Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL, Juo IS?# P. M. lb* favorable reaction *tltch ,n theat?ck Bi* k I during the Utter |>*rt of 4*1 w?"k mj not mma Ultiad to day, *od the general du!ii*?? w?? ecnmiuied Willi a fa'ilag oO in price*. ttu'erscntl 0 h id o.T and the maturity of ihose who bars share* t>dip of evince very little din ,0 to enter ibe market at j r? aent qnouti m?. N* d, a stringency in m 'netqry allaira m apprehended s d all |u*a* of a panic for "ome time to corn- hsv b**n discarded. Ihci* is not Mr-v to be ntv ? tdilcn movement In stocks either v ay and whatever torn alia r* may tako the nee or fall wi I n< doubt he iradual. Cot,n ireU with the s ? it i n flrgi bo ird on Saturday, New Vork Central ,1 >m-t % Krtn Railroad 1, Hudson River Hfc, Michigan t'cnira Michigan Southern Illinois Central 8*4. CI v, r,d ted Pittsburg ^.Pittsburg and Fort Wayne C.?hrl?nd r-al 1 \ r mion Com pan, I,, and Marty ra >4 Reading R.i road,' birago and Northwestern ami Quo kailver mining sold the sime Cbtcagr and Rock Island edi ance,l ^, aud Ik!a ware mid Hti<ls?n ( anal 1 v4. 1 he trane ictlon* in the afternoon were light and the following were the cl.,s g Tt Utlung _.Va(r y?, k , on tral 162. Hudson River Hv , F t? Railroad 111 V Read l"d 141, Chicago atol \on, w <t,rn83\a d the preferred Pt ?k {Hi :, Micoigan >. 111 u m I liuol* Central l"9i4 Cleveland and I'lits-urg IP", rincap and Rack lei .nd 115. Chicago, Hurling t- and .?n,r, I27t?, Pittsburg nod Fort Wayne 11M4. q? ks-.lver Mining 75, Cumbetl8?d Co*, 7t.-,,ranton r n,;-, y 41-;, end Ohio and Missis*.. 1 certificates 53. Government flv- v-y coupons close J ul 105,'., aLd the 01.e year certificates it 9714 God was active .o-l.r; hut the premium was not as high as during the ni>..j g days of last wwk. Tlle rep rt that Mr. C isco was pr-pa- t , ain 10 offer a large am unt f'l '< ? gn exchange or ^pe >n gnverni.!,"i acc unt cb' i ked the upward mov. m nt and restricted tin e sales. ' ld opened in the morn 1 c at 19.7 V. and before D on advanced three per c? tt. when the rumor above referred to wh:-put sfl vit, an t the premium In consequence fell back ? friction. The following t*h'e ?t,ow8 ti e totals of the statement* of ibt I, r i- . this city on the first <aturd 1, of each moot It during the present year, with those of the rast (wo weeks:? ...? um;;,. 'i'sarjiua Jell 6. HWCT.-M "4 1,7,1 Till ',...1747 , .30 s'joVuo Mar 6 1-2 2, 5 4 3 212 - ft 93^13 ? ' 1W M nl 2. 203.-H.3 Ml 1- ft-- ft 70 , fl9s /7 ? ' At a, 7. 192.S7l.V4 23 ?' 2V 2'S 8 r:jl - "0 c.'ic, 10 .luoe 4. 1K.-4-. *?? 2-41:1.01 6is?naq {74" ?? June 11. 104 p - 24 Of I 704 6 049.457 172 537 "48 7ho variations Irom Hie report or the previous week are as follows:? I>eere?Fc In loan* ? on, lucre,se in siene ; ? I-e rea-e in circ )?, . 101'3 ? I e re,so In rieposn. l.P69*l 19 The most notice ibh fca-nre in the abiy- et .temen't is the increase d -rint tl e wek nf ever a mill,on and a h.if in the am unt of s;,ecte u win he seen also th t s rce the 1st of January the ci-culation has been reduced more th in a m; ; n of doMar.^. cm W e Ice fay ibo -5th inst., the bids for the seven',, five million x per cent bonds of 18H will be opened bv the Secre: , \ of t'ie Treasury at Washington, and th-' awards wll he made Immediately thereafter. The re port that t ?e" tl e m l Im.s of the amount will bo taken on accounto cpttaijgts and moneyed Institu li ms cannot be tr .c-t to nr a ithcntp- sourco: but th*t His true to a certain extent Is ha-dly quest!'ned. The Suppo ition Is that the of the c.Tors will be ?largely In excess of the a nount and that the premium will aver ipe aboro ?e- pa-cent, f, g the opinion of irt^ny th t Ch.-.-e -? li tiko a I .at,,a -r* at and nbove that premium to the extent of one hund.-ed nr one hun dredaudfity m-lliuq The bonds of which this In ,n will form apart ndv.vnced one half percent todiy. the registered selling fc-ely at right per cent premium, and ?be coupons, interest on at lpt'. The report cf the Sub-Trearnrer in this citv to day i3 as follows ? -Amount on band Recen t* -cm customs "elpoo From other uourcos 9 772 70^ ray "* *' ;;]'4^2bl 070 uTi^ 7 t.e , arninrs of the ( hicag , and Alton RailrtMd dur: g the week ru ,ng J n 7 were as follows Week ending June 7 If 1 Issme time in 1$C3 Increiso * TtT^" The receipts of the Rlr nc and Mississippi ind \o-thern Illlnoi, r.ti'r id. during the rune darg ending on the 31st of May compare w.m the earnings for the tame time last year as IoIIowk:? 1-aw gers \ 1W4. Freight ?' Mail., A "22? 16.739 371 400 iere ^% ^ ^ The receipts of the aHhva rosds during the firsi five month, nf the pre,mi ye r amounted to F2-00.178. eg-.m^$l25,9s8torthe same pe-iod in 1563. Increase, Fteek I * < ?. n <;e. mm rat'B.nai.flM n M' .T wSf'lr?M A- *? AO 0 ... 1 ? s J''' n s"?1I '.(1 ),K> I *? , - * .* * 11 ' ' i\' M 1 Ksy To 2:? 4-..N) ' 0., " " Al V <? DtTBl Kit . |)f rZ ,1. " ! ^ t;? Rrtelttt ?ft"; ! rV *k ? 1 , 1 ,0f rtB It R fire". A-SSIL;. '? I'foe*"* 07^ ,?t.i R .er k't H2 111, Ci " ? " 1" Ill', I'?" II CO., : ii'i" , , . v" b , II h 22 ' Xi V Itii :t?t,, j(, ^!o do. v, 1 woe"-' - t-?',"'* ., ' 'J?4 Riy ?R scrip o! * as*. <.U,oay.':..t-r * ,, ,Re''nT 18 M" 4l?SI ,| I , ? ' 'lo It ' ? iitswcHi 0.1 sti.. 1 r'r',- ; '*?'.L 5 O 1 41, V , M a ?' ? ' Ml ,. Z :::;: JPS4S.?f?K II.' Himvim S v E T?' V'i;;; * ?11> rr mi.:;? 1" el ? 411 ,. ( > , ... '? I" 12'' 2 - ... ? ' Cievn ? pi ,u up ||, 4852*1 ? .m? iff 2'' ? cl'- m,?5?<'bl ' Vtiv.mrnTR M',' 1'" I ? ., . 1 '. i,. 5l 5 I'e! d Hud 1 huh ? o '.'ut ? Phi y v * " ? M 73 do . ' hi V > * ???trrn prf 90'i 5- do; -!'??; do..., ?>,' I<>, Penn r? 1 ' ... . .. 9?u 'o r," r. r?. Cn ' " . , , bl ' k Is! UR. I|V HWUumh Coa pr^'"; 7k ' , I'1 ,,v? 430 d , ? 7? 7 ' lift', 4I? dn . * '.-o 7k 1 d' 115' ?Wf-B ct | T.r Ml r - , *) ' lltnCentral * Tr (?,. 7 ,1" '''3 1 t\ W Cnpane lr .,, w , * ... ,, ?'*? h? t ' 15 19; * ? n > OK , o ' ' ft" "or \ egl KK 1 -7 TV) Ma hi. ^ M. t',. i * ,. "" 7.71, ?' <f? ,.* !g P tis ' | \v V (t KK I 5 2 0 rt.< vl? At'in 1st pre I. 7 200 <1... . '"V.'r, ,. ' d* 7?V ?0 do ......... t . " , d... 7 , * - ' 0" 78 #'V M> V-4PP. vnvrzfas > ? ?. 'v..- a. l?. ? Cumb t;?a pre' - J . . ? ? . . do ..... ' 7. ? O ,<h * * Is RR. 14|', It1 '<?*? ',-er |i',"(P. 2 I r ? RR ... AO- i,o .'ill i I I < em KK ?rr r ? ,( I2? 10y '? . V; ',,, 0,0 C . - BVifc: III I I" 'he M ? ,| t |{ a? Headia'; KB.';;;;;; i1^-, " p u Fi i v< York CUp limi.4*, .liinf II. 1*01, H iH I' Cir ll'r, Ik if An'*' $10,510 ?*! $1-01.514 o 12541.19 /in Enhance 10 4-4 672 I J."' .H' .1" Ml 9 104 74 A' ? lie .... I ,$40 041 Tl.'.Pi I o.r.7! 1.011.15* l-'iTh V 025 112 "2 2- 005 1 .IMS 344 B'i'.l " llo.d ... T 48" 2 07 1'T, 2 79 (52 li .... 5 1?(| 14 1" 42.149 61*$ "34 ?'lKr 4 0 1 (? 5 1 b" ? * - 3.I'M.' 79 ? h^wnr.Mi r, ,."j i-if, i -* 775 2*.'."<l r*52 25 ?ointnarml. 1 445 'of) 1 "'ft 9 1 6 4*'i C0?( h*m .... l *01 .4 11.41 9 7*2 1 t 5 4*7 CHItcM" 1.2*1 274 100 *02 1 * ,77 116.244 < oru hxrba'iga 8' 7 (1 115 0.74 $.415,7 I 4 ontli.enlal 4.."' ? 22'i 209.7*4 24 *14 2 9 104 Co I m >n wealth. 8 W.Hn'i 7 jr. 14 137 9 4 3 543 7.79 1 rj |) Ck $74 050 791 2 l? 52 001 *<mRlv?f 00. 444 114..715 f75 515 111 loo 8,372 3'.? 4:1 ? 1 47,0 9 2.976.970 ? reanwlr.b 74 .4*9 12 SI *?| 551551 Oroceri' pa* 906 $h(,ifi 5991 919 214 Hmovtr 2 .7o| 0 9 12 -5*7 10 ,' 79 1,4V 2 t Ir?in? 1 5 2 .773 4:..7 ? 9* f. ,H 1.57 550 Jrop fc Trader*'. 4,43'5*1 192 911 1T7 Otf.l 3 2 ; 717 l??th?r Manuf. 2,(84 055 315 2 :5 3 ? *-a 2,946 752 Wmhatian 6 405 649 966 H'7 54'99 (,"27.025 Mercnant*' ... 7, 54,644 1.362,9(8 11.7 542 6 f t) 5 .3 SferhMlra' .. f.,754 '?*7 569 *53 96 026 6 2*46,476 Man i * M.rch. 1 599,794 11" 4 1 21.1 1.24V,* 7 Mwh. I'k| A?*H 1.5.19 12$ 1 1 7 8 14 *99 1 614.2. Marin* 1 69 942 130 635 126 372 2 441265 Marnel ... 2 44.5 643 206.412 6.1, $5 1 64,*|| M'Unp lliati .. $ .''73,440 1,859.7$$ 504 091 f ,24 052 M?r?antH'. ..., 3 79 2 3*6 4*3 5.244 8 77 19*9 V- rbant*' 1 x. 2..",76 479 201 227 24 524 1 611 054 M? hA Trade ?' 1 7 6 2 7 141.013 207 942 1,417.741 tar \<itk 7 391 2- 1.2 ,593 47.6'?0 6,498,(49 a Wt-rlc HI.. $.357 190 63,699 170 474 3.14" 371 V Y. C'.'inir .. 6? 120 21-1 9 ( 9*5 766.641 I?4.'M 1,394,914 Think*. 1*v?w? ,kpe-,'g. Ci'rrai'a'w. Nss-hii 2215 ?42 184.416 5,702 National " T is 3ns 404.?u8 21 !7? < 'can 2,8*0.411 151,779 10l.5s4 Orient'1 ..... r2 ,792 82.015 157.154 I'o -pin's 1 8t7 94 451 15 101 Pacific 1 it*' ) RBI 114.7 19 75.601 Park .1! .600.591 1.146.558 393 419 l'bei'ix 1 413.875 814.232 25,602 Rent bite 4 t .8 923 261.913 28 079 Bfcnotb Ward. 1 72" t 59 3 '1.113 2-i 627 Fia'e ' ,455 014 621.881 42.126 st N mh'ilaa... 1,95! 528 110,721 61 874 r :? >c fc 1 ex>tier 3 944,3 Id 111, -50 633 216 7r .d-smon's.. 2 97 I." 15 118.583 341,183 ton 4,718,18u C16,932 24,004 Tot*! *194,935,82'21 0 U .701^049,457 172 627,218 C1T* COMMKItCIAIi BRPOUT. MoxnAT, J oe IS?8 P. M. Aanns.-fii oelptB. 19 bbls. Market very Arm at |11 60 ror pots a'-dr.8 (nominally) for roarls. with small sales if the former. Rk'-'AOBr ffs.? r?rel">U, 19,712 lib's. Amir. 81 bbla corn motl. 122,47# bushel* wheat, 96,782 do corn, and 1 358 d". ra s. The (lour market closed a shade easier for the low prudes and steady for trade and family brand* o' hour, w lib a fair home trade inquire, but little or no export demand Sales 12.900 bbls. State and Western, 1 500 s uthern nnd 800 Canadian. Rvo flour and c-rn meal were in moderate request at steady prioee. Sales 150 bbls. or tb? former and 500 ot the tatter 11 o Super line ?tate and Western flour *7 00 a 7 75 .WW WW WW 7 85 a 7 95 r IXor "to medium extra Western 8 00 a MS F.xtra r utnd hoop ' Western trade t.rand* ? ?? * ? Extra St. Louis..... ? S 15 a BOO Common t - god -win-hem 8 15 a 8 HO Co .it to r.h ire ?xlra do 8 95 a 11 00 Common so -d-an 8 00 a 8 10 Go?f to choice extra do 8 J? ? ? oa Rye fl'.t'r, so: erflue 8 25 a 7 ho Corn meal, bo's 7 25 a 8 00 (join me:.i. pnnrheo'a ... 34 00 a J4 i-u --An a- 'ive demv-d prexral'ed for nrim" s rtne wheat ror e*p rt at full rims, whl'e infn-lnr w >s dolt aid droop* Inc. The "-tea font up l'-n.eoo buahels, nt 81 73 a 81 8t f r sp'lng 1'b'Cis.o *1 "" a $1 "2 (or Milwaukee cit.b 81 82 f r red Slate. <1 83 a $1 84 for amber Milwaukee 81 86 r?r wt te- red Western, and *1 noa*t 92'or an<ber%f"-bl t?. . p. o w is scarce -nd held it 81 70 for cargoes C..-n w R decidedly 1 vr, w-th '-n Increasing d-'-dre to real!?.'. 0 tu v e a rather more at-B''v, w'th a better demand at 88 a 9V fur Canudan, State and Western. and small * lies of the latte- as high 8 92c Haley and barley malt i o ton market firm, whb aales of 1,000 bales. Stock S COt hs'ea We quote:? rV'ond. F'ortda. JIfofci'f*. A*.0.'f'7er Ori'l-nry $1 00 1 09 1 10 1 10 Mldd't t .. 1 27 1 28 1 28 1 2.1 Co ri middll-g 1 32 1 33 1 34 1 J5 Mid Ving lair. 1 3d 1 27 1 37 1 38 Co-tp. Mark I quiet; sales 25 bags Ttio ot 43'JC. 'a.! ns were dull ant rrtes drooping. Kngagements to I.ive' l>o 1. |>er American (la?, 42 000 bu?l e's wheat st 3d. a 3 ' d.. n b'Ik and b -gs; per neutral, 500 tierces lard and 3U boxes b-con, 15s 5tnusoil.17s dd., and per steamer, 1 400 h a ? is \* beat. 4??d.. and 21.000 do. on privale t- rms. T I.' ndo . 2 000 hh's Hour, Is. 2d a la. 4d a Is. 5d , and per neutral, '0 hhrts. tobacco 27s. dd. T" C M, ow, 25 to- s sperm oil, ?Os To Antwerp, 450 b"?ls. t.etrdenm 5s 9d. ads A bi-k was taken up with 2 800 H>ls petroleum, from Philadelphia to Genoa or M-nellies on private te rns, one (rom Rojtoo to New Orleans. 85c po- bbt. M >' atcsK'.?lb* market w s higher with sates of 81 tab's \>w rle-ns t *1 2'5 do. Cuba at 83c a 85c., and 50 bb's '.'utri'd ?v up at 80c. Ptraot.FPM. Ree'tpts. 1,330 b wrels The market Tor h'-th crude and reflne-1 remained firm, with a pre'ty ac tive demand for speeniation Transaction' wee again restricted by tn? firmness >f sellers the difference he. tneea their views and those nr the buyers being radical 'he rib-once , r export orders by the last arrival from I.iverpool tndtanose t buye-* fr-m pn'chas-eg largely at the t.rpsp. t iit--tut'Ona. and h Iders would have to come do *n in " dor to ird ee much dctn'nd. The g,les wo-o 1.000 t-b's crude, a'45c. a 45t;c , on the spot. t.od 4dc. a 4Vc.'or .tu y 2 too do r'-flned die a d7c.. on ibe soot, 63c rir .It lw 1.200 d i. free. 73c. a 74c., on the apot, 7">c. a 7dc. for July. ... I no isiona.?Peeelnts. 7.004 bbls. pork. ? packages he'f 65 da. cut m ets a- d 247 do, lard Pork was again decidedly l etter and active, b'.'h ror preset and rutu-e del-vo-v sa'es o op pot* , ?t $32 Tor m"S?, *21 50 forola d $"3 87','s *24 n'n-ne * d".. *27 f0 * |29 25 for Old and' ri''* - rime, a-'d *23 25 a *33 59 for prime mess; a ?o 2 0O0 bb's prime mcs'. r?r June, buyors' option, at *22 50. nbls d >.. sam? terms and delivery, at * "1 2"-. I 600 bb's pew mess, -or tuty, buyers' optf >n, at *24 50' 2,ft"0 b'.'s. do., same terms and delivery, at 1 <5 bo' ami 1 OttO bbls do for June, b vera' potion, at *34. Re?f qir -I sa'es 1.100 bb's , at 81 60 a $13 for country in ?-?. a ** ' ' coir try p-lme, 81d 50 a 810 60 f r ret .fWetl rt ess, ?rd n $oo .or nura mess. Prime m .' I.e.- w is et flee' bams were dti'l and iiominal. Ci-i uieatla w. I e t\rm. with 'ales of 200 packages,at It t<c. i n12e. fi.r ab "de'S. and 14?,c a15c. for h una. Racon ? f i I - - r worn qinei a ,'es f'O boxes sticrt r ihs nt13i,c a V i',C. Tie lnrd maiket was qiret. with sales of t ,800 i.h|? at 1*r a l * xfe Rutter was dull and uurhangntl at 25c a 3c. for'Uii-. a"d roc a 38c. f"r ?tite Cheese was q-il-t at 10-a f"r comm n to prime Hk k ?The market was inlet but firm sales S00 bags Par*, par' Rang-*"' at tl tp all'fc. ? p.u war in m d ram demand, and prices were firm, with f i!i-.a of J50 hn I*. Port > Rico at 19t,'c a 20c.. 4*0 hhds. Cuba on prlv it- terms, md 175 boxes Havana at Iso. 18i,c.? reined was aulet.wtb sales of 3d bbls. cruih- d g'.r at 2!'. c a 21 ','c. Sn wer?> qui t. wi'h 6.4^0 bJiffS pepper H nod pit* at the now tiefd ,t dfti'c. a 48c 2 -0 bales rl v?s, fine. 1 ,fuio mats Passnt 821iC . cosh, and 10 boxes No. 1 nutmegs, $1 fl'ttf. V u- -yv ?l ent lots 0.139 bbls. Market a shade f-rm er, with a to d ram demand; galerfl.SOO bbls , at $1 31 a $1 33 Tor Sute rrd We-tern. General VrC'dllan *t F,s?ton, Penn.? Enttitiil ism of tl?r Pt-ople. r'lt m'ii 1-e t-n (N. J.I American June 11 1 H ba? l e-n r im . ed'or a'ear days pi't that General MrG el so v lib! p i" oyer the route of the exmn'ton 'f tt,o V rrw and i s ex Ua'""ad n*>w being constructed f-om II .rku"et wu t. p?s?^n. and It w?s supposed that h- w U i akiyas'-ori st v in elttier Philll Shn-g or pis , ,\t :,h ,i a-re - o'?-h rk Thursday evening h'* arrived in Kaston -cm-n rnicd bv Mr Pa'smgo*. the I nyvor a 1 i ? ' , i o' the \| rris ?r.d Fssex road.and . i. r,.?, ,. .t 11.s Ir nkdn t|oii?e. Immediately a r id of i e -1 ? n -.-mb ed In front or the t -el wnh unturned I'T", anxi-ns to g"t j-iiir,., .- i f h-m w h'-ae talents, fialriotPm nd p \?ii, s ry?(???? a-e so t-idsll'ily Impressed upon the t,? ,t< tp. tpsi-can '*"-,e At ab ?it nine o'clock the p.' t ? t r -li i e red in'r nt of*the hotel and iday r - r. ve-ai > .'i n i ai s hen i''iieiat McTI'dlsn stepped oui n 'bet.. iv with ll-in Pbill" Johnson and oth.rr p on n mt c't r rs f it e ? tacr. When the cheering was subdii"d "r Job s n s id ? le|ow cin r s i h-ve the hongr of itlroducing to v< - : rc" G "or'II y'c e':an. ?I ,. , ... si,r vi ,? responded to by cheer upon . i ? . . , ,| men - is-.ped ''.'ward ai d sa>d ? K,, I thank v? u most he .rlily 'or this \,-v r r ..end ii ?y. s?-yd rrception 1 a-rved In your , , e no t a t- ? s- t nr r unexpectedly to myself. a d ..m e* tir-I surprise I and l lgh'v crai'(l--d with lht< te um i ia ? ?" reel and e'leem. lei me again ii, rk von m si t e-rti'y for ibe honor you have done inn, n.-'i ti d yon gf - d i lit. tie'i.e. w tbd ew a d re nmel the reception of hts I, ei I I . pa- o . ? pe e many little Inridenraoccurred, M |) ,-h we h . ve i-? I' r tlrn - nor'apace to recount one however, ?>' will intTlkvn ? A soldier upon crutch -" worked h-s way >p slairs.a'-d crowding forward l?'lie f:e> er .1 .*??" e l his ha d ami *atd. "t.eneral. 1 am , ,d i "o v u us1 I belongs I to ibe fifty fourth Ne-.v Y"1 k ?? <m> it an I u little mo-ethsn two yoira ago l 'ic-ghi y ii ai ' lirfuka. 1 hesrd you waa here, and ? as b n 1 t<* see to aval '. I have three wounds to TMV ho ly ,-d ' t " e leg 'e't thea" I got fighting illfder v - a 1 I a r-ady ? heuever you ure fit to command, io take the field agnto " . . , ... "v Ii ? lime h-itenersl was loaded down with boil quels hv f , ,e? * d ne-ng n>etty well tired o it he. In c. m-i n < 'i Mr '-hnson and Judge Mavnird. pm. r ed d i" ihe r?-il nee m th" laiter. fo'lowcd by an Im ,.p ,.,q , d he W s met by a large asaemblage ? | p,.?ij gn- h a te I nim down with bouquets and rtieejcd him WH - their ami es. ?MrCI'l nn -.1 W-H Poltil-sredlc*?l*?? ?' St.e " 11r fo? 'lie t<i*??le Monnmrnt. f-e r a' M-f'n-ll.n wnt deliver the oration at the dedi ra'i-n o' the ? le or tl e "at'le Monument to be erected u on ? Tr. pi.y nipt " at We t t'o nt to tl?e memory of ?he otTli er? iird * Id-ersnf the regular army who hare (vie i in lbs war. the ceremon*#" will tnke p'ace to m-rrnw commencing ai eleven o'elock A. M. Rrlvsd er ( ,-ne ?i foberi niers n h<a b en tny'l"d to act na M-irwhtl lite Fx-ciMve 1 mmlitee. In b.h-lf of the Pt'l rrs o' th? a-'- y invite ihe attendance of Ihs offlcera nt ihe n ?y and the fri.-nus of both blanches of the service in rut tie n. yve ay nidihatthec mmlt'ee are snxtnua lo secure dcr gn? fo' the m -ru'ir.ent. and propose to otter ? prtre for be one Which shall he ?r enied. The plan m whl ch ill designs must he iceommod itsd Includes s mauso'eum for the hoc -ss n nub nflcera as m*y lis Interred at West i-oni and I-blsts lor each officer of tlie regular army f I isn'm tie prrsenl war. and a gcne-al Ish'e' for the sp irted men. ten th- usand dollars b-re already hsc rece -r-1 'v Ihe trc surer <f Ihe Monument fund, s d II I* expected lhal the amount will re ch twenty five I boomed do las wb-n the S' hscrlplions assessed ujon the office's of the army shall have been received ( iitnnrii' Inqarilx. Fatai Ac inrst ik'i?? Faiitan I't wytr.?Robert Tlrad. i|V n voiii g mai . twenty.two rpara of age, died yester. day In ihe New Vnrk Hnenltal, 1 r< m tbc eflecta of Injuries re ciysd on the Jdih u'limn hv falling with the dummy in Mis store of Vesay. If, ? nd, "anger A- Co , lot f ham hers street At ih time named deceased and another pi n were d-srend nr on tie dummy irom one o the upper floors ? hi n ? < hatn b- ? ke at d let the demmv fall, lecersrd went lo the holt m with it. and was fat It? Injured, wil e hi* com a t?n dung tn the -econd fl > r and was sa ed Coroner Wi dey was notified, ai d w,|l hold 0 tnq-est on tb" ti"dr m de sa ed lo day Mr, Itr -dley waa native ?( iree't" rt, C i o lie hsd been In ibe em* ploy of the fl'tn for -everat yeara. Mr. Itrsdley possessed n,aoy s* si enl traits of iharac'er and waa reai ected by ?II - b<> kne* him A Roy Fataiit Isri'Stn ?f oroner Wlldey yesterday held an inquest <% the fputy of Kdward H. Welnandt, ? >ad eleyea ye-rs of a,a. who dt'dat the residence of bis parents, 18 Orchard street, from In urles rece-ved ni -?a'n day lest. He ? as i?'b >!-g cblp? st lbs foot of Ho-s??e t stisst, I asi river, w hei he ell on the jiolnt of ai Iron bp ke. whk b ?as driv. a into tils hn- e s ? far ss to sever ni-rie-y lie ? s i>lnn lioms eters h suhee quent'v died ir>.m rxh-?ustl u, rn sequent upon ihsexies sirs hemorrhage. The Jury returned ? verdlnt of "Ao cidaotal death " PRESIDENT LINCOLN'S CABINET. A NEW PHASE CF THE QUARREL The Charges of Thurlcw Werd Against the Radicals and Abolitionists. The Response and Connter Charges of the Evening Post, &e., &o., &? Th? Evmlnf Post Al?n|l| Prrilflrnt Lin coln o ml Kcfr*Urr Ri'wiirif, [From the Alb my Evening Journal. June 11 1 The 'eadinj odi'oriai of die Kven<na pent announcing the re pom Id it ion ?f President 1 Incutn l? marked b? the ha bitual matirnity of that journal Th uwh an Aslen?ihle cup porter of the la scarcely behind the A'lat ntrt Aw. or the M nrM, In the rancor and bitter ness of its assault* u|*>n the President:? Mr. Lincoln la slow, tha - admit, and suffer* the be t on. pnrtun l>e- to p?*?: wit out knowledge of men. to cm about I 1m unwort" y person* like Gamerou ?urt lie rlln ?* to useless Instrument* like MeC'nUan. tony after tlioir us ?'??<* i'M? I'M b-rti ? own: and without profound polite it nm rle'tons or ? thoroughly dl -estpl m atron of t nllcv, 1 e Pst na ton patlentlr to more schemers. or men of mnnn envoi ?nd Intrigue and be eitherdrfta ln>ot*-e rig tronreo nrm* me-i |i with an crnharr-.seed air. aa If lie took ahclier In it hi a llnat expedient. There ia nothing high, generous. heroic In the tone of hi a Iminmtralion. Mr. Lincoln Ina?igima'ed his administration by calling 'our fa maj rity) gentlemen from the democratic section of the party Into his Pah I net. The " sebotnors, or men of management and iDtrlgne," to whom he "listened pot'eotiv," were nlRo of the po'lt'cal school or "strloo" of the Enenina f'n.s>. Ilia pi ices and patronage were c'veo to "radical" men of democratic antecedents, the Navy aicncv going to the Evminn Pod, ftirnlahing, it ta said, an almost Bibulous amount of "unr.lein drlp dnrs," Whi e. thceoro, M?ssrs. Phase, Welles, Cameron and fl'ilr, Hko tho Er ni >g foil, radical demncr its. ente-ed the Pahiuet : wh lo Sumner, Wilson, Trumbull, Pliandler. Wade and othor "" Sen ators shaped the not ry of tho administration ; and whilo, In this State, Op tyke, Field nnd other "men of management nnd intrl *ue" en'ovod the oh'ees the eontrarta npd the t'sh"ddy," I cannot soo what rea=nn or right (be En nina Pas' has to comolaln. The Po'\ having previously exerted It-el to embroil us wi'h France, is deli hted with tho opportunity which a resolve of the C'ouventlon furnishes of assailiug Focrctary Seward ? F natly. the piastre of Ihe resolve ?h>eh reafilrme the Mrnee doctrine, roil pled with Ihe resolve wh ch (inserts that "those ontv are ivo-thy of public ronhdonre aa I oil c at treat who eordla'lv endo-se t'e nrlne p'ea proclaimed in these resolution la a blow right between the eyes of the Secretary of Slate. Mr. Reward bs done whatever he eou'd to suppress the sgita'lon of the Monr -e doetrme; when it pus ed ihe House hv * unanimous to'e he ha tene(| 1n<*vtln<uuly <o expluin it awa in the mind of ihe French despot and burg ar. Hie ultrns of the Ponventlnn threatened to break cut in violent dennnci tion of the President and Fecretary of Ftatu on I tie Mexlc in question. ro prevent such nn ex hlhitlon the Pommltlee on Pos lutions presented the matter In the modified snd milder form that it nnpears. But even this co"cession ?or rattier the necessity which oostiainrd it ?is to be regretted, for In the present us pec' or our nfla'rx it la more than folly gratuitously and wantonly to pivite foreign hostility. Ve are to rn con dition to fight the haities of tho Mexican republic, having oar hoods full in the effort to preserve our own Why, then, unneeeosardv provoke a war for which we aro un prepared' Why does tho Bvatai? Pott, in langu-ge and taste unbecoming a decent iournal, atigm itlze the Empe ror of France as a "burglar V" Hot neither the Fwnina p. sf, nor the class of innrnntg nnd mall -nants to which it ho'onga. lose nnv onportunity to nlar.t "h'ows right hntween the eyes o'Ihe cerrot irv or Ftate " Why this jteislstent pe'secutinn, this blood heund tracking of an nh'e, patriotic, unselfish, upright st.ote'nvm* Why I* Secretary Seward thus ma'lgtsed and hounded? Why, In oor great trial, when ho is over whe'med with rn?pon=ihitiiy and wo-ti with incessant labor: while lie is faithfully sustaining tho President snd devotedly tolling to uphold the government, is be subjected to the ca'umnir* and denunciations of ultra abolitionists, radical democrats, nnd dema gngno journals' Whatever may have b -en the course of other memhors of the Cabinet, the Prp'hlent has received from his Oocretary of ^ti'o, from the begin ring of his administration, frank, faltli'i;!, earnest, day and r.i.'ht co operation. Nor. though peraoveriagly mis represented, has nr,v me-nher of tho Cabinet sorpiased him in prompt, bold, energetic vigorous nnd e'VcMve efforts and measures for tho "crushing out" of the rebel lion. Thorg. too. as througti his w h >le I To. whatever of "aboddv" or "cotton" corru"tion mav exist elsewhere, he hr.s conduced his department with unlmi<earhahte nnd unquestioned Intog-ity Notwithstanding all ttiia. a formidable ami organized body of ultra nb'lilionists "loyal leaguers" nnd radical demagogues appeared at Ba'timore for t\o purpose, as they avowed, of procuring the nomination of Mr. ricttl-ison for Vico Bresiiient. that Mr. Seward might ho exe.tuded from the t ahl ot In thla ml'arnhle tntrigno the u'tralsts of Massachusetts eudd'ed wt'h the ?1!me of New York At Baltimore, as nl Syracuse, Mr. Lincoln's Surveyor o' the Port of New Y rk was among the moxt unscrupulous traducers of Mr Lincoln's Seeectary of State. But 'bough whol'y unprepared 'or this grovelling conscience again*' Governor S'ewnrd. the dclegote* from our State firmly restsldt and trlumphanlly thwarted tho C nsnirators. The p. of concludes that the Convention:? Bv thetreivnl er 'ren'ment of the school f Wee t, Pameyon and the I k? they told him pretty pla'ntr to keep awa from such fellows In the future; and we t.oje he w.ll l.ced :hc warning so far as one of tho "fellow*" n mod hv the ro;f is C neerned. Mr. Lincoln h is eve-. In the sense of this ex tra't. kant him "away." It ig duo to thg President (and mav. p"rhans. anjiensn the /?V'wino /'o?') that I should adm't . as I do, that though always treated courteously by Mr I.l'-c ln mv view* and Suggestions have not concur red with hi-" c nvlctlons of duty, and that from my fi'st Interview with the President e'ect at Sprlogfie'd. to my lasi. tn January I hove been of no account. Mr I. nro'n will boar me wltress In his iremnrr, Ibal la all my Inter views rolhlug icr? n >! ever entered that my suggestiers and sollritud- corcertied rn'v ti e government and tie T'pion; that tf my eirne-u sdviee bad not been overruled. Governor Pilmer ?f N'Ttli Carolina an t Governor John son, nf Tennessee, would have been to his Cabinet, hold Iny those two -'totes in tho Cnu n. And I emphat ca Iv a'l rm that th?re was then, nnd is now, n? r' nf t> w rrliable. in'rlhgmt Invalid to Ihr ornvrii mm', owl nfrcin for thf I mm. ill ' Acs- ravaprA awl ? ufrrinf Stnlei Ihoo Mr t inrr V ho* fnnvtl in lh' b tn ', frrrt, fnnot r abo'?' < n rrfritrti'nlirtt, journals auA In lurrrs vhn.r " malign if'I?lustre " hat fh iv d 'k~ rrurrt nf lh' Clilm in itlra'inn, awl n<m h rnnrt ft mn-vt' an' entav.' In ttvs, however, I am n>t disanpoinied. vor did 1 fall in wars Ihe President If.a' the=e exacting and destructive leader* would turn the weapons he plarrd In their hands npoin-t him. Ih'S would bo of less ronsv|uenee, however. If tliey had not. lu tho Interim. by Intensifying the rebel lion Ihey Invited, co-t the country added millions of treasure and rivers of blond. J he fart wore,'ratf than amt Hhnr in lh' rrli'lhon?an I a fort thai irf'l hr l"nlu frit ii'h'n i\' day of ar onn ability mmrs?that lhr. wiclcnl, hrtniridal llawrij Ira ltrt >on aid ha-c failed lo msnmnaV fh'ir trrnmn IV fn' lh' ad weir d from ih'ir "lent fri'nds," the aboliti- nuti of the ii'orth, t.wi not be toil ftght of. T. W. The Genista or Wied. [From the Evening Cost, June 13.J T. w. An srHele of some length anpeare In th" Albany Ewn* ina J aimal of Sit'irdav under the signature of T. W., which, ns everybody wh<> re ds that paper knows, means Thorlnw Weed. We are sorry that Mr Weed's temt>er end manners have not Improved by years It Is n t every sort of wine which gstus in flavor hjr age. some kinds turn sour We do not mean to reply to the abuse which Mr. Weed has lav shed upon Ihe Frees' U7 Pott W'e would remind him. however, that venerable years de not license Indecency of language, or protect from merlied contempt the m n who Indulges tn rilling without stint at an adversary whom be Is una h'e to answer, lie professes to be the defendftr of Mr. Reward against some objections made by the E*tvn>?i7 /'est to certain of hit recent proceedings which we omild nr>t find It In our cnnac.lences to approve. Mr. feward is an able man. and deserves to have an able advocate. We can imagine the bluah that must rlgo to his temples?a blush in which shame contend* with anger?when he read* whit big profeesed champion has said for him in th# Evnmo Jonrna1, and wonders whether the course which he ha* himself teen (It to take t? really or eunh a character that no oihcr shlit ia le't to Ms friend* but to pelt tba nhiectnra with a volley of foil names. "Hare Is the Errntvo ''oif," he might ?a? to himself, "which ha* cer tainly given tome plan tble reason* f?r not approving of my conduct, either in the c-ase of tba Froncb Interference In Mexico, or In the sell ire and delivery of Arguellea to the "psnlsh g vernment Is there nothing bolter to be said Inr what I have done than this wretc i*d etbrt to bespatter Ihe nb'ertor' |? there nobody to set the public right and show that what I have dona Is eons'stent with the dignity o' the gnyerbment, the right* snd llbertte* of those who live under It and the future safatr nnd pence o' the republic' What m at the country think <f me, when thev see my most ancient friend and special parti aan giving up discussion in daspair and resorting to elm pleahuse?" Yet we cannot congratulate Mr. Weed on playing very well the part he ha* been forced to take. There la enough of hi* ahuse. such na it Is, hut It la so c.oarsa aa to he nauseous. He ts much mure at home In hie well known cipaclty of I nlher of the fohhv nt Alhsnv. He Is much more Ingenious and successful In manrruvarlng a gridiron ra Iwav throuph the New York IOfl?lalura. His d?xterity In ctia-tering tha steamer Galall'a f?r the tiof the government In the beginning of tho war weg the admiration of all Wall street. Mr Dawea. oo the floor of the House nf Benresentntlves at Washington. It mav he rememhered, paid a hst dsom* tribute to bia fiti?nclalj ability when ho epoke of th* llherol per eeni*i'o ee<ured by him on romracta given nut at the npe? ing of our civil w*r. Here hi* genlua shlnea almost with nt * t>eer. These, as Virgil said of another parson, In liryden's translation? The*# ?re Imperial arts and worthy than. let Vr Weed, then, confine himself to then*. However, If he chooses to indite another #IHy arttcla of the same sort for tba Evening Journal, ba baa our free consent. let us not, however, defraud him of bla merited commendation In tln>sa Instaoret in which he can give It. Near the close of hie letter lo the jrm nal he ba* tha candor to say ? Though alwsy* treated rour'aoualy by Mr. Llneotn. my views snd suggestions have not ronetirred with his convlo lions of dutv, and irom my first Interview wlib the Presi dent si Kprlngfield to ray last In January I hats bean af no account. t# Lincoln, then, b?s seen tha worth of Mr. Weed's advice, and It is rather creditabis to scknow'odga the (ant. Me Weed's "view* and suggQIUuQS-" i| rr m this nunm, have ba?a freely offered to Mr l<le coin's at Ian Una, but Ihegnot eeed hu fallen upon stony ground Mr. Lincoln may have be >rl or tbe lobby at Albany, and the grdirnn railway and the castor the steamer CMaline. and the contracts tn whic.h Mr. Dawes re erred, and therefore raahly put aside tbe bud that waa eo benevolently etretcbed out to help bun. City Intelligence. .A norma Futii.a Kki ort to OomtAOr Oct tot BTaaer Clbaninq ?Tbe commissioners for contract lug for the cleaning of tbe streets convened again yo'ier day at eleven o'clock A. M., at tho Oily In r ector* ofl.ce. for the purpose of r>i>enlng the bids in accordance wnh tbe proposals last ia*ued. It will be remembered that at tbe opening of the bid* soma I wo ? eeka ego but two wore found, both of which were recited on account of the demand being largely In excess of I he amount ($' 0'',000) prescribed by the legislature. On ihe'pre^ent occasion it was diecovered that not a bid of any description w offered. This boing the case, the Mayor simply remsrk- d that a third trial would proba bly be made, and meantime be would consult the Corpo ration Counsel as to the further proceeding In the matler. Rotokks Female Instutt*?The graduates, former to&obers and trusteos of thla venerable institution of learning are Invited to partloipa'e In a eeolal reunion at I ho Institution on the evening of commencement day. Thursday next, in commemoration of lis twentv-fifih an niversary. Dr. Terrfs, Chano-ller of the Vow York Col vorslty, will preside, and Dr. Charlos K. West will deliver a historic ekotcb. Tns laisn is Exile? Lbottnb or Captain I,tons in Jp'ckky Cut?Captain William F. I.yons will deliver big lecture on "Tbe Irish in Exile" this evening, at tbe Lycum, In Brand street, .terser City. Tbe subject, as fro ted by Cantaln Lyons, Is Invested with an Interest which Its worn out character w uld scarcely justiry In ex acting Tboro is no doubt th t the lecturer will h ive n largo audience to greet him, as the peopto of Jers y aro celebrated for their patronage of intellectual entertainments. A New Association for thb Blind.?^ome blind resi dents of this city, who have long felt the necessity of a combined effort to ameliorate tbelr condition, have effected an organisation lor that object, and have opened nn op.lco at the Mission Rooms, 21 avenue P. This enter prise Is entirely distinct from tho Institution for the Blind and the Blind Mechanics' Association, end is de signed to afford pecuniary aid to worthy blind persons, aud also to procure them employment. The constitution and bylaws of tbe new society, tho title of which Is the "New Yrrk Adult Blind Aid Association " liave been pre pared and printed. and may be obtained nt the office in avenue D. Rev. B Dixon, who is blind, is tbe agent and collector. Bad Paving Down Town There are numerous com I taints respecting the horrible condition of the paving in Maiden lane, I'earl street, Front street and Water street. The roads ate so full of holes that it is dangerous to drive on them. They lute not been pavod for the last eight years; but every few months a man or two Is sent to patch tliem up and fill up the holos. If something is not d ne speedily life will bo lost. At Fulton street, n ar South, a large hole on part of the rail track ha3 boon suf tared to oxist for the last month. It Is disgraceful that such a condition of things is allowed to exist in p-irts of tbu city whore the travel is so extensivo and locos-nut. Tntrrfbtoco Rei.ic at thx Philadelphia Sanitary Fair.? New Jersey exhibits one < f tho most interesting relics In ibe Fair. It is the first American flag raised in this coun try. The 1 idles of tho Old Swert03 church and Paul Jones hoisted the twelve stars and stripes on board the Bon Homme Rich>rd. It was afterwards transferred to the frigate Alliance.?Philadelphia LeJyer. F.ffeits of Bah During the hell storm In North Mansfield a man who was riding had his hat blown off, and his head was considerably cut and brirsed bv the hail stones. Many cattlo In pastures were injured, and a young colt was killed by the stonos.?Hartford CouranL MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Jllurrteil. lUc-STM?Grenbi.i,.?At North Vernon. N. J , on Tues day.Juno 7, by tho lb v. Z. Grensll, Mr. George K. Rack stkk, or this city, to I'.i m ha Ukenkll, youngest daughter ol Ibe oQ'.cutlng clergyman Hart?Bk- CKtiioiiER ?(in Sunday, Juno 12. by tho 1>v. Mr. Wntternnn at the residence of the bride's aunt, Mr I'd. Hart, of Rroolclyu, F. D., to Miss H Bri ckubimer of ibis i it jr. Pctrolt Kr e Pross please copy. Hart?Tuomhso.v .?At St. j:>mos church. New London, Wednesday evening, June 8, Am-krw W. Hart of Brooklyn, I. I., to Miss Kat* M., daughter or J. M. Tbonip-on, Ksq , or tlio former phce. ' I.O-RR?Nok;om.?On M'uidiv, June 13, at the residcucc ol the bud"'* father, by tho Rev. G H. Smith, Mr. U 11 Ix>: m of Sa.' tl.u.bor, to Mi a Ktta N iktos, of ItrnoKlyn. tlcliEKMorr?I.A*r??rKR,?on Saturday. June 11. at N'o. 5 Grace place, Dro klvn, bv tlio Rev. Dr. Ri lant, Mr Fjiwakd Iivonv McLnniioir to Miss Annie UNCAsrnR, bath of this city. London and !,ivor|?cl papers please cop? TiRNr.n?Cronlv?Do lues-lay, June 7, by the Rev. Fsther 3akor, Loriino? Tna.MtR. ot Plymouth. Maes , to Romc M., ouiy daugUior of ttie late Michael C.-oniy, of ibis cAy. Philadelphia papers plea.o copy. TO'in* EDITOR OF THE HEUil.P. The report of the m imago bended f'uuiilnghaoi nnd McCatie isfa se in every paitlcular, os no such mirriage his ever taken place. J. h. M CABK, Fony.eighth street and Lcxlugtoa avenue. Died. Ranta.?At Foglish Neighborhood. Now J rsey on Rat or lay morning .hiuo 11, Mis. Jam* Hamta, widow ol Cor nelius llama, in the BtJth > ear of her ag ?. lho relatives and friends of the family aro invited to atte: d the, from the Reformed Dutch church, at toe ah ?ve place, this (mc-day)afte-i three o'clock, without lovii.tiou. Nor: ho n Railroad cars lei ve Jersey I ity at ten minutes two p. )!., returning at a quarter to live P. M , troin Hackeugick Junction, near the church. Bra ikv.?Robsrt Braiiu-t, of tfWa city, la the 23d ye?? of Ins age. I lie frt-nds and relatives of the family arc Invited t attend the funeral, from the residence of his lather. Jesse Pr?d!ey,li Weaiport. Coun., on Ue.ine.-diy afternoon, at half past two o'clock, without further notice. Irons le ve the New Vi rk and New Haven Ktilnnd depot at hulf-p ?t e even A. M , returning nt half-paat live P. m . iaio.?Ki'lo i.iat tnily iu actum, during the ua. tie neir (.'aims' Hill, on Thursday, June 2, Uiorgk M. Bar Kt too. of t'ompai y A, One Hundred and Thirty-moth New York Volunteers, oldest sou of Abraham lUrkuloo of P'Tt Wishingti n, N. J.. In th> lfith year ot hi: age ?fin )! t; 'ay nn rniug, June 13, Chariks Fkkdk rick, voui g-st i hil I of i'eicr ('. A. utid louie Bictn, aged 3 ye irs, 1 tnonih ndSd-vs. I lie reiatiV' ; and fric Is aro invito 1 to attend the funo rtl, this (Tuesday) afieruo<.(i at Hire o'clock, Irom the resident- of lila p rents on Bedford avenue, between Myrtle mid Wlilo ghhy avenues, Brooklyn. Burr.?'in Sunday evening, June 12, Axnni w Bovp. aged 13 jcirs, li e r- mates will bo burled at Si'ver Mlti'S, near Nor "ilk, i onn. Has friends are luvll d to atlen t the fnnur al, this i liiosdny, afierro n . at three o'tjock Oti leave t wenty a vt nin street stall ii f.?r Nurwalk at past e'even A. M. c< nrcy nncea < an h.' hid at tho statiou at Norwalk. jtovr.?On Sunday, Juno 12. of dtptbcrl*. Mart I oti?a, youngest daughter of Junes and Mary Ann i'oyd, aged 3 years, 7 mooihs aod 12 d ?ya. The rcl iti\ o* aod frteucs of the family arc respectfully iDV'ted to ntti-nd Hie funeral from lho residence of her parent-, No 3." J Mxth avi nuo, this (luead iy) afternoon, at two o'clock, wllbmr further iavitatiun. thru i sr ?On Monday morning,.luno 13. Mart Lopiba Brno khi, daughter ol the lute James W. Ulcccker,uged *5 vea-s. Tlio relatives and friends of the family and of her brothers In law, Samuel D Heols >n and Kotiert C. Rath bone, are respectfully invited to attend the luoeral, from Trinity chapel, < n Wednesday ai:ernoon,at two o'clock, without lui tber notice. Utr.vea.?<m Monday morning, Juua 13, of wounds re rep ml at the battle of Friday, lune 8, Colonel Richard Rtr.nk^, Twenty eighth Uassachuieita Volunteers, Irish brigade Due notice will be given of the funeral Rostnii papers please c py. ItxvnAM ?on Sunday, June 12, Mr* Adcija A. Bimiam, widow of Lieut, ('orllaud B>>nham, late of Ibe Halted Slates Navy, and daughter of Newton Ifayea, of New Brighton, Siateo Island. The frlenda of the lamtly are respectfully invited to attend the Inneril. from the rosld<>noe of her father, tbla (Tuesday), at twelve o'clock, ni-on. lho New Brighton biaUnyei pier No. 10 North river at oleveo o'clock BAS?roRt>.?Suddenly, on Monday, June 13, Arrah Basbkorp, Sr. The relatives and friends of the family and of hil sons in-law, fl Fversou, Jr.. and M H. Chambers,arersspect fuliy Invited to attend tba funeral, from hta late reel den^e, Nj 28 Jonee street, near KJeecker. on Wednes day afterno'-n, at two o'clock. Crowrll.?On Monday, June 13, Leer, daughter of Theodore and Abby R. Crowoll, agad 2 years, 4 months nnd 0 days. The relatives and friends of the family are reapectfhtly Invited to attend (he funeral, from tho residence or her parents, I8u Wnveriey place on Wednesday afternoon, nt three o'i lock .without further Invitation, Bloommgdile. N. Y., on Monday, Jane 13, Si SAR C.. daughter of Fllxa Deley. The friend* of the family are invited to atlond the fun# nil eervicea at Bt Paul's church, Fifty-ninth street, on Wednesday morning, nt tea o'clock, whnre a requiem moss -rill be celebrated. DoroiAsa.?Buddeaty, on Monday, June 13, of mem branous croup, Wili.un DorciLAss, Jr., second son of Wil liam and Mary K. Douglass, aged 4 yesrs*2 months nnd 11 days. Ont bright form has drooped nnd faded, One sweet Infant voice le gone, Ooe fair brow the grave hse shaded? For now our Llllla Willie s gone. Fare thee well, sweet bnd of boeuty? Little angel, fare thee well; Fur tbou wert too pure nnd lovely In a world like this to dwell. The Irlendt and relatives of the family are respectfully Invited t? attend the funeral, thla (Tueaday) afternoon, at half pest one o'clock, from the residence of bis parents, No. oofl Water street Its Pa Mr. ?On Monday, June 13, Mabia, daughter of Slevan Medley and widow of Clark DeCamp, In lbs 73d ysar sf her age. Ihe relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the fnnernJ servlcee, this (Tuesday) erternoon. al four o'clock, at her late rnaldenee No. 233 Fprlng street The remains will lie taken toRahwny, N J , tor interment, on Wednesday morning, at aeren o'clock. - FASAtT?At Norfolk, Va., on Thursday, June o, after a long illneae, Uaoaon W. Farait, Esq., In the 63d year of his age. Richmond and Raleigh papers please copy. Fai.vrt ?At Yonker*, weeirheeter county, on Monday morning, June 18. Mrs. Fai.vrt, widow of Jeremiah Tat fey, a native of New Market, county of flork. Ireland. Uka nloot oh Wedgeeday, froth the n*r.nn,,, win'o" o*ltoOn?rbb*-"ibb XSXVKZZ' (irelaad) paper* wilt please Oopy. ??<! .Ha*a !T?AI 00,1 H,rbor. v*-. on Friday ? *??'"??* New York VoluuJ^ wr^-*'.?,rtel oh'iroh. Bridgeport, roan . on *f "D m lUrea ?'clock. ||M "pin* l Hubbe'l ami o hi* tether* lives are? Hen.tamln, are I vl(H t*att?id. Hala "l l!:' h'm,e ?r ?"?cwad'i U~ lelia -0 HI" ?? Don .1 2 45 ;*.tn"w(,?rid*',P rtn?r Vow York ol 5 40 ap 1 8 P. M f"?"it?inKiij n jVookiy?, on Hu-dvr. June 12. years n' a uativo of England. aged 23 ??"<"' * 4t"~" ?f lb* h* "*? ftilTvVny|'e]i''t rI?e?<l*a."f Jb* respect ?d:?.c^ con*re!'8 ??"?. - r^^tosjarawitss ?^^ffirtb'wssrkajt? %>"* O' the Thirl V afltanth """'?I l\?lljr, ft? d tt?f? f)t?*m !>??!?* iniriy HOrMuU r^cri:i.ami. Vow Ynrlr Vi.Ih a* rr^,r?a{?^rrt w"-?<- j. .Second aenurs l i *'rwl' b8,w88u >nd 1 Jmvil u e W8"'""""! v afternoon, at ?oe o clonk thinirT.r^Ve'0(1*yVJu 8 12> Ijionr, a native of IIIfrlmS SSI'' "V""* Inland ara Jra,( l ^ 2f hi" b,?'h8r'" Jomoa and .Toho ' ^ %* M,t8'd "'8 fmnrul from hla a'i?.r,J,n..;h W.^er Blr'8' ? "r?ok!vn, I his Put* :ay) a tcrnoooatthreo ? c|, ck f?nhnr , otice Lss?On Thnrsd iy, .fune 9, at f.'eorgetown I) 0 o Mi.iutl JCi^eorl?h,h2- b"i'*rnf Knottevly.uta, |,ln,it 24tew. ' Fourth New York aitHlery aged P W?CiS,|i,Zrnyr'?',,"?r !he Mnl'y.or b.B brother, Pr.Li-n' 'r'1""1*-* J-me?.l. Koli.e and uncle Fran cie Creamer and I'd ward Mnualn are roxpeciruliv re" I igh y?f?Srth^^nern"""!"' "" 01 Uwre"r" ' ""rch, tnoroi^g" at ten o'cl' eir*' avenue, on Wednesday \vI;C?f-Tp 70n Th""?,?F. May 28, at Falls Church Yi.. i^%P^^?ay,/hirt-enlh Vork cayulry, 1S-w"- B nt^nd '(hfr' ih; r,UD,'Fnr? respectfully iDvltod to Twer?* ?htrai'li6'*!' ??? h" 1,18 rowdenoe. 487 Wca T erity-hird street, on Me lneaday men iiu at half , a^i ?l?l?t o'clock The rem ,|e. w,? 4 tnket, to J , tteawan .X"' Interment, in the ten o'clock train, llovru MKRT.?On Monday, June 13 Maktiii An"* W?d 2amomh?-r8,Un"',4"d E,iM Monl?orb8ry' ?lin t?? i?? '"Ilernoon, at two o'clock, lh,. remains will he Interred n ' rcenwond ( etneicry. n^'u0.'" ~"n ^'"'"F-June 13, artora protracted HI. noss, Mahcarkt. wi e of .lohn Volrose. k?.h8rr8'a,lv0"?r"l'rieiids of the lamllr.also tho room te,,^t^?r wd-?VF A' nnd A' M ar0 ,nv""1 'l tend the funoral, from hor lato roaideaco So 12'i Amitr Street, on Wednesday afternoon, at two o'clock. ???\?r?0 May 14, nt CuldalT, coun'y nrmecal. Ireland, where he went to lunr ,ve u llhir'Iic 6 rtttdent of tbo c.ty r.f ltro klyn and a member ofO mpany C. ? ourteehth reirlmeot, N (i. h n. Y. While vervlne with his roirlmeni at the suit of war ? "'*??? ?nd died, after , long a- ,1 panful lllcosa, which be bore with ( hrlsthn 'ortltu le n,.l.- ^\KJ L'~?.n^UndaT'Jun# 12. Mun vsi. M IV'VV L. tathrli.?11 rh 1 reK'n, Ciu.ity Arm igh ruiaod, id me ooi h veir of bm age * altTenrfr.K. rV0S nl.,d, frlebds of ,b0 ,1?n|lF are Inr'ted to s'rwt funeral, from bis late residence. No. 331 Eighth A,eX8lldrl?'V*-'8n S-Uurdnv. June 11,0 lonel Fdward 1 y?. o( the Ninety fifth Now York <tnie Volnu inTh |"?I ie4?'hv.yo?ror fr,"n wounds received in tb? battle or lloal H irh r a Thursday. June 2. st, .'w' v' v?m U,v (;8nlrj41 ''resbyfr- .n church. Rarer o ' ? on w eilnesd\y aternnon. ?t one o'clock. TRth'vi^r'? SltJrdaF. June 1J.BU.8X How ax, in the 7oin ye ?r of Iter nee ^rhere'atiies .<ud friends are respectfully Invited lo at It eet M,fr0,nr h T IMe re3lrt0-'C8. lol Henry et eet, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at one o'clock. .K*mn.-Oa Monday, Judo 13.Ja*-> Kai hht. of Hoi three weekrun,y' lreU"d* onl> ?>?rviylng his siaur Jury The friends and acinalntances are resneotfully lnvlt"d oVhJ-?tl<rJt!m fu?erX' ll"* <r"8i,'uy? "'ten at two street 16 rwi,,ence> lo2'E:ist Ihirij -. ecoua Rodwaw? In flroo'tlyo, on Sunday, June 12 Axxir M.ry A KcJ icsr jrax tbof burcho tho I'ltgrlras. ' _8xRf,sx._0n saturd .y, June H, alter a protracted |;i 2 '' wl e c f camuel Sn, den. n-to!?dr.Ph?(IVM "J" rr,?n'ls of ,h0 f""illyare Inv ted to 'J'1"1""'"!' w 'bout further notice, this (Tuaed.y) J 7 tw L , ''IOCk' fr Uer |H'? residency No. IJ7 West forty seventh street. Te^atMn?.7V?-n(,iJ'JimM2' 8 short but ay. MdVl months "'D",0U Sc'"U TE"' "h'od 33 yen s lnIo!aV*"V.M 1nd frl<,n(,s ?* ?be faml'y ar ? re?necthilly ovited to.a,tend tho funeral, from In* late -e.ld ,Dce. No i'cl "k ,tr0?1' tbl8 Tuesday) aftort, on, at tno F?S,Hv;1?AT~?n Sa"T,',,v' J,,n8 *? ?* fhenlnyitls, ruA;{L,, Sir^'F8" r,'i:l "r ,l'8 "'?rlekKand nation' . 2!1"' "R, '* f,1r" ee montka. Poston and >ewark (V J.) ra p ea-e ,? pv. ? Monday. J on 13, of cnusumption ,*a ?* X'Ftiiaup in tho 3f.,h ,e rof h - a^s mpllOQ. The relative* and friend* of the f ,mil* a e r sie-tfollr ii'reet thi' *Vt' e ^ f"D"r"' 88 H M^'in wreet, this (Tuesday) cyeiut g at so eu t.'.jlnck Ills ,or ,u,crin or^^Tir^ed^^.'?? fD" torldthe f.m! i','d rt'!?' ;p* ?r" ''e"pect nllr invited to at. (C 1(1 Ihe r?ne ? fr m Vo fl , dry) altoruo<ai,at two o'clock. ihi9,Iuos uJXs*wt:.rAl ll?? 0?n?'n ntal Hotel, Philadelphia, on tear F- June 13. Kai.iui Tu' m, V| OTIC ns[ "g?' 800 ?r J"Un A' T^08". Fm,.,o. Naw W alkvr ?In Brook'yn, on Mond ?y, June 13 Ai ,ck T'v Wn",kcrl: "Jr#"t <la jKhter ?f K?be' '' HosTHiwriTOX.? On Su,i,lav. Junel2 0?orc,w W?srea., 10 months ?r 8?10mt,n MJ M ,t,1<1, W Worlblugton, aged funer0n|frthn.1!|Or T6 *r? lnv,,8(1 to I be nloitce or fuDeral ho uilt^r. neY/Tr'.1'8-70n M ""'"F- ''m,B "? 'ocren -"sttfrs ?on I* days! Walters, aged 7 years. 5 months' aq.1 ,o^If",K,8.nd r8,1*"VM ?r th8 fstnlly aro re,ueste.l lo alter d the funeral, this (Tuesday) a:tern?-,n st Ln r Past one o'ci >ck. from 'he reildenre of hap rents v? ij() M iberry street,.and from thence to C?iv ,ry Cemetery Y,?i^>'|,A " (tfOtmpaojT < '^ixt W.S'X?VrS5? ,0n ?f Jcreml8h "ud S,,,ln w"?d' Now Jersey pstiers please copy. SHIPPSNG NEWS. AUiwie res waw resa-ma vS ?rw Risaa t 2S , Mn IS errs ...?.. .morn 12 48 Six ism 7 SI I man Watss morn 3 12 Port of Ntw York, Jan* 13, 186*. CLE AMD. fttesmshlp Ocean Queen, Tlnklepaugh, Asptawatl?D B All*n ^h^oip L L Biuryei. Williams, Liverpool-"Herges, Clesrmsn 8hip fnlrer-e (Pr). Hutton. Liverpool?W lllama A Oulon. Ship Clara Wheeler (Br), Wllmarib, St John, NB?Wit llam- A Onion. Bat k Kensington (Br), Miller, Melbourne?Malller, Lord A Qnerean, ? Bark Chanticleer (Br), Cochrane. Bristol, Eng?Bdmlston Bros Bark Aleeesndro Becundo (Hal), Celante, Cork?Baetjer A De Vai to. Bark ibla. Hatch, Mslsra?Tupper A Beattle. Bark Wlnnlfred (Br), Wilklna, Belize?Uollner, Potter A Co. Bark Oolden Flecoe rBr), Rhodes, Barnados?II Trow, bridge's Hons. Bark Clenrnegos, Cole. Clenfnegoe?Ponrert A Co. Bark Amahs (Ruar. Oldejans, St John. NR?Roger Bros. Bark lie retia (Old) Lahwelr. flhedlec?Bngei Rrne. Bars B Coloord, Coleerd. Bo ton?R P Buck A Co. Brig Bogota. Llnitaley, Asplnwall?Panama Railroad Co lirtg Resolute (Dan), Peterson, Otiantenemo. Cuba?Way dell A Co. Brig Baltle. Hooper. Cow Ray?Tupper A Beattle. Brig Jameo A Pierce (Br), Delap, rugwaah, MS?D R Da wolf. Brig Riport (Br). Mabon, Prlnoe Rdward Island?Tynea A Rrnlth. Brig Aurora (Brl, McDougall, Phitsdeiphla?II J A CA Dewolf. Bohr Flash first. Am Cares?B J Wenherg. Kchr 'I R C (Brl, Phalon t'ornwalils?O R Dewolf Bchr Fanny Oiven (Br), Chsitton, Bt John. NB?DR De wolf. Brhr Loyal Reran ton, Lowdcn, Pert Royal?E D Hurlbut A Co B hr Bena'or, Faulklln, Washington. 8?hr 8 O K> ans. Hammond. Waahlngtnn?Abeel Abbott. Bohr Hereon. Mott. WaaBlntt'in?A<>eal Abboit Bohr J J Day, Chandlar Fortreaa Monroe?B F Small A Co Bebr J C Runyoo, Mathls, Fortreaa Monro*?M T Ruayos A Co. Bohr Vermillion. Davis. Philadelphia?J W MeRee. Bohr Hannah D, Chase. Olourestor?C H olisrson A Co. Bteamer O II Stout. Nlchol*. Washington. Btsamer M iriiis. Arov. Washington. Hteamer K W Brune. Foster. Haiti more. ARRIVED Steamship Fetemaa. Sherwood, Portlaad, Witt mdaeaad aasseagsra. I* B B Oram wall A Ok Hnip Huip'tse, Kanlnil, Manila. Ma?tih 4, and Batarla March Id, with hemp sugar, An to A A Low A H ns Pa-s ed Jasa Mead March 18. March 22. 1st 21 IA B, Ion 7fi 2* B, horn too 10 hours <m pert Urk In a cyclone, wind veering N to W barometer W fVl. afterwards a long spell of light wet thor March II, no the eonator In the Chinna Rea. spoke ship Res,I ute (Br), from New Fork for Whtmp 19th. lal 7 8. Icin I It F., ship Whinfell (Br), from London for llong Kong, 75 dare out; April S, 1st 22 8, h>n <W R. ship Lord Brougham (Br), 28 days from Calcutta for London; I itk at 7 SO H, Ion 27 W. ship Alfred (Br), hound fl; same time. Ship Jessie McFarland (Hr). hound 8; May 21. saw hark Union of Barhadoa. tin md 8. showing a wb <e flag with b'sak letters L I) In It; 27th, 1st 4 M) 8 ion IB 30 W, whaling bark Vigilant, from Taicahuano fur New Bedford '?' da?a pot?reiwirird speaking the day nranona bark or ship Reso lute, full of spprm oil. Ship Lsv*ntar (of d'nwaa), fTIITorfl, Hamburg SB days, Willi Olds* snd 21) paasen.'trs to R M Blomss si Rdge Bark Carmen (llaml Carballo. I.agnna, 21 days, wttn In* wo,*!, to master. 8th Inst, lal V, Ion 78. spoke Br brig Alfa r*'ta, from Mstamas for New fork _ . Bark Mlllmt, Fmiar. Bague, II Lit with ?"?**. U Wake. pteo A Ok Bark Cailqoa (of Dartmouth. B), Smith. Maaaau. 7 dark, Ik ba Ukt, to f?eo F Bo Ik Bark lohk Coageabali. Ireland. New Bedford. In ballast, (O makiar. K'liCo tk Rink. Pe?l Aaplnwall. II dais. wbh 'odea. to J F Jo . 2tth ult. lot II JOK inn 73 4 >. a nke bait lliint-r, lionet for A->|>io?r?ll. 3 dark out: 1 tb mst, U J; s6. Ion T I <>4. xpokk brig Aifarrtla ( Br), from Matamorun for No* York. Hrlf Kate (Br). MoDoogall, Oiaee Bay. OB. 1ft dark, with oiik'. to A H>iit tiera A Co. Krhr Paui l'le, Good . r Carlcn*'. Juno 4 >?i'h n> ? w-g P> Vo rill A Abbott 8M Ik company with 1 rtn Kout no. for Konklaad. HolirtiJ Mlllnr fof Naaaul, Higgt, BIcUl era 3 . a, w'l fruit. to.Ia-"ea Ibuipla*. snhr "ind ("f V'muu), Blgta, Eloiitbera, ft lay*, w'? frmt to .lamki Iloig'ia _ K.n. Kr,i.i?i a ivil ,of Brook boron I, Brewkter, Baracoa, Junk S, w tii Tr it 10 J t T I'emaall He r Grand la'.nit, B'gaby, Port Royal, 7 dbja. 'n bi'laat, to - W I ewia A Co. Kchr K H HnllooU Kndioott, Georgetown. 8 days. Silir Iter chi-ll. Borah, O (irgotown, Hduvi. P'-hr M <rla I'i hup, H inert U.iltlinnre, ft dayf. Kr ir F M?rwin. "Htlliowa. Hal l one, 5 di*?. Roil1 II T " o >il, Ka rell, Ph'ln iftohia f I' -Pin. Pi hr II I lltin'lngdom. . Button for A: ay. R< hr Prlnek?k I (iv. II liiiHioii ( d.vk. Sohr \V!i t.. Hi'k I.?e, \e>vhiiryp nl. Scjir H?n HI il 'V (1 *e?. Provldeunk. H r < .>??? II. Rr?tHfr, R odont fir Ho?tnn. H hr Alien '* str -'knkr. Rmidnnt for H iston. He r || illiomi Van Ibke. Ron'or lloaton. Hob? Nip n- W; |iam? Nkwhur* tor''rovidrnco. Rteamcr IVtroll (V Si anapnrt) Tho l>s ?, Forir"" Wok roe iH hiuir. In al ?>t to 1 * (.'uari una tr. Th* L> ha? on boapi I'" Refund regiment Nkw IJa'nn^uIre Volunteers, ntf barlov 1 '? i ?n Rlramo' F Cadvraltad?r. Peeraon Rn'to'.ore. Kiean -r t 'onrorrt. N i ? *o I'hl a iaipink fi kinrr "npe i.rr n I'liila.le it'ita. Rtaner C.t'omkiork. Drake, Philadr nliia. HK1. I\T. Rhlp Kit far no. !W (lav fYooi Newport Jtnrk Aor'nett, 'no. Montevideo. Park <Iran nr (Rive), Iriun Marsrilla , Itoi H rt W t'n liro It. Iroio Cianfur on. R? k J'.si" N' Oiola R. c Clmr!?? ilic 'Mt 6J .1?ya fro n Rio Janeiro. R'lg I) Tronrbrid o. i lavstrorn I'oiico Itr T H A Put. 'uin. Uorinudit, H is M K Tli m noo. B'l/ M K Ro? ?nd. frOu' Ualtiinork. Rchr .1 O >1 II r A No two (lilpa. one bark knd four brick. R.MI.KI). r'tb-R ra-narH Now Yo'k. Weybo?k?'t. rnllad Rtatkk; ?h'na Sainttiktv. ?> lor. Centurion Out'eoba- : Ak'rnnou; 1 itrk I.ndaUof; brla A C Mrriy mn. Win Alleo M.n ?H| arli a I'klell", ttkr rnd? Klir* rr. i-n "t Alu'? l> v M.irr Irvin. flak. ' itn'H V?!(nii Harve Rtrrtion, Allan BTk' ty Carol i.k Hall inn irn a on 1 l.ilu ilk Wind at kiin?et RW, very bant. v ? v t1 h r ? > n s BdffU A'TAvrp" I fiyfAM, at rived Sunday fro n Cherr fl* d. report* on the v*itrVil f ?he I ? - ) Fan1 n r - I?? n<i. To ? ' 4 Ail *1 Sen ' ?* ?*|nro i mi fit * r I) ? en * . m?. hence Tor H?.*on i*m*t* lp ' * .v y i' re* -? an hi oh f?? <? tg. Kin AW 'or t > k up t th?* f-?r u ? : 1 iooe i hi .'a .aire T c Owen B- arse it*/, her vr I d uwav S oh H o.en TT k .vrrr, 'ihode* fro??i R ??' 11 .M Iii^I f r he ft !? tt?n* V. !h *mrp.i O 1 :i I) he ore fie I n 'Oid'U"1( Apr 'lit* *????< th It) 1 nheoi" '? ? ? ? ? 4 ?ntfi n ? fig Island. H h piiMitm -vere net *i ivn?-k ,,i n o'clvrk; lor# weie itvo hii i a halt !**??? t v> t r ?. the hoi ? and ai %'f pHHtH 'Veo Hl han 'K t > ?k to t r ' .>*? sat hi . it ra*t of f .? r p?r*o?ul e '?*??!*. The boat md ? n?* *eh<?vr"- ?? i I ? h f? past. time ?? cl c'<, when ?he ?ein* At w o'? *k ih- "e^t hot in * the cr?**v were tc ?*4 ti hi echr s !?? ?n of for n. wulli* Np from N >v Y'"k for lie ? At H o'clock rrhr Hen Scott, from Phil* ? ?hia for It .-'on **;. faf n tn w tli and to'?< ttif> part t> R *? o ' ? ? 't? |>h M w t: ? as 12* tons hurt er? i.q o ,r vear She wm own-.l hjp Kuri-onJ ?!? w t f Hrhan 1 Me and vv?? valued at ?lit $/ **>. she pitrtM I* tna r d. Scjir KoLfSP. trom Si *ol n SR. for New York Tunr?h*r lot 'e t, wan frvin 1 abandons n l. ?osjf tan I S mod. -tf *11 Man'* Hir or 8n*als. t?? I o at r on Vrj Uv 1 mi. s.m o?'?ri was boarded h C?pt P A ?. irftn/ame and other* fro .1 lie-son, and afte diacha'j* nu the deck load w ?? horeoff ami floated to Nor">n?rt w' ere she n uv lies. Xoflre to Mnrtnrri* OK ,11'VKNT r 7 IK l< rr\. There will he *t;it nned <>ne ha f mile Inside of the inner buoy nl P -rt lioya ?*niraMc% ; go.ird - el with a he m ofH er on bna^d v-'\\ rh ve* el w I carry a e ! Ii i?t in tl?e for- rigclnL i n'Sht a id a veil w hi at the maintoion *i f?v ?ia . Alive -es fom wifhoot thrt Depart urn1 of th-* Sooth a e r? oil red to come to i*t lh? guard ve?se', and await the orders of the health n r.ce? JO. N H \TOTl Br g Geo Comclf ITeadquarters, Dln'.rirf of ITtitoo IV Ii ?i tfoie M. Sh'p Rainbow. NlnhoU. from Aii'k ant. NZ, Feb 25 a?r et Ne v Red ?*r?1 or. in?t w ih 1 N) ?.h'? ?p. Pa I <Ta a Bell Kia^er. Mat', HDfcpthn lft?t o*ill e *v*? I nll'al ahnnno Aurl! 20, to nail or-1 day for a eriibe an4 h'?-.e id () t .h'-r. Sell.* I'm n Smith o' Pror, c>an vv at Rla- e i 27 .To: nl? Ho ' .ri i niat?, a tiati c of Paroe at ma*, k I ** hv a wha o in Kebrtisr*'. S. r (flendower. Weal. NB. unc. wa* at St Grou p. Rer mm .Tone 4. I fi-im recently, achr* S t 8 p^r Ah ot Pn.t oce tr . hhl* t>P<fi*h "1!; I fJerr ?. Bmallrv 'o ' ; * n ?V. no, 150 to; i mpor um. I>ycr. do, 1M do. I l? >2 Yi. ng, do. 20) do 8p 'ken, dff, Shi Samuel O Olover, Sooie t r ?ni NVork F??h 7 f ?r Saa Fr iiiel-tfo, Mernh 28 at 3'? S loo 3> 52 W. Shl|. FIti vout' ard. from Nr v Orlo/n? for Boston, M??7 20 1 th? l> N 'V ot !')?? Tr rlo '* Bark Daniel tYebtfte . of an J for Hostou, June .2, l"i tulles E by S of Absecnni. Forftgn Porta. BAttnAfiO'. Mae 25 ? In port harks Henry Tr ? vb-ot'?" Dunt e Dud Ma flo er f.rvejov from Nc.? Tor; nrr j-aa' c] *j: br g E i-tt'rn star fro- i ? no 2 th j\ i?io in port 5th, ship J M ntt" ?. ?? Ha R ? n s. R niroi, .Tone 2?In pnrt achi Srah Mara. 1 nl* b U, for NYo.k 1 Ik C Mi' 1 "vAs, J :ne 4?In port brf ? Ca',1 o*u*a fo' Se v Y tJc; ?chr.f * Mc 'ar'and. Idscom. for do 10th. 8 ; 4th n?-ig Boh bins. Ko' lil.ind. C-1 n Ist.iKD, Mar lc?'n part schr Silver Cloud, C -ok. tcr Balilmot e. Linovn, CP June 9 n p>rl e?hi Na.itUus < Br). Darla, for NYork n?*t ween wiihc.xi Na^sait, Nl\ Mav 31-Vrr brig K P Sweet Chftdhnttrat, Path gi "K(\ June T? Arr whin Rlr Vfurphv, Pn?'ian 1 Me R o J a n kipo. Mav r<?!n p< rt * 'psblvra (two *r,. for Fnihcuir. d ; H-rij-h re, F v for do *q?m. ran *rn B ar. Neal , from Cardiff for !r tvi|h?' n ria t? i n *or NYork 13th; hark I re mrin la on*, from ?n' for flap.* "uirc HOfin - ht ip kl**ti<t Mr) PI'iin.o?*p from NYork. s?.'d A, r*i '.irk Ama/on Brown Baltimore; Mar 7, Ma 'z*, Merrill >' . rk. S.c'M, Vr 1?? T o i?or? i.o'u v 1 a- ti. Dewhurat f-r New York 3davK; ,)a ca M Mr tt fo? d.? C. San A.NPi.kAP, May 24?In uo?t *chr Poca' onfa*. Sbt&k?, 1o'j . St 'oun. NR. June 13 - Am br<g .Tenet Bidet ?n (Bf t, C.."d, NYork Cf'1 ilth -rlT h *d#r NYoi'' Arr at do i1 ? !p|i v K h-p Pn h bark Ar^n New York. CM *ib. -eh- aurora, K^Hey. NYork fl'aw ^Ti*s?nir M' ? an nrr C.*?h R c.r ' Arr Iron NYor Me ???? HrePAP. st ?.'b u tar; Clore, at d >. Bavir a at t"*1' a* a ?. Arr fro "an Fr nc - a> Vh* U R at Lt%***rp ?ol. 811 for NYork Mav <i Vr o\ ?;i rom Card T. Ship Union, f r Sin Fraonisoo, h m put back to ?>!! a nil lace." ha* n * hr?en * '? ?re. 1 ntf 1c ? ?? I* irfv, BOSTON June I'.i ? .rr -t *nt k H 8 a* hue*. Com mlkVey NY?o %. (2d *\ k ^.c i un ? Slid. ? . too; cbrj Pu n *. Tto o d ?. Hid etc .rn-hip ' a kn )t m Iluaa Stat'ra '2th-Arr V 8 er 1 >r k*. Sled * M cr e* KuMtan ?*f-?ot fi .a*. ? ?* v t Kop * bark* Se n . fjmlf. ' a'tl ? t ;<k K rt?*r Pi ?te Cri** ?, tfe^'er J'orf '.'ray*. Mo*m lira: Ion, Ph '?* 1** Orici'ii; f, \| -t Oi 'a e.G"?r in W |? |?h b ?* 4 ilth* r p, *? n. N'aygMi'e v? <r r^n 8 M W h?**ter, Hi f ? v I a V , ?? U . II Mo ire. Nl?: er^o'i tin :o ine lt*?? , ' a k ? 1 sh ? I ? t, flii'lar!; f s ? f ?* ; :? ? hi .' *av - f T r reil Ann Ve ? fro n *r.? ? n. Ph * i I a B?4 Iter. Bavle I.' t? " -t. I t' -Arr ad h \ ' .Hi Trap n ? f-on ?? Lfrfov-m; *?*?.rsf2 M Novi h Ha in Vew ? Irl* n ??nine e . v, I ho r?? Na- a v a dp .* i i a-o ? o ?t.rvor ? s <. ? r;Al,r!Vf?RE. J un |? * r? ? ? lire *? . i'n, - 'M* J nmro: Dan hr n t '. ntanonaa Krv, a rei .<? C t uA. r.f.ra Acn * . Tli-i n* n. Km * m tr ? a ? I nikt ?? ?a < M.i-ue, Jtradforcl. l'o*r m ; II ?? t? r v W M |-- tlard i?r T.'ino. h ?* New*oinh Keep. ?> r ?? c* W o ? Car I l:io , w London; R K Pln*ia I War ; V-r*t wo tto.h .*? & Nfeke a ?n. ^'e| ht an 1 An i. ' ?? I, NVork IVio.v, tar* Lati^l iff K"\t?, * on R o Jane'r *. 18th?Arr ms r s*T i?* \i? i?a 8a An rea* RANCOR Inn* u- id r. i-v* Ionia Ve.i ? C* *? n%?; *chr* B It Con n O '? Forir*** v or .??; ?.a* l \f '? ra, Hnrrirk, mi l C el ? Ma o, NV?? H. (fl.OI CKSft R. tn o ?l-A'-m * Vhftf ea l.r* Pi?rt?. month *or N'Y? ik dine R1 union*. R?.. . 'o'o t?.t.?o. Hampton hoa^m ? n*n ? \?r rt4ut n.Hr p-r. nam hum ni ? h* or i*red to tl? ? n?-n? HOLM H HOLK fnne I', PR - Vr ae r Henry *r kin*. Iii*l* <ar!*nlan. Thomn*.n- J hn Stoekrna !'?'? cock; John Lan ? ?*t<*r. \Yil am*- Eva ?? r f^ee in I '1 A Week* ? h !?? "fphl* for Wo*ton: Harve-t uray Je acv Cttvfordo; t alba a. L"td KT'/ahetiu-nr- tor H ? Hum Se a 4?? for Ha lowe' !'*i n I? a ten. I htl *d?* ph*a f??r New uri port; Fri*w* Co'Un C * en*, d ? ror I p* ? h ; William Arihtir, llaHkeii do fo? t?0 tl?nfj \ntcl *n" M>'d. BYora for (lardtner S'd hrl *H V itin AW Ni k?*l* fe? ranue c- tt*r Mia*ni; *e* ** Kinn?* \A en worth W o raw ford, WmC AtwHter. Isabel. I, P P sro An rew PeterO, Ladr Snfl dk, Li^z'e N? irge* < Rr? C ? Iliuln Wm .'o e-. P A Sunders, ( atharlne Real Pert* Cei ner II *wuKa, Sarah A Ta?'?T. Oriental. .1 M B' mmii iI', Mi "o e R (I Pr.f* ter, f> S Mershon Sam Colt, vv P P'-IIMps Ya*bfl 8's p Yonng Teaier. L'/zie Tartor. Ca?o Ine C Mm th M*r?. I M M Re??d, Saratoga, Chas II H teer*. Mb o|f Rird n an. Hiockham, Henry Pe kiua Bra Relle, H A ||>* ** and Her re t. I lib?Arr brl: Manlina. Norton Bn on for hllale'p^ls; achr* Marah Mr ?ona o. Yr?r'?, Ha t ?? o e f..f Rrniton; P'ara W P.iwail flart, and H W M'e eginn Pt< i* ?? Iph a r t h/; Pearl, do f ?r Hid ief ?rd: T R lone*, do f ir b rr ? sa-r?l Ns*h, El ;abr|hpnrt f??r 8 .|a?n Hornp R*? t n fo 1 * phis: H r Pu-hinic. do for NVnrfc Alms (Hr^ | - pj, f?r jlforY: M .. .I??h "H. for I town PM f"'^* r,;r W, n|0!i0'? . ..rr.?, *n? A vV 'L"" V ;,V Irej Jo' n I.OI.M lor. ro'lioMo, B i?n?'n ?' *7i-J H *1 on. f! i !i? * onf 4,T",*rn KKW BKI.Ci.RI>' (.to* I??*rr *>hr? lr? I. ? J Xr Bmo-o. Pn ph ?: n. U i .iT?1,.!; KTnrk. Ct lllh. ?1.lp K'i7?hrlh. Bt?'?on NY"tli B'.lltih Oi'hr B? l?P NYor, _ _ , RKWHURYPORf. Juno II?Arr brl* Ponnlo L ml, Phi Molphia. NKWPORT, J.IOO II? *" trhro P?lln.||>im. Rv.lor Br* Brofor4 for BVorY: An??l'0 fVnd*r, B?? Pur pori forPM la trlphlo; Lhit Church A '.mi, li?.e>n for BVor*. BKW H ? VKB Juno II ?A-r W!hr? I.?*r Marntl. H'.ffc ?on Port K*?ni Pm-iklm Uo ? PHII-ABh I.PHI A .In c 11 PH - Arr hard Mdo Kim ??., NOria,p.: ?ehr* R 11 tt*l ?on Mil I Blon n*l -o f> .l? i.i, T?lam. B.wtnn; *Y f) AnAcnnrd, It* vllt, <1o: Imhal I Thirvpaon. Malo-r Baiifn*. Mlonc ot< Hinilh. Hi cm. I'M j ' brn Pomona. Hcrtdoman, ABlwcrp; ?'hr, nho Str""P liadc; W C! Nc a-n. R 'ac, and R If Wilnon Mull Ztorl .denoe- Paul ra. Kmoman Panrrranort. Baco Wclml -?a lam. Mlnna.ota Rm ill do M M Wanmr. Waarar B"?.on A lUlajr. Halar. do; ll^ian Mar. flow. Lrnn, llarrlai HmitA Kally, Baco II Jnnc. Yatani Lvnn. IS! ? Arr hri* loohln llanric.ia (llan). Pralbn, KYora ?rhr R II l??la,. Haandara, BTor*. Ra'ow ahlp Oalliarln, (Br), f'-om BVorlc ?Pi?Kri.ANI), .Inna IS-f'ld hriga Frankaa. Allan, York town Va. Fnal ar, MltlaMaM. Portraaa M nroa PORfnMoUTH,J.ioaB?Apr aohia Mratangor, Hill. *" aahathpnpt! Marr K Clare Hoiiklna NYork. Hm achra Ba kar. Bnrlon BY .rk; l.rd'a A Mar Bakap, I'hllaoalphla. . PRilVIDP.BilB. Jnoa ll-Arr rhra Hannah. Wall ?oaa Shapard Tmiaar. and Yankaa Blade. Coom'>a. Oco'd'tcwn, DO; M R Oartlala. H'.nMan: T .1 lllll, B haldan. Marlatla lland. Brooka; Reading Kaflroad Bo 41. Adama. and Ad? la da, Clrowa I, Phitadalphlat I B A P L. Parker, and i P Omltaa A'rew Klltahaihpnrt; llarrlai f SiajMakaa. waaa loijion Rl; Rvlph Bmllh Pori K?en:Ida Kaapp. Icavf.r , I ?|raw Hid aehr R ,lon. Browar Philalalphla ' 1 I2ih ?Arr arhr fohn Haatlv, llandaraon. Phlladalphta fop I'awi'i' kat. Ila.ow hr a c! Malhawa, Malhawa, from Rak'.a, ?ehr Yoona Amarma, Poller from Phl adelphla. Hhl aehra Raphla Oodfrajr. Jonea. Phlladalphta; Riacta J Boot!. Bakar, HV"r* ... PAWTirmRT dona ll?Arr achr Rtatan talandar. P?!- ' mar. Kll'abaihporl Bid achr Oaraaco Bml.h, BVoPk BOOK I, A BO. Jnaa 10?Arr achr Oatawamtaak. IHk. PrankfO'i for Phlladalphta. Rid *lh. aohia Bnaao A Marp, i Hall. BY rk;<Hh,J H l,H -hdeld, Orookatl Ka Weak' RAN KRABOISOO, dona 8-Arr prarloua, ahlp Oarlbaldl I Kmarr NY'>rk. . _ <| J i BAI.KM, dnaa 10-Otd bark Ratal (Br), Pond. Kaailhans 1 Africa. ?oWBRflT, J up* ll-fftaafcr AjU-A.

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