I be a harsh mtraaure, but one fully Justified by our iie,weellles. The Ailalluiwsid lloaad. St. Jeux*. N. I . tune 18. lsd4. Tbs steamship Asl?,from Ro-ton, via Halifax,for l.lver pool, | sated t ape Km* ai balf-i>??t ttven o'nl- c.k Hundaf ntornlug. , SHERMAN. Additional Details of the Gp rations of tho Armies of the Southwest. Heavy Skirmishing, Gallant Fighting and Brilliant Charges, At? a*., to Mr. B. D. WcitMll'i Despatch. Il?AT>qrrARTt'lS, SnKMlllM'S Army, ?) Tuuxk Mir*-: N'okiii t? Dallas, Ua., June 1, t?04. t thk advancs from kincwon. Thursday afternoon, tbe 19th ult. , Johnston's army loft Howard's front at Kingston, and (looker's front at C.issvll'e (which, by II10 way, was on (he rebol lianlc) ?ml retreacd precipitately along tbe railroad and across (be ' towah river, leaving In our bands one broken caD.-on, disabled by one of Howard's guus. lie was not followed, nnd Sherman's troops wnut into camp In and around Kingr-'.oA and Casavillo, with orders to re.-t and provide themselves wltb twenty d .ye' rat'ons. I be po ilion of tbe several corps at thi-i tune was as foil >wg:?Hooker's cerps on tho left, Pohutioid s (Twenty-third) In his rear, Howard.'* In tbe 'centre, wiib Jobosou's nnd Balrd'e divisions of tbe l-'ourteeuth coming up; Md'hernon's a my on tbe right, throe miles west of Kingston, on the Rorao road, and JeT. C. Davis' division of the Fourteenth corps at Rome. Stone man's cavalry was on tbe left flank; Mccook's guarding a bridge over tbe Flowah, in front of the right centre, two miles south from Kingston. On the morning of Un 2-td the army moved, Howard, Iloeker and Bchofleld orosslng tbo rivor on pontoon bridge at a (Mint nearest tbeir old position, I'almor crossing st a point three miles lower down, while Logon crossed still further towards Rome and marched towards Palls.?. Tbe rebel srtny had crossed nt I'towuh, sixteen miles above Kingston, bad destroyed tho railroad bridee, taken up a strong position at Allaloona, In tbe mountains, nnd evidently expected us to follow that way. -Tbe oontrs column, consisting of the Twentieth, Fourth and Fourteenth corps, marched by tlfe toad to Kubarleo Mill?, and crossed Kuharlce crock at tbat point. In the order named. Tre declination appeared to be l>ai;as, which would bring tbe army again directly on tbe flur.k of Johnston's Allntoona position,[and as near Atlanta as he was. The march of so vast an army by so few roads was necessarily slow, end It was late In the afternoon or tbe 'Jtth when Hooker reached T'umi-kin vino creek, bnynud Burnt .Hickory ridge, and six miles from Dallas by the direct road. SCCCWStft SMALL STRATrOV. The rebel Deneral Jackson, with s small division of cavalry, wax watching t' e advance of our army from Kingston, snd It seems was vastly muddled about tbe Importance of tbs morement. He hud sent a courier to Johnston announcing tbe feet tbat tbs Yankees were coming, but ronrrs<-ing himself unable to say whether It wnvu movement iu Urge force. Johnston replied, re quest ng trim to Qod out, and the Yankees ? aptor-d ,lohn-tou'j courier, a I'ulon scout was fitted up In gray and sent b<ck to tbs robe's, with an answer framed ac cording to Henaral fhoinas' ideas of what would ho most plcujlng to the rebel coumnnder-lo chief. Ttie acout re turned in tbe course of a div or two. and tho sequel has proved that tho trick was l"u a good men ore successful, l ot I It was too iatn Jobnaton did not attempt to dispute tbe advance of oar forces through Rornt Hickory bills and acrosH I'umpkinvine creek, where there were many strong positions Jai ksnu's rsvarly fell back rapid'/, and 1 have not-heard of them since. an vsexrttcrto *N<otvrr?. On the afternoon of Wednesday, the "2.1th, Tlo >ker was mar bing at the bond of William?' (First) divistou ot hta corp.*, through the woods, three miles south -f 1'i.iupWin vine creek, when his escort was tired upon by a small I tody of re)>el cavalry. They were at onco charged upon vigorously, and fell back stew hundred yard*, pursued by tho elated escort, when, to the aat->ni^hmetit of tieneral J looker, who was close at hau l, they we e halted by the tire of a Mrouir column ot rebel Infantry filing into line of battle on hotb sides of tbe road. the country was rolling and den-ely wooded, so tbat it was impossi ble to ice mere than s hundred yards ahead; yst the presence of a Jirge force or the enemy was made apparent by the r.api Hty of their lire, ibe escort fell back, nnd Williams' division was formed in line to await lb? oxpecied attack. (ieneial Hooker selected the posltj.-n hlinrolf, snd por'Oneliy an pi-rititnidrtd tbe preparations, and from the tact that the 1 irsl division wan the only one south of tbe creek un supported, It may hiAirgued tint he was 'n a<une degree anxious. Put the'?l ighting Joe" shone bright hero, and be ?>'? as co d ?nd gentlemanly as ever. The attack ratne, and was met by that splendid dtv isiou, behind a b unity constructed breastwork of dea l trees and fallen branches. In a mast determined manner The enemy w as bald till ((?ary aud Rutlerlleld raine up, when he was driven Slowly forward to the position he now holds, three-fourths ot a mile from this sickly sj ot Tbe !o?s In Hooker's corps w s quite hcary, probab'y as high as lourtcen hundred kil'ed end wounded; but the division and Hie position were saved. Rebels captured told llnnk'-r he had f-uight Ho d's and (trig's corps, sml had daylight hold out h m,.bt li tre fought I lardee a in add.tloa. W lien llo.-kcr inct tliem tliey were in .rating at double quick to d'.-qiute I ho passage or i'l.mpkirvine crook, and bad hardly g-.t in lire ol battle wln-ti Hie csc .rt atruck them. Ibey suf fered as badly as we did In tbo cncouut r. IJXVS OS HATT1.S IORMRD. Thursday night Howard moved luto position n ff-rok ei s left Sch- tteiri on the let >f Ho.v ird, and one division o. i'alni. r's (J'uiosoa'!-) uu Mo-right of Hooker. The caval ry w?re ail guarding the ?? t. Mol'beinu had m t come up. and it ?* is expected that lb" eueinv would give u; battle on ma n: Trow Jubr-1 n bad t ?' n po- ( on on a runpo of ru untaiu??a spur - f the Al.tmna range, ,,ti ki,foiahiy r.iglier than Mi<*in ridge?and cstab i biiF a l iia. tbo general directliii of wlncb c at aud i* from north c.t to runtli w est Huh s! intervals along this l ac can eaithworks be seen, owing to tbe density of the summer foliage, but enough is ?<-"n to convince'the be bolder Jobestcn Intends to hdd to tl.'.un as long as passible. Ti ro'gb the glass thc-y ip,>csr tbe most | er feet rebel work? ever built. In strength au l llni-h Ihcy are sdmirab'e. The Icngtb of the lite . is nsnrly three ml'es, covering all the roads ncroi-s tli? niu'.inialn to .Marietta nnd Atlanta I The last named town is said to bo thirty five ml'es irotn here Our lire runs alorga lesser range of hills, very much in c -nfTtnlty to that ot ill" rebels, but somewhat longer. On the loft both lints, for half a nn'e or Mir?, run nearly at right angle? with I he centre and right. Hie nvera e distance between the skirmishers is le-s than two hundred yards. Much of the valley between the rebel bllU end'ours is swampy land, lar oriectly dra net by a branch of the I'ampkitivirs,called Frown's Mill rreck. Tlu-re nrs few farmboiiFes hereat < ut, and but lilt o cultivated land. Tbe only place? when- lull, cheer ing sunlight outer? are a few field.- of deadened timber ami the valley betw. on tbe conten-'lsg armies. Fight ng msy be dene as well In iho night time as in Itie daylight; for tbe men on either aide ;?r# concealed iu the forest. S'l-ntiUi >N is i oxi iios Saturday Mcpherson's army?I-tyan't and Dodge's corps, with JelT. C. Davis' division??klrml?ho I into IWIlas on our extreme right, \?lib little loss, and took p ? ,tiou lac ng th -ccemv ' n tha centr" sPio, bat Is g a gap of nearly a n.-'o between bis loft m d Hooker's rlghi.whh'h be was unable to close up Davis' division picketed Hi s gap In (be line, however,andforluualtly the ?actr.y made no attempt to enter It ontxiso ATTACK ON H OKTiR'S COtr". The lino bad been established on Katurdav, ntul s desul tory fire between sharpshooters commenced snd con tinued till It giew ex isperatlng to hi th parties Ho"k ei 'a head quarters, aa wall n* those of (leu. Thomas, were directlv under the rifiee ot the eosmy, and boPets whistled through their cxmps every moment As "Fighting Joe" was preparing h ait down to break'art Sunday m ruing a three inch riilo shell kn eked bis camp stool irom be(< re him, and (.there of like chaiactor ami efficiency created aensatlon around about. Three batteries of artillery were lu position along llotksr's front, and an occasional shot was sent from tbcm teannoy the et cmy'a sb irpohooters. About eleven o'elrck In tbo forenoon two divisions of the enemy left cover and advanced serosa ths ravine to secure, if p ssibls, one or two of 'hees troublesome Yan kee cacnon, thinking, probably, there was but a section In position at mo*t Taev came op fins y?for it was Pat. < leburne's crsck division of rebels-md wore salntod, first by a concentrated musketry fire from Duller. field's division, snd secood by a promiscuous dls rnarge from aa many of tta< gun* as could be brought to bear upon tbem. Tbe slaughter was hor nl> e. sad they br<<ka and ran liks sheep back acraas tbe ravine Into tho wood, leaving something like four hundred dead and wounded strewn along their mute. Thl- was the commencement or a series o^aii.k kx along mir Itae. none of which succeeded better th in the initiative. Johnston wee endeavoring to discover some w eik points In the tnlon tics available for a uigtfl attaik Is (ores. OXNSBiT. TOW. WOOD'S '111(11 On Saturday Wool's dtvlalon ot Dyi Fourth oorfS made a most brilliant and dnperate charge tooccupy aeovettcd jiSit'on In bla front. Itnxen's, Beatty's and Willicb'a brigades went down Into a dark, gloomy vale in the woods, wbete tbry were rxpoeed to a firs from rebels on three eidee ?r them They fought in almost unseen foe for hours in that wools, but .weie uoable to sdvsace. Tbe rebels were advantageously posted ana fought des perately, aa they were obliged to do, to repulse Wood. Karen'* brigade alone loel over two hundred killed and wounded Taopfi.teoMc vis it ogs. Sunday morning fe'iaitqiiarter*. Department of the funiberlend, were forced from their pleasant caaip, Just In'berearcf Howards line of wotks, by a vigorous ?belling. Shells, nhrrtcai re-e. ran later ana rtiln ball* wero burled *1' b etartli?g precl?ne by tho vicloos rehll,. ?'ound, beyond a <1 into iif?<f|iMru>r?,?nd ley ? ' ?L # "? lilflWlll WJ9. ptjf , luioulv i?r. ecf y cool man in ad |i,* ramp. uid ll N ki,J < vtn h* lost tilfl I auanra * i b toe affi lahted African -errant, am u ?' -''I in bis o imp c>t. use<| strong Imguago la coo. douii. .lion 01 their sirs. Headquarter:* ?tre muted p? tno rear ? eh- rt distance I u'iug the day Ueoeral llnokar k liea/li|uarle * establishment nu also moved to a leas exposed position. 4 Lut.1. i* tub iron*, ham ' 'U' day I be bai tie ? If it may be nailed a r? i! very Now ,ii.d then a discharge iron, a cauBon, followed by tbe In tiling of a ihell, told us the enemy were hi ill la | oot. t.eneral K. M John k^xTT',4"1 Kl st ',",l 1 "? fourteenth corps. was ..... . 0 * ,iur*? b> ? 'we've pound solid sh<t strik w5n ni"?.i ,D 1,10 b "<441 Tbo force of the missile Inrp.i V. d tbe I.mural was seriously In an. ?i?r.. r! w is struck in ibe fool hy a sharp Imi h bullet, tint e-ci|>e,i ill or v. h'li.irj shooters of bolh urines t hed toe r we.,, .,a vigorously and it wan works Tha Tn1'1* "?"n ' e5,u self above tbe wouoded shelled'001'* Wur0 at *"'k b^. ? ^'1st oT Vhi? t , *K1 CXLCTLXTIO.V. sin1 Hiooa anMi100'wa" 'P"'"' In by many "b!1'wu f"lu,y ,l"1 "ol '??' to toe rront line of works tti.ii day. u. u woo d ask ner ? ^m,'.oarlrwof'TC"r i' B? "ul MCaiad m. L V1 "0rr> lbctr '?*? eteai ed ma? were eminently successful in riddliix in ? Moulred'.''va ?',/cbH' ? Tnair manner of U..?u? il Blderabie . . i P . '''"C" each other and eon wouV k# r! '!';n 88 ,u l"n* a"" ??? ?' wborebokuUarebll^b"b,r"> ? "ea. .-lect a apt cover it witu Ion HI,P nw'' ''"ll r J*M concealed, and quickly in piafn ' viiw i,',1''" .'." w0",<l1 "le" 01,1 woo!,I r.ilso uo rind "?. only to "tali' ?* v?nL.0-h!!0"Dd"^. r"? ''ui,l? loovemenu of tba Yankee who exposed bun-ell rendered the rebel's aura (nni0* W^"? fee s compau.on en oy#d I he ad vsniafcoof a Diain ?,o v at an ? ,.o. c-u re t. Hytirn aooui lit drawing tire ibo e men killed no io < than half a dozen rebel sbtrpsbooters. Numoers of mei v?ro , h""'"1" "> from tbe lino rtondny, all wounded bv Hlnrn sh oiers; yet the rebels wero not a wmt more tuccessfui at tbe bloody guine ilmuour cool b -,a. ??sim , I"*,1*'.''* Kh:"k'- M VKSS A 8 A It MISrAKK. fy0n.1 "f Newton's d vision (Koorth cortw) was a fo Lhem^!>JlD"0,C exc, edingly. Unknown to tbein it wan supported bv thirteen others wbb b bad ot been nnmatiked. Monday morning, in thegruy 0f t..r? .'iJ uu?'by camo op m large forco to cap ture the Run ami storm ibo Works Newton's men lav roomved ^nh' '/""m"" l!u'lr Pi?r? *cit. J he rebels were d?d mit ril ^ .h musketry tire, which, however, Lo... . J o!,Cl k, lholr advsnco. It was pat Cleburne's dlvt! Uare f rW . 'i ,'eC1"!, w,:re alniuet tihtf|ult,,us. fber e^otmes .tflTi ""K""1 Ml0Ul! 11,0 ?b* K " i ."elservi eret;uired,and tbey did n t belie tb> tr repetition an lighter* lbev h'.,l re. h..a - point within a hundred ,?rdx of " wPm^c^cem^ g?n,* rndetba eVt-a^itonUe,!iU|M'U by tUotwo ,u" " anu tns . At.a section. Ibe h ,tighter was fcirlul N'nw DUad uuUwith T.*, 'U"UK<1 w?h canister and ,hon filled up with dunuged smaii aminuuition. In tho dim light of morning tbn bold rebels wore ?.??? ? hold their arms over their bowetl head* as schoolhovs do storm ?ebt'thV.'v*"d H"rl"k 'ro:" ' "? '?W WS in. 1 et they came on. and Newton's gunnern worked Mmhie.?!hralf'? Tb" ral"" d scharge ol the caaooo ,e seaibled the din of a vast boiler shop, and Hie rattle or tho musketry brought himina tho s ,oud of a rainy con lagr?tion, varied occa.lonrlly by the railing o' a brick n,m orhVl!.M or"10"1 i" l?agh at sueli drsirtm. In o? ' '. t"lt lhoy br??Kt?t ll ujiou ttiei'i elveu In the course ol the great g..rue , f battle, lijey halted but Xiih i' rul:iPit them Ibry fled m a confused mass eMiniV io?Whr JSewt0n 1,1-1 sl* mcn wo,|ud )d. the S?*?'1 l08# b*s been estimated as blgb as I..loo tn n^' J''al. Weburne's division baa been heard rhun ? ou, ?'4C,t,,> *"d elsewhere; but 1 believa iiLoa V 18 ? myth?I eatuiot soe buw morui mea could Htand sucb a drubbing I *i LOQAX VOUd GOOD WOIK. d,j.b8ye8*l,d tber* w???K?P m oar line between Devis' vision, oj Jzigan s le.'t, ami Hookar ou our riybl. I.ogaa tb^i?? D,t"" ,t"' alv""ou was,to close up m Mt?i'."?c* ? Junc'on of the twoannise. Key attcmj't to do so was resitted by ibo eocmy otl ickiur i'?*Mh? J*re<l u??coni? botweoti tie, mto tb# ' ' berson e heaiqtiarters were In I.Tillae. Monday I d f?ovrr vi wu" ?tW th" vigilant rehe s r hn^iT. d n ?<,val11 ed iu line against 1/ig .n, wllli | (.beitttam s. Rose', Hatker's ui.d blewatl's dlvt-ions ' Slir t?ld pr|,!0i'4r", '"e remuot.ta of Cicburnes! T^Ti JthS overlaprid the whote of tbe l'lfteaatb corps V?L,d.*. dl',fc'?" 01 the sixteenth and one regiment ef im Hrn. I "1' Mxteenth corpa. u was tba Soldiers td'' y-|.? ,Md' 11)1,1 ,h*,e southwestern ni! u h A ^ "Sf'on ever bad opportunity to fight behind breastworks, ibe rebels feitsure of sue cess our boys laughed derisively at tbe Idea. Tlia charge was a most desperate e.ftirt on tbs purt of tba enemy, as the others bad been, but It was of uo avail torn, ?Ln lr" bo,ur"'w,,en Vo?,rb.f'f me Siateeotu ?ofi?1 overlsppod lbs enemy, rent out from his j^.t it br|ku,,e-i *0<1 struck them n tba tlsnk Just tbeu tho rebel centre broke and tbe, retired nr.ct two but.dted and fUly dead on the fletd lzigan lost comparatively but few men. llumauitv prompted tbe removal of tbe rebel wounded wno 1 y m front of our works, but tbe stretcher bosrers were Ored upoa whito en^/ig?d in toi? hum me work. Unt n>Ahft the gap sa* hi led u,., end there Is now a ?rfecn,De ? , OftajfHIIfS OH TVS tKFT. I simor s corps was on the le:t. King's asd f'orffn'a brigades, of Jotmsou's division, were in a prroirioua ^Jsitioo'on two of a series r hills or terraces, thejjpper most of which was occupied by the rebels hP,n..m.n,? cava.ry wts miHwi to tbe left ot all. last night a t barge CaHI?m?.d J lhe ^et>e,,' "ol ,b*'r wor''* down on ! f , 'ting. It was a complete failure. Ibree or th'^wuVy" ''e0r*" Cc">scrlpts were ordered to do *orl1, bu,1 tb4'/?o further than the dp, b to th .ir owu works, wnero they Isp] down and suTor.d six reoeite nre of iho y?okees. of coursg Ona amaii hrt^'Jl,ow?rfr lb??y iiilgla De, could m?ke no tneml' bttih"1!1'' Attempts have boen made oo . tonetmn, but the, have been invariably repulsed rsKsr.vr rosin,,s asi, i n.iseama ,iw, ,b dptfrsti'ifis "uj l.r hove not been &,laddered In Ibo i . ' Sogagomrtnt?rather a;* a series of ornh.M dt'sbos. Our Inesew during the campaign will I robstly reach eight thousand <Mir force is grsdu nlly w <rkiug around to ibe left, and tbu r?'port is this ZT':hWslrr? "f raW" 355 Mr It , br"1,1' acr"" 's "I co irse da .r.yed, h ,t them are no more utountaios between oa V OOO B? if""1"' Johnston's force Is est,m tied at I . 801 !'y bl!" w"b?"t "lore sertoiM ChatUboocbe. "*?J r'ruSably bc miJe ?l ?ba ?r' W. P. O. Chunks' Despatch. Nxsnt ii.i.* Term., June 7, 18M. I lorwarded from Loulsvl le yesterday the latest de lii.s \te have bad fr m (jeneral tilioru au's .tdvanca. Tbla ^morning I lo t for ibis pi-ice. A brief desp.ilcb torwardsd rromboro to night will have iuformed you era this cxa reicb you that <>g*M4L lltBX.v is IX rossic-siok O* MXRIETTS. This was tbe (jene 0) of the flai.kiog oparationo nblob lurne I al stoona I'ose. Ceneral s<her:nau in a brief despatch received bore, alluding u, there opera Hons, says lb,I as soon is he bad thrown Mcl'berroo on Johnston's loft pack, the rebels abaa dotied tbe contest and retreated to Marietta. Ifa the,, ruffved by tbs le t and occupied the position described in Ibo d,spat,;bes of Jui e 6 or, .11 tb.. roads fr?m the North within seven miles of Mstei'a The ,Movement was sCccted by moving Mellit rson to the left part of Thomas" (outre!, andi-ch,field (left), and plscig him on the Noondai ai.d ? aiotta rt sd. Tb, mas moved by I c bo field ?od came l to. line upon the gckworth sod Marietta road or tbe rstlr ad. and .^chofleld thus became the right win* of tbe army ?od Mcl'ttorson tbe left, in these relative p>slti?M mey rawed yesterday upon Marietta, and. it ia r?(,"Tiedt now > ocupy the place, without having iiad a general engagement * or* r.owsss in the did, rent skirmishes faml there h is bevn no gene. J, "'k'g' raetiixs yet, though tho -kirmlsb ng has bceQ amounted to ten ttiousnnd w, untied all of w hom have be. n brousht wo this uty and Lmtiisvllla. and who ere it, a comfortable condition. We have n , means of esiimat ng the loss of the enemy. The number ef prisoners passing through bore his not he. n lirge and will nut probably reach more than one thousand. ' bw stikswi, eruj. striir.i. The numerical f<>rre of tho army of (ten. Pbermsn baa not been redin ed by the losee*, but bee Increased from tbe lime he lelt' h.ttanooga, and it is tHj.levid be Is stronger by many tboueinds at Marietta ttnu he was at Resstcca. Terrible Tragedy. a Mornts ens nil throais op iirr two CUILDKKN AND II1KM IIKR OWN, PotrCHtmwia, June 13,18M. Mrs Msrjr Miller,of Kcw York, who has b?en residing for eerersl weeks put at Ftsbktll landing, committed a bloody deed at in early hour this miming, by rutting th? throata of her two children (girls, aged respectively ?even and two y*ara) and then cutting her own. Tba act was committed at the hcuae of Mr. John Carnee. Rep husband, Mr. Aloxaoder Miller, la engaged In an ail house In Sew York city, Mr*. Miller haa been aubject to el gbt spell, of Ineanlty aioce list fall, and bad boen eonl by hor buaband to Fiabkill lauding for quiet and rspoae. with the hope that tbe eflbct would be beoeiilei, both msnlaliy and bodily. She la supposed to bare been euffer ? tag from one of thee# attack# when the eb?ce bloody deed was commuted. Her buaband waa Pi ibo bablt of visit ing bar evary Sunday. Yesterday be remarked le b (Mend that bis wife was Improving considerably, and hoped that aba would eeon be fully rejtored. Tbeg were much respected by a large circle of frleods, and bad alwsya lived very happily logeiher. At twenty minutes to eleven A. M., the hour et wblrb oer informant left tbo aeeae, Mrs Miller etill survived, bat waa near her last. no ?resit la lbs Canal. Aiaavt, Jane II, 1IN. Th# rumors of a renal break at Oboes ea Saturday nlgbt. wb>< h would take ten daya to repair, are untrue. A lock g ite got nut of order, but wee renewed withts I writ * hro rs.

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