Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1864 Page 3
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jlTDATlOm WAITOP-yiMltEI. fw ?ti?? Want* ??? Hath pa|?> AMIDDLB AGED PRoTBSTaNT WOMAN WISHES a ? lual on aa pala oook; la a good wa bar and irooer. a ad la wtliiag la aaaat la tbe general housework of a small (a . Ily. Cal ai 6u Weat WaanTn ion plana, laird Uoor, bank ?ana. Can ba aaaa tar two Aava A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS anise and seamstress: haa i ood city reference! aa I Jactiuu to the inuutry. Call at Ml Want Attu at. A situation wanted?by an experienced a rl, wltb eMal'eui cut Iterance, aa waitreee and pa. loriiiaid. or regular waitress. ar would actaslady'a maid and seamstress. Call at ar addreaa UK Bast Hiatal. 1 URSPf CTARLB YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITU A A li. ii to <U gen* ral housework lu a private family? baa Ike hoti f reiareuoe Irota bar teat place. Can ba aaau (or la a da) a at 173 Hast 3 th at. aaoand uoor. la front. Arespbotahlb girl wishes a situation to o geueral boil ework In a private family; no objective to the country. He t of lefrrtme from bar last place. Can b- -e n at 173 East Siat at. A RESPECTA BLiB YOUNG 01 RL WANTS A SITU A tion :o unit, >.aab and iron in a an a I private family; ao o'jjec Inn lo do gen ral housework. Uall at 207 WealiUth at, la the mar A OF.RMAN UIKL WrtNIS A hi1UATION AS LADIES* ,'\ n ant and lo U'aoli obildren German. Hood retereove. c?l at :ta?t tVe t 3Ub it. between lOtb and Utb avs.. in the gr? ? tj Htore. AYOI'NG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A PRI I at raiiuly a? cbamuei u.aid and aas aiant waitress. Can be genu unt 1 suited. funn 11 A. M. till4 P. M., at ber preieut em; oyer a 3d haat tllat at, A SITUATION WANTED? BY a YOUNG AMERICAN e in do t .e lin a-uvoik of a am a. I pr vale tatu.lj. Call ai In We t : gtlt at., 7th av. A SITU ATI t S WANTRD-HV A COMPETENT YOUNG .A woman i chambermaid an toauiairets; ran ctil anil fit liiri drc re .? .,d ati\iu?e la iloa'hair. Can for two day a at 2-U W oat / ? u i. APlYU All " IV A N TK D ? BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS cbar.ibei n ii.l nnd ireUre-1 in a pi it ate family ; city reference. Call at ill West .nth si. ABITUAIIiiN WaNTKD-BY A g-rlj a* chambcro aid a d wa trrn: ban no ob ectton toeoniitiv for I e rammer. i!.e b?Ht ol city raf-n-nce a ven If re-;ttlr? I Call for two da a a. No. 7 Union ptue-', South B'OO It! . A Y.JUNG WOMAN. WEI L RECOMMENDED. a'? w ghee a alDikfon I., a r->| i"i-lab'e family to instruct elulflr o In rradlug, writ nr. cipher,n< lingd'h grammar aud.o raphy; al O uoul.l l>e 'lillliglo o naln and fane.* work. i'? for two days ut 2i !'r me -t.. fr. m 0 In 2 oMock. "Of NO <11KL WISHES A till U VTI'jN AS CHAM \ be. nahl and nur-?. nr to do housework in a email fant'ly . no i/b.eciion to llie < ouutrj. Call at 22 llnh rt t ? RITUAiTON WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND f\ wattie... or lo do light liom.ew.ira. hit* good c>t rrler eace; l ii .ro objlct-oiiM lo city or country. Cull fur two da.a at 0 d Greenwich ?i. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA. con ?? nmberu.alu or uuire; bcvl reference. Call at ISA lleit.l to hi. A SITUATION WAN'fl-.D-AS COOK. WASHER AND trouer; ua?o city reference. Call at t-.'J tilt av.. uc..r 3 th m. ABKBPKCTABLB YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUA tion as era trees nnd rbambi r nal l. Can be se. n lor two days at bur present euiplo. ar e, -U. J, Went 3'.!d at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, late'v arrived, Ilna I .I llrd (lluatloni In ?otne of the kail families in the o'd oo mtrv ? le tnly (Onifdeni lotto tbe finu ew-ork of a aina family. Can be seen til suited at llj lith ml . near ilt'u ava. AKE' TKI TArbf, MARRIED WOMAN. WITH A hi unit of ml a of three month*, w e'ie, e alt.iation at wet nurse. I'uu be n< ou lor t.vo day ? ut l. j Ea 12 lilt. / tt.OK'8 SITUATION WANTED?BY A PIRJT CLAS3 o ?'*. a s. oto'i woman, in a ho:ai, In city or count re; ui derrt .<'a nil '< n-ia nt eo p. meat-, pa-tr-. and vani"; b -Mi of tef.-.rencu can be given. Call tor two days at 137 Kmn. Iiu si. SITUATION WANTED?BY A respectable girl. ai chambermaid and Inn Irener. Can be >ecn at 21)3 ElUikrt'i hi., tbu day, rear bu blind, drat door. 11WO RESPECTABLE GIRLS W NT 8ITUATION8; one to do ten en tbn other to lake earn of c lldrcit and da tibtin sowing. Call at 22J Sib av , be tween a. tb au i -i ih t.a. U'AM'iD-"V A RBSPSOTABLB YOUNG WOMAN. *T a ellnnilon ?" chanteimai an-t to do platu eoninc: has in ? b--?t ol . t. r-fc eure front her laat p a.-e. Call at 6a West 27'.b si , renr bonne, Daaeii.eut door. \17AN1I.D-BY A MIDDLE AGED Wt.ltAN, A 8ITU V* Htbin to take care at clul ten or do light cbambonvork. Call at 41 He r at. Sroo..i> n. t\/ANIKD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tt v oum k ri, aa cba ub. ro.Hul and waitre e, nr aa ouam herrr.n.d and nurse; no ob ec Ion to the rouutrv for the g- miner mom ha; good c t rc er.uu-e from her ast place. Call at 173 West 31 -t at., between 7th and bth avs., third Boor, front room. ii/amkp-a situation. by a respectable h w mi an. 29 e>ll o! age to take care of children: un derstands tne nut of a bah? fiom it- birtn. it willing to pit !? Itio coiintry; good references g ven. Call at No 40 list at.. between 1th and Madison axes. vv ANTED ? A RITUaTiON TO DO HOUSEWORK I If a (tnall private fantl; Call at 17.1 1st are., top iloor WANTED?A SITUATION. I1T A REM'KCTABLR glr', na coi, waaber ami lienor, teim rear*' refer anon front Iter l?tt plare. Call at 173 West Slat at., between Tib and Sib art, aecond fluur. back iours. WANTHD-BY A RKSPECTA BLK OlRL. A SITl'A I on as rin k, washer and Irotier. la a good baker. In ?treat tbe vomer?f +Ctb at. and Mb av. aemnd boor, front room, o>er tbe Kroei-rr. Un?d reference if required. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN MID die aged woman, a situation as cook, In a private fam I j: n<> oli ect on to a boarding bouse. Call at 92 Wot lUtb Ale ? r, flu , at., near bib av. WANTEO-BT A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN, a few families' or gent einen'i washing. Apply at 190 Weat 20th at., In tba grocery store TIF ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A COMPETENT 11 nunc; la weil experienced In the care of chlldrea; willing lo take charge ol nn infant; la a neit sewer; no ob I n to go m toe country. Beat city relereuce. Call at 111 Weat 2. ih <t 11* ANTED?A SITl'ATION. BY A RESPECTABLE YY gin a fiist cUaa waurea.- or chambermaid. Beat of ally re erence i!..n bo seed for two daya at her pie enl place, 2/ Ear I doth at. w ANTED-A SITUATION, AS WET NURSE. BY A respectable American wouian. Apply at Mo. 97 Mou at W'ASTED-BY AN AMERICAN OIRL. SIXTEEN Vv .eas'f xge. a-mist on to do chamberwork or mind abl drt ii. t.'a I foi two days at |.<7 Franklin at. WANT1.D?tiENTLI MEN S AND LADIES* WASIMNO. at own house, tood ouy rcfereuce given. Ce.l at No. 19V West bt'ib at. tl'ANTiSD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE " girl as coot and lanudie-s. Has the best of city rrtrr anoe. Call from ID lo 2 o clock at her last employees 29 Eaat Itlth at. vv ANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID OR finim-. no ob r-etion >u light chuinberxrurk; good ref res Call at 177 A-isms t.. Brookl.. n. WANTfD-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND unll rhi by an experienced reivant (Protectant'. Call for two data at her present place, No. 91 West 2-th at. TITAN TP If?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE YY Proie.tan' woman. In a private fatnllr; no objectlou to the conniry. under lands all kmda ot cook ng; city refe rence. call at till 2?l av., in the rear WANTED?A SITUATION. RY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do chami erwork and waiting or abamberaoik nnd fine ? a I log and Ironing. Can be seen for two day a at 142 hast 3, th at. SITUATION Fl WASl'ED-HALES. An experienced s\lrsman. with extensive trade eonnecMona ami brat elaaa reference, wiehea to rell lor an ext-naive wuoleasln wine and Ihjuor house, to ah <h ie would prove an ar.|til tilon. Address Dl-tlller, box td4 llerant oitice. tor three dam A GENTLEMAN. FULLT CONVERSANT WITH ENO liati. Kieorb, Oermaii and Span ah bookkeeping and aret.tiee u re drawing deal res a pirtlal engagement as trnnxlatnr <-orrea,aindrnt. draughtsinan or In any similar caps ity. II ghcat refersn ea. Adxlreaa P. M., box 119 tiered uCoo. A COLORED HAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACn man. at of refercn.-a from bis ta-t p ace. fail tx.i two day- at 1,1(11 K;wjd<ao a YOUN .1 MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS COACH J\ in:in in a prieate e i.<|. In tbe lountry; u ill bo gene rally ii ctuL Addic-a M. II . Ilosald oiliee. A MAN AND WIPE WANT SITUATIONS; THE MAN ran work on a farm, lake -are of l.urars. inlik rows, nbke I'U'trr Slid work m a gaid-n. Ma wife to do geueral bauaeworif Call at lleadx ranue olUc-, 73 Na -on at. A MAN AND WIFE. WITHOUT INCUMBRANCE, xvan( -Itiiatonaln the o-n ntry. In a hotel; Hie n an to do aneral n rl around the hooae, a< porter, dr.; the wife ea laund eaa and to do pene: al housework; can make butter If required. Aldrfs.l. A., Ileiald oftli e. AYOUNO M AN W AN It| A SITUATION A3 Liont porter In a lirat ela-a houae, or a. groeery eleik. in which III' li'ia ha l en. ai.'.eialile exper enca Re erenre frutn his late emp oyer. Ad .revs J, U.. box 129 Meruit oft ce. A SITUATION WANIKD-BY A RESPECTABLE oung man aaeoachmaB, who fully WtderatanM hla buainear; prefers the <ountiy; reference furnished. Ad dress J It . bos 2 9 Hera I olbce. AEITUATION WANTRD-AS PORTER, BY AN HON eat, ober anJ Indu-irln la young man, I wen ty-three rears o age; ran g v" the leal ot relet* nut a. Addreaafor aro nay a r. it., listed oltl. e. ,; AOKNTLI.VAN TIIOROUUHLY ACQUAINTED WITH t a Rnalta . Preoo , It t tan and German languages, dealiea a poalil >n as correspond* nl. or tear ier or aaal lent bookkeeper; beat of lefuran e given Address Correspond ant, box 12 Madia-.n siuare l'uat oil re. / A SITUATION WANTED?ItT A GENTLEMAN WHO tiaa am ite I men o ne and ha. had a year a experience ingplta pracilor; apoaiie several modern languaara ami I as n i object n n to join . t ? tea or rlaewhere. Good refer ?a ea gtrnn. Address lor one xveak S mat on, box 2 732 Poat oUlca, N. A YOUNG MAN (GERMAN' WIRI1K* A NITUATI( A. In a a ipo iamlK ry store: b?< been In imch eatahl I mama oa aaHMman and bookkeeper; la willlii.; to lay ba t? ever) th 0j. Ad.lroaa II. B. II., No. 190 Third at. A COMPETENT MAN. OF MUCH EXPERIENCE IN gob* ra' bimume, a good box.kkeeper mid correspondent, deairea employ ment; woel I like ac.lve or outdoor linalnexa. Salary exp- ted in nomr an a with aervl* e? rendered. Ad dre a Busbies, Herald olbce. ^ N INTELLIORNT TOIJNO MAN. WHO SPEAKS T1IR mm Kn^l eh and German languages burnt'y. ? riles a fair band, la correct at Igiireaaml willingfo make niin-eli grnn tolly nan ul, desire, a ? tuailon aa elrrk In any capei-labie . - - * ? CM"" " buaiiieaa Can give tlrat i-ia?> references aa to char* tar, Ac. Address L, S.. box 119 Hrrabl oil re. A GOOD COACHMAN CAN BE OBTAINED AT P, J\ I r i Roi 'r va i l err and bai nvra afore, ooiuSr ta or ylaee and Hiuadnay No 741. flauafecloiy rcieraneea erill lieglvto Ifraxiuiicd. A Idreia W. C. SITUATION! WAITBD-MALlN.^ All U>0 MAM WANTS kMKLOYMENT FOB HIS even t>g?. Adorea-. totter, dsrulu office. A SITUATION WAbTBD?BY A BSsrSOTABLB j not man 17 years or age, titlark hi tfro ??? atoi?| la wflllug a mat a h.maetf generally uaaful; beet of city ra ft re net ? vau t Call at 233Baat 1Mb M , lb U?a Mora. A young man, or good habits, wishss a fit uttiloa aa general alert ar bootaaapar. ata slant bo..It. keeper, an r? or tbippiot a ark, Caa give lot bail oi re er aucaa. Addies* Menaaki'.e. 2C9 Broadway. f?r one week_ A young man. or good address. wibiibb a Quiet.nn aa aalaaman la a goad wholesale or raiall grocery or hardware store. Can Inlluema a rood trade. Oan giva tba beat of lelsrcnce. Addraaa Mercantile, 2 c 9 Broad way, for ooa week. A SITUATION WANTBO-A8 TRWF.LI.INQ SALTS man. bv #n? wbn oan cemmand a good trade Id nollona or faoo i aa la. Baa travailed four tanra n the Weal. Ha l of references gives. Addreaa 8. O., box 193 Herald oiCoe. A COLORED MAN WANTS A SITUATION A8 COACH mas Hi a prlmia famll> ; baa lha beet oltv reference. Call an or address Loreazo O. Porter, 123 Weat 20th et. A young American man, or goodcuaractpr. dealret a atnitiiao aa ear-ead conk nn an ocean or rlvnr steamer. Audraaa Tnoraaa U'Mara, 3d Lull# 13that., N. X. 'AMI 1,1' 8 SUPPLIED WITH TUB KK6T 8 RVANTS, i .... . ? gener FAMTLI' 8 SUPPLIED WITH THR BEST 8 RVANTS, as coos*, chambermaids, laundresses n. rsc? aud for ganera housework, at M t KI II TS' lately rstsbl'shrd German aarvaola' ofllce, 263 Rll/aboib at., bear Honrton. Hardware.-wanted, a situation, bt a young of good evperlcnre; beat of city relrreme given. Address A J. 8., lleraU oll'.oe. SITUATION WANTED-B1 a YOUNG MAN, A8 CLl'RIC w In nn office, or u the whola"a'e cloth ng and fancy goods or who rsele groier bus nets; beat of teference anil aecnrilr; ro obecttnn to hard tml, Address, for two days, J. F. Martin, box 140 Herald ofllre. SITIJATIOM WANTKD-BY A TOUNO MAN. A8 POR tor In a "tore, or to assst In a garden; do objret ons to go a few miles In lha rountry; city reference if tequ.rail. Address Gardner, Herald ollice. TO BUILDTR8, CARPENTERS AND OTHERS. ? Wanted by a young mtn who underttanda estimating quaniit et, ilruwlng up contiartt and bo .kue-pl. g a llu aii n in a lite c?pa-lly; wil itudr his employers interest. Address for one week W. 11., box 184 Herald odice. II'ANTED-A SITUATION AS GAUOKR AND IN ' I pevtor of ol , or a man who hut bnd long experience In the busmen*. Addre a T. 1'., lleialdo i.ce. \4/ ANTED-A SITUATION AS FOREMAN OF A COAL II on refine.y or of t eiore yard, by a man who bat had several year ' etp'rlenoo aa reliner and manager oljoll re liueries. s II. P., Hviald office. WANTBD-A COACHMAN'S SITUATION, BT A PIN. gle young man: English; a0ed 30; goad reference. Address K II , Herald oilier. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO MAN, IN A wholes* f or manufacturing establishment, bxv ng a knowledge of; can write a good t and; it quick and correct at accounts. Address W., box 74 Herald office. W.tNTKD-A SITUATION. BT A YOIJNO MAN. WHO wrlies well and rapdtv;is vril ing to n aka h ma.-lf generally urofn in a place w here lilt aery era would ha fariv requited: has a knowledge of copying law papers. Address or apply to M. J. N., 1112 East 24th st. WANTED-A SITUATION IN A STORE OR WARE house b. a man who wr tea a good hand keeps ac count nnd l? aeeiiatnmed to all toils of rough ? O'k In smrea, tu rli as w e:g! >nx and taking notes of same; arr vrd only a few ays since fiom Ira.and. Address M Hanbao. box 110 Hciald Ofllce. \tf ANTED?BY A 8INOLF, TOUNO MAN, A GF.RMAN, ?? R. nrd In an Amor can private family at Holmken, wlier" there e o no other hoaidcrs II possible. Address K. <!., box 1.411 New York Post office. "V*? ANTED?A SITUATION BT A SINGLE YOUNO v f man a- waiter; leaves on nrrount of the fa tlv go ng :o Europe* wou'd prefer the c untry for the summer; can he teen at hi. prceol cinplovot'a for one week, f'a'l on oradj dress W. C , 2ti2 5th ay , between 28th and 2lhh tts. WANTED-BY A TOUNO MAN. A SITUATION IN A banker s or broker a >. -e or n a 'ar e retail house as raah rr. Is a compe ent judge of monev; good refereno:e from flret clots bouses. Address A. II., Neraid o ! ce. TVANTED?A FITUtTION, AS BOOKKEEPER. BT A IT retpe. tab e yutiag man. Address K. T , Herald o.'llee. WANTHD-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO MAN (Wei h) a tltunit ii gsv coeebman: understands the caia of l ories, Ac : oountry preferred; or to take char c of a small f cm, or aa light purler In the rliy; i ood re'erencc. A idres3 W Jones, care of J. P L'oyd, 2.VJ Wevt 28lb et.. or app y for two dais between Id a id 2 o clock. WANTED-A RISCATION, BY A STEADY MAN. IN a aojp manufactory; understands making-nap and candles, has good recommendations Inquire at 27* ?9ih at., nuar tilth ar. WANTRD-A SITUATION AS BOOKKEEPER OR AS * slant heokkrarer: oris ailing to accept any indus trial office In a stoic whlcb requires steadiness and ah iliv: poises et excel ent references. Addreaa O. I". y., Ilerald office. WANTED?BT A FAITHFUL AND TRUSTWORTHY man. a aliuatlon as no ter or In anv respectable em ployment: can keep simple accounts and la willing to ir aka h o self gencra'ly u-ai ul; go >d refeience or eecurllr If re quired. Call on or lor three daya Vlg lant, 7i Mon roe at. WANTKD?EMPLOYMENT, BT A YOUNO BNOLISH mtn. aa dm or aesUtaut hookkeener In aatore; otilck penman : would make bluiaalf useful generally. Ad dress W O., 936 Broome si. \\; ANTED?A SITUATION AS COACIIMAN. BY A vr single man. In a prlesto fam lv ? thoroiighlr under s ands his bii-lne'i In every respect, csn produce the best recommendation from hla last employer. Ca t on, or ad dress R. X? I. IN Broadway. WANTRD-BT A URONO, ACTIVE YOUNO MAN. who caa write a pood bund, and la not afraid of hard work, a It nation in any capnc lv wbrre lie can make him aelf genera Ir useful, call on or sddraar, for two days, William Cooke, 101 Varlck St., In the stable. ITL* ANTED ?BT A TOUNO MARRIBO MAN, A 8ITUA H tinn aa entry clerk, or In some mercantile house where be could make himself genr rally useful; can g rr. reference from laat tmployers. Address ?. H. 8., station F, New York. Wantkd?by a Philadelphia gentleman, an agency to -ell Western trade. Address Agent, box 2,973 Philadelphia p. at ofllea. WANTRD-A SITUATION AS WAITBR. BY A RE speetab e Protestant young man: l.aa the host of refe. renrei. Can be seen far two days In the grocery atora corner of Broadway and 29th st. THE TRADE!. A COMPETENT GERMAN OARDF-NER WISHES A situation; be Is ab!e to do all work connected with gar dening and can give the beet reference at such. Apply at 232 West 551 h et. A CONFECTIONRrt AND FANCY CAKE BAKER wanted at 800 6th ay., comer 47th st AN ARCHITECTURAL DRAUGHTSMAN WANTED.? Csllat the oilice, itJ Broadway, rooms 16 and 17. at 12 o'clock, w ith specimen of work rein n-hip. A CUTTER WANTS A SITUATION IN A CLOTHING ('.ore; Is a good sales oan and trimmer: will mate bhnself geitpra ly useful, anJ accept of a email aalir. for a permanent situation. Satisfactory reference. Address H. D. M , box 1115 ilerald office. Block cutters wanted ?apply at the paper Hangings factory 512 West 23d st., between 10th and llthavx. Draughtsmen -wanted, two first class draught-men who color and letter we I; none other need tase the trouble of rep yIng to Moses L. (Jnackenboat, civil engineer, box I6J Herald o(Tce. |/MLK CUTTERS. ATTENTION.-WANTRD. AT THE I1 American 8l?r Flie Works. No a. SI, 33 and .*3 Deroe at , Will amsbttrg. 10 horse ra-p punchers. 9 bastard cutters 6 mill saw cutlers. 12 taper rulten. 1 frle gr'ndsr en l I double hand forger. Apply at the works or to Edward J. Holden A Co.. No.4 Liberty at., New Vork. C3LOY8 MAKERS WANTED-HANDH TO' MAKE T cloth aud eatber gloves. None hut thove who under stand the ba-taess need apply at No. 81 Chamber* et, third loft. MACHINISTS WANTED-A OOOD LATHE IIAND aud ooa goo l vise band, used to die work. Apply at the factery, coruer of York and Adama its., Brooklyn, Packer wanted.-must thoroughly under. aland packing glassware end lamps. Also an active boy wanted. Apply at 46 Cortlandt st. Spinners wanted-for a lakok factory, ?tvty tndrs distant; steady work. Applv at Company's ?.Tee, 21/3 Broadway, room No. 9, after 9 o'clock. Tailors wanted?on fink coats of every deser ption. by Klrtland, Brenson A Co., 47 Chamber* and 2:1 Rrade eta TO HATTER8-WANTED, FIVE FINISHERS AND two body makers Apply at 2U9 Chatham st. rpo JEWELLERS -TWO OR THREE GOOD DIAMOND X mounlcn wanted; to such, steady work and g<ol na as will lie given; also a email boy. App y at 422% Broad way. tip nalra. Tio jewellers-wanted, two first class engravers: a so a girt used to polt-hing d amond work. Applv to Buckenham. C. le A Hall, 10 Melden lane. rpo PRINTRKS -WANTED. A FOREMAN, WHO X thoroughly unders'ands job printing in all Its branches and who la capable ol taking charge of a large oilice. Ad drees O. H , Ilerald offioc. TO PRINTERS. ?II AND PRESSMAN WANTED; ONE who ? familiar with work in colors preferred. Apply to foiger A Turner. 118 John at. \JLT ANTED?BT A THOROUGHLY PRACTICAL AND fv experienced eng perr ami super,nten.lent, a position as such In a u responsible ertc.blislimeiti; has ha! tor two vears a pes turn ns superintending engineer of Ironclad Monitors 'Ihehsstof reference w ill be plven, and as to lac lory revions g v?u for ifllrert sing. Ad.lress W. N.. 21 -t, N Y. No oi/jection to going to any loy ai Stale, Uxrada or abroad. 'ANTED?GLASS MkKPRS. f'.M'R OBIMMBY blowers and four bode b'owrrs. steady work; foil wages; |>atd every ?f(''t Apply tnime-liu'e.y to HagolA Cuuiiulnga, M L-uds G'anworks, St. LuuU, Mo. \\rANTED?SIX FIRST CLASH SKIVE PLATE AND y I two machinery moulders, to whom constant employ ment will he g on and fir?t cigss wages pa <1 1. qui.a at il.e Mcullor Iron Works. Water st.. Stiu Slog, N Y. K. U. BI.AIvSLKK A CO. Ut ANTED? A SITUATION, AS AN ASSISTANT TO A civil eug nerr. eiliicr In an o t ce or outdoor work, a man who nndet ifsndi all sorts of tolld an.l sup?i lietal mea au.einent. The u Ivertisnr has I ecu uccu-tumc I in th'? koe|< Ing of (.aeunia of engineers and a ehlte. is and would lie found meet uiefu a- a gem ral man of inuthemail. al educa tion. Andres* William IIanhan, Ilerald oil ce. ANTED?A GOOD FANCY JOB DYER. TO GO West; single man preferred. Inquire at 186 Pearl at WANTKD?A BRASS TURNER AND FINISHER: a'so a hor who la used to filing. Apply to M. Mul.l ran IPS Bll/theih at. WANIID-A COLoRIHT, FOR A FIRST CLASS TIIO yy logratihlc gallery. Apply in Wlllard A Co , 522 Brou.l w w W AN I KD?A IBACHCxt. VNGlNEhR tlx r.lheity *4 * TUB TRADE?. TyANTED-A GOOD TINN8R. WHO UNDKRnTANl?8 Vr naing a ) ui run by itrara power, for pouching tnpu . - I well " - And of muaikrit conn, at wall "|l same; to a so I tabic, temperate auil i riitr man cons'ent era p ojr.i ooi ami good wagea ?t I be paid Apn y at 2RJ Cana M.. reouod alary, between 9 and 12 o*cteck tnia day. WANTED-A PRESSMAN. WHO UAR HAD BXPB renre In running Hoe'a donble ov IndT preaxs. lo g? to Columbna. Ohio; good wagea and a permanent eilua Olilo; good wagea and a permanent a lion Apply at K. M. Peiilnglil's Advertising AtOu J. cor nar Park row and Bookman al, between tbo bourn of 10 and II A. M. today. w ANTED?IRON BAILING FINISHERS, AT 199 Wooater at. WANTMD?TWO GOOD PLUM HRRS, TO GO A SHORT dtaianeo In the country. Call on New kirk A Kennedy, 2<6 Canal at. Wagon $3 bU to men wbo suit. HELP WANTED-MALR9. A LABOR NUMBER OF YOUNG OR AOKD MEN. expeilrnced or not, wants I an nurses, nalatanlaand corks in iniliary hi rp tula near tbo city, good wages; bie.dy and oaay employment. Apply at lAotbar., near Amity at. All who want competent farm hands, laborer*, (ireful men tor burro and garden, box, c.whrn n. gairieucis. waltera oorters, Ac , can bo 1 me d atl-ly suited at the lurgo Kinj ln> n.eut House, corner of 6th ate. and llth at. Alao female help. B OT WANThD-ONE WHO CAN WIRE ALE BOTTLES quick. Inquire at 6i8 Pearl at. Farm hands wanted?to go a short dir un ii In the country; wag h $20 to $22 per inunlh mid found. Aluo tvanied, inen lately landed Apt ly at Employ ment IIniuo. coruer of 6tb av and llth at. Hospital mrn attendants wantkd-siii per month and found; an ei'e.llenl opportonty io gel em ployment nnd a good home. Apply anv day thir week nt the La r ,i- Employment House, corner of Hth av. acd I Uh it. "IXTAN TED?AN ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER BY A VV dry gooda commit iod huuae; a young innn with ex ponence. Address, with purticulara, box Ate PoatolUce. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN. ACQUAINTED IN TUB retail dry gnod* trade, to sell linen goo.'a. Alao n good bov. It to 15 team of age. who resides with his larents, AiMre-a fur two da>a, wlih reference, K., box 8jt>28 Fort ofllco VVANTF.D-A COMPETENT MAN TO TAKE CARE OK VI a team of horaea for a genlleimtn and to make him re f otheiwise useful. Apply to E. 11. Kellogg, 10 Broadway. WANTED-A BOY, ABOUT SIXTEEN TEARS OF I* a;;e. In a flr-1 class retail grocery at ore; one from the country ureferre.l. Apply a| the corner of Lue av. and Roaa at., Brooklyn, E. D. WANTED-A STOUT, ACTIV8 TOUTJI, TO ASSIST aa light pur er. enter gooda. Ac., in a hosiery slin k: gve age, reference. Ac.; salary tlrst year $200. Addresa B. ., Herald w ANTKD?AN EXPERIENCED ENTRY CLERK. Address, wjtb relercucca, box 3,013 Post odlca. WANTED-A KARM HAND, ABLE AND OF 80BKR bubil.t. to do ordinary farm work. Apply lo Mr. Trary, at A (J llroadwav, iro n 11 till 12 o c.uck, this day. WAKTPD-A YOUNG MAN. IN A TEA. GROCERY end dour ei-lab ishment; one willing (o work with amb tion to adrunce. Apply at A 6 9ih av., corner 37th ?t. w ANTED.?AN OLD ESTABLISHED MUTUAL LIEU lit' uianve Company are prepared to make liberal ur goou tne rapgen eots with two good men lo solicit pollc.ea In the citv and vicinity Addrirr. w th leferencea, Llle Insurance Company, box 12ft Herald ollicc. WANTED?A COMPETENT MAN TO TAKE CHARGE 01 * hotel ftt.ihiv, no*1 ? so a good gardener: trust have intm'actor reirrenrr*. Apply for tno days at Deleters Date), New Hrighton, Utaten Island. ANTED?IN A nETTAL STORE IN BKOADVYAT, A Y* young itaD, sixteen to twenty years old. to make him eelf ceneiaily nseltil. Addtvsa box J,?J Pott oil ce. TV ANTED?A YOUNG MAN OP EXPERIENCE AND " C"od character, as groom ami coachman. Apply at 30 ?8i 2't'tll At. W ANTED-A TOtTNO MAN. WITH SOME KNOUL cdga of the printing hue ursa Apply at 126 Will.ant at. \\7 A N T E D?A SMaRT, ACTIVE BOY. ABOUT 12 ?? >ears ?f ago, to go a *nort dmtanc? la the couutry. to work on a farm not i lie b??rome ' of ace. App y at I St Kill t Bit, from 9 Mil Jl> A. M. IIA it \ KY MITCIi ELL. \i; ANTED-AN ACTIVE LAD. ABOUT 14 YEARS OP *v age. in a gentlemen'* turnialnou store, to learn the bit-ii **<?; he must reside with bi. parents and furnish gooil releietioea Adurca8, in own hauilwrlilog. 8. W. box 145 Herald office. UMNTKD-A OOOD, SOBER, INDU8TRIOU8 MAN. tonoik in aalahie; one f'oin the countrv ptefirted Inquire *t 81,^ Franklin at., or at 34 Park row, N. Y. WANTED?A BOY IN A LAW OPFICR TO COPY mid serve paper*. Addrf.a T. A IJ? box 9 3 l ost oil eo. Salary fit to 94 a week. \\' ANTED?FOR TUB COUBTRY, A SHORT DI8 ' ? tance from the c!?-. a man to take care of two hi r?e* ro Va. Ac ; jf.ii t understand mowing, Ac. Apply from V to 1 > A. M. at 17') Pulton si, up stairs. Tl'ANTED-A PERSON WELL ACQUAINTED WITH ?? the ctty to drive an express wagon. Apply, with re irrence, at 9J Cnambcra su, second tloor, b lween3and4 a clock. Ul ANTED?A MAN, OR MAN AND WIFB. TO GO A abort distance In the country. The man to do p am gardening and tnske himself useful; tbe women to do general homework for the famll". A steady home, with g.iOd iim Noun anions to a colored couple. Apply alter 10 o'clock, at4.Vj Hudson St., in tbe seed store. WANTBD-POR AN OFKICR. A BOY. 15 TO 16 YRAR8 vests of age; runs', reside with hie parents Address in applicant a own handwriting B B. H., ileraid otllce. WANTED-A MARRIED MAN, WITHOUT CII1L dren. to uo,farm work; must understand the eare of horses. Apply a^57 Ce er street, from 10 to If o'clock. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN, 19 OR 2t). TO DO GENE, ral store work, who resides with his parents In Brno*. 'TO4 "'fry $? per week, first year. Addreaa, with reference, boi 140 Herald office WANTED-A SMART. INTELLIGENT, AMERICAN bnv. IS to 18 yeaia of age. In an office; one living wish hie psrents preferred. Apply to J. W. Flinn, No. 2 Warren street. WANTED-FIVR MEN THIS DAY FOR TUB UNITED Staua Navy; more bounty given In this office than any place lu the city. (Cell and sec at lu? South atreet. Naval Sh.piling office. tVANTED?A MAN COMPETENT TO TAKE CARE OF atoatnoi horses and a small garden in the conniry. None but alng n men and I'r desmoid need apply at room 44, Trinity Building 111 Broad way. V T W ANTED-A SMART AND ACTIVB ERRAND BOY; must I re w th hie parents Appl, to Wtn. Kyle, Jr.. ZV7 Rroanwa.i. WANTKO-A PORTER; ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS uut'.kig and pack ng sheet glass. None others need apply at 151 Chambers st. WANTED-A MAN. WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER elands packing rarlbenware In crates an.I casks; not,a other need * pp.; liberal wagas and stead* employ meat. App y at 94 B. iknian St. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN WHO HAS A GOOD know edge of the use Of carpenters' tools to work at tbe bench; al*i> two young men to run moulding and Disc ing machines. Apply at Z2I Went 2Ctli st. WANTED?A YOU NO MAN. AS WAITBR. INQUIRE at hweeny a Hotel, from V till 10 o'clock. "\yANTED-A TOUNO MAN, 15 TO 19 YBAItS OK AGE, t P?1"1 ln i .A*,pL " 88 Boulh ?"">?' Burl Ing slip, between ? and 12 A M. WANTED-A LAW COPYIST, IN A LAWYER'S OF f ee Addicsa, In handwriting of applicant, stating term* reuulred, box 2.13.1 Post office. ???'"???. swung WANTED-A KNIFE CLEANER AT SWEENY'S HO tel. Inquire from 9 till 10 A. M. WANTED-TOUNO MEN WISHING TO GO TO SBAs voyagos of from 2 to 9n months. In sblp., > (earners brig* and schooners, for trading votage-* and for ihe United States Nitvv. RANDALL A COURTNEY, 183 West street, ourner or Reade, up stalra. ' WANTED-A BOY. NOT OVER 1? YEARU OLD TO attend In a aegar aod wine ttore. Must be w?il recom mended. Apply, after 1 o'clock P.M., at 315 4tb av.. cor tier of 24th at TlfANTED?A WAITER AND BOT, AT THE BANK 8 to 10 A M?' **' 843 rUlU,? *" BriK>,tl'n' APK'I WAKTRD-TWO GOOD B0Y8 TO WOBK IN^TdIN log saloon. Apply at 277 We t sL WANTED?A MAN TO DRIVE A ONE HORSE ^ ^ truck. Call bctore 9 o'clock A. M. at 30 City Hall WANTRD-A CLERK FOR A DRUO STORE APPLY at .351 Pearl st. W ANTED-A YOUNG MAN AS OENBRAL AS818T ant In first class oyster saloon and bar; one hav ng about $150 or filfrti in cash, aa security, can meet with a good situation App \ to dai al 171 Spring st. WANTKD-AN KRKAND BOT: ON K SPEAKING Kranrh preferred. Inquire ai 5l Liberty it Mc?saner Franco American office, rovnt No. 4. lyANTRri-TIIKKE BXI'ERIENUED SALESMEN Fi.R m, w_lh" r"*" .1''* ConsUnt einployment will b? girrn 10 il.oae who understand their business Am p'y to M I. N >lc, 2i'.; Gran 1 st. ' ' \y ANTED-A YOUNG MAM, SIXTEEN TO BIGHTEKN YY year- of sge, to attend In a liquor store, at 59 4th av Rcfrreure refund. W'ANTED-A YOUNG MAK.To ATTEND MAR; ONE who hat a knowl-'ige of the business and ran come well rai'iimiticoiled Appiy to W in. Citary, 172 Varirk st YV ANTED?BOYS, FROM 18 TO 19 Y R V RS, II) MARK YY the gain* o' bill lei da. Call for two day ? at Captain J. T. Keevea', 914 Broadway. ' r IU |l>MIJ $7 $S AND(10A DAT MADE ACCORD <FO lug to Ihe talent .1 agents. male or female selling Lions .eiehratel Mupa, it.ed hy the governm-nt and I e inla?'hi- only corre t met made Printed tnstri.ctious nowtocanvaaa fl slr^e furnished sgema a n an with e few hundred dollars named to goto California. Cans la, Illinois ami ail nans of the world, and sell uur maps A for tuna ran lie n a la J r. UI.DVD. American Map Pubiiaher. 79 Cortmn ll si. nil PRDLKH9 WITH OONYBTANOM. WaNTKI.-TO ?J\f Mti I'O lintla. 8fiups. lint ra. to muoiifs. i ird ai Our new eatahlla uoent, Hit I warranted tii|?-nor toaur In Ihe n araet and al ower rues, a diecoonl allowed to ped Isrs Slid Ihe trade. PR IIIENIt hO K A NE A CO Whole sale Wine etui Liquor Meubauiaand Manufacturers, 210 Fulton st. ntB..\t'ii aiivBRvimuuin, UN DOMKNTIOUK FKaNCAIS DEhlll D' THllU ver m pl.t e dan i nue leinllle pnvee Pus l o ? ? I on phnr la oatnpagne. II pe n fnui nit de bonne refe h adresser I'S' ntli a*., between 15th and 16th sta. I'O At*. P' R TON F K TIIK IIRRT ic n AND W III I B A-li, all e , l n (a * . uiee I, it 44$ .Vav. ?: -V pbo . It ? K nth avrb'P and 4 'I A. THCADWEI I. Alit. HK1.P WAHTED-PKMALB8. ^ ~M operator wantbd-for onk or u ko V A ft A k Baker ? -owing machine* to * 01 k oo MP* roll A Hi-IN. to Hroadwgy. A MONTHI.T NUHSR WANTKD-AT TDK LYING In Ins ole, \o. 6 * nut *h. steady emp.oymcul to ?ne wlio understands nursing walk. A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT NU't8F, WANTED.? fullv rapilil? or taklag tha enttra charge ot til la'til o an DioiiUa o d. with a ? #w of waning it: she ninal fully uodi-rs'an I tna preparing of Infanta to d. tha ?a y baat of rsuer-ae- e re-tuiied. apply at 33 R-atJ to at A WOMAN WANTKO-TO DO OKNKRAL HOUSE ? ark. In a prnata faiuil. - mini be an ei allrot wanner and Irouer; beat el It 'efareuoe required Ap, ly at 131 fcaat 3 11 at, near Letirftou ara. A LABOR NlMRr.R OF KXPK RIBNCBl) HK RVANT8 wanted tmmedl.ilelf ?Two I rat c aaa Uundie-e- a prufese-i i oonk and otbar cooss; a at cha nbermalda, walueaae , nur-et, ilrla for housework, Ac., at RAY KOMI'H ol lllaackar it . reinored fratn itj Giant "? All employers wanting competent si-r rants, Hiuellent cooks. cbainl eruisids, wwlireeiaa. nnraea. laundress--!, girl- tor houMtwoi k, Ac , for private familiar, an I a Urve number for t-oieia. auinmrr boum , ,te. ea I at K 4V MONO'S, til BiecCaar alreal, removed fioiu I4i Grand street. COOK WVNTED-FOR AN EATING HOUSE: ONE . who undrratanda liar business e in cull at No. H Ann at. Aoirl wantkd-to DOOENKRSL HOCRKWDHK Referee i,-.,., red. Apply at the baker/, el Weal lath at, corner of bin aa. ALL StntVKR MOUSES. WATERING PLACES, boarding houses nnd f?m lias wanting competent lionae keepers, cooks. chambermaids wat'i-nea, laiindi r**ra, ee?niatreeaee. run- . or ? t!>cr help, ara promptly enppllod at K" p'm .neut iloue, coiner ol 0:b sr. and lllb at. Alio, male help. /NOOK WANTKP-TO GO A SHORT DISTANCE FROM w tow n, fur the mini ner One. competent, c o I tcmpned and wall recommen led may appiy at 111 llrowdway, room 28, on Wednesday, from 2 to A P M. DRHSSMAKRItS WANTED?AT 237 WKST 12TII ST. Only fix-it e sse binds reel apply. Uuod wages aud steady work. Call before 10 o clock. RFSS.M AKKRH WAKTBD-A FEW (JOOD IIAN08; al?o an apurenUrn: como prepared to work. Apply at 24 loth at, between 5th anil Oth uva. D TAUNURKSS WANTED?a PROTESTANT, WHO J thomugiily understands her business and can bring city ralcreuces. Anplv at 18 Madison avenue, corner of 24ib St., belure 12 o'clock. TAUNDRKH8E8. COOES TO WASH AND IRON. FIRST J cbiss cooks, generul house workers, small g rls and glrL lately lanneri. wan ei immedlatrlw. Tor the I eat situa tions. in uitv ai.d country. Apply at Employment lionae corner of 6th ar. and 11th at. \T URSE WANTED.-A RTKAPY. OOOD TEMPERED i.3 woman, us liuani ? nur a: innst h > accustomed to the cms n! children and gor I In alcknnsa. Apply after 1U A. M. at St5 5th av., between 33d and 31th ats. QFAKQLRR8 WAN.TRD?TO ITT SPANGLES ON WO O ven skirts. App y immediately nt J. I. A J. O. Weal's skirt manufactory, entrance 81 llc.tde st. QERVANTS WANTED?AT NO. II) TILLARY ST.. n Krooklyn. Fifty experienced git la wanted Immadfateir, for icoking. wualliig an J ironing, and housework in arnall tami ies. In ell and countrv. W.ig-s and $ll>. Wlihout waiting flva minutes. Apply to Mr. CHRISTOPHBR. The most ?' le -l an.l reapectublo agency In llrookly n. No charge unices suited. WANTED-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUS EWO RK In a ? mall private family: tnu-l be a good pla n cook, washer and ironer. Apply at 135 West 4!';h st, WANTED?A GIRL TO COOK. WASH AND IRON for a fauillr ol two peranna only. Mint bring pi"<i references. Apply between 9 and 10 o'clock at 9 Douglas at., near Court. Brooklyn. WANTED?A OIRL, AS NUR8B AND SEAMSTRESS: must bring good references. Apply between 9 and ID o'clock, at 92 Doug ass st, near Court, Brooklyn. WANTKD-A PROTESTANT AMERICAN WOMAN TO do washing, either In the house or at her own real den'*; must be perfeet st shirts; also a young gt'l to assist In kitchen work. Apply after ten o'clock, at 7b 7th av. WANTED-A WET NURSK FOR A PART TWO months old. Apply, with city reference, at 98 Mod tague st., Brooklyn. VV'ANTrD-TWO young i.auies to attend in a M raluon. Auply at 107 Grand at. "WANTED?A GOOD TEMPERED AND OBLIGING VV girl, to cook, w a h and -rr-n: cftv ret ere nee, required. Apply at 139 West ASth at, from 10 A. M. to2 1'. M WANTED?A OOOD PLAIN COOK, WA8IIKR AND Ironer who in willing to make herself use.'ui and obliging; thnee with good u.ty re arenraa pre.erred. Apply betwnen 9 and 12 o'ciook at 153 West 14th st. IV ANTED-TWO YOUNO LADIES TO LBARN THE Tr la e and fancy millinery business. Apply for ono week at 571 Broadvvav, third lloor. WANTRD-A GIRL TO DO CHAMHKRWORK AND wa-lilngand Ironing, good reference! required. Ap ply at 1U7 West 14tb at. fANTFD?A YOUNG. HEALTHY WOMAN WITH A ,. freeh breaet of milk, to niuao an infant and aaalat In a small family. Apply at 978 ?th av. WJ ANTED-A GOOD GERMAN COOK "MUST UNDER ,, stand her business In all its breeches. Good refer ences required. Call at 16 Weat 21 at el. w WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL. FOR CllAMKBR work, at 79 Weal Baltic St., corner of Henry, Brook lyn. WANTED-SHIRT FITTBR8, TO WORK IN RnOP on fine custom shirts. Best prleee paid. Appiv to l'erego, at Kassau at. WANTKD-A OIRL TO DO CHAMRRRWORK AND waiting; one who can come well recommence 1 from ber laet place. App y nt 886 6th av., between 35lb and Mill ate. WANTED-A riRST CLASS LAUNDRESS BEST TV city references reuuired. Apply at 15 Weet 31 at at , be fore 9 A. M or after 6 P. M. w ANTED?OPERATOR O.N WIIRRLRR A WILSON'S TV machine, on dressmaking. Call at 199 Grand-t. WANTRD-BY A FAMILY BOARDING. A PROTEST ant g'rl. from H to 14 ? ears old. to take care of a cblld three vears and a 1 a fold and make here* I useful; recom mendations necessary. Address Mr. Palmer, box 2,107 Post olfl re. UTant'ed-a oirl for genIral housework; none need app y but those who tinder-land cooking tborongbly. Apply at 191 Union at.. South Brooklyn, bo te sen the houri of 10 and 3. WANTED-A YOCNG OIRL. ABOU1J4 OR 16 YEARS of age. to assist with the chamterwork and take care of ^hi'.drcn. (Tail at 33 Harrison sL WAN1RD-BXPF.RIENCBO FINE 8HIRTM AKRRS to tske work out; sl?o. Isdles' and Infauta' tnio waist maker, and a button hole maker. Appiy at 48 East 12th St.. In the store. WAMED^Xwkr' nursrT to go?in tub coun try . a respects h e. healthy young woimn mar appiy, euh referenr-es. at Dr. A. h Moll's o'lice, 2U9 East 10th at. or tw o days, belweta 9H and ll)t{ A. M. WANTED-A REHI'KCTABLK WOMAN TO DO THR cooking, wasidug and Ironli.g of a pi ivalu faintly Uocd city references r-qulred Inquire at 13 West 22d St., this (Turf-lay) morning, Irom 9 until 12 o'clock. r\'ANTED-A IIOUFRKI EPER FOR A SMALL GEN TV t'.eman'a family, a short distsnce front the city; one wt.llug to bs useful preferred. Apply al374tilhav. WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID. WAITRESS. COOK, lady s nisi 1. la'iodreas. nurse and sea mar rf ss. for a private family who pay good wngra. Apple at No. 7 Weat 11th at., between Broadway and University place, from 9 to 4 o'clock. * WANTED?A STRONG OIRL. FOR THR GENERAL housework of a private family; must be a good washer ami Ironer and make bread; wajpa >10 a month. Apply, with good reference, at 341 West 2Ath ft, between 9th and luilr av*. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. A RB PECT able I'toiesUnl German girl, lo take care of children and do plaiu sewing. One who -peaks good German and can come wed recommended may apply at 43 Barclay street, tip ?tans WANTED ? AN AMERICAN PROTESTANT OIRL TO go in ibe country as rbild's nurse and seamstresa. tpp'y for two days, between 9 and 12 A. M.. at 89 Liberty t., second Uoor. ^ * WANTF.D?TWO PROTESTANT GIRLS: ONE TO cook wssh and iron, who understands and Is willing o do It and hou-eworK generally, Ibe other to Jo up stairs vork end help take care of children: both must have good -eferrncea. Apply at 40 Hammond et WANTKD-SKVKRaL GOOD DRESSMAKERS. Ap ply st 176 East 9th st. WAMKD-IN A FIR.sT CLASS PRIVATE HOUSE. A perfect German cook, to cook nnd keep house for ? single gentleman, wriibuit cMldreu; none nord anply bit those who understand the line German cookery In all He branchee. Cad at 132 Weat 31th at., n?ar 6tb av, WANTED-TO OO A SHORT DISTANCE INTO THR country, a laundress sue must hrin.y c:C. re er<-m-e Apply, between IU end 12 o el eg \. M., st No. 2 West idili at. ATANTfc'D-A WET NURSE, one WHO HAS LOS1 her own baby preferred Also n plain cook, hi st rs'e 'sshcrauil ironer In n private fsmdy ; tlret class reference Npured. None etbere need spplv, Immediately, at No. 162 rest I5lb st , near 7th er ilfANTED?A LADY TO LKARN TUB ART OP VV coloring ph"l->gra|diB. After loo week* inalru tl n, f one huur per day. work will l-e given out or a situation rill be glrea. Call at 713 Biuadnav. room Id. U. HONIG8BRRG T avtKD-A GIRL to D ) <. IN' KIIA I. II HUSK WORK.. ?F .Must hrirw foci rcfrr'iici?. Appij in d ?u, IU r<I |norb^l??w LtiinKlon avcqne VV lVA?,T'tn-A OOOD. TIDY GIRL, FOR URNEKAL VV ho >aework. to go a tuui t d<aUn,-e iii the oi'untry. In quire of James cosgrore. No. 2 Bu< Ung -lip. , U' ANTBD A COMPRTRHT lacnorrss good city ri'frrenoea rr-ju in Appiy st 33 East 2 th at., thl* mot mug lietween la and 11 oVlock Ur ANThD-SEVEUAL GOOD DR88AM t KK'tS; ALSO a luat elaa- mschina opera or Apptr at Vine D>'. in- real s Kmporlum of Fashion. Sf3 Broadway. WANT' D-SKYKRAL LADIES KXPKR1 KNCliD IN VV skirt maalng aud one la ir to tek ? c large nl lo* a? rt aslab isvornt in tun dtr of A bnnyt goo I **,?< w II lie pa d nv the wae*. Call mime lltlyiy at ltd C laui.iers at., ?ii Let/ A End. UHWANTED-A WOMAN TO TAKE CHARGE AND D > the w rk of a sioall ramil ; one warning n home pre. feried Call be.oie 6 ?r alu-r 4 o'e u k at 6i W r-t Mit at tkfANTI-.l)-SEVERAL GIHLA VOR DRKNBMAKING. VV Unty good kanda need apply at It6 Waver ey place YET ANTED?A GOOD OIKL. TO DO GENERAL vY huueework: mu*t be a good plain ook and go-'d wsehe> a><d lion* : a an a Mile g r , Loin Mm C> year* in lake t-are ef ehilorea: r feren e requited. Apply si No. lull Weat t< th at. n- ar 7th at. VV iTE,D ?IN A SM \ LL PRIVAfK FAMILY h rtift-ri1 ,| o-.a era ai p <? and ?? , 1 r A! |> y. a we. It sv tleuli s. br ,?er i Stl-an-l vv HELP WAIVTBD-rKMALRS. Wantkd_a FEW OIILD TO WORK AT DKKStf I >(. Th ??? win hire some kiowl-dge oI the ba quu may ca i at u)i E.isl Jt.u at., first II. or. ANrRO-TWO DHKS3MA KKK8 AND THHBB plain H*?n at JO Spring at. lt'AVIK?-A TIDY PROTESTANT VOUNO 0 KL. *' Vo tat- .:are of a baliy ami mat* hrrve'f ..ruerally uee ful Id ? amall family. Apply at J.9 Bleecker at. WfANTKO-A OOOD PLAIN COOK, WASHER AND tron?r In a faintly of three persons; th-rha it ernaa d ? alaia w ft tba washing. Apply, with city releience, at 34 Ka?t Slat at. 1 fTfk OOOD. SMART WOVEN SKIRT HANOI WANT I'"' ed?Steidf eroii ovment all the ?e ir App'y mine 4ia'?|. at J. I a J O. West'asklri manufactory, entrance 81 Raada at. LOAH OFFICES. AT 77.?MONKV LIBERALLY ADVANCED AT 77 fx. ON DIAMONDS, vVAT. 1IK8 .11 VI LItV, Fl.xNOS, FURNITURE, AC. AT 77 PAWNBROKERS'1 TM-KUTH WANTED AT 77 Of 1 U i.nnd . Watchea, .lawn rr. Ac,, and 160 par i ant m-ixc paid tlnta ran ban .ta n?d a' ?nr other p a. c in Ilia city, at 77 H tec rr atreet, up ataira ADVA NCSA MADS ON WATCIIK4. DIAMONDS Jcwalry. Drx Uuada and Personal I'rorerty <>f every dcorliit on. J t is IIP 11 A. Jackson, Broker and (-nnmis aion Merchant, til Grand atrert, two d-iora west of Broad way hour* from 9 A. M in ? P. M. AT IIF.NRY IIVMAN'H, WIS BROaDWAV. CORNER OF R ml atrcc, r.H>iii No. 5. up atairr, will hi* pad the h'ghe-t e??h pipe far 11lam nda act or un nt; Walchea an I Sliver Ware, or mlrnncoa main ou the aaine, and alio oo Plan a. fioS Broadwa . AT 609?MOV BY LIRHRALt.Y ADVANCED ON Oil. ninn I , Wntel.ea Je.v- ry Si vc ? I'a-, Uuna Piatola, An. Alan Pawnbroker*' Tc'.tia wanted' of Mniiinn iv, W ilehes Jewelry. Gun*. Piatola. tr., for wht-h I will i ay 15' per c-nt more than can he obtained n any other |i are in the rl y. 603 Broadway, corner of Houston street, up ataira, room 6. AT 41 CHATHAM STREET. PAWNBROKERS' Ticket* of Dlanionda, Wa'chea, Jewe ry. s. ver Plate. Gun . I'IS o a. Silk*. Ac., and the f-il va ..<? p..Id for a. Tlck-l* bought at 41 Chatham street, room No. 3. over the bat atore. AT 212 ItttOADWAV?PRECIOUS JBWELS. WATCHES. Plat-, Aft?The blithe I prl-e pint for Diamonds, Watches. Plate. Jewel*. r.ipuoal Instrument*. Ac Ac. at hit private Liberal advance* made. Ti-kcta of dia mond*, watchm, Ac., bought. J IT. HARKlNGK It, 212 Broadway, room 13, up ataira corner Fulton. AT US, PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS PURCHASED OP Diamond!, Watche*, P ano<, Serin ,' Machine*, Mu i-ai Ie?t umenta K r- irms. Dry Good* C oliiinif Carn-l*. Ac , or the cooda bought for -itah at iAS Canal ntraet, th rd door wcatof Bowery, tin l-r t'ltl ens' Ban*. AT 66 NASSAU STREET, ROOM NO. 2 TUB HIGHEST price* arn p<iid for looac or eet lllnnionda Walchea and Jewelry of even deecrlptlnn Alao. the moat I hern I advannea mad-on ?% naignm-nta of the above article*, by A. HONIQMAM. Diamond Broker. , Money to loan on diamonds, watches, Jewelry, R Iver, I>r-' (Jooda and prr-onal Property of all description*. A t ele* can he redeemed at any time within one year. Private oill.e entrance hall door. 11 BARNARD, 21 Third avenue. LOST AND PIIUND. Found-about junk i, a sum of money, in the hardware atore &<"> Eighth avenue The iiwit-r, bjr deacrlbing above, ran receive it on Applying to Jno. I'a r. Jr. I OST-ON SATURDAY, JUNE 10. A HAIR BRACELET, J marked V. 11 . Mar. 27. while coining from Cone Inland to Wtlliamaburg ferry The finder will be an tably regarded by leaving t at the IT nitwit Slates Hotel, corner of Fulton and York ?trnet*, Brooklyn. I 08T?YE8TBRDAY, $12, BETWEEN TUB I'RBS J J bx lerinn church, Jane atreet, and Thirteenth atreet end corner of Seventh avenue. The tinder will be rewarded by leaving it at 82 Fifth avenue, earner Fourteenth atreet. I08T?ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, JUNK II. IN J the Central Park or a Sixth avenue car. a Gold Watch (Leray maker). Chain and Key, beng a fam Iv relic. A liberal reward and the thank* of the owner will he given, end ti > questions asked by return ng it to O. Staey Clerk, with A. T. Stewart A Co.. corner Broadway and Chambera Mrret. T OKT-IN a wkst street oar, or in ooino IJ from South fcrr. to Fu'tan Market, a set of Under Te-lh. on vulcanized rubber. The finder will be Jbera ly rewarded on leaving It at 37 Fr-nt, N. Y I OBT-ON SATURDAY, JUNE 4. W1III.K GOING FROM I J Fulton e"eet, Brooklyn to Jeme< ?llp. New York, e black "Ilk Baequo The finder will be liberal y rewarded on return ng it to 8d Fulton elrect, Brooklyn, In the store. LOST-ON FRIDAY. THE IOTH INST., IN COLLEGE p ace between Warren end Bare a, atreet*. a Metal Badge No 2,'>4\ of the Brooklyn Fire Department The flnd-r will plea*e return It to J. Kecnao, care Wm. Brand A Co, A3 warren atreet, N. Y. IOST-FROM J2D WEST TWENTY SRVBNTU STREET, J one b aox Bilk Dreaa. and ene barege Dress Whoever will return the earns to the above number will be liberally rewarded and receive the thenka of the owner. Pnwnbro kere are requeued to atop the good*. IORT-MONDAT MORNING. BY A LaDY, WHILB J etepplng from the Thirty-fourth atreet car-, in sixth avenue, a rortempnnale. containing money. The finder wl 1 be amiably rewarded by leaving tlie aunts at No. S'Eaat Thirty fifth elreeL or nt 133 Dunne street. IOST?A CHECK. DRAWN BY A. S. PEA BODY * J Co , on the Bank of the Commonwea'tti, for two thou aand do'.lara, dated June 9. Hot. No. 7.913, payable to the order of and endoreed by J. G. Cengden. The public ere cautioned agalual negotiating the eatne aa payment hae been ?topped. OST-A TRUNK. TAKEN BY MISTAKE. FROM 199 Eeat Tenth atreet. If the exprvae man who took it give Information of It to L. L Robbina No. 161 Cham here aireet. New York, or 77 Hoary atreet, Brooklyn, he wilt be eullably rewarded. IOST?ON SATURDAY, J FN 8 4. A FIRS BADGB. J No. 3d, of Hon Company No. 6. In Grand atreet. The finder will pleeae {return It la No >2314 Gourerneur atreet, and will re eire the tbankeof the owner. u vlfl i REWARDS. (S>1 REWARD-LOST, INGOING FROM GRKRNWtOH ipl end Chambera streets to H. B. Cla'lln A Co 'a, a Re ceipt Book, belonging I" So omon Cohn. Whoever will re turn the aame at No. SI Warren afreet, will receive the above rewa. aod the lhanke of the owner. G?C REWARD.-L08T 8UPP09ED IN A KNICREH ?pcv backer eiage or Ilamllton avenue boat, on Fridar evening la.-t, n Stereoecone end eet of Y.ewe. Owoere name In pencil en the wrapper. Apply to J. Sykoe, Jr., SB Chambera aireet. REWARD.?LOST. FROM THE NORTHEAST COR ner ot Fifth avenii" end Thirty eighth xtreel, on Mon day morning, a email black and tan Tarrl-r. An. one re. turning the umt to the above addreae will rcceire the above reward. $5 REWARD -LOST, ON THE I2TH INST.. A WHITE ?!>? ) Bull Terrier sink enawere to the ntme ?f Lucy, with two ong cara on the back of bar neck and a yellow ai?it on aide of head. Whoever will return eald alut to 67 Maiket aireet will receive the above reward. fihff REWARD.?LOST, ON SATURDAY, JUNK II, IN Centra! Park, near ih- era-nai, a Lady a Waterproof Cloak. The finder wl'.l r?eire the above reward and the thankaof the owner by leaving the tame at 203 Lexington avenue, N. Y. Qfr REWARD.?DOO LOST. A SMALL BLACK AND ?ytJ Un Dog allm aharp nose, cut earn, nearly all black, heavy brave eollar; .oat corner Se.c a I avenue and Nintu atreet. $3 will be jia d for the dog at Keya-r A Co.'a. rlura bere, No. 2 Bible Uouee, corner Ninth atte-t and Fourth av dNYYV REWARD-L08T. OH THE IdTH IN8T. A TWO pair ecttll boat, aeventaen feet long, painted lead color bottom, and r*d upper aireak, with a yellow etrlpe. Branded by the builder, George Rober. The finder will rr. oriva toe above reward by applying fo t of Chrletnpher (treet, NoNh River ROBERT CFLKLN. ?Yfk RBWABD-LOST. ON SUNDAY EVENING, kPiU near the New York Hotel, a black and Un Dor, with a (null a pot no the tail denuded of bar. Upon the deliverr of the d-g at 638 Broadway, first Boor, the above reward w 111 be paid REWARD -LOST, ON THE WTH INSTANT, IN vTLU Liberty atreet, between We*hlnctnn end IVeet. a Porketbook. uontalntng $74 78. The natter will receive the above reward end the lhanke of the owner, who cann- t ?fiord to lone It br reluming it to A. Bonnell ACo.'eofliee, corn-r ef Liberty and Weet streets A REWARD.?IF THE PERSON WHO FOUND MY J1U Treasury Check for $HM wilt return It I win pay the above reward. JNO. AM1LL, 2S North William at. ?I/Y REWARD ?A YOU NO ITALIAN GREYHOUND, JP1" female, nhlte with grav apote, got loft yesterday morning from the budding 937 Hroedway corner of Twen ty accond atreet. Inquire on the fifth floor. A1A REWARD-LOST. ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON, ?plw In Fourth avenue, a Comeo Brooch, valued aa an old fttmllr relic. The finder will receive the above reward by leaving it at 71 Fourteenth atre,t. j S REWARD-LOST, ON THURSDAY. ?TH INST., Jp I *J between Fourteenth atreet end Canal atreet a Locket, containing the plcturea of two dec-aaed.aold era. The finder wl I receive the thanke of the owner and the ab've reward on leatlng i< at Mr. Henry'a, 472 l'e.xri atreet, or at Miss M. Sullivan a. 101 Sixth avenue. ffiibt REWARD FOR A PO' KP.T BOO^~CoNTaTn Ing $?*): I oat, from t'e corner of Park an ! Baiter atreet*. on Saturday. June II, to fifty fourth .-tr-et and Second avenue care, and cems do vn by the Third avenue car* to the corner of Chatham end Baxter atreeta. It is a pa w man lout it. W hoev-r found it will leave it at 73 N i??au street to Charley Smith, and will favor me end family by doing so. reward,?to pawnbrokers loan offi ce* end otheii.? The above reward wt I ne pahl fot the reo .very of an emerald and diamond Ring. lo?t In P ek-klll. N Y . between the 1.1th of April and the id nf May. Any information may be addressed tn S-juIre A Lan dera, 97 Fulton atreet, or pi Mrs. a. Southard. Peekakill, N. Y. (fiiC/k RT WAKD.-I.OST, ON SATURDAY NlGllT. IN i^tjly ? Fu ton ferry and Fifth avenue stage, a God Watch with hunt ng ta?e The at-vo reward xvlll be paid and no quotlloti* asked on tec return of the waich. Ad drr** John Caelum, b-x 2.03 I New Y-rk Fo?t office, AEA REWARD.?STRAYED OR STOLEN, ON THE 8tb in-taut, lion the fronl or the Froton watrr 0 . ce. Cambers atrnet a dark br ?? Pont a I Mare, xvlth oue white et t h nd foot an l a t'tle on the right forefoot and a light Ton Wagon. Anyper on dettveflbg the aame at 367 Meat Forty third strict will recelte th- above trua-.l A. A. as; : - $~nr rbward"?ikist, o% Saturday after I noon. J'uie II, I* 4. In going from Weat Thirty j f-nrth etree', n-ar smh avenue, to Klglith avenue then.-e to Se entr second -treet I atton. in the aran I cara. thence to I t e I .eke, two Mjtmond Itlug : one a three etun* diamond, I mnld e atone e lltt e larger than the others aeiting enao.el . end -n'd, Starved on themeidcA W. G. to M T. H.Aug. I IRISH! The ether ? vlngle t ne T e finder will re-cire I Ik- above r-war.l for b U i rin ,a. tu sixty dollar* lor H c large j -ne au I i fl-en lor the smell one an 1 Lie t anksofaaot , dier'e .*tdo?, on leaving them at TITany A Uo.'a, jewellere, : MB Hioadivagr. Altia UK WARD?TO ANY OVR WHO WILL RB. 91*"' torn the Ho* marked 'M Toorn-?." taken from tpe government d > k in ml* kkc, on Monday. June 6, IS 4. The above r-earil In be ?lr*o on receipt of the box at vv?eU Irgicn llote', New York. , ' ; Oin/i rhwahd.-l f.t JtlRRB A GOLD watch ?gl glyd * and h iv dop ex ro.v eneqta, made by Wm. An. 1 -iiv, Im ut,in No. 7.2.1 w t!. ? ho In t t!a Y L, t . on tia k ii - -- I'be above n wa d * ti' bo paid for the recover,, f ? tie a ne anil no'|iie?" "* *"*e4 aodreaa V, L. C , box 1 ?.A I oai n cn. $50 PWI)WI?)I Of [)R CH APIA'S CHUB 'H AND RUN L tnt. u.,?, ?"'?? 'una ? liD to Kendall'# Orsra. ?Rn . , A*'']1N,,TUS "" h*r-" "UK. ?'* Th ri*??p t* \\\v....-a?* K-? c. ely 1 ndteU fifty genu Mrs. <'K<>H*KTrs kabii.v kxcursionh? koh tub I < l? ' *?*'! **'*?'*'"* ''t the h't ??- ?.( ] Qn O.X Th.0r.?^o.i??o-.t tol--. .,,i v.i ? n<H da*. J nil* H. THK IIA K l-.hT liOiK a vrr. u?il barge. will !???? Chrlntn ?r trart .? Vi uf. T-trniielU ulrit-l, at I. and T n .-u, V'* *'i I SO P. M r?Kiro II* aboil I S P M TtekaU t ,r one i>erana or rnt'd In ararna?o ?*nlH, tfooi f..r i . , *, "J t a dale f"r ? IC I or are n ued. T .-.Mt, tnt u . gl j( * follow.tig dm* alnmar?.N?. Mtlfeanwie ?>nii< V. Hmh ar--nne 78 I Kevanlh arson" 2."l and 1 7 F.U' in ,, tnj ai I a I' 1' iirdH o live, AdJ IVeat street comer liar ow and at I. a barge. __________ _ ? lit and NAonroit iiioi po? i xcu& j\ alnca.-Ti'K II A ItVhtl I* HOOK and THE K'l 1 N K BUCK Willi Plena.nil V*. pv tiro a and B?. Bonan'a Welti a ?o la'X ? and a > a i ai le.w Ki n Steamer* Ktcnra->o oBra Spg Weo aiioet, em rer n Barrow. II. H. CKOa.ShTT. A watches, jawici.itr, Ac. T 7? ni.KKCK! R HrKp.ET lull CAN OBTAIN 120 I pr rant - nrp for Ulainn- ila Wa'clies, Ja-xilrjr, Hll?*t Plate. 1.una PU'id , Dry Honda .le. N d.?Alao Pawn bro ker# lie eta bought for tbo above ar.lelci. AT 0H9-W ATCHIta, DIAMONDS JKtTKLRT, SILVRH Id - a ilnna Plato a to. Imi.'H ?I * I par I'.V > par ra t more 1 nu i'AIi be (thinned mi nnr nlner J nea In Ibi rlty N It.? tlao Pawnbroker I e "'a wan e I for tba uboia nrllc ea at (he name rate Coj Uinailaaji, corner ol iloitaion air. at, up ata ra. roo a 5 Diamonds, OLD HOLD AND RILYKR. D-A Mu I id. OLD liOLD AND Slf.TBR Peranna who w lah (o cell Ilia 1 * .It ti.dd, fi ?er. of nn- kind of O.d fit*, iimed .leivelry <>(0 LoUIA VNRlOlf, 7ill brood ? a?>' it t li in r rent Ml .# t an nuv nt r per in l.-u > 1 I ?? I 111 >'.? .<? Y n ? n lira tba administration nf (lie late "artm Van ituren. Lake ua 11 I tu*a?7.'3*t r. adway, under ll.e New York Hotel O HT'.ILUHTIT. DIAMOND UKIIK1 R, 710 Bruadwn . Waio' ea an I Je ? r ry h i-;liL Advance# tin Dia.i.ottiU .111 J W nU'lieg, FU liMi'tUffi. ALL KINDS OF FIJKNtl'l KK. MaTTIIRSS"*. BED* ill nil, l.o iking (III-* ?*, Ac . r!c-a r ill n c ? ? ? i -re. ?l O. W N.N K I-. - N li t H wit, . between KUMun m,| tun Mr."'!* Cull and ??i? mo1 > ?,. I wurr i I d, and delivered free Note ihe iiuinl e*. Kurn lure in -inn, JM.MMNT HOUS K ! I' 11,1) M'Mfl'Kd UK A PUT Gi vain (mill fur *?'? Htau'i'iit a ri civ ?A beautiful Parlor Bud, covered with n In t I-? i,c:i satin bruuatel, nmrte to order three month* a,.-. ( n t $ i w- :l h- gold lot p.73; on* ilaifm' $123: I'rfrii n t ro-cwo"! I'taoofoi:* also two luaruls t- p Tables, riMflivond rt re* tin I n nr' ar pets, Turkish i'.ani t'ha r and L,niu ?? two ru *w nd H- d n e a ' 11, Keren is, Spring and liar Matties a?, L-iilitgas, Chairs, Itnckeis Oloe ? M rror*, AO. Ill ptlre at 119 Weal Eighth street, between Flflu and Nlxtn as mini*. T/lURNfTUKK FOB SALE?TO HOUSEKEEPER ' ? A I' private fauil y, giving up h.ei e. wi I si I their Furni ture at a bargain A tip v to day between I and 4 o'clock U A. JEFFREYS, N". o sv* itrwt, room u, F'OR ULI-THI ft k.n it I' it B ok a BkauttfuE Onlta.e, with l* o acre* of land ail und-r ciiltiyntloni w 111 be aiihl at a aacrli ce For part o lai-a tni|nire at Mr. Hi LUFF'S, curuer of liuih atreet and Harlem lane. M arblb top tables FOR 8ALR?cost $ro. win be sold cheap. Apply at 2M Broadway, up ataira. 3 THE LECTURE HKAMOS. IMPORTANT LKCTURKR DAILY, FOR GBNTLBMRN only, at th.' New Vo l Muanum of Anatomy. 6IH final way. Parties unable to aiten i i!i?*i lecture* can have them forwarded on receipt of ten cent! by addressing-Secretary ot Mew York Mnaenm of Anaioiny. UATUl.lidillAli. A LADY,- 21 YEARS OF A'.P.. NEITHER 11AND'-'OMfl nur hotnelr, possessing an ntfevtlontte, k nd dls'.i-s' tlnn. and recently from the "Far Went,' w -he* to'orni It < actp.ainun -e of a gentle.i an id mean*. Integrity an: re, spocliih lily with a view tn matrimony None need anxwsi unleea klucare. Addreaa Moll e tCeilogy, station A, Spnnl street. AOENTLEMAN. OF MIDDLB AOE. WITH MODE rate ra> an*and a permanent hualnesa, ha* a One. coaei new and well i urniahed ii stoence lo tne country, near im city; 111* deportment goo i, la riiloel and genteel In app-ar auee w i:h unblemished character, airictly tmnperair lues neither all ong dr n k or tnb*e> o. j>o*eeaa n a ilo rstlc turd ?f mind, UIndus' rum*Igd inl- l l.enl and well dig oae-1, will give a go-id home to a lad> possessing a congenial spirit, aud make her his wife should' she apu t and give good ret -? rence us to her moral character. Ilei ag* mu?l be fiom 'lA to 33, and her manner geiuenj and easy: sh* mus' naeaena ? food share of cominen >en*e Such call address r J. II. I.. In care of boi No. 23 Yorkvlllc Post o.i.fle. N. It. ?Ail correanoudeiice atrlciy coufldeiulai ATOUNO URNTLEMAN, OF '22 ybars. desires a Oiirrs pondeuoe win a youn : lad ? of p ***in.; exlcrl-i and a< complts iments. with a View to matrimony. Add:**#, enclosing carl* de vi He, If Inclined Eugene Van Hensr? Iser, North Ada na. Mas* AH TO UNO AMERICAN M KB''II A.NT. AOKD 29. DO Ing a lucrative bus nets iu Calculi*, and at present oil a ? ? t to hi* native Isnd, ;? desirous of taking out with bun a* hla trite an agreeable and respectable young lad.' wild would lie willing to accompany b in to h a distant forelvrt home on the banks of tbu (Jang**. It is mperative thai she shall be ready to leave per steam hip Peril* for l.lver Jot, I ', and thus It will be sewn that his time for court, ship la somewhat limited. The su .s-rthwr propose travel ling leia relv Uirogh England. Fran*#. il-r-nuny and Daly and on his wa- out spending brief p'-r ods at the rariuu* principal Kurope-.n cities an I he la an Onus to !?? Koo mps lied b an agmeabte. mult cent and cong-n al coronation, who would eu orand appreciate ,v th nlm the pleaanrea of such a rip. Any tan* msettng the shove r ipitremeni* may addreaa. in th* lullesleonndence, and rel,tnanp,m tb* ttwsl fentiemanly <o*i?l ler-llon, Henry M. Croahy, Broadwav ost otBce, 4221$ Broadway. AN BN0LI8IIMAN WISHBS TO rORKBRPOND WITn a young ladv with a visw to matrimony. I care not bow bumble ner slatioa if ahe is gno I looting aod reaped able. On* sorv ng In a goatla uso a fainil* p.vferrad. Ad dress A. B. Williams boa I-'J Post other, Brooklyn. ON K OF UNCLB RAM 8 OOOD LOOMf NO VBTRR aos, of.pious parsnlate, foot moral character, agrsa able inanoe.-s. amiable d1spos<tlnn. an Interesting caieer. sad aged 21. no the eve of retiring Iro n -ervtre is anno tie to corn spend with a a !y or young widow In moderate cir ouinstances, with a view pi matrimony Address t. C. Field, Headi|ua>tere. Camp Parole Annapolis, Md. A ASTnOLOGT. A BONA FIDR AST HO LOO I 4T. THAT F.VP KY ONB can depend/oa Is Madame WILSON Khe tell* the oh ice* ef your visit, and brings success oat of the most perll >ae undertakings. At IRd Allen street, between Houston and Stanton streets, over tbe bakery, price 30 cents. AH MAURICR. I.RBAT and real amtroloork. S Tie advice of this reel Astrologer, A. B. MAlIKICK, is based w boll* on selenit ic prim ip-fs an l was never kno vd t<> fail. The b*nd of fate has marked nut tbe path of each Individual, Slid the plaocls are hourly out the des tine of Prof. Maurice ha* a profound knowledge of the rule* of the scirnca of the star*, anl can heat the world in the above science In regard to telhng a ..that re. laies to the biDptieaa or misery of one s whole hie, and with -everal secrets (hat no living mortal ever knew before, be will bring suoee-a out of almost any undertaking. In tausing >peed v man lages he never lai n, lie deacriix-* tin* Intended husband or a I e; t-l.s lha vcrv dar you will marry and shnwa a likeness renr- tenting the true complexion of the intended. He describes your friends, points out your roomie., and wa. na you of all Tutu Fdaog'r; good lurk iw obtaining situations or In travelling by sea or land and the best of health, long lite aod uiospcruv to all wb<> e<in*u'k him. Those at a distance mar sen I their sue and {I. and kdlre*aA B Maurice bo? 3.3 T New Yurk Post oihce. an t g-1 In return tbe** of your who.e life All houre until 7 In the evening. O lloe 116 Bleecker street, near Woo* ter. Ladles, 30 cents. Oenu, $1. ABfjMtSBINQ.?BADAB morrow, hf.vfnth dan/htrr, with a nshiral gtlt of foresight, tell* how toon and often Ton will a.srrv, even your thuiigh'a. Lhgio Image In full operation. Her equal la not to be found. Khows a likeness of your intended husband and absent friend# No. 104 Ludlow street, near Houston- Cleats not admitted. BETTER A8TROLOUT8T 18 NOT TO BK FOCNO in the United States than Dc- L. I) aod Mrs 8. It. BKOlfOIITON. They succeed In firing satisfaction **?? all ol hers fail Thay etn be consulted en ail all airs of hu. mao ill*, auch as courisblp mamas*, traieiling. removals, lawsuits, ob'aialhg sltuailons, we fare ol obeent lrien<ls, Ac.; also Slcknera, II the sick party will recover or dloof the present sH-kness; If recover, the lime they will begin to amend; what part of ib* body I* affected, aod what treat ment and medufnea are best adapted to the sick persooe. Ladles 30 cenie; g*oil*men H (gueaiinns answerrd by let ter en'Joetng gl aad time "f birth. Also, phrenolo;ueal eg. amiUMtlons made. Office. I2U Oreene street, below Prince. A_ BROOKLYN CLAIR VO* AN r ?MADAM rLIPrilRn, the gr,.tte*t living American seer, medical and bus> neee rialivoysuA 291 At aotlc atreet, Brooklyn. CCLAIRVOYANT.-IF YOU WI8II TIIF. TRUTH UO~AT / onre to Madam K083 Bhe shows a likeness f future husband or friend, and never fails to bring those ?eparated together. No 98 West Twenti-seventh sueet. between Blith aud Seventh avenue*. Ring tne basement bell. Hour* from 9 In .hi morning lilt 7 In the evening. (NOLOI1K8TER, TUB lIRH.kT MiniI'mT CAN HP. CON J Buied on affairs of nfs. past, present and luture, at the \i? tKal Inst iu*. 211 Fallon -Irect. It- .* m. Madam rat is tiik bbatcLairvoyant and A -1 r o'ogtst <n th ? cltv. she tells your very thoughts, anuses speeds int'r sg'-a gives luckt number*. 29 > Set, rib avenue, near Twenty-seventh street. Ladies 25c.; gentle men, wie. 14 KS MARToN JAMBB. INOBJ'RN0BNT CLAIRTOT iVl ant 101 Bast Seventeenth alreet, em tier ol Third a- e nue, trsc s Lost an l 8to>n Property, Absent Friend* l.a-v suits, an I It',sine** Affalis grn, rally; detects and treats all Female Diseases. Reference* g veil, (ientlcmen not ad mitted. N'O IMPOSITION-rilR NBVRR' FA I UNO MADAM SltKR from Knr pe. w h'i ? as born with a-n -1 ursl gift, the great Buetae* and Medical t'lalrrsyhnL bhe con suit* you on th* ra-t, present and future, brings together thos* long separate4. causes spec ly msrriaces. shuwe vou a correct likeuess nf your luture hu* and or absent filen Is. Her e pial le not to l e fo-in t. Caution wRug re. ward lu snv 'ioe who an surpass B"r in her p.ofee ion or skill. Hhe le I- y it the nnme of the |crson 'haLfou marry. Thl* tg no huiiihug Nu-3t2 F irtli avenue, be ween Te NlLJ tv third anil Tweotv (With elrvelt. Name on the do?ir. (lentlemen out admitted. XJ" B. ?WHO II AN NOT HEARD OF TH R "cR f.K H ft A-' lis ted Melsme I'RKWbtKit 417 Snth avenue yner of Taenty-sevciilu *tre?t. wheie si e c in i>e c ueu ted " In the atrictetl eonndence. on all affairs of fcf rpiiK (jri; wonder in thp. world Is the I original Ma ls-n BYRON, who has returned frooi Fans. Bhe is the greatest splr.iuai at an I astrologl*t that ever was known ah* tel.* the present, past and futu s. cures diseases of sa kin I, bring* together lho?e b nv separated, aud has Hist never falling secret to man* you he overt by your heart s ideal. Ladis< 60 cams, gentlemen 91. Ofltoe 310 Fourth avenue, abort Twenty thirl :re*i. TUB CLAIR TOY ANT AND PKOi 11 K 11 ?' MEDH'M in gong to care the edv. Those wishing cuKulUtlon may cadst rooui, ly. 1 Bromn* street, east of Bowery. who ha* theseouln# Korran and Arabian talisman for loya luck Md all bus ne-s an aim. and are guarantee* for Ire De ar not to eeneull th ? aatnrnlly gifted and beautiful oung ?dr I."k? nuubers glvso. fl shly re??cfahla llwplfbrJnggt Can be aw n at ter residence iti Wtth lvtn*ti>, opp??H# 8'!^" _ If - POWRRY-MADAMR" WtPOBR. a-f.AlRTOT |()i) ant and gifted bpsnnh 'adv. gnvn.U tbe m S futurity V*. marriage, abseol frlendk, tjkneo", rrw scribes uiedleiae for all tissssa; laiin i?a.r nnmbggk. m* ?riv hHil of I

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